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156000. Rayzel Raphael  
155999. Pedro Sandler Does the Internet & International Law permit such site? If yes, we have to change the law
155998. adele  
155997. Orel Friedman  
155996. Janis  
155995. linda brian  
155994. David Silverman  
155993. Robert Bernstein, MD  
155992. B.J.  
155991. Ellen B. Cutler Hate speechy can never be considered a protected privilege.
155990. Ilene Kanefsky  
155989. Irwin B, Hurwitz I am disturbed and disgusted that Google would allow this on their site,
155988. Helen Stein  
155987. Joan Guglielmo Please remove this offensive site!
155986. Edawrd Goldenberg  
155985. Janiv Paulsberg  
155984. ester weisz  
155983. myriam menkin  
155982. Howard Phillips  
155981. richard glenn I'm fairly liberal, but this is outright anti-semitic
155980. Barbara Kaplan  
155979. Simon Birnbaum  
155978. alejandra goldberg  
155977. Chana  
155976. Brenda Karp this is a blantant hate mongering website
155975. Sam Stein  
155974. Ira Lipson  
155973. Danny Peston  
155972. Anne Wasciuk  
155971. Carol Gilbert  
155970. Simon Tury  
155969. nategelman  
155968. Jeffrrey Benkoe Please act immediately!
155967. Susan Herman  
155966. Sandra Gilbert  
155965. HENRI LEVI  
155964. Eleanor Tandowsky Please remove this type of discriminatory, hate-filled information from your website. Google has a reputation for providing so much good, reliable information. Why sully that reputation with offensive materials such as this ?
155963. Debra Wolraich please note that the spelling of anti-semitism must be corrected!
155962. Joseph Marx  
155961. Harvey J. Schwartzberg  
155960. Marty Perlmutar  
155959. Marcia Texler Segal  
155958. Professor Ernest Seidman  
155957. irene weiss  
155956. Marc Tarabour  
155955. Giuseppe Mosseri what a shame in 2007 one should remember that human beings have the same rights in the world.
155954. cecile fine The underlying antisemitic filth covered with honey (not me!) is sickening. After 2000 yrs the world should be smart enough to REALLY READ,KNOW & UNDERSTAND.
155953. michael greenberg  
155952. marie-elena  
155951. Lloyd Lavin a filthy bunch of lies. There is enough hate
155950. R. Brandspiegel  
155949. Yosef Brazil ITs rude and it should be banned! ITs discusting!
155948. eugene lerman  
155947. Arthur David Forman This is total trash and should NOT be available on the internet or anywhere else.
155946. joel hollander  
155945. Hilary Vitofsky Not your usual standards
155944. Elaine Bram  
155942. JACQUIER  
155941. max pressman worth a try
155940. P Raphaelson  
155939. patricia glosserman  
155938. Paul Goodstat  
155937. Paul Altura and Family  
155936. Elad Asael  
155935. Lisa Sperber  
155934. Dr. Sharon Cass Toole This is a disgrace and should be removed immediately!
155933. Eva Behar I hope you will have the common curtesy to remove tis insulting site
155932. Harriet Kronman  
155931. Debbie Fishkin  
155930. Jonathan Weinstein Please remove this site for anti semetic rhetoric
155929. Brenna Serby  
155928. Brenna Serby  
155927. jack behrman such hate should be squashed everywhere
155926. Barbara Berger  
155925. Martha Halperin  
155924. don katz  
155923. David M. Berin PLEASE DELETE this site
155922. Jerry Binder Lies repeated over and over again create hate, hate creates war.
155921. Carolyn Gordon Hateful, horrible messages!
155920. Daniella Simon  
155919. Douglas  
155918. Donald S. Carnow this web page is hateful
155917. jacob shafran  
155916. Sam Axelrad  
155915. Jordan Freiberg  
155914. morris shaffer sounds like nazi germany again.
155912. aviv  
155911. BARRY BELLER  
155910. Zagouri  
155909. stuart  
155908. inbal Cohen  
155907. sofia sadigorsky  
155906. Anne Plaut This is heinous and such sites should be removed. Freedom of inquiry is one thing, but this is hateful, spiteful, and ignorant.
155905. Richard Derman JewWatch = Tripe
155904. max buck get rid of it
155903. shella schirman  
155902. Stephen P. Sokol Terrible
155901. Dr. PHYLLIS SIEGEL  
155900. phyllis aboyoun  
155899. Eva Zilz  
155898. Charles Okun  
155897. Y.S.  
155896. Rafi Markus  
155895. olga  
155894. debra rave  
155893. Laura  
155892. Eli Bay  
155891. Katie Scott please remove immediately
155890. Dalia  
155889. ruben abourmad  
155888. Mitzi F. Kotler  
155887. peter edelman  
155886. carol ruback  
155885. Mr & Mrs Mirzoeff what an appalling site
155884. Dorothy Kleinberg  
155883. Evelyn Mayblum This is a disgusting bigoted site..the internet should not be used to promote prejudice.
155882. Alan Fishman  
155881. zeira sara  
155880. David Devoe  
155879. Lynn Fishman  
155878. liliana Berler  
155877. Lewis Jolton  
155876. attias  
155875. natalia  
155874. harriet raphael  
155873. Paula Zitrin  
155872. Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Yardeni Is there no end to such filthy lies and propaganda? Enough already!
155871. Marc Wolff  
155870. Elias Kupfermann Please get rid of this offemsive site
155869. Dee Doochin  
155868. Barbra Gerard  
155867. Tom and Kay Gaines  
155865. Mark Lazarus  
155864. alan schaffer Please delete this reference that we find so offensive
155863. Karina Bacalu  
155862. Morton Blaufarb  
155861. P. Naiman  
155860. G Lipkin  
155859. Allen Adelberg  
155858. Sue Sinkinson  
155857. Christine Merritt Please remove this website:
155856. Howard Weingarden  
155855. Teri Weingarden  
155854. Howard Levy No place in society for these kind of remarks/behaviour
155853. Susan Block  
155852. Marvin Easton  
155851. jack salberg the site should not feature hatred
155850. James Akre  
155849. John Hexter  
155847. alvin stillman  
155846. Jessica Dunai  
155845. Caryle Hirshberg  
155844. Anna Brown  
155843. Charles Rotblut is nothing but a discrimatory web site designed with the sole purpose of spreading hatred.
155842. m koch  
155841. adria klausner  
155840. adria klausner  
155839. Arnold Cooper  
155838. ILANA SAGIV  
155837. donald curran please remove from search engine
155836. Marilyn Ratkin  
155835. Barry Poretskin This is horrible!
155834. Julian Kanter  
155833. neil c. arbor get rid of this !
155832. sheldon hearst  
155831. Samuel Cohen Ist article is untrue and falsely stated.
155830. Sue Waterfield  
155829. Dr. Mar Bas Total lies and and such untruths should not be defined for any people.
155828. Gerald M. Laurie Please remove this hate site
155827. sergio No mas horror
155826. e duitch  
155825. yehuda  
155824. Lois B. Rosen  
155823. s.shapiro this is terrible and should be removed
155822. ronald flam  
155821. Judith Inker  
155820. Deborah Glass  
155819. Aaron Dobin  
155818. Lynn Heady  
155817. Dr. Marv Bas Toal lies and untruths should not make up a report on any people.
155816. Leah Markovic  
155815. Paula M. Kofsky disgusting and must be removed.
155814. Leah Markovic  
155813. harvey Cohen  
155812. Arnold Sadwin  
155811. Lauren Fisher  
155810. Abba Bogin  
155809. stein138  
155808. Gerald Lupu  
155807. Elaine Sklar not acceptable
155806. Lynn London  
155805. Jerrold Rosenthal  
155804. kenneth rosen  
155803. Eran Galperin  
155802. arielle gershon  
155801. Evelyn Grossman  
155800. simon gershon  
155798. Barry Cohen  
155797. Debbie Brown  
155796. R.K. Grodzinski  
155795. Ellen Cohen  
155794. lynn rigberg author of site called self "certified": certifiable more likely
155793. Randall Briggs  
155792. ava gershon  
155790. Marie This does no credit to Google whatsoever!
155789. Alan Parsow  
155788. ORLY  
155786. Ilana Barnett  
155785. Gayle Maltzman  
155784. Gloria Gordon  
155783. Helene L. Zukof This web site is scurulous beyond belief!
155782. Keith Harris Remove the Nazi propaganda, and Islamic fascist garbage as well.
155781. Sara  
155780. Pam Blankfort Terrible! G-d knows the truth behind these lies!
155779. Eve Simon  
155778. l Robb  
155777. Rae Yund  
155776. Roselle Ungar  
155775. Fred Simon  
155774. Avi Vachman Shame on you for waiting for more signatures on this petition
155773. ronald  
155772. Burton Bloom That web site is spewing false and vicious anti-semetic garbage. It can only foster further further violence in the world.
155771. Daniel Teitelbaum  
155770. Debra Schwartz This website is unecessary in this day and date...and quite disgusting.
155769. Robert Wasserman  
155768. BERNARD CLAUDE MAMMON this is a disgraceful use of the internet to rip off innocent people of their mony (donations) & to give a very antisemitic line to history,please close this bigot down & all that spout vitriol irrespective against who.
155767. edna grad  
155766. David Levine NEVER AGAIN
155765. ALBAZ  
155764. marilyn ettman  
155763. Brent This is abhorent + despicable in this day and age
155762. barbara Olsen  
155761. Suzanne Gerber This is an outrage!!!
155760. ALBAZ  
155759. Ram Kalus MD Please remove this despicable and hateful website from your Google search
155758. Jenni Wasserstein  
155757. Stefanie Michaelsen  
155756. Richard A. Angorn  
155755. Carolyn W. Levine  
155754. Dr. Steven Wiener  
155753. Stirling Walkes This is outrageous; first, it should not the first site when the word 'Jew' is googled! It should not even be part of any google search.
155752. alicia sonnenschein  
155751. Gary Kuklin  
155750. steven ehrenhalt  
155749. Michael Lassoff  
155748. M. Carroll  
155747. Martin yarnoff get it off
155746. Stella and Michael Dubey If you do not remove this, you are a contributor to Anti-semitism
155745. Raffi Berg  
155744. Judy Young  
155743. mitch pincus  
155742. Diana Lutz  
155741. jonathan roberts  
155740. Allan Rabinowitz Please find a way to drop this atrocious blemish
155739. B. Smith  
155738. renee zylberberg  
155737. Lana  
155736. clara atijas  
155735. elizabeth harris freedom of speech?????? just hatemongering...get rid of it.
155734. jmw  
155733. Harriet star  
155732. Ernesto  
155731. Naomi Goldman  
155730. Sara Friedman  
155729. Mark Jacot  
155728. sheila lozowick  
155726. Ari  
155725. Diane Randall-Perry  
155724. Y.Golahny  
155723. David Lorch  
155722. Phyllis Finn  
155721. Bert Wold REMOVE IT!
155720. Hana Galperin  
155719. Milton Mahler  
155718. ron wilde  
155717. Rabbi Glenn M. Ettman  
155716. Ehud Gazit  
155715. itay  
155714. carolyn smith disgusting and reflects the anti-sematism and ignorance of the creator of the site
155713. R Schwam  
155712. Levental Avraham  
155711. A S Lehman anti-Semitism is hatred. Remove it.
155710. francois lucet  
155709. abe  
155708. William F. Glaser  
155707. s.haber  
155706. Louisa Spivack I abhor any kind of racism
155705. frances twersky in this time of ethnic misunderstandings this site is very harmful to the entire world.
155704. Alison Niccolls  
155703. Paulette Brodey  
155702. J. Willaim Braithwaite  
155701. Avi  
155700. C Cowan  
155699. Benjamin Mayer  
155698. S A how many signatures does it take? there are thousands of signatures added already, just remove this inflammatory, biased, unfactual site immediately.
155697. H.E.Klinger  
155696. Tzippy Erblich Remove this hate provoking website!
155695. Dr. Aldo Boccia  
155694. Norman Bloom  
155693. Bernard Kaplan UnAmerican and shameful. Google will be removed from my computor until this is removed
155692. Ruth Lewin This is offensive - Jews are Gods special people
155691. eldar schneider  
155690. Arthur Hoffman  
155689. Pier Marton Google to hate is a big mistake
155688. Margit Meissner  
155687. Carol Sontag  
155686. Bernard Bismuth  
155685. denisse  
155684. ronnie grill  
155683. Gary Javitch Natonal Alliance = Nazis = Hate Group = Wrong!
155682. Fred Beckman  
155681. Alan Berg their distorted thinking will eventuallydestroy them
155680. tamara  
155679. Aaron Kazanow  
155678. Lewis Libman  
155677. Pnina Angel  
155676. sheldon Katz  
155675. Fran Feldman Racism is racism, antisemitism is antisemitism no matter in which medium it appears.
155674. Brian Rock  
155673. Gerald S. Eichner, M.D.  
155672. ami foger  
155671. J. Paul Barusseau Professeur de Géologie - université de Perpignan (France)
155670. Helene Lockspeiser  
155669. Janet Macaulay  
155668. Val Lackey  
155667. alan lefkowitz m.d.  
155666. Oshra Rapaport  
155665. Marc Potash  
155664. Jeremy Goldberg  
155663. Stephen Starr  
155662. mary-jo holmes remove this site from the internet
155661. mariana stark  
155660. Hedy Starr  
155659. sidney s[ielfogel  
155658. Susan Solomon  
155657. saul gold get it off
155656. David Linn  
155655. henry saiontz awful
155654. Bruce Gould  
155653. Stanton Winger  
155652. Estelle D. Milch  
155651. Alfred Denowitz  
155650. Mark Skazinetsky  
155649. Joseph Conrad I think it would be a good idea to remove site.
155648. carol pepper very unAmerican
155647. Robin Haddad  
155646. Karol Hershon  
155645. Margarita Londinsky  
155644. Marshall Hershon  
155643. Marc L. Silverman  
155642. thierry c. abramoff  
155640. Janine R Amar Why is it not alright to say anything bad about muslims, but it is ok to say things about Jews. We have lived in this country a long time, and have done our best to assimilate. What's the matter, our time and money not good enough for you anymore
155639. f.crompton  
155638. Denis & Bev Kittler Some of my best friends are Jewish & I love them!
155637. GEORGE M. GABOR A disgraceful opportunity to propagate hate.
155636. Rhoda S. Schaefer  
155635. muriel weinstein this site PROMOTES anti-semitism
155634. Laurel Robinson White  
155633. Catherine Popkin how could you?
155632. Guy  
155631. cynthia  
155630. Marc Needleman  
155629. janice burden this is very distressing and NEVER should have been allowed to exist!
155628. Marilyn Lewis  
155627. korin  
155626. Jennifer Jarett  
155625. Brenda Needle  
155624. Kristie Legg  
155623. Nancy Manzo  
155622. Stephen Fox  
155621. Levy Shimony remove
155620. IRA BRICHTA  
155619. Yotav Eliach There is enough Anti Semitism out there, Google does not need to add fuel to the fire.
155618. Larry Brash  
155617. Barry Freeman While any site can exist, Google sould set an example by eliminating this "hate" crap from its search engine.
155616. Bev Wohl  
155615. lobel moshe  
155614. Tony Suttile  
155613. Harvey Olsher  
155612. Phil  
155611. Roland  
155610. Barbara Olsher  
155609. HT Kuri Everyone has a right to live without persecution
155608. Ellen Guzik Please teake this site off the web!
155607. Mark Rubin  
155605. Phyllis Brash  
155604. Ron Boodman  
155603. Ferne Walpert  
155602. robert held  
155601. Claudia  
155600. Barbara Bunner  
155599. Goldie Wetcher shocking distortion of facts and should be stopped as hate propaganda
155598. sheila kanter  
155597. Tara Fehilly  
155596. Elliyahu Genesove  
155595. Michael Berk  
155594. Eran Amiel  
155593. Ahron Vered Please remove the offensive site
155592. Paul Wilkis is hate speech.
155591. Sandra Goldstein  
155590. Robert Borack  
155589. Amanda Blair  
155588. Richard Harte  
155587. Thomas Braun Google should not support hate-mongering.
155586. Grant Crankshaw  
155585. Cllr Don McGowan I admit i have not and will not visit the site; Just the same regurgitated depressingly vicious crxp.
155584. Ruth Noah  
155583. M M KLEIN  
155582. p blackman  
155581. David M. Epstein  
155580. evelyn baron  
155579. Roger Richardson  
155578. natalie beller blatant misinformation
155577. Steven Visage  
155576. norman wolfson  
155575. barbara waltuch this is intolerable
155574. Laurel Hill  
155573. gloria wolfson  
155572. barney wainer  
155571. rita jacobs I am shocked to read this antisemitic stuff
155570. jeannette kupfermann  
155569. Lyn Romain  
155568. shlomo tsadok  
155567. Jamie Cosnowsky This is highly offensive to all races. Please remove it.
155566. Jordan Rhodes It is a disgusting display of prejudice
155565. Rosa Ortiz  
155564. Abraham & Eileen Baum This is not a good thing
155563. Lesley Selwyn racism of any kind is unacceptable
155562. Lisa Cohen  
155561. Alex Guenoun  
155560. Ann Dershowitz  
155559. lorraine ball  
155558. Ori Mendelson  
155557. john posnett antisemitism is racism
155556. Maurice Meyers  
155555. Gary Applebaum  
155554. yetta harnik  
155553. Joan R Holdstock Blatant anti-semitisim and racist.
155552. PASCAL  
155551. Richard Grifenhagen  
155550. Kathryn Kaplan  
155548. Gene Michael Gordon  
155547. Danielle Einsohn Google should not be promoting such hate provoking WRONG information. Make sure you are providing the public with only true non biased factual information about Jews.
155546. Fred Leder  
155545. Karrie Fehilly  
155544. Fin Simons enough already- your algorythm should be smarter than this
155543. raymond zimmerman  
155542. Lise  
155541. rachelle Kirschner  
155540. Dolly MacDonald Few words from a Jewish prayer,"(lets) repair the world under the rule of God"
155539. Tara Mann  
155538. Joseph Frohlinger Google should not allow such rubbish. Blatantly designed to stir hatred.
155537. Ed Wolf let's not make it easy for hate mongers to spread their filth
155536. Susie Briggs  
155535. Sharon Epstein  
155534. Jenna Toothaker Sobh  
155533. Michael Turco Please remove!
155532. rafael  
155531. Stanley Epstein  
155530. Judy Wolf unamerican site..remove it immediately
155529. Philip Bronowitz  
155528. Milton Auerbach  
155527. annette schabes  
155526. Rita Margolis  
155525. Deborah Grayson  
155524. Marc David  
155523. Lucia Saks  
155522. John Morgan Anti-semitism at it's worst.
155521. Arlette Lumer  
155520. carol  
155519. Leonard Rosenberg Site is discusting
155518. Marcie Kittay  
155517. Moshe Laniado  
155516. Sara Topelson  
155515. Arthur Kittay  
155514. Sandra Donahue  
155513. michael schmooler  
155512. Chris Bond This disgusting item should be removed ASAP
155511. florencia  
155510. arlene jarett In this time of global turmoil, it would be sensible for Google not to spread the unjustified vitriol of
155509. Anita Gritz  
155508. maurie kern  
155507. Oliver Lednicer Pure garbage! A collection of hashed over misinformation!
155506. Arnold Wolfman  
155505. tova  
155504. lau  
155503. Sam Washkansky  
155502. Rebecca Kosh  
155501. Alain  
155500. allegra levy  
155499. paz atara  
155498. Ron Schoenfeld  
155496. W Soles  
155495. Naomi Norberg  
155494. Tal Levy  
155492. Celia Borack  
155491. Rutsky take if off!
155490. A. Friedman Israel and the Jews have done more for mankind then all the muslims in the world.
155489. shelley gail yachbesh  
155488. Vivian a bully is someone who is insecure about themselves
155487. Mark Leybovich š
155485. Lilieta Halatanu Anti-semitism must stop NOW!
155484. John McKay  
155483. Nancy Crown  
155482. Gary Strauss  
155481. Lawrence Robin Lies, deceit and dishonesty have no place on the Internt
155480. Anthony Brenner  
155479. Richard Weiland  
155478. Rebecca  
155477. Susan Jelinek  
155476. Hank Asch  
155474. Ethan Meilangi Hate-mongering is terrible.
155473. LILI ORGLER  
155472. Howard Morgan  
155471. Abe Rosenthal I was shocked and distressed when I read this anti sematic discription. Please remove it,.
155470. Tilisa Liane Propaganda is unacceptable.
155469. Miguel Bubis  
155468. Miguel  
155467. Lawrence Cohen This is absurd and obscene.
155466. Gregorio Rosenblitt  
155465. Manny Klier Antisemitic sites should not be accepted on your search engines
155464. Bud Resley It might be wise to be concerned with Iran's nuclear program, rather than some little web site.
155463. ann wolf remove from google search engine please
155462. Barbara Snyder  
155461. Nannette Goldstein  
155460. jerry kaye  
155459. Dale Singer  
155458. R. Kramer  
155457. j giangola  
155456. Paulette Horrific!!!
155455. Ruth Moriel th;is outrage MUST STOP!
155454. Elliott Gross  
155453. Fred Schuver  
155452. Aimee Golant  
155451. Bea Davis  
155450. Stanley Gartenberg  
155449. Abel Kolchinsky  
155448. Howard J Peters  
155447. Dr. Giora BAram  
155446. Menachem Chazan scurrilous!!!!!
155445. Trevor and Diane Rudkin shame on you, Google
155444. Mark Winston Please remove this site immediately. Such hate has no place on the web.
155443. Debra Schneiderman  
155442. fay stern  
155441. Carole  
155440. Michelle Weiss  
155439. ada  
155438. Malcolm Gropper  
155437. E.B. Sandler  
155436. Tani Foger  
155435. D. Brook  
155434. barry paley all hate should be removed
155433. Hal Lidsay Please remove the Jerry Springer show from TV - it is an affront to civilised people
155432. charles LOVE ONE ANOTHER
155431. anthony dimant  
155430. Tani Foger  
155429. Raachel Jurovics  
155428. marilyn greenwald  
155427. Michelle Lebetkin Please remove this disgusting site - it is an affront to civilised people
155426. stuart greenwald  
155425. Symond Yavener  
155424. Susan Coble I implore you to remove this vile site from your search engine
155423. Nadine Goldman  
155422. Barbara Westbrook  
155421. Leah Herzberg Hate inspiring sources have no place on your search engine. If not removed Google will no longer be the leader in its field.
155420. Sandra Levine  
155419. Bernard Schacker Extremely Bigoted, Cornell Univ. Should refuse to accept this kind of material.
155418. Ken Dodd One thing worse than bigoty is censorship. Thanks for supporting free speech.
155417. tal mager  
155416. Carol Meyerson  
155415. Roxanne Perri Don't need anti-semitism masquerading as a legitimate site.
155414. Mark Haberman  
155413. sarah rein shame on you
155412. Janet Best  
155411. Amnon Epstein  
155410. stella saperstein  
155409. R Kantor  
155408. Benita Raphaely  
155407. Jose San Juan  
155406. Anita  
155405. Jose Huete  
155404. Lillian Resnick  
155403. Barbara Rothberg  
155402. Mark Altschuler  
155401. Richard Elkind  
155400. Bradley  
155399. Harvey Bolshoun  
155398. JUDITH BIJOU  
155397. vale  
155396. Steve Salit  
155395. Lizie  
155394. Rhoda Sherwin  
155393. judith gardner  
155392. ABELEVINE  
155391. Earl Essman  
155390. Jerome M. Adler  
155389. Annie Kavanagh  
155388. Mor  
155387. Sharon  
155386. s cohen  
155385. Sofia Valanci Penagos shame on him
155384. Leonard Teitelbaum Leaving this on supports hate, Who is next?
155383. Carrie Bramen  
155382. myrna  
155381. emma Schwartz  
155380. peter shapiro totally untrue& degrading.
155379. Colin Peak  
155378. Ethan Greenwood  
155377. Ori Hampel be more responsible!!
155376. G. Budzynski  
155375. Rita Weinick  
155374. Richard Ellen  
155373. Maurice Kay  
155372. Jon  
155371. Denyse Leon  
155370. michael reitelman disgusting misinformation that is blatantly unscholarly and ant-semitic.
155369. Susan Swartz  
155368. Elizabeth Fishman  
155367. A.G. Trupp In Passionate Appeal I Pray You Strike This & All Hateful Posturing
155366. Eiran Gazit disgusting
155365. Alan Lezak  
155364. liora mori  
155363. Solomon Hailpern  
155362. phyllis haber  
155361. mike i cant believe this even needs a petition...this should be removed regardless of how many signatures we get. its disgusting
155360. Andrea Gruber  
155359. Joe Bauer  
155358. Sheila Miller  
155357. Eve Levine  
155356. Donna Weinstein This is very anti jewish and should be remove asap.
155355. Oren Regev You just open a new office in our state, that's means that you should know who we're and what we think about all those antisemits.. please REMOVE THIS WEBSITE!
155354. chanayo ironi this is a disgrace!!!!
155353. Darlene Mason  
155352. Allen Nirenstein  
155351. Chantal ITTAH  
155350. Bernard Cookman Jesus Himself was a Jew (and still is!)
155349. Gwenyth Burnton  
155348. Phillip Berk  
155347. cookman Maria God allmighty loves the Jews!
155346. Bruno Garate  
155345. Esther Goldman We can not permit this to happen. We must stop this!!!
155344. Adrienne Peloso  
155343. Hank Kocol Everyone in this country has the freedom of speech, no matter how vile; however, Google does not need to give bigotry space.
155342. Carol Norberg Disgusting! Can we ever halt such blasphemy?
155341. Hadassah Farkas  
155340. Elkie Rosen Please don't support any anti religious organizations
155339. Lena  
155338. Batya Yitzhak  
155337. Hani Flicki  
155336. Alina  
155335. HERB ZIMELIS  
155334. Laurie Allen Immediately remove.
155333. MARIO  
155332. robyn delfin  
155331. Louise Eskanos Don't give hatred a voice!
155330. michele levine  
155329. Allen Frank Please remove this slanderous trash!!
155328. Leslie Simmons I understand the difficulty in providing search services, but your organization is being manipulated by hateful people.
155327. Stephen  
155326. myra weiss  
155325. Frrances K. Barasch  
155324. anna remington  
155323. David Williams I thought Google monitored their site. Upset that they would let in such trash. I will discontinue using Goggle.
155322. E CARP  
155321. steve  
155320. Sofia Valanci  
155319. Cheryl Borsky Information & purposeful hateful disinformation are two different things
155318. Naaman Belkind We must diminish bigotry on the internet
155317. John Greenberg  
155316. D E Goldberg  
155315. Gabby Dyer  
155314. Ilene Feingold  
155313. Alvin H Feingold  
155312. rosalie Goldstein  
155311. Toba Maslan  
155310. JOel Hillman  
155309. Sheldon Roth Please Remove
155308. Paula Zerfoss  
155307. Sara Cohen Google should demonstrate social reponsibility by removing this site from its search engine.
155306. Sergio Glogowski  
155305. yona yaniv  
155304. Benjamin M. Finer  
155303. donald meyerson  
155302. ML Botto  
155301. eileen aroesty  
155300. Menachem Granit  
155299. jane Meyerson  
155298. Mary Lou Botto  
155297. Ed Smith  
155296. Robbyn McLellan  
155295. Jacqueline Cababie  
155294. Grace Feinglass  
155293. Sharlene Williams  
155292. Susan Katz  
155291. Michael Donner  
155290. David Hurley  
155289. Robert Bersson  
155288. Bernard Kotton  
155287. frances teplizki  
155286. Kaylie  
155284. Diana Heller This is simply hate at it's worst
155283. Dianne Bourboulas I respectfully ask that you remove this antisemitic website from your search engine.
155282. Elton Bronstein Please stop this crazy people, we should not tolerate that!!!
155281. Elaine Lutchen  
155280. Alfred Heller  
155279. B. Deutsch  
155278. matthew eisler unconscionable
155276. Rivky Broyde  
155275. Lesley Stoyanoff  
155274. Daniel R Rosenberg  
155273. Marcos Rodriguez  
155272. melanie Gotlieb  
155271. N. Harris Please remove this antisemitic site
155270. Aaron Ahlquist  
155269. Carol Breier  
155268. Simone  
155267. Iris Cashdan Sites such as this are harbors of hate
155266. danna r  
155265. Mary and Donald Zeidler  
155264. Sarah Fink web site should be listed under anti-semitism
155263. Joan and Bill Gorger This is so outrageous that it is hard to believe that this site has survived this long.
155262. Erwin M. Vertlieb It should be obvious! It is to me!
155261. krief haim  
155260. Marlene Lassoff This is disgraceful, and must be removed.
155259. David Guggenheim  
155258. Cheryl Tassinari  
155257. Jonathan Lopatin Please do this in the name of decency
155256. Joseph Powell  
155255. N Bleiwas  
155254. Marta Steele  
155253. Micheline Rotblut  
155252. Elizabeth Mayer  
155251. Hope Rosenfeld  
155250. Doron Chmiel  
155249. Bonnie Saks, MD  
155248. Colin Gordon-Farleigh  
155247. regina farkas I am absolutely horrified that google could do sucg a thing. I didn't know that google was antisemitic, but I do now
155246. alex markus  
155245. Colin Gordon-Farleigh  
155244. marcia goldstein  
155243. Elisa  
155242. cher singer  
155241. charles  
155240. leslie goodman  
155239. David Silver disgusting
155237. Karen Wallace-Elam  
155236. John Ziedman  
155235. Rita Heller  
155234. Laura Gerlis  
155233. ken rosen  
155232. Natanya Weinstein  
155231. Lesley I. Czechowicz  
155230. liz bowers  
155229. Girond Francine  
155228. Rosita Daicz  
155227. danny bowers  
155226. Dr Evan Stark, Ph.D. Abhorrent
155225. Tara Diab that is disgraceful............. you shouldnt even need one signature to have it removed. shame on google
155224. Allyson Bunch  
155223. Richard Starr  
155221. Roy Grossman  
155219. I. Gold  
155218. m rothman  
155217. Michael Shapiro  
155216. jill Rose  
155215. Marian Lief Palley  
155214. Erika London  
155212. Tova Shalmoni  
155211. mildred wall such harsh untruths
155210. Willy Katz Lets get it done, for never again.
155209. Sidney C.Linick remove any and all detogatory remarks against jewish
155208. Debra Oliver This is outrageous
155207. Barbara Cooper this is a horrible anti-Semitic link--remove right away please
155206. M Lee  
155205. Joyce Weber  
155204. Erica Townend Please remove this offensive racist site.
155203. SARA I HOPE
155202. alix Friedberg  
155201. Kathryn Moore Please change this as soon as possible!
155200. Yair Mendelson  
155199. Marilyn Silberberg I will be forwarding this petition to all on my list
155198. Marlene R Aderman  
155197. Marcos  
155196. Aline B. Leo  
155195. diana  
155194. Rita Glickman  
155193. brent livingwell hate shouldnot be on your server
155192. Deborah Lurie  
155191. Nikodemus Gallewicz  
155190. Arthur W Friedman  
155189. greta cohan This response to the to the request for information about Jews is unacceptable. It feeds the vicious antisemitism of ignorant or dangerous users of the Internet. Please make necessary changes.
155188. maria cabello Mr Brin...Call home...
155187. jan  
155186. william steerman  
155185. GEORGE BERRY This is a disgrace for all Jewish people. This has to be removed from Google Search engine immediately.
155184. M. S Barnett  
155183. Yehudis w. This is disgusting!
155182. miguel hausmann Shame
155181. Esther Finder  
155180. Judith Polk Google wouldn't dare list an anti-Islam site, would you? Why such an anti-semitic site in these times?
155179. jonathan cohen  
155178. Karen Dornbusch  
155177. Barbara&Robert Fremont  
155176. Sara Silver  
155175. Mike Gutman It is okay for him to spew his hate, but Google is not obligated to help
155174. Stan Hubsher Jewishinformation is a more accurate wording for this page.
155173. Ann Melamed  
155172. Helen Steinmetz  
155171. Judith Schwartz This site is disgusting. Would you do this for Muslims?
155170. Esther Berman  
155169. Ephraim Feig  
155168. Julie Mautner  
155167. Arlene Lane Google betrays its democratic purpose by facilitating Jew hatred.
155166. Philip Blumenfeld  
155165. Brian Stalbow  
155164. ruth-ann and isadore mendel  
155163. Arthur Blankstein  
155162. Barbara Defries  
155161. Ann Loving This is licentious informtaion. The Jewish people are a very small fraction of any society and it is not possible for us to create such conflict in the world. I believe that Pres. Bush is not Jewish and yet he has created a culture around the world in which other nations blaspheme the United States. He has killed over 3,000 of our young men and women. We need a blog that points out his lack of humanity.
155160. Shuli Horwitz  
155159. Shani Thon  
155158. Leonard Frank Site is blatant anti semitism
155157. jonathan walker really!
155156. Frank Abel  
155155. chagit  
155154. marilyn straus  
155153. Dorothy Abel  
155152. j gourgey  
155151. Sandy Kaufman  
155150. Susie disgusting
155149. Sandy Kaufman  
155147. Clara Cohan remove
155146. MI Fages  
155145. Elliot Sachar  
155144. Terry Barkel this site should be shut down
155143. Shelly John  
155142. John Larry Baer Outrageous slander; Google's reputation is at stake here. Please remove this site.
155141. SJ Fages  
155140. S Michalowski free speech yes but this hatred incites. please remove it
155139. Richard N. Feldman  
155138. carole sondheim  
155137. Isaac Judah  
155136. Marlene Stokholm  
155135. helene chinowsky  
155134. Sonia Fox-Ohlbaum  
155133. Gerald Mandell  
155132. Gail Klein They attribute the founding of the American Nazi Party to Jews????
155131. Melvyn Barenholtz  
155130. bill grace  
155129. Elizabeth Katz  
155128. Alan Kresch  
155127. BertieLou Wagner Remove your anti-jewish search engine or I shall remove Google from my use.
155126. Hilla kresch  
155125. Beverly Wilk  
155124. Wilbur Pierce  
155123. Peter Wise This is a hateful disgusting and despicable site
155122. Jack Abramson  
155121. diane chaplin  
155120. charlotte daar  
155119. Thomas Berkes  
155118. David Gordon  
155117. Neil Wiesenfeld It's 2007. There is no excuse for allowing this site to remain. Promoting hate has to stop. Remove this web site now.
155116. Rob Quintyne Sick!
155115. Ivor Furman hope Google can filter out this garbage
155114. J. Ross How disgusting to find such a site in 2007
155113. Laura  
155112. Lieblich Georges  
155111. K Nathanson  
155110. Marian Freundlich  
155109. Barrie Handelman  
155107. gloria levy i am a liberal who has a border-line feeling to become an isolationist just to escape from all the lies swarming around us from religiouspeople, politicians etc.
155106. Herb Cohen please remove...
155105. Mark Handelman  
155104. B Rothman  
155103. joe dwek appalling
155102. S Simbler  
155101. Montag Moshe Anti jewish site par exelance-should be removed imediatley
155100. Malcolm Black  
155099. Nir Gryn  
155098. shirley belaga try any other religion- not same treatment. While freedom of speech exists the law doesn't dictate "position"
155097. steve dux  
155096. Harriet Feldman I was horrified to learn about this website
155095. greta hudson Hatred should never be tolerated - google, where are your filters?!
155094. Marvin Schnur Reminscent of the Third Reich
155093. Ivy Firestone  
155092. Harvey Krasner  
155091. Steve Jackson  
155090. Julie  
155089. Harvey Sinclair Nazi lovers
155088. ROSALIND LAPENSON & JERRY LAPENSON anti semetic garbage
155087. K Stone Brooks anti-semitism site
155086. Asseraf  
155085. sam jones  
155084. aviva freilich  
155083. Donald Silberberg  
155082. Michelle Noll  
155081. joe smith  
155080. Kevin Brooks  
155079. joe fox  
155078. cheryl berman  
155077. Kenneth McFadzean Google, why team up with islamofascist nazi scum, at best you should remain neutral
155076. Eilat Brenner  
155075. helene raifman please remove this antisemitic site
155074. Miri Ribak Remove from the Google Search Engine!
155073. vic bogan absolutely so much dishonesty
155072. joel cohen  
155071. Jeff Sklar  
155070. Chuck Polep  
155069. Margaret deRouleaux  
155068. George Rotblut Hate sites feed terrorisim, we must stop encouraging the terrorists which this site does.
155067. diane binder  
155066. Ben Yohanan lola  
155065. celeste deger  
155064. todd sklar  
155063. Moshe Cohen  
155062. laurie sutkin  
155061. Natalie Kauffman Thought this had already been removed
155060. Vicki Masliah  
155059. Sarah Rakofsky Please remove this website from your directory
155058. Lori Katz  
155057. William Kennedy Stunned this is still used in this day and age
155056. Melissa Gibson please remove this from your site
155055. arieli ilana  
155054. Dorothy Nirenstein This site is not an explanation of the Jewish religion, but an anti-semetic tirade.
155053. Jaime Sklar  
155052. estelle gillis  
155051. bonny gold-babins  
155050. anne sklar  
155049. PYTOWSKI  
155048. Willy Chemla  
155047. moshe remove immediately!
155046. Jeremy Suchall This disgusting compilation of blatant LIES must NOT be tolerated. The individuals responsible should pay a serious price for their sins against the Jews and all of humanity.
155045. Corina Vaserman  
155044. Lindsay Shure  
155043. Jody Weinberg  
155042. Emilio  
155041. Rachel Wolf  
155040. Norman Cressy  
155039. Leon Ebidia  
155038. Donald Furst  
155037. Suzan L.  
155036. Rosella  
155035. Shirley Ross  
155034. Stephanie Freedman  
155033. diane worthington  
155032. Betsi Tunnell  
155031. Maxine Cohen disgraceful!
155030. charlottegarfield bad bad
155029. Rhona Atlas  
155028. Amnon Hertz  
155027. gilad  
155026. gilad  
155025. Michel Rubinstein disgusting
155024. GRETCHEN ALEXANDER idiotic rantings
155023. Laurie Sonsino  
155022. Bat Sheva Segal  
155021. Kevin Kohleriter This is sick propaganda that is trying to sell itself as news.
155020. dan sandler  
155019. Joan Peterdi incitements to violence and hatred should not be protected by Google
155018. marlene bash  
155017. Judy Gjersoe The site is biased & despicable. I have always used and loved I have my doubts. I will never have the same good feelings about Google. Please REMOVE this site to partially redeem yourselves.
155016. Celeste Broad Rosenberg Isn't there enough HATE in the world?
155015. Aryeh Wohl  
155014. IRWIN BASH  
155013. Lorraine Lodge  
155012. F. Spurrier  
155011. Sanda Enciu  
155010. laurie greenstein disgusting
155009. Sarah Warmington  
155008. Rod Prodgers  
155007. H. Mayer at least have it come up at the very bottom of the list!!This is a terrible site.
155006. Rita Berwald I am appalled at the antisemetic comments on this sight
155005. Leah  
155004. sonia lupu  
155003. larry bossin  
155002. Judi Basskin Never again!
155000. Susan Stern  
154999. Kobi Ariel  
154998. Laura P Gaines unaceptable
154997. Lorena  
154996. Marilyn Levine  
154995. Julie  
154994. Jim Miller You MUST remove JEWWATCH from your search engine!
154993. Dan Stevens PLEASE REMOVE this horrible, damaging link
154992. Gay R. Levin This site is dispicible
154991. robert gottfried  
154990. David Levine  
154989. basilcohen  
154988. sherry warso  
154987. Tika  
154986. Cynthia Rose  
154985. tzila  
154984. eleanor cohen  
154983. Lou Offenberg  
154982. Mihal  
154981. David Zonderman  
154980. NMAB  
154979. joe Remove this hatred infested site now !
154978. Sebastian  
154977. joyce gittlin  
154976. Frank Friedman Discusting blatently Anti-Semitic
154975. Liz Swaden  
154974. ellen gottfried  
154973. Faye Cohen  
154972. Alan Atlas  
154971. Sharon Basman Remove now - promotes hatred
154970. jules milner  
154969. Jeffrey Snyder  
154968. Shelley Bronowitz Judiasm teaches ethics and morality. Please remove this blatant attack. It is dangerous.
154967. judith duman Horrible propoganda - shame
154966. Marcia Teichner  
154965. Herb and Lisa Gould  
154964. Aida Schutz  
154963. Sylvia Dinkin  
154962. Sherrie Glasser  
154961. DOV  
154960. Adam Smook  
154959. len eidelman  
154958. Jetta Siegel  
154957. AKOUN  
154956. Shalom Hirschman  
154955. BRIAN LEWIS  
154954. Nicole  
154953. Ana Bercovici  
154952. jennifer anne mates  
154951. Donna Jeross  
154950. Ken Daniel  
154949. Howard Scheer  
154948. farley bogus DIsgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
154947. Edwin L. Granite remove this disgusting site!
154946. Howard Duboe  
154945. Annmarie & Rudy Greene When will we stop
154944. harold roitenberg  
154943. L Graifman  
154942. Annmarie Greene When will we stop
154941. Ronnie Frank  
154940. melanie  
154939. JoyceTall  
154938. harvey collins  
154937. Janet B. Fattal You must remove blatantly false and outrageous racist allegations from your sight.
154936. Barnet Wexler  
154935. Phil Cohen  
154934. Simon D. Rothstein  
154933. Dr. Aaron Friedman  
154932. Tammie Brown The site is an insult to all humanity.
154931. Dena Soclof  
154930. Rina Janet  
154929. Y Sebrow  
154928. tamar milner  
154927. karen kripor  
154926. Christine lustig apalling!!!!!!!!!!!
154925. Christopher Horner  
154924. dari levine  
154923. Harry Estline  
154922. Dubby Balter  
154921. Donn Rosenblum  
154920. Evelynn Freed  
154919. Jeremy Fine  
154918. sharon stein  
154917. Carlos Gelman  
154916. r .silver  
154915. Ariela Friedman  
154914. hal slifer how sad that google has this on thier site
154913. Lisa Law  
154912. Joel Hammer Do the right thing.
154911. joan landes must be remove at once..already to much hate
154910. Stiera Glick Very offensive
154909. Milton Keiles  
154908. flo king  
154907. l .silver has to be removed
154906. Shelley Servitar  
154905. milton melman  
154904. Guttmann  
154903. Faye Lee  
154902. yael stejn  
154901. Debra Tannenbaum  
154900. Dennis Metz  
154899. beth rich this is pure hatred , thats all it teaches
154898. ENRIQUE  
154897. alejandro lamperti  
154896. Linda & Rich LaBelle  
154895. Jonathan Spira  
154894. Avraham  
154893. Marc Passman  
154892. Janet Golder  
154891. Howard J. Hendler  
154890. Yakov  
154889. claude habert garbage, please remove from your search engine
154888. Myra Rose  
154887. Jan Hendler  
154886. Karl Heimlich  
154885. Renae Van Wagner Some things need to be tagged
154884. Mindy Gilbert  
154883. Ross Richardson  
154882. Rodica Marcus  
154881. Chaim Schonfeld  
154880. Alan Siegel Get rid of it, quick!
154879. sandra  
154878. CITIZEN J.STEIN remove this site
154877. Joel Zwick  
154876. lori schryer  
154875. amy Roth this is disgusting
154874. leon m.  
154873. Marc Mostovoy  
154872. Stephanie Sacks  
154871. Moty ARIELI,Esq. Shame on Google that their own filters do not block it!
154870. Dr. J.Michael Becker  
154869. Kathy Steinbaum  
154868. angela disgusting after holocaust,daughter of survivors
154867. Susan Carole Jay  
154866. Dr, J, Michael Becker  
154865. Sonni Greenberg  
154864. Hope Russ  
154863. Brian Schottlander It is a disgrace that this site has not already been removed and your explanation for not doing so feeble.
154862. Robert Harris  
154861. Barbara Rosenthal  
154860. Shlomit Metz  
154859. J. Michael Becker,D.C.  
154858. Anita Oliver Incitement to hatred lies and propaganda should be banned from all websites.
154857. Yehoshua Braun  
154856. esther minsky this site is remeniscent of nazi propoganda.
154855. Sharon Spira  
154854. Daniel Wildman  
154853. MOREL Roselyne  
154852. E Stein Remove this site that is full of misinformation
154851. Leon Klempner  
154850. Pamela Erann this is an outrage!
154849. Elie Touitou are you crazy ???????
154848. sheila cohen  
154847. CHARLES I SCHONHAUT The sooner you remove it the better
154846. Rosalind Folman  
154845. Barry Segal this blatantly rascist site denies truth and protrays lies and antisemitism in a veil of truth
154844. Charlotte Ross  
154843. ROBERT C LAMM Google, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
154842. Eve Vogelstein remove this site immediately
154841. Arlene March  
154840. Robin Zweibel  
154839. danielle  
154838. Patricia Faerber  
154837. Sarah Braun  
154835. Ann Werner  
154834. joseph weiss  
154833. Barbara Laner  
154832. Miriam Nathan  
154831. johnny rogers please don't buy into backwards thinking.
154830. Abraham Jeger  
154829. Anya disgraceful
154828. Beverly Berger  
154827. Judith Grossman  
154826. viviana Levy  
154825. Josh fleischer  
154824. James B  
154823. fabian frankel  
154822. Perla Bursztein  
154821. malka perlmutter  
154820. Marcia Jenkins This is incitement to hate crime. Note the hammer and sickle in the logo! We must pray for Frank Weltner he is no greaater than Haman.
154818. Ayelet Porat  
154817. H. Donner  
154816. David Popowski  
154815. Marilyn Jacobs Suggest you get rid of fiery, rabble rousing, dishonest anti-semetic sites like this one...
154814. Janice Bilchik l
154813. Joseph Rossi  
154812. Colette GURT asked the remove of the site in 2004, it did not work, shows that Google does not care
154811. Mel Wasserman  
154810. jeff scheer  
154809. Ron  
154808. Philip Gilbert  
154807. Inés  
154806. Jimmy Bittker Remove JewWatch from your Search Engine
154805. juan carlos sujolusky  
154804. Alex Esrock  
154803. eleanor Brenner this is a lie, dangerous and disgusting.please remove it from the internet
154802. Esther Bentley  
154801. Don Google, tweak your software to avoid anti- sites coming up before the real sites!!
154800. Rachelle Brumer  
154799. francine kupferman  
154798. Sarah Leibov  
154797. Carlos Weil Shameful!
154796. Marla Friedman A terrible site spreading hate and antisemitism
154795. gloria pogofsky  
154794. Max Blankfeld  
154793. Esther Rubinstein  
154792. pnina douek  
154791. Ted & Robin Hammershlag  
154790. Mauricio Gerson  
154789. Colin Rosenthal  
154788. Barry Grant  
154787. ray elias  
154786. Chani  
154785. Mark Ricklis  
154784. Ned Braunstein  
154783. David Garon Ê
154782. Elly own up to your responsibilities, icon of the world!
154781. Clarissa  
154780. Cyril Goldberg  
154779. Ilana Kohn  
154778. mort goodkin How could you llow this?a
154777. ken vinikoff  
154776. Michael O'Connell  
154775. Eric Wiesenthal This site goes beyond the threshold of the 1st Amendment!
154774. Judith Wolkovitch The site is disgusting
154773. Charles this is an embarassement to google as well
154772. Mario Adler  
154771. Michael Pedroso  
154770. ruben goldman this page is a big lie
154769. Carol Smith  
154768. Suzanne  
154767. George Cantkier This site is very racist
154766. deborah rosenbaum jones Surprised that Google would permit this slander in this day and age!!!!! How unimpressive of Google
154765. Andrew While the existence of the website "Jew Watch" may be in keeping with the value of free speech, as Google is not a public agency, it is my expectation that you can choose to exert your free speech by being silent as to the existence of this website. If this were to become a test case in a court of law, I would hope your ethics would not deter you from allowing the test case to go forward. I am certain that your assets would support any legal expenses.
154764. Robert Gryn  
154763. iael vered out jewwatch from google
154762. Lulu  
154761. Karen Eudene  
154760. Arnie Levine Disgusting for the 21st Century!!
154759. J Berger  
154758. Tali Boritz  
154757. dennis guten take it off
154756. orit ermann  
154755. nancy veshancey  
154754. Malca Roitman  
154753. miki ermann  
154752. tuny Yvel no es posible que el nazismo siga cabalgando por el mundo!
