Revelation 7:3-8
[3] saying, 'Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads.' [4] And I heard the number of the sealed, 144,000, sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel: [5]
12,000 from the tribe of Judah were sealed,
12,000 from the tribe of Reuben,
12,000 from the tribe of Gad, [6]
12,000 from the tribe of Asher,
12,000 from the tribe of Naphtali,
12,000 from the tribe of Manasseh, [7]
12,000 from the tribe of Simeon,
12,000 from the tribe of Levi,
12,000 from the tribe of Issachar, [8]
12,000 from the tribe of Zebulun,
12,000 from the tribe of Joseph,
12,000 from the tribe of Benjamin were sealed.           

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144000. Ariah Schattner  
143999. Ernesto Bondarevsky MD,FCCP I demand removal of
143998. Aaron Eitan Meyer There is no justification, either legal or moral, for such a site to be weighted in this fashion. It is incumbent upon Google to rectify the situation.
143997. Harriette Jordan  
143996. sara leviten  
143995. Maida Deborah  
143994. Karen  
143993. Dr. Andrew Buchanan  
143992. Denise Frenkel untrue and disgraceful
143991. Rabbi avrohom Brashevitzky Please remove this site form your search engine. I find it very offensive. It has nothing to do with promoting Jews or Judaism. Rather it's full of hate and invites Antisemitism. Are we going back to pre-WWII propeganda?!
143990. Zavosh Kohan Not a good thing for Google, or any other organization
143989. edward shill  
143988. Wayne Greenberg  
143987. Mindy Rubin  
143986. Frances Bogot  
143985. Christina Linane I love your search engine -- but would appreciate the change.
143984. Danny  
143983. Rosie Nir  
143982. N. Elberg  
143981. Martin Morrow  
143980. Tom Suttphen Agree this should be removed from search results... at least reduce the relevance so that it falls way down the list.
143979. Renee Krinsky  
143978. Mona Tizabi  
143976. Norman D. Mohl  
143975. Pamela Marshall  
143974. Lili Mahlab this is an outrage. How can such a hateful site be hosted let alone show up as one of the first mentions on google.
143973. Devorah Harel It's very offensive!!!
143972. Dorothy Paul So anti-semitic
143971. Diane Redleaf  
143970. Lotte Hesdorffer Remove from Google
143969. wendy solloway  
143968. Annie Schlachet JewWatch is an abomination of hatred at a time when lovingkindness and cooperation is deeply needed in this world for all Peoples.
143967. Jim Waters  
143966. Sari M. Graben  
143965. Judi Greenberg  
143964. marjorie posluns  
143963. Joel Sherman, MD  
143962. Jeff Surowitz  
143961. Heinz Hesdorffer Remove JewWatch from Google
143960. Carol Simon disgusting. please remove as soon as possible
143959. tz  
143958. Edith Slater remove site at once...enough hatred in this world already.
143957. Marion Wyler Kol Hakavod !
143956. raul di  
143955. Holly Faris Never Again
143954. daniel aryeh  
143953. phillip bloom disgusted with contents
143952. Liesbeth van Dijk  
143951. jay tassler  
143950. andy ravid  
143949. J Brown Take that off!!
143948. Joann Greenbaum  
143947. Harriet Brosbe  
143946. Taryn Bernstein  
143945. Mr & Mrs.HARVEY FELLENBAUM This could lead me to switch search site.
143944. Jordan  
143943. Howard Loeser Please remove this site in your search engine
143942. Sanford B. Norman the site speaks for itself
143941. larry blisko  
143940. Ed Moskowitz This is disgusting
143939. Sara Argamon update Google Earth on TODAY'S Jerusalem
143938. Sarah Greenberg  
143937. Stuart Gissinger  
143936. myron meadow With so much hatred in the world,why fan the flames with this site's fabrications?
143935. Kate Ross  
143934. Wenda Geffin  
143933. mollie sheinkopf  
143932. mollie sheinkopf  
143931. Adele S. Adler  
143930. Gabriela  
143929. Sima Mandelbaum  
143928. Julie Levine  
143927. Rena Fuchs  
143926. S Forward  
143925. MARIA GLIKIN  
143924. Beth N. Goldman  
143923. Louis R. Toll  
143922. xavier  
143921. tali nachman  
143920. Carol Karbowitz  
143919. Tamara Howarth  
143918. Ronnie Toll  
143917. Jason Schwartz  
143916. libby anfinsen this site is evil and incediary---remove
143915. David Rosenfeld  
143914. Raymond Paisley  
143913. Elizabeth Prager this makes me sick
143912. Levy  
143910. Charles Frank very antisemitic
143909. Bruce Fontaine There's no place for JewWatch on Google!
143908. jose bendersky  
143907. Vivian Kron very unprofessional
143906. DAN MONI  
143905. Richard Firsten It's outrageous to allow such hatred to be found on
143904. chaya hercz  
143903. Pedro Przygoda En que mundo miserable vivimos.......
143902. randa maher freedom of speech should not protect incitement of hatred
143901. Sheryl  
143900. simie Lichtenstein  
143899. Elliot Gordon  
143898. Nancy Fehl  
143897. A Sherman remove this site immediately
143896. Melinda Aquí va mi apoyo para acabar con esta web
143895. Mark C. Auerbach Let's see if Google reponds to this petition
143894. Martin Berkowitz  
143893. suri harris  
143892. Melvin Barnert Isn't there enough problems facing humanity without your contribtion to the turmoil troubling society's eternal scapegoat?
143890. J. Levine  
143889. stuart r. frey  
143888. Carolyn Dinberg  
143887. Leah Klein this should be removed from Google
143886. Steven Heller  
143885. Mike Freer  
143884. joe S  
143883. (Mrs.) Francine Moment  
143882. liliane nof  
143881. Naomi  
143880. Daniel Mandelbaum  
143879. Yogesh  
143878. fred bunin Please remove this racist site
143877. Labagiu Imputit Should this site still appear, it will boomerang on Google
143876. Sherry I can't believe Google allows this! Sick!
143875. Mark ROTHMAN  
143874. Janet Levin Remove JewWatch from your search engine
143873. Ronald G Thurlow  
143872. Menno Krzywanowski  
143871. Jorge Posternak  
143870. Helene Bauer  
143869. sandra stepton  
143868. Jeri Allen  
143867. Anatoly Altshul  
143866. Daniel Merritt It's always difficult to strike a balance between the right to free speech and the spewing of racial hatred. This man's comments, I believe, are over the line; worth querying Google's guidelines as to what it's prepared to disseminate.
143864. alina  
143863. Stacey Zrihen  
143862. Jack De Merit Why has it taken this long?
143861. Suzanne Christy-Goldberg  
143860. Mario Czemerinski  
143859. Gerald Hecht  
143858. wayne zuckerman  
143857. Jeffrey Weisman what happens if I search Google for "goyim?" Is that negative? Whatr about Christian? Is that negative? Google, please rearrange your priorities!
143855. Ruth Rossman  
143854. isaac alony  
143853. Susan Field Its time antisemism was eradicated. How long does it go on for
143852. sharon  
143851. Reuel Manela  
143850. Barbara Stern  
143849. paloma S.  
143848. Hayyim Edinburg What kind of animal hunts human beings - The author of the website doesn't deserve to be quoted on Google
143847. HAYS  
143846. Heather Glassman  
143845. Paula Rossman There is no room for this type of vituperative hatred...the world is fractured and troubled enough.
143844. david h. addis scary- like germany/austria in the 1920s and 30s
143843. ravit im jesish
143842. Daphna Milstein  
143841. Lauren Shaps  
143840. Raquel Eisen  
143839. h, brewster don't spread untrue HATE
143838. Uri Kellermann  
143837. Aharon Hildesheimer  
143836. Neelie Milstein  
143835. alfred spreekmeester I am surprised that a petition is needed. In this day and age google should not even allow such a hatefull site. No matter against which group.
143834. Danielle Leb  
143833. michelle Remove this NOWW
143832. Bob Shapiro Please remove this poison "now".
143831. Joanne Morris  
143830. Sheila  
143828. s joss  
143827. Dr. Jaime Milstein  
143824. Maurice Solovitz  
143823. Joel Margolies please remove this site
143822. Alex Kolotkin  
143821. Ziporah Gilmour  
143820. Mollie Strugats  
143819. Jennifer Reich  
143818. Sara Block  
143817. Sharon Theodore  
143816. Ros Alterman  
143815. Ali Zur  
143814. J London Not necessary
143813. Sharon Theodore  
143812. Joseph Feingold Remove & stop the Nazi behavior.
143811. Nitza  
143810. Emanuel Birenbaum  
143809. mindy pensak  
143808. Dr Brian Kaplan  
143807. Alyssa Coleman  
143806. Aubrey Ginsberg  
143805. ken goodkind  
143804. Gillian Levy  
143803. Sanda Abramovici-Lam  
143802. Lorraine Nachtrieb  
143801. Maman  
143800. Miguel Sihman Please remove it as soon as posible
143799. esther kopel  
143798. richard ziman DISCRIMINATION in any form can not be tolerated
143797. betty perelman so offensive
143796. Ety Tusher  
143795. Shoshana Milstein  
143794. susan singer sickening!!
143793. William Sarnoff Remove it
143792. Alan Lewis  
143791. Alice Cotman Please remove this site. This is not freedom of the press. It is spreading hatred.
143790. Pamela Halperin How sad that such a prestigious internet search engine, that has even opened up an office in Tel Aviv, has allowed such an untruthful site to be registered with you.
143789. shirley shelpman please remove immediately
143788. Neil Harris  
143787. Gisele Please remove this website
143786. Leonard Mann kindly remove jewwatch from your site.completely false information.International courts should ban this type of web sites.
143785. Lana Reich  
143784. Jack Appel  
143782. Alan M Brown This is not "Free Speech" but "Hate Speech"
143781. Ellen Rosenbluth
143780. Eunice Robuck  
143779. Erika Leavitt Get with it already.
143778. james levine please remove this anti-semitic site
143777. David Ungar only a sick mind could state such mis-information
143776. dana marsh  
143775. Kevin W.  
143774. H. S. Becker  
143773. Jack Mesnick How do you justify allowing this Anti-semitic trash on your site. Freedom, my foot
143772. george fehl disgraceful!! Google has a social re4sponsibility to remove this
143771. Larry Levey  
143770. lynn  
143769. harvey zeilander please remove this terrible site
143768. arnold wachsberger disgusting and shameful
143767. J Duke  
143766. Mildred Levy  
143765. Dan Mandell  
143764. Mary K. Parker  
143763. helene starkman  
143762. Jennifer Schusterman  
143761. Nissan ben-Avraham  
143760. Angela Benjamin  
143759. Michael Rubenstein Thaks for being sensitive to this very important issue.
143758. J Seres  
143757. Bonnie Goodman  
143756. Leslie Davis  
143755. Allen Lambert  
143754. samantha lennon  
143753. Richard Goldstein You must guard against this malicious use of your engine.
143752. Dr. Isaac Klein  
143751. Simeon Mann  
143750. Lawrence Langer please stop the hatred
143749. rosalie bristow  
143748. Edward Harris Google should know better!!!!
143747. Avi  
143746. esther m. bearg let's do this soon.
143745. Milt Mitzner Terrible lies! Please remove at once..
143744. Monique de Azoulay  
143743. Betsy Brotman  
143742. Sandra Zec OFFENSIVE
143741. Joe Ramadei  
143740. Norman Zec offensive antisemitic website should not be allowed
143739. Lori Furie  
143738. Vivienne Pinshow disgusting
143737. howard bernstein  
143736. Ariella  
143735. Alan Romm Please remove from your search engine. They are not only anti-Jewish, but anti-Supreme Being, American, black, Spanish, etc. They are 100\% white supremisists.
143734. Alan Romm Please remove from your search engine. They are not only anti-Jewish, but anti-Supreme Being, American, black, Spanish, etc. They are 100\% white supremisists.
143733. Bryan K Wolfe  
143732. Deanna and Derek Sidley  
143731. Norman Zec offensive antisemitic website should not be allowed
143730. Massiel Farinas  
143729. Ellen L. Platt I found the site shocking and unbelievable. Do people actually believe this garbage?
143728. rita Katz  
143727. francine milberg  
143726. danny hoisman i am appalled
143725. sue horwitz Disgusting !!!
143724. IRVING S. GORDON  
143723. Caroline Berman  
143722. Janet Joseph  
143721. Chuck Markiewicz I believe in free speech, but let's not give lies top billing.
143720. Chava Levin  
143719. Jenni Tsafrir  
143718. irving kuperhouse  
143717. Roya L. Geiderman  
143716. Philip J Ackerman  
143715. Irwin J. Cohen  
143714. Ellen Shorser  
143713. Richard C disgusting
143712. John Hoffman  
143711. Inowlocki David  
143710. D.Goldflam  
143709. ;Lynne Vodnoy  
143708. Susan Pernick  
143707. David Hess  
143706. shirley baron  
143705. Stuart Graff Should be removed immediately and not wait for 50,000 signatures. You don't have to wait for 50,000 signatures when someone yells fire in the movie theater.
143704. ROBERT A. CLAIR  
143703. Joyce Maier Goldstein  
143702. Irving Berliner  
143701. Benjamin Aizenman Please remove this abomination of pure hatred and total inaccuracies from your search engine. Thank you
143700. Alan Amira  
143699. Laura  
143698. Garry Vickar If they don't know, it is one thing; to know and do nothing is reprehensible
143697. Michael distrurbing that a man so obsessed with hate gets so much exposure via google
143696. Marianna Shimonova  
143695. Brent yarkin This site is disgusting
143694. Jojanan Colombo  
143693. Jojanan Colombo  
143692. Meg  
143691. Susan Aizenman If you are a responsible and decent site, you will remove this abomination from your search engine. Thank you.
143690. Joan these people need to get a life
143689. Doug and Deborah Walsh  
143688. Justine Young remove it now!!!!!
143687. barbara rittner This is really a no-brainer, isn't it?
143686. zvi ziv  
143685. Judy Small Would rather not comment!
143684. Elizabeth Grant  
143683. Joseph Karov  
143682. Amy  
143681. eve freiberger  
143680. Ada Sadovnik  
143679. Gavi Zeitlin AM YISRAEL CHAZAK!
143678. Eugene Menaker Bigotry has no place in a democracy
143677. Nora Balen  
143676. Veronica Flood Please remove this site from your S.E.
143675. Arthur & Sandra Zucker  
143674. Nadine Lebrun  
143673. michael schudrich  
143672. David Yaniv  
143671. shabtai jacobson if this is not removed then I will remove myself and all Jewish people who use Google from that service. This i promise
143670. sid kaplan  
143669. Yael Pieterse  
143668. Aaron Wardlow  
143667. James Pettinotti  
143666. Jenny Maczka vote for removal
143665. Stacy Wiatrak  
143664. Aviva  
143663. Daniel Hadar  
143662. Hannah Schweizer  
143661. Richard Galloway  
143660. nanci allen disgusting - may all antisemites get large warts on their noses so that their neighbors may recognize the loosers
143659. ellen gruber  
143658. Linda Sherman I agree completely!
143657. David Dulin  
143656. william t. deane harming others is beyond freedom of speech the website should be removed
143655. Adele R. Perrin  
143654. Matthew Golden get this crap off our web
143653. Jack Lipsky  
143652. nanette  
143650. D. Lincoff  
143649. Walter Reichman your explanation falls short of reasonable for keeping the site listed
143648. aida kaiser  
143647. Prof. Abraham J. Tannenbaum Don't publicize blatant racism!
143646. Jerry Lieberman  
143645. Stephen Tomar  
143644. Cecil Gower  
143643. Scott Svonkin  
143642. joe silverman  
143641. Ann Benjamin  
143640. Carol Topek  
143639. Gerard Seelig  
143638. Oscar Goldstuck  
143637. David Stern  
143636. ignacio  
143635. Les Arouh  
143634. Richard Weisinger  
143633. George R Porta  
143632. Eli Alony  
143631. david lazarus  
143630. Barbara Schulman  
143629. Gil Abamov  
143628. Larry Riczker The basic truth is that he site, under its fake scholastic cover is disseminating hatred, specifically against the Jews for being Jewish. Allowing it to exist and helping disseminate their vitriolic propaganda in the name of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is equivalent to SUPPORTING INCITEMENT TO and PROPAGATION OF irrational HATRED
143627. Moshe Weisblum  
143625. Harriet Wolpoff  
143624. Barbra Solomon  
143623. Amir Ulrich  
143622. michelle lake  
143621. Belle Miller remove at once. enough hatred thruout the world
143620. caryn padowitz  
143619. Jack Feldstein  
143618. Joseph Fersht  
143617. Robin Resnick  
143615. Laurice Myron  
143614. mike lewis  
143613. daniel zivli  
143612. Seth S.  
143611. Jack Rosenfeld  
143610. Sergio Broutvaien  
143609. Abha Pandya  
143608. Fitz-Edward Otis  
143607. Elliott Myron  
143606. Joan Rosenwasser This goes beyond free speech, it's like giving the Klu Klux Klan, permission to function
143605. Jack Levin  
143603. mary warshaw  
143602. Eric Halberg shame on Google
143601. Hariann Zara What is hasppening to America?
143600. elizbeth Best  
143599. len warshaw  
143598. Nir Shoham  
143597. Ruth and Lou Abrams  
143596. dan moskowitz  
143595. Barry Babich  
143594. Matthew Simon  
143593. Lana Hilowitz  
143592. jake steinmetz  
143591. Clinton  
143590. Elana  
143589. Brenda Monene  
143588. anna eisenstat  
143587. jennifer eisenstat  
143586. jeannine sefton  
143585. linda jones  
143584. Marty L. Bernstein, CFA Take this crap off your search engine! Remove the Meta Tag "Jew" from this site. Classify it as a "Hate" site, or "Anti-Semetic", but NOT under JEW
143583. edubin  
143582. jean smsith REMOVE ASAP
143581. aaron schwarzbaum  
143580. Helaine Finkelstein  
143579. Meg Hildebrandt I, personally, LOVE jewish people! & I'm 1/2 German too!
143578. NANCY FRIEDBERG let's keep freedom of speech pure of hatred and lies.
143577. michael avin  
143576. Daniel Limor Sick
143575. janice bedsole  
143574. herbert L. Berman it is disturbing to see this kind of vicious material on Google
143573. Hagbahone This is not a feather in Google's cap. It makes them look bad in the eyes of the public in general and the Jewish population in particular.
143572. Len Feldman  
143571. Dianna Mannheim  
143570. hannah  
143569. Elliot,Penny & Michelle Lewis Disgraceful-Remove this site
143568. Rouhama Danto  
143567. Joe W. Zenitsky Google sites spewing hate only should be removed
143566. elaine W. Berman extremely upsetting
143565. ramy cohen  
143564. Agnes G. Harris  
143563. Elisheva  
143562. Eugend Hesdorffer;MD  
143561. Maura Spiegel  
143560. Rev. Sharon Buttry  
143559. Alan Schwartz  
143558. aaron brotman  
143557. Richard Atkins  
143556. Irwin Savodnik Please remove from the Google Search Engine
143555. paula thaler  
143554. L Selbo This disgusting site is damaging GOOGLE's brand
143553. charles thaler  
143552. Gloria Tilajef  
143551. Nathalie Benguigui  
143550. Harvey Nadel  
143549. Helene Kravitz  
143548. William J. Lowenberg This is unacceptable for you to allow this website on your search engine. Please remove it immediately!
143547. L Abrams  
143546. A GLYNNE  
143545. Damien  
143544. Ruth Weinstein  
143543. drora brody shocking that this still exists
143542. Gayle Singer This sort of thing perpetuates anti-semitism
143541. Charna Weissman  
143540. Dinah Olanoff  
143539. l.frreedman  
143538. sylvia  
143537. Edna  
143536. Cecile and Stuart Alexander  
143535. Marcia Pacht Shame on You
143534. Lou Ann Taback Bury it alphabetically if you refuse to delete
143533. Dennis Freedman  
143532. paul brody  
143531. julie cohen  
143530. Jerome  
143529. Kim  
143528. Robert Armstrong  
143527. Joel Bernstein unbelievable
143526. Donna Schwechter Do the right thing. Get this off!!!
143525. Sidi get that off the site
143524. Doron Yaniv  
143523. Hugo Daniel Fradkin is a shame
143522. Harriet Bodner  
143521. Arthur W Green  
143520. cindy mandelbaum get this man off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
143519. Devorah Fuller  
143518. Blossm Handelsman  
143517. Ida Ackerman  
143516. solline feld I am very disappointed that google search engine would allow such anti-semetic site on . Very disgusted!
143515. George H Bodner  
143514. Sam Goldstein get rid of this offensive site
143513. veronica  
143512. G. R. Tsabag  
143511. Susan Rosner  
143509. Marybeth The world does not need this type of false information and negativity so readily available, especially to our children and future generations.
143508. Shimon Borik  
143507. Nicholas Blain  
143506. Ellen Silver  
143505. Saul Weissman  
143504. aliza  
143503. L. Ferrarese  
143502. Deborah Kucky  
143501. Alisa Heller this is disgusting
143500. Jesse H. Rosenblum  
143498. Lewis Reznik  
143497. victor shacalo  
143496. Hershel Rader  
143495. jordan katz  
143494. Jonathan Lawrence Milevsky  
143493. angelablumenow  
143492. Loren Frieder  
143491. allan potechin  
143490. Sara Finkelthal This is filth,a continuation of anti-Semitism
143489. jerome rogoff  
143488. Sara Finkelthal This is filth,a continuation of anti-Semitism
143487. b.w.kaplan a terrible disgrace
143486. Mary Brock besides vile, this is simply not a good search engine response - it should not be 1st under "Jew"
143485. steven markowitz  
143484. adeline feist  
143483. David Brimm
143482. David G. Parkansky  
143481. norman m.lazarus The creator of this site needs to be sent to jail for racial slander and for holocaust denial.
143480. H. Schiffman  
143479. ALAN JACOBS  
143478. Brenda Holland "All men are created equal"
143477. Gloria Pines  
143476. charles balaban  
143475. William Greenspan  
143474. Annette  
143473. Lauren Perotti  
143472. debra slater  
143471. shlomo zeitune no coment
143470. Rhea remove that anti-semitic site
143469. moshe zur  
143468. Gayle MacNair  
143467. Marcel remove that anti-semitic site
143466. Cynthia Arden/ Ronnie Arden I think it is deplorable that a search engine of your calibre should stoop to this level.
143465. temi  
143464. Abe Sternberg  
143463. Emanuel & Ruth Winocur It is time to live in peace; All is One
143462. gil  
143461. Jeffrey H Lipton This website is an abomination
143460. Helen R. Daniels  
143459. Mila Sanfeliz  
143458. Elinore Kaplan I understand the basis for freedom of speech, but I hope there's an alternative to allowing the continuance of the site as it is.
143457. Steven M Gewirtzman Obvious bigotry
143456. M. Weisz  
143455. Robert M. Kaplan What year are u in-1943 in Germany?
143454. Howard Sherman  
143453. James G. Jajich Get this off! Please!
143452. michael hertz  
143451. Debbie Jacobs  
143450. joseph kuperman  
143449. Harvey L. Kellman It is very concerning that Google, the leading search engine in this internet age, has not been capable of developing tools to self monitor and control access to sites espousing hate and racist attacks
143448. Renee Blumenthal  
143447. Jonathan Zimmerman  
143446. Richard Class  
143445. Glenda  
143444. Jennye Seres Please remove above site from Google
143443. Gerald Blumenthal  
143442. Marilyn L. Zirl  
143441. Robyn Woolf  
143440. phillip  
143439. Anna Schiffer  
143438. Anna Schiffer  
143437. Theodor Pardo  
143436. Norma Chipps This is a must
143435. Theodore H Miller profoundly objectionable site
143434. Amalia Griffin The world does NOT need more antisemitism!
143433. Marilyn Levin  
143432. Jo Gabel  
143431. Lorette Moreno  
143430. Katie Hyman  
143429. Rosalyn Miller  
143428. Stephanie  
143427. marcelle  
143426. Rivke Grunberg  
143425. ellen arthur  
143424. Marta Margulies  
143422. Daniel S Kaufman This is outrageous. Please remove it as soon as possible.
143421. Mary Kay Coleman  
143420. simon  
143419. Dr. Marvin Bornstein This is shameful!
143418. Ari Pearlman  
143417. ben  
143416. c fine  
143415. ALLEN CRAMER  
143414. Devora Krischer Please remove this site!
143413. joseph Rothenberg What a disgrace !
143412. Irene Magerman  
143411. Jerry Wolman Sick
143410. Charlene Brown Adamson  
143409. Susana Klein You must act!
143408. Harry Elwell Please remove as requested
143407. Bill & Barbara Hedrick  
143406. Louise Chandler  
143405. Craig Roen  
143404. J. L. Ingleby  
143403. John M Tanenbaum remove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
143402. Marian Bretts get this disgusting misinformation off
143401. Judith Wernicky  
143400. Charlene Brown Adamson  
143399. Alberto Goldberg  
143398. GARY  
143397. Shimon Orenstein  
143396. Esther Cohen Please remove this disgusting site immediately
143395. Howard jacobson  
143394. Alan J. Daniels  
143393. Anthony Weinstein  
143392. Carol Glenn We don't need to be reminded of the hatred; we need to stop it.....for every group!!! Please help us by removing JewWatch from Google.
143391. Kevin Pollock  
143390. Jonas Brink  
143389. Wanda Feller  
143388. Sandra Rifman  
143387. Antoinette Munro travesity
143386. Hillel Brody  
143385. Dan&Catherine Carmel  
143384. necha kronenberg  
143383. Caroline Aim  
143382. Sandy Rosenfeld  
143381. Jenn D.  
143380. sloan gordon  
143379. Dan  
143378. Bruce R. Magoon  
143377. June Hochberger  
143376. jack cook  
143375. BEHAR  
143374. William Wolman  
143373. Catherine Pike  
143372. Marion Cohen  
143371. Julia Hoffman remove this hateful source
143370. david zollman  
143369. Agi Rechnitzer please don't allow hate sites on Google
143368. Marcelle  
143367. Connie Winokur Please remove
143366. Dr Paul Blom  
143365. Andrew H. The site is spreading hatred
143364. Kenneth S Chelsy  
143363. D. Melcher  
143362. judy ackerman  
143361. Karen Marcus  
143360. Samuel Kosofsky  
143359. Joyce G  
143358. richard s. epstein  
143357. Gayle Fantl  
143356. Silvia Shabot  
143355. Renee Opell  
143354. juan i agree totaly to this petition
143353. Dr W antisemitism/antizionism=antihumanitarian
143351. Anita E.  
143350. michael h la pidus get rid of it
143349. Sara  
143348. tama Hard to believe this sort of thing is still going on, sad.
143347. Elaine Starn  
143346. bill ryan  
143345. Linda November A disgrace.
143344. Lily  
143343. jorge KOSBERG ridiculous site
143342. Gene Starn  
143341. ruth adelson  
143340. Ethelyn Gordon  
143339. (Dr) Barry Blain It is essential that a respected and high profile operation such as Google dissociates itself from racism.
143338. Sylvia Morgan  
143337. Yvette Levenstein Please, do not allow the Google search engine to be envolved with infamous sites such as JewWatch whose only purpose is to inflame antisemitism, religious discord. JewWatch is wrapped in infamy and is bound to infect Google's reputation if the latter does not take severe action and ban it from its engine.
143336. Leo  
143335. Jaime Milstein It is despicable to allow hatred to be spread via Google Search Engine
143334. miguel Stroe  
143333. A.M.Mitchell outrage that you would allow this site
143332. morris n. eagle How dare you have such a site on Google?
143331. Joseph Weinberg  
143329. Daniel Herssein  
143328. Sara  
143327. Ellen Warner  
143326. A.M.Lazarus  
143325. Yosef Goldfeder  
143324. Ben Noach  
143323. Anne Weill-Lévy  
143322. Victor Swiecicki From now on I'll use Microsoft Live Search instead
143321. Beryl Lamster  
143320. Daniel Hildebrandt  
143319. tom gardner  
143318. Roy Noon  
143317. Victoria Irene Holzkan  
143316. Lesly Kandel  
143315. Fran Weinberg  
143314. Shirley Patton Dissatisfied with Google
143313. gerard gold please remove jew watch
143312. Tsvi Goldstein  
143311. FRANK  
143310. julie lyss  
143309. Bob Nemhauser active user of Google, please remove
143308. Stephen Gormley  
143307. rebecca sassouni  
143306. nancy bresler  
143305. Brian Rubin Get rid of this disgusting racist site
143304. Deanna Tachna  
143303. melanie bloch please remove
143302. Katy Pickvance I hope you act VERY fast!!!!!
143301. Lorraine Doron  
143300. David & Caroline Warnink  
143299. Fran Hildebrandt  
143298. Israel Kleiner  
143297. Geraldine Lanman very offensive
143296. Robert Yadlovker  
143295. Valerie Mori I know it's our constitutional right to have freedom of speech but if Imos can be fired surely you can ban this outrageous website. Please do this. Stop perpetuating antisemitism. Hatred of any kind should not be tolerated nor encouraged.
143294. bob Waldorf this is a disgrace and needs to be removed
143293. Fred A Hurvich please remove this obnoxious, hateful site
143292. Todd Baxter Baseless Hate breeds propaganda to justify the baseless hate.
143291. Amy Safron  
143290. Nathaniel Muller  
143289. Antoine Lever  
143288. Lidia  
143287. david ziskrout Never Again
143286. D. GROSS  
143285. mrs e rice Google .Are you not monitoring your sites. Or is the money more important.
143284. Bernard Waltzer  
143283. Harry W. Gluckman Why give space to a knwon liar, who would not recognize the truth if it fell from a tree?
143282. Sarah goldstein This site is not only lies but spews hatred that this world doesn't need!!
143281. Selma Mandel  
143280. Dr J Bernstein  
143279. Barbara Horwitz  
143278. D and J Heller We refuse to use Google until this is deleted!!
143277. Cecile Kaplan  
143276. Nathaniel Geller  
143275. Babette Wilk  
143274. Peggy Baroukh  
143273. June Disgusting
143272. Michael Stern Ignorance breeds intolerance – search for truth and dare to be free to love those whose opinion you do not share – leave this world better than you found it.
143271. philip zborover  
143270. Jill Brotman Scholarly antisemitism, hah! The site panders to the worst in people.
143269. guillermo Schweber  
143268. Sara Ann  
143267. Harriette & Morris Elisco This is unbelivable! How can this anti-semitism be allowed.
143266. Jason Gross Remove this racist site
143265. juliette morrison  
143264. phoebe wofchuck  
143263. Mark Goodwin  
143262. Keith Marks  
143261. Leona Roen  
143260. Danielle Marcus  
143259. Stu Steinberg  
143258. leon rozentul  
143257. Rosa Weschler  
143256. Robert and Shirley Bass What a shame, that this so-called "Librarian",whatever that means, is given a top spot in Google! Shame on you and all who claim to be unbiased but clearely are anti Jew, not anti=semitic, since they clearely love the desires of the Arab world to push Israel into the sea.
143255. Diane Friedman  
143254. Nanette Schriftman  
143253. Peter Rosenberg  
143252. yossi fackeheim  
143251. Michael Masail Disgusting
143250. jeanette Reneau  
143249. Anna Potempska  
143248. Susan Malter  
143247. Raina Engleman  
143246. Linda Iwamoto  
143245. MF  
143244. dave kaplan  
143243. brian Schechter  
143242. P. Singer Why would Google NOT remove this?
143241. Jeffrey Zimmerman  
143240. Norma Winton I am signing this petition as a non-Jewish Christian.
143239. toby bofshever  
143238. esther megerman  
143237. kuchman  
143236. Shiran Hermony  
143235. Alan Cohen This site contains vile antisemitic and anti-Israel propoganda
143234. Jack Simons  
143233. R vangelder  
143232. Shira Levine Thanks, guys
143231. Linda Schwartz  
143230. Steve Mydanick Disgusting!
143229. JOEL BERGER  
143228. Barbara J. Bloom  
143227. Brian Eades This is disgraceful! Please remove it ASAP.
143226. Daniel David  
143225. Adam Cohen this is unacceptable rhetoric in these times
143224. yana  
143223. Dale Bearman  
143222. Avi  
143221. karen Couf-Cohen can't dignify a comment
143220. Natan Pellicer García  
143219. jean huffstickler  
143218. ken Fleischer there's enough evil in the world, it shouldn't be promoted
143217. Alan Pensak  
143216. Leslie Weiner  
143215. Malky  
143214. Rhona Wilamowsky  
143213. Leah Bisquert Bertomeu  
143212. Ernie Potechin Please remove immediately
143211. Steve Oren  
143210. dina newman  
143209. louis gibber this is a disgusting site and promotes nothing but hate
143208. S Freedman  
143207. Lucille Shulklapper  
143206. Maurice Skikne To the devil with Anti-Semitic Trash
143205. Irwin Fenster These people must be held accountable for the slander they spread.
143204. Alan Light  
143203. Jacob Yaron No prejudice of anykind on GOOGLE
143202. Z Revesz The Internet must not be a venue to promote hatred
143201. Gloria Maurer Please remove from the Google search engine
143200. Ann Max  
143199. Rosa Ratniewski  
143198. Josette NOLAN-DELEAGE  
143197. lee hirschowitz  
143196. Avron Daniller How sad that the advent of modern technology should also become a portal to distribute hate and blatant distortion of history.
143195. Len Golden  
143194. Philip J. Kendall Despicable and Inaccurate Content
143193. Lisa Tversky  
143192. Bari Wiseman  
143191. Don & Phyllis Krausz Disgusting
143190. ernest lieberman  
143189. I & T Goldshmid  
143188. Mallory Wiseman  
143187. Sherri Wise  
143186. Judy Shapiro-Auerbach  
143185. D. Caroline  
143184. Terry Wiseman  
143183. holland siegel  
143182. Nancy Wiseman This site is a threat...please remove
143181. mariana saslafsky  
143180. Melissa Banin  
143179. reut adar  
143178. jason morgan  
143177. Joe Warner  
143176. Roslyn Graff delete shocking racism please
143175. Stephen Baron This is disgusting
143174. Cecilia Calhoun  
143173. rob acquavito peace to all
143172. Michal Mazor  
143171. Yael Rosenberg  
143170. Rafael Borochov  
143169. Dr T.Gordon I will remove Google as my search engine if no action is taken
143168. Ken  
143167. yda tollman WHY??????????????????????????????
143166. Sara Wolman  
143165. Ari Mazor  
143164. eliana hendler  
143163. Vickie Kane  
143162. Miriam Kay  
143160. Len Abrahams  
143159. tom shragg  
143158. Sanford Gruenfeld  
143157. Daniel Levy  
143156. Gina Grey this is serious
143155. Leah Nebenzahl  
143154. Tali Sehati Shame!
143153. Robert Cornell  
143152. maxine Friedman  
143151. Stegel  
143150. Rosaleen Bershad  
143149. Lisa Adler  
143148. Andrew Holzman  
143147. Shula Kanzen Please remove this disgusting website
143146. Dr. Howard M. Felt This bias website should not be the first site under the search for "Jew"
143145. Zachary Holzman  
143144. chava lowy  
143143. Larry A Creizman  
143142. Lara Holzman  
143141. Paul Gavzy  
143140. Fred Davidowitz do the right thing
143139. Y Gold Please remove from google search engine
143138. Ian Montrose poisonous nonsense, but potentially dangerous
143137. Laurence Holzman  
143136. Sondra Gavzy  
143135. Marion M. Oliner I am a survivor of the Holocaust and object to this form of discrimination
143134. Miriam Ufberg  
143133. Joyce Hunt Really disgusting !!
143132. ronald levine remove it.
143131. Alon Asefovitz Its about time such sites were banned
143130. sofia k no hay mas comentarios que estar por la vida
143129. David Cohen  
143128. Jacqueline Jacks dont allow sites like this to be produced they breed unnecessary hatred
143127. M. RAPPAPORT  
143126. Lea Karpman Remove this site
143125. Howard Reich The fact that Google emphasizes the importance of the order in which sites are presented makes the placement of this site first especially egregious.
143124. Elise Lipoff Mayer This is horrible and must be removed from the search engine.
143123. B. Overholt  
143122. hillel faktor c/o lorraine baskin  
143121. Doron Silverman  
143120. ben  
143119. Louise Szlezinger  
143118. Sarah Mazor Remove Hatred Spreading Sites
143117. manson  
143116. Muller  
143115. mike ellis  
143114. Mati Kroin Remove from the google search engine
143113. Roger Gilodo  
143112. Jaime Cherson  
143111. Joseph Diamond  
143110. Raymond Tizabi  
143109. roberto marcos ludmer  
143108. bertha grinhaus  
143107. elliot jacobs  
143106. Zvi Fajerman  
143105. miriam baum benkoe This is what fosters hatred instead of tolerance.
143104. Sally Tamis  
143103. lynn braunstein google should be embarrassed
143102. Avi Abraham  
143101. Adam Hack This site is a disgrace and takes humanity back 50 years, it should be removed asap as it is factually incorrect and more importantly anti - semitic
143100. annabelle silverman this is hateful and should not be allowed
143099. Rebecca Klein  
143098. Michael Ratpan This is not about education, It is hatred camouflaged by immoral, indecent people. Google must publicly apologize.
143097. regina  
143096. Steve Gersten This Needs To Be Done!
143095. peter klein  
143094. Michael Karov  
143093. yaakov goldfeder  
143092. Jackie Hirschthal  
143091. harvey gushner  
143090. Stanley Isaacs This must be removed!
143089. cary senders  
143088. Eldad Jacobson  
143087. David L. Bressman  
143086. Josh Levine  
143085. judith ehrenberg get rid of thi pronto
143084. Merle Spiegel  
143083. Lea Klein  
143082. Terry wake up google
143081. William Horn  
143080. Jerry Leighton you ought to be ashamed of yourselves
143079. b kaman i found not only anti-semitic, but very offensive. i will look elsewhere for another search engine and advise my friends to do so as well.
143078. Mark Felder  
143077. Tara VIctor  
143076. rachel lowenberg  
143075. richaard a raffman tesrrible lies and fact tdwisssting
143074. marcelle gortler  
143073. Lee Chabin  
143072. Nicole Dicker  
143071. Daniel Baum  
143070. coco remove
143069. lewis schwartz  
143068. Penny Friedberg  
143067. Ryan S  
143066. sara rosenbaum  
143065. Sharon Ziskind  
143064. Rachel Mishner Terrible! Why would google want to associate themselves with any antisemitism organization? Remove!!!!
143063. Yosef Marsow Must remove site
143061. alan hecht  
143060. joshua  
143059. Martin Pine  
143058. Eyal  
143057. Périat  
143056. Cait White  
143055. toby birnbaum Please screen your listings!
143054. gabriel bruck SICK!!!!! that google would assign it first spot is thoughtless or is it ?
143053. Maya  
143052. Marcia Selz Please remove anti-semitism from Google
143051. Kristen Lucinda Bennett  
143050. steve devor  
143049. Esther  
143048. Jeanne Abadi Remove from Goole
143047. Senda Villlalobos Indo  
143046. Ela Ben Dror  
143045. Maurice P. Raizes  
143044. Marlene Behrmann This site is offensive to many people.
143043. Linda Teitelbaum  
143042. robert &marlene friedman keep the good work
143041. eileen Silverstein Horrible - remove
143040. saguite  
143039. Ruth Robertson  
143038. Rut Pacanowski  
143037. Barbara Moss this is one of the worst antisemitic things I"ve ever seen
143036. Anthony Gower  
143035. Elias Woloski  
143034. nancy E. rubin  
143033. Elinor Albert  
143032. Rena Schwartzbaum  
143031. ivor greer beyond belief
143030. I.Donald Weissman  
143029. Alex Carmel  
143028. sam singer  
143027. Dr. Arthur Shapiro  
143026. David Jones Remove this disgusting site from Google!
143025. Charles Hesdorffer  
143024. Alan  
143023. gijon polite  
143022. Deborah Scop  
143021. Leora R. Chwalow  
143020. Linda Cane This is a really urgent issue. Please remove from the Google Search engine. Thank you.
143019. luis schwartz  
143018. Harvey Guberman Outrrageous that Google would highlight this web site.
143017. Fran Ginsburg  
143016. stephen blumenow  
143015. spector nestor  
143014. mary Spitz  
143013. Lawrence  
143012. Ken Cossoy  
143011. Martin List,M.D. Shame on you.
143010. eytan  
143009. Irvin Rabinowitz  
143008. Marilyn Hurwitz  
143007. Helene  
143006. Joseph Barth bigotry and hatred are destructive forces. Antesemetism is included in this category. This needs to be eliminated.
143005. BPauly  
143004. Ruth Shapiro  
143003. Steven Sommers  
143002. Catherine Cargill Please do this asap
143001. Julian Cohen it's a disgrace that a site like this is created
143000. gabrielle  
142999. yael  
142998. a.berger  
142997. Suzanne Lazarus  
142996. Bernard Holzman  
142995. Shara  
142994. Taffy Williams  
142993. crockett cox  
142992. sue carson  
142991. Rochelle Honickman What a horror!!!!! Not acceptable!!!!!!
142989. dvorah setton  
142988. k friedman  
142987. stacey wolman  
142986. Terri Phillips  
142985. Jill Guartafierro  
142984. Ellen J. Carlock I find it heinous that such a website is allowed. Please remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
142983. Lior Vel Dispicable
142982. Allison Cannizaro  
142981. Sharon Daniels  
142980. Bresson  
142979. Morton I. Willen anti-semitism unwelcome
142978. Michael Rosenfeld remove this anti-semetic website
142977. Howard Kantor  
142976. Annette Axelrad  
142975. Leah Mishkowitz  
142974. Molly D.  
142973. Alex Daneman remove now!
142972. reout falach  
142971. Susan Friess Goldman It's sad that we have to fight this fight again & again!
142970. Stacey Liebman  
142969. Joan Stern  
142968. Dan Rubinstein Remove from the Google
142967. Toby F. Block  
142966. Andrew Fink  
142965. Diana Schwersky get real, get tolerance, stop the prejudice
142964. david brown  
142963. Mara Schiffren  
142962. Theodore S. Herman  
142961. KAZ  
142960. Giora Amir Google should be careful not to be manipulated by groups who do not share liberal values
142959. Dana Francoz  
142958. Miri Inbar  
142957. Arnold Hordish  
142956. L Freedman  
142955. Myrna Holzman  
142954. DEE BEE  
142953. Ilya Bahar  
142952. allan adler  
142951. M. Sigal because is an antisemitism page
142950. Carl A. Rose Allowing this site to remain would be despicable
142949. Jack Todes This is disgusting & revolting - hate speech like this should not be allowed....
142948. Carlos Marcelo Shäferstein  
142947. salomon hanono  
142946. Leonard Ginsburg  
142945. ISAAC BETECH  
142944. Amnon Cohen Thanks with hope for Google acting wisely and respectful
142943. Uschi  
142942. tzirelgordon  
142941. Joelle Zagury Why set humanity back with this sort of race based thinking?
142940. Robert Perelman  
142939. pamela brown  
142938. gordon gaynor  
142937. Seymour Lieberman Time to realize that the Jewish people are here forever
142936. Myriam  
142935. harry zehnwirth  
142934. Dr. Eric Herrin  
142933. Pnina Margolese  
142932. nigel klarfeld  
142931. Bob Shapiro Remove it
142930. steven  
142929. Pamela Rodier  
142928. Salo Soesan  
142927. larissa Moss  
142926. Sam LopezDias  
142925. Civia  
142924. Nettie Schabes  
142923. Diane Redman  
142922. Karen DePodesta  
142921. robin panovka  
142920. helja peer will it ever end?
142919. sara israeli  
142918. Rosa Schejtman Plz remove JewWatch,com
142917. Ruth Romano STOP ANTISEMITISM NOW!!!
142916. Michael Goldman  
142915. Michele  
142914. JORGE ROMANO  
142913. Arlene Bruskin  
142912. Luis Maizel  
142911. Brooks Susman  
142910. Amy Gewirtzman  
142909. Abe Feigenbaum  
142908. Amanda Goldstein  
142907. M.Phillips This type of web site does Google a tremendous amount of harm
142906. Richard G. Albert  
142905. Caroline Mabey  
142903. Wolff Sheila disgusting site - should be obliterated
142902. Carrol Mills, Ph.D.  
142901. Judith Daniels  
142900. barbara lustrin GET THIS REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!!
142899. Heather Reich  
142898. Debbie Schneiderman  
142897. Samuel Gross  
142896. mary ann killion  
142895. David Hargrave  
142894. Regina Rokhvarg  
142893. Amy Trager  
142892. Blooma Stark It's disgraceful that this is the first site that comes up in a Google search
142891. Brian Gordon Disgraceful
142890. Nancy Halpern  
142889. Avrom bishop how can this be allowed ?????
142888. Debra Allen  
142887. Justin Wechsler  
142886. Mark Kamins Please remove this anti-semitic site from your search engine.
142885. Debby Weisbrod  
142884. Hylton Reiff  
142883. Irving Rosenthal This is America, theres no room for this kind of idiocity
142882. claire franco  
142881. kurt wagner  
142880. A. Orleans  
142879. Steven Bloom  
142877. Carl Arfin  
142876. Bruria Samanon  
142875. Stephen Bentkover racist, nazi like propaganda in the guise of information. If this was a Muslim site, the howls of indignation would be deafening.
142874. Howard Cohn  
142872. Gaston Béréchit  
142871. ARACY la historia se repite. no aprendemos
142870. m phillips  
142869. m.chitayat  
142868. bob streiter please remove anti semetic site
142867. Maribel I hate people who hate jews!! im not jews but im christian!!
142866. Geler  
142865. James Daniels  
142864. Ashley Goldstein  
142863. Lawrence Schulman  
142862. Ron Vineberg  
142861. David Griff Really need a Muslimwatch
142860. lizcohen  
142859. m g panovka  
142858. Matkovic-Ramirez  
142857. Seymour Maslow why do you encourage hate and a site that incites illegal action?
142856. leon sutton  
142855. Ernesto Bonder  
142854. Mordo Suchov  
142853. Ken Brownstein Please remove this site from your listing
142852. Susan Richter  
142851. Miriam  
142850. Nathan Ionascu promoting hatred and anti-semitism should not be what Google stands for!
142849. Paul A. Schwarzbart Speaks loudly for itself..
142848. valerie Blumenthal  
142847. Binyamina Sherman lets help make a better world
142846. ros finn i cannot believe this is still rife
142845. Joe  
142844. A. Jessurun Cardozo  
142843. Denise Mallin  
142842. Eric Janet Shameful! Remove at once!
142841. Sonia Kovitz  
142840. yitzy berg  
142839. bruce hyman  
142838. Joy Lynn Devor  
142837. Susan  
142836. naomi sobel  
142835. S Janowski  
142834. Yael Bronner  
142833. Martin Pollack hate based themes are unacceptable
142832. frances slack raeside  
142830. IScott Mishner  
142829. Kim Hopper this man is guilty of continuing the hate instead of removing it. The printed content does not seem harmful, but the youtube daily rants certainly are.
