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168000. ellen adelsberg  
167999. Spencer Brennen  
167998. Barbara Carocci  
167997. GEORGE BERRY  
167996. E Janowitz  
167995. f lancman  
167994. Ruth Lacey  
167993. Marsha Weber Justice, justice you shall pursue
167992. Scott B It looks like this petition was started sometime in 2003, some 4+ years ago. Google has grown bigger and stronger each day, yet some 4 years have past and NEARLY 2 million plus signers and still the site remains! This is an outrage. I suggest all of you who pay Google for pay for clik views stop doing so NOW. If Google doesn't do something about this outrage then ban togeather and do something to hurt Google where it hurts! IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING, NEVER AGAIN!
167991. martin grajower  
167990. Rebecca Isseroff  
167989. joan porat  
167988. Nancy Peterson  
167987. david moghimi  
167986. Nancy Peterson  
167985. kathy moghimi  
167984. barbara  
167983. Abby Kushner  
167982. Karen Longo  
167981. Noleaf Clover  
167980. Michelle Allon  
167979. Kalman Scheinwald  
167978. Jefrey Allon  
167977. Manny Katz  
167976. Jefrey Allon  
167975. Amy H  
167974. David Price  
167973. Lynne Goldklang  
167972. s thomas  
167971. Derek Wiston I find this utterly offensive
167970. Michael Shimanovich  
167969. Lisa Horowitz I know it's not the first result that comes up but it is the 2nd and very anti Jewish! I think it's within Google's power to fix this!
167968. Eric Tobkes I thought Google's moto was "Don't Be Evil"?
167967. JOHN LYTLE  
167966. William M Brown How sad that this is necessary!!
167965. Louella Miller  
167964. Frieda J Benun This is despicable!
167963. Micah  
167962. Daniella  
167961. Shoshana Gifter extremely hateful!!
167960. Simona Johnson  
167959. dan weinstein  
167958. sash  
167957. Robin Chircus  
167956. Shimon Levitzky  
167955. L. A. Nunnally  
167954. Lana E Stone 'common guys--stop with the hate!
167953. L S Frank  
167952. Scott Jessup  
167951. Sarah M. Stein This site is insulting at best and extremely dangerous at worst!
167950. ed & claire fink  
167949. Errol Newfield  
167948. Fumiyo Young  
167947. Avigail  
167946. Molly Mulligan  
167945. Charles Auerbach  
167944. sam tooch bad bad bad shocking
167943. Claudio Bluer  
167942. Regina Tovbin what a disgusting site
167941. Ronald Idler  
167940. Maurice J. Donovan  
167939. Sy Mautner disgusting site
167937. Phyllis Johnston I am appalled that this site is still available. The information is based on lies.
167935. S Stein Bias and intolerance destroy mankind
167934. Sheri Krell Please remove this website
167933. david  
167932. Marshall Millman  
167931. Mandy Mellick  
167930. Russell Krupp  
167929. Deb Weiss  
167928. leah weinstein in this dangerous tinderbox world, allowing a website such as this one to exist can only increase the certainty that virulent and unfounded hatred will spread leading to greater violence that is random and endangers every living human being
167927. Wendy Zierler please remove this site from Google
167926. Janet Klineman  
167925. Aytan Cohen We are not dangerouse and should not be judged for what other believe!!!
167924. Ira A. Finkelstein  
167923. marcia seigerman  
167922. David R. Small  
167921. C. Bowman  
167920. Frances Daitch Horrible
167919. Maynard Goldberg  
167918. C. Bowman  
167917. Richard L. Weiner  
167916. Kimberly Saper  
167915. Kasey Mog  
167914. Naham Shapiro  
167913. Michael Hoffman  
167912. Dr. George M. Tamari  
167911. Stella  
167910. David Lewis  
167909. Sue Demers  
167908. M Freedom of Speach is protected and applauded but this web site could result in the loss of life.
167907. Barbara Love  
167906. michele gross  
167905. Nancy Monseaux Disgusting!
167904. J. Meisel anti semitic would be an understatement
167903. nancy gilbert very anti-semitic
167902. michelle koltunov  
167901. Gail Leonard  
167900. Nathan D. Lipper This is disgusting!!
167899. Dana Blechman  
167898. Rabbi Chaim Casper  
167897. Heather Bernknopf Totally unacceptable
167896. D R McKie  
167895. Marvin Rubin  
167894. M. Weinstein  
167893. Daniel Dorson  
167892. Seth Greenleaf  
167891. Arlene Dale  
167890. Robyn Goldberg  
167889. Susan Lipsey total anti-semitism at its best - disgusting!
167888. Donna Tarpinian  
167887. david  
167886. Jack Simmons  
167885. Murry Rice  
167884. CarolAnn Shereck  
167883. Oren Cohen NO MORE HATRED!
167882. J Zager  
167881. Susan Blinn There's enough hate in this country. We don't need to promote more.
167880. Eileen Hamos  
167879. michael kaufman  
167878. Rev Shari Johnson  
167877. guy himself  
167876. Justin Philips  
167875. Yitzchok LIberman please remove this hurtful sight from your search engine
167874. Michele Fox  
167873. mike seiden  
167872. Marlene De Bate What happened to the words "We'll never forget"? Looks like Google refuses to remember the Holocaust.. Shame on them.
167871. Mike Wesler  
167870. Harold Forster  
167869. Felice Broidis  
167868. betty adler get this off your search engine!
167867. ruth  
167866. Flo Cohen  
167865. Patti Freeman Dorson  
167864. M Pollak  
167863. Avital Yael  
167862. Mr. Wallace Fremont Please protest these anti semetic falsehoods...remember, as Lincoln said,,,to protest by silence makes cowards of men
167861. Sidney Blatnikoff Remove JewWatch NOW!
167860. belle silverstein  
167859. Gladys Hanfling I am dissappointed with Google. Isn't this world full of hate enough. Do you have to add to it.
167858. Joyce  
167857. Amy Simmons  
167856. Marion & E. Gary Klein I have never seen such hatred and garbage written anywhere!!!
167855. Judi Robaina  
167854. dan Vigdor  
167853. M GERALD SELLMAN terrible propaganda site, incites hatred
167852. Ryan Sandhouse  
167851. Meryl Goldberg  
167850. Sandra Montgomery Show your class Google - Remove this website from your search engine!!
167849. Mika Simms  
167848. Jerry Monse  
167847. Brad Goldman  
167846. Shulie Cooper  
167845. Linda Grieco  
167844. Barbara Marcus  
167843. Judith Lipchin  
167842. Lisa Binder  
167841. Lino DiMaria  
167840. I K & G H Weiss  
167839. Craig Norberg-Bohm  
167838. Joyce Sica You are responsible for what you put out there. We all are. Why do you give space to HATE?
167837. rose sztiller scary'''
167836. ricki zabrin heinous and offensive!
167835. avi meller  
167834. sam  
167833. Ana Fidanque  
167832. Pamela  
167831. ronald friedman  
167830. Ester kaplan take it out!
167829. Donna greenberg  
167828. Len  
167827. jennifer "I am horrified that Google has so far refused to remove JewWatch from its search engine results. Yahoo no longer includes this offensive, hateful site. Google should follow that lead and refuse to partner in any way with this hate site or any other like it."
167826. pat leneck  
167825. jaclyn adelsberg  
167824. Eileen Turoff  
167823. Cy  
167822. Emily Goldberger  
167821. Jack Kligerman Ê
167820. Lucille Roussin  
167819. George Kalish  
167818. Isaac Jaros TRASH!
167817. Ken Weisz  
167816. D. Bloch  
167815. leon kopyt  
167814. Simon D. This is not acceptable
167813. Holly Hazan Please remove
167812. Helen Daniels  
167811. Motya  
167810. Daniel C.  
167809. Ruth Eisenberg  
167808. Sherrie Krangel  
167807. Carole Disgusting. Shame on Google. I'm appalled to know that this site is backed by The number one search engine. Hopefully it is removed before you number 1 finds itself at the bottom of the barrel.
167806. Sandra Kathnelson  
167805. Ana tettner  
167803. Steven Levine This is a disgusting website filled with hatred by ill informed and bitter people that have been indoctrinated in how to think. They are starving for attention and willing to associate themselves with the most vulgar ideas and bottom dwelling individuals because they have no real answer for their failed and miserable lives.
167802. michael schenkman  
167801. C.L.Cadwell Terrible propaganda
167800. Kent McKamy Vile site. Kill it.
167799. M Robin  
167798. Amie  
167797. Sarah Kauffman NO MORE ANTI-SEMITISM!
167796. Lee Goldman  
167795. TINA FINK  
167794. Rachel Feingold  
167793. Jeffry Ostroff It is hard to believe one would have to petition for removal of a site so obviously outside the bounds of the public welfare. It should be a hate crime to post something like this.
167792. bruce katz remove it now!!
167791. NADIA RODBERG M.D.  
167790. Cheryl Carter I can't use google knowing you support this kind of website.
167789. Sara Batterton  
167788. anna oganesov  
167787. Stanley Kahn Please remove this from Google
167786. Joel Frankle  
167785. Dr R Lami  
167784. Linda Young This is so hateful + filled with lies..."free speech" is not intended to be destructive. Google has responsibility what it allows on its site.This is despicable!
167783. rochelle weingarden  
167782. Ashira Allon Jew Watch is an extremely inaccurate websight that is adding to the world's anti-semitism, when the last thing anyone needs is more hatred.
167781. Rhonda Wise  
167780. Dr. Stephen Rivers There is no place in civil society for this kind of hate-mongering.
167779. Marjorie Engel Disgraceful
167778. Anthony Price  
167777. David Hazan  
167776. william Schwarz antisemetic--remove asap
167775. Stephen Rivers There is no place in civil society for this kind of hate-mongering.
167774. George Dezeny  
167773. Roger Schroeder  
167772. ALLAN MILLER  
167771. yoram peretz  
167770. Lynn Settlow  
167769. Jackie Starr This site is horrific. Don't we have enough problems trying to accomodate diversity in this country today without promoting divisiveness that is this intense? Google-please remove. Stand up and be a "mench"!
167768. Gabriel Fink  
167767. Ariel Rubinsky  
167766. James Haight My mother was a courtroom stenographer during the Nuremberg trials. I think this website is offensive.
167765. Susan Peskind  
167764. Marcia Goldstein  
167763. Mark L. Belas  
167762. sandy gordon  
167761. lorraine gilead  
167760. Eve Marsh  
167759. jerome katz  
167758. AvivaSkurowitz  
167757. Amy  
167756. Lylian Hoffman To allow this puts Google in the same league
167755. Eydie  
167753. Megan Parkovnick  
167752. Barry B. Sandrew, Ph.D. Google should not tolerate sites that promote blatant hate toward any race or religion.
167751. justin leonard  
167750. Susan Polgar  
167749. felice krebs  
167748. Robyn Gelberg  
167747. ariela  
167746. Robert Kabakoff  
167745. Jo Trust  
167744. Carolyn S. Bucksbaum  
167743. l. chanofsky this is shameful
167742. f. weinberg  
167741. satya wink don't allow hate to have first place
167740. Bruce Frey  
167739. ann steinberg  
167738. Joni  
167737. Jerry Salzer  
167736. Rachael Bunn  
167735. brodkin  
167734. Donald Schwartz  
167733. Joseph B. Wallace  
167732. Linda Sommer  
167731. helen coletti  
167729. george egri  
167728. ira eisenman  
167727. lawrence weisman  
167726. Veronica Lichman  
167725. Patricia N.  
167724. Karen Prager  
167723. Shani  
167722. Arthur Hellman  
167721. Victoria Angela please disallow racial profiling in all forms!
167720. Elliot Finkelstein  
167719. Cynthia Marder  
167718. ralph perlis it is self explanatory
167717. Ronnie Malasky  
167716. Ronald Satnick  
167715. Alexis Baron  
167714. Gerald R. Epstein  
167713. Marcus Lebenfish  
167712. Rebecca Remove this site!!!
167711. NANCY STEIN  
167710. Susan Berkson  
167709. teri g bax  
167708. Kurt amd Jane Loebel  
167707. M Berman  
167706. lindsey geller  
167705. Dr. Allan R. Kaplan This antisemitic site is masquerading as a "scholarly" site. I thought this type of trash was still in the shadows and not out in the open.
167704. Dora Wolf  
167703. lance pittleman  
167702. Elisheva Ellis  
167701. David Schneider  
167699. Bruce and Caryl Putchat  
167698. Sidney Goldberg  
167697. Hayley Ossip  
167696. Elaine Gerkman please remove
167695. Judy Herman Please remove immediately from the google search engine.
167694. Renee Solomon  
167693. louis ligator  
167692. Sharon Weiss you really need to screen what it put on the internet
167691. Maurice Miller Please remove jewwatch from Google immediately!
167690. Betsy Waldman  
167689. Leonard E. Minsky  
167688. M Friedman  
167687. Charles Goldstein This is VERY IMPORTANT
167686. renee beyda  
167685. Steve dveris this is disgusting
167684. Laura Hecht  
167683. Marlene Frydel  
167682. Lena Mintz  
167681. Art Maddox  
167680. Debora kopec  
167679. Jay Wiston  
167678. jerry cohen  
167677. David Khoshsima  
167676. Beverly Neumetzger  
167675. Sarah Getzler  
167674. Neil Mintz  
167673. jerry cohen  
167672. Rita  
167670. Lloyd S. Mann  
167669. joseph scheller  
167668. Jonathan Fishman  
167667. Jay Tepper  
167666. A.L.Steinfeld  
167665. jeffrey gordon  
167664. Rose M. Rubin  
167663. Julio  
167662. nina weiss never again
167661. Marcianna H. Clark  
167660. John Gendler  
167659. Geraldine Levine How unfortunate that would permit such a horrible and misleading site.
167658. Milton Katzman  
167657. Sareet  
167656. Joanne  
167655. Eliane Rackman  
167654. philip francus  
167653. Carol Lynn I don't believe in discrimination
167651. stephen diamond  
167650. Chelsa Reed Offensive, spreading hate and provides inaccurate information please remove the site from your search engine.
167649. Ed Cohen  
167648. Sara Fass  
167647. David R. Day  
167646. Robert L Kantor Shame, shame on you
167645. Alyssa Rosenblum  
167644. sruly minzer  
167643. j. libowitz  
167642. Tib Gold Get this filth out of here
167641. Anne Meister Haven't Jews suffered enough?
167640. Clara Glassman  
167639. Ray Mishler  
167638. Cindy Shavit  
167637. Houtan Kamran  
167636. Felix Moshkovich  
167635. Muriel Glickman  
167634. Andrew Goldstein  
167633. TRACIE ROBBINS this is disgusting crap. Get it off
167632. susan schor  
167631. David Dudai  
167630. bari baitch stop this lunacy!
167629. Barbara Cypin Please remove this untrue site
167628. Debra Balaban-Childress  
167627. houman this is anti-semitism at its best
167626. eric hettena  
167625. Sandra Rosenberg Hatred is destroying our world! Let us live and let live.
167624. Maxine Kaufman  
167623. Benjamin Kaufman  
167622. patti hettena  
167621. kadosh google is proud to give people truth, not falsehood
167620. Zachary E. Gerut  
167619. jackie katz  
167618. ronald hettena  
167617. Jerome E. Feldstein  
167616. Bobbi Bornstein  
167615. mindy feldman  
167614. aaron dworin  
167613. Robin Frieden  
167612. Ron Strauss  
167611. Julie Brown disgusting
167610. irina  
167609. Frank Feldman  
167608. Eduardo Pavez Goye remove this thing from the search engine!
167607. I. Sheinberg racism should not be tolerated, and even less, it should never be encouraged, which is exactly what google is doing by placing the "jew watch" site as a top hit.
167606. Josiah and Birdie Benator  
167605. Lydia Eviatar linking the word jew with an antisemitic site is a disgrace and very inappropriate for such a good search engine
167604. Joel Cooperman  
167603. C. Yarmark  
167602. Jeff Chaifetz  
167601. Dr. Enid Gort A disgrace! How can this happen on Google?
167600. Barbara R.  
167599. joyce amit  
167598. leonard wolin  
167597. Marjorie Hochberg Please remove this offensive and libelous site!
167596. D. Bernstein  
167595. Daniel Erdheim You hate us cause you ain't us!!
167594. Emmy Kolodny  
167593. Michael Szerencsy  
167592. Esther C.  
167591. Mark Zuckerman  
167590. L. Uhrbach  
167589. Maurice Egert  
167588. Ariela How come Google does that!
167587. Jeffrey Gordon  
167586. m tacknoff  
167585. Carol R  
167584. Bonni Nicholson  
167583. John Silver  
167582. Jackson Schwartz Please remove this web-site
167581. Anne C. Pratt, Ph.D.  
167580. Albert Benak  
167579. Dr. Errol Durbach Remove JewWatch from Google
167578. David Mitchell  
167577. Louis Falkenstein You should be careful about putting an anti-semetic as part of a search for Jews.
167576. paul  
167575. carol bernstein  
167574. Jessica Gould  
167573. Jennifer Peck this site is not based in fact but it pretends to be. How dangerous. Please remove it right away!
167572. Aline Greif Nothing that promotes prejudice should be on the site
167571. Ted Perlmutter  
167570. Gilda Zucker  
167569. David Arnold we don't need this racism coming up
167566. susan lerman  
167565. Robert and Charlotte Abrams We need less hate in the world
167564. Holly Strohl Hope this makes an impact!
167563. Gerry Lerman  
167562. Alyssa Colton  
167561. Mary Bernath  
167560. leslie silverstome  
167559. Sam Merkel  
167558. Cathleen C Jacobson Please remove this site from your search engine.
167557. Anna Szerencsy This site is DESPICABLE and should be taken off
167556. Lisa Greenberg please remove the site jewwatch from the search engine
167555. Marc Davis What a pity that we still succumb to this type of crap.
167554. Fred Levitt  
167553. Arlene Coleman  
167552. Bev Steinberg  
167551. Arnold Kaplin virulent bigotry
167550. Gabriella Marvizi  
167549. Danny Shalgi  
167548. Richard Berg Remove ASAP
167547. Leonard S. Wagner Google shouldn't support hate websites just as one shouldn't cry fire in a theater. both are destructive.
167546. R. Herman Enough is Enough!!!
167545. Ann Tarrel Please!
167544. Prof. Konnikov  
167543. Rosita Marvizi  
167542. victor rosenberg  
167541. Betty Lauer  
167540. Charlotte Ainbinder  
167539. Lisa Greenberg please remove the site jewwatch from the search engine
167538. Marian Salamon  
167537. Mel Korn  
167536. Halle Garfunkel  
167535. D. Barrett This is disgraceful & discriminatory. You should be ashamed of yourself
167534. G. Toutain  
167533. cinthya hoffmann  
167532. Shirley Rolin  
167531. yola Haber  
167530. Cheryl Cohen  
167529. Loren Kabb get rid of this obscene sight
167528. Morton Zukerman  
167527. Warren H Landesberg  
167526. Susan Harmelin  
167525. Joseph Marvizi Google should know better as a company
167524. Frank P. Bricker This NUT should not have been on Google Search Engine in the first place
167523. dalit cohen  
167522. Howard Krosser  
167521. Janet Brown  
167520. MIchelle Dressler  
167519. janet  
167518. Leslie Hickey  
167517. Barbara Finder  
167516. Helene Shapiro  
167515. Jorge Mayerson  
167514. Stacy Wulf  
167513. ken  
167512. Jennifer B  
167511. Carolina Brodsky  
167510. William Schneider  
167509. Frederic Todd  
167508. Beatriz Roitman  
167507. Dror Siama  
167506. Vaughn Harbin  
167505. Alan Hoffmann  
167504. Orna SChneider  
167503. alan  
167502. Dan Kirchner First they come for the JEWS. Then they come for you!
167500. Yesida.P  
167499. Clare M. Lopez The anti-Semitism expressed on the website is unacceptable. Never again means never again.
167498. malcolm bekoff offensive -hate monger
167497. Yael  
167496. Andrew M Cahn This is not freedom of Speech. This is not a valid result for a fair Search Engine
167495. David Lowenberg  
167494. Miriam Aaron Hatred against any group of people should not be promoted in a search site. Please delete the site. Thank you.
167492. Caron Dale This is a horrid site. It should be removed immediately!
167491. sylvain dahan  
167490. Vivian Bernstein What a horrible site
167489. Bill Hirsch  
167488. NANCY LONG HINE love one another
167487. Yael Lefkowitz  
167486. Harvey Harlem I join in making sure you remove this trash
167485. Val Rachlis  
167484. Nava Zaret  
167483. Eva Berger  
167482. Debbie  
167481. Carol Feldman  
167480. Nancy Hirsch  
167479. Mark B. Epstein I have noted google's official response. It's a start, but it's not the end.
167478. Jennifer Hoffmann  
167477. Nanci R. Schwartz  
167476. eron epstein  
167475. Kenneth J. Schwartz thank you for helping to publish this important statement
167474. Gladys Mamiye  
167473. Gary Rovin A Hate Crime Web Site
167472. sara m. rosen  
167471. Jimmy  
167470. Cynthia K Jordan  
167469. William Bastable  
167467. Leon and Norma Siegel  
167466. Bill Myers  
167465. Ellen Feld please put under search "hate"
167464. Lee Big disgrace on Google's part.
167463. Estelle M. Morgan  
167462. Michael Herman  
167461. Betty Sheldon  
167460. ron  
167459. claudio Valencia  
167458. Paula Blum  
167457. Dr. Harry C. Morgan  
167456. Phyllis Ackerman  
167455. Fiona Jacobowitz  
167454. gerald merfish  
167453. Frank Weinfeld  
167452. Michael S. Lippe  
167451. Bena Silber  
167450. Adrienne Hutt please let us know what your policies are for violation of your website guidelines your di scussion a t the top of the page when "Jew " was put in, was disturbing & unclear.
167449. Tia  
167448. z holz  
167447. Rabbi Rick Sherwin  
167446. Barry Ross Please remove the site
167445. Dan Spector This is anti-semetic
167444. Irena Soyfer  
167443. Irena Gelman  
167442. harold Rothstein  
167441. Reuben M. Katz  
167440. Jane Seltzer  
167439. E Schuman SHAME!!
167438. alisha vera  
167437. Rhoda J Barzak I use Google all the time. Knowing that you do this makes me think I will not use your site until you fix this problem
167436. Howard Sarnoff  
167435. Marc and Beth Miller  
167434. Jacqueline Herbsman terrible
167433. Lynda Goodman  
167432. randall starr I am appalled by this racist website.
167431. mel Ronick This is an offensive site that has no place on the Internet
167430. Anna Kampelmacher  
167429. Barry Blutig Another piece of subhuman drek!
167428. Al Isenberg  
167427. Reva B.. Leizman  
167426. rpnnie greenberg this must be removed
167425. Sarah Swedler  
167424. M. Lindsay  
167423. Mindy Cindrich  
167422. Mauricio Sutton  
167421. Irwin Goldenberg  
167420. Lubov Ladsberg  
167419. stephen frank  
167418. Emily Arnold  
167417. Ericka Please stop showing acts of hatred and start showing more love toward each other!
167416. Harold Chelemer This site must be removed without delay!
167415. Barbara Goldstein  
167414. rita frank  
167413. Joanie Cohen-Mitchell this site does not belong on google
167412. Bernard Shore Take it out
167411. Dan Elman  
167410. Michael Krauss  
167409. Jane Marks  
167408. Sara-Jane Hardman  
167407. Sandy Ferko  
167406. Orly  
167405. lauren atlas I find this listing of sites disguisting
167404. Linda Tarr  
167403. Gerald Kroop  
167402. Avital  
167401. Sherry Kroop  
167400. Steven Markman  
167399. Cynthia Farrell Unbelievable
167398. Lily Everybody should sign this petition!!!!!
167397. elaine Ruckenstein  
167396. Dina G  
167395. Andrew J. May Disgusting site, please remove
167394. carol silverstein  
167393. Roy & Maja Kessluk  
167392. Lori Ford  
167391. Kurt and Jane Loebel  
167390. michael b. troner m.d.  
167389. Eric Wind  
167388. S. Taffler  
167387. Eric Neil Koenig The Google Team's comments notwithstanding, I find the fact that anti-semitic sites turn up with such relative ease when searching for the word "Jew" as disturbing as links to sites run by hatemongers such as Daniel Pipes coming up as hits near the top if one googles "Islam" or RSS sites should one google "Hinduism."
167386. David Shyer  
167385. rena  
167384. Brenda Sichel  
167383. Monica Aboodi  
167382. Manny Pak  
167381. Kevin McGinn  
167380. Mimi Marcus  
167379. Julee Landau  
167378. John L. Haisten Two of my "long time" best friends are Jewish!
167377. barner david  
167376. Christina Lomayesva  
167375. Robert Chaefsky,M.D. anti Jewish
167374. Lynda Bachman  
167373. Gertrude Comninos I urge to eliminate this offensive listing from your Search Engine
167372. Seana Weiss  
167370. Lena Deutsch  
167369. seth kerschner  
167368. Eugene Greenstein  
167367. Mallary Segall  
167366. irene rosen  
167365. Neil Kugelman  
167364. dan noury  
167363. Judith I Schwartz  
167362. silvia I want to removed jewwatch from google
167361. Susan Brinnitzer Someone should monitor this site because instead of giving information on Judaism, it is blatantly biased and anti-semitic.
167360. E Toboul despicable!!!!
167359. Jane Unger You MUST remove this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
167358. Kevin Lyons  
167357. Arlene Piderit Please remove
167356. Allen Price It would be a credit to Google to aid in sopping any hate web sites.
167355. Danielle Baker  
167354. Lynne Podrat  
167353. jordana gutman Please remove this site from your search engine.
167352. M Hasen  
167351. Evy Strasberg  
167350. Joseph Maletrzky There is no room in this world for a site like this, remove the hatred
167349. Bernard Silverblatt  
167348. Dianne Sperber  
167347. Alicia Eber  
167346. Megan  
167345. Solomon Hailpern  
167344. Marcel Weinberger  
167343. Bernard A. Lopez  
167342. Evy Strasberg  
167341. David Teplinsky  
167340. Edward R Levene  
167339. c cape  
167338. A.M.Kraus Enough already! What a sick society we live in.
167337. Stephan Sweitzer This web site is absolutely offensive and dishonest
167336. jtspiegel shameful
167335. Joyce S shocking!
167334. C. Woodrow  
167333. Miiriam Cohen  
167332. Carol B. Epstein  
167331. Franzula Bacher  
167330. Peter Levy  
167329. James Nathenson  
167328. Marsha M. Cohen - Little  
167327. Charles Bleier  
167326. Lillian Backer  
167324. sharon corenblum  
167323. Rosa Pelz  
167322. Adina Udwin  
167321. Peter  
167320. phyllis  
167319. M Cohen  
167318. sigalit  
167317. sarah granato  
167316. Wendy Engelson  
167315. Willa Schneider  
167314. kill all nazis  
167313. sharon Bemis Please help in promoting understanding not hate.
167312. Steve Mitchell  
167311. bonnie cooper Please remove this offensive and racial website asap
167310. Bruce Feldman  
167309. susan l. cahn  
167308. Ralph Pompeo  
167307. Carroll Brody  
167306. Sondra Eisenpress  
167305. ronni geland remove this website
167304. Rob Markus  
167303. Dale R. Davis  
167302. Gus Remove this foul site!
167301. Marcia Drector  
167300. Randy Katzelnick  
167299. bernard sepinwall  
167298. Dorothy R Kaplin How sad that so many people are filled with hate without even knowing what they re hating.
167297. Susan F. Schreiber This site is pure hatred. Please remove it.
167296. herb taller  
167295. Edward Rosenberg  
167294. Barbara Mann  
167293. Dorothy R Kaplin How sad that so many people are filled with hate without even knowing what they re hating.
167292. sholeh hakimian please remove
167291. M.L. Marks  
167290. Edward Brant  
167289. Michael Case do it google
167288. Carrie Latman  
167287. Jane Blumberg Remove the reference
167286. Marla Marks  
167285. Wally Posner  
167284. Susan & David Barron be responsible
167283. jay konner  
167282. Carol Weissfeld  
167281. howard miller  
167280. Marilyn Bell  
167279. ellen taller  
167278. Karen Ross Please remove this site .
167277. Howard Wunch  
167276. holly metz  
167275. TAL  
167274. Jonathan Silverstein Please Remove This Disgusting Site
167273. Sidney Antflick unsettleing
167272. Barry Steinberg  
167271. Susan Siegel  
167270. Bryan Bixby  
167269. Lisa Salz  
167268. Rose Schmukler  
167267. sheila foote  
167266. Dr. and Mrs. Ted Goodman  
167265. nancy pastroff that is a really scary website.
167264. Deborah Werner  
167263. Charles Shaffer  
167262. Betty Shaffer  
167261. pani s  
167260. Dan Yamini  
167259. Richard Kathnelson definitely trash
167258. Steven Majewski  
167257. Miriam Frischer  
167256. RAYE J. KAPLAN  
167255. Debra K. Freedman insane interpretations of history. must be stopped
167254. orna marom  
167253. ben  
167252. Julie Gaughan  
167251. rachayle deutsch  
167250. Shira Genauer Shame on google
167249. Rosalind Edelman  
167248. Fred Cohn  
167246. Neville R Stern Shocking - gives cause to review one's loyalty to Google
167245. Margaret & Geoff Cass Include Margaret
167243. m. salz  
167242. William Pollack  
167240. howard burger  
167239. Jane E. Hughes  
167238. harvey gochberg hate mongering site
167237. stephen haber  
167236. mike fine  
167235. steve lupo  
167234. Dianne Cook  
167233. Karen Tentner  
167232. Barbara Smiler  
167231. mcass  
167230. Tom Markus  
167229. Lois Kathnelson  
167228. Rise (Reesa) Rosenthal  
167227. Ellen Widen Kessler  
167226. Dianne Saba  
167225. casey L sapera  
167224. Stephen Kathnelson  
167223. Shelley Cladman This guy is really sick
167222. a torchinsky  
167221. Reney  
167220. jerome l sherr despicable
167219. C Manders  
167218. Marc A Snyder Anti-Jewish website fools no one, and let's remove it
167217. marsha hirsch  
167216. Jana Lepp  
167215. Lee Wortzel  
167214. Lisa Zines  
167213. Terry Moshenberg Take it down.
167212. Victor Masliah  
167211. audrey Brookfield  
167210. d galbo  
167209. Eric  
167208. Amy Siama  
167207. Joel Mumma  
167206. Laurie Gordon  
167204. Miriam Devon  
167203. Andrea Wolfinsohn  
167202. Natalie Schoener  
167201. Heidi Leibowitz  
167200. N Tokayer  
167199. Karen Bernstein  
167198. ed acker ugly ,vehement racist,bigotted ,sickening
167197. Ian S Koenig  
167196. Jean Stilwell disgusting and very alarming
167195. Sari Riefberg  
167194. jose bottarro no coments
167193. Elie Mangoubi, M.D.  
167192. Marsha Krinsky  
167191. Serge Muller  
167190. Joyce Fox Please monitor and delete future antisemitic sites
167189. JANET  
167188. sharon Roberts  
167187. Jack Silvers, MD This site is a shame on humanity. Please delete it.
167186. Les  
167185. Beth Brandon  
167184. edward cohn  
167183. Judith Schechter we must be in the 1920's. This is horrible and disguesting
167182. nomi kain-smilchensky  
167181. Carol Rose  
167180. Lewis Weinstein This "JewWatch" is disgusting!
167179. Jerome L. Goodman I am dissapointed in Google giving this site a base
167178. mindy Cohen  
167177. Allan Goorovich its unbelievable that this will be permited
167176. David Lorenz  
167174. Barbara Miller  
167173. Cynthia Sommer  
167172. Katherine Paxton It came up as third for me, but still, it's appalling. I believe in free speech, but I know that students only click on the first few sites. This site shouldn't be in the top 100.
167171. B A Marburg  
167170. Sheila Spiwak Please take this very offensive referral off your site!!!
167169. stephen perlstein please remove this reference on google
167168. peter scheinblum  
167167. Ethel Kamien  
167166. Suzanne Somers  
167165. joseph dunn  
167164. Rebecca Markey discusting
167163. Iris B  
167162. r. kaufman I dont think you need to allow a total hate website let alone another reason to give world fanatics and lunatics another false reason to demonstrate hate
167161. Akiva Tepperman  
167160. Deborah Hands This is a horribly anti-Semitic site, not worthy of Google.
167159. Lowenberg  
167158. deborah drexler  
167157. R.Erdheim Terrible google search
167156. Ilene Adler public websites that promote prejudice and hatred cannot be tolerated by an ethical society
167155. Elaine Roth must remove at once - it's an insult
167154. D Gershowitz  
167153. Allison Goldberg  
167152. susan pastreich  
167151. Caryn Glicksman  
167150. Alexis Remo  
167149. Jan Harr Bigotry stems from such misimformation
167148. Melinda Jones  
167147. Aaron Fajgenbaum Jews are for ever!!!
167146. Eric A Brown  
167145. Edward Samuels  
167144. Mark Epner disgusting
167142. ira kaplan  
167141. janice roble  
167140. Rose Freilich This is pathectic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
167139. Eva Binder  
167138. elanan guttman  
167137. arline morris  
167136. rivka althaus  
167135. Gilleigh McLain  
167134. Jonathan Friedman  
167133. Abby Adler  
167132. shari this is disgusting
167131. Marlene Siegel  
167129. Mark Cohen  
167128. janet disgusting
167127. Stephen Weinstock  
167126. Esther Gelbard  
167125. Sidney Kirson  
167124. Carol Berman  
167123. Harold M. Gellman  
167122. Robert Englander  
167121. carl preto  
167120. Lloyd Gelb  
167119. sharon bensinger  
167118. Robert Lubinski The owner of this despicable website should join Ernst Zundel (a German-Canadian Holocaust denier and antisemite) to his rightful place in a German prison cell. Google: get rid of this garbage from your search engine - do the right thing!
167117. Janet Millman Get a life!
167116. Zachary Perlmutter It serves no other purpose than to blasphemize Jews for no reason
167115. Ursula It's unfortunate that we call for the elimination of valuable archive live JEWWATCH.COM, while at the same time supporting JEWISH-SPONSORED HATE PROPAGANDA such as the ADL, NOW, ACLU and AIPAC. Why do you JEWS try to shove your multicultural propaganda down the throats of unwilling recipients?? The ASHKENAZI JEW has always spread mischief and trouble into every land that he has migrated to. You and your Zionist state of Israel are the primary reason for so-called Islamic "terrorism" in western nations. YOU AND YOUR GREEDY GRUBBY AIPAC....
167114. Edward Solomon Outrageous in todays world.
167113. Renee Kanowitz  
167112. Sherry Sachar  
167111. Susan Gates  
167110. jo lavitch disgusting horrible
167109. sheldon polan  
167108. Louis Kravitz  
167107. Beverly Polan  
167106. Shai  
167105. Liron Taub  
167104. gerald rivkin  
167103. steve marburg  
167102. Gerald Sabel How many of your staff are Jews and even yourselves may have Jewish Relatives. In your own interest Please remove this website
167101. Bonnie Kravitz  
167100. Eleanor Fraenkel please removre
167099. Carole  
167098. Raquel Alalu  
167097. carol kanoff  
167096. Samuel  
167095. nancy okun  
167094. Joan Baum  
167093. joe albert  
167092. Annette Capuzzo  
167091. Edda Shaffer  
167090. Kimberly Schall  
167089. Steve Berger  
167088. AMY SCHWARTZ  
167087. estelle hayman  
167086. Donald Snider It is rabid, hysterical and dangerous, racist anti-semitism at its worst.
167085. Carolyn Neeson  
167084. Rob Shaffer  
167083. Ian Segal  
167082. JosephWrobel  
167081. Paula Haim antisemitic,racist,disgusting,full of lies
167080. Randy Crystal  
167079. Dana Mischel  
167078. Lisa Wiening  
167077. Arlene Schaffner  
167076. Tiqva BarOn  
167075. Jean Gore This must be removed.
167074. nita villarreal mentz I understand the free speech issue but this site is an assault when searching 'jew'. Please, Google, correct this mistake and move this hatred into the dark, where it belongs.
167073. arthur goldstein hate must go
167072. mildrd s imon  
167071. sanam  
167070. Rabbi Nachum Muschel Don't support hate
167069. Sharon Sachs  
167068. Carol S. Applbaum  
167067. david werner anti-Semitism has no place on google
167066. Mark Sachs  
167065. Huberfield  
167064. Jana Gevertz  
167063. david  
167062. Amanda Mass  
167061. melissa this is not right, it hurts many people.
167060. anat ofer  
167059. Dov Neidish  
167058. Milly Turgel This is absolutely SHAMEFUL
167057. Jack Antflick This is blatent anti-semetism
167056. david adler  
167055. rafi  
167054. Beverly Zalut This is so disgusting!
167053. estelle grobel  
167052. Hannah Heller  
167051. Lloyd Dumas  
167050. roberta intrater Unbelievable. Don't you guys vet this stuff?
167049. Jennifer Premisler This website is a distortion of the truth and is disgusting. While they have a 1st Amendment right to post it, as users of the internet we should ban together let the website know that we will not stand for a website as malicious and false as this.
167048. Jacob Barnea  
167047. S  
167046. Roslyn Stevenson  
167045. suzie disgracesful pease remove this from google
167044. shahla oh my, please remove this site! this is a disgrace to man kind.
167043. Judith Fine please rempove this offensive site
167042. jacqueline stein  
167041. Golda Pincus  
167040. Izzy Gober  
167039. Talya Steinberg  
167038. Sarita Gober  
167037. Aaron  
167036. Laurane Magliari  
167035. Dr. James R. Adler  
167034. MYRON COHEN  
167033. David Shochat  
167032. Susan  
167031. Melvin M. Harter  
167030. David Ritchie This site is despicable and should be removed immediately!
167029. klem fass  
167028. Carolyn Altman  
167027. Barry Ross  
167026. Martine Bloch  
167025. Brian Wilner  
167024. John Tovrov  
167023. Randie Fierberg  
167022. Cynthia Frohlichstein  
167021. Sheila Jacobs  
167020. Jacky Stebbins Sick!!!!!!!
167019. helena lesko please remove!
167018. Hayley Thomas  
167017. marcelo oppel it's a shame
167015. Michelle Burke  
167014. michelle stern  
167013. Terri Jorisch  
167012. Joel Reiskin  
167011. Tzachi Litov  
167010. Lana Salter Remove this site. People should not have to petition to remove a site that promotes hatred and antisemetism.
167009. Marlene Ostronoff  
167008. Dave Cohen please remove this site from your search engine.
167007. Israel Rozemberg Hatred is not protected by freedom of speech
167006. Alex Altman  
167005. Deborah Anschell  
167004. wendy hauser  
167003. Dr. Ted Trout-Landen  
167002. Jan Beckerman  
167001. Milton Agulnek  
167000. Lester Fagin  
166999. Barbara Goldstein  
166998. Harris Tweed this is an outrage
166997. Linda Israeli  
166996. fred pearl  
166995. Nancy E Wells  
166994. Ron Korn Please remove JEWWATCH IT IS OFFENSIVE
166993. Donald Meissner  
166992. Stuart Stewart I am horrified
166991. Evelyn Fagin  
166990. Joy Delovitch  
166989. David Diamond If this was a website about any other ethnic, racial or religious group, google would never allow it on their search engine!!
166988. Evelyn Stewart I am appalled
166987. Elizabeth W. Barnette  
166986. sha sud  
166985. Lewis Allen  
166984. Dina Levitsky  
166983. Stewart Freedman discusting
166982. al casillas  
166981. Ruth Kramer  
166980. Rochelle Rosen  
166979. brendon  
166978. G Stone  
166977. Kathryn Pilkington  
166976. Mary-Lou Weisman Shame
166975. Salli Blakesley This must be removed.
166974. Jennifer Harari  
166973. thelma gerstein  
166972. Lawrence Greenfield Why would you all garbage on Google?
166971. Charlotte Tarrel  
166970. Marlene Takefman this is disgusting
166969. Rhonda Bushkin  
166968. Carol Frybarger  
166967. karen gross  
166966. Leona Bohm Please remove this disgraceful material from your search engine
166965. Claudia Reese Socially responsible companies are becoming more successful with the increasingly conscious society.
166964. peggy fleming  
166963. jim brassell  
166962. harvey leib very poor taste
166961. Lois Rowe as a fellow librarian I find your site offensive and would not want students using this as an objective site
166960. Richard Roskowe  
166959. Amy  
166958. D Krawitz Definately needs to be removed.
166957. Jeffrey Cohen  
166956. Rachel Please remove this offensive site. Thank You!
166955. david b.ohen  
166954. Maurice Wieder Disgusting
166953. John Smith  
166952. Marshall Hershberg While I believe firmly in freedom of speech, I also believe that when an individual uses freedom of speech to advocate depriving rights of others, he/she violates the fundamental principle and should lose that right for him/herself.
166951. Robert ODonnell  
166950. E. Kahn  
166949. Unique  
166948. sonia remove
166947. Sharon Kenworthy  
166946. Fred Siesel  
166945. mari cartagenova this is disgusting! Please remove this immediately!!
166944. Jerry Goldberg  
166943. Inbal Landau  
166942. Steven Ross REMOVE THIS SITE!!!
166941. vita  
166940. JOSH KATZ  
166939. Mildred Brassell  
166938. monty cash  
166937. Tony Morgan  
166936. ruby jacobs  
166935. Raphael Shure  
166934. S. Neben  
166933. E.Brown please remove this site it is very offensive to many people
166932. deb friedman  
166931. Joseph Halberstam  
166930. Monica Cohan  
166929. deb friedman  
166928. R.M.Scheinfein Blatant antisemitism must be discouraged
166927. Vivian Naimer  
166926. Elisa Eisen  
166925. Jed Fierberg  
166924. Sheldon Baum What are they afraid of.? The contributions the Jewish people have made to improve their lives.
166923. leah barshap How could you approve this?
166922. Elizabeth Pinckney I add my name to the petition to have this site removed from the Google seardh engine.
166921. Barbara Brown Google: Take some resp., don't be accomplices to hate mongering
166920. mark Farzan
166919. Robbie Gore  
166918. dylewsKA  
166917. Uri Rozemberg  
166916. Bernard Lebovic  
166915. horacio  
166914. JACK GROSS shame on Google
166913. Debbie Rozemberg  
166912. Gail I W Rubinson  
166911. Michele Meyrowitz  
166910. Mark Shayefar  
166909. Phy6llis Greenberg  
166908. ohad c  
166907. maria smith  
166906. PEARL GROSS this is most disturbing for google to come to this
166905. Joan Caplan  
166904. Vivian Eisenberg  
166903. Jackie Gilman  
166902. Elizabeth Shulman  
166901. lindy wolff  
166900. margaretbaumsten  
166899. Gene  
166898. sam green  
166897. sylvia nissen There are other search engines we can use if Google does not remove this insult.
166896. michele kreitman  
166894. tatiana  
166893. Idit marcus  
166892. Karyn Waxman  
166891. samuel bernstein  
166890. Donald Harris  
166889. Jeffrey Chaplin remove racist site now
166888. michael becker pls remove this horrid site
166887. pamela Mandel  
166886. tillie sklar  
166885. Ron Mardkhai  
166884. susan erani  
166883. Adina Chinowsky  
166882. David R. Cohen  
166881. Shirley Engelson  
166880. Mary L. Glick  
166879. Alison Marvin  
166877. Jack Engelson  
166876. Jennifer  
166875. Barbara Schuster remove the
166874. stuart morduchowitz this is full of hatred
166873. sherm palan  
166872. John Sauber I am a survivor fo the Nazi killing field 1943-44
166871. Feivel Ziman Ben Jaim  
166870. Sari Waisbord  
166869. Arthur Rabin  
166867. J.Stober  
166866. Karen Vitali Please remove
166865. evelyn m. blum  
166864. Alan R, Lax  
166863. David Weintraub  
166862. Monica Holmes  
166861. Stephen Cohen  
166860. Sharon Baboushkin Remove ASAP!!!
166859. Bette Cyzner  
166858. Phil Landsberg  
166857. Danielle Wank  
166856. Amy Kirschbaum  
166855. Renee Wank  
166854. Martin Richards Disgraceful
166853. Neil Wank  
166852. Abraham Cyzner  
166851. jo-anne unnecessary site
166850. Arthur A Gober  
166849. renee sellman You have a social responsibility to remove this appalling trash from the search engine.
166848. julia rubiner  
166847. Sam Shafran  
166846. Sue Heringman  
166845. hayout shimon  
166844. sharren filan  
166843. Irene Agoff  
166842. Tamar Shafran  
166841. Evelyn Gaites  
166840. toby r. rosenberg  
166839. Lauren  
166838. G Cohen  
166837. drjohnrodgers Remove this disgusting site, please
166836. Dave Brodkin  
166835. Joan Withers Dinner Please do not participate in racism!
166834. max weisberg Google is better than this. Please do not allow this type of Bigotry to be available at one of the world's great information sources. Thank you
166833. Avi West  
166832. Elaine P Levine  
166831. ilene wolff  
166830. Elana Zeiger  
166829. Lew Zwick  
166828. D L A  
166827. Michael Mittelman  
166826. jesse  
166825. dan jacobsohn  
166824. Leslie Crystal  
166823. Joseph E. Cearns  
166822. Ben Feinreich  
166821. connee sadowsky  
166820. Abraham Zighelboim  
166819. Marion Phillips totally anti semitic and hurtful to all
166818. Marla Edlin  
166817. Jeffrey Lezak  
166816. Marla Edlin  
166815. Harriet Klein  
166814. Gloria Klein Badly designed, badly displayed, unfortunate
166813. lyle perlmutter  
166812. Laurie Karchmer  
166811. Jeremy and Mary Barnes  
166810. Heddy Bernstein  
166809. Neal B. Finkelstein  
166808. Michael A Segelstein  
166807. Barbara Laufer  
166806. Ray L. Walker  
166805. barbara biziou  
166804. Arline Weisberger  
166802. Sara Buenos Aires  
166801. joanne warshaver very offensive
166800. Julie Gronich outrageous that this requires a petition
166799. BETTY BEKER  
166798. hazel marcus  
166797. norm Grey  
166796. DONNY BLUM  
166795. Cara Zimmerman  
166794. miriam parness  
166793. Frank Seidman I will use Dogpatch instead of google unless this noxious site is elininated
166792. ida miller horrible site shame on you
166791. Roslyn Willens  
166790. Alexander Levinson š
166789. medeia dleizer  
166788. Warren Hellen  
166787. Martin Freling  
166786. Evelyn & Stanley Weiss  
166785. Marilyn Becker  
166784. Barbara Cook  
166783. goldie lobel disgusting antisemitic crap
166782. Dorothy Friedman  
166781. Phyllis Karp It is time to put an end to lies and hatred
166780. William Law, III  
166778. Rosalyn  
166777. Taly  
166776. Cedric Meyerowitz  
166775. Helena England  
166774. Sharon Seligman Lomayesva  
166773. Yekusiel Balter an absolute disgrace!
166772. debby botvinik it is typical of the left wing and anti semites to have this cramp
166771. Oren Shatil  
166770. Leo E. Litwak  
166769. zelda bush  
166768. Fran Kirshenbau;;m  
166767. Zoe Garaway Please don't facilitate the haters. Don't make allow them to make Jews targets for violence
166766. David Silversmith Its crazy and should not be searcheable
166765. Marilyn  
166764. Barry J. Shaw  
166763. S..Dow Seek a Peaceful Planet! Hate, need not be prompted for profit!
166762. debbie alhante  
166761. Dr Margit Korn I am horrified that I found this on Google.
166760. Gladis K  
166759. tanya Look at the comments on this petition from Sandra at number166708 and tell me who let this pig write this garbage
166758. ed deluty  
166757. Gayle Scott  
166756. Pam Orbach  
166755. Jessica Levine  
166754. David Alpert  
166753. DAVID SAXE  
166752. Judith Kriegsman  
166751. betty Berger  
166750. Marilyn Siegel  
166749. SANDRA HIMELHOCH needs to be eliminated
166748. Sally Rosenbum I looked at the site, I am appalled. Such hate and lies
166747. isaac kleinbart  
166746. Dvora Parker  
166745. E Licht  
166744. matias  
166743. Fiona I can't believe this rubbish still continues!!!
166742. jerry Sandra, we will all watch you burn in hell, you are disturbed and a poor excuse for a human being
166741. Twyla Littleton-Shabtai racist!
166740. Roberta Levin  
166739. Carolyn S. Topol  
166738. Susan Burstein I urge all to use and not Google until this is removed!
166737. Larry Cohen  
166736. Arlene Sonnen Please do the right thing.
166735. Gwendolyn Bellmann  
166734. Ben Perez  
166733. Ronald Friedman Please eliminate this horrible website from your search engine results.
166732. frank  
166731. Martin Fuchsman  
166730. jacob Guttman You guys can do much better than this
166729. E Schlanger  
166728. Donald Hirshorn We have enough garbage on the site. This is offensive.
166727. Harold Sherwin Shameful Untruthful Presentation
166726. EDWIN PIMS  
166724. Sheryl Deutsch  
166723. Rodica David  
166722. Harriet Rothschild Isn't it time to let up on the Jews !!!!!!!
166721. Grisell Neumann  
166719. Dorothy Bienen remove immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!
166718. Celina Fenster  
166717. Tamara Benson  
166716. Avram  
166715. Julie Dretzin  
166714. Robert Churney  
166713. Art Poulten  
166712. Juliet F. Lauricella  
166711. Alexis Kahan  
166710. Daniel Greenberg  
166709. Carolyn Hott  
166708. Sandra Burn in hell all of you Jews that sign this petition. You are the hooked-nose parasites of the earth.
166707. Rosa Clein  
166706. Pinhas Barak terible
166705. Thomas A. Lauricella  
166704. ilan cohn  
166703. bernard Beitman  
166702. Carolyn Ormond  
166701. Paula Schwartz  
166700. Louis Schmidt  
166699. Lou Morgan  
166698. Devra Bobrick  
166697. D. Fields Remove anti-semetic, hate-filled site
166696. Barbara Lemmerman This site is filled with Anti-Semitism. It should be removed.
166695. Samara Attis  
166694. Sheila Lehrman  
166693. Roy  
166691. M LW  
166690. Perez Victor Why so much hatred?
166688. Ed Mac  
166687. gloria stender  
166686. Lori Scherer  
166685. Eugene H. Rifkin  
166684. Yoel Koenka  
166683. alan tapper  
166682. Stephanie Blee  
166681. Shirley Morrison This is disgusting and should be removed at once.
166680. Ed Brown shame
166679. Michael Taxin  
166678. Erika Schon  
166677. Rev. Carl Hawkins Please do not slander all Jews!!
166676. Tova Ron  
166675. erna schack Why do we have to sign petitions?? it should be the decent thing to do!!!