154751. Lauri Dworkin disgraceful
154750. Vanessa H. Disgusting and disturbing. As the #1 search engine, Google should be ashamed to even ask for 50,000 names in order to remove such a site.
154749. Aouay Nadia  
154748. Robert Berkowitz  
154747. Ernesto Muller Please remove from Google
154746. m. abramson This web site gives me shivers and makes me as a Jew think that this may have been how Jews were viewed before the Holocaust.
154745. R. Chessler  
154744. Barbara Wind  
154743. Deborah Adler  
154742. roz feder  
154741. B. Onik ridiculous, nonfactual site
154740. alon lues  
154739. fred fall  
154738. Murray Trachtenberg hateful garbage
154737. Dana  
154736. Klein Cathy  
154735. pablo tevelev  
154734. milton madison  
154733. Lisa Zemon  
154732. Craig Cooper  
154731. Howard Tulin  
154730. Dina Waik This incites towards hatred
154729. Ignacio Basura recalcitrante
154728. amit If it makez u feel happy, well, then ok ....
154727. Barry Lightman  
154726. Ben Schwartz An abomination
154725. Mel Ladisky  
154724. ABRAHAM WAIK disgusting
154723. henny Porter  
154722. marilyn penn  
154721. Lisa Lerman  
154720. ruth bloom  
154719. Esther Eisenberg  
154718. Linda Tepper why spread hatred.....isn't there enough?
154717. Lawrence Natinsky  
154716. J. Wasman  
154715. jale kan  
154714. Susan Shannon  
154713. Jim Shannon  
154712. naor  
154711. Shirley K Davis What a horrible and incendiary site!
154710. shelley lindenauer  
154709. lil gross  
154708. martin yedvarb  
154707. Eitan Kilchevsky  
154706. Yael Gelardin  
154705. scott abraham please remove This is very insulting and not based on facts.
154704. ohayon  
154703. Ted Verdone  
154702. Jacqueline Tabick  
154701. Martin Hager  
154700. alex shlizerman š
154699. Bram Aaron  
154698. Dr. A. Gardé comment? what?!
154697. Estie Lendner  
154696. janet goren  
154695. Judith Shivak  
154694. Bernard Hiller  
154693. B. Gilbert  
154692. Abbey Funk Thank you, Google, for listening to us.
154691. tally aliphas please remove from Google
154690. Ilise K. Please pay attention to the racist sites you are allowing on you search engine. If not removed, it reflects on your company
154689. Carol  
154688. Yitzchak Ernest  
154687. ouriel ohayon  
154686. Sara Lee Perlman  
154685. Corina M. Meyers  
154684. sally cohen  
154683. Barbara Nussbaum hate crimes are against the law..I view this the same way.
154682. Richard Hadar This is abhorent and should not need any signatures to convince Google it should be removed. If Google has any scruples it must remove such blantantly false info from the Google Search Engine.
154681. alice danis  
154680. f m cufar  
154679. Jonny Raziel  
154678. steven goodglass  
154677. Judy Raziel  
154676. Sari Workman what can I say - this site is more than offensive and needs to be removed. By not removing it, it shows to me that you do approve of it and that is completely unacceptable as far as I am concerned.
154675. Henry Melle Remove antesimitic from google ASAP !
154674. diane sachs  
154673. Bernard We all need to reduce race hatred whenever and wherever it raises it's ugly head
154672. Katy Korman this is the worst thing I've seen in a long time.
154671. MILTON M. DRASH  
154670. Marlene Knepler A most disgusting antisemitic site by a Jew hater - should be removed immediately.
154669. Margo Reyes  
154668. Milton H. Polin Would Google want to be associated with anti-Semitism? I think not.
154667. Harriet and Don Newman the world does not need this hatred spread around, we need more understanding and cooperation to obtain peace and harmony.
154666. irv kesser  
154665. ernes crap!
154664. janet weisz please remove
154663. Lee Berman  
154662. Paula  
154661. imiviortal  
154660. rene friedheim  
154659. barbra streisand please take it off from your site!
154658. Claire Lejeune  
154656. Michael Bahn  
154655. liat raz  
154654. blancadulanto de gonzalez  
154653. Jacob Langer  
154652. Ferne Sherkin-Langer  
154651. Janet Chaby  
154650. Barbara Stander Any site that perpetuates hate should not be allowed
154649. mira grayson this is terrible when is enough, enough
154648. carol edan  
154647. Kerri Morrison  
154646. Amiel Bender Enough nonsense, the internet should be a positive engine!
154645. Serena S. Gordon  
154644. suzanne We see the usual ignorance of a group of uneducated people who entice hatred and bigotry
154643. Jeff Slabe  
154642. Cecilia Cohen Denial of the Holocaust is usually considered a crime - wouldn't this, therefore, be an illegal site?
154641. janie  
154640. neil fox  
154639. lootsteen strongly object
154638. Vlad Nusinovich, MD  
154637. Philip Goldberg  
154636. Scott Strauss  
154635. Yisrael W.  
154634. Alan Lattke What a disgusting man
154633. rolf grayson enough of the bias
154632. D Reid  
154631. Philip Singer  
154630. Betty C Sheldon is the second result, but should be removed altogether nonetheless from Google's search engine. It's inexcusable to let the venom of the site poison reality
154629. ies van messel This guy on Jewwaych is obviously consumed by his hatred
154627. Bernard Rosen  
154626. marcelle grant  
154625. Ilia  
154624. noreen rosen  
154623. Caren  
154621. Amie Rumbo Remove this site
154620. Tamara Cohen  
154619. Rabbi Jennifer Gorman  
154618. Bouganim Edmond  
154617. Major Ande C. Mass, U.S. Army Retired  
154616. Rav Sean Gorman  
154615. Eli Gorodischer  
154614. Joan lees  
154613. david goldfarb  
154612. m weiss  
154611. Julian Landau  
154610. Rhona Brickman  
154609. Joseph Naveh  
154608. nakache  
154607. toby helfand  
154605. dalia kalai ,MD  
154604. grace delarosa  
154603. John Brickman Disgraceful site
154602. Jill  
154601. jojo  
154600. Jon Capon  
154599. maya tamir  
154598. Sara Fogelman  
154597. Avraham Poupko  
154596. dale atkins essential to get this off
154595. benarouche w  
154594. Nellie Brand  
154593. marciano j  
154592. Samuel Itzhak  
154591. Charlotte Blumenfeld  
154590. Dany  
154589. Faye D. Chaikowski  
154588. sheila wolfe  
154587. Alan Cohen  
154586. scott Friedman  
154585. William Sattin  
154584. Caryn Bross  
154583. Bernard Godfrey  
154582. frida hanael  
154581. Leona Young  
154580. Brian Grant  
154579. gto55 STOP ANTISEMITISM ON GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
154578. Gary Sazer, Esq.  
154577. SIMON GOLD  
154576. leslie adler  
154575. D. Koplen  
154574. Arie Shevy  
154573. Dorothy Lipschultz  
154572. Saffra Milano This site does not have the right to present itself as a professional forum, it is merely a vehicle to spew hate. Are there any sites called "christianwatch"? I seriously doubt it.......Christian bashing is never tolerated. Please do the right thing and close this site down. Thank you.
154571. Samantha Brooking  
154570. H.S.Faust  
154569. cecelia hammer  
154568. Eliyahou Roth disgusting !
154567. Laurie Mazurik  
154566. Dawn Schwaber  
154565. Lorraine Y. Rapoport  
154564. Rachel Austin it is very scary !!
154563. Dr. Christian Buckard  
154562. Valerie Litman  
154561. Alexander Gurevich Such a sick perversion of history..
154560. Shani Buchnick  
154559. H Turgel  
154558. Fanny Rousso  
154557. David Klein For Shame
154556. JennyLutz  
154555. Gloria Rudy  
154554. Sarit Butnaro  
154553. Gerald Rudy  
154552. sue green  
154551. joseph cattan  
154550. william kaye  
154549. Eleanor Kelman Stop planned anti semetic campaigns
154548. Aaron Friedman  
154547. jon rend I support this removal
154546. Bensimon Liron  
154545. Phyllis M. LaVietes  
154544. elia cole  
154543. Pasquale Aronica  
154542. Kathleen Ashton Marrocco  
154541. Margie Krause  
154540. Barbara Dockham  
154539. robbieschonfeld  
154538. Marilyn Marmot Antisemetic rubbish - disgusting
154537. michael  
154536. Carol Fryd  
154534. elit  
154533. John  
154532. Dovid Hazdan  
154530. Adi  
154529. Lila Stein a disgrace that google partcipates in this anti-semtic "news"
154528. ela  
154527. liliane  
154526. Esther Horwitz It is shocking and upseting to see and hear that google would agree to allow such a website to be available. Please remove immediately. Thanks
154525. Robert Mays Don't encourage bigotry!
154524. Morton Lang  
154523. Shmuel Shalem  
154522. sara schwartz  
154521. Howard Lerner  
154520. Pol Nisenblat  
154519. marsha  
154518. Gina Whitfield  
154517. Michael Ringel  
154516. Romascanu Medi  
154515. SIMON Remove from the Google Search Engine
154514. Sharon Pinsley JewWatch is a vile, hate mongering site and should not be "patronized" by the likes of Google!
154513. karen fragin  
154512. Mary  
154511. Yardena Winkler  
154510. gabriel nussbaum  
154509. hanny  
154508. p sully  
154507. Eli Winkler  
154506. dvd  
154505. M Sinclair  
154504. Laurence Cohen  
154503. Gerda Shay I find it sad that Google requires that may names
154502. Helene Lyons  
154501. Judith Kay  
154500. Spencer Laymond  
154499. Debra Almagor  
154498. Jennifer Perez  
154497. jack cooper  
154496. William Kuchler  
154495. nachum aviv  
154494. pepy fogel  
154493. Hasson Alberto  
154492. Avi  
154491. Hanna Avrahami please remove this site, it offends me and my family
154490. Brzustowski Marc  
154489. Helene Hirschfeld  
154488. robert singer get them remove from google
154487. Revital  
154485. Iris Assa  
154484. Jonathan Lutz This is extremely offensive and the infomation that is on their site is not true.
154483. Ygal Gilboa only lies
154482. Ronit Sitton  
154481. anthony green excellent effort
154480. Hanna Efrony  
154479. Marilyn Fink  
154478. S. Goldstein  
154477. Ya'akov Butnik shame
154476. Joel Suldan  
154475. Nathan Klarfeld Shame on the website owners
154474. Judith Warren Disgusting, it should be removed
154473. Myra Cohen Doukhan  
154472. Andrea Margulies  
154471. Greta Festinger  
154470. Deborah Nizri  
154469. Deborah Kestenbaum Please remove this link!
154468. Ashley Broer  
154467. Grace Marshall Please remove this highly offensive site.
154466. Ira Wunder  
154465. Gigi Banjak This site is breeding hate toward Israel
154464. Laurie Samuels you should be ashamed
154463. Dr Basil Sacks Blatant Hate speech of the worst and toxic sort
154462. Dahna R. Stadtmauer  
154461. Orli Avior  
154460. W.G. Fuge  
154459. josef schwarz  
154458. Claudia Hod  
154457. Lili Barchilon  
154456. Aharon Cohen  
154455. Mona Guterman  
154454. Yossi Meir  
154453. Sheldon Rich  
154452. Zvi Schutz  
154451. Jonny Alster  
154450. Dr. Philip Meltzer sites like this have no value other than to create hate
154449. Rochelle Ram  
154448. Linda Please remove this offensive material from Google
154447. Shiri  
154446. eitan machover Must be better sites on Jewish culture and tradition then this
154445. Capdevielle Bernadette  
154444. Korojan Mirjam  
154443. marlene zeldin  
154442. Eva  
154441. Sharon Kanon You should stick to sites you can be proud of.
154440. michael bergman  
154439. angelo  
154438. Oded Netanel  
154437. JEFFREY A WOLF  
154436. laurie romagnolo  
154435. Monty Isserow  
154434. Robin Koerner  
154433. gary abrahams  
154432. Efrati Moshe  
154431. Lenny Koegel  
154430. Roger Rossano What a Disgusting Site!
154429. miki halperin terrible
154428. pola sztrigler  
154427. Anthony Deitch The reasons are obvious
154426. Peter Kardos fully agree to remove that site.
154425. Laurelle Mellet remove immediately please
154424. Susan Grey  
154423. Sharon Stern  
154422. Ora Cohen disgrace !!!
154421. Natalie This site is utterly pathetic
154420. laurie rink  
154419. Ursula Pinus  
154418. Elliot Waxman  
154417. micha meyers  
154416. David Shoham  
154415. George & Elise Hedger  
154414. Gabrielle Firestone  
154413. Joan Bukzin  
154412. Jack Carroll  
154411. Peter Isacowitz  
154410. dvora brandis  
154409. Lesley Isacowitz  
154408. Paul Rosenbaum  
154407. zehava dotan  
154406. Joseph Panakal There's a curse for those who do not bless Israel
154405. S. Morry Blumenfeld  
154404. Gordon Carlson Bigoted &. biased
154403. Yulia  
154402. Rachelle Shapira I am absolutely appalled by the site, and especially how it is advertised on google as "easily investigate Jewish history, writing etc" as though it was a factual site
154401. Mark Anti-semetism is an intolerant belief system based on self-hatred and the low self-esteem of the believer. Although I believe in the 5th amendment, this type of belief system and propaganda of such leads to violence and war. Bury it deep!!!
154400. Shulamit Nathaniel  
154399. Sharon  
154398. Joshua Lapid  
154397. shlomit shiloh  
154396. Mechelle Norton  
154395. Emilio Baby  
154394. Jeffrey A. Berlin  
154393. Janis Ben David  
154392. Etta Weinstein  
154391. Nancy Fish This is an atrocity. This website must be removed from Google.
154390. rami bar-niv  
154389. jerry eisenberg  
154388. william hailey an outrageous site
154387. Omer  
154386. Ziv Despicable site. Should be shutdown !!
154385. lawrie edwards  
154384. galia antisemit and racist page
154383. Amir Cohen  
154382. selene antisemit page
154381. Anat cohen  
154380. Mrs. F. Rosenberg  
154379. emanuel antisemit page
154378. yael wagner  
154377. allison kanter  
154376. Jack Posner This site is filled with the comments of a rabid anti-semite. Transport this site to the slime where it belongs.
154375. galia because it's an antisemit page
154374. Sue Goldberger  
154373. Jonathan Mamelok  
154372. ofer  
154371. RUBEN ALON  
154370. Tsahi  
154369. rachel wahlhaus  
154368. marie, myrna  
154367. Ayala Sharav  
154366. Sharon Raphael We have to work together to end sites like this
154365. Idit Berlatzky  
154364. weiss jehuda  
154363. Tami  
154362. Avi Stokholm-Cohen  
154361. zahava  
154360. cmp  
154359. shaya catan  
154358. judy  
154357. sara  
154356. Denise Lvoff  
154355. zultric  
154354. David Mencher Shame on you
154353. Mimi Tanaman  
154352. Hannah Kingston  
154351. Alex Kingston  
154350. soraya Because of people´s ignorance of Jewish History, we have to put up with stupid sites like Jewwatch. It shows how little intelligent human beings are.
154349. Denny Kingston  
154348. Karin Lewis  
154347. U. nagler  
154346. afeldman  
154345. Brad Freiden  
154344. Joy Kay This site is blatant incitement to racial hatred.
154343. Arie Ravid  
154342. Iris  
154341. Liora Ravid  
154340. Harvey Cohen  
154339. Didi Hutt  
154338. Diane Meadows  
154337. Francine Hazan  
154336. omri  
154335. Jeannine Laniado  
154333. noga raviv  
154332. Jackie Waik-Atiya  
154331. Mark D. Reiss, M.D. Hatred, bigotry and racism need to be continually opposed.
154330. Michel Kushnir  
154329. Paul Freeman  
154328. SANDER  
154327. Assaf Zaritsky  
154326. Josh Cohen  
154325. ido  
154324. Faigie Zimmerman  
154323. SANDER  
154322. Joan Saran  
154321. rodney the site is clearly biased
154320. golda bain  
154319. joel  
154318. Pauline Daniel Google apparently is aiding and abeting the hate mongers
154317. Pnina Isseroff  
154316. Susan Hope Mason  
154315. Dina Tischler  
154314. Jason Vassallo  
154313. marilyn taylor I wish this anti-semetic site removed from Google
154312. Giuseppe Arpaia  
154311. Sara Kotlik  
154310. Larry Bergman  
154309. arie piatnica  
154308. Nikki Corin  
154307. Patrick Ferdman  
154306. daphna  
154305. Michaele Shapiro  
154304. Tova Baichman-Kass  
154303. Eliyahu Honig  
154302. Yechiel  
154301. Shmuel Hager Please do not contribute to Anti-Semitism
154300. selim  
154299. Rivka  
154298. yaara  
154297. Leora Fridman  
154296. Andrew Snitzer  
154295. Sooly Balter  
154294. Irun Cohen  
154293. pina kaplan  
154292. Maureen Fromer  
154291. Martin Cikk  
154290. Ronnie Bernstein An Israeli Jew
154288. Adrienne Mark  
154287. Jarrett Terrill I'm getting real tired of the Google slant on things! Stop the internet-based mind control in Tibet!
154286. Miriam Weits  
154285. gilead shoshana  
154284. Ronald Daniels  
154283. Gillian Hodes  
154282. Amy Coleman  
154281. Yaakov Pollack  
154280. CAROL RESNICK I am ashamed of GOOGLE that they would permit such an anti-semetic site-- please REMOVE AT ONCE--
154279. Matti Powojski  
154278. budzynski stanislas  
154277. s  
154276. Arlene Kramer Absolutely disgraceful that this is on google search engine
154275. Barry Mezey This is the most hateful use of words towards a religion I have ever seen! Jew's have a right to exist and live in peace. These are not facts but hateful opinions of racists. Please remove this site from existience.
154274. Ilan Lewis  
154273. yigal eisenmann  
154272. Irma Dothan  
154271. r  
154270. P Forrest  
154269. I. J. Venyige  
154268. Morris Stillman  
154267. noemi rapaport  
154266. Dorit Ringelstein  
154265. shmuel fuss  
154264. Elyse R. Gardner Please remove this shocking, misleading site from your search engine. By allowing it to remain, Google legitimizes the site in an inappropriate way. Google's respectability is sadly compromised by its presence.
154263. Naama Wolff  
154262. Gideon Harel  
154261. John Mckenzie Time for all things. "THIS" is time to support Israel. Islam must be stopped NOW.
154260. Ralph Hurwitz  
154259. Efrat Boker  
154258. Joan Cass  
154257. Nesim Weissberg  
154256. Shraga Greenvald  
154255. Richard Ryon In the name of free speech, I would not delete reference to However, it should not appear at the top of the list. This site is blatantly anti-Jewish and propagandistic. Note: I am not Jewish. I am anti-hate. Thank you.
154254. Sela  
154253. shirley  
154252. Maria  
154251. M.Trubuhovich  
154250. Norman Zaslow  
154249. Richard P. Lieberman  
154248. Carole Lieberman  
154247. N Copelovitz  
154246. orah lipsky  
154245. Carole Rocklin  
154244. Orit Haimov Proud Jew
154243. zippy portnoy  
154242. devora  
154241. Catherine Kurosu  
154240. Suzanne remove disgustingly biased anti-semetic JewWatch from Google
154239. Dennis Brown  
154238. Geoff Corre  
154237. Avigayil Appalling! I will no longer be using Google until this site is removed....
154236. Miriam Ben-Haim  
154235. Ruthi Green  
154234. Ken Eskow  
154233. Maya Goldshtein  
154232. Sally Schneider This is outrageous and shocking!
154231. lorraine rutgard  
154230. Monica Bruce This site should be removed.
154229. Ricardo  
154228. Bella Iomdina  
154227. itzhak tzour  
154226. Dorothy Tonkens  
154225. Abigail Fineman It is important for all to work to remove hate and hate mongering from this world
154224. Michael Ben-Harosh  
154223. albert  
154222. Mordecai benHerschel After viewing the first few pages of Google results searching on "jew" I am appalled at the ignorance and idiocy evidenced by them. Reminds me of the T-shirt with the slogan, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large crowds
154221. Elaine Lubkin  
154219. Miriam Rubinstein  
154218. Varda  
154217. syl ashame
154216. Guidi Guidon  
154215. Stephen Esmond  
154214. Yehuda Oratz  
154213. Richard Chatterton  
154212. Jerome Mann  
154211. Howard Sherman  
154210. Eli Weinstein  
154209. aber  
154208. Robert DeKeyser  
154207. Jon Boski get rid of this pathetic website
154206. israel scheiner  
154205. A Gur disgusting site
154204. aharon berger  
154203. Patricia DeKeyser  
154202. Miriam Kuropatwa Please remove from the Google Search Engine as soon as possible
154201. Stew Witkov do the right thing shut this site down now
154200. Joanne Helperin  
154199. moshe abomination and certificate of poor taste
154198. Olga Abady  
154197. Gloria I will not comment to anything so vile
154196. Miriam Caplan I am horrified to see that your search engine leads people to this site. This is reminiscent of the lies and hatred that created the holocost, and we must learn from history not to repeat these horrors.
154195. Olga Abady  
154194. Arie Guttman  
154193. moshe ravid  
154192. Mary Glynn Stop the Hate...Remove the Site
154191. Thelma Booker Please stop this hatred to all mankind
154190. Lynn Jacobs  
154189. Leslie Pumphrey remove this--please!
154188. Rina Tendler  
154187. Guttmann, Henry  
154186. Uriel Barkai  
154185. Joseph Balter  
154184. Michelle Attiach  
154183. Stacey Ortenberg the site is disgusting
154182. Jess Goodman  
154181. Scott Panken This site is outrageous. Please remove.
154180. Ruth Kohan  
154179. Andrea  
154178. Dan Eliav  
154177. Elyse S. Green  
154176. jorge winograd  
154175. Judy L White The man's delusional and his site should be removed so his poison does not spread.
154174. Sarah Brown  
154173. Amanda Lindner  
154172. helen hanan  
154170. Linda Spitz  
154169. yehudi ben avraham Eradicate Jew-haters now!
154168. Ellen Drazner  
154167. Maxine Lederman  
154166. yehudi ben avraham Eradicate Jew-haters now!
154165. Morris Wechsler  
154164. Hirsh Jogiel  
154163. Joseph Fuller  
154162. I.D. Oiring  
154161. Zvi Herzel  
154160. Eli Feinzaig  
154159. rob trachtenberg Another blantant antisemite trying to persuade the public that pure objective information provided is not racist, when in fact it clearly is and anyone who takes this presentation as legitimate is foolish and perhaps a latent antisemite themselves
154158. Eli Red please remove
154157. Amnon Abayov ÿ
154156. WALTER GAINSBURY Jewwatch is full of disgusting lies. How can
154155. Sara Frazier Please remove this site
154154. Joan Carl this is so full of hate and lies, it would be funny IF it were not so destructively dangerous.
154153. Renee Markovic  
154152. eli schwartz  
154151. Gary Clover (Revd) I'm sickened by this website; shocked that it is allowed by Google. Remove it at once.
154150. Lilian Bernstein my reason for petition: a shame, full of lies
154149. m. kessler  
154148. Alexandra Hawiger  
154147. shira  
154146. Erik Kroll Awful website
154145. Lynn Polen  
154144. Faina Kadanov We have planty Anti Semit all over the world, and the last thing we need, it's to see it on Google, where one of the founder is a Jew.
154143. Dr. Idit Pintel-Ginsberg
154141. Rick Morrison  
154140. Bruce Berger This site reflects ignorance and a character disorder.
154139. David Light  
154138. Vikki S. Helperin  
154137. Joyce Gometz  
154136. danny  
154135. Judith Coe So sad and pathetic that freedom of speech and press are taken advantage of by some people who truly cannot be human.
154134. valentina  
154133. Terry Gladstone I was going to sign up for Gmail until I found out that you alllow racial hatred.
154132. jerry hobfoll  
154131. Avrohom Altein Horrible that this hate site is allowed legitimacy and prominence by Google!
154130. Jessica  
154129. k krasney  
154128. Leslie Galen  
154127. Nomi Meislish  
154126. Dr. Henry Hornstein Google says that it blocks SPAM. Well as far as I am concerned, sites that openly advocate hate and anti-Semitic disinformation are at least as bad and should not appear when a Google search is initiated.
154125. Hannah Coopersmith Stop promoting anti-semitism by carrying JewWatch
154124. Amy Austin  
154123. louise newsome  
154122. Tom Carl  
154121. Shelley Carl  
154120. Pazi Shacham I am astonished from this in google
154119. Rissa Nadelman  
154118. BEN-AMI TENENBAUM hate sites should be removed without petitions
154117. Miriam Pollack The internet must not be used to foster hatred!
154116. Lynne Wexler Interenet locations like this one keep ignorat people ignorant!
154115. Judith Tobin  
154114. Saul War ing Please remove this site from Google
154113. Michael Saratovsky  
154112. daniel yosef  
154111. IRIS  
154110. Victoria Lee  
154109. Diane Please take this site off
154108. Susan Burg  
154107. Betty Cohen  
154106. Sue Kamens As the world's largest search engine, you have the capacity to set a powerful example about how racist websites should be handled. It's time someone took a stand against hate groups who take cover under the anonymity of the web!
154105. paula silver  
154104. Steven Cohen Hate speech has no place being supported by googlee
154103. Jeri Heiligman  
154102. ilan  
154101. Martin Gelfand  
154100. Beatrice Ring  
154099. Rabbi Samuel B. PressD.D. This is tne most racial site and promotes hatred/
154098. Allen Kulwin  
154097. Lionel cONN  
154096. Marilyn Spencer  
154095. nancy zionts  
154094. Ronald Reisner  
154093. Val Saperstein  
154092. E. Wolowitz  
154091. Irvin Goldman  
154090. Mona Polachek  
154089. Francie Hornstein  
154088. Robert Kesser  
154087. barney fine  
154086. Richard Hoffmann Remove this site from Google search
154085. adele levine racist and antisemitic
154084. paulette friedman  
154083. Joel Asseraf  
154082. Pam Schwartz  
154081. Barbara Hoffmann This site needs to be removed at once!!
154080. Lauren B. Candee  
154079. gail katz disgusting, needs to be stopped
154078. R. Nat obscene! how do you allow such things on line?
154077. Ann Signett Google should not be an instrument for disseminating hate.
154076. Yosef Rosenthal  
154075. J Storaker an extremely unacceptable web site
154074. bruce lubelsky  
154073. J Fisher  
154072. bruce lubelsky  
154071. JACK BELLAN  
154070. Gayle Singer  
154069. barry schwartz remove this!
154068. Louis Goldfond  
154067. NATALIE R. FRAGER Please remove this search engine
154066. Emil Szafran  
154065. Yisrael Betzalel ben Avraham "" is truly discusting but beyond that is is stupid and ignorant of reality
154064. Eli Gabbay  
154063. Harry Rosenzweig As a WW11 disabled veteran I protest the spewing of such hatred!
154062. Fern Goldstein  
154061. Jeff Goldstein  
154060. richard metz  
154059. Pat Arthur This site is offensive
154058. Graham Dixon  
154057. jessica w  
154056. lbert J Eisenberg A hate group listing should not come out first. in search results.
154055. Schapiro Family  
154054. Gary Banin  
154053. Joel Berlin  
154052. Peter Basquin  
154051. elias zilkha  
154050. yelena  
154049. Amy Jo Aud  
154048. Adam Martini  
154047. Francyn De Lande this blatant anti-semitism must be stopped.
154046. Carolyn Lowenstein Please remove this site which spreads hate and antisemitism. Thank you!!
154045. Cynthia Fischler  
154044. Joe Wexler sites like this should have to prove facts
154043. Gary Logan  
154042. Sidney Fischler This site is outrageous and full of lies.
154041. Elaine Newman  
154040. Don Logan  
154039. jacob  
154038. Simon Kittay  
154037. Carl Shapiro Poison like JewWatch should be removed from the Google Search Engine
154036. CHAIM LEVIN  
154035. Howard Komet  
154034. regina gedaly  
154033. Ralph Engel Montreal, Canada
154032. Richard Lindner  
154031. Jerome Gelover  
154030. S. Greenblatt  
154029. Miguel Krikler  
154028. G. J. Yudewitz  
154027. Chedva Dechter Remove this link immediately!
154026. shaima goldberg  
154025. Aggie & Leslie Stark  
154024. David Dechter REMOVE THIS HATE SITE!
154023. Avigail - moran itah  
154022. donna cain While I believe in the first amendment, I would like sites like this one not to show up as the first one someone sees. It is incorrect and serves to promote ill will among people.
154021. Ana S. de S. Please remove jewwatch from google
154020. Steve Bloom  
154019. H Miller  
154018. Shirley and Emanuel Ravet  
154017. Batya Cohen  
154016. J Vandevier  
154015. jan  
154014. aviva golombeck  
154013. Ellen Stein please remove
154012. R. Fefergrad  
154011. jon g. it's simple......the goyim still hate the jews
154010. Anna Schneider  
154009. Haim Belisowski  
154008. Heather Prout  
154007. Gad Gartner  
154006. Judy Fischer  
154005. T. Rosenberg REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
154004. Marian M Wolfert You are feeding the appetite of anti-semitism
154003. David Kamen Google... do the right thing & remove it!
154002. Herbert J. Lerner  
154001. Noah  
154000. orna keren  
153999. irving welfeld  
153998. Louise La Rocca  
153997. Grace Borenstein  
153996. Cheryl Frayne Please remove this propaganda from internet access
153995. Jan Myers this poison needs to be removed so children and ignorant people don't believe what they are seeing.
153994. Bonnie Wolfe  
153993. R. Mark Remove this immediately!
153992. Joel Hurwitz  
153991. I. Wade  
153990. Sharon Schubert  
153989. Sharon Brown  
153988. Pam Leibovich  
153987. Laura Fleischmann free speech is different from racism and incitement.
153986. Myrna Arlen Bloch  
153985. RhodaGilbert  
153984. Esther Tolkin  
153983. Omer Leibovich  
153982. s. kuschner  
153981. Enbal Kedem  
153980. Lois This guy is your number 1 choice when "Jews" are googled?? OMI...How disappointing for Google to be associated with such hatred and lies!
153979. Marvin J. Bleiberg  
153978. Sarajane Winkelman  
153977. Stanley Fisher This is baiting and encouraging violence
153976. Howard Marcovitch  
153975. miani negreanu  
153974. Alan Glicksman  
153973. E.R. Hock  
153972. ira d. levine  
153971. Joan McClanahan  
153970. Joelle M. Caplan  
153969. edgar moritz  
153968. Maxine Hawk This is outrageous!
153967. Myron Jacobs  
153966. Sharene Langer  
153965. Carmen Muller  
153963. Robert Mogil M.D. To think it exists in 2007!
153962. marion prusack  
153961. Roberta A. Strasburg This sight is a disgrace
153960. g.bretschneider  
153959. Carole Millstein  
153958. Clara Exelbirt  
153957. janet drogin  
153956. Marla Liebling STOP ANTI SEMITISM NOW111
153955. Karen McMillan  
153954. Eva Seelinger  
153953. jebendik  
153952. Arline Gottesfeld  
153951. Diana  
153950. Drew Woody Help ban the web of hate
153949. Jorge Farber The "people" of this is completely crazy and full of hate.
153948. Hilda Solomon this site is disgusting, get it off
153947. mindy markowitz  
153945. Terry Joiner  
153944. curtis levy  
153943. Mercedes Menocal Gregoire  
153942. Thelma Sachs  
153941. Lawrence Bachorik  
153940. William Brandfon  
153939. Janet Schonbrun  
153938. Cheryl Bocknek  
153937. Carole Kracer  
153936. Jodi Subel  
153935. m. oren  
153934. emily kesser  
153933. Sandra Aronson  
153932. Susie Meroz  
153931. José Guillermo Angel R  
153930. lawrence hirson  
153929. a.simon  
153928. jordan amin  
153927. Michael Komaroff  
153926. Marilyn Panken  
153925. Stuart Goldstein  
153924. nathaniel  
153923. Roanne Barnett  
153922. andrea lapidus  
153921. estherwahnon  
153920. melynda schudrich  
153919. Joseph Eigner  
153918. Mendy Wolchock  
153917. elaine wishnow  
153916. robert malina  
153915. Abe Eisenberg Although the objectionable site is now third it needs to be at the end and somehow grouped with "hate sites"
153914. Eileen Feder  
153913. sherry roosth take down this ugly, pernicious site
153912. Francine Weistrop  
153911. leslie wander  
153910. Bernice and Joel Breslau  
153909. Mary Schuman  
153908. stewart bick anti semitism is not free speech
153907. Sara R. Wunch  
153906. lori Selonke this is painful and shameful to see this web site in 2007.
153905. W. Levin An absolute disgrace.
153904. Liliane Haase  
153903. lester hering  
153902. Beatriz Taube  
153901. Dr. ziv it is shameful to allow such a site that advertises hatred
153900. Zecharie Taube  
153899. suchall  
153898. Linda Davey Please remove this disgrace
153896. Anonyomous  
153895. Michael Brand  
153894. Andrea Warmbrand  
153893. Deviani Segal  
153892. william johnson freedom of speach is one thing,hatred is another.we need to stop giveing these people a platforme to pass on there ignorence.
153891. Eduardo Grois  
153890. Marilyn Freis Pathetic that this exists!
153889. anne schiff  
153888. Peter M Schulz  
153887. Marilyn Gerber I have never seen such blatanly antisemitic garbage in one place. It's vulgar.
153886. Harriet L. Lancaster  
153885. Sheldon Please help remove all links to any anti-semitic, racist, homophobic etc. sites
153884. Harvey S. Israelton  
153883. Milton B. Ozar Offensive
153882. Helen Greenberg this is shameful and should not be allowed
153881. Jack Campanella  
153880. reed Kalisher Disgraceful
153879. ann Jacobson  
153878. Rosalie H Stutz As a Jew, I am never surprised by anti-semitism.
153877. norma f  
153876. Lyle Coren disgraceful
153875. Charlotte Satz This is disgusting! Isn't there enough trouble in the world?
153874. eugenio schwartz  
153873. Jon Horrendous libelous site. Free speech is not free hatred.
153872. Sharon Rubin REMOVE THIS SITE
153871. Penny Cohen  
153870. Ethel Ruymaker Total abuse of freedom of speech!
153869. miriam sapir enough!
153868. Cila Drucker  
153867. Ionah  
153866. Lawrence Said  
153865. Harriet Glick  
153864. bernie lustgarten  
153863. Robert E. Horwitz This is disgusting
153862. Eli Abramson  
153861. A Abrahamsohn  
153860. Marilyn Shuman  
153859. Fredrick Levin  
153858. ray sneider  
153857. sidney berman  
153856. Natalie Barath it's sad to have Google have this anti semitic website
153855. elaine pittell  
153854. Jay N. Cohen  
153853. heidi  
153852. susie phillips  
153851. darlene vourman  
153850. Miryam Mesirow  
153849. Rosalie and Peter Nowell Provides one-sided inaccurate information
153848. Vicki Oswald  
153847. Walter Selig raus damit
153846. Dominique O`Rourke  
153845. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Sandman  
153844. Gabriel Stabile  
153843. mitch Remove it Now
153842. William Wolf  
153841. Ester Romero  
153840. Evelyn Bursztein  
153839. bob mazin please remove immediately
153838. Leon Adolf Grill antisemitism=cretinism & inferiority complex
153837. ami almagor  
153836. Sergio Bursztein  
153835. lisa orkin-passloff please remove this engine search
153834. avihu bar-el I have never witnessed a website so full of lies.This website was designed for the purpose of incitement of hatred of Jews and should be removed immediately!
153833. Dr. E. Kleinman  
153832. Ellie Roden  
153831. Lucy Frazer this is disgusting and should be removed as soon as possible. a real disgrace.
153830. Liz Hirsch  
153829. Robert & Shirlee Rivin I know when I have seen an anti-Jewish site, which explains nothing accurate about the word Jew
153828. Robert Hirsch I cannot believe a responsible company such as Google would put such garbage in its options when Googling "Jew"
153827. Selma Sherter  
153826. lyn nelson Please remove at once. This is disgraceful
153825. nathan n  
153824. Eleanor Kurtz  
153823. joel sugar  
153822. Ruth Livingstone  
153821. Sidney Sherter  
153820. barry marks  
153819. Flo Beckler  
153818. rick bornstein  
153817. carol marks  
153816. Aron Eisenkeit  
153815. Susan Neshick  
153814. Daniel Boyer  
153813. vera selig this needs to be removed
153812. elyse Zuckerman horrific
153811. Mandi Please remove that - it's disgusting.
153810. Elise Wilson  
153809. Burton Nashban  
153808. shirley bar-el I am not only disgusted by this website but terribly saddened that people are allowed to send out these horrific hate-filled lies
153807. Susan Roseman  
153806. Lawrence S. Poster  
153805. Dr. Marcel Goodman  
153804. Pigu  
153803. Theodore P. Eggert  
153802. Ciépiélewski This is a horror site of antisemitism!
153801. Cyndie Barone spreading lies is not what Google does - remove this site
153800. Judy Garelle  
153799. Howard Paley  
153798. sarah bleviss  
153797. Abe Anhang  
153796. R. Paley  
153795. Donald S. Scherzer This site is reprehensible!
153794. Diana Hope  
153793. Jean Hope  
153792. Philip Chevins  
153791. Kevin Krohner remove it please
153790. mona deutscher  
153789. any gordon friedmann  
153788. Jeremy Traster  
153787. Michael Schuyler This site contains numerous lies and promotes religious hatred.
153786. Tom Desmond  
153785. Laura Fram  
153784. Jacqueline A. Lipson this is extremely anti-semetic and must be removed
153783. Jeffrey Friedland  
153782. alice kemper please remove this anitsemetic website
153781. James D. Craig Please remove this racist site.
153780. Abbie Goldberg  
153779. Amy Berlin  
153778. Barbara Thal-Hodes  
153777. Lila Singer  
153776. Lanie (rhymes with Janie) Paymar  
153775. sharon arad  
153774. Les Light please be a responsible network provider
153773. Adrian Katz  
153772. Zandra Fox Enough!
153771. bernard Herman  
153770. Janet Wilding  
153769. Harvey Drucker Ê
153768. Keith Lindberg  
153767. Vickie Abrutyn United States
153766. David H. Gluck Do you really want this stain on your record?
153765. Bella and Leonid Dreyzin š
153764. WIENER Charles Nazism and Communism started with words. In the end hate kills. Google has a moral obligation to take this into account. And this is valid for any hate site. Regardless if it's anti Jewish or anti-Muslim.
153763. G. Setzen Disgraceful hate filled site
153762. Paul Stein  
153761. Iris Simen Get rid of this hateful trash
153760. Al reidel I am greatly offended... please do the right thing and place it way back in the listing... or change it to someone looking for "ANTI JEWISH" or "ANTI-SEMETIC"
153759. Michael Phillips  
153758. J. W. Cathcart  
153757. J R Pollack  
153756. Bob Leinkram  
153754. Aroil Marab  
153753. Lynette Chasen  
153752. albina  
153751. stephanie grunvald  
153750. Frank Guasto  
153749. ruben thats rude
153748. Colleen Liberman  
153747. julia peremel  
153746. Louis Berman  
153745. A. Bleviss There exists enough racism in the world, google does not need to act as a vehicle spreading even more.
153744. Aline  
153743. Rebekah S.  
153742. Janna Bernstein  
153741. Barry Feingold  
153740. julio zand  
153739. monicabinder  
153738. patrick binder  
153737. jack nemchin  
153736. Madelon Price  
153735. Joanne Moore  
153734. joseph h. skom,m.d.  
153733. hy algazi  
153732. Steven Henick  
153731. Sherrie Mathieson  
153730. sylvie  
153729. Elkanah Bernstein  
153728. joyce shapiro  
153727. Gabriel Alaziz  
153726. FRED BLOCK  
153725. Ellen Greenberg Appalling!
153724. Alex Scheingross  
153723. sarah hershberg  
153722. Bobbie Mandell  
153721. Mortimer Simon  
153720. irma berlin Reading through the names listed under various categories demonstrates the wildness of the thought.
153719. shirli  
153718. ungar kathy  
153717. anna cale  
153716. Gheorghe Fischer  
153715. Jonathan Feld  
153714. Jay LeGrand  
153713. mike weinstock  
153712. Jan El;bein  
153711. ronnie spitz  
153710. 7mynameisirrelevant  
153709. Abigail Sivan  
153708. Howard Cohen  
153707. DONNA LAZARUS Get this off NOW!!!!!
153706. Janice Speck  
153705. Rachel  
153704. haya please remove this anti-semitic sites.
153703. alfred eichner remove this disgusting, sick site
153702. Eric marshall  
153701. Saul &Sharon Rothzeid We find this website to be despicable
153700. Bill Lazar  
153698. Elliot Kopp  
153697. Rebeca Kuropatwa  
153696. MILTON BRYAN  
153695. danny weissfeld Ê
153694. Mickey Haas  
153693. Cindi Guasto  
153692. Joshua Tienda  
153691. n henry pevsner  
153690. Max  
153688. Daniel Jewelewicz  
153687. murray shenkman  
153686. Heidi Newman Don't give space to hatred!
153685. Shirlie Lilly  
153684. Michael Krauss I am shocked, apalled and enraged by this site.
153683. Joy Silver This is an outrage
153682. Allan Wexler  
153681. Sophie Hassoeh Its important to remove this kind of barbarities, it´s ridicolous in this age
153679. Carey Spikes It must be removed. Thank you.
153678. S. Goodman  
153677. Bernard Mandel  
153676. Mark Plaat  
153675. Jessica Jenkins  
153674. sam harel  
153673. arleen hendler hate group, propaganda
153672. Adrianne Rosenfeld Thia is abhorrent
153671. Susan Greenstein  
153670. Rongo Binder Please: same standart. Be honest.Thank you.
153669. nan klein  
153668. alan cagan hate mongers
153667. David Schraibman  
153666. Kelly Ross Schraibman  
153665. Lisa Wald  
153664. barbara lucas  
153663. Joan Kay  
153662. Ronen Kleinman  
153661. Gilda Schraibman  
153660. Eric Schraibman  
153659. samuel sorota  
153658. Emily Stillman  
153657. julia please remove this site
153656. Jessica Derfler  
153655. Holly Schwartztol  
153654. Lucille Kall  
153653. Nigel Brookhouse Please Google, remove this offennsive site
153652. karin  
153651. Stewart D. Sachs insulting
153650. Jane Underwood Please reomve this site as soon as possible before it further increases the predjudice in society
153649. richard goldrich  
153648. Bruce J. Simen This site is disgusting and an insult to any thinking person
153647. Robert Finkelstein  
153646. Helene Finkelstein  
153645. Evelyn Cossmann  
153644. ellen Nelson nasty
153643. Kenneth J Bloom  
153642. Alan R. Polsky The venom from this site has no social redeeming value. Hatred to this degree is not free speech. It intend to harm and it incites violence from the uninformed.
153641. Linda Fiterman  
153640. Jaime Rubinstein  
153639. Victoria  
153638. barbara hoffmann Sites like this should be rejected by Google before ever having to be petitioned.
153637. eduardo blum  
153636. Emily Baum  
153635. David Srtoll How could this happen
153634. J. D. Goldfarb  
153633. Alfred I Paley Disgusting
153632. Beth Stevens  
153631. marietta and morty  
153630. Nigel Stevens  
153629. Dave Waller  
153628. Ann Rubin appalling
153627. Lillian Lewis  
153626. Kimberly  
153625. Norbert Haber To make this #1 on "Jew" Google search Especially when the founders of Googel are Jewish
153624. Saretta O'Day  
153623. mir genra remove this!
153622. Detta Campagnano  
153621. Arthur Dresdale  
153620. Edwin S. Mehlman  
153619. debra krim This website spews forth antisemitism. Please remove it.
153618. goldstof shlomo  
153617. goldstof orna  
153616. lois  
153615. Natan Shor  
153614. Edith Goldman Please remove ""
153613. adam shinebroom  
153612. Seth M Willenson  
153611. ALFRED A. Miller very offensive site- should be removed
153610. norman concool  
153609. Sumner Sternstein This is the sort of sight that serves no purpose except to insight hatred. Why would google allow this to continue? Please take this garbage off Google.
153608. J. Brody  
153607. Sima Legher  
153606. paulina rosenfeld  
153605. amselem carlos Rien a changé, ni changera:les racistes aparaissent, disparaissent mais le peuple juif continue...malgré tous ces racistes.
153604. Pearl Dolinsky  
153603. Harriet Hamburger  
153602. Allan Feinstein  
153601. S.Kaufman  
153600. Tami Rona please remove this despicable site
153599. Sheila Horowitz Google Search Engine should have a moral obligation regarding false and hate filled materials Not to have it displayed
153598. Elliot Fleischer  
153597. rob greenfield md  
153596. Connie Middlekauff  
153595. shelley  
153594. Michelle Hersh  
153593. Pam Pacht  
153592. Michael Portnoy  
153591. Jerry Gerber  
153590. Leah Weinberger Frightening site spewing hatred!
153589. Edward Pascal  
153588. Bea Anthony Free speech ...It's not ONLY for Jews.
153587. Chris Gustafson  
153586. Marilyn E. Liss  
153584. Harold B. Liss  
153583. M Gold  
153581. Hadassa Peres  
153580. Michael Duban remove the sooner the better
153579. Franklin L. Brody  
153578. Aharon Cohen  
153577. Marcia B. Brody  
153576. Daniel Stoltze  
153575. Jonny Flip  
153574. Richard Gross  
153573. Marilyn Should be removed immediately
153572. Ivan Lissauer  
153571. yahav b.m.  
153570. shirley keller  
153569. Ellen Lissauer  
153568. Robert I. Sherman  
153567. marjorie reed  
153566. Avi Rosenthal  
153565. ryan  
153564. Barry L. Cutler  
153563. Raskovan Alejandro  
153562. ibram nacson  
153561. harriet cowan  
153560. farrel teich  
153559. M Jean Wert  
153558. Les Brown  
153557. Hudson Salisbury The Jews are God's chosen earthly people
153555. jackie kahn  
153554. Jon Desenberg  
153553. harriet brodie  
153552. Russell Rosenberg  
153551. Joy Binkovitz this is gisgusting
153550. gtz  
153549. Renee Fleischer  
153548. Julius S. Baum Jew Watch News is the most hateful web site I have ever seen on the internet. The statements are not factual and are completely unsubstantiated.
153547. Issie Madew  
153546. SWKremer its anti semetic amd dangerous
153545. Shirley Madew  
153544. Sally Morley disgusting
153543. lynette teich disgusting
153542. Judie Cotton  
153541. Bruce Baichman  
153540. Alberto Sapoznik  
153539. martin weiner  
153538. Drew Nathanson  
153537. Nathan  
153536. Jean Wyman Disgraceful and untruthful at best
153535. T.Czitron  
153534. Stephen Jacobs  
153533. S Kleinman  
153532. Glenda Rosenberg Haven't the Jews suffered enough throughout the ages? Do you have to help continue this discrimination
153531. Barry Lewin  
153530. Fanny Rappaport  
153529. Evelyn Lewin  
153528. Isaak Kofman š
153527. Sheila Bernstein  
153526. barry oretsky  
153525. paula oretsky  
153524. marvin frankel  
153523. joel  
153522. Susan Berk These people are SICK - Get this website off Google NOW
153521. bella ostromogilski  
153520. Nathan Kravetz There is no reason for free public exposure for this type of bigotry
153519. Martin L Haiken  
153518. William Freedman Or I will remove Google from my computer
153517. Rhoda Edwards  
153516. C. Scott  
153515. Ady Palti  
153514. Ruthanne Begun  
153513. Lucy You should be more responsible on the items you show
153512. DAHLIA MATLIN PLEASE REMOVE JEWWATCH)COM from the Google search engine
153511. Leatrice Haiken  
153510. Shirley Busca  
153509. sanders it really has to go It is probably illegal at least in GB
153508. James Weiss  
153507. Joel  
153506. Ellen Feldman  
153505. paul brown  
153504. Elie Myers  
153503. Myra Adirim  
153502. June Veenstra Why is this guy so concerned with Jews? Why doesn't he have a site called Christian Watch if he feels so compelled to save the world from people who have committed atrocities. Every religious group has people within it that have committed atrocities. Why is he signaling out the jews? His argument that he is only being objective doesn't make sense. If he was objective than he would not single out one group of human beings and focus on the bad things that he claims some of these individuals have done. Its offensive and slanderous.