142828. Tamara Umansky  
142827. Aharon ben Yosef Please rmeove this blot
142826. Claire Sztokman  
142825. nancy cohen  
142824. Matt Portner Please remove this site ASAP
142823. ALan Levin  
142822. Jonathan Leaf  
142821. David Wolfe  
142820. Robin Port  
142819. p. freedman  
142818. Allan Rosenzweig  
142817. rivka take it off , its disgusting
142816. Myrna Carlebach  
142815. Simon McIlwaine  
142814. Mr S Chait  
142813. jordan weinberg these people are sick
142812. Stephanie Tessler Peace, love and tolerance to all
142811. Mrs G. Chait  
142810. david sarlin  
142809. Elaine Nahman This is offensive and should be corrected
142808. Robert Abedon This is atrocious that Google does not filter hate sites from their search results.
142807. Cheryl Cadel Please remove from the Google Search Engine
142806. Edie Bato his information is incorrect and incites anti-semitism of which there is enough already.
142805. Tamar Sapir  
142804. Paul Cohen  
142803. Mel Zold totally disgusting, an affront to every decent human being
142802. Josh Berman  
142801. Solomon Gibbons We need less bigotry, stop supporting the easy access t o it.
142800. R. Hamer  
142799. Dorothy Kew  
142798. wendy moskowitz  
142797. allan josephson  
142796. Rich Janow  
142795. Amy Gold  
142794. rosanne behar  
142793. Rebecca Bisio  
142792. mandelkern  
142791. moshe cyjon  
142790. Gayle Pomerantz  
142789. B Sirotkin  
142788. gabriela kobak  
142787. Elizabeth Hayes  
142786. Irene Watt UNACCEPTABLE
142785. Doris  
142784. Leah Beck  
142783. jeff nagelberg this is not what free speach is about
142782. The Rev. Robert L. Shearer  
142781. doorothea  
142780. joan beard  
142779. nitsan gaibel  
142778. Carol Bartzick  
142777. dorothea  
142776. Brian J Newcombe  
142775. Alan M. Kalish Please remove this Anti-Semitic offense
142774. Lynn Levy  
142773. rivka cohen please remove
142772. CHARBIT  
142771. Michael Levy  
142770. Berna Case  
142769. mel wadler google put it there google should remove it
142768. Taffy Williams  
142767. amos benjamin  
142766. Alissa Estreicher remove
142765. Brian Frank  
142764. Marina  
142763. Ruth Blatt  
142762. Micah Freedman  
142761. morton kalb  
142760. Cyd Sieghart  
142759. Alberto Fischel  
142758. sid workman  
142757. Mervin Blatt  
142756. Dee Kramer Google needs to respond to the distress of a very active membership
142755. pessy  
142754. FRED KNOBEL  
142753. richard kessler  
142752. Larry Elowsky  
142751. thayer Raleigh  
142750. Donald J. Onimus  
142749. Rich Levin  
142748. Lorraine Elowsky  
142747. Donald D Litt Why foster hate ?
142746. Deborah  
142745. David Linda  
142744. Dena Stein  
142743. Henry Inselstein  
142742. Stanley L. Ronell  
142741. Les Goldstein this website is horrible and demeaning to everyone!
142740. Leslie Welfeld  
142739. jaime milhem  
142738. thayer Raleigh  
142737. Joan Jonat i love google but I am saddened by this
142736. Saul Kelly I thoguht the Nazi's were no more!
142735. Amber Jacobson  
142734. baruch lazewnik Please be reasonable and remove
142733. Arik Azbel  
142732. Roey  
142731. Robyn Manoy This is a truly obscene hate promoting offensive fact
142730. Linda Goldfarb in this day and age we do NOT need more hatred
142729. theresa benison will hate ever end ?
142728. claire Too bad and sad that google allows it
142727. Harold Wallach  
142726. Robert C. Vereen Am not a Jew but agree with this petition
142725. ruth sommer  
142724. Tanya Miles Shameful!
142723. Dennis Weiss  
142722. eugene fishman  
142721. benjamin gifter  
142720. Rachelle Rosenbaum disgraceful - have to be sick to spend SO much time building this website.
142719. esta
142718. v. teroux  
142716. Mike Monitz  
142715. Naomi Moyano disgusting site
142714. chaya gibber  
142713. Michael Knople as a non-Jew who has been on the receiving end of anti-Semitic remarks for most of my life, I am particularly sensitive to this issue.
142712. Shaul BenYacov  
142711. shlomit  
142710. Leah  
142709. Martha Klein  
142708. G. Voller Disgusting site, totally anti-semitic and should be removed. What sick minds created this horrendous site?
142707. Lauri Carey  
142706. Jorge Linkewer  
142705. A Schoen  
142704. Lina Suchov  
142703. Yuri Portnoy  
142702. Anne Cohen  
142701. elsa arreghini  
142700. D. Farkas  
142699. Allan Weingarten  
142698. Beth Hershenhart  
142697. D. Cohen  
142696. Beatriz  
142695. T Maslow  
142694. Justin Gladman  
142693. Doreen Berger For the sake of decency, please remove this site.
142692. Allison Bormel  
142691. Sean Khalil Please remove this anti-semitic site. Thanks.
142690. a.shochat this should be removed immediately
142689. abraham linkewer AIA antisemitic site
142688. Jared Benjamin  
142687. Sonia Falkovitch  
142686. ana noveimbre  
142685. Claire Nerden  
142684. Roslyn Porcelli  
142683. Mike H.  
142682. sherie goodstadt  
142681. Dan  
142680. T. Sutton I think this site and its "librarian" are extremely dangerous, and the " facts" presented are false, misleading and ultimately, racist.As such, this hate-filled site should not be available on Google.
142679. Pauline Posner Live and let live
142678. Ben By google listing this as the first site you are in effect promoting hatred.
142677. sharon markovitz  
142676. Joop Elzas  
142675. Peter Marx  
142674. J. Berg horrific site whose only purpose is hate
142673. Howard Neufeld We no longer accept KKK
142672. alzraa unacceptable
142671. ella neiman  
142670. Ilan Fogel This is offensive, and frankly shameful in this day and age.
142669. Ian Robinson  
142668. Joseph A Schwartz  
142667. Dr. Gerald M. Adler this website promotes racial hatred so strongly that it should be removed. It may also be illegal
142666. ella neiman  
142665. DAVE KACEV  
142664. david lewin  
142663. Maria Celina Hahn I am a Christian, but I abhor anti-semitism and all kinds of prejudices.
142662. John Bareiss  
142661. Freddy S. Glatt Will they never stop ???
142660. Ruth Wolff  
142659. david birnbaum what disgrace the site is!
142658. licht  
142657. Ben Liptzin  
142656. Herbert E. Mandell MD Please remove this blatantly antisemitc filth
142655. Claude Heimann  
142654. avigail  
142653. Marcia Saipe  
142652. Sanford Scher  
142651. Elana Weinstein  
142650. Lois Nole please take immediate action to remove this site
142649. RIEKA GAUDET  
142648. Joanne Butbul  
142647. maurice dickson  
142646. Beth Lopez Please remove for Google search engine.
142645. Eli Grossnass  
142644. Ahuva Morse  
142643. Warren Lawson  
142642. Ara Morenberg There is a difference between freedom of speech and promotion of hate crimes. This site should be taken off the web.
142641. Marty Engel I am surprised you need a petition to do what's morally right!
142640. Marvin Gorode & Vivian Gorode  
142639. Lisa Kraft  
142638. sara sokol I used to be impressed with Google. How fast you fell from your tower.
142637. victor grostern Ê
142636. Cathie Solomonson  
142635. Bee Gabah  
142634. Sam Propis It's rediculous.
142633. joel wintner  
142632. Victor Hurowitz What a cesspool, but not nearly as disgusting as GoyWatch
142631. E. Levada  
142630. mitchell griver  
142629. cary malamud please do the right thing by removing this malecious hateful website. Thank you
142628. Doreen Feingold  
142627. Hadi Gross please remove this anti-semitic site from your search engine
142626. Zelda Silberman  
142625. Steven Cohen I find it amazing in this day of brotherhood of man hate speech is still allowed of such an important portal to the internet.
142624. Robert Matejka  
142623. June Zuckerman  
142622. pauline cytro  
142621. melissa mayer  
142620. Ken Ahdoot The objectionable site should not be allowed. It contains incorrect information and it aims to provoke anger and agression based on antisemitizm.
142619. Jacob Inwald  
142618. Seymour J. Beder  
142617. Fanny Rosenshein  
142616. Dan Mindel  
142615. Alison Otway  
142614. Laura Bench  
142613. Debra Ross  
142612. Eytan Poznansky  
142611. Ken Frieden  
142610. lisa conway  
142609. Ruth Balsam enough!
142608. Lauren Leighton  
142607. alison jacques  
142606. Leslie Martin  
142605. janette jacques  
142604. Bob Sullivan  
142603. maurice jacques  
142602. Ruth F. Gold  
142601. Barry S. Friedman People need to remove hate in order to learn once again how to love.
142600. maurice jacques  
142599. Alan Markovitch  
142598. A. Mark Clarfield  
142597. Stan Green  
142596. oshrovsk  
142595. Hannah Mindel  
142594. mrs d hall get rid of this site
142593. Howard Dini If this was a muslim or islamic sight it would be in the media spotlight
142592. Joshua S Weinstein  
142591. M.Silverman  
142590. russell bentley  
142589. lourdes Dina Rensoli-Laliga This site must be removed! It is offensive!
142588. barry orlove  
142587. Dolores N. Morris this site is horrible!!!
142586. Keith Joffe  
142585. S Margau racist and disgusting
142584. Menache  
142583. Stephen Waldman  
142582. Itzak Bitran  
142580. Andrew Meyers  
142579. Nicolas Waldmann  
142578. Bert Kohen  
142577. Donna Goodman  
142576. Vanessa  
142575. J. Ernstoff  
142574. Faye Elsa Levy  
142573. varda  
142572. Drora Arussy  
142571. Michael B. Richman  
142570. Nora Anderson  
142569. Esther Holler This site is clearly an atrocity.
142568. Susan  
142567. Mohey Mowafy  
142566. Jan Babins  
142565. THOMAS FRIED  
142564. fajman  
142563. Carol Bengis Hateful and ignorant
142562. Dr Lyris Mansoor  
142561. Noah  
142560. James S Cowen  
142559. Moshe M. Eisemann You offer such an useful service. Why spoil it with this trash?
142558. charlie levy will not use google till it is removed
142557. Melissa Morof  
142556. Frances Lieman  
142555. Sheila Friedman  
142554. Sheldon Estreicher  
142553. lenore fogel  
142552. B Miller bunch of lies- get rid of the garbage!
142551. paul ufberg  
142550. laura Dailey Will it never end?
142549. Wayne Juneau  
142548. esther lerer Bigotry has no place anywhere in this world!
142547. DAVID P. RACKNER  
142546. Douglas remove this offensive website ASAP
142545. GR Warren I hate this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
142544. Louis Sanfilippo  
142543. nechama  
142542. Richard Kramer  
142541. eugene orenstein  
142540. Pauline Utter rubbish
142539. Mikki Futernick  
142538. Hershel Kanarek  
142537. Carole Meyer  
142536. Marc Chernoff Racism should never be tolerated
142535. Gene Chaiken  
142534. Dr.George J. Corella I cannot believe that you allow for such a site.
142533. Norma S. Bellino  
142532. kerbel  
142531. B. Shackman I fully endorse the petition.
142530. kerbel  
142529. Vera Hollander  
142528. Harold Z Greenberg  
142527. Barry Schneider  
142526. Patricia Gruytch  
142525. Jackie and Colin Taylor  
142524. alistaire hayman  
142523. Denise Martin  
142522. Miriam Bocian-Anghel Google has a better name than to promote antisemitic sites
142521. Wendy Phillips  
142520. Kerin Conn  
142519. Rolanda  
142518. Jessica Schwartz  
142517. Emmanuel Herzog  
142516. Debby Kaplan  
142515. c. koven  
142514. Candyce Hafler This site is offensive. The fact that it appears first in your search is unacceptable and does nothing but promote anti-semitism
142513. judy ellman  
142512. susan voynow  
142511. Robert Chaiken  
142510. naomi  
142509. Coco Google was developed by Jews, could they not have done something!!!!!!
142508. Devorah Zmood  
142507. David Cohen Ph.d  
142506. Rosella Rosenberg  
142505. Michael Rosenberg  
142504. Geoff Solomon Some sites equivalent to 'shouting FIRE in a theatre'
142503. Hannah McKee the Vatican is controlled by Jews?
142502. Malky Asarch  
142501. Paul J. Serrins  
142500. Roy Vinderine  
142499. Bob Katz  
142498. Carolyn Berg  
142497. Kathryn Amiel  
142496. tonia komesaroff Please remove jewwatch from google's search engine
142495. doris kuhl powers  
142494. jack wambaugh  
142493. David Segal  
142492. David Moshier  
142491. Arnold Chippin the site is designed to inspire hatred
142490. Dov l  
142489. suzy lourie  
142488. Heidi Dreyfuss  
142487. Ros Morris  
142486. arthur kozin  
142485. Michelle Furman  
142484. Andy Harris  
142483. Bryan Zielinski  
142482. alice tobias disgusting to have such a website come up
142481. Candice Janet  
142480. mandy weinberg  
142479. R Tubman  
142478. Mary Kluk  
142477. Ellen Grossman GOD HELP US ALL!
142476. Roz Friedman  
142475. Stephen Avrington Terrible these people still cater to such vile beliefs and haven't learned a damn thing. Santayana stated it well..
142474. Carl Shuster  
142473. Margaret Berelowitz  
142472. david genuth  
142471. Kirstin Izzard  
142470. Victor Levy All a pack of lies or taken out of context
142469. Lior Aviv  
142468. Arieh Reichart  
142467. Rochel Rosenberg  
142466. biro-walker El Francio, esperantisto kontrau antisemitismo
142465. noam snir  
142464. DIANE CATZEL there are so few Jews in the world - are we that powerful that so many millions are afraid of us?
142463. V.Kramer  
142462. fabrega  
142461. Julie  
142460. Avi Schwarzmer This web site is filled with lies and hate.
142459. Ehav Ever As a Jew of African ancestry I can tell you that the Jew Watch site has numerous inaccuracies.
142458. Tony What can I say. Just remove it.
142457. Dorothy R. Goldstick  
142456. Ida Dick It is essential that Google stop helping hate. It is against the law!
142455. Doreen Ferraro This disgusts me - there's already too much hatred and intolerance - Google certainly shouldn't be encouraging more!!!
142454. David Lang thank you
142453. Antony Weinberg  
142452. shalom paul REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
142451. Dr Freddy Shaw  
142450. Sandra Dreyfus it is a despicable commentary from google
142449. TEMAM Chantal  
142448. Jack Carlin  
142447. Carol Jelken  
142446. Ron Feiler Disgusting
142445. Yudith Gluzman Que se puede decir de los antisemitas de siempre?
142444. Andrew  
142443. malcolm cohen it should be removed. .at once..
142442. Leon Zeldis  
142441. Fran Isaacs I'm disgusted with the site. It's obvious by the choice of articles that this site is biased against Jews and Israel and is designed to promote bigotry and hate.
142440. Leo Cole This is freedom of speech like yelling fire in a theatre
142439. Sala Rubinstein  
142438. Lefty Mills  
142437. Sharon Blumenfeld  
142436. Neill Aarons i'm disgusted
142435. Cheri Rothschild  
142434. Moshe Elkman  
142433. Dee Bilo  
142432. daniela gliksman  
142431. Vadim Dubov  
142430. Toby Dantzic  
142429. stephen stowe  
142428. B Abrahams Corporate and moral responsability????
142427. rhona sheer  
142426. Naomi Kubitsky There are only some 11,000,000 Jews in the world out of how many billions of people. (6 billion?) How do so few get blamed for every singlw thing wrong in the world? (My mistake- not every single wrong; probably the Chinese who never heard of Jews, don't blame them.)
142425. amy tanenbaum  
142424. Harriet Brown  
142423. Avi Gannon  
142422. Janet D. Rouzaud  
142421. Natan Ghetea  
142420. Martha Hauptman  
142419. grahame stowe the site is an absolute outrage
142418. Myriam brenner I am appallled that Google allows this!
142417. Mandy  
142416. barry teeger  
142415. Boaz Stark  
142414. Judith Kuskin  
142413. Valentin Abelhouse you are the best road to spread these lies
142412. perets ofer  
142411. Allan Rich  
142410. Mike Leigh  
142409. Yifat  
142408. Lorraine  
142407. J Eisenberg  
142406. Myron Liptzin  
142405. Larry Finkelstein  
142404. Marlene Vegter  
142403. barry kitaeff  
142402. M. K. This must be stopped
142401. Menachem Deutsch  
142400. moshe  
142399. salimpour  
142398. Ellen Braverman  
142397. Yael Brume  
142396. Yael Brume  
142395. Tom Levinson  
142394. abraham Laznik You willthink that after the Holocaust we will never see stuff like this anymore.
142393. Rita Koplin  
142392. Miquel Segura Aguiló No antisemitisme in Internet
142391. lynn  
142390. Marvin Greenberg Google in it's efforts to be open is not applying a standard of judging what should be posted and what should not be. How do we attack the information and the fool?
142389. Dee-Ann Stein  
142388. gabriel  
142387. gerry melnick  
142386. Sylvia Windmueller  
142385. Andrew Jay  
142384. Ronald J. Frederick, PhD  
142383. Harvey Katowitz Please practice what you preach. From the original Goolge IPO letter "Don't be evil. We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served—as shareholders and in all other ways—by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains. This is an important aspect of our culture and is broadly shared within the company."
142382. Daniel Pollock  
142381. Ainsley Henriques  
142380. Gideon Tomaschoff  
142379. natalie villiard  
142378. Lisa Hall  
142377. Diane Cliff  
142376. Andrea Paprocki  
142374. S Marlowe  
142373. Perry Birman  
142372. Richard Samuels  
142371. liane segal  
142370. ROBERT BRUH Remove this hateful tripe from Google
142369. Hilary west  
142368. Harvey Singler This is how the Nazis started by getting people to accept that Jews were less than nothing and could be abused. Look where that ended!
142367. Elyse Alperstein  
142366. RUTH BARINA Google why are you letting yourselves down like this SHAMEFUL
142365. Greenlinger  
142364. Maureen Aggiss This site contains inflammatory,biased statements and breaches trust and integrity.
142363. Gelb The power of the media cannot be overestimated especially in this internet age. Please allow those who are interested in investigating the word 'Jew' to have a clear, balanced view & not be bombarded with racist untruths. Accurate education is the key to understanding among all people.
142362. Winky Ringo  
142361. Hani Davis Seems to me there are over 50,000 signatures. Why hasn't the site been removed?!
142360. Dina Hunt This is apalling. Please do the right thing.
142359. Nicole Greenwold  
142358. Claire Cooper  
142357. Avihu Hiram  
142356. Bernard Greenwold  
142355. Ellen Audet Having this web site should be listed under antisemitic not Jewish. this is skewing information and the undereducated may assume this is supportive of the Jewish people
142354. martin richards  
142353. ROLF A. HARF Very offensive. Please remove
142352. charles s. wolfe this is a dispicable site
142351. Aviva and Zalman Mowszowski Shame on you anti semites !!!!
142350. j.schwalb  
142349. Tatiana Parrish I think for obvious reasons that google should not allow a hate site
142348. Anatol W. Borejdo  
142347. L Marks  
142346. Hilary Davis please remove this site as quickly as possible
142345. R Codron  
142344. Tony Sobel  
142343. Derek  
142342. Marc Needoff  
142341. YANEK Goldberg, MD Straight out of My Kampf, shame on you.
142340. Les Joselyn  
142339. Alon Vax ÿ
142338. Dawn Soffer  
142337. Erica Arbron  
142336. harriet weichselbaum  
142335. Elka Gouzer  
142334. karin  
142333. marla figdor Not appropriate website. Delete it NOW!
142332. M. Weinberg  
142331. Abraham Winter  
142330. Fl. Schellekes  
142329. Cynthia LYON  
142328. Memmi georges  
142327. Mazal Stupid
142326. R.P.W eichselbaum  
142325. norma schreiber  
142324. Gus C  
142323. Jesica  
142322. MARRACHE Philippe  
142321. Bouhnik  
142320. BOUHNIK  
142319. Chaike Levine JewWatch is a shocking and inflammatory web site.
142318. D. O. Ray They keep coming back in different forms
142317. Alan Schulman  
142316. Sue Newton  
142315. Yaffa Nathan Please do not contribute to spreading hate in the world
142314. nilly  
142313. Dr. J.S.Wolnerman  
142312. natalie ferstendik  
142311. Laurel Nygate  
142310. Halyna Bocheva  
142309. lee ravitz  
142308. shellie ravitz  
142307. rachel  
142306. Judi John  
142305. WA Russell  
142304. Ken Dollarhide  
142303. Robyn Bloom  
142302. Mathias NIYONZIMA such antisemitic litterature call for hate and murder on jews
142301. Stephen Ziel  
142300. Susie Clapham  
142299. Eric Beckerman  
142298. Caroline Greenberg  
142297. yotam laibovitch  
142296. ardis mitchell  
142295. Sharon Landau  
142294. karoline latchman  
142293. raccah  
142292. Ken E  
142291. galia  
142290. Rivelle  
142289. L. Weiss  
142288. Herb  
142287. Ken Elm this is antisemetic and must be removed
142286. eva rembiszewski  
142285. Jan Steinhauser  
142284. sydney shapiro  
142283. J. M. Delgado  
142282. Gary Levitt  
142281. Ilan Lew  
142280. Leon Ellman  
142279. Robin Hase  
142278. Ilanah Katz  
142277. Angela Levine horrible - please remove as soon as possible
142276. Abraham Danon  
142275. David Green  
142274. Fiona Leckerman  
142273. Mimi Teeger  
142272. Yoram Cohen  
142271. Neville Freed  
142270. marion davis  
142269. Shirley Harris  
142268. John L Bowman  
142267. Jonny Gaon  
142266. Alicia Cahn  
142265. Penny  
142264. Caroline O'Gilvie  
142263. MARGULES  
142262. K.Wedcliffe  
142261. Jonathan Gordon  
142260. roni  
142259. RP Bentley  
142258. Helena Abram sheer poison
142257. Israël  
142256. Elad  
142255. Michael Kurtzig this type of total news fabrication must be stopped
142254. Pauline Sachs This site is so defamatory, so malicious and so full of lies that it should be immediately removed from Google and any other search stations.
142253. Nurit  
142252. AMY ARONS  
142251. dora boom  
142250. G Hillman  
142249. Daniel Smolowitz  
142248. Debbie Moldovan  
142247. Gillian Wolpert  
142246. pinchas davidman  
142245. Lucy Lee  
142244. J Federman  
142243. Leah Kolsky  
142242. Shira Klein  
142241. Maurice Rotstayn & Joan Finestone  
142240. Michael Buchsbaum  
142239. Hilary Sage i wonder what google's response would be if such offensive results came up when "muslim" was the search word?
142238. Minkoff Cigdem Vanessa  
142237. Telangana  
142236. michael klutstein  
142235. Batya Kurtstag Annoying to read such lies!!!!!
142234. marc shryer  
142233. shoshana Haimovitz  
142232. Hazel Weeks  
142231. chaim abittan  
142230. Allen Soraff  
142229. margo lowy  
142228. cindy cohen  
142227. Jack Klarnet  
142226. meyer  
142225. bette goldenirng  
142224. jason szlezinger this site is disgusting and must be taken off your search engine
142223. hazel schwartz  
142222. Helen Nathan  
142221. gayle factor  
142220. Gregory Sapozhnikov  
142219. Pam Immerman  
142218. Amir  
142217. Avi Ziskind  
142216. monica kanter  
142215. m levene Ban this filth
142214. ronit aharoni  
142213. karen kedmi  
142212. Judith Licht  
142211. Aaron Kampf  
142210. daniel wolfson  
142209. Bruce Boshi  
142208. bataille  
142207. Steve Silver  
142206. L.Gilden  
142205. Joel Padowitz  
142204. James Roth  
142203. Maxim Reider  
142202. Linda Kramer  
142201. Sheryl Harta  
142200. Jennifer Paull  
142199. Rita & Gus Levitas JUST GET RID OF IT!!
142198. Mark Savinson  
142197. Haim Beinash  
142196. Mizhir Machpud  
142195. V. Cadranel  
142194. Stephanie Rosenberg  
142193. jacob szabo  
142192. miriam szabo  
142191. judith szabo  
142190. Rolene Marks  
142189. potts  
142188. Mark Cohen  
142187. h.klevansky  
142186. Sym Kohn  
142185. David Bell  
142184. Judith Bell  
142183. Yosef Danon  
142182. rosilio  
142181. Filipe RA  
142180. alan lewis revolting site
142179. Basri macha  
142178. Miriam  
142177. Sandra Radinsky Hate is an ugly thing. Fix this.
142176. P.Harrison  
142175. Jacqui Goldberg  
142174. Ms. Marta Israel  
142173. Michael Kaye This guy really has a problem
142172. David Silverston I am not against free speech, only those who would deny me free speech if they came to power. The Nazi's are the best example of what happens if you ignore the Jewatch website.
142171. ben meyers  
142170. Emma May  
142169. Sarah Gerskup  
142168. Sylvia Bennaim  
142167. Naomi Morris  
142166. Richard Clorfene  
142165. Michal you - google take part with nazies!
142164. Michal you - google take part with nazies!
142163. DAVID HOENIG  
142162. jeanette mass what an uninformed individual can say.
142161. Irene  
142160. dauman  
142159. Dan Baras  
142158. ori latter  
142157. hazel shapiro  
142156. Joanne Webber  
142155. marilyn stowe  
142154. Steve Perry Remove this immediately for the good of all mankind!
142153. klutstein ilana  
142152. LOB Michel and Rosine Ê
142151. Benjamin Fryer  
142150. Jemma  
142149. carlos leviton  
142148. amanda peters  
142147. Mrs Charlotte Vine  
142146. Barry Tobiansky  
142145. Paul  
142144. Mary Hunt  
142143. Rafi Barnett Please remove --- this is disgustingly racist!!
142142. Linsler  
142141. Judy Newman Walk a mile in the shoes of a jewish person and imagine how they must feel
142140. BERNHARD LAZARUS despicable
142139. Merle Wilson  
142138. Michal Finch  
142137. Bert Ovoc  
142136. Neville Davis  
142135. LAZARE Lucien  
142134. Mrs. J.Jessener please remove this comment
142133. Raymond Taghioff  
142132. tyrone spann  
142131. Lipkowicz albert  
142130. Natalie Kluk Remove this disgusting site
142129. Helen Sauler  
142128. Prof. Dr. Pablo S. Schabes R.  
142127. itay haramati  
142126. sharon meushar ÿ
142125. Tammy Maman Just disgusting!
142124. Jacqui Israel  
142123. dennis feldman  
142122. J Abel must be removed.
142121. daniel de picciotto  
142120. Dr Ken J I am not Jewish, but we all worship the same God. Some of my best friends are Jewish and they are lovely people,.with honourable values and hospitality. I think in this world, we all have values that a fair percentage agree with, and some or many disagree with. However, this is no reason to begrudge an entire race. Even races that have atrocities under their belt, do not represent the majority of that race, but usually a misguided government.. If we fairly review world history, I think we will find that virtually every country or race has at some point committed some type of crime against humanity which we can consider to be an atrocity. I don’t think it is nice to focus on one culture with negativity or illuminating any type of failure. If any failings are going to be highlighted, one culture should not be singled out. Instead,, a more balanced view of "all cultures" failings should be presented, so that we can ultimately see that we are all human and we all err. I thiank God that we will be judge
142119. mark broomer a truly disgusting site... remove it now!
142118. Tuth  
142117. Jon  
142116. Barbara Milano it is mandatory to remove this criminal antisemitic site
142115. Dotan Stein should not exist and should be removed
142114. Rosalyn Barnett  
142113. Ann Ussishkin  
142112. Margolin  
142111. Russell Copeland I expect better from Google! You should remove ALL anti-religious websites!
142110. tzipi shichor  
142109. David Payne hoking get rid of it
142108. Orli Geva  
142107. C. Bachrach  
142106. BINABOUT  
142105. M MURCIA What a lie - Remove immediately
142104. AZOULAY  
142103. Eli Benson  
142102. Philip Glaser  
142101. Greiner Judith  
142100. TEBOL  
142099. Varda Gal  
142098. merav  
142097. Ronald Gonshaw  
142096. adele  
142095. barry white Its not what I would expect from Google to have this site on its search engine
142094. Anthony Cge Quite scandalous...
142093. N Harta  
142092. Adrian Isaacs  
142091. Adrian Isaacs  
142090. lana nadel disgusting! must be removed
142089. E. Rosensweig  
142088. Bernice Greene This anti-semetic online address must be removed from your site at once!
142087. june stone  
142086. Brenda Smith  
142085. Colin Silver Please remove this anti semetic link at once
142084. simon jacobs  
142083. Dale Baranowski  
142082. L.Hommel This video serves no purpose but to cause antisemitism
142081. H. Palmer Read "Myths&Facts" for the truth!!
142080. Larry Woznica  
142079. Avner Shelem This site should be removed from the internet
142078. Gill Sher This site is horrifying and should not be available on the internet!
142077. AGUILAR marcel  
142076. Selwyn Ziskind NOT A NICE SITE
142074. David Hasenfled  
142073. Virginia Lenzinger The site is even worse than I thought possible!
142072. Frances Selikow  
142071. ninette braunstein  
142070. Peter Silver This is illegal in the UK
142069. hurlus  
142068. daniel martin  
142067. Ricard Díaz  
142066. navot ziv av  
142065. S Beinash  
142064. Susan Johnson  
142063. J.Blajwas  
142062. Deborah Rubin Fields  
142061. Barbara Holmes please remove this site it is wrong that it is still here
142060. Joel Hepner Trend-Micro Internet Security 2007 disallows it from access as HATE and Violence! You must, also!
142059. miriam  
142058. Emily N. Kaplan  
142057. Liengme, Myrna  
142056. Bella Codron  
142055. joan Taylor  
142054. Sylvia Kaye This is the site of a pathetic sicko
142053. Remmie Brown  
142052. Jack Pastor  
142051. Matthew Seidman, Ph.D. It seems I heard about this two years ago. Obviously, Google has done nothing to remove this garbage.
142050. Charly Gotlib  
142049. Natalie Pearce  
142048. Ernest David This is a disgusting site full of judeophobia
142047. Susan Kacev  
142046. A Rose Remove this nauseating pseudo-intellectual hate site!
142045. Mrs. L. Dohn I found this site to be vile in content. You can not rewrite history when you disagree with peoples stand.
142044. Darryl Gordon  
142043. Jonathan Strauch Shocking that this could happen
142042. Ruth Jacobs  
142041. David Levy Things like this are just beneficing world xenophobe !!
142040. Tzach  
142039. William Hennessy unthinkable that such warped ideas can be so easily proliferated
142038. PASCUCCIO  
142037. Leon Goldberg  
142036. Leonard Karp The website in question is disgusting. No organisation with any integrity could possibly publicise it!
142035. Debra Moldovan  
142034. Chaim G  
142033. Lyane Polonsky its disgusting that Googles allow "hate inducing sites" on their network - even though they abide by the 'freedom' of speech and opinions - inticing "hate sites" goes against the grain of what humans can do to better love and understand one another.
142032. susan roth  
142031. Galit Rauchwerger  
142030. Don Rainbow  
142029. TEZYAN  
142028. Zachi Savir  
142027. Linda Lucks Remove this disgraceful site
142026. Christine Petersen  
142025. Irma roberstein  
142024. debbie  
142023. Karen  
142022. Jablonski  
142021. Yuri Adir get it down, now!!!
142020. Madeleine  
142019. george roth  
142018. Adina Allen you have an obligation to remove this
142017. sarit  
142016. Joannie Stern Too disgusting to even offer a comment.
142015. Sarah Vorst absolutely appalling!
142014. Yaffa  
142013. Kathryn Converse  
142012. dina u  
142011. S Joel A bitter twisted man
142010. ROSENTHAL  
142009. Mike Du Plooy  
142008. Jodie Holckner  
142007. Brian Bloom  
142006. Veronica Frydman Remove JewWatch!
142005. Bryan Choritz the usual smattering of lies, untruths and blatant anti-semitic propoganda by a man who is clearly sick in the head
142004. Mildred Cohen  
142003. Jonathan Aronson  
142002. Stephen Schmideg  
142001. padan itamar  
142000. Rosi  
141999. ronny levy  
141998. Leah Steuer Please remove any antisemitic and all of the incorrect and damaging theories that is now on this site. It is imperative that you do this immediately.
141997. tony david please remove
141996. Susan Goldis  
141995. Mariel  
141994. Nathalie Benarroch  
141993. Allan Jerichower  
141992. Marcus Davidson  
141991. ilan solomons  
141990. Michael Green  
141989. rachel grunwald  
141988. mark grunwald  
141987. David Itzkowic  
141986. MALKA ZAED  
141985. Tanya  
141984. Olivia Poloni  
141983. Johnny Mardkhah  
141982. yonatan bardash  
141981. Simcha Gavish It is not clear how a respectable business allows such a disgusting definition to appear. What is the chance of an anti Islam window appearing?
141980. Sarah Lederhendler  
141979. moises caltum micha  
141978. tracy amrani  
141977. Carol Eckstein  
141976. SOLOMON GUBBAY antisemitism has abounded over the centuries, and every once in a while its ugly head seems to rear and cause great disaster and destruction.
141975. Boaz Dorfzaun  
141974. Leah Goldstein  
141973. Julianne Shinto  
141972. raymond levis  
141971. Vad Shamis  
141970. joe ades  
141969. cynthia lubarsky  
141968. susie ades  
141967. cemachovic  
141966. Marlene Goodman  
141964. Sandra Abram  
141963. Dorith Carmeli  
141962. david aaron  
141961. Raisa Chacham  
141960. vicki vidor  
141959. Dr Paul O'Shea Free speech must be responsible and honest. This site contains neither. This site perpetrates material that is pornographic, sadistic, morally and historically inaccurate.
141958. James A. Segall To Google: Read your explanation. I understand your position. I suggest that in addition to removal that certain sites should include a label from Google when the content is clearly questionable. While this site should probably be removed, at a minimum it should be labeled "Antisemetic site. All statement of fact should be viewed with extreme skepticism, and should be independently verified from a reputable source."
141957. Benamram sarabella  
141956. deborah goldberg  
141955. louise stevenson this man hasn't got time to go to the toilet, all his xxxx is going to this site
141954. Miria Clements  
141953. Sheila Rose Please remove this site!!!!!!!!!
141952. Robyn Goldin evil propogandapreventing people from living in harmony
141951. judy Rogers  
141950. Jimmy Krell  
141949. simon to say this is disgusting is merely an understatement. remove this site.
141948. simon bacal to say this is disgusting is merely an understatement. remove this site.
141947. David Teplitski  
141946. Dean Ostilly  
141945. Phyllis Mallin discusting
141944. Richard Moster  
141943. Gary Ross  
141942. Elliot Schwartz  
141941. Perl  
141940. Vadim  
141939. Miriam & Tibor Weisz  
141938. Meira Golbert Remove racism!
141937. Harold N. Samuels  
141936. Jeffrey Jacobs  
141935. FRIEDMAN  
141934. Mark Friedman  
141933. anna  
141932. toni Joel  
141931. malka  
141930. Claire Levin  
141929. andrew greenberg  
141928. this site is a disgrace
141927. Linda Sackstein  
141926. Fay Garber  
141925. Ilana Neugroschl It is more then offensive
141924. Jay B. Belsky  
141923. Joel Block  
141922. Kim Kwiatek  
141921. Archangel Muscato  
141920. allan fensten  
141919. Nina Susswein  
141918. judith  
141917. geva must removed!!!
141916. Jack  
141915. Eliahu Diner  
141914. Aster Abebe Google: Please promote peace and unity by removing this hateful site.
141913. natalie ginsburg  
141912. gabi  
141911. Helen Kranther  
141910. Epstein family  
141909. rotem gadot  
141908. lester fainman disgrace
141907. Dale Halperin  
141906. veronica fox  
141905. grossmann meir & miri  
141904. stanley itskowitch  
141903. mauricio epelbaum  
141902. mendel Polichenco  
141901. Jill Spero  
141900. nicole hutchinson this site is dangerous and fuels hate
141899. L. Lewis  
141898. Svetlana Bazaman Second Generation Holocaust Survivor, The horrors of the war are etched in my mothers heart to this day.
141897. moises  
141896. amit  
141895. pesa gottlieb Delete JEW WATCH
141894. Ron Robinson Very dangerous site. Please remove.
141893. Anne and Loren Rosenberg  
141892. brachi meidad  
141891. Harel Israel  
141890. Francesca Brotman-Orner  
141889. Ruth Rodger unfair
141888. Leona Zollman There is no such thing as absolute freedom of speech. You cannot yell "Fire" in a movie theater. So no one should be allowed to incite others toward this kind of ethnic MURDER. Think about it!
141887. Ken Pollock  
141886. michelle pourau this is absolutely deplorable that such anti sematic site can appear on your search engine.
141885. R. Tucker  
141884. Klinger Sylvia  
141883. Daniel Gelb  
141882. teboul  
141881. Graciela kabazo  
141879. Michal Vizer  
141878. Danielle Grant  
141876. Evan Plotka  
141875. LuZEsThEr  
141874. nat  
141873. josef peter riess jews are equal and have the right to survive
141872. Phyllis Spear  
141871. bonnie Smith  
141870. Dr Hope Goldberg Please remove this horrifyingly malignant hate site from Google. I will not use Google again (which was my one and only search engine) until this site is removed
141869. Lydia Zuckier  
141868. rachel remove inti semetic sites
141867. marilyn isaacks  
141866. Candace Kaller  
141865. Scott Shulman  
141864. Steve you can do better than this
141863. Michael Mell Remove this disturbing site!
141862. Adolf KILL THE JEWS, SEIG HIEL!!
141861. Sandra Lipset  
141860. Sharon Lippman Please remove the from the Google Search Engine
141859. Nancy Loewenthal  
141858. MARK KOFFMAN This sort of garbage must not be allowed on any website
141857. Renee Firestone This must be stopped
141856. Ilan Justh my grandparents died at the hands of people like him
141855. Marcy Dayan  
141854. Joshua Salzman This is gross, really
141853. Dolores F. Labowitch Horrible!!
141852. Boris Yurovsky  
141851. M J Wegner  
141850. Michael R. Labowitch Disgusting!!
141849. Kalman Robinson Detestable to allow the site
141848. marc samberg  
141847. Gary J. Becker, M.D.  
141846. Elizabeth Weinstein  
141845. Stanley & Toni Milliner  
141844. vittorio  
141843. Arnona Horowitz  
141842. Dan Hanes  
141841. Ethan Stein  
141840. Lisa Jacobs  
141839. Beryl Turner This is disgusting
141838. Diana Rubanenko  
141837. Linda Schwartz Whatever are you thinking? This is a totally anti-semetic site and the editor should be ashamed of himself. I too am a librarian and he certainly is not using his unbiased training .
141836. Ian Biner  
141835. carol hofman  
141834. David Goldrath  
141833. Robyn Knutson The International Jew is also on the first pg.
141832. Jack Salem  
141831. katie rubel  
141830. Carolyn Fallaver  
141829. Jules Siegel  
141828. Mark Shapiro This goes beyond free speech!
141827. Myra Weiger There aren't words sufficient to say how horrible this is.
141826. Romy  
141825. Enrique Singer  
141824. Moshe Lehrer  
141823. dorothy pantanowitz  
141822. Richard Braun  
141821. elliott  
141820. Harry Shragg  
141819. Ina Ayliffe  
141818. Morris A. DuBrow  
141817. Murray Eisner  
141816. Tami Rutman  
141815. Lucia Bacon  
141814. rosi meltzer  
141813. Louis Rhodes III  
141812. peter bolot disgraceful !
141811. faye s. stempel this is a vile site
141810. MichaelLandy  
141809. Avi Blau  
141808. david rosenberg remove this nazi hate proliferator
141807. Elisabeth Sipos Google must be vigilant about allowing such lies on their reputable site!
141806. nathaniel jackson  
141805. daniela cohen definately anti-semitic
141804. Sholom Pearlman  
141803. Joseph Berman  
141802. Eli Shapiro IGNORANT IDIOTS
141801. Shelley Chandler  
141800. michelle abrishami  
141799. Maurice Landesberg  
141798. Benjamin Handelsman  
141797. Marsha Goldfine  
141796. Reesa Benkoff  
141795. H. Vines  
141794. sandra lindheimer  
141793. Julia Vidor  
141792. Lyle Jaffe  
141791. sid simon  
141790. David  
141789. Phil Willen The world doesn't need any more hatred or lies such as the ones presented at this site.
141788. Beatriz Kalb  
141787. dianna davidson Encourage world harmony, not anti=semitism
141786. a starr  
141784. Ronald Marlar Isn't it way past time for this kind of hate to stop?
141783. Mariel Rosati  
141782. Leticia Singer Remove this filth, enough hate in this world as it is.
141781. Esther Herman get the site off!
141779. Cheryl Rosenstein  
141778. Leon Singer Remove. Google doesn't need this kind of hate site.
141777. Steven Feitelberg  
141776. Lorri Herman  
141775. Wendy Stahler  
141774. Jean M. Rich Remove - it is totally untrue, hateful and dangerous
141773. joe segel  
141772. alan feins baseless hatred
141771. MZF  
141770. jeff gren  
141769. Frances J. Mandell -Arad This has happened before !
141768. BC  
141766. Ruth Furst  
141765. Amy Alllen  
141764. jackie Vidor  
141763. Susan Sacks  
141762. Kate C. Gitnick  
141761. daniel braver please remove jewwatch
141760. Sandy Steinberg  
141759. Harriet Grumet This site is repulsive and offensive.
141758. valerie Abdalla Please remove this
141757. Dr. Gerald J. Goldenberg  
141756. Athur Kuperman  
141755. Emiaj Lackab  
141754. DRW  
141753. Carlos Berger  
141752. Barbara Moses I admire Google and use them constantly, but this is truly upsetting. Please do remove.
141751. Jean Hollcroft Please remove jewwatch from the google directory
141750. Barbara Moretsky  
141749. Farnaz Yashar  
141748. Zvi  
141747. robert wahnich  
141746. Eva Etzioni-Halevy  
141745. Roberta Sanders  
141744. adrian collier  
141743. Diane Schilit  
141742. Ron Lindzon  
141741. Ronni Strell  
141740. Brina-RaeSchuchman don't encourage hatred
141739. Dana Isenstein  
141738. Ronni Strell  
141737. J Jucker  
141736. ZVI TAMIR the jewwatch site is offensive!!!
141735. Sharlene Hoffman this is pure lies
141734. Andy Gryll  
141733. Alana  
141732. Lynn  
141731. graciela lessing  
141730. Steven J Sanders  
141729. Maryann Fishler  
141728. joyce  
141727. John Pascal  
141726. Rena Down  
141725. Ann Schachinger Sick! This is not freedom of speech, this is blatant discrimination and a promotion for hatred and terrorist behavior. Please remove this from the Google Search Engine!
141724. Evan  
141723. Jill Irwin  
141721. David Gelfand  
141720. Andy Ernstein  
141719. Maisie Price Rock This article is the worst hate propaganda I have ever read and should be forbidden. It is all lies.
141718. ROBERT KOBY  
141717. Barbara Cohen  
141716. Valerie Remba  
141715. Mary Bally remove all antisemitic sites, please!
141714. LYNDA KOBY  
141713. Eleazar Birnbaum Many members of my wifes family and my own including a lot of children were killed in Auschwitz, and I know many sole survivors of whole families who still have their camp numbers tattooed on their arm. this site is a fraud and a disgrace. Freedom of speech does not imply freedom to lie and defame without consequences.Shut this site down !
141712. Herman Graff  
141711. Ema it's discusting
141710. Esther Buch  
141709. Danny Berenberg  
141708. Marvin Basil  
141707. david rothenberg  
141706. JAN HAUSER  
141705. Pepe Buch  
141704. Paul  
141703. michael banister  
141702. Steve Lichtenstein Disgracefull that it appears at all on the Google Search Engine
141701. Allan Friedman  
141700. nancy lipoff  
141699. Helga Franks Please remove this site!
141697. rochelle balaban  
141696. Roy Schloss  
141695. P. Kauffman This is so wrong.
141694. Simson Smith  
141693. Daniel  
141692. eugene fishman  
141691. Elaine Smith  
141690. helen fishman  
141689. Sauna Olins  
141688. otto szekely  
141687. Jackie Rigante This is disgusting and must be removed immediately
141686. Jeane Heller  
141685. Helen Schulman  
141684. Fern Donenfeld  
141683. Judith F. Labowitz  
141682. sid david  
141681. Helene Mesch  
141680. Armand Ostroff  
141679. Howard J.  
141678. judy david  
141677. Arthur Kates  
141676. michelle brigman  
141675. Jacqlyn Scarlatelli  
141674. Joel Baum  
141673. elaine Stokol  
141672. Eileen Brotman  
141671. Miriam Real  
141670. Luvyz Rivera  
141669. karen please remove from your search engine
141668. eve sonner  
141667. Lisa Schustak do the right thing
141666. Mercedes Betito  
141665. Miriam Libman  
141664. isamar biwi  
141663. Ezra Barany  
141662. Esther Shemtob  
141661. andy beider get this guy gone
141660. Meribah Bodack This is a disgrace to our country's values.
141659. Charles Dolman  
141658. W. Albert We never seem to learn
141657. Ori Dula Clearly racist and unecessary
141656. E Halady Please think about this encourages people with bad intentions.
141655. j jersky  
141654. joseph noormand  
141653. Margie Freeman  
141652. Noam Israel  
141651. Arlene Schiavo This is really disgusting & I hope google pays dearly for promoting it!
141650. Marian Schoeneman SHOCKING AND DISGUSTING
141649. Daniel k i am jewish and that site is OFFENSIVE!
141648. Malka Weintraub  
141647. lyndi stein  
141646. Jose Nazari  
141645. Jonathan Fishman  
141644. lauren  
141643. Jacobo Futran  
141642. Karene Katz  
141641. brad fish  
141640. Anne Woolf  
141639. Ellen Smith  
141638. Deborah F. Raub Offensive and scary stuff...
141636. linda  
141635. wendy  
141634. Stanley Rosenberg Promotes Jew hatred and must be removed from Google!
141633. eva blodek  
141632. Dorothy Rice Dwire It is too sad to think that Google would permit this
141631. Daniel Rubin  
141630. randi guigui  
141629. Stephen Schuster  
141628. mim ramadei  
141627. Michael Kessler  
141626. cheryl berman  
141625. Jerry Silber  
141624. Becky Rogoff  
141623. elie guigui it is vital that this search engine be remooved. it encourages antisemitism and hatred.
141622. Avis Wals  
141621. ed joseph  
141620. dora yous should be ashamed of doing this; without the jews contribution to the computer industry you wouln't be able to have a job in this world
141619. Stuart Rogoff remove it
141618. dora yous should be ashamed of doing this; without the jews contribution to the computer industry you wouln't be able to have a job in this world
141617. sanford tex  
141616. L.Lasky-Carey this rubbish and lies should be removed immediately
141615. Judith Krasilovsky  
141614. Beth Weiner  
141613. liliane  
141612. Helene Gale  
141611. Benjamin Recht  
141610. daniel whiteman disgusting support of internet hatred
141609. Judy  
141608. Belinda  
141607. Richard Israel Please drop the "Jewwatch" site asap.
141605. misha orlov  
141604. Ezra C. Levy, Esq.  
141603. mel zeiger  
141602. A. Ho Stop the spread of hatred. You reap what you sow.
141601. sherree klein  
141600. E rubin  
141599. moshe feldman  
141598. Nachum  
141597. Gayle Donner  
141595. scott epton  
141594. Sarah Elpern  
141593. helga dustingisg
141592. Leon J Reinstein  
141591. ron goldman please remove this site from Google
141590. M. Joseph  
141589. Mitzi Levine  
141588. D. Weiss  
141587. Jeanette Heintz  
141586. Bruce I. Waxman See portions on Sergey Brin, Gogle co-founder
141585. jenny there's no need for more hatred among people
141584. shahram shokrian there are no words to describe how disgusting and wrong this site is. Please remove it from the top 10 and band it from the word jew. thank you
141583. Drora Batori  
141582. debra  
141581. Shirley Port Disgusting in this day and age.
141580. Tamara Leizer Please remove ASAP
141579. Elizabeth Flynn  
141578. Rita Blanck this is a disgrace and must be removed at once
141577. Mark . Farber please do the right thing
141576. Ruth Braunstein Please remove this anti-semitic site, as its hurtful and destructive and feeds off embedded anti-semitism in society. Thank you.