166674. joanne block  
166673. Ruth Henteleff  
166672. Deborah Don't promote the antisemitism.
166671. Miriam Winiarz Please remove this!!!
166670. Dan Danson  
166669. shellie walter despicable
166668. Luis Daniel Friedlander  
166667. J Weitz  
166666. S. Walters  
166665. Marc  
166664. Jay Stevens some of the items listed and attributed to Jewish planned actions are not. The repatriation of the German Army had NOTHING to do with the Jews.
166663. Lara Kramer  
166662. Shirley Backer Terriblesite. No excuse for it
166661. Jeff Arron please remove this site
166660. Andrew Brown  
166659. B. Klainbaum  
166658. Maxine Platt Remove this site ASAP
166657. hyman holtzman  
166656. Adam Harmelin ridiculous
166655. Maxine Platt Remove this site ASAP
166654. Hagit Netterman  
166653. janice hirschhorn  
166652. Aaron Pickelner  
166651. renee milner  
166650. Lisa Lipsitz  
166649. stewart permutt disgusting display of lies and flagranttly anti-semitic material
166648. Arie Joffe  
166647. Cory Schneider  
166646. Ned R. Leiner  
166645. Laurence Hirschhorn  
166644. Jill Mallard  
166643. Jerry Strauss  
166642. Marilyn J. Cohen  
166641. Roberta Shevin  
166640. Shear  
166639. Sherry Eckert  
166638. charlotte rosenstein  
166637. R. Rose  
166636. diane schlanger  
166635. Charlene Scherer  
166634. Hyla Davis  
166633. Ezra Chasser  
166632. Shani Abada  
166631. Chris Shawyer  
166630. George Goldstein  
166629. Orly Tal  
166628. Myra Langsam  
166627. Richard Scherer  
166626. Esther Summer cannot believe you allow this site to be listed
166625. pablo lulkin  
166624. Marianna Moran Dupont  
166623. Eugene Golden  
166622. Eric Kreitman  
166621. LARRY Antsis  
166620. Jordan Fassler  
166619. Alvin Farber I urge you to remove this site.
166618. janice hardoon  
166617. Donald Summer  
166616. carol pines  
166615. G. L.  
166614. Jan Hall  
166613. Martin Fessler  
166612. Sheila Swan Disgusting!
166611. Barbara Fayne disgusting
166610. Mark Stiel thanks for not supporting anti semites
166609. judith jamison  
166608. Janet Hodos  
166607. marc boulogne  
166606. Glenda Jean Tremewan  
166605. Jeremy Schon  
166604. nancy  
166603. Richard Fayne disgusting
166602. RUTE LEVY  
166601. Louis collins  
166600. Rena  
166598. JOSEPH NOREN  
166597. Elina Kazakevich  
166596. Eddy Goldberg This site is a discrace and it's creator should be jailed
166595. P Mishins  
166594. Debbie Waggenheim  
166593. Bradley Brodkin  
166592. rani weiss  
166591. Roberta  
166590. Charles Ronen  
166589. gary walters  
166588. Natalie Linn  
166587. Groton Rebeca  
166586. ruth  
166585. Albert de Vidas  
166584. Dena Springer  
166583. julie saavedra remove
166582. Hrmine Feibischoff  
166581. Leah Ronen If this is not removed I may cease using gmail
166580. Harvey Brown Please remove public access to this website
166579. Marcia Dahlberg  
166578. William Niehaus Please remove this hateful, anti-Semitic Site. It has no value beyond its message of hate and discrimination.
166577. Annjulia I am ashamed of Google!!!
166576. M Chering  
166575. Albert de Vidas  
166574. Lillian Gilbert Please remove this anti-semite web site
166573. Dorete sivkin Ê
166572. Sara antisemitism is empty hatred!
166571. Binyamin Blau  
166570. christine oster  
166569. Noreen Freeland  
166568. Cyra L. Lewis  
166567. Marvin Isdaner  
166566. Jason Klapper  
166565. Ruth Thomas This should be removed as soon as possible
166564. Ellen Carter  
166563. Rina Melnick awful pls remove
166562. Marvin Demant  
166561. david Lewenberg No brainer, this must be removed.
166560. David Rothberg  
166559. Irene Eydis  
166558. paul margolis  
166557. jeremy how did this site become the 4th link
166556. David Rogovein DIGUSTING
166555. Yossi  
166554. David Kroser  
166553. maddy hacken  
166552. Marie Schoening  
166551. Judith Kosowsky  
166550. steve Pollock  
166549. joel leifer  
166548. janice axelrod  
166547. Raizella Mandel  
166546. Shelley Shifman This is a disgraceful and ignorant site which should not be given credibility by Google
166545. Elihu Marcus  
166544. carmit Please remove the site 'jewwatch' from Google
166543. Alan Abram  
166542. Steven Rembach  
166541. barry rubin the content of this website is offensive and racist
166540. Sonia Samuel  
166539. lorraine muro please act in your usual responsible manner
166538. javi  
166537. Chani Wiesman  
166536. Sagie This is a disgrace to humanity
166535. Yossi Gevir  
166534. joseph f rosenberg  
166533. Susan Savia I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is despicable and only fuels hatred and ignorance.
166532. Jon Sarfin  
166531. Rosana  
166530. Richard Sontz  
166529. Arthur Gelb  
166528. Jason Myers  
166527. stephen hirshfeld  
166526. Gloria and Bob Birnbaum  
166525. David Gershon  
166524. Nathan Ochs  
166523. sima kern  
166522. Ira Steingold  
166521. Dan Levin  
166520. philip levine this is beyond the limits of free speech.this man is a nazi
166519. Mia Ting  
166518. Pearlene Halfin Please remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
166517. Ron Bernstein  
166516. Jonathan K. Winer Remove from the Google Search Engine. Period!
166515. nahva davis  
166514. Brickner Sara  
166513. Daniel Lewin Remove this anti-jewish ite !
166512. Jason Seltzer  
166511. Kenneth Green  
166510. MIchael Segel  
166509. Jeffrey Vogel  
166508. jo cimmug  
166507. Simon Rickman  
166506. Yael Marom please remove this site!
166505. Deborah Troner  
166504. dana hidalgo disgusting site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
166503. Sheila Walter  
166502. sara  
166501. Howard Lewin  
166500. Mr & Mrs John Siff  
166499. Jan Kozak 21 Century ? Shame !!!!
166498. yona morgenstern  
166497. Raquel Del Mar  
166496. Marc ia Lisker  
166495. Barbara Yolken  
166494. Anita Marto  
166493. s. linde  
166492. Michele Pinkas  
166491. Robert Scott Schepp MD  
166490. Norm Lyons  
166489. Michael Myers  
166488. ephraim himelstein  
166487. Gary Nerman  
166486. leon katz  
166485. Leonard Rubin  
166484. Ralph J. Leinoff  
166483. Herbert Walter  
166482. Edith B. Churney  
166481. Stephanie Hirshfeld  
166480. ettie councilman despicable website; needs removal asap
166479. sheldon stern  
166478. Leah Rothman  
166477. Paulina  
166476. Milton Erdfarb We expect you to do what is right!
166475. Evan Brody please remove
166474. Stanton S. Oswald  
166473. Lester Quitney  
166472. Eileen  
166471. David Bennett Please prevent any further access to this anti semite's poisonous website
166470. Rina  
166469. Randall Taylor  
166468. Bernice B. Oswald  
166467. Myriam Schlossberg  
166466. Anna Mindel  
166465. Rodney M  
166464. Evelyn Lamon  
166463. Avy Meyers This is despicable
166462. Linda Zern  
166461. Warren Kasztl  
166460. Maria Simor  
166459. Stephen Myers, President remove
166458. Gina Weaver  
166457. Matthew Jacobson  
166456. A Berger  
166455. sheila k remove ASAP
166454. Solomon Schechter  
166453. Stephen Edelstein  
166452. John Franklin Thomas  
166451. David Taller  
166450. Judy Lederer  
166449. Stephanie Silverstone  
166448. Ehud Bahat  
166447. Irma Mayer Very disturbing--please move below.
166446. Marianne Samuel  
166445. Roberto Graetz  
166444. Robert Held  
166443. Susan Bermam  
166441. Ellen Jacobs  
166440. cynthia goodman mumma  
166439. Alan Seidner take it off please
166438. Alain Perez  
166437. Aaron Ament Psychopathology, nothing less.
166436. vincent rosenbluth  
166435. Ben Kirshenbaum  
166434. Gertrude Kite Please, please get this off
166433. jack gros  
166432. David Perton  
166431. yaakov  
166430. Sharon Simmons  
166429. Michelle Cohen  
166428. Susan Morgan  
166427. Mary Goldman  
166426. jerry katzman  
166425. Rita Wizenfeld  
166424. serena wieder. phd  
166423. Jared Goetz  
166422. ron ref  
166421. lulu  
166420. S. Hakimian  
166419. Loryn Halperin  
166418. Melvin Cohen  
166417. Paula Wasserman  
166416. MICHAEL DORFMAN Any and all hate sites shouldn't be tolerated.
166415. robert langer  
166414. Gil Dekel  
166413. Joseph Kleiner If you leave it, I will stop using Google
166412. K Matthaiopoulos I cannot understand why you would allow your search engine locate such evil sites. Shame on you.
166411. gaby  
166410. Frederic Neiman  
166409. bonnie barness  
166408. darcy dalton disgusting that this is even on the internet
166407. Lindsay Pasternack  
166406. C Matthews This is a disgusting site. I am ashamed you are supporting Nazi type views.
166405. debbie prince  
166404. marion berkline  
166403. Hal Lewis I'm sure you have no sympathy for anti-Semetic propaganda
166402. Adam  
166401. Fred  
166400. Nancy Moses Greenblatt  
166399. Ruth Langdorf  
166398. Todd Gindy  
166397. Dorathea Halpert  
166396. d rose very sad
166395. Karen  
166394. Leah Rayburn  
166393. A.Nozetz  
166392. Ilene Wohlgemuth  
166391. Lisa Galer This site is extremely offensive and most importantly full of total inaccuracies. It should be removed ASAP.
166389. Harvey I. Schneider  
166388. Lisa Tennenbaum  
166387. B.Kahn  
166386. nancy bunnin  
166385. Staci Ojalvo please remove
166384. Ron Abrahams  
166383. Laura Males Please remove that from your site - as I respect Google and I am sure you understand.
166382. Steve Abramson  
166381. Marcia Schiff  
166380. Gabriel Berditchevsky  
166379. Nurit Bejerano  
166378. Susan Beer Leder  
166377. Jane L Locke That is horendous.
166376. Stacey Whitman  
166375. steve rose  
166374. paul danieli  
166373. Yona Saraga  
166372. Joanne  
166370. Stanley Locke That is atrocious.
166369. dalia kimron  
166368. Jill Remove ASAP
166367. Jeffrey Goldberg  
166366. Yvonne Evans  
166365. Joel Raby  
166364. lindsey  
166363. Josefina Heller-Kaim  
166362. al strauss remove it asap
166361. jon de Lange  
166360. Jill R Schechter This is ONLY harmful and inflammatory - REMOVE
166359. Elliott Hoffman This site is completely disgusting in this day and age!
166358. marvin heiman this is disgusting
166357. Kristina S. Berg  
166356. Rachel Lerner  
166355. Carolyn Davis  
166354. Jacqueline Himmel  
166353. norman n gottlieb Ignorance is one thing, but this is sheer hate!
166352. Marcela Fischer  
166351. Graciela Gorenstein disgusting
166350. norman libman  
166349. jordana mcgee  
166348. FRED LEVIN  
166347. Ken  
166346. Marcia Cohen  
166345. stephan selig  
166344. Marilyn J Silberstein  
166343. Elena Cohen Imach  
166342. Cynthia R Kravitz  
166341. itay llsd
166340. Célia Rubinstein Eisenbaum  
166339. Ellen Jabinsky  
166338. Phyllis Broder  
166337. Wendy Yaross Terribly anti-semitic site.
166336. Dee Won  
166335. Erwin Cohen  
166334. david hoffman  
166333. aaron zuckerberg  
166332. Jason Brooks  
166331. david sommer  
166330. adam sahn  
166329. Jack Coop  
166328. Ted Schieber  
166327. Amanda Bloom This site is absolutely disgraceful.
166326. gabriel Tauber  
166325. Marla  
166324. Ross I. Gallen Do not help the anti semites
166323. michael rossman disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
166322. Gloria Ware REMOVE JEW WATCH from GOOGLE
166320. Janet Waller  
166319. b broder  
166318. madeline satnick this terminolgy is inappropriate and should be deleted.
166317. Daniel Kosoy  
166316. Kristiann I am sorry this is still happening. Please remove this site from the web.
166315. leslie sher  
166314. Allan Gomberg  
166313. Robert Fleischer  
166312. Elaine Kahn It is ruly unacceptable that Google should
166311. ester barchanovitz  
166310. Beryl Laufer  
166309. dalia kalai, M.D.  
166308. robyn wolowitz  
166307. Susan J. Dechter remove immediately
166306. dan  
166305. Beth Victor  
166304. Peretz Muriel  
166303. tova klrsh  
166302. Rachelle Leshner  
166301. Bensadoun Gerard  
166300. Jennifer Margolis  
166299. Karen Aaronson Come on. Is this all Jews merit?
166298. Pearl Wise  
166297. Michael Aaron Crystal  
166296. Elliott Gordon  
166295. Dr. Fariba Ghodsian  
166294. Norton Paley  
166293. Andrew  
166292. Mindy Van Valkenburgh  
166291. nathalie guttmann Shame on you Google!
166290. Susan Grossman  
166289. Jerry Ross  
166288. gladys spain  
166287. Natalie Apple  
166286. Hannah Puckhaber There is a time when the ethical becomes more important than "actions as usual"
166285. Rikki Braun  
166284. laura zisman  
166283. Steve Paul This is outrageous - remove promptly
166282. andrew hollingworth please remove
166281. M R  
166280. devora susman  
166279. barbara azizo  
166278. Michael Morris Please remove this site
166277. jeffrey nusholtz  
166276. Sharon Lazerson  
166275. Irving Leonard Markovitz  
166274. Erica Epstein  
166273. Harold Saffer  
166272. susan nusholtz remove this now
166271. Susan Wisnudel  
166270. Philip C Levi  
166269. Rochel Lieberman  
166268. jon woolf  
166267. paula harcha  
166266. lowell shore do what is right!this site is disgusting
166265. Eli Zvi  
166264. Eve Feldman These lies should not be given this form of legitimacy!
166263. michael Bernal  
166262. Roberta Moltz  
166261. gene rosenberg md antisemitism is racism !
166260. Dr. Robert Brown  
166259. Gloria Lyons-Halperin  
166258. Rebecca Grimaldi  
166257. Victor Amerling  
166256. Gary Perlman  
166255. Nicole Nordon  
166254. Matthew Lerner  
166253. George Hauser, Ph.D.  
166252. Shirley Schwartz  
166251. Lorraine Fein Poison should not be on the internet.
166250. regina berlim  
166249. Stan Bernstein No place for this type of bigotry
166248. robin loehr  
166247. blik  
166246. oryan theodor  
166245. Elham Shabatian  
166244. mchd  
166243. Warren Friedman  
166242. Brina Reinstein  
166241. Diego Smude  
166240. Merle Gordon  
166239. Ira Strum what idiots they are
166238. Adam Gertzbein The website is laughable if it weren't so very distressing to see such a thing.
166237. Fran Lerner this is a disgrace
166236. nesanel milstein  
166235. Mauricio Branchtein  
166234. Barbara R. Brass  
166233. Mark Sacharow  
166232. b.orkin  
166231. joanne bernstein  
166230. Howard Walfish  
166229. Marcia Seidner Outragious! This is antisemite proof.
166228. ROY COHEN  
166227. Bruce Carlson enough of made up lies and hate stuff
166226. Alexander Hoffer, M.D.  
166225. sam pathetic site
166224. Dr. Tony Tuvia Bejerano  
166223. Ramonda van Essen  
166222. Jane E. Brown  
166221. martin binysh IT is Terrible
166220. Scott Borinstein  
166219. chana  
166218. Michelle Borinstein  
166217. Stephen A. Gordon, J.D. I have looked at the "Jew Watch" site. It is deplorable. That Google would include it as part of its search engine results is pandering to the hate mongers of this country.
166216. joseph kratka disgudting
166215. Beate Brandt  
166214. Norma Rapppaport unacceptable response to web search
166213. estelle baum  
166212. Lis Shapiro please remove this reviling site endorsing hatred
166211. Alfred Kuhn This is a BIG lie! Totally untrue.
166210. Gail Aiken  
166209. Barbara Eisner  
166208. elie kheder  
166207. Lillian Schaechner  
166206. giti namvar  
166205. Jonathan dell Ê
166203. diane cohen google should not spread hatred
166201. Irene Coifman Branchtein  
166200. Nica Friedman  
166199. Chava Rubenson  
166198. alan curtis it's anti-semetic and offensive
166197. karen gilbert  
166196. Mae Deluca  
166195. naty saidoff  
166194. Dr. Peter Collins  
166193. Beverley Sandler This is a racist site
166192. Gary Lauk  
166191. G.Gordon diplorable when you have to wait to get a certain amount of names on petition to remove a hate website, wake up Google and remove this immediately, its on your head
166190. leah silvertein  
166189. Harry Drop this odious entry to the bottom of the list of search results, or better yet remove it entirely.
166188. jacqueline bacal  
166187. Laura Rotblut  
166186. Abe Horn This site is repulsive.
166185. judy robkin  
166184. Kevin Brett Unbelievable!!
166183. Wayne Cohen  
166182. DC  
166181. shana y. schacter  
166180. S,N,Nathan  
166179. Debbie Bernstein  
166178. steve Wolf  
166177. ALAN K. GIDWITZ  
166176. Sue Huff  
166175. sherri Wolf  
166174. jan kulick your explanation is inadequate
166173. Shane Lipson  
166172. Leon Szpagat This creates nothing but hatred and bigotry not only to Jews but to everyone else.
166171. Sol Heiman  
166170. UZI RONEN  
166169. jbogage  
166168. Marc Borstein  
166167. Ben Klein Shame on you Google, disgusting, racist, and will not support your site any longer
166166. Carol Freedman-Doan  
166165. joyce silver Hate is a 4-letter word
166164. Gerald Tessler  
166163. Sandra Roberts  
166162. Herman J Soifer Unbelievable that Google would allow this vile,depraved propoganda to appear on their web.
166161. Max McMahon What's the point of that site anyway, the guy needs to get a real job.
166160. Cyndy Stalmaster  
166159. T.N.Rubenstein stop bigitory
166158. Daniella Littman  
166157. kurt steiner  
166156. Jack Dinsfriend  
166155. Susan Schiber this site must be removed - it is shameful
166154. Mabel  
166153. Linda Jeffes  
166152. David Rotfleisch  
166151. lois kaliner  
166150. Josh Levy racist propoganda
166149. Elen  
166148. Jan Hang  
166147. Lori Silverberg  
166146. E.Azoulay  
166145. Tammy Astor Offensive site!
166144. david and samara balfour hate is not an option...end the insanity NOW
166143. gary garber  
166142. karen silbie  
166141. Benjamin  
166140. Pablo Pizarro  
166139. Jason Kohll  
166138. Joel Loeffelholz  
166137. keith myers the limit of free speech comes with the causing of deliberate offence or deliberately causing others to be in danger. Racism comes into this category
166136. Laurence Butler  
166135. Stephanie M. Gordon An offensive and hate filled search. Stop promoting a hate site for anti-semites..
166134. Leah S. Bailey  
166133. henri  
166132. Adam  
166131. Denise Jacobs  
166130. Louise Butler  
166129. Paul Herbert  
166128. melanie cohen disgraceful
166127. Daniel Lewin  
166126. Wyatt Gold  
166125. daniel salmon this must be removed from the google search engine
166124. Shirel Lippe Disgusting
166123. Arnold Abramowitz  
166122. Moshe Lewin  
166121. Sheila Goldlust I'm too much of a lady to say what I really think of that garbage1
166120. Allison Kohll  
166119. alex bergman  
166118. Jerome Montana  
166117. Arthur G. Silvers Sobering to see this kind of hatred raise its ugly head.
166116. Sue Buckley  
166115. David Levine I am disgusted that Google has so far refused to remove JewWatch from its search engine results. Yahoo no longer includes this offensive, hateful site. Google should follow that lead and refuse to partner in any way with this hate site or any other like it
166114. Justin Kerker This site is all lies and hate. It is worse than Al Jazeera.
166113. David Wolkstein I would be ashamed to be a google stockholder
166112. Edgar Garin This is beyond objectionable. It is a hate site.
166111. Eric Trilling  
166110. Seymour Samberg  
166109. Jackie  
166108. marianna yellen  
166107. Debbie Weiss  
166106. adrian senderowicz  
166105. Richard Goldman  
166104. Sophy Weintraub  
166103. Jeffrey Groberman  
166102. gerry small  
166101. Mark Olstein  
166100. oren guttman please do not be an accomplice to hate
166099. Jonny Line  
166098. ariel remove this nazi
166097. Bob Desiatnik I am all for freedom of speech - I am against freedom to promote hatred. Hatred kills. Please don't give this lunatic a forum.
166096. Lois Lustig  
166095. Roberta  
166094. herbert turner  
166093. JOEL KRINSKY  
166092. Nora Habert  
166091. Myron Fine  
166090. lina yablonovsky  
166089. Philip Mendelsohn This is a blatantly anti-Semitic site and does not deserve publicity.
166088. Steven Wolff  
166087. miria gordan  
166086. philip schneider deplorable-remove immediately
166085. Michael Mordkovich  
166084. Rosalie Fine  
166083. Leslie Aronin  
166082. Marja Hene  
166081. Anne Bloom Disgraceful
166080. Ellen F remove from your search engine
166079. nir  
166078. Sande Warsaw  
166077. Wayne Parent  
166076. Edgardo  
166075. Leslie Aronin  
166074. Yitzhak Sattler anti-semitic!!!!!1
166073. seg  
166072. mara  
166071. Stephanie Olsen  
166070. feldspar ziffle  
166069. Manny Price Please remove this hate monger from your service.
166068. Abraham Mercado  
166067. tamy maydan  
166066. david glaser  
166065. jodi lamparelli  
166064. Allen Rogers  
166063. melisa  
166062. Gene Viola How dare Google entertain this hatred!!!
166061. Oded Degani  
166060. Bruce Goldner Disgusting-Its on your head!!!!
166059. Samuel Rubin  
166058. Y. Wassersug  
166057. Robert Leslie  
166056. Daniel Bass  
166055. Marianne Ferguson It is a disgrace that such a thing is allowed.
166053. Kurt Hammond  
166052. Rose Abrams  
166051. L Moskovic  
166050. gary wiseman  
166049. Lianna Donovan  
166048. neal izaks  
166047. arleen kaller  
166046. arlene arnstrong  
166045. Mary H. Martin  
166044. Leslie Trowski  
166043. Daniel Bass  
166042. Linda M. Sacks, MD  
166041. Joseph Dahan  
166040. Irene Tyrade of a mentally disturbed, vile anti-semite.
166039. Karen Schwartz  
166038. Irene Johnston  
166037. Andi Stein please remove this PROPAGANDA! It is very scary to see what is being represented as "truth". Fabricated and exaggerated. This site can only fuel anti-Semitism.
166036. David Fishman will this ever end?
166035. herb levin incredibly racist
166034. amy swedlow  
166033. Ronald Fox This must be done immediately!
166032. carol steinbach  
166031. m. heller  
166029. Stuart Opotowsky  
166028. Arnold Fine  
166027. David Roizenblit Please remove it
166026. Marty Zelenietz  
166025. Mike Adler  
166024. Makowski  
166023. raymond zuckerman a shame to have that biased site there.
166022. Allison Weiner  
166021. tanya rowlands this is a disgrace and would be different if it were aimed at any other religion
166020. harrison abramowitz  
166019. Terri Stearn  
166018. joanne Schneider Remove this site
166017. Susan Honickman Please remove this site, it is offensive
166016. Irwin mendleson  
166015. delia and here we are at 165000 signatures and google have no intention of deleting this racist site - i suggest we all use yahoo from now on!!!
166014. Lonnie L. Jones Racism is so lame. Let's put an end to it now!
166013. Debby T  
166012. chana katzman  
166011. Roy S. Weiner Compromises Google as a resource.
166010. Judith T. Estler  
166009. Mitchel J.Bomrind please remove this caldron of antisemitism
166008. barbara cohen please move to a back page
166007. B.Eschenfelder  
166006. L Harvey Hewit  
166005. Bobbie Epstein antisemetics, full of hate
166004. EG  
166003. Lesley Bailey Please remove this site which promotes hatred, thank you
166002. Jerry Solzman  
166001. judy levin In a world that is becoming more and more intolerant, I hope google will take the lead and stop the hatred
166000. Eric B. Jacobs  
165999. Hyman Katz Freedom of speech does not extend to abusive remarks.
165998. m. katz  
165997. Cliff Ageloff  
165996. itamar rosenblatt  
165995. Kevin Hollins  
165994. Doreen Darabaner  
165993. Miriam Loeb In the name of truth and honesty please remove this site.
165992. Kambiz Zarnegar  
165991. Karen J Krensky Get with it google!
165990. Howard Zerker  
165989. TP McGuire  
165988. Maurice Beres  
165987. Ariel Krok  
165985. Susanna Flaster Do not be involved in the business of promoting ignorance and hate
165984. Perle Gass ICK!!!!!!!!
165983. Gary I. Busman  
165982. Henry Vogel good luck to you
165981. Chaim Cohen I've long awaited removal of this anti-semitic, racist site.
165980. Sharon Argov  
165979. Sean Friedman  
165978. Vera Gavizon Remove it.
165977. Margie Kulstein I hope that Google will act in a manner that is positive in regard to this violent anti-semetic site.
165976. koby hazan shut it down
165975. Joan Rosenbaum  
165974. LEAH  
165973. Cheryl Brill This needs to be removed asap I can't believe this site is allowed to remain this is whats wrong with the world now this is NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH its incitement
165972. Julie Dubosky  
165971. marilyn  
165970. Howard Dickman this leaves me dissapointed with Google
165969. Lloyd Lavine  
165968. Rosalyn Segal  
165967. Pippa SAUNDERS  
165966. D. Noemi Bodzek  
165965. Daniel Moreinis  
165964. Jorge Pfeffer  
165963. David Neinstein  
165962. m.mechlowitz  
165961. Matt Sherman  
165960. Hilary Burridge  
165959. Brenda Grossman  
165958. Marni Levinson  
165957. Aalsvel  
165956. Saren Felder  
165955. Vikram Singh  
165954. Abigail L Rasnick  
165953. Debra Rother  
165952. Deborah Toussie  
165951. Naomi Fisher  
165950. DANNY  
165949. Ian Pyzer There is no place for this virilant hatred
165948. Joan Hertz  
165947. Robert Rosenberg he is NUTS
165946. Janet Marks disgusting that Google would stoop so low as to allow this disgusting site to be posted, remove it
165945. Allen Fisher  
165944. Phillip Swan  
165943. arnold shroot  
165942. camila silberman  
165941. Paula R Hoffman  
165940. shirley srery please add my name to remove this offensive engine
165939. Jane Hand  
165938. Jacob D Yarin Please remove this hate mongering website from Google!
165937. Howard Taber  
165936. Dr. S. Brooks  
165935. Helen P. Freedman  
165934. Jack Hertzberg disgusting site
165933. Jeanette Primost  
165932. Carole A Pappas  
165931. Merle Wolfinsohn  
165930. Robert Case  
165929. Julia M. you have over one million requests to remove this site, do it NOW!!!!!
165928. Reuven Peri  
165927. ivette so disscustig ,please take it away!
165926. lynn knowles  
165925. rochelle rosenberg this site is biased and contains erroneous information
165924. Shawnee Schwartz  
165923. Frank Umanzio  
165922. Likhtman  
165921. E Miller  
165920. Amalie Koppel This sight is so offensive!
165919. John L. Stenacker  
165918. natalie vishny  
165917. Jesse Fieldman Reviewed the site. I never realized how many Sickos pick up their writing instruments and write so much untrue garbage. Needed: more doctors to treat the mentally ill.
165916. Marilynn Grossman  
165915. R Adler  
165914. Susan Lewis please remove this.
165913. Barbara Stenacker  
165912. cheryl Greene  
165911. dr arthur m. presser  
165910. g filkoff Please remove from Google
165909. Jerome Krell  
165908. Rosthema Kastin  
165907. H. Cohen remove this site immediately, disgusting to think you would link to this garbage
165906. Hope Levy disgusting
165905. s. f. dickerman Disgusting!
165904. enid h. adler  
165903. Robert Grossman  
165902. Fran Silverman  
165901. Mickey Victoria Shame on you! Promoting hatred is a disgrace.
165900. Melissa Carroll  
165899. Ruth Chebot  
165898. Alfred F. Marton I am a client of Google and I expect this as a courtesy
165897. Charna Cohn  
165896. Melissa Gillman  
165895. barbara garner  
165894. Karen Beleck I hope this is removed soon.
165893. harvey markovitz the site is not befitting the professionalism of Google.
165892. Glenna Gosewich Please JewWatch remove as requested!
165891. ruth novice  
165890. Harry R. Martin  
165889. Robert Haimsohn  
165888. Gail Hofstein  
165887. Dennis S. Kite way beyond freedom of speech,hateful words
165886. Donna  
165885. Risa Sonnenblick Sick,shameful,disgusting!!!
165884. Larry Campf unreal
165883. stephen baker  
165882. Selma Friedman  
165881. barbara stefansky  
165880. jose jimenez  
165879. Barbara Olsen  
165878. shiri  
165877. Gabi Damatov i can only say i was hoping for it to get better but semitism is getting worse
165876. Joyce Murphy  
165875. Herbert J. Kreitman  
165874. Pedro Tockus  
165873. Galia  
165872. Tzvi Taub  
165871. cecilia  
165870. Debbi Silver remove this site
165869. Diane Trilling Google should not be a party to "hate mongering"and anti-semitec lies.
165868. Diana Kaplan  
165867. David Taxin  
165866. E. Benuck  
165865. Dennis F. Miller Something like this should not be allowed on Google, which up to now has an excellent reputation for fairness, lack of bias, no discrimination, and high moral values.
165864. Heidi Lehman  
165863. Mariya Blackman its about time the jews were let alone to do the things they do in peace
165862. Sarena Wiesner  
165861. jose deutsch  
165859. Susan Feurzeig  
165858. Raymond Benenson  
165857. Charles Chehebar  
165856. Fred Blufarb  
165855. Stephen Goldberger don't support discrimination and prejudice
165854. Sam Rosner anti-semitic site
165853. jonathan Herlands This site is a disgrace; it should be removed immediately!!
165852. Amy Schneider  
165851. Vikram Singh  
165850. Len M Sobol  
165849. Monica Hamann  
165848. Gerald Barinholtz Take it off--it offends every decent person!!!
165847. barry davis  
165846. Sheryl Sarin This web site should definitely be removed. There is already enough hatred in the world. You don't have to promote more hatred!
165845. sid merians this should not be on Google
165844. Sheila Dickie It's time the government introduced legislation to provide some restrictions to the type of information that can be displayed on the Internet. This kind of perverted thinking is disgraceful in a time when our children have grown up with no bias for any color or creed. So it's only this white haired dinosaur who can't put his vitriolic preachings to rest. Maybe if he and his ilk were facing a 20 year prison term, they'd stop.
165843. Terry Pogofsky an outrageous website
165842. Lindsay we don't need any more hate in the world
165841. Susan Silverman  
165840. j. iny  
165839. Judy hate site remove
165836. herb flash  
165835. Carole Natter  
165834. Lori Farber  
165833. Anita  
165832. Marla L. Shaw  
165831. Elain e Rubin  
165830. CAROYN BLUM  
165829. Peter Bernstein  
165828. S. KLuger  
165827. Ian Wulfsohn  
165826. Mika Krok  
165825. Trudy Miller  
165824. Louis Katz  
165823. Lisa Jacobs  
165822. Nate Feinberg Disgusting website should be banned!
165821. Howard Shiffman  
165819. Louis Dribin  
165818. R  
165817. Nina Darnton the site is shockingly and blatently anti-semitic.
165816. Donna Dempster-McClain please remove anti-semetic sites
165815. Rivky Stern  
165814. Suzanne Baxter  
165813. Don Tierney  
165812. Joseph Katzman This is awfull, please remove
165811. A.van Drongelen  
165810. Maurice Meir  
165809. Gordon Krofchick  
165808. Eileen Ogrin  
165807. roberto disgusting and misleading site
165806. çðä ôøéîï  
165805. Alma Cahn  
165804. Elliott Fineman Googles algorithms have been hijacked by a diseminator of hate. Insure the integrity of Google's mission and remove remove from the Google Search Engine.
165803. Madge Benovitz  
165802. Walt Davis  
165801. steve wolf  
165800. Lynnetta Hartson  
165799. Linda  
165798. Barry Ogrin  
165797. Bertram Cohen  
165796. Marcia Robkin  
165795. Doris Sherman  
165794. Suzanne Davidson  
165793. Renata Cambria  
165792. Peter I am surprised that the originators of Google have not already disconnected this hateful material from the net..Hopefully they will remove it and allow a substitute site that will foster peace and harmony among all men.This man's trash does not merit a place on the net.although it deserves a place in Mr. Duke's living room.
165791. eric lusky  
165790. Judy Davis  
165789. Renee Pollack  
165788. Judith Cappabianca  
165787. Rachel Antosofsky  
165786. Ruth Ann Lapatnick  
165785. amiel segal  
165784. Geoffrey Bernstein  
165783. Roberta Wilner  
165782. Marilyn Rosenbaum  
165781. Barry Dickson  
165780. Naomi Nir  
165779. Hadasa Nagi Too bad. Humanity still has a long way to go! Freedom of speech is the American way, but this is wrong.
165778. Alexander Zeelon  
165777. Lois Smirnoff  
165776. Michael Goldman Remove this site!
165775. Debbie Witchel  
165774. Fern Marmis  
165773. Jacob Givner please remove anti semitic site
165772. David Attis there is enough hate on the planet - do not help the purveyors of hate They do quite well without the internet, using other forms of propaganda. Thank you
165771. Nora Klion-Wolloch  
165770. k  
165769. barbara ayes  
165768. Leonard N. Lapatnick  
165767. Melanie A Cott  
165765. Harriet Grossman Hopefully, this petition will help to eliminate this google search
165763. patty ladow  
165762. S. Lipson  
165761. Marilyn Propp  
165760. Walter Thyer I'm a Google stock holder - for now!
165759. Ross Fienberg This is a disgusting site usefill for hatred only
165758. Paul Kessler  
165757. Barry Rab  
165756. Fiona Oram  
165755. g. waldston it's time to take google to court
165754. Constance Weinberg-Powers  
165752. yvonne zelenka  
165751. Linda Silver This site is not worthy of being available through google
165750. Laureen Sussman This site is reprehensible.
165748. Stanley Sonenshine  
165747. Darwin Smith II  
165746. clara sancovsky not democratic
165745. Agatha Pope You should never have allowed this in the first place.
165744. Elias Knobel  
165743. Sharon Zwick  
165742. a stahl remove asap
165741. Ronald Rafal  
165740. deb hart  
165739. Jay Gotlieb Not right for a credible name like google to present to the believing masses
165738. frank shoichet  
165737. jean prevost not right
165736. Rabbi Howard Laibson  
165735. Debra Goodman  
165734. sara rachel  
165733. brian sperber  
165732. Leon M. Kruger  
165731. James Solomon  
165730. Estelle Wexler  
165729. Shawn Saraga  
165728. Sen Howard W. Carroll This should never be the first site people find. It is clearly intended to deceive people.
165727. Dahlia Friedman  
165726. Karin R. Batterton no hate sites should be allowed to feed hatred
165725. Paul Kochberg  
165724. Angela White  
165722. Yonatan amichai teren  
165721. Meir Parker  
165720. Emily Seesel This is a shameful thing...
165719. jonis teren  
165718. Graham Freeman  
165717. Allan Solman  
165715. Renee Sussman  
165714. Ted Peterson  
165713. Doris Solomon  
165712. Philip Moleman  
165711. George Reiss  
165710. Sheryl Bernstein Please remove JewWatch.
165709. DiAne Gillespie a dear friend of mine is of Jewish desent
165708. Israel anti-semitism should be a thing of the past and therefore erradicated from our days
165707. Geoffrey B. Arden  
165706. Julio Pfeffer  
165705. Ava Schutzman  
165704. yoni  
165703. bryan cook  
165702. Jacqui Rickman  
165701. Daniel  
165700. Allan Felsher  
165699. Maxine Rosenberg  
165698. D Beckman  
165697. Todd Thompson Please remove JewWatch.
165696. Pelley Brown This site is outrageous and must be removed; it promotes lies about and hatred for Jews
165695. Michael Fromstein  
165694. Howard Adelman Google is not my search engine until this hateful website is removed.
165693. irving bercovitch WHY DO YOU MAKE THIS AVAILABLE?
165692. Michael Forsythe Made me vomit - absolutely disgusting that you'd link to this filth.
165691. Lynn Cobb  
165690. Lesley Allsuch  
165689. Audrey Belvin  
165688. Bennett Friedmann  
165687. simon gaum  
165686. Joanne Feld  
165685. G Sneider  
165683. Stephen Howard disgraceful
165682. Ellen Gelboim  
165681. David Standig This is wrong and Google can control this
165680. Collyn Weinberg Alford  
165679. Reverend Felicity Boot It is high time we recognised the value of diversity and welcomed it for the richness it adds to our world.
165678. Davida L. Harris The inaccuracies upheld within this website are staggering. Anyone conducting scholarly research might infact use this information, assuming it is correct---heck, it's posted on Google---must be right?! Aren't you at least somewhat obligated for the veracity of what appears on your site? I mean, if there was a website advocating genocide of ANY people, would you leave it up there? What's the difference with this, it's pure unadulterated hate, presented as fact. It's bull, and I know it---and you (Google) know it too, otherwise you would not have written a disclaimer page. Free speech, yeah...good, but it doesn't give anyone the right to incite violence. And this site has the potential of inspiring violence stemming from hatred. Have some guts and take it down. Silence at least this one idiot, for now anyways. I am sure he'll get lots of publicity when he sues you, BUT, at least then, in an open forum he can be debated and challenged. He'll be verbally eviscerated.
165677. David Kornhauser  
165676. Edward Gothard  
165675. Gail Grossman  
165674. harold stotland  
165673. Margot Horwitz In the 21st century, we should be 0past such racist propoganda!
165672. Violette Czukor It is revolting that you put antisemitic articles and vitriolic hatered against jews
165671. Dawn Rosen Toronto
165670. Violette Czukor It is revolting that you put antisemitic articles and vitriolic hatered against jews
165669. A Halfon  
165668. Ben Dishman please remove
165667. Nananea Nea  
165666. Lorri Baker  
165665. Stephen V. Levee All such anti-religeous sites should be purged forever.
165664. Rosalind Sills  
165663. Irwin Gluck  
165662. Max Singer  
165661. Judith Grossmark Disgusting. How could Google allow this?
165660. Marilyn Zimmerman  
165659. Marna Reed  
165658. Kate  
165657. elona zimbra  
165656. Amanda Van Blerkom  
165655. Lewis Singer  
165654. sara  
165653. Ruth Ann Epstein  
165652. Loren  
165651. M.Levie The voice of the ignorant must be removed !
165650. Zeev Rachman  
165649. Jennifer Meyer  
165648. Stuart Wald  
165647. Steven Hymovich Please remove ASAP
165646. Roberta Stotland  
165645. Jack Bucsko  
165644. Mark Alimansky  
165643. steve greenberg  
165642. Dana Shefsky  
165641. Beth Pomper  
165640. Jennifer Spitulnik  
165639. Sidney R. Hochman  
165638. Mark Please remove this disgusting site
165637. Sidney R. Hochman  
165636. Gary D Popowcer  
165635. Benjamin Levine REMOVE IT
165634. Nancy Goldsmith  
165633. Jennifer Roach  
165632. yvonne kravitz  
165631. frank smith  
165630. Yvonne and Andrew Koenig  
165629. Esther Stone This is a scurrilous website, and should be removed!
165628. Paul Cohen  
165627. Steven Redland  
165626. Shauna Harris I don't like this website, I would never visit this website, and I certainly don't like the idea of other people looking at this website. One fact mentioned in Google's response is that the term "Jew" is rarely searched for, and this phenomenon only occurs because the term "Jew" is itself derogatory. I understand and accept this fully. However, as a "Jew", no matter what the reasoning is or what the calculations might suggest, I can't stand the idea of such hateful material being featured under my name. I don't know if I'm for total elimination, as it is important for me to know who my enemies are and how they feel, but JewWatch doesn't deserve first spot, or even first page status.
165625. Mr. Shmendrik Applegoyem  
165624. Jessica Kartzinel  
165623. Ron Kardos Horrible
165622. Mandy Goldin  
165621. Claudio Valencia  
165620. Jean Fromm Please don't support/encourage anti-semitism. There is enough hate in the world.
165619. Gary Bahm  
165618. Peter Feitelberg  
165617. Wendy Arfa  
165616. Rochel Rabinowitz  
165615. Jennifer Ward  
165614. jay kestenbaum this is disgusting
165613. Pete Bauch  
165612. Deena Goldstein  
165611. E.Berman  
165610. Alan Safier  
165609. Eli Orkin It's crap like this that ruins society today and aids murderers like Ahmedinejad and Hamas to thrive
165608. paul kastin  
165607. Renee Bomzer  
165606. max sihman  
165605. Myra Zihal  
165604. Candace Retter  
165603. Jay Groves  
165602. m schaffer  
165601. Kim  
165600. Marc Okrent  
165599. Toby Axelrod It should not be the first site to come up on a search!
165598. ray Remove JewWatch
165597. Guy Fosbery In the light of what's happening in the world, a site like jewwatch becomes even more pathetic, and yet this sort of stuff still persists.It will continue do so if Google and the like allow it to
165596. Lori Greenberg  
165594. Jack Shore  
165593. Stacey Schwartz  
165592. Ben Silberstein This site is clearly anti-semitic with the unfortunate familiar theme that the Jews have been and are the root cause of mankinds problems.
165591. Jeanne Nauta  
165590. Lauren  
165589. David Zweibel  
165588. Richard Weiss There is already too much intentional anti-semitism in the world without Google unintentioally promoting it.
165587. Adam Schwartz  
165586. David Stern  
165585. Shmuel Weiss  
165584. Bob Ferguson  
165583. Laurence Dornstein  
165582. nicoline v.d. vlist  
165581. Mervin Ginsburg  
165580. abcxxxx  
165579. ROY ANS  
165578. rashid gimly  
165577. Mervin Ginsburg  
165576. Maida Landau  
165575. Linda Lindsay Remove from google
165574. Louise Albagli  
165573. Anna Orkin š
165572. Noemi Bustin This is an outrageous pack of lies. This man should be forbidden !
165571. Benjamin J. Hubbard  
165570. Susan Aszodi  
165569. Rena Lapidus  
165568. d.cohen  
165567. Sam Wertman  
165566. orna Serruya dispicable!
