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192000. barak gilboa  
191999. Tracy Harris  
191998. Mona Toubian  
191997. Laurel j Meisel It is appalling that anyone would promote any website that is anti any culture, race, or religion
191996. Rita J Martinson  
191995. Nancy Linari Shame! Remove this immediately.
191994. Zohar Zommer  
191993. loren ludmerer I appreciate Google's disclaimer and the right of free speech, however this is dangerous. Please remove it.
191992. Gilad  
191991. BANAYAN Ce n'est pas la liberté d'expression que vous défendez en donnant accés à ce site.Vous contribuez à des appels au meurtre de juifs. Un seul cinglé excité par une seule expression malveillante dans ce site passant à l'acte ( oui c'est plus que probable ) et vous auriez une résponsabilité morale lourde et définitive.Sil vous plait extirpez ce mal de votre organisme. Il y a bien assez de sites et publications antisemites pour promouvoir encore pour longtemps encore pas mal de " SHOAH " votre apport suplementaire est inutile!!!...
191990. Judith Anson Bieksha  
191989. judy  
191988. Alicia  
191987. Howard D. Stern  
191986. Michal shelah  
191985. rafael  
191984. Ilona what year is this? APPPALLING.....
191983. Bill Lewis Remove this hate
191982. J Friedlander Azoulay  
191981. Arnaldo Dov Herszzon  
191980. Elchonon Jacobson  
191979. Jeffrey L. Meschke Please remove this hatful site.
191978. Jennifer Goldsmith this is outrageous and should not need a petition to have it removed. Hate speech is different than free speech.
191977. Sharon Darwish disgusting website
191976. ruth linnick  
191975. Stephanie Deibel  
191974. Tami Cutler  
191973. yoni  
191972. gertrude epstein  
191971. Robin Lynn Smith  
191970. Noam Greenboim  
191969. Audrey Patterson  
191968. Natalie Fernandes  
191967. Flori Senor  
191966. Azriel  
191965. teddy pollak remove jewwatch from google now
191964. Scott Brant  
191963. Carolyn Mansbach  
191962. Jud Mansbach  
191961. Peter Fushan This site is repugnant and should not be associated when a search is made for Jew. Nothing like this occurs when one searches Christian or Muslim.
191960. Graciela D. Kawa  
191959. Prof Daniel REVEL  
191958. eunice Drell Shameful garbage
191957. eli  
191956. Miri Horowitz  
191955. Annie Goldsand  
191954. Marcy  
191953. Rob Pollock  
191952. Jeffrey D. Katlein, DC Pitiful attempt to promote jealousy and hatred.
191951. Shelley M Hanrahan please find a way to lower this site's accessibility and not have it come up so soon when googling the word "jew"
191950. sid milech  
191949. Penny Ranan  
191948. Lawrence Bloom  
191947. daniel gwartz  
191946. Peter Adler  
191945. rae i. faigin DISGUSTING!!
191944. Liviu Peltz  
191943. Jeremy Rauch  
191942. rachel hasson  
191941. gloria rotkin deplorable!
191940. Gitty  
191939. Patricia Konigsberg It is time we learned from past experiences. Hatred and racism (or antisemitism) can only lead to more of this kind.
191938. dorothy lasensky  
191937. Dr. Ron Shorr  
191936. Carol It is imperative that this site be removed
191935. Hilary Natonson  
191934. micheline keller  
191933. arianne remove it entirely!
191932. char nathan  
191931. max keller  
191930. jay korn  
191929. renee  
191928. Limor Alster  
191927. Hila Snyder Please remove this atrocious site from your engine! I am appalled. I use google all the time, but now I will try to use other search engines until you remove this horrible site.
191926. Claudia Liberman  
191925. R  
191924. Diane Neuhaus  
191923. Randi Wolk It is your duty to stop antisemitism.
191922. Deborah J. Littman Please remove sight immediately. This is an outrage!
191921. Neil Davidson  
191920. Elana Zabar I am disgusted that Google allow this site
191919. Marge Edelman  
191918. Ariel Turkienicz  
191917. jack zagha go get them
191916. Hank Levitan good judgemnt to remove "NOW"
191915. Ava Diamond  
191914. Betty Serepca  
191913. Yoni Aziz  
191912. Linda Hart  
191911. Louise Doslu  
191910. Alan  
191909. Beatrice Dankner  
191908. Shawn Bina This site must be removed in it's entirety.
191907. Cliff Klein  
191906. Hilda Rothschild  
191905. Eshel Ophir  
191904. Shawn  
191903. Patricia Reed  
191902. Shulamit Laderman  
191901. Bernard A. Wolfe \% Rosemont Investment Co. Shocking, the worst.
191900. Alvin Goodman  
191899. Havis Stein  
191898. Eizen, NANCIE  
191897. Rachel Goodman  
191896. Wendy Smith  
191895. Michael Rosenthal  
191894. yafa greenzweig  
191893. robert gellman  
191892. Robert Spitzer  
191891. Felipe  
191890. Susan Sands  
191889. Beatrice Ring  
191888. Marlene Adler  
191887. Kyle Hatch  
191886. stephane edy  
191885. C Bruce Winston  
191884. michael kaplan sicko
191883. Prof. Mordecai Lapidot It is a shame for Google to provide space for such shameful invective incitement!
191882. Stacy Wright  
191881. Marty Lasker  
191880. Sidney Sosnow  
191879. Larry Gordon  
191878. faramarz  
191877. Casey Dlott  
191876. Annette Gordon  
191875. Allan Gottlieb  
191874. Marvin Cohen  
191873. Wendy Reich  
191872. Gary Schwartz never should have been allowed to start
191871. M Kaplan  
191870. Dodie A. Luxton-Stewart  
191869. Steven Reich  
191868. Jodi Redler  
191867. Jaap G. Klasema All good men have to do, for evil to endure, is nothing ! ! ! !
191866. jacob cohen  
191865. Arthur Bender  
191864. Adam Smith Let's remove anything tied to any Terriorist Organization while we're at it!!
191862. R. Szarf  
191860. Nick Gooler  
191859. David Bennett not a free speech issue -- thank you
191858. Rhoda Falanga How shameful of Google
191857. Linda Locker  
191856. aron  
191855. Molly Hersh I'm appauled @ Google
191854. Esther Levy  
191853. barbara goldin  
191852. Jacob Locker  
191851. Katrin Kogman  
191850. SAUL SIEGEL  
191849. Szyja Lorber This website is pure hatred. Irresponsive and criminal acts cannot be confused with democracy and freedom of speech. Google must remove this dirtiness from your search engine. Now!
191848. William Z. Fox  
191847. Loretta Jacobson  
191846. michael simon Bigotry and hatred are all to easy to find, please stop making it even easier. Please remove this site from your listings
191845. Jonathan Newhouse  
191844. Barbara Haberman  
191843. Jackie Chados  
191842. Greta Pollak As a Jewish person, I was offended at the "JewWatch" site
191841. ANAT  
191840. Edie Taylor  
191839. Rachel L Rubin  
191838. Karen Brown  
191837. Maxine Belsky  
191836. Ilana  
191835. Shirley Rosenbaum  
191834. Enid Rapkin Having's first site, an antisemitic one is disgusting
191833. jack silber  
191832. pam faerber  
191831. Stan Rosen  
191829. Sonja Telias  
191828. Elana Wolff  
191827. j  
191826. Lawrence Young  
191825. David Kraychik  
191824. guity tizabi  
191823. Menachem Wolff  
191822. DAVID BRODIE  
191821. Shelly Landau  
191820. stefanie  
191819. Leslie Nelson  
191818. Felice Spitzer  
191817. Robert Gordon MD This site fosters terrorism and adds nothing to free speech except the mechanism to destroy it.
191816. Seymour Sandler  
191815. jeff greer  
191813. Harvey Boshnack get rid of it
191812. Pamela-Beth Stearns-Heisler  
191811. jason  
191810. Lisa Itzkowitz  
191809. eric benchimol  
191808. Carlos Laber  
191807. Jacque Harrington  
191806. Alan Nadel  
191805. Rev. Karen L. Jacobson Please stop this anti semetic site from spreading hatred. Thank you.
191804. Hal Goldberg This site should not meet your standards and be removed
191803. Ken & Jan Gordon remove this hatred...NOW
191802. Chuck Gitlin  
191801. Myron Baer Hezbolloh has been firing thousands of rockets, hundreds before the war started-why isn't Isreal paid for that!?
191799. Suzanne Levy  
191798. Opher Lekach  
191797. judith kirkman scherer awful
191796. Penelope Toltz Dear Google, please try and help stop the automatic combination of Jew and antisemitism by removing this web site. thank you
191795. Alan D. Kardoff This list is abominable.
191794. April Callahan  
191793. sholom Brownstein  
191792. Rodney Shaw  
191791. Eric Berg  
191790. Tank Kagan  
191789. Patricia Shaw  
191788. Tank Kagan  
191787. Audrey Feiner  
191786. Rod Kagan  
191785. Andrew Feiner  
191784. Rod Kagan  
191783. peg mcilwaine  
191782. robert hogan  
191781. Robert J Kauffman  
191780. Pat Sesma  
191779. Linda Moskowitz  
191778. rouzbeh javaherian  
191777. Diane Sperling  
191776. Joan Ruffine Very, VERY upsetting to see.
191775. Carolyn Reid  
191774. A Silverman  
191773. Judy & Marty PLEASE get that off Google
191772. Rita H Ruiz Please remove this horrible webside.
191771. Carey Rothbardt  
191770. Eileen Schwartz  
191769. patricia szerer  
191768. Barbra Herman  
191767. Harry Lewkowicz vile lies
191766. Stuart Freednman this sort of thing must be censored out
191765. Bernard Altsuler We don't need this type propaganda
191764. Jay Gula  
191763. Joe Shmo  
191762. Bahram Remove this web site
191760. Danielle Daure This is apalling!
191759. Gary Klement  
191758. Andree Friedman  
191757. Ralph Zig Tyko  
191756. Ben Cohn Please remove this obnoxious commentary
191755. Seymour Gold  
191754. Stanley Leslie Feldman It is disgusting that you allow this.
191753. Bernard Leff nonsense---pure trash
191752. Dorit herlinger  
191751. Martin Scherr  
191750. Stephen Harrison In this day an age people should not have to stand for this abuse. Thank you
191749. Lucy Fernandez is dispicable.
191748. galya elbaum  
191747. marie baumgartner  
191746. P.Dannenberg  
191745. stephen david  
191744. Kim Frumin  
191743. Mindy Naiditch  
191742. Robert David.Nathan This website spews nothing but hate and is repugnant
191741. Stacey I CANNOT believe this would be allowed!!! I am changing search engines as soon as I send this!
191740. Grace Gilbert  
191739. Wayne Mitchells This is an obviously thinly veiled disguise. Read between the lines. This site is provoking hatred
191738. Simon Moss I had no idea that such a website existed, to say nothing of it's accessability via Google. The only option for Google is to remove this site from its search engine.
191737. Nancy Wicks  
191736. Jennifer Farber please!
191735. Barry Pearl  
191734. Rena Daure This site is obsene.
191733. patricia S.Nathan I am appalled at this site. Please remove it.
191732. SANDI Scherr APPALED
191731. Roni F Cohen  
191730. michelle b  
191729. John Ostheimer Ê
191728. fereshteh kazam  
191727. Igor Feldman š
191726. rifka  
191725. Judith H Porges  
191724. William & Sherry Stubblefield Not allowable even under Free Speech!
191723. Zahava Haenosh  
191722. Matthew  
191721. Beverly Levy please remove this immediately
191720. rene legof please remove antisemitic site ASAP
191719. Eric Cohen  
191718. hilla tbyan  
191717. Paul Kaplan  
191716. leonard  
191715. Howard Cohen THIS IS OFFENSIVE!
191714. Patricia  
191713. Linda Birnbaum  
191712. rhonda smith  
191711. pearl rosenthal we don't need more hate
191710. Guillermo Cabrera  
191709. AnneS. Cohen  
191708. Julie Penny This is distressing; Google musn't aid and abet anti-Semitism
191707. Frances Schleifer  
191706. Stuart Weisman  
191705. Dr Perez  
191704. Marvin Frank  
191703. Saul Faerstein Google should have the responsibility to block the posting of such obvious anti-Semitic trash. The law does not protect libel and slander. Google is supposed to be a source for truthful information. If you don't review the information you post, you should.
191702. Julia Fine  
191701. Judith A Paul  
191700. sophie borenstein  
191699. Jim Spencer  
191697. Norma D. Ruth  
191696. Herbert Nagel  
191695. Stuart Farrow  
191694. Rozita Ebrami  
191693. D. S.  
191692. Phyllis Lippman  
191691. Eydie Gubner  
191690. Michael Kapin  
191689. Rebecca Rhodes remove
191688. Brad Dressler clean it up now!
191687. nora  
191686. felice kestenbaum  
191685. Lynn Pollack  
191684. Marlene Cooper  
191683. Gail Gordon please remove this site from Google
191682. david vearon My Christian name is John David Von Vearon
191681. Martin Farber  
191680. julia  
191679. owen Stop Anti Semitism
191678. Shelly Levy  
191677. Marylee Margolis  
191676. Lisa David  
191675. stefanie retin  
191674. Sheryl Kabak  
191673. Leslie Friedlander Is it 2007 or 1937?
191672. Richard A Weintraub  
191671. Elliot Rosenstein  
191670. Joan Briccetti  
191669. Avi Mendelson  
191668. Anna Boonin  
191667. B. Stewart  
191666. Vicki Redler Chervitz  
191665. farnaz torkian  
191664. Michael Goldberg  
191663. ana  
191662. Sue Rosen  
191661. jimmy Peace on Earth
191660. Doug Dubow This site is seriously offensive
191659. Sandra Belman Shocking! Remove this site now.
191658. Laurie ugh!
191657. Herbert B. Weissman  
191656. margot herman  
191655. Andrew lebus  
191654. Carolyn S. Koppel google, you are so much more than this trash!
191653. Evan Rumack  
191652. Helen Loew  
191651. eliza peace
191650. Hamilton Scheer  
191649. Thomas Forray Shameful/hateful/medieval thought --REMOVE !!!
191648. Carolyn S. Koppel google, you are so much more than this trash!
191647. Sabra Klein  
191646. Arie Gersh  
191645. Samantha Sussman This is a hateful and disgusting web site that premotes anti-semitism. There is no good reason for people to find falsified information when they search the term "Jew" or "Jewish." Please remove this web site immediatly.
191644. Howie Goldberg  
191643. Barbara N Scheer What a disgrace!!!I hope you get enough names to remove this from Google!!!
191642. Myra Jean ridiculous search...vicious and insulting...this has nothing to do with Jew
191641. Michael Sloan  
191640. Joe Sandler  
191639. Dr Arthur S.Trotzky hate and incitement website: not factual
191638. Cliff Williams trash
191637. Emily Raffield  
191636. BF Gibson  
191635. Seth Marin Please remove
191634. David Kaplan  
191633. Marjorie Maltin  
191632. Jodi  
191631. Jesse Goldman at first it doesnt look anti-semitic, but a closer look, it definitely is
191630. farangiss sedaghatpour PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM WEBSITE
191629. Kelley Bales why do you want to incourage more hatred
191628. Marina  
191627. Ziporah Horvath  
191626. Lynne Wolfberg  
191625. jeff z  
191624. Lynn Argo  
191623. Catherine Mary Buchalter I am certain that Google does not wish to send a hateful message of this nature, and I would be surprised if you even needed the 50,000 signatures to remove it at once.
191622. sheila goldstein Shame on you, Google!
191621. jan  
191620. Phyllis Baker All librarians should be signing this petition
191619. Shana Opdenberg  
191618. docstu  
191617. Barbara Milliken  
191616. Joyce Stolberg  
191615. Elyse  
191614. Erwin Baker All librarians should be signing this petition
191613. Pam Sarty  
191612. Oren  
191611. Armando Susmano MD shame on you for posting that site
191610. Dr Thomas E Moss I find the site demeaning and insultingly offensive
191609. David A. Clayman, MD  
191608. BETH TIPTON  
191607. Scott Hoffman Unacceptable
191606. deborah wineberg  
191605. Jean F.Caplan  
191604. marion bishop NEVER AGAIN
191603. Adina Glass  
191602. Lynne Schwartzberg  
191601. ann altman  
191600. Ros Hand  
191599. M Levkowitz is incorrect, unfair and insulting; no one deserves to have their faith publicly criticized in this inappropriate, inaccurate, awful way.
191598. elena elder  
191597. herbert orlan  
191596. Amy F. Wexler  
191595. ronald burrows  
191594. Stela Chammah  
191593. Burton Cohen  
191592. Janet Deixler  
191591. Bruce Angel bad people
191590. Charles Gruss  
191589. Kim Per  
191588. Ray Weitz  
191587. shirin z  
191586. Rhea F, Stein Please do not fan the fires of hatred by permitting jew watch to remain on google.
191585. Shir Levkowitz  
191584. Jeff Klein  
191583. Linda Minns  
191582. Linda Koppel  
191581. Betty Carroll  
191580. Debbie Sinsofsky please remove this website from your search engine, hosting these types of websites is bad for googles reputation. Why would google want ot be associated with this type of site
191579. Gloria Stermer  
191578. R. Baliber The web site is anti-semitic and needs to go
191577. Alan Ruderman The man in the website is an outright bigoted anti-semite
191576. Mary Kate Del Campo  
191575. Marcia Shprintz  
191574. Sandra Boysick  
191573. Corinne Buraks What an unbelievable load of crap!!
191572. Roslyn Bassin this kind of hatred and lies needs to be stopped now.
191571. Suzanne Nikop  
191570. nicole  
191569. Judi Weiss  
191568. carole steger  
191567. Claudia Lopez SHOCKED IN THIS DAY AND AGE!
191566. sondra jacobowitz  
191565. Alan Glaubinger  
191564. Rachel Newman  
191563. babygirl  
191562. Merrill Kahn  
191561. Sari Nelinson  
191560. Roberta Katz  
191559. David Danziger  
191558. jerry lott isnt the world filled with enough hate?
191557. Andee Djoboulian  
191556. ejelkins  
191555. Bennett A. Parnes  
191554. chris heeber God's chosen people are the Jews, so be careful who you denigrate.
191553. Irwin Isaacs  
191552. Stuart Snow  
191551. Andrew Cohen mostly slander
191550. Rose Sabina Freifeld Sites that promote hate are not worthy of virtual space or any for that matter.
191549. L .M. Dabrow  
191548. rachel serour  
191547. Ed Swichar Pathetic
191546. julia  
191545. julie potash  
191544. Judith Wurmser  
191543. Len Bernstein  
191542. renee  
191541. Ruthe Karlin  
191540. Lawrence J. Cohen  
191539. Adele Ludwig I always use Google and It pains me to see what you have for JewWatch.Please remove or change your comments.Thank you
191538. Lisa Scher  
191537. PAUL TILP  
191536. Leonid Kaplan  
191535. Sori  
191534. anthony scaramuzzino  
191533. Darryl Goldberg To put an antisemitic headliner on Google is disgraceful and lends one to think that you indeed endorse such dispicable activity
191532. Bn Tsiun Fireman  
191531. Sori  
191530. Yaniv Carter  
191529. jane duggan  
191528. Lee diamond  
191527. Alexander Rafalovich  
191526. TALI  
191525. Martin Cohen  
191524. Paula  
191523. Maxine Otto  
191522. josh shrager  
191521. Florence Levitt It seems that Google would like to remove such a website, And, we thank you very much
191520. Betsy Perlman This site must be removed
191519. Fari Moshfegh  
191518. Keve Sankman Doesn't speak well for Google
191517. Valery Gilevich  
191516. Martha Waissman  
191515. joan berman  
191514. Judy Stoddard  
191513. Robert Lev  
191512. susan kaplan  
191511. Erin Kelley  
191510. Bernard N Gotlib This is disgraceful
191509. hillel galosher  
191508. Lia Kelley  
191507. Jill Wildes  
191506. Anat  
191505. ariel oberlander shameful site!
191504. Clifton Kelley  
191503. Howard Rosen  
191502. J Kurland  
191501. Julia Kelley  
191500. Sarah Turkienicz Remove jewWatch from google!
191499. suzanne oberlander Disgraceful site!
191498. George Emont  
191497. ramin salimi  
191496. rita carleton  
191495. Leon Lakritz  
191494. Jodi Sussman  
191493. marlene Abelon  
191492. Shari Please remove
191491. Linda Perry Please remove asap
191490. Beth Silver Remove it now
191489. Mark & Natalia Teplitsky  
191488. alisa singer  
191487. Joel Atkins  
191486. bruce Gopin  
191485. Shameema Soni  
191484. Susan Gumbiner  
191483. Hanita Blair  
191482. Alan Berman  
191481. Arthur Gewirtz Please don't allow hate inyour business
191480. Sharyn McKee  
191479. Stanley Robboy The site is shameful
191478. anne kaufman  
191477. Vivian Mamelak  
191476. Ivan Berzack  
191475. Diane Biegel  
191474. F.N.Grossman  
191472. Sheryl Feinberg This website is horrific and I hope you will remove it!
191471. Al  
191470. Ir Rubien please remove this disgusting site of hate and misinformation
191469. Julie No room for Racism!!!!!
191468. phil harris  
191467. S. Cutler  
191466. Limor Kinsella  
191465. Harold Bolnick  
191464. Shannon  
191463. betsy roberts  
191462. Marc Berson  
191461. Deborah Ishida  
191460. Tamid Zaghi  
191459. Lauren Berson  
191458. A Glaun  
191457. Bob Simon  
191456. Julie Pilloff  
191455. WALTER L. ROTH  
191454. Ben Ohenoy Google is gone - can't be trusted for fairness
191453. Andrew H. Miel  
191452. Patricia A. Hunter  
191451. Andrew Francis  
191450. Nancy Gordon Stop the hate!
191449. elyce feld  
191448. Robert Norwitz  
191447. Drew Hmiel No place in civilization for this level of hate
191446. Sibi Sybi Does google promote racist postings?
191445. Fran Mendell  
191444. Howard Kwiatkowski Didn't Jews suffer enough without Google adding to it. Why did you use JewWatch? Jews are not terrorists that are trying to destroy this country.
191443. Linda Cohen  
191442. Lazelle W. Alexander  
191441. David Perlin  
191440. Reuben Nussbaum  
191439. syd chenoy Remove the lead listing or I remove google from my PC
191438. dan  
191437. Kathy Melamed  
191436. anya  
191435. Saul Goldstein  
191434. Meyer Finkelstein JewWatch is outrageous
191433. Jill Conroy  
191432. jeff berney  
191431. andrew ulpian  
191430. elena  
191429. shirley douville glinski  
191428. Diana  
191427. Nancy Ingerman PLEASE remove this dispicable site from your search engine, which I use and love.
191426. Orah Z. This is unconscionable. This biased site with false information should be taken down IMMEDIATELY.
191425. Lisa Kahn  
191424. Larry Sprung  
191423. Evelyn Breslin  
191422. Howard Shatkin  
191421. Hy & Judy Goldstein You must know how disgusting this type of material is.
191420. dixie Landrum  
191419. Ronald Skoller  
191418. Debbie Gray  
191417. Lawrence Goldberg MD  
191416. Francine Berg Please help to teach acceptance of all people and races, not allowing an anti-semetic group to promote their hatred.
191415. Kim Breidel  
191414. Norman Ira Gelman Please unstack the deck
191413. Julie  
191412. sylvia wolpa this is completely intolerant and unacceptable! We should only be spreading tolerance in this time of so much hatred and violence. We need to not only learn from history, but not repeat it!
191411. Rebecca Kriss  
191410. walter frank  
191409. Steven Schwartz  
191408. Irwin Weiss  
191407. judith rowe  
191405. Joan Lefkowitz This is a hate mongering site. Please remove.
191403. jitu  
191402. Sara Lynn Newberger  
191400. Sharona Scott remove this website. this website a disgusting and should have never been put on the internet
191399. Harold P. Benson  
191398. Roxana Danay
191397. Odette Suna  
191396. helene koenig  
191395. Barbara Zinker  
191394. Michelle Berman  
191393. Amy Rotenberg š
191392. Miri  
191391. martha schulman remove JewWatch. com from Google.
191390. Artem Vetukh People suck
191389. Martin  
191388. Bernard Kupferschmid Highly Anti-Semitic... Shamefull to have it at Google Search Engine!!!
191387. Shahla Javdan  
191386. Segundo Ecury Remove at once
191385. Dr. Lloyd Steinberg why and how did this get approved by Google?
191384. David A. McKee the site is hate literature. I.e. it is a crime as well as disgusting
191383. Faith Saftler Savage  
191382. seymour greene  
191381. Elisabeth Schwartz Remove this web site from your search engine
191380. Ruth Lawson  
191379. barbara greene  
191378. Robin Rosenbaum  
191377. Chaim Weiss  
191376. Marc Miesing This is just not right. Google should be protecting their image and not promoting these kind of websites to be searched through their database.
191375. Constance Farb  
191374. lee krinsky there are no true facts and very off color
191373. Lynn Kaban This is repulsive!!!
191372. Marvin Robinson  
191371. Hooman Sazegar  
191370. GILAD K EVAR  
191369. Yoel Liviem  
191368. David Froman  
191367. Iva Dyckman  
191366. Danielle Hateful and ignorant!
191365. Diana Grillo  
191364. Robert kaplan  
191363. james hesse  
191362. jillian  
191361. marvin kaufman  
191360. Howard Diamond  
191359. Judy Harris  
191358. j.Aronow disgraceful
191357. J  
191356. Fran Boxer  
191355. Harvey Spack This is pure neo-nazi hatred
191354. jay rozen this site is blatant antisemitism
191353. pam mittleman  
191352. Howard Blank  
191351. Shep Goldstein  
191350. Margo Wald  
191349. leslie rukin web site is disgusting
191348. garrett solomon  
191347. Jerry Chenoy  
191346. Terri Wurmser  
191345. lauri last  
191344. Roberta Steiner There are other search engines I can use. I won't use one that enables the dissemination of hate.
191343. David Bass  
191342. julia Please do not associate this website with Jews
191341. Herman J. Lew  
191340. Rancy Feldman  
191339. Arlene Braunstein  
191338. Paul Schulman  
191337. Helene Finke  
191336. Carol Rieger  
191335. Sandra Waldman  
191334. Jay M Weitzner  
191333. Joanne  
191332. Shara Greenberg  
191331. marcia freedman  
191330. Barbara Burg  
191329. seymour sherry  
191328. Tali Greenspan-Rodrig  
191327. Judith Becher  
191326. michael reizin Please remove this site!!
191325. Joseph Waldman  
191324. J. Frank  
191323. line voided
191322. Matt  
191321. Adele Dubin in this day and age, it is disgraceful that this website is being promoted by
191320. Kalyn Myers
191319. ann levinson  
191318. Mark Ackerman wow
191317. debbie nichols  
191316. Leslie Smith Please remove this hateful site
191315. J. L.L.  
191314. Simon Atlas  
191313. David Lamden  
191312. Paul Schienberg  
191311. Marcie Case Please remove JewWatch from the google Search Engine
191310. Shelley Rothy Horrendous site
191309. Fredda Gordon  
191308. judi goldbaum  
191307. Judy Terner the Jewwatch site is disgusting
191306. Lorraine Cherashore  
191305. hal yablon highly objectionable
191304. george weinberg  
191303. Joel Rudnick  
191302. Hugo Seltzer  
191301. Lisa Goldberg  
191300. Phil Damon  
191299. Irene Kramer  
191298. Joni Coleman is vulgar!
191297. Kim Green  
191296. Norton J. Cohen pleases help to foster understanding, not hate.
191295. Corinne Gulin  
191294. Sheldon Singer  
191293. Patricia Valderrama  
191292. Nicey Walinsky  
191291. Arlyne Dorn This site needs to be removed NOW !!!
191290. Brian Litwin  
191289. Ernest M Sussman  
191288. Dr.Alan Rubinstein disgusting
191287. Ira Shulman  
191286. Lisa Feldman  
191285. Ricki Herling it's absolutely disgusting that this should occur!
191284. Lawrence Goldberg  
191283. Carol Goettman  
191282. Florie Grant Please remove JewWatch from your search engine it is so very anti-semitc
191280. Gail Strassman  
191279. Flip FREEDMAN Please remove this carrion.
191278. Doreen Nelson  
191277. wayne cypen  
191276. Michelle Rosenthal  
191275. Jeff Javidzad  
191274. J. Barditch  
191273. erella Reichman please remove it
191272. Roee Neuman  
191271. Marina  
191270. Jon Johnson  
191269. Abe Cooper  
191268. Jack Chachkes  
191267. paimon digrased
191266. Barbara Bernstein unbelievable to be so hateful
191265. Emily Gallagher can't the first thing that comes up be something POSITIVE?
191264. Boris Sherman Remove this crap!!!
191263. Pamela Sanchez Please remove
191262. gloria Dunoff  
191261. John Ornstein  
191260. Stanley & Renee Goldstein  
191259. Michal Duvdevdani  
191258. Daniel Nickonov  
191257. Susan Wohlgelernter  
191256. Vicki  
191255. Dave Weisberg  
191254. Barbara This site should be removed promptly. It is discriminatory against those Jewish like myself and it is a disgrace. It is an outrage and I see by the number of signatures already obtained that we all demand this be removed from the Google search engine.
191253. Rebeca Torres No debemos permitir estos sitos que denigran a las personas
191252. Paul Baker  
191251. Chuck Kuluva  
191250. Philip L. Gore  
191249. Jonathan Miller  
191248. aura bijou  
191247. Larry Smoller Stop giving anti-semites a worldwide forum
191246. mary margaret schmerin please remove nonsense jewwatch from google!!!!
191245. Helen & Stanley Orman  
191244. Eva & Yosi Horowitz  
191243. daria  
191242. Cary Silverman  
191241. Helen Goodman  
191240. robert olesky  
191239. Gary Bernstein  
191238. Daniella Stern  
191237. Cliff Blunell  
191236. al  
191235. Susan Rudnick  
191234. paul m gold  
191233. Susan Schine Angelico  
191232. gity delshad  
191231. Michael A. Palmer  
191230. marcella greenstein  
191229. Mikhail Khodorkovsky š
191228. Yvonne Sage disgusting
191227. Goldie Morgan  
191226. Joyce  
191225. Howard Rosen  
191224. frank Stein please remove JewWatch from your search engine
191222. Judy Hellman Remove these lies from your site.
191221. Micki Halevy  
191220. Rita Goldstein much information is false
191219. Maya Perelman  
191218. Phyllis Karel  
191217. Aubie Arrow  
191216. Robina Mapstone  
191215. Alan Hellman Please do something to have this site removed.
191214. Uzi Halevy  
191213. Martin Kramer  
191212. Jim James  
191211. scott lennox stop the hatred now.
191210. Sheldon Eskowitz  
191209. helen jahss  
191208. cyd stone  
191207. judith l spitz  
191206. Lawton Abrerson terrible sorting
191205. Aron Margolis  
191204. Karen Margolin  
191203. Howard Friedman  
191202. Les Rosenfeld  
191201. Judith Pacht  
191200. Gerald Sone  
191198. Stephen G. Rabinovitz  
191197. Sondra Bolton  
191196. Kathy Fast Please remove this site immediately
191195. Marsha Bornstein  
191194. tracy Powell  
191193. John A Goldsmith  
191192. Sharon  
191191. Bernard A. Sweet  
191190. steven a fein  
191189. Merle Torchin please remove this immediately
191188. Judy Evans  
191187. Debra Spencer Although free speech is protected this can hurt people and their rights should be protected from outrageous lies. Please remove this site from your browser!
191186. Karen Fein  
191185. hughes  
191184. Mark Weissman I am offended by the prominent position JewWatch has on the Google search.
191183. Laura Ervin  
191182. Michelle Arnold  
191181. eran cohen  
191180. Arthur Mishkoff anti-semitic
191179. JULIUS STEIN  
191178. leisa meager  
191177. Elaine Weiner This is deja-vu from Germany in the1930's
191176. Steve Caverson  
191175. marvin trief  
191174. Irving L Metzger  
191173. Paul Rubin  
191172. Dan  
191171. lisa  
191170. Orly Nosrati disgusting site. please remove
191169. Janet Brazner  
191168. Alex Rach  
191167. daniel please remove jewwatch from google search asap
191166. barbara fox  
191165. Helen Lepor  
191164. Harriet Gallas  
191163. Judi Hying  
191162. Linda T. Gordon  
191161. S. Jaffe I would have expected google to be more even handed... what a shame that this is not so.
191160. Gabriel  
191159. Harriet R. Lorch  
191158. jj medney  
191157. Nina Rosenfield ugly biased material
191155. Edith De Chiara the site is disgusting
191154. Y. Korn  
191153. Patricia Shulman  
191152. David Schneider Very Offensive and distasteful
191151. art simon  
191150. Marian Levey  
191149. alberto moscona  
191148. philippa kort  
191147. Iris D. Falk  
191146. Melvin Miller  
191145. Roberta Bressman Discussing!
191144. Tammy Neuman This one is beneath you!!!
191143. alan lasser you should research better
191142. Jim Codik  
191141. Richard D. Fuller  
191140. Michael Wolf  
191139. dorothy weiner  
191138. Susan Einstein  
191137. shol  
191136. Jeanne arnold  
191135. M. Bruckel  
191134. S Klein  
191133. Charles McKittrick  
191132. Mervin Kerman  
191131. yulian  
191130. Tammy Gooler Loeb  
191129. Norman Weiner  
191128. Mark Silver  
191127. Daniel Gerald  
191126. Becky  
191125. Joani Oksenberg  
191124. R. Gloven  
191123. Angie Gerald  
191122. Tara Berg  
191121. Mario Pener This site is a disgrace to America
191120. Nadine Shulman  
191119. Howie B  
191117. M Gore  
191116. Dale B. Cucuel  
191115. Beverley Shandler  
191114. Alan Workman  
191113. steven greenstein anti semitic hate filled website
191112. DeDe Minowitz  
191111. Joan K Greenberg This site is disgusting. Get rid of it. Shame on Google for allowing such trash.
191110. Janet Rand  
191109. jerry dresner  
191108. negev klegman  
191107. Pedro Herskovic  
191106. Steven R. Sloan  
191105. Alyce Feinstein  
191104. Todd Bouton  
191103. Irving A. Karel  
191102. Bobbi This is outrageous and MUST be stopped!
191101. sid berkowsky isnt there enough hatred in the world
191100. dena nelson  
191099. Harold Conn Use
191098. Bob  
191097. pgloria pariser please remove the web site
191096. Nisha  
191095. Dina Rivkina  
191094. Linda  
191093. Barry W Bevis  
191092. Lawrence Brody  
191091. Izabella Binchkauskas  
191090. Dori Konig  
191089. Lois Bergman  
191088. Julie Mathes  
191087. Barry Vegter  
191086. W. Kaplan  
191085. David Diamond  
191084. Yvette Diamond  
191083. Emily Schorr  
191082. Chele Graham Welsh Hate speach is not free speach.
191081. Jodi Reeves Polk  
191080. eve  
191079. R. Lash  
191078. R. J. Berg this site has no business being on google or any other engine-it's disgusting!
191077. lifsha spira  
191076. Rob Rosenbaum  
191075. Judi Echterling-Hawkins  
191074. Sheen B. Cohen  
191073. Deb  
191071. Siavash Rashtian  
191070. David Rogosin  
191069. L. Daniels  
191068. Moshe Kutten  
191067. Naomi Rogosin  
191066. ArtieTepper Are you kidding???? Get rid of this garbage!
191065. Marc Bernstein  
191064. Dena  
191063. S Mantz Typical as long as they spew hatred all is well
191062. Floyd M. Smith No place for this hatred
191061. Lyn Tobman please remove fro google
191060. bill cook racist wed site
191059. Candace Radermana  
191058. ira polansky  
191057. Leon Letwin  
191056. Sheila Seaton  
191055. Danielle Kolker  
191054. Alita Letwin  
191053. Marcia White  
191052. Mason Rashtian  
191051. Susan Silva  
191050. Gay Rapley-Adelstein Disgusting and degrading
191049. FRANK BENSON  
191048. Lisa Schu ....just another good reason to YAHOO!
191047. miriam  
191046. Lisa Schu ....just another good reason to YAHOO!
191045. Leonard Rosenfield  
191044. michael a kerr this is offensive crap
191043. C. T. Cohen Hatered for Jews is uncalled for.
191042. Charlotte Greenbarg These lies must not be the link to "Jew"
191041. Charles Sutton  
191040. mia martinez this is horrific
191039. judy rudzki  
191038. Nancy K. this is shameful
191037. Daniel S. Arick, M.D.  
191036. david w singer Please do away with the lies spread by that awful site
191035. Ted Kersh  
191034. arthur fleischaker  
191033. Stuart Dvorin Shocked that Google would permit this.
191032. adam goldman  
191031. Kaye Patchett This site is a hate crime in itself
191030. Miriam Bacal  
191029. Alexandra Golland disgusting!
191028. charlotte klein Here it is the 21st century and still we must fight anti-semitism
191027. Carol A. Goertel  
191026. Roslyn Farbman  
191025. Aaron Jablon  
191024. Mary Graham  
191023. Gabriel Kahn  
191022. Fred Lemberg  
191021. Sharon and Jules Abelman  
191020. A  
191019. Dr Charles Bender This site is anti-semetic and ugly. Please remove it...
191018. Howard Somers  
191017. Manuel Blanco This site is anti-Semitic and should be shut down. "Never Again" is something that all people should adhere to and not just those of the Jewish Faith. All should petition "Google" to remove this trash site.
191016. Dennis Weinberg  
191015. Bernard Schwam  
191014. David Kurtz Take this crap off!
191013. Minna Levin  
191012. Maris Bredt  
191011. Sheree Bloch  
191010. b  
191009. gloria zwelling  
191008. Carol Lidz  
191007. jina khoubian  
191006. Dale Osborn  
191005. Daniel Jones  
191004. ruthellen toole  
191003. Janice This is offensive... Get rid of it!!
191002. J Hearn  
191001. liliane hale  
191000. Pavel Sulyevich  
190999. William Warner  
190998. Karen warwick is wrong
190997. amy goldman  
190996. M. J. Roth  
190995. lorna isen is a deceptive, malicious site & should not be allowed to exist on the internet.
190994. Barbara Kahn I am amazed that Google has let this slip through their screening system
190993. sheryl badalamenti  
190992. alizah  
190991. Katherine Englebardt  
190990. Lisa Zelnick  
190989. Steven M. Dembow  
190988. Ronald  
190987. Job Staal  
190986. Rebecca  
190985. Sheryl Cohen  
190984. Rachel Adler  
190983. Natalie Damato shame on you
190982. Marilyn Hoffman  
190981. alla levin  
190980. Marvin Swern  
190979. Bernard Rudnick  
190978. Omid Harounian  
190977. james berlin š
190976. Isabella Fagundes  
190975. Rosanne Barr  
190974. Reva Edberg  
190973. lawrence  
190972. martinez  
190971. Beatriz Hepner  
190970. Timothy Clement Please remove As soon as possible
190969. Marvin Katz  
190968. Pauline Sloan Discusting false information--dangerous.
190967. eli meisler  
190966. Myrns Schiffman disgusting
190965. Peter Cuthbertson  
190964. heidi  
190963. Sara Gould Siegel  
190962. Elaine Lathrop  
190961. Sarada Amani  
190960. Shirley Fried  
190959. mindy ferber  
190958. Arnaldo Grynkraut  
190957. Martha Katz  
190956. renee rubenstein  
190955. jody sobol  
190954. B. L. Levin  
190953. Tanya Buck  
190952. Talia Friedman  
190951. Mitchell Murphy  
190950. Sheila  
190949. Philip Gomperts  
190948. Marcy  
190947. Shelley Hanock  
190946. amy  
190945. Miriam  
190944. Jane Solomon  
190943. Madeline Lieb  
190942. ROBERT SILVER This kind of website reaches the top of thed heap by manipulating your system
190941. SID HOCHBERG  
190940. Theresa McCoy  
190939. Edward Hyman  
190938. Damien Lamar  
190937. Mario Nugara  
190936. Joyce Severson  
190935. Jack Levin I will google no more
190933. ISAAC BRAUN  
190932. keren  
190931. julius landwirth  
190930. Stuart Newberg  
190929. Stan Weiner This website is full of hatred & lies
190928. Frances Diamond please remove this offensive website from google
190927. Renee Solursh  
190926. Erin Wilson  
190925. Jack Lauber  
190924. Ginny Greenberg  
190923. Laura & Evan Berner After seeing this shameful site, I don't think I will be using Google unless it's removed. How horrible & sad!
190922. Jodi Bloom take this website off
190921. Shelley Ross  
190920. Jennifer Gold yuck. I urge you to remove the site. Thanks.
190919. Judy McComb  
190918. Miriam Harper This website is horrific
190917. eileen guz  
190916. Lisa Claver  
190915. Marcy Mintz  
190914. Paul Ross  
190913. Marion Gordon  
190912. lauren this is appauling.
190911. Peter Bokor  
190910. Josef Germaine  
190909. lauren cohen  
190908. annette  
190907. S.Bedil  
190906. roberta sandor  
190905. Dulcinea Deuschel  
190904. Chaim Seidler-Feller  
190903. M. Faktorow Can't believe that those of you that own Google would put such a horrible site on your search engine
190902. meril temlock  
190901. Rebecca Martin  
190900. Jenny Klainberg  
190899. boris  
190898. miriam Ostroff  
190897. Lee Bookman  
190896. ALLAN JANOFF Please remove this site from your search engine
190895. Roberto Beraja, MD Shut it please
190894. Tara Tendler This website is a disgrace and should be removed immediately.
190893. Carole Bookman  
190892. Eva Dusenberg  
190891. Linda Kacser  
190890. Tobey Crandell If this site affected any other group, it would never get airtime
190889. Michael Hahn  
190888. Roberta Rifkind PLEASE remove asap
190887. Cheryl Streedain as if the world weren't in trouble enough!
190886. Geoff Snoyman  
190885. Mehrdad Tabanfar  
190884. Ann Cohen  
190883. Thomas Peto  
190882. Willim Kaplan Dispicable REMOVE
190881. Lori Gold Just went on to the "Jew Watch" site to see for myself. Disgusting only begins to describe this vitriolic site, full of lies, misinformation and just plain hatered.
190880. Sylvia price  
190879. bernie kriegel  
190878. Jacquelyn Adler  
190876. Rita Laskin  
190875. Dorothy Shoichet With only 13million Jews left in the World presently, why is Jew hating still supported by the likes of Google
190874. Raina Bretan  
190873. Joan Levin Sacks Please remove this anti-semitic site
190872. Alberto Avigdor  
190871. martin medvin  
190870. einav mizrahi  
190869. Ira Abramson  
190868. Nancy Vinsel  
190867. jason megibow  
190866. Leonore F. Miller  
190865. C. Simon  
190864. Eli Litt  
190863. Fran Zimet No to anti-Semitism
190862. Sheila Roth all hate rhetoric leads to hate crimes
190861. Ellen Goren This site incites hatred.
190860. Toby I. Kriss  
190859. Scott Katz  
190858. Sandra they need 50,000 yet have 190,000. i'd love for this petition to work. we shall see if they listen.
190857. Marilyn Hassid i have to do a lot of research for artists, authors, and entertainers. It is terrible that whenever I google jewish+anything, i'm led to this horrible website. It's most upsetting trying to find jewish children's's horrific to get linked to
190856. ruth weiss i want to do less business with/through you because of this.
190855. Lawrence Zatkin  
190854. Marc Eastman  
190853. Tere Sayegh  
190852. Charlie Markus  
190851. marily;n akerson  
190850. Marcia Mednick  
190849. Max G. Goldstein  
190848. Andrew Morrill  
190847. jason newman  
190846. James Roiz  
190845. Leon Cohen Please remove this site
190844. Leslie Lifshultz  
190843. KATHY CARY  
190842. Joyce Lederman Please remove the antisemetic site from the Google results list for "Jew".
190841. sue rovin  
190840. Heather  
190839. Jim Kravetz  
190838. steve grossman if true and it is not removed, google will be gone from all my computers
190837. Ruth Gittelman  
190836. J Minkin The site is vicious and blatantly distorts information; it should be removed.
190835. barry Browner  
190834. S.& R. Pachter Please remove from the google search engine
190833. Leslie Magder  
190832. evelyn reeff  
190831. Shana  
190830. Norton Frank  
190829. Jerry Finkle  
190828. Terri We treat hate crimes very seriously. This site is no different.
190827. james F Ryan  
190826. Pessy Neuwirth  
190825. Elizabeth Wilson  
190824. Scott Miller  
190823. Norman Markowitz  
190822. Anita Moss-Korn  
190821. robin  
190820. Bernard Berins  
190819. Zabi  
190818. Charyl Rubin  
190817. Michael J. Tobin  
190816. Burt Eiseman  
190815. Bernard Berins  
190814. Diego Laham  
190813. Susan Hill  
190812. rachel powers please do the right thing here!
190811. Michel Alevy  
190810. Ramona This is horrible and very frightening to see
190809. Rachel  
190808. Marshall Nathanson I found this site uncomfortable
190807. Carol Slavens  
190806. Paul Berger  
190805. Ruth  
190804. Michael Jiran  
190803. Bettina Kurowski The site must be removed. NOW
190802. Arlene Gindoff  
190801. Jamie Berger  
190800. Carole  
190799. Dina Schwartz please remove link from search engine
190798. marcia helfant  
190797. Jerry Adams  
190796. Linda Jacobs  
190795. Irene  
190794. lynn bragin disgraceful
190793. Jay Tendler, M.D.  
190792. mark Schwartz  
190791. Horace Kreitzman  
190790. Paul Oestreicher  
190789. Ariel Barnett  
190788. will Kahane freedom of speech should not include hate speech. We should have learned that lesson by now from Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and every other genocide in history
190787. Jackson Varady  
190786. Jay Azriel  
190785. ming  
190784. natalie all antisemitism sites are to be removed
190783. Phyllis Schwartz  
190782. Noam Landor  
190781. Vanessa Sloan  
190780. lisa weisberg  
190779. mark amsterdam  
190778. Ashley Hadar  
190777. Melody Curtis  
190776. l. sterling why does this take 50,00o names?
190775. SHIRLEY RUDD  
190774. Barbara T Meyers This is a very thinly valed attempt at trying to give anti-Israel & anti-semitic lies the ring of truth by having people read them online. Stop it! A lie is a lie is a lie no matter where you find it!
190773. Allan Lew  
190772. moishe weinstock this page is offensive to all Jewish People
190771. harry bakshi  
190770. Bruce Schonberg  
190769. Galina Shifman  
190768. Lawrence Quigley  
190767. Rachel Winokur  
190766. Lewis Kuppermann STOP THIS NONSENSE
190765. Debbie Green  
190764. Jay Meisner  
190763. Rima Lorenzo  
190761. babette Lichtenstein  
190760. Jack Freedman  
190759. Jonathan Ida Please remove this site from your database, and pay proper attention to the sites that you support!
190758. Tanaz  
190757. Anthony Rom  
190756. Debbie Estrin  
190755. roberta singer  
190754. Diane Meltzer I believe in free speech.... This can't be deleted.... but include it under Anti Semitism.... do not have it called up under JEW.