153501. Arieh Eldad  
153500. Walter Marx Good Luck
153499. Jerome Neumann  
153498. Anne Trahearn  
153497. marilyn hymowitz  
153496. madi lisbona  
153495. Rachel Weiss Just calling it Jew Watch is discriminatory in itself, not to mention the biased, one-sided "collection" of materials.
153494. Lina Wasserman  
153493. Robert Hirschman the site is offensive, racist and unAmerican
153492. andrew heiger remove it
153491. Joseph A  
153490. David Singer  
153489. Jane Piekarsky  
153488. Joan Krieger  
153487. paul sterescu disgusting
153486. kay lad JewWatch is now the 3rd entry on Google but it's still offensive to be on the first page
153485. hana peleg  
153484. Basil Shall Google has a duty to be more responsible
153483. benny  
153482. adi peleg  
153481. Steve O Sample  
153480. Jerry Hirshberg  
153479. Linda Hirshberg, Ph.D.  
153478. Mary Beth Gibson Accidently promoting hate still promotes hate.
153477. Ilse Freundlich  
153476. Edie Taylor  
153475. Inés  
153474. Meir Factor  
153473. darlena del mar help remove anti-semitism from occuring on the net
153472. bart kitover  
153471. Danielle Guez Shame on Google !
153470. Jerzy Kubowski  
153469. LEVY Raphaël  
153468. ;isa levenbrook  
153467. cathy lombardo ITs discusting that you have not removed this site from google.
153466. Louis Amato Disgraceful!!
153465. brenda ajzenkopf NEVER AGAIN!
153464. yohel  
153463. Santiago Friedmann  
153462. David Neustadter  
153461. susan beker unbelievable
153460. Estelle Berman  
153459. Gary Matzdorff It is inflamatory and not necessary
153458. meryl resnick  
153457. John R. Squier  
153456. larry bloustein  
153455. Ted Flicker For the love of all that is decent, remove this filth from Googel.
153454. Holly Wenzel Dispicable!!!!!
153453. Morton Perel removal is the only moral thing to do
153452. Beth  
153451. David Frederick looks like an anti-Jewish site
153450. Kevin Kaufman  
153449. trevor  
153448. Duane and Enid Beck the JewWatch site is very distasteful. Why does it have to be the first one on the list that comes up?
153447. Lina  
153446. D M Peston must be removed immediately- there is enough hatred in the world
153445. Danny Cooper This site should have been removed by Google as soon as it went live
153444. José Jeifetz Weinstein DIRT¡
153443. ron  
153442. Dr. Jonathan Weiss  
153441. Feryne & Bob Wolf trash!
153440. W. van Dijk  
153439. Coralie Payne  
153438. Asaf Feig  
153437. Hilary usual lies and rubbish - remove it now please
153436. monica cortes sotelo i an catholic but i think jew watch is terrible
153435. Louis Btesh  
153434. Stephen jay  
153433. Julia Coriat  
153432. George McDaniel  
153431. Barbara Price  
153430. Tova Mitchel  
153429. Robert Vanson I am not Jewish but JewWatch .com is nothing but hatered
153428. Pamela Kaplan  
153427. louis gitlin  
153426. marvin obar  
153424. James H. Krueger  
153423. Millie Rapp Please remove from Google Search Engine
153422. Lois Bortz  
153421. Fran  
153420. Leonard M. Rosen  
153419. ruth pordy it is untrue and dangeres
153418. marlene swarin  
153417. Edwina R. Myers  
153416. Gordon Berg This site is disgusting.
153415. Laura Rushakoff  
153414. Robert Asher I am astounded & disappointed that Google would be reponsible for allowing this to happen!
153413. Mary Ben-Sinai  
153412. amir caspi  
153411. Herbert & Marilyn Jacobowitz  
153410. Julian Ozen  
153409. judith segall the site is disgusting and vile and must be removed
153408. Mervyn Kopp delete the obnoxious website
153407. leila berlie i am a jew and i think that we are just the same as everyone else! so i hate that people put these disgusting things on the internet
153406. shauli  
153405. sandra blumstein  
153404. jerome blumstein  
153403. Brenda Frost Disgusting anti semetic site full of propaganda, outrageous lies.
153402. jackie Koen This is a disgrace to google
153401. G. C. Acheson  
153400. Eileen Anderson  
153399. Lewis s Graham  
153398. Alan Traster Please remove this link to
153397. salit a
153396. Allen and Eleanor Botney  
153395. June M Beeber Awful site
153394. Barry Beeber This site spews lies - it must be removed
153393. maryn sandberg  
153392. Ken Payne  
153391. Stephanie Belzer  
153390. Anne Arian  
153389. Martin Solomon Please remove
153388. lisl schick  
153387. Phil Kelly disgusting ssite!
153386. Larry Heyman I would like to put this petition on my website, please have someone contact me.
153385. Micki Bregman  
153384. Paul Feiwell This site is beyond reprehensible!!
153383. Hanna Levy  
153382. Danny  
153381. Rachel Chava Shlossman  
153380. Linda Bick  
153379. Ivan Shapiro  
153378. eleanor sobal  
153377. Arthur M.Bobrove, MD disgusting
153376. Helen A Bobrove  
153375. Leon J.Laster  
153374. Joshua Greene  
153373. lee levine  
153372. Shraga Eliav google should not allow this to happen.
153371. Jill H. Futterweit appaulling
153370. Joanie Smith  
153369. Jan B. Sherman  
153368. Marvin D. Suer  
153367. Norma Barad  
153366. M. Merriweather Get this disgrace off Google!
153365. Gill Weaver  
153364. Amy Bellin This has been going on far too long.... I think I signed a petition a couple of YEARS ago. Please do the moral thing and get it off your search engine.
153363. Diego Kostzer  
153362. Greta Weiner Freedom of speech is one thing, hate mongers are another. Do you really want the good name of Google associated with a site like Sure it should come up, but as number one?
153361. Tony Weisz  
153360. Dan Shapera  
153359. Judy Galician totally biased; shameful for a educated individual (librarian?) to promote such biased, inflamatory, mis-guided propaganda
153358. Laurie Rippon  
153357. Saul Gordon outrageous priority for the web site
153356. Lynn Kaye  
153355. goethals de mude  
153354. Frank Boze When the time arrives, you will not be able to hide!!
153353. goethals de mude  
153352. The Metz Family  
153351. howard jankowitz  
153350. Roy Barry In Jan 2004 another site unworthy of Google, called Jihad Unspun, appeared, and thankfully, disappeared, much tothe credit of Google.
153349. Alan Ringer  
153348. NIGEL EVANS  
153347. estee gurevitch  
153346. NIKKI EVANS  
153345. Lois Metz  
153344. Dale Block  
153343. Mitch Boze In HIS name:
153342. abner spector being the first item to be visible under "Jewish " is a reason to not use google. Why at all and why first?
153340. shimon Cohen  
153339. Barbara Rakov Please remove this site!
153338. Renee Levine  
153337. Gary Swickley  
153336. Jewell Waldbaum  
153335. Ann Berkowitz Bar-Neder In this day and age we trust people in exective positions to help us fight against growing Antisemitism . Show us that you care enough to eliminate this site from your site
153334. bob styles  
153333. Beverly D. Smith  
153332. Jill Navarino  
153331. Pinchas Morse  
153330. Debra Berman  
153329. Firooz Banooni. MD The name of the site is misleading
153328. C. Seiz How about showing some responsibility???
153327. Raya Kovensky Please remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
153326. Mr and Mrs Louis Cohen I will not use Goggle till this is removed
153325. Stephen Kramer  
153324. marvin stone  
153323. sidjoan  
153322. Bennett Greenspan  
153321. David Wilk  
153320. Raul Cohn  
153319. George Feldman  
153318. Cary Hillebrand  
153317. Ellie & Stan Tomberg  
153316. paula j lehman please remove
153315. doreen fishbein  
153314. harold fishbein  
153313. ziva robas  
153312. Irene Sever, professor emerita  
153311. adi  
153310. Sergio Altschuler  
153309. shirley berwin  
153308. Harriet Goldberg I thought better of Google
153307. Ben Abrams  
153306. Pnina Rothenberg  
153305. Cheryl Lewin Google needs to take more responsibility!
153304. Adela Pisarevsky If it were a site against muslims...Bush would've begged the whole nation to not offend them! Someone here thought Google was controlled by's assumptions like this that's sinking Israel and the Jews...BTW, I consider the Jews who are against Israel - against all of us Jews!
153303. Debra STark Surely this can't be allowed!
153302. Daniel Donaty  
153301. Cynthia Hamburger  
153300. Lois Boyington  
153299. Ronald Hamburger  
153298. Tania Fernandez  
153297. Edward boyington  
153296. LNSachs  
153295. jacques baharlia  
153294. Silvana Guera  
153293. Rochelle Oziel This should definitely be removed from Goggle. There's enough hatred and Anti semitism without adding more from the computer.
153292. Geraldine Fiskus  
153291. Adrián Hamburger  
153290. Diane Pomerantz  
153289. Diane Pomerantz  
153288. Madeline Jason  
153287. s b ozer  
153286. Christine  
153285. max vogel  
153284. brenda katten  
153283. sally katz  
153282. howard brown  
153281. Ken Elow Disgusting nazi trash
153280. Mrs.E. KAWALSKY  
153279. r shaw  
153278. David APELBAUM Horrible & to expunge a.s.a.p.!
153277. Abe Haya  
153276. G. Cohen  
153274. Judy Franken Alarming. Should be removed immediately!
153273. kennon hudson Horrible!
153272. Dr. Robert Kopp  
153271. Rose Petretti Ê
153270. Rhonda Cohen  
153269. Dario  
153268. Marilyn Cohen  
153267. Susie Moss  
153266. B Price  
153265. Susanne Berger  
153264. Susan Glass Why is dangerous stuff like this allowed? If it was about Islam there'd have been an uproar
153263. Ruth Harris  
153262. Rochelle Sislen Horrifying
153261. HELEN  
153260. Hanna Ludwin  
153259. Beth Pomerantz  
153258. Hanna Grinberg  
153257. Raymond Ludwin  
153256. Mara Okshteyn  
153255. K. Corrigan Beyond distasteful
153254. Judi Edelstein This man is VERY sick, as is his website
153253. bena shklyanoy  
153252. Zelda Penzel There should be no place on Google for this sort of hatemonger to spew his venom.
153251. b h robinson  
153250. C.GR Thought Google was controlled by Israelies
153249. sol kline  
153248. Myron Kern ÿ
153247. Abbye Sheltzer  
153246. lrothenberg  
153245. Sharen & Neil Novick  
153244. E.Grueneberg A must to reduce antisemitism
153243. riva  
153242. Bernard Kaminetsky  
153241. Phil Tyreman  
153240. levin regina  
153239. Solomon Arons  
153238. Malka Marcia Harati  
153237. Ruth Yvonne Arons  
153236. isabel socolovsky  
153235. Alan Cohn  
153234. Roger Raphaely this site is abuse of Google
153233. Paul R. Tanick  
153232. roslyn rosen DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!
153231. Hilda Edwards  
153230. Shlomo  
153228. deborah levy  
153227. Marta Wassertzug I will be happy to use a different search engine until the site is removed
153226. Adrienne Tanick  
153225. Mimi Renchner  
153223. a bashary  
153222. Eleanore Zaleznick DISGUSTING
153221. Sam Brooks What an affront to the Jewish people
153220. Dr. Bernard J. Baca Atrocious and Hideous
153219. Barbara Seidman This site has ONLY filthy anti-Jewish lies and must be removed IMMEDIATELY!
153218. mayissa abitbol  
153217. Nadia Bijaoui  
153216. Barbara Ellman Shame on Google's sense of integrity and decency.
153215. Seth Kamen this site needs to be removed asap
153214. herb kline  
153213. Cary M Steinman  
153212. eli bick  
153211. Paulette Greenberg  
153210. davidc257  
153209. ERMANTIER  
153207. Logan hirsch  
153206. frank a villani  
153205. frank a villani  
153204. Leon Cohen  
153203. Joyce Communist and Antisemiti-what a combination
153202. Holly Kaprosy  
153201. Sandra Brown  
153200. Smadar Sciutto  
153199. patricia baer  
153198. Eric Horwitz  
153197. robert baer  
153196. Eric Horwitz  
153195. mark wolf wake up people... we have a real problem!
153194. RACHELLE Nossel  
153193. Bernard Wassertzug I will boycot Google until they remove this, and encourage others to do likewise.
153192. orly please remove this hatred toward Jews
153191. sylvia shahin  
153190. Wayne S. Weil  
153189. Annette D. Horwitz  
153188. Raphael Arias  
153187. Zipora Katz INSULTING
153186. Stu Yudman  
153185. elliott cohen  
153184. neuwirth very offensive
153183. Morgan Himelstein  
153182. Bernard D. Bard  
153181. Arieh Yarden  
153180. Robert Carstons  
153179. Larry Shnitzler  
153178. murray appelbaum  
153177. Ophir Oren  
153176. Elton Kerness  
153175. Philip Milstein  
153174. Roberto Novoa Jr.  
153173. Martin H. Zafman  
153172. Tamara Bonne  
153171. Leith Oliver  
153170. steve russell  
153169. arik  
153168. Susan Stern  
153167. susana  
153166. Barbara Albert  
153165. Lisa Kokin  
153164. Patsy Let's spread peace and love not hate
153163. Jesica  
153162. ann russell  
153161. S & D Bloom  
153160. Roberto Novoa  
153159. S. Yakar  
153158. Richard Rowen  
153157. Evelyn Feldman this site creates anti semetic views
153156. Alan Leon  
153155. Niloo Shoushani  
153154. Valerie Lenes  
153153. Juana Raijer  
153152. Arlene Appelbaum  
153151. sanford kalter  
153150. jacqueline alon we don't need antisemitic websites
153149. Amit Finzi  
153148. Ron Lerner  
153147. Walter Schimmerling  
153146. M. Levy  
153145. jay bernard scheuer  
153144. ernest baker remove it without delay
153143. Daniel Eliyahu This site is an insult and you are a party to it by advertizing it.
153142. H.J.G.Brian please remove this dreadful site
153141. Yair Koren  
153140. Madelyn Feuerstein  
153139. Colin S. Herlitz  
153138. Jenny Peterson  
153137. jo pollack  
153136. Patty Simon  
153135. Sabrina Reed  
153134. Sylvia Lezak please add my name to remove this horrific website
153133. jonathan Usher  
153132. Lawrence A Pfeiffer  
153131. Marvin Simon  
153130. ALAN ASCHER This is not scholarly material, but the distorted view of a hateful group of individuals.
153129. Leonard Leon  
153128. Yvonne Fernandez  
153127. Lenore K. Leon  
153126. Sue Collins  
153125. Herman Taube It started with Jew-hate, it ended with WWII.
153124. Shosh Koren  
153123. irwin gerson  
153122. Bernard K Levine The name Google is synonymous with innovation and development, not hate and bias. Remove this cancer on your reputation, please.
153121. Josephine Simons  
153120. Mike Rubin  
153119. paul stramberg remove ASAP
153118. Rose Mendel Please remove this offensive web site
153117. Avi Bar  
153116. Herman Taube It started with Jew-hate, it ended with WWII.
153115. Ed & Yvette Arian stop spreading such garbage!
153114. sandra norian  
153113. N)Green  
153112. michele kalter  
153111. cindy Burg  
153110. Sandra G. Rosenthal  
153109. loretta muscillo  
153108. Seymour & Miriam Wellikson This search engine is defaming and unfair
153107. l belaga should be dried and spread on the fields
153106. Dr. Peter R. Lantos  
153105. betty cohen offensive sites serve nobody's interests
153104. Darrell Essex  
153103. Alex Myers This site is repulsive.
153102. jenny kingsley  
153101. Jessica Goldstein  
153100. Miriam Osner  
153099. Glenda Pollack  
153098. Margaret Tothill  
153097. marilyn basch  
153096. David Weiss  
153095. Irwin Kelson  
153094. c monsey Many people don't look past the first couple of entries when looking for information on a topic. As the 1st entry seen, this biased site is getting a disproportionate amount of weight. There is too much ignorance based hatred to inadvertently promote more by giving a viewing to this type of site.
153093. Malca Wilner  
153092. M. Miriam Herrera Please remove this egregiously antisemitic site. Thank you.
153091. Shelley Eisenberg  
153090. mark fishman  
153089. Joseph Fibel This is revolting aand should never have been permitted on so that a petition should not have been required to remove it.
153088. Pearl SGlatt  
153087. Brad Horn  
153086. Moshe Limor  
153085. Phil Davis Quite suprised Google have done nothing previously
153084. Iris White  
153083. J G Sinsheimer  
153082. Robert Rodvien  
153081. J G Sinsheimer  
153080. Ruth Limor  
153079. jocelyn schaffer  
153078. Adam Raymond I'm shocked that a petition is even needed to remove this material. As is often the case, freedom of speech takes priority over common sense
153077. lois weiner  
153076. Mindy Klein  
153075. mercante  
153074. suzanneScherer  
153073. martin levy  
153072. Hatchwell  
153071. Phil Sniderman Abusive and must be removed
153070. N. Apfel  
153069. michael and judith olinick  
153068. Vicki Goodman  
153067. Marion Tumen  
153066. lucy sexton  
153065. edith  
153064. pachi  
153063. lea dror outrageous
153062. elaine berg and henry berg this is a disgusting site
153061. Howard Polay Apalling site.......remove it now!!
153060. elizabeth rabicew  
153059. Gerald Schwartz Site should be relegated to last place on the search if not removed post haste.
153058. elizabeth rabicew  
153057. Carla Helen Rockliff, RN, BSN  
153056. Donald Wilk  
153055. Jack Pearlman Hatred leads to violence against innocents.
153054. ZENOU  
153053. Samuel Ignacio Chalom  
153052. Jack M Chapman This site is a disgrace-it should be deleted immediately.
153051. Eric Lindenbaum  
153050. Harry Harel Its time to erase all raceist material from your lists, even if it costs you money.
153049. sanford diller The two Jewish owners of Google have as usual, as they did in China , placed their personal greed abovbe ethics. Their motto of do no harm is a patent fraud.
153048. Robert Jacobson  
153047. Joel chess  
153046. ada schindler  
153045. natan lustgarten  
153044. M Epner  
153043. marlene gould Please remove immediately
153042. Clara Ines Pilipovsky  
153041. Leslie Waldbaum  
153040. Susan Szabo  
153039. David Goldberg  
153038. Lawrence Waldbaum  
153037. ARIEL HABIB  
153036. Roberta Jacobs  
153035. Jill Howard I don't believe in censorship, but this really is icky! - you should at least move the sight to the last position on your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
153034. k.n. leibovic  
153033. Anita Jewell  
153032. Alexander Kopilenko  
153031. marina mashaal  
153030. Zev Garber  
153029. Lisa Akman  
153028. Kathy Jenkins This is appauling!!
153027. Michelle Raw  
153026. Bob Shapiro  
153025. arieh shashoua  
153024. Evelyn Lurie  
153023. ashley saltman  
153022. Joel Lindenfeld  
153021. Sam Levine  
153020. Judy Hines  
153018. Dr.Roy Jaffe  
153017. billie Jean Gockel that site is sick,twisted and deadley
153016. Gianfranco  
153015. Mares, Andrei Dr. med.  
153014. Anita Zermansky  
153013. Kalicki  
153012. Rina Segal  
153011. Victor Zermansky  
153010. Zulma Jordan Rosenfeld  
153009. Eleanor Winer This is a tragedy, that this piece of garbage exits, and obviously written by some form of low life. This should be remove instantly. This is not freedom of the press, this is a mockery.
153008. Brian  
153007. RW Jacobs This site is a travesty to humanity!
153006. Paul Wartzman  
153005. Jorge Savecki  
153003. Erika Falkenreck  
153002. RW Jacobs This site is a travesty to humanity!
153001. gus  
153000. Oren Okhovat  
152999. Sheryl Jacobson This is horrible and I am not a Jew!
152998. Sorella Schiller  
152997. Lewis Lakey  
152996. Steve Martin  
152995. Aonghus Kelleher  
152994. Ernest Armonn  
152993. Elaine  
152992. Barbara Lakey  
152991. Roberta Rhum  
152990. Anthony Daniels  
152989. allan  
152988. Leon Greenberg Google shut down anti china email
152987. Alejandro  
152986. Karen Greenberg  
152985. Mike Robern  
152984. judith levinsohn  
152983. Sanford Lebman It is disgusting.
152981. raul  
152980. Terry Fishman  
152979. bernard and Barbara Arkules  
152978. Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman CBE AM JP  
152977. Bernard Unterhalter I signed a smilar petition some years ago, but Google took no action. How long does it take to gather 50,000 signatures? It is time to correct the situation now!
152976. Hy Kagan shameful that this is permitted
152975. Janna If we are going to REALLY ban all hate on the internet, THEN WE MUST BAN JEWISH-SPONSORED hate like NOW, AIPAC, ADL, ACLU etc etc etc.......... You JEW PARASITES only see "hate" as a convenient lable for those who disagree with your mischief and call you on your own pathetic behavior. GO TO HELL ALL OF YOU BLOODSUCKING JEW-PARASITES!!!!! BURN IN HELL JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
152974. sandy shtab  
152973. David Epner I believe in free speech. I don't believe in hate mongering
152972. Helene Szabo This is a disgrace. We are not in the 30's and 40's. Haven't you learned anything from our not so distant history.
152971. Barry Reiter  
152970. Rudolf Lachkovic  
152969. Steve Stoltze  
152968. dara maker  
152967. beatriz  
152966. Sheila Malkin horrific!!!
152965. Paul Reed  
152964. Patricia LeBlanc  
152963. Rachelle Ettman  
152962. Elwyn Abram  
152961. ana drobiner  
152960. rosa  
152959. C Kesselman  
152958. sondra sherman  
152957. PHILIP TOBIN  
152956. Clinton DeWolfe No words can express my rage!
152955. Robert Saul Disgraceful!
152954. alan goldman  
152953. Richard Mertl  
152952. ben shilo  
152951. sistema  
152950. carlos mileguir  
152949. EL BAHIENSE  
152948. Norman Brooks  
152947. LOTTE B. POVAR  
152946. Alan Zweibel  
152945. rosalie donadio the internet is a powerful tool ... both positive and negative and unfortunately this site represents the virulent aspects of hatred and should be stopped!
152944. toni zavistovski  
152943. ADINA COHEN  
152942. Clifford Vernick MD  
152941. Ian Spence  
152940. Curtis Sandler  
152939. yosi averbuch  
152938. adrian herzfeld absolutely garbage . nothing new to me since we are always a hated community especaily when things are tough such as the economy, lets blame the jews for everything.
152937. S E Neal  
152936. June Hartman  
152935. Elisa Crispi  
152934. Lauren J Ozen  
152933. Leslie Mitek Remove immediately
152932. Madeline Klein This is critical to pass on
152930. Michael Gervai What an insult to have such hatred listed as if it were a academic site.
152929. Rebecca Landes  
152928. Vero  
152927. Adele Greenfield Let's try and remove all hatred from this world
152926. Philip & Frances Ohringer  
152925. Jennie The Cancer of Anti-semitism continues
152924. Stanley H. Gelles  
152923. Mirjam Pollin Take it off, now!!!!
152922. Robert Goldman  
152921. Tamara Brill  
152920. ron harris this is a discrase. Get it off the web
152919. Jan Cone  
152918. jan friedman please do this immediately!
152917. Charles H. Rivkin  
152916. diana nashban  
152915. Faye Hirsty People should not be allowed to use their freedom of speech to promote hate and incite violence.
152914. David Zuckerman  
152913. yehudah younessian change this before we hack you to death!!
152912. Carol Newman  
152911. T. McIvor  
152910. susan kaplan  
152909. Linda Gruenspan  
152908. Jo Culhane  
152907. Judy Rabiner  
152906. sam margolis  
152905. Jonathan Hurwitz  
152904. SAM SHLITZ  
152903. Marilyn Woidat  
152902. roberto grunvald  
152901. sanford schneider  
152900. daniel gruenberg  
152899. rochelle b albert  
152898. 0dette stanger vile and hateful
152897. Ilyse Levy  
152895. hana hartman I urge you to remove this site
152894. Ariel  
152893. Lepok Jack  
152892. m. murphy  
152891. zelda  
152890. marlene goldbach  
152889. carl hartman Do the right thing and remove this site!
152888. ruth moked  
152887. jack trachtman  
152886. Mark Raw  
152885. Carmen Tobin Remove the anti-semitic site from your search engine
152884. Dr. Harvey Nussbaum Urgent
152883. Tobi Bongard  
152882. becky Malkin  
152881. lucia m-f  
152880. Anibal  
152879. Eric Daniels Totally inappropriate in this supposed enlightened era.
152878. Annalee Shein There are no prejudicial remarks that are acceptable. It's time to remove hatrid from this earth!!
152877. Lynne Lieberman  
152876. Cindy Babcock  
152875. Theodore Zonderman  
152874. S. Gross  
152873. Joyce Tobkes  
152872. Judy Rosenberg  
152871. Larraine Revah  
152870. Victoria Habib  
152869. David Swiff  
152868. Lydia Landa In this age of rising anti-semitism again! it is reprehensible to put jewwatch on a search engine or anywhere else
152867. Aaron  
152866. Gabriel  
152865. barbara Kosoff  
152864. Jeffrey Lederman This is extremely offensive
152863. AARON KAISER  
152862. buzz swartz  
152861. Noa Shmargad  
152860. Richard Moore  
152859. Vincenzo Sinatra  
152858. Vivian Lazerson  
152857. Edward I. Marks, Elizabeth S. Marks  
152856. ariel  
152855. Ellis Westcott The authors of this are extremely vicious people and have put so much effort into it that they must be considered dangerous sociopaths.
152854. Jerry Kopp  
152853. Wendy Bruck whatever happened to common sense as a reason for eradicating a link?
152852. Nancie Stupp  
152851. andrew Fox  
152850. Mark Waldman  
152849. beth binder  
152848. pamela bloom  
152847. c werb  
152845. margaret olkes  
152844. Aaron Schwartz  
152843. Tom Margittai  
152842. Sonia Kushnir We need to suffer Because of Jalousie??!!
152841. arthur oppenheimer  
152840. John Smith  
152839. Audra Yerger  
152838. William A. Frank  
152837. Daniel Dubiner  
152836. allan singer please remove jewwatch
152835. Max De Koven  
152833. Arthur Wess giving a forum to such ignorant hate speech is terrible (and possibly illegal)- please remove it from your search engines and links
152832. Dorin Kfir  
152831. H. J. Huddleston  
152830. Howard Geschwind  
152829. Tootje Loonstijn Renger  
152828. Susana Thau  
152827. MYRA HOREN  
152826. Alice Joseph  
152825. ricardo cohen  
152824. EDWIN R. HOREN  
152823. David Spieler  
152822. David  
152821. Zena Shae  
152820. Robert Feuerzeig  
152819. larry steinbaum Bigotry beyond belief- Shameful and inexcusable!!!
152818. Jacques Hugnu It is very sad that there are still such pages in the web.
152817. Evelyn Rothstein  
152816. Sharon Tobin  
152815. nurit preis  
152814. jill epstein Unbelievable! I can appreciate free speech, but Google's gotta figure out a better algorithm to have real definitions appear before propaganda!
152813. Ruth  
152812. J. R. Wiser  
152811. morris bouganim  
152810. Jeffrey Kirsch google smacks at anti semitism by this listing
152809. Max B.  
152808. Ron Reben  
152807. Lisa Bitton  
152806. Norman Wolf What a travesty! Why spread hate. Love one another!
152805. Mickey Nissan  
152804. Tamara  
152803. Preston Glazer  
152802. Carl and Roberta Hodges We believe that the site represents the position of the author and despite the fact free speech can prevail in an open society, the abuse of the public space should be considered very carefully in determining the liability potential, not just for the author, but for the media - which in this case, is Google and YouTube. It is unfortunate when hate authors are confused with being factual sources. It is our hope that, despite the First Amendment, this particular author will be blocked.
152801. sue dym This is the most biased, anti-semitic site I havce seen . The average uneducated person will believe this diatribe wgainst jews And Israel. Please remove it from your Google site. Thank you.
152800. Louise Epner  
152799. Ruth Friedmann  
152798. Faith Gershon Get this scum off the Internet
152797. Lauri Bader  
152796. Basil Colin Frank appeal to GOOGLES board of directors ,some happen to be Jewish
152795. Jaci Gecelter  
152794. Michael Bluestein Please remove this outrage!
152793. Sheree Rosen  
152792. Janice Rose  
152791. k. mor  
152790. Riitta  
152789. noemi  
152788. Elfanbaum, Bernard  
152787. gil druckman  
152786. Jonathan Smith MD  
152785. Stuart Smithfield  
152784. Joshua Bakes  
152783. Steve Williams  
152782. Robert Paget Please void this racist website
152781. ariel  
152780. jaims10  
152779. Merle Karpes  
152778. len cee disgusting
152777. Terry Goldstein  
152776. Allyson Morris  
152775. Lenny Karpes  
152774. a.hepkema  
152773. Ben Zion Kogen The less of these sites, the better the world will be
152772. Pam Goldman  
152771. Gary Laufer  
152770. Irv Halprin  
152769. Judith G. Zalesne  
152768. Boris Ardashnikov It is too bad that GOOGLE ....
152767. Sandy Livak  
152766. Anna Davis  
152765. eli-beth  
152764. Arditt  
152763. sharon hope  
152762. Ilana Yael Leeds  
152761. Karen Kramer  
152760. Arlene Hodess  
152759. beaumont  
152758. Betty Weiss  
152757. Murray Ginsburg  
152756. david and nelly weiss no more antisemitism in ths century or ever
152755. Merla Wolk This is appalling.
152754. ALFREDO  
152753. Paula  
152752. edward l. snitzer  
152751. marion davis this must be stopped
152749. Joseph  
152748. estelle priel  
152747. arnold young  
152746. marion taub  
152745. irene romer  
152744. Elaine  
152743. Marvin Tameanko Insensitive and ignorant
152742. Fay Schoenfeld  
152741. Mijail Perez  
152740. j morton  
152739. Mere Friedman  
152738. R Simon Google should have no place for hate.
152737. Noa Levanon  
152736. David Axelbaum  
152735. peter levine  
152734. ROBERT A. SMITH Please remove as soon as possible
152733. Frieda Weinfeld  
152732. Ophir Harran  
152731. tova  
152730. Rene Hauszpigel  
152729. Simon Remove it!
152728. Cheryl Johnson  
152727. Ben Eber  
152726. Angus W.J. (Ron) Robertson  
152725. Jerry Rosenstein  
152724. esther  
152723. carlos rodriguez  
152722. Haddad Michèle  
152721. alder  
152720. Colonel B.J. Finestone I( was decorated for killing germans in WW2. I would love to look after this scum with no recognition required.
152719. Marjorie Eiseman Fred Eiseman
152718. M Sovitch  
152717. Aryeh E. Shimron  
152716. ofer  
152715. LilyKrulevitch  
152714. D.L.Maier  
152713. Ian MacAusland-Berg This site promotes hate. Remove it now
152712. Shelley Viviani  
152711. g kane  
152710. Gary Weiss  
152709. paul siesser  
152708. Isaac Nahon  
152707. Clive Goodman  
152706. Lawrence R. Freedman  
152705. Randi shameful!!!!!
152704. ian fisher  
152703. lora  
152702. Talia Nicole This is extremely offensive and if google does not remove it immediately they will lose many users and will be sorry
152701. Barbara Arnold There should be criminal penalties for defamation of this kind. The Frank Weltner website is libelous hate mongering.
152700. Renee B. klosz  
152699. ronny benatar if this is not removed im going to be forced to use other web search engines
152698. meital hirshberg  
152697. jackie ublansky Some people have just way too much time on their hands!
152696. Richard Tramer  
152695. Sandra Goldberg  
152694. Edgar A. Blumberg indredulous!! this website, must be removed. It's absolutely disgraceful!!!
152693. Jay Newman It's easy to say that you support Freedom of speech when you agree with what is being said. It takes a person with principles to support free speech for those who say things that we don't agree with. Thank god that the people at Google can maintain their principled support of free speech, even when what is being said is distasteful. They deserve to be commended, not condemned for their principled stance.
152692. Sheldon Goldberg  
152691. Danielle Bauman  
152690. les gamza antisemetic
152689. carey wintersen-stock  
152688. Susan Graham  
152687. Leslie  
152686. pablo bronstein  
152685. Cora Flaster  
152684. William M Fagan shame
152683. Alan Bender  
152682. Ron Singal  
152681. gerald pearl  
152680. zucker nadine unbelievable, are all the informations as biased as this one?
152679. manfredo kerner  
152678. C.Jacobs  
152677. judy foxe one sided presentation
152676. GUY MILLIERE  
152675. paul leventhal outrageous wrong to have this site
152674. Debbie and Bernie Sherman What's old is new again by the means of technology; STOP the assailing terms by removal of this site or any other hate mongering sites!!!!
152673. Nancy Bluth  
152672. Fran Cohen  
152671. gita pearl  
152670. sheryl kaufman Horrible site. It must come off
152669. Melissa A Friedman  
152668. louise we must stop this awful pollution. snippets of interviews and articles can always be skewed to tell "your side of the story"
152667. stevebursky this is despicable
152666. Frieda Robins  
152665. Lisa Kritz  
152664. Jesse Charnick another hateful madman
152663. Miriam Gershon  
152662. Miriam Gershon  
152661. Aaron Priel  
152660. Arie Avraham Do Good
152659. Ilene Greenbaum  
152658. Nancy Forever is a long time to regret being wrong!
152657. sima jahr  
152656. jo ann lewis  
152655. Suzanne JEFFREY  
152654. Ilana Cavaliero Please remove the site it is a disgrace
152653. Franco Mathy  
152652. Simon Hersh  
152651. Elaine In this day and age this should NOT be on Google
152650. Marcelino Rawicz Big lay
152649. Mary Heinz  
152648. Halle Greenhut  
152647. Susan Farnum Please remove from your search
152646. MArgaret Davies  
152645. Gail Dinnerstein jeww...that's not even alphabetical. To promote antisemitism is disgraceful, disgusting and you'd better think again as your profits disappear.
152644. Gene Shackman Please remove this from google.
152643. Trevor Davies  
152642. Sidney Itzkowitz  
152641. Moshe Kolin Shame you need a petition in order to expell this rubbish from your system
152640. Andrew Reznik  
152639. Fran Jensen Absolutely disgraceful
152638. NORMA ZIPKIN  
152637. Scott Mitchell Disgusting Lies
152636. Bella Itzkowitz  
152635. stephanie zaro  
152634. David P. Strauss  
152633. lisette  
152631. vered dahan  
152630. Frances and Malcolm Dash hope we get the required signatures!
152629. rivka elron  
152628. S Talkins  
152627. Michael Pinkus Stop helping the spread of antisemitism by removing these offensive links!!!
152626. Erica Tennenbaum  
152625. Edwin Tocker  
152624. m.stern  
152623. jack martin kahrnoff  
152622. jodi moss remove
152621. david seligman  
152620. Norma and Howard Roseman  
152619. Marcy Elias all this sick propaganda promoting hate when will it stop
152618. Brian Rowland  
152617. L. Ressler This site serves no legitimate purpose. In many countries it would be entirely illegal. Although the author has the right to purvey racist propaganda under the 1st ammendment, those rights do not extend to your cooperation in abetting the spread of lies that has resulted in tens of millions of deaths over the last couple of centuries.
152616. lauren  
152615. Elaine Pinkus Don't disguise anti semitism; this just allows a back door into anti semitism and must be stopped.
152614. Matt Kushner  
152613. S. Hirsch  
152612. marci  
152611. Gilberto Tuchschneider  
152610. Dov Drukier  
152609. S. Gold  
152608. joanna lerner This is a disgusting site
152607. G. Goldberg  
152606. Ori Ungar  
152605. rochelle rothbaum never again
152604. Vera Lantos This person should be forbidden to spread hatred!!!!!!!!
152603. Kees Lugtmeier none
152602. Stuart  
152601. Lauren Acton  
152600. Barbara Trilling  
152599. Shelley Williams Google should be ashamed & the employees responsible for this site should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for unAmerican hate broadcasting crime.
152598. s.l.vladimer wow what a load of distortion and fiction
152597. Delores Hepler  
152596. David Nodiff  
152595. Helene Stoltze Please stop before 50, 000 signatures
152594. Maxine Myers Out of order - needs to go!
152593. Bobbie Lomon  
152592. C Blank  
152591. Alan Chart  
152590. Gaétan Viau  
152589. chana horowitz  
152588. Mel Goldstein Don't promote hate!
152587. Bunny Ehrlich  
152586. lucille helman  
152585. Mrs Jane Cohen  
152584. Ron Zohar  
152583. Muguette Myers  
152582. Meyer S. Levine  
152581. Oren Maoz  
152580. Robyn Packard  
152579. Joe Schwed  
152578. JANET fischler  
152577. malka levy  
152576. Gladys Gejler  
152575. cynthia selwyn disgusting - bad for google
152574. edward mantell  
152573. Barbara L Herman  
152572. Ari Sternberg  
152571. Amy Weishaus  
152570. Ann Smith  
152569. Helen Bowers Not on my watch!
152568. Steven Stender This site should be removed immediately.
152567. Karman This anti-Semitic website must be removed! It does nothing but incite hatred towards the Jewish people
152566. Matthew Garber  
152565. Lisa Beth Meisel  
152564. Marcos Raijer Please remove the site from the search engine !!
152563. Robert Vermes  
152562. Dr Jonathan S Warren  
152561. AMW  
152560. martin schwimmer beyond despicable
152559. nancy cowan take it off!
152558. Tatyana remove the website
152557. i. Vilmos  
152556. Harold B. Stein  
152555. eli huberman  
152554. sondra friedman  
152553. Ted Kavanau  
152552. L Aronson  
152551. matt newpol  
152550. Jack Hollander  
152549. Paul Newnham
152548. Judy Schwartz  
152547. debby newpol  
152546. trudy lipowsky  
152545. Robert Hines  
152544. Robert Lubetsky  
152543. Dan Hillman  
152540. betty wende this site teaches non-truths and fans the flames of anti-semitism
152539. Liz Lazarus  
152538. michel akselrad  
152537. Jonathan Howard  
152536. Debra Grodenchik please remove this offensive "hit" from all google searches, thank you
152535. atara  
152534. Leigh Naftolin This is so outrageous and I am surprised that this sickening propaganda should be allowedto be printed ,let alone to be read
152533. debieuvre  
152532. Larry Schwartz Do not insult the Jewish people, please
152531. Jerry Pearl  
152530. shachar  
152529. Mindy you must remove this from googles search engine immediately
152528. sharami kerr trhis is a disgrace
152527. Tim Firth  
152526. Nils Andersson Antisemitic!
152525. Abraham Google, pls. show us, in which side you are !
152524. mrs hooper How can google deal with this antisemetism except by refusing to allow these web sites
152523. Ann Andersson Antisemitic!
152522. Robbie Taylor this is disgusting
152521. William Pordy, MD  
152520. y karol  
152519. gilla Please help increase LOVE in the world by removing hate sights like this one off your engine!! Keep Google free of antisemitism!!!
152518. Lynnwood Collins Jr Very Unapproiate
152517. Sharyn Gallatin  
152516. Michael Kane There is no such thing as "Free" speech. All speech has consequence; some tragic, some benign. Our founding fathers simply meant to assure that 'Free' speech was meant to define the freedom to dissent from public policy; to challenge the received political wisdom. 'Free' speech was never intended to include bigotry, racism, homophobia, or any other uncivil behavior or advocacy..
152515. H D Phillips Shameful to say the least
152514. wendy  
152513. Bob Munro  
152512. Ray Walvis In first amendment rights vs. hatred, decency must triumph!
152511. paula pappas outrageous!
152510. Nicki Munro This site is disgusting!
152509. Ruth McDowell  
152507. Bruce Caress  
152506. Derek McDowell  
152505. Melani Rogers Please remove this hateful and harmful site
152504. Bruce A Pinsky  
152503. J Wulf  
152502. Norman L. Leventhal Please remove the obscene website of hatred entitled from the Google Search Engine
152501. A Dascal  
152499. Brian Absolute disgarce that Google should allow such a site
152498. sharon itsari  
152497. yoram amir  
152496. Michael Keren  
152495. keren bar  
152494. Evelyn S. Whitehill  
152493. David Pozar no anti semitism
152492. david zisenwine  
152491. Joseph E. Antenson, Ph.D  
152490. nava bar  
152489. Veronica Burns  
152488. yoni bar  
152487. Max E Ingram We must fight Antisemitism
152486. John Lee  
152485. Audrey Kamin  
152484. Lauren Leon How is this allowed?
152483. Joseph Rosenfield  
152482. Michael Bahar  
152481. Fanchon Auman  
152480. susan  
152479. Charles J Conway  
152478. Dr. Yair Weil shame for google
152477. L. Burns  
152476. Harris Graber Totally disappointed in Google for allowing this site to be on such a great site as Google, and especial the first one when looking up the work "Jew"!
152475. David Ginsburg  
152474. Richard Goldberg Anti-Semitism is the canary in the coal mine; Google contributes to this disgrace
152473. Bennett Axelrod  
152472. Irving Wseman  
152471. Cliff Spungen  
152470. David Dworcan  
152469. Mervi Pirkkalainen  
152468. Ros  
152467. ale  
152466. Andrea Gruber  
152465. Jack Millman There is more than enough hatred in this world without promoting it on your search engine.
152464. Amos Davidowitz  
152463. Aniko Feher  
152462. beth milowe  
152461. Jennifer Malvin  
152460. Yoel Berznoger  
152459. Ilene Hochman  
152458. Pablo Muchnik  
152457. Arthur Gruber should not be there
152456. Diana Ratliff  
152455. Marvin Agulnik Disgusting!!!
152454. Laurence H Stone  
152453. VICTOR SMITH  
152452. Leanne Braithwaite  
152451. Susan Hofbauer  
152450. joan berg this site is absolutely disgusting
152449. R. Krauss  
152448. Jay S Greenberg  
152447. Denny Lisagor  
152446. Jeanne Gillett  
152445. trudi degrazia Enought Hate in the World,don't add more.
152444. Amy Tobias The fact that this hate website is allowed to be on the web is appalling
152443. Ilana Manolson  
152442. HARRY GLAZER the stature of google is diminished by this disgusting web site
152441. p. harte  
152440. Mr Carol Chapman  
152439. debbie Mashaal  
152438. ruben anti jew poisson
152437. Shlomo Oleisker INADMISIBLE
152436. Edith Sadovnic  
152435. Dr. Esther Lucas  
152434. avik  
152433. Antoinette Anderson  
152432. Sara Schacter  
152431. Hardi J. Niclasen  
152430. Tom Robinson let's not make it any easier for people to find this kind of racist filth
152429. Danielle Cohen  
152428. Roy Cohen  
152427. Raphael Cohen  
152426. Alice Roth  
152425. Ahuvah R. Mitbach  
152424. Robert Young  
152423. sandra Parnell these sites are being encouraged by having you need to shut these sites down now without delay them being shown you need to shut them down immediatly
152422. Mark Silverman  
152421. Dennis M  
152420. Cohen Yossef  
152419. Yehuda Niv  
152418. Ivan Cher  
152417. Badash  
152416. Rachel Millward A worthy Petition, deserves support.
152415. William Millward May the Petition be successful speedily.
152414. Norman Portner  
152413. Zamir P. shalita Ph.D. remove the evil a.s.a.p !
152412. Huberman Ezrikam  
152411. Tammy wade  
152410. Huberman Ora  
152409. Hava Wechsler  
152408. Debby  
152407. dov ziv  
152406. Sam Yodaiken We Do not appreciate anti semetic sites
152405. Gail Cohen it's wrong
152404. Eitan Karni remove it instantly!
152403. Uskhi  
152402. lisa johnson  
152401. mariel discrimination : NO
152400. MacKenzie  
152399. Sandie Rose  
152398. Dr. Jakov Adler  
152397. Moshe Mendel  
152396. Aliza Dwoskin  
152395. pamela and liionel thompson  
152394. Eva & Robert Verebes  
152393. phil lewis  
152392. Ines Eisenscher  
152391. Eric Goodis  
152390. jay steinberg  
152389. Jason  
152388. Anna Albright  
152387. fran risner  
152386. Uri Givon MD  
152385. Rita  
152384. Barry L. Sharpstone how can this be allowed very poor taste
152383. R. Kameda I use your search engine in Japanese all the time. Japanese hate the word racism and I was shocked to see it on Google. I will make this Public on Japanese forums and will no longer be using Google Search Engine as it is very racist and rude.
152382. E. Finn Google is my used search engine. Help keep it that way by removing trash sites.
152381. SAMI  
152380. yanay gabi  
152379. N L Holland Remove this horrid website NOW!
152378. Dale Charnick  
152377. Moran Matyash  
152376. Tom Gur  
152375. David Erez  
152374. Gail  
152373. Simon Lee  
152372. Emma Lee  
152371. marcelo  
152370. J Alway  
152369. Milca Hanukoglu  
152368. Lea Hanukoglu  
152367. Aaron Hanukoglu  
152366. haya  
152365. ozias bortman  
152364. Aviva Wind  
152363. ELSA CHAPMAN  
152362. Emanuel Wind  
152361. zelda leon harris Google by allowing this web site is encouraging incitement we can all remove ourselves from their services its up to them
152360. zelda leon harris Google by allowing this web site is encouraging incitement we can all remove ourselves from their services its up to them
152359. Theodore C. Iancu what a shame for google!
152358. Stanley Guss  
152357. cecil migdal PLEASE remove.OFFENCIVE.
152356. Erez  
152355. pnina shirav  
152354. Antony Rams Very poor taste
152353. Heather Setzen  
152352. Laila Takolander  
152351. Alice Glikman There are enough lies and hatred in this world, without this!!!
152350. Susan Becker  
152349. tabitha  
152348. Darren  
152347. Mr P Taylor I wish this anti semetic site removed from Google
152346. Martin Lewis  
152345. Aviran .E. Eliav the site is not only antisemitic it is also stupidly written
152344. Phillip Hynek For Google to effectively promote such a website is totally unacceptable.
152343. joel cohen  
152342. Salomon  
152341. joel cohen  
152340. LEON BENATAR this should be removed or i will never use google again
152339. Vatka please remove this untrue page as soon as possible
152338. Norit Steinbock-Vatka please remove this untrue page as soon as possible
152337. nevo gavriel  
152336. steve and Liz Ornstein You must do something or we will walk from google
152334. Gadi Attias  
152333. Rose  
152332. Mark Lewis You seem to be able to respond to governments, now respond to the people.
152331. paul lyons  
152330. Zucker  
152329. dotan  
152327. Eva Karpas  
152326. Arie  
152325. Leonard Axelrod This is the worst kind of porn and doesn' warrent any place in your search engine.
152324. Haya Graetz Ran  
152323. martha kleinfeld  
152322. shlomo grabiner  
152321. E Falkof  
152320. Shamir Inbar  
152319. M Falkof  
152318. Eddie Caspi  
152317. Givon Kalman  
152315. yvonne melcher Please remove all hate filed sites from this wondrful search engine
152314. Jacoba Snoep Know the REAL history first! Stop tolerating the intolerance of Islam and/or Nazism (it's merely the same thing as you might know)
152313. Pablo remove HATE
152312. Urith Boger Haven't you learn history? This stuff is deadly!!!
152311. Bebe Rubinstein  
152310. paul goldman It's a shame we all can't live and let live
152309. Abraham Segal  
152308. Cole Hirschfeld Remove site, or remove google.
152307. Lori Bisbey  
152306. cathy mcmullen please remove this horrible site
152305. Renee Nosanchuk Get it off the internet. Its disgusting.
152304. Barbara PRomislow shocking, biased, disgusting site please remove
152303. Judy unacceptable
152302. B. Newman enough is enough, these people believe in Chirst well maybe they should think twice Since Chirst was a JEW and not a Christian
152301. Alan Harris  
152300. edgar erez  
152299. Howard Cohen The site is full of mistakes. The early Communist leaders were not Jewish, they were atheists. They almost eliminated religion, including the Jewish religion from the USSR. The writers of the JewWatch site also forgot about the pogroms against the Jews in Russia by the Christians. These are only a few of the upside down look at history on this site.