141575. marylee grisanti This harms google's credibilty
141574. sharon straub  
141573. Marilyn Meyers  
141572. J. Schofield  
141571. susan maltz  
141570. Sydell Shulman  
141569. Phyllis Ginsberg  
141568. Robin  
141567. Kim Feigon Please remove this hateful site from your search engine
141566. jody wager  
141565. Marla  
141564. Chana Not only should it be removed from the 'first hit'... It shouldn't be there at all
141563. Ron Stein  
141562. Linda Labi remove this trash
141561. Jean Gallop  
141560. Sidney Fischer  
141559. Lynn Simmons what's up, Google?
141558. jules levine there is no room for this in this country
141557. Lois Brown  
141556. John Barges  
141555. Marty Resnikoff  
141554. Selma Musicant  
141553. Randall Cohen  
141552. peter friedman This is a blatant antisemitic Jew hating neo-nazi hateful website.
141551. Jodi traub  
141550. L Green  
141549. Jane Barnett Holocaust Denial and excerpts from Protocols ... supposed to be banned
141548. Maxine Pilavin The kind of lies on this site were responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Google has a responsibility to remove this site from their search engine.
141547. Robert You should be ashamed, Google, for requiring a petition at all - this is blatant anti-semitism, and you should be protesting it!
141546. Jane Barnett Holocaust Denial and excerpts from Protocols ... supposed to be banned
141545. Anna  
141544. Judith Polatsek  
141543. Ed Baron  
141542. Eric S. Kleiman  
141541. Sallie Capen  
141540. Amelia R. Kleiman  
141539. Eyal Yaffe  
141538. Mayer adler  
141537. Ana Feldman  
141536. Orlando Amoroso  
141535. Lori Pollock  
141534. Lori P. Blum We need to be more careful about what we are suggesting to people
141533. Neal Bloomfield From the original Goolge IPO letter "Don't be evil. We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served—as shareholders and in all other ways—by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains. This is an important aspect of our culture and is broadly shared within the company."
141532. Arielle  
141531. Estelle Fleischer  
141530. Nancy Connor  
141529. Irwin Cohen  
141528. Diane Gerstler  
141527. Sue Shillow this site is a danger to innocent minds
141526. Samuel Bendayan  
141525. Jeffrey Maisels This is a disgusting and offensive site. I love Google but you should not be a party to spreading and fomenting racial hatred and antisemitism
141524. Ben  
141523. Sandra Jackson  
141522. Deborah Leah Rotter, LCSW  
141521. Marilyn Estreicher  
141520. mayer meisels biggest diatribe against jews ever
141519. roberta strauchler  
141518. Hal Resnikoff There is no reason for this kind of anti semitism on the internet
141517. Theda Goldman  
141516. sally levin  
141515. Bruce Lynn dis
141514. Betsy Kusin  
141513. Miriam gross  
141512. N Sayegh  
141511. celina Iwanicki  
141510. jacqui scheinberg  
141509. barry spingarn  
141508. Sam Mickelson  
141507. Bernard Barber, Ph.D.  
141506. Menachem Vorchheimer  
141505. D Rubin Please remove ASAP it's a disgrace to human kind
141504. mussat  
141503. Alan David Patterson  
141502. Joy Gryfe antisemetism is the forerunner of the downfall of every nation that endorses it
141501. Paul Jacobi  
141500. Adolph Perez We should not be against any race
141499. Rosalie Gottfried  
141498. beth mottas  
141497. Barbara Firger horrifying!!! but not surprising ...
141496. Sandra Gruenberg remove this site as #1
141495. Claire Marshall  
141494. Joanne Luterman  
141493. rebecca weiss  
141492. Jodi Goldstein  
141491. Raeus Jae Cannon  
141490. Halina Herman  
141489. Mel Dobres Keep this crap off the net
141488. enrique  
141487. renee dickman  
141486. Edward Herman  
141485. Lana Gelb  
141484. Marty Buck  
141483. Edwin Ginsburg Plain and simple: this is wrong. Google: Kindly remove. Do the right thing.
141482. Michael Green  
141481. fred caine  
141480. Fortuna  
141479. Jake Chaitkin  
141478. Ronald Kushner  
141477. erica kirshner  
141476. Amy Ziegelman  
141475. Dorothy Judith  
141474. Karen Siegel Not in this day and age. For shame...
141473. Lori Schimmel  
141472. Rita Gluzband  
141471. jenny tavor  
141470. Cipra Nemeth  
141469. Alan B Gertner The lies and distortions found on the JewWatch site only perpetuate fear and hatred among different peoples. The site is an abhorrence. Please remove it from Google Search Engine.
141468. J. C. Kaplan  
141467. Jessica Stark It is apalling and inexcusable that this site exists!!!
141466. wendy  
141465. Renee H. Nachbar There is no room in the world for this kind of hatred
141464. Nathan  
141463. Stephen Blau  
141462. Gail  
141461. Audrey Goldberg  
141460. Shaun Benjamin  
141459. Susi Deneroff I can't believe what I'm hearing/seeing on there
141458. C. Schofield  
141457. Jeff Hateful....
141456. Dr. Rosa Lemel  
141455. Marnie Silver  
141454. Henry Drillich Hope the action will happen immediately
141453. jerry edelist ernst zundel is a racist, not a historian
141452. R. Kabler  
141451. Bruno  
141450. S. Herring  
141449. Rachel Klein  
141448. Robert Rosenberg  
141447. Hugo Rabotnicoff  
141446. Barbara Federman  
141445. Martin Schwartz  
141444. natalia fischer JewWatch is definitively nausous
141443. Jacqueline Herzog  
141442. Lynn Nezin  
141441. Debbie Guitton  
141440. Leslie Garry  
141439. Patricia Czach  
141438. Hayley  
141437. David Licht  
141436. Dr Carol and Sol Fineblum let us keep journalism free of hatred and bias; rewite your entry for "Jew" to be unbiased and fair and objective
141435. Florence Dimant  
141433. Bonnie Stein  
141432. Joseph Rosenberg  
141430. Ron Soussa Google needs to do the right thing
141429. sarah zinman it is antisemetic
141428. Freda Pitt  
141427. mel woodman we should never have had to deal with this intrusion.
141426. renee silver this is outrageuous-remove it
141425. Barry Reisig  
141424. Marilyn VanPraag  
141423. lillian topf  
141422. Carl Shechter This doesn't concern censorship, it concerns morality
141421. Lawrence Blackstone  
141420. rita  
141419. Joy Golden  
141418. Chaim Offensive, disgusting
141417. sarah piccini Spreading hatred through websites is dangerous and must be eliminated.
141416. Victoria Bedford  
141415. lois sherman REMOVE!!!!
141414. Y  
141413. Hannah Leader  
141412. Midge Rauch  
141411. Joseph W. Gurney  
141410. Irwin Alpern  
141409. Sheri Terebelo Schiff Please remove this link from your search engine.
141408. Dana Preston This is a disgrace to jews around the world.
141407. Dinah Miller-Marlowe  
141406. Sheila Still  
141405. Bernard Blackstien I have read your disclaimer but do not believe that it applies to cases where your policy is giving free rein to bigots and racists
141404. raul  
141403. kayla  
141402. alan svonkin  
141401. karen salk  
141400. Sid Kuperberg  
141399. caron  
141398. P. Spitzberg  
141397. Virginia Brooks  
141396. hannah Moore  
141395. tom malchi how can you allow this ???
141394. Rene Smith  
141393. James & Carol Wittig How low will Google stoop to make a dollar?
141392. Elaine D. Ticotin Disseminates harmful, distorted information which can only lead to greater anti-semitism and divisiveness. Google should remove it!
141391. Dion Smith  
141390. heidi weber  
141389. Murray Shore  
141388. steven dworkin a terrible defamation of our jewish culture
141386. Jos Katz needs removal inflammatory
141385. Rhonda & Lawrence Greenberg google should be ashamed of themselves allowing this on one of their avenues. I am considering not using their wesite again.
141384. Rhonda & Lawrence Greenberg google should be ashamed of themselves allowing this on one of their avenues. I am considering not using their wesite again.
141383. Graeme Finberg  
141382. Valeria Metter Fully support the petition
141381. Michael Duber  
141380. Charlotte Phillips  
141379. Doris Shor  
141378. M. Blanchard  
141377. Julian Max  
141376. LILIANE GOLDMAN Liers liers liers liers
141375. Michael Dana  
141374. liat jacobs  
141373. Christine Ellis  
141372. Jane Litwack  
141371. Gene Behrend  
141370. Julie Blankenship How sad to have this in this day and age.
141369. Eric Chodos I support all actions possible to remove Jewwatch from Google
141368. joseph schacter  
141367. Judie Blumeno This is one of the most outrageous displays of hate and anti-semitic rhetoric I have ever had the misfortune to view.
141366. Sharon Branicki  
141365. Abe Muchnik  
141364. Paul Ruthfield  
141363. Danita P. Simon  
141362. Alan Gainsford  
141361. carol sokolov this site is a disgrace. there might be a freedom of speech issue involved, but Google can exercise its own freedom of speech and not say they will not be a party to promoting such hate and lies.
141360. Roman  
141359. Simon Walles Please remove this content from Google immediately
141358. Bonnie Schuman  
141357. Brandon Smith  
141356. Herb Spanier Israel is one of our most valued friends.
141355. marilyn stolzman  
141354. Julius Moster  
141353. Uri Shick  
141352. Elle  
141351. Lawrence Katchen the sooner the better
141350. M. Kaplan  
141349. Elaine Strickstein  
141348. vadim bendersky please remove
141347. Robert Amada Please remove this hate site
141346. Gloria T. Smith  
141345. Mary A. Frank  
141344. Susan Lang  
141343. Nadador  
141342. Jorge J. Tam Villoslado  
141341. Rose-Marjan Hartog  
141340. Joe Simon  
141339. Jori that is disgusting
141338. Liz Chinchen  
141337. Edwin G. Harris  
141336. Hazel T Pizette  
141335. Jenny Lowenstein  
141334. B Levin Please remove the site
141333. Helen Harrison This disgraceful pack of lies MUST be removed! There are other search engines that I can switch to, and as a teacher I can influence others to join me in boycotting Google.
141332. Andrea Katzman  
141331. Haim Avni  
141330. Thelma Gilson This is digusting - why can't we live in peace?
141329. Naomi Alba  
141328. Stacy Hoffman  
141327. Albert Bensusen  
141326. Julie Boe Please Remove This Website Now!!!
141325. Nachum Ben-Chorin It's all wrong
141324. Jill Mittelman  
141323. Bradley Wallace  
141322. Ronni Blunt  
141321. N. Aronson  
141320. Jordana Cohen  
141319. Michael Snider  
141318. Samuca Sodi  
141317. Phyllis A Steinhauer In 2007 intolerance is unacceptable in any form.
141316. Ellen N. Felman  
141315. Claude Salama  
141314. Abraham Dychter delete jew watch from google
141313. beth sperber  
141312. Eleanor Nankin remove JEW WATCH
141311. jennifer nankin remove Jew watch from Google
141310. John A. Criswell  
141309. carol langbort  
141308. pablo Nankin Remove Jew watch from GOOGLE
141307. Linda Kaplan This site is inflamatory and should be removed.
141306. Irving N Stein  
141305. Rev. Juan RAMIREZ Wake up can't you see it for what it is, No African American, Latino or any other group would stand for this and you would have it off your web site real quick.
141304. Mary Lee  
141303. mel  
141302. Daniela  
141301. melanie  
141300. Abby Levin Google - you should be ashamed. I will be usig a different search engine if this site continues to be amongst the first that appears when browsing 'Jew'.
141299. Brian Samson  
141298. Ruth Fingerman disgusting
141297. SARAH SOLMOR  
141296. m margolis Please remove JewWatch forthwith
141295. lubicz stephane  
141294. Julieta Calvo Pesso  
141293. elisabeth lehrer  
141292. martin goldberg this is an example of distortion of the truth wrapped in "intellectual" doublespeak
141291. douglas mchaber remove this site period. should also remove isp !
141290. marvin maslin it has no place in our society
141289. deborah schiff  
141288. d antin  
141287. Richard Goldstein  
141286. Cornelius W. Reimer  
141285. Ernst S. Valfer, Ph.D. obviously anti-semitic hatred
141284. Victor Caro  
141283. Dr. Russell Posner Very Anti Semitic
141282. Si Frumkin and Ella Frumkin Stop distribuitng antisemitic info.
141281. Steve Fader Does Google really want to be search engine for hatred against any identifiable group of innocent people?
141280. sam  
141278. Jorge Bercovich  
141277. e keshen it's not the only site that should be removed!!! "jew" brings up numerous sit
141276. Peter Graben  
141275. Barbara Dever  
141274. Larry Samson  
141273. Sandi Rutner  
141272. Julie Levin  
141271. Shurl Silver These lies are fuel for terrorists in which ALL others will become victums as well. PLEASE REMOVE THIS SEARCH.
141270. Bernard Shatz  
141269. mwasserman let there be peace on earth!
141268. Donald H. Salk please remove this from your site
141267. sharon hendler  
141266. charlie panovka  
141265. Douglas Crane  
141264. H.BENJAMIN Have you no sense of shame let alone Corporate responsibility?
141263. Oscar Gottfried shame on Google
141262. Elana š
141261. Andrea Goldstein  
141260. gary susser  
141259. Jayson Rex  
141258. Alta Shapiro can you not take away such garbage, please
141257. BURTON VAUPEN It shouldnt be the first; if at all, the last
141256. Dina Figdor  
141255. jeff  
141254. david levey this man needs to be silenced. google/you tube cannot provide him with a platform for his garbage
141253. M Stark i watch for hearts not race or religion.
141252. Etiennette Lowen  
141251. Michael Jones Truck loads of false information, lies upon lies.
141250. Yelena Kalika  
141249. Jay Garber we are all God's children
141248. Esther Libman vicious anit-semetism
141247. jerome fisher  
141246. Larry Bogatz  
141245. victoria cardozo  
141244. Joan Jackabon  
141243. Bari Reiner site is awful
141242. suzanne schwartz  
141241. Avi Klein  
141240. Ora Bernstein  
141239. Martin Greenstein Remove this site from your top listing!
141238. Lisa Snow  
141236. Bauman  
141235. fran  
141234. isa andrist  
141233. Susan Dresher what would happen if you allowed anti jihadist or antimuslim propaganda???
141232. Vivian Salama  
141231. ina Zeleznick  
141230. Michelle Salem  
141229. gail phillips  
141228. Mimi please remove it!!!
141227. Bernie Simai  
141226. Ilana Weinberg  
141225. ann stoller disgraceful
141224. E Weiner despicable!
141223. Perry Toback The site is patently anti-jewish, anti-semitic and full of lies. It has no place on the legitimate internet space except to incite hatred, prejudice and bigotry toward Jews. Your allowing it to be a reference only aides and abets this repulsive situation to fester and contaminate other persons.
141222. ian  
141221. Carol Reingold  
141220. Jacobo Guttman  
141219. R Hart Amazing, really, all through history, those who have hated Jews have had to back themselves up with lies
141218. I. Donin we are in danger of another holocaust
141217. Charles Gattegno Inaccurate prejudiced outright denigrating
141216. David Bernshaw Site blocked by institutional firewall as racist/race hatred/violence
141215. marla r this is so sad
141214. james tamkin  
141213. bluma  
141212. tya backman  
141211. Maureen DeSanto putrid
141210. Ben Shandalov Please remove this reference
141209. naomi raymond  
141208. Sharon Bresler unnecessary, bised, dangerous
141207. L.A. Lipman  
141206. Carol Turkewitz  
141205. Abraham I. Tenzer, Ph. D.  
141204. bluma  
141203. Martin Hardstark Remove this anti-semitic site!
141202. Beth Lawton  
141201. Charlotte S. Hegwer  
141200. Vicki Hollander  
141199. Gail Tenzer I'm shocked! I have always used Google as my home page, but unless you remove this, I will change to something else and recommend that my whol list do the same. Spreading such racist hatred and giving it legitimacy brings demeans your organization.
141198. david freeman  
141197. Jaime Yankelevich  
141196. David Roness Some of my best friends are Jewish
141195. Julia Berkley This isn't an opinion issue -- it's just a hate site
141194. Andrea Hersh  
141193. r landes  
141192. Aaron Swil  
141191. Deborah Cowan disgraceful and appauling - google please fix
141190. Peter Bass  
141189. George Erlichster  
141188. Yair Ben-Ad  
141187. Maria Morrison  
141186. karen browner  
141185. Tanya  
141184. David Welsh  
141183. david bloom  
141182. Eric Seinsheimer  
141181. Moshe Feldman  
141180. James Moffett  
141179. Lorraine Fantl This sight is offensive
141178. Rose Marino if decency prevails, this will be removed ASAP
141177. Robert Morris  
141176. Ephraim Finch  
141175. Jill Boone Appalling that this is 1st site to come up.
141174. peter krechman  
141173. Hal Norman get rid of this hatred
141172. Bert Atlansky  
141171. Arnold Broudie  
141170. Hadassa Lewis  
141169. Ilan Tobin  
141168. Cheryl Leatherman  
141167. Adam Goulburn Remove the site now
141166. Herb Sandick, MD` Hate propaganda does no good for anyone.
141165. alberto baron shame on google
141164. Mark Z. Bogdany Remove NOW!
141163. Michael Shaw  
141162. Lisa Hespe  
141161. R.Kansky Remove
141160. Deborah C. Fayman  
141159. Alan Smith Is the first web site for Christian "christianwatch"
141158. David G. Fayman  
141157. MAX  
141156. Joaquin Shapiro  
141155. Frank  
141154. Ruth Shochat  
141153. Dr. Mort Lechter Ê
141152. Nurit Greenger Don't the antisemitics have anything else to do but hate Jews they have no reason to hate?
141151. Martin Been I looked at the site in some detail. Apart from a clear antisemitic agenda, many of the statements are just plain wrong, inaccurate and misleading
141150. Jacqueline Pearl  
141149. Richard J Rossman It is offensive...I respect freedom of speech, but this is racist!! and should be removed!!!
141148. Elizabeth Gordon Please get rid of this site
141147. June Adler  
141146. Sibyl Brotman  
141145. Nathan Kamien  
141144. bonnie yales  
141143. Amy Mogland  
141142. Myrna Craig  
141141. Barry Eizik Get this off your search engine
141140. Fran Stark-Hundiak  
141139. Sheri Katz  
141138. shula derechinsky  
141137. Hedy Pick Is the year 2007 or 1942?
141136. Sue Himelhoch  
141135. karen levine  
141134. P. Robins  
141133. Michele Lowenthal  
141132. melissa bildner  
141131. Ben Abugov  
141130. Judy Teibloom Mishkin  
141129. Robert Widder  
141128. Les Feiglin  
141127. myron rosenberg  
141126. Avram K  
141125. Paul Reznik this is what you have identified as free speech? shame on you google
141124. abraham l  
141123. stewart reubens You should be ashamed!
141122. Norma Brewster  
141121. Irwin Brewster  
141120. Muriel Guigui  
141119. Robert Swieca  
141118. leon  
141117. Eitan Nof  
141115. Bryan Reingold Even the name of this site is offensive.
141114. Sy & Peggy Kelson Please remove this anti semetic site NOW !
141113. Moe Lazare  
141112. J Vogel  
141111. susan lewin This is the most distasteful, hateful site i've ever seen in my life! shame on the person who sponsors it and shame on those who believe what's written on it.
141110. Alayna Langnas  
141109. Jay Smith  
141108. Zahava  
141107. Eugene I. Behrman  
141106. paul allen  
141105. risha goldman  
141104. Dianne Pope  
141103. Susan Murphy The site is atrocious!
141102. Nannette Simon These hate sites should never have been allowed in the first place
141101. Michael Phillips  
141100. helaine babbage  
141099. Abbey Gleichenhaus  
141098. Robert Wikström  
141097. Kathleen Rowe NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN!!!!
141096. phyllis weinstein  
141095. Eric Storch  
141094. Pearl Levine  
141093. j. weinstein  
141092. Marcia Persin  
141091. aaron  
141090. Leslie Daniels  
141089. malcolm freiberger  
141088. JO ANN PANITCH  
141087. Phil Bain  
141086. Phil Bain  
141085. Jacob Pirovich  
141084. Roni Zarbiv Enough with hatred and racism.
141083. Shulamit why isnt it off ther r ova 100000 sigs here
141082. nicki  
141081. Hyman Freilich Free speach isn't yelling FIRE in a dark movie house
141080. AL Foster  
141079. Stanley Margulis  
141078. Paula Margulis  
141077. Dan Bellack  
141076. Gail Roth  
141075. Michael Herman  
141074. gary kleid  
141073. Henri Mandelbaum  
141072. Lola Feitelberg  
141071. judith gordon Remove this anti-semitic site
141070. Jacki Racke I have every confdence that you will remove this disgusting site from your search engine
141069. Frank Swygert get it off
141068. Tore kirkemo  
141067. Jill Chavooshian  
141066. Joe  
141065. MARK GARDNER  
141064. Patricia Lane  
141063. Irving Pastor  
141062. Stephen L. Gurner NO MORE HATE SITES PLEASE!
141061. Joan Garson  
141060. Fran Sonkin  
141059. Linda Goldfarb To allow a search for "Jew" to be so corrupted is a travesty. Please remedy this situation as soon as possible.
141058. gert schacht for a top web site u should be ashamed of yourselves
141057. Jeremy Isaacs  
141056. Stacy Dorter  
141055. Dinah Kutner  
141054. Marsha Raubvogel  
141053. siegfried j. pinchut take jewwatch off the google search engine
141051. Jonathan Lee  
141050. Wendy Besmann  
141049. gerald prenick disgusting that google would allow this
141048. Catherine Rahal  
141047. Yael Schechter Please remove this offensive site. If any other religion had this site pop up after a google search it would be removed immediately.
141046. Steven Afriat  
141045. Albert S. Golbert Shocking distortions; outright lies and untruths
141044. Hyman Izraeli  
141043. Marian Ettinger Remove from Google
141042. Murray Lorber Anti semitic writings of any kind should be removed from the internet
141041. itay hadas  
141040. Judith Tellerman  
141039. Arlene Kaplan  
141038. Joel Schwartz  
141037. Ruth Leabman We don't need any additional hatred. There is enough without adding more space.
141036. Marie Bickof  
141035. Nancy Cetlin This kind of sick, outrageous, destructive bigotry has to have limits. It encourages ignorant people to believe insane accusations and slanderous lies.
141034. Katherine Gilbert  
141033. Allan D. Bilofsky  
141032. Fred Ruben Totally Disgusting. How could you do this?
141031. Chez Peace please. Jews are good folk. Jesus was a Jew!
141030. ross Remove IT!!!
141029. J. Robins I think this is horrible, if the word black is being looked for, will you show a black person or a skin head belittling blacks?
141028. Gary Schader Most Disturbing.
141027. Doug Mittelman get this GARBAGE off the site!!!
141026. joseph cohen  
141025. Eva  
141024. michelle  
141023. elie metta  
141022. I. Samson I have heard Google's excuses over this topic before: 'the computerized algorithms'... - Google's 'machine' is only as good as Google's PEOPLE who are there to scrutinize their machine
141021. Abrams  
141020. Brian Jackson I am passionately for free speech, but this site goes beyond what can be tolerated by democracy.
141019. Goldie Berman Please remove from Google Search Engine...Isin't there enough HATE in this world?
141018. Toby and Judy Hammerman  
141017. Bajla Nishibayashi very anti semetic
141016. G. Goll  
141015. Yoav Gershon  
141014. David Albert Please remove this hate-based propaganda
141013. Vivian Field  
141012. Steve Vickter  
141011. Erika Hall  
141010. Jack F. Berkowitz  
141009. kevin daniel  
141008. Suzanne Bermant  
141007. Stanley Keller  
141006. Traci Levy  
141005. Jose Roffe make this world a better place!
141004. sheila shaw  
141003. d.d. giovannetti  
141002. Pejmon Shemtoob We expect immediate action. This is disgusting.
141001. Mireille Roffe disgusting
141000. lionel arond jewwatch is as wecome as a belch during a harp solo
140998. Harriette Lion  
140997. michael hirsch  
140996. Kathy Alter This site is absolutely disgusting!!!
140995. Helen Kleinbaum shame on you!!!!!!
140994. harden please change
140992. karen after they will kill all jew they will come after you - google
140991. rosalie gross  
140990. Jeri Epstein This website perpetuates violence. Remove it.
140989. Paula S. Avioli  
140988. Craig Salvay  
140987. mel coberman disgusting lies
140986. Michael Mishkin  
140985. David A. Rubenstein  
140983. Mitchell Stein  
140982. Mark Green  
140981. Larry Ungerman  
140980. Reginald D. Schwarz  
140979. nancy katz  
140978. judy glick  
140977. liko  
140976. Ellen Murachver  
140975. Doug Stone  
140974. Harriet Ritzer  
140973. Bernard Annenberg  
140972. Rosanne Goldstein  
140971. jacob castroll  
140970. M.Z. Levine Remove this horrible site
140969. robert loewenthal  
140968. lesley goulburn  
140967. mrs yaffa leibowitz disgusting
140966. Ian Gerecht  
140965. yael keinan  
140963. FRED KLEINER  
140962. Dr Joseph Alexander Norland  
140961. david bowers  
140960. Sharon Rein this is deplorable and should not be allowed to have a domain on the web.
140959. Dennis J. Carlin  
140958. Lee Berkley Your numbers policy is doing great harm to a people who have more than enough enemies. They don't need you. If this continues, I and anyone I can inform will switch to another search engine.
140957. Sandra Batmangelich  
140956. Nora Cohen  
140955. Dr. Jacques Rusinek this matter requires urgent action
140954. Sherwin Sokolov These are the ramblings of an ignoramous.
140953. Jefrey  
140952. blanca  
140951. eddie leibovitz  
140950. Richard Fantl  
140948. Cliff Chaiet  
140947. Margaret Strauch I cannot believe the venom that is being spewed from this web site
140946. Ronda Johnson  
140945. Debbie Diatz  
140944. Richard Shapiro  
140943. Yosef Mishenko Remove that site
140942. ggg  
140941. Amy Baskin  
140940. Diane Eretz  
140939. max jacobs  
140938. Colin Rosen Remove this disgusting inflammatory site
140937. Kathy Kafer While I understand that Google doesn't recommend or endorse sites, there should be a way to ensure that isn't so readily accessible.
140936. jonathan cooper  
140935. Louis Shubitz misinformation
140934. Marilyn Stern Please remember that children, who do not know any better, will usually select the first site they find and take it as a gold standard. Promoting this site is not only unethical, it will have disturbing consequences.
140933. Liliane Bader  
140932. Ann Finn  
140931. Natalie Feingold  
140930. Arney R interesting that the JewWatch originator doesn't mention Google originators, who are both Jews.
140929. Lew Schwarz  
140928. Ruthe Goldstein  
140927. Ray Agostini Please remove anti-Semitic
140926. jeffrey rohatiner  
140925. Warren Radnan It sucks
140924. Jack S. Schiff  
140923. Marc Dettloff  
140922. David Kafton Please remove from the Google Search Engine
140921. Neil Roland  
140919. Andrea Burstein  
140917. Shoshi Nachalon  
140916. Carrie Dolan  
140915. Robert H. Wertheim This site crosses the line between a legitimate reference source and a collection of blatant antisemetic lies and hate mongering.
140914. Janine Clements Remove this anti-semetic site
140913. Amy Cutler  
140912. Lennie  
140911. Arfthur Stark Flossmoor, Illinois
140910. pip blessing  
140909. leslie bulkin  
140908. gayle bauer  
140907. Ben Merson what twisted minds exist in our 'civilization'
140906. Paul Field These sites should be made criminal
140905. Janice johnson  
140904. irv levin  
140903. Bertrm R. Eisner I know of the first amendment guarantees but that does condone a call for violence
140902. H.Leben  
140901. Ira Zweifler  
140900. David Sepel  
140899. Laurie Aines  
140898. alan annenberg  
140897. Carole Lieberman, M.D. Google cannot afford, literally, to be seen as supporting anti-semitism - since it is WRONG!
140896. Henri Cohen  
140895. Wendy Hefley  
140894. moises  
140893. Stephen Robertson This is highly offensive please rmove it
140892. Gerry Green  
140891. barbara bernstein  
140890. jacob durkin This is disgraceful!
140889. Jack Kay  
140888. M. Beale  
140887. S.Feldman  
140886. Batsheva Klein  
140885. adrienne kriezelman what a disgrace!
140884. Nancy Tobin  
140883. Leslie Levy  
140882. howard garoon  
140881. Aggie Hoffman Explaining how the unpleasant site appears is no justification for its presence. This kind of vile material in unacceptable in civilized society.
140880. C Morris  
140879. David Joseph  
140878. Trudy & Isaac Gefen It is irresponsible to allow such hate material to be viewed by millions. Does Google want another Jewish persecution to take place?
140877. Celia Cambara  
140876. Ruth Frishman  
140875. Marlene Maron Please remove this reprehensible listing
140873. joan swartz  
140872. jorge theumann  
140871. Kathy  
140869. BERNARD LAPIDUS It is time that google starting policing the junk coming up on the internet
140868. berliner david  
140867. Iris Hayout tel-aviv
140866. joyce borenstein  
140865. Beth Sitner  
140864. Vivian Willner  
140863. jehudah e duran xenofobic site, please remove it
140862. Noreen Cabott  
140861. Sandra Schiffman  
140860. Judith Ross  
140859. Intrator  
140858. Dr. Herbert Fischer  
140857. Abbey Aznar I hope you will remove this site as it only serves anti-semitism.
140856. Ariel Yagil  
140855. Melanie Book  
140854. F Benamy  
140853. Franklin Rosenthal We have to stop all attempt to bring a false image of jew people
140852. Deborah Doppelt  
140851. jody cohen  
140850. Jon Sheiman  
140849. Marty Migdall Outrageous! What's wrong with Google?
140848. Giacomo Levi Disgusting
140847. Larry Frank  
140846. Marvin Zeichner  
140845. Rose Vaimea  
140844. pamela roberts  
140843. Philippa Pein  
140842. Janet Rmove fromthe Google Searc Engine
140840. elihu marcus  
140839. yaffa  
140838. Tanya Hart  
140837. howard gold  
140836. Lisa Yeoman Please contact me as soon as this site is removed. Thx
140835. Wayne Heitmann  
140834. Steve Hart  
140833. Harry  
140832. Leah Poliak  
140831. naomi  
140830. achiya delouya  
140829. Vivian Blackstone  
140828. Michael Hoffman  
140827. David Barten I would not want my family to ever see this
140826. Beth Todrick  
140825. steve  
140824. nicole  
140823. David Cohen  
140822. Mervyn Poliak  
140821. Henry Roth  
140820. selma cohen When will this kind of disgusting behavior end???
140819. BOS  
140818. Deborah King  
140817. Robert M. Love  
140816. linda cohn  
140815. rochelle goulburn  
140814. andrea kaye  
140813. Neal Brown  
140812. Benjamin P. Licht  
140811. tracy Gerber  
140810. marlene sardoff  
140809. mirta krauss vergonzoso y doloroso
140808. Joyce Goldberg Let's stop hate mongering.
140807. Louise Carless I am horrified that you allow this on Google. I and many others will not use Google till we know it is removed. Shame on you!!
140806. Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah  
140805. Smadar Kometz-Rock  
140804. Erin Schiffman  
140803. Charleen Propsom  
140802. jeffproudlyjewish Protect us g-d from your followers!
140801. bouaziz monique  
140800. Paul Eric Gold  
140799. Judi McMahon shame shame shame!!
140798. Haya Bar Google should be ashamed
140797. Rena Cohen This site is a disgrace
140796. Vera Shults  
140795. Catherine Moncure-Wine  
140794. Rochel Leah Peterson  
140793. Leah Czernik  
140792. david  
140791. Cassandra Fenton hateful description
140790. d levine  
140789. D. Weiss  
140788. Trudi  
140787. Hope Powers please remove. While I do not want to limit free speech, this is reprehensible.
140786. Hans Mueller  
140785. SALVYN  
140784. susan feinstein  
140783. Max Herman  
140782. Dr. Sheldon C. Delman This does not deserve to be on the air. It goes beyond freedom of speech
140781. Alfredo J. Porto nihil novum sub sole
140780. isaac revah  
140779. myra bycher It's an anti-semetic site - it should be removed
140778. Judy G. Nettle I was shocked to find this out.
140777. Arthur Asa Berger  
140776. Janet & George Ruboy  
140775. Laurie Stein Indifference breeds intolerance. Do not be indifferent to their hate filled words.
140774. EG Schulz This site is offensive!!!
140773. Maya Grad  
140771. Jacqui Brill  
140770. Karen Hirschfeld  
140769. Ilan Sellouk  
140768. Shiraz  
140767. Laurie Berk  
140766. Joshua Weiss  
140765. Joseph Goldburd  
140764. Robert Tawil  
140763. mrs. cappe  
140762. Sherri Hoppen  
140761. h m weiner this is truly sad someone would post such nonsense
140760. shari safianoff  
140759. Moty please remove
140758. Judith J. Dorfman Please remove this site ASAP
140757. zach  
140756. Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Jesin  
140755. Phyllis Goodfriend  
140754. SUSAN GREEN  
140753. Alf Malam disgusting
140752. Judith Hansel I refuse to use Google until this website is removed
140751. judith handford  
140750. Heather Grosz  
140749. Burl L. Covan  
140748. eileen august  
140747. Juan Carlos Santa Cruz  
140746. Naomi Abraham  
140745. lynn warren  
140744. brandon treger  
140741. Moshe Brace Shut down Nazi lie pages
140740. Robert Gerstein  
140738. Vicki Hopkins this is unacceptable, please make a change.
140737. Nancy Albert  
140736. Rachel  
140735. Barbara Schipper help clear the world of lies about Jews
140734. Jaynie  
140733. Dan Berkowitz  
140732. marsha salzman shameful
140731. Rochelle & Ed Kohl  
140730. John Doherty  
140729. maria garcia  
140728. Ilana Schuldenfrei  
140727. Matee Moshkovits  
140726. Cheryl Massey  
140725. Benjamin Bielak  
140724. Paul Carek  
140723. Linda Gay Blanc  
140722. Ellen Berez  
140721. Sue Green We should not give space to people with views that offend and insult and if published would lend themselves to prosecution
140720. jonny goldmeier  
140719. gabriel  
140718. Ellen Befeler  
140717. Doris Schenk  
140716. Dalya Goldmeier disgraceful website and a load of rubbish
140715. e.hitter  
140714. Fred Goldberg  
140713. Thomas Schwartz  
140712. Chris Smissaert freedom is conditional
140711. Victoria Shulem This site is unconscionable.
140710. reena greenwald please remove jew watch from your site
140709. Enrique Moscona  
140708. marjorie hirshan shameful!
140707. Sandra M. Greenberg  
140706. evie  
140705. ALICIA MARSILLACH World is going back to the Dark Ages
140704. M. Bruce Hate breeds hate , Love breeds peace
140703. E. Rabin this is shameful and extremely worrisome
140702. Codeye  
140701. Assia Leshem  
140700. Gillian Freiberger  
140699. Steven Margolies  
140698. Lior Kohn  
140697. Prof M.S.Shapiro disgusting
140696. Carol Sturtz  
140695. Diane Goldstein  
140694. William Berez  
140693. Joseph Winter FOR SHAME! To host such a virulently anti-semitic site is way over the top
140692. norman kawut it doesn't belong anywhere
140691. sue gouldman  
140690. deborah mandelbaum  
140689. A. J. Kirshen  
140688. D. Lissaur Remove the JewWatch search result!
140687. Greg  
140686. Bernard Hanes Don't add to antisemitsm
140685. Jennifer Leibson  
140684. Lora Fremont  
140683. Eugene Friedman discusting
140682. lorna  
140681. alan singer please remove
140680. Arlene Smith  
140679. margie white  
140678. mona  
140677. JEREMY WALSH  
140676. Marilyn Lee Farber dispicable
140675. Morris Gewirtz  
140674. Eleanor singer Please remove..this is a trravesty
140673. paul brisk  
140672. Goshen Removal should have been automatic without a petition.
140671. uri sender  
140670. ivor davies  
140669. Eunice Pivovitsch  
140668. Ari Avraham this is not the kind of publicity that google needs
140667. Vicki Caston  
140666. Georgia Weiner  
140665. Kimberly Seidman  
140664. pearl lighter  
140663. Hannah Sperber  
140662. Kimberly Seidman  
140661. EVANNO  
140660. judy Davies  
140659. Charles Weiner  
140658. allen r. freeman  
140657. Michael Charles  
140656. eileen kamensky  
140655. Leon Abbo  
140654. Benjamin Segal  
140653. George Cave Anti-Semitism is anti-Christian !
140652. Alvin Cohen  
140651. Aviva Maller Disgusting
140650. Janie Krasnogor  
140649. Abraham Bentata Benzaquen  
140648. Jerry Schwartz  
140647. halimi  
140646. sandra shapiro  
140645. Micki Bregmn This is NOT Freedom of Speech. This is hate mongering by spreading the same old lies. Learn the facts and see for yourself that these are poisonous lies and need to be stopped.
140644. Miriam Sokol  
140643. vicki a remove from from the google search engine
140642. Beth Nathan please remove ASAP
140641. george blaug google does not need income from this odious source
140639. Mirjam David This site is offensive
140638. Joe Schanzer  
140637. Leigh Adams Must be removed
140636. Jacqueline Rafii  
140635. Paul David This site should come up under anti-Semitic
140634. Pat Morrill  
140633. gillian braunold  
140632. Henry Herman I am shocked that Comcast would allow this bunch of lies.
140631. Andrea  
140630. Errol Guggenheim DISGUSTING
140629. Samuel M Kublanow  
140628. Robert D. Gill Do No Evil -- This site is evil
140627. Randall and Moira Tollman  
140626. DALE BOTWIN  
140625. Arnold G. COHEN Get rid of this trash. This web site is an insidious effort to promote and support racism
140624. Mrs Rayma Isaacs  
140623. Rodolfo Farhy  
140622. Nellie Chayoun This is outrageous and an insult to every Jew in the world that an anti-semitic site is displayed when goggling the word Jew. It should be removed at once.
140621. norine krasnogor  
140620. Rick Halpern  
140619. Marjorie Pressman Disgraceful for you to carry this website
140618. ed kayatt  
140617. Marvyn B. Garber  
140616. Dr.Edgar Horne Full of prejudice and downright lies
140615. edie sarola  
140614. Miriam Marcus THis site is abhorrent, ugly and vicious.
140613. Lynda Haddon  
140612. sam landau  
140611. Bernard Morcheles  
140610. cimber maurice  
140609. jill levy  
140608. Charles Copley  
140607. Ruth Williams  
140606. Gabriella Ayer  
140605. Jennifer Garnet  
140604. Tomas Lefkovits  
140603. ohad aviv  
140602. Sheldon K. Rachman  
140601. Esther Lerner Brenner  
140600. J Dickman  
140599. gershon green  
140598. Meredith Lubin  
140597. Florence Jaffa  
140596. Irit  
140595. Asher Barron  
140594. Leonard Solomon  
140592. Jami Spector  
140591. Shab Dayan  
140590. Netanel Barron  
140589. Olivier  
140588. Sharon  
140587. Phyllis Shapiro  
140586. matti Barron  
140585. Jay Samstag  
140583. Albert Baron this is a disgrace to any religion
140582. shira  
140581. Andre Leib  
140580. Stephanie Kirby  
140579. Madilyn Guss  
140578. ofra enough hatred in the world without google giving a hand to it as well. take this site off of google
140577. Deborah L. Duane  
140576. Amy Morris  
140575. Nancy Mayberry Please remove from Google Search Engine
140574. Marta L. Tolmasky  
140573. glenn gruman  
140572. JG. remove from the google search engine
140571. Florence Weisz  
140570. Henry L. Kaplowitz  
140569. bruce k shapiro  
140568. marina  
140567. Netanella  
140566. Herman Ger  
140565. emmy zitter  
140564. Sandra Nussenfeld please remove this site!
140563. Robert Friedman  
140562. gary king Disgusting
140561. Sue Gore  
140560. Lissy Morcheles  
140559. sally stroud  
140558. Debra Deckelbaum  
140557. Nathan Hasson  
140556. ricardo gartner disgusting and hateful lies !
140555. Dana Burchfield  
140554. Sue Robinson  
140553. wilma keller  
140552. Judy S. Klein  
140551. Dr. Amir Donenfeld  
140550. alan stein  
140549. Allan Fenwick It is very sad that in this century that any business, or person would preach propaganda against a race, religion or nationality. It only shows cowardice and hate for not only that person but everything that does not correspond to them.
140548. Dr. J.P. Abrie  
140547. Anita Maislin  
140546. Malcolm C Geffen Racist misrepresentation of truth to appear tolerant
140545. Aron Diamant Not only this site, but any form of antisemitism and any other form of racism should be banned from wherever it can, first from Google.
140544. Tobey Yanai  
140543. Carol Hoffman  
140542. NAOMI ROSS  
140541. Denise Caplan  
140540. Daniela Arnold  
140539. arieh ben israel he's a racist Jew Hater of the worst kind
140538. Marilyn Sherman  
140537. Dr. S. Rackovsky  
140536. Eugene Narrett  
140535. Rabbi Janet Liss  
140534. David Solomon  
140533. Douglas Miller No room for racism and bigotry on Google
140532. Deborah Strauss Lynch Will boycott Google if this doesn't change NOW
140531. davey boy  
140530. P. V. Gothelf  
140529. Eric Krohner  
140528. philip barron  
140527. Debra Silver  
140526. Sophia Sinclair  
140525. Norm Swirin Hatred is a _________!!!
140524. Barbara Kramer  
140523. allan meyerowitz hate groups must be banned from access!
140522. Norman Keller  
140521. Evelyn Klein disgusting to have a site such as this when one googles "Jew"
140520. Harvey R. Swack Unbeleivable trash and falsehoods on this site
140519. Herby Dan  
140518. Jordan Feldman Please Remove this site
140517. larry congress get it off!!!
140516. Y Hoffner  
140515. Rene H Levy  
140514. SAMUEL GARSON se le caiga el mazal
140513. Nitsana Bellehsen  
140512. David I. Schoeneman  
140511. ruth softness  
140510. Debra Altman  
140509. Ronnie Pologe  
140508. Howard S Harris  
140507. miriam cohen  
140506. Alyse Golden Berkley, Esq.  
140505. BERNARD TAUB  
140504. marvin bienenfeld  
140503. Margo-Ellen Gillman This is horrible!
140502. Judy  
140501. Ashirah Yosefah  
140500. Yossi Amit  
140499. Dina Steinbruch  
140498. Manny Alani  
140497. michael broder  
140496. Fanny Rybak  
140495. dolores soffer  
140494. rina amit  
140493. Sally Levenstam  
140492. A Nelkon  
140491. Avi Grant  
140490. Roman Shulman  
140489. zipora please remove site IMMEDIATELY! Thank you.
140488. Peta Suzanne Oshry I, who use google frequently, am appaulled
140487. M, Yitxjak  
140486. Alan M.Abrahams remove JewWatch now !!!!!!!
140485. Amalia Myers  
140484. michael beyo  
140482. Ari G.  
140481. A. Lipszyc  
140480. Shari Barish  
140479. jon Barrett  
140478. Roman  
140477. isaac soffer this is what causes antisemetism
140476. Annette Joseph disgusting pack of lies
140475. Yoseph Hirsch  
140474. Ronald Tambor  
140473. Charo Mendez  
140472. toby This site is very disturbing
140471. Lena Monosova  
140470. M Goodman Information false/misleading antisemitic @outrageous
140469. Art Frankel  
140468. viki  
140467. A Shapiro Google should do this under own steam
140466. Jackeline  
140465. Myriam Vernieuwe I hope you remove that site!
140464. Lorraine  
140463. Anna Maria COLL no judeophobia
140462. Matt Gever  
140461. June M. Alter  
140460. Robin Berger  
140459. Debbi Lederman  
140458. abbie  
140457. Fred Rosenzveig  
140456. Jeffrey M Toback MD anti-semitism and porn are obviously very popular and of similar value
140455. Robert Coorsh  
140454. George Marcus  
140453. Karen B  
140452. Joanne Robinson  
140451. Gita Mazabow  
140450. Stacey Neumin  
140449. Bernard Moss  
140448. mark Feldman  
140447. Paul Rubin Discusted
140446. DAVID ZIMMERMAN Please remove Jewwatch from Google
140445. Ronald Harwith  
140444. David Spiro Please remove
140443. Michele Bernstein  
140442. hellen finkler remove please
140441. lionel epstein  
140440. George S. Rouse BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
140439. bliah  
140438. Joseph Wise I find it almost impossible to obtain high rankings on Google. That this anti-semitic site comes up on page 1 is monstrous. You should be able to manually remove them from classification, though keep them on Google for free speech.
140437. Wendy Wein  
140436. Sharona Gottlieb  
140435. Maurice M. Eisenstein This is the most anti-Semitic site I have seen. Racism must be removed
140434. Susan Swartz appalling
140433. Shayna Nussbaum  
140431. simeon wohlberg  
140430. Brian Bradley This site offensive and should be removed
140428. Jacqueline Silvers  
140427. lealazimmerman  
140426. Wendy Blumfield This is racist and must be removed
140425. Steve Colman This sort of site does not belong in a search, I can't believe we have to petition to remove it, if this was anti palestinion or black it would be removed automatically !!!!
140424. Sheila Kerstein-Eisen should be done immediately,if not sooner.
140423. BOB FRANK  
140421. len fishman  
140420. Dr. Oro Anahory Google should not contribute to spread antisemitism!
140418. Marcos Green  
140417. Josh S  
140416. Marvin Kay a disgusting website
140415. Shery Brenner It is so sad people dedicate their life to spred ethnical hate towared the most peacfull warm loving people while others dedicate their life to do god and save the planet for exaple the global warming issue i met a person who loved and adored me as a person until i told him i'm jewish - isn't that stupid? - jelousy and fear of ha shem is their whole life they are called dead while alive no worries we have our supporters as well !!! LONG LIVE ISRAEL THE MASSIAH WILL COME AND MAKE JUSTICE IN HA SHEM'S WORLD
140414. Rachel Fidler  
140413. D Steinhorn  
140412. Claudia Gurfinkel  
140411. Olivier  
140410. Steven B. Langer  
140409. David Frank Please remove this hateful site!
140408. Vivian Brill  
140407. David Hirst  
140406. Steven Swaigenbaum  
140405. Daniel Douek  
140404. Alberto Por respeto al mundo civilizado, retiren esa basura de Google. Gracias.
140403. Michael Miranda  
140402. David Bitton  
140401. line  
140400. A Cohen  
140399. dana gadnir  
140398. c torn  
140397. Liz Stern  
140396. G Friedmann  
140395. Steven Gruman  
140394. george gelberman so long as decent people remain quiet,hate mongers will rule the airwaves
140393. yona yosef  
140392. Benntt R. Klasky  
140391. helene meyer TERRIBLE
140390. Eloa  
140389. Arlene Leventhal  
140388. danielle krist  
140387. arnold schwarzbart  
140386. Joshua bABINS  
140385. Elaine Bieber  
140384. Henry Rascoff  
140383. robert e clurman  
140382. Danny Brenner  
140381. Ezio D'Onofrio  
140380. Andres  
140379. Marjorie Zwicker  
140378. Pearl Elman  
140377. marilyn park Google is too good for these hateful lies!
