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132000. David Etengoff  
131999. Andrea  
131998. Minna Detweiler Hate serves no purpose.
131997. Lou Zivot  
131996. iQuack  
131995. Myron S. Shelley  
131994. May please remove this hate website
131993. Stewart Miller A disgusting website.
131992. Joshua Herschberg  
131991. Sylvia Vorchheimer  
131990. Margot Gorski  
131989. Harvey and Diane Moskowitz  
131988. Samra Vogel  
131987. anne myers disgraceful
131986. Peter Gaspar  
131985. Leah Saltman  
131984. Gershon Horowitz  
131983. Dr. Robert Smolkin  
131982. john g  
131981. Irving Ordower  
131980. julie b steinberg  
131979. Albert Rosen  
131978. samuel bramson  
131977. Doran Veiner  
131976. Noach Klein Free speach is important but that doesn't mean a private enterprise has to help spread the hate.
131975. sarah barzel  
131974. Anat  
131973. Esmond  
131972. Steve Treisman This FREEK needs to be put in a mental institution!!!
131971. Lynn Kilroy  
131970. Anita Silber  
131969. Neil  
131968. Robert Meer I have emailed them, and they are unrepentent of their lies.
131967. tova eliashberg  
131966. Alisha  
131965. William-Paul & Clarice Warren  
131964. rami mizrachi  
131963. Guy  
131962. Anna Blay  
131961. allan saber  
131960. Peter Kuttner  
131959. Paul Waldman  
131958. Paul Waldman  
131957. Joseph Kalcso  
131956. slotar  
131955. margo brundage  
131954. Jacqueline Gordon  
131953. Sharon Nakar  
131952. Kay Kaufmann  
131951. Daniel Keebler I refuse to search with Google anymore anyways. Google is FAR too political in both their own products, such as Google Video/You Tube, and in their public lobbying. Stick to consumer products and get away from politics, or you'll lose massive more consumers.
131950. Marcia Pepper I am appalled that you allow this to continue.
131949. Sanford E. Haber  
131948. Charlotte Gorban  
131947. melanie Salzman  
131946. Anthony Spencer Remove this venemous propaganda of antisemetic filth
131945. jason cohen  
131944. Lewis Cohen  
131943. Holly Cohen  
131942. bardine saber  
131940. Mark Eisenberg  
131939. Alex Konyves  
131938. Stuart Kauffman Fundamentalism and hatred cannot be tolerated.
131937. Madeleine Abramson a nasty site - should not come up as a match to 'jew' on google's search engine
131936. Sherryl Mourad Absolutely shocking!!!!
131935. Barry Sadoff  
131934. david sullum, ph.d.  
131933. Edward Teran Can't believe google would allow this to happen
131932. Giselle Gabbani  
131931. Linda  
131930. Robert M. Gerber  
131929. Raymond Barton  
131928. Mrs. Lilian Cordell  
131927. Laura Cresto  
131926. Graham Ely Remove this site NOW
131925. Paolo Manzini  
131924. Anthony Jacobs  
131923. pennie dobkin please don't help proliferate anti semetism by perpetuating such a heinous site
131922. Eileen Lew  
131921. Harvey Kalnitsky Unbelievablywrong toallowsuchdistortion of truth, particular
131920. Justin Kett  
131919. Jacqueline Davidson  
131918. arnold weber  
131917. Mel Kochberg  
131916. wleifer Why didn't Google take it off itself
131915. sarah brickman  
131914. michael shore  
131913. Kate Creedy Reasoned debate cannot be fostered by such hatefilled propoganda
131912. Roziner Doron  
131911. Bette Bergsman  
131910. Michelle Wise  
131909. Ellen Inerfield  
131908. steve kotek  
131907. Noach Valley  
131906. David Frieslander  
131905. Nizar Sibai Johnston nizarsibai@hotmail.com
131904. Donsld Geller  
131903. Hilary Fischhoff  
131902. Arline Geller  
131901. michele acobas  
131900. Suzanne R Landau  
131899. Ruth G. Sterling  
131898. Robinson  
131897. Jo Talbot  
131896. tracey badkin  
131895. Lisette Keats  
131894. Joe Mark The proliferation of lies do not a truth make.
131893. Ruth Marks  
131892. Danny J. Rosenzweig, C.A.  
131891. Marc Kaye  
131890. Allan Leibler  
131889. Henry Coleman  
131888. Dorothy Bitter, Ph.D.  
131887. lisa sriro  
131886. Ruth Warrens  
131885. Edward Lazarus  
131883. Marc Kaye  
131882. angie Just get rid of it - it is not good for your image quite apart from the fact that it is a menacing site
131881. melly resnicow  
131880. Bluma Granik  
131879. henry peters  
131878. Helen Berman  
131877. Roos  
131876. Marina Mondello  
131875. Gabriel Goldfien  
131874. J Burns  
131873. Marion Mayman  
131872. debbie rozenberg  
131871. G Laser  
131870. Jeremy Silver  
131869. barbara weinstein  
131868. Robyn Koslowitz This is extremely offensive speech and should be regulated. It's irresponsible for Google to allow this to continue. Imagine the anti-semitic acts that could follow. As a parent, I beg of you, remove this.
131867. Silvia Simon  
131866. Moshe Tusk i would think that a forward thinking company like Google would be sensitive enough to not allow such a site in the first place
131865. danny harris  
131864. Charlotte Vogel  
131863. Hal Lewis Please remove this disgust
131862. Chava Forman  
131861. Hal Frechter  
131860. Sally Kert  
131859. Dr. Elle Ben-Sefer remove access to this vilification
131858. Marc D. Rotstein Some sites need to be carefully monitored, please use you considerable corporate weight to do the responsible thing and remove this vicious propaganda.
131857. Morey Schapira  
131856. Phyllis Collins I strongly support removing this site
131855. Marcia Kalnitsky Google...How Could You Help To Spread This Hate? For Shame on You!
131854. beverley wohl  
131853. edit sereny  
131852. Linda Allchild  
131851. Marco Pistarino  
131850. rochel dispicable
131849. Rebecca Guttman Disgusting site!
131848. Gianni Sartorio  
131847. sholom parnes  
131846. Steven The morons that sign here and then make an anti semitic remark obviously lead a VERY sheltered existance.They offer nothing +ve to the world, they exist in order to hate- what a waste.
131845. Corinne Gould  
131844. Y Rubner Google - you should know better than to turn a blind eye to racists
131843. Carolyn Rogers  
131842. Hilary Schaffer  
131841. David Graham  
131840. david rosen With all the easily swayed young people browsing the web, a site like this is beyond disgusting; it's dangerous!
131839. jonathan selby disgraceful, shameful and very sad
131838. Tara Selby  
131837. Alice Resseguie This is terrible - shame on you
131836. Eva  
131835. Pamela Levene Isn't there enough hatred in the world?
131834. Aliza Abeles  
131833. marcus michael  
131832. CHRIS BERMAN  
131831. Gemma Blech shocking
131830. Martin Schultz  
131829. Ralph Erman  
131828. George Boros  
131827. Steven Selig  
131826. Nesta Ross  
131825. howard modlin  
131824. Sharon Pearlstein  
131823. Mark Pearlstein  
131822. Don Sriro  
131821. S Adams  
131820. Ann Holstein Please remove this website
131819. Steve Bern Disgusting, extreme lack of brains, complete lack of knowing what is holding theWestern world together
131818. L Kaye  
131817. Antony Godfrey Absurdly disgusting
131816. Elkan L Kohn BDS(Rand) DGDP(UK) This is an awful site and should be removed immediately
131815. Motel Rabinowitz If this mans credentials are real, then his bias is equal to or exceeds his academic credentials. Its hard to believe that an academic can be this biased.
131814. david baumser  
131813. valerie barr  
131812. stupid idiots what a disgrace ...
131811. Adam Osbourne  
131810. Gidon Mahalla  
131809. Jo  
131808. Gary Kramer How very upsetting and helps no one. We must not feed Anti-Semistism
131807. Debra Samuel  
131806. helen bocarro  
131805. joel  
131804. Kerri Harsinay  
131803. Neville N. Bradpiece  
131802. Peggy Isquick although I am a great believer in free speech--- this web site is despicable because it is spewing anti-semitic lies.
131801. Mervyn Bloch  
131800. Alex Perez Stop the Antisemitism
131799. noa  
131798. Morton Zablotsky This site & person are despicable!
131797. Harvey Rich  
131796. Sandy Brown  
131795. ROUSSEL Horrendous, to be removed
131794. àåøé éøåí URI YAROM  
131793. stephanie osbourne this is highly offensive.
131792. stuart kaye to stupid for words
131791. Rabbi M Bar I would like to kindly request not to hurt any more feelings by allowing this site to continue to show up on your search-engine at all, never mind first place.
131790. Daniel Pottesman  
131789. Janet Zara Smith  
131788. russ robin  
131786. Catherine Devitt This "hate" site is disgusting.
131785. Juliet Schneiderman  
131784. michal solomons  
131783. Gabrielle Frenkel Discusting
131782. Fred Dabby  
131781. debbie schuss  
131780. Anne Marsden Thomas  
131779. Bernard Lewis  
131778. Moshe Shani  
131777. Douglass Delman  
131776. Rochelle Elmakias  
131775. Charlotte Sue Alterman  
131774. Richard Alterman Remove this aboomination
131772. Judy Stein  
131771. Carmela Blake  
131770. Louis Harris once again Jews are accused of running everything AND running it into the ground...
131769. Avi Wanderman  
131767. Johanan  
131766. Harlan J. Wechsler  
131765. Y D Frankel  
131764. moses Disgusting and disgraceful!
131763. Evelyn Addison  
131761. Daniel Michael  
131760. susan shaldon  
131759. Daniel Conway  
131758. rafi  
131757. Judy Nussenblatt  
131756. Nina Sauer  
131755. Dana Genis  
131754. solomon kupperman  
131753. meha jordan
131752. Phil Sanders  
131751. Lior Tamam  
131750. gertie reingold  
131749. arie sharon  
131748. Chris Rees  
131747. Sharon Blumberg  
131746. claudia davimes  
131745. stephen davimes  
131744. Juwiler  
131743. aileen grossman  
131742. Mersel Milka  
131741. Henry Kuttner I am disgusted with Google over this
131740. b. flanz  
131739. alan hodari  
131738. Mersel Zeev  
131737. Reverend H Miller scum belong in the gutter
131736. Mersel Noemie  
131735. Nathan Lawrence Freedom of speech must have its limits. The limite here has been breached and has offenced itoo many.
131734. mersel mina  
131733. anne shuck  
131732. Adi Kaminski  
131731. barry Lederman revmove this piece of garbage !!!
131729. Adam Ragol-Levy  
131728. Daniel Ragol-Levy  
131727. Martin Sugarman  
131726. ken kotula  
131725. Clive Onnie  
131724. Brenda Reimer  
131723. Barbara Gerson  
131722. sandra herz  
131721. Mrs Onnie  
131720. Michele B.  
131719. John Brodey And we wonder where hate crimes come from.
131718. Bryna  
131717. Esty  
131716. yaacov roman  
131715. a.denton  
131714. Myra Levin This is the most revolting and evil site .
131713. Jonathan Solomon  
131712. Rian  
131711. Marilyn Moss  
131710. deborah B. Sauer to see this on google in this century is very sad for google
131709. ugo volli  
131708. Sandra  
131707. Hilary Bessermann  
131706. joshua Giveon jews should sell google stock
131705. Aviva Lange  
131704. Andy Shefsky Thank you
131703. evie davidson  
131702. Peter Mond  
131701. Israel Zamir  
131700. l.s.shiller  
131699. Howard Reis  
131698. Morris Cohen  
131697. R Zinober  
131696. dave  
131695. Pamela Outrageous
131694. Avril Gaunt Please remove immediately.
131693. Al  
131692. joshua joffe there should be no place for this hatred site
131691. E. Gould  
131690. carla abell  
131689. E. Gould  
131688. Sara Jackson You have a responsibility to temper this kind of "free speech". this has to be removed
131687. David Papier The world is wicked enough without inciting more antisemitism
131686. pesach aceman  
131685. Doris Bolef  
131684. Jonathan Keefe Please remove this hateful site!
131683. Susan Benamor  
131682. David Harris  
131681. Ken Sky  
131679. Edward Stutz  
131678. Cynthia Shapiro  
131677. Jaime Kopec  
131676. Elizabeth Grzebinski A terrible website. How can google do this?
131675. Anthony Frankel I support free speech in principle but must take a stand against something clearly designed to incite racial hatred
131674. Dr. P. Waldmann  
131673. daniel jurfest  
131672. Mark H Fefer In Germany, giving this web site such a listing is a criminal offense, anywhere else its irresponsible and does google no good whatever.
131671. gil-li  
131670. Corey Adler  
131669. William Tabasky  
131668. lee balch Enough bile here surely to sate Even Aminidjad !!
131667. d margo  
131666. zoltobroda  
131665. Roy Harris  
131664. Avril Rose  
131663. Mark Fefer (Journalist / Editor) This is the email I give for online logging etc (Whittinghamian)
131662. Beverly  
131661. Adina Hershberg  
131660. norman and lola pawer shame on this whole world for creating hate
131659. Emily Messenger  
131658. Ann Yack Remove this filth from your site a.s.a.p.
131657. alberto reich  
131656. Harvey Lawrence I will not use google whilst this site remains
131655. Mickey Abraham  
131654. Bob B rody  
131653. Jacqui Jason  
131652. Laura Craft Please remove anti-semitic site from search criteria
131651. Tomer Anti-Semitism
131650. Cynthia Bernstein  
131649. gaynor black  
131648. Lisa Coen  
131647. susanna elias  
131646. ginette Muller Antrisemitism is raising its head again. history must NOT repeat itself.
131645. ilana nehmad remove the site, that's an insult to human rights
131644. Sonia Buck this site is disgusting!
131643. Uri Speelman WW2 victim
131642. Roz Richman  
131641. simon phillips  
131640. Sylvia Quittman We will settle for nothing less than removal of the offending references.
131639. Erica Wyld No faith or culture should be the target of this kind of propoganda. There is room for everyone in this world and we CAN live together
131638. Arkady  
131637. Susan R Hassenbusch  
131636. Dale G. Hoppe Please remove this site. There is enough hate in the world without adding to it with this site.
131635. Raoul Ketko  
131633. Steven Billauer  
131631. elizabeth falwell it's hateful
131630. LEIBOVITCH Oswald Google should preserve its independent character
131629. Ray Oshry what a bunch of mentally challenged individuals
131628. joe  
131627. Richard Abrahams  
131626. Srdjan Ciric Please stop!
131625. sheila wolff how can this possibly be allowed
131624. Malcolm Mandel I'll stop using your search engine if you don't remove this affront to humanity
131623. Isaac Ben-Yehuda  
131622. sharona ordower  
131621. philip wolff this surely must be against the law.
131620. daniel amini  
131619. Shmuel Lew  
131618. David White  
131617. Ronnie Barokh  
131616. Harry Pressburg  
131615. martyn borovick dangerous
131614. B chauveau  
131613. jacob asnin  
131612. Elisa Herrmann  
131611. DR. SANDRA KAHN this site should be entitled Anti-Jewish Watch
131610. tamar L. the man is insane!
131609. Rycia & Ralph Silverstein this link is highly nothing more then blatent racism and is vert offensive
131608. Hal Cohen  
131607. Myrna Cohen  
131606. Jeffrey Lazarow  
131605. zhara  
131604. Mickey & Sadie Symon Absolutely imperative!
131603. claudia gilburd  
131602. Fay Levene This antisemitism is absolutely deplorable and for Google to permit it is disgraceful. Freedom of speech is one thing, racial hatred is something else.
131601. loretta cash please remove this anti-semitic website
131600. Sam  
131599. Anne Clark  
131598. yara adler  
131597. M. Steinmetz  
131596. Lexy  
131595. D A Selig  
131594. Les Kacev Disgusting
131593. sharon goldstein remove as soon as possible
131592. Dr P. Setmmer  
131591. Harvey Bass  
131590. Benjy Planer  
131589. Michelle  
131588. Max Gideon  
131587. Lee Schillinger  
131586. nahan levy  
131585. David Odes  
131584. sylvia levene  
131583. Shira T  
131582. irving samit  
131581. lynn Harris  
131580. Attila freedom of speech ass.holes
131579. Gaynor Morrell  
131577. Thelma Morris This is a libellous site!
131576. Rachel Feinmesser  
131575. David Snider  
131574. Emma Levine  
131573. Nancy Rothberg  
131572. bar  
131571. Howard Bleich  
131570. deborah yudelewicz  
131569. Tamara Selig Remove this sickening travesty of truth!
131568. Naomi Feinmesser  
131567. DAN APPELROUTH very biased website
131566. A Andrusier  
131565. tzipi tzvibel  
131564. Debbie  
131563. R.L. Wolfson hatred and revising history must stop
131562. Shirley  
131561. Jen Friedman  
131560. Harold Kandler  
131559. ida &ron tugg  
131558. Barbara Ostrovsky  
131557. Norina Duke  
131556. N. Rubin  
131555. Jason Marshall disgusting
131554. Victoria Lux  
131553. Barry Frieslander  
131552. Ann Parker I'm all for freedom of expression but this is terrible!!!!!
131551. stuart gold unbelievable
131550. Larry Moller  
131549. Cheryl Cohen  
131548. Mamie D. Franks. What is the purpose of hatred, can't we respect one another.
131547. linda majors  
131546. Ruth M Miller Antisemitism rearing its ugly head again! Please remove
131545. e lion  
131544. Jacqueline Drucker Gogle should be ashamed of spewing hatred.
131543. Harold Ashley  
131542. Ruchie Piasek  
131541. richard colin  
131540. Oleg Lipkind  
131539. Dr A L Kaye  
131538. sznajer jozef Nobody can stop idiots even educated to be what they are...idiots and who don't even understand that beeing antisemite is insulting their god who was a jew...
131537. Percy Stern This is sheer anti-semitism
131536. Harold Pine, MD  
131535. Phil Morris Get rid of this site now.
131534. L. harris  
131533. sara elad  
131532. Frederick Eldon Smith Please please please do not allow such racist material in future
131531. jaime patlis  
131530. Alexander Dukhovny  
131529. Mrs Abrahams Shocking
131528. daryl  
131527. Mervyn Sternberg  
131526. Janice Simon This is an unnecessary and disgusting anti-semetic site
131525. carole  
131524. Benjamin Barer  
131523. Brian Solomons  
131522. Sheila Nesher Horrid site
131520. Jonathan Abrahams  
131519. A M Sultan Remove this disgraceful material
131518. barry abraham disgusting site
131517. Jose Harris  
131516. Carole Money  
131515. Shan Berman  
131514. Boris Davis  
131513. Angela remove this offensive site from your search engine as soon as possible please
131512. David Gilboa  
131511. Natalie It should be removed from Google as they promote truth and fairness and also from Wikipedia!
131510. Alan Berkowitz, Houston, TX Twisted views by a twisted mind
131509. yehoshua samowitz  
131508. adrian weisberg disgraceful that this racist site gets priority
131507. chaya samowitz  
131506. Ruth appalling
131505. Yael Goldstein  
131504. Lorna Blum terrible!
131503. Loretta Donn  
131502. Liz Cohen  
131500. David Siegel Remove it!
131499. .leonard i abel shocked at such a definition--plese remove.
131498. david perlis  
131497. Peter Joseph  
131496. lorna  
131495. Alex Dadiomov  
131494. Evelyn Kasson  
131493. Lisa Dimant please remove!
131492. Harley B. Wooster  
131491. Marsha Schultz  
131490. Marjorie Tuckman  
131489. Jon Jason  
131488. Alexandra.B  
131487. Phyllis Sanderson  
131486. MARCIA GOODMAN this is how it started in the 30's
131485. Lionel Rose OUTRAGEOUS
131484. Harold Sanderson  
131483. Cayle Hasson  
131482. Gideon Restan This needs to be dealt with urgently!
131481. Victor Pogrebinsky Shame on Google to allow it
131480. cb finegold  
131479. ROD PRESS  
131478. angelo  
131477. Robbie Miller  
131476. Harry Friedgut Surprised at Google!!!
131475. david engelberg  
131474. Louise Morris  
131473. Burton H. Wax  
131472. Herbert Perlman  
131471. Joy Alinek  
131470. paula Freedman  
131469. Vera Perlman  
131468. Solly Judah This is part of extremely worrying trend
131467. Ron Korba  
131466. Michael Powsner  
131465. Eileen Korba  
131464. Richard Daniels  
131463. wendy fidler  
131462. Noah Shamir  
131461. Denise  
131460. Ehud Siani  
131459. andrea this is disturbing. thank you for considering its removal.
131458. Dvora Friedman  
131457. Jeremy Lichtenfeld  
131456. sharon waisglass  
131455. J Goodman Please remove this hateful site. It promotes antisemitism
131454. Roger Fine Please remove immediatly
131453. Lanzkron  
131452. Dejtiar los fasistas y nazis aun existen
131451. Lynn Brown (Mrs)  
131450. Sarah Conway  
131449. Patricia Carmel  
131448. Lynn Shaw  
131447. ron  
131446. maureen adams I would like this site removed
131445. nina  
131444. MARINA  
131443. Ruth Lebens  
131442. maureen lewis  
131441. Ian Zack Disgusting that this site is # 1..
131440. anette Fergusson  
131439. Jacqueline Gomberg  
131438. Malka Luger  
131437. Dorothy aka Dvora Shurman  
131436. Idan S  
131435. Masha Berger  
131434. Netalie  
131433. Charlie Berger  
131432. Paul price Disgusting and blatant
131431. Edward Malka  
131430. Ruth Simons  
131429. samuel Lavie  
131428. bunny morris  
131427. joel york  
131426. leslie diamond promotes Anti-Semitism ,does not promote Tolerance
131425. C. Sostchin  
131424. Ran Blau  
131423. Cecily Change
131422. myriam samuel  
131421. Jeff Hammerschlag  
131420. Dr. Peter Rabinek  
131419. Flora Goldsmith  
131418. Patricia Layton You must not allow this to happen in future
131417. Risa  
131416. Leslie Layton This is disgraceful, please take more care in future
131415. aharon epstein  
131414. Naomi Gross  
131413. Samantha Saville  
131412. Tim Rogers  
131411. rita gold  
131410. gary sinyor  
131409. warner cowan this is disgusting and atysimetic
131408. Joanne Bad publicity relations for google
131407. eric leon levinson  
131406. mary divine  
131405. Frankie Green This is a disgusting anti-semitic site run by an ignorant old man who clearly has lost all his marbles.
131404. howard sandman  
131403. Aviva  
131402. I Lee  
131401. Amber Gould  
131400. Kenneth Lancer  
131399. joye cohen  
131398. Bianca Martinez Remove it!!!
131397. mano vayis  
131396. Keith Budner  
131395. Janice Wahnon  
131394. Eldad Paz  
131393. Richard  
131392. Solomon  
131391. victor daniel azubel  
131390. liame  
131389. sandi cohen  
131388. Edward mack  
131387. Natalie Marsh  
131386. Frances Aknai  
131385. Judith Siegel  
131384. Rebibo  
131383. David Mitchell  
131382. Rachelle Lazarus  
131380. Allan Weiner  
131379. louise  
131378. nadia asher  
131377. jaime feig  
131376. Jeff Miller  
131375. Richard Goldstein you betray your idealistic roots by helping to peddle this hatred
131374. Steven Fester this site is disgraceful
131373. Ernesto Gandini  
131372. angela maus  
131371. sorelle kafton  
131370. giacomo Robotti  
131369. Liza Grosman-Rimon Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
131368. Rayner Caplan  
131367. Hila Wolbromski  
131366. Bob Bachrach  
131365. Yvonne Balkanyi  
131364. Stan Forman  
131363. Ron Rappaport  
131362. Lesley dM  
131360. shira carmel  
131359. Sylvia Firschein  
131358. fran flamholz  
131357. Ralph Phillips If this remains on Google, I don't !!
131356. Martin and Sheila Wolfish  
131355. Daniel Lebo  
131354. Mel Woroner this is blatant anti semitism
131353. Elaine Elton  
131352. Jerry Frankel Google is fostering self-contradictory ravings of a ______(fill in)!
131351. B. Ocko  
131350. ilanite  
131349. Suzanne Phillips  
131348. Natan Schecter  
131346. Marilyn F Corne  
131345. H D Figgins You should be ashamed to put this on your website
131344. Maurice Corne  
131343. Rachel Levmore Please correct the spelling of anti-semitism on the home page of the petition
131342. Evra Taylor  
131341. Mike Kimmel  
131340. Ivan Banat  
131339. Albert Schwartz  
131338. Beth Levine  
131337. LENA OCKO  
131336. Bernard Flashman  
131335. Eileen Schwartz Anyone reading this would realized that it is anti-American and anti-Jewish and much more.
131334. Daniel  
131333. Bethany Levine  
131332. leor pomeranc GET RID OF THIS FOOL!!!!!!!!!!
131331. Nick Get with the 21st century guys!
131330. shelley levy  
131329. Ruth  
131328. Jeff Rosenberg-  
131327. Victor Shields  
131326. Lenny Simon remove this antisemetic site
131325. Nicki Cohen  
131324. Mrs. Sheila Johnson I hope we can influence Google to take notice
131323. Diane Ajl  
131322. ephrat  
131321. Nicola Vino  
131320. Mr. C. Inerfield  
131319. tali  
131318. B Stone  
131317. Adrienne Dryer  
131316. Mrs. D. Inerfield  
131315. LeAnn Powers  
131314. HELENE KELLY  
131313. D.MDuke  
131312. Iris D. Greene  
131311. robert lipman  
131310. Anna Forman  
131309. Nina Barnett  
131308. Issie  
131307. Oded Bental  
131306. Arlene  
131305. Richard Wiggins  
131304. Brian Mitchell  
131303. Haroldweisberg  
131302. selinger Shelomo  
131301. Linda Weiss Rose disgusting, Anti-Semitic diatribes
131300. Ina Asher Remove this dangerous website
131299. Shapirovsky- Selinger Ruth  
131297. Esther No place for such lies and fabrication!!!!
131296. L Paris Disgusting and shameful Google!
131295. D. Loewenstein  
131294. barbara levy  
131293. Jonathan Knopp  
131292. mariangela zanotti moriondo  
131291. Deborah Mitchell  
131290. margaret Fink  
131289. Judy Gluck  
131288. Carol Richardson-Hill  
131287. Richard Bassett  
131286. Irwin Morris Does the phrase hate crime not mean anything anymore?
131285. Mervyn Druian  
131284. Andrew Davis  
131283. joseph Nir Hatred has no logic or limits just like stupidity
131282. keith palmer  
131281. robert kenler  
131280. Shuli  
131279. Leslie Ulanow  
131278. M.Rimler  
131277. Julian Todres  
131276. Eli Kligler It's a shame that Google directed people to this site
131275. Sharon R. Seiler, Ph.D.  
131274. peter cohen  
131273. Ruth Cymerman Please remove this disgusting website of lies
131272. Bernice Hyman Get it out of their
131271. Allan Goldberg Please monitor content more closely
131269. Zvi Inbar  
131268. Alla  
131267. sandra unfortunate that no attention paid to availability of such graphic photos in a war situation. Or explanation of context that these trees hide danger.
131266. Robert Moreen  
131265. Laurence Cowan Get rid of this apalling site.
131264. Alex Huber  
131263. Rita Lourie-Galena Please remove immediately!
131262. Jessica R. Friedman How disgusting, although once you go down that road, it's not clear where you stop.
131261. Francine Forman I feel sorry for the guy, he's not living, but you still need to move his website off the search engine list.
131260. Vitaly  
131259. Earl Viner  
131258. Harry Stilman  
131257. Vadim  
131255. Helen Lockwood  
131254. Lilian Brodie  
131253. anthony fine  
131252. Dima Portnikov  
131251. Ian Epstein Please remove this obscene site
131250. B G Silverman  
131249. Anna  
131248. Paul Nisner  
131247. Yitzhak Faitelis  
131246. marc this site should be removed from google
131245. charlotte simons this is disgusting site promting antisematisim at it's worst
131244. Martin Bernholtz  
131243. susan milkie  
131242. nicole get rid of this trash
131241. Howard Buss Please remove the offensive site
131240. Peter J. Schoenbach What the world does not need is more hate of any kind. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
131239. pete Bloom  
131238. shelley stone  
131237. Lesley Gaspar  
131236. H Cronin This is dreadful
131235. Robin Katz  
131234. L.Fox I fail to understand how it has been allowed to remain there, if muslim had that comment suicide bombers would have been sent by now.
131233. Charles Spielholz  
131232. Leah Biller  
131231. lara akka  
131230. michael matilsky  
131229. Farrel Powsner  
131228. Margaret Mager Offensive
131227. melissa seger GET IT GONE!!
131226. Susan King Quite a disturbing site and shows how paranoid and ridiculous this guy is for trying to blame the Jews for everything that goes wrong in the world.
131225. jeanie kitchener  
131224. Joy Cox  
131223. Gabriel Bender  
131222. Joseph Fridman  
131221. Nicky Jayson  
131220. Elana Hesselson  
131219. Morris Cohen  
131218. Kay Kesser  
131217. Rina Fogel  
131216. Hazel Russman  
131215. Dianne Lior  
131214. Marilyn Feldman  
131213. Ray Levy  
131212. ruth posner  
131211. Andrea Seitel  
131210. Allen Feldman  
131209. Margie bat Sarah  
131208. Kay Bagon  
131207. Michael Israel please remove this site
131206. Ralph Marvin  
131205. Dick Wasser  
131204. Marcos  
131202. Ingrid Stone This is terrifying, and we should not be finding ourselves in this situation
131201. Dr. Michael Fisher  
131200. Diane R Field  
131199. Harry Luchtenstein  
131198. Reuben Epstein  
131197. Simon Deen  
131196. Barbara Hartston  
131195. Joel Williams Disgusting
131194. Clarigo  
131193. Daniel Brash The site is a disgrace and should be hidden from the world
131192. davidkordvani  
131191. Harvey Felstone  
131190. Fred Segal This action should never have had to be necessary. This website has the smell of the Third Reich
131189. dennis schwartz  
131188. Fabianne Davidson  
131187. Naomi Goldis  
131186. Jean & Yeheskel Fattal GOOGLE - hang down your head in shame
131185. tom  
131184. Simon Kaye  
131183. ben  
131182. tom greene  
131181. Stuart Anthony Wynbourne  
131180. Barry Green  
131179. jeff roth  
131178. Castelli Maurizio  
131177. Steven Goode Please remove this site from your search engine. Hatred is not an option.
131176. Ruth Taylor Ê
131175. pouya rasson  
131174. Fran Caine  
131173. Alan Foxman  
131172. Martine Blume  
131171. DEMBIN filters must apply
131170. Marilyn Myers  
131169. miriam zeev  
131168. Neil Kaufman  
131167. Susan Gorlin  
131166. Peter Stone  
131165. Martin Zlotnick About time that people look at the good in one another and stop this hatred against the jews
131164. Robert DeLauirenti  
131163. Roger Harris  
131162. Carol-Ann Sevitt  
131160. Kerryn Lowe no longer #1 site but inappropriate and could incite hatred
131159. Michael Poplak  
131158. KeBerkowitz  
131157. Sharon Stone  
131156. Leslie Kalms Illegal?
131155. clement levy  
131154. Sasha Bleinis  
131153. mialfreds racist filth should not be allowed
131152. Barry Feder  
131151. kenneth levi  
131150. Martin Koven  
131149. Paula  
131148. herbert hirsch  
131147. victor berkowitz  
131146. Judy Mischel Berman  
131145. Adriana Goldwasser  
131144. Nadine Jackson  
131143. Judy Berman  
131142. Elizabeth Freeman  
131141. David Golding remove this filth from your search engine results please
131140. D Kersh  
131139. Lana Steiner Thank you
131138. vered  
131137. Sally Style  
131136. alisa  
131135. Craig Marion  
131134. Jack Samuel Leder  
131133. Diane Hochman  
131132. Ian Scorah get rid of it, disgraceful.
131131. DANNY RICHARDS This dreadful site is an affront to decency
131130. Yechiel Lopiansky  
131129. Mel Draizen Google has more integrity than this
131128. Teitler Eric I) am upset Google does publish such site
131127. GREG WEHNER  
131126. Alexander Firestone  
131125. H. Garold Jordan  
131124. Andrew Finkelstein  
131123. Mrs LN Bard  
131122. E. Mayne Surely all such sites whether anti-sematic or any other anti religious site should never be allowed to appear anywhere.
131121. Vivienne Franks  
131120. Eugene Corwin  
131119. Shirley Harris  
131118. Clive Bubley Ê
131117. Neill Seshold  
131116. Dennis Baylin  
131115. j  
131114. joan caro thanks
131113. Smee  
131112. Skolnik  
131111. Scott Rothman  
131110. D. Wechsler  
131109. Rachel Goldman  
131108. David  
131107. C. Levy  
131106. Andrea Gordon Please remove this disgusting and offensive site
131105. Dr. Ivan Cohen This is vile and virulent, and the ISP ought to be ashamed of perpetuating racial hatred.
131104. Brett Karat  
131103. Matt Bick  
131102. Maurice  
131101. Uri Teitler  
131100. Harvey Golding Disgusted that Google host this site
131099. Barry Atkins Please, please remove this site!
131098. justin a disgraceful
131097. Harriet Bark  
131096. Erica  
131095. neil cohen  
131094. Avner Radomsky Get rid of it"
131093. Michelle Ventimiglia This is disgusting and intolerable...it is one of the first sites that comes up when you type in "Jew" and it is a horrific lie. I know there will always be controverial sites on the Web in the interest of free speech but we should always strive for integrity. This site has none.
131092. David Ebrahimoff  
131091. Danielle Lieber  
131090. Dr. John Gunzburg  
131089. Reuven Kayni  
131088. Daniel Szasz  
131087. Marilyn Albert This must be removed
131086. Martha Moradi  
131085. Robert Cohen pleaes remove this site offensive site
131084. MLWeinstein  
131083. amnon z. shai  
131082. Fiona Vatkin  
131081. Fiona Vatkin  
131080. david brott we must stop this ignorance & hatred in the 21st century
131079. Laura Fisher MD  
131078. joel krygier this is disgraceful take it off
131077. Sarah Perkin  
131076. Dave Wolf Jr  
131075. Simon Mitchell  
131074. David Shulman  
131073. Brenda Coren  
131072. Ian Patchick  
131071. Michal Wittner  
131070. Sally Strauss  
131069. Stephanie Bell  
131068. david merriman  
131067. Michael  
131066. Gina Sherman  
131065. joy schreiber malicious hatred...
131064. Mary Beth Abbene  
131063. Gillian Geminder  
131062. Rabbi Aaron Goldstein  
131061. S Abraham  
131060. Rochel Krantman  
131059. M. Karat You should check before allowing such evil propaganda
131058. Louise J. Brown  
131057. lawrence brits  
131056. Gideon  
131055. judith A disgusting site - how dare you allow such crap to be published - you wouldn't dare publish such derogatory words about any other people. Jewish people, in spite of having been decimated during the Holocaust, have been instrumental in the development of the modern civilised world - computer technology, medical research and technology, to name but two, not to forget the NEVER reported fact that Israel's medical teams are often the first on the scene of terrorist activites all over the world to give medical aid (supplies and manpower) as well as coping with the regular attacks that it has to deal with at home. We don't blow anyone up in order to try to achieve peace. Open your eyes people and find out what is really going on in the middle East.
131054. Tracy Benjamin It is important to eradicate inflammatory words and statements like this.
131053. A Cole  
131052. Harry H Hirschl  
131051. F. R. Abelson please remove this antisemetic site
131050. paul r jacobson  
131049. judit groisman  
131048. a livingston  
131047. Gary Auslander If this would be anti-black, the sites would be removed right away.
131046. charles howard a disgusting evil site
131045. hen  
131044. daniel kibel  
131043. Stephen Phillips  
131042. Allan Bermeister Racial villification is a NO NO!Google must take action now.
131041. Tsion Ben David  
131040. d gold  
131039. Bennauro  
131037. Anna Engelsman  
131036. A.W.Blasebalk Hideous
131035. Bayla Perrin  
131034. B. Held  
131033. mark shorty  
131032. Deborah  
131031. Daniel Polden  
131030. caroline burke  
131029. Dr Simon Joseph In addition to this site's overt anti-semitism most of the comment is grossly incorrect and no facutal reference data is provided to back its subversive opinion
131028. Yulie World Peace Please
131027. Alan J Brown  
131026. Mike Ayl A disgrace to have this on Google
131025. Sheli Braun  
131024. karen pomerance  
131023. Diane Minkoff offensive and anti-sematic site. Google should be ashamed of themselves
131022. Carolyn Lewis Frank Weltner incites evil and is a very dangerous man
131021. Geoffrey Pearl This site is one of the most virulant antisemitic sites that I have ever seen.
131020. Marc Granger  
131019. Yasmin Skelt  
131018. Gloria Levene I support this petition to stamp out anti semitism
131017. Isaac Meir Pity that in the 21st century bigotry and disinformation are still so prevalent.
131016. tali  
131015. Louis Henston  
131014. GEC we can not let this hatred continue
131013. Geoffrey Berger please remove this site A S A P
131012. Ezra Golombok  
131011. debbie sheldon  
131010. Nicky Brown  
131009. Judith Gothilf  
131008. S. Nirenberg  
131007. David Salisbury  
131006. Paul Decker  
131005. Henry Dony Please remove this vile and libellous site
131004. Avon House School As a multi-cultural school we abhor any form of racism and would like this site removed
131003. june gersten roberts  
131002. Azil  
131001. miriam greenfield  
131000. viviana Mancini REMOVE JEWWATCH FROM GOOGLE
130999. Norman Jonas  
130998. Saul Zneimer  
130997. Ros Ellis This is offensive and should not be allowed
130996. Ephrat Eini  
130995. Jeff Zinkin  
130994. Jon Varley  
130993. Martin Davis  
130992. Oliver Cahn  
130991. Tia  
130990. Penny Kustow Please remove this immediately - it can only do harm
130989. laurent  
130988. Harold Gaya Very offensive site - racist and antisemitic
130987. Jeffrey Erlich  
130986. Felipe Woichejosky  
130985. meyer goodstein We would expect better from google
130984. Aviv Sh  
130983. Jeffrey Joss This site is ANTI SEMITIC
130982. Louise Sklar  
130981. Kathryn levy  
130980. Gavin O'Sullivan  
130979. Ruth Colin  
130978. Dr. Gill Garalnick  
130977. Chanoch Taub This is unacceptable
130976. Barry freedman This site is absolutely disgracefull
130975. Leah mann  
130974. Linda Abrahams  
130973. Avril Endfield Enough is Enough!!!!
130972. Avital Gertner  
130971. Robert Bernstein  
130970. Stephen Humphreys  
130969. Benjamin Porath  
130968. David Finegold unbievable!
130967. John Hayes  
130966. Heather Lang  
130965. Russell Raphael  
130964. Jonathan Sheldon  
130963. Julia Calderon  
130962. Reva Van Leeuwen  
130961. Dr.H.D.Kamien  
130960. Harold Cymerman  
130959. Sandra Freedman This is disgusting and has to be stopped
130958. paul spitzer  
130957. Carol  
130956. Miriam Dub This should hardly be necessary. Google should have removed this long ago.
130955. Grozovski Reuven  
130954. zoltobroda  
130953. Alan Kaye  
130952. Roger Abrahams  
130950. Raymond M Laren Still at it after all these years. We are not going to go away!
130949. Bills Schamroth I dread that this petition further publicizes site
130948. patricia taylor vile and offensive
130947. Sylvia Cabrera  
130946. Hilary Sagiv  
130945. Clara Marcus  
130944. Tim Field Get rid
130943. Stuart B.  
130942. Sydney Livesey  
130941. Andrew Plaskow  
130940. Darryl  
130939. Tzvi Idels  
130938. Henry  
130937. Perry Cash  
130936. Jakobowicz Removed from google.fr and not from google.com Why ? it's very dangerous
130935. B Wulwick remove
130934. Mrs B Gastwirth  
130933. Jonathan Polin  
130932. Akayzen  
130931. sheldon cohen Bizarre that it ranks so high on the name search
130930. Ben Judah  
130929. Melanie Aarons  
130928. Arnold M Brill get it removed ASAP
130927. Anna No comment at all
130926. Garry Michaels  
130925. Stephen Joelson  
130924. Karen Wander  
130923. Lorraine Palastrand It is very sad that websites like this exist, and it is even sadder that so many people log on to them.
130922. David Judah  
130921. Soudry  
130920. debbie they need to get a life
130919. dauber  
130918. m.fox  
130917. J Lewis  
130916. C Wimborne  
130915. Annie Keen  
130914. Toni Zekaria  
130913. Francesco Ferrante Remove this site!!!!
130912. David Sassoon  
130911. barak  
130910. Edward Solomon  
130909. yoel porat  
130908. naama  
130907. daniel zaroovabeli  
130906. piero meda  
130905. mary rudolf  
130904. Mohammed Lamsuni  
130903. Leonard Glynn  
130902. Linzi-beth Lewis  
130901. Freda Fehler  
130900. Charlotte Goldman  
130899. Loretta Rubins There is no room for hatred in the world
130898. katie levene  
130897. Gary Lux  
130896. Colette Matalon this is perfectly horrible. new atrocities in view
130895. Dennis Blair If google is insensitive to this issue I will cease using it as my search engine
130894. Gee This site is appaling
130893. David Roudner am suprised that the world hasn't learnt from it's previous errors
130892. sarah wasser  
130891. Alan Witte  
130890. Michael Google is a great site and should act morally in this case.
130889. Mel Klass  
130888. David Scorah  
130887. stuart stern  
130886. David Kanareck  
130885. steven goldstone  
130884. Michael Rosner  
130883. Lisa Marcus  
130882. Arnold Holzer, Jr.  
130881. Gary Kramrisch  
130880. Geraldine T. Newmark  
130879. Paul Porath  
130878. Ken Schreiber  
130877. David Brownstein  
130876. Stuart Lesser  
130875. robert marcus disgarceful antisemitic site - google should be ashamed to host it
130874. Maria Luisa Mayer Modena  
130873. neil blair  
130872. Anthony Weldon Under the mask of a well researched site, this insults us by including rubbish such as the totally discredited Protocols of Zion
130871. colin hollander This site is disgraceful
130870. joanna pollick  
130869. Leigh Starr  
130868. P Seligman  
130867. A Lutman  
130866. Michael Goldman  
130865. D de Groot  
130864. Ronnie San  
130863. daniel israel the site is anti smeitic in the extreme - remove it
130862. Laura Fisher  
130861. Marina G  
130860. Arnold Israel  
130859. Martin Dunitz This site is offensive and objectionable.
130858. patrizia sampietro  
130857. Robi  
130856. colin Higgin-Botham  
130855. chesterman This site does not belong in a public arena.
130854. Hilary Bloohn  
130853. Claudio Vercelli  
130852. P Clift  
130851. schram france
130850. Professor Laurie Blendis  
130849. hershel m farkas  
130848. yvonne katz  
130847. Jacqueline Lynda Jackson  
130846. R Grodzinski evidence of the rubbish that gets printed to fuel antisemitism
130845. Giorgia Greco  
130844. Fran and Clive  
130843. Bella Borstein Is that the St. Louis Arch in the background? The writing is certainly again on the wall.
130842. R Peters  
130841. Alon Rappaport weaken those who hate
130840. Jules Caprasse  
130839. Gaby Taylor What a disgrace, these people are making a fool of themselves.
130838. Rebecca Huerta I sign despite my ambiguous feelings, freedom of speech and all.
130837. Estelle Berest  
130836. Talia Gazit  
130835. John Carr The comment is stupid and I object
130834. William I Talbot Disgusting and dangefous site
130833. David Kibel Please do not give publicity to these abhorrent views
130832. Dorit Rogovoy  
130831. Ian Freeman  
130830. Paul Weiser  
130829. margaret collins  
130828. yaniv  
130827. Amy Feldman  
130826. margaret collins  
130825. Rachel Varley Remove this page-its disgusting!
130824. Ilan wipe this site
130823. michal goldman  
130822. Ron Even  
130821. Lbilber Please remove this anti semitism
130820. shlomit get a life ! there are GOOD sites to read !
130819. marc engelhart please delete this nasty site
130818. Joy  
130817. Peter Lambert  
130816. Naomi Hassan-Weisfogel  
130815. Claire Blumenson  
130814. Ladislav  
130813. Charles Lossos  
130812. Moshe Tal  
130811. Eli A  
130810. Dean Sarem  
130809. Uri Ironi Jew watch is a racist website and should not appear on google search results
130808. Sasha Tal  
130807. William Moser  
130806. Carynelisa Haspel  
130805. Evayne Waxman This is terrible website and should be removed promptly
130804. William Moser  
130803. saul rouda  
130802. Karin S  
130801. marian page Unbelieveable that such hate is directed to such a small group of people as the Jews (less than 20 million)
130800. avi schecter This is nazi propaganda
130799. Norma Kershner  
130798. Brian Balkin  
130797. allan boolkin  
130796. Irit M.-Israel You are spreading hatred instead of peace. SHAME ON YOU!!!!
130795. Michelle Lucas  
130794. Emmanuel Aharoni  
130793. Asaf Sella  
130792. asher vaknin  
130791. tovah feldshuh  
130790. natasha  
130789. SarahRubinstein-Mandel  
130788. Sari Jolson  
130787. Benzion Lew Disgrace!
130786. Michael Wreschner  
130785. Batya Kristal  
130784. Alexander  
130783. Ellen Levinson  
130782. Laura Camis de Fonseca  
130781. e. solo  
130780. sheila becker  
130779. Iae v I am amazed how many people think google intentionally gave the site a top ranking. It's pretty common knowledge that googles systems are automated. You should be directing your ire at the website itself, not search engines that rank it based off of purely objective calculations. http www braintique com research topic how.shtml
130778. adrian becker  
130777. r dimant  
130776. lawrence  
130775. Derek Wyland  
130774. Chaviva Epstein  
130773. Leslie Langer vile anti-semitic site
130772. Lyuba  
130771. M Sternlieb  
130770. Michael Glatzer  
130769. Norman Zylberberg  
130768. Ettie Slotnick He's living proof that it's impossible to eradicate a cockroach.
130767. Dr Lilly Naveh This isn't what the internet is meant to be!
130766. Anat  
130765. Muriel Barak  
130764. Shoshana Glatzer  
130763. leah coleman  
130762. Ignacio M Goldfarb  
130761. Vladimir Zagorin  
130760. al pers it's a shame
130759. israel korn  
130758. Esther Gutnick  
130757. sari heines  
130756. Shmulik Karsch  
130755. Dr. Mona Boaz  
130754. keren  
130753. Rolly King Kohansky too revolting to even discuss
130752. Steven Klein  
130751. Andrey remove this anti-semitic site please
130750. uri hirsch My co. spends upwards of $25000 per year wýth Google. Please correct thýs antý semýtýc sýte before Ý consýder movýng my marketýng dollars elsewhere.
130749. paul mendelsohn  
130748. stephen shalinsky these comments are erroneous. No foundation
130747. Florian Eidelman  
130746. elias ergas  
130745. David Kadmon Disgusting
130744. Mandy Hoyland  
130743. Michael Goldfien  
130742. Gary Ginberg  
130741. inbal  
130740. Hanah Hanson Please remove this asap
130739. ariela hazan  
130738. Talya C.  
130737. Robbie  
130736. Libbie  
130734. harriet lidror  
130733. Malachi Gamliel  
130732. Debbie Pulver A disgraceful site which should not be promoted!!
130731. Steven David  
130730. Doris Hartmann  
130729. Lynne Shaffer  
130728. ingrid g  
130727. maya  
130726. B & P P This sort of rubbish should not be allowed on Google! Racism in all forms is unacceptable and divisive.
130725. geoffrey bethlehem  
130724. A. Friedman  
130723. William Rosenstein  
130722. Patrick Fischer  
130721. Roland BEREK  
130720. Lynda Satin Google this is outrageous!
130719. Avi Eder  
130718. Esther Sarah Evans b"H
130717. Laurence Bliss  
130716. Miriam A. Goldfien Rarely have I seen such vileness and hate on one page
130715. Glenn Bullard  
130714. Paul H. Guth  
130713. Celine Piser  
130712. Phil Salter signature #130657 should be enough to show you why this site MUST be removed
130711. R. David Frum  
130710. Murray Zucker  
130709. e dorfman  
130708. chaimfeifel. I As a jew loved to be watched for all the positive things that we Jews do. It is terrible that people are allowed to print and publish unpleasant things and untruths about our people. I wonder if this will ever stop. I hope that you do something about putting a stop to those who use your facilities to promote hate.
