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180000. nir karpik  
179999. ileen sarokoff  
179998. Les Levitan  
179997. Natanella Kazaz  
179996. Shelli Rossman blatantly anti-semitic!
179995. Annette Segall  
179994. Dr Sarah Jarvis  
179993. Allan Wasserman  
179992. Malcolm Meltzer  
179991. Shari Harrison  
179990. Marilyn Wasserman I couldn't believe the horrilble lies being disseminated.
179989. Leslie Portney DISGUSTING
179988. Margarita Svartman  
179987. Roz May  
179986. Arlene Armstrong  
179985. ALFRED B. YABLON  
179984. Rachel Scharf Please cancel jewwatch from your google
179983. aaron hyman  
179982. Todd Ingwer  
179981. Shay Hate or bilinders on will not solve humanity
179980. Fred Cohen  
179979. Diana please remove, very disturbing
179978. valerie  
179977. Gilda Freeman  
179976. stephanie auten This is an awful site of lies and hatred.
179975. Stephanie  
179974. heather Borstein  
179973. sandra sitkoff  
179972. Danielo  
179971. Elliott & Judy Sauertieg  
179970. avner hollander  
179968. anthony s rosenfelder  
179967. Mark Gruen  
179966. Lori Joy Eisner disgusting
179965. Burt I. Bromberg  
179964. adam take jew watch off google
179963. Dee Discusting site
179962. Aidi Kansas  
179961. Elisabeth Gross  
179960. Bob Take a stand
179959. Howard Levine  
179958. Robin Friedman  
179957. Greg  
179956. Naomi Patner  
179955. Deborah Adelman  
179954. rachel lebovits very disturbing
179953. Ben  
179952. Sheila Cohen  
179951. Mat Epstein  
179950. jane berke remove this NOW
179949. Marvin Rosett  
179948. Cathi Cohen Get rid of the HATEMONGER!!!!
179947. bruria  
179946. Mark B  
179945. Marjorie Howie  
179944. Tracy Thompson  
179943. fred j. goldsmith  
179942. Angelique Chanel  
179941. marc hahndelman  
179940. David Mackler Google has a responsibility to ensure that such websites are not publicized and failure to do so qualifies as complicity in spreading the disgusting language featured on those sites
179939. Harold cole  
179938. lawrence swaim  
179937. Elisabeth  
179936. Beverly Klipp  
179935. Josh  
179934. alan levin please remove that horrible sie
179933. Ariel Nemtzov  
179932. janet dammann there is no benefit to support hate on any front
179931. Debra Alvo abominal site
179930. Deborah Carlin To sanction this website is to advance hatred and prejudice in our society. Please do not continue to support this kind of defamation.
179929. a m euler  
179928. Mel Siegel  
179927. Ed Cohen  
179926. Katherine Scattergood no excuse for this site whatsoever
179925. Lawrence  
179924. Robert L. Kushner, Jr. disgusting; reminds me of Goebbels the Nazi propaganda chief
179923. Betsy Buring  
179922. Ira Goldstein If site is not removed, I will never use any part of Google agian and will tell everyone I know to do the same.
179921. johnathan .m  
179920. HJKates  
179919. Tillie P. Koch  
179918. barbara klein  
179917. Eric Schecter  
179916. Dawn M Eichhorn This is anti semetic.. we have enough hate in the world.
179915. norman &florence Lewin remove
179914. Jo-Beth Swingle The site came up as the 3rd listing for me.
179913. Rand Levin  
179912. Silvina Burstein  
179910. Caryn Lewis disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
179909. Noam Sadovnik please remove this hate filled site. It's inappropriate
179908. Max Katz Sickening site
179907. Gloria Werner Allowing this to be printed sends dangerous and hateful inuendos and I am disappointed in Google.
179906. Jill Slutsky  
179905. Heather  
179904. arthur kanfer  
179903. marcia kaye  
179902. Hannah  
179901. Judith Beckman  
179900. JoAnne Rankin  
179899. Ed Bornstein Don't promote racial and religious prejudice by enabling these hate mongers to reach more and more people.
179898. J. Landau  
179897. Loftus  
179896. Amy Eliezer  
179895. Moti Katz  
179894. Jo Galbraith This is a very scary and evil site.
179893. Anne Berman  
179892. Mark Schnier  
179891. ERIC SCHARF  
179890. Anna Levin  
179889. Pw kotler  
179888. Barbara Korbman  
179887. Sonya Oppenheimer  
179886. Aviva Galaski  
179885. Mrs. A. Wolins any discrimination is despicable
179884. Rita Shapiro Vile, racist filth and it should be removed
179883. Toby  
179882. Rabbi Joyce Galaski  
179881. barb rabin  
179880. robin  
179879. Linda H. B. Disgraceful
179878. Saeed Sassooni  
179877. Martin Elkort  
179876. John K Schulte Hateful
179875. Marvin A. Sadowski  
179874. Jan Claudius Knizek  
179873. Michelle DeNicola  
179872. Patricia  
179871. Jeanette Ablow  
179870. Philip Shapiro It's disgusting and should be stopped
179869. alison tress  
179868. carol chandross This needs to be removed urgently
179867. Louis G. Leonard  
179866. Judy H Schulte Disgusting
179865. juan carlos kohan  
179864. Gail Herson  
179863. Barbara London  
179862. Stacey Shore  
179861. alena lourie  
179860. steven weinstock  
179859. S. E. Markowitz SHOULD BE REMOVED.
179858. Beth Reinhardt  
179857. jason grunes  
179856. jaclynn disgraceful!!!!
179855. frank doberman  
179854. Arlyne G. Schwartz  
179853. Sarah Schwartz  
179852. danielle grunes  
179851. irv brown  
179850. BJ Cody  
179849. adam grunes  
179848. EMIL GHATAN  
179847. Lee M. Friedel  
179846. ken grunes  
179844. TAMAS ZAFIR  
179843. Lee Green  
179842. michael  
179841. angela burke may God have mercy on these hate filled people
179840. lisa grunes  
179839. Seth Perelman  
179838. Judith Bitterman Please get this filth off the internet
179837. zvi weiss  
179836. Jasmine P  
179835. a donohue  
179834. Doreen Lewin  
179833. fey This is despicable,
179832. Morton & Jean Sokol  
179831. Evelina Kremsdorf  
179830. Elizabeth Pleshette This site is horrific and not what it claims to be
179829. Paul Katz  
179827. Arnold Gruber  
179826. Hannah  
179825. Jayson Colton get this off the internet please.
179824. Adeline Silverman  
179822. danny baum  
179821. Daphna  
179820. Sam Karp  
179819. Joseph Marom  
179818. Ella Frank thank you
179817. Sigalit  
179816. Jessica  
179815. Mike Underwood  
179814. Bob Ratner hatred is easy, compassion is hard for some.
179813. Max Mermelstein  
179812. Brian Scharf  
179811. Max Mermelstein  
179810. david taylor m.d. it is so blatantly anti semitic
179809. Shirley Busack  
179808. Julia Clarke-spataro  
179807. franco battistini  
179806. Herbert Madar Very disturbing
179805. Rickie Gole Please remove ASAP
179804. denise shapiro  
179803. Justin Blum  
179802. s.taylor  
179801. Dennis Gabler  
179800. Michael Loebe  
179799. DENNIS MRAZ  
179798. Joseph L Greene Spell check would be helpful
179797. Maris V. Crown I know free speech is important, but this site is more than hate mongering, it is dangerous to the lives of people.
179796. Beth Seymour  
179795. mordechai stern we are very disappointed and alarmed
179794. Martin Botnick Never Again! Right? Yes, RIGHT! Where is y our sense of responsibility? It is a mindless act to allow your medium to spew this hatred. We are aklways the first to go, then it will be YOUR turn after we have been eradicated.
179792. Chrissy K.  
179791. david catton  
179790. Daniel Karpel  
179789. STEVEN KLEIN  
179788. steve grossman remove
179787. Marilynne Friedman  
179786. Scott  
179785. Deborah Berman  
179784. Stanley M. Newmark  
179783. ahuva kahana  
179782. Gerald Golden  
179781. Ben  
179780. Barrie Drezner  
179779. jay fogel  
179778. Cori Sackin  
179777. Miriam Brunn Ruberg  
179776. William I. Newman, Ph. D. This qualifies as the most hateful site I've seen.
179775. yvonne doberman  
179774. Susan Kagan  
179773. Cori Atlin  
179772. rita dodd  
179771. Merle Berry  
179770. abe genderson  
179769. Marie Kalson  
179768. Diane Postol  
179767. sylvia richey the site is so full of hate
179766. Estrella Moyal  
179765. Gary Waxman  
179764. Roger Panitch This is an absolute disgrace and should be removed immediately. I know that Google doesn't promote these values of hatred and lies.
179763. Anatoly Ginzburg  
179762. Terry Spector  
179761. Eliana  
179760. Faye Rosenberg-Cohen  
179759. Allie The site is antisemitic. Please take it down.
179758. Jeff Tamblyn  
179757. Linda Weiss Please Remove Immediately
179756. bonnie smith  
179755. Philip Hebert  
179754. Lillian Rosenzweig what a wonderful world if we could eliminate discrimination for all
179753. Laura Bialis please remove this site!
179752. Barry Gussow  
179751. L. Gastwirt  
179750. julie z.  
179748. pauline st. denis  
179747. Esther Brochin  
179746. Sarah Steele You should be ashamed of yourself Google, this is really upsetting
179745. David Lewis  
179744. Todd Bookspan  
179743. s.goldfarb  
179742. Rosie Rosenberg  
179741. M. Krongold  
179740. Jennifer Mallis  
179739. bruzer Nothing new in the world about hatred of Jews. I'm wondereing if they can get any other race and hate related sites off of as well.
179738. Hannah Siegel  
179737. samuel sandler a disgusting compilation!
179736. David Clannachan  
179735. Laurie Flitt  
179734. philip wexler promotes antisemitisim stop it now
179733. Leonard Ungar  
179732. L Moore  
179731. Les Sussman Let's change it to Jewish Wristwatch
179730. michael tripp  
179729. Jane Kamer  
179728. Naomi Katz should be ashamed to post such a website!
179727. Harold J Rosen  
179726. Linda L Hall unfounded hatred is the downfall of all society
179725. i.croitoru  
179723. jay dallob  
179722. D. Gordon  
179721. Zivi  
179720. Meg Emmers  
179719. Mildred Feldman  
179718. Ralph cilevitz  
179717. Ziv  
179716. Gordon Pollard  
179715. helen davis  
179714. Dolores Cowen This is terrible
179713. Jeanne F. Hurschman  
179712. steve siegel  
179711. Mildred Feldman  
179710. LIMOR  
179709. Barbara Kreisberg  
179708. Richard Green're better than that
179707. vicky funderburk  
179706. Donna Plotzker  
179705. Harry S. Katz  
179703. Rick Wayne Please stop this hatred
179702. Mark Tape Please remove the site ASAP. Thanks for your honesty about the subject.
179701. Lesley Schofield  
179700. Alan Rubin  
179699. Jan Gerritsen, PhD  
179698. Edwin Schaefer  
179696. Jennifer  
179695. Tova C Fink  
179694. Brenda Cohen  
179693. Wendy Sue Biegeleisen  
179692. Sylvain Hayoun  
179691. Adiel Tel-Oren  
179690. Seth This is a terrible site. Take it off.
179689. MALKA VALIN  
179688. Lynn Letteris Disgraceful in this day and age
179687. Todd  
179686. Lynn Cohen  
179685. Ivette Liht  
179684. lisa szkatulski  
179683. m goldfarb REMOVE
179682. Meryl Rosenthal  
179681. MiltonRosen  
179680. Berto Tuazon  
179679. Aimee Weiss  
179678. Dolores Koffman I couldn't sign up fast enough so this disgusting material can be removed from people's computers.
179677. Mallory  
179676. L Resch  
179675. Alex Lewin Promoting hate is a disgraceful act. Plese do not participate.
179674. Zina Avrutova this is degrading and extremely offensive content
179673. S. Berman  
179672. Rosalyn Mandel It is disgusting to see such a hate-filled site containing distorted information on Google.
179671. Ed Rattner Prejudicial and anti-American
179670. Andrea Cooper  
179669. Deryk Ouseley  
179668. Jessica Newman  
179667. Athol Ofsowitz  
179666. Lynn Fishman  
179665. Dr. Moishe Wallach  
179664. joe g.  
179663. Jessica Roffel  
179662. bananas  
179661. Lillian Zimmerman enough hatreed un this world
179660. Andrea Applegate  
179659. Kathy we have enough problems in this world STOP IT
179658. Brian Roffel  
179657. Margaret Ostrove  
179656. jay jacobson  
179655. Theresa Wabler  
179654. W. Schatz Google should be more attentive to what it offers people
179653. Morris Binder Shameful!
179652. Paul S. Goodman  
179651. John I can't believe after the WWII that this still goes on
179650. Carly mestel disgusting site
179647. L. Rosen  
179645. shelley mestel disgusting site
179644. mark Weisberg  
179643. Susan Bloom not accurate----extremely anti-semitic
179642. Karen Handford This is a hate-filled and inciteful site. Google should be ashamed of itself sheltering such a website. Please remove immediately!
179640. Blair mestel disrespectful website
179639. Marina  
179638. alyce pech please do it now!
179637. Yehoshua Greenberg  
179636. John Schachter  
179634. Julie Shapero  
179633. steve berman  
179632. Pam Lerner  
179631. Laura Raish  
179630. Lee Kansas  
179629. steven mestel disrespectful website
179628. Michael Waxman  
179627. Suzanne Sherman  
179626. Jodi Cohen take responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
179625. S. marsden remove this maniac IMMEDIATELY
179624. Sherman Gross  
179623. charlene  
179622. Seev Saggi  
179621. Allen Adinoff there comes a point when "free speech" becomes a sourse of hate
179620. Linda zelizer This is disgraceful that such an organization comes out tops in your search engine. It makes me think of changing from google to another search engine as a form of protest.
179619. eli  
179618. Melissa Giamou  
179617. Isaac and Blume Sakinofsky The website is abhorrent and despicable
179616. Norman Priebatsch  
179615. Leon Forrest  
179614. W R Marlin hatred is not needed understanding & love is.
179613. Ruth & Sheldon Friedberg  
179612. dana craig this is disgusting
179611. Gary Hittelman  
179610. Enid Markus  
179609. Arnold Levinson  
179608. Linda Karin  
179607. sandra goodman this sitre is a travesty,not only to jews but to people of all religions
179606. jack connors  
179605. amy parker  
179604. David Levitt  
179603. Amanda Miller  
179602. D R Weiss  
179601. Jan Mraz You don't have to be Jewish to be against hatred and persecution!
179600. Marc A Most  
179599. Susan Greenwood  
179598. zehava baranowitz  
179597. Hayley Cooper Just A Terrible Site!!
179596. George H. Jacobs unbelievable crap - please remove it
179595. Sonya Krasner  
179594. mildred wallach  
179593. Seymour Lemel  
179592. minoo hay  
179591. Patricia B. Learned  
179590. David Neff Though I am not a fan of censorship, fabrication and distortion of reality here is over the top and will only lead to additional defamation.
179589. Arlene Handler How could you????
179588. tina maurer  
179587. Dr. Bernard Krasner  
179586. susan panitch it is especially disturbing since the current ceo is jewish and should be the first line of defense against myths and misinformation being distributed under the guise of freedom of information
179585. Darren Schulman  
179584. Joel Parker  
179583. meri C  
179582. danny horrible
179581. Dan  
179580. Aryeh Goetz  
179579. Paul Sobel  
179578. ann fletcher  
179576. Al Gruen  
179575. Francoise Duchene  
179574. arlene glasman  
179573. Josh  
179572. Avraham Ashkenazi  
179571. Daniel Schlossberg  
179570. fred groveman  
179569. Edward Serle  
179568. Karen Modell  
179567. Mervyn Taub This is repulsive
179566. ERWIN S. COHEN  
179565. Dr. Maurice Opperer The fact that this is tolerated is a disgrace.
179564. DANIEL WEISS  
179563. Harold Steinman  
179562. Donna and Calvin Belsky  
179561. Douglas REES this should not be allowed and should be removed
179560. Damon Gulettie  
179559. Agi Shani  
179558. Ralph Morton  
179557. Colm O'Connor  
179556. Alan Cohen  
179555. Norton Wasserman  
179554. David and Eleanor Yanover  
179553. Curt E. Liebman MD  
179552. Lois Butt Remove this now!
179551. Lynn Grad  
179550. Diane Jarrett False and Inaccurate data
179549. shirley blum  
179548. Anita Eidex deceptive & disgusting. Shame on the originators of the website.
179547. susan silberner irresponsible website, harmful and inflamatory must ber removed
179546. C L Sterling Please remove JewWatch from Google
179545. Anne Lukas  
179544. Simone Oppenheimer-Colner please remove JewWatch
179543. Alyx Shore  
179542. odette nahon  
179541. Marsha Zinberg  
179540. a a
179539. Helene Gordon  
179538. Susan Spenadel this is a hate site
179537. Shaiel Ben-Ephraim  
179536. Jacob Goldberg  
179535. Edward Hersh You wouldn't have such a site on any other minority group, would you?
179534. Enid Abrahams  
179533. len Polichuk š
179532. David J Londoner  
179531. Beth Poslosky  
179530. Youri Hazanov  
179529. judithchesney  
179528. nora katz  
179527. Harold Traub  
179526. Diane Herman  
179525. Lynn Harris  
179524. Juanita Siebenberg  
179523. Harold Traub  
179522. Paul Green  
179521. Adrian Enri No more Jewwatch in the red. Remove please
179520. H.L. Housman  
179519. Jane Zeitel Salgado  
179518. Marian Golinger  
179517. Marvin Weisfeld  
179516. Marilyn Franks  
179515. Ronnie Buchanan  
179514. Marci Weiss  
179513. Donald Moore  
179512. Pamela Permutt  
179511. Pidhorz for sure it is a mistake, worse a fault!!
179510. Sheila R. Strauss  
179509. Areyah Kaltmann  
179508. randy hight  
179507. david knecht  
179506. Luciane Baier  
179505. Randi Turk  
179504. Rafael Russ  
179503. michael kolker  
179502. A. Oldfield please remove ths site
179501. Donald Fleischman  
179500. Ray  
179499. Jamie Berman  
179498. Ellen M kick them off!
179497. Tina Kaplan  
179496. Adrian Enri No more Jewwatch in the red. Remove please
179495. BJ Antweil  
179494. Barbara Gerbs  
179493. ted gonon  
179492. Gitit  
179491. lb pleases remove this site from engine
179490. merry goldstein  
179489. Adva Itskovich  
179488. Susie Kubie The name of this search engine is very offensive. I strongly request that it be removed. Thank you.
179487. Michal  
179486. Ellen Richman  
179485. deborah lichentin  
179484. schwitthal  
179483. Judy Meer The site gives very misleading information and is very slanted to bigotry.
179482. sidney rosman  
179481. Zev Yardeni Get this garbage site off your search engine which incite the low ife anti-semites
179480. Judy Schlank Please remove the website.
179479. Ronald Goldenberg  
179478. Maurice Dayan This has no business being on Google
179477. wallace clayman jewwatch is a disgusting and disgraceful piece of anti-semitic hate.
179476. vivienne saltzman  
179475. Marlene Kofman  
179474. Jennifer  
179473. Nancy Gold  
179472. joan kastin  
179471. Susan Stiefel  
179470. L. Aferiat  
179469. David Frasier  
179468. Ruth Rosenblum  
179467. Daniel Fischer  
179466. Barbara Behar  
179465. Moshe Robert Rosen I am a holocaust survivor.It is frightening to see this site which plants the seeds of hatred using bold lies of the enemies of the Jewish State and the Jewish people by portraying the attacked as attacker.Please do not provide a platform for this! PLESE REMOVE THIS SITE!!
179464. Michael Sklaar Hate leads to more hate - eventually people die.
179463. Sylvia & Harold Tobin  
179462. btunick asap
179461. Jack Korbman  
179460. Elionora Kachka  
179459. Aaron Z Snyder  
179458. Marc  
179457. Nancy  
179456. Edward Walach This website is obviously sponsored by antisemitic organizations and listing it on Google only gives it more widespread distribution.
179455. t.ruderman  
179454. neil  
179453. Bernice Glaser  
179452. Betsy Sauder  
179451. levi Tamara  
179450. Rivka  
179449. Howard Katz  
179448. harvey shiffman discusting content
179447. Leonid  
179446. Nick Bass  
179445. Eppie Binder  
179443. Jerry Katz I am sickened by the lies and misinformation that I've seen on that site.
179442. Ron Eldor  
179441. Sharon Bass disgusting
179440. Lorie Shook  
179439. Eran hollander please remove this site
179438. Allan Shapiro  
179437. Christopher Oliver  
179436. Michael Palmer  
179435. Samuel Scott  
179434. Bernard Godfrey  
179433. Barry Cohn After reviewing the site I find all the allegations substantiated. That this site is the first one to appear using the search word Jew is to say the least disturbing. Googles contribution is to make all sorts of information available to everyone, but this should not include that which spreads lies, hatred and in this case blatant antisemitism. For this reason I join the request for the removal of JewWatch.
179432. Randi Atlin  
179431. emanuel schuller  
179430. Philip Myers  
179429. Valentin E. Rokotyan  
179428. Robert M Krauss  
179427. Jodi Goodman  
179425. Barbara Babad  
179424. Michele Lavon Aside from the fact that this man is a hatemonger and should be arrested for creating and stirring up nothing more than venom, this site MUST be removed because the world is already a dangerous place and the last thing any "people, race or religion" needs is one more voice calling for extinction.
179423. Gene Frank Weltner is absolutely taking over many YouTube college dormitories. Great work Jew Watch and Mr. Weltner
179422. Maris This is an extremely ugly and biased and dangerous website. Please remove it from your Search Engine.
179421. BACK URI  
179420. L.P.Stodel Why this hate site. Stop immitly!
179419. Ela Goldfarb  
179418. harriet lackowitz  
179417. al mani Please remove this hate-filled website from your search engine...horrible...
179416. Janice Cristofich  
179415. wendy woolfson  
179414. moises chorubczyk es vergonzante
179413. Marty Goldberg  
179412. Arthur Shapiro As a loyal google customer I beg you to ban this hate ad from your search site
179411. Jeremy Weber  
179410. Stacey Harrington  
179409. Sheryl Anapol  
179408. esther  
179407. Brigitte Finkiewicz Jewwatch is a hate filled web site.
179406. Germon  
179405. Farrah Green  
179404. Martin Feldman  
179403. Alice The content borders on incitment to violence .STOP THIS SITE
179402. Fran Boros  
179401. Abbott  
179400. vic kasner non factual-inflammatory-offensive
179399. Julius Nussbaum  
179398. Karen Triantafilis  
179397. Michele Vicars why is there so much hate against the Jews? We just want to live in peace!
179396. Iris Shlomo  
179395. Judith Hershon  
179394. Betty Oshinsky  
179393. Rabbi Susan Talve please remove this hateful destructive site. thank you.
179392. Mike Woodruff  
179391. Ilona Lieberman  
179390. Ronnie Roos Im shocked at what I'm seeing
179389. Jeff Dworetz  
179388. Sheryle Woodruff This is an outrage
179387. Leonid Fruman  
179386. Mark Agoado  
179385. JAY SOLOMON  
179384. Joel N Freedman This hate site is so offensive to me I might switch to another search engine.
179383. nina mauro horrible website!! dangerous!
179382. Judith Bara This is a disgrace in the twentyfirst century. It is highly offensive and hardly conducive to community cohesion.
179381. Norman Silverberg  
179380. Lili Zohar  
179379. Beverly Agoado dirgraceful lies!
179378. Jeffrey Elson  
179377. Mor Feldmein  
179376. Paul Streich disgusting and anti semitic
179375. Patrick J. Tkocs  
179374. Bonnie Cohen  
179373. Amy Leos-Urbel  
179372. Martin Moss  
179370. Phyllis K. Rosen  
179369. Carrie Gordon  
179368. Reynaldo Simkin  
179367. jodi silverstein to spread hate through Google web site gives google a bad name and sends the wrong message out to people and in turn spreads more hate and fear. Do you want google known for that type of info.
179366. Ron Shamas  
179365. Isidore Baum Disgusting
179364. Julian Coleman  
179363. beverly scheer Glad to do this
179362. Barbara Stahura  
179361. Enid Howarth  
179360. Natalie  
179359. Regina Koenig  
179358. B. Beerman That "Jewwatch" can be googled is utterly lacking seriousness, and is simply disgusting. Block it!
179357. Ernesto Schvartzer  
179356. Karen L. Grossman  
179355. Claire Cole  
179354. Shmuel Shame On You for starting the site altogether.
179353. mitchell Simborg hate mongering is immoral
179352. Leonard Burg It's a pretty weak coincidence to do nothing about
179351. Valerie Ash  
179350. Monica Yizhar shame on Google for not disabling antisemitic sites (and not from lack of knowledge)
179349. Brenda Klug  
179348. Debra Sherman This is offensive and I'm shocked that Goggle would allow this site!
179347. Howard Shapiro Facilitating hate sites should not be a function of a search engine
179346. elaine kay  
179345. Henry Durchfort remove
179344. Shira Kline  
179343. Monica Silver Please love each other...we're all we've got!
179342. Sandra J. Gurowski  
179341. Jeffrey Smith  
179340. Robert Bogdan  
179339. Ellis Katz  
179338. Abraham Fuks  
179337. leslie agisim please remove
179336. Eli Fata  
179335. paul belitz  
179334. Helen Offman  
179333. Beth Bromberg  
179332. Mary Webster  
179331. Tania Lipton  
179329. Christina McNally  
179328. Robert S Hammer  
179327. akiva  
179326. Tilden Bennett  
179325. W Fischer  
179324. s bieber  
179323. Lisa Ashley  
179322. J. Joseph  
179320. Carri  
179319. Laura Intfen please remove from your listings
179318. joel kaufman  
179317. lynne cantor  
179316. rachel Nasser  
179315. Pam Becker There is enough hate in the world without fanning the flames
179314. Ohn Bar  
179313. Fred Naimer  
179312. Ambr  
179311. I. Cohen  
179310. lee haven't we learned anything?
179309. Judy  
179308. allison karnbad  
179307. Jack A. Rosenberg  
179306. Susan Yagerman  
179305. Paty Armijo-Dodson insane to have this on a web site
179304. Lennard Katz  
179303. M. Charing  
179302. Steve M. Don't go to the site or they will get more hits and move up
179301. lynn soko  
179300. Mara Karpel  
179299. Frank
179298. jill marcus  
179297. Hal Sutton  
179296. Lisa Aaron  
179295. ronald rosen, M.D.  
179294. Eileen B. Wickham  
179293. Teri Siegel  
179292. Les Aaron  
179291. Martin Katzman  
179290. Richard Rabicoff  
179289. allen mayer disappointed by google
179288. Carole Michele Simon shame on google
179287. daryl kruger mindblowing.
179286. Marjorie Wade please remove this site from your search engine
179285. adam feldman  
179284. Renee Watkin I will not use until it is removed
179283. Howard Rottman This site does not provide balanced reporting about Jews or Israel
179282. Rick Tarkin  
179281. Patricia and Jerry Camina this is an outrage!!
179280. asher roth  
179279. Adonna Bowman  
179278. wendy elliman  
179277. Amy Katz  
179276. stephanne Pleshette  
179275. odelia orbaum  
179274. Rekhtman David  
179273. Nanci Lazarowitz  
179272. nomi orbaum  
179271. donna orbaum  
179270. Tori Gee  
179269. Karen Robbins  
179268. monica dell  
179267. david dell  
179266. Naama  
179265. Joel Backer  
179264. Andrew Cutler  
179263. sharon madnek a disgusting hateful site that can only do harm
179262. Robbi Wilson  
179261. Richard Felton  
179260. Mia Amram van den Brink Jewwatch is totally unacceptable
179259. warren cutler  
179258. Jerry Marcus  
179257. Paul Murphy  
179256. Lyn Baker  
179255. Mason Salit  
179254. Marsha Adams  
179253. Candace Schnier  
179252. Jeff Kay  
179251. Jewel Lieberman  
179249. rise silverstein  
179248. Mariuza Odle Not on my watch !!
179247. Maggie Manelis  
179246. avi gelbein  
179245. Addie Levenson  
179244. Ethel Dinkin It's disgusting
179243. Emile Sayegh  
179242. Joanne  
179241. Lori Klinghoffer  
179240. Zigmund Levkovich  
179239. Ellen Mendes  
179238. Bernerd Shapiro  
179237. Linda Poskanzer  
179236. Lori Weisberg  
179235. Eileen S Glassman Please remove this site. It is a disgrace
179234. gorlin  
179233. Edward Birnbaum  
179230. gorlin  
179229. karen linden please remove Jewwatch, it is appalling.
179228. Barney Greenbaum  
179227. rochelle anish  
179226. Evelyn Rosenzweig  
179225. Sarit Lulae  
179224. abe devor  
179223. Michael Simon  
179222. Rebecca Aaron  
179221. Michael Koloden  
179220. Brandy Glenos  
179219. danny shevel I'm amazed that google alows this kind of hate speech
179218. gorlin  
179217. Gregory Scott  
179216. gorlin  
179215. Jonathan David  
179214. bella zubkov  
179213. Annette Fisch  
179212. Julie Oliver  
179211. Eyal Melamed-Cohen  
179210. alan p. jacobs  
179209. j. schoenfeld  
179208. Deborah Richardson JewWatch is not the first site and unfortunately there are multiple other antisemitic sites listed high as well
179206. Sharon S. Hudgins  
179205. Martin Jellinek  
179204. Lesley Simmonds  
179203. Igor Veltman  
179202. Gloria S. Redlich I find this site very disturbing: its only value appears to be to incite hatred.
179201. gail kichler  
179200. Ron Gartner sad in these times
179199. lois gordon  
179198. Amy Weinberg disgraceful, antisemitic site
179197. Stan Bramow  
179196. julie yohay  
179195. Claire Valine  
179194. Herbert S. Golinkin Maintaining this site on Google makes Google an antisemitic organization
179193. Linda Portney  
179192. zvi braunstein  
179191. Jerrold I. Horwitz  
179190. Sandra Waldman  
179189. David Jeffrey Levin  
179188. barbara barko  
179187. Forrest Chambless Maturity and civility requires discretion. Please remove this horrendous reference to the ugliness of hate and discrimination.
179186. rebecca eisen  
179185. Jennifer Kaiser  
179184. Joy Sydney I am very disturbed that google would have this web site. It promotes hatred and I would expect more out of Google . Please take this web site off your search engine.
179183. Ron Fehler It's an Outrage!
179182. Lisa  
179181. Jack Ginsberg  
179180. karen newmark -katz this is an outrage!
179179. Moshe Schwartz  
179178. Jason Goldsmith  
179177. holly e colla  
179176. michelle eli unbelievablely bigoted, ignorant, prejudiced, and absurd
179175. Toby Shulman  
179174. Laurie how many names will you require on this petitionbefore you remove this disgusting website?
179173. Matt Schwartz I hope that Google ends this blatant hate speech.
179172. ELLY KARNBAD  
179171. abe maleh please remove immidiaetly
179170. brian rosen  
179169. Amy Wilen-Buckman  
179168. Nancy Bergen  
179167. Edward Rich  
179166. Dolly Kapsh  
179165. Rocco DiPippo  
179164. Paula Glick  
179163. M. Cohen  
179162. martin pope  
179161. Sally Nuss Positive vibes, please!!!
179160. Janette Garmizo it is sad to see that after all we have been through there could still be ignorants out there that discriminate against us
179159. Tito Volcovich es una verguenza contra la humanidad
179158. Bernard Steinberg  
179157. Geoffrey Stebbins  
179156. Doron kaminski  
179155. Edward Spater  
179154. deborah martorana we
179153. Roger D. Brown Please remove this offensive site
179152. orly lehmann  
179151. Beth Schafer  
179150. Amir D.  
179149. YOSSI DUNHAM  
179148. Gila Cooper  
179147. Ronald H Landau  
179146. Sara C.  
179145. eric rozen  
179144. Leslie Singer  
179143. Eugene Krymko  
179142. Israel Malik  
179141. Gunvor Rekstad  
179140. adira k  
179139. Deborah  
179138. Martin Bredski  
179137. Marisa Love I can't believe that in this day and age, we need to sign a petition to have something like this removed. It shouldn't even be there in the first place.
179136. uri shani  
179135. joan konesky  
179134. Brandy Scheer Please remove this now!
179133. Fran Divine Please remove JewWatch from the Google Engine
179132. Cathy Chester No reason this man needs to maintain such a website. Would we have a Catholic or Protestant Watch?
179131. Elsa Schachter Get this garbage of the internet
179130. Edwin Schachter  
179129. Richard Brisk  
179128. alex markovich  
179127. Evelyn Mohammed  
179126. Donald Warfield  
179125. lorna sagorsky  
179124. Jennifer Warfield  
179123. Tricia Goddard  
179122. C.Kostick  
179121. Jan Lerner  
179120. netta  
179119. nelson  
179118. Ella it is not proper
179117. Deborah Moyal  
179116. Hannah Lewin  
179115. Mark Goroff Googal. Do the right thing. Remove this site.
179114. bob gubin this garbage is a haye crime
179113. marcia green sad
179112. Emily Nobody desveres a website set out to defeat them.
179111. S Goodman  
179110. Karen Colby Weiner This is blatent anti-semitism and should not be available through any legitimate search engine.
179109. Maxine Botha I know enough survivorsof the holocaust to know it really happened -
179108. Edith Weingarten unacceptable definition
179107. Stacey Berger  
179106. Rabbi Harvey Horn  
179105. Gerald Eisenberg  
179104. D Salzman  
179103. j stone  
179102. joy avidan  
179101. Basov Evgeny If you not, I'll start to use yahoo instead
179100. oren shahar  
179099. Vince Lewis ignorance is ignoring what you know, it is not the state of not knowing. Those in control of Google should demonstrate their lack of ignoring and prohibit this site.
179098. Steve Satin I am not going to advertise with Google until this offensive material is removed
179097. Mrs. Roy  
179096. Rosalind Harris  
179095. rose Mosner i rely on google to eliminate this jew
179094. JudithCohen  
179093. marvin glasman  
179092. Leslie Zak  
179091. Arya Marvazy thank you to whoever helped to organize this petition, great work...
179090. barb kornblatt  
179087. Judy Brown  
179086. Benjamin Aaron ben Gideon  
179085. amy trerotoli  
179084. Elise Marcus  
179083. Alexandra Gillis  
179082. beverley lokash  
179081. Lorelei Kaplan  
179080. Menahem Heistein Remove JewWatch from Google Search Eng.
179079. Jack Horowitz Obscene
179078. PSHirsch  
179077. marc  
179076. Eva Stern  
179075. j. weingarten f the world is ever going to become just, fair and peaceful than we must all live without hate, violence and gossip,
179074. halamish  
179073. rona armel  
179072. Julian Voloj  
179071. Morris Solomon It's SEMIT I C
179070. adele  
179068. Steven Tenenbaum, M.D.  
179067. Sharon Metzger  
179066. Mr. Alex Ramos  
179065. david  
179064. livne berebi  
179063. Jonathan Lewis  
179062. evelyn rose binder  
179061. evelyn rose binder  
179060. Fred Gross  
179059. shirley ross  
179058. Sophie Hamouth  
179057. I. Porath  
179056. Nancy Sacks  
179055. oz mezer  
179054. Gillian Keen  
179053. Andrew Sanders  
179052. Daniel Sharon  
179051. Andrew Harris This is very important
179050. Stephen Seligson  
179049. Reesa Feinstein Remove JewWatch Immediately
179048. Richard m. carpe  
179047. yehudit  
179046. Josef Faul  
179045. adi  
179044. marci stern  
179043. Jim Altman  
179042. lindy annis  
179041. galit dvir  
179040. Max Samkoff inapprioate
179039. Neil Fogel  
179038. Arlene Gerold  
179037. Bruce  
179036. Jay Grant  
179035. claudine van Beek very strange! I think the young Google people are jews.
179034. daniel harris  
179033. Oren Bracha  
179032. bert lurie  
179031. Ziva Simkhai  
179030. Marla  
179029. lital  
179028. miriam ben-ezra  
179027. Ron Kaminski  
179026. Nina Resnick  
179025. john dyner  
179024. Ricardo Blum  
179023. lior maman  
179022. Lin Berger  
179021. Margot Berger  
179020. Tanya Vaughan When in heavens name will the world learn to respect eachothers differences and beliefs and condem only those who demonstrate acts of violence and racist behavour to fellow human beings
179019. L. FREEMAN  
179018. Judy Lundy  
179017. mark Becker  
179016. Steve Freedman this must be removed now
179015. Daniela  
179014. j.hyman  
179013. Martha Leistikow Please Remove this site from Google
179012. yaron please remove it.
179011. Caroline Samuels  
179010. Stephen Rubin  
179009. nurit maman  
179008. Ramie A Tritt  
179007. Peleg Reshef  
179006. elad  
179005. Ruth Dweck  
179004. Michael Liff  
179003. Samy Rezonzew  
179002. Ray Zlatkin  
179001. Harriet Dean  
179000. jack garfinkle  
178999. Helene Wolf  
178998. Ramon Gonzalez  
178997. Elliot Kaye  
178996. Sandy Amir  
178995. alexander van der Linden Please Google remove hate website
178994. joseph smith  
178993. Steven H Kimmel  
178992. Mike Cassen This is a disgraceful website which does not promote peace and harmony. It is disgraceful that you allow such websites to exist. Please remove it immediately.
178991. ellen flax  
178990. Rachelle Berman  
178989. Michael Koperniak  
178988. sharon please remove this antisemetic sight from your search engine
178987. attias annie  
178986. Adam Mouchtar  
178985. E. Creed  
178984. David Levy anti-sematism is totally unacceptable
178983. glen grifff anything that destroy recklessfully should be dismantled.
178982. glen grifff anything that destroy recklessfully should be dismantled.
178981. erika  
178980. Kaszas Valeria fuj,fuj
178979. josef Carel  
178978. Michael Goodman  
178977. martin dennis  
178976. ittai raphaeli  
178975. efrat nir  
178974. Stanford Cramer  
178973. Judith Marc Shame
178972. Betty Rothaus PLEASE, don't be an engine for hate and ignorance!
178971. Yair  
178970. Dan  
178969. Asher Naim When you carry: muslim watch, Buddist watch , Chrstian watch , and others, then it is OK. Singling our Jew is antisemitic
178968. ellen miller withdraw this awfuldescription of a Jew!
178967. Ze'ev Hollander  
178966. Sarah Mitchell  
178965. Andy Princz Pure garbage
178964. Michelle Rofeh  
178963. Jonathan Davis This website is a gross offence to both public decency and morals; and a most cynical abuse of free speech. Google should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
178962. grindel marie hope you will restaure justice.
178961. Charles Dorra I know what it is and how a person could suffer from antisemitism
178960. Annette Fox Lies and hatred
178959. Gadiel Schatz  
178958. Timothy W Butcher  
178957. Martin Smith  
178956. Marion Stone  
178955. FRAN WARING  
178954. Vernon Epstein  
178953. Ali Al-Azhari  
178952. Gillian Gordon  
178951. Günther Kempka  
178950. Nirit Kadmon  
178949. Lilach Shaham Katzir  
178948. Mal Ohana  
178947. Dave Weiss  
178946. SHABTAI  
178945. Ben King  
178944. Joyce Dyer  
178943. Professor Yaacov Lensky  
178942. David Blain  
178941. taylor please remove it !
178940. David Remove this tripe please
178939. willa hillman  
178938. Yaniv Mordecai  
178937. Sandra Smith  
178936. shel hillman  
178935. Esti Cohen  
178933. Shira Melenson  
178932. Shulamit Witenoff  
178931. U Navon Hard core Antisemitism
178930. jonny wolf  
178929. Wolff Michel  
178928. Lynne Smith  
178927. Joan Peltin  
178926. Tina  
178925. Ilan Or-Hof is a disgusting site
178924. jan fleischman  
178923. omid bendavid  
178922. Andi Comisioneru  
178921. Philip Spitzer Please take it off
178920. Moshe  
178919. Joyce C. Kessler Posting this on Google makes that website an advocate of Jewish Hatred. Makes one think that Google is not the place to support.
178918. Guggenheim  
178917. marianna neuberger is antisemit
178916. rudy berger  
178915. Ohad Meir  
178914. kein daly  
178913. Luba Kleinman  
178912. Albert Sordi  
178911. Patti Beegun  
178910. Amsallem  
178909. zenouda chlomik  
178908. C. Rakoff  
178907. Dorit Linsky  
178906. Sue Gil BA PGCE Dip TEFL MITG anti racist
178905. Robert J Moncion Someone at Google is not doing their job
178904. Ethan Quern  
178903. shawn tritt  
178902. Artur Frajnd  
178901. raz shlomo good luck
178900. Wendy Newman  
178899. rodney morley  
178898. Jim and Mary McLenahan-Peck  
178897. Penina Kessler  
178896. Sjlomo  
178895. Michael D. Armitage  
178894. Moss Patashnik  
178893. phyllis needlman  
178892. Morris Darnov Vulgar
178891. debra netkin  
178890. Edward Zerin  
178889. p. Abrams  
178888. Maureen Lobatto Such distorted and prejudicial thinking must be challenged
178887. Arie Gus  
178886. Doreen Goldman  
178885. daniel wolff  
178884. Jack Sydow  
178882. Shlomi Jerusalem, Israel
178881. Batya Gross  
178880. gmbryer  
178879. Hagay disgusting site
178878. levy  
178877. Parvis Hay  
178876. sarit  
178875. chaim grosz I am an actual holocaust survivor and take deep offense to that hate becoming again publicly acceptable, you would not accept on your site a descripition of Islam being a perverted murderous false religion. so just why does it condone such vile description of Jews
178874. stanley lazerus  
178873. harel  
178872. elaine bergman Why am I not surprised, So awful!
178871. merle deborah levine  
178870. Shahryar Soleimanzadeh  
178869. FRANCIS  
178868. Nowbakht Marlin  
178867. jack  
178866. Jed Davis  
178865. Phyllis Rabiner Don't be part of lies by allowing it on GOOGLE
178864. Norene Charnofsky I hope this site is removed ASAP!
178863. Leslie Fogel  
178862. simone shapiro  
178861. Esther Welsher  
178860. Heela Hadad  
178859. Cynthia Shifrin Don't support hatred and ignorance.
178858. marlene yarchever  
178857. avi  
178856. gary rice  
178855. Ronit Peskin  
178854. Maxine Karpel  
178853. Anna Taub  
178852. edna nir  
178851. roberta shulman Please remove this site,it stinks from HATE.
178850. David Belarbi  
178849. Evie Rote very negative
178848. Mark Shulman FULL OF LIES , VERY HATEFUL........
178847. Wendy H There's enough hate in this world that you don't have to add to it
178846. Michael G  
178845. Stan Rifkin  
178844. Deborah Felnagle  
178843. George Bromley  
178842. daniela  
178841. Allen Anes  
178839. sharon dunn  
178838. mady schneider  
178837. Daniel Fellman  
178836. David Ryckaert  
178835. Darren Stephens Why spread hate and lies?
178834. Marcy Rosenzweig Leavitt this is a shameful site!
178833. Perry Gall Baseless hatred
178832. David Karp I can't believe any search engine would stoop to write in such garbage/
178831. Paul G. Rowe Please remove this site from Google.
178830. sandy kalinsky this is a horrible site!!! please remove
178829. sheila woll please remove jewwatch. now not later
178828. irit eskayo  
178827. Roger Carasso  
178826. Carol Block  
178825. mariella Hosseini  
178824. DAVID RUTH  
178823. sam tabibian  
178822. Marcia Oberdorfer  
178821. Marilyn Braiger JewWatch sends a scurrilous screed. Erase it.
178820. Jim Formaker very offensive site
178819. Jack wylde what a sick site, it seems to be have made to rewite history just the same way muslims do and I would not be suprised if its funded by Iran
178818. Jon Robles  
178817. David Weisz Promotes Hate
178816. Galina Gorodetsky  
178815. Lauren please adress this serious issue
178814. Ariel It's A HORRIBLE site !!!!
178813. irene sivan  
178812. don shifrin repugnant
178811. Keith Remove this search selection - Stop the hate!
178810. Rev. Sue Ayer  
178809. Debra Goldich  
178808. Sara Fleiderman  
178807. Howard B. Rosenblatt  
178806. Howard B. Rosenblatt  
178805. d k  
178804. Dana Scott This is outrageous that google supports this, i may change my favorite search engine because of it.
178803. levi Selwyn  
178802. Peter Rosen  
178801. sam bravmann  
178799. dave ziegelman  
178798. Jack Moncarsz  
178797. Debra Rettman I hope you remove this site!!!
178796. Marc Emmick I am not Jewish but teach at a Jewish day school and find this website abhorrent.
178795. Mike Eshaghian  
178794. Vera  
178793. preston oppenheimer  
178792. Louis Goldowitz  
178791. rhona bader  
178790. barry shore this makes my flesh crawl
178789. Joseph Mollaie  
178788. Debra S, Cantor  
178787. Sonia Motamed  
178786. Ellen Stepak  
178785. Joan Articles such as these foment hatred. Is that your policy?
178784. david verdoner  
178783. bracha Wasserzug  
178782. tzipi orgal unfortunately history repeats itself,let's stop it now
178781. Jay Zwibelman  
178780. Andrea Zwibleman  
178779. Phyllis Kahn  
178778. jeffrey hoodin  
178777. elharshi  
178776. Rosalind Kaufman  
178775. Carol Eisenman  
178774. Jill Faber  
178773. Tony It never stops !
178772. Ben Bakhshi  
178771. Barbara Finberg  
178770. ornit  
178769. Moshe Michael  
178768. M. S. Goldman I assume Google is above this kind of support of prejudice.
178767. Gail Cohen  
178766. Barbara Lazarowitz  
178765. Norman Fellman Google doesn't need to further hate against any people. Its bad for busness and just plain wrong
178764. etiel burger  
178763. Marty Wayne  
178762. asher  
178761. Sherri Jaye  
178759. Judith Weinmann-Stern  
178758. Rebecca Singer  
178757. Mark A. Stern You should not have needed a petition to make this change. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
178756. Les Lieberman  
178755. Edward Ehrlich  
178754. Marcia Weller JewWatch is disgusting lies
178753. igal  
178752. Jasmin Niku  
178751. george fernandez This information is not accurate and inconclusive.
178750. Lois and Michael Klezmer  
178749. Isaac Gozdzik  
178748. Mona & Neilan Stern  
178747. Charles Broches  
178745. EVA WEINGORT  
178744. gloria scheinin that is a disgrace
178743. n salter  
178742. Robert Golden  
178741. David and Susan Lawrence The titles for each article are anti semitic and have no relationship with the content of the article they purportedly represent.
178739. Dr. Lloyd Field  
178738. Jack Heeger  
178737. Philip Landau disgraceful!!
178736. Jan Gordon  
178735. Sheri A. Saperstein As a private company, please take a stand against such offensive and hateful sites.
178734. Betty Werksman Most blatent hideous and antisemitic lies and untruths I have ever seen. Need to be removed immediately. Forget about petitions!! Google should be ashamed it carries this junk.