152298. Dina Vakrat  
152297. Mas Rubin  
152296. Yoram Tabori  
152295. Avi Smith-Rapaport  
152294. Nancy Van de Voorde  
152293. Esme  
152292. AJB  
152291. matty sarig what you see is enough...
152290. Gary Copelovitz  
152289. Moshe Laub  
152288. Chevalley Edna  
152287. Julia Dolowicz Can we put a stop to this hatred, please? It's totally outrageous that someone can have the means to publish this intense hatred. He needs therapy.
152286. Deborah Young  
152285. Gabriel Cohen Antisemitism isnt welcome anymore
152284. BATIA YAFFE  
152283. Zack/Laura Levitt whats wrong with you people!!!
152282. Bilhah Ben David  
152281. Helen Rauch-Elnekave  
152280. Anna Bakes  
152279. Noah Bresler  
152278. Lili Eylon this offensive site ought to be unconditionally removed - I believe there are now enough protest signatures to do so
152277. michael  
152276. michael  
152275. Maria I am oppose to all racially based prejudice. It promotes hate and should not be tolerated by anyone.
152274. Robert J. Passaro Please remove
152273. debbie brenner  
152272. Florence Sutker The website spews vile lies & hatred
152271. Paul L. Walfish  
152270. Deborah  
152269. Bernice Pillemer  
152268. Art Lazar This site is inflamitory against all people
152267. Michael Guray  
152266. Daniel Wencel It is outrageous to have such a site on the internet. It is pure hatred.
152265. Lois Grossman  
152264. Linda Kay Behrend Cruelty must be met face to face and eliminated.
152263. Lisa Geda  
152262. Genie Abrams This is a really hateful site.
152261. jona ben-zvi  
152260. Michelle Citroen  
152259. Iris Argeband  
152258. Annie Friedlander  
152257. Susie Rosenrauch promote tolerance and acceptance of all, end prejudice and racism
152256. Rosalind Chase  
152254. Arthur Kauffmann  
152253. Max Donaldson  
152252. cynthia weinberg race hatred & lies should not be on google
152251. Gal Noach It is a same to the world.
152250. Harold L. Krainin This is nothing but a hate crime!
152249. Abi  
152248. edna berlyne  
152247. Nesim Guvenis  
152246. Eric Berzack This site is a one sided disgraceful twist of facts.
152245. marsha rosenblum  
152244. John Smith  
152243. Stan Stahl  
152242. Valentina Chechik It is a shame for Google to help antisemites
152241. Deborah M. Shaw  
152240. Andre Tremski  
152239. ofer ahuvia  
152238. M. E. Lang  
152237. Danny  
152236. Glen Dworkin  
152235. Steve Ojena Please remove this web site from your search engine
152234. Alejandro  
152233. Gladys Vreeland  
152232. robert cavaliero very offending and not realy true
152231. robert cavaliero very offending and not realy true
152230. s. moss  
152229. Gordon Gerson This is an abomination. In the name of free speech keep it, but put it at the bottom of the list.
152228. Harriette & Murray Bernstein  
152227. jaclyn gang`  
152226. Francine Dunner  
152225. Mitch Unger  
152224. Ofer Neev  
152223. julian nyman  
152222. Michaela Bergman  
152221. Samuel R. Shanman  
152220. madeline  
152219. bernie greenspoon  
152218. carol strub ignorant,offensive and disgusting !!and all LIES
152217. Jess D.  
152216. Stephanie RONNET  
152215. Norman Katz Please remove references to this antisemitic site from your engine. I know you can do it. I'm a certified Google Enterprise developer
152214. sandra grossman  
152213. Mitch Miller  
152212. Renee It's a shame to difame people all over the world
152211. nancy mazur  
152210. elena goldenberg  
152209. Aaron Perry  
152208. Barbara Gold Even Google can exercise some values, not just ranks.
152207. Wendy Farrar  
152206. R Get rid of this crap
152205. Paul Ereira  
152204. Dr. Scott Mandel Remove it!!!!
152203. Ziporah Kidron  
152202. Eileen  
152201. john sherman  
152200. sharon gates  
152199. Celine Leduc we should look at what unites us and not what separates us, such as lies, hatred and untruths.
152198. Jacob Gold I find many things offensive, including However, I find censorship even more offensive. A search engine should return objective results, not results sanitized to appease the self-appointed arbiters of political correctness.
152197. Gerald Poticha MD  
152196. JERRY KRAIM  
152195. Elizabeth R. Abrams  
152194. Elke Mishkin  
152193. Hideko Inouye Graves  
152192. William Johnson  
152191. Beverley J. Katz  
152190. Beth Hirsch  
152189. jeananne harris  
152188. Levi  
152187. Harry C. Gross D.P.M.  
152186. Myron R. Barr  
152185. Beverley Doctoroff Disgusting and untrue
152184. Joan Perrin Do not give anti-semitism a forum to spew its hatred.
152183. Karen Greenberg  
152182. Mark M.Cohen I find the site to be offending
152181. Jacob Levanon  
152180. Edith Birken Please don't move it around your site....just remove it.
152179. nancy hano  
152178. sanford greenberg  
152177. Paul Girel  
152176. Brian Dworkin  
152175. Stephanie Fenig  
152174. Arline Kaye  
152173. Steve Gorman  
152172. Claude Benchimol  
152171. Carla Borecky  
152170. Robert Appelsies  
152169. karen stern  
152168. Helene Little  
152167. Karen W. Starr  
152166. Sheldon Blackman  
152165. Melissa Orona  
152164. R. Fernandez  
152163. Michelle  
152162. Larry Trochtenberg  
152161. warren morey  
152160. Tova  
152159. Michael Shure  
152158. Jackie Rosenblatt  
152157. Adrian Warren  
152156. Carol Gamson  
152155. Judith Gurvis  
152154. Jonas Gurvis  
152153. Debra L. Reid and family Freedom of the press is one thing - yelling fire in a theater is another and that has been outlawed - this is equivalent to that - it needs to be removed.
152152. Dorothy Leonardi "Educational"? Where are lists of all the major contributions to mankind accomplished by the Jews? This site is spewing and encouraging dangerous hate-filled rhetoric and should not be given a priority position by Google. Yes, we have freedom of speech but have no "Right" to shout "fire" in a crowded theatre. There are times when our rights end when they trample the rights and safety of others.
152151. Ron East  
152150. Fran Solomon  
152149. Jeffrey Solomon  
152148. Herbert Manning IV This site is a disgrace to the memory of all Jews who suffered under Nazi persecution and should not be listed on your site!
152147. Ronald Pomerantzz  
152146. M Miller  
152145. Steven Loeb  
152144. Erwin M Segal It's sad that an unfair, untruthful, and offensive site is given such play on Google.
152143. Daniel Gat a truly offensive site -- and in bad taste
152142. max oberman  
152141. myrna gintel obscene inflammatory prejudicial site-please remove
152140. Larry Oshinsky  
152139. Marsha Nochomson  
152138. mark yaukey  
152137. gloria annenberg this should be forbidden to be on the computer
152136. barbara bloch  
152135. Mark Perlman the site is a disgrace
152134. mauricio Hammer  
152133. Norman F. Finkelstein  
152132. SAMY ZANDS  
152131. Barry Chapnick  
152130. Janice Ross  
152129. maxine vogel  
152128. J Posner  
152127. Robert Szechter Not very nice
152126. Karen Willner Please remove this awful hate site!!!! how dare you allow hatred on your search engine!!
152125. Ralph Seligmann This site is spewing false information and doesn't belong in a reputable site
152124. Leonard Schonfeld  
152123. Nony Smith  
152122. seymour shweky remove jewwatch-itsinsulting
152121. Karen Shelinsky  
152120. veraa varga  
152119. jacqueline tucker  
152118. S.Douglas Frasier, M. D.  
152117. Trudy Balizer  
152116. Roy and Jaye Derek  
152115. april cohen  
152113. Allen Herblum  
152112. mario  
152111. Ron Brodkey  
152110. Jerome Ross  
152109. Kathy Peck  
152108. Susan Henderson Disgusting
152107. Dale Levinson  
152106. Harry Corsover  
152105. irene weintraub  
152104. Robin Frasier  
152103. Cheryl Feldsott  
152102. Shelly Block This is disgusting!!!!!
152101. Ana Grunvald  
152100. steve berman  
152099. Mara Gibney  
152098. Alan Birnkrant  
152097. Cheryl Rudin  
152096. Lisa Vernon  
152095. linda teplitzky  
152094. Leslie Lewit  
152093. Ms. Phyllis Landis  
152092. Jane Strom  
152091. Dan Ollendorf  
152090. Valerie Kohlmaistre  
152089. alan l. hirshman  
152088. Erwin Fluss  
152087. anny  
152086. Marla Jansen  
152085. Richard Silver  
152084. William Graham Vulgar no place on a Google Search
152083. bernard kannen  
152082. Eva Duvdevani shame on google !
152081. Mindell E. Bricken remove please!
152080. Leeann Larson Unbelievably ridiculous site!
152079. Sue Zaltz  
152078. Jody Z  
152077. Dr. Patricia Goldentyer  
152076. Rhoda Morris Google should be ashamed to allow such trash to be accessed
152075. Arthur Lourea  
152074. david quinton Can you imagine if this were happening to Muslims...
152073. Carole Laventhol let's all respect each other, and live in peace!
152072. Douglas Goldberg this is a horrible example of anti-semitism
152071. Hy Schu This site should be relegated to garbage dump of HATE sites.
152070. Ian Lasker propaganda rubbish
152069. susan flyer this is a most degrading and racist site I have ever ventured into. this is a site that promotes HATE, and increased ANTI-SEMITISM in a world where tolerance, understanding, & education shd be promoted...
152068. edith v google should not allow these kind of things
152067. gary please, remove from your side.
152066. carol Lowitz This is disgusting
152065. Andi Light  
152064. Harvey Silber  
152063. Paula Silber  
152062. Harold W Segal  
152061. Dave Berman Delete this file
152060. Linda McLeod  
152059. max benatar disgusting site
152058. Lee Zasloff  
152057. Tim Connerty  
152056. J. Harris  
152055. Dow Bernard Bienstock  
152054. Melissa Fischler  
152053. David Segal  
152052. Erica  
152051. Alan Bress I am appalled that Google would allow this to be on their search engine
152050. mark grammer  
152048. deborah cutler  
152047. Larry Blitz  
152046. lila kahan  
152045. dani  
152044. Howard Ross disgusting
152043. susan gerber  
152042. Natalie Vilmansen GROW A SPINE, GOOGLE!
152041. Nadia Wolf  
152040. Irwin Perton  
152038. Henry M. Katz  
152037. Rich Rosenthal  
152036. Richard Silverman You now have 3 times the number of signatures needed to remove this web site from your search engine, yet it is still here. It's time to boycott Google. There are plenty of other search engines that don't promote hatred and anti-semitism.
152035. Helaine DeCelle  
152033. Gerry Lerner  
152032. Steven Lev  
152031. Hennie Greenland  
152030. Carol Rosner An absolute disgrace.
152029. Susan Stone pls remove outrageous!
152028. Gerald R. Kotler Does Google also support hate web sites for other religious, racial, and ethnic groups?
152027. dennis lapidus  
152026. Marilyn Weise  
152025. Rosalind Juster  
152024. robert hudson  
152023. Georgette BEnsimon I cannot believe that in our modern civilised world we still have to watch for this kind of action!
152022. Georgette BEnsimon I cannot believe that in our modern civilised world we still have to watch for this kind of action!
152021. Stacey Tucker  
152020. Jack Luxemburg  
152019. barry cherkas  
152018. Sarah W. Kleemann It's disgusting
152017. stephen krauss  
152016. Norma This is a despicable Nazi website and goes beyond what should be permitted as free speech; hateful
152015. Errol Ginsberg  
152014. M. Haas  
152013. Susie Beiman offensive beyond words. Please remove this site.
152012. Jeffrey Silver Get this site off Google
152011. Peter Brier  
152010. Herb Feldhuhn THE MOST ANTI SEMETIC SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
152009. Alan Joffe  
152008. Armony Share  
152007. harry colt this person is a hate monger and serves to feed the bigots of the world. of which, unfortunately there are many!
152006. Eugene Bernstein  
152005. robert livingston  
152004. Rubinchik  
152003. Bonnie Feigenbaum  
152002. Rina Freedman please erase from Google
152001. Ralph Krainin free speech is one thing..sheer hatred another!!
152000. bob rabkin  
151999. Irene Freedman Offensive-Must be removed!
151998. Haim Barnavon  
151997. Carol Warden  
151996. Paul Neustein  
151995. David Greenblum  
151994. Raquel  
151993. Geraldine Muchnikoff Jewwatch it awful
151992. Addie Banasky  
151991. paula merovitz  
151990. Richard & Sue Hill  
151989. Carole Perl  
151988. Ellis Miles  
151987. Michael Goldstein  
151986. Carole Whitehead I am also a stockholder
151984. Louis Carey  
151983. Issie Noveck Shame on Google!
151982. elaine blafer  
151981. Shari Curtiss  
151980. B Corsover This is a disgusting site designed for bigots and antisemites. google should have no part supporting such garbage!
151979. M. Lyden  
151978. Barbara Fisher  
151977. Arnold Dickerman I am an American who happens to be Jewish,and find this site offensive
151976. Helene Newman  
151975. Stephen L Kotler If Google provides factual & professional information this site should be removed immediately and refruiteiated at once
151974. Ian Verta  
151973. Neta Levanon  
151972. Edith Maizel Shame on you!
151971. amelia  
151970. cecilia Alterman please remove
151969. Leo Fang  
151968. Laurie Novetsky  
151967. Elen Moss  
151966. Barry Fischer  
151965. Merle and Ronald Schwartz  
151964. Brahm Resnik  
151963. James Shapiro  
151962. Phillip Alpert REMOVE NOW
151961. E. Braver  
151960. Doris Rosenstock  
151959. Brian Sullivan  
151958. Ted Rosenstock disgusting site
151957. Barbara Spindel  
151956. Sarah Binder  
151955. Stanley L. Fox  
151954. Aaron Bleiwas  
151953. Carol Bleiwas  
151952. ruth phillips  
151951. Sam Borger  
151950. Bert Satovitz  
151949. Marlene Brostoff  
151948. BRENDA  
151947. Joan Lebow Please remove
151946. barbara greene  
151945. María Rosa  
151944. Luke E Fowler  
151943. philip usprech Not appropriate in this world
151942. stuart patchen get if off the internet
151941. Barbara Berkowicz This This screed goes far beyond freedom of speech. The writer is a fascist maniac and belongs in the nut house.
151940. Morley bLEVISS  
151939. Jordon Brown Remove this anti-Semitic trash
151938. John Winter  
151937. Jack Abel This is not free speech.
151936. Andrew Lubman  
151935. susan boyce  
151934. allan cowell there shouldnt be divisions between "any race", no human is any different to the next, it is only the "divide and rule" scenario that makes people "anti-whatever", there should be more forgivness, more understanding, more tolerance between creeds and religions, lets get the "anti" out of it and replace it with "pro", multicutural, and the sharing of all our wisdom, only then can remove all hatred of each others beliefs and cultures, we have to respect each others views without it getting personal, or spewing out sick websites. we should stop blaming one religion, as there is bad in all races of people, from all regions of the world. the only "anti's what should be out there is anti-war, anti-child abuse, anti-violence, anti-negativity, etc... , however, these things are dominent in todays society, this is what happens when we put more and more centralised power into the "establishment", and by design in my opinion, and being anti-semitic as to be looked at as being nothing but racist, we all need peace now !
151933. Harold Fox  
151932. robin weinberg  
151931. Bonnie Kay Marks  
151930. Eugene D. Tunick, DDS  
151929. roy d kaufman  
151928. karyn lev  
151927. Jorge Andres Steinmetz  
151926. Javier Kaniewicz  
151925. Brenda Kapustin I am very disappointed that such hatred is promoted via google!
151924. carrie miller  
151923. Wally Woldman  
151922. Mark Glazer I will reserve my comments.
151921. Ronald Woldman  
151920. Kathryn Eastman  
151919. Barbara Weiss  
151918. Jackie Horwich  
151917. Jenine Horwich  
151916. Will Weinstock  
151915. Mitchell Horwich  
151914. Jason Glikman  
151913. Gloria Glassman This site is appalling and despicable.
151912. Marguerite Coppens  
151910. Donna Handwerger  
151909. marilyn kaufman this site is reprehensible
151908. j e halperin  
151907. Lainie Levin  
151906. Penny Berns  
151905. don and maureen colt  
151904. Michael Klein  
151903. Judith H.B. Cohen  
151902. Roy Manas  
151901. Melvin Pearlson bigotry is obvious
151900. juliette glasser  
151899. Adrienne Grossmann  
151898. Skip F I L T H
151897. Jaime  
151896. letty pellettieri offensive and disgusting
151895. Ruthann Manas  
151894. Judith Lieberman  
151893. Stephen Kamichik  
151892. Loie This is the 21st century,get rid of all the anti's
151891. Esther Berkowitz  
151890. Nancy Lubman This is appalling.
151889. Nancy Petriello  
151888. Michael Krofchick  
151887. Robin G  
151886. Jerry Michelson  
151885. pat kutz  
151884. Sharon Landler  
151883. Arkadi Feldman  
151882. Joseph Chase  
151881. michael kutz  
151880. Debbie Krofchick  
151879. Debbie Ornstein disgusting
151878. Phyllis Kirschbaum  
151877. emanuel beer  
151876. Andrea Spier  
151875. Marilyn Susskind this site is a travesty
151874. Susanne Marcus  
151873. Tanya Levy  
151872. Barry Goldberg Wildly anti-Semitic, to be sure; but far worse it's terribly distorted. Weltner is a foremost member of the National Alliance, a particularly virulent Nazi organization dedicated to eradicating Jews. That his has become the leading site sadly says a lot about Google's "Do no harm" motto. Perhaps it should be replaced by the motto, "Do no harm unless it brings in lots of money and publicity--negative or otherwise." Perhaps we need to consider a media blitz of Google and boycott of Google stock.
151871. Jane Singer  
151870. ruth kazdan  
151869. Lois get over all this anti-semitic junk
151868. Wendy Kaplan  
151867. Yefim Besterman  
151866. Herbert Suer  
151865. Phil What do you expect
151864. Hugh Ellis It is unbelievable to me that both Google and Google-owned You Tube would, by allowing these web sites, support hate. The Nazi machine would have done well to have such web site promoters.
151863. Lila Kurtz  
151862. R Dacks  
151861. Sheila & Sy Goldberg  
151860. Miri Allali  
151859. Lloyd Weinberger Please remove this filth from your web site.
151858. Annie  
151857. Nora I. Berger  
151856. Dina  
151855. Dr R Mibashan  
151854. jeanette moschetta disgusting
151853. s. edelstein  
151852. marvin heidenrich  
151851. Jared Green  
151850. Albert Shelling  
151849. Paola  
151848. selwyn auster  
151847. Francine Ginsburg  
151846. jack Eisenberg  
151845. Marcela remove it now!
151844. Abe Cohen  
151843. Victoria Lipkowitz  
151842. Eldon Cherniss We should not be silent about this stuff
151841. David Zasloff  
151840. Rosalee B.Brauer This web site is deplorable and discriminatory. Since when are Americans designated by their religion? Google, take down the JewWatch!
151839. Stein  
151838. Marjorie Alpert  
151837. adrian hood Disgraceful that google would allow this site.Although i am anti-censorship,this site is inciting racial hatred and such be withdrawn asap.
151836. karz  
151835. Sandy Feinerman  
151834. Muriel E Green Shame on Google
151833. Bob Fendrich  
151832. Sylvia Silver Why are you so willing to aid biggots?
151831. Michelle Roter this website is terrible.
151830. Larry Schnitzer total trash hatefull please remove
151829. Irene B. Rubenstein  
151828. ALAN LEIGH  
151827. linda Levine antisemitic and offensive - please remove
151826. Robin Roberts  
151825. RL Kathren  
151824. David  
151823. Al Adelson  
151822. jordan slutsky  
151821. Lawrence Schneider  
151820. S Florence  
151819. Kenneth Kossoff  
151818. orlee lissauer cannot believe you perpetuate hatered not to mention promote this person who has no idea what he is talking about. let see when he is on his deathbed i hope its a jew that has to save his life. why don't you show the pictures of the muslims that bomb elementary schools and markets they are cowards they don't face soldiers only innocent women and chldren. but thats ok the view of the world is changing and believe me most people hate the muslem culture that dictates and promotes hate...
151817. David Katzman  
151816. ben warwick  
151815. Lita Blachman  
151814. Anatoliy Dubinskiy Atlanta, GA, USA
151813. karen malpica  
151812. Judith Zoe How is it you have not removed this horrible web site since you now have 3 times the amount of signatures!!
151811. Michael T. Kaplan  
151810. Alma DiGloria  
151809. L. Horowitz  
151808. louis overs  
151807. Judith Henderson remove hate web sites! awful.
151806. Harris Sandler  
151805. Eileen Sandler  
151804. adrian zuckerman  
151803. Kat Staker  
151802. Roland Elkins Perhaps some scrutiny is in order here.
151801. Milton Fine  
151800. Carol and Art Schechter Disgusting
151799. Anne Sherman this is a hateful & misleading site
151798. sheldon merel incredibly bad taste and unamerican
151797. Marvin Bender  
151796. Dean Rosenthal  
151795. ari marinelli  
151794. Hindel Jesselson  
151793. Sara-Fay Tarlin It is unconsionable for intelligent people to believe this complete rubbish.
151792. Daniel Ben-Sefer  
151791. Jane Knopfmacher  
151790. haline Balfour  
151789. charna Iommetti  
151788. rosa bogulavsky  
151787. Harold I. Weinberg  
151786. Ann Benioff  
151785. G. C. Harrison JewWAtch is promulgated by a racist screwball... stop helping him!!
151784. Matthew Lee-Renert  
151783. Stephen Robins  
151782. Al Alschuler  
151781. Janice Holmberg I am absolutely appalled by this site.
151780. George Couch Time for Google to dodge the anti-semitics
151779. William Carboneri  
151778. Lois Peterson  
151777. David Nahman  
151776. Garry Henderson Google needs to step up to this ethical responsibility.
151775. saul kozolchyk shame on you google
151774. Roan Zuckerman  
151773. Sybil Wilson  
151772. sharon dunn This is a scandal.
151771. Mariano Meilich  
151770. Dean Greenberg  
151769. donald alderman  
151768. Adam Young  
151767. Norman N. Share Thank you for making me aware of this abomination
151766. RA Ephraim  
151765. Sergiu Maixner Not worth to comment on garbage
151764. Patty Tanner  
151763. Daniel Laven  
151762. Craig Wolkoff disgusting site
151761. Steve Cohen Remove this crap!
151759. David Harris  
151758. Evangelina Stockwell  
151757. Roanne Gotthelf  
151756. Steve Berens Do you guys think you could straighten this out???????
151755. Jeffrey M. Tilton  
151754. Donald Gold This site is nothing but lie after lie.Why not tell the true facts
151753. Elaine Peabody  
151752. G.eorge Fodor  
151751. M E Hirsch  
151750. Ann Lohn Please delete this site.
151749. Ricardo G. Mayer  
151748. Judy Gruen  
151747. Denise  
151746. richard schuman  
151745. Thomas Cohen  
151744. Avi Gruen  
151743. hope robinson  
151742. jerry brodsky  
151741. adrienne star  
151740. Ben K. Miree This is beyond trash. It jepordizes the safety and well being of innocent people for no benifit to anyone.
151739. Leni Michaels It is shameful for Google to promote such a site
151738. Sharon  
151737. elaine anderson  
151736. Miriam Botwinick  
151735. Elmer L. Hyman  
151734. F. Revah If we put up a site similar to this about muslims, we'd be indicted for hate crimes
151733. bea ganeles  
151732. ruth lissauer  
151731. R. Schneider remove this anti-semitic site ASAP
151730. marc venis please remove that site
151729. jan siegel  
151728. Murray Rockman I wonder why they hate Jews so much ! - I have been a Jew for 76 years and find some Jews are O.K. and some Jew are not. Mostly they are just people.
151727. Ronald Klein  
151726. d tretel  
151725. Bob Spitzer  
151724. Janice M. Jones please stop the spread of anti semitism-there is enough hate in this world
151723. Karen Allen  
151722. roz ebstein please do so asap
151721. Barbara Stern Shame on google
151720. Thomas Ungerleider  
151719. Janet Kolender Disgusting - an abomination
151718. Dorothy Ungerleider  
151717. joan slote  
151716. Bob Spitzer  
151715. Jay Friedman  
151714. richard andrews this site is dispicable
151713. Jesse Biccum I think that is rude . Disrepectfull and they should remove it
151712. sara eugenia segal  
151711. Phyllis B. Zasloff  
151710. Lori J Duman  
151709. Richard Salter FIRST THE JEWS AND THEN YOU
151708. Marilyn Forstot  
151707. Joan Schwartzman  
151706. Francie Nobleman This is horrifying!
151705. Judith Kessar  
151704. Louiis de Groot  
151703. Nikki Herzog this is a horrible site, i hope it is removed immediately
151702. sallie kalick  
151701. Eva Wilkinson  
151700. Tom Fisterman Anti-Semitism is a very long, almost endemic disease. Unfortunately, so far no adequate cure for it was found. It is therefore our duty to channel all our efforts to find a "vaccine" for it.
151699. Andrew Terenzi Although I am a great believer of the 1st Amendment and free speech, I find the site to be filled with lies and hatred. I am offended as a christian to have this site continue.
151698. andrea bernstein  
151697. Stacey Engel This is unacceptable!!!
151696. Arlene Cox  
151695. Abigail Gewirtz  
151694. Ron Forberg Please delete
151693. Gary Paff  
151692. Gerald Thomashow  
151691. donna valikoff  
151690. Sophia Borovick  
151689. Sidney Alpert Distasteful and should be eliminated
151688. neil stein  
151687. Tyler Volkes Stop those who preach hate!
151686. Tim Leigh  
151685. Lucille G. Freiser  
151684. Shell Herman  
151683. sybil meisel  
151682. Iris Miller  
151681. Jerry Frager A nasty stain on the Google bad as X rated pornography
151680. Mike Schwarzbart  
151679. Renata and Andre Szechter  
151678. Erika Croitoru  
151677. Michael and Michelle Bennett  
151676. Geoffrey Gestetner  
151675. ann Lipschitz  
151674. Car Werbock  
151673. Aleta Devork  
151672. hessam remove the site
151671. marissa neumann  
151670. shane fox  
151669. Meir  
151668. sherry fages This site needs to be removed immediately.
151667. susan sussman  
151665. Lowell Bernstein please remove this website
151664. Mel Wolf  
151663. Marleen Perret  
151662. bert hirsch this is outrageous-do you have any filters other than the ones that bring income to your corporation
151661. Joseph Babrowsky  
151660. Robert Poris wasn't 6 million enough?
151659. Taylor Ruth Baldwin What a religious insultment,
151658. Roberta Planos  
151657. Barry Hautman  
151656. Linda & Lew get rid of it!
151655. Ira Kleinhaut please remove this hateful site ASAP
151654. jack lessing  
151652. W. ROTENBERG  
151651. Diana YOU are responsible. YOU must stop this type of actions. Will you make the difference?
151650. daniela kaiser  
151649. sydney and Denise Selati  
151648. Ann Haber Stanton This is despicable, ugly, blatant hate-mongering. Please remove this immediately.
151647. Leon Shteremberg  
151646. Myron Peck The site is objectionable and google should be ashamed of including it
151645. Kathleen Campbell  
151644. Rosalyn Gorman eliminate the website
151643. Renée Ascher Dear Sirs, With your enormous public success comes the responsibility to that public. It is within your domain to remove hate sites such as I sincerely hope that you hear our pleas to do so.
151642. Arnold A. Lazarus Please remove this anti-Semitic site
151641. Lenore M. Wilk  
151640. Kathy Donzis  
151639. Beth White  
151638. dr, gloria Waldman  
151637. diane flyer while i understand that free speech is basic to this country's ideals, Google needs to do a better job in prioritzing hits. Please do not foster the ability of people to spread hatred and bigotry.
151635. Barbara Friedman  
151634. Ricca Heffer  
151633. Helene Simnowitz  
151632. Guillermo Rosero  
151631. norman silverman Surely google's 2 jewish leaders and many employees should take note of this!
151630. Alan Pizer  
151629. Robert Snowden  
151628. Tom Smith  
151627. Bruce Mendelson  
151626. Gary Walter  
151625. Jorge Cogan  
151624. s kolker  
151623. Deb Hoffen  
151622. Steve Merr outrageous and irresponsible
151621. Nancy Hieronymus  
151620. Joseph Kahn Remove site immediately
151619. Linda Eisenberg sites like these should not be allowed
151618. MIchel dolgin SHAME
151617. Solomon Pinczewski Racism should not be tolerated on any search engine nor tolerated by any company. Shame on you Google.
151616. Arthur Baer  
151615. Charles D. Fleischman  
151614. Leon Hellman  
151613. Laura please remedy this oversight
151612. Bertha Ellisman  
151611. Christine Feinstein  
151610. donald miller  
151609. Hilit  
151608. alison  
151607. Bernice Snyder  
151606. Esther Benmoise I am truly offended by this and will refuse to use google as my home page if this is not removed
151605. Courteney  
151603. Baica  
151602. Alfred Gladstone  
151601. Noa Rubin stop the hate
151600. Morris Edelstein  
151599. Maggie  
151598. ady padan  
151597. Madeleine Gladstone  
151596. Marvin Lache  
151595. G. Mayor Help diminish hate even a little.
151594. Kathie Steward  
151593. shirley Osterloh  
151592. Fred Leitner  
151591. Timothy Steward  
151590. Maxine Wagerman please remove this site
151589. HARRY ALLEN  
151588. Edward Chayet  
151587. Jeff Merlin please remove site
151586. Norman Rodier  
151584. doris Smith this blatent anti-semitism should (and probably is) illega
151583. Wendy Green  
151582. Frank Platis  
151581. Jennifer Schloss  
151580. JUDITH LEVITT [KOENIG] pretty schocking that this site is listed under Google
151579. Violet this site MUST be removed
151578. JUDITH LEVITT [KOENIG] pretty schocking that this site is listed under Google
151577. Keren  
151576. marion Moskow  
151575. Michelle Kahn  
151574. H. Fiuczynski  
151573. Barbara Jochelson The Jewish people will no longer tolerate lies
151572. Sheila Get It OFF!
151571. Dr. Benjamin Goldberg  
151570. Nadine  
151569. D.Zabari  
151568. Sheila Boltuch  
151567. Phyllis Erlichman  
151566. Uri Benhamron  
151565. Arline Witenstein  
151564. sigal what a shame!
151563. Jules Witenstein  
151562. Mark Fach  
151561. darryn katz  
151560. Paul Schmier  
151559. stan goldwasser  
151558. Lisa Rodin-Gardner  
151557. Amanda Tufeld  
151556. Jerome Robert Solomon Oppose any activity that is prejudicial to any group
151555. Lenny Ovrutsky This crap has to go!!!!!!!
151554. Gale Blank  
151553. Bonnie Davis  
151552. Rona and Stuart Turnheim  
151551. Bernard Lepoff`  
151550. telem mira & yuval  
151549. Jerilyn K Turoff  
151548. Schwartz Outrageous site
151547. Arlene Manning As a teacher, I was shocked when this website came up on a search that one of my student's was conducting. We were all horrified!
151546. Ed Rosen please!
151545. S.N.  
151544. Philip Lowry  
151543. ariela  
151542. Charles Raymond  
151541. ross kaplan  
151540. Adoniah Alexandra  
151539. dianne glick  
151538. Barbara Goldberg  
151537. tony ruggiero  
151536. Carol Shapiro  
151535. karen ruggiero  
151534. Marc A. Forman, M.D.  
151533. Eyal Talor  
151532. L. C.
151531. Herminio Campos  
151530. Monica Talor  
151529. Mildred Bron  
151528. Lynn  
151527. Mario J. Fachler  
151526. joshua herrendorf  
151525. David Brown dangerous!
151524. eli butnaru  
151522. G.A.Linn  
151521. Adrian Feigelsohn  
151520. Alex Herzog  
151519. graciela  
151518. Elana Ben-Kerem  
151517. R B Bullard  
151516. Jane B Isaacson  
151515. Yvonne S.  
151514. Neil Ben-Kerem  
151513. Stephen Delroy  
151512. bernard morse  
151511. C. Negin  
151510. Shi Sherebrin  
151509. J. Negin  
151508. Carol Zanger I totally agree with the petition of removing from the Google Search Engine
151507. Andrew Szirt  
151506. Mitchell S. Leigh  
151505. David Gorfinkle  
151504. T. Negin  
151503. Stuart Bernstein Please remove Jewwatch from your search engine
151502. Linda Feinstein  
151501. Howard Rukeyser disgusting vitriol
151500. A. Negin  
151499. Jon take these idiots off
151498. Marcia Beberfall  
151497. R. Negin I thought we would have learned from history
151496. Jeffrey E Schaefer  
151495. joel beer  
151494. S. Hartnett  
151493. Ruben Sajnovetzky  
151492. Paul Simko Please remove this poisenous site from Google
151491. mauricio peterburg  
151490. Tamar Khoudari  
151489. Shirley Wolfe  
151488. Gary Metilly  
151486. Robert M Rothstein You should have and could have done this by now.
151485. milton moses  
151484. Robert Griffin  
151483. Ruth Zev  
151482. Andy Shapiro Must be removed
151481. Diane Golin  
151480. Marilyn Hechler remove this disgustingly biased web site....It is a disgrace!!!!!!....
151479. jeff lipp  
151478. neil weiner  
151477. Mokum West its a narrow minded site for garbage
151476. JOni spungen  
151475. Douglas M. Lederman  
151474. Dr Cyril Danjoux Please remove as it is antisemitic
151473. Elie Zev  
151472. Florence Silverman I am appalled at this site.
151471. Lynda Groiser This is racist nonsense if any other culture/religion were maligned in this way there would be uproar-shame on you Googlre for endorsing it!
151470. Judy Aaron  
151469. Moises Grinberg,MD  
151468. S Newman  
151467. Norman Golin  
151466. Janis Roszler  
151465. Mel  
151464. Sue Shotel  
151463. ENID JENSHIL  
151462. Paul  
151461. danit  
151460. R. Lederman  
151459. leony goldenberg obvio ser contra antisemitismo!
151458. Eli Meltzer  
151457. john bennett  
151455. lauren vesely i am disgusted that you would allow this and have sold our google stock
151454. Averil Shulman  
151453. Dr. Steven Kollander  
151452. Lila Horowitz Please remove from the Google Search Engine
151451. MARILYN BALL  
151450. Elliott Beres This is 2007
151449. E.B.  
151448. Alicia Honan  
151447. elaine weinberger  
151446. Ron Green Please remove this from your search engine
151445. Dília  
151444. Diane Kotin  
151443. Daniel Borenstein  
151442. Resa Ostrove I would hope that a highly recognized search engine would take swift action to remove this hateful site.
151441. Dorlene Kaplan  
151440. Francesca Friedman  
151439. mildred fradin very anti-semitic web site
151438. Dan Ran  
151437. Phyllis Heller This is a disgrace!!!!
151436. Mervyn Davidson Please remove site.
151435. nicole  
151434. Diana Shaw  
151433. Wendy Gray  
151432. Arkady Sokolov  
151431. David E Kass  
151430. maria stepanenko  
151429. Paul Feldman  
151428. sam rubanenko  
151427. B. Silverman How could google allow this?
151426. Shirley M. Wise Please remove from the search engine
151424. Sandra Simkins This is disgusting even for a non Jew
151423. Claire Barnett  
151422. seth goldberg  
151421. Jordan this is racist, please remove
151420. Eva Friedman  
151419. Terri Leibowitz  
151418. andrea  
151417. Hadassah Charlap  
151416. Alan Gold  
151415. Donna Albaum  
151414. amik please remove!!!
151413. matt colbert  
151412. paul abrams  
151411. Judy Lee Spira  
151410. Rachel Hollis  
151409. J&L Fraser  
151408. Arthur Sosis  
151406. Andrea Kaminker  
151405. Harvey & Sandi Hofbauer  
151404. jorge Glikson  
151403. susi klein  
151402. sandy and arnold holtzman  
151401. Michael G. Moises Take from Google now if your organization is worthy of America's business!
151400. Judith Rubin  
151399. Bonnie Benwick  
151398. Madeleine Fayman  
151397. judith lindenfeld  
151396. Roslyn Shuler  
151395. Stephen Tannenbaum  
151394. meg wolf  
151393. Elizabeth Bidwell If Yahoo can classify this site as Society, Issues, Race-Ethnic-Religious Relations, Hate, Hate Groups, Anti-Semitic, why doesn't Google? I think I'll switch to Yahoo for searching
151392. Anita Blackman  
151391. Rob Friedman Remove this site!
151390. julie heller  
151389. Jeffrey Buchwald  
151388. Sy Alpert Get rid of the site now
151387. Dolly Tiger Please do not help America's enemies!
151386. Arlene Eisenberger freedom of speech should not include the promotion of hatred or bigotry which this site encourages
151385. David Lax The website is stunningly offensive
151384. Andrew  
151383. Roberto Chorny The racism of the nazis is back in its classical virulence
151382. Melanie Cirulnick  
151381. Mark Klein insulting
151380. Barbara Silverman  
151379. dena bart  
151378. ANDREE  
151377. Judy Berger  
151376. weinstein  
151375. Pam Nichols  
151374. Szirmai shame
151373. Leon Assayag  
151372. Constance Robin  
151371. Howard Malmud  
151370. Morton Trachtenberg  
151369. alla shchur  
151368. Zvi Gordon  
151367. Bertha Schulman  
151366. Beth Rosenberg If we as a country let this type of propaganda be diseminated then we open the door for another NAZI type regime.
151365. E. Baron  
151364. Iris Cook  
151363. H.W.Freedman unamerican
151362. lesli weiner The site is totally inflammatory
151361. maya ajzen  
151360. Sara F. Dubovick  
151359. Jeffrey Heller  
151358. Kurt Salzinger  
151357. Lindsay Abrams  
151356. Dr. Charles M. Goodman this is a prejudicial and non factual website-full of non truths
151355. Mark Pollock  
151354. ELLIS ORLAN  
151353. orit  
151352. Joan Ghitis  
151351. pearl sloane  
151350. Adam J Rosenberg When you google black the first hit is not an anti afro american website.
151348. Stuart Davy  
151347. Luba Rothblatt Outrageous. Apparently Google is more interested in the number of "hits" than in content.
151346. jody meyer  
151345. Gilbert Weber  
151344. Arthur & Marsha Levine This is freedom to yell fire in a crowded theatre
151343. Terry Pinsky  
151342. Susan Weiner  
151341. Marvin Edelman  
151340. Violet Schlesinger Hatemongering, lies, unAmerican
151339. Peter & Susan Gray  
151338. Ken Fisher  
151336. Lauren Cantor Why didn't Google take this off itself?
151335. Arik Naisberg  
151334. Barry Ergang  
151333. Linda Platt  
151332. Alison Goldman Ê
151331. Louis Fisher  
151330. M. Wong I didn't believe it until I tried Googling it myself. For shame!
151329. simon woolf  
151328. Gerald Diamond  
151327. Adela Ezban  
151326. Rafael orlan Take this site off the web!!!!!!
151325. Joseph Gero  
151324. Felix Dahan  
151323. Mark S  
151322. Karen Dubrofsky  
151321. Judy Litvack  
151320. Albert & June Green It is wrong to have such a hate-mongering site.
151319. Keren Romano  
151318. daiana  
151317. Sophie Gross  
151316. Saul Zachs Hate sites should not be promoted!
151315. E. Shiffman  
151314. Elyorah C. Lieberman  
151313. arthur oluwek  
151312. J Cohen  
151311. Richard Heatherton It's repulsive. Get rid of it. Grow up, guys.
151310. ruth franken you need to spell "semitic" correctly!!!
151309. penny charendoff  
151308. jutkowitz  
151307. Fabia C. Fiortina  
151306. Ethan Chatov I am appalled
151305. Nikki Spencer  
151304. Harry Organek  
151303. Golda Litvin  
151302. Emily Brown remove this site
151301. susan ferbank  
151300. Robin Donenberg What has taken you so long to remove this site?
151299. Jane Magenheim  
151298. Joseph Hurwitz antiSemitic
151297. diane he is wacko
151296. Sherwin J. Braun There is enough hate in this world we don't need JewWatch.
151295. Stu Scherr  
151294. marc lieberman  
151293. Aubrey Shlugman  
151292. Martin Rubin  
151291. eitan Shacham  
151290. larry sovitch  
151289. maureen fadlun  
151288. Yedida Heymans abominable
151287. David P. Mendelsohn  
151286. francine abeles  
151285. Marshall Solomon  
151284. Fred Retchin  
151283. myra selesny Spreading old lies and hatred is NOT what Google should showcase.
151282. Steven Cohen I will stop using Google until this link is removed
151281. Albert Ellenbogen The program has all the characteristics of anti-semetism
151280. robin shimoff  
151279. susana rosenberg remove the site
151278. Nicholas J. Cafarelli  
151277. sara voss  
151276. Marc Resnick  
151275. Elaine Resnick  
151274. Lorne greenwald  
151273. Robb Kushner  
151272. Lisa M. Japha These Lies should not be on any search engine.
151271. barbara Dahm  
151270. Elissa Litwin  
151269. Leonardo Glaser Alperovich  
151268. Dale I. Kaplan please remove
151267. marisa izzard  
151266. Fran Padilla  
151265. Myrna Schneiderman  
151264. Beth That's so wrong!
151263. Dora Corona  
151262. herb frieser  
151261. marvin thall is out of Goebbels mouth
151260. Henry Leonard Harvey Share  
151259. martin wainstein  
151258. chaim chaimowitz  
151257. Bernard Bossom Shocking that it would be tolerated by Google management
151256. Donna Shu  
151255. line voided
151254. c rendeer  
151253. CatMar de Jong  
151252. Laura Nisenbaum  
151251. Dorothy Litwin Outrageous
151250. Doris C Kaplan  
151249. Carol Shugar  
151248. Lawrence Burden  
151247. Arnold Will please take it off its not right!
151246. Ross hammer  
151245. Eve Yardeni  
151244. J S DeSarro  
151243. Amitai Never again!
151242. Dian Pulverman  
151241. debra keim,  
151240. R. Tarantino  
151239. Julian Krainin  
151238. Daniel Benrubi  
151237. Lyn Waters This should not have been allowed in the first place!
151236. bob stein  
151235. Arlene Gordon  
151234. Norma Press Why do allow such propaganda
151233. Leonard Shapiro It's a discrace Google would sponcer this hatefull website
151232. Lorie Israel  
151231. karina  
151230. Norman Press Stop Anti-Semitm
151229. yael aires  
151228. bob stein  
151227. Carol Hess  
151226. Bria Weaver  
151225. evelyne  
151224. Laura Verbeeten  
151223. Hazel Shine  
151222. Ernest Elovic Please, in the name of sanity remove this hatred and calumny filled trash.
151221. J. Verbeeten  
151220. Cvi Solt  
151219. G Myers  
151218. frank daar Your first page also offers the infamous libel "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" plus three "images of Jews"--all men with long beards, one carrying a sign saying "Israel is a Cancer"
151217. ayala manolson  
151216. Elliot Molk Thank you for your attention to this.
151215. Leon Friedman/ Racist web sites should not be tolerated
151214. eileen kotler  
151213. J Krygier  
151212. GEORGE  
151211. Catherine Myman  
151210. Lydia Beanes  
151209. Ellen Ollendorf JewWatch is an offensive antisemitic screed
151208. Charles Freeman  
151207. ester nigri  
151206. Marlene Winkler  
151205. Patti Strom  
151204. mickey barney  
151203. Dr William Klein  
151202. Ariel C.  
151201. Arnold F. Hill  
151199. Paul Berliner  
151198. Jeremy Fischler  
151197. TOBELE MILSTEIN remove from google search engine
151196. jean  
151195. sol katz  
151194. Rose Berliner Half truths can be deadly lies. Other groups also should not be represented this way.
151193. Beth Banes  
151192. Leon Butler  
151191. Sheila Yuter  
151190. Samantha Graham  
151189. Martha Krainin Hurry Up
151188. gloria burke  
151187. Norma Kapit  
151186. Dr. Beny Perelman  
151185. Sheldon Robbins  
151184. Eytan Biala  
151183. Lesley K. Cafarelli  
151182. Arlene Goldsmith he is a liar of unbelievable proportion; not historical; not factual; fabricated by a hate monger
151181. Miriam Zachs  
151180. Shari  
151179. theodore fox  
151178. Jerome Burke  
151177. Liba Bender  
151176. Linda Israel Zipper  
151175. Jessica  
151174. Shirley Schuster  
151173. Sandra Leshaw  
151172. Aleksandr L  
151171. Dafna Levanon  
151170. David Shacter Such hate-filled info should be deleted, now!
151169. Ruth Richter This is the work of a sick man, obsessed with his own failures. Google should be ashamed of itself!
151168. Oren  
151167. Seymour E. Coleman  
151166. R Wehrle-Einhorn  
151165. Jack Cazes Have it removed
151164. Batya Sandlow  
151163. jonathan adam  
151162. Jacob We have the right to have our own little country
151161. celia Most of my family on my mother side had died in Kiev in Babiy yard
151160. Herbert J. Solomon  
151159. Lionel Levy This site really is offensive and should be removed not jsut from google but from all search engines.
151158. Arnold Friedman  
151157. Dorothy Artenberg  
151156. Avrahm Cohen, MD, FACC  
151155. Paul Chernawsky  
151154. susan rovin  
151153. Daniel Artenberg  
151152. guita schyfter  
151151. Carla Tevelow  
151150. Darren Mutnick  
151149. H Bick Antisematic and Disgusting. Google should not tolerate such hate dispersal.
151148. Victor Himel  
151147. Anita Rosenholtz  
151146. irene kasper  
151145. Neal Bloomfield  
151144. Josh Caplan  
151143. Mainard Berkman  
151142. Leah Kasztl  
151141. keith zakarin  
151140. ervin varga  
151139. ilana englard it is really a shame that this has to be posted on your search engine.
151138. Moshe Gruberger  
151137. Michael M. Markow responsibility in publishing is a necessity
151136. K. Braiden  
151135. Barbara Wizansky  
151134. charlotte rutta  
151133. Todd and Morissa Lundy  
151132. JoAnn Graham  
151131. Enid Rokaw  
151130. Tamir Please remove Jew Watch disgusting site
151129. Robert Frehling bet if someone took the time to vet this, most of what is presented would prove to be untrue!
151128. Avi Youabian This shouldn't come up at all.
151127. clara olman  
151126. Norman Halpern DISGUSTING!
151125. Elaine Magenheim  
151124. Karen Polsky this website is a disgrace.
151123. Stuart Wallman disgusting web page!
151122. caryn labkovski  
151121. Karen Goldfield  
151120. Fran Turnof  
151119. Renee Snyder  
151118. harvey stanley  
151117. evelyn edelstein  
151116. pnina orbach  
151115. Elene Solomon Discusting site!Causes more hatred.
151114. Marilynn Handelman  
151113. daniel strub this is disgraceful and virulent
151112. Ian Zimmerman  
151111. Deborah Zuckermann  
151110. B. Soskin  
151109. Arnold Kaufman  
151108. Kristina Fox TAKE IT OFF
151107. Simon Holt  
151106. Lois Blank  
151105. v cohen  
151104. j. gillespie  
151103. Peter Kauders  
151102. joyce becker  
151101. Iris S. Fetterman  
151100. Abby Robins  
151099. Shmuel Sever,professor emeritus  
151098. penelope shuman I AGREE, THIS IS HORRIBLE
151097. Dmitry Phil Yevel  
151096. Pearl Plawsky  
151094. Carol Fleming  
151093. Marina Yevel  
151092. Martin Plawsky that site breeds hate and bigotry
151091. ruth benlevy  
151090. M Katz  
151089. Kenneth Rosenberg  
151088. Shawna Kreidstein  
151087. Morris F. Manolson  
151086. Gennady Yevel  
151085. Sara Zuniga  
151084. Shearn H. Platt  
151083. hilliard cohen what garbage
151082. Herbert Brosbe just put this group with a link to hate or antisemitism
151081. J A  
151080. Lawrence Morrow  
151079. joni usdan Horrifying !