190753. James Sirotta  
190752. Deena Goldsmith Please remove this anti-semitic site
190751. andrea schneider  
190750. Laurence Rodny  
190749. Neale Stone  
190748. Lisa Steinberg  
190747. Michael Deane This really is sick
190746. Malcolm Zeldin  
190745. Zoltan Janosi  
190744. Stephen G. Grant  
190743. Ruth Magder  
190742. Murray and Bebe Shpall  
190741. sondra paller anti-semetic
190740. richard a optican  
190739. C. Bohn We are all created equal - let's treat each other that way as well. Stop the hatred
190738. Peter Sabel  
190737. Michael A. LaVere  
190736. emma berenblit  
190735. Steve Budow  
190734. vicki  
190733. Joel Kurtz  
190732. Kenneth Rosenbaum  
190731. Maynard Comiez  
190730. Willow Winston  
190729. Dr. William H. Stern  
190728. Jane Schoenfeld  
190727. Michelle Clarkin  
190726. Terry Katz  
190725. Dorothy Samel  
190724. David Severson This is deplorable
190723. Ron Brazil  
190722. Nancy Livney  
190721. Joshua Gutman hate should not be promoted via Google
190720. d katz  
190719. Judith M Fox  
190718. Vivien Lowy it is shameful to allow it to continue
190717. Marcia Goldberg  
190716. Willow Winston  
190715. donald oasis  
190714. Joseph Epel How could this be printed in Google?
190713. M.Siegler Please remove this website
190712. eva gutman hate sites should be screened out!!
190711. Iris Martin  
190710. Karen Jaffe  
190709. yiftah beer  
190708. Toni Rinde you are helping to spread hatred.
190707. Laura Strauss I think you should review your links before setting them up
190706. michael silver  
190705. bea stein not acceptable for Google to faciliate ANY hate-mongering !!!!!
190703. Barry Jay please act quickly
190702. Lester Kopf  
190701. Joe Friedman Please remove!!
190700. Avraham  
190699. murray stoller offensive site
190698. Dean Cohen  
190697. p felker its appalling
190696. Jonah Jay  
190695. patricia herskovic  
190694. A. Ron Kriegel  
190693. Linda Campbell  
190692. Bev Kahn Please do not allow hate to perpetuate through sites such as these!!!
190691. Diane Schreiber  
190690. Howard Clare  
190689. judy selig Just goes to show you how many more stupid people there are in the world than we thought
190688. Cathie Reisler  
190687. Elisha Michelena  
190686. Bob Marger  
190685. Abraham Pizam  
190684. Gary M. Youra  
190683. florence robinson  
190682. Mark Egerman  
190681. Dana Young  
190679. Ann Wolfberg  
190678. Avi Bessin  
190677. Karen  
190676. Deborah Laurie remove this site from google
190675. Ronald Comer I support google without reservation, but this kind of hate does not belong anywhere
190674. adam weiser  
190673. Jan Spier  
190671. Phyllis Davgin Please remove from your Search Engine
190669. sander fridman There will never be human rights, while anti-semitism endures.
190668. yvette feiger When will racism stop?????
190667. jack Lieberman  
190666. Ruth Persky Sticks and stones all too often follow hateful, derogatory words.
190665. keren  
190664. Terrie Langer  
190663. S. Lewis disgusting remove asap
190662. David Zimmerman  
190661. Nancy Stone  
190660. lynn hartwick  
190659. Steve Lehman  
190658. Matthew Goldberg  
190657. Josh Lipschitz  
190656. Susan W. Morgenstein I am extremely distressed that Google hosts this web site. The incorrect form of the word, "Jew," in the title should have provided an immediate negative reaction. Hate is hate online or off-line. The use of this form of this media for this purpose is no different from using a wall to write the ugliest words. In many places, such writings would be considered hate crimes. I am getting instructions to remove Google as my search engine.
190655. ruthblack  
190654. Zina Rasminsky I am appalled
190653. Schura Vorona Ther have been ENOUGH anti-semitism. IT MUST BE STOPPED!
190652. Michelle Goldberg  
190651. Theresa Brewton  
190650. Amanda Libenson  
190649. allen roth please remove this site
190648. Sheldon Perry disgraceful
190647. osnat  
190646. Rebecca Klinenberg That is a white supremacist website.
190645. stephanie wells  
190644. irene schapiro  
190643. francine borck  
190642. JAY GERSTNER  
190641. Gil Chotam  
190640. Michael Hadad  
190639. howard abromowitz  
190638. Dennis voronts  
190637. Trudy Haggard  
190636. yasmine beny  
190635. Hannah Heller  
190634. Manya Neger  
190633. L HARRIS do this as soon as possible
190632. yasmine ben  
190631. Max Hamburger  
190630. scott sherwin This is not a freedom of speech issue. It's a hate issue.
190629. Harry Rubinoff  
190628. rochelle  
190627. marcus altman  
190626. Ruth L. Cunningham Cruel
190625. suzie  
190624. yosef grodsky please remove this antisemetic site
190623. Allan Geller  
190622. Maria Kuz Please remove this site immediately
190621. Denise Eastman  
190620. mark saplicki  
190619. Natie Maister  
190618. BAHRAMIAN  
190617. Ira Semanoff Please remove this abomination ASAP
190616. Mel Kuritzky  
190615. KENNETH S. COHEN  
190614. Myron Perlmutter  
190613. Peggy hirsch the sooner deleted the better
190612. taheli ofri  
190611. R. Bernstein  
190610. marie hertzman/cochran  
190609. Ira Lehman  
190608. Judi Lecoq  
190607. loretta stern  
190606. yankel  
190605. P.Ingleman  
190604. Susan and Alan Miller  
190603. al honig hateful and deceiving
190602. Jean Macdonald Let's get together in this world rather than split apart. There are too many natural disasters in this world, we need to hep one another and not make more trouble for each other.
190601. H. Segal Very objectionable and ignorant of facts
190600. Ed Friedman This is pure hatred and outrite lies.Get it off the net
190599. michael cohen  
190598. joseph singer  
190597. Neil Leibowitz Really disgusting distorted info.
190596. Gene Salamon  
190595. ed schifman  
190594. Mariel I trust Google will responde appropiately and remove this page.
190593. Mrs. E. Salomon  
190592. baruch weisman misleading hate instilling site
190591. Martin Winkler  
190590. Farnaz Taban  
190589. FWilder  
190588. I. John Maginsky despicable
190587. Stan Baker There is enough of this kind of vitriol in the world, and yet you have allowed it to be part of your search engine. That is disgusting!!
190586. Monroe Charlap  
190585. Israel Louis (Danny) Dancig Very Offensive and hurtful
190584. Shirley Winkler  
190583. janice singer  
190582. A. Lipsitz  
190581. Sarina Minerbo Roemer  
190580. Laurel L. Maginsky  
190579. Mark Frenk  
190578. Tova Green  
190577. Jeffrey Mishlove  
190576. Eugene Greenzweig  
190575. Albert Marston  
190574. Morry L. Rotenberg Halt the hate
190573. Loretta Marks The author of "JewWatch" needs shooting
190572. hannah litwin  
190571. claire young  
190570. Gini Hyman Google must be getting paid a lot of money to allow this "hate site" to be on it's front page for "jew". Otherwise, they are co-conspirators in promoting hate of Jewish people in America and around the world. If this does not disappear to the back of the abyss of Google, then I will be using Yahoo or MSN as my homepage and search engine and switch email also.
190569. aaron strauss please remove!
190568. jeffrey brill will not use google further until this is removed
190567. Steve Shatz this site is a disgrace!
190566. Barbara Fellner  
190565. Marci Erlebacher  
190564. Erica Sokoloff  
190563. Magi Cress  
190562. Earl Lawrence disgusting site for google to list
190561. A. Lefko  
190560. Carol Berger This is definately not appropriate
190559. camelia fakheri  
190558. tanya gertsoyg  
190557. Kellam Carlisle  
190556. Samuel  
190555. Ari Schwartz  
190554. Harvey Sitzer  
190552. William Bernstein  
190551. Bud Wyckoff The text on this site is outrageous ! ! It must be removed. It can only encourage dangerous and hateful people.
190550. Esther Lipschitz  
190549. Raphael Mamane  
190548. Nicola Wallis  
190546. Michael Sloser  
190545. a. abraham  
190544. Anthony Gesamondo  
190543. Charles Katzman  
190542. M Silk  
190541. lawrence wallis  
190540. Bernhard Reif  
190539. Carole  
190538. elaine lipchik  
190537. Cheryl Adler  
190536. anita b schatz  
190535. Robert prejudice
190534. jan thalberg  
190533. nathan schatz md  
190532. gary case the name "jewatch" is very demeaning"
190530. DEBORAH A. STONE  
190529. Jeremy S  
190528. Roderick Yates  
190527. Sy hatred propaganda
190526. fred toczek  
190525. Jetty Zelkowicz remove from Google Search
190524. Elinor Garfinkel  
190523. Robert  
190522. Jessica  
190521. Azi Trinczer  
190520. Bruce Cohen  
190519. Ellen Shelton  
190518. SIGI  
190517. Jean Danowitz  
190516. Patricia Glosser  
190515. Professor Sidney J. Blatt  
190514. Rick Brunner remove from search engine
190513. Edith Freedman  
190512. Paul Rose  
190511. Steven K Lorch, Ph.D.  
190510. Daniel Gryczman  
190509. Bonnie Blumberg  
190508. Yael  
190507. sandra wallis  
190505. J. Okin  
190504. DR.K. HARRIS  
190503. ellen roseman  
190502. Jay E. Yospe  
190501. Barry  
190500. Hannah Clilne Remove antisemetic site NOW!
190499. david pisano  
190498. Rochelle Kronfeld  
190497. amy fromer  
190496. Philip Zymler  
190495. Sherman Weitzmon Speech is free , spreading racist hatred has no right of to a soap-box
190494. maryt/theteach Even at the 3rd position it should be removed!!
190493. Norma Lewis  
190492. Gerald Bell  
190491. DR. M.M. KATZMAN  
190490. Matt Nechin  
190488. Terry Leferson DESPICABLE!
190487. leslie kraemer  
190486. Wendy Miller  
190485. marvin goldstein  
190484. israella sarusi  
190483. herma abramson this site is obscene
190482. Fran Cinamon  
190481. Thomas P. Liebschutz  
190480. Regina White This is irresponsible
190479. louise B. Berman  
190478. lester abramson this site is obscene
190477. Mayer Simanian Please Remove
190476. Andrew Leese  
190475. Helen Friedman  
190474. Michael Stabinski  
190473. Tania Roth  
190472. kevin demarino  
190471. Tali  
190470. Stanley A. Rabin  
190469. shiley poticha disgraceful and racist
190467. Elaine Eskowitz  
190466. Valerie Ann Leff disgusting
190465. Andi DeMarino  
190464. Steven Greenburg  
190463. oferdesade actually, he's no. 3 after wiki
190462. Siddy N Rosenberg  
190461. Roslyn Keri  
190460. LOIS RATNER  
190459. david reich dump this site
190458. Donald W. Peaceman  
190457. adi  
190456. Robert Glicker This site is clearly flawed factually in an effort to malign one relgious group unjustly.
190455. Ron Katz  
190454. Rahel Haym  
190453. shahram  
190452. iris singer rest asured on one thing "ONLY IGNORANT PEOPLE GO TO THAT WEBSITE.....THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM"
190451. Maya S.  
190450. Jessica Gross Remove Jew Watch. It's disgraceful.
190449. Mariana  
190448. Sasha this site must be removed together with videos on youtube
190447. L. Wasserman  
190446. Mario Maya  
190444. Geoffrey Wolf  
190443. Carol Kaplan  
190442. Seth Gross Remove Jew Watch. It reinforces hatred in our country.
190441. Michael J. Koran  
190440. Lynda A McIntyre GOD BLESS ZION
190439. Larry Budd  
190438. Peggy Abraham  
190437. Maziyar  
190436. MARLENE J. RAY  
190435. Michael Stillman this is a disgraceful site and should not exist
190434. Lysa Lewin Remove Jew Watch from your search eng
190433. Yehuda Rothstein If Google allows this disgraceful clearly anti-semitic site to remain, it ought to consider how many possible current users of their search engine they will lose as a result of allowing such a totally absurd and disgraceful sight to even be listed as a possible site to visit vis searching the word "JEW", let alone allowing this site to appear in the third spot of a search done for the word "JEW". You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and if there was a way to sue you for slander I certainly would be amongst the first to do so. Where are your ethics, morals and values. Do you know what you are perpertrating by allowing such junk and dishonest reporting and anti semitic propoganda such as is displayed on this site to be sent out into cyberspace? Shame on you and your management Google. You are a disgrace to any sanctity that might ever be able to exist on the World Wide Web.
190432. Harold Goldman Remove the viscious qwebsite
190431. Judi Jacobs  
190430. Janice F. Klein  
190429. zohara singer  
190428. Ada Balaj  
190427. Philip Freud  
190426. Jeff Parnes  
190425. E Mack How can you allow such biased unconfirmed reports to be published on Google.If you fail to remove it I will move to Yahoo and see that other people also do.
190424. Sharon Goodman Remove Jewwatch
190423. Jonathan David Makepeace  
190422. larry cohen of philadelphia, pa  
190421. L. Labin  
190420. Dr. Marlene RItchie Let's end the perpetuation of antisemitism-enough is enough. There will never be peace anwhere in the world if unbridled hatred is allowed to continue.
190419. hershall j ford  
190418. Geraldine Shatkin  
190417. Richard Simon  
190416. Matt Stone  
190415. Yvonne Miller  
190414. Hillary  
190413. Jennifer Diamond I have always gone to Google first as a search engine, but the fact that this anti-semitic site is the first one to come up when searching the word "Jew" is appalling. I hope that others will agree that any site with such venom, ugliness, and distortion does not have a place in this search engine (or anywhere)!
190412. lynn drislane  
190411. Hagar  
190410. Ruth  
190409. Patricia Appelbaum Please remove it now
190408. M Abrahm  
190407. Esther Edell Remove from the Google search engine!!!
190406. Gail Koach  
190405. stein racialistic and disgusting
190404. Benita Appel  
190402. Albert Livingstone  
190401. sylvia g. gorin please remove this site
190400. keva fothergill  
190399. Mort Weizenbluth obvious and self explanatory
190398. David J. Smilovitz  
190397. David  
190396. Lucy Bursk  
190395. Robert Koach  
190394. Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman Ph.D.  
190392. R. Ross Too many people with too much time determine which sites are "popular". "Hate" sites should never be amongst those!
190391. Ofir Nichtern Take offline this site
190390. Renay Salamon  
190389. Arash Asher shameful
190388. Leonard Austin Who at Google do I send some true jewish information instead of the lies that jewwatch publishes
190387. Susan Young anti semetic and hateful
190386. D Carson  
190385. Sharon Mayer  
190384. greg kosarin  
190383. Madeline Jablon  
190382. Sheldon Fineman  
190381. Esther Shaw  
190380. mike rand  
190379. andrew leigh  
190378. E. Davis  
190377. Joel Aaron  
190376. Lydia Grady  
190375. haguy ziv  
190374. rogerio  
190373. Jeffrey Barr  
190372. Josef Schwartz, MD The Holocaust began with fictitious propaganda such as this.
190371. samuel gun  
190370. Paris Faheri  
190369. Beth-Ami Dokus  
190368. Ivan Heckscher Help us clean up this mess by removing this form of onesided propaganda.
190367. Jennifer Trapp  
190366. joanne grozovski  
190365. Bea Goldberg  
190364. Joseph Weissman  
190363. Roberta Jerushalmy Disgusting propoganda
190362. Aubrey Olstein  
190361. Stanley Brosman  
190360. Jack & Marilyn Bercovitch How can YOU folks allow this. Disgusting site
190359. Kristina please(:
190358. david cohen  
190357. Julie Moradi  
190356. Jeffrey Stuart  
190355. mindy bessette  
190354. murray siegel unacceptable crap
190353. doug hudgins no haters
190352. Esther Zelmanovitz  
190351. Paul McLellan please remove
190350. Justin Mendelle  
190349. Chester B. Diamond Please remove this blatantly anti-Semitic web site from the Google search engine!
190348. Harriet Jacobson  
190347. Sheldon Rifkin  
190346. Deidre G. Doria  
190345. Joan Manges if you look at the site click on the you tube about America
190344. betsy shurack please remove as tisis terrible
190343. Jorgen Metzon  
190342. phyllis Krumholtz  
190341. Shana Kauffman  
190340. lauri ellias  
190338. carolyn hollman  
190337. Alex Nemiroski  
190336. cyndi beilman  
190335. Neal Kadish  
190334. Jerry Rosin  
190333. C. Robert Barr  
190332. Shelley Pick remove this site from google or we will just remove ourselves from google.
190331. Milton Ingerman, M.D.  
190330. I. L. Freed Disgusting!
190329. Sari Goldberg  
190328. Alvin Goldman  
190327. P. L. Nicholson Very offensive and I am not a Jew.
190325. Chanie Friedman  
190324. Denis Ghermezian  
190323. Donna Duffy  
190322. eileen Please remove this hate site from Google.
190321. chiel wind  
190320. Rita Goldstone  
190319. Sheri Felenstein  
190318. Melvin J. Davis Please remove this heinous site
190317. Shahram. Ravan  
190316. Judith Stein  
190315. Bernard F Hogan  
190314. Nicole Homel-Tellier  
190313. rick mannel  
190312. Samuel Sand  
190311. Maria D'Antoni Remove this hate site!!
190310. Mindye Mannel  
190309. fogel sophie ugly!
190308. norman rosenthal SHAME ON GOOGLE to allow this to happen
190307. Irvin Moscowitz Please remove now
190306. Charlene Sales  
190305. abe shrem  
190304. HAROLD RAFEL  
190303. barbara berg  
190302. Susan Morton  
190301. masha ovchinikov remove this disgusting site ASAP!!!
190300. Rabin J. Pournazarian Please remove
190299. Sandra  
190298. Sorina Faur  
190297. Irving Slone A civilized society must not allow such garbage be publicly displayed
190296. David Lewin  
190295. Veroinica Balaj This site is a disgrace. Please remove it immediately.
190294. Fred Weil  
190293. Laurie Holz  
190292. robert weinstein this website is pure hate
190291. Andrea Thurman  
190290. Brenda Graham  
190289. gary kiman  
190288. Phil Shapiro  
190287. Ellen Koppelman  
190286. Amy Robertson  
190285. Zend  
190284. daniel nazarian  
190283. Eri Omidvari Please remove this destructive and fallacious website.
190282. Sara Curtis  
190281. mel posin disgusting
190280. Barbara and Jack Rosenthal remove it now!!!
190279. gali  
190278. Sheila Murphy  
190277. Miriam Selengut  
190276. silvia barki cohen  
190275. Lori Trachtenberg  
190274. David Most  
190273. margalit  
190272. Ed deutch  
190271. Shirley Lakes  
190270. Hank Koch  
190269. Becky Cunningham  
190266. Mauricio Wildfeuer  
190264. Lauren S  
190263. julia kaplun  
190262. Robert Suval  
190261. Marty Saslove I would like to see JewWatch removed from the Google Search Enging
190260. Jan Jay  
190259. Sari  
190258. todd bertman  
190257. Amelie Frajtag  
190256. Lili Penkower  
190255. Amy Munice  
190253. Susan Rosen  
190252. Hannah Shebson  
190251. Ruth Louis  
190250. m.szames  
190249. Michael Black Dangerous, hateful postings such as this should never be allowed in the first place.
190248. David Ringo  
190247. Phil Warner  
190246. Marina Slavina  
190245. Phyllis Brooks this is an outrage!
190244. Barbara Cramer  
190243. Joan Judah  
190242. Selma Lait  
190241. Anthony Wainer This makes me despair to read and see such racialist propaganda
190240. Deborah Korash  
190239. rita  
190238. Eileen Raynes  
190237. Lauren Katz  
190236. Don Jacobs  
190235. Steven Finkelstein  
190234. Cheryl Krukin  
190233. nanette ulino  
190232. Ruthlee Becker  
190231. david peppercorn  
190230. Rona distenfeld  
190229. Dr. Dickran Mgrdechian Grotesque
190228. hallie stock  
190227. Sharon Eber  
190226. steven simon hate messages have no place on the widely used search engine
190225. Mike Cattan Remove this site
190224. Michael Kurzman  
190223. edward krupat This is an offensive site
190222. Benjamin Omidvari This website is spreading hatred, and should be removed ASAP. Thanks
190221. michel goldschneider disgusting...shameful
190220. Larry G Murphy Please remove from site
190219. Sharon Tompkins Please remove ASAP!!
190218. Gloria Weinstock  
190217. Ana Schwartz  
190216. carolyn mandel  
190215. Harold J. Kobb this website is blatently anti-semitic
190214. alice ludmer  
190213. Agata Maibach  
190212. Sol Levine  
190211. mogens itzkowitz  
190210. BARRY SINGER  
190209. june swadron It's Time To STOP the terrorism and choose peace! Every man, woman, child on the planet has a right to live in peace and dignity. The hatred must end now!
190208. SUSAN TOY  
190207. David Yarmush  
190206. Abe Franco should be romoved
190205. Dennis McCarthy  
190204. Sharon  
190202. Dan Berkoff Remove this anti semetism from Youtube as well.
190201. SAL KOHAN  
190200. Lisa Evar  
190199. Dan Kleinman  
190198. Michael Mucasey  
190197. Andrea Harris  
190196. S. Loosemore  
190195. S Lewis what a crime that Google allows this kind of hatred
190194. Marilyn Cohen  
190193. Moshe ben Asher  
190192. Joanne Zamore stop spreading hate!
190191. Jade Brode Let's live and let live
190190. Joan Glickstein  
190189. Jennifer Finkle  
190188. Alan Karp  
190187. lori ganz  
190186. Angela Fasano Frydman  
190185. michael schor It's ashame for google to let this site exist !
190184. Judy Cohen  
190183. Gerrit J. Tate Resist hate-mongers
190182. Leon Farahnik  
190181. Selma E. Troum  
190180. Leslie Dreier  
190179. Mildred Rotter There is so much hatred in the world, it is a shame to help perpetuate more
190178. diana goldberg this must be removed
190177. Gloria Orenstein  
190176. Claudia Reynolds  
190175. Lois Stern  
190174. lloyd mallin disgusting
190173. Jim Merson Google, this is an appalling and flagrant mis-use of your search engine and must be removed immediately.
190172. Moshe Bessin  
190171. Sonia Vega  
190170. robin sellers  
190169. rona sostman no one likes the n word why this
190168. Evy Udell  
190167. Donald Robins There is no good purpose to this domain
190166. Alejandro Biller  
190165. Jill  
190164. Ben Silverman Google is a cultural force which amplifies culture-at-large; take responsibility for your role as a member of the larger community...blind objectivity is not always a virtue...
190163. Karen Krasney  
190162. eileen jacobs  
190161. Shimon Globman  
190160. yael trau  
190159. Shimi Globman  
190158. Judith & George Cohen Hate Mail...Get rid of it!!
190157. Dalit Shoshani  
190156. shiri feingold  
190155. Robert E. Kroner  
190154. Emma Weinberg  
190153. Kim Gilman  
190152. peyman kahen get it off, or put it on the bottom
190151. Dan M  
190150. Joan Schein  
190149. Riemer  
190148. Sara Lenet-Rotenberg  
190147. Katia  
190146. Lee Miller a disgrace.remove it!!!!!!
190145. Phyllis Spisto Please remove this terrible website
190144. Kerr  
190143. Sabrina Wang  
190142. Dr. Edward .Nawy Please remove this horrendous anti-semitic website from your system
190141. kimball marsh disgusting!
190140. Richard L. Fass  
190139. vicky  
190138. Nicholas Deutsch  
190137. Lindsay Brooks  
190136. Nikky Admon  
190135. Mildred Okrend  
190134. sam greismn  
190133. Fern Rocklin Such hostility loses any credibility
190132. margery nelson Please remve this antisemitic website from your search engine
190131. n shani  
190130. Emil Pinkasov  
190129. Ali remove jewwatch it incites hate and mistunderstanding
190128. Claire Kagel  
190127. jacky husky  
190126. nancy Shame on Google
190125. Maftoul  
190124. Michael Dalton  
190123. shari ben-ishay REMOVE THIS OFFENSIVE SITE!
190122. Eran  
190121. judith betel these hateful sights are creating a world full of hate. Please stop this sight at once.
190120. Roman Stolyarov  
190119. zeev zur  
190118. Brian Unterslak  
190117. chris austin please remove site
190116. Peter Stambrook  
190115. ayla k. wolffe why would you want to advertise for an anti-semitic site? That smacks of being unwise at the least and just flat out aiding and is offensive on a good day. I use google frequently but this would make me far less likely to in future.
190114. Patricia Ann Roberts  
190113. ayal  
190112. Rustam Djabbarov  
190111. Karen Krieger  
190110. gary frey  
190109. ofer shapira  
190108. marji passes this is disgusting
190107. RONEN  
190106. asdf  
190105. Barbara Schenendorf  
190104. Jacob Mezei for decency & fairness for all peoples of our earth...
190103. allan r. silverman Remove this Garbage!
190102. moshe bleich  
190101. Lord Alton of Liverpool  
190100. Adrienne Harris  
190099. Ilana Cohen JewWatch is unacceptable
190098. Wayne Brown disgraceful
190097. Janine sarkin Disgusting
190096. Lisa Block  
190095. Ann Adelman  
190094. Alan Lipman  
190093. Frieda & Allan Schaffel help stamp out hatred in the world
190092. Fredda Pollack  
190091. JAcqueline Landau  
190090. Martin Schalimtzek  
190089. Hans E. Bello  
190088. Yacov You should take this site off, or put in the back of the search.
190087. Laurel Warner  
190086. Nancy Adler  
190085. Charles Fishman, M.D. obvious neo-nazi site
190084. Stuart Goldberg  
190083. Marlene Bello It is a shame that this still goes on in this day and age.
190082. Richard LaBaer  
190081. R BERLIN  
190080. Zelda Engel  
190079. sarah  
190078. Noah Hoffman  
190077. Leslie Tischler  
190076. konstantin goldin  
190075. manijeh yazdi  
190074. Shelley Pina  
190073. Debbie Miesing  
190072. Alex Forster vile and discusting sight
190071. vanderhaeghe christina  
190070. sergey german  
190069. Linda Miklowitz I know the spelling is Anti-Semitic. This site is really hateful and distorted.
190067. Jacob  
190066. Gary J Cooper  
190065. M. Kravitz Remove this site
190064. audrey rubin  
190063. Vincent L. Ramos  
190062. christine roberts  
190060. Jackie Melinger  
190059. Jo Postyn  
190058. Uri Stol  
190057. mona brown this blatantly anti-semitic garbage doesn't belong on Google!
190056. howard jonas a prime example of hate information which should not be avai l able
190055. Steve Marx  
190054. Jane Teplitskaya please remove jewwatch
190053. leon dubin  
190052. akiva dejack please, thanks
190051. Kathy Robinson enough already
190050. WALTER KAHN  
190049. Michael Thompson Google must not aid obviously racist sites
190048. Maxima Wax ABOMINABLE!
190047. Ronnie Cohen  
190046. Deborah Kahn  
190045. bernie lebovits you should lose your right to operate
190043. wendy cohen  
190042. Todd Sherman  
190041. Dr. Samuel Aroni  
190040. Marcus Hurst  
190039. Mike Robins This site is despicable. (not google)
190038. howard reben  
190037. Judy M. Davis  
190036. A. Fishman  
190035. Melissa Dawn  
190034. Susan Lieberman  
190033. John Neiman  
190032. m j ungerleider antisemitism is not o.k.
190031. KEVIN KAPLAN  
190030. A.R.Redwood  
190029. leonard yohay  
190028. Tzvi Tamari  
190027. Iulia Vvedenskiy  
190026. Jon Landy  
190025. martha sattler  
190024. Ken Chazanow  
190023. Lisa Scharak  
190022. Dan Ezratty  
190021. Judith G Jolton This is an anti - Semitic Web site
190020. Sara Fiedler  
190019. Michael Himelstein  
190018. joel frydman  
190017. Jonathan P. Nelson this must be taken off Google ASAP
190016. sheila carrel  
190015. tylerr  
190014. Sofia Beinert  
190013. phyllis s. nedelman  
190012. lynn fink  
190011. Eilene Zimmerman remove this anti-semitic, hateful site
190010. eugene brody disappointing
190009. Rachel Bernstein  
190008. Norm Klar Please do this!
190007. Lon Bender  
190006. Betty Koppelman  
190005. Bill Russo none necessary
190004. Stan Harris  
190003. Ron Garfield Pls remove
190002. Timothy Friedman  
190001. cynthia ringoot  
190000. Marc Kaplan  
189998. orli marks dispicable on google's behalf
189997. jonny noble  
189996. Alexander Stolyarov  
189995. Margot Benstock Remove this website immediately
189994. Josh Rothman  
189993. Jill N Laufer  
189992. Brandon Wool  
189991. Arthur & Ann Plutzer It is shameful for you to allow hate on the internet.
189990. Judith Grezaffi You should be doing a better job at blocking these types of sites.
189989. Caryn M. Uslander  
189988. William Cohen  
189987. susan vine  
189986. Lester Harris  
189985. Sandra L. Uslander  
189984. Billy Vainer R  
189983. Albert Zucker  
189982. Sura D. Ungar  
189981. Kermit  
189980. Senta K. Simon  
189979. Frank Rosenhead Hate is a terrible thing.
189978. Andrea TAKE THIS OFF
189977. charlotte handler  
189976. Gerald L. Uslander  
189975. Bettina Samain  
189974. harriet schoenbach  
189973. Riva Ben Horin  
189972. suzanne goor  
189971. David Nathan  
189970. Ken Buckner  
189969. Paul Joseph  
189968. Dr. Walter Malkin great idea, hope everyone signs
189967. Phil Devore  
189966. Zack Evar  
189965. Lior  
189964. Irma Kavin  
189963. mike ebby  
189962. jerry  
189961. ena saunders  
189960. jonathan krasney this vile hate filled site needs to be removed
189959. Diane Fortuna This is not "free speech" this is "hate speech"
189958. Mourice Penhasian PLEASE REMOVE THIS SITE
189957. Raema E. Green This website should be removed immediately since it has untruths and is liable to be a cause of much antisemitism
189956. meredith mastropietro  
189955. Deborah Goodman  
189954. edna  
189953. Kamran Younai remove this racist site
189952. Cecile Lehrer  
189951. Chana Bembry  
189950. alyce zecher  
189949. Kia Illulian  
189948. Afshin A. Asher  
189946. Rick Greenthal  
189945. judy Wayne  
189943. rafael yokell  
189942. barbara krupat  
189941. Fred R pl remove
189940. Harald Dressel  
189939. Gabrielle Schwarz  
189938. Judy Fixler  
189937. Hazel Brief please remove from google search engine.
189936. aizik faibish  
189935. Pamela Mittleman  
189934. ethel kofsky  
189933. Steve & Suzy Lenet Please don't allow yourselves to be a party to this hate
189932. Elliot Ciner Enough already
189931. michelle levan  
189930. eileen barbash This is very scary............any prejudice hurts all of us
189929. malca h  
189928. matias ka  
189927. Amanda  
189926. Lucho Ungar  
189924. Irving David I always thought Google was antisemitic - now I know it.
189923. maurice nahoum  
189922. Susy Singer  
189921. gabriel suleyman With sites like this the world will never be at peace
189920. Teri Roseman  
189919. David Aronow  
189918. Michael Mensky  
189917. Mark Swedelson  
189916. Laney Barnes This is horrible!!!!!
189915. Moshe Lehrer  
189913. Samuel Strause  
189912. Henri Biezin please exclude such web sites from the search engines
189911. Florence Shiller Goldman Remove Immediately-Anti-Semitism is Unacceptable
189910. david cohen anti semetic site
189909. Kenny Friedman  
189908. Edward W. Kerson  
189907. mijal  
189906. Ronald Simmons  
189905. Murray Solomon  
189904. Ben  
189902. Alswed This is disgusting!!
189901. stephen g. valensi  
189900. dana Marco  
189899. Beth Sutton This is a thinly veiled case of racism supported by google - time to shut it donw!
189898. Roger Pollard Google should not be supporting racism of any kind!
189897. Sonja Fitzgerald  
189896. Bonnie Michaels This site is digusting propaganda
189895. Sidney Forman  
189894. moshe  
189893. Marcy Schwartz  
189892. Jodie Kaplan This is an outrage
189891. robin very offended
189890. Sallie Posniak  
189889. Yitzhak Santis  
189888. Wayne Johnson  
189887. S. Larry Stein  
189886. kenneth pittleman find it offensive
189885. Hans Gesund  
189884. Amihan Evidente  
189883. Andy Calati  
189882. Rita Shaffer Remove JewWatch from Google
189881. Robin Miller I was in an online game room recently (, and a man who'd just lost a game said in a public lobby that he "was just jewed by Pogo." This kind of language is despicable, and the web site helps perpetuate such bigotry. Please remove it. Thank you.
189880. Sheldon Weingarten  
189879. Howard Karesh  
189878. Amelia Aaronson  
189877. Derek Aaronson  
189876. menachem  
189875. eric r sisser remove it....
189873. Claire  
189872. Susy Singer  
189871. Michael  
189870. Stuart D. Zimring This is not the sort of site google wants!
189869. Pamela Aaronson  
189868. Neal Fenster  
189867. Carol Zimring This site has to go!
189866. lahmy sasson  
189865. dr Howard Ross this is a disgrace to GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE
189864. nati mishli  
189863. Susan K. Gerecht  
189861. Martin Mendelsohn  
189860. Abraham Gutnicki  
189859. debora  
189858. Laurel Lasky  
189857. Carole Hoffman Please remove this horrendous website from your search engine.
189856. sheila tasman  
189855. Harold Gerecht  
189854. Naomi Peleg  
189853. Judy Yaffe  
189852. Linda Schwartz  
189851. Ruth Granat  
189850. Brian  
189849. Judith Levitt  
189848. Rebecca Ness disgusting, remove this site
189847. jean knapp  
189846. Neda Raschkovsky  
189845. Ellie Krigsman  
189844. J GOODMAN  
189843. Sharona Canales  
189842. Cynthia Hollinsworth  
189841. B Morvay appalling, must be changed
189840. Jan DeVito  
189839. Michele Masjedi  
189838. Ted Lux  
189837. Manri Gordon  
189836. Susan Brams  
189835. Linda Seger  
189834. Sharon Remove from the Google Search Engine
189833. aviva this website only breeds hatred
189832. tracy kazan  
189831. Mitch Glassman  
189830. melinda snyder  
189829. Oleg Sirbu  
189828. Dave Goldfarb  
189827. rossie This is pathetic, google must inmediately remove all about antisemitism in the way they show it
189826. Jacob Goldenberg  
189825. J. Douglas Klein  
189824. Sue Feigenblatt  
189823. lenore safian horrified at the site
189822. Michael Kaiser  
189821. Sara Romano  
189820. lawrence White  
189819. Aliyah  
189818. Fredric ScHlussel  
189817. Alex Abramov remove this site
189816. Mike Bender This site is offensive
189815. Michael Bender  
189814. motti luzia  
189813. Cirel Marasow  
189812. Ned Nashban  
189811. elya neumann  
189810. Andrew Eisenberg  
189809. Raymond K Feldman  
189808. karen  
189807. Jeffrey Weiss  
189806. RUTH AMIRIAN  
189804. Aizik Leibovitch  
189803. Stacey Kozek  
189802. Nancy Taylor  
189801. WalterS  
189800. Grace Everakes Please remove from you search engiine
189799. Mona Disgusting
189798. Joyce Gold  
189797. Shayna E. Shapiro  
189796. Herma Abramson  
189795. CAROL QUINT  
189794. Aviva  
189793. Phyllis & Leon Waxman  
189792. Claudia Stein Get that hate and prejudice off the internet!
189790. Elena Please remove the site
189789. Caitlin Shapiro  
189788. Daniel Hoberman  
189787. D.N. Stein  
189786. Frank Grumet  
189785. rosalynd hertz  
189784. David Hymson  
189783. Jacob Jacoby Place site under anti-semitism
189782. Ali Cohen  
189781. Barbara Probst Solomon  
189780. Monica Maslo  
189779. Marjorie Carlson  
189778. Adam Goodman  
189777. Lois Fern King  
189776. Noa Leibo  
189775. morris profeta if you are going to offer your sevices i feel it is required that you investigate the sites that want to post on your search engine.
189774. harold Pollack  
189773. Wein Family This site is poisonsous and provokes hatred
189772. Nechama Rosman  
189771. jay gerstenhaber  
189770. Mary Loera  
189769. Eric Reiter  
189768. david landau  
189767. Jeff please remove this reference and link
189766. Bruce Antelman  
189765. Morris Fox  
189764. Irina Schwartz  
189763. Elaine Coffino-Schulman Are you's 2007! how long is this BS going to go on.
189762. CINDY GREER  
189761. Harry Klaristenfeld Hateful Racism at its worst ... this should not require a petition. Please remove ASAP
189760. Dina Solomon  
189759. Walt Hajduk  
189758. joe pine please remove this hurtfull and racist site
189757. Laura Sigura  
189756. Alison Roemer  
189755. Samuel Finn  
189753. Tamar Livingstone Please take a stand and remove the site!
189752. Joel Collen Please remove JewWatch from Google search or at least move it to the bottom of the search list.
189751. Joyce Jaffee  
189750. Jane Bagwell  
189749. Cynthia O'Neill  
189748. Noah Mamber While the petition is not incredibly well-written, it's message is on. Google should optimize its search engine by not including hate sites, at least as results of searches for the object of that hatred.
189747. karen dougherty  
189746. gabriella frommer disgust!
189745. Barbara Panzer  
189744. Linda Sigman remove
189743. Alyse  
189742. Sarah Bleich  
189741. Haila Kimball  
189740. Max Messer  
189739. Margaret W. Riley  
189738. Sanford L. Segal  
189737. shirley debel  
189736. Rose Fisch  
189735. marvin slutzky  
189734. c sharf  
189733. Micah  
189732. Kevin D. Ascher I believe in free speech even for those I despise, but I don't feel the website "Jew Watch" should be classified under "Jews" or "Judaism". Google, I ask that you please move this site to the result list for another search word, or at least move it further down in the result list for the search word "Jew". I would ask the same to be done for an anti-Muslim site, anti-Christian site, anti-Agnostic/Atheist site, or any other such intolerant "information". Free speech is important, but a website like this shouldn't be placed above less hateful websites in terms of relevance.
189731. gail k  
189730. Lisa Alpern  
189729. abe schwarz this is a must removal
189728. anita  
189727. Ellen Kohn  
189726. g klinger  
189725. jessica  
189724. Mitchell Stern  
189723. j.e. miller  
189722. Gary Isaacson all content is not equal, Google grow up
189721. Michelle  
189720. m cohen  
189719. Oscar Broekman  
189718. julie namkin  
189717. Lew Rose  
189716. rags  
189715. Isabel Rudolph  
189714. Marlene Cuperman I believe in free speech but not in free lies that are designed to inflame peoples minds.
189713. Larry Herman  
189712. Amos Kiewe Shame on you for not realizing the power of antisemitism.
189711. Diane Weinberg  
189710. Eli Steinhardt  
189709. Elizabeth Ellis please do not support this horrible lying website
189708. Robert Himler  
189707. Elaine Howard  
189706. Kate Goodman  
189705. Beto  
189704. Alan Steinhardt  
189702. michael parmet Change it! is inappropriate for your search engine. Block it.
189701. Rosi  
189700. gery  
189699. Dena  
189698. Cory Stebel  
189697. Alberto  
189696. Anna Feldman  
189695. Hal Eisenstein It's the 21st century. Enough already!!!!
189694. Ramin Pouraty Please remove from your site
189693. yael Bar-Zeev  
189692. Barbara Zohar It is a dispicable site
189691. jayweinberg  
189690. Allan Studenberg  
189689. Farnoush  
189688. Robert Gabay  
189687. LEON MUCASEY  
189686. keiley caster Disgusting site!
189685. Martin Leibowitz This gentlemen skews facts in his so called reports on Jews. The actual facts show his is totally wrong in his assertions.
189684. Sondra George  
189683. Zandra Frailich  
189682. Debi Weisman  
189681. Sarina  
189680. Leah Gross  
189679. A. Mann  
189678. Ramon  
189677. RICHARD GREENBERG For Google to allow this hatred on it's website makes google an abetter to this hatred.
189676. Dan Hill  
189675. VICKY  
189674. Matthias Buechler  
189673. Miriam Klein  
189672. Adrienne Schaye Please remove this from search engine!
189671. Debbie Illson  
189670. Alan Kaplan  
189669. E. Portnoy Although I believe in free speech, I do not believe in adding to strife in the world through anti-semetism.
189668. Tim Whiddon  
189667. Marchelle Lincer  
189666. Gina Payne  
189664. Fred Gindy please remove site ASAP
189663. corie goldblum  
189662. Carlos Alberto Carpena  
189661. jodi  
189660. Fred Tushinsky  
189659. Sandy Garber  
189658. Ryan  
189657. Harriet  
189656. Milton Bond  
189655. helen schwartz  
189654. Vivienne Hudson  
189653. Jeremy Wright  
189652. melissa barron  
189651. robert kurtz  
189650. Norma Maister  
189649. Shlomo Moalem  
189647. scott  
189646. alon aginsky  
189645. Andrea Weber  
189644. faye klausner  
189643. Henrietta Halter  
189642. Carole May  
189641. iris coleman  
189640. Morry Goldman  
189639. Penny Gundry  
189638. ErinBarnett Please remove immediately..
189637. Megal Atias  
189636. drora oren  
189635. miles  
189634. Judith Hoffman  
189633. Suzann O'Koon, PhD  
189632. mily  
189631. Arnold Lipschultz  
189630. Lauren Brucker  
189629. liliana  
189628. Irwin Moss "Mechanics" can not excuse. Site must be removed.
189627. Linda Levine  
189626. David Pouraty  
189625. Melvin Steinhardt  
189624. Mariya  
189623. Mr & Mrs. Errol Reed lll  
189622. amelia lisbona  
189621. Elaine Givertz  
189620. Armin Misreprenting information
189619. Ruth Saltzstein  
189618. i. shifren  
189617. Luciana  
189616. bettybosnick We cannot allow this kind of ugliness to go out on the internet. It breeds poison around the world and hurts innocent men women and children everywhere.
189615. Rebecca W.  
189614. Libby Weiner  
189613. jj kay please remove it
189612. P. Michaelson  
189611. Eli Reshef  
189610. menachem Its wrong
189609. amanda bradley  
189608. Paul Miesing  
189607. Lee disappointing
189606. vera Yehros  
189605. Norton Baron, Ph. D.  
189604. Rae Marie Ibarra  
189603. MARILYN STOCK pure anti-semetic hatred.
189602. Naomi Senser  
189601. avner levona  
189600. Millie Kaporovsky When will the world acknowledge how much the Jews have contributed to the welfare of people of the universe..ethically, spiritually, medically, and technologically? Check out Nobel Prize Winners. Is the hatred due to envy ?Just remember we all stem from the same source...
189599. Amos Tabibian  
189598. David Hakimi  
189597. Judith S. Mitrani Why in this day and age is this allowed to exist?
189596. Nicola Jacobs  
189595. Jack DeHaven  
189594. shirley matzdorff how dare you allow this hatred to be on your search engine
189593. alisa Yehros  
189592. Diane N Rosenfeld Please remove this ugly site from Google
189591. Tonya A. Bordy Please remove this blatantly hostile site from google. I love google but do not like to see that sites like this exist and are promoted by google.
189590. Joseph  
189589. Brian Ross  
189588. Julian Collins  
189587. Cindy Moskovitz this is sickening- take it down
189585. Arthur G Williams  
189584. Jeanette Stone Action needed promptly!!!
189583. shari rubin  
189582. Aaron and Barbara Cooper PLease!!!
189581. John Segall  
189580. Judith Brown Please delete that web site
189579. Cindy Stein  
189578. Sheri Please at least classify not based on the search term "jew" but "jew-hater" or anti-semitic materials, etc.
189577. Ryan Harmon Please Remove
189576. Jordan  
189575. Mary Trachtenberg shameful!!!!!!!
189574. Harold Weinberg  
189573. Ed Stoltz This despicable site needs to be removed
189572. steven richlin  
189571. Richard A. Frankel  
189570. comil I find this to absurd, and utterly unbelievable.
189569. julia  
189568. julia  
189567. Jonah Weinberg People have the right to their freedom of speech, but Google does not have to promote racist or anti-semetic sites. I hope you will alter the criteria so this site does not come up when someone searches for information on Judaism.
189566. Robert Levey  
189565. Michael L. Nedwick  
189564. Joyce Weinberg There is enough hate in the world, why should anti-semitism be tolerated?
189563. Andrew Porwancher  
189562. Marc Lichtenstein This is a disgrace to Google and should be removed immediately.
189561. Joseph Harounian Please remove this site
189560. graciela  
189559. Eduardo Ezban Please remove it Imediatly
189558. dr jeffrey garfield  
189557. Lynda Ginsburg please remove this site.
189556. M. Bublick It is an illiterate and unfactual artical
189555. arman baroukh this site needs to me stopped right away
189554. RENATO L. IBARRA remove from Google search
189553. Mark Shapiro  
189552. Devorah Boss  
189551. Richard Perelmut  
189550. Melissa Koren  
189549. Lenore H. Weiss  
189548. steven rothstein  
189547. Marc Beckman  
189546. ellen finkelstein this is an outrage. please take care of it immediately.
189545. Sammy Polster  
189544. Gloria Waldinger  
189543. Deanna Aronchick  
189542. Hale Lait  
189541. Iván Velásquez Yánez No hate, no wait, no cry...
189540. Elyza These type of sites are despicable. Google-I appreciate your note about the search engine. Please keep this at the top of your searches for these types of inflammatory sites and continue to inform the misguided. Thank you.
189539. steve kohn  
189538. Karen Weprin  
189537. arlene kaufman  
189536. David Goldstein please remove
189535. Shaked Landor  
189534. Jeremy Lipschultz  
189533. janet toar i expect more from google than this
189532. Marcia Leifer  
189531. Beiz Noor  
189530. M. Gatteau  
189529. susan jaffe awful
189528. Leonie van Nierop  
189527. Deb Hussey  
189526. Joel Heller Be of good conscience.
189525. Celadon Wood JUST TAKE IT OFF, PLEASE!
189524. Kathy  
189523. Liz  
189522. Gregory Sterling  
189521. Michael Needleman  
189520. Sam Sim  
189519. harris sidelsky  
189518. Justin Topilow  
189517. Leeba Sonenzon REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
189516. Carol de Swaan  
189515. Ellie Please remove this site
189514. Aniko Fabry extremely disturbed of Google's website.Still in the 21st century your website participating to increase hatred aginst Jews.!!!Take this discasting website off!!!
189513. Mindy Needleman  
189512. Fara Moshfegh  
189511. Albert Shapiro  
189510. Debbie Lang This must be removed
189509. John & Donna Parton This site is disgusting
189508. Joe Pereles  
189507. stacy solodkin  
189506. Gail Dechter This sight needs to be removed ASAP as it breeds antisemitism.
189505. susan blumberg  
189504. Elaine Antin  
189503. A Bendory  
189502. David Tobman This is outrageous
189501. Constance Simo awful hate mongering only brings on hurt
189500. Bracha Etgar Will use other search engines, always
189499. Merrill J. Melnick  
189498. Chava kaye  
189497. Robin Altman  
189496. Tatianna Alpert  
189495. Amir Miltchan  
189494. Judith Hoyt  
189493. Mark Dlott  
189492. Mary Slingerland  
189491. Ruchama Fishelis  
189490. shawn please remove
189489. Oleg A. Barsky, P.E.  
189488. G.M. Baker  
189487. Linda Baker  
189486. Mary Slingerland  
189485. Thaya duBois  
189484. Carol Schapiro  
189483. loren greenberg i will begin using google AFTER jewwatch is eliminated from google
189482. ilana ivri racism!