140376. Phyllis It is time to put a stop to those who thrive on fostering hatred.
140375. j.miiler  
140374. Mick Jacobs At the time of signing there are over 140,000 signatures - this website should be gone by now
140373. Jeffrey Burton  
140372. Stephen Spencer Ryde  
140371. Jeffrey Prang  
140370. MABEL FRANK  
140369. Jay  
140368. Raphael Rosenfelder  
140367. Paul Galan This kind of trash goes against the grain of the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. It should be eliminated from any civilized culture.
140366. Arnold Eiger  
140365. Gaynor Bond  
140364. Leila It should not take a petition to remove this site the reasons for removal are self evident
140363. Allyne Kadish ughhh
140362. Moshe  
140361. Doris Sherman  
140360. Aaron Zwicker  
140359. Robert Herskowitz  
140358. Melanie Eiger  
140357. ARTHUR FRANK  
140356. Sharon  
140355. raul tunik  
140354. Hesse  
140353. Sharon  
140352. Hen Hershberg  
140351. Natalie Hasson  
140350. Shneur Kideckel  
140349. marta tunik  
140348. Daniel Epstein  
140346. Jack Lehrer  
140345. JEROME FROMM I'm sure GOOGLE does not approve of this
140344. Eduardo Podolsky  
140343. Marcia Zang Jacobs Come on, you people at Google can do better than this
140342. saltzer, ida This is horriffic in the u.s.a.
140341. Isack  
140340. raoul tunick  
140338. Steven Rudolph  
140337. David Barnes  
140336. mindee shenkman  
140335. Izhak Etsion  
140334. peter pogany  
140333. Jose Pivin .EXIJO LA REMOCION INMEDIATA DE "JEW WATCH.COM " site de vuestro Google search engine.Es una verguenza que una empresa seria como Google permita que Frank Weltners, antisemita, fascista y antidemocrata norteamericano difunda su veneno contra el pueblo judio, para provocar mas odio al ya existente por informacion mentirosa, tendenciosa y deforme. Ustedes deben ser mas cuidadosos al aceptar Web pages/Sites cuyo proposito es odiar, basado en mentiras. Por difundir el odio contra los judios,este señor deberia ser encarcelado por muchos anios, para que aprenda a no ser lo que es : UNA LACRA HUMANA .
140332. Raquel Shime  
140331. David & Reesa Feinstein  
140330. Brandon Schindelheim Time move forward, not backward
140329. Pat and Shirley Boone last thing this world needs is more slanted, biased and antiJewish halftruth and inflammatory material.
140328. Martin Hyman  
140327. Judith Dasberg  
140326. Frank Rimler remove, please.
140325. justisse  
140324. (Mr.) Jonah Atlas  
140323. ruth arnoff  
140322. Alexander M. Malinsky  
140321. claudinemoshel  
140320. Howard Halpern  
140319. barry boonshaft  
140318. Luke Casson  
140317. Debbie Colton  
140316. Stephen Freilich  
140315. Eve  
140314. Guy Brenner It is so sad people dedicate their life to spred ethnical hate towared the most peacfull warm loving people while others dedicate their life to do god and save the planet for exaple the global warming issue i met a person who loved and adored me as a person until i told him i'm jewish - isn't that stupid? - jelousy and fear of ha shem is their whole life they are called dead while alive no worries we have our supporters as well !!! LONG LIVE ISRAEL THE MASSIAH WILL COME AND MAKE JUSTICE IN HA SHEM'S WORLD
140313. Judy Kopel  
140312. Nachum N Remen google is too prestigious for such slurs
140311. Gerald K  
140310. A. Ginsburg  
140309. Ekatech  
140308. Sandra Rose  
140307. Miriam Zangi  
140306. henry brachfeld  
140305. Gail Kruss  
140304. Liz K  
140303. Guy Brenner It is so sad people dedicate their life to spred ethnical hate towared the most peacfull warm loving people while others dedicate their life to do god and save the planet for exaple the global warming issue i met a person who loved and adored me as a person until i told him i'm jewish - isn't that stupid? - jelousy and fear of ha shem is their whole life they are called dead while alive no worries we have our supporters as well !!! LONG LIVE ISRAEL THE MASSIAH WILL COME AND MAKE JUSTICE IN HA SHEM'S WORLD
140302. audrey madans I am appalled by this entire site !!!
140301. Dasha Bezman please remove!
140300. Mike Galbmillion Pls, remove this site from search indexes.
140299. Miriam Alpern  
140298. Martin Ellert The site is a disgrace to humanity
140297. F. Rosen  
140296. Lauren Perlman  
140295. Al Glasenb please remove this is not acceptable
140294. M. Leventhal  
140293. John Scott not worth dignifying; I wouldn't comment about removing animal feces from my shoes
140292. Jeff Gould stop spreading the hate
140291. Michelle please remove this web site-it is offensive
140290. peter maier  
140289. Ya`akov Nachum Miles Aren't there laws against libel and slander?
140288. Carol Weber  
140287. arthur gruebel  
140286. Cherie  
140285. Stuart Linzer  
140284. Bill Meyers  
140283. bellaloum  
140282. Maurice Minerbi  
140281. Shira Uretsky  
140280. judy  
140279. Herbert Schneider  
140278. jack Zolty  
140277. murray cowan  
140276. Johnny Engelhard that page belongs to a nazi-moron that should be banished from earth
140275. Gil Victor Brenner Imach Shmam of the site owners
140274. Lea Koplowitz This site should be removed immediately as it breeds hate needlessly
140273. Joel Cohen Please remove from the top of google
140272. Judith Brodner  
140271. Marjorie Henriques  
140270. b jacobs  
140269. Jay Hirth  
140268. yehuda landau  
140267. Kathie Leake  
140266. Rose Cogan  
140265. majer renée  
140264. Irwin Zaetz Please remove this site!
140263. Laurence Levy  
140262. Helene Horowitz  
140261. C. R. Collier the internet is too dangerous for these kinds of blasphemous words!!!!!!!!!
140260. Donna Fitzgerald this is an outrage!!
140259. Rebecca  
140258. Noya Rackovsky  
140257. shana  
140256. Rabbi Rebecca Schorr is an extremely anti-Semetic website and should not be included on Google's search engine.
140255. Amber You should be embarassed Google!!!
140254. emma nev  
140253. victor bergson  
140252. Patty Zrihen Remove this Site
140251. H Marks  
140250. Hazel Spital please stop antisemitism NOW
140249. Allison Kramer Extremely distasteful
140248. jenny stein  
140247. A Simmons  
140246. Berna Koren  
140244. Frieda Stangler This site promotes ignorance and hatred. Remove!
140243. Michael Lebovic I am surprised this site has not been removed yet. Does Google now endorse racism?
140242. Jerry Strauss  
140241. abraham  
140240. Robin Symons  
140239. Betty Warach  
140238. sarah  
140237. Dorothy Moskowitz  
140236. karen weiner this is antisemetic and should be removed
140235. Denyse Kirsch  
140234. daniel frank krikler  
140233. Jacqueline Bell  
140232. Yaakov  
140231. Robert Honeyman  
140230. irit perkins  
140229. Bonnie Laufer-Krebs Remove this site immediately!
140228. Howard V. Epstein  
140227. marilyn bard while i don't believe in censorship...this site goes beyond
140226. Elissa Arffa  
140225. Annette Back This site is disgusting. It should be forbidden to be even hosted.
140224. G. Morris a racist disgrace, bet you wont allow MuslimWatch, or ArabWatch etc..
140223. Leslie Sanders  
140222. Lea Simpson (Sternberg)  
140221. Susan leigh  
140220. Richard J. Heuberger  
140219. Neal Wayne This is some sick, anti-Semitic propoganda that should be removed from your search listings for "Jew". It's the worst kind of hate speach; the kind that tries to pass itself off as valid critism, but is only well worn obfuscation and lies. It needs to be removed! NOW! Thank you.
140218. Chaim White Do the right thing, move it to the second results page
140217. Bokobsa Céline  
140216. Steven Lipari  
140215. Joel Leifer  
140214. Valerie Thompson  
140213. Dr. Susan Albersheim  
140212. don hoffman  
140211. Seth Baskin  
140210. MarcusGetzel  
140209. Jackie Please remove the site
140208. bmf  
140207. Suzanne Guss Why does it take 50K signatures to do the right thing?
140206. barbara habif  
140205. sollsoi its sick
140204. Merry Reinis  
140203. Francine E Sanders Such ignorance and lies. Google does not really need this site in a world with so much hate based on such things already.
140202. lasry  
140201. Barry Cohn  
140200. Benson Simmonds  
140199. Eleanor Burian-Mohr  
140198. Gayle Shemesh  
140197. charlotte ehrlich  
140196. Anna Pavin  
140195. Raymond Levitus That Google would allow such a website which promotes anti-semitic hatred is disgusting
140194. David Danilowitz  
140193. Zipporah Babins  
140192. gilya g. schmidt  
140191. Maureen Malowany  
140190. Patrick Spada take it off the search
140189. John Josephs  
140188. Steven  
140187. Alison Singer  
140186. rachel biton  
140185. Dr.James Burstein  
140184. Dan Dennison  
140183. Terri Pinder As a Christian who knows that my faith heritage comes from the Jewish heritage and is simply the fulfillment of all promised to the Jew, this website is insulting. Additionally, as the eldest of a large family, I am protective of my family members including my beloved sister in laws - one of whom is a Jewish woman.
140182. Harvey Englander  
140181. Steve Sukenik  
140180. Dina Kastel  
140179. Michelle Eischen  
140178. PARIENTE Georges  
140177. Martin Flashner disgusting website
140176. Ivonne Kino  
140175. ron ashkenas  
140174. B. Greenberg  
140173. Dr. Henry S. Baum This site is offensive and has no place in your otherwise excellent search engine.
140172. Sandy Freed Get rid of this horrific site.
140171. William Stern there is enough hatred in the world without this site adding to it
140170. Avi Stern Disgusting and below Google's standards
140169. Dan Frank Just think about how ugly and disgusting this liar is!
140168. Rita H. Issagholian  
140167. Dr. Gabriel Lavie  
140166. beth blum terrible!
140165. Eva Douek  
140164. Gideon Alon  
140163. yuval mafzir  
140162. iris cohen  
140161. Martin M. Cooper  
140160. THOMAS GURAL  
140159. mimi&mortie Braunstein  
140158. Al Simon  
140157. benzaquen  
140156. Eduardo Arboleda  
140155. Myer Fridman anti-semitism (spelling)
140154. joel schwalb when a caricature of mohamad is published the and muslims go into rampage half of the media finds it acceptable why not find typycal "justification why this domain should stay as a epitamy of civiliised culture
140153. Ed Berkowitz  
140152. Louis Handwerker  
140151. Eduardo Jorge Terreni Vicini I´m not Jewis but I don´t want racizm.-
140150. Robert A. PAcker Iwould think that Google would know better than to need this to remove this offensive site.
140149. tehila  
140148. Neil Dennerstein I do not approve of any hate related material on the net. Especially profoundly bias retoric.
140147. Marc Bissell  
140146. Sara  
140145. david vise The site is a lie and should not be permitted on an engine such a google.
140144. Reni Chase This website is appalling, for Jews and non-Jews alike. Have the decency to remove it without delay.
140143. Fran Meyers  
140142. Norman Karobik the quicker be removed the better, please.
140141. Donna YJ  
140140. abbie  
140139. James Ditkowsky  
140138. SABBAN Déborah  
140137. H Amoils  
140136. Russell Ashenberg Please remove jewwatch from the google search Engine. Its antisemtic website. BAD :o(
140135. Ari Friedman  
140134. Idit  
140133. Gabrielle Waldman  
140132. t  
140131. Adina Adelman  
140129. Diane Newbery  
140128. Michael London offensive web site
140127. Morris Z. Gelber Shame on you Google.
140126. Rita H. Issagholian  
140125. Revital Hasson Nahum monsters
140124. Jennifer Cheifetz  
140123. pariente  
140122. Donald Salem this is truly dispicable and unacceptable in a civilized society.
140121. Michèle Garzon  
140119. Chuck Goldstein  
140118. Alice Horowitz  
140117. sarina schick  
140116. silvia katz  
140115. Feigy Hirth  
140114. Andrea Shime Please remove this incredibly offensive site.
140113. Ervin Klein  
140112. michael Benyaer  
140111. Morton Ehrlich Site is filled with hatred, distortions and untrue statements with racist bias.
140110. Michaela  
140109. semy  
140108. jilan chew  
140107. alex tal love rules
140106. Lois Hager Disgusting and hateful
140105. Ena Greengarten This is not free speech. It is shocking ignoramce!
140104. esther nash  
140103. Violeta Fiszbaum  
140102. Florence Levine  
140101. Melvin Grill  
140100. Pinto Caroline  
140099. gerald e kramer dds  
140098. Guy Erez Come on! A respectable company like google shouldn't wait for a petition to do the right thing!
140097. gilbert kushner  
140096. norman mensh  
140095. Gord Shlanger  
140094. Mindy Kaplan  
140093. Steven Bein  
140092. Marla Bentley  
140091. Lori Scott  
140090. David Fields  
140089. James A Damon  
140088. Robert R. Welsh Remove now
140087. Adam Buchsbaum  
140086. Eli Zeichner Google should not serve the hate-mongering scum.
140085. Cheryl Ostilly  
140084. Audrey Friedman This is truly disgusting -- has the world learned nothing from the Holocaust?
140083. Jake Altman  
140082. Aubrey Tadman  
140081. Marilyn S. Berman Please remove this incredibly offensive site.
140080. Karen Abraham  
140079. Jennie Papkin  
140078. Alex Vayner very offensive, repugnant website
140077. GOUZLAN  
140076. Lawrence Tobin  
140075. yamin bittan it is not true.
140074. Jerome J. Silver Disgraceful anti-semitism
140073. carol lehrer  
140072. Sender and Zelda Lees Disgusting and untrue
140071. Ian Jasenof  
140070. David Marks Inciting racial hatred.......criminal offence?
140069. Eddie Shaalo  
140068. Moshe Barzeski  
140067. Claude Bader  
140066. Sid frigand  
140065. Rosalind J Herstein  
140064. Sue Feather  
140063. isaac melamed  
140062. Anthony Morrison  
140061. Sarah Luria  
140060. brona Rosen  
140059. Dr. Stanley Abraham  
140058. Leslie A. Sternberg Disgusting bigotry
140057. marvin brown bigotry at its worst
140056. Mauricio Misrachi  
140055. michelle barnett  
140054. David Sarnoff  
140053. Zorina Bezman Please, remove from the Google Search Engine
140052. William Tanenbaum  
140051. Michael Herskovics  
140050. Lois Strawser Weinman if laws are being passed to make the "N" word illegal, then laws should be passed to make all racial ethinic slurs illegal
140049. Olga  
140048. Jonathan Herman  
140047. Diego Binder  
140046. Irwin Levy  
140045. Harry SCHICK Freedom of speech ???????? YUK !!!
140044. DAVID MARKS  
140043. Ronald Aziz  
140042. Robert W. Hertz This is offensive to any caring, reasonable person.
140041. alex adelman I am shocked that Google would rank an anti-semetic website as third on a list when you search for Jew. How shameful and insensitive can you folks be? I spend $25,000 a year advertising on Google, and will pull my advertising if you don’t fix this travesty.
140040. Arthur Falkin  
140039. alan kluger  
140038. Elizabeth  
140037. James Stuckey  
140036. dan Fried remove this terrible site
140035. eric babins  
140034. Douglas Morrison  
140033. Karen Stigler  
140032. Kevin Shalon This needs to be removed!
140031. ilan remove
140030. lauren lazar  
140029. Kendall R. Bishop  
140028. Dr. Eran Magon  
140027. Hirel renée  
140026. Beverly E. Israel  
140025. YOEL WAHNICH AZULAY Deberian ser mas selectivos en las paginas que aceptan
140024. Clyde Isaacson  
140023. Marvin Rapaport this is an outrage
140022. Gabriel Patrich Stop the hate
140021. Carmen Sabbagh  
140020. neter  
140019. Alan Davis  
140018. Idelle Kehoe  
140017. Jimmy Hakim  
140016. claude  
140015. Caroline marks  
140014. susan ortner  
140013. Claire Brass "Never Again" can we ignore antisemitism!
140012. benichou I am against any discrimination
140011. goldie kieval  
140010. Roberto Nieves Publicly opposed to ALL racism
140008. marisa bloch it is a shame this is legal! should be a crime!
140007. David Rosenthal please remove Jew from your search engine
140006. Elinor Bardach  
140005. Bruce Dinwiddie  
140004. yael  
140003. seymour rabin live and let live
140002. Avigdor Bar On the sooner the better
140001. Shawn Broida  
140000. Rony Yacov I am horrified to find myself being used as a scapegoat for humanity's frustrations yet again in my lifetime.
139999. Jennifer  
139998. issac  
139997. jackie schiff  
139996. L Doherty  
139995. Aaron Elster  
139994. daniel brill  
139993. Simon Mizrachi Antisemetism is like terrorism. Deal with it now or you will have to deal with its monster tomorrow. The free world did not deal with international terrorism 30 yrs ago, look where we are now.
139992. Iris Jacobs  
139990. d.i.bierman  
139989. Sandy Gerstein disgusting that this is allowed. I will change my default search engine from google if this is not removed!
139988. Adam Gordon  
139987. Ellis Fields  
139986. Richard Cohen  
139985. Phyllis G. McGill If you don't remove JewWatch I will not use Google as my search engine.
139984. irma antonorsi  
139983. Lici  
139981. Harvey Mintzer  
139980. Nina Mintzer  
139979. Lynne Karson Allowing this type of propaganda is unworthy of this search engine. Especially as the first search item
139978. José Palma El rechazo social más lúcido y comprometido junto a la acción de la Justicia deben ser las bases para dar al traste con las malévolas intenciones de la judeofobia.
139976. C.H. BENICHOU BAD for GOOGLE image!
139975. adriana lubowicz  
139974. Jordi Planella  
139973. Jeremy Haft This is disgusting! Please remove!
139972. Mary Linda Schwarzbart This is a must to remove from Google --
139971. Harvey Bucholtz  
139970. luis schapira  
139969. Mikhail Goldburt ÿ
139968. elzas dreyfus racist
139967. peter caulfield  
139966. Alizah H.  
139965. A.J. Gundell Please Remove from Google!
139964. Blossom Wiesen This site displays virulent antisemitism and does not belong on a respected search engine.
139963. Diane  
139962. Tslila  
139961. Aliza Fraida  
139960. Ida Paluch Is Google antisemitic too?
139958. DANIEL HODAS  
139957. Pamela W.  
139956. MURRY MAISEL  
139955. Benichou Roger  
139954. Aaron Horowitz  
139953. max sarfati  
139952. LELLOUCH to be suppressed
139951. lawrence a. kaufman  
139950. Lisa Saidel  
139949. ilan chasen  
139948. arie zukerman  
139947. Josh  
139946. Maureen Barten  
139945. Lea Levy  
139944. Brian Cohen  
139943. Martin Stripes  
139942. Darren Tobin  
139941. Yossef Saiman  
139940. N. Gross Please remove this hateful site. It does not belong on a public venue.
139939. Robert Luria  
139938. terry fahn  
139937. Leonard Cohen  
139936. Austin Freeman  
139935. Anthony Kay  
139934. Esther Schmidt  
139933. Scott Greenspan  
139932. David Morrison  
139931. Dawn Freeman  
139930. daniel slimak Caracas, Venezuela
139929. Ruth Shapiro  
139928. Joshua Wiesen  
139927. Ethel Leider This nonsense must be stopped
139926. rob posel  
139925. Amy Ament  
139924. sara nuss-galles that site is vile
139923. Michael Schiftan  
139922. Walter B. Winthrop Awfull
139921. Jerry March  
139920. Aaron J. Weissman  
139919. Helene Smith  
139918. Doug Weiser  
139917. Sally Levine  
139916. sid weiss  
139915. Kristen Reamy  
139914. Stephen J. Levine Please remove from your search engine
139913. Gloria J. Sloto  
139912. Richard Haft  
139911. J. Martin-Morris stands for everything antisocial & only entices hatred throughout the world, long live peace!
139910. UZZAN Julien  
139909. Harriet Miller  
139908. Barbara Berger  
139907. Regina P. Gartner  
139905. Melita Vickter Take them off!!
139904. Rosana Chermisqui how dare you!
139903. Pamela Burnett-Marcus  
139901. Perla Buchsbaum  
139900. STEVE  
139899. Bernard Segal  
139898. George Giddens I am not Jewish, but this web site is definatly antisemetic and should be stopped.
139897. Zeeva Levy  
139896. Yaron Kozminski  
139895. Richard  
139894. danny  
139893. Malcolm Cowan  
139892. Stephen S. Tepperman This wellspring of hatred and disinformation must be stopped
139891. Karen Barnstein  
139890. faith  
139889. Michael G Kahn Absolutely this cannot continue
139888. LEOPOLD-METZGER Philippe  
139887. amanda sugarman remove asasp
139886. Malcolm & Ruth Gore  
139885. Graham Rifkin  
139884. Tsvi Elzas  
139883. Alex Kwechansky Take hate off the web
139882. ABRAHAM atisemitic
139881. Sergio Umansky  
139880. Rami Harel  
139879. Marjorie Lissy With over 100,000 signatures, why is JewWatch still there??
139878. Rod Bartels  
139877. Paula Joyce  
139876. Anne Jacob  
139875. Adam Bernstein  
139874. Rebecca Glawe  
139873. Abraham Stern outrageous
139872. Daniel Haies  
139871. Judith Sheiman  
139870. Roman Petroff, MD. Don't help to repeat history of Holocaust!
139869. Frances Ackerman  
139868. Bernard Kramer  
139867. nigel hamer  
139866. Annette Kirshner  
139865. Jaime Benrey Ashamed of Google
139864. Harry Wacks Disgusting
139863. BABULOT Paris
139862. silvio  
139861. Marilyn Lane Harboring such an anti-semetic page is outrageous! Using Google will decline.
139860. Linda Risidore  
139859. Warren M. Yalowitz  
139858. Eileen Lerman  
139857. J. Leslie Sterba  
139856. motti simpson a proud jew son and grandson to holo. servivers.
139855. FELLOUS jean claude  
139854. Flora Nurko  
139853. Esther Sanders  
139852. jack bundarin  
139851. yaffa lantzman  
139850. keith leslie a site not wanted or needed by any normal thinking person
139849. Bruce Mintz This is the kind of trash that does not belong in a free-thinking world. The individual behind this rubbish should be investigated by Interpol or other agencies for any potential criminal offences. This character is like another Canadian loser James Keegstra or Terry Long.
139848. Joanne Doades  
139847. John Heuberger Please remove the subject site from Google
139846. A.Walsh  
139845. Stephen Lichtenthal This is a disgusting website
139844. elliott dlin  
139843. Chananie  
139842. Mirjam Goldberg  
139841. Susan and Arnold Winshall  
139840. Josh Newham  
139839. Rabbiner David Goldberg  
139838. Jeffrey Bernard  
139837. Peter Vogel  
139836. Sara This country is becoming frighteningly like Nazi Germany
139835. Alejandro Kahan  
139834. Robyn Lifland  
139833. zev shame on you!
139832. shafran  
139831. b ashbel  
139830. Jean-Michel Drai  
139829. chana ew
139828. ira Berkowitz  
139827. roberta wick this is disgusting and should be banned.
139825. Phyllis Gellar  
139824. starkman henri terrible
139823. peggy gartner  
139822. Debbie Zopfi  
139821. Joanne Sprechman Google would be better served placing this under "Hate Sites"
139820. Eva Greenfield  
139819. William S. Hochfeld remove JewWatch from google
139818. Sally Trestyn  
139817. Basil Ostilly Remove ..its disgusting
139816. Tamar Yacobi-Sternberg  
139815. roger heuberger  
139814. Fritz Hirsch  
139813. Michael Singer  
139812. sheila johnson disgusting website
139810. David  
139809. Olia Kogan  
139808. Judd Altman  
139807. J Rosenberg  
139806. Lata Kundamal  
139805. jose  
139804. Ari Morris  
139803. Kedem Mordechai  
139802. Arley Sasson  
139801. Nancy Braun  
139800. wendie Fetterman  
139799. sandra haas  
139798. M.L. Green  
139797. Charles Kronzek  
139796. Renée Moscona  
139795. ari vogel  
139794. Renée Sasson  
139793. Jaime  
139792. alex waldman site is disrespectful and disturbing
139791. E. Waldman  
139790. rosalind scott  
139789. Mauricio This man is sick, and Google's workers like him, thats the reason he is listed
139788. jaime perez  
139787. HannahTreistman  
139786. Abraham Zuskin  
139785. Bill Bron the site is biased and anti- semitic
139784. minette munitz  
139783. Shmuel Treistman  
139782. e.r.emmanuel There are enough antisemitic acts and occurring on a day to day basis in the this world and there is no need to this available on a commonly used search engine
139780. Jason Shapiro  
139779. wendy dworkin  
139778. Rissi Zweig  
139777. Mairi Breen Rothman  
139776. Maurice Burke  
139775. John Verwaaijen  
139774. David Slutzker  
139773. Mark Steinberg  
139772. Hovav  
139771. Brian Bilzin  
139770. Darren Kursman  
139769. Diana Weiner sick
139768. Sara Weinberg  
139767. Marion A Strauss Please remove!
139766. Jeffrey Goldstein  
139765. Melissa Berman š
139764. LittleRed never forget was passed down through generations. How can you put such evil on your site?
139763. Janis M. Marchand This has NOTHING to do with free speech.
139762. Evelyn Matalon The site must be removed
139761. carl weinstein  
139760. liba yoffe  
139759. H Portner  
139758. Callyn  
139757. S. Friduss  
139756. Hannah Helman  
139755. Carrie Burns  
139754. linda buzali  
139753. Pauline Field  
139752. Pere Bonnin  
139751. A Nash  
139750. Jerry Danzig Google should do all it can to stop hatred on the net
139749. Barney Wasserman most anti semitic remarks ever read
139748. Joanne Schnee  
139747. Robin Bricker  
139746. Thomas Elias What's wrong with you people? Or has Sergei Brin forgotten he's a Jew, too?
139745. Caro and Stan Klein dangerous
139744. joy heyman remove
139743. Robert Adler  
139742. SHALOM LICHTMANN Your support of hate and vulgar is despicable. You willing to be censored in China only shows of your double standard.
139741. Asher Amselem  
139740. john fiongos  
139739. grunberg robert  
139738. jeff  
139737. Alfonso Otero In this day and age hate sites should be removed
139736. Barry Greenberg Please remove
139735. Carlos Rozenbaum  
139734. Marc Sullam Is 6 million Jews murdered not enough?!!!?
139733. jose pascar  
139732. Steve Forman  
139731. Yael Abeliuk  
139730. manuel  
139729. Jessica Ostrioff  
139728. lindsay alexander  
139727. Froman Mehl  
139726. Ephraim Love  
139725. murad  
139724. Malke Tapuach  
139723. David P.Kirkwood  
139722. Eliot Axelrod  
139721. Marilyn Herman  
139720. d sternfeld  
139719. Norman Amiel enough hate.
139718. Debra Sartori  
139717. barbara s reed, ph.d.  
139716. Patricia Kart  
139715. C. Richard Goldfarb  
139714. leon  
139713. Dr. Alex Sternberg Its outragous that you need 50,000 signatures to remove this site
139712. Sara Wallace  
139710. Asher Bakir  
139709. sharon copoloff shocking horrific
139708. BORKSZTEIN Armand Shame
139706. sergei marochnik š
139705. Karen Kossack This is unacceptable
139704. Malcolm Rubins  
139703. Marcia Kosterka I will refuse to use Google unles this is removed
139702. OBADIA  
139701. Madeleine Fosters festering hatred
139700. Regina Ofan  
139699. wolfie shar  
139698. Anita Kessler outrageous for Google to host this atrocious site
139697. Rachel Parshan  
139696. mordechai samuels  
139695. Moshe Szabo  
139694. Desmond Rothenberg  
139693. Betty Zapolsky Remove this hateful, biased website from Google
139692. kathleen m. cohen the title of the site has not good intentions
139691. Steve Crouse  
139690. esther pechman  
139689. Irwin Sands This is outrageous and inflammatory
139688. Jack de Metz  
139687. Alex Benet  
139686. cary warm makes me sick inside
139685. Moises Weinstock  
139684. Larry Miller  
139683. Sheila Steinberg  
139682. Maria Angelica Triviño  
139681. Lara B. Pleaswe remove this--unnecessary and potentially very hurtful
139680. bonny  
139679. Rafael Antonorsi  
139678. Ian Lebens  
139677. sara  
139676. T. Elzas  
139675. Eytan Kollin  
139674. hadassa morris don't play dumb - just remove the filth!
139673. Jaime Grez  
139672. debbie  
139671. Mark Goldsmith  
139670. sol barth This is a dispicable site that should be removed
139669. Peter Schwartz This is a despicable web site.
139668. Laurence Parnes  
139667. Michael Davidowitz  
139666. Susan Goldwater  
139665. Eyal Lichtmann please remove jewwatch from google search engine
139664. Yaakov Weglein  
139663. Anna Rijk please remove asap, there are enough anti-semits in the world, thanks
139661. Stephanie Parnes  
139660. n katlowitz hate should never be aided
139659. M Jacobs please do not promote hate
139658. Helen Bienstock Please remove this from Google search
139657. Mindy Rosengarten  
139656. sara schwartz  
139655. Iris Pyne-Tanenbaum  
139654. helen banker This is unacceptable
139653. Karyn Wortman  
139652. Joel D. Frandzel  
139651. David Amar  
139650. Ronald Ganeles  
139649. Andrew Rabin  
139648. E. S. Herman  
139647. Robert Dwek  
139646. Roberta Silman  
139645. Kathy Buchsbaum  
139644. JULIO  
139643. simon goldburt  
139642. RAEL  
139641. Lyle Schaefer Please remove site
139640. Sol Daum  
139639. Jennifer Kramer  
139638. Archie Poliak  
139637. Geoffrey Gartner  
139636. Josh Post  
139635. Elba Liliana Garbulsky Yurgel  
139634. Julie Meetal This is the most hateful web site. Please remove ASAP
139633. Ralph Hahn  
139632. Ted Bennett Big is good, but too big to be able to diiferentiate between right and wrong is not just bad, it's unconsionable!
139631. AJW  
139630. albert e garnitz remove hate site under jew
139629. Ehlers Heinrich  
139628. Amy Shebes  
139627. donna shepard  
139626. robert seifman  
139625. Lionel Starkowitz very sad to have google associated with this
139624. Aron Mandl  
139623. JP Bader  
139622. david marks discusting
139621. alon  
139620. nancy gold revolting
139619. santiago mata lópez my best friend is a jewish and doesn't have anything to do with your page.
139618. Will Garnitza the site is more vicious than Mein Kampf
139617. Robert Asch DISGUSTING !
139616. Richard Farber  
139615. Iris Klein  
139614. Marcia Wartel  
139613. Jonathan Schwade  
139612. Soralee Broida  
139611. Mr E Simon  
139610. esther kassin please remove asap
139609. Simone Tserruya  
139608. Florence Ferreira  
139607. Neil Shaw  
139606. warren deutsch  
139605. Ephraim haimson  
139604. Ilanit Sternberg  
139603. Ivan Stone  
139602. Shmuel Yankelewitz  
139601. Dvora Haimson  
139600. ron waitzman  
139599. seymoure weiner  
139598. Phyllis Solomon  
139597. allan rutman  
139595. Ella Fridberg  
139594. Pamela Strassberg  
139593. Harry M. Blum II  
139592. Charles Kluk Urgent Remove
139591. Talya Lee  
139590. dan  
139589. Shelley Friedman  
139588. Alyssa Sterba  
139587. Joan Zeigler  
139586. Larry Kass Anti-semitism thinly veiled as "intellectual material" is hateful anti-semitism nonetheless. Please remove this site immediately!
139585. Yonatan Sherizen  
139583. Lev Swim  
139582. Ilyse Gellar Sternberg  
139581. Esther Bartels  
139580. Barbara Boxer  
139579. leonard susser  
139578. DAVID ASCH  
139577. Kathy Karr  
139576. C Evans  
139575. Selwyn Lurie  
139574. Fran  
139573. Katie Rogers  
139572. Leon Tanenbaum remove this biased hateful site
139571. Katie  
139570. Mike Getz  
139569. Brenda Berry  
139568. Esther  
139567. Esther  
139566. george nacht  
139565. Shulamit Selesnick  
139564. shirley schiff  
139563. flora levy  
139562. Mauricio  
139561. Richard Hanson  
139560. Max Ashton  
139559. June Daniels This site is grotesque
139558. Martine Israel  
139557. Eugene Meieran Remove this filth
139556. Ester K  
139555. June Daniels This site is grotesque
139554. irene cinq-mars  
139553. Dr. Pancracio Celdran Nothing so dirty deserves to appear in Google
139552. Helen Z. Pearl  
139551. Howard Diamond  
139550. Melissa Maurice  
139549. patricia rosembaum THIS IS PURE RACISM AND ANTISEMITISMO
139548. MELZER ILDA  
139547. Sheri A. Benchetrit  
139546. Rafael Cayado  
139545. Stanley Falkenstein  
139544. Simmie Antflick  
139543. Stuart Caplan  
139542. Nisso  
139541. Karen  
139540. Steven Noyek  
139539. Edwin Leventhal I have read this man's material carefully. He is utterly confused about historical truth and does not deserve to be given a platform through Google.
139538. David Novice  
139537. ilana keilson  
139536. Sheryl Danilowitz Do not be a conduit for hatred
139535. Melvin Berman  
139534. George Jonte & Paul Crane  
139533. Melvin Berman  
139532. maxine schwartz  
139531. shemtov  
139530. Evan Miller  
139529. Bernd Iwanter  
139528. Drew Berliner Remove this site NOW
139527. Sandi Danilowitz very disappointing
139526. Lee Dickman  
139525. Carlos Laredo  
139524. Benjy Danilowitz The world is sick, sick, sick
139523. D. Davidson  
139522. Victor  
139521. Marvin Amster Shamefull
139520. Maeve G.  
139519. hibsher dafna  
139518. eran I am speechless
139517. Bonnie K. Ciresi  
139516. Mark colonomos  
139515. morris disgracefull
139513. Janice Katz  
139512. Alex Zlotnick this should not be a tough decsion to make/implement
139511. Jon  
139510. Yigal  
139509. Rick Stewart SHAME ON GOOGLE
139507. Isabelle Chemla  
139506. Eddie Abraham Disgusting
139505. Barry  
139504. Carla Hotz Please remove from your search engine!
139503. Norman Liebman  
139502. Amanda W  
139501. Emanuel Marom Disgraceful for Google to allow this!
139499. dorothy rosenberg  
139498. yanovsky  
139497. Rivka Kronengold  
139496. Roni More power to all of the supporters of this petion - Jews and others
139495. Leah  
139494. Rosemary Levin  
139493. karrie jo marak  
139492. raul cohen  
139491. Sophie Blei  
139490. mori  
139489. Keith T. Leonard  
139488. stanley weinstein  
139487. Hanna Reinkopf  
139486. Gareth Margolin Please remove this site
139485. Marta González Isidoro  
139484. Moshe Farkash  
139483. Ella Goschalk  
139482. david bell  
139481. john joseph  
139480. Janelle Welch  
139479. Yoni Kielson  
139478. murray lieber  
139477. Daniel Hotary Not only is it virulently anti-Semitic, but it also is racist and sexist. It is disgusting.
139476. LB Weinstein  
139475. Marisa Young  
139474. Alan M Rosenberg I would think a company like yours would have MUCH higher levels of morals than this! It's really sad to have to see this.
139473. Bailey Gallinger  
139472. jae k All anti-semetic and racial propoganda should be eliminated as it destroys the fiber of democracy.
139471. Stephen Bellau  
139470. Leonardo Getzel  
139469. Mordejay  
139468. Gary Shebes I am revolted by thast discusting site on Googel called Jew Watch, a blatently ant semitic site. Please remove .
139467. I. Raanan  
139466. Lennie Glasser  
139465. Robert /Evelyn Steinman  
139464. Joan Matalon  
139463. Rachel Levy  
139462. Ros Minster Please remove that drivel - it's ridiculous
139461. bh  
139460. Hilda and Ben Weissmann This occurrence is dispicable
139459. Josh Hoffman  
139458. Gilbert Grossinger  
139457. Ceri Tuchband  
139456. giorgia  
139455. Marjorie Klinghoffer-Dingee please remove this stereotypical nonsense
139454. Corinne Gould  
139453. JACK B. BODNE Also, I have seen many things about individuals that persist to ruin their lives long after the things shown on your search starts about them
139452. stephen stone Its time for this to stop...... will you?
139451. gad lazarov  
139450. Lisa Libet  
139449. marvin keshen he is just more scum spreading lies about jewish people.
139448. julia fisher I want you to remove this antisemitic site from google
139447. Samuel P. Kastner  
139446. Carole Wolch  
139445. Lisa Schwenderman  
139444. Michele Uren  
139443. Pat and Dan Phelps  
139442. Judith Bruce Disgusting website
139441. paul winter  
139440. Arnold & Rosalie Snyder  
139439. Dan Channing I think Google should be more responsible than this.
139437. Charles Zyngier  
139436. Yehuda Fishfeld  
139435. Freddy Sacal  
139434. Janice Ferrari Please remove as soon as possible
139433. Daniel Abittan  
139432. dvora melamed  
139431. shari silverman I have a sick feeling to read this in my life time. We will never forget!
139430. Steinfeld all untrue -ant-semtic garbage-hateful
139429. Miriam Pinto  
139428. Harold Goodman A disgrace to free speech
139427. barbara rosenberg  
139426. Neville Goldberg  
139424. Haskell  
139423. Mordecai Krumbein  
139422. sara smith  
139421. Francis Ruleta Please remove and let's substitute with more acurate informations.
139420. jenna judah  
139419. ronnie heller  
139418. Jane Stern  
139417. barbara havenick  
139416. tobie castelbaum disappointed that google would accept this
139415. Noma Blechman  
139414. Herman Grad  
139413. catane  
139412. Ellen Joyce  
139411. leslie a grodin  
139410. Beatrice M. Rosenberg  
139409. S. Dautch  
139408. Eric Schwartz  
139407. Elie Benchetrit This site is horrendous
139406. Colin Bulka this is an antisemitic site and and thus offensive that it somes up on google in any position, let alone top
139405. STAN AVNER Virulent Hate Site from a sick mind.
139404. Sarah  
139403. Sandra Lorraine  
139402. David Kaufman  
139401. beverly gottlieb  
139400. William Miller  
139399. jose oynick  
139398. Marta Susana Telias  
139397. Ron Abeles  
139396. Rosally Saltsman  
139395. jaquelina take out site
139394. fred ganz shame on google
139393. Harold Abrams  
139392. jeffrey fried  
139391. Lee Sabag Please remove!
139390. sam sinyor  
139389. Sagiv Raphaeli  
139388. Yoel Kretzmer-Raziel  
139387. eric  
139386. MIRIAM  
139385. caronne graham  
139384. yantob gazale  
139383. RON LESLIE  
139382. Graham Levy  
139381. cheryl tobin  
139380. fernando braghin  
139379. Gerald Meyers please remi\ove, it is disgusting and hateful.
139378. shalom gazale  
139377. Shiela Steinman Wallace  
139376. Nicole Eichenwald  
139375. Rosalyn Gerber  
139374. Veronika Maderer Please remove these lies
139373. George Chaya  
139372. Jennifer Schecter  
139371. Leon Rosenstock  
139370. Fred Bernstein Pretty bad
139369. N Brogin to not oppose anti-semitism is to endorse it.
139368. Stephen Altman  
139367. Marc N Kramer  
139366. rw  
139365. Steve Shapiro This site should come up under "anti-semitism" only.
139364. Allen Weinberg  
139363. ann wertheim  
139362. Saadia Truzman  
139361. steve brandt  
139360. Aubrey Schaffer  
139359. Faye Speert  
139358. Guy Barzel You should do it immidiatly
139357. Sol Z  
139356. Mark LESTER  
139355. Bruno Seidemann  
139354. doris schwartz disgusting
139353. helen yurman  
139352. Melvin Plawner Why o Why do you allow such rubbish to sent around the world
139351. Jaz Rehal  
139350. Richard Baker You really have to do something about this. Freedom of speech should not allow this site to be a focal point - especially by a company with the global standing and respect of Google. Use your heads and hearts to determine - Is this right that we promote such a website?
139349. Narinder Rehal  
139348. Shirley Margolis  
139347. Fiona Goldsmith  
139346. K Stummer this must me removed from your site
139345. MARTA WISE  
139344. Alan Rackow  
139342. Samantha Shapero LOVE IS BETTER THAN HATE!
139341. Andrés Jiménez It's a shame that the world is blatantly anti-jewish
139340. Mike Tricot  
139339. Joanna Ben-Yehuda  
139338. Dalia  
139337. michael Bruce It is blatent bigotry & predjudice & should be delisted
139336. Charles Delete this site
139335. Elaine Franzblau  
139334. Robert Friedman  
139333. Mike Davidson  
139331. Lawrence R Coleman Sickening, it never ends!
139330. Barbara Berg  
139329. Eddy Levy  
139328. Jeremy Hart What a sad world we all live in today!
139327. Mitchell Lieberman  
139326. Elliot Moss  
139325. Jillian Stein  
139324. Slager  
139323. Yoyi Herrero Cadena perpetua y trabajos sociales contra los judeófobos
139322. elly shame
139321. Debbie Lifschitz  
139320. Margery Jablin thank you
139319. coen  
139318. Hyman Mankowitz  
139317. Mrs Barbara Cammerman  
139316. Roger Simon Google should show some responsibility
139315. phillippa cohen this website is offensive and upsetting
139314. William Sussman  
139313. leon haller haters beware
139312. michel kurc  
139311. Marilyn Kidoushim  
139310. Sheila Weiss  
139309. Claude ELBAZ  
139308. gold remove please
139307. Paola  
139306. Laurie  
139305. Leslie Maylatt  
139304. Johana Ohayon  
139303. jacqueline simon  
139302. Lisa Berg  
139301. shmuel blum  
139300. ian  
139299. Charles Bernhardt  
139298. Leora  
139297. Varda Korczak Please do not allow anti-semitic pages to show up at the top just because they use the right SEO algorythm!
139296. Steve Silver  
139295. Laurence Jaffe  
139293. Nicole Mamo Its a disgustingly anti semitic and vile site and should not be allowed. Would you allow a site like this if it was called "Black Watch" or "Moslem Watch" and had the same vile lies about another race of religion?
139292. adam  
139291. Fran Nott  
139290. jydia london this is how hatred is spread
139289. Ahmed Mohamed levine cohen Jew watch is just an excuse to spout more Anti Jewish lies
139288. Steven Sarfin  
139287. Gideon Weiss JewWatch must go
139286. Cindy Bolokofsky  
139285. jonathan lubin Google needs to do it's job properly and protect people from such sites
139284. bjbrandon  
139283. marty unger  
139282. Charles Kallick  
139281. robert lawler  
139280. nurit gal reches  
139279. Josephine weiss remove this site JewWatch
139278. motti Maayan  
139277. ellen  
139276. hirshowitz  
139275. jazer baue  
139274. Laura Kaye Google is the largest search engine. It has enormous responsibility to monitoring what is/is not accessed on the web. For the sanity of the world as we know it, please remove this site. Scaremongering and hate should not be promoted by anyone anyhow anywhere. If you allow it to continue, you are party to it!
139273. Jahid Khalled Anti-semetic Filth and lies
139272. Judy Abramowitz  
139271. m.goldman  
139270. Gina Epstein remove this hatred
139269. Evelyn Eisenstein  
139268. Sue Korbl  
139267. Dr. Avraham Avi-hai The man is raving ma and dangerous. How can you spread this poison?
139266. Simon Lévy no need!!!!!!
139265. Michelle Dingoor PLEASE REMOVE THIS WEBSITE
139264. stephen syat  
139263. dieter van Weissenbruch  
139262. Lieba Rose  
139261. Mireille Sandhaus  
139260. Rozy Blatman/Lerner  
139259. QUEROUB Salomon  
139258. Susan Thomas This site is purposely deceitful & hateful.
139257. Paul Niloff  
139256. Laurence Davies  
139255. Dennis Frank  
139254. Amy Cohn  
139253. Ellen Breitner  
139252. Griffith Wheatley  
139251. daniel kornhauser  
139250. Elliot Victor Galanti Absolute TRASH -Must be removed-This is not freedom of speech this as bad as encouraging the worst in allowing this rubbish to be printed -Think
139249. Harry Frankel  
139248. Alfredo C. Glaser  
139247. Susan sickening
139246. asa  
139245. fran stern  
139244. ariel  
139243. Mike Barnett What an unbelievablesite. It should be banned
139242. Albert JOSEPH It is immoral and anti-Jewish
139241. Janine Berg  
139240. Graeme Levin There is a point at which Freedom of Speech is superceded by Hate Speech which can lead to suffering and even death of the targets. This site has crossed that barrier.
139239. Phyllis Diamond  
139238. Marc Resnick It is now the second site, but still too high up on the list
139237. Gord Fogel Typical ignorant Jewish conspiracy rant. But to find it at the top of the Google search is disgusting.
139236. sharon  
139235. Joseph Mendelson For shame!
139234. Graciela Kohan  
139233. BERYL EBERT This site should be removed IMMEDIATELY
139232. Eedge  
139231. sue hurwitz Gross and untrue
139230. Jack Wagner  
139229. Margaret Kotnik A very offensive site for all Americans. I am not Jewish but I think this site goes against all that America stands for. This site should be removed, regardless of the number of signatures required to do so.
139228. Michelle Smith  
139227. Stuart Katz  
139226. Michelle  
139225. Yoel  
139224. rose and herbert simon unbelieveable
139223. Ari Raymond  
139222. Steve Liphut it is an indictment upon google that such racist ramblings are allowed to appear
139221. esther holtzberg remove!
139220. Owen J. Resweber  
139219. Harry Herskovitz Have you lost your sense of common decency?
139218. Dov Kempinski please remove from your search engine
139217. jessica chaves  
139216. Laurie Burnley-Myers  
139215. Tal-El Maoz  
139214. richard arlen pickers should be eliminated from google data
139213. D. Shalom  
139212. mnaftaly  
139211. Marsha Rofel please remove jew off the search engine
139210. J Fox There is enough problems in this country without giving opportunbity to those who look for trouble.
139209. L.S.  
139208. m.trainis  
139207. Linda  
139206. Vulf Gurevich Am Israel Hai
139205. Michael Abels  
139204. Daniel Cohen It's a site run by a neo-nazi. I'm sure Google will address this.
139203. Lillian Cohen  
139202. Brian Krapf  
139201. Jackie Abels  
139200. S Cohen  
139199. ilana what crap
139198. Geulah Grossman  
139197. Cheryl Mavrikos DISGUSTING...SHAME ON GOOGLE!!!
139196. Gerald A. Ronkin please remove
139195. Rita Holder  
139194. Debby Weinstein  
139193. Gadi  
139192. ami palmor  
139191. adva  
139190. Dena Felsen  
139189. michael leigh I find the link to an antisemetic site a severe let down by Google. Please remedy this.
139188. sherwin z. goodblatt  
139187. I. Tserruya  
139186. marlene gilbert  
139185. simon  
139184. Sharon Sanders Remove this slur to jewish individuals
139183. Mark Rodgers  
139182. David Folkman  
139181. nicole  
139180. Hy Lampe  
139179. Joey E  
139178. Pauline Rockman I find it most offensive.
139177. eitan ritov I got sick watching that site
139176. J. Lessing  
139175. Lauryn Beltz  
139174. jerome mendelsberg  
139173. charisse dolitsky  
139172. jerome mendelsberg  
139171. lazar wax For a distinguished co. like Google this is a disgrace and the worst kind of discrimination.