178733. Alan Reiss  
178732. Shirley Kouffman Do it please.
178731. Esther Shafran  
178730. Susie Klinock This is outrageous and must be removed!
178729. Beatrice B. Kay  
178728. jerry shyman shame-shame
178727. Mike Kay Preach Love - Not Hate
178726. Stephanie Greer  
178725. roms take this site out of google
178724. Edmund Mendell  
178723. rebecca  
178722. Sherrill Kushner  
178721. Margaret Brody This matter is URGENT!
178720. Dov cut him out please
178719. dr. danny shuman holocaust denial is unacceptable to those murdered
178718. maurice totally unacceptable remove immediately
178717. Dubi its all so wrong and evil...
178716. pk Pls. shut that ugly german ghestapo guy down. He should be shot in his dirty mouth
178715. Benjamin Nagar  
178714. Barbara Witkin Meister please remove
178713. Kathryn Mesney-Hetler Enough Already! ENOUGH!!! What are you Soooo afraid of? We are all just flesh and blood and energy.
178712. Sallie G. Schaffer Google should be ashamed.
178711. Susan Ginsberg  
178710. Nani Coloretti  
178709. Marc Makhani This is offensive to people of all religions, not only Jewish people
178708. moshebabad  
178707. Maurice Bramnik Remove hate,pactice more Love
178706. roni liberman appalling display of bigotry small mindedness
178705. dennis gelpe Appreciate your efforts, although the info on the site, that is true, makes me proud
178704. Randi Mendelsohn It's ignorance like this that needs to crushed. Remove this site
178703. Rima Blau  
178702. Barbara Hoffman  
178701. Sheryl Wolf  
178700. Cindi Torres  
178699. Leslie Ariel  
178698. Mary Quinn  
178697. m frackt  
178696. Jacob Shupack  
178695. Peter Rettman  
178694. Stacy  
178693. Laurel Kornfeld  
178692. P Harris  
178691. Tanya  
178690. Mikhail Fascism is OK , Mr.Google?
178689. hana  
178688. julie jenn Let Peace begin with me
178687. David Cohen  
178686. Carol Ackley I hope you do the right thing.
178685. D Goldblatt This guy will go the way of bilaam and co.
178684. Susan Wilansky This is abominable
178683. Sheldon Rittenberg  
178682. S. A. Patz this is deplorable
178681. edwad tamler  
178680. sara  
178679. Kathy Pringle  
178678. Steven Herbst  
178677. Eugene Voskoboynikov  
178676. M. Markman  
178675. Yaron Kinar  
178674. June Finkelstein  
178673. LISA  
178672. Geraldine Watkin Please, remove this totally offensive site specially for the jewish people and for the whole world
178671. roslyn korman This goes beyond fredom of speech
178670. Ellen K  
178669. A C BERGMAN This is disgraceful
178668. Martin Katz Please remove this offensive site
178667. whitney  
178666. sheldon goldsmith  
178665. J. Buonamassa Please remove this site!
178664. E.J.Caylor Sr.  
178663. Leah Gross  
178662. Elaine Levy  
178661. Elie Fried  
178660. Esther Bramnik  
178659. Gabriel Scherzer  
178658. Margaret Waisman This site is offensive and inaccurate. Words can and do kill. This has to be stopped NOW.
178657. E. green  
178656. Marshall Butow outrageous
178655. Linda Sagan  
178654. E.J.Caylor Sr.  
178653. Sheila Cohen  
178652. Roger Hirsch please remove this site asap
178651. lorraine nissenbaum  
178650. Elizabeth Rosner  
178649. Marilyn get rid of it, please
178648. Shaul Rabinowitz This is hateful, distorted and hate-mongering material.
178647. Wendy Goodman please remove very anti-semetic website
178646. Corinne Earle  
178645. Gregory Vilkin pls remove this web site from the search results
178644. paula sigal  
178643. irina sagra please remove from Google
178642. Paula  
178641. Judy Goldman I find this offensive and disgusting
178640. zipi  
178639. liz katz  
178638. Miki Remels This is disgraceful for Google to allow
178637. Edward Abramovitz  
178636. T.Kernohan  
178635. jeff schrier shame on you!!!
178634. Gary Dagres  
178633. brenda lurie  
178632. Roberta Weiss  
178631. Iris Cohen I truly hope hope google will remove it from its search engine. Thanks.
178630. Neil Markson  
178629. marni passer please remove this offensive site
178628. Maida Jones  
178627. Harrry Wayne Keep things balanced
178626. Jay Gelbart  
178625. Paul Goode  
178624. L McCord  
178623. Louise Anish remove it immediately please
178622. David Goldstein  
178621. Barbara Ledeen  
178620. P. R. Munson  
178619. Pnina R JewWatch MUST be REMOVED from google search engine!!!
178618. Berney Smith  
178616. Malka Kohanim  
178615. Eddie Sherman  
178614. Josh Gould  
178613. Samuel Baron  
178612. J. McCune  
178611. steve Free please take this untisemetic site from JEW surch
178610. barbara mortfield  
178609. rene amiel  
178608. Dan Kucer  
178607. Larry Rogul  
178606. mousa saad  
178605. laurie heaps  
178604. Melvin Stowsky  
178603. Jacqueline Cooperman  
178602. alex hock  
178601. Amy Pickholtz  
178600. Paula  
178599. nat & stan klebanoff  
178598. Ron Lewis This is unacceptable. Please don't support antisemites.
178597. alex hock  
178596. Miryam Disgusting and inflammatory; This hate-filled, ignorant, prejudicial, horrible, misguided anti-semitic web site must be removed.
178595. Levchin  
178594. Preston Tuchman Please remove all of this guy's youtube videos, as well!!
178593. Bonnie  
178592. Marc Barie  
178591. Natalie Disgusting website!
178590. Michelle Shamas Please remove jewwatch
178589. Eileen Denberg  
178588. Tom Spalding This website is an embarrasment. It should not be listed in Google, as it is a hate filled site
178587. Shannon Eli  
178586. shonna remove or everyone boycott google
178585. Cynthia Smith  
178584. l gross  
178583. aleta levine  
178582. Louis J. Rousseau  
178581. parisa remove
178580. Judy Carpenter  
178579. sara  
178578. ahuva  
178577. Zahde remove the site
178576. Jan Beiler  
178575. diana hader  
178574. sam  
178573. Meredith Berke  
178572. Louie Salmons Sites such as this that promote hatred and bias should not be allowed to spread their lies through Google.
178571. e kanchuger  
178570. Melissa Dane  
178569. molly m. resnick  
178568. Evelyn Harris We need to do everything and anything to get rid of any source of hatred for anyone.
178567. Diane It is disgusting that in a world that should be strengthening tolerance, you are allowing hatred to appear on google
178566. Sol J. Oberman I think the point is clear. Please comply
178565. Miriam Lensky never more anisemitism
178564. Marvin H. Lucas  
178563. mike soll  
178562. Flavia Pergaminik Meiches  
178561. Rochelle Tenzer  
178560. Judy Fono As the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I found the site made me sick to my stomach, literally.
178558. Andrew Dressel  
178557. Svetlana  
178556. Donna Lesk  
178555. Linda Platt  
178554. Nadine Apfelbaum  
178553. E. Gail Van Ekeren  
178552. Marilyn Myman this is an insult to anyone of the Jewish faith
178551. Emily Masters  
178550. Arline G. Olim  
178549. A. benarroch  
178548. phyllis savin  
178547. Robyn Mussler  
178546. Sylvia Reznick  
178545. Sara Stone Please stop promoting anti-semitism!
178544. barbara stern  
178543. Isabel Wintroub  
178542. Thomas Weiss MD Hate sites are inappropriate
178541. Bina Wolnerman  
178540. Joyce MacDonald  
178539. paul e berry jr  
178538. Stan Katz  
178537. Suzanne Levy  
178536. Howard S Smigel Outrageous that Google should have such a site.
178535. Diane Rosensweig  
178534. Ronald A. Calfee This site "JewWatch" is an abomination, an offence to God's chosen people.
178533. Marla O'Brian  
178532. A. Hoffmann Google, it's distasteful that this site comes up on page one of my search.
178531. Rona G. Sterling  
178530. James Schlifke this is reprehensible crap
178529. b. f. kurta  
178528. Rona Gitelson  
178527. J  
178525. irving Freedman  
178524. gerald belz  
178523. Peter Shrock  
178522. Amy how disgusting!!! remove...........
178521. Sarah Rebelo  
178520. Barbara Arnel remove this site please!!!!!
178519. Yeta Rhein  
178518. n. hecht  
178517. David Frieberger  
178516. Cynthia Prag JewWatch is a malicious,unacceptable antisemitic information that is being feed to sick minds!! should be ashamed to be spreading such malicious information! The FBI have this site removed at once!!!!!
178515. annamarie collins  
178514. Robyn  
178513. Jack Lipinsky This is absolutely essential to protect those who are surfing the net
178512. linda  
178511. F. Scheirer  
178510. Ralph Reichert, M.D. shame on google for reviving the old antisemitism!
178509. joan feinstein  
178508. Benita & Carl Muchmaker  
178507. Lou Willner  
178506. sheila Burman shocking to find this on google
178505. Emil Banayan  
178504. Alan Feuerman  
178503. nicoleabelson  
178501. Mimi Testen I am SHOCKED that this hate site is allowed!
178500. eugenia remove the web right away
178499. golan  
178498. Jill Freed  
178497. Harvey Shernoff  
178496. Leora Hertz  
178495. eve  
178494. Sheila Jindela  
178493. EllenBett Kline Please!!
178492. shirin simkhai  
178490. Adele Kolinsky anti -american discusting
178489. Mark Fisher  
178488. Lisse Gerofsky  
178487. Robert Steinberg  
178486. cheryl cohen  
178485. Malca Eve Casiro Whatever responsible people do to bring down hatred and prejudice will help our world become a better place. Do not stand by silently and say I can't do anything.
178484. Larry Schecter  
178483. Alan Lecker  
178482. larry knee  
178481. Brenda Tishk  
178480. Sandy Raqchmiel  
178479. Sue Steinberg  
178478. Marcia Gamboa  
178477. Kaylee Miller  
178476. Beile Backer  
178475. Steve Leeds  
178474. Debra Rowe Do the right thing now. It's sad that you have given hatred the time of day for so long. Removal & donation to the Jewish charity of your choice in in order.
178473. sharon yedwab this website is highly offensive and unacceptable
178472. JC  
178471. Jomrani  
178470. marc s orlofsky disgusting site and indecent must remove
178469. Gaye Collins  
178468. Susan Burke  
178467. Betty Osborne  
178466. MARILYN GUTMANN Shame on you for promoting anti-Semitism
178465. larry Lemelbaum not in America
178464. Eliot Rachman  
178463. David Crowley  
178462. h.sherogan  
178461. Emma Foster  
178460. Sylvan L. Katz  
178459. Judith Grimley  
178458. susan colton please remove the site
178457. Allan  
178456. david wachtfogel just do as the petition suggests
178454. Leonard Gerschitz  
178453. Amnon Moses  
178452. Freda Saul  
178451. irene gross  
178450. Randy Krivitsky  
178449. GAIL SHULMAN  
178448. Mily Please remove it, fast.
178446. Bruce Kesler  
178445. Nir Hauser  
178444. Norman Rosenshein  
178443. Russell Fuchs  
178442. nathan yoffa  
178441. Robert Litvak  
178440. Michael Steinberg, DDS  
178439. Harry Nagel  
178438. Joel Schaumberg  
178437. NORMAN BENMAOR Why is this garbage and lies allowed?
178436. Don Seymon  
178435. Ellen Wigoda  
178434. Margaret Lindzon  
178433. greg goldstein we should recover respect and learn to live in peace
178432. Hasti Omrani  
178431. Rachel Ehrenfeld This website is a disgrace!
178430. Teresa Superdock  
178429. James Gottfried  
178428. barbara solomon To think in this day and age something like this can pollute the internet.
178427. Susan Hamberg  
178426. Harold J. Price  
178425. Jennifer Meents  
178424. Warren Rich  
178423. OLGA HILL please don't help people who are espousing vile hatred.
178422. Irwin Solon  
178420. Marla  
178419. Joseph Yomtoubian this is just wrong
178418. ron gall  
178417. Alex Ayzenshteyn I can't believe that website is the first thingt that pops up. Please remove that because that is extremely anti-semetic
178416. Cheryl Altman I find this site appalling and hurtful
178415. Martin C. Carr REMOVE THIS SITE NOW
178414. Steve Care  
178413. Mel Greenblatt Google has an obligation and responsibility to identify this site as being anti Semitic
178412. Charlotte and Harold Goldberg  
178411. Lawrence Korn  
178410. Tali  
178409. Sybil Cotler  
178408. Stephen Boroda  
178407. iirv halper  
178406. jeffrey cohen the site is overtly antisemitic
178405. Marc Ganz  
178404. Lawrence Devore  
178403. Joy Klein  
178402. Virginia Lieberman  
178401. Stu Mayerson  
178400. Janis Kleinberger It's long overdue that all of us act consciously to heal all relations on this planet. Organizations like google need to lead the way. Thank you.
178399. Gabriel Hauser  
178398. Jacqueline Tolkin  
178397. howard shogilev  
178396. vitaly havkin  
178395. Richard E. Taylor Google should be ashamed of this...and remove it NOW!
178394. David Y Bergman  
178393. Allan Rosenberg  
178392. LESLY MARTIN  
178391. Jill Bloom  
178390. Rose Tamler  
178389. david wolansky  
178388. Josh Lipszyc  
178387. lyubov havkin  
178386. leo wolkow disgusting and disgraceful
178385. Richard Weisman  
178384. Merryl Frankel  
178383. Julie Temperley  
178382. helen wolkow disgraceful that this appears in todays times
178381. ike gabay  
178380. Marc Gutman  
178379. e.schwartz  
178378. Noah Golden-Krasner Ê
178377. N. Bohm  
178376. Margie & Gary Marmer  
178375. natalie Spickler  
178374. Irving Ameti  
178373. Mitch You should really be ashamed for allowing this. You are openly accepting and complying with Anti-Semetism and the unfounded dislike for a specific group of people.
178372. Bruce O'Brien  
178371. Dana Adler  
178370. Shari Peterson  
178369. S. Levin  
178368. Adele Kaehler isn't there enough hate in this world? Do you have to promote more?
178367. Felix M. Liokumoivich REMOVE IMMEDIATELY!!!
178366. fred enfield  
178365. Julia Weisburd  
178364. david troop  
178363. E. Levin  
178362. Lisa Shapiro  
178361. paula s gould dds  
178360. Arthur Savarick  
178359. sondra patraker  
178358. Patricia K. Ferstein  
178357. yury berson I would like to see this man face to face and tell him .....
178356. yoss kahana  
178355. Ferne Don't be misled checkout to see what Jews have created to enhance life for all
178354. Jill Bernstein  
178353. Rachel Schlosberg  
178352. Mel Ganz This is a horribly ofensive web site
178351. Silvia  
178350. Risa Robitaille  
178348. marty grey  
178347. SAra Purow  
178346. Nate Nevas  
178345. ayelet rosen  
178344. ALICE GAYNER  
178343. edward smookler  
178342. William D Lurie  
178341. Jeffrey Diamond  
178340. Rita Seltman  
178339. Daniel  
178338. Gilat Schwartz You should NOT allow this "man" to spread hatred via your search engine!
178337. Glenda Roach  
178336. Dan Silvers  
178335. Zhinous F Shame
178334. Bonnie Plafker We still need to be proactive and stand with respect and dignity for ourselves and our people. Strength in numbers.
178333. Rivkah Brod  
178332. Lisa Saoerstein  
178331. DS Block  
178330. Josephina Kogan ÿ
178329. Jack and Carol-Sue Shapiro  
178328. Minoo Shaban  
178327. Linda Golden  
178326. Arel Mishory Thank you for doing the right and moral thing
178325. Zevie Burger  
178324. Ron Cohen  
178323. Tina Levitt  
178322. Bruce Davidoff  
178321. Jaimee Bieler  
178320. juliette rubio  
178319. Roya Kianmahd  
178318. Terry  
178317. Bonnie Blackman  
178316. Rabbi Alan R. Dicken  
178315. julie adams  
178314. JOAN  
178313. Stephen  
178312. estaconsor  
178311. marie levine shame, shame and more shame!
178310. Joseph Jacobs Stop the antisemitism
178309. LENNY COD  
178307. SYLVIA BYER  
178306. marlene rubin  
178305. s Langerman so much garbage on websites, jewwatch one of the worst
178304. James Mercado N.Y.  
178303. alex  
178302. Nina Cepale N.Y.  
178301. Gloria Fialkow Please remove this immediately
178300. B Notelovitz  
178299. Armin Krauss  
178298. iris rosen this site is absurd!!
178297. Tim Intfen  
178296. Elizabeth Zimmer  
178295. Myrna Bernstein  
178294. Mindy Smith  
178293. ROEN NO WAY
178292. Mark Chaplin  
178291. Hanley Abramson  
178290. norma pullman this is a disgusting site
178289. Nanette Bass  
178288. Sandra Chaplin  
178287. Miriam Smith  
178286. Beverly R. Frankel  
178285. Arlene Kaufman  
178284. alan kay  
178283. Joy Ertman  
178282. Nancy Bach please get rid of this blatant anti-semitism
178281. Taryn Sacks  
178280. Julius Hochstein  
178279. Emanuel Frankel  
178278. Sergio  
178277. adam wolf  
178276. Maya Golden-Krasner  
178275. Mayer Wainstein  
178274. Brenda Brownlow  
178273. Ellen Klein  
178272. nephtali  
178271. liliane  
178270. janet kaner  
178269. EDWARD HIRSCH please remove this site
178268. Gary Speisman  
178267. Kim Cohen disgusting
178266. Rabbi Leila Gal Berner  
178265. Samuel Khin  
178264. Leonard Ginsburg Shockerd and hurt ind misinformed by this site
178263. Lori Schneider  
178262. Racheli Wolfson  
178261. Alan M erznik,MD this is a call to further antisemitism in plan form
178260. eliezer greisdorf  
178259. Sam Cohen  
178258. Breno Lerner  
178257. Stefenie Nazanin  
178256. Randy Laskin  
178255. Chaya  
178254. Mindi Fasnacht  
178253. Michele Gabai Please remove this offensive anti-semitic site
178252. jessica  
178251. Janie Rose  
178250. Betty Freedman  
178249. Faith Campbell This is too damaging and untruthful
178248. Hymie Shuster  
178247. efi  
178246. Susan Witkin  
178245. Fay Palestrant Jews are portrayed in a negative light
178244. robin f  
178243. Sandra Horwitz  
178242. ruth rackman shameful!
178241. Rob Goldstein Please remove
178240. shari haber  
178239. joe sasson  
178238. Donna Baar  
178237. Marcy Pearlman  
178236. Chaim Allen Please remove the filth.
178235. Shaindel Mishkin  
178234. Bennett M. Rackman As the rabbi at International Synagogue, JFK Airport, the only Jewish house of worship located in an airport in the Western Hemishere, I find this situation intolerable. Someone must monitor the hatered being spread on the internet.
178233. Sean Canada
178232. GRAHAM RAELBROOK Please consider blocking 'Jewwatch' and any other hatemongering sites irrespective of religious affiliation.
178231. Caryl Zook  
178230. HAROLD KELMAN disgusting web site, filled with lies, half truths, hateful
178229. Charlene Eisen antisemetic propaganda does not foster peace in our world
178228. Ruben j  
178227. samantha  
178226. Tzvi Nof I'm ashamed of U
178225. Bernardo Weiss  
178224. Steven Phillips Absolutely a travesty that we continue to hate other humans. We are one generation away from being cavemen.
178223. Lauren Lieberman  
178222. Andrea Axt  
178221. Susan Turk  
178220. JA Geller remore or I will use another search are not the only one available
178219. sylvia eckler disgusting lies
178218. Murray H. Hirsh  
178217. kara lawrence get this crap of this site!
178216. R. Crothers  
178215. lea ellenbogen disgusting
178214. Tammy Richardson  
178213. Brafman Brenda  
178212. Janet Slaw  
178211. Murray Low  
178210. reuben landau  
178209. Maureen Walter  
178208. Harvey  
178207. Lynn Kobrin Disgraceful for this to exist.
178206. Mark Klein  
178205. Lawrence Levine atrocious stuff - remove it immediately
178204. sylvia margolius  
178203. Sharon Lawrence  
178202. William Ballard  
178201. Harry Liebman  
178200. HECTOR  
178199. Sharon Ballard  
178198. Dr. Sheldon Zane he forgets that Jesus was Jewish...
178197. Debra Weintraub  
178196. lyndsay zubchevich  
178195. Nelson Arroyo  
178194. D. Annes how offensive!... please remove this site
178193. Stan Olsen  
178192. Bertha de Permuth  
178191. michael kozower  
178190. Yael Steinfeld may hate will turn into open mind and swords into agricultural equipment.
178189. V  
178188. Nancy Cook Smith mandatory...please remove
178187. graciela  
178186. Craig  
178185. Joshua Segal  
178184. hugh harvey  
178183. Betty Cahill  
178182. phyllis sobel please remove this antisemitic site
178181. james j hain  
178180. yacov stave a shame
178179. L. Wolfe  
178178. MERYL LEVY  
178177. Arlene Cee  
178176. amy drezner  
178175. S.Stone  
178174. Lynette Buzen  
178173. Kevin Bailie  
178172. Jennifer Gregory  
178171. Kenneth Goldberg Disgusting website!
178170. A.R. Kobey  
178169. Shirley Tucker google should know better
178168. Suzane Ford  
178167. Sue Gelinas Unacceptable
178166. Alvin Zelsman  
178165. stanley peck 100\% agree it should be removed
178164. Julie Hallowell  
178163. Mari Anne Birnbaum I think this is disgusting to have this web-site on Google
178162. Steven Brenner  
178161. nancy Peck absolutely should be removed....
178160. Carole Pollner Why further the goals of hatred bigots?Remove the site from google.
178159. Spencer Eldred  
178158. David Guttman  
178157. Lynn Spielberger  
178156. S Cohen  
178155. Robin S Tamburino  
178154. Harriet Danziger  
178153. barbara rohrlich  
178152. Samuel Levy  
178151. Adam Schaffner  
178150. Mary Shaw  
178149. jeffrey  
178148. Paul Raducanu  
178147. tatyana jakovskaya  
178146. Sonia Cohen this is sick
178145. Stanton J.Bluestone  
178144. mina norman disgusting form of bigotry
178143. Ruth Elias  
178142. Herb Morgan  
178141. Ginny Weiss  
178140. Natalie Mandelblatt I find it disgraceful that you allow such sites.
178139. David Lifson Information is one thing... hate is another!
178138. Anton Krangle  
178137. Linda Einhorn  
178136. David Gaffe  
178135. Robert Black  
178134. Robert S. Zucker  
178133. Antony Shaw  
178132. jeffrey schvimer  
178131. Rebekah Markey  
178130. cindy ann heller  
178129. Eve Rosenfeld  
178128. Lisa  
178127. mark kalmanowitz  
178126. CDGabriel  
178125. Robyn Magaril  
178124. Henry Frenkel Let us not help spread antireligious prpaganda
178123. Sandra Friedman  
178122. Howard D. Engel  
178121. Gillian Stein  
178120. Joyce Feuer  
178119. Lauren  
178118. Melissa Gordon  
178117. Bernice Dubrow  
178116. Maxine Geller  
178115. Laura VanMarter I'm not Jewish, but I'm horrified Google would allow this sort of thing once aware of it
178114. Ellen H. Bromley  
178113. Sheila Egenthal  
178112. vlad gershman  
178111. Edna Blank  
178110. Judi Barbarosh  
178109. wendy Etcovitch  
178108. eli ashed  
178107. Judy Reynolds  
178106. l. f. lazarus  
178105. Elaine Nayman  
178104. Karin  
178103. yossi  
178102. Greta Budin  
178101. Alison Bishop  
178100. rozita D  
178099. Daniel Shimshak  
178098. C. Groh  
178097. robert geller  
178096. Joseph J Bruck  
178095. Shirley Chase  
178094. Sharon Pfeffer  
178092. Marsha please remove this Jewwatch for Google. This is a disgrace to all.
178091. Rhoda Please remove this site from Google immediately!
178090. Carol Jacobs  
178089. Marsha please remove this Jewwatch for Google. This is a disgrace to all.
178088. Martin London  
178087. Janet Langerman  
178086. Berta Hilde Zauderer  
178085. Simon Drelevich  
178084. Molaver, Edie  
178083. Richard Cohen  
178082. Debbie Paikoff  
178081. Nathan Jablon  
178080. sheila g p  
178079. David Gold  
178078. Ruth Silverman What garbage
178076. Naftali Klein  
178075. Eileen Ladd  
178074. Daniel Beer Google should remove this odious site immediately
178073. Art Yevin Sergei, you should be ashamed of yourself!
178072. Mitzi Chandler  
178071. Jason David Pell Isn't this illegal in Germany??
178070. Heather Easton please remove as soon as possible
178069. melanie Waynik google should be ashamed of aiding in delivering these kinds of messages!
178068. Elyse Ingber  
178067. Myrna Bernstein Google should remove this odious site immediately
178066. melvin birnbaum  
178065. levy  
178064. Fariba Hendizadeh Remove this site at once
178063. Shlomo Kornfeld  
178062. arthur adelberg  
178061. Donald Rosen  
178060. Amanda cohen  
178059. Bonnie Newman  
178058. Jessica Dill This is irresponsible and hate mongering. It should be removed immediately.
178057. Martin Becker  
178056. Sheilia Lenga  
178055. gabor altmann  
178054. Robert Nachman  
178052. ISAAC B  
178051. Claire Gerus Please--remove hate from the internet!
178050. William Kenneth Martin  
178049. ryan  
178048. Marla Perlman  
178047. Larry Bloomer  
178046. Dafna Kent  
178045. Jack Berman  
178044. Lillian Levine  
178043. Ricki Lee Gafter how unfortunate that the notification that google is aware of the problem is so minimalist
178042. Ibrahim Abdul Mu'min  
178041. Joseph Benarroch Hate of any kind should be abolished
178040. Amy Weinberg  
178039. Russell Berman  
178038. eileen glassman Truly disgraceful
178037. arthur cohn  
178036. Richard Schmeltzer Free speech does not allow someone to yell "fire" in a theater.
178035. judy horowitz  
178034. DonRosenberg Please Remove ASAP
178033. Lauire Dworkin  
178032. Howard Borenstein  
178031. bloom  
178030. steve sewald  
178029. lee Rothenberg Please remore
178028. Michelle Grose  
178027. Blima Yablonsky  
178026. Bert Kaplan  
178025. Gil Mor Distortion and manipulation of truth
178024. Jain Irvine Google facilitating Hate Crimes
178023. Robert Rosenhaus  
178022. Jenna Ruditsky  
178021. Barbara L Fisher I think this site is blatenly anti- semetic and I hope you will consider removing it.
178020. RONALD L. COHEN  
178019. Paula Levy  
178018. Lewis N. Pergament  
178017. Anita Gerlitz That this can go on is incredible
178016. david kolasky  
178015. Cherry Tuck  
178014. Miki Cohenm Let this person live one day near the gaza strip border
178013. Richard Gower There is absolutely no room for this kind of lies and propaganda
178011. linda filipetti  
178010. Laura Bailey  
178009. Ester  
178008. S.LEFFERTS  
178006. R. Andrew Maass  
178005. Tomy Laufer  
178004. Tobe Dresner  
178003. H. Alan Young  
178002. Michael Woodruff  
178001. Perry Budovitch  
178000. Rhoda Goldstein  
177999. naomilazar  
177998. Louise Jacobovitz  
177997. irwin the 'protocalsof Zion' tract has been proved to be false
177996. D. Prince  
177995. Davida  
177994. alan glassman  
177993. Faith Kirk  
177992. Shirley Kirschbaum  
177991. Robin Wexler  
177990. Daniel Wexler  
177989. maya roshani  
177988. michael l bell  
177987. Larry Jankelowitz  
177986. Albert Speisman  
177985. D. Milton Salzer  
177984. sarra sobel  
177983. Reena Ribalow By making this entry the first one encounters under the word "Jew", Google itself is making a statement---one which blackens its own reputation.
177982. Sdana  
177981. Rosalind Kendal REMOVE THIS PLEASE!!!!
177980. Edie Frankel  
177979. Lauren Simpson  
177978. zemer ofer  
177977. Jacquiline Rondinelli  
177976. Martha Mindel  
177975. RENA TUCKER  
177974. Fred Rueff  
177973. Dora Usher  
177972. Gary Zuckerman Please remove this web site
177971. Sheila Hammer  
177970. elham  
177969. Josh Spodek  
177968. Marc Laibson  
177967. Tova Spodek  
177966. Stuart Lytton  
177965. Irwin Seitelman  
177964. yos koth  
177963. M. Ruben  
177962. Frankie Neman  
177961. Janice Cohen  
177960. Sandra Fuller  
177959. Julie Anyone that believes anything from that site is a complete moron and a waste of human life and should suffer the way the jews suffered in the halocaust.
177958. Phil Goodfield Anti Semitic & Information is very misleading
177957. mark Fenster Ê
177956. Derek Turnbull  
177955. Betty Gadeloff-Mizrahi MS,RD,CDN disgusting
177954. Terry Nikkhoo  
177953. jean c,, kwartler  
177952. Janet  
177951. Stephen Singer  
177950. P. Feigenson  
177949. Jnaet Blinder  
177948. Beverly Pollock  
177947. Devon  
177946. M. Schorr  
177945. nita fronk  
177944. David Ladd  
177943. Sandra DeMuth This information cannot be supported by reality. This website is filled with lies.
177942. David Lefkovitz  
177941. Shauna Tepperman  
177940. Bernard Chernoff The world with its idiots never change!!!!!
177939. Ronald Baram  
177938. David Laed  
177937. Bonnie Friedman  
177936. Jeffrey T Copeland  
177935. Mark Boxer  
177934. christopher clayton  
177933. Andrea Mohr  
177932. nancy  
177931. Michele Enenstein I have always loved google and can't believe that this is one of the first sites that comes up when you search Jew. Of course, the people at JewWatch may have paid Google to put it high on the list. But it should be put way down low. It certainly doesn't say what a Jew really is.
177930. Charlotte S  
177929. frank shapiro  
177928. Harvey W. Cohen  
177926. Renee Preisler  
177925. Steve Hall  
177924. Mildred Liff  
177923. PAM HAIT please take action and remove this horrendous site
177922. Marilyn Greenberg How graceful! Doesn't accountability matter in today's world?
177921. Andrea Slavin  
177920. Ann Bush  
177919. L. Lipp do you have a Catholic watch or a muslim watch? Also for the petition author...don't you know zip codes and addresses are required to validate petittions?
177918. Noam Kleiman  
177917. Roberta Polshuk  
177916. Rhoda Asch  
177915. Ellie Schaumberg  
177914. Dr. Connie Goldstein  
177913. eric krantz  
177912. Mathew L. Millen remove this anti semitic site
177911. Beth Stollman  
177910. audrey tumpowsky  
177909. Eric Yablonsky  
177908. William Hare  
177907. eddiebasner  
177906. Oskar Orel  
177905. Laurie Bernhard disgusting
177904. D. Nathan  
177903. Don Kaplan  
177902. Greta Peskoff  
177901. Roslyn Foxman  
177900. K. Green despicable
177899. Rosanne Litchman  
177898. Doreen Rokhsar  
177897. Rhea Dennis This website promotes antisemetic stereotypes.
177896. Julie Breakstone  
177895. DEBORAH  
177894. Tillie Salter  
177893. Bernard Blatt Sickening sign of a diseased mind
177892. eliahou  
177891. Doron Ben-yehezkel study the history of hate and be proactive
177890. Donna Lopater This is shameful
177889. steven schneider  
177888. Susan Shapiro  
177887. adam siegel  
177886. Dede Smith  
177885. sara varon  
177884. Samuel R. Wasserson I can't believe that you folks haven't been aware of this swill.
177883. Sidney Rosenthal  
177882. Elaine Baskin What a scary disgrace.
177881. Janice A. Krinsky Please remove this objectionable website.
177880. Shifra Hastings  
177879. Alan Kaufman This is really sickening!
177878. Debbie Rogers  
177877. Howard Duchin  
177876. mauricio gerson  
177875. mfriedkin  
177874. c. housefield  
177873. tilo Schmalenberg  
177872. lisa morley I am amazed that this exist! DO SOMETHING
177871. joel bretan  
177870. Andrew Stein  
177869. Esther E. Gold  
177868. Karen Tilden  
177866. Rhoda S. Thalrose Anti-Semitism at its worst
177865. D Rosenberg  
177864. Nadolyn & Kenny Karchmer please remove
177863. s.m. fleischman  
177862. JoAnne Tuell  
177861. stephen it's abhorrent that this would come up on google.
177860. Michael Farbman š
177859. gabe google is gay
177858. s gaffe  
177857. Pamela S. Royal  
177856. emily sobel  
177855. Francine Rose You contrbute to the problem when you choose not to be part of the solution. Google that.
177854. Aleida Goldstein  
177853. noa makhervax  
177852. Sue Ann Blumenthal promote peace
177851. Kenneth R. Timmerman Outrageous
177850. n.fulton  
177849. richard and rita castro  
177848. zach breslaw  
177847. Renee Roberts This is a terrible site and should be removed
177846. elena solodkin  
177845. Norman Diamond Google's acceptance of this website must be due to failure on the part of Google's management to recognize someone is sabotaging Google. Until this noxious website is removed I am going to use Sherlock.
177844. susana  
177843. Robin Kushner  
177842. Dorin krantzberg  
177841. Duane Thompson  
177840. Paula Saginaw  
177839. Margot Stein Ê
177838. Heather Friedman  
177837. Zwi Weitzner  
177836. Arthur Stein  
177835. ilan blumenfeld  
177834. michael ross  
177833. prof jr  
177832. Sandra Reik  
177831. Dalia Moss  
177830. Judit Laufer  
177829. Lisa P Mansfield  
177828. carol chasan mankuta  
177827. edith chaifetz very depressing
177826. Elaine Bieber  
177825. Lynne Katz  
177824. Marilyn Statfeld  
177823. Anita Levitan  
177822. Sandra Estrella  
177821. Sam Weissman  
177820. Phyllis Yaffa  
177819. Marcy Meyers This is a disgrace.
177818. Tom Wickland Ugly speech should be free, but it does NOT have to be facilitated.
177817. Samantha  
177816. Harriet Kesser Repulsive!!
177815. Aviva Siegel  
177814. Jack javid  
177813. Joe Krendel  
177812. Ilya Makhlin It is a shame to have such web site which Google can help to find and show to viewer!
177811. Linda Raviv  
177810. michelle  
177808. Myra Robles I am outraged
177807. Suzanne Salzman This site is awful!
177806. M Bower I am sickened by the fact that this type of site is allowed. Why are the hatred laws not applied here?
177805. Suzanne Salzman This site is awful!
177804. Marcia Kamien get rid of hate sites!!!
177803. Richard Snyder  
177802. Jerome G. Green, M.D.  
177801. J.L.Lewin  
177800. Dana Nahoray  
177799. mala Hermon  
177797. Barbara Mark Dreyfuss  
177796. Trent D. Pendley  
177795. David Chaifetz please make this issue palatable
177794. Bernice Levine I am appalled!
177793. Chaim Moster Please remove this ugly site "JewWatch" or you loose half of your customers
177792. Dodson Bressi Remove this now !!!!!!!!!!!!
177791. genie  
177790. Richard and Jeannine Stone  
177789. Ben Brand  
177788. Norman Bolski I feel that allowing such an awful, antisemitic website to have such prominence on your search engine is shameful and it should be removed.
177787. B.Pearl  
177786. Barry Nissenbaum Web site should be removed promoting propaganda, hate and simply not TRUE
177785. aliza  
177784. steve ross hate should be removed
177783. Peter Tsenter  
177782. Greta Walker  
177781. Phil Weisberger  
177780. Claudia  
177779. evelyn conte  
177778. robert please remove all sites that offensive to the jews
177777. Laura Freed  
177776. louise segal disgusting and disturbing
177775. adrienne eiseman  
177774. Karen Cushing  
177773. Raymond O. Hepler  
177772. Maxwell Stern Get rid of
177771. sharon kaufman ugg, and again freedom of speech once again trumps humanity. Remove please, it's the right thing to do!
177770. Lynn Samuels  
177769. Susanna Groysman  
177768. simon benzguida  
177767. roy himelfarb  
177766. deb katz  
177765. Ben Armijo  
177764. Jon Greenberg  
177763. Vick Soffer  
177762. Carol Kark This is disgusting antisemitic propaganda
177761. Myron Kopperman  
177760. Aaron Higgins  
177759. annie please remove it asap
177758. marlene g. kaplan how disgusting
177757. Mary Pat Justice  
177756. Isaac Lara-Schimelfarb  
177755. Rachel Backer  
177754. Estelle Zuckerman A disgraceful website
177753. Karen Rudolph Get rid of this NOW
177752. Russell M. Beitman remove it
177751. Penny Pierce Be accountable for what you put up on your sites
177750. Jacib Boston SAVE THE JEWS
177749. Monica Manni  
177748. Dalia S  
177747. Annette S. Liebman  
177746. susanprevo  
177745. Barry Eisenberg Never Again...understanding & compassion
177744. C Abrams terrible diffitcult to read these lies
177743. carol schudmak  
177742. Dawn Gilman  
177741. Helene Wolden  
177740. lani zoldan  
177739. sylvia soble  
177738. rimma  
177737. Janet Weider  
177736. Connie K. Alexander  
177735. Leonardo Kuba  
177734. Charles Mills Completely ridiculous that in a modern world such people can have access to spread their vitriolic filth!
177733. Jeff Maggard Please eliminate, an anti-semitic website!
177732. Steve  
177731. Peter Gurevich  
177729. Moises Mondlak  
177728. Vivian Rosen KeepGoogle GREAT=REMOVE JewWatch
177727. Debi Ness  
177726. j  
177724. Alice Solomon  
177723. Sondra Nachbar I love Google and I expect better.
177722. janine shoemaker  
177721. Sepi Hashem  
177720. B. KINER  
177719. Norman Sider  
177718. Roger Marc Gould I looked at that Website and it's really Disgusting
177717. GOLDBERG  
177716. josh rosenblatt  
177715. LISA DRAKE  
177714. Jay  
177713. Jacki Koven  
177712. Clifford Bernay  
177710. Barbara L. Bernay  
177709. Alla Beleske  
177708. Vicki Glass Please remove!
177707. Bette Stahl I feel that this must be removed as the first sight that comes up when googling Jew. Please do not support a sight that is totally against any one group.
177706. Lawrence Moloney  
177705. Ellen Reisberg I am horrified
177704. jon  
177703. Ruthy  
177702. Rhoda  
177701. Amanda  
177700. Andrea Zide  
177699. jim stone  
177698. Todd Harding  
177697. carol klein  
177696. steven winkler  
177695. CYRIL waynik disgusting
177694. Joe Don Cole Why bash Jews?
177693. Betty Walker  
177692. naomi levy  
177691. ellyn schneider  
177690. E. Esworthy  
177689. m.k.  
177688. Daryl Alterwtiz  
177687. Kyle Richardson  
177686. marc  
177685. ellyn schneider  
177684. s  
177683. Martin Prince  
177682. Jay Isaac a terrible sight must be taken off the web
177681. Leslie Dryzer  
177680. Sheryle Bolton Unbelievable! Please eliminate this horrible site.
177679. Sally Tofer  
177678. Barbara Rosenblum  
177677. Elliott M. Brumer, DPM  
177676. Gerald Anderson Remove from google!
177675. Jack & Margarita Denman  
177674. Josh Becker  
177672. Leslie Mayes  
177671. Michael Shidler  
177670. Paul Sosnick  
177669. Ed Berman  
177668. Michelle Witkin  
177667. Bert Kaye very sick people
177666. Marilyn Cohen  
177665. Sandra Wittstein  
177664. Gennadi Pais
177663. David Rankin  
177662. Uri Pakravan  
177661. Ted Shapiro  
177660. Estelle  
177659. Linda and Kenneth Schnitzer  
177657. Elizabeth Schulz  
177656. Bella Fink  
177655. j. grossman  
177654. Susan Mannes  
177653. Ralph Lewis Holmes  
177652. Gaye Dillard  
177651. Marci Bone Please take care of this soon.
177650. Jerome SNeiderman  
177649. Becky Finsten  
177648. alma klein  
177647. Mark Finsten  
177646. alice mann  
177645. Sarah L. Scott  
177644. michael  
177643. Barbara Finsten  
177642. jonathan  
177641. Fareed Kanani  
177640. Jack Cohen  
177639. Faelyn Shafron Antisemitic comments are unacceptable
177638. Jenna Grunes  
177637. Clare Little  
177636. diana recu  
177635. Julie  
177634. Stuart Posselt Do Not use or distribute my name
177633. Thelma L. Marinoff the title sould be renamed!
177632. Dana Schneider  
177631. Linda Herman  
177630. Niki Nymark  
177629. Stacy  
177628. earl hamburger  
177627. Marcos Zaga  
177626. Yehoshua  
177625. Mark Bornstein  
177624. Peter Perl  
177623. allan tissenbaum  
177622. leon shore  
177621. M Goulding  
177620. Robert Dawson  
177619. Hannah Jablin  
177618. Kenneth Cohen  
177617. Reuven Russell  
177616. Gary & Jane Rubin  
177615. rose Schein  
177614. Ariel Mardkhai  
177613. paula hoffman  
177612. marcy fry  
177611. Jay S. Burman  
177610. Benjamin Shimshak  
177609. Shari Finkelstein  
177608. Ed Plasky  
177607. Dennis  
177606. paul copeland  
177605. Julie Makowsky  
177604. Donald Grove  
177603. paula  
177602. sondra and saul borenstein antisemitism once again rearing its ugly head.
177601. Eva Godon  
177600. suri krieger  
177599. Buzzy Gordon incredible distortion of what people are really searching for
177598. Jackie Trachtenberg  
177597. Susan Resch  
177596. joel singer  
177595. Diane  
177594. Sharon Khoury  
177593. Norman A. Mandel  
177592. Susan Resch  
177591. Susan Rosen  
177590. Sheila Wolf  
177589. Gilda  
177588. Mildred Hammer Remove immediately
177587. Carol Abrams  
177586. Darryl Clark  
177585. Sue Ginsburg  
177584. Myrna Brenner  
177583. Howard Block  
177582. Lori Fife  
177581. Moyse Cohen Hatred is terrifying
177580. Abraham Katz  
177579. Sara please remove
177578. T. Simon  
177577. Heinz Lubasz there's enough antisemitism without it
177576. Sherry Mobasseri  
177575. arlene diesenhouse please honor our request
177574. Willie Jago  
177573. steve lichtenstein  
177572. Marlene Morrison  
177571. Moishe Remove immidiately you antisemites !!!!!!!!!
177570. George Levinthal Please remove the 'Jew Watch' web site. It is offensive to all civilized people.
177569. Laura Kamienny This isn't about banning unpopular or erroneous views. Google generally provides GOOD information, and this site doesn't qualify. No way should Google promote it by giving it a favored position.
177568. jack Schwartzberg  
177567. Ronald Subotnick disgusting
177566. Donato Cianci Please remove this and every site that promulgates hatred.
177565. Lewis Gibbs May I start a hatemongering anti Christian and anti Islamic site and have it included on the Google search engine. This will serve to enhance the bigotry and rabble rousing to enjoin people to hate and possibly kill any one that is not like themself.
177564. Dr. Fredrick Feldman It is astonishing that Google would allow such a biased site
177562. Estrella Benbunan  
177561. paula grzybowski  
177560. Cheryl Gallego  
177559. Francine Gray Get rid of it - Jews don't just lay down and take it anymore - it's a different day.
177558. MORRIS GLICK  
177557. Scot P  
177556. abner levine  
177555. Liam Lacey  
177554. E Stein  
177553. Sarah Crothers it's disturbing that a petition is even required
177552. Marlene Gottheil  
177551. Art Simon  
177550. Sarah  
177549. David Prihar  
177548. melvyn Gerstein  
177547. jacqueline harris  
177546. Dan Strassburger  
177545. joanna zemmelman  
177544. stanley levy  
177543. Jerome Agrest JewWatch must be removed. enough problems without enticing others to use this.
177542. Susan G-H  
177541. Joseph F  
177540. joyce hershkowitz  
177539. jose i. Bad taste
177538. Aryeh g  
177537. Goldie F  
177536. Morris Levis  
177535. m.z. ribalow  
177534. sheldon cohen  
177533. Iris Finkelstein  
177532. david b. shapiro I beleive in free speeh, but not racist inflamatory speeh. This in my opinion is clearly inflammatory anti-semitic hate mail.
177531. Mark Brotman  
177530. Leah Garvey  
177529. Larry Rosen  
177528. Bill Baum  
177527. yaniv farbenbloom  
177526. Naomi Proshan  
177525. S Kaplan  
177524. Betsy Teplis  
177523. beatrice mauskopf let's get rid of the hate
177522. shmuli If this was against Arabs, heads would roll...
177521. Audrey Krawetz  
177520. Bonnie Love  
177519. enid callen  
177518. Trisha Applebaum  
177517. José Israelovich  
177516. Chad Remove that damn site or else!!!
177515. Seymour Lipton  
177514. Philip Hochman reprehensible
177513. Ed Lazarowitz  
177512. michael green do not disseminate hate
177511. jossi  
177510. joyce weinberg Please remove from Google...very dangerous material
177509. r so sad
177508. Anita Marton  
177507. Sari Rosen  
177506. sophie altfeld  
177505. Sheri Rosenthal  
177504. Avi Bar  
177503. C. C. what a sham!
177501. Marlene Lean  
177500. Dolores Gerstein please remove it is offensive
177499. Jamie Altman  
177498. s slotnick this is spreading pure hate, - what good could POSSIBLY come from such a web site??
177497. pando24  
177496. Anna Ickowitz  
177495. Lynda lev  
177494. Jacob Jews rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
177493. Robert Levy  
177492. allan sham  
177491. Sol  
177490. Scott stone  
177489. Ed Hummelstein Crude Anti Semitism
177488. Barbara C Santoro  
177487. john doe  
177486. Lucien Wilk  
177485. Myra Sherman  
177484. Charlie Dawg please remove that terible sight
177483. Madeline Cohen  
177482. paula virgo This is one of the worst!!!!!!!!!!
177481. Ronald Sherman  
177480. jeffrey Marcus  
177479. Cynthia Thurber This is outrageous
177478. ALICK MAZIN anti-semites don't ever change-do they?
177476. Della Bramow Remove from the Google Serch Engine
177475. paula hoffman  
177474. Karen Griggs  
177473. soheila  
177472. Joseline Fajnholc  
177471. Nancy Davila  
177470. gerald gershten  
177469. George Rich  
177468. Diane Atkin  
177467. phil gross remove
177466. Henry Eddon  
177465. Logan Anderson That site is a load of crap.
177464. Marc Gendell  
177463. judy much this site makes a mockery of free speech!!
