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204000. Fred Kasule  
203999. R. GOLDIN  
203998. Joel Cornfield This is one of the most insidious and evil 'publications' of any type that I have ever read. It's inclusion as in any way legitimate is an indictment of human nature.
203997. TAMAR ANDREWS 1st amendment rights are fine but not to the point that it excludes Jews from their own freedoms
203996. Mano Howard  
203995. Shirley Goldberg  
203994. Jamie Weisman  
203993. Lorrie Feld  
203992. Illana Hearshen  
203991. Barry Budoff  
203990. Elaine Rogosin I clicked on 1 page and I was sick about what I read. How could Google allow something like this on their search engine. It's a disgrace.
203989. J Stout  
203988. maryam  
203987. Michail Kossoi  
203986. D Tubin please remove this disgusting site
203985. Farzad Shame on you
203984. Marcos  
203983. Susan Bernard  
203982. Lois Gass  
203981. Jobyna Dellar  
203980. J Stein  
203979. Harriet Seidler  
203978. Sara Cina It is disconcerting to know that a serious organization as Google allows material of this sort to be published
203977. SEYMOUR B. GOLD Recalls Father Couglin and his ilk of the late 30's
203976. Gabrielle Shuster This site is ignorant and disgusting.
203975. Rochelle Vedres  
203974. Rabinowicz  
203973. David J. LaHaie  
203972. Patricia Whalen  
203971. R Stander  
203970. Robin Nichinsky  
203969. Shaari Peddersen please remove the site!
203968. judy DeYoung  
203967. shelly krauss remove jew watch
203966. Dr. Robert Weller It's reprehensible!
203965. Ursula Petersen LONG LIVE JEWWATCH.COM!!!!! The problem in the world today is all of the Jewish Radicals such as the signers of this petition. BURN IN HELL YOU JEWS!!!!!
203964. Abraham Jelin  
203963. Stephen Berman 100\% hate material has no place on Google
203962. Sol Zellner  
203961. Rhoda Zellner  
203960. Summer Miller-Walfish  
203959. Rhoda Zellner  
203958. Fabrizio Elias REMOVE!
203957. M.Urintsev š
203956. Holly Israel this is a scary bunch of lies
203955. A.Urintsev š
203954. Lenore Pearlston  
203953. arlene rubin  
203952. Charles Barrett  
203951. Shana Becker  
203950. Jeffrey Stiffman  
203949. Joe Goldwine  
203948. Zach Newburgh  
203947. sasha ibr š
203946. Sarita Warshawsky This terminology is senseless and dangerous ; it promotes discrimination, and that is treacherous in an embattled world
203945. Will Seaberry please remove this hateful site
203944. Lois Hass  
203943. Sarah Feiss  
203942. Laura Lacter  
203941. Fred Firnbacher  
203940. m Rich  
203939. linda Perlman  
203938. James Black  
203937. Beverly  
203936. Shoshana Afek  
203935. Sharon Krengel  
203934. Bonnie Cooper  
203933. Juana Webman The blatant racist link should be deleted.
203932. DONNA STRACK  
203931. Allegra Monina  
203930. Irwin Bosgang  
203929. Lucy  
203928. Stacie  
203927. Donald Friedman  
203926. Cheryl get rid of it
203925. Fayn no comments
203924. Ylise Kessler disgraceful!
203923. Manuel  
203922. sherwin drobner  
203921. Eileen R. Danton  
203920. Nily Harel  
203919. wally sobel If google does not comply .......BOYCOTT!
203918. roselle weiner  
203917. William Harel  
203916. Lowndes  
203915. Joyce Sibilla  
203914. L. G. Rose  
203913. Edward Kamp  
203912. Lee Schwartz Please do the right thing and remove this.
203911. cara schlussel  
203910. Barbara Leifer Please remove "JewWatch website ASAP!
203909. Ellice Warner  
203908. Bryan Matthew Leifer  
203907. Ana Shub I am against that coments
203906. susan green  
203905. Peter L. Pollock  
203904. mike bogart you would delete it if you visited the site
203903. David B. Fine  
203902. Jane Moss  
203901. Phyllis Ehrlich This is shameful that this is available on Google. Get rid of this hateful site.
203900. Susan Hutson Awful
203899. DR. Igal Afek  
203898. Ellen Bluestone  
203897. Janice Mintz Remove it NOW!
203896. George O'Brien Holocaust - evidence & testimony irrefutable
203894. melvin katzman  
203893. Uri Google should not supply a stage for such mentally unstable people and anti-semitic behavior.
203892. Cyrena R. Greer  
203891. Charlene Ackerman This is outrageous! Please delete immediately!
203890. ted wolf  
203889. Amy This site is an abomination and should immediately be removed. I am surprised that Google has allowed it to come this far.
203888. sydney kemper this is a disgrace
203887. Larry Swedroe  
203886. Zack That really isn't right.
203885. Carol Kalish  
203884. Arthur Levit honest history is a must; this is not!
203883. Samantha Ennis  
203882. C. J. Hafner  
203881. Evelyn Levit facts are appreciated/lies are erroneous
203880. Jerome Ennis  
203879. w. zajac  
203878. Joan Ennis Bizarre that people can be so hateful and ignorant
203877. Samish  
203876. Jean  
203875. JACK SHAPIRO This site is vicious racism posing as objective truth
203874. Wlaumir Souza  
203873. Toni Morelli Get this crap off the Internet
203872. Dibnah UK Google is a respected organisation which should remove this offensive site
203870. aman b. kay The oldest mental disorder, the anti-semitic illness, needs to stop and you don't have to be Jewish to feel that way. Enough!
203869. Marjorie Weiner  
203868. Ellen Markman  
203867. gary chafetz  
203866. Sharon Dembo  
203865. samuel stockhamer  
203864. Elissa White  
203863. Bobbie Loss  
203862. Philip Bobrove  
203861. Jane Lebofsky disgusting site filled with hateful propoganda
203860. Ann Ghelber  
203858. barbara shapiro  
203857. arlene goldman  
203856. Paulette Howard  
203855. BRUCE COLTON  
203854. Kenneth Howard  
203853. geri elkins alexander RN  
203852. LIVIU BLEIER please remove this trash...
203851. Paul Feldman  
203850. Beverly Rimer and MortRimer  
203849. Jeffrey Samuels  
203848. Matthew Levy This is ugly.
203847. Lynn Cohen  
203846. alcir pompone  
203845. eve haim  
203844. Charles Hill Stop this disgusting trash!
203843. Brian L Hughes  
203842. tamara lipcovich  
203841. Mauro Ben Nissan Let in peace the jews, please!
203840. DALIA S. RAD  
203839. Chana Zuriel  
203838. bruce brecher written by morons for morons
203837. Nanci L. Maddux  
203836. David Shoub  
203835. Jeff Schubiner  
203834. Helen & Howard Unger Remove
203833. victor yelchin  
203832. eric bindelglass  
203831. Nadia if you guys allowed this website, i wonder how manymore you allowed, taht are probably worse than this one.