139170. Sol Kramer  
139169. Joel A Sharkey I don't advocate censorship but this is rediculous!
139168. Bob Diamond  
139167. Lisa Jacobs  
139166. donna hirschfeld  
139165. kimball cleveland  
139164. Maurice Bursk I am surprised Google EVER allowed it!
139163. estelle mitchell too many Jewwatchs through history. enough
139162. Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD  
139161. Peter Prupas  
139160. David F. Wright This should be removed immediately.
139159. Sharon Anstey  
139157. Monique Plein  
139156. M. Rich  
139155. Paul Nailand  
139154. thomas mckinney should be removed
139153. eli hilleli shame
139152. Mary Zussman  
139151. Golda Zahavah bat-Khatulah  
139150. Miriam Mandryk  
139149. Brenda Halfond  
139148. jacob hirschfeld  
139147. Joanna Tropp-Bluestone  
139146. Jan Rividi  
139145. Rosalind Oxley  
139144. Andree Llanes The biased contents are outrageous
139143. Marilyn Benmergui  
139142. Elizabeth Sternberg This site is an affront to humanity
139141. Bob Norton A disgusting site
139140. Giora Gafni  
139139. margot rosanes-csuka Do you ever check what you collect or do you just collect websites?
139138. yael bronner  
139137. Aida Oceransky  
139136. Joe Tugendhaft It is absolutely neccessary that Google controls as much as possible SITES which create hatred throughout the world.
139135. Marnie Slonim  
139134. Jonathan Coh Remove this ignorent jelous garbage immediately
139133. Jay Bergman  
139132. raquel alkanati  
139131. G. Goudeketting  
139130. Ruth Minsky  
139129. Bayla Klyne  
139128. Harvey Minsky  
139127. Paul Harrison Disgusting - remove this filth
139126. Hanna Baum  
139125. s ambrose  
139123. shelli  
139122. d. orkin  
139121. E Mankowitz  
139120. Philip Pinkus Sich anti-semetic vitrliol has no place on a responsible information site.
139119. apolatp remove antisemitic sign on google
139118. i alan hirschfeld Providing a "platform" for such blatant hate mongering is shameful and a severe blemish on Google
139117. Robert Rosen  
139116. Eladio  
139115. ruth rosenblum  
139114. Battal Agha  
139113. shlom  
139112. Dr. Henryk Lemberg  
139111. A. Selgas Llano  
139110. Damian  
139109. Donna Wexler Please remove this website!
139108. Michael Maurice This site must be removed for the good of mankind
139107. Gill Hughes  
139106. Shelley brown This is racist
139105. Len B This is an absolute disgrace & should be stopped immediately
139104. peter kahan  
139103. Elena  
139102. José Luiz Vasconcellos It is a desgrace to have this site on Google!
139101. David Gerrard Outrageous
139100. David E Richter  
139099. victor sacks  
139097. Jeremy Fink  
139096. Lee Freeman  
139095. Mollie  
139094. Frank Van Bers This website is encitement and should be removed immediately.
139093. Daniel  
139092. Kurt Gutfreund  
139091. Michael Medalyer  
139090. T Keith an abuse of the search engine
139089. nissim  
139088. roberta greenberg  
139087. Miram Van Bers This is disgusting, I am suprised to find this kind of website on Google
139086. sara meckler  
139085. michelle kahtan  
139084. E Coleman  
139083. lisa bron  
139082. Peter millie james Disgraceful
139081. Michael  
139080. Karen Linch As a blantantly antisemitic website, I think it is imperative that Google remove from its search engine.
139079. erela lehrer  
139078. R Gibson  
139077. Nora Lawrenz Ê
139076. Beverly Edelstein This site has brought and will continue to bring hatred towards the Jewish nation and the entire world. It must be removed IMMEDIATELY!
139075. Rod Woolf - England This is pure antisematism & racism
139074. Paula Flowers  
139073. sue cleveland  
139072. Judy Silverton  
139071. neville singer I use google to have this site on is unacceptable and inexcusable
139070. J Henley  
139069. Levi Andre  
139068. michelled josephs  
139067. Kitra Cohen  
139066. S Pitch  
139065. LEWIS ALLEN  
139064. Jaap Soesan  
139063. Bob Collins  
139062. William Shulman It should not take a petition- REMOVE JEWWATCH from your websit.This is not what our Constitution meant by freedom of speech.
139061. sandy  
139060. Uriel  
139059. ruth davis  
139058. Ann-Cathrin  
139057. Paul Cowan  
139056. S Rothstein  
139055. Deb Sherr  
139054. Gitit Fainaru  
139053. Joseph Spiegel see the language they use!!
139052. L&A Ussher  
139051. Iris Weller  
139050. sigahl silvera What an awful anti semetic site. Please remove it from the goggle search and put more appropriate sites instead. As google, you have a lot of power. Please use it responsibly.
139049. Bradley  
139048. simon zacks in this day and age they should know better
139047. Maurice Hartley  
139046. Naomi Arber  
139045. Jeremy Goldstein  
139044. Mary Feldman Shame on you for promoting racism!
139043. Hilary Keren This site should be immediately removed.
139042. John Goldstein  
139041. ralph whelan  
139040. B Rodden  
139039. sasha wershof  
139038. Henry Tramer  
139037. Francis and Una van Emden this site is scandalous and should be removed forthwith
139036. Marsha Caldwell  
139035. Paul Sor How disgusting that google would even link to this site
139034. David Blake  
139033. hedva  
139032. Barbara Grant  
139031. David & Judy Solomon  
139030. Mandy Brandon  
139029. Alwyne Joseph  
139028. David Newham  
139027. Adam Zacks  
139026. Martin Chesler  
139025. Theodor Michael Remember 1933
139024. Yehuda Ben Abraham  
139023. Ziona Axekrod  
139022. Ricardo Fernandez  
139021. Rafael La web es antisemita.
139020. Gayle Gross  
139019. Michael Ajoodan-Poor What the hell is going on here ? This is stupid to see Google not addressing such an issue !
139018. Estelle Malnick  
139017. Tony kawalsky  
139016. debra  
139015. Graham Greenberg This site is nothing short of disgraceful and entirely inaccurate. IT IS SIMPLY RACIST
139014. martin m broad  
139013. Harriet  
139012. Laura Klibanow  
139011. Graham Rogoff Pls remove it's dangerous.
139010. ellen weintraub  
139009. Rebecca Kaplan  
139008. john steiner  
139007. wil Remove from the Google Search Engine!
139006. pam burke  
139005. nicole hirsowitz  
139004. Stephanie Plawner It must never happen again!!!!!
139003. Robbie  
139002. Michelle Port  
139001. Annie Torem  
139000. DALIA CHIZIC  
138999. ghislaine Bouskila  
138998. jonathan silverman  
138997. Peta Singer  
138996. Arthur Mandel  
138995. Sara Cane  
138994. Dr Robert Tresman  
138993. cafrey berthaa disgraceful racial hatred
138992. Gary Perl  
138991. Morris Abraham Get rid of this blatant anti-semitic, racist, false, lying, disgraceful, web site.
138990. David Berens  
138989. Linda Teese It's propoganda at its most extreme
138988. jacques bajayo who is paying him
138987. Carolyn Whycer  
138986. S Gibbons  
138985. Howard Lester  
138984. Lara Wilson  
138983. Zahra Benzimra  
138982. Anthony kanzen Please remove this Anti-Semitic site from your top listings
138981. Malcolm Brody  
138980. Leonard Rickmanr  
138979. Barbara Brody  
138978. Dan Weinberg  
138977. rachel leff  
138976. chen  
138975. Ann Offenberger  
138974. Anna F Constantinou words fail me !
138973. Judy Samuel  
138972. ren What is it going to take to remove this site from google? Havent enough people signed already???!
138971. netta  
138970. Philip Simon  
138969. stephen gee  
138968. Mel Highly offensive material
138967. Zandy Fell  
138966. David Nyman  
138965. Angela Alexander  
138964. alexander Corne  
138963. Nataniel Castano  
138962. shelleyzeron  
138961. aviva raz shechter  
138960. Avi Idan  
138959. Ruth Poat  
138958. Claire Baylin  
138957. John Levin  
138956. julie dangoor  
138955. Daniel Karp People like Frank Weltner need to be educated on reality. His historical revisionism reeks of the very Nazism he seeks to bestow on Jews and Judaism. There is no place for him on the online world let alone in the offline one.
138954. Prof. and Mrs Gilbert Herbert  
138953. Hilary Sinclair  
138952. Tammy Ota  
138951. Elinor Stein  
138950. Deborah  
138949. A Fried  
138948. Raphael Gee  
138947. Daniel Morris  
138946. Chaim Eisman  
138945. Stuart Graham  
138944. Rebecca  
138943. Harvey Rose  
138942. Parnas  
138941. David Marishel  
138940. Marc Sevy Utterly biased and ingnorant
138939. Tony Klinger  
138938. Jeffrey Brasch Disgraceful conduct Google
138937. Madeleine Marsh  
138936. shlomit  
138935. pmarks  
138934. John Perloff  
138933. Sandra Butwick  
138932. James Scott  
138931. Osnat Professional is not the word I would use
138930. leonhardt  
138929. isaac nathan  
138928. Larry Narunsky  
138927. John Rambo  
138926. norman pearlgood  
138925. Rami Kanzen  
138924. S Dobkin  
138923. Nicola Goldberg  
138922. Lucy Toffel  
138921. leora silberg  
138920. Sharon Blacker  
138919. Debbie Cukier  
138918. rosanna sonnino tristezza
138917. Gasperi  
138916. Karen Massey shocking - how did this even get started!
138915. hindi Junger  
138914. C D BARNETT get this vile site off the internet
138913. jonathan moss  
138912. Mrs Rachel Woolf Disgraceful and abhorent
138911. Cora Tresman  
138910. Maurice Gross  
138909. Daniel Smith  
138908. Bohrer  
138907. John Tresman  
138906. Emma Geller  
138905. Shunit Coppenhagen  
138904. Ron Nakh It can't be more racist and antisemitic
138903. michael shenny  
138902. sheila shenny  
138901. michel ARONOFF  
138900. Mr J Ison  
138899. Anastasia Videnova pls remove this untrue page from yr archives
138898. sonja Illouz  
138897. Allan Borowski  
138896. Ruth  
138895. Sidney Shapiro That site is disgraceful
138894. chaim ofer  
138893. Jonathan Cohen  
138892. Victoria Abelson  
138891. Charlotte Polak  
138890. ephraim golan  
138889. leah  
138888. Aaron  
138887. Bradie Leigh-Gale  
138886. Marcia Parness  
138885. hyman yohana  
138884. Cyril Seseeler  
138883. Jeremy Samuel  
138882. Francois Heilbronn Google needs to restore its credibility by removing this antisemitic site. I am a Professor. Thank you
138881. Jonathan Lourie Shame
138880. Moussy Dwek  
138879. Adrienne Forman  
138878. roth  
138877. Ronald Hyams  
138876. Ian Silverberg this page should be removed
138875. liz Bowers  
138874. Katy Stern  
138873. Chilly Chrysler  
138872. Chamiel Ephraim  
138871. klein tuviya  
138870. Ilana Cohney  
138869. Mrs J Robertson  
138868. Shelley Goldstein  
138867. Richard Frankfurt  
138866. David Waysman  
138865. Henri Goldin This site must be removed. Free speech is not for the spreading of twisted ideas and lies.
138864. Shoham Shikolsky Moshe  
138863. Michelle Jacobs  
138862. Trevor Band I cannot believe that that there are people around the world actively promoting antisemitism like this. I honestly think that we should see how urgent it is for us to promote education as a priority for not only the Jewish world but all the world. We cannot allow people with little knowledge to live their lives based on untruths. Let us take this opportunity to ensure that this generation and all succeeding generations know right from wrong - and let us start now!
138861. Naomi Kviatek  
138860. Jaime Sherling  
138859. yasmin tzioni  
138858. ilana papo  
138857. Yon Degen  
138856. Louis Sandzer unacceptable
138855. Allon Ledder  
138854. adam sacks  
138853. don sacks  
138852. Malcolm Gee  
138851. Benjamin Zaum  
138850. joyce sacks  
138849. Martin I. Taft  
138848. Barbara Helman  
138847. Daniela Pizer  
138846. Merrick Wolman  
138845. rich greenberg  
138844. Gunn Elin Borthus  
138843. Eddie G.  
138842. David Kimche  
138841. Gallit  
138840. Tova Peretz  
138839. ruhama bergman  
138838. Rod Freedman I strongly object to the antisemitic tone of this site and find it offensive that Google has it coming up almost at the top if you search for 'Jew'.
138837. Tessa Guinsberg  
138836. Dalya Buchbinder  
138835. Rodney King  
138834. Michelle Reichman  
138833. alan frankel  
138832. hattab joseph  
138831. Yehuda Meinhardt  
138830. sharon kuperholz  
138829. jak Stop Jew Watch Now!!!
138828. mark bilk  
138827. Steve Lentin  
138826. ilana rosenberg  
138825. Jennifer Patterson  
138824. channi jerusalem
138823. RUTH FISHER  
138822. Andy Conway that man is evil
138821. rivka melnik  
138820. Tamara  
138819. yuval & yafit  
138818. Danielle  
138817. Francoise RUSSO  
138815. Mordechai E. Schwarz  
138814. P Levy this is a disgrace to any intelligent person. Unfortunately not everyone is intelligent enough to see through this garbage
138813. GREEN  
138812. A. Talmor  
138811. Raymond Godfrey What a disgrace for Google to allow this site
138810. Sonya Bennett  
138809. weissmann edit  
138808. Batya  
138807. Alinna  
138806. sigal goldstein  
138805. Rom, Werner  
138804. jenna ronkin  
138803. Louise Kay  
138802. Bill Zeise  
138801. Joseph  
138800. Greg Levin  
138799. David M Small  
138798. sandra harris disgusting,google should be ashamed
138797. Josie  
138796. Carole & Howard Silver  
138795. Elie Jankelewitz  
138794. sarita dery This is repulsive and does not define the word Jew!
138793. HAIM  
138792. Jonathan Brickman  
138791. Alexandra Barak REMOVE!!!
138790. Andrew Sward  
138789. FROMMES Resy  
138788. Evelyne Perks You are endorsing racism
138787. Dr. Michael Aziz  
138786. ora bronner  
138785. Sam Meerkin  
138784. Leigh Coleman  
138783. Debbie  
138782. E Svirskis This illustrates a big problem with Google. Sites are listed in order of number of hits, not of merit!
138781. Henri Korn Shame on Google to allow these lies to be propagated
138780. guy davis  
138779. Aaron D REMOVE SITE ASAP !!!!!
138777. Batia Green  
138776. gili  
138775. David Feldman  
138774. Suzanne Levy  
138773. s rothschild  
138772. Pola  
138771. Limor Szmerling  
138770. Ralph Israel Weltner is obviously obsessed and dangerous, he asks for donations !? I donate my deepest sympathies to him & his family & followers. Remove him forever, not just from Google...
138769. Gini Bachrach  
138768. Solly Sacks  
138767. jacob jacobowitz  
138766. MICHAEL A. BLUME  
138765. Tamir is disgusting, anti-semitic, and promotes incorrect/inaccurate facts, antisemitism, violance and HATE. A simpleton could see through the hypocracy and flagrant antisemitism of the site.
138764. jeffrey fugler  
138763. Lisa Brink Shame on you for promoting racism!
138762. HARRY WENIG  
138761. Bettina Benjamin  
138760. smadar  
138759. Richard Barr  
138758. sara  
138757. Rob Heiden Heimer  
138756. Michael Honey  
138755. moshe and hadassa Morris  
138754. David  
138753. Joni Krevoy  
138752. Sharon Cherny  
138751. Saggy Masali  
138750. Shari Helmer Spreading hate is never the answer. Love is.
138748. Zicherman Liliane  
138747. D. Freimark  
138746. Fanny S Kraiem  
138745. Annette Rayman Please remove the above search engine
138744. Sarina Litwin  
138743. Ralph Loewenthal  
138742. john a tannenbaum remove
138741. Nimrod Solomon  
138740. LL Rosen  
138739. sendrovits shosh  
138738. Monica Adler  
138737. CARMONA  
138736. yael zizi  
138735. FITOUSSI Sylvain  
138734. RAY SYMONS  
138733. Karen Deutch  
138732. Natalie Cohen  
138731. Lior Salomon  
138730. yaakov Kirschen  
138729. Yaelle  
138728. Suzanne Luck  
138727. Oren Cohen Please remove this disgusting site from your search results.
138726. Etty Turner  
138725. Homer Simpson Doh!
138724. Mel Gibson  
138723. Lynn kahan  
138722. zev kane  
138721. OJ Simpson Remove or they will be removed
138720. Pearl R. Taylor  
138719. Tracy Roberts  
138718. Anne  
138717. Jamie Roberts  
138716. John Belushi  
138715. Uri Cohen  
138714. Michal  
138713. Jack Swinkin  
138712. Judy Wexler  
138711. Hanan Heilbut Remove it from Google please
138710. Adina  
138709. Deena disgusting!
138708. G.Katz  
138707. hadas  
138706. Jesus Christ  
138705. Riccardo Meihuan  
138704. Irene Berlin  
138703. Riccardo Meihuan  
138702. Moshe Atkins  
138701. URI KAZOVSKY Please ,remuve it A.S.A.P
138700. Gabi  
138699. Patti B.  
138698. raulsuchi  
138697. Adam  
138696. I. Sperber  
138695. tal yeah
138694. Evelynne & Fred Cherny  
138693. Sandra B  
138692. odelia  
138691. Miri  
138690. John Warms Get rid of this foul web site IMMEDIATELY
138689. Marc Rothman  
138688. Mark Kuran  
138687. Diane Phillips  
138686. Michael Gencher  
138685. Julie  
138684. George Ron  
138683. Stanley Arenberg  
138682. Rhoda & Alec Berman  
138681. William Young  
138680. Pamela Perkins  
138679. Mimo FRANCO  
138678. Ilan Marcuschamer  
138677. Nathan P No need for anti-semitism
138676. stanley arenberg  
138675. Ian 50,000 signautes needed - there are over 138,000 - COME ON GOOGLE DO THE RIGHT THING
138674. Elizabeth Gordon  
138673. Mimi Gold I use Google search engine all the time without any problems. But I was appalled to see this despicable site pop up in response to my innocent search. Google: Please remove from your search engine.
138672. josse g  
138671. yitz eizik  
138670. Doreen Gorlin  
138669. Philippa Smith This site is a disgrace - REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
138668. Bryan Coleman  
138667. Freya Krieger  
138666. Eli Lechtman google has the responsibility to take action. It cannot stand by while hate propagates though their medium.
138665. irit paneth  
138664. Kurt Mayer Acceptance of diversity will bring the human family closer together
138663. Mike  
138662. Raymond Leonzini  
138661. Mike Brown  
138660. Nava Eizik  
138659. MBRYGEL  
138658. Alanna Fox Starks Please remove this site immediately!
138657. Renee Rose Please remove from Google
138656. Natalia Fisher  
138655. josh sickeneing, I am truly disgusted by the hate
138654. Diana  
138653. ilan lederman don't tell my mother that were a slave at ausswits-birknao that there were no holocast and extermination
138652. Aviva Milech this is disgraceful
138651. gila  
138650. Israel Almog  
138649. Bernice Raphael  
138648. adam brosgall  
138647. Naomi Althaus  
138646. Rebecca Carl  
138645. nora schwartz  
138644. raquel Alfassi  
138643. KATHY BELLEAU disgusting!
138642. Lenore Speckter  
138641. Lynn Atkins get rid of this site.
138640. Eva and Kurt Rathner Google get rid of this offensive rubbish
138639. Moshe Weisselberg  
138638. Jesse Czach  
138637. Robin Maddalena  
138636. David Moss  
138635. David Worth  
138634. Sandra G  
138633. Cynthia And Gary Kay  
138632. marilyn stein  
138631. Erika Jacoby  
138630. Bela Gold  
138629. I Barbach  
138628. Dr. B C Cohney entirely inappropriate
138627. Eden  
138626. adele noll  
138625. Gary KRauss The site is disgusting, Neo-nazi propaganda
138624. Debbie Freeman, Melbourne Australia  
138623. marilyn stein  
138622. elie renous  
138621. malcolm jacobs  
138620. Paul Clarke  
138619. E. Singer  
138618. Chaim Balla  
138617. Barry Meyrowitz  
138616. alon  
138615. tami  
138614. Michael Radovsky  
138613. john price  
138612. Dorothea Edelstein  
138611. shari shapiro may g-d forgive them
138610. James Tobin  
138609. Lilian Cohen any racist site should be removed
138608. Ralph Wein  
138607. mina  
138606. S Goodman  
138605. a treitek  
138604. sheila szymonowicz  
138603. Eddie Varon  
138602. Dylan Levin Blake  
138601. Kerry Levin  
138600. Ronald Amper  
138599. david renous  
138598. Sharon Kamens  
138597. Daniel  
138596. esther nissimi  
138595. Devorah  
138594. NOEMI STERN  
138593. Devori  
138592. FEIGENBAUM The insanity of this site should not contaminate innocents/
138591. Mozelle Breitstein  
138590. Armand Shapiro  
138589. Arturo Deutsch Remove from the Google Search Engine
138588. Lynn Shapiro  
138587. Pamela Mond Sad and DISTURBING We have a lot of WORK to do
138586. Judi Krumbein  
138585. Sharon Cramer  
138584. Suzy Rose This site is totally unacceptable. Where is Googles' sense of fairness? This is discriminatory
138583. terez polka  
138582. David Warner  
138581. Morris Tobias I would assume that Google doesn't want to be associated with anti semitic comment from "Truth Distorters" or liars. I personally rely on Google for accurate information searches. I find it offensive that such a site as can even get hosted!
138580. Donald Taub  
138579. sandra Camhi shocking and instigates hate
138578. Ellen Gross  
138577. ya ku  
138576. Donna Davis  
138575. yakov ben chaim  
138574. barbara wein  
138573. Lizet Benrey  
138572. Francis Fuller  
138571. Renee Kugler Sad to see that you would let such a site be on ones search for jew!!!!!
138570. harvey davids  
138569. Alexander Fuller  
138568. J. Wagman  
138567. Jonathan Fuller  
138566. Tamara Russell out of order to have this sort of site
138565. Mark  
138564. Jen Leopold  
138563. Sarah  
138562. Luisa Kopinsky  
138561. Ariela Goldman Shame on you
138560. MARTIN  
138559. Harriet Werner  
138558. Samuel A. Abady  
138557. Elisheva Picker  
138556. sonia gold  
138554. Lew Steinfeld  
138553. Alex Ross  
138552. Jack and Rebecca Ritchie  
138551. Ronald Cooper Please remove this anti-semitic site
138550. alan archer  
138549. Gerald I, Wolpe Totally offensive as information
138548. Rita Broner  
138547. Linda Reinman  
138546. Robert Eisenstadt  
138545. cecelia appelbaum  
138544. Frances Heller  
138543. Lewis Harris This slanderous, offensive material has no place in civilized dissemination of information
138542. Miriam  
138541. Joe bromson  
138540. Ronit Basiri Please remove
138539. stephen sackel  
138538. bernice mendelsohn  
138537. alberto matarasso  
138536. David Lasker  
138535. Harvey Goldberg Get it off Line!
138534. Shohana Gottfried  
138533. Victoria Fisher  
138532. R. Weisbrod  
138531. bertram mond  
138530. angela brown shame on you!
138529. jeffrey cowan  
138528. barbara rascoff  
138527. Karen Benattar get it of NOW
138526. Marianne Soher Let's do it. The faster the better.
138525. bernard awerbuck  
138524. Helen Goldenberg  
138523. Benna We appreciate your disclaimer, but the site must be removed.
138522. Jacob Wytwornik  
138521. Michael Rudnick Please remove from google
138520. Bitoun ugly
138519. Edith F. BASS  
138518. Sheila Rosenthal  
138517. Sarah Kohn  
138516. Jeffrey N. Berman  
138515. siegelman abe  
138514. Erno Rosenthal  
138513. Boris Edelman The ultimate of anti semitism. FOR SHAME
138512. Abe Kohn  
138511. beth mclaughlin  
138510. marion state  
138509. Shirley Ambers  
138508. harvey presement  
138507. Joseph Plz remove it
138506. Jochai Horrible site remove
138505. fred be nice to people
138504. Jack Benchimol despicable
138503. irwin tempelman  
138502. Yvonne Fayman appalling site which only exacerbates racism
138501. Steven Horton Google Become responsible Israel is also a Holy place for may religions including the Christians
138500. penny Basch Please fix a.s.a.p.
138499. Veronique Racism is a violation of human rights. This man, in exercise of his human right to express himself, violates another human right which is not to be discriminated. Bad, bad!! Is he a Psychiatrist by any coincidence? He very well looks and talks like one!
138498. Robin Rosenblatt  
138497. Lina Cuenca  
138496. Steven Dwek  
138495. chanie graus  
138494. ken speicher  
138493. Pamela B Cohen shocking!
138492. Rebecca Gluck  
138491. Edwin Roth  
138490. Jennifer Metzger  
138489. janice patterson  
138488. Weinberger There must be anti-defamation principles which have bearing on such public domains as available on Google. The administrators of Google must not be able to hide behind poor excuses of not restricting or monitoring the types of groups/individuals who choose to defame, vilify, spread hatred and misinformation, nor harass individuals or groups.
138487. A Grauman  
138486. Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Brown  
138485. Leonard Werner remove or will not continue to use site
138484. ilan shlesinger  
138483. John Levick  
138482. Margot Mann Shocking antisemitism and provocation to violence!
138481. Alfred Stein  
138480. Neil Baliber  
138479. Cindyspector  
138478. Bryan Goodman  
138477. Tina Goodman  
138476. Dara Salk  
138475. Dr. Ralph A. Hyman  
138474. Joyce D. Rudnick  
138473. Beatrice Shapiro  
138472. keren horowitz  
138471. Jane Walchirk  
138470. fay bomberg  
138469. David Lasko  
138468. C. Adolf  
138467. PAUL  
138466. Rifkie Goldstein  
138465. Leonard W. Sherman  
138464. bernice weston remove the site ASAP
138463. A. Rothenberg  
138462. graubart sickening !
138461. Mario Persovsky  
138460. Joseph Ceder  
138459. Ariel Thompson  
138458. Warren  
138457. donna sabo  
138456. Zachary Plesser  
138455. Elena greene  
138454. Stewart Fried Please remove this most offensive site froim your search engine
138453. esther firpo  
138452. eben light  
138451. Sharon Zisin  
138450. Levi Muller  
138449. yoram  
138448. Joyce Hochfeld remove JewWatch
138447. Salomon please remove this offensive site
138446. Bebe Awerbuch  
138445. Arlene Dale  
138444. Nannette Kole  
138443. Jack Abrams Google can do better than this.
138442. Phyllis Beaver This site is despicable. I pray this petition is successful in removing such trash from Google- a search engine I truly appreciate.
138441. Milton J. Wolk I hope this is not a bogus site
138440. E. Insler Keep the internet fair and clean, not sleazy and mean.
138439. D Mindell  
138438. Joel Stettner  
138437. Rachel Goldman  
138436. Arlene D. Wolk get rid of this trash
138435. Arnold Clickstein  
138434. jew hater  
138433. shawn waldman  
138432. Diana Kirschenbaum let us stop supporting hate.
138431. roberta  
138430. marion pariente  
138429. Sylvia Heyman prejudice is evil
138428. Deborah Macfarlane  
138427. alex farberov  
138426. Naomi Bloch  
138425. marion pariente  
138424. Ed Skulsky  
138423. Norman Cutler  
138422. Philip Foxman this is important
138420. andrea finger  
138419. Josephine P  
138418. victor finegold no anti anything in the USA
138417. E Golshevsky  
138416. Madeleine Levy  
138415. David Borok Jewel
138414. Michelle Weinstein  
138413. CLIFF  
138412. Hagai  
138411. eva korin  
138410. I. Herman  
138409. sandee glickman  
138408. leon anaf  
138407. Avrum L. Jackson  
138406. Flo Drexler  
138405. Adam Goldberger  
138404. I. Herman  
138403. Miguel Kahan  
138402. Judy Kaskel no more anti-semitism!!!!!
138401. Aryeh Moshen it's disgusting
138400. Jennifer Katz (Panamá)  
138399. Mare Smooke  
138398. Rivka chaya  
138397. Nelly Mizrahi  
138396. yaron  
138395. shirley blanc  
138394. Marc Warshall  
138393. yaron  
138392. r fried there is no excuse for this form of racism
138391. Moshe Salomon  
138390. Jonathan Meyer  
138389. Dean Johnson Anti-Semetic
138388. Alan Rose  
138387. Robin Gross  
138386. lillian swickle  
138385. Garry Fabian  
138384. Ida  
138383. E.Pinczower  
138382. Debbie Chisikovsky  
138381. Samantha Cooper  
138380. David Reisman  
138379. Honey Royer  
138378. Norma Olson  
138377. Elli Bardas  
138376. Yaakov Why is the site still there if we have almost 3 times the required signatures, does this petion really work???
138375. Kenneth Olson  
138374. david gottlieb  
138373. Zvi Tiomkin This site is anti semitic and should be removed
138372. dorette forman  
138371. Joan Goldman  
138370. michael woland  
138369. Stephen Brickman  
138368. John Goldstein  
138367. Ruth Figdor  
138366. gabriel brener  
138365. Ethlynne Brickman  
138364. Vicki Belobaba Weltner slants the information in a grossly unfair manner but leaves just enough fact to make it appear true
138363. salomon gross  
138362. Ben Krynski  
138361. JUDY GOLDSTEIN disgusting
138359. elchanan  
138358. dina  
138357. ellen rosenbaum  
138356. Diana and Elliot Garfinkel  
138355. M Walt  
138354. jennifer levin remove its anti semetic
138353. LIsa Zelson  
138352. Ben Burke  
138351. ben gfrorer  
138350. robin greenfield  
138349. Lloyd Samuel {lease remove JewWatch from Google search as it contains lies and half truths al of an antisemetic nature/ Does not enhance google image that is starting to be tarnished in other areas as well
138348. chani bardash  
138347. victor zajdhaft remove it now !
138346. P Chapman Should Google be a source of truth like Wikipedia, or a just bunch of links blindly determined by algorithm? Google search results show clear evidence of human intervention in bringing relevant links to the top. That same intervention should remove racist hate sites from such a general search.
138345. Susana Rodriguez Very sad
138344. David H Sherr This smacks of Nazi propoganda. The site must be removed & prevented from promoting its racist & virulently anti semitic bile
138343. susan hersko  
138342. Miryam Eshel Shameful to allow such a site.
138341. Leslie Mueller  
138340. Barry Garsson  
138339. Mike Israel  
138338. I. Benjamin  
138337. Fira Headrick  
138336. Thomas Presch  
138335. Sydney Pilcer  
138334. Lenny Papirov  
138333. J Branicki  
138332. Danny Pollak  
138331. eva goldberg thi s site is disgraceful and degrading
138330. Diego  
138329. J Horowitz  
138328. Lauren Kline  
138327. Isaac Metta  
138326. Pynchas Brener  
138325. Joel Segal  
138324. Lionel Schachna  
138323. Jeremy Booty  
138322. Linda Elkins are you kidding why woul that come up 1st ?
138321. Penny  
138320. Cheryl Perl  
138319. chareen shame on you!
138318. Don Glickman  
138317. Joseph Ezekiel Is this site financed by Arabs? Why not have a Muslim-Terrorist watch site.
138316. Anita Silverman  
138315. Carlos  
138314. judy rabi  
138313. naomi himel antisemetic
138312. Jennifer Schultz  
138311. IRIS CAVALLO  
138310. Ilan Lindenboim This does not fit Google's image. Remove this filth..
138309. B Fantich  
138308. jacques murachver  
138307. Zegmund Bleviss  
138306. Brenda Tropp You're kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting
138305. Miriam Suss  
138304. Charles W. B erndt  
138303. karina contreras-gonzalez  
138302. MICKEY SPIEGEL this site is despicable
138301. Perriard Liliana  
138300. Ronald Taft  
138299. shana boltin  
138298. Natalie Lourie Shame
138297. Sevorah Stein  
138296. Gail Biskupich There's enough hatred in the world already. Please remove .
138295. ronald kottler I held google to a higher standard then promoting and slandering hate to a group of people. Take this off of your site. What a disappointment in Google.
138294. barbara tabak  
138293. nancy freed  
138292. Johnathon Levy Not only should the author of this website be held accountable, but Google too. SHAMEFUL. Large corporations should withdraw their advertising funds from Google until such time as this most disgusting website is removed.
138291. milton sosinsky  
138290. vicki  
138289. rivka walles  
138288. Lucy Cohen de Romano  
138287. susan askanase This is disgusting! I can't believe that we are still allowing this kind of "information" to be spread.
138286. Eli Anderman  
138285. Rachel Dingoor  
138284. Eda Elkus  
138283. Michael Branchett appalling website
138282. Andrea Baltman  
138281. P Oh no.
138280. Naji Dingoor  
138279. Abrão Hleap  
138278. Enid Lewis  
138277. B Cohen  
138276. David Feldman  
138275. jacob askal this is terrible
138274. Stephen Lewis  
138273. Harriet J. Brown  
138272. jackie levy  
138271. Judy Nagler  
138270. 'Carrie Gordon  
138269. John Wermut I've never seen anything so biased and so totally ignorant. Has anyone connected with that site ever done any historical research that sees more than one side?
138268. M Engelmayer  
138267. John Wermut I've never seen anything so biased and so totally ignorant. Has anyone connected with that site ever done any historical research that sees more than one side?
138266. Joe please remove this scumbag
138265. Rosie Elsass  
138264. Lynn Day  
138263. Harvey Stern  
138262. Reeva Lederman  
138261. betty salomon  
138260. Shelley Pollak  
138259. Andre Baruch  
138258. Peta Jones Pellach I agree entirely with the sentiments of the petition but need to comment that the word 'antisemitism' should be so spelt.
138257. Toby Hinderstein  
138256. Bitton  
138255. Irv Lieberman  
138254. Charles New  
138253. Stanley Judah  
138252. Joyce Chabbott It's absolutely disgusting and false. remove immediately
138250. DAVID ACHAR  
138249. Elayne Agatstein get off the internet with your dirty garbage/
138248. gilda moss  
138247. rachel ringler  
138246. fernanda  
138245. Fay Weinberg  
138244. stefanie traub  
138243. Rosane Kurc  
138242. Abigail Cooper  
138241. alex klein  
138240. michael nurik google should not assist any form of racism
138239. danny englman  
138238. Danielle Dyskin  
138237. Mark Landis  
138236. m chabbott  
138235. judy grossman  
138234. Philip Schneiderman  
138233. hillel bick  
138232. Jeremy H  
138231. Cecile Sandago  
138230. Zachary Agatstein  
138229. Anna Schoenfeld  
138228. Christine Stone In this day and age, when we are working towards world peace it does not help to have sites like this.
138227. Gregg Schoenfeld  
138226. Benjamin Greenbaum  
138225. Brenda Siegelman  
138224. Luciana Barreto please remove this site
138223. Charlotte Markus  
138222. ORA LANDMANN  
138221. Evelyn Erlichster  
138220. Robert Stemple  
138217. Kovi Paneth please remove hate site form Google
138216. Herman Behrend  
138215. paul paneth If this site is NOT SHOULD be!
138214. Abraham Mainemer  
138213. alice feldman disgusting!
138212. Sandra Volentine "Let Justice roll down like waters in a mighty stream," said the Prophet Amos
138211. JOE  
138210. Hilda Goss  
138209. Avi Gilboa  
138208. Sian Secker In this day and age, anti-semmetic sites should be shut down by the network provider and the owner should be imprisoned - racism is against the law.
138207. Eli Nossbaum  
138206. jeff dimand disgusting
138205. ruth segal  
138204. Lorrane Shwartz Discriminatory , Disgusting. Hasn't the world learnt yet!!!
138203. Deborah Zimmermann  
138202. Leeat Eliahu  
138201. moises  
138200. Sherry  
138199. mauricio kaufmann  
138198. Raph Goldenberg  
138197. varda  
138196. Laurie Shusterman  
138195. Daniel Lowinger Stupid!!
138194. Daniel Preston  
138193. Lawrence Cher  
138192. sergio mondlak  
138191. eli gardner  
138190. K. BOCK  
138189. Sandy  
138188. gui  
138187. Ruth Bernstein Hyman, Ph.D.  
138186. Mark Chaskiel  
138185. Shlomo  
138184. Debi Rudensky What a pathetic man! Human waste!
138183. Veronica Zeltzer  
138182. Elisabeth Krieger  
138181. Kathy Brizeli  
138180. Mark Engel  
138179. stephan ross  
138178. jaime  
138177. Behrend  
138176. Steven Bram You must be kidding, having a hate site like this. You are the largest search engine around. Let's try to stamp out hate instead of spreading it. I'm really disapointed that this could be sanctioned by Google.
138175. Valerie Abrahams`  
138174. Basil Ornellas Why not concern yourself with the real threat to world peace?
138173. Meyer Gorin AIA  
138172. Joyce Douglass  
138171. Mimi Nissan  
138170. Seth Bressman  
138169. Gail Johnson  
138168. Richard S. Berger  
138167. Nadav Traeger  
138166. RHONDA SUGARMAN I am disgusted
138165. salomon weinstok  
138164. Ira Madris  
138163. Louis Sack Stop the anti semitism Sergei Brin you are also Jewish
138162. Murray & PhyllisWeberman Remove this obscenity or I will remove Google as a search engine and advise hundreds of other people to do the same.
138161. Rima Sternin  
138160. Diana  
138159. Audrey Klein  
138158. susanne evans  
138157. Lois Binetsky  
138155. reizelkopele  
138154. Vera Tulchinsky  
138153. peter kaufmann  
138152. Mervyn Rom  
138151. Levi  
138149. Faye Bishop  
138148. marvin b. davidson rantings of a nut
138147. Maurice Hilkowitz  
138146. Norman Bernstein  
138145. Marilyn Weigel  
138144. Paul McNulty  
138143. Andrew Howard  
138142. Harold D. Jacobson I'm assamed of GOOGLE!!!
138141. Norman Bloom  
138140. sara rosenfeld  
138139. Mark Saltzman What an absolute disgrace!!
138138. Howard Hyman PLEASE.....this is harmful to good relations
138137. Thos. Lifland  
138136. Aneta Benis  
138135. Niki Saltzman It's absolutely disgusting!!!
138134. Rita Cousins This is an abomination andnot what is expected from Google. Remove it at once, please.
138133. tamar weiss  
138132. Jacques Capelluto  
138131. Robin Cutler  
138130. Joe Bass  
138129. Evgenija What a shame!!!
138128. mark hamilton Destroy the website and bring the owner and writers of the site to justice. These are the sort of people that the death penalty should be brought back for!!!! This is disgusting!
138127. Eva Taft  
138126. MichaeL Reedijk  
138125. glenn wood  
138124. amy hardy  
138123. esther deitcher  
138122. Linda Kolodny Please remove this horrible site
138121. Joy Fabrikant  
138120. Barbara Bass  
138119. John Ungar  
138118. ISAAC ROMANO  
138117. Edward Ozols  
138116. myra ribak troublesome untruths by frank welnter, the "librarian'
138115. Stuart & Dianne Gottlieb  
138114. Amanda love thy neighbour comes to mind
138113. Rachel Joshua  
138112. arnie green  
138111. mark rosen  
138110. leon gross  
138109. Ashley Helman Shocking to see that a popular site such as Google is prepared to allow racist sites such as jewwatch to be found via its search engine. jewwatch is not necessarily popular, search optimisation specialists can quite easily ensure it remains at the top of the list.
138108. young  
138107. H Jacobs  
138106. S. Pajor urgently remove
138105. Harry S I am in shock
138104. Bent Lerno How Descusting
138103. Livia Trink  
138102. Carol Cohen  
138101. Betty Levy JewWatch is a disgusting, horrific, antisemitic piece of garbage.
138100. keith gubbay  
138099. Rita  
138098. Gail Mattock Discriminatory and offensive and inciting racial hatred
138097. Dr J Schenkein  
138096. Myra Wand Please remove this disgusting website from your search engine
138095. David  
138094. B gayle It is an outrage that s asite such a google would tolerate the promotion of such a group.
138093. richie schultz  
138092. Karen A  
138091. Alejandra Schatzky  
138090. Joseph Gordon remove this paranoid filth
138089. barry stephens  
138088. Paul Greenberg  
138087. ariel  
138086. Harriet Goitein  
138085. Diana Toeman  
138084. maureen meyer  
138083. MOSHE LEVY  
138082. MOSHE LEVY  
138081. stanley gilman this is abhorant
138080. Steve Levin  
138079. Flavia Stone  
138078. sonia rydz  
138077. Felicity Estrin  
138076. Robin Hammer disgusting
138075. joy kolodny  
138074. robert edelstein  
138073. Adrienne M Bloom  
138072. Leonard Hecht  
138071. Shari Kark  
138070. Brian Dee  
138069. marlene Fletcher disgusting
138068. nurit how you can twist facts around and avoid the truth
138067. Barry Goodstone Dangerous Anti Semitic Fiction
138066. Esther Schreiber  
138065. leon chapman  
138064. Geula Solomon  
138063. Melanie Laban  
138062. Robert Luder This site is racist and offensive and should be banned.
138061. arlene leonoff  
138060. hanna  
138059. Marcia  
138058. Fernando same nazis as always...
138057. Marcia  
138056. Georgia  
138055. Daniel Burman  
138054. Maggy Anstey It is unacceptable that this should be allowed
138053. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Annis  
138052. Bernadine Cimbalo There is enough hatred in the world. Please don't add more!
138051. martin riesel  
138050. Harry Friedman  
138049. martin Smith Disgusting site
138048. Milka Weiss  
138047. Sam Levene  
138046. Harry New  
138045. Drorit Kedem Petition
138044. Sandra Bardas O.A.M.  
138043. Paul Scott  
138042. marshal coleman  
138041. Edward  
138040. A. G. Fingerhut  
138039. Terry Buznicki  
138038. Dan Levy  
138036. moyra jacobs remove jew watch asp
138035. Mike Levin  
138034. jeff dinovitzer  
138033. mara get the anti-jew sites off of everything!!!
138032. SILVANA ruego quiten esta forma de denominacion de la palabra hebreo desde ya muchas gracias busquen la manera de encontrar algo menos agraviante para estas epocas
138031. asd  
138030. Sherri Schmidt  
138029. Derek  
138028. Jonathan Fulop  
138027. Linda Udaskin thanks for doing this kind deed
138026. Mrs. E.R. Jacobs  
138025. Beverly Heiman  
138024. JAN  
138023. josh boret  
138022. Ziggy Thalenberg  
138021. Stuart Gray  
138020. Sidney E. Miller  
138019. Jeff Kinzur It is Antisemitic Hate site
138018. Sylvia Orzech  
138017. Victor Tacher remove it
138016. Vana Spencer  
138015. Robert Karl  
138014. Hyam Freedman  
138013. maurice aboudaram  
138012. Tanya Friedman  
138011. matthew r pincus  
138010. John P. Gordan  
138009. marc  
138008. Walter Knoblauch  
138007. Ruth Nyman  
138005. jeff ross Absolutely shameful. Google, get with the program!
138004. Charlie Goldstein deplorable site
138003. Steven Kaplan  
138002. Donna Levine  
138000. allan klein no place in this world for sites like this
137999. Elissa Da Costa  
137998. Lauri Gladstone  
137997. Jack Samad  
137996. Jordan Spritz Please Remove Site!!
137995. Joseph Dubrofsky  
137994. dorothy b. markus can the developers of that website be forced to change their website name?
137993. Suzanne Kulliver  
137992. janet fishman  
137991. Sonia Greenwald I strongly request that the name, jewWATCH be removed from google
137990. Steve Harris Very upset by this...
137989. elaine Wurzel  
137988. Sonia Greenwald I strongly request that the name, jewWATCH be removed from google
137987. Mandi  
137986. Jennifer Simmons  
137985. M.Lerner M.D.  
137984. james e. dodson  
137983. Fran Kalban  
137982. Lynn Stuczynski Get that crap off!!!!!
137981. Jacqueline Myers  
137980. Ann Ellenbogen  
137979. Laurie Phillips This antisemtic site should be removed from google immediately.
137978. Howie Nicoll  
137977. g.adler  
137976. Anne Bonn  
137975. Vlod Barchuk  
137974. Lee Roberson Disgusting, and I'm not Jewish.
137973. steve adler please remove this from your search engine
137972. B. Steinberg  
137971. JV  
137970. Paula Agranat-Hurwitz  
137969. Irwin Plotkin Google can put it on page 99 if it must keep it.
137968. Hanna Haklay  
137967. M Aber  
137966. Leon and Safer This is a disgusting site
137965. myra freedman  
137964. LINDA KATZ  
137963. Carole Lateman  
137962. Gerald Pomerantz  
137961. Sandra Pomerantz  
137960. Moises  
137959. Amy get these lies off the internet!
137958. Nigel Bewley  
137956. Kevin Lev  
137954. Norman Axelrad  
137953. Sondra Steinberg  
137952. Zvi Lampert  
137951. Paul V  
137950. Sondra Steinberg  
137949. Néstor Socolsky  
137948. dresdner mindy  
137947. Daniel Behar  
137946. A. Por-Somfai  
137945. David Konell  
137944. MARK M CHODROW The offending site still appears high on the 1st page. I believe it is legitimate to display it, but not so prominently. There should be a mechanism to identify offensive and hate-mongering sites turned up by a search.
137943. maria  
137942. William Brenner MD  
137941. Ivan Gold  
137940. Ann Ginsberg  
137939. Henri Levy  
137938. Trink Alexandre  
137937. Daniel Silva  
137936. Yvonne Friedman  
137935. Merton Morris  
137934. naomi  
137933. Doug Kahn  
137932. zohar  
137931. harriet morris  
137930. jsaperia  
137929. Robin  
137928. daniel goldwater  
137927. Evan Mandel  
137926. Michelle S.  
137925. Stanley Satz, Ph.D. Please pass this on to Sergei Brin
137924. Jose Caetano Lacerda To remove
137923. Sandra Yardley Why must people be so anti-semetic
137922. Rebecca Epand  
137921. Doron Regev  
137920. anita  
137919. nina  
137918. Jack Nitevich  
137917. Alfred Conston, MD  
137916. Judy Harrison  
137915. Michael Makiri  
137914. Linda Kirshner horrifying!
137912. Laurie Howard  
137911. Natalie Tambor  
137909. Maurice Summerfield Dangerous content
137908. artigas  
137907. joan it's outrageous
137906. David Markowitz  
137905. Brindley Lieberman  
137904. Rebecca Power  
137903. eli zaks  
137901. djfinn unrepeatable
137900. Ed Teitelbaum  
137899. Audrey Weiner remove from Google
137898. Michael Baker ASAP
137897. G. Holzman Despicable. Remove this hatefilled, lie filled site. It is shameful to spread such filth.
137896. barney len  
137895. Judy Kaplan Polsky JewWatch is repulsive! Remove it immediately!
137894. moshe shame on you
137893. Karin Feldshuh  
137892. yair landmann  
137891. Daniel  
137890. michael heinemann  
137889. Gregg Bibliowicz  
137888. Sahara Pynes  
137887. shoshana heinemann  
137886. ronit tal  
137885. Joe Gellman  
137884. mo  
137883. Nathan Baker The sites promotes hate
137882. pablo casados please remove this anti-semite off this search engine
137881. Alain Meyer -Munz  
137880. cheryl weisberger please remove from your site!