177462. michelle halpern  
177461. Madeline Rutberg  
177460. Rose Plotch It is beneath you to allow such hate filled garbage on your site
177459. howard hoffman  
177458. John Emra This is horrific
177457. sheba  
177456. t weintraub please close down this site or move it to the end fo the list
177455. E.Lester  
177454. jim howard  
177453. sylvia zuckerman  
177452. albert burstyn horrendo
177451. skipper kripitz  
177450. Mark Needleman  
177449. Carolyn Sedalnick Please remove this offensive listing immediately!
177448. Tsila Glidai  
177447. Jay Herman Such a lot of trash!!!!!!
177446. Irvin Wolkoff As the son of Holocaust survivors, I deplore the promotion of suspicion and hatred towards Jews. There is no place for malicious propaganda like Jewwatch on Google!
177445. malek neman it is a shame
177444. Janet Mishner  
177443. Joshua Rosenberg disgusting website, but not surprising
177442. joseph roberts As a Jewish Educator, I recognize the importance for people to get factual, unbiased information about religious topics. Counsciously spreading and supporting false and hateful information is unacceptable. This sends the message that Google is against the Jewish Community.
177441. Alvin Starkman  
177440. Sue Faber  
177439. Sandy Stern  
177438. Rachel Rose Never Again!
177437. Eva  
177436. Barbara Graff sites like this are always destructive and never productive
177435. Daniel Farb This site is disgusting.
177434. noury makabe  
177433. gail  
177432. Madelyn DeVincenzo  
177431. sandi berg  
177430. olivia haber chirinian  
177429. Boris Levy  
177428. Craig Schwimmer  
177427. sue janowski  
177426. philippe  
177425. Jack L. Moss please remove
177424. sandy benson you must be crazy to let this ass spread his hate on google!!!! stop it now!!!!!!
177423. Leslie Deichl  
177422. Marco Myerson  
177421. Bette Friedman  
177420. Bryan Susman  
177419. Linda Weitzman  
177418. Daisy Moroke  
177416. Victor Harari  
177415. lawrence rosenbloom  
177414. Barbara Torin  
177413. Rachel Moskovich  
177412. Sandy Stein Terrible. Take off!
177411. dan litvin  
177410. Michael Padawer  
177409. Louis Aronowtiz  
177408. Tali H Google should not support anti-semetic sights!!!
177407. steve rosen remove
177406. Avi Anouchi  
177405. Aaron Fisher  
177404. Ilene Chouinard  
177403. Erica Esrick WHY
177402. Rochelle Potak hatred cannot be promoted!
177401. Merle Aronowitz A message for JewWatch!!! Time to spend time on reality and not fiction. Mickey mouse is enjoyable fiction but Jewwatch is for idiots and the nieve
177400. Selma Alpert Undisguised Anti-Semitism
177399. Rebecca Borison  
177398. Carol Burton  
177397. Jonathan Shub  
177396. Farhad Asanad  
177395. judah loewenstein  
177394. maria nabih  
177393. Larry Esrick Disgusting
177392. Valerie Perales What a pernicious evil site. It should definitely be removed before it influences the ignorant.
177391. Gerard Flory A most disgusting site and it should be abolished immediately if not sooner!
177390. Arthur Jankolovits please remove form the google search response as it is obviously racist
177389. jeanette Mandel  
177388. Allan Ader  
177387. Sylvia Schmidt  
177386. Linda Esrick Shame on you, google.
177385. Jonathan Shapero  
177384. Harry Ames
177383. Devora Samet  
177382. Ronit Rubin  
177381. Sharyn  
177380. Alexandra Lulka  
177379. Hope F. Keefe  
177378. Betty Sucharov  
177377. Benjamin Nahama  
177376. ROSA CAPLAN  
177375. Lasar Gotz I am a holocaust Survivor and this site is poison
177374. Michal Cohen This makes for a scary future - I'm 12.
177373. Alan A Jacobs  
177371. Melanie remove immediately
177370. H & A Sperling shame on you
177369. Stephen N. Miller  
177368. Sara Schuman  
177367. Emilio Karake  
177366. Moya Simons disgusting provocative site
177365. jeanne Jones  
177364. Lee Hate crimes made by murderers - these people do not help the war on terror.
177363. Jerry Segal  
177362. Paul Mast  
177361. Shirley Kroot  
177360. Harvey Turell  
177359. Steven  
177358. Irwin Lyons please remove the site.
177357. Rhoda Marcus  
177356. heni neman  
177355. Gustav and Miriam E. Meier We are asking for immediate removal
177354. Irwin Lyons please remove the site.
177353. mikeal please remove, we love gmail, and want google to uphold morality and ethics
177352. marla bagarozzi  
177351. James Shmalo  
177350. Rachel Right Raving Luny Site!
177349. Elad Cohen Please.
177348. Leora Wise  
177347. Yelena Krichevskaya  
177346. Michael Unger  
177345. James Grabb  
177344. Animegoth12  
177343. Alexey Yurenev  
177342. mitchel soble  
177341. Dieter Paul  
177340. Yona  
177339. Marci Beliak  
177338. Philip Teplitzky  
177337. Oscar Lulka  
177336. allen schulman remove jewwatch from google
177335. Jordan Miller this should never appear connected to your Google organization
177334. ina werdinger-hurley  
177333. D.Roitman This site is shameful!
177332. william brand  
177331. peter junge it is a despicable site
177330. Ronny Bensimon  
177329. Bonnie Gerszt Get this off quickly, this is terrible
177328. Merideth Bastiani  
177327. Linda Wikler  
177326. Gordon Levine
177325. Marvin Bogen  
177324. Mike Better  
177323. sharon  
177322. howard haltrecht  
177321. alan harrison  
177320. Bertha Sharret  
177319. Elaine Solomon  
177318. Phyllis L. Popiel  
177317. R Slotnick  
177316. dana schwartz  
177315. Doreen Kryger  
177314. Rachel Cohen Inflammatory material - the world does not need!
177313. Greg Kaldor  
177312. Ivan Horrible - please take this website out
177311. adele rosen please remove...
177310. Keith Hope  
177309. Lenore W. Benderly Remove this hatred from Google
177308. jonathan Take this show off immedietly.
177307. deborah mathieu  
177306. B Lipsich This is not even Intellectual Hate Mongering. This is a poor attempt at manipulation of history and the ravings of people who should be on antidepressants Would not want to spend any time in their heads..
177305. Dana Wruble I use google all the time, i will stop if this is not taken off.
177304. Izzy Cousin get it of there
177303. Sergey Levinson  
177302. KADMON  
177301. Barbara Nudelman  
177300. DANNY KIAN  
177299. Joseph Faka  
177298. Gali Eddon  
177297. melsoble it breeds hate
177296. Serena Burd  
177295. Mike Bernstein shameful
177294. Janna Pekar  
177293. Eric Meyer Needs to be removed. My company restricts this page because it is a racism/hate website.
177292. Harold Kutner remove garbage
177291. Barbara Zerivitz  
177290. Rudy Harrison  
177289. Naomi Javitz  
177287. Nathan Laufer racist web site!
177286. Norman Bergstein  
177285. MARILYN GOLDBERG remove from google search engine
177284. Camellia Katzman  
177283. Sharon Seligson  
177282. Telma Kawa  
177281. joyce keisman  
177280. robert cohen  
177279. David Silver  
177278. Edmond  
177277. Edward Nankin  
177276. Hila Schurr please remove this obvious anti-semetic material from your index
177275. sam elkins  
177274. Malcolm Nieman  
177273. Michael Milano  
177272. boris yudanin Google is following the rules of China's communists and does not follow moral principles at home!
177271. L Valle unaceptable
177270. Laura Brandspiegel  
177269. Natasha  
177268. Elaine Wedel REMOVE
177267. john moradi  
177266. Cecil Charron  
177264. Kathy Sasson Please do not contribute to anti-semitism with you google site.
177263. Steve Abrams  
177262. Nellie B  
177261. ira  
177260. beth miller  
177259. Gwenn  
177258. Linda Heringer At this time in history, having this show up on your search engine is giving authenticity to [people that are naive enough to believe that this information coming from Google is the truth.
177257. AMIT BAR ORIAN  
177256. david disgusting site shame on google for even allowing a site like this to exist
177255. esther  
177253. Barbara Glazer Please remove and show truly Jewish websites on your portal.
177252. Michael  
177251. Walter Sag  
177250. Lorraine Davidovics  
177249. eli  
177248. Bill Karnofsky  
177247. lisa  
177246. Sharon Bliss  
177245. David Pearlman Read it and see for yourself
177244. lisa  
177243. Louis Berman  
177242. Michael Irwin Oberfield  
177241. Zvi Rozen  
177240. jon  
177239. Jamie disgusted
177238. Lise Rossano  
177237. harold weizel  
177236. Allen Pollack Google's 1st choice, 1st page listing of perpetuates hatred under the guise of legitimacy.
177235. Judy Kancigor  
177234. Michael Irwin Oberfield  
177233. Linda Benveniste  
177232. Toni M. Elkins  
177231. Timothy Anderson  
177230. Libby Levine  
177229. Al Benarroch I find this site repulsive.
177227. CarolynBleicher This site has a google ranking of 5--how did that happen?
177226. Ziv B.  
177225. Jerald Eppy  
177224. NoraRatner This is horrible!!!
177223. Karl Reiter  
177222. Marcus V. Friedman  
177221. Ian This is a hate site and should be removed from your search engine.
177220. joan murphy This is America !!!
177219. Raymond V. Biondo,M.D.  
177217. Scott Simon  
177216. DK  
177215. Miriam Brickman  
177214. m.fischer  
177213. Studi Everything on the site is a lie
177212. Joel Rubinfeld  
177211. ilan Kabiri disgusting, abhoring racism
177210. andrea e ahart  
177209. Merritt Bearman Google should be ashamed
177208. Kathy London  
177207. Marjorie R. Moldoff I think that is disgraceful
177206. Deb  
177204. Candace Kwinter  
177203. V. Green  
177202. Nicole  
177201. Terry Mulcahy  
177200. Jim de Seve  
177199. d  
177198. Noah Budin  
177197. David Strahl  
177196. debbie  
177195. Paula Cohen  
177194. Julius Klayman  
177193. Alix Flamm  
177192. Elyn Zerfas Remove this website!
177191. nathan kvetny never again
177190. Talia Masjedi  
177189. Linda  
177188. Mae Robin This site is garbage and should be removed immediately.
177187. Susan Hommel Hatred will not be tolerated!
177186. Dan Moore spike that site!
177185. S.M.Rooth Surely this site can be removed by law as racial?
177184. john cohen  
177183. Ellen  
177182. lesly kohner  
177181. Meredith Segal Horrible web site!
177180. Judith Levine  
177179. holly remove this site
177178. Kenneth Reiss Please remove this site from the first 10 pages of your search engine
177175. RESPITZ  
177174. Julie Gniwisch it is disgusting you need to remove it
177173. barbara luray disgusting site
177172. Gloria Chermak  
177171. gary berkowitz  
177170. Evan Siegel  
177169. Robert E. McNulty, Sr.  
177168. Edward Schiff  
177167. Sara Sefchovich Remove this shameful & offensive site.
177166. Kosta Papoulias This website is absolutely disgusting. It takes really uneducated people to create such rubbish. Google should be ashamed to allow this Anti-Semetic garbage to come up in its first 10 sites. It should do a more careful search of the description metaframe contained within these horrific websites, so that better controls may be established.
177165. lois libby Juster  
177164. Moshe Moskovits I can't believe google tolerate this hate site
177163. Sara Sefchovich Remove this shameful & offensive site.
177162. Natalie Segal Nazis are not dead....
177161. Farid Ghadry  
177160. Susan Steinberg Please remove this digusting site from your search engine!
177159. eli hertz There shouldnt be room ANYWHERE on the internet for such outright hate against anyone-much less on google and as the first one!! C'MON GOOGLE!!!!!
177158. bill kohner  
177157. Rachel Robinson please remove this antisemitic site
177156. Ed Irwin Take this site Down!!
177155. Eta Bienenstock  
177154. Warren Picower  
177153. Nick Take this website off NOW!!!
177152. AFSHIN  
177151. Zvika Preminger  
177150. dal Terrifying to see such obvious hatred
177149. Amos Meir  
177148. Anita Katz I am insulted and saddened that such trash appears on your respectable site.
177147. Lisa Bernstein  
177146. Jack & Priscilla Goldowitz  
177145. mr a gaggay  
177144. Howard B Lewine  
177143. Lenore Preminger  
177142. Arthur Abramowitz that is one hateful site.
177141. john Zimmerman  
177140. Miriam Goloboff  
177139. Elizabeth Robinson  
177138. Fred Cohen  
177137. Sandra Jack-Malik It is offence please remove it
177136. Charlotte Skoler  
177135. Marcia goldner-treiger  
177134. Robert Jaffe  
177133. Alex Porter Nazis make me sick!
177132. galit  
177131. William Maitland  
177130. edythe cannon Flagrantly antisemetic site which google should not endorse
177129. Susan Jaffe  
177128. Sarah Brandes  
177127. jane chapnick  
177126. mindy teele please, remove this for the sake of our children
177125. Nathan Roth  
177124. jayfriedman  
177123. Gerald Birnbaum  
177122. N P Elbogen Hate doesnt belong anywhere!
177121. Jerry Goldberg  
177120. george pick  
177119. Jacob Leven  
177118. Carol Lavender  
177117. Adriana  
177116. alejandro Kladniew  
177115. Robert Chalphin  
177114. Debi Golden Hate speech oversight is not a violation of 1st amendment rights. If it cannot be removed, at least put it on page 197.
177113. Ezra Saffati  
177112. Emily  
177111. Isaac Kornfeld  
177110. Edgar Udine get rid of this disgusting site!!!!!
177109. stan mark  
177108. Warren G. Frankel`  
177107. laini k.  
177106. Sylvia Marcus please remove fraom Google-it is offensive
177105. Robert I. Friedman  
177104. Nicol Loos  
177103. Josh  
177102. a saper  
177100. irene gottesman  
177099. Jess Doskow  
177098. Sharon Fried  
177097. marci heit  
177096. david ginsburg  
177095. Lola Huberman Remove now!!!!!
177094. David Harris  
177093. judith mehrpouyan  
177092. Marilyn Burton  
177091. Marc  
177090. Stacy Doval  
177089. nathan riesel  
177088. paul bunkin There's enough hate being spread throughout the world without this website adding to it.
177087. Paul B. Fishbein I am not at all pleased with that sight.
177086. Robert Cohen This website should be removed
177085. cheri schwartz  
177084. Marilynn Winston Please do this as promptly as possible
177083. joe danz  
177082. Barbara Schiner  
177081. isac hanon  
177080. Devorah  
177079. ilana natelson busy anti-semites: hope these sites are banned
177078. Joubin Rabbani  
177077. carol seliger  
177076. Daryl Hersco  
177075. NORRENE E. SPECKHART In this age of enlightenment this is absurd
177074. Stuart Kerner  
177073. Judy  
177072. annie  
177071. Jeffrey Lovich  
177070. Lewis Wetstein  
177069. Bella  
177068. Leonid Oliker  
177067. ignacio  
177066. Susanne Schlaifer  
177065. Lenore Blumer fair...this is the 21st century, be responsible
177064. david m grazi  
177063. Ann Bromet  
177062. Frank Kahn Place Jewwatch into its proper place, if it must be there.
177061. Susan Swartz  
177060. gerry redmond  
177059. natalia karmely  
177058. Lynn Kresch Sad and disgusting
177057. David Abraham  
177056. Sheldon Gross  
177055. Fay Schwartz  
177054. Robert  
177053. kami zianti  
177052. Ronald Rosenberg  
177051. Bob Fenichel  
177050. Raizel Hagiwara  
177049. Andrea Rabiner  
177048. Kristin Rotblatt  
177047. sandy shakib  
177046. Cambria Gordon  
177045. jerald freimark  
177044. Geoffrey Shisler In the name of decency this should be removed
177043. Esther levy  
177042. Sydell Rosen  
177041. Norman Allen  
177040. grace Cowit  
177039. Anita Johnston After all these years and all the documentation, It is sickening to see the ugly head of ANti Semitism still raising it'sulgy head
177038. david karron Get rid of this disgusting site from google
177037. dudy fishgrund  
177036. richard.keen  
177035. Bryan Bender The operator of the aforementioned website site has a right to free speech, but someone searching for unbiased, factual information information about "Jew" is not being well served if the first link to be highlighted by the google search engine is anything but.
177034. Cory W. Gold  
177033. anna  
177032. Eve Mendolia This is GROSS!
177031. dr mark panzer  
177030. Carol Bass  
177029. Arik Rozeni this has to be removed
177028. Lola Rosenhal  
177027. mechele flaum  
177026. Andrew Dimond  
177025. anonmys evil
177024. Deena Shapiro  
177023. Armand Keim  
177022. Rachel Geller  
177021. Wendie S. Horowitz  
177020. Daniel J. McAuliffe  
177019. Andrew Fekete  
177018. lena matis  
177017. ellen stillman Site should not be; otherwise i will not use it.
177016. Andrea Kruger  
177015. Harold Lerner  
177014. Joan Goodman very dissapointing for such an innovative company to sponser
177013. Lisa Burnstein  
177012. Rachel Oliker  
177011. Philip Spector I cant believe that stuff like this is allowed to go on the internet
177010. Frances Abrams  
177009. Gil Alchadeff Uncalled for to put such asite on the top
177008. Elba Muler  
177007. leah in 2007!!!???
177006. katja wagner remove it
177005. n. hasson  
177004. Sanford Horn  
177003. Maria Naumovsky š
177002. John Miller  
177001. Ilya Dimov  
177000. jacqueline silver  
176999. Roberta Murphy  
176998. Elizabeth Kaye  
176997. S O'Brien  
176996. Jill Spolan  
176995. Rosemary Green  
176994. Zelma Zick  
176993. Jules Frohmann  
176992. Gerry Rosenberg  
176991. Saul Cohen Very biased
176990. Diana Dinn  
176989. EZRA ZONANA  
176988. phyllis palin this pains me to see how prevalent anti-semitism exists in this country.
176987. Abraham Bruck  
176986. gail  
176985. Stan Schneider  
176984. barbara pontecorvo  
176983. Fara Raban  
176982. Molly Ballow  
176981. Lynne Schneider  
176980. Sheila Frohmann  
176979. David Bernstein shocking, repulsive hatred on the internet
176977. Adam Rosner  
176976. Gabriel Nahum  
176975. Carol Sharp  
176974. Dave Shor  
176973. Alla Lubomir  
176972. L Wolf  
176971. kay levy  
176970. Marcie Faust  
176969. David kassin remove
176968. Rev. George Faragi  
176967. Francine Frimeth  
176966. Harold M. Cohen MD Free speech does not equal antisemitism
176965. Misty Lacefield  
176964. Sandra Webb  
176963. Elenor Conn  
176962. Ernest Stedman  
176961. tyler c bierly  
176960. Lillian Stedman  
176959. Fred  
176958. uzi friedman  
176957. Chuck Heath  
176956. Aviva Reich  
176955. jeff  
176954. Moris Neman Please remove this site from your search engine
176953. Alejandro TOTALY RACISM
176952. victoria aronow  
176951. melanie hoffman  
176950. K Borden please remove
176949. Edie Freimark  
176948. Lori  
176947. Richard Frantz  
176946. Nora Barron  
176945. andrew ross holtzer  
176944. Stanford Lamberg, MD objectionable site that should be squelched.
176943. Israel Feingold  
176942. frank blythe Direct quote from Weltner's, 'JewWatch': "The majority people in each nation deserve better." He's right, we DO. Please remove this biased hate site from the internet.
176941. Stuart Bloom  
176940. Rhonda Strasberg  
176939. renee aron  
176938. keith chasin  
176937. Rick Sell  
176936. Nancy  
176935. rebecca I can't believe that google would allow such a thing. this needs to be removed or at least classified as anti-sematic. I believe in the right of free speach and press but this is not the correct classification for the word "jew"
176934. Nathan Spira  
176932. Adele Singer if all you need is 50,000 signatures and you have over 175,000, why is it still online?
176931. Phil Kucharsky  
176930. Lora Stern  
176929. IRWIN D  
176928. Andrew Bloom  
176927. Billie Wahlstrom  
176926. Janet Richman  
176925. Stan Disson  
176924. bobby  
176923. Ruchama Ben Eliezer  
176922. Nicole Epstein  
176921. Jacob Meisler  
176920. dan schneier  
176919. melisa  
176918. Cynthia Lauer  
176917. Alexander Bronstein  
176916. IrisFinkelstein Saddened that Google would allow this/
176915. Ariela Ben-Eliezer  
176914. steffy sabino this is horrendous
176913. Mark A. Smith  
176912. Schloime Rosenberg  
176911. Amy Stein  
176910. Elliott Mandelman  
176909. Judith Tully  
176908. Yehonatan Koenig freedom of speech is not freedom to insite violence
176907. Irving Griffel  
176906. Barbara D. Holender  
176905. Marc Lehrich I don't understand why you need signatures to remove this offensive site!
176904. Robert Melzack  
176903. Alex Berman You wouldn't have a vile (fill in the blank) anti-black / Muslim/ Buddhist /Hindu site so readily available in your search engine, would you?
176902. soryl nussbaum  
176901. Antony Ginsburg  
176900. Harriet Arm  
176899. Rabbi Pinny  
176898. Susan Roitman  
176897. Steven Firestone  
176896. Ellen  
176895. Marina Veksler  
176894. Jill Westberg McNamara  
176893. Harry Ratner  
176891. Cyrus Saify  
176890. IrisFinkelstein Saddened that Google would allow this/
176889. Robert Weiser Please Remove this now
176888. M Kern  
176887. Jo Susan Travers  
176886. Karen  
176885. Saul A, Dryzun No voy a usar nunca mas Google hasta que la pagina sea retirada.
176884. Uriel Goldsmith  
176883. Gert Kline DISGRACEFUL!!!
176882. arye please remove all togeather
176881. etam the sooner the better
176880. Jenny Kamahji  
176879. tim van portfliet Please stop this nefarious drek
176878. K Levine  
176877. robert d goldblum remove this discraceful site.
176876. Karen Starr  
176875. Jerrie Pittman  
176874. leo gindi  
176872. Daniel Sapar Please remove this site from Google
176871. Gavriel  
176870. Brad Yellen  
176869. Stefanie Kalmin  
176868. Nina Jacobs  
176867. Mark Reese  
176866. Shelley Berman despicable
176865. Alan Nevas How could Google allow this?
176864. Mike Nussman  
176863. Mark Holt Boston MA
176861. Anita Sefchovich  
176860. Azadeh Kiai  
176859. Joel Wolkowicz  
176858. Peggy Hayward  
176857. RUTH  
176856. Nancy Benson  
176855. Loren Goldman  
176854. Ido  
176853. Mark E. Benson  
176852. Aaron Malo  
176851. Dani Meier  
176850. Lynn Schwartz  
176849. Malcolm Suss  
176848. Joyce & Morris Simon Shameful!
176847. Peter Miller The net should be democratic but not racist
176846. esti penn pease remove this site
176845. Pessia Hagel Spring  
176844. ys  
176843. isidoro stein  
176842. Keith Ward Enough of this religious/racial hatred: more tolerance., and more understanding.
176841. Eli Haddad  
176840. harvey brown  
176839. michael ilian  
176838. Herman A Stern  
176837. Constance A.Kruger  
176836. Robert Melamed  
176835. Shirley J. Wahl Please remove "" from the Google Search Engine.
176834. Irene Graboyes  
176833. Arthur Jacobson  
176832. Irina Kerzhnerman  
176831. Marilyn Abraham  
176830. Joel Lipman remove antisemitic site
176829. michelle ghodsizadeh  
176828. Janet Wilner  
176827. Edwin Mandel  
176826. sami remove, Jewish
176825. Jamie Greene disgusting!!
176824. Michael S. Glick remove this antisemitic website from google
176823. Weinbaum  
176822. dani juni  
176821. G Silverstein nasty site
176820. Melinda Korbman Google should be ashamed of itself promoting a hate website. Please remove it immediately.
176819. Marcy Goldstein  
176818. Judge Arnold J Conneraconner  
176817. Nancy Rose  
176816. M R DWECK this is not FREEDOM of speech-this is RACIST HATRED-you cant yell fire in a crowded movie theater when there is NO FIRE!!
176815. Avi Olitzky  
176814. Kenneth L. Bernstein When we Google Jew it should refer to all of the medical miracles performed by jews
176812. Nicole Stilman  
176811. eyal amram  
176810. Diane Altman Dautoff  
176809. S. Taran  
176808. Donald Katz anti-semitism has no place on google
176807. Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi  
176806. Arnold Haskel  
176805. Simon Steel  
176804. Ellen Beglaubter  
176803. Donald Ellenberg  
176802. KEN STEIN  
176801. Mel Brandt  
176800. jeff setton  
176799. Miriam Shaindel Sztern  
176798. erica goodman vile
176797. Chiel Sztern  
176796. yosi laham pls remove sight
176795. stephen cohen  
176794. Judge Arnold J Conner  
176793. Lisa Dasunta  
176792. Nancy Kinney  
176791. adrienne levenstein  
176790. Michael Hande  
176789. Dovid Jarach  
176788. E Life  
176787. oded altshler  
176786. Ruchel Jarach  
176785. paul franco  
176784. Keith Elkins  
176783. ruth w  
176782. Alfred  
176781. david emrani  
176780. Amos de Mesquita  
176779. Alan Wilder  
176778. charles cohen i find this site to be both factually incorrect and incredibly racist. people must have better things to do with their lives than read that garbage.
176777. Karyn Kamen  
176776. Lydia Pineiro remove this website, please
176775. Altshuler Goldi  
176774. Craig Rauchle  
176773. Carol Zeles  
176772. Alexander Shekhel  
176771. Meinhard Mayer Who is financing this hate?
176770. Max  
176769. Irwin Gordon  
176768. Jay  
176766. Amy Dooha  
176765. Alyssa Rosen  
176764. Kian Adhami  
176762. Jared Reich This is digusting. I'm using another search engine.
176761. howard gotlib disgusting crap - get rid of ot
176760. Lillian Freedman MSW this is hate mongering..... mixing facts with lies in a manner consistent with a mental illness, such as bi polar or ocd .If this man stood on a street and spewed this poison he would be arrested for inciting genocide.
176759. Jay J Dor  
176758. Judith Bortnick not appropriate
176757. evan kohanian you must get rid of this
176756. Eli Benhamou  
176755. Jason Jacobs  
176753. di  
176752. Donald Schon MD  
176751. Decio Rozenbojm  
176750. Jerry N. Koral  
176749. Stanton Halter  
176748. Charles Rosenberg  
176747. Todd  
176746. Jon D. Becker  
176745. Ariel Lisogorsky  
176744. Flora Langer  
176743. phyllis safdieh  
176742. E. Marsh  
176741. John McKeel this website is the exact opposite of what america stands for. if this site was about african americans would it be allowed?
176740. Loren Block  
176739. Sabrina T. DaLomba  
176738. Louis Glickman  
176737. Marc Cobert The office filter blocks it as it already knows that there are some real problems with this particular site. It is no longer number one, but is in the top four or five.
176736. John McKeel this website is the exact opposite of what america stands for. if this site was about african americans would it be allowed?
176735. Hyman Gellman Mus tGoogle diminish themselves with this malignment?
176734. Nathan Siden Do no evil?
176733. T. SNOW  
176732. John McKeel this website is the exact opposite of what america stands for. if this site was about african americans would it be allowed?
176731. Beckie Maddox  
176730. Jerome Soble the site is hateful,and created for 1 purpose only,,,,inflame more hatred
176729. charlotte feingold  
176728. Efrat Gozlan  
176727. Thomas Schneider Please remove asap.
176726. Eli Abramson  
176725. Moshe Galamidi  
176724. Rosalyn Ben-Chitrit  
176723. Gabrielle Miller  
176722. Leslie Marcus Please remove this hateful site from Google
176721. susan rich  
176720. Gloria Gilbert  
176719. Helene Brodkin  
176718. Robert J. Livingston Please delete this entry from the search.
176717. paul allen please remove this obscene site!
176716. E. Lamont  
176715. shmuel  
176714. glendakaufman  
176713. Omid Ahoobim  
176712. shahin  
176711. Dave Verdooner het maakt me ziek!!
176710. Ellen Hattenbach  
176709. Alberta Feurzeig  
176708. Evelyn Sutin  
176707. glendakaufman  
176706. s.elliman  
176705. Audrey Kap  
176704. Zvi Harry Fleischer  
176703. Shirley March  
176702. Helene Cooper  
176701. brant benun  
176700. Ester Lubman  
176699. Ann Clare Nett  
176698. Sandra Levy remove com from google
176697. Dave Poler  
176696. Alberta Feurzeig  
176695. Charles Myers  
176694. Marlene Rochwerg very disturbing website!!
176693. linda Slucker  
176692. Milton Sutin  
176691. Simon Tolkin very sad
176690. Mario  
176689. I.L. Neiman  
176688. Richard Tomlinson  
176687. rob  
176686. Valerie Cohen  
176685. Michele  
176684. Belinda  
176683. gideon baida  
176682. Marvin Kapelus  
176681. David Altaratz  
176680. Mark  
176679. eyal pinchassi  
176678. Roberta Heinrich  
176677. Allan Slomovic  
176675. Gail M. Nelson  
176674. MARLA  
176673. Sheldon Tyber  
176672. please remove this offensive rubbish
176671. Mindi Newman  
176670. betty kloth  
176669. J  
176668. Nancy Pressman  
176667. Bari Bernstein  
176666. Jonathan Davidson  
176665. Samuel Grunfeld  
176664. Barrie Cooper This site is objectional
176663. E SEreny  
176662. kathleen sitzer  
176661. gloria cohn  
176659. steven naiman i demand you remove this offensive cite immediately
176658. Dov Pincus Please remove this offensive site from the first place when someone looks for information on "Jew"
176657. Les Kirschner  
176656. Tobi Isaacs this is disgusting and should be removed completely from a google search!
176655. azad faliv  
176654. Scott Stein  
176653. George Toscano  
176652. brandon biederman  
176651. Tamara Schneider  
176650. Shirley M. Kite HORRIBLE
176649. Gloria Chaim  
176648. neda please remove jewwatch from your search engine
176645. Gerald Klein The JewWatch web site is sickning.
176644. susan gabbay  
176643. Jenny Allen please remove this website from your search engine!
176642. that this rubbish off !
176641. Browne The JewWatch web-site is an abominable, perfidious work, and it is decidely NOT to Google's credit to promote this disgusting affront to decency and equity.
176640. David  
176639. Rosalyn Spergel Google should not be used for hate
176638. Bob Hattem  
176637. david bitton  
176636. Pat Rabig Outrageous
176635. Matthew Kaplan  
176634. Lisa  
176633. Marian Reitzen please remove this hateful website
176632. eduardo i can't belive this
176630. Wendy Goulston  
176629. Stephen Amira  
176628. Malcolm Joels  
176627. andrea rappoport We all need to vigilant against blatant and subtle antisemitism. I am certain that google doesn't not want to be used in this way
176626. k. sosnovich  
176625. Lou Weiss This is NOT freedom of speech.
176624. al maxman  
176623. Marla  
176622. Jacob Delete it
176621. Shmuel Hoffman  
176620. Eli Meltzer this site is grotesque. it's hard to believe that in this day and age people would be drawn to the ramblings of such a deranged mind. Please remove this site.
176619. rich bale  
176618. Alan Schiff  
176617. Caroline Slifkin  
176616. Shawn Zackary  
176615. Michal Moses  
176614. Terry Brand  
176613. Dannielle Heller please remove this offensive site!
176612. Irving Spitz  
176611. Johanan Moses  
176610. shirleysheinfeld disgusting
176609. Julie Zidell  
176608. Jodi Davidson Please address and fix this situation immediartely!
176607. Beverly Beckman remove it.Jew watch that is
176606. Marilyn Moses  
176605. L Sinclair  
176604. gilda  
176603. Jay Ball this site is pure slime!
176602. Hagit Mordechai  
176601. alicia terrible
176600. Y. Weinstock  
176599. David get rid of this webpage!!
176598. Ashley Leboff  
176597. robert diamond dangeous and reminicent of Nazi Germany
176596. Walter Graef  
176595. john newman  
176594. Ira Kohansov  
176593. janis rounds  
176592. Meta L. Levin  
176591. Ram Ronen I thought that such sites do not need a crowd to be removed, free speech or not.
176590. Larry Buchbinder It is critical that every Jew participate, as inaction leads to the belief that it is okay for the perpetrators of hate to continue unabated. We must keep a careful vigil of all those people who perpetrate hate among us and answer them accordingly.
176589. Gerardo krisztal  
176588. Trisha Zarin  
176587. Harry Hartman Disgusting
176586. dan breiner  
176585. Sharon Lovitch  
176584. martin moritz  
176583. miriam sherman google, non-discrimination aside, how can you permit such a flagrant hate site to come up on google when the work 'jew' is searched!!!
176582. Paula Lamel  
176581. Leonard M. Lovitch, MD  
176580. Ehud  
176579. Jodi Lewis Lipsitz  
176578. Jackie Goldstein Google, remove that website from your search engine!
176577. Lawrence Melman  
176576. Jordana Smallberg  
176575. Isabel Levine  
176574. jack fisher  
176573. Lynette Melman  
176572. David Gordon  
176571. trudy Dreyer  
176570. Monika Milkis ÿ
176569. Geoff Melman  
176568. Lois Cohen  
176567. ANN SEGAL This is a disgusting. I urge you to remove JEWWATCH.COM
176566. avner lapovsky Jew =
176565. Aaron Amin  
176564. David K Horrible! Nasty! Hateful! Serves No Purpose!
176563. J. Weinstein  
176562. Cecille Herzel  
176561. harlan chemers  
176560. Ruth Dunsky  
176559. Lou D'Asunta Disgusting, lie filled and fear inciting site
176558. Diana G. Kahn Remove it! Why help the haters? Put it under Hate Groups
176557. Lillian  
176556. hj brafman you are better than this disgrace!
176555. Ezra Hidary  
176554. Joshua E. Corey Shocked to find such a website readily available to disseminate hate speech
176553. Margie Stern I'm appalled that Google allows this
176552. Jenine  
176551. Audrey  
176550. Bella Golombick  
176549. shlomo  
176548. yacov Zar  
176547. max  
176546. Rachel  
176545. Sabina Radunsky  
176544. joseph Cohen  
176543. Scott Rubin  
176542. Peninah Petruck  
176540. Sara Goldsmith  
176539. M.Goodbaum  
176538. edith  
176537. Monica  
176536. Isaac Biller  
176535. Henchy Schwartz Anti simitism is a desease-why should google help this illness by posting or allowing such a site!!!
176533. Nikki Gabay  
176532. ted vidan please remove the antisemitic "" from the Google search engine
176531. herbert posner  
176530. Nadine  
176529. Rosa Blandford  
176528. Philip S. Rosenzweig Grossly offensive and without free speech merit.
176527. Bernard Lew remove this trash asap
176526. JK  
176525. Beverly Ehrlich  
176524. Mr.Sanford ALBERT  
176523. Lois Doctors  
176522. david green  
176521. MICHAEL AMIN  
176520. Shemon Matlofsky  
176519. Margaret Moore Please remove this vehicle that perpetuates horrendous and bigoted commentary from the world-at-large.
176518. Lien Heijmans  
176517. Randee Kushner Remove this offensive website from your search engine. Thanks.
176516. Stephen Shpeen  
176515. Rita Shapiro  
176514. Allen J Bennett, MD  
176513. Miriam Weinryb Hateful information found on this website should not be condoned
176512. Patricia Gellman  
176511. yehudah wein  
176510. J People, it is not the jews who are involved in 50 wars across the globe. Jews do not fly planes into buildings, do not blow up trains, do not try to destroy the west. You are watching the wrong group of people!! Go watch your real enemies!
176509. jonathan douek  
176508. Elen Tsirson  
176507. Sonya Cook Racist and unacceptable lying propaganda
176506. DAVID ELMAN  
176505. Sydney Bratt  
176504. Darryl Haberman  
176503. Juan Bricht  
176502. Caasi Nirenberg  
176501. Peggy Keller  
176500. Frank Ariel  
176499. Zehavi Nachshoni This site is disgusting
176498. S. van den Berg  
176497. Elys Brewda I am disappointed that Google would allow a site that is racist or anti-semitic
176496. Eve Blatt  
176495. Mitra Zadeh  
176494. Rebecca Sorek  
176493. m.zeitz  
176492. Leanne V.  
176491. Chana Cladman  
176490. Beverley Jackson I think it is disgraceful, there is too much hatred in the world already without this sort of thing
176489. gayle miller You should not allow this!
176488. Richard Scherzerr  
176487. Andre Mindlin  
176486. robert gladstone  
176485. Scott Glatstein  
176484. larry krevitz  
176483. tsirelson  
176482. Elysa Cohen  
176481. Abe Ashkenazie  
176480. colin stein Please remove this blatantly anti semitic rubbish from your search engine
176479. Martin Schultz  
176478. Mitch Mandel  
176477. Harry Rabbie  
176476. Louis Wolfson Get that garbage off google
176475. Shabnam Besimanto  
176474. Alla Brunstein  
176473. Marc Demone This is both a complete violation and abuse of Jewish people everywhere
176472. Carol Kaufman Take it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
176471. Sharon Miller  
176470. SF  
176469. Joshua Kruger  
176468. Syd Rein  
176467. Marsha Brighton The promotion of hatred needs to be stopped!
176466. jill Auerbach  
176465. Susan Zarin eliminated food for the fanatics
176464. Bryna  
176463. Diane Gartner Hillman  
176462. John Schadler  
176461. Karen Rothbardt  
176460. R. Magner  
176459. Hertsel Labib  
176458. Cantor Beth W. Rosenfeld  
176456. Natalie Leizer  
176455. Marcy Hankin  
176454. Mimi Schreiber  
176453. Daniel Merino  
176452. Robert A. Berliner Please remove and all anti-semetic sites from your search engine.
176451. Rebecca Kushner  
176450. Peyman Lavi  
176449. cindie kastenbaum  
176448. Mary Ellen Howard  
176447. RENEE COHEN  
176446. Ann Glanville  
176445. richard cohen  
176444. R.Rosenthal PLEASE REMOVE ASAP
176443. Jerome Schwartz This only serves the haters of the world.STOP!!!
176442. Alain Mamane  
176441. Arlen Chaleff  
176440. Saman Please remove all anti-semetic materials from your searches.
176439. Shawn Arshad  
176438. Larah Kirschner  
176436. Robin G.  
176435. shlomo sadok  
176434. Bevin Cetta  
176432. Sam  
176431. Joe Halasz  
176430. Gerald Sklare Disgraceful posting anti-semetic racist site
176429. Martin Hochstein Shame
176428. howard hochman  
176427. eric brown  
176426. Keren Bernard  
176425. diego  
176424. abby brown  
176423. VICTORIA  
176422. Daniel gabay  
176421. Marsha Feldman  
176420. Ronald Ettinger this must be removed as it is
176419. Tiffany Koopman  
176418. Rachel Peak  
176417. shepard brown  
176416. Jay Miller  
176414. Rachel Sonne  
176413. saul gross  
176412. Trisha Zarin  
176411. Gaye Stein  
176409. Avrum H. Warshawsky  
176408. Vladimir Kravets REmove
176407. Andrew Stein  
176406. Irma Fisher Enough hatred in this world
176405. Danielle Bednar Do not add to world hatred, remove this site. Be part of the solution,not part of the problem.
176404. Beatrice Schmidt  
176403. Carol Crystal  
176402. fran levine  
176401. Mikhail Kantor REmove
176400. Bert Epsten  
176399. gail lehman this is an abomination
176398. marsha costin  
176397. Sarah Horwitz  
176396. mandana bolour  
176395. Lenochka Kantor REmove
176394. elias j unzek  
176393. Dr. Robert Eissler I am a Ph.D. in history- this is pure racist nonsense.
176392. Ronald Hanis Disgusting and ignorant!
176391. Michele Montanez  
176390. greg sanders  
176389. Harvey J. Scherr Please Google, don't help hate groups to spread filth.
176388. julius gilman  
176387. Larisa Kalin remove this site
176386. Mitchell Scherr  
176385. Marshall Gurian This is Nasty and Wrong as well warped.
176384. Lynn Epsten  
176383. David  
176382. Elysse Goldman  
176381. Nahal  
176380. Gary Weinberg  
176379. james mond  
176378. Judy Kessler This is an abomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
176377. Irit White  
176376. Harvey & Shirley Srolovitz  
176375. Ira Spector Please be sensitive to what is right vs income only
176374. Irene Voskoboynik š
176373. Moshe White  
176372. Sig & Jean Safran  
176371. Barbara Fogel why are Jews always blamed for anything that goes wrong. IT HAS TO STOP!!
176370. Rachel Weinstein This site is utterly despicable and beyond offensive!!!
176369. L. Grollman  
176368. richard rosensweig  
176367. Cary Gluck  
176366. Shlomo Lensky  
176365. Helayne Scheier  
176364. Danilo Arditti  
176363. Eli Mail  
176362. Amir Losneanu  
176361. Barry Feldman  
176360. jorge reuas  
176359. Allan Goodman  
176358. Susan Field Get rid now!!!
176357. andrei  
176356. Neil Proshan Abysmal web site-full of hatred
176355. Harold Herman  
176354. aaron zilberstein unthinkable
176353. Eric Zuckerman  
176352. Alex S Rafalovich  
176351. JOAN GOLDING  
176350. toby weiss  
176349. ahron zilberstein this shouldn't have been allowed
176348. melvin epstein  
176347. marcie  
176346. J. Stodel  
176345. Stuart Kaufman  
176344. Anne this site is appalling
176343. Stephane Cohen  
176342. Sam Berneman  
176341. Adam Kaplan  
176340. Stuart Benjamin This site is an absolute disgrace!
176339. dav  
176338. barry eisen  
176337. Wendy Piatkowski  
176336. Phyllis Davis  
176335. Yitta mandelbaum ÿ
176334. Linda  
176333. yuval moskovich  
176332. hazel rudich  
176331. Richard Morgenstern  
176330. Jodie Kaplan  
176329. Johan Jalink  
176328. Talmadge Heath  
176327. Phyllis Mallin this is sicking
176326. Marsha Fixler Disgusting that Google would have this link.
176325. Jacquelyn Byer  
176324. Ivan M. Kulbersh  
176323. Karen Please REMOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!
176322. Al Troner it is appalling that Google allows itself to be used to spread hatred and propoganda. This should be removed immediately.
176321. pedro katz  
176320. Albert shapiro  
176319. Adrienne Winokur  
176318. Robin F. Krieger Please take a stand for morality and dignity and remove this hateful site from the internet.
176317. Monica Rine  
176316. gabriel levy  
176315. lawrence katz  
176314. Arthur Mokin  
176313. Louis Michelson  
176312. Harry Rine  
176311. Noah Kaplan  
176310. Doug Weissman  
176309. Sylvia Margolin Please remove this anti-semitic website which comes up when one searches "Jew"
176308. Ann Englander Google should be ashamed
176307. Susan Skalsky  
176306. Gail N. Dante Hatred and prejudice has no place in our society.
176305. Regina Eldred thank-you
176304. vera nogueira  
176303. Steven Liebowitz  
176302. Andrew  
176301. Harry  
176300. Michelle Donnel  
176299. Robbie please remove it asap
176298. Sheldon Gerson  
176297. Esther S Bondareff  
176296. Carole Cherry  
176295. Dianne Martin  
176294. Norm Kurtz  
176292. Miriam Levine  
176291. Mr/Mrs. Jerold H Rosenblum  
176290. Jonathan Gilmour  
176289. Sylvan Goldberg  
176288. hedva  
176287. Adrian Stetter  
176286. noor Iamurri  
176285. Barb Katz Shame on Google for accepting this website.
176284. Paul S. Gumbinner  
176283. mahshid moosavieh  
176282. Diana Tadmor  
176280. Lisa  
176279. Stanley A. Hirsch This site presents lies as though they were facts.
176278. barry pollack  
176277. Paul Torok  
176276. Patricia Lessell  
176275. Aryeh Luria  
176274. Joel Alpert  
176273. Lawrence Leonard I will stop using Google for my searches if this is not changed.
176272. Carlos D. Malamud  
176271. Ross R. Barnett  
176270. marian rosner  
176269. Tanya  
176268. Martha M Thompson reprehensible, in this day & age!
176267. betsy muntner  
176266. Ian Sliw  
176265. Amy Dombro  
176264. gale wilkerson  
176263. VICTOR COHEN  
176262. Lisa Price  
176261. Julie Moran  
176260. Jonathan Cohen If you type white anglo saxson christian american, the first thing that comes up isnt a hateful site that would first educate a curious researcher on the topic of white anglo saxson christian americans.
176259. Michael Dallal  
176258. John Shields Acceptance, Respect and Love MUST rule the world
176257. Ruth Urban  
176256. Irwin Meyers  
176255. Alan Saunders  
176254. Allise Rappaport  
176253. Lisa Grossman TAKE THIS OFF!!!
176252. Allyn Shulman  
176251. michael chill  
176250. Dana Rapoport I will NOT use your search engine until this is removed.
176249. Sayag Jeannette  
176248. yael  
176247. jennifer gensler  
176246. Andrea Lewis Please remove this
176245. Ed Silverman  
176244. Emanuel Margolis  
176243. Jill S. This is a heinous crime and needs to be stopped...
176242. Abraham Wikler  
176241. risa attermann please remove this repugnant site!
176240. Robert Lazarow Disgusting!!!!!
176239. Lisa Hepps  
176238. Fraida Nathan Shame on google for hosting this anti-semitic website
176237. Zohara  
176236. Fred Altmann  
176235. Debbie Poler Pls... Don't be part of the world against jewish people. Remove from the google search engine .
176233. Ellie  
176232. Richard Trites How dare you !
176231. ann fils  
176230. Beverly Austgen  
176229. Maury and Susan Stern  
176228. Aliza Nikayin  
176227. isaac gindi  
176226. Peter Pollat M.D..  
176225. bruce kian  
176224. Art Baron  
176223. Shirin Shaban REMOVE!!!!!
176222. Felica Kobylanski This kind of posting is illegal and subject to criminal prosecution in Germany. It's disgraceful to have this trash listed as "the Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of articles on Jewish History." Additionally, he's asking for donations to support his work.
176221. Robert Chaikin  
176220. Claudette Gorham a disgrace to human kind
176219. susan siminoff  
176218. Gina R. Williams  
176217. Heather Goodman  
176216. Renee Twersky  
176215. Carrie  
176214. Barbara S. Schwartz shame on you!!!
176213. david It is disgraceful to see a great web site like Google that would allow such garbage! Please remove the site at once.We have enough hatred in the world.
176212. Elliot Berlin the premise for the site is reprehensible, let alone the content.
176211. dave faktor  
176210. Dave Sherman  
176209. ellen Cory, Ê
176208. Laurie Haberman  
176207. charlotte rothstein  
176206. sharon sopher Please remove this at once. It is hatemongering and does not warrant a place on a reputable search engine like google.