203830. Regina B.  
203829. Glenda 'Lynn' Konowitz Shame on you! To allow the voice of people who think nothing of murdering anyone and everyone, including their own family, is unconscionable. Is Jew hating and Jew baiting still preferable over any and all other evil?
203828. Dori Liller  
203827. Marc Anselmo  
203826. Lynda Kerr absolutely disgraceful
203825. Maureen Burke  
203824. Sheila Bruck Democratic freedoms require responsibility
203823. Richard Rubinstein  
203822. William Feinberg  
203821. sharon lopatin unacceptable
203820. ian reichbach  
203819. Arthur Fisch even free speech has limits
203818. Roni  
203817. Katarina Graf  
203816. helen mountford google needs to be far more responsible and have a clearer conscience rather than a larger bank balance
203815. ernst marchand still jealous ?!
203814. ivor hanson  
203813. Harold & Sue Rosenthal  
203812. Eva Geller  
203811. judy shapiro  
203810. osnat  
203809. Lila F. Rosloff  
203808. Carol Halpern  
203807. Bernice Victor Smith needs to be elimnated - already to much hatred in the world
203806. Jamie Mihlrad  
203805. Michelle Echenberg  
203804. Leila Kosofsky  
203803. Lisa Glastein  
203802. frida smolenskys  
203801. Betty Weissman  
203800. Gregg Davidson  
203799. beth saltzman  
203798. Michael Divins  
203797. Shannon Harley  
203796. Mari M. Zevin  
203795. Myrna Goldstein  
203794. Gary Kane when good men do nothing...evil prevails!
203793. CHERYL we need to pass this on!!!
203792. Deanne Ebner  
203791. Antonina Krawczyk JewWatch is a disgrace and Google should have removed it even without this petition. Shame on Google and the people who run it.
203790. Shelley T. Schorr Google - if you won't remove it, at lease provide a warning that this site is antisemetic!
203789. Charles Schultz  
203788. Naomi F. Baxter incredible !!!!
203787. zajonc Joseph  
203786. janet  
203785. Lauren Seiden  
203784. orna  
203783. helen rosenberg  
203782. Victor Spetalnick  
203781. Robert Young  
203780. cheryl this is terrible in todays climate of hate..please remove this from your search engine`
203778. M K Brooks this is disgusting
203777. bernard wohlstetter remove "JEWWATCH.COM
203776. Kathy Please remove this from google
203775. Jill Tyree  
203774. Joey Meyer  
203773. Steven Gans
203772. Yael Duer  
203771. rhoda heimlich  
203770. Yael Duer  
203769. Jerome J. Brownstein  
203768. Susan Berger  
203767. Anita Glickman  
203766. robby cohen  
203765. jodie berg  
203764. Donna Workman  
203763. jeanne fannan  
203762. Justin Monem  
203761. Evelyn J. Davis  
203760. Debbie Cowen  
203759. Lauren Eisenberg  
203758. peter c leeds get this crap off your search engine
203756. Linda Arbital  
203755. G. Berrys  
203754. Julio Freeman It is an insult for any site to demean a religon of any type.
203753. Blaire Lapides  
203752. Trish Bowen  
203751. Noel Kirchner  
203750. linda Litchi  
203749. Elaine Feuer  
203748. Alex and Gaby Scharlack Please remove immediately
203747. Karen Hanen Please remove this insulting and denegrating garbage from the Google Search Pages
203746. Norman H. Dachs  
203745. Carol  
203744. Annie Pockriss this is OUTRAGEOUS - PLEASE make sure this is corrected immediately.
203743. Meir Rotstein  
203742. cary golde  
203741. Donna Baron I am very concerned about the hatred that is spread and yes freedom of speach is our right but spreading hatred is not.
203740. Albert Waks  
203738. Amanda Harris  
203737. Vladimir Shteynberg  
203736. AMOS HUBERT  
203735. Les Cherow  
203734. Zoe R.  
203733. Jennifer  
203732. Rita cumming  
203731. Marilyn Tilton  
203730. Milton  
203729. yelena inzel  
203728. Ashley Gannon This is truly disgusting. It is unfortunite that ignorance or flat out jelousy of our people's well deserved and earned success would prompt certain people to go as far as creating a website to promote their stupidity.
203727. hyman bernfeld  
203726. Daniel Sheff  
203725. Gail Switzer  
203724. rabbi yy rubinstein come on google!
203723. roman sherman  
203722. Lana  
203721. Lynne Holzman I think this site is disgusting.
203720. Yury Erman  
203719. Hughlett Hollyday 111 frankly, I think we are fighting a losing battle but we must try
203718. Jack Zelinger  
203717. diana greenspan  
203716. Harvey Cogen  
203715. Joseph Buonagura  
203714. shirley Kelson  
203713. D.Werner  
203712. JAIME  
203711. Barbara V. Buonagura Outrageous. Have family members that are Jewish
203710. margarita  
203709. victoria Prince  
203708. Orly Davidi I believe in the importance of the 1st Amendment and I think the website should be active (it's so stupid anyway). However, there are over 19 million other results that could be on the first page - a change could definitely be made there.
203707. D. Burg  
203706. alan vilinsky  
203705. Ruth Gray This is objectionable.
203704. barry kravette  
203703. Francine Richter  
203702. DON MARKS  
203701. Mandy  
203700. Anna Shulman McAfee  
203699. Barbara Rubinstein  
203698. Diana Zippin  
203697. Jerry Greenspan  
203696. H.B. Berrys  
203695. Miriam P Harney  
203694. A.Mik  
203693. BESS ROBERTSON I am confident that google will take note and remove this
203692. heynold  
203691. Debbie Seid As a stockholder and admirer of your company, I will certainly be watching to see your response to this....
203690. Betty Hilton Google should not be a purveyor of hate material. This should never have appeared in the first place, and now it must be removed.