165565. Gwendolyn Tapper  
165564. Lloyd Hoffman  
165562. Sam  
165561. David  
165560. Kira Disen  
165559. H. Karl Bouvier  
165558. ivan green Please remove
165557. LEONARD WILLIAMS What sick minds these people are!!!
165556. Robert Mautner  
165555. Melissa Goldman  
165554. Carey  
165553. Nano  
165552. Florence Barnett I strongly feel this must be removed as the first listed. I have in the past and can again use Goodsearch instead
165551. Arthur Weinstein Google is too important an organization to be affiliated with this type of website.
165550. Abraham Jews only want peace and freedom in the world
165549. Martin and Marilyn Buchwald Remove it.
165548. fred lusky  
165547. Pmela Levine  
165546. Joseph Rivani  
165545. irene dresner remove this hateful site filled with lies
165544. daniel weber  
165543. amos altshuler  
165542. Jerry & Hanna Meents  
165541. adrienne carner  
165540. batya mandel  
165539. PAULINE NEWMAN i believe google is not anti jewish and will remove this offensive website
165538. Marla R.G.  
165537. david edwards  
165536. david minas  
165535. Richard Levine  
165534. lynn c hoover  
165533. leah r please delete from google
165532. aryeh mandel  
165531. bruce polks  
165530. Dvora Krevat  
165529. Dave Stuttle This is disgusting. Get this site removed as soon as possible!
165528. Sara Rabbino  
165527. S Glad Global anti-Semitism is growing to intolerable, loathsome levels. The Western World with its pluralism and democracy, is under siege by the depraved Islamists
165526. Naomi Rudick promotes hatred
165525. Gregory Marx  
165524. l stephen gutmann  
165523. Alan Ageloff  
165522. John J. Craig  
165521. naaama  
165520. catherine Moss Hate is contagious as is love. Act in love and remove this hateful page. Thanks
165519. Steve Langgut  
165518. Rachelle  
165517. Linda Hoffenberg  
165516. Stanley A. Becker  
165515. gary magid  
165514. Sarah  
165513. Alla Ostrovsky  
165512. Miki Wieder this is very offensive
165511. Gabriel  
165510. Arnaud Bensoussan  
165509. Jill Roby This is absolutely ridiculous!!!
165508. Shoshana Friedman-Brazeau  
165507. joseph nutkin  
165506. Jacob kagan  
165505. Itzhak Berdichevsky  
165504. Harold Pascal  
165503. Fran Goldstein  
165502. Varda Goldman  
165501. sandra nutkin  
165500. p de pass  
165499. Pauline Ashworth This racism must not be promoted
165498. Etta Lobel Walsh  
165497. latasch  
165496. mafalda moreira rato  
165495. Semen Shmedrik  
165494. Joseph L Tate, MD  
165493. N. Raditz  
165492. Theodore F. Dickson Highly offensive to Jewish people
165491. Mojgan Golcheh remove from Google search
165490. Cara Baer Please remove this offensive site
165489. sofi matz  
165488. Lois Zaret  
165487. Andrew Hyams  
165486. Maya  
165485. bruce berkowitz  
165484. Miriam Lefkowitz  
165483. Ros Green  
165482. Avi Ryzman  
165481. Michael Spitulnik  
165480. Miriam Glassmanmirkele  
165479. avi mechlowitz  
165478. Larry Steiner  
165477. D simpser  
165476. Lila Frost  
165475. Samuel Esterson please remove this hateful site ASAP
165474. dave klauber 2007??? looks like 1939 all over again
165473. Amy Shute  
165472. Lezlie Milson de Icaza  
165471. Barbara Albert  
165470. Christopher Phillips  
165469. M. E. Bradley Really creepy scarey and very UnAmerican
165468. Tirzah  
165467. Maurice Zekaria  
165466. Jim Eisenmann  
165465. R.WISE Disgusting site from less than human idiot
165464. cathy bart How could this happen
165463. Parnas Betty Take this away please!
165462. Reni L. Garman  
165461. nadine foote appaling
165460. Marsha Kathnelson please remove immedately
165459. Stephen J Evans  
165458. George Adler  
165457. norman finkle  
165456. MAXINE OTERO  
165455. Adam Friedberg  
165454. Marvin Markovitz hateful lies--shame on Google
165453. NATHAN JOFFE  
165452. Ruth Mutchnik  
165451. dennis schaefer  
165450. Harvey Topitz  
165449. Renee Stern You should have shut this clown down a long time ago. And I don't care if he knows my name, I just don't want to receive email from him, so I'll choose "private" for my email option.
165448. Ami Maishlish  
165447. ronald brown  
165446. L. Felsher  
165445. Ingrid Levitz  
165444. Fred  
165443. Rhea Markovitz incorrect information creating HATE
165442. Diana Eisner  
165441. Naud van der Ven  
165440. Rick Eissenstat  
165439. Moisey Talal Remove from the Google Search Engine!
165438. R E Harris  
165437. Hilary Bowers "I am disgusted that Google has so far refused to remove JewWatch from its search engine results. Yahoo no longer includes this offensive, hateful site. Google should follow that lead and refuse to partner in any way with this hate site or any other like it."
165436. rosen bruno  
165435. Yelena O. This is terrible!!!!!!
165434. Eileen Dvorkin  
165433. Craig Colburn This is an affront to human relations.
165432. Kit Cooper  
165431. Joseph Binder  
165430. Harvey Polokoff  
165429. Roslyn Levy  
165428. Judith Rosenblatt Google is my most trusted search engine; I am shocked to see such vitriole pass as "history". Please read what "JewWatch" is sposting and remove this vicious site!
165427. SYDNEY  
165426. Joan Stein  
165425. Michael Davenport  
165423. William Leigh  
165422. Wendy Halley-McAllister This is horrific!
165421. Sheila E. Morgan Please act immediately to remove this site!
165420. Samantha Carrey  
165419. Rick Lederman  
165418. Tamar Mizrahi  
165417. Elise Ciebleman  
165416. ori horenstein  
165415. David Braun remove
165414. shimon  
165413. E  
165412. Vera Bobrow  
165411. Boris Blekhman  
165410. Roz Kanigsberg There should be no option but to eliminate this site. Do the decent thing and take this site off your roster. Take pride in your business and do the right thing.
165409. Harvey Walpert  
165408. shimon  
165407. liora mendelsohn  
165406. Dov Cohen  
165405. Ginny Eidinger  
165404. Yaakov Sheinfeld  
165403. Krieger  
165402. Shirley Davis  
165401. Patricia Oleck I am appalled that this is on Google!
165400. karen azran  
165399. Judith Green  
165398. Sara G  
165397. aron  
165396. Vladimir Schwartsman M.D.  
165395. SHEILA WARNER This must be removed
165394. Bill Goldman  
165393. Anna Vianna It is not acceptable to make hate sites more easily accesible than they already are
165392. chaim talpalar  
165391. Raquel de Eidels  
165390. Sidney Berenson  
165389. Hal Young  
165388. Joel  
165387. Doreen Weisfuse  
165386. John L. Spiegelman  
165385. John Byrum  
165384. Ami Mandel  
165383. Dalia Akel  
165382. jack silverstein  
165381. katherine sherman  
165380. J. Leeda stop JewWatch
165379. Linda Serman  
165378. Dov Slater  
165377. barbra danin  
165376. Eric  
165375. Elizar Khananaev  
165374. Stephen Tecot  
165373. abby gershowitz  
165372. hanna  
165371. chariklia tziraki segal how did this website make it so far?
165370. elaine markow  
165369. Joshua Polak  
165368. Nicole  
165367. sandra josel remove from google search engin
165366. zwi kohorn  
165365. shai herzberger  
165364. Terry Lefkowitz  
165363. Lea Sopkin  
165362. Alan Sager  
165361. Bonnie Eisner HORRIFYING!!!!
165360. Mercy Foundation A petition is free speech too!
165359. Zane D. Parzen, M.D. Insideous as well as overt attacks on any group should be condemed and be not allowed on any site
165358. Josef Gush Halalv  
165357. arthalu lancaster  
165356. michael stevens  
165355. Wendy Schwarz this is a great opportunity for google to make a statement about hate sites
165354. judy  
165353. Tammy G  
165352. Lisa Rachbind  
165351. Jeffrey Gelfand Please remove that offensive site
165350. J.Melvyn Goldenberg Our World Has Enough Problems....
165349. Edelman David  
165348. David Farchi  
165347. florriene joseph  
165346. Suzanne Singer  
165345. Lynn Farber  
165344. simcha arnold  
165343. Joseph Entine  
165342. Prof C. Elata  
165341. Sondra Bollar  
165340. Moti Dolgin  
165339. aaj delete
165338. yetta harris  
165337. Mark D. Grebenau  
165336. Bonni L. Adams  
165335. allan r. steinberg  
165334. Daria Kathnelson  
165333. Karen Spitulnik Peiffer  
165332. Mel Schneider  
165331. E. Rosengarten  
165330. david brisker stop antisemitism
165329. John Morrison A dangerous site,tell a lie loud enough people will always listen
165328. Andrea This is Racist and utterly WRONG
165327. Suzanna Dworsky Thank you for understanding the serious nature of this request.
165326. Nina Rivera  
165325. Benn Spiegel  
165324. Joseph C. Rosenbluth  
165323. Baruch Tauber  
165322. Sarah  
165321. Laetitia this jew watch thing is ridiculous, what did we ever do?
165320. daniele valabrega  
165319. Barbara Hirschhorn  
165318. Alfred Sladowsky It's a shame such websites exist. It's a greater shame that Google carries it.
165317. shem cohen  
165316. David Wigoda  
165315. Steve Bernstein  
165314. Ella  
165313. D. Cohen  
165312. joel fabian  
165311. MICO it's a scandal!
165310. R.Stern  
165309. Henry Haimsohn  
165308. Ben Mandel  
165307. Sherman M. Holvey, M.D.  
165306. Judy Stouffer this is unbelievable!
165305. de vriend  
165304. Bernard Braun  
165303. Sheldon Ehrenreich  
165302. Robert Lapson  
165301. Nadia Landau  
165300. Carol Kramer  
165298. caren  
165297. Leonard Eckhaus  
165296. Ross Shapiro  
165295. Ron  
165294. gerald isenberg  
165293. Ilan Givon  
165292. Ethel Goldberg  
165291. Joan Landau  
165290. clotilde imposible repetir experiencia
165289. John Sterling This is not free speech, it is incitement
165288. Willa Laderman  
165287. Jody Berger  
165286. Jack Mosseri  
165285. T.C. Yohana  
165284. Joseph Prawer  
165283. Nirit French Google should strive to keep its good reputation by steering away from racist sites. It does a disservice to a great company to post this disgusting stuff!
165282. Elly Turner  
165281. burton denny  
165280. Donald S. Hanser  
165279. Martin Laderman  
165278. ALBUHARI JAK  
165277. diana frid  
165276. Eduardo Phillips  
165275. Corina Leibinstein Remove now, please, it's a shame!
165274. M. Evan  
165273. Lyon Gilbert  
165272. David Spiegler The site is VERY, VERY, BAD - All info has zero basis.
165271. norman polowin  
165270. Robin  
165269. Rae Fink This is shocking.
165268. Ethel Magidson  
165267. Brooke Forster  
165266. Av Cole  
165265. Linda Gluck  
165264. Angela Mannino I really don't believe in stopping any free press no matter what the subject but I do think the people who support this anti-semetic hogwash are sad, disgusting human beings. My way is not to pay attention to the evil people.
165263. N.A  
165262. ray cohen it is highly offensive & should be removed
165261. ethel kramer  
165260. Harold Levenson  
165259. Aaron M. Zwiebach  
165258. Harry Yellin Horrible lies
165257. T. Eisenberg This is a shameful site
165256. Jeannie Dillingham  
165255. Jeff Stiel  
165254. Ryan Google should be ashamed
165253. nathan bistricer  
165252. Bram Lagendijk  
165251. Nancy Zwiebach  
165250. marsha  
165249. Ryan Hill  
165248. Avery Salamon  
165247. Cheryl Gittelson I was really shocked when my attention was called to this site!
165246. Shiva Niku  
165245. Semyon Monastyrsky  
165244. Efrat Abel  
165243. Brenda Dzaldov please remove immediately
165242. Ryan Spivak Remove
165241. Shmuel Salamn It's a shame you allow hatered perpetuate!
165240. Boris Gembom  
165239. Karen Sherman  
165238. Joseph H. Bolotin, M. D. Viciously ant-semitic
165237. Ron Bergman  
165236. Ariel Ofek  
165235. Laurence B Koch Google should not endorse this trash
165234. Efraim Kugman  
165233. Libbie S. Mathes Google should not deal in slander
165232. Mark Jeffrey Michelson  
165231. Debbie Lewis  
165230. Daniel Massarsky  
165229. Mike Roodman Remove this racist crap immediately.
165228. Estee' Salamn It's a shame you perpetuate hatered!
165227. tsachy  
165226. Jennifer Rabuchin Many good people find hatred to be as (or more) offensive as sexual pornography. Please refuse to allow your wonderful and very useful search engine to be a vehicle for hate.
165225. Avraham B. Abel  
165224. Harari A disgusting site
165223. kevin  
165222. tomer borochovitz  
165221. M schlussel  
165220. Z. Braverman  
165219. Gary Chasser  
165218. Robert Epstein  
165217. Gayle Pifer  
165216. Rosa Romanowsky  
165215. Leonard Siegel  
165214. Andrew Spitzer Unacceptable and reprehensible
165213. Ben Branda  
165212. shirley rosofsky  
165211. ELLIN S RIND  
165210. Jordana Glassman  
165209. Oona Durbach  
165208. W Zohar The Internet is a place for views to be aired, but untruths, lies, and distortions that promote the spread of irrational hatreds must be countered and contained, and readers can come to rational conclusions.
165207. Dianne Kirsch disgusting
165206. Karen Redlich  
165205. Joel Rosenthal  
165204. Lauren  
165203. Dror Yogev  
165202. misha cooper  
165201. Jill  
165200. R. Blumenfeld  
165199. Susan Engelhardt Shameful!
165198. Orit  
165197. berl zwiebel its really sad to see that thers still hate in the USA and no better over the world. why tech pepole how to hate thats why we have so much hate and killing as we alow this horble website etc. to be able to be on the internet etc. and your a big part of it by google posting such horble things
165196. ellen chaikof  
165195. Shalom John Atlas  
165194. Charles Rotenberg  
165193. lili einalhori  
165192. Deborah N. Lurie Please do not contribute to what is already a world filled with too much hatred.
165191. Hilary Mandel  
165190. Mark Dindas this is a site filled with hate
165189. robert wilson  
165188. Anita Roodman  
165187. elliott lyons  
165186. Yoel Gancz  
165185. Howard  
165184. Helen Senor This site is highly unbecoming for a search engine like Google
165183. Yaron Gudes  
165182. Jack Lebowitz  
165181. sim Fass  
165180. David Helfgott  
165179. h. rothschild  
165177. Henry Levinsky  
165176. Harvey Goller  
165175. larry charney  
165174. L K Yellen  
165173. Sheldon Krueger  
165172. Jeremy March  
165171. Barbara Levin  
165170. Ruth Lebowitz  
165169. Linda Faye Thompson Please remove and remember: today they come for Jews and we don't react, tomorrow they come for blacks and we don't react, the next day the come for homosexuals, and we don't react then they come for you but no one is there to help.
165168. eliezer botton  
165167. Lenny Rudner  
165166. Frieda J Forman  
165165. jennifer lynn  
165163. Bart van Engeldorp  
165162. Scott Segal Please remove.
165161. sandra eisenberg  
165160. linda j. ungar  
165159. hedy feher  
165158. Mindy Panzer  
165157. sandra berman  
165156. Dorothy Johnson  
165155. sara fabian this is disgusting that you have not removed this from your search engine
165154. Joanna Segal Please remove this asap!
165153. Sherri  
165152. yaki  
165151. arianna  
165150. Andres Groisman  
165149. Jack Weiss Anti semitic site
165148. jane sackstein we have to stop anti semitism any way we can!
165147. G Pessah  
165146. Matt Spitulnik  
165145. JARED MAX HENDLER This is should be removed immediately. This is an appaling state of affairs.
165144. george beck  
165143. michelle rosenfeld hughes  
165142. Zivony  
165141. ADELE PICK Pls remove asap!
165140. Marvin Scherl  
165139. Karyn Hendricksen  
165138. Sigalie  
165137. Alex Broman  
165136. Sue Saunders  
165135. a horowitz  
165134. Ouri  
165133. Reni  
165132. Sandra Finkelstein  
165131. Jon Manning  
165130. sheryl prenzlau I am appalled by this site
165129. Kenneth Gillespie please remove this offensive site. Enough Hate!!
165127. Lynn Asher Very disturbing site!!.. I'm praying google was just not aware.
165126. Marilyn L. Soloway  
165125. Eleanor Herman  
165124. cameron eghbali  
165123. David Bine  
165122. Howard Sherman Please remove from search engine if you want us to keep using your search engine This is anti -semitic and does no good, but to bring hatred and collects donations to sponsor lies and who knows where the money goes. Terrorist? arms? There is no reason to have this in your search engine, if they want to go out to the masses, they should stop hiding behind a web site and say it in an open forum, but they can't find because no one would ever hear about them, but by you having them on your search engine you will ultimately become libel for what that are saying just by you listing them on you search engine! Remove them from your search engine before something happens, and I'm sure your stockholders wouldn't appreciate you putting them at risk of losing money by keeping a website like this in your search engine.
165121. M. Kriegsman  
165120. Linda Friedman  
165119. Shlomo Bitter  
165118. E. Bray please remove this hate site
165117. Sam Rosenthal at least put it down on the list
165116. Robert A. Frauenglas REMOVE THIS ANTI-SEMITIC SITE ASAP!!!!
165115. Steven Adatto  
165114. barbara bloom  
165113. Andrea Bevan please be part of using our differneces as a form of creativity instead of divisiveness.
165112. Jerold Glyn This site is offensive!
165111. barbara hollander  
165110. Raphael  
165109. Mireya Gunczler  
165108. Curt Biren  
165107. Bob Freeman This is disgusting
165106. Paul Jost  
165105. Alan Axelrod  
165104. Bruce & Bonnie Gustafson  
165103. Harold Geller This is not free speech, this is old style racism
165102. Bruce foote  
165101. Omer Lewy  
165100. Amy Gellman  
165099. Rose Lipari  
165098. Alan Myers  
165097. David Eckhaus rank anti-semitism
165096. George Benedek  
165095. Edward Medzon  
165094. Alyssa  
165093. roos  
165092. Cathy Raff  
165091. Len Albert Please remove Jew watch from Google serch engine
165090. Judy Zielonka  
165089. chaim eisenstat  
165088. Stacey Hatton This site is horribly offensive!
165087. ofra  
165086. abe roth remove
165085. jill waxman  
165084. Paul Lukoff  
165083. Pasqwal  
165082. iIrene Frank Sander  
165080. M Meisels  
165078. Mike Fox take it off, sick man
165077. Dr. Joan Russell This site has as its goal the promotion of hatred towards an identifiable group. It pretends to be scholarly but does not meet any of the fundamental criteria of scholarship.
165076. Marlene Gelfond  
165074. Reverend Gerald M. Bardasch Please remove
165073. Hope Greenwood  
165072. l. golomb  
165071. sheila danzig  
165070. helen zipes  
165069. Bob Dale  
165068. eyal shaltieli  
165067. m. golomb  
165066. Lawrence M. Friedman Remove this disgusting cite NOW!
165065. Buma E.J.  
165064. valerie Brooks  
165063. Fred Elkins I will stop using Google as my search. The news papers should hear about this!!!
165062. Revd Norman Boakes  
165061. david and ruth pilderwasser remove jewWatch from the Googel search
165060. Amy Moritz  
165059. Jonathan Adler  
165058. Bruce Friedman  
165057. Louise Horowitz  
165056. Zachary Mastoon  
165055. Lisa Garman  
165054. Rachel D  
165053. Lawrence M. Friedman Remove this disgusting cite NOW!
165052. Jonah Rosenberg  
165051. Yayoi Isaacson  
165050. michelle  
165049. Stan Bergenfeld  
165048. E. SHORE  
165047. Jak Debehar  
165046. Frances Montell  
165045. M. Colella This is a shame!
165044. morris sherr  
165043. eli douek please remove jewwatch from google
165042. Gary Dankner  
165041. Jackie Lamb  
165040. ISAAC ADES  
165039. Gregg N. Letts  
165038. Noel J. Blackman This has implications of a hate crime
165037. Cheryl silber  
165036. Louis Hamos  
165034. John R thats just sad...
165033. Larry Chiger  
165032. Susan Davis  
165031. Rachel Russo  
165030. Ruth Guskin disgraceful lies - remove immediately
165029. ron Hyman I am not one for censorship but this is pretty bad stuff.........
165028. JOHN BENJI  
165027. Lynn Flagg  
165026. stefano valabrega  
165025. amy raff  
165024. david gaskill  
165023. Pieter van der Horst  
165022. ziva R  
165021. Jordan Leff  
165020. Aaron Ain please remove this site
165019. Marcee Kleinman please remove from the google search engine listing. thank you.
165018. Riki Pinhas My children do not need to ever see this!
165017. Lynn Yoffee  
165016. sim  
165015. varda mor  
165014. Avi  
165013. Elliott Goldberg  
165012. Lisa Hatton  
165011. edwin fields take this site off
165010. gerda zolang deze site niet verwijderd word gebruik ik geen google
165009. Rebecca Cowan  
165008. A krumbein  
165007. MOE HIDARY  
165006. Manchester Lad  
165005. Leigh Blumenthal-Todt  
165004. michelle  
165003. Adam Marchick  
165002. Norman S Janoff  
165001. Vicki Polin  
165000. Tatiana Gendelman  
164999. moshe atedgi  
164998. Benjamin Balin  
164997. Rachel This man is spinning himself as an academic librarian who seeks the truth, but his articles make it evident that he is bent on portraying Jews as manipulative and crooked, which is unfair and racist
164996. cune  
164995. Linda Miller  
164993. Jeannette Flom, Ph.D. This site is disgusting and would be better placed under a "hate" information search.
164992. sheila weiss Bad people never change
164991. baram elisha & tamar  
164990. Joanna Drew  
164988. Joel Becker  
164986. sigal gottlieb  
164985. Karen Goldblatt  
164984. Alvin Wasserman  
164983. David Kavalin  
164982. Stanley Dickson  
164981. rafael yeh  
164980. Richard Reiner  
164979. DG  
164978. Jill Pressler  
164977. Rosalie Berman  
164976. R. Pulitzer  
164975. Barbara Meixler  
164974. Joan Levin Get rid of this hate filled site so replete with lies.
164973. Linda Lepp  
164972. Malkie Fish  
164971. Josh Barrack This racist website has to be removed. It's offensive and no other ethnic group would stand for this.
164970. Lorene Fite  
164969. fran cohen  
164968. Jimmy McPoopypants  
164967. mark gerson  
164966. comar  
164965. Jeff Polowin  
164964. Mara  
164963. Erica Fineberg  
164962. Lia Chasen  
164961. max natas  
164960. Ronald Urvater  
164959. Stephen D. Bourgeois, M.D.  
164958. Jonathan Ya'akobi  
164957. Gary Berke Perhaps you do not know what this site is....or...perhaps you do. In good conscience, please remove it now!
164956. LEON KAY  
164955. Nanci Horn  
164954. FRANK NATHAN  
164953. esty sakkal  
164952. Dr. Jane S. Zacek  
164951. Shamit How insidious these half truths!
164950. Elizabeth Cohen  
164949. irit zurim  
164948. jack harari  
164947. David Myers  
164946. harriet hyams  
164945. Simon  
164944. michael j neuman it is distasteful- and needs to be removed
164943. Matt Kursmark  
164942. Larry Malukas  
164941. Mark Frankel The sooner the better!!!!!
164940. ellen ritter  
164939. Neil Dorman  
164938. Robert Brown There is no right to this type of "free" speech. Please remove it immediately.
164937. stewart leibl  
164936. Si Pulitzer  
164935. Lisa Merullo-Boaz  
164934. oleg  
164933. Kim Weiner  
164932. mark kotler  
164931. Leslie Lewin  
164930. EVELYN THAU how can you be so mislead?
164929. howard edelman It's discusting to publicide this hate trash.
164928. Helen Stern The Jew Watch website is completely unacceptable and should be immediately removed from Google
164927. Ze'ev Maayan  
164926. Rebecca Lewin  
164925. Lee Widman  
164924. Debbie Feder  
164923. Shea  
164922. Les Dukes Please remove this site from your search results as it promote hatred and anti-semitism
164921. matthew wroclawski  
164920. Linda Maayan  
164919. Mervin S. Stewart  
164918. Kyle Miller  
164917. Adrian Cohen  
164916. peggy greenwald  
164915. Erich Bretholz  
164914. Amy Larsen Please remove this atrocious link!
164913. Dov Weiss  
164912. Aryl Polokoff  
164911. NORMAN COHLER Offensive to Jews & Non Jews alike!!!!!
164910. Tali Levy  
164909. C.B.Cole  
164908. Betsy Chutter This is an outrage and should be removed immediately.
164907. Naida Feldman  
164906. Henry Zurkovsky  
164905. vestin perle lea most of the anti-semic do`nt know the jews.
164904. Pnina  
164903. Gerald Peck Disgusting, no one is fooled, he is a mental case. Free speech does not mean allowing this imbecile to spout his garbage. The world will be a better place when he is not in it!!!
164902. Susan Shure  
164901. Bela Rubin  
164900. RIKI DERI  
164899. margie naider  
164898. Roland Wilk  
164897. Reina Aviges-Verdoner  
164896. Aaron Burke This site is hateful and should be de-listed
164895. irwin weiss  
164894. Nathan Frenkel Horrible site, EVIL.. you can't stand by and do nothing about it Mr. Google!
164893. Miriam Bolber please remove
164892. Ellen Robinson PLEASE
164891. howard williams disgusting
164890. Penina  
164889. Cheryl Fahy  
164888. Sara Anti-Semitism should not be masked as education or information.
164887. Michael Leader  
164886. Cynthia Harris  
164885. meyer gold shame on you google for allowing this crap on your service.
164884. michael gerber  
164883. Sylvia Morris Antisemitic!
164882. Peter Epstein What a sick individual! and shame on Google for hosting this!!
164880. Danielle Metzger  
164879. Claire Arm Disgusting piece of trash and lies
164878. Zack Gordon  
164877. Michael Morris Disgusting antisemitic site!
164876. Ella Gurfinkel  
164875. Yvette Rauwers  
164874. Robin Wogalter this site is disgusting - ignorant people shouldn't have easy access to such lies
164873. Sheila & Burt Polansky Blatantly false and historically inaccurate
164872. Diane d get it off!!
164871. don shame on Google
164870. kamali brown  
164869. m kasmer  
164868. Michael Rosenzweig  
164867. rita sakhaie  
164866. Bonnie Abrams  
164865. beth share  
164864. Issac Zaks  
164863. sheldon cohen  
164862. Valerie Stoller  
164861. Debbi Garron  
164860. Charles Gardner  
164859. Rachel Landsman  
164858. Martin Yankowitz Shamefull disregard
164857. Rick Ansay  
164856. carol Lyons  
164855. Leonid Gamburg Disgusting!!
164854. Cheryl Feldman Please make sure jew watch does not show up anymore, this is horrible.
164853. Ber ==
164852. Sue and Allen Rogers  
164851. steven kayne  
164850. Meredith  
164849. Sandra Dixon  
164848. Pamela K. Please remove this site. It is hateful and damaging. Thank you.
164847. Ron Geier  
164846. Asa Kaplan  
164845. Irene Gamburg  
164844. shirley  
164843. James Lee  
164842. Paul Samuel  
164841. Estelle Freeman  
164840. Robert Khodadian  
164839. LEON KAM  
164838. Gary Niles  
164837. Jessica Miller  
164836. Moshe Nadby  
164835. Sheila McCormack that sucks
164834. Luiz A. Grajwer  
164833. michael stolper  
164832. ilanit manor  
164831. Sarah Frost  
164830. Anne Chan Mandel please reduce hate in this world by removing the from you search engine
164829. Danny Mishaan  
164828. MR. SANDY LEVINE  
164827. James Kaufmann It is terrible that you allow this site to exist
164826. Rosalie Jaffe  
164825. Deborah Meyrowitz-Weiss Please remove due to racist content.
164824. Gabe  
164823. Billie Burget please remove
164822. D. Richman  
164821. Evan Mensch  
164820. Emily McLeod I have just sent an e-mail directly to expressing my upset at biased, and hate-promoting sites such as theirs. I have asked them to consider what ethical and moral merit a site like that has. Please remove it from google- I gave you people more credit than improving access to sites which can only diminish the humanity of others, and disguised as credible "research" done by educated persons.
164819. viki s  
164818. Ingrid Charter  
164817. Coriatt  
164816. Robert Bader AOCA This is a digusting abuse of the Google engine!
164815. SUSAN MANOR The protocols of Zion were written over 100 years ago. Sad that people still use and believe those lies.
164814. inbal walk  
164813. Beatrice Levine disgraceful and horrendous anti semitic hogwash
164812. G. Gottesman  
164811. Darcie Flansburg  
164810. Kathy Hughes  
164809. Lee Mishkin  
164808. Sharon Troy once again, lies lies lies. get this crazy dude off air time!
164807. Dr. Martin G. Langer I am surprised that Google would even consider displaying such prejudicial garbage on their Search Engine.
164806. paula siegel  
164805. Barbara L Poger  
164804. David Permut  
164803. Robert Schneider  
164802. Debra Kirsch  
164801. Alan R. Betz  
164800. Lew Karp I will not use Google until this is removed!
164799. Raphael Fischler  
164798. Lisa Corre  
164797. Amy Geldzahler  
164796. erna kramarenco  
164795. Gillian Lever I find this grossly offensive
164794. Seth Nerman  
164793. Barbara J. Lorry, Ph.D.  
164792. Rebecca A. Laho  
164790. Norman Bookbinder For a company of Google's standing to allow its self to be indentified with the pernitious hate mongering of this disgusting site, even by association, is a corporate decision that will be to its eternal shame. Damn you Google
164789. Kal Feinberg  
164788. David Senkfor  
164787. Suzanne Solomons  
164786. Edward Resnick  
164785. todd lefko please remove
164784. Harry Green  
164783. David Berman  
164782. David Friedman  
164781. Danielle Tucker  
164780. Mrs. N. Posner By allowing this vile group to appear on Google, you are aligning yourselves with them & are helping them to spread lies & hate.
164779. Harvey Sherman Hatred has no place in this world.
164778. Richard Schwartz  
164777. Ruth Lief Miller Is this the 21st century, or are we back to the stone age? Isn't there enough hate in this planet? Close this down!
164776. Irit Hillel  
164775. Ralph Gidwitz  
164774. Jeff Blath  
164773. Andras Shimon  
164772. Judy Pfeifer  
164771. Jack Lahav Google should not allow bigotry in its services
164770. Al Nagy The developr of this website sounds sick.
164769. RGM This is disgusting and needs to be removed.
164768. Mindy Andelman  
164767. Jerome H. Levy, MD  
164766. ruben the problem of the world is this kind of thinkings
164765. Yoni  
164764. JUDY GELLER  
164763. Jerry Schwimmer  
164762. Phil Rosenblatt  
164761. naomi amittai  
164760. Tamara Wolpowitz  
164759. Richard A. Johnson  
164758. Melvin Panter  
164757. beth silverman  
164756. Armando This sight is a total insult! Please remove this - one thing is freedom of speech- another thing is criminal! This is a crime and the website founder is a total idiot. I am sure he was raised in a cultured enviorment. Good luck
164755. Peter Klauber  
164754. Ilona Diamond  
164753. Boris Levitsky This site is so hatred of jews must be removed.
164752. Mark Nordenberg  
164751. David Waring  
164750. Howard J. Radow  
164749. marcia raff  
164748. Jerry Lieblein, OD must remove
164747. les friedman  
164746. hedy brandt  
164745. Abby Ginsburg  
164744. Sherri Esformes  
164743. A Machet It's time for an attitude change!
164742. Ilyse Shainbrown  
164741. Lawrence Lieberman No justification for Google to provide access to that site.
164740. Ruth Goldman do so stoop to this level please
164739. erwin adler  
164738. MB Phillips The word"Jew" is offensive. Allreferences should state Jewish
164737. Andrew Kaufman  
164736. d zaret  
164735. Marla Bradlow  
164734. Adina Silbert  
164733. Laurence Permutt  
164731. Lester S Kasper Do not ad to negative attitudes CHANGE WORDING
164730. Jonathan Kahan  
164729. Sofia Krakovich  
164728. shoshana jaroslawicz I happened upon the site one day and was appalled at the content and at how I got to it.
164727. DENISE TEMIME This site is written by ignorant, naive one sided humans, you need to remove this site
164726. charles low This site is a disgrace.
164725. shay  
164724. Michael Shear  
164723. Lawrence Henig  
164722. Danny Panzer  
164721. JOSE COHEN  
164720. Lois Shestack  
164719. RKS  
164718. Donna Semelmaker Please remove hate websites from your search engine.
164717. elie metta  
164716. isidoro nudelman  
164715. Debra Silver  
164714. Kira Olshvang  
164712. Cliff Hutson Free speech is one thing, hate speech is another. Please remove JewWatch from your index. Thank you.
164711. Adar Daniel  
164710. Galina Elbert  
164709. sydney kaplan This is scandalous and pure, unadulterated garbage
164708. Traci  
164707. yael callaghan  
164706. JACK CHALOUH  
164705. ANNA LOW I believe this site is racist and in breach of the Racial Discrimination Act . Furthermore it is inflamatory and misleading.
164704. Patricia S. Saunders  
164703. jonathan amar  
164702. aliza kalton  
164701. DBS  
164700. Mona It's so sad that they still haven't learned
164699. edward Shaw  
164698. nancy cohen  
164697. Laurie Shapiro This a particularly offensive search engine.
164696. Michael Cooperman This website should be removed without a petition!
164695. William R. Hahn  
164694. Suzanne B. Pollock  
164693. Isaac Salem  
164692. Bradley clearly an anti-semetic site; should not be retrieved unless search coupled with "hate" "anti-semetic" or some similar word; a high placement searching for just "jew" isworrying
164691. Assaf Vestin  
164690. JULIO  
164689. Harry F Stark  
164688. Joseph Andrade  
164687. Linda Verby  
164686. Jamian Newhouse STOP THE HATE
164685. Arlene Ratzabi  
164684. Sheryl Frieman This is how hatred continues
164683. Peter J. Kahn  
164682. Bruce Rayman That an organization like yours could allow this to have a prime spot like this is beyond anybodies belief. This should be moved to the last position on the last page.
164681. Toby Andrade  
164680. Mrs Jacqueline Simon  
164679. Zel Spillman Please remove immediately
164678. Mara Brin  
164677. neil lemco  
164676. Prof. Howard Carp The site is blatantly antisemitic and causes racial hatred.
164675. Erica  
164674. anne roth Please remove from your search engine it helps promote antisemitism
164673. lee  
164672. howard brandt  
164671. Naomi Salamon  
164670. Marisa  
164669. Mrs Jacqueline Simon  
164668. Carole Gorsey  
164667. Russell  
164666. Debra Rabin  
164665. Sam Wolff  
164664. Andrew Barrington  
164663. sylvie salei lets boycott google
164662. andrea Cayton  
164660. A. Zimmerman  
164659. Eli D. Dweck  
164658. Sandy Goldman  
164657. Richard C. Smith  
164656. Paul F Glaser  
164655. Ira please remove this site from your search engine
164654. Judy Schaffert or at least move it down to a lower page!
164652. Ina Rayman a disgrace!
164651. Eduardo Rafael Taboh  
164650. deborah  
164649. wendy engler  
164648. chana stein  
164647. Joel Silbert  
164646. Robertta Bienenfeld  
164645. Barbara and Robert Waring No reason to allow sites like this-remove at once, please.
164644. pnina  
164643. Connie Goldman  
164642. Flora Taub  
164641. Perry Donsky  
164640. jamie miller  
164639. Jack ezon  
164638. Kamran Benji This site is sickening - Please remove it.
164637. Sharon Copeland  
164636. Tracey F  
164635. rolf kitty urgent
164634. myra gold  
164633. Dana L. Wolf  
164632. Lawrence Kline  
164631. Frania Pfeffer  
164630. Pauline  
164629. nicole howard pls remove this immediately
164628. Stephen Waring  
164627. Richard Sinovoi  
164626. Donald Gutkin  
164625. Norman Singer  
164624. Leon Wolfe It's disgusting and something that would have occured in Nazi Germany. Get rid of it please!
164623. al schwartz  
164622. Sharon Weiner  
164620. ruth gordon  
164619. s kaplan  
164618. HEDI  
164617. Bob Goldstein This site is just plain hateful!
164616. Amanda Gardner Don't be anti-semitic
164615. Henrique Marcos Borochovitz  
164614. Igal Sapir  
164613. Mr. & Mrs. Cohen  
164612. Jay Berman  
164611. Anita Gutkin  
164610. Barbara tiber  
164609. Brenda Sandhouse  
164608. saul schneider  
164607. Elaine Jacobson and Howard Jacobson shameful
164606. M Salamon  
164605. Shellie Rubin  
164604. maayan  
164603. Joseph Gerstmann  
164602. anna greenberg  
164601. susie kassai  
164600. Soroka  
164599. Lawrence I. Stern, Esquire Do It Now....Never Again!
164598. Robin  
164597. Bruce D. Friedman,CTC  
164596. Rebecca Review Jewwatch please
164595. marvin  
164594. amy kaplan  
164593. Lizette Sheinberg  
164592. sara astrachan  
164591. paul f. halpern  
164590. Carol and Marcus Kaplan  
164589. RALPH MASSEY  
164587. mille grosman  
164586. Carol Kublan the holocaust says it all as to why this must be stopped
164585. Daron Barness please remove Jewatch immediately
164584. Sybil Shackman this is terrible
164583. Bethany Wexler  
164582. Silvia Elisa Schwarz  
164581. Richard C Levine  
164580. Abie  
164579. Evelyn Katz  
164578. Shany Cohen remove JewWatch completely from Internet and replace it with watch all Rasists
164577. jeff Friedman  
164576. Melanie Ross  
164575. J. K. Solomon This is the most disgusting garbage I have ever read under the guise of acadamia!
164574. alan j prawer  
164573. Justin Silbert  
164571. Dan Yerushalmi some things are just wrong
164570. carole slessinger  
164569. Kathleen Garnet  
164568. Barbara Epstein I find it reprehensible that google requires 50.000 signatures before removing a site such as this
164567. Florence Young As a publicly held company, Google should not be aiding in promoting anti semitic publications.
164566. Paul Levine It's shocking but people still succumb to the "Protoculs ..." canard.
164565. erik shapiro  
164564. JOEY HANAN  
164563. Jennifer Wohl Please remove this disgust from the Google Search Engine!
164562. M Myerson  
164561. Dug Stop the spread of hate.
164560. Michelle Sulzberger  
164559. Marvin Yudenfreund The "Jewwatch" site is disgusting, reprehensible, propagandistic, and totally lacking in even the most basic scholarship.
164558. Charlie Bensinger never again
164557. Fran Steinberger  
164556. JACK DWECK  
164555. Jewelle St. James  
164554. ruth osztreicher  
164553. Marion Sternbach It is unbelievable that in 2007 after WWII holocaust and the ongoing Middle East crisis, a search engine so wonderful and enlightened like Google would permit such an antisemitic information post.
164552. Alan Behar  
164551. jason teck this is an outrage. google should not support racism
164550. Mitchell H. Friedlaender, M.D  
164549. iona  
164548. Joel Goldberg  
164547. ofer  
164546. Lew Levey  
164545. Michelle Herman  
164544. Manuel & Suzanne Morden Reference to this site is unconscionable.
164543. Avital  
164542. Elie Abitbol This is unacceptable.
164541. mary schuster remove "" immediately
164540. Murray Farash  
164539. Roger Pessah  
164538. Seamus McGovern Ridiculous and false
164537. Elly J. Shapiro This site is outrageous....take it off Google, please
164536. toby wolf  
164534. Jane S Fresco  
164533. John Beight  
164532. Herbert Gould Totally false information
164531. julie stearn  
164530. Ruth Atri  
164529. Ben Schein  
164528. Andrea Levy  
164527. ahava newman JewWatch is hateful and false!
164526. Hart Shapiro  
164525. Shana Zimmer  
164524. Robert J. Gordon  
164523. Pamela Rolfe  
164522. kevin  
164521. michael cohen considering all the racial hatred in this world and your responsibilty to your shareholders, whom alot are Jews I believe it would be in the best interest of peace for you to remove of put in differcult locations any sites of bigotry and hatred
164520. Sheldon Mindell  
164519. danny wolf  
164518. Bob Appel  
164517. David Hayes  
164516. abe hanan  
164515. Ara Storer  
164514. Ian Anidjar  
164513. Arthur Storer  
164512. Marcelle Shapiro You have more than 50000 signatures to remove this Antisemitic site from your search engine. How long will it take to eliminate this horrendous site??? If Google does not remove this from its search engine, I will gladly initiate a petition to stop google publicly as a search engine throughout the world.
164511. Manuel F Sousa Please remove
164510. Michal Mizrahi  
164509. Hatice Sener  
164508. Marilyn Kopp  
164507. marlene goldhagen  
164506. Ruth Bar  
164505. rita goldstein  
164504. Elissa Oransky  
164503. Elly Sherman As a frequent user of Google I am doubly ashamed that you would harbor such material.
164502. nathan  
164501. J. Hirsch  
164500. Edwin Bernstein Disgusting
164499. Dinah Aarons This site is antisemitic and promotes hatred
164498. Candace Plotsker-Herman  
164497. Melanie Polik This site is sickening. Google must remove it!
164496. Paul Eckstein  
164495. sybil pressman please remove Jew Watch
164494. Debra Fink  
164493. Myrna Bennett Are we allowed a "MuslimWatch"
164492. Shaaron Hunter This is a disgrace to the human race!
164491. Melanie Alyse  
164490. IRA OPENDEN  
164489. Susan Fruchter  
164488. Marla This is absolutely terrible.
164487. aryeh epstein the site is run by sick, bigoted liars
164486. Theodore Fishman MD  
164485. Rachel Jager  
164484. Mark Berkson  
164483. Sharon Weinstein  
164482. Dr.Robert Bennett  
164481. gabriella de vries  
164480. Elias Marcovici  
164479. Danielle Press  
164478. Pamela Richman  
164477. S. Roth  
164476. Elim Garak I stand with Israel.
164475. J.Feliciano Remove this website sponsored by Hamas/Hizbullah/Iran
164474. michael de vries  
164473. Larry Franklin  
164472. Shary Klamer  
164471. howard wolf  
164470. william/karen/Mike Rosenblatt  
164469. Dennis Lombardo  
164468. Ellie Mednick this is outrageous!
164467. Nancy Fishel all defamitory web sites should be screened and deleted, no matter what their opinions
164466. Rachel Stahl  
164465. Patricia Rothman  
164464. JACK CHIVO  
164463. Sherri Goldman  
164462. arlene lipton  
164461. Jasmine  
164460. Suzanne Harouche  
164459. Carly  
164458. mitchell  
164457. Anita Ackovitz  
164456. Charles Perchesky This is abominable
164455. Joan Blumenfeld  
164454. Luc Degroof  
164453. Roneet Wolf please remove Jewwatch
164452. B Hirsch  
164451. Rob Garner  
164450. Shira Litwack please advise people to go to the site and directly write the pig a letter
164449. Dan Sheinberg  
164448. Rosalía Behar This site is spreading ingnorance... is not fair!
164447. alan langleben  
164446. Jack Alter Remove antisemitism
164445. Nora Fisher  
164444. Lewis Glenn  
164443. sara  
164442. Terry Meehan What a disgustingly wild imagination these guys have. I am not Jewish, but know Jewish people - and obviously this site is full of horrible, stupid ideas
164441. Jeffrey Weiss  
164440. Neil H. Fishman  
164439. Janine Doherty The Jew Watch site should be removed immediately from the web. It is one of the worst hate-filled sites ever and makes no common sense. It is worthless and creates nothing but hate.
164438. Judith Mann  
164437. P White  
164436. Ilan Avital  
164435. Milton Weener  
164434. M. S. Mauro Why would google foster an environment of anti-semitism? Remove this heinous site immediately!
164433. ivan rotkovitz  
164432. Howard Hausman  
164431. C. Berg  
164430. Alex Ingerman  
164428. Ruth Greenberger  
164427. Ann Mock  
164426. Fran Reich  
164425. Helaine Weener  
164424. Octavio C. Gaspar We need accurate historical information! No more prejudices, no more middle age's fears!
164423. Judith Peck  
164422. mark averbach  
164421. Herbert Eiseman  
164420. Marcia Regenstrief  
164419. Michal Granot  
164417. lorna kay  
164416. Carol Tucker Please remove jewwatch immediately from google
164415. Erwin Brugmans please take it out of the Google engine, makes enemies!!!
164414. Barbara Chasser  
164413. Sandra KLubeck I strongly oppose this
164412. David Nazarieh I am not shocked
164411. Kate Anderson  
164410. schwartz  
164409. Simone & Roger Englander  
164408. Raphael Cohen  
164407. brian mcaree  
164406. Jack Israel  
164405. Carol Walter  
164404. Jordan Bloomberg  
164403. jodi mcaree  
164402. bram nathans  
164401. emile mimran be sensitive. watch your data
164400. Aviva Erreich  
164399. mortonberke  
164398. The Very Rev. J. C. Michael Allen As a retired Episcopal Cathedral Dean I regard all anti Semitic slurs as slurs against me..
164397. Jarrad Glennon  
164396. Jill Klazmer  
164395. Baruch Feldstern  
164394. Kimberly Mayer  
164393. Yoka Verdoner Sad, after Auschwitz
164392. Steve Roessler  
164391. Nicole S  
164390. Anna Shafajinskaia š
164389. Norm Merlis  
164388. Zane Greene  
164387. B. Jonas  
164386. Effie Poulis  
164385. Lisa Fabricant  
164384. Bruno Harouche Cukier  
164383. roslyn sinert  
164382. david brickner  
164381. Muriel Asch  
164380. Boris Gerson  
164379. Michael I  
164378. IME  
164377. Gerald Oberman This disgusting racist site must be removed
164376. ester lipsker' M.D. disgusting
164375. Michael  
164374. ben ammou  
164373. Liane Casten hatred has no place anywhere. Under the guise of authority, this site is a mass of distortions and lies. It must be stopped.
164372. Liliane Yurgel  
164371. ashley  
164370. moises caspi remove anti semita jewwatch
164369. Dennis Blumenfeld  
164368. Gilda Grossman  
164367. M Mastoon  
164366. Mike Lawrence  
164365. michael gelb  
164364. Stuart Turgel  
164363. p johnson Preserve history!!!
164362. fred drewe  
164361. Paul Schwartz  
164360. rich bozek  
164359. moe row  
164358. rebecca samson  
164357. Gerald Kreaden  
164356. dls  
164355. Gretel Posner  
164354. Anna Sheinman  
164353. Shlomit Sholem  
164351. Reine Cadoch-Delmar  
164350. Ray Greenspon  
164349. David Berdichevsky  
164348. Marc Guenoun  
164347. Ian Staniloff To publish means to validate! This must be removed!
164346. Lynne Rosenthal you are responsible for what you present. It is your image.
164345. Sally Wildrick  
164344. Benjamin Vivas  
164343. louis brilleman  
164342. Thomas Evans  
164341. Klara Sigvardsson  
164340. ãðé îåìëå  
164339. V Shabes  
164338. Jason Greenberg  
164337. Bernard M Lubetkin  
164336. Abe Allenaa I am offended that you allow such hateful site
164335. Susan a hateful site
164334. Laura Stern  
164333. Emily W  
164332. Jeffrey S. Freed, M.D.  
164331. Michael Platzer  
164330. Caryn Weber This site is an abomination and I can't believe Google would allow it.
164329. Don Eylat also have
164328. bennett schachter  
164326. Shea Z. Lerner  
164325. Elie H. Francés Unbelievable that Google lists such a biased website. Withdraw immediately!!
164324. Irma Lasky Stopping Hate wherever you see it is everyones obligation.
164323. Harold Citron  
164322. Sherman Drusin  
164321. Harold H.Stern Ity is a disgrace that you should allow this web site
164320. michael anstandig  
164319. Chaya Gelman  
164318. Jill Shisha  
164317. Pat Knoll  
164316. jordan elkin stop the hate
164315. Erica Gould  
164314. Muller 2000 years of racial antisemisits by retarded leaders leading ignorant population
164312. Frances and Leonard Sekela (CA) The sooner the better and you Google ought to be ashasmed of yourself!!
164311. Dr William R S North I am surprised at Google allowing such prejudiced articles.
164310. Amy Brode  
164309. Tamar de Vries disgusting!
164308. R Harris  
164307. Harvey Melamed This site is offensive & difficult to believe it exists in this day & age.
164306. jenny schoenfeld  
164305. Pearl Regenstrief I am horrified but not surprised
164304. Lewis Whitman  
164303. Ron  
164302. Stephen It's sad that humanity is so eager to start history again, leading to possible obliteration of a people. How about if we start a Baptist Watch or a Hindi Watch, how would that sound? Would this kind of hatred breeding actions lead us to unite us as a country? The problems we face in the US are within us. Many things are wrong in our government and need an overhaul, but are you willing to elect the unpopular nominee? Change needs to happen or the US will implode. I pray that we find the wisdom to bring America toghether again, of all religions and economic levels.