151078. Tara  
151077. Barbara Marcus  
151076. byrne eger  
151075. Francine Jolton  
151074. Elaine Galinson  
151073. Robert D. Steinhorn  
151072. steve shine  
151071. Bryan Clark  
151070. Rachel Brown  
151069. Irving Bernstein  
151068. Denah Heller  
151067. Robert E. Garfield are you sure he is not related to Ahmenajid of Iran?
151066. Linda Tepper  
151065. Carol Randolph, Ph.D. The man who operates this site appears to have a mental disorder.
151064. Anne Nguyen  
151063. John Flaks  
151062. Jacob Itzhaki Palevski The sooner the better
151061. Bernard Holtzman  
151060. Sheila Donenfeld Please Remove
151059. Jane Lucas  
151058. O. Kaniel  
151057. Simon Cullum Hate breeding rubbish. Google, please try harder.
151056. Mildred Goldstein  
151055. darlene ozeri  
151054. Arlene Sheketoff  
151053. robert olin  
151052. Helaine it's disgusting and outragious!
151051. Barb'ra Kravetsky Anti-Semitism has no historical, political and certainly no philosophical origins. Anti-Semitism is a disease.
151050. Ken  
151049. norma The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
151047. paulette balsam anti-semetic claptrap
151046. itchy treipel  
151045. Jay DEPLORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
151044. Stoof Altman  
151043. Pat Geffner  
151042. Janet Abrams  
151041. Steve Beyda  
151040. Brian Archer  
151039. Lisa Axelrad abhorrent
151038. Mike Atlas This site has no other purpose but to promote hatred. It must be removed
151037. TOMAS ORBAN  
151036. jacob  
151035. Michael Jacobson This site is vile
151034. Daniel Iusim  
151033. Kayla D  
151032. Brandon Benadretti  
151031. Joshua Binder  
151030. jim ullman remove site now now
151029. lisa scwhartz  
151028. carmela remove immediately
151027. benita lubic Sends the wrong message
151026. M Berger why is everyone who is not Jewish so obsesssed with us - we are such a small percentage of the population and just want a tiny bit of land to call our own?
151025. Kathy Immediate Action to remove this is requested please.
151024. Arna Yastrow This is a dangerous entry for google to have as the first stop for someone trying to learn more about the jewish people
151023. Mongo Picho see the warning of the History, see the Nazi regime
151022. Claire Heller  
151021. Norman Steinberg  
151020. Hadara Biala  
151019. Gail Inbar  
151018. ULRICH BAUER  
151017. Sam Thaler  
151016. Lindsay Eaves-Johnson  
151015. Talia Meserole  
151014. Adam Warren  
151013. Professor Alan L. Berger After the Holocaust, antisemites are saying that they favor gas chambers. Shame on them.
151011. karen k kessler  
151010. Peggy Lynn Ferber Please remove this immediately
151009. Michael Silverman  
151008. michele i hope this is not on the web next week!
151007. Laura Kareb  
151006. Elaine Bernd  
151005. Walter Tonetto Outrageous ... is Google owned by the caliphate in Iran?
151004. Perry Cohen  
151003. Diane Anderson  
151002. Karen E. While I support free speech, I do not support lies, prejudice and hate. GOOGLE should not either. If you do not remove this, you are condoning it.
151001. Cristina Aguiar  
151000. Barbara Leff Jew Watch states it is against Jews because too many Jews have excelled! This is unfair and biased - to condemn a group because they are doing good things for the world! This website should not be among the first 100 finds for Jews on Google.
150999. mariana  
150998. Herbert W. Thorne Lies must not be presented as fact
150997. ron benson  
150996. Michael S. Bronstein  
150995. Jeff Gray  
150994. Lina Zatzman  
150993. Rebecca F. Rikleen The Protocols hve been proved fictional. You do not say this.
150992. ana  
150991. Marilyn Ramsey  
150990. Ed Zaltz  
150989. Christine Shugar  
150988. shirley nichols  
150987. Sasha Howard  
150986. Dan Landsman "no freedom is absolute" supreme ct jst
150985. Chereen Peretti This man is insane.
150984. Michele A. Trerotola  
150983. Peter Lyons  
150982. gilda Bluestone  
150981. ralph bergen  
150980. Lynn Rosenblatt  
150979. Rami Hascal  
150978. edgar feinberg  
150977. Ken Greenfield  
150976. ab not nice from gogle
150975. S. Levy  
150974. Michel Moutal Bigotry and inhumanity is still around !
150973. Nadiv Shapira  
150972. Daniel Abrahams  
150971. Emily Beth Appalling
150970. Susie N. Guiora  
150969. stepha nie brown  
150968. Lynn Shapira  
150967. Mitchell Green  
150966. Rabbi A. Goldberg Disgusting, I thought that with the closure of the second world war, this kind of hate wasdown graded.
150965. Leonard Zehr do it now
150964. Susan Eisenstein  
150963. Linda Shafer This needs to be removed now!
150962. Shirly  
150961. a m  
150960. Celeste Boehm  
150959. Maryanne Bowyer-Cherry  
150958. Herschel Elias  
150957. Toby Walanka  
150956. Joanna Cohen  
150955. Gabriel Elias  
150954. Richard Rose  
150953. Judy and Lorne Rochwerg  
150952. phyllis bedder  
150951. Dani Biess  
150950. Jennifer Krischer  
150949. Alma Elias  
150948. H. Wiener  
150947. Walter Rosenblatt Google corporate motto should ensure removal of this hate site.
150946. Barbara Lake  
150945. Janet Gould  
150944. Richard N. Robbins  
150943. Leigh H. Rogoff you need to screen for anti-Semitism
150942. Patricia Davis  
150941. Carmela please remove those lies ASAP!
150940. Ivor Gertler  
150939. Mordechai Azriel Golovaty  
150938. maxine harris  
150937. Irene J. Grinblat  
150936. Sarah Dutkevitch This is outrageous! I agree that this site should be removed.
150935. Alan Gerberg  
150934. Gunther Niermann  
150933. Nancy Harris  
150932. Esther Marcus Please remove this site
150931. Lee  
150930. Robert and Frances Kleiner  
150929. Robert Turk You must remove this site
150928. Sylvia K. Secrest  
150927. bert faerstain this site insites hatred and bigotry please remove it
150926. Joseph M. Shindler PLease remove JewWatch
150925. jim hillman  
150924. T. Povell  
150923. Harvey Joseph  
150922. ...  
150921. Harvey Canaan  
150920. Harvey A. Lewis  
150919. lea Selzer  
150918. Joyce Herron  
150917. Kurt Frieder  
150916. Ralph Nussbaum  
150915. rhoda weisel  
150914. william schwartz  
150913. neil goldberg  
150912. SUSI  
150911. Lawrence Kornreich  
150910. norman Brickman prejudice and free speech needto be fairly used
150909. Marc Lechner  
150908. Philip Caplan  
150907. A. Cooper  
150906. J. Ziv  
150905. steve rosmarin  
150904. Michael Wimborne JewWatch must go
150903. ruth chen  
150902. Olivia  
150901. Iola Caplan  
150900. karen schulman  
150899. r. redland disgusting..please remove
150898. James Sitkin  
150897. Hugo Yoffe  
150896. steven rosenbluth should be removed
150895. janet stein  
150894. Anthony Simon Thomas  
150893. Noel Bitterman  
150892. Peggy Weinhouse  
150891. jan fishman  
150890. Noah Inbar  
150889. patrick mcnulty remove this asap!!
150888. Harriet Weinfield  
150887. Jack Feldman  
150886. Herman Salzberg  
150885. Fred Kaufman  
150884. erica mcnulty Pls. delete this from google search engine immediately
150883. Jerry Sternshein  
150882. Linda Kornreich please do not have JewWatch as the first (or even at all) thing people read when they look up Jew
150881. ricardo kaplan  
150880. Talya Jankovits  
150879. Adam Gillman Do the right thing.
150878. felipe  
150877. Laura Penn  
150876. Jay G Now go do the right thing!!
150875. eileen duncan  
150874. Iris  
150873. Holly Wolf  
150872. David Cypin  
150871. anita remove
150870. Julia Kayser Having a site such as this only causes more hate. We must all try and live together if our world is to exist.
150869. A Curitiba Please remove this racist and antisemitic site from google's search engine
150868. Heather Bloom  
150867. Michael Feldman searches have to be more intellegent
150866. Karen Coll  
150865. Stuart Arnold You have 3 times more signatories than you need. REMOVE this inflammatory site NOW
150864. mark licha  
150863. john hintergardt You got to be kidding?! THey actually have something called Jew Watch!?
150862. Mark Verkhovski  
150861. Robert T. Rubin  
150860. D.J. Kaufman stop the hate
150859. Sharonn Gittelsohn This must be removed
150858. june schneiderman  
150857. David Rothman I expected better from Google
150856. Karen Fox  
150855. karen ruggiero  
150854. Batyasara This is totally disgusting!
150853. Leslie Rosenberg How very very sad.........
150852. shlomo ravid  
150851. Neil Citron  
150850. Helen S.  
150849. HAROLD RUBIN  
150847. David M West  
150846. Nadia Shkolnikov  
150845. Susan Good  
150844. cliff come on google. self regulate!
150843. David Seltzer it is an outrage
150842. eli ciner  
150841. Alex Zaltz  
150840. Amy Benjamin  
150839. Yael Muller  
150838. JORGE RENE RECINOS FERNANDEZ este tipo de informacion antisemita no es educativa, favor eliminarla.
150837. Ron and Laura Coutin My support of this petition is on 2 grounds. First, I do not support businesses that cater to hate groups. 2nd. !st amendment rights do not apply to hate mongers.
150836. Rachel Wolkoff  
150834. Karly Easman  
150833. jason  
150832. jeff greenwood  
150831. Nicole Canter  
150830. rochelle eisner  
150829. Alan Tennenbaum  
150828. Ralph Lobatto  
150827. Alan & Alice Nagus I find this site to be totally offensive - please have it removed. It is nothing more than a hate mongering site.
150826. Ellen ennenbaum  
150825. Eileen S. Heisler  
150823. Danielle Roth  
150822. Robert Bailin  
150821. Sidney Holtzkener  
150820. Atara  
150818. Jeffrey Silverstein  
150817. Ricardo Krawiec  
150816. linda feinstein stop the lies, please
150815. Henderson  
150814. Lauren Novick  
150813. Ellen Hendler  
150812. Seth Goldstein  
150811. Orit Kletter  
150810. aharon zohar  
150809. David Simon Never seen so many lies on one site
150808. Martin Weisman  
150807. Esther Colman  
150806. Dr. Ada Anbar  
150805. H Lewis Google, please establish appropriate standards and controls
150804. Sandra Sheffer  
150803. Ashley Fishman  
150802. Julie L. Elliott-Eickenroth  
150801. Frances Sherman discraceful
150800. Dr. Michael Anbar  
150799. Carol R. Kempner  
150798. Jennifer Lindenfeld  
150797. STEVE ISMAN  
150796. Adel Meyerov  
150795. Eileen Goodkofksy  
150794. Aimee S.Kusky  
150793. Corinne This is anti-semetic and promotes hate crimes
150792. Evan Berk This is a disgrace to your site, owners and all americans
150791. Cristina Villegas-Hernandez  
150790. Irene F. Figarsky  
150788. Gene Winokur  
150787. Abraham A, Figarsky  
150786. Ruth Roth This site is full of hatemongering lies; it should be removed.
150785. Irving S. White an ugly case of nazi-like anti-semitism
150784. Harvey Kraut  
150783. Eugene Rosenbaum This site is offensive - remove it
150782. francine Kaye It is so sad to have to petition for peace
150781. Teri Tyler I used to trust information from Google, but not after looking at JewWatch. What an anti-semitic web site!
150780. rayna cummings  
150779. Paula Steele  
150778. adele curhan  
150777. Gloria Hermer this is horrid - remove it please
150776. Frank Bailen  
150775. Stephen Kirschenbaum  
150774. Jerome P. Horwitz  
150773. Dan Israeli  
150772. Betty Blumenthal  
150771. Enid K Reiman  
150770. Jonathan  
150769. richard restler  
150768. Yael Bakst this is reprehensible
150767. J Colman  
150766. linda davidson Disgusting and hateful!!
150765. elana eisner  
150764. P Fearn  
150763. jan Davidson  
150762. Patsy Bakunin Google should be ashamed for spreading anti-American and anti-Semitic hatemongering propaganda!
150761. Melchior JW  
150760. Sherri Kassimir  
150759. isabelle eisenman  
150758. Michèle Monette  
150757. Marian Harvey  
150756. Gabriela  
150755. Danielle Manchester  
150754. Mentzel Ladislau  
150753. lana  
150752. Garry Shapiro anti-semantic site must be removed
150750. Veronique Markman  
150749. Dr. Arthur Wagman Google should not allow itself to become an instrument of lies, hate and anti-semitic propaganda
150748. Giora Balla  
150747. Josh Dubitsky  
150746. Murray Epstein The internet does not need HATRED!
150745. debby  
150744. Joe Weiss Another Nazi!!
150742. Stanford A. Singer  
150741. JULIO ORLAN never again
150740. HARVEY J. WEIL, M. D.  
150739. Dr Wayne Wolfstadt please remove ASAP
150738. Tomas Friedmann  
150737. Bryna Weiss Disgusting- of course, notice the prominent request for donations to Frank
150736. Norman and Alicia Barrett  
150735. Alan Freedman, M.D.  
150734. Allan Franklin  
150733. Morris Sosnovitch  
150732. alan weiner  
150731. Benatar Deborah  
150730. jeffrey Rosen  
150729. Richard Swyston  
150728. Ber  
150727. Michael Goodman  
150726. Dan  
150725. Carol K. Ward  
150724. Jerome Kay  
150723. Eric Shostak  
150722. David Haskell  
150721. Ellie wth y would u allow this thats crazy
150720. David S. Zucker  
150718. Penny Sattin This must be stopped
150717. Andrey Lebedinskiy  
150716. Steve Walker please remove this anti-Semitic site
150715. D.L.Goldstein Very hurtful to an ordinary person!
150714. armando alperin  
150713. Laura Harris  
150712. Brynne Katsof  
150711. Paul Sattin This sort of material MUST not be allowd
150710. Melissa Sigman, MA.  
150708. Danny Ghitis  
150707. roberto lichtmann  
150706. Ken Stein  
150705. Bonnie Shubb  
150704. Zvi Granot  
150703. Jeremy Hartstein This site is a tribute to the flagrant abuse of free speech speech. It merely adds to the climate of virulent Islamic based anti- semitism of Jews that is growing on a daily basis in Europe and around the entire world.
150702. mark glazer  
150701. arthur weil Remove JewWatch
150700. Peter Kauffer An appauling racist site created for the single purpose of creating hatred of Jews!!
150699. Dana Rostowsky  
150698. farla frumkin  
150697. Dan Zamir  
150696. Jacob Trachtman  
150694. Ramón Balás  
150693. Susan Setless disgusting
150692. David Bleiwas  
150691. Abraham KOGAN  
150690. Mae Rubinstein  
150689. Betty Perlmutter SHAME SHAME ON GOOGLE!!!!!
150688. Frederick Salzberg The hateful message of JewWatch must not be allowed.
150687. Abraham KOGAN  
150686. Sybil Nisenholz  
150685. Avrohom Lurie  
150684. Susan Agate  
150683. Ben Kilimik To antisemitic site and very offensive
150682. Martin Mandel  
150681. Linda Freeman  
150680. Sam Rubin  
150679. Helen Jupiter  
150678. may long  
150677. Peter Vardy  
150676. Robert J. Feher  
150675. Sheba Israel Disgraceful
150673. Dr. Moshe Krieger  
150672. Gloria Krapes just read the list of what the Jews have contributed to this world! Then look at yourself in the mirror.
150671. yehudit disgusting!
150670. james burgdorfer  
150669. Richard A Rosenthal Weltner's postings recycle old canards about so-called Jewish world dominance. Such lies in the past have caused nothing but pain, misery and death to millions of innocent people.
150668. Celia Reiner  
150667. Patricia Carstons  
150666. Ronna Bassin  
150665. Malik Turley  
150664. Paula Oreck  
150663. M Paige  
150662. Allison Tepper  
150661. Sheldon Halpern  
150659. Larry Landesman  
150658. William Sax  
150657. paul brookenthal  
150656. John Wiseman  
150655. giuseppe di palma  
150654. Bernard Jacobson  
150653. Marcia Aronowitz This really is awful! How about a "nig" or whap" watch... None are acceptable.. You are part of the problem of ignorance
150652. Rachel Sheinfeld  
150651. Honey Steiner  
150650. alice  
150649. Enid Barnes  
150648. Al Best  
150647. George D. Forsythe  
150646. kanti rawal A policy to reject publicity to hate mongers is absolutely essential for survival of our civilization. We should have that as our core value and must not compromise at any cost.
150645. Caroline Forsythe  
150644. Joe Abrams Very offensive to Jewish people
150643. Annette stop racism and anti-semitism!
150642. Caroline Forsythe  
150641. Karin Reeves  
150640. sstephen silver  
150639. mariem  
150638. George Bishop Highly offensive and inaccurate information
150637. Robert Szasz  
150636. Lisa Pinkus very upsetting lies on website
150635. Bernard Nisenholz  
150634. I Romberg  
150633. arthur grossman let get rid of this type of hatred
150632. Amy S.  
150631. carlos zuniga jr take this site down please!!! thank you
150630. martha bedell  
150629. Martin Trachtenberg  
150628. Andrew Kaufman  
150627. Michael Sacks  
150626. L.Friedeman Trash it. That's where it belongs.
150625. Laura Ciporin  
150624. dror tenne  
150623. Jason Waxman As a Jew I find this sight offensive
150622. Suzanne K. Levy  
150621. Shari Braham At this time in history where there is a rise in anti-semitism, I believe that it is vital to remove this website which supports intolerance and hatred.
150620. Judith Linda Benjamin Scary and disgusting site!
150619. David Pincus Take it down!
150618. LYDIA ORLAN not in this days!!!!!
150617. Tzippy Weiss This is disgusting..
150616. sofia avraham  
150615. Gail M. Adler It is important that all Jews sign and support this petition
150614. Jeff Kappel Google....I am shocked and stunned to allow this material on your search engine!!
150613. sara sherman  
150612. Herbert Krauss  
150611. Jeffrey Liss  
150610. Bruce Jordan  
150609. Debra Kwinter  
150608. hadar porat thanks for taking it of your list
150607. helene felch  
150605. Mrs. Rose Shentow  
150604. Jeffrey Goldstein  
150603. Jody Walles  
150602. Donna Koren  
150601. Steven Shaw  
150600. Harvey Miller  
150599. Robert Radway  
150598. Keith Riedell  
150597. Ronald Bayor  
150596. Alanya  
150595. Susana  
150594. Benatar  
150593. warren  
150592. Arnold Holtzman  
150591. Albert M. Bourla total disgrace and a bunch of lies
150590. Howard Robinson  
150589. glenda  
150588. Denise Gutman-Tenner Shame on google and shame on everyone who believes that revolting garbage!!
150587. Lee D. Levenson  
150586. Lenore J. Weiss  
150585. Randall & Debi Moore  
150584. Susan Osher  
150583. toby gluckstern  
150582. Catherine S. Plotkin  
150581. larry & miriam orenstein  
150580. Marilyn Halpern This is a vile website organized by a vile man.
150579. Bruce Heymont disgustingly anti-semetic
150578. H Kaplow  
150577. Jeanette and Mendel Weinschel  
150576. Jerry Carmen  
150575. Ellen Burke  
150574. Pamela Weir  
150573. harry birnkrant  
150572. Dr. Avi Eilam Amzallag Racism shouldn't be allowed at Google!
150571. yael emmanuel  
150570. Richard Klapper Wake up America and see what is happening here at home...
150569. myra birnkrant  
150568. Howard Davis  
150567. Adam Murray  
150566. Loren Gelber  
150565. Morton Kay  
150564. gail carr  
150563. Jeff Blumberg  
150562. kathy assayag  
150561. Mabel Eli Are discusting and twisted lies
150560. Yehudit Permut  
150559. robert margolies  
150558. Jennifer Larsen This is horrible
150557. S & S Bochner  
150556. Arlene Karel  
150555. Alan Slepoy  
150554. esther  
150553. Paul Rosenberg  
150552. Anne There is another offensive site:
150550. alejandra  
150548. josh  
150546. s goldstein  
150545. lorraine chelsky  
150544. Martyn Dias it's disgusting
150543. Riette Newman  
150542. Kineret Jaffe  
150541. Martin Nat This site is repugnant to any rational human being
150540. Amy K. Waggoner  
150539. Esther Eisenman  
150538. Judy Feldman Unbelievably negative web site
150537. Anna Black  
150536. eileen garrahan What are you doing to cause this to be deleted? Very bad for your business.....
150535. Joyce Greenleaf  
150534. Elizabeth S. Brody  
150533. rachel shaneson  
150532. sharon  
150531. David Kravitz  
150530. Aaron Newberg  
150529. Arnold Freedman, Ph.D.  
150528. Rene Yucht please remove from your search engine. It is insulting to the Jewish Faith
150527. M Resnick  
150526. Ken Meersand  
150525. Brandice Thorn  
150524. Leona Zarin  
150523. Amy Braunstein  
150522. Nuddisjan DeChristo Schuberth Pls remove this hateful and venomous website. What a tragedy you aren't monitoring this.
150521. Porscha take this site off the internet, this is terrible for any race, religion and person
150520. R. Massel  
150519. jew  
150518. Marilyn S. Dizik CBCP Please remove immediately!
150517. Ariela Heilman  
150516. esther handelman remove antisemitic garbage from google
150515. roberta katz-carmody this is insane
150514. Diana May  
150513. Ellen Kaplan this is a disgusting and extremely inaccurate site that disgraces google by coming up first when googling jew
150512. GARCIA, MILTON  
150511. Drora Dan  
150510. sydelle parker Very anti-Semitic.Hate mongerish
150509. Jerome Kruger  
150508. Marcia S. Boucher This is so totally offensive it makes me not want to use google
150507. William s Licht  
150506. Monica Zalcman PLease, remove this hate site
150505. Barbara Beyda  
150504. Julia Fiks  
150503. Jonathan Foreman  
150502. mara Bauman  
150501. Terry Markowitz  
150500. Sherwin A. Gillman remove all biogted site
150499. Ken Schelberg Google cannot be known as the engine of hate mongering. Do the decent thing and remove it.
150498. Mara Miller  
150497. Brahm Boretsky please remove from GOOGLE
150496. S. Sax  
150495. Diana Anhalt Zykofsky  
150494. Bev Giwelb  
150493. Yona Levy  
150492. Michael Fiks  
150491. David Brandwein  
150490. S. Sax  
150489. Marion Meyers  
150488. Doreen Cort  
150487. Shimon Levine  
150486. Dora Asallas  
150485. Richard Renert Any internet website whos express interest is to promote fodder for haters should not be one of the first things you see when you do a search on Google. Please remove it .
150484. ruthie minkowitz remove it!
150483. alan friedman please remove this trash
150482. Michael Nieuchowicz  
150481. Maureen Molot  
150480. jay dorin  
150479. Julie Newman It is completely irresponsible, negligent and imprudent for an organization such as yours to promote such heresy. Thus MUST be removed.
150478. Paul E. Levine  
150477. Sumner Shapiro Correct spelling of anti semetism (sic)
150476. sharon huly  
150475. Jerrold Radway  
150474. michael please try to allow free speech but not like this
150473. b. langdon  
150472. Alyssa Levine  
150471. anita karl  
150470. Rachel Stolzman  
150469. katie ryzhikov  
150468. Perla Drajer  
150467. Ralph Friedberg  
150466. Robert Seigel disgusting to be matched with "Jew"
150465. nicole eastman  
150464. Hana Smouha  
150462. uri bracha  
150461. Paul Shweky never again
150460. Myrna Joy Edelman  
150459. dafna  
150458. judy weinberg  
150457. Dr. Joseph Graziani Antisemitic is not tolerated despite freedom of speech
150456. D Posluns Please maintain your positive community standing by doing the right thing.
150455. Lynne Vernick What a waste of megabite space. Science fiction reads better than this.
150454. Alex Gershfang Remove from the Google
150453. Jean C Brandwein  
150452. Joshua Levy These people have far too much time on there hands and obviously have had a deranged and woefull childhood that i can only sparingly appreciate enough to pity them
150451. Dena Krischer Please remove this immediately!
150450. Ursula Nathan Hateful lies , completely unacceptable
150449. Elissa Q. White Please, please remove the JewWatch -- it's hard to believe tht this would be the first thing to appear in a search on"Jew"
150448. Cecilia Mendes  
150447. robert cherry  
150446. Pam Paro  
150445. Edward H Blickstein reshapes history to further prejudice
150444. M. Goldstein  
150443. Avrille & Avron Moss  
150442. Arlene Meyers  
150441. Melissa Alter  
150440. burt barshak did he mention jesus was jewish?
150439. Agnieszka Podwalska  
150438. Amanda Jeger  
150437. Jane Zeitoune  
150436. Ronald Stevenson Please remove this disgusting hate site
150435. Lauren G. Alexander  
150434. Yoko Lewis  
150433. David Rabinovich The boundary between free speech and common decency has been been breached
150432. R Seltz  
150431. Annick Nzambimana  
150430. ale  
150429. Eva lazar  
150427. Alberto Bonomo  
150425. Sid Antony  
150424. Elliott Harris Amazing that this goes on in today's world.
150423. Ida Copelovici  
150422. Harvey Jacobson May Their Good Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls!
150421. Felicia Posluns  
150420. Robert E. Topper, MD, FACS How could you leave this site in situ?
150419. Sheila Bass  
150418. ROSE ROSS Please remove JewWatch from Google
150417. MR, L H PAVION  
150416. Barbara Bauman  
150415. Adam L Brown  
150414. Ralph Dolgoff  
150413. Dmitriy Lebedinskiy please remove this antisemitic site at all
150412. benjamin sokol I
150411. Samuel Rafael  
150410. doris  
150409. Arnold Sandlow  
150408. MURRAY ROSS Please remove JewWatch from Google
150407. Neil Shinder  
150406. Paul White  
150405. Myra Schiff  
150404. Martin It is wrong to misinform
150403. Lori Cohen This is repulsive!
150401. Joo JOOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
150400. A. Friedman Please remove - we have more than enough hate in this world!!!
150399. Arthur Charlap-Hyman  
150398. i  
150397. jeff terrible
150396. Marcy Sandler  
150395. eugene shenkar,Olympic realty  
150394. S FARFOORY  
150393. Sarah Besikof  
150392. Paul Lazovick  
150391. Leslie Kaufman  
150390. Andrew Rhodes  
150389. Alejandro Levy Please remove them
150388. missy hecker  
150387. Cara Mynk  
150386. shirley stone  
150385. Eva Friedman antisemetic, deceitful, with anti-jews information with the intent to hurt a group of people.
150384. mauriciok.  
150383. Lonnie R. Lewis  
150382. jennifer  
150381. Francine Markow  
150380. Helene Cofsky  
150379. sender  
150378. Gary Ressler  
150377. ron garfinkle deplorable, disgusting
150376. Amy  
150375. N.Benson  
150374. vivian bar-tzion google: where are your assurances regarding hate sites?
150373. Jane Gil  
150372. Iris Fox  
150371. Melanie Swead  
150370. bklein  
150369. josef bar-tzion google: where are your assurances regarding hate sites?
150368. Cheryl G. Rivkind This is outrageous and disgusting. Are you bring back the Holocaust?
150367. Ellen Guidetti Terrible to see this item in this day and age
150366. Carrie Krischer  
150365. Linda Kaplan  
150364. Joe Habib  
150363. George T. Wise  
150362. Robert N Katz  
150361. Alfred Higger Complete Distortion with intent to promote anti Semitism.This should never appear on a google search of the word Jew. In fact it should state the intent is anti semitism.
150360. Birdy Joy  
150359. Lior Kleinman  
150358. E Rakovitch  
150357. odette baranes  
150356. David S. Levine  
150355. JAY J. SCHWARTZ Site contains imense distortions and lies.
150354. Jacky Kadoch  
150353. Gabriel  
150352. Suzanne Chemtob I refuse to stand by and see you turn into the poison mind of Europe and the bloody killing fields of hate.
150351. Dr. Howard Newman I had no idea...
150350. reva tucker  
150349. Matthew Kirsh discusted
150348. Ray Smith  
150347. Julie Bleiwas  
150346. karen fein  
150345. Cathy Tilsen  
150344. jisou Le Roy we need everyone to fight this...
150343. nechemia  
150342. Rhona Wacht  
150341. Brad Holland  
150340. Rachelle Salzberg This site misrepresents itself as scholarly when it's actually the rantings of one anti-American anti-semite. Very dangerous.
150339. Risa Worth  
150338. Irene Balkind  
150337. abraham  
150336. Renata Pasmanik  
150335. Danya Lindenfeld  
150334. NAS  
150333. Robert Davis  
150332. Susan A. Brown and Ulrich Bauer please remove this site....Larry Page I used to live next door to you in E. Lansing
150331. Tomer Please remove
150330. roy kovats  
150329. phyllis lasker  
150328. Marlene Freeman  
150327. jean kovats this site is so full of lies and mistruths
150325. Linda Alter  
150324. Valerie Tobin  
150323. g.benson  
150322. D. Kammerman  
150321. Robert Klein  
150320. Jordan Gould  
150319. adam spevack  
150318. june lawson  
150317. Shirley Klein  
150316. Natalie Sears  
150315. Georgann Hendrickson  
150314. Jennifer Goldman  
150313. ethel teitelbaum  
150312. judith leone NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!
150311. Lily Shohet Absolutely revolting
150310. Sondra Cadman  
150309. Jouda Sarah  
150308. Darla McCann  
150307. harold lawson this site is offensive
150306. Lucille Steckelman What's wrong with this world? I cannot stand bigotry of any kind
150305. Dots Are the JEWS not PEOPLE too !!!!!
150304. Noemi Cohen  
150303. Vivien Ressler  
150302. Tamar Kunder  
150301. Mario Sigbaum  
150300. Joel Stender Please remove this offensive material
150299. Judi Aronowitz and Felix Fusco It's never over
150298. deborah  
150297. J. Katz  
150296. bern drucker DISGUSTING
150295. Bernard Marks  
150294. Leslie Houk  
150293. Sara Palifax  
150292. moe abecassis  
150291. Frank Kagan Why is google allowing this?
150290. Patrick J Maher we will stop them
150289. Debra Mayer  
150288. Avi Koifman This disgraceful hate site has no business on Google, or anywhere on the www, for that matter,
150287. Lorraine Levinson Please remove from the Google Search Engine - it promotes hatred and antisemitism.
150286. mgoldman  
150285. Sheryl Hai-Ami The site is sickening
150284. Elsa Kisber We made a pledge "NEVER AGAIN"..!
150283. nelly Good pretense of being impartial ! If the author is not anti-semitic why does he talk about what the Jews as a whole did, instead of talking about specific individuals - surely there were both Jews and Non-Jews involved in communism movement
150282. Sarah Feldman Please remove this from google.
150281. Peter Yanai Enough with this anti-semitic garbage!
150280. Francine Schwartz  
150279. Beverly Haas  
150278. Daniel Holmes  
150277. Shani Leibowitz  
150276. Burton Zweiman  
150275. Elissa Adler Please remove. This site is disgusting.
150274. Norma Pomerantz  
150273. Phil Stein  
150272. wendy I think this is terrible
150271. shirley goldwater  
150270. lauraw  
150269. samantha diamond  
150268. Harry Adler Peace is the only answer!
150267. Edwin Singer  
150266. Andres Ricover stop anti-semitism
150264. keidar  
150263. Rivi Matalon  
150262. Adrienne Browne  
150261. craig fox  
150260. Doris Silverman Disgusting
150259. David B. Farrell Never Again!!!
150258. Howard Krais  
150257. Cynthia Mortlock  
150256. gloria fenton outrageous that my #1 search engine would allow this
150255. Marsha Novak  
150254. Joyce D'Amico  
150253. Prof. Rafael Borýtzer  
150252. David Star Does Obama know that this scum supports him?
150251. Adolph D'Amico  
150250. Beatrice Segev Does inflammatory anti-semitic commentary which could inflame another genocide count as freedom of speech
150249. Claire Cohen This is a disgrace. Please remove this at once.
150248. Sherry Freedman  
150247. Sylva van Offeren  
150246. alfred seigel please remove this anti senetic item
150245. Rebeca Eisenberg  
150244. Steven Polisuk Please remove this disgusting site !
150243. Lena Kushnir  
150242. S. Kreindler  
150241. eva gross I hope this petition will be approved
150240. bernice rosmarin  
150239. Adam Rapoport  
150238. harry lieberman I am never using google if this is not removed.I am passing this on to well known clients
150237. Rena  
150236. Minnie remove jewwatch
150235. Shahar  
150234. Sandra Lawson  
150233. murray berman  
150232. Michael Lager Why do people hate each other so much?
150231. Ruth Rosen anti-any race or religion is sickening--can only lead to war and bloodshed. Please get rid of it. Thank you.
150230. Rob Weingust  
150229. Hilary Tyson This is unacceptable and reeks of anti-semitism!
150228. dorit  
150227. elisa zusman  
150226. Gary B. Sack  
150225. Sam Subramaniam  
150224. Peter Stutman  
150222. Peter Spence disgusting - will not use google again until removed
150221. Harvey P. Shacket  
150220. Diane Steiner  
150219. Michelle Brenton Yang  
150218. Debbie Feldman  
150217. Cathy Howard  
150216. Karin Veal  
150215. daniel Goldenberg  
150214. Caroline Henty  
150213. Ze'ev Almog  
150212. MALKA  
150211. marcie Koteen  
150210. Sarah Hutman  
150209. Betsy Forester  
150208. Tal Mor  
150207. b. chazanow  
150206. Barry Wolborsky  
150205. RLandobrody This is a disgrace to all civilzed people of all religions!
150204. CYNTHIA LEARY My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was a Jew when He was here in human form.
150203. Bette Koffler not worthy of your organization
150202. Mel Gilbert  
150201. Yosl von Podhajce  
150200. jill karp  
150199. Carol Bilu  
150198. Alan Mostyn  
150197. A Fishman  
150196. Elissa Miller  
150195. Liz Benites  
150194. Paul Neckes  
150193. Jack Cohen Disgusting
150192. Ron Levy  
150191. Leigh Earnest  
150190. GloriaLuria  
150189. Robert Stewart  
150188. Rosy Kaltman  
150187. dorit Koppel  
150186. SHARI TOPPER  
150185. Barry Sacks  
150184. Manuel Politi  
150183. Nancy Golden Please remove this immediately!
150182. Lydia J. Rosemberg  
150181. ROSIE disgraceful
150180. David Miller  
150179. Jeremy G Frankel As the President of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society, I naturally abhor anything related to anti-semitism.
150178. Michael Halley Anti-Jewish is Anti-God
150177. ceil hartstein  
150176. michael  
150175. Carolyn Kaplan  
150174. Marisa Brown  
150173. Michael Abrams  
150172. eliezer jeselsohn  
150171. Marla Ganzman  
150170. Peter Tolnai Unacceptable site
150169. Bryant Kligman  
150168. jess insler  
150167. David Winter lies and hatred leads to murder
150166. Wendy Lake Please remove immediately, It is disgusting and offensive.
150165. Denis Nyman  
150164. J. Garden  
150163. Shelly Dale  
150162. mindy herman  
150161. Laura Chaffee  
150160. Ben Feldman  
150159. Franziska Raber Please remove asap
150158. Arlene Beattie  
150157. Milena Nikolova  
150156. michael teacher  
150155. frieda roseman  
150154. gabriela wilensky it is outrageous that such a site is permitted. hatred is never the solution
150153. Steve Cadrain  
150152. L Pollack  
150151. F Cohen  
150150. Jacqui Barnett It is a digrace for Google to be associated with such rubbish
150149. Michael H. Klapper  
150148. linda Rosenblatt This site is an outrage!
150147. norman mindel  
150146. Rita Blitt  
150145. Alan Onickel  
150144. Lewis Katz JewWatch is filled with incredibly hateful, dangerous and misleading propaganda.
150143. Catherine Snowden  
150142. Rachel Goldberg Prada  
150141. shari delouya  
150140. jordan shatz  
150139. Richard  
150138. renee zuritsky  
150137. Edward J. Holland  
150136. Deborah Baron  
150135. Dianne Cooperman  
150134. Carol McBride  
150133. Mitchell R Bloomberg  
150131. David Smith To GoogleSupport: Although it's no longer #1, it's still right up there - suggest a cesspool stack at end of "legit" polls
150130. Nancy Glinter  
150129. Dr Elaine R Parent not in America!
150128. audrey spigelman  
150127. Corinne Ornstein  
150126. Sue Loubser  
150125. cindy hamada  
150124. Irv Beckman Please remove the site
150123. shirley weinstein  
150122. Paul Rodker We must always be vigilant
150121. Mark Fox  
150119. joseline boicot to Google
150118. Louise Zvieli  
150117. Lucca Ginsburg just get it off google!
150116. ineg namreblis  
150115. J. Schuchman Mr. Weltner's alleged M.A. in English must have come through the mail. He cannot even spell the word "spread." This phony is just a frontman for extremist Arabs. Who else can afford to have their website appear first in a Google search?! Please do remove this website.
150114. Joel Albaum Google Must Say "No" To Hate
150113. David Rechtweg  
150112. Ira Rosenblum  
150111. Harrison Cutler  
150110. Joseph Y. Fisch  
150109. Roy Kaye  
150108. Marilin Lipman  
150107. Stephen Schechner  
150106. Bob Simon Despicable
150105. michael nelkin  
150104. Lynne Greenberg  
150103. Marcel Stuczynski  
150102. Alan Bowin Its presence, let alone prominence, on your search engine is reprehensible. Haters should have to work much harder to find an audience.
150101. Daiana  
150100. J S Rosenbaum  
150099. Joe Smouha  
150098. Zave Climan  
150097. michelle  
150096. S Noskin  
150095. Carol Memberg Google should not be used to disseminate hate.
150094. Marc Hirshberg  
150093. Rob Winterstein remove that site
150092. Susan Leibtag  
150091. Irving Perlman  
150090. Darcy  
150089. yoram baum  
150088. Rachel C.  
150087. Simon Spevack Attension seeking
150086. Herbert Mirels  
150085. Pamela J. Otruba  
150084. Robert Paget  
150083. Ben Goldberg  
150082. Esther Grunis  
150081. Carl Rosner  
150080. Lynn Fishkind Google, a giant search engine allowing blatant lies and anti-semitism on your site??? This site needs to be removed immediately!
150079. Geoff Goedde  
150078. Susan Weinstein  
150077. Robert Hammer  
150076. Charlotte Rodriguez  
150075. Diane Alderman  
150074. Lynn Brotman  
150073. Laya Steeris  
150072. Barb Foerster pls remove JewWatch. com from Google Search engin
150071. Malky antisemetic
150070. betsy  
150069. heidi goldenberg  
150068. Lin Pomerantz  
150067. cyrla  
150066. Geri Babrowsky  
150065. Angela Howard  
150064. Joe Baum remove from the google search engine
150063. Fred Sava Shame on you Google!
150062. Jose antisemetic
150061. Miriam Weiner Remove this site, please.
150060. Stephen Podgorney  
150059. Lenore Baum remove from the google search engine
150058. Sidney A. Mittman Place this web site with the anti-semetic group
150057. Sari Shear  
150056. Brenda Reive  
150055. Leslie Schaeffer  
150054. Joe Goldberg  
150053. Lorne  
150052. Rob Mor  
150051. Milana Dietrich  
150050. Cecile Bensimon  
150049. Marcello Braha  
150048. Glenda Roberts It is beyond comprehension that Google has not removed JewWatch from their search engine as it is highly anti-semetic.
150047. Brett Garver  
150046. Mary Ehrlich KKK was always wrong, never more so than when acceptable by the powers that were in the Civil War south. Inciting genocide in these times is just plain wrong, deadly, seriously cruel, inhumane, uncivil, WRONG.
150045. Milton Magnus  
150044. Eric Spitzer  
150043. Rebecca Feldman  
150042. elyse vosburg  
150041. David Morris Google Must Say "No" To Hate
150040. Harriet Siden  
150039. Tamara Beaudry  
150038. ilene ross  
150037. michelle a must!
150036. Philip Black  
150035. Mitchell Cohen  
150034. Bruce wulfsohn  
150033. evette saines that is the most disgusting thing, it does nothing but promote hate
150031. Diana Kristall  
150030. Saul Lustgarten  
150029. Bettina Szabo  
150028. nelsongott  
150027. david rosenbaum  
150026. debi  
150025. Ellen Brandwein  
150024. Ellie Kaizer  
150023. Kathleen Brimlow  
150022. Kathy Perlman  
150021. sam varsaneux This is disgraceful, please have this site removed, this is nolonger "free speech" but hatred spread through the internet. "We stood silent prior to the second world war, let us not make the same mistake again"
150020. irwin katsof please remove this virulent anti semitic site
150019. Carlos Blatt against offence to jews
150018. Anne Keller  
150017. jerry d. kuskin  
150016. Nathan Rapoport It is not just this site, but others that blatantly discriminate against any religion or group of people whether due to their colour or their financial status that should be banned. I know that Google is not in the business of censorship, but there are some things that go beyond what is acceptable in a civilized society.
150015. Craig Schwartz  
150014. Doug Spear  
150013. Shirley Zweibel glad this was called to my attention
150012. eric  
150011. jason goldenberg  
150010. Moe and Pearl Liss Disgusting and revolting...remove immediately
150009. Arnold & Barbara Bresnick  
150008. raquel nemes  
150007. Michael McOsker  
150006. Marvin Chankowsky Disgusting site & not in keeping with Google's supposed high standards
150005. Lois this is blatant anti-semitism
150004. Howard Kaufman I am in favour of free speech but this goes beyond the pale to spreading of hatred. Enough is enough. Ban it from the search engine.
150003. Trevor Tucker Deluded, disgusting and destructive - this must be removed immediately
150002. tresa pollack  
150001. Erin Gano  
150000. Anton Spevack  
149999. Leonard Goldberg  
149998. David Shatnez  
149997. Owen L.Falk  
149996. Beverley Cohen  
149995. Pearl and Moe Liss Disgusting, revolting...remove immediately
149994. Jerry Savlov Remove ASAP!!!
149993. Jeffrey Smolkin  
149992. Carol Davidson  
149991. lucille and david shapiro Free speech yes. No to damaging racial hatred and propaganda which this site is. If the people who write for this site were to go on the streets of any western democracy proclaiming the same rhetoric they would be arrested for racial intolerance. Free speech yes, but no to racism which this truely is
149990. Dr. Amy Ollendorf this man is no scholar - he's a bigot
149989. Peter Lowenberg  
149988. gary segal  
149987. I. Goldsmith For an educator, this web site proves that some who stand at the head of our classrooms are pretty stupid. Please let this idiot know that, if he wants to start his bigotry against Jews, he should remember that Jesus was Jewish!
149986. Gale  
149985. Elliot Gordon  
149984. Marie Glass I'm horrified that this could be
149983. Aaron Tobin please remove this hatefull site
149982. G. David Lapin  
149981. val serebryanny  
149980. Stephanie  
149978. Betina  
149977. Merle Kierson  
149976. Alex PLEASE REMOVE the sire from your search results !
149975. Nancy Barton  
149974. gabe metzger the world is a scary enough place...remove it please
149973. Mona Strick  
149972. Candace Platz  
149971. Jane Solomon  
149970. Joan Feldman  
149969. Jen06 YES!
149968. Marla Banov This gave me shivers!
149967. Kati Konersman We need to stop hatred.
149966. Bonnie Ash Free speech is one thing...I believe that Google has a responsibility to NOT encourage hatred on its web site. By leaving this on, this is exactly what your site is doing.
149965. Baron Wolman Google supports Truth -- this is not Truth
149964. judi bidnick  
149963. Irene R. Gottlieb  
149962. elio bollag  
149961. leonard zucker  
149960. errol soriano This goes beyond free speech.
149959. Dan Schlesinger  
149958. Verity Maher  
149957. Ronit Kadosh  
149956. SY GARSOFF  
149955. Sandy Stanton  
149954. sue chen  
149953. Jeremy Parnes  
149952. Sigmund Liker  
149951. harriet seidner  
149950. Jonny B discusting
149948. Sia Zar  
149947. Ronald Grabois  
149946. Michelle M. This is disgusting....
149945. Leonard Bernstein  
149944. Jerry & Doris Kravitz No further comment necessary!!
149943. Angelo F. Coniglio  
149942. toby hanbury  
149941. Jane Fetter this is a disgrace
149940. Jennifer Cohen  
149939. Arnita Aiken  
149938. Haviva Litman-Zwickler  
149937. Ellis Katsof Please remove this discriminating and inaccurate site from Google. In many countries it breaks the anti-hate laws.
149936. Rifkie Liberman  
149935. Arleen Smith  
149934. Bruce Shulman  
149933. Evelyn Kaplan dispicable and enouth hate in this world
149932. mally Gutman the world would not exsit without JEWS
149931. Richard Arluk Hatred is evil.
149930. Lee-Ann  
149929. Daniel Jacobs  
149928. Cheryl Friedlander  
149927. Harvey Fenton  
149925. a. rosenberg falsehoods under guise of scholarship
149924. david ross  
149923. Paul Bernstein  
149922. Joseph Birenz  
149921. Gail McMullen  
149920. Marilyn Asimow It is important to keep such hate mongering from the internet
149919. Stef Collins  
149918. ami freiberg  
149917. Manfred Luttinger  
149916. Marvin Goldsmith  
149915. Kathleeen Malone-Biener  
149914. Aubrey H. Tobin  
149913. Regina Jacobs  
149912. Joel Goldberg Remove it now!
149911. cindy norman  
149910. Michael S Katz It is unfortunate that this type of hate mongering and misinformation pollutes the world
149909. Don and Maureen Colt  
149908. Arthur Wenk  
149907. Betty Gowing  
149906. Bracha Toporowitch  
149905. John disgusted at google for not vetting sites that are anti-semitic
149903. Hardy Breier  
149902. Alicia Iusim Don´t want antisemitism in google search engine
149901. JoAnn Colleran  
149900. Ari Sabbagh  
149899. Wendy Nurgitz The man is entitled to his opinions. Free speech must be protected. What I do not endorse is giving him a forum in which to twist information and present racist ideas in a manner that gives them a semblance of credibility.
149898. Simone Salamon  
149897. Young please remove this hateful site
149896. A. J. Brown  
149895. Joseph Colleran  
149894. sam epstein  
149893. David Cutler this site is all one sided and authored by someone that is trying to indoctrinate the world. He is trying to win support by taking the path of least resistance.