203689. Joanne Heller  
203688. john portnow  
203687. Daniel Greenberg please remove this website from your listing. It is against Google's values
203686. Gina LoMonaco none
203685. HELEN miller  
203684. William Dunckley This is truly shameful...
203683. Elaine Paris I believe in freedom of speech, but the ease of bringing up this site is reprehensible.
203682. Marla Brody  
203681. kathy tavakoli  
203680. ann muldorf  
203679. Joshua Schmidl  
203678. anniedender thank you for doing this
203677. corinne keslin  
203676. yoram  
203675. Joanne Oppenheim  
203674. Faye Price  
203673. Joseph Fox  
203672. david c frankel  
203671. Amy Krupsky  
203670. judith rich  
203669. Lisbeth Davdow  
203668. Rachael We need to get this off the internet! How horrible!!
203667. Marcy Rosen  
203666. Dr. Julia Aharonov  
203665. patti feldman  
203664. Bob Poline  
203663. Julia  
203662. n kaplan i am ashamed of Google
203661. S. Bojm  
203660. Barbara Delvac  
203659. Barbara Berger  
203658. orit cohen  
203657. Samuel CHARLIER  
203656. Judy Shemirani  
203655. Ira Bankoff  
203654. Jason  
203653. haim elrad  
203652. Marek Odoner  
203651. divina  
203650. Alexander Vayner š
203649. Sarah Rosenbloom  
203648. Mendy Stock  
203647. Cindy Wolf  
203646. B Delvac  
203645. Ned Hanover  
203644. Golda & Léon Zielinski  
203643. Bonnie Jaffe  
203641. Fred Goldberg  
203640. Rochelle Newington  
203639. Lyra Wexler  
203638. Malka Michaeli  
203637. gordon baker google should not be a party to such blatant hatred
203636. Jeanette Pollett  
203635. Justin Solonynka  
203634. Seymour Evans Great work hope you get the needed amount post haste
203632. everett berlinsky  
203631. Judith Slatoposky  
203630. Marvin Neil Tabb  
203629. Eduardo Slatopolsky  
203628. Joyce Broser disgusting!!
203627. Sylvia Gelber Remove from Google.
203626. anne Daniel  
203625. hillary miller  
203624. Alice Bondi I can't believe you'll let this stand......
203623. Phyllis Finn  
203622. esther lerner  
203621. stan meyers google shpuld not be connected to this!
203620. Alan Zamochnick  
203619. Alfred Levinson  
203618. ruth Blackstone  
203617. Fanny Frender  
203616. Kitty Lawrence  
203615. Phil Broder  
203614. Henna & Bob Tatham Why do you make it so easy for those who spread hatred for no reason.
203613. gordon freed  
203612. Lily Stofman  
203611. esther  
203610. Gerald Lakin Please get this biggoted filth off the net.
203609. Linda S  
203608. Sasha Parets  
203607. Wendy werner  
203606. Norman Cohn I use Yahoo only because of this site
203605. Luis Fuentes  
203604. shari bernstein  
203603. john adamsohn  
203602. Leora Wexler  
203601. jodi silver  
203600. Kenneth E. Moorhead  
203599. Floyd Patten posting this is like crying fire in a crowded theatre
203598. gisele salamon Brussels - Belgium
203597. Eve Pollack Remove that website immediately
203596. KAREN  
203595. jean helft You remember there was a world before Google? There can be a world without Google.
203594. Linda C. I am very disapointed in Google. Ask Jeeves
203593. Daniel  
203592. Edna  
203591. Rachel Brudnoy Targeting minority groups. Aren't we beyond this kind of hatred in the 21st century.
203590. R. Cooper  
203589. adrimar Puaj....
203588. Seymour Rutberg Web Site is an abomiation
203587. shay  
203586. Thierry Steenberghs  
203585. Muriel Fickler This is a VILE site
203584. Gary Tomei  
203583. Chela  
203582. Jennifer Winick  
203581. Bonnie Ziff Please remove from search engine
203580. adrian Brukman  
203579. robert l keisler  
203578. Lorraine Crotty  
203577. ronnie  
203576. Guy Nathan checks and balances
203575. Richard H. Gentry  
203574. David Tal this is an intolerable site. it meets criteria for prosecution under Canadian hate crimes legislation. you need to eliminate it from your search engine
203573. Budd Arthur Get rid of these Nazis now, please
203572. Judith Fulton I pray for the minimum 50,000 signatures
203571. Abbie Zuckerman  
203570. james berger not acceptable
203569. Sol Lewitton  
203568. Grayson Bush  
203567. Alan Plotkin  
203566. Vitaly Grossman this site promotes hatred-should not exist
203565. Diane Seidman Kurz  
203564. Lisa Stewart  
203563. Jay Bell  
203562. Irma Freibaum  
203561. Richard Glass this is ridiculous but free press prevails
203560. beth blumenthal  
203559. A. Russell  
203558. Donald K. Epstein This site is disgusting!
203557. Karen Rubin  
203556. Arthur Ehlin  
203555. Michel Vertongen  
203554. KD Roberts Please move this website to the bowels of Hell
203553. Leonard Weinstein This is disgraceful to allow such hate be promoted. Freedom should not be used to spread hate.
203552. Derrick Mendoza Disgusting and Unreal Take it Off!
203551. Bryan B. Kagan  
203550. Stewart Miller unbelievable
203548. Albert Goldin  
203547. Lou Orzech  
203546. Risa Devore  
203545. Dr. Jerry Osterweil  
203544. Paul Bergman  
203543. M Sanderson .  
203542. Mary Orzech  
203541. D. Btesh  
203540. Denise Kusel Google: I am ashamed for you
203539. J. Roberts  
203538. Robin Augello  
203537. Boaz  
203536. Sid K. Freeman  
203535. marianne sokol  
203534. David Kleiner  
203533. tcorteville  
203532. Debbie Irwin  
203531. karin enogh with intolerance
203530. sarah baron  
203529. Arthur Hecker  
203528. eva nelson I think it is terrible that you allowed this man to speak on Google and did not use better discretion in rejecting his article. What does he know about Russia? Was there? Did he witness all the events that he claims happened? I believe he should check all his references if he is to make absurd statements instead of selecting those that fit his motif.
203527. shira  
203526. L. Schwartz Would this site be allowed if it were "ChristianWatch"? I think not.
203525. Bern Codella  
203524. richard berry  
203523. Rochelle B. Rabeeya  
203522. S. Glass DO IT NOW!!!!
203520. Lou Codella  
203519. Boris Brukman  
203518. Arnold Charitan  
203517. John Holzworth  
203516. Marty Kontos  
203515. amit sand  
203514. Randy Comins  
203513. Elizabeth Cohen  
203512. arthur kolodkin Please remove, I would like to continue to use Google.