130707. Wilczynski  
130706. Lisa Groisman  
130705. Lindy and Sandy Kahn  
130704. Esther Gross Remove it!!!
130703. Diane Greenberg  
130702. Herb Foxman Not related to Abraham Foxman
130701. Rachi Ofir  
130700. Ruth F. Goldman  
130699. Stuart Dove  
130698. michael falk  
130697. tova taube teofila arbib melman  
130696. jeff josephson  
130695. Michael no more NSDP or another country
130694. Sue Teller  
130693. Barbara Merino Google, this is nothing to be proud of
130692. Eran Friedler  
130691. sheldon kuchinsky  
130690. Evelyn Hochberg  
130689. yael pratt  
130688. Dmitriy Antisemitic Site from Google's #1!!!
130687. Sandra Weinberg  
130686. Debra Finer  
130685. Elaine Stone I am surprised that Google doesn't know better
130684. David Rabin  
130683. Debra Rabin  
130682. Naomi Voss This site is scary! get rid of it now!
130681. Fredelle Ben-Avi  
130680. susan pratt  
130679. Vanessa poker - $1000 july BONUS none
130678. Dr. Fred Segal  
130677. deborah fait remove it!!!!!!!!!!!
130676. H. Ben Skubatch  
130675. Yosef Duntov  
130674. Ethel Nussbaum How can this be?
130673. shraga epstein  
130672. Richard M. Laine  
130671. Zvi Bar-Shavit  
130670. S Gepner  
130669. Carol Poplak-Occupational therapist REMOVE IT
130668. barry howard  
130667. max ganem show some moral responsibility and remove this trash from your website
130666. A Sieradzki  
130665. Yochana Modiano Please remove this offensive site
130664. Michal R  
130663. Alan Appel  
130662. Oxana Yakubovich  
130661. Judy Daetes This atrocity should not be allowed.
130660. helen flank  
130659. tim oberlander please remove this vile site
130658. Murray Kane  
130655. Vladimir Pogrebinsky I am very surprised by Google ignorance.
130654. Levy Sarine  
130653. Allison Bellows  
130652. ronit  
130651. Warren Brownley  
130650. David Brager  
130649. Charles Brodsky  
130648. Fred Shainbaum  
130647. Tami Miller  
130646. Tato Peres  
130645. Alla š
130644. Ann Adler  
130643. Joshua Ros  
130642. K. Handford  
130641. Norton Balber  
130640. Cedric Geffen  
130639. IrwinAmes  
130638. Sandra Tobin  
130637. verna shacket  
130636. Jeremy Cohen  
130635. Fran  
130634. Orna  
130633. Richard Hoenig  
130632. Bruce Haskell for shame!
130631. TonyMammon  
130630. Jan Mishkin offensive site - full of lies
130629. Menachem Disgusting having this filth there
130628. Arlene Smith  
130627. Lance Goldman This site must be removed!
130626. Alex Zylberberg this site is outrageous
130625. lary manny  
130624. Yitzak Bezalel  
130623. kim jones  
130622. Duke sands  
130621. Wil Schacter  
130620. jon Smith  
130619. Ruth Gornicki It's about time
130618. joshua troppe  
130617. Vadim Vladimirskiy  
130616. Adriana Tamez  
130615. Susan E Brown It sites like this that continue to create hate in the world! Is there not enough hate and misunderstanding in the world today? Remove the site NOW!!
130614. bruce stein shame on this sad situation
130613. Joel Lasky  
130612. Noah Mishkin Poor Taste
130611. Daniel Cadmon  
130610. andrea jutkowitz  
130609. Asaf Yadid  
130608. John Hellman  
130607. Louis A. Sherman As the leading search engine Google must take responsibility to ensure that information provided comes from reliable sources, not from biased hate groups.
130606. lbtoubin  
130605. Susan Clark  
130604. Lee Santow  
130603. S.W. Bobroff  
130602. Ed Pustilnik  
130601. Alejandro Olguin  
130600. Ella Stesel  
130599. Martin Z. Kanner, M.D.  
130598. Marcia Klein My Dad had to fight this all his life as a boy and I do not want my grandchildren to have to do the same
130597. Simon Klapish  
130596. Marlene Bishow Vile & disgusting
130595. Lior Schwartzberg  
130594. Gwen Kaminsky  
130593. Marion Borofsky  
130592. David Thaler  
130591. Martin Borofsky  
130590. alan goldstone  
130589. Dr Joel Brodsky  
130588. Ariel Bender  
130587. Irene Bender  
130586. Raymond Pestalozzi  
130585. stephen B. Fainsbert  
130584. Reesa Sterlin  
130583. Edward Dolins  
130582. Romy  
130581. Alex Please remove JewWatch.com from Google
130580. Carly Kreps  
130579. Anne Katzman Teaching hatred to children and others is the greatest ongoing threat to world peace and order.
130578. rita jacobs  
130577. Amy  
130576. Yacov Yacobi  
130575. Jack Chisvin  
130574. Sandra Abrahams  
130573. ARNOLDO BS AS  
130572. beth shahar  
130571. ariella  
130570. Toby Suroff I will never google again if this is not removed! I have forwarded this message to everyone I know which includes over 400 who will in turn pass this on.
130569. Naomi Hochman  
130568. Herbert Turner  
130567. Julie Samuels  
130566. Avigail Mishkin This web page should be removed!!
130565. Elaine Piltz My late uncle was a survivor - your site is a disgrace
130564. Paul Weinstein  
130562. Allan Brief This is a disgrace and should be removed immediately!
130560. Steve Daugherty  
130559. Sandra Axelrod  
130558. Norma Dubin I cannot believe that two very intelligent highly educated developers of Google would allow such lies on their otherwise worthwhile service.
130557. Jackie Slivko  
130556. mirel  
130555. David L. Lambert Disgusting crap from people filled with jealousy and hate and being uneducated have no other way to speak.
130554. Roslyn Abell  
130553. mimi siegel  
130552. Gabrielle Bodow  
130551. barbara miller the truth shall set men free
130550. Beverly J. Rothman  
130549. Gabriela Zelter I am familiar for a long time with revisionists' elucubrations. Google should be the first to want to remove this type of hatred-inspired "information" in order to safeguard their own credibility as a trustworthy source.
130548. sandra Safer  
130547. L Zines a disgrace-must be removed
130546. Barry  
130545. Alexander Waldman  
130544. Dr Melvin Tonken  
130543. Don Houts MD  
130542. Mark Fisher  
130541. stan black Can't believe you allow such racist trash on Google. Please get rid of it a.s.a.p.
130540. Josh Its just wrong
130539. Marla Cohen  
130538. Michael Miller  
130537. Craig Newlander  
130536. eric raskin remove site jew watch
130535. Justin Kulaway Please remove this vile, hate-filled, mis-informing and deceitful site from such prominent listing on Google
130534. robert schussel shame on google
130532. David M. Fox The website Jew Watch.com come is vile
130531. Linda T  
130530. Max Google, "Don't be evil". JewWatch is a well-used source of hate "information" for Jew haters of every persuasion. It is disappointing that as trusted a name as Google continues to facilitate access to the filth contained in JewWatch, but I have confidence that a few hours spent in researching the ripples from the JewWatch cesspit across Islamic, far right and far left websites followed by a moment's thought will see at least this matter morally and sensibly resolved.
130529. Suzanne Offer Dispite our spelling errors on this petition, please take our heartfelt request very seriously. This site is blatantly anti-Semitic
130528. Rachel  
130527. Iris Allyn shame on you google
130526. Susan Braham  
130525. Laura Silber  
130524. Earl Kimmel  
130523. Graham Horwich  
130522. agnes  
130521. S Grossman www.scottishfriendsofisrael.org
130520. Morris Friedberg & family Horrible site - Google: Act Now - Remove it!
130519. Frederic Norman Barash  
130518. Yocheved  
130517. Michael Braham Anti-Semitism or any prejudice should be banned on Google or any Search Engine.
130516. Rael  
130515. RUBEN GUTMAN  
130514. Dror Zar i'm sick to my stomach!! it doesn't come up in yahoo or any other search engine
130513. gail goldstein there are many pathetic & small minded people in the world today & we have an obligation to try and educate these individuals.
130512. Dr Robert Brody This dangerous and ignorant rubbish must be removed
130511. Heather Brandon  
130510. Gail Duberchin I'm sure you didn't know about this and now that you do, and I do, you'll do the right thing. Thank you.
130509. Jennie Goldstone  
130508. Lee Reardon  
130507. Jeri Ferris that site is truly disgusting
130506. Benny W.G.  
130505. eliezer alkalay  
130504. Leila Van Gelder we must work to eliminate this kind of hatred
130503. david h get rid of it
130502. Cynthia Levy This is an offensive site, filled with hatred and lies. It should be removed immediately.
130501. Paul Worcester  
130500. Steve McCabe wow
130499. Karen Klein  
130498. Mr & Mrs Terret  
130497. Neeli Engelhart  
130496. Marilynne Solloway  
130495. Beverly Solomon  
130494. Steve very clever for sponsoring a site for a race that bombs and kill people and bring terror
130493. Everett Jacobs  
130492. Bernard Cohen This site is a scurulous anti-semitic attack on Jews worldwide. It should not be on your search engine except under the heading of hate organizations.
130491. Natalie Bryer  
130490. Rachel Engelhart Please remove this misleading and inappropriate website.
130489. Lewis H. Biben M.D. highly prejudicial antisemitic website
130488. joshua  
130487. Derek Manoy It is truly a sad state of affairs that a reputible company such as Google allows such hatred to be displayed with its maximum support
130486. Phillip & Selma Marcus  
130485. paul siegel REMOVE THAT SITE !
130484. r t stein  
130483. Talia Salzman  
130482. Ruth Marriott  
130481. rochelle levinson This is anti-semetic retoric
130480. Ilya Bass  
130479. Steve Stamm  
130478. Mayira Hirsch  
130477. Ruth Lewin  
130476. Grace Moline  
130475. COHEN ALEXIA  
130474. Steve Estrin  
130473. Sia  
130472. aliza  
130471. Eve Akres  
130470. diana altman Just heard a song. throw the jews down the well then we can have a party. It was shocking to see that such things are not restricted. Free speech is great but not when the purpose is to incite riot.
130469. Rona Namer  
130468. chava respitz  
130467. Geoffrey Shilkin  
130466. Jack Classic good luck
130465. Dorron Katzin  
130464. Yekaterina Fayn  
130463. Steven Lavenda  
130462. Avi Reif  
130461. Elizabeth Burford This webpage is a reminder that the Holocost was a reality. Please, for the sake of peace remove or chang this page
130460. Francesco Corbisiero Che schifo ! Ci vuole proprio un gran coraggio per scrivere e sostenere certe stronzate !
130459. William L Cook  
130458. aviva janover-rocha  
130457. Gill Geisler  
130456. Blanche Cornwell extremists of any kind are very sad people.
130455. Danny Kaweblum  
130454. Anthony Taylor Remove site from GOOGLE search engine
130453. Daniel.R  
130452. D. Weitzman Google is demeaned by retaining this website.
130451. I A Sudwarts  
130450. L. Kay This can only incite further trouble and should be banned
130449. david meir-levi stop disseminating hatred
130448. janet stavisky disgraceful
130447. Henriette Lee  
130446. ariela yavetz shame shame shame
130445. Phil Kohler  
130444. Ellen Eisinberg Google should be ashamed of itself if this is not removed immediately
130443. Patrick G. Duke I like freespeech most of the time.This on the other hand is not freespeech but directed hate at two nations USA and Is. It also gives aid and comfort to the Enemy of freedom and free thinking
130442. Paula Engel  
130441. Yury Etinger  
130440. jerome  
130439. Richard Jarvis incitement of hatred
130438. Jacob Tsabar  
130437. ANA GONZALEZ  
130436. elliot knopf  
130435. Jenny Nadoff  
130434. Dr Tom Weinberger  
130433. Michael Benson  
130432. geo vari  
130431. Lisa Zucker  
130430. Michael Newton  
130429. Leigh  
130428. Miryam harris  
130427. J Athersych it's factually incorrect and email provided is false
130426. sara  
130425. ifat  
130424. Brian May  
130423. emil steinberger actually, one should probably simply ignore psychotics like this
130422. AMIACH Edward  
130421. tzipi abramov  
130420. Diane Eckhouse  
130419. Lise Haddad  
130418. bernard kertzer  
130417. Polonsky Family  
130416. Rubin Guttman do the right thing !
130415. Eva Lowy  
130414. Jill  
130413. LEah Cohen  
130412. susan posnick  
130411. Suzanne Lasky  
130410. Lynn K. Circle  
130409. Henry Lander Ridiculous that Google need a petition. Their own common sense tells them to do this!
130408. lucy deutsch bad bad bad
130407. Philippa Ackerman Please remove this abomination
130406. Elaine Stein  
130405. Milton Margulies disgusting
130404. richard deutsch really bad
130403. Zissy G I find this very offensive
130402. bradley deutsch abhorrent
130401. shelley deutsch disgusting
130400. Maryon Weill  
130399. Ms. Micznik  
130398. M. Salasky  
130397. B. Simon  
130396. Marlene Shaffner  
130395. Helena Levine J What a ridiculous amount of lies!!! How can you permit this junk to be read
130394. Linda Martin I would wish the laws against incitement to racial hatred be implemented.
130392. Allen Singer  
130391. Miriam Will  
130390. Pecia Kucher  
130389. Albert  
130388. A L Aarons  
130387. Yaakov Brant  
130386. Newell Miller  
130385. Edith & Roy Dinar  
130384. Peter Sheldon  
130383. Judith Levene  
130382. Rita Pollack very upsetting lies
130381. Eli Coten  
130380. Vivian Gold  
130379. robert kaplan  
130378. Chana  
130377. Penina  
130376. Ron Beitler  
130375. barbara c harris remove jew watch from google.com
130374. Trevor Fenner  
130373. Ronald Arden JewWatch is the product of a sick mind
130372. Yoni Kahn  
130371. Marco Carbone  
130370. David M Victor  
130369. A. Eisen  
130368. ruth and roy belzer  
130367. Keith Whistler  
130366. Henri Berest  
130365. Elena Indman  
130364. Anita Korenstein  
130363. Yigal Tropp  
130362. Mrs Naomi Taub  
130361. s greene  
130360. Frank Philipps This site is a perversion of the principle of free speech
130359. Alexander Balkanyi  
130358. Janusz Kuroszczyk, Germany  
130357. Jack Marcovic If antisemitic sites are not dealt with by major search engines they are guilty of aiding and abetting these racists
130356. Joseph Cohen Shame on Google for carrying this HATE literature
130355. Rosie  
130354. Judy Smiley  
130353. Stephen Hodes  
130352. Gabrielle Hodes  
130351. Jerome Cohen  
130350. Valerie Kanter  
130349. Danit Bega Disgusting and Unacceptable!!!!!
130348. Anne Elliott  
130347. Bryan Silber  
130346. Jason Shvili  
130345. Barbara R Loring  
130344. donatella acella  
130343. m.russell not signing allows anti-semitism to thrive by default.
130342. maria sanavio  
130341. Rosalind Coten  
130340. carla russo  
130339. Joseph Steiner  
130338. francesco acella  
130337. giancarlo sanavio  
130336. Ran Schwartz  
130335. simona sanavio  
130333. Gerry Granek It is unbelievable that Google would display such hatemongering
130332. Irit jacobson it's awful , so anti-semetic , disgrace
130331. Robert C. Aaron  
130330. Larry Stopol  
130329. Hughie Auman  
130328. Susan Aaron  
130327. Simona Kucher  
130326. Eva Wolbromski  
130325. Lynne Lapidus  
130324. Michael Nussenblatt please delete immediately
130323. mandy sherman  
130322. Judah Gottlieb  
130321. bloch jean new nazism
130320. Stephen  
130319. Ronny Engel  
130318. Naomi Engel  
130317. malcolm walker seditious, provocotive incites the public to violence against Jews.
130316. Susy Rubinstein  
130315. meir wasserman  
130314. bornstein bernard  
130313. Bernard & Norma Rubin After using Google for years we were shocked that such vicious anti-Semitism is available on this search engine.
130312. Brett Rosenthal  
130311. Barry Saipe  
130310. Michael Goldstone It is disgraceful for you to accept this site
130309. barbara walker this site is racist
130308. Walter Wratschko  
130307. Ben Lax  
130306. Norma Saipe  
130305. e caspy  
130304. Deborah Edelman  
130303. david teacher  
130302. bernice garoon  
130301. A Novick  
130300. Ariel Love to all
130299. Marcel Getter  
130298. Amit Sturlesi  
130297. Barry Mintzer This site is disgusting
130296. Leon Ejdelman Is there an "OtherGroupWatch"?
130295. Mike Rogson  
130294. N.Stone  
130293. Sidney Azagury  
130292. pauline rosenthal  
130291. C.Sherbourne  
130290. Enrique Percal  
130289. JodyBlum  
130287. Melodie Rosenfeld Clearly, this is an anti-semitic site which needs to be removed.
130286. M Neiditch Please remove the web sight, intolerance should not be tolerated
130285. Orit Derovan  
130284. S Wiseman  
130283. Judy Citron  
130282. Anne Bennett A disgrace
130281. John Hoffman  
130280. Roy Herman please remove this filthy lying site
130279. Encore Travel  
130278. Suzanne Vinitsky  
130277. Yaakov Sandler  
130276. Sue Goott This is the most slanderous and disgusting site I have ever visited
130275. karin pilowsky  
130274. Joseph Kingan  
130273. Sarale Cohen a disgusting and factually incorrect site
130272. David Lewis  
130271. annette this is 1939 revisited; is anyone listening???????
130270. James Alt Thanks Google
130269. lisa sewelson  
130268. Bennie Penzik  
130267. F. Elias  
130266. Frances Israel  
130265. I. Albert  
130264. Rosalind Tarlow  
130263. Eileen Kerin  
130262. bobbi asarch please remove immediately!
130261. Jan Puritz  
130260. Marilyn Taylor  
130259. dina stern  
130258. Bernard Juster  
130257. Bill Lieberman  
130256. Sheila Bogen we have more than enough anti-semites in the world!!
130255. Brenda Yosowitz  
130254. Michelle Mathews  
130253. Esther Topaz  
130252. rachel  
130251. Elyse Stern  
130250. Ruth Dreyfuss disgusting
130249. Morton Zemel  
130248. Arjon Cohen  
130247. Henry H Blum Maybe Google needs a filter for garbish
130246. Cheryl Nussenblatt  
130245. KOGAN  
130244. Ben-Ami Ironi  
130243. Rhona Jacobs it is a disgrace to your website engines
130242. tzvia ben aharon  
130241. Frances Garwood  
130240. Hechel  
130239. giusy togliere questo sconcio di sito
130238. David Tarlow  
130236. elisheva kronman  
130235. Julian Collis  
130234. Leslie Golding  
130233. max roth  
130232. Paul D. Fihn This guy has the right to say what he believes but why would this come up 1st when you put the word JEW in google search.
130231. Elan  
130230. Janet Andron Hoffman  
130229. Hinda Golding  
130228. Howard Leshtz  
130227. matt  
130226. Ilan Lev  
130225. dani helle  
130224. mari  
130223. Mr. Maerton H. Davism B.A. M.A. Absolutely a disgusting and vile site. Full of hate and pure anti-semitism. shloud be deleted immediately.
130222. Arik Shenker  
130221. Peter Tzeses Anti-Semenism is at an all time high since WW11
130220. Theodor Fishler  
130219. martin stern  
130218. eli haddad  
130217. Colin Anthony Isenberg  
130216. philip jacobson google you really should know better than to allow web sites like this to use your good name as an access point
130215. Barbara Buzzell Get this off!
130214. Haim Tal  
130213. Phil  
130212. Toby Sachen  
130211. Chen  
130210. G. Raivid  
130209. leah averick as a n American Jew I am disheartened that you tolerate this at google.
130208. oppenheim  
130207. sharon l  
130206. CYRIL BRILL  
130205. Michael Eskin  
130204. Lindsey Pressley  
130203. Anthony Sklar  
130202. annie cohen This IS really SICK!!!!
130201. Helen Guysinsky š
130200. Eric Henry  
130199. shlomo melkman  
130197. yael  
130196. Isaac Engelberg Some people never learn, even if they are "academics".
130195. Val Marshall please remove this objectional site jewwatch from google
130194. Rory Nuriel  
130193. Beatrice de Siher  
130192. andrew sonis  
130191. Mike Bloom  
130190. Ellen Fishman  
130189. steve shiffman This web site is abominable
130188. Ehud Gratch  
130187. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik  
130186. Vicki  
130185. Leslie Mound A disgrace
130184. Libby Goldberg  
130183. Aryeh Ben Shimon  
130182. Pamela Tantillo-Blatt  
130181. Raymond Franks  
130180. Shira Helman  
130179. Ruth Bloch  
130178. Thomas Bloch  
130177. Jay D Schaeffer This is unacceptable
130176. Natasha Birman  
130175. elaine daniels  
130174. Carol Bailenson Disgusting
130173. Ricky Ben-Shimol  
130172. Anna Voyidov  
130171. Chava Sella This site should be unacceptable to Google
130170. Izar  
130169. Sigismund von Dobschutz  
130168. MARINA ORMAN please remove this site
130167. K  
130166. Debbie Selouk Don't check out the site, the more hits the get, the higher up on google they become!!
130165. Iwona Lepka  
130164. Dr. J. Broch Must be removed
130163. dan  
130162. EFRAIN COHEN  
130161. Rosalyn Glazer Terrible
130160. Ruth Grant Leaving this site available is paramount to validating anti-Semitism!
130159. A Sicklick  
130158. Joseph Nachman  
130157. Jeff Prawer  
130156. Jew Watch What happened to Freedom of Speech?
130155. david segal  
130154. nancy Trachtenberg thank-you for getting rid of this
130153. helen shamooelian  
130152. L.J.Belikoff  
130151. Sheila Pearl this is horrific and dangerous, please remove it immediately before they begin to hurt people.
130150. P. Grogan Please remove this dispicable site.
130149. Deborah Aharoni  
130148. Jeffrey Cohen This is a disgusting, hateful website.
130147. Micke Jinks When will we learn???
130146. Marilyn The site should be removed
130145. G.Barnett Delete this nazi site
130144. Sora  
130143. Aaron Shamberg the internet should be ashamed
130140. esther noodelman  
130139. Michael Silberstein  
130138. maurice shear  
130137. Paula Hertzberg  
130136. Alfred Noodelman it is ridiculous for google to be associated with anti semitism. would you therefore remove this site immediately
130135. Barry Hyman this site is an affront to civilization
130134. Anat Tcherikover libel, antisemitism and racism do not come under free speech.
130133. Evgueni Fayn  
130132. Dan Safran  
130131. soochy  
130130. Sharon Kleinberg google has a responsibility to remove such antisemitic material immediately
130129. Yana Fayn  
130128. Moshe Braun  
130127. Michael R. Horowitz  
130126. Giulio Enzo Nahum Antisemites are the scum of the earth and the product of evil
130125. Ann S. Goodman  
130124. Shelley Levey  
130123. D. Mayer  
130122. Aubrey Yodaiken Isn't there enough blatent Anti Semitism in the world already without Google helping ???
130121. Arthur Perlmutter  
130120. I. Zhovnirovsky  
130119. Arsen Please remove it.
130118. Ruth Walfish  
130117. Anton Kozlov  
130116. Moses Gutman  
130115. Dr S, Stern  
130114. Ralph Stewart  
130113. Mary Evans  
130112. Barbara Israel  
130111. rabbi z.e. alonie  
130110. Gaby Leibundgut-Thaler  
130109. Daniel Gutkin  
130108. Esther M Shkop  
130107. ira steingroot  
130106. Gerald Engelhart very predijced
130105. Ann M Lander enough vitrolic propoganda. This is disgusting.
130104. harrynir  
130103. Mr. Jack L. Wisser  
130102. paul chervinsky  
130101. sidney besvinick  
130100. Mark Florsheim  
130099. Hecht  
130098. riera  
130097. Tatyana Margolin  
130096. David Watson  
130095. michal  
130094. Chaim Limor  
130093. geraldine nussbaum I am horrified to see some of the lies being perpetrated here. What makes this particularly dangerous is that some of the people speaking on the videos are congressman and former ambassadors. It is, indeed frightening. When Jimmy Carter tried saiyng these lies, 3/4 of his board resigned and we later learned that he is on the payroll of several Saudis to the tune of 20,million over the years. Shame on him and shame on this website.
130092. Neil Cohen  
130091. sharon tyler  
130090. Sherwin Mishkin  
130089. michal  
130088. Galina Zolotusky  
130087. martin kreimerman  
130086. Oren Baranes  
130085. Harold Schertz  
130084. Gary Copitch  
130083. Katia Lalo  
130082. Daniel Schalit  
130081. Lilach Ronen  
130080. Dr.John Adler Shame on Google to allow such a site
130079. Tslila  
130078. Barry Munic  
130077. Nechama Munic  
130076. barbara levine  
130074. Ronald Kolker  
130073. Eileen Guttman  
130072. Tracy Dalton Please remove this filth.
130071. c wicentowsky  
130070. Ken Gruber  
130069. Fred Kohn  
130068. Professor Eugene D. Jaffe  
130067. Janice Bekker  
130066. Israel Gersten  
130065. Lynda Steiner  
130064. Coby Engelhart  
130063. sylke schumann  
130062. Morton Newman  
130061. Susi Appel  
130060. Elisa Miro This world needs love and kindness and education, not negativity.
130059. Amnon Engelberg  
130058. Janet Dushansky  
130057. Loeb  
130055. Dr Steve Sattler MPH anti semitism has no place in our modern world!!!!!!!
130054. simmy fleischer  
130053. C. Smilovici  
130052. Leslie Greenbaum  
130051. Neeli Gottlieb  
130050. Bruno Gideon Nothing but hatred!
130049. Lisa Maclin  
130048. Steve Eisenberg yuck
130047. Stuart Fischman  
130046. Anya Khazin  
130045. Johnny Cohen  
130044. Yisroel  
130043. Lori Ann  
130041. Nechama Derovan  
130040. Yehuda Ginosar  
130039. Michael Parker  
130038. David Abell  
130037. Riva Morris  
130036. gila urman  
130035. Hani Levinson  
130034. eva darcy ehrman the internet should encourage peace and mutual understanding
130033. A Jew It's disgraceful and insensitive.
130032. Prof Paul Goldin The site is a disgrace
130031. ANITA BENSON  
130030. maurice stone  
130029. sarah sternklar  
130028. fabio kertzer no more lies and hatred
130027. Vic Levinson  
130026. Steven Chepow  
130025. Robert Bitterman  
130024. Ron Van Buren Are you shameless?
130023. Beatriz Maximon I'm Catholic -- I cannot tolerate this kind of hateful writing. There is enough hurt in the world. Please stop it.
130022. efraim namdar google this can will produce negative publicity for you and could label as racist ..are you?
130021. jan showman  
130020. Geoff Morris  
130019. Karis Cohen Morris Remove this offensive listing!
130018. Shulamit Ron  
130017. JBrandwynne It is unacceptable for Google to permit this hateful site.
130016. j cohen disgusting
130015. dakas  
130014. Karl Pick  
130013. Susan remove Jew watch Immediately
130012. leonard oster the internet should purge itself of hate.
130011. Nina Ayelegne  
130010. dudley Google should know better.
130009. Shelly Auslander  
130008. ester turk  
130007. jb  
130006. Brian  
130005. Jonathan Miller Anti-semetic site
130004. Cathy Perlmutter  
130003. Nick Amini  
130002. Lucie Gideon  
130001. Richard Pagano Pennypinching big nosed Jews should leave the USA and go back home. Why are we bombing Mosques in Irac, we should be bombing the temples in the USA FIRST!
130000. bronchtein  
129999. Yuval Cohen  
129998. Margaret Schwitzer  
129997. eric marx  
129996. Peter Schwitzer  
129995. Vitaly Smolansky  
129994. BENMUSSA  
129993. Jerry Bower  
129992. elie rechanik This is a vicous attack against jews, if the first thing that came up for "muslim" was anything like this it would be removed instantly! No double standards!
129991. Gary Puterman Quality control?
129990. Mirjam Goldberg  
129989. eddy  
129988. Johanna Eisen  
129987. Roger Goldberg  
129986. Zack Peine  
129985. Alejandro  
129984. Russel Weisberg  
129983. Dr. Robert Klugman  
129982. Robert R. Gard This anti-semitism is simply unacceptable
129981. Seth Abrahams Call up this website to see the facts: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite ?cid=1182409621159 &pagename=JPost\%2FJPArticle\ %2FShowFull
129980. Stephen Berman  
129979. Zalman Kogan  
129978. Helena Cohen  
129977. Isser Saffir  
129976. Jerry Goldman Please remove site.
129975. Linda Levine What is it with these people - why can't they just leave us alone!
129974. IRWIN DIAMOND must be removed immediately
129973. Nathan Nornberg  
129972. Uri Kaploun Google and neo-Nazism don't harmonize.
129971. Amanda Kenton  
129970. Diana Katz  
129969. Yuriy Indman  
129968. martin baskind bury it somewhere, free speech, etc.
129967. Stephen Thank you all for support!
129964. Faya  
129963. BRIAN DAVIES not good for google
129962. Boris Vinnik It is revolting and appalling! What a fascist upkeep this crap!
129961. Rochelle M Bernstein  
129960. Yelena Shulman  
129959. Jeff Corne I have never seen such rabid antisemitic material.
129958. Miriam Engelhart  
129957. Malcolm Richman  
129956. ALIZA MIRIAM Google is blackened as much by hate propaganda, as the target of the lies it tells
129955. dina neuburger  
129954. dovkovacs  
129953. nikka ginzburg š
129952. Morris Freeman When I volunteered for the Royal Navy in 1941 I never expected to see such filth
129951. daniel azulay  
129950. Kathy Warne  
129949. erez ben kiki  
129948. Gerry Melnikov  
129947. dee wynne  
129946. ruth  
129945. Andrew Mellish  
129944. Jodi  
129943. dov kovacs  
129942. Kaye Savo  
129941. colin peters  
129940. cathy hammerman  
129939. Joanna Sapir  
129938. Irina Tokarskiy  
129937. Irina please remove
129936. suzanne knopf  
129935. Mike  
129934. YZ. Brochin Change your algorythms! We don't need more hate in this world.
129933. Louise  
129932. Ephraim Cohen  
129931. Chava Livni  
129930. Gershon Cohen  
129929. Adele Kaserman this site is as hateful and anti-semitic as the infamous Protocoles of Zion
129928. Gilbert Berg  
129927. Jermy  
129926. juhda bar shakhaf  
129925. Barbara schaier-peleg  
129924. Moshe Jona Hatsor an extremely clever way to display ardent academically masked antisemitism
129923. Jonathan Margolis  
129921. marilyn close this site down immediately discusting
129920. Nancy Abraham  
129919. shmuel bak please remove antisemitic content
129918. Sherry Dimarsky I hope I don't need to change my email to a different provider!
129917. Michael Miller Please remove JewWatch from your search engine.
129916. Neal Rothner  
129915. David Rossman  
129914. Yoni Greenberg  
129913. Marvin Davis  
129912. Carol Becker  
129911. Freyda Cohen  
129910. Tanya Shvayetsky  
129909. Hadassah Rosenthal  
129908. Art Levine  
129906. Douglas Volk please remove JewWatch.com
129905. Dr Dana-Picard  
129904. Rebecca Adams  
129903. Alan  
129902. MAY  
129901. Asher and Esther Peled  
129900. Lance Anisfeld  
129899. vivian olschewski Not nice
129898. Stephen Karten Words cannot describe how reprehensible this site, this man, and this organization are.
129897. Mildred Zenlea  
129896. Allan Oxman  
129895. susan kurnedz  
129894. geri schwartz  
129893. Toby Shainbaum-Pollak don`t allow the net to be a source of hate incitement
129892. Toby Shainbaum-Pollak don`t allow the net to be a source of hate incitement
129891. Rachel Kaye  
129890. Jerry Steinberg What a bunch of distorted lies on this site!
129889. Richard Katz Ki sheket u refesh!
129888. Salmon Suzanne  
129887. A Smith Enough blind hatred already!
129886. Donny Kanov  
129885. Etchin  
129884. Bonnie L. Ashendorf  
129883. Susie Nathan  
129882. kin please remove jewwatch.com
129881. rubenn dovar utter disgace, hopefully an oversight
129880. Carolyn Cohn  
129879. l tittel  
129878. Philip Crown This site is obscene and criminal
129877. Gordon Weinberg  
129876. A Ross  
129872. Susan E Slesinger This is a hate site not an information on Judaism. Most other Google searches for similar sites come up with Wikepedia not hate sites. Please remove this site from your list.
129871. Chana Tova Three weeks ago my JewsNow.com was hijacked by Arab hackers with threats: 'we will never stop hacking your site until you stop war in Palestine.".., help.
129870. Ernest Feibelman  
129869. Dr. Hans S. Jarosch Good luck!
129868. john drake  
129867. melissa navon disgusting, this is why we have so many problems with terrorists!
129866. Dennis Krushner  
129865. Darryl Cohen Google should not help facilitate such hate propaganda
129864. Les Rosenthal  
129863. Avrum Rosensweig Let's pursue peace and be vigilante of those who are unable to.
129862. O  
129861. Merrick Jonathan  
129860. Barbara Goldstein  
129859. Amy Marks  
129858. Robert Sachs  
129857. Paulette  
129856. Richard Goodall  
129855. shama awfull web site
129854. Tiffany Solomon  
129853. Fred Cohen This reflects on Google and its standards
129852. Jack Prehogan  
129851. basya ungar  
129850. Veronica Csorogi  
129849. Max Herman  
129848. Harold Ekstein  
129847. Georges Teitler  
129846. Martin Barolsky  
129845. p eljarrat remove this defamation !!!!
129844. rachel esther shakow  
129843. Joe N  
129842. ben gruen  
129841. stuart sheinman  
129840. Betsy Claro  
129839. Mosheh Wolfish Free speech without values is like Eichmann's "I vas only following orders!"
129838. Marci Arnold  
129837. Ricky Fleischer  
129836. Jacqueline Chasidi  
129835. harris kaplan  
129834. Jonathan Marks  
129833. Edward Belfer  
129832. Frances Belfer  
129831. Ilan wachsler  
129830. Roena Winebarger  
129829. Derek Bunce Please remove this offensive site
129828. Joel Charkatz  
129827. hersh libo terrible that he can spew this venom
129826. B. Golombick  
129825. michael davis  
129824. J Fine  
129823. arthur kruger  
129822. Dr. Simon Barak  
129821. Jack Hirshman  
129820. Paul Grinberg Please remove this hate-based site from your search engine
129819. Faye Abrams  
129818. Inge Sadan why don't you go birdwatching or see nature, instead of churning out hatemail. It would be better for your health and enjoyment of life.
129817. Howard Mitzman  
129816. Elizabeth Diggens  
129815. Roselie Freeman It's all starting again..............
129814. Jeanine Ottman  
129813. Amanda Weisberg  
129812. shmuel brummel  
129811. Anita Renaud  
129810. Sonja Nathan  
129809. Brian and Ruth Gouldman  
129808. Judith Margolis  
129807. Deborah Nof  
129806. Cari Brandt  
129805. Dr Leslie Grant  
129804. Ann Spieler  
129803. Debra Shniderson  
129802. gabrielle donati  
129801. Shira  
129800. Albert Goldreich  
129799. Guttmann Joel  
129798. roy valens disgusting, and I am suprised you allow it
129797. Cindy Benson  
129796. Amanda Rose  
129795. Henri Morris  
129794. lauren margel  
129793. Livia Keller  
129792. sabrina engel  
129791. corinne rothwell disgraceful
129790. Mitch Haspel  
129789. T Scott  
129788. DovBer Marchette  
129787. Evgeny Levin  
129786. zaitoun no to all sort off racism
129785. harriett Koren  
129784. Shim  
129783. Fredric Price  
129782. gene brief  
129781. Ariane Mil  
129780. eva mandel disgrace
129779. Lisa Davis  
129778. B. Segelin  
129777. Sheila Greenshields  
129776. Veda Charrow  
129775. susan goodman  
129774. Angela Kamiel  
129773. Ruth Rose  
129772. mendel Sachs  
129771. Eddie Klein  
129770. B.Fenton  
129769. Carol A. Carelli-Sennett Please remove jewwatch.com from the Google Search Engine
129768. Solomon Taksyak  
129767. otway robert  
129766. Bernard Pollock  
129765. andrew g. davis, md free speech should not be co-apted to promote egregious agendae
129764. molly trakman  
129763. Charles Cohen  
129762. netta  
129761. Kevin Gold Please remove this anti semitic web site
129760. Bithia'h Sseri ÿ
129759. Melvyn Cohen  
129758. Rachel Wolfish  
129757. S Caplan  
129756. Rachelli Gresser  
129755. Daniel E. Sachs  
129754. michael ronthal  
129753. Penny Bravo  
129752. Pam  
129751. Turner How pathetic...
129750. hanna sasson i don't beleive that this is happening still in 2007
129749. B.S. Lister  
129748. Elize Haggiag  
129747. Janet Semler  
129746. emily r  
129745. Hilary Seitler Please remove this hate-mongering site
129744. Ann Reiff  
129743. JULIETTE KAPLAN This site is an abomination to any impartial and intelligent researcher
129742. Stella. Blumenthal  
129741. Gerald D. Blumenthal  
129740. Shanni Miller  
129739. pam  
129738. Ruth Morris  
129737. joseph mendlovic  
129736. Dita Dafny  
129735. Jennifer Flatau-Brown His blind hatred and shocking ignorance have far surpassed shouting 'fire' in a crowded theatre. Get rid of it.
129734. albert  
129733. Wolf Walter  
129732. mayo  
129731. albert roussu  
129730. Stuart L. Meyer  
129729. Amos  
129728. Daphne Band  
129727. Edward Braham  
129726. Michael  
129725. Clemens Henry Epstein  
129724. terri barnett  
129723. tina haddad  
129722. simon gould  
129721. adi  
129720. Martinovsky lamentable
129719. Michael Lewis and Mark Watts  
129718. malka weisberg enough anti semitism!
129717. moses nussbaum M.D.  
129716. Amir Reiner  
129715. Henry Israel This site promotes pure hatred and is stitched together from regular interviews with knowledgeable people giving reasoned points of view which have been cut to create a virulent anti-semitic presentation. THIS SITE HAS TO BE REMOVED!
129714. Fredric Gruder  
129713. michael shall Disgusting website
129712. rita levy  
129710. Loren Herman  
129709. gerald levy  
129708. Leah Karp Obviously the site has to be removed and hopefully banned. Please have a better filtering system for next time- shaping people's minds & opinions is an awesome responsiblity.
129707. Charlotte Howard  
129706. Dorothy & Bernard Tonchin  
129705. Osnat  
129704. Debbie act responsibly and remove the site
129703. Jerry Vincent its wrong!
129702. Yehuda Kronenberg Please remove this insesitive and dispicable site from your fine service. The soldiers of this country do not fight and die to have racists try to smear another race. By allowing this site to remain untouched, you are allowing the spread of anti-semitism and to think that we are risking our lives for people like you who want to ruin another human race is horrible.
129701. Edward Krigsner  
129700. Alex REMOVE IT !!
129699. W A Soskolne  
129698. Miriam Null Site is an outrage and offensive to all Americans.
129697. Chuntonov Lev  
129696. martin davies the inclusion of such a site on google is totally wrong
129695. Mervyn Spiro  
129694. Aaron Swirski Please remove JewWatch from your site.
129693. Linda Becker no place for anti-semetic sentiments!
129692. gwen bushman  
129691. sd cooperberg  
129690. Werner Salmon  
129689. tamar gur harosh speachless
129688. B Jacob  
129687. Caroline Ofstein  
129686. Marcia Wolfish I think it is disgraceful that Google has such site. It should be removed immediately.
129685. David Seaberg  
129684. T Beckman  
129683. Brenda Morginstin  
129682. shifra blackston  
129681. Esther Leah Marchette  
129680. Niv  
129679. Andrey Gandman  
129678. Nancy Nelson  
129677. Rosemary Michael  
129676. Susan Kohnstam take that site off google
129675. Sharon Mizrahi  
129674. Tova  
129673. Ira & Dana Schwartz  
129672. Isaac Chesir  
129671. A Basch  
129670. dean Cane  
129669. Clive Flatau Should be easy enough to remove it today!!
129668. Gila Brownstein  
129667. dakar levi  
129666. karen dub stop jew hatred now--never again
129665. Gidon Stemmer  
129664. karen tenzer appaling that this is allowed
129663. yoav cohen very sad to know people can be influenced by such disinformation
129662. iris  
129661. Tzemach Bloomberg  
129660. Vardit Zafri when I googled the word "Jew", it is no longer the first site that came up, but still "JewWatch did come up and is highly and absolutely offensive.
129659. richard griffin please remove
129658. David Lynn  
129657. Leonard Warburg  
129656. Michael Linetsky  
129655. Robert Klein  
129654. rachel green  
129653. lior  
129652. pete smith  
129651. Chaim Katz  
129650. Esther Schwartz  
129649. David Abramson  
129648. masha  
129647. G Ryness  
129646. Dr. David Ben-kiki  
129645. Rivka Jaffi absolutely appalled
129644. Ronit Neeman  
129643. Julie Zuckerman  
129642. Hanan Taylor  
129641. c.r.  
129640. Michelle Min-Hahar  
129639. Leila Manasseh It is incredible that Google has permitted this mendacious Anti Semitic garbage of spewed vemon to soil its sites. In the name of justice, it must be removed immediately..
129638. Shai Amar  
129637. Judith Goldberg Please remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
129636. Paulette Bethlehem  
129635. Eddie Hammerman  
129634. Vicky Simmonds  
129633. aviva stillman  
129632. Jackie Gess  
129631. liz jacoby  
129629. Mirit Cohen  
129628. Tobi Bassan  
129627. Daniel Chrust  
129626. Oren  
129625. Nigel Levey  
129624. Fiorella Habib  
129623. Michael Novoselsky  
129622. E. Taylor sure u want to remove from your search engine !!!!
129621. Gaby Shine Markowitz Hatred & bigotry has no place on google
129620. Roslyn Kaplan Take it out!
129619. Jeff Kaplan  
129618. Sofya  
129617. Yoni Trumper  
129616. Sharon  
129615. Alex Why it's possible to make those things? Nest step will be site that describes that islam is the wonderfull thing and ALL need to be or islamim or dead...
129614. martin Remove JEW WATCH from Google
129613. Dr. Arieh Shafrir How could you allow it in the first place?
129612. Mike Charnas  
129611. Michael Bezman  
129610. hilary P  
129609. mschky  
129608. E. Silverman  
129607. sunny  
129606. msckyh  
129605. Rochelle Falk Google should not support such an offensive site
129604. Spencer Shaw This site is offensive
129603. Marc and Rosie Schatzberger This site is blatantly racist and ought not to be allowed by Google
129602. David Derovan  
129601. Mark Silberstein  
129600. S. Boas  
129599. Edgar Quite upsetting
129598. Stuart Ailion  
129597. jon m  
129596. chaim Behrman  
129595. Clive Rubenstien  
129594. Konstantin  
129593. a  
129592. Debbie Barnett  
129591. jacqueline fruhman  
129590. John Robertson I A GOY, LOVE JUDAISM
129589. Liz Oppedijk  
129588. Estelle Megitt What happened to anti racist laws?
129587. Sandra Glazer This whole site is absolutely disgusting
129586. MR. R.E. BAKER  
129585. Mrs P Lalvani  
129584. Sara Malka  
129583. Jeremy Littlestone  
129582. zarouk  
129581. glynis lipson  
129580. David Roth  
129579. pinhas koven  
129578. Ronnie Rudnitsky  
129577. Ayal Kellman  
129576. Joan Avigur  
129575. Meirav Wallenstein  
129574. rami  
129573. Ivor Newman  
129572. Andy Sapir  
129571. BERDOUGO  
129570. Maja Biton  
129569. Arkady Leonidov  
129568. Alex Klein  
129567. Abi  
129566. Henry Brian Davis Its a blatantly anti-semitic web-site that MUST be taken off the google search engine
129565. epn this site is an abomination
129564. Rodney Berkeley  
129563. Shmuel Kunreich  
129562. David Chalkin  
129561. Orna Zagiel  
129560. Sam Blank  
129559. Jeffrey Kestenberg  
129558. Tamar Gresser  
129557. udi  
129556. Marilou  
129555. steven heller  
129554. steven heller  
129553. zina  
129552. jack goldberg  
129551. Bencion Edelman  
129550. Renee Smid  
129549. Jonathan Berman  
129548. Lucille Edelman  
129547. Michael Uritsky  
129546. Sivan Uritsky  
129545. RUTH URITSKY  
129544. Adam Simmons  
129543. Anna  
129542. Roy Cooper  
129541. Atara Polsky shame on google!
129540. Henry Knobil  
129539. russell he is another anti- human
129538. YJ Forsman  
129537. adi eduard  
129536. Judith Sara Miller Vile and disgusting use of the Internet - what on earth does Google think it is doing to allow such offensive rubbish?
129535. Avigail  
129534. Naomi  
129533. Tricia Wermuth Shame on Google not to check this type of site and have a policy implemented against this appalling type of rhetoric
129532. Raymond Sabbah remove it !
129531. Albert Crego  
129530. Aron Taylor  
129529. D.B.Hershkovitz  
129528. Haim Admor  
129527. Yocheved Gresser  
129526. Nili Yohay  
129525. Kathryn Berman  
129524. ros elbaum  
129523. Gerald David Please URGENTLY remove JewWatch.com from your Search Engine.
129522. simone kasin  
129521. E Raymond  
129520. elisheva  
129519. C Dwek Google should be ashamed of themselves for making this connection
129518. Antony Kintish  
129517. Colin Siskin  
129516. Ester offensive site
129515. lewis diamant  
129514. Miriam Stulman PLEASE REMOVE IT NOW!
129513. Graham  
129512. susannah  
129511. Chavah Jacobs  
129510. yehuda ben-dor  
129509. Sanie Mihael  
129508. effy take those idiots out of there
129507. David Muslin  
129506. Avi Treistman  
129505. Barbara Tsur  
129504. Yael Edelman  
129503. jochanan Ben Dor  
129502. benitah  
129501. Nirit  
129500. BARRY  
129499. martin jackson  
129498. David Tankel  
129497. natalie shaer  
129496. judy cohen  
129495. S. Simmons Sick
129494. susi haffner  
129493. JJ racist site
129492. L. Uliel It should not be possible for any person seeking information about Jews to immediately be linked to such an offensively anti-semitic site
129491. mali  
129490. Dori Shapira  
129489. Josh Hexter  
129488. Symon Cohen  
129487. Gilah Evers let's make pease not troubles
129486. lauren-marice josephson  
129485. Symon Cohen  
129484. yitzchok  
129483. Richard Shama  
129482. Beverley Barnett  
129481. Esther Cohen  
129480. Jon Kalisch  
129479. Daphne Leighton  
129478. Noah Levin Stop the Jew Hate Site & replace with Jewish history site
129477. Moshe  
129476. daniel greenberg  
129475. Ornit Baruch  
129474. Linda Derovan  
129473. m. landau  
129472. david boas  
129471. A Weinberg Please retify
129470. sarah Golan  
129469. Liel Anisenko  
129468. David Turchak  
129467. chana bluma can we please see evidence that google has a social conscience
129466. Warren Marsden  
129465. m weinberg  
129464. Rivka Mark  
129463. Avi Schwartz  
129462. hadar.f  
129461. Michael Fenton Google should be seen to be leading the fight against anti-semitism!
129460. zadok bino  
129459. Inge Sommer  
129458. chen  
129457. Irving Burke Google is also guilty of anti-Jew behaviour
129456. Rocio This is just wrong.
129455. Boris Golberg  
129454. Eyal Dror  
129453. aviv Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
129452. Izi Levy  
129451. Jack Chrapot  
129450. arnold rabinowitz  
129449. Janet Sasson  
129448. dr sam goldman please remove this offensive site
129447. Candy Feldt  
129446. Zoe Keren  
129444. Jonny U  
129443. reuven knoll  
129442. Gila Chrust  
129441. warren shill ge rid of it!!!