176205. b freeman  
176204. Deborah Parker  
176203. randy faktor  
176202. hilton levin  
176201. Neil Schore  
176200. Ariella Gasner  
176199. eva  
176198. E Smith  
176197. julie  
176196. Judith K. Manouchehri  
176195. David Orlander  
176194. Richard Freeman Please remove this contemptible site.
176193. gloria fried  
176192. Janice Gotfried  
176191. marc kozlow  
176190. S. Coran  
176189. Marcia Rose Yawitz  
176188. Leslie Berkey Remember!!
176187. steven Selby  
176186. beth schwartz  
176185. Alyssa Cooper  
176184. Raymond Watkins  
176183. Norman Pozner  
176182. morton bleetstein  
176181. Lauren Kessler  
176180. Susan Singer  
176179. omid moradi  
176178. Rabbi Moishe Steigmann  
176177. George Fine  
176176. g naimer  
176175. Amy Yulish  
176173. Alberto  
176172. Marc Dweck  
176171. David Eshaghpour  
176170. Maara Hamilton  
176169. Dr. Maurice Elihu  
176168. sandra  
176167. Glen Morosohk  
176166. Yosie  
176165. ken brown  
176164. Ira Faber  
176163. evelyn debes  
176162. Debra Levy Anti-Semetic, offensive to ALL!
176161. henry frysh We don't need more hate!
176160. Shreya Chandra  
176159. Shar Reingold  
176158. Michael Kirsch  
176157. Jerome Ehrlich  
176156. martin lee  
176155. Simon  
176154. H. R. Miller This is a case where the algorithm must lose to humanism.
176153. abraham roth  
176152. Barbara Beck remove this search engine
176151. Vivian Moreinis  
176150. Stan Goodman  
176149. Elizbeth Zuk  
176148. emerson  
176147. Orete Harkavy  
176146. David Leo  
176145. Mayer  
176144. Judith Levin  
176143. John Osbourne Repulsive link and website!!
176142. rachel tikotzky  
176141. Brian R. Buxton  
176140. Emelie Zonabend  
176139. Andrea Lubershane Gardner  
176138. Sherri Rotstein  
176137. L. Leibson This is disgraceful and these people should be killed...
176136. Kim Gordon Please remove from search engine
176134. Barbara Mogill  
176133. deena yaker remove jewwatch, i will not continue to use search engine and will advise all to do the same until this is done
176132. Scott Goodman  
176131. Louis Silberman  
176130. Galina Rafalovich  
176129. ursula gowor  
176128. Herbert Samuel Since Yahoo does not carry this hateful site does this means that Google supports that group of misfits?
176127. Phyllis Gottlieb  
176126. Janice Golden  
176125. Mark Tigge  
176124. Jordan Wronzberg  
176123. Firooz Hakimian May all Jew haters go to hell, Amen.
176122. Anita Farzan  
176121. Michael Millstone  
176120. Laura  
176119. Rhoda Schwartz This site is offensive--remove it as soon as possible!
176118. joan white  
176117. Ellen H  
176116. alan grossman  
176115. Joseph W Boston  
176114. Simone Borsch  
176113. Joy Humphreys  
176112. gerald Gartner  
176111. EVE ROSEN Is the world spinning backwards?......
176110. Jeffrey Singer  
176109. Dixie Davis Jesus died for all!!
176108. Abe  
176107. Stan Keene  
176106. Lawrence Goldberg  
176105. limor  
176104. Mark Katz  
176103. martha rose shulman  
176102. Violla Orloff Hate and lies are unacceptable to this WWII veteran!
176101. Elizabeth Maxwell  
176100. heather baker  
176099. Arlene Goldberg  
176098. roberta feinstein  
176097. Marlene Schenter  
176096. jolie  
176095. Abe  
176094. Karen Banoff  
176093. Lisa Auslander  
176092. richard dannenbaum  
176091. Gerry Weinberg  
176090. Bobby Broukhim  
176089. jeffrey becker  
176087. Laurie Brown  
176086. James Berliner  
176085. Stephen Rapps  
176084. Susan Nilsen Remove this site ! Close it down! NOW!
176083. harriet siegel  
176082. Rochelle Esterson  
176081. Peter Gotlieb  
176080. Jacob Rovinsky  
176079. Marta Lipschutz  
176078. Leonard Knell M.D. Disgusting! Promotes hatred.
176077. Sybil Malinowski Melody  
176075. Kat Lilore We have enough hate in the world without (inadvertently or otherwise) promoting more...please remove this site from your search engine algorithms
176074. joe siegman Remove
176073. Mindy Gross  
176072. Patrick Fletcher This site preaches hate for Jews.
176071. Lee Goodman  
176070. Aaron Plotkin dont send me any emails please
176069. Kenya Cruz  
176068. Betsy Kamin  
176067. S. Stillman PLEASE REMOVE THIS SITE!!!
176066. Michelle Yadegari  
176065. Shira Isenberg  
176064. Marcy Maslov  
176063. Judy Fisher Please remove this anti-Semitic site and stop spreading hatred!
176062. Bernard Engel  
176061. Ed Bogart Any hate like this should be reomved
176060. Mara  
176059. harvey barish this site promotes hate
176058. Moshe Lorber  
176057. Judy Martin This is non-american and insites hatred
176056. Barbara J. Youngman  
176055. eileen barish this site promotes hate
176054. eliav grossman  
176053. Me  
176052. Dr Daniel Dietch  
176051. shimon brody sad to see this in the year 2007
176049. Christophe Maguet  
176048. Steve`Weitzenkorn  
176047. isaac altman  
176046. Joanne Engelberg  
176045. Harold Rosenberg Time the anti-Jewish conspirators were chased off the web
176044. kharlip  
176043. Pinches Herman There is no place for natzis in this world, natzis should be burned allive, NATZI GO TO HELL, YOU LOOSER, LOOSER
176042. Nancy Parker  
176041. Nathan Goldin  
176040. harold & sylvia glick  
176039. Ed Jordan  
176038. Diane Lunder  
176037. George Siegel Don't enhance the terrorists' propoganda tools.
176036. Marcia Davis  
176035. Wasserman  
176034. Gideon Segal  
176033. Daniel Weintraub Please Remove This Anti Semetic Scride
176032. basia  
176031. Dr. A.S. Linick I find there site very offensive to the Jewish population and it should be removed NOW!
176030. Allan Gold  
176028. William Kulberg  
176027. Karen Hoffman  
176026. elena  
176025. Roz Goodman  
176024. Jack Cohen Please consider and act on this request else I will make Yahoo my internet goto site.
176023. Suzy Lenkowsky Krikorian  
176022. Jill Winer disgraceful!
176021. Mitchel Pastarnack  
176020. Abby Smith  
176019. Jesse Gersten  
176018. Jay Katz  
176017. AMNON BLOCH  
176016. Jason S. Deutschmeister  
176015. Allison Krumholz  
176014. Bruce Leibovitch  
176013. Marilyn Katz  
176012. Vivian Walls What sad paranoia and hatred. Please remove this from your search engine. Be responsible!
176011. Melvin Schweitzer  
176010. maxine  
176009. Rabbi Moshe Edelman  
176008. Karen Mazer  
176007. Seth Wallack Do we learn nothing from history!
176006. Ilene Silverman  
176005. Rabbi Moshe Edelman  
176004. Gerald Freedman  
176003. H Abrams This is a disgusting and extremely antisemitic site which you should remove immediately
176002. Avraham Shemuelian  
176000. Harvey Budd  
175999. Anne Marie Norrish  
175998. Eliahu Shalom please do the right thing
175997. Arthur Gordon  
175996. Cynthia Greisdoff Disgusting!!!
175995. Alyce Meier Hatred and lies should not be spread.
175994. Rosaline Stein  
175993. or yashar  
175992. talia  
175991. Dan Burton  
175989. Gwen Leonard  
175988. Lauren  
175987. Sandra  
175986. Ron Goldstein please remove the site.
175985. michaela mizrahi  
175984. Rabbi Wendy Ungar  
175983. Rhoda Braver there is enough jew hatred in the world. If your site insulted the Muslems in any way it should also be removed which I am sure you would do immediately
175982. Debra Cohen  
175981. Carol L. Ghatan  
175980. Fiona Nijkamp-Klieb  
175979. Harvey Kasper  
175978. Steve Lewis  
175977. yas rokhsar  
175976. Wyatt Bonvillain Kamin frightening
175975. Sofia Shtil Please, remove Jewwatch from your search engine
175974. mike khalili  
175973. Beverly Kasper  
175972. Ray Nyce  
175971. Yanky brachfeld get rid of it now!!
175970. lisa tenner this is not a great use of freedom of speach
175969. Daniel Kamin the World doesn't need this outrage
175968. harlene oren a disgrace to Google and people of the free world
175966. Rudy and Fiona Nijkamp-Klieb  
175965. L G Weisman  
175964. patricia polinger enough hatred and bigotry..lets keep it decent
175963. Miriam Birnbaum  
175962. deborah ellen  
175961. SOLLY HABER  
175960. Anne Katz  
175959. David Howard  
175958. LARRY ESSIG  
175957. Audrey Morgan This site is offensive and should be immediately removed
175956. Judith Halle  
175955. Jocelyn Johnston  
175954. Jessie Keene  
175953. karen rubner  
175952. David Segal Stop all forms of hatred
175951. Dennis Glenn  
175950. Ann Rosenthal  
175949. shelly simons please remove this vitriolic hatred
175948. Susan Glass  
175947. Joseph Sabella  
175946. Esther Turner "Hate" crap should be filtered out!!! It is yiour responsibility as well.
175945. Lee Goldberg  
175944. sharon wiggins  
175943. Lori Barrish  
175942. Ellen Friedberg hatred is never okay
175941. Elaine Riesel  
175940. Edward Jews only want to make this world a better place to live
175939. J Dweck  
175938. Jennifer Maldonato  
175937. keith sidley  
175936. mitch berman This site is disgusting, vile and definitely should be removed permanently.
175935. sarah hiller  
175934. Dr. Michael S Bloom š
175933. susan c wenger racist site please remove
175932. Michael Fox  
175931. TPS  
175930. Morris Charytan  
175929. Donald C. Parker  
175928. Bridget Stidworthy  
175927. Debra Schneider  
175926. Deborah Cohen  
175925. Howard Ungerleider  
175924. Albert Cibley Google should not allow this sort of situation and it should be removed.
175923. Berel Ben Josef A SHANDER
175922. Sandra Reid  
175921. Robert Kessler  
175920. lea petel  
175919. neal tabachnick thank you
175918. Robert Stone  
175917. Haim Ifrah  
175916. Ninaz Beral  
175915. rosi add my name
175914. Roger L. Preston  
175913. elisa antisemit
175912. Oliver  
175911. Mindy Fried  
175910. Lisa Mandel Please remove this from your search engine - it is offensive
175909. Keith Freedman & Golda Freedman  
175908. Phyllis Cohen  
175907. jennifer  
175906. Amanda Lovejoy  
175905. Burt Waxman  
175904. albert take it out fast, it has no help to anyone.
175903. Albert Frohlich Please remove this garbage from the web. Is it not enough that anti-semitisim, racism and intolerance are growing daily? Something I dont understand: there are many more signatures than required, but the site is still here.
175902. Daryl L. Gorelik  
175901. M B  
175900. harris goldman despicable trash not worthy of Google
175899. Leonard Fineberg  
175898. Michael Saltz  
175896. David Cohn  
175895. M. Kaplan This website is reprehensible!
175894. Stan & Carol Wineser  
175893. L. M. Satterfield Flagrent anti-semitismhas been growing in Europe. Let's not let that happen here.
175892. ginny bellwood  
175891. Laurel Cohen  
175890. sara  
175889. Judy Foreman  
175888. bernardo Isacovici Although under the constituion they have freedom to express themselves, google has the power andshould ban such junk from being on their servers
175887. Roland Dorson  
175886. Aaron Hurwitz  
175885. MARK FREEMAN  
175884. mj house when will racism end??
175883. Shahram Yaghoubzadeh  
175882. Peter Rosenfeld  
175881. Robert Korff Vincent  
175880. ron  
175879. F.A. Delinko-Peters  
175878. Larry Suzan  
175877. rolly elkins  
175876. Michael Schlomowitsch  
175875. Cheryl Zinberg  
175874. Susan  
175873. Alex Raviv  
175872. Eleanor Goldman  
175871. Arlene Geller-Petrini  
175870. Mirjana Slaj  
175869. Sybil Sommer  
175868. Meir Wisenberg should have been a long time ago
175867. Stacey Yahraus Lewis  
175866. Matthew N. Harris  
175865. Daniel Soliman  
175864. uri priell  
175863. Howard Schultz  
175862. Eric A Pollack This is hate speech and holocaust denial and has no place on Google.
175861. harry finkel  
175860. D. Lowenthal This pernicious piece of racism and hate speech must be removed from GOOGLE.
175859. n raphael  
175858. Shelly Wiggins Will Google allow anything to go on without any concern for the sensitivities of other viewers? This must stop!!!
175857. Len Kaufman Ê
175856. Bradford Saivetz Enough. Never again
175855. K. Choudhury Please correct this error immediately.
175854. herbert and ruth giller  
175853. Ofra  
175852. Stuart Frenkel  
175851. Jamie Ross  
175850. Steve Mandelman  
175849. David  
175848. Bob Melson Intolerance of the intolerant is the only type of intolerance that is okay
175847. MICHELE  
175846. Josh Drexler  
175845. Roslyn Westheimer please remove this site from your search engine
175844. Jack Rubinlicht  
175843. Asher Bogin This site should be retained--Google should be neutral--but it's not fair that it be the first item to appear under the word "jew"--it should be repositioned so that it does not appear to be Google's first choice.
175842. Brenda Sandler  
175841. Joseph Safani  
175840. Ted Greenfield  
175839. c p freedman GET RID OF THIS FILTH!!
175838. Sheila Altshuler I strongly disapprove of such sites on the internet.
175837. Benjamin Margolis  
175836. Lyle Shughart  
175835. derek livingston  
175834. taraneh shiraz this should not be among the first few sites listed by a search
175833. Steve Ritter  
175832. Karen Shughart  
175831. Diane Ossof  
175829. David Yamamoto  
175828. Margaret Puddington  
175827. Alison Rosenfeld  
175826. ray  
175825. June Chase  
175824. Nancy Kekst  
175823. Stanley Davis  
175822. George B Van Antwerp This is totally unjust, bigoted and biased. You should be ashamed!
175821. Yossi bernfeld  
175820. Rosalind Davis  
175819. Roni  
175818. Hadar Avtalion  
175817. norman lieberman  
175816. Amira  
175815. mike Benjamin  
175814. Ken Berke  
175813. yaakov karmel  
175812. Mark Thompson I thought sites were vetted for content. Did Google miss this obviously anti-semitic site?
175811. ihsasson  
175810. B A Jirschele God bless everyone - NO EXCEPTIONS.
175809. Annetta L. Nitzberg  
175808. David Hyman it's disgusting that Google would have this sight as it's first entry!
175807. jodi  
175806. Susan Greene Please remove this site.
175805. Amos Sochaczevski  
175804. Izzy Waser to hell with the Nazis
175803. Alan Sidman  
175801. Gwen Thompson We have to prevent a further holocaust. This site is anti-semitic. Please can we have it removed
175800. judith zuckerman  
175799. david reisman  
175798. S. Winter  
175795. harry wruble  
175794. Lila Huse  
175793. Monique Lonner  
175792. cyrous gabaiy  
175791. sarah clock  
175790. Philip Stern  
175789. Marlene Warner  
175788. Amy Linde  
175787. morty naierman  
175786. Richard Madenburg Very racist site -- inflamatory
175785. Lauri Salzman Despicable. If not removed how about everyone using a different search engine!!!
175784. Sanford Warner  
175783. Rudy Meijers  
175782. Shlomit  
175781. Aren Horowitz  
175780. Stanley Gross  
175779. Kasey Gartner  
175778. Virginia Keller  
175777. Ronald Lipskin I would expect more from Google.
175775. Jennie Starr  
175774. sue levin  
175773. Ronald Stein this is so anti semetic....
175772. joe toner  
175771. Sherry  
175770. sonya Daniels this is an indication that free speach is not always a good thing. what is next, anti blue eyes?
175769. Robert Zarabi disgusting
175768. Sarah Anderson  
175767. Lisa Lainer  
175766. howard  
175765. Stanley Salmons Disgusting exploitation of the internet
175764. Alana Joos  
175763. Dr. David Uri  
175762. Joseph Gabbaian  
175761. Darryl DeVinney  
175760. Shannon Zlotnik  
175759. Bobby Kalili This is disgusting! Remove this!
175758. barbara friedman despicable!
175757. Stanley & Marion Keen  
175756. Sidney F. Quint You should do everything to stop anti-semitism and other hate sites.
175755. Jerome Post  
175754. Sanford Cohen  
175753. Samantha Kasdan  
175752. Harriet & Julian Schwartz  
175751. Brian Fagan Sites like these only create more hatred
175750. R Gosselin  
175749. lasry  
175748. Cristy Passman  
175747. Diana Reno  
175746. lynne dancha  
175745. Yoel  
175744. Lawrence Trilling This is a vile, hateful site
175743. Judy F. Lane  
175742. irma abramson unconcionable in this day and age
175741. Paul Horn I will not use google as a search engine until JewWatch is removed.
175740. radni solimanzadeh  
175739. Shira Roszler  
175738. Paul Greenberg This is a hate site not one with any redeeming value
175737. nathalie lord  
175736. Howard Ginsberg  
175735. Negeen  
175734. shirley schlesinger  
175733. Sean Pintchovski  
175732. Joseph Ugowitz we shouldn't even need to do this. it should have been done by google on its own
175731. Dennis Wynbrandt  
175730. David Hochman  
175729. Linda Kolatzki  
175728. George Meltz  
175727. Terry Haberman  
175726. ronald cohen  
175725. Rhoda Engelson statements are totally false. remove
175724. Diane Bart  
175723. shlomo kala  
175722. martin cohn  
175721. sandra dietz  
175720. Lynne Dugan Please keep Google my #1 choice by removing this hateful website....
175719. Adele Horwitz  
175718. charles speights  
175717. Michael Markowitz this is disgusting
175716. Valerie Shaw  
175715. Sara Greenberg  
175713. Dean Shaban  
175712. Ann Averbach  
175711. alimi if Google doesn't remove,it will mean google is an active supporter of the sons of btichs antisemitisms around the world
175710. Lois Levine  
175709. Alia Einstein  
175708. clive evans I am not Jewish but abhor any anti-semitism.
175707. Lois Kessler  
175706. yael farkas  
175705. Louis A. Morris  
175704. Stewart J Moser  
175703. mimi levinson  
175702. Helene Wurtzel  
175701. Edna Litten We look to Google for information, not hatred and deceit.
175700. renana  
175699. Lydia Starr  
175698. SIMON KAMALI  
175697. Margarita  
175696. Amy Zimmerman  
175695. fred kalili  
175694. Sara  
175693. leora kahn  
175692. Jessica  
175691. KATHY KAMALI  
175690. Warwick Ofsowitz It is sad Google needs a petition to remove race hate from their site
175689. joseph javid outrages
175688. Gabriela Resendez Speechless
175687. R Rosten please remove
175686. Jody Rubin  
175685. ganz russ uninformed scented merde from a low wattage source
175684. shaindy  
175683. clara arbiser We should boycot the site
175682. Liam Thomas Its disgusting..........
175681. Steve Paikowsky  
175680. Norma J Greenberg  
175679. naftali hager  
175678. harvey kramer shame on google
175677. sandra rubin  
175676. GERALD MARKS  
175675. jodi  
175674. Steven Sussman  
175673. Helen Frankovitz Goldstein  
175672. Ronda Shorfer  
175671. craig udell  
175670. stacey udell  
175669. Mim Bottner this is most hideous site full of terrible lies.
175668. ali mitchell  
175667. Klava  
175666. Sy Dickstein  
175664. Sharon Kates There is no room for bigotry either in our society or on the net.
175663. Elaine  
175662. Ben Levine If you don't remove it I will remove all google stuff from my computer
175661. Shana  
175660. Carole Pockey Disgusting Anti-Semitic site
175659. Debora Zarnegin  
175658. arlene koyner  
175657. ben littman  
175656. Matt  
175655. laurie  
175654. L. Ward  
175653. Laura Goodman Remove the hate!
175652. Jacqueline Marcus  
175651. leonid igudesman  
175650. Richard Grey  
175649. julian rothberg  
175648. Klara Zaza  
175647. Anne Thom  
175646. F. Kavian  
175645. aaron weg  
175644. Joe Brown  
175643. Mindy Bloom Stop the prejudiced now
175642. Beny MIASSNER disaster to the world
175641. Donald Levine  
175640. Suzanne Cohen There is enough hatred without Google having these types of websites.
175639. A.Goldberg  
175638. Gerard Katz  
175637. Sara Monem  
175636. Arlene Polonsky Since I love Google, the fact that this site is presented is deeply disappointing.
175635. TOMMY LIPSON  
175634. william Singler iresposible and shameful of google
175633. Edward B. Berman  
175632. Keren  
175630. Lewis Mitchell  
175629. Sybil Mitchell  
175628. Albert Hefez  
175627. Tracey Gilmore  
175626. Lara Schmutte  
175625. Karen Stern Horrified!
175624. Michael H This is not right...
175623. alon remove it from the web, not just the search engine
175622. S. Nadell  
175621. jules Lichter  
175620. Rena Cohen  
175619. C P Saul  
175618. M. Pieniek Remove this finding from the search engine
175617. J. R. Coolidge Please remove this and all such sites from your search engine. Thank you.
175616. miriam baker this is racist and hateful, please remove it
175615. Eric  
175614. P Ellis  
175613. Dorothy Mann Offensive
175612. Lilly Gottlieb as a frequent user of Google, I urge you to remove the anti-Semitic website address JewWatch from your database. Thank you.
175611. Philip Hayman let Google not be an engine of hate
175610. Susan McMahon  
175609. David Roth is GOOGLE anti-semitic?
175608. steve silverman  
175606. Edward Nevin  
175605. mandy eidgah  
175604. Rick Seid anti-semitic site take it off your serch
175603. Barry Pear  
175602. Antony Polonsky  
175601. Miriam Brodie It's time to take a stand.
175600. mirjam allouch  
175599. elliot beker  
175598. doris bass  
175597. gerald kirschner how can you allow this garbage to contimue.
175596. Elizabeth Monticue  
175595. Sy Lippman If you do no evil you need to take this down!
175594. Karen Rosen  
175593. Nazila Sina  
175592. dave jacob  
175591. Malee Rubinstein  
175590. fae  
175589. Ariana Rabbani  
175588. David Sadker  
175587. paul kovler  
175586. sharyn Sharer  
175585. Gerry Weiss  
175584. Jordan Galkin  
175583. Sidney Robin highly inflammatory racism
175582. Avrum Rosensweig  
175581. Robert Goldfarb This is disgusting and I can't believe Google can condone it!!
175580. Faye rosenberg  
175579. A. Jerry Lehrer  
175578. caryn horowitz  
175577. alan j. work  
175576. Miriam Berlow-Jackson  
175575. Eliza Kauder Thank you for considering our request.
175574. Madeline Morris  
175573. stanley I strachman Get this trash off Google'
175572. Menachem Harlig  
175571. michelle  
175570. Bob Green  
175569. Evan Hanson  
175568. Isaac Nematnejad  
175567. Alan Negin  
175566. Leslie Singer stop religous war. We all peoples. Good or Bed
175565. sam klein  
175564. Debra Greenberger  
175563. CAM  
175561. allan zener  
175560. youssef kairy  
175558. Douglas S. Lee this is pure anti-semetic hate
175557. Henry M Karp  
175555. jack baylin list the names of the 6 million Jews killed by the Germans instead.
175554. Adena  
175553. Steven Bloom  
175552. Avram Goldberg  
175551. A. M. Axelrod  
175550. nissimoff nissim  
175549. Edith L. Hayes Please remove. This is totally disgusting!!!!!!!
175548. joseph stokes  
175547. Beth  
175546. Michael Gersholowitz  
175545. Jeffrey Fink  
175544. Kim Goldman  
175543. Patricia Sherman Google should NOT allow this!
175542. Magdalena Sussmann  
175541. alan koshkin  
175540. Judy Korn Terrible in this day and age. Be ashamed of yourself.
175539. TENENBAUM  
175538. Natalie Barber  
175537. Gerald Lipson This is despicable. No print or broadcast media would permit its space or time to be used for such purposes. Why would Google?
175536. Arlene Torluemke  
175535. Nancy Loewenstein  
175534. Vida Montgomery  
175533. Faramarz Farzan Such bigotary , and hate should be cut off and the people responsible for this site should be penalized
175532. Nahum Marcus it's a disgrace to allow such a site
175531. Fran Gordon  
175530. Debby and Gavin Elley  
175529. HENRY FRIED this is blatant antisemitism - remove now!
175528. Barbara Shaw  
175527. daniel vecht remove this filth
175526. Andrew Gellnick  
175525. Lois Lipson  
175524. Sally Kacsh  
175522. Jani Handwerger  
175521. behrouz binafard  
175520. Susan B. Matt  
175519. Morty Zafran The removal should be without delay
175518. FRED FEIG get rid of "jewwatch"
175517. Nancy Dweck Get this hatred off the internet
175516. Brooke Pariser  
175515. Vanessa Cole  
175514. Louise Byron  
175513. Arnie Glickman  
175512. audrey loeb  
175511. Joan Gross This site is abhorrent and must be removed!
175510. Dee Cohen  
175509. FHAL  
175508. Mark Stanton  
175507. Deborah DiGiovanni  
175506. dvorah shainok  
175505. Charles Kaufman  
175504. rOBIN  
175503. J. Hurwitz  
175502. Rivki Schenk  
175501. Robert Davenport  
175500. Holly  
175499. walter schafer  
175498. ESSY this is a haterism -
175497. Susan Teller  
175496. Stanley Collyer  
175495. Caitlin Hecsh  
175494. robyn cohen  
175493. Tommy Rom This is should be removed ASAP!
175492. Gregory  
175489. Ruth & Alejandro Herrera is this one necessary, isn't there enough hate in this world?
175488. Jack Aron Ê
175487. phil becker  
175486. jeffrey judelson  
175485. Jon Hamer  
175484. Carole Aron Ê
175483. B. Schneider  
175481. deborah disgusting site
175480. David Yoffe  
175479. Charles Gould Anti-semetic site "facts" are truthfully deficient.
175478. Darren Kastin  
175477. pirayeh shabanzadeh  
175476. Mike Krown  
175475. Norm Zable  
175474. HERB GELLER  
175473. simon glatz  
175472. M. Stern Please take this down.
175471. Belinda Scudder  
175470. M. Mendelson  
175469. Reuben Lotan  
175468. Sol Rosenberg  
175467. Elana Klein  
175466. Jeff Mesquita  
175465. madelyn smallberg Lies should not be permitted on your site!
175464. Isadore Lieberman  
175463. janet barron  
175462. Ruben Cahn  
175461. Gina Aharonoff  
175460. Tracy McCarley  
175458. Mr.Clive Mowforth. Why is there no CathlicWatch or MuslimWatch????
175457. Marilyn Guzman remove this immediately - its disgusting
175456. Betsie Blumberg  
175455. johnathan razbannia Please remove the horrid site.
175454. Alex R This is pretty disgusting and Google should be acting on this immediately.
175453. Robert Perelmut  
175452. Jeff Rosen  
175451. Jerry Pryluck  
175450. Les Granow  
175449. h.woolf  
175448. Faigie Kahan  
175447. Milana Sandler  
175446. Doris Taylor  
175445. Edward Maierovitz  
175444. gail solomon  
175443. Lika Behar  
175442. Ben-Ami Kadish  
175441. Doris Taylor  
175440. guita stern  
175439. Christina Vogel  
175438. samuel sonnenschine  
175437. Emanuel Cool!
175436. Sheila M. Turney This is absolutely intolerable ... as a global spiritualist, this kind of site is offensive to us all. Please remove this immediately.
175435. Jerry Brodsky  
175434. Jennifer It is abominable that you would even allow this site to come up as a result.
175433. DORA ARON  
175432. Peggy Kohannim  
175431. Ferne  
175430. Daniel Benhayoun I hope google is no antisemitic
175429. J. Levine  
175428. Steven D Young  
175427. E. SUSSMAN  
175426. Gracia Kuller  
175424. Nancy Berke  
175423. Daniela Lieber  
175422. Valeri Kotlov so many swines among enemies...
175421. Arash Nowain  
175420. JACK EDELMAN  
175419. Gloria P. Remove jewwatch asap!!
175418. Merrill Kuller  
175417. Merrill Kuller  
175416. Martin I Cohen  
175415. Negar Zivari - Rasson  
175414. Harry Krivit  
175413. Mark Goldstrom  
175412. K & S Marantz  
175411. Lisette Keats  
175410. gerald from please remove site
175409. Sheila Ruth  
175408. Michael Bloch  
175407. ZUZU AGHRAVI  
175406. Alan Sokobin  
175405. Deborah Jacobson  
175404. m. dalfen  
175403. Joy Paltiel  
175402. lili springer it was quite distressing to see JewWatch . I hope you'll remove this offensive and hateful site.
175401. James Eisen  
175400. eli kotser  
175398. miri kotser  
175397. Ari & Lynn Please don't aid the fanning of the flames of hatred
175396. Robert Disgraceful, and shameful, as the son of an Auschwitz survivor I resent this blatant form of bigotry
175395. Joel Troster  
175393. lili springer it was quite distressing to see JewWatch . I hope you'll remove this offensive and hateful site.
175392. Gabriela Orlanski  
175391. Dorothy and Richard Chamberlin End the prejudice, take this off Google
175390. Raymon & Evelyn Sauer If this were so blatantly anti-black, it would not be there
175389. Allan Husney Judge your self before juding others.
175388. Gerald Ortman  
175387. Jorge Goldin  
175386. Joseph Pyat The problem with this odious site is that not only is it openly and rabidly anti-semitic, but that it is venomously hateful to the level of inciting murderous feelings towards the Jews as “special� creatures to be eradicated altogether. Also, on the factual level, the "information" being provided on the site contains virtually no informative value except for repeticiously using outlageous labels which may nevertheless have an enormously negative brain-washing effect on uneducated and ill-informed people.
175385. Ronen Isaac Remove!
175384. Janet let's stop anti semitism in any form
175383. Jodi Zim Google should not propogate anti-semetic sites
175382. arnold rubenstein  
175381. Jorge Goldin  
175380. Michelle Barnett  
175379. iris seligman  
175378. Leona Turner This site extols anti-semitism
175377. peter blanchard In fairness to humanity, please remove this site
175376. Nadia hirrible hateful site, contains false facts and lie
175375. Arline Winkler Google, be responsible and remove this site!
175374. Jay Slade False facts do not deserve Freedom of Speech
175373. Matthew Brodie  
175372. A P  
175371. matthew  
175370. Alan L. Wittenberg  
175369. David Cornberg  
175368. sharon garbas  
175367. luis squiquera please stop racial bias
175366. Dr. Harold Chevlen  
175365. Toni  
175364. ZO Remove !!!
175363. Jeffrey H. Cohen  
175362. Shlomo Jesin There is no room in this world for racism
175361. Alan Gelman  
175360. MIRIAM LEVY  
175359. ivan  
175358. Lois Roth  
175357. esther kamlet  
175356. josh  
175355. Penny Rhodes gross site
175354. ann nisenson a bias/hate group
175353. scott salita  
175352. Shoshie  
175351. lois miller  
175350. jane ellin brown  
175349. E.L. Baron get rid of it!
175348. jennifer garcia  
175347. Dennis Sakofsky  
175346. Patricia Mullen ...and ALL hate sites!!
175345. Mendel - Please remove this site from your search engine, it's just promoting more hate in a world where we need no more!
175344. Kenneth W. Leeds Disgraceful! Banish this anti-Semite!
175343. Harriet & Lowell Goldman  
175342. Arlene Krausz  
175341. rhoda rosenfeld  
175340. Karen G.  
175339. randy cassuto  
175338. Samuel Stern I Have a high regard for the Google group and I hope they realize and honor the request to remove JewWatch .com from their search engine.
175337. Dan Steinheimer The world cannot tolerate such prejudice
175336. M.C Claessen  
175335. A. Cohen  
175334. Harriet & Lowell Goldman  
175333. Lemor Karni-Shramban  
175332. Renee P. Klein  
175331. Caroline Malakuti Please remove this site ASAP
175330. s.hirsch  
175329. Susan Yegendorf  
175328. Janet Perelmut I am appalled and disgusted that google would even allow such a site to exist within their search engine
175327. diana ponte  
175326. philippa sklaar  
175325. sima ghadamian  
175324. Joan Sanders  
175323. Evan Gordon  
175322. Jacob Fresco  
175321. Amanda Lesley Disgraceful content throughout, thoroughly disgusting.
175320. Barry Shramban  
175319. Joel Lesser  
175318. Ellen Mednikoff  
175317. Leonard Golberg  
175316. Ronny Loew This web site is awful and slanderous.
175315. Carol B. Troner  
175314. Isabel Deboch Abeba  
175313. Dawn Kline this is outragious
175312. Herbert Friedberg Be a responsible Corporate Co. & delete this site
175311. Ellen Glatstein  
175310. M.A. Grossman  
175309. jeffrey solomon  
175308. Shahnaz Shirazi It's a shame.
175306. H. Brand  
175305. Heidi Tissenbaum  
175304. danny  
175303. mira aubuchon please remove "jewwatch" from the search engine.
175302. maryclo owen  
175301. R Gdanski  
175300. Martin Binder  
175299. Diane Fortuin  
175298. Sanford Shessel  
175297. Nina Politzer  
175296. Alice  
175295. Val Cohen  
175294. Tanya š
175293. Jonathon Green  
175292. Jane Westberg  
175291. Irvin Berland Talk to the thousands of victims still alive or view the interviews of those recently deceased and archived by Steven Spielberg. Review the official records just opened to the public in Germany. This site serves no purpose but to instigate hatred for the Jewish people. Remove it at once.
175290. Brenda Zuckerman  
175289. jeffrey kaye  
175288. Melissa Berman Jews rock!
175287. David Arnold  
175286. caroline chadwick  
175285. SEYMOUR BEITSCHER Freedom of Speech is NOT authorization to disseminate untruths.
175284. zohreh zand let us live for a change
175283. David Cohen  
175282. Larry Grossman  
175281. Marida Sapichino  
175280. Jay H. Eknovitz  
175279. Gabriela Raijer I use your website to do my own campaign advertising; I am not happy to hear that the same web engine that I use for my advertising purposes is also contributing to an antisemitic website; you do not approve every website to be on your engine, one has to ask why this one?
175278. Millie Yamnitski  
175277. Jill Asrael  
175276. Howard Herskine  
175275. Elaine Rubinstein  
175274. Sandra Bekier What a horrific sight
175273. Paul Ades  
175272. Betty Hallett  
175271. Shari & Hushy Polan  
175270. sharonah rabinowitz  
175269. d  
175268. Mitchell Levitin  
175267. Maya Gangadharan This is outrageous! If this was a site watching African Americans it would never be allowed to exist!
175266. Jane Ades  
175265. Dorit Kahen  
175264. LOIS EFFRON  
175263. Jacob D. Rosenbaum I've seen Jewwatch in many searches, it's disgusting.
175262. Jennifer Mansdorf  
175261. Steven Zlotowski  
175260. Shari Baellow  
175259. Joseph Goldbrenner Fully Support
175258. Dana Steinberg  
175257. Michael Forshaw  
175256. Myer Hart  
175255. Elise Warner Bernard  
175254. catherine m. zadeh  
175253. Yetta Dritch This site is shameful. Please remove it, or at least reclassify its content.
175252. Adina Goldbrenner Fully Support
175251. Ruth & Edward Osias Enough biased hatred!!
175250. A. Sandler  
175249. Danny Kessler This is a disgraceful of racial incitement
175248. ian steinberg  
175247. Sandra Felzenzwalbe  
175246. Elana Cavalier  
175245. Stanley Margolis  
175244. carole goldberg  
175243. barry steinberg  
175242. Mitchell Klevan  
175241. Lee Bienstock Please remove this site. Anti-Semitic
175240. M. Bauer  
175239. george langer dreadfully anti-semetic!
175238. sharon cohen  
175237. Roma Bross antisemitic and harmful site, should not appear in public domain
175236. Gigi Bainbridge So deceptive in appearance until you actually read some of the garbage on that site. Remove it immediately
175235. Miriam Berger  
175234. Fay Rotenberg  
175233. Fisher Hana -Avraham  
175232. LIZA ELCAYAM  
175231. Menchem Elrom  
175230. Joy Malkus  
175229. arvey rogers Inappropriate
175228. Helene Nagiar  
175227. Sarah Elrom  
175226. Murray Poizner  
175225. STEVE WHITE please!
175224. dana jacobs  
175222. Ilana Avinari I cannot believe Google approved this!
175221. robin Moses  
175220. sue  
175219. Lawrence Levy Free speech should be distinguished from free HATE.
175218. Richard S. Glassberg, D.V.M. Do the right thing
175217. ken ungar Let us show that we do not tolerate racism!
175216. gary nash  
175215. Sussan Remove this hate sight! I dont have to be Jewish to know that people with hate for other should not be allowed public demagogue
175214. zako sima  
175213. B. Greenberg disgraceful
175212. Adam and Kimberly Morgan Please remove this offensive garbage ASAP
175211. Michael Silverman  
175210. Emil Ben-David  
175209. Nathan Zafran Disgraceful to even contemplate demonstrating this garbage and its' nauseating leader.
175208. Ira Herbst  
175207. Berta Berman  
175206. Elizabeth Giuliani  
175205. Stewart Finck  
175204. Gordon Wilson  
175203. Diadre feldman  
175202. sara maloney  
175201. Matthew Ginsburg  
175200. Michael Sackar  
175199. T.R. Kinnebrew  
175198. Rebecca Kimmelstiel  
175197. joel berman  
175196. Irving H. Plotkin Shame on you Google
175195. Tracie Breiter Sites like this are deplorable
175194. Irwin feldman  
175193. Mel Glina  
175192. RITA KANTOR š
175191. Michael No good will come of this website
175190. carrie please remove
175189. Lara Karchmar  
175188. Rochel Szendro  
175187. BORIS KANTOR š
175186. Bela Russ when the world realizes that we have always fought for freedom, it will be too late for everyone.
175185. Herbert H. Kaster  
175184. Robina Mapstone  
175183. Sherman Vogel Such hatred
175182. Erica Get rid of it! It is toxic.
175181. Casandra Daniels  
175180. Phyllis Kessler  
175179. Alyssa Miller  
175178. Tzippy Szendro  
175177. Natalie Allen  
175176. Chaim Szendro  
175175. Lyle B. Shughart Please remove this anti - Semitic web site. You surly cannot support it's existance.
175174. Adele Steiner This is monstrous!
175173. Raphael Szendro  
175172. Clara Spitz  
175171. CK remove this trash
175170. Beatriz Nagy  
175169. Judy Stein  
175168. Angela Gosselin unaceptable
175167. Alexander Stroli  
175166. Tuvia Cooper Every person and or nation that has been against Israel and the Jewish Nation has been punished. Doesn't God say to Abraham and his decendants " I will bless those that bless thee and Curse those that curse thee". The Holocast Is Fact!!
175165. Deborah Mattes  
175164. Dennis Laibson  
175163. Lisa Hochbaum  
175162. nancy frank  
175161. Roz Averbook 50,000 signatures shouldn't be necessary to remove hate site
175160. myrna libman please remove from website
175159. Gal Oren  
175158. Miriam Levin  
175157. Neville Sassienie  
175156. Toni Linder  
175155. Lauren Brooks  
175154. Dr. S. Morton Altman Such blatant anit-semitism should not be associated with Google
175153. Jeffrey Rubin  
175152. pollock please do this
175151. Lucy Goheen disgusting remove now
175150. Harriet Horowitz Please help combat Anti-Semitism NOW
175149. Neil Posner  
175148. jeffrey schwartz  
175147. Barbara Coven Google should remove Jew Watch on its own volition
175146. Herbert Schulkind A disgrace to religous freedom
175145. Howard Shaw  
175144. Aaron S this is not google stlye , get this crap off you search engine
175143. gerry goheen remove this now
175142. carol levin Please remove
175141. uri farago  
175140. Michelle  
175139. kathleen franchini  
175138. James H. Bernath  
175137. Aaron Bielenberg This is completely unprofessional and disgusting
175136. Kirk Hipps  
175135. Ronald G. Goldman Google cannot be a facilitator of this insult
175134. s. a. avakian It is offensive. Clear and simple. Someone is asleep at the wheel at Google.
175133. D. Davis Disgusting that in this day and age people are still so narrow-minded and medievel.
175132. G S Levine  
175131. Annie Gilbert  
175130. Marvin Kurland  
175129. Jerry Levine  
175128. Abbe Levine  
175127. YULIYA GAFANOVICH please remove antisemitic website! It will make ahuge difference for all your jewish users
175126. Stephen Altbaum We must always be vigilant about this stuff
175125. mojy navi  
175124. Lisa Albert  
175123. Susan Freedman  
175122. jarrid rosen  
175121. dorothy a weinberg  
175120. DN Scheinman  
175119. Myrna Bolstein  
175118. Robin Gardy  
175117. anne bolotin  
175116. Jeff Dreyfus  
175115. simon pal  
175114. Jennifer Dayan  
175113. Philip Bolstein  
175112. JUDITH golzman  
175111. Steve Levine  
175110. Frank Macri  
175109. lauren Charyk  
175108. netta krispin  
175107. Rejane Kessler  
175106. aviva very sad
175105. Sarah Zelcer  
175104. Jesse K Take it down
175103. ann cohen we do not need anymore anti-semetic newspapers
175102. Roger L. Schlaifer  
175101. karen Sulitzer  
175100. Lillian Krystopher Frank Weltner is only in for the money and spreading lies.
175099. Lou Pransky  
175098. judy i would hope you wouldn't promote this type of garbage
175097. Stefan Borenstein  
175096. Bernice Carp  
175095. Robert Witt  
175094. Michelle Please remove this site!!!
175093. Arnold M. Neckameyer Shame on you Google
175092. Patricia Fort  
175091. Hayley Davis  
175090. dani  
175089. Sandy Sabet  
175088. Blair Walker  
175087. Alvin Kotowitz Anti-semitism is alive and thriving
175086. menachem fried  
175085. Terri  
175084. susan eisler  
175083. Ricardo Isacovici Get rid of intolerant sites!
175082. Avner Zrihen  
175081. meryle silver  
175080. jodi even at a glance, this site is a source of hate while pretending to be factual - please remove it immediately
175079. Alynn Greene  
175078. Jack Pincus  
175077. Chaya Angel  
175076. Naomi Sharon  
175075. Ruth Lester  
175074. moshe yoel leve  
175073. Michel Silberfeld  
175072. Franks  
175071. Saul Olimpico Libman Remove it
175070. Stanley Greenbaum  
175069. iris androphy 0utragous
175068. ann margolis  
175067. Rachel Levy  
175066. Sheila Dugan  
175065. Beverly Brodowsky  
175064. j green  
175063. Dave Bertolet  
175062. barbara levinson  
175061. Jaimi Gardner I am one for free speech and for critical analysis of events, however, this is just insulting; ie Jewish neurotic women who started the women's movement and taught women to abandon their husbands and children and turn to lesbianism, common
175060. moshe aronowitz  
175059. Helene Pretter  
175058. Rochelle Fernandez  
175057. Zelda Newman  
175056. Einat  
175055. Rachel Manela  
175054. Brenda Abuaf  
175053. Joey Boots  
175052. Adele Alvo  
175051. Alison Meyer  
175050. Denise Dayan  
175049. Golda Schlossberg if you don't remove it-i'll close google and gmail
175048. Dennis Malet this crap still goes on even in the year 2007
175047. Mark Frank  
175046. sean  
175045. Shekinah Slater  
175044. Jill Feder  
175043. Patricia Kenton There is enough hatred in this world, just let everyone live in peace and believe in their own religion without hating another person because of their beliefs.
175042. Hillel Rokowsky Please take this issue seriously.
175041. albert rodstein  
175040. JOANNE  
175039. Peter Silverman  
175038. Tamara Frankel  
175037. Max.van.der.Glas  
175036. J J
175035. J.A.Mishkin  
175034. R.L. Nepon  
175032. Joni H. Blackman I use Google all the time and am disgusted at this!!!
175031. elias nigri  
175030. Joan Segal PLEASE REMOVE NOW!
175029. Barbara Krupnick YOU MUST REMOVE THIS SITE!
175028. Eli Neuman  
175027. Ruth Kubbany  
175026. Chuck Friedman  
175025. Sharon Himel  
175024. Michael Bernknopf This site has no foundation behind it's hatred remarks
175023. Helene Schechter This is APPALLING!! MUST BE STOPPED!
175022. Shirley Davidoff  
175021. Robert Cohen  
175020. Jan Gorski hateful
175019. a. j. rosmarin Disgusting site
175018. Yehoshua Merlin  
175017. siobhan Greenhalgh  
175016. Alan Mandell  
175015. Stephanie Mannall this site is an outrage
175014. Marshal Mirviss  
175013. Norman B. Leferman I am a Google stockholder and appalled that our company can allow such content on our site.
175012. Clinton B. Miller  
175011. joan herskovits Repulsive
175010. Robert Bloom  
175009. philip zegerman  
175008. Hindea Markowicz  
175007. Douglas Baumwall buck fush
175006. Andrea  
175005. Sylvia Zeidner info consists of distorted lies unsubstantiated by known facts similiar to those who would deny the holocaust.
175004. SAMCHINITZ  
175003. flo frey Your generation will feel the effects.
175002. David Franklin  
175001. Shahram Shahkoohi It will be an important statement if Google makes a stand against bigotry and prejudice by removing this site from its search engine.
175000. Ian Bennett Hateful, shameful lies
174999. E L  
174998. Jeremy and Wendy Paley  
174997. Hal Lebrek  
174996. dirk Goldwasser this type of hate untruth propoganda is what we have to get rid of
174995. Ron  
174994. Polina Panich  
174993. Simon remove it please
174992. William Hillix Antisemitism is disgusting.
174990. m Zeman  
174989. Jason Segal PLEASE REMOVE
174988. Richard Funt  
174987. David Burger Freedom of speech is one thing, but is the spewing of hatred alright? Is there such a thing as a class action suit for libel?