203511. Mike Romano  
203510. bettye  
203509. Lee Anne Ayres all inflammatory and racists sites should be removed
203508. Marjorie Barg  
203507. Andrés Spiller  
203506. Igor yeverovich  
203505. Mr. Howard Gorinson  
203504. Joyce Romano  
203503. Avi Gewirtz Google, stop for a second and think. The Germans thought they were powerful. They failed to see it before it was too late. Now you think that you have the power. Well do you? You do if you remove this link from your site. Otherwise do you want your power to be taken from you? Dont you realize that this is a message from G-d to see how powerful you really are. Think of how many lives could be saved, the war that you could prevent, the kindness that you could bring to millions of people around the globe. Now that is true power. And if you listen to our request and your heart - then God will allow you to maintain power.
203502. Herb Chubin  
203501. Judy Simmons I am horrified
203500. william h. ross  
203499. Ellen Sisser  
203498. LARISA SHUR  
203497. Aviva Samuels  
203496. Michelle Pirlet  
203495. Cindy Kushner  
203494. Linda Rosenfeld  
203493. Albert J.Finestone M.D.  
203492. Larry Klewin  
203491. Rhoda Klayman  
203490. ron ostrow  
203489. STUART  
203488. J.Myers  
203487. Servando J. Velarde  
203486. melissa herzog  
203485. Donald H. Marks  
203484. Kupberg  
203483. Abraham Asher Zelik Gewirtz  
203482. Arthur Barr WHY? WHY?
203481. Frieda L. Gershuny  
203480. Lisa  
203479. robert survis  
203478. anne zvirman  
203477. Marcel Kshensky  
203476. Oren Stevens  
203475. susan weingart  
203474. Bella Simon Cayne  
203473. Rhona Bursk Onceagain making Jews scapegoats for their own inadquacy and failure.
203472. Bruce Reich  
203471. Michelle Walior  
203470. Andrew Genger is a notorious anti-Semitic website that attempts to hide this fact under a cloud of supposed free speech and half-truths. It is hate speech...simple as that,.
203469. Neal  
203468. Harry Gewanter  
203467. fred werner  
203466. Diane Wender The way this is worded is extremely offensive and antisemitic.
203465. Peter R. Wechsler  
203464. Bugajer Dr. Hava  
203463. Zsuzsanna Ferguson  
203462. Barry Cohen This site is extremely offensive
203461. Willa Epstein  
203460. Hubert Peeters  
203459. Gregory Wilcox  
203458. T. Chevalier  
203457. Rita Geiringer  
203456. U Karfunkel  
203455. Wendy A. Epstein  
203454. Lisbeth Sugar  
203453. Susan Roe  
203452. State Representative Jim Wayne  
203451. IRWIN WYMAN  
203450. Ryan Sandrew  
203449. Allan Reubenstone  
203448. Judy Morgenstern  
203447. Marlene Kasman  
203446. Diane S. Wall  
203445. AAB  
203444. Cary Goodman  
203443. Ariana  
203442. Wendy Isaac Is there anything that you will not put on the internet?
203441. Carla  
203440. Anatoly  
203439. jacqueline maron  
203438. Amy Schwager  
203437. edward maron  
203436. SR Sarae  
203435. Jerrold  
203434. jeremy  
203433. augusto Da Rocha Ben Tsur Any racist and antisemite site shouldn't be in the internet
203432. L Virding  
203431. Rosa Benquis Jacard  
203430. Sandy Rudich  
203429. Irving Kublin This is vicious & full of lies
203428. Neil Rubin  
203427. Evelyn Osterweil  
203426. Lia Szuchman  
203425. Barbara & Morris Greenfield These false and unconscionable statements are the very reasons why antisemitism is so widespread. It is absolutely urgent that this site be removed before it causes more trouble.
203423. Evelyn Osterweil  
203422. Mabel remove this page please
203421. louis cohen Site is objectionable
203420. jerry silverman this is obscene
203419. Tracey Cutler  
203418. Karen Daunov  
203417. Sari E. Google is spreading hatred
203416. SIDNEY BARK  
203415. marilyn svach  
203414. NAOMI JACOBS  
203413. isaIAS kREMER  
203412. Marty Johnston  
203411. Beth Ostrow  
203410. Joel Carlson  
203409. T. Joseph Loy Just like so much other horrid & hateful Trash on the internet, this fraudulent website has a right to Be There. But the Google corporation, a private entity, does NOT have any obligation to Point people to it, particularly not Up Top on the searchresults page. Exercise some minimalist editorial Judgement: de-list this garbage.
203408. rochelle ilwitz  
203407. reesa busgang  
203406. howard weingart  
203405. Roy Feltman This type message should be censored.
203404. Blaine Capalini  
203403. Robert Simon  
203402. scott fein  
203401. Sara Goldman  
203400. Darren Cooper  
203399. Helen Greenblatt Do the right thing!
203398. Marlyn Gelb  
203397. sepideh kashani  
203396. Susana Schkolnik  
203395. L. Bernstein  
203393. R J Nissan  
203392. Carleen Schwartz  
203391. Freyda Black  
203390. David Grundland  
203389. Norma Kraus Shameful!!!
203388. KRONFELD N  
203387. George and Ruth Brawerman  
203386. Philip Mandel  
203385. Irving Pomeranz  
203384. meredith robins  
203383. kathy  
203382. Henna Pomeranz  
203381. Rahmani  
203380. Sam Schulman  
203379. corinne cutler  
203378. Rahmani  
203377. Rahmani  
203376. Arden Weinstein awful
203375. Natalie Cohen  
203374. Sheila Gordon offensive
203373. shelly cariot imperative to be stopped!
203372. Barbara Gellman  
203371. Jennifer Hyde  
203370. Lawrence R. Appel  
203369. sheila zweifler  
203368. Beverly Marram  
203367. Dr. Stephen M Raucher This is horrible
203366. Steven Aronson  
203365. Robin DiGiovanni  
203364. Jon Kaye  
203363. Linda Norton This is an outrage. In this day & age
203362. Diane Epstein  
203361. Susan Kolodny  
203360. Alexandra Mir  
203359. DANA  
203358. M Fried  
203357. Beth Silverman Please remove this web site ASAP!
203356. Howard Mintz its outrage for you to support this trash
203355. Daniele Villa  
203354. Wendy Fay Miller Kensington, MD
203353. Marylyn Schultz Shame, shame on Google
203352. Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab Please remove from Google Search Engine
203351. james salamon  
203350. Tammy  
203349. Aaron Levin  
203348. Joseph  
203347. Sasha  
203346. E. Stephens, M.D.  
203345. Rochelle Bass  
203344. Bernard L Shain  
203343. Melissa Leopold I believe in the 1st amendment but this is going to far, they come up on the FIRST page when "jew" is googled. they dont have to take their site down but google must make sure they do not show up on the first 10 pages and they should have a warning on the link
203342. Anne Domacasse  
203341. jerry brown  
203340. Mike Steininger Google blocks many other sites less harmful / hateful then this site. Please use common decency and block this site.