164301. Constanza Pumarino  
164300. Deborah Levy Please remove this site. By leaving it on, it supports anti semitic activities.
164299. Morton LaPayover It would be funny if it weren't so sick and potentially dangerous.
164298. Rhona Veisfeld  
164297. Sherri Deutsch  
164296. ramona  
164295. lisa  
164294. Marcy Zamore  
164293. Lesly eckstein  
164292. Ruben Klein  
164291. Fredi Anne Hurwitz  
164290. Shoshanna Diamond Please remove immediately
164289. rena murphy am always shocked at the degree of hate in the world. Is this site connected to rightwing muslim organizations?
164288. Susan Rotkovitz  
164287. Michael Silvers  
164286. miryam flint  
164285. Jonathan Salama  
164284. Irvine Lann this is racist
164283. Jeff Schoener  
164282. Dr. Yael Danieli  
164281. Benjamin Diamond PLEAS REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
164280. Jay Ehrlich  
164279. Andrew Andonov  
164278. Roy Eksteen Remove now
164277. eileen lieberman  
164276. Jennifer LoPatin Please be responsible!
164275. Norma Gordon  
164274. Lester Avigael  
164273. Marla Katz  
164272. Laura Hilgers  
164271. Lisa Urban This is outrageous
164270. Alex Zarenin  
164269. Judi Heller  
164268. Yael Fraenkel  
164267. PHYLLIS MARELL please remove this article from your engine unconscionabe that you would allow such trash on your site
164266. mary clark  
164265. potico  
164264. dan cohen please remove this very offensive site from your searches
164263. Richard Sockel  
164262. iradj hosseinof  
164261. Dorothy Rosencrans  
164260. guy bernheim  
164259. A. Spector Totally disgusting. Hate proves nothing, except more hate.
164258. Arlene Sockel  
164257. Lea Shalem  
164256. Jacqueline Kachman  
164255. Barbara Fineman very upset by this
164254. dalia khakshoor  
164253. roger bernstein  
164252. paul langer while i support free speech, this site is too defamatory, racist, and inaccurate
164251. marsha weintraub  
164250. yigal atedgi  
164249. Z.J.K  
164248. Edward L. Schwartz, MD  
164247. sondra bernstein  
164246. S Pena  
164245. Lawrence D. Finder This is hideous
164244. Dov Gilon Most of this propaganda is fake & must be financed by terorist organizations
164243. Ruth Myers outrageous
164242. Robin Bratslavsky  
164241. David A. Silver  
164240. yaacov aloni non
164239. Audrey  
164238. skip rosskam  
164237. Lance Sinert  
164236. Wendy Kay  
164235. Carol Cohen  
164234. Russell Lazarus  
164233. Abe Schwartz Despicable racism deserves no voice anywhere.
164232. Professor George Pieczenik Very Offensive
164231. Terri Kohn  
164230. Ruth Olsen This site is a disgrace and all lies
164229. Lynn S. Weill  
164228. yaacov aloni non
164227. N. J. Callis  
164226. Norma J. Miller  
164225. Walter Shulruff How unamerican can you be?
164224. Allison Lyons  
164223. Mark H Hecht this is not free speech this is trash
164222. Laura Berman This is pure hatred and incites violence against Jews.
164221. Norman Rosen  
164220. Leonard Goldberg I am a World War 2 Veteran
164219. sylvia lavietes  
164218. debbie and jack lipkin that website MUST be cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!
164217. jack g  
164216. Adam Wolk  
164215. Linda Klapper  
164214. joseph m katzenstein  
164213. Jeffrey Govendo  
164212. david paige racist people suck
164211. Robert Spiegel  
164210. andrea cohen  
164208. Belinda Rachel Rodin  
164207. B.F. Zimberoff  
164206. Carol Kaufman  
164205. Brian Lilly  
164204. YAEL  
164203. hedy meyer I am surprised at you Google and ashamed
164202. Shelley Morris  
164200. Roberta Gordenstein  
164199. yossi Kastiel  
164198. Israel Cohn Please remove the name NOW
164197. Karen Lilly  
164196. Beth Goldklang  
164195. Shari Gottesman  
164194. patricia  
164193. Leslie Stein  
164192. George Friedman  
164191. Wilma Stein  
164190. David Busheikin  
164189. Haim Teicher  
164188. paul patch  
164187. Diane Servos  
164186. Michael Kassnar  
164185. Jenny Silver  
164184. Raffi Arev  
164183. Shani Rotkovitz  
164182. Nona Chern  
164181. Lucille Bernstein Google, you should be ashamed of yourself
164180. Morris Lewitter  
164179. Lisa Held  
164178. Alan Cohen Disgusting web site -- REMOVE
164177. ken Silber  
164176. Carol Pessah-Lewitter  
164175. mark gold hateful bigoted website has no place on google.
164174. Linda Firestone  
164173. pearl denner  
164172. Jacqueline Rappaport this is appauling and must be stopped immediately
164171. Marilyn Baskin  
164170. Ari Lauer  
164169. Iona Passik  
164168. merle arlen  
164167. Dave Tragen  
164166. Carol Frankel  
164165. Michael Vandenberg  
164164. David S. Gerren  
164163. Christopher Dawson This is ridiculious
164162. Anna Tarvyd Klein  
164161. Rob Apple  
164160. Jef Koval  
164159. Carole J. Stone  
164158. Lori Mizels  
164157. Alan Hoffman  
164156. Brian Cunnane  
164155. Tina Beale  
164154. Carol Grossman  
164153. Susan Goldber  
164152. Marni Levin There is already enough anti-Semitism available.
164151. Steven Felsenfeld  
164150. marilyn Fenton disgusting racism
164149. sandy freeman  
164148. Ellen Feldman  
164147. les appel  
164146. Adrian Cunnane  
164145. Joshua Getzler  
164144. Kerstin Olson we are trying to teach our children not to hate and discrimanate and what is this site doing????? Teaching hate, and discrimanate...
164143. anita saini  
164142. T. Broder  
164141. Judi Grunspan  
164140. David Zuckerman  
164139. Karl Seidman  
164138. Deena Davis This is a hateful site, disguised as something academic. Should be removed!
164137. Carrie Dolman  
164136. maureen antflick Disgusting. Archaic.Definitely Antogonizing
164135. Uri Hirsch Keep Google non anti semitic
164134. Rebecca Trinkler The existence of this site constitutes a hate crime
164133. Dave Pelman  
164132. Rob Landau  
164131. janet baum This site is hateful and harmful and down right offensive
164130. Beverly Kampel  
164129. wendy lewensohn  
164128. Donna Siegmeister  
164127. Jack Cooper things are getting out of hand
164126. nilly tirosh  
164125. Fraya  
164124. David Levy  
164123. Susan  
164122. Sheli Shahal - Israel I am a very proud JEW!!!!!!!!!
164121. Kali Karagias  
164120. Martin Waxman  
164119. Bruce I Goodman  
164118. J Poretsky  
164117. Alvin S. Schwartz  
164116. Anne Roussell  
164115. M. Nathan  
164114. Debby Oshri  
164113. Janet Fox haven't we progressed as people yet?
164112. Sue Adatto  
164111. harriet felsher  
164110. William H Arnold  
164109. David Sherman  
164108. Tara Teilhaber  
164107. Marc Bachrach  
164106. e. cara  
164105. Walter Stop hate
164104. Marni Miller  
164103. hamid  
164102. Claudia Minski  
164101. Steven L. Denker  
164100. Joseph Lapides Remove Jew Watch as first resonse to Jew.
164099. Felix R. Weill  
164098. elena  
164097. Charlotte Stender  
164096. Jose Sinai  
164095. Dor  
164094. Arielle  
164093. Nadine Zuckier  
164092. suzn esposito  
164091. Israel Scher  
164090. orit raz support with all my heart
164089. D.L.Emeson This needs to taken to one of our senitors/law needs to know
164088. jean s. meltzer  
164087. Jerry Salzberg  
164086. Merle S. Rosskam why is this site still active since there have be en more than the required # of signatures submitted required to remove it from the search engine. Is Google committed to following through?
164085. B. Ackerman Please remove this site. It is deeply painful. Thank you.
164083. Laura Steinberg  
164082. Peter Salzer  
164081. Jay Simens  
164080. Lauren Buchwald  
164079. Fred Ruben This is sickening
164078. Steven Rosenstein JewWatch is racist and dangerous
164077. Susan Levin  
164076. ZAKI  
164075. reva ambrose  
164074. Marilyn F. Cohen  
164073. John Becker  
164072. jules lieblein the spread of hate is not education
164071. Mike This is ridiculous!
164070. Samuel Searle  
164069. Mylene Ryba Siegmann  
164068. Tanya Pietrkowski  
164067. Pete Herlihy  
164066. Freddie Bloch  
164065. Ace Pash  
164064. R. Lipsey Shame on Google.. and the bigots who posted this website
164063. Gary W. Stovall  
164062. million appell please remove this horrible untruth
164061. assaf sasson  
164060. Randee Binstock  
164059. nilly  
164058. Donna Glauber  
164057. Jenni Thompson  
164056. assaf sasson  
164055. Ira Gleiberman  
164054. Brian Martell I found this site offensive
164053. Howard S. Heyman  
164052. Laurie Jordan This is disgusting. Haven't we learned from the past?
164051. Sergio Please remove disgusting and offensive website.
164050. elliott hoffman disgusting, but normal from this source
164049. Ken Been  
164048. Melanie Kelman  
164047. Anat Zonszein  
164046. Corrie Trattner This is outrageous! Google should be more responsible for what they allow on their widely used search engines. Slanderous material against any group should not be permitted. Shame on you!
164045. Ari Fife  
164044. Howard Sorkin  
164043. Cindy Topitz  
164042. miriam arato  
164041. nir  
164040. Trevor J. Brown  
164039. Jonas Roshi  
164037. alan levine please remove
164036. Ronald Tabachnick  
164035. michal  
164034. Harlan Marcus Reprehensible web sit; please remove it
164033. Ellen Rann  
164032. jackie fox it is not necessary for this page to be on site
164031. Vanessa Benadiba  
164030. Judith B Halpern  
164029. Richard Alan Lehrman  
164028. TAMARA FILIPPI remove this its offensive and disgusting
164027. Barbara Wright  
164026. Claire Kozower  
164025. L Lurie  
164024. Sara Goldman  
164023. Florence Friedman  
164022. Fred Lipsig  
164021. Irene Kleinberg  
164020. Esta Ehrmann  
164019. Freddy Vivas  
164018. Zivan Saper  
164017. NOWELL KOREY  
164016. Susan I have read Google's response
164015. Richard Wood  
164014. Susan Cohen  
164013. arnold meisler  
164012. Richard Stiller This is a disgusting site
164011. Paulo Roberto Steinbruch  
164010. A.. Arnold  
164009. A. Michael Victory  
164008. PETER FEILBOGEN hate is hate
164007. kenneth resnik  
164006. A. Sugerman I can't believe that Google supports anti-semitism. Remove this crap now.
164005. Steven Pomerantz  
164004. marc cohen  
164003. Jorge  
164002. Sally Frankental  
164001. Jonathan Rock Remove this site from the search
164000. Dena  
163999. alynne solway Very sad commentary on the state of humanity in general when someone decides to be so discriminatory. That's what starts wars. We must learn to be more humane. This is bred from ignorance and hatred.
163998. Natalie Baff  
163997. martin zerobnick  
163996. Alvion J. Hollin  
163995. Helen Hill  
163994. Daniel Rabin  
163993. Barry L. Racusim The site is not an academic resource but purely hate propaganda.
163991. Julian Phillips Disgusting and totally false
163990. Ben Duncan  
163989. Ryan Lieber  
163988. Peter W, Athens I believe the Web should be open to all, but this is too much. Please de-list It's hate-speech.
163987. Marta Sorkin I use Google all the time, please remove this offensive site
163986. Beth Burpee This is a horrible web space and should be remove immediatly
163985. Harold Eynav  
163984. tony sino  
163983. Amnon Waksman Remove site now
163982. Steve Rosskam This is absurd & needs to be removed immediately
163981. Ina Weitzman  
163980. Erika  
163979. Rachel Reedijk  
163978. Howard Beach  
163977. donald chanan  
163976. linda cooper Finklestein lowers the standards of your university...His knowledge of history is appalling and his anti semitism is obvious. Does your university want to be rated by someone like him? Israel needs your help....they stand alone without it.
163975. david allswang  
163974. Alain Bobbe  
163973. Ben Galler  
163972. Jeffery Ellis This goes beyond free speech into fostering Hate Crime
163971. kenneth A. sweder  
163970. nancy hollinger  
163969. Mark Ramsey  
163968. Jody Crane  
163967. lori caplan-eber  
163965. Enrique Notowicz  
163964. Ruth Rosen  
163963. Eric Levitt  
163962. stanley blum  
163961. L zelman  
163960. gloria reinhart  
163959. SueAnn Montgomery  
163958. oliver weingarten  
163957. Michel van Essen  
163956. Eileen Brandes Garber  
163955. Barry Safchik  
163954. Ellen Klein I think this is a terrible web site
163953. Yvette Natkin  
163952. Ruth Klein  
163950. Lily Kligman  
163949. Jeffrey Block  
163948. marvin swirsky  
163947. Jerome Mellinger It is false and disgusting
163946. john greco  
163945. Nathalie Benhamu  
163944. Marc Kleiner  
163943. Uriel Ginosar  
163942. Shaelynn Parker It is hate based and untrue. Please, please remove it.
163941. Beth Isaacs  
163940. Steven Chess Please remove this site from the WEB!!!
163939. Bruce Gilbert  
163938. Jill Newhouse  
163937. Ellen Slavin Remove JewWatch.Com
163936. susan feingold  
163935. Mona we need less hate not more and NOT advertised
163934. Estelle Gottesman  
163933. David L. Goff  
163932. Daniel A. Roberts This is a hate site and there should be no room for hatred at Google
163931. Arturo Borzutzky  
163930. sam siegel  
163929. Hillel Kagan  
163928. Fanny Shore  
163927. alli goodman  
163926. Janet Handleman Ignorant!
163925. Ralph Strauss  
163924. Andrea S. Kahn  
163923. LeslieGoldman  
163922. Shel Green  
163921. zila zila
163920. LEA SHERMAN  
163918. Erez Rubinstein  
163917. arthur agin  
163916. Louis Godschalk  
163915. JAIME SELSER  
163914. Marina Stop the hatred! Remove this !
163913. phil ganz  
163912. Anne shame on you
163911. Alan Greenberg  
163910. David Morris  
163909. Bruce Ruderfer It is almost unbelievable that this hate-mongering site is permitted.
163907. Matthew Prince  
163906. Paulette K. Marks  
163905. a concerned person  
163904. Martin Schiowitz  
163903. Susan Ling  
163902. E. Gortzak  
163901. Alan Dorb  
163900. baum  
163899. Lawrence J. Fox  
163898. William Appel  
163897. Daniel Wayne  
163896. Nancy  
163895. steve  
163894. Iris Weiss  
163893. Isidore Teitelbaum  
163891. Roy Alkin  
163890. ela zingerevich  
163889. Philip Lipton  
163888. Gerald Fine  
163887. Jonathan scandaleux tres grave atteinte aux droits de l'homme
163886. anne cohn  
163885. L.S.ZUCKER,AN  
163884. Mitchell Glenn  
163883. Richard Blumenfeld Totally irresponsible
163882. Alan Dorb  
163881. Bene' Burpee  
163880. margot robinson  
163879. Sheryl Dworkin  
163878. Jeffrey Null  
163877. Laurence Fishman  
163876. Doug Arfa  
163875. Neil Goldman Google should do a better job of screening obvious crap and placing it in first position.
163874. Lisa Chalfin  
163873. Doug Arfa  
163872. Leonardo Harf  
163871. Leslie Greenberg  
163870. L Carter  
163869. karen eusebio discusting
163868. Alan Hollander  
163867. Dianna Fine This website is nothing but anti-semitic rhetoric. If it remains on Google, I will be using a different search engine.
163866. beth elster  
163865. margie goldberg  
163864. Rhona Givon  
163863. sheri cohen unbelievable
163862. Gabi Feingold  
163861. Barbara Brumer  
163860. bonnie metzger  
163859. Molly Getnick  
163858. nicholas shoham I agree that it is disgraceful for this web site to be included by Google
163857. Schuyler Carroll  
163856. Jack Shaicovitch  
163855. Howard Vernon  
163854. Bea Fox I won't waste words on evil
163853. Sharon Siegel  
163852. Hannah Nathans  
163851. Sheila Romanick  
163850. Stan Friedman  
163849. Miri Rotkovitz  
163848. Corrie Zeidler Shame that after only 62 years after the Holocaust, this is possible
163847. Roya  
163846. Michael Please remove this hateful information
163845. Elizabeth Prince  
163844. madeleine epstein  
163843. gigi  
163842. jon bernstein  
163841. allen eager a hate site.
163840. JM Hein-van der Hoek  
163839. Susan Tomkin  
163838. Deborah Freedman  
163837. Christine G.  
163836. Jennifer Kopelman There are now well over 50,000 signatures. Why is this site still on Google?
163835. Nili Mendes  
163834. Tatyana Sve  
163833. Karen Bodner  
163832. stephen gilbert  
163831. Sarah bat Yitzchak Yomtov  
163830. c. fine  
163829. sheldon zelizer  
163828. Calanit Hermelin-Vager  
163827. Joel Zolondek  
163826. Franklin Kramer  
163825. Rose Moritz discusting and vile
163824. Lawrence Skolnek  
163823. Gil Schalom  
163822. Shmuel Treistman  
163821. Paul Farber  
163820. judy null  
163819. uri tabacznik this page in mention is a racial message
163818. Dottie Goldmeier  
163817. Erica Zolotow  
163816. Amanda Segal Please remove this immediately!!!
163815. Samuel Z. Glaser, PhD It is an ugly, hateful site without any redeeming quality
163814. Elana Silber  
163813. sondra c sokal  
163812. Gilda Ganezer  
163811. Barry Lebowitz  
163810. andres klein  
163809. Donna Krupkin Whitney MD  
163808. Avery Posner  
163807. C. Alexander Cohen Though this is a thorny issue, and I recognize free speech and the need to be all-inclusive, somehow there must be a way not to promulgate hatred.
163806. sondra sokal  
163805. Elizabeth Sinn please remove this damaging site
163804. Stan Rothstein remove this site from Google
163803. josh Zeitman  
163802. Linda Rothenberg  
163801. Masia Keselman  
163800. vered sverdlov  
163799. miriam cohen-melamed  
163798. e. bashan  
163797. Marc and Mariela Juster shameful and outrageous for such trash to be shown on the Google site
163796. barry malamed  
163795. Judith S. Engelberg disgraceful
163794. Chloe Zeffert-Anderson  
163793. John Alexander No need to publicize this dangerous rubbish
163792. Sam Shamoon  
163791. Eric F. Wulff  
163790. rooter davis this is scary
163789. joyce kamen  
163788. asscher  
163787. Amy  
163786. A Goudriaan  
163785. karen krensky let's move one
163784. Paul Soltoff Pls.Remove
163783. Sol Roniss  
163782. Thomas Chin  
163781. 163778  
163780. Robin J. Stone  
163779. Teresa Kinigsberg Traten por lo menos de no ser cómplices.
163778. Glenn Silver  
163777. Edward L. Soll, MD  
163776. Mytyl Simancas  
163775. Martin Leeda  
163774. James Itzkovits DISGRACEFUL...
163773. Jane Kasov There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up." – Booker T. Washington. Anti-Semites need to pull themselves up, not push others down in order to feel more empowered. Attacking Jews is a terrible cop-out.
163772. Barrie Dawer  
163771. Linda Rosenberg  
163770. Robert  
163769. Barrot David  
163768. Phil & Colleen Brett  
163767. ivor millman  
163766. David Peters  
163765. Ernst W. Sittig  
163764. David Goldblatt  
163763. Pamela Kuhn PLEASE, Please remove site.
163762. archie cogollos  
163761. Kelman  
163760. Meital  
163759. Sanford Grossman PLEASE - Get this removed ASAP -
163758. moshe leibovich  
163757. Jacqueline Altschuler  
163756. Linda Wein  
163755. andrea  
163754. Fred Treiber It is a hateful site
163753. Margo  
163752. Harriette Hassol It's disgraceful that Google would assist this anti-semitic site to be viewed.
163751. Shanna and Stewart Berkovits  
163750. Arielle Derby  
163749. Nir Pagorek  
163748. Lucie Shader  
163747. Paula Sands/Singer  
163746. jay rovner  
163745. Alice Shani  
163744. Judy Colt I was horrified to learn about this site. I add my name to the petition to have this site removed from google.
163743. Barbara S. Dobbin There is no need for Google to encourage anti-semitism
163742. Lucie Shader  
163741. Irene Goldman-Price  
163740. a kaplan remove it now-this flfth should not appear
163739. Darrel Iwen sick
163738. Richard Weiss  
163737. William R. Giser Minimally, your explanation should be your first entry!
163736. eva maimaran  
163735. Irit Tratt  
163734. Jay Penfil Please remove!!!
163732. Diane Pearlman  
163731. William S. Goldman  
163730. Naomi Masri  
163729. Marylin Noll  
163728. chuck karasik  
163727. l. shaffer  
163726. richard surwit  
163725. Derek Moss  
163724. Susan Schwalb  
163723. H Shenberg  
163722. Ted Pearlman  
163721. Danny Frank is disguting
163720. David Silberman site is ANTI-SEMITIC
163719. Marla Cooper absolutely horrible! have this removed asap
163718. Prof. V.Kestelman  
163717. Alec Stone  
163716. Josh Erich this is pure hate, why would I need to sign a petition to remove such
163715. Stefani Brand  
163714. Nora Gold  
163713. Eleanor G. Vonnegut  
163712. Humphrey Wine  
163711. Mindy Lauer  
163710. Betty Brace  
163709. BERNARD SHOUB crap/and more crap
163708. Richard W. England  
163707. Benny, Apt  
163706. A. Kitz  
163705. Kate S.  
163704. Berthold Schmutzhart  
163703. jon levin  
163702. Brad Karal Site is misleading, and generally inaccurate. Clearly a hate site.
163701. Karen Oser  
163700. yigal i am a fended from this
163699. Benjamin Friedmann  
163698. Carole Greenberg  
163697. Marcia Kasher  
163696. Veta Monastyrsky  
163694. Everett Gorel  
163693. Gary Davis  
163692. gail kasztl  
163691. Richard F. Hahn  
163690. nancy e. strong  
163689. Melissa  
163688. Russ  
163687. Jeff Hancock  
163686. Esmee Esther Levison  
163685. Norman Taylor  
163684. barbara  
163683. javier pizarro  
163682. Maureen Beaudoin  
163680. Joel Klein  
163679. e. sobol Please do the right think now.
163678. jane shiff  
163677. stan kessler inexcusable
163676. Nicole Yoshua  
163675. marvin gordon Get rid of the PEOPLE who support the site
163674. Jerry Dadoun  
163673. catherine selman remove immediately or i will start using yahoo again as my search engine
163672. Mary Huff Stevenson  
163671. Helen Gender  
163670. Ellen M. Weinberg In the name of decency, Please remove this site.
163669. San San Blaifn  
163668. Nachala Marin  
163667. stanley weiss  
163666. Sondra Green  
163665. B.Waizner  
163664. Marsha Richman  
163663. Milton Kain  
163662. ron petrinitz  
163661. Joan Vogin  
163660. Schalom Isaac Google please help eradicate all forms of cyber racism
163659. heather c  
163658. susan remove this site
163657. Arie Pluczenik  
163656. Karen M Petrinitz  
163655. Sylvia Kain This is absolutely disgraceful and should be removed at once. we certainly don't need more hate in the world.
163654. Jack Kletzman  
163653. Shaun Per Stop the Hate!
163652. robert nachimson  
163651. Claire Granowitz I'm ashamed of you Google!
163649. Lawrence Washington  
163648. MArcia Taylor  
163647. al smith  
163646. yona carmichael  
163645. Dvora Vixman don't let history repeat itself
163644. Hal Wechter Please remove this from your search engine
163643. luna roth this is disgusting
163642. meir regev no need for more hate
163641. Susan Clerici Please fight all prejudice; it KILLS
163640. Nancy Teichman This masquerade of poorly disguised hatred must cease
163639. Sarah Peck  
163638. Manop  
163637. Garry Beim Someone think
163636. Shirley C. Olin  
163635. Hillary Butler  
163634. Sheldon G. Karras  
163633. Joseph Eviatar  
163632. Ruth M. Horowitz  
163631. Ron Horowitz  
163630. Neil Lasher This hate must be reigned in
163629. Peter Jamerson This site is what causes hatred amongst our neighbors.
163628. Roberta DeBrowner  
163627. sheryl not a good thing
163626. Jessica Friedlander Please Remove From Top Of
163625. B. Batist  
163624. erin steinberg  
163623. Cathy Lasher This hate must be reigned in
163622. Andrew Cohn Thank you for removing this hateful site
163621. alan greene  
163620. Carol Wechsler  
163619. Harvey David Kofman Disgusting, stupid,antiquated rhetoric
163618. Harlan m. Stein, P.E. get rid of it--disgusting
163617. Jon D. Vogel  
163616. Suzanne Branham  
163615. Patricia Levin Get rid of this hate site
163614. Howard Cohen  
163613. roslyn ross  
163612. Roger Levin Get rid of this hate site
163611. Charles Dahan  
163610. S.Batist  
163609. Ellen Wertheim  
163608. Ken Herst site fosters hate
163607. Stanton Remer  
163606. Pearl Jonassohn  
163605. david rohrer  
163604. Shulamit Ullmann  
163603. Shulamit Ullmann  
163602. Dror  
163601. Connie Smilowitz This is a disgusting site.
163600. Brenda Malamud  
163599. carol jacobs  
163598. Joshua Fendel  
163597. Melissa Glick this is horrible
163596. roy zeper  
163595. Pamla Vale Abramson  
163594. Ariel  
163593. Jakob Steinberg  
163592. Barbara Rothstein  
163591. Robert Freedman  
163590. Edward Strauzer  
163589. Jerry Ribnick Please remove at once
163588. T. Fischer Ugly non productive,inflammatory comments!
163587. Philip Guterman  
163586. Shirley Skinner  
163585. Andre Nacmanie  
163584. ralph stancato  
163583. shira levine  
163582. Aaron Diamond  
163581. h wietschner  
163580. Cailin Berke  
163579. Sam Smithfield As a Christian even I am appalled at this site.
163578. eta suraski  
163577. Eli Wolfson  
163576. Michele Garelick It is sad that there should be any bigory allowed in a search site.
163575. Beverly Katz  
163574. Marcie Achler  
163573. alan feingold  
163572. Bat tzion Wolfson  
163571. Marilyn Savitt  
163570. ilene bronsteter  
163569. Joan Brannigan If I click on Christian or Muslim, the first response I get is a Wikipedia site. More rational. Can this be set to somehow make the Wikipedia site appear first?
163568. Jack Ganz  
163567. Lois Korey  
163566. Sharon Greenberg Please remove this disgusting site
163565. Marvin R. Cohen  
163564. Wendy Williams  
163563. gilad cohen  
163562. Abby Bukofzer This site is disgusting.
163561. eva  
163560. Jonathan D Nitkin Unacceptable Fraud
163559. Shalom No hay suficiente odio en el mundo?
163558. Colette Ament this site is horrifying and terrifying!!
163557. baum  
163556. Stewart Greene  
163555. J Bortnicker  
163554. Tsipi Wolfson  
163553. L Jacobs This is a hate provoking awful website.
163552. Phyllis Weinstein  
163551. bruce altman  
163550. A. LEVY  
163549. Douglas Fine  
163548. DR. Steinbuch  
163547. Elin Beaumont this is an insult to the memories of my parents who were both Holocaust survivors in addition to all of us who realize that this type of site only encourages hatred
163546. carol  
163545. Richard Jaffa It is hard to believe that people can be so intrinsically evil.
163544. Corey Sorkin  
163543. freda woolley Please remove this dreadful material
163542. Icek Aizen  
163541. Allen Slivka There are certainly other options to Google and if this doesn't come off I intend to use them.
163540. Margy Feigelson This is horrible and the anti-Semitic site should be removed.
163539. Darrell  
163538. gitit  
163537. Melvin Graff  
163536. loz  
163535. Elaine Goldman  
163534. janet dolgin review from Google Search
163533. Elizabeth Klibanoff  
163532. Virginia Mahoney  
163531. Roberta Goodman  
163530. Lee Wasserman  
163529. dan levin  
163528. Rick Black  
163527. Debbie Cohen  
163526. Harry Tropp  
163525. donna lawrence disgusting!!!
163524. Toby Eizik  
163523. NP  
163522. June Diamant  
163521. rafi  
163520. martin this is really a sad and evil site
163519. Pam Umans  
163518. Monique Waknine  
163517. Bobbi Schribman REMOVE
163516. Pablo  
163515. Gabriella Diamond this is promoting bias and antisemitism
163514. Brett Neiderman  
163513. bruce levy md, jd google is acting in a hateful manner by allowing this
163512. Staci Friedwald  
163511. B.S. Silver  
163510. Hope Baril  
163509. Judy Perle I can't believe you allowed this in the first place
163508. J. Vleeschhouwer this is formenting hatred. Google, please remove.
163507. shirley finger  
163506. Don Dearborn This site makes me ill.
163505. Jeffrey Cohn Remove the site! Google has no business listing it.
163504. DALE MAAS this type of hatred does not need to be spewed on the Internet.
163503. gladys  
163502. Rochelle  
163501. rona egan  
163500. vicki chalme  
163499. Arlyne Lorenz This needs to be taken off now!!!
163498. R. Kemper I support freedom of speech. Hate speech is not protected.
163497. Yaakov M. Meiri  
163496. Judy Etkin This is disgusting!!!
163495. David Blewett  
163494. marcy martin  
163493. forster  
163492. Lorne kelman  
163491. Daniel Shani  
163490. Dini Freed  
163489. Tal Hacohen  
163488. Joel Isaacs  
163487. Becky Laub  
163486. Gail Admoni  
163485. Alex Perez Please remove this insult, Thank you
163484. David Fineberg  
163483. ANNIE GERSON  
163482. Jaclyn Hill  
163481. Judy B.  
163480. Rex Henken  
163479. Paul Jackson  
163478. Oliver Freund Anti-semites should be crushed. Violence is often more effective than an online petition.
163477. Ed Rogo  
163476. Mark Schachter  
163475. Lynne Cohen I am horrified when I read the hate and distortions that this hate-monger is writing. Obviously, this is a very sick individual. What does he have against Jews in particular?
163474. moriah  
163473. Michael Hill Please remove this site!
163472. e w goldner  
163471. Leo Roos Enough is enough
163470. Ron Cohen  
163469. Alan Robert Nusbaum  
163468. j behar nobody should be watched -in a democracy
163467. David Nieder  
163466. Albert Gellman  
163465. Tony Collins  
163464. Amy Fuchs  
163463. Barry Bettsack Take this site off
163462. Ida Haber  
163461. Sandra Safran  
163460. Lisa Quartin  
163459. Aaron Gelvan remove this hATEFUL WEBSITE
163458. Laurie Anne Pearlman  
163457. Steve Levine unbelievable in this age of enlightenment
163456. dagan  
163455. Rebecca Portman  
163453. Ilse KUNZ Google should remove ALL sites slandering a religion
163452. Debra Kohn  
163451. Barbara Berke  
163450. sander stadtler  
163449. simcha herzog  
163448. Rudolf B. Schmerl  
163447. Harry Chanowitz  
163446. Amy Baker  
163445. J.M.L.  
163444. Michelle Singer  
163443. Diane Katz this is horrible and an insult
163442. suzy Beck  
163441. Ben  
163439. Oren take it off
163438. David Honigberg  
163437. Larry Goldberg Please do the right thing and stop hate
163436. Alex Sandler š
163435. michael cohen  
163434. Iosif Lakhman  
163433. irwin stovroff Remove it there is enough hatred in the world
163432. Gary Holiff What a disgusting site! Google should remove this immediately or I will remove Google immediately.
163430. Arlyne Parness
163429. Syd Rosenberg  
163428. dena caione  
163427. Douglas Miller  
163426. Dorothy Pike  
163425. Benjamin Davis  
163424. Bryna Landes  
163423. Lourdes Corvo  
163422. nelson berman i plan not to use google until jewwatch is removed
163421. Robert Joseph  
163420. lawrence ginsburg  
163419. Susanne Katz  
163418. Dara Falco  
163417. ted tannenbaum  
163416. Sharon Katz  
163415. Pauline Leeds  
163414. Abe Moritz  
163413. Ivor M. Sommons  
163412. brenda Oh my God. Shame shame
163411. Kara  
163410. T .hotz disgusting
163409. Jeri Glick  
163408. Deborah Holmes Stop hate.
163407. Marsha Weiner  
163406. Nurit Marcus  
163404. Diana Skelton  
163403. Larry Chiger  
163402. tami becker  
163401. richard goldman  
163400. Darcey Hibloom  
163399. Sarajane Hersh  
163398. Elina  
163397. janet  
163396. Harvey Hyman  
163395. Jesse Bratter  
163394. Joan Gross  
163393. Nancy Cantor  
163392. Bronia L. Lowenstein  
163391. polly etkind  
163390. Ralph L. Lowenstein  
163389. Neville Lachowsky  
163388. gay mitchell  
163387. dave gordon  
163385. gay mitchell  
163384. silvia n  
163383. Rebecca This is beyond ridiculous and should NOT be considered legal regardless of the first amendment, the freedom of the press does NOT imply written documents that are based on discrimination. This site needs to be removed today.
163382. Brenda Marshall  
163381. Amy Frankenstein  
163380. pam gill  
163379. Paula Hauser  
163378. Heather Finestone  
163377. tomer civier  
163376. Alberto Cohen disgraceful at this day and age
163375. L. Friedman  
163374. Jolie Doyle This is AWFUL!
163373. Stephen Ruby  
163372. adi ezroni  
163371. Philippe Soussand  
163370. Kirk Derik Please remove as it is a hate group.
163369. jeanette verp disgusting in america a land of freedom
163368. Robert Mittleman  
163367. Joel Siegel  
163366. J Abraham  
163365. John A. Sheridan Appalled that Google would allow this!!!
163364. vishnia  
163363. J. L. Judge  
163362. Malka Margel Disgusting for the 21st century. Google please remove the site.
163361. Cheryl Lester  
163360. bev steinberg  
163359. Dan  
163358. amichay raviv  
163357. ami kestenbaum  
163356. Gary carr this site is pathetic
163355. Rev. Thomas Haverly Please!!!
163354. Miriam Rode  
163353. sharon saper  
163352. S. Miller disgraceful!!!
163351. Leopoldo Ler  
163350. Arthur Schultz  
163349. ruti abarbanel  
163348. maddy ross  
163347. Jamie Nemat  
163346. Isabelle  
163345. Geri S. Lipschitz  
163344. Helen Lucciola There is enough hate in the world let's not promote more.
163343. Joseph Greenwald  
163342. Zvi Avigdor Singer  
163341. Sherry Ragsdale  
163340. A. B. Price  
163339. julie morris  
163338. James Bedell No words
163337. Bonnie Lewis  
163336. Rabbi Aryeh Baruch  
163335. Tal google should be ashamed
163334. CATHY HOWES  
163333. Laura Traeger  
163332. Mark Goldman  
163331. emily kaufman  
163330. Alisa Soble  
163329. Fran Lubin  
163328. Steven Solomon  
163327. Barry Setzer  
163326. JR Weiss  
163325. Nathalie Noach  
163324. PHYLLIS PHILLIPS please please remove, it is offensive
163323. Tammi Schachter  
163322. Andrew Schutman  
163321. Laura Urken In this age of complete insanity and hate, we must strive for tolerance, love and SANITY. Allowing such vitriole and obvious slander on a popular website can serve no good purpose. Get rid of it!
163320. Sanford Goldberg  
163319. Nancy Schure  
163318. Deborah  
163317. shay  
163316. Joyce PARELLA  
163315. joe silver  
163314. Arik Werner  
163313. Ian Manboy  
163312. B. Fresco Most antisemitic site ever, misusing the keywords: "jew, jews, jewwatch, jew watch, jews and communism, jews in, what jews, which jews, jewish, jewishness, judaism, judaic, semite, semitism, jews and banking, jews and banks, jews in government, history, diversity, Red Revolution, USSR, U.S.S.R., CIS, C.I.S., jews in government, zionist occupied government, holocaust, atrocities, defamation, diversity, civil rights, pluralism, ZOG, Zionism, Israel, terror, ADL, JDL, NAACP, NOW, Christ, bible, Bible, talmud, Marx, Freud, middle east, murder, crime, Trotsky, christians, genocide, NKVD, Russia, New York, mafia, spy, spies, Rosenberg
163311. Lorna g-ds choosen ones!!!!
163310. Robert Berson  
163309. sheila fiedler  
163308. Maurel Jean-Pierre  
163307. Howard Rodin This site is an offence and is an abuse of freedom of speech
163306. Brian T. Schreiber  
163305. Georgina Rosenberg  
163304. Anne Earney  
163303. Ian Shaw  
163302. Maurel Josée  
163301. Rochelle Michaels  
163300. Ellen Goldstein  
163299. Elizabeth Howe  
163298. Eddie Burack I believe in 'Freedom of Expression', but I do not believe that a search engine, so respected as is Google, should allow the the, presenting itself as a 'scholarly work' when it is nothing more than filth and worse than pornography, to be presented in this format.
163297. Dan Avital Unbelievable that a petition be required to push google into excluding such an anti semitic site
163296. Rachel how sad we have to even bother doing this
163295. John Farrow  
163294. ALAN GROSS  
163293. Martin Freedman  
163292. Sue Farrow  
163291. Bettie Goldszer  
163290. susy  
163289. David Kirshner  
163288. Jack Zucker  
163287. Lois Heiman Baker  
163286. Robin Gold  
163285. Brian Ogin  
163284. Anna M. Fedrick  
163283. George Jacobson  
163282. Daniel Damboritz  
163281. Libby Klein  
163280. Garnette Arledge please remove jewwatch from google search
163279. Steven Hahn Shame on Google
163278. Jill Montgomery-Johnson  
163277. hershie schachter  
163276. Patricia Ginsberg  
163275. arthur m stone remove the web site
163274. Dale A Ginsburg  
163273. Lenny Finkelstein  
163272. Beth Finkelstein  
163271. Hanan Goldenthal  
163270. simona  
163269. Nava Levi  
163268. Kathy Stern  
163267. jo ann levy  
163265. Stephanie  
163264. Barbara Eyges The JewWatch website will cause more antisemitism in the world. Please remove them from Google.
163263. Bernice Slosburg  
163262. Mikie Mike  
163261. neomi singer  
163260. Haim Levy garbage
163259. Laurie Dolsky sad
163258. Joan  
163257. Evan Block  
163256. Linda Johnson  
163255. Elaine Hoffman  
163254. BLOCH  
163253. Ellen Block  
163252. Richard Reinkall  
163251. David Schwarz  
163250. Tzvi Kopetz take it out ASAP!!!
163249. Marcia Levin Please remove this Hate Speech
163248. Marolyn Block  
163246. leonard Raizin more hate misinformatiom is not what America needs!
163245. Bernd J. Stop this humanity destroying CANCER
163244. Rich Stetsky Try telling the truth for a change
163243. Hugh Klein  
163242. Rubin Roy Cobb  
163241. eli  
163240. Nelly Pesate  
163239. Charmelle phillips kids today live and breath the internet - this is no example to set for our worlds future leaders
163238. Suzann Tunzi Back to the 40's?! Must eliminate!
163237. Sidura Ludwig  
163236. Michele Walot This promotes hate.
163235. arlene  
163234. Patricia Averbach  
163233. Christine Weill  
163232. Sandy Moret  
163231. sharon isaacs  
163230. Janet Levin if discovered in 2004, why is this still an issue in 2007
163229. Abbe Bertucci DISGUSTING!!!DISGRACEFUL!!!
163228. Leah Metz  
163227. Isabelle I expect much more from Google! Please review all sites that could be offensive to any race, religion, sex, etc and remove them from your site.
163226. Elizabeth This website is disgusting and has no place on your search engine. I'm certain that these are not the type of things you want to promote.
163225. William McAllister ENOUGH!
163224. Erwin Pesses  
163223. tal  
163222. Jenny Lipschitz  
163221. suzanne  
163220. I. Buddy Levine  
163219. MIRIT ELAD  
163218. sandy Ogin  
163217. raquel zeitz  
163216. JG  
163215. Dania This is not acceptable
163214. Marika Kurlandski  
163213. Doreen Benjamin  
163212. Susie  
163211. shari martyn  
163210. Dani Phillips  
163209. Davi Black  
163208. Chana Olmstead Such hatred will destroy all humanity. Frank Weltner must be a very unhappy man. I feel sorry for him. Perhaps he was raised in an improper environment.
163207. George L. Platt  
163206. Marc S Extrememly offensive!
163205. terryegnos  
163204. Samuel Levin  
163203. Joseph Robbins  
163202. Susan Bentley  
163201. Alta Yanofsky  
163200. Michael Harrion  
163199. H Shul  
163198. Allison  
163197. Harold Hoffman  
163196. Michele Long  
163195. marvin s. weber nasty stuff
163194. Merle Steinberg This is not what I believe Google was intended to search for.. please remove this site
163193. Marcy Gall  
163192. Mark Weiss  
163191. Lisa Lippe  
163190. Charles kaye  
163189. Ellen Levine  
163188. Emilija  
163187. Sheryl Kaye  
163186. H.Wohlman  
163185. Darrell Git er done Google!!!
163184. Robert Greenstein  
163183. Juliana Hadad  
163182. Barbara Reiss Newman  
163181. Mrs V. Oates appalling anti-semitic propeganda - you should be ashamed of yourselves - allowing such material on Google
163180. Bonnie Castleman This is an outrage to have this on your search engine.
163179. Catalin Marom Disgusting!
163178. Chana Olmstead Such hatred will destroy all humanity. Frank Weltner must be a very unhappy man. I feel sorry for him. Perhaps he was raised in an improper environment.
163177. June Grant  
163176. eileen and aaron michel  
163175. Mrs V. Oates appalling anti-semitic propeganda - you should be ashamed of yourselves - allowing such material on Google
163174. Lauren Ashley  
163173. V Cedar  
163172. kathy hankin  
163171. Martin Zlotowitz  
163170. Harry Langburt  
163169. Rosenberg  
163168. Joseph A. Clem  
163167. howard moscoe offensive
163166. Mitchell R. Sargen  
163165. Nora Koeppel  
163164. Laura Aiken I feel this link should be removed immediately.
163163. Marci Trachter  
163162. Alex Fooks  
163161. Aya Arlosoroff  
163160. David Alan Green In this era of reduced cultural sensitivity and empathy, it's reprehensible to give such high-profile exposure to a Web site that provokes and promotes such misinformed/uninformed opinions
163159. Armand Bendersky Shame on you for hosting any hatred sites
163158. j frei  
163157. Josh Shapiro  
163156. Rochelle Get this site obliterated
163155. daniel och Read the website. It is not what it is advertised to be.
163154. Peter and Rosalie Steiner This is absolutely discrimmatory, enough is enough!
163153. Len Bergman  
163152. Barbara Vale remove this
163151. Itael Katsch  
163150. Daniel Rubin Not Worthy of Inclusion on Google
163149. Dani chei  
163148. Gavriela Teicher  
163147. Lawrence Lewis  
163145. Gaby Krispin  
163144. Sharon Wajswol  
163143. Barbara and Ron Lewis  
163142. Dalia remove this ugly page!
163141. Annette Migdal  
163140. Gail Horlick  
163139. carol westheimer  
163138. sandy erez  
163137. eli  
163136. Martine Levene  
163135. Barbara Katzen  
163134. Gail Gottlieb Do the right thing, Google
163133. Robert Witchel Take it off!!
163132. raya tabori  
163131. Larry Schochet  
163130. Larry Stevens  
163129. katy  
163128. norman rosen  
163127. Henry Alkin Disgusting! Anti-Semitic sites --Remove!
163126. Myra Post  
163125. barbara zarret  
163124. Kasey Alexander Erickson  
163123. daphna feingold, Israel  
163122. Celeste Nodell  
163121. betsy lehner absurd
163120. Harold Heilbut  
163119. Albert Klomparens  
163118. Arnold Weiss  
163117. Ruth Levkoe  
163116. Donna Kreisler disgusting behaviour
163115. Alan Silverman  
163114. Jean Sumruld Biespiel  
163113. Leslie Schneider DISGUSTING
163112. Michael A. Singer  
163111. cammy bourcier  
163110. liron hadar  
163109. Dr.Robert M. Cohen  
163108. arthiur abramowitz  
163107. Doroni Frucht  
163106. Stephen E. Biespiel free speech does not mean free hatred and lies
163105. stuart and thelma rudy logic and humanity demand this
163104. Edward Eskind  
163103. gold  
163102. russell brandt  
163101. marlene abelon  
163100. chris no
163099. SUE RODSTEIN  
163098. Kim Fein  
163097. Pablo Lapiduz  
163096. Debbie Greenberg  
163095. Laura Stiller SHAME ON YOU!
163094. Kenneth Schwartz  
163093. Tracey Ellman This site is disgusting!
163092. drew bester  
163091. adele shapiro  
163090. Carrie Mendelsohn Cardiff  
163089. Sarah Kendrick  
163088. Limor  
163086. Michael Radell  
163085. Kevin Ferentz, MD This is disgusting! Remove this site!
163084. Daniel Shapiro  
163083. ronen hagin  
163082. Brad Wolfe  
163081. Rebecca Please remove JewWatch from Google!
163080. Rose Landowne Ê
163079. Ross Tonkens  
163078. Ellen Feldman not worthy of Google
163077. B Wolf  
163076. Mindy Rockower  
163075. Robert Young History reveals facts, not opinions
163074. Aviva Zweig  
163073. Gayle Solomon  
163072. Barb Berman Please help stop the hatred trend in the world
163071. Galit Gefen Holtslag  
163070. marten  
163069. dale legum š
163068. Inbal  
163067. Jessica Please Remove this Site
163066. talia  
163065. R.L.Levine  
163064. David Loftis  
163063. barry Silverman  
163062. Anita R. Kraft  
163061. Danny Gershon  
163060. michael gershfeld Please Remove from engine
163059. richard  
163058. belinda muller  
163057. David W. Kraft  
163056. moshe zadik  
163055. Elise Margow  
163054. Y. Kay  
163053. martin griffel  
163052. Michael Castleman  
163051. marion fink remove this disgusting site from your search program
163050. Chaya Klein please remove the word, thank you.
163049. Daniel Kitay take it off! its a disgrace
163048. Evelyn Diskin  
163047. Philemon Paquette, Paquette Consulting this is hate material and illegal- or should be
163046. zav nat  
163045. Aimee Feierstsein Remove jewwatch!
163044. Beth Rivera  
163043. Ted Berman  
163042. Tiberiu Weisz  
163041. Linda Allen  
163040. Perry Pfeffer  
163039. Fernando  
163038. Alejandro  
163037. Shaune Shearer  
163036. David Hirsch This is disgusting
163035. wendy schwartz  
163034. Udi Danon  
163033. Leonard Miller  
163032. Tamar Radwinowitz Please stop cheashing the jews
163031. Batya Jerenberg How Google can allow such a hate-filled site is absolutely beyond me. Don't they want to REDUCE bloodletting in the world?