174986. Barb Funt  
174985. ed hiken  
174984. Stanley Howard  
174983. Liz Berg  
174982. Norman politziner  
174981. FELISA BENAK  
174980. Andrew Tylman  
174979. Lindsay Schein  
174978. Susan Monken  
174977. Jason Z. Disgusting
174976. David M  
174975. Mark Cunningham DD Innocent librarian? Not bloody likely.
174974. Fisher avraham an d fisher hana  
174973. Bernard Lichstein  
174972. mario  
174971. Ira N Anes  
174970. Leslie Parish  
174969. David atteniting to the jewsh comunity
174968. Margaret Kopstick  
174967. Stacey Goodman Remove the site now!
174966. BARRY WOFSY  
174965. morris benhayoun  
174964. Jane Steele  
174963. john colomby  
174962. Zora Eirinberg  
174961. daniel mordechai unacceptable
174960. Fernando Leirner  
174959. Jay Kuperman  
174958. Barbara Allan deplorable website
174957. Jackie Hakimian  
174956. Stanley J. Hroszowy  
174955. Sandi Greenstone  
174954. stephanie  
174953. Carole Snelgrove  
174952. Nancy Litteral  
174951. Deb Shechter  
174950. Carl Altman  
174949. sherri hirsch  
174948. Norman Reiz  
174947. Linda Minuk The website is hate propaganda. It should not be allowed to remain on a public forum.
174946. Martin Askowitz  
174945. Mark Gerber Just remove this hateful crap !!
174944. Gerry Weinstein  
174943. Elliott and Florence Cummins How shameful and despicable that this kind of venom is still goind on.
174942. Si Steinberg, M.D.  
174941. harry a shame for Google
174940. Sherwood Gorbach A disgusting site! It should be removed immediately.
174939. Ryan  
174938. susan karoly  
174937. Solly Almeleh  
174936. Debbie Hallgarten Stop the hate !
174935. Alex Vinokurov  
174934. rhoda wachtel "no discrimination" even the smallest percentage of world population and easiest to pick on deserves decency.
174933. Karen del Valle plz do the right thing
174932. Dr. Lee Cohene  
174931. Brett Levine this is disgusting and needs to stop
174930. jack isaacson  
174929. Debra Silverman Making this site available on your search engine, in the first-place position it occupies, lends an aura of veracity to this site's content. There's enough prejudice in this world; Google should not be contributing further to it.
174928. Laura Klawsky  
174927. Asher Rubinstein  
174926. Tuvi Rosenzweig  
174925. mendy lewin  
174924. Jeffrey Cohen  
174923. Alan Hershon  
174922. Timothy huber
174920. Sharon Hershon  
174919. Rachelle Michaels  
174918. Sheila Filan  
174917. Miriam Novenstein This is hatred, pure and simple!
174916. Mr. Moe Cohen Such trash should never be allowed to be put on line
174915. Nir Segal  
174914. Merwin Kliman  
174913. Ino Halegua  
174912. Ernesto Lew TERRIBLE SITIO
174911. Sam Vita  
174910. Ed Kurland if this was an anti-black site it would'nt even be listed
174909. Jan Kaufmann Please remove this hateful thing!
174908. Rickey J. Ament  
174907. jerold mervis  
174906. Richard Mogelson Get It Off!
174905. Azita Aghravi  
174904. Dan Boaz  
174903. jacob altman  
174902. Miriam Pilc-Levine  
174901. cathy dessert  
174900. arie tzvieli  
174899. Jolie Schwartz  
174898. francesca ratner  
174897. Fran Ehrlich  
174896. Gayle Siegel
174895. ika kamhazi  
174894. Steven Ostrove  
174892. David Friedlich  
174891. Kevin Shalom
174890. Hazel Zigner This is pretty disgusting!
174889. Dov a. Ehrlich  
174888. Shari Kanefsky  
174887. susan levine  
174886. Ilene Klein  
174885. eve gray  
174884. Jeffrey Pike  
174883. Howard B. Mandel  
174882. Bernard A. Robbins  
174881. Ilona Zalts ÿ
174880. jerome koenig  
174879. Linda Johannesen Unethical
174878. Sarah Kamrad  
174877. Aharon  
174876. Pamela Howard This is an offensive, antisemetic site
174875. Adrielle Camuel  
174874. Gerald Greenberg Hate sites on the Google should be removed
174873. harold zarky insulting and you can do BETTER
174872. Barbara Raicek  
174871. Lawrence Goch  
174869. stephanie  
174868. Iddo Bar-Ilan  
174867. Chris Babiarz  
174866. Sam Feferkorn  
174865. Bradley Gibbert  
174864. arie this is a hate crime, we must learn from the mistakes of the Nazis. When you repeat a lie people will start to believe it.
174863. Harvey Benovitz  
174862. Igor Oleynikov To have a hate site like this is deplorable!
174861. Jeri Laureano Remove this site...NOW!
174860. rachel Jaysan  
174859. ErnestDiamant  
174858. Susan  
174857. Marilyn Freund  
174856. Doris Kaplan  
174855. David Citron  
174854. Liz and David Masters  
174853. estee acobas  
174852. Essie  
174851. Lori Kornblum  
174850. G. Dascal  
174849. Jeanette Woolfson  
174848. Robert Klein Delete this Site. It is a disgrace!!!
174847. Commander Larry Kaufman  
174846. Elaine Gold  
174845. David Martin Disgusting
174844. doris danesh  
174843. shana how can you???!!!!!
174842. Lawrence Goldstein  
174841. Candice Ornstein  
174840. Marc Boff please remove that website
174839. Brigitte Dayan  
174838. John Cuthbert PLEASE DELETE THIS SITE!
174837. Jerome Berko  
174836. s leizer  
174835. S.L. Englebardt  
174834. Mike Cohene  
174833. malcolm silver  
174832. harriet kohansov Isn't there enough hate in the world? Stop this website NOW!!!!!
174831. natalie rosenbloom  
174830. A Goldberg  
174829. eeta travis please remove Jew
174828. Linda Margolin  
174827. Carola Degreef  
174826. H. Abramowitz  
174825. yafawiesman  
174824. Joanne Tepeino  
174823. Pearl Kramer  
174822. Elaine  
174821. Michele Tutt  
174820. charles borinstein  
174819. wendy smith  
174818. Ed Goodstein  
174817. Herb Goldstein  
174816. norman  
174814. Stephen Shields deplorable
174813. david perry  
174812. Aram David  
174811. afsaneh shakib this is a hate web site
174810. reenie david  
174809. Cyndi Barnett  
174808. Marvin Fleischman Any racist links should be eliminated
174807. Harvey Leifert Just stick this site on page 200 of hits for the word "Jew," rather than near the top of page one.
174806. elinor gertner  
174805. Nathan Babb  
174804. max lisus  
174803. Morey Silverman  
174802. Larry Fry Please remove this site from Google its very racist.
174801. R Veffer  
174800. adina gewirtz  
174799. Rachel H  
174798. Krystal McLafferty  
174797. bryna klein  
174796. Wolf Gia  
174795. sharona khorramian  
174794. bena fogel  
174793. Esther Kay Prejudicial and offensive
174792. Marty Rotenberg Why would Google associate itself with anti- semetic garbage ?
174791. Leon Papir  
174790. Tamar Labow  
174789. Sally Basch why is cash and technical knowledge enough to place this on the web, and prominently
174788. Steve Neuman Six Million
174787. Raviv It simply promotes hatred
174786. Charlotte Glauser  
174785. Francine J. Lingis  
174784. Judy Craft this site is disgusting. In an already fragmented world it promotes hate and violence against one culture. Shame on Google!
174783. jerryappleby  
174782. Gregorio Kohon  
174781. Melodie Nathan Please remove ASAP!!!!!
174780. Elly D. Weiss We need peace ...YOU can help, Google...pls. remove right this away
174779. Neil Bernstein  
174778. Judith L'Hommedieu Please REMOVE this site!
174777. kelly This is Absurd. It is 2007. Stop HATING!!
174776. Aaron Groffman  
174775. Catherine Nugent  
174774. eli  
174773. Peter Hesz  
174772. Ilya Tsenter  
174771. richard schagrin  
174770. shosh  
174768. Hannah Kadmon What a chain of lies and burning hatred of Jews!
174767. susan zelman this site should be removed immediately
174766. howard bisgould hatred
174765. alex korn preserve truth
174764. jeffrey frysh  
174763. Spencer Nussbaum I'm surprised that you allow this. Are you not concerned about your image?
174762. C. Gould  
174761. Bev Devins  
174760. David Bloom  
174759. Tzvi G  
174758. Laura Brown  
174757. Yakov Makarovsky  
174756. C. Gould  
174755. Joseph S. Donnell  
174754. Lauri Finch  
174753. Stanley Katz  
174752. Ilya Shekhter š
174751. Joseph Parshan  
174750. glenn lyons  
174749. L Rothenberg  
174747. Joy Dubin  
174746. Howard Rintel The site is anti-Jew, not anti-Zionism. Let those who wish to read racist websites find them without the aid of our leading (and my default) search engine
174745. Allison Solomon  
174744. Judith A. Gorbach Remove this terrible "Jew Watch" site
174743. George Cohen  
174742. Sid Robinovitch  
174741. Sandra Gitlin  
174740. Esther Zager Levine this is a violation of all moral laws and rights
174739. lisa taerk get that crap off the internet
174738. JUDY  
174737. michael Ungar Please remove from Google Search engine.
174736. Linda Feldman  
174735. Lila Chertman  
174734. Sheila Lidman  
174733. Arlene Gurnee  
174732. susan greenwald  
174731. Gennadi Oumanski š
174730. Dick Sohn It is too bad that 50,000 people need to tell Google what is indecent.
174729. William Lidman  
174728. Robert Schacter  
174727. Robyn Vink  
174726. Josette  
174724. lee rotenberg REMOVE IT!
174723. e shor  
174722. Lori Hess  
174721. Marc Greenberg  
174720. Mara Gellman  
174719. Anatol Romanov  
174718. Inna JewWatch is ati-semitic site
174717. Avi  
174716. Halten Levyon  
174715. George Handler  
174714. Mollie Traub  
174713. Harris  
174712. Sarah Mendezo  
174711. shahar cohen  
174710. Harold Rutenberg  
174709. Elaine Braun  
174708. rachel yadid  
174707. hannahsarah  
174706. David Silver  
174705. Lila Trachtenberg  
174704. Francis Waldman  
174703. Talia R  
174702. How Alpert  
174701. Sherri  
174700. carla gavzey  
174699. ben kogan  
174698. Asya Chernyak  
174697. C D J LAFFERTY  
174696. jasmine yaghoobzar  
174695. michael richter  
174694. Mark bernick  
174693. Fred MacPhearson  
174692. Naomi Levine  
174691. Ilan Rogoszinski  
174690. Debbie Barnett This is unacceptable and I would be making the same comment if it were about ANY faith or religeon
174689. barry elko  
174687. bruce newman  
174686. Jerry Dietz  
174685. Ron Kramer Please remove "JewWatch from Google's search engine. Please do not help support anti-Semitism.
174684. Sharona Faivish  
174683. Joseph Spirer  
174682. Arlyn Brenner  
174681. Yvonne Sagi  
174680. brian steinberg  
174679. Rivkie  
174677. Simone Ellin  
174676. Linda Margolis  
174675. David King  
174674. Joan Peskin  
174673. richard flom  
174672. Marilyn  
174671. Margaret Levin  
174670. Eric Greenstein Remove immediately
174669. beatrice colman  
174668. Esther Di Mango  
174667. Audrey Marsh Please. This is important - especially in these volatile times.
174666. marek machtinger  
174665. norma ishayek  
174664. Eric Weil  
174663. Jill  
174662. Susan Bloom  
174661. Jake Zuckerman  
174660. Renee Levine It is an affront to have this website come up on a search.
174659. Jordan  
174658. louise conway it should not take 50,000 signatures to have antisemitism removed! perhaps this is a matter for the police to deal with?
174657. Ruth Fruchtman I object to this mixture of justified political criticism (Israeli policies) with the old antisemitic Conspiracy theories.
174656. Ida Gorn Please do not promote hate
174655. Cecilia Gundermann  
174654. Z Millman  
174653. Paula I'm conflicted about censorship, but this is pure hate. I would object if this were about all Muslims, too.
174652. Louise Guay the sooner the better please
174651. Mark A. Weiss  
174650. Jeff Reisner REMOVE SITE
174649. Thomas Stillman Please remove web site at once
174648. Anne Max  
174647. Aggie  
174646. L. Wasser please remove this horrific site from google
174644. Adrienne Ressler  
174643. Sheryl Bendheim  
174642. soleiman Rabanipour  
174641. Jerry Cukier  
174640. Andrew Warren  
174639. Rosalie Rothenberg  
174638. Esther Mandelbaum  
174637. Jonathan Selig This is SICK!!!!
174636. neal reinblatt  
174635. Carol Kouffman  
174634. Nick  
174633. Suzanne Vecht  
174632. Lisa Dubin  
174631. Bonnie Sibes  
174630. Barbara Lewin Freedom of speech is a privlege but using it to promote hatred is abusive, and harmful.
174629. Linda  
174628. Chana Pfeifer Please remove
174627. JP Lynch Freedom of speech should never be used as defence for hate mongering.
174626. sami edel  
174625. Susan Nasiatka  
174624. Walter Acrich  
174623. Rae Berman  
174622. Sasha  
174621. Ronald Schlossberg  
174620. Larry Hambro this is nothing but hatred and prejudicial slant on reading the news on a particular people. I am offended, disgusted and have the mind to cancel my Google accounts and begin using Yahoo if nothing is done, QUICKLY!
174619. Peter Bloom  
174618. Dorit Noble  
174617. David Ginsberg  
174616. Leonard Miller  
174615. valentina  
174614. Susan Levene  
174613. Chaya Fried  
174612. barry gang permitting access to this kind of hate is very dangerous
174611. ron wilson  
174610. naomi rosenblum  
174609. m skolnik  
174608. Sarit  
174607. Alex Samurin  
174606. Karine  
174605. karyn karyn  
174604. Andrew Frebowitz  
174602. Carl Glickman I support freedom of expression, but not bigotry in any form. Google has a responsibility to share this point of view.
174601. Harvey Hacker  
174600. Sandra Selby  
174599. gayle lazarus  
174598. Joe Joseph  
174597. Charles Rothenberg  
174596. Lisa Merlo  
174595. Lori  
174594. Kevin this is an anti-semetic website
174593. ellen tannenbaum  
174592. amy cooper  
174591. Caryn goodman  
174590. Veronika Gelb  
174589. Melvin Lavin terrible
174588. Alan Sawyer This MUST be taken off of your site. It reflects very poorly on any company that willingly supports this kind of demagoguery.
174587. Jill Jacobs  
174586. Dorrine Stolar  
174585. Stas Wojciechowicz  
174584. Dr. Nancy C. Wadel  
174583. Gerald Saltzman Get this outrage off your site
174582. Jeremy Langner  
174581. A Miller  
174580. herb kramer  
174579. Emily Beker  
174578. Heather  
174577. Neil R. Foster  
174576. Ella Pelsmakher pls remove the site
174575. Michael Weisskoff  
174574. Valery Aronov  
174573. Stephen Haas  
174572. David Sherman  
174571. Patty Kurz  
174570. michael S  
174569. Guy Shmueli  
174568. Barbara Russell  
174567. judy love Pls. remove this site asap.
174566. Betty Solooki Disgusting!
174565. Iris Fine I am outraged that Google would participate this way with hate groups.
174564. diane seigal stop the spread of anti semitism
174563. sharon weinhaus  
174562. m ben sabat do it
174561. Dr Douglas Kirsner  
174560. Steven Budovitch  
174559. Arthur Farrbenbloom Some people will never understand the problem
174558. G. Wainer  
174557. Dr. Mitchell Hubsher  
174556. Myrna Finnerud  
174555. Elizabeth Shelburne  
174554. Arlene Cohen This resembles the Protocols of Zion - despictable and ill informed
174553. Andrea Borshay  
174552. stacy leeman  
174551. david  
174550. Murray R. Rosenblum disgusting
174549. J. Williamson disgusting and ignorant
174548. JJ Varon  
174547. carly  
174546. Belly May  
174545. Nicola Fecher  
174544. Yehudit Haim  
174543. Jonathan Berger This website disgusts me.
174542. Barry Tatelman  
174541. Gary Bagelman  
174540. Debbie Wronzberg This must end!
174539. Marvin L. Zimmerman  
174538. Ruth Feldman get them off the internet
174537. Beverly Sobel Google needs to be more vigilant. It is deplorable that should be at the top of the list. It is not enough to move it to the back pages - I expect it be removed altogether
174536. david fried  
174535. Maurice Kelhoffer  
174534. Arielle Cizma  
174533. James Friend  
174532. helen feldman this divisive site is unamerican, and should be eliminated.
174531. Monty Mittleman  
174530. donna cohen  
174529. Myrna Hirsch  
174528. valentin topolanski please remove this site with a denail of the holocost
174527. Clive Kamins  
174526. Shannon Mittleman  
174525. Lynn Adler This is offensive and dangerous, feeding hatred and prejudice and should not be allowed.
174524. ken hays disqusting
174523. Susan Pintchovski  
174522. Sheldon Popliger  
174521. Jonathan Levy The wiser you are, the more you believe in equality, because the difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to all that is unknown.
174520. Sandra Mitrani  
174519. Arthur Benilous  
174518. Susan Brook  
174517. Paula Horn  
174516. paul shenholds  
174515. Lynda Steinman  
174514. kathleen wolfson  
174513. Sharyn Chick  
174512. Steve Rothstein  
174511. Hillary Yagerman this is a hate site
174510. d.myers  
174509. Mothpro  
174508. Jessica Cohen this is insane
174507. Gary Kirschner  
174506. Roy Somerston  
174505. Ariel Woznica  
174504. fern lerner  
174503. Eli Grunwald  
174502. Robin Balser  
174501. Kim Atkinson  
174500. Janet Aiken  
174499. Bonnie L. Nasser  
174498. R. Baker  
174497. Ellie Presner  
174496. Bernardo Lazoff  
174495. Thomas Rheinstein  
174494. howard weisner  
174493. Madeline Britman  
174492. Irv Katz Twisted hateful site that hides the truth with lies
174491. Robert Loewenstein  
174490. Adam Agulnik Please remove this anti-semetic site
174489. Sandra Simon  
174488. George and Minna Doskow  
174487. Charlotte Gorelick  
174486. alfred marco  
174485. Holly DuBois  
174484. marina  
174483. R. Bruce Sadow please remove jewwatch
174481. Desmond Levin  
174480. Dianne Blazier-Jiosi  
174479. laurie Herman appalling site.
174478. Janet Weiner I use Google all the time; I would like to know that Google will not support this anti-semite site getting hits.
174477. Dr Joel Bernstein This site only breeds futher hatred .
174476. Eugene B. Squires  
174475. Paula Balgley  
174474. Tamah Graber What a horrible site!! It should be removed immediately. Whay was it ever allowed to be there?
174473. Stephanie Fixman  
174472. Jane Davis  
174471. Esther Sousa It's a shame.
174470. Dina Mitrani  
174469. Judith Myers  
174468. Karen Bender  
174467. Alex Gonorovsky  
174466. andrea narcin  
174465. Michelle Garcia  
174464. Louis Dubilier  
174463. Murray Borenstein  
174462. don baer please promptly remove
174461. Charles  
174460. M.Schneider  
174459. Chanier  
174458. A. Goldsmith Please remove. This is highly offensive!
174456. Cecile Jacobson Put an end to antisemitism.
174455. jeffrey schoenfeld  
174454. GARY KOPSTICK racist site
174453. andrea weinisch  
174452. Diana Sipe  
174451. Vera Dubilier Remove this site immediately.
174449. claire bendheim this is a disgrace to google
174448. William Shimansky Highly antisemitic and inflammatory website
174447. Bruce Lavine  
174446. Jess Weiser  
174445. HAIM KAMHAZI  
174444. Ori Strassberg  
174443. Jeanine Lerner  
174442. Prof Harold Brenner  
174441. Henry Cohen The right thing to do is obvious
174440. Shay Rabchinsky  
174439. Amy  
174438. Betty Shusterman This is so offensive to all!
174437. Arielle Greenbaum  
174436. Kathleen Mary Maher  
174435. Lisa Cohen I am disappointed that this invective is so easily accessible and presented as "just another resource" by Google
174434. Anneliese Nifoussi  
174433. Joan Tancer  
174432. Risa Shapiro take Jewatch off of google website for Jew
174431. Julie Decker  
174430. Daniel Sacks REMOVE IT
174429. Joel Silberstein  
174428. zach lazar  
174427. Diane C. Sigler This guy and google are no more then cow turd
174426. karen elfenbein  
174425. solly roizen  
174424. Roberta Annunziata  
174423. Judith Bevans  
174422. Bob Glina  
174421. Robert E. Pickard, M.D.  
174420. marcia grimson  
174419. Shalom Mintz  
174418. Harvey Haber REMOVE from Google
174417. Mindi Epstein  
174416. karen Glina  
174415. Menashe & Ann Bromberg  
174414. caellenb PLEASE REMOVE!!
174413. Howard Yagerman  
174412. Laura Reiter  
174411. kim simonetti  
174410. Judy Regienczuk  
174409. Sarah Braham  
174408. DORA WEISS  
174407. F. Kwarta  
174406. maryann furiati horrid
174405. GEORGE WEISS  
174404. r  
174403. C.Sapochnik  
174402. Sharon Pugliese  
174401. Martin Freed This petition appears to be way over the 50,000 minimum
174400. ken weiss  
174399. Mitchell Budovitch  
174398. Keith Cooper Remove Anti-Semitic "JewWatch" From Google Search Engine
174397. Eve Gee  
174396. Debbie Ross I am surprised that Google would allow such material to be printed on their site.
174395. jonathan solomon  
174394. Barb  
174393. Bette and Morris Spector  
174392. stephen bohm  
174391. Dave Raften  
174390. herb farkas  
174389. daisy bahary  
174388. Paul Warner  
174387. Gabriella Bareket  
174386. Seymour Saslow unpleasant web site
174385. Fran Mittleman  
174384. Marissa  
174383. AllanLevy  
174382. phil finer liars still live
174381. judy perlman We all are responsible for curbing hatred.
174380. Chaya Barat Remove him
174379. Michael Zobin  
174378. Carol Levin  
174376. Lisa Gold  
174375. philip morrison get it off immediately
174374. Marlene Rosenblum  
174373. Susan Saxe Blatantly anti Semetic and sad
174372. Neil Brotman  
174371. Linda Wise highly offensive and unacceptable web site
174370. Joe Abrams  
174369. Jerry  
174368. Wendy Starr Baker  
174367. Marlene Hopper  
174366. David Marcus  
174365. David Stevenson  
174364. evelyn olesky  
174363. David Marcus  
174362. mary k margulies  
174361. Allan Schneiderman  
174360. elaine braffman This is disgusting-you should be ashamed!`
174359. Shanna Feldman  
174358. Lea Hain  
174357. Adam Weissman  
174356. shai schwartz I am just wondering what would of happened if the same web site existed on the muslims
174355. Irwin Haberman  
174354. John Barrell How, in the 21st Century can such blatantly anti semetic garbage be allowed to propergate on such a web site as yours, shame on you!
174353. Roy Arbeit  
174352. Faye  
174351. Philip Caplan  
174350. Marina Levin  
174349. SAM KANER This is a shameful site (and a frightening one).
174348. Lanny Oppenheim  
174347. Viviane Breitbart  
174346. jodi joffe remove from google search engine please
174345. Susanne Szekely  
174344. doron korn  
174343. Valerie Crawford  
174342. goren eternal antisemitism
174341. andy  
174340. Bruce Cohen  
174339. ISAAC Please remove from search engine
174338. Doreen Arnoni  
174337. Frank Silverberg  
174336. Marvin Shefsky This is awful
174335. Andrew Brand  
174334. leah  
174333. marvin levy  
174332. Earl Rosen  
174331. gerald levy  
174330. Rose Rafael  
174329. Joe Smoczynski As a Christian I am offended. I am not a judge of what is right or wrong, but such an attack certainly points to that this website cannot be right
174328. Elizabeth Allen This website is disgusting. Have it removed without delay.
174327. sarah levy  
174326. ann rachlin  
174325. Peter Bendheim  
174324. Gennady  
174323. Scott Benson inappropriate
174322. Liz gordon help prevent anti-semitism
174321. a schmerzler  
174320. Andrea Dray  
174319. Peter Agins what can I say?????
174318. Matthew Ziniuk  
174317. Jonathan Marshall  
174316. Carlos Resnik Ashemed
174315. Leonard Ross  
174314. Patti Berman This site needs to be removed!
174313. Adele Perez  
174312. Sandra Wenitsky  
174311. Stephen H. Davidoff  
174310. Moty Arcuschin Please remove immediately!
174309. salinger this is disgraceful!
174308. Louise Ross  
174307. Emma Croitoru  
174306. L Seltzer  
174305. Sandra Wenitsky  
174304. Pamela Levenson Once again, I am horrified.
174303. Sem Y. Atsmon  
174302. itay singer  
174301. Jay Goldfarb Sick people
174300. Lois S. Kaufman  
174299. Julie Lifton  
174298. marilyn weissglass  
174297. Irving Sonny Gutin SHAME! SHAME!
174296. Rhona Lesner  
174295. Susan Greenberg  
174294. David Justin  
174293. Lewis Gruskin This is reprehensible bigotry exploiting technology
174292. Juan Engel  
174291. LEONARDO  
174290. Dr. Eric Storch This is unacceptable
174289. david  
174288. GG  
174287. Richard Frazer  
174286. Matthew J. Day  
174285. Edith Gutin  
174284. Jill Lane  
174283. Joan Singer  
174282. JUDA  
174281. Robin Genocide revisited!
174280. isaac please remove JEWWATCH
174279. natalie  
174278. Harold Ledermn  
174277. ellen macdonald  
174276. A. Eisenstein  
174275. Roger Sliby  
174274. Alan Malisow  
174273. Sam Nadler  
174272. geula hassid can't get rid of ignorants but worth a try
174271. Harry Koza this site is racist and offensive
174270. Lori  
174268. n sonenfield GET RID OF THIS SITE
174267. norman wesler please remove "jewwatch" from google
174266. jannii silber  
174265. Alex Bresler  
174264. marvin shaw google is helping to spread antisemitism. This must never happen again
174263. Hattie Dubroff  
174262. Lisa Schildhorn  
174261. Gene Shiles  
174260. Ellen  
174259. segelman  
174258. Daniella Sayada  
174257. Jonathan Maldoff  
174256. David Fleiser  
174255. Gregory Stanton Google needs to do better screening & checking
174254. Michael Tock  
174253. barry  
174252. Howard Sholzberg  
174250. Marilyn remove from google. antisemetic
174249. Edward Harris  
174248. Gail Hochheiser  
174247. Linda Stanley Remove this bigoted nonsense immediately
174246. Robin Krieger  
174245. Etan Walls  
174244. Fran Douglas  
174243. Tzippy Corber  
174242. Sherie L. Seff  
174241. WARREN BADER  
174240. Esther Lasky  
174239. barry grim you should not allow this w/o being told to do so
174238. Deborah Gettes It is very important to remove this link.
174237. ellen antoniadou  
174236. Lee Ann Gallant  
174235. Sharon Wright Shameful!
174234. Meredith  
174233. Myrna Frank  
174232. Debra A Pysno  
174231. H.Bach  
174229. Iain Sneddon  
174228. David Pitkoff  
174227. Zila Ornstein  
174226. sheli Braun  
174225. colin peskin  
174224. Esther Heimer  
174223. Eileen Zelin  
174222. Kimellen Tunkle  
174221. d hersh lies lies and more lies. this site should be removed
174220. Joseph Wengier it is really incredible are they trying to promote antisemitism?
174219. Cathy Schuss  
174218. Michael Abraham  
174217. Amy Pates this is dangerous and very upsetting
174216. Alex Flaxman, MD  
174215. gury zvilichovsky  
174214. Ashley Cohen  
174213. sharon frisch  
174212. hannah fischer none
174211. jeff rosen  
174210. Lois Brenhouse How disgusting for your site to allow something like this
174209. Carol & Ken Nover  
174208. Jenny Noimark  
174207. Kelly Jacobson  
174206. Sarah Weingarten  
174205. Randy Weingarten  
174204. Gary Tishkoff  
174203. Mark Warner  
174202. tracy Weingarten  
174201. Joel Smith Please Remove this site
174200. Ezra Hanz Please remove hateful websites from your search engine
174199. Shoshana Hartman The right of free speech stops when you yell fire in a crowded theater
174198. Lea Gorman  
174197. elisha Doolittle  
174196. P Sack its a disgrace to have jewwatch on google.
174195. karen Barel  
174194. Shelley Smith  
174193. Jonathan Goldman  
174192. kimberly standiford  
174191. Frank Bialystok  
174190. Sandra  
174189. Rina  
174187. lisa klein thank you for understanding
174186. john rowe  
174185. betty atlas rumelt  
174184. c gray  
174183. Ilana Popliger  
174182. J. Ghamar  
174181. Sarah Greenfield  
174180. Kaiser Shirley it's a terrible & dangerous(!!!!!) website
174179. Arie Millatiner  
174178. Shirley Erdos A shame!
174177. Howard Miller  
174175. Jake  
174174. Max Ginsberg  
174173. Deborah Marienthal  
174172. I Shweitzer  
174171. Sue Morgan This is a "disgusting" site and MUST be removed
174170. Eric Jacobs  
174169. Marek Boym  
174168. Idit Ginsberg Disgusting, how can you allow this on your search engine!!
174167. Beth Reingold Gluck YOUMUST REMOVE THIS SITE
174166. Allen Charney vile, base, compulsive, antisemitism with no place on a legitimate vehicle like Google
174165. Shoshana Polonsky  
174164. Ferne Winograd  
174163. alec blumenthal I feel this was done in poor taste and should be removed
174162. Heather  
174161. Beverly Hagler  
174160. Stanley Deutsch  
174159. Mary Ellen Ward  
174158. Charlene Zulman  
174157. Edwin  
174156. Yvonne Feinman Ê
174155. zvi  
174154. Carolyn Ringel  
174153. Naomi Knecht Outrageous! As the daughter of a holocaust survivor, I find this completely inappropriate and offensive. I hope the FBI has the name of every anti-semetic jerk who is part of this dangerous organization.
174152. Warren Moser  
174149. Pablo  
174148. Elsie Kahan Saepoff  
174147. Karen Gee Blatently anti-semitic
174146. Lois Fairclough  
174145. C.Avrich  
174144. yossi ghinsberg  
174143. ohad disgusting!!!
174142. J.Avrich  
174141. Itzhak Shoham  
174140. Josh Sason This website is absolutely disgusting and completely goes too far in exploiting fabrications.
174139. Sara Isachari Please remove this offensive anti-semitic garbage
174138. Jacob Schwartz  
174137. A Soudry  
174136. Timothy Clontz Although this person can publish the obscenities, Google doesn't have to advertise them.
174135. Les Bulkin  
174134. F Halpern  
174133. Abraham Stubenhaus Hatred is the mother of violence.
174132. Brad Geffen  
174131. Margi Yospin There is enough hatred and suffering in the world, Google should NOT contribute to it!!!
174130. R Brill  
174128. Gila Merkur  
174127. Phil Hantman I am amaized at how anyone can be so obsessed with drumming up hatred for a race of people. I wonder what alteria motives/organizations are behind this person?
174126. Ilana de Wolff  
174125. walter klebe  
174124. adi  
174123. eylon  
174122. Martin locker  
174121. Don Rosenberg  
174120. janet mendelsohn moshe  
174119. Marilyn Loux  
174118. Sophia Goldsmith  
174117. Nechama Sudak remove this website please
174116. Val Shubov  
174115. gravic.g  
174114. Don  
174113. Dr. Andrea Chonin  
174112. michoelhadad  
174111. naomi lipner we find this sight offensive
174110. adina carmi there's not enough understanding in this world
174109. Aaron Kaplan  
174108. Jonah Tunk  
174107. koby Remove
174106. michael roston  
174105. Orna Armon  
174104. seeling this site must be removed
174103. Jay Levy  
174102. Susan Lea We must combat racism in all of its forms in a globalised world.
174101. Annette Shaw It is disgusting that this site should be allowed. More so considering the rise in anti-Semitism in this country. Please have it removed
174100. mattie migden  
174099. Paul Wise  
174098. Nathan Moller  
174097. Stewart Gross  
174096. Hannah  
174095. Roxanne Bick  
174094. Isaac Lieberman  
174093. cheryl.lack-wolfson demeaning, anti-semetic
174092. Harold Grossman M.D.  
174091. peter mandelbaum  
174090. Donna Hirsch Grossman  
174089. Linda Burger  
174088. ram granot  
174087. michele Scheck  
174086. David Cukier  
174085. yehuda I'm disgusted by this site, it must be removed
174084. rachel parr I'm not jewish but I find this kind of stuff absolutely appalling. Jews are warm, successful people. Those who perpetrate this obscene kind of literature are merely jealous of your achievments.
174082. Lenard Lever  
174081. Betty King  
174080. Alan Freedman an extremely hateful site
174079. Alyssa J. Taubman Get this hate off the Web! Now!
174078. Sharon Kauffman  
174077. Michael Lerner  
174076. A Berry  
174075. Ivor Tiefenbrun  
174074. Garry Wilbur This makes me ill.
174073. dina lazarus  
174072. peter rabin  
174071. ruth snyder  
174070. Dov Levy  
174069. David Isaacs  
174068. jonathan smilansky  
174067. rietta miller  
174066. Zvi David  
174065. Meira Oved horrible! After all the Jews suffered, we need suffer more? It is appauling that when one types in the word "Jew",this anti semetic garbage is what we see. Have the Jewish people not contributed way beyond their relative number within the world population, to deserve that the first entry on 'Google", should be a positive contribution of theirs?
174064. Ivan Schwartz Google - dont promote hatred!
174063. Lilian Gellnick  
174062. Jacob Brauner balatant ly antisemitic racist and demented
174060. Joseph David  
174059. keith Fraser  
174058. David Kohan  
174057. naparstek bigel  
174056. Jonathan Dickson  
174055. stuart mcleod  
174054. lea borg  
174053. Rob Goldin  
174052. RINA ROZEN  
174051. Baruch Shai Neustaedter  
174050. Natalie Boyar  
174049. Aimy Cohen  
174048. L Cooper  
174047. Philip Dichter  
174046. Doron  
174045. Avram Grossman Have you seen the videos on YouTube? This person is sick, full of hatred and biased to no end.
174044. Mark M He is no better then Osama...I though there was a law against hate crimes
174043. al forman  
174042. danny simon  
174041. Aziz Mokhtar Racism sucks
174040. Evelyne Meron  
174039. Marilyn Clark  
174038. Robert Small Who are watching the people who are supposedly watching the Jews?
174037. Eli I'm shocked
174036. Len Bor  
174035. Jenny  
174034. GOURION André  
174033. Michael Shapiro  
174032. Esther Shalev  
174031. Sarah  
174030. Dorit Maor very depressing website
174029. Michael Fuller  
174028. Asher  
174027. Judy Greenberg I am very upset with this site, please have it removed
174026. Rochelle Solomon  
174025. dovi greenman this is simply intolarable for a company of googles standing
174024. Hazel Kalk Remove this sight immediately
174023. Muriel Galor  
174022. joseph noormand  
174021. Sheila Alper  
174020. Amanda Cohen  
174019. David Brull  
174018. Angela Shapiro  
174017. steinhart  
174016. Linden Grazier I expect better of Google than this anti semetic diatribe
174015. jenn hahn Protocols of Zion! nazi propaganda
174014. Carole Harris  
174013. Alex  
174012. edward  
174011. Daniel van Praag  
174010. sheldon j. elfenbein  
174009. sheldon j. elfenbein  
174008. ronny fried  
174007. Les Hadi  
174006. sheldon j. elfenbein  
174005. Joe van den Bergh  
174004. Grossnass Remove immediately! totally unacceptable!!
174003. SBernie  
174002. Amanda Silverstein  
174001. Martha Erskine  
174000. Jason H  
173999. Stephen Goldberg  
173998. Dr. Diana Elton  
173997. Harry Katz Bizarre considering Google was founded by Jews
173996. S Kahan  
173995. Darren L  
173994. Elena Tseitlin  
173993. Donna Courts  
173992. Marcy Block Aharon please remove website
173991. Eve Marmot  
173990. abraham cheshin this is disgusting
173989. Shlomo  
173988. Shoshanah Yazdgerdi  
173987. Inez Linthorst  
173986. gershon mannes it is disgusting to see that this is the first site that google have when you search for jew
173985. Carly  
173984. CrownVictoriaCop  
173983. A and M Hirschberg Please remove
173982. leonie smith  
173981. Shoshana Goodman Get rid of this filth!
173980. jane cowland This type of misinformation is responsible for breeding extremeist behaviour which in turn kill and maims innocent people
173979. Liana Allon  
173978. Paul Feldman What a sad situation that there is so much hatred in the world
173977. Michael Davids  
173976. S. Ted Solomon hate-filled website deserving legal challenges for hate mongering
173975. Kate Arnold  
173974. Ian Rose  
173973. j margow  
173972. shomer  
173971. Dr. Fred Dias  
173970. m stein  
173969. Debbie  
173968. Elena  
173967. L Katz Hope this helps
173966. CJ Wright disgusting!
173965. Eran Dolev  
173964. Elias  
173963. Benzi Kluwgant This is a disgrace
173962. paul marmot  
173961. Linda Kann  
173960. Rebecca  
173959. Joanna Saunders  
173958. Tessa Rajak  
173957. Hilit  
173956. Amber Rose  
173955. brian marks  
173954. ben tobin  
173953. M Fisher  
173952. Penny Leboff Please remove this blatantlly anti semitic and factually incorrect website
173951. bea mitz  
173950. Leslie R Portnoy  
173949. DSVID  
173948. Philden  
173947. David Marsh Historically inaccurate & anti every jew - needs to be removed
173946. Tomer Erster  
173945. Brenda Silverman I am sure Rupert Murdoch is thrilled to know he is Jewish!
173944. tirzah segal  
173943. M Isaacs I think that this site is disgusting. It is pernicious and only adds to the anti semitism that exists in the world. Please shut it down
173942. Anthony Honickberg  
173941. Rute Pinto  
173940. G. Segelman unbelievable
173939. Steven Sanderson  
173938. Rona Martin remove this site immediately it is not acceptable under any circumstances
173937. Joel Weitzman  
173936. Harry Schonfeld  
173935. John Jessup Stop neo-nazis abusing freedom of speech
173934. J Marmot The site is obviously meant to promote hate
173933. marcel  
173932. Sharon Finn  
173931. David Neville  
173930. Sharyn Mitcll  
173929. Paul Sorokin  
173928. roos  
173927. Neil R  
173926. Joe Morris  
173925. Ahuva Ivry  
173924. Gina Disgusting must be removed
173923. K Katz  
173922. Steven Brown How can you let this pass without action
173920. Johnny Solomon This site disgusts me, not only as a Jew, but as a British citizen where it is illegal to incite racial hatred - the exact intent of this website!
173919. Martin Shaw  
173918. Paul Ellerman  
173917. Chuni Kahan  
173916. Joni Burns  
173915. Jonny Newman  
173914. talia take that racist rubbish off!!
173913. Laurence Stein  
173912. Artur Zonabend  
173911. irit gill lev  
173910. Aldo  
173909. Rafal Krzewski  
173908. E Price  
173907. Dmitry Capel š
173906. lance richard  
173905. Roelie Dijkstra I saw one video about the holocaust and found it disgusting. To deny something like that is beyond words.
173904. charles sandorfy disgusting that google allows this,if kept will stop using google
173903. davd weiner crude rascist sites have no business being promoted by google
173902. Louise & Michael DIBB  
173901. eilat ziona  
173900. a isaacson  
173899. Lesley Kenton Please remove this site from the no1 spot
173898. Mark Thompson  
173897. Stephen Nack  
173896. Renee Views expressed are disgusting
173895. Evon Joseph  
173894. yasmin  
173893. Iris Eilat-Denekamp Google shouldn't show such a racist site.
173892. Josh  
173891. Sylvia & Michael Rowlands Disgusting that this should be allowed
173890. Raymond Daneshgar  
173889. fiamma nirenstein  
173888. Yehuda Keller  
173887. jeremy zimmerman  
173886. Evan Borenstein  
173885. Steve  
173884. itzik  
173883. Ryan  
173882. stephen epstein  
173881. Amanda Pollock  
173880. Donald Minsky  
173879. Eric Thompson TAKE IT OFF!
173878. w. roger  
173877. Russell Needleman  
173876. frankie kardos  
173875. Efrat -
173874. Ralph Rosenberg  
173873. Andrew Stone  
173872. Veronika Buchler  
173871. s kahan  
173870. +esther wortelboer This is a very dangerous site, that has to be removed
173869. Kenneth Ostrega  
173868. Shalom Lander  
173867. Eve Grossman  
173866. Mike Goodman  
173865. sharon  
173864. Jacquie Rougeau  
173863. Maureen Hoch  
173862. Barbara Winters  
173861. r joseph  
173860. Eric Goldner  
173859. melisa resnick  
173858. M Carey  
173857. pinchas dror  
173856. Adam Frieberg  
173855. Marc Cohen  
173854. Olga Simkin  
173853. Roni Love This is disgusting and shameful!
173852. Abraham Laniado  
173851. michelle davies  
173850. D. Orenstein  
173849. elissa  
173848. Kevin Glassman  
173847. Mrs N Joseph Please remove this offensive site.
173846. F. R. Shapiro Absolutely, this site should be eliminated
173845. Clarisse Alsay  
173844. susan epstein  
173843. Kamran This is a disgusting site, full of lies and antisemitic rhetoric that has plagued the jewish community for thousands of years.
173842. Rachel Ann Anolick a disgusting site full of lies. It should be removed immediately.
173841. E. Bick  
173840. Barry Price It's simply disgraceful that you promote such a site
173839. Daniel Piler  
173838. shoshana stein remove this site...
173837. amanda sekenofsky  
173836. Aryeh Meiteles  
173835. Jeffrey Sedgh The spreading of racism is not an American right and Google should not support this biggot.
173834. Ilya  
173833. Michel West I'm shocked and angered that this site would come up at all let alone at the top and in quick search. If this isn't removed I shall block google from the networks I manage.
173832. Miriam Halahmy  
173831. Leonard Osterman  
173830. I.H.Garber  
173829. Elia Nurieli  
173828. mara milkis ÿ
173827. Eilat Noami & Elieser  
173826. Stephen kliner  
173825. Tamara  
173824. Anne Moorhouse remove Jew watch as a site from Google
173823. Paul Acherman Big shame on such a company
173822. Colin Friedman  
173821. Sherman Shame on Google AND Paypal for promoting this degenerate
173820. Noa  
173819. Barbara Levine  
173818. MITCH RIBACK  
173817. mandy  
173816. francine barsam  
173815. SKY Will this ever end?
173814. mendy  
173813. Shari Du Boff this is outrageous! Get RID of this website!
173812. Rosie Brenner Disgusted that a search engine as widely popular as google would allow this site on their search engine
173811. Manny  
173810. Shlomo Messinger  
173809. Ron Fingerhut  
173808. sandra it's a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
173807. sandra  
173806. Sam Goldberg  
173805. Eli Ralph  
173804. áú-ùáò åéñ áéú-àì
173803. Faye Detsky-Weil  
173802. esther e feldman that website is a disgrace! shame on you!!
173801. Jaclyn Saxe  
173800. Karen Lerner  
173799. Melvin Kay  
173798. Meyer Mordecai We should remove Google from out site in protest.
173797. jgreenbourne  
173796. Edith Rosenfeld  
173795. Jila  
173794. weeiss gershon a shame to have "it" on your search engin.
173793. Sahar Saviss This site makes me sick to my stomach. How could this man get this far with these remarks.
173792. Shirley Pezeshki  
173791. shosh  
173790. Stephen Mosco  
173789. Susan Zippel  
173788. Roger Golden  
173787. Jessica Hekmatjah  
173786. Julie Westle  
173785. fanny behmoiras discusting website
173784. Tracey  
173783. P. Galimi  
173782. Robert J. Malmad  
173781. Michael Simon  
173780. steven danziger its immoral, and goes against the very fabric of america, which includes liberty and the pursuit of happpiness. imagine if u were the victim, there's no liberty in knowing there's organzied hatred against u. you'd feel enslaved
173779. john please remove from your sear engine
173778. Bahareh Kahen  
173777. Patricia Singer please remove this hate-filled diatribe. thanks.
173776. Orit Hipsher  
173775. Rachael  
173774. Shuki Mitz Please remove anti-semitic info/sites from your DB
173773. Michael Schachter  
173772. Matthew Hart get rid of this right now
173771. Gaynor Nelson  
173770. leah  
173768. Isaac Itzkowitz  
173767. Zac Millican  
173766. Howard Latin Free Speech does not require wearing blinders
173765. Vitaly  
173764. Timothy  
173763. Ruth Drory  
173762. adinad dorembus what century are we in?
173761. Marcelo  
173760. Ora Ahimeir Remove JewWatch from Google Search engine
173759. Halpern  
173758. Ghazaleh H.  
173757. Lori Baintz  
173756. Selma Penn  
173755. Harriet Kossove Anti-semitism must be eliminated!
173754. Ruth Mayerhoff  
173753. Daniel Golshtein  
173752. Ben Friedmann  
173751. Heidi Merkel-Eckstein Thank you for informing us of this disgusting site.
173750. Alex Sidorovsky  
173749. elliot brown remove this site of hate misinformation
173748. Abby Leibman  
173747. Lawrence King  
173746. Andi Minkoff There is no reason to steer people to a site that preaches hate and totally distorts historical facts.
173745. William L. Schwartz  
173744. Nicolette Cohen  
173743. K., Feldman i hope this all helps. this is sick
173742. Dar  
173741. Brian Ashford  
173740. julia Lakey I don't want to see Google promoting anti-Semitic slandering. This is dangerous.
173739. G.Heilpern no error
173738. Danielle Wasserman  
173737. Rochelle Lurie Israel Why does Google need a SCAPEGOAT????
173736. Denise Cooperman This must get removed!
173735. Stanley Hayward  
173734. yossi ahimeir  
173733. Julie Fingersh Unconscionable site -- please take off!
173732. Janet E. Baron  
173731. Georgia King  
173730. Barbara Levene  
173729. michael millman please remove this offensive siite
173728. Dr. Steven J. Sinert NEVER AGAIN!!!
173727. Yacov Stiassny  
173726. Amir Harouni  
173725. LOUISE ROSS  
173724. Sharona Labib  
173723. Laurie Sorensen this site is sick
173722. Charles Ross  
173721. jonathan field  
173720. Adrian & Nadia Fischmann there are too much nazis in the world
173719. Lenore Rome  
173718. eva meier  
173717. Leah Rubin I can't believe this is allowed today!
173716. Mayme Vineberg  
173715. Elaine Portnoy Haven't Jews suffered enough due to lies? Please remove this garbage from Google.
173714. Nevet Montgomery  
173713. Edward Rome  
173712. Marsha Rosenbaum Google, dont lower your standards
173711. Anita Ullmann  
173710. Shari Kalb  
173709. RUGGIERO Fanny  
173708. Laura Landress  
173707. Joel Kuzniecky  
173705. Cynthia Zeidner Sounds like something from Nazi Germany -
173704. Denis Avrom Feldman  
173703. Marsha Janger  
173702. gjgugjdkldk fkfkfkfkfk  
173701. moti  
173700. Howard N Rosenthal  
173699. Aram Bina  
173698. adamcho inna  
173697. HAIM KATZIR a very disturbing, and totally untruthful website that must be remved at once!!!
173696. Sheila Bolour  
173695. michael barsky  
173694. Joann Hulkower  
173693. elyse sorkin  
173692. david seach  
173691. Beverly Parsons very disturbing
173690. Lawrence Liebman, M.D.  
173689. jonathan guerra love over fear - but never again forever
173688. Elizabeth Groden  
173687. Fran Lans This site is not an accurte answer to the search
173686. Paul Rosenzweig The Google "explanation avoids taking the more reasonable step to block a patently offensive website.