149892. Michelle Warech-Philipson  
149891. ruth karmel  
149890. valerie davis  
149889. Elzie Chan-Englender  
149888. lo nolad etmol  
149887. Sue  
149886. deborah disgraceful
149885. Morton Kotkin Any site that promotes bigotry should be removed
149884. Bernard and Carla Weiss  
149883. Rachel Meyers  
149882. Jeff Rosenthal  
149881. yakir hermoni  
149880. Maya Ram About time someone did this
149879. David Elbaz  
149878. sandra levy what a horrible site...that is disgusting
149877. Robert Bennett  
149876. SARA WEINSTEIN it speaks for itself. Terrorism should not be supported in any form.
149875. David Silver  
149874. Howard Rosen  
149873. Shaul Epelbaum  
149872. L. Wiseman  
149871. Janet Shechter  
149870. AD  
149869. Liz Muschel  
149868. Soledad Costa  
149867. Elliott Kaplan Google take heed. Remove this disgrace.
149866. Henry V. Radoff  
149865. Ellen Levy a despicable site
149864. Elana Birimbaum  
149863. Roberta Scher Remove all links to plese
149862. Michelle Biller  
149861. Michael Schuster  
149860. Gabriel  
149859. Aharon Wiesner  
149858. amir josman  
149857. judith remove this site!
149856. samuel beren how did this happen - such bigotry
149855. Jonathan Klein  
149854. ariel  
149853. Paulette Press  
149852. howard klyne  
149851. Lewis Schneider This so called scholar should be incarcerated
149850. Sharon  
149849. ESTHER COHEN  
149848. ALAN GREEN a travesty of history
149847. Shawna  
149846. alberto  
149845. Israel SInger  
149844. D. Gordon  
149843. Bruria Singer  
149842. Barry Bloch  
149841. Evan Chudnow  
149840. Jonathan Rosner  
149839. Ofira Mor  
149838. Ritta Vladut  
149837. Joshua Rofe  
149836. A. Staffin  
149835. Peter Dombrower  
149834. Amy Olender Please remove Jewwatch
149833. brenda lichtenberg  
149832. Mario  
149831. ED HECHLER  
149830. George Kaplan  
149829. carol obront  
149828. Philip Minchom  
149827. Bill Lomp  
149826. Esther Simon offensive and filled with lies
149825. NEIL S LEIBOWITZ get rid of it !
149824. Sue Harrisberg I cannot believe such propaganda exists-so blatantly anti-semitic.Excerpts and speeches have been edited to change the tone and meaning . Disgusting manipulation !! Shame on you !
149823. Jay Bergman  
149822. C. Taerk This is totally unacceptable to have on the internet
149821. mona kaufman Unacceptable to have this apperar on google
149820. j zimerman
149819. Stuart Finkelstein  
149818. Dina Braun  
149817. Harold Wulffhart  
149816. ron levitz  
149815. michel  
149814. Kathryn Underwood Google should remove this site voluntarily. A petition should not be required.
149813. lisa wadler  
149812. Eva Shragis  
149811. Susan Klaiman  
149810. Alberta Lipson  
149809. Debra Mann  
149808. Camie Katzman  
149807. a.lister  
149806. A Mark  
149805. jeff levy  
149804. rita and ted wasserman shocking and lies
149803. Moshe Machuca  
149802. Donn Spector  
149801. maurice mincer  
149800. Leon Ettin  
149799. laraine mincer  
149798. Zukerwar  
149797. Glenda Morlock You should not encourage anti-semitism by listing it in your search engine
149796. Rebeca Lustgarten  
149795. Joseph Ravid, M.D.  
149794. Michele Nevitt  
149793. L. Daniels  
149792. Stephane Acel  
149791. ilana  
149790. yehuda nuni  
149789. Jacob Braslaw is a disgrace to the US and Google
149788. s moskowitz  
149787. John Tilsiter Hateful...if voiced in UK would probably be illegal
149786. Mary Smith Google should be sued for hosting these sites.
149785. benjamin  
149784. linda mannheim disgraceful. stop racism, antisemitism.. be an advocate for peace
149783. Hartley Macklin Canada
149782. Melissa Cestro  
149781. Bella Lewkowicz  
149780. Charles Berger wipe them out
149779. phil wicks  
149778. Doreen D. Spungin  
149776. mina battalino  
149775. Daniel Zeidler stop calling on minority Groups for your own damn problems...
149774. Helene Herman  
149773. Miklos Breuer  
149772. greta sandler  
149771. Michel Levy  
149770. Olga Lubieniecki We are the shield of the Jewish people
149769. Lisa Rafofsky  
149767. Robert Finkelstein  
149766. Misty B.  
149765. Jean Broderick  
149764. Leonardo Lubieniecki They will never succeed
149763. Kenneth Fischer  
149762. Raphael R. W. Gerstel  
149761. arlene schenker  
149760. miriam greenberger  
149759. Scott Fogel  
149758. Seth Baum The site breeds hatred and racism by falsely recreating history.
149757. karlitzkowitz  
149756. z  
149755. marilyn shapiro  
149754. miriam shiffman please remove this site immediately. it is offensive and continues to encourage the antisemitic ideas about jews that have persisted for thousands of years
149753. janet rock  
149752. Larry Mann ANY ans ALL hate literature should be banned
149751. Sharon Weinstein Take this anti-Semitic site off of your search. If they paid to be at the top, return their blood money.
149750. patricia david  
149749. Ruth Halperin Horrribly debasing and predjudiced
149748. eric rinkoff your responsibility to remove such hate
149747. D. Gordon Aviv Thank you for attempting to reduce hate
149746. Laurence Garber  
149745. Dr G Sanders anti semitic, dangerous site which gives impression as informative and appears pro Jew
149744. Ana Tenembaum  
149743. Miguel Zilberman  
149742. David Goldsman All prejudicial sites should be banned from internet access,
149741. buddy packer  
149740. Leah Bellehsen  
149739. samuel teshuva please remove asap
149738. Elianne Brodski  
149737. Tom Venetianer I support the First Amendment but this site doesn't deserves the benefit of a democracy. Remove it immediately
149736. Natalie Brodski  
149735. Deborah Zilberman  
149734. Sue Kessler This is most offensive. Please remove this site forhwith
149733. Susan Rosenstein It is a website that is totally not factual and hateful
149732. Deborah Zilberman  
149731. Mark Rosin  
149730. carmel avivi green  
149729. Rachel A review of all such searches for these kinds of things should be looked at.
149728. ALAN KARDON  
149727. stanley markowitz  
149726. Kenneth Baron  
149725. Melissa Rosenblum  
149724. Julie  
149723. eva zeisel  
149722. Karen Schertz  
149721. mitch rebhun totally unacceptable
149720. Alessandro Ferri Ê
149719. Daniel Rose  
149718. B Golomb Ê
149717. Beverly McFarland  
149716. chava bloemen no words....sick making
149715. sam rakover  
149714. Albert Amar Not acceptable
149713. Melissa wenig  
149712. fiona chitayat  
149711. beatriz rebhun DEGRADING & SHOULD NOT BE A SITE
149709. Harold Goldman  
149708. ester wolf  
149707. Guri  
149706. joshua teplitzky  
149705. Sharon Grau The website seems so genuine and supportive on the surface, but a little digging reveals some unbelievably concerning comments and information. Please - there are too many out there who would take what he says to heart. We need to remove the website from you list. Thank you.
149704. Ronald Gale  
149703. Esther Osiel  
149702. Ellen Wohlberg  
149701. Marilyn Krelenbaum  
149700. Alice S Cohen Please remove the offensive, hateful web site
149699. Abby Glaser This is a violent, inflammatory, disgusting sight
149698. Jill Shtulman  
149697. Brandon Israelsohn  
149696. Michael Elbert  
149695. Mark Carter  
149694. Dafna  
149693. Florence Levitt  
149692. shiri  
149691. Marvin Eisenstein  
149690. ALAN M. YAFFE  
149689. Alison Berlie  
149688. Carey Gertler  
149687. ofir  
149686. allison Colt  
149685. JUDITH A. KLEIN  
149684. Sara Cooper  
149683. Ian Ellul It is a disgustiong site whose sole mission is to incite hatred and murder of Jews
149682. Jeff Braun  
149681. Edward Pinn  
149680. Jonathan  
149679. milka morris  
149678. Mireille Altman  
149677. Phyllis Haar Sick people trying to make trouble
149676. Pip Allon with it!!!!
149675. Vanessa Grinblat  
149674. ariel m  
149673. Al Cinamon I bet this type of "free speech" wouldn't be allowed against Muslims
149672. Rhoda Weinstein  
149671. Steve S.  
149670. Ed Tannebaum  
149669. Deborah Metzger  
149668. Nancy Giordano PROUD TO BE A JEW
149667. myra browne  
149666. Guy Rosen feld  
149665. Shirley Konigsberg nasty business
149664. Michael Louis  
149663. Linda Gillett  
149662. michael robinson  
149661. larry smith  
149660. william blau  
149659. Michael Hochstein  
149658. jean whelan  
149657. Susan Kleinman  
149656. Sandra MacDonald  
149655. leo  
149654. Howard Trachtenberg  
149653. Ian Hill  
149652. Ken Frebowitz It is time someone stood up and took a stance against those who would spread propoganda causing hatred and injustice. This site is so riddled with lies and stilted half-truths it is as dangerous as other Neo-nazi and extremist (terroristic) websites. Please, do the right thing. Remove this website from your search engine.
149651. djurakdjian  
149650. SILVINA  
149649. V Conrich  
149648. jonathan rose disgraceful site; only intention is to incite racial hatred
149647. Joel Fisher  
149646. Ernest Black  
149645. Jehoshua KRAUS  
149644. Lois Black  
149643. Rachel Freedman  
149642. valerie knapp  
149641. Harold Resnick Sites like this are lies and contribute to world hatred
149640. agnes tatay  
149639. Adam Helman this needs to include any site that this may end up becoming - or affiliate sites
149638. Seth  
149637. JOHN BASKIN  
149636. Malcolm Howard  
149635. Jane Zolot-Gassko  
149634. Sandra Greene why should we have to drank this crap day after day...just when we want to google some random thing?
149633. Barbara Brock  
149632. Michael Brent  
149631. Sharon Sasson please remove ASAP!!!!
149630. Mark Creeger Whether freedom of speech suggests that this site may have a right to exist is debatable. Whether Google has an obligation to point at it and thereby guide others to it, is not. I am sure that it is not beyond their technical expertise to blacklist sites from appearing in their search results.
149629. Chaim & Malka Shmuel  
149628. Estelle Walman & Murray please remove our names from Google Search
149627. Shari Freiberg  
149626. tammy balaban  
149625. Daniel  
149624. Mark Neumann  
149623. Lynne Wachsman  
149622. Sammy  
149621. leonard pollack I'm not surprised. The word JEW was at one time used as a derogatory term. The blame must be placed on the Jewish population for allowing this word to be used in the manner it has. However, this must be removed from google's site.
149620. David Newman  
149619. Honey Fox  
149618. tito Sandler  
149617. M Bangle Jews are not blowing us up everywhere.
149616. Gary Moscowitz  
149615. Jenny Illes  
149614. Gabriel Kessler Please remove this very offensive site
149613. Joan Wolf  
149612. Ania K.Landecker  
149611. Alan Fish Antisemetic hate all of which google shouldn't be associated with
149610. Deborah Margol Google: Please use your extraordinary international position to advance tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and not to perpetuate hate. It is up to us to give the future generations the ability to rise above and repair the things that we have failed to fix ourselves.
149609. ana stroh  
149608. Charles Buck  
149607. Myra Klahr Please remove at once
149606. Glenda Buck  
149605. BJ Turner This site has caused much grief and incitement to harm innocent people. It should be removed immediately if not sooner.
149604. Steve  
149603. LeeOlsen downgrading, insult to intelligence
149602. R. Slavin please remove the site "Jew Watch" when you goole the word Jew, thank you, as it is very distrubing for young minds.
149601. salomon  
149600. sarah ermer offensive in the extreme
149599. Phyllid Spivak  
149598. Denise Kleinman I will not use Google search engine
149597. Zvi Remove that GOD-damned site from Google
149596. martha fontes  
149595. Martrin McCulloch - Keeble  
149594. Gilbert Kelman Antisemitism is on the increase .
149593. Broderick Nesher  
149592. V.Brenner Wholly biassed and unfair
149591. F.L. FINE  
149590. stephen cohen  
149588. bernard altman  
149587. Doreen Samuels  
149586. Charlotte Frohlinger Please remove anti-semitic site from Google
149585. Gillian Shine Inciting racial hatred is not only a crime it is beneath the dignity of any who consider themselves human
149584. Betsy Summer  
149583. elana  
149582. E.M.M. Cowan  
149581. Ronald Nigri It is the only right thing to do
149580. robert Jordan  
149579. M.A.Cowan Dreadful
149578. Sheldon Hoffman This site's diatribes give "distortion" a whole new meaning.
149577. Dernis  
149576. Gwendolyn Adrian  
149575. L J Davidson  
149574. Gary Gerofsky Please remove this garbage from the internet
149573. Refson Shame a real shame
149572. Alan Gruskin  
149571. Leonard Jacobs  
149570. Johnathan Bloster Disgusting
149569. Joan Gruskin  
149568. Yossi ÿ
149567. nikita  
149566. Shirlee Finn  
149565. Elliot Davis  
149564. Heather Stein  
149563. Allan Linder  
149562. Beryl Davis  
149561. Joseph R. Barrie, M. D.  
149560. Barbara Linder  
149559. neil davis  
149558. Dorit Tavori  
149557. IAN MORRIS  
149556. Nikki Sager  
149554. Harold Granek  
149553. Ken Sinclair  
149552. philip sinitsky  
149551. Trevor Sager  
149550. Trevor Sager  
149549. Professor Monty N. Penkower  
149548. Joshua Castro that bunch of lies is sick please remove it now
149547. Moshe Pridan  
149546. flo gabbin  
149545. Bernard Valier  
149544. Ruth Rabinowitz  
149543. Ivan Kovler Disgusting, Inflamentary, Biased
149542. Boaz Mori  
149541. Jacky Jedlicki get rid of this
149540. Chagai Englender  
149539. Elizabeth Dunlap  
149538. Sheryl Davy  
149537. lissak thanks to immediately remove all antisemitic website from Google
149536. David Rosenthal  
149535. Michael Rootshtain  
149534. harel wineberg  
149533. marvin wachspress  
149532. Jodie Norman This is distgusting and must be removed
149531. Ruth Roth Appalling misinformation promoting antisemitism
149530. Rafael Mechoulam  
149529. Karen Mizrahi  
149528. sarah nysenbaum please remove this website
149527. Marilyn Katanka  
149526. evan hoff  
149525. alex agran  
149524. H, Baskin Remove this from Google ASAP!! It's HATEFUL!!
149523. Ron Ardell  
149522. Ingrid Cranfield If you, the organisers of this petition, can prove a breach of copyright in any of the material on the JewWatch site, you are legally entitled to demand that the ISP remove it. By the way, I notice that the videos on the site - I tried to open a selection at random - are no longer available.
149521. Naomi Gordon  
149520. gwendoline mc cracken very disappointing that a site like this is allowed
149519. daniel buck please remove this site
149518. Katherine miller  
149517. Jessica  
149516. jane thompson  
149515. b alterman anti semitic trash
149514. Steve Kaplan A disgrace.
149513. Marcel Grossman  
149512. ADI ALON  
149511. dan morr  
149510. Rachel Meehan  
149509. Roger J Pernick I am an avid Google user and like to continue as one.
149508. T. Treitel  
149507. Paul Zwarts Highly Offensive Website
149506. Zechariah Hahn  
149505. A Weinstein  
149504. bob vogel  
149503. Ivan Devai  
149502. Benzion Lewis its a disgrace for google
149501. Langbord monique  
149500. Jamie Greenberg Please remove this from your engine
149499. Jeremy Greene  
149498. Joan A; Karasik  
149497. Jeremy Garcia  
149496. Radik  
149495. David Revah  
149494. Charlotte Kaye  
149493. anthony margo  
149492. Lise Noel  
149491. Debora Resnick  
149490. Benjamin Kaye  
149489. Daniel Greenbaum  
149488. Alexander Joseph Hamburger  
149487. Martyn Kaye  
149486. Alethea Kaye  
149485. Jennifer Rudner Remove it immediately.
149484. Nataly  
149483. Susan Litt  
149482. Sid Banon  
149481. Philip Gordon Remove this hateful site now!
149480. Anthony Quill  
149479. yehudit ofir  
149478. Sigrid Fröhlich  
149477. Baruch Levin  
149476. Tara Kiemel  
149475. Rena Adler  
149474. elbaz  
149473. elbaz  
149472. Avrille Leps  
149471. elbaz  
149470. vivienne orloff  
149469. marilyn lee  
149468. vivienne orloff  
149467. Carol Benton  
149466. Robert John  
149465. Yaron Marcus  
149464. n.marks  
149463. Zacharias  
149462. Rubin Bokoff  
149461. bunny  
149460. rosie  
149459. Kraus Leah  
149458. Nicholas Waitsman  
149457. Jeffrey Leader Disgusting material to have on Google
149456. Bill Abrahams  
149455. Prof. Martin Golumbic  
149454. Craig Lewis Highly offensive site and clearly dangerous
149453. m harrison  
149452. David Cohen Abominable site to remove!!!
149451. Stephen Grenfell A disgusting website
149450. Arik Shamash  
149449. moshe tal no more!
149448. Pam Moss  
149447. amanda yaffe  
149446. Michael Mitzman  
149445. Steve Lazarus I have watched some clips and the guy behind the site is clearly a deranged anti semite out to cause as much offence as possible.
149444. Renee Tarablus This site is counter-productive to the good reputation of Google, as it is fabricated on hate and lies.
149443. max h m harrison  
149442. Roy Winkler  
149441. frderick eldon smithe  
149440. david lieberberg  
149439. Nick joels  
149438. S. Fisher  
149436. NEVILLE GATOFF i have never seen such rubbush
149435. tahli govendir  
149434. Miriam Mann  
149433. Ria Fox  
149432. Irina Abramzon  
149431. L Strong Google would not stand by were a child molestation site come up first. Neither should they for sites that are anti-Semitic. It's time google finally dealt with the way their search results are listed.
149430. john coleman this site is a disgrace and promotes racial intolerance
149429. Sheldon Bodnick  
149428. Alan & Marilyn Lazarus  
149427. Sheila B. Renert  
149426. Eli Keren  
149425. victor dembo I support the cause
149424. wolfe and zena doffman all must fight this filth and lies
149423. John Ruck  
149422. stephen phillips  
149421. reuven genn  
149420. stuart barry  
149419. harvey adams  
149418. Sharon Barnett  
149417. Jacques Bloch No comments needed for this antisemitic trash
149416. Denise Rayner  
149415. Zehavah Bigman  
149413. Rodney Vinn  
149412. tami lotan  
149411. Lesley Graham  
149410. Leonard A. Mintz There is no room anywhere for that kind of hate lies
149409. Amit Must take it out!!!!!!!!
149408. anthony perkins  
149407. Morlene Stephen  
149406. martin j morris a disgusting, demeaning antisemitic site
149405. Hanna levy  
149404. Hilary Raymond Please remove this completely unnecessary website from your google search engine it is offensive
149403. MARTIN Jean  
149402. michael grimwood  
149401. David  
149400. herzl hamburger  
149399. Rosemary Hamburger  
149398. Dan Greenberg Ottawa, Canada
149397. Ilan Stokes  
149396. Antony Gevisser  
149395. GAIL RADEAU  
149394. Julia  
149393. Dr H Gordon  
149392. Stephen Anderson Can't believe this is going on, and accessed easily via googleThis guy is peddling hatred, and it cannot be ignored. Send a message that it's not welcomed by people outside his his views of the jewish people.
149391. Y Levy Disgusting!!!
149390. Heleen Slob  
149389. Alan Milstein That Google can have a link to this website is an absolute disgrace
149388. Raphael Kozlowski Remove this site as soon as possible
149387. Henryk Zaydman  
149386. Yakov Yusupov  
149385. Jeffrey Raphael  
149384. Aurelia Vogel  
149383. Julian Seewald  
149382. Bernadette Lynch  
149381. Ronit Halpern  
149380. Steve cainer  
149379. Alon  
149378. H Kagan  
149377. Devorah Brown I don't think any human should be racist to any other human, no matter what.
149376. D Pollard  
149375. Egon Philip  
149374. Stephen Davis  
149373. Maureen Stern  
149372. cyril gold  
149371. Claudia Belsman  
149370. Emma Boyd  
149369. Alan Noik  
149368. Maureen Sharpstone Disgraceful one sided propogander
149367. Robert Festenstein I cannot think why Google would want their product corrupted by such an appalling site
149366. Mark Kirk  
149365. Samuel Annis These appear to freshly planted trees which the Arabs planted on disputed land.
149364. Serah Descries to the human kind!!!
149363. Rhoann Joffe  
149362. Loren Fittinghoff I find this absolutely unacceptable
149361. Clive Winkler  
149360. B Jubiler This type of antisemitic garbage can only stir trouble instead of trying to promote peace and harmony among nations.
149359. Ivor Lewis Viciously Anti Semitic in spite of claims to the contrary
149358. Lana  
149357. Yisrael Leche  
149356. zarhi  
149355. Julian Better  
149354. zohar galili remuve it!
149353. Mark Phillips  
149352. N Kraut  
149351. jeremy karpel  
149350. Emma  
149349. r ross  
149348. Eric Berger  
149347. Anthony  
149346. S. Shapiro Shameful, Intolerant. Sites like these foster and incite hatred.
149345. natalie israel why do we still have ignorance?
149344. Ernest Bleiweis Remove this trash immediately
149343. bruce treske  
149342. Jeffrey Arias  
149341. erika  
149340. R Talisman Remove this vile racist site
149339. Nathan Brajtman  
149338. Charbit Jacqueline  
149337. peter feller please remove this racist site from your search engine
149336. Cyla Imry  
149335. Yoseph Imry  
149334. BAR-SHESHET Chaim Remove immediately this bloody rubbish
149333. Isaac Brajtman  
149332. Roy Bernstein  
149331. Sammy Make peace- not war
149330. Isidor Aloni  
149329. boris stolar Absolut rubbish
149328. Sarah R Brajtman  
149327. Jim Kearney  
149326. Jonathan Feingold  
149325. Markus E Brajtman  
149323. AaronWizwer  
149322. R Nafte  
149321. Edward Bloom  
149320. Richard Saunders  
149319. m silverman worry about the islamic terrorists not law abiding jewish people
149318. Cliff  
149316. June Latovicz  
149315. Leah Miron  
149314. Craig  
149313. Gabi Somlai remove this rubbish!
149312. Trudy Reisz  
149311. Rebecca Delohery  
149310. Grant Smuts  
149309. Shaynen Weinberg The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing
149308. annana  
149307. Ruth Mindel when will it stop?
149306. michael magid this is a site which has no place in society and should be taken of the internet and google should help stop inciting violence
149305. DAVID DAVIS  
149304. dale silv  
149303. Dan Menaged  
149302. PAUL ISAACS  
149301. Justin Seef  
149300. fanny Remove it please
149299. Harris Frazer  
149298. yasaman morim  
149297. samantha Martyn  
149296. Larry Davis It's very offensive, please remove
149295. sharise weiner  
149294. Conrad  
149293. Benjamin Muller You will not change the world
149292. Rosy Khalastchy  
149291. Haylene Sandler  
149290. Tony Coburn  
149289. Jonathan Traub  
149288. Andrea Shub  
149287. Alon Amit I shouldn't have to do this, we share the same values, shame on google
149286. Michael Antony Weltner also on YouTube (owned by Google) as the user "cpotato2004".
149285. Carol Lee Martin  
149284. Elisa Dembsky It is a disgrace how he lies throughout, he is not an historian and he is a plain charlatan
149283. louis zinn  
149282. Mimi Peters  
149281. friedman b.  
149280. Hazel Hodis Disgraceful
149279. Gavin Rome you cannot shouf fire in a crowded t heatre
149278. Radeau  
149277. Adam Sadigursky This web site spread hate. Get rid of it
149276. Marianne & Thomas Barlow please remove this disgusting site as soon as possible!!!!!
149275. Beth Londner  
149274. cindy distriminatory
149273. Agi Barsela  
149272. Iris Krugman If this were a site against Blacks or any other group of people, it would not be on the internet! Ban Jewwatch NOW!
149271. Ann Snyder  
149270. Isaac Lopez  
149269. Carlos Lopez  
149268. Roz Lopez  
149267. Barbara Glimer  
149266. Rhoda  
149265. Michele Dernis  
149264. Adam Fittinghoff  
149263. meradith cherbo  
149262. e. hechal  
149261. Terence Joffe  
149260. Martin Brauer Site is racist,contains lies&is disgusting
149259. Mitch Martin what other type of purely rascist stuff like this do you allow ??
149258. Sue Freedman please remove this offensive site
149257. Douglas King this is hate mongering / don't help it
149256. Santana  
149255. Porto  
149254. Jacob Bastomski  
149253. pam  
149252. Sarah Frisch  
149251. Simona Get rid of that website NOW!!!
149250. Hilary Leek  
149249. Alexandra Myers  
149248. susana cogan  
149247. Illy Alroy  
149246. Max Shnider  
149245. Darren hatred of any group of people can not be tolerated
149244. Ann Dresdner  
149243. Ray Dresdner This site is disgusting
149242. Kate Karp Don't stop at this hate site. Get them all. This isn't freedom of speech; it's yelling fire.
149241. EVA FRIDMAN  
149240. LINDA LOUIS  
149239. Steven Phillips petition to remove from google's search engine
149238. isaac rudman no good,
149237. Gabriella Veres REMOVE IT!!
149236. rochelle  
149235. robert simon  
149234. Anita Berman  
149233. Sandra Epstein  
149232. Melinda Wilson  
149231. Tamara Shkolnikov  
149230. katz ruth  
149229. katz dan  
149228. Yael Swerdlow  
149227. Robert Schlosberg  
149226. M. Midolo  
149225. Hanan Haskell shame on google for not blocking it by now.
149224. Marc Deschenes  
149223. Roberta Abramson Can't you do your own policing? I use Google and find this site an outrage.
149222. Debbie Szorenyi  
149221. Mikhail Tsypkin  
149220. miriam goldwater years ago it was pogroms based on untruths, now this. enough with all this jealousy and hate.
149219. eran discusting behaviar, hope it will remove soon!
149218. Robert Dickstein  
149217. nuni hacohen  
149216. Eli Richman  
149215. michael raibin cant believe this is still happening in this day and age - an absolute disgrace that you even need to create a petition to actually get Google to remove it!!!! Google should be more than aware of sites of this nature and ban them!!!!
149214. Deborah Epstein  
149213. chani levin  
149212. joachim seckel  
149211. Simon Seaberg  
149210. Jack Honigman Remove all racist comments from Google
149209. anita brooks  
149208. Bisseliches  
149207. Aida  
149206. Edward Brenfus It's a shame to have this garbage right when you browse for "JEWS" in google!! Please remove it!!
149205. Tom Ecker Please remove a site which has its aim promotion of hatred of a people victmised during history
149204. Connie Alderman This is deplorable, and must be stopped!
149203. Blender chaya  
149202. beverly menahem  
149201. Vicki Blakeman Interior Design  
149200. HARLAN aBBEY  
149199. Jamie Rinkoff  
149198. Dr. Paul Green Nazi Jew hatred is unacceptable on Google
149197. rona remove now - googel remember ww2!!! it started like this
149196. Guy Hoffman  
149195. Les Levine disgusted at the skewed views
149194. Sheldon Goldenberg  
149193. R.PETERS  
149192. olmar  
149191. Chaia Broderick  
149190. Yvonne Miller  
149189. Cathy Kaiserman  
149188. Lisa Shmidman  
149187. tamir this site is a shame to all web in the net and google giving a hand to this, it must stop
149186. sara ENOUGH!!!!!!
149185. avi Haller  
149184. haim keren  
149183. marsha thank you!
149182. harold Herman revolting
149181. Hortensia Correa  
149180. A Elkinbard š
149179. TA Mayes  
149178. martha Ê
149177. Neil Sechan  
149176. asher  
149175. John Avildsen ENOUGH.
149174. Rochelle Cohney  
149173. Tomi Mager  
149172. Bill Nitschke  
149171. Dennis Kurzon  
149170. Paul Cabelli Can you beleive that morons like that still exist?? They're living in the dark ages.
149169. Michelle A. Marshall  
149168. Bennett Kravitz Disgraceful
149167. Alice Geer This Anti-Semitic web site should not be on google
149166. Mary Marino please remove this, as I would hope Google to do the right thing.
149165. Naomi Jacobson  
149164. Lavy Hes racist
149163. nicola sender  
149162. Terri Acrish  
149161. Ros Rubinstein racist, lies, incitement, hatred, all of these words came to mind when I saw this site.
149160. Darren Krug This site promotes anti-semitism, needs to be removed.
149159. Harry Sapir  
149158. Carl Orta  
149157. B. Baronholtz Google needs to remove this source of hate
149156. Mike Morganstern  
149155. Gerald Shane  
149154. Isaac Einav  
149153. Robyn  
149152. David Shubert Freedom of speech is an American tradition. American's have fought for this right for decades. But lies should not be allowed!!! True Patriotic American's would not allow this trash to go on...
149151. rosalinda  
149150. William Cole  
149149. Molly Byock  
149147. Jacobo  
149146. Doron Dula Free speech is not rigidly observed when the speech is ethnic oriented hatred. It is un-American to espouse hatred. Free speech is not a credible defense.
149145. elly  
149144. mitchell askenas  
149143. Ruth Berman  
149142. Kenneth Rains Sr  
149141. Lorrie Remove
149140. Noa  
149139. H. Berez  
149138. Alberta Rains  
149137. Robyn  
149136. debbie sladowsky  
149135. debbi  
149134. Daniel  
149133. Seth Joseph Very anti-semitic
149132. Ben Shemesh  
149131. Steve  
149130. Evi Adams this is inflammatory and should never have been allowed
149129. Sarah  
149128. Abe Newman Please remove from your site
149127. Lisa & Eli Timoner  
149126. B Koppe With a such German sounding surname this man's parents are likely to have been Nazis.
149125. Phil Goldstein  
149124. Andrea364 Meh, I'll sign for the hell of it...
149123. jeffrey epstein  
149122. John A. Carter  
149121. ian anti-semitic site
149120. Isaac Khayat  
149119. Robert Neu Such malecious lies don't belong on the web.
149117. MAXWELL HANDELMAN biggest pack of lies and distortion ever seen
149116. David Schneiderman remove jew watch from google search
149115. Steven Romberg  
149114. Barbara Pergament It should be removed immediately
149113. Gregory Mann  
149112. Gregory  
149111. Robert Handelsmann This site goes well beyond "free speech"...
149110. Andras Berkes  
149109. Rick Coutin Get rid of this
149108. Beverly Prepsky  
149107. Michael Bush  
149106. Linda Epstein  
149104. noa This is a disgrace
149103. david  
149102. yehuda  
149100. Harry Tarsky  
149099. Joel Shorten  
149098. Deborah A Gerber  
149097. Leslie Friedman I will stop using google if this is not removed
149096. Arthur Gravitz  
149095. Alexandra Cherry  
149094. bERTHA KLEIMAN must be removes at once!!!!
149093. nina spier  
149092. morton shear  
149091. galina averina  
149090. leon Schwartz  
149089. mark gilbert  
149088. Eva Migdalek  
149087. gabi  
149086. Charles Rosoff  
149085. Joseph Rubinstein  
149084. Diana Garber  
149083. Murray Wohlmuth  
149082. Diane Liberman Please ban this hateful website!!!
149081. Ruth Schelberg  
149080. Nancy R. Messham This is a dangerous website, fueling misunderstanding and hatred
149079. Alan Dolensky  
149078. michelle cherry anti-semitism by GOOGLE or anyone will not be tolerated
149077. Tanya Duek  
149076. marlene weaver  
149075. gabriel Please remove this pontential danger web
149074. Dag Selander  
149073. Gilly clearly the anvy of the uneducated ...
149072. Donna Armsworthy is anti-semetic
149071. ALIDA SIMSON  
149070. Edith Almeida  
149069. zach levey dangerous and hate-filled
149068. Sally Edelsberg  
149066. Terrell E. Hunt This Site is an affront to civilized citizens of the world. Please do not give these lies a voice on your search engine.
149065. Ilya Zomb  
149064. Penny Aronson  
149063. Jeffrey Please take action quickly.
149062. J Wong  
149061. sura  
149060. Bryan Niederman  
149059. seymour goldwater  
149058. Dimitry  
149057. robert Mohl  
149056. Sandra Levenston  
149055. Lizabeth Chabon McOsker  
149054. Orr Solomon  
149053. Carlos Engelman  
149052. myrna de silva inaction against evil, endorses evil. Antisemitism is evil!
149051. Ruth STeinberg  
149050. rob schwartz  
149049. Mary W Stein Why endorse hate?
149048. Mitchell Bell  
149047. Jan Meisler  
149046. linda gutman  
149045. Zvi Berkovitch A despicable link to unspeakable lies.
149044. Arnold Greenland  
149043. silvia  
149042. ORLY What would the entire world do without Jews' wisdom and good deeds? We are an easy target, but we will never ever allow another holocaust- LIVE ISRAEL!!
149041. Shoshana Greenland  
149040. mary daley I agree with this petition -- please remove this hateful site.
149039. Sharon Harris  
149038. T Roth  
149037. Victor Schechter this rubish site must be removed
149036. Beatriz  
149035. lynn koff please take this garbage off the internet
149034. Rabbi Danzinger abhorrent
149033. Judah ben Aye Freedman  
149032. Nora Silberstein remove this site that promotes hatred!!!!!!
149031. Joseph Pekar REMOVE
149030. Sharon Koren  
149029. Robert Kleinman Disgusting web site
149028. Daniel Silberstein  
149027. Debra Evins  
149026. Ben Fox  
149025. John Poris disgusting, racist, hateful site!
149024. David Handler  
149023. Jonathan Aminoff Morals over Money, Google. Shame on you.
149022. sherry graditor google should be ashamed to allow this filth
149021. Al Drucker This web site is outrages. It compares to "The Protocols of Zion", another Jew hating publication
149020. Ruben Cristal  
149019. judith levinson  
149018. Natalie Sheezel  
149017. Jack Pachman u should be ashamed!
149016. Sadie Bloom  
149015. Barbara Hendrickson  
149014. Shirley Shapiro  
149013. April Semmel This site is not protected under the 1st Ammendment. This site perpetuates HATE and promotes violence such as HATE CRIMES!
149012. Charlene Aminoff Please remove this site! It's disgusting and anti-semitic.
149011. jerry levovitz  
149010. Roni Simco Fabricated hate by a pervert . Google needs to stand up and show some integrity!
149009. Karen  
149008. shauna lore  
149007. Shelley Shame on you Google!!
149006. Molly Zachariah  
149005. ellen glazer disgusting! Doesn't this all feel too familiar? You are paving the way for another holocaust!
149004. Michelle Raanan  
149003. Isaac Pianko  
149002. Irwin Leiter  
149001. Arthur E. COHEN, MD To bigotry no sanction
149000. Michael Altneu  
148999. Rachel Hochberg  
148998. Stan and Lee Saal keep sending this around
148997. Mary Witten I can't believe some of the stuff they let on the internet. How can a company like GOOGLE allow it??
148996. jean  
148995. Kiki kranX THIS SITE IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!
148994. Curtis Freedland  
148993. Joseph W. Smith If it stays on you web site I don't
148992. connieprimosic  
148991. Allan Gordon Please remove this despicable site
148990. Carlie R. Dorshaw  
148989. Peter Halas  
148988. Tina Javaherian Although the petition was written poorly, SHOULD be removed.
148987. JAY STERN  
148986. Steven Guggenheim  
148985. Murray Froikin please stop supporting hate sites
148984. Al Furl  
148983. Bianca Simchowitz I strongly urge you to remove this site.
148982. Steve Weinstein  
148981. Sandra Salkinder  
148980. Richard  
148979. Alexander Z. Guiora  
148978. Louis Hurwitz  
148977. Rhoda Forte  
148976. carole fox  
148975. Amy Heller  
148974. Ava Miedzinski  
148973. bob and bobbe rigler  
148972. David Cohen  
148971. Jeff Hertz  
148970. Rafael Mareyna It is a shameful content of lies.
148969. alen hakimi  
148968. Joyce Siegel  
148967. L Segeal  
148966. Linda Inexcusable, needs to be removed.
148965. Janet Wood  
148964. Carol  
148963. Leon Kushner This is absolutely disgusting to allow a link to such a sick site. Google has a responsibility to humanity to make it difficult for hate propagandists to spread their views, not to help them!
148962. Shuli Unger  
148961. Stanley Lefkow  
148960. Sharon Atri  
148959. Joseph Brotman Disgracfull listing
148958. Jeanne Berlin  
148957. Eva Englender  
148956. Dr. Fred Mann  
148955. Reuben Gross Google should not give license to antisemitic s ites
148954. E Zubrow "We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge designed to attack civilization." Franklin Roosevelt 1882-1945 JewWatch is the worst type of anti-civilization hatred. Please remove it.
148953. june prisand  
148952. Jaime  
148951. Joann P. Galst  
148950. lauren pellman  
148949. Jay Lieberfarb Never forget
148948. Jackie Owide  
148947. Joan Treske Please help right a wrong
148946. S.Richard Shostak  
148945. isaac Podbereski  
148944. Lila Sacks  
148943. Amalia Haas  
148942. david karmeli  
148941. M Katzman Disgraceful
148940. Susan Cohen  
148939. Paul Appleby  
148938. Arthur Schwartz appalling
148937. Ed Ramer  
148936. Ellyn Suzanne Messinger  
148935. Lisa Finkelstein  
148934. m borisute get rid of this site immediately - it is a hate crime
148933. Barbara Mayer  
148932. Volvi Goldberger  
148931. David Langer  
148930. Alvin Bernstein It started with words and ended with the Holacaust
148929. Barbara Cogert  
148928. LILY KAUFMAN  
148927. Leon Goldwater  
148926. Solange Vaisman  
148925. Carol Jaech  
148924. Jean Rosenbloom  
148923. Arbie Orenstein Google should know better than to sponsor this anti-Semitic diatribe.
148922. Joanne Levant  
148921. Gary Posner  
148920. RASHELLE This reminds me of Goebell's work
148919. Ilene Lesser disgusting
148918. Lee Kaplan  
148917. jay robins  
148916. Kathleen Evans  
148915. brian rittenberg  
148914. Rebecca Remove
148913. harold  
148912. cindy gross  
148911. brian rittenberg  
148910. Steven Leskowitz  
148909. kim max remove it now !!!
148908. karen sachs  
148907. Andrew Kocsis  
148906. Adam Menkes  
148905. donna oser  
148904. Andrew Kocsis  
148903. Lara Wong  
148902. m. zager take it off now !!!
148901. Bernard Semmel  
148900. Tessa Surany  
148899. Karyn Llutz please remove any and all anti semetic comments
148898. Laura Maley  
148897. bennet mermel I am a survivor
148896. Brett Schur  
148895. robin abba  
148894. Jodi Bloom  
148893. I Hertz Thou shalt not spread hate!
148892. Lana Burnette this needs to be done immediately
148891. Eric Eisenbud  
148890. Steven Levine Holy Hatred Google!!
148889. Judi Greenberg  
148888. Michael  
148887. Helena Kemp The information which Mr. Weltner purports is factual is nothing more than pure hatred at its very worst. The sad part is that when people come across his website, many may not recognize it for what it is: anti-Semitism, pure and simple. This website is dangerous and should be removed immediately. Please remove it from Google.
148886. Dr. Robert Backstein  
148885. Jacob Marlowe  
148884. jessica epstein  
148883. Harvey & Lil Simons Hopefully who ever set the Google filters will wake up and realize hate is a horrible thing.
148882. Dr. R. Scott Lloyd This is absolutely shameful - your staff should be much more attentive to its money-for-morals policies. Who runs Google - Neo-Nazis?
148881. korinne epstein  
148880. dave epstein  
148879. Sylvia Stein  
148878. Iva Parsons an affront to all humanity
148877. shelley epstein  
148876. Shauna Kanel remove the site!
148875. Jim Georges What year is this anyway ?
148874. Francine Di Palma  
148873. Michael Lowinger  
148872. Deborah Lattimore  
148871. Paul gross  
148870. david fingerer  
148869. Randy Hunter  
148868. Wendy Salz  
148867. susan raven  
148866. Ronald E. Don please remove
148865. Dr Matthew Lemberger  
148864. Naomi Indich  
148863. Pat Passarelle  
148862. Harriet Fellner  
148861. Lissa Block Disgusting, promoting anti-sematitism and racism in today's world only contributes to the endless cycle of hate that is being passed onto our children and the world. Please be brave enough to speak out and change the world.
148860. Fay Fingerer an affront to all jews and decent people.
148859. PAMELA RABECK Please remove this hateful site
148858. David Singer  
148857. G.Namet Please remove
148856. Leslie  
148855. Mara Gorfinkiel  
148854. KNT  
148853. Meir i find it very upsetting
148852. Gene Hollinger  
148851. Joseph D. Korn  
148850. Jonathan Gartenberg  
148849. Myra Monk  
148848. manuel j. singer  
148847. walter fingerer, m.d.  
148846. Robert Mirett please remove this hatred
148845. Roxana  
148844. Alli I wish people could see that Judaism is a kind and loving religion. As a teacher, I hope to teach others to be kind too.
148843. Yitzchok Dubovick  
148842. Bill Rotenberg  
148841. Rebecca B. Zeigler  
148840. Bryna Solomon Very offensive
148839. Elise Bloom  
148838. Edwin L. Crammer  
148837. Gail Feinzig  
148836. Elliot KLeinman  
148835. Debbie Gorden  
148834. Felice Crammer  
148833. sally green  
148832. brad kline you should not partner with this hatred directed against my family and myself
148831. Maria Jastrzebowska  
148830. Barbara Turell  
148829. irwin mirsky  
148828. Nonna  
148827. marshall katz  
148826. Amy Oziel Its things like this that bring hate into the world
148825. SID KLEINER  
148824. Scott A. Gershan such flagrantly libelous and incendiary sites should be unconditionally blacklisted
148823. n hochman  
148822. Anna V de Alvarez  
148821. Mark Bercuvitz  
148820. Beth Grossman  
148819. lee conn please remove this site
148818. Richard R Bankhead  
148817. Myra Silverman  
148816. Judy Bercuvitz  
148815. Anna Fortgang Remove from your search
148814. steve samuel  
148813. Howard Rifkind  
148812. Janet Bookspan Get that #@^_*& site off your service!!
148811. Lauren Zaslow  
148810. Brahm Solomon  
148809. Moreen Berke  
148808. l.b.cooper Should not have been in the first place...remove immediately!
148807. Sara Luria nauseating!!!
148806. fred wetzler this garbage should be dumped in the cesspool
148805. Gloria Roden  
148804. Laurie Mainster  
148803. David Hershon  
148802. Marsha Seftel  
148801. Marilyn Ross  
148800. Glenn & Lenore Richter Nasty link -- remove it now!
148799. David A Dreyfoos  
148798. Viviana  
148797. Kay Kinsler  
148796. melanie silver  
148795. Stanley I Kramer  
148794. amy citron disgusting antisemitism
148793. marsha wong  
148792. morton noble this site is outrageous. how can you permit it?
148790. DG This person is very dangerous. This site is very dangerous. Spreading hate is a crime and this site should be removed.
148788. Micheline  
148787. Joy Kane someone ought to set that man straight.
148786. judy schurz  
148785. norman swartz  
148784. Bruce  
148783. H. Winston  
148782. isaac blum  
148781. R.J. Stein Hate sites are NOT protectable under the First Amendment.
148780. Rhoda Schneider this is the most disgusting thing ... cannot believe you have this site for people to see
148779. Susan Strom what kind of rascism do you support and why?
148778. Rise Mandel  
148776. Janis Rosenthal  
148775. L. B. Stein Get rid of this Google!
148774. Bill Reavey We expect better of Google
148773. Donald Voet  
148772. Shirley Palmenteri Help the world - Stand up for decency. As the saying goes.....they will come for the Christians next.
148771. Phyllis Loewenstein  
148770. M RENE  
148769. Alan Cohen Please Post to all your email contacts
148768. allan seftel  
148767. Mabel  
148766. Sarah Carter  
148765. Sunnie Alfieri  
148764. florence dickerson  
148763. Miriam Orski  
148762. Billie Steinberg the world doesn't need more anti-semitisim there's too much already let's help eradicate this obvious one
148761. esther schreier  
148760. mildred klemish  
148759. Rena Katz  
148758. Judith Flamm  
148757. Isaac  
148756. Joanne B Kaplan  
148754. Isaac  
148753. dan karsch  
148752. Leonard Barber  
148751. Risa Margolin I can't believe this even exists today!
148750. sandra benanti  
148749. Joy S Flaschner get rid of it
148748. Joe Polisar  
148747. allen g zippin  
148746. allen g zippin  
148745. Philippe Gadeyne  
148744. Sharon Fox  
148743. Andres  
148742. rony  
148741. Daiana  
148740. Arlene Schlesinger How awful Google would be part of this hatred
148739. Richard Morrell  
148738. Ray Gills  
148737. Selma Dubrow  
148736. Jules Altenberg  
148735. Jessica Shussett Although freedom of speech allows this, I can't believe this is the first site that comes up. Disturbing.
148734. Mark Weinberg  
148733. roy faith  
148732. Clara Lipson how dare you....where is your decency?
148731. l.schopick  
148730. Ed Bonder  
148729. David Gnesin Disgraceful
148728. Sharon Schmidt  
148727. gloria landy  
148726. Stella Vigodnier  
148725. Randy LaHaye  
148724. florabel kinsler  
148723. atara  
148722. Donald Herzog  
148721. Emilia Selinger  
148720. Karin McQuillan  
148719. Ted Weitz  
148718. ronald possick  
148717. Morton Lewis Just add my name to the petition. This is too reprehensible to even comment on.
148716. Betty Aptaker  
148715. edith blake  
148714. edith miller  
148713. paul toffell Google should not be promoting such hateful filth
148712. vera bensimon This is insane
148711. Ardyth shapiro please remove antisemitism comments
148710. vera bensimon This is insane
148709. Cory Polansky remove
148708. Carol Teitelbaum take this off immediately, Jewish ppl everywhere will boycott google and everything advertised on it if Google keeps this site on
148707. Sophia Chatov  
148706. Todd Waldman  
148705. jaime losch  
148704. M.Golfman  
148703. D LEVIN  
148702. richard swedlow  
148701. Nancy L Jacobson  
148700. Judi Miller  
148699. marilyn Goldsmith  
148698. Edith Appelsies  
148697. Rogelio Abramzón ¿nunca aprenderemos de la historia?????
148696. Galina  
148695. David Hirsch Why would you permit or encourage such anti semetic hate?
148694. Michael Sloan  
148693. Michael Frieze No need for this type of trash on Google
148692. Michael F  
148691. Adam Google already provides the "safesearch" option to eliminate salacious search results. Surely material that is flagged as discriminatory can be similarly removed?
148690. Mitchell Shadowitz  
148689. A Vali  
148688. Mira Miller terribly disturbing website run by a terribly disturbed man
148687. robert posner I will use yahoo, not google
148686. Peter Milch  
148685. Lonnie Herzog  
148684. Dan Goldstein  
148683. Israel Segal  
148682. Kenneth Wolnak  
148681. Joseph Cass  
148680. Ellie Stern I would urge everyone to stay away from Google until they rectify this. There are many other search engines, such as Yahoo, AOL, AskJeeves, Dogpile, Mama Mia, Alta Vista, Excite...many more--don't contribute to Google's anti-semetic profits
148679. Paul Ginsberg  
148678. Jo Anne Silber  
148677. Stuart Kirshbaum  
148676. b. cohen  
148675. Marvin Moskowitz  
148674. Frederick Gutt this is as bad as getting Ku Klux Klan when you put "black" as your search word
148673. Kevin  
148672. Gail Brot  
148671. edita meltzer  
148670. Jose Grinberg  
148669. mike sereny  
148668. linda canarick shame on google
148667. Florence Markowitz This is a vile and evil site and sight
148666. Joan Hacker Take this site down. It is hate speech.
148665. Isabelle Sherman  
148664. Harry Onickel  
148663. Hal Rabinowitz  
148662. Brock Borah  
148661. eli moallen fair is fair - this is not fair at all
148660. Barbara Singer  
148659. Julian Lieberman  
148658. Susan Brent This should be removed ASAP.
148657. Susan Brent This should be removed ASAP.
148656. Jacques Collazo ¿ Porque sitios nazis ?
148655. Kira Feldgun Jew Watch is the hate crime site
148654. anne zaslow this website is disgusting and fosters anti-semitism!!!