163030. howard kelman  
163029. Sam Zuk  
163028. Chanah Niedorf Thanks for alerting me to this horror
163027. Etta Lambright  
163026. Jacky Wershbale  
163025. ronrn  
163024. Marc Outmezguine  
163023. Lynne Klempner Disgraceful and upsetting!
163022. B.Kahane  
163021. Mark Wax  
163020. Rita Schwartz  
163019. Barry  
163018. jeffrey letwin  
163017. Alex Zager  
163016. ay just think what will happen if all Jewish people will remove their business from Google?
163015. Cindy Rappaport Remove this website from the google search engine
163014. Sherri López  
163013. debbie Piotrkowski  
163012. Helene Ehrlich-Cohen  
163011. Gordon Ross  
163010. itai kaufman  
163009. sharon  
163008. Rafi  
163007. adam brody  
163006. Rosalyn Adams  
163005. abby Sax must be removed
163004. Jacob Megdell  
163003. Aubrey unacceptable for Google to host this site
163002. Alon segal  
163001. rick broan  
163000. Noa  
162999. bruce gross hateful & prejudicial
162998. Bonnie S. Halpern  
162997. Sol Bleiweis  
162996. Dina Grinstein  
162995. Monica Petterson JewWatch is a disgusting web site- I was shocked to read such rubbish
162994. molly hilsenrath  
162993. Julia Please remove this site
162992. Monica Petterson JewWatch is a disgusting web site- I was shocked to read such rubbish
162991. Michaela Schneier  
162990. mark factor  
162989. HISSARLIAN Danielle it is your duty to take care that such sites are not anymore available
162988. Sarah Reynolds  
162987. Bobi Cooper Silva  
162986. dan hoenig  
162985. Roslyn Levin  
162984. Barry Lynch  
162983. Roberta Kaplan Please remove this vile site -this is disgusting
162982. Rosa Moore I support the view to have removed from Google
162981. rafi  
162980. Amy Schonfeld  
162979. Madeleine there is enough anti semitism in the world
162978. Steve.J. disgusting
162977. Harvey Harrison  
162976. e.laconi  
162975. Azrija Piralic  
162974. Marcia Jaffe  
162973. Sandra Cobrin  
162972. Philip Arad  
162971. Jacob Hoffman Very disgusting. Unbeleivable that you would allow this on your site
162970. Dernis  
162969. Paul Chaben  
162968. Allan Libman  
162967. V.d.V. Fl. Remove JewWatch
162966. eve goldschlag  
162965. Elaine Harnett  
162964. Diana Bloom  
162963. Liz Rafalowsky  
162962. Alberta Shweky "Never Again" REMOVE THIS SICKENING SITE FROM GOOGLE
162961. Dr. Joseph Harnett  
162960. Louise Grunberger Fine, but remove Oscar Goldstein's 112623 comment about Muslims
162959. Irene Meyerowitz Please remove site promptly!
162958. Stacy Gerstenfeld  
162957. Robert Zolt  
162956. Ofier  
162955. e. griswald  
162954. Darryn Lipman  
162953. libi  
162952. Kenneth Sherman  
162951. l gelfand  
162950. Robin Schreier  
162949. phyllis  
162948. sharon I.  
162947. yuli š
162946. Bernard.  
162945. nadia  
162944. Harold Brandt Google has a public responsibility for "hate site" monitoring and moving them to the end of the list or not appear at all.
162943. Gil Savir  
162942. Harriet Zaslow  
162941. steve assin  
162940. richard j colman  
162939. jill glauber  
162938. Gesse  
162937. M Sagal  
162936. doris ladan please remove this site
162935. avi weisbart  
162934. betty katzman  
162933. h brooks  
162932. Lior T  
162931. ray feldman 6000000 reasons to sign this petition
162930. Jason Miller  
162929. Judith Gilbert  
162928. Rhoda Blass  
162927. Jodi Fleishman  
162926. mark  
162925. Mr Ovits I find this site disgusting and offensive
162924. Robert Shearer  
162923. EILEEN DINER  
162922. Saul Strosberg  
162921. sharon silverberg  
162920. roy katz Thanks for considering
162919. Daniel Woolman  
162918. william a. rosenzweig  
162917. efi goldfarb  
162916. Erica  
162915. Daveed Shachar  
162914. Rivka Bar-Ze'v  
162913. kim  
162912. Debbie Rogoff  
162911. Gay Hakin  
162910. charlotte greenstein please stop helping people who do nothing more than hate.
162909. sophie schnaper  
162908. Peter  
162907. Richard Blum  
162906. Yehuda Vago  
162905. Ron Block  
162904. jill schnaper  
162903. Dan Pilderwasser  
162902. p wolfisz not acceptable
162901. michele  
162900. Allan Nadler  
162899. Roy Glas its horibal
162898. Helene Springer  
162897. R. RUBINOFF  
162896. ron kantor  
162895. p. kreisler remove
162894. Carlos Carrion  
162893. Baum Shmaya  
162892. Paul Lang I assume this was an oversight, but it should be corrected immediately.
162891. Rosanne & Herb Dunn  
162890. Maureen Shbero  
162889. Bracha Fischer  
162888. Alan Sklar  
162887. Zelda Shargey Disgusting
162886. Lynne Zeffert Remove this dangerous material
162885. Janet Bazar  
162884. Zevi Maier  
162883. Judi Majewski  
162882. Uri Balas  
162881. william j Deutsch  
162880. yoel  
162879. I.David Blumer  
162878. Felice Salsburg  
162877. patti  
162876. DELCIA TELSON This is a disgraceful and deceitful website, and should be removed immediately.
162875. Guy Shababo  
162874. Jack Frisch The site is not now at the top but close enough to it. Google should follow Yahoo's lead.
162873. Joseph Hochberg Disgusting
162872. Ben Wood  
162871. tamar  
162870. Anne Perschel  
162869. Bruce Rabbino  
162868. Ellen M. Tobias  
162867. Karol Singer  
162866. Kayda Hareli This is negligence allowing such a site to remain on google one minute longer!
162865. Evie Cohen  
162864. Janet Ostroff  
162863. Yuval Gefen  
162862. Debbie Fox  
162861. Gregg Slow  
162860. Yaniv Rubin  
162859. Carmel Baumel  
162858. douglas jaffe offensive site
162857. Bruce Kauffman  
162856. Seymour Arm this should be removed immediately
162855. S.D. Trachter  
162854. Lee Feinberg  
162853. stephen oppenheimer  
162852. Paula Isaacs  
162851. rene lowy  
162850. Lotte Manel  
162849. herbert klein  
162848. GT Goodkin  
162847. Janice Sussebach  
162846. Seymour Weiss  
162845. Heiner Sussebach  
162844. Marcella Mitilineos  
162843. Marcus Stimler  
162842. Beverly Shapiro  
162841. Danny Habel this is extremely dangerous as it directs people to single out prominant individuals purely because it is thought they might be Jewish.
162840. Daniel  
162839. Jayne Weiss remove this site immediately
162838. Colman Cohan  
162837. Sheldon Schoen  
162836. Noam Mankowitz  
162835. SOUMAGNAC Google must not be manipulated!
162834. Elaine Rock This is an outrage. TAke it off!!!!!!!
162833. Chaya Ish-Shalom To include a despicable, vile site such as as a response to "jew" is twisted and highly irresponsible on your part. It certainly significantly lowers your respectability and reliability as a serious research tool.
162832. ofra  
162831. Maurice  
162830. Natalie Marshall  
162829. Allen Cramer antisemitic !!
162828. Jeffrey Bonn  
162827. Neil Peterman  
162826. Rifka Eisenstat  
162825. Ruben Vis Erase these antisemites from the web!
162824. Ilai  
162823. Alon Dean  
162822. einav  
162821. Bar T  
162820. Rev.Brian and Rosemary Bradley  
162819. bernard etra why was thiswebsite installed and its purpose
162818. lori kaplan  
162817. tom noah  
162816. Yakov Why?
162815. Asaf Bloch  
162814. nir malchy  
162813. David Lilienthal  
162812. Susan Smith  
162811. Andrew Oram  
162810. Undisclosed, but still agree BAN that site!
162808. david futerman  
162807. Meir Rotstein  
162806. cosma bello  
162805. Bruce Berg  
162804. Tamar Chernin  
162803. Louis Shaw Please remove this most objectional site
162802. Srulik Haramaty It`s a shame to the world to let those lies to be heared
162801. Harvey Weinfass  
162800. Johanna Arbib  
162799. Harvey Weinfass  
162798. Gary Flinn  
162797. Neal Landsberg  
162796. Boris Brun š
162795. Eric K Scheffler  
162794. Elina Gendler  
162793. Josie Kinchin  
162792. sarit  
162791. David Barr  
162790. charles horowitz  
162789. Eliahu Gal-Or No comment is coarse enough!!!
162788. Bernard Laderman  
162787. laura traill  
162786. vladimir  
162785. Tomer Barkan  
162784. Steven Kaplan  
162783. Shabtai Gilboa  
162782. Arie eisenbach  
162781. Nicholas Pleasance  
162780. peter blair  
162779. Murray Korenfield  
162778. Hamutal  
162777. alfred outrageous content, racist and murderous
162776. Dr. Herman Zeffertt Enough hatred without this
162775. blazarus inappropriate
162774. Yael Erlichman  
162773. daniel hill  
162772. Irena Anne Gossels  
162771. Fraser Lewis  
162770. mark sherman  
162769. Loui Franke  
162768. Ella Horowitz  
162767. ron kriegel  
162766. cyril simon internet should not carry blatantly anti-semitic material
162765. Ed Spevock  
162764. raz nitzan  
162763. Rut Blank  
162762. MARCIANO  
162761. Martin Bogot  
162760. jacob reuven  
162759. laurie  
162758. Severin Rosenkranz  
162757. Hadara Bogot  
162756. M Berman  
162755. Jaime Blank  
162754. Ruth Magid  
162753. s. hass  
162752. igal &Ilana arad  
162751. norman levinson  
162750. Shelli Eisenberg  
162749. rosalind  
162748. Susan Plutzer  
162747. Howard Rubin  
162746. diwan john  
162745. dee hill Please remove this and other offensive websites.
162744. Miryam Blum Removing JewWatch will help prevent senseless hatred
162743. Vallance  
162742. Lionel Gilinsky Google can you not control your search eng or at least censor the details
162741. Tal K.  
162740. Jo Lacy Smith  
162739. David Pelham  
162738. Keren Avi  
162737. yael brener  
162736. simon wood It's deplorable that this kind of thing is still allowed to exist. Have we not progressed enough as a society to educate everyone against this kind of bigotry. As mankind we are all equal and should be treated as such without any racist , religious or homophobic bigotry
162735. William D Mereine  
162734. david shine  
162733. hadas prichen  
162732. david  
162731. Martin Wallace  
162730. Saul Steinberg  
162729. Nicole Jacobson  
162728. Miriam Remove this site immediately! It is an insult to Jewish people fighting for their survival!!
162727. Marilyn Gladstone  
162726. rochelle davis  
162725. Hans Nachmann  
162724. John Cooper  
162723. Clara ARTMANN-KLENER  
162722. Carol kaufman  
162721. dalya gross  
162720. Nir Tuvia Boms  
162719. walter hecht I`m astonished that offensive material like this can get on to the internet in the first place. Are there no editing processes to prevent this?
162718. krief why those people dont show the same pictures of jews being killed by continues rockets sent by Hesbolah
162717. krief why those people dont show the same pictures of jews being killed by continues rockets sent by Hesbolah
162716. tamar carmi  
162715. Linda Bharier  
162714. Nimrod Disgrace
162713. sheldon charach this should be removed immidately
162712. jan been  
162711. Michal Kainan Koren Please Listen to Our Cry
162710. claire morrison  
162709. Marylin Parkin  
162708. kaye  
162707. Michael Goodman  
162706. sarah wilks  
162705. Gil Hakim So many lies in one single site!
162704. Madelyn Holzman  
162703. Aron  
162702. Daniel Silberman  
162701. Greg Lipton Get this man off the web, his writing is disgusting
162700. Phillipa Goldman  
162699. Stephen Goldman  
162698. odeliad davidi  
162697. Dima Weissmann  
162696. Yaron why??
162695. Miriam Carabok  
162694. Alison Mazin  
162693. Udy Yosha  
162692. heather  
162691. Sandra Arnold Doesn't he have anything better to video
162690. Eileen Green  
162689. Sharon Greenberg It is not OK
162688. Robert Greene Please take it down!!!!!!
162687. C. Goldsbie  
162686. Avigdor Sa  
162685. shiran  
162684. judi shoffren ignorance is sad, not again.
162683. Steven Pollock  
162682. Grosman R.  
162681. Langman L.  
162680. vivien spevock  
162679. Raphy Saul  
162678. Israel Safra  
162677. Gabriel Saul  
162676. BLOCH  
162675. raron tupp  
162674. amy ehrenkranz  
162673. Eileen Goldstein  
162672. avrom k not appropriate
162671. Jezza  
162670. Jerrold Bennett  
162669. stuart waters  
162668. AW  
162667. Ingrid Vass please remove the JewWatch from the Google Search Engine.
162666. Stephen Priestley  
162665. R.J. Phillips  
162664. prakash mackay  
162663. Alberto Halfon  
162662. GreenScorpion  
162661. Meril Phillips  
162660. Malcolm I. Cedar  
162659. Itzhak Cahani  
162658. MIKE PER  
162657. niv good work
162656. Alan Aaronson  
162655. Shmuel NAGAR A shame !
162654. aloni perry esti  
162653. sagit  
162652. Rivka Mamet  
162651. Harold Solomons Shameful
162650. sara  
162649. FARHI  
162648. Duncan Bell  
162647. Carolyn Bell  
162646. Kreina Staal  
162645. George B. Fineberg  
162644. Robert Peck  
162643. morton seelenfreund  
162642. Marina  
162641. Paul Ian Morrison  
162640. Daniel  
162639. Arthur Steinkritz  
162638. Ronen  
162637. Allan Levenstein disgusting - google should be ashamed of themselves
162636. Ilana Shemesh  
162635. David Dombey  
162634. Bergs Remove it!
162633. howard  
162632. Amanda  
162631. shalom nissim  
162630. John Iliffe Remove this offensive material
162629. valerie nissim disgusting that in this day and age, after all that has happened, such a site should exist.
162628. C Landes  
162627. Alex Batkis  
162626. Brenig  
162625. Ruth Samet  
162624. Roni  
162623. nurit weinberg  
162622. Norton Giffis  
162621. George Fainerman At least remove it from primary pages of the search engine
162620. Fred Ash  
162619. uri dinur  
162617. lila harnett  
162616. Daniel  
162615. Dion  
162614. avishalv  
162613. David Roberto Nisenbaum  
162612. Yonni  
162611. Asaf Kainan Even the facts they got wrong...
162610. Michael Phillips  
162609. Adina Buchs  
162608. Paul Lewis This is atrocious anti-Semitism and needs to be removed, now!
162607. thomas  
162606. Sam  
162605. Thalia  
162604. scemama  
162603. henni  
162602. liron mark  
162601. Marcus Waters Absolutely disgusting, i believe in freedom of speech but to disperse such absurd notions across the internet, to a mass audience, simply encourages anti-semitism and is totally unacceptable.
162600. rachel Chen  
162599. S Wilson  
162598. Maryna Gurevich  
162597. Guy Waterman  
162596. william comet this site is run by an anti-semitic animal who criticises jews by criticising zionists. he uses smoke and mirrors to conceal the fact that he is rabidly antisemitic. the site must be shut down and he needs to be punished by lawful means.
162595. Nicholas Rubins  
162594. vita pliskow  
162593. Mike Waters  
162592. noam ohana  
162591. yvette gyori  
162590. Alan Graubard  
162589. sarah shear  
162588. Alex  
162587. Lito Ben  
162586. Stanley coira  
162585. Raul Kivatinetz  
162584. Stacy Marks pls remove this hate filled untruthful anti-semitic site that tries to pose as scholarly
162583. Michael Moore  
162582. Juan Luis Gonzalez  
162581. Oref  
162580. Herbert Roth  
162579. Ofer Kalifon This site is despicable
162578. Mordchay Reuveni  
162577. MA Gillman  
162576. GARCINI Amanda  
162575. Lynn Goodman  
162574. william e. bishop utterly disguting! How could you at google betray your public's trust by helping to publicize such ......?
162573. ohayon deborah  
162572. Yifat  
162571. iten-gilden, dorrie this site shouts fire in a far too crowded theater
162570. Dalia Kleiman  
162569. Jason Ezekiel  
162568. Shlomi  
162567. Louise Minnaert  
162566. Jacques Minnaert  
162565. Jack Shiffman  
162564. Xavier Minnaert  
162563. Ravid Ehud  
162562. DROR COHEN  
162561. Arnold Kransdorff outrageous
162560. Jennifer Gordon  
162559. chaim this the biggest threats the excistent of google creates
162558. Autumn Leaf please make the world a better place; don't allow isms on you site!
162557. ADAM ILICKI  
162556. Lynette Costin The originator of this site belongs to a white supremacist group. The site does nothing to promote peaceful & harmonious relations between peoples. In fact it deliberately targets one group simply because they are Jewish. Please get rid if it.
162555. Noga KAINAN  
162554. Dave Harris Google should have an in-house screening system for hate sites, which would automatically reject sites such as this before they can be viewed publicly.
162553. Adam  
162552. Yetta Heynick  
162551. lois Cohen  
162549. Sonia Davidoff  
162548. Robin Wood  
162547. margaret wood  
162546. SAIDE Gerard I will remove Google from my computer
162545. Caroline Blecherman It is shameful that Google sends searchers of "Jew" to an antisemitic website.
162544. Jbaron  
162543. Michael Cohen  
162542. Tamara Lipton  
162541. peter zipkis  
162540. Yeheskel Messenberg  
162539. Helene Karafin  
162538. Morris L. Silver Alleged facts presented by the site are grossly distorted and slanted against Jews
162537. Chaim Sternthal  
162536. Micol Giorgia Gentilli  
162535. Yael Gentilli  
162534. Marvin Koch Surely Google can find someting better to present than this kind of hatred!
162533. Michael Chen  
162532. Sharon Gentilli  
162531. garcini  
162530. Veronique Palatresi  
162529. Nati  
162528. Giorgio Gentilli  
162527. Shiran M  
162526. Giorgio Gentilli  
162525. graham katz  
162524. Moshe Govrin  
162523. Dr Brian Gordon UNbelievably racist, htis cannot be seriously considered academic
162522. Marcie Kaufman  
162521. janice talpert  
162520. Elaine Gershenson  
162519. John aison  
162518. marilyn taubman  
162517. Sol Schneider When hatred is on your site and is spread on Google, GOOGLE is responsible. Remove it. I for one will not use your search engine till Jew Watch is removed.
162516. Suzanne Goldin This site is a disgrace.
162515. carolyn Crotty Horrible site....please remove.....
162514. alicia sternik  
162513. leonardo Mizrahi  
162512. vered nets  
162511. Barbara Algaze This is JUST TERRIBLE. Please change it.
162510. yair  
162508. Giora Dean  
162507. Debbie Usiskin  
162506. Sara Rogoway I believe in freedom of speech, but this site promotes hate and tells total lies
162505. Isaac and Candice Lagnado  
162504. A. Weinberg  
162503. MIKE KOLSKY  
162502. L. R. Tanner  
162501. Arthur Schneiderman  
162500. Hoehfeld, Barbara  
162499. Michael Silva  
162498. mark  
162497. dee fox  
162496. nadav chen  
162495. simone ribke you guys at google are awesome, thank you for all your hard work on these issues.
162494. Graf  
162493. jesse gersl  
162492. Judith Levy  
162491. Candy Schwartz  
162490. Myron Berliner  
162489. Ted Gerstl  
162488. Lek Hadar Disgrace - why not put up about the MUSLIMS who causeproblems where they are in this world?
162487. MARQUES Issy Jaime  
162486. azincot l. it s a scandale shame on this site
162485. azincot l. it s a scandale shame on this site
162484. reuven wieder  
162483. sheshinski Eytan  
162482. Monica Tomer  
162481. Yael  
162480. Lavy Remove this idiotic site
162479. Richard Wake-Walker  
162478. John Pell  
162477. Yossi  
162476. Andrea Blinn remove this sickening hate sight
162475. S. Lindenauer Remove immediately
162474. noam  
162473. Dr.Ariel Portiansky  
162472. judith garber  
162471. Bernyd Rosenberg  
162470. Graciela Tabachnik  
162469. David Dayagi  
162468. Joan Levin  
162467. Ramona Gandelman  
162466. abbi  
162465. Mel Frieze  
162464. Deborah Portiansky disgusting that this things exists
162463. shaike snir  
162462. Adrienne Malka this is deplorable. Google! Pay attention!
162461. ALEX SANDOR  
162460. gideon kalimian  
162459. HELEN MARCUS i would be ashamed jew or gentile to have this on google
162458. Michelle Silver  
162457. Carrie Kopp  
162456. Rebecca Sadwick I'm all for free speech, as long as it doesn't interfer with other people's rights to feeling secure and having freedom of religion.
162455. benny its a shame that this site is still on air
162454. Charlie Brown  
162453. Janet Baumgold-Land  
162452. Elliot Cohen despicable, hatemongering site
162451. miguel  
162450. Brian Bergner  
162449. Bernie Ludmir  
162448. Scott Gordon  
162447. Stacey This is sick... this should not be promoted by a world wide company such as google... talk about "bad publicity"
162446. Ron K.  
162445. Michael Zuckman  
162444. geny  
162443. Sonia Roman  
162442. Tamar Tennenbaum  
162441. Amram Rubin hate-mongering
162440. David Kopp Please remove Jew Watch
162439. Colin Frank  
162438. Jozef Mogendorff  
162437. Shoshana Rubin anit-semitic, hate-mongering
162436. Dan Taguchi  
162435. Bill Robertson  
162434. Guy Kark Remove
162433. Sandy and Barry Blustein this site promotes hate and potential danger for Jews. Any site promoting hate should be banned from google. Will you be responsible for connecting the next nutcase who finds this site and decides to kill Jews as the guy in Seattle at the Federation? We will change our primary search engine, which is Google if this is not changed
162432. monica gold  
162431. Lorey Baldwin This is really ridiculous and thoughtless! I hope you consider this request seriously.
162430. Jennifer Lesser this takes freedom of speech to a whole new level
162429. Leonie Ben-Simon  
162428. Judy Glickman Zevin  
162427. T. Marc Korn infamatory and is beneath Google's standards
162426. suzan retzkin  
162425. Ben Gabriel Take him DOWN !!!
162423. brenda winter  
162422. Leon Intrater  
162421. mimi niederkorn  
162420. Pam Schneider  
162419. N.David Heller  
162418. David Honigstock This is offensive and needs to be removed
162417. Eileen Anes It is important that all anti-semetic organizations have limited access tp spread their propoganda
162416. Edna Neuberger  
162415. Michael Eisenscher  
162414. Chaya Zingerevich  
162413. zimra  
162412. Deborah Messenberg  
162411. Frankie Stein Please end this antisemetic horrorf!!!
162410. Patricia Nugent  
162409. David Lischinsky  
162408. james Harris This trash does not belong in Google
162407. Marilyn Travis Remove from Google
162406. Scott Arditi  
162405. Guy The site is a blurring truth and predominately soaked with hatred under disinformation .
162404. Jordan B. Holtz  
162403. Sharon Herman let's live in love and peace in the name of G-d
162402. Sharon James The man is a poorly disguised Nazi
162401. Sidney J. Collins  
162400. getzy stavchansky  
162399. Michael Slade  
162398. Buba Shultz  
162397. clare Hynes Non Jew, non practising Christian
162396. H. Barbara Cutler  
162395. Nechemya Wilhelm  
162394. Linda  
162393. Ally Walter  
162392. Asha Zomer  
162391. Veronika Kardosh  
162390. Shlomo Kotev Emet  
162389. Dr. Mike Lindner This is reprehensible
162388. Samuel Winn  
162387. lior tamam i am using google frequently and hoping u will put that site further down the searches
162386. j fryer  
162385. kate harris  
162384. amit levi it's importent
162383. Gertrude Furman shut it down
162382. Robin Lieberman  
162381. helen I hate this kind of stuff, it breeds hate
162380. Sandra Mack  
162379. J Sanders I use Google a lot and am horrified that there is no sensorship with this site
162378. Siana B Goodwin  
162377. Robin Pollack  
162376. Michelle mckenzie  
162375. Judy Kava  
162374. shaul akstein  
162373. Grant Saunders this sucks
162372. P Konigsberg  
162371. Marilyn B. Wolf  
162370. Karoooon Blum  
162369. anasoschin  
162368. George D Baral Please do not promote anti-Semitism
162367. Barie Forbes  
162366. Andrea Purcell  
162365. Helene Noble Why do you display such garbage?
162364. Rhina Griffelr We must end this kind of negative and stereotypic information being disseminated.
162363. scott l busch  
162362. David Goldman  
162361. Letty Jo Randell This site begs for people to be anti-semetic
162360. richard s. feldman  
162359. Gretta Rusanow  
162358. Nancy Paul this link is discrimination in its worst sense and dangerous abuse of misinformation that furthers hatred and violence
162357. artross not what I would expect from Google
162356. Scott  
162355. arnold silverberg Do people actually believe this garbage?
162354. Claudio Osengar  
162353. Kevin J Shiver  
162352. Eve Novak What is your position in keeping such a site at the top of the list? If you have a good reason, please share it with us.
162351. Camille Levy Ovitsyky gOOGLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF
162350. jake  
162348. Carole Slucki  
162347. gil nehushtai  
162346. Sharon Sternfeld  
162345. Vadim Frenkel  
162343. Laurie Weichman We need more love in this world. Please remove this site that advocates hate.
162342. Michael Greathouse disgusting
162341. Harriet Achtman  
162340. ilay  
162339. s.l. wolchock  
162338. Ruth Kark  
162337. June Levine  
162336. moises This page insults all the thinking world
162335. Rachel Blumenfeld  
162334. Michelle-Shayne Matin The Freedom of Speech - and The Charter are so stretched thin in a world where hate can be a click away. Why perpetuate Hate?
162333. mark nelson  
162332. Nurit  
162331. amanda kramer  
162330. Laren Bright  
162329. Avi Yagel  
162328. sandra and harold pesmen  
162327. Candice Zwick Hatred comes from ignorance, as well as personifies it
162326. Tom Palny  
162325. Nancy Kandal  
162324. carolyn  
162323. vered nagati  
162322. Rene deLeeuw Please stop jewwatch, if not now...when?
162321. SLATER  
162320. Leah Bowen I understand why people are upset over this.
162317. J. Ginsberg  
162316. alan  
162315. John J. Rinde, MD  
162314. Marjorie Rolnick  
162313. Linda Silver  
162311. eileen rogers what the world needs now is love not hate.
162310. Muriel Levinson Please remove form Google Search Engine
162309. Debbie Hertz I am disgusted that Google has so far refused to remove JewWatch from its search engine results. Yahoo no longer includes this offensive, hateful site. Google should follow that lead and refuse to partner in any way with this hate site or any other like it.
162308. Richard Menczer disgusting
162306. Ilana  
162305. Stuart Goss I cannot think of another public company who would ever allow such blatant racist garbage to be associated with its products or services?
162304. Michael Krebs There are always those who need to place blame on others for their shortcomings
162303. shira forsyth absolutely disgusting that this exists
162302. Milka Gazit  
162301. Julieta de Maduro  
162300. andrew fogelson  
162299. Bonnie Golden  
162298. Terri-Mae Wolodarsky  
162297. Allen B. Conwell Please, please remove it.
162296. Miki and Todd Gilliland We are Catholics who do not like bigotry.
162295. Dina Wohl  
162294. Ronny Shtarkshall Hateful and despicable
162293. Laura F. Strauss  
162292. Caroline Green So sad in this day and age that we have to deal with anti-semitism in such huge proportions.
162291. Jack Hamilton I'm not jewish but I found this site to be offensive.
162290. edna levy  
162289. Dina Wohl  
162288. Yuri Voroshilovsky  
162287. A. Carl Schmulen, M.D. This site is absolute anti-semitism and needs to be removed.
162286. Lilliane Moses  
162285. Cyril Cole This site should not be allowed
162284. israel zingerevich  
162283. Susan  
162282. ZVI KATZ  
162281. Barry Saltsberg  
162280. shiran coluni  
162279. daniel botnick  
162278. fran alpert  
162277. Anya Genkina please remove it, we don't need more hate in this world
162276. Jacob Gordon  
162275. Basha Botnick remove JewWatch from your search engine
162274. Lindsey Morris  
162273. Linda Kedem  
162272. t.kirsh  
162271. claire tannenbaum  
162270. Karen Anspach  
162269. Jerold Drucker There's enough hatred in the world already.
162268. Gloria Jacobs  
162267. Noah Flower  
162266. Jon Wright  
162264. Esther Robbins, M.D.  
162263. joel landau  
162262. Aubrey Shefts  
162261. david gleaner  
162260. lela kay offensive and inappropriate
162259. Melvyn D. Abels  
162258. Abrael I. Fox A very distorted point of view. Not worth anything.
162257. Phyllis S Reuss M.D. This is the responsible thing for Google to do
162256. zippy  
162255. Jason Tuvia  
162254. marion flescher  
162253. EDWARD KARON is definitely BIGOTED, and ANTI-JEWISH
162252. Cindy Freedland  
162251. Marjorie Lehrer  
162250. Trilling  
162249. Sarah jarny  
162248. micha  
162247. Donna Binder  
162246. Carolyn Wallach  
162245. michael schulman  
162244. Missa  
162243. Martin J. Ritt  
162242. Mildred Birch Horrible to allow anything like this
162241. beverly benedikt  
162240. Joan and Bernard Levit This site is dispicable, please remove it.
162239. robert benedikt  
162238. David Gold Disgusting
162237. Vicki Moscoe  
162236. Jon Tepper  
162235. amy duncan  
162234. Shalom Morris  
162233. arlene shuster  
162232. arlene shuster  
162231. Marcy Horenstein  
162230. Harry Cousens  
162229. Janet Hill  
162228. Adi  
162227. Cathy Goldfarb  
162226. john rubel please remove jewwatch and other antisemitic sites
162225. Ruth Kapp  
162224. K Kirsch It's a HATE site...please remove!
162223. Harry Goldfine  
162222. Jill  
162221. Jeff Silverman this site is disgusting; it rates right up there with child pornography. please remove it from your search engine.
162220. Deborah Asseraf outrageous!
162219. M. Friedman  
162218. Lila Schein  
162217. Doris Childs shame on you!
162216. Greta DeBofsky REMOVE JEW WATCH!!!!!
162215. Martin Steele  
162214. David Levitin  
162213. Joel Seligson Enough hate in the world - please don't contribute to that!
162212. Bern Grush  
162211. Carol Steiner  
162210. marjorie cahn  
162209. Lana Eisenberg  
162208. Talia Toni Marcus this site is inflamatory and false in its allegations..
162207. Gedalia Snow Rowe I am appalled that the founders of Google would allow such a site on their software.
162206. ryna menlo  
162205. David LIPPA  
162204. Gabriel Sharir  
162203. Miriam Kramer Please don't support anti-semitism!!
162202. Susan Pankowsky As a librarian, a Jew, and a human being, I object!!
162201. Justin Davis  
162200. Keyvan Oskooi  
162199. Miriam Kramer Please don't support anti-semitism!!
162198. Ally  
162197. Alan Pasetsky  
162196. Andrea Mendler  
162195. Abraham Shelcoviz  
162194. ALAN DIAMOND  
162193. Dena Perlmutar  
162192. Isaac Revah  
162191. SL Roberts Hatred-mongers of any kind should be disallowed!
162190. lisa jenkins  
162189. Georgia Malone  
162188. H.Azizzi remove that garbage
162187. martin barrett  
162186. Martin Gevertz  
162185. Hank Marcuse  
162184. Miffie Nagorsky  
162183. marina rickun This site is shameful..Google should be a shamed.. I will NOT use the search engine or any other services related to google, unless this site is removed and Frank Weltner is fined. He is a sad excuse for a human being..
162182. Marion wiener This is obnoxious and encourages hate.
162181. David Eisenstein remove this chilling anachronism from you r search engine
162180. Sidney Helfant  
162179. Leo Paige  
162178. Ben Hurtig disgraceful
162177. Janet Silverman  
162176. BRIAN  
162175. BRIAN  
162174. William Finkelstein  
162173. Evelyn Koch  
162172. Midge Reisman No group as whole should be negatively targeted, especially Jews who have proven to do far more good than those that hate them.
162171. Sarah Lemmerman  
162170. jodi maher  
162169. Mirit Kagan  
162168. Joel Leavitt remove it and prosecute!
162167. Dalia Margalit-Faircloth  
162166. Chelsea  
162165. Deborah Clements Gessner We don't need any more hatred in our world.
162164. Luciana Braga Horne  
162163. moises simpser  
162162. pinib  
162161. Joseph A. Dos Santos  
162160. MICHELE ISAM  
162159. Celia Vogel  
162158. Bob Ruggill  
162157. Evanne Schneider  
162156. Rena Krongold It's amoral to allow this hate filled site on Google!
162155. melissa d. disgraceful
162154. L. Patton Chiles Put the site where it belongs - under Anti-semitism. I believe in free speech - I do not believe in hate. This man is clearly anti Jewish - let him think and write what he wants but put his work in the category where it best fits.
162153. Adina Nijemcevic  
162152. Beth Leichman  
162151. Lisa  
162150. Dr.s. Rosenberg  
162149. sol lizerbram  
162148. anat  
162147. D. Ron Wolsten  
162146. Elizabeth Lowenthal  
162144. uzi  
162143. hanan rokshin  
162142. Len Greenfield  
162141. miriam  
162140. Susan Jacobson  
162139. Zion Zvi being from the middle east, I am ashamed that google could even allow this on their search engine
162138. Chaya Schwartz  
162137. Baruch Cohen  
162136. Loyce G. Rubin  
162135. Bunny Schreiber  
162134. Francee Altman  
162133. Julian Brachfeld No room for intolerance and racism
162132. Bertram Snyder  
162131. P.Sydney Herbert  
162130. Dan Pankowsky We should not have to petition to stop racism.
162129. Janice Arnstein  
162128. Marilyn Zvi remove immediately
162127. Jane Slater  
162126. Dale Berman Terrible
162125. jerome h. katsell  
162124. Tashia Berman How awful as a Jew to see such a thing sponsored by google Please remove this site immediately
162123. Haim Remove JewWatch
162122. Gloria Scheiner  
162121. Nathaniel Berman How can you support such filth
162120. jill  
162119. Baila Vita  
162118. Mike Solomons Shame on you Google!
162117. Michelle Glitman  
162116. Penina Fox  
162115. Gayle Kahn Friedman  
162114. Richard Tash  
162113. Arlene Solomon  
162112. Hazel Kurlander At least make this site lower on the list!
162111. Isaac bentolila Es una verguenza
162110. Susan Pencall  
162109. amanda  
162108. Carolyn L. Solomon  
162107. doug W  
162105. Gilat Shani Please stop anti semitism.. too many died already due to hatered.
162104. Rzimmerman  
162103. Brett Weiss  
162102. lisa hoffman terrible
162101. Cindy Gardner  
162100. Edward Kirsh what a disgrace
162099. karen b feit  
162098. Victoria Luftman  
162097. Joann Kawell  
162096. Lowell Keer When will all this end?
162095. Amy  
162094. Ken Rowe The site is intellectually and morally retarded
162093. Rivka Ester Rothstein  
162092. Rene David Alkalay an insult to our sensibilities.
162091. Jay M. Gerber  
162090. Ken Rowe The site is intellectually and morally retarded
162089. Arleen Poston  
162088. Michael Kaplan  
162087. Tila Carrol  
162086. Jeff Murphy  
162085. colin  
162084. Nanci Cone Jesus was a Jew - he never became a Catholic - he died a Jew and yet millions of anti-Semites pray to him. Please explain that one to me. If he were alive, he would never convert and wouldn't understand why so many people who are such good "Christians" treated his people the way they do.
162083. Carole LaFramboise Please remove Jewwatch
162082. Katie Murphy  
162081. Bob Borisoff  
162080. Nell S. Hester  
162079. eytan  
162078. David Reich What a disgusting and hateful site. They shouldn't be allowed to spread their lies and filth.
162077. lynne m  
162076. david remove this fascist site immediately!
162075. hank cogan Perhaps we need to send Goggle top management to the death camps in Europe
162074. Robert Stocks  
162073. Lourdes Reich Please remove this hateful site from your search.
162072. Sara Myers  
162071. tom kivo tasteless
162070. Saul Balagura This has nothing to do with freedom of speech
162069. Roger Fox  
162068. J. Flaxman  
162067. Gadi Elon  
162066. Yigal just take it Off
162065. Alex Gurman  
162064. Rissa Meyer  
162063. Cindy Albert  
162062. Yaron Hanoka CHOP'M DOWN NOW!!!!
162061. Sharon Monty  
162060. Elena Biggs I am not Jewish - I AM human.
162059. Roni L Feierstein  
162058. catherine haghighat very disturbing
162057. Iris Goldfein  
162056. Anne Rothman  
162055. Farrel Starker  
162054. Sheldon Rosenberg  
162053. Lucy Levitan don't support antisemitism
162052. Renee Gold This needs no comment. The action speaks for itself.
162051. ARTHUR kEITH  
162050. Jeff  
162049. alfred levine  
162048. Soheil Soleimani  
162047. bernardo  
162046. Katia Pollak-Hessel  
162045. saragosti tobie shame to google for hosting hate promoting sites...
162044. barry wald  
162043. naomi moscoe deeply disturbing
162042. lynda rosenson  
162041. Susanna M. McNeil  
162040. Karen Worchell Please remove from Google Search Engine
162039. Paula Berkowitz  
162038. John Baumgold don't support antisemitism
162037. Marvin Sternberg  
162036. mike  
162035. rebcca feldman  
162034. Julia Golding remove this site from Google search engine
162033. Alana Adams disgusting
162032. Ana Leider  
162031. H. Feldman I expect better from Google
162030. Larry Hecker Thanks
162029. Aaron Plotkin  
162028. Leonel G Gutierrez Google - you guys are much smarter than this!
162027. Mirta Edelman  
162026. Effy This is a sick site. I thought Google had some morals. apparently I was wrong.
162025. Mickey Smith  
162024. bellinda  
162023. Laura Krule  
162022. joel wolfson  
162021. mario pomerantz  
162020. Alberto Malbergier  
162019. Ed Wolf  
162018. Bruce Fuchs  
162017. Joe Levy Wow I am not surprised that JewWatch has found a way to weasel its way onto google. Don't they know google is run by Jews. Silly racists you guys never learn that you can't trump a JEW. We are not only smarter than you racists , but way better looking too. Sorry for your luck racists
162016. Jonathan Richler  
162015. Susan Sheehan  
162014. anita aharonoff  
162013. jeffrey Sherman please remove this offensive, racist site
162012. Molly Smith if site is retained please at least not have it the first selection.
162011. Joan Ury  
162010. Orna Wolfe this is a disgusting link/site... please remove it. We as a human race have come too far to allow this to remain.
162009. Kaufman Eli pleae remove this offensive material
162008. Sheila Radell Disgraceful!!
162007. ted bodenheimer  
162006. Sandi Karchmer Solow  
162005. Eli Kaufman  
162004. Joan Director  
162003. gail wiesenfeld  
162002. Shari  
162001. Hannah What a nutcase. A nutcase in sheep's clothing.
162000. Roslyn Dubinsky  
161999. Merle Kravitz  
161998. Larry Fleisher  
161997. leonard m. roth  
161996. Kimberly Vaughn  
161995. charles and sheryl kaye  
161994. Alex Bruner  
161993. yolande very offensive
161992. Gabriel Amzallag  
161991. Jill Stuart  
161990. Martin Kravitz  
161988. L. Becker Although I believe in free speech, this goes beyond what good people should have to put up with.
161987. Maida Berman unbelieveable; remove the site
161986. Brian Kagan Do the right thing and figure out what happened so it does not happen again
161985. Pearl Feldman  
161984. ilissa ring Google, you are known to be the worlds' number one search engine. How can you afford to be so ignorant and insensitive to the Jewish population? You should be ashamed of yourselves for having this site and for needing a petition to remove it.
161983. albert taus  
161982. mark 3478  
161981. william harper  
161980. rosenhek  
161979. Esther Koslow  
161978. joyce braziller  
161977. lori  
161976. Paul E. Henfield This truly represents the ugly side of the Internet.
161975. Allan Mendelowitz This is a hate site, not a history site. It does not deserve to be a link on a legitimate search engine.
161974. NANCY HANDWERGER JewWatch is filled with lies, prejudice and distortions. It does not deserve any audience at all.
161973. john kreinces  
161972. Allan Mendelowitz This is a hate site, not a history site. It does not deserve to be a link on a legitimate search engine.
161971. Carole Levy  
161970. Sara Friedman there is enough hate in this world without having to read about it at Google
161969. Adam Kahan This is sickening
161968. robin goldberg  
161967. Debra Miller  
161966. Allan Mendelowitz This is a hate site, not a history site. It does not deserve to be a link on a legitimate search engine.
161965. eileen rodgers  
161964. Steven  
161963. annette zable  
161962. shirley alony  
161961. Maya Lahav  
161960. Fern Kossak  
161959. Daphna Avizov  
161958. Helen  
161957. Jack Shano  
161956. Peggy Storer  
161955. ora steinberg  
161954. Elliot Kaplan  
161953. annie please remove this site
161952. Leonard Vis  
161951. Peter Hersh  
161950. sylvia bienstock  
161949. arthur gelman this site is unblievable
161948. Matthew Bloom I will not use google until this site is removed from google
161947. iemiller  
161946. Susan Balk stop this hatemongering
161945. Laurence Snider  
161944. Arnold Factor  
161943. monica berstein  
161942. Sy Levine  
161941. Sheila Singer  
161940. sandra faskha  
161939. Alissa Strouse  
161938. Beatrice Fox  
161937. EUGENE MYERS  
161935. Mitchell Rabuchin Another nut loose in the world
161934. Carlos Duno  
161933. Matt Leibowitz Please remove the site for the benefit of the gloabl internet community
161932. floyd warren  
161931. Linda Weissman  
161930. Cliff Stein  
161929. jennifer loeb I believe in freedom of speech.. this site just shouldn't be in the first ten sites found under "jew"
161928. Regina Teitelbaum  
161927. judy marcus this site is shameful
161926. J. R. Gordon An insult to humanity.
161925. Gail Rubinsky  
161924. Dawn Levine  
161923. Tamar Kuperstein  
161922. Marty Sonnenblick  
161921. Bradley Radwaner MD  
161920. julie Buch  
161919. Sue Waller Yes, you can draw the line at hate websites!
161915. jay kaplan  
161914. Mary Forwood  
161913. Barbara Pelman  
161912. David Hoffnung It might be luck of the draw, but that doesn't mean Google can't consciously revise things. Racism shouldn't be at the top of any of Google's lists.
161911. earl dorfman despicable
161910. Sharon Deligdish this is totally unacceptable for google
161909. Sasha Sedan  
161908. Gloria Schonberger  
161907. Sasha Sedan  
161906. Sharlet Berman  
161905. walter forwood  
161904. Bess Cirel Never Again to you anti-semites
161902. Zipora Kestenberg Another "abomination" what do all the Jewish people working for Google have to say? THEY need to sign the petition too!
161901. PS Gordon And Google supposedly represents intelligence? What happened? This site is not only disgusting--it's a total lie.
161900. Max Rutman  
161899. Samuel Frank Goldenberg There is no room in this world for discrimination, and google should not encourage this
161898. Debby Eastman Yes, you can draw the line at hate websites!
161897. Tony Jacoby Please block this disgusting and offensive site from Google immediately
161896. Helene Greenberg Wyman  
161895. lee pomeroy  
161894. irving luchans site is disgusting
161893. George Leavitt  
161892. Gar Leinkram  
161891. elan levy that's what happens when you marry your sister
161890. E. Bodner  
161888. alan kruger remove
161887. Alana Korsunsky  
161886. Laurie Levin Please help put a stop to hatred.
161885. Joseph Cirel The world needs JEWS to servive
161884. m.alexander the site sickens me
161883. Selma Moss I'm sure this isn't the only antisemetic item on Google but Google has a duty to the public to keep racism off its search engine!
161882. David B. Morley  
161881. B. Kutzin  
161880. Julie  
161879. Martin Falk  
161878. Alberto Rosenberg disgusting
161877. Ricardo Hecker  
161876. Chrissy Levy  
161875. steven targum  
161874. Shelly Sinukoff  
161872. Samantha Mar  
161871. shelley paradis  
161870. Ani Kirschner it's unbelieveable that you would endorse such hatred
161869. Tiffany Lesko  
161868. Ingrid Sanders  
161867. sharon sokalsky  
161866. Sheldon Friedland  
161865. E Greshes  
161864. Janice Rothman  
161863. barbara berg this is unacceptable. remove this site immediately.
161862. Stephen Gershwind  
161861. Allen C Lastman  
161860. T. Keyfitz  
161859. Harry Jaroslaw  
161858. Harry J. Velleman Its not NORMAL
161857. Sheila London  
161856. Anne Greenstein  
161855. Marilyn Snider  
161854. amy kushner this site is an embarrassment to google
161853. Rachel Schnur I understand that the website is first in the search due to an algorithm, but this is a seriously offensive and dangerous problem that must be rectified.
161852. Jennifer Gros This site is horrendous!!! I cannot believe Google is allowing this to the search result
161851. Martin Hochstein antisemitic and disgusting
161850. Mary De Monte Google is doing itself a disservice by not removing the derogatory references
161849. Renee  
161848. Keith Barth  
161847. Mordecai Dicker  
161846. Marc Dollinger End the racist websites
161845. David Meyerson  
161844. Susan Sacks  
161843. Bill Roues get this crap off the internet
161842. yr  
161841. Gordon Gruen As the son of two holocaust survivors, I am totally offended by this site.
161840. Harold Kane You lack scruples (Google scruples)
161839. helen whitney not nice, not necessary, doesn't help world peace
161838. jean kaback  
161837. gerald gottlieb  
161835. Dr. Bernard M. Kovacs OD  
161834. Donna  
161833. Esther Buchbinder  
161832. lilly fenig  
161831. nicole milner  
161830. Max Avalon In this day and age must not be allowed
161829. Ed Greenspan Disgusting that this anti-Semite practices his hatred under the guise of scholarly intent.
161828. Mimi Cohen  
161827. Dr. Michael Kesselman  
161826. susan plaut  
161825. S. May  
161824. Susan Strouse  
161823. Marc Moshman  
161822. Lewis Holzman Such insane hate platforms do not deserved to be promoted. I am very disappointed that Google would place itself in such a disgraceful position.
161821. judy rosen  
161820. Juli Rousseau  
161819. Natalie Vantman  
161818. Michael Shame on Google
161817. I. Clauss Disgusting. REMOVE this site, Google!
161816. Pasha Mehrazar i'm a jew and i take this very offending
161815. Corinne Fuchs  
161814. Carrie B  
161813. amy arnold  
161812. e weintraub  
161811. Frances M. Gilmour This is offensive, disturbing and unnecessary
161810. Ester Kagan  
161809. Mira Wiener Collectively and individually Jews give more to make the world a better place for all.
161808. donna kaplan  
161807. HAROLD LAMBETH your jewwatch link stops me from nanavigating with googles..please remove this antisemitic link from your seach engine..