189481. Shelly Calfin Shocking!
189480. Risa Edelstein any "hate" sites like these do not deserve Google!
189479. Irving Moskowitz  
189478. Claire B Kopp JewWatch is no longer first site on Google search, but should be removd
189477. Ellen Bernstein you should not need 50,000 e-mails to know something is wrong
189476. carmi margolis  
189475. Barbara Horowitz I am appalled
189474. Ariel Lippa  
189473. Meredith Graf This is a disgraceful website and should not be available to the Google search engine.
189472. A. Geld  
189471. Barnett Feingold "Do no harm"
189470. Yakov Bakis  
189469. Jeff Sugar, MD  
189468. Sherrie Adams This is an outrage!
189467. Goldschneider Arthur How is this possible !?
189466. douglas b. degen  
189465. Lorrie Goldsmith  
189464. Ariel Cohn It is shameful to have an anti-Semitic site come up first when searching for information about Judaism.
189463. rhonda kinn no more hatred - please!
189462. Emma-Lou Rosenstein Please remove as soon as possible
189461. Eytan Wine  
189460. Jeff Fraum  
189459. michella termechi  
189458. Bette Levy  
189457. David Goldsmith  
189456. Abigail Wise  
189455. michael Olson Would you have a "negro watch" site? Or a "christian watch? site? That was filled with hate propganda?
189454. adina goldstein  
189453. thomas rafael  
189452. Lorraine Beraha  
189451. Max Zive I support this petition
189450. Marvin Talsky What degrees does the witer hold exept the M)A) in Enlish and from wha University. He has a sick mind which he shoukd devote his time to before he spouts nonsense about his so called research and facts. The only sure things is that he is one sick, afflicted person.
189449. Maxine Siegel  
189448. david korn please remove this site in respect of the jewish religion
189447. Rachel Altman  
189446. KRIEF  
189445. Louis Beraha  
189444. karina  
189443. Lori Kiewe  
189442. Ed Bowes Please remove this result when googling "jew"
189441. Barbara Palmer  
189440. Diane Smith  
189439. Ami Blaszkowsky  
189438. Amy D. Shapiro MD This site is replusive
189437. Rebeca Dayan Disgusting
189436. Michael Ahdoot, M.D.  
189435. Stephen Fischer  
189434. dana giffen  
189433. Gil Schwadron This site should be removed from the search engine.
189432. Richard Levey  
189431. Marian Sivitz  
189430. Alan Goroff  
189429. Martin D. Heppner  
189428. wayne zuskin  
189427. ivy simoff blatant anti semitism
189426. James E Rasmusson  
189425. Barbara R. Cohen  
189424. meira sitton  
189423. Tamar Rosenthal  
189422. Vinz Feller  
189421. sherwood robinson  
189420. aniko remove it!
189419. elizabeth guindi  
189418. Josh  
189417. Judie Chinskey  
189416. Bob Mathewson  
189415. Bellischa Mendelsohn  
189414. cynthia sawyer  
189413. Stanley Marshall  
189412. amnon regev  
189411. Faina Kleyner  
189410. Betty Mathewson  
189409. susan Freedman This site is full of lies and is antisemitic and should be closed down
189408. shlomit regev  
189407. Jason liberatore  
189406. Ethan  
189405. David A. Nelson Does Google need to be the purveyor of hate monering? I don't think so.
189404. marvin schwartzman  
189403. rhonda gal  
189402. Gabriela  
189401. Jack Brill  
189400. Lynne Himelstein  
189399. Suzy b  
189398. dave navar  
189397. N Cutler  
189396. Ted Laidman  
189395. D J Zakin  
189394. Henrique Dayan horrible site
189393. Thea Louwman  
189392. Margo Lesch Please remove this terrible JewWatch
189391. Michele Rosenberg  
189390. Tom Esrey This is just the thing that causes holocausts to happen
189389. Ilan This site is disgraceful! And should be removed ASAP!
189388. Michele Chernoff  
189387. Richard Katz  
189386. Charlotte Dana How about an article about Jew and the Judah tribe, name derivation and synonyms.
189385. Sophia Felsenfeld  
189384. Nooshin Nathan  
189383. Dr. Richard Wolf You should be ashamed to have such a thing on your engine.
189382. Wilensky Stop this hate
189381. Abigail Chodosh  
189380. Gloria Stakes  
189379. Simon Tracte  
189378. June Pittleman  
189377. Mary L Hart  
189376. Carole Dewhirst  
189375. Joseph Greenspan  
189374. sarah Philip  
189373. LeeAnn Rasmussen  
189372. bar  
189370. Dan Kassel Do The Right thing!
189369. Stephen Grayman  
189368. Gerald H. Grant Get it off your search!!!
189367. jan Meryll this is dispicable
189366. Stephen Herman  
189365. Ellen Feingold  
189364. sue serebro  
189363. EVELYN LANDA  
189362. Stephanie Romani  
189361. sharon L. Remove the jew watch site
189360. PHILIP LANDA  
189359. SEAN  
189358. Judy Bernstein this is an affront to humankind, in an age where we thought we were getting beyond discrimination based upon race!
189357. william tencer  
189356. Joan Cotton  
189355. Felix zan  
189353. tony aziz zadeh  
189351. steinman please remove
189350. Terrie Sherman  
189349. Judy Uhrman  
189348. Shlomo  
189347. Lindsey Emberton  
189346. Kamil Dobrowolski  
189345. Scott Kassner  
189344. Isabel  
189343. Iris Horlick  
189342. LARRY DINETZ  
189341. jacob kahan  
189340. Bruce L Rifkin outrageous and completely out of context
189339. Nayrika Masjedi Thanks for removing it!!
189338. CAROLE LYNN SOKOLOFF this is horrific. An insult.
189337. Mordecai S. Chertoff Shameful!
189336. Stacey Simon Jewish people throughout the ages strive to heal the world of proverty, racism and disearse to make it a place for all to live in peace and freedom. It is disgusting to have a site full of outrageous and historically incorect accusations about Jewish people. This website is about spreading misinformation and fueling hate and should be removed.
189335. Andy R. STop the insanity early!
189334. Laurie Rathsam The fight goes on...c'mon google, you know what you should do.
189333. Harris L. Cohen MD racist site should be removed
189332. jeanette erlich  
189331. Bruce Kauffman  
189330. Joshua Rubinsky I truely believe in free speech and the freedoms to express your believes and views about the world and its functions/misfunctions. However, this particular blog does not deserve front search status as it preaches an extreme and hatefilled message that is wrong in so many ways.
189329. jerome s kornreich I can't believe Google would tolerate such outwardly biassed material
189328. Robyn Stern  
189327. Joel Cohen  
189326. ALLAN C. WOLLOS Should not happen in America
189325. Ken Fisher  
189324. jaime nasajon remove please
189323. NORMAN ZABLE  
189322. Warren B. Silberkleit  
189321. Marshal  
189320. Faye Shemtoob can't believe you allow such a brain washing site on Google Engine! Please remove it.
189319. Benjamin Silver  
189318. René D. Levy Maduro Disgraceful! When will the world learn not to spread hatred?
189317. Gabrielle Copeland  
189316. Cheryl Newman  
189315. Sonia Saag  
189314. Pearl Martin  
189313. Hedi Abaei REMOVE THIS SITE!!!!
189312. Alan Wapner I am on the list, and it greatly disturbs me.
189311. michael david cohen  
189310. Alex  
189309. alex hecht  
189308. Alisa Himelfarb  
189307. Tom Sherman Shame and disgrace of the modern world."How about a site called MuslemWatch"
189306. Lili Shalev  
189305. David Levenson Have the decency to remove this site!
189304. Evelyn Ocken Please remove this offensive site!
189303. Patrice Schoenbrun  
189302. Caroline Mizrachi This is disgraceful.
189301. Ruth Mor  
189300. BETTY KOTZER  
189299. Stacy Goldsmith  
189298. Lili Shawn  
189297. Maxie Canant Disgusting. I'll be using ASK from now on!
189296. Ilya Katsnelson  
189295. michele foster better checking maybe?
189293. Mel Swerdloff  
189292. Barry Cooper  
189291. Lisa Cunningham  
189290. Vered  
189289. Yuriy Bern  
189288. Arthur Pickman THIS IS A DISGUSTING SITE
189287. sidbennett  
189286. Larry Cooper  
189285. Lauren Gerr I can't believe we even have to ask you to take this hate filled sight off !
189284. Louise Yohalem  
189283. S. B. Niku  
189282. Yelena Gevoglanian  
189281. lauren inbar  
189280. Tanya please, remove; this is a disgrace.
189279. Steve Robbins  
189278. rennee horrible
189277. Arthur Tannenbaum  
189276. yigal horowitz  
189275. yair inbar  
189274. Natalie Bern  
189273. Jennifer Newfield  
189272. Martha Shoultz  
189270. rochelle koenig thankin you for takinig care of this
189269. rami segal  
189268. C. D. Schwartz  
189267. nechama poyurs  
189266. ceara peters jews are no different they we are leave them alone
189265. andre rofe remove this site
189263. Deby Roitman  
189262. caryn  
189261. arlene  
189260. David Young  
189259. Richard Weiner MD  
189258. Carole Natelson  
189257. Howard Sugar  
189256. Cheryl Marcus  
189255. mort augenstein what else is new
189254. MOISES  
189252. Martha Reed  
189251. Shohreh Niku  
189250. Rami RULF Remove
189249. Tracy Loewenthal  
189248. Stephanie Stern  
189247. Edward Katz  
189246. joseph Robert Baker I agree but am troubled with censoring this site. I would prefer some "truth in advertising" type label to attach rather than banning it but without that think this is a dangerously misleading site that deserves to be exposed and in the absence of something like that banned
189245. Milford B Reiman  
189244. Janet bailyn  
189243. Elaine P. Frank  
189242. Ed Schieber  
189241. Lillian Liberman internet should promote democracy and equity, not racist trash
189240. Lisa Jacobs  
189239. Ilene Lintz  
189238. Ydawn Wolfsohn  
189237. Mona Fisher  
189236. Michael Shapiro  
189235. toby klein just get it off the waves!!
189234. Lee Daum This is a hateful thing and should be removed
189233. toby klein just get it off the waves!!
189232. Michael  
189231. Andrea Meir  
189230. Bruce E Mills  
189229. Andrea Meir  
189228. naomi Brenig  
189227. Howard Wolfsohn  
189226. Zadok Ram Ê
189225. Helene Resnick Norin Appalling ! Google should be above this!
189224. Martin J. Krinick  
189223. Shira Shafir  
189222. Denise Mitrani  
189221. Jonathan Goldberg  
189220. Kenneth Porter  
189219. Patty Chagi  
189218. joanne black  
189217. meital  
189216. Ken Blady please remove
189215. Hillary C. Coleman It would be nice if the petition had been spell-checked before publication.
189214. Madeline Morris  
189213. Pamela Cohen  
189212. Lois Bernstein  
189211. Anatoly  
189210. Richard Clark  
189209. Abe Wijnperle Mr. Brin should especially be concerned by such hatred distributed through the Google platform.
189208. Jedd Wolchok this is disgraceful
189207. Schulz  
189206. Atara Horowitz ÿ
189205. Ruthellen Adelman Please, please please. You are an enlightened company. You must work for sanity in the world
189204. Mark and Mila Bensonoff  
189202. Ariel Burger  
189201. Turcan  
189200. Fran Green  
189199. evan firestone  
189198. Efraim Shapiro this is an horrific example of hate-speech
189197. Jerry Mendell This is so anti-Semetic, that I am surprised that google would allow it. REMOVE THIS GARBAGE!!!!
189196. Michael Petty I hope that Google does the right thing. Thank you.
189195. binke  
189194. Elizabeth Israel-Davis  
189193. Judy Piesco Why does your search engine support such trash?
189191. Ruth Abady  
189190. Stuart Krigel please remove from google
189189. David Yodkvovik  
189188. Morris Cohen Offensive site - wipe out!!
189187. josh  
189186. Avron Alter  
189185. Yael  
189184. Susan Peterson  
189182. C. Seger  
189181. Jack Tabbush  
189180. g.gladstone very disturbing words from very smallminded people who have an uncalled for agenda unknown to right minded and sensible people......these hateful little minds need to be educated into the real world we live in or else given the opportunity they should be given a hefty kick in the arse and sent along their merry way into oblivion!!
189179. CMS  
189178. Mel Seger  
189177. Melinda Clark  
189176. eli  
189175. Joel Aron  
189174. Stacy Rensaw  
189173. Kent Cadogan Loftsgard  
189172. robin c. denenberg-cohen  
189171. inna  
189170. C. Seger  
189169. Ed Goldberg  
189168. Albert C. Cohen horrible web site
189167. Ina Justin  
189166. H G BC this is quite unpleasant and should be removed
189165. David Taubman  
189164. Martin Westerman  
189163. Jessica hoffman  
189162. S BRETTS  
189161. Eliana N Cox  
189160. Janet Haber  
189159. Stanley Sobin  
189158. Delia Davies  
189157. HAYLEY  
189156. M. Ragins  
189155. donald w harris GET RID OF THIS GARBAGE
189154. Neal A. Zucker This is a vile website that promotes hate and disharmony. This website would be banned in Germany. Why should we have it here? Take it off!
189153. irving rosen  
189152. Marvin Miretzky  
189151. gideon semo  
189150. Jacqueline Bouscher  
189149. Steven Budd  
189148. eileen fishman  
189147. Marvin Fox  
189146. Mark Turner  
189145. Judy Erez  
189144. Phyllis Langsdorf  
189143. Michael and Alyson kessel Disgraceful that Google would allow such a web-site
189142. Jeffrey Simon It is outrageous that this prejudiced, bigoted site is promoted by Google.
189141. Francine Ostorw what a sad world
189140. Judith Sheinbaum Sickening - disgusting - incredible
189139. ROBERT B. MINK  
189138. YAKOV KOLKER  
189137. Ben Kurtz  
189136. David Shapiro Please remove- Offensive
189135. Regina Karpovich  
189134. d feldman  
189133. Nehama Please stop all kinds of hate
189132. Deborah Greenberg  
189131. Howard Lazarus  
189130. Jenny Rupp  
189129. Ken Grossman  
189128. lori greenberg offensive
189127. Stacey Thaler  
189126. Dan Dvoskin  
189125. edwardabenson  
189124. Diana Springer we do not need to incite any more hatred in the world.
189123. Arthur Greenberg offensive
189122. Cilia Getz  
189121. Edward Marks  
189120. Hilel  
189119. Isaac Getz  
189118. Marilyn Brown rantings of a mad man
189117. Erika Eskowitz How shameful
189116. Sandra Braunstein It is offensive to find a blatantly antisemitic site coming up immediately when trying to google. Please imagine what this does to our children!
189115. Dan Michaeli  
189114. Gayle Burns  
189113. Amy Mahony  
189112. Rea Turet you must check your sites
189111. Gabriella Sher  
189110. ANNE CHESICK  
189109. Melissa Lederer  
189108. Jana Gersten THIS IS DISGUSTING!
189107. lisa leff shame on google
189106. Renee Teich  
189104. Juan Rivera Hurrah for Israel
189103. Herbert Scherr  
189102. Shelley Adamiec  
189101. Matthew Cohen I thought this would be obvious to Google
189100. suzanne and arnold applefeld  
189099. Laurence Appet  
189098. Richard Kraner  
189097. Alan H Douglas, VMD There is no room on Google for hatred of any kind.
189096. Ron Kwiatek  
189095. Sandi Rosenthal  
189094. A Bernstein  
189093. Kelly Oxer  
189092. corina danton  
189091. Roberta Becker  
189090. Beryl Rosenberg  
189089. Laurie K. Ballew I will not use google until this is removed.
189088. gail polevoi  
189087. milton deutsch  
189086. Gary Caine  
189085. STEVE SISSEL  
189084. fred schwartz  
189083. ted arbus Give these guys to Michael Vick, and let the dogs go free!
189082. charles gore  
189081. Alyson Kalik  
189080. Pam Malcy  
189079. Arthur Averbook  
189078. Andreia Granchi  
189077. Robin Snyder  
189076. Andrea Kaplan  
189075. desiree Palmen  
189074. Richard Kaiserman  
189073. Letitia Penna Mooney Shame on this anti-semitic website!!!
189072. Linda Hirsch  
189071. William Shultz  
189070. Eric Schwartz  
189069. leon adot  
189068. Marcia Essig  
189067. Rochel Van Etten  
189066. Sarah Sannan  
189065. Kim Costello  
189064. Kathryn Levene  
189063. Mia please get this off!
189062. Carol M. Kornhaber How awful "Jew Watch " or any other racist comments . Shame on those who do this .
189061. linda zinninger  
189060. Bob Caplan  
189059. aharon  
189058. Harry Engle  
189057. Jay Gellerman  
189056. Bruce Weissberg  
189055. Gene Stern remove this terrible site
189054. Jeffrey Josefson  
189053. Scott Halasz  
189052. William Shapiro  
189051. Joan Brooker  
189050. yossi  
189049. Roxane Bowersock  
189048. mark  
189047. Naomi Ronn  
189046. art noskin  
189045. Sean Nass  
189044. Elizabeth Ronis I was a victim of the Nazis as a child. The scars never heal. Must they be opened again by you.
189043. Lee Bentley  
189042. rachel baum please remove this hateful site- it is a disgrace to everyone
189041. menachem rubashkin  
189040. samuel stern  
189039. CJ Kane Income should NOT be a motivator for which entities are allowed on your site!!!!!!!!
189038. Natalie hate sites should be on Google -X rated or something!
189037. Carol Carter  
189036. Michael Kessler  
189035. mac  
189034. Alan Gould
189033. rachelle linz  
189032. cheryl h. kerzner  
189031. Katherine Eisenreich  
189030. Michael Friedlander  
189029. Rabbi Karen N Bodney  
189028. Daniel Klein  
189027. marcia abelson totally gives a message of hate, please remove
189026. Phyllis Halpern  
189025. Sophie  
189024. Shai Rambod  
189023. Yossi Please Remove
189022. Harris Wilkinson  
189021. Jonny Lipman Shame on you google
189020. Ernie Kark please delete this anti-Semitic, race-hating site
189019. Susan Sandler  
189018. Paul E. Golliher  
189017. Ilana  
189016. Zelda Lipman disgusting
189014. Helen Weizenbluth This makes Google an accessory to incitement of hatred and contributes to genocide .
189013. Max Garfield  
189012. susan russ  
189011. Scott Kay  
189010. Susan Saslow  
189009. Elliot Denenberg  
189008. Joy Lipman Why would Google alow this ?
189006. Binyamin Rothstein "Remove from the Google Search Engine!" (when one Googles Jew, this anti-semitic site comes up)
189005. evelyn sheehan  
189004. Stacey Gold  
189003. Richard M. Herman Complete freedom of speech is a myth. Yelling "fire" in a movie theater is against the law. Supporting hate groups should be as well.
189002. David Leff Site is despicable
189001. David Krauss  
189000. Cheryl Gralnick  
188999. Jonathan Lipman Disgusting to see Google is antisemetic
188998. Sharon Sacks  
188997. Jan Grayson  
188996. Eliot Kaplan  
188995. Hava Greenberg  
188994. erol bad site
188993. Howard Bellowe  
188992. Jacob Zelenietz  
188991. Gerald Macks  
188990. daniel weinzweig Please remove. This is most offensive!
188989. steve libby No hate sites should be on Google
188988. Rachael Lieberman  
188987. Diane Schroeder  
188986. Peggy Sturtz  
188985. Otto Pretsfelder  
188984. morse geller disgusting that this site is carried
188983. David Jacobson please remove this site!
188982. JESS SEXTON  
188981. Jonathan and Amanda  
188980. Mara Charlamb  
188979. Hollis Fishelson-Holstine My understanding is that the ranking of even the non-sponsored sites can be influenced by keyword bidding and I suspect that is influencing the ranking as well. I find this appalling
188978. Cliff G. Linn Google has, at the very least a moral obligation to deny access to this web site. While the Constitution may permit such inflammatory speech, that doesn't mean Google is required to provide access to this hate-filled forum.
188977. stephen m. mindich free speech is at the core of a democracy - those at jewwatch are entitled to their platform - so i would advocate labeling the site for what it is - anti-Semetic - rater then removing it. -smm
188976. Clara Zomer  
188975. Aaron Lozier I won't use google until this site is removed
188974. Eugenia Arluk  
188973. Pat Padawer please remove from Google
188972. meredith gelman  
188971. Kate Rachel Lozier I am appalled and upset that Google permits this.
188970. steve blass  
188969. meredith gelman  
188968. Allen Garamrnik  
188967. M. Saland  
188966. dr. bret shupack  
188965. Laurence Gergel  
188964. leonard isaacs thought everything was monitored onCP's
188963. Janet Livingstain  
188961. Jay Brodbar  
188960. D. Kraus  
188959. Mark Please remove
188958. Jo-Anne Buxbaum  
188957. Daniel Catz  
188956. Janet Klein  
188955. m schwarz  
188954. Dale Dugas disgusting and a total misuse of the freedom of speech
188953. Aaron Galvin  
188952. Joelle Risler  
188951. Marjorie G Bowersock  
188950. j. m. eiseman this neo nazi site needs to be removed. they have used a program that porn sites utilze to get their site listed highly.
188949. c. schwarz  
188948. Ari Spector  
188947. Laurence Chriqui  
188946. Carmen Korey  
188945. Diane Lederman  
188944. CYNTHIA WARREN Can't believe you allow this
188943. M. Helfgott please eliminate antisemetic site
188942. sheila stone  
188941. Ethne Abramowitz  
188940. Peter Davidson  
188939. Herbert Amster  
188938. Yechiel Yarmish  
188937. P. Freshman  
188936. Ariel Rivkin  
188933. gary lashinsky  
188932. Irving Cohen  
188931. Zadok Rubin  
188930. Allen Ascher  
188929. Marjorie Remsing To promote anything other than tolerance for people of differing races or religions is unacceptable to me.
188928. Burton Bartzoff This trash has to go!
188927. Rochelle Firestone Hateful. Heinous. Hiddeous.
188926. Victoria  
188925. Philip Brown  
188924. Kenneth B. Stempler  
188923. Bryan  
188922. Stan H  
188921. mike holz  
188920. Roselle Poisner  
188919. Pamela Capaldi  
188918. Donna Stern remove this search engine
188917. bonnie cohen  
188916. Harvey Arfa  
188915. Carol Amster  
188914. Solie Nosrat The site is not scholarly but not factual misleading. Dangerous to real scholarly research.
188913. Beth Wolloch  
188912. Sarah Labib  
188911. brad  
188910. Charlotte Haber For a respected organization and one of the best tools available on the internet, one would think that it is incumbent upon you to use the best possible methods available to avoid such a disgusting, anti-semitic result on a seach for the word Jew.
188909. loue  
188908. Goldie Antelman  
188907. Barbara & David Katz  
188906. Donna Gerin  
188905. Rochelle Delman  
188904. MJ Rochelson  
188902. Brad Liebman  
188901. Jorge Berger  
188900. Jon  
188899. Carol Jones  
188898. Heather Stein  
188897. Yola Gerst  
188896. Jacqueline Schwarz inflammatory, misleading, racist please we have enough in this world. P lease don't allow even more poison to flow unchecked.
188895. Marni Polansky  
188894. David T.  
188893. Robert Duben  
188892. L. Gershman  
188891. Evelyn Gendloff  
188890. Jules Lang  
188889. Sam Miller This site is despicable
188888. Sally Gold  
188887. Marc Weinbaum  
188886. Larry Jablonow Please Remove this site from search engine!
188885. Shrage Kaufman  
188884. Bernard Fainstein  
188883. opher lichter  
188882. karen roberts  
188881. Linda Boigon This is not free speech when someone can pay to have this site come up first
188880. Howard Frost  
188879. Peggy LaCerra, Ph.D. Please commit to ending the promulgate hatred
188878. Matthew Lord  
188877. Victor Papernov  
188876. Josh Diener  
188875. jeffrey j. cohen  
188874. gertrude bergman  
188873. Mike Delevanti Horrible!! So much hatred
188872. r a zuidema this is horrifying
188871. Victor Wishna  
188870. Raymond Eshaghian  
188869. jay goret  
188868. Frank Koll  
188867. Joseph Yadegar  
188866. Karl Bruns-Kyler  
188865. Nina Tamber This Google entry is outrageous!
188864. Betty Ann Litvak This is really harmful and should be removed!
188863. Moshe Vardi  
188862. Daniel Reis Unbelievable that Google would stoop so low.
188861. Riki please remove antisemitic sites of google
188860. ari  
188859. Eileen Muslin  
188858. mrs. roslyn w. rusinow ghastly
188857. Alex Deal This should be removed as a matter of first principle and without the need for thouands of signatures
188856. Leslie Baskin  
188855. Jeffrey Lewis despicable, detestable lies and propoganda of the worst sort.
188854. Al Steiner  
188853. moe sabbagh  
188852. LInda Rubin I have looked at this site, read it's articles, it is anti-semitic, MISLEADING and MUST BE REMOVED!
188851. Prof. Geoffrey Boner  
188850. Mattye B. Silverman I appreciate Google's explanation, but hope that they can remove it.
188849. Randi Levin  
188848. Estelle Kafer  
188847. d laren  
188846. Sara Bleemer shame on google for maintining an anti-semitic and blatantly racist site
188845. Elayne Freeman  
188844. Gold Yosi  
188843. Harvey Young  
188842. Michelle  
188841. fischer words are not powerful enough to bring those "people" back into the light out of their horrible darkness.
188840. Jens Rasmussen  
188839. Lucy Shnayder  
188838. Hanna Layla Alhadeff THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS!!!!!
188837. Debbi Aharon not acceptable
188836. Anat Feigenbaum  
188835. Mark J. Moldoff  
188834. Patricia Tomkin hate breeds hate, le's do away with it
188833. Dennis Carmel  
188832. sara levi please remove this prejudic site
188831. morris miehl  
188830. Daniel Fox  
188829. Jason Wynn  
188828. naomi cohen it's time to do it
188827. Aznive Stasak  
188826. Ronen Feigenbaum  
188825. mitchell taback  
188824. Itzhak Yeret  
188823. ritakoren  
188822. Ileene Simon  
188821. Andy Perahia  
188819. Isaac Vanunu  
188818. David Stein  
188817. simcha  
188816. Sheryl Ross  
188815. Nissim Sabag  
188814. Marelyn Maille  
188813. Steven Shifrin  
188811. Julie Stein  
188810. Sandra Geensburg An accurate description of the hate included should be required for this site
188809. gil beck  
188808. Brian Ellis Allowing this type of hatred to be spread via google is a downright embarassment to Google. I am amazed that there is even any attempt to justify keeping this site active.
188807. Adele Hoffman  
188806. Donald Leach, D.Ph.  
188805. Meagan Moir  
188804. Tzipi Friedman take it off
188803. Robert Kushell There is a line between 'free speech' and on e who uses it to incite others with false informatiom. He has identified the Pope as being Jewish and David Duke who is one of the leading KKK backers as a 'Jewish Historian'. Its bad enough that his information is faulty but that he is able to inject his personal
188802. Susan  
188801. Mel Kantor  
188800. Adam Arens  
188799. Terri Schindler Please remove this site!
188798. Jaime Hernes  
188797. Michael Man I am shocked to find out that Google is hosting such a site!
188796. Kathe Rhoades  
188794. mike goldman do the right thing!
188793. yaron  
188792. Kenneth W. Scurlock  
188791. Mark  
188790. Dave Schnitzer  
188789. simon Prusky  
188788. Susan Knowling  
188787. Jill M Hirsh Disgusting!!!!!!!
188786. Nancy Cohen-Vardy This is hatred education
188785. Ruth Engelman  
188784. Steven Szklarz  
188783. eric hutman hate sites have no place on google
188782. Donna R. Blaustein  
188781. Jeff Robenson  
188780. Ethan Goldman  
188779. S This site too.....
188778. sam epstein  
188777. Linda Dubnow  
188776. zfgdz adfsadf
188775. Linda Pines Please do all that you can, as we all must, to remove sites espousing bigotry, racism, and incitement to violence from the internet.
188774. FALEEN amazing that hateful garbage like this is allowed to exist to begin with
188773. Dan Birenbaum Freedom of speech should be protected. Vicious racist vitriol only masquerades as free speech. Such a web site need not come up first or even top ten in order. Thank you.
188772. bev sleph  
188770. H. Handler  
188769. Shelton Abramson  
188768. Teresa Parker remove at once!
188767. Cheryl Plumly  
188766. sherman hillelson  
188765. jeff goldstein  
188764. Arlene Evans  
188763. David Not nice
188762. Betty C. Baker  
188761. Harrison Kavensky  
188760. Irwin D Baumel  
188759. Max Schechner remove
188758. D. L. Eger  
188757. Warren G Burr Truly a disappointing revelation
188756. Ellie Shimon-Render  
188755. Stefanie  
188754. Adam Geller  
188753. Nina Feiner  
188752. Elaine Kuhn  
188751. Gary Katz  
188750. Courtenay Harris  
188749. Eli Ben-Joseph  
188748. Roman Hudzovskyy  
188747. steve drotman  
188746. MARK GARTS  
188745. YELENA GARTS  
188744. zamir  
188743. JOYCE SNYDER  
188742. Lisa Grosberg  
188741. RAISA GOETZ  
188740. Simone Goldberg  
188739. Mitch Lavin  
188738. Phyllis Semegran  
188737. zissman ronit  
188736. Micahel Bujokas terrible website
188735. dina o'sulivan Plerase consider the site called Jew watch as an anti semetic site that should not be on google.
188734. Robert Gertler Disgraceful
188733. Vica Rosario Bogaerts  
188732. paula bagdan how could you????!
188731. Martin Auerbach  
188730. Jill Crane  
188729. Judith Levy  
188728. Moshe Newman  
188727. Phyllis Bratton  
188726. Danielle Kalovsky  
188724. VAL GOETZ  
188723. Elinor L. Silverman  
188722. A. Judlson  
188721. Robin C  
188720. Joy Horel Discustiing that you allowed this!
188719. MARIA GOETZ  
188718. Linda C. Tweed  
188717. Benjamin Gruberg  
188716. Robyn Gottlieb  
188715. Lisa Goldstein  
188714. Adam Menkes  
188713. Gaston  
188711. Aziel Stock  
188710. alisa pagelsohn  
188709. Joyce Lerner  
188708. Sander Flaum  
188707. Bernard Wetchler  
188706. Zev Young  
188705. eugenio feuermann pse.remove Jewwatch
188704. Paul Haber Tell them that we are angry but never afraid!!!
188703. Rachelle Kassai  
188702. Marvin Goldstein  
188701. Patricia M. Glazer  
188700. bruce gaddie  
188699. Franklin Gwartz  
188698. Susan Shaw all such sites should be monitored by Google and censored. I am saddened to see that hatred is allowed to be posted.
188697. Eli Shem-Tov  
188696. Leslie Green Hate travels fast on the internet, please remove it from your catalog
188695. Rabbi Linda Goodman  
188694. Robert A. Stoner  
188693. marc herman  
188692. Hyla Reichmann  
188691. Gabriel Zonana  
188690. mitchell cohen  
188689. Nadine Hordish  
188688. REGAN,LYN  
188687. Pam Wilcox  
188686. Sandra Cohen  
188685. Abraham Gelber  
188684. Joe Hertzman  
188683. Ilona massey  
188682. Natalie Erlich  
188681. jill tekel  
188680. Ray Mooney  
188679. Ira Smolin remove this site
188678. Ross N. Cohen  
188677. Dov Saitowitz  
188676. Jared Gerstenbluth  
188675. Linda W. Chodos At some point, corporate responsiblity for moral positions taken by its customers must be exercised. This is that point.
188674. Ray Colman  
188673. Lori Kassoff Please don't be party to anti-semitism and hate mongering.
188672. Curtis Urness JewWatch promotes hate of the Jewish people.
188671. Suzanne Patrusky Such blatant antisemitism is shocking
188670. Gusti Yehoshua Braverman  
188669. Leo Colman  
188668. Tillie Silverman  
188667. Fabian Malcmann  
188666. David Herskovic  
188665. Claire Pitt  
188664. Bonnie Bloch  
188663. Marilyn and Paul Feldman the site is disgusting
188662. Melanie  
188661. Merav Shiloni  
188660. sheilah rauch this is a disgrace and should not be allowed
188659. Laura Brodkey-Scott  
188658. Joanie  
188657. Randy Gamiel  
188656. Ami  
188655. abe sultanik  
188654. B. Aaron Google, a true information engine, should not support disinformation
188653. Hilary Craig I appreciate Google's explanation for the placing of the offensive site, but would like JewWatch removed
188652. Barbara Blum  
188651. Jeffrey Beck  
188650. Barak Ori  
188649. melinda Cowen  
188648. Stephen Fried  
188647. steven rosen please remove all hate sites
188646. ilsa picazo  
188645. Susan Weber you should be ashamed
188644. jason elkonowitz  
188643. Thomas Klein  
188642. Alan Tuttle Promoting hatred of a people has no place in our media
188641. P. Tisdale  
188640. Inna K Please remove this antisemitic website off the Google engine
188639. maya fine š
188638. Steven Gubb  
188637. s. kass this is a disgrace! act at once!
188636. Rabbi Stephen W. Goodman  
188635. Stephanie Burton Please remove this site...
188634. shifra bemis it is sad that in today's world such an offensive thing exists. please remove.
188633. john sweitzer  
188632. Shirley Gonsalves  
188631. A Steinberg  
188630. Faye Mann  
188629. cynthia Kunkes  
188628. Les P.  
188627. a  
188626. Stephanie Kushman  
188625. nera markovich  
188624. Boris Shkolnik  
188623. jean fibus please remove this horrid google
188622. roman osovsky  
188621. Joyce Sherman  
188620. J Davis  
188619. Dan Metzger  
188618. Grace O. Birmingham  
188617. Phyllis Dankberg Google is sponsoring hatred and should be boycotted
188616. Ivor Metlitzky  
188615. Cindy Hytken  
188614. Peter Pearlman disgusting
188613. Lauren  
188612. rachel  
188611. Jon Gross The Founders of Google should be especially sensitive to this type of site.
188610. Bernice Metlitzky A disgrace
188609. YZM  
188608. Linda Stegman This site promotes anti-semitism and the destruction of Israel. It is appalling.
188607. Amelia Adams  
188606. Sig Nagiar  
188605. Kbank  
188604. Milton J. Schubin  
188602. shoshana  
188601. Mauricio Groshaus NO TO PREJUDICE
188600. mariette goldberg please do so
188599. Stella Barcessat Please act A.S.A.P.
188598. Jacobo Lang  
188597. sam coehn False information, and anti-Semitism
188596. Robert Helpert This site is repugnant. Imagine a site called Negro watch.
188595. Rami Kayvan  
188594. Dawn Bachman  
188593. Izaak Presser  
188592. David Spindel  
188591. devora borik  
188590. Arkadiy Gurevich  
188589. scott london  
188588. Gary Cooperstein  
188587. stanley shapiro horrifying
188586. Jeanette Asselin  
188585. Fran  
188584. Carol Paster outrageous
188583. Jay L Jackler  
188582. Victor S  
188581. Sheila Shapiro horrifying
188580. Kathryn Brown  
188579. Barbara Lerner  
188578. henry saltzman  
188577. Arleen L. Miller  
188576. Marc Despicable site. Remove immediately.
188575. Doris Jackler  
188574. Phillip Chasen  
188573. Diane  
188572. Elaine Saltsman Please screen more carefully those applying
188571. Stan Persky  
188570. Edith Bernstein Where does deceny begin and Google end? Rome was once great but it crumbled, Google can do the same.
188569. Joseph J Jackler  
188568. Estelle Chasen  
188567. Melanie Russo  
188566. Josef spitz  
188565. Eugene Lam unacceptable!
188564. Mazal Tov  
188563. Carla Fink  
188562. Sonia Miller Schnepel  
188561. Dr. Eliahu Nov shame on you!
188560. Judith Braun  
188559. JOAN STONER do remove, it's disgusting
188558. Jill Schimmel  
188557. Karen Berger Muschel  
188556. Rand Sacks come on google!!
188555. t tashlik  
188554. Angela Zappia  
188553. Kami Abir  
188552. stephen steinhauer  
188551. John Eagleton  
188550. Gail M. Vitale horrible-should be removed immediately!!!
188549. Avigail Levine get this off line completley
188548. Jerry Saltsman  
188547. Aleksandr Galper Very disappointing
188546. Eleanor Jaffe  
188545. Shana Gandal  
188544. liane kerbyson this is how hatred breed hatred. When does it stop
188543. Tom Braswell sick
188542. David Auerbach  
188541. Margot Eagleton These people should be ashamed of themselvs - I am a christian- but we don't teach that stuff - we went thru a terrible war to get rid of people inpower that would preach that form of hatred
188540. Burton Jaffe, MD I have read the statement of the author and feel that it is biased and ugly. Remove the site.
188539. Vivian Greene I am appalled that this is on Google. Please remove immediately.
188538. Irwin H. Segel  
188537. Lauen Licata  
188536. yechiel yanai  
188535. Donna Greenspon  
188534. farnoush shahkohi  
188533. Beth Pearson  
188532. David  
188531. David  
188530. Tanner Rosenthal Where does deceny begin and Google end?
188529. Sara Levin Please remove this heinous site from Google.
188528. F. Wolf  
188527. michael weil  
188526. merlyne remove
188525. sima kloupte it is a disgrase to have such website
188524. Jim Small Google doesnt stand for this
188523. bini blass  
188522. Pamela Stadtmauer  
188521. Beth TerMaat  
188519. Donna S Vince  
188518. Sonny Ben Rosenthal There should be a divestment of Google as long as the web site exists
188517. Eve  
188516. Karen  
188515. Mildred DeSmet Even my German Lutheran parents and relatives don't deny the holocaust.
188514. Jenna Odett  
188513. Bernard L. Cohen  
188512. Sharon Radin  
188511. Sally Fingerett Wasn't one of Google's founders Jewish?
188510. Eddie C No good can come from this site!
188509. Jack Benz Please remove this "" site from google.
188508. Elissa Ward  
188507. Shelah Leader  
188506. helen rich  
188505. Audrey L. MacKenzie  
188504. Sid Finkelstein  
188503. Leon Demb  
188502. Larry the right thing and remove this immediately!
188501. evelyn filip shame on you
188500. Alfred Grossman  
188499. David Rothberg this site needs to be removed, free speech is one thing propaganda detrimental to a people is another.
188498. Craig Green  
188497. Bobbi Stern Goldman Please remove this offensive site from Google. Thank you for your support.
188496. stephanie danial  
188495. Joanne Marcus  
188494. Barbara Rotschild  
188493. Larisa  
188492. Christopher MACINTYRE  
188490. Debra Edelson  
188489. amilcar jesus legazkue de leon iza  
188488. judy m. scott  
188487. Luda Kipnis  
188486. Jason Isaacs the web host should take it down aswell
188485. LRB do the right thing!
188484. David H. Cooper  
188483. Naama Arzi If Google is professional as presented then Google should remove the web from the search. Personaly if the JewWatch will not be removed, other seach engine will be used by me and Google will not be one on of them !!!
188481. Carol Metzger  
188480. ori bonet  
188479. Linda Goldman  
188478. warren  
188477. jan weisbrot  
188476. Florence  
188475. mauricio grinberg  
188474. Brett  
188473. Lauren Kuncewitch This is dispicable and should be removed immediately
188472. Sarah Heimann  
188471. Jamie Keafer The web site is horrible
188470. SARAH HECHT  
188469. Julee Katzman Remove from Google
188468. Robert and Debra Tevelson The internet should not be filled with hate
188467. Rachel Schechter  
188466. Moran  
188465. neil woldman  
188464. daniel  
188463. henry medvin  
188462. rory  
188461. C. Belcher sites like these are sickening
188460. David Keafer Please remove the distasteful web site
188459. Martin Ruby  
188458. marcia landesberg disgusting anti jewish filth
188457. Helen  
188456. Dr. Sarah Keafer Please remove the distasteful web site
188455. Ellie  
188454. Jane Neville  
188453. elaine b klein  
188452. Wayne Lutz  
188451. Joy Keafer Please remove the distasteful web site
188450. Gail Green  
188449. Jordon Rosen  
188448. Dr. Alina Newman There is no room for hatred or bigotry in this world.
188447. bertram w klein  
188446. william k halliburton outrageous
188445. Martina Matkovic  
188444. Barbara Rosenthal Please remove the distasteful web site
188443. victor reskin this is irresponsible, what's next?
188442. L J SICHEL  
188441. Jack Bergwerk  
188440. Charles Saltzman Lets "clean it up!"
188439. Lorraine Studin  
188438. Gerald N Agranoff  
188437. Stuart Rosenthal Please remove the distasteful web site
188436. MORTON L. JAYE  
188435. cecilia lewis  
188434. ruth  
188433. Dr. Gary Rosenthal Please remove the distasteful web site
188432. Stepahni Grossman What an insult. This site is outrages and untrue. Thank you for removing it.
188431. milka mersel  
188430. Alissa Attias  
188429. pearl  
188428. Janice  
188427. Eric Greisdorf  
188426. Ronan Taylor this is hate site
188425. Alissa Attias  
188424. Heather Freedman  
188423. Geoff Frisch  
188422. Jennie Bronstein This site is filled with fabrications of facts, lies and distortion and of course blind HATE..When millions if radical islamist openly do terror acts, openly proclaiming their goals of destruction of the Free world, these human Scums are busy to blaim the Jews again....Not this time, magots ! the facts against you are too overwelming.Just Love Israel.
188421. Eli Footer  
188420. Alex Serebrennik Sergey shame on you. Even democrats sometime must stay just moral. Please remove that antisemitic site. Democracy has to defence itself and that removal won't be a dicrimination, it will be the protection from rabid dogs.
188419. Justin  
188418. Mark D Goldstein  
188417. Kristy Fisher  
188416. Michael Katz Please do not host such web sites in the first place
188415. lesley van der spuy  
188414. Kelly Carling  
188413. Audrey Quale This site is disgusting and should not be the first thing viewed on Google when searching related terms. Do the right thing,Google!
188412. Michael Walters Please remove this trash.
188411. D. F.  
188410. Dr. Janice A. Van Niel  
188409. Greg Davis  
188408. Mindy Blum  
188407. cyrilla g. rosen  
188406. Dr. Ronald H. Sanders  
188405. esther wendorff  
188404. Stan Rosenblum  
188403. Roberta Waldman  
188402. Shelly Gordon  
188401. N Kostik  
188400. Chris Rathod why teach hate?
188399. chaim landau a thoroughly distorted, rabidly antisemitic ,hate-filled agenda
188398. Abi Jesion  
188397. Marcy Ekhaus  
188396. Daniel Andler  
188395. Bronwyn Daniels  
188394. dina jacobowitz remember, what goes around comes around
188393. Philip Postel  
188392. Vladimir Knobel  
188391. Jane Siegel  
188390. Priya Linson  
188389. Janice Wilson  
188388. Helene Lieberman  
188387. Edward Barnes  
188386. Kara Bernstein Please remove from your search engine.
188385. Franceen Rogovein  
188384. Steven D. Levin  
188383. Bernice Wolf  
188382. Ina Gottlieb  
188381. howard schneider  
188380. Bob Seldon  
188379. Bernice Mennis I find this terrible in terms of what it means to search out a term and expect informtion not hate.
188378. Hal Rosen  
188377. Jeannette  
188376. Steven A. Pardes  
188375. Alexandre Theodoro No anti-semitism must be tolerated.
188374. Randy Debber Blatant anti-Semitic sites should not be welcome
188373. Marshall Silberstein Please remove this hate filled website!
188372. Rodney Haskell  
188371. Evan Golubov Please remove this site from google
188370. Lori Straitman  
188369. Amy Haskell  
188368. Ellen T.  
188367. Tamsin v.d. spuy  
188366. Clint Dawson  
188365. Thaddeus Swank Please remove
188364. Gil Hoffberg We must never Forget!!
188363. steve schneider  
188362. Michael Finkelshtein  
188360. Steven Kleinberg  
188359. H.F.  
188358. Alan Mauser  
188357. mdlt this website an embarrassment to google
188356. David Sacks "Don't Be Evil"
188355. Eric Schleifer Do it for the Jews!
188354. Luisa Calderon  
188353. Carol S.  
188352. Mahvash Haimi Please remove "" from The Google search. Thank you
188351. Kathleen Henderson  
188350. shirley rackner a website such s this can only cause misunderstanding leading to great misunderstanding and prejudice that leads to hate.
188349. David Brown  
188348. Eric Slaton  
188347. Parviz Haimi Please remove "" from The Google search. Thank you
188346. barry musikant  
188345. S Michaels  
188344. Richard Bank  
188343. Elana  
188342. Idit Papular  
188341. alina please remove now!
188340. Janet Buchwald Appalling, racist, inflamatory, an abuse of free speech
188339. Michele Futerman  
188338. brabinove  
188337. charles hoffmann  
188336. Myra Ehrman  
188335. william godin  
188334. Carol Goldberg  
188333. Michelle Flak  
188332. gerald cohen  
188331. William Sacks c/o Cheryl Brock
188330. Elizabeth Chalom THis is a hateful site!!!
188329. Brooke Blicher  
188328. Roger D. Soloway, M.D.  
188327. Carol Raskin  
188326. Mike Blume  
188325. paz varda Please remove this antisemitic website
188324. Dr. David Fortinsky  
188323. Alex Feldman Please remove JewWatch from Google
188322. chani s  
188321. Vlad Perelman Please remove ASAP
188320. Jill Macy  
188319. Chana Boden  
188318. Stuart Himmel  
188317. a behar  
188316. Linda Erman  
188315. S Bragin  
188314. JUDITH KUTTLER distorts truth; revels in hate; needs to be stopped!; remove at once!!
188313. Pinny Lew  
188312. Harriette Friedlander It's not only sad but disturbing that this is occuring. Please remove it asap.
188311. Barry Bernson This is outrageous!!!!!!
188310. Leslie Levin  
188309. donald A TOTAL DISGRACE
188308. Nathan Kaplan  
188307. Melissa Madani I think it is disgusting to allow this website to exist on a search engine such as
188306. sheila and Michael schleifer  
188305. Peter Acel  
188304. daniel goldstein  
188303. svetlana gribnerg  
188302. Bonnie Roth  
188301. Bruce Markowitz  
188300. daniel bickford  
188299. Marlene White  
188298. Rebecca REMOVE ASAP!
188297. S P Miller PLEASE remove this offensive site/JewWatch
188296. harold reisman  
188295. Deborah Long  
188294. Jacqueline Bickford  
188293. Leopold Loeb  
188292. Ronna Strauss  
188291. barbara rubin  
188290. Jon Kalish  
188289. Sharon Salomon This is absolutely unacceptable in this day and age.
188288. Davin Young  
188287. Mora Paz  
188286. Alexander Veytsman š
188284. NIcole Feldman google should be ashamed of itseld please remove the hate
188283. Isaac  
188282. Naomi Ariel  
188281. Lila Rubin 50,000 signatures were needed--there are now over 188,000 and the site is still on Google!! WHY???
188280. Gav Irvine  
188279. Howard Caplan Remove the site from preferential placement
188278. arlene tuttle Remove this ugly site immediately
188277. Eydie Urbaitel I think this is disgraceful and should be rectified.
188276. Roslyn Lang  
188275. Sam Jano  
188274. bernard prensky WHEN WILL THE WORLD LEARN?