129440. Feld  
129439. Ron Kreitman  
129438. Michal Meir  
129437. herbert aber  
129436. Simon  
129435. Marvin Belsky,MD Explain how this disgrace can happen!
129434. Daphna Pollack  
129433. Andrew Rothberg  
129432. John Edward Marks  
129431. Shoshana Grossbard  
129430. Daniel Richard Marks  
129429. philip and karen barron  
129428. Dorothy Brummel  
129427. E Janover  
129426. Naomi Balkin  
129425. julie Goldberg-Botvin  
129424. Barbara Rubinstein  
129422. rita israel good to know hate mongering is being perpetuated
129421. D. Z.  
129420. Adele Shevach  
129419. Marshall (Moshe) Levit  
129418. barbara bentkowsky Reading it made me sick to my stomach!
129417. Susan Hodes  
129415. Vivien Tendler  
129414. Ed Voychuk š
129413. Carol Fuchs  
129412. Dena Brody  
129411. Nita Posner  
129410. Raizel Candib  
129409. Ron Erczmann  
129408. J Schlesinger Remove this abominable site
129407. Limor Schwam  
129406. Abe Zajtman  
129405. Val Kantor  
129404. Pablo Drinberg  
129403. Vard  
129402. jc chava zimmerman  
129401. Betty Levy this site is created to instigate race hate and is criminal
129400. Lizzie Rubin  
129399. Norman Cohn  
129398. haya sobel  
129397. ian kavin  
129396. Ellen Shaffren  
129395. mark coup I am willing to believe in free speech, but also my choice to no longer use google if such hatred shows up at just a simple search.
129394. Andrea Olkin  
129393. Irving Eisenman How could this happen in the 1st place?
129392. Mack Rosenbaum  
129391. Tali Navon  
129390. Carol Feinerman The JewWatch.com website is hateful, disgusting and obscene
129389. Aviva Knoll  
129388. Seth Miller  
129387. Ellen Levy  
129386. Arlene Scheininger  
129385. Garry Arnephy Site is not needed
129384. janet tintner  
129383. Bill Eisner  
129382. Adena Potok This hate material does not belong in a legitimate website for information gathering
129381. susan zeveloff  
129380. Janet MacNeice janet0333@peoplepc.com  
129379. Myron Morris  
129378. ROSA & GLEN GOLISH enough anti-semitisim
129377. Jean Balais  
129376. Lily Goykhman  
129375. selwyn oskowitz google invented the process of grading web pages.This page of dysinformation should not be ranked
129374. Jenny Bihary  
129373. Susan Stein You should be ashamed if you don't do this!
129372. Diana Brackman we don't need more hate in this world, we need understanding and communication without hate.
129371. Zachary Bernstein  
129370. shirley brooks that web site is sickening.
129369. Leslie Fabian  
129368. paul lindenblatt  
129367. Herman Finkler  
129366. Lewis Tann A site not to be cited
129365. Michael Bergman  
129364. Jeffrey Brasch disgusting , can only cause hatred.
129363. Jethro Jacobs  
129362. B Egan  
129361. Bruce Esterman  
129360. Evelyn Dobkin  
129359. Shyanne Derksen  
129358. marvin bronstein offensive and dangerous web site needs removal
129357. Sandra Goldberg Travesty of justice. Put energies into respecting and looking after each other-not teaching hatred. The Jewish Scapegoat is not going to be allowed ever again.
129356. phyllis g. eisenman  
129355. william greenberg  
129354. jack rapp  
129353. paula rackoff  
129352. Adrian Elton  
129351. charlottegladstone  
129350. David Michaels  
129349. J Anderman  
129348. Harold  
129347. Diane Seiden  
129346. melissa goldstein this is awful!
129345. ron morden  
129344. Scott this is a distasteful site
129343. Devorah A  
129342. ROBERTA LEVINE I think you can do better even as a for profit
129341. Rob Kras  
129340. Elizabeth Samit This website promotes hatred and violence toward Jews.
129339. Steve Bernstein  
129338. stu belsy  
129337. M. Michaels  
129336. Tom Pitman  
129335. andrea Ceasar  
129334. Gloria Pepper  
129333. R. Borkum  
129332. Anne Borg Disgusting , that this is allowed !!!! We are all brothers and sisters !
129331. Ted Birnberg  
129330. Doreen M Despicable - this site should be blocked by search engines
129329. Peter  
129328. flora  
129327. michael seelig Vancouver BC Canada
129326. Nurit Altura  
129325. Sandra Feingold still the scapegoat for the world's ills. close it down.
129324. Marilyn Miller lying slimmy trash propaganda stuff, demeaning and disgraceful!!!
129323. Julie hideous. Please remove
129322. Joe Kobzan Get rid of it!!!
129321. Barbara Yamamoto we need to fight for world peace, not hate
129320. philip heilbrunn this connection must be removed immediately
129319. Alan Singer  
129318. Susan Slonim  
129316. hilary sheldon  
129315. dasi weitz  
129314. karen reiner  
129313. Robert Glassman  
129312. Neil Shirvan  
129311. Glen Golish This must be stopped now. This is how hatred around the world continues.
129310. Philip Mayers  
129309. Helena Vaks  
129308. ronnie morris  
129307. Ria Maissel  
129306. derek stephen cohen must be removed
129305. Mrs C. Goldblatt London
129303. Harry Lustig  
129302. Dan Birnbaum  
129300. martin greenberg the site is disgusting and dangerous
129299. Ruth N Rosenbaum  
129298. adrienne robin offensive
129297. Judith Weiss  
129296. Lydia Lustig Please remove this disgusting site
129295. maissel (manoel)  
129294. Bianca  
129293. Dr. Nathan S. Birnbaum  
129292. Dr. Judith Shapiro  
129291. howard kerbel  
129290. Yvette Kaweblum  
129289. Jeanette Leigh This is horrific nazi like propaganda and should be removed immediately!
129288. Noam Rettig  
129287. Lynette Joseph  
129286. M Myer  
129285. Meir Weiss  
129284. yosef Aaron Kaweblum  
129283. miriam lane  
129282. Matti Friedman  
129280. sara sandel  
129279. Donna Gordon  
129278. andrea sischy  
129277. Jeremy Reese this site is an obsenity and should be removed
129276. Jessi  
129275. Oren  
129274. Harvey Barrett  
129273. Rita Silverman  
129272. David Graniewitz  
129271. Daniel Reiff  
129270. pam davis this web site is offensive to all decent people
129269. H. Michel I am appalled that such a site exists. It should be removed immediately
129268. Ahuva Ganchrow  
129267. Frank Goldberg  
129266. Michelle Perris What a shame to have such a site on Google!
129265. RUSSELL RAYE  
129264. p jay  
129263. Lisa Kellman  
129262. Jay Novetsky  
129261. Marion Gayle  
129260. Jason Bodzin, M.D. Disgusting site with nothing but lies and exagerated lies. Why would Google support such a vehemently antisemetic site?
129259. ALEX TAUB I am a user of Google and do not appreciate sponsors of this kind of sites
129258. d jacobs  
129257. Kimberly Graham  
129256. Jason Weinstein I'm surprised Google would participate in disseminating this hatred.
129255. Robin Leszner  
129254. Tahl Kopel  
129253. Richard Krauthamer  
129252. Lorraine Hizami  
129251. Dror Vered  
129250. Danielle Schreiber  
129249. Benjamin Gelfant  
129248. Cyril Young  
129247. Sidney Fleisher I can't beleive it!
129246. ani Brieger  
129245. K. Nachman  
129244. Nancy Perlmutter  
129243. A. Yoel Ben-Arye  
129242. Rachel Lazar  
129241. david galler  
129240. barbara lifshen  
129239. Verna White  
129238. Marvin  
129237. blima wollenberg  
129236. Shari Greenberg  
129235. ALan Dratch You need to be more proactive removing these sites
129234. Carolyn this webisite is disgusting
129233. david rosenblum  
129232. BJ SAUL  
129231. Sylvia Fleischmann  
129230. Georgiann Silverman To not remove this website is to be a party to dangerous hate mongering.
129229. David Dennehy  
129228. Alan Fisher  
129227. Margaret S. Cohen Peace will happen
129226. Eveleen Habib  
129225. steve  
129224. Ofra Levinson  
129223. Daniel Greitzer  
129222. Jack Goldshmidt  
129221. Sean Krausz  
129220. Joel Barries It should not take even 2 complaints to remove hatemail from your search engine.
129219. daniel o  
129218. Michael Greengard  
129217. Lisa Mulkin  
129216. G Dagul  
129215. judith issroff  
129214. Suzanne Showman  
129213. Sarah Angel  
129212. colin dick  
129211. Helene Warburg  
129210. a  
129209. RITA ULLIAN  
129208. blanche lerer  
129207. assaf fitoussi stop hate !
129206. laura lewis mantell  
129205. JERRY KARST  
129204. Gerald I Goodman As the no#1 search engine in the world Google should not be a party to spreading worldwide hatred
129203. Janet Baldinger  
129202. Susan Crowell blatant anti-semitism
129200. Nancy Hallock I'm not a Jew, but a Christian who believes Jesus was a Jew
129199. Jane Habib Anti-semitism is on the rose - please Google do what you can to help eradicate this
129198. meyer  
129197. Christie Mintz  
129196. Kay Katz  
129195. Gerald Barnett Very pleased to sign petition
129194. VF  
129193. yoni gerber  
129192. schabes  
129191. Elizabeth Olswang  
129190. Esther Posner  
129189. Patrick B. Leek  
129188. Peter Olswang  
129187. yoel greenberg  
129185. Sam Hirschman  
129184. ian  
129182. Gloria Lebow-Green What else can be blamed on the Jew!
129181. Ruth and Joe Ryb Please remove the lies.
129180. Bernard Brill This is disgusting and a poor reflection on Google.
129179. dina ruth  
129178. David Greenberg  
129177. hagit greenberg  
129176. Alex Spinrad  
129175. Adi Rubin  
129174. Sandra Cameron  
129173. Avi Let's fight this horrendous antisemetism
129172. Michael Disend JewWatch.com must be removed!
129171. Shyamali please remove this despicable inhumanity
129170. Victor Lewitus  
129169. Yoav Kaufman This site is offensive, please remove it ASAP
129168. Denise Herschberg  
129166. ELI ZIFRONY  
129165. Ruth Vered  
129164. Marilyn Kessler This site should be removed completely.
129163. Eric Andron  
129162. debbie slyper  
129161. Evan Wolk  
129160. Alex Kundin  
129159. binyamin greenberg  
129158. Shoshi Greenberger  
129157. David E.  
129156. Eve Trevorrow (Mrs) For your own good treat all Jews with high regard.
129155. yotam  
129154. ken reiner  
129153. steve gross  
129152. Hedy Mandel terrible site
129151. seth grossman  
129150. oren  
129149. Alan Mandel absolutely sickening site
129148. Yaakov Magness  
129147. Leon Glassman  
129146. Ozi van Straten why is google supplying this site??????
129145. Nicole Failure to remove the site is socially irresponsible.
129144. Dr David Barrett This is pure antisemitism; Goebbels would be proud
129143. Tova Reiner  
129142. Deena Silverman  
129141. Rose Marie Glassman  
129140. Dr Clive Feingold Anti semitic sites should not be tolerated.
129139. Susan Jeswine O'Shea This site makes me - an irish Catholic! - physically ill
129138. Abe It's offensive!
129137. dana  
129136. Karen Evans Please take this off asap
129135. Pinchas Meiri  
129134. Meriam Uze It is shocking to see this on Google!
129133. Barbara Stern This hateful and inflammatory site should be removed immediately.
129132. RON BERGRIN  
129131. Victoria Simanton  
129130. Nigel Jeffrey Esterkin  
129129. Howard Sachs Google should act responsibly and get rid of the site.
129128. itamar strauss  
129127. Lawrence Addlestone  
129126. nina brog  
129125. Rebecca Levin  
129124. Deborah Cohn  
129123. Harvey Nyman  
129122. B. Cohn  
129121. Marji Krausz  
129120. Debbie  
129119. Zvia Ben Chaim These kind of websites shud not be available on google
129118. benny  
129117. Jacob Wisniewski  
129116. ellen warkol  
129115. Yonatan Pachas  
129114. Bev Ian  
129112. David Schneider  
129111. Barbara Wachspress  
129110. fred simon  
129109. jude Habib  
129108. Asher  
129107. Moshe Raider  
129106. Orlando Osuna  
129105. diane brog this is a thoroughly biased and unfounded personal list of antisemitic diatribe
129104. Karla Osuna  
129103. Genady Grinberg  
129102. Leonard Lubin  
129101. seth kowanzu even with the expination, technology can fix this
129100. Sarah L. Richman  
129099. Graciela Gruzman Gerber It is a terrible day in history when a site like yours use anisemitic remarks. Your site should be absolutely unbias in everything you inform the public.
129098. katie  
129097. david schwartz  
129096. SHIFRA ZWICK disgusting
129095. Maurice P Davis This is blatant anti-semitsm
129094. Harve Meskin  
129093. Ken Teacher  
129092. Morris Selevan  
129091. Chana Aranne  
129090. Yif'at Naeh  
129089. Yossi Gerard Elline  
129088. Ralph Rothstein This hidieous site shoots holes in freedom of the press
129087. Mel Gross hate is not included in FREE SPEECH
129086. Alvin Benatovich  
129085. Ronald Gehr  
129084. Ariel Cero tolerance for antisemitism. There has been enough damage done to the Jews.
129083. Stephanie C. Harding  
129082. Buby Nesher  
129081. Harold Abramowitz  
129080. Shimon  
129079. Allon Motzney  
129078. Deborah Abramowitz  
129077. Ariela SHer  
129076. David Nyman  
129075. Diane Stone  
129074. Bernard Stone  
129073. Dalit  
129072. Ardie J Geldman Google can help put and end to the expression of pure sick hatred
129071. Dalit  
129070. Arlene Howard  
129069. Larry Bernstein  
129068. al take out
129067. Eric Rosen  
129066. sandi wosk It is your responibility!
129065. Yvette Jankelowitz What a disgrace, you should be ashamed!! Remove it immediately.
129064. JEFFREY A SILK  
129063. sorah adler  
129062. esther steinhauer That site is hate=mongering at itsworst.
129061. Jerzy M Kornbluh  
129060. anne homa  
129059. w.geater  
129058. ayton lefkowitz  
129057. Rafael Remez any site promoting hatred to any group should be removed.
129056. Daniel Uditsky  
129055. Selwyn Horwich  
129054. Dov Feinerman  
129053. Shirley Horwich  
129052. Michael Glasser Google claims to be so concerned about humans but when it comes to profits the story changes.
129051. Manara Nivron  
129050. Carri Solomon  
129049. Erika Zeisel  
129048. Dani Kollin  
129047. Noa Ashman  
129046. Barry Boas  
129045. Erika Zeisel  
129044. clarissa hyman  
129043. Sara R Gorfinkel  
129042. Nathan Loofe  
129041. Catriel Lev Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine.
129040. Karin Neuman  
129039. Yonah Klein  
129038. Kay appalling we should not have to ask for it to be removed it should have never been on the web at all
129037. Leah Klein  
129036. D Uzick  
129035. Tzivia Jaworowski Please remove JewWatch from Google search engine!!
129034. craig cohen  
129033. Stephen Bisk  
129032. janis prince it is encouraging anti-semitism
129031. Michael Weinstein  
129030. jon berg Unbelievable that this is within the Google Search Engine
129029. m  
129028. Robert E Diefendorf Please remove Jew watch.com from Google search engine
129027. Robbie Danzig  
129026. howard rabinowitz there is no need for this sight
129025. fabiana carmeli  
129024. bernard bouwman  
129023. kathryn remington  
129022. Yoel Polsky  
129021. ronald gottlieb  
129020. David Isaacs  
129019. Eli Adler  
129018. Murray Fink  
129017. marianne  
129016. bernard rader  
129015. Daniel Blake  
129014. Lieba Baumgarten  
129013. Janet Salman  
129012. Dr Michael Gocman This is a very offensive website
129011. Leah Morris  
129010. Henry Leibowitz  
129009. Lisa Zilberpriver  
129008. Sherry Zimmerman  
129007. JacobTal  
129006. Lesley Leigh  
129005. Nili Philipp google shareholder
129004. Hadas Achituv  
129003. Ashi Budik  
129001. Linda McMillan Propaganda and lies and hatred shown.
129000. Briena Klang  
128999. Mark Kreymer  
128998. BERNARD NEWSTEAD D I S T O R T E D, shameful lies !
128997. Michael Daniels  
128994. Sandra Lerman  
128993. Chaim Friedberg  
128992. Deborah Kollin  
128991. jack  
128990. vix  
128989. barry  
128988. Howard Karby  
128987. Jack  
128986. Vicki  
128985. orly  
128984. Irma Rapaport That site is pure antisemitic propaganda, not informational
128983. Rhea Israel shocking site
128982. Anthony  
128981. Debby Ziering š
128980. beryl cohen  
128979. Judita Stavrovsky  
128978. Ronnie  
128977. charles  
128976. Elaine Herrett Disgraceful & Horrific
128975. cynthia blake  
128974. Judy's English  
128973. Michelle Golding Disgraceful
128972. benitah vera  
128971. Ruth Binstock  
128970. Alan Schleider  
128969. Marilyn Hooper  
128968. Larry Sochrin  
128967. shoshie yeshayahu  
128966. Uri Adler We have progressed too far to regress to the bigotry and hatred of the medieval period
128965. Larry Simmoons  
128964. Leora Adam please remove it now!
128963. Evey Schleider  
128962. Irv Chiott  
128961. Edward Markov  
128960. alisa rachel racism and prejuidice will destroy the world-zero tolerance required!
128959. cynthia  
128958. Gunter F Lawson  
128957. Tina L Remove this offensive site Immediately
128956. laura goldman  
128955. Paul  
128954. I Friedman  
128953. Keshet Rosenstein  
128952. Brenda and Laurence Elton This site must be withdrawn forthwith. It is deeply offensive
128951. ella hoffman  
128950. Amanda Bloom Remove this divisive, destructive, obnoxious site PLEASE!!!
128949. Jillian Myers  
128948. Joan Ganchrow  
128947. David Lease  
128946. stefano  
128945. Ardyn Parish  
128944. Judith Lebovits Never expected this on GOOGLE!!
128943. Dominique Sabbah  
128942. Michael Weintraub  
128941. Zvi Levin  
128940. Ronnie E Tessler  
128939. Juliet Milkens It was very painful to read - in the same way that Islamic anti-Jewish hate speech and writings are - but how can Google be forced to amend or remove?
128938. Mina Kupfermann  
128937. Mark Ganchrow  
128936. Michael Verrier A disgrace that a hate site given such prominence on Google.
128935. Pavel Yoffe The claimers must feel and uderstand their (their?) mony is not "universal force" - that's mony, not more. Every one who hopes that the islamic terror is directed against "tham" not him/her personally has learn after John Donne:"No man is island.."
128934. J Dackman  
128933. Ted Yaron  
128932. Shirley A. Rish  
128931. Frieda  
128930. Avi Frenkel  
128929. Carole Linden  
128928. batsheva  
128927. Chana Gorodischer  
128926. Joseph Gorodischer  
128925. Murray H. Shapiro  
128924. Shirley Suchy What a disgrace!
128923. David Kravitz  
128922. Genia Heckscher  
128921. Alan Morinis  
128920. Lily Navon  
128919. Moshe Wieder  
128918. LEISER disgusting
128917. Lynne and Ellie Trybuch We are assuming you did not know about this and now that you do you will remove it from the number one site
128916. jenni  
128915. mark gishen racist pigs
128914. sam hanson remove that site
128913. Shana  
128912. Lance Kawesch  
128911. Cindy Munn  
128910. Brian Segal I am utterly disgusted
128909. VB Phillips This is a Hate site. Remove at once.
128908. Cecile Gromis  
128907. Saul Klein  
128906. Eileen Walker This should be taken off immediately
128905. Rebecca Schneck  
128904. dalia wallach  
128903. knafo  
128902. Michael Schneck  
128901. Jay Zitter  
128900. Judith Schneck  
128899. Stephan Dais please remove the anti-semetic website immediately
128898. Asher B  
128897. ellen  
128896. Ilan Yitzhak  
128895. Peleg Morris  
128894. John Clifford  
128893. Estee D  
128892. Daniel Price What a disgrace
128891. Mark Mendelson Completely vile and disgusting. An affront on intelligence. Unbelievable that Google would feature such a site.
128890. Malcolm Weinstein You should be ashamed.
128889. Nigel Landsman  
128888. judith garshofsky get rid of the site
128887. Peter Katz  
128886. Boris Chenkis Please remove immediately
128885. IZZY ZUBER  
128883. Martha Flom Shameful
128882. Lauren K This is despicable and must be removed now.
128881. Chaye Kohl Please put the anti-semitic site in another spot on your list.
128880. S. Gershi  
128879. S. Gershi  
128878. Valerie Miller  
128877. Kelly Bentley disgusting remove it!!
128876. bernard ratowitz  
128875. Suzanne Bitensky  
128874. Hasja Eitje  
128873. Jennifer Baum  
128872. Lawrence Friedman  
128871. Joseph G. Keter  
128870. amar  
128869. Bruria Hammer-Bleich  
128868. audrey adler this site must be obliterated!
128867. Barry Landzbaum  
128866. Viva Hammer  
128865. ISRAEL Rachel antisemitism = big human shame
128864. Yisrael Eliezer The "jewwatch" site site violates Google's Webmaster Guidelines, as well as all human deceny. It should be removed immediately.
128863. Olya Khaleelee  
128862. Sara Gold  
128861. merrill cohen  
128860. Yehudit Elgavi  
128859. David  
128858. Avrom Weissman Racism and bigotry should not be encouraged.
128857. Jonathan Gomez  
128856. irene birman  
128855. Gail Levy  
128854. amy disgusted that this website has not been removed
128853. Barry Marcus  
128852. Richard B Hoffman  
128851. Rozanne Polansky An offensive site
128850. Jack  
128849. Benno Mekimi Do the right thing
128848. Ian Hollender Yes I agree - remove the racist site
128847. james cohen this is a disgrace, please remove the site
128846. M & C Levine  
128845. hahll  
128844. Richard Wanderman  
128843. Leah Schulberg  
128842. Jeremy Absolute disgrace!
128841. J. Craimer  
128840. Alissa Levine  
128839. Fern Malka  
128838. laurence broch  
128837. Norm Klein  
128836. Mike Gale  
128835. p. shapiro a must!
128834. Irene Berman  
128833. Vasilii  
128832. rena levi  
128831. Stacey Greenfield  
128830. Isaac Schwartz  
128829. sybil bernfeld this is totally unacceptable for any rational human being...
128828. Avrum Drazin  
128827. rafi freeman This site is disgusting-please remove the link
128826. Lewis Berenson  
128825. Ian Raskin  
128824. Lynnette Gruenhut  
128823. Elaine Radu I guess Never Again does not hold too much water, does it? This is pathetic; and from educated men.
128822. Joel  
128821. Shirley Gur  
128820. Dr. A. M. Solomons  
128819. suzanne Broch  
128818. Jehudith Friedman  
128817. Dr. Shimshon Berkovits  
128816. William P. Parisi This is really disgusting and an insult.
128815. leslie rothman  
128814. veronica Kennard  
128813. Jessica Lerer this is a disgrace
128812. Michael Dar  
128810. Larry W. Cawhorn Jews are Gods chosen People
128809. Andrea Cummings This is how wars are started
128808. G Bernstein  
128807. Phil Duscovitch-Davis  
128806. Leonard Margulies Is Google's mission to promote hate?
128805. Terry McCorran That site is a disgrace
128804. Laya Levine please remove this antisemitic literature from this site
128803. sara green  
128802. frieda bier  
128801. Peter Cooperberg  
128800. Henry Wechsler  
128799. Julian Sloman  
128798. Anthony  
128797. Mirjam Weiss  
128796. Riki Ruckenstein  
128795. miriam dabush  
128794. rivkah Hammer get rid of the racism google!
128793. Dr. Marc Gelkopf  
128792. Ditza & Schmaya Goshen remove right away this sick hatred
128791. vincent  
128790. Jonathan Grauman  
128789. Joan Tansky  
128788. Judith Fay Usiskin  
128786. Martin Wolfson  
128785. Eric Rabin  
128784. Aharon Spiewak  
128783. Jennie Beal  
128782. Val Lowerson the world needs peaceful co existance not hatred
128781. Adela Forestier-Walker this is seriously a dreadful site, please consider removing this from Google
128780. Marion Diefendorf  
128779. Yudke and Nurit grossman  
128778. Muller J.J. just discusting !
128777. Cecile Jacobson Google should discourage antisemitism, not give it a voice.
128776. Phyllis Goldstein  
128775. Mike Abramov  
128774. Roey Gilad  
128773. Lisa Shirvan  
128772. Melanie Litz  
128771. Mrs Deborah Garson Please remove this - it is disgraceful!!
128770. Rabbi R Garson Please remove this site ASAP.
128769. maurice Kamienny  
128768. Tania  
128767. Hillel Levin Remove this anti-semitism
128766. Keith Shenkin  
128765. Harriet Stavsky  
128764. Mandy Brass  
128763. Barbara Szeinfeld  
128762. Hank Goldschmidt SHAME
128761. samama  
128760. sari This is a disgrace!!! How dare they!!
128759. Eliezer Rachaman  
128758. Dr Ellen Schur  
128757. Jo Cohen  
128756. Bryna Malitzky  
128755. Gloria Greenfield Do your part to build a civil society; remove JewWatch.com
128754. Frank Adam  
128753. Michael  
128752. yaakov kanovsky  
128751. Adrian Kay the site is a blight on the search engine.
128750. Aliza Weinberg  
128749. Noel Levin  
128748. Bernard yaffe  
128747. sofer shiri  
128745. Michael D Tees Please remove as soon as possible
128744. G. Shames INSULTING! Not to be tolerated!
128743. Marsha Goldstein  
128742. David Goldstein  
128741. Amanda Bradley  
128740. Avi Goldstein  
128739. Anthony Dennison this site is a disgrace and anyone opposed to racism should object to it
128738. AJ Nathen offensive & I will start using other search venues if this isn't corrected promptly
128737. Pinni Flescher This appalling display of antisemitism must be dealt with asap
128736. richard manville this is pure anti-semitism
128735. Yishai Levenglick  
128734. David Mort  
128733. dave singer  
128732. yair kahn  
128731. Dr. Joseph Templeman  
128730. Debbie Jacobs  
128729. David Danzer  
128728. Len Horwich I think this site is racist, antisemitic and unacceptable
128727. Abe Erdynast  
128726. Dr. Natalya Belinsky  
128725. Adrienne Dodi shameful
128724. Bert Rabinovitch
128723. Brian Kerner  
128722. Tara Lechartier So many of his docs are 'why such and such might have happened or might have been Jewish' this 'humble librarian' is not interested in truth whatever he says, he is obsessed and in my opinion somewhatt sick. Has he nothing better to do? Like the Jews don' have enough deractors.. Google, please remove, we know you are not aversed to some censorship, re operations in China. This rubbish should no be given such a wide audience.
128721. James Lasry  
128720. Y HARRIS  
128719. jonathan leffell  
128718. Sandra & Joseph Dahan  
128717. Eleanor Ziff-Corb  
128716. rosenzweig, ephraim Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher ( Der Stuermer ) could not have done better
128714. Gwen Horwitz  
128713. ari  
128712. Lisa gold  
128711. Eva Bar-Selah I am horrified that google is promoting anti semitism
128710. Neville Davis  
128709. Max  
128708. Dan Feigelson  
128707. Alan Cass  
128706. Eileen Schnitzler  
128705. jacob lax pure anti-semitism, worthy of David Irving
128704. Joseph Schnitzler  
128703. hughie weiner  
128702. Doron Remove this anti-semitic nonsense
128701. Sue  
128700. Judah Harris  
128699. Angela L. Harris  
128698. Hambuger  
128697. Shaul Levine hello its 2007
128696. Jeremy Marlow It should be removed completely
128695. Gerald Kirsh I was horrified when I went into your search engin and found that the petitioners were correct.
128694. Aubrey Shaw  
128693. Dr. Brenda Bacon  
128692. Jane Foreman  
128691. steven sass  
128690. Orit Nechama Belkin  
128689. Adele Winter  
128688. fred horowitz  
128687. Mona R. Nobil  
128686. Bryan Reuben First time I have been told Lenin and Stalin were Jews
128685. Carol Haber  
128684. zvi markuszower  
128683. Margaret and Cyril Blake Deeply offensive and designed to cause intentional friction and harm to all Jews world-wide
128682. Sara G. Dembrow It's a sad commentary in this day and age.
128681. adam b  
128680. Avraham Harris I protest the fact that a vehemently anti-semitic site (or any anti-semitic site) appear in google's results for the word "Jew" - particularly on the first page of results!
128679. dorit martin  
128678. Brigitte Goldberg Discusting
128677. Alon Goldberg  
128676. bernard groszman  
128675. Karen End the hate.
128674. Aharon Goldberg Absolutely discusting and amazing that there are people like that
128673. doreen gerson  
128672. Emma Kelly  
128671. Johnny Back  
128670. Kenneth Hochberg  
128669. Sol Goldberg  
128668. Sharon Ben Zion  
128667. Michelle  
128666. mARCIA gREENWALD  
128665. Karen Harris  
128664. S Neumann Anti-semitic-anti any religion comments should not be tolerated
128663. Avi Levy  
128662. Hilary Ben Yitzchak  
128661. sonya rabin  
128660. Olivia Gold  
128659. Rosalyn Jews have had to survive in the most horrible situations and circumstances since Judaism was created. They were persecuited all over the world and almost anialated, slaughtered, hunted down and killed by Gentiles, Muslims and other religious organisations. Just look at history. When people start to use religion as an excuse to blame others for their misfortune - this is a sure way to wars and distruction. It's time to stop blaming and start taking responsablilty of our future - a future without racial preferences, where all people are considered equal, have a right to live happily, in harmony with their neighbours. Let's stop making the same mistakes like in the past and start creating a better future for this wonderfull earth !
128658. michael rabin  
128657. henry stern  
128656. Gisele Gross A venomous site filled with misinformation
128655. Helen Horwich  
128654. debby burke  
128653. Lawrence Radley  
128652. Laia Ben-Dov  
128651. Osh Levy  
128650. Marc Weiss  
128649. Sam as a jew, i am seriously offended by this racist website. also amy winehouse is a fittie.
128648. David Plein Disgusting
128647. Ray Fisher  
128646. esther rodzynek  
128645. Juliet Collins  
128644. Michael Toben  
128643. Yonatan  
128642. daniel covo  
128641. Michael Newman  
128640. Shirley March This site can only increase the current trend towards antisemitism
128639. Howard  
128638. Filippo Netzer I'm not saying that the Librarian's stories are all wrong and of course there are many bad apples in every religion, but we should not single them out, this only causes unnecesary hatred. It's irrelevant if the webmaster has good intentions, the website is de-facto a source of inspiration for would-be suiciders, bombers etc. Besides that, how could it possibly come out as the first result in google?
128637. Anthony Cowan  
128636. Aryeh Wanderman  
128635. Di Kuchar  
128634. David  
128633. Brett Radley  
128632. S. Abramson  
128631. Marc Heller  
128630. David Eichler  
128629. donald sharpe  
128628. amatsya haeitan  
128627. Sharon Heller  
128626. Sidney Wagner Typical ignorance
128625. Moses Anahory  
128624. Geoff  
128623. hanna wanderer  
128622. Ron Isaacs  
128621. Adrian Jacobs  
128620. Daniel Rudich  
128619. Michal Staszewski  
128618. beryl solomons  
128617. naomi benari  
128616. Michelle Gross  
128615. Lucille Kreimerman  
128614. Shlomo Herzberg  
128613. Bea Kriger The Internet is a historically unprecedented manifestation of freedom of speech gone wild. There must be some Google-y algorithmic way to keep sites like these from gaining the free publicity they seek.
128612. Sydney Shenker  
128611. jane webber this is pure hatred and poisoned lies
128610. Warren Zauer  
128609. Jerome B. Rosenfeld Poses as scholarly but with racist intent.
128608. George Kalman Lying is not free speach.
128607. Myrna Sternfield  
128606. C J Kurrant The Google slogan, "Do no Evil", in my opinion, also includes the concept of not enabling evil
128605. sinai  
128604. Serah Beizer  
128603. Yoel  
128602. Jonathan Wittenberg  
128601. J. V. Seymour  
128600. Miranda Wirth Google needs ethics too!
128599. Gil Lieberman Removal will be much appreciated.
128598. Alec Saul Me thinketh the man protesteth to much
128597. N Indyk  
128596. Judith Indyk  
128595. Family Wallis  
128594. melanie shaw remove antisemitism
128593. Delburgo Carolina  
128592. Bryna Epstein  
128591. Simon Greenspan  
128590. Judith Snow  
128589. Susan Nagus  
128588. Brian Fink The site sickened me
128587. Keith Snow  
128586. julian head  
128585. Peter Cohen  
128584. Carole Sandberg This sort of hatred and lies needs to be stopped.
128583. lilach head  
128582. r moskow  
128581. c moskow horrified that google stoops to this level
128580. Devorah Kleinberg It's trash
128579. Edith Ariav Chazan  
128578. David Patchick  
128577. Lesley Howard  
128576. Danielle  
128575. Pinchas Levinson  
128574. chana cahal  
128573. jackie schapira  
128572. Jay Lifshen  
128571. David Fendel  
128570. Chaim Nagus  
128569. Mechi Fendel  
128568. ashley grossman  
128567. Dolly Gregor REMOVE
128566. Zigmund Gregor REMOVE
128565. roberto jakob  
128564. Wendy Zinner Google is assisting the very forces that wish to destroy democracy
128563. Clive Burton The hatred spills over
128562. M Isaacs  
128561. Cyril Atkins  
128560. yehuda  
128559. Daniel Berend  
128558. Ronny Dar  
128557. Ian Cawley As an American, this not so gentle man should be ashamed of himself
128556. Hattab Jocelyn M.D.  
128555. jacky patchick  
128554. Lior  
128553. Avraham Parnes  
128552. Michelle Lewis  
128551. David Segal This couldn't be more disgusting!
128550. Esther Segal Absolutely apalling website!!!
128549. Geoffrey Landau  
128548. Ohayon Elka  
128547. Isaac Benaroya  
128546. judith  
128545. alan meinhardt gossels  
128544. Judy Sha'anani  
128543. Itzhak Ostashinsky disgrace
128542. CATHY  
128541. Dr. Doron Mason This site is not information; it is distortion and hate-mongering
128540. Dr Gary Weisinger Why spread hatred not tolerance?
128539. hindy tolwin rascist site
128538. marilyn safran  
128537. jeffrey brooks  
128536. debby brooks disgusting
128535. anna Hersh  
128534. Karen Daube  
128533. mitchell parver  
128532. Ruth Harow  
128531. Annice Grinberg  
128530. Dov Zehavi  
128529. Jessica Sectzer this is awful. Google should at least place this low on the google cache and not be assisting antisemitism.
128528. Deborah Bitcover  
128527. Issie Shochat In anticipation but not hopeful.
128526. Raffi Rembrand  
128525. RUTH LAST  
128524. Edna Flansberg Its a hate site /
128523. Gerald Flansberg Freedomof speech has limits.
128522. Lee Spetner  
128521. Ana Cohen  
128520. RITA ELHIANI  
128519. orli  
128518. Bruce Robin Actually the first few sites are anti-semetic and should be removed
128517. Edward Conroy Disgusting hiding the truth
128516. Rosalind Karby  
128515. Shimon Glick, MD  
128514. Leon Gelkoff  
128513. gershon  
128512. Felisa Grant Remove Jew watch
128511. karen klavan  
128510. Shaul Davidovitch  
128509. Rowena Melman  
128508. J kleinman  
128507. Steven Cizma CPA What happened in China??
128506. Stuart Garrie  
128505. Paul K Lerer  
128504. Saul H. Chapman, Ph.D.  
128503. VIV KALUS  
128502. Isaac Barsky  
128500. Charles Cutter  
128499. Peter Eizenberg  
128498. J Stelzer  
128497. Andrew W Siegal, Ph.D.  
128496. yitzie  
128495. elaine shnitkind  
128494. seena cohen  
128493. David Fishman  
128492. Naomi Daina How awful! This will not help the world be at peace.
128491. Valerie Goldburt, MD, PhD please remove this site
128490. Samuel Schleman  
128489. Shoshanna R. Schilit  
128488. debbie rechtman  
128487. Stanley I. Cullen, M.D.  
128486. Mark Dranov GOOGLE should self-censor so as to reject any racist publication, as a matter of principle and as a matter of preserving its image as a responsible world citizen
128485. Esther Lerer please remove this horrible website ASAP
128484. gary nash  
128483. Brett Goldin  
128482. Lloyd Klein This is clearly a hate speech website
128481. Chaye Warburg  
128480. Cynthia Lewis  
128479. Howard Marx remove this from google
128478. Dimitry Tsap this ia a diabolical website
128477. E. Komarova  
128476. anne koster  
128475. Harry Engel  
128474. Jessica  
128473. John Schwarz  
128472. Moshe Greenberger this is terrible!!!! remove it now!!!!!!!!!
128471. Rose Schwarz  
128470. yossi jablonski  
128469. Stanley Smith  
128468. Jonathan Finkelstein Not up to google's standards
128467. Cynthia and Brian Godfrey This is carrying freedom of speech a mite too far, and this site should be immediately closed down
128466. shari alter please remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine!!
128465. Jane Schneider  
128464. Kenneth N. Corber  
128463. Susan Corber  
128462. JTaback  
128461. arnold henry  
128460. Bill Klein  
128459. Jack Arbiser  
128458. Henry B. Goldstein  
128457. Nancy Prague  
128456. Leby Weissmann  
128455. L Snow  
128454. Daniel Mark Siegel  
128453. Sam Langer  
128452. Miriam Amato  
128451. B Tucker  
128450. arthur rosenblum  
128449. Pa ul & Renate Linton  
128448. michael j. Franzblau  
128447. sue kay  
128446. Lois Eisenman  
128444. chaya froehlich  
128443. nena blake  
128442. Dan Shrager  
128441. marilyn abramovitz This is despicable. Would you allow a "negro watch" or an "Islam watch"?
128440. Alan R Shalita, M.D.  
128439. Stephen Manning  
128438. Edward M. Cross Google has no obligation to promote hatred. By permitting the JewWatch website to operate on Google, then Google itself is supporting anti-semitism. This is not a political issue on which there can be two sides each right in some way. This is unacceptable promotion of anti-semtiism..
128437. Stephen Manning  
128436. Hyme Levy this site is an insult to humanity
128435. Ashley Kaye  
128434. J. Questle  
128433. Ralph Greenberger  
128431. judith schachter  
128430. asher  
128429. R Selby  
128428. Robert Zinner I am appalled that google could assist in increasing hatred by allowing lies to be spread through their search engine.
128427. stephen dennis we have racism law thank god lets use them
128426. David rosenberg  
128425. ronald black  
128424. david wolf  
128423. Geoff and Rachel Marks  
128422. C Pass  
128421. Don Saliman  
128420. Sally Mintz Levy and family  
128419. raphael jaworowski  
128418. Jeffrey Teitelbaum  
128417. Devora Mayron Sick
128416. Ann Marks  
128415. David Marks  
128414. Dov  
128413. Aaron Parnes  
128412. Larry Braun  
128411. Doreen King  
128410. Sue Vogel  
128409. harvey taback  
128408. Donna Marlowe God says, I will curse them who curse thee, (Israel) and bless them who bless thee. Cursings to JewWatch.com
128407. Joy Toperoff  
128406. Linda Baharier I thought after the court case against David Irving we shouldn't have to put up with this
128405. Jack Lieblich Do it please, you know it is right.
128404. Leon Schorr  
128403. Doni  
128402. Rochelle Graubard You should be more careful in what you print.
128401. Chana Samuels  
128400. Dr. Denis MacEoin  
128399. Hedy Smith  
128398. U. L Ross  
128397. Janet Clifford  
128396. avril d. shaw  
128395. Yosef Freedland  
128394. sandra eros  
128393. sam drazin  
128392. Raquel  
128391. Sharon Ward  
128390. Hershel Feldman Please remove this repulsive website from your search engine.
128389. Baila Aspler  
128388. sara fine-meltzer  
128387. Louis Frydman  
128386. Judy Weiss  
128385. Eve Feldman  
128384. Mechael Kanovsky  
128383. John Diamond  
128382. Gershon Simkins  
128381. robert steen  
128380. Laurence Blitz  
128379. Isaak Rapoport  
128378. Zipora Polachek Google can do better than this. Don't lend a hand to vitriolic hatred on the Web
128377. E. Sherman  
128376. Mark Spanglet  
128375. Byron Rubin  
128374. Jerrold Aspler Disgusting site
128373. Benjamin Fass, MD outrageous
128372. tikva mazal  
128371. Elvira Weintraub Please can you remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine.
128370. Mrs: H.Palmer  
128369. judith edelstein  
128368. I silberman  
128367. wolf Rita  
128366. jay pasteranck  
128365. Stuart Palmer  
128364. noreen firestone  
128363. irving ziderman  
128362. Sheldon Kirshner  
128361. Rachel  
128360. brenda Glick  
128359. Diana Rosenfelder  
128358. Brian Smith Not to remove this site is antisemitic in fact, even if not in intent.
128357. Adam Vincze  
128356. Vera Kwiat  
128355. G Macmull You can't expect the truth from ignorant anti-semites.
128354. SAMAMA  
128353. Geula Zamist  
128352. Ilana Rosen  
128351. Maya Lebow  
128350. Francine Kahn Benreuven  
128349. Nahum Finkelstein  
128348. mirry reich  
128347. Dr Simon Barnard  
128346. Naomi Feldheim  
128345. Audrey Samuels  
128344. moshe cohen  
128343. Philip Benson This site is indecent anti-semitism at its offensive worst
128342. E Smith  
128341. elaine katz  
128340. d baum this sight is a disgrace and offensive
128339. Ora Zimmer  
128338. Ora Zimmer  
128337. Yael  
128336. Sydney Miller Disgraceful
128335. Harvey Bordowitz  
128334. LEO WINTER  
128333. David Simon  
128332. Mark  
128331. Joan Feldheim  
128330. howard j. zirkin  
128329. MIRIAM Shame on you !!!!
128328. Phyllis G. Weintraub  
128327. Natan and Rachel Lobel  
128326. h.rubin disgracefull
128325. Frank Beck  
128324. Lisa Amitai  
128323. Kara Aharon  
128322. Judy Remove it!
128321. Leonard Solomon  
128320. Meir Malinsky  
128319. netta canfi  
128318. Anna Thee  
128317. Gillian Solomon  
128316. yona leibovici  
128315. S Colman  
128314. David Quint  
128313. Marilyn Cytryn  
128312. Karin Rebel-Ahlqvist  
128311. Jacob Mandelblum How much is Google paid to put on this garbage ?
128310. laurence miller you should be ashamed to allow this site
128309. Jonathan  
128308. Shmuel HaLevi Enough is enough from that element!
128307. Charlene Herman  
128306. Ora Perlman  
128305. julie  
128304. Leopold Rapoport  
128303. Reeva Helman  
128302. Robert Freudmann  
128301. Michael Markiewicz  
128300. Yehudit Ben-Yehuda  
128299. joe pepper  
128298. mark Katz, London  
128297. Ruth Heller  
128296. Zalmi Unsdorfer As soon as possible
128295. Aviva Perlmutter  
128294. john  
128293. Alfred Lex  
128292. ruth shasha  
128291. gerry bender  
128290. roy shasha  
128289. Nadja Wozonig  
128288. susan kershner  
128287. S l Mund  
128286. Reschofsky  
128285. Grinberg  
128284. V.W. Greene Disgraceful and Dangerous!
128283. Natalie Green  
128282. Debbie Kali  
128281. Celia and Lionel Berger  
128279. Horacio Knobel  
128278. Faure  
128277. Charles Oren List of Jewish assasins is remarkably short, even for this site. Google would not provide enough space for a list of Muslim assasins.
128276. Adele Brown  
128275. Eve Finkelstein  
128274. Ivor Brown  
128273. Elkan  
128272. Loridan-Ivens Marceline no
128271. Derek Kershner  
128270. Liana Giorgi  
128269. Barrie Greenson This site legitamizes hatred,
128268. Nia  
128267. Ronald J Pohoryles This site is incredible. In Austria this person would be jailed according to the Austrian legislation against racism and anti-semitism.
128266. Archie Granot  
128265. franklin kaye  
128264. Hannah Blachman  
128263. marcia schachter  
128262. becker  
128261. Bob Gilmour  
128260. Philippe Duchene  
128259. Israel Simkiins Surely the perpretators of this site can be traced and duly dealt with?
128258. michael j franzblau  
128257. Mr. Mats Olofsson  
128256. Sid Bass  
128255. Hanna Ringart  
128254. Jakob Ringart  
128253. Ola Steinberg  
128252. Slutzki  
128251. Asher Cailingold Disgusting garbage
128250. BRONSTEIN  
128249. Harif  
128248. norman heifetz why is Google allowing hatred of Jews in their search engine?
128247. GEBEROWICZ  
128246. Faye Bass  
128245. maria linde  
128244. edelson yvonne  
128243. ceyrac  
128242. A. Khere a forum of a sick exhibitionist
128241. Wlodek Gdanski  
128240. Birgitta Janai  
128239. thioly antoine  
128238. thioly clemence  
128237. thioly daphne  
128236. Bo Sallmander  
128235. Mi Grandin  
128234. Mag. Benedikt Leon  
128233. Bernhard Stohn  
128232. Dr. Christoph Leon  
128231. David Aaronson  
128230. Jorge Rosenblat  
128229. Prozac Fluoxetine
128228. gilad h  
128227. abraham narkes  
128226. ruth narkes  
128225. Guil Shattah  
128224. Peter Schwarz  
128223. michael koch  
128222. Ines Cheja Es una verguenza para el ser humano,que se permita existir a un sitio así!!!!
128221. Joav Ungar unfortunately, this is shocking
128220. danielle  
128219. gabriela elizabeth gruschky please remove
128218. Anna Lee  
128217. Carlos Alberto Holsman  
128216. snoopy  
128215. natan  
128214. Yuval S  
128213. gideon dror  
128212. Dr S Z Levine Please remove this terrible anti-semtic site!
128211. Claude Wolf  
128210. Ester Levy leave us alone, we have suffered enough
128209. yaniv gat "salvation is from the jews" / the words of christ
128208. John Counsell (580 CFRA AM Ottawa, Canada) Lou Dobbs: Acknowledged that "they [the Bush administration] are creating a New World Order," 1/9/07. Dobbs said, "It's a straight forward assault by the elitists"; "it's a stealth agenda by the private corporate elite" and; "it's the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States." Daytime TV Ratings: June 18-22/07 (Compared To Last Week/Compared To Last Year) 1.Y&R 5,361,000 (-60,000/-289,000) 2. B&B 3,694,000 (-188,000/-529,000) 3. GH 3,345,000 (+187,000/-49,000) 4. OLTL 3,198,000 (+234,000/-237,000) 5. AMC 3,019,000 (+143,000/-363,000) 6. ATWT 2,815,000 (-145,000/-439,000) 7. DOOL 2,688,000 (+41,000/-711,000) 8. GL 2,552,000 (-106,000/-426,000) 9. PSN 1,783,000 (-46,000/-156,000) Logan Act: Any citizen of USA, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any.....
128207. Lowell Green (580 CFRA AM Ottawa, Canada) 2 Acts of Tyranny: Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.: On 10/17/06, 'a date which will live in infamy'...there were two acts of tyranny committed. The 1st was a public signing of the 'Military Commissions Act of 2006' which suspended habeas corpus allowing the president to declare you an 'enemy combatant' and end your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment
128206. John Counsell (580 CFRA AM Ottawa, Canada) Lou Dobbs: Acknowledged that "they [the Bush administration] are creating a New World Order," 1/9/07. Dobbs said, "It's a straight forward assault by the elitists"; "it's a stealth agenda by the private corporate elite" and; "it's the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States." Daytime TV Ratings: June 18-22/07 (Compared To Last Week/Compared To Last Year) 1.Y&R 5,361,000 (-60,000/-289,000) 2. B&B 3,694,000 (-188,000/-529,000) 3. GH 3,345,000 (+187,000/-49,000) 4. OLTL 3,198,000 (+234,000/-237,000) 5. AMC 3,019,000 (+143,000/-363,000) 6. ATWT 2,815,000 (-145,000/-439,000) 7. DOOL 2,688,000 (+41,000/-711,000) 8. GL 2,552,000 (-106,000/-426,000) 9. PSN 1,783,000 (-46,000/-156,000) Logan Act: Any citizen of USA, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any.....