173685. Jacob Pelta MD  
173684. SHMUEL IZAK  
173683. Dale Robinson Please remove this hate-filled Jewish site
173682. Rozalia Stepanov  
173681. Robert Rockstein  
173680. Sandi Kramer  
173679. honorable stephan j siegel the site is dispicable
173678. Susan Brand  
173677. Nancy Linder Yikes! Please remove this site from your search engine.
173676. S. Lerner  
173675. Dalia Asheghian  
173674. m bronstein  
173673. Harris Mandel  
173672. Mark Feinman  
173671. Marina Idelman  
173670. mark  
173669. menashe shaoulian  
173668. sahar shaoulian  
173667. Alexander Belavsky fight hatred in cyberspace
173666. Ranon Katzoff  
173665. sahar shaoulian  
173664. Lucille Silver  
173663. Bruce Love  
173662. Aaron Brotman  
173661. Rita  
173660. e.brotman sickening
173659. Lorne Grossman  
173658. Alene Zweig Frightening!
173657. Katrina Greenfield  
173656. igal berst  
173655. Misty Sadolsky  
173654. ralph kramer  
173653. Judith Klein  
173652. Rene Canham  
173651. William Prevor  
173650. david engelhardt  
173648. JEB  
173647. Jules Silver  
173646. ferne levy  
173645. charles schnier get rid of this immediately
173644. Mandel please remove it immediatly
173643. Iris Carmi  
173642. Sarah Chanah Sufrin  
173641. Jordana Brown This site is a disgrace and an embarassment
173640. Izzy Lewis Hate is how we rationalize cruelty to others
173639. david oliver  
173638. Joshua-Samuel Hate Crimes are against the LAW
173637. Marlene  
173636. Sherry Kempin  
173635. Foujan Farahmand This must be removed
173634. wendy hertz  
173633. N. Gleiberman remove Jewwatch from google search engine; it is anti semitic and disgusting
173632. Lindsey Alexander disgraceful
173631. B.Berkovits  
173630. Jerry Goldstein  
173629. Fred Weiner  
173628. Brian Holzman  
173627. Chaim Taus  
173626. Rona Davies  
173625. Joyce Opria  
173624. Jonathan Jonas -----Goodness need do nothing for evil to prosper...this is totaly unacceptable...shame on google and u-tube
173623. Lori Wilk  
173622. Bezalel Aloni  
173621. Shay Azran  
173620. Eileen Sudeck  
173619. Irith Freudenheim Enough, when is the world going to learn ??
173618. Frank Remde  
173617. J. Kugelmass  
173616. Joan Della Valle Get it off!
173615. joseph rosenberg  
173614. robert m savino  
173613. leah  
173612. Sharon Kaufman Remove site immediately!
173611. Dr. Perry Lichtblau disgusting hate site
173610. Myra Berkovits Please remove this site from Google
173609. Andrew Kaplan  
173608. Batsheva Engelberg  
173607. Joseph Please remove the anti semic site thanks
173606. N Amari it's disgusting that people abuse their free rights of speach.
173605. Rachel  
173604. Gail Kimmett  
173603. Walter Gelman  
173602. Gail S.  
173601. Richard N. Aleskow  
173600. ramin hekmati  
173599. Melvin Breuer This material is meant for sick people in attempt to have them hate Jews. While maybe protected by free-speech laws, it should not be so prominately placed.
173597. RON  
173596. Phillip Sklut Eliminate as quickly as possible
173595. Laura Lake this is disgusting and encourages bigotry
173594. Alice March  
173593. Ellen Feldberg Disgusting web site
173592. Anna Schwartz  
173591. Marjorie Nance  
173590. C Russ  
173589. Leslie Goldblatt  
173588. Tanya  
173587. EVE ROBERTS  
173586. ezra  
173585. ann hofkin  
173584. Larrry Bressler Let's not help this hateful website.
173583. Stephanie  
173582. Elham Homami  
173581. Chaim  
173580. Carol Rosen  
173579. Joan Orlofsky  
173578. Isabel Schwartz  
173577. Ann Polunsky  
173576. Edmond Sarraf  
173575. miriam nathan  
173574. sue rockman  
173573. Ben Eichhorn  
173572. Robby Rotfeld  
173571. ian  
173570. Dianne Newman  
173569. Barry NewDelman Please
173568. Marianna Averbukh Please remove immediately!
173567. philip barkhordar Please remove this from your search listing
173566. Eric Seidel  
173565. Mona M. Gordon  
173564. Mona M. Gordon  
173563. Alvin Williams  
173562. alex  
173561. Esther Chetner  
173560. S. tornopsky  
173559. A Snyder  
173558. Sarah Levy  
173557. Cindy Opler  
173556. Bernie Eisenberg  
173555. Adam Tischler  
173554. Helena Friedman It is particularly ominous to have such a site on Google.
173552. carol berman please remove now
173551. Alan Stanton  
173550. Jacqueline Brehm  
173549. Rick Kadet Pretty discouraging and biased site
173548. Elaine & Paul Langer  
173547. Shelley London  
173546. Monte Zwang  
173545. Robert Winnick  
173544. Sasha Burdick  
173543. Karen Israel  
173542. Lynette Collins Please correct spelling of anti-semitism
173541. Barb English  
173540. Yossi Goldfarb  
173539. Joseph V. DiPace  
173538. pearl Grumet remove this NOW!
173537. Nancy Barasch Please take this off the search engine
173536. Eli  
173535. A Sherman very sad, I am changing my web site
173534. Andrea Winkler If this site isn't removed, you will lose my business.
173533. Roz and Harold Altman  
173532. Don  
173531. Diedre Knowlton  
173530. E. Pepe There are so many signatures, Why haven't they been sent on, or do they mean nothing to Google? Freedom of speech is one thing... but outright racism is unacceptable, What about freedoms of those being attacked? This, along with any form of hatred, must be removed!
173529. Annette K Hart I am Jewish and find this offensive
173528. shterna  
173527. C. Felsky  
173526. s  
173525. carol duke  
173524. Sara Walzman  
173523. abraham farkas  
173522. Azadeh Khoshbin  
173521. sharon triester  
173520. arthur triester  
173519. Aviva Sherman It's time that we move forward in the war against discrimination. Sites like this one cause an unnecessary upheaval and we hope that a high quality and highly trafficked search engine such as yours would prefer not to be associated with providing people with access to such dredge.
173518. Jodi Stokol  
173517. Carl Please remove the hate
173516. Max Kerman  
173515. Elaine Kellner This pornographic site is an affront to humankind. He's obviously a sicko with a following.
173514. Gad Eidels  
173513. Karen Sherman  
173512. Steve Reich  
173511. jody brauner  
173510. Nolan Shifren  
173509. carolina pumarino  
173508. evelyn avery  
173507. Mark Fuchs  
173506. eli stern  
173505. Peggy  
173504. Erin Fry  
173503. Ethan Bier antisemitism is abhorrent and this site should be removed from Google
173502. karen j. posner  
173501. Howard Bell  
173500. Hope Bressman  
173499. Ed Herbst who needs more hate
173498. Juliette Feffer shocking to be put on web
173497. michella williams please take off of google,
173496. David Wilks  
173495. Ayala saleh  
173494. Sharon Gold  
173493. Anna Natsume  
173492. Elizabeth Blutstein  
173491. Roberta Kurtz  
173490. J.T.  
173489. Bev Platts  
173488. Alison Lebovitz Thank you for removing this site
173487. F. Alter  
173486. Ely Goldberg to give a forum to this type of individual is to push humanity back into the dark ages
173485. Pete Weiss  
173484. Rosalie Sacks Levine  
173483. Burton Bialik  
173482. michael chriqui  
173481. Larry Wood  
173480. Edward Obviously, you believe in freedom to end freedom.
173479. Judith Kamins even in the interest of freedom of speech this should be stopped
173478. Debbie Spivak  
173477. Eli  
173476. Sheri Tessis-Kamrad I have viewed and strongly suppport the removal of this site from the Google Search Engine. This site promotes hatred of a specific group of people, the Jews and should not be provided with the space to promote this kind of anti-semitism and pure hatred.
173475. Mark Kerzner  
173474. Lewis Robinson I find this website offensive and danjerous
173473. Parham Ramtin  
173472. phillip m gendelman md.  
173471. Fern Rotfeld  
173470. Linda Macarthur  
173469. Muriel Bartell The reason should be obvious---
173468. Gary Friedman  
173467. Barbara Adelman  
173466. Shay Please remove this site from Google
173465. Jessica Berriman  
173464. marilyn forman  
173463. Kathryn Burton America is EVERYONE
173462. Jonathan Blum  
173461. Molly Finkelstein  
173460. Jill Goldenberg this site is despicable
173459. Robert Vineberg  
173458. Sarah  
173457. Adam Horn This anti-Semitic site has got to go.
173456. Scott Cushing A disgraceful site.
173455. s knott  
173454. Brian Romberg  
173453. George Weinberger This website masquarades as a scholarly site but it contains nothing but blatant, outright anti-Semitic distortions and lies .
173452. Yefim Brunfon  
173451. Rabbi Burt Schuman This site is outrageous!
173450. sara saposh this should not be permitted anywhere . especialy in th usa
173449. Elizabeth R. Klein  
173448. Aviva Schotland  
173447. Amy Needless to say, it must be removed!!!!
173446. Nancy Sherman  
173445. luke padgett get rid of it
173444. alan farber  
173443. Alan Klahr  
173442. dieter halbwidl  
173441. Noam Hoffenberg  
173440. Gerald Bernstein remove site
173439. Kathy Jew s Must be very intimidating to those of mediocre minds.
173438. Richard Nadel very bad site please remove links
173437. carol rosen  
173436. w. levin  
173435. Joy Bernard  
173434. Carole Becker  
173433. navis  
173432. sha  
173431. Richard Bernard  
173430. leonard rosen  
173428. Holly Gramse I have many a jewish friend and do not support anti-semetic sites
173427. jacob ugly, We advertise on google adwords
173426. Michael Davis  
173425. Terri Grossman  
173424. Reva Goldberg  
173423. Phyllis Levine  
173422. ADELE BRANT  
173421. Judy Brookman get rid of him! shame you should know better than to support this CRAP
173420. Adrienne Zicherman  
173419. tonaj niemi offensive! stop this
173418. Barbara Gregory  
173417. barbara rothblatt  
173416. F.Bass inappropriate
173415. Benjamin Fogel  
173414. Ken This is an outrage! Google=Holocaust
173413. Chanan Sujnow  
173412. Judith Miniea  
173411. Aileen Krassner  
173410. adam anti semetic--disgusting
173409. Ruby Eisenbach  
173408. eren Our Indifference strengthens their hatred...remove it!!
173407. Siamak Bana  
173406. Michael Schreiber This must be removed now!
173405. Barbara Waldron Please remove this site from Google
173404. Joy Ellick  
173403. Marcy Schreiber This is appalling!
173402. Barbara Pickholzweiner  
173401. Dvorah Finestone  
173400. KH Cohen This is total disinformation to insight more anti-semitism!
173398. Ellen Siegel  
173397. Stephanie Polishook  
173396. Rhoda Lavine This is the ugliest anti-Semitisim I have ever encountered.
173395. Halleh  
173394. Mike Marshall Please remove this offensive material. After reading it I have decided to become Jewish!
173393. shelly goldman  
173392. Shira Lewis  
173391. robert l dillon no need to repeat the '30s and 40s. jewwatch is the beginning
173390. Dorothy Weinberg  
173389. Viviane Koenig  
173388. Isabell Mann it is a disgrace to Google to have such disinformation listed as the third entry under "jew".
173387. Nancy Rosenberg  
173386. Rochelle Mogilner  
173385. alisa pelikow  
173384. Sheree Roth  
173383. Mordechai Moncarsz In the name of family members I never got to meet who were murdered by the Nazis, I hereby request that be removed from the Google Search Engine.
173382. dana nureali  
173381. Stephen Fisher  
173380. HARVEY LAZAR  
173378. benny michalowitz  
173377. dayza nieves  
173376. Barry Soloway Protect the Internet from such garbage
173375. Mark Khutoretsky  
173374. Cindy Rogoway  
173373. Mark Khutoretsky  
173372. Jerry Shoib  
173371. Betty Clark This is a shame, it shouldn't be allowed
173370. jack becsky rejtman  
173369. randy salenfriend  
173368. Sheila Schenker  
173367. kate salenfriend  
173366. Allan Mosak  
173365. Amy Lebovics  
173364. Nima  
173363. moshe kraus  
173362. Judith Zeitlin  
173361. Sy Neuman Garbage
173360. alexander altman the site Jew Watch is 99\% lie and fiction
173359. sam schenfeld  
173358. H. Singer  
173357. Ann Schwartz  
173356. Rachel Hartstein Please remove this website!
173355. Gila Gladstone-Martow  
173354. jay friedman  
173353. Amanda This site is horrifying
173352. Ruth Ross  
173351. Alex Baranchuk  
173350. L. Korotkin  
173349. Andrés Freundlich  
173348. Micki Rosenthal JewWatch is not about freedom of's about hatred.
173347. jamie bloom  
173346. Audrey Silver  
173345. A Proud American should be removed. It is an abomination to a democratic society.
173344. Hope Goldsmith  
173343. Joyce Bernstein  
173342. lisa solovay  
173341. laya crust I looked at the "jewwatch" site and was disgusted. The anti-semitic articles and articles inciting hatred and fear towards jews is horrific. It is a frightening trend that should not be supported by GOOGLE - an international information engine
173340. Victoria Zaychik  
173339. Sophie Goldsmith  
173338. john fry Thank you for your personal efforts
173337. Josh Goldowitz  
173336. Liza Wiemer  
173335. julie solovay  
173334. suri hertz please remove this antisemitic site
173333. Diane Bukatman Rankin  
173332. Lyann Somers  
173331. Martin Schwartz  
173330. Mitchel Snow  
173329. Diane Grand  
173328. Josef Oliker  
173327. Mort Greenberg  
173326. cheryl  
173325. Bernard Grand  
173324. JEFFREY D. FRANK  
173323. suzy gell  
173322. c babad  
173321. Stewart H. Parker offensive & antisemitic
173320. Rebecca Grafstein  
173319. Roman Ilin  
173318. cristela  
173317. Victoria Ilin  
173316. Ellen Brosamle Your sensitivity on this issue would say much about your integrity as a business. Thank you.
173315. karen horwitz can't believe this comes up top of list
173314. Lorne Pancer Shame on Google
173313. Jeffrey F. Wolper, Ph.D.  
173312. Louise Nusbaum  
173311. suzanne Wilson  
173310. Fredi Juni  
173309. Diana Rodrigo Jew has to be removed from Google
173307. Bert Robinson  
173306. Craig M. Pradarelli, BA, B.Sc. (M.D. 2008)  
173304. Catalina de Castro-Mendívil  
173303. joel jacobowitz please remove asap!!!!
173302. joseph shirian  
173301. Arlene Peller this should be changed
173300. Paul Levy  
173299. Shoval  
173298. sam pinki thank you in advance
173297. Nicole Offerman Have a conscience
173296. Jay Feinberg  
173295. john kertesz So horrendous-the cycle of hate continues
173294. fred  
173293. ROSE V. BRUY  
173292. Terry Zad please remove this search site
173291. Nikki Schweitzer  
173290. Laurie Biskowitz please remove
173289. David Grossman  
173288. Doris B Rosenthal  
173287. l schrading Lets promote tolerance - not hate. It all starts with small steps..Please remove this site
173286. roberta tischler  
173285. robert hamburger  
173284. dana rubin terrible to support this type of site
173283. Jayme Kay  
173282. Robert Paris  
173281. rose hart this should be removed at once
173280. Ann Samurin  
173279. Janice Babitt  
173278. Allyson Gur-Aryeh  
173276. Sidney Roth Google, I am shocked
173275. Barry Reinblatt  
173274. Deborah It is time to realize that evil can visit anyone who is passive about persecution.
173273. chaim  
173272. sheila foster israel  
173271. Farnaz S.  
173270. Chaim Levin Thank you
173268. STACEY  
173267. FS  
173266. J. Ron  
173265. adan jalil angulo que desaparezca jewwatch
173264. Michael Keats  
173263. A Jordon  
173262. Dr. Reuven Bar-On  
173261. Ron Hirsch  
173260. weingarten  
173259. Penina Stern  
173258. abie goldberger REMOVE THIS SITE
173257. barbara d.harris  
173256. Paulette Newma  
173255. Yonina Kaplan  
173254. Freda Driscoll-Sbar This is abominable. Please remove.
173253. Kimberly Faraci  
173252. Shawn Goldenberg  
173251. Pam Halpern site is blatantly anti-semitic and promotes hatred
173250. Shari Dreier  
173249. linda wasser  
173248. Cliff Ancier Shameful
173247. Ora Richman  
173246. Howard wasserman  
173245. Eluzer Kowalsky  
173244. EstiS  
173243. Laura DeJong totally unneccessary philosophy that we must not pass on to our children
173242. carol covlin  
173241. YO Remove this offensive site
173240. Sondra Taubin revolting
173239. steph spector  
173238. Rhoda Ross  
173237. Rebecca McCrackin  
173236. Elinor Marshall  
173235. Roberta Newman  
173234. Richard Yellin  
173233. Lori Goldstein  
173232. Bonnie  
173231. barry klein  
173230. Enrique Tirado  
173229. Abe Gutfreund  
173228. Samantha  
173227. Judith A. Bowers  
173226. Yudit Jung  
173225. Ira Kaplan the site is biased and anti-semitic,
173224. Brian Cohen sham, to make so many pepole fill so uncoforleble
173223. Volf please remove
173222. Diane Balaban  
173221. Nancy Z.Berman  
173220. ARNIE GORAN vile !
173219. Peggy This type of hate email must be eradicated from the public view
173218. Carol Kaplan very inappropriate - as it is biased beyond belief
173217. Vicki Dodick  
173216. Mercedes  
173215. AMY ILES  
173214. Harry Colbus  
173213. Deb  
173212. Merry Lynne Lincove This website iss filled with hate and lies It must be removed!
173211. Cecil Dodick  
173210. Lissa  
173209. Ardis Mistak  
173208. Toren Charnoff  
173207. sam kay Remove this filth now
173206. Lenore S. Tishman REMOVE THIS ABOMINATION!
173205. Dennis Charnoff  
173204. Seymour Frankel  
173203. Frances Stillman If this were a racial slur, it would have already been removed. Why does it take 50,000 signatures when the slurs are against jews?
173202. EVE  
173201. David Please follow up!
173200. D M what a disgusting and totally inaccurate website
173199. Felice Plaut  
173198. Irv Borchiver  
173197. Donna Levy Freedom of Speech excludes Hate propaganda.
173196. Janice Babitt  
173195. Mark Williams  
173194. Maxine disgusting!!!
173193. Rickie Saslove I believe this anti semetic site should be removed
173192. seth cohen  
173191. joseph sheena  
173190. william waks  
173189. Nathan Perez  
173188. HENRY WOLF  
173187. Teri Robins  
173186. Laura Feldman  
173185. Alice Bloch  
173184. talia  
173183. Neil Drucker Please remove it - it's hurtful and racist
173182. D. Kunstler  
173181. Jana Young Isn't there enough hate in the world? This is atrocious - please set an example and eliminate this !
173180. Sabrina Maynard  
173179. JANEGROMAN compasion
173178. Howard Fuhr  
173177. Shea Schneider Removal is A must
173176. pablo sadler it is a racist site
173175. Harry Weintraub  
173174. Michael E. Warren  
173173. mindy avrich-skapinker  
173172. Martin Halofsky This display of bigotry and racism should be removed from Google as soon as possible.
173171. Erin Landers This needs to stop!
173170. laurence  
173169. Moshe Ray  
173168. David Sloane  
173167. j ellis  
173166. Ash Emaile disgusting website. verrry offensive
173165. Monica  
173164. Jay Paul hey Google-this is a no brainer
173163. Josh V  
173162. Linda Kern  
173161. Deborah  
173160. Heather Stefani  
173159. mirta me da asco!!!
173158. Jackie Setton  
173157. Judy Leib  
173156. Joanne Charm  
173154. evan mather i cant even believe people like this exist.
173153. Sandra Lessig this site is a disgustingwxample of hatred
173152. Erica Muchnick  
173151. r.frankel  
173150. Gail Steinberg  
173149. A. Schuler  
173148. Judy Littman  
173147. Henry G.Stein  
173146. lester kahn  
173145. Ilana Perry  
173144. Philip Brodie  
173143. Carolyn Rosenblum  
173142. D.S.  
173141. paul m. crum  
173140. Gloria Rae Richman  
173139. marcia  
173138. Stanley Rubinstein Despicable
173137. Harvey Stabbe  
173136. Todd Baker  
173135. richard carey  
173134. Lazer Werczberger  
173133. Maureen Komisar  
173132. max katt never forget
173131. Ari please remove asap
173130. Marilyn Sinclair Please remove this hatred-filled site ASAP
173129. Elaine Sands Please remove this site. It is a horrible aberration.
173128. Arthur Bernstein  
173127. Marcia  
173126. Mona Shabelman Please remove from Google
173125. C. Elsasser  
173124. allen goldberg  
173123. regina levy  
173122. Rev Dr Tim Hegedus  
173121. K. A. Zitelman  
173120. ruth weinberger disgraceful
173119. Robert Wagner  
173118. Howard M. Gordon  
173116. milton moskowitz putrified garbage glazed with deceit
173115. Charlotte Partman  
173114. Leonard Weitzman  
173113. Jamie Strickler  
173112. Diane Berman  
173111. Lanny Frebowitz  
173110. Roslyn Prevor Google has known about this site for years and they keep perpetuating anti-semitism in the name of "free speech". This is wrong, wrong, wrong!!
173109. Mike Pevedel  
173108. Elias Setton  
173107. Gai victor  
173106. Garth  
173105. anita weissberg  
173104. Jocelyn and John Fry  
173103. verna garcia  
173102. Yaacov Wexler Your resistance is futile! Take down the website!!!
173101. S. Hayden  
173100. Susan F. Shapiro  
173099. Eileen Newman For a respectable search engine like Google to lend its name to a mindless piece like is sad indeed.
173098. Dvora  
173097. Nancy S Dressel  
173096. robyn richmond  
173095. Paul D.  
173094. Robyn Rypp Please get rid of this site.
173093. David Friedlander  
173091. Paul C Zwiebel MD  
173090. Sheree Roth  
173089. Dan M.Garely  
173088. Eve Fried  
173087. Robin Byrne remove from Google
173086. Karen Caffrey  
173085. goutenmacher benedicte  
173084. Ken Milder  
173083. Judy Thomas I hate the hatred of any race, I find this site offensive.
173082. irwin rosenthal awful, inaccurate and incendiary information
173080. anevin  
173079. Steven A Weiss Remove this site from the Google search engine and shut this ignoramous down for good.
173078. Lynda Stanek  
173077. B Eghbalieh  
173076. Kenneth Weschler  
173075. Catherine Viele  
173074. Jonah B. Wilson  
173073. L. Grossgold  
173072. Allan Himmelstein  
173071. Harvey Kaiser It's no surprise that as in the past corporate interests are perpetuating the insidious divisiveness which challenges the integity of humanity.
173070. joel cooper  
173069. Geri Shapiro  
173068. Mrilyn Altman  
173067. elaine Marlow This is horrendous; no matter "free speech"
173066. Hugo Calemczuk  
173065. Rita idelson  
173064. Diane Mitchell  
173063. phyllis roth outrageous
173062. Susan Weissman  
173061. Harvey Chiat  
173060. Steve Wolfe  
173059. Linda Alperin  
173058. Jonathan E Perelman  
173057. andrea rubin  
173056. Sharon Tritt  
173055. Diane Mitchell  
173054. Sheree Lipkis  
173053. Richard Berry  
173052. dora kaplan  
173051. Joe Nodvin disgusting and unAmerican
173050. Ana  
173049. A. E. Tishman  
173048. Neilia Sherman  
173047. Barbara & Irwin Burns  
173046. M.R. Beller  
173045. alex rutenburg why "name" appears twice, required and optional?
173044. Steve Slate Hate sites should be banned from the internet
173043. gabriella  
173041. Trudy Bassin  
173040. Devora Zinkin  
173039. John M. Swenson  
173038. Marney White  
173037. JAKE COHEN  
173036. Noa Daniel  
173035. Paul Keith  
173034. Alon Sick
173033. Monika  
173032. taryn daniels  
173031. Allyson Shepherd  
173030. Michael Gordon This guy is a freakin' looser
173029. Devorah Liba Lerner Hate has no place on Google.
173028. Lee E. Gresser M.D.  
173027. carolyn hasson disgusting!!
173026. Margrit Stenge I strongly object to this anti-Semitic website
173025. Edward B  
173024. coleman bricker  
173023. Saul Ross  
173022. Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner  
173021. Dr Frank Hold  
173020. John Schwartz Freedom of speech does not permit lies and hatred
173019. tobi ruth love There is a difference between freedom of speech and defamation of character. This site is way over the line. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent." Take this evil off the internet!
173018. Ronald Gross Google should be ashamed !!
173017. Max Fruitman Remove at once
173016. Susan Feldstei please remove jewwatch from the google search engine
173015. Leonard Raskin  
173014. Sandra Shapiro  
173013. Sandra Garriga`  
173012. dan Berg  
173011. Michael Kamel  
173010. eli  
173009. Mitchell Schwartz  
173008. Melissa  
173007. J. Shapero  
173006. maggie  
173005. Cindi Ettinger  
173004. janice rosenberg this is a no brainer. have some ethics.
173003. Joanne Ravida  
173002. aaron braveman  
173001. Kathy Khalehpari  
173000. Betty Furman  
172999. Chaim  
172998. Elaine Levine  
172997. Phyllis Sorof  
172996. Jeremy W. Howe  
172995. Ramona Shelburne  
172994. Julian L. Berman  
172993. L. Gelfand  
172992. Susan Walton  
172991. Mel Gabriel  
172990. Philip Weissman  
172989. Vivian Anhang  
172988. Pearl F.  
172987. Debi Cohen  
172986. Reuben Branfman  
172984. Jeff & Andrea H. will it ever end?
172983. Jeffrey F.  
172982. Justin Kaplan  
172981. Roberta Kleiin  
172980. Esther F.  
172979. fred blume  
172978. mahtab rouhi  
172977. Bonnie Cohen  
172976. Fred Faryab  
172975. Stanley Teitelbaum  
172974. Carl Mack  
172973. sylvia blume  
172972. M Schacht  
172971. Harold Kohn unbelievable
172970. ken  
172969. Tony Kaye  
172968. Sandy Green I am appalled by this
172967. Mike Abkowitz  
172966. melissa barry  
172965. Sandra Alpert  
172964. Beth unbelievable
172963. tod rubin  
172962. Nina Klein  
172961. Eduardo  
172960. Bonnie Kardisch  
172959. Chaya Please remove ASAP
172958. Matthew Shebes outrageous!
172957. lester dreyfuss  
172956. Lynn Behar  
172955. judy Schwartz this site is disgusting, totally anti-Semitic and vile and also a pack of lies and should be removed from google immediately
172954. Erin Gribben  
172953. Shirley Kabat  
172952. Irwin Derman  
172951. pirha  
172950. Robert Alter  
172949. elise varon  
172948. jasmin  
172947. Judith Kaplan Please remove Jew Watch fromGoogle search. It is antisemitic and spreads lies about the ews an the Holacost
172946. David Altrowitz  
172945. arman  
172944. anita straus remove this blatant awful commentary from your site
172943. Jennifer Neuman  
172942. bob brook  
172941. D Feinstein  
172940. arlyn  
172939. Tzivia Reiter  
172938. agnes bernfeld  
172937. Ken Handwerger Please remove
172936. Aaron Silverstein  
172935. deborah philips awful
172934. Marilyn Garfin  
172933. liat  
172932. jody siegel  
172931. fooad nathan  
172930. A. DeMartines First time I have been disappointed in Google. Google should act responisbly without the need of a petition.
172929. Orly Kadosh is an excellent site; why trash it with an awful site like
172927. Suzanne Benzer  
172926. Michael Sternthal  
172925. ester saffran It is outrageous to print such lies
172924. Moises Fialko have read the Remove from the Google Search Engine! Petition to, and I hereby sign the petition
172923. Lisa Satin  
172922. miriam  
172921. Rito A. Hunt Please remove A.S.A.P.!!!!!!
172920. lee whats next. black watch???? awful website
172919. EMIL J LEVY Please remove from the
172918. Deborah Malkoff  
172917. ellen tucker  
172916. Jose M. Revilla Albo  
172915. Jan Zausmer Disgusting!
172914. Claire Maultasch  
172913. Dr. E Mate-Kalin  
172912. William G. Selden  
172911. jon rose  
172910. ran solash  
172909. Orah Goykadosh Please remove this terrible site immediately! Every person must respect another for his/her religion and beliefs!!! This site is bringing more anti-semitism! Please stop this for the sake of humanity!
172908. Staci Albers  
172907. Sharyn Goldstein  
172906. fred helfeld unfortunately, ignorance and hatred never dies.
172905. Jeanne Shoib  
172904. E Goss  
172903. Sandy Wasserman This is despicable! Be vigilant and remove this abomination from Google.
172902. Bonnie Dombrowski take this off!
172901. Ana Del Castillo Please remove this site from your search engine
172900. Jeff and Jodi Elman  
172899. abraham sadon it is self explanatory.
172898. marion levitt This is a disgrace. Please make an immediate change!!!
172897. Mayer Bassirat  
172896. Lydia Katz  
172895. Bernard Nightingale  
172894. Eugene Golden the most extremist anti-semitic material I have ever seen.
172893. bernard goldowitz  
172892. Akiva Danto  
172891. jerry dukes  
172890. Dulcie Pomerantz-Romm  
172889. ROBERT FEINGOLD this website probably subjects google to criminal prosecution for aiding and abetting racial and ethnic hate crimes
172888. Etta Kaner Please remove this website from your Google Search Engine
172887. merzad  
172886. linda dukes  
172885. Bonnie Falco  
172884. andrew denes  
172883. Homan Kohanzadeh  
172882. Eli Avisar  
172881. marci  
172880. Jennifer Jeffers  
172879. barbara frogel  
172878. Martin Smulison Get that crap off
172877. Nina Keats  
172876. Sonia GRINBERG  
172875. Kay Bloomquist This is so disgusting, I have lost words!!
172874. MARTIN GETZ  
172873. Amanda Bina Please remove from your search results for "Jew"
172872. Mitchell Chernock please remove
172871. Elaine Abramson  
172870. D  
172869. Mark Stevens  
172868. Endre Sarkany I thought that Google has more sense than allowing such a trach on the web.
172867. zeev barsheshet  
172866. Vera  
172865. R Amsterdam  
172864. Jennifer Stein  
172863. Lena Cazeaux Very sad...
172862. Janet Abramson  
172861. Donna L. Davis I can't believe that we still have to be confronted with this!!
172860. Mary Fruitman  
172859. noam  
172858. morris  
172857. L.C. Lesser  
172856. Irina Mostovoy  
172855. Ben Levy  
172854. leona daniels please remove this site from is insulting and in VERY BAD TASTE
172853. josh isser  
172852. C. Varga  
172851. sydney neufeld This site is very dangerous and only fuels hatred
172850. B One more vote for a worthy cause
172849. Judy Golub  
172848. Paul Rein freedom of speech doesn't justify preaching death to people
172847. fariborz mehrdad  
172846. sofia s  
172845. yossi quint  
172844. Kenneth Olken  
172843. Hannah McGarry This is absolutely disgusting!!!
172842. norman wiesen stop the spread of anti semiteism
172841. Nathan I Kantor, M D Let us have PEACE in the world!
172840. Florence Wildstein These antisemitic comments are hateful by its perpetrater
172839. Cynthia Muscatel  
172838. dvora weinreb  
172837. Ben D. Kaplan  
172836. Michael L. Green  
172835. V. Bokor  
172834. B. Mannis  
172833. gerard garavuso jewwatch sucks
172832. gerald appel  
172831. happy iscove  
172830. Al  
172829. Fredy Kohn as a publicly traded company,google shouldn't be involved in antisemite issues.
172828. LILA GAINES This site can only be stopped if it is not supported. Get some respect Google!!
172827. irene  
172826. Eugene Goldenberg  
172825. irene  
172824. sheila remove hate!
172823. Kenneth  
172822. Sherry Kessel  
172821. Jonathan Pollock  
172819. Mandana Moradi  
172818. Dorith E Hollander  
172817. Bruce Powers This is most distugting. That Google would allow such racist and religious bigotry on its website tells me that if it is not removed, I, and all of my friends will remove ourselves from Google
172816. ness krief remove it
172815. N Meffe  
172814. gidon blake  
172813. Stanley J Hollander,MD  
172812. veeda margol  
172811. Lynn Kronzek  
172810. Judy Solomon  
172809. Allen Coven  
172808. William Dinner  
172807. sholom aleihem Never Again.
172806. Michael brokim  
172805. George Massey  
172804. Nina Rake  
172803. marilyn Heyman  
172802. Jack Schnoll  
172801. stanley n. schwartz  
172800. Erika R. Shore  
172799. Linda Schnoll  
172798. Ulli Hansen this must be stopped
172797. Judy Cohen Google! It is your duty to help defeat hate
172796. richard slone  
172795. jonne stoloff  
172794. Lorie Mandel  
172793. The Rev Ivan F Ransom Race hate is not to be encouraged!
172792. Joe La get ride of this cite
172791. SHERRYL SILBERMAN Disgusting and misleading site
172790. Hannah Greenburg  
172789. Robin Nourmand  
172787. R. A. This is very anti-semitic. Please remove this website. Thank you, R.A.
172786. Natalie Shefsky This is sick disgusting inaccurate information that unsuspecting people will believe because it looks official. Its spewing lies and hatred. Remove it please!
172785. aaron hanasab  
172784. alan schneider  
172783. Audrey Watson-Kaplan  
172782. farah they should be removed rightaway
172781. Patricia  
172779. Jenny  
172778. Lawrence Levine This is terrible
172777. Joojak  
172776. Rachel  
172775. Sheldon Brodsky  
172774. L. Becker  
172773. R. Nicko  
172772. denice bloom  
172771. Linda Armacost  
172770. Linda Plummer  
172769. Charles Schikman  
172768. solomon batnitzky JewWatch is an absolute disgrace.In this day and age I can't believe such outright lies bigotry and racism.
172767. Lana Schikman  
172766. David Rapaport This is abhorent for Judaism as it would be other sites directed towards other groups and religions.
172765. Rayna Alperstein  
172764. Vlad Kaufman  
172763. Julieo It's a site full of distortion and untruths.
172762. Kenneth Weinberger  
172761. Marion Cohen  
172760. Jeffrey Miller The Devil and the Scapegoats
172759. Ellen Griles One needn' t call names to be hateful and insulting
172758. Tom Lobel  
172757. Denise Garrey  
172756. Robert Goodman  
172755. robert  
172754. Harriet Bower it's frightening to know such hate still exsists today. Don' t help to perpetuate this by keeping JewWatch on Google!!
172753. Linda Goodman  
172752. Amy Dziomba  
172751. Carole Cohen  
172750. Mojdeh  
172749. elia akhavan  
172748. Jane Schoettle  
172747. George Lassus  
172746. Lise Benitah  
172745. SOLOMON DWEK  
172744. Gil  
172743. Samuel Silverberg  
172742. Sally  
172741. Lorne Merkur  
172740. LaurieAnn Scher this type of "free speech" creates hatred and harms future generations preventing them from accepting each other.
172739. Murray Merl  
172738. S Sacks remove from google
172737. Norma  
172736. Jerome I Buren  
172735. Shirley S.  
172734. Arnold Gross  
172733. Mrs. Brenda Gale This is a disgrace. I hope you will eliminate the hate that this brings.
172732. ronald a letvin  
172731. Sherri Rosenthal Shocked and Disappointed with Google.
172730. Linda Cargill  
172729. Susan Green  
172728. s. bresler this venomous site is repulsive
172727. Jason Wasser  
172726. Meryl Sosa  
172725. Tamar Haim Hard to believe this exists in the USA
172724. Beverly Yarkon  
172723. Ariel Mare Very one sided
172722. yosef its terrible its disgusting its outrages i cant belive it
172721. Felix Rozenberg  
172720. Debra Manor  
172719. Ken Stern  
172718. Alice Banos remove from the Google Search Engine
172717. Elliot Givner  
172716. David Nemirovsky  
172715. nelson  
172714. Norm Harris  
172713. Sandy Swirnoff  
172712. D Halpern  
172711. Robin  
172710. Rosanne Why has this site not been shut down already? It is hate literature and it is a criminal offense to publish this!
172709. Muriel Green Absolute horrible lies from such bigots
172708. Toni S.  
172707. gabriella  
172706. Sherry L. Osadchey  
172705. Sara Epstein  
172704. Lynne Dinner  
172703. Robin Wiener You would not leave a disgusting site like this up if it was about any other racial or ethnic group. It is a call to violence. Please remove it.
172702. sharon sable  
172701. Paul Wolman  
172699. Avi Gross REMOVE NOW!
172698. Chanel  
172697. Karen L Romer  
172695. Ruth Mandel  
172694. neda  
172693. maxine ross  
172692. Norman  
172691. William Adams please take action against anti-Semitism (and this from a Gentile Christian!)
172690. Philip Carl A little hate goes a long way
172689. Mattie  
172688. Sharon Schraer this is very offensive
172687. Diane  
172686. Beverly D. Weinfeld Please remove this offsensive material.
172685. Norm  
172684. Arie  
172683. Bernard Reizner  
172682. marcelo guetta  
172681. Anne Ruth COHN  
172680. Jackie Alter  
172679. Elea  
172678. farah israel  
172677. Taraneh Banapour  
172676. Mona Abramson  
172675. Lawrence Brauner  
172674. evelyn albert  
172673. Dortha J. Seligman  
172672. Marty Zeiger ignorant website, absurd
172671. Dortha J. Seligman  
172670. jessica beir  
172669. David Duke  
172668. Ellen DeDomenico  
172667. Ben Marovitz  
172666. Sybil Swerlick  
172665. W Fast  
172664. Hillel Lichtenstein  
172663. Leonid  
172662. Harvey P. Krechmer  
172661. Baruch Littman Antisemitic site
172660. Josephine Bleecker Get rid of it
172659. Gary Sussman  
172658. Michelle Loterman  
172657. Chella Safra It is a shame if notorious Google does not react to this petition in name of humanity
172656. Eva Sandorfy Don't think site is appropriate
172655. abel neiman Terrible
172654. S.E. Strong I am pro-free-speech, but. . . must this result pop up among the earliest results?
172653. sharon  
172652. Bonnie Kanefsky  
172651. Elliot Peter Harab  
172650. Bonnie Kanefsky  
172649. frieda stern  
172648. Elad Ezra Amsterdam, The Netherlands
172647. Elaine Cain  
172646. Jeanette Shelburne This is dangerous and offensive. Please remove
172645. shira remove please
172644. Mardee Goldberg stop this hatred
172643. Jacques Esseis  
172642. Eliane Pszczol  
172641. renée  
172640. Ari Lowell  
172639. felicity simpson this is so racist and shocking
172638. Leora  
172637. Dona R. Wildove  
172636. Sheree Roth  
172635. Lynda Moore  
172634. mark hyman take the jewwatch site down
172633. janet stone  
172632. Enio Sandler  
172631. Alexandra Lustigman  
172630. Esther Crespin unacceptable lack of monitoring
172629. Sam Abracen  
172628. allan rosenberg  
172627. Elaine Lazorwitz You should be ashamed of yourselves.
172626. Sam Abracen  
172625. G. Hasek  
172624. Phil Skversky  
172623. RICHARD ROSE  
172622. g guttell amazing that googlr doesn,t/can't police what they list
172621. robert akhava  
172620. sharie papush  
172619. Sheri Duxin  
172618. CATHY ROSE  
172617. Gary Moliver To protect First Amendment rights, this site should be found when someone Googles "Anti-Jew"
172616. raha akhava  
172615. Ora Kirsch  
172614. Tamar Klein  
172613. Connie Axelson  
172612. Sharon Rose Remove JewWatch
172611. Frieda K. Bradlow Remember the Holocaust
172610. NEIL ROSE  
172609. graham lubie remove
172608. Marvin I Schotland  
172607. Jennifer Swichar  
172606. joyce stetson please remove !!
172605. Peter Gregory  
172604. Sid Rose Remove JewWatch from google
172603. hila hERSHKOVITZ  
172602. abby chargo  
172601. Ayelet H  
172600. Karen Satcowitz remove asap
172599. Vladimir Barshteyn  
172598. Linda Wellen  
172597. Ronit Hakimi  
172596. Marsha Weinstein I recommend that my high school students use this site to complete their research. It is disturbing to me that anti-semitic information is being "advocated" by Google.
172595. Joseph B. Michelson MD thank you
172594. Donna Shelow  
172593. j.oyous one disgraceful!willno longer use google search engine or support it's sponsors if thisjewwatch is not removed.
172592. Tova NessAiver This is outrageous in a country that stands for freedom -- and freedom of religion
172591. Michael Pancer  
172590. Lillian Bernsteinb  
172589. Frida  
172588. renee margulies  
172587. joan edelman  
172586. Stanley Bernstein  
172585. jeanne blacksin  
172584. avi  
172583. art epstein  
172582. Jay Sokolow  
172581. Ariel Fingrut  
172580. Navid Zivari please remove this inflamatory and hate filled website
172579. Martin Abramson  
172578. Linda Biles  
172577. David Jay highly anti-semitic, enfuriating and vivious
172576. Hila Arshadnia Disgusting
172575. Marvin Hirsachorn A lot of anti Jewish talk like the Nazis did
172574. Richard Lowe  
172573. Sharon Martin  
172572. Lisa Faloon  
172570. Joshua Deutsch  
172569. Gail Charnoff Campton  
172568. SHABNAM please remove!
172567. robert herbsman  
172566. Evelyn P. Rader  
172565. morty  
172564. Marvin Glusman  
172563. Daniel Levin  
172562. s g  
172561. Robb Sinert
172560. navid zadeh  
172559. Elianne Litwin  
172558. jay n. cutler this is a neo-nazi site
172557. Barbara Levin Sad in today's world
172556. Claire Salant What a terrible disservice you are doing to American citizens. Is there any other ethnic group you are discriminating and distorting in this way? If there are as an American. I request that you rethink your programming and uphold the rights we all fought for and believe in.
172555. Daniel Scott  
172554. rita kaplan  
172553. Robert Slavitt  
172552. Jennilynn Parks  
172551. Meryl Schrimmer Google should not sell its integrity to the higher bidder for first listing when the message is so anti semitic.
172550. Sylvia Mayerfeld this is a hatefull site, it incites and should be removed
172549. paul kaplan  
172548. paul kaplan  
172547. B. Eidelson  
172546. Heather  
172545. Sharron Lipson  
172544. Harriet Cole please remove
172543. f. b. sendker  
172542. L. Eidelson  
172541. Bijan Neman  
172540. Mel Silverman  
172539. julie marcoulier  
172538. Leah  
172537. sheldon Solomon  
172536. Howard Needler It is outrageous that you permit such a tissue of lies and bias to appear on your web-site at all--and your giving it pride of place is beyond outrageous. If you have any integrity or commitment to truth and factuality--and if you value my continued use of "Google"--remove it at once.
172535. Raquel Grossman  
172534. Alair Hough  
172533. jorge braver  
172532. JoAnn Blume  
172531. Edward I. Haligman  
172530. E Gitano  
172529. Victor  
172528. HAROON  
172527. Sheila Kushnick  
172526. Loren Witkin  
172525. Elka Haligman  
172524. Dina Wecker  
172523. Haydeh Harooni this is sick and creates more hate in the world
172522. Deborah Lesser  
172521. Herb Kern  
172520. Arnaldo Krell  
172519. Cheryl Ross  
172518. Philip and Eunice Okun  
172517. Armando Garzon  
172516. Elyse Schiff  
172515. Deborah Levy  
172514. Pauline Moshfegh  
172513. irina reznikov evil site needs removal
172512. Yakov Fasten This site is very derogetory for your site.
172511. lauren snyder  
172509. Leona Bard  
172508. Murray Kline  
172506. marc kallus  
172505. phil kalif  
172504. Ivy Mermelstein  
172503. maxine carr  
172502. Barbara Levenson Esq  
172501. Roger Allee The people of the world need to learn to accept one another, not continue hateful rhetoric that causes dissention. This is a shameful site!!!!!!!!
172500. Nicki Mackoff  
172499. brina pepper  
172498. Karen Goldstein  
172497. Paulina Gejer Firer  
172496. Edith Parker  
172495. Helene Arbeit It is appalling that such a site is the featured site on what I have always believed to be the finest search engine on the internet. Remove this site from your search engine.
172494. Lisa Schwartz  
172493. Barton L. Kaufman This reference is unwarranted
172492. Joseph Lipton  
172491. Jerry Miller  
172490. Stacey Gordon  
172489. Seymour Sokatch  
172488. Carl Friedman  
172487. Ramin discusting
172486. Mildred Kluger  
172485. Janet s. Nevas I am appalled that the Google Search Engine provides this anti-semitic material. For shame! I petition you to remove it to prevent the infection of anti-semitism from spreading.