203339. Lee Ann Murray stop hate
203338. Arthur F. Horwitz DO IT!
203337. Rina Cohen  
203336. Joyce E Mark  
203335. Ethel Shaffer shameful
203334. Jon Untiedt Why propogate hate?
203333. Edware Prince Please remove this posting
203332. Dorothy Winick  
203331. Arlene Sandelstein There is enough trouble in this world, why create more.
203330. Harry Staviss  
203329. Keren Winkelman  
203328. Harland Staviss  
203327. Matt K. I still cant understand why people need to find ways to hate people
203326. Jack Oruch  
203325. Anthony Stone  
203324. Cynthia Rabkin  
203323. david winer  
203322. mike vogel  
203321. lawrence a anenberg remove jewwatch from Google search engine
203320. Al Hess Despicable is a one word phrase to describe this web site
203318. anne o'leary  
203317. David Rapheal remove this disgusting site
203316. Karen Alexandrovich  
203315. sima kay  
203314. Gerd Ledermann  
203313. Arkady Shkolnik It's a disgrace to have such anti-Semitic content published
203312. steve price  
203311. Kevin Rutenberg  
203310. Heather Berkeley  
203309. Daniel Brooks  
203308. R E Fox  
203307. gloria klein  
203305. Alan Braun  
203304. Robert Lomonaco  
203303. Louis Dias Get this site off google
203302. FARAMARZ DAVIDI m.d.  
203301. Colin Lichtenstein This site is hatemongering and not 1st ammendment free speach
203300. Don Finto Please remove!!!
203299. Elaine Goldberg  
203298. Stephen Bennett this is very offensive
203297. Martin Ackerman  
203296. S.K. Feld I liken your permitting this website to remain as being a Nazi sympathizer.
203295. LORI SIEGEL  
203294. Sara Brudnoy this site is offensive and should be removed
203293. ruth stein I have stock in Goggle don't really want to sell, however it might happen. Take that off your site.
203292. saar motty  
203291. Joy Warren When I googled "jew", "jew watch" was third on your list. It's disgracful.
203290. Linda Jackson  
203289. D. Seiden  
203288. Linda Hipkins  
203287. Ike Shulman  
203286. Gloria Schrader  
203285. Dayle Henshel Please consider this request.
203284. Mark Goldstein  
203283. Hollander  
203282. pearl ehrlich  
203281. Larry Roseth This makes me sick
203280. Scott  
203279. Rosalie Zalis  
203278. Josh  
203277. sean dalfen this site filled with hate litterature must be removed
203276. David Sims  
203275. Eve  
203274. Jerry Springberg We must stamp out anti-semitism
203273. Gerald A Norden. the internet is a serious cause of grief and distress, perpetrated by insidious cretins
203272. Alan Ritz  
203271. Beve Ritz  
203270. marian azar  
203269. Charles Shlosberg  
203268. Daniel Bodner  
203267. John Gurwicz I will no longer log onto Google until this site is removed.
203266. John Sales  
203265. Herb Eiseman Please remove this trash!
203264. David Powell  
203263. MARIA  
203262. P. Bennett  
203261. ESTHER OPIE  
203260. Staci Yesner  
203259. chanah markowitz  
203258. Ilana Shtayer  
203257. MARIA  
203256. Michael Freedman  
203255. Joshua Greenstein  
203254. Rita Horovicz Google should control undesirable sites.
203253. valentina kaplan heynold can money justify any form of xenophobia and denial?
203252. Theodore Weiss  
203251. richard abrams  
203250. eva znaty  
203249. ruth kelman  
203248. michelle  
203247. Mike Dias This must be stopped
203246. Beth Rosen  
203245. R Lipsidge  
203244. J. D. Chafin Pleeeze, get rid of it
203243. M Lipsidge  
203242. marcia cohen  
203241. Hinde Reifer  
203240. Aryeh Rosenberg  
203239. Jack Micay this is a very anti-semitic site
203238. Lauren Ventura The website is hateful, and atempting to incite hate crime and violence against Jewish peoples.
203237. amanda  
203236. Marlene Ross  
203234. Kim disgusting website
203233. Alan Freed  
203232. Alex Levi  
203231. beverly saeks this is awful.
203230. Yemach Shmom They should be ranked high for the word lies and libels
203229. Jaclyn Madar  
203228. Walter  
203227. Dan B  
203226. Jeanne Avery, c/0 O'Leary please remove this offensive search
203225. Sheila Keiter  
203224. r goldstein I'll use other search engines if not promptly removed
203223. Beth Pilchik  
203222. Wes Brwon  
203221. KRONFELD Judith  
203220. lauren  
203219. Terry Berenson  
203218. Paul Zuckerman  
203217. Phyllis Avellino  
203216. toni kozak  
203215. Robert D. Schwartz  
203214. Burton Cohen  
203213. benzy gottlieb  
203212. Susan Gelfand What is wrong with people? Have we learned nothing from the past? If it is okay to single out a group because you don't like the color of their eyes, how about a Christianwatch? Why not let the world heal and try to better yourself instead ?
203211. Ericca Long  
203210. bill bieda  
203209. Carole Cohen  
203208. Erandhi Have some morals!
203207. June Getraer  
203206. errol cutler All B.S.
203205. eraidman  
203204. Susan Bosco This site does not offer legitimate information, and should be removed.
203203. Philip Blum  
203202. Buddy Hurwit  
203201. Peter Benson Malick This is disgusting, I am appalled
203200. lorraine lawrence Disgusting use of the internet
203199. Molly Stark  
203198. GailGranata  
203197. Mimi Levich  
203196. Martin Tasimowicz In memory of......
203195. Stuart & Rene Klein  
203194. June Chaus  
203193. Julie Sack  
203192. Ross Barton  
203191. shirley  
203190. joel margolis disgusting!