161806. Dr. Judith Shamian  
161805. Edgar Stern  
161804. jerome kaplan  
161803. Dave this is outrageous that your spiders would allow for this to have such high ranking
161802. Brenda Safer  
161801. Karen Leon  
161800. Gene Lubow  
161799. david lichtenthal  
161798. Felicia Schwartz  
161797. Heather Jewell  
161796. shirley  
161795. Cheryl Reinhart  
161794. David Neiman  
161793. Elliott Steinberg This fallacy is a stain on the internet. I hope you'll be the first to ban it.
161792. Arlene Hochwarter This NAME is offensive even to non Jews also!!!
161791. A. Weber Do you accept * Watch for other religions?
161790. Joanne Epstein Shame on Google if you don't remove this terrible site
161789. Michael Szirt  
161788. victor agiv  
161787. sharon  
161786. Michael Bharier I agree with the petition but please correct the spelling of the word "antisemitic".
161785. Liron Agiv you should be ashamed!!!!
161784. carol marder disgusting revoulting
161783. ALLEN JAY MD That website is despicable!!
161782. Adina  
161781. Jennifer Grant  
161780. Judith Darrah  
161779. Rosa Bencuya  
161778. Dave Cohan  
161777. Howard and Roberta Levine  
161776. Mark Darrah  
161775. Joan Lipkin This site is highly offensive. freedom of speech is one thing but this is hate mongering. Please remove!!
161774. Michael Davis  
161773. karen koretz this is too disgusting for words
161772. Marcia Eisen  
161771. Sid Krupkin Do not facilitate hate!
161770. Mai Plotkin take it out of your library
161769. Maureen Valerie Walzer get rid of anti jewish comments
161768. Alan Taikeff Giving lunatics a voice under the heading of free speech assumes everybody is smart enough to realize the speakers are nuts. Anti-semitisim is a disease that is easily passed on and should not be given any voice in any public forum.
161767. pearl goodman  
161766. Robert Vars  
161765. Rita Katz  
161764. Michael Miller  
161763. Eric Steinberg  
161762. Albert Jacobs A very outrageous site. In all honesty please remove immediately
161761. Leah Schwartz  
161760. Gail LeBoss truly shameful
161759. Judy Lande  
161758. Debby Mathies  
161757. edward soifer  
161756. liam get it off!
161755. Josh  
161754. Toby Dondis  
161753. RA. Lipton  
161752. franklin wallace  
161751. albert gerry  
161750. lee and jo ann blumberg u should be ashamed of yourselves. you r off our lists!!!
161749. P. Garver  
161748. AlyssaS  
161747. Sam Benson  
161746. Irwin Hahn  
161745. Abraham Yezioro  
161743. Frank Hess  
161742. Linda Mickelson  
161741. Rochelle Mason  
161740. Toby Farman  
161739. Raquel Benson the site is disgusting and is the furthest thing from an honest defination of a Jew.
161738. Max Rosenthal  
161737. Ron Skinner This should be removed. Thank you.
161736. Dr. Harvey Fader  
161735. William Hoffnung  
161734. nathan stofberg  
161733. andrew m. upton The bigoted racist material which this site produces requires action by people of good will and fairness. Please take the right action and stop helping to promote this site.
161732. Irwin Hill  
161731. Mark Greenberg  
161730. Ricardo Torrence  
161729. Alison Tepper please remove this anti-semetic site
161727. Norman Weisman  
161726. faye ell  
161725. Norma Jack  
161724. Lori Plung Please Remove!!!!
161723. Bill Spiegel  
161722. Ferne Rogow  
161721. Rosemary Harington  
161720. Georgianne Halatek  
161719. Doreen DeFeo-Gilroy  
161718. Marc Levinson Remove this anti-semetic propaganda
161717. Phyllis Zur  
161716. Harry Banikin  
161715. Miri what a What a disgrace!
161714. jodi fang  
161713. rochelle gilbert  
161712. s.silver REMOVE
161711. Marvin Schwartz objectional
161710. Sharon Zohar  
161709. moises salleh  
161708. Julie Hayes  
161707. marilyn markowitz  
161706. Lori Pearlman  
161705. Saralee Bernstein  
161704. A. M. Burman  
161703. SHEILA LAZAR  
161702. Celia Levine  
161701. lisa Ginsberg  
161700. Shelly Lowenthal Unbelievable that google would link a site that is full of lies
161699. Jack Greenwald  
161698. jeanne please remove
161697. Scott Rosenblum  
161696. Esther Shainblum  
161695. Joseph J. Newman  
161694. Virginia Guttman  
161693. jeanne please remove
161691. Stanton J. Abel This garbage is disgraceful !!!!!
161690. Anthony Dayton This goes beyond freedom of speech. By leaving this site on Google, you are spreading a second attempt of a Holocaust
161689. sheldon s wiseman  
161688. roslyn udler  
161687. Reuben Weinzveg  
161686. Stanley Levin Jew Watch has GOT to GO!
161685. Karen Kahn  
161684. jos blumer  
161683. Zev & Pearl Hack I am certain if there was equally virulent material about the USA, Google would instantly remove the site from its listings.
161682. Linda E Zysblat  
161681. Mara Van de Grift  
161680. David Sinai  
161679. Scott Sincoff The website is disgusting!!!!
161678. Howard Unger  
161677. Marc Alters disgusting in the year 2007
161676. yama  
161675. Chasida Sinai  
161674. Linda Tapper  
161673. Eileen Epstein  
161672. Joan B. Davidson  
161671. Janet Acheatel Please remove this sight that is full of hatred.
161670. judith harris am i looking at wikipedia??? who's monitoring?
161669. Eleanor Cohen  
161668. Allan Kleimann  
161667. Deb Bradley  
161666. RITA BAROUH horrible !!!
161665. Alex JewWatch at first appears to be so stupid and ignorant that one wants to laugh at its ridiculous claims and at the buffoon who created the site, but ignorance can cause a lot of harm in this world when it is given the power to infect unknowing minds, and this man is aiming to do just that. The site should definitely be removed from Google search engine. If it is not then shame on Google.
161664. Helen Shilling  
161663. GERRI TOTH  
161662. cathy  
161661. Linda Azzi  
161660. marcia kovalsky  
161659. Shel Miller  
161658. alvin kovalsky  
161657. DIANA MAN  
161656. esther elbaz  
161655. karen rosengarten discusting!
161654. Stuart Krupkin This is pure Hate mail...get it off please
161653. Edith G. Isaacs It really is offensive.
161652. Jen Garber  
161651. Corine Aubin  
161650. Shirley Schneer  
161649. Nada Mach  
161648. Carmen Espinosa  
161647. Bertram Getzug I shouldn't think a comment would be needed after reviewing the content in this site.
161646. Betty Wainer  
161645. Ronnie Wasserman  
161644. Ronald Nir  
161643. Lucy Rayek de Atri  
161642. Sid Kaplan Please remove Jew Watch from the search engine
161641. jack  
161640. joan Fletcher  
161639. Norman Kieffer  
161638. joe bloggs pathetic. switching to Yahoo
161637. KEN KLEINMAN  
161636. Ken Weiss Remove this - how much ugliness is too much?
161635. Frances Ghitis  
161634. Peter Schwartz  
161633. Todd Jacobs  
161632. R.Robert Kaplan I respect Google, keep it clean!
161631. Mirta Trajtman  
161630. Barbara Hutter  
161629. elyse tubben  
161628. Ben Hollin Hate Speech is not Free Speech
161627. Morris Yess  
161626. sylvia honigman  
161625. M Holtzman  
161624. A, Joyce Please remove the JewWatch site from your search engine, it contains inflammatory material and is unsuitable for your public.
161623. Alan H. Stein This is very important to help stop the spread of anti-semitism.
161622. Robert L. Stone Antisemiitic sites are inappropriate for top positions on a search for "jew"
161621. Harry Soloway perceptible rise in world anti-semitism
161620. J Reinheimer  
161619. Marta & Oscar Olchyk It is an insult that should not be allowed in such a prestigious entreprise.
161618. Judith Zola  
161617. Jack Kligman Reprehensible site.
161616. Sandra Moss  
161615. Joel Matek  
161614. david eyma thanks for removing
161613. neil tubben  
161612. Mark Howard You censor sites for China, yet this site is an OUTRAGE!
161611. Selma Hart This site is a disgrace and an insult to an entire race of people!
161610. sandra smid  
161609. leah tuvia  
161608. Jeanne Malone It seems very harmful
161607. Jaime Greenberg  
161606. David Heyman  
161605. Itay Lasman When people so stupid to sound their voice, this what happens
161604. Edith itzcovici  
161603. sara noble  
161602. Frances C. Ritzinger  
161601. walter maruschak get rid of it !!
161600. itay golbary  
161599. Paul Schneider  
161598. Jean Haskell  
161597. Ronnie Solow  
161595. Ellen Rosenberg  
161594. JS  
161593. jack elbaum  
161592. nannette schwartz  
161591. Chad  
161590. Erika Olshin  
161589. Joan DePalma Remove this from Google and every other search engine.
161588. marc bocknek  
161587. Betty Jacobson  
161586. gilbert cohen, P.D. This must be done!
161585. Bernard Pittinsky  
161584. Craig Deligdish  
161583. fariba  
161582. Raizie Jacobson  
161581. Michelle Berger  
161580. E.Goldstein  
161579. rhonda cohn  
161578. Ronald H. Silverman, EdD The most vile anti-semetic smear job on the internet.
161577. Sarah Berkowitz  
161576. Jill Melvin  
161575. suzanne gabel  
161574. Phyllis Berkowitz  
161573. Barb Epton  
161572. CB Lande People are so stupid to believe this crap
161571. steve  
161570. Nancy Brand  
161569. William J Marshall Please remove this racist website!
161568. phyllis g. eisenman  
161567. Glenda Cooper  
161566. j cherney this site is disgusting
161565. Laura King Get rid of this immediately! There is freedom of speech and then there is incitement. This falls into the later category. Don't give these people any additional unncessary attention.
161564. stewart maurer  
161563. lisa bernstein  
161562. Florencel Colavito  
161561. Felix Rosenfeld  
161560. Cecile  
161559. Keni Hanson  
161558. Felix Rosenfeld  
161557. maeve mauer  
161555. Melodi Willis  
161554. Tim Kelly How on earth do people get so twisted in their thinking about Jews. I honestly cannot understand it. It is irrational which makes it completely impossible to reason with the folks who believe in such nonsense. Sheesh!
161553. Cynthia Marshall This is appalling!
161552. Anastasia Levin  
161551. michael Goldstein this site is anti-semetic and racist against the jewish people please remove it
161550. Joseph Eisenberg  
161549. Elliott Jacobson  
161548. Marla Doner  
161547. rosiehadj  
161546. Constance Golber  
161545. Fran Markowitz Please remove this site
161544. Karin Weissbach This site should be removed a.s.a.p.
161543. Ted Baker Jew Watch is wrong first message
161542. nicole blonder  
161541. Dr. Karen Mandel should be resticted acess like the porn it is, but preserve the principle of free speech
161540. Elaine Scharf  
161539. Guy Inbar  
161538. Deborah Wahnich  
161537. Suzanne Strutt This is inexcusable--and probably actionalble. Get it OFF the web.
161536. Theodore G. Bradpiece  
161535. PAUL  
161534. Jill Trattler  
161533. Edward J. Hollin  
161532. Bernie Klar remove this site it is not true you are antisemites
161531. Ariel Kogan  
161530. Leonard Waters  
161529. Prof. Adele Shapiro an old friend used to say ,"When you argee with igerance yur licked from the start "
161528. Elizabeth Young  
161527. KSOBrien shameful...
161526. Herb Meyerowitz  
161525. Rebecca Cohen  
161523. david Bernstein  
161522. Glenda Maikell  
161521. Ralf Gold  
161520. Marcy Levinson JewWatch is an abomination!!!
161519. Phyllis Waksman  
161517. M. Swadron  
161516. R. Usheroff  
161515. Dan Landis this is outrageous, not acceptable...
161514. maxima fogelgarn  
161513. Debra Alper  
161512. Eugene G. Self explanatory. This website should be removed
161511. Judy Dershowitz  
161510. david kalisz  
161509. Elizabeth Kittredge PLEASE remove these hateful lies
161508. Michelle Schwartz  
161507. ivan geller  
161506. Barbara A. Nulman  
161505. iosif basis  
161504. Joyce campo  
161503. Jerry Lundy  
161502. Robert A. Nulman  
161501. cheri benaharon google execs should be ashamed of themselves. they need to remove this site to redeem themselves
161500. Howard Gerber  
161499. Dr. Simon Hakim Such websites should not be allowed to exist
161498. Steve Forman This site is obnoxious.
161497. Dr. Simon Hakim Such websites should not be allowed to exist
161496. joel chesnoff  
161495. Martin Moss  
161494. Betty Citrin  
161493. Wayne Roberts  
161492. Yitzy Pearson  
161491. Marc Ovadia  
161490. Bernard Gropper  
161489. Michael S. Klein Don't give this anti-semite additional exposure!!
161488. Ilise Bernstein  
161487. Evelyn Velson not only is this site hurtful, it is also filled with gross falsehoods.
161486. L, J Walk  
161484. ronaldo schreck please remove Jew Watch from your site
161483. Michael Zumberg  
161482. Bonnie Peterson  
161481. howard gilbert this is offensive
161480. Beth Josephson  
161479. Nancy Finkel  
161478. Shirley Levy  
161477. susana  
161476. michael jacobs  
161475. Sari Reis This is an outrage
161474. DON'T REMOVE !!!! DON'T REMOVE !
161473. Patricia L. Walsh This site must be shut down.
161472. sharon brenda  
161471. Edward Zwig  
161470. Howard Stein  
161469. Julie Isen  
161468. sue freeda hate mongers
161467. gary  
161466. S. Greenwald  
161465. Arlot Danielle  
161464. avi  
161463. Candy Clemson  
161462. Chelsea Grenfell  
161461. ALicia Edwards-Smith  
161460. Adrienne Katz Internet is not for promoting bigotry
161459. Lili and Scott Jacobson  
161458. Ruth Braun  
161457. Patricia Jacobs  
161456. sandy Danino disgusting site. its lies need to be removed permanently
161455. Myrna  
161454. Tina Stern  
161453. bella gutman  
161452. Linda Bennett Hate should not be given priority by Google
161451. Arnold Shapiro Ph.D. This huckster has found a way to profit from the ignorance and hatred of the antisemites upon whom he preys
161450. Dr Arthur Dodek please remove the site
161449. Susanne Tracy  
161448. Gail Greer disgusting and unacceptable site
161447. Rony Bognar  
161446. JANICE  
161445. S.Rifkin  
161444. Merryl Bender HORRIBLE!
161443. Sylvia Kirshner  
161442. Leah Schlesinger You would think after 6,000 years of being persecuted and being the first organized religion with belief in God, You would think people would have more respect. Jesus was a Jew.
161441. Tema Winston  
161440. Faye Merritt  
161439. The Rev. Debra Trakel  
161438. Rhoda Kahn  
161437. Michael Franklin  
161436. Ruth Goldschmiedt This is disgusting - why is google allowing this man a forum to spew his hatred
161435. Dena Pepper  
161434. Jeffrey Fierstein  
161433. Rita Cohn-Davidson We must stop the spread of this despicable hate mongering.
161432. seth gross website
161431. David  
161430. Bobbi Taylor disgusting
161429. Neil David Goldblatt How can you allow this site to exist??
161428. Jennifer Please remove from your search- awful website
161427. Stephanie Kleiner  
161426. Murry Ginsberg  
161425. Eileen Swartz  
161424. Madeline G Aroesty  
161423. sylvia monuse  
161422. Rikki Schiff  
161421. Barbara Levitt Disgraceful
161420. ellie karin  
161419. Kathy Nalven  
161418. Rachel Ettedgui  
161416. youlyn luna please remove this page
161415. eliran eliaz  
161414. Joseph Schiff  
161413. dorothy lumerman remove jew watch from the google search engine
161412. Leon Nisenson Something is wrong with Google when you can put in Islam and get a rational list of spots but put in Jew and you get this garbage
161411. Dr. Robert Walton hate mongering
161410. Michalle Rubenstein  
161409. gad & gila guttmann  
161408. Donna Leavitt  
161407. Rachel  
161406. Rachel Biller  
161405. Martha Berger  
161404. agnes grohs Google should weicome the chance to do the right thingASAP.
161403. Annie  
161402. Carlos Banchik  
161401. Muriel Ricker I am a Christian and abhor predjudice
161400. Marvin Nellicks  
161399. Nathan Zucker This is shocking and should ve very easy for google to fix
161398. J. Leib terrible
161397. Samuel Rappaport  
161396. kyle berris  
161395. Marion Gruen  
161394. VAL ROT  
161393. scott kaufman The worst kind of hate speech, masquerading as fact.
161392. David Soifer  
161391. Judith Ross  
161390. Rita Weintraub  
161389. Rhona Stein  
161388. Barbara Kandel  
161387. marlene tolfa  
161386. Marilyn Newman  
161384. Steve Jacknow  
161383. gary wilner  
161382. leah finkelstein Disgusting! Abhorant!
161381. Ronney O'Donnell  
161380. Larry Freedman  
161379. Gail Wells With hightened anti-semitisim this site is not needed. It fuels the fires & Google shouldn't be a partner to this.
161378. Michael Aladjem  
161377. Shelli Schwartz  
161376. charlotte kominars  
161375. Sanja  
161374. Marc Levy Do the right thing...
161373. Malcolm Citrin  
161372. Donna Geller  
161371. Joanna Fancy  
161370. Joseph D. Green  
161369. Allan Schwartz  
161368. Sharon Harowitz  
161367. Reney  
161366. Frances Housman  
161365. Barbra Clarke Hate Promotion is not free speech!
161364. Lori Varenbut  
161363. Judy  
161362. Julie Sauer  
161361. Susan Manaskie  
161360. Thomas B Burnham You should not have to be asked.
161359. Jack Hoffnung  
161358. Deborah Flynn  
161357. Karen Scharfstein  
161356. Anna Belsky  
161355. Howard Wachspress  
161354. william Blye  
161353. jeffrey david  
161352. Susan Friedman  
161351. Itzik  
161350. Charles Silverman  
161349. Anthony DeLillis Remove this despicable site immediately!
161348. amy cades  
161347. Jason berzow  
161346. Susan Rothchild This website is an atrocity.
161345. Raul Aguilar  
161344. sondra minuskin this site is dangerous
161343. jane Richmond Please remove this offensive site
161342. sheldon sonnenblick  
161341. Fred & Miriam Hearn Remove this hate website
161340. Sam B.Carson  
161339. Lori Sperber In good conscience you should remove this site without a petition!
161338. liza oshrin  
161337. Julius Barron  
161336. David Feurzeig  
161335. Melissa Keleti  
161334. Tina M. Lieberman  
161333. Lucy rastor  
161332. Renee Starkman Seaton  
161331. Rebecca Rosenstein  
161330. Phyllis Meisner  
161329. Debra Fishman  
161328. Tani Parles  
161327. Brandon Berry  
161326. vivian lerer  
161325. Teri H  
161324. Rachel Katz  
161323. david dranikoff  
161322. Blossom Siegel  
161321. Eugene Silverman This site is deplorable
161320. Bonnie Slavitt Moore  
161319. Simon Buchler  
161318. Caroline Sumeray  
161317. jared albert  
161316. Paula Cherkasky  
161315. Terry Gardner  
161314. Harvey Karp  
161313. M Gelofand  
161312. Stan Lerman  
161311. Maynard Lichterman This is an outrageously anti-semetic site
161310. Abby Levitt  
161309. Elihu Cohen  
161308. Shirley Etkin  
161307. Howard Sidorsky  
161306. Joseph Kasell end this travesty immediately
161305. david markell  
161304. robo  
161303. Ian Rosenberg  
161302. marla moskowitz  
161301. Elaine Pepper  
161300. shari stern Remove this despicable site immediately!
161299. zvi eisikovits  
161298. Amy Hyett  
161297. Harold SelwynTorrance  
161296. William Eckstein  
161295. Gloria Goss This site is entirely hateful and inappropriate.
161294. eva cropp don't we have enough hate in the world?
161293. Richard Ludwig  
161292. elaine and joe jaffe  
161291. PAOLA  
161290. Marcia Falk  
161289. alisa shanske  
161288. karen  
161287. Ina S. Land Disgraceful and disgusting.
161286. Benchétrit Max  
161285. Barry Spencer  
161284. Marilyn C. Seiden  
161283. cynthia kahn  
161282. Moshe  
161281. bonnie gros  
161280. Frank Seiden While it is important to have freedom of expression, preaching HATE is inadmissable.
161279. Susan Sklar  
161278. Hyman Speck This vile site is a disgrace and should be removed
161277. Logan Schilling  
161276. Daid Ben-Asher  
161275. Robert A. Adelman  
161274. Janet Schilling  
161273. Bob Green Esq. never again !
161272. Christy Dropkin I will not use Google until I hear this has been removed
161271. avrom doft awful
161270. Arlene  
161269. myrna kangisser  
161268. DS  
161267. Sherry Lahav  
161266. marc rosenberg  
161265. Rhoda Blumer Please remove the
161264. Gary Perez  
161263. Anna Mathot  
161262. Jodi Stern  
161261. esther Schmidt  
161260. lewis katz  
161259. Laurie Raccuia  
161258. deena F. Greenberg  
161257. hugo lanci  
161256. michael lew  
161255. fred  
161254. David Silberstein  
161253. Kim Brant This site is phenomenally offensive and a gross display of ignorance.
161252. b.banfield any form of racial incitement should be banned
161251. tali yekutiel  
161250. Peter Keeda  
161249. Earl H. Foote Freedom of the internet is one thing, but Google has removed less controversial sites. This one should at least be removed from the search engine.
161248. David Wise  
161247. Francine Mc Lean  
161246. H. Gerstel  
161245. Malia Luss  
161244. michelle marrinan  
161243. AL SHMUCKLER this is a horriabe site
161242. Karen Hendrie  
161241. Linda Shefler  
161240. Marc Liebeskind  
161239. Bea & Pete Metzelaar do the right thing
161238. Ruth Weinreich  
161237. gail albert  
161236. Evan Wasserman This site is horrible and is offensive to many.
161235. Andrea Hines  
161234. barbara landau  
161233. Dr Vince Lurie Shame on Google!
161232. Howard Newman  
161231. Rena S. Goldsmith  
161230. andi  
161229. Julie Flint  
161228. Madeline Weisgal  
161227. Edwin A. Brosbe  
161226. Caryn Bloomfield  
161225. JEFFERY KATZ  
161224. Rosalind M Gordon  
161223. Margaret Reinheimer  
161222. Mark Greenspan racism and antisemitism should not be promoted by Google
161221. Ricki Carroll  
161220. amy stein  
161219. Terri Midoneck  
161218. alyssa kogon this is a disgrace to all Americans, whatever their religion.
161217. Beryl Tesler How can you light a fire of filth
161216. Lawrence C. Maslow Are you supporting this Anti Semetic spot? If so we will boycott google vigorously
161215. Marshall Siegel  
161214. Heidi  
161213. Roy Arluck This site is totally & absolutely hateful & erroneous
161212. Neil Gold  
161211. bradd Robbins  
161210. kim geringer  
161209. Rebecca Kuhn  
161208. Joan Isn't there enough sickness in the world
161207. Pat Lemmerman  
161206. Stephen Lindsay  
161205. judit rubin  
161204. Vix  
161203. B. Desure  
161202. cowitz  
161201. Amy Kublin  
161200. Paul Fishman Your conscience should guide you
161199. Susanne Zaborenko  
161198. Gerald Frishman  
161197. Gay Mazie Sites like these are ruining the internet with false information and antisemitic bias.
161196. Philip Sheldon Horrific propaganda
161195. Phyllis Waterstone  
161194. Emily K Gumpert free speech notwithstanding, this is yelling "fire"
161193. gERTRUDE bINGER  
161192. judy  
161191. ARLENE BRODY  
161190. arnold katz  
161189. Rebbecca  
161188. Jill Spechler  
161187. Harry  
161186. Valerie Cohen  
161185. jessica  
161184. Dorothy Hager  
161183. Joe Vernuccio  
161182. joyce deutsch this is disgusting
161181. Sel Friedlander  
161180. Alon Elian  
161179. Rita Busman In this day in age, this should not be allowed.
161178. Daniel  
161177. Samara Spitzer I am a loyal Google user, and I just found out about this atrocity. Please deal with this issue immediately and continue the great job you guys do.
161176. Ann Rivo  
161175. shoshana szlachter Please remove this site as it is outrageous that such a group would receive any attention and the idea that people would believe it to be crediable devalues any crediability Google has. As there are choices on the internet, Yahoo can easily become my new search engine.
161174. iris adler  
161173. beverly sonnenblick  
161172. Ruth Spivak  
161171. Bob Banks  
161170. leah kellogg  
161169. Eli Weissman Get it off
161168. Dr. Sara Simpser-Rafalin is an outrage that google has that web in 1st place, shouldn't even have it
161167. Louis Flancbaum  
161166. R. Marcus  
161165. Flora Steinman  
161164. roger engler  
161163. Ami Foux  
161162. Eric Horn The moderator of is extremely anti-semitic. I'm disgusted that google shows him so much respect by making him the number one search result.
161161. Benjamin Thompson google organizes the world's info not hate
161160. Leon Eckstein  
161159. M Glazer  
161158. Flora Steinman  
161157. Malka Sadoff  
161156. Beverly Bray This makes me sick!
161155. Patricia Eckstein  
161154. Liz  
161153. Ellie Levine  
161152. Sydney Eckstein  
161151. lisa  
161150. George Weiss  
161149. Barbara J. Mackle  
161148. Peter Sorel Please remove this hateful, ignorant site
161147. robert burg  
161146. lisa kohn  
161145. Lynnece LeBransky The site is offensive and destructive. It needs to be removed
161144. Sylvia and Michael Golding  
161143. emma lieberman  
161142. dona abramson  
161141. stanley rothbart Disgraceful
161140. Brenda  
161139. Michael Stronger  
161138. Marcia Tazbin This site is hateful, odius, and untrue
161137. Barbara Milchman  
161136. Alan Salzman  
161135. Rhoda Schneider  
161134. Evan Hollander  
161133. eleanore Machlowe why email required?
161132. sonja l worden  
161131. shirley Hirschfeld  
161130. elliot c fine  
161129. Pat Greeley  
161128. Chuck Lisner  
161127. Joseph Bentata  
161126. dorit  
161125. Larry Margo  
161124. Evelyn Hillier  
161123. Michelle Solomon  
161122. Nathan Wiesenfeld agree 110\%
161121. Mary Wolf  
161120. Nancy G  
161119. Fran Beeler  
161118. suzanne kronenfeld  
161117. Mike Adario  
161116. Pat Lesmeister  
161115. Nomy Haldorsen  
161114. Alyssa Person  
161113. mike schmitz  
161112. Phil Hanfling  
161111. Ben Malakh  
161110. Joan Byrne  
161109. barbara roback  
161108. Paula Mark  
161107. Joyce Goldsmith  
161106. o zuckerman  
161105. steven spigelman get it off your site
161104. annette paul  
161103. steve furer  
161102. Jayne Trout  
161101. Lois G. Pines Please remove this listing from your web site. It is outrageously antisemetic.
161100. Nomi  
161099. Ursula Gerhart Why do these people hate so much? What is wrong with them?
161098. Jack London  
161097. gloria handler  
161096. Sandy P. Klein  
161095. evelyn grossman  
161094. zak hepner google is expressing capitalism in its worst
161093. Diane L Cohen  
161092. Marc Kessler  
161091. Jayne Schiff  
161090. Linda Barrocas  
161088. Belva London  
161087. david  
161086. Gabriel Perry  
161085. lawrence lubow  
161084. Marlene Gerbsman  
161083. Beverly Myers why would google allow this in the first place
161082. Hermine Abramson  
161081. l.lovi  
161080. Jocelyn Margaret Hunt-Smith This is not a site worth visiting at all let alone to be at the top of the list
161079. Amy Tuller  
161078. Lynn  
161077. Oscar Wax Anti semitic and shameful for Google
161076. Marcy Levy  
161075. Les Rykiss  
161074. Harold Saferstein  
161073. Dov Glazer  
161072. Joyce Shapiro  
161071. Lillian Palmiotti  
161070. Lara Rykiss  
161069. Lawence Jaroslow We agree with this petition
161068. Dr Hal Wexler  
161067. Jason Klazmer  
161066. Rachelle O I ask that you remove from the Google Search Engine. Promoting hatred is not worthy of Google.
161065. ashley charnoff  
161064. B. Klazmer  
161063. Rosalie Goldberg unacceptable web site promotes antisemitism
161062. Florence Kaplan  
161060. Michael typical antisemitic mongrel
161059. Shai Roitman  
161058. Heather Abramson  
161057. Phyllis .  
161056. Gloria Shan What a sad day that in our time anti-semitism exists and must be monitored
161055. Joel Cahen  
161054. Stanley J.Haberman  
161053. David Freedman  
161052. donnella whitacre this site is nothing but jew hating. if it had any value at all, or any facts it would be one thing. but it does nothing but spread virulent anti semetism.
161051. Sheldon Gilbert When Does the Hate End?
161050. Kim Amzallag  
161049. Sydell Sheinbaum  
161048. nadine  
161047. Robert Rogoff  
161046. Peter Curtis  
161045. Gina  
161044. Nina Lieberman Giladi  
161043. Lenore Norrgard  
161042. Norman Greenberg  
161041. Jamie Schamp  
161040. Jeffrey Jones  
161039. DAVID zaitschek this NEEDS to happen quickly
161038. Jeff Hakim  
161037. Yifal Shaham I expect you to do what is right, reject what you do't want done to you
161036. Michele Venturo  
161035. eleanor horry this site needs to be removed immediately
161034. cindy gozlan  
161033. harry porges  
161032. Sandra Kindred  
161031. Devora and Yael Green  
161030. Merrilee Gallo  
161029. Edward H. Rabin  
161028. Candice Singer  
161027. Joanne Friedman  
161026. Jason Teitelbaum  
161025. Milton Adelson Please remove
161024. Moshe Moses  
161023. Craig Hirshberg  
161022. Brian Newman  
161021. Charles and Sandra Kaplan  
161020. Simon Gulden  
161019. David Lenz  
161018. David Krayz This is the most racist site i have ever seen
161017. samantha shalon  
161016. Rhoda Osterfeld  
161015. Sheila Elkon  
161014. Sofia de Mendia  
161013. Sam Levy  
161012. Sidney Lasaine Frank Weltner,MA (major a..hole)People like him belong in a dung heap! Dump this digesting site.
161011. Colin Sussman Virulent,, blatant anti- Semitic trash
161010. Richard Pachino  
161009. Florence Nitzkin  
161008. stanley siegel  
161007. Naomi Rosen  
161006. Benjamin Goldman  
161005. Michael Newman Foul racist propaganda. It shows how short peoples memory might be.
161004. HARRY & CEIL  
161003. Robert Ladenheim  
161002. lori bassman  
161001. Jeremy Kochberg  
161000. miriam ellenberg  
160998. Natalie Kalb  
160997. Robyn Finkelman  
160996. Larry Shapiro Please Google, no more hate.
160995. Ila Chaiken All right thinking people must take a stand against these kinds of lies.
160994. Kenneth L. Merritt, Jr.  
160993. Estelle Altork Please remove this horrible site from Google
160992. marlene orenbach  
160991. Alvin  
160990. Charles W. Frost  
160989. Joseph Riper  
160988. rhoda weinstein  
160987. Victoria Elliott  
160986. S S Fleishman  
160985. Charlene Brown  
160984. Gary Brown  
160983. david conford please remove at once thank you
160982. harriet seidman hate sites should have no place on the internet
160981. Gail Glassberg  
160980. Walter Eichelman This is hateful and used by a warped minded bigot.
160979. Pearlena Bodzin It is disgusting!
160978. zelda king please remove jewwatch .com from Google
160977. Sonny Goldstein  
160976. Adam Klazmer  
160975. Maggie Marcopul The only way to stop prejudice is not to glorify it in any way. Allowing this site on the Google Search Engine supports hatred. Freedom of speech is important, but fomenting the kind of hatred this site espouses is akin to yelling "fire" in a theater. It cannot and shouldnot be allowed.
160974. Linda Loew I believe this site has a right to exist. However, it should not be among the first "hits" when the word jew is searched. The site is a blatant imposter.
160973. Rebecca  
160972. Sharon Wender  
160971. Laurie Rosenwasser I have a gmail address and am an active gmail user. It was not the first hit when I "googled" "Jew", but it was certainly near the top and VERY offensive.
160970. Stephen Mitnick It's degrading and disgusting
160969. karen schwartz this is quite unbelievable in 2007
160968. Philip Arnold Please remove this offensive site. Thank you.
160967. Jackie I would be extremely dissapointed if Google does not remove this sight
160966. Boris Gambarin  
160965. ronni Levine  
160964. Shirley Lipkin  
160963. Marguerite Schanzer  
160962. M. Horenfeldt Please remove from the Google Search it is anti semetic
160961. madeline wolly  
160960. Rhonda Weiss  
160959. Barry Greene Please remove!
160958. ARLENE HABER  
160957. Eric  
160956. Ms Yvette Berger Anti-semites are like cockroaches; in order to catch them, they need to be revealed, flushed out of their lairs and then destroyed. Kick serious butt!!
160955. Mary Babcock Ugly and hateful site should be removed from view
160954. Chaya Goldstein  
160953. Renana Kadden This website is offensive and reprehensible
160952. Joel Silber  
160951. Ronald Hahn  
160950. Jon Spector  
160949. Stanley Greenberg Haven't we all had enough of hatred?
160948. Harvey Crestohl  
160947. carole horrible
160946. Marian Rosen  
160945. Yaakov  
160944. Ardie Geldman How Can You Allow This to Go On?
160943. simone cohen it's absolutely appauling that this got onto google anyway
160942. gabriel berner  
160941. E. Rosenberg  
160940. harry klapper  
160939. stephen finkelman  
160938. Amanda  
160937. Lee Greenstein  
160936. Nancy Moser  
160935. Shelley Tene  
160934. Joel W. Chemers  
160933. Steven Warner  
160931. D Levine  
160930. Earl despicable!!
160929. Irwin Gellen  
160928. M Raphael  
160927. Chellie Goldwater Wilensky  
160926. Ann Crook  
160925. Eric Weisbloom the site is offensive and pure hatred, there is no other purpose to this site than the spreading of hate
160924. Chana Baichman  
160923. sharon carpenos  
160922. Paula Gussman  
160921. Eric Finkelman Racial and extremely one sided comments posing as historically accurate.
160920. Judy K. Sander  
160919. Esther THIS IS A SHAME!!!!
160918. Francine Perkins  
160917. Elaine Beim  
160916. bernard zweig  
160915. Lee Raskind  
160914. Cliff Leviton Take the damn site OFF!
160913. Judy Tigay  
160912. Phil Corrin  
160911. Sandra Simnowitz  
160910. Philip Sandos  
160909. Kurt Bloch This such a hate-mongering site, full of lies and distortions, that it has no place on a search engine for the word "Jew." You might consider changing the search words to "Jew-Hater."
160908. atlene tischler  
160907. Cathy Stein  
160906. mel goldberg take it off the web
160905. Shafiq Hassan Remove
160904. Marvin R. Selter ABOLUTELY DISGRACEFULL !!!!!
160903. Mary Shapiro  
160902. P. C. Callender  
160901. Charlie Goldstein  
160900. Wendy Weinberg  
160899. Lee Rusin  
160898. Beth Klein  
160897. Charles Weinstein  
160896. Elaine  
160895. Sharon F. Weinberg  
160894. Ronnie Weinstein  
160893. R-L Pierce  
160892. marilyn weissman REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE JEW WATCH
160891. dani eicoff  
160890. Barbara Green  
160889. Jewels Yetta Goldberg  
160888. Arlene Salzberg  
160887. Ellen Levine  
160886. Jemi Atri  
160885. Howard Zaharoff  
160884. sylvie lednicer  
160883. Elizabeth Puterman  
160882. Paulette Kenney Enough
160881. cohen  
160880. Jack Goldstein  
160879. Denny Norris  
160878. Beranard Silverstein  
160877. ettie  
160876. Linda Fertig This is disgusting beyond words. You should know better, and this goes way beyond the mere free speech excuse. This website is pure hate personified. I am wondering as well, if you have a stated policy of needing 50k signatures, why, if more than 160k have already signed, the site is still available.
160875. B. OrRIS  
160874. benjamin brecher  
160873. joseph goldstein  
160872. G Buchalter  
160871. John Jaros  
160870. fabio berkowicz  
160869. Barbara Silverstein  
160868. Bea I am completely disgusted by what I just saw and read. I can't believe you are not ashamed to have this on
160867. Judith Krieger  
160866. Todd Bloom  
160865. Richard Langman  
160864. joe grossman  
160863. Louise Steinberg  
160862. Charles Marshall  
160861. robin secouler please remove hateful sites
160860. Eyal Fisher  
160859. Randy Maged This is absolutely vile and disgusting. Get rid of
160858. Ari  
160857. adrienne rosenberg  
160856. leonard kagan  
160855. mark please remove
160854. mitch take it away
160853. Gwenn Schneider How dare you!
160852. Dana Stein  
160851. H. B. Feinberg For this you need a petition?
160850. Thomas A. Riley Jr. Please remove from the Google Search Engine
160849. Barry Zingler  
160848. Lea Yekutiel Go home and get a life instead of bad mouthing people
160847. Jack Stone  
160846. Evette Masters  
160845. Eileen Finkelman Fix this immediately
160844. Jean Cohen  
160843. B Birnbaum  
160842. Louis J. Devor  
160841. Liane Mara  
160840. elibman  
160839. Sasha Its Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
160838. A.R.Kaufmann  
160837. mlibman  
160836. michael davidson  
160835. Abby Richmond  
160834. Charles Lowenstein This is quite offensive and certainly not up to Google's standards
160833. dan bromberg  
160832. Harry Howard  
160831. Jeanne Epstein  
160830. catherine bowker  
160829. leah lesch  
160828. Ellen Deutsch It is a disgrace that Google would help promote any hate-spewing, lying website -- I assume you were unaware of its contents but it must be removed immediately and the description of the site as given is false!
160827. richard kirschner  
160826. Eileen Gorman this is pathetic. Stop this from being searched.
160825. V. Baron  
160824. Phyllis Ross Publication of such material is disgraceful and un-American!
160823. Gary Farb  
160822. Mike Chilton  
160821. mifa bobritsky  
160820. RUDA MANUEL  
160819. malki robinson  
160818. Florence Einbinder  
160817. Aaron  
160816. Sara Feingold  
160815. Ellen Grossman  
160814. Jose David Serrano Hope you will remove it!!!!!
160813. Nathaniel Berman  
160812. D, Eduardo Sokol  
160811. Arnold Lamm  
160810. Nathaniel Berman  
160809. carl anides  
160808. Alan Grossman  
160807. Myrna Rebecca Serrano Hope you will remove it!!!!!
160806. Daniel Fierstein  
160805. Nancy S. Silvio  
160804. harriet rudnick  
160803. Carlos Serrano Hope you will remove it!!!!!
160802. Barbara Haber I would prefer it stay on google, but under "anti-semetic propaganda." I want people to be able to find this poison. But the way it's listed legitimizes it .
160801. Alan H Zwiebel Shocking and disgusting site!
160800. Rina Attar  
160798. Dina de Serrano Hope you will remove it!!!!!
160797. Elaine Fox, MD, MPH  
160796. uri dub  
160795. Nora Karr  
160794. Arthur M. Bennett  
160793. Jack Stroh  
160792. Selma Hollander google anti- Semetic ?? How shameful & unAmerican
160791. E.Cooper  
160790. geri rosenberg  
160789. Israel Rosenfeld I am a Holocaust survivor. Enough is enough!
160788. Steven & Cheryl Dembe  
160787. Janna Roth  
160786. Laurie Hoshaw  
160785. Bart Labowitz  
160784. Susanne  
160783. Elaine Lamm  
160782. Barbara I. Winter PLEASE REMOVE WEB SITE
160781. Eugenia Shiff  
160780. Sherri Ehrlich  
160779. Daisy Verdoner  
160778. eva lawrence  
160777. Abraham schechter REMOVE IT NOW
160776. Avi Sofer  
160775. m. fischer  
160774. Mr. Lerner  
160773. adelegoldsmith  
160772. Michael Afar  
160771. Shabsie Adler  
160770. Jonathan We need to make this a society that does not generate hate.
160769. Fred Zuckerberg  
160767. Donna Geller There is no room for hate sites on the Internet, particularly those listed with Google
160766. Stacey Kideckel This is disgusting and appalling to everyone throughout the world.
160765. Ellen Goldman Unacceptable!!!!
160764. jason sidell Remove or I'll use AOL
160763. michelle  
160762. Sharron Parker Remove this immediately!
160761. Brian Weinberg  
160760. Sherman  
160759. Rhianna Shemper  
160758. Susan Schreiber Klein  
160757. Pat Blumenthal I began to read the materials and they reveal a clear anti-Semitic approach
160756. Julian Lee Have we learned nothing in the last 70 yrs?
160755. Lyn Weinberg  
160754. Lauren Berger  
160753. Matz Cohen  
160752. robert sandberg  
160751. Jack Roden  
160750. Lauri Maerov We must all stand up against religious, ethnic and cultural hate-mongering.
160749. Jay Silverberg This list is disgustingly wrong.
160748. Bryan Edgar  
160747. maryjane siegel  
160746. Eileen  
160745. Gordon S. Moshman Have you no decency?
160743. Rachel Neumark Herlands  
160742. Joy Davidoff  
160740. Diane Berg Stop enabling haters to perpetuate their despicable views. Thank you.
160739. Gary Rosenberg  
160738. richard munk  
160737. Mark Orlan Clearly an anti-Semitic site - remove him or move him to the bottom of the scrap heaps
160736. Anne Gershon  
160735. Michael Steinberg  
160734. Barbara Horowitz  
160733. Matthew Schiff  
160732. shlomit mendel shocking to see such site in your search engine
160731. Julius Wishnia Disgraceful
160730. jeanne mazur this is obscene and falacious information about the Jewish people
160729. Emily Kirschenbaum  
160728. Leda Field  
160727. Barbara Andersen Horrible Horrible I will no longer use Google. I normally use it at least once a day.
160726. Vickie Archiveque  
160725. Jane Ford No place for hatred in this world!
160724. P.A. Estes  
160723. Ben Golsky  
160722. Hilliary Benjamin  
160721. ellie diner  
160720. Liliann Pergament  
160719. Gary D. Vogin, MD  
160718. Elyse Gilbert  
160717. Rhonda Paston  
160716. frederick zimmer  
160715. H. Strouse  
160714. Barbara Weiner  
160713. Beverly Rothfeld  
160712. Sanford Kadish thanks for bringing this atrocity to our attention
160711. Lois Levine  
160710. Andrea Diamond  
160709. Torv carlsen  
160708. andy wolfe  
160707. Elissa Teram  
160706. Kerri M  
160705. Abigail Simkus This is offensive and promotes hatred and bigotry. The views expressed in Jewwatch are not only false and inflammatory, but unlawful. Google should be ashamed to give these sites any airtime at all, much less on the first page of its search engines.
160704. Jodie Velde  
160703. jerald florman  
160702. Cheryl Jameson  
160701. Israel J. Barzak How can you in all good conscience; an honorable and respected website nurture pure and evil hatred?
160700. Jason Rudy  
160699. Donna B Stone  
160698. M. M. Forman  
160697. Vic & Gill miller  
160696. Joanna Miller  
160695. Barry Abels  
160694. Peggy Mandell  
160693. Rachel Warnick Petty  
160692. Barbara Sperber  
160691. David  
160690. Asher Schachter  
160689. Jorge Rubinstein E.  
160688. Steven Kwitel please remove!
160687. Susan Hadash  
160686. steve albert  
160685. Harold Chenven  
160684. Quentin Fanelli  
160683. William Hollin remove now
160682. Barbara Davis please remove this offensive site
160681. Zachary Colman This website is one of the most offensive things I have ever seen. I respect that he wishes to research a certain subject, but he is denouncing an entire people. It's essentially verbal genocide.
160680. Brad Pelman  
160678. Manfred Brecker  
160677. fran besdin How could you leave this tripe on your wonderful search engine?
160676. Sharon  
160675. April Hepburn Please get rid of this highly objectionable material asap!
160674. Marvin Horenfeldt  
160673. Jay Bernstein  
160672. Robert Smith  
160671. paul weiser It is a disgusting and offensive site.
160670. Michael Feinberg  
160669. leonard meisels  
160668. Barbara Green  
160667. Jack Hoppenstein  
160666. Stephan Goldstein  
160665. Rev John R. Odams  
160664. Ronald Brandwein  
160663. susan mindlin  
160662. ED BLOOM  
160661. Stephanie Yellin-Mednick please remove this site from your search engine
160660. Andrea Tabak  
160659. steven mandell  
160658. Michacel Pierce  
160657. Michel Meijer a disgrace this web page
160656. myrna zaret  
160655. Paul Sullivan  
160653. ariel brodsky  
160652. Julius Bell Unbelievably awful and anti-semitic
160651. noam gil or  
160650. sandra turner I want this removed from Google
160649. GERALD M BROWN  
160648. Joseph corn  
160647. grinfeld, aviva  
160646. Paul Rosenberg  
160645. r benardout  
160644. Joyce Ben-Ezra  
160643. Annette Moshman I am disgusted at this blatant example of hatred for Jewish people
160642. howard berman This is not Free Speech !
160641. Marianne  
160640. John Meszaros ?
160639. itamar  
160638. richard stieglitz  
160637. bernard brandspiegel  
160636. Igor Steiman  
160635. phi wayne  
160634. Philip Abecassis  
160633. Michael H.M. Brown  
160632. Irwin Riezenman  
160631. Carol Roberts I am disappointed in Google and believe that it should not continue to promote anti-semitic sites.
160630. Evelyn Marvel  
160629. Allan Freedman  
160628. Sidney Kass  
160627. linda randall  
160625. jeff feld  
160624. Trudi Kelsey In order for PEACE to reign world-wide, Love must come from within each human being. Stop this negative hateful action, NOW!
160623. Ashley  
160622. Linda Hakerem  
160621. Dr. Comilda Weinstock  
160620. Susan Curtis  
160619. Trevor Gerson  
160618. Ann Lewkowitz  
160617. Melvin Diamond  
160616. Ellen Polley we are one
160615. Marcy  
160614. Y. Botnick  
160613. David Hettler  
160612. Stacia Rubinovich  
160611. violet Pollack  
160610. david brown  
160609. Hal Leshner  
160608. Rebekah Narli  
160607. gila katz  
160606. Leonard  
160604. Abby Seigle It is disburbing that google allows a site such as this
160603. a mitchell  
160602. Carole Greene  
160601. david brown  
160600. zeghbib yolande  
160599. Rochelle Schlachter  
160598. Lois Dranikoff Freedom of speech is one thing, this site is pure slander
160597. Andrea Piner so sick
160596. myrna lord  
160595. lorin s in this day and age i can't believe this is on
160594. RYNDERMAN  
160593. MOSHE A. KAGAN Please act ASAP
160592. Charles J. Rajca I am not of Jewish decent, but recognize the hatred of this site!
160591. Brenda Grobman  
160590. Meryl Gair  
160589. Ruby Rubin  
160588. Barbara Rosenblatt Such garbage is pitiful
160587. Ari Malka  
160586. Nicole Levy  
160585. Susan Friedman  
160584. a klein  
160583. Dan Bessie under the pretense of scholarship, this man spews vile anti-semetic filth. Google should remove his site immediately.