188273. Joan E. Rothman  
188272. Beth Jacob  
188271. Helio Blak  
188270. stacey rockman  
188269. ellen sokoloff  
188268. w altmire  
188267. Phil Freeman  
188266. Marcie Stein  
188265. Waller Staples Remove this obnoxious site
188264. Carol E Singer  
188263. Moris Sztajer  
188262. Bethann Kagan  
188261. Ita Leitner Remove it - Shame on you!
188260. Toby Cohen  
188259. frances belfer  
188258. sue marks despicable - he should be totally discredited & removed from his position
188257. barbara weissman  
188256. Stephen Zorn This is Hate site and should not be on your web
188255. Zwaenepoel Anne-Marie  
188254. nurit naziri please remove this racist site
188253. isabelle tennenbaum  
188252. Vande Voorde Dirk  
188251. Cindy Wine Disgusting site-should be illegal
188250. Penny Bowman  
188249. MORRY DYNER  
188248. gary goldman  
188247. Lina Golan No more
188246. stephanie  
188245. Ellen Glass  
188244. Joe  
188243. Mrs. Ayala Orbach  
188242. Denice Leggiero if site is illegal shoul br removed as was done in France and Germany
188241. Arnold Blaustein, MD  
188240. dario blau  
188239. John Sebestyen  
188238. Lillian Blumenberg  
188237. Carol  
188236. Laurie Strauss  
188235. Robin Miller  
188234. William I Weiss  
188233. John Sebestyen  
188232. Carrie Please remove from Google
188231. alan Priesman Please remove
188230. Jennifer Payton  
188229. B Colish  
188228. Lin Grice  
188227. su harris
188226. estelle spinner  
188225. Miriam  
188224. Francine discusting
188223. Genna Lewis there are no words for this sort of blatant racism and hatred. It is everything that is wrong with the world.
188222. Shirley Stuart enough
188221. Danny Harel  
188220. raphael  
188219. Candice K. Walcott  
188218. mel zachter  
188217. Danny Remove urgently! help stop race / religious hate. Act now so we don't live to regret it.
188216. claire  
188215. michael saltman  
188214. Kenneth Heller  
188213. Myer Gordon  
188212. Deborah Sasson  
188211. Stephanie Wodinsky  
188210. Paul Shapiro  
188209. beky twining  
188208. Beverly Peck  
188207. Judi Feinberg Remove this site from your search engine.
188206. Sara Dickman Please remove this website from google
188205. Rachel  
188204. H. van Raan  
188203. M Hatten  
188202. Margaret Kushman  
188201. Rebecca Nunberg  
188200. scott rabin do it now.
188199. Barry Ginsburg  
188198. marcie g koffler can't believe google woud put this on their site. Discusting
188197. carl post  
188196. jon morgenstern  
188195. Steven Kornblum Very Insulting and twisted site.
188194. Carol Woodward Hate talk of any kind should not be allowed on the internet
188193. Cindy Goelman  
188192. Joel Oseran  
188191. jonathan goodman  
188190. harry w epstein  
188189. Judy Kamber  
188188. Neal Freed  
188187. lakewood venter Damn Anti Semites!
188186. Cynthia Cunningham repulsive
188185. Jerry Barsha Google should not allow this type info to be available.
188184. Dennis Gorden  
188183. Mark K. Steinberg Place this trash on a back page - i understand an individuals right to express unpopular or disgusting ideas but here is no need to highlight them on the google site. Thank you.
188182. Leslie Simon  
188181. Renata Weissberg  
188180. Anne Donaghy  
188179. Liz Wallace Please remove this website
188178. Stacey  
188177. Kim Goldman  
188176. M.H. Levine Please remove this site.
188175. Bernard Adler  
188174. yisroel cohen  
188173. Jos Willems  
188172. eyal  
188171. Risa Askin  
188170. Lewis Ziman its obnoxious
188169. Leslie W. Abramson  
188168. susan peiper  
188167. SAM SWEET  
188166. Anita Solomon  
188165. Neil J Kurtz  
188164. Jillian  
188163. Elizabeth Snipes  
188162. art Rothenberg  
188161. Danielle Get your facts straight!!!!!!
188160. louisa liechtung disgusting!
188159. Steve Levy  
188158. Stacey Gower  
188157. Albert Berry  
188156. Ellis Crasnow  
188155. Steven Goldberg  
188154. Jed Rubin  
188153. elliot  
188152. Tom Korey  
188151. michelle neumann  
188150. fred joseph  
188149. Arthur Edelman  
188148. Ben Horwitz  
188147. Debra Friedman  
188146. Jonathan Speelman Google is my favorite search engine; I'd hate to think they support this hate monger in any way.
188145. dr victor majzner  
188144. laura feldman please have some control on hate and racism sites.
188143. ben  
188142. R. Blum  
188141. Al Hall  
188140. deborah  
188139. naomi  
188138. shelly greenberg  
188137. sergio  
188136. Lew Stowe Please do something to stop this injustice
188135. STEVEN LEVER  
188134. David VG  
188133. lynda cohen  
188132. Dwek Moise  
188131. jim raker outrageous Have some decency
188130. frances waldman  
188129. Lois Dyner  
188128. Barbara Morgenstern this is evil and lies
188127. Kimberlee Goulding  
188126. tina snooks  
188125. Karen Embrechts  
188124. Julie Fisher  
188123. Sheldon Funk  
188122. peggy schwartz  
188121. David Ariel-Joel  
188120. Rayla Guber  
188119. Marilyn & Norm Klein  
188118. Arielle PLEASE remove this site. why do we need 50,000 petitioners to make this happen!?!?!?!
188117. Neir  
188116. Ira and Edith Lubin  
188115. Aharon  
188114. Risa Kessler  
188113. Evy Eisenberg  
188112. Norman Karr  
188111. Al Ikenberg Will no longer use google if this is not deleted or a warning message is added
188110. Cathrine Schwartz  
188109. joel friedman  
188108. Helen Prager Offensive and Racist
188107. Jeff Lintz free speech is not an excuse for hate speech
188106. marjorie friedman  
188105. CARLA  
188104. dr sol messinger  
188103. Heather Bernier  
188102. Amy Frenk  
188101. Vivian Wineman  
188100. Michelle Eisenberg  
188099. Theresa Campbell  
188098. Tom  
188097. Audrey Langer  
188096. Tali  
188095. Susan Kronen  
188094. howard wolk  
188093. Simon Kayman  
188092. Charles Staley We don't have enough hate already???
188091. carole dalsimer please take note of this horrifc site and remove it immediately
188090. Rachel Greenwald  
188089. Craig S. remove it !
188088. Alan Shapiro  
188087. David Bray  
188086. Hanoch Savitch  
188085. Tzvi Neuman this is disgusting!!!!!!!!!
188084. Dr. Harold Rubenstein  
188083. Aaron Cywiak  
188082. Chad Rosner This site is libel against the Jewish people
188081. shelley samuels  
188080. Eddie Schneider  
188079. Gretchen Schatschneider  
188078. matt  
188077. Charles Steinberg  
188076. Esther Isaac  
188075. Adrienne Silver  
188074. Natalie Jalenak  
188073. gayle atias  
188072. GEORGE LISS  
188071. Janet Wexler  
188070. mike azizi  
188069. louis robinson  
188068. cmk  
188067. isabel malkin  
188066. Donald Franchilli  
188065. Paul Davis Getr rid of this hate site
188064. Daniel Gray  
188063. daniel rubin  
188062. aaron adler that website is clearly false and is truly disgusting.
188061. toni benari  
188060. Phil Weintraub  
188059. Harold Troup disgusting anti-semitism
188058. Rosa Miler  
188057. shira levy  
188055. Lantsman  
188054. RJ Whitman please do this immediately
188053. Athol Morris I can always stop using Google.Yahoo
188052. NICK  
188051. Stuart Killen  
188050. Jacobo Quitar esa pagina de google
188049. sharon schwartz  
188048. Steven Bach  
188047. Aaron  
188046. sacha schwarzer  
188045. Jonathan Wilkof  
188044. Malcolm Brahams I am in favour of free speach but this goes too far
188043. burton shacter This site is so blatently anti-semetic it should be removed from Google.
188042. Marilyn Snider please remove this offensive site
188041. jeffrey tabak  
188040. Barbara L. Lichter  
188039. Madeline Winn  
188038. Sara  
188037. M.K.Hazekamp  
188036. Noach Jubelirer disgrace
188035. Fred Buckwold  
188034. Stefan Burstin  
188033. Maraline Myers Trager  
188032. julia blum  
188031. Julie Szyskowski  
188030. Susan Borden Remove Racism from Google
188029. Jennifer Smith  
188028. Mark Peppercorn  
188027. David Rubin This site is a disgrace
188026. Marge Peppercorn  
188025. Sonia Koplowicz Remove anything that promotes descrimination and/violence toward any living thing.
188024. Claudy Avenaim  
188023. Elaine Siev Remove this abberation.
188022. ian newmark  
188021. marc shale  
188020. raizy weinreb  
188019. Eileen Fisher  
188018. cara greenberg  
188017. Arlene Enough Israel bashing. Why do you hate us so?
188016. Ed Rehfus  
188015. Galina Dorfman š
188014. Peter Lowenstein  
188013. Ruth Vleesxhhouwer Falk remove this side
188012. Ivor Fass  
188011. susan katz lightbourn disgusting.....what else can one say?
188010. Ben Geist  
188009. Alan Brenner Please remove this offensive site
188008. iming aron  
188007. Adolph Berlin & Inna Lobkova  
188006. Michael Chernick  
188005. Mark Machet  
188004. Jacob Michonik Google should not hide behind the "freedom of speach" argument. Helping to spread hate is not its business.
188003. franklin leighter  
188002. Steven H. London  
188001. Deborah Wagner  
188000. Judi Stern  
187999. lee goldberg  
187998. Richard Weber It is a sad reflection of our modern, "enlightened" society that such intolerance still exists
187997. Leon Gould  
187996. J. Gelardi  
187994. Paule Catarivas  
187993. y bercovici it is outrageous
187992. yoav efrat  
187991. emily mccaghren NO! Take all hate off the internet-google you have a duty to do the best thing not the evil
187990. ALBERT CAST  
187989. Donna Hyman In today's world a site of this kind is not something that google should be helping promote.
187988. burt kemelhar  
187987. jonathan yosha  
187986. Fran Pierce Urgent!!!
187985. David Rak  
187984. matthew nichols This is hatred that must be stomped on-
187983. Donna Silberstein  
187982. susan Lawrence we do not need hate groups like this -not freedom of speech issues, but freedom to openly hate? NO!
187981. frances heller please remove this site from your search engine!
187980. ben kotek  
187979. DR. LARRY LIGHT When will you allow MuslimWatch on the Google Search Engine?
187978. livia navie  
187977. Bernice Hart  
187976. jk the author of the site is trying hide behind a scholarly platform but when you look closer it is simply an attempt to stir up racial hatred like a modern day mein kampf
187975. joan schechter why do you need the jew watch .com any way just to insite trouble?
187974. rebibo  
187973. ann kabillo remove ALL hate sites. We must promote goodness, friendship, peace - for the sake of our children, grandchildren and planet earth.
187972. arlene shalinsky  
187971. Sandor M. Polster This Web site is outrageous; please remove it.
187970. jonathan grossman  
187969. Arthur Seltzer  
187968. barry racist commentaries are nausiating
187967. Anna Simanin š
187966. rodney  
187965. Robin Levine  
187964. Warren E Clark  
187963. NORMAN J. LEWIS  
187962. Amy Robards  
187961. Howard  
187960. Ari Rosenbaum  
187959. Vikki Hale  
187958. s.sadler I am surprised Google have sanctioned this site
187957. Rafi Lehman  
187956. Dan  
187955. Alan Hale  
187954. Judith Edner  
187953. Anna Vera Sullam  
187952. Susan Aghai  
187951. Monty Green  
187950. don kaplan  
187949. oinounou charles  
187948. John Strauss  
187947. Mark  
187946. s kaushansky It must be cancelled.
187945. R Shaskan  
187944. Erica Bloch disgusting, hatemongering site!!!!!
187943. Galia  
187942. Joe K  
187941. Joe Cohen  
187940. K.S.Lieberman  
187939. diana lenetsky appalling that you would allow this garbage on your website.
187938. Sharon Kaplowitz  
187937. Stacey Strauss  
187936. Lauren Newman  
187935. Moses Botbol  
187934. Nana Moron Please remove Jew
187933. Ruth  
187932. Paul Zomchek Please remove this site from your search engine
187931. teresa ginter  
187930. Isseck Barr  
187929. MARK SALOMON  
187927. Nadia So sad that we should have to do this and Goodgle did not remove it themselves
187925. Susan Pincus  
187924. Bernhard Krane  
187923. Carolyne Wendel  
187922. donna cartland  
187921. Ruth lutman  
187920. Anna Schechter  
187919. brian goldstein  
187918. irene fridman  
187917. Helen Gordon  
187916. Richard Clark  
187915. Gary Pincus  
187914. lisa gershinson  
187913. Robert A. Scott  
187912. Susan Portnoy  
187911. mordechai people like this can not do good in life, only create problem and hate.
187910. Sari Linson  
187909. Myron Robinson The site is blatant hate speech
187908. Tami Rachelson  
187907. Erica Wallas  
187906. Howard Kaplan With radical movements on the rise , higher education on the decline due to costs/availablity this is like yelling, " FIRE" in a crowded theater.
187905. andrew feinstein  
187904. tt  
187903. Linda  
187902. ruthi wachsman  
187901. Sharon Laderberg  
187900. Kim Dickson  
187899. sarit  
187898. ariel  
187897. Jake & Rivka  
187896. Perry Kamel  
187894. Mrs. J Chyatte ridiculous that you need signatures to delete site
187893. E. D. Sivan  
187892. Maayan  
187891. Marlene H. Sontz  
187890. Andrew Fine  
187889. a Bordoley an unneccesary web site
187888. Irwyn Kurtz This site doesn't provide any valid information.
187887. Beth Friedman Please remove this site it is horrible offensive and dangerous!
187886. Greg Joffe  
187885. Ray Goldman  
187884. Joel Freudenberger  
187883. Carole Stein  
187882. dorit schwartz  
187881. richard reiss  
187880. L.M.Taub  
187879. toni Heller  
187878. rachel kraus  
187877. Hojdarova Marie  
187876. Charles Rosenstein  
187875. Flora/Jack Miller  
187874. Lenny Ravich  
187873. albert j. socol disgusting site REMOVE IT!
187872. Murray Selman  
187871. andrew kaye  
187870. Arlene Selman This is a disgraceful, hateful site and should be removed
187869. anna  
187868. Steven Fosbery  
187867. Dr David R. Hardoon  
187866. joanna klein  
187865. daphna arod utter shame!
187864. Avi Merel  
187863. helen roman  
187862. Henry Deutsch  
187861. Brenda Zeallear  
187860. Lea Bendes  
187859. robert wexler  
187858. betsy wexler  
187857. Florence Valenta  
187856. Rivka Sadja Understanding Google can seldom investigate ALL of the sites that are refernced by your serach engines, nevertheless we hope you do make some moral provisions to eliminate excesses!
187855. Jonathan Cohen  
187854. esther tal pure antisemitism history repits itself
187853. Cyril Gerson  
187852. harold kirsh  
187851. esther klein  
187850. Wim Krijnen  
187849. barbara shamir  
187847. Raymond Harris Very dangerous and frightening
187846. Mark Brener Disgusting
187845. Michael Landor  
187844. Mirel  
187843. arnie edelman remove from google e-list
187842. Karen Watts  
187841. rebecca vesely  
187840. harold rosenthal  
187839. ivan spiro  
187838. Joel Leon The site MUST be removed and the persons behind it be prosecuted by international law and civil rights institutions.
187837. ariella  
187836. Guy Drori This site contains antisemit material
187835. Mara Reuben Why does Jew Watch have to be the first site? It is my sincere hope, that without censoring, Google can "re-optimize" to place this hateful site futher down the list.
187834. Hilary Davidoff mm
187833. Jay Colman discusting in this day and age
187832. aharon finestone  
187831. catalina bronstein  
187830. david j. spiegel  
187829. Russell Corin  
187828. Sara Goldberg remove jewwatch!
187827. Gloria Dunnivan  
187826. P. Kahn This Jew watch site is an outrage and untrue
187825. Dr Charles W Keynes  
187824. steven solarsh  
187823. Randy Druitt remove it!
187822. Randi Sack  
187821. Inge Elsen  
187820. Fraser Harding  
187819. Sally Roland  
187818. mike zimmerman outrageous, please remove
187817. Tammy Erann Soussan How sad that it isn't self evident to you that such a site- filled with lies and hate promoting propaganda - should be removed, and the sooner the better
187816. nancy sherman  
187815. Sanford H Heraman, MD This is an offensive site and serves no good purpose
187814. Peter McArthur  
187813. Yossi Kislev  
187812. Mark Gershinson  
187811. Jacques Vissoky  
187810. terry benor  
187809. Richard Leitner  
187808. leora  
187807. shirley austin  
187806. Keren Yismach Moshe  
187805. Prof G. Finchilescu Hate speech is unacceptable in any form, and against any group
187804. Mrs Hindy Lew disgusting and insulting site
187803. shimon and rivka  
187802. Yoni Shor  
187801. Sara Aluf  
187800. Amos Loewenstein  
187799. Beth  
187798. Adam Levine  
187797. Shay Geffen  
187796. M Kander  
187795. Annemie Bogaerts  
187794. Peter de Koning  
187793. Simon  
187792. Yvonne Zlyden  
187791. David Lass. This anti--semitic site should be removed by the Google Administrators as soon as possible!.
187790. Avi L  
187789. zimlichman Reuven  
187788. Arnaud Strasser  
187787. Brandi Williams This is horrible, and should be addressed. Please respect our concern, and ban this site
187786. Dr. A. N. Feldzamen  
187785. Marilyn Frank  
187784. hilda obludzyner  
187783. Rev Dr Stephen Dray  
187782. shpak esty  
187781. ray Endfield this is disgusting please remove this poisonous drivel as soon as possible
187780. Jacob Friedman Do not be an accomplice to hate
187779. pidhorz  
187778. Joan Brown  
187777. Bruce Hammer  
187776. isador klein no need for this inflammatory rubbish
187775. brian jones  
187774. Kenny Wax  
187773. stephen levey  
187772. myriam licht the jews have enought enemies you do not need to help
187771. Gavin Finkelstein  
187770. Elijah Behr  
187769. M Morgan  
187768. shari  
187767. David Schreiber Gandelman  
187766. Bacas  
187765. Sue remove immediately
187764. Bracha Schneider  
187763. evelyn field this site is outrageous
187762. J. Brener  
187761. eitan zweig  
187760. sagi  
187758. Cristina Unterberger No comment
187757. mike barkan  
187756. stefan beyst  
187755. iris  
187754. Lauri  
187753. barry ganz  
187752. Caroline Judah  
187751. danielle  
187750. irit keidar  
187749. Richard Cohen  
187748. dani keidar  
187747. Ian Endfield  
187746. nurit reches I'm against incitement
187745. daniel turgel  
187744. CZ N  
187743. Neil Gordon  
187742. Mary Perell  
187741. bashkansky  
187740. Dovid  
187739. Moshe  
187738. GAB  
187737. Joannes K�senne  
187736. Dan Lieberman  
187735. mishelle  
187734. Mickey Landau Please remove this site.Thanks.
187733. zipi  
187732. Ercole Carpanetto  
187731. sircovich manuel  
187730. Lori Roth Outrageous and dangerous web site
187729. June Randell Disgraceful
187728. tord johansson  
187727. Ellen Hubbard  
187726. Dr Sarfaty Rona  
187725. Andrew Krausz  
187724. Aucott, Kevin  
187723. Eduard Miliatiner  
187722. Richard  
187721. Chris Nolan I agree, it is a disgusting site
187720. Izik  
187719. Luba  
187718. Aharon Rose  
187717. amit pivonia  
187716. yaara shimshon  
187715. gerlinde turchin  
187714. Isaac Stern Every anti-semitic incident must be countered
187713. Justin Glass  
187712. Shiron B  
187711. Michael Glass  
187710. Saul Glass  
187709. s endfield thank you for bringing this to my attention
187708. Jodene Glass  
187707. Alix Clements  
187706. Boris  
187705. g hughes  
187704. doron  
187703. Raymundo Botbol  
187702. A B  
187700. Itay Alon  
187699. Zippy Myers  
187698. geoff cohen  
187697. toni amber  
187696. naomi  
187695. sue kushner totally unacceptable
187694. karen shababo  
187693. shai yatzkan No more unfounded hatred
187692. Monica Atlas  
187691. bennyamin levy  
187690. Maxine Shandler  
187689. Rosa Azhari  
187688. jacov segal  
187687. Cissie Freilich  
187686. Sue Keren Black  
187685. eran  
187684. sara  
187683. E Sheldon Very offensive
187682. Abigail Bader  
187681. Joey Benadretti  
187680. Hana Faiger  
187679. Ian Meltzer Please remove from your search engine. It is inflammatory. I am a very regular user of google. Thanks you.
187678. Geoffrey Shilkin  
187677. Joseph Lamy  
187676. Julia Lamy  
187675. Hila  
187674. Livnat Offenberg  
187673. Ronen Peleg  
187672. Tzvia Offenberg Outrageous!
187671. stefan zucker blatant mistruths and innaccuracies promoted as truths and facts
187670. SHANE MORGAN  
187669. Ann Turnbull  
187668. Vivi Salomon  
187667. Gillian Ben Harosh  
187666. Allan Day  
187665. J.Y. Segman Remember who is faith is hate be hurt by his faith.
187664. dan amihud  
187663. George Turnbull  
187662. Tzippi  
187661. Marc Harvey  
187660. CLIFF GARRUN  
187659. Harriet DICHNER This is a disgusting and untrue website
187658. Robert Blausten  
187657. Dr Felicity Strangleove  
187656. ada keren  
187655. Adam Albury I stand with the KING OF KINGS first born son - Israel.
187654. Michele Black  
187653. Michael Cohen  
187652. Alex  
187651. Jen Spenceley  
187650. daniel harris  
187649. Sonia Heptonstall  
187648. Lisardo Hernández anti-semitism should not be allowed in internet!!!
187647. Joanna Levit  
187646. Sharon Gross  
187645. susana bonilla Black, jews, arabs, reds, whites, yellows....inside we are the same, but God or whoever made us, thought that just one colour was utterly boring. So we are the same human body and soul, just the difference of colours, religions, sizes makes our lifes more enriched. Stop hating, at the end you do it to yourselves.
187644. david  
187643. Hersz Braun  
187642. Terry Bader  
187641. Marni Rotblut Please Remove ASAP
187640. Hazel Fischer  
187639. Michael Solaimani  
187638. Dr. Harvey Ellner please remove immediately
187637. jeremy stern  
187636. Anthony Glass  
187635. Allen Ozer  
187634. Barda Elie  
187633. Rod Pierce  
187632. Rev Renos Pittarides  
187631. Vardi Jacobs  
187630. David Lewis remove this Blasphemous site
187629. H. William Poor  
187628. lynda  
187627. Claire Manson  
187626. Anne Griffiths No site aimed at vilifying any group should be allowed by Google!
187625. Marilynn Desmond  
187624. Irwin Arluk, M.D.  
187623. Nathan Smith  
187622. Nathan Hewitt  
187621. linda savoie  
187619. noa  
187618. Jaap Schorn  
187617. bery trevez  
187616. Juan Martínez  
187615. Nadine Z  
187614. Baruch Frydman-Kohl  
187613. Ekpen Akenzua  
187612. Stev REMOVE
187611. Hooman Gidaniyan  
187610. Robert Goldman  
187609. Eleanor Polonsky  
187608. haim salomon  
187607. antony mel  
187606. yael sircovich  
187605. Alon Olsha  
187604. Allegra Simantov We should never let our history repeat itself.
187603. Eamon Greville Ban this site
187602. Allegra Simantov We should never let our history repeat itself.
187601. Roberto  
187600. Andrea Wainer  
187599. danny kashani  
187598. levana Alon  
187597. Robbie Amar  
187596. Anneliese Springer Disgusting
187595. Barbara it was removed from the official scrabble dictionary only 3 years ago
187594. noam leshem  
187593. Iris Graf  
187592. Alan O. Burstin  
187591. b bennell  
187590. Emily Gurtman  
187589. Lisa  
187588. John Poulsen Why is anti-semitism only aimed at the Jews and not the Arabs?
187587. Osmo Rannari  
187586. Sue Bennell  
187585. anat erlich  
187584. M Roberts  
187583. henry false criminal site, full of human hatred
187582. Annette  
187581. Marcia L. Schwartz  
187580. Avi Shoham  
187579. helen matthes  
187578. Zel;da Greenberg  
187577. Carole Dee Stark  
187576. Gary Kruger  
187575. Eileen Huber  
187574. michael soudry With your hatred you contribute and want to an other genocide of the jewish people. The essence of being jew is being moral.
187573. Terry Rakov  
187572. D W Davies  
187571. Dr. Rashid Ahmadie  
187570. Bobbye Fisher  
187569. ROB  
187568. Stefen Sattler  
187567. Jay Schwartz  
187566. charles wildstein  
187565. Yoel Levin  
187564. julie Mensky  
187563. shoshana  
187562. Peta  
187561. azin please remove this site as soon as possible
187560. Andrew Parker  
187559. Jerry Berns  
187558. rachel Kessner  
187557. noa froylich  
187556. Eva Melissa Gadd  
187555. Chaya  
187554. Sylvia B. Wagner  
187553. mark fingleson  
187552. Rhoda Shapiro  
187551. revital  
187550. Chaya  
187549. rosalyn leach  
187548. sheri schreck  
187547. boris ivanov  
187546. rivka cohen  
187545. hersel I want to remove this site as soon as possible, thanks
187544. RAY MARIN  
187543. Mina Marvazi please remove this site as soon as possible
187542. Amir Steinberg  
187541. Erica Gilman obnoxious
187540. Louise Gerber Shame on Google
187539. Auriel Whalley This sight is disdusting and untrue
187538. m jonathan tessler  
187537. Ronald J Horowitz  
187536. Sina Niku  
187535. erika kahn shame for having this on your search engine
187534. miriam marcus  
187533. miriam marcus  
187532. helena blum  
187531. orly Hedvat  
187529. Mimi Gross  
187528. slotki  
187527. colman roberts  
187526. J. Michael Jaffe Remove as it promotes hate speech.
187525. Carole Rubenstein  
187524. karen t. scates this website is distorted and disingenuous
187523. Hagar Holan  
187522. Pinchas Schechner  
187521. Leo Akselrud  
187520. Stan Weiss  
187519. Moshe Keren  
187518. Andrea Herman  
187517. Eli Hollander  
187516. Amy Scott  
187515. Jules Schechner The explanation of your algorith process is nonsense when bigotry is involved
187514. Richard Udell  
187513. Judi A. Danziger  
187512. nomi Kleiman  
187511. Sheldon Grossman  
187510. minna lederberger  
187509. Missy McDaniel  
187508. M. Efron  
187507. david cohen  
187506. Michael Levin just get rid of it
187505. Alvin Glasky Please remove this horrible site
187504. Mildred Chazin Websites that promote hate have no place on the web.
187503. Alice C. Romano I am concerned at the quality and misinformation you provided, and find it offensive. Please remove it.
187502. e adar  
187501. Sam fink  
187500. bernard woolf  
187499. Dr. Netanel Meushar M.D.  
187498. morton dolchin DO'T NEED THIS SORT OF TRASH
187497. Yona Wiseman  
187496. esther  
187495. Ran Rosen  
187494. marsha weiss wrong, ugly, demeaning
187493. Karen Smith  
187492. avi speizman  
187491. baruch  
187490. chava sigala  
187489. denise reeves  
187488. Isaac Dayanim  
187487. Catherine Sheehan  
187486. Joan Bernstein  
187485. Hillel Ofek  
187484. tal rivlin  
187483. jeff kroh please remove fromgoogle search engine
187482. susan Bohne this site is deplorable and needs to be deleted
187481. Bonni Google should not support any type of anti-semitism
187480. Ben Shiller  
187479. Sophie As a Christian I support my Lord's firstborn son ~ Israel.
187478. Aryeh Leib Goldberg  
187477. Arbel  
187476. Musie  
187475. sally helfer  
187474. Gerald Kushner  
187473. Ronda Kushner  
187472. Selma Price Sad to see Google did not monitor this
187471. Janet Meehan  
187470. Sandra Katan  
187469. Mimi Aspinall I'm surprised at google's irresponsible behaviour in helping to promote racial hatred. Please remove the Jewwatch site.
187468. yuri  
187467. Simon Katan This is a kind of a person like Ahmedinijad. Dangerous to the world.
187466. janice klinger  
187465. Yehuda Peled  
187464. ART  
187463. Noah Solomon  
187462. martine blum  
187461. kathi murphy I totally disagree with antisemitism
187460. eliane chemla  
187459. Tina Lurz-Osterhoudt  
187458. louis kessel please remove
187457. Howard Zolten  
187456. Dorit Arazi I checked out the website. It's pure propaganda. The same 4 or 5 people do all the talking and they show the same picture over and over.
187454. ryan kahn  
187453. Marc Sobel  
187452. Linda  
187451. Peter Berman  
187450. david kohelet  
187449. Shlomit Naor  
187448. Robert Mahanian  
187447. Fred Parker Horrible, hate-filled trash
187446. Richard Lerner  
187445. Lori Greenberg Disgusting Anti-semitisim, time to stop this garbage
187444. Ron Lerner  
187443. Katie Hulbert  
187442. mervyn shapiro  
187441. Lou Bouchet  
187440. Linda Strauss  
187439. Robert Lerner  
187438. Jo Ann Kostik  
187437. MORRIS DANTE  
187436. Barbara M  
187435. Judith Kamins  
187434. rachel krimkowitz  
187433. Carol Warsaw  
187432. Elissa G  
187431. Diane May  
187430. f.soroka  
187429. Sally Richerson  
187428. Frances Miller  
187427. Marian Feld  
187426. Laurence E. Gibbs Free Speech is one thing..."Hate Speech" is something entirely different and not needed in this world.
187425. Farnaz  
187424. B. Johnson  
187423. Monique Weil  
187422. Connie Brauer a disgrace to the American way of life
187421. Max Glogauer  
187420. Robert Gordon  
187419. jack luftman some age of enlightenment!!!
187418. Joseph Enayati  
187417. Ellen Belitsky I am opposed to censorship except in instances where the material could be harmful, or is slanderous. This site is both.
187416. Ann Streiffer Please remove this offensive site.
187415. Dr. Mark M. Brauer A true shame that violates an otherwise excellent search engine...
187414. Dominic Ribeiro  
187413. sara mayeux  
187412. Rachel  
187411. Barbara McClintock  
187410. Norman Kaffee  
187409. Lois Butwin It is imperative that this site be removed immediately
187408. david reiser  
187407. Justin  
187406. Niloofar Pourtavoosi  
187405. Marcos Korik  
187404. Babak Pourtavoosi  
187403. Mitra Nabati  
187402. Fiszman Shocking
187401. sheila  
187400. R.McClintock  
187399. Ruth Shame on you!
187398. Ellen Nardiello  
187397. Helene Shyker Please remove
187396. Hank Gaby  
187395. Enrique Katz  
187394. Sean Ben  
187393. G. E. Dorfman  
187392. M/M Kenneth Kaiz  
187391. Rhonda Stein  
187390. Andrew Lewis please remove this website
187389. C KOZAK  
187388. Ornit Goldstein  
187387. Andrea  
187386. Lynn Goldberg  
187385. Barbara Askinazy  
187384. susan gartenberg this is the holocaust again
187383. j cowlan  
187382. Marcy Winchester  
187381. Susan Brailey  
187380. Joan Doyle  
187379. norbert friedman  
187378. Ronnie Zindorf  
187377. ari benjamin  
187376. norbert friedman  
187375. Nora Belinsky  
187374. jeffrey Wolf  
187373. RONNI  
187372. Avi Joseph  
187371. lisa gardner  
187370. Irving L. Bloom NEVER AGAIN!!
187369. M Heckman Why would Google want to be associated with this anti-Semitism?
187368. joshua smith  
187367. Lilly Morad  
187366. Barbara Cooperstien-Miller shameful
187365. tiberiu ezri  
187364. PRISCILLA PERLMAN this is atrocious
187363. Michael Shields  
187362. Karen Funkenstein Please remove from google
187361. Hal L. Rose  
187360. Linda Azarone  
187359. Lynn Farrell  
187358. ITA  
187357. Jana  
187356. D. Ashkenazy Disgusting anti-semitic web site
187355. P  
187354. Stan Feldman Get rid of this hate !
187353. Bernice Katzman  
187352. Daniel J  
187351. Cynthia Smith Select for education, health, survivability
187350. Hal Block  
187349. Joel Klasky  
187348. paul h. barnett  
187347. RW  
187346. Art Donat Get the Jewwatch site off your search engine!
187345. Larry Wilkes  
187344. Bravman  
187343. bg crespi  
187342. Ellen Lavin  
187341. Bob Armin  
187340. Debbie Lempert  
187339. Debbie Lempert  
187338. Martin Glickman  
187337. Rita Halpern  
187336. Liz West  
187335. Beth Flohr  
187334. oved soffer  
187333. Ruth Kelman  
187332. Ervin Epstein, Jr How can you not remove it - it's sick.
187331. C Deutsch  
187330. phyl weis  
187329. Karoline Seaton Love is the only thing that is real. Every thing else is an illusion. Shame onus all if we can't see the truth that WE ARE ALL ONE!!!!!!!!
187328. heliograph  
187327. Carol Smith  
187326. randi cohen  
187325. Meryl Briscoe  
187324. Dina  
187323. Arlyne Lepie This is disgusting
187322. Eileen Milstein  
187321. Stanley E. Smith  
187320. abraham haya please help keep your web site clean, not racist and promote love not hate
187319. Libby Rubin  
187318. Neil Fox Please remove this vicious website
187317. Andrea Yekutiel  
187316. Jule Turnoy This must be removed pronto. This is painfully offensive to find in my country
187315. Joan Goldberg  
187314. sandi seidman  
187313. margery  
187312. Deena Z. Freed This is a horrendous website, please comply with this petition.
187311. mark this is ridiculous, remove immediately please
187310. Paul Katz  
187309. j. whitman  
187308. sara nahmias  
187307. Sheryll & Jerry Waiss What happened to love your fellow matter what reglion you are.
187306. Michael Kaplowitz  
187305. miriam ben-shushan  
187304. shlomo nahmias  
187303. Rachel Pope  
187302. Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC  
187301. J hirsh  
187300. Wendy Weisbard  
187299. Moshe Wieder  
187298. ruthie krivis  
187297. Jennifer Hart  
187296. Noreen Halpern  
187295. Melanie Rovin  
187294. Becky Abrams  
187293. Rita Modell  
187292. erwin waldstein  
187291. Robert Modell  
187290. Cheryl Otto  
187289. Ronald Rovin  
187288. STEVEN B. SEAVEY  
187287. Isabel Sonia Schneider n/a
187286. Ada Grodzinsky Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
187285. Amy Stromberg  
187284. lori frees  
187283. Gerry  
187282. Paul Bainerman  
187281. Gene Dolgner  
187280. Melanie Garver  
187279. Julie Fluegel  
187278. ellen rittberg stop the hate mongers, be socially responsible. thank you.
187277. Rima Cohn  
187276. Carol Rand  
187275. Romy Kalvaria  
187274. Candy Buchman  
187273. Fern N  
187272. SHERRY CHAIT we need to respect each other and we need your help in removing Thank you.
187271. Marvin Krotenberg Please remove the offensive web site
187270. Peter Wallis Thank you for removing JewWatch. I stand with Israel.
187269. Amy Edminster  
187268. Jason Hariton  
187267. Rivky Guber  
187266. Patrice B. Leftin  
187264. Mendel Yosef  
187263. bruce katz  
187262. Sharon Levinson  
187261. hooshang Rahimian does not to be in one of the best Search engine
187260. Lorne Saltman  
187259. Gaby Bujokas I hope it will be removed from 'Google"
187258. eileen weitzman  
187257. Gary Fallick  
187256. Beth Bloom  
187255. Alfred Z. Winick  
187254. Carol Fust  
187253. mark smith  
187252. Enid Unatin This continues hatred and anti-semitisim; next it will be someone else! Disgusting, ignorant person who started this!
187251. Ben Hevrony REMOVE JEW WATCH
187250. elyas monahemi  
187249. ilene schneider  
187248. Otto Fuchs This so called scholar is a low life fraud!
187247. Reuben Friedman  
187246. Naomi Wise Australia
187245. William Horwitz  
187244. Naomi Green  
187243. Lawrence Jacobs  
187242. laron zehava  
187241. Dr. Lane  
187240. Norman Israelite Remove the antisemitic JEWWATCH
187238. Susan Gorman  
187237. Jamie Roberts indifference and inaction can be as evil as wrongdoing itself.
187236. Joyce Dumtschin  
187235. Sharon Seebol  
187234. JG Please withdraw this search engine from your databank.
187233. ruthy  
187232. jacques Kohanzadeh  
187231. dayana  
187230. Tammy Bilitzky  
187229. Paul Bred  
187228. M. Woolf  
187227. Paul Meyerson  
187226. Irving Markowitz  
187225. Irving Markowitz  
187224. Audrey Feldman  
187223. Bryna S. Liebowitz  
187222. m meilach this site promotes hatred and lies about the Jewish people and is offensive and dangerous as this justifies violence and murder of Jews. It should not be on the internet.
187221. Bety  
187220. Lynne Ricart  
187219. Benjamin Edelston I have met too many servivors with numbers tatooed on their arms to know that the holocaust cannot be denied
187218. Allison Steinberg  
187217. Cheryl Hoffer Remove this hateful site!
187216. The truth will come to haunt those that deny it. I do not envy their lot.
187215. Carole Greiff  
187214. jay goldberg  
187213. celia katzir shame on google
187212. ariel  
187211. Lazaro Wisnia  
187210. Toba Weinstein  
187209. sharon berman this web site is absurd
187207. Mr and Mrs Robert Mills  
187206. Roxanne Sharpe an anti-Semitic, hate-filled harangue masquerading as "scholarly, factual, informational"
187205. Vivian Aronson  
187204. Luke Romero  
187203. mel morris  
187201. Cynthia Rosen  
187200. G  
187199. yaakov pitterman  
187198. Darryl Temkin  
187197. Agnes F. Holland guys you disappoint me with your deeply ingrained vicious stupidity
187196. alice  
187195. Joyce  
187194. simon munzer remove it!!!
187192. Diane Goldstein  
187191. Boris Rozenfeld  
187190. James remove this filth
187189. debbie dubin  
187188. James Litke  
187187. Lisa Safdieh  
187186. Debbie Deutsch  
187185. michael goldschmidt  
187184. Ira Daitzman  
187183. Joseph Resser  
187182. Eliza Coleman  
187181. Claudia Rahel Allouche  
187180. Robert Radin  
187179. Robyn Brandwin  
187178. Mona Israel Why is this type of entry on Google? Why not Catholic Watch? Muslum Watch? Protestant Watch, etc?
187177. William I. Fingerett This guy doth protest too much. He is definitely anit-semetic.
187176. Lois Tuwiner  
187175. Rebecca Baker remove ASAP, please
187174. Charles Schimmel  
187173. marlene kantor  
187172. Sandra Brill  
187171. Monica Goebel I find it really objectionable for Google to give a priority position to such abhorrent case of hate and prejudice
187170. mark  
187169. Natan Stempler VERY BAD MAN!!!
187168. L Barton  
187167. Lee H. Miller awful
187166. A Tolson  
187165. Sara SHAMEFUL
187164. Ana Tihanyi  
187163. Jill Feldman  
187162. Jay M Rand  
187161. Arie Ben-Zell  
187160. Lester Scheinuk Please get rid of this site.
187159. Jasmin gray  
187158. Arrdog Gilboa  
187157. A B  
187156. Craig Kaufman  
187155. Doron Goldstein  
187154. devora  
187153. Myrna Glikman  
187152. rob kaufman  
187151. michaela it is cool
187150. peter herscovitch  
187149. Mira Temkin this is outrageous and should be removed immediately
187148. Stephen Eichler  
187147. Larry Barko This site is a disgrace
187146. Lois Morton  
187145. Robert Young  
187144. Elaine Harris OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
187143. Arthur J. Seiler Remove this from google search engine
187142. Avi Elias  
187141. s.m.schermer  
187140. Barbara Barko I cannot believe Google has such a despicable thing on its search engine
187139. Marc Alter  
187138. MARC how can we stop misinformation?
187137. karolin  
187135. janet mintzer  
187134. Evonn Loren  
187133. Murray S.Acker MD  
187132. Lewis Stein  
187131. Judy Levinsohn  
187130. Abby Flam  
187129. John W. Murphy  
187128. janie innamorato  
187127. Susan Fuss  
187126. Molly Lisk  
187125. Pearl Frank  
187124. Greg People, it is not the jews who are involved in 50 wars across the globe. Jews do not fly planes into buildings, do not blow up trains, do not try to destroy the west. You are watching the wrong group of people!! Go watch your real enemi
187123. Faye Wilner  
187122. Felicia Belcher absolutely disgusting
187121. Ruth Brock i'd like jew watch to be removed
187120. David H Diamond  
187119. Israel Feuerberg  
187118. Howard J. Goodman this site is atrocious and hateful
187117. Leda Tempelman jewwatch is vile and evil.
187116. brian donnelly This is an outrage.
187115. Gerald Post  
187114. Jack Wiener  
187113. Matt Goldin  
187112. Margie Brinkman There is no need to advocate any form or hatred
187111. jacob rosenberg  
187110. Susan Mann  
187109. Sidney Belinsky  
187108. gladys sharnoff  
187107. Jay Cohen  
187106. Vicki Rubman  
187105. Christine Sommer  
187104. Raymond Sommer  
187103. joyce rosenblatt  
187102. Zeev Kipperman  
187101. david carter  
187100. jacob frank Please remove ASAP
187099. Russ Kelner  
187098. rachel stahl My parents were Holocaust survivors, I find your posting of this site most offensive.
187097. Nancy Weissman  
187096. Shlomo  
187095. Ilana  
187094. Debi Layton  
187093. Shawn Cohen  
187092. Professor Drew Kahn I'm not doing this because I'm Jewish, but because I'm Human.
187091. Joseph Mogel A disgusting web siteNot fit for public viewing
187090. Elaine Schildkraut  
187089. rhoda pochter  
187088. william eber Jewwatch is a disgraceful disguise for an anti-semitic group.
187087. Alison Markham  
187086. Victor Schildkraut  
187085. Chaim Lipszyc  
187084. Eileen Graub  
187083. Michael Pierce Get rid of this hate site ASAP
187082. Miriam Habibi  
187081. Dr. Anne Marie V. Quin  
187080. michael reis this needs to be removed
187079. alex  
187078. Dana Strong  
187077. julie  
187076. Janet Sobel  
187075. A Rein  
187074. m wohlberg remove enough hatred
187073. Jane  
187072. Linda Sklar  
187071. Dr Kenneth McPherson  
187070. Sylvia Proger  
187069. erin cowles  
187068. Anita Kaiserman  
187067. Norman Black  
187066. robert komorn  
187065. doug kohn remove this bigotry
187064. Oreet  
187063. Carla Honig I see it's now the 3rd entry up but still offensive
187062. Noman Black  
187061. Vivian Rich  
187060. Pamela Teitelbaum  
187059. Bryan Rothman  
187058. Fred Rosen  
187057. L. Meleger  
187056. Tony Landler  
187055. Joel Lewin  
187054. Debra Rubin  
187053. juliet albany  
187052. Yaira Gurman  
187051. Barbara Dubrinsky In addition to removing that horrible site, I now find that I am getting e-mail from pornographic sites. This started a couple of weeks ago. Can you do anything about this?
187050. Isaac Vaisman  
187049. Andrew Pupkin  
187048. carlos sordid and repugnant obssession form in anti-Semitism
187047. Bruce Howell  
187046. clara  
187045. Michael Jay Roberts  
187044. uriel romano  
187043. Henry R. Meil  
187042. ilona  
187041. Linda Saifman This site is a disgrace
187040. Yo Wolk  
187039. Lisa Kramer  
187038. howard meyer  
187037. sandi Kotkin  
187036. NORMAN PULS  
187035. ELEANOR PULS  
187034. Niomi Herblum REMOVE THIS SITE
187033. Samy Kovo  
187032. Joan Reich  
187031. Louise Schmidt This is a disgrace
187030. Jennifer Kovo  
187029. Howard McCarthy  
187028. solomon teichman  
187027. Doris Feinstein It is about time that hate is not spewed upon the Jewish people and for good people of conscience everywere
187026. miriam linsey  
187025. Marsha Goldschmidt  
187024. R. Taft  
187023. Ida Michels  
187022. natalie  
187021. Ann Schapiro  
187020. c berrington  
187019. Judy Kirschenbaum  
187018. joanna  
187017. michelle rosenberg  
187016. Inge Vera Goldenberg  
187015. nili gitig  
187014. Sid Hebscher  
187013. erika pogrund  
187012. beth riseman  
187011. Ray Chandler  
187010. Sora Brazil  
187009. Gail Tepper  
187008. Graciela Rosemberg  
187007. Tammy Adler  
187006. Biff Ruttenberg Please remove this horrible site from your search engines
187005. Julie Molnar this is disgusting
187004. P. Bloom  
187003. DAvid Zoller  
187002. michelle bass  
187001. Libby Brateman  
187000. Sandi  
186999. David Zinn  
186998. Rachel Hyman  
186997. Sam Cohen  
186996. Jean Heller Stephens Here's hoping you do the right thing...
186995. Sharon Ziegler  
186994. beatriz  
186993. Kelly Rothaus do not encourage antisemitism or racism
186992. Ben Jonas  
186991. Freda Pepper  
186990. lianne routtenberg  
186989. Jess Shackelton THIS IS VERY UNACCEPTABLE!
186988. ike goldberg  
186987. Carole J.Friedman  
186986. irwin strool  
186985. Arnold and Phyllis Roth  
186984. Judith Merbaum  
186983. Sandra MInkus  
186982. T Rascoe  
186981. Lorraine Zuwallack disgusting website
186980. Stuart Goodman  
186979. Susan Goodman  
186978. David Eisenstadt  
186977. joanna lockspeiser  
186976. Bruce Kohrman  
186975. lawrence friedman  
186974. jody  
186973. cheryl weitz  
186972. Judy  
186971. paul lasry  
186970. Evelyn Baron  
186969. chantilly charles  
186968. David Vessal  
186967. paul lasry  
186966. Alejandro Sady Bendayan No comments
186965. philippe Lasry  
186964. Yitzchok Lipszyc The fact that you are "disturbed" is not enough. Everyone has free choice, including Google. This must be removed immediately!