203189. Rochel Cutler  
203188. Kurt Kleinmann  
203187. Jan Felton  
203186. Everett Wolfson  
203185. Nancy Lubars  
203184. Sara Jamison lets stop jew-hating out of FEAR of arab backlash
203183. Ed Podlovits  
203182. Ken & Lisa Ferguson  
203181. John Davis Quite offensive
203180. Walter S. Warheit the site is anti-semitic and I'm insulted
203179. Jack Slomnicki  
203178. thomas r wiston goggle needs to watch for and turn these sites into the FBI
203177. David  
203176. Ruth W. Rose  
203175. Charles & Claire Eisenstein This is a MUST!!!!
203174. Lawrence Feinstein  
203173. Leon Tax  
203172. stuart schlissel  
203171. Rebecca Blomgren  
203170. Jessica Arfa  
203169. Eli W. Lane MD  
203168. Lisa Ridiculous!
203167. Nina Bickell  
203166. Michel  
203165. Harriet Lane  
203163. Natalia  
203162. Gerald Bodner Google makes the world a worse place by showing this site.
203161. Gary Gottlieb  
203160. Edwin Sherman  
203159. Martin Weil  
203158. Vadim Letitchevski  
203157. Kelly R Victor  
203156. Chaya M. Stock  
203155. Perry Birman  
203154. Raul please throw out this obscene garbage
203153. Martin Its amazing how many warped brain people are still around!
203152. Aaron Quade  
203151. Maurice Feren Jew Watch is an anti-semitic approach
203150. Glenn Lerner  
203149. iris bernikow  
203148. Aryeh Hersh  
203147. Virginia Strunk  
203146. Jennifer Greenblum  
203145. harvey j. shaprow  
203144. Daphna Sagher  
203143. Susan Shumulinskiy  
203142. David Hamburg I am shocked that such blatant material would be on your web site.
203141. Nathalie Martin  
203140. Charlie  
203139. Michael Goland This site is despicable
203138. Betsy Zucker  
203137. Georgine Cooper  
203136. Eliana Daniel disturbingly offensive
203135. merle bassin get rid of this hate mail but we aware that it is there
203134. JoAnn Edwards  
203133. Sandra Krakoff Get rid of that site ASAP!!
203132. Robert Shuster What is wrong with Google? Are you insane? Get rid of this anti-Semite at once!
203131. Susan Leveene  
203130. Gen Shum This is disgusting form of anti semitism
203129. Kala  
203128. Basil Schneeweis  
203127. thea cohen  
203126. David Weisbord  
203125. slava  
203124. Ann M. Simon  
203123. MArio Mauer  
203122. Gabrielle Reilly  
203121. Marilyn Marx  
203120. Devin  
203119. Aron Knopfler  
203118. Eugene Kur  
203117. josh wollman terrible web site
203116. Matt Lieber  
203115. e goldin  
203114. Hope Shuster Remove this site from Google please.
203113. roberta weller  
203112. Sanford Shuster Remove this site from Google please.
203111. David Levy  
203110. Lenette This site is anti-semitism at its worst, promoting Holocaust denial sites and videos that claim Jews are killing gentiles. Please ban it.
203109. Nancy Matlin  
203108. Edward Carmona  
203107. Michael Slater  
203106. coates,rowena  
203105. Edward Carmona  
203104. Shirley Shuval  
203103. Harry Guilardi  
203102. Fanny Moskovitz  
203101. holly singer  
203100. Donna Cohen  
203099. B. A. Stein how sad
203098. Aaron Kaufman Please remove this libelous filth from google
203097. Dolly Fink  
203096. Michael Herman  
203095. Sylvia Gordon  
203094. Shanie Benyakar  
203093. Melvin Portnoy  
203092. Arlene G. Dryer  
203091. MAurice Helfgott Please remove this antisemitic hate - 'don't be evil'
203090. Elaine Levinson  
203089. fran rogers  
203088. Phillip D.Callner Remove
203087. Ethel Lubars Disgusting. Take it off immediately.
203086. IZZY  
203085. SES  
203084. Gaye Katz As long as there is hate and fear this will continue.
203083. Alfred Rodriguez remove from google search
203082. Judith Kaufman How can such a popular site as google host a blatantly dishonest and misleading site?
203081. Linda Feldman Hate speech and blatant lies should not be protected by "freedom of speech."
203080. Audrey Lefkowitz Please remove antisemetic links
203079. David Deutsch  
203078. Herbert Lubars This is a vile website
203077. Harvey Greenberg please take this pathetic Nazi site off google!!!
203076. helen beiderman  
203075. Alan Wollman  
203074. Anne Morris  
203073. zita fox  
203072. arlene michalovitz disgusting, scarry, and very sad.
203071. Chaya Sarah Bokover š
203070. Michael  
203069. Renee Leff  
203068. Jason Williams  
203067. Brandon If the first site listed under "google" was a site claiming google was evil, how long would it take to get it off the list?
203066. Sam Klevsky Stalin was not a Jew, he was a big antisemite
203065. Stanley Fried  
203064. Mark Kur  
203063. Susan Watt  
203062. Jackie C  
203061. Lynn  
203060. Boruch Bimbad š
203059. Stephen S. Gurian  
203058. Jason  
203057. Don Marshall  
203056. Boruch bimbad š
203055. leora prince  
203054. Marlene  
203053. Karlin Tracey  
203052. J Rose  
203050. QUINET  
203049. ST  
203047. Jodi Ross  
203046. HEYLEN ROGER  
203045. Tamara Bimbad š
203044. Alan Spirer  
203043. sandra leavitt disgusting and distorted website
203042. Tamara Bimbad š
203041. Jack Defez this is a vile sight
203040. Lauren Greene despicable!
203039. Carlos Indij remove
203038. Jackie this is disgusting
203037. Bronia Presburger it is not admissible to have this kind of pages in a serious place as google
203036. Jack A. Berman  
203035. langs not just this site, but all similar sites (not just those against jews) should be remove from your search engine
203034. Ryan Sinrich  
203033. Pnina Dermer NEVER AGAIN
203032. Michelle Goldwasser  
203031. Rosalie Markus  
203030. Emma Curry-Stodder  
203029. Lisa Cohen  
203028. lori bernstein  
203027. Howard J. Davis  
203026. Phyllis Picard  
203025. Kevin Epstein  
203024. Denise Kahn  
203023. Elazar Reshef This man laughs at every attempt to close his site. Let's get serious and finally shut him out.
203022. Edward Gooler  
203021. Rachel Gardiner please remove Jewwatch from Google
203020. S. Finlayson I find it personally offensive that Google would support these anti semetic views by allowing such a heinous website to be listed first in their search engine.