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128189. dr. tommy farkas google must remove that site and stand to its own ethical standards
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128184. Rosalyn and irwin Engelman  
128183. Dr. Roberto B. Soldinger  
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128179. Gershon Lustig It's racist lies are upseting
128178. Sandra Leigh Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google search engine.
128177. Linda Fassberg This outrage must be changed!
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128156. John In the Jewish Dictionary, "hate" is defined as anything a Jew disagrees with. "Anti Semite" is defined as anyone a Jew does not like. Why is it that you Jews exploit the entire world for your own benefit, and then have the nerve to always claim victimhood status? And anyone who tries to question your M.O. is labeled as a "racist", "anti semite", "hater" or "extremist". DISGUSTING!!!! You are the manipulative, self-serving, greedy parasites of mankind........
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128112. E Hunt Please remove hate sites per your policy, Google.
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128068. Sara Lederman Please remove this site of lies and intolerance. Thank you.
128067. Julius Kaufman This is a disgrace, I am requesting it be removed immediately.
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128033. Carole Goldfarb The promotion of hate sites cannot be condoned.
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128023. Josephine Borut What a hateful, awful thing for Google to allow!
128022. Michael Prevor There is enough hate in this world without your help
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127999. Aileen Novick Whoever was responsible for listing this vicious site on Google is obviously a virulent anti-Semite.
127998. Doreen Shame on You! You should know better then that. We went through the Holocaust and now the Terrorism in the world, where people want us all dead, Christian and Jews, because of our freedom believes. Don’t you feel that you are misrepresenting yourself and putting your name to shame in the business world. you could do well without it, without standing behind what i hope you don't approve... WE ARE NOT GOING TO GOOGLE ANYMORE IF YOU NOT TAKING IT DOWN. And who we are? We are a very large Jewish and Christian community who think different from you
127997. Elizabeth Aizer  
127996. Leonard Lichtblau  
127995. Robert Shorin I read your repudiation of the charges of anti-semitism. But you should also refuse to publish obvious lies, prejudicial statements, and hate-inspiring messages.
127994. aaron aiken  
127993. Arlene Wittels A disgrace
127992. Dr Stanley Greenberg  
127991. Lawrence Elowsky  
127990. Patricia Della Valle  
127989. Joseph Mrantz purely hate-mongering
127988. Shirley Grubin It's amazing such informtion can be obtained over the internet. Is nothing sacred in this world? I hope Google wll handle this matter the way it should be. Thank you.
127987. Ellen Lowitt  
127986. Gina Please remove this disgusting website
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127980. Evelyn Rubin Disappointed in Google
127979. Leilani Hi all!
127978. Braxton I like your logo. It very impressive, many thanks. Good resources here. Thanks!
127977. taikaish  
127976. Enoch Braude Disgusting, sick site
127975. Lisa Meese When does ignorance stop? It is so easy to read, or hear from a source that has no facts, but infact, only writes and tells of tales that is easy to digest and repeat. hate is very easy, but listening to ones own conscience and knowing now, in the 21st century mans in humanity to man, the past , (holocaust}, must be believed. See and hear what is going on in the presence! There are those who have absolutely no respect for human life....each and every day! It's so easy to believe what is fed to us, rather than the truth.....because it's so much easier to swallow!!
127974. k. sidney neuman  
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127967. ruth siegel shame on you.....
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127965. Selig, Shlomo very important to get this site off of the net in order to end at least one thing that causes racial prejudice
127964. Alan Scheimer  
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127957. Glen Hammer Google you should be ashamed for not finding this yourselves
127956. Abigail Ferstein Pure Ignorance
127955. Ed Shaffer can't believe that you would permit this !
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127936. Linda Gershater Any website that spews hatred in any form should be a lot more difficult to access.
127935. David S. Weill  
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127933. h september  
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127931. bbbarlow  
127930. Allen H. Stein It is unconscionable to support this hatemonger by directing anyone to his hate propaganda.
127929. MARGOT S. HELFERD What an anti-semetic babble this is!
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127916. Rachel Cohen  
127914. Hannah Grant this is a racist site- how can google allow it????
127913. Anthony Weston You own the media. You gag opposition. You deny holocaust deniers the right to present evidence in court because it would deprive you parasites of money and status as the world's professional victims. You disgust me. You have permission to publish my name ONLY along with this comment in full.
127912. jerry borofsky disgraceful that google allows it
127911. Dale hackney  
127910. Ari Bar-el unknowing people may fall prey to this evil
127909. Fred  
127908. annie  
127907. Debra Hudson  
127906. E.Gaba  
127905. G.C. Starkman  
127904. Rebecca Liman-Cameron  
127903. mezrahi  
127902. jim kirby Please remove anti semitic site
127901. Renee Starkman we can no longer afford to let such hatred continue. This fungus must be removed and cleansed. Too much darkness roams the internet.
127900. gayle liman  
127899. kathleen cain  
127898. Jason Chronopoulos Frank Weltner and all other Nazi scum and national alliance morons - you idiots had your pathetic ideology crushed over 60 years ago, stop inbreeding and go back under your rocks, or double-wides, to die while the rest of the world continues to evolve.
127897. C.Hagar  
127896. carolina martins vissoci  
127895. Eddie Lange  
127894. Julie Cohen  
127893. Max Levine  
127892. Suzanne & Robert Steele  
127891. Rachel Levine Google, you can do better!
127890. Linda Kurland What an awful awful thing for anyone to read
127889. Margaret Weiner This has nothing to do with freedom of speech; this is incentive to hatred
127888. Leann Blue  
127887. Gladys Keats Will it ever end
127886. Louie Schley This sight is horrible!
127885. Cindy Green  
127884. Betty Alce  
127883. Karen Naide  
127882. Mary M. Meo  
127881. Lee Zentner  
127880. sylvia summer Half of my mother's and father's families were murdered during the Holocaust. As a secular, non-practising jew I am appalled and saddened that this hatred and falsehoods are being promoted via Google. Please remove this site!
127879. Beth Lev  
127878. jerry hartman  
127877. sandra merling  
127876. Minnie Brandt  
127875. Robbie S  
127874. Harvey Lane  
127873. Richard D'Loss  
127872. Eilene Schneiderman  
127871. robert gold  
127870. C Greene  
127869. Jonathan M. Gordon M.D.  
127868. Dara  
127867. L. H. Block A shameless affront to truth
127866. Diane Magoon  
127865. Lenora Davis Mendelman frightening
127864. Epshteyn  
127863. Ron Glas  
127862. Rose Engel  
127860. Joan Silver this site promotes hatred--surely Google is not meaning to be helping to spread this hatred of Jewish people.
127859. Jules Kirschenbaum  
127858. Charles Lipsman  
127857. STANLEY D. LAZARUS This is viruoent anti-semitism
127856. Amanda Mineri  
127855. Fred Boschan  
127854. EGeraldine Farris degrading, untrue and VERY anti-semetic
127853. C. Gomberg hatemonger
127852. Isaac Decter Shame on Google!
127851. Hershel Tisherman  
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127848. Tanya Belaga Strongly believe it should be removed
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127836. charlotte stern  
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127834. Dan Mendelevitz Remove hate as first option
127833. Allen Steim That you would accept such a site is appalling
127832. Nancy Frankel  
127831. Joan Green So frightening. Please take it down. Reminds me of a time before WW2.
127830. Jeffrey Ganellen  
127829. Howard Prager Inciting racial hatred should not be there
127828. Sharon Ganellen  
127827. cheryl  
127826. Janet Rohde  
127825. Arnold Lazarus Please remove this site
127824. Fred Kahn  
127823. Norman and Ann Zall  
127822. Philip Lewis  
127821. Anshel Brusilow Such pure crap.
127820. Pesha Leichter  
127819. Benita R. Zimmerman this anti-semitic propoganda must not be allowed to be displayed on the Internet...stop this NOW
127818. Barry Rosekind this guy is scarier than the likes of Noam Chomsky or Norm Finkelstein because he seems educated. Although, his views are highly misguided to say the least
127817. Joseph Edelson  
127816. Sheila Edelson  
127815. Mark Baran  
127814. Ike Coron Incredible! Is this the freedom we have fought to protect? The man belongs in the Gaza heartland.
127813. Linda Law  
127812. Ron Isaacs  
127811. DONNA KERMIN  
127810. Sharon Harris  
127809. Sydney Cohen  
127808. herbert lubick disgrace
127807. Marsha Coron  
127806. Linda Schwartzman  
127805. Richard Radner  
127804. M.Omer disgusting!
127803. Ellen Kellman Remove this and all other racist sites from Google.
127802. Richard Ketover  
127801. Wayne Williams  
127800. Scott Ketover  
127799. robert price  
127798. Gil Kanat  
127797. mike this is rediculous
127796. LiseRosenthal  
127795. William Sapers  
127794. Renae Goldberg This is discusting! Please remove
127793. Rhona Silverbush PLEASE ACT RIGHT AWAY! Hate speech must be recognized and called what it is, and must not be permitted to flourish unchecked!
127792. robert goldberg  
127791. Murray Farber Intellectually shameful and bigoted
127790. Dani Farber  
127789. Varda E. Farber This dishonest and biased site must come down.
127788. Teri Choate  
127787. anna  
127786. violet remove the work of this so called PhD
127785. Dr Cyril B.Sherer This site promotes racial hatred. It has no place on Google.
127784. Carol Clapsaddle  
127783. Ellyn Bloomfield  
127782. pam albin  
127781. Rosian Zerner What garbage!!
127780. Virginia Wyler This should be listed under Anti-Semitism
127779. Steve Woolner "Never Again."
127778. Stacy Hanan  
127777. Ruth F. Ades This is totally unexceptable!!!
127776. Rachel Strumlauf This is absolutely horrible. The creator of Jew watch is absolutely anti-Semitic and the website should be deleted. It's "facts" are complete lies and can be historically proven FALSE!
127775. Jeff Hart  
127774. arlene berent  
127773. Louis Strumlauf  
127772. margo smith  
127771. David this is disgusting
127770. Helen Pickett This site is disgusting,totally false
127769. Steven Fishman  
127768. sandy bochner this is a vile site, and only fosters hate, not information-it is not worthy of being on google's superior site
127767. Lara Prince  
127766. Barbara Spiegel shut the site down - now!
127765. Marc Lester  
127764. Rissa Shapiro  
127763. alan feldman  
127762. carol homer  
127761. Lisa Leonard  
127760. Shelley Simson  
127759. Ruth Schwartz  
127758. ALLAN A. FEDER  
127757. Myra Lewis taking money for hateful dishonest sites is unconscionable
127756. Terry Wagner  
127755. Rita B.Johnson  
127754. Rita B.Johnson  
127753. Cheryl Timmins  
127752. Maureen Maguire  
127751. Sheldon and Inez Klimist  
127750. Priscilla Solomon  
127749. Herb Wise Shame on you to put this on line.
127748. Philip Milstein Columbus,(Worthington),Ohio
127747. Ted and Arlene Goldberg This man is truly an anti-semite from his teachings and should be viewed as such.
127746. Julie  
127745. Jeff Feinsmith  
127744. Bonnie Silverman  
127743. Stanley Scheff  
127742. Paul Lesser  
127741. Ellen Rabin this should not be the first site which appears
127740. Rachel Silverman  
127739. David M. Horne REMOVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
127737. Jodi Beck  
127736. R. Lovinger  
127735. Charlotte  
127734. Mena Kates  
127733. Florence Seidelman  
127732. sandy lenore  
127731. Pam Brown  
127730. Rusty Feldman  
127729. Mark Zimmerman This site is a disgrace and ought to be removed from the search engine!
127728. Bette Alkazian Please remove this hateful site from your listings
127727. Rodney Joffe  
127726. R. Newman  
127725. p. j. norber  
127724. p. shinbane  
127723. David Klarman please remove this garbage from your site
127722. lesley plachta  
127721. Ian Ratner  
127720. STacy Mendleson freedom os speech is good when the facts area correct
127719. Richard Heller  
127718. Wendy Widis  
127717. Asher Hyman  
127716. Jay Joffe  
127715. Teri Sahn-Silver  
127714. Todd Young  
127713. Lisa Bochner  
127712. jonathan manhan  
127711. Carol Wolfe  
127710. Randy Wagner  
127709. Wendy Klarman  
127708. Bob Schad please remove this site
127707. Kenneth Sahn Disgusting, racist, bigoted site
127706. Edward Natan  
127705. jay lewitt  
127704. David Feldman How could Google allow this?
127703. leslie  
127702. Brian Greenberg  
127701. S. Jackson  
127700. Lynne Kohn  
127699. mira  
127698. HAROLD A. MAGY  
127697. jill shore  
127696. linda noddle dispicable
127695. Jessica Roe  
127694. Jackie Elkins My children use your site. This is what you want them to read?! Unacceptable.
127693. simon This is discusting!!!!!!
127692. Ellie Sambol  
127691. Steve Hochman  
127690. philip sofaer  
127689. Nancy Wasserman  
127688. Jean Bundt  
127687. Antiqua, Inc.  
127686. r.l.burstein  
127685. Carlyn Blum  
127684. patricia sternberg This is reprehensible
127683. linda fiterman  
127682. jack stievelman  
127681. Jay Seeman  
127680. Harlan Korenvaes  
127679. Robert L Hermanos please downgrade or eliminate this objectionable listing
127678. william siegel  
127677. harry h feldman the sooner the better
127676. jody weisman  
127675. Ron Harris This person is a virulent anti-Semite. His words are not free speech, they are words of a Nazi hate monger.
127674. linda russo  
127673. Susan Diamond  
127672. Heather  
127671. Roger Rubinger this garbage has no place on the internet.
127670. robert furr jew watch is not anti-semitic, it is factual, do not suppress the TRUTH
127669. sara wisdom  
127668. Eileen Auerbach  
127667. Merrily Sterns  
127666. andrea a. please remove this web area!
127665. Alan and Randi Birk  
127664. Jory Rubinger  
127663. Sarah  
127662. marcia shuman  
127661. Robert A.Kutzen  
127659. M. Feigenbaum disgusting
127658. Dr. Richard Bluford  
127657. paul stolarsky  
127656. catriona stewart some invalid arguments i.e. marxism was made by an athiest and not religiously motivated.
127655. Lynn Iannucci  
127654. Larry Feigenabaum Please omit this antisemetic site
127653. polly feigenbaum  
127652. Reva wow. scary.
127651. Shirley Kaplan  
127650. Judith Dorian  
127649. Elliott Black  
127648. Jesse & Terry Koenigsberg  
127647. Sandra Weber  
127646. Harriet Perlman how revolting I wont be using Google now
127645. Cynthia Busch  
127644. Richard Busch  
127643. Ken Weber Please remove this hatefull site. How sad that this perverted thinking still exists.
127642. Harvey Abramowitz  
127641. doris tesser  
127640. murray rosenthal  
127639. Laurel Fried  
127638. bruce feldman irrational accusations encourage hate crimess
127637. B Rose  
127636. Dr. Barry Render  
127635. Ariana Huberman  
127634. annette karan This is utterly horrible...it needs to be stopped immediately
127633. Rami Rosenzweig  
127632. Suzanne Karan  
127631. David Rotter  
127630. Sherry Alperstein  
127629. Yael Rotter  
127628. Judith Lesner  
127627. Joanne Sultar  
127626. Marion Feigenbaum Please remove this site. It is very offensive.
127625. Casey Why the hell is this ass doing this? Damn him to hell!
127624. J Kaplan  
127623. Ralph Hanauer Terrrible
127622. oren tal This site promote hate
127621. Sheila A. Felsen  
127620. Barney Stone  
127619. Dr. Elcha S. Buckman I am pained, frightened and outraged that Google's lack of oversight is so sorely lacking.
127618. robert taxin  
127617. KQ  
127616. Earl Pollak JewWatch.com is antisemetic !
127615. Albina Backman  
127614. eug gon The website is blatantly racist and promotes lies that encourage a continuation of anti-semetism
127613. sonny newman thanks
127612. George Hauser, Ph.D.  
127611. chucker7  
127610. Ron Rabin  
127609. Charlotte Schiff-Booker I would like to believe that it was mindless on Google's part but the only way to know is for them to correct it.
127608. Martin Weiner This site is a disgrace
127607. Beeg Benson  
127605. MARTIN ALMAN  
127604. Bernard Gordon let;s be fair
127603. berton m. brodie please act on this
127602. Dr Morton J Schomer I will stop using Google & tell my friends not to use Goggle
127601. Barbara Hersh  
127600. Ann Adelson  
127599. MICHAEL PARIS please remove
127598. Staci Deluca  
127597. JEFF HERSH please remove JewWatch from search engine
127596. bruno frydman fight ignorance
127595. Don Hersh  
127594. Lauri Clupper  
127593. julian greenspun  
127592. MARK Gardner you need to monitor sites like this
127591. tom nix  
127589. Doug Ross  
127588. joey meyer  
127587. Sheri Nix  
127586. Jackie  
127585. mitch bonar  
127584. Myrna Kaufman  
127583. Joan Maleh  
127582. Linda & Bob Schwartz No wonder there is so much anti-Semitism in the world!
127581. jonathan fellman  
127580. solomon gubbay megalines8@hotmail.com
127579. Gary Levin, MD take this off, it's the right thing to do
127577. Gail  
127576. tali nissan  
127575. Sylvia Schwartz Disgusting garbage should never appear on any Google site.
127574. Sid Lipton  
127573. Eric Brisgel  
127572. gerrygibbs REAL CRAP
127571. Rachel Mintz  
127570. sandra outrageous
127569. richy  
127568. Robert E Block  
127567. Betsi Lewitter this site is disgusting!
127566. tony wellmore  
127565. Scott Siegel The site promotes Hate!
127564. S Levin  
127563. Gabriella  
127562. Tzipi  
127561. Bradley  
127560. CP  
127559. Judith Foster  
127558. Edward Siegel  
127557. Marla Pearson  
127556. marvin Katz  
127555. Wayne  
127554. Edith Bernier remove JewWatch.com from google search
127553. Sam  
127552. Dennis P. Levin  
127551. Joy this and the author are disgusting
127550. Rochelle Michaels Please remove all speech and art which incites hate.
127549. Michael Snider I totally agree with this petition
127548. Stacey Miranda  
127547. Jerry Diamond  
127546. Raymond Friedman  
127545. Ron Pearlstone  
127544. portia weisfeld  
127543. Jason cooper  
127542. morton alpert and google has editors??? Disgusting
127541. Mrs. B. Gale Please do not late hate win.
127540. Danielle Rosen  
127539. Shari Goldberg REPULSIVE!!!
127538. B Etlin  
127537. Melissa Brilliant  
127536. Marilyn Merrick  
127535. Sarah Zakreski I find this to be offensive, please remove this site.
127534. marvin barkin  
127533. Penny Krieger  
127532. Evan Lessa  
127531. Zelma Fink  
127530. Joel Kessler  
127529. Mitchell Gordon  
127528. Jessica this website is shameful and ignorant.
127527. carol barme  
127526. marlene Begg  
127525. Rodney Freedman  
127524. Felicia Adler  
127523. richard g pizzano  
127522. vernon mosheim outrageous
127521. Elizabeth Ruiz  
127520. Theda Zaretsky  
127519. Leah Laker  
127518. Dr. Ed Pakes  
127517. David Laker  
127516. James s. Segal, MSW for shame
127515. michele hanft it is surprising to me that google would not immediately remove this website, since it is so repugnent
127514. linda soudack unthinkable
127513. mia white  
127512. Ilene Laplace  
127511. Lynn Mintz  
127510. J. Hatt  
127509. Amy Barkin  
127508. Haim Kamer  
127507. jennifer  
127506. judith barkin  
127505. Joan O'Callaghan We all need to eradicate hatred.
127504. Ric Torchon  
127503. Steve Goldstein This site is nothing more than a front for an organized hate group. This moron, Mr. Weltner uses this site as a thinly vailed excuse to promote hate and discourse through absured twisted distortion of truths.
127502. Deborah Maldeney, CPA, CVA  
127501. Shirley Berman  
127500. marcia abelson  
127499. Jeff Torchon  
127498. rhona w. gross  
127497. Zach  
127496. Jerry Sirota Anti Semitism has no place in this society
127495. gary kosmin  
127494. Steven Shelanskey hate at any level is aways unacceptable!
127493. Aaron Small  
127492. Gerald B. Diner  
127491. Amy Diamond  
127490. Eileen Silver it doesn't make sense it would be the first listing
127489. HARRY ALBERT remove all anti-semetic under Jews
127488. Jaclyn Smith  
127487. Justin Andrews  
127486. Sandy Bergelson  
127485. ari gitig  
127483. Caroline Albert  
127482. David Block  
127481. Robert Raiser Even though there is freedom of speech, it goes to far to spread hate.
127479. milton steinhorn  
127478. arlene  
127477. HARRIS SHORE  
127476. Irwin Blank  
127475. Jonathan White  
127472. isaac rimler  
127471. Geri Natan you can do better than that
127470. michael tobin  
127469. Louise Alden Hate and discrimination are not free speech. Get rid of this site.
127468. Debra Schleitwiler  
127467. Susan Standel Backer  
127466. Mike Yachad antisemitic diatribes
127465. Ralph E Craig  
127464. Linda Ackerman  
127463. Steven Solomons  
127462. Clive Solomons  
127461. John Belbey Please remove this offensive site.
127460. susan feehan  
127459. eric hurwitz this is hate mongoring and must be stopped
127458. Caren Belbey how blatently wrong
127457. Adora Holstein I strongly support this petition.
127456. Stephen Holstein  
127455. Patricia Brickman  
127454. baruch wertheim  
127453. erin  
127452. Lawrence H Greene  
127451. Hanna Reinkopf  
127450. Paul Let's make a deal. We remove Jew Watch from google, but ONLY if we also remove the ADL and AIPAC from it as well. The latter two are Jewish hate organizations. Jews always seem to define "hate" in ways that benefit their own interests. Why is it that the jew is never the "hater", it's always some other group instead. BY ALL MEANS, LET'S BAN ALL WEBSITES THAT ARE CRITICAL OF JEWS AND ZIONISM..... yes, that's the answer! LOL
127449. Sharon Mirman  
127448. Vivienne Kriefman  
127447. Kathleen B This website is anti-semetic and extremely offensive!
127446. Bob Berman  
127445. Jackie horrified
127444. Marilyn Freedland  
127443. e miller please remove jewwatch.com
127442. maxim matushansky  
127441. Edward Mirzoeff  
127440. Leslie Turnberg  
127439. david may please remove the anti semitic site
127438. Stephen Jackson Its sick filth and fiction masquerading as historical fact. Ban these peddlars of hate from the internet.
127437. Abraham Jonas  
127436. howard reggel  
127435. Jack Shuber M.D.  
127434. Walter DO NOT REMOVE JEWWATCH FROM GOOGLE!! The Jew has NEVER been the victim. He has ALWAYS been the perpetrator. The Jew has always been very clever in using his alledged "victim" status to extort vast sums of money from third parties. NO LONGER!!! JEWS, we see through your facade now......
127433. G Abrahams This sight is a disgrace
127432. V Brim  
127431. sid benstein  
127430. brian kriefman  
127429. W.Hart all religious hatred should be removed
127428. Dalia Eden  
127427. Briskman  
127426. Almira Zejnilagic  
127425. b cemmell  
127424. judith bloom  
127423. Mike Quinn  
127422. Mike Quinn  
127421. Amy Goldberg  
127420. Barbara White I can't believe it., what century are we in? One only has to think of that brave tutor who survived the holocaust and then tried to protect his pupils by using himself as a shield against the door. This was only within the last 48 hours. Jewish people have a proud record of how they have conducted their lives.
127419. Judith Devons  
127418. Mr Cohen it makes sense to isolate the purveyours of hate and division
127417. Martin Wallace  
127416. Kayleen Sokol  
127415. Josh Sokol  
127414. Maxine Godley I think that Google has a duty to be more vigilant and responsible
127413. leslie kay  
127412. Nancy Feinman  
127411. Ted Margulis  
127410. craig kronfeld  
127409. Randi Grinbaum  
127408. bobbie winkler  
127407. Debby Rosenfeld  
127406. S. Bauer  
127405. mendel feingold  
127404. Bill Hinzman  
127403. Lesley Beresford disgusted as people go for first option
127402. Simon Jenkins Please do this as a matter of urgency
127401. pat sufrin  
127400. lawrence benjamin  
127399. s. bolsom  
127398. Mendel Feingold Diabolical
127397. Nancy Dorfman  
127396. S. Swerdloff it's a shame you couldn't do "the right thing" on your own!
127394. David please remove
127393. Lenny Levin Why?
127392. Renee Blankroth  
127391. David Klass  
127390. Audrey Rose  
127389. Heidi Zenou  
127388. beth field  
127387. marilyn rose  
127386. Risa Dorfman when will bigotry end?
127385. LawrenceGottlieb Your stance is very dissapointing and offensive to me
127384. Lynne Ferster  
127383. Anna Lind Attention Jews: Instead of calling those who dislike you "Antisemites", it would be better that you look inward at your own souls and see the repubnant and slimy character that resides within each of yourselves. That quality which repulses the entire world. Another thing: THE JEW HAS NEVER BEEN THE VICTIM. HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE VICTIMIZER.......
127382. Fern Keimach  
127381. Amram Gottlieb  
127380. Gregg  
127379. larry glick  
127378. Dana  
127377. djgavzey  
127375. Cynthia Dorfman  
127374. lisa grant  
127373. jonathan bernstein  
127372. erit siegal  
127371. Carole J Greene In a world increasingly consumed by the effects of hatred, it is time to stand up against anti-Semitism in all its forms
127370. Brian Abrams Utterly objectionable such material ever allowed
127369. sidney kaye  
127368. Yvonne Myers I insist this should be removed rather than depict Jews in this manner making it acceptable to allow antisemitism to grow.
127367. Levin Bella Never again! do not assist antisemitic propaganda!
127366. Sharon Hood Understand them not wanting to censor but to come up as "most used" is worrying!
127365. Jana  
127364. Anthony Horne disgraceful
127363. Debbie Horne  
127362. Irwin Stern  
127361. linda maslin  
127360. Gillian Rowe  
127359. mindy trotta  
127358. Eugene Esterkin  
127357. Renee  
127356. Charles Lewis  
127355. amy michaels  
127354. Greg Geilman Please remove this. It is offensive.
127353. deborah  
127352. Ellis ANTISEMITE = anyone a Jew does not like. HATE = anything that a Jew does not agree with.
127351. Jeremy Wallach This is antisemitism at its worst, once more
127350. Lauren S. What will you radical ashkenazi jews think up next? More "hate" crimes legislation? The Jew is the cancer and the ultimate destroyer of western civilization.
127349. Hilary Weinstein This is totally outrageous.
127348. Hugo Silverstein We must ban jewwatch now!!! Those hideous Goyim must never know the truth about their masters!! We use our "Holacaust" racket to make money off of all the wealthy western nations. We are the Zionist masters.......
127347. Guy Levy  
127346. Michele Levy  
127345. sheila bernstein  
127344. David Mond Appauling
127343. Ruthie Portnoy  
127342. Devora  
127341. Jon Has anyone noticed that the majority of those signing this petition are jews?? Why feel threatened by the presence of jewwatch.com?? It is an archive of articles. Read the material and make up your own mind, don't let the zionist hacks do it for you!!!
127340. Amanda How else would we expect individuals propagandized by a jewish owned media and educated in our radicalized jewish dominated public education system to react. Do jews really believe that they can silence any individual or idea just because it is critical of them. It's just fine for radical zionist organizations like the ADL and others to call groups that disagree with them "hate organizations", as if they are the sole arbiturs of what "hate" is???? "TOLERANCE" is really a jewish invented term meaning destruction of the european gentile race in western civilization. IF YOU CALL JEW WATCH A HATE ORGANIZATION, THEN THE ADL, AIPAC et al are also HATE ORGANIZATIONS..... Don Imus gets fired, but Sumner Redstone AKA Murray Rothstein continues to polute the minds of gentile teenagers with his garbage on MTV etc. Why does Sumner still have a job?? Well, he's a JEW. That's why.
127339. karolin zoghi  
127338. Binder  
127337. ASD Buy Hoodia Diet Pills
127336. Miguel Let's stop hate against Jews.
127335. Leah Goudsmit  
127334. Harry W. Mazal  
127333. omer  
127332. Willene Kroon This site is disturbing and hurtful!
127331. meg thirer disgusting site
127330. Wouter Brasse  
127329. Jay Marks It appears that Google participates in anti semetic business practices overseas as well as in the US. So for them to condone this filthy website makes perfect sense....to Google. It is Google who should be boycotted.ous
127328. Mark Levy do the right thing!
127327. Dan hate is not the answer
127326. David Lathrop Stop this Google. Stop letting people pick on the Jews. They are suffered enough!
127325. Meagan McKernan  
127324. Ale REMOVE IT NOW
127323. daf it's wrong
127322. Wayne Neill  
127321. mike remove jewwatch
127320. Al Goldsteen THROW THE JEW DOWN THE WELL!!!
127319. George Hunt This sort of hate should be banned
127318. Jew Is Satan Children The World History Show That The Jew Cause All The Troubles
127317. antonella libretti  
127315. Joe Brave  
127314. Michael Tawil  
127313. S. Lieberman hateful and insensitive...enough is enough
127312. Whitney I'm proud of my religion and everything it stands for, This 'glitch' on google needs to be handled!!
127311. TOM  
127310. Proud Pakistani In Pakistan we truly believe that Jews are very nice, educated and successful people and instead of being jealous one should learn from them. Google should remove this site as it will hurt jews who have already suffered enough. We Pakistanis always considered Jews our Couisons and hope that we have nice relations with Isreal in Future. Shalom
127309. morris dees ,pres. s.p.l.c. being one of "the cho$en ba$tard$",I highly recommend this site ,and also Mel Gibson's site
127308. mo greene the jew$ are the cho$en ba$tard$,and enemies of Christ
127307. Robert Kaufmann  
127306. Joseph Goebbels Jewwatch is my favorite website next to National Vanguard
127305. stephen mc nally  
127304. me not you ill never use google agian there jews that hate jews get this stuff off iam selling my stock frist thing in the morning
127303. adam iam not a jew and this stuff makes me sick
127302. Damien Davis  
127301. Sam Willet  
127300. Bobby Smith  
127299. Mark Wiser  
127298. Jon Weinberg  
127297. Bred "Hey,nice site look this:
127296. Igor Geric  
127295. Martyn Lok disgusting
127294. Rob Malan  
127293. Andrew Berkowitz  
127292. Aviv  
127291. Adam Goodman  
127290. Hans Schmidt Because I am a German citizen I am very concerned about hatred of any people.Except Germans of course,you can hate them all you want.
127289. James B.W. Beavis Jew censorship , Never Again !
127288. Dr. Walter Krankheit Hate site = any website a Jew doesn't like.
127287. Douglas Pitcairn Why do Jews hate freedom of speach so much ?
127286. Paul Forster I LOVE JEWWATCH
127285. Mark J.Kestenbaum Shame on Google my Shares are sold
127284. Nicholas Doiron  
127283. Colin Breame I've seen google ban other search results, why not this one?
127282. Martin K. Solomon  
127281. Sanders Ergas  
127280. Mike Rabkin  
127279. beth  
127278. Muhammed Mandu Habib Abdul KEEP JEW WATCH UP!! If you dare take it down or out of an indexing service, I will mirror it and re-establsh it. Just because someone has something with some fact, logic and common sense behind it that defeats the stereotype that Jews are perfect, harmless, innocent angels does not mean it should be annihalted. Anti-Semetism is great, there ought to be alot more of it. You deserve to be exposed for things you have done. Put it this way, if this was an anit-islam site, you jews would all rush to defend and promote it. By removing anything that says something/anything against Jews is being completely totalitarian. Just like the Nazis were back in the day. Great going hypocrites.
127277. Internet Internet
127276. William Sweet  
127275. Jenelle Peterson Even as a Christian, I was offended by this site. It needs to at least come off google.
127274. Mihalache Ciprian -
127273. Alex Chilowicz  
127272. Zina Zaflow I can't even believe that this site exists. I guess anti-semitism will never end...
127271. Yosef Abraham Jew Watch is dangerous in that, at first glance, it masquerades as non-anti-Semitic. But, a few clicks in it becomes clear. It could be a dangerous influence and does not deserve the publicity that Google gives it.
127270. Anhel This page is... terrible. So much lies- even I could rebut many of them.
127269. Josh  
127268. Ran J. Suter It is really sad for a company that large, supposedly known for their "good" image. For anyone who thinks that removing the site in question from existence should wake the f... up.
127267. Yoni Nadiv read google's description of the website - it makes it sound like it is all factual. Horrible.
127266. Michael Tuchman Better tagging would let the public help you monitor offensive sites
127265. Jill  
127264. Gal  
127263. Robert Rubin  
127262. Alf Anderson disgusting site
127261. Jon Shore  
127260. Dan Reichenbach this is anti semitism of our day undercover but still very real.
127259. Arthur Elias  
127258. Matt Antisemitism shouldn't exist anywhere– whether online or anywhere in the world. It's 2006, haven't we learned? Apparently not.
127257. Ziv S remove natzis web sites
127256. Jonathan Graham  
127255. sam  
127254. Karen Bicego  
127253. Rodrigo "Rod" Gomes da Paixão I'm 17 years old, I'm from Brazil, and I think racial hate will eventually destroy the world! So, let's stop it!
127252. Daniel  
127251. Grace Device  
127250. Mark Wiseman  
127249. James Fox This website is repulsive. It is an abuse of free speech and should not ever be ranked highly in searches for "Jew". Sites like this breed anti-semitism and add to a relentless anti-Jewish culture that curses the world.
127248. david  
127247. dr sooll  
127246. Danny  
127245. Daniel  
127244. Sam Please do something about this
127243. Chris Offensive, highly offensive.
127242. John Smith  
127241. Clara Phillips  
127240. rafi  
127239. David Bluston A myriad of unsubstantiated, false material that is undeniably rooted in anti-semitism, and not the search for historical truth. I stand amazed at the ability of the human race to stare so intently at countless facts, figures, testimonials, historical archives and existing architecture, and still deny the abundantly prevalent truth.
127238. mahan, chuck if you cannot verify your "facts", the internet does not protect you from libel
127237. Daniel Gelbtuch  
127236. Bob Stonehouse  
127235. Frank Arensberg Frankly, many of you are probably not really aware that the "Holocaust" never happened. Your own leaders want you to think it happened, because this is what has lead to the formation of Isreal. You jews have BS'ed your way through life, and 90\% of what you say is either a lie or deception in some form. Be thankful that it never did happen, because many people think you deserved to be gassed. Personally I don't care one way or another. No, I don't like jews. I think you people are feeble minded. The average IQ of a person in Isreal is only 90 compared to 104 in Germany. If you people are removed from European society, techonology and innovation will increase 10 fold. I think the Negroes from America should be deported to Isreal and you can intermarry them. That would be ideal.
127234. Frank Arensberg The Holocaust was a myth, it never happened.
127233. Eric Altschuler  
127232. Ryan Mcgrath  
127231. Andras Barta  
127230. Igor  
127229. dori steinman  
127228. Jon Olsen  
127227. David Ronis Disgusting antisemitic garbage
127226. carol mcallister it's hate not judaism
127225. David G. This web site sounds like a new twist for the computer age based on an old idea revived from WWII Nazi Germany. I can easily imagine the paranoid racist types running it! There will always be some people that want to blame the Jews for everything. To them the truth is an alien concept and all they have is fear and hate. It must suck to be them.
127223. Bradley Elliot Dolgin Get the hate out
127222. Siamak Kordestani  
127221. Norman JewWatch is not only a stupid old fashioned racist idea, its misleading. Google should pull the plug on these morons just as a public service.
127220. saul neinstein I thought this type thinking only existed in Germaney during the holocaust and I never new Ringo Star was Jewish[I know he wasn't AS i'VE READ HIS BIOGRAPHY, WHICH SHOULD TELL YOU THAT JEWWATCH IS NOT ONLY OFFENSIVE BUT ALSO INACCURATE ON FACTURAL DATA]
127219. Eli Wohl  
127218. Pojo Liifenhousen  
127217. George Smith  
127216. Yasmeen Elisheva shema yisroel Hashem Elokaynu, Hashem echad.
127215. Amie Wilburn  
127214. Shauna  
127213. Danny I'd like to talk one on one with Frank Weltner
127212. ben  
127211. Adam R ...
127210. Jeff Puder I've seen this guy's posts on the neo-nazi board stormefront, he's a racist and anti-semite. This site should not be the first hit under the search for 'Jew".
127209. Ruth Saurymper Abnoxious
127208. Yale Sacks  
127207. Ariël Bruéns http://nederkrant.6a.nl
127206. nofar thank you. laminim valamlshinim al thi tikvah. we will prevail.
127205. Elizabeth Johnson  
127204. Robert Cheiffetz  
127203. Jen  
127202. joseph rahamim very interesting indeed that a librarian created this web site loaded with filth and lies.
127201. Daniela Even though on the website it says it is not a "hate site", there is no doubt that it was done by antisemitic, if not nazi groups... and it was very sad to see that that was the second wesite that appeared on the search engine...
127200. Truth Does not need to be removed. Truth is for Zionist always Painful.
127199. Susan Rubinstein This website is filled with lies due to jealous hatred of the jewish people
127198. Joel Feinstein  
127197. Karen Help Us!!!
127196. Judy Kirschenbaum  
127195. Marshall Haimes The website incites persons to violence...not what free speech is about
127194. simon  
127193. simon marcus  
127192. Aharon HaCohen  
127191. Pam Susman  
127190. Jessica Phatal  
127189. Assaf  
127188. Daniel MJ Meh...
127187. Mi Chaing  
127186. annabel  
127185. sasha love  
127184. Yael  
127183. Sara Kurman get this off now!
127182. Ziv Anti-semetic messages and racisim should be banned from the internet
127181. Jeremy Kaiser My neighbor is a Survivor of the Camps. When I see the numbers on his arm, I can only hope that no one man woman or child, will ever have to go through the kind of living hell, he went through. Please remove this and help to stop the spread of Evil and Hate! "Never Again"
127180. juliet stone  
127179. Nicole Lung thats funny cause it says ONLY 50,000 people needed to sign and already we are at 127,000 signatures. Google should be ashamed but what is funny is one of hte owners ofGOOGLEis a jew. y do we have to sign a petition to have such a thing removed. All jews should not use google rather they should use YAHOO. Its better anyway
127178. melanie  
127177. David Koroghli REMOVE IT!
127176. Rachel Ann Fleming Israel is Blessed
127175. Rivka Merroki  
127174. David Remove
127173. Marvia its so insulting and disgusting...
127172. Sandra Conti This hateful, racist website should be removed.
127171. Yukihiro Ogawa this site is an insult to peace
127170. Marsha Levine A despicable site!
127169. Tonya Bryant Lewis This is disgusting !!! Get rid of this HATE
127168. greyson Please
127167. Amir Baum Being an Israeli-american Jew, not only is this website offensive to all us Jews in the world, but people who promote such ridiculous, cruel anti-Semitic messages should not be allowed to freely express their opinion in such a nasty, cold manner!
127166. Rachelle Schoenberg  
127165. Victoria yagudaev  
127164. susanne katz this is disgusting please take them off
127163. Ronni Miara  
127162. Ingrid Hayes Please remove this site
127161. Shmulik Siegel  
127160. karla gonzales this is not right.... even with freedom of speach.... ?.....insidious statements
127159. Arin Naomi Wing  
127158. RACHEL  
127157. Jeremy Green The information on this site is so easily refuted
127156. Max  
127155. Brittany  
127154. Tracey Mello  
127153. Tal Negrin The site is a hate site and speaks of lies! I demand this site be put down nnow please..
127151. Mike  
127150. Simon Murray No more Jew Hating
127149. Traci  
127148. Randi Levine  
127147. Ezekiel S.  
127146. kat sooner gone - the better
127145. Yaniv Mizrachi  
127144. Jaclyn Levine This site is full of hate and should be remove from the search engine
127143. Ilana Am yisrael chai!
127142. Shaul Goldman Remove hateful anti-Semitic Racist website please
127141. John Geiger  
127140. Stuart Meltzer  
127139. Kari Barney  
127138. Adam Lazarus please remove this hateful site
127137. George Hummel  
127136. Ben Yochanan  
127135. josh  
127134. R. Valiquette  
127133. Elice  
127132. Stacey Werner  
127131. Priscilla  
127130. Beatrice Get this site off now!
127129. Andrew Cohen  
127128. Melissa Wilfenger  
127127. James Irvine  
127126. marc  
127125. John Stauffer take this racist P.O.S. off google
127124. Chris Jones This site is nothing but Nazi Propaganda!, REMOVE IT!
127123. Shayne Shiner remove Jew Watch from search results
127122. Rose Jewish people are wonderful.
127121. Ben Pollak  
127120. Ben Pollak  
127119. flora lovejoy Very offensive
127118. Jonah  
127117. shayna finn This shouldn't be happening
127116. Victor Bitterman jewwatch.com is pure hate and anti-semitic
127115. mark sardar
127114. Daniel Bor  
127113. John Marks  
127112. Tom Wiseman I don't know what all the fuss is about. The 1st amendment protects sites such as these. We as Americans should protect every person's right to voice their opinion, whether we like that opinion or not. Everyone get a clue and leave this man to voice his opinion.
127111. mark rosen  
127110. M. Syrkin Pure Nazi Rhetoric
127109. Truth Time The guy below me seems to have conveniently forgotten who smashed airliners into buildings and blows up innocent civilians including women and children on buses and trains. But I suppose all Muslims are such peaceful people and they didn't really do it so must all be lies made up by those evil hateful Jewish conspirators. He also seems to have forgotten who it was that kidnapped the Israeli soldiers in this latest Iraeli- Palestinian skirmish.
127108. Hasim Start removing jews from Lebanon and Palestine then start to talk about the nice site Jew watch !
127105. Johnny Do you have an Aryan watch site? I rest my case.
127104. Max Schindler  
127103. max djemal  
127102. delton a macavoy  
127101. Martin Wilbur  
127100. Jill Wilbur  
127099. Joshua Ornstein  
127098. Doris Ornstein  
127097. Matthew H. Ornstein There is no doubt this is a hate site that should not come up in routine searches.
127096. Freedom Fighter Why should they remove this site? Interesting. When something about is truth, that site should be removed immediately? I don't know why the people of the Jewish community are becomes immediately arrogant, when something have been revealed about the fabricated past, what they've created. They're creating lies, that site reveals the truth. I vote to keep that site on Google.
127095. Benjamin Izsak, MD  
127094. Anonymous I am not Jewish or a member of any ethnic or racial minority and I personally abhor hateful racists and I am proud to sign your well intended petition. Faux organizations like JewWatch are every bit as evil and divisive as the KKK or the various other Arian nations nut job organizations and radical religious cults/ muslim extremists, Al Queda, etc. They all hide behind a lot of conveniently twisted so-called "facts" to sell their demented messages to the naive and foolish who seem incapable of independent thought. I sincerly hope most people are as offended by these kind of uneducated liars and lunatics as I am and will work hard to oppose and defeat them and their warped ideology!
127093. Raymond Marcus
127092. jennifer Golub Marcus google needs to remove this smut!!
127091. David M Who do these people think they are?
127090. Ben Lewy  
127089. Victor  
127088. Jeremy Nimmo Google thinks it's ok to censor information to freedom-seeking Chinese, and to remove sites from their search engine at the behest of the Scientologist cult. But they don't seem to have any problem with out-and-out anti-semitism.
127087. Robert Alfers  
127086. Dov Wittes  
127085. Garry Herbert FREE SPEECH... remember how you people supported the Danish Cartoon provided the reason for freedom of speech, well now its your turn. PRAISE BE TO GOOGLE for protecting my freedom. Thanks.
127084. Eugene Remove Jewwatch!!!
127083. Nathaniel  
127082. TEDDY TAWIL  
127080. Matt Schwartz jewwatch must be removed, its horiffic.
127079. Jason S  
127078. yoel  
127077. anembarrasedjew israel was created by UN Resolution 181 - not God.
127076. Remove this bigot organization from the Google search engine and go the extra mile and and shut it down! We should be watching the crazed far right home grown terrorists.
127075. Jahve I love this site! Now i teaching my goyim friends tahlmud!;)
127074. Aaron Rossetti We have over 50,000 signatures. When are they going to keep there end of the deal?
127073. Mike Kegel Ê
127072. Vlada Nayman  
127071. Stephen J. Remove this disgusting hate site.
127070. Volker Dirk Hiller  
127069. Adam B. Simons  
127068. David  
127067. Kirill Popov Please remove this hate site
127066. Kate Dusenberg Why does Israel fail to comply with so many UN resolutions?
127065. Rob LeFaren Jews are now killing Christians in Lebanon
127064. Haim Conrass jewwatch.com is anti-semitic, anti Israel and I hope it gets removed
127063. Judith Groen why doesn't this man get a life??
127062. Immanuel Shalev In the hierarchy of principles, principles of proffesionalism fall second to those of Peace, and the elimination of hate.
127061. Ben Tesser  
127060. thomas Strawson  
127059. sophia rubbish! hashem see's all!!!!!!!!!!
127058. Bill Holstein Jews despise non-Jews hence are dangerous.
127057. Chaim Shor  
127056. corinne chaimovitz remove this crap from the web
127055. jay schlock do the right thing
127054. Jeffrey Saulton Come on Google, don't be evil. Don't give hate a forum to spew its poison.
127053. Erich Michael Biskind Klothen Keep fighting the good fight. Remember not to fall into the trap of denying or negating the First Amendment.
127052. T. Elkins  
127051. Mike  
127050. david  
127049. yossel  
127048. Maria  
127047. Sam  
127046. mordey You could take of the Hamas listing as well, while at it.
127045. Ad_o_lf _Hi_t_ler Look at israel, JewWatch is right
127044. alex jonson š
127043. James Hodgson  
127042. Marcus Brodzki  
127041. Sorella Levy  
127040. Mark Macdonald  
127039. Stas  
127038. Dina Abrahams  
127037. Jonathan B. May Highly offensive
127036. Chani Telsner  
127035. Nancy Fine Let's get this straight: Jews s--k. F--k 'em all. I hope the Arabs/Muslims push Israel into the f--king sea. They don't need that patch of earth as, apparently, the U.S. is the new f--king Zion anyway. Read the Harvard working paper on the Israel Lobby for the lastest installment of why Israel and American Jews are bad for America. Oh, and heads-up: The biggest cause of antisemitism is the Jewish population itself. Think I'm going a bit overboard? Walk a mile in my shoes and witness my experiences with American Jews and then ask me why I hate them. Regarding the post below, you don't have to go back to Moses' time to find Jewish rapists, just find your local f--king mohel - there's a Jewish-Rabbi-c--k-s--ker who will show you how to rape a baby while other Jews watch. Shalom, a--holes!
127034. Andrew Ricci long live the State of Israel.
127033. John McCormick  
127032. chaya the world is jealous of us
127031. chana kestecher  
127030. ella  
127029. sara  
127028. Tammy Ben-Dayan I'm sickened that a site such as this gets such privilege on google!
127027. Jonathan Max  
127026. karin This really should be removed as it is a hate site and it most likly has to do with jealousy of the Jewish accomplishments and the fact that they are Gods chosen people. Many are called ,few are chosen. Will it be removed? probibly not due to freedom of speech issues. shalom!
127025. shani how can you put your good name to such hate - i thought google was all people friendly
127024. Matt  
127023. Andie David Jew watch is an antisemitic site promoting hate, harm and abuse of jews- the information is not even accurate , google has responsibility and obligation to remove it in the same way as child pornography is condemned
127021. Misha It pains me to know that the first site that comes up when a curious individual searches 'jew' in google is such an anti-semetic site. It really is upsetting.
127020. Marc B Racism is offensive, obscene, divisive, destructive, and ultimately, history shows, crumbles under the weight of its own ignorance.