148653. selma and harry weiss  
148652. Lynn Kerr This site is designed to incite religious hatred and intolerance. It should be removed at once.
148651. Douglas Lapidus  
148650. Sandra Brauner  
148649. elena orgel  
148648. Sheldon Isenberg  
148647. avrom p. sterman  
148646. David Schwartz  
148645. Michael Kalafer  
148644. maxine todres  
148643. Paul Green  
148642. Al Sinewitz  
148641. sharon salamon  
148640. Tammy Schaum  
148639. Maurice Lipman  
148638. Wendy Freebourne MSc  
148637. Tali Naim  
148636. Cheryl Martin-Schroeder Please remove jewwatch from your search engine
148635. Zvi Katzman  
148634. Bert Rapowitz  
148633. cindy  
148632. Sheila Wiener This is horrendous and Google needs to take responsibility to have this removed from their search engine.
148631. Jackson, bonnie  
148630. lois  
148629. Cheryl Roth-Frank  
148628. carol greenwald  
148627. joseph bochner insecure shallow loosers,a shame in the world we live in so much hate!!!!
148626. Joseph Berman  
148625. Elizabeth  
148624. Jeff Cohen  
148623. gidon armon  
148622. Leonard Shapiro  
148621. ana fridman  
148620. simone  
148619. Avril Alba  
148618. talia  
148617. Sharon Chaiklin There is enough hate in this world....why add to it?
148616. janet what a prejudiced and untrue group of articles!
148615. Oskar Salamon  
148614. Eldar Levy Shame in these monsters
148613. Eva Novak  
148612. Chani farron  
148611. Sharon Salamon  
148610. Jason Silver  
148609. Barbara Lee Bloom  
148608. Mordechai Warshavsky  
148607. david konigsberg  
148606. larissa elk  
148605. A. bijmolt hate against Jews must be Stopped !!!
148604. Beverly Apel  
148603. Mauricio Levine  
148602. H. A. Hank Goldberg Pls remove this site from your search engine.
148601. mac Brachman  
148600. Sandy  
148599. shifra g.  
148598. Lillian Silberg  
148597. ADELA it promoves xenofoby
148596. Melvyn Bloom  
148594. steven abramow  
148593. Irit  
148592. sheila whitzman Monica Lewinsky? are you kidding? Anenemy of the people?
148591. K. Abrantes This is a hate site. All good people are offended.
148590. Bernard Sugar  
148589. renee  
148588. Eric R Bringslid Revolting!
148587. yves lautenberg  
148586. Irving Jacob  
148585. Philip Kaplan  
148584. Arlene Turowitz Please remove,there is enough hatred in this world
148583. carol flashner  
148582. Yifat Bazov  
148581. Nachum Leapman Needless incitement
148580. Irv Weinstein  
148579. michelle  
148578. Jessica Friedman  
148577. Albert A. Katz  
148576. George Preger This sight turns my stomack
148575. robert flashner  
148574. ted  
148573. Marlene Kaplan  
148572. Ellen Bekier  
148571. SHONA ALEXANDRA FOLEY Happy to put my name on this partition
148570. Kenneth Petrucci  
148569. Deborah Singerman Please remove
148568. Shloimy Rosenberg  
148567. sam Remove anti-Semitic website. Please
148566. julio schertz  
148565. Norman Shapiro Google must be stopped along with anti semitism
148564. Eva Perlman  
148563. Lynn Schwartz I can't believe that you will continue allowing this site to appear after learning what it contains.
148562. Jerry Kutcher Please remove Jewwatch from Google
148561. Avi Glaser Take it off
148560. alala  
148559. Jonna Sabroff  
148558. ian mirlin get it off
148557. David Neiman  
148556. Richard Gray google has a social responsibility
148555. Arlene Levine  
148554. Burton Saidel hate is hate no matter how you disguise it
148553. Natalia  
148552. deborah lakeman  
148551. yossi knolwe  
148550. Lucía  
148549. trudi  
148548. Natalie Itzkowic  
148546. Helene Birns  
148545. Susan Goldwater  
148544. Hezi Green  
148543. Stephen Karlen Move it to Hate Groups
148542. Bruce Feldman  
148541. Samuel Rozenberg  
148540. SAUL ELLISON Disgrace - all anti social hate sites irrespective should be delted and banned. there are enough issues in the world without adding any fuel
148539. Judy Ruskin  
148538. Clara Barman  
148537. Etty Mizrachi  
148536. Kim Strouble  
148535. Raul Rodrigues  
148534. Guichy WHAT IS GOOGLE THINKING?????
148533. Aviva Sakolsky Unfortunately some things never change.
148532. ilona grill  
148531. Beverly Sandler They must be stopped!
148530. Joyce  
148529. HolmWrecker Must be removed!
148528. Ralph & Myrna Goldman this is shameful and should be removed
148527. Elana Steinberg  
148526. fran Gurwitz  
148525. Anna Lrewkowitz  
148524. Lois Friedman  
148523. Leslie Bob Weiss  
148522. Victor Sidur  
148521. E. Holtsberg  
148520. tammy  
148519. Genevieve Rubin  
148518. Dwayne Boehnemann  
148517. hermansachs  
148516. Alex Fuentes take this site off
148515. Mona Schwartz  
148514. Seymore F. Pinchak excellent idea
148513. Greta Emmons how awful please remove this site
148512. Deborah Erdfarb  
148511. Larry Diamond  
148510. Paul Brown Please remove from your engine
148509. Leah Buck-Boehnemann please get this off!
148508. Phillip Smith dirty and biased
148507. Marcia Scarr  
148506. Ruth Ebner  
148505. Ralph Kay  
148504. Allen Ballett  
148503. sylvia epstein  
148502. Steven Shore  
148501. rick geiger Free speech does not mean free publishing
148500. Gail Erlitz  
148498. Ian Kay  
148497. Lynn Russin  
148496. aram kadish  
148495. philip schein  
148494. Baron Degner  
148493. ken schaum  
148492. Marc L. Siditsky please remove this website from your search engine. It is a disgrace and just shows that Google is antisemitic
148491. Thalia Federbush  
148490. David Russin  
148489. ABE ADLER  
148488. barbaralinz Who is frank weltner and why is he such a hate-filled individual that he would create such a venomous website filled with lies?
148487. J. Berman  
148486. maria  
148485. b schrott  
148484. russ lynn  
148483. lester rudolph please remove jewwatch
148482. Adam Sikora Well, Google kowtows to the China regime, what to expect? Anything for a buck...
148481. Simon Raphael  
148480. James K. Cummings  
148479. Gilda & Les Silver The opinions are warped, untrue and rediculous. A website such as this one should be ILLEGAL!!!!
148478. barbara linz who is frank weltner and why is he such a hate filled individual that he would create a website so filled with lies and venom?
148477. Ayala Choma  
148476. Arlene Navias Rid us of the garbage
148475. Joseph Rosenberg remove this website
148474. Maxine Rich  
148473. matt askin  
148472. harriet its disgusting enough already yes we do exist get use to it,we are here to stay
148471. Raul Firszt  
148470. Judie Rebele  
148469. Peggi Cohen  
148468. Michelle Pizer  
148467. Julio Teguer  
148466. Ori Litvak  
148465. pascal belda non acceptable
148464. Jennifer Eisenstein  
148463. albert daniels  
148462. Sara  
148461. susan pansky  
148460. inessa slipak remove this hateful stuff at once!
148459. Donna Stein The idea of this site on Google is reprehensible. Take it off now!!!!!!!!!
148458. Joel How can Google condone any hate group literature online, whether it'd be Anti- Black or Semitic?
148457. Kelly  
148456. Maureen Lior  
148455. Marvin G  
148454. Debrah Shenefelt  
148453. kerri  
148452. Ann Greenspan  
148451. caryl gordon google should have removed this site without being petitioned
148450. jim gentry Google, this web page makes you look very bad and very insensitive. Remove it!
148449. Arlene Bernstein  
148448. Bernardo  
148447. yitzhak berger  
148446. Bobby Gelber  
148445. Mort  
148444. Matvey Pavlov  
148443. jean saltzman  
148442. Susan Plawsky  
148441. joe saltzman  
148440. Julie Kesselman  
148439. sara gottlieb  
148438. Steven Feldman  
148437. Edward Rosen  
148436. Herschel Obrand google,you are promoting hate
148435. Tom Crown  
148434. Shomshon Moskowitz Please remove this anti-semitic website from your search engine
148433. Bernard J. Kozlow In my book "freedom of speech" cannot be "freedom to spread hateful lies and false propaganda
148432. Phyllis Rosen  
148431. w fleischmann  
148430. deborah vier  
148429. Ellen Frankel google should tackle the issue of hate speech within its algorithm, which is not protected by the First Amendment.
148428. Mark Liebenthal  
148427. Malka Littman  
148426. Karen Bernard  
148425. Dr. Tara Bogart-Spiess  
148424. Alex Ronson  
148423. Tamar  
148422. Barbara Steinberg  
148421. BRLLA BEKHAR disgusting
148420. Molly Bodner  
148419. Meryl Podolsky Jewish people may decide to use if this is not removed
148418. moshe gerstenhaber This is realy venemous, hard core, hatefull....
148417. Yigal Ran  
148416. Dr. Paul Max Deplorable
148415. eva  
148414. Bryna Azizollahoff  
148413. art needs promt revision
148412. Dan Shvartz  
148411. hadar granader Isnt there enough hate in this world
148410. elaine franklin  
148409. Chaya Farkas google should not support anti-semiticism
148408. Guy Axouri  
148407. Robert Vernan  
148406. Leta Borck  
148405. Miriam Saruya  
148404. Abigail Hirsch  
148403. Irv Bressel JewWatch,com is full of lies and hatred.
148402. Ruth Shlafrok it is a shame that a site like this, is in Google
148401. Henry Saruya  
148400. lorna rubinstein These are hatemongers who should be stopped.
148399. jean  
148398. Nathalie Tal  
148397. larry wynne  
148396. Bonnie Thron  
148395. Daniel Steinhardt  
148394. Fred Jacobowitz  
148393. Carlos Bula  
148392. T.G.ROLLINS  
148391. Gordon Meyer  
148390. Laurence J. Kirmayer Google has a moral obligation to avoid giving a prominent place to this hate mongering..
148389. Jeffrey Aisen  
148388. Greta Averbach  
148387. Merav Raanan In this day and age it's sad that we need to petition for the removal of such a site. If this was against any other group the site would have been removed automatically.
148386. Beverly Goldberg This is exceedingly racist
148385. Debra Wasserman  
148384. Leonard Markowitz  
148383. Rob  
148382. Selma Sager  
148381. ralph one world,one g-d
148380. anne hesse please remove anti semitic site. We have enough problems without this!
148379. Prof. A. A. Mond  
148378. Lois Michelangeli  
148377. Moriah  
148376. Prof. Ephraim H. Mizruchi  
148375. A. A. Mond  
148374. Joan G remove negative site
148373. Helene Matey  
148372. Daniel Greenberg  
148371. Deborah Gladstone  
148370. Jacqueline Malca Disgusting website
148369. Alan It's racist hate propaganda and must be removed
148368. Shelley Rindner Please remove from the Google Search engine
148367. LAURA MILLS remove this anti-semitic piece
148366. Sam Kirschbaum  
148365. MAD LEVINE  
148364. Stacie loezer sad , really sad
148363. T. Braun  
148362. Abraham Malach  
148361. Guy Swimer  
148360. Marion Mandeson  
148359. Selma Sager  
148358. W. Teper  
148357. Margaret Rice I believe in free speech but fail to understand why this site is the first to appear when "Jew" is googled. The site purports to be factual, but even a cursory glance at the headlines/ articles listed indicates they are anything but factual. If the management of Google is not antisemitic, they appear to be. And if they are antisemitic, Google should be ashamed. It may be time to search for another search engine.
148356. Marlene Sevinor  
148355. Sheldon Rocklin  
148354. sulamit h shure It's unbelievable that something like this is happening today in the year 2007.- What is coming next?
148353. Marvin Sager  
148352. B. Berkowitz  
148351. Alexander Raviv A bunch of lies
148350. Rosalie Bean  
148349. Jay Kolodin  
148348. Marshall Sossen  
148347. Talia M  
148346. Ann Griffith This was a surprise to me. I wonder if you list other people of a different race or culture.
148345. carol singer This is offensive and should be dealt with properly.
148344. Harold L Task What a crock
148343. Gustavo  
148342. Jim Soloway  
148341. Randi Richman  
148340. MR Sanders  
148339. Herbert Hodess Vitriolic site with misinformation and Malice of intent.
148337. sara It´s stupid to create a page based on hate
148336. Jose Strauss, M.D.  
148335. markgoldstein  
148334. Lorraine Ochs  
148333. Franklin Kirmayer  
148332. Ronit Smidt Digusting!
148331. L Kleiner  
148330. L. Dreyfuss  
148329. Neil Glazer I've read through much of this website over the past few months and can find not a single redeeming feature
148328. Larry Hochfeld  
148327. benny nagawker  
148326. Morris Yaffe  
148325. Diane Newman  
148324. Bert Eifer  
148323. sharona  
148322. Alan  
148321. joan harelik  
148320. Jill W. Goldstein  
148319. Elwin Guild  
148318. Beatrice DeRUsha  
148317. Audrey Fredgant This is absolutely disgusting. There is enough hate in the world.
148316. Gareth HILL It seems that Google wishes to be associated with Anti Semitism
148315. Roberta Schoenbrun  
148314. Sol Zeifman  
148313. Stephanie Lindley  
148312. Rachel and Raphael Pappo  
148311. jerome rubin  
148310. Robert Goldberg I'm surprised that this day and age an antisemetic would be posted on any web site!!!!!!!!!
148309. Karyn  
148308. Cynthia Kalodner This is awful
148307. iris  
148306. Gerry Phillips  
148305. michele finchler This website presents itself as an unbiased scholarly collection on Jewish history, however Frank Weltner's personal statement deviates from factual information and is clearly biased against Jews. The user may think that they are entering a site that provides Jewish history when in fact they are visiting a site filled with anti Jewish propaganda. This is a misrepresentation of the site and is akin to finding a pornographic site when the tagline describes it as a collection of art featuring women. I understand that the sites are listed according to an algorithm, however there should be some way to ensure that the description of a site matches the content. In that way people can make informed decisions about avoiding such repulsive sites. Of course the best option would be to remove this site and others like it from the search engine.
148304. John Mason  
148303. David Hazan  
148302. Joseph Heier Google should be ashamed!
148301. Gigi iPomerantz  
148300. mel rose that site should be removed from the google search engine asap
148299. Barukh Israel Shalom! (peace!)
148298. Amir Rosenthal  
148297. Nenad Pavlov Voli svoje - poshtuj tudje... Mispa
148296. david burman  
148295. Alfredo Smeke  
148294. Harvey S. Berk,  
148293. Rachele C. Raanan  
148292. Vicki Nosanov Goldman  
148291. Michelle Frider  
148290. David Hamburger  
148289. Cheryl Marks  
148288. Lisa Oswald This website is a disgrace.
148287. Saul Turteltaub  
148286. carolina  
148285. Leslie Gladstone  
148284. linda wolff this site is offensive and dangerous. must be removed! thank you.
148283. Joanne Levine Frighteningly ignorant
148282. R Oren  
148281. robert e. yellin  
148280. Gary Gartenberg is this what google wants to be associated with
148279. Leonard Tulman  
148278. Sarah Lonodn  
148277. Liz Neat  
148276. Janette Kay  
148275. elaine kaplan  
148274. Seymour Schneider  
148273. Albert Cohen I think it' outrageous.
148272. Adam Reich  
148271. Lesley Bisgyer  
148270. neil kaplan  
148269. Julie Seflinger  
148268. David  
148267. Ron Gideon Anti-Semitism Stinks
148266. Ron Sehayek  
148265. Raquel Tanni  
148264. gayle abbondandolo disgusting that it pops up 1st
148263. luis szlafmyc  
148262. Meg Petersen  
148261. Fran  
148260. Gary Totten  
148259. N. Feldman  
148258. Tammy  
148257. jonathan kundra  
148256. sol ortega  
148255. herb glatter  
148254. Clary Goldman  
148253. Sue Cohen Goldstein  
148252. Barrie Wilson this is unacceptable
148251. Sima Zelenko  
148250. helene teper  
148249. ANDREA SHER  
148248. chava r schwartz  
148247. Morris Cohen  
148246. julio braw  
148245. sigal nadulek  
148244. Aaron H; Schectman  
148243. charles mclaughlin  
148242. Karen Bichin  
148241. charles mclaughlin  
148240. Sandra L. Mayer Remove immediately this offensive site
148239. Milt Gottschalk  
148238. Paul Herzoff  
148237. Shane Steinman Will hate never go out of style?
148236. jodi brown I will not use Google anymore until you remove
148235. Liba Scheige  
148234. Jessica  
148233. naomi ruben  
148232. Jack Mitnick  
148231. C Maass Respect and truth are paramount on the internet.
148229. Diane Jacobs  
148228. Grego  
148227. Ian Charif Disgusting that libel of this nature can be allowed on Google
148226. Sonia  
148225. harvey taback  
148224. denise cohen  
148223. Harvey Gross  
148222. H Goldgut  
148221. Daniel C.  
148220. Rick S. Nathan  
148219. Neil Vass I don't understand why anyone would find this OK
148218. Valentina  
148217. Morry Cohen  
148216. dan  
148215. karl reeser Please do not be the vehicle for raciaL hatred
148214. Barbara Chambers We do not need any more hate in the world!
148213. Helene Tobey  
148212. ami farkas  
148211. Susan Creditor Remove this website from Google's search engine!!!!!
148210. leslie schlesinger  
148209. Lorne H  
148208. Isobel Vass This site is totally unacceptable please remove it from your search engine
148207. Noelleen Rosen  
148206. MARILYN GOLD  
148205. alan bernson  
148204. Bill Webster  
148203. gordon r miller, md  
148202. Darren Meyer  
148201. Mark Mr. Sergey Brin, Disgusting, isn't it?
148200. Peter Friedman  
148199. Ayli Meyer  
148198. Morris  
148197. Janet Hebbel This garbage has no business being the #1 Google hit
148196. Sofia Knopoff  
148195. Marna Meyer  
148194. Jenet Segall  
148193. Laurie  
148192. Henry  
148191. ruthy kornberg it is an anti semitic should be removed
148190. Hyman Segall How can respected Google show this?!
148189. Bobbi  
148188. Dan Clifton  
148187. Ethel Singer  
148186. Ofelia Hernandez  
148185. Aaron Rubinger This site should be categorized under Jew hatred
148184. Peter Waldstein  
148183. lawrence collin  
148182. Rami you need to do better than that
148181. FRancisco Javier GArcia  
148180. Hazel Capal  
148179. Aviva  
148178. Chelli Mikaël  
148177. Laura  
148176. Alan Melcher It's time for major corporations to finally say no this kind of hatred.
148175. Manuel Fink  
148174. sid tanenbaum  
148173. Jason Kanel this site sucks!
148172. kyle boone this site is completely inappropriate
148171. Paul S. Festenstein  
148170. Dr. R Richardson Sad that Google would allow such a hateful site to be listed.
148169. Carlos Breitfeld  
148168. chelli carole  
148167. Andrea  
148166. Michael Kleinman  
148165. mark bloom disgraceful use of public trust by respected organization
148164. Bill Arvanitis  
148163. jOAN COHEN this is disgraceful.
148162. Fred Cohen  
148160. Kathryn O'Dwyer This site is very misleading. It requires research to realize how racist and hateful it is.
148159. Neill May  
148158. L. Lefton  
148157. Edo  
148156. Roni Goss Berkowitiz  
148155. Steven Scheffer  
148154. Dr. Joan Rodman Don't let this taint Google
148153. Daniel Greenberg Hate speech and materials intended to incite racism do not enjoy First Amendment protection and should not be freely disseminated by - or even merely by way of - Google's Internet search.
148152. Susan E. Fernandez-Lockwood  
148151. leonard possoff  
148150. Luis Osin  
148149. Cheryl Gurland  
148148. Judith Arkes Ignorant, Hateful information
148147. Simone Webster This is awful!
148146. Jerry O'Hearn  
148145. Allison Miami Beach, FL USA
148144. Roslyn O'Hearn  
148143. federico  
148142. Brian Levin This is aterrible site
148141. Steve Jascourt  
148140. clarice silver  
148139. Sarita de Gutt  
148138. gerry sippel  
148137. Shem Tov Mayer Remove jew from your search site because it's an AntiSemetic Website
148136. Walter Cuadro  
148135. Gail Epstein  
148134. Adam Cooper  
148133. patti chetham disgusted at such a website - will not use google again
148132. agnes holland get real people, one day all this PC stuff will blow up in your face
148131. Rabbi Marc Labowitz  
148130. Craig Berk  
148129. Joanne Simon Absolutely disgusting site. Please remove this hateful bunch of screed.
148128. Viola Albert  
148127. Samantha S.  
148126. andres  
148125. Sandy Dubya Sergei -- this includes you
148124. Dafna Grynspan  
148123. Nathaniel Creager  
148122. sharon newman  
148121. Pablo Rostkier  
148120. elaine holiday please take it off immediately
148118. Steve Langford  
148117. Mark Weingarten  
148116. Tom Stern  
148115. Gary Polster  
148114. Susan Auvinen  
148113. Greg Stern  
148112. Adam Flomen  
148111. Mary This is a no-brainer, google. Just remove it.
148110. T .Sapier  
148109. Joe Freedman The material on this website is highly offensive
148108. Peter S. Sanders Legitimate search engines must remove such sites to maintain their own legitimacy as respectable sources for research.
148107. Andrea Ellison This site is written by ignorant, naive one sided humans
148106. Beth Adler  
148105. MARIE MORAN  
148104. michele Please remove this anti-semitic and offensive site
148103. Steve Talmud  
148102. nelly javor  
148101. Fred M Slavic Free speech permits anyone say anything he or she wishes. It does not obligate public media to propagate scurrilous or hatefull propaganda.
148100. Fanny  
148099. Joetta schneider Get this Jew Hater off the net. It appeals to the ignorant
148098. S. N. Shepanek  
148097. LYNN GOLDMAN  
148096. stuart poticha  
148095. Dafna Frenk  
148094. E. Fana  
148093. Morton Meiskin  
148092. natalie  
148091. Joanne Malin  
148090. Mona Frank you are permitting an outrageous organization of lies to be perpetuated, shame on you
148089. Susie Katz  
148088. Lillian S. Kent  
148087. jessica  
148086. Larry Tupler this site is pure garbage, so make sure it comes up first when people enter the word "garbage" in their google search engines!
148085. Allen E. Falk  
148084. Lucia Saul  
148083. michael colar  
148082. Michael Zusman  
148081. Ted Arnold Responsibility first - hits second
148080. C Choate  
148079. Sue Khazoom  
148078. Marilyn Friedman remove this now
148077. earle rosenberg  
148076. carolina  
148075. Brian Joiffe  
148074. h sigall  
148073. Brenda Sokoloff  
148072. Matias  
148071. Sidney H. Brounstein  
148070. Nina Kramer  
148069. Donna Glass Dissappointed that your organization would allow this slur to exist on your site
148068. Elad Green  
148067. larry susi get it off
148066. Jean Freed This site is very ugly. I'm very surprised at Google and I'm sure you can be less offensive. Are you pro Palestinian?
148065. gustavo gancedo  
148064. cindy Kahan  
148063. Michel R. Moutal  
148062. Robbin Yunger  
148061. Phyllis Lampert  
148060. L. Blotner Google really needs to fix this!
148059. Robert Schultheis Hate sites should be eliminated from your Sites
148058. helena harow  
148057. Gerson Kaplan n/a
148056. beatriz oberlander because it is monstruous
148055. Lorraine Stone Not only should this atrocity be taken down, it should never have been put up in the first place! Remember the poem "The Hangman"? No? A hangman comes to town and proceeds to hang townspeople at will, nobody having the guts to stop him. The ending of the poem is "...first the alien, then the Jew, I only did what you let me do!." Google is letting "The Hangman" be resurrected. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
148054. Neil Sugarman  
148053. Michael J. Oswald  
148052. Sue Sugarman  
148051. Seena Edelman  
148050. Curt Rosloff Please remove this site!
148049. Paul M.Maguire This is just not right....... I thought we were beyond this.
148048. bob hand anti-semitism must go
148047. richard diamond nothing but a disgusting anti-semitic hate site
148046. Stephen boguchwal  
148045. Malrene  
148044. karen simpson  
148043. Deena Sicherman  
148042. H. Allen Benowitz Remove site.
148041. R Zabik  
148040. Melanie Cohn please remove this website
148039. Nira Carmeli  
148038. Yzhar Charuzi, MD  
148037. carol and tom spencer shame on Google
148036. Jamie Gold do the right thing.
148035. Stanley R.Rosenberg disgraceful
148034. Emily S Friedmann  
148033. Irene Saxe  
148032. Robin Ballard  
148031. Penny Thompson  
148030. L. M. E.  
148029. Carol and Tom Spencer shame on Google
148028. Dr. Michael Halzel  
148027. elaine greenblatt  
148026. Rita Benchimol They can call themselves a hate website but not a Jewish history website, because history is authenticated fact!
148025. Jeff Werner Please remove this anti-semitic and offensive site.
148024. Jack Kuper  
148023. Ethel Wittenberg  
148022. Albert TARI  
148021. Bruce Gillman  
148020. SOLOMON VOLK  
148019. Diego Abramzon  
148018. Rudy Cohen  
148017. Armando  
148016. ester sciallo  
148015. asher drory  
148014. Sarah M. Sobol  
148013. Rochelle Ramey  
148012. Suellen B. Sommer  
148011. heidi weiss  
148010. David Dohn Higher education does not mean a person well informed
148009. |Joyce Kalodner  
148008. Sherry Buch  
148007. Jack Levey Anti-semitic is misspelled, but I still support the petition
148006. mark salazar I would like to have this very offensive site removed. Free specch stops when it threatens or has a great ability to threaten a person, group or property
148005. leslee  
148003. vladimir shkolnik  
148002. Paul Blumenthal  
148001. Simon Malk  
148000. Barry Berelowitz  
147999. Abby Beytin  
147998. Beth Rozenberg  
147997. judith nachman  
147996. Neil D. Chase The elimination of prejudice is a spiritual principle for this day.
147995. gloriakramer  
147994. Nelda Goldhill  
147993. Jose Klahr  
147992. devorah taitz inhuman
147991. RIKI  
147990. Joan A. Gurgold  
147989. spielman  
147988. Alan Siegel Does google really want to be known for the spread of hate?
147987. Ed Rashin  
147986. David Oppenheimer  
147985. Alan Sukiennik  
147984. Natalie Bogod  
147983. Myra Moskowitz  
147982. Sonia Greenberg Don't you read material in your search engine? Why permit offensive material?
147981. guillermo balaban  
147980. MANUEL  
147979. Shay  
147978. Morris Greenberg I'm sure you don't support hatred remove this offense material
147977. ALAN LESMAN  
147976. Barry Wasserman terrible how can you support this
147975. allen small i am realy surprised at google ....
147974. burt chortkoff  
147973. Eliana  
147972. norman lipsett all lies and usefull propaganda for the people who spread HATE
147971. Diego  
147970. Michael S. Lesman  
147969. karen singer  
147968. Barry Shapiro  
147967. Nico  
147966. Bernardo Gitman  
147965. Audrey & Burt Gordon Disgusting
147964. León  
147962. Karen Zeiger  
147961. Channah Pilavin  
147960. Cliff Warner  
147959. s. goldstein  
147958. Mauricio Picciotto  
147957. Dora  
147956. ilana  
147955. debbie  
147954. Joshua Loftus  
147953. Nathan F. Abromson  
147952. Stephen Jackman  
147950. Jane Markwood  
147949. Lynne Linz  
147948. tobi Raphael  
147947. Joyce Hoffman remove this as soon as possible
147946. Barbara Loftus  
147945. barbara sadownick  
147944. Eydie Urbaitel Please remove.
147943. Arnold Sadownick  
147942. Janice Solomon  
147941. robert guarino  
147940. elisheva marks  
147939. Judy Young a shocking thing in this day and age!
147938. Debi Joffe  
147937. Vanessa Rabinowitz  
147936. Amy  
147935. Ze'ev Seltzer  
147934. caro  
147933. Walter  
147932. Andrea Slater I was under the impression that racial hatred is a criminal offence
147930. J Sanderson Shame on google!
147929. Samuel Eichner L Esto es hecharle leña al fuego !
147928. Mark Sheinfield  
147927. Greg Swimer  
147926. Alex Vidal This is dispicable.
147925. Marilyn Gilbert this is disgraceful & Google should be ashamed to carry sucha demeaning disgusting site.
147924. nicoals  
147923. Chana Broder  
147922. Burt Prelutsky  
147921. Doris Gross  
147920. Kathryn Edelman  
147919. Y Fitzgerald  
147918. Mika Poss  
147917. Vivien Gerstenfeld This is a disgrace
147916. Guy Hofstein  
147915. Derek Fine  
147914. Charlotte & Abraham Lastnik ant-semitism is caused by jealousy
147913. Ken Seidman This site goes way beyond freedom of speech to criticize the Israeli Government. This is blatant hate mongering, hate inciting antisemitism.
147912. Petar Jovanovic  
147911. Jason A. Leman please remove from google
147910. Linda A. Blum  
147909. Sharon Greene  
147908. david november  
147907. Bruce F. Whizin  
147906. Eileen B. Gross  
147905. Donald H. Heller Google is my go to search engine and I have enjoyed using it for a number of years. is offensive to humanity and civilized society, and its predicate is responsible for the murder of more than 100 members of my mother's family in theHolocaust and millions of others of all religions and ethnicities.
147904. jennifer dename it's not nice
147903. Barbara Welitzkin  
147902. J. Hill  
147901. Michael Schwarzberg  
147900. Rochelle Fry  
147899. Elliot Novek  
147898. Liliya  
147897. Lorri Barman This is hatred being propogated
147896. Cheryl Silverman  
147895. hal wilner  
147894. adela berlinsky  
147893. Anita Moser  
147892. Jeffrey S. Feinerman  
147891. charlotte Braun  
147890. TN  
147889. Geoff Marshall  
147888. David Schwartz  
147887. Selma Jager  
147886. steven israel Hate speech that incites violance against mindorty groups shoud be outlawed. It's not a free speech issue, they're complicite in criminal violance against minorities.
147885. Laura Miller  
147884. mmhalfond Material is offensive
147883. MARIE HATFIELD There is too much Anti-Semitism rearing it's ugly head in the world today please do your share to remove some of it by removing this website. Thank-you
147882. Bruce I. Kodish List "Jew Watch" under Antisemitic Hate Sites where it belongs. Why confirm the delusions of unbalanced people. Jew Watch has nothing much to do with Jews or Judaism.
147881. Roseann Fucillo Remove. It is disgraceful and racist.
147880. Imanuel Weinberger  
147879. Morrie Cain Can Google ask the searcher "DO YOU MEAN JEWS?
147878. Herb Levitt  
147877. Robert Marcus  
147876. Doris Bruck  
147875. Hy Levens Please remove Jewwatch fromm google search engine
147874. itsy  
147873. ellen pesner  
147872. Roberta Gregory  
147871. John Levy  
147870. Paul Gregory  
147869. Shelley Katz  
147868. Judy Inger  
147867. Amy Denk  
147866. Michael Greenberg  
147865. fernando mai jeiker  
147864. Felice Mandell  
147863. Istvan Varsanyi  
147862. Terry Schulz  
147861. craig wolff  
147860. Brandon Cooper  
147859. Gregory Rose  
147858. yona magal  
147857. Jo Arden  
147856. Bill Narvey At law there is a maxim, Res Ipsa Loquitor, ie. the thing speaks for itself. This JewWatch site clearly speaks anti-Semitism. Your company has the power to remove this site and bar it under any other name. Please shut this site down.
147855. Carolina Lowi  
147853. Darwin Miller  
147852. Geoffrey Braslow We don't need lies like his poisoning the minds of impressionable people.
147851. Alvan Sweet Very surprised that Google authorities would allow such "Garbage"
147850. a spanjer  
147849. Anita  
147848. Emanuel Needle Ignorance in its most malicious form
147847. carolyn spanjer This is a horrible non factual site
147846. Michelle O'Neil  
147845. jonathan  
147844. Yakov Marks  
147843. Randy Savarese  
147842. Frank Jump Abominable
147841. Wolfgang Rauner  
147840. Alan L Biener  
147839. Frieda Loshinsky  
147838. Marsha Goldberg  
147836. Jochanan Shareth unbelivebel that this is fact
147835. david kochmann please get rid of jew watch
147834. Franca Levin  
147833. Freddy Kugelmass REMOVER AHORA!
147832. Marvin Koss  
147831. pola r, friedman While I believe in freedom of the press, I also believe in facts and unfortunately with all his alleged degrees, the facts about the Jewish people are all wrong. So it is for this reason lies, incorrect information) that I wish to have Jewwatch removed from the google search engine. In this day and age. a site dedicated to the KuKlux clan filled with lies would not be tolerated.
147830. Marcos Gerstenblüth  
147829. Steven Switzer  
147828. Dianne Fairchild I agree, this site should be removed.
147827. Jane T  
147826. Nancy Galliani  
147825. Marjorie S. Isenberg  
147824. Tal Saban  
147823. dr phil wander  
147822. kian3718 b.s
147821. Carl B Frankel  
147820. Myra  
147819. Richard Ladisky  
147818. Dennis Hudgins  
147817. Rita A.Frankel Please remove this filthy site
147816. Harry Kravitz  
147815. Irwin Wolbarst  
147814. hsb  
147813. Earl Remer Remove access to hatred and bigotry!
147812. toby messrie you won't allow websites that might encourage gambling, but it's okay to encourage hatred and intolerance?
147811. Joanne Saipe  
147810. Charles Wigle  
147808. Marc Adhoot Get this miss leading junk out of Google!
147807. Deborah Erickson  
147806. GRECIA EDWARDS It is repulsive that this situation exist
147805. Stephen Rose Pure anti semitism
147804. Abbe  
147803. Nora Wisdom  
147802. Al Cohen No room for hate and lies on Google.
147801. Gary Harris  
147800. Adam Bailis The internet provides perhaps the most insidious of vehicles for cowards and miscreants to perpetrate hatred of this kind. Google and other search engines need to be made aware of the role that they play in this process.
147799. Mark Greenstein  
147798. shuvael falach  
147797. andrea silverstone  
147796. Becky Harris  
147795. ROLAND FRANKEL Please remove immediately
147794. Ellen L. Remove this site - it's awful!
147793. Victoria Ettinger  
147792. Will Baron  
147791. Ruth N. Roulston Ugh!
147790. M/M Robert A. Horen Please remove "JewWatch" from the Google Search Engine. It's offensive. Would you think "Negro Watch" would be okay too?
147789. Joyce Meisegeier  
147787. Melvyn Ackerman it's disgusting!!!
147786. Elizabeth Ruenitz  
147785. Karen Small  
147784. Ariela Furlager  
147782. William Harrop-Griffiths  
147781. Pennie R. Pearlman  
147780. Ariel  
147779. norman wechsler md inaccurate and totally prejudicial
147778. Mauricio Frank  
147777. Eduardo Goldberg  
147776. Candi Zell The web site "" is promoting anti semitism and diseminating false antisemitic information. All right thinking people everywhere are opposed to the promotion of this type of venemous hatred. It should not be accessible through the Google search engine. Please remove it immediately. Thank you.
147775. Seymour Moss  
147774. Thomas Klein  
147773. George Berman Outrageous!
147772. Cynthia Marks Terrible. I am sorry Google is associated with this type of information
147771. ariEl  
147770. David W. Greenfield  
147769. Harold Darman  
147768. Gene Yakubovich Serge - you are Russian Jew - how many of us they killed? Remember?
147767. Barry Marks I think it is despicible for Google to allow such a site to flourish
147766. Gloria Vazquez  
147765. Adrea Benkoff  
147764. George Freuden Filth!
147763. Gloria Vazquez  
147762. Linda Garnitz  
147761. irutman JewWatch is successor of Sturmer
147760. Harold S. Lippmann Please remove that disgusting material.
147759. Steven Rasch  
147758. Brian Roffman  
147757. barbara held  
147756. Harry Sultz The site presents a clever approach to anti semitic tactics and as such is not worthy as a search engine.
147755. martin mayer  
147754. Elaine Nugent Please remove antiSemitic website
147753. Cheryl Holdorf Please remove from the search engine for "jew"
147752. F T Nasty
147751. michael malloy  
147750. JUDITH F Please don't shame yourselves, remove this site asap.
147749. Tania Tener  
147748. jodi cooper  
147747. judy gelman  
147746. Roger Abrahams A discusting piece of anti-semitism & should be removed forthwith
147745. teresa cleland It's typical of Google that the first search result would yield an anti-semetic site.
147744. Irene Abraham  
147743. JUNES  
147742. sheldon philipson  
147741. Roger S. Gorman, M.D.  
147740. Richard Rosenzweig  
147739. Jeri Ruszczyk  
147738. Andres  
147737. Natalie  
147736. shira  
147735. Charles Ramenofsky  
147734. Bayle Responsibility comes with public acceptance. Abandon one and you will kill the other.
147733. or-proud jewish uh?
147732. Lynn Unger  
147731. Joel D.Patlis  
147730. JOSEPHINE BRAITMAN This site is fueling Anti-semitism in this country and abroad. Google is a respected and responsible website. Please act responsibly and remove from rhe Google search engine.
147728. trudy milikow  
147727. Michael Heyman  
147726. Ben Yahud  
147725. John P. Center  
147724. roberto bonomo  
147723. Ben  
147722. jeff daniels This site is offensive and hardly impartial.
147721. Michael Curtis  
147720. marcia dworkin  
147719. P Galgut  
147718. Angela Magnotto  
147717. gene rosenberg MD  
147716. Shay Tene  
147715. Jane Granik š
147714. r. johnson  
147713. STEVE SURASKY They have none Jews listed as Jews and leave out famous Jews
147712. Jerome Rosenthal The site is disgusting, inaccurate, and immoral
147711. Brent Taylor Tacit approval of Jew hating is no way to run a business Google.
147710. Ed Seegull Isn't there enough hatred in this world?. Stop this website from continuing.
147709. Peter Auslan  
147708. eduardo  
147707. jesus christ Shame on Google.
147706. Ron Davis This is a deliberate attempt to distort facts using a reliable search engine.
147705. marvin shhostack  
147704. Verna Rosenzweig  
147703. Sara and fred klarfeld  
147702. Marsha Orange  
147701. Alice Cassidy  
147700. Josleen Wilson Ê
147699. Judy Cohen  
147698. Josh Reinitz  
147697. JACK CORIN  
147696. irina khovraleva  
147695. lynda lasky  
147694. Annabella Farba  
147693. Micha Tene Disgusting - but what's new?
147692. Sonja R. Wanner  
147691. danny marmorstein  
147690. NEDRA KALISH  
147689. Pablo Ingimbert  
147688. Dorothy Bekoff disgusting
147687. J D Goldberg  
147686. Joanna Lemberger This site is anti-semitic. Please remove.
147685. Daniel Komornik  
147684. Allan Bernstein antisemitic web site
147683. Sharon Barlett  
147682. Barbara Posner  
147681. Victor Mellon  
147680. Estela Sardas  
147679. orna yomtoubian please removed website
147678. Z. Fedeles  
147677. Eduardo Amper  
147676. Luis Komornik  
147675. Sandra Biller Wilson  
147674. António José de Sousa Caria Mendes The dogs bark but life goes on...
147673. Tim  
147671. Pearl Laufer This site is beyond ghastly.
147670. Dennis Ouellette  
147668. Mrs. K. Tenenbaum  
147666. Rebecca Shavelson As a recent Jewish convert, I am disgusted that this man finds him self an "educated" authority on anything. This site clearly spews hate and feeds on ingnorance.
147665. Gail Freidenrich shame on you
147664. Jeffrey Lembersky  
147663. Estellle Joseph please destroy the website JewWatch
147662. rachael weber  
147661. David Riseman hate is contagious to the young
147660. Ross Vinocur  
147659. joan schwarzfeld  
147658. Al Worth  
147657. MARCEL  
147656. alice hahn  
147655. Ruth Metzger  
147654. Marta Pincever Obscene and inmoral
147653. Veronica  
147652. Mimi Eschbacher I find this site to be quite offensive and would appreciate it being removed immediately
147651. amy wollock  
147650. Javier  
147649. Stephen Paul  
147648. Alberto Rosencwaig  
147647. Ms Angela Lister  
147646. patrick crowley if not possible to delete this found site, at least move it down much lower in the list.
147644. joseph polaniecki  
147643. Steven Cohen  
147642. soued  
147641. Ellen Rosenberg  
147640. Barry Korzen  
147639. Susan Spencer  
147638. amy united not divided!!
147637. Julie Zola Please remove this site.
147636. Gilit Bendas  
147635. Dale Hirsch  
147634. Michael Spencer no minority should be targeted
147633. Gary Windham  
147632. Joe Klein  
147631. suzanne gabel  
147630. Gabriel Schugurensky  
147629. pearl shore  
147628. Jacobo Fogel  
147627. Helen Loewenstein  
147625. Doris Haendel This is highly offensive and I am shocked at Google.
147624. Suzanne Raingold  
147623. Jorge Schved WITHOUT COMMENTS
147622. sherisse levy  
147621. Suzanne Raingold  
147620. Scott Berman disgraceful
147619. Norman Wand Totally unsubstantiated info with hate objective
147618. Donna Goldberg  
147617. shelley gach  
147616. Angela Jacobs  
147615. aaron betesh  
147614. Vicky Ruiloba  
147613. Rose Korber  
147612. George Barth  
147611. Ronald Hyman this website is deceiving and horrible. Please delete it.
147610. ken cranford  
147609. Linda Tillinger this must be removed ASAP it makes Google look like a racist organization!
147608. melvin gallant  
147607. Carol Richardson  
147606. orli peter  
147605. jane harrop-griffiths  
147604. Uri  
147603. Nelson's Horrible anti-Semitic site!
147602. Allan Fryman remove it
147601. JORGE WIL  
147600. Anne Stamm disgusting!
147599. Linda Gannon  
147598. judy small  
147597. Marion Kinshuck  
147596. Henry Silverman  
147595. diego por favor saquen esa mierda del buscador de google
147594. sally golomb this is disgusting and should be classified as hate mail
147593. William Mandell free speech should be balanced with truth. This site is way out of balance with little or no truth.
147592. diego por favor saquen esa mierda del buscador de google
147591. FRAEDA LEWIS  
147590. wayne hudis  
147589. Neil Elliot  
147588. sigal gaibel  
147587. J.L. Belrose This site should not only be removed, the author should be prosecuted as was Zundel for dessimating lies and hatred.
147586. samy czermak samy
147585. Paula Sacks Please remove this filth
147584. Enrique Pereira Secretario de Relaciones Internacionales de la Convención Nacional de la Unión Cívica Radical de la República Argentina
147583. Ken Shindler  
147582. Marilyn Weiner Please remove from your search engine. This is heinous!
147581. Brett A. Borah  
147580. Ariel Ejgenberg  
147579. alberto abend nunca mas !!!
147578. steven krechmer  
147577. Stephen Barton  
147576. Martin Unacceptable
147575. shoshi goldberg mayer  
147574. SUSAN  
147573. Charlotte Neustadter  
147572. daniel  
147571. joele amster I am insulted & apalled that there is still such ignorance in today's world. the fact that Google allows this as an on line site is shameful!!!
147570. Michael Fryer  
147569. Dan Rosenfield  
147568. Mariantha J. Harris This is unacceptable for a world wide site like Google to allow this kind of hatred to persist!!!! Take this garbage off of your site!!!
147567. Sidney Pike Please remove this biased sight from your service
147566. Aaron Rosloff Vicious lies,. Open Anti Semitism
147565. Ingrid Stone  
147564. seew nechushtan  
147563. Mary Mayer Ê
147562. saralee mogilner  
147561. Sandy Kiel  
147560. MURRAY STIER  
147559. JOSE NURKO Incredibly tendentious. All lies
147558. Carol Goldfarb Please adhere to the requests of Jews across America and remove this site from Google
147557. Neil Mogilner  
147556. Eddie Saunders disgusting get it off the web
147555. SHELDON  
147554. Shoshana Hantman  
147553. rosa linker  
147552. Natalie Stolar get rid of this website
147551. Laurie Tansman  
147550. Jutta Friedman to remove this web site
147549. Oscar Segal Lies by bigots should never be Encouraged by honest and honorable people.
147548. Alfredo Curiel  
147547. Shelley  
147546. lynne glasman  
147545. Donna Remove immediately if not sooner
147544. Doris Wise Montrose Google should not enable antisemitism. This is not free speech.
147542. Mauricio Lassmann  
147541. ariel lijtenstein  
147540. A Glenesk  
147539. Naomi Ariel  
147538. Len Lawrence This site on the gogle search engine is sickening and disgusting
147537. R Glenesk  
147536. Rafael Sabah  
147535. Sandy Goldstein  
147534. douglas fisher  
147533. Lanny Edgeman  
147532. CHANA HUBER  
147531. Jack Isaacson  
147530. Esther  
147529. Ted Belman  
147528. john greenspan  
147527. Ellen  
147526. avram benatar  
147525. david sacks Google needs to exercise responsibility
147524. Sandy Goldstein  
147523. Abigail  
147522. Rita  
147521. Debby Vineberg  
147520. Mauricio Stawsky  
147519. Bruce  
147518. Sandy Goldstein  
147517. Leonor Biriotti de Granek  
147516. Eddie Burack  
147515. Joel E Goldenberg Junk this site PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!
147514. Brian Kend This is just criminal in the year 2007.
147513. Richard Sacks  
147512. Lorry Lokey purient, false material
147511. gil  
147510. Pam  
147509. Liz Schulman I believe in freedom of speech but this is allowing freedom of hate
147508. Suzanna Ollove  
147507. Rhonda remove jewwatch from the top of your google search enjine. Shame on you!
147506. Livio Rosenberg Shame on Google
147505. Heriberto Donner  
147504. Shiela Milch This site is evil!
147503. sandra dolmatch take this off immediately
147502. Debbie  
147501. HENRY KAPLAN  
147500. Einav  
147499. Samuel Viroslav  
147498. Elizabeth S. Parr Remove this trash !!!
147497. shiri  
147496. enrique  
147495. N. Nurgitz The internet cannot be allowed to promote bald-faced lies and hatred against any definable group. Please remove from your search engine.
147494. Roseann S Spevack  
147493. Aileen Feinstein  
147492. sara  
147491. Barbara Stripes  
147490. Leslie Pelletz  
147489. Larry Gelbart  
147488. Howard Levinson This site is tantamount to pornography
147487. Roslyn Cohen  
147486. Sebastian  
147485. Marcelo David  
147484. Sara Lehmann I was appalled to see the filth that was listed on this website. For a reputable company such as Google, the sooner you remove it the better!!
147483. Roberto Gabriel  
147482. Dina Tsirelson I love google, don't ruin your reputation as the best search site.
147481. debbie bridger  
147480. Edgardo  
147479. Marcie Hefler  
147478. Kathie Rose  
147476. Fryda Dejman  
147475. sandra shcolnik  
147474. dan rosenberg will this nonsense ever end?
147473. naomi kalvin  
147472. Florence Jesser  
147471. Fryda Dejman  
147470. Salim Dejman  
147469. Agnes Rosen As a holocause survivor, I will not countenance anti-semitism in any form. The lies on this web site are shameful. Pease remove. Thank you
147468. A.Kotick  
147467. Alan Chapman  
147466. Robert W. Synnott  
147465. Aleksandar Veljic Remove that from spot 1!
147464. Saul Hoffman Please get rid of that web site!
147463. Daniel Bendas  
147462. evie stern  
147461. Shanna Levine-Phelps  
147460. Melvyn A. Phillips This is a disgrace. Please get rid of it...
147459. santiago  
147458. Bernice Levinson  
147457. Alex Nevsky  
147456. Sara Berg  
147455. santiago  
147454. Ellie Gordon  
147453. Bernardo  
147452. Stephen Cohen Google: Please screen and eliminate any sites that promote racism...that is NOT a 1st amendment right. We will refrain from using Google,or any site that allows anti-semitic diatribes to exist. Thank you.