137879. Marcia Lerer Please do not allow hatred to be a part of your great service.
137878. Marv Levy Remove from your Search Engine
137877. Batya Ordin please remove this hateful site.
137876. Lori A. Hartz  
137875. mavis rubin  
137874. Bernard Shaffer  
137873. Iris  
137872. Larry Steinhauer  
137871. K Collins-Wasserman  
137870. Sandra Bloom Please remove asap
137869. mike  
137868. asher izsak its a racist anti semitic site
137867. Sid Grant Blatant anti-Semitism
137866. E. Gutterman I think this is a disgusting site and I don't like the name you gave it either.
137865. Debbie Rosen  
137864. Kenneth Deitz  
137863. Arthur Gunn Disgusting
137862. JOHN KEARINS  
137861. hanna goldberg  
137860. Marcus Hirschfield Please remove this obscenity now
137859. Howard Nehdar This site preaches hatre through one sidedness and out right lies!
137858. Thelma Greenstein  
137857. Daniel French  
137856. cookie shap  
137855. Meyer Levadie WWII combat veteran
137854. Judith Leash  
137853. Phil Zerrudo Good point Josh. The masses truly ARE asses, as once stated.
137852. Harold Konig Please remove this site
137851. silber  
137850. Ruth Gordon Lets take this website down from those who plot to limit free speech!!! Opppppps. Let me rephrase that!
137849. Abraham baum  
137848. Galeczki, Gaby  
137847. Marlene Graub  
137846. Tom Weld You are right, it is all done by page hit / popularity, they really ARE that dumb. Oh well.
137845. IH Providence  
137844. Michael Landau VILE!!!
137843. Yaron Izakov  
137842. Rita Barr  
137841. IRWIN L. MOSS  
137840. Arthur Goldner  
137839. Cindy Goldberger  
137838. K. Rosenfield  
137837. Beth J. Fobel  
137836. Belle Landa I love Google, but am amazed at the horrible site!
137835. Stella Kremer  
137834. Raquel Gold  
137833. SION MERCADO  
137832. Josh Stewart Hey idiots, Google list priorities work on a page hit/hyperlink hit ratio. The more a link is clicked on, the higher it goes to the top of the search criteria window to list "popular searches" first for the convenience of users. YOU people, going to google, clicking ON THE LINK are forcing it to the top. Damn, how friggin ignorant are you clowns. Duhhhhhhh
137831. David M Cohn Very little factual information or sources.
137830. paula balansky disgusting,
137829. Marshall Glasser  
137828. I B Pogrund  
137827. Sara Gutman  
137825. Anthony Norton Quite disgusting one sided and biast
137824. marcelo  
137822. mijael  
137821. Janice & Sydney Haber  
137820. chaim karniel  
137819. Florence Silverstein  
137818. Marcia B. Nord  
137817. Gordon Viner  
137816. eli  
137815. Stanton Polin  
137813. stuart rose  
137811. Diego Katz antisemita
137810. Gilda Goodman  
137809. Alan Gold This site is evil beyond words
137808. Rebecca Dreksler  
137807. Denise Shulman  
137806. Philip Horesh  
137805. Brigitte Ruda  
137804. Iris  
137803. Angela racist bigoted website
137802. Alan Beck  
137801. H. Crystal  
137800. Jo Gallagher Not Jewish - but remove it !
137799. Lawrence Collins  
137798. enrique  
137797. david reichman  
137796. granditer  
137795. wil fogel  
137794. Avigayil M  
137793. Zelick Altman  
137792. Barry Shine I believe this site incites racial hatred which is against the law in many countries
137791. Betty Twena  
137790. Bev Wiseman  
137789. Zena Berelowitz  
137788. Frances Belzberg should screen messages more closely
137787. Michael Dashew  
137785. S. Weiner  
137784. albert edelman  
137783. Cory Baker  
137782. Sandra Tankoos The site is outrageous
137781. erez bar-ilan Please remove this blatant ignorant site from your search engine as it only preaches hatred and bigottry
137780. Steven Bucher Google should not aid anti-semitic websites such as this vile one
137779. Sergiu Silvian  
137778. Glenn Hall I am signing this in support of my Jewish Friends
137777. Halperin Daniel  
137776. Diane  
137775. Rhea-Beth Markowitz  
137774. Melissa Friedman  
137773. Elizabeth Beutjer the only way this site should only appear via search engine if someone typed in the word anti-semitic-very distasteful
137772. judi millman  
137771. Debbie Halevi  
137770. Stefanie Safran This is something that could teach more hate!
137769. Mindy Lieberman  
137768. Cory Zacharia Google is known for targeted results
137767. Barbara Ori Google must immediately remove this site -the man is a raving maniac who is blackening the name of what once was a reliable search engine.
137766. David Etkin This site is simply disgusting
137765. Mark Baker  
137764. Neil rosenberg  
137763. SJB  
137762. Hayley Babcock Please remove the 'JewWatch" site from your search engine search results
137761. Jane Loeb  
137760. Rivka Teller please remove this website from googles search engine!
137759. Simone  
137758. JackieLevin  
137757. Avrom Levin  
137756. wayne rashman  
137755. Luis Haime  
137754. Roz Levin  
137753. Raquel Benadiba  
137752. Gordon Jason  
137751. steve bederman  
137749. wendy bederman in today's world this is disgusting
137748. Amy Brosof  
137747. Audrey Steinhauer  
137746. C. Matthews  
137745. Burton W Ruder  
137744. Glen Love It is now #3, but still disgraceful.
137743. Steven Berman  
137742. JUNE KARLIN  
137741. Felice Wiener  
137740. Fran Bay  
137739. ED  
137738. Bernard cohen  
137737. David Bickler straightforward anti semitism
137736. DAVID BILU  
137735. colin stern  
137734. philip ellis common decency demands the removal of this vile site
137733. Harold Lipitz  
137731. Natalie Jaffe  
137729. Romy  
137728. Amir  
137727. Diego Jazanovich  
137726. maureen nissel  
137725. Chanamel Ungar  
137724. Joe Thomas  
137723. edward fox  
137722. Claude NORDMANN  
137721. Abe Maczka  
137720. Stephen M Drance very racist and regretable
137719. Peggy Hanson  
137718. Bernard M. Seeman  
137717. Michael K. Schwabacher JewWatch is no different from Nazi-hatred inspired by the Goebbels Propaganda machine
137716. yvette bilton  
137715. helen bix  
137714. Gloria Albert  
137713. richard abramson  
137712. Vivienne Hunter Please remove this offensive defamation - yesterday!
137711. Sue Seabrooke  
137710. Inna Revutsky  
137709. Debbie Bramer enough hatred
137708. Leo Grunberger disgusting distortion of events.
137707. Laine  
137706. Adele Wolpert- Zur  
137705. Phyllis Kanter  
137704. Hilda Posner  
137703. L. Bloch  
137702. shirley mullen  
137701. juliette  
137700. H Levin remove it now!!!!
137699. vern gideon  
137698. Bernard Wasserman, DVM Google should not aid anti-semitic websites such as this vile one.
137697. barry  
137696. Rachel Gunning  
137695. Leonard Swartz  
137694. Jack Zev  
137693. Darlene Piell Please remove Jew Watch from Google Search
137692. Allen Schweitzer  
137691. Adena Kozak  
137690. howard  
137689. miguel Honisch  
137688. Raul Lichtmann Please remove inmediately.It is a shame
137687. Marianne Abramson  
137686. Lisa  
137685. enrique fridman  
137684. pablo  
137683. Mark Selwyn  
137682. Miranda Nathans  
137681. Susan Raemer-Rodriguez  
137680. Milton Katz  
137679. Jack Tamman We are very Distressed and I hope you do somthing about it.
137678. audrey goodson  
137677. André Hazan  
137676. ilana rosenberg  
137675. Linda Traub  
137674. Walter B. Lebowitz I couldn't believe something like that still existed.
137673. J. VICTOR COHEN Spreading Hate is NOT what lawmakers had in mind when they instituted Freedom of the Press.
137672. Percy Meyer Kagan  
137671. Rev. Sarah Jacobs Remove this site please
137670. Daniel Hartz  
137669. liat  
137668. neil soffer  
137667. Ellen Kramer  
137666. fiona  
137665. Elaine Grazin  
137664. Sylvia Kladko  
137663. Harvey Lexton This site is grossly antisemetic. If Google refuses to remove it anybody using Google for advertising should remove there advert and boycott Google, and stop using Google as a search engine, there are plenty of others.
137662. Patricia Gable  
137661. Robert Weinraub Not needed
137660. Sylvia Zur remove!!!!!!
137659. Roy D. Raemer  
137658. judy kabiri  
137657. Donald Gable  
137656. Benkoski Hubert  
137655. Elsa Malinsky  
137654. Monique Arazi remove jewwatch from google
137653. Jacqueline B Meyer  
137652. Helen London  
137651. F Dalal  
137650. Connie Hein  
137649. Peter Hein  
137648. Aron Deutsch I think its not Fair to allow a site like this to opprate
137647. iris loev does not belong on google - a true racist
137646. Dr Yvonne Larsson  
137645. arthur loev I think this racist should be banned. so one sided
137644. JOEL GOLDET  
137643. Andrew Roth  
137642. Terence Blackman Shame on those who hate!
137641. alex gelleri  
137640. Lesley Spektor Outraged
137639. hadas  
137638. sara  
137636. Susan Spria get rid of this hatred now!!
137635. Ruth Novice The distortions should be juxtaaposed with the truth. Let's get the site off the internet
137634. sheila cohen  
137633. Larry Manelis  
137632. Anat Richter  
137631. Corinne Schulman  
137630. i sadlik i didn't realize google suppported racism
137629. Judy Goldstein  
137628. Haim Lerner website is absolutely disgusting.
137627. oshri dahan  
137626. Freddy Meschoulam  
137625. Emma Coleman  
137624. John Phillips So sad.
137623. Bert Brown  
137622. sue lynn  
137621. H J Shaw  
137620. henia  
137619. Rya Terry Remove JewWatch
137618. Greta Woolf  
137617. Robert Rose  
137616. Mark Wertenteil  
137615. Barbara Locke  
137614. phyllis katz dangerous&sad
137613. Barry Glazer  
137612. Luiz Frajtag  
137611. Cynthia Axelrod  
137610. marc feldman  
137609. Anna T. Meadows  
137608. Margaret Glazer  
137607. f black  
137606. Gil Feinstein  
137605. Alex Strum  
137604. Ruth Klein  
137603. Barbara Shapira  
137602. Bob Frederick  
137601. ava polan  
137600. Jennifer Slifkin Please remove the site.
137599. Marice Berger  
137598. B. Lynn  
137597. jeffrey Gendler This site is a disgrace
137596. Robin Goldstein  
137595. bernard mintz  
137594. Alexis Dwek  
137593. Laurie A. Armstrong  
137592. marilyn mintz must be removed
137591. Max Yas The way their name is written tells it all
137590. er discusting!
137589. aviva lazarus do not spread hatred
137588. g lamb all sites of this kind should be removed
137587. larry savitt jewwatch is bad business
137586. Phyllis M.Kahn Disgusting
137585. R B LEVY Blatent antisemitism
137584. Yoram Padeh  
137583. Stan Perry  
137582. Jonathan Marks  
137581. Sheri Risler  
137580. mark gladstone  
137579. antonietta  
137578. Jackie Shapiro  
137577. Nati Erel  
137576. Art Polan  
137575. Diane Brenner  
137574. ephraim eisenmann really unacceptable!
137573. Raymond Peentner racist and unacceptable
137572. Ron Vosk  
137571. Alexander Shane  
137570. Carey Weinberg  
137569. A. Baron  
137568. Shoshana Mazal  
137567. a.gefilhaus  
137566. Philippa Rabin i 100\%endorse this
137565. vera Hachuel are we still astonished ?
137564. jeffrey weiner  
137563. Nimrod Shoval When you google the word Jew this anti-semitic site comes up
137562. albert Koilberg  
137561. Alice Blaine Jaffe  
137560. Edward Berkman  
137559. Ann Solomon I am a holocust survior
137558. david chlimper  
137557. Justin Loe  
137556. Eileen It's about time!
137555. Robert Katz  
137554. Kate Schweiger  
137553. Trink  
137552. Dr.Edgar Weil  
137551. H Pogrund  
137550. Allan Golad  
137549. susan smith  
137548. Angela Segall Clearly, the guy's a huge loser.
137547. Judi Busman  
137546. H . Bloomfield  
137545. Philip Holder  
137544. anette silva  
137543. Dolores Rosenblatt  
137542. Evelyn Weiner  
137541. CESAR SIMKIN  
137540. Edward Jaeger it is a disgrace
137539. Ron  
137538. Steven Z. Koplin  
137537. Alex Pomerance  
137536. Eunice M. Cohen disreputable use of free speech
137535. felix ruben unacceptable
137533. Freyda Abrams  
137532. RITA ORTNER  
137531. David Kohl  
137530. netanel baadany  
137529. Judith Sebestyen  
137527. orlee rosner  
137525. H Rosenthal  
137524. Steven Meyer  
137523. simone kaliski  
137522. P Simons please remove for decency sake
137521. henri wolf  
137520. Mark Hall  
137519. tara sanders  
137518. erika wolff  
137517. Stephen Kurland  
137516. Stephen Frank  
137515. Aaron Treves  
137514. Adrienne Backerman  
137513. Debbie Regent Distusting, horrifying and frightening
137512. David Ross It would behoove Google to remove such a biased and prejudicial site.
137511. Natalie Please remove the insulting site from your search engine.
137510. Rob  
137509. jacobo gasman  
137508. Ralph Mayer  
137507. anne marie remove the site from google
137506. Samuel Kletz  
137505. Lili Monk  
137504. david meir  
137503. Naomi Kl;etz  
137502. Miriam Kletz An abuse of technology
137501. Kevin Healy  
137500. Carol Jackson Freedom of Speech is always an issue when it comes to these types of sites and publications.Google would probably listen if we all stopped using them as a search engine.
137499. susan romalis  
137498. michele bardash  
137497. Guita Feldman  
137496. Rachel Kulp  
137495. Yves Eljas By allowing this site, Google is aiding and abetting antisemitic hate which often results in Jewish deaths. 50 years have past since the Holocaust, and Google is helping the Holocaust amnesia movement. Time for some intelectual honesty. Remove.
137494. eli joseph  
137493. Penny Arnold  
137492. Natty Wolle  
137491. Sharon Levy-Cohen horrifying that this site exists
137490. Hilary  
137489. Ryan  
137488. Stephen Fischberg  
137487. Libby Fischberg  
137486. Denise Colon  
137485. samuel golden  
137484. Matthew Smith  
137483. Barbara Wachner  
137482. Eric McAvoy  
137481. Cy Hornsby  
137480. ilana engel  
137479. Joe  
137478. Rachel leopold  
137477. charlotte and larry milowitz would behoove google to use their powers for constructive thiings
137476. Doris B. Moritz  
137475. Michael McHugh  
137474. michael milgroom  
137473. joseph cohen  
137472. Doris B. Moritz  
137471. marta  
137470. Beth Durand I am appalled that a site such as this it the first one accessed when the word Jew in entered into a google search. I use Google as my first and main search engine all the time, however, it this site is not removed or at least dropped down several pages, that will soon change!
137469. manja gideon Vive la tolérence!
137468. allen  
137467. J Back fanning the flames of antisemetism, a threat to lasting peace
137466. Rebeca Permuth  
137465. yvonne spektor demonising propaganda
137464. richard slovy  
137463. Mani Raziani  
137462. Dr. Shimon Stern  
137461. Michael Jackson The site is offensive
137460. Karen G. McKeown Please remove
137459. Ellie Browne  
137458. margalit cohen  
137457. Arnold Blecher  
137456. Michael Sparig A horrific distortion of the truth and a major impediment to peaceful co-existence.
137454. F.E.Klein please close it now!!!!
137453. Ron Nalven  
137452. Blair Cohen  
137451. Carol S. Schonfeld Unbelievable in this day & age.
137450. Aaron Bilek  
137449. Miriam Kaiser  
137448. Howard Gittler  
137447. fred levinson  
137446. rachel krantz  
137445. Rufus Moss-Rendell You should know better!
137444. Z. C. Horrible !!!!
137443. Ursula Richardson we should not have this in this world
137442. beatriz  
137441. Audrey Meyer Munz  
137440. Amy Bono  
137439. Doris Heilbut  
137438. Dana Robinson  
137437. Ruthanne Field  
137436. Joseph Treves  
137435. angela harris Google should remove it w/o the need for a petition
137434. gary jackson  
137433. Susan Liebman  
137432. bert weiler katzen  
137431. Sue Goodman  
137430. sue heller  
137429. Lisa  
137428. Kim Egert  
137427. Raymond Spat Hateful and anti-human.
137426. Hanni Seifert  
137425. Phyllis Blattman This site is disgusting
137424. Arnon Keret  
137423. Judith Torop  
137422. h.lerner why is this bigotry allowed.we should boycott google
137421. Nicolo Giuseppe  
137420. Kate Elliott Are weliving in the dark ages?! Shame upon google
137419. Florence Caplan Please Remove JewWatch NOW ASAP
137418. Roberta daly disgraceful
137417. Laurie Rosen Please remove this anti-semitic site from google
137416. eric levene  
137415. Ronald Reif  
137414. Claudia Borg  
137413. Richard Shestopal Disgraceful, disgusting, provocative
137412. Wendy Raifman  
137411. Esther Rubin  
137410. Irina  
137409. Irwin Blank  
137408. Victor Miller  
137407. Roberta Blattman  
137406. lisa please remove this anti-semetic site from search engine. thank you.
137405. Dayle Miller-Hernandez  
137404. Wendy Garfinkel Gold This person should be spreading LOVE not HATE
137403. jack Winer it is a desgrace
137402. Liliane Csuka  
137401. Isaac Ratovich  
137400. Henry B. Friedman  
137399. Richard D. Giddens Can't google do the right thing? Google is also shafting MilitaryCorruption.Com too!
137398. Kenneth Weiner  
137397. C.Levison  
137396. Betty Kabaker  
137395. Miriam Kline Same old, same old.
137394. Ilya May  
137393. eyal lederman  
137392. len fuld  
137391. Schwerzmann G. + J.  
137390. Lenna š
137389. Wayne Chai  
137388. Eugene Kline Don't Jews have enough of a burden without featuring such garbage?
137387. Wilma Temin  
137386. Diane Graszik  
137385. Benito Meschoulam  
137384. Richard Falk  
137383. Richard Loring  
137382. Jackie Jacobs If you click on similar pages it providesyou with a whole list of other White Supremacist and Klu Klax Klan websites
137381. Alex Berger  
137380. Nicola Moore  
137379. Anne Mendelson  
137378. Hymie & Joyce Green  
137377. Alex Livshin  
137376. Thomas Kovacs  
137375. Steven Margulies  
137374. Robert C. Block Look upon this site as electronic garbage that needs removal.
137373. Joanne Jean Davidson How dare you incite hatred against a people who have brought nothing but good into this world.
137372. N Stanford The site is full of lies, aimed at hateing an identifiable group of people. Please remove, as it is clear the aim is not legitimate criticism, but the to propagate hatred against Israel and the Jewish people.
137371. Eliane Meyer  
137370. Marjorie Berg  
137369. Mel Parness  
137368. michelle Bratley  
137367. Rose F. Kester  
137366. Penny Miller Arons  
137365. Rhonda Friedman It is unconsciounable that this website comes up when one enters the word "Jew". Although I abhor sites such as these, free speech in our country permits such venom. However, the site should be picked up under anti-Semitism or anti-Jew, not among the same sites that provide accurate information about the religion and its people.
137364. STEVEN  
137363. Mrs J Stein  
137362. J. Pinchuk  
137361. shirly  
137360. L J ALGE  
137359. Arianna Schudrich  
137358. jody bardash  
137357. hilliard  
137356. Nicole  
137355. ruth  
137354. zippy  
137353. Lillian Cohn-Sharon remove this filth
137352. larry simon  
137351. jonathan  
137350. Charles J. Shull, II Come on guys, you can police your site better.
137349. Laura Weiss  
137348. Dana Green  
137347. Wallace B. Lebowitz  
137346. rafael mizrachi  
137345. Clive Wiseman what a disgrace!
137344. dvora b  
137343. pinto  
137342. Daniel Silverstein  
137341. Alan Clifford Foster  
137340. Ann Shavani Horrific racism, dressed up in scholarly jargon!
137339. Alon  
137338. sara rosenthal  
137337. Peter Feinstein  
137336. D. Patrick  
137335. Herb Cohen  
137334. Justin Hedvat  
137333. Stephen Lambert  
137332. Bella Mischne  
137330. Mark DeBofsky  
137329. LeAnn Wexler  
137328. Norman A Lane  
137327. Ray Lewis How Google permits its service to be so abused is unbelievable!
137326. Matthew Hochberg  
137325. Benny Rosenberger Whomever hosts the website should be sued for defamation and slander
137324. Sarah M  
137323. Ari Soble  
137322. Shulamit Luchtenstein  
137321. Patsy Strumpf How dare you!!!!!!!!!
137319. Shulamit Luchtenstein  
137318. Anthony Linsk please remove this site
137317. yuval  
137316. Moshe Mashiach  
137315. arthur  
137314. L. Lester Absolutely disgusting site which is racially offensive and insighting hatred
137313. Professor Michael Strumpf Destroy Jew haters immediately.
137311. Jonathan Shankman  
137310. Sheldon Reinhart  
137309. Amy Schwartz  
137308. Roger Weiss Let's not abuse freedom of speech privileges.
137307. Rina Frankfurt  
137306. Stephani Miner  
137305. Lennard Lazarus  
137304. Helena James  
137303. teboul  
137301. Margery Feinstein Lies and incitement. Who needs it?
137300. jonathan please remove asap
137299. Rema Goldstein  
137298. Joanna Fribush  
137297. Joanna Fribush  
137296. Alan Boroff  
137295. Sandra Lerner  
137294. ALAN TREVES  
137293. S. M. Yank  
137292. Dr M Mazabow  
137291. BRUCE PINKER I'm a Google Shareholder
137290. Phyllis Goldstein Please help to stop the spread of hate.
137289. Carole Copnick please remove this asap.
137288. Ellen Perlis  
137287. Carole Weinraub  
137286. Rosy Hemmo  
137285. w.m.rigal. better thhan deleting this site would be to name it a UN hate site. All hate sites should be so named.
137284. Tamara Guinsberg  
137283. Hank Reinhart  
137282. Rami Katz  
137281. a tein  
137280. J. Rogne Remove this site
137279. michellemizrachi  
137278. Lilo Goldstone  
137277. Brad Rinzler New York, NY, USA
137276. Brian Anstey Definitely remove this garbage
137275. Marcia Kuperberg This disgrace to humanity must be removed.
137274. Malcolm Hanson  
137273. y rubin  
137272. tom ferreira  
137271. michele ferreira  
137270. Grant Weltman  
137269. Berman Moshe`  
137268. Jade Mitchell  
137267. Laura Rubens Remove this site immediately...
137266. Sylvia Noble SHAME ON YOU
137265. Rhona Wulfsohn  
137264. p dinets  
137263. eleanor betz Please remove from your search engine.
137261. gabriel katri  
137260. Lawrence Elisco  
137259. dana  
137258. Danielle Gerson  
137257. S A Lester This is not necessary and is antisemetic
137256. Mrs Rich  
137255. Bernard Marcu  
137254. Bruce Greene  
137253. Raizy Akerman  
137252. murray sprung  
137251. yomtov cohen  
137250. Harold Wine  
137249. shlomi akoka  
137248. Sherry Craig remove jew watch .com from Google
137247. Dr. Rosita Haddad  
137246. robin  
137245. Boris Kapeller  
137244. Cyndy Lessing  
137243. Michele Kass  
137242. Namiech André  
137241. Itamar Caspi  
137240. James W. Burdick The "JewWatch" site is sinister and anti-Semitic, and should be banned.
137239. Lee Manning Please remove this offensive site
137238. Karen Davidson I think google would correct the order if everytime you typed Google you got Fraudulent Scummy Business
137237. APRIL M KAUTH  
137236. Patricia Kornreich  
137235. raymond randall  
137234. Lilianne Segal  
137233. Pamela Misrahi Crystal This is a disgrace. It must be removed!
137232. Gina Belmont  
137231. abe hartz  
137230. m.susman disgusting rabble-rousing has no place on the internet
137229. Jamal  
137228. Clive Rothenberg  
137227. sy shtab I believe in free speech,not false information
137226. Susan Lafer this is disgusting
137225. Judith Lewis  
137224. Marilyn Sutzky  
137223. Susan Sacks I feel sick.
137222. r abramson  
137221. mickey & ricki gelfand Despicable. Shame on GOOGLE
137220. Barbara Sherman  
137219. Anthony Schatz  
137217. D Saul  
137216. Lisa Randazzo this is disgusting
137215. candy gould  
137214. ellen  
137213. Paul Walanka  
137212. Cheryl  
137211. Joni Whelan PLEASE REMOVE THIS SITE!
137210. John Ehlen  
137209. jamie coe PLEASE REMOVE!!
137208. D. S. Lary  
137207. Michelle Marchant  
137206. Julie  
137205. Katie Cohen  
137204. Elaine Romanovsky  
137203. Harvey Wigdor  
137202. Harry Brodie  
137201. brandon almondtree  
137199. Rabinovich Raisa Stop Anti-Semitism
137197. Marc Silverman Things never seem to change. People learn bad things from uneducated and stupid people. I think that the persons who allowed and permitted this to be on the Goog;le Search Engine need a visit to The Holocaust Museum and get some education on what happens when things like this are permitted
137196. Marlene Horwitz  
137195. Paul Rush A sick mans rantings should not be in your number one spot here
137194. Orit Lagnado This is horrifying! I will not be using google as long as this is on there!
137193. hannah jews rule!
137192. Ilana Fayon  
137191. Adi Ben-Ari Please remove this racist, offensive web site
137190. phyllis simon  
137189. david korengold remove immediately
137188. Ari T  
137187. Leah  
137186. paula baron  
137185. Doreen Silver shocking, shameful site-remove it!
137184. Fagy Rubenfeld  
137183. Dalia regev  
137182. Mimi Furst  
137181. Judi Porges Although I understand about freedom of speech, children use the internet for research and this is a very distorted view of the Jewish religion and culture. It provides only hatred to young minds and therefore should be listed where is belongs on sites that promote anti-semitism and hate.
137180. Rick Altman  
137179. Beverley Corber  
137178. Harold Furst  
137177. sophia davis  
137176. David Federbush  
137175. roberta goldwater  
137174. Charles Glaskie  
137173. wendy muscat-tyler The site is not only a blatant lie, it promotes hatred. In Canada, as in many other countries, the promotion of hatred against an identifiable group is a criminal offense! Google should not be allowing the promotion of hatred in this manner.
137172. Jackie  
137171. Hyman Josman How can Google support such disgusting trs
137169. Gina Kuperberg  
137168. gayle herman  
137167. Beverly Marks  
137166. kay cowan  
137165. Cynthia Caproni  
137164. Julia S. Brown  
137163. ivy  
137162. Nurit Lenga  
137161. Alan Abramson  
137160. Cantor Peter D. Savitt This is 2007. Your kind of racism was abolished long ago. This is simply inexcusable. Shame on you.
137159. diane futerman  
137158. Hannah Grace Gamis  
137157. Anna Pasternak This is deeply disturbing and offensive
137156. Anna Peace in the middle east?
137155. chigo bigo neiman  
137154. Stephen Liebmann  
137153. daniela K Baranek  
137152. anthony bednar  
137151. Phyllis Marcus Please remove!
137150. judy h.  
137149. Lysha Davis  
137148. Scott Krantz  
137147. Robert Barr  
137146. Jack Cyr  
137145. pam spritz this is sad to see I hope google will block this site
137144. Michael Kridel  
137143. Yehuda Kashti  
137142. josh windsor  
137141. Helen Palmer  
137140. Yael Weitz  
137139. R. Banham shocking
137138. Marie Nelson  
137137. Karen Federbush  
137136. Monika Bloom  
137135. Martin J Lehr  
137134. parham very offensive and lack of responsibilty on behalf of google.
137133. Jonathan Ellis  
137132. Leonard Goddy A major dissapoiment in Google for permitting such vitriol;ic erroneous untruths to be put on line. Where is the sense of social or public obligation to truth?
137131. John J. Dziak "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
137130. Susan P. Hochhauser This is beneath the quality of
137129. Joanne Harris  
137128. Shlomit Hirons  
137127. danny hodari  
137126. Lauren Blankstein  
137125. Ashley Thomas Having jewish family members, I think this site is terrible and mean.
137124. Gordon Kramer  
137123. Lisa Hodari  
137122. Brian Mandel Please remove immediately
137121. Tamara Soussan  
137120. Margaret Percival Please remove from our search engines
137119. Lynn Sharon  
137118. Paula Marber  
137117. Cheryl Bellman  
137116. Azagury  
137115. Oliver kaufman  
137114. w marks  
137113. Arlene Fettmann  
137112. marucho  
137111. Nicholas Kennedy  
137110. Simon  
137109. Judy Libby Get a Life....Leave the Jews Alone
137108. David Goldstein  
137107. Steven  
137106. Ronnie Gerstein  
137105. Renato Fantoni Mr Google, please think about your image
137104. S Freedman This website incites hatred and antisemitism--please remove it
137103. Mark Azbel  
137102. Andrew Weinreich  
137101. JILL  
137100. Kalanit Ben-Ari  
137099. Lisa Cohen  
137098. Haydn Glick  
137097. steven anson  
137096. Robert Vogel  
137095. Carrie  
137094. Rochelle Wagon  
137093. BUGAJSKI Dan & Andree  
137092. alan shorr  
137091. Charles Schneiderman  
137090. Ofer Azoulay  
137089. Sharon Glick  
137088. Rachel Cooper  
137087. Guy Baltzelle This is a travesty!
137086. Raquel Bogo  
137085. Charles Merkel  
137084. Monnet  
137083. eli  
137082. Suad Ê
137081. mindy Cohen  
137080. Freda  
137079. Yael Sunshine  
137078. Suad Ê
137077. Lewis Mack  
137076. Mauricio Mathov  
137075. harvey fleishhacker  
137074. Murray Leeds this is one disgusting site
137073. Ruben Yaar-On  
137072. William Levin  
137071. Robert Tralins This website incites hatred and antisemitism--please remove it
137070. Beth S Price  
137069. Vicky Corb  
137068. Peter Lehrer Please remove the insulting site from your search engine.
137067. Freddy Khalastchi  
137066. Yanling Zhang  
137065. Mark J  
137064. Frank Russell Disgraceful, Google is aiding & abetting anti Semitism.
137063. Paul Doppelt This must be halted!
137062. Susan Blattman  
137061. Isaac Loloey  
137060. Shirley Hiller Many people are misled by this filthy anti-Semitic site which is run by either the left or right wing fascists. Shame on you Google for allowing it.
137059. Libby Lieberman  
137058. Frank Take this vile site off now!!!
137057. barry ort  
137056. jon green  
137055. Natalie Burger  
137054. Jeanette Miller  
137053. Ellen S  
137052. Sharona  
137051. Renato Hazan  
137050. Ted Ronkin  
137049. Marc Liebmann  
137048. Neguev  
137047. Rebekah  
137046. adi allai  
137045. Katherine Benjamin  
137044. hellena gallant  
137043. Wolf Toder asap
137042. jonathan schuman  
137041. russell foreman  
137040. Lenore Haskel Get the hate off your site!
137039. Mitchell Rubin  
137038. Melanie Bezalel  
137037. ilan lieberman  
137036. damian tash  
137035. marcelo remove it
137034. Benard A. Steinberg  
137033. c. rose  
137032. Robert Gold This site is a disgrace
137031. Annie Simansky  
137030. Howard Levine  
137029. Ed Rosenblum  
137028. Ruth Goldstein  
137027. Tal Goldberg  
137026. Susanne Stahley A frightening and dangerous fraud
137025. doron friedman  
137024. Jack Warshaw  
137023. joanne tuck It is despicable and does not deserve placement on Google.
137022. Simon Joseph  
137021. Sandra Cunningham  
137020. Gary Jacobson This website is disgusting please remove it from the search engine
137019. Susanne Fraser  
137018. Elie Wahba  
137017. dr.sulamith pallade  
137016. Bette Fraser  
137014. jen zuckerman  
137013. J. Milner I am not surprised at any hatred against Jews, but I am surprised at Google for allowing it to appear on Google.
137012. Sandi Schwartz Please remove Jew Watch from your search engine.
137011. Ilana Arje  
137010. Mel Sunshine What crap!
137009. L Tarlow  
137008. Milton Z Nichaman  
137007. Robert Goone  
137006. Hector Fernandez  
137005. David Zohar  
137004. mark collin  
137003. Josephine Kempf  
137002. Gill Green  
137001. Lorraine Starr  
137000. Stuart Millsapps  
136999. sharon r  
136998. Michael Beck  
136997. jo sugarman please remove
136996. nathaniel margolies  
136995. Talma Zamir  
136994. Paula Hill words fail
136992. Janis Bathgate  
136991. Ruthie Pearlman  
136990. Emma Crossick  
136989. Gary Lipton  
136988. Odelia this is aweful and should be removed immediately
136987. Sonya Yadin  
136986. rabbi Barry Lerer  
136985. elaine horne  
136984. Rosalind Collin  
136983. Salim Aisen  
136982. Raymond Goch  
136981. Marcin Piatkowski  
136980. Lionel Vaisman  
136979. Nick  
136978. Palmerio Piras unacceptable
136977. v newton  
136976. peter nemes  
136975. Rachel Green  
136974. marc  
136973. Cynthia Stevens This horrid site should not be given chances to spread its hate through Google!
136972. tanya gottlieb  
136971. Bert Wolf  
136970. Juliet Gutherc Anti-semitism is hatred. We have enough hatred in the world. Please stop it, don't encourage it!!!
136969. Anna Davis  
136968. Haim Borkow how much hate and lies, incredible !
136966. clive leigh  
136965. Susan Schwarz  
136964. Daniel Grunberg  
136963. robert cleveland  
136962. Neil Donen  
136961. renee brilliant  
136960. Richelle This website is a disgrace.
136959. Mark C. Spector  
136958. Suzanne Hanft  
136957. cicurel  
136956. Marina Benasuli  
136955. Marian Kann  
136954. Marc Finer  
136953. william copoloff  
136952. Michael  
136951. haaker-chijner  
136950. James Leviton  
136949. neiman  
136948. Lori Tenen  
136947. Morris Godel  
136946. richard goldstein  
136945. sam berkowitz  
136944. e shaffron  
136943. Marc Ginsburg The perpetuity of a baseless hatred pervades even the most apparently well-educated of individuals. A librarian is a veritable gatekeeper to facts and genuine knowledge. On this basis it is exceedingly troubling that someone in this capacity willingly establishes a website brandishing hateful and inciting descriptors as bold as zionazis, Jewish-Christian murders, and Jewish mind control to name a few. Readers with the ability to discriminate and reflect on the material they view will note that many of the articles presented in this individual's website do not correlate with the caption links he posts. This is a method of psychological pre-conditioning which, to the undiscriminating reader, will garner an untruthful bias against Israel and Jews, wherein the article does not truly correlate with the caption. The abilities and talents of someone so dedicated are better served in helping society at large rather than denigrating and bringing shame to the distinguished societies and associations of librarians.
136942. Jessica Poscover  
136941. Morton Rochman  
136940. Karyn Klein  
136939. A. Witkin  
136938. E. Kaplan  
136937. Colleen O'Brien Etskovitz  
136936. Philip Magnus  
136935. Gerd Schulz  
136934. Brian Finkel  
136933. H. Ameisn  
136932. Jeremy Kanzen  
136931. BAREL  
136930. Dolores Stein  
136929. Segismundo Bursztein  
136928. Cecile Shmookler  
136927. Walter Head this is antisemitic
136926. Jeremy Ansell This is appalling and must be removed
136925. David Yakir Please Rid us of this predjudice
136924. Arnold Kupferberg  
136923. M HART  
136922. Stuart Zinn Get it Off
136921. Carlos Brickmann  
136920. Bellaiche  
136919. Shifra Taubenfeld  
136918. Laurie Brofsky  
136917. Bella Benders  
136916. Peter Greene  
136915. efi  
136914. Bella Benders  
136913. Anita Morris  
136912. m benson  
136911. Abraham G Cohen  
136910. Brett Herman  
136909. Caren  
136908. Paz Cohen  
136907. Gloria Kass  
136906. sue cundle This site is obnoxious and offensive.
136905. Charles D.F. Cohn Please delete - freedom of speech should not cover explicit hate and icnitement to violence. Google has a social responsibility
136904. Judith Goldstein  
136903. Marx JewishWrch is something awfull
136902. Edward Buckwald  
136901. kAREN jOSKE How can you let this happen!
136900. Sam Crystal  
136899. Julie Stevens  
136898. Stephen Boguchwal  
136897. Bill Bellman  
136896. merav  
136895. Morton Mower  
136894. Ziv Tavor  
136893. gabriel Kuzniecky  
136892. Mitchell Schertz š
136891. Marsha L. Schwartz this site is hateful not for its presentation of a pro palestinian view but for its anti-semitism
136890. Laurence Brown Peoples jealousy of what the jewish people have acieved over the centuries is as pathetic as this web site
136889. Robin P.  
136888. Herzog Joel  
136887. HELEN SHARP  
136886. Catherine Saïd  
136885. Andrew Moers  
136884. Jean-Marc Brunschwig  
136883. pedro jack kapeller  
136882. Esteban  
136881. HarveyDryer  
136879. Rick Etskovitz This site is offensive. The fact that it is listed as high as it is on the search cannot be an accident. What does this say about Google?
136878. debbie barnett  
136877. Denise Spanjar  
136876. H Reizer  
136875. allan zelinger  
136874. William S. Crystal Does Google support anti-semitism????
136873. D. Peritzman  
136872. dan avni remove it !
136871. b Chudnofsky  
136870. harold Wasserman  
136869. paul cramer  
136868. Ephrati Gilles  
136867. helen burdett It made me feel sick and angry to see it.
136866. Edouard Argi  
136865. marcia gelman  
136864. Elliott Gordon  
136863. Guiller A  
136862. Jacob Goldman  
136861. elinor samson  
136860. A Baron about time
136859. Caroline Tobias  
136858. Marlene Brooks  
136857. Fraim Hechtman  
136856. R. Sidley  
136855. Rachel Bauman  
136854. Mario Lehrer  
136853. daniella michaels  
136852. Dr.Ingrid Scheuermann Hurry!
136851. Carrie  
136850. Joan M. Katz I will not use the site until this JewWatch is removed and public appology is printed
136849. beny meisner  
136848. Renato caviglia  
136847. JACKY ROBIN  
136846. BONZOM  
136845. Michael Benmergui Hatetred doesnt belong on a valuable engine like google
136844. Adinah Liss-Bialik Google should not be helping to promote hate groups!
136843. S. Simpson  
136842. Helene Rifkin  
136841. Betsy Ostroff  
136840. estherbehrman  
136839. Gary Beck There are many (Too Many) people in the world that have such Hateful Hearts
136838. Young anti semitic site unacceptable as Google choice
136837. Rob Berest  
136836. ryan hollander  
136835. D. Topow  
136834. Jackie LaTorella please remove this site immediately!
136833. Jacob Granot  
136832. Gail S Berman thank you for doing what you can to stop this
136831. Gabrielle Goldwater This sick Hate site and what does Google do ? REMOVE
136830. line voided
136829. Revanne Aronoff  
136828. Wendy Silvera  
136827. Abby Schachter Fink  
136826. Cheryl Mariner  
136825. Tamara Wolf  
136824. Jennifer Davis  
136823. eduardo noguera remove this trash. dignity & tolerance must prevail
136822. Sergio Casoy  
136821. Linda Lavi  
136820. Carole Brecker  
136819. guy praine  
136818. Ruth Davey  
136817. Richard Coe Remove
136816. Sherry Firestone  
136815. leslie  
136814. Guillermo J. Zalcman  
136813. mk  
136812. Hilda Fine I can't believe such malicious lies
136811. gina schiller  
136810. José Alberto Pavani  
136809. cindy soowal  
136808. Gary Bennaim  
136807. Ruth Waisberg  
136806. Marc S. Drier  
136805. Marcos  
136804. B. Caplan  
136803. Neill Macpherson This is an appalling site.
136802. daniel treves  
136801. Richard Rimler  
136800. Thomas Bruck Disgusting!
136799. dalya  
136798. myrna hirschhorn this site is despicable and distortions of facts
136797. Lester Harrison  
136796. batel  
136795. Israel Lipman  
136794. Edith Please Remove from the Google Search Engine
136793. susan haiman  
136792. darren marc chilewitz  
136791. darren marc chilewitz  
136790. Greg Greenberg  
136789. neil taub  
136788. Isabel  
136787. Elliot Nussbaum  
136786. Isadora Hare  
136785. estrella marciano  
136784. ken kemsley  
136783. rolly kingkohansky this is a disgusting site and should be removed immediately in the name of humanity.
136782. Martyn Goldman  
136781. Jane Barron  
136780. FRAZER rosenberg  
136779. Aitan Tobias  
136778. robert arenson  
136777. Robert Nyman Please remove this distasteful website from your website
136776. rony  
136775. L. Meltzer  
136774. Ronen Rotem  
136773. Melvin Gerber hate should be erased fom site
136772. Berta Zylberstajn  
136771. Jack Merkin  
136770. Alexander Ben Aron  
136769. EDUARDO GROSS Against All Kind Of Discrimination
136768. zipi  
136767. jessica robinson  
136766. Carmel Stockman  
136765. Rick Popowitz This site is insulting, racist and there only to misinform
136764. Alfred Wolpe Please ensure this is removed as a matter of URGENCY
136763. S Lee  
136762. gerald danziger  
136761. sandra goldberg  
136760. hazel hack dissapointed that google my primary search engine would allow such anti semitism
136759. Moshe Baum  
136757. Lorraine Henson  
136756. anna kingsley  
136755. Dror Pipano  
136754. Gadi  
136753. Sheli Baum  
136752. Julian Gecelter  
136751. nancy malchi  
136750. Harris Baum  
136749. Dvir remove
136748. Hannah Baum  
136747. Sherry Milstein  
136746. yael  
136745. Larry Milstein  
136744. G. D. Stein  
136743. Joanne L. Outraged! Please remove!!
136742. brian burstein patently subverted - fit to be removed
136741. Lea Harnik  
136740. ida wax  
136739. Itai  
136737. Alan Lazarus This is disgusting!!
136736. ALBERT GOLDSZMIDT unbelievable
136735. Jacob Muallem  
136734. Andrei  
136733. Kt Csachs  
136732. beryl kahan discusting
136731. Paul Russak  
136730. Aliza Wohl  
136729. Lisa Tonkin  
136728. steve feldman  
136727. Rebecca Libermann  
136726. Liba Weltman This is a vile anti-semitic site
136725. yishai katzir  
136724. sonia manski simon  
136723. Neuman please
136722. William Livingstone  
136721. Judy Kumer  
136720. sarita  
136719. tom  
136718. Lee-Anne Doltis  
136717. Danny Guest please remove
136716. CHERYL  
136715. daniel pfef  
136714. Stuart Leveson This site is an outrage to human decency. If it attacked muslims in the same way there would be mayhem and worldwide condemnation. Why are Jews not afforded the same respect as ALL other religions.
136713. Peggy  
136712. Alan S.  
136711. n wyner pl remove this site
136710. Danit Sibovits  
136709. F. Jacob clearly biased against the Jewish race
136708. dr jonathan renshaw disgraceful
136707. Zena Klein  
136706. Melissa Zolty  
136705. natalie  
136704. ruben hirschovits Take these terrible lies away from google.
136703. cheski baum  
136702. Gershon Tokayer  
136701. sharon  
136700. bdjnk  
136699. Melissa Adelman  
136698. Jacalyn Flax  
136697. C.Goldman  
136696. jacob shame on jezatch if there is not enough hatred in the zorld you have to come and ad your filt
136695. Maryla Brill  
136694. terri casper  
136693. Darryl Kramer Besides the hate-speech the site refectts badly on Google.
136692. Deborah Bulka  
136691. Sarita Bush  
136690. Paul Winston Never mind the search results, the site itself should be removed
136689. Avraham Atoun  
136688. Tirza Lemberger  
136687. Sheila Benjamin there is enough hatred towards the jews take it off immediately
136686. Sandra Turnauer  
136685. Lawrence Shertz  
136684. Amir Ziton  
136683. Hena  
136682. avi tokayer  
136681. Lisa Urinov  
136680. Kasia P.  
136679. Jason Brown  
136678. Jack A. Goldberg  
136677. David Ezra  
136676. Keith Gordon  
136675. Dr Daniel Rynhold  
136674. Boaz Shenhav  
136673. R Bower enough trouble in this world
136672. Clive Belman  
136671. samuel lugassy  
136670. agi kabos  
136669. J Sheridan Do not want antisemitism
136668. Eliot Feldman remove this hate site from your search engine
136667. Jenny Fattal  
136666. Nicole Foster  
136665. isaac chmiel  
136664. Ibolya Gldberg -Winograd  
136663. S Rosenblatt  
136662. Aaron Kassoff MD  
136661. Myriam Neuman  
136660. Olga Dubinska  
136659. Levytskyy Oleg  
136658. alharris  
136657. EDWARD EZRA  
136656. Helen Gidlow  
136655. Di Mittel  
136654. gill burns  
136653. Nicole  
136652. Robert Pinkus  
136651. Jonathan Parks  
136650. Bernice Pelta  
136649. Jason Glazer  
136648. David Davies  
136647. Sarah Price  
136646. ingrid Levin disgusting!
136645. deborah Lewis  
136644. marion hasson  
136643. Hilary  
136642. rochel bernstein  
136641. ilana steinhardt get rid of this disgusting site
136640. Haber malka  
136639. SHARRIS  
136638. Sharon Milch As a religion we are known to be fair, hard working and an asset to each society in which we have dwelled. Any antis-semitism is hate and there is no religion on earth that preaches hate. Your G'd does not and neither should you hate!
136637. joseph  
136636. Tracy Rosenthal  
136635. saul  
136634. Ruth Wildish This degrades Google.
136633. Israel Robert  
136632. Arie Lashover Please remove it's a shame!!!
136631. Lauren Swerdlow  
136630. Jeanine Cohen Treat all people with the respect you expect
136629. pearl  
136628. y.b.l.  
136627. Ronen Katzir  
136626. Orit Gris  
136625. Inbal Katzir  
136624. Rami Menis it is unthinkable that google admits this hatred on theyr search engins
136623. Nissim Henn  
136622. Elie Lederman  
136621. David Finn  
136620. Jessica Allard  
136619. nahon get rid of this site
136618. DR Zwickau  
136617. Giyora Jaacov Barnay  
136616. Beverley Bennett  
136615. Moshe Yossef  
136614. David Brash  
136613. Melanie Silver  
136612. Daniel Shrier  
136611. B Eden  
136610. dan silas  
136609. max joffe  
136608. Sheila Wechsler  
136607. Yoav Ravina  
136606. joe skovron  
136605. Shane  
136604. Bob Harari  
136603. Mrs J Bednar its racist and if this was an issue of colour and not ethnicity you wouldnt tolerate it for one moment . this is shaming for Google and anyone who uses the search engine
136602. Dayna  
136601. linda herzberg  
136600. Gerald Vineberg Get rid of this "Hate" Site. It has no place on the Internet. As bad as child porno!
136599. Amir Engler  
136598. D J Speare  
136597. Hugh I. Courts Do you not check what your sites propagate? Do you not also check for pornography? If you do neither, why not please?