172484. Ellie Malin  
172483. Mark Sharpe  
172482. Susan Smith disgusting
172481. ashlie weingart  
172480. DAVID WYTE  
172479. Nathan Lieberman  
172478. Stu Kessler Do not aid this hatefull site
172477. Aaron Berkowitz  
172476. Lucille Polachek  
172475. aline  
172474. Don Hymans  
172473. Kay Goodman please remove this disgrace from your engine.
172472. William Sugarman Please Remove Immediately - Thank You
172471. barry farbenbloom this evil site must be removed, Google has the moral obligation to remove hateful, racist sites from it's search engine
172470. Deborah Katsikas  
172469. arthur levy  
172468. arnold  
172467. Randi Barenholtz  
172466. marcia benjamin  
172465. Martin  
172464. boris wajnberg  
172463. ella rosson  
172462. Linda  
172461. Joel Brody  
172460. B. Gold Pls remove the jewwatch site!
172459. Arie Jacoby  
172458. David Herring  
172457. luiza burd wajnberg  
172456. DE London remove the website
172455. luiza burd wajnberg  
172454. Arline Zeldman Remove this offensive site
172453. fern shire this site is very disturbing
172452. Lisa Richardson  
172451. AMAR  
172450. adam poliak  
172449. Cara Denenberg  
172448. Isaac Larian  
172447. Mildred H. Miller  
172446. Sarah Christopher  
172445. Marton Spitz  
172444. Lisa Larian  
172443. Lori Forgione  
172442. Minette Kleinman  
172441. Eunice Okun anti semetic website remove it
172440. richard hollander  
172438. gary handsher  
172437. Allison K. Cutler  
172436. rachel cohn  
172435. sam guralnick  
172434. Gilbert Kleinman  
172433. mazra schindler If ignorance is bliss these people live in utopia
172432. sharon  
172431. Jack T Freedman  
172430. elliot goldberg  
172429. Maria Nuzzo This is 2007, why can't we have peace!
172428. marilyn  
172427. jill levin Horrid Horrid Twisting of the Truth
172426. betty marshak  
172425. Eileen Shernoff  
172424. Carlin  
172423. ray antoky  
172422. Saul Silverman Reomove JewWatch .com from GoogleSearch Engine
172421. Barry Greene Remove JewWatch from Google
172420. Tamara Fulford  
172419. Bonnie Berry  
172418. sandy suchoff antisemetic hate should be prohibited
172417. HY RICHARDS  
172416. Rebecca A. Kittell  
172415. Anita Steiner Disgusting and vile hatred
172414. B en Stern  
172413. leonard hibsher get rid of this site
172412. Terry W. Donze  
172411. Sandy and Ted Shapero  
172410. Stewart Sadowsky  
172409. Azadeh  
172408. Jessica Kramer  
172407. Kathleen L Leonard Google is such an influential tool in today's world that it needs to be sensitive to this kind of misuse
172406. Patricia Druckman  
172405. Lucia Ciupa  
172404. Jeome Bentkowsky  
172403. Chaim M Lebovits  
172402. anita and nathan karnibad In the name of human decency this should be stopped.
172401. miriam link  
172399. shana raphaeli  
172398. Eva-Lynn Podietz I champion free speech, but it would seem that there should be some warning about this site's being very disturbing before one happens upon it. I guess that Google isn't expected to render ratings such as R, X, PG, etc., but I am writing this to use moral suasion, hoping that you will find a way to help folks avoid the distressing sites.
172397. seth raphaeli  
172396. Ben Gordon  
172395. Andrew Goldstein  
172394. yitzieraphaeli  
172393. LInda Brown  
172392. judi raphaeli  
172391. mark neman  
172390. Morris Green  
172389. Ilene Moir  
172388. romen rodberg  
172387. Martin Friedman  
172386. Steven Haar shame on Google
172385. Megan Sussman  
172384. leonard finkel vulgar and inaccurate
172383. Yigal Hay  
172382. Alex Schnier  
172381. d weiser  
172380. susan szainwald  
172379. deborah lipstadt This is outrageous
172378. Ellen Gardner  
172377. Jacqueline Benis  
172376. Janice B. Nochumson  
172375. Sarelle & Steven Rive This is a hateful site, Please, delete it.
172374. Hugh Winig  
172373. Richard Marcus  
172372. stanley Dalnekoff Please help stop racism
172371. michael kalles  
172370. Randi Sherman  
172369. pablo remove this page against the jews
172368. ildiko dobi O.K.
172367. rhonda ehrlich  
172366. Robert M Dreyfus, M.D.  
172365. Christy Carlson  
172364. bart brody  
172363. arnold saltzman  
172362. Frieda Sands  
172361. CR Gottesman  
172360. richard  
172359. Judith Harris  
172358. Ina  
172357. Mindy Webber  
172356. Stephen Goldberg JewWatch is antisemitic slander, false and offensive
172355. David This site needs to go immediatly
172354. B.P.Schoenberg  
172353. Ami Frankel Please do the right thing and discourage google from being used for hate mail, anti-semitic e-mail or propaganda.
172352. Yevgenya Kraytsberg Please Remove from the Google Search Engine!
172351. Kathie Zarzecki  
172350. MARY HAMMELBURG take it down
172349. Mark Schmulen  
172348. chanan posner antisemetic garbage needs to be thrown out
172347. ALEX KLEIN  
172346. m schnier  
172345. marc revenson  
172344. James Holtz  
172343. Bernard Elias 'Hate Mongers' should not be extended a voice by 'google' to spread such garbage to impressionable minds, especially since society has come a long way and paid a high price to learn the lessons of tolerance and acceptance.
172342. Harold Berzow  
172341. alberto bigio  
172340. Deanna Fast This site must be removed!
172339. Gert Azarva Ignorance is the tool of the dumb. It makes them feel important. Don't let any slight get by you.
172338. David Rosenthal  
172337. Sam Horowitz  
172336. Milla Leah Klebanov  
172335. Beth Goldberg please get rid of expression of hate!
172334. Isaac Rosenberg  
172333. Peter Fast This site is degrading and wicked! It must be removed!
172332. Marlena Schwartzman  
172331. Shery  
172330. Cathy Fenske  
172329. Avi  
172328. Beny grosman  
172327. Paul Schreibman  
172326. m.shechtman  
172325. Ofir  
172324. D. Straway  
172323. bokhouri manoutchehr i agree remov
172322. Howard G. Ohlhausen Please act on this immediately, there is more than enough hatred to go around without Google adding to it!
172321. Elaine Kaufman  
172320. Joseph Bouzaglo  
172319. W. Conner  
172318. Moche Komsky  
172317. norman goldberg  
172316. Ralph Weiss Disgusting propaganda
172315. Barrie Goodman This site is totally unacceptable. Its sole purpose is to insight hate and must not be allowed to do so.
172314. Deborah Alexander  
172313. david zeitzer  
172312. ken levin  
172311. B. Lewis  
172309. Ricki Kahn  
172308. scott weiss  
172307. fm cohen  
172306. Maureen T Yaun Please take this off you search engine
172305. KlareTreiber  
172304. Denis MacEoin  
172303. Lauren Kramaroff  
172302. linda levin please remove
172301. Marc/Dale Sievers  
172300. Ron Bane  
172299. Alex Treiber  
172298. Dudley W Simborg  
172297. John Bell  
172296. Gerald Cohen Inflammatory material is not helpful for peace on earth.
172295. Jeffrey Sweet  
172294. Michael A Kugler  
172293. ben caplan  
172292. David Bereston  
172291. Harriet Maglin  
172290. Ellen Dunsker  
172289. Jack Hano  
172288. andrea fine  
172287. Jacob horari  
172286. evan brahm  
172285. Miriam Wolkenfeld Cohen This is vile!!!
172284. Andrew Sperber  
172283. Karel Ruber  
172282. Carolyn Cihelka  
172281. Gloria G. Acker  
172280. cecilia litovsky  
172279. marty malek  
172278. Isaac Betesh I understand freedom of speech, but it cannot overrule the difamation and xenophobia. Please remove this type of content. I hope I can continue using your engine as a reliable source of information
172277. zulema its a shame for all the world
172276. Debby Fleiss Yahoo search is where I'm going
172275. Craig Tatar Please remove this racist site!
172274. Marcy Fabiani  
172273. David S. Rubin  
172272. Bernie Stein  
172271. Andrea Liptak  
172270. janine plotkin  
172269. Sheila Revivo  
172268. Janice Rogoway  
172267. Mary Gold these sites should be banished
172266. sharon rubenstein  
172265. Pat Schneider  
172264. Vernon Hoxie I think the site incites hatred and violence.
172263. Esther B. Adelman  
172262. selma halpern  
172261. Meredith Adams  
172260. Richard Kimmel Remove this site
172259. Sandi Lublin  
172258. RITA WOOLF  
172257. deborah krupp  
172256. Gary Savage  
172255. Shirley Gonshor  
172254. Eugene Krichmar please remove from google search results.
172253. Albert B. West I don't favor censoring any site not pornographic, but it ought not to be so prominently promoted by Google
172252. Darryl S. Gold If you do not do something to remedy this situratuation I want to know your reason.
172251. Sandra Kay Google has been moved out of my bookmarks
172250. RITA WOOLF  
172249. alison Moore  
172248. David H. Frank  
172247. David Greenberg  
172246. Andrew Carlson  
172245. rachel  
172244. Herb Ziev  
172243. Sherrin Loyd  
172242. J D MOONEY  
172241. jack pakravan  
172240. Emma  
172239. Nancy Abel  
172238. alfredkuschner  
172237. Nicole Drandoff This site is a disgrace!
172236. ron pancer  
172235. Sherry Levy  
172234. Boris Zaslavsky  
172233. nitzan400  
172232. Herb Modelevsky Plese remove in honor of all victims of prejudice who suffer from distorted thinking like this author has deomonstrated.
172231. Nachi Sonnenblick  
172230. Shirley E. Rosenberg  
172229. Victor Yelistratov  
172228. Philip Stilman  
172227. Marla Tenby This is a despicable site, far below what Google should be supporting by listing it. Please remove it.
172226. Leon Malmed Google ought it to a peaceful World to not allow this kind of comments on its Site
172225. Netanel  
172224. Lola Bogorad  
172223. SUEZ,GABRIEL NORBERTO plaser remove it as soon as possibble
172222. Betty Schwartz  
172221. Roni Breite Just because hate exists doesn't mean YOU have to help disseminate it. Please get rid of the Jewwatch listing.
172220. Bernard Yesner  
172219. Donna Wittenberg Please remove from "Google", thank you.
172218. nancy stolarsky  
172217. yael  
172216. Miriam Rakley Disgusting
172215. Robert Friedman  
172213. Betty Sherwood  
172212. Al Smith  
172211. Stein  
172210. Kristina Ellis Disgusting!
172209. Niki Lemos Please remove this apalling site.
172208. Bernard Dubin & Maxine Dubin  
172207. Rana Leave Jews alone! Leave thier homeland alone!
172206. jacob daneshrad  
172205. Ophir Bitton Even an open search has to be responsible
172204. Dr Judith Weisz  
172203. Dr. Fred J. Abbate  
172202. Ferne Barishman  
172201. stewart walowitz anti semitism should be banned
172200. H Fosman  
172199. keith black  
172198. Elisia Abrams  
172197. Leo Maloratsky  
172196. candi levick  
172195. Arlene Hochhauser junk link!
172194. Lee Morreale  
172193. michelle  
172192. Y. Shami  
172191. Dean Staker  
172190. Ron Hochhauser get it off! do the right thing!
172189. Barbara Shneider please remove this WEBSITE
172188. Jeremy Bard  
172187. Debra Moss I believe in freedom of speech, but not when it incites hatred and bigotry!!!
172186. Nan Yarbrough  
172185. Ceil Wallach  
172184. Janet Werger  
172183. Mark Newman  
172182. leo henner get off the internet
172181. muriel denny anti semite--100\%
172180. Jill Maleson Please do the right thing! "Never Again" means good people need to step up.
172179. Rita Fineberg  
172178. Jack Kirsh remove from Goggle
172177. Caryn Graves  
172176. Sandra Gold-Rose  
172175. Dorri and Florence Raskin this site is disgusting,anti-semitic!
172174. Nada J. Tannen  
172173. Rose Lefstein  
172172. Rochelle Kossover To stand by and do nothing is to allow this monster to continue spewing hate and filth. Google, show us your morals.
172171. choo  
172170. Abby  
172169. elaine rappaport  
172168. vlad kaushansky š
172167. Abraham Hazelcorn  
172166. Janet Oldak  
172165. vlad kaushansky š
172164. M. C. Berkovitch  
172162. amanda  
172161. jim cargile Not a Jew, but some things are just not funny
172160. silvina  
172159. sabrina grunfeld  
172158. Harvey Mozer This site is lies and anti-semitic bile masquerading as legitimate information and research.
172157. Robert Feldman disgusting to allow this on your network
172156. DOLLY remove jew watch,com from goolge search engine
172155. Meralee Schlusselberg  
172154. Sheri Dennen  
172153. Melinda Kolani  
172152. Hennie Newman  
172151. sharon feinberg  
172150. M.Haberman must delete this trash
172149. Allyn Shapiro  
172148. arnie abrahams  
172147. Evan  
172146. Sheya Spira  
172145. alex steinbock  
172144. Irene S Greenstein  
172143. John Flanagan Get rid of it.
172142. f.Riffkin  
172141. A. Levin  
172140. Marianne May  
172139. Cheryl Cooper  
172138. inna landa  
172137. Michael Geselowitz  
172136. susan jaffe  
172135. Bessie Segal  
172134. R Clark  
172133. Michael Blum  
172132. Michael Osadchey  
172131. Laurie Miller  
172130. Shelley Gross remove at once
172129. Stu Leventhal Horrible, Just Horrible. This needs to be removed immediately.
172128. P.Brooks Let's get with it.
172127. kevin tyber  
172126. Judi wandres  
172125. Gabriel Katz  
172124. Eileen  
172123. Alex š
172122. Pincus Chiam Dove  
172121. michelle bloom  
172120. Mervyn remove it
172119. Cathy Spangler  
172118. rachelle margulies  
172117. Bernard Bashkoff The Man is a facist..........your website is respected by millions of people..........try to keep it that way and remove this idiot from the users of the internet.
172116. Wendy Schneider  
172115. Boltansky darío  
172114. Karon Schneider please remove
172113. Bluma Binder All hate websites should be abolished. You should be ashamed of yourselves!Remove this website immediately, as this is your responsibility!Stop spreading hatred.
172112. sy howard you are a disgrace-shame on you....
172111. Nathan Lubie A disgrace for google
172110. Arthur and Charlotte Perelman please remove from your search engine
172109. Cally King  
172108. Diane Robbins  
172107. S Cohen  
172106. Bond Brady It is disgusting that Google would allow this to pop up on the Search. Until it is removed I will be using Yahoo! for my searches.
172105. Estelle Gottesman this is an affront to all good people!
172104. Nancy Potak  
172103. Beth Karlin  
172102. Joseph Pollak  
172101. Helaine Bernstein  
172100. M. Weiss This Website is DISGUSTING
172099. Sam Sanandaji  
172098. Stefani Appel  
172097. Wendy Gross We have too much intolerance and fanaticism in the world!
172096. danny  
172095. Maxine.matlen Must be removed immediately.
172094. Mary  
172093. Myer Green That odious site reminds me of African wild animals tearing flesh from a still living buffalo
172092. Suzanne Liederman  
172091. tom delmoor  
172090. Eddie Glick  
172089. Helen M Holmes  
172087. netanel louie  
172086. Abraham Fried  
172085. Helene Leibowitz  
172084. FREYA MASLOV  
172083. Helen and Avrum Hyman  
172082. Sidney Singer remove this and other racist sites
172081. Solomon Neiman  
172080. R Taichman There is no place for this sort of behavior.
172079. elisheva hertz  
172078. Irris Singer remove this site and all racist sites
172077. Kristi Hogan  
172076. Brenda Gronas it is just wrong
172075. Alan Leibowitz  
172074. gene shusman do i really have to comment
172073. David Grossman  
172072. hanna levy  
172071. Gloria Blatant antisimtism! Please, this is serious!
172070. peppy rubinstein  
172068. Mark Slitt  
172067. Evelyn Levine  
172066. Glenn Mannheim, MD  
172065. DS LEVY there's enough hatred in the world already
172064. Levi Rosenbleet š
172063. ariela  
172062. Alan Freedman Words escape me!!!
172061. allen cohen  
172060. nancy halbreich  
172059. Jim Shipley Yes You can
172058. bill please remove
172057. Jennifer St. John While JewWatch was not the first site that came up, it was very high on the first page of sites.
172056. ephraim friedman  
172055. Laura Singer  
172054. Jenifer Kauffman  
172053. Michael Freeling  
172052. Jake Scott Kaplan  
172051. Paul Discusting you should be ashamed
172050. Gerald Aronson I am a korean vet and love my country and believe this to be unfair.
172049. Maria Cristina Caquias  
172048. edward sharon  
172047. Edward Stowell  
172046. betsy zeger  
172045. Heywood Blaufeux  
172044. Egon Petschek  
172043. Brenda Denney  
172042. Scott Seligson  
172041. maryam mofara  
172040. Janet Chertkoff  
172039. Cheryl O'Flaherty  
172038. Judith Reuss  
172037. Deborah Gvir  
172036. Ellen Sterman  
172035. Harold A. Held Totally unacceptable
172034. Stuart Gross  
172033. Renee Harrison what is this world coming to? Not anything that I wnt to be part of!
172032. alan Franco Please remove it.
172031. Leonard Borger  
172030. Denise L Spiewak  
172029. Alyssa  
172028. Percy Albert  
172027. Denise  
172026. Inna Shapiro  
172025. Eric S. Mauner  
172024. Caryn Zilka  
172023. Linda Reiff  
172022. Morris Sites like this should be rejected by Google before ever having to be petitioned
172021. Rosalie Halpin  
172020. Maureen Duemig  
172019. Carol SHeinbaum There will alwayas be fools.
172018. Myrna Lazarus Appalling and totally unacceptable
172017. Ann Kobritz  
172016. Christopher C. Brown  
172015. Hayley Halvorson  
172014. Yossef Shabtai please remove the site and impriove filtering out this hatred
172013. JIm Paymar  
172012. Stirling Murray  
172011. Mitch Eshagh  
172010. Joe Esterson  
172009. S. Lonegren  
172008. Ben Katz If not withdrawn, I'll drop Yahoo and tell others to do the same
172007. Jon Rosenberg Remove this Anti Semite
172006. Bentsion Boverman  
172005. Jimmy Fried  
172004. Helena You don't have to be Jewish to find this type of thing really horrific.. make an end to it now..
172003. Matthew Lipson  
172002. Ann Ellis  
172001. david mordecai, md  
171999. Venus Kalai remove this site!!!
171998. Edwin L. Goldberg  
171997. J.C.Goldenberg  
171996. Faygie Noble  
171995. Joseph Breman All hates sites such as this one should be moved to the very bottom of every such list.
171994. fred okun Common deceny requires you to remove these bigoted comments!
171993. Fred M Schonberg  
171992. Phillip R. Katz  
171991. Jacob Lipson  
171990. Irving Noble  
171989. Esther  
171988. Leonard H Kahan  
171987. Noreen Zylberlicht  
171986. Helen E. Dosik  
171985. Sergio Rami Kot do you at google have any doubts or hesitations? And please don not give us the old "freedom of speech" song and danced.
171984. stanley graham  
171983. Steve Wolman  
171982. Shoshana Glickman  
171981. Mark Lipson  
171980. erwin grossman  
171979. Shirin  
171978. Ernest Ruber  
171977. Elana  
171976. Barry E. Russ  
171975. jeremy  
171974. Larry Klein  
171973. mary dambrosia  
171972. Eli Shaff  
171971. Alan Schlaifer Time to remove this or any similar site that purports to be scholarly but is in fact highly biased.
171970. marlene weiner this is a disgusting abuse of the internet and a blot on a very good and helpful search engine. allowing this hatred to continue is tantamount to condoning it.
171969. juan sinnreich discusting
171968. Goldie Malin  
171967. E Suttner  
171966. Leila Kohn  
171965. Jason Radzik I like Google as a company but to see this be the first item on the list is disgusting.
171964. arlis grossman  
171963. judy gelbart  
171962. Fred Natter  
171961. Fred Schaye Please block this offensive site from your search engine
171960. David Freedman  
171959. Rebecca  
171958. Dov Rom  
171957. Steve Zeinfeld Has history taught us nothing? Stop the hate now
171956. Debbi Herbst  
171955. gail katz  
171954. Sandra Gollop  
171953. Nancy Abbey This site must be removed from the Google Search Engine - I can't believe you would allow this to happen.
171952. stephen ornstein  
171951. Elizabeth Ebrahimian  
171950. Ari  
171949. blossom reitman  
171948. Jodi Atkin  
171947. Louise Robinson  
171946. David Weingarden This site is Wacko Anti-Semite Racist
171945. arash lalezary  
171944. esther s. feldman please remove as soon as possible from your search engine , we find it totally untrue and very offensive
171943. sharon kleinberg horrible site
171942. Davina  
171941. Adam Kahan  
171940. Lili Pasternak I am a Holocaust survivor, and I try to stop any anti-semitism anywhere
171938. Naphtali Knox, Editor I see it is no longer at the top of the list, but JewWatch is still there. Why can't it be banned?
171937. Lina  
171936. Karen Clark  
171935. sara smith  
171934. Frank Keller  
171933. evelyn portnoy  
171932. Lynn Baron  
171931. Walter Lowe  
171930. Leo Feinstein  
171929. joanne jacobs  
171928. Min Google: you should know better!
171927. Barbara Sterling  
171926. Joshua Blum  
171923. Lois Pawlan  
171921. Jim  
171920. Morton B. Kushner  
171919. fay poliak  
171918. Vivian How could that have happened?
171917. daryoush setareh It is a shame to have a hate site in your engine.
171916. larry joseph what a sick hateful twisted group. This is how WW2 began...
171915. Concetta Zirin Yes we are a free country but some things should not be allowed and this is one.
171914. Gene Engelson  
171913. Reverend Patti Pomerantz  
171912. jk  
171911. Paul Rodbell  
171910. Denis Rose  
171909. Andrew Conn  
171908. Andrew  
171907. david g  
171906. Harris Gruber How can you allow this in the first place?
171905. milton friedman  
171904. Jack Barouh  
171903. Jeremy Rosoff  
171902. florence & marvin gerber  
171901. Judy Shapiro  
171900. Shalomis Take 2 minutes to take action against anti-semitism
171899. Lillian Lowe  
171898. Dorothea Nobile This is racist anti-semitic speech.
171897. Captain Norman S.Goldie  
171896. rena  
171895. Benjamin Shara  
171894. David Gold I strongly support this petition and request Google to remove the JewWatch site from their search engine.
171893. Batya Solomon  
171892. Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  
171891. Alon Shafigi Discussed with the fact that Google would alow this site to appear.
171890. yury narodovich  
171889. Michelle Cohn If this man, and people like him, would only put his energy toward promoting good in the world instead of hatred, the world would be a better place.
171888. Haze Wainberg  
171887. paula weinstein  
171886. M. Williams  
171885. Dr. Steven Langer  
171884. Michael Irwin  
171883. Noel Siegel  
171882. Eliot Greenwald  
171881. William Teichman All sites that express hatred towards any identifiable group must not be allowed to exist.
171880. Steven Birnbaum, MD This is a disgusting site that has no place on Googele
171879. stephanie becker  
171878. ramin lavian  
171877. Dr Lester Christie It's been there far far too long. It's insulting and Antisemitic, promoting hatred of the Jews.
171876. Marion Wulkan, Uruguay  
171875. kimberly Browning  
171874. Elaine Resnick It's unacceptable
171873. Ronald S. Levy  
171872. Isaac  
171871. David Becker  
171870. Francisco Neulaender, Uruguay  
171869. Alden Mamann  
171868. Shlomo  
171867. Barbara  
171866. Guggenheim  
171865. lynn  
171863. norman goldner  
171862. robin kahan-berman  
171859. Neil Hiller  
171858. lionel king lassman  
171857. Sholom Michael  
171856. Eli Mashiach  
171855. ellis h black  
171854. janis zaidman please remove
171853. Howard Ellison  
171852. Michelle Comora  
171851. Lionel Starr  
171850. ellen miller  
171849. Cordero Stop JewWatch
171848. Gail Freedman  
171847. Lori Michael  
171846. sharon lund  
171845. lou calabrese  
171844. Herb Fisher  
171843. Linda Samuels this is most offensive
171842. Deena Rubin  
171841. G Stone  
171840. Beverly Feidel  
171839. Jim Talens Absurd!
171838. Robert M. Behrman Disgraceful!
171837. Ashley Craig  
171836. B Levy REMOVE
171835. Joanne Ohlhausen  
171834. Iris Cohn  
171833. Judith Nichols Remove this site now-it fosters hate
171832. carol bregman  
171831. Jerry Sheinbach  
171830. aaron oretsk Do the right thing......
171829. Melanie Miller  
171828. D. Codas  
171827. yaakov brody These Jew haters will burn forever.
171826. Wendy Wilder  
171825. john d norman This site is unacceptable in any democratic society
171824. Trudy A. Horkin  
171823. Melodie Tunick-Zide  
171822. Howard Margoluis  
171821. Kay Ross This website has to be removed from your search engine. Anti-semitism cannot go on like this anymore.
171820. Diane Shapiro  
171819. Jaime Lynn Llorente  
171818. Alan Brown  
171817. Alice and Robert Galoob This is a hateful website. Remove immediately!!
171816. naomi h. bash  
171815. DeVera Silver  
171814. Mr. & Mrs. David & Norma Fischbein  
171813. Harriett Charno  
171812. Malcolm Nefsky  
171811. ruth mandelcorn  
171810. Nicole there is no room for bigots
171809. JACK SILVER  
171808. Raymond Heilpern  
171807. Vered Albelda  
171806. doron hotowitz  
171805. jash  
171804. Prof. K. H. Ryesky This is a disgrace on Google's part.
171803. Shayne L.  
171802. Leslie Klafter  
171801. Rob Mykoff is Google going to SUPPORT Jewish HATE groups?!
171800. Vered  
171799. Yaakov Brody This is an abomination.
171798. selim salti  
171797. Susie Olins  
171796. Larry Stillman  
171794. marsha mermelstein  
171793. Robin Mashal  
171792. Tsafra Chesnoff  
171791. Clara Laniado  
171790. judy landesman  
171788. Farnaz  
171787. Judith Boshwit  
171786. DR RANDI STERN  
171785. Carmel Gerber  
171784. keith saxe I will never use google again if it remains
171783. Caroline S. Tamm  
171782. philip Cohen Shall Google's absolute power encourage the vileness and hatred of anti-semitism?
171781. A.A. Miller  
171780. Eliot E This is disgusting
171779. Jeremy Jaffe  
171778. Al Markowitz This is a hate site promoting anti-semitism
171777. natalie m rosenstock  
171776. E. Hamburger Everyone has freedom of speech, but Google should ensure that their pages are ranked properly and displayed in a descent order.
171775. I Blotkin  
171774. ALBERT COHEN  
171773. Beverly Cott I am dumbfounded and deeply offended that this site exists. This is hate mongering.
171772. Lindsay  
171771. Madeline Grant  
171770. Marty this nazi should not be on the airwaves
171769. David Singer  
171768. renee kugelman  
171767. Ginette  
171766. jerry gould col.usmc ret a disgusting site
171765. Deanna Sclar This petition has been going around for 4 years. You must have the required number of signatures by now! Even if you don't, the numbers of hits you use to justify keeping it indicates the vast numbers of people who are not anti-semitic who were confronted with this as your first pick. Is this what you want on your record?
171764. David Schneidt Disgusting, Shameful and Appalling
171763. J. Hood  
171762. Philip Berger  
171761. Howard Relles Please remove this hate site.
171760. Carolyn Schneidt Shame on you!!!
171759. Norman M. Fleischer  
171758. elinor singerman  
171757. Wendy Polowin  
171756. Judith Worell This site contains hateful and clearly antisemitic material, including many historical falsehoods
171755. Cheryl Stern  
171754. Daro Gross More anti-Semitic Folktales
171753. Mike Potashnick Unbelievable catalog of rubbish. Can't belive that anyone can still propogate such hatred
171752. DAvid Albelda  
171751. Tully Miller Either the owners of Google are yidified , stupid or disinterested in what Google sites are about , or only interested in profit.
171750. Avrohom Langsam  
171749. Marcy  
171748. Vivian Bitensky  
171747. Carl Stitzer Please remove from list
171746. Seth Cooper  
171745. ruth  
171744. lisa fenik they should give it a rest /what is the purpose
171743. Zeda Spiegel remove from search engines
171741. Limor Gittelson are we in the 21st century yet? it sure doesn't feel like it...
171740. ruth  
171739. David Trochtenberg  
171738. yacov eytan  
171737. ruth  
171736. Cathy Miller McCoppin  
171735. Charlene Y. Stern  
171734. Jeffrey Alan Siegel  
171733. David Hirsh  
171732. Chloe take this website off.
171731. Jane Green sad
171730. Mindy Dember  
171729. marlin barad  
171728. Heather Stillman  
171727. Augusta Falleder  
171726. Carol Solway  
171725. Lisa Bergman  
171724. Sherri Fox  
171723. Alyssa Horn Unless Google wants to be deemed an anti-semetic corporation and compromise their monetary means with the hatreds of anti-semites, they ought to get rid of this sight from showing up on their search engine as NUMBER ONE
171722. eugene magad Outrageous!
171721. elaine finkelstein why not keep it but not as the first listing. I'm not a fan of censorship!!!
171720. Michele Noar This is not freedom of speach its inciting hatred.
171719. Marion Frank This disgraceful site must be removed
171718. Bernard Plagman Google should step up and do the right thing.
171717. Yoav Feller Remember the holocaust
171716. steven epstein  
171715. Ellen Fine  
171714. Robert Kasper Please stop hate messages such as Jew Watch. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
171713. Les Spitzer  
171712. helene pitzer This should go through Google's spam filter
171711. Ed Clarke  
171710. Laura Blank I haven't read the site but i fail to understand why such an objectional site should be of interest to anyone but the obscene
171709. Ruth Esselink this web page needs to go
171708. jerry lev  
171707. JordanL  
171705. jodie gerchenson  
171704. Rachel Kastoryano  
171703. Joanna Wasserman Shame on Google!
171702. Leonard Bass  
171701. Jacqueline Kukuy  
171700. LILY ROSENBLATT Please do the right thing.
171699. Jamie Edelman  
171698. mike hall  
171697. Howard Wasserteil  
171696. Kenneth S Olshan  
171695. Danny Singer  
171694. Myrna Dacey This website promotes hatered
171693. Frieberg Gerda  
171692. Debbie Katcoff  
171691. Miriam Ringel  
171690. Beryl Rosendorf  
171689. M. Palley  
171688. Rochelle rosenblum  
171687. Leslie Simon  
171686. Peggy/Bob SapphireFeinberg no rationalizations, please. just do it!
171685. Mindy H shame on google for not blocking it by now
171684. Debra Goodman  
171683. Frances H Doctorow GET RID OF THAT AWFUL WEBSITE
171682. sam schmaje  
171681. stella ymar  
171680. sigmund kolatzki  
171679. arlyne ettinger  
171678. Ruth G. Cohen  
171677. Lester Cohen  
171676. deborah rosenhaus this is reprehensible
171675. golda k. soriano  
171674. Julie Molnare  
171673. Rhoda Brenner  
171672. sarah blum  
171671. Brent Cornils  
171670. Who Isit What's taking so long????
171669. josh  
171668. chane moser  
171667. David Turner "Jew Watch" is a blatantly anti-Semitic ebsite. Google helps spread hate by encouraging people to look at it.
171666. L. Teplinsky  
171665. dee hewatt  
171664. H. Hartman  
171663. Garry M. Schwartz  
171662. Chris Baker  
171661. Annie Venezia incredible that this site is even existing in America
171660. Lori Randolph  
171659. renee stark  
171658. Robin Gay Beerman  
171657. gary wasserman  
171656. Susan Lederman  
171655. Fran Green  
171654. michal  
171653. Madelyn Page (Fraidin) time to boycott Google
171652. lydda  
171651. John Rooke  
171650. Rae  
171649. Ellen Rotterdam This site is a disgrace.
171648. Atara theres a limit to free speech!
171647. carol rothschild  
171646. b  
171645. sylvia ruskin  
171644. song ja paster  
171643. Allan Cantor  
171642. howie cohen  
171641. marvin schuster,md  
171640. don paster  
171639. Alan  
171638. Barbara Liebert  
171637. L. Ellenbogen  
171636. anabela s moskovitz shame on you!
171635. David  
171634. Susan Nevins  
171633. james  
171632. nancy potter disgusting
171631. Dr V. Dorosz  
171630. marilyn gindoff  
171629. Dorothy Andur  
171628. Eli casper please remove from google search results.
171627. Arthur & Lillian Coopersmith disgusting we have to do this
171626. francine Peters I find this site to be odious and dagerous as well as outrageously false
171625. Evalyn Block  
171624. Ina Becker outrageous stuff purporting to be facts
171622. Isaac  
171621. Carolyn Swenson Florida, USA
171620. T. Rubenstein  
171619. schwarz yael  
171618. moe davis  
171617. Jeff Chad  
171616. Fanny E. Weisblatt  
171615. andrew kent remove from Google
171614. Harold Schlenger  
171613. Steve Brieger  
171612. Stan Oppenheimer Drop them once and for all, you use the same technology for china to block offending web content, clean up racism online.
171611. Rachel Podlishevsky  
171610. Edward Hass  
171609. Issie Scarowsky This is clearly anti-semitic.
171608. Barry Arno  
171607. G.M. Ayotte  
171606. Robert Lasker  
171605. Emily Wheeler This site is appalling and needs to be removed
171604. Barry Stein This is a disgraceful site, operating under the guise of objectivity to foster anti-semitism.
171603. noel lawson  
171602. Marion Shanker  
171601. Hedda Ginsberg  
171600. MARILYN LEVY  
171599. marvin Abrams  
171598. Natalie PolkNPOLKNJ@YAHOO.COM  
171597. payman please do
171596. Freida Posnock  
171595. mike  
171594. ben bentley  
171593. ron friedman  
171592. Gerald Deutsch  
171591. Mark Fishkind  
171590. Dale Mendelson  
171589. R. Moldwin  
171588. Carol Mathenia despicable site
171587. Lynne Heller  
171586. Tony Cushim  
171585. Julian Tawil  
171584. Adam D. Miller Take the site off ASAP
171583. alice Brand How small would Israel have to get in order for it to be left alone!! The right to exist is not exclusive to one ethnicity or another. Israelis and Jews have given this earth some of the best of culture, arts, science, and humanities ! Give the Jews the rights that everyone else wants for themselves.
171582. lynda svonkin  
171581. Evelyn Tilzer  
171580. gerald levy shame on google
171579. Jon Hamilton  
171578. Allan Bernstein  
171577. barbara robins  
171576. Leonard Fine  
171575. I am totally against this petition.  
171574. Lorraine Orlean  
171573. brian kotzer  
171572. Linda Katz  
171571. Rhea Schwartzberg  
171570. Ron Garavuso Please shut down any site that is similar to this one!
171569. lloyd zerker hatefilled site
171568. Hana Zimnowitz  
171567. efrat  
171566. Rachel Radna  
171565. Sally Zerker this site is nothing but Jew hatred, that is, racism of the form against Jews
171564. freida gottsegen There is enough hatred in the world...anti-semitisim should NOT contribute to additional hate and should not be supported in any way.
171563. Shawn Gabbaie google is not anti-semetic, so please do not promote or support anti-semetic sites.
171562. Davina Namvar  
171561. Michael Boyden  
171560. Ruth Bedrax  
171559. Mousa Namvar  
171558. jason grischkan google should ban all racist web sites!!!!!
171557. Stephanie  
171556. Aron Kallush This website is a disgrace
171555. Karen Bloustine I am thinking that this inclusion was not on purpose.
171554. Rachel Elfassy  
171553. R. Rose remove this garbage from the whole internet!!!
171552. Lynn Rappaport  
171551. Barbara Marcus  
171550. debbie schwartz  
171549. Nell K. den Hartog-Boer  
171548. kam Please remove NOW
171547. Lewis Rappaport  
171546. Neil Friedman  
171545. robert Chehebar  
171544. Marlene Wolff Solomon  
171543. Peter  
171542. Helene Galgano  
171541. amy persky  
171540. Leslie Becker  
171539. Rafaela Bruce No racist, no anti-semitic sites should be allowed to proliferate. We are not in the 1930s, are we?
171538. Julius S. Richter  
171537. Linda Ryan Would you allow this if it was called "Black Watch" with supposed "scholoarly" articles on people of color?
171536. Carole Lefkowitz  
171535. Spencer Gellert  
171534. L.P.Snow Hateful
171533. Adina Melnick Reprehensible
171532. Peter Houtman  
171531. Judy Sember  
171530. Geri Gellert  
171529. Benjamin  
171528. Carole Medoff It is Hate propagande like this that formed the support base for the Holocaust
171527. Selma Zweig  
171526. Franklin D. Smith  
171525. Lynne  
171524. Debbie REMOVE THIS SITE!
171523. Jan Rubenstein  
171522. Hadassah Esther Stainer-Walner  
171521. Andrea Meissler Remove from Google
171520. Aaron Eagle  
171519. Linda Katzeff  
171518. Gerry Resnick  
171516. Chaim Capland  
171514. Mitch Perliss  
171513. helen and morton kurzban discusting...remove at once!
171512. Lois Levitt  
171511. Alan Jasper  
171510. Stephanie Viner  
171509. Donald Margolies  
171508. Rachel Steich  
171507. Eli Hamada  
171506. Avinoam Rabinovitch  
171505. alex levin  
171504. L BARBER  
171503. Gary Oxfeld  
171502. JOSEPH SHRAGO remove jewwatch
171501. Susan G Brooks  
171500. Gilad Levin  
171499. lynne grossman I am taking google off my toolbar until this is removed
171498. hadas  
171497. Claire Shapiro  
171496. emily landau  
171495. Ferol Di Bella  
171494. Robert Brown  
171493. Payam Marouni  
171492. Sima Krechmer  
171491. Gloria Ellis  
171490. barry mann this site is blatantly anti-semitic and must be removed
171489. Franci Karp  
171488. gabriel furst  
171487. John Fahrer  
171486. Mike Golshan  
171485. susan shershow it is offensive
171484. Alvin M.Pressman  
171483. Abe Katz  
171482. Eleanor O'Byrne  
171480. Jerry Loterman  
171479. Deanna Morgan It Is shameful that this is still happening
171478. MICHEL KLEIN  
171477. janice Altman  
171476. James McGee Vile, hateful and ignorant
171475. Israel Kishner  
171474. Sid Horn This is a very disturbing site.
171473. Sanford Appelbaum  
171472. Marsha Graber  
171471. lyle hurwitz  
171470. Claudia Aumann  
171469. John Wakefield  
171468. Harvey Schuster  
171467. Ellen Levinson  
171466. Enid R. Hirst  
171465. STEVAN H. LABUSH  
171464. eldy gross  
171463. m faivish  
171461. Betty Goldkind  
171460. Billy Shapiro  
171459. Wanda Refaely  
171458. S Rubinoff how do you allow this.looks like germany 1935
171457. Virginia  
171456. RABBI SHLOMO BRAUN Society is loaded with hate, it is a shame for Google to help promote it further.
171455. Ryan Hyman  
171454. cheryl lipson  
171453. David  
171452. Shaya Eisen  
171451. Kurt Brandt  
171450. Ze'ev YELLINSKY  
171449. Charles F. Miller  
171448. lauren nassimi  
171447. barby  
171446. Michele Fine  
171445. Milton Marcus  
171444. carol kroner  
171443. Ruth Valadez  
171442. Helen and George Leong  
171441. Catherine Torres  
171440. Marisol Leiva Stop anti-semitism
171439. Mark Radberg  
171438. Lewis Z. Koch  
171437. ANA CERCHIO  
171436. sara PLEASE REMOVE
171435. Gary Rashba  
171434. Bruce Nemer  
171433. cindy  
171432. Deborah Fink This site is filled with heinous lies!
171431. Terri Warhaft  
171430. Joan Rothaus  
171429. David Cowan Ignorance remains a powerful force in the world
171428. Vince Gram This man is a joke and a moron. He should be removed and put into a padded room
171427. Bruce Golden This site is not acceptable!
171426. diana remove the name from google search. very bad rasist site.
171425. jeff lowi  
171423. laura  
171422. shahram hedvat  
171421. Robert Reed this is despicable!
171420. Helen Green should be removed in any event.
171419. Joseph Rasson Perhaps he wants to live in Gaza or Iraq to see if he can make it alive out of there.
171418. Renee Snodgrass This web site is an abomination!
171417. michael remove the name from google search. very bad rasist site.
171416. D. Schaeffer  
171415. shelley weinstock  
171414. Judith Diven M.D.  
171413. Gerald Friedman  
171412. Randy Green  
171411. Joseph Nik remove from google
171410. Abe  
171409. Sid Diamond  
171408. Barbara Freedman  
171407. arlene and martin kurland Please remove the site. This is way below your standard of committment to the public you serve.
171406. Allan Siegel  
171405. jeremie Debomy This is unacceptable
171404. Michael  
171403. Maria Gurin  
171402. Michael Ushomirsky  
171401. Barry Weiss  
171400. michael caplan  
171399. Richard Mark  
171398. elaine carroll  
171397. Sandor Tambor  
171396. Richard Bronstein  
171395. Sandra Levy  
171394. Matthew This is not needed. Must be removed.
171393. Ellen Friedman  
171392. carol wageheim  
171391. brooke smith  
171390. Cathy Baer  
171389. Howard Goodman Shamefull!!!!
171388. Andrew Banoff  
171387. nikki kamis  
171386. C. B.Baker  
171385. michal barkai  
171384. Joan Gahtan  
171383. n solomon  
171382. Karen Luse  
171381. Onkar N Bhaskar Stop the nonsense
171380. Bernard M. Kleinman  
171379. yenon  
171378. Michael Blank  
171377. Barbara Fromer  
171376. Malka Zeiger  
171375. Lila M. Kleinman  
171374. Shelly Rogers  
171373. Pej B  
171372. lenora weinstein  
171371. Bret Miller Disgusting!
171370. Michael Hanan  
171369. edward zarabi none
171368. Mark Gilbert  
171367. Barbara Dagen  
171366. Barbara Oxfeld  
171365. Jo Green Nina Zucker, the only crimes against humanity that are being committed are those by Washington and it's Israeli b@stard child; the real 'duo of evil'.
171364. Malka Mendlowitz  
171363. hezi katz  
171362. Alex Rozenblum  
171361. June Leader  
171360. annette gordon  
171358. Karen Abramson  
171357. Mac Kamjoo  
171356. nadine spiro disgusting
171355. alec goldis  
171354. riki katz  
171353. Jack & Inga Borenstein This is disgusting! Why on earth would Google be an enabler in such a circumstance?
171352. Cindy Moyers Anti-semetism must be stopped.
171351. Joan Bohm  
171350. Jonathan Sriberg  
171349. Frances Tischler  
171348. estelle Saltzman disgusting
171347. michael antisemitism just for clicking "jew" is wrong ):(
171346. Traci Robinson  
171345. Cookie Belman  
171344. allan abosh hatred and ignorance of any religion is unacceptable in todays world Please remove this anti-semetic site asap
171343. Nina Zucker This site is despicable. And in an age of increased terrorism, bigotry and racism around the world, let alone anti-semitism, it is beyond shameful that Google is -- however passively -- endorsing the proliferation of hatred and crimes against humanity by allowing this site on its search engine. It must be removed. NOW.
171342. Irene Hepps  
171341. gary darwin  
171340. Isaac Silverstein  
171339. David Quint  
171338. Ría  
171337. Jo Greene It's funny to see mostly jews signing this petition, hardly surprising or unbiased, lol. Seems like you all can't stand the truths that you are trying to hide!
171336. Ken Koby  
171335. aaron glantz  
171334. Mark Levine  
171333. Jordana  
171332. Fischer  
171331. Larry Mann Very Disappointed in Google for allowing this!!
171330. David Lissy  
171329. Joshua Latman  
171328. robert seskin  
171327. Bob Kady  
171326. Dawn Marie  
171324. Marlene Z. Stanger  
171323. Novak  
171322. Janice  
171321. mansour zarabi  
171320. denise guetta google must be impartial, honest, e apreciate the jews who gave all the new tecnology of the computers, and for all the humanity
171319. Meryl G. Nason  
171318. Nanci  
171317. Sandy Ludwig revolting
171316. Inna Krasnopolsky š
171315. BARRY FREEMAN immediate action please
171314. Bobbie Chase When the Nazis were in power, one of the sins was that of non-action. We need to act to remove this kind of anti-Semitic slander from the Internet.
171313. alan waters  
171312. benjamin horwood remove anti-semitic site
171311. Gideon Porter  
171310. mm  
171309. joe kurlansik  
171308. John Little is a factual site with referential integrity and I challenge anyone to disprove any part of it with evidence. Those who attempt to stifle the truth and freedom of expression should be ashamed of themselves!
171307. Nina Fogelman  
171306. Douglas Samson  
171305. Fagg, Isabel  
171304. MILTON  
171303. sheri  
171302. arthur rottenstein  
171301. Dave Lem  
171300. Howard tune  
171299. Judy Brickman  
171298. J. Steinmetz  
171297. Jeffrey Bernstein please heed our request
171296. Yael  
171295. Moses Edelstein  
171293. Carol Wichter  
171292. Theodore T. Mairanz  
171291. Eva Kashket  
171290. Dr.Maurice Fischer  
171289. Loues Gerkinnv  
171288. David Rubin  
171287. Donna Thalblum  
171286. Michael Weisblatt This is absolute anti-semitism!
171285. Carole Landau all hate and misleading items should be barred from the internet
171284. Paul Chitlik  
171283. Samuel Levine  
171282. Josh Waters  
171281. Lois and Myron Koenig The 2 self-hating Jews who own Google/YouTube are despicable. This must be removed from Google.
171280. Michael Shragowitz Disturbing that Google needs a petitiion for removal of this hateful site.
171279. alberto imach  
171278. Jeffrey Kamis  
171277. Ben Feig  
171276. Lisa Sawyer  
171274. David A. Yarus i strongly believe that the first result for Jew being anti-semitic is an insult to the jewish people. it would not be that way for Christian or any other religious search, why let it be that way towards the Jews.
171273. Manuel Dichner Racist comments should not be tolerated.
171272. Anna Stonefield  
171271. Lazar Papernick  
171270. Edith Abrams This website is disgusting and inflammatory and should not be on any website or available in any public forum. This country is divided enough with this kind of information being dissemenated on the web.
171269. Elayne Lite This is against every American principle we hold dear.
171268. Herb Goldberg Horrendous
171267. SARA LEVAN Please remove this awful site!
171266. Stanley Burdman  
171265. Mark Susskind  
171264. Howard Tafler  
171263. Judith Sadowsky  
171262. MICHELE LEVAN Please remove this dispicable site from your search engine. Thank you!
171261. Jay  
171260. Sigmund S. Jaffe  
171259. Ellie Larson It is very ressist and should be removed.
171258. Sheldon Pettle I am a liberal and disappointed that Google would allow this site on the Google Search Engine
171257. Alanna Turco Unacceptable
171256. Jill R.  
171255. David Kalman This site is dispicable
171254. Ira Tumpowsky  
171253. Marshall Salsbury  
171252. Bella The less antisemitism that can be found on the network the better!!!
171251. Jamie Brill  
171250. Maxine  
171249. Jackie Nash  
171248. rebecca don't send me any emails please
171247. I. Liebson  
171246. Dawud Farquhar is a factual site with referential integrity. Anti-zionism is NOT anti-semitism and it's blatant hypocricy to see the same people clammer for it's removal from google when they are behind facist/bigotted sites such as
171245. Alan Eirinberg  
171244. Alex Kush š
171243. herbert weisman  
171242. Elfriede HELLER Its foundation is hatred
171241. Marta  
171240. Christopher Mrowka  
171239. Susan Weissmann  
171238. Jessica T. Veroba  
171237. Joan Soloff I am repulsed at this site!!!
171236. Robby Gamson  
171235. Penny Sheahan  
171234. Gayle Linick  
171233. Myrna Korman  
171232. Dr. Marianne Robin Russo  
171231. A.Aaron Elkind Why do you allow this type of thing.
171230. Ken Avery  
171229. Matthew Pearlman get this off!!!!
171228. Mindy Winik  
171227. Carol Mrowka Google should be ashamed of themselves to allow such garbage.
171226. michael  
171225. roberrt dohany  
171224. Lori Gray  
171223. Tali Rosenblum  
171222. Micki Sherin Evans Please remove!!!
171221. Jeff A. Braverman  
171220. Linda Ho  
171219. Hillel Finestone  
171218. Jennifer Moser Teaching Hatred is Always Inappropriate
171217. Susan Kruman  
171216. Yelena Goren  
171215. Linda Orlowski-Smith  
171214. Bruce Le-Montee Discrimination against Jewish People
171213. Sandy Roberts  
171212. shabtai gonen  
171211. Ellen Steinberg  
171210. samuel herzberg  
171209. Arnold Margoluis  
171208. Edward Jutkowitz  
171207. Samuel Uretsky  
171206. Rachel Katz disgraceful
171205. Hillel Aufrichtig  
171204. Janice Weizman  
171203. Yvonne Kant  
171202. Edward Sabbagh Ridiculous site
171201. mauriciio siempre google fué mi página de internet
171200. jane binakonsky  
171199. Liora Tarlowe This site masquerading as "scholarly" is a completely baseless, and should certainly not be the second thing that shows up when someone who is truly trying to research the Jewish People types the word "Jew" into Google.