186963. Sheila Ornstein the website is full of disgusting, misleading lies.
186962. jacquline Lasry  
186961. charles farber  
186960. paul lasry  
186959. Cheryl Herbsman  
186958. Muriel Stern  
186957. Howard Gotshalk This site is disgraceful and needs to be stopped
186956. Alan Peck shame!
186955. Honey De Serre We have enough trouble right now in the USA without groups like this stirring things up without cause. Our focus needs to be on ALL Americans preserving the safety of our Country - not on that kind of hateful rhetoric.
186954. Diane Cohen  
186953. Mark Rydell I an horrified that this exist.Remove it as barbaric.
186952. LInda Uttaro This should not be allowed on web site!
186951. Jason Rofeh  
186950. Jackie Pressner  
186949. Ava Rosenberg  
186948. Robert Albury  
186947. albert shamouelian as a proud user of gmail and other google products i have always admired and taken pride in the human element bestowed by google; however, i have taken the availibility of such anti-humane anti-semetic and repulsive sites, particularly "" presented by the google search engine to be quite offensive . i understand that such a site is not acclaimed by the google corporation however by harbering such a site under the search of "jew" is not only offensive but make google seem like they are sanctioning such an anti-semetic site. please be humane and uphold your celebrated standards and human-element values and remove such a horrid site from the jew-related search key. thank you
186946. felicia remove any racist sites
186945. Lorraine Pelosof  
186944. Cheryl Hooker  
186943. Carl Laskin  
186942. Randy Petersohn  
186941. Ellen Hollend  
186940. Rene Starling please remove this site
186939. Christine Albury Needs to go
186938. Leah Lipszyc You claim "We will, however, remove pages from our results if we believe the page (or its site) violates our Webmaster Guidelines, if we believe we are required to do so by law" and there are more than enough signatures. WHY IS THE SITE STILL UP???!!! Do we all have to quit google for you to do what's moral?
186937. Melissa Powell  
186936. Mark Risisky  
186935. Judy Migdail  
186934. Ellen Borah Get rid of this horrible site!
186933. Lenny Wintfeld  
186932. J Wollner  
186931. Arthur Sitcov  
186930. cori feit berke If it is a violation of freedom of speech to remove this site, can't google at least add a warning as to its negative and antisemitic nature?
186929. lois e weinstein  
186928. s. blanshay  
186927. Ruth Friedlander  
186926. Patricia Green  
186925. Ellen Merkin  
186924. Sara K.  
186923. irene klein please remove tghis hateful site
186922. Gil Stebbins  
186921. Lidia Azubel  
186920. V.Torma  
186919. Justin Maza  
186918. Cantor  
186917. Cantor  
186916. Martin Rich Please remove
186915. Fabiano  
186914. saied soleimani  
186913. Clara Goldstein  
186912. Idan Grossman  
186911. jacquelyn colnick  
186910. andrew epstein  
186909. edward k gamson  
186908. Sergio Jalfen  
186907. GIUSEPPE TARNERO this site must be removed because it is most offensive and damages the reputation of Google
186906. Robert A. Metz  
186905. beatriz bekerman  
186903. Shulamit Falik  
186902. Sidney P. Haid M.D.  
186901. Ashley Jones  
186899. Judith A. Rubenstein  
186898. Timothy Jones Allowing anti-semitism is a disgrace
186897. Allyson O.  
186896. D. Zwirn  
186895. ESTHER Resnik  
186894. david & judy weinstein remove now
186893. thomas weinberger  
186892. Julieanne Jones  
186891. Emanuel Abramovits  
186890. RAHEL AMAR  
186889. Jay Harris  
186888. george thomas  
186887. Judith Peavey  
186886. mary d cohen please remove from the Google Searcj Enging
186885. Laura Beyea  
186884. Ronni Michelson  
186883. sarina  
186882. lawrence feigenbaum  
186881. Amber Thompson  
186880. Rick Tarashinsky This Blog is Dangerous!
186879. helen levin  
186878. Dmitriy  
186877. AMY J MAZA  
186876. Ronni Ross  
186875. esther  
186874. Isaac Kalvaria  
186873. Emiliya  
186872. S. Kaplan  
186871. Leoonard Seeff Consistent with worldwide antisemitic smear campaign, reminiscent of the late 1930s
186870. elliott levin  
186869. Fredrick H. Stern  
186868. Gabe Loewinger  
186867. Phil Levine  
186866. raymond  
186865. MIKE BOWDEN  
186864. Grigory Portnov  
186863. Arlene Fell  
186862. E Plese remove in honor of all victims of prejudice who suffer from distorted thinking like this author has deomonstrated.
186861. Stephanie Safran  
186860. Wendy Kaplan  
186859. dillies pilevsky ugh!!
186858. Milena Safran  
186857. sondra is destructive and should be removed from Google Search Engine - it only fosters anti-semitism in a world where this is becoming much too prevalent.
186856. Nora Chapkis  
186855. Aron Safran  
186854. EVAN M MAZA  
186853. Joan Saslow  
186852. donald kratzer make it the last site
186851. Joe Feldman  
186850. mickie rumaner  
186849. JBALBIR  
186848. veronica bonta I hate all descrimination
186847. simon lamstein let good faith prevail
186846. Fred Morgan  
186845. Ruth Perlstein  
186844. Robert Saunders This is a very bad site and should be removed.
186843. Alistaire Hayman  
186842. Karen May  
186841. Andrea Schleifer disgusting
186840. Idele Saul  
186839. jose pedro lievendag antisemitism is the cheapest form of hating a minority
186838. Sherry Gottlieb  
186837. Shoshanna Spiegel This is very terrible and should be taken off the web
186836. Bob Sattin  
186835. paula brillon  
186834. alan goldsmith  
186833. carol rosenfeld  
186832. Marvin Wolf  
186831. Judith Davis  
186830. Annette and David Wilden  
186829. jacques Gros  
186828. Elyse Freedman  
186827. Donna Apple  
186826. Barbara Kosovske  
186825. Mandee Lickstein  
186824. K Francks  
186823. wendy friedland a topic that has continued to cause outrage
186822. Jenny Wallis revolting take it off as soon as possible.
186821. Caryn Lipson  
186820. Jose Singer-Freeman  
186819. alan abis  
186818. Mindy Feldman  
186817. Dr. and Mrs. Philip Hershberg  
186816. stephen mahler vile uninformed, bias site
186815. P. Bager  
186814. Kurt M. Rosenbach Reminds me of Der Stuermer!
186813. A. Berman This site is fueling hatred
186812. Alan Close  
186811. Barbara A. Ross  
186810. D Greig  
186809. Gayle Greco You must take some type of responsibility for the material you pass cannot remain morally neutral.
186808. esra ainhorn  
186807. Diana Kuba  
186806. eva ainhorn  
186805. Lori Lefkowitz  
186804. Roberta Rubin  
186803. Marvin Dickler  
186802. beth peller  
186801. Esther Williams  
186800. Honey Rand  
186799. Arye Addady  
186798. Joseph McCarthy  
186797. geoff menzer  
186796. Natalie S. Clapick  
186795. Judah Eliezer You besmirch your reputation
186794. Alan Kirschner  
186793. Michael C. Agran  
186792. Julie L. Campbell  
186791. Laura Wilson  
186790. Susan  
186789. Murray Romano GOOGLE you need to be more alert to discrimination. This should not be aplace for allowing discrimination of any sort.We live in a dangerous world and WEB sites need to be agressively monitored.
186788. Yehuda Klinkowitz  
186787. arnold ladis  
186786. Ellen G.  
186785. marla sevi  
186784. Robin Van Zak There has to be some sort of monitoring system to guard against these kind of sites.
186783. RACHEL BOCK  
186782. Ann  
186781. Renee Lewin  
186780. ed mandell  
186779. Robert M. Schwartzberg Google shouldn't protect anti-semitism!
186778. marilyn lovett anti-semitic get rid of it please
186777. Joan Arsenault  
186776. Greg Smith I stand with Israel
186775. Mauricio Kochmann  
186774. Yaffa Klinkowitz  
186773. Kirralie Smith Please act immediately
186772. M. A. Katzz Remove this hateful site immediately
186771. Tamara Kaynan  
186770. Jeff Press  
186769. Goldie Nesenoff Remove JewWatch from the Google Search Engine.
186768. Carol Press  
186767. Carole M. Katz  
186766. myriam lewin  
186765. Aviva Klein  
186764. sayeh partovi  
186763. Nuch Ah chosid Please change this
186762. helene richards`  
186761. RhondaTannenbaum  
186760. Bronwen E Jackson  
186759. Larry Schimmel Lies to fuel hate
186758. Matthew Levy Thanks
186757. Jeff Holloway  
186756. Laurence Garter  
186755. Michael Ronthal  
186754. Marnie Winston-Macauley  
186753. connie campisi  
186752. Shirley Hirschfeld reprehensible!!!!!!!
186751. Bill Glass  
186750. soleimon Motamed  
186749. Vanessa Brooks  
186748. Loni  
186747. Elyse Dubo  
186746. Hana Lange  
186745. Lewis Lachman  
186744. Rose Plummer  
186743. Barbara Mishael  
186742. Joy Silverman  
186741. Cindy Murphy  
186740.   Now would be the best time to remove this site
186739. Jason Murphy Disgusting - this website promotes anti semitism and is NOT related to Jews only the Hatred of them
186738. Lewis J. Leeson  
186737. Russ Friedman  
186736. Harry L Katz signing may help to stop the slide back to the middle ages.
186735. Peter Funk  
186734. A. Hernandez  
186733. jennifer Callahan Shame on Google. Remove this jewwatch website.
186732. Buzz Marcus this site is a disgrace
186731. d.berko  
186730. Simona Cherlin please remove!
186729. Stan Jacobs  
186728. Rosetta Wise  
186727. Alex Banayan  
186726. Rosalyn Landsman  
186725. Marlene Rosensweig Outrageous and evil
186724. Behnaz  
186723. Rebecca  
186722. Lee Herschman  
186721. Goesel Anson  
186720. David Pickman Your message is not enough, you do have the power to remove this filth and should do so voluntarily without petitions
186719. Jackie  
186718. Stephen Barbell  
186717. Lester Schwartz The man should be in a nut house.
186716. nina gordon  
186715. Judith Meyer  
186714. Ira Spector  
186713. Ira Spector  
186712. Nan Pearlman Expressing hatred under the guise of factual information has no place on a public website
186711. Joan Speckin This site is an abomination!
186710. Stacie Levin Horrible!!!
186709. Vicki Leopold It is very objectionable
186708. tova friedman  
186707. Sylvia Davis  
186706. Linda Weston  
186705. Barton Schindler  
186704. Toby Sperlling Please remove this hateful site
186703. jamie swartz  
186702. Anson  
186701. Gabe Vorobiof  
186700. Norman Cantor  
186699. joyce  
186698. Carmela Kuncewitch  
186697. Justine Ratner  
186696. Stephen E. Cohen  
186695. richard brouse  
186694. John Mondt Just not right.
186693. apfelbaum helene  
186692. martin g mendelssohn hatred should NOT ever be on the internet
186691. Mark Searle  
186690. Lois Gamiel  
186689. Betty Lou Weiss  
186688. Aaron Zaretsky  
186687. warren freedman remove from google
186686. Sarah Johnson please remove immediately--that web-page should not be showing up so high up in the search engine. The site is full of crap filled with ridiculous lies and hate in order to spread anti-semitism. Kinda reflects poorly on Google unfortunately...
186685. susan swarn site is pure vitriol
186684. nancy bernstein  
186683. Marcel Bilder I´m against any form of racism and really don´t understand google´s position
186682. kaila shimshak  
186681. Brenda Renner Please take this off your search engine- what we do not need in this world is more HATRED and DISCRIMINATION
186680. mae rabb  
186679. Soroush Zaghi Ê
186678. Alicia
186677. Linda Stone by keeping this hatred site up, Google becomes part of the problem of world hatred
186676. Wayne Wold  
186675. Laura Corrin  
186674. j.stupel disgusting
186673. Judith Fleisher nonsence and unnecessary site
186672. Jonathan Powell  
186671. Gerald D Fa;lk  
186670. Glenn & Felicity Hodson  
186669. Jonathan M. Goldblith  
186668. Toni Bordelon  
186667. Carolyn Fournier there is no room in our country for this kind of hate message
186666. Rotem  
186665. zach messing  
186664. Maureen Meyers Please remove
186663. Elaine Heller  
186662. ed  
186661. Alan Lieberman  
186660. Philip Ross  
186659. Alex Eshaghian  
186658. Laura  
186657. Joanne Black  
186656. Al Garrick This should have been done without a petition!!!
186655. sharon denigrante que acepten algo asi, con tanta ignorancia.
186654. Darlene Jelin  
186653. Zack Levine Please remove this link
186652. Leonard This is a disgrace - please remove
186651. Lawrence Freedman  
186650. Reba Weiner  
186649. Janet Ostrow  
186648. Chafai Khosrow  
186647. lynn mendelssohn incites hatred and propogates antisemitizm
186646. moshe barsky such hatred, lies and filth should be kept in the garbage where it belongs
186645. Dov Ehrman  
186644. Anna Faiman  
186643. Ernest Bloom  
186642. Harry Maryles  
186641. ed lewin i don't understand why a 'petition' is required to remove this tripe. shame on you Google.
186640. Nikki York-Chu  
186639. andrew Hyman Get this off the internet search most agregious
186638. Ron Rimer  
186637. debbie pearl  
186636. Jeremy Feiglin  
186635. Ruth Morris  
186634. Taryn Cornelius  
186632. Alfred Recheshter  
186631. Evelyn Gietter  
186630. Ina Kline  
186629. Kara Boehly Sickening Site
186628. Lewis Kline  
186627. Howard Fallik Thank you
186626. shahnaz darvish  
186625. Charlotte Brand 2007 and nothing changes
186624. Deborah Jacobson  
186622. Harlan Zimmerman  
186621. Ludmila Medvedovsky  
186620. Alexander Factor is racist website spreading lies and spewing anti-semitic venom
186619. mona sturmwind  
186618. Sharon Brimmer  
186617. Roberta  
186616. Deborah Lucas  
186615. Bernice Shuster  
186614. Martin Silver  
186613. Iosif Vertlib  
186612. Serge Roussel  
186611. Linda M.  
186610. Arthur M Schwartz  
186609. Sherri Berkson  
186608. Fran Berman Remove hate from the world.
186607. Linda Wartski  
186606. Mitchell Flatow disgusting antisemitism
186605. Leah  
186604. Rita Bayrasli  
186603. Sharon Margolin Please, remove this horrific piece from your search engine!!!!
186602. Gerald Appelbaum Please remove this hateful reference
186601. Harlan Zimmerman  
186600. IRENE  
186599. Karen Chwang  
186598. Gail Merriam  
186597. Robert D. Hopping  
186596. B. Isaacson  
186594. Steven Landauer  
186593. Jordana McCudden Please remove this from your search engine!
186592. Bernard Amernick  
186591. Yoav  
186590. Jean Steinberg  
186589. Karen Holloway  
186588. Samuel Novick  
186587. robert l. schneider There is enough hate in this world without this!! Get rid of it.
186586. estelle b baron terrible site-another hilter
186585. marge hill  
186584. Jill Ferdman  
186583. Joan Cowan is an abominable website and needs to be removed.
186582. scott farbstein  
186581. Annette Silberman This site is objectionable and frightening.
186580. Benjamin A. Karo Really appalling
186579. eliezer lewin  
186578. Ari Blumenfeld You could also remove your "Oh, Christ, I'm Bored from your banner ads
186577. Sheldon Berman  
186576. Neil Cohen  
186575. Howard Brenowitz  
186574. Lorraine Pinsky please remove asap
186573. Alex Eventov  
186572. Melody Renae Parker this is an outrage, totally unAmerican!
186571. Leah Landau there should not be any hint of racism and bigotry for any race or creed on the internet
186570. janet fairchild this world needs LESS hate, not more
186569. Phyllis Drucker please remove fromGoogle
186568. Robert Hübscher Fight the hatred produced by ignorance
186567. Jack Beck How could Google allow this hateful trash on their site.
186566. Gail  
186565. bijan zadeh  
186564. Lenore Rosenberg  
186563. roberta katz  
186562. David Bercovici-Artieda At this day in age we should be promoting understanding, not misinformation
186560. M. Langer Google must act now.
186559. Dalia Zaghi Please remove this site today!!!
186558. Terry Simon that website is disgusting and should be removed
186557. Ellen Eiseman Expressing hatred under the guise of factual information has no place on a public website
186556. Debbie Bowlds  
186555. Jan Chavis this is very anti-semitic
186554. jacob  
186553. Debbie Glotter  
186552. Elaine Leader  
186551. Sharon Lehrman  
186550. Aviva Kovo  
186549. Margot Silver  
186548. Nellie Quarella  
186547. Michele Becker  
186546. suzanne goldstein  
186545. Barbara Barron  
186544. George Kaczender That site is outrageous to exist in this country
186543. Denise Price Stronger control is required on any internet site to ensure that it does NOT incite hatred. Removing is just the start to elimination of online hatred propaganda
186542. bryan bloom not a web site to help to encourage world piece
186541. Jeff Landau please
186540. Ilysa Mann  
186539. Dr. Martin R. Scherr  
186538. jerry siegel remove this site
186537. jean erickson  
186536. Gemma Caron Please remove this very immoral site!!! Tks
186535. Joel Sachs  
186534. Ronald M. Egalka  
186533. elyse  
186532. Estelle Paget  
186531. Roberta Herrera DO AWAY WITH HATE!
186530. sandy  
186529. Linda Lyuba Gershfeld  
186528. Barry Knight  
186527. Sarah Keafer  
186526. Julia Knight  
186525. Lawrence Fink this website is egregiously offensive and inaccurate
186524. Nadine Grisar remove please.
186523. Joan Kleinberg  
186522. david landy  
186521. samantha rosenberg  
186520. kenneth loewinger removed this hate site
186519. gayle o'connor  
186518. Amy Lorber  
186517. M Glasser remove
186516. Lauren H. Andrews remove unethical hate bias
186515. Peter  
186514. SNEAR MOSHE  
186513. hailie  
186512. fdinowitz remove this antisemitic site
186509. John Lyden  
186508. Lenard Lvovsky  
186507. Tobey Lyden  
186506. Shanta Frantz  
186505. Dana McClive  
186504. Ira Trachtenberg  
186503. BarbaraTrachtenberg  
186502. Lowell Sandler  
186501. Larry Barzelai  
186500. Barbara Charlip  
186499. matyas remove this hateful site please
186498. D. Poyourow This site serves as a blemish upon Google
186497. john h abeles md  
186496. Emil Dansker  
186495. arnold rubinoff  
186494. Judith Schugar  
186493. daphna lapidot  
186492. HolliAnn LaRocca  
186491. julia sladek md  
186490. Donna Dansker  
186489. Stephen Span totally obnoxious and disgraceful site
186488. Elliot Ratchik Please do somthing about this!
186487. ROY BERMAN  
186486. Beth Brodkey  
186485. Stefan A. Pasternack, M.D. I am shocked that Google would facilitate the spreading of prejudice and racism
186483. hunt block  
186482. debbie  
186481. Jennifer Sugg  
186480. Rita Span  
186479. Bobak Yasmen this is antisemitic website with antisemitic propaganda
186478. felicity  
186477. Marcia Sckalor REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM "NOW"
186476. Sam Marcus  
186475. Nerina Parr  
186474. jacqueline Silverberg  
186473. Leah Marcus  
186472. arnold mende  
186471. David Halpern  
186470. James Dichter Please remove such material from google's network.
186469. Daniel M. Rosenblum  
186468. Dr Gloria Tannenbaum  
186467. Sheila Cvetic I could not agree more! Let's stop the watching and start the hanging! My info. Sheila Ann Cvetic 5677 kent dr. Newburgh IN 47630 ssn:311-60-2647 d.o.b.12/6/1953
186466. Rachel Feinstein  
186465. Pepe Goldstein  
186464. Dennis Wallach  
186463. Norm & Betty Lefritz  
186462. Donna Moeller  
186461. eli  
186460. Elaine Krichevsky  
186459. charles gutin this site is trash
186458. jeff heilbronn  
186457. Diane P  
186456. Gerry Cole  
186455. David Beckwith  
186454. Elliot  
186453. Harold Greene  
186452. kaiya peterson  
186451. Arthur S. Kaplan, MD  
186450. David Agami  
186449. Kamran Khadavi  
186448. Selma Zinker Remove this terrible website!
186447. katie velez  
186446. Virginia McLean Some very sick minds behind this site. Please don't accommodate them.
186445. Carol Choate  
186444. Jody  
186443. Josh Posen  
186442. Burt Kaplan Don't allow this hatred to continue!
186441. Dr. Joseph Fortinsky Any disparaging remark whether verbal or written is not the "Canadian way" especially when it is done publically.
186440. Paula Harris  
186439. J Staav  
186438. Scott Orlinsky  
186437. Harvey Greenberg  
186436. Dan Stillit It's a disgrace. Google should not countenance any form of rasiscm
186435. Ed Vogel  
186434. Mara Ross  
186433. Matt Levine  
186432. dennis shipley  
186431. JAKE COHAN  
186430. Barry Goldsammler  
186429. homa K anti-semitic
186428. aileen kaiser  
186427. Perry M. Polski  
186426. Halyn Get this load of garbage off the internet permanently!
186425. Julia Hamilton thiskind of hatred should be put into the same caregory as the militant islamist sites - will you put on videos of jews dying?
186424. daniel E anti-semitic
186423. lisa hariri this is anti semitic. please remove
186422. sara s anti-semitic
186421. richard kalmin it is important to remove tthis site
186420. David anti-semitic
186419. Valerie Y. Shatesky  
186418. Bob Karp  
186417. Sylvia Davis  
186416. judith graeber disgusting
186415. Jeffrey Pearlroth  
186414. Michal Bregorin  
186413. hadas Ebrahimian anti-semitic
186412. Dorothy Pierce  
186411. Richard Grey  
186410. Pamela Klein Absolutely shameful
186409. Judith  
186408. shula fleischer I can't believe you posted this as your primary site!
186407. Kathleen Goodwin The Protocols of the Elders has been proved false and as such this is propogating lies.
186406. M Brownstein  
186405. Ziva Davidson  
186404. Marilyn Cohen Remove this
186402. Leslie Boyer  
186401. SARAH GOLDMAN Disgustingly inaccurate
186400. Thomas Hood Anti-semitism is a plague on American Society. Whenever it appears and we must do what we can to fight it.
186399. Sam Baum an ugly and vicious website should not get first place in a search for JEW. please remove
186398. Bernard Shapiro very bad publicity for Google.... remove this.
186397. Dean Goodhill  
186396. Edward F Schwartz  
186395. Ashley  
186394. larry Nussbaum  
186393. steven goldfrad  
186392. Mark Schlam Google needs to clean up its act
186391. phyllis riskin remove this site from the google search engine
186390. Mindy Love & Responsibility
186389. Frances Gunther  
186388. Dorothy Carlson Google should be more responsible in making sure websites aren't promoting hate and other violent messages
186387. Sandra Levine There is a limit to free speech. One does not yell FIRE! in a theater and consider it free speech. Hatred speech should also not be considered free speech. We cannot control the speech of one person to another, but certainly we do not have to disseminate it on the internet!
186386. arnold stein  
186385. Tricia Young A horrible, disgusting site that doesnt belong in a civilized world.
186384. Jeremy Rapke  
186383. Elaine Korowitz this site is disgusting
186382. Dana Pasternack Remove this site - shameful that it comes up on Google.
186381. Robert LaVey, MD  
186380. Fern Kurland I canot believe that Google would allow this.
186378. James W. Farrell  
186377. mauricio remove this place please
186376. pamela broudy I am disgusted that Google has so far refused to remove JewWatch from its search engine results. Yahoo no longer includes this offensive, hateful site. Google should follow that lead and refuse to partner in any way with this hate site or any other like it.
186375. Undine Klaube  
186374. simon  
186373. aliza bochner  
186372. Diane Scheininger  
186371. Adina  
186370. Martin Moss  
186369. Beatrice & Ronald Gross  
186367. Susan Freeman I hope that you can remove this site promptly
186365. a. stern  
186364. Evelyn Lilienfeld I beg you, remove this ugley site
186363. Linda Taub This is a hateful site.
186362. Len Gerber shameful
186361. Linda Breecher Witness for the truth.
186360. Leonard Berk  
186359. jane suzanne firsel  
186358. Jeffrey P. Caine  
186357. L Goren  
186356. Pennysue Laster  
186355. Yale Udoff Stuff like this deserves the garbage can. Make sure that happens.
186354. elizabeth coleman  
186352. lisa creese  
186351. E. Immes  
186350. Hugo D. Chernobilsky  
186349. Michele Blatt  
186348. Sylvia Raphael  
186347. avinoam bar zion  
186346. Sandor Caplan  
186345. spranzi  
186344. yigal  
186343. Judy Rosenblum  
186342. Sarah  
186341. Ian Haut  
186340. gabi kurtz  
186339. Paul Lederer Remove all similar sites as well. E.g.
186338. Joel Kleiner this site promotes hate and bigotry
186337. thelma paleschuck  
186336. David Stahl Remove that malicious site immediately.
186335. Rachel Ginsburg  
186334. Gabriela cohen this kind OF People ONLY BRING DISTRUCTION
186333. Sander Poritzky  
186332. Norm Zeitz  
186331. jody  
186330. Morton Goren It should be below Google to allow such a site on their system
186329. Linda Mighdoll What will prevent this group from continuing under a different name?
186328. Jerome H. Kahn This site damages Google's credibility and dignity
186327. WILLIAM C. FINK  
186326. Jane Susswein Hateful site!
186325. irene  
186324. Lesa Baier  
186323. frances jalenak  
186322. Bonnie Guon  
186321. Sandie Pinsker such hate on the internet!!
186320. Lillian Horwitz  
186319. The Rev. Jesus Reyes  
186318. H. Gordon Baier  
186317. Julie Thomas  
186316. Penny Gitberg  
186315. Henry Eisenberg  
186314. alon grosman  
186313. Fran Schwartz  
186312. Glenda  
186311. Bernice B. Firestone  
186310. Jack Goldstein  
186309. Margaret Bond Revolting
186308. Melinda Maxwell-Smith Google! Get with it! Show your leadership and humanitarian skills! I'll chalk this up to "inadvertent poor supervision" unless it persists; then I'll desist from using your site. M
186307. Amanda  
186306. marta incredible
186305. albert firestone  
186304. Marjorie Lev  
186303. richard daitch  
186302. Sally Richards Hate,lies,and bigotry, are believed as truths when read in the safe comfort zone of ones own surroundings. This type of "privacy propaganda" encouraged by the public format of Google is not an exercise of free speech, but one of inciting reactions to falsehoods.
186301. Jose Kanshepolsky Must remove this site-racist-bigotry
186300. David this should be gone not a nice page
186299. Roger Barzelay  
186298. Elise Horoiwtz  
186297. Marlee Sheinin Remove JewWatch/cp,
186296. Sally Berg  
186295. leonard rosenstein please remove this website asap
186294. Baila Edelson  
186293. Barry K. Robbins  
186292. J.I. Vorst  
186291. Alberto Cassab no veas porquerias sin argumentos, ve las pruebas que se encuentran en polonia y todos los museos del mundo, con eso es mas que suficiente
186290. sue Khalili  
186289. SAMUEL ARBIT  
186288. Jack Goldstein  
186286. Nancy Cooper  
186284. murray kalich  
186283. Isabel Brandt  
186282. Phil Alkon  
186281. BRIAN KEEHN  
186280. craig behrin Ê
186279. Liz Rosenberg this needs to stop, immediately --cyber-hate should not be alllowded
186278. Sydney Savrin  
186277. yuschka Fovitiz I think that this website is geared to apeal to retarded brain-dead neo-niazi's with no genatelia!
186276. Jason Pillet  
186275. tanya buchman  
186274. Jeremy C  
186273. Robert Beiderman  
186272. Jane Spitz  
186271. ira What the heck is this about? Nazi germany in America!!!!!
186270. Martin Steinberg  
186268. Denise Bem David  
186267. J Nathan  
186266. Raymond Beyda  
186265. Leona Ship  
186264. h.r. Jarit Remove this immediately
186263. Bernard Ship  
186262. Raisy  
186261. naomi why would you allow a site like this on your search engine?
186260. Rabbi Jill Hausman  
186259. Marcio F Gorodicht  
186258. Linda Lohman  
186257. Marcia Fine  
186256. parvaneh  
186255. Sue Rubenstein  
186254. sue fein it's evil
186253. alexa  
186252. Beth This is disgusting
186251. alexis  
186250. sarah lieberman anti-semitic and obscene site
186249. Noor Khodayar  
186248. Delia Becker  
186247. joshua get this crap of
186246. Ellen Kirshbaum  
186245. Donna Cavin  
186244. Myrna Klinger Why are 50,000 signatures required?
186243. Lisa Tor  
186242. Mazal Fortune  
186241. Fran Leibowitz  
186240. marc drimer  
186239. Malka Friedman  
186238. Louis Richman  
186237. Deborah Goldman  
186236. julie shuer  
186235. Ran Stoler Living in Israel
186234. Ray Taruskin  
186229. Deborah  
186228. Doug Gordon  
186227. Roger Wye  
186226. Zvi Schwartzman  
186225. Noushin Lavian  
186224. soury  
186223. Harold Paley  
186222. Kraus  
186221. bernie neumark I cant belive that googel can allow this
186220. Caryn Malkus  
186219. Smadar Tadmor  
186218. Linda Hendelberg  
186217. albert goldwasser  
186216. E Resnick  
186215. Anthony B. Gordon Bearing in mind the massive contribution Jews have made to the civilized world, every effort should be made to educate all people about our contribution which this offensive website is not doing.
186214. Robert D. Cohen  
186213. Louise Escoe If it is, indeed, PC to remove this from the list at least place it last!!!
186212. joan ushkow  
186211. Sabrina Young  
186210. Nir  
186208. Geoff  
186207. WHJ Remove website ASAP
186206. Linda Marks  
186205. mark pasternak  
186204. Isa  
186203. sylvia rosenblum  
186202. adam kaye  
186201. shmulik karmiel  
186200. Shelley  
186199. Diane Kay  
186198. Mariana  
186197. Tamar Weinsweig very sad
186196. jack please, it's about time to do this to protect our kids. The antisemites already know where to go.
186195. Estelle Altman  
186194. Joy midman  
186193. rhonda shy  
186192. Michelle Matzkin  
186191. Maia  
186190. Joseph Welstand  
186189. Alessandro Revello anti-semites must not be accepted in civil society
186188. Hadass no antisemitism, no anti-anything!!
186187. Francine Welstand remove this hate filled speech
186186. Galit  
186185. Sarella Diehm  
186184. E Hagigi  
186183. Shirley Brown  
186182. joseph eisenberg helping spread anti-semitism is counter-productive and dangerous.
186181. Lloyd Kaufman  
186180. Robin  
186179. Eva take it off!!!!!!
186178. George Kohan  
186177. Barbara engle  
186176. Jack Selcer For every action there is a good a purpose is found in the internet and Google for the good of mankind, there are those hate mongers who figure out a way to use it for their demented purposes. Please remove this site and any others that preach hatred
186174. Emma Bensimon Antisemitism is pure hate without a valid reason. Let us not promote it.
186173. Ann Bartel  
186172. tammy ronen  
186171. Conrad Brown  
186170. Alejandro  
186169. doris safi  
186168. Dale van Graan  
186167. selma silverman  
186166. Jeffrey  
186165. elana  
186164. Fabian Anuchnik Remove JewWatch inmediately, for the future of Human tollerance!
186163. allen swartz  
186162. selma silverman  
186161. Jessica  
186160. sandra milstein  
186159. ariela werner remove this site,it is anti semetic,do not promote bad ideas
186158. Darryl  
186157. Jeanette Laster This MUST be removed for a free America
186156. Jerome Ivice Please remove this web site
186155. Miriam eger Why is it there?
186154. Peter Candell  
186153. Karen Levine  
186152. Josephine Russo  
186151. chana werner please remove this anti-semetic site,,,,
186150. bernice plitnick  
186149. Lori  
186148. Marilyn Lewis  
186147. Lynn Barinbaum  
186146. Paul Goduto  
186145. Beata Lyashevska wikipedia: Jew Watch is an antisemitic [1] website that describes itself as “The Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Jewish History. ...
186144. Nort Josephson  
186143. Michael Barinbaum  
186142. Yael Kaufman-Cohen  
186141. Myra Lemson This is a perverted use of your search engine, it needs to be removed.
186140. David Kraus JewWatch is just hate-mongering ignorance
186139. Beverly Estes Be a blessing to others not a curse
186138. Michael F. Wilenkin I am as zealous an opponent of prior restraints on the exercise of free speech as I presume you are. Nevertheless, the subject site gives such ovbious offense its presence and particularly its prominent position on your search engine is intolerable. Your sense of responsibility and sensitivity alone should have prevented its inclusion and clearly demand its removal.
186137. jerry buchferer disgraceful
186135. Dr D.Brown  
186134. Rhonda offensive
186133. Patricia Abeles  
186132. Gloria Miller  
186131. Fran Miller  
186130. barry Shaffer please remove
186129. Jeffrey Gauze  
186128. Norman Miller  
186127. Jack B. Drori If this scrourage is not aborted now , it will in the end destroy us all, inc you.
186126. Robert Aronson  
186125. Frederic Tisch A dangerous website
186124. Fredlee Shore  
186123. miriam bisk Academic? Educational? This site is a big lie and a destortion of truth, with fundamental spelling errors!! you should be able to do much better!
186122. Sam  
186121. Sheila  
186120. tara riceberg  
186119. Tagger Mathilde  
186118. LOis Malkin  
186117. Gerardo Liberman  
186116. Arleen Sidell  
186114. Melissa Rapp  
186113. alfredo henriquez pure hate in that site
186112. herbert Scheiner anti semitism at the zenith
186111. aumi katz  
186110. Felicia Kolodner  
186109. barbara levine  
186108. Louis Williams Remove it now!
186107. yoram  
186106. yoram  
186105. s mazel there are hundreds of thousands of signatures to this petition... the only response so far is an 'acknowledgment' of the issue, but the site still comes up within the first three 'sources' for 'Jew" on google. Please remove this garbage from the internet.
186104. Esther Rosenhek  
186103. Eleanor Jackson  
186102. Irving Rowe  
186101. Brenna Yahraus  
186100. lorenzo crulee  
186099. Jerry Kowal  
186098. nicole  
186097. Janet Widen  
186096. R. J. Isaacs  
186095. Deborah Niederman  
186094. Irvin Altman  
186093. Jaime Maduro Incredible that Google would post an antisemitic site.
186092. Yael Khooban You simply need to remove this site from internet. This site brings more hatered towards jews . what happened in holocaust was real, and what they are trying to show it never really happened. So sad indeed. Please remove this uncorrect information from the site.
186091. Scott Zeitlin disgraceful
186090. Karen Wasserman  
186089. Pouya please remove immediatly
186088. Annette Zervoudakes  
186087. Maurice Duband  
186086. BlanchePoritsky  
186085. Diane Dear  
186084. Stanley Hochman  
186083. Howard Shuster As was once said, freedom of speech does not give a person the right to denigrate another persom race colour or creed. Take the responsible step Google and remove this site
186082. J. Goldish  
186080. ephraim gogol  
186079. Raquel Karp You must remove this website, don't give it the exposure it's getting when we google Jew, this is a hate site...
186078. Allen Lerner  
186077. Philip I Paul Shame
186076. Shirley Wolf  
186075. Maayan Harel  
186074. shalom shame on google
186073. Trudi Adler  
186072. elliott markoff  
186071. Marvin Wolf  
186070. Leon Goldberg discusting
186069. Herbert Duber  
186068. Rolf Burke  
186067. Howard Miller Remove the jewwatch site
186066. Milana  
186065. Anne Ball Stop this campaign of hatred and bigotry
186064. Andrea Bernasconi  
186063. stephen kane  
186062. T Mandowsky  
186061. Arlene Weinberg Please remove from Goodle Search Engine!
186060. Dina Levi Please remove de page
186059. Elyse L. Mintz  
186058. Ella Plotkin When will ignorance, bigotry, and hate ever cease to exist! This is ridiculous to have a website like this posted in a big time search engine like google! There is already enough hatred going on as it is. Take this ignorant stupid meglomaniac nazi off the web PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
186057. Yael  
186056. Luise Eichenbaum  
186055. Rafael Cansinos Please remove de page.
186054. Joshua Bocher  
186053. David Get rid of this site
186052. BARBARA R. UNGER  
186051. Randi Heinrichsen  
186050. Enrique  
186049. Carol S. Rosner  
186048. Meryl M  
186047. david levin  
186046. Lynn Lappin  
186045. Betty Benitt Why do you allow such abuse?
186044. Rick Montana  
186043. PENNI CRENNA  
186042. Cecile Steinberg  
186041. Alex J. Levoff  
186040. Natan Erdberg outragess
186039. devora  
186038. Edmund Karnofsky  
186037. Gary SHeva  
186036. cecy cassab  
186035. theodore goldberg  
186034. terrif anti-semitic hate site, when you say something bad about someone else you are really saying something bad about yourself? shouldn't we all be connected? where are the true accomplishments and humanitarian acts? where are the nobel peace prize winners?
186033. Henry Rosenthal I am a survivor: shame, shame on googel
186032. Sally Siegel  
186031. tyrone jackson  
186030. A E. Weinstein  
186029. jackie  
186028. Mendy Lipskier  
186027. Anne Meara remove this hate from Google
186026. brett kramer  
186025. marsha b rock  
186024. Diane Marinoff  
186023. Dr. J. Gottesman  
186022. Dr. J. Gottesman  
186021. Bevely Sturman  
186020. robin jay  
186019. Michael Marinoff  
186018. steven silver This site is full of hatred and only will add to growth in antisemitism and middle east unrest.
186017. Jeffrey Parks  
186016. Wendy Pearlroth  
186015. Simon Tabbush  
186014. DAVE FEINBERG do it now
186013. Judy  
186012. Jeffrey Cohen  
186011. sharon fischer  
186010. denis  
186009. Elyse Beth  
186008. DAVID Waldman Nazis
186007. Lisa Please do as this petitions requests. The information it provides is sickening.
186006. Howard Snader  
186005. Ari We R Here To Stay/ Viva Israel
186004. jerry buchferer disgraceful
186003. David Rosen  
186002. Leonard Bartos  
186001. Howard Spialter  
186000. nousheentabibzadeh  
185999. Robert Goldberg  
185998. Delia Benn Remove inciteful anti-semitic material
185997. Abraham  
185996. Gabriel Cohen  
185995. Sandra R. Heimlich  
185993. jose  
185992. Carol Ann Schmidt This is horribly offensive and unacceptable.
185991. lori fayer  
185990. aubrey blitz  
185989. Isabel Casson Beltzer NEVER AGAIN !
185988. hambrose  
185987. Herb Nadler disgraceful
185986. bela  
185985. Alice Howard I am horrified!
185984. Elaine Priesman This is NOT freedom of speech. This is dispicable hate from a human that doesn't know what he is talking about. Get this site off NOW.
185983. Mark Needleman  
185982. HENDEL DAVID  
185981. Eileen Kirschner  
185980. richard nyer  
185979. s.hadley  
185978. Paul Giroux  
185977. George Engelhardt  
185976. anat drach  
185975. Hinda Blas This site is pro-kkk/nazi and for google to have it shows they side with the anti-semites. Perhaps Google needs to do a cleansing of its own.
185974. Rivka W.  
185973. isaias rozentul un insulto a la humanidad
185972. Roman Gertsberg remove from your portal
185971. Howard Beckler  
185970. Linda Mirliss  
185969. david shapero  
185968. Abraham Suppe  
185967. PHILLIP NOCHOMOWITZ Does it matter whether it is for business or not ?? Dare I say "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If we're no good for you then neither is our business. Which theoretically means you should equally demand the boycott of all Jewish Business too or rather we should of necessity, perhaps even - handedly rebutt you JewWatch with a call for "BoycottGoogle" and then....Yes watch google gasp fpr life as we withdraw our business from you; You're Scum!!!!!!!!!!!!
185966. Jerry Mirliss  
185965. siegbert veit  
185964. Dorothy Zinn  
185963. Conrad Perl  
185962. Delwin Wolken  
185961. katie coleman  
185960. Lou Charloff  
185959. Sidney Hurwitz  
185958. Sydelle Wolken  
185957. FRED AUERON  
185956. Lynn Geth Sites such as these should definately be removed.
185955. Pamela Ruderman As hate crimes are illegal, so should be the hate groups encouraging the crimes.
185954. Jan Wuliger  
185953. Allan Gordon  
185952. Jack Moskowitz  
185951. Bertie and Berry Hammar  
185950. stan weinberg a proud jewish federal employee
185949. Itamar  
185948. Deborah Swartz - very commited and active Reform Jew DISGUSTING! hOW DARE YOU SUPPORT THIS WEBSITE!
185947. Marjorie Plesset Remove Jew watch from Google
185946. Richard Norden  
185945. Eva Grinfas  
185944. Stanley S. Glazer  
185943. jerome marks  
185942. susan candell  
185941. GILDA  
185940. Justin Chatov please remove this hatefull website from your search engine
185939. Ellen disgusting
185938. Martin Horn  
185937. Stephen Candell  
185936. yolanda pedraza para sacar la basura nazi
185935. Joseph Grossman  
185934. ellen deaton  
185933. Helen Geisenberg  
185932. Adriana Folberg-Blum  
185931. Alan Jay Braverman  
185930. Maureen Klein  
185929. Gale Fleischman  
185928. Ruth Léa Franco  
185927. sam stahlman  
185926. Judi S. Greenberg  
185925. Ethan Zadoff  
185924. Amy Fink  
185923. Howard Rosen  
185922. Nadia Monteiro  
185921. Marjorie Pelcovits  
185920. Zahava Pianko  
185918. renee stahlman  
185917. erica rhine outrageous in this day and age
185916. jack ebrams  
185915. Todd  
185914. david mason  
185913. Jack M. Sands  
185912. Alona  
185911. Martha R. Sands  
185910. Geoffrey Blum  
185909. Elaine Siegel This is very alarming!!!
185908. lauren take down!
185907. rhoda friedland  
185906. M D Carey this site appears to be strongly anti semetic and thus propogation of hatred.
185905. Melody Stein  
185904. Barbara Leons  
185903. Jean Traylor  
185902. Lloyd Fishman  
185901. Jill  
185900. Isaac dangoor  
185899. lauren farrell  
185898. Rafi Guttman  
185897. sharon fishgold š
185896. Sam Sokolow  
185895. Sheldon Goldman  
185894. Phyllis Solomon remove this powerful igniter of hatred
185893. Chuck Weiss  
185892. morris shames  
185891. D. Weston  
185890. Barbara Beck  
185889. Lawrence Grossman  
185888. alan halibard  
185887. Devorah Kroll  
185886. Kay Gordon This is a must!!!
185885. jason kohanoff  
185884. Ira Ginsberg Please adjust your search fo Jew to eliminate JewWatch
185883. Leonard Weber  
185882. carol d  
185881. M Greenberg Remove JEWWATCH.COM from Google
185880. Robin Cohen  
185879. Bruce Weber This is a disgrace and Google should have no part in this
185878. Eva Schwarz  
185877. Janet Bradlow  
185876. joyce epstein-ross  
185875. David Stein What a venemous, pathetic website. That they call themselves scholarly and educational is nothing short of absurd. As for their "focus on professionalism"-- professional what? Bigots? Idiots? Hatemongers? This site should have no place on Google, except under the category of anti-Semitism.
185874. marnie  
185873. Joanne B. Koch  
185872. Latham  
185871. Brandon Goldberg  
185870. trudy myles  
185869. Nitza Rosovsky  
185868. Death's Head  
185867. Greg Flenniken  
185866. COHEN MIRYAM  
185865. Henry S Stanger  
185864. E.Donin  
185863. Steel  
185862. Yira A. Sanchez  
185861. Marian Bluestein  
185860. Jack Moshe  
185859. Minion  
185858. cary sperling  
185857. bert bauman  
185856. Hadassa Nussbaum  
185855. Tres Krever  
185854. david abramowitz  
185853. Arthur Lopatin  
185852. Beverly Morick  
185851. af  
185850. Barrie This site is outrageous!
185849. Semen Prokatov  
185848. Jamie Kass  
185847. Emily Herman  
185845. Jeremy Portland If this site is not removed I will advise my company members to not use google sites
185844. Jessica Davidson This site is horrendous, and dangerous to all.
185843. Ronald Mandell  
185842. HUGO DE CASTRO  
185841. Cornell Brown  
185840. Rose Braun  
185839. Marilyn Kussick  
185838. Eve Aron  
185837. PAUL ROCK  
185836. Beth Lasky  
185835. Thomas Daily  
185834. Gerald Dechter  
185833. Joette Daily  
185832. SueMoss  
185831. RAE NEWMAN  
185830. Reva Biers  
185829. Lisa Pelcovits  
185828. yakov shani  
185827. Fredda Lerner Please remove the ability to find from serach results ASAP. Thank you.
185826. S. Berman  
185825. davi  
185824. Jonah Bunzel  
185823. Salvatore V. Sena Sr Civil Engineer (retired)
185822. Jed Kaplan  
185821. cathie korfanty this is the worst - please do the right thing
185820. Sue M  
185819. STEVE KISS  
185818. Herbert Berger  
185817. Murray Brown  
185816. Zara Glew  
185815. Fern Cammy  
185814. Melissa Strumlauf  
185813. William S. Mlichaels  
185812. Richard S. Kantor  
185811. Joan Haley  
185810. Marcia  
185809. Jordan Alpert  
185808. Cecile Cohen  
185807. scott m  
185806. Murray Soehn  
185805. Karen Platt This site is a disgrace to God loving human beings.
185804. Efrem Melnick  
185803. roberta i. cohen  
185802. BENJAMIN DIRECTOR I find JEW WATCH an anti-semitic site.It is offensive and belittles the stature of Google.
185801. Jamie Myers  
185800. Susan Buksa  
185799. iradj kayvan lies Israel did release 230 fatah presioners
185798. Beth Miller  
185797. Alan Wollman Definitely should be removed. Ugh!
185796. jeannette Miller please act
185795. Eva Berenstein  
185794. Martin Sterenbuch  
185793. Ruth M. Horton  
185792. David Sadek  
185791. Clive  
185790. Fredrica Larsen  
185789. Morris kohan  
185788. banai  
185787. Robert Schreibman  
185786. Larry Silver  
185785. Ellen Nebel  
185784. Jackie Kingsley Sort It Google or we will slag YOU OFF
185783. Bethsheba Mandel A service like yours should be non-judgmental
185782. Saul Chudnow  
185781. Joseph ÿ
185780. Muriel&Harvey Wollner  
185779. Roberta Silver  
185778. Ronald Sherr Please compensate Israel for reparations caused by Hezbollah in the recent war with terrorists.
185777. ashley gabelman  
185776. David Kingsley i think a com-pany like Google must remove this site, to remain un biased , thank You
185775. henry silberman  
185774. Linda Sherr Please compensate Israel for reparations caused by Hezbollah in the recent war with terrorists.
185773. jason gabelman  
185772. tamara gabelman  
185771. Sherry Clayman  
185770. Jeanne Bloomstein Disgusting! Should NOT happen in USA!!! or anywhere!
185769. debra gabelman  
185768. Lenore Garon  
185767. Robert Pelcovits  
185766. Eric Bates  
185765. Yuri Romanenko  
185764. mark gabelman  
185763. R Marczak  
185762. Sofya Menshikov š
185761. Hy Rosen  
185759. Sylvia Lurie Thank you for alert
185758. Ana Maria Muchnik  
185757. Carole Labastida Please remove this vile hate promotor. It is an offense to all people of rational thought.
185756. Joe  
185755. yuti Shapiro  
185754. Chaim Parchi  
185753. Karen Kaplan  
185752. Bernard B. Kolodner  
185751. Ellen J. Friedman  
185750. Paul Hoffman Clearly hate speech. Must be Banned!
185749. Nancy Ferer  
185748. Ann Lockwood It is unforgivable that your company would allow this site to be accessed from your link. This is hate speech, which is NOT protected speech under the 1st Amendment.