127019. Simon A disgusting piece of racist trash. Google should be ashamed, and should remove it immediately.
127018. Leigh Ann Meyers  
127017. Lainna Cohen  
127016. bernardo selaysim racism is just plain ignorance
127015. Sharon Nadav  
127014. Meyer S  
127013. Steven Flatow  
127012. karen bicego  
127011. Brenda Foguel A disgrace! Is this freedom or the abuse of freedom? Ignoring moral issues puts all of us at risk.
127010. B. Kaufman  
127009. Adam Fineman Google has a policy of black-listing sites that have employed deceitful means of inflating page rankings. As the site JewWatch employed a 'Google Bomb' to artificially inflate it's page rankings, Goolgle should black list the site simply to remain consistent with its own policies.
127008. Julia  
127007. Lindsey Richardson  
127006. David Weinberg  
127005. Josh Mann  
127004. Philip Levin  
127003. Craig Brockman Any Tme - Any Where
127002. Jeffrey Herman  
127001. Matt  
127000. Luke Andersen-Quest  
126999. Stephen Ufland  
126998. Mark Wolfson This is a shameful falsification that purports to be a library of truth, which - when read by those who are unknowledgable - will invoke an anti-Semitic reaction similar to that which caused the Holocaust, the Pogroms and the Inquisition. It is shameful that Google should be linked (and seemingly encourage) such activity.
126996. curtis simondet  
126995. Brooks Waggoner  
126994. Liam McClannahan  
126993. Han Aaron Dire Wolf  
126992. A. Lucas This is a disgrace. As a loyal user of Google, Froogle, Gmail, Google Earth for years, I demand that JewWatch be removed immediately.
126991. ems better remove that
126990. caroline bank  
126989. Christina Rimstad This is just wrong!
126988. Joy  
126987. lopo gonzalez  
126986. Eli Schwartz Jew watch is a vile and disgusting anti-semetic site, and should be taken down. It's full of despicable lies and misinformation, and that site just makes me want to throw up.
126985. Michael Ross Hate is one of the 3 Poisons: This site is frothing with nothing but HATE and it is absolutely disgustingl
126984. jimmy matzker  
126983. Mark Robins get the bloody neo-nazi scum of the net they deserve to all die!!
126982. Allison Rokin  
126981. Allison Rokin  
126980. Andrew  
126979. M.A. Kinnaman "NEVER AGAIN!"
126978. mikhail chertok  
126977. Christian Theis Petersen  
126976. mark blackwood  
126975. Brandon REMOVE
126974. Gregory Clarke I am not a Jew but find this site disgusting and full of trash
126973. Mike  
126972. Allan Carr site offends me as a human being
126971. Simon Rosen Google is the best and fastest search engine but I am not even thinking about using it again until WWW.JEWWATCH.COM is removed from our lives
126970. Vic19 This scumbag's site should be removed!
126969. Friday  
126968. lissa Xiov  
126967. Eli Lieberman  
126966. Howard Rose  
126965. Stephen Kunze  
126964. Sam McCurting I'm extremely disgusted with the jewwatch site. Im also a republican. Racism should be illegal in the states, as it already is in Australia. The site ,interestinlgy, cannot accomplish much because the Civil Rights act of 1871 states"Every person who under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law."
126963. Noah Bowman  
126962. Pusyamitra Sunga You got my vote chaps! Down with them rednecks!
126961. Laura Stanley  
126960. Bosof Jr Yes, definetely, the nazi scum
126959. Leonardo Lublinerman  
126958. Kasha REMOVE this HATE SITE from your search results!!!!!!!!
126957. Stephanie  
126956. Dan Benveniste  
126955. V. Bautista  
126954. usman  
126953. Adam Moroz Remove Jewatch, it is highly offensive.
126952. Rebecca E  
126951. Jade Phillips  
126950. the undersigned oh you shameless kikes... making a stink... you shameless evil nation
126949. Justin Goetz  
126948. Emmanuel Jonathan Tellez  
126947. Dustin Siegel  
126946. Paul  
126945. Oy Ze Hate!! I'm going to sign your stupid petition because I'm positive that it will amount to nothing in the end. Jew Watch's first amendment rights will continue to be respected and the site will remain online for as long as Mr Weltner wishes. There is nothing you can do to curb freedom of speech... long live Jew Watch!
126944. Dan  
126943. Dmitriy Pilipenko Google you really need to remove sites that obviously those of a non-competent man
126942. Angelo  
126941. Freddy Morgenstern Disgraceful and distasteful. I would expect better from Sergey Brin, common man your jewish...what is this?
126940. Tony Weinstock Anti-Semitism is a plague on society, this website only perpetuates stereotypes that hinder on our progress towards a more tolerant society
126939. Ian Fisher  
126938. Frank Goldstein  
126937. omer berman  
126936. Joanne Levine  
126935. ima jew too ummm free speach get rid of everything that offends you and there would be no planet at all, grow up and move on we call it SKIN thicken it up
126934. melissa  
126933. Daniele awful site full of misinformation
126932. Andrew J. Dubman This is a hate site. Please remove it from searches.
126931. Maria Los Remove JewWatch.com please
126930. Logi Hilmarsson Drop the hate
126929. Michael Sutton  
126928. John Hertz  
126927. Joanne Guertin  
126926. John Ramey Thank you for trying to remove this bigotry.
126925. AJN  
126924. Keith P  
126923. cd x
126922. Neal Guttenberg  
126921. Emil The dangers of the lies posted jewwatch will have consequences
126920. Alex  
126919. Miriam Schwartz  
126918. john johnson  
126917. john johnson  
126916. roger morris yes, lets stop free speech
126915. Giacomo M.  
126914. mike shmorgun  
126913. Michael Short  
126912. Todd Silverman  
126911. Jason Miller I'm Jewish and this is very offensive and belive that this website should be removed!
126910. Shai Lipkovich  
126909. Avi That website was removed once and should be removed again permanently!
126908. Thomas Daly  
126907. D. Jacob  
126906. Phil Moore as a christian I find anti sematism offensive
126905. Michael Gold  
126904. John C Should evil be condoned? Should freedom preempt justice? There are limits, like the highway code. Hatred is an expression that despises freedon, using it until it can surplant it.
126903. Sophie Webber  
126902. Adeel this is wrong..
126901. Adam B-Fried  
126900. Rachel  
126899. Jan remove this racist site
126898. Dave Ben Stop Antisemtism now!!!!
126897. rachel hayes Jew watch is disgusting.
126896. Brakha David-Benjamin, Paris France  
126895. Craig Findlay Disgraceful
126894. joe camillieri yahoo is better than google
126893. Mike Smith  
126892. Aaron Lebovitz  
126891. alan satz  
126890. SKM Google, please get rid of JewWatch.com. The people who hate Jews hate all people and sites such as this incite violence.
126889. Menucha Prince  
126888. Johnni Reibech I can't understand why Google still allow such a hateful and antisemitic site to be the first result when I search for "jew". I would expect that I would get better search results than that. Please remove that useless and trashy hate-site.
126887. Johnni Reibech I can't understand why Google still allow such a hateful and antisemitic site to be the first result when I search for "jew". I would expect that I would get better search results than that. Please remove that useless and trashy hate-site.
126886. Nickolas Ribet  
126885. Ryan  
126884. Evan Alter Jew Watch is just paranoid white trash who feel entitlement due to the color of their skin
126883. Navel Goldenstein thanks all you nasty jews for causing iraq, 9-11, and every other problem in the world - all because of the Holohoax - you may be smart, but you are a nasty, gutless, slimy race of aliens.. go to hell all of you.. thank the LORD for sites like JEWWATCH.COM
126882. enoch take it off please
126881. GAnybodycanmakeUpaName OnlyKikeopinonAllowedinAmeriKa
126880. SonowOnlyKikescanhavefreespeech Kikewantssocialismwithnocomplaints
126879. ron private We live in a civilised, tolerant society. Encouraging racist banter by any means should NEVER be encouraged. Google should be ashamed, this is a humanitarian issue, not some garbage about law and legal responsibility.
126878. jay ivany  
126877. Jeremy Shirvan  
126876. David Rosenfield Weltner is 1st Class jerk
126875. Joseph Eydelnant  
126874. Mike I will no longer use Google if you do not remove this site, and I will tell others to boycott as well.
126873. Cate  
126872. Jake Futerfas  
126871. Andrew Meiser  
126870. Toby Jews rock
126869. Stuart cole This site is blatantly racist and has no place in the free world
126868. Alvin  
126867. mike evans  
126866. Wayland Coker Hatred tears apart a society.
126865. lea de lange  
126864. Joop  
126863. SHEILA RAVIV such hatred and fear, small people with big xenophobia
126862. Dmitri Gurbanov ban it
126861. Jewatch and other hate groups target our kids and brainwash the misinformed and naive. Fascism and the radical right suck and I strongly oppose everything these viscious, evil, unpatriotic, ignorant red neck scumbag terrorists stand for. The hate groups that find audience online need to be banned and put out of existence as the domestic terrorist organizations they really are. I defend freedom of speech and oppose sensorship, but I will happily make an exception when it comes to these often violent and always backwards pockets of dangerous retards. They ought to be shunned and shut out of normal communications channels, especially the world wide web!
126860. Sarah Spurgeon  
126859. Teren neo-nazis must die
126858. Judith Argaman remove it NOW!
126857. Stephen Fascism is un-American and Google should not aid the far right crazies.
126856. Matthew  
126855. Stamp out JewWatch, don't help them promote hate and anti-semitism! I fully agree. Remove this useless listing and others like it. Free speech is a great thing, but it must have some reasonable limits. You can't shout FIRE in a crowded theater, for very good reasons! Google is a great search engine but this sort of thing may damage their reputation. Are coddling these hate groups worth it to the folks that run Google? Time will tell.
126854. Howard Cohen I am a WW 2 Vet..You people are disgusting to allow this site to such a hate full crew!
126853. David Duffo  
126852. William Caine Ya, Google should eliminate racist sites or at least put them on the bottom
126851. hi hi
126850. John Smith (No, its NOT my real name!) I am not Jewish personally but I have known many nice people who were and a few of my friends are and I am strongly opposed to these vicious hate groups always posing a threat to the rest of society. These kinds of losers are almost always uneducated, regressive gun nut types and have criminal backgrounds anyway. Bitter hatefilled people that want to blame everyone else for their own mistakes and the worlds problems on one group are a familiar old refrain throughout human history. If these Jewatch wackos act on their hate and commit crimes at least we can put them behind bars on domestic terrorism charges!
126849. Alon Rosenthal  
126848. johnny  
126847. Dan  
126846. Joseph Kestenbaum  
126845. anoymous observer Its a waste of time to worry about the jews. Always the scape-goats for the criminal acts of others. The tired old game of blame the jews for everything to cover your own misdeeds is not going to cut it in the 21st century. Its the insane right-wing extremist Republicans we need to be watching closely, there is our real enemy!
126844. Matt Jones That literally makes me sick!
126843. larry castle take that website down
126842. Steve Fleischman JewWatch is misleading and hateful-remove it
126841. Dave I expected more from Google which is usually a great search engine. Why make it easier for the far right to promote hate and fascism?
126840. Nadav Vissel  
126839. David Huber  
126838. Ruben Pront  
126837. David Zimmermann  
126836. Buck Tillon Typical far right ultra conservative propaganda filth. Remove Jewatch yesterday!!!
126835. Eric Parker  
126834. ahmad bashir when my petition approved case is i-730
126833. C. Bender  
126832. Mark Gershenson  
126831. Mike G.K. Children are using Google almost uniquely these days; why do you want to expose them to such propagandistic filth by default?!
126830. Jenny Hoffman  
126829. Matt Fisher  
126828. Eduardo R. Bendersky Si a la libertad de prensa y expresión.No a las injurias tendenciosas
126827. Philip Segal  
126826. soma no
126825. Sarah I'mcurrently writing a paper with the thesis, "Websites promoting anti-semitism should be banned." I think that this is a great action.
126824. Chana Idels  
126823. abe bird  
126822. Rebbetzin. Shayndel R. S. Leevy Shalom
126821. Rabbi, DR. Leevy Hashem sim shalom aleykhem
126820. Phillip Stein DO THE RIGHT THING
126819. Maryam  
126818. Gary Please nuke JewWatch! Don't support wacko extremist hate groups.
126817. Shaanan Cohney  
126816. ELL IOTT  
126815. Marc Kramer  
126814. David M. Walker Free speech is one thing, this site is quite another
126813. Erik Hansen Jewwatch is monstrous
126812. Kimberly Come on!
126811. Amitai Gross  
126810. Ian M.  
126809. Bill THIS SUCKS
126808. Julie Krause  
126807. Santos  
126806. Daniella D This is a very discrimanatory site against the jews. Please remove it, as many can see it is a big waste of time and space
126805. Michael  
126804. Patricia Ingle  
126803. Alan Daniel Petrash  
126802. antonio ponce  
126801. Free Speech I must congratulate google for not removing the site despite this disgusting censorship campaign. I am neither anti-Semite nor have any connection to JewsWatch site, but I am disgusted by these losers who want to censor unpopular opinions. Well done google. Keep the site and free speech.
126800. Kevin Shamir  
126799. Daniel Racism and discrimination does not belong in the 21th century.
126798. Grenet Guillaume  
126797. Grinspan John  
126796. Raz Shelach  
126795. Dean Burr  
126794. dr.yitzhak wiesel  
126793. Richard J. Holton  
126792. Bethany Portner Siberfarb  
126791. Richard Berman  
126790. Cathy Berman Dear Google, when you turn a blind eye to this problem, you are no better than the millions of others who turn a blind eye and then express surprise at the increase in anti-semitism worldwide and the consequences of that senseless hatred.
126789. Evgueni Borisenko š
126788. Ilana Cannot you understand that this gets worse and worse, if nobody stops this?
126787. Julie D.  
126786. Edward Goldstein Oy Vey! Somebody get rid of Jewwatch before the stupid Goyim wake up and realize what we've been up to!
126785. Jeffrey Krublit  
126784. Marilyn Wallace  
126783. val k  
126782. Lawrence Ashkenas Disgusting, Anti-semitic Garbage!
126781. Imran kill the JEWSLISION
126780. Tiffany Hohnholt  
126779. Panda It's funny how useful your service is, but how wrong your morals are. Have you no decency?
126778. Megan Quinones  
126777. Jeanette Grosman  
126776. John T. Webb Not a Jew but I have a Jewish heart
126775. mark s  
126774. Lotte Anti-Semitism is disgusting. Please get rid of this site.
126773. Megan  
126772. Lexi Hatred is cowardly.
126771. Elizabeth Falconer  
126770. Jeremiah R Miller  
126769. Adam James  
126768. David Lev  
126767. marielle  
126766. Abel Green I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it. No censorship.
126765. Russell Weiss  
126764. Susan How sickening that a disgusting website would occupy the #1 spot on a respected search engine
126763. Hal Bertram Thanks for this "petition". I never even heard of "Jewwatch" before this. Some very good and interesting facts on that site. Thanks!
126762. David Preston  
126761. Fred Jesus.. now I know why everyone hates the jews
126760. Dr. Michael Zidonov Disappointed in Google
126759. Geoffrey Sachs  
126758. David Sachs  
126757. sergio  
126756. Thomas Stanley Remove that page immediately please!
126755. gary please remove jew watch
126754. Phil Mader I would suggest finding a method of de-optimizing the website so it doesn'T show up first when a search is done on Google
126753. Philip Leonard  
126752. Joe Feinstein  
126751. Stephen Norman The outcome of this will resolve whether I continue using google or begin using a competitor.
126750. Free of Speech Keep Freedom of speech alive.
126749. Free Speech Keep Freedom of speech alive.
126748. danielle galgut take it off now!!
When it comes to the Zionist murder of innocent Palestinians,
126745. Vitaly Dubrovsky It seems that the world has a very short memory
126744. Lev Belev  
126743. Nesim Weissberg  
126742. Fredrik Johansson  
126741. Andrew Murgatroyd Yarmulkes off to google for supporting free speech.
126740. Jerry Tabak  
126739. Karen Tabak  
126738. Edward Hochman  
126737. RT I am disappointed in Google's apparent dragging its corporate feet and being unwilling to remove this offensive site. Since the USA is supposed to be fighting both domestic and international terrorism, why hasn't the Department of Homeland Security also done anything to help change this? (since that site obviously encourages violent extremist hate) I agree that Google has a responsibility to its users to remove and ban that site. Perhaps I have become a cynic, but one has to wonder how is Google benefitting from NOT removing it already...
126736. David Levy  
126735. brooke gerber  
126734. Laurie Faris  
126733. Janice Donaldson  
126732. Evelyn Mae Raymond  
126731. Helene Loomis  
126730. Harvey Melsonori If Jews have nothing to hide, they should not object to being watched by Jewwatch.com
126729. miri rosenzweig  
126728. ann chagnot jew watch is still too visible, Banish this!!!
126727. Jacob Adler  
126726. Melanie Ross We can do better. Please fix this problem.
126725. Merv Green Keep free speech alive, keep jewwatch.com There are a lot of valid points on that site.
126724. Peter Bowles  
126723. Robert Nehorayoff  
126722. SUSAN make peace not war
126721. David Kaye  
126720. Shawn Brady ANTI-JEW is ANTI-AMERICA
126719. Danielle Usatin  
126718. Ruth Goetz  
126717. Heather Rubin-Erez Remove JewWatch.com!
126716. Jeff Feintuch  
126715. Karla Jenkins  
126714. Bonnie Srolovitz  
126713. Hadassah Devorah  
126712. Debbie Milstein  
126711. Frank  
126710. Edward Hochman  
126709. Nora van Veen  
126708. ron cohen  
126707. Sam samg@rodiacreations.com
126706. Jon Sturtz  
126705. Fran Novakoff  
126704. Mike Abrams As a Jew, I see NOTHING wrong with jewwatch.com
126703. M. Bailey  
126702. Mark Heilbrunn  
126701. jack rebond  
126700. dennis humphrey remove anti semetic site
126699. H Kraus Google is my HOMEPAGE to this day... I dont think it is gonna be my homepage anymore :-/
126698. Julie Novakoff  
126697. Joshua Gelb  
126696. Kettheya Uong  
126695. Debbie Alexander  
126694. Sorry Helen But BANNING JewWatch is contrary to every facet of a democracy. We can ill afford to support CENSORSHIP at any time, especially now.
126693. Kirk Ellsworth  
126692. Helen P Abrams JewWatch is contrary to every facet of a democracy, which we can ill afford to support at any time, especially now.
126691. Patricio Brodsky ¡Remove and block it JewWatch.com! this is an antisemitic website.
126690. DANIEL SKLAR  
126689. M Simon  
126688. Joseph Fisher  
126687. jerry hecht  
126686. Sam BErg such chutzpah!!
126685. Charles Petrucick  
126684. Nadine Petrucick  
126683. Aryeh Lee Gary Moshen  
126682. John Stone Get it off -- NOW!
126681. Ted Cohen  
126680. nicole gittleman I feel as a jew it is very important we remove this antisemitic harmful site from the search engine
126679. estelle thompson please get rid of these sleazeballs
126678. Uncle Bungle This is little more than censorship
126677. baridawn eaton  
126676. Pearce Doucette  
126675. Harvey Kaplan There is really nothing wrong with the accurate and informative information being provided by JEWWATCH.COM We should be glad to have someone provide this truthful service to us, so we can see what others see and change our ways. Thank you for this service.
126674. ugffyuu u6rfkyu
126673. Lindsay Johnston  
126672. m hart this kind of distortion has inspired the persecution of jews for centuries
126671. Ariane Steinbeck  
126670. sami  
126669. gail  
126668. Ilya Boroditsky  
126667. courtney  
126666. scott  
126665. Willetta E-B Hampton  
126664. Stephen Spires this quiet rise in antisemitism has to be addressed and stopped before it gets out of control. otherwise we are looking at another holocaust in the future.
126663. jamie geller-wachman  
126662. Adam Verstandig  
126661. Deb Lurie  
126660. Leah Tarnor  
126659. clara davis this is a shame on google to have this on their sight,are we in germany and is this 1938
126658. Dr. Milton Nathanson  
126657. Abraham Reback  
126656. judith arond  
126655. marty dinerstein  
126654. Ariel Distenfeld  
126653. Esther Schachter  
126652. Marcia Levy  
126651. Alan Usherenko  
126650. Gilda Zucker  
126649. Barry Schwalb  
126648. Matthew Zucker  
126647. Morris Leibovitz  
126646. Harvey Schachter  
126645. Linda N. Take this site off!
126644. A. Fisch  
126643. Iris Schachter  
126642. viviane kirsch please remove Jew.Watch asap!
126641. Joe Davis  
126640. Charles Laboe  
126639. Cheryl Meyer I will switch to Yahoo if the site is not removed from Google
126638. linda  
126637. Lorna Davis  
126636. david halpern  
126635. Elyse Besso  
126634. Ruth Kissel  
126633. Paul Kissel  
126632. robin lieberman  
126631. Laura Keller  
126630. Elliott Tarson  
126629. John K. Groves, Jr.  
126628. josh kaufman  
126627. Justin Israel  
126626. Bahira Sugarman  
126625. David Schoenkin  
126624. Arnold Lipschultz  
126623. J.M.Smith  
126622. Shai Shamir  
126621. Gary L Peskin  
126620. Jennifer K  
126619. Gayle Drummond š
126618. ALison hideous
126617. Mitchell H. Friedlaender  
126616. Stephen Finkel  
126615. William M Becker  
126614. mark aston this is disgusting, it just goes to show how negative and nasty some people in this country are
126613. Edwin Cohen This only serves to feed antisemitism
126612. Jill remove 'jewWatch.com' from site!
126611. Ellen Gershow  
126610. Michael Gelb  
126609. Howard  
126608. Marcia Raff  
126607. NORMAN S. LEVY A travesty
126606. NORMAN S. LEVY A travesty
126605. NORMAN S. LEVY A travesty
126604. D. Levy Please remove this hateful site from your wonderful search engine.
126603. Laraine Fischer  
126602. Noa Michaeli  
126601. Robert Karp  
126600. L. Pollock Spiegel What a disgusting thing to have come up on Google!
126599. d. cohen  
126598. Kevin  
126597. Graham Alan  
126596. Judith Spando  
126595. omer mohd hassan  
126594. sara close this site
126593. George Eshaghian  
126591. áÇ  
126590. ãÇÌÏ ÇáÚÞÈí åÐÇ ÇáãæÞÚ íÓÈ æíÔÊã ÃÝÖá ÇáÈÔÑ æ ÑãÒ ÇáÑÍãÉ æÇáÇäÓÇäíÉ ãÍãÏ Úáíå ÃÝÖá ÇáÕáÇÉ æÇáÓáÇã (ÕæÊæÇ íÇ ãÓáãíä áÇÞÝÇá ÇáãæÞÚ)
126589. majed swear prophet mohammd(pbuh)
126588. David Weithorn  
126587. Yannai Mendelsohn  
126586. Richard Harder .......So stop already, who's forcing you to stay?
126585. Katherine Hoenke It is abhoring to condone hate spreading website in the name of free speech! If the site is not removed from Google, myself, my family, my friends and my business associates will stop using Google!
126584. Ilan Bazak  
126583. Frances Zamir  
126582. James Sacks  
126581. Adina Samloff how disgusting can people be! It is a shame that humanity has to lower itself to such degrees. Please remove this sick site. We don't need more hateful people.
126580. Farnaz Abrishami  
126579. Sylvia Alexander stop anti-semitism all over the world
126578. Sandra Markham  
126577. Andrew Metz  
126576. Ejaz Fida Jews are just pigs nothing more to say
126575. Raza Abbas I HATE JEWS
126574. Carl A. Arzillo Why would let such a site be on?
126573. mira remove jewwatch .com from the googel search
126572. Milton H.Lowe  
126571. Susan Greenberg Remove it now!
126570. Stephan  
126569. Evelyn remove it now!!
126568. Irv Cohen 100% disagree with JewWatch.com . . . . . . . . 100% agree with their right to free speech.
126567. Betty Eliau  
126566. Adam This is a horrendously offensive site designed to spread hate.
126565. ilan  
126564. Liora Stuart remove immediately
126563. Geraldo Perreira  
126562. LUIS ARROYO Cerdos Antisemitas!!
126561. miguel honisch  
126560. Miguel Honisch  
126559. seroussi hai  
126558. GILAD  
126557. Jacob S. Nehman JewWatch is a disgusting display of ignorance, narrowmindedness, and bigotry.
126556. jeffrey lessing, md  
126555. Linda Harary  
126554. Anita Gorman This is HATEFUL! Not a 1st amendment right
126553. marilyn horwitz  
126552. Poogle Search Poogle Search HATES Jew Watch... And n-chicken
126551. Susan B. Kaufman  
126550. katz  
126549. Ellen Braffman  
126548. Barbara Braffman  
126547. George borgida  
126545. David  
126544. eithan  
126543. Shari Solarski Please correct this situation ASAP!!!!!
126542. Hadar  
126541. Hal Silvers Free speech, it's not only for zionist controlled media.
126540. yoav lavie  
126538. Ran Segal  
126537. as  
126536. tyt  
126535. Eyal Barkai  
126534. Pienica Robert  
126533. ohad no comments
126532. Roman A. Taycher  
126531. r.rosengarten unbelievebal in the year 2004, such remarks
126530. joyce sassoon  
126529. Petr Zempliner  
126528. Daniel Semuha  
126527. Judith M. Zemel It is contrary to your objective of supplying true and honest services to have a hate-mail site on your website. It would be in everyone's best interest for you to remove it.
126526. homan  
126525. ilan plawker  
126524. barbara glickman  
126523. miriam vishny  
126521. daniela sever  
126519. ripper416  
126518. Joseph Brachfeld _____________________
126517. arye REMOVE!!!!!!!
126516. Maria Clara Rocha  
126515. Steve Nagy Never again! No way!
126514. cohen, moyses  
126513. Amy Daly  
126512. helena miascovsky  
126511. edmund mandel  
126510. Sheli Shahal Too horrible to be true!!! and it is NOT!!!!
126508. Samuel Pienica  
126507. Steven Maislos  
126506. Howard Abravanel  
126505. judit hegedus  
126504. LSH  
126503. Manuela Spavieri  
126502. Lindsay this is absurd! anti semitism should not be given in to so easily
126501. Julie Grunberger I use google every day but may have to stop
126500. Ivan Grunberger  
126499. jenny gerber  
126498. Lemberger Henri  
126497. Ugo Lachapelle  
126496. Hilton Barlach please remove
126495. Helaine Lazow  
126494. Art  
126493. Marcela Leser  
126492. Elaine Siver  
126491. Kimberly Karsh  
126490. Harold Gold Free Speech, not zionist thought control
126489. Fanny Ohayon  
126488. Mulliez, Sandra  
126487. sandra  
126486. Priscilla Jencks  
126485. robert ginsburg  
126484. Marx David  
126483. Mark A. Cohen  
126482. Michele Vishny  
126481. Monica Ariela Hegedüs  
126480. dr.Iudit Cohen  
126479. Georges Hegedus The site has a hostile presentation of pseudo-facts about jews. Most afirmations are not verifiable
126478. sami leopold goldstein  
126477. Gerardo Stuczynski  
126476. Marianne Goldstein  
126475. marcelo  
126474. Stan Katz  
126473. Weiss Gabriel  
126472. Pamela Leibowitz  
126471. Joseph Ashkenazy  
126470. Emeric Deutsch  
126469. Salo Feuer e uma vergonha!!!
126468. rozenbaum  
126467. le gamza it is now 2 but thats not far enough shd be page 10
126466. Fortuna Djmal  
126465. Jesus They have the right to freedom of speach and press. By all you cry baby's whinning about this your just helping to hasten the eventually removal of all our rights. You can show some back-bone and not look.
126464. Carol Ann Bernheim  
126463. wrubins  
126462. Essam Lobnan None! Just remove it!!! PLEASE : )
126461. Laurel Clade  
126460. Raquel Newman  
126459. mikkie ebinski  
126458. Friederich Braun the anti-semitism MUST be ended, by legal process or by force if it is necessary.
126457. Richard berger shame
126456. pollak  
126455. Henry C Tausk  
126454. L. F. Braun  
126453. alan j. cornblatt this is a most vile group libel
126452. Elizabeth Lambert  
126451. M Karsh  
126450. balkan  
126449. L.Sheftel  
126448. J. Wohlstadter, M.D. a terrible exposure for all who trust Google
126447. Adam  
126446. Robert Roseff  
126445. Gloria Rosenkrantz  
126444. hayden wool  
126443. doris tolins  
126442. doris tolins  
126441. anny roscovanu  
126440. hilary gold shame on you google for forcing such a large petition for change
126439. Gabriel Werner  
126438. Prof.Francis Dov Por  
126437. Barton J. Gershen, M.D.  
126436. Anna Hercz  
126435. genevieve Mellman  
126434. Caryl Kaufman  
126433. Rachel  
126432. Zak Gold Please do not remove this informative site. If you don't like the site, nobody is forcing you to visit the site.
126431. ISAAC  
126430. S. R. Steinmark  
126429. Judith Gold  
126428. Dr.Sanford Gold  
126427. Anastasiya Lior  
126426. David Siner  
126425. David B. Zurav  
126424. howard b. miller  
126423. V. Werner  
126422. shawn  
126421. farnaz Ghatani  
126420. tancredi  
126419. martin berman Although it is true that this site is among the worst anti Jewish sites, Google sees it as proper to list it as number one when Jew is typed into their search engine. Therefore, Google must be run by anti Jewish people. Logical?
126418. Poline Shoosh  
126417. Beverly Berlin Please remove site!
126416. Daniel G Fischer  
126415. Lauren  
126414. Irving Walker  
126413. GBE  
126412. Gary Theodore  
126411. Stephen B. Barry  
126410. Alan Kirsch  
126409. Allen S Josephs  
126408. Joan Stone  
126407. Amed Stop the GENOCIDE against the Palestinians.
126406. Rita Rosenthal  
126405. SUSAN KLEIN  
126404. robyn leitner DISGRACEFUL!!! How dare you, in 2004, post this as your top website for "jew" on your search engine?
126403. Rosalie Segall absolutely remove Jewwatch
126402. Scott Goldberg  
126401. Judith M. Simon  
126400. jo-ann sperling eastman it's a shame civilization has now learnt how to spread hatred on the world wide web, sad commentary for mankind... we havent progressed all that much after all!!
126399. wynne rosenkopf  
126398. cindy digravina  
126397. stuart katz disgraceful
126395. Oli Please do not help to publicise this atrocious site
126394. avi stefansky  
126393. Michael Sherman  
126392. Daniella d  
126391. naomi david we need to get rid of this!
126390. Susan feldman  
126389. Hermyne NEVER AGAIN
126388. Dave Ross Keep the freedom to express even unpopular ideas alive. NO CENSORSHIP ! !
126387. joanne  
126386. Michael Zemble  
126385. Joseph Hahn  
126384. fred Stiftel This does not belong on any serious Search Engine.
126383. Judith A. Kramer  
126382. Tovi Almozlino  
126381. Tom Asher  
126380. Y.H.  
126379. Bonnie Shur  
126378. Ellen B. Gruber  
126377. Michele Dubester  
126376. florence rosen too anti-semitic
126375. Mark Fradkin remove google
126374. Richyl  
126373. Nancy Rackow stop the hatred!
126372. Roselyn and Herman Slotkin  
126371. J Smus  
126370. Sandi Friedman  
126369. Harvey S. Friedman  
126368. Matan Prilleltensky  
126367. Avi Jacobsen  
126366. Isaac Gold  
126365. Aviva Levine  
126364. Roy Cohen get it removed
126363. Jason L. Blank  
126362. Yael G  
126361. Sharon mazyck  
126360. Alan  
126359. Marcia & Gilbert Saltzman Free speech yes but not negative first!
126358. alvin brown  
126357. oshi weissbraun  
126356. shawn Arshad  
126355. Roberta Jacobsen  
126354. Susan Laufer  
126353. Rita Fulginiti there's too much hate in the world to be able to promote it so widely and readily - get rid of it!
126352. Jeff Benson  
126351. Carolyn Benson  
126349. Guy D. Wormser Dispicable
126348. Robert E. Dordick  
126347. Robert Mankowitz I promise to NEVER use your search engine again if you don't remove this hateful site.
126346. liz yigdal sickening in this day and age
126345. Norma Paley Please remove www.jewwatch.com
126344. mathy danon  
126343. Lisa LaSpina  
126342. Muriel Arenberg  
126341. Kleiner Lily  
126340. Sharon Mellinger  
126339. DAVID J. GLENN Google certainly has a First Amendment right to post the site, but it should not be listed as the first item out of thousands. Blaming this action on a "random" computer is a lame excuse.
126338. Leonard Schreiber  
126337. Jack vanderhoek  
126336. lillian  
126335. Mathew Katz being a jew myself I can't believe that a trusted name like google would allow such a site to be posted as the first result for a simple search as "jew"
126334. Alan Clayman  
126333. Sue Leven  
126332. shannon  
126331. Miriam Feinberg  
126330. Daniel  
126329. Bill Lever  
126328. daniel szewkis  
126327. Eran Steinberg  
126326. Galit  
126324. samuel moed  
126323. Elana Benghiat  
126322. robin rose  
126321. jo  
126320. Natalio Abrudsky  
126319. Britney Burgin  
126318. Nina Malinak  
126317. Ellen Frischberg  
126316. Alex Horrible.
126315. mira bukai  
126314. param please stop them
126313. Norman Bash This is an antisemitic disgrace
126312. Larry Israelite  
126311. Francis Dowling 
126310. susan strasser  
126309. Ellis Bradin  
126308. Hodaya Bonar  
126307. Hodaya bonar  
126306. shay  
126305. chani gehler  
126304. anat  
126303. shmaryahu  
126302. Wendy Goldberg remove site
126301. Jerry Goldberg Remove the site
126300. Marvin F. Mankowitz  
126299. Phyllis L. Mankowitz  
126298. Shelley Mogil  
126297. Caren Goldstein  
126296. Saul Hershenov  
126295. Amy  
126294. Karen Levi  
126293. kelley google was founded in mountain view, california. this is a very heavily jewish populated area and also is a very wealthy and educated part of california, let alone the rest of the united states. you would think that these "educated" people who founded the company would open their eyes and see that the population they are hurting is right there and that they will probably lose many users because word obviously does spread.
126292. Irene A. Ash  
126291. efrat kashai hate crimes are an all too common problem and are being supported and greatened by these types of websites. please take this web page off immediatly as it should be viewed as no worse than one of these crimes.
126290. Lisa A. Zwerin  
126289. Valerie L. Wolf Remove JewWatch.com immediately!
126288. Marvin Sebert  
126287. Ma'ayan Maoz  
126286. arthur J horwitz Repulsive-a 4th generation non religious jew
126285. Edith J. Ghiron  
126284. Brynie Furstenberg  
126283. maurice franco  
126282. bartsch, nela  
126281. Joanna Popper  
126280. Judy Singer This is my second letter to you on this topic. I am so offended I haven't used Google since.
126279. Lisa Miner  
126278. ron kenan  
126277. sharon kaynan  
126276. bonni doherty this is crazy just like bush..
126275. Rachel Laube Please remove the anti-semitic from the list. Thanks.
126274. Jeffrey T. Cohen  
126273. Janice R. Cohen please do not spread hatred
126272. Ayelet Hacohen  
126271. Anna Landy  
126270. Billie von Engeln  
126269. Steven Bauman  
126268. ed got to go
126267. Julia Moed The positioning of this notoriously anti semitic site as first response to "Jew" is outrageous and indecent for a company with the reputation and influence of Google
126266. William Critzman  
126265. Jacob BENCHETRIT  
126264. Evan  
126263. louis richter  
126262. Susan Estrada  
126261. Rachael Kirk  
126260. Joel Saltzman  
126259. Tracy Cox  
126258. rebecca ullmann  
126257. Ellen Grabie please remove this horrible web-site
126256. Margo Gordon we must stop anti-semiticism
126255. Leon Soriano  
126254. Shai Markowitz  
126253. Jacovy Laurent Such a result provided by your search engine can only encourage hatred and more & more misunderstandings. How can you let appear on your website that Itshak Rabin was a terrorist. Like others are hunting for revisionistics site etc..., don't becoma an indirect encourager of hatred and anti semitism. 6 millions died only 60 years ago because of direct and indirect encoureaging words.Please don't become this kind of things.
126252. F  
126251. Mark Burns  
126250. daphna czernobilsky  
126249. freda hanon  
126248. David Schultz  
126247. Carol Berkery  
126246. lisa billings  
126244. Mona Nobil The world is a sad, torn place, as it is...why do you add to the problems?
126243. Paul Kaplan  
126242. Kim Shur  
126241. Kristy Iris  
126240. Nobil  
126239. Carla Zandick  
126238. Nancy  
126237. D. Oleartchik  
126236. Charles B. Chernofsky  
126235. Jerry Hyman the site spreads hatred
126234. France Hyman  
126233. Richard Waller  
126232. Stacey Krone  
126231. Alan Lands  
126230. Avi Raps  
126229. Diane Peltzer  
126228. Stuart Weinerman What is wrong with your company to allow this????
126227. Cynthia Sherman  
126226. Joel Chipkin  
126225. Randy  
126224. joseph sayegh  
126223. Felice Farber  
126222. Ted Weiss, Langhorne Pa  
126221. Bruce Bratman  
126220. Elie Levy  
126219. Jacqui Questle The site should be removed immediately
126218. Albert Sherman  
126217. Chasia Marcus  
126216. Jessica Sonabend  
126215. yasy anti-semitism is ignorance
126214. Andrew Rosen  
126213. Shelley Rosenfeld  
126212. I. Loundy  
126211. bruce levy get this off immediately
126210. kristen mcbride  
126209. ron wasserman  
126208. Jay K. Please remove the link Hate is for people with a small penis
126207. david wohlleban This site should not be #1 on a Google Search "jew".
126206. Mort Rubinstein  
126205. Bret Chaness  
126204. L. Marcuson  
126203. Barrie Essner  
126202. debbie dubin  
126201. Jennifer Shur  
126200. Adina  
126199. Beth Fisher  
126198. Steve Wilson  
126197. Eric Rosenberg  
126196. Oscar and Evelyn Barnett Very anti-semetic
126195. Hanna Apple I can't believe this is happening in this day and age.
126194. Norman Bryer Please Remove. it is UN AMERICAN
126193. Dan  
126192. Julie Silverman  
126191. Larry  
126190. Kelsey Wimmer  
126189. yudit dinerman  
126188. Stephanie Thompson  
126187. Kevin Marcus  
126186. Brenda Pustilnik  
126185. William Benjamin  
126184. Betty Reibstein  
126183. William Barkin  
126182. Bruce H. Eisen  
126181. Hal  
126180. z wise  
126179. Philip Kritzman  
126178. betty bikson  
126177. Stephanie Albert  
126176. josh  
126175. Eva Weiss  
126174. Larry Lehman It truly is a hate site
126173. perry wengrofsky  
126171. Mitchell Hamburg  
126170. Gayle Levin  
126169. Lori Barnett  
126168. Daryl Teblum Discrimination should not be allowed to be so blatently advertised on Google
126167. Paul Barnett  
126166. robert j caffrey  
126165. Jeff Sebert  
126164. Diane DeArmond  
126163. Rhonda Mestel  
126162. Natalie  
126161. SGOLD  
126160. Rebecca Schuman  
126159. Joseph Kritzman  
126157. Ann Sebert  
126156. Debra K. Berney  
126154. perry Wildes  
126153. Ariella Wildes  
126152. Melvyn Weissman  
126151. olivia weisberg  
126150. SHarris We think your service is great -we know you'll have the integrat to act morally & ethically to comply w/this petition.If not we will NEVER use your service againstop using
126149. AHarris We love your service but if you don't comply with the request of this petition we and at least another 1000 ov our friends & aquaintances will NEVER use your services again!! i will definately rb
126148. ron sladek  
126147. Dorothy Karg  
126146. Jack Hartman  
126145. Ashlee Robinson  
126144. Irv Robinson  
126143. Marsha Pachter this is obscene and necessary to remove
126142. Jerome Wildes This action is long past-due
126141. Marta King  
126140. scott anti semitism should not get top billing
126139. alan wildes  
126138. Dan Felkoff  
126137. Barry A. Wassinger  
126136. Ronnie Baker  
126135. Marilyn Weisman  
126134. Eileen Stecker  
126133. Barbara Salem  
126132. Jay Spector  
126131. neil rubinstein  
126130. Bernice Greenwald  
126129. David Lentz  
126128. Hope S. Klayman Stop the hate, idiots hate for no reason.
126127. George Newmark  
126126. Reuben Askowitz  
126125. jeffrey lefkovits  
126124. deborah weinberger  
126123. Josh Brickman  
126122. Barton Alexander Smith  
126121. Burton Benjamin  
126120. Joseph A Cohen We should not be mad at Google.com, but at the world.
126119. Josh Bailey  
126118. Wilma Nishball  
126117. orah kleiman  
126116. Ruth Ruder Please support tolerance for all, not antisemetic listings.
126115. Israel S. Kleiman  
126114. morey melnick  
126113. Jenifer S. Blum Remove the site immediately. You can do no less.
126112. Anna Dukes-Stengel  
126111. R Gordon  
126110. Glenn Stengel  
126109. hana s. kramer please act quickly
126108. Marilyn Duffy  
126107. steve gersh  
126106. Michael B. Osadchey Remove it completely
126105. merle and marvin garfinkel  
126104. Tania please remove
126103. Edward A. Smith  
126102. Percy C. Zanger, M.D.  
126101. Morton Jacobs disgraceful
126100. Marlene Epworth Disgusting web site. Get it off the air....
126099. Patricia A Cooper Let's take hate out of America and show the love of God to all people. Let's be a people united in the Spirit of Christ.
126098. sharon brickman  
126097. Mimi Cohen  
126096. Pamela Bondy  
126095. Joyce Zeldin  
126094. Steve T  
126093. T Brass  
126092. Judith Benjamin  
126091. Eunice B. Katz  
126090. Grenet Guillaume I think it's something important...some jew have been killed in France recently because of antisemitism
126089. Kenneth A. Solomon  
126088. mike dalena  
126086. Joyell Hayes  
126085. Anthony  
126084. Paula S.  
126083. Harriett Charno  
126082. Stanley Yetnikoff  
126081. Zimra Yetnikoff  
126080. Dr. Tessler Ilan  
126079. Hindy Garfinkel  
126078. S. Rosenbloom  
126077. james p. rosenbloom  
126076. mike harac  
126075. D BRIER  
126074. Fay Wernick  
126073. Gwen So sad that hate is promoted. Does peace stand a chance?
126072. Bijan Treister  
126071. Olga Biryukova  
126070. Leah Setaghian  
126069. Barbara Rosen Shamefuil!
126068. Bonnie and Burt Koonsvitsky  
126067. miriam birnbaum  
126066. P liebert  
126065. Susan Benjamin  
126064. Alan Nishball  
126063. nor 1142
126062. Kim Budner  
126061. Bernard Adelman  
126060. Jacqueline  
126059. Judith Joseph  
126058. Sabatino Levy Why don't you put in your search engine definitions such as: "Moslem = Terrorist, Murderer" and "Catholic Priest = Pederast" and "Pope Pius XII = Nazi Ass-Kisser" ?????
126057. Bernard Birnbaum  
126056. Adam Ramsdell  
126055. Jessica Bloomfield  
126054. Larry Blankstein  
126053. S. Roth Please do this ASAP
126052. Susan Persin  
126051. Lisa J. Brave  
126050. rejane tetelbom schuchmann  
126049. adam farr  
126048. Cindy Litchman  
126047. Sid Silver Freedom of speech is
126046. Deborah Schatz  
126045. Mark Tauster  
126044. Rachelli Katz  
126043. Sarah London  
126042. M Klibaner  
126041. Lauren Fahrer remove this site.
126040. Elizabeth Kaufman  
126039. Marla Brodsky  
126038. Nathan  
126037. susan  
126036. deanna Kluger  
126035. Melissa Wittenberg  
126034. Judy Morgan  
126033. Jaqi Green  
126032. Terri Albert  
126031. Lisa  
126030. Marsha Freid  
126029. Marvin Freid  
126028. Steven Fishman  
126027. ellen l  
126026. Ari Norman  
126025. Bluma and Don Herman  
126024. Marc B. Lipton Please remove this site
126023. R. Albert  
126022. Linda Albert  
126021. Alan Reed  
126020. sd df
126019. annette levenson  
126018. Rachel  
126017. Gary Klein It is your responsibility to monitor offensive material such as this, as you would for porn or other racist or hate messages.
126016. Golda Edwards to instigate hatred should not be a freedom!!!
126015. Ellen Hare  
126014. David Feder the right to shout one's hate ends where another's ears begin
126013. Mikhail Lotvin š
126012. Barry Baker  
126011. Claire Jacobs  
126010. zev scherl  
126009. Sandra Miller  
126008. Debbie Gray  
126007. Barbara Duchemin  
126006. Herbert Moss  
126005. Mona this is a good start!! keep up the good work in 'the war against terror' bcuz obviously jews=satan=terror
126004. Barbara C. Hutter  
126003. Joan Bronspiegel  
126002. sharibeth  
126001. RB Scherl horrible to promote hate
126000. nadya kaya  
125999. Alan Stolpen  
125998. Riki Friedman  
125997. Goldie  
125996. Raizy Sicherman Outrageous!
125995. Robin Holstein  
125994. Sylvia Gansky  
125993. Matt Adler  
125992. Dennis Goodman Lets start Google Sink!
125991. Margaret M. Padnos  
125990. Marjorie Schaefer Please remove this site from your search engine
125989. Mark Ditch the hate, Google!
125988. Miriam Isenberg  
125987. Laura Kostinsky  
125986. Tara Ellis  
125985. Garry Steel This issue highlights Google's inability to adopt corporate citizenship. Put it right.
125984. tzachi  
125983. yale himelbloom  
125982. Dorothy Stearn  
125981. Charlotte Rubin  
125980. Sheryl Siegel  
125979. Leslie Phelps  
125978. Lorrie Kirschner  
125977. ted ginsburg  
125976. linda ginsburg  
125975. sharon golden cohen  
125974. richard s. cohen  
125973. Vincent Sonderham  
125972. Lisa Presant  
125971. Diane  
125970. rory Google is disgusting and i cant belive they can be so anti-semitic
125969. Heather Hodge Kolodny  
125968. nicole gallon  
125967. Lílian de Araújo Soares  
125966. Stacey Stevens  
125965. aya sad, so sad!
125964. David Rosenthal  
125963. Marise Cherin The whole world is a chaotic mess of hatreds and power struggles; it's time to stop feeding them.
125962. Emanuel A. Herz  
125961. Paul Kerkhof this serves absolutely value and is not necessary
125960. bud conn  
125959. jorge zaverucha  
125958. judith conn  
125957. James Green  
125956. Marie Berlin  
125955. Jay Dubler  
125954. iris zahler  
125953. fred burke  
125952. Margie Block remove this from the google search engine!
125951. Myrna Herz  
125950. Martin Seligson Get rid of this slur or be branded an anti semite
125949. vered palatshi  
125948. dikla palatshi  
125947. Daniel Jacobs  
125946. Roberta Jacobson  
125945. moshik I think the creators of this petition said enough.
125944. Moshe Parnes Just because something is legal doesn't mean it should be done! Thank you to the originators of this petition!
125943. asdf1 For the last time: Google does not host this site! They have NO CONTROL over whether it is on the Internet! Boy, some of you people are ignorant as to how the Internet works!
125942. WHATTHECRAP How stupid ARE you people?! Holy crap! Do you think that a corporation as large as google would risk being that anti-semetic??? Please! its just how they made their search engine work, its not their fault. In fact, by linking to that website so many times, you are making it more and more likely to be the first hit on google.
125941. Rachel kurz  
125940. Hunain  
125939. Deborah Hauptman  
125938. Marvin Finkelstein Does anyone know where to find that porno movie starring Barbra Streisand? Man can she suck a cock! No wonder her James Brolin married her. If I could find a nice Jewish girl that sucked cock like that I might be tempted to overlook the fact that she had an ugly horse-face for her ability to suck cock! I'll bet she takes it in the ass as well.
125937. haheho  
125936. Edra Spevack  
125935. Jon  
125934. Harvey Kriloff The present priority of this web site reveals the deficiencies of your algorithm.
125933. MIke How could google be so anti-semetic? please change it!
125932. Katrina it is disgusting that google would do this. I go on google every day and if you do not remove this site from the first page then i will tell everyone not to use it anymore because google is anti-semetic.