171198. Emily  
171197. amnon zakay  
171196. Robert Kwalwasser  
171195. Dena N. Sher Site is simply outrageous - remove at once.
171194. John Berger  
171193. Iain Mackay  
171192. Jonathan Pollack  
171191. Jolene Bloch  
171190. Arthur Brody  
171189. Amy Stahl  
171188. abe moshel  
171187. Ruth Markley Please delete that HATE E-MAIL from Google
171186. William D. Petok  
171185. Tevis Ross shame
171184. Adele Rose  
171183. yohay  
171182. Ronnie Bloch  
171181. Amy Mack Google should not even give the appearance of endorsing hate speech.
171180. Todd Stevens  
171179. Gale M. Dillman  
171178. Eitan Avniel  
171177. Bahareh shame on google
171176. Jacob Zakuta  
171175. Danny Cohen very sad
171174. julie klinger  
171173. kenneth orr  
171172. Engela Bloch  
171171. alex sarousi  
171170. Laina  
171169. elisa horrible!
171168. Marianne Wolff  
171167. Henry S. Brenzel  
171166. Carol Spodek  
171165. Anita Langer Please remove this site immediately.
171164. Vadim Rotenberg, MD, PhD, DSc. Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University.  
171163. Nancy remove immediately
171162. Jake  
171161. Elizabeth Miranda  
171160. Jules M Laser  
171159. sidney rosen this search engine is simply a way of spreading hatred
171158. Vita Nelson People don't have the right to cry "fire" in a crowded theatre and they should not have the right to insight bigotry on the web.
171157. Elvina Zeltsman š
171156. nissan michael  
171155. Gerald and Renee Collins  
171154. Jeanette Horn  
171153. S Norman  
171152. Yosef Rumshiskiy  
171151. Mark Schenkel  
171150. Michael Greenberg  
171149. Rene' Berg  
171148. Naomi Greenblott  
171147. Madeline Alpert  
171146. P Morrow  
171145. Deborah Sabin  
171144. avril ozen terrifiingly racist
171143. Arnold Finkel  
171142. William Kohn  
171141. Rona Jutkpwitz  
171140. myra belle mionis  
171139. Marvin Gurien  
171138. Luz Stella Bloom let's end this racist website
171137. mike newman  
171136. Molly Pomerance  
171135. eyal  
171134. Monica Naomi  
171133. Elliot Leybo Please remove that horrible sit
171132. AJ Greberman  
171131. Ruth Glosser  
171130. Rachel  
171129. Marjorie Levin  
171128. Sidney LEVY Google should not support racist sites
171127. mark silver  
171125. Art Paley This is a hate site that is detrimental to the USA
171124. Blanche Meisel  
171123. Jaime Brown  
171122. sandra a markus how distasteful for google to permit this!!!!!!!!
171121. Sherwin Harris  
171120. Weinblum Dan MD  
171119. Norman Levin  
171118. Ron Barasch  
171117. Sally Levene The site is disgraceful
171116. John Bamberg Rediculous, Shameful and Antisemitic.
171115. Karyn Meyers can't we take away his degrees for discrimination
171114. H J Polak  
171112. igor ozeryansky  
171111. Mindy Recht  
171110. oz ignorance is contagious
171109. david yerosh How could the founders of google who are jewish to let this happen?
171108. jennie rothner  
171107. Sandra Grun  
171106. bouanish connard
171105. Angelyn Nelson Please remove Jew Watch
171104. Daniella Kamis-Brown  
171103. Bernice Porwich shame on google!!!!!!
171102. Lois gross  
171101. annabelle salzberger  
171100. H. Sue Stonefield  
171099. ramy  
171098. hyman marcus  
171097. Elisa  
171096. Irene Simon  
171095. shabnam shirazian  
171094. Howard Lonstar  
171093. shabnam shirazian  
171092. Mark Miller  
171091. CHICHE  
171090. Fred Walker  
171089. Jackie Katz terrible!!
171088. aryeh lederhendler  
171087. nancy sachs  
171086. Martin Wichter Very offensive and misleading. It looks more like a terrorist recruiting web site than an accurate portrayal of events.
171085. k delancey  
171084. Ehud Gratch  
171083. Ray Daniels Hope this'll work. I thought these kind of people were fictional, but I guess this is a modern version of the Protocols..@
171082. Patricia L. Jacobs  
171081. Miriam Dachs  
171080. Caroline Lifshey  
171079. Sharon Shinewald  
171078. SM Salomon  
171077. Edwin A. Salsitz Horrible, classical, Anti-Semitic site
171076. Allan Levene The site is biased, unbalanced, and fascist.
171075. Linda E  
171074. Joe Campisi  
171073. aline simon This site in despicable and to the number one site under the word Jew means you have not looked at the sites you place on your site.
171072. J. Davis  
171071. Harry Bork  
171070. Gale Teitelbaum  
171069. Moshe Chen  
171068. Nina Shteingold  
171067. Linda Abbott This can't happen on our watch!
171066. jonathansetton please remove this website from our list i find it offensive and promoting jew hatred
171065. emma  
171064. Janet Davis Please remove this site-
171063. alex hayward  
171062. rochelle zide-booth  
171061. natalie jaque  
171060. Marilyn B.M. Horne Horrible site and should be removed. Really hateful and biased
171059. jonathansetton please remove this website from our list i find it offensive and promoting jew hatred
171058. Jerry Rochman  
171057. solomon hoffman HORRIFIC
171056. betsy ratner horrified that google would list such a prejudicial site with such anti semitism..i will not be using google until it is removed
171055. stephanie  
171054. paul resnick  
171053. Dr. Paul H. Busker Remove from Google Search Engine
171052. Mayda Roth  
171051. Ron Denny  
171050. Gideon Brenner  
171049. Marc spivak  
171048. Sheri Frankel  
171047. Cohen happily
171046. Naomi Topper  
171045. Donna Kruman  
171044. Gilaad Kaplan  
171043. Randy Kraft  
171042. harriett golden take it off !
171041. Stephen Weinstein  
171040. Sheila Zinder  
171039. Cery Perle  
171038. Rivka Karmel What a horrific site to put on your Google search engine. It brings to my memory all the horrific horrors that my parents and many members of my family and my husband's family went through in their young years, being sent to concentration camps and working camps, watching their loved ones, mother, father, sisters, brothers going into the gas chambers, being starved and treated with trememdous cruetly. I know we are in America, the land of freedom thank G-d, but sometimes freedom can be a two edged sword and your site JewWatch emphasizes this.
171037. john stoller  
171036. Allison Levine  
171035. Michele Arm  
171034. Lauren Kreisberg The internet should provide people with accurate information not people biased oppinions. It is tool to learn, not to brainwash and guide people to hate.
171033. isaac  
171032. Ruben Don Outrageous
171030. N  
171029. Steven Pass  
171028. Karen Bentley  
171027. vikki leffman  
171026. dana  
171025. Jenell Fontes  
171024. Maksim Saitskiy  
171023. Jordan  
171022. Laurie Dziomba  
171021. Suzanne  
171020. Marlene S. Feiner  
171019. Sarah  
171018. Michael Resnik  
171017. Meredith Anderson Filters classify this site as hate/racial/violence. Why must this freedom of expression get high ratings?
171016. B Anne Davis  
171015. Dale Bina  
171014. Nathan Gertner  
171013. Daniela Garzon  
171012. Babak Nabati Never Again
171011. FloAnn Bina  
171010. Dave Rappaport  
171009. Sheila Stein  
171008. Linda Franklin  
171007. herbert deutsch  
171006. KAY please remove
171005. Jon Perle  
171004. Peter Disgusting
171003. Adina Reichman  
171002. Lindsay Rivenburgh  
171000. Michael Zuev These links put shame on Google
170999. Roy J. Levin  
170998. Tamara Levin don't be part of anti-Semitism
170997. Mike Reed  
170996. Nathan H. Rosenberg  
170995. rita  
170994. aaron shechter  
170993. gharbi  
170992. anthony greenwood  
170991. Philip Russ  
170990. Marvin Neiman  
170989. Craig MacFarlane  
170988. george There should be zero tollerance for anti-semites.
170987. Robert Hepps  
170986. David M Weinstein  
170985. david newman  
170984. Diane This site is horrible!
170983. samuel marateck  
170982. Ellen Barnett  
170981. Jenny Ansay  
170980. Beverly Moriarty  
170979. Johnny Ramone I am a Christian and find this site REPULSIVE
170978. Annette Webster  
170977. Elaine Salsbury  
170976. Kevin Miller  
170975. tova Mayer Remove this false and hatred-filled site!
170974. melvin Fox  
170973. Paul Grant  
170972. John Schreiber  
170971. Nira Eshkol  
170970. Naome  
170969. Scott Isard  
170968. Ivan Lantos terrible
170967. Peter W. Hirsch  
170966. Stefan Carter  
170965. Edward Wachsberger  
170964. Ivan Horn shameful
170963. Robert Grossman Please have the decency to remove!
170962. Barry Barton  
170961. allan  
170960. Jerome Gillman Astonishing that Google permits such a site!
170959. leo sevush  
170958. Jonathan Lifton  
170957. Christopher Charles Pollard, Singer/Songwriter & Author STOP RACISM !
170956. Ralph R. Garcia  
170954. Louise Halperin This website is dreadful, slanderous, and false. It should at very least be challenged!
170953. Henry  
170952. Joseph Romanelli Disgraceful; beyond any freedom of expression.
170951. Harold Mindlin  
170950. Brian Nadata  
170949. Gail McDonough I can't believe you would even accept it!!!!!
170947. Mary Alice Pollard What a disgusting site - I hope this is removed IMMEDIATELY - we are all from the same creator !
170946. Monte Alman  
170945. Lisa Mattaway  
170944. eveline geva  
170943. Margi Oksner please remove from the google search engine
170942. Steve Chesler  
170941. Michael Sheynberg  
170939. sam roitman ÿ
170938. Shirley Hirsch  
170936. Gerry Posner  
170934. Ian & Charlotte Spitz  
170933. Esther Eisenberg  
170932. Jim Bensimon  
170931. Alan  
170930. Lindsay Karlsberg-Gerstein  
170929. hyll krevolin  
170928. Peller Marion  
170927. Silvia Lehrer  
170926. Loren Cole Outrageous
170925. Jack Merkin  
170924. Elina Lyublinsky  
170923. moria max  
170922. Sharon This site is vulgur and only breeds hate
170921. Micki Fuller Please do the right thing and remove the offensive page from Google
170920. Arthur &Ruth Rubenstein As a COMBAT veteran of WW11-I urge you to
170919. Eliezer Saraf  
170918. Sandra L. Ymar  
170917. Jeff Kolodny  
170916. Stephen Shawl  
170915. Patricia Fisher  
170914. yossi srmbira  
170913. Jeff Stein  
170912. Rhonda Arastoozad  
170911. Howard Sheckter Get rid of these jurks!
170910. Linda Marder  
170909. Joyce  
170908. Mike It is beyonf comprehension how such a racist, anti-Semitic web-site is allowed to operate. Shut it down, now!!!
170907. Linda Marder  
170906. Wohl Ilan  
170904. Marilyn Ward  
170903. E. V. Marx  
170902. Ellie  
170901. Nili staple REMOVE WEBSITE
170900. Sheldon Wayne  
170899. levi  
170898. Michael Jackson  
170897. nathalie perez  
170896. Ellen Dioguardo  
170895. Robert Short  
170894. Sharona Ghods  
170893. Peter Ekstein  
170892. Ozzy Zangi  
170891. Helena Kazhdan  
170890. michael crelinsten  
170889. Arnold W. Barnett How can intelligent people believe such garbage?
170888. otto gilbert I demand as a holocaust surviver
170887. bill stone  
170886. Barnett Gershen  
170885. B  
170884. Hillel Zafir  
170883. didi ehrlich  
170882. Howard Mativetsky Please remove this page
170881. Sam Kaplan  
170880. martin fisher get it out
170879. Jose Martin  
170878. stan chernoff Please act responsibly to prevent hatred
170877. P.H.Siff  
170876. Binyamin Hammer  
170875. robert grosberg  
170874. Albert Foulad remove
170873. charles weber  
170872. Julia Rosenblum  
170871. Alex Eshaghian  
170870. Eleanor Friedland  
170869. Michael Rotter  
170868. Don Levin Why spread rthese lies?
170867. Terry Neben  
170866. Thomas  
170865. Richard Berkowitz  
170864. elly & mira guttman STOP THE HATE NOW!
170863. Rachel Brandon Really? Come on Google, you know better
170862. yajad rozemberg Inhumaine, inflammatory,ignorance, belligerent
170861. robert litin disgraceful
170860. phyllis cohn remove
170859. Geoff Rothman  
170858. Bryna Kaplan see this as an opportunity to take a stand against hate
170857. L. Hirsch  
170856. Nelson Canias La misma basura de siempre
170855. Meredith Barbour  
170854. jeremy  
170853. Martin Goldberg  
170852. t a site that promotes anitsemitism needs to be removed
170851. Myron H. Freedman  
170849. Benny deBont  
170848. Theo Flaum  
170847. debbie rochman  
170846. Mark Bernstein  
170845. diane shapiro  
170844. ann stone This is outrageous
170843. Sam Nazar  
170842. Michael B. Glass JewWatch is Shamefull
170841. BENSON DAVID  
170840. joanne portman  
170839. m. bernstein  
170838. Rochelle Palmquist  
170837. david namdar  
170836. Judy Cohen  
170835. Esther  
170834. terri simms  
170833. Ted Wenner  
170832. Joseph Murray this type of site should appear at the end of a search to afford freedom of speech even if these accertions are completly wrong and false
170831. barbara garavuso Twisted history is no history at all
170830. DENNIS F ROSE  
170829. Darren Lowe  
170828. a j grossman please remove
170827. Barry Brouner  
170826. Barbara Kelly  
170825. HOWARD M.KAHN  
170824. Rachel Reinberg  
170823. Howard Rubin  
170822. Mel Berkowitz Google should be ashamed to let appear on their search engine.
170821. Gail  
170820. Zalman Blaier this is incitment of the worst origine!
170819. Allen Sendler  
170818. Michal Spencer-Smith  
170817. David Korman  
170816. jack frieberg  
170815. Dr. Gabriel A. Sivan Publicizing this anti-Semitic, racist filth is intolerable. Google should expunge it immediately.
170814. ilene what a sick website. there is enough hate in the world, please remove this.
170813. Marshall Kaplan  
170812. Howard Schiff, M.D.  
170811. Reuben B  
170810. Ronda Ross  
170809. shimson star  
170808. Bruce Handel  
170807. Daniel Schweitzer  
170806. terri simms  
170805. Menachem Lezer  
170804. Patricia S. Czajka  
170803. Susan Katz  
170802. Steven a Reinberg  
170800. Warren Chisling  
170799. samuel fern if goodle doesn't remove JEWWATCH, remove GOOGLE
170798. S. Ettinger Normally, I don't believe in censorship; if we don't *see* what's going on, we tend to ignore it. But the position in google's ranking of this repulsive website is simply unacceptable to anyone with a modicum of taste and good sense.
170797. Allen Landerman  
170796. chaim herman  
170795. Robert Shadpour  
170794. Mindy '  
170793. Deborah Berkowitz We must end this NOW!
170792. Robert  
170791. Mike Elfa scary!
170790. Barry Kornblau This fellow is a first rate conspiracy creator!
170789. Carla Divinsky  
170788. jackie geary  
170787. Robert Levy  
170786. Carla Divinsky  
170785. Gary D. Shapiro disgrace
170784. Marvin Epstein Please !!!!
170783. RENEE SALEM  
170782. Judith A. Erlichman While many might say that the content of a site like this is an expression of freedom of speech I would say that the reality is that a site such as this simply promotes hatred and is a disgrace and a detriment to ALL people.
170781. Philip Cola  
170780. Kenneth W. Marvet  
170779. avi lasko  
170778. Gis Bun  
170777. Stephen Tarnofsky  
170776. Joel Platke  
170775. aileen gellman  
170774. Rachel Gibbs  
170772. Chin Abner  
170771. Mark Bromberg Have come up under "hate groups", not legitimate Jewish interest searches
170770. Rev. Dennis C. Daniels It seems increasingly difficult to be a person of faith due to the simplistic and ignorant beliefs of so many "religious" people. Please do not participate in their deluded hubris and remove this site.
170769. Ethel Kirschner logged on and was sickened by "slime" allowed
170768. Ruth & Natan Abraham This defies all reason!! Very disturbing and dangerous!!
170767. Jamie  
170766. saul dansky  
170765. Michael š
170764. michal  
170763. Eliana Weber  
170762. Jeannette Shawl  
170761. joel shore  
170760. Mario Nathusius  
170759. sharon hirsch disgusting
170758. Joel Robrish  
170757. w h edwards  
170756. app outrageous lies fomenting anti-semitic hatred
170755. Andrew Zelby  
170754. Shirley Elliott Where did this man get his education from. People normally don't brag that much about having an MA. What is his background? How much money does he get in donations? Does he pay his taxes on his donations?
170753. Jack L Strohbach Despicable!
170752. Linda Lichtenstein  
170751. dr raphael lindsay  
170750. dr judith issroff this site is is appalling
170749. Sheldon Lichtenstein  
170748. Mousa Dayanzadeh  
170747. Linda Wolpert a website of lies
170746. Shiva Ghods  
170745. izzy goldreich  
170744. Diane Lavi  
170743. Irina  
170742. lois bergman  
170741. Debbie Rubin  
170740. neil bergman  
170739. ed stein Google should be ashamed!
170738. Sherri London  
170737. Ardith PP wrong and heinous info. site--to be removed!
170736. ben sriqui REMOVE IT !!!!
170735. Randy Heilbrunn  
170734. barbara mayer very offensive and untruthful
170733. Bruce Galinsky disgraceful that you are not more selective with respect to your "customers"
170732. Rochelle Naken It is a nasty site
170731. R. Hayden This site operates under the guise of legitimacy, it is disgusting.
170730. Alex Waksman Freedom of expression is not absolute, and most countries have laws that prohibit the incitement of racial hatred.
170729. Melissa Goodman  
170728. Daniel B  
170727. Ben Engel  
170725. Robert What else is new?
170724. jan kaza  
170723. jeffrey Schwartz  
170722. refael How could you keep a site like that on the net? It's worse then Porn!!
170721. Ted Fried No hate on Google please.
170720. Scott Goodman  
170719. Nancy Steckler  
170718. Ruth Riesenbach disgusting sight
170717. Ron Rubin  
170716. mikhail rafalovich  
170715. Julie C. Silver thank you for the notice at
170714. Eyal Sarid  
170713. Marc Weinstein this site should not be given the credibility of a google search
170712. Stanley Bornstein  
170711. Larry Abramovitz The internet is people - this is how it gets better. (Hopefully our e-mails won't get sold to the spammers... or worse)
170710. paul g. dennis  
170709. Pamela G. Silver  
170708. Sam Wit Please remove this site immediately. We as civilized citizens want peace not hate.
170707. zvi  
170706. jerome swartz  
170705. R.Armel Remove it NOW!!!!!!!
170704. paul g. dennis  
170703. David M. Silver  
170702. Astra Tudisco  
170701. Arlene Jacobs  
170700. S Grant  
170699. Sara Baker  
170698. Ray Shapira ODIOUS AND HATEFULL !!!!!!!!
170697. Sheila Rissman  
170696. frank dobrusin  
170695. Weisz  
170694. Natalie Harvey  
170693. June Henderson  
170692. elfassy maxime  
170691. eugene cooper  
170690. Sabina Faynberg This is a disgusting, hateful site that promotes hate and lies, how can Google allow this?
170689. Rochelle Senator  
170688. Marla Hurban Please!!!
170687. Victor Gutenmacher  
170686. Amy Wachsberger  
170685. shari dobrusin  
170684. levy arielle  
170683. Barbara Williams  
170682. Ceil Frey  
170681. Malka Hlpern Awful! Terrible! Remove it!
170680. elana Rose All hate web sites should be abolished
170679. Izak Paul Google has a responsibility to prevent racist and anti-semitic websites from spreading hatred.
170678. Barry Emeson  
170677. Lea  
170676. gary  
170675. karen liebman  
170674. Beverly Kohn  
170673. Christine Kam  
170672. Bonnie Bray  
170671. Meir Uri  
170670. Ilya Netchitailo disgrace!
170669. Dick Braverman very derogatory, degrading
170668. Michael Plotkin  
170667. Ingrid Hansen  
170666. hersel talass  
170665. Abe Kaplan I am surprised that YOU have not removed this website by now! Please do so without further delays!
170664. Andy Forman The substance of this petition is very important. Google should not support any racism. One might ask how many fake hits on the were required to ensure that it received top billing through google's software and who built the hit count in the first place.
170663. Joel Kantor  
170662. j homer  
170661. emanuel riskin  
170660. Isaac Dayan  
170659. albert talass  
170658. Betty Bredenberg Glad I use Yahoo!
170657. steve Green  
170656. Nancy Taxin How could you let this happen?
170655. michal levy- chen remove this website immidiatly!!!!!
170654. Martin Lerman Hate filled web site which should be removed
170653. Larry Clements Remove that website NOW!!!
170652. Harry Akiereisen This is a prime example of a web site that is racist and hateful. How can there ever be peace in the world with sites like this!!!
170651. Bromberg google should be ashamed
170650. David Dunner  
170649. Gerald Soloway  
170647. Scott F.  
170646. Steven Krinsky  
170645. siboni michaelis françoise  
170644. Andrew Shmuckler  
170643. Jerry Silverman Remove from first page. Let's do away with bigotry!!
170642. D. Feldman  
170641. Larry & Donna Weiss The entire concept of is outragious, and Google's references to such material really should be removed.
170640. alexander zhislin  
170639. STUART BRICK racist, hate mongering
170638. Meryl Epstein  
170637. YH this is not the only anti-Semitic website, ALL should be banned!
170636. murray reinhart stop spreading hate
170635. Rosalind Lewin disgusting!!!
170634. Daniela Mendelsohn  
170633. Shari Schroeder I am a big fan of Google rather than other search engines, but I am very unhappy with this showing up as your #1 site. Please remove.
170632. Mark Stern  
170631. Harold Crandus  
170630. Patricia F.Aiken remove JewWatch.Com from Google Search Engine
170629. Ellis Gemal  
170628. Dalia Melamed  
170627. Warren Werbitt i am disgusted with google
170626. Judy Abrams  
170625. Steven M. Scheiner  
170624. j.weiner  
170623. Sharon Marcus This site incites hate
170622. Bill Korn  
170621. Ruth Jaffe Your reputation goes before you, please do the smart thing and remove this link.
170620. eric laxer  
170619. steve tuckner  
170618. Robert Fischl This is antisemitic propaganda - holocaust deniers and use phony data
170617. abraham  
170616. Julius Altman  
170615. Tricia Schwitzer  
170614. Greg Kennedy  
170613. Michael Scott Stop anti-semitism
170612. amir  
170611. P Lifson  
170610. Barry Mermelstein  
170609. A. Nails  
170608. Michael Fugman  
170607. Diego Socolovsky  
170606. Jack Sotsky  
170605. ralph katz  
170604. Linda Krensky Please Remove JewWatch from your Searches
170603. Muriel Key I cannot really believe that google would allow such a site. Says alot about your company
170602. Howard Cracower  
170601. George Greenwald  
170600. Carey Diamond  
170599. Adva Brickner  
170598. Matthew D. Gensler I will cease using Google if this is not changed.
170597. Victor Gelb  
170596. Aleksey Lipchin  
170595. Simona  
170594. Michael Brown  
170593. *************  
170592. laura Please remove
170591. deborah weber  
170590. Pat Sacks  
170589. Robin Levy I will no longer use Google as my search engine if this continues.
170588. r.elliot  
170587. J.D. Silentio  
170586. richard golden The author(s) of this material must be sick
170585. Katherine Symons O'Bannon This cannot be tolerated by Google and WILL NOT be tolerated by this current Google user, and potential non-user depending on the direction Google takes.
170584. Ron Everest  
170583. Burt Feinberg Please remove this website from your search!
170582. jeanne minichiello  
170581. Katy Rumshisky  
170580. Melissa Klafter  
170579. Eugene  
170578. Pamela Choice  
170577. Bette Sallus  
170576. Alex M. I'm surprised at Google!!!
170575. Dror  
170574. Jennifer Finestone  
170573. Marcel Tuchner  
170572. Ruth Hallenbeck  
170571. Doron Alperson  
170570. Nathaniel Gozansky  
170568. Josh Chircus  
170567. Karen Kaplansky expunge this group
170566. Janet Shanedling This is truly horrible. Please remove
170565. Stu Fagen  
170564. Ronald M. Platke This is a genuine GARBAGE! Shame on Google!!
170563. FEIGE LANDAU  
170562. Richard Wenner  
170561. Steve Gould  
170560. Bettina Goot This website is highly insulting and presents a danger to Jews by spreading lies and insiting hatred. It should be removed immediately!
170559. Howard Kozlow  
170558. Lawrence Harris why must we continue advertising those who believe in bigotry & hate?
170557. sandra feldman  
170556. Daniel Abrishami outrageous!
170555. Max Perlman this needs to be done ASAP
170553. ohr yechezkel  
170552. Marvin Martenfeld This is scandalous!
170551. Shirley Rubinstein  
170550. Rochelle Katzive  
170549. Marjan Rabee Irregardless of Freedom of Speech and Information, and projection of different viewpoints, I believe it's untolerable for a website such as Google to have this website be part of page 1 results. If it continues, I will make sure that Google is my last stop, along with its affiliates, in being used as a search engine or otherwise.
170548. Brianne despicable!
170547. Marissa Racist and anti-semetic people disgust me.
170546. David Smith  
170545. William Carr The term "JewWatch" is offensive. Please remove immediately..
170543. Robert Matalon  
170542. Rose Meyers  
170541. Gertrude Malisdorf I would like to see the antisemitic comments removed
170540. Robert Brown  
170539. Keri Grossman  
170538. A McLeod  
170537. paul cohen anti-semitism is never acceptable
170536. Frank Woolman  
170535. Sharon Hopkins If Google had a MuslimWatch site it would be served with a fatwa !!
170534. Aron Woolman  
170533. max katz  
170532. Jacqueline Sitwell  
170531. Ellen Kessler  
170530. Abby Vishniavsky  
170529. Eldad Shemtov  
170528. Maury Schein  
170527. Mytien Goldberg We should not condone hatred and antisemetic messages
170526. michelle goldberg  
170525. Frances Hackett This site would be laughable if it weren't so scurrilous. It serves no purpose other than to spew false and hate-filled anti-semitic bile.
170524. Igor Reyzin  
170523. Sheldon Becker REMOVE THIS SITE!
170522. Jonny Synett  
170521. Prof. A. Atsmon  
170520. Michele Sosnick  
170519. Zvia Gutman  
170518. elias donay  
170517. Solomon Greenfeld  
170516. Donald Block Please do whatever you can to reduce the anti-Semetic propaganda. It is hurtful in everyway and only encourages vile attacks on Jews.
170515. Cathy Rosenblum  
170514. Behrooz Marger  
170513. Norberto Majlis  
170512. nancy dickens  
170511. Shawn Naim  
170510. Warren Yaffe  
170509. Gene Gary  
170508. Tracy Wolfe REMOVE THIS SITE
170507. Joan Gary  
170506. gabriela Please remove this site from Google!!
170505. Vlad Sklyar  
170504. ari birger since sergei brin is one of cofounders of google, i think google should be included in the site as jewish controlled company :( please remove this site
170503. Sheryl Rosen  
170502. Howie Fialkov  
170501. Gerald S  
170500. Ally  
170499. Charlotte Rubin  
170498. jude bedell  
170497. Alex Ignatovksy  
170496. Stan&Ricki Lehman  
170495. Glen Bogan This site is ashamedly biased and an insult to the reader's intelligence. Please remove.
170494. susan yorke  
170493. Tony Morris  
170492. Randy Schwartz while the site probably falls into the area of constitutionally protected speech, so does this petition. It is not so much to surpress their right to express outrageous views as it is our right to expect Google to relegate it to a much less prominent placement than its availability on the first page. Perhaps on the 600th page would be more appropriate, among the 18,700,000 results that were available when the word "Jew" was entered in the search engine.
170491. Monroe Gross  
170490. michael schneider  
170489. Jeff Ganis  
170488. tia levitsky  
170487. s.stekelman this is not about truth, it is pure racial prejudice
170486. Jaime Permuth  
170485. Daniela  
170484. Michael Chait please remove site
170483. Neal Hayden I support removal of JewWatch from the Google search engine
170482. Eli D Ehrenpreis  
170481. floyd jackson  
170480. Betty Kaufman  
170479. doris gladstone  
170478. Maxwell Finestone  
170477. irina shelest  
170476. Michael Strohbach  
170475. Naomi Decter  
170474. michel azran  
170473. Elliott Rivkin  
170472. Kristy Lahnert This anti-semitic site doesn't need to be #3 on the list of sites shown. To meet your freedom of speech requirement, at least move the anti-semitic site down the list, to like 15,000 or so.
170471. Doris Pham  
170470. Sal Longo  
170469. fred fink disgusting website
170468. STUART A. BLICK Every effort is necessary
170467. Len April  
170466. Ronald & Cheri Kaplan should be banned
170465. david gladstone  
170464. Joy E. Mandel  
170463. Howard Lang  
170462. Linda Green Please, it's time for peace and love in the world and this just keeps up the hate.
170461. Mara Rubin  
170460. GEORGE  
170459. Marlene  
170458. Lauren Katz Please remove from google
170457. jack & Brenda wohlstadter What a terrible contribution you make to peace and human kindness with a 'site' such as this
170456. Carolyn R Levine  
170455. Pam Ballard Please remove this site from Google!!
170454. Gail Mattuck  
170453. Naomi  
170452. Robert Gasner  
170451. Dorothy Wasp This "jewwatch" is unacceptable
170450. Roy Blachowitz  
170449. Victor Skloff Disgusting
170448. george  
170447. Tania Cohen  
170446. Joshua Ungar  
170445. daniel gonzalez  
170444. paul soroudi This site is disgusting.
170443. Blech Israel  
170442. Lewis Hibloom  
170441. Marcy Rudershausen  
170440. dvorah kieffer not worthy to appear!
170439. shara hymowitz  
170438. Itzhak Rave  
170437. lynn  
170436. richard cramer  
170434. Ester OFearghail  
170432. Marcia B Klafter  
170431. Hindi Silber  
170430. Lisa Steinberg  
170429. Aviv  
170428. Sharon Presby  
170427. Terry Namer  
170426. bobbie sue daitch not only do I use google regularly, I am a shareholder! Take off of your search engine.
170425. Matias  
170424. sheila How offensive - must be removed
170423. Nissim Farchi  
170422. Fulvia Leirner urgente , gente !
170421. Steve Seinfeld  
170420. Bayla Chaikof is obnoxious
170419. Joseph Stern Sites like this are not covered by the first ammendment.
170418. Sarah Jane Jelin  
170417. Linda Driscoll-Sbar We are culturally jewish, and are outraged
170416. Mervyn Weiner UGLY SITE
170415. Isabella Manilov  
170414. Eitan Altshuler  
170413. bob greenwald md I support freedom of speech- let him keep his anti-semitic website- just remove links. He is either intellectually dishonest to claim he is not anti-semitic, or incredibly self-deluded, or likely both.
170412. Karen Weissman  
170410. Josefa Levy  
170409. Erika Chesney Although the right to freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but web sites like this that encourage hate as well as distorted truths should not be allowed for obvious reasons!
170408. CHELLA  
170407. Doniel Kramer  
170405. Pauline N. Berkow Please do whatever you can to reduce the anti-Semetic propaganda. It is hurtful in everyway and only encourages vile attacks on Jews.
170404. Goldy Greenfield  
170403. Linda Nudelman  
170402. Suzy Litman  
170401. Sam Benson remove this from search engine with out dealy
170400. Gregory  
170398. Rochel Weinfeld  
170397. Amos Kedar  
170396. Robert Felson  
170395. Julya Boroday this site is discusting
170394. Taibe Bonder  
170393. Helen Kuttner  
170392. Leon G  
170391. Gila Saxe  
170390. Saul London I have visited this site. It is clearly anti-semetic and has no schollarly value
170389. Linda Greene-Finestone  
170388. ROSE Fishman  
170387. Rob Staple  
170386. Robert Bohm  
170385. Pam Gardner  
170384. marla kahn AWFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
170383. Judy Goldgrab  
170382. Richard Jacobson  
170381. Dovid Green  
170380. nancy cannon very unsettling to find this at all let alone number #1
170379. haviva  
170378. elaine Ockner there is no place in our society for such a websight!
170377. Edie  
170376. Victor Tsan  
170375. Margie Brandwein  
170374. Anne Kirstein  
170373. shlomi yossef  
170372. Gary Kunin  
170371. Mario Levine remove that site form the number one hit.
170370. Bonnie Askowitz  
170369. alex kugler  
170368. Rena Loebenberg  
170367. Susan Becker  
170366. farajbenji  
170365. Alan Switzer  
170364. laura weinberger  
170363. Abe Jakob  
170362. danny  
170361. pj bodney  
170360. william weiss  
170359. Iris Jacobson  
170358. abe waisbrod  
170356. Judy Schur Disgusting. How dare you do this. Does Google promote this ANti-Semetic vomit in their own doctrine?
170355. Nathan Greenfeld  
170354. Polina  
170353. Izak Levy  
170352. Aron Grossman  
170351. Mark Freedman Please remove this site
170350. susan st. lifer  
170349. Sue  
170348. philip dolinsky  
170347. Gary Schnitzer  
170346. Joseph Cappello  
170345. Amy Halvorsen  
170344. e.z. schur Shame on you. Silence breeds acceptance. Acceptance to Anti-semitism???
170343. Menachem Sampson  
170342. Wayne Groh  
170341. Robert and Miriam Marcus  
170340. Norma Schnapp Good grief!! THIS was allowed to begin with?
170339. Lindsay Brooks get rid of it, this can not be allowed.
170338. louis goldreich  
170337. louis goldreich  
170335. Jenny Gelb  
170334. Simon  
170333. rachel  
170332. Penina Goldschmidt  
170331. Yaakov Gifter  
170330. sharon kremen  
170329. Maria Garzon  
170328. mitchell rosen  
170327. Joan Scocozza  
170326. Robert D. Herman  
170325. mendel  
170324. S Lane  
170323. Elina š
170322. J Mendelsohn  
170321. Clara Jellinek  
170320. levine, Samuel Jay is discusting and Google should never permit this site to be on its roster
170319. Herman J. Cornils Remove all hate sites
170317. Leslie Fermon  
170316. Charlotte W. Joslow what trash and false statements
170315. Gary Rieder Its a disgrace get it off
170314. Heng Schenk  
170313. Ryan B. Saunders I find this an outrage, it disgusts me to know that such a website even exists, let alone the first thing that pops up on a Goggle search!
170312. Burton N Bromson  
170311. Jeff Gold  
170310. Jami McGuire get rid of this crap
170309. Robert Van Loo  
170308. Aileen B. Pierce  
170307. Alan Levine  
170306. jill richards  
170305. Victor Brener  
170304. DAN MEDALSY  
170303. Raymond Asher  
170302. Rafael Cohen  
170301. Justin Meyers  
170300. m.miller  
170299. Eileen Bach REMOVE ASAP !!
170298. ivor richards  
170297. Leonard Kaplansky  
170296. Herman Blueglass Outrageous! Like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater! This would not pass the lithmus test for free speech anywhere in our country!
170295. David Leadercramer A truly appalling site that needs removal
170294. Malka Antar  
170293. katya š
170292. David Milgram  
170291. Ella Zaguskin  
170290. Daniel Goldzweig  
170289. Eugene Kestel take the haters off
170288. Barry Marks  
170287. Julie Arshonsky  
170286. Gershon Ron  
170285. Julian D. Gutin  
170284. Ann Marie Haymon  
170283. Naomi Greenwood  
170282. Samuel Hack  
170281. S. Askin  
170280. Paula Ross  
170279. marvin tarnol very dangerous and not trueful
170278. Donna Ballman  
170277. sue griffihs  
170276. Howard Mehring  
170275. Milton Henríquez  
170274. sheila soleymani  
170273. Mary E. Garcia Remove it now!
170272. Tamara Dunsworth  
170271. Paul DeFilippo Hate masquerading as fact
170270. David Katz  
170269. Jorge Pataky  
170268. marlene chused  
170267. linda huglin  
170266. Helene Zimmerman  
170265. shelley foster  
170264. faygie matusof  
170263. Sanaz Yaghoubian  
170262. daisy pontremoli  
170261. william meyers  
170260. Melissa Signor  
170259. Avi Gelboim  
170258. Yona Shain  
170257. michael gold  
170256. h homer  
170255. Jessica Fishman  
170254. Paolo Wakham I agree with free speech. I also do not think this site should be the 1st site that pops up on Google when the word "jew" is entered.
170253. Igor Kotlyar  
170252. R. Feldman  
170251. susan diamond  
170250. alina  
170249. yehuda simes  
170248. Bonnie Goldstein  
170247. p hackner this site is a descrace
170246. Dr. Loraine Alderman  
170245. Jacob  
170244. Ilene G. this website is spreading hatred!!!!
170243. Tuomas Laitinen  
170242. Ed and Fern Feder this is a terrible site
170241. Eva Yules  
170239. merlin geller  
170238. Alan Levitt Hateful
170237. eugene telser I fear the rise of anti-semitism is here already
170236. Jennifer Wood  
170235. George Cochran There is no place for this type of website. You should be ashamed to have it on your servers.
170234. Ellen Weiss  
170233. Hannah G. Bloch  
170232. Salomone Castro  
170231. Greet Jalink  
170230. Judith Fisher  
170229. Gideon Markman  
170228. Gerald Kaplan  
170227. Carl B Buxbaum  
170226. E  
170225. Tina Frick Sometimes I am ashamed to be part of the human race. This is one of those times. I do not understand how this goes on in a world full of people that should be enlightened by now. There is just no excuse for this. I am ashamed of my fellow man.
170224. Jacob  
170223. Kenneth Ball  
170222. Judithe Soppel  
170221. Saraly Whitefield skewed and hateful writing does not belong on Google
170220. Dana Sziklay  
170219. Karen W Saakvitne The internet should not be a tool of hate.
170218. Brian  
170217. yoel wolhendler  
170216. Sarah Fremerman Aptilon  
170215. Aaron Bock  
170214. Andrew Heidecker  
170213. R. Hurwitz  
170212. Andy Dressler Freedom of speech does not include "hate crimes". Such grounds thus exist for legislation which prohibit for such crimes. No web site which blatently targets any religion, culture, or race should be permitted to have such assisted exposure.
170211. tijs werwest  
170210. Dr. Roberto Palomo-Silva Remove all antisemitic contents.
170209. Larry Marks, DMD  
170208. Sheila Singer This is hate literature
170207. Elaine Litvak  
170206. Barry Schneider  
170205. Alex  
170204. Sheila Kramer As a constant google user, it is disturbing, tgo say the least that such venous, site is the first thing that pops up in your search engine. We urge you to remove this horrendous blemish from your files as soon as possible. Thank you....
170203. Camille Bressler  
170202. Marilyn Bensinger  
170201. gizi rapaport  
170200. Edward Chapnick  
170199. richard s. seclow Scandalous, seditious site.
170198. Josh Morris  
170197. Simon Spiro  
170196. Chaya Neugarten  
170195. Don Harris  
170194. Eden Wenig  
170193. caryn Garriga  
170192. Harry Levine please remove this site immediately
170191. Jack Livingston disgusting and obscene
170190. Richard Walker Remove At Once.
170189. Joseph Schachter  
170188. d j BARON  
170187. susan kornfeld  
170186. Greg Leistikow Please remove this NOW!
170185. dawn hogan  
170184. Joe Remove
170183. IAN what a shame
170182. Zena  
170181. Mona Goldstein this site is disgusting
170180. Rhona This site needs to be removed, promptly
170179. Reisman Shlomo a proud Jew
170178. Dr. Jorge & Beatriz Pastrana  
170177. Eileen Cohen objectivity demands this1
170176. seymour gresser thank you for being civilized
170175. Sharon  
170174. Ira Sussman  
170173. Mitra Berman Get it removed at once.
170172. Sheila Mobin  
170171. Sandra Ben Ami  
170170. Chaya Popack  
170169. ohad reich  
170168. Elliott Berg  
170167. Linda Horowitz  
170166. Rochelle Friedman  
170165. lazer Rubin  
170164. Shmuel Wygoda  
170163. James L. Ganis Remove this disgusting site
170162. Yael Pollock  
170161. Gayle Schuster  
170160. Elaine Friedberg  
170159. abe simantob remove the jewwatch site from your directory
170158. Sylvia Epstein Let's end hatred of 'others' now.
170157. J R Yzma the # of hits to this site is artificially high since a reasonable person has to see the site to appreciate the hateful and inflammatory propaganda; this lends false creditbility to this reprehensible site
170156. gabe feder  
170155. cecilia  
170154. Norman Lipshie  
170153. Nancy Kleinbaum Google should be ashamed of itself for allowing this. I will be using Yahoo from now on.
170152. Judith Gast  
170151. Lior Caspi  
170150. JANINE  
170149. Min Levine This is absolutely HORRIBLE!
170148. Hilton Share A most disgusting site. Whilst there should be freedom of speech, this is incitement to demonise and lead people reading the articles on the site to carry out serious anti-semitic acts. This site should be removed immediately.
170147. Lynn Winton frightening disgusting hatred site
170146. Sylvia Berkowitz  
170145. Estelle & Manny Margolis  
170144. bronia nosnik  
170143. Norman Isaacson Why display a hate campaign?
170142. Ellen G.  
170141. Giselle Campeau Durnford Please remove as it definitely sends the wrong message
170140. Gary Gast its antisemitic shame of you
170139. Sharon Berg  
170138. Nancy G. Singer  
170137. bentzykLEIN  
170136. sharon kind shame on google....remove now
170135. Eliezer Kedar  
170134. Phil Skrobacky The internet should be for the enlightenment of humankind and not for spreading hate.
170133. Beth Sussman  
170132. Raymond Saul  
170131. Gail Greenberg  
170130. Beatriz Grun  
170129. IRWIN B. MILLER  
170128. Betty Tuchman  
170127. J.R. Kluger  
170126. irving mansfield  
170125. Stanley Goldstein Jewwatch is a terrible, hateful website
170124. Karen Smith
170123. ellen beckwith  
170122. zwiebel  
170121. Daria Cohen-Cairo  
170120. Linda Gordon This is disgraceful please remove it.
170119. Barry Rustin remove this hate site immediately
170118. Cammy Wesson  
170117. david mclaren get this rubish off!
170116. Susan Wachter  
170115. kurt rothschild  
170114. JOSE SANDLER  
170113. Daniel Daviau  
170112. gerald sheiner  
170111. Shalom Doron  
170110. David Cohen  
170109. Gaston Franco  
170108. Eve Pincus Google is supporing & inciting racism if they don't remove from its listings immediately.
170107. tony talasazan  
170106. Alberto Zarco  
170105. Brenda Wilder Be responsible
170104. Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub  
170103. Donald Hirschhorn This site is disgraceful and a shame to Google.
170102. BOBBY  
170101. simon halfon  
170100. Fraidy Ringel  
170099. Linda Katz  
170098. Luis Cuadra  
170097. Natalie Kampelmacher  
170096. Pinny Ringel  
170095. Maria Vinokurov Please remove thsi site.
170094. phyllis becker It is a disgusting and hateful website
170093. Avery Jochnowitz  
170092. Lawrence Mann  
170091. betsi steinberg  
170090. Irene Levinton  
170089. Felicia Bernstein  
170088. Robert Young  
170087. Avraham Yehoshafat  
170086. Robert B. Isard Google needs to filter hate speach
170085. Russell Koonin  
170084. Steve Goldwasser This one is over the top with its anti-semitic claims.
170083. nicole gleitman  
170082. David Waldman  
170081. Wendy Winnick  
170080. Judith Soep  
170079. Tamir Sagie  
170078. Paul Finn  
170077. Richard Jacobs This site should never have been allowed by Google to spew its poison. As a gmail and Google user, I demand that it be removed.
170076. Elizabeth Strayer Please remove " from Google.
170075. Russell Remick  
170074. Monika Schwartz  
170073. Michael R. Scolnick  
170072. susan simon  
170071. Joseph Davidson  
170070. Nancy Sue Wainwright Disgraceful!
170069. Mary Zwirn Sad this kind of hate material continues. This has been happening to this tiny minority since the Spanish inquisition, and probably before that. .
170068. J. A. Keefer  
170067. David Zeldin Remove
170066. Denise  
170065. Jacob Berns Google did not have any problems censoring Chinese Google
170064. richard blumberg  
170063. Diana H. Mann  
170061. S. R. Waldman
170060. Ilia Sokolinski  
170059. lynn dodick  
170058. Janet Groves  
170057. Stephen Lieberman  
170056. joseph golshan i will not use google unless they remove this site
170055. Rabbi Mendel Solomon  
170054. Anna Sokolinski  
170053. Stacey Levin  
170052. andrea yampolsky this is disgusting anti semitic slander
170051. Jeff Diamond  
170050. Mario Permuth  
170049. vicki rosenstreich please remove hateful website from google
170048. Karen We have enough hate in the world....
170047. Marty Saepoff  
170046. Maya Tobin  
170045. Al Isacowitz  
170044. Ron Cohen Google already has serious problems with human rights. Ex. cooperating with Chinese Communist Gov't. to ingorm on dissenteers. Clean up your act Google.
170043. DavidTobin  
170042. Isaac  
170041. harvey solursh  
170040. Michael Schwartz  
170039. Melvyn Berkowitz  
170038. Debbie Harris-Tobin  
170037. sam silver internet should not promote hate
170036. Claire Pressman  
170035. Stephen Schneiderman