185747. Scott Rosen  
185746. Daniela  
185745. Robert Kramer Please change this!
185744. lorraine friedman  
185743. Sharon please remove the site
185742. Natalie Maihack  
185741. Erez Aminpour  
185740. Chana Wasserman  
185739. Deborah Rice It is sad that with all the debilitatig diseases and natural disasters in the world, that people have time to spread hate.
185738. Lucille Weinstat  
185737. Sharon Russakoff Deliberate misrepresentation, manipulative lies. If you want to reclaim the Palestinian lands, look to Jordan, who annexed the lands granted for the establishment of the Palestinian state. They are the real thieves; don't cast blame on the Israelis whose only crime is fighting for the right to live. And - how dare you associate yourself with legitimate librarians; having a degree from library school and then abusing those skills to spread hatred is an abuse of your education and people's trust! Actual librarians ascertain that their personal views are NOT passed along to their patrons.
185736. PAM MEYERS  
185735. B. Miller and Lesllie W. Sieel  
185734. Inna Kalnitsky  
185733. angie kosovsky  
185732. YISROEL  
185731. S. Joseph Fishman  
185730. Shifra Shomron  
185729. Ann Beyda  
185728. M. van der Horst  
185727. albert wasserman  
185726. Lance Fanaroff  
185725. jackie stein  
185724. J M G remove "" from your site ASAP
185723. galia shaked  
185722. Janice Magill Hope you really do remove this!!
185721. arnold aleskovsky  
185720. Herb Turetzky  
185719. Regina Silvestain  
185717. Dale Marcus  
185716. Doron  
185715. Dr. Allan Pogrund Hate speech has no place on the internet
185714. liat  
185713. Debbie Orefice I wanted to check the validity of the e-mail about this website and I was appaled by what I found. It is scary to think that there are sites like this out there and that a student who might google a topic will be lead to and that their "knowledge" will come from such a site.
185712. Ronald Stark  
185710. Stan Mazoff  
185708. Sharon Gilbert  
185707. Doris Katz Jewwatch is an absolute abomination
185706. karen daray  
185705. David Weiner  
185704. Tal Amasay There are over 180000 signutures and it is still there
185703. carol a. greenspun  
185702. Peri Kaplan  
185701. Mel Shulman Offensive
185700. Judd B. Fink  
185699. Judith L. Baron  
185698. Andre Swanstrom  
185697. Dayna Adler  
185696. Dorit Michelson I will make sure everyone on my list knows this
185695. Nancy Rosen "Never Again"
185694. Margie Jump Take it off
185693. Taija Swanstrom  
185692. jeff wolf  
185691. Cornellius Bread  
185690. lara goldberg š
185689. aaron stein  
185688. bari  
185687. shimon k,ay remove !!!!!
185686. Carla Rayman  
185685. Stefanie Zarin that's insane!
185684. Shelly Krim  
185683. IB Krim  
185682. Pauline Bell  
185681. David Kobey  
185680. lothaire pierre  
185679. Robert Caplan  
185678. lothaire ghislaine  
185677. Herb Spindel  
185676. Sharon  
185675. bentitou joelle  
185674. arlene epstein  
185673. bette thaler  
185672. Linda Matar  
185671. Horea Silvas  
185670. sheldon thaler  
185669. Nicholas Wenger  
185668. barbara w.  
185667. zona jacobson  
185666. Steve Azmier  
185665. Daniel Feldman  
185664. Beverly Grossman This is a hateful site, get rid of it
185663. amnon  
185662. Dr. Anita Giunta If a site like this existed re:Afro-Americans, it would have been on the news plus a lawsuit
185661. Sylvia Beekman  
185660. sharon azrieli how can you do this? now i have to stop using google?
185659. Tamar Finley  
185657. Beverley Winnick inflamatory
185656. Larry Gringorten  
185655. JOHN DELIKANAKIS Sickening
185654. david e price Hatred should never be willingly spread -
185653. Martha R. Powell  
185652. Dr Marshall Berger How could Google be so insensitive !!!!
185651. Stuart Blickstein  
185650. al cohen  
185649. ari kaplan disgusting hater
185647. benigni  
185646. monique elias  
185645. Sharon Silver  
185644. esther dahab  
185643. william rymer  
185642. Natalia  
185641. Evelyn R. Perl Google stands for too much to have such an insult remain as the first option to pick when someone googles Jew. Please remove the abomination from the first place and place it at the end. thank you.
185640. Jodi Schilder it would appear that Google endorsed this site and that would be very disappointing and a great reason to use another search engine !
185639. robert shulman it ctinks
185638. steve harvith unconscionable. please do the right thing.
185637. L. BERK  
185636. Yocheved Meltzer Why keep adding more fuel to the fire. Hasn't enough hatred occurred without this website adding more fuel. Take it off.
185635. etty cassab  
185634. Betty Unger  
185633. Lydia Langer  
185632. Ron Romanski  
185631. Joseph Bartel  
185630. Dani too bad.. it is still there
185629. Agnes Kory  
185628. Marian Haft  
185627. Judy Yucht Pittman  
185626. esther schneerson  
185625. Lilian Black  
185624. Renee Promote Peace, not Hate
185623. Rhoda Gonen  
185622. Angela Wood Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6
185621. Denise Cohen  
185620. Scott  
185619. Sasha Hess  
185618. Charles R. O'Malley  
185617. Hallie Block Therw are enough problems in the world without this insidious, false "information."
185616. Marcia Shulman  
185615. ilyssa goodman  
185614. marty kitchner  
185613. stefanie Weiner  
185612. Stuart Kern Racial hatred is a cancer which has eaten away at America's soul far too long. It should be muzzled, regardless of its source or target.
185611. Martin Herman  
185610. John P. Sostrom This is a complete farce.
185609. Idan Wenger please remove this site from the engine search
185608. Elizabeth  
185607. Neil Brecker  
185606. Geoffry Harris  
185605. shelley katz horrible, please remove
185604. Isambard Brunel  
185603. Marjorie Marshall  
185602. joan slosberg  
185601. Arlynne Harrison  
185600. Charles Haniford Where is your sense of appropriate information?
185599. Jackie Disgusting!!!
185598. marcee  
185597. Anatoly Berlin  
185596. Josh Hackman  
185595. Bertica Bibliowicz  
185594. izzy  
185593. Bette Muskat REMOVE please.
185592. Heloisa Averbuck  
185591. Cheryl I. Pleskow  
185590. B Pell  
185589. f. cohen  
185588. Hasanai Badar  
185587. Neil R Brooke  
185586. Harriet S. Miller  
185585. Rachel Lipman please remove!
185584. ilana  
185583. Mina Troop  
185582. Sally Maimran  
185581. Kathryn Gordon  
185580. June Sattler  
185579. Reuben Porath Makes me sick to my stomach
185578. jacob cohen stop the hate ,love ..every one can hate,,go
185577. carol st. james  
185576. Carol Rinzler-Comer  
185575. marge nosenchuk  
185574. Perla Leinkram  
185573. Yehuda Klausner Dr.  
185572. Rita & Marvin Brodsky  
185571. Ellen Brill  
185570. Janice Rosenthal  
185569. Tommy Gerber  
185568. Patricia Bischoff JewWatch teaches nothing but hatred and should be removed IMMEDIATELY or I will never enter Google again!!!
185567. Stacey McCutcheon  
185566. marvin moses  
185565. Michelle Groper  
185564. Pat Goldberg  
185563. Barry Snider  
185562. eida  
185561. art plotnik  
185560. Dr. G.Khaskin  
185559. Janice Rosenthal  
185558. Herman Mainwold  
185556. jack gordon  
185555. BERNARD FIRKSER Fight hatred everywhere
185554. stephen marcus you need to monitor these things
185553. Rachel Miller Disgusting
185552. Steven G. Edwards  
185551. Melissa Haloossim this website is absolutely horrible and should not be so easily accessible. Filled with hate
185550. marla kaplan please remove
185549. Courtney Kagan  
185548. Martha Hull  
185547. saadia gopstein  
185546. bernice duboff  
185545. Terri Adams "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?" (Mark 12:26) "Or is He the God of the Jews only? Is He not also the God of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also." (Romans 3:29) () ONE GOD . . . ONE WORLD . . . ONE CHANCE () 1 John 4:7,8 - "7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."
185544. stephen bielsky  
185543. mel goldenberg hurry
185542. Elizabeth Allen Hate is not free speech it costs everyone.
185541. Amrom Chodos  
185540. Sheilah Sandler Totally inappropriate link
185539. Garry Leventhall  
185538. Roy M. Cohen  
185537. B. Matzdorff Please don't spread hatred...even if everyone has a right to their opinion it is not good to boradcast over your media. You hurt us all
185536. Willy Wonka  
185535. ernest gilbert  
185534. Angela & Scott Feldt It is disgusting that people would use their education and training to promote such hatred. Google has a moral duty to remove this site immediately.
185532. BENHAMOU  
185531. natasha davidson outrageous antisemitic site should be removed immediately. nazi propaganda
185530. deena  
185529. Patricia Speelman  
185528. patricia  
185527. SANDY LEVINE  
185525. Brian Haloossim please remove this site from Google
185524. David Katz very one-sided anti zionist and anti semitic
185523. Jon Davis jewwatch is a horribly hateful site full of lies, please remove
185522. Jack Fox Antisemitism has no place in America or any country
185521. shahin shadmer  
185520. Doris Sampson  
185519. david burns  
185518. Ava&Vulf Rakhman  
185517. Michael F. Goldstein should be permanently removed
185516. Chantal Rudman Hatred of any group breeds more hatred!! And creates wars. Google take responsibility by denying such a despicable site. Our people have suffered enough!
185515. jennifer w disgusting and dangerous use of internet
185514. Eileen W. Cohn Remove this disgusting filth from your site
185513. esther joffe inernet should not be used to disseminate hate
185512. Marvin Fellner That this site is allowed on Google is offensive. That it is the first entry is reprehensible.
185511. Edwn B. Shykind I appreciate your interrup page that explains the situation
185510. S. Wohl  
185509. nanci goldin  
185508. Troy Sill  
185507. dale jill blitz  
185506. Susan Reiss  
185505. tony  
185504. Charlene Hartman  
185503. Elaine Rosen  
185502. Margaret Friedfel  
185501. ben rinzler remove this grabage site
185500. menucha meinstein  
185499. Norman Kutner  
185498. NAOMI KALTER  
185497. Irene Paris  
185496. Beth  
185495. Dennis Chudacoff You would let this trash on your site, Shame on you!
185494. Edward Meinstein  
185493. Howard Schleider  
185492. avi Lev  
185491. Matthew Rabban  
185490. Thaddeus Wasung  
185489. Jean Goody  
185488. Marcos rosenblum  
185487. Rivka  
185486. Howard Remove this rediculous site
185485. Ernest B. Cohen "Don't shout FIRE in a theater"
185484. Allison  
185483. Judy Fox prejudiced, stupid and evil website, take it off
185482. Judy Benguaich  
185481. Alene  
185480. Barbara Levin  
185479. Debra Feldman  
185478. sonnenschine  
185477. Ayal Stein Please remove site
185476. Diane Lechter This is very scary
185475. harold miller google is happy to censor for many interests, such as China. So is its policy over jewwatch anti-semitic ?
185474. Christine Walsh just take it off
185473. Holly Gale  
185472. Robert Beck this site should be shut down
185471. miri citron  
185470. edithkleger Remove it.
185469. david strauss  
185468. miri citron  
185467. Linda R Steinhauser  
185466. TED KASS Time to throw the hate filled vermin back into their cesspools
185465. J Perlmutter You must remove JewWatch. You should be ashamed to have this on your site 1st amendment or not.
185464. Dr. M. Lechter google owners and all involved ought to be ashamed of allowing such obviously heinous lies on it's site. It's hate literature, and should be prosecuted.
185463. Tom Justin Free speech is when, in free society you can stand on a street corner and say even hateful things. But if you come into my business or home and say those things I have the right to ban you. So it is with any private enterprise. This kind of hate and world distribution of same is only aided by apathy. Allowing them to be placed on any favorable list, especially Google's, is a mistake. Please remove this site from any recognition.
185462. Lorelei D. Salser  
185461. orly  
185460. Donna Smith please be respectful and remove
185459. teri I'm wondering with this many names, why this hasn't been removed already. Hatred is always an ugly thing.
185458. Sidney Anthone, MD  
185457. Carol Lewisohn  
185456. Harry Stone This site makes me sick to my stomach. People are so closed minded and need to open their eyes. There is more to life than hating the Jewish people. We have already been through so much in life that it's time to let us go about our business in peace.
185455. Lawrence A. Spenceley  
185453. Robert Shereck  
185452. Judy Kase  
185451. Kim Lausin  
185450. L. Cohen  
185449. David Levi  
185448. V. Vayntraub I live in US
185447. Burt Lyon terrible trash
185446. vanessa lev please stop this now!
185445. Sandra Hodess  
185443. Cindi Durchslag  
185442. jacques fragis  
185441. Barbra Hana Austin Take this Hate Monger off Google immediatly!
185440. S. Cohen  
185439. elaine Kates  
185438. Ellen Winters monitors please remove this site!
185437. Theresa Linsner  
185436. john bennett  
185435. mandi kate o'donnell  
185434. Douglas Banin  
185433. Roy Borchardt  
185432. Nechama Hackner  
185431. daniel shapiro  
185430. Jennifer  
185429. bill o'reilly  
185428. Bruce Tabak  
185427. Norma Appledeath  
185426. Elina Vayntraub One sided opinion
185425. Wendy Trafny  
185424. ira wruble  
185423. ohadezrahi  
185422. Leonard R. Winogora  
185421. Alex Falcon  
185420. Jillian Spencer  
185419. Israel Benami we have enough hatred in this world
185418. marysue minkus  
185417. rana rappaport  
185416. Ellen Krull  
185415. John Kell  
185414. David A. Brotman  
185413. Rachel Reid  
185412. Jerald Darvish  
185411. Wolfe Gluck  
185410. Sandra Kell  
185409. Sharona Darvish  
185408. jeff sickening!
185407. tania jones  
185406. Leonard Schnurmacher  
185405. irene lipensky  
185404. Evelyn Wolf  
185403. Marlene K. Caplan Why not focus on how the Jews have helped humanity?
185402. pincus solomon baumgartern  
185401. Norman G. Please remove this hateful site from your well respected search engine.
185400. Mauricio Wolf  
185399. georgi  
185398. Rodney Caccavo Only fools would believe that garbage, but there are a lot of fools out there.
185397. Connie Voight While on the surface this site seems "ok," its links are definately antisemitic in a horrible way. Once you navigate the site, it confirms the anti-semitic view. Thanks for listening.
185396. Robin J. Cohen  
185395. jacqui awful, offensive. discusting
185394. mark fox this website is clearly racist and should be reomoved
185393. Stanley Hochman PLEASE REMOVE!
185392. Robert Salmon  
185391. harry  
185390. Barbara Nelson This site is an affront to Jews everywhere
185389. charlotte brooks  
185388. josh  
185387. Jeff Robbins  
185386. Louise Cangelosi  
185385. Dawn Bosford  
185384. Bella Sinensky We, the Jewish people, are not the enemies and do not need to be watched. It is the extremist Jihads and anyone of that origin and heritage that needs to be watched. Do you know who your neighbors are? Shop in American owned stores. Support this country and Israel, true democracies. This world is blind. What a shame! Shame on you, google !
185383. Di'Anne Fragis  
185382. Marcia Rector  
185381. L Greenstein  
185380. Harvey Sattin  
185379. Michael Bar-On  
185378. joseph zweig remove site
185377. Eric M. Hattenbach  
185376. Miriam Silver  
185375. Hope Goldsmith I suggest immediate action to block this anti-semetic (etc.) and poor reflection of conscience upon Google business practice from your site!
185374. Annette C. Hattenbach  
185373. Barbara Abramson Most unacceptable that the lst site is so anti-semetic
185372. Rosalind Merritt  
185371. Amy London  
185370. mario lehmann  
185369. Leslie Cohen  
185368. ken borden not suprised
185367. David Cullen MD  
185366. nachum daniella  
185365. Renee Steinberg  
185364. George Lazik  
185363. Arlene Rosenthal  
185362. Bradley Furman  
185361. Jeff Silber  
185360. Ronald Goldman  
185359. J.R. & L.P.Arnott  
185358. Marvin Levin This should be a "no brainer" for Google to remove
185357. Miriam Vanraalte  
185356. Kim Fox  
185355. j souweine frank is a well known jerk; boot him
185354. Orna  
185353. Catherine F. Goldman  
185351. Harvey Shulman  
185350. kerri  
185349. Melvin Burstein Isn't there enough p[roblems in this world that we live in-why create more thru the use of google
185348. Georgette Bloom  
185347. Paul Lichtenstein  
185346. Suzanne M Fry  
185345. Dr. Gideon Halperin The is the first step of turning Google to become a spam and garbage distributing engine
185344. Naomi Fried  
185343. Joseph Kugelman  
185342. Ellyn Derman  
185341. Hope Lazar  
185340. Debbie Kugelman  
185339. corie  
185338. Harriet Degodny remove this from google !!
185337. esther brenner  
185336. Bernard Roseman  
185335. Soiby Seidner  
185334. Stella Robinson  
185333. Leonard Hyman remove this vile anti-semitic site
185332. Earl Gardner This site only promotes hatered. Get rid of it
185331. Pamela Ward Wollman  
185330. Haim Goldman  
185329. Josh  
185328. carol hough  
185327. avon  
185326. David Apfel  
185325. Zvi boger  
185324. Leah Malick Why do you spread Anti-Semitism?
185323. Amy Winter Google should be accountable for what it posts
185322. Reggie Dunlop Please remove for the love of Pete.
185321. roslyn collett axelrod  
185320. T. G. Please make the change immediately and help stop the hatred in our world
185319. Meri Schindler  
185318. JAMES MALICK I will stop using Google if this subject is not removed.
185317. Denise Lessard  
185316. Rosemary Gannon  
185315. Marcos Levin, MD The new Antisemitic trend: to call Zionists with Nazi adjectives
185314. jules gelber This is a despicable site. Please remove.
185313. stuart h. sollod One of the worst sites I have seen
185312. Morton Walker Deplorable site
185310. Bonnie Hockman  
185309. Sherrie Kirschner  
185308. Brigitte Heftmann  
185307. yosi remouve this webpage
185306. Debby Lewis  
185305. Joseph Gurt  
185304. Jacqueline Krogh  
185303. Donna Polin  
185302. Ariella Reichel  
185301. jerry Katz Please take this off.
185300. DAVID S  
185299. Taloucha  
185298. Sandra Botbol This site is well beyond offensive to anyone with an I.Q. more than 40.
185297. Nathalie What a shame for Google
185296. Laura Sperber  
185295. David Bubis  
185294. francie copeland  
185293. R.J.Ross  
185292. Harold and Marion Shrifter Please get rid of this Nazi type filth.
185291. James H. Marrow This is outrageous.
185290. Nathan Fink  
185289. Nina Weinstock  
185288. Tali from Belgium  
185287. Ben Bradley  
185286. Melissa Zacharias  
185285. Jess Tunn  
185284. david  
185283. Martin P Wolf  
185282. bonnie  
185281. RUTH SACKS  
185280. Jennifer Pershes  
185279. S.Vaisman  
185278. jim newman this man is a racist idiot, a disgrace to scholasticism
185277. Tirtza Brody Remove it ASAP
185276. Dawne  
185275. albert brunell  
185274. Richard Yorke  
185273. dennis passis  
185272. Roberta L Cohen  
185271. Sam Benshir This is shameful! Please remove this hate filled link.
185270. werner zimmt sad the google has become so mechanical that it no longer can supervise what it is going on
185269. jennifer  
185268. nelly chafai  
185267. NATAN  
185266. Ronald Rosen  
185265. Wendy Goltz stop the hatred and inaccuracies..this site is psychopathic
185264. Allan Herman  
185263. Jody  
185262. Leslie Ruby What a world!
185261. Sarah Remove this site please.
185260. Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Buxbaum  
185259. Gerald Klotz  
185258. Gladys Bernstein Hate sites on Google should be stopped
185257. Mrs. Angela Golan will lead to more violence not less play your part and please don't let google help him advertise more.
185256. Aida Charytan  
185255. m zout good luck from Holland
185254. Jeff Tyrnz  
185253. David Buchbinder I find objectionable and unethical
185252. Jan Bennett  
185251. Marilyn Martin  
185250. berl kapilevich  
185249. Adam Sabzevari  
185248. Shari Schwartz There are always troublemakers that start conflicts.
185247. Nina Charnoff This is not free speech. It is hatred, incitement and just plain bigotry. It is quite dangerous, cloaking itself as an intellectual and academic website.
185246. Rhonda Stigliano REMOVE
185245. Bill Schwartz Please remove the JewWatch URL from the search engine results. The resulting website perpetuates hate and promotes violence and hate crimes. Google should take a stand and respond by not entering into any business relationship and show higher morale integrity!
185244. ida  
185243. N Olsha Google, please remove this hateful site
185242. thea h. geotas stop prejudice, the jews have been persecuted enough
185241. Michael Schulman Remove this now!
185240. A. Liebling  
185239. William S. Kaufman  
185238. ellen Yaeger  
185237. david osborn  
185236. Lionel Burnley expect more from google
185235. Lois Kaufman  
185234. J. Shrednick  
185233. Audrey Azra This is pure defamation and has to end.
185232. D. Isman  
185231. Anne Mark  
185230. Sheryl Kalter  
185229. Andrew Kalter  
185228. f.barry  
185227. L. Mahana  
185226. Lucy Rose  
185225. Leonard Fichtelberg  
185224. Harriett S. Yarmis  
185223. Phyllis Flaks  
185222. Huvie Yagod  
185221. marlene klotz help us erase bigotry
185220. Sandra Katz I don't know of a more disgusting site than this one.
185219. Melissa Friedberg  
185218. Deb Finkelstein  
185217. Ross Friedberg  
185216. Jutta Freudenstein  
185215. jane rosen  
185214. Mike  
185213. deena drandoff remove at once-disgraceful
185212. Terry Ziegelman  
185211. Victor Achar  
185210. Stu Belloff  
185209. Carol Kaminsky  
185208. kelly p  
185207. Linda Moot  
185206. Paul Hercz  
185205. milton snow  
185204. Lilly Mahana  
185203. Tony Kenedy  
185202. isabel  
185200. EP if iit looks anit-semitc amd it sounds anit-semitic it is anti-semitic. What garbage in the name of academia!
185199. Beth Glass this is very offensive
185198. Harold Glueck How can this still be considered viable information?
185197. David Brody too outrageous to even comment
185196. marcia perskie Get rid of this horrible site
185195. jessica bernstein please remove jewwatch from google
185194. Paula Carr  
185193. alex cansfield this is not right!
185192. Paul Greenfield  
185191. Philip G. Carr  
185190. Philip Hatzitheodorou  
185189. Susan Greenstein  
185188. Madeline Sorel remove!
185187. David Z. Schwartz  
185186. Ellen Newman  
185185. Bob Roberts  
185184. Shelly Kay Pure unadulterated trash.
185183. Josh Fox  
185182. yoini  
185181. Allen Averbuck  
185180. Edith Wonnell horrible
185179. yoni  
185178. Susy Brown  
185177. George W. Brent As a survivor of the Holocaust I find it revolting and unconscionable !
185176. grete greenthal unbelievable-puts me back 70 years
185175. Rochi Who's paying off Google?
185174. paul herman  
185173. jennifer goldin  
185172. Stephen Gold A greater effort to screen offensive material must be made
185171. Richard Cohen  
185170. Larry Krassenstein  
185169. una barbee this site promotes hate & should be removed!
185168. lloyd chrein  
185167. Drs. Robert and Gail Weigl While we believe in freedom of speech, and acknowlege that freedom of speech also extends to hate speech, we are appalled that this site is the first to appear on Google. Please, at the very least, remove it from first place and place it way down the list of hits for the word "Jew." where it belongs!
185166. Moshe  
185165. Nader  
185164. Kelly  
185163. Andrea Bramzell What an utter disgrace to have such a site
185162. Jeffrey N. Shapiro  
185161. P. Goldberg  
185160. Fred Domenigoni  
185159. Paul Stein  
185158. Tammi Weiss  
185157. Barbara A. Silliman  
185156. Catherine Yule Please remove this site from Google in the interest of world peace
185155. jeffrey mono remove it
185154. William F. Martin  
185153. Polina Kallush It's disgusting to see such dirt in print.
185152. Edward Gold I've long been aware of this site which has only gotten more rabidly anti-Semitic over time.
185151. Beverly Swerling Martin  
185150. Sheila Segall  
185149. Nahid Neman  
185148. Dorita Farkash  
185146. Esther Cohen  
185145. Elizabeth Wilson  
185144. Marshall A.Bernstein  
185143. Zee Murray This and you are appalling
185142. Judy Dworken  
185141. Gary Hitch Maybe we need a watcher watch ;-)
185140. Barbara Stafford  
185139. Bernard Isaacson  
185138. Helen Madow  
185137. Ksenia  
185136. ABA NURICK  
185135. Evelyn Feiner You are so highly respected, I'm sure that you can do better than this
185134. Roger Padover  
185133. Romina de terror
185132. Lewis Weinfeld  
185131. Sarah  
185130. irene hammer  
185129. B Mirsky  
185128. Gary Wiener  
185127. S. Shoshan  
185126. Jeff Kahn  
185125. L Mirsky  
185124. Hugo Oclander  
185123. eddie levy please remove from google
185122. Hannah Fagenblat  
185121. Ruben  
185120. Ronnie Calderone  
185119. M. Rosenthal I intend to avoid going to Google
185118. A Schiffmiller  
185117. S Seiden I use Google as my search engine, Please remove this site
185116. shmagag  
185114. sivi  
185113. carl rohrberg  
185112. Gene Helfand  
185111. Martin Sharofsky  
185110. Hayim Leiter  
185109. Mark Kay Please remove immediately.
185108. Sidney Feldman  
185107. Ettie Rosenbaum  
185106. R. Womack Remove now
185105. Natalie Mammon  
185104. Doreen P Nayman imperative to remove destructive material made up of malicious untruths
185103. Betty Moore This is site is deplorable and should be removed
185102. Barb Bleuer  
185101. Mike Swerdlin  
185100. Alex Goldberg  
185099. Stan Wagner  
185098. Kerri Coughlin  
185097. Phyllis Forman  
185096. tony tallman  
185095. Karen Ross  
185094. Karen Ross  
185093. Shari Markman  
185092. Lana Weinstein Remove this hateful and untrue site!
185091. Lori Caiazzo  
185090. Bonnie Portnoy  
185089. Don Uslan I don't believe in censorship, but, this is inflammatory bigotry!
185088. Linnea Hartmark  
185087. Marcia Smith  
185086. Paul Bash  
185085. Teresa Green Google should police their sites more vigorously and stop the spread of misinformation. This site should be removed
185084. DALIA HEIMAN  
185083. Jason Moleman  
185082. Aaron Wechter  
185081. Ed Rosenfeld  
185080. yaron cohen  
185079. Janson mKolter Please remove this trash
185078. Shirley Fishbach  
185077. Barry Nemon  
185076. Rose Feldman  
185075. Lipe  
185074. Anna Benhamou  
185073. Marsha Alent-Harrison  
185072. Matt Paradise  
185071. Dr William Anderson There is no place for antiSemitism on the web OR anywhere else.
185070. Adam G  
185069. Victor Altchek  
185068. Shana Schwartzberg Brayton this website is part of the problem not the solution
185067. Barbara  
185066. Avi  
185065. Carrie Chalup  
185064. Pearl David  
185063. Debbi Fox This is an abomination and should be banned. I am disappointed in the Google Search Engine.
185062. Frederic Bigio despicable
185061. Esther Anderson  
185060. Thiya altchek  
185059. Adele Katz  
185058. Clara Kahn  
185057. Charles Alter  
185056. Sy Itkowitz  
185055. Ben Moskovitz Hate mongers should have a leash to restrain them
185054. Marsha Yaschik  
185053. Pauline Shomer  
185052. Irving Kerzner  
185051. Dani Falkoff  
185050. paul gross  
185049. Fay Pizem  
185048. Mel Zipes  
185047. Mona Gubow  
185046. R Lawrence  
185044. Joan B. Mael  
185043. Stanley Becker  
185042. Hadassah Silberstein  
185041. Lynn Mooney  
185040. Charles W Smith  
185039. Marilyn Becker  
185038. Marilyn Sandperl  
185037. Elisa Leibowitz Please delete this site from search engines.
185036. pat drosdowich  
185035. Anthony Green Google's founders, of all people, should be ashamed of this particular site
185034. Theresa Blackwood  
185033. s. sinek  
185032. Ed Frohling  
185031. Al Wolk  
185029. Allen Wolk  
185028. rona cafri  
185027. Linda J. Goodman  
185026. Albert Hercz  
185025. Jerrold Pinsker  
185024. Carol Nirenberg  
185022. Avinoam Bakst  
185021. Charles Bar-Isaac  
185020. Melanie Braunold  
185019. Harriet Bauer  
185018. Rachel please modify search technology to downgrade this site to appear lower on the search results
185017. Lori Shapiro  
185016. Gillad Baker  
185015. Dan  
185014. Patricia Kosior  
185013. Liat Benedict  
185012. Paul Dwyer  
185011. G Saunders  
185010. Mal and Judy Luber Remove it or I'll switch to Yahoo
185009. luna this is disgusting
185008. Morcowitz Sam  
185007. alex danziger  
185006. Barbara Please REMOVE FROM SITE
185005. Jane Margolius  
185004. Audrey Samara he pretends not to be antisemetic and he pretends his research is factual and the he is a librarian, simply gathering truths, yet if a librarian is asked to gather information on black and white, he doesn't only gather on black, especially black that is false
185002. David This is a very sick person REMOVE
185001. Adam Marcus  
185000. Isabel Jankielewicz it is a shame for Google, this has to be removed!
184999. jeremy sherr  
184998. tally frieder  
184997. Debora Lewinski  
184996. Paul Doremus This is unbelievable and disgusting
184995. Richard Shapiro  
184994. Bennie Baena  
184993. Irene Robinson  
184992. yossi souva  
184991. Jeffrey Robinson  
184990. irwin pasker  
184989. Michelle Naiman  
184988. Len Dubowitz  
184987. Darren Weissman  
184986. Rayleah Elmon The facts and information on this vile site are so wrong, so badly so are that anyone reading it would have a distorted view of what the real and truthfull information is and should be removed immiediately!
184985. Miguel Campiglia  
184984. Anna Sennikov  
184983. amy gelbart  
184982. Stanley L Chester  
184981. robert manns  
184980. paul cramer  
184979. Randy Weber  
184978. Allan Goldfarb  
184977. Aine Ruane  
184976. Robin Perlmutter Goldenson  
184975. joanne kartz  
184974. James Green sick
184973. Alan Goldenberg Tragic
184972. janice fricker Thank you in advance for doing your best to make hate sites less accessible.
184971. Shoshana L.  
184970. Roslyn S. Goldstein Remove this terrible site
184969. Ramah Beiderman  
184968. shawna  
184967. Ido Dinerman  
184966. Patricia Adelson  
184965. yehuda dvir  
184964. Howard Caplan Please remove the site.
184963. Barbara Becker  
184962. Steve Antonoff  
184961. Jane Freedman  
184960. Susan Gans disgusting
184959. Harold P. Wittman  
184958. stacy  
184957. harvey herer  
184956. carmel crayo Probably will not help, but it's incumbent on decent people to try to remove this blight from the Google archival reach--it's obvious haters made this primary retrieval because they voted thousands of times to hurt the world's Jews. Stupid people think it will make an iota of difference.
184955. Conrad Levy  
184954. Jenny Gorin š
184953. Steve Bombart  
184952. Dina Bluhm Disgusting, remove ASAP
184951. Rakefet  
184950. Norah Elkman  
184949. Yaniv  
184948. Barbara  
184947. Dinah  
184946. Yetta Spector  
184945. Susan Stolburg  
184944. Binnie  
184943. gilda hami  
184942. r. Reiner  
184941. Lisa Spencer  
184940. Saul Caplan  
184939. Levy Danielle site bearing only hatred and flaming sides
184938. kfir kirshner  
184937. Jill Cott  
184936. Eric  
184935. irv tobocman please
184934. Shahnaz Shasha anything that spews hatred is abhorrent...
184933. A. F. Hochman  
184932. alice kahn  
184931. shilla bahar  
184930. Caralyn Vessal Please remove this hateful sight!
184929. alice wilkinson this is just hatred
184928. jayne levy Disgraceful..Remove immediately
184927. Jaime Vándor  
184926. Susan Shiloni This is a disgrace.
184925. Avi Oren please remove
184924. S. Movtady  
184923. Mashiach Aviva  
184922. Denise Weiss It should NOT require 50, 000 signatures to be removed - it should never be there in the first place.
184921. Carol Kushner  
184919. melissa horwich  
184918. michael gilbert how could you put this on
184917. Gary William Braun blatant racism - it should be removed
184916. Beth Gilinsky  
184915. avital b-y  
184914. Keren Shaiber  
184913. Susan Lorell  
184912. Harry Polish  
184911. Earl Magdovitz  
184910. Michael Lapkin  
184909. gerald greenwald weltner is a cipher and idiot
184908. Gail Barzelay Remove this from Google
184907. a horwich  
184906. rosie  
184905. David Caplan  
184904. Marla Duckman  
184903. Pninit Goldman  
184902. Todoya  
184901. Gerald Mindel  
184900. Debra remove this
184899. Lawrence H. Levine hate does not equal free speech
184898. Francine York Turtel asap
184897. Raoul Rapke  
184896. Barbara Frogel  
184895. Leslie Sloan  
184894. J. Todd Bowker  
184893. June L. Fair  
184892. dalit kenigsbuch  
184891. Gordon Goldstein This site is disgusting
184890. Dina Burgess  
184889. Eric Kastner  
184888. Penelope R. King  
184887. Joshua Schwarz Google's' wonderful free information flow can not support disinformation
184886. Barry Davidson This site is a disgrace and should be removed
184885. Rachel Dohme  
184884. Helene  
184883. Mark Longworth  
184882. faitel lewin  
184881. Mona Semerau  
184880. Andrew J. JACOBS  
184879. Pamela Reiss  
184878. Leonard Silverman  
184877. Dov Ingman  
184876. Beth M. Polebaum The right of free speech does not include libel.
184875. Linda Calman  
184874. eric Melman  
184873. Gady Bar -Iosef  
184872. chana eps we must do what we can to eliminate prejudice of any kind from the world and the internet is one of the more controlled ways of doing it
184871. Stanford J. Stoneman  
184870. Cynthia remove jewWatch from Google
184869. Annastazia anti-semitic site
184868. gloria canter  
184867. Renee Herzog racial hatred must be eliminated not promoted
184866. carol levstein very important action
184865. Cheryl Crenshaw  
184864. Louisa Siem  
184863. Peter Wertheimer  
184862. Siggy Meinstein can only be treated with contempt
184861. jewel sarna  
184860. Amit Dor-Shifer  
184859. B Cedar  
184858. Mauricio Tassara  
184857. M. D. Barnett amazed such site allowed to exist
184856. Eileen Ivey  
184855. Sheila Blankfield  
184854. David L. GOZAL as soon as possible
184853. limor  
184852. Barbara Shilling  
184851. KEVIN KROST  
184850. Ray Fisher  
184849. Yoel Amir  
184848. Arlene Wolk  
184847. emaunel take it off
184846. Lynda Anne Marie Osman Appalling that Anti-Semetism still exists
184845. anna maria habermann  
184844. Mehtap Eric Osman Please remove from search engine
184843. Soheil Abrishami  
184842. Pauline Mishon  
184841. Yury Konstantinovsky  
184840. H&J Schechner  
184839. H.Schechner  
184838. Mark R. Freed I was shocked that such blatant anti-jewish sites are allowed
184837. nicky fine  
184836. Nancy Ludin  
184835. George Hanz  
184834. nigel lawrence  
184833. Miriam It is terrible that this website is allowed
184832. Larry J. Thomas pure hatred spewed against the Jewish people ...
184831. Yair Orbach  
184830. Rita Lowy  
184829. Iris Dor-On  
184828. Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez  
184827. Martin  
184826. ori  
184825. Philip Hyams If you can censor content in China, you can get rid of hate sites from the U.S.
184824. Andrew Galer  
184823. Z.Gotesman  
184822. Vicki Green  
184821. tamar bashan  
184820. yaron bashan  
184819. paul aharon GO ON with the jewish pride brothers thats tha way to react to those low lifes
184818. anat bashan  
184817. Carol Caplan  
184816. Alan Tabbush  
184815. NSobil  
184814. gil hakim  
184813. Caroline Glick  
184812. Daniel  
184811. rubinstein  
184810. Alan Tinner Just Do It!!
184809. bracha wolf A collection of hateful and antisemitic articles that their intentions is to continue the Nazi's work and eliminate the Jews and the State of Israel. This is using Freedom of Speech against a selcted people.
184808. Bob Meola JewWatch is racist hate speech.
184807. Joyce Hanin Disgusting!
184806. Heloise Anti semitism and neo nazism are illegal
184805. Seymour Grossman  
184804. Suzan Bloom  
184803. Rena  
184802. Howard Taylor  
184801. Edward Block  
184800. sarahsassoon  
184799. Ruth Cannon  
184798. lior antisemitic site
184797. Mario Muchnik  
184796. Gena Richardson  
184795. Sonya Oberman  
184794. Eliezer Devere  
184793. Douglas Altchek, M. D. Free America of hate mail and anti-racial sentiment
184792. yafit  
184791. s schneider Instead of being a positive element in our world it seems to me that you do not care what or who the hell uses your help to sow hate
184790. sergio  
184789. GEISSMANN  
184788. Burton Feinstein  
184787. Ilana Ashkenazi  
184786. Siegfried Aftergut  
184785. yana borkun  
184784. Zahava Strikovsky  
184783. Michelle Kaye  
184782. Elizabeth Glanz  
184781. zvi olsha  
184780. Tracy Klinger  
184779. Sharon Beaconsfield  
184778. Moshe Gabay  
184777. Denise Smith Usually i let this kind of trash burn itself up...this kind of trash is dangerous and it is on a reliable, or so i thought search engine..... more than watching has to be done here... i proudly sign my name
184776. Eli Ansbacher  
184775. Sofia Pinto  
184773. Shai Shpirer  
184772. lisya hyams  
184771. Tal  
184770. Margit  
184769. Dan I. Araten  
184768. Mark Rosenberg  
184767. David Barnett  
184766. Dennis  
184765. Rakhel  
184764. Barry Segal I have viewed the JewWatch website and while it looks scholarly at first glance every article I read was blatantly biased against Israel, Jews, and people who did things and just happened to be Jewish.
184763. Sara Kol  
184762. yakov  
184761. Barbara Rosborg Uppsala, Sweden
184760. eli b.d.  
184759. Thomas Orr  
184758. Moises Horrible!!!!!!.
184757. Shterna I find the articles totally biased and untrue,please remove
184756. Trevor Baitz  
184755. Doron  
184754. Natalie Baitz  
184753. Ruth Williams  
184752. David Harouni  
184751. Dina Porat  
184749. KG  
184748. Monica  
184747. moje I will stop using Google as my search engine if you do not remove this website. Google should not associate itself with such sites!
184746. Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple  
184745. Flora Hakimian jewwatch add more problum to the world.
184744. nachman zisin  
184743. Ann Jerrard  
184742. David  
184741. Nirah Fisher  
184740. The Honourable William Kaye and Henrietta Kaye  
184739. Rafael Rudnik  
184738. Dahlia Talmor  
184737. mirit kopeliansky  
184736. shalom  
184735. Linda Kuras MIzrahi there are no words to describe the disgust I feel
184734. Bruce Jacobson  
184733. Louk Simha  
184732. Nasrin  
184731. ayala  
184730. Josh Hain  
184729. Judith A. Kramer  
184728. NIRA  
184727. Daniel I hate those who hate.
184726. Mildred By allowing this 'website of hate' to come up in such a prominent position, Google is actively contributing to hatred, among peoples, in this world.
184725. shirley  
184724. David Wienrich  
184723. adi  
184722. Mali Deshet  
184721. Albert Goldfarb  
184720. rachela  
184719. Ch. Rogner  
184718. silver  
184717. Joel Kangisser let's remove all racist and sexist material from search engines and web sites
184716. Len Yodaiken Disgusting
184715. hani  
184714. Elad  
184713. Sela sima  
184712. goren dvora  
184711. Erez  
184709. Yvonne Block GET RID OF THIS N O W !!
184708. Sela Uri Discusting site
184707. hasson .David  
184706. Tahl remove JewWatch!
184705. Revital Cohen  
184704. Tomer Shame on you!
184703. miri  
184702. farid  
184701. Peter D. Relyea It figures!
184700. Katie  
184699. Helene Goldenberg  
184698. Paul HIRSCH  
184697. yael  
184696. rebecca  
184695. Maya  
184694. Michal Ben  
184692. Gillian  
184691. trifman shahar  
184690. Harry Pose  
184689. Mark Prager  
184688. Orli Frenkel  
184687. esther Salama  
184686. Nancy S. Dunetz  
184685. BILL Roen remove jewwatch from google
184684. ben áï
184683. Susan  
184682. R obert hoch very anti jewish web sight
184681. Jon Farahi  
184680. lee kohl  
184679. Maxine Newman-Dresner Shame!
184678. Heidi Beth L. Cohen Please remove NOW!!!
184677. Shulamit Slotki Remove any antisemitsm
184676. albert hadida  
184675. Robyn Spirtas  
184674. yair  
184673. Gotkine Arlette and Stuart  
184672. Kathy Pulner  
184671. Prof.Izu Eibschitz Is an encouragement of Neo Antisemitism !!
184670. S. Hain  
184669. Chaim Freedman  
184668. Vita Selinger There should be a limit even to Google's greed
184667. Shlomi Shamam This racist website should be eliminated!!!!!
184666. James  
184665. jeremy  
184664. lucy  
184663. Miriam Wolf We are all one, love yourself and hatred becomes nonjudgemental
184662. Jill Lessing This is outrageous
184661. michele  
184660. ceres maghidman  
184659. Rosenman L. antisemitism is racism hatery
184658. tal  
184657. orli shababo  
184656. Dr. Ofir Naot Disgusting and shameful to carry such hatred and giving it a hand to spread around the world. After a future holocaust will Google personel say that they didn't know and that they were just a small part of a large machine?? Is our new "God"'s middlename internet?? Is freedom of speech realy holier than preventing another holocaust????
184655. Anne Taubman Hatred of any sort must be ruled out
184654. Judy Yahav  
184653. SCHINASI albert
184652. Mathilde Franco  
184651. rochelle Absolutely disgusting
184650. Lara Landsberg  
184649. ariella  
184648. mike sick
184646. Raymond Emmanuel Thalari Anti semitism is wrong and those who go fight the jewish people and Isreal, is actually going up against the creator God, and ultimately go to their DOOM. "I will bless to who Bless you, and I will curse those who curse you says the lord".
184645. Merle Roth  
184644. Merle Roth  
184643. igor  
184642. David Ohayon  
184641. Michelle Steier please do so asap
184640. shulem SHAME ON GOOGLE
184639. Leslie Seleznow this is a disgrace
184638. nathan samuel  
184637. Nava Shoshani  
184636. gitty samuel it is a hateful site and doesn't deserve google's approval
184635. Debra Block  
184634. Amisha Zuber  
184633. David  
184632. Steven Landovitz  
184631. Lois N  
184630. Brian  
184629. M. Hammerlund For this to be one of the first sites to come up, when doing a search for "Jew" is suspect and wrong.
184628. Kas  
184627. fishgold  
184626. L Krost  
184625. inbal w  
184624. yael kadmon  
184622. Benny Harouny have enough hate over the world
184621. stella Walker  
184620. Karen Levin  
184619. Dan  
184618. Willis Barnstone reprehensible
184617. Mariana Ovadya  
184615. K Magerman  
184614. sharon sabbagh  
184613. Talia A.  
184612. ely  
184611. Bruce A. Fisher this is more than horrible. it's insane
184610. Joan Lucas  
184609. S. Minkoff  
184608. michal yehudai  
184607. Julia  
184606. Eli Leibowitz  
184605. mojdeh naziri  
184604. Cecele Levinson Please remove the site, JewWatch from Google
184603. miki zilberman  
184602. Pia Kaye  
184601. Dr. Allan E. Blair  
184600. Susan Sterling  
184599. Bernard Price  
184598. Elaine Berliner Disgusting site
184597. Devorah Saban  
184596. Mel Kasinetz Please remove this site.
184595. Naomi Bitansky  
184594. Sol Jung Remove this terrible site
184593. M Klemes  
184592. Barbara  
184591. debora chiyik  
184590. Benjamin Segaloff  
184589. sam  
184588. morton Cohn hate speech is not free speech!
184587. Mike Fenton  
184586. david  
184585. sveta  
184584. Leyah Irwin  
184583. Madelyn Hoffman  
184582. Marc Bennett The most outragious site I've ever seen! Hate speech and lies about any ethnic group should not be allowed. I will use other internet services if you continue to allow it and other similar sites to operate on your search engine. I will pass this on to my friends as well.
184581. Ben Edelstain  
184580. Daniel Shub  
184579. eliasitchi  
184578. fay matian  
184577. nicole brook  
184576. Sarah Nachlas I went to the JewWatch website and found it to be deplorable, disgusting, full of lies, and an insult to our heritage, our presence and to our future. These people should be called to task for their hate crimes.
184575. Aminpour Suzan  
184574. Elaine Nelson  
184573. Tanya West  
184572. Mandy Jaffe-Katz  
184571. Aviva Blecher  
184570. gideon porath  
184569. Ellen Kagan Why would google allow this on their site ? From what I understand the web sites have to be approved.
184568. Sydney Shiffman  
184567. steve Hemmat  
184566. Gerhard Bender This site is viciously biased
184565. Colin Segal  
184564. Rachel hemmat  
184563. T. van den Berg  
184562. Josh Helfferich  
184561. carol peretz  
184560. Miles Bunder Please remove this disgusting site
184559. june bentley this is pure american greed
184558. Hava Goldburg  
184557. Joyce  
184556. Antonette Balestreri  
184555. Oren Sarch  
184554. sol zuckerman Freedom of speach was never meant to include hatred and blood libels. his despicable man should never be allowed to spout his lies especially in a a prominent place giving him access to millions of viewers who would never have otherwise heard about him.