203019. Phyllis Grossberg  
203018. Stephen M. Alinikoff  
203017. Lázaro Issi  
203016. Ezer Cohen  
203015. wald  
203014. Boukai Gadi  
203013. Ronald Goodman I don't understand why you cannot just remove this terrible site.
203012. Lewis Josephs  
203011. ramin saeidi  
203010. pamela jacobson  
203009. Judith Eisenberg Very Anti-Semitic
203007. Yuval David  
203006. Steven R Silberglied North Betesda, MD
203004. E Balaban  
203003. Phyllis Kolnick disgusting
203002. Steven  
203001. Kay Lockridge  
203000. Remy Polter  
202999. David Kolnick  
202998. Sydney Rose Please remove this site as it is very offensive to any civilized person.
202997. Phyllis Kolnick  
202996. Becky Mossing  
202995. miriam  
202994. Garrett S. Hyman This hateful site is dangerous. Please remove it.
202993. Jessie Rich  
202992. Bernice Kimmel  
202991. NAOMI Bravo!
202990. Charles M. Kimmel  
202989. amanda tarkow  
202988. Rita Stoll  
202987. Erich Freier  
202986. Robert  
202985. Matthew Alford  
202984. Norma F. Kramer Misinformation intended to harm is called slander not free speach.
202983. C. Wachsler  
202982. Julie S  
202981. Shannon Kao  
202980. INES PAKER  
202979. Carole Friedman  
202978. Joel Fleischman stop the hate
202977. Maria Spain This kind of discrimination is so bad for human kind. Is it not time for us to come together in loving our neighbour and celebrating with joy the life we have all been given?
202976. Jules Becker  
202975. Lee Quan  
202974. Randy Solomon  
202973. Joseph Balakirsky Please remove the hate site from Google search
202972. Janet Sasoni  
202971. Patrick and Nancy Block  
202970. charlotte cohn do the right thing, google!!
202969. Arlene Labenson No comment is necessary
202968. Cheryl Balsamello  
202967. Brad Hyatt  
202966. jaime  
202965. Stanley Tarkow  
202964. Jane Schlosberg  
202963. Dianne Giordano  
202962. Wendi Friedman This is appalling!
202961. Susan Dritz  
202960. Dale C Marcus  
202959. Jillienne  
202958. joel jerozolim  
202957. Helaine Billings  
202956. Adam Kraus  
202955. TED MAYER Revolting How could permit this on the web
202954. Y.Berlin  
202953. Sloan Cunningham  
202952. nina stam  
202951. Inés Weinberger M.  
202950. lauren jerozolim The explanation underneath the heading for the website "Easily Investigate Jewish History, News, Analysis, and Writing" makes it appear as though the website is objective, when in fact it's contents have a defnite anti-semitic slant which is poorly concealed under the banner of intellectual scholarship
202949. inbal efargan  
202948. Leona Goldsmith  
202947. inbal premore  
202946. Robin Boehler  
202945. Yoram Lehavot  
202943. Robert Lutts  
202942. naomi sharron  
202941. Jeremy Abrahams  
202940. Judy Self Please remove this!
202939. Martin Wise  
202938. Patricia Zeoli Remove JewWatch from Google search engine!
202937. paul cohen disgusting site. they are racits of the worst kind
202936. Lynn Salzberger MD  
202935. lawrence grossman  
202934. alan sarfaty  
202933. william bodner  
202932. Alan Cantor  
202931. Hope Meiselman  
202930. beth piver very very scary
202929. Karen Town  
202928. Lisa Kozlov š
202927. Ira  
202926. Leslie Reinherz  
202925. Adele Goldberg  
202924. Michael Agetstein  
202923. Leatrice G. Segel  
202922. Michael J. Smith  
202921. sheryl sherman  
202920. robin seidel  
202919. david azizi  
202918. Judy Kutner please remove this distateful website
202917. Jules D. Zalon  
202916. Michael Moradiellos  
202915. Matt Hastings  
202914. Yechiel Polter Please remove this site ASAP
202913. Bill Fried  
202912. Barbara Heller  
202911. Noa Susskind It's ashame to see things like that...
202910. Stefanie Anders  
202909. Mara Casper  
202907. Joshua Feingold-Studnik  
202906. Yvonne Schalscha  
202905. Miriam Stocker  
202904. Gabriela Vega  
202903. Elaine Berk  
202902. Paul Rasin  
202901. Dianna Feldman  
202900. dianne  
202899. Horacio Ortega  
202898. Leonid Voevudko  
202897. leon geller  
202896. rosalie hoffman  
202895. pamela roy  
202894. David Markowicz  
202893. Y. Feldman  
202892. Bette Freundlich  
202891. trevor temkin when will the world live and let live before its to late
202890. Donna Feldman  
202889. Barbara Casey  
202888. Gary  
202887. Beth Muller  
202886. Dora Leopold We are very dissappointed that google allows this web
202885. Evelyn Albert  
202884. joseph kowitz  
202883. Hod Klein  
202882. Mary A. Nunz  
202881. Derek Conn  
202880. alfred levene support motion
202879. Leslie Firth totally disgraceful.
202878. marcia friedman I am appalled that this site is on google. Please remove it immediately. You are helping to cause pain to our community.
202877. G. Lurie It is disgusting to have this on the internet. Why breed more hatred in a world filled with it!
202876. jasmin from Austria remove this racist site!
202875. David L. Rozen This type of material is inapprobriate in any media
202874. fred tansky  
202873. Robert Cohen  
202872. Rosalyn Silverman  
202871. Carmi Soifer  
202870. Bennett Goldstein  
202869. Victor Moss  
202868. Rhonda Graybeal Jew watch is sick and google should shut down the site. NOW
202867. richard simon  
202866. David Becker  
202865. Mario Neiman Retiren esa pagina discriminatoria
202864. Virginia Michaels  
202863. M. Levy-Bensoussan  
202862. Ruth Goldman This should be remived as a Hate Crime, never mind 50,000 signatures. Google is coming out with a lot of new products. It would be too bad if Jews boycotted them in protest of this hateful web site.
202861. Jack B. Rosen  
202860. Alex Israel  
202859. Peter D. Gamar  
202858. Lori B Remove this please!!!!
202857. Joe Felton  
202856. GERMAN AMROMIN -------------------------------------
202855. Shannon Hart  
202854. doris friedrich  
202853. Calvin Lewis lets clear the world of all the hate
202852. Debbi  
202851. Marlene Fryer Education is about truth and should not include personal biases
202850. Joel Smith  
202849. Bernard W. Revsine  
202848. Jolie  
202847. Steve Geffen Please remove immediately
202846. tizi  
202845. Joan R. Revsine  
202844. Michelle Stone take this off!!!!
202843. Roslyn Pulitzer  
202842. Steve Self  
202841. tamar  
202840. Irwin Diller  
202839. cynthia Remove this offensive site immediately.