125931. abe benjamin needs to be rectified
125930. lori schwartz  
125929. wendy sisco  
125928. Howard Kaufman  
125927. Sheryl Adler  
125926. Ronda Saint John  
125925. Terrie Somers Can't believe the hate message that is convade
125924. David Bordenkircher  
125923. gustavo zarenbsky  
125922. Lisa Bramson  
125921. jamie greenberg  
125920. Mohamed Zaki  
125919. Mo please remove - thanks!
125918. HOWARD WAX  
125917. Renee Naim  
125916. Ilene Sultan  
125915. reem  
125914. Kassies  
125913. Charlene Tuchman  
125912. Jack Klass  
125911. Ken Moore I don't need to agree with what is on "Jewatch.com" to agree that they have a right to publish their viewpoint. They do not call for violence, so quit being DRAMA QUEENS.
125910. Sonny and Tina Tito The world has not learned anything from the Shoa!
125909. Barbara Brown  
125908. Estelle Pregen  
125907. W.Aber Disgusting and prejudiced & anti-semetic
125906. hod vinter  
125905. george Langham  
125904. Evelyn Tenenbaum very dangerous
125903. Denise Jordan the website is racist and hateful. remove it
125902. Aharon Postan  
125901. Russ Kane Let's not forget, it is the the Zionists who KILL people who disagree with them. Three more today. This petition shows the often violent reaction of the Jewish people when they are criticized.
125900. Shmuel Tryster  
125899. Bernard Rosenberg  
125898. susan furth  
125897. Lisa Hollander  
125896. ALDOBAB  
125895. Sydney Mehrlander  
125894. Rami Bonen  
125893. J. Herman  
125892. Roberto Davidsohn (Mexico) please remove jewwatch.com from google
125891. Barbara Forman  
125890. Nina  
125889. Ilia Kaplounov Please!!! We Hate Those who hate!!! google!!! I BAG!!!
125888. Ilia  
125887. Terry Greenberg remove the site
125886. Laraine Fischer  
125885. Gayle Hara  
125884. Stephen Klapper  
125883. Robert Stat  
125882. J.Singer  
125881. Sydelle Kinzler why not jesus watch??????
125880. Laura Rich  
125879. David Trockman  
125878. Stan Schachne  
125877. Marvin S. Wolf  
125876. Elaine Levinson thank you for your quick action
125875. Jill Baars keep up your efforts... anti semitism should not be tolerated~
125874. Vladimir Tesler  
125873. herbwolf this comment wasunnecessaryingooglesearch
125872. Marilyn Beck  
125871. BB  
125870. Irma Wall  
125869. Dan deMedina  
125868. Ruthy Alon  
125867. Andrew Gray I have also already sent an e-mail to this site denouncing them
125866. Ruth Levin  
125865. Leonid Soroka  
125864. Mark de goutiere  
125863. Erella Reichman remove JewWatch.com from Google
125862. Annette M. Barrash Google, remove that hateful JewWatch.com
125861. Alex  
125860. Gregory Ryaboy  
125859. Michael & Lilia Likterev  
125858. Harold D Crandus  
125857. Lonee Urtuzuastegui  
125856. Julian remove it from the web!
125855. Alan Levine The intensity of the hatred on this website is dangerously high against Jews, people of color, immigrants and homosexuals. This is not what America needs in these difficult times. This type of rhetoric should not be permitted the exposure it receives at Google. There is also a moral and ethic basis for decisions, in addition to legal ones. Do the right thing and eliminate this website.
125854. Rena Tobin  
125853. Leslie B. Kramer  
125852. Sandy Eskenazi  
125851. Dave Gold  
125850. jay stein  
125849. Lois Eskenazi  
125848. ted kirshenbaum  
125847. Al Levin  
125846. Penny Boivin lies, lies, lies
125845. Stephen Bailie  
125844. sidney d eskenazi  
125843. David Eskenazi  
125841. Joel Murovitz  
125840. Andy Ray  
125839. Steve Levenburg  
125838. Jim Keller  
125837. hedva voliovitch  
125836. Chmiel  
125835. Yair Gibor MD  
125834. Uri Reychav  
125833. Siobhan Lant  
125832. Shaun  
125831. Sheldon Olkon JewWatch should not be in the initial grouping
125830. Dorothy Levin  
125829. Irv Borkon  
125828. Gary Ellis  
125827. Elaine Kirshenbaum  
125826. charles kastenberg i can not believe your service permits this type of hate ideology
125825. ted hoch  
125824. Janet Hoch  
125823. Shino Lichter  
125822. Robert H. Miller  
125821. Larry Edlstein  
125820. reynaldo rosemberg  
125819. peter smith  
125818. Lyssy Helena  
125817. Dr. Jehoshua M. Weissman Do you understand the cosequences ????
125816. grinbaum charles it's hard to have to petition in order to have an antisemitic site be removed. it should have been auromatic
125815. Jimmy Nishry  
125814. Bernard Feldman PhD horrific antisemetism
125813. Uri Perez
125812. tsahi ashkenazi  
125811. Gerardo Pérez-Kachler  
125810. Angela  
125809. Julie Robbins  
125808. Eileen Slattery  
125807. edna sayir any person or group that denigrates the other for it's presumed difference is a threat to civilized society and a source of hate,it should never be given a podium to express itself
125806. Ellen Smukyan  
125805. Ron Lerner  
125804. Balloffet-Audhramn  
125803. Steven Abramson  
125802. Robert I. Greenstein thanks for the opportunity
125801. Ruhama  
125800. David Absolutely Sickenning
125799. morris eskenazi  
125798. minna recht please remove the awful JewWatch site
125797. haim raz  
125796. henia oppenheimer  
125795. Tomer hashem will punish them all ;)
125794. danon Why Google should wait for a petition in order to remove this site? Google should not allow to enter this site at all. This shows Google's failure.
125793. Reinhold Maier  
125792. Fred Kurz  
125791. Marc Brunengraber  
125790. Ilana Ben-Ze'ev  
125789. Bob Preston  
125788. Abraham Ben-Ze'ev Lets not confuse the right to free speech with hatred and bigotry. Remove JewWatch from Google
125787. Joseph Gerstmann  
125786. ofra  
125785. ofaim bracha  
125784. Jamie remove jewwatch.com
125783. Dr. med. Dan Israel Pelzmann  
125782. Yardea Keren So what else is new?
125781. Ella Lindenbaum  
125780. DEB SELNICK  
125779. Alia Paz  
125778. Lanzman  
125777. victor gvirtsman  
125776. Barry Cohen don't these people have anything important or constructive in their lives to do other than spread anti-Semitic hatred?
125775. Garrett Rothstein I hate those God damn Nazis
125774. Ahron Siev  
125773. William Duschatko  
125772. Daphna  
125771. Allen Zemon  
125770. Lili Zemon  
125769. Amatzia Wolloch  
125768. Moti Weiss  
125767. Juliet Egan  
125766. Dr. Zvi Meiri  
125765. j.assa  
125764. Joseph Rabani  
125763. Noah Shafry  
125762. amichai oded  
125761. Truth Seeker The 'Jew Watch' issue sure has touched a nerve among the Jewish community. These vehement criticisms of a website that is protected by the First Amendment reveal an ugly side of the Jewish character: suppress all criticism of Jews and call everything and everyone you don't agree with 'anti-semitic.'
125760. Mikkk Galvan  
125759. Evelyn K. Goldberg  
125758. Itzhak Porat  
125757. silvia  
125756. Linda Krasnoff It is a very sad day that this continues to be a problem in the USA after so much suffering in so many other places. I am truly disappointed with Google, but do understand their position.
125755. susan krieger  
125754. Dan Shapira  
125753. ruth  
125752. shelly  
125751. Dawn Chattin  
125750. noor  
125749. Leon Remove it !!!!!!!!
125748. dietmar hilker  
125747. Roni  
125746. B.J.Halleck All peoples are equal !!!!!!!
125745. Gershon Grossman  
125744. Paulo  
125743. Alexandre Kogut  
125742. Nicolas Michael  
125741. Morris Macklin  
125740. Megan Abramovich I want to remove this site because it is very humillating for the jews and also, because we are a religion like anyone
125739. J F Gellert  
125738. H Woldenberg  
125737. Michael D. Bookstaber  
125736. Laura Sigura  
125735. Marilyn Graber  
125734. Josef Linhart  
125733. joel berger  
125732. herbert block  
125731. gladys propper  
125730. Denys Siegler  
125729. Sophia Cohen  
125728. Diana Appell  
125727. Judith Henry There should be some guidelines to prevent this type of website from being set up.
125726. Risa Gross  
125725. Nic  
125724. krewzbdin rippenklepper have somthing more positive come up first!
125723. Anat Cohen  
125722. Harold Bailin  
125721. June Bailin The website is all lies and distortions
125720. John Maciaszek  
125719. Neil D. Honschke  
125718. Jill Barry  
125717. yossi Barak  
125716. Robert Jay Weiser  
125715. Susan Weiser  
125714. L. Livingston  
125713. Chanel K  
125712. Nina Baum  
125711. Joan W. Coffin  
125710. Andrew Blair Google should be banned make aol feel the heat as well
125709. Sarina  
125708. nessim  
125707. Fred Hyman  
125706. Annalise Last  
125705. John Ott The right thing to do..
125704. Jon Karp  
125703. dov kenan  
125702. Willard R. Wishnow  
125701. Sharon Erion  
125700. David Wollenberg cowards espousing hatred - how about requiring them to identify their names & email addresses? Lets see if they will come forward & face the light of day.
125699. Nancy-Jo Feinberg You have corporate as well as moral responsibility to teach tolerance and scorn the spread of hatred. Accept it.
125698. Geraldine Sirott please cancel !!!!!!
125697. Lisa Huffman  
125696. Holly Howard  
125695. joe bortz time for race hatred to stop
125694. J.Flick  
125693. Nathalie Smith  
125692. Dr.Bendet Gordon  
125691. Gustavo Bronstein  
125690. paul brisk i am disgusted
125689. William Denning  
125688. Alan jacobs  
125687. David Perlin  
125686. Aubrey Blitz  
125685. Gina Zuercher  
125684. Guillermo  
125683. Kevin Buck All your base are belong to us !
125682. Daniel Kelsey  
125681. Barbara Cohen  
125680. Rhona Jacobs  
125679. Sheila Levitt  
125678. huuhik  
125677. h d popper I will NOT use Google again until this atrocity is removed.
125676. Tamara Frankel Ê
125675. William Talbot Site encourages anti-semitismthe
125674. greg bank  
125673. Oscar Fukilman MD  
125672. Nikki Scheuer How could Google give this loathsome site #1 spot under "Jew" ?
125671. Eve Lubin  
125670. harriet popper  
125669. Cosette I'm not Jewish, but I find sites like jewwatch.com disgusting!
125668. Elizabeth Stein I don't think this site should be the first, or the third or the fiftieth site that pops up on a search for "Jew." Antisemitism, racism, bigotry of any sort should not be so easily accessed.
125667. Naomi Jay just get it off your search engine
125666. veronica  
125665. Gustavo Melamedoff  
125664. Andrew Eisenmann  
125663. Dani Removvvve it!
125662. donna kerble  
125661. Peter Silverman  
125660. ruchama  
125659. Ciara Davis  
125658. Clifford H. Brown  
125657. Selwyn Greenfeig  
125656. abdalrahman haram
125655. ahmed haram
125654. bassam  
125653. Myriam Nissim  
125652. Kelly Zuckerman  
125651. Linda Schey  
125650. Jim Marker  
125649. DennisMitchell  
125648. Marilyn Rosskam  
125647. Alberto Goldberg  
125646. Leah Jacob hatred is not acceptable to anyone.
125645. Myrna Philosophe  
125644. Ilyce Wharton  
125643. Randee Bassin please remove this offensive web-site!
125642. Bernard Shoub will not suport google advertsers
125641. Portnoy Alberto  
125640. Jeanne McPherson I am shocked and appalled.
125639. janis e. sattler-fried  
125638. Jessica Manley  
125637. Sheryl Richmond standing for heart and acceptance
125636. Mario It may better not extist such page in INTERNET
125635. josh  
125634. Gregorio Rosenchtejer  
125633. Aaron Pavloff please take this off you search, it is wrong and demorilizing and should not be acepted as a site that you should go to. thank you
125632. davis very offensive
125631. Rachel Vassar  
125630. elisheva  
125629. Sandra Taft  
125628. Jeremy Dyen  
125627. Helen Ingerman  
125626. ari  
125625. Gary Byck  
125624. Arlene Marsh  
125623. Robert C. Schwartz  
125622. Mark Rudkin do what is right.
125621. leon hasdai  
125620. Adette Rice  
125619. Robert Michel  
125618. Josh Rasin  
125617. Milton Mollick  
125616. kathy Scher  
125615. ruth a. schultz  
125613. michael Feinstein  
125612. hn  
125611. Boris Rosenthal  
125610. Rev. Jonas I. Javna Shame on the stupid insulting idiots, who have never learned how to become human persons.
125609. William Costello  
125608. Christina  
125607. Marcus Hensel  
125606. Norah Herman  
125605. Rebecca Pidgeon  
125604. J ackie cappiello  
125603. elaine serota  
125602. bernice b. nepon We certainly expect better of Google!
125601. robert segal hate mongering is not information access
125600. Hochner  
125599. Jeffrey M Weiner It's not enough to just "push it down the list". Google needs to re-evaluate how it determines what comes up when a search is performed!
125598. Peter Kaplan  
125597. Joyce Burns Fruchter  
125596. Estelle Hellreich  
125595. Joy Perry  
125594. Jerusha Herman This is offensive.
125593. julie zellat  
125592. carol bilt  
125591. Jake Jarmel For the last time: Google does not host this site! They have NO CONTROL over whether it is on the Internet! Boy, some of you people are ignorant as to how the Internet works! Ignorant!
125590. Trudy Kleiner it is offensive
125589. Maxine Goodman  
125588. nadin benrey  
125587. ALAN B. GELMAN  
125586. Andrea  
125585. ian epstein  
125584. steve gelman  
125583. Ellen Kolikoff  
125582. Charles Wimpfheimer  
125581. Joe Luizzi  
125580. michael  
125579. stephanie markle  
125578. Peter Xebic  
125577. moises abadi  
125576. Ellen Carroll  
125575. debbie lansing  
125574. Jessica  
125573. Kathy Morton this site has no business being on the net!
125572. David Asch  
125571. Dorothy Kaufman  
125570. Charles Rich  
125569. abe kaufman  
125568. Paul S. Wax  
125567. Risa Marlen  
125566. frida markle  
125565. Joyce Herman  
125564. Marvin H. Kleinberg  
125563. Linda Stelmack  
125562. Ryan Taffet  
125561. haley fox  
125560. karen  
125559. Louise America Hyman is very disturbing to carry this site
125558. Heidi Oleszczuk Oy.
125557. Lea  
125556. maha khalil alomar  
125555. Joie Gould  
125554. Jerome Cohn, M.D.  
125553. S Cornberg  
125552. Gilbert Bensimhon  
125551. Van Vorst  
125550. Edward Ticktin  
125549. Iris Weiss  
125548. Eydie Eisen  
125547. Gary Jay Kushner  
125546. Diana Kurz  
125545. Florence Weizer  
125544. Howard A. Kline Will not usew Google until this has been changed.
125543. Idan levi  
125542. shoshana bean  
125541. Caroline Durham  
125540. Peter Bernstein  
125539. Fred I agree. Censoring any website is unacceptable to any liberal thinker, and dangerous to civil liberties
125538. Pauline Schwager  
125537. Marc Sadoff Please remove Jewwatch.com the site and keep them off.
125536. Deane Zimmerman  
125535. Marc Bernstein  
125534. allison aller  
125533. judith kahn remove offensive material
125532. Hal Brookfield Censorship in any form is unacceptable. Keep you petty, meddling paws off of the internet.
125531. Laura Bryant  
125530. Jed Berman  
125529. Dr. Craig Nadler  
125528. Frank Kron  
125527. France Noveck  
125526. sandi i think it just need to move further in google's list
125525. Michael  
125524. Nina Yeroham  
125523. Suzanne There is enough hate in the world.
125522. Noah Segal  
125521. S. Porter  
125520. Lauren Fox  
125519. ethel Barber unacceptable to any liberal thinker, dangerous to civil liberties
125518. Cory Hyman  
125517. sara widness  
125516. Andrew Lottmann  
125515. Jonathan Segal Clean your house, Google.
125514. Babette Holland  
125513. Alice Deutsch  
125512. Janet Gari  
125511. Amanda Abel  
125510. Alex  
125509. Jean Thomas Fox what a disgusting, un-American site. Google rise above allowing this to be presented on their site.
125508. Diane Brody  
125507. jerilyn cohen  
125506. A. Finell Please remove this site
125505. John Ohrt  
125504. S. Estreich  
125503. Concerned Citizen  
125502. John Mason  
125501. geordie Levitan Remove Jew Watch from the Google Search Engine
125500. Dana Levien  
125499. Joshua Tabak  
125498. james freundlich  
125497. Bonnie Efess remove the site
125496. Sue Brownlees  
125495. Rhoda Minowitz Please remove JewWatch NOW!!!!
125494. Les Deak  
125493. Steve Orlikoff please remove
125492. Ray E. Fox Beneath google and beneath contempt. If you must be all-inclusive, this site should be dead last--with caveats and disclaimers from google--but certainly not anywhere near the top. Please act quickly to remedy the dreadful--and threateningly incendiary--situation.
125491. howard feinstein racist!
125490. Richard Freundlich  
125489. lar soffer Think...and be more sensitive
125488. Marcia Franklin  
125487. Michael Chance  
125486. edward and ruth kurtzman  
125485. edward kurtzman  
125484. Beth Dylan  
125483. Sophie Gluck  
125482. David Finkle  
125481. Mindy Eisen  
125480. Michele Miller anti semitism in any form is outrageous. To demand the signing of a petition to remove such an outrageous site is beneath contempt. Google is neither the only search engine or email around. Those of us who sign the petition should not be using it.
125479. Mitchell Miller  
125478. Daniel Monastersky  
125477. David Kenney  
125476. Penelope Milford  
125475. Erik Beckwith  
125474. Linda Dahl  
125473. Donna Dickman  
125472. Mark Nadler  
125471. Marcia Kline  
125470. Mark Honickberg  
125469. nrockman  
125468. David Hurwitz  
125467. Robert Propper Take antisemitism off google
125466. miriam goin  
125465. Gary Fallick  
125463. Alan S  
125462. Jesse LaSalle  
125461. Charles Rich  
125460. Grover Anti-Zionism = Valid political position = Pro-American ideals
125459. Brian  
125458. Ann Heilmann  
125457. Ivana Rosenberg  
125456. jordana  
125455. Jack Holiday  
125454. reiko kachanovsky remove this site please
125453. Anne Tucker  
125452. Michael J. Whelan For the last time: Google does not host this site! They have NO CONTROL over whether it is on the Internet! Boy, some of you people are ignorant as to how the Internet works!
125451. Joey Salinas  
125450. AIMEE FISCH  
125449. Jason Pitofsky  
125448. Geoff Siegel  
125447. Galila Sherman  
125446. poo.cav1.com Poogle Search Is Against Jew Watch!
125445. Lisa Abrahams  
125444. Avigayil Cleveland Antisemetism = hatred = unAmerican ideals
125443. gideon aronovich  
125442. Duncan  
125441. artur grynbaum  
125440. Jason H, England  
125439. stacey wright  
125438. Benjamin Wainstein  
125437. Bob Goldstein  
125436. leslie unger  
125435. Nikki Stoch  
125434. luisa argentina  
125433. simon benzaquen  
125432. ãäì ãæÑÇä
125431. Howard Kaufman  
125430. Jeffrey M. Keiser please do not help the cause of hate mongers
125429. eliyahu  
125428. moshe  
125427. david  
125426. karen campbell  
125425. Adam Jacobs  
125424. Benjamin Gray  
125423. Michael Caminsky  
125422. jerry lahav Google should know better !!!!
125421. Ilan Frankel  
125420. Susan Beth Ramirez Appauling
125419. stanley driban  
125418. Benjamin Cline  
125417. dan  
125416. Neomie Menahem I do defend our first amendment rights BUT our zeal to be politically correct has made us a nation of apologists. I take exception to sites that incite hatred and violence from ANY individual, group or group of individuals. Accepting it is is endorsing its message.
125415. N KRUGER  
125414. Amy Gordon  
125413. dolores liss  
125412. Michael Friedman  
125411. Terri Rice  
125410. Seymour Meltzer  
125409. efi benyoseph  
125408. sonia waisberg  
125407. Isabelle Barry  
125406. Timna Naftali  
125405. Claudio Weisz remove JewWatch from Google
125404. Jay Houpt  
125403. lulu  
125402. David Fonteyn  
125401. Brian Edinger  
125400. f  
125399. f.resdo  
125398. sheldon rosen  
125397. Barbara Lew  
125396. Frances Herskovitz If there is already over 100,000 signatures, why hasn't this site been removed?
125395. Gilda Zimmerman  
125394. sara close this site plz
125393. Robert Markovits  
125392. Phil Segall  
125391. Bev Diaz It is sad that google is not more open to user feedback. Shame on them.
125390. Marc  
125389. Daniel Perrone Disgusting
125388. Maureen Caminsky  
125387. Eileen Raynor, MD I think sites that are clearly offensive should be relegated to the "back of the room"
125386. gmuer helen  
125385. Ellen Splaver  
125384. as  
125383. Sheli Lindeman  
125382. Jeffery H Freedman  
125381. Jessica Nataupsky remove please.
125380. Joseph Wilson  
125379. Stuart Klein  
125378. Laura  
125377. nir  
125376. Lisa Phelan what idiot started that site?
125375. S. Brownstein  
125374. Suzanne Schwartz  
125373. Allan Kliger  
125372. Aviva Rajsky  
125371. Violeta Moutal Total intolerance for any shape of racism and/or antisemitism
125370. alyaa  
125369. Norman A. Erlich, Esq.  
125368. Ken and Ravona Molkner  
125367. Alan Friedberg  
125366. stanford ross  
125365. ZAINA  
125364. Ben  
125363. Robert Sigman  
125362. Jeffrey Miller uncalled for
125361. julia aparicio  
125360. Renee Klein  
125359. Lila Siegel  
125358. Jo Knabel  
125357. Ron Knabel  
125356. Karyn Frank  
125355. Sara close this site NOW!
125354. Mariam  
125353. ylerom  
125352. a hecker  
125351. ED SHEINBERG  
125350. Jodi Kofsky  
125349. lance wood  
125348. Sharon Schlosser  
125347. wayland myers Disgusted by this article
125346. wada  
125345. eva chiel  
125344. Gerald M. Kahn  
125343. david brant  
125342. Daniel Teres  
125341. Sir Isidore Jack Lyons CBE  
125340. Paula Chaiken  
125339. Melvin Driban  
125338. Dave Plunkett  
125337. dina benbunan  
125336. Anna  
125335. TalMarkovitch  
125334. behnam partiyeli  
125333. bita kerendian  
125332. Reuben Kemper  
125331. Jeanette Kemper  
125329. miri frantz  
125328. David Woolfe  
125327. Jerry Leventhal  
125326. Sam Hollander Hate sites like this shouldn't need 50K signatures for removal. It should be automatic.
125325. Charlotte Kahn  
125324. Jane Feinstein  
125323. Abdalla Shehata  
125322. Abdalla Ibrahim Shehata  
125321. Michael Rittenberg This is not an acceptable site
125320. Robert Smith  
125318. J. David Please remove JewWatch from Google
125317. tom quinn  
125315. Bernard Luftig  
125314. robert ulaner  
125313. China Davis This site promotes an anti-semitic future, please remove from google
125312. Gre  
125311. Rohn Butterfield  
125310. Adam Kaufman  
125309. DALIA  
125308. David Kniaz  
125307. carolin please remove JewWatch.com
125306. SALLY  
125305. Illana Naylor  
125304. kath Pykett please close down this site
125303. Phylis Davis  
125302. danny harris  
125301. Natasha š
125300. Elias hijos de puta antisemitas
125299. Phyllis Greenwald  
125298. Ronda  
125297. Elena Pelsinger  
125296. Boris Shkolnik  
125295. Marcy Sweet  
125294. Daniel Gordon  
125293. Joel Kenigsberg  
125292. BERNSTEIN  
125291. moni tivony Its discraceful to see a constant need for people to insight anti-semitism. I suggest to those who do, "GET A LIFE"
125290. a WISEBROD  
125289. miriam NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
125288. Steve-O Englert anti semitisim is wrong: (
125287. Alex  
125286. Brent Kaufman  
125285. Milton Drash  
125284. Sandra Drash  
125283. Ray Firooz  
125282. jerome kaneff  
125281. Vivien Bacaner This is so important. I am surprised google wouldn't want to protect their reputation and do this without the signatures.
125280. Phyllis Lensky  
125279. Briana Auclair The Holocaust is over, and so should this.
125278. Rebecca Raines  
125277. Marilyn Goldman Please help
125276. David  
125275. Sarey C  
125274. Mikael Benarroch  
125273. Aram Vinyals  
125272. Cristian  
125271. Susan Witte  
125270. Luna Cohen  
125269. Dafna Schorr  
125268. Karel This is a DISGRACE!! there some be some limit on the net!! you are not helping in the unity between the people...you are helping ignorance and anti-semitism.
125267. Diegolas  
125266. Sarah Mizrahi  
125265. Gloria A Jacobs  
125264. m broadhurst there is enough hatred in this world without inciting more
125263. Dan  
125262. Jack Eljarrat  
125261. Joseph William. Mack Such hateful material should not receive the prominence given when searching on Google.
125260. teodoroburdman  
125259. Natalia  
125258. Judy Chetner  
125257. yonathan benarroch  
125256. Eric Serfaty  
125255. esther  
125254. DANIEL  
125253. Samuel Murphy  
125252. scot poz  
125251. Ileane Platt  
125250. Edward Cohen  
125249. Shawn Moritz  
125248. mark derzon  
125247. Emily Johanna Rubens  
125246. Stacey  
125245. esther serfaty  
125244. Julia Horel Get rid of it. Quickly, before more and more people believe the things it promotes.
125243. Donswald Badfood You disgusting freaks
125242. Judith Garcia  
125241. Marsha Meistrich There is enough hate in this would without being sponsored by a website.
125240. Albert remove this outrageous site
125239. Mark Goldsmith  
125238. paul frisch  
125237. Sarah Cort  
125236. phyllis kalter  
125235. Giselle Princz  
125234. Moshe Lavi  
125233. Judit  
125232. A&P Lasker Disgusted & Devistated
125231. Jake  
125230. Joshua D  
125229. Gregory  
125228. Veronica Benchimol  
125227. Benjamin Gadon  
125226. lidia finkelstein  
125225. helena lawrence  
125224. Gaston Vuacoff NO MORE FASCITS SITES!
125223. Jack Rouff  
125222. Sara Lemon it is disgraceful that a huge corporate internet site such as google permits such anti-semitism. no people, Jewish or otherwise should have to be subjected to such abuse. what people say between themselves is one thing but over the internet is different. this site is viewed by millions of people all over the world & should not have this negativity towards the Jews attached such as it does. it is an absolute atrosity. i know there are many more sites like this & every little helps the reduce this type of hatred. the people who made this should feel ashamed.
125221. Simon Lindner  
125220. Lauren Rose  
125219. lena  
125218. E.Ephraïm  
125217. r. mackler  
125216. Shimohn Zilber  
125215. Karen Braverman  
125214. Carlos Sacal  
125213. Lisa Danz  
125212. Allan Barnes I oppose all rascist sites.
125211. Steven Chandler This web site is a disgrace to all who are moral
125210. Stacey I can't believe such a reputable search engine would do this. And you want people to buy your stock...I don't think so.
125209. Mira West  
125208. Erik Hannon Google should act NOW
125207. Rex Gilman  
125206. lisa gilman  
125205. Shirlee Londer  
125204. michael podolsky  
125203. yafa  
125202. Steven Sisskind  
125201. Anthony McCulley Morons! Jew Watch is not ‘on’ Google. It is on the Internet! Google has NO CONTROL over that! Google is like a map. All it does is show you that something exists. Maybe you would like certain countries that you don’t like erased from maps as well. Stupid! Ridiculous!
125200. Leigh A. Brown Grant us freedom of speech and freedom from oppression.
125199. Dawn Katz REMOVE!!!!
125198. Ira Machefsky This search result is a black mark on Google's name.
125197. Alicia Tranen  
125196. Mark D'Angelo  
125195. ãÍãÏ  
125194. noor  
125193. Herbert Goodman  
125192. Marina  
125191. ÚÑÈí ãÓáã remove it
125190. Alexander Rozenberg  
125189. Nat Hargreaves  
125188. Dmitry Leongardt  
125187. vlad  
125186. Brenda Godwin  
125185. Yevgeniy  
125184. Gurit Lotan  
125183. Sheldon I. Green It's this kind of garbage that fuels the Arab world against us as Jews and Americans.
125182. Arkady  
125181. Matthew Guindin  
125180. quichi minujin  
125179. DAVID BAILEY  
125178. Jeanne Burke I am not jewish but find this offensive
125177. joshua geller JewWatch should be removed from Google's search engine. It elicits hate mail.
125176. Elizabeth  
125175. tal  
125174. marina rosenblit  
125173. marina rosenblit  
125172. marina teiman  
125171. rootaa  
125170. henya  
125169. Matias Babenco  
125168. Stefa  
125167. Arlene Sherman Let's hope everyone joins the cause to get rid of this awful site once and for all!!
125166. Enrico Raccah  
125165. Michael Charnofsky  
125164. Damien  
125163. Howard Bloomberg  
125162. esther  
125161. Mitchell Apfelbaum This is horrible Thank you MEL
125160. Nicky Zion  
125159. Glenda Burchett  
125158. Eyal Geva  
125157. Iris  
125156. Deborah  
125155. Joan Etman  
125154. Ena Burstin  
125153. S H Debow  
125152. Justin H It is disgraceful that such a worldwide leader would stoop so low as to place a prominent and well known anti-semitic site at the top of its results
125151. Tyler Leach ignorance is only going to kill our society, and allowing institutions like the one being petitioned remain in existence is betrayl of everything that is right for us to do as human beings.
125150. roy wise I am sickened by the increasing toleration of anti-semitism in our society and concerned for the security of our children
125149. Steven Septoff  
125148. loui i think this site is disgusting and unsuitable for the internet and should be removed from google immediately!!
125147. Gail Boym  
125146. yael  
125145. Igor Site is outrageous. Delete it now!!!
125144. Margit Wertheimer  
125143. Donna -Lee Its an ongoing battle
125142. Jake Jarmel Freedom of speech is the right to freely say what you please, as well as the related right to hear what others have stated. Freedom of speech is often regarded as an integral concept in modern democracies, where it is understood to outlaw government censorship. People were once killed or jailed for claiming the earth was round. It is important for people to be able to voice dissenting views, no matter how un-popular.
125141. Stefanie Kahn Freedom of speech does NOT mean you should be able to put hateful and ignorant comments born of prejudice out there for the world to see. Why do people have to be so unthinking?
125140. Harry Bender  
125139. Paul Weston  
125138. Valerie Rich  
125137. Walter Kenyon Sr.  
125136. Guidon  
125135. Tyler Roach  
125134. Kailee Wheeler  
125133. Anthony McCulley You people should educate yourselves so that you understand that Google does not host, sponsor or provide Internet access to Jew Watch. Google only shows the sites that are available on the Internet. This is the same as the printer of a map would do in the case of showing you where cities are located. Google does not name the sites and they have NO CONTROL over what is on the Internet! Google’s search engine works by showing you the most popular sites. They have no control over which ones are the most popular. If you do not like a site, then do not go to it! If you have a problem, then it is with the ISP that hosts the site or the site’s author, not with Google!
125132. Edwin Fields Remove this hate
125131. Jenny  
125130. Monica  
125129. Marsha Lambert WHat is this world coming to
125128. Saverio Zuchovicki  
125127. silas a. hessler  
125126. Marcela Please remove site.
125125. Odelia Mualem  
125124. silas a.hessler  
125123. Fred Johansson  
125122. Robin Greenfield  
125121. Lindsay Charlwood  
125120. Alan Roadburg  
125119. Mikhail Zismanov  
125118. Howard Gilman, MD  
125117. i  
125116. Karen Heredia  
125115. amy  
125114. Delise Sandpearl  
125113. sarah tes not only is the site antisemetic but factually incorrect
125112. karen rhea google, at least make them change their name , to be able to stay on google
125111. Tanya Baranov Disgusting!
125110. Joe Wechsler  
125109. lee kissinger  
125108. Linda Gordon  
125107. mariano salichiker la pagina jewawath atenta contra la etica(vivir en armonia)y esta pagina intenta sembrar judeofobia....saquenla!!!
125106. Daniel Brami I am revolted by the content of this website and sincerely object to having my favorite search engine ouput such crass as number one serach result of any kind
125105. ericka hale  
125104. Feigue  
125103. Karen Holland Thank you Dad, for bringing this to my attention.
125102. Margie Schneider  
125101. Gerrie Boym  
125100. Ilona Peltyn  
125099. DAVID WIENER  
125098. Sasha Bimman  
125097. meem  
125096. Terra Goodman  
125095. robert briller  
125094. Lee Greentein  
125093. Allan Caplan  
125092. Issie Lyon  
125091. Karen Sabha What are you trying to get with those hatefull attitude? you going to die even younger then me living with anger and hate as your oxigen source !!!
125090. Linda Greenbaum  
125089. Henny van der Tuin  
125088. Anne Capitant  
125087. Hernán  
125086. Warren Green  
125085. Carla Griffin  
125084. Isaac Kleinman  
125083. Pamela J. Thompson None.
125082. Rozalin Davoodnia  
125081. PattiS God put us all on this earth and I feel HE knows best. I for one love all people including the Jew's.
125080. Eric Zornberg  
125079. Lorne Hendel I think it's absolutely disgusting that Google should provide access to websites that contain the underlying meesgae to kill Jewish people
125078. Fritz Braunberger  
125077. r. zayit  
125076. Carmen Lucía Jaramillo Hoyos  
125075. Marlene Cashman I strongly support this petition
125074. Charles Brownstein  
125073. avisar vered  
125071. Sara Winer  
125070. E.AHARON  
125069. mera lome  
125068. Lisa skolnick  
125067. Joyce Barrack  
125066. Michael J. Whelan I wonder what all of you people say about the Israeli sniper who murdered a 3 year old Palestinian girl on the weekend by shooting her through the head while she was on the way to buy some candy? Is he a ‘terrorist’ or is that label only reserved for Palestinians?
125065. Oliver Steiner  
125064. Rita Goldman Can't be too soon
125063. Sherwin Goldman Can't be removed soon enough
125062. Gita Pearl  
125061. Adrian Ross  
125060. patricia crow  
125059. Lee Ann  
125058. Natalie Please remove it now
125057. Liane Ross  
125056. hillary light I don't like any violent or prejudical sites regarding race ,creed , sexual orientation or religion
125055. Eitan  
125054. judith epstein  
125053. Jasen Bradley horrible site, does nothing but promote hate and fear. I hope more blacks like me sign this petition.
125052. maha  
125051. Jeremy Stadtmueller  
125050. ed brencomp repugnant that Google encourages hate
125049. Shani  
125048. kim tereskewitz  
125047. Gabriela Saad  
125046. Jason Hoffman I believe in the 1st Amendment, but also recognize that Hate Speech deserves lesser protection.
125045. essie rosenthal  
125044. Sue Horwitz  
125043. Patricia Hyrman  
125042. Kenneth Smith  
125041. Inga Cherman  
125040. Grace Feinglass  
125039. suleiman Remove Jewwatch!!!
125037. Carlos Jentimane  
125036. Ari Schoenfeld x
125035. mariano eizen  
125034. Karen Jacob  
125033. Bill  
125032. Don Hinderliter  
125031. Zev everybody loves to hate the Jews
125030. razan this site is unpolit K and dangerous
125029. Avivah de Liever How is it possible that when you search for information you get antisemeticsides at the top!! And that in2004!!!
125028. Joe Brown š
125027. mary skrabucha  
125026. Glenn N.  
125025. David Murphy Go to...
125024. Jeff S.  
125023. Scott Pierce GO TO....
125022. Pamela Pedersen  
125021. Art McKinley  
125020. Lynne Kaye  
125018. Ari Schoenfeld  
125017. H.Walvisch No to antisemism
125016. Philip Gross  
125015. ESIMMONDS  
125014. Marina and VLadimir Tsesis š
125013. Philippe Charat  
125012. Emily DeHuff Deplorable spelling notwithstanding...
125011. Ricky Roth Please remove this offensive site. It contains material not fit for Google to be associated with. This is the worst kind of anti-semitism and the keepers of this site deserve no recognition for their disgusting content.
125010. Mindy Goldstein  
125009. Liana Elman  
125008. Afraid of the truth are we? I LIKE JEW WATCH!!!
125007. Catherine Lee Kyle This site is a disgrace and, if not eliminated, I will no longer use Google as my search engine. I can only hope it was someone's oversight.
125006. Carol Fleischer  
125005. Judy Leitzes  
125004. Ginette Albert  
125003. Leopoldo Ehrlich  
125002. Rick Osterloh  
125001. matt  
125000. G Bagg  
124999. W Bagg  
124998. R Bagg  
124997. Mary Blumenthal-Lane  
124996. de Liever  
124995. szmedra  
124994. marina this is disgusting i thought anti semitism was coming to an end
124993. talia kaye  
124992. Abdulla  
124991. JEss  
124990. Cory Dean  
124989. rosemary righter  
124988. Doug Smith Any group that discriminates against another such as JewWatch.com, in today's society, chips at the mortor that holds such a society together.
124987. David Simms Am Yisroel Chai!
124986. Harry W Lipsitz this is disgusting. do you have a site for IslamWatch or ChristianWatch:?
124985. Daniel Rathner Disgusting
124984. Nicola Goldberg  
124983. kareen  
124982. Wayne Mansfield  
124980. Monique This is damaging and offensive, and it must be removed.
124979. Dana Harel  
124978. C.K.  
124977. Ester Hamill  
124976. Terri G very dissapointing, considering how many people use google, and to have an anti-semitic page as the first result! very dissapointing and offensive
124975. Julian Segan It is a disgrace that an anti-semitic page is found when searching the word jew.
124974. Fredric E. Zucker  
124973. Stanley Feldman  
124972. Gail H. Cooperman  
124971. Helene Spierman  
124970. Polly W.  
124969. Georgia Wenkhan READ.... http://www.ussliberty.org
124967. Do No Evil! Google's company motto is "Do no evil". Time that they start living up to that.
124966. J.Alberto - Venezuela Do it !
124965. Fabiane W  
124964. David Siegal At least demote it to #11 or lower
124963. sol b kravitz  
124962. Rachel Weiss  
124961. Dalia Safra  
124960. marie douer  
124959. Larry Disenhof  
124958. Carlos Nash  
124957. James Biller This site is clearly promoting hatred of jews,by providing easy access to "jewish hate groups" for example.It would be the responsible thing to do if Google were to remove "Jewwatch"
124956. Andrea Eller For the sake of what is right, take the site off. You're the number one search engine and can afford to hold the moral highground.
124955. Don Chaifetz  
124954. Sheila Chaifetz  
124953. Gayle Bromberg  
124952. Sherwin Drobner I read Google's weak apology and intend to boycott them until the offensive site is reduced to cyberspace
124951. harry walker 'tis the season for all anti-semites to vome crawling out of the woodwork. Now it's google's turn
124950. Rolando Uziel  
124949. Helena Maria de Souza  
124948. Tracy Allweis Site is offensive and stirs up racial hatred
124947. David  
124946. Laura Brainsky  
124945. Ash i agreeee
124944. Ruth Black SHAME SHAME ON GOOGLE
124943. Cathleen Partlow Strauss  
124942. Mark Pyatetsky  
124941. Jeremy Price  
124940. Adrian J Malcos  
124939. OMID MORADI  
124938. Joel Enger I believe the endorsement implied by googles recognizing this as the number one site visited on the web for information about jews is a false application of the counting system as many of the hits giving this site its ranking are a measure of jewish people themselves reading this hate slanted material...I do not necessarily fault google that "visitation" is the measurement system however the fact that this system is the means by which this site has achieved this recogniotion is an unfortunately slanted circumstance
124937. cynthia lome  
124936. Regina Hecht Lets stop with anti...whatever!
124935. Linda Kundell Remove all hate websites from search engines!
124934. Sam Goldstein  
124933. Janice Starkman Goldfein  
124932. tag dr
124931. Roxane Schultz  
124930. kathy seagl  
124929. baaa jiji
124928. Nomi Gutenmacher  
124927. Don Waber  
124926. Shlomit Laqueur  
124925. camille  
124924. Stephen Naris GO TO....
124923. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Isferding Who ever blesses Israel God will bless.
124922. viviana please help us to remove that antisemic page
124921. silvina please remove it!!
124920. wae hi
124919. Cindy H Please Remove it for no other reason than RESPECT!
124918. Rosemary Tabakin  
124917. Linda Milstein  
124916. Eliane Kondi  
124915. Brian No
124914. Helene Goldsmith  
124913. Arlene Baxt  
124912. Max Porter  
124911. Eric Hendersen
124910. Stefani I think is an antisemitism from the person who made such a horrorific page. And we have to fight about this.
124909. Joe Kilmek  
124908. Leesa Baker You are anti-semitic unless,.,.,.
124907. Marsha Deakter  
124906. Celeste Mussa  
124905. Waylan Gardinier READ,....
124904. Henry Cohen  
124903. Glenn S.  
124902. Allen Barlowe Go to...
124901. Don Epstein Enough Anti-Semitism Without this site
124900. Alice Heller  
124899. omar dada
124898. omar dada
124897. omar dada
124896. omar dada
124895. omar dada
124894. omar dada
124893. omar dada
124892. omar dada
124891. omar dada
124890. omar dada
124889. omar dada
124888. omar dada
124887. omar dada
124886. omar dada
124885. omar dada
124884. omar dada
124883. ennn dada
124882. Edwin Gittelman  
124881. dnnn dodo
124880. cnnn dodo
124879. bnnn dodo
124878. annn dodo
124877. sssa amd
124876. asss ahk
124875. Audrey Shanfeld  
124874. Carlos Missri  
124873. Horovitz A. shame on Google : free speech and corporate identity and oversight a two seperate subjects
124872. Noah Zamorano  
124871. joel klass  
124870. DAVID CANTAROVICI i hope you die
124869. Tali Menkin  
124868. Lee Salsburg  
124867. Sebastian Kaufmann  
124866. Bernard Lytton  
124865. milton wajman  
124864. chris drury  
124863. Elly Sijes-Krukziener  
124862. Perla fk  
124861. Don Weitz  
124860. Michelle Andropov The JewWatch site is packed with harsh truth and should be definitely kept.
124859. Fayza kabbany  
124858. William Manson offensive, but true, description of "jew"
124857. Paulette M. Kitaeff  
124856. Carlos Royo Esteve  
124855. nuria Llinares  
124854. sonia ros muriel  
124853. Pablo A. Zareceansky  
124852. Jill Drury  
124851. Rhoda Rittman hate mail - very biased trash talking
124850. M. James  
124849. marilyn squires offensive description of "jew"
124847. L Shneier  
124846. Joshua  
124845. Uri Shmueli The JewWatch site is packed with hateful lies and should be definitely removed.
124844. itay  
124843. Faith Marin  
124842. g.sucari  
124841. gabriela  
124840. judy  
124839. Robbie Henry (PROUD JEW) I AM PROUD TO BE A JEWISH WOMAN INTHE 2000'S !!!!
124838. Larrie Globerson  
124837. dan  
124836. Brad Quarin  
124835. Hélio  
124834. Janis Kritzer  
124833. Lois Edwards what will u think of next???
124832. Michael Kropp  
124831. ALmas  
124830. Ayala Please remove it now
124829. Clarence McDonald  
124828. Janet McDonald  
124827. Dale Liebowitz As a regular user of Google I find it deplorable that the first site or even the first page of sites appearing under the heading jew would be anti semetic. I have used google to help my son find information for school studies. I have searched under muslim and the first site on google is not anti muslim. I would expect that you would want to rectify this issue without requiring 50000 signatures. It is rather absurd. However if that is what it will take here is my signature..
124826. Valerie Serao  
124825. Deborah Shapira  
124824. David Arenberg  
124823. Maria Katia Oceransky Losana It seems there is people insane enough as to think they are the re-encarnation of the "holy inquisition"
124822. Arlene Kritzer  
124821. Jonathan Shar  
124820. garydepice  
124819. Miriam Stein This is terrible and has no place in our civilization
124818. Boris A. Katz  
124817. saleh  
124816. elaine tabakin I find this offensive
124815. harriet popper  
124814. Moises Vinitzky  
124813. Anne and Leo Shimerl  
124812. Nancy Radoff  
124811. Ralph J. Sutton  
124810. Andrew Sachs  
124809. Offer Bar - Chaim  
124808. Carol Manzo  
124807. margo horwitz  
124806. Helene Spindler  
124805. Eileen Marder-Mirman  
124804. Carol Cohen  
124803. Tamara  
124802. Joseph Alder  
124801. Katerina Gould  
124800. Ronit Weinstein  
124799. Jeanne Louth  
124798. charles b salwen  
124797. Dominique  
124796. Mario Stofenmacher  
124795. Patricia Grebenstein  
124794. Wolfgang Freitag  
124793. A Gluckman  
124792. Leonard Joffe  
124791. muriel bursky  
124790. Joi Horowitz  
124789. Siri  
124788. Susan & Jay Theise How could you?
124787. Jerry K  
124786. Karen Perry  
124785. Elliot Heller  
124784. Leah Warner  
124783. Sheri Kase  
124782. robin weinberg  
124781. Edmundo Abel Cabanillas  
124780. Denu  
124779. Rosy  
124778. reb  
124777. Bev Segal  
124776. rashid khalifa  
124775. charles sorkin isn't there enough garbage on the web?
124774. Andrew  
124773. Rayna Rubin My whole family uses Google and needs it to be responsible
124772. Ruth Rosenblatt  
124771. Shlomi Eliyahu  
124770. NJ Bruce  
124769. orzegow andrea  
124768. Carmen Toni Bissessat  
124767. Lila Hunnewell  
124766. hammerschlag  
124765. Anthony McCulley So, I guess I can't make a hate website against child molesters? What crap!
124764. M. Kostal Websites must not be allowed to foment hatred of any distinct group of people or of individuals.
124763. Alexander  
124762. Kathryn Hensley  
124761. R. Kanter  
124760. Robert Hoch  
124759. hmood  
124758. Moises Bentata Levy  
124757. Charlene Comin  
124756. Linda Wachtel  
124755. a.wolffs  
124754. swaleha iqbal  
124753. Elayne Koppelman  
124752. Leonard Spitz  
124751. Rena Klass this is unacceptable
124750. sandra friedman  
124749. Susana Glikman  
124748. Jake Jarmel The Torah a guide for humanity? What B.S.! This is what the Torah says: Abhodah Zarah (22a) it says: "A Jew must not associate himself with gentiles because they are given to the shedding of blood. Kethuboth (3b) it says: "The seed of a Goi is worth the same as that of a beast. HATE LITERATURE!
124747. Uriel Cukierman  
124746. Mario Strugo  
124745. claudia bodek  
124743. michal  
124742. J Dean ".....At least eight Palestinians, many of them children, were killed by Israeli fire Wednesday as they demonstrated against the military operation." .....Maybe somebody needs to reconsider the Torah as the "guide for humanity", as well as the "humanism", Judaism represents.
124741. Salomon  
124740. Trevor Pears  
124739. Catherine Kerr Ginsberg  
124738. Ariel Cohen Imach  
124737. Anna Leventhal The Torah is seen as a guide for humanity. Judaism represents humanism, inclusive of all diversity, embracing of all humanity. The word must be spread loud and clear that Judaism strives to promote working and caring together to provide a good life for all, inclusive of differences. Attacks must stop so that this peace can take hold. The perverse, evil and twisted designs of hate mongers, and the memetic ideas of their ignorant and confused followers, are unbelievable. It is the Jewish experience that will become the lesson for all the world as how to live together, caring for one another in peace on this earth. As trite as it sounds, people must rally to fight the good fight.