184553. yaniv  
184552. michelle  
184551. Glenn Olf  
184550. Fran Avni  
184549. davida kristy  
184548. Elanor  
184547. gad golian  
184546. Aviva  
184545. yifat winkler  
184544. AMY R. PADWA How dare them print such outrage Lies
184543. Ira Rosenfeld  
184542. Kameh Hakakian  
184541. David Ungar  
184540. Susan Levin  
184539. Nina Apfelbaum  
184538. Sheila Levent Please remove it Google!
184537. david levian  
184536. Yahel Schwarz  
184535. Ethel Adatto  
184534. Rachel  
184533. Harry Greenberg  
184532. Isaac Gabay  
184531. ehud aminpour  
184530. Leon Granowitz  
184529. Irving Lubliner  
184528. ellen lawrence  
184527. Feri  
184526. M. Egers Remove "jewwatch"Now.
184525. heather ross  
184524. Laura Schiff  
184523. Sonia Movsas  
184522. Ronit Amiel  
184521. Susannah Glusker You are enabling hate literature and lies...
184520. Aaron  
184519. philip adler  
184518. Romy obliterate anti-semitism
184517. Beth Bierman  
184516. benny  
184515. Alex  
184514. yael  
184513. robert  
184512. L sands  
184511. Alan Shefland  
184510. david ungar  
184509. Feldman Alexander MD  
184508. William G. Rein I sincerely urge you to remove this site from the Google Seartch Engine
184507. RJ  
184506. karen  
184505. Shain Fishman  
184504. Joan I thought Google stood for factful information,not lies, & certainly not expounding hatred, misinformation & predjuice. Please remove this trash from your site.
184503. Jeremy Cohen  
184502. Roberta Mayerhoff Please take care of this as soon as possible
184501. Monique Klein  
184500. miriam talisman  
184499. Rafi Please remove anti-Semetic websites from the front of the Google search line.
184498. RUTH HOFFMAN  
184497. debra kleinman remove from the google search
184496. rena and mark finder  
184495. Rosalyn Boxer  
184494. Geoffrey Botnick  
184493. Boris Schaffer  
184492. ruth shapiro  
184491. Steve Danner  
184490. Yegal K  
184489. robyn stein  
184488. roslyn weisman remove jewwatch immediately
184487. Arlene Smuckler  
184486. Joyce Radbel stop the printing of JewWatch
184485. David Katz  
184484. Hannah Segeal Please remove from Google sight
184483. Cirel Lipskier Do the right thing and remove this site.
184482. Avi Mermelstein  
184481. Jerrold Goozh  
184480. Ruth Suchi  
184479. Marsha Fensin It is unconscionable to continue listing a site that is antithetical to the very thing a person is searching for through Google. Please remove this ugly, hate filled site from your search engine. Thank you.
184478. Doris Hevroni  
184477. Fran When will the world Grow Up?????
184476. Lazar Layvant  
184475. Audra Wagaman  
184474. Debby  
184473. Jacqueline Breines  
184471. Donna  
184470. josh berkowitz this should be removed
184469. Harriet Resnicow  
184468. Lilly Nuer love heals all - allow it to manifest and grow.
184467. Isaac Berman  
184466. Hana G. I hope you understand the impact this can have on people that no nothing about Jewish people. I trust that you will do the right thing and remove this hateful page from your search results.
184465. fenichel haim  
184464. Susan Walsh I think its irresponsible of "google" to allow that site to be first and foremost when conducting a search for "jew"
184463. Aaron Glatt  
184462. Jennifer Hoch This is a true disgrace. Remove this site from google!
184461. Harlene Weiss  
184460. Agatha Muire  
184459. mallach m  
184458. Bonnie Geller-Geld  
184457. Aaron Kinsberg  
184456. alan udes  
184455. Wendy Chen  
184454. George Handler  
184453. larry Merovitz  
184452. Avner Bent Take this hate off the web
184451. Linda Stone  
184449. Keiko Sakamoto  
184448. Patton Mellan  
184447. Richard Cicero  
184446. Suri Crawford Heinous hate site. Remove!!!
184445. Joseph Dahan  
184444. Suri Crawford Heinous hate site. Remove!!!
184443. Doris Atkind This is hateful
184442. Sharon Woolf The site contains biased information, items taken out of context and out right lies.
184441. B. Freundlich  
184440. Simone Dahan  
184439. JosephMrantz  
184438. Barbara Richter Please remove this information immediately
184437. Eliot Seidenfeld Extremely offensive site and does not do GOOGLE justice as the #1 search engine to allow this site to be found as any search result for the word JEW, let alone one of the first results! Please remove this site promptly!!!
184436. Dina Granove This site should be removed from Google immediately.
184435. L. Recker  
184434. Richard Shapiro The site should be taken down. It simply fuels negativity towards jewish people. The author can talk in circles if he likes but it is down right racist to pinpoint one group like this.
184433. Diane Rose  
184432. Sarita Coren  
184431. Patricia S. Rudden Get this off Google.
184430. Aron Coren  
184429. Daniel  
184428. Sarita Coren This website should never exist!!!!
184427. Hope Moore  
184426. Dario Weinstein  
184425. Karen starrett  
184424. Evelyn Strom  
184423. Melody Moradi  
184422. Arthur Hellmann Please remove this obnoxious site
184421. Saul Fenster  
184420. harry fried just another stupid site(REMOVE)
184419. mike sherman  
184418. D. Luftig  
184417. roberto wetzstein  
184416. David Gubbay  
184415. pe watt  
184414. Toby Brock  
184413. don solooki  
184412. Beatrice Goldstein This is the most disgusting piece of anti-semitic propaganda I have ever seen!
184411. Betty Phillips  
184410. R Buntman  
184409. gloria nadel disgusting
184408. irwin j. moss  
184407. amy jason  
184406. rhoda stern  
184405. Joseph A. Kumrow is spouting old-fashioned anti-Semitism of the kind once spewed by Henry Ford, Julius Streicher and all the early Nazis which led to the Holocaust in Europe. To talk facts to these people is useless. The truth is that Christians vastly outnumber Jews in every area -- the media, banking, the Communist Party (e. g., Lenin and Stalin). If the Russian Communists slaughtered millions of Christians, these slaughters were led by Christian-born Communists, not by Jews. In fact, Trotsky (who was Jewish) was himself assassinated by Stalin, and Stalin had begun anti-Jewish pogroms after World War II, when he himself suddenly died. It's a waste of time, breath and energy to talk facts to the creators of JewWatch. These are sick deranged people with with unbalanced minds. Google should not give these lunatics a forum. They should be confined to mental institutions, not spreading their sick lies, ignorance and hatred on the Internet.
184404. Edit Haran  
184403. Stephanie This website is truly sick - written by a twisted, antisemetic person who has fallen into an age-old blame-the-Jew - for -Everything to justify his own pathetic life. All while hiding behind his Librarian degree
184402. Regine Korn  
184401. Jeffrey St Clair  
184400. yuval braverman this needs to be removed immediatly
184399. shmuli weichselbaum  
184398. Tania  
184397. Ray Marcus This is offensive beyond description!
184396. hanan shefa  
184395. Joshua  
184394. gertie forman disgusting site
184393. Alla Shmulevich  
184392. Sondra Shapiro  
184391. Marc Nemiroff  
184390. Erick Rothfeld  
184389. Zuleika Ismaeli Appalling
184388. Gloria Batkin Kahn  
184387. Ellen Stewart-Whelan  
184386. hariette  
184385. Josh Levine  
184384. Jesse Mermelstein  
184383. Gerald Falke  
184382. monique harrouche  
184381. charles mahrer totally digusting from anyone
184380. Olivia Hollander this is disgusting!!
184379. Penni Leeman  
184378. Carol remove this site, please
184377. Khadijah Malik No race should be vilified this way
184376. Harvey Berenbaum  
184375. Judith Bohrer  
184374. lisa  
184373. Nicole Perec  
184372. Marcos Nestrovski  
184371. Micah L Olesky  
184370. jackie zeiger  
184369. sharron Please remove this site from results ASAP
184368. Carolina  
184367. Arie Please remove this site from results
184366. Cathy Chernin The hatred that consumes the likes of these people should not be allowed to pollute the internet.
184365. Julie Katz  
184364. karen  
184363. C JYangara  
184362. C Walker  
184361. Robert Prupis  
184360. Kimberley R Remove this please
184359. Leyat M  
184358. Anita Gould  
184357. mary relles  
184356. Bruche Sherman  
184355. Mireille Key  
184354. abbie marcus  
184353. Joe Camarano Why is it okay to single out the Jews for hate-mongering when most of us would scream in indignation if you substituted the name of any other race, religion, or sexual preference for the word "Jew"? Just goes to show how easy it is to fall back into the centuries-old mindset of scapegoating the Jews. Gee, it's not even original. Please remove this site.
184352. dr judith issroff  
184351. Osiris Ameer  
184350. Sandra Katz  
184349. sharon charabati  
184348. Sharon Natenberg  
184347. jessica alter  
184346. Bruce and Geri Barton disgraceful
184345. Melonie  
184344. Jonathan Berkowitz Shame on Google
184343. Charles Copeland Please remove this hate speech site!
184342. Dr. Leonard Fintzy  
184341. Richard A. Weintraub MD This is the most angry, bigoted , vial and delusionary site I have ever seen. To even allow this on your site is embarrassing to all self respecting human beings and moreover to all mankind. This is not free speech!! This is bigoted and purposely inflammatory and has no place in our country or world. If you allow this in your search engine you should have a very visible disclaimer otherwise I will consider that you clearly endorse and sponsor these views and activities. You have a chance to stand up against all hate. Do it now if you have any conscience whatsoever, not to mention your obligation to honesty and peace. If you choose to ignore common sense & world wide decency the I will certainly have to abandon your site any any relationship with it. This is not a threat, but , merely a statement of the honesty and the integrity that is entrusted to people who like you who are supposed to serve the public interest.
184340. Robert House  
184339. Ivan Grosz  
184338. Joseph Ngeri  
184337. nissen bron  
184336. Alice Rubin  
184335. Shirley  
184334. Cathy Gross Remove
184333. Jennifer Ngeri  
184332. Jaime  
184331. Susan B  
184330. Yechiel Rosenblum  
184329. Kudzu  
184328. marc marshall  
184327. martha bergler  
184326. M. Tabib  
184325. Magda  
184324. peter klein  
184323. Jeff B  
184322. susan klein  
184321. M Ruben  
184320. shay well just read the headlins!!!!!!!
184319. Gary Johnson  
184318. nancy horowitz  
184317. Avrohom  
184316. Malcolm Mason  
184315. Simon  
184314. Alan Kerzner This is disgraceful for a quality company. You do not need to accept money from them for placement.
184313. lorene sarne  
184312. Angelica Halabi  
184310. D Moadab  
184309. frida  
184308. sean  
184307. Irene Brenner  
184306. Caterina Halabi  
184305. Violet Darling  
184304. Marion Tuchman  
184303. Malik Mason  
184302. Trudy Kotzker  
184301. Janet Swanson  
184300. Dr. Malcolm Brown  
184299. Rebecca Hynek  
184298. Richard J. Decker  
184297. Anna Glee Such sites should be illegal
184296. Michael Haziza  
184295. Rachel Sampson  
184294. Joshua shajnfeld Please remove
184293. Joan Fenton  
184292. Mia Kent  
184291. GLEN GOLISH it is very disturbing to me that people like this are supported
184290. Betty & Philip Narotsky Why single out Jews? Do you have Moslemwatch, Christianwatch?
184289. elie arieh the cite is disgusting
184288. Brian Prosserman  
184286. gabrielle chabbott  
184285. Bernard Rubin  
184284. L. Cooper  
184283. Gary Rothman  
184282. Lillian Chandler I find this most offensive and I am not jewish
184281. m.r.lloyd  
184280. re  
184279. Andrea Goldstein  
184278. Viktor Shtilbans  
184277. Marvin Sacks  
184276. Denis Bell  
184275. julius simon  
184274. Ken Zeman  
184273. Dorit Garber  
184272. ethel fischer  
184271. Marion Bernstein  
184270. Lynne Klein  
184269. ida nathan  
184268. Lori Abbate  
184267. Michael Ceraulo please remove
184266. Helene Bernstein  
184265. Randy Freeman Have a right to be included but unfortunately is at top of the list!
184264. Alexander Passovoy  
184262. JOSEPH GLASER there`s enough hate in the world already
184260. Aileen Greenberg-Kriner  
184259. h bayard  
184258. ellie please remove jew haters from your search engine
184257. Herbert Beeber REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
184256. Ronald Schwartz THIS IS A DISGRACE
184255. jim  
184254. Stella this is insulting and demonstrates how far man has actually evolved from anti semitic ways displayed in the world war two era.
184253. Robert  
184252. Jim Cogan  
184251. Randi Leese  
184250. Jacob Mosak  
184249. Leah  
184248. Scott Adler  
184247. ellen eichinger  
184246. MARK JONAH  
184245. arthur e friedman stuff like this does no good!
184244. Leah Asofsky  
184243. TS Rubin  
184242. parviz  
184241. Ellen  
184240. fran  
184239. Ira Dubin  
184238. fran  
184237. E.MALINA  
184235. Nastaran Khadavi  
184234. Debra Notkin  
184233. Diane Cohn  
184232. Krista Anderson We need hate speech laws like Canada's.
184231. Sandra Silverstein This site goes beyond criticizing individual acts of a people or government. It falsely accuses people of a conspiracy. This goes beyond free speech to the border of libel.
184230. Lesley Kessler  
184229. jsadofsky  
184228. Mark Zlotnikov  
184227. Berna Levine  
184226. Norbert Weinberg I would hope that this will be immediately removed
184225. Joy Dolin  
184224. Edythe Cohen  
184223. Daniel Barnett  
184222. Donna Kagan Thought we could trust google search
184221. Louis Sterling  
184220. Marilyn Limmer  
184219. Gladys Menaker  
184218. chuck brodzki  
184217. David Menaker  
184216. Roger Imerman This site is an abomination
184215. Adam  
184214. Eva Gueron According to the ADL 3 years ago, "Google has shown great responsiveness to this issue and a willingness to consider changes to better identify extremist Web sites, so that users can still have the benefit of Google's unique search technology while being alerted when they are about to enter into a hate zone." Please implement.
184213. DCOHN=Tempkins -------------------------
184212. sarah kay  
184211. Kay Benkendorf  
184210. J  
184209. lawrence epstein  
184208. nancy aranow remove site.
184207. chantal moreno  
184206. Sandra Baxter  
184205. Lenore Friedman  
184204. Rochelle Israel My husband, I and our families will stop using Google
184203. Honey Bencomo  
184202. lea  
184201. Linda Harrington  
184200. s.varasano  
184199. Randy Sue Firestone  
184198. loyaabel  
184197. Joe Hirte  
184196. s. spano  
184195. israel outrageous
184194. rebecca shame on you
184193. eli rok Hate material publishing is a crime!!! Don't allow criminals
184192. Keri Mills  
184191. monica levy the material on this site is an amazing collection of lies and mis-statements that are clearly the work of an enormously anti-semitic individual
184190. Effi Mordechai  
184189. B.Goldberg Please remove this bigot's website
184188. Adrian Dombey  
184187. Nathaniel Bloomfield, MD  
184186. Carol Stein Remove this horrible site from the internet. What you are allowing only adds hatred killings
184183. Natyaliya Kneller  
184182. mary sharp  
184181. Marla Camarano Please remove this site.
184180. j jonas remove this perpetration of lies & hate
184179. Ellen Krupa-Starley  
184177. Norman Weiser hateful and untrue
184176. ariel Google is an icon of our century and to keep it respectable please remove this website
184175. Gary M Yarkony remove Jewwatch
184174. oscar newman  
184173. Sari Ross  
184172. beth  
184171. Melissa Tice  
184170. Irwin Field Please remove this site from your search list.
184169. Andrew Cotton  
184168. Judith W. Wertheim Google needs to be aware of this filth.
184167. Nancy R. Rosenberg Please remove immediately
184166. Joseph Zoldan Please remove the Site as soon as possible
184165. g . marchant please remove this insulting site
184164. Judy Zalesne This infection should be stopped NOW.
184163. mark squire  
184162. Bernard Linn  
184161. flo perahia disgusting
184160. Steve Kerzer  
184159. Greg Please, don't let this antisimetic site to be a part of your reputable search engine.
184158. June Georgia  
184157. Annabelle Siegel  
184156. Edwin Goldstein Please remove this site as soon as you can.
184155. Nathaniel Siegel  
184154. alex geisler  
184153. Haim K  
184152. jose damiani  
184151. julia damiani  
184150. alan davis this is a hate site
184149. Irwin Rockoff This is disgusting!! WW2 vet& Col. Desert Shield
184148. Fran Passik  
184147. Alex Massry  
184146. Harry Dyner  
184145. nicole taller  
184144. Rona Ginsburg  
184143. Estelle  
184142. Harold A. Levine  
184141. Karen  
184140. Ann Goldman  
184139. Harold Block remove Google search engine JewWatch
184138. Josephine Florio  
184137. Isaac  
184136. marcia cohen  
184135. arnoldzackin pleaseremoveasap.
184134. EDWARD G. WOLPIN Trash
184133. Joyce Fischer  
184132. Gary Feldman  
184131. Fran Yariv Uneducated people might even believe this garbage.
184129. linda sue shiller  
184128. Marge Paters This website is ridiculous.
184127. Inge Etzbach Unbelievable!
184126. G. H. Cohen  
184125. Rema & Jerry Rosenberg MUST REMOVE
184124. HAROLD BLOCK remove google searcheengine
184123. Gina Gervasi  
184122. Allan Goldberg  
184121. Edward Knuckles  
184120. omri  
184119. Debby Schozman  
184118. Jill James this website is below google's standards - you should want to remove it on your own without this petition
184117. Robert L Bennett This site is Disgusting
184116. Toni Schwartz needs to be removed
184115. Joanna Broder  
184114. Don  
184113. beth adams when you smite a Jew, you are smiting the apple of G-ds eyes. Shame on this word
184112. amy gardner  
184111. Robin Kerzer  
184110. vicki feldman offensive and unbelievable
184109. Roberta Holland  
184108. Paul LaZebnik  
184107. Barbara aMartinez  
184106. Rita Wisser We jews represent a large block of consumers. It would not benefit the company to lose us as customers.
184105. sar you shouln't promote this
184104. Mark Brownstein  
184103. SAndy Rake  
184102. Ray Spiro We may have our bias, but prejudice hurts all
184101. marilyn stone  
184100. Charles Prentiss Whoever posted the JewWatch site should be drawn and quartered, gassed, shot and hanged. How can Google allow its good name to be associated with sick, vile, ignorant insanity?
184099. cheryl koenig  
184098. Melody Hassid  
184097. Mort Lynn  
184096. Leonard E. Adelson Remove ASAP
184095. Lee Leabman In poor taste
184094. Gregg Thompson  
184093. Joan Leabman Can't believe you would allow such a site and have it one of the first sites to visit.
184092. Michael Cumin  
184091. Barbara Iskowitz Stop The Hatred Google. This is anti-semitism at its worst.
184090. Jane Abrams  
184089. s. peretz  
184088. Arash Afari where's the common sense
184087. L. Selzer  
184086. Susan Lynn  
184085. Raphael Cohen  
184084. Nancy This site is disgusting and promotes ignorance and hate, and should not be promoted or allowed on any search engine.
184083. Myra Goldman  
184082. Gail Rankell  
184081. Judi Magder  
184080. SFBarnett  
184079. Wesley Battle  
184078. J Newman  
184077. Eli  
184076. heather galison  
184075. M. Feibus  
184074. David Marshall Remove this at once!!!!!
184073. Pamela Talkovsky I am surprised that Google would support this kind of hatred
184072. Nina Tepper  
184070. Arnie Funk  
184069. Daniel Charen  
184068. susan Maybe we need to boycott google since all these signatures obviously don't mean a thing
184067. Joseph Masling  
184066. michelle oconnell  
184065. carol berger  
184064. farnaz abrishami  
184063. s resnick  
184062. ALLAN SARVER  
184061. Carla Behrin  
184060. Roberta Lorio  
184059. Ron Cuttler  
184058. Irwin Chalfin  
184057. Roberta Gutkind  
184056. Panizza Allmark  
184055. Alan J. Nathanson Outrageous for Google to allow this.
184054. Jackie Devries we are supposed to promote peace not hate
184053. Selig Gutkind  
184052. Sandra Foster-Chalfin  
184051. Joanne Dresner please have the decency to remove this site
184050. Panizza Amalia  
184049. Anne Gunar  
184048. Maruja Tarre  
184047. Carol Cook  
184046. Anita Shaffer Please do the right thing and remove this site
184045. Elaine Tabakin I find this site abhorrent and offensive.
184044. Steve Liss  
184043. Alice cohn  
184042. Zo remove
184041. Tammye Gregoire  
184040. Shirley Dettmann  
184039. keith gordon  
184038. Dr. Martin L. Kalmanson Site is outrageous
184037. Mike Shen  
184036. s polansky  
184035. Mike S  
184034. Cathy Dellinger this should not be part of what Google is about.
184033. Margery Galluzzi  
184032. Bijan Broukhim M.D. What else????
184031. estelle raderman your excuses for keeping this item at the top of your list is spurious, at best.
184030. RON BARON  
184029. Katherine Moreton this should never have been allowed on google in the 1st place.
184028. Rachel S  
184027. Nancy Miller  
184026. edward somers beyond absurd!!!!
184025. marc resnik  
184024. Ruth Sabo  
184023. Leo Lipp There is enough hate in the world without this rubbish
184022. jesica  
184021. Bobi Klotz  
184020. Diane Sands  
184019. Jacquie Hyams  
184018. mitch  
184017. Liz Jacobs  
184016. Jewell  
184015. Kim Zell  
184014. Abby Casper This is a shocking web site and should be removed from the Google Search Engine
184013. Kyle Ross  
184012. Verna Ross  
184011. Etta Winigrad  
184010. Howard Goldberg  
184009. Marcia Herson make the creeps who want to find such a site really work to find it.
184008. fariba yad  
184007. sheryl Anderson  
184006. Nancy J this site is disgusting and must be banned
184005. ernie goodman  
184004. emilia elgamil  
184003. simon rabkin  
184002. R.Shulsinger  
184001. Jerome S. Perlman  
184000. reuven brudner  
183999. Esther  
183998. allenrifkin yake this off
183997. Barbara Joy Marsh  
183996. Sylvia Backer  
183995. C Berrol  
183994. maria murialdo  
183993. Joan Rosen  
183992. Mark Davis  
183991. Amy Grossman  
183990. Brandon Notowitz  
183989. Steven Frank  
183988. Changiz Toomari  
183987. Susan Strauss Very offensive
183986. Howard Gittleson This designation is in very bad taste and Google should be more senstive to these situations
183985. leonard hopkins  
183984. Arman Toumari  
183983. Aaron Toomari  
183982. Obie  
183981. Randall Kramer It's an error for THAT website to flourish under the Meta Tag of "Jew"/instead should be found thru "hatred"
183980. nicole marshall  
183979. Alan Please remove
183978. scott notowitz  
183976. Viviana Galkin  
183975. L.Abramo  
183974. Jacob B. Padgug, Ed.D.  
183973. Gilbert Levine  
183972. Barbara Zutz This must be closed down!
183971. Lee and Toby Gurney  
183970. gerry hoffman  
183969. sammi shore horrendous
183968. Sherman Jacobs Please Remove from Google Search Engine
183967. Michael Banin  
183966. slaughter  
183965. Edward Devore  
183964. Frances M. Patten REMOVE JEWWATCH NOW!
183963. gishel new  
183962. martin israel must be removed its outrages
183961. Stephen F. Kessler  
183960. marvin moskowitz  
183959. alessandra  
183958. Lawrence Wald Google should be ashamed! My future use of Google will depend on whether Google removes "JewWatch"!
183957. c a rosen hatefilled rubbish
183956. Dr Suzanne Barnett  
183955. Jason Lickstein  
183954. Mrs.S.Greenberg  
183953. amnon gilaad  
183952. Barbara Escowitz  
183951. Mr.S.Greenberg  
183950. Alan Lury  
183949. Lori Weintraub This site is a disgrace to the truth! It should not be on your search engine so mass amounts of people can be told lies!
183948. Alixandre Schijman  
183947. Louise Jelly  
183946. Vivian Watkin Garvin remuve them please
183945. debbie skapin  
183944. Susan Leff  
183943. M O  
183942. sepideh rabiezadeh  
183941. Laura Rappaport  
183940. Josef Derzavich  
183939. James K Its not right, is it ?
183938. Joyce Jacobson  
183937. Jack Zimmerman  
183936. Azrain  
183935. Carol Burke  
183934. Gary Paller  
183933. susan okun remove jewwatch
183932. David Bubes  
183931. jake jacobson  
183930. Edmond S. Adams JewWatcxh must be removed from Google,s Search Engine
183929. linda howard  
183928. mercedes almosni  
183927. stacey kettleman what a disappiontment. I used google for all my questions and will not ever again!!
183926. elinor & sol ruskin  
183925. john holicka  
183924. Evelyn Firestone  
183923. Alexander Jon Miller  
183922. ayalon shlomo  
183921. karine morris  
183920. Mark Heller  
183919. Daniel L.  
183918. Alan A. Armer  
183917. merav rinsky  
183916. Jerry and Jacaui Kaufman  
183915. Greg Khitroiv  
183914. Robert Diamond I thought more highly of Google. I am horrified that Google would allow such trash!!
183913. Stephen Silvers hate speech is hate speech - get rid of it
183912. Bunny Alex I was shocked by the hatred in this site and that google would let it appear under "JEW" searches
183911. Irving D. Cohen  
183910. todd  
183909. Dan This needs to be taken care of asap
183908. lizbeth goldberg  
183907. Jon Stratton  
183906. Kathleen I.Moses Discrimination and bigotry against any groop is deplorable!!!
183905. susan Edelblum  
183904. Helen Fleming Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with you.
183903. Julius Katz  
183902. maurice roman the sooner the better
183901. Jean Blumin lets work for harmony and peace
183900. Beverly Shay This site is unfair and should NOT be on here.
183899. Muriel Swersky  
183898. George Rodman  
183897. Loren Sherman  
183896. Alan Witheiler  
183895. Teris Binder  
183894. Helen  
183892. Kevin Hunt  
183891. Art Haendel I cannot believe that a reputable company like Googe can allow such a thing in their name. Please remove this from your site. Thank you for you cooperation.
183890. P Freedman  
183889. Carissa Lipton  
183888. Richard A. Schulman  
183887. gary morgan  
183886. Heather Ford  
183885. Marcia Schulman  
183884. Joseph Dinnigan  
183883. Min Heiman unreal
183882. Lizz Dinnigan It's appalling. Please do something about it.
183881. Edward Sadowsky SICK PEOPLE WITH A PROBLEM
183880. mark haloossim  
183879. HATITE BRADLOW Their program needs to be fixed
183878. David Marks You need better control of the lies and garbage you except
183877. noga  
183876. Cheryl Waldman  
183875. cindy sterimberg  
183874. Roger Siegel  
183873. Stuart Heller  
183872. H Leon Bradlow This is an ourageous twist to their program
183871. jaime victor kaus ofensivo
183870. alicia  
183869. Laura Fry  
183868. Bella  
183867. Annette Goldwasser  
183866. abraham Weinbach it is a shame to hold such sites
183865. jason smith  
183864. H. Frishman  
183863. zahamat Naksh  
183862. candice smith  
183861. Mark Strouss  
183860. Amnon Levy  
183859. Bonnie Sun  
183858. marvin ebert outright lies...
183857. arezou berghoff  
183856. Jack_Ass Jack_Ass
183855. s timins  
183854. Neil Koppel remove-repulsive
183853. r braden  
183852. d timins  
183851. harold hickman I pity the idiots that would like to re-birth the holocaust.
183850. Farzad Jake Khoubian  
183849. Jennifer Edmonds  
183848. Karen Kominsky  
183847. jean  
183846. lynn sternberg How can you allow this site to exist?
183845. DALIA TAUBER ÿ
183844. Shari Pourebrahim  
183843. Finbarr M. Corr Ed.D I believe that this should change
183842. Linda Weinberg remove
183841. milton rinzler  
183840. sara pearlman  
183839. Norton Robitaille  
183838. bluma Herman let's erase antisemitism and learn to live in a world without hate
183837. stan rubenstein  
183836. Jocelyn Bell  
183835. Alexandre  
183834. Basya  
183833. richard bardack  
183832. RUBY SHULMAN  
183831. Richard Janowitz this type of material is against good reason
183830. Sherry Stark  
183829. Ms. Reagan N Goulding disgusting!!!
183828. Nancy Ungar  
183827. ruth belsky  
183826. Samuel Walters-Nevet  
183825. Bernard Klocman  
183824. Carolyn Steinberg  
183823. Ed Malashock The workings of a sick and dangerous mind
183822. Rebecca Hopkins  
183821. David Bender  
183820. Lesley Harris  
183819. Rosemary Gorin  
183818. Heidi Mermelstein delete this please
183817. N/A  
183816. Cyrena Robitaille  
183815. Bebe Brasloff  
183814. emma greenberg why allow racism of any form on the internet
183813. Ruth Bronzite  
183812. SHALOM COHEN  
183811. Alex Landsberg It's despicable
183810. Alan R.Breitbart/Eleanor T.Breitbart  
183809. T Lecher  
183808. e.h.winer the sooner you get this dirt of your engine the better.
183807. Marc Weisel  
183806. Lesley Silverman  
183805. barbara libman  
183804. David Eigen Shameful site, how could you google?
183803. MURRAY FELDMAN Google should eliminate this site entirely,NOW!!!!!!
183802. Caitlin Fitzpatrick  
183801. Jack Lubowsky A disgusting website misrepresnted as "scholarly" when it is an unvarnished anti-semitic polemic
183800. Russell Mow the arab would would burn the country hosting a site like this if it were about them. we dont ask as much, just a little respect.
183799. Elaine  
183798. Glenn Vogelman This website is a disgrace. Shame on Google for allowing this.
183797. rochelle drey  
183796. RHEA Feldman remove these hate mongers once and for all.
183795. Violet Khanmalek  
183794. Barbara Golden  
183793. tirtza harel  
183792. Joby Schechter THis is wrong. Misinformation
183791. Donna Goldman It is a shame that it requires a petition to remove a site that spews hate.
183790. Kenneth Reiss  
183789. Carol Levy  
183788. e sherman  
183787. Gaea Shaw  
183786. Gerlof van der Veen For a European this sounds all to familiar! We all know how it ended!
183785. varda remove from google
183784. Marla Hyman The type of attitude displayed by google is what breeds hatred.
183783. Leyla Hur  
183782. Maija JEWWATCH.COM is a GREAT PUBLIC SERVICE. You Jews monitor every so called "HATE" group. The problem is that YOU ARE THE HATERS, not "THE OTHER PEOPLE". YOU JEWS MUST BE MONITORED. And the next times somebody calls you on your obnoxious JEWISH behavior, thank them instead of calling them a "racist", "anti semite", "extremist" etc etc etc...... YOU JEWS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN....quite the BS!!!!
183781. Deb Ungerman  
183780. Pamela Lewack It is disgrace that google publishes such a disgusting site
183779. Joseph Silverman
183778. H Michelsn  
183777. Randal Deutch  
183776. Herman Ungerman  
183775. angelo festa  
183774. Barbara Korn  
183773. ron ogusky hideous
183772. Maxine S Seller freedom of speech does not cover this hatemongering. Please take it off the web.
183771. Ophir Frieder  
183770. carol ogusky disgusting
183769. Amy  
183768. Marshall B Paisner  
183767. Bennett. Breen  
183766. Gary Brown  
183765. rochelle cresov shame on you! Since 2004!
183764. carolyn caplan  
183763. Renee Back  
183762. Mark Manoff  
183761. yehudit brikman  
183760. Marjorie Johnson  
183759. katovsky andres  
183758. stella  
183757. R. Mendelson  
183756. Mitchell Reiss This is very offensive to me
183755. Laurie Jacobs  
183754. Philip Kaplan  
183753. Hily Dahan  
183752. Dorothy K Resnick  
183751. Alex stop anti-semitism
183750. Karen B.  
183749. Steven Hyman This is disgusting!!!
183748. hengameh kimia  
183747. Catholic John Maybe you should try a little Christian thinking!!
183746. jerry gort Google should have enough sense to not have this sight.they are shouting FIRE in a crowded theater
183745. rozentul alberto  
183744. HOWARD monitor your sites
183743. Amy Klein  
183742. Walt Gorsey  
183741. Arlene Leibowitz  
183740. faye korb despicable,promotes hate
183739. Steven Morgenthal This type of bigotry, parading as journalism is shameless and Google should not act to facilitate visitors to the site.
183738. Haze Kompelien very hate-filled site. please do not assist in making it such a prioirty answer to a search! (and, no I am not Jewish). Sincerely,
183737. Phil Goodman  
183736. Frances Lichtman We must expose and rid discrimination
183735. june winegardner  
183732. Donna Kaelter  
183730. Donna Bricker  
183729. Jonathan Greenstein  
183728. eugenio feuermann  
183727. riki renton this is abhorant
183726. Nathan Shlamkovitch  
183724. iris epstein  
183723. Ruth Burman  
183722. Don Ball  
183721. Doron - Dog Bytes Computers Unbelivable !!!
183720. Frances Lichtman We must expose and rid discrimination
183719. Jason Katz It is important that we continue to make a conscious effort to eliminate such hateful organizations like Jewwatch.
183718. Helene Weicholz remove jewatch
183717. phyllis levine Its abomidable that in 2007 we still have such prejudice against everyone but "white " protestant americans"
183716. ruth thomas  
183715. Marco Giannatiempo  
183713. Lesli Overstreet This anti-semitism is despicable--this is how hatred and bigotry, prejudice and discrimination continue
183712. Yael Shachar together we will win
183711. harriet washton  
183710. steven forman  
183709. Michael Godl  
183708. Ellen and Mike Smith  
183707. Rachel Lea  
183706. (Rev.) Donald Bell A shocking site
183705. linda edelstein  
183704. Marc Jacobson  
183703. Leah Khadavi  
183702. david leven trrible should go!!!
183701. sidney mintz  
183700. Leon Krauss  
183699. Betty Sztrum Como hija de sobrevivientes del TERRIBLE HOLOCAUSTO exijo la eliminacion de estos sitios .Tengo parientes directos que fueron eliminados en este Holocausto.
183698. Donald Lilly  
183697. tamar  
183696. Adele Nathanson  
183695. Arina Finkelstein Remove it!!!!!
183694. Arlene Lilly  
183693. Jill Page  
183690. daniela ament  
183689. Patricia Nerlinger  
183688. Alain Coriat  
183687. ron sivan Jewwatch are sick!
183686. milton kaplan  
183685. stuart levy  
183684. pam galusha  
183683. Rita Wartell  
183682. Jerome and Stephanie Katz  
183681. Herb Lefkowitz  
183680. talila shir  
183678. Susan McCarthy  
183677. Eli Klinger  
183676. avner  
183675. Harriet Lefkowitz It shouldbe removed
183674. Wendy Wheeler I am amazed, saddened, and disgusted that something like this would appear on Google!
183673. Loretta Ziegelman  
183672. Estee Raviv  
183671. EVAN BURROWS  
183670. D.M. Heiden  
183668. Jack Lichtenthal The web site is a fraud. It is designed to spread anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist ideas. The site is promoting radical ideas in the Middle East aimed at the destruction of Israel and the denial of the holocaust, as a historical entity, and, thus, by attacking scholarship on the holcaust. The site is designed to complement classic anti-semitism, as in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."
183667. Carly Tritt Please take this site off. It is a disgrace that this site, which is full of so much hate and so many lies, can be found so easily. Thank you for your help and understanding!
183665. Linda Oxenberg  
183664. goral  
183662. Arlene Marcus  
183661. Jay Barmon  
183660. fred mashian  
183659. Theda Rosen shockingly antisemetic
183658. Eli Remove Jewwatch from your site iimmediately
183657. Dan & Sylvia Stein Hateful. Remove
183656. Tom Hyman  
183655. Jessica Yellen  
183654. Steven Curtis  
183653. Kenneth M Bloom  
183652. gene elkins disgusting garbage
183651. iris feingold why are people so full of hate
183650. stephen zellner  
183649. Philip Lieberman  
183648. andi please remove this hatred
183647. Helen Carlos  
183646. Judith Heyman  
183645. Alexander Teplitsky  
183644. Madelyn Rosenberg  
183643. Rodrick E. Pearline  
183642. JANE KRANSON FULL OF HATE..REMOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
183641. Tamara Vaisberg  
183640. Renee Brandes  
183639. Carol Adler  
183638. seymour bergman anti any people as a group is unacceptable
183637. Ilyssa Hunt  
183636. susan Zinn REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
183635. arlyne weiss  
183634. Susan Liebeskind  
183632. Arezou Saeedi  
183631. Leonard and Rita Sperry  
183630. Marcia Paul  
183629. judy Bernstein Although i believe in freedom of speach this is slanderous.
183628. Steve Johnson Please remove
183626. Fran Alexander Please don't let this hatred be passed on.
183624. steven weiss  
183623. Sheila S. Slutsker  
183622. susan Laing  
183620. Louise Ledeen  
183619. Eva Rutman  
183618. dan nili  
183617. Marjorie Grace-Sayers shameful!
183616. zvi amid  
183615. Philip Altman  
183614. Christina Pickard  
183613. Nina Devere  
183612. Anne Altman  
183611. J. TOJ  
183610. martin feinberg shame on you
183609. Terry Yashin  
183608. moses nathan  
183607. Robert Epstein  
183606. Rosanne Ripps  
183605. Norman Micklin  
183604. roy helmer  
183603. Nelson Magedman  
183602. Sue Brucker "Jew Watch" is really a HATE SITE not a WEB SITE. Just as Google has a policy about child porn, it should also have a policy about HATE sites.
183601. Alex Limor shamefull ignorance
183600. Norman Schneider  
183599. Robert Wilhelm unbelievable in our times.
183598. michelle zeman  
183597. ellen bullock  
183596. AVITAL AHARON remove jewwatch from your listing please
183595. Tony  
183594. Carol Lurie  
183593. J.White You are mulltiplying world problems
183592. Scott Leavitt  
183591. claire lazarus  
183590. Marjorie Polk  
183589. Anita Hochberg  
183588. Edward Cohen we need dialogue not blind hate
183587. Stanley Bass  
183585. Marty Jacobs If Google can fold human rights to gain access to China...You must take action to remove this or place it in an XXXX catagory
183584. Karen Silverberg  
183583. jshapiro  
183582. M Newman  
183581. Neal Grossman  
183580. david m  
183579. Jay Garten I'm very disappointed and angry with Google
183578. Elizabeth Marcadis  
183577. Jack Gelbard please remove this site
183576. Ellen Davis  
183575. Ruth Plotnik change the Jew search
183574. Susan  
183573. Robin L.A. Matheson  
183572. Nancy Pass Gurwin  
183571. Bernard Kats  
183570. David Ehrmann Please change this!
183569. jorge minces ÿ
183568. mark rothbardt  
183567. gans aharon  
183566. Joan Pilchik  
183565. bilha diamant  
183564. Ronald Scher Horrible, Untrue !!!
183563. farnoush amid  
183562. Susan Glenn  
183561. Isaac Worthalter Delete HATE now
183560. Michael Weiner  
183559. Jack Saladow This needs to be removed from your site
183558. Iris Segal  
183557. Lyn  
183556. Reeva Goldman  
183555. lucas Down with the site
183554. Barbara Organ Inflamatory. Bold lies
183553. a. l. harrell shockingly antisemetic
183552. Susanne Biro Please remove from Google Search
183551. Harriet Hirsch  
183550. Helene Hogri  
183549. Jo Ann Bender  
183548. esther borrrelli  
183547. SaraLynn Mandel disgusting
183546. Dan Miller  
183545. Lisa  
183544. Edi  
183543. Moshe  
183542. Harold Prigozen  
183541. algeretta stanton  
183540. Rosalin Krieger Freedom of expression must have limits to protect hisotically vulnerable groups
183539. sally levenson very disturbing
183538. Brad Abramson  
183537. moty  
183536. Ronald E Citroen  
183535. Ben Perry  
183534. jack olshansky  
183533. Daniel Gabai  
183532. rhoda Smolian  
183531. Steven Starr  
183530. Sr. Joyce Smith  
183529. larry get the hate filled sites off google searches. For you and us!
183528. Marilyn Hollander  
183527. Joyce Thomas  
183526. Miriam B. Mandel  
183525. anthony phillips this is unacceptable!!
183524. Martin Gold  
183523. melissa phillips thats so wrong and should be removed right now,especially with all the things that are going on in the world today!!
183522. roland  
183521. Hilal  
183520. Meira Lustgarten  
183519. Joy Levi  
183518. itsik  
183517. Sharon Stockdale disgraceful
183516. dudu this stinx!
183515. Mimi Singer  
183514. susan  
183513. Lili  
183512. Ted Lasky  
183511. shifra neumann  
183510. Judith Cooperman  
183509. meir salomon, painter  
183507. steven Schwartz  
183506. Michael Samuels  
183505. Selma & Julius Lerner  
183504. Stephen D. Lerner  
183503. Ruth Engel  
183502. Bonnie Grant  
183501. M ALTER  
183500. Andrew S Gordon  
183499. Morton Huskey  
183498. Haim Wolfe Lies and distortions-must be removed
183497. Marilyn Majeske  
183496. Sam D Meister  
183495. zulema bez  
183494. george dickstein enough said ....., just do it..!!!
183493. Asher Harris  
183492. Harriet Weinstein  
183491. robert carroll  
183490. Reuven Yeredor  
183489. Sheila Nuzzolo  
183488. Tedi  
183487. Kathy Shadgoo  
183486. Reverend Professor Ellen Sokolow  
183485. Doris Wexler  
183484. Marion Diiamond  
183483. Robert I. Adler  
183482. Morey greenberg  
183481. Sheldon B. Estrin  
183480. Morris Rabinko  
183479. frances m patten  
183478. Dinorah Bialostosky  
183477. Bernard Lieberman  
183476. Bertram Solomon  
183475. Dinorah Bialostosky  
183474. Sara Krome  
183473. Robert  
183472. Sheri Wolff  
183471. Levy  
183470. GLWine  
183469. sonia fliegel  
183468. juliet hakim  
183467. Sharon Zohar It's nothing but a vile and inflammatory website, Google should remove it!.
183466. Lillian Klein Abensohn  
183465. RMC social-welfare  
183464. Martin Pushkin Please remove the site
183463. Ronen Partouche  
183462. Mason H Anti semitism is wrong and comfort food for hatemongers
183461. Norman Goldwasser  
183460. marvin Bender  
183459. diane lanyi very insulting to Jews
183458. Milana Goroshko  
183457. Nurit Davis  
183456. Alan Diskin How disgusting and ignorant. Please remove it at once!
183455. Mae Meidav  
183454. Joseph  
183453. Ashley Berman We must speak out and act against hatred of any nation, religion person...the world has witnessed centuries of suffering and persecution enforced by one 'type' on another. Noone is superior. Silence or allowing is condoning.
183452. Lou Bonus  
183451. Thelma Domb  
183450. Paula Zathy disgusting site!
183449. Colin Mellis  
183448. Felicia Liber  
183447. david  
183446. Viviane Kaneff  
183445. Merle R. Schwartz  
183444. Joseph Sitrick It's nothing but a hate site.
183443. susan delone what a disgrace!
183442. Elaine OBryant Please remove
183441. Babs Siegel  
183440. rachel miller  
183439. Zvi Volk  
183438. Boris Levit  
183437. Stephen kleinrock  
183436. abraham rish google shouldnt give hand to garbage
183435. Dr. E. Mazor  
183434. marvin bernstein  
183433. Irene Rubin  
183432. Karen Meinstein  
183431. Joyce Sapir I implore you to remove this vile and inflammatory website
183430. Sheila Ben-Hur  
183429. William A. Cohn That site is not an appropriate referral for the word 'Jew.'
183428. ann d. alexander I believe in Freedom of Speech but this is hatred. Each person has responsibility for his or her acts. This is like yelling "fire" in a theater when there is no fire and people die.
183427. Michael R. Gould thanks
183426. eric becker  
183425. Susan J. Zuravin  
183424. Charles B. Zuravin If Google does not remove this disgracefully, hateful site, I will never use Google again. Google may be the best search engine, but it certainly is not the only one available.
183423. Leroy Moyer  
183422. Kevin Adam Kane  
183421. Bobbe Schmeltzer  
183420. Colin Ovzinsky  
183418. Joanna Volk  
183417. Linda Ben Zvi  
183415. Heather Ovzinsky  
183414. allan effron  
183413. Susan Dente This is ugly & hateful. Remove it .
183412. Janet Ring  
183411. zvi yankovich disgusting !
183410. Paula Steinmetz  
183409. Meira Peery  
183408. Peg Milroy  
183407. Greg  
183406. robert kowit  
183405. Fay Harris  
183404. Sandra Grossman  
183403. Elaine Cohen  
183402. Susan Portney  
183401. Sheldon Diehl Remove hate and bias from Google
183400. Sam S Snyder PhD  
183399. Ronald Domb  
183398. Cheri Warner This is discusting and hate should not be supported by google.
183397. Ellen Sambolin  
183396. Ran Erde jewwatch is spreading lies.
183395. Mary Tobin  
183394. judith fortus  
183393. Gael Ross please
183392. Lee Storch  
183391. Ted Laing Please remove this as soon as possible.
183390. Susan DeBre' I was horrified to view this outrageous site
183389. Ted Laing Please remove this as soon as possible.
183388. brian miller  
183387. Ruth Dolin Please remove "Jew from the search engine!
183386. Mrs Batsheva Gaddin  
183385. Mark Cyker  
183384. Michelle Levine  
183383. Lori Ashenfarb  
183382. L.H. Mondres  
183381. R. Reents  
183380. Sanford Fishman This must stop now!
183379. Henry Federman I resent having to see Jewwatch on Google, a racist website.
183378. Mr Russell Gaddin  
183377. Sidonia Badener  
183376. Harvey Toback  
183375. Gregorio Beiger  
183374. Kokab Claxton  
183373. Alvin DeBre A disgusting display of lies and distortions.
183372. oren  
183371. Dore Khrizman š
183370. Lauren Nathanson Johnson  
183369. Gerry Fletcher  
183368. Alan Chilton  
183367. Darryl Berkowitz  
183366. sandra stern this is a sad, sick, and twisted website
183365. Susan M Altschuler  
183364. Allan S. Morton  
183363. julie urbanus  
183362. Milton Altschuler  
183361. Carole  
183360. Daniella Berkowitz  
183359. Tami Katz Freiman  
183358. cyndi Teplitsky It's very sad that free speech invites so much twisted hatered
183357. Caryl Berzofsky  
183356. joan fox  
183355. Arlene Taraschi Please remove hateful websites!
183354. shelypike  
183353. debra jiran  
183352. evenram  
183351. shawn adham  
183350. Rosanne Deutch  
183349. Payman Bassirat  
183348. Karen Schneider extremely offensive........I do believe this violates the Webmaster Guidelines
183347. Larry Berman The site is disgraceful on so many levels.
183346. Joan Taylor  
183345. E Karson  
183344. Mark Simon  
183343. isaac ebner  
183342. Dorothy Weisberg  
183341. Samantha Please remove
183340. Glenda Rogers Abramson This is really bad.
183339. Elaine Jones  
183338. Hannah Braune Friedman  
183337. david pflaster not only should this be removed, but google should be held accountable for perpetuating this type of hatred.