160582. lisa reik Keep up the good work!
160581. c walton remove this sight immediately
160580. Steve Landau  
160579. Dottie Miller this is a disgrace
160578. B. Ovadia  
160577. judith r Schermer  
160576. michael gold would you post a similar article about blacks?
160575. Orna Z.  
160574. liz medrish  
160573. Michael Schwarz  
160572. frederick J. Gould A real disgrace
160571. Vivienne Conn google's explanation on jew watch and its offensiveness is not good enough
160570. ELLY GUTTMAN  
160569. Warren and Donna B. Levin  
160568. Frieda Jonassohn  
160567. Susan Gold this is not acceptable
160566. Cary A. Storchan  
160565. Louis Colagreco Jr.  
160564. marylinda bendayán Discusting
160563. Frieda J.  
160562. Maxine I. Goldberg  
160561. Barbara Friedman a disgrace
160560. karen fromm  
160559. Samy Ouanounou  
160558. James Harte  
160556. Maurice Amzallag  
160555. Dorothy Zolkwer  
160554. Michael Lustig  
160553. Mima Jackson  
160552. Ilene Cranin  
160551. morton schnessel  
160550. Arthur Gertler M.D.  
160549. Robert G. Butler  
160548. kay isbell get this site off the net
160547. Ross M. Goodman  
160546. Dione L. Danis this is an urgent matter!
160545. e eklove  
160543. Harold Lass  
160542. Joan Delevie Please remove site
160541. Sylvie Abramson  
160540. Richard Tartakoff  
160539. Jerry Hyman presents nauseating lies and demonic hatred for Jews -
160538. David Warner I no Longer use Google
160537. Evvy mankowitz  
160536. sydney faye-davis  
160535. shelley singer  
160534. Barry Katzman  
160533. Daniel Cohen  
160532. Sheldon Kasdan  
160531. Steven CSaylors REMOVE
160530. Barbara S. Crane  
160529. Henry Brandis  
160528. Rosalind Kaye Take this site off google it is anti sematic and disgusting
160527. Richard Samuel  
160526. Harvey Finkel  
160525. Cindy drazin  
160524. sheldon kupferman  
160523. Frank Kay Not only should this unadularated garbage be removed from your site but legal action should be taken to remove this human waste from society.
160522. marilyn oremland  
160521. Antonietta Dittrich None of this is true
160520. Jules Roistacher  
160519. Clara Berg  
160518. Jonathan Herbert  
160517. Michele Rubin  
160516. Roberta Seifert, Ph.D.  
160515. ALLEN SUSSWEIN The site is highly antisemitic and all lies.
160514. Gary Kellam  
160513. Lloyd N Nevel  
160512. Suzanne Hodel  
160511. Gerald Levine  
160510. Sandy  
160509. Marsha Lewin  
160508. Batsheva Kasdan  
160507. Karen Bli  
160506. Wendy Diamond  
160505. Deb Fineman please remove site
160504. Al Altman  
160503. Helen Kates  
160502. Gerri Patterson  
160501. Diana Grinshpan Shame on Google. Am tempted to sell stock
160500. Marsha Zvonkin-Sterba  
160499. Miriam Baum despicable
160498. Rich Manson  
160497. Mr.W.Glen Cawker Google Team ! Explanation of how this 'Jew Watch' stuff got into your site,appears as a half hearted apology which is not really good enough. I believe that you should remove the data completely, and would very much go along with the other signees of this petition.You can put us down as two more please.
160496. david  
160495. jim comen  
160494. Judy Siegfried  
160493. ArnoldRatner  
160492. Tamara Finn  
160491. David DeNola  
160490. Angela Davis  
160489. boris  
160488. B Fierstein  
160487. Robert A. Cohen  
160486. Frank C Miller  
160485. lawrence b. karp  
160484. gregg Ê
160483. Jon Clinch  
160482. jerry wolok  
160481. Sandra  
160479. Eva Brown  
160477. Daniel Schwartz  
160476. Erin  
160475. Gal Shani  
160474. Maxine Musick  
160473. Alisa Gitlin-Petlak  
160472. Judie Banks  
160471. roberta  
160470. Bruce Ritholtz  
160469. Steve Hull This is important simply because it is a misleading hate site. The problem is that the site claims to be "scholarly" in content when it is truly hateful in content, without any real truth, which is exactly opposite of what they claim. This is a site that is aimed to produce new anti-semitic recruits by means of wilely misinformation. How good are the google search results if they bring up MISinformation?
160468. debbie lemmerman  
160467. Michel Norman How can you let yourselves be a tool for this filth?
160466. Stewart Silverberg  
160465. PAZ  
160464. Gary Krasner  
160463. marta Braverman  
160462. Rebecca  
160461. Milton Ebner  
160460. melvin kopilnick  
160459. MOTTY  
160458. Elissa Tree As a human being, any site that denegrates another human should be removed.
160457. Wendy Lazar This is hate mongering in a most contemptible form! There is a limit when an individual's right to free speech conflicts with another's right to life and liberty.
160456. Bill Anfang  
160455. Susan Yakir  
160453. Dr. Melvin J. Remba for shame!
160452. claire watson enough is eough stop all this hatred NOW
160451. Crystal Hawk  
160450. Luciana Sender Scatena  
160449. inessa it is a disgrace
160448. Faith Blumenstock  
160447. Joyce Anderson  
160446. Aviv Metz  
160445. Uncle Gooson Don't hate us becuase we are better that you, and that we control most of the economy
160444. Dani Greenblatt  
160443. Michael Goldman OFFENSIVE SITE
160442. Alicia  
160440. Sheldon Darlow  
160439. Mike Cohen  
160438. Ariane eisman  
160437. jack  
160436. Adrienne Goldfeder Turok  
160435. gerry verdoner  
160434. Ron Stell this site is really bad and should be removed
160433. WILMA LEFF  
160432. joe devorkin  
160431. Paula Goldberg  
160430. Edward Rosenbaum  
160429. Evelyn Selig  
160428. Rabbi Paul Levenson Google must remove this site altogether!
160427. Marc Rodstein Awful hate site, do not promote this!
160426. Egon Fromm Outrageous, at best!
160425. Mitchell Cohen  
160424. Joan Holman why is this total hate site first on your listing???
160423. a.s.
160422. Barry Appel  
160421. Karen  
160420. lucy hirsh  
160419. JEROME LEFF  
160418. Elizabeth Elias  
160417. Joanna Berens  
160416. marion silberstein  
160415. Paula Erez  
160414. B. Robert Anderson There is more than enough hatred in the world without these falacious and irrational comments.
160413. Martin vanGelder  
160412. I. Lichterman  
160411. Carol Berlin  
160410. Meryl Berliner  
160409. Avi Poster I have long wondered, even as an ardant supporter of First Amendment rights, why Google would allow this kind of anti-semetic rhetoric to be featured on its site. There is a limit based on reason as to what is apporpriate. PLEASE remove this site from your engine.
160408. Ellen K. Sklar  
160407. Rosalind F. Fink  
160406. Walter Halpern why not muslim warch???
160405. Naomi Stoffman  
160404. M. DOBKIN  
160403. dan halbert  
160402. Bertram J. Spiwak MD  
160401. Jeff Wilson  
160400. Bonnie Saylors There are no words for the disgust I feel!
160398. Elizabeth Maxwell  
160397. philip ifrah  
160396. Diane J. Klein  
160395. Mitchel S Ross  
160394. George E. Von Behren  
160393. Marshall Sigel  
160392. Mildred Rosenbaum  
160391. Sandra Handsher  
160390. Marjorie Gilbert  
160389. Pamela Rimmer  
160388. Joel Kauffman  
160387. ezriel munk  
160386. Lisa Braunstein  
160385. Emery I. Klein  
160384. Ruth Berkowitz A SICK Person
160383. Arnold Smith  
160382. Dorothy Lipton  
160381. N. Stern  
160380. David Carmell This is an afront tto descency
160379. Don Citron shocked Google would allow such an obvious anti-semitic site to exist
160378. Madeline Scott disgusting.
160377. Rhoda S. Gellen  
160376. gabe meyer it just dosen't need to be on the search engine
160375. Francie Bay Smith  
160374. Rebecca Vivian Luft Sinclaire  
160373. aliza  
160372. Dorit Silber Remove from google!!!
160371. Victor The World needs tolerance and understanding from all its people.
160370. phyllis and arnold morris get this off your network...antisemitic
160369. Bob Handleman  
160368. Paul Berman Google should not support or make money on hate sites
160367. James F. Grossman  
160366. Jeffrey Levy MD FACR algorithm or no Google needs a sronger statement for those who stumble on the site
160365. Debbie  
160364. Adolph Berman  
160363. jenny hirsz  
160362. Howard L. Jaffe  
160361. Cy Nisenfeld If it's not removed, I and my family will discontinue Google as our home page and will no longer use gmail
160360. Elizabeth and Edward Marks A terribly offensive website - must be removed!
160359. Naomi Zinner  
160358. Leonard Eisenstein  
160357. dalia berlin urgent attention to this matter!
160356. Ronne Mickey  
160355. Raymond Goldstein  
160354. ben lepp  
160352. Lorraine Loshin  
160351. Yefim Fridman  
160350. marsha lerman  
160349. leslie axler  
160348. Jodi L. Schorr  
160347. shara remove the site-this is unacceptable!!
160346. Jeff Freedman  
160345. j. lebow This is a sickening site and certainly google should not even require a petition to remove this hateful excrement. Where is the conscience of the Google C.E.O's is what I ask. I'm sure if this was a site against would have been removed long ago...if it would even have appeared at all on Google! Shame!! Please do the right thing and remove this site forthwith!
160344. Samuel Grossman  
160343. Donna Weitzman  
160342. Kurt Merl It is shameful for google to print anything negative about any religion
160341. isaac neumann HATE IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
160340. Stanley Stein Please remove from Google search engine
160339. Michael D. Gershon If you want to repeat the holocaust, let this go unchecked
160338. judi struminger  
160337. Norman Stark  
160336. David Madora  
160335. Harold Kofman  
160334. batia  
160333. Lavi Shay  
160332. Tracy Wood  
160331. Scott Shore  
160330. Lia Wasserman  
160329. harry choder  
160328. deborah sepinwall  
160327. James Hackman  
160326. Seth Jonas  
160325. Gary Do it google. Your conscience.
160324. ron harris  
160323. Bettye J. Babb We should not perpetuate hatred
160322. jean steinberg  
160321. Terry Smilen The time for tolerance is now. Enough is enough.
160320. Martin Lazar  
160319. Shimmy Cohen Remove jewwatch from your search engine
160318. Marshal S. Granor, Esq. In 2007? Not an acceptable forum for intelligent discussion
160317. Natalie Lyons  
160316. Rear Admiral Herb Bridge, USN(Ret)  
160315. Roberta Oberlander  
160314. Alan Reisler  
160313. Deborah Sarner Houshour  
160312. Richard Jacobson  
160311. Brenda Landau  
160310. Danielle Greathouse  
160309. Ronnie Schonzeit
160307. Harriet Diamond  
160306. Ruth Collier  
160305. claudia wainer  
160304. S. Levenson  
160303. Lou Pearson  
160302. Alexis Setty  
160301. Julie Ratner  
160300. Raymond A Lieberman What a lethal crock Jew Watch is! Erase it!
160299. abigailcohen outrageous !!!
160298. Anne Kabo  
160297. shari isacowitz  
160296. K. Bernstein  
160295. Andrew Schonzeit  
160294. Sonya Stern  
160293. caz isted  
160292. Rachel Finkelstein  
160291. dave  
160290. David Subotky Outrageous bigotry, as usual
160289. Joseph Blank  
160288. Kielbik  
160287. Barry Youngerman If Google continues to remove some sites, this one certainly deserves to go
160286. Laura konviser  
160285. Barry W. Brian  
160284. Yigael Chetrit  
160283. miriam smaller  
160281. janice weintraub  
160280. Marlene Weinstein This is offensive to me.
160279. Barbara Ginther Awful! Terrible! Remove it!
160278. Irene Lober I can't believe that Google would allow this to take place. Please remove from your search engine. It's a must.
160277. David Geller Kindly remove this link from Google searches.
160276. Robert Harris  
160275. Ivan Tobias Shame on Google!!!!!
160274. Haim Wiesel My god I dont belive this is going on, lets learn from the last world war not help recreate it by allowing this to continue.
160273. adi  
160272. Iris Robinson Very antisemetic writings
160271. Fred Hirshfeld  
160270. P. Malmuth Google wont get any business from me!
160269. Reuben Tatz  
160268. Kathleen Spitzer  
160267. Diane Landau  
160266. Khersonsky Felix This site promotes nazism at it worst
160265. bernice berger I can't believe that google would permit this!
160264. annette herstic  
160263. Marna Van Horn  
160262. Karen Sullivan  
160261. Yoni Zvi  
160260. Alan & Gail Koss Google should know, and do, better!
160259. Rachel Wolf  
160258. Byron Moss  
160256. roberta radford  
160255. Josh Miller  
160254. richard silberg  
160253. Lauren Blumenthal  
160252. David Simmons  
160251. Ira Allan Please Remove
160250. darren  
160249. carlos  
160248. Gina Milano  
160247. Mrs.M. Finkelstein  
160246. Orit Shorshi  
160245. Leonard J. Queen This is a site that spews hatred.
160244. Binyamin Lemkin  
160243. jeffrey shwaid  
160242. Martin Donner  
160241. mindy  
160240. Harold Wittcoff  
160239. d deitsch  
160237. TYellin  
160236. Anita Rosenzweig  
160235. michael sternbach  
160234. Smadar Rinat  
160233. Alice Alekman  
160232. Hal Scherzer  
160231. Nanci Freedman  
160230. V Ressler Just do the right thing - remove!
160229. David Brooks  
160228. Carrie Doppelt  
160227. L. Solomon remove from google search now!!!!!!!!!please
160226. Judi Fang Disgusting. Please remove!
160225. Randi Ostroff  
160224. heather levy  
160223. paul Shankman  
160222. Charlotte Leonard thank you
160221. Harriette&Jerry Abel Disgraceful
160220. stuart rak  
160219. Jack Litz trash, trash and just more trash
160218. George Grissom  
160217. H.C.Schumann  
160216. Joni Sinclair  
160215. Lauren Grossman horrendous
160214. Sharon Steinberg  
160213. Esther Schott  
160212. Richard Oriani  
160211. Michelle L. Bloom  
160210. susan amsler  
160209. Arlene Pottok  
160208. barbara weissman  
160207. Max Richmond  
160206. Gary Copoloff  
160205. sara green  
160204. Ilana Sacher  
160203. dan feder  
160202. Narenrdar Adkins  
160201. Harry Pottok  
160200. Sam Richmond  
160199. F Lawless  
160198. Lee Crowell totally unacceptable, remove now!
160197. samuel halperin Stop defamation on Google!
160196. Lowell & bobbye stein  
160195. Tovah Singer  
160194. michal medina  
160193. Shaynee Kessler  
160192. Claire Richmond  
160191. Ann Rothman  
160190. Sheryl Remove
160189. Allan Huth  
160188. Irene absolutely disgusting website
160187. Debra  
160186. Joan Schwartzappel It's a shame something like this appears on a sight like yours.
160185. Michael Friedman  
160184. Ruth Block It is offensive!
160183. Paul Richmond  
160182. Ed Levine  
160181. Renee Cammy  
160180. david glitzer this is reprehensible that it appears second in the list of sites. I am for free speech but what would happen if this was the second link for christian or muslim
160179. Raphael Waknine  
160178. Judy Schneider  
160177. eli brown  
160176. Ann Greathouse  
160175. Robert  
160174. mitchell horowitz  
160173. Saul Silverstein Outrageous and misinformed
160172. Ira Blonder Please Remove ASAP-Very Offensive
160171. James Stern  
160170. Barry E. Bressler  
160169. roy harel  
160168. Judith Subotky  
160167. George Hunt  
160166. Staci Kahn  
160165. Harry Schachter  
160164. Alessa Dostal  
160163. Laurel Lipkin  
160162. Joan Eisner I find this most offensive. It should be removed.
160161. David Eskenazi  
160160. Claudio Lipper  
160159. alex habel you've done it again!
160158. Karen Le Masson  
160157. Shani Fox  
160156. Roger Perlmuter  
160155. Alan Shulman  
160154. Héctor Goldfarb  
160153. Carol Palmer  
160152. Carol Adler  
160151. Solomon Erani  
160150. Jill Butler, MD  
160149. Joan Heller How disgusting that human beings can be so evil
160148. Marv Flower  
160146. susanne linden  
160145. Ann Richardson Good grief!
160144. grace g. glatstein pls. remove this site asap. thanks.
160143. Karen Koven  
160142. Melissa Radgowski  
160141. Stuart Daitch  
160139. Joan Heller How disgusting that human beings can be so evil
160138. Michael Paoletti I agree with this petition.The site must be removed
160137. Bill Tockerman  
160136. Gary H Cohen  
160135. Bruce Boillotat  
160134. Marc Rosenbloom  
160133. limor  
160132. Allan Schneirov  
160131. Marcelo  
160130. kaplan  
160129. robyn sheiniuk  
160128. A. Feinstein  
160127. PAOLA  
160126. Brian Berman  
160125. Hao Huang  
160124. Neil Schwartz  
160123. Mo Levi  
160122. Wendy Freedman  
160121. Arlene Kleinstein This site spews vile and false allegations about Judaism, Jews, and Israel.
160120. Linda Kates  
160119. Sharon Blumberg  
160118. S.Jachimowicz  
160117. David A. Kruger very offensive anti semetic website-remove
160116. robert fischer  
160115. Abraham Resnick  
160114. Weiner  
160113. Don Salem  
160112. IRA SECOULER  
160111. Donna Crupi freedom for hatred is not the first ammendment
160110. Rachel Huang  
160109. James S. Wolf, MD That website is malevolent and is not part of a civilized political discourse and should be eliminated from all search engines.
160108. Irene smiith Please Remove from the Google Search Engine
160107. ira carroll  
160106. samantha fox  
160105. chany klinger  
160104. berenice katzen-cohen  
160103. Pinny Meir  
160102. Irma Steifel  
160101. Donna Kuttner  
160100. Pauline Abed  
160099. Letizia Principato  
160097. André Chitayat  
160096. Kris Torkan  
160095. stacy Horrible!
160094. Martin Cohen Google is supporting racism by allowing this site to come up when goggling "Jew"
160093. leonardo  
160092. Cathy Whalen  
160091. Kalman Fogel They're false and discriminatory
160090. Richard Rockman  
160089. potico  
160088. miriam  
160087. Joan Walston  
160086. melody marks  
160085. Joanne Emerman  
160084. Dr. Robert Resnick remove from Google
160083. potico  
160082. steven fine i do not believe this
160081. polly  
160080. Saul Rubin None needed
160079. Amanda  
160078. Sis Rodner  
160077. peter mechanic  
160076. Jerome Kazzaz  
160075. Jonathan Has anyone questioned the information?
160074. Terry Hickey It is a despicable website!!!!
160073. IRVING BURG Predjudice of any kind does not belong in any search engine or in any form of information distribution. As the leader in information distribution you have an extra duty to deny distribution of any such material.
160072. david lash remove the stain
160070. Israel Ettner  
160069. Harriet Freides  
160068. Irene Engelberg This website is an affront to decent people. Disseminating such anti-semitic garbage is another "tool" for terrorists to use. REMOVE IT. Or at least identify as Anti Semitic Propaganda!
160067. Ely Bar-Ness  
160066. Irene Engelberg This website is an affront to decent people. Disseminating such anti-semitic garbage is another "tool" for terrorists to use. REMOVE IT. Or at least identify as Anti Semitic Propaganda!
160065. A Kelly  
160064. Alexander  
160063. Mindy Kirsh  
160062. Alan Sommerstein  
160061. Yehuda Kleiner Please remove this filth
160060. Ilana Schattner  
160059. allan stern horrible
160058. Jon Warren  
160057. Lily Nesterenko  
160056. mike cohen Google's explanation isn't good enough, if KKK's site came up every time you searched for "black" you wouldn't respond so casually. be responsible and don.t be a vehichle for hate.
160055. Iris Segal I am so disappointed that Google would accept a site such as this one.There's enough hate in the world without adding to it.
160054. Tanisha O'Neal  
160053. L. Miller Absolutely discussing, that's all we need right now.
160052. Ken Stern  
160051. Debra Breningstall what a disappointment in Google. I guess I need to find a new search engine.
160050. Leah Vetter Disgraceful!
160048. Ellen I Kahn  
160047. Pamela Wolf  
160046. denise pressinger this is disgusting and should not be there
160045. Bonnie Schwartz  
160044. Beth M. Hyre I'm not in favor or any kind of censorship, but I do think this should be treated the same way as a porn site
160043. W. Ian Lipkin  
160042. etay beni  
160041. mike koslow  
160040. phil dollman  
160039. Shirley Lewis  
160038. Rabbi Aron Hayum  
160037. Mee Mee Chin  
160036. Mimi Maizlech  
160035. jagodnik  
160034. M.S.  
160033. Malcolm Levene  
160032. cyril george wilde We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem
160031. Myra  
160030. Otto Verdoner  
160029. Lotte G. Schleiff There are enough problems in this world without adding fuel to the fire.
160028. Menucha Cohen  
160027. Rossana Bogorad  
160026. MULLER YACOV  
160025. Menachem Fischer Can you afford to have hatred and potential danger on your hands?
160024. David Grumer This is important.
160023. Arlene Wolf  
160022. Susan Solomon  
160021. Lewis Pasternak this site is an embarrassment to all religions
160020. Debora Lewis  
160019. Moishe Kapoire  
160018. diana karlsen nasty...
160017. robin drutz  
160016. Ruthie  
160015. Daniel This guys hates Jews more than is neccessary
160014. Igor R  
160013. Jonathan Fedler would you aloow a "CatholicWatch?
160012. larry merken  
160011. Tracee Yablon-Brenner  
160010. Danny Wells I'm Outraged
160009. Marie-Claire Herman  
160008. Jody The man is a mental midget. He needs someone to blame for his lack of abilities. Hope he never needs a doctor or a lawyer. They might be a Jew. Hope he never needs any one of the several meds developed by Jew's. He might not make it, and wouldn't that be a shame.
160007. helen merken  
160006. Ronald Chernow  
160005. Gene Crystal  
160004. paula  
160003. Maury Fradkin  
160002. Simcha Schloss  
160001. Rebecca T  
160000. Mark Sherman  
159999. Barbara Nunnally  
159998. DAVID FEDER  
159997. Susan De Witt This is abhorrent and outrageous that Google or any other site would permit this outrageous anti-semitic horror to appear on its site. This is not a "Freedom of Speech" issue in any way, It is just more anti-semitic hate and both Jews and non-Jews must protest.
159996. J. Green  
159995. Lee INCREDIBLE
159994. CARL WOOLF  
159993. Carl Nierenburg Disgusting
159992. Janice Fradkin  
159991. Natasha  
159990. evan greene  
159989. dan rice Remove jewWatch.
159988. david rosenberg  
159987. Jill Rodstein disgusting, this is an affront to everyone, Jew or not.
159986. Larry  
159985. Merle Siegel This site is disgraceful!!
159984. IAN Landau Disgusting site that Google should have monitored
159983. Sylvie Sarel  
159982. seymour robin please take this website off your search
159981. alexa  
159980. Lottie Glass We don't need more jew bashing
159979. Herbert Bernard  
159978. Ethel Fried  
159977. Sergio Ronay  
159976. Moishe It diminishes the honor of Google.
159975. Hedy Esposito  
159974. Jamie Afriat  
159973. Rosario Lindia  
159972. avner galil  
159971. Mollie  
159970. Gary Grossman Please remove ASAP !
159969. Abe Teper I am ashamed of goggle thats requesting 50K signatures!!
159968. MARTIN H. BODIAN  
159967. carla garfinkle  
159966. Henry Rosenfeld  
159965. dina kalina shame on google
159964. RM Share This website represents a pathological and perverse way of thinking and being-in-the-world
159962. sam weinberger sick
159961. karolinski  
159960. keren  
159959. Robert Lindenfeld  
159958. Linda Apple  
159957. Tom Apple  
159956. Alla fridman  
159955. Gompers E.J.L. antisemitic
159954. Barbara Zukin Disgusting!
159953. F. Strashun  
159952. Jean Wecksler remove Jew
159951. Ben Fishman please expedite as quickly as possible!
159950. Janie Siskin  
159949. Ted Greenfield  
159948. Robin S. Halpern  
159947. gozlan  
159946. Derek Aarons  
159944. Evan  
159943. Nancy Tobin  
159942. Mrs. R. Rubin This site is so racist, I can't believe it is legal.
159941. phyllis muller  
159940. Val Chavenson  
159939. ljross  
159938. Steven Polinksy  
159937. Jeremy Schwartz  
159936. Ethel Delman Please remove this highly offensive site.
159935. harvey klipper remove this page
159934. keren  
159933. dave  
159931. Joseph Fagan what a disgrace!
159930. eugene kaplan do what is right-------you serve the public
159929. Miriam Cohen  
159928. lisa antelman the site is full of lies and extremely hateful and dangerous
159927. Julie Gulak  
159926. Shamai Goldstein  
159925. NINA K MOLK  
159924. ellyce weiss  
159923. Ariel Z. Lindenfeld  
159921. VICTOR COHEN  
159920. Steve Berk please remove this site immediately!!!
159919. Peter Luks  
159918. Betty Yaschik It is politically and moraly incorrect to have JewWatch on your seacrch engine
159917. Barry Yudolph no form of racism or antisemitism should be tolerated
159916. Emanuel Steinberg get rid of it
159915. Caroline Radlow Get rid of this!
159914. Janice Harris  
159913. I Becker  
159912. Abraham Kleiman  
159911. lois rosenberg  
159910. Jeff Panzer  
159909. Aaron B. Fox this site creates more hatered in a trouble world.
159908. Ellen Greenberg A terrible thing to happen in 2007
159907. david  
159906. Alexander Levitan Google is better than this.
159905. Dick Rosenberg This reference should be removed immediately
159904. David Cohen  
159903. betsy birnbaum  
159902. Gary Frankford There is no excuse for Google to be listing a violent hate group like It is inexcusable. Please remove this site's listing from your seach engines.
159901. susana Saquen inmediatamente esa definición
159900. Marc Kranitz google this is disgusting!!!!!!!!
159899. david cukier Inappropriate and inaccurate search result
159898. Barbara Bizar  
159897. arlene stolnitz  
159896. Steven Salamon No one is asking that their site be removed from the internet. That would be contrary to the first amendment. But, there's no reason to contribute to their publicity. Please remove them, or list them last, from the google search engine.
159895. prudence spielman  
159894. Juliet Spitzer  
159893. Robyn Newman  
159892. Rose & Steve Joshowitz  
159891. Ian Morris Unacceptable website - antisemitism!
159890. Gary Goodnough  
159889. Gary Apfel  
159888. steve sonnenberg Thanks for your understanding
159887. Deenah This is a disgrace!!!!
159886. Hillel Zeitlin  
159885. J. Weisblatt  
159884. Hinda Glassner Will the world ever leave us in Peace?!
159883. leonard levin Yo Guys'....Google's better than this, no?
159882. jay halpern  
159881. karen feder  
159880. Murray Berkowitz  
159879. Susan Wilner  
159878. Judith S. Diess M.Ed. This site needs to be removed. not positive to jewish people. not factual. Not good in our multicultural society.
159877. Anna Schwartz Take this off
159876. Bernard Shubert  
159875. Linda Blitz-Eccles This site is offensive and should be removed
159874. ron rappoport  
159873. mel weinstein  
159872. Amanda  
159871. Renee Motola  
159870. Rebecca Lander  
159869. Neil James  
159868. Deborah Jay  
159867. brad buchsbaum  
159866. kylah edgin  
159865. B.Skernick  
159864. Joy Cherry Please stop supporting the growing anti-semitism
159863. Raph Posner  
159862. Tuli Hirsch  
159861. Annys Friedman  
159859. Sheldon Lindau This is truly an anti-Semitic site and should be removed from Google's Search results.
159858. Eliu Sapharti I support freedom of speech, but to have the search for the word Jew result in the # 1 site being this filth is beyond comprehension. I am sure you at Google will do the right thing and find a way to remove it.
159857. Lee Caplan  
159856. Meggie Kaplan  
159855. Jack Melnick Disgusting site
159854. Lawrence Goodman  
159853. Yuval  
159852. David & Joan Townsend  
159851. Sebastian Noel please remove that HATE WEBSITE
159850. m.c.harris  
159849. Judith Cohen  
159848. Eli Isak  
159847. Elliott Cohen  
159846. les bresge I think it is disgusting
159845. Suellen Singer  
159844. Michael Kaplan Google should not allow nefarious sites in its search engine
159843. Rafael Maya it is sad to see this kind of hate for any people
159842. Bella Landau  
159841. Donald Gale  
159840. Lauren  
159839. Leonard Zitser  
159838. Judy Eick  
159837. Martin Salwen  
159836. Elaine Fruchtman  
159835. Renen van Niekerk  
159834. nan bugatch  
159833. William I Miller  
159832. Dara Cohen  
159831. Diane Behlman Truly shameful and disgusting. Please remove this from Google.
159830. Gary Corn  
159829. Renee Nir  
159828. Wayne Atkinson  
159827. Jessica Miller  
159826. mildred sharkey All hate google should be removed
159825. Sylvia Mankowitz  
159824. Carol Cohn  
159823. Marinda van Niekerk  
159822. Missotten Francis  
159821. Mike Kent  
159820. maya  
159819. Doris disgraceful
159818. Judith Marcus GET THIS OFF - NOW!!!!
159817. sara milchgrub  
159816. Michael Freedman  
159815. Mark Pollack  
159814. Claudia Bennett  
159813. Ohad Stolarz  
159812. Sydney  
159811. Dr. Harvey Branicky disgusting and racist content
159810. Leo Horowitz Incredible that people still believe this junk
159809. Michael Kaplan  
159808. K. Coleman  
159807. Zev Grossman  
159806. Kenneth N. Klee  
159805. Seth Nissenfeld  
159804. Jennifer Silver  
159803. Fred Haynes  
159802. Marcia Horowitz Remove this now
159801. Tamara Moch  
159800. Marc Spellman  
159799. J Lowenstein  
159798. linda shapiro
159797. ben reitelman get similar sites off
159796. a nooromid  
159795. Steve Roberts  
159794. marvin weiss  
159793. Diane Burman  
159792. Edward Corlin  
159791. Gill Fraser  
159790. Bonnie Laurie  
159789. Gerald Starkman This is not free speech. This is racism of the highest degree.
159788. Judith Hasak You give exposure to bigots.
159787. Maurice  
159786. Cheryl Weiner  
159785. Aaron Siani  
159784. Michal  
159783. Henry Waxman  
159782. Robert Mosenkis  
159781. alex Please remove this offensive site from Google search
159780. Sharon Pevsner  
159779. Phil Enns  
159778. Judith Kirsch  
159777. Myrna Karger Do we really need to give info to the already masses of Jew haters?
159776. Renee Greenspan please remove - this is offensive
159775. guy orner  
159774. pamela gerstenfeld  
159773. Cathy Epton disgusting, please remove
159772. Shelley Warshaw  
159771. Abe Isenberg anti-Jewish--- Resentful
159770. Donald Rabinovitch  
159769. judith fisher please remove this at once.
159768. Limor Uranovsky  
159767. Yori J. Idson  
159766. Linda Murray get rid of it!!!
159765. Warren Heaps  
159764. Ada Rosenmann  
159763. Barak Uranovsky  
159762. Barbara L. Swan  
159761. miron cohen  
159760. richard kirschner  
159759. pearl feldman  
159758. Michael Housman  
159757. George Liss  
159756. G schwartz Please have this removed. It is vial and does not represent your organization well.
159755. esther farkovits  
159754. Arnold Collens  
159753. Leo Price  
159752. cindy barry  
159751. barbara terris sites like this only fuel hatred, and hate crimes.
159750. Dan Green this is a hate site
159749. carole taub Deplorable!
159748. Miriam Leah Kaufmann  
159747. Jack Bitton  
159746. Bruce Hausman  
159745. Howard Gail spreading haterade with a facade of rationalism and profesionalism hiding a low emotion of primitive haterade beneath - this man is a villain and should not be given a stage here or elsewhere.
159744. Edward Kuperman The poison on this site is worse than a computer virus. It has the ability to infect humans.
159743. madlen yes, this site should be removed from google and yotube site
159742. Fred Borovoy Contents of this site are shocking & disgusting
159741. Robert G Cohen  
159740. Lauren  
159739. Anabel  
159738. Patricio Seelenberger  
159737. Martin Grossman  
159736. Grant Edgson Please take this hate off of Google
159735. Larry Rose  
159734. Helen Shefts  
159733. Jacob Giller  
159732. Leci Silveira  
159731. tobi suarez  
159730. Valerie Chau  
159729. simcha shapiro  
159728. Aviv Segev  
159727. Asaf Hod  
159726. judith carman  
159725. Myron B. Axelrod insidious !!
159724. Neal  
159723. Sheri Levin  
159722. phil berman  
159721. Batia  
159720. Anna Berne  
159719. Harvey Allen  
159718. Sander Coven  
159717. Vickie Gale  
159716. Vera  
159715. Debbie Kagan  
159714. Mark Geschwind  
159713. Karan Engerman  
159712. Danah Bat Khol  
159711. anne gontownik  
159710. Cara Stamler  
159709. Lee Landis  
159708. joe sasson  
159707. Amanda Fish  
159706. Johana  
159705. Marcia S. Bornfriend  
159704. james vallas  
159703. Ann P. Lewis  
159702. aviva weber  
159701. Mira D Bergen Please remove this anti-semetic site
159700. Samuel Levy  
159699. Rae Cohen  
159698. Carol J. Caplan  
159697. Mike Weinstein Please remove from googles search
159696. Gabriel Behr  
159695. richard smith  
159694. lori street-ames  
159693. Martin Okin  
159692. joyce pedvis  
159691. mitchell geisler disgusting, please remove at once
159690. Judy Schneider  
159689. Harry Fisch  
159688. Karen Fisch  
159687. Joel Biterman  
159686. Colleen Bass  
159685. Roxy Whitside please take this off your sight or say what it really is " Hate information"
159684. Jane  
159683. Debra Levy  
159682. tracey kornblum  
159680. Sharon Kaufman  
159679. Elaine Malek  
159677. Shevi Satz  
159676. jenifer williams  
159675. Daniel C. Smolens  
159674. Steve Wiggett  
159673. Benaya Doron google should promote facts, and accurate information. not oppinions and unbased theories written as facts
159672. RANDI BARRON  
159671. Nelson H.Rudelier Need there be any comments?
159670. Timothy Eppel  
159669. ellen fitz  
159668. jordan green offensive site
159667. Dr. Steven Albert  
159666. Jane Cohen  
159665. allan handleman  
159664. Dorothy Starr  
159663. Andrew Teitelbaum  
159662. Elaine The site is disgusting and I won't use google again until the offensive site is removed
159661. joyce Prenner keep this petition going
159660. Casey F. Onik  
159659. Stephanie Adwar Let's not encourage this kind of bigotry and hatred!
159658. arlene & Joel Brash  
159657. Jeremy Hausman  
159656. steven perelman  
159655. Suzi Wainer  
159654. Regina Evans  
159653. Julie Hiroto Not only is it anti-semitic spew, it's a really ugly website, too.
159652. harold harris  
159651. joel elefant  
159650. Chanoch Pnini  
159649. Samuel Flicki  
159648. Yona G  
159647. edith VERY DISAPPOINTING !!
159646. Jay Nisenfeld  
159645. Andrew Grumer  
159644. Ernest Cutler  
159643. Steve Lazar  
159642. Tova Pnini  
159641. Rita Siegle  
159640. J Rocks  
159639. yum b  
159638. shlomo saad not acceptable to me
159637. r resnick  
159636. Cynthia Hoberman  
159635. Mark Zitser  
159634. Eleanor Goldstick HORRIBLE
159633. Marilyn Lazar  
159632. Lawrence Cohn  
159631. Daniel F. Giallombardo This trash needs to go out!
159630. Hannah Berson It's unacceptable to have this appear on your search engine.
159629. Harriette Korngut  
159628. Ed Goldstein  
159627. Fred Korngut  
159626. Carol Mark  
159625. Kaaren Craig  
159624. Michael Caplan  
159623. andy leitner down with jewhaters
159622. Michael Katz  
159621. Harriet Phillips This is terrible and in extremely bad taste.
159620. Linda Ackerbaum  
159619. S Feldman Undocument lies are a very dagerous form of free speech.
159618. DEBORAH RAB  
159617. Dominic This site should be banned from Google
159616. Muriel Wilks  
159615. S. Donovan  
159614. Mary M. Kempenich  
159613. rosi  
159612. Lawrenc e Rosenthal  
159611. ste hawkins  
159610. amy wolfson  
159609. Derek Hamill  
159608. Walter Kasell This is not worthy of Google.
159607. Martin Itzkowitz  
159606. Alan Gordon  
159605. Ruby R. Benjamin  
159604. marshall oreck  
159603. sheldon H. Kay  
159602. Galit Mendelson  
159601. Phyllis why hasn't this been removed from several years ago.
159600. Howard B Rudy  
159599. Karen Barr  
159597. GARY DAGUL  
159596. Joanne  
159595. Mark halpern  
159594. Phyllis Itzkowitz  
159593. Maxine Buchholtz  
159592. Edis Kittrell  
159591. Marion F. Adler  
159590. alyse millstein  
159589. Reuve Argov  
159588. Anna Ottolenghi  
159587. S.Walsh Please remove immediately
159586. Peter and Judith Sly APPALLING. Remove this!
159585. Sally E Cohen, MD  
159584. Karen Herrmann Fishelson  
159583. Robert Hayman  
159582. Richard Kosoff  
159581. Larry Kahn  
159580. debra darvick  
159579. Harris D Gulko  
159578. Joel Kruger  
159577. Robert Hayman  
159576. Allyson Tomchin  
159575. vicki york This is incitement to hatred and very destructive in every way
159574. Bea Oster By having this on the web, google is responsible for aiding anti-semitism
159573. s pensel this is spewing hatred. frightening. offensive
159572. Kevin Durkin  
159571. susan benamram Take a stand.
159570. Bernardo Rubinstein  
159569. Diane Eckert  
159568. shirley  
159567. Ralph S. Baker, Ph.D.  
159566. susan friedman  
159564. Joan Vondracek I couldn't believe this pops up on search engine as number 1. Shame on you. If, because of the first ammendment you must keep it, put it further down on the search engine.
159563. ilan blech  
159562. Daniel Blumberg  
159561. Paul Rubin  
159560. Mark Segal  
159559. hershel wein  
159558. Barbara Rodriguez  
159557. Eva Polonsky  
159556. Ashne  
159555. carin thyssen  
159554. Nana Koch I opened the site and was appalled that it was among the first that come up when jew is put into the search. What has this organization paid to place their site among the first. Google should be ashamed!
159553. Lou Blady  
159552. carla  
159551. Adam Glantz No hate speech on the Internet
159550. Larry Hill  
159549. Marvin Zandberg  
159548. sharon  
159547. William Platt  
159546. Mel Borrin  
159545. Irv remove
159544. B.Stein  
159542. LINDA WEISBLUM this site is disgusting
159541. C. Stein  
159540. Linda Cobb  
159539. David Zolt  
159538. Andree Larson For shame.
159537. Kate Friedman Please act quickly!!
159536. Lorraine Golden  
159535. dor g  
159534. a schweitzer  
159532. Marcia Saul  
159531. Abe Patlove  
159530. Brenda Copoloff  
159529. Linda Naslund  
159528. Barbara Katz  
159527. Marlene Mlawski  
159525. Lyle Pullan  
159524. Andrew Dales  
159523. Felicia Beasley This is imperative
159522. Ofir arad`  
159521. Steven Rodman  
159520. Alvan Siegel  
159519. Sam Yosemite  
159518. Gladys R. Stone Names on this petition should not be shared with anyone other than Google.
159517. Sabina Weitzman  
159516. Kerry Newsome  
159515. Lori Ulmer  
159514. Rinat  
159513. p goldenberg  
159512. Lawrence Levy Unless, of course, you endorse this website
159511. Jennifer Brion pleae remove this web site
159510. Linda Samuels  
159509. CHarles  
159508. Rhea Troffkin  
159507. michael silverman ichs
159506. Daniel Bizer  
159505. Linda Samuels  
159504. Michael S.Strauss  
159503. diana yegen please remove all biased sites, we don't need more hatred in the world. The internet should help the people of the world unite in peace not in hatred. Thank you.
159502. alison melson  
159501. Kathi Berson  
159500. ben ryterband  
159499. Michael Saiet  
159498. Rosemary Hutzley  
159497. miriam Rubinson  
159496. Michael Storch Please remove "JewWatch: from your search engine.
159495. Elaine Friedman Thank you.
159494. orly kenneth  
159493. larry evans  
159492. Ellen Kershner It's been 3 years, please remove it!
159491. Sofia Abecassis  
159490. Ellen Rosenthal  
159489. Hyman Slavin I firmly believe that " has absolutely no place in your web site re: jew
159488. Jonathan Rivin  
159487. Marilyn Rubin  
159486. Carol Shamoon  
159485. Elizabeth N. Siegel  
159484. Gayle C. Kerner  
159483. D Lerner  
159482. Sam Nahem  
159481. Jonathan Benjamin  
159480. Joe Fisher this is not acceptable I will boycot google
159479. Jeff and Tami Carmer  
159478. Danny Nachmani  
159477. Elizabeth Veszi  
159476. David Shamoon  
159475. Sonja Feldsher educational????????? hardly
159474. Andrew Kozinn  
159473. Oreet Fagen Please remove this discriminating site
159472. ed levy  
159471. Laura Jasphy  
159470. Sura Rubenstein  
159469. Carol F Actor This is deplorable
159468. Tamar Davis  
159467. Farzam Farshad  
159466. Estela  
159465. Seija Putkonen  
159464. marni get it off
159463. D Hoffman Please do this!
159462. elliott remove it
159461. Frances Bramen The views here are skewed towards hatred/prejudice!
159460. Aaron Puretz please remove Jew Watch
159459. Fran Lotery Unacceptable in civilized country!
159458. Toby Anne Levi I believe in freedom of speech but this is just plane hate speech.
159457. Nechama Lapa  
159456. Shirley Finchler  
159455. Michael  
159454. Larry Peck  
159453. Yvette B. Arian  
159452. Alberto Simpser  
159451. Todd and Susan Edwards  
159450. Stuart Zwelling  
159449. Stuart R. and Yoelles Josephs  
159448. gideon  
159447. Efrat  
159446. Shirley Weitzman  
159445. Cindy Burman  
159444. Genny Lemeshev  
159443. hagai cohen  
159441. Benny  
159440. Charles Frank Get rid of this vile hatred
159439. Holber remove jewwatch from google search engine
159438. Melissa Motkin  
159437. Victor Arrobas  
159436. Gina Milligan Absolutely revolting! I thought we had evolved past such absolutist thinking. I was obviously wrong.
159435. Elizabeth Singer  
159434. Edward Druzinsky  
159433. Michael Bitton  
159432. C. Westman  
159431. Dan  
159430. vladi  
159429. Marsha Golob  
159428. peter runge  
159427. Joseph Pinsky  
159426. Karen Lanson  
159425. Rebecca Millman  
159424. S. Wenger  
159423. Jord Rosenstein hate promoting website
159422. jeffrey mirel  
159421. David Pearl  
159420. Marcus Scoler  
159419. Robert  
159418. Arwen Kuttner  
159417. Ariel Plotkin  
159416. mary epstein  
159415. Morgan take off
159414. lorna graff  
159413. Dee Rosensky why would you let this be there
159412. rick cohen  
159411. Sue LaTendresse  
159410. Beverly Hope this helps!!!!
159409. Jeffrey Weil  
159408. Barry Kittay  
159407. Helen Kariv Typical of Google..What?! You're surprised?!
159406. David Nathan Bitton  
159405. Joyce Luchtenberg please remove
159404. Sam Davis  
159403. Joel Lutterman  
159402. Doug Rosensky this needs to be removed now now
159401. Mitchell Woldoff  
159400. Jeanne Schnitzen  
159399. Ephraim Litterman  
159398. Elliot Olster  
159397. Edward Lidz  
159396. Allan J. Weiner  
159395. Nora Lyman  
159394. Doug Rosensky take this off
159393. Shari House,  
159392. Asaf Klim  
159391. Bruce Sholk  
159390. Renee Wilkotz  
159389. natasha levy  
159388. Ira Lobis  
159387. andrea deblinger  
159386. Marcy Pollack Google should be penalizedfor havingthissite
159385. Susan Blatt Don't be evil, remove from Google!
159384. portia harcus  
159383. Janine Cohen  
159382. cindy silver  
159381. Seymour Rose  
159380. Rhoda Friedman  
159379. Lisa Reynolds  
159378. Irit Please remove!
159377. Isaak Gokh Please remove this anti-semetic material
159376. Geoffrey Cohen  
159375. David Casirer  
159374. H. Fenders This is a hateful anti-semitic site that is shameful to be on the Google Search Engine
159373. Gayle Green  
159372. Sue  
159371. Bert Soltoff I fully endorse this request. When will people stop discriminating against others? When the world comes to an end because of bigotry?
159370. Juliya Golant  
159369. Alex Kurgatnikov  
159368. C. Dean Barnes, Montreal, Canada  
159367. David Otis  
159366. Frances O. Bramen This is a hate site! Beliefs are so skewed due to their anti-sematic ideas.
159365. `Michele Rodri obcene
159364. Barbara Goldberg  
159363. joan friedman  
159362. jacob plotkin  
159360. Robert Fishman  
159359. j fritz  
159358. alan c. winters  
159357. Aliza Goldstein  
159356. Bernard Kahn  
159355. Linda Cline...non Jewish This site should be filed under anti sematism. I believe in free speech but to have this website come up first is not ok with me. why not list a website that gives an unbiased report on Jews or even an overview of hx of jews. would something anti gentile come up for the listing gentile?
159354. Dennis Kulpas  
159353. Joan karff  
159352. Edie Glazer  
159351. Yaakov Weintraub  
159350. Anne Heller There is sufficient hatred and inflammatory literature available without adding more fuel to the fire.
159349. Justin Selig  
159348. Fred Lederman Google should be embarrassed to support anti-semetic actions from these scumbags
159347. Peg Grossman just remove it.
159346. Jack Moshman  
159345. Diana Ashkenasy Shame on you Google to support such a site. Would you dare to support a "N"watch site? I think not.
159344. Howard Shopper  
159343. Cynthia Selmon  
159342. ronald kutz hateful
159341. Marcia Ferrell  
159340. art carter  
159339. bruce a pollak  
159338. Jeff Weiner  
159337. heather gordon  
159336. Faith Kaplan  
159335. Naomi Schwartz this hate filled site should have no place on google
159334. Rita Kramer This is a disgrace, shame on Google!
159333. GILL NEWTON  
159332. laura flug  
159331. Mark Flicop  
159330. jack dombrowsky  
159329. boublil elie unbearable
159328. Linda Kosh  
159327. simon sebag-montefiore  
159326. renata  
159325. Diane Klecan  
159323. Joel and Janet Westelman  
159322. Ellen  
159321. Jack Gold  
159320. Judy Remove
159319. Randi Greenwald  
159318. Michelle Fanwick  
159317. Kate Erlich This is a very hateful website, pls remove
159316. Paul Pelz This is a racist web site that does not belong on the web or anywhere else. It only promotes hatered towards a minority group or groups.