136596. Lee This is racism and should be removed immeditately
136595. Jason Propp  
136594. Val Singer  
136593. elise wolfson  
136592. Len Markuschowitz  
136591. Frances Ellis anything anti semetic must be removed
136590. Chad Epstein  
136589. Ortal Netanel  
136588. Herman Jakobson  
136587. Michelle Berman  
136586. Ester Samuel-Cahn  
136585. Jo Soren  
136584. Ruth  
136583. Sharon Carson  
136582. Chad Epstein  
136581. Greg Kaye  
136580. Dmytro Groysman  
136579. Haber Paul  
136578. Les Spitz  
136577. Susan Moddel  
136576. Gaston Yalonetzky  
136575. Angie Kaye I find this site extremely offensive and can only incite racial discrimination. Remember WW2!!
136574. Mrs. R.M. Joshua  
136573. judy  
136572. Anna Charin It's obnoxious - please remove
136571. Arline Lester  
136570. I.S. Joshua  
136569. Elaine & Michael Boulter  
136568. Mike Aron  
136567. Jeanie Horowitz  
136566. Warren  
136565. chaim abittan  
136564. Anne Kobrin  
136563. Alec Russell  
136562. Etty  
136561. David Kobrin  
136560. Andrew Nissen Vile site please remove it
136559. Liora Engler Please don't let antisemitism rise through your site!
136558. Richard Hollis I am not Jewish but find this site deeply offensive
136557. Moszkowitz scandalous
136556. h weiner  
136555. towa  
136554. martin  
136553. joel Abrahams  
136552. Alex  
136551. Teresa Harris  
136550. L. Sassoon  
136549. veronica fernandez  
136548. Eva Schwartz thank you for doing this
136547. ilan medalie  
136546. Zvi & Miriam  
136545. Perri Caplan We need a site called "Jew Hater Watch"!
136544. andrea winston  
136543. Philip Mitchell  
136542. Eve Forman take this site off asap
136541. Art Grof  
136540. rael gamsu  
136539. Benson Hersch  
136538. Brian Sugarman  
136537. Brian Gaus  
136536. roberta a sugarman  
136535. Tanya Hackenbroch  
136534. Cynthia Heller  
136533. Norman David Burman  
136532. Maxine Barron Hope you get your 50,000 signatures - we must attempt to stop the lies and the bias about the 'problems' in the Middle East. When there are so many countries that are treating their people or invlved in wars which are so much worse than that in Israel/Palestine, why is it always the Israeli state and the jewish community who are singled out for all this hatred?
136531. Sam  
136530. April Poster  
136529. Alexandra Schader  
136528. Jenny Froehlich  
136527. paul orkin  
136526. Hannah Frankel  
136525. Julia Hadar These antisemitic bigoted fools do not deserve to walk this earth
136524. Darren Jay  
136523. beverley wolman how can google agree to have their respected name put on this!
136522. assael I cant believe that Google supports such a blunt antisemetic site. please remove it!!!
136521. claire shine  
136520. Ros Hackenbroch This site is an affront to all right minded citizens
136519. Roberta Sanford I think that it is disgusting that you encorage this type of cotent.
136518. Dorit Kerret  
136517. jack rose  
136516. nick gould  
136515. marius ruff  
136514. Ruth get rid of new Nazism and Anti-semitism-NOW
136513. Diana Amit  
136512. B Englander Israel people have react against whoever tries to destroy them
136511. Robert Goldstone  
136510. Adam Taylor  
136509. iris shavit  
136508. laura kalischer  
136507. Marta Orikhovska  
136506. Isaac this website is insulting and just plain antisemitic
136505. Nick Gendler  
136504. Moshe D. Tokayer Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to lessen hate in the world.
136503. Anne Shine  
136502. Lester Leviton  
136501. Lloyd Plotsky  
136500. Martha and Malcolm Davis  
136499. Raylene Pokroy  
136498. F.Englander Those who breed hate inevitably will be swallowed by hate!!!!!
136497. ittai Glaich  
136496. Sandra Goldberg Why are non-Jews so obsessed by Jews? Why can't everyone get on with their own lives and leave others alone? I, and I should imagine millions of other people, never think about what religion, colour, etc. others are. How can people become so obsessed by other people's religion. Beats me!
136495. Natalie Katz  
136494. Jonathan Frankel  
136493. Oscar Shub  
136492. Miriam Nadler  
136491. Ankri Shalom  
136490. marilyn tokayer  
136489. Ilan Buchman  
136488. E Berg  
136487. Tricia & Michael Austin  
136486. M.H.LENNARD  
136485. Pat Green The internet has no place for racism
136484. amelia  
136483. naama mizrahi  
136482. Rachel Nyman  
136481. michaela meyohas  
136480. Yehudit Missel  
136479. rochelle  
136478. Frances Berkley  
136477. Barbara Bajkowski  
136476. Aliza Bernstein  
136475. Mike Binder  
136474. H N Irving  
136473. Abbie Lewis  
136472. michael Temple  
136471. R JACKSON  
136470. Malcolm Cohen  
136469. Ornat Kaufman  
136468. Hazel Rabbit  
136467. Andrew Samuel centuries of Christian antisemitism led to the obscenity of the holocaust. Further encouragement of such evil is worse than sad
136466. wendy  
136465. Chester troy  
136464. Jeff Vine This is just pure hate fuelled lies and has no basis in fact whatsoever
136463. Nahum Vishniavsky  
136462. Riva  
136461. Sarah Cohen EdD äùí éùîåø òìéðå
136460. Paul Collins  
136459. Sylvia Cohen Its horrible and should be removed
136458. Leaza Cowan  
136457. Yehuda  
136456. jaime eder hate encitment shall be as gambling, pornography and sex banned from google
136455. Rebecca Gibbon  
136454. denise connick  
136453. Roxanne Cohen  
136452. gutfreund  
136451. jonny mendelsson The upsurge of antisemitism is very depressing. Sites like these certainly dont improve relations!
136450. Selwyn Hyams  
136449. gabriel strauss  
136448. Sally Bass Lowly, disgraceful and disgusting lies. Should be viewed with pity then completely erased.
136447. lauren  
136446. BARRY SHAW  
136445. natan  
136444. anna roth  
136443. Dov I Frimer  
136442. Bayla Ford  
136441. vivienne carlson  
136440. David Golding  
136439. gaynor It is abhorrant that Google would allow this site to be so easily accessible, in fact accesible at all on their network.
136438. Howard Barlow  
136437. Karen Gordon  
136436. tan avro  
136435. Joanne Shafer Very saddened and disappointed to see that this type of misinformation is so easily accessed. I only wish that the counter-arguments to this drivel were as readily available.
136434. Benjamin & Irene Mayer  
136433. yaron david yaniv  
136432. Robert  
136431. David Godfrey  
136430. Richard Mandell  
136429. debra kalms  
136428. AJM Please remove this site, google. Your search engine is being abused by Frank Weltner and his ilk so that they can spread their hateful, untrue and dangerous propaganda. Look at the number of signatories to this petition, it's time for you to act for you to act by removing the site. Thank you.
136427. Betty Guttman Please remove this disgusting site.
136426. jason greenspan  
136425. Anna Dyson  
136424. david rees you cant stop free speech but you shouldnt promote evil speech
136423. angelo  
136422. Tali S  
136421. carmen  
136420. Rhoda Rosen  
136419. steven winston disgusting - google should pull the plug on this vile filth
136418. thomas v kaiser  
136417. sally and cyril hooker  
136416. Michal  
136415. NICOLAS JUDE  
136414. D.H. Argamany  
136413. MARCELLE KORNEL dont we have enough problems in the world
136412. david Levine Google you suck! If you can't keep your house in order you what use are you to anyone other than the Nazis you promote! MSN is my new search engine
136411. Dana Bairamov politically incorrect!
136410. Joe Goldstone remove please as this is offesive
136409. Angela Stanton  
136408. stanley small  
136407. sh  
136406. Gila  
136405. Jakob Ringart  
136404. Daniela  
136403. kari dee  
136402. Hanna Ringart  
136401. Mark  
136400. Daskal H.  
136399. susan hedvat  
136398. j fox  
136397. Dave Gilbert  
136396. Peter Rodney  
136395. MILLET Marcel (Belgium)  
136394. Gertrude Segal  
136393. Malka Burd  
136392. Flora Selwyn  
136391. david zidel  
136390. Amos Nevo  
136389. Mr O goldfarb a disgrace
136388. Gini Schwartz-Lazar  
136387. Aryeh Sufrin should be removed immediately
136386. sandra cohen  
136385. Jay Remove please
136384. Cem Margunato  
136383. Steve Rubner  
136382. Paul B. Cohen  
136381. Gary Rosenthal There is free speech and then there are downright lies!
136380. Zeev Kasher Blunt lies for Red-necks & Hill-Bilies
136379. Anna  
136378. sheila sekenofsky plesa please remove asap
136377. Liora Glazerson  
136376. Dmitry  
136375. Anne Ingram this is disgustng
136374. miriam kottler No one was yelling when 6million jews were being slaughtered. I value your search engine greatly and think it important that it not access information that misinforms and inflames haters and antisemites-with a Jew Watch. Would the world tolerate a Mexican, African-American, Gay/Lesbian, or Asian Watch,. The website fosters racism and promotes fear of Jews in a currently fiercely scary world of others. Remove the website and take the high road. Thank you.
136373. Steven Boyne  
136372. Anat Benson  
136371. Arye Bernstein  
136370. Hilary Tirnover-Toren  
136369. maurice sackstein  
136368. rachelle demby  
136367. Zev Itzkowitz  
136366. Noam White  
136365. ronit berz  
136364. Elaine Heavenrich  
136363. Marcelle Mandel  
136362. Barbara Sharp  
136361. david arad  
136360. Stanley Zinn Please remove this offensive site.
136359. Frances Norma Gaus  
136358. L Vajda Google should not be promoting or allowing these hatred sites on there web reflects poorly on your organization.
136357. Andrei Maurer DISGUSTING
136356. rochel shainberg its not acceptable
136355. Michael Caplan  
136354. michal peleg  
136353. Delia Spiers anti-semetism, as any form of hatred between us as humans, should not be given space in our world.
136352. Pam We don't need to add more anti-semitic lies to those swirling round the Islamist swamps.
136351. yossi thx
136350. ashley sherr  
136349. Jacqui W  
136348. PAM TATZ  
136347. Myra Bunis encourages anti racial feelings
136346. stuart sampson ÿ
136345. ian becker  
136344. kerry solomon disgusting
136343. Gaby Sidley  
136341. ronnie how can such an anti-semitic site be even allowed to exist, never mind be linked to Google
136340. Leah Schwartz  
136339. marta cohen  
136338. Hila  
136337. Hagay  
136336. leon cohen  
136335. Taly Zion  
136334. daria stenclik  
136333. Carolyn Heaton  
136332. Rita  
136331. Les Kellen  
136330. Carni  
136329. jonathan gabay  
136328. Lisa Moas  
136327. Gary Hearst  
136326. JACOB PRESSMAN Disgraceful that Google is associated with anti anybody lies ad distortions...why?
136325. shelley aidler  
136324. bigusdave  
136323. Kelly Myers  
136322. Ivor Hurst you ought to know better
136321. Sharon Bonder  
136320. Daphna  
136319. Laurence phillips Unfortunately typical of the this country now. Not helped by TV media bias.
136318. allan hames This is plainly imflammatory.
136317. Dr Phil Joffe Google should disassociate itself from such a cretinous site, calculated to stir hatred and intellectually moronic, as is its author.
136316. nat meyohas  
136315. Valerie & Richard Wadephul I see this page as being particularly offensive and unacceptible for access by impressionable young people or respectable people.
136314. E von Rurik  
136313. Johanne Gurfinkiel  
136312. Jonathan Feldstein  
136311. Silvia Weisleder  
136310. jeremie benichou unethical
136309. Edna Winton Amend Website
136308. Erez Nir Simply a shame! Just remove it. We know you can.
136307. Julian Winton A National Disgrace
136306. or kov  
136305. Regina Franco  
136303. avraham osrin Pure anti-semitism!
136302. Dena Wolfson  
136301. JDBurnham shame on Google for allowing this trash to come up
136300. Maureen  
136299. Daniella Frankel  
136298. Ronald Ringart  
136297. MELVYN DAVIS  
136296. Dorit Cohen Being a proud Jewish person and an Israeli, my heart cries at the sight of such racist, anti Semit extremists
136295. Michael Munzer Get rid of this type of hate sites
136294. B. Lewis  
136293. Iris Shame on you google
136292. Penny  
136291. Niki Allen  
136290. Elissa L Feingold Weisberg jew should come up as a person who belongs to a group whose religion and cultural heritage are jewish
136289. Becci Fleischer  
136288. Helen Boruchowitz Absolutely revolting!
136287. Joseph B. Green  
136286. Hazel Frankel  
136285. Jacob Glaich  
136284. I Hersch  
136283. Fay Joske very disturbing antisemitic site
136282. Clive Rock Remove from the Google Search Engine!
136281. ezra  
136280. Limor Benmor-Mizrahi  
136279. Rinat Zuckerman  
136278. dorit stern  
136277. JC Farber  
136276. J ALON  
136275. david  
136274. sandy barrett  
136273. Uriel (Aurel) Schwartz  
136272. Michael M.Garay Disgusting Web Page.Dirt Dirt and Dirt!!!!!
136271. Carol  
136270. rachel Azriel  
136269. ruti dangot  
136268. jay Rosen What a load hateful twisted crap this site is. It should be removed from the search engine immediately.
136267. Donald H Owens misrepresents the truth
136266. Sylvia Weissman disgusting and shameful
136265. Pamela Ben-Eliezer  
136264. Marsha Melgood  
136263. Kathy Czach  
136262. Laura W. Sacks  
136261. Janet  
136260. Amitsur Livney It's a shame!
136259. Robert Bruce  
136258. avrohom beenstock  
136257. Esther Schwartz  
136256. Cedric Amoils There is no place for such hatred in the modern world
136255. arturo  
136254. shaltiel  
136253. Alan Freedman  
136252. Nick Falco unexceptable
136251. Becky Aizenman  
136250. Fanny Korn do we still have to suffer these comments and lies? what will the consequenses be this time?
136249. Steve Mevorah its just in bad taste regardless i am jewish
136248. Donald R. Young Stop the seeds of a second Holacaust.
136247. Donald R. Young Stop the seeds of a second Holacaust.
136246. Dr Mark Freedman  
136245. Misha Tsirulik Absolutely dispeakable
136244. Cecilia Kleiman  
136243. M T  
136242. David Weinstein  
136241. Eli Bloom  
136240. Lenny  
136239. Karlee McGuire Dunham  
136238. nirit lewin  
136237. Craig Sulak  
136236. Vera Margolis Please remove from Google Search Engine as it is totally racist and anti-American
136235. Suzanne Mahler Thank you for being on the look-out for latent or other anti-Semitism.
136234. Lawrence Fink  
136233. Alexander Grobman Remove JewWatch
136232. Pat Hewitt No excuse for allowing this to happen
136231. Mark Lewkovich  
136230. albert margolis racist attitude-should be ashamed
136229. lisa  
136228. Jessica Kligman  
136227. Benami Grobman who finances that site ????
136226. Michael Farah  
136225. Julie Smythe, London  
136224. f g  
136222. Shana Margolin  
136221. Gavin  
136220. JOYCE RIVANS  
136219. Joyce Phillips  
136218. susan abramson  
136217. Marilyn Caplan  
136216. andrea perman  
136215. David Reid  
136214. Galiah Bukszpan A pitiful, pompous old man who claims he knows the source of all evils...Buy him a mirror and have him take a look at himself - an evill, hateful Santa
136213. tammy  
136212. allen salick  
136211. Simon Wakerman  
136210. arnold hyman  
136208. draizy wald  
136207. Morris GINSBURG Israel suffered severe loss of life and property
136206. Reina Lerner One way to better the world is by not disseminating Hate.
136205. Bernard Goffenberg Get this antisemite off the Air
136204. m lewin  
136203. mark rubin  
136202. Robbin Katzin  
136201. swish Blogg  
136200. leslie Macpherson  
136199. p. warshaw  
136197. uio909  
136196. harvey levine  
136195. Amy LeVine  
136194. Gianna Vallefuoco  
136193. Evelyn Grunberg  
136192. Neil F. & Sari R. Schneider  
136191. Enid Moskowitz  
136190. Kathryn what a disgrace
136189. M. Wetteland 7/15/07 I believe Google has remedied this situation
136188. Hugo W. Zarnel  
136187. joan lobenberg  
136186. Kevin DeRemer I work in the entertainment buisiness and I will make sure that the word will get out to the media outlets that google promotes this garbage. Shame on you and your family!
136185. Liat Please Remove this website, it's the last thing you should have under one of your search engines
136184. jerry katz  
136183. celeste krowitz I use google all day long and hope that you help to erradicate more hate in this world by removing this site immediately.
136182. sheldon pozniak Disgusting Site, full of lies & outrage
136181. Pat Kagan  
136180. Stanley Nudelman Get rid of it!
136179. Ellen Bobb-Doheny  
136178. Melanie  
136177. G. Hendin  
136176. OSCAR BIRMAN  
136175. sam  
136174. Liz  
136173. Sarah E. Siegel  
136172. Moises Sheinberg  
136171. nadel israel  
136170. Michelle Budai  
136169. Bob Goodman  
136168. S. A. Schroeder This guy is no expert -- just an anti-semitic fraud!
136167. Steven Velkes  
136166. Elaine Schaffer  
136165. Liz Betech Shame on google
136164. Rebecca sherlock  
136163. Sharon Klibanow Please remove JewWatch
136162. sandi banks  
136161. F.Rosenbaum  
136160. s dillon  
136159. Allen R. Lichter  
136158. Burton Falkenstein  
136157. Cydney Fields  
136156. Morton Kallman  
136155. Sarah Silver Dispicable
136154. trevor gerber  
136153. Tom Goldman Disgusting
136152. Dean E. Miller Remove from Google
136151. marvin saka  
136150. Janice Levy  
136149. Julian Joffe  
136148. Cynthia Schwartz  
136147. JOEL STEIN  
136146. Eva Schectman  
136145. Danielle P Backerman  
136144. Gabi Karp  
136143. greg segal we don't need any more anti-seminism in the world
136142. Marcia Israel  
136141. Jeffrey Gass  
136140. ROBERT BLAU  
136139. Elizabeth Warnock I am saddened and disgusted by the ignorance expressed through this site
136138. S.A.Weiner  
136137. nechamaB remove asap!
136136. Eddie Rabinovitch  
136135. Dale Rutkin this saddens me
136134. Sandy Steiner  
136133. michelle stein  
136132. Maurice Berger Thr sooer the better
136131. George Gombos  
136130. Maurice Berger Thr sooer the better
136129. bernard breier  
136128. dora jaeger  
136127. Lenore Geller Please remove this undesirable web site.
136126. Eleanor Posner I am appalled at the smut of this site. Remove from Google search at once. Google should go down it if does not play fair in humanity
136125. Dr Rene Breier reprehensible
136124. rotem yefet  
136123. leslie lakind  
136122. Jeff Berman  
136121. rosalind edelman do the right thing
136119. Caron  
136118. Sharon Bulman  
136117. Ber Mlawski  
136116. Susan Toth  
136115. Hana Mlawski  
136114. Harris Roth  
136113. Lynn Cutler  
136112. Israel Remove from the Google Search Engine!
136111. richard feldman  
136110. Deborah Dan  
136109. Ronald Sheldon  
136108. Ruth Coleman Get rid of this now
136107. Alan Nankin Disgusting that one gets this as a 1st hit
136106. Shoshana what an evil waste of human effort
136105. Yossi  
136104. Beverly Handler  
136103. Nina Young  
136102. Joanne Perlmutter  
136101. Susan Pierson This is horrific. Freedom of speech is one thing, this is blatant discrimination and cruelty.
136100. Ken Bernknopf Please take that link off altogether. Taking it out of the #1 position is not enough!
136099. Karen  
136098. Joshua Phillips  
136097. judy doron  
136096. Auguston Da Rocha Ben Tsur This type site shouldn't been even shown since it's very Anti-Semitic
136095. Phillip Gold  
136094. e. platus  
136093. Keith Vieira  
136092. Dr. Erwin C. Lubit Disgracefull
136090. Leslye Vieira  
136089. Ronald M. Boden  
136088. Warren A. Katz  
136087. Shelley Gurin  
136086. Rudy  
136085. shelley anckner  
136084. Sandra Palopoli  
136083. Chase Estrin take it off
136082. SEB  
136081. Tibby Baren  
136080. Melissa DeRemer  
136079. Myra Brickman  
136078. Judy Telman  
136077. Ellen Katz  
136076. william nossen  
136075. Heather Kaplin  
136074. Michael Abelman Never again. Lest we forget
136073. arnold levitan  
136072. Justin The website is a disgusting, disgraceful website whose hateful message has no business being the #1 result on a google search of a religious belief
136071. Lionel Moss Curiously some of the site's material is unintentionally more or less complimentary towards Jews - eg in "Zionist Occupied Governments - UK" - but that aside, basically Frank Weltner is a truly sad case.
136070. h lewis  
136069. Gerald Brodsky  
136068. Herb Steiner Kindly remove. thank you.
136067. Kimberlee Oliver Common Google. Get you act together. There are other search engine options.
136066. Benjamin Sudakov  
136065. GREGG OLIVER 24019
136064. R Kaplan Hate is not a Family Value
136063. Lori Barr  
136062. Martin Bloom  
136061. Pam  
136060. Charlotte Levine  
136059. miriam sunness trash - stupid but dangerous. shame on google.
136058. EDWARD F. WEINER  
136057. Lev Kaplun all picture is distorted by antisemitic point of view
136056. meir  
136055. harold edward stessel  
136054. Andrew Colin  
136053. herve  
136052. Solomon Borel  
136051. Jeanette Neuwirth  
136050. Jennifer Akman  
136049. Jeanette Neuwirth  
136048. Anna Lisenker  
136047. ira cohen awful
136046. a. chisvin shame
136045. Elaine Goodfriend This is an important move against hatespeech.
136044. toby musnik scary
136043. Ashira Lubkin  
136042. Phillip Steiner  
136041. ILya Livston  
136040. a. chisvin shame
136039. a. chisvin shame
136038. Loulou Zonenshine  
136037. Rachel Plafker Esrig  
136036. Morton Jaffe so, what else is new?
136035. Maureen Kreindel  
136034. Herbert L. Davidson  
136033. Sandra Matrai I am appalled - please remove this offence
136032. Sharon Cohn that's a disgrace!
136031. Paul Lustgarten Remuve the garbache from site.
136030. Julia Mazow  
136029. Henry Leopold  
136028. james beecher  
136027. Tom Mandler  
136026. Robert Magid  
136025. Julia  
136024. Alan Micohen This should be removed even without the 50,000 signatures, deplorable.
136023. sheila brown  
136022. Stephen McArthur  
136021. hillard corren I would have thought that Google would have better taste, and screened their articles closer. Disgusting, and so untrue
136020. fabi mejia  
136019. Phyllis Jaffe eliminate the site it is disgraceful
136018. George Blau  
136017. Keith Sanford  
136016. Yekutiel Sandman  
136015. J. HARRIS  
136014. Martin Jaffe  
136013. Lynne Cohen  
136012. Stephanie Stern  
136011. Brandy Bramer  
136010. Bonnie B. Tuft I don't have to explain why, do I ?
136009. Anja Smulders  
136008. Richard Spritz  
136007. Harold Sweet PLEASE NO More!!!!!!
136006. Harvey Levin  
136005. Peter Gross This site lies to legitimize hatred
136004. Iudith  
136003. joe lichtman shame on google!!!!!!!!!
136002. Karen Mart  
136001. Nadine Goldman  
136000. Dan Orbach  
135999. Herbert Krantz Agree wholeheartedly to abolish site
135998. Bob Katz  
135997. Gabriel Wintner  
135996. Jeremy  
135995. Jessica  
135994. dahlia frydman Using an educational cover is a sad decoy for racism
135993. Marian Lane I am appalled by the content of this site.
135992. LorrainePicker  
135991. Eli Olschewski  
135990. Jenny Maynier  
135989. arlene lasko this is imperative -- it is immoral to believe that this site should be available as the top site when searching
135988. Debra Weiss  
135987. J King  
135986. Tania Solomon  
135985. Marjorie Victor  
135983. Sharon Benda  
135982. Allan Donsky  
135981. Eileen Kruger comments vilify Jews
135980. Myrna Katz  
135979. Nathaniel Taylor  
135978. Lori Rhodes  
135977. Alan J. Hurwitz, MD  
135976. Joel Roth  
135975. Edward  
135974. Anne Warshaw  
135973. Bernard Raynor  
135972. Richard  
135971. jacqueline kaufman  
135970. Aharon Goldfarb  
135969. gary weiss  
135968. R Goldshaft  
135967. Sara How horrible that you would allow this to be online
135966. Joy Mankoff  
135965. Moises and Dolores Order Hope your remove Jew from the Google Search Engine.
135964. N. SABBAN  
135963. james krikler  
135962. Helen Rosen  
135961. Helen Rosen  
135960. Harold Freeman  
135959. Mindy Bullion  
135958. Mindy Bullion  
135957. Roslyn Schultz  
135956. Steve Rosen  
135955. Anna Marie King I'm appalled! I will use more if this is not corrected.
135953. BENJAMIN SCHULTZ disgusting,must be remedied
135952. david Zee please dont spread anti semitism
135951. LENORE hUSKEY  
135950. Michael  
135949. Irwin Margolis  
135948. Eytan Epstein  
135947. Lyla  
135946. cele keeper  
135945. Helen Head  
135944. Daniel Franck  
135943. Yael Arai  
135942. martina lasry  
135941. dan cohen  
135940. Joe Schneider  
135939. lili beracasa  
135938. Nina Chisvin  
135937. Manny Kingsley  
135936. Leslie Schneider  
135935. Andrew Jacob Some lines must be drawn.
135934. Barry Siegel  
135933. Irwin Ruback  
135932. Michelle Rothman  
135931. Rody Iancovici Keeping it is unacceptable
135930. may samra please react
135929. Sandra Backerman Kindly remove this website asap!
135928. frida reiter  
135927. iris burke terrible please remove.
135926. Ezri Pierre  
135925. Vicky Stawski Disgusting
135924. miriam sirotzky  
135923. AB Please remove this outrageously offensive site!!!
135922. Elisa Wolfson  
135921. Leah Sudran  
135920. Daniel Liberman  
135919. Deborah East  
135918. Andrew for world peace
135917. Sharon Shapiro  
135916. eileen gilman  
135915. Paul Zalan  
135914. Nikki A.  
135913. steve wilks  
135912. Marilyn Bild  
135911. Ron Margolis  
135910. Benjamin Sheer  
135909. william and Brigitte West shame on you-unbecoming of a great search engine.
135908. FAy Kingsley  
135907. Charles Buchanan  
135906. Rosine Femsohn  
135905. Herbert Krieger  
135904. Marc Femsohn  
135903. Renee Goldberg shame on google
135902. Elizabeth Bajusz  
135901. Daniel I am a jew and if i am being treated like a animal i i don't know
135899. judy ford  
135898. Dan  
135897. Bernice Bienenfeld  
135896. Tristan It's idiots like these who ruin otherwise prosperous countries like Iran.
135895. lynnette zaltzman  
135894. richard weinstein  
135893. esther teller  
135892. Emily G  
135891. Ronald Weiskopf  
135890. Daniel Mandel  
135889. MICHAEL SHERR An unfortunate reflection on our times
135888. Bronwen Kretz  
135887. joan shanas  
135886. Sterling Gordon  
135885. Mark A. Weintraub  
135884. sara gedanke  
135883. Lev Zaprudsky  
135882. Martin Burger  
135881. batya dagan Please remove this anti -Semitic filth
135880. jeremy engelman  
135879. Cecilia Lang  
135878. Leora Nowitz  
135877. Daniela Avidan  
135876. Annie G How could a search site like google allow this disgusting site???
135875. yk  
135874. margie baker please remove site (jewish watch)
135873. avi milder  
135872. malcolm schaller  
135871. avi  
135870. Dr. and Mrs. Howard Miller Limits on free speech have long been recognized as essential for a civilized society. Unfortunately, this drivel falls well within those limits. Even if this calumny were protected by a free speech doctrine, it is the right and duty of Google to refuse to provide its forum for the dessemination of its psychotically twisted hate message.
135869. Rob Sherr  
135868. Ann This site is offensive and needs to be removed!!!!!
135867. Johnny Weintraub  
135866. Martin Herman Most of the stuff is garbage.
135865. AR Williams  
135864. Marco Pascale go Google
135863. JC Klein It's so easy to hate the jews. Pick a harder group...kittens maybe. It makes as much sense.
135862. Lara Blitz  
135861. Linda Palmor  
135860. Richie  
135859. Leah Koenig  
135858. Donna Bloom  
135857. Natalie  
135856. sandra cohen disgusting site
135855. Susan Krochmal  
135854. ANN LEVI  
135853. Ellen Weiss  
135852. Ron Fuchs disgusting site
135851. Dr. j. Levinson  
135850. Janet Rostovsky
135849. Paul Hyman  
135848. natan rosenfeld remove immediately or no google
135847. N.LEFTON  
135846. lisa brender  
135845. Robert Dulin  
135844. P.PHILIPS  
135843. Frieda Korobkin  
135842. MRA Think of the resources needed to put together this antisemitic rant. That is scary.
135841. Jay Eckhaus  
135840. Ruth Wittman  
135839. Robert Zatz  
135838. H. Goldstein.  
135837. Patrick Davidovici  
135836. jerry bresson remove this google should be ashamed
135835. Joelle Spinner  
135834. Rene  
135833. Ellen Stettner Please don't promote hate.
135832. john wisemanj  
135831. ben finger  
135830. alan blumberg  
135829. philip clare this site goes beyond the tolerance of free speach. The people bhind it are dengerous and could destabilise the west.
135828. Diana Grzmot  
135827. daniel blackman remove
135826. Manny & Bette Grossman  
135825. edna eden  
135824. joseph shapiro  
135822. Marilyn Satinoff  
135821. Rachel Cosijns  
135820. robert breyer  
135819. S Bloomberg This site is antisemitic and should be removed
135818. carolhimmel  
135817. Bernard Sanig  
135816. G. Abrahams Thought better of Google. Please delete this from your Search Engine NOW.
135815. Gerald Fry  
135814. Daniella  
135813. Semyon Meerkov  
135812. David E. Klein Thanks.
135811. barry Cutler  
135810. Laura Solomon  
135809. Alan Watts  
135808. Trudy Jeanne Shattls change this, please
135807. joann ethridge  
135806. Linda Levine google should not support anti-semitism. supporting this website means you believe a group of people should be extinguished from this planet. I will be deleting google from my computers in protest of your support of this vile group of violent and hateful individuals.
135805. Brenda Marcus For evil to succeed all it takes is for good people to do nothing.
135804. Samuel D. Liebovich  
135803. Ryan F. Johnson  
135802. Rob  
135801. Roger Warland  
135800. Sadie Warland  
135799. Tamar Tulin  
135798. tanya goldberg  
135797. hannah pasternak  
135796. Barbara Buchanan  
135795. miriam becker  
135794. Cantor Arnold E. Schultz This site and the messages it contains must be stopped. Any organization that preaches hatred and spreads lies should not be allowed the freedom to contaminate others.
135793. ann abel  
135792. Mrs R Graham  
135791. Regi Fiss  
135790. Mrs R Graham  
135789. Jeremy Stuhl  
135788. Cece Hill It is frightful to be listed in a Google search!
135787. Allen B Flanzraich  
135786. Robert Marc Friedman  
135785. Amalia Somjen  
135784. vered altmann terrible, shame !!!
135783. Mr Jack N Gold Please remove this offensive site
135782. Joan Bucholtz  
135781. cecil strang a disgrace
135780. srubin  
135779. Sara Gamzo-Letova Why in this day and age does this still happen to the Jews? What is SO different and frightening about us?
135778. kathy Margules  
135777. JOYCE KAHN  
135776. Avi Landman  
135775. Chip Wahl  
135774. Marsha Spector  
135773. Shoshana  
135772. Cathy  
135771. Sandra Pomer  
135770. Sarina this site is horrendous!
135769. Leora Krowitz  
135768. David Lewin  
135767. Gilbert and Yona Kollin Dump that junk
135766. David Driver This site is outrageous and deeply offensive. Please stop promoting it
135765. Steve Krikler  
135764. Dr. George Somjen  
135763. lenczner  
135762. Sabrina Matloob  
135761. Scott Brook Please Remove
135760. Thea Valman I believe one of the owners of goggle is Jewish. How can he allow this vile site?
135759. alan cohn  
135758. Steve Miller  
135757. D. McMahon  
135756. Ruby and Jeremy Alton  
135755. Ernie Hunter The site breaches decency and the law - and should be shut down .
135754. AMOS BARD  
135753. sidberger  
135752. Marina King  
135751. Mandel Slater  
135750. Jonathan Goodman  
135749. Laurence Racke It should not take a petition to remove this site the reasons for removal are self evident
135748. Larry Slovy  
135747. charles stendig  
135746. Ingrid Silver  
135745. Barry Asness There is no need for comments!
135744. dvora avramzon  
135743. Howard it' s about time that Google and all search engines took some repsonsibility for abuse of the Internet
135742. Gary Hill  
135741. Mrs. Maria Frenken Andre disgusting
135740. Hilary Kersh  
135739. G.S. Fingerman Please remove
135738. amina habib  
135737. D. Silverstein  
135736. Mr. Egon Andre I'm a survivor and lost my entire family in Ausschwitz
135735. Julian E. Vasquez Trejo  
135734. shmelzer anica  
135733. len rolnick  
135732. Jerome Kritzer These ugly lies are abomonable
135731. Joel H. Feldman  
135730. Dalia Taft This site is reprehensible! Please remove it immediately!
135729. Rina Koschland  
135728. June Forman  
135727. Michael Levy  
135726. Liebe  
135725. Laura Tepper this is disgusting. Google should be ashamed!
135724. alexandra eschenasi  
135723. gabi disgusting
135722. Shirley Zier  
135721. Anne Bohrer  
135719. chaitowitz  
135718. mitchel d. rabin  
135717. delia benchimol  
135716. anna aliza  
135715. mottie Goldreich  
135714. Dalia Get those MF's
135713. Ann Winning  
135712. Eda Chodrow  
135711. Gloria Feldman  
135710. Rita Redlich  
135709. Peter E. Fuerst  
135708. Dr. Ronald Levine  
135707. Larry Kuznick pretty disgusting
135706. Susan Sacks  
135705. David Stein  
135704. Abi Levitt  
135703. Elizabeth Rubin  
135702. Brian Hitchen CBE Google, Sites like this do not do you credit. Please junk this material.
135701. Ann Rutherford Show where you stand on morality!
135700. Moher  
135699. Myriam Herminjard  
135698. Tamar Hayat  
135697. richard salberg  
135696. Alan Rees a fast response is required!
135695. Alexander Spivak  
135694. Howard Neudorf  
135693. miri  
135692. abe schwadron awfull
135691. jack  
135690. nessim  
135689. daniel strolz  
135688. talia  
135687. sherry widman  
135686. Ava Miller Please stop diseminating hatred and bigotry for all Humanity. PLEASE set the stage by promoting and listing sites that support , teach and encourage human dignity and tolerance FIRST and by removing sites that breed hatred. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
135685. Ilan  
135684. George Biro  
135683. N. Bender I hold google responsible for sanctioning antisemiticism
135682. Arthur Diamond Outrageous abuse of Google Search Engine
135681. nerson  
135680. RIKKI SHER  
135679. David Gani  
135678. assaf  
135677. nerson  
135676. Dajoux Roland  
135675. Godfrey Shev This web site should be banned from the internet
135674. Carolyn  
135673. dorritt arbisser  
135672. Kathy Leddy  
135671. RIKKI SHER  
135670. Randy S. Miller  
135669. david kassab  
135668. Samantha Bader  
135667. Stuart Myers  
135666. John Levine  
135665. Gabriel Szekely  
135664. Annie Hodara  
135663. Bryna Barsky-Ex This is an inappropriate collection of lies
135662. Alex Slabo If this site is not removed I will contact may Congressman and two US Senators to make inquires about Google and its obvious antisemitisim
135661. Leon Rizer  
135660. Davina Sharp  
135659. moises  
135658. shira ravera  
135657. omri  
135656. Denise Halabov  
135655. albert dassa  
135654. ilan  
135653. Joel Bacal  
135652. Eleanor Levine  
135651. rena rosner  
135650. esty mindy Misgav  
135649. Fay Dicker It is beyond reprehensible that Google should lend itself to the dissemination of such vitriolic anti-Semitism. Google should be ashamed.
135648. Marguerite Weisberg  
135647. bluma misgav  
135646. Ilene Greenstone  
135645. Sara Podolsky  
135644. Samantha Deutsch  
135643. marc meyo  
135642. Jay Rogal  
135641. JACQUELINE BANKOVER good luck in your efforts to get this removed
135640. Neville Gamsu  
135639. Gregorio Scharifker  
135638. Hana Gilbert  
135637. Beatrice Sayers  
135636. Jack Leaf Provide a service, not a dis-service
135635. Deborah Oppenheimer  
135634. Eric A Leighton  
135633. Alan Martin  
135632. deborah roitberg incredibly biased, inaccurate and offensive!
135631. Terri Abofsky  
135630. louise Dankner  
135629. ari  
135628. Karol Musher Blatant antisemitism
135627. daniel musher this site perpetuates all the old antisemitic myths of jews controlling banks, running the press, etc. the person who writes it has no legitimate scholarly background in the field and no qualifications other than his hatred of jews.
135626. Leslie Solomon  
135625. Martin Blaustein remove this at once of lose most of your following
135624. Denise Gelberg Google should be ashamed to allow such blasphemy
135623. Jacques Herminjard  
135622. William C. Gelberg We have enough Jew Baiters in the world, we don't need any more
135621. Barbara Rogal  
135620. Joe Pace  
135619. vernon lotman  
135618. B.D.Davis This site is one of anti-semitic hate
135617. Peter Leon  
135616. lynn rosenfeld  
135615. Rochelle Samuel  
135614. Ted A Zwegers  
135613. Radu Manoliu  
135612. Sheila Sherman so sad
135611. Kostenbaum  
135610. lucie lebaz UK
135609. leonard taub  
135608. L.Katz  
135607. Ben Belkind It Is outrageous that a site such as this is allowed free distribution of their venum over Google!
135606. Brad Alter This is horrendous. Wipe out this anti semitic site right now.
135605. Careen Rodgers  
135604. Eitan Arbeter  
135603. Alan Gill  
135602. claude  
135601. Herve France actress
135600. Hagar Yonah  
135599. Jeffrey Serle  
135598. Esther Meyer  
135597. olga  
135596. roni azon  
135595. s kent  
135594. Clara Ginsburg  
135593. Seliger  
135592. Nina Brown  
135591. David Ginsburg  
135590. p.wyant  
135589. Susie Kaufman  
135588. Mel Mahlowitz  
135587. Raquel Krizan  
135586. Simon Braham  
135585. Fedor Krizan  
135584. iris pearson i am apalled and shocked by this. it MUST be removed!
135583. Gertrude Donchin Chityat Educational objectives are not served by the dissemination of hate material.
135582. Jacques de Haller  
135581. baruch  
135580. Jeremy Covant  
135579. sonia levy  
135578. henry fenton  
135577. Gabriel BEER This website is a shame
135576. Ellard Roberts  
135575. henry  
135573. hanan avraham  
135572. C.Lichtenstein  
135571. Leiby I think it is a disgrace that Google allows such hatred and bigotry to come up on such high priority
135570. Irene Hoyles  
135569. Pat Foster  
135568. Linda Nash  
135567. noa  
135566. Sarah Markowitz  
135565. Julius Bernstein  
135564. lee jacob  
135563. Pamela Benson This website could incite violence and terrorism and should be banished
135562. Deborah Berkovits  
135561. Bernard Feinberg  
135560. Boaz Moshkovich  
135559. Margaret Solomon this site is utter filth and extremely offensive
135558. Jean Bennett-Gruber  
135557. wm davis disgraceful
135556. Brenda Harris  
135555. Konen David  
135554. leopoldo Kahn  
135553. Rochel Levine  
135552. Ammi Shor  
135551. Peter Varga  
135550. Liz Bouzagloe  
135549. Sam Forman  
135548. Jerrold Arbeter  
135547. freddi aronov Google, have some guts. Remove this fanatical, neo-Nazi from the net.
135546. Lita Poehlman This site and it's location has been a sore spot to many of us for some time. It's so inappropriate. There is enough trouble in the world without having something so negative and blatantly anti-Semetic come up as the first website one sees when searching Google for Jewish websites.
135545. Alain Farhi  
135543. ABDY SHAMA-LEVI I suppose google does not deliberately foment antisemitism
135542. betty epstein  
135541. A. Natan Serious anti-semetic material. Google must be a bit more sensitive and must remove this site
135540. luciana saad We came from syria and even though we know that the jewish people don't deserve all the acusations coming from this ill brain
135539. Paul Herman  
135538. rafi dorot  
135537. Barbara R. Bell  
135536. M. Dorot please remove; it doesn't make google look too good either
135535. Jon Sumroy  
135534. Yvette  
135533. R. Frager  
135532. melvin snow these messages are a disgrace to decency!
135531. Benny Gammerman  
135530. Ken Moore  
135529. Hali Burton While I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it is immoral and reprehensible to spread lies. This is ugly and perpetuates anti-semitism. Don't we have enough hatred in this world?
135528. daniel gammerman  
135527. Isidoro Ghelman  
135526. Martin Mattes  
135525. rachel gammerman  
135524. Jayne Doyle This man is delusional.
135523. Harold Tobin This is disgusting
135522. Micki Alperin  
135521. Simone Roitman  
135520. Salomao j Gammerman  
135519. M Kaz Don't let Google become the next CNN!
135518. Lawrence  
135517. Karen Abrams  
135516. moritz altman & inga altman unacceptable virulantantisemitism
135515. Michael Heinemann  
135514. Felipe Krikler  
135513. Leah Gilbert  
135512. Paul Marshall This site is 100\% hatred of the Jews and the works of Satan himself.
135510. yigal samuel  
135509. linda samuel  
135508. Liza Michael  
135507. Caroline Patton Im not Jewish, but this is really inappropriate. Our society is so corrupted!
135506. àøìï  
135505. Mary Siegel Pls. remove
135504. Danielle Goldman  
135503. BOUKOBZA  
135502. J Mann  
135501. Matt Goldman  
135500. Jo  
135499. David Niles Please stop this antisemetic website
135498. sandifer  
135497. warren kourt offensive to people of all religions and race
135496. Margaret Ann Beckerr  
135495. Leo F. Braun  
135494. Vivien Shebson  
135493. Marilyn Kalman  
135492. Alicia Bleier This site is immoral, unethical and a pack of lies.
135491. marilyn richmond thank you for having this antisemetic item removed
135490. avidar Offer  
135489. moshe eitan  
135487. avidar eliane haya  
135486. Martin Sanders  
135485. Professor Jaime Pietrokovski Every form of fanatical approach is to ber eliminated from a public service
135484. avidar tomer  
135483. avidar dahlia  
135482. avidar maxime  
135481. Chris Tiedemann lol Jews!!!!!!
135480. Norman W. Cohen  
135479. NOAM J. COHEN, ESQ.  
135478. Addi Evans  
135477. Danele Evans  
135476. Amanda Evans  
135475. Lola Sarah Cohen  
135474. David Evans  
135473. Ron  
135472. Gil Gredinger Philadelphia, PA
135471. Yitzchack Gila  
135470. Norman L. Greenbaum  
135469. Zvi Shahar  
135468. Cyndy Sax Until Google removes this site, I will use other search engines.
135467. Debbie Danon  
135466. Leon Kaplan  
135465. Moshe Hefter  
135464. Jacqueline Blatt  
135463. Beth please end this trail of ill will. thank you.
135462. Henya Secemsky  
135461. Sol Rosner Lets get some sanity back on this planet and remove this sick site
135460. Harold & Geri Berkman  
135459. eric woolf  
135458. Ros Mowszowski  
135457. Vera Hecht Same on you Goggle!!This is discusting. Please remove this web site Immediately.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
135456. peter  
135455. antonia stowe  
135454. Reuben Mowszowski  
135453. Davis  
135452. LINDA FINE  
135451. Nancy Chew Does free speech also allow mis-information?
135450. Baumann Simone  
135449. Judy Ahto  
135448. Josh Babani It's a disgrace.
135447. Sandra G. Goldfarb Shameful, forments hatred.
135446. Leon Angel  
135445. Orna Timen  
135444. Moshe Oberman  
135443. Sidney Shear With Google my home page and being Jewish I take great exception to this
135442. john goldman  
135441. Peter Simonstein Cullman  
135440. Sharon Rother  
135439. Fischel  
135438. Peter H Flax Disgusting and fraudulent misrepresentations.
135437. Ken Davids  
135436. David Lazarus Google should have been prosecuted
135435. Malvin Shar  
135434. JayL  
135433. Barbara Needleman Shame on you!!
135432. diane hersh there should be someone on Google with good taste and common sense.
135431. DR. MELVIN COHEN  
135430. dan kas  
135429. Tamar Shiller  
135428. tiva hateful site
135427. Rosakate Bonomo  
135426. Ruth Darmstadter  
135425. Adit Adela  
135424. Naomi Brin Shame on you GOOGLE!!!
135423. A. Mayer  
135422. Alonzo Quijano  
135421. Stefanie Gabrel  
135420. Gail Lerman This is disgusting
135419. Marion Small This is abominable.
135418. Blumenfeld Aron  
135417. Sylvia Rothschild  
135416. Ana Bercovich  
135415. beverly chimes  
135414. FRANCIS KELLEHER Frank you need to get out into the world and test your beliefs. my mother said"there is good and bad in all". After 43 countries so far I've found that to be true. Have you ever left st. louis?
135413. bert bauman  
135412. Vicki Symons  
135411. Silvia please remove it soon, thanks
135410. Richard Braham it's a disgrace that such bigoted things should be found on an important site as google
135409. Robert Hersowitz  
135408. Paul Becconsall  
135407. mayer  
135406. Marcy N. Drozdowicz  
135405. joon z  
135404. aviva lavi  
135403. amir green  
135402. Eileen Vilka  
135401. David P. Finks, JD  
135400. stephanie hoffman  
135399. Paulette Goldschmid  
135398. ian zeff  
135397. Eva Eilan remove this site please
135396. sol sackel In today's world of hatrid and violence, there shlould be no tolerance for an anti-semetic, hate-filled site professing honesty but spewing hate in the guise of intellectual honesty. Google should remove the JewWatch site without delay!