124736. Al  
124735. Doron Kolton  
124734. Dave Borkan  
124733. shannon ambrose  
124732. Bob Goode Don't promote hate. Get out of GAZA NOW ! ! !
124731. Lisa Harris  
124730. Michelle Wolfe  
124729. Garry H Wachtel  
124728. MITSA  
124727. Control Solar  
124726. Alicia Martinez  
124725. Barbara Katz Don't promote hate.
124723. eli weinberg  
124722. Peter  
124721. Jill Lederman  
124720. Michael J. Whelan Why do Jews want to say racist and bigoted things about anyone who is not Jewish, but they start petitions for censorship as soon as anyone says something that they do not like. You certainly are not going to reduce anti-Semitism when you have a double standard like that!
124719. David Koppel  
124718. Josh Reed In memory of all People who were slaughtered by Jewish people and their proxies, for thousands of years. Jews apparently don't even consider their victims human.
124717. Yacov Steinberg  
124716. Ed Goldstein  
124715. James Rodrigo Disgraceful - Change the site!!
124714. Adriana - SP  
124713. Seth Weinstein  
124712. Marcia Weinstein Please remove the site
124711. Eldi coh remove it
124709. Maria Waters Please remove immediately
124708. barbara brown  
124707. Alon olstein  
124706. Romi Olstein  
124705. Rivka Landman In memory of all Jewish People who were slautered for thousand of years by others who are not allowed to be called humans
124704. Jonathan Penn  
124703. anat  
124702. limor khalon  
124701. melanie cooper  
124700. uria  
124699. ezra  
124698. Mr Goldberg I think that having this sight on the search engine is unthinkable, racist and sadistic. These people put a bad name towards human life and dignity.
124697. B.B. Grey  
124696. Jawmine Heller READ....
124695. Guy Albertini  
124694. Derick Seinberg iSRAEL NEVER ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY for its Crimes....
124693. Brad R.  
124692. Carrie DeMello The jEWISH Talmud says it is okay to lie to Gentiles....
124691. T. Lindh  
124690. Haim Goldberg Go to...
124689. E. Cambridge  
124688. Yael Sgli Not all jEWS support the criminal zIONISTS....
124687. Gus Meeks  
124686. Joseph and Lilly K. Sehati Remove jewwatch.com
124685. June Templeton  
124684. Daniel Glikman  
124683. S. Beveridge Please remove this site.
124682. Renee Videlefsky  
124681. Larry Kent Check out www.whack-a-mohel.com. Disgusting!
124680. Marsha Bissell RemoveJewWatch is censorship. Why the hell is it that Jews can't ALLOW something negative to be said about them, whether it's true or not when there are tons of sites on the web defaming everybody else?
124679. Percy Sheiman Digusted
124678. Carlos  
124677. Magda El Alfi  
124676. Mary Chatlos  
124675. mohmed pas
124674. Norman G. Greenbaum  
124673. Lauren Brown  
124672. luiz oliveira  
124671. Richard Grant This does not surprise me.......people love to hate...........Disgusting actions from mindless fools.This is not freedom of speech..It is yelling fire in a theater..People who are little in mind and self respect are the same ones that hate the most. I pity you..It is not your fault that you were born so ignorant. After all that inbreeding , it is not enirely your fault.Just sit back and watch Jerry Springer and eventually you will see one of your relatives as one of the guests
124670. Olivia Skinner  
124669. Marc  
124668. Eric Taylor  
124667. flora amiel  
124666. Yaniv i can´t belive it....
124665. Brigitte August  
124664. P.KAPLOW  
124663. Kelly Klein  
124662. Debbie Bray  
124661. Peter M. Page  
124660. Isaac Menis debieran revisar los sitios antes de dejarlos funcionar
124659. Gail Best  
124658. B. Melnick  
124657. jacia fridman  
124656. Rick Springwell Very interesting site. If you don't want to view it, DON'T. We don't need more censorship.
124655. Erica Bickell  
124654. Erwin Friedman  
124653. orna  
124652. Alan Nusbaum Don't allow hatred to be spread
124651. Ginger Mencher  
124650. Liad Itzhak  
124649. naila amer  
124648. Laura Hanslip  
124647. Ben  
124646. Emma Cox  
124645. david franco  
124644. Irene  
124643. L. Jacob Fien-Helfman  
124642. Maurice Odum Go to... http://www.thetruthseeiker.co.uk/
124641. Suzanne Gordon  
124640. David Mayer  
124639. selva zabronski  
124638. Rady Nasr No Comment
124637. Yefim Bichutskiy  
124636. Nazgul remove jewwatch.com ASAP! remove jewwatch.com ASAP! remove jewwatch.com ASAP!
124635. SONIA BEN LOLO  
124634. david  
124633. eric mccarthy I'm not Jewish, but I agree with the petition.
124632. Adriana Gil gross, despicable, disgusting
124631. Elizabeth Welsh  
124630. Joseph Saldin  
124629. Arlene Leiman Remove that site!
124628. Rose F.  
124627. Gordon Wells The TRUTH ABOUT THE TALmud....
124626. Laura Ciesla  
124625. grinblat  
124624. diane sparr  
124623. Helen Gould  
124622. A & M CHANKIN  
124621. greep saudi
124620. Deborah Jusid  
124619. Dinerman  
124618. Marci Goldstein  
124617. kwintner  
124616. Julia Hornik  
124615. sandra  
124614. Leandro Schefler  
124613. Isaac  
124612. Lea Tawil  
124611. Roberto  
124610. Patricia Gil  
124609. Lea  
124608. nacho  
124607. Orli Eligal  
124606. vera weinstwein get rid of the site...
124605. Anthony McCulley If Jews can write bigoted and hateful things against non-Jews, then why can’t the same be done about them? Has anyone read the Talmud? In Abhodah Zarah (22a) it says: "A Jew must not associate himself with gentiles because they are given to the shedding of blood." Likewise in Iore Dea (153, 2): "Why are the Goim unclean? Because they eat abominable things and animals that crawl on their belly." Likewise in Abhodah Zarah, 22b: In the Sanhedrin (74b) Tosephoth, it says: "The sexual intercourse of a Goi is like that of a beast." And in Kethuboth (3b) it says: "The seed of a Goi is worth the same as that of a beast." BAN THE TALMUD! IT’S HATE LITERATURE!
124604. Jeffrey Friedland  
124603. Jeff Ross  
124602. Bill Marcus please remove this site
124601. sahar gelfman  
124600. Jacques Abram  
124599. Sharon I live near a large population of Jews in CT and have witnessed/and read in the paper quite often the hate crimes against the Jews. Anti-semitism is long from dead, and with websites like that one that just speards hatred no wonder.
124598. jonathan solnicki please remove this site
124597. David Weisblat This sort of thing would definitely cause me to hesitate to use google in the future.
124596. Matthew Ivanhoe  
124595. Jeffrey Rothburd  
124594. Barrie Dnistrian  
124593. pawlo  
124592. susana franklin disgusting
124591. romi  
124590. Paula Grzybowski  
124589. Seymour N. Wasserman  
124588. fred  
124587. ray  
124586. Nathan Kelerstein  
124585. Sara Gitlin This site is an outrage and that Google allows it to be in it's search engine is appalling.
124584. David Roth  
124583. Ada Brainsky  
124582. Bernard Farber  
124581. Maurice Fernandez  
124580. Rahel Eynan  
124579. Simon Levin Keep it. Keep free speech for all.
124578. Rakosi Simon  
124577. Dr. Millicent H. Kellner Please remove immediately
124576. Marcelo Ariel Rosenhek  
124575. Renous Daniel  
124574. Olivia Shapiro  
124573. Martina Rubasova  
124572. Kyle Hamburger REMOVE IT NOW!!!
124571. Mohammed Noor  
124570. bn df
124569. Boris  
124568. sara  
124567. EStelle Olstein  
124566. collette  
124565. Yuval Silberstein iSRAEL TORTURES PALESTINIANS....
124564. Alberto  
124561. Jennine  
124560. Albert Mays Go to....
124559. Jiri Slovak  
124558. micky  
124557. Amir kaldor  
124556. shay  
124555. Ofri Coen  
124554. Pauline Mizrahi  
124553. sif  
124552. Avi  
124551. Mohammed Al-Subaie  
124550. Carol McFadden  
124549. simonne disgusting abuse of your search engine to promote propoganda
124548. Robert Stevens  
124547. karey j. riemersma  
124546. J Danon  
124545. Hatoon M  
124544. Noam Sosnovitch  
124543. Pete Thelen search engine failure - should not be top ranking
124542. Angela Cebelenski  
124541. marg  
124540. bernard nash  
124539. Anita Schwartzman  
124538. Rita Ockrim  
124537. Kaitlin A.  
124536. Vernon Peters WHERE'S THEIR HUMANITY ?
124535. Joe Malthus  
124534. Marsha Talberttini The ORIGIN of NON-SEMITIC jEWS....
124533. Tess Ridge  
124531. evelina holender  
124530. Herman Shanker  
124529. Shelly Loran Will spread negative press on google unless this is resolved
124528. David H Meents please take out the trash
124527. Sanra Belkind Please,please remove, it is horrific
124526. SUSAN S WAGMAN  
124525. ryan remove this site
124524. Jay Waverly  
124523. Pat Morse WELCOME TO AMERIKA !!!!
124522. Just Like Ajewtocomplain  
124521. Nancy Berg  
124520. Ned Bertlesman The War on Iraq ... Is being fought to protect iSRAEL
124519. Allen S.  
124517. Seymore Walsh  
124515. Jerry Frost  
124514. Alton MacPherey Go to... http://www.antiwar.com
124513. Tony S.  
124512. Sam Brooks iSRAEL IS A TERRORIST STATE....
124511. Erika Condit  
124510. Perry McMann  
124509. michael wachtel  
124507. BrianX It is absolutely disgraceful for Google to support HATE.
124506. jon vann obnoxious
124505. Alex Garter CNN replaced Google with Yahoo as their search engine. Let us do the same!!! Jews rule!!!
124504. Harvey Tauber  
124503. Erlinda Paige  
124502. Matthew Boyce The iSRAELIS destroyed over 500 Palestinian towns on 1948 ....
124501. Kenneth A. Solomon It just must go.
124500. meredith trowbridge  
124499. Trudi Perlman  
124498. Harry K.  
124497. Richard Appleby Get the REAL truth aout the jEWS, the Talmud, zIONISM, etc, ,,,,,
124496. EDWARD GLICK  
124495. Edith W.  
124494. Jimmy Murray zIONIST jEWS call Arabs & Palestinians.... "cockroches," "termirtes," and other racist terms .....
124493. Kathy J.  
124492. Reid Stamwell Get the REAL News....
124491. Alicia B.  
124490. Wallace McCoy READ....
124489. Edgar Masters  
124488. Susan Dombrow  
124486. Calista C.  
124484. hanna kleiner  
124483. Calvin D.  
124481. David Blumberg  
124480. James E.  
124478. Earleen Roumagoux Please use this opportunity to reduce hatred and racism in our world. You have the power - please use it wisely. Thank you.
124477. Ima Jw  
124475. Debra Silverman  
124474. Bruce Silverman  
124473. laura jankelson  
124472. Shelley Asher  
124471. C.T. Bengis  
124470. haber  
124469. John Thompson The fact that jewwatch.com is the first hit is quite horrendous. It must be removed.
124468. Fern Abrams  
124467. Harvey Burns Just saw the Israeli's murdering un-armed Palestinians, in Gaza, including 2 children who were feeding pigeon's. This was on ABC News.What's next call ABC anti-semites? Are Jews going to start a petition to censor them also? Instead of working so hard to HIDE the truth, why not stop commiting atrocities?
124466. salwa  
124465. Jessica  
124464. g.hirsch  
124463. Elisse Weiss  
124462. Natalia  
124461. Debbie Gruen  
124460. Hanz Bachler Why do you guys want to remove a site afraid of criticsm? can't take the heat for your own actions? maybe the White Nationalists are right, you ARE about censoring and covering up the facts about yourselfs.
124459. Stephen Feldman  
124458. Annette Myers disgusting propaganda
124457. Rivka Noskeau  
124456. Mona Rubenstein  
124455. Majed k it's the last prophet
124454. kate blumberg  
124453. Milena Repikova  
124452. Daniel Hasard  
124451. Wallace C. Bernstein  
124450. Esther Lightman A petition shouldn't be required to remove such filth!!!
124449. Howard Cohen get this site off
124448. Michael S. Krause Get rid of it ASAP!
124447. Jake Jarmel Do you want to see bigotry? Try to immigrate to Israel if you are not a Jew. JEWS ONLY! Some ‘democracy’! Jews think that ‘God’ has made them more special than the rest of us. That’s bigotry and hatred!
124446. Melissa Balaban  
124445. Gina Conklin  
124444. marta rg  
124443. Sheldon G  
124442. ÇÍãÏ  
124440. Ahmad Iqbal Intolerance, religious/racial hatred - in any form should be stopped independent of the origin and target
124439. Andrea McCarthy  
124438. Dolores Greenstein  
124437. Lynn Tedesco please remove ASAP
124436. Theresa Mancuso It's called freedom of speech. The only reason that Jew watch appears first is because it was listed with google longer. I oppose Zionist influence in the United States and I believe PAC groups, such as AIPAC should especially be watched
124435. Rhonda Amber  
124434. Mike  
124433. Amir K.  
124432. adriana  
124431. Alma  
124430. Irene Onik  
124429. omfai 1400t
124428. ionatan asayag  
124427. arthur d. shattuck  
124426. Jack & Armony Share  
124425. Jo Ellen Kamen  
124424. Richard H. Kessin  
124423. Judy Paige  
124422. Barbara D. Gilbert I am extremely dismayed that Google would post the JewWatch.com site.
124421. Ellen and Roger Phelps  
124420. Jennifer Gammell the sooner this site gets removed, the better. there is enough hatred in the world. Google prides itself on being a responsible and reliable search engine and this site compromises its position as the leading search engine
124419. Lenny Lowenthal  
124418. Diane Moody The internet should NOT be used to promote hate groups.
124417. Joel Yager  
124416. jeffrey rosenfeld  
124415. Laurie Ben-yair  
124414. Maxine Vogel  
124413. noga  
124412. Isaac Gindi  
124411. benhamou  
124410. adele jackson  
124409. adelle isacowitz  
124408. mmsaiari  
124407. georgina shaw  
124406. Tania Fuchs  
124405. Judy Robbins  
124404. avi  
124403. Rosa Eskenazi  
124402. Gil Broitman  
124401. DYY Screw you Google!
124400. Assouline Carine  
124399. elliot renton  
124398. rose robin Outrageous...google should not need a petition to remove this web site
124397. Linda Jimenez  
124396. Nora Nissan  
124395. Daniel Weintraub  
124394. Israel Sushman  
124393. Marco L no comment
124392. Sebastian Jmelnitzky  
124391. Rolf Orzegow  
124390. Arie Polichuk  
124389. kelly Baskind  
124388. Jeremy L. Wolfe this website is disgusting
124387. Estelle and Leonard Weiss We have enough antisemitism in the world without Google adding to it even if it is inadvertent.
124386. Lisa Gold  
124385. SERGIO  
124384. Kupfermunz E  
124383. Edward Lastman  
124382. Amy Pearl  
124381. geula shwartz  
124380. Carolyn Penn  
124379. jean-charles chebat  
124378. Lil  
124377. Ernesto Adler  
124376. Malcolm Rosen  
124375. minna recht terrible source of information
124374. Uriel Valls  
124373. PAtricia  
124372. Suzanne Gold disgusting
124371. barry barnett disgraceful
124370. n goldstein  
124369. Carrie  
124368. SAR mu mal...!!:P
124367. Carolina !!!
124366. Sel  
124365. Sandie Knapp  
124364. David Levy This website crosses the line between freedom of _expression and hatred
124363. tibor january disgusting
124362. thiago  
124361. yontan soy retrasado mental
124360. arucho aguanten los judios!!!! keilu.....
124359. arielito soy otro yo!!
124358. marucha  
124357. maritona  
124356. marita  
124355. matias otro yo!
124354. ariel soy yo!
124353. r.goldman  
124352. mara  
124351. Robert Goodall  
124350. Lisa Pinto  
124349. Richard Brehm  
124348. Nancy Martin  
124347. Dade Porter  
124346. Steve Weirs READ....
124345. Wilfred S.  
124344. gilat  
124343. Carl DeCaires Go to...
124342. Dana S.  
124341. Andrew Jones It is related to all the comments submitted on this website: See http www PetitionOnline com cofs1 petition.html
124340. kevin no jewwatch.com plz
124339. Jordan Fassler Until JewWatch.com is removed from Google ,I will not use Google or any of its advertisers
124338. Dwight Brede  
124337. Cesar Chalom  
124336. Julls44  
124335. jose zahler  
124334. Claudio Vajlis  
124333. Carlos Gorelik  
124332. Natan Gomez  
124331. Ed Poll  
124330. Arthur J. Glassman  
124329. Susanne Mandel  
124328. ron lewittes  
124327. Marilyn Greenblatt š
124326. clinton trussell  
124325. Richard Pell  
124324. Ruben goldberg  
124323. Marlene Herzig  
124322. James P. Mnookin  
124321. Renee Brant  
124320. Eugene Fox I think it is a disgrace that google didn't remove it immediately
124319. Lauren Shapiro  
124318. Barbara Katz  
124317. Sharon Grayzel  
124316. allan sugarman  
124315. Bonnie Silverman  
124314. sam goldenberg  
124313. Beatrice K. Mitlak  
124312. Michelle Roth  
124310. RobinGross There is too much hatred in this world.
124309. Marcos Katz  
124308. Joshua Rinkov remove this site
124307. S. Abrams  
124306. Michael Matney jewwatch is a very disturbing site and they should not be represented as #1 in any category other than racism
124305. eliu  
124304. lynn and shia elson  
124303. Leonard Zimmerman  
124302. Melvin Birnbaum  
124301. isaac soibelman  
124300. Paul RETI  
124299. Fern Kandel  
124298. Rosa Fernández I don't like any pages against any ethnic group
124297. Monica Tanur  
124296. Gabriela  
124295. Ali  
124294. vivian mayer  
124293. mark choquette please seek consistency with spelling (ie. Semitisim) & aim of petition (disclaimer, relegation, removal) - trend editorializing aside, it is right to differentiate between opinion & hate...the site in question is hateful (albeit of such low intelligence it is inherently not to be believed) & has no place as a legitimate search result for those looking for reasonable information on Judaism...hate has no future, thanks to initiative like this.
124292. Paul Kandell  
124291. Courtney Wade  
124290. Aviem Yamin Jews live forever!
124289. Sarah  
124288. Robert Layton  
124287. Ianir Sonis That page cant exist, it is a broke of human law
124286. Azal EL May death come forth and sicken your ofspring you jew king of pigs Let thay remove you so you stop complaining and messing up this world with your small brain. and strong ego.
124285. L. Wolff  
124284. Andrew Schwebel  
124283. Vera Sacks  
124282. dalia cohen  
124281. Harvey Kikenstein The goyim shall not see what we do to them, Down with the Gentiles !! up with jews, JEW POWER!!!
124280. Becky  
124279. Jack Lascar  
124278. Sean Stark  
124277. heather lawrence  
124276. Marina Halpern-Chalom  
124275. Elizabeth Weiss  
124274. eytan  
124273. Deborah Essenfeld  
124272. Dutch citizen You want some thing? Ill give you some thing being a Jew means a nomad a present tradesman with an old religion based on Babylonian fantasies.Being a Jew you have a cratered the first terrorist on earth Jesus! And you have killed the terrorist by hanging him from a cross to suffer for your ignorant perception. Jewish are no people entitled to a land or state they a minority under the pigs that’s why they always will be driven away. Give tham guns and they protect some thing that is not theirs and kill millions innocent women and children . Give them rights and they pester there own kind for believing a little bit different Jewish. JEW WATCH! Pretty cool!
124271. norman berger  
124270. Fanny  
124269. Jerome L. Myers  
124268. eugene fishman  
124267. S Meyer  
124266. Donna Rapkin  
124265. Frances Burgos I truly find this uncalled for there should be no reason onto which when the phrase is typed in that there is such a response. It is not done with any other ethnicity.
124264. nixbo thats not cool man...
124263. Yury Schwarzman  
124262. Diane Steiner There is enough hatred and anti-semitism in the world because of religion. We do not need a website company to encourage any more anti-semitism. Maybe what the people need to do is boycott your website altogether if you do not remove this horrible search engine. The name alone is insulting to all Jewish people.
124261. Harriett Kisilinsky  
124260. Sherman M. Holvey  
124259. Abraham Sherman  
124258. Hayley  
124257. mary lou muir THIS SITE IS UNACCEPTABLE
124256. Will Holt  
124255. Judah Ari-Gur  
124254. Gary Puterman  
124253. Alex Reese  
124251. K.C. Victor  
124250. Frieda Lowenthal  
124249. Elizabeth Sopher  
124248. Marguerite Rosenthal, Ph.D.  
124247. Virginia Akopian  
124246. George & Cathy Kurtinitis Remember the Holocaust - NEVER AGAIN, America!
124245. Anne Sone  
124244. Gail Ludwig  
124243. Ann Bell  
124242. Elliot Grenville  
124241. Delores Atkins Go to... http://www.freespeech.org
124240. Oschr Holt  
124239. Bryan Riches  
124238. Maureen Sacks Disgusting
124237. Jake Jarmel It seems that this petition indicates that many Jews do not believe in free speech. They seem to only believe in reciting what they personally believe to be true, while stifling all opposing views. Some things in the Old Testament personally offend me. Does that mean it should be banned as ‘hate literature’?
124236. Jonathan Clark  
124235. Ines Naftali  
124234. Myles Dimand If you don't remove it, I will never use google
124233. Sara  
124232. Beni There´s not a "good hate incitement" or a "bad hate incitement". Hate incitement can cause harm to people and that is sufficient to the people of good willing consider this before following the 1st ammendment
124231. Alan Guzowski  
124230. Joshua Steiner  
124229. montlake  
124228. Alejandro Melinger  
124227. Jonathan Kaye  
124226. Ella  
124225. roni  
124224. Silvia Sklar no admittion of any racial discrimination
124223. Beverly Metelitz Ethical American life insists on the Removal
124222. nicolas remove
124221. Jason Sperling  
124220. Sabrina Solnicki  
124219. Thomas Eisler  
124218. Peter Curtis Please be responsible
124217. Beverly Morgan  
124216. Sandra  
124215. Mario Alberto Levin  
124214. Charlotte Weiss Perlin  
124213. Norman Maybloom shame on google for allowing this site to remain listed.
124212. Barbara  
124211. amalia rechtman How can anything like that still exist after the Holocaust!!!
124210. Adrea Lipp  
124209. D. Wolbe  
124208. sarah lascar The site should be removed immediately. It should not have been placed at all.
124207. MARC SARFATY please remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine Thank you
124206. M.Phillip Ossip  
124205. Pablo Solnicki  
124204. Metz  
124203. Heidi Kenneally  
124202. Yvan Azizollahoff  
124201. Michael Braunold  
124200. Howard Brown  
124199. Esteban Glot  
124198. moses ezekiel  
124197. Cloris Hempsted Go to...
124196. Max Wahlhaus  
124195. Martin Baroff  
124194. Edward Zwig  
124193. lital  
124192. Loretta Levi  
124191. Jackie Needle Thank You So Much!
124190. Dick Needle  
124189. guy  
124188. gill loni  
124187. dani choen  
124186. Dora remove JewWatch.com from Google
124185. m hoch we can't ignore this - in today's world it does not take much to encourage hatred - and it does not go away by itself - take action!!.
124184. Ivan Goldberg Google needs to adopt a responsible position in what they list.
124183. judy becker I'm horrified
124182. hila  
124181. shir kon  
124180. Peter Saxon  
124179. shay  
124178. joan abensohn  
124177. Dr Cyril Fine Disgusting racialist venomous propaganda
124176. Victor E. Silverman  
124175. daniel podzamczer  
124174. Steven Goldberg  
124173. Carol Tolstrup  
124172. margarida  
124171. Denise  
124170. stefan peter  
124169. Raffaello Majoni  
124168. Tom Fessenden  
124167. Carol Pellegrino  
124166. lizi  
124165. Efrat  
124164. Judi Shoffren  
124163. Silvia Oceransky  
124162. Hanoch Gan Or  
124161. oded  
124160. doris ossip  
124159. rani  
124158. Linda Goody  
124157. mike katzman  
124156. melita silberstein  
124155. Daniel G. Goody Hate full site!
124154. SimonWilkenfeld  
124153. G. Galvad How sad that hate still prevails
124152. Saul Toobert I think Google's position is untenable. This website is similar to inciting a riot . It is not responsible free speech.
124151. Charles Leski  
124150. noga esterowitz  
124149. Lisa  
124148. A.S. Goldreich Horrible
124147. Edelyn Schweidson  
124146. Jules Fogel  
124145. karen gelsi There's too much hate out there.
124144. David Perling  
124143. Arthur Zeiger  
124142. Harold L. Brode Take it off!
124141. Wendy Mnookin  
124140. R Morgenstern  
124139. Theodore McKinnon  
124138. raymond saperstein  
124137. ilan ishay  
124136. Judy Perlmutter  
124135. Ellie Meisel I am a 15 year old Jewish girl who is currently growing up in a Jewish community. To see all the hatred in the world really hurts me and makes me scared. Many people do not know what is going on in today’s world and then all that needs to happen is young kids and students see one side only and they believe it. As a Jew I am asking you to please help us.
124134. Linda Behar  
124133. michel  
124132. Heather Beattie  
124131. Yossi Cohen  
124130. Ruth Gruen  
124129. Richard & Janice Gilden Please remove "JewWatch.com" from the Google Search Engine, or at least make it the LAST match.
124128. Enid Feldman  
124127. Jay Neufeld  
124126. Abbas  
124125. Johanna Schor  
124124. ddddd rrrrr  
124123. Jay Lerner  
124122. Arthur Alexander  
124121. Abraham Yurkofsky M.D.  
124120. Louise Shorr  
124119. Andrew Gottesman  
124118. Solange de Moraes Curi Shalom
124117. Michael A Gebel Been on the site and I'm not against free speech, just against pure hate and lies.
124116. Melissa Stein  
124115. michelle  
124114. Elisabeth Morr-Wineman  
124113. ayman  
124112. Phillip Rosenberg I cannot believe that Google would accept this Web site. Are you that desperate for business? I always believed that your were more reputable than this would suggest
124111. Ronen Goldstein Implictly endorsing a site like this is wrong. Plain and simple. I expected a higher moral stand from a company like Google.
124110. Cara Schneider  
124109. sarah mammucari  
124108. Nancy Ray  
124107. julieta  
124106. Ronald Dlin this antisemetic site is outside your credibility
124105. Caro Lederman  
124104. Carolina Lederman  
124103. Ellen D.  
124102. Christine Bowman  
124101. Moris Zalcman  
124100. marion greenwald i am dismayed by google's placement of this site as if it contains the most important information to publicize about Jews!
124099. claire boskin  
124098. Richard Holibaugh  
124097. Flia Diment  
124096. Lisa Owen  
124095. Melody Gandjian  
124094. Nir Kurant  
124093. joe joselson  
124092. ÎÇáÏ  
124091. efrat Bornstein  
124090. Benjamin James Lieberman  
124089. Marcos  
124088. Francine Dee Smoke Never Again!
124087. Lawrence Plotkin  
124086. joshua ben-arie  
124085. Linda L Hartman This is disgusting and whomever is responsible should be prohibited from any groups. The person or persons should be held accountable for their actions. Like sue the daylights out of them.
124084. Jeff Gildiner This is isulting and degrading!!! Remove it now!
124083. shotsky  
124081. Judith  
124080. raquel benami  
124079. this site is bo man i luv it but i am voting cause i am a dog
124078. Lorne Svarc  
124077. Jacqueline  
124075. Jennifer Cole  
124074. Sheila Seiler  
124073. Herbert Wolman  
124072. Mary Robertoy  
124071. carol friedenbach  
124070. Barbara Barbanell Remove immediately
124069. Ronni Lerner  
124068. debbie deutch I m shocked that this is able to be allowed in todays world.
124067. miri nussbaum  
124066. Anat Rosenthal  
124065. Nicolas  
124064. Ezequiel S  
124063. Yanina This web side is disgusting, anijew and discriminating, it is insulting!!
124062. avron mintz  
124061. Jorge Cheirif  
124060. Wendy Becker  
124059. Esther Ann Goldberg  
124058. Carl Fisherman  
124057. S. Hakimi  
124056. ahy remove this!
124055. Rosita Kaufman Rechulski  
124054. Michael Lieberman  
124053. yaelle g please remove....
124052. Alma DiGloria Be responsible and remove this site.
124051. Isidoro Gun.,M.D.  
124050. Gene Brief  
124049. Howard Fuchs  
124048. Pat McCleery  
124047. PENNY BRAVO  
124046. Shelley Taylor  
124045. Hedda Colossi  
124044. valerie whitefield  
124043. Amy Lipman  
124042. N. Alan Toporovsky, D.D.S.  
124041. eli remove
124040. efrat  
124039. melt louw messianic nazarene ephraimite israelite
124038. Manny Darabaner none so ever
124037. nir please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine !
124036. Phil F.  
124035. Wesley Harper VISIT,...
124034. P.M.van wijk we are strongly support Israel and the jews,"Ha shoa" NEVER AGAIN.
124033. Shira Vardi There's enough haterd in the world!
124032. Iris Rosenfeld  
124031. hadeel  
124030. Thomas & Laura Mars  
124029. silvia fuks  
124028. davidprince  
124027. Carlos  
124026. Jennifer  
124025. Lynn Fienberg  
124024. Nathan Beals Go to...
124023. Oved Ben-Arie Shame on you
124022. Jodi Binstock  
124021. Duha  
124020. nati no
124019. Cindy Gabriel  
124018. Suzanne Gerson  
124017. Marcia Salzman  
124016. Felicia  
124015. Jesse Rolfe Go to... http://www.nimn.org
124014. helene rasman  
124013. norman perlmutter  
124012. Samuel Gompers READ...
124011. Mela S. Osburn  
124010. Murry Drescher  
124009. mike  
124008. Matthew Bral  
124007. Jack MacMillian GO TO...
124006. s.r gordon shamefull
124005. Steve Kerzer This should be a no-brainer
124004. Janet S.  
124003. Denise Reems Get the TRUTH about iSRAEL-Palestine....
124002. Adam Wiles  
124001. Edwin McCaine jEWS commit Crimes against Humanity against the Palestinians ....
124000. Ellen Foley  
123999. Claudia Siegel  
123998. Barbara Bean  
123997. SARA 2nd generation holocaust survivor;when does all this hatred end not just the jews but all minorities
123996. Guillermo Marcelo Pankiewicz  
123995. marci auerbach  
123994. Marcia Fischbach  
123993. Susan Schneider In view of all the horror going on currently and the horrors that were perpetrated against Jews in the past this site is a disgrace and should be removed from the net immediately. How did it ever get started?
123992. Esther  
123991. karen a voigt  
123990. C. Krestul  
123989. Anonymous It's very spiteful to have an anti-Semitic site to be the first search result for the word "Jew".
123988. Melissa Thompsen  
123987. Krissy Andrews ONE iSRAELI home has been destroyed by the Palestinians ....
123986. Scott  
123985. Rebecca Holzman  
123984. David There is no room for nazis in the world (web)
123983. Andrea Sans  
123982. Saul Miguel Wilder  
123981. George Silagadze  
123980. Hannah Baum  
123979. Mary Fabrikant  
123977. Faisal  
123976. Faisal Khan  
123975. Brenda Ganot  
123974. Sue Berkowitz  
123973. andrea es una verguenza q google incluya paginas de internet como esta.. es una forma de estar de acuerdo con lo que esta escrito. y con respecto a la pagina misma... q tal si dejamos de mentir? no se dan cuenta q el que publicita tanto odio hacia los seres humanos sean judios o no se convierten en asesinos tambien... son complices de cada ataque y de cada asesinato
123972. Abraham Flemenbaum Cancel hate
123971. Esther M. Vickers  
123970. gal  
123969. Manuel Hadjibay  
123968. bobo jones  
123967. Barbara  
123966. Shaikha Mushari CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
123965. Dimitri Nissanov  
123964. tatiana kramarz  
123963. Nafez  
123962. Gabbi Bauchman There is enough hatred in the world without a site such as this.
123961. Abe Melson You cannot pick and choose what YOU think is permissable under free speech. I cannot find anything on JewWatch.com calling for harm to Jews, or anybody else. Admitedly it portrays some negativity towards Jews. I cannot find real falsehoods on that site. Therefore, keep it up.
123960. Clara Jusidman  
123959. shayna  
123958. The Rev. Polly Leland-Mayer  
123957. Leon Craig please remove jewwatch.com site
123956. flora rosen  
123955. Lisa F. Harlan  
123954. Avery Get rid of it!
123953. Van Dongen  
123952. roberto neufeld  
123951. Marcio azulay  
123950. lawrence m. elson  
123949. firdous malaibary  
123948. cohen eyal  
123947. Stan Zamkow This site need not be removed, but its #2 position gives it a presumed authority that it does not deserve. Keep it in the search, but not on the first page.
123946. mark jewwatch.com sucks
123945. Miguel Levy Benasuly  
123944. Miriam Stern  
123943. David Peden to paraphrase -If we do not learn from history we repeat it
123942. Sandra Sperling  
123941. Norma Babsky  
123940. Gideon  
123939. Leon Kiwajko Remove the JewWatch
123938. Michael Ross I thought Google's corporate motto was to "do no evil!"
123937. Carmel Decroos Having thisanti-Jewish site first on the list makes Google appear to be promoting hate. I am hoping you do not really want to send this message, as innovative as your designs for Google appear to be.
123936. Tom Chapman  
123935. Mark Schwartz  
123934. Maria Florencia Wasserlauf  
123933. BERNSTEIN Simone Incredible how such lies and hate can appear on the net!!!!
123932. mojgan  
123931. Genny  
123930. Thomas Severs READ....
123929. Kevin Neff  
123928. Wendy Lindquist  
123927. simon  
123926. Rachel come on google!!! REMOVE IT! i dont care of your god-dang excuses! 1st admendment my butt! A LOT of people are signing this....GET A CLUE people dont want this site on google!!!!
123925. Jan Pollow  
123924. Arnold Zymatica Fair and balanced
123923. Sherwin Borsuk A hateful site!
123922. stuart lasher disgusting!
123921. Arnold Schwartz irresponsible and inflamatory
123920. Esther Shanker  
123919. Horacio  
123917. jane  
123916. eduardo feiguelblat  
123915. L.H. THIS IS A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
123914. jeffrey saeks  
123913. Gerardo Aguirre  
123912. pablo  
123911. Fernando szyferman  
123910. marcelo  
123909. D. Schwartz I agree! Remove it!
123908. Dr. Loren Rothstein  
123907. D.Goldstein  
123906. Toba Kramer  
123905. Jack Merkin  
123904. Susana  
123903. Miriam Klemm  
123902. Juan Padilla GO TO...
123901. Raul Ruiz Schorr  
123900. David  
123899. Gabriel  
123898. Jessica Fischer  
123897. Basem Karam Remove JewWatch.com from Google
123896. Alice Maring  
123895. mike robbins  
123894. Alvin Holzberg  
123893. Micah Fischer  
123892. Free Speech? http://www.stormfront.org/
123891. Amy Hesekiel  
123890. Iva Hauptmannova  
123889. Linda Woolf  
123888. Marsha Edwards  
123887. Robert Kimmel GO TO....
123886. Jane Lubin  
123885. hy goldkrantz  
123884. Musbnutz why should everyone have a choice? People like us run the countries anyway. If people are against us, they can just move somewhere else.
123883. Cynthia  
123882. mercedes ponte  
123881. Joe Wells  
123880. Joel Brown OVER 90 % of the Semites in the world are ARABs !!!!
123879. John Smith  
123878. Herbert Lapidus Heinous & divisive lies!
123877. debbie hanlon  
123876. nava goldfield  
123875. Jay Bernhardt  
123874. Avi Noble  
123873. Norman Greenberg  
123872. Daniela Pal  
123871. Anthony McCulley People were once killed and persecuted for saying that the world was round, as opposed to flat. That is one of the reasons why people must have the right to express a dissenting view, no matter how much it seems to go against the common belief. Where the line is drawn to free speech is when advocating death or bodily harm to a person or group. Unless, of course, that person or group is actually guilt of a heinous crime. Then, there should be no problem in advocating death. Child molesters would come to mind as such a group. Stop trying to stop free speech. The Bible offends me. Does that mean that I have the right to sop if from being printed and circulated?
123870. Manuel Koegel  
123868. SARAH COHEN  
123867. Steven Cohen  
123866. Rachelle Miller I understand that the 1st ammendment protects the right to glorify ignorance and subsequent perpetuation of hate, but the line must be drawn somewhere, or else people will be destructive in whichever ways they please, as has already been demonstrated in numerous ways.
123865. David E. Cohen  
123864. Laurie Mayerson  
123863. Brian J Lipman  
123862. Marc Mogil, J.D.  
123861. Isaac Zingerevitz  
123860. Adrienne Fullerton I am horrified that revisionist literature is being made available through the search engine when successive court cases have proved it to be antisemitic lies
123859. Lev Truskinovsky  
123858. Alan Derber  
123857. Joe Reinhold  
123856. Jay D. Fellers  
123855. s.w. mansdorf  
123854. Helen Reinhold  
123853. Resnick  
123852. dina  
123851. Freedman  
123850. Arielle  
123849. anonymus continue fight!!!
123848. Fuad Anuar  
123847. Wayne Miller  
123846. michelle bingham they should be ashamed
123845. jennifer redman this is sick and ignorant
123844. Nicole  
123843. Ed Kirsh pathetic
123842. henry meyerhoff  
123841. avital  
123840. donatella todfield I am catholic and I think it is a disgrace
123839. B. Robbins  
123838. Russell Markowitz  
123837. carol mankuta  
123836. Michael J. Whelan Why do so many people here think that Jews, as represented by the State of Israel, can do anything they want, and never have anyone criticize them? If you so, you are either called a ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’. Perhaps, if Israel did not support the stealing of land, then the world might have an overall better view of Jews and Israel. One can’t steal something from someone, and then when they attack you to get it back, you claim that you are the victim!
123835. Alyssa I'm sure if this was a "christian" watch people wouldn't have to think twice about it and it would be taken off immediately. However now its dealing with Jews so people dont care? People dont even have a reason to hate them, yet they do? It's anti-semetic and we've seen what prejudice has done before.
123834. Alyssa  
123833. Rafael Pinski  
123832. Roberta Schwartz Please take this petition seriously
123831. Rosa Smith  
123830. Esperanza Hernandez  
123829. Rita Martin  
123828. ives levy  
123827. Esther Dzialowski Amarante  
123826. daniel  
123825. Pam Gordon  
123824. Stephanie Lear  
123823. Esther Brown This material is extremely objectionable. We've all seen what hatred and prejudice can do.
123822. Francisco Tuchler  
123821. eric peterson  
123820. Jake Jarmel You people are really stupid! Google does NOT GET PAID by Jewwatch to have it show on a search for the word “Jew”. Google’s search engine is automated and works on the popularity of a site. They do not control what appears. People surfing the web control it! Now, stop dictating on the rest of the world what we can or cannot read! It is up to us to make the decision whether or not there is truth to it. Not YOU!
123819. Milton McKinney  
123818. Jack McDermotte iSRAEL Attacked an UN-armed American ship while in international waters.... KILLING 34 sailors & marines .....and wounding 172 ....
123817. Sal O'Beirne  
123816. Lee Sack  
123815. Heff Manfield Roads built by jEWS in the Occupied Territories .....
123814. hossam yamkroon wa yamkor allah wallah 5ayr al makreen
123813. Edwin T. OHIO
123812. Sandy Chen Singapore ... Go to... http://www.iap.org
123811. Lynne Beaumont  
123809. Stalman yes, remove this site from the Google Search E.
123808. david singer  
123807. joseph hoffman  
123806. erez please remove that filth
123805. DAVID BUCH please take out this page
123804. Christopher Smith The author of jewwatch.com will burn in hell.
123803. Shelli Feinberg  
123802. Eli Cohen There is a limit as to how far one can go in appling the '1st ammendment' - This is simply Racism and Anti -Semiticm which the Supreme Court should condem - jewwatch.com should legally be abolished.
123801. Jose  
123800. Marcelo Jaskelso  
123799. Margery Schroeder  
123798. teresa catrell  
123797. Eric Petersen Go to... http://www.cactus48.com
123796. Kim Biancca  
123795. Frederick Mattlock GET THE TRUTH !!!!
123794. Esther  
123793. Melanie Brown  
123791. Mitch Caine  
123790. Carol Lawrence jEWS OWN or CONTROL MOST of the media....
123789. P.I.  
123788. Denise T. It is against the law in ISRAEL fpr an Arab to marry a jEW ....
123787. diana  
123786. Jose Definitely this site must be removed from the search
123785. yoia  
123784. AAMIR MOBIN remove the site
123783. aamir  
123782. Michael Redman  
123781. moishe jew haters don't even know why they hate jews
123780. meredith  
123779. kari markowitz Please remove JewWatch from your search engine
123778. gustavo ungar  
123777. Jose Garcia  
123776. Hilary  
123775. Cinda Redman As an American and a Christian such articles are insulting and unacceptable.
123774. David Popper  
123773. Andra Morrison  
123772. John Bluethner It is not being biased to recognize hate and racial discrimination for what it is. My freedom of expression ends when I tell lies about you and attempt to stir up hatred against you. If directed against individuals it is called libel or worse. Why is it different when directed at an entire people? What JewWatch is doing and its clear intent, is to incite hatred against a race of people. That is an abuse of the freedom of expression.
123771. April Cohen  
123770. Wayne Player  
123769. Hetel Kleinhaendler  
123768. Ester Ginziuk Kleinhaendler  
123767. Michelle Pripas  
123766. Jacques Pripas Neto  
123765. Harold Wexler  
123764. Daniel Berkowitz Go Jews!
123763. Arthur Kaufman  
123762. J. Levine remove this disgusting page!!
123761. Rob  
123760. Lilian  
123759. marlene baker  
123758. Yonathan Marciano  
123757. Keri J Salvner  
123756. Alejandro  
123755. M.D. Bartlett  
123754. ben amram noa  
123752. M/M Andrew HELGESEN  
123751. Harvey Lifton disgusted
123750. Kaitie  
123749. Flo  
123748. Jennifer Markell  
123747. Melissa Guido I think it is wrong what this site says.
123746. leo  
123745. ann fleischer DISGRACEFUL !!!
123744. Jimmy Bartlett  
123743. Debra Swan  
123742. Nancy Morris  
123741. william beck  
123740. marlene erner antisemitism must be eliminated- Peace needs to break out in the world
123739. Sy & Sylvia Miller This is disgraceful for you to disseminate this garbage.
123738. clara  
123737. Ariel WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!? we didn't do anything to you! we do not need to be watched like some prisoner! Just because YOU have freedom of speech does not mean that it doesn't have a limit on what you can say about it! Freedom of Speech my ass!!! if you don't like the Jews, keep it to yourself, don't publisize it! NEVER AGAIN!
123736. judi Rosen  
123735. silvana  
123734. Jeremy Gress  
123733. Jan Hickman Give me a break! We all know that this is not a constitutional issue. This is a monetary issue. Google retains the legal right to decide what it returns on searches. And true or no, it looks to the world like Google will do anything for the right price. Let’s face it returning the JewWatch site in the number one slot, does appear to be tacit support of the content of this site. This is making me think twice about using google again.
123732. Nathan Parker Even though I believe in freedom of speech, Google should add this site and others sites like it to a filtered list.
123731. Laura  
123730. Mark Cooper Known hate groups ought not be supported by Google
123729. Ilana  
123728. Ariel  
123727. isabel Fenichel  
123726. David Telvio Knobel  
123725. b.m.  
123724. Alicia Chandler Chrisitans are coming under INCREASING attacks by the jUDEO-theocracy of iSRAEL....
123723. Tiffaney Gipson  
123722. Andrea Miller  
123721. Carol L. Charnow  
123720. Joel W. Charnow I'm disgusted with this blatant anti-semitism
123719. Maurice T.  
123718. Justine Halverstam Let's see....an iSRAELI bulldozer runs over an un-armed girl, then backs up, and runs over her again !!!!
123717. jessica schnapp  
123715. j.b.  
123714. Slomo Davis GO TO....
123713. Vivian Starec  
123712. Andre Starec  
123711. Marvin E. Spector  
123710. nuha  
123709. Jamie Ballou  
123708. nancy  
123707. Debra Edelston  
123706. Eddy Aizen  
123705. Gil Precisamos reagir sempre
123704. Kathleen Shell Hate like this has to stop. Let's not ADVERTISE for it!!!!!
123703. Debbie  
123702. Viviana  
123701. Artem Vaynman  
123700. Roslyn Glasser Please remove JewWatch.com ASAP. It is disgusting.
123699. richard podhurst  
123698. Melissa Casey  
123697. linda podhurst  
123696. Susan Beech  
123695. l.b. produtos quimicos ltda  
123694. vladimiro libeskind  
123693. Mitch Spector  
123692. M Klein  
123691. Leny Pripas  
123690. Lucy Wegner do you wish to be branded as Nazis?
123689. laila  
123688. Marsha Friedman-Cohen  
123687. Laslo Dornbush It is digusting to want to blame The Iraqey failer to the Jews
123686. Yakov Solomin  
123685. michael b.  
123684. Emily  
123683. Amos ben Abraham  
123682. hanna  
123681. Juan Fel  
123680. Mauricio  
123679. Therese Stiss  
123678. Sol B. Stiss  
123677. Laila Benchimol Where is the love? The world againts prejudice!
123676. david carlos serruya  
123675. Jeff Ross  
123674. Daniel Vándor Arrabal  
123673. Meidad Porat-Pariente  
123672. Arturo  
123671. Carla Semola  
123670. kolod  
123669. Lisa  
123668. GUIDO D.  
123667. Eric Aquino JEWS SUCK COCK
123666. Natalia  
123665. Lisa Salmon  
123664. Elisheva Rouach  
123663. Jake Jarmell Jew Watch is no longer #1. It is now #3.
123662. bobby melamed  
123661. Elena Gelabert Garcia  
123660. JoAn Warner  
123659. Barbara Abraham  
123658. Charles Malgoyre  
123657. Deborah Denenberg  
123655. linda hoffer This is a discusting situation and should be rectified immediately. Shame on you!
123654. komornik liora  
123653. tammy betel  
123652. Simone Gerson  
123651. amitay ben-ishay  
123650. Pablo Burstein  
123649. Isabel Betancourt-Levey  
123648. elcy ioschpe  
123647. mariana bar  
123646. Eduardo Hecht  
123645. GABRIEL  
123644. Uriel Valls  
123643. mariana  
123642. Beatriz Kirschner  
123641. Gustavo Kabran  
123640. Nancy Gurman  
123639. Miguel Vándor  
123638. Megan Andelman  
123637. carol pohl  
123636. Abraham Gartenberg  
123635. juan corn  
123634. Juan Carlos Márquez  
123632. Esther Bloch  
123631. Yamin  
123630. Lori Morris Stop Hate!
123629. Dave Strong Disgusting
123628. Leandro Reich  
123627. Ana Marlene Starec  
123626. Lozovsky Evgeny Be Strong,Brothers
123625. Usyel Starec  
123624. Dana Zelkovitz  
123623. Katherine Monroe  
123622. MARVIN COHEN  
123621. Myron Kligerman  
123620. GUS  
123619. Drew Schmitter  
123618. Doron Levy  
123617. Leia Hecht Teor
123616. Manuel Chadicov  
123615. groismanester  
123614. William Hoffinger  
123613. Bruno Waismann Obadia  
123612. Mitchell Weiss  
123611. tomer  
123610. Pablo Esquinazi  
123609. Bayla Abrams  
123608. ricardo esquinazi  
123607. Bernard Ghitman, M.D.  
123606. Ruth Herschaft  
123605. Hans Anton Brod  
123604. Yana Goldreyer š
123603. Lidia Zommer  
123602. Ernesto Fichelson  
123601. ANNIE  
123600. Guido Ruda  
123599. Julie Abraham  
123598. Ygal Cohen  
123597. M. Meppen  
123596. Sev S. Fluss  
123595. Henry W. Lathrop  
123594. Carlos Goldin Buenos Aires, Argentina
123593. Fincio Winter El Koya es un fenómeno
123592. Marilyn Heller  
123591. Alberto Wilchinsky  
123590. Klaus Netter Racism is beyond the law in many European countries where Google is used. Since the First Amendment is not the law outside the USA, retaining a hate-inspired website cannot be defended universally on the grounds of the US Constitution.