159315. John Korothy please remove ASAP
159314. Kathryn Metcalf  
159313. Klein  
159312. Andrew Stevens If this website is not taken off - I will cease to use Google and will ensure all my friends and associates do the same. Google should be ashamed allowing this website the use of their system.
159311. Debra Martin  
159310. Henry Fischler  
159309. g. miller  
159308. Iwan  
159307. nancy parker  
159306. Jack potok This site is obscene
159305. constancekanarek  
159304. Sari Shatil  
159303. Janet Brodsky  
159302. Aki Fleshler  
159301. omid  
159300. Jeannette Brinch Please remove this site from the Google Search Engine - it is full of lies.
159299. Avraham  
159298. avi matatiaho  
159297. sam ijadi  
159296. Kristi Oman  
159295. Mouris Nassimi  
159294. Steven Kaplan  
159293. betsy brody It is an outrage that this site should pop up first when doing a search of "jew"
159292. Shani Fischer  
159291. Roman Weingarten  
159290. Fred De Ronda  
159289. jacquelinebereskin  
159288. Janet Horowitz  
159287. Betsy Feuer  
159286. Melanie Meltzer This is an awful site. please remove it. thank you
159285. sheldon klein  
159284. Francia Tobacman Iurge you to remove
159283. Howard Giller pls remove immediately
159282. Joan Shopper  
159281. Shlomy Halawani  
159280. Max Slivka  
159279. Robeert J. Mandel, MD  
159278. Henrietta Skip Himelstein It is difficult to believe that in this day and age, antisemitism is tolerated.
159277. Annie klein  
159276. John D. Cartmill  
159275. allan feingertz  
159274. Mark Hurwit Remove it from the first 100 hits
159273. Garin Toren  
159272. RAUL  
159271. M. Sacher  
159270. Louis Schneider  
159269. Donna F. Cannie please stop the hate on the internet
159268. Jeremy Rich Please remove this site from your search list
159267. Sylvia Schneider  
159266. Lynne K.  
159265. dorit  
159264. Paul Alders This web site is a ppaling to display!!!
159263. Tiffany Shaer please remove!
159262. Nathan Goldbaum This site is not simply anti-Zionist, nor is it truly scholarly. By his own admission, the site host considers violent racial war to be willed by god. It should therefore be considered a hate site.
159261. alan hirschfield This site is an outrage. I have forwarded to Senator Schumer and asked him to initiate legislation preventing Google and other search engines from indiscriminately posting such sites
159260. Assaf M  
159259. Peter Shaer  
159258. Carol Tucker  
159257. S Burns  
159256. Alex Kadosh  
159255. Jonathan This is unreal - take it off!
159254. Baruch LASCAR  
159253. Annette Rosen  
159252. Dan Absolutely sickening!
159251. Ilene kruger  
159250. Christopher  
159249. yeruchum silverberg  
159248. Michael Feuer  
159247. Madelyn Phillips Should be removed
159246. Kim O'Neil  
159245. Renee Switzer  
159244. paul schwartz  
159243. Yonatan  
159242. Joshua Grumer This is appalling.
159241. Rebecca Jelinski  
159240. Karen Reynolds  
159239. Nikki Meyers  
159238. Hananya  
159237. GEORGE DWOSH  
159236. stan  
159235. Helen Margolin  
159234. Melvin Frank I feel confident that a highly reputable company like Google will remove this site
159233. A. Maida  
159232. Kelly McCall  
159231. Roslin Cleminson Whe can we all live in peace??
159230. Barry P. Levin, D.M.D. google is founded by jews. nice job
159229. Nita Reguer I'm appalled.
159228. Patti Breslin  
159227. hyman kempler entry pure anti-semitism
159226. jason b  
159225. Danielle  
159224. David Kantor I read the entire "testimony" of this man, Frank Weltner, and all I can say is that it's absolutely dangerous to allow this kind of site to be so strategically located. Thank you for hearing me out.
159223. Jack J. Weitzman Google should exercise some care and control over what appears under its auspices.
159222. charles adler  
159221. Jennifer Allen  
159220. Lawrence A. Janowitch  
159219. Devora Schnall  
159218. Kate Sislin  
159217. Stafford Liss  
159216. Karen Finkelstein  
159215. Sharon Lowenstein Site condones racial, antisemantic behavior
159213. joan kronick  
159212. Bon Iris Shocking!
159211. geni zilberman  
159210. mj waine  
159209. Phyllis Kamenoff  
159208. yael waknin  
159207. Robin and Arnold Goldberg remove from your site!!
159206. Pamela Lane Let's not support hate
159205. Gene Dichter deceitful barbarians
159203. barbara rosenberg  
159202. Andy King I endorse the request to remove this anti-Semitic web-site from among your search results. Thank you.
159201. alice jackson  
159200. jordana weissman  
159199. jordana weissman  
159198. Anita Tolin  
159197. Debby rosenfeld  
159196. Luise Burman  
159195. Wesley McLeod  
159194. Vicki Trachten Schwartz How could the goofle founders one being Jewish allow for this smut to be on their search engine. The lies and distortions of truth are outrageous and sickening
159193. Harry Lieberman any anti-semetism is a disease
159192. Stanley Tolin  
159191. David A. Schwartz  
159190. Stephen G. Schulman The mongrel Herr Weltner,who manages the site should be put out of his misery
159189. Rachel Rosenman  
159188. sheila weisberg  
159187. natalie weissman  
159186. howard Hoffer  
159185. Jerry and Mildred Ram  
159184. joel kirman  
159183. Dr. Rona Michelson  
159182. Carl Schofield  
159181. Jessica Pollack  
159180. penni c. mandel  
159179. David Burman  
159178. Virginia Appleton  
159177. gary glogower  
159176. yaron ben-horin  
159175. Syd Gossin  
159174. Kyle  
159173. carol sandler  
159172. sharon glogower  
159171. Russel A. Molot It is absolutely disgusting that such a site would find its way into mainstream search engines such as yours. You have a duty to the public to prevent the dissemination of such unadulterated excrement.
159170. Israel Frumkin  
159169. Lynn Gordon I noticed when checking this, that the website has been moved to the third position. This is still reprehensible and the website should be removed immediately. If this is not done, as much as I like using Gmail, I will find it necessary to change my e-mail address to something else.
159168. David I. Katz  
159167. F Krosnick  
159166. Joan Urcioli Let's stop the hatred!
159165. melvin frank  
159164. Richard A. Stein I agree with those who believe Google should have removed this without a petition. It's in violation of the laws of human decency.
159163. Effie Dillan Anti-semitism is a hate crime
159162. Yosef Lange The site is full of lies and hatred for the Jewish people. Please ban it from your search engine.
159161. Lynn L Goodman  
159160. Alan Goldstein  
159159. Maureen Crowder Please remove this site from your engine!!
159158. Ellen Ross  
159157. Bonnie Ras  
159156. helen pollicove please remove from google
159155. Faye Kates  
159154. J. Kisner  
159153. Robert C. Port  
159152. David Kaplan This web site should be removed from all serach engine indexes as it expels the boundaries of free speech.
159151. morton c feld very muslim like entries!
159150. Marc Melincoff  
159149. Patrick Norman Park The site is obviously designed to take advantage of Google's search algorithms to spread anti-semitism. Google is thus being taken advantage of.
159147. bevan stein This is scurrilous misreporting - where there is any reporting. Deletion of this site from the internet may be impossible, but it should be possible to remove all references to it.
159146. Talia Erlich outrageous to have this on line
159145. michael brody  
159144. Phyllis Shukiar  
159143. Milton Levy  
159141. martha bil manevich  
159140. Racheli Weiss  
159139. Michael Halpern  
159138. Dana Gold  
159137. Maximilian Diaz  
159136. Isaac Turner  
159135. esdrsa cerqueira  
159134. Edith Tolkin Google should be ashamed of itself.
159133. Garry Grossman  
159132. Sheldon Wiesner Such Vermin spew only hate, something we do not need more of in this country.
159131. julie fisher  
159130. Maureen Cohen  
159129. Phil Cooper  
159128. Jennifer Myers  
159127. howard mandelbaum  
159126. Terice K. Cohen  
159125. Joel & Roberta Goldberg  
159124. Sheila Conroy  
159123. florence rutcofsky please rmove from the google serch engine
159122. David Goldner  
159121. Anne Port  
159120. Andrei Pasternack  
159119. David Miller  
159118. Dawn A  
159117. Rhona Spanier  
159116. Martha Mangot  
159115. Sandy Lipson google should not be used to promote hate!
159114. rachelle teper  
159113. Yigal Zohar it is very important to keep truthfull information, but it is vittally important to remove vile, misleading distortion, and filth intended to misinform and inflate primitive emotions.
159112. Jonathan Hornik  
159111. Harry Holzman  
159110. Madeleine Shulman  
159109. B. Goodman  
159108. Paula Ricker  
159107. SE Rosenthal  
159106. adam yaker  
159105. saul Klarer time to stop hatreds & Racism
159104. Bernard Turiel  
159103. Jazmine Santana  
159102. avi samuel outragous, how can an inteligent person be so ignorant. why does he not look at the list of nobel prize winners and study what the jews did and are contributing to the world in the field of medicine, hi tech and humanitarian , in music and literature. i just pitty such people.
159101. S. Sobol Not a constructive site by any perspective
159100. Barbara Corcoran  
159099. Barry Schwartz  
159098. Lynn Turiel  
159097. G L Linsk Utterly revolting and highly inflammatory!
159096. Jack Silver  
159095. MYRNA WACHS  
159094. Cheryl Maliniak  
159093. Loren Shapiro  
159092. marvin lopata  
159091. Haim Shamoon Take this antisemitic garbage off the google search engine. This is not free speech, this is hate crime.
159090. Robert Itkin  
159089. Jackie Fedler a disgrace!
159088. Ronit Betzalel  
159087. sylvia lewis  
159086. roma brooks  
159085. Eleanor Binder  
159084. Sophie Daniels  
159083. marjoriefuerman disgusting
159082. Michael Hettleman  
159081. Deborah Fries  
159080. Levon Berrberian  
159079. Ellen Barcan  
159078. lori sachs  
159077. Darrell  
159076. Kim Segar shame on them
159075. maty  
159074. Shel Kasmir How destructive!
159073. Joshua Sternbuch  
159072. Mayor Joy Cooper The internet is no place for hate! Remove this site.
159071. Wayne Franklin  
159070. Kevin Sayers The internet maybe free to any idea but you have the choice on how to rate it.
159069. Reina Nuernberger  
159067. Anita Levin  
159066. Carla van Voorst Disgracefull
159065. sarah glickman  
159064. Wayne Sherman Let's not spread misinformation. I'm all for freedom of the press, but why make it easier for hate to spread?
159063. Robyn McNicoll  
159062. R. Hakimi  
159061. Brian Kravitz I'd like to meet JewWatch's author in a dark alley
159060. Barbara Kaitz  
159059. Lynda Sable  
159058. scott meyer  
159057. Marvin Stringer Disgusting and libelous
159056. Helaine Green  
159055. sheila cohen This is a disgrace, I suggest that it be removed immediately!!!
159054. Barbara Feinberg  
159053. Guillermo Koss  
159052. kent simon  
159051. Evie Stone  
159050. barry farchi  
159049. Danielle Wenzel  
159048. Amy Lutz  
159047. Amy Hurewitz  
159046. Rowena Schwartzberg  
159045. Suzan Hirsch  
159044. Derek Biswell  
159043. Isabel palombo  
159042. Fran Ingber  
159041. Sandra Kerner  
159040. Patricia Patchet-Golubev  
159039. Patricia Patchet-Golubev  
159037. Paul Wolfe  
159036. Kineret  
159035. Elie E.  
159034. Marjory Okin  
159033. CEpstein  
159032. Jonathan Muskat  
159031. nav  
159030. cristina uribe  
159029. Seymour Paul  
159028. George Zohn Tracktman shame for such attitude
159027. Trevor Spiro  
159026. RC Bader  
159025. Jay Shery  
159024. danielle brostoff  
159023. J. Aziz Disgusting, archaic, and offensive material
159022. Dr. Morton Ehudin This website is an atrocity and should not be made availabe by Google.
159021. sindee manson  
159020. Michael Peretz  
159019. Irv Weisman This moron needs to be interviewed by the FBI.
159018. Liron Morgenstern  
159017. Debra Smith  
159016. Sima K  
159015. Diana Lafer This is a dangerous site that encourages ant-semitism
159014. David Gary  
159013. jkl  
159012. Gloria Peretz  
159011. Robin Blaxberg  
159010. Susan Janney  
159009. Bernard D. Perla, M.D. Appalling and unbelievable!
159008. Judy Newdom It is unacceptable to anyone with the slightest bit of humanity to allow a hate driven site to be the first to appear on a google search of an ethnic group
159007. Jon Ortman  
159006. Daniel  
159005. bruce stern remove jewatch
159004. Arnold I. Benson No need to remove. Just let people know your position.
159003. Gady Resheph  
159002. rhonda dezenhouse please remove this
159001. Mel Kerner  
159000. Sheldon I Oster  
158999. Galen Breningstall, M.D.  
158998. Brian Aryeh  
158997. Rodney Hakimian This is a disgrace
158996. doris Stoll stop spreading hate!!!
158995. Barbara Drucker  
158994. Hilary A. Kaufman Please stop the spread of hatred.
158993. Melvin Lichtenfeld If this is politically correct whow!!!!!!!!!
158992. BENATTAR Jacques  
158991. Elana Robinson-Lynch  
158990. Gary and Judy Neinstein  
158989. Pam Williams  
158988. Jonathan Myers This site is disgraceful and it should be pulled immediately
158987. Shirley Zager disgusting
158986. marla aliza mostyn  
158985. Hilda Pisarek  
158984. R D Citron Kindly remove this and all hate sites so we can continue to use Google
158983. jeannette simon remove from site
158982. Stewart fishman despicable
158981. Wendy  
158980. Valerie Blair  
158979. M. Hoch  
158978. arthur regenstreif  
158977. leon libis  
158976. Stephen S. Ettinger DISBAN THE SIGHT
158975. Larry Holtzman No place in the US for this.
158974. Linda Koval  
158973. Harold Pinker  
158972. Louise Gade  
158971. michael zola  
158970. Alon Ben-Gal  
158969. judy zivley  
158968. Robin Drexler Close this site down
158967. José Bergher  
158966. Efraim Halfon  
158965. Jessica Hakimi  
158964. Barry Fischer is google knowingly fostering anti semitism?
158963. Corinne lever  
158962. gordon Wordal  
158961. gene dubensky  
158959. mark mager dispicable and moronic
158958. Joshua Raymond This is racist
158957. Lee Ifhar  
158956. Mindy Fedele  
158955. Emily H. Miller crazy, hateful man
158954. BARNEY CHARACH Unbelievable Lies
158953. Naomi Ifhar  
158952. Lisa Batashvili  
158951. Aileen google should not be used to promote this type of hate. please remove this website.
158950. rebeeca levy  
158949. Nelly Perry disgusting
158948. Dr David Zukor  
158947. Zischa Shaps  
158946. Nancy Schiff  
158945. richard carpenos  
158944. Ronny Kershenovich Sefchovich, MD  
158943. CHERYL BRITT  
158942. Judith Lyons  
158941. art goldstein amazing bigotry
158940. Susan Hyde  
158939. Marc Setton  
158938. Barbara Leibman  
158937. Victor Zfaz  
158935. Dawna Minchin  
158934. Stacey L. Giglio shameful in this day and age
158933. Tamara Vodvarka abominable site....I'm a christian and this is hateful
158932. steven millstein  
158931. Jessica Rothenberg  
158930. Sylvia Levy  
158929. joan karol  
158928. Alan Turner  
158927. Cindy This is a despicable website!
158926. yaron  
158925. marilyn jacobson  
158923. Rolen Agulnik  
158922. Sheba Goldstein  
158921. Eugenio  
158920. Melvin Levy  
158919. chava  
158918. mike a disgusting
158917. Judith Mazza  
158916. Jay Sturm  
158915. Mona Senkfor  
158914. David Frank Hate speech masquerading as academic discourse should not be given this prominence on Google.
158913. BARBARA FOX  
158912. aviva moskowitz  
158911. Marsha E. Berger  
158910. Milana Herzig  
158909. yossi  
158908. Michael I.Haren Disgusting
158907. OFER COHEN  
158906. AFSHIN  
158905. harris  
158904. C . Seid  
158903. AB Novins  
158902. DEMRI  
158901. RoseLee Sztern  
158900. david hackman  
158899. Diane Olech  
158898. L.C.LEVY  
158897. Gisele Ben-Dor  
158896. A Novins  
158895. eli ross  
158894. Susan Konstantyn This should be removed immediately
158893. june raymond  
158892. Holly Zivin  
158891. Miriam Lippman  
158890. Ruth Krancenblum  
158889. Dori Goldman  
158888. Beth Paley  
158887. Kinta Estes Please stop being a part of the probelm of hate and be a part of the solution to stop hate in the world.
158886. Anita Pollack this is despicable
158885. a.segal Fully agree with the content and intent.
158884. jeff zwerling  
158883. Lee Kaminetzky  
158882. paul weil remove this racism now!
158881. Stella  
158880. Howard Green antisemitic and should be removed
158879. Hillary  
158878. mhyablon please remove watch from your web site
158877. Jim Levine  
158876. Paula Chiz it is reprehensible and inflammatory
158875. Tina Weinsoff  
158873. D.S.Gingold  
158872. Maxine Krinsky  
158871. sandi lovitz  
158870. Larry DuBois  
158869. Naomi Hecht  
158868. Marilyn Bloch  
158867. Marcie Murray  
158866. Sharon Plaue  
158865. jeff  
158864. Robert Rothschild  
158863. howard weinberg  
158862. Judge E.H. Bennett  
158861. Dena Silverberg Be responsible for your site
158860. Al Regen  
158859. Judge E.H. Bennett  
158858. Gayle Grossman-Bly  
158857. NANCY SLATER  
158856. Daniel Goorevitch A repulsive antisemitic website.
158855. NANCY SLATER  
158854. Sylvia Philipps  
158853. Sara D. Reiss  
158852. Judith Altman Remove it immediately, an outrage
158851. sam  
158850. Jackie  
158849. michelle donner  
158848. andrew  
158847. Gail R. Levine  
158846. Debbie Ginsberg Kindly remove this site from your search
158845. Stephen L Horowitz  
158844. Zafrana Winter Please remove this site - filled with lies.
158843. Morris Edelstein Please remove this site from your search engine.
158842. michael a shechtman  
158841. Kenneth Levitt A disgusting web site
158840. Steve Dorfman A really offensive vehicle of hate. Please remove it.
158839. wendy reingold  
158838. Bonnie Woolf  
158837. Daniella Lednicer  
158836. Leora Sulimanoff  
158835. Rene Stern  
158834. ron goldkind  
158833. Amy Brinkman  
158832. Miriam Cooper  
158831. Rene Stern  
158830. Igor Reznik  
158829. Ann Scheuer  
158828. rickiee immediate removal of antisemetic site
158827. Patty Fields  
158826. Sandra Landa  
158825. Joyce Cox  
158824. joan Stern  
158823. Joanne Klein  
158822. Jodi Bernholtz  
158821. Helene Erenberg  
158820. Michael Soronow  
158819. emily owens  
158818. david  
158817. Bruce stern  
158816. Mark Erenberg  
158815. Rozie Palmer anti-semitism must be stopped!
158814. Cheryl Renee Grossman  
158813. Sara Ross  
158812. Al Redsun Please remove anti-semitic site from your site
158811. Ahuva Einstein Millions of people rely on the accuracy of Google's information, therefore before any information is made public it's necessary to check it and avoid misleading or damaging results. You can make it
158810. Laura Kuntz  
158809. linda goldstein please remove JewWatch
158808. Susan Goldberg  
158807. alana  
158806. daniel haas  
158805. Marion Goodman  
158804. viv newman-donig  
158803. barbara barrett  
158802. idan salomi  
158801. rachel mayers  
158800. BENDRIHEM  
158799. Jeffrey S.Herzog  
158798. Evie Kramer we need to take hate and cruelty out of humanity and this Universe.
158797. karl altmann  
158796. Tamar Magdovitz  
158795. Larry Rauch  
158794. Rochelle Edelman et tu, google? In your use agreement you have reserved the right to "...refuse or remove any or all Content..." Well, it's too late to refuse, but not too late to remove this offensive website. Please do so at once. I will not use your services again until this has been done.
158793. jan hill lets concentrate on peaceful solutions not hate
158792. Evelyn Gordon  
158791. george radell  
158790. Monica Waller  
158789. SAUL KNOBEL  
158788. Jerome L. Eisenberg anti-american, anti-semitic websites do not deserve google space
158787. Boris Ingman  
158786. Beverly Bruno This is inappropriate and unnecessary.
158785. VICTOR VINOCUR Eliminar lo antes posible Es nosivo para el mundo.
158784. Wendy Lerner  
158782. Mitzi Kalinsky This a virulently anti-semitic site that uses anti-zionism and zionist plots as a mask for anti-semitism
158781. deborah Frishberg  
158780. Mark Yale Segel  
158779. Zara Rostance  
158778. merwin zitomer  
158777. Sarah  
158776. isaac Salsberg  
158775. Jason Guggenheim  
158774. Shifra Sharbat  
158773. Amir Sternhell We are people all the same
158772. Lance Polikov  
158771. E Lee  
158770. David Katz  
158769. miodowski eric  
158768. Susan Henzel-Speer I would make a comment, but it's already all been said.
158767. Sari Bernardo  
158766. Robin Weisel-Capsouto A really offensive vehicle of hate. Has no place on the Intenet
158765. Bobbi Nadler  
158764. Sue Sand  
158763. Rodeen Stein  
158762. sara teitelbaum  
158761. michael schwartz  
158760. Rg Cohen  
158759. Ricardo Schkolnik  
158758. Ricardo Schkolnik  
158757. Robin Cayetano  
158756. erick remove
158755. abraham algazi Distorted facts mixted with some truth, conviently deleted info. about the holoucaust
158754. Jennifer Keegan  
158753. David Asdourian  
158752. Edna Risker  
158751. Nini Solomon hate has to stop, in actions & in writing,please help bring world peace
158750. Ronald Thwaites It's time this was stopped
158749. Kerri Zerlin This is a disgusting racist website. Isnt this an online hate crime?
158748. Suzanne W. Harris  
158747. r leonard  
158746. Heather deSilva  
158745. daniel  
158744. Michele Levy  
158743. Beverly Brenowitz  
158742. monty green  
158741. Benay Herzel  
158740. Lawrence Brenowitz  
158739. frank Laurie  
158738. Roee Niddam  
158737. Susan  
158736. janet brody it is disgusting that you allow this garbage to be the first thing people look at when researching the word jew
158735. Matthew Levine  
158734. Beth Gelfond It's reprehensible
158733. Irwin A Freedman  
158732. COHEN  
158731. Karen Barr  
158730. Amy Mayer  
158729. Ethel Zivotofsky  
158728. Debra CHandler Help to make a difference in the world, stop spreading hate!!
158727. Howard Simon  
158726. Marna Dann  
158725. Eyal  
158724. Paula Kholos  
158723. Judy Agensky  
158722. Michael A. Cohan  
158721. Asenath Kepler  
158720. Susan Goldstein  
158719. Marcia Leitman this site is a disgrace and fuels hatred
158718. Carolyn Friend How can you allow "hate" sites on googe?
158717. Richard A. Zelkowitz  
158716. Jaime Zalchendler Quiten esa basura nazi de Internet
158715. morria  
158714. Judie Gorenstein  
158713. SylviaBarag  
158712. Jaelle Kellman remove from Google Search Engine
158711. adam leibowitz  
158710. Herb Shukiar I understand Google's explanation for the appearance of, but it is still disconcerting to see it pop up in Google at all. I implore Google to remove it.
158709. kushelevitch  
158708. Lara Burgess  
158707. Jodi Rachlin  
158706. Alan Isenstadt This site is racist and hateful and should be removed from Google
158705. marc klein  
158704. cookie  
158703. Esther Hirsch  
158702. Joshua Auslander  
158701. jasmin sharabi please remove this from your googel
158700. Hugo Gurovich  
158699. Lyndsay  
158698. patti steinmetz  
158697. Karen Gjerstad  
158696. Jeffrey Gale  
158695. Deborh Seidman I don't feel this kind of site should be promoted through its inclusion in Google. The links from this site to other horrible sites just serves to raise the listing of all of them to no one benefits. Hate mongerers will always find other hate mongerer. Google does not need to help.
158694. Richard A Schaefer  
158693. Bernard Levine  
158692. charlie savenor remove from the google search engine
158691. Robin Bookbinder I generally am strongly not in favour of stifling free speech, but this should not appear on the first page of the google search
158690. Fussel shame on google for aiding spread of antisemitism
158689. james green  
158688. Carol Mardell  
158687. Amanda P  
158686. Joyce Bloch  
158685. Jessica Levine  
158684. Ruth and Jack Goodstein Isn't there enough hate in this world already? Why add to it.
158683. Lawrence Green Google needs to be more discerning in their selling of search spots.
158682. hana Bartal  
158681. Raymond Moscoe Please remove this Hate WebSite
158680. Harvey Waldman  
158678. Aukina This guy is to sick to be real
158677. Inette Dishler  
158676. Louis Koplin Shame on you
158675. Steven Feiger  
158674. Martha Resnick It is outgrageous that JewWatch is on the Google Search Engine. It must be removed!
158673. huguette papoular  
158672. gary silverstein  
158671. Michael Bekas This is terrible have the site removed from the internet.
158670. Lee Schwartz  
158669. rafael nasser  
158668. Jessica Steiner This site is not freedom of information; it's hate.
158667. dana bara  
158666. Oren Keston  
158665. Arlene W. Federman  
158664. E. R. Newman  
158663. judi moskowitz  
158662. renaud papoular  
158661. Jodi Schulman  
158660. Bernice P. Slutzman I have read your explanation, but find it unsatisfactory. I question if a website which promoted anti Christian feeling would have a long life on Google. The Jewwatch site, even its logo, promotes gross antiSemitism, which in some cases can lead to violent acts by disturbed individuals. This would then come under the "clear and present danger" clause which protects free speech. Our Bill of Rights protects free speech [expression], but with certain limitations.
158659. Beverly Mantell It is offensive.
158658. Ian Regenstreif  
158657. Bob Twitchin  
158656. sheri sanders  
158655. Stefanie Brumberg  
158654. Rabbi Lisa Vernon This site is offensive, inaccurate, hatemongering and promotes prejudice and hate. It must be censored.
158653. Analia  
158652. Joel Kamali Remove Antisemitism
158651. marilyn friedman Remove this site immediately
158650. Warren Terrible
158649. TOVA PERSKY  
158648. Frank Federman  
158647. Perez Kornmehl disgusting & dangerous
158646. Phil Lande  
158645. Ruth Votava  
158644. eric  
158643. Helene Moloff  
158642. Paulette  
158641. Bret Please remove.
158640. scott kramer  
158639. ATTAR  
158638. susan little  
158637. Legolas  
158636. brenda  
158635. Carolyn Greenberg  
158634. Jain Shleymovich I am speechless
158633. Paul Teplis, M.D.  
158632. Inna G  
158631. Andrea Waltzer  
158630. Loren Mintz  
158629. sharon shulman  
158628. Jo Brabson How unprofessional of a company that I had come to respect.
158627. Nicole Baron  
158626. malka  
158625. Helen Pearson  
158624. Sandra Pollins  
158623. chaya  
158622. don lesh this is disrespectful,please have it removed
158621. Ralph Cincinatus  
158620. Karen Misler  
158619. michael silano  
158618. Alex Leybovich  
158616. wayne rosenthal  
158615. Fay  
158614. John Harley  
158613. Irene  
158612. Christine Wightman This is disgusting
158611. cb whyte shame on you
158610. Jennifer Rosen  
158609. Christine Wightman This is disgusting
158608. Jason Krause  
158607. Marilyn Chanen  
158606. Roberta Silberman  
158605. Jennifer Smith  
158604. Daniel Bluer  
158603. S. Ellis  
158602. Rhonda Moscoe I know, by my family, that there are infact death camps. I really think Google is remarably un-informed. I encourage them to get educated. I can suggest libraries of congress, documentaries, and other knowlegable information if you need.
158601. N.E. Fine  
158600. Larry LaMotte  
158599. Steven Gross  
158598. Caroline Freedman Devon This site is racist and should be removed immediately!!!
158597. osnat gonen remove it ASAP!!!!!!!
158596. Sidney Rothburd  
158595. Sheldon H. Gross This madman must be stopped!
158594. Dana Levey This is abyssmal
158593. Frank Rosenberg The world is becoming a smaller place. You would think that people would stop being immature and ignorant to racism. Humanity has no room for bigotry.
158592. Steve Faden What trash, please remove at once.
158591. Jackie Snyder Malul  
158590. Sam Stemer  
158589. Debi Kahn PLEASE REMOVE THIS!!!
158588. Eyal kop  
158587. E Prince  
158586. sarah rovet  
158585. James Newman  
158584. danielle  
158583. Scott Poster The fact that we even have to sign a petition to get this off your wervice is ridiculous. This should be automatic, self-evident, and without argument.
158582. Melissa Horn  
158581. Sol Steinberg  
158580. Harriet Finder  
158579. Lisa Marks  
158578. Elan Blum This is inappropriate content resulting from a top search engine and Fortune 500 company, shame on you Google...
158577. Jen Anson  
158576. marc grossman  
158575. Hillel Newman  
158574. Alan Chenkin  
158573. Natalie Schaverien  
158572. Monte Goodman Take down this site
158571. Claire Baer  
158570. peri  
158569. Sandra Newell  
158568. amy  
158567. sandra marcus  
158566. judy Kaplan  
158565. Bety Ziman  
158564. Len Bennett This site is racist.
158563. Fern Winter  
158562. Beth Gurtov  
158561. Russ Oasis  
158560. Ashley Silversmith  
158559. Moonyeen King  
158558. howard tepper  
158557. hadjadj  
158556. Lynn Miner please take this off!
158555. israel blugrind  
158554. Marvin Antonoff JewWatch is a desipicable website. Remove it!
158553. Ruth Frankel It's an absolute disgrace that Google allows this racist propaganda.
158552. eli alperowicz  
158551. karna blugrind  
158550. Bev Mandel This site is full of hate mongering in the guise of scholarly research.
158549. Barry Neidorf disgusting
158548. lynne Bucovetsky Please remove this antisemetic site. Very dangerous
158547. Josey Frieberg  
158546. Abigail Rabinowitz please remove hate litterature from site
158545. michael stark  
158544. BRYAN LEVY  
158543. Harry  
158542. K & S Robins and Family Columbine kids, uni bomber, terorists, find tools from w'in the internet, the technological world has a resposibility, like politicians and lawmakers, firemen and women, teachers and parents to act in a morally and socially conscious and responsible manner. It is such as simple as that! Would "google" knowingly support a terrorist who found useful information on line for a destructive plan, idly sit back and claim that they are "just the messanger"? I don't think this attitude would hold up under scrutiny anymore than anyone in their right mind would believe that we should just sit back and let cyber pedophiles nab innocent victims. There are "watch dogs" for this, why not, for the propagation of hatred and racism? Have we all not suffered enough and seen enough to absolve ourselves from any responsibility?
158541. arielle  
158540. Laura Mather  
158539. dana crane  
158538. Bill Siegel please remove this site from your directory
158537. Pauline Rogers  
158536. jacqui klein  
158535. david b  
158534. bondy stenzler  
158533. Deena Fogel  
158532. Joseph Roth  
158531. John Lewin  
158530. Margot Holtzman  
158529. Seymour FINDER  
158528. Linda and Barry Schwartz REMOVE NOW!! IT IS DISGUSTING!!
158527. sandy kamali  
158526. harriet lyons  
158525. Mark E.Brickman  
158524. Andrea Steiner  
158523. Hanoch Young  
158522. Sal Berenholz  
158521. C. O.A  
158520. Marc Grossman  
158519. Isabel Suss  
158518. Pam Hoffman The name will reinforce stereotypes
158517. Pam Hoffman The name will reinforce stereotypes
158516. Linda G Kaplan  
158515. Gay Jokl What a shame you have this on the net. That is why there is so much hatred in the world today!
158514. Tracy S. Feldman  
158513. Judith Helburn this is not factual and offensive
158512. Louise Gorby  
158511. rebekah feingold  
158510. Philip Strasburg this is a racist site
158509. Mel Kerman  
158508. Julio  
158507. Chris Clarke This site would be illegal in many countires
158506. Theo Koufis  
158505. William Goldstein  
158504. Linda Kurland  
158503. Dani  
158502. Jaime  
158501. Beverly Greenwald remove this site from Google
158500. sandy grossman  
158499. Stephanie Thwaites  
158498. lynn horn  
158497. Nicki Wampold  
158496. Mark Greenwald Please remove this site from Google
158495. Richard Joseph  
158494. Lisa Glass This site is disgusting and misleading. we need to hinder access to such hate-mongering garbage.
158493. GILYA STERN  
158492. Mary Blye Howe  
158491. Shabtai Bauer  
158490. Norm Lieberman  
158489. Ruth Lehmann  
158488. Dorian Goldstein Unconscionable
158487. Amy Koplow  
158486. gary bobbe racist !
158485. steven beispel This is pure unadulerated hate. Remove it.
158484. Jacob Halpern  
158483. Elizabeth Baxter  
158482. Heidi  
158481. Catarina de Avillez I am for love
158479. Herb Ochs Isn't it enough after 2100 years ?!
158478. Marlene C. There is an endless supply of rabid anti-semites in a world where precious wildlife is rapidly disappearing. So sick and so sad!
158477. Joseph A. Stiglitz  
158476. Sally Roseman  
158475. rachel jewelewicz-nelson  
158474. Sam Bilsky  
158473. sandra tessler I am more than outraged; I am physically ill from reading the propaganda.
158472. George  
158471. Scott Bilsky  
158470. bernard  
158469. Fred Snitzer  
158468. Popper Mordehay  
158467. Eyal Gill  
158466. maxine ziva maisels  
158465. jennifer stack  
158464. Shari Herman  
158463. Mary Volker I can't believe we have to sign a petition for Google to remove this. You would think they would do it anyway.
158462. Susan Plath  
158461. Judi please remove this horrible web site from google search. It is very offensive
158460. Dolores Abramson  
158459. Bunny Antonis  
158458. mulkas  
158457. Les Shafer  
158456. Harry Frei  
158455. Jonathan Rosenberg  
158454. Joshua Torok While Jewwatch may pay for their targetting on the keyword 'Jew', I'm concerned that Google would accept their money for such racially intolerant sit. This affects the moral integrity of the search engine if Google is willing to take money for advertising options from any particular website.
158453. Marilyn Simms  
158452. Rachael Moshman  
158451. Charles Bernstein I am intrigued that such a scurilous website had the wherewithall to achieve number 1 in a google search does it reflect something going on at google?
158450. gordon  
158449. Kathy Sackheim  
158448. Neil & Marjorie Forgosh Please remove this hate piece ASAP
158447. Ellie This is absolutely revolting and should be removed immediately.
158445. lesley discusting
158444. Jan  
158443. Josef Davydovits  
158442. Laurence P. Farbstein  
158441. Jane Black  
158440. Bev Fisher  
158439. Paul H. Frank  
158438. roza  
158437. Beverly Sokolow  
158436. Steve Kramer Alfe Menashe, Israel
158435. mark schiff get rid of this hate
158434. Carole Smith
158433. Beatrice Cale  
158432. E Schultz  
158431. Judidth Collier  
158430. Damie Stillman  
158429. Donna Zandany i wa sapalled to see this
158428. Stuart Gottlliebs please remove, disgusting
158427. Susan Fogelson Shame on you if you don't remove the site!
158426. Howard Levenson  
158425. Arnold Rincover  
158424. Liebe Schulman, MD This site has one purpose: to incite hatred toward Jews
158423. Miriam This is HORRIBLE-please remove!!!!!!!!!
158422. janis Wilkoff  
158421. Mark Lowen  
158420. Wendy  
158419. Sharon Valles  
158418. Debra Agulnik  
158417. Cathleen Bilich  
158416. Brian Waldman this website is disgraceful - taking regular articles from trusted sources (New York Times, etc...) and renaming them in blatant antisemitism...
158415. Alisha Zukerman š
158414. tony krisman  
158413. Ben Cohen jewwatch is very offensive
158412. Bruce M. Good  
158411. bradley levin  
158410. Emily Friedman  
158409. doron grill  
158408. michele whitman  
158407. Robin Freedman  
158406. Robert B  
158405. Anibal Mass  
158404. Avraham Ben-Nun  
158403. Susan Schwartz  
158402. Ariel  
158401. Deborah Flicki  
158400. Marion Daitzman  
158399. judith spellman  
158398. neal abrams  
158397. Beverly Shea Schurr  
158396. Martin Boyask this site is anti semitic poison worthy of the Nazis
158395. Beverly Konoian REMOVE THIS WEBSITE NOW
158394. Ida Leightman This website is dangerous
158393. Alan Garfinkel  
158392. Minuk GY  
158391. Sherron Lazarus There's enough injustice and misinformation in the world without Google helping to spread it.
158390. g.j.tibor A counteroffensive is necessary in the form of comments to each individual entry on this website. This is a better way than asking the server to close down the site. It will reappear under a new name immediately.
158389. Itamar T Kutai  
158388. Rose G. Jimenez Disgraceful that this should happen in America
158387. Roslyn J. Grinspoon  
158386. Laurie Alban Havens  
158385. larry brenman  
158384. Marilyn Litke  
158383. Emily Blumberg  
158382. Anka Manitiu  
158381. Elayne Beloten  
158380. Carl D. Weinberg  
158379. Fred Schacter promotion of hate
158378. Gerald Ortsman  
158377. Tim Fosberry  
158376. eyal almog  
158375. Vivienne Stark This is gross intolerance spreading hate and untruths
158374. Manny Silberberg  
158373. Ryan Bramen  
158372. Aviva Ravel remove
158371. eri szafra  
158370. Jay Schonfeld  
158369. ben shtang  
158368. jack grossman  
158367. dorene kaplan  
158366. conor wigginton  
158365. Yaravi Morales  
158364. barbara reynolds  
158363. helen Kaye  
158362. Ruth Silberg That this site appears first is unconsionable
158361. Candice Moscoe  
158360. Marcey Dolgoff Thank you for honoring our request to remove JewWatch.
158359. myra wiener  
158358. Dawn Youshak Isn't there enough hatred in the world?
158357. Lloyd Shaffer  
158356. ken handler be responsible publishers
158355. RAFI TSHUVA there is no place for such racism in such a popular media tool
158354. Howard Epstein  
158353. Arlene Hysen  
158352. H. Abrahami  
158351. alan sheldon disgraceful that such a prominent company can endorse this filth
158350. david  
158349. Ayala  
158348. Cheryn Grant  
158347. Rebecca B. please remove this site from your search. We should be beyond this way of thinking by now!!
158346. Mali Hart  
158345. louis j wiener get this garbage off
158344. Freddi Konefsky  
158343. mila voihanski  
158342. Sanford Weisberg  
158341. j win  
158339. Daniel please remove the site!
158338. Robert Nathan  
158337. julian h toporek  
158336. louise adler  
158335. Melanie Leitman  
158334. Eugene  
158333. Lesley Weil  
158332. Avraham Horowitz  
158331. Shlomo Haft  
158330. Estelle Malatskey  
158329. eric you should be antesemitic watch!!!
158328. lester youner  
158327. susan freud  
158326. Michael Alpert  
158325. Ivor  
158324. Mira Shuman  
158323. SILVIO C IMAS  
158322. Gerry Meyers Complete and utter lies creating more hatred in this world. This must be removed from Google search engine and the site must be removed from the Internet completely.
158321. Myriam Zeituni  
158320. Rosalind Goldstein  
158318. dana  
158317. Rosalyn Berman  
158316. Sandra Dezenhouse Disgusting!!
158315. Peter Burman Disgusting and pathetic
158314. Mark Stuart  
158313. Michael Feltman Please remove this site from youe search engine
158312. Hannan Moked Remove the filthy site immediately!
158311. h rosen  
158310. Elaine Schwartz  
158309. virginia king  
158308. Debra S. Karsif  
158306. CH Whiteman  
158305. Shoshana Axler  
158304. Josh  
158303. Prof. Harley FLanders  
158301. Jesse I Palmer, MD  
158300. linda schlanger  
158299. Daphne Ward  
158298. Faye PLEASE REMOVE
158297. charles rick  
158296. harvey wittenberg  
158295. Morris Munns  
158294. sara hopkins please remove this offensive site
158293. Dimitriy Goloborodskiy I fully support the petition
158292. jerry tanenbaum  
158291. Gidon Erster Horrific
158290. Ruth Blackman This link is hateful and has no place on Google.
158289. Andrew Fortis  
158288. marcy grau  
158287. Sharlene Israel  
158286. Andrea Stern MD  
158285. Linda  
158284. Batya Spector  
158283. Frieda Klaperman  
158282. Rita Golub  
158281. Danny Stusser  
158280. Barbara Rosenfield  
158279. Betty Hillman  
158278. W. L. Coston, Jr. Simply Outraged
158277. Jacob Blum  
158276. Elisabeth Gross  
158275. Susan Feil Please remove this horrible site
158274. Ralph Levine SHAME ON GOOGLE!!! Now you can do the right thing, please.
158273. ROBERT Greenstein  
158272. Barry Holtzkener  
158271. Julie Sherman  
158270. Tammy Lanson  
158269. marcia sands  
158268. boussin  
158267. Ben Gersovitz  
158266. E Polikoff just remove immediately
158265. Rachel Walters Find the article extremely offensive
158264. Regina Adamousky  
158263. Celia Bobkin  
158262. Elliot Feibelman  
158260. Diane Traina  
158259. Cynthia Grossman  
158258. Madelyn Lorber  
158256. Leslie Gordon  
158255. boussin  
158254. Diana Berry I am not jewish, but find this sit e offensive
158253. Frank Wundheiler  
158252. L Lusko  
158251. Aviva  
158250. Dr. Arnold Rosenstock  
158249. Barri Busker  
158248. Michael Fried  
158247. Gail Spatz please remove this anti semitic site
158246. Barbara Kahn  
158245. Karen Ross  
158244. Jaqueline Lindsay Google should know better. There are laws against spreading such hatred.
158243. Morton Zuckerman  
158242. Serka Fischer  
158241. Sami Kamhi  
158240. rodolfo Frank  
158239. david levine such sites can never be condoned as factual or educational
158238. Barbara Ringel  
158237. Jill Brown  
158236. a levy  
158235. kenneth karp  
158234. Albert Simon  
158233. BRUCE KAPLAN  
158232. r willig  
158231. Sharon Shorten  
158230. Esriel Killer we dont need more antisemitism
158229. dr.eleanor novick very sad state of affairs !
158228. A. Majerowicz  
158227. S Taylor  
158226. Gillian Disgusting...
158225. Carole Shovers  
158224. Gary Cohen  
158223. Gerda Frey  
158222. Craig P Lustig  
158221. tobye hoffman  
158220. April Daliot I know this is based on hits to the site, but I think you should take better care in monitoring the results.
158219. George Naida  
158218. BLANCHE RICCI Unreal
158217. Kenneth Dery  
158216. H. D. Pala what does this pseudo-intellectual expect to gain?
158215. Ehron Nygard This site should not be viewed by anyone.
158214. Greg Horner Please remove from your search engine
158213. Shana Kapustin  
158212. Charles Tager  
158211. Peter Weintraub  
158210. paul berwin  
158209. valerie ginsburg please remove immediately
158208. A. Karen Rosenberg  
158207. ruth baron  
158206. A. Muzin  
158205. K. David Brody Just do it now... please
158204. elke graham  
158203. Edward Aron terrible
158202. Mike Benhaim  
158201. ernest krauss  
158200. Ray Gertner  
158199. erik rosenstrauch  
158197. Mitchell Kleinstein  
158196. Michael Friedland  
158195. Robert Didych  
158194. Snir Wein  
158193. malcolmberwin  
158192. Mitchell Gelnick this should be removed from the search results
158191. Wendall P. Gibson, Jr.  
158190. Sondra Scharf  
158189. Mark Weksler  
158188. monica Vladut  
158187. Esther Geffner  
158186. Michael Friedentag You must remove ""!
158185. amic  
158184. SONDRA FELD  
158183. Heatehr Pratt It's a shame that we use the gift of free speech to hurt and vilify those around us. As the author of that website has a choice as to what to say, google also has a choice on whether or not to condone the message by making it more accessible to the general public.
158182. Ehud Nir  
158181. Barbara Brody  
158180. susan bzoza  
158179. Harry Mahoney  
158178. ariel  
158177. Eitai Tabari  
158176. ricki blank this is what stimulates the youth of today to be and do things that never should should be ashamed of themselves for playing a part in their digression to crime
158175. Selwyn Jacobson  
158174. Bruno Beer  
158173. Sharon  
158172. Avraham Landau we have to stop this horrible site.
158171. Elizabeth Shoss  
158170. Gerald Adler  
158169. Laurie Edelman  
158168. Michael Benson outrageous
158167. Lynn Bayard  
158166. Lyn Epstein Please remove this hateful site from GOOGLE
158165. Joshua  
158164. Gary Schachne  
158163. Janet Silverton horrifying anti semtic site using google to spread its poison
158162. S. Benjamin Do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
158161. Shira Lion despicable, hateful and ALL LIES; get this off Google
158160. P. Burleigh Google - how could you !!!???
158159. Lauren Fox  
158158. Michelle Mittleman  
158157. jory schunick  
158156. Herbert A. Bregman  
158155. natascha king  
158154. Da vid Litner  
158153. francois kaplan  
158152. Charles Kessler  
158151. gad matzner  
158150. David Nelson As a major international force in the digital world, GOOGLE has an absolute obligation to limit the use of its resources to spread hatred.
158149. George Wertheimer  
158148. Micaela Lechtman  
158147. Rachel  
158146. Herbert Hess  
158145. Marilyn Behr  
158144. Leonardo Hecker  
158143. Ishay It is basically twisted and rascistsm over the net
158142. Michael Williams  
158141. Shulamit Lechtman This prejudiced garbage and should not be presented as factual information
158140. joseph lewin  
158139. Sam H. Dubin  
158138. Steven Goldberg  
158137. Alan Paul I hope Google will pay attention to this petition.
158136. Barbara  
158135. Marceline Rolnik  
158134. LUIS AROUCA  
158133. Lawrence Pinsker  
158132. Richard Fine There should be no tolerance in this world for hate!!
158131. Lisa Epstein  
158130. Donna Stubbs  
158129. Ellyn Delovitch  
158128. Marsha Wiest-Hines Disgusting. Please remove this site.
158127. renee taubi  
158126. Henry A. Zoob  
158125. Karen Silberg  
158124. carol silberberg  
158123. Larry Levy  
158122. jane wilk  
158121. Richard Alpert  
158120. Ehrlich  
158119. linda schechter  
158118. robin bodner what kind of a search engine would promote anti semitism
158117. Sara Farrell  
158116. Gayle Ostro  
158115. Earl Jaffe  
158114. Kim Lever  
158113. paul silberman  
158112. M.I.  
158111. sol botkin  
158110. mark lubow i am glad that this is an option
158109. Bonney Libman  
158108. Barry W  
158106. Jeanne Christopher  
158105. marcela hoffer  
158104. david spear  
158103. Naomi Isaacs  
158102. Carla Israel  
158101. Elizabeth discraceful
158100. mary maillet  
158099. Kaj Takolander  
158098. Sherie Wigder