135395. Linda Dobkin Anti semetic please remove
135394. Shirley and Alan Shalet  
135393. Steven Kass I appreciate your doing the right thing in a world of hate and intolerance. Do no harm!
135392. Adele Nessim Urgent appeal to remove
135391. Barry R. Baron  
135390. abigail afel  
135389. sarah tauber  
135388. mort schorr  
135387. Jodi Nortel It is very important that you remove this immediately.
135386. Cynthia Levy  
135385. Moira Hart  
135384. helena alalu  
135383. Meredith Toll-Abramowitz  
135382. Gideon Weingarten  
135381. kobby  
135379. Averbouch Eli  
135378. jorje weksler  
135377. ann corren  
135376. Nigel marks Disgraceful that this hatred can be peddled
135375. ALAN KURTZ  
135374. Sandra Hendrick The articles I read are full or lies! Please remove them and discontinue this site. It is inconsistent with the expert info you offer
135373. Paula Bonawitz  
135372. Dr. and Mrs. David Cotlar there should be limits--1938 proved this
135371. Brenda Elkabir this is truly hate speech and should be removed from Google
135370. Mireille Koletsky  
135369. Aman  
135368. Mike Milstein Please stop this.
135367. Bob Kutner  
135366. Ezio Alessandro Susella della Rocca  
135365. A Graham  
135364. Jacubert B'nai B'rith French president
135363. Elaine Harris This has to be stopped.Spreading deceitful lies that many people are willing to believe
135362. Michael Tarlow  
135361. Alex Moraru get rid of it!
135360. j.c mora same old lies
135358. Richard John Stacy  
135357. Martin Buchalter  
135356. David Bar ?
135355. Robert Rhodes  
135354. Tal  
135353. Harry A Katzman  
135352. Douglas Altman  
135351. britt baumel Please remove this anti-semitic site from your search results
135350. mimiholtzman  
135349. Sandra S. Lebowitz  
135348. rachel Suissa  
135346. Monique Nasch  
135345. Yehudis Schamroth get this removed please
135344. L Croudson  
135343. Paul Gray Let's stop this madness.
135342. LUIS DONZIS terminemos de una buena vez con toda esta porquería
135341. Leon Melul  
135340. Peter Gower Disgusting virulent anti-semitic wensite that contravenes all civilised norms . Please remove !!
135339. Karen Abramson  
135338. Benny Benjamin Is this Google's new face?
135337. Takudzwa Chingozho  
135336. Rachel Benjamin  
135335. paul fairbrook  
135334. Harold & Annette Grafstein Let's hope that together we can get rid of this disgusting site!
135333. Clement Dassa  
135332. Lee Rothfarb A horrendously hateful site that should be removed immediately. A disgrace that it exists and should not receive any attention through Google. Google must take a stand and not hide behind some kind of abstract principle of Internet democracy and free speech
135331. Paul Nasch  
135330. HOWARD H. LEHR, M.D.  
135329. Eli Kovo This one presents the utmost stupidity in his tiny head!
135328. Beverly  
135327. arthur fall  
135326. Ronald Schneeweiss  
135325. t. cowan remove site immediately
135324. Herbert & Helen Scheiner shameful for google to allow this
135323. karen permutt  
135322. Esther Hollis  
135321. Leslie Sela I am a holcaust surviver.
135320. David Harari  
135319. Danielle Brito  
135318. Milt Buchalter  
135317. Mevyn Harris  
135316. nettie feldman  
135315. Ted Wise  
135314. Bernard Cohen  
135313. janet mager  
135312. Judith Goldstein  
135311. Brian Myer  
135310. Hy Spector  
135309. Bernard Cohen  
135308. Les J Garb  
135307. c tell brokers to dump Google stock
135306. oleg  
135305. Suzanna Sekers  
135304. Neil Weinstein  
135303. Stan Newwman Jews have contributed so much to the culture, sciences and health of world population, why is there anti-Semitism any way ???
135302. orit  
135301. Sarah Bengio Esayag  
135300. Ellen Mandelbaum  
135299. Neil Lapidus  
135298. Danielle Gershon  
135297. Sharon  
135296. Ben Rozsansky  
135295. Gavriel Shimon  
135294. Ted Wagner Remove all hate mongers from the internet.
135293. Kent Emeson This is a disgracful website and anyone associated with it.
135292. Michael Best  
135291. Jacqueline  
135290. David Taylor  
135289. Jean Cohen  
135288. goldberg  
135287. Estelle Brown  
135286. Dorit Carmeli  
135285. Ros Fitz-Gibbon This site is really gross and totally unacceptable
135284. Chaim Bruk  
135283. A Morris  
135282. Lisa-Marie Lerner  
135281. Beryl Williams  
135280. Ariel V.  
135279. Madeline Weinstein  
135278. Alma Vactor I'm shocked Google puts this on line
135277. Lailah Rimon  
135276. tanya  
135275. ovadia eli  
135274. david forman  
135273. Jacques OBADIA It is a pitty seeing such an antisemitic site through Google Search Engine
135272. Arnold Townsend Why is this filth showing up FIRST in a Google search???
135271. Elie Dryzun  
135270. Mary and Michael Green disgrace to civilisation
135269. Bronte Schmidt  
135268. mickey keys I'm from a holocaust parent background and I find this extrememly disgusting and plays into the antisemetic crowd
135267. M. Mayer  
135266. andy steiman  
135265. zev primor  
135264. len rozin shame for my fellow jew Mr. Brin
135263. epolisky  
135262. Dave FINBERG  
135261. Ellen Stupak-Shaw  
135260. B. Rowley  
135259. elirano  
135258. Stan and Georgene Finberg These outright lies should be bannished.
135257. DR. MICHAEL JP SELBY THE EXSISTENCE OF SUCH A SITE IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and, regretfully, its creators are not fit to be associated with Mankind, as they clearly are neither "Man" nor "Kind".
135256. B. L. Sweiger  
135255. riki phillips Anti semitism; also known as HATRED, is the root of ALL semitic destruction as is seen throughout history, generation after generation; its a fast spreading cancer with no intention of any positive outcomet needs to be cut out before it grows completely out of control and deadly!!
135254. Robert Pilavin please remove this hateful site
135253. Lea Geller  
135252. julius nehorai  
135251. Catherine Woodley  
135250. Gail A. Nickowitz the site is a crock of lies
135249. kahn Olivier  
135248. Pat Waske Please remove this blight on Google and humanity from your search engine. It is an abomination and does not deserve to be listed at all, let alone first.
135247. j.jackson googles jewish owners allow this ????
135246. Jerome I. Baron  
135245. Heidi  
135244. elliot klein  
135243. Ian Lipman I can't believe a reutable company like Google needs a petition to remove a racist site from its search results
135242. Daniella Myers  
135241. Jan G. Finegold  
135240. JEROME MINK  
135239. Neil Uhler  
135238. Nicolas Bonstein  
135237. Samuel  
135236. Rita Perlson  
135235. dave  
135234. Lynn Bresler  
135233. Jakob Beilinson  
135232. Andrea Tardelli  
135231. Borzykowsk  
135230. David Bernstein  
135229. jenny fichmann  
135228. Rotem  
135227. David Bergel  
135226. Tschernia  
135225. Mager Michael  
135224. alon david  
135223. Mark Mitchell  
135222. Roy Laddin An anti-semite with very bad teeth. Take him off.
135221. Pauline Jeffree  
135220. Cecilia Becker this is totally unacceptable
135219. Esther Aronovski  
135218. shirley friedman  
135217. rachel  
135216. Salomon Ernesto Bersusky  
135215. Colin Krawitz  
135214. Jorge Cheirif remove asap
135213. Michael Davidson  
135212. rachel cohen  
135211. Dan and Naomi Peled  
135210. Stephanie Segal  
135209. Michelle I support this petition!
135208. axel stawski pornographic site
135207. Isabelle I can't believe that google contribute to that.SHAME ON GOOGLE.
135206. Paul Gray Let's stop this madness.
135205. jo  
135204. Isabelle I can't believe that google contribute to that.SHAME ON GOOGLE.
135203. Daniel Weiss surely you agree this needs to be removed!
135202. hanna  
135201. Bruce Chemel  
135200. Dr Max Gringras usual rubbish
135199. paul friedberg  
135198. Barry Manilow  
135197. vera regina langer  
135196. Sondra Baras  
135195. Noah Johnson  
135194. ADELE TRAINIS Take this disgusting garbage off of Google
135193. a concerned citizen  
135192. Andrea Drimmer  
135191. D.Shmukler shameful
135190. Martin Drucker and Pearl Drucker  
135189. Ariel Marshall  
135188. gerrit woudstra  
135187. celina marshall  
135186. jesse norman  
135185. fred milstein  
135184. Hannah Bloch  
135183. Avi Ellman  
135182. Sue Blanas  
135181. arlene schwartz  
135180. Dr. Maurry Epstein  
135179. Mike Heilbron  
135178. iulia if youtube accepts this videos,you have to remove it too
135177. Jack Cooperstone Biased & Bigotted
135176. Norma Bilbool  
135175. Philip Gotlieb Disappointing
135174. Roman I This is disgracefull that a company like Google would tollerate this kind of nonsense. shame on google for promoting this kind of gargage.
135173. jack mansoor  
135172. Jeffrey Shapiro WHAT A HORRIBLE, SICK MAN
135171. Asher Diamond  
135170. zvi grossman  
135169. nadav  
135168. Jerry Tanner What an Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
135167. Ariel  
135165. Trace I don't think something like this should appear wen searching in Google!
135164. M. Rubin  
135163. Aimee Kligman we don't need this kind of rhetoric
135162. Martin Belafsky  
135161. David Shapiro THIS IS GARBAGE BY A MANIAC.
135160. Gennady  
135159. steven ehrenreich  
135158. Einav Katz  
135157. Gillian Smith  
135156. M. S. Werner  
135155. David Sacks  
135154. Benjamin Friedman hate sites should be removed from net
135153. alison yadan remove this disgusting site
135152. beth  
135151. Lawrence  
135150. Terry Levinthal  
135149. amirmashiach  
135148. ronit mashiach  
135147. Ronald Tamler  
135146. Lester Nathan Surely something can be done here
135145. FRANK BARMAK  
135144. Neta Nussim  
135143. Saraga Emilia  
135142. Estelle Morgenstern please remove
135141. Aviva Dachoh  
135140. leanne praw  
135139. Barbara Shprecher It is reprehensible that Google supports this site.
135138. Michelle  
135137. Dr Robert Tzvi Rubin  
135136. Louis Gerstman  
135135. B. Moser  
135134. michael steel disgraceful!!
135133. Marcia More fodder for the mindless masses
135132. Michael Wechsler This is hate mongering and a legal calumny!
135131. Adi Tamir Remove antisemic and other sites of haterd !!!
135130. tony seymour  
135129. Shirlene Levine This biased anti-semitic site shocked me
135128. lisa barham  
135127. Dr Pauline Pytka This site is dangerous. From my reading of the material it appears scholarly on surface with all facts pointing to what seems to be the 'jewish' conspiracy theory. I feel it is particularly dangerous because of this. It is presenting opinion/racist analysis as historical fact.
135126. Henrietta Kaplan Disgraceful, shame on ggogle
135125. david katz  
135124. Jill Levine  
135123. Didi Browdy  
135122. Dorel Feldman  
135121. A.Kaye  
135120. Levy, René  
135119. Benny Gammerman  
135118. Marcos Fefer  
135117. Derzavich pure B. S. for idiots
135116. rich Becker freedom of speech doesn't include incitment to violence
135115. Jill Baron  
135114. DAvid Bielory  
135113. Rhona Blotman  
135112. Robin Levy Please remove this site.
135111. Mrs M Onnie  
135110. Yakov Zaprudsky š
135109. Edna Crystal Please remove from Goodle Search Engine..
135108. Barbara Marks-Maister  
135107. Michelle True Google must remove that site its search engine.
135106. Sylvia Diamond  
135105. Ena Rotkopf  
135104. felix please stop this s........
135103. Sandra Campo Stop this Now
135102. ralph richard  
135101. Bonstein Alexandre  
135100. rob cowan  
135099. don stern this site is disgusting
135098. c. Kann this site must be blocked
135097. sheri koones  
135096. Ashley Marks  
135095. Sharon  
135094. Howard Matus  
135093. RachelMatalon  
135092. Gail Miller  
135091. ben gentin  
135090. belinda S. Bachar please remove lies from internet, which are perjudicial.
135089. Nava Tadmor  
135088. Rosalind Greenberg  
135086. Abe Larwe This is hate inc.
135085. Evelyn Rosenbaum Try checking facts before you publish ANYTHING
135084. Samuel Weiss Stop the hate mongers from spewing lies
135083. Audrey Frank  
135082. Deanna Cohen  
135080. mark berg  
135079. Gerry Cohen  
135078. bennett alterman  
135077. Eliezer Doza  
135076. Zachary Einstein  
135075. Adeena Sivan  
135074. david Hatchwell  
135073. Anne Sheinbar  
135072. David Frankel  
135071. Etka  
135070. ag robbins  
135069. Sari Gottfried  
135068. f.and b.Scheuermann  
135067. Susan Youdelman  
135066. Mahler Disgusting
135064. Roey  
135063. eli joffe  
135062. Michael Levine  
135061. carolina tovorovsky  
135060. Bobbi Shapiro it is dispicable
135059. Brenda Lurie  
135058. Greta Elkayam Good luck and thank you
135057. Steven Kelter  
135056. David Caplan  
135055. Jerrold Weis  
135054. Maryse Bloch  
135053. c. aquino  
135052. rosalind Weis  
135051. Dinerstein anti-semetic
135050. Saul Mednick  
135049. Stephanie Wells  
135048. michal gazer  
135046. vicki friedfeld  
135044. Yehudit Direktor this site is virulently anti-semitic
135043. Moshe Leyzerman  
135042. Miriam Harrison  
135041. Barry Kalms  
135040. Donna Fried  
135039. Dale Fyman  
135038. Jeffrey Bellin  
135037. Warren Braham  
135036. Dawn Mill sites like this should never be allowed
135035. Phyllis Nathan  
135034. Fulvio  
135033. roslyn blaushield  
135032. Khor Keng TAN  
135031. Leah Yerushalmi  
135030. Kevin Aron  
135029. Amanda Kemble  
135028. Dov Frohlich  
135027. zachary baron  
135026. Philip Feinstein  
135025. loujacobs  
135024. Benhart  
135023. Beatrice Bryl  
135022. alyson  
135021. Sue Morgan  
135020. Judy Bahar  
135019. renay freedman  
135018. Simon Kalms  
135017. herbert Samuel Bonstein M.D.  
135016. Ron Danko you will be doing the world a favour
135015. Sheila Resnick  
135014. Sheila Gilbert - England  
135013. Pablo Kohan  
135012. bernardo meyer  
135011. Doug Starke  
135010. Boaz Monos  
135009. Sharon Geva remove these damn lies off the NET
135008. dan  
135006. Karen Freiberg  
135005. Keren  
135004. Stephen Abramowitz  
135003. Bernard Cohn this is an abomination-please take this off
135002. Sally Zylberberg This site spews out poisonous rubbish, and should be removed.
135001. Thomas Baumann to the attention of the two "Google guys"
135000. Paul Gold  
134999. Robin  
134998. Astrid  
134997. Brenda Idstein  
134996. Paul Kowarsky  
134995. Barbara Kowarsky please remove!
134994. adelia bensoussan  
134993. sharon raz  
134992. Jeff selick please remove this site asap
134991. Colin Berkow  
134990. carole horwood shame on google! shame on youtube! this should be removed
134989. shaya Pick  
134988. Steven Kersh  
134987. elizabeth wolf-cohen inflames racial hatred
134986. Roberto Goldone  
134985. Cindy Ruber  
134984. Lisa Curran  
134983. Tanya  
134982. K Ben Sadka disgraceful and very dangerous
134981. tamir shabat Please remove from the Google Search Engine!
134980. joanne harris unacceptable website
134979. Michael Kemble  
134977. sigal bedlov  
134976. Corinne Gibbons I am a Christian with many good Jewish friends. I am happy to support this petition in order to get rid of this anti-Semitic site which is giving such great offence to my Jewish friends.
134975. Izbicki Mario  
134974. dave brown  
134973. Isaac jebreel  
134972. Lawrence Myers  
134971. carlos goldstein  
134970. yehuda eilat  
134969. Louisa Goott  
134968. ELI & MARIE ATTIAS  
134967. jonathan Joseph This is naked, agressive,racism that should not be condoned on any site and especially this one
134966. Andi Ziegelman  
134965. Mario DiBiase  
134964. ada gurgiel  
134963. edmund gurgiel  
134962. Debby Myers  
134961. Algom Yafa  
134960. Algom Efraim  
134959. Marc Weiss  
134958. A. Haarburger  
134957. Gilli Ball-Fridman  
134956. Sam Abrahams  
134955. Sheila Chimes Hate-mongering, prejudicial, untrue.
134954. esther perlmutter  
134953. Tal  
134952. D.Demant  
134951. Judy Zee  
134950. Michael Sojka Google should seriously consider allowing such a site to be listed using their Search Engine
134949. tammy  
134948. Netty Rosenthal  
134947. salomon DAYAN  
134946. Esmeralda Get Rid of this Nasty Racist Inciting Website
134945. naomi rosen  
134944. Stephen Green  
134943. Alan Cox  
134942. Prem Toocaram I find this site repulsive, uninformed and ignorant
134941. esther goldberg  
134940. yacha sutton  
134939. Shirley Fox  
134938. Evgenia  
134937. Doris Jaspan  
134936. noah zeltser  
134935. hillel hurwitz It is morally wrong for Google to host this racist website.
134934. Thomas Eisler  
134933. Diane Bar-Giora shame!
134932. H shame
134931. sharon cohen  
134930. Dr J Shindler  
134929. Thomas  
134928. oren shay  
134927. shmulik  
134926. simon boysen  
134925. Sue Levene this poison must be stopped and countered
134924. Meira har-Chen  
134923. Anita Shapiro You should be ashamed, Google, for requiring a petition at all - this is blatant anti-semitism, and you should be protesting it!
134922. Sid Kerber  
134921. Rhoda Henelde Abecasis enough is enough
134920. Agi Sterling  
134919. Agi Sterling  
134918. Tony Phillips  
134917. Katie Reed  
134916. joan minnio  
134915. jmichaelson appalling that google hosts antisemitism
134914. Sarah Baron Why spread antisemitism?
134913. harry frankel  
134912. alan turner  
134911. judith rosenblatt  
134910. sally mayer  
134909. soames take it off
134908. Linda Dave  
134907. Renicia Vilensky  
134906. Roy Pick  
134905. jose cucher  
134904. talya ovadia  
134903. Manfred Bresler incredible
134902. Claude Lasry  
134901. Jenni Bloch  
134900. benhamou  
134899. Inbal  
134898. Bruce Goldstein  
134897. nigel de kare-silver  
134896. Arie Tenne  
134895. Jan Marks The ignorance of people amazes me - this site is horrific - get it removed
134894. Neville Price This site is an insult to the Jewish community and must be removed.
134893. Geoff  
134892. josh  
134891. Itzik Zinger  
134890. beverley kreeger  
134889. Marcia Cato  
134888. levine  
134887. Janet Posner  
134886. Sue Henry  
134885. Nigel H Holmes Poisonous nonsense
134884. mira stulman  
134883. Gina Stern  
134882. S.Plax  
134881. Jacqui Schnerb  
134880. Nigel Shore  
134879. Fred Grossman  
134878. Archie  
134877. ruth feiglin  
134876. yudit blackwell  
134875. mr and mrs fisher made us feel sick watching.and is offensive
134874. Rita Jacobs  
134873. silvina kofman  
134872. Leah Goldstein  
134871. Guy Shrabany  
134870. Harold Kolski To those who run Google, shame on you for allowing such hatred to flourish
134869. Henry Douek It's disgraceful that such a hateful anti-semitic website is even allowed to exist on any ISP's servers. Take it down!
134868. Natasha Triffon  
134867. Claudia Berke  
134866. Rupert Bennett  
134865. jenny steingold This site is offensive and should be removed
134864. Anne Bonneau  
134863. Daniel Rosen A disgrace
134862. karine galanos  
134861. Gal Nachum  
134860. Herbert Nahmias An excellent initiative which I hope will succeed with the massive support from the people signing the petition .
134859. Judith Kaplan Gabbai  
134858. Enrico Racca Hateful sites against any religion,race or color should be eliminated by Google
134857. Charles Gaffin Antisemetic
134856. leandra hainovitz  
134855. Jody Graham  
134854. Jo Shiffer  
134853. chana novick  
134852. Guy Wild  
134851. kasirer malkie  
134850. shabtay kitsis  
134849. avril stone  
134848. graham stone  
134847. Sharon Levy  
134846. Jonathan Kalman  
134845. Avraham Lif  
134844. Raphael Luzon  
134843. Evgeniy Vaisman  
134840. Melvyn Cohen  
134839. renee y elias siempre los ignorantes y retrogrados
134837. Vanessa Broder  
134836. lital kasif i believe this site should be removed from the entire first page of the search of the word 'jew'
134835. Jackie Baron  
134834. Rita Kay  
134833. Irit Many-Meitav  
134832. baruch leiman  
134831. hirschman fanny disgusting
134830. Abraham Granit  
134829. Gaynor Bor  
134828. Harley Braidman  
134827. Martin Vine  
134826. amira meirfeld  
134825. Luba Geller  
134824. Jacques Zylberg  
134823. Nechama Sufrin  
134822. Herschel ben Moshe  
134821. david braun  
134820. Clive Boxer  
134819. fabian Perkal  
134818. Holly Mascovitz  
134817. Benny  
134816. Roberta Tsabary  
134815. Bertie Hammar they are all sick
134814. Lucien A. Lewis  
134813. Berenice Hammar  
134812. philip weisberg surprised at Google allowing this
134811. J Irow  
134810. L Irow  
134809. G Goodman  
134808. jennifer schneider  
134807. Mr Harvey Phillips  
134806. Fass  
134805. Geoffrey Karr  
134804. carri sentchuk  
134803. Michael Green  
134802. Brian  
134801. Tova Factor Must be done
134800. Debbie  
134799. Julian Kaye  
134798. lisa gonor  
134797. Joanne Lavi  
134796. howard goldenberg  
134795. Marylin Graham Please remove this disgusting website
134794. Sandra Frankfurt  
134793. Ries  
134792. Terri Glasser Remove
134791. Michael Cooper  
134790. Rudi Reeves  
134789. James Feinmesser  
134788. yonat milstein  
134787. Susan George  
134786. m levy by allowing this sight on google .you are advacating racial hatred.PLEASE REMOVE .
134785. Amir Tal  
134784. douglas itoh you need to remove this disgusting and ghastly site
134783. Joseph Mlynarz  
134782. Shir Bal Let's stop all racists now!
134781. judith rubin disgusting
134780. Claudette Nesselrode  
134779. Miry Asek  
134778. Roger B Marks I am horrified
134777. Gregory Kogan  
134776. Adam Forman  
134775. peter Saxon  
134774. Pauline Kramer Saxon  
134773. Ofir Azury  
134772. Le  
134771. Ronald Edward Terrible, a hate site that comes up in first place, why should it require 50,000 signatures to get it removed?
134770. Francine Ex  
134769. Martin Heymann  
134768. steven schwartz  
134767. Dr. Kran  
134766. Ben Schwarz  
134765. Gil  
134764. Jodi Weidman  
134763. nicole hagouel  
134762. dvora rosen  
134761. Ariel Tishby  
134760. matan  
134759. ori shani  
134758. naomi halevy  
134757. Gillian Cooper nauseating!
134756. Robert Vance  
134755. Gutfreund  
134754. Steffie Getreu  
134753. Larry Dee please remove this disgusting site that's full of lies
134752. Leah Goldman Please remove from your search engine
134751. Oded Wel  
134750. Israel Salomon  
134749. Shay Toder  
134748. Moira Newton  
134747. Donna Joseph Please remove as soon as the required number of signatures are recorded. if not sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
134746. Ruth Katz  
134745. Adir Regev  
134744. sara gold  
134743. becca rabin  
134742. Anthony Abroms Not worthy of any ethical or moral company
134741. Ron Goldstein None necessary..this is a monstrous site
134740. ofra givon  
134739. Gila Ansell Brauner  
134738. moses goldring  
134737. Arlene Allardice  
134736. Ravid  
134735. Darrell Allardice  
134734. Aviram Iny  
134733. jason feddy  
134732. rebecca simmons  
134731. eyal  
134730. Hylton Miller  
134729. Ben Herskowitz you ought to be ashamed
134728. David f  
134727. Rob Getreu  
134726. andre van embden  
134725. Anita  
134724. epstein michel  
134723. sterling  
134722. judy assael  
134721. Sidney Neimann  
134720. paul  
134719. Lior  
134718. Lori Myers  
134717. linky neimann  
134716. Gautier-le Berre  
134715. Richard Eisenstein  
134714. Solly Ezekiel  
134713. Gary Must have one eye removed and the other covered with black paint.
134712. Laura Capelouto  
134711. Yakov  
134710. Lionel Horton  
134709. Moshe  
134708. A Arlan  
134707. Tamar  
134706. Gideon Epstein GET RID OF THIS RUBBISH!
134705. Yair Goldreich  
134704. DAN & NILY Shame on Google
134703. shahar  
134702. Eli Edery  
134701. Lisa Kaplan  
134700. DAN & NILY Shame on Google
134699. Syndi  
134698. Barak Michal  
134697. COEN DAVID  
134696. Mel Weiss  
134695. herschkovitz esther  
134694. suzanne  
134693. SALAMON martin  
134692. Rachel enough is enough - don't you think!?
134691. yossi treister  
134690. Mr Murray.Podro Remove this Lying Slur
134689. Sharon Tammam  
134688. Jeffrey Perry  
134687. Ruth Ziv I cannot believe this site comes up third when I search "Jew" in Google - remove it NOW!
134686. adam remove anti semitic materials from search engines
134685. Gill Rosner How to spread hatred!
134684. Nancy Morin  
134683. Amos  
134682. Pauline absolutely disgusting
134681. Adina Ginsburg  
134680. Elliot Cohen  
134679. jack faskowicz REMOVE IT PLEASE!!!!
134678. David A. Sherman No need for this kind of trash on the net
134676. Stuart Shirley  
134675. Chaim Gev  
134674. samantha roberts  
134673. Liora Blum sick, sick minds can create these perversions
134672. Sharon Sachar-Porag  
134671. Dr. T.I. Platzner Please remove!
134670. adam klein  
134669. Judy Bogen  
134668. Joe Levoff  
134667. rotem kryzel  
134666. Carol Kavanaugh  
134665. YTZHAK  
134664. Gila Abrahamson  
134663. jodyg  
134662. Benjamin Barzel  
134661. Miriam Gutfilen  
134660. Gloria Rubin How much money did Google receive from the "great" Enlish scholar Weltner (or his antisemitic handlers) pay you for the right to publish such a scatological column?
134659. Uzi Atzmony  
134658. nissan porat the sooner the better
134657. B Goldberg  
134656. Ron Housman  
134655. Boaz Entin  
134654. tracy hillel  
134653. margaret  
134652. Mildred Kessler  
134651. shelly gad degusting
134650. Yariv Brima  
134649. Jay Goldstein  
134648. Dr Ruth Fleischer  
134647. Kevin  
134646. David Goodman  
134645. Schulberg  
134644. Scott Rosenberg Please remove this site immediately
134643. Harel Wheitz  
134642. Jenn  
134641. Miri Tamir  
134640. osnat shpira  
134639. Lois Charles  
134638. harry  
134637. Inbar Bremler  
134636. Julia  
134635. Steven A. Fink this is ethnic racism!
134634. odeliya ochayon  
134633. Landman Rivka  
134632. Zac Chodos  
134631. Yossi Levi  
134630. marlena axel  
134629. Alissa Carmi  
134628. Harvey Silverberg I've read your explanation for the site, but it wouldn't take that much to change the criteria...thhis site is really awful
134627. Josh Please remove the site, it's hateful and nasty.
134626. lior  
134625. leyla karmily  
134624. Marc Benyowitz  
134623. Sam This is insane, I'm all for free speech, but I feel this website is crossing the lines and is inciting to not only Jews but to mankind.
134622. Eve Axelrad  
134621. Deborah Gelbard  
134620. Michael Rabin  
134619. Monty Sagi  
134618. hanna How sad the history has not taught a lesson
134617. jonathan levy  
134616. ROZ BRODY unbelievalbe
134615. Hazel Berzansky Disgusting that you allowed thsi on google
134614. Sheila Philippsohn This really needs to be removed promptly
134613. shy  
134612. S. Marks Antisemitism at its worst!
134611. MILTON FISH  
134610. noam hai  
134609. Kimberley  
134608. Ilan  
134607. Ruth Jaques  
134606. giora SHIMONI  
134605. J. M; Harris Let Google show its decency by removing the link
134604. Y. Steinberger  
134603. Henni Davidson I hope google will rectify the situation
134602. Renee Copper  
134601. Linda Hate doesn't need any help
134600. steven goldberg  
134599. Zvika Welgreen  
134598. GENSBURGER sic !!!
134597. Danielle S-I  
134596. Fay Clymer this site is obscene and beneath the purpose of this search engine!!!
134595. Yaakov Schulgasser  
134594. Hadar Galron  
134593. Rachel Shmookler This website is an utter disgrace in its dishonest anti-Jewish slander
134592. Marilynn Roth Please remove this. This is terrible
134590. karen faulkner  
134589. Susana Chulef  
134588. miki  
134587. Paula Bernstein  
134586. Dinah Suppes  
134585. Avril REmove Jewwatch
134584. yossi hersh lets get this off!!
134583. Anita Abramovich  
134582. Zvi Bart  
134581. liat  
134580. Josephine Kay Do you really know what your search engine is carryijng?
134579. Taly  
134578. Don Z Get this "garbage" off.
134577. Dr Susan Schneider  
134576. Linda Novis  
134575. Abigail Lynn please remove from google
134574. Heath Einstein You MUST remove this or will go to another search engine.
134573. vivian aisen  
134572. Mitchell  
134571. Yaniv Mordekhaev  
134570. Shulamit Anisman  
134569. Robert Sperber  
134568. Gabbay Solomon SHAME ON ALL
134567. Elana please remove
134566. FAY BLIUME please get that site removed a.s.a.p
134565. melvin Corren  
134564. moshe evron  
134563. Liora Ben-Dror Let us have balance in the world
134562. nathan yanowitz  
134561. Susan isaacs  
134560. Malkie Kamin Get rid of jewwatch
134559. Marcelo  
134558. Elinor Saler  
134557. Gutman Alex this is anti-semitic and horrendous site
134556. Leah Sherman Please remove this site from your search engine
134555. J. Fish  
134554. leonard Kaplan do this immediately,please
134553. Peter Schwarz remove hate site from google No. 1 spot
134552. Jerome W Schonfeld  
134551. Stephen J. Einstein  
134550. Steven Gaber Never again.
134549. lillian pechter  
134548. gillian Schlafrig  
134547. Dalia Siegel  
134546. Damien Rozan He is a white racist. Come on!
134545. Liz  
134544. Polina  
134543. Jeff Ishakis I find it hard to believe such a website would be listed first by mistake.
134542. BETH Slutzkin  
134541. John Slutzkin  
134540. Dr. Paul Fauteck This obscenity has no place in your referral base.
134539. Dana Finger  
134538. Pol-Roger Levy Colmar France
134537. Jack  
134536. Milt Sarlin  
134535. solange  
134534. Joseph Singerman  
134533. Diane Levy It is apalling that this should be Google's No 1 response to the word "Jew"
134532. avi remove asap
134531. Adi Solomon  
134530. stephanie finman  
134529. zeeva  
134528. sam intrator  
134527. Peer  
134526. Harvey Sherman  
134525. Adina stop the hate!
134524. Patricia Kerins  
134523. Chana Boyer  
134522. Patrick Rozan  
134521. Debra Saunders Let's get 6 million signatures!!!!
134520. Leinad Karaz  
134519. Robert L. Ruderman  
134518. Hilary Schneeweiss Hope that Google will take this petition seriously.
134517. Mel Wyne This is very antisemetic
134516. ruth arussy  
134515. Phyllis Nurgitz This is very antisemetic
134514. M. Salzman  
134513. L.M. Freedman How irresponsible and shocking to allow this
134512. Marjorie Primi  
134511. Bat-Ami Ungar  
134510. Uri Hermon  
134509. alvin feld exists for one promote Antisemitism and hatred around the world and Google is promoting this.
134508. B.Slonim Please remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
134507. Jacob Green  
134506. L.J. Berness  
134505. M. Berness  
134504. Ester Copley Very frightening, soem people love to hate the Jews and do it with all their energies
134503. pincus tusk anything can be twisted to any end the truth doesn't matter
134502. Jeremey-Stuart de Fishberg  
134501. Debra Luger  
134500. JP The site is riddled with hate, although the author claims otherwise
134499. Abraham Mizrahi  
134498. S. Bing  
134497. james sheridan  
134496. Michael Zilberman  
134495. Bernard Pestyner  
134494. Marlene Housman This is the most vitriolic slander imaginable and should not be kept as any internet site. Please remove this site immediately.
134493. Robyn Reed  
134492. peggy spiegel  
134491. Danielle Eisner the Jew Watch website is disgusting
134490. george spiegel  
134489. henry landauer is classical anti semitism
134488. Beth  
134487. Marla Tanenbaum  
134486. m Cohen should not be on, and certainly not first!
134485. Mona M.  
134484. A. Maselle  
134483. June Pinder  
134482. al b. that site is a disgrace! google's motto of "doing nothing wrong" is being ignored.
134481. Eric Bokobza  
134480. Stacey Levy  
134479. Armando Franco  
134478. chomie sero  
134477. lorraine watkins  
134476. mendy  
134475. Jessica Pinder  
134474. A R Chlebek  
134473. arlene finger Remove Jewwatch
134472. Marjorie Goldberg  
134471. stephen paul  
134470. Jacques Braunstein Please help stopping antisemitism.We need peace and love among the people.
134469. c i ursell  
134468. Jane Udelson  
134467. Gail Handler  
134466. marilyn thomas disgusting
134465. Wilfred Hirschfield  
134464. Ronald Brent Thoroughly Disgusting Site
134463. Rosa Singer  
134462. David Kornbluth  
134461. Helen Newman  
134460. Gabriel Ostrow  
134459. Aaron Freedland  
134458. d dome remove this hatred now.
134457. Jenny Any site that incites hatred of any colour group, or religion, should be banned by Google!
134456. angel ferrer  
134455. Angela Fox  
134454. Audrey Kaplan  
134453. Annette Heller Gossack Such outright lies should be removed immediately!!!!
134452. Bernard Friedlander, Ph.D., P.Eng.  
134451. noah finkel  
134450. David Schulberg  
134449. Audrey Goldstein  
134448. carrie carver remove this hatemail
134447. Francie Parness  
134446. Tamara Korin  
134445. Michelle Weinberg  
134444. Edward Moores Such hate programs should be removed at once.
134443. Arthur Goldstein  
134442. annette Lerner must be removed from Google Search.
134441. Armand Mates Provocative for antisemitic activity
134440. Nina Lazarus Google should be ashamed of themselves
134439. Bernice Morgenstern This site is disgusting and scary.
134438. Marissa Leighton  
134437. Angela Ellermeier Outrageous!
134436. Lorne Clark  
134435. Earl Robinson 22003
134434. carlyn ring please heed our request
134433. Louis Why don't all of you filthy Ashkenazy Jewish Parasites that sign this petition go and reflect upon the destruction you have brought upon Western Civilization. Jewish Wealth must be repatriated by those from whom it has been stolen, and the Jew sent out into the fields where he may not engage in mischief. YOU JEWS ARE NOT VICTIMS!! YOU ARE THE PERPETRATORS OF CRIME AGAINT THE REST OF MANKIND!! TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU JEWS!!!!!!!
134432. Elaine Blitz Remove this websight
134431. Imre Imi Lies...
134430. David Comen  
134429. David Be Intolerance should not be tolerated
134428. Stan Goldman  
134427. Florence Asher  
134426. Perry Maerov  
134425. silvia  
134424. Sueavi Why is the internet exempt from propogating lies?
134423. Sherry Katz  
134422. Chana take it off google!
134421. Paul Bild  
134420. Isaac Tuati  
134419. Elias Tuati  
134418. Alan Gold racism and hatred must be expunged from the Internet if the internet is to survive
134417. Esther Tuati I hope they remove this stte and all of the rest
134416. Harvey Dunn  
134415. G. Wayne Remove Jew Watch from Google
134413. georges hania  
134411. Lynne Davis  
134410. Eva Gold  
134409. Pat Morse  
134408. madeleine winston  
134407. Dora Hechtman  
134406. joana b  
134405. RON Remove!
134404. Robert A. Groh  
134403. Equality If you want to remove JewWatch then Google search engine must also remove IslamWatch. They are both discriminatory and to be fair anti-any religious faction should be removed or they should all stay.
134402. Leon Presser  
134401. Deborah Hadl  
134400. Igal I can't believe that google contribute to that
134399. Art Bram  
134398. Mrs Dome  
134397. KATZ  
134396. Joan Margalith  
134395. roxana Dublisky  
134394. joel shlian  
134393. Nick Landau  
134392. Mauricio Krysa it´s discrimination
134391. jose berge  
134390. dinny charkham unacceptable!!
134389. Harold S. Cohen not acceptable for a Google site
134388. Sara Schwartz  
134387. alice Bodzin evil
134386. M Benson  
134385. Vivian Lewin  
134384. Anna Vanner  
134383. Kathleen Peck  
134382. robyn porcelli  
134381. Jeff Kantor  
134380. Steven ODell  
134379. E S  
134378. Shari Solon  
134376. Guy Levy please remove this painful symbol of hatred
134375. Sharon Seebol this website is toxic to humanity
134374. N Backner  
134373. Carolyn Noimark  
134372. gaynia meranda  
134371. Roos this site is made of violent antisemitic comments!
134370. G.S. Gaffin The "authors" of the 'JewWatch' site are not Jews, at all, but muslims who disseminate the worst kind of antisemitic material on this site. Freedom of speech is one thing; this site is an obscenity~in the tradition of Josef Goebbels & David Irving.
134369. Warren Press  
134368. Marilyn Hochhauser Please remove from your search engine
134367. Lawrence Harter  
134366. Norm Broner  
134365. J Harris  
134364. Liz & Mel Harris  
134363. Herman Edel  
134362. Tamara Tresniowski ITs horrible that this website even exists
134361. Jane Diamond  
134360. Ruth Wacks  
134359. Michael Hillman  
134358. Gary S. Milzer, M.D. 6,000 years of Anti-Semitism:. Enough is Enough
134357. Susan Hillman  
134356. Kara Lipski I have looked at the website in question and it needs to be removed. It's educational value is questionable
134355. Linda Klein  
134354. Simon Goulden this is an outrage
134353. Gerry Deitch another holocaust denier and Jew hater
134352. Don Cohen  
134351. Alan Moss I have watched the video Zionazi's Uproot Family's Trees and there are many indications that it is a faked presentation.
134350. Gugu  
134349. SUSAN RUBIN  
134348. gita reitkopf  
134347. judith faulkner  
134346. Sheila Berlinger  
134345. Eitan Olevsky The site should be removed- PERIOD.
134344. alan mansell this site is nauseating and designed to forment hatred
134343. amira meron  
134342. Robert Cassels JewWatch is hate speech.
134341. John Larocque un acceptable to main stream society
134340. Sharon G.  
134339. Noam Weingarten  
134338. charlotte marks  
134337. Mark Zannis If we can instantly filter out junk mail...Why does Google not spend a few hard of their hard earned dollars to eliminate hate sites ??????There is a Genocide Convention that was adopted by the United Nations and it should be respected by international communications sites.
134336. Ira Cohen  
134334. mendi  
134333. M Van  
134331. Moti  
134330. George P. Brother Remove the antisemetic item
134329. Aloni Roni Remove fast as you can! Jews are not different from any other race,...NEVER AGAIN!
134328. Marilyn it is an absolute disgrace and insult
134327. stacey lawrence  
134326. Beverly C. Korfin  
134325. Shari michaels Disgusting, Vile,ignorant, must be removed
134324. Barbara Grancell-Frank Goebells would have been proud of Weltner.
134323. Mervyn L. Cohn morally wrong just isn't right
134322. sarit kaplan  
134321. Bill Guillette I won't use google again until you remove it, I'll use yahoo or
134320. Stanley Perry  
134319. Idan  
134318. Joseph Marcus  
134317. rotshtein  
134316. ETL Har-chen  
134315. alan krakovitz  
134314. Edie Litwin Please in the name of all that is decent, remove this horrible hate site from your search engine.
134313. hmsacher  
134312. Mathew and Judith Gilbert Please remove at once!
134311. uzi gil  
134310. Irving Abramowitz This man who writes this web site is not only an idiot, but very dangerous.
134309. Malcolm Dale We had one holocaust - don't need another
134308. Esther Wulff  
134307. ADRIENNE WARNER disgusting!
134305. Jack Bennett  
134303. Richard Hatfield  
134302. Sabina Nasser  
134301. Edmond Brent Remove those disgusting lies from your webside
134300. ray  
134299. Avital  
134298. s. l.greenberg enuf filth already in this world.
134297. Herman M. Likerman Notoriously blasphemous
134296. Rosalind Wainer  
134295. barel raphael  
134294. Gavriel Meron  
134293. michael sabel A disgusting web site.
134292. julia telias How can the world be so mean
134291. esti marian  
134290. Louise Brick  
134289. Harvey Baxter Racist
134288. Veronica Mandil  
134287. Fern Levitt Racism-inciting sites of all kinds should be banned.
134286. Warren Lee & Carolyn Levant Lee He is screaming fire in the crowded theater. This has no place on any forum.
134285. Ilana Brenner  
134284. Warren Lee & Carolyn Levant Lee He is screaming fire in the crowded theater. This has no place on any forum.
134283. Hannah Shine  
134282. Saul Joshua pure hatred of the Jewish people and it must not be.
134281. Joyce Danter  
134280. please remove immediately
134279. Gina Barzilai  
134278. áúéä èì  
134277. Tzvi  
134276. Sema Levine  
134275. noemi  
134274. Caroline Knapp  
134273. eva weiden  
134272. Heather Jurist  
134271. schreiber Joseph  
134270. Michael Posnick why give first dibs to antisemitism.
134269. Susan Johnson Please remove this racist site
134268. Lawrence Weber I used to have Google as home page on 3 of my computers before I read of their smarmy perfidy.
134267. marie To add to my petition The attorney I hired John Tellis the Third has vanished from the Illinois Governors website I truly want Jusice and I believe Corporations like Warner Corporation and its subsideraries should not be able to not answer why we are trying to account for 4 dead from my tribe and three dead here in Chicago and why bodyguards and Kkk members bank accounts are not evaliuated for unexplainable funds. Yes it is not Justice when peoples property is stolen, treatties are broken
134266. Andrew Metz  
134265. Lisette  
134264. Mike Greenstein  
134263. koby kadosh  
134262. Shoshana Rozengurtel  
134261. Mario Modiano Outrageous
134260. Eran Welgreen  
134259. Einat  
134258. Judith Nir  
134256. Marie My copyrights are registered under Diary N, Sync 1 and 2 and 3 under Cheryl HansonThe attorney I contacted about the thefts of my copyrights was an attorney named John Tellis the third Native Americans had filed suit for abuse and I tried to show him natziism at its worst in my case It is for my tribe I fought and it was for greed they fought with me .Alright, I am condemming the thiefs who are stealing my lyrics People like Cher, Tim McGraw,He is not a registered Native American but sings songs as does Cher who is Armanian. The reson they are doing this is simple We as registered Native Americans filed suit against the Catholic Church We were taught and forced to do lyrics aaginst the Jews and told to hhate them the same with blacks,
134255. rina gottesman  
134254. Angie Jacobs  
134253. Asher Harris  
134252. Jack Gilron it is awful that Google would allow such a site to be accessible, especially given the last century's sorry history in this respect
134251. Howard Shulman  
134250. Ari Wein  
134249. Gladys Seisler  
134248. dee harrison can't believe this exists, i'm disgusted
134247. Barbara Cohen  
134246. Mirta  
134245. Bar-Shay Hava  
134244. Philip Cohen  
134243. Charlie Chasen  
134242. sara gershuni  
134241. F.N.G.  
134240. zinovy b sosis It shouled be remove from Google serch engine. It is very good "pogrom "propoganda.
134239. Brian Press what else is new
134238. Esther Fox  
134237. Diane Share  
134236. Dorothy Jane Wellborn  
134235. Phyllis & Sam Blum unbelievable in this day & age!!!
134234. Evelyn & Richard Uditsky  
134233. Lionel Moskowitz  
134232. Erin Redding  
134231. Lucie Brent As a tattood Auschwitz survivor (15072) I cannot believe that lies like this can be on web airlines, please remove them!
134230. David Lewis disgusting
134229. Barbara Kaufman  
134228. e. peleg  
134227. Gerald Garfinkle  
134226. Asher Biber  
134225. B. Schor  
134224. v franklin  
134223. NOEL ELLMAN  
134222. Leonard Rubin  
134221. Gili  
134220. M Ziv  
134219. Itay  
134218. Richard Brodsky Remove JewWatch immediately!!
134217. raheli  
134216. Susan Kaplan  
134215. April Johnson  
134214. Irina  
134213. Gadi Goldhaber  
134212. Jackie Altman  
134211. Sheila Powsner  
134210. Neil Miron  
134209. C Frankel  
134208. Gudrun Safro  
134207. Barry Gillick  
134206. Petrice Patrick  
134205. Michael E. Goldstein  
134204. rochelle miller  
134203. Hilary and Danny Perry we must stop all this anti-semitism for a better world
134202. leezah hertzmann  
134200. Norma Bush  
134199. Myrna Alexander In this age of political correctness, being anti-semitic is still very much accepted. This is sad, not just for Jewish people, but for all decent people. This site is disgraceful, and I hope google will do the right thing and remove it, or at least put it at the very end of its search page on this topic.
134198. Ben Freedman  
134197. Eli Simon  
134196. Sheldon Wolgel  
134195. Yossi Hadad  
134194. Benjamin D. Saffan  
134193. Chani Hadad  
134192. dr. h.ben shalom  
134191. Fred Nadel  
134190. Kelly Leight  
134189. Adrian Feldman  
134188. barry Cohen  
134187. joe ben  
134186. Andy  
134185. andy segal  
134184. NOa Bar  
134183. Andrea Winkler I am almost as appalled at this website's claim to be "scholarly" as I am about its blatant anti-Semitism.
134182. Itah Ungar  
134181. Elaine Mandel  
134180. jane Silbering Remove this site. It is so clearly anti-semetic, it is outragous.
134179. michael  
134178. VIDOR  
134177. Roberta SHibi  
134176. Alex Tuckman Reminds me of 1933
134175. kobi hurwitz  
134174. R Shternzis Completely unacceptable
134173. Ehud Har-Chen  
134172. adrian bradley  
134171. Edith Ostern Google ought not to be a vehicle for hate groups which this clearly is.
134170. Jon Stoloff  
134169. adele shapiro  
134168. Frances Bild  
134167. bfraser  
134166. Oded Arden racist and anti-semetic website preaching hate and false information
134165. Rahle Hurwitz This biased view needs to be removed immediately
134164. yakir tikochinsky ÿ
134163. Debbie Rose  
134162. Akiva  
134161. e bor  
134160. Lila Perry  
134159. Dr. Ariela GOLDHABER  
134158. Yenny  
134157. JacquelineEsther Levisohn antisemitism come from lack of education...gear up to it google...or die idiot lke so many others !
134156. Britt Belferman  
134155. Tony Korn  
134154. yael stobezki  
134153. kenneth Gaynes  
134152. keith gold  
134151. Jill Cantor  
134150. Estelle Gold  
134149. Elvira Aviram  
134147. A & S Heller  
134146. Cindy Hofman  
134145. Enrique Beracasa It would be great if Google would disclose their "political" position, about jews, Taiwan and many other strange attitudes...
134144. ian stone  
134143. Gordon Hubbard We need peace more than HATE!
134142. ross  
134141. Debra Attman remove the site now!
134140. Patricia Hubbard There is enough hate in the world already!
134139. sheila boofty  
134138. ira erlichman remove this garbage
134137. Orly Klugman  
134136. eva mandel  
134135. Larry Weiss remove from the google search engine. I will use yahoo search engine
134134. Paul  
134133. j levene  
134132. alex  
134131. i.davis  
134130. David Burka  
134129. Dr. Gideon Goldhaber  
134128. Bernard Unterhalter Google should not assist in publishing such offensive and inciting material
134127. Irv Rubin  
134126. Stan Bergman  
134125. Natasha Sandys  
134124. Omer Elinger  
134123. Gerald Saidel  
134122. Ruthi Maoz  
134121. leora  
134120. Jon Goldsborough  
134119. karen schur  
134118. Stanley Kottick  
134117. Donald F. Linden This absolutely an abomination and should have no place anywhere at anytime
134116. Carol Erez I think the website is an offense and should be removed.
134115. Murray Hochhauser  
134114. Michaela Carlowe Please remove this offensive website