183336. Joan Siegel  
183335. Ariel Litvin  
183334. Mr. P.S.Whittington I believe the message process needs to justify its ACCESS
183333. Ramona Simantob  
183332. Andrea Kline this site is despicable
183331. Jon L Despicable.
183329. Jeff Tumpowsky  
183328. charlotte woll  
183327. Michael Levgur  
183326. Harvey Witlin  
183325. al feit I'm very surprised this got by you.
183324. Rubin Yehoshua The world needs some more love, not hatred
183323. Martin nathan  
183322. Micha Levy disgrace
183321. dan  
183320. ruth Rose  
183319. Daniel all hate oriented websites should be removed
183318. eugene baron, o.d. A vicious anti-Semitic monstosity, small truths and large lies
183317. Paula Shaff PLEASE REMOVE THIS
183316. Emanuel Weintraub  
183315. anat shababo  
183314. bonnie gordon  
183313. Eva Rosenstein Terrible site...twists every fact and history..anti-jewish, anti-freedom, anti-everything. Shocking!!!!
183312. Lisa Donner  
183311. Ruth FAin please remove
183310. jesse  
183309. Judy Helderman  
183308. Julie Possick  
183306. JEROME CANIN  
183305. haya adam  
183304. Chen Yan  
183303. Myriam de Leeuw  
183302. A Ur  
183301. Doris Aghaei  
183300. maryam sarraf  
183299. M Dreese  
183297. Elad  
183296. Bernice Spanier  
183295. Rozlin Stepp this is horrible and anti semetic, very offensive
183294. Judith Kaplan  
183293. maureen levy  
183292. Beverly Copeland  
183291. Max Simoni it is outrages that in 2007 this is still going on
183290. Sam and Felice Gordon Anti-Semitism is Un-American
183289. irwin brumer  
183288. Alix Shinewald  
183287. tal yaakov  
183286. Shannie Serbyn  
183285. Jared Bleiler  
183284. Mike Finkelstein  
183283. Susan Boughner  
183282. B. Lachmi  
183281. M.J. Sarrett remove this offensive site!
183280. Paul Shapiro  
183279. Alan Zamchick Make sure you make the change!!
183278. Gloria Bressler  
183277. Daniella Chotzen  
183276. robert stanley  
183275. FranShapiro  
183274. Jherrie Rubeyiat  
183273. Aileen Sarrett deplorable! shame on Google!
183272. Carol Becker I am discusted this happens in America!
183271. m heit The disclaimer is a great start but it wiould be appreciated if an antisemitic label could be pasted on your listing.
183270. Barry Huret Please remove it promptly.
183269. barb Bernstein  
183268. ram luz  
183267. alex ciffer  
183266. Shirley Samuels  
183265. arthur levy  
183264. Jennifer de Saxe  
183263. Kalie Stern  
183262. Herbert Eagle  
183261. judy chanan  
183260. patsy bloom  
183259. Gerson Perry This is so inflamatory to the Jews in the world!
183258. Art Lichtman ÿ
183257. TAMARA de SAXE  
183256. Bonnie Liebman  
183255. pearl brooks  
183254. Martins de Barros  
183253. rabin arang  
183252. mel brooks  
183251. James Hartstein  
183250. Marlene McPherson  
183249. Max Kovel At the very least it should be identified as a primary anti-Semetic, anti-Jewish web site.
183248. jean Rubinstein  
183247. Roberta Rubenstein  
183246. bat sheva  
183245. lawrence bodner I would expect Google to prevent such a travesty from occurring. I do not believe in controlling the press but Google should not aid and abet predjuice and Anti-Semetism
183244. Emanuel A. Herz The contents of the site are disgusting,twisted propaganda
183242. nancy newman  
183241. Justin Green  
183240. Barrie Grant  
183239. cheryl topp  
183237. Alan Peterkofsky  
183236. Miriam Perrick  
183234. Phyllis Taplitz  
183233. Howard Jacobs it is disgusting
183232. Kelly Little  
183231. Howard Schiffman  
183230. Sharon My parents were survivors of the Holocaust!
183229. Connie Hannon  
183228. soheil yaghoubazdeh  
183227. PAUL WEISS  
183226. carol lane remove this site
183225. Larry Cohen  
183224. Harry Schultz Removal would be a very good thing.
183223. Stella Pakravan  
183222. steven house  
183221. Arlene Goldstein Disgraceful. Unconsciencable. Shameful. Jealous of the Jewish intellect and constant success we acheive.
183220. Rachelle Gale  
183219. Barbara Kogen  
183218. Helene Reis  
183217. john veres  
183216. Dr. Stephen Steinlight Remove this appalling blot on Google; the most used search engine in the world should not be promoting anti-Semitism, even inadvertently.
183215. edward klotz  
183214. marsha veres  
183213. Amy Mergner  
183212. LAurie Prager please remove jewwatch from google
183211. Joyce H. Carasa A detstestable site. Please remove it.
183210. JAN POMERANTZ found this offensive
183209. marilyn soffer this is totally inappropriate!!!!!
183208. Andria Senini This disgraceful site has no place in your search engine.
183207. steve klein  
183206. Mark Macy  
183205. LAurie Prager please remove jewwatch from google
183204. Helen & Ed Schwartz  
183202. john benjamin  
183201. Lorraine Davis  
183200. JOEL JACOBS  
183199. Ronnye Schreiber  
183198. Ben Pollock what a travesty of Justic
183197. Amanda Gordon  
183196. Joan Wasserman  
183195. Mel Spencer  
183194. Todd Goldman  
183193. Mark Nagurka It's time to remove this hateful site.
183192. Marian Birdow  
183191. Bertha Miller  
183190. sherrie manis  
183189. Rochelle Rosenberg  
183188. rah  
183187. Michael Zell  
183186. George J. Gordon By listing this site, Google itself is promoting hate! Are you planning to ignore nearly 200,000 people? There ARE other search engines, you know!
183185. seymour ebner the haters create more haters, wonderful
183184. Bernard Macy It is an outrage that Google lists this despicable, anti-Semitic site!
183183. Cindy Bearman  
183182. harryschaechter  
183181. Gerald Alters  
183180. Rick Ray  
183179. Alan Miretzky  
183178. Patricia Hutchison  
183177. Barbara Gams  
183176. Jan Elberg  
183175. Steve Katz Don't we have enough hate in the world? You can do something about this. Please remove.
183174. Stuart Weintraub  
183173. Seth Elberg  
183172. colin cowan  
183171. Judy Sheffler  
183170. Herbert Cohen Get this off your site.
183169. Deborah M. McDermott  
183168. Erin Doyle  
183167. Mark Wulfand  
183166. Ronald Appleton  
183165. pamela marcus  
183164. Sharon Cohen Google should be more responsible to the Jewish Community
183163. Liz Freeman  
183162. david bases Get rid of this bigot or I will be forced to use your compititor.
183161. david  
183160. Deborah  
183159. susana gubkin such global info source has major responsibiity for all ife in our planet and reduce bigotry and hatred- from any source!
183158. Emil Khrizman š
183157. robert m goldberg let's get rid of all bigotry
183156. Wendy  
183155. Paloma Sevy  
183154. stan shniderman  
183153. Pablo Barenboim  
183152. vertesh moshe  
183151. craig michaels  
183150. Martin Friedman Just do it!
183149. Cyril Ziman The site faciltates incitement to discriminate without affording a platform for debate. It is destructive of any pursuit of peaceful coexistence and has no place in this search engine.
183148. ned moore  
183147. Joyce and Field this is truly offensive
183146. maggie hoffman  
183145. Judith Newmark This site is NOT educational; it's propaganda
183144. Cheryl Herman  
183143. Orna  
183142. Marlene Swartz  
183141. GERALD ROSE it,s disgraceful that you allow such sites!!!!
183140. Malcolm Corenbloom  
183139. Colleen Wieber  
183138. Elaine and Nathan Freed It is unconscionable that Google allows such a website to be the first one sees when one types in the word Jew. In fact, why should sites that promote hatred be on any decent search engine?
183137. Gill Corenbloom  
183136. albert darwich  
183135. David Frenkel Hate sites based on race, creed or color should all be removed
183134. rina esekenazi please remove this site-outrageous!
183133. Frank Nankin  
183132. Robert Feinsilver  
183131. oshrat  
183130. Joel Gerstl  
183129. jeanne levit  
183128. Saskia Shuman  
183127. Dorothy K. Volk  
183126. Jerry Stack  
183125. D Jane Collins  
183124. Hank Easton  
183123. Perla Goldschmidt  
183122. Walter Lightfoot  
183121. neil appelsies  
183120. irv itkin  
183119. arlene dempsey remove
183118. Daniel Merel  
183117. flora martin to remove
183116. Vladimir Golod  
183115. Elaine Gittlen  
183114. Janice Egermayer disgusting!!!
183113. Howard A. Palley It is appalling that Google allows itself to be a vehicle for spreading antisemetic propoganda
183112. vinnie mark  
183111. JODI WEINER  
183110. Sami klein
183109. Barry Galison  
183108. Solo  
183107. Joan and Harold Brownstein This is the equivalent of yelling "Fire" or putting a bullseye on your target!!
183106. Ami Chanin  
183105. Irene Miller you'll do it as long as it makes money; shame on you
183104. Carolyn Mataraza This is dangerous and shouts "fire in a crowded theater."
183103. Ranen Sherman  
183102. Loris Cesardi  
183101. Karl Steinberg I'm all about free speech, but hate speech is just wrong
183100. Lori Karpman  
183099. david bunker  
183098. Malca Lebell Disgraceful
183096. Clara Cohen google must be shamed publishing antisemitic topics
183095. Phyllis Silvers Either you are part of the probelem or part of the solution
183094. Clara Cohen google must be shamed publishing antisemitic topics
183093. Alissa Latner  
183092. Frank Simon  
183090. Cassie Cohen this is horrific
183089. Roberto Genni  
183088. Dan Ross  
183087. busit attias  
183086. David P Schulman WW2 vet enough already my dead army vets did not die to see this happen again
183085. Arleen This is disgusting!!!
183084. CHUCK WEINER Hate and lies are the worst four letter words. Hate and lies are all this site spreads.
183083. Sheldon Appel  
183082. Arkady Wolf Gurovich I am against interracial & international hatred
183081. janice Kelly  
183080. Herb Russakoff  
183078. karmi haver  
183077. Kirill  
183076. Justin Brower  
183075. Amanda Sabino  
183074. Madeline Gottemoeller  
183073. Marjorie Snyder This is Poison and Must be removed!
183072. Jacqueline Batts  
183071. howard tolsky  
183070. Dr Barbara Tarbell  
183069. JAY KABAT Your company's mission statement-Do no harm- should be abided by removing this site
183068. jane krakauer  
183067. Dr. Larry S. Katz Thank you
183066. Julie Schram  
183065. Martin Paleymllpaley@ yahhoo.cwww. world shouldpray for all the victims
183064. Allen Karp  
183063. Shay Zeltzer  
183062. Margaret Fluhr  
183061. Karen DeGuire  
183060. Barbara Fine  
183059. SUSAN FORMAN  
183057. Warren Sherling  
183056. Victor A. Sharon Please remove the site
183055. William Seidelman  
183054. Laurie Kranz should be the last site listed when googling Jew instead of the third
183053. nancy steiner  
183052. marian packer  
183051. marian packer  
183050. jane steiner bad, bad, bad
183049. Nancy Dorff-Pennea  
183048. Eleanor Pam Juceam  
183047. cheri kushner  
183046. Louis J. Favish anti semetic site
183045. israel shechory  
183044. Edward Limberg  
183043. Alice Treinis  
183042. Joshua Cohen This is FILTH
183041. sol cohen Garbage should not be on the internet through Google. Truth on the internet should be a requirement by Google. Not everything which is written should be shared. Children and maniacs could be reading the garbage in JewWatch.
183040. Victor Alperin This disgusting sight should be removed from the Google search engine.
183039. Dulcie how awful to see this drivel in the guise of scholarly work
183038. Barry Buchalter Not very factual
183037. sorrell stein  
183036. natalie blum disgraceful that you have this on your site
183035. Chantal Auerbach  
183034. Smadja  
183033. Stephanie Bates  
183032. alva r. carter ugh!
183031. Ralph Schwartz This is highly offensive!!!
183030. Jay Chaskes  
183029. Jodi Bernstein This site is DEPLORABLE!
183028. michelle bernstein slanderous anti semitic diatribe
183027. felipe rodriguezrodriguez  
183026. Laura Leach  
183025. Robert Golenbock Is this even a question?
183024. Sharon Frazin This is a most disgusting website and does nothing but incite hatred
183023. Paul Childress  
183022. Basil Roman, M.D. reminiscent of the anti-Jewish propaganda prior to WWII
183021. Roberta H  
183020. Linda W. Turner  
183019. Bernie Kahn  
183018. Jacob  
183017. Joseph A. Kunstler  
183016. Arlene R. Carle  
183015. Mel Weiss  
183014. Laurie Troup  
183013. Emily Fink  
183012. SHAVIT SNIR  
183011. Jeanne Alter  
183010. David A. Carle  
183009. Michael Marcus  
183008. Lee Whitehouse AN IDIOT STIRRING UP HATRED
183007. James J. Sheehan  
183006. Yuval Zaliouk  
183005. DAVID F. LINTZ  
183004. Manfred Seidemann  
183003. Sy Friedman  
183002. Rachel Ross  
183001. Estelle Kates  
183000. timna kohl  
182999. Jessica Wilson Please Remove this from google
182998. marcela tanner  
182997. Silvio Gitter Stop the dissemination of racism, antisemitism, ethnic hatred.
182996. raquel barnatan  
182995. Pam Adinoff  
182994. Lisa Sokobin  
182993. Eunice Mayers  
182992. Hannah Sayah  
182991. teri heyden  
182990. Mai  
182989. S. Hain  
182988. Jana this is a very reasonable request
182987. Deborah Friedman This is an outrage and very offensive!
182986. Joseph Vogel This is a perversion of free speech and has no place on the Google site. Frankly I am disgusted with Google.
182985. Artturo Appman its sick
182984. Albert Saraie  
182983. sasha siem  
182982. Jeremy  
182981. Avihai c.  
182980. Alan & Estelle Davis  
182979. shiela&dov peled  
182978. Phyllis Lann  
182977. terri pearl  
182976. Shlomo Asor  
182975. anna mcclintock  
182974. marjorie satter  
182973. David Meyer Remove Now!
182971. Sari Goldman To spread hate sights is the way to start killing and wars. Who would want to be a party to that.
182970. Marilyn Pessin  
182969. marom  
182968. Patti Asor Sad that this exists for any religion.
182967. Melanie Wittes  
182966. Jana Lindover  
182965. AR  
182964. Lissie Sanders  
182963. John D. Clark Disgusting to be allowed in any form
182962. Chloe Wittes  
182961. Zilla DRORI  
182960. Bobby Wittes  
182959. Donald Taylor  
182958. Drew Feder I respect Google very much, but I think if one of their goals is to "not be evil", something needs to be done to filter hate-based websites out of general searches
182957. Dr. Robert Wittes  
182956. SANDY G  
182955. Judith Levitt  
182954. Glorianne Wittes  
182953. Fran Gelfand  
182952. Michael Levin Disgrace!
182951. Joan  
182950. maxine stern stop all anti semitic propaganda
182949. Simon Wittes  
182948. CPT Jose-Alexis Ramos US ARMY This ia pure hate and has no place in US society. I am ashamed at Google.
182947. Ira Frank  
182946. Carolyn Singer  
182945. Arlene Tubis  
182944. Julie Dachs Hatred and Lies should not be spread.
182943. Marat Ivanov  
182942. J Feiglin  
182941. Rabbi Irwin Wiener  
182940. Allison Lobel  
182939. Elaine Saber  
182938. joyce reinfeld  
182937. Nathan Gold  
182936. harold parker  
182935. Linda Grossman  
182934. sara mcdonald  
182933. Edith Ledee-Finnerty enough
182932. Steven Sherman  
182931. devorah spiegel  
182930. Phyllis Silverstein Get hate mail OFF the internet!!!
182929. Jacob Porat  
182928. Joan Sitver This is a disgusting and degrading site.
182927. joan sadoff  
182926. Warren Lew  
182925. meredyth salat  
182924. Donna Maier I am speechless, I had NO idea such filth could be on the net
182923. Dalia Will not use Google if not removed. Shame on you.
182922. dale barcham what a hateful man!
182921. Frederick T. Stein  
182919. P Marcuse Please remove
182918. Bernice Ritzer  
182917. Reva Luxenberg  
182916. frances yarlas  
182915. SOL RAFEL  
182914. jerome vogel  
182913. jeanbirenbaum  
182912. Susan C. Gaskill How anyone could have so much hatred for an entire group of people is beyond me. Please remove this site that can cause nothing but harm.
182911. a. hartnett  
182910. jeanrosenthalbirenbaum  
182909. C. Perry Science, music, art, education...Jews have been great contributors in America and around the world.
182908. Nancy Tamarin Disgusting please remove
182907. Sarah Schroeder  
182906. Naomi Weinstein remove from the Google Search Engine
182905. Cynthia Stein  
182904. KEN MILES  
182903. Anne Treadwell  
182902. Kenneth H Goodman  
182901. Gail Kelner  
182900. Carla Grande Ê
182899. Sandy Lieberman  
182898. Margaret Bloom Very Hateful. No reference to what the Jews have contributed in medical field and science that have help millions of people improve their lives.
182897. thea simon  
182896. Corinne Hart  
182895. Toby Moss  
182894. feingold israel  
182893. sharone  
182892. nery sharir  
182891. Ina Schwartz  
182890. George Berens  
182889. Danielle  
182888. Nathan Gutman  
182887. Rosalind Winston How hateful! How untrue!
182886. Colin Murphy  
182885. S.Webber Scary site
182884. Ronna Stabler  
182883. Jack Rzepnik  
182882. Morris London unacceptable!
182881. L. Glazer I suggest a universal dump of Google stock. They obviously don't listen to their constituents anyway!!!
182880. Preston Mighdoll  
182879. Bernard Shereck  
182878. Sara Gassman Disgusting
182877. carole skolnick  
182876. Risa Kugal by keeping this on, you're showing your ignorance and intolerance
182875. Elizabeth Cowen disgusting website that promotes anti-semitism
182874. judifromm  
182873. Sheila Kadisha  
182872. Karen siem I think it is disgusting that such lies are still being disseminated about the Jewish people who have made a greater positive contribution to society in general, given the size of the population, than any other group. This sort of garbage is openly expressed in the Arab world, whose kinship with Nazism is documented and evident, but in the US it's shocking!
182871. ora yashar  
182870. Mary J. Palmer It is a disgusting, hateful site. As a non-Jew, I am mortified for my Jewish friends and neighbors. Please remove JewWatch from your site!
182869. Stacey This sight is an affront to Jewish people
182868. m. kroll  
182867. ludwig uri  
182866. tal  
182865. Robert Harmatz Let's stop hate
182864. Sharon Alexander  
182863. jill rohrberg  
182862. rick fox  
182861. Patricia Woods  
182860. joan kushner  
182859. Vicky Jabes  
182858. sherry goldblatt  
182857. ruth meyers  
182856. Abe Weinstein  
182855. Lori Karger  
182854. shahla mokhtarian please remove the web site
182853. Yehoram Margolin  
182852. Ilan ron  
182850. linda w. luth just a disgrace...the world would be a better place if people were more tolerant. Hasn't mankind learned its lesson by now.
182849. Phylis S Bolno This is a discusting site that promotes hatred
182848. Sanford Lieberman  
182847. jamie geller  
182846. Brenda  
182845. Ronnie Dien  
182844. Melissa Brams  
182843. sarah klein  
182842. Alex  
182841. w.fischer  
182840. Carol Gellen  
182839. Pamela Holtzman  
182838. r rudolph  
182837. Shelley Ross  
182836. natalie graham  
182835. Sharon  
182834. helen  
182833. Bard Wechsler shame on you!!!
182832. Carol Gellen  
182831. joanne edelson remove the site!
182830. Max Greer  
182829. A. Benchluch  
182828. cari meyers This is a disgrace to Google and will not use it if this is not removed.
182827. Ray Howard  
182826. Gail M Smith  
182825. davd poran  
182824. Barry R Miller  
182823. Barbara Scheinberg  
182822. Jeffrey Nemerovski  
182821. Holly Philips Eliminate this horrible site.
182820. Raymond Akerib Jews have done more to humanity than any other ethnic group in the world. Stop demonizing them and you will live happier
182819. LILIT MONIS  
182818. Melissa Block  
182817. Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Klein Remove from Google Search Engine.
182816. Kristin Armstrong  
182815. MARIANNE B  
182814. aron lifschultz this is not the type of thing you want assoatied with your name
182812. Shirley Nassau  
182811. Diana Silberman  
182810. charles Greenberg Remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
182809. Richard Price Scrap the garbage
182808. Terri Stier  
182807. Margaret Gordon  
182806. Gerald Golden  
182805. caroline  
182804. Stewart Silverman  
182803. stephanie brodie  
182802. William Schwartz You should keep these types off your site
182801. Shelley  
182800. Gary J. Cowen I am disappointed with Google. There are other search engines, you know.
182799. Leonard & Sondra Schumer  
182798. hanna henschel  
182797. Rae Walton  
182796. Bill Firshein If it can be done, its one small step for mankind
182794. Bill Firshein If it can be done, its one small step for mankind
182793. Rae Walton  
182792. greg goldstein stop hate
182791. Jake  
182790. sandy eder  
182789. Marla Stern  
182788. Judith Matzkel  
182787. Ted Hessberg  
182786. Marilyn Poliskin  
182785. J Troup  
182784. Tracy Gorb  
182783. Betsy Scherer NOT IN AMERICA!!!!!
182782. Dana  
182781. sanford wilk dispicable
182780. joanne Fisher  
182779. Marsha Weiford  
182778. Sheila Yaffe  
182777. daniela fruchter why creat hate ? this site is totally racist against Jews, one hollacaust is enough warning to the "western world" what can hate and racism lead to. It can happen to any nation or minority, the hollacaust is a lesson, and any massacre is a lesson.
182776. Marc Weingarten  
182774. Charles Gojer What a lying S.O.B. is this man!
182773. Michael Weber  
182772. JUDITH  
182771. Monica Segal  
182770. Andrea Marcus  
182769. barbara rosen  
182768. Zohar Neuman  
182767. maurice shanefield this should never have been a site!
182766. The Flom Family  
182765. Ilene Malz very offensive
182764. Karen Blonder  
182763. peter  
182762. R. M. ( Rory ) Landa this is proof that there are still many sick people in the world
182761. rob  
182760. Melissa Danielson This is disgusting
182759. Linda Goldstein  
182758. rob eng  
182757. Jeff Gidney Absurd site. Please remove
182756. Lewis Bernstein  
182755. Sandi Goldman  
182754. stewart snyder  
182753. Allison Danzig  
182752. Deanna Pearl  
182751. Adam Kaufman  
182750. Robert Unschuld  
182749. penny warner we haveenough problems in the world don 't add to terrorists material
182748. Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Lindy Need to eliminate all bias due to race, ethnicity and religion
182747. Anna Fox  
182746. Raphael Dankner  
182745. M.Jacobson  
182744. Arnold Gordon  
182743. Howard Phillips This is bigoted, outrageous and disgusting
182742. Shaynee S. Golin  
182741. Hope on Long Island  
182740. Jaimi Lickstein  
182739. rich  
182738. michal nathan  
182736. Melodie Kash We have no Al Sharpton to fight for us
182735. Michael Burak  
182734. arthur holzer  
182733. Cari please reomove jewwatch website from your search engine!
182732. Diane Seidel  
182731. Karen Fernandez  
182730. Chris Cole  
182729. russ  
182728. andrea roth  
182727. JOAN BRODSKY  
182726. Murray J. Baltus This crackpot is nothing more than a pimple on the asscheek of society.
182725. B. Phyllis  
182724. jack shapiro  
182723. Louis Dinetz  
182722. Pavel Melekhov š
182721. Albert Guralnik  
182720. neta gov  
182719. barry  
182718. Ittai Azoulay  
182716. Ilene Reilly  
182715. L.S.Koral This is an offensive & inaccurate web site presented as scholarly information. Please discontinue it immediately!
182714. Sheila Bricks  
182713. suzanne & norman elias  
182712. sheryl bronkesh as a daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I find this site particularly painful.
182711. David Lorimer  
182710. Hillary Robinowitz-Elins, M.D.  
182709. eric diamond  
182708. Dr. Yiud Gonen In this site, at least, anti-zionizm does not deny being anti-semithic
182707. Renee and David Vitt  
182706. Anne Marantz  
182705. Alan Klasfeld  
182704. Stanford Sarlson  
182703. arlene Lesser  
182702. David Gabai  
182701. Stan Notkin  
182700. elicia place under a search for anti-semetic sited
182699. JULY  
182698. jack kessler  
182697. S.Freedman  
182696. Lior  
182695. Chris  
182694. Marcia  
182693. Ralph Glidden  
182692. Lauren Disgusting
182691. Stacy Weitz  
182690. Ralph Glidden  
182689. Esther Sokolinsky The site is a real school of hate
182688. George Aubrey Sad
182687. Michael Kuperman  
182686. Judy Hollander  
182685. linda yehudit mandel  
182684. Kathleen Calabrese  
182683. ehud nassau  
182682. Doris Steckerl  
182681. Mrs L Sorkin  
182680. Ruben M. Segal be carefully, it's sick infectious and friend of Iran president, expel from google!!!
182679. Joanne Schoenbaum  
182678. Linda Stern  
182677. Lloyd Benjamin  
182676. Alana Klaben  
182675. dori oshinsky  
182674. IRIS ROTH  
182673. SEUVE Claudie  
182672. arlyne cohen  
182671. Carolyn Carter Google's China relationship is also questionable.
182670. BENTITOU Lilien  
182669. Pat Tomasso  
182668. Ronnie Mink Timely
182667. Pnina  
182666. Carol Basner  
182665. Lou Cantor  
182664. yoram lilach  
182663. Geni Dina Fajtlowicz  
182661. dov  
182660. Judy Brandman  
182659. Marci Dulgerian  
182658. Sheryl Possoff  
182656. joyce Feder  
182655. Ian Ross  
182654. Yevgeny Peres  
182653. Marsha Fox  
182652. Pat Roberts  
182651. Resa Kaplan  
182650. Randi Langan  
182649. Alex Lopatin Please remove jewwatch from your search
182648. norma phillips  
182647. Philip Heimlich  
182646. Max Waas  
182645. Mary Midgett Harrison  
182644. Saul Rossberg By keeping this site in their search engine, Google condones hate.
182643. David Sorkin  
182642. Danna  
182641. Lois Reed remve it as fast as you can
182640. Susan Horwitz  
182639. cindy grey  
182638. David  
182637. Lauren Brodsky  
182636. Gerry Philip Mok  
182635. Barbara Stevens  
182634. Jill Esposito  
182633. Dr. Pinhas Fuchs  
182632. Carol Brown Hey google, take some responsibility here!
182631. Ernest Shtatland  
182630. Judith Gibbs  
182629. Brena Resnick  
182628. Ursula Ades  
182627. Josh Goldfarb  
182626. marissa  
182625. Rona Roberts  
182624. Eti David  
182623. Jackie Kanner  
182622. Debbie Krovitz  
182621. Jonathan Turner  
182620. Jill W.  
182619. Lynda Goldstein  
182618. Barbra Rosenberg Please remove this site!
182617. amnon bernhardt  
182616. Allen Herron  
182615. Lisa Rosengarten  
182614. emilia van't hof  
182613. emy van't hof  
182612. Bruce Shulman  
182610. Alan Feinstein  
182608. Barbara Rubinstein  
182606. Ben Rotman  
182605. mervyn becker  
182604. Cindy Greenberg  
182603. Lynne Warshauer Scary and horrible site!
182602. Pablo Please take this website out of your search engine
182601. Michael Brody  
182600. elaine feingold  
182599. Barbara Vogel its web sites like this which encourage hatred
182598. lily howard Stop allowing this website to spread hate under the disguise of information.
182597. Jack Muehlgay  
182596. erl  
182595. Toby the worst garbage on the net
182594. Suzanne Nagelberg  
182593. Stephanie Recht  
182592. eshore  
182591. leonid slutzky  
182590. Diane Krome Disgusting!
182589. efraim avrahamy  
182588. G. B. Greitzer  
182587. matilda lazarov  
182586. JULIO BOGORICIN increase anti-semitics movements
182584. Saul Morgan  
182583. vera orlandini  
182581. Audrey  
182580. jeffrey chandross  
182579. Benny Levi  
182578. Thea Chandross  
182577. myra kaye this type of hate must stop
182576. Rosalind Hain  
182575. Eveleen Skurow  
182574. mel krumhotz  
182573. Brian Shieldhouse  
182572. david green please
182571. Jay Lefkowitz  
182570. FRANCISCO FELIX The biggest offense to me as a member of the human raise is that there is an abundance of historical information associated with the word Jew. For a site, that is so low, poor, lacking history, and so full of hate to come up, popup our show the ugliness that a few people like to generate and then handed to many others for it to be perpetrated is to say the lease of a less sickening to all.
182569. Lori Brochin  
182568. hana barak engel  
182567. irving himel do it now
182566. Dan Morehouse  
182564. alan elkan it is yet another of the huge number of antisemitic websites, but it should still be deleted from Google or at least shoved a few hundred places down the site!
182563. Marian Rudd  
182562. ann lickstein  
182561. Irwin F. Rubin  
182560. Laurie Alexander  
182559. Elen Norris  
182558. Stu Nifoussi  
182557. Wright Norris  
182556. bridget busutil unacceptable, Google should remain an egalitarian search engine
182555. Itamar Erez  
182554. Maxine Rosenthal  
182551. Ed Berkovsky  
182550. Gene Bernstein It is despicable that Google would carry such a site. There ARE other search sites!
182549. Maurice Michelow  
182548. Barry H. Brodsky Please remove at once from your Google search engine. This site is virulently anti-semitic, vulgar, & hate-mongering. It doesn't belong with Google's fine family of valuable websites. Thank You.
182547. Vivian Reiss Lets try to bring people together...not divide with hatred!
182546. Jarret Calmenson  
182545. lior it's not exceptable in this days and age
182544. virginia  
182543. TRUDY PATRON  
182542. Ester Eitan  
182541. Joshua Rottman Please remove, that's filthy.
182540. Peter Geirnaert Imagine I type in google the searchword "Google" and find a webpage "" as the first in your list
182539. Jeanne Kronewitter  
182538. yael h  
182537. harriet blum  
182536. Heather Kulwin Please remove this blasphemy off your site.
182535. jaim  
182534. Susana Duno  
182533. Joan Freedman  
182532. shlomo aster  
182531. Cindy Spodek  
182530. Susan Goldberger  
182529. Joan Moyer  
182528. Tali Barak  
182527. judi berman  
182526. Stuart Boonov  
182525. Susi Rubin  
182524. jeremy  
182523. gaby  
182522. walt  
182521. anita nydick  
182520. Walter Low  
182519. Michal Ashkenasi  
182518. Fran Lipton  
182517. Gail M.  
182516. lila deehl  
182515. Jack Rosenstein  
182513. michelle marshall  
182510. Mitchell Levitsky  
182509. bob  
182508. Carol Sininsky Such ignorance and hatred needs to be stopped
182507. Boumendil Thierry  
182506. Carole House  
182505. Marcia Berk  
182504. sara Please remove it
182503. norman fastenberg please exercise fair searching and remove this as an early link
182502. Ruth Markan There are 6 million reasons for removing this site
182501. Klaus Schwing  
182500. Marcel Markan This site is racist and lacks historical truth
182499. Scott A. Korenbaum  
182498. Avi Dudai  
182497. Mark Simmonds  
182496. Bernard Burrows  
182495. sara burrows  
182494. brian savitz  
182493. vicky savitz  
182492. rose galle this is a disdainful site, racist and demeaning.
182491. Marianne Guerra  
182490. sydney flam  
182489. amy phillipson I am really shocked!
182488. Lola Cross  
182487. Helena Please remove this racist site.. google surely doesn't want to be seen as endorsing this stuff. Ban it please!
182486. audrey singer  
182485. Susan Schottenfeld  
182484. Frances Berman  
182483. valenta  
182482. stuart rothstein  
182481. Henri Obstfeld  
182480. Dorothy Obstfeld  
182479. S Barcham  
182478. afsaneh  
182477. dana arvas  
182476. ERIKA DUB  
182475. Simin Kohanzadeh Remove JewWatch.Com from your Site
182474. Rut Feinberg  
182473. Liliana I strongly hope that the anti-semitic page will disappear from Internet very soon.
182472. Henia Weingarten  
182471. Joshua Ghoddoussi This should not even need a petition.
182470. Naomi Bass  
182469. Leah lev  
182468. June Please remove. This is so wrong, so unfair.
182467. Fanti Marco  
182466. Robby Regev The sooner the better
182465. Alisa Maeir Epstein  
182464. ahron please remove this site its offending and lieing
182463. Iris Inbar  
182462. eva greenberg  
182461. falkenstein  
182460. sarit yefet  
182459. Ron and Tom Wallen & Carrollo Utterly unbelievable - that one person could believe that drivel - and could spread it so readily
182458. felicity This is not a discussion forum, it is a hate campaign
182457. evelyn tamary pure anti-semitism
182456. Merton Honeyman  
182455. Irving Wiseman remove JewWatch at once, shame shame
182454. Gad Friedman  
182453. Laverne Fuller  
182452. John  
182451. Benjamin Noor  
182450. K Frost I am a Christian and abhor this site . Please remove.
182449. jill lambert  
182448. geoff roland  
182447. Leah  
182446. Murray Graff  
182445. Richard Grasso This is an anti-semitic website.
182444. Ami Shachar  
182443. shirley  
182442. sharona  
182441. Freda Searle  
182440. Bob Drake We shouldn't need to be asking you to remove this site. Your own censure should have caught it!
182439. asaf gishron  
182438. Maggie Gliksten  
182437. Maureen Bayley 7/27/07 - It's now #10 - progress but more needed. Google, I'd like to see you bury this site in a MUCH higher number.
182436. k. rabin this man is a hatemonger. This should not be allowed
182434. Karen Mason  
182433. Daniel Klein  
182432. James nelson You Must remove
182431. C.G. Tol en T.H. Tol-Moll  
182430. norman field  
182428. Joel Obodov  
182427. Jordan Baer  
182426. Chanel Yousefzadeh  
182425. Barak  
182424. Harry L. Goren  
182423. Emmi Lia peace!
182422. evelyn disgusting to have a site like this
182421. Ilana Danan  
182420. valo, t  
182419. Sharin Bowers  
182418. roberta Scott Ê
182417. Joseph E.Mustacchi  
182416. Mariko Miyahira  
182415. Jonathan Halevy  
182414. stuart radetsky  
182413. Erwin Katz  
182412. deborah shulton  
182411. Jerry Treiman  
182410. Arash Farin ÿ
182409. alison eder disturbing
182408. guy  
182407. Lori Wenger Please listen to this petition!
182406. Jay Kosoff  
182405. Barbara Ballinger I am appalled at this site.
182404. Cathy Soufer Put your anger, violence and words of hatred to rest. The world does not need anymore of your bitter, hateful, prejudice words. Jewish People are the chosen ones. You are just jealous that you're not the chosen ones. Why don't you create websites of how to create more peace in this world. This world is suffering enough...what the world needs is everyone to get together and pray. Pray for peace.
182403. marina  
182402. B. Fann Shame on Google for airing such a perverted website! Disgraceful, disgusting and dishonorable filth. That google would perpetrate such libelous, hateful garbage is appalling. Is there anything Google will NOT print for a $. Shame on you for fertilizing the seeds of anti-Semitism. Remove this web-site!
182401. Dora Green  
182400. M. Hinden  
182399. M. Gersten There should be no need for a petition. Google can and should do a better job. If you cant get rid of it, put this garbage at the bottom where it belongs
182397. Carol Sage  
182396. Julie Caplan  
182395. Sylvia Segall Jewatch is disgusting lies
182394. Alon Burstein The World cried out "never again!" just 62 years ago.. it just forgot
182393. minoo Daneshgar please remove Jew
182392. Danit Namvar  
182391. Cynthia  
182390. Brett Weisberger  
182389. Sylvia S. Stoller  
182388. Bob Benjy This is disgusting
182387. Andrew Smith Tracking jews? What kind of idiot ever thought of that?
182386. benabou laeticia  
182385. Judie  
182384. Anne Prescott  
182383. Ana Faitlowicz, MD Why are we so hated? Live and let live...
182382. Darlene Wolfe Google shold treat this as one would sexual predators. You foster hatred and danger to people by including such horrific links.
182381. Catherine Chonchol  
182380. Walter Saltzman Google has known about this for a long time.
182379. Bill Heilbronn This site is a hideous successor of Goebbles' own lies
182378. Brenda Shenken The site is shameful and diminishes Google for allowing it.
182377. maayan cohen  
182376. Jacob Shayer  
182375. Lillian Lachow  
182374. mary please remove antisemetism comments
182373. JMG  
182372. Dennis Lindley  
182371. Jonah Manela  
182370. david rabin atrocious
182369. shawn  
182368. zack brown filthy
182367. Jim  
182366. FRED Salih please do not allow anti semitism on GOOGLE
182365. Martin Daniel  
182364. ilya REMOVE!!!
182363. Eric Lawton remove the site
182362. Wendy Segal  
182361. Morris & Juliet Rostowsky Appalling to know that this gross violation of human rights exists today.
182360. Renee Benkemoun  
182359. Sidelle Werftheimer In this day and age with all of the hatred being sent out over the internet, Google, as a leader in communications should be more watchful and responsible
182358. Maou Août  
182357. Paula Brodkin What kind of sickness is this?
182356. GD scott  
182355. Ben Lesin  
182354. Leonard Pill  
182353. Felia  
182352. Mark  
182351. Marceline Pill  
182350. Barrie Galanti  
182349. Ester Katz  
182348. Ben Grill  
182347. Sally Dodge This site is pure trash!
182346. Leslie CS Easton  
182345. Sondra Krakower  
182344. C.Smitha  
182343. azi  
182342. Parham Nikfarjam  
182341. Helen Ruben  
182340. Thomas Czimeth  
182338. Harold Marshall How disappointing Mr. Google
182337. Kevin Hanan  
182336. Dr. Steven Meshon  
182335. miriam halfin  
182334. Lea Hanan  
182333. Helen Chernoff  
182332. Barbara gelfant  
182331. Michael Narvid  
182330. Marilyn Abrams Please remove from the Google Search Engine
182329. Joan Knauer  
182328. Alene Pinsky  
182327. Louis & Betty Meyer This is truly am offensive site.
182326. Lori Cohen  
182325. Liz C.P.  
182324. Gabriel Seidner Thank you for you quick attention to this issue
182323. Dr Flora Margalit It is a disgusting site, full of hatred, typical antisemitic stereotypes, and a shame for those who propagate it
182322. Dr. Philip Rudnick  
182321. Jeffrey Sternfeld  
182320. ed keno please remove this site asap
182319. Victor Melson That is absolutely Unacceptable!
182318. Robin Cohen  
182317. Boris Vcherashny  
182316. Will Malone God will repay
182315. Camilo Rios  
182314. Lubov Pitina  
182313. Carrie latt  
182312. danny farahdel  
182311. daniel hawk  
182310. Mark Sternberg  
182309. marilyn marshall this is disgusting
182308. ryan naim  
182307. terry buhl  
182306. Michael H. Margolin  
182305. sylvia safer  
182304. Kara Britzman, Psy.D.  
182303. david remove
182302. Leba Hirsch This is one of the most vile things I've read in a long time. Would it even have been considered for publishing, if the word "Jew" had been "Christian" or "Catholic"? I think not!
182301. Ellen Marcus  
182299. Marilyn Horwitz  
182298. Albert As Soon As Possible
182297. Len Khrizman having this site listed by gogle is a travesty
182296. Evelyn B Block Disgraceful, disgusting, duh!
182295. M. Schryer  
182294. Cyril B.Sherer MD Do Sergey Brin and Larry Page know about this use of Google? THEY SHOULD
182293. susan weiss  
182292. Luba Berlyant  
182291. Felicia Lopez  
182290. Michael Berlyant  
182289. D.C. Natchez  
182288. David Hinden  
182287. Dolly Golden We need more tools working for peace in the world today, rather than trouble making comments such as these.
182286. Trudy Lapin, Ph.D. This jewwatch website is disgusting! It spits on the grave of every innocent child, woman, and man sacrificed to hate of any minority.
182285. Elsa Goldberg this site ruins googles good reputation
182284. Rivka Kacir  
182283. nicol shuek  
182281. Herbert Belkin "Jewwatch" is just a recent version of the world's oldest hatred - anti-Semiitism
182280. Lynne Genter I implore you as a moderate US citizen to removethis site from your search engine
182279. Erin Trust  
182278. Florence Rozenfeld  
182277. Phyllis Gale  
182276. Michael Trust  
182275. Johanna Gibson  
182274. Carole Weiss  
182272. Nancy Kronenberg  
182271. Marcia Holtz  
182270. Kim Chester  
182269. Barbara Kotler  
182268. Daniel Kumermann  
182267. Edward J. Berinstein The sooner accomplished, the better!
182266. Julius Z.Frumin  
182265. Michael Freedman  
182264. robert yeganeh Unbelievable that there is such a site and I hope that Google, a reliable search engine, will remove such offensive material or put it under "hate, anti-Jew" or something of that sort.
182263. Zelda Rockman  
182262. Donald Fox Senseless hate degrades us all!
182261. carol chemers  
182260. Yon  
182259. Susan Rubinstein  
182258. beth ann mallis This is ridiculous!
182257. Shari Fagin  
182256. Grant Stevens this is a disgrace, remove this please
182255. karen golden freedom of speech has boundaries
182254. Ginny Shim  
182251. Wallee Leri  
182250. debra chutz  
182249. Karen Jacobson Please remove from Google search Engine
182248. Laura Moser  
182247. MNH  
182246. Lori The site nourishes hate
182245. Harry Fox google no place for hate trash
182244. Gary N. Schneider What's wrong with Google??
182243. Joan Linares  
182242. Benjamin Ezra Cohen  
182241. Albert Sobel  
182240. Joseph W. Grossman  
182239. Cristina Marchesan  
182238. Linda Rae Asmussen  
182237. barbara wiener  
182236. simon romano  
182235. Dennis Soibelman  
182234. Larence Vigdor unbelievable-horrific
182233. vladimir Disgusting
182232. Eric Bass  
182231. robert ashen  
182230. Paula Polikoff  
182229. Mary Barden  
182228. joyce goldberg dispicable
182227. Ruth Isaacs  
182226. Frances Karras  
182225. Diana Ulman  
182224. sigmund skolnick  
182223. Cheryl Einhorn  
182222. sallie prisyon as a google user, I have confidence that this antisemetic website will be removed
182221. avi geldwerth  
182220. Ilene Adams  
182219. merle polikoff  
182218. Elaine Rosenbloom  
182217. Lloyd Zeitman  
182216. jeffrey gran  
182215. Jessica Paroly  
182213. bonna wieler  
182212. lrbdawn This is a disgrace
182211. David Shuman  
182210. Alice Harnell  
182209. NATALIA S  
182208. dorothy berck  
182207. Bertha Ellisman Can this be happening all over again?
182206. Craig A. Holtz  
182205. david wittels  
182204. harriet koretsky read the google disclaimer and still believe the site should be removed!
182203. Brian Segell reject discrimination! remove
182202. Margaret Weiner, MSW  
182201. Helen Greenwald This is revolting in this day and age
182200. Stephen J.. Levine, M.D.  
182199. Deborah Soners  
182198. Katherine Stewart  
182197. Robert J. Brandt  
182196. Linda Brash  
182195. MILTON GERSHON Definitly must change the name
182194. Anne Sandell  
182193. Chloe  
182192. lee keno FOR SHAME!!!!
182191. j lissauer  
182190. Lloyd Naftolin  
182189. Lynne Clements  
182188. Asher Garber Cyberhate is for cyberbabies who need to be aborted.
182187. Sydelle Dresner  
182186. meryl r sachs Ggogle should be ashamed to carry this anti semitic rot
182185. meryl r sachs Ggogle should be ashamed to carry this anti semitic rot
182184. Dr. Edward R. Thompson  
182183. Judy Feder  
182182. Fred Chubin  
182181. Barbara Mirer  
182180. Rhoda Cahan  
182179. Josh Whittle This is madness!
182178. Terry Bryan  
182177. deb Searle  
182176. marilyn wroobel  
182175. kimberly Jackel REMOVE THIS LINK!
182174. doron tidhar take thid off asap
182173. E Elkind  
182172. Mauricio Shub Allowing this antisemitic website on your prestigious website is a discredit to your organization. Please remove from it. It only furthers more unfounded hate, lies and violence. Please do not contribute to the problem!
182171. Ellen Ratner Isn't there enough hate in the world without "GOOGLE" promoting more????
182170. ramin lavi  
182169. Merrill Cohen  
182168. mona  
182167. alan goldstein  
182166. Elaine Saleh  
182165. Arnold Kohn Is there not enough hatreed in this world
182164. Cliff Greenbaum  
182163. allan trynz  
182162. olga pape  
182161. Sondra Baron  
182160. Suzanne Diamond  
182159. Doris Korenbaum I use google all the time but will have to find another resource if this inflammatory web site is allowed to continue
182158. Jerry Schneider  
182157. Paul Somogyi  
182156. beverly cowan  
182155. Gizel Tabibnia  
182154. Evelyn Hoffmann  
182153. Arthur Priver  
182152. Neema  
182151. Masha Stambler  
182150. Marcia Friedman  
182149. Rachel Smith  
182148. sandra schechtman  
182147. Roger Sokoloff  
182146. Eva It is shocking and unbelievable that Google would accomodate such hate. It should be removed immediately.
182145. Carole Gamliel  
182144. R. Jane Klein  
182143. Adrienne Kahn It is sickening. Please, remove it.
182142. David Tobin  
182141. Josh remove!!
182140. M. Leff  
182139. IVAN SNYDER  
182138. Rachel S  
182137. Dr. Alan S Gadol I am shocked that such an anti-semetic website is listed on Google. I would hope that Google would work to eliminate all types of hateful websites dealing with ethnic or religious groups.
182136. Shirley Feuerman\  
182135. iris grubler  
182134. Charles Franklin Disgusting
182133. Allen Shiry  
182132. Marilyn Freedman  
182131. Behnam Abrams  
182130. Barbara Straus This is a blatently antisemitic site disguised as being scholarly and objective.
182129. ara victer disgusting piece of crap!!!
182128. Linda VanHorne  
182127. Irene Hoe  
182126. amelia  
182125. Marie F. Look at what this perverse man does! It's shocking on all fronts! Advocating for separatism of all the various cultural groups is at the heart of what he does. And he has other quite twisted "Christian" websites as well. A very odd and deluded man to say the least. I am shocked that Google would allow someone with such twisted views to be the #1 search result for "Jew." Certainly freedom of speech is everyone's right. But his views are on the edge of promoting hatred, and are paranoid at a psychiatrically delusional level. Has anyone at Google checked out the website and its links or checked out whether he is disturbed psychiatrically?
182124. Richard Chavis remove this site
182123. R. Hoffman  
182122. Matthew Barkohanai  
182121. mindy beder  
182120. Charles H.Freedman  
182119. Sue Kirshner  
182118. Tammy This site should be removed-IMMEDIATELY
182117. Myron Kirshner