123589. Arnoldo gerszten  
123588. Celine Kupershmith  
123587. Bonnie L. Kell  
123586. luis gaj  
123585. Gabriel  
123584. Jorge Wajl  
123583. Yelena  
123582. carlos asquinasi  
123581. Eugene Livschitz  
123580. Renée Idovich  
123579. Dora  
123578. Piedad Abecasis Benzaquen  
123577. Leonid Goldreyer  
123576. james  
123575. Joseph Knobel Freud  
123574. julio pines  
123573. Bernard Maisel  
123572. juana  
123571. Jake Jarmel “Muslims kill people we don't.” “Why this hate to the Jews? We do not kill innocent people like Muslims do” You’re kidding, right? Yesterday, an Israeli helicopter fired 2 missiles into a crowd at a refugee camp, killing 7. Last year, an Israeli tank crew fired a high explosive round at a group of Palestinians farmers who were sitting under a tree for shade, simply because they “looked suspicious”. Israeli snipers frequently target and kill un-armed Palestinians. Last year, ‘settlers’ attacked and killed un-armed Palestinians. To claim that Israelis do not kill innocent people is ludicrous! You do it all the time! You do not have a grasp on reality!
123570. Diana & Leslie Lewis We think it is disgraceful for Google to to tolerate an anti-semetic site. It should not be necessary to have to obtain 50,000 signatures to remove it!
123569. Diana & Leslie Lewis We think it is disgraceful for Google to to tolerate an anti-semetic site. It should not be necessary to have to obtain 50,000 signatures to remove it!
123568. Paul Glazer Please do the right thing ... There is enough hate in this world !!!!
123567. Carolyn Zimmerman  
123566. Michelle Pivar  
123565. Renata  
123564. Ivonne  
123563. Gilda Muslims kill people we don't.
123562. Dan Why this hate to the Jews? We do not kill innocent people like muslims do
123561. Tom Beetham  
123560. Michael J. Whelan Google search engines reveal which sites are the most popular. My having this petition, Jew Watch has received thousand of more hits. That is why it is on top of the list. You people made it that way!
123559. Yuli Kertznus  
123558. Ana  
123557. Lionel Broder freedom of speech should not be confused with freedom to abuse
123556. Glaser  
123555. elisa silberberg  
123554. Sara  
123553. RAQUEL ZYMAN  
123552. sana remove this site
123551. Rhoni Katz  
123550. lila levy  
123549. Amy Toman  
123548. Robert Tawil  
123547. Hikaru Fujii  
123546. Ron Schoen  
123545. Esteban Hartzstein  
123544. luciano donzis  
123543. raquel cardon  
123542. Chaim Gutfinger  
123541. Joan S. Kirsner Please, not in the USA!!!!!!
123540. Bernard Kirsner disgusting!
123539. Kelsey Fulbright Go to...
123538. Marcio Cohen  
123537. Rex Daschel  
123536. Robb DeLaney READ.....
123535. Tolan Reynolds  
123534. Juan Perez Go to.... http://www.aztan.net
123533. Edward Warling  
123532. juan gómez gonzález  
123531. Jessica Levine  
123530. Alvin Jennings Don't forget to get rid of http://www.Muslim atch.com, http://www.Hindu Watch.com, http://www.Chrisitian Watch.com & http://www.Buddhist Watch.com
123529. Sergio Alvarez Fernandez  
123528. Sol Barcelona (Spain)
123527. ELSA GORDON  
123526. Boaz  
123525. Dominique  
123524. F. Andres Lascorz  
123523. P.L. Strell  
123522. Rosa Maria Calvo Avila  
123521. SARAH RACHEL CADOSH DA FONSECA ARAUJO antisemitismo é crime hediondo
123520. S.Horowitz  
123519. Gabriel Perry  
123518. HELOISA HELENA FONSECA Antisemitrismo é crime previsto por lei.
123517. Aamer Stop abhorence
123516. Gili Boker  
123515. Dina Myers  
123514. Al Rieger  
123513. JACOB  
123512. Monica  
123511. Miriam  
123510. GIORGIO  
123509. SARA  
123508. tania hernandez  
123507. katia oceransky  
123506. aida oceransky  
123505. davicito  
123504. carli wittgrove  
123503. Ayelet Gabay  
123502. Nahum Shimkin  
123501. Jesse Barlow  
123500. silvia korin  
123499. Sergio Barbouth  
123498. Marta Barbouth  
123497. Arieh Chapnik  
123496. Victor Sinai  
123495. Laura Barbouth  
123494. Frida Galar  
123493. Marta Crimer  
123492. Gary Turnbell  
123491. Ricardo Barbouth  
123490. DAVID CRIMER  
123489. alejandro dron  
123488. Morgan Alcalay This should be a no brainer for the company that is "anti-evil"
123487. Cody Brown  
123486. gigi baum web site is abominable/creates terrorism
123485. Alan Greenberg Even under 1st amendment rights, it is inconceivable that you would allow this site to be listed by your search engine. Do you rate pornography also?
123484. Henry Maslowicz  
123483. Arnold Weiss  
123482. Omar Khan  
123481. Lynne Hoffman Keating I was shocked and dismayed when the site came up.
123480. Marcos Cohen please remove
123479. Lee Coleman I understand Google's position, and I hate to "kill the messenger," but this is an UGLY website...unfortunately one of many.
123478. Shelley That is very racist and is in my opinion un-american
123476. Mariela  
123475. Richard Holzer  
123474. ahuva woods  
123473. Karen Anderson  
123472. samuel abbo  
123471. David Kahn  
123470. Arlene Burns  
123469. Eugene Wong  
123468. Ronald Lieberman  
123467. Rebecca  
123466. Milton Strech  
123465. Monica Strech  
123464. Dr. Arie Waintrob D.  
123463. Beth Muccio  
123462. Eliezer Bteshe Perlmutter  
123461. daniel  
123460. Adrian Ibit  
123459. Mark  
123458. Timothy Michael Doering I am not Jewish, but to me, this is an outrage.
123457. Ephraim Leibowitz  
123456. Noelle Gaberman  
123455. FRED HERSH  
123454. helena Trope  
123453. Nancy Pastroff How about making JewWatch the last listing?
123452. Rich Howe  
123451. hamidmahsud remove it
123450. grigory goldberg It is ironic that history always repeats itself
123449. Cassandra L  
123448. Nancy Schreiber  
123447. Jose Ridelman  
123446. Rebecca Remove it emiditly! before i su.
123445. Jose Alberto Hernandez fouck the naziz,jajjaj
123444. D Kaplan  
123443. reed berger  
123442. lagman sofia silvia  
123441. Daniel Blumkin  
123440. Douglas F. Newman Aurora, CO
123439. Toby Schreier Please remove JewWatch.com
123438. Daniela  
123437. Greg Sholom How did that get there?
123436. Javier  
123435. asilver  
123434. Danielle Harlins  
123433. Elizabeth Abel  
123432. Zak Pishnov  
123431. Rena Duchowny  
123430. julia dweck  
123429. Alonso  
123428. Ariel Vándor Arrabal  
123427. Norma  
123426. Mariano  
123425. Goldie Frankel Don't be a search engine of hatred! You don't want to be responsible for being one of those who promote evil and hatred in the world.
123424. dan baram  
123423. Silvia Levy Please remove antisemite sites
123422. Diane Locke  
123421. Gerard Bibas please remove antisemite sites
123420. Sandra Cohen  
123419. Koli A. Johnson please remove
123418. chen noam  
123417. Zohar Noam  
123416. Lucy Cohen  
123415. rashidaes  
123414. Shimshon Yeger Stop the hate!
123413. Ethel Schabelman de Miodovsky  
123412. Phyllis Eisenstadt  
123411. stephen youngerman  
123410. dennis blake  
123409. Boris Hutorin  
123408. Rachel Wolfson  
123407. Emdee Shouldn't we be petitioning Network Solutions to cancel their hosting? customerservices@networksolutions.com
123406. Fernando Tissembaum  
123405. Vladimir from Russia  
123404. Ann  
123403. Molly McKinney  
123402. James F. Gruden MD  
123401. Roman I don't believe that the petition will help,but...
123400. shawn freeman  
123399. Sergio Horovitz  
123398. Joseph  
123397. K  
123396. Betina  
123395. Gerry I agree this web site should be removed
123394. Sheree Aguirre  
123393. rafael cayado  
123392. Irwin Zucker  
123391. M Graham We're not Nazis
123390. Sergio  
123389. Joseph Hirsch  
123388. Hamid E.  
123387. Rafael Fabius  
123386. Astrid Beroukhim  
123385. Sheila  
123384. J. Martens from Australia
123383. Anthony Yezzi  
123382. gil bashani please remove jewwatch.com from googel
123381. Evan Silbert  
123380. Jacob Levy  
123379. saas  
123378. Zvi Grossman  
123377. l gutfleisch remove immediately!
123376. Dr Babar Khan  
123375. Chris Laskowski  
123374. jacqueline Feigue  
123373. Nicole  
123372. Heather M i dont usually trust email things like this, but it is soo important that we stop this sort of thing
123371. irving lumerman this far exceeds freedom of speech
123370. Verónica Ridner  
123369. Vanesa  
123368. marc  
123367. Bernard google why wasnt it removed ages ago?
123366. Eric Roth Consider the unintended consequences of doing nothing! Did you see the execution of Berg yesterday in Iraq? Hatred of Jews has become far too fashionable and lethal for Google to just find excuses to do nothing. Be smart.
123365. Joe Kirsner  
123364. Amy Ship  
123363. Miguel Hidalgo  
123362. Clarice Kirsner  
123361. Robert Miller Since you are about to go public, you might want to do something to reflect the dignity and character of your organization and all it represents. Removing a vicious anti-semetic site in the coveted first spot on a list would demonstrate that you have integrity.
123360. Rachel  
123359. michael litvack  
123358. shai neubauer  
123357. Felipe Simonsohn  
123356. Eduardo Simonsohn  
123355. Giora Leshem I don't tolarate racism of any kind!
123354. Paul Brown  
123353. Adam Shwartz  
123352. Ezra Zeheb  
123351. patricia  
123350. Sara Juchnowicz  
123349. Rafael Gal  
123348. raquel wiznia  
123347. Miguel Martin Martinez  
123346. Dr. Michael Naor  
123345. Miguel Albo  
123344. Nicim Zagury  
123343. Gabriel Siegel  
123342. anne ghitman  
123341. Daniel Schanz  
123340. Edith Liberman  
123339. Michael Fayngersh  
123338. lawrence berger  
123337. Rolland Roth  
123336. Jak Codd Remove this anti-semitic filth from the internet
123335. GALIT  
123334. Efraim Nigri  
123333. Seymour V. Parter  
123332. pat cohen  
123331. ambrosio benudiz Google pls be at least neutral no ""ism""
123330. Julie Fegan  
123329. albert borokhim  
123328. Carly Rogers  
123327. Salimpour Joseph  
123326. Lynn Berman do the right thing
123325. A.A.Plotnik  
123324. Ari Horovitz  
123323. Joszef Revai  
123322. Irwin Rosenthal  
123321. Frank  
123320. Gabriel  
123319. Melina Bergson  
123318. Jeffrey Spector  
123317. Nick Baum Thanks for making me aware of this informative site. As a self-loathing Jew, I enjoyed perusing it's content.
123316. abh PLz Close this site ....
123315. Jacob Garzon  
123314. Mark Feldman  
123313. Mark Feldman  
123312. Mark Feldman  
123311. Balbino Cotarelo-Nunez  
123310. Lázaro Issi  
123309. NaNa  
123307. Aunti  
123306. Sora  
123305. BaBa  
123304. MaMa  
123303. james fendelman  
123302. GoGo  
123301. H.S  
123300. H  
123299. maymouna  
123298. Wafaa  
123297. Hind  
123296. A.B  
123294. Fatema what kind of a person r u 2 make such a site like that!!
123293. Wedad  
123292. barrie  
123291. Amir  
123290. Randi Isaacs  
123289. Jaye Malarik  
123288. Ted Swartwood  
123287. Russell Remove this bigotted site
123286. Jillian I am a Christian and I saw the site and I thought it was horrible. The fellow Christians I know, including myself, have no ill will against the Jewish community.
123285. Laya Barak  
123284. George Wechsler  
123283. Sandra Wechsler  
123282. Melvin R ottenberg  
123281. Alex Goldstein  
123280. Beeneet Kothari  
123279. Maryam  
123278. Kollel Torah Mitzion  
123277. andrea  
123276. Benito Garzon Please remove the antisemitic site called jewwatch
123275. yehuda cohen  
123274. Andrea Papsin  
123273. Ken The first site to appear when typing in "Jew" must be strictly informational, not judgmental -- and especially not filled with hate. Google -- please do the right thing.
123272. Zev Silber A travesty to have such trash come up on your excellent search engine
123271. Nataniel Castano  
123270. Rina Tannenbaum  
123269. Alejandro Schijman  
123268. David rubinfeld  
123267. Tryphon Georgiou  
123266. Simy Benarroch  
123265. Jeff Kaplan Lies have no place on line, or anywhere.
123264. Galia Hatav  
123263. John Loftus former Nazi prosecutor: I am disgusted
123262. Allen Tannenbaum  
123261. david goldberg  
123260. calin shapira  
123259. Jordan Smith remove it, its sick
123258. Ariela Schorr  
123257. Dafna Schorr  
123256. Hagit Schorr  
123255. Yoseph Schorr  
123254. Alegria Benarroch  
123253. Rafael Gutierrez  
123252. Carlos Schorr  
123251. Luna Cohen  
123250. Daniel  
123249. Martin Sandsmark  
123248. judith  
123247. lola moris Jewwatch.com..horrible website!!!
123246. Luiz Adolfo Soibelman  
123245. Jerry Milgram  
123244. Itzhak Alkalay  
123243. Rolando Prusak  
123242. Dr. Karin Rosenfeld  
123241. Allyn S. Clemons  
123240. rebeca  
123239. Liliana Furman  
123238. Eliasab This is an awful site. Antisemite. Please remove it.
123237. Ravit  
123236. Raymond Sabbah  
123235. Ofer Berkovich  
123234. Arnoldo E. Cantis  
123233. Maya Tadmor  
123232. sara benyamini  
123231. Gail Murrell Jew Watch.com is disgusting and MUST be removed
123230. Terry Silverstein  
123229. Robert Rosell  
123228. Phyllis Hershkowitz  
123227. Patricia Almony  
123226. Hanna Taragan  
123225. Jonathan
123224. Joel Charlesworth  
123223. Anthony McCulley Building a security fence in New York to protect the U.N. compound does not steal land from anyone. Also, it does not divide communities and prevent the freedom of movement of the average citizen. That is the difference! Duh!
123222. gil  
123221. Alberto Jabiles  
123220. Sharon Avis  
123219. Stacy This website is a disgrace to all human beings.
123218. Lourdes Dina Rensoli  
123217. Howard I. Cohen  
123216. fghsfgqhfgm rqfgtsyhffg
123215. Gail Rosen Google should not be encouraging the spread of anti-semitisim by giving hate groups a means to influence people.
123214. Martin Hadida Shame on Google for not acting on this!
123213. Dror Shimshi Please remove it !
123212. Steven Landa  
123211. Yaniv Ranen  
123210. Stefan Alexander  
123209. Loren Gorosh  
123208. Matthew Cohn  
123207. Deborah Dombrowski  
123206. Adir Segev No comments needed.... nor other words.
123205. Laurent Dellus  
123204. Guil Nussbaum Ecuador
123203. Ray Bright  
123202. Boris Vorobyov  
123201. Stu Berk  
123200. I. Kramer  
123199. Lucy Anne  
123198. Betina Buchbinder  
123197. liz hart  
123196. Tessa please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
123195. Kim DISGUSTING!!!!!
123194. Graciela Kohan  
123193. Dan Smethurst sites like that should be wiped out
123192. Nancee Bloom  
123191. Michael J. Whelan Bigot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. You have to be a Jew to get citizenship in Israel. Seems to fall under the definition of 'bigot' to me!
123190. sherry  
123189. marta joltac  
123188. Al Scher  
123187. Gene Noble Bigotry,for any reason, should not be tolerated
123186. Mauricio Paiva da Silva  
123185. SLM ok
123184. sheldon golombeck hate should not be allowed to proliferate
123183. valentina  
123182. Ahmad Hamdi Stop those Jews from insulting the best of mankind
123181. essa Islam is a religion of peace and the prophet mohammed is the last massenger of all humanity to enlight their way to right path
123180. David Gohberg  
123179. Khurram Safdar Khan This type of all sites must be closed with immediate effect
123178. Susan Kerievsky  
123177. Henry Orlowski  
123176. Michele Orlowski  
123175. wendy kroot please remove this offensive website
123174. Steven Greenberg  
123173. AIMEE FISCH  
123172. Chaya B. Grodner  
123171. Melissa Bergman  
123170. ayelethashachar  
123169. Lisa  
123168. RonitM Horific!
123167. jania medvinsky  
123166. sharon hefetz  
123165. simon pukacz  
123164. Sandy Thom  
123163. mohamed  
123162. Abraham Pukacz  
123161. VS Barton Remove Now
123160. Victoria Gribben  
123159. Roberta Miller  
123158. Adán Levy  
123157. Noemi Perchik  
123156. Schick Jonathan "I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend" - Abraham Lincoln
123155. Abram woot for jews
123154. Adam Stanley  
123153. DAniele Fischl  
123152. Lisa Richman  
123151. Teymouri  
123149. laura  
123148. Elaine Donoghue  
123147. Mario  
123146. Gustavo Polonsky  
123145. Cindy Chiarello  
123144. ilan  
123143. alvin why don't you ask the Phrozen crew for help
123142. f. banooni  
123141. l gottlieb  
123140. Isabel Moritz  
123139. donna maddin  
123138. Robin Cranmer  
123137. Jay Cooper  
123136. Jørgen Holm  
123135. ehud entin  
123134. Doron  
123133. Julian Culme-Seymour Disgusting.
123132. Don Hirsh disgusting
123131. A Cohen I think that JewWatch.com is disgusting - there is nothing like ChristianWatch / MuslimWatch, HinduWatch etc. Why continue picking on the Jews and their right to exist??????
123130. M. Posniak  
123129. Lorin  
123128. Dorit Homski Remove the anti-Semitic site
123127. Alexander  
123126. yvette hindle  
123125. Pauline Marx  
123124. francis  
123123. Scott Lackey  
123122. Mannie and Hilary Sassen  
123121. IRWIN HARVEY  
123120. Gal Kaminka  
123119. ayala assaf  
123118. Eugene Richman I agree that giving it prominence is wrong; since most people consider perception reality, not reality
123117. Ariel Stern  
123116. jesse  
123115. Glenn Taylor  
123114. Amy F. Smith  
123113. ellen parmacek  
123112. Cally Haber  
123111. Richard Gibbons
123110. Jan Pomerans  
123109. Ellen Arrow  
123108. Jay Kirschenbaum I can't believe it
123107. Kristoffer Young  
123106. Mark Katz This site is sick. Promotes hatred & misunderstanding with lies and half truths
123105. Barry Katzenberg  
123104. shulamitlocker  
123103. Cathi Hill  
123102. Mrs. A. Berger This is horrific!!!! Shame on you!
123101. Eric Sherwood  
123100. Judy Grossman  
123099. audrey shemesh  
123098. eliezer alkalay MD  
123097. Mark S. Gershenson  
123096. Jacqueline Brandner  
123095. Ruthanne Cohn  
123094. Marilyn burton  
123093. Phyllis Reich  
123092. Derry H. Levy  
123091. Oded Rosenblum  
123090. Susan Brandner  
123089. Rachael Joachim  
123088. Paul Joachim  
123087. shack dahari i agree....
123086. Moacyr Berman  
123085. Jordan  
123084. Marilyn Weiss  
123083. Morton Zimmerman  
123082. Chanani Sandler  
123081. Michael Modica  
123080. Alissa Modica  
123079. jillian marcus  
123078. robin I cannot believe Google
123077. Scott Elliott Anti-Semetic People must of had ugly mothers.
123076. Leo Kornblath  
123075. vered  
123074. scott rothenberg  
123073. Derrick Bowman  
123072. Drew  
123071. Carin Cooper please do not e-mail me ad infinitum
123070. shellie Cohen  
123069. Basil Berry  
123068. Louis Klepner  
123067. Alan M. Weiner  
123066. Guillermo Litwin  
123065. Andy Peters  
123064. Pasternak  
123063. Alan Rothenberg  
123062. Oren Ratowsky  
123061. Aaron Voldman  
123060. Nathan Long I think this is stupid and everyone should have the right to look at whatever they want anywhere they want why don't you go and infringe a little more on my freedoms...Please note this is not a signature. I have the right to do as I please I am in no way involved with these organizations, and I don't care but I don't think that it is any of your buisness what anybody else looks at and what they do in there own lifes the internet is used for transfer of information that is information that people have the right to know.
123059. Sue Kirshner please do this!
123058. mark bensonoff  
123057. E.R.Roth TAKE IT OFF!!
123056. Reva Rothenberg  
123055. Shirley Berman  
123054. Hindy  
123053. judith schnitt  
123052. Audrey Schechter  
123051. Gustavo Leibaschoff  
123050. Jonathan s  
123049. Ala' This is horrible we would never do such a bad thing to any beloved and respected prophet, or anybody (anybody includes Mosas, or Jeseus).
123048. Marvin Goldstein  
123047. Stefanie Bush  
123046. Luis Schneeweiss  
123045. mtannenbaum  
123044. Dan Siegel  
123043. George Gallant The Jews are God's People
123042. laura gross  
123041. Justin Kleinman Please remove Jew Watch!
123040. jaime waintrob  
123039. Arthur Vichnis I oppose descrimination of any type, and aimed at any group of people. Your obvious promotion of an antisemetic website leads people to the wrong conclusion. That conclusion is two fold. One, that Antisemitism is acceptable, which we all know is rediculous, and two, that Google, itself, is run by antisemites. I hope the later isn't true. If it is, and you continue to promote antisemetic and any other descriminatory websites, then you will surely lose business as the future unfolds. Consider not only the needs of your own pocket book, but the needs of the Human Race as well !!!!!
123038. Kate Unger It is awful and very upsetting
123037. Sandra & Donald DeBonis  
123036. Herbert Berkow  
123035. Harold & Ann Rosenbaum  
123033. shumaily do close this site our vote is with u all ALLAH WII BLESSED U ameen
123032. Marjorie Gordon  
123031. Barry Huberman  
123030. shumaila  
123029. Norman Gittler  
123028. Thomas Cook  
123027. Gene Deych  
123026. Herbert Levin  
123025. gordon simon  
123024. jeff hersh  
123023. David Cheifetz  
123022. Adam Rothenberg  
123021. steve  
123020. helena rose  
123019. Carolina Israel  
123018. Irma Becker Goldstein  
123017. Ivan Pels  
123016. Idelle Rosenberg  
123015. Jim Oxenhandler  
123014. Joan Albert  
123013. hamad  
123012. Michael Maling  
123011. Gina Maling  
123010. Henry R. Gillespie  
123009. Ryan Clayton  
123008. Mary Hoeltzel  
123007. Bob Pronovost  
123006. Solomon KEHELA  
123005. Courtney  
123004. Gary Najman  
123003. Jessica Mazzia  
123002. Diane Shafer  
123001. Yvonne Waite  
123000. Faisal Naeem pLz Remove this sitte
122999. Gideon Kay  
122998. Celia Remove JewWatch.
122997. Alex Fastag  
122996. Alek š
122995. MARCELA  
122994. rebecca  
122993. morton h mordell  
122992. S. Sharfe  
122991. sheila stern  
122990. marc levine  
122989. Yvette Kehela  
122988. Tori Selznick  
122987. brandon sato  
122986. Jerome Gellman  
122985. Bernard Gardner  
122984. Pyry Koivisto  
122983. Connie Carson  
122982. Larry Winkelhake  
122981. Amy Berlin  
122980. Sarena Alfandary  
122979. Delia  
122978. Eleanor Sussman  
122977. filmus irit  
122976. Robert Pierson No room on the internet for that kind of trash!
122975. LAuren  
122974. Robin Cryan  
122973. Eman Muslims dont bash other religions so why would other religions bash Islam?
122972. Sandra A. Roseman Why is it necessary to hate anyone else?"
122971. Bert Wellman  
122970. Greg Natonson  
122969. Beatrice Daskal  
122968. Isa  
122967. Samuel Farber  
122966. Jules Walker  
122965. Yoram Please do it!
122964. angie right on brother!!
122963. Dellus Francois  
122962. Vanessa Nawrocki  
122961. Adrienne Charkow  
122960. Alexis Pier  
122959. Jake Jarmel It seems clearly obvious that none of you have actually read what is on this Jew Watch website. What’s scary is that you are signing this petition like a bunch of sheep, with absolutely no idea of the actual facts.
122958. s  
122957. Hillary Wohl  
122956. MOISHE KAHAN  
122955. Paul Bash  
122954. Florence Scherzer  
122953. Alison Grant  
122952. ridiculous  
122951. ridiculous  
122950. Andres Lajous  
122949. ridiculous  
122948. Sarra Spierer  
122947. Raquel  
122946. Sandy Portnoy There's enough anti-semitism in the world, we don't need to add more. Please remove JewWatch.com immediately.
122945. Howard Ruttenberg  
122944. Jacob Adler  
122943. deborah hadary remove now!!!!!
122942. Steve i am a christian but i disagree with any ounce of hate towards anyone.
122941. Sophia  
122940. tracy gavant  
122939. amir  
122938. AANITA bERMAN  
122937. Don Gilman I'll see about updating my Temple's website with a link to you! As a GOOGLE Advertiser ($200/mo) I find this distressing.
122936. Daniel Laniado Please Remove
122935. Ãíãä _
122934. Mauricio  
122933. craig schaefer  
122932. The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryan Owen  
122931. Annette Krantz remove Jewwatch
122930. Dan Harari  
122929. Eric Harari  
122928. Leon Harari  
122927. Nora Harari  
122926. Jeannette Kehela  
122925. Todd S Sherman do the right thing google
122924. Eric Kehela  
122923. oren baranes  
122922. yaser anbar close this site
122921. Scott Savage Stop the hate!
122920. nora  
122919. Jan Alexander Bloemer  
122918. Joseph Suskin  
122917. sam schiffman If we don't stop this now, who will be next?
122916. jose nunez  
122915. Barbara Hersh  
122914. Christopher Fink I agree that this is a disturbing sign of the times and an obvious symbol showing some people have forgotten the Holocaust
122913. Chris Cortes  
122910. sara smith  
122909. Leonora Vorsovskaya  
122908. Mark Spencer  
122907. Lior Feller You should remove jewwatch
122906. linda  
122905. Adele Goldschmied  
122904. se_90net@hotmail.com se_90net@hotmail.com
122903. Ryan Cardinal very sad
122902. David  
122901. luisecedar  
122900. Michael Tolliver Please remove this offensive site from your search engine
122899. RAY LAVI  
122898. Harlan Weil  
122897. Adam Mazo google should be ashamed that there would have to be a petition to remove this crap!
122896. Migal Vanas  
122895. Lori Ann Setter  
122894. SRICKOFF  
122893. Melissa Wokasch O'Hern Shame on you, google.
122892. Zachary Stein  
122891. Vivian Grossman  
122890. Seth  
122889. Erica Narcyz  
122888. Iraj Shaham  
122887. Raphael Cohen  
122886. sos  
122885. 123123  
122884. Spencer Winegarden  
122883. med i want remove it
122882. Michael J. Whelan Why don’t you just use a different search engine? Nobody forces you to go to this site. How many of you have even read all of the information on it? How much is true? How much is just embarrassing?
122881. Alina Cala  
122880. zev weinstein  
122879. Jessie Apt  
122878. Mike Herfs  
122877. Schuyler Grant  
122876. juliet nierenberg  
122875. eric nickell come on, a teen-ager can write Sasser, but no one can figure out how to filter hate without stepping on toes?
122874. Sue  
122873. Randall Barnhart  
122872. Greta S. Fiester A search engine such as Google has a corporate responsibility to fight against anti-Semitism such as found on the JewWatch.com site - your Number 1 website offered to those who would search for the term "Jew" on Google. I respectfully request you consider the request of Google users such as myself and relegate JewWatch.com to the wastebasket.
122871. Andrzej Zozula  
122870. david dickey Ê
122869. brian too much hate
122868. haui  
122867. Myra Neuhof  
122866. Jake Jarmell You people obviously do not understand how a search engine works. Google has no control over what is on the web any more than a mapmaker has control over what a city names its streets. Jew Watch is not on Google’s ‘site’. It is on the Internet.
122865. Nina Klein  
122864. Joe Remove the nazis!
122863. Ora Zawel  
122862. eidthbaron  
122861. sandy Immoral
122860. Scott Farrell  
122859. Mcihal Chajn  
122858. Simon Freeman  
122857. Ruben Rodner  
122856. Mal Anderson Remember Google you are going sell Public shares,
122855. Dana  
122854. Ibrahim Al Homsi  
122853. sam greenfield please remove this garbage
122852. sam sonnenschine I’m disappointed that a company of your stature would promote hate. Please remove jewwatch.com from it prominent # 1 position and add to #1 hate list.
122851. L Fisher  
122850. Stan Shane Remove from site
122849. Piotr Kadlcik  
122848. mark becker  
122847. Mordecai J. Colodner  
122846. Sanford Geiger  
122845. kareen goldfarb  
122844. sarit  
122843. Max Irwin Peace and love!
122842. Nando Cozzi  
122841. Michael J. Shine  
122840. jef barnett  
122839. morty naierman  
122838. Antaki Carlos  
122837. Israël Jacques  
122836. Hildreth  
122835. Anthony McCulley “Hate” speech is free speech! Would you say anything if I were saying that I hated child molesters? No! Therefore, in some cases, it is fine to hate or dislike a group of people. It depends on their actions.
122834. hayley alexander  
122833. Paul Moth  
122832. Robert Kalomeer
122831. Dennis Paget  
122830. Jack Murdoch BOO!
122829. mario goldberg take of the site right now
122828. Jonathan Allen  
122827. Larry Forst  
122826. Benaroch Aliza  
122825. Bohm Zvi  
122824. nisar jamali plz remove all the sites which are cause to hurt any religion people.
122823. Kelly Hajnik  
122822. Igal Vegad rasictas fora..!!!
122821. corrine lang  
122820. avi  
122819. Brett Mason  
122818. 1 1
122817. Randy Perilli Go to... http://www.informationtimes.com
122816. michael fuchs  
122815. áÇáÇáÇ __-
122814. áíáì __-
122813. Nili Arbel  
122812. áíáÑ _
122811. Omar Shamiri  
122810. Yaser remove this page
122809. mabid qayyum life have good
122808. orit beeri  
122807. helen steyr this site goes beyond freedom of speech. Freedom of speech was not intended to be "freedom to spread hatred'
122806. L. Bekler Schocked and Horrified, Please Remove
122805. Eleanore Reznik  
122804. Mella Hort  
122803. nurit  
122802. t harris  
122801. Nadia Rostamian  
122800. Paula  
122799. Judith Stein Obscene
122798. elsie o krause  
122797. Lona T.Adler  
122796. Carlos Novik  
122795. Parham Khorsandi  
122794. Frank H. Wind  
122793. Andrea Pape  
122792. Mordecai Dicker  
122791. Susan Jakubiak  
122790. Joshua Dembsky  
122789. Mak Remove this site
122788. Naomi King-Smith  
122787. marc flexer  
122786. Julie L Kessinger  
122785. Marilyn Maurer  
122784. linda  
122783. Saul Moss  
122782. Jerry Rappaport  
122781. Simon Darvish  
122780. Andrew Reikes  
122779. Miriam Frankel  
122778. Joan Kranz  
122777. paula levitt  
122776. Filthy Whiney jew boy Oy Vey, I nearly shat on my torah when I saw this hideous hate, we should increase the holocaust propaganda due to this site, lets say 8 million died instead of the real number 300,000
122775. nora tawil  
122774. laurence jacobs  
122773. Nurit Sonshine Do the right thing!
122772. Ava Wolf Rosenberg  
122771. Ivan Google - you need to remove this. No numbers should be required
122770. GregStein  
122769. Richard Altman This is not right - remove it
122768. Pouyan Broukhim I will not use google until this site is removed
122767. audrey frankenberg  
122766. Cory Kahaney  
122765. myron weinberg This is an atrocity
122764. Lauren Simon  
122763. jamie cohen  
122762. Barbara Singer You can help stop spreading hate by removing this horrid website from your search engine. It's the right thing to do.
122761. Megan Sheehan  
122760. Leslie Eskin  
122759. David Renrel This is an outrage. I expect better from Google. Things like this can really mess up your IPO....
122758. david grossman  
122757. Shirley Warner  
122756. Milton Fink  
122755. MARK KAPLOWITZ disgraceful to your name associated with this!
122754. Lee Koenig Presentation of FACT, is not HATE speech.
122752. Leo  
122751. Guillermo Oynick  
122750. Ray Torres Please respect our wishes!!!!
122749. schonhaut claudio  
122748. david corbin remove this disgusting site from your search engine, please.
122747. Carole Cohn Hate speech is not FREE speech.
122746. Liam That site shows fair information. I am glad that you put this petition up, otherwise I probably never would have found it. Anyone who is for censorship, chill.
122745. Sheila Soto there is enough trouble in the world without this
122744. marcos shore  
122743. Steve Hoffman  
122742. Duke Saganich  
122741. lisa bobrow  
122740. Ellen Saganich  
122739. Sharon Altman  
122738. Donald Altman  
122737. Penny Steinberg I am appalled that Google is allowing this web site to occupy such a dominent position.
122736. Jan Hilgart  
122735. joel paige nice move google...I will think of you as I go to Riga for a shower
122734. marilyn schreiber  
122733. Leonard Majzlin  
122732. Nick Tolman  
122731. Joshua Roth Google doesn't look good supporting anti-semitism
122730. Marty Johnston JewWatch causes violence
122728. Maureen Sharpstone Speechless at such hate.
122727. noam  
122726. Howard Day  
122725. Sean Roche  
122724. Victor Grimblatt  
122723. Benjamin Joffe  
122722. susann tepperberg  
122721. YETTY USCHER  
122719. Esther  
122718. Mike Drach  
122717. Leonard Goodman  
122716. Guilad Gurvich  
122715. Sam Wetherell  
122714. Carolyn  
122713. Sylvia Nadel This most be stoppped
122712. Rodney J. Ferris  
122711. Ieda Scal remove urgently
122710. Gay Baskin  
122709. Sharon Raphael  
122708. lyle pullan  
122707. agi shafran  
122706. Virginia  
122705. Lauren Greenberg  
122704. Michael J. Katz  
122703. Adina Kadin  
122702. Bryan Matthews  
122701. yuri gary  
122700. Becky Signer  
122699. Yael Utt Please just don't let it come up first!
122698. Joyce Ostroff My number was 15571. I do not see it in your list.
122697. Alex Faier  
122696. Robert Thompson  
122695. eduardo  
122694. Alice E. Wheeler  
122693. M.H.Z. Remove immediately
122692. Helen Singer-Katz  
122691. Monica Ovadia  
122690. Yaakov Google should be ashamed of themselves
122689. Alyse Erman  
122688. Bernard Frankel  
122687. Shawn Maeder  
122686. selim only god can judge me
122685. daniel  
122684. Lía  
122683. Pamela Bondy  
122682. George Cogan  
122681. Max Headroom Google ranks sites according to how many referral links they find. Google does not list sites however they want. It is done automatically by their software. If you want another site to be listed first when you type in the word “Jew’, then you should construct links to other sites and visit those sites on a frequent basis. After a while, that site will be the # 1 site when you type in the word “Jew”.
122680. julie Houck  
122679. Karen Rosental  
122678. MArk  
122677. cynthia simoncic speaks for itself
122676. Hadas Mendes  
122675. Debbie Swartz  
122674. Alma Krull  
122673. tsilya  
122672. Truus Schulte-Keller  
122671. Edward Danetz  
122670. B. Danetz  
122669. Robin Johns Ignorance must be abolished.
122668. Nancy Mika  
122666. William Woods  
122665. Susan C. Trust google is my favorite search engine and it angers me to have jewwatchas one of the 5 top sites...what were you thinking
122664. Edo  
122663. Eileen Paley  
122662. Ilan Eilat  
122661. Oded Anderman This is shamefull!
122660. Jonas Paiuk  
122659. daphna  
122658. Karen  
122657. David Bautista  
122656. Yael Krupnik  
122655. Judith Erdos  
122654. Sally Calhoun  
122653. m. lerer  
122652. Sara  
122651. Jim Hom  
122650. Linda Segal Crawley This is site is disgusting.
122649. Karen Turner  
122648. Monica Klachko Out with this site!!!
122647. Dr. Harvey Deutsch  
122645. Kathy Hoffman  
122644. PHILIPPE ISRAEL I think that it's pretty much self explanatory !
122643. Kevin Norgaard  
122642. Dalia Vardy  
122641. Melissa Laine  
122640. oz cohen  
122639. Rev. Elaine S. Gaetani disgusting, please remove
122638. Jonno Cohen  
122637. David Olsen Jr.  
122636. Nir Saar  
122635. ARI GROSSMAN  
122634. Barbara Kettler  
122633. Mark  
122632. Carol Mast In doing a search, I find "Christianwatch.com"is a domaine for sale. "MuslimWatch.com" is a sales site for a prayer wristwatch with compass for knowing when and in what direction to make daily prayers. What's with JewWatch.com? If it exists in your searchengine at all, it should be buried as deep in the detrius as possible.
122631. Jackie Hamborger DISGUSTING!
122630. Linda Dews  
122629. Bonnie Berns  
122628. tami Mansfeld  
122627. Lisa Hindi  
122626. LOLY SHALAWE  
122625. Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky  
122624. sam czertok  
122623. David Pomerant  
122622. Don Smordin  
122621. david Misaghi  
122620. Adam Cohen  
122619. Peter Mackey  
122618. Barbara Lebovicz  
122617. meagan woods  
122616. Nahshon Davidai  
122615. Lynn Bernheim  
122614. Walter Mondale Google seems to place their pages in a search according to popularity. So, if you want to make another site appear before JEWWATCH, I would suggest that you all get together and start visiting another site of your choice. Otherwise, you will have to put up with this site as #1.
122613. Cheryl Grant  
122612. Daniel  
122611. Mati  
122610. Dana Cogan  
122609. Jorge Sognatore  
122608. Sarah Hubbell  
122607. Randall Gillander  
122606. Raquel Bakalar  
122605. Alex  
122604. Richard L. Sweet  
122603. Joel L. Salberg They may be within their rights to be "heard", however to have that be the first site to appear when doing research regarding Jewish people, is absolutely offensive. Please either remove that site from your search engine or at least place it WAY down in the list of available sites. Any form of discrimination should not be condoned or in Google's case not permitted. I do appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion. Thank you.
122602. Leonard Zuckerman  
122601. Irene Blaymore Remove the hateful. Replace with positive.
122600. pamela Raitt disgracefull
122599. Sherry Marcus hate can only be healed when people collectively come together in truth and love- this is a perfect opportunity to become part of that process.
122598. Lee Levy  
122597. Sarah Wallis It's absolutely horrible!
122596. howard berkowitz  
122595. Regina Jacobson  
122594. tanya remove it
122593. Gilbert  
122592. Ori Kitov  
122591. Amy Finnk  
122590. Cliff Barnett  
122589. nir eff
122588. Nicole Benado  
122587. Michael J. Whelan I find it strange that many of you are ignoring that, while some of what is on this site is mere rhetoric, much of it is historical fact. One has to wonder why you are trying to hide it. Embarrassed?
122586. Judith R. Spelke  
122585. tamir no more war; no more antisemitic taughts; no more stigmas
122584. David S. Sims  
122583. renato  
122582. Aqeel  
122581. Steven Finnk Please remove jewwatch.com from the Google search engine
122580. haya hkt
122579. Joyce Boschen By religion I am a Unitarian and find the Jewwatch.com very offensive. There is too much hate in the world, why promote it?
122578. sivan  
122577. Judith A. Hennard  
122576. Peter Finkle I believe it is reprehensible for any respectable company to accept this type of blatant bigotry.
122575. Yuval Kogman  
122574. Leah Frankel-Podolsky, MSW, LCSW Any site that is antisemitic or anti any other relgion is evil
122573. Elkana Shames  
122572. petel petely
122571. Lisa Yelin  
122570. John Dennis  
122569. sharon  
122568. estela bercovich  
122567. herzman  
122566. Anna Past This is extremely disturbing and should be rectified immediately
122565. Miriam Phillips  
122564. Michael J Duffy I will no longer use google due to the inclusion of this site at #1
122563. Anne Get rid of this vile crap! It has no place in society and those who say its freedom of speech are just facist morons who want to spread hate.
122562. Almeleh  
122561. Ehud Kafri  
122560. sabine wolf  
122559. Karen Benson  
122558. Joel Appel  
122557. Russ  
122556. moti  
122555. Einat Mazor  
122554. Alon  
122553. Gordon M.  
122552. Grosjean  
122551. FreedomofSpeech In the United States you have to right to say anything you like, whether it is offensive or not. You have the right to love or hate ANYONE based on ANY reason you choose. Google is a search engine, it is not political, they simply allow people to search for websites, if you dont like a website.. then DONT GO TO IT. Antisemitism is not a crime, and should never be a crime, that would be flat out antiAmerican because it violates freedom of speech.
122550. HAJILE This is disgusting! What happens when a little kid one day decides he want to learn about the Jewish religion and types that into google and finds all that anti-Semetism? He will be stuck with the notion that we're evil and you've got one more intolerant hater on the already long list of haters. Get rid of it now.
122549. Avichai Zalcberg Karnei Shomron, Israel
122548. sdfsd sf
122547. Troy Ellison  
122546. Laurel J. Meisel what a horrible thing to be host to such intolerant, antisemetic propaganda.
122545. Kelly Greenwood  
122544. Haydee  
122543. Joseph Mejer  
122542. Johnny Sasoones  
122541. Cecilia Blau  
122540. Paula Me parece el colmo que en el año 2004 se siga dando espacio para este tipo de pensamiento irracional y extremista, que es finalmente lo que contribuyó a matar a millones de judíos durante el holocausto y lo que hoy está haciendo que el terrorismo sea parte de nuestras vidas.
122539. Ethan Snyder  
122538. Noah Snyder  
122537. Bernard Warshauer  
122536. Deborah Snyder  
122535. Joan Maleh  
122534. Reuben Mahler  
122533. Madeline Miller  
122532. Jayne Harding  
122531. Mordechai Mizrachi  
122530. giora mizrachi  
122529. david mizrachi  
122528. Kara Frederick  
122527. Beverly S. Goldberg You have over 50,000 petitions. Why is this entry still there?? Abominable!
122526. Dave Eden  
122525. Helene When free speech is hurtful to others and has the potential for major damage, then free speech is nothing less than abuse.
122524. Jenn  
122523. Michael Krupnick Please Remove JewWatch
122522. Nazia  
122521. Malkah Cohen  
122520. Bowen Vernan USA
122519. Robert  
122518. Rochelle Taylor  
122517. tammy  
122516. margrit polak common guys get rid of it
122515. deborah shore  
122514. Karen Halpern  
122513. rubin  
122512. Myra Merkur  
122511. Deena  
122510. Christopher Campanale  
122509. Jesse Speaks Go to...
122508. Naomi Billauer  
122507. Linda Baker  
122506. gpultman  
122505. daniela scharfstein  
122504. Tamar Zisman  
122503. Dawn Calise  
122502. Elam Abraham Blackman  
122501. holly briscoe  
122500. hot please remove any anti semitisim
122499. liz kas  
122498. David Kohen  
122497. Cynthia Goldbarg  
122496. Howard Freedberg  
122495. Ron Bauer  
122494. Adam Berman I don't want people who want to find out about me to see that
122493. Arlene levy I think it is shameful that you need 50,000 signatures to do what should be done out of a sense of decency
122492. Ilton Bromfman  
122491. Amanda McGrath  
122490. Kathryn Schlumpf  
122489. NORAW  
122488. paul m. bennett  
122487. Rebecca Smedley  
122486. Lois Tobias To quote the titlle of a Rogers & Hammerstein song "You have to be taught how to hate". There is a line between freedom of speech and hateful speech.
122485. Dorothy Salm  
122484. Diane Chernansky While I am not Jewish, I find it offensive that an anti-Semitic website is the first result found when searching under "Jew." Please know that Jews are not the only ones concerned.
122483. Andrew Von Bean  
122482. Jan D. Haughey  
122481. Samara Tolstrup  
122480. rabbitslim  
122479. Luis Gomberoff  
122478. heidi fischgrund  
122477. fran green  
122476. Rob Hartman  
122475. Holy Israeli http www lasvegassun com sunbin stories commentary 2004 apr 30 516782598.html
122474. Hillary Frankel  
122473. Rabbi Pimplestein Bad Bad site, only pedophilia sites should be allowed
122472. kimberly At least decrease its "weight" so it doesn't show up first!
122471. julio gomberoff  
122470. MariBeth Welch  
122469. Rev. Bill Beardslee, United Church of Christ I understand the right to free speech but also the right to moral outrage for such a noxious presence. Perhaps even a warning would do.
122468. Elaine Altneu Google, Be Very Ashamed of yourself!!!
122467. jaime bryant walker the world we live in needs increased exposure to acceptance and love, not hatred and bigotry
122466. Stuart Nachbar  
122465. Norma J. Sands  
122464. GREIBER  
122463. Mia Scanga Please remove from Google!
122462. Robert C. Reiss, DC  
122461. Shirley Goo Weiner  
122460. Rev. Mary-Lu' Esposito  
122459. Barry Kaplan  
122458. Abraham Cyzner  
122457. David Goldblatt this is really scary
122456. baakinaam hgf
122455. Alex Sonin  
122454. Ben L.  
122453. jonathan  
122452. Daniel Williams  
122451. lynn neill  
122450. daniel neill  
122449. Susan Lyons  
122448. Phyllis Frechette Remove at once! Stop the hate.
122447. Asna Schneider  
122446. Beth Draper  
122445. Krijger  
122444. nancy denicolo  
122443. amal  
122442. Margarita Turkov  
122441. Paul Corathers  
122440. susan ridker google should at least tag the site as containing offensive material
122439. Raquel Rolnik  
122438. erick mizrahi  
122437. T. A. Martinez  
122436. Francine Greenberg Reizen  
122435. Selma Schuman  
122434. elana  
122433. Elyse Rothschild  
122432. Marshall M. Greenfeld It is bad enough there is so much jJew haters. Don't fuel the fire by allowing this hatefulness on your site
122431. Giuseppe Franchetti  
122430. Howard H. MacMullen, Jr.  
122429. Itsik Rubin  
122428. daniel morgenthau  
122427. David Himelfarb  
122426. Jackie Himelfarb  
122425. leo  
122424. Marvin Lewin  
122423. David Gold Since when was anti-semitism cool?
122422. Rees Maxwell  
122421. Sharon Weidberg  
122420. Joanna  
122419. martha  
122418. Victoria Luckower  
122417. mich  
122416. Aste Levin Look what they did to www.whack-a-mohel.com - what a disgrace...
122415. ina Schnell  
122414. l.elmaleh  
122413. Anthony Destafano  
122412. Scott Schacht  
122411. Alan Schacht  
122409. Miriam Schacht Hateful and highly destructive - JEWWATCH NEEDS TO BE REMOVED! There is already too much hate in this world. We Jews DO NOT DESERVE THIS!
122406. Ahuvah R. Mitbach I will no longer use Google until I know that something has been done about this awful situation.
122405. amy brown  
122404. C Kirsner remove this site!
122403. lihi  
122402. Jed P  
122401. Erica Goodman  
122400. Jon Monger  
122399. Mukarram Khan Close this site
122398. Heshy Linick please remove
122397. Louise Koroluk Disgusting! This, and any other hate sites, should never have been allowed on the Internet.
122396. David Sonnenschein  
122395. Regina Feldman Deplorable
122394. hazel gold  
122393. Stephen Javna  
122392. Charlene  
122391. Ira Miller  
122390. Paul Nijhoff Asser  
122389. Ira Kistenberg  
122388. Ariel  
122387. alex ladyzhensky  
122386. stephanie  
122385. David Eigenberg  
122384. Miriam Agron  
122383. Golda Messianu  
122382. abdou