147451. Gary Grach  
147450. Burt Ansell Disgusting garbage!
147449. harvey alman  
147448. beth kempner  
147447. Ari Strod It is extremely biasesd and disgusting
147446. frank linden  
147445. Lezlie Poyastro  
147444. S. Zavodnick  
147443. Amalia Lipcin Please remove this offensive site
147442. lynn Cohen  
147441. retta fagin  
147440. ines jawetz hate,lies
147439. Elizabeth Haas  
147438. Lucy Tsirelson Promoting antisemitism is a criminal offence in some countries
147437. natalie gherscfeld horror!!!
147436. Arlene Weiss  
147435. Howard Bobroff Remove this site!!
147434. mario blankleder lachterman  
147433. lilian friedman  
147432. Patricia Bilu  
147431. Rebecca Reznick  
147430. Sophia Goodman  
147429. Elaine Kaufman  
147427. Michael Reznick  
147425. Michele Reznick  
147424. miguel ringvald  
147423. elaine blisko I am disgusted!
147422. lio malca  
147421. rona moulu  
147420. Lawrence S Braman  
147419. Marta Falatisky  
147418. Stephen Dunant  
147417. Jessye Cohen-Dan  
147416. Adrian the page should be taken down and the ones in charge in jail
147415. Meachem Mallinger  
147414. Misha  
147413. Bernardo remove
147412. Bob Kuyt remove Jew watch
147411. Nathan Outrageous! Please remove at once.
147410. David Ely  
147409. David Ross  
147408. Rabbi Sidney M. Helbraun  
147407. LINDA J MORRILL Ignorance in the deepest form!!!
147406. Maurice Froman  
147405. Michael Libman  
147404. Jorge Grunberg  
147403. Sara Gold  
147402. Stuart Jaeger I beg you to remove this site
147401. mario wa de locos internet
147400. Ethan Young  
147399. Jacinta Toll  
147398. Amy Sloane  
147397. Arlene Shapiro  
147396. Ruth & Stanley Starkman This site is an abomination!!!
147395. R. Chandler People still actually believe this stuff?!?
147394. Hana  
147393. Hugo A. Gurovich and Family  
147392. Lori Bernstein  
147391. Elisa Aueron please remove this offensive site
147389. Steven Martin  
147388. Elaine Lipton  
147387. David Berger Please remove this terrible search outcome from google
147386. marcelo  
147385. Adrian Sieradzki  
147384. Diane Levine Google should not be a vehicle for any prejudice or unethical information.
147383. Debra  
147382. Cari Weisberg  
147381. Robert Tell  
147380. Raphael Bellehsen  
147379. Michael S. Rassler  
147378. Justin Harris  
147377. Gonzalo  
147376. Marietta Ghelman  
147375. S Berger Please do your part to support anti-racism and remove from Google search engine
147374. Vivian Lesher  
147373. Ariel Fabius  
147372. Diego Neumann  
147371. Sebastian  
147370. Farrell and Liz Sher This site is disgusting and a disgrace that a company like Google will even have this site on their website
147369. john Rudd  
147368. Vivian  
147367. Alan Garshon  
147366. colin cooper  
147365. Ben Steinberg  
147364. J. Jaffe This is an offensive site - Please remove at once
147363. cathy azria beyound human intelligence. Pure sad
147362. joel vainer  
147361. Zev Melamid Let's not spread more racial or religious hate
147360. martin stern  
147359. David Singer  
147358. anya  
147357. Len Goldstein  
147355. Nira Benaim  
147354. Leo David  
147353. sharon  
147352. hadas  
147351. Miriam Waldman  
147350. Julie Paris  
147349. pablo  
147348. Jennifer Tawil  
147347. annie Smith  
147346. Della Glenn Pray the truth becomes known to them.
147345. Stafi  
147344. lisa  
147343. Eliav Bigelman Even the tittle is fake should be antisemite
147342. Norman Meyers Remove all hate sites if possible.
147340. Lilia Shirman I realize your spider finds sites automatically, but this one is extremely offensive and blasphemous - the fact that it comes up at the top of the search discredits Google's reputation for providing the most relevant search results.
147339. Ramon Salleh  
147338. Mauricio  
147337. Em Please remove- This is terrible!
147336. joseph  
147335. Donald Fernandez Ugly stuff - untrue in every way
147334. Lorraine Th is is reprehensible....there is no excuse for this poison to be seen by anywone
147333. salomon amkie  
147332. Wajner  
147331. Ken Waldhorn Failing to remove such bilge makes google complicit!
147330. RDG  
147329. eleanor goodman  
147328. Denise  
147327. Nancy Corey  
147326. Melvin A. Steinberg  
147325. Natalia  
147324. Raul Andino  
147323. Edith Tropper  
147322. Margaret Robinson I declare and decree this site is removed
147321. Nina Shor  
147320. gerry markson  
147319. Gail D. M. Giacomini This site encourages hate crimes.
147318. yael weintraub  
147317. Jeffrey Kanel  
147316. e. berman  
147315. Gabriel Mirkin  
147314. Martin Schneer  
147313. Gil Weisman  
147312. n.shadowitz  
147311. Laurie Rubin  
147310. Michael Blumert All racist websites like this should not be allowed on the Internet
147309. Marjorie Velasco  
147308. Mrs. Lynda Weinstein remove hate from the web-like this site!
147307. Anne Spivack  
147306. daniel  
147305. Daniel Benedykt  
147304. d.shadowitz  
147303. Karen Katz You have more than 50,000 signatures, it is still there. Why?
147302. Melvin Dorin Stupid Site filled with lies and hate propaganda
147301. Jorge  
147300. Paul Stevens  
147299. Carol Nashe REMOVE THAT TRASH
147298. S. Jones tolerance... diversity... PEACE
147297. judith ambrose just disgusted.
147296. diego  
147295. Donald J. Latulippe Please remove.
147294. irving pedowitz  
147293. Henry G. Klein  
147292. Bonnie D. O'Connell  
147291. Debbie Leskowitz  
147290. Laura Rose  
147289. Maxine Blechman  
147288. Bernard Kaminsky  
147287. Ed  
147286. Carolyn teitelbaum  
147285. Gabriel Winter  
147284. Guita  
147283. Phyllis Kaplan  
147282. Steven Lisker  
147281. Jorge Strimber  
147280. Cynthia Shanker The sole purpose of this website is to spread hatred and misinformation
147279. M Woolf  
147278. Jess Novick Google should not support such blatant anti-semitism
147277. shoshana  
147276. Laura Rose  
147275. Lynne Myers  
147274. arthur toft  
147273. Deby  
147272. Neila Bendas  
147271. Edward M. Bloom  
147270. Fernando Goldsman  
147269. Raquel Azevedo  
147268. Adele Kibrick  
147267. Jill R.  
147266. charles becker  
147265. Harriet Mauro  
147264. Itzjak Sarano remove this page please,
147263. Marcia and Allan Altman your response is unacceptable and a cop-out.
147262. Vicky Farhi  
147261. matthew weisman remove immediately - shame on google!!
147260. Mark Please do not encourage anti semitism since there is already more than enough.
147259. adrian christie  
147258. Kathy Jones I am not Jewish, but needed to sign petition.
147257. Andrea Szpinak  
147256. L Lewis Remove jew watch immediately
147255. David Bellehsen  
147254. Elad Levin  
147253. Dennis Sarano Please this is not education this is antisemitism
147252. rita zaltsberg  
147251. Richard Stober  
147250. Stuart Dessner, DMD  
147249. Melvyn B. Schupack, MD Encouraging anti-Semitism is not the same as free speach!
147248. Joelle Edler Please remove "JewWatch" from your search engine
147247. Harold R. Kaufman  
147246. melvin lezberg  
147245. Elisheva Creve I am a "patriotic American" who values free speech in this country but when racism is justified as "free speech", it's time to re-evaluate the concept.
147244. Phillip Rubin  
147243. marilyn lezberg  
147242. Estelle Silverstein I am sure Google would not knowing endorse this site appearing as #1
147241. Edith Wolkovitz  
147240. Lawrence Badzin This is sick and disgusting
147239. Joan Schlossberg Remove, an antisemtic site, from the Google Search Engine immediately.
147238. Robert Davidson  
147237. Rodney Slonim m.d.  
147236. Daniel  
147235. Shelagh Cohen  
147234. Terry Reid  
147233. Jeanette and Jacob Widlansky I find this site to be slanderous and promotes more hate in the world. It is shameful that this site is the first thing one sees when researching the subject.
147232. David Remove this Anti-semetic web site please!
147231. Evelyn  
147230. Sam Josephson Please remove this website, or I will remove google as my search engine! Thank you
147229. David Gabbai  
147228. larry wagner  
147227. Abraham Rooz A perfect example of antisemitism going mainstream. Would google allow I don't think so.
147226. George J Mahl Shame on Google for carrying jewwatch
147225. sophie  
147224. Paula Mandel  
147223. Mikhail Alterman  
147222. Jay  
147221. nunik nunik  
147220. n klein  
147219. Sherwin D. Yoelin  
147218. Hy Zamft  
147217. Eric Kozminsky  
147216. Moni Hom  
147215. barbara levy  
147214. Dr Joseph Eanet  
147213. Shlomo Homossany  
147212. william leventhal  
147211. Mendy  
147210. ilana Heimlich  
147209. matt  
147208. david Kurzman Rid the world of antisemitism
147207. Melissa Arbesman Use your better judgement and remove this site
147206. Hillary Steele  
147205. Barry Greenberg  
147204. Ted Task  
147203. susan mueller  
147202. K. Terry Brown Absolutely unacceptable!!
147201. joni levin & keith clarke  
147200. Sonya Hirth this must be stopped!
147199. Lesley Acton  
147198. rimma shaposhnikov  
147197. J Prince  
147196. r hamu  
147195. Jessica Miller Perverted view of world history and current events!!!
147194. Bonnie Burden anti-semetic
147193. RIta Rubina this website must be removed immediately
147192. Lesly Geyer  
147191. Michele Selwyn this site should be banned immediately!
147190. Myra Bressel  
147189. lester b epstein  
147188. Caleb Aschkynazo  
147187. Charma Block  
147186. Lawrence Attard Bezzina  
147185. Herbert Schaer  
147184. Royston Lambert  
147183. Marian Kirman  
147182. Ronaldo Steinberg  
147181. mollie harrison  
147180. fay  
147178. Debra Avdoo  
147177. judith c. levin this site is blatant anti-semitism at its worst
147176. Greg Morris  
147175. Bernyce Green One is entitled to one's opinion but not created facts
147174. kathy gross  
147173. ALBERTO  
147172. Bruce H. Cherkis  
147171. Samantha Meder  
147170. Margaret Gottschalk  
147169. Catheline Nemeth  
147168. Aline Brandon  
147167. Lou Levin  
147166. Marc Blumberg  
147165. Grace Friedman  
147164. Goldblatt  
147163. Seth Cole-Rose  
147162. Nancy Konigsberg  
147161. Donna Cassyd  
147160. RM please remove this disgusting site
147159. Navah Mozeson  
147158. Michele Manber  
147156. Robert Kingston  
147155. rena gill  
147154. Cheryl Bass  
147153. nadin  
147152. peter ruggle an antisemitic site degrades google itself and leads to an atmosphere of hate crime.
147151. Phyllis Repsold  
147150. I Lee  
147149. Ken Ceresne unbelievably unAmerican imported hatred
147148. Carol Leslie  
147147. Ellen Silverstein hate is NOT an option
147146. Alan Epstein  
147145. MARIO  
147144. Tamara Elias Liebmann  
147143. Michael Block  
147142. G. Glickman  
147141. Turbahn  
147140. Gemma Ackerman  
147139. John Cunniff Please remove site from search engine
147138. Cheryl Edelstein  
147137. Steven Soep Supporters of Hate have no place in the global internet community. Google should not allow messengers of hate to be on their site.
147136. Richard Woolf  
147135. s robins  
147134. Stephanie Tokayer  
147133. allan flegg  
147132. Leonard P. Zola Its presence insults all the people of this world.
147131. Jennifer Brown  
147130. A P Collier  
147129. myra diamond  
147128. Boris  
147127. Rebecca Begelman Strub  
147126. donald schoenberg  
147125. ANITA COHEN  
147124. S Foux disgusting in this day and age
147123. Kati  
147122. Dorothy Schafler  
147121. Mel Bauer all hate sites must be removed
147120. ronit  
147119. Norman Berman MD  
147118. Sandra Berman  
147117. Mikhail Mirmovich  
147116. Alan Posner  
147115. Jeanne-Marie Robillard  
147114. raquel serebrenik  
147113. David Y Levene  
147112. Rosalee J. Jaeger & Martin Jaeger This is racism at its worst and completely unsupported by the facts!
147111. Maxine J. Gurin This site must be removed immediately. Under Jewish Historians Julius Streicher, a Nazi tried and convicted at Nurmemberg, is listed.
147110. Jill Stone  
147109. Raisyl Wagman  
147108. Helene Wolf  
147107. Doron  
147106. levi hahn  
147105. Paula Gaon This has got to go!
147104. SUZANNA  
147103. Sharon Ogilvie This is a disgrace!!
147102. carol schulter  
147101. Boris Strongin Get that anti-semitic garbage off your site!!!
147100. Joel Miller Remove asap, please.
147099. Helwani  
147098. Emily Andreano  
147097. ROBERT O. JAFGFEE none
147096. R. Steinmetz  
147095. mara parish  
147094. Dennis Please remove from Google
147093. Carol Silverberg  
147092. Gerald Lang I read some of the referenced material and it is blatantly wrong and biased.
147091. Douglas Langleben  
147090. Guy Braverman  
147089. Cesar Velasquez This is disgusting
147088. judy drummer i hope it will be removed
147087. Maryellen Hochstein  
147086. Nathan Liberman What a racist pig - Google should be ashamed. What will you allow next.
147085. Hester & Laurence Esterhuizen  
147084. sanford kaplan Remove this antisemetic site
147083. Irena Shapira No antisemitism on the earth
147082. Sandra C. Baker Please remove this anti-semitic website
147081. Hugh Selsick  
147080. yoav cohen  
147079. Carol Dunitz  
147078. Val Angert  
147077. Josh you've gottobe classier than that....
147076. Steve Rogers  
147075. David Bories I believe that this site should have a notice put on it like YouTube does as this site only provides for hate.
147074. NAMDAR  
147073. Peggy Watson  
147072. Stacey Posner Google needs to use proper judgement...people who slander ANY race should not be able to promote their hateful message by Googles pay per clicks!
147071. Barry Ginsberg  
147070. jen  
147069. Lawrie Prusky  
147068. Margaret VanBuskirk  
147067. Sue Ferdman  
147066. Michael  
147065. Ellen Kahn This is just horrific
147063. Ed Meltz  
147062. eric greenberger  
147061. Mike Jankelowitz The fact that someone actually has to do this, is both heineous and pathetic. There are some real sickos out there, but this really is very confrontational, to say the least.
147060. Hazel Schenk Please remove this biased and racist site from the Google Search Engine
147059. Solomon Weingarten  
147058. Yair Lenga  
147057. Michelle Conn  
147056. ana  
147054. jeff lanzkes  
147053. Avi N. Miron  
147052. Sean MacConnell Appalling
147051. RACHEL  
147050. Marsha Lax  
147049. jane glandal  
147048. lee kirmayer  
147047. Vladimir Sluchevsky  
147046. danny ackerman this site is disgusting and false..
147045. Robert  
147044. Alvin Kirmayer  
147043. mort barrish  
147041. Nalcolm and Annette Hyams Did not beleive people would publish such terrible lies
147040. Eli Benarieh  
147039. Stanley Sussman  
147038. Nicola  
147037. sara spagnuolo  
147036. Marc Hecker  
147035. Howard B. Weithorn, Ph.D. No reason to fuel hate!
147034. Erez  
147033. David J Stober Please remove this web-site
147032. Neil Bendayan  
147031. Janet Sterling Please remove anti-semitic website
147030. clifford cohen  
147029. Pam Machefsky Google MUST remove this site from the heading "Jew"--it's a disgusting anti-Jewish site filled with lies and hatred.
147028. marc melloment  
147027. karen hollander  
147026. Sara Gros-Cloren  
147025. Rhonda Goldberg  
147024. Leonid Tokman You guys at Google are all for freedom of speech unless your money are at risk. Of course, filtering out antisemitic search results is not as important as doing what the Chinese government demanded.
147023. P Schwartz  
147022. Howard Tenenbaum Disgusting!
147021. Ephrat Orgel  
147020. Judy Adler un-nerving
147019. Phillipa Morris This site should be removed immediately
147018. Sandy Kole  
147017. hollis schachner  
147016. Svetlana Alterman  
147015. Martin Hyman the website is obscene, remove it please.
147014. Charlotte Reznick PhD  
147013. Lynn Simon  
147012. Aviva  
147011. Hilary Bright  
147010. Ilene Anesini  
147009. Isaac  
147008. M. Friedman  
147007. cecille santos this is really adisgrace when there is so much antisemitism in the world already
147006. Riva Lange It is disgusting that such websites are allowed to exist!!!
147005. Emilia Montalto  
147004. Sergio Kancyper  
147003. lisa friend  
147002. Dins Seidel  
147001. Ann Shaftel  
147000. Kamionka  
146999. Dianne Ghelman  
146998. Susan Lazarus  
146997. Adrienne Glazov  
146996. Glenn J. Miner  
146995. morton kugal  
146994. Ali this is a disgusting and far from "accurate" site
146992. meir karti it is a criminal site
146991. Lawrence Speiller  
146990. sam menaged  
146989. Donald Cooper Teaches hatred and that is not what Google is about
146988. Aviad Dotan  
146987. Judith Marshall This site is a disgrace.
146986. Rick Fisher  
146985. P. Diebner  
146984. Natan Mager  
146983. renee howard please remove this site
146982. Verra Diane Guess This is deplorable-Please remove at once!
146981. Marc Halpert Google shoud know better!
146980. Esta Frankel  
146979. louis kaplan offensive and anti semitic
146978. Sanford Leff keeping this will make me stop using google
146977. Kim Michelson  
146976. Marina Tan  
146975. nelia catarina querido bento  
146974. paulhepner  
146973. Danny Rocke  
146972. brad ackerman  
146971. lois eskenazi  
146970. Frederick Reisz  
146969. Irwin Freeman  
146968. fariba Maghen  
146967. Mort Mazor Remove this disgrceful site!
146966. Morton Levine This is unbelievable
146965. Anita and Mike Meiberg  
146964. moris goldsmith  
146963. Darryl Horowitz  
146962. rhoda rosenberg there is enough hate in this world, we do not have to encourage any more
146961. Rolf Gompertz  
146959. fweinberg  
146958. Harriet Sollod  
146957. stephen fiske horrendous
146956. Dan Bar-Gil  
146955. carole jones  
146954. Joan Fastow  
146953. Jane Levich  
146952. Allan B Feldt  
146951. Tina Bassett  
146950. Mila  
146949. Karen Meyer  
146948. Cindy Angel  
146947. Burton Tregub  
146946. rabbi Shlomo Odze  
146945. Kim Panovka  
146944. Barry  
146943. j.ebel  
146942. Helene Schechter  
146941. Boris Zilberberg  
146940. carmel smadar  
146939. AARON SEFF  
146938. yolanda G brodetzky  
146937. jennifer zeuner  
146936. evelyn howard  
146935. Sepideh Peykar  
146934. Jay Weiss  
146933. Joy Youngman  
146932. lee bruce nole  
146931. Frances Rubenstein I would like to know more about what Jew watch" means and why it is there at all
146929. susan eder horrific stuff
146928. Wendy Katz  
146927. scott schiff remove this site immediately
146926. daisy Jacobs  
146925. robert Bray Get this hatefull old man off the web!
146924. Leah Hochberger  
146923. Lee Temkin  
146922. bhury  
146921. Ari H. Moses hate is never acceptable
146919. Ravit Nudelman should not be listed under "Jew" in the search engine.
146918. Betty G.Steinberg  
146917. Robert Z. Cashman Please remove from the "Jew" keyword search.
146916. Marina D. Greenberg  
146915. Marcy Goldman Shame on you. Get this off of Google. You are far too intelligent for this kind of prejudice. SHAME!!!
146914. avi lewinson NEVER AGAIN
146913. Bernardo Schilman  
146912. Lynda Syalon  
146911. Nina  
146910. Dov Bet-El during the Nazi era the liberal left said let's fight them and now that same Liberal left is saying Jews should die again in the name of free speech. Will it take 600 million deaths in a new war instead of th 66 million that died in the second World War. When people did nothing about Anti Semitism.
146909. liz soroka  
146908. Dr. Susan Shapiro  
146907. Curt Warner  
146906. jack j kushner  
146905. Ralph Freedman This is something that Google whould encourage on your site.
146904. Sharon M. This is disgusting and incites hatred. It should be removed immediately
146903. Cyril-Ann Rosenberg Unacceptable
146902. Deanna Weinberg  
146901. HENRY CEDAR  
146900. Herbert L Cohen  
146899. Mannie Maron Very biased & onesided racist, antisemitic propaganda
146898. Michael Holmes  
146897. hanna  
146896. Paula Sendar outrageously hateful and disgusting. I will use other search engines until this and any other "hate" website is removed from Google.
146895. Donald Feder  
146894. Swead The muslims would never allow anything against them.
146893. Russell Starr  
146892. Debbie Zimmerman  
146891. Joan Joy Cohen  
146890. Lawrence Zimmerman  
146889. Estela Barbero  
146888. Lev Abolnikov  
146887. Myrna Solod  
146886. Sidney Margles  
146885. David R. Brook  
146884. eifer  
146883. Diogo Fernandes For the benefit of historical truth and to prevent more hate, more death and more wars.
146882. Clarice Manber  
146881. Barbara Linton  
146880. Martin Sidman  
146879. Johanna Yaffe Freedom of the press is one thing, inciting racial & religious hatred is something else altogether. Don't hide behind the First Amendment.
146878. M. Mitchell  
146877. Shellie C  
146876. Barbara Fischbein disgraceful and outrageous
146875. Pearl Garfinkel It's unbelievable that this is the first site to come up when you google "Jew"
146874. Christine Daniels It is outrageous how the Jewish people are being accused of preforming the horrific acts which almost exterminated them. I will never buy that in a million years!
146873. Kenneth Rubenstein  
146872. Leyla Zadeh Disgraceful
146871. Aaron Horowitz  
146870. Jonathan Epstein  
146869. saul glickman  
146868. Tracy Hart If we want less violence and hatred in the world, we need to put actions behind our sentiments. Removing this inflammatory site is one such action.
146867. Avron Katch  
146866. RON S BILU, ESQ I will refrain from using google until this is removed.
146865. David Marks Protocols of elders of Zion have been discredited often enough but still seem to crop up for a new set of Anti Semitic crazies every now and again.
146864. Cynthia Szigeti  
146863. Kerry Newman Please remove this hateful website
146862. Philippa TRAVIS  
146861. bernice wittenberg  
146860. Fanny Kerbel  
146859. Dr. Janet Berger  
146858. arlene maislin This must be removed!!
146857. Harold  
146856. Marilyn  
146855. Rossi Magiorre  
146854. lemberger unacceptable
146853. Stephanie  
146852. Judy Headlee  
146851. Nelson L. Alpert  
146850. Clyde Friedman  
146849. Noga Villalon
146848. Greg Pastic If this hate filled site was called 'Negro Watch' or 'Black Watch' and contained historical quotes about the 'dirty negros' and their 'filthy little offspring' it would have been removed long ago. Why the delay? And, if Jews have so much power and control over the world, how could a site like this even exist?
146847. myra mazlin horrible site
146846. richard elkon  
146845. Cindy Miller  
146844. Amanda Zuckman  
146843. Bonnie Feldman  
146842. Rosalie Newman  
146841. Ruth S. Alpert  
146839. michael stifelman  
146838. jaclyn fidler  
146837. Gisele Gildener Promoting hate is not good business practice.
146835. Vivian Liang  
146834. Barry Wolff Remove "Jewwatch from search engine
146833. Matthew Kobren  
146832. Myrna Poticha How offensive!! How could you?
146831. I. Mayer  
146830. Shera Samson  
146829. susan i believe that the jewwatch site should be removed from google, as it may lead to promoting anti-semitism in a world where we have enough problems to deal with already.
146828. Thomas Puccio  
146827. Oren Jacoby  
146826. Karl Spector In this day and age??????
146825. Gail Pollack  
146824. Dr Henry J. Cohn  
146823. evanantflick  
146822. Alan Goldstone this is racist and anti semetic and needs removing immediately
146821. Ellen Goldenberg  
146820. phyllis feldman  
146819. Nurit Litwok  
146818. Suzanne  
146817. David Horowitz  
146816. Patricia Harris  
146815. Brenda Klein  
146814. Aviva Sapers Please remove this from your search engine
146813. Barbara Bernstein  
146812. Liana Asuleen disgusting site!
146811. George Tricoglou  
146810. William Berger  
146808. atma wiseman why is google supporting racism?
146807. Craig Glasser This site is extremely discriminatory, false & breeds only hatred for Jews
146806. MARLENE  
146805. mike katzman  
146804. Stacy Saef  
146803. Jack Frymer  
146802. alice weinberg Ê
146801. Lisa Muller  
146800. isabelle novak  
146799. Heather Gatland freedom of information yes, bashing no
146798. Jack Antebi please remove from list
146797. doreen berest  
146796. RhonanKarbusicky  
146795. Sharon Krugman Total Antisemitism. This is abhorrent! Google needs to remove Jew watch from their top sites!
146794. Mauricio Kitaigorodzki (Bariloche, Argentina)  
146793. Tatiana Khayet š
146792. Helen M. Simpkins  
146791. yvette hardy  
146790. sharon Greenfield  
146789. wm baratz  
146788. michael rubenstein  
146787. Judith Asuleen  
146786. George Amoils  
146784. Gilbert Baker giving access to Nazi terrorists is unthinkable in todays world
146783. joel b. sherman  
146782. Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein this is shameful
146781. Barry Festoff, M.D. This site is horrific!
146780. Constance A. Morrison REMOVE THIS
146779. SLAVIK  
146778. Nina Krimshtein please remove this hateful site
146777. Joshua D. Sandler  
146776. Fay Feeney Take this site down and stop the hatred
146775. Merrit Siegel  
146774. Allyson  
146773. BettyAnn Solmor remove jewwatch immediately
146772. Audrey Gold  
146771. Pnina Soker  
146770. Lewis Cohen get rid of this disgusting message
146769. Robert Mendelson  
146768. Deborah B. Meranski  
146767. Deena Puffer  
146766. claire goodman disgraceful
146765. Mitch Zeitlin  
146764. stephany sky  
146763. spencer friedman absolutely anti-semitic
146762. Ronna Katz  
146761. Andrew W. Hill  
146760. Barbara Spigelman The site is totally abhorant
146759. Jerusha  
146758. melvin  
146757. Michalski Design Group  
146756. Roberta Harris  
146755. Elana Bergman This should never be allowed. This is fostering antisemitism in the world against a sector of people.
146754. Lynn Markowitz  
146753. Laura Sheridan remove this anti semetic site!
146752. Henry Michalski  
146751. Jamie levitz  
146750. Jared Rosenberg  
146749. oscar hollander  
146748. elana sims  
146747. isy fidelman it is amazing how much antisemitism there is online
146746. Dr Barry Roseman  
146745. Michael Goldfried Sites propigating hate should NOT be ranked highly-- we urge you to consider you moral obligation to the world
146744. Ben Packer  
146743. Yuri  
146742. Herb Adelman  
146741. KZar Please remove jewwatch
146740. Richard Izon  
146739. Matthew Ganz  
146738. Hazel Sproull Please take this site off.
146737. G.Merkel Please remove this site
146736. Mark Roberts  
146735. april bauer  
146734. Arthur P. Verbin  
146733. Robert Sheridan  
146732. Ester Rabinovici  
146731. S Leigh I am shocked to find that someone would be so full of hate to condemn an entire people! It can only cause more friction between honest people. This site should not be accessible to the public.
146730. h grayless  
146729. marcia  
146728. sue-ann maislin  
146727. Goliath Leopold  
146726. ellen willoughby  
146725. marcia  
146724. cigale akler  
146723. Lynda Leopold  
146722. Susan Rubin  
146721. J Siboni please remove website
146720. David Leopold  
146719. Myrna Barth  
146718. Harvey Schwartz This is a disgraceful site and should be removed.
146717. Sue Kobak  
146716. Irwin Clamage  
146715. Lynn Zimmerman  
146714. Alex Cozac Make me sad!
146713. Barbara Gillis  
146712. Michael Strange  
146711. maryweintal  
146710. y.Atzmon  
146709. Harris Kirsch  
146708. Jocelyn Bean  
146707. Lynda Mirvish  
146706. DAVID ADGES  
146705. Rodney Haas
146704. Gary B. Rothbart  
146703. berenice folgeman horriblesign.
146702. Noel E.Zeller outrageous
146701. bradley greene  
146700. Christine M. Stauffer  
146699. Alisa Burman  
146698. heather greene  
146696. lee kahan  
146695. Joel Lustgarten  
146694. daniel  
146693. Laurie Doyle  
146692. Betty Lehrman  
146691. Stephen Baird  
146690. zohar  
146689. Edward Sloan Diversity of opinion is wonderful, but not at the expense of slander and hatred to provoke violent actions.
146688. Robert Novick  
146687. this must be removed
146686. Ruth & Mel Finley Disgusted that Google allows such antisemitic lies
146685. Mark Lipman  
146684. Chad Wright  
146683. j l sheinberg why don't you get the b-----d a new front tooth?
146682. norman tregor  
146681. ofer cohen  
146680. Robin Seif  
146679. Bramy Resnik Hate-filled site
146678. Abraham Frenk Sleaposnic  
146677. shachar  
146676. SILVIA ISAR  
146675. Michael this is beyond the tacit of "freedom of speach" when it is a primary search result
146674. Rhea Resnik Abhorrent materials!!
146673. Elona Perez  
146672. Alan Walden JewWatch is reprehensible in every way.
146671. Sheila Fischman  
146670. burton albert  
146669. Richard Young Pease take this vitriolic hatred off your search engine.
146668. Mosh Canton Please remove this offensive site from your ratings
146667. JacobShafran  
146666. Harriette Spero  
146665. Joy Badler In this day and age, when we are focussing on world peace and understanding, sites like this obliterate all efforts. Google needs to address the criteria which they employ to evaluate sites!
146664. Rae Bussin  
146663. Roberto Mayer  
146662. Stephen Grosky  
146661. Bernard Kauderer  
146660. sharon mendelovitz  
146659. Stuart Goldstone  
146658. Etty Danzig  
146657. Hy Feldman Please act on this
146656. faye fein  
146655. Yaelle Benzev  
146654. E. Martin  
146653. Herman Hertzberg very offensive-hard to believe-inappropriate-please remove this anti-semitic reference and site.
146652. Eytan Feldman  
146651. sonia zyman  
146650. Leanne Lurie  
146649. Eleonora Oliva  
146648. Susan Lebovitch  
146647. caroline chesner  
146646. Nat Asch This "certified librarian" is a certifiable lunatic!!!
146645. Ben Levy  
146644. mark rachleff  
146643. Leo Haas  
146642. Nicole Bella  
146641. Helaine  
146640. Fred and Sandy Summer  
146639. Edward Levy  
146638. Lisa Sacks  
146637. Jill Lipman  
146636. Bella Braunfeld  
146635. Lana Gabriel  
146634. SCOTT L KAHN  
146633. Pat Wolfson unacceptable in today's multifaith world
146632. Eli Jinich  
146631. Arthur Kaplan  
146630. Samuel Feintuch  
146629. Steve Field  
146628. yael krygier  
146627. esther levinson  
146626. Wayne Margolin  
146625. Uri Blumenthal  
146624. Racquel Lapidus  
146623. marvin berman this is a hate site
146622. Eugene Zauber  
146621. Helene Churgin  
146620. Phil zeeman  
146619. Edward Bennett please remove
146618. Lynda Appell Google should strongly investigate site ranking manipulation so that sites like these won't be so prominantly ranks or at least include a prominantly posted disclamer.
146617. sherri ghodsi  
146616. Jonathan Hyman  
146615. m. orenbach pure antisemitism
146614. Susan Tanur Ellman  
146613. randee abramowitz  
146612. Elaine Friedberg  
146611. Ariel BenAvraham  
146610. B Taylor  
146609. CELIA SIGMAN It's hard to believe that "google" would allow this antisemitism
146608. Joan R Goldberg Please don't rationalize, just remove hate sites
146607. Barry Hill  
146606. Robert Plotnick  
146605. Leslie F Barna I find this site offensive in the extreme.
146604. Ivy Wolf delete from google search at once
146603. Ann Jayson  
146602. stephen l. berger This is disgraceful and will be reported to the press and th ADL if not immediately corrected.
146601. s slade  
146600. Ronald Benjamin  
146599. Elizabeth Sokolsky  
146598. lorna clamen  
146597. marian levy disgusting,delete
146596. ilan yaniv  
146595. Willaim Martin  
146594. Sherwin Turk outrageous! and google allows itself to be the vehicle?
146593. Donald Winkler  
146592. Deborah Srour I think it is disgraceful to have this happen. Google should monitor this kind of results
146591. keith Drapkin please remove this dispicable site ftom you search engine
146590. Harvey Spencer  
146589. Carole S  
146588. maria  
146587. lori ludmer  
146586. Alfredo Cole-Tuchler  
146585. lara  
146584. Gerald Bernstein  
146583. suzi  
146582. Val Joyce I am very disappointed in Google
146581. Danielle Ben Ti Pedarass. That means you are a sick son of a B****. All you are is a no good librarian you who has no life
146580. Mark Kaufman  
146579. Susan K Cohen  
146578. Judi Stein Stutman  
146577. Brahm Shiller  
146576. Justin  
146575. gerald kalman  
146574. phillip chalker  
146573. E.A. Wolff This has to be removed at once
146572. Mario Sch  
146571. i.lorber  
146570. jay aaron please remove this offensive website.
146569. David Ganz  
146568. Danielle  
146567. Isaac Fink  
146566. Lynda Hazel Greenberg This site is offensive hate mongering.
146565. Tali Rovet  
146564. debbie goldman  
146563. Sarah Weaver  
146562. Jaime  
146561. nancy Jacobstein  
146560. Lorne Rovet  
146559. James Ansher  
146558. Candy Schacter  
146557. Sylvia Barocas  
146556. Stuart R.Geminder  
146555. howard rose  
146554. Frank Vozak  
146553. Judith Traub  
146552. Terrie Rymer  
146551. D. Bernard Hoenig UnAmericans like JewWatch do not belong on the airwaves or on the Internet to poison our American traditions
146550. Elizabeth Oppenheim  
146549. Anat  
146548. gerald mandell  
146547. Jerry Asher  
146546. B. Cooper  
146545. Jack Reiter  
146544. beatrice mandell  
146543. william ross  
146542. Jennifer McAuley  
146541. Ruth Walcoff  
146540. Rhonda Silver  
146539. Joy Cherry Weinberg Spreads hate and lies.
146538. Jason Rhyno  
146537. Dr. Ken Rubenstein  
146536. Thelma S.  
146535. Galit Greenspan  
146534. Aubrey & Rhoda Gien remove this filth from the Web
146533. Chaya Stein A mere 60 years ago, the same lies as those on this slanderous website, led to the genocide of 6 million European Jews. This is not "free speech" and should not be tolerated by Google.
146532. Paula Jean Hixson  
146531. Sara Graber  
146530. Valerie Cainer  
146529. Angela Elfassi  
146528. martin becker  
146527. H cohen this is a disgrace to google
146526. DR DANNY SHUB  
146524. myra becker  
146523. Judith Schiffer This site is a hate crime. Remove it.
146522. Arthur Fineberg  
146521. terry fenner  
146520. Jason St please remove it especially as founders of Google contain Jewish people, thank you
146519. Vivian Olmos  
146518. stanley goldberg  
146517. silvia  
146516. E. Weingardt Another facade created by a subversive group
146515. Madeleine H. Schreiber  
146514. Laurence Jacobs  
146513. Carol Shapiro  
146512. CYRIL GALVIN  
146511. Marianne Mendelow  
146510. Bonnie Levy  
146509. c. rockman  
146508. roberta salovitch enough already with the anti-semitism!
146507. ludwig bravmann  
146506. Larry Shapiro This site is disgusting. Please remove it.
146505. michele hoch-faintuch  
146504. deborah silver  
146503. Lindsay Goodman  
146502. Daniel Aizenman  
146501. cody stern remove permanently jewwatch
146500. R. De Freitas Please remove this website
146499. Richard Radetsky  
146498. Naomi Wilson I think this is aweful and I can't believe Google is letting it stay there!
146497. Carole Samet  
146495. Alexis  
146494. Gil Ozir  
146493. Sol & Dorothy Stober We never thought that such defamatory lies and untruths could be made available on your search engine. We believe you s'hould have done some research and discovered that all the article and allegations were fabricated to instigate and foster hatred against our people.
146492. Todd Abramson  
146491. david  
146490. David Katz can't beleive such a search engine is allowed
146489. william johnson  
146488. Lawrence A. Rader  
146487. Harriet Rader  
146486. lewysohn ernst  
146485. Louis Brooks  
146484. Sonia  
146483. aryeh gance  
146482. rachel richland  
146481. Simon Dingle  
146480. She Miller  
146479. Marla Hornsten  
146478. Allison  
146477. Mrs Martha Cole Let's wipe out anti-semitism in America and on line
146476. zivotofsky Google should excercize its responsibility
146475. Alisa Minkin  
146474. Lawrence Torn  
146473. Anna Alon disturbing
146472. B Rapoport  
146471. Mark Carter  
146470. Lester Bernstein  
146469. muriel cutler  
146468. Marc This web site is sick.
146467. yaacov Duek  
146466. Saul Miller  
146465. Byron Zaner  
146464. Julie Duek  
146463. lidia  
146462. s davis  
146461. Henry and Francine Spenceley  
146459. Maurice Gabay Scandalleux !!!
146458. Clive Fields In the name of decency!
146457. Fred Bergman Such hate lies would not be tolerated against any other minority. Why do you tolerate it against the Jews?
146456. J. K. Goldstein The petioners should spell anti-semitic correctly.
146455. Dale Perelman  
146454. irene jones this is very disturbing to see that this is happening in America by a company (especially that is run by Jewish people)
146453. R. Ferency Sooooo many lies!!!!
146452. Eva Litt  
146451. Eli Verschleisser Google should NOT support prejudice of any kind - I am not for censorship but I am against racism
146450. ch  
146449. Roger Klein NOW!
146448. Robert Greben  
146447. Carlos Gottlieb es evidente que niELLOS se lo creen
146446. Ed Vinnik  
146445. Anna Bloom  
146444. Ann Canton How sad that a man should waste his life on such hatred
146443. j.g. hauser Disgusting!
146442. Izhar Gilad  
146441. Ezra Goldman There is no merit in promoting hate.
146440. Kathy Kadoch  
146439. mark waxman  
146438. Sheila Kobritz  
146437. Abe Green  
146436. Chaim  
146435. menucha schlusselberg  
146434. sam kessler we have enough antisemitism to deal with
146433. Avril Segal  
146432. Halaine Steinberg  
146431. Daniel Kollin  
146430. murray krupin disgusting to support this human filth
146429. Bonnie Friedmann Unbelievably appalling site.
146428. Julius Mariasis Jewwatch is an unreliable source
146427. wajnbaum Pedro Simon  
146426. Krayna Levit  
146425. Carol Findling  
146424. Mitchell Brown Remove Jewwatch
146423. SUE BEHRMAN Remove this racist site
146422. Miriam Opatowski Do not include me on any mailings without my written permission.
146421. MORRIS HERSTEIN you must do this to uphold your high standards
146420. Michael Schneider  
146419. Fran Look remove
146418. Sheila and Paul Toffell there has to be some check system so that someone does not manipulate your system to allow this to happen.
146417. Harriet Golding  
146416. Jared Samuel Schure  
146415. Alberto Rom the website is a product developed by a mentally disabled person.
146414. Richard Cummins  
146413. Lea Cesarco  
146412. knust ilana  
146411. Lonnie  
146410. Eve Ilsen I appreciate the double-bind Google finds itself in: during this period of media control by conservatives, we are more aware than ever of the need for a free press. On the other hand, having read this garbage, i have to say that the man is seriously mentally ill and delusional, and that what he quotes as "fact" is definitely not. I don't kmnmow whetehr you can justify removing his site on that basis. Bt you may need to consider quite seriously scanning material for incendiary content and intent. I appreciate your "anti-endorsement" of this site, and its location prior to anything else. good luck figuring this one out.
146409. Phyllis Karpe Bergstein horrible in this day and age
146408. fran sher abolish links to all HATE inspiring sites
146407. Rubin Blavat  
146406. Alan Levit  
146405. Hank McWIlliams  
146404. Anthony Spitz  
146403. Jeanette Oswald  
146402. E Please delete this site from your search engine!
146401. Richard Garcia This horrid site should not be prominently displayed
146400. Allan Ellison Remove this NOW!!!!
146399. Steven Miller  
146398. E. HAIFER.  
146397. Yoss Aber  
146396. Jerrold Bernstein  
146395. yair karni  
146394. robin ben chaim  
146392. William Mandelman  
146391. Lisa  
146390. Briandube  
146389. debbie krowitz  
146388. Howard Amoils Please remove these blatant lies
146387. Howard Blum  
146386. Leslie Marshall  
146385. nahum beglaibter  
146384. Marianne Carpenter  
146383. Bea Lieberman  
146382. Lynne  
146381. Eddy Translateur it's really absurd to have such a web-site
146380. sandra fathi this site iin question is a disgrace, its pure propaganda and hatred and should be removed
146379. Richard  
146378. john m tellier remove this garbage
146377. israel glaser  
146376. susan jaller  
146375. E NOIK  
146374. Jordana Wolch  
146373. Ken Baxter  
146372. Vicki Rogers this site is despicable!
146371. chanita fish  
146370. Michael Pinter  
146369. Shaul Austin this is a much more accurate site
146368. William Margolis keep up this important project
146367. Julie & Ron Tedeschi  
146366. Ira Leventhal  
146365. susan sprafkin  
146364. Benjamin Ronn There is more to JEW than the site you sponsor. I am one andthe millions of us in the usa and Israel are surprised that as a search engine, this is the best that you can do. Shame on you!
146363. Lisa Sanders site spreads racial hatred worldwide
146362. MIKE KOHANIM  
146361. Ryen Neuman  
146360. Howard Sone  
146359. Ellie Holtzman  
146358. Philip Bibicoff  
146357. Jeff Berger Hasn't the world experienced too much hatred already?
146356. Steven Fenster  
146355. Edward I. Marks, Elizabeth S. Marks  
146354. LAWRENCE TURNER This odious site must be expunged
146353. Isaac Zukerman  
146352. Elaine Leventhal  
146351. G. Craig Hutchinson Obviously the work of Muslims.
146350. Debirah Holland  
146349. nil behar  
146348. Michael Lipschutz  
146347. Lou Wenzl  
146346. Rob Schlissel  
146344. Miriam Miller  
146343. Terence Levin  
146342. Robert Miller  
146341. J Searles  
146340. Elliot Shifrin This needs to be off!
146338. Esther Goldstein  
146337. Lisa Morchower  
146336. paula  
146335. David Arons  
146334. Tali Smith gratuitous anti-semitic site
146333. Ilana Levitt  
146332. Craig Newton  
146331. Monte Steinman  
146330. Gail Volman  
146329. herbert lantor This a site dedicated to fomenting hatred
146328. michael Joseph  
146327. sandra schler  
146326. Frank Zaid/Linda Lester Disgusting site and needs to be removed now.
146325. Gloria Stein  
146324. Alan Neuman  
146323. Oliver Coleman Please remove this
146322. Svetlana Morozov please remove this hatred site!!!!!!!!!!!
146320. lisa ribke  
146319. Judith duBerrier  
146318. Lori Goldsman This needs to be stopped now!
146317. Joel Miller  
146316. Ervin Stein  
146315. Seena Epstein Sick world
146314. Ilene Cohen  
146313. Rachele Stein  
146312. Michael Isaacs  
146311. Dyanne Kramer  
146310. Izzy Grafstein  
146309. Eva Rofe Google needs to exhibit responsibility for any kind of hate that can be spread against any group of people
146308. Mike and Kit Ashman Why a watch at all. Small minded!
146307. George L. Schroeder Anti-semitism is the cancer of mankind!
146305. Mort Berkowitz  
146304. Robin Hoory  
146303. Hannah Stein  
146302. Alexandra Nussbaumer  
146301. Yehuda and Dina Porat  
146300. Gerald Epstein  
146299. Arkadi Levin Please remove this hatred site!
146298. Michael Cohen  
146297. Sylvia Canes  
146296. Emily  
146295. jaleh Feeling strongly regarding this matter
146294. joel rubenstein  
146293. Susan Lane  
146292. Aric Caplan  
146291. A Filler  
146290. Steve Sachs  
146289. BRAHM FABER  
146288. Mark A. Weisman  
146287. rosenberg  
146286. Jo Cowen  
146285. Varda Lailah  
146284. mirisheina  
146283. Simon Rakoff Don't support hate crime
146282. Theo Whitmont  
146281. Tom Easton  
146280. Matt Gold  
146279. david Ingram  
146278. Julian Peerutin  
146277. ira berkowitz this website is characterized by guile & hate.
146276. Hazel Sunderland Please stop such misuse of the web.
146275. Kent  
146274. Yael Horwitz remove immediatly
146273. Warren Sunderland This is simply unacceptable.
146272. carol glickman how disgusting
146271. Penny Krowitz  
146270. jonathan beiser  
146269. Dean Spivak  
146268. Lucy Alt  
146267. ariella  
146266. mabel friedberg  
146265. rhoda kay  
146264. Lauren Varod  
146263. Anne Biener  
146262. Karen A  
146261. yitzchok epstein  
146260. roslynbowers folder  
146259. Alan Talarsky  
146258. Cantor Louis Danto  
146257. Barbara Davenport this is dispicable!
146256. Mickey Oberman Google may not exempt itself from common decency and morality.
146255. Dawn Benedetti  
146253. Margaret Wesche  
146252. Michael Meyer Disgusting site - hope it is gone soon
146251. corina biton  
146250. Anne Picus  
146249. Paul Bruner  
146248. N Whyte  
146247. Elliot Reiff It is very sad that so many people share such hatred of Jewish people. Is it because the Jewish people put so much emphasis on education and achievement? It is very sad that many still want to blame Israel and the Jewish people for their own misdeeds and problems usually brought on by themselves. Unfortunately, many human beings still maintain racist attitudes.
146246. Victoria Sarfati Wasn't enough killing our grandparents?
146245. Daniel Setton  
146244. Dorothea Burstyn  
146243. Raúl Scheiner  
146242. Yosef Patel This site is aberrant
146241. diane meyer never should have allowed as a site- get rid of it, please
146240. Jennie Raperport  
146239. Jan Levy Get rid of this garbage.
146238. Joanna  
146237. Benasus  
146236. ruth spangler  
146235. H Donald Spangler  
146234. ricardo freund  
146233. Ed Metelits Disgrace!!!
146232. Judy Katz  
146231. Norman E katz  
146230. Noah Beytin  
146229. Lisa Tward  
146228. Alan James Mayer This site is not true
146227. Stephen Disgusting pig
146226. Walter Kain  
146225. nancy tresser please remove jewwatch from google
146224. debra gold  
146223. Aviva Kain  
146222. Moshe Yaffe  
146221. helen  
146220. claire glickman  
146219. L. Lester  
146218. irene Trachtenberg  
146217. amy gardner  
146216. soffer  
146215. Joel Gilbert  
146214. Rena Buckstein  
146213. Corinne Ravid  
146212. rosanne  
146211. pancer  
146210. Charna West  
146209. Adam Schrager  
146208. Rita Benasus