202838. H.Suskin  
202837. Paul Lambert  
202836. Presgurwic Léa  
202835. Michael Weisser  
202834. Cheryl Greenberg  
202833. tzipporah bressler  
202832. kupfermunz dominique  
202831. Kat Remove that rediculous website
202829. Courtney K  
202828. Aimee  
202827. Ernest Katz  
202826. joan gillman  
202825. Louis Altman  
202824. Shahab Namvar  
202823. jenni tuller  
202822. ron please remove this NOW
202821. simone oppenheimer  
202820. brenda marchand  
202819. vivi friedmann  
202818. KEN GOLDBERG  
202817. Eugene D. Seligmann  
202816. Hilary amery  
202815. lois madoff  
202814. MARK LEVITT  
202813. sarah braff even now that it is not the first entry, this site must be discredited and removed. It is blatently anti semetic
202812. Boyd  
202811. issembert  
202810. Rodney Marcus  
202809. issembert  
202808. William A. Feldman  
202807. Ilana Shavit  
202806. David Golante  
202805. Jeffrey Nyman  
202804. Sarah  
202803. Offer Shavit  
202802. Darren Blumenfeld  
202801. Michel Katc How could Google accept such horrors ?
202800. martin lovett Disgraceful site.
202799. nicole levy  
202798. Phil Perlman And we wonder why people ar predjudice, why hate proliferates!
202797. E Stein Not deserving of comment and should be removed
202796. Jeffrey Cawson  
202795. Steve Cohen  
202793. Enid Lambert Enough hatred. Isn't liberty and justice for all what America stands for?
202792. Howard Damie Goggle stains itself by showcasing this hateful site.
202791. Barbara Goldberg Goldman  
202790. Shari M. Goldsmith  
202789. Arthur  
202788. Rebecca Rockefeller  
202787. Howard Clyman  
202786. stac p rubin  
202785. L Wolfberg Do the right thing. This is evil - please get rid of it
202784. Sally  
202783. Rey Petrela That site should not be on google
202782. Linda Sapadin  
202781. Edward P  
202780. Toby  
202779. Andrew Getraer this is like having a kiddieporn link if you googled the word "child." it's obscene. pls remove it.
202778. Meir Feldman Thank You!!!
202777. R Hafner Please do this a.s.a.p. so that Google does not look anti-semitic.
202776. Norberto Packer Promoveer el odio por medio de Google es intolerable.
202775. damian rabinovich  
202774. Wendy Blackstone  
202773. sara  
202772. brenda hochberg  
202771. Field Gibson This is an overtly racist site
202770. Mary Pinkerson  
202769. Mel Rosenblatt  
202768. Gaby TAÏEB  
202767. Alex Aizenberg This is an outrage, please stop the madness
202766. Revi C  
202765. deborah kazan  
202764. Lisa Weil  
202763. Stan Benerofe Free speech yes...this is shameful !!!!
202762. joan curfman  
202761. Heather Chisvin  
202760. carrie The world has enough problems - why fan the fire?
202759. Cathy Katsnelson  
202758. Mel Cohen  
202757. Jona B.D  
202756. Stephan  
202755. A  
202754. anna tenbroek  
202753. Norm Brodsky  
202752. harry  
202751. Eli Silk Sites such as this should not be allowed.
202750. Mitchell D. Pawlan  
202749. Jill Blackstone An outrage! In this day and age, to knowingly contribute to hate is unthinkable.
202748. Ralph Mannheimer  
202747. Larry Wishne  
202746. judith john  
202745. Vicky Durst  
202744. Lisa Please remove promptly
202743. Ariella Prince  
202742. Debbie Corwin  
202741. Joanne Warres  
202740. Anne Daniels He must be Anti-Jew or why would this site be in existence
202739. Hilda Hazan  
202738. Paul Kurapey š
202737. lindsay molyneux  
202736. Adam Levy  
202735. laurie feldman  
202734. Julie Bessermann  
202733. bader  
202732. Scott Roth  
202731. Barugel Louis Joseph  
202730. Deni Hirsh I'm all for free speech, but this is HATE speech! At least move it out of the 1st spot
202729. WALD  
202728. sylvia dante  
202727. Judy Goldman  
202726. Barbara Shinder REMOVE THIS HATEFUL SITE!
202725. Jill Horwitz  
202724. alla  
202723. Rosenberg Michael  
202722. Yvonne Greenberg  
202721. J M Cawson This is a provocative attempt at legitimising and inciting antisemitism under the guise of an academic site.
202720. David Shevel  
202719. man  
202718. Ira Shechter  
202717. James A. Rothschild  
202716. eden please remove
202715. Dan Ball  
202714. M Kessler remove site immediately
202713. Betty Lubin  
202712. Rosemarie Favuzza  
202711. Bonnie Goergen  
202710. Earl Dann  
202709. jackie sachs  
202708. joshua  
202707. Fyot Maryse Let's remove anti-semitism websites from our earth !
202706. Dan Grosh  
202705. harry fink  
202704. Harold Silver  
202703. Linda Janasz Please fix this search engine promptly
202702. Samuel Adams the last days approach
202701. Elbaz, Andre outrageous listing
202700. Jeffrey Devries This is vile and hateful, and very inaccurate. It's inaccuracy should cause it to be pulled
202699. Danielle Lasley  
202698. Jeff Cohen  
202697. Francesca Mintle Please take action and support building the world rather than tearing it down
202696. Marjorie Fishbain  
202695. Judith Herskowitz  
202694. Amy  
202693. Arlette & Jeanot Buisansky Disgusting remove.
202692. Janet Levy Pauli  
202691. Norman Schell  
202690. tony giacobbi  
202689. Benny Bercovicz  
202688. Renee von Paschen  
202687. R Klein At least change the title on the web site to indicate that it is to counter pro-Israel statements
202686. Samuel Frydman Bizarre Twist of the Genome @ this site.
202685. Andrea Estroff  
202684. michele  
202683. Diego  
202682. Elizabeth  
202681. Martha L Holster  
202680. Linda Magnus  
202679. NAOMI STEINER Anti-semitism is unnecessary in this troubled world - there are enough problems and racial polarisation without causing more inter-faith dissension
202678. Steven Vizner  
202677. Allen Magnus  
202676. nureon  
202675. Phyllis Pearle  
202674. Emily  
202673. Anita Grien Please remove JewWatch from your search engine
202672. ADY KANDEL  
202671. Roz Appell Please remove this site. This is seriously bad.
202670. Nancy Waldman  
202669. Betsy G Villasana  
202668. craig norton You people are sick!
202667. Elivandro Pinheiro SHALOM
202666. Esteban  
202665. Nancy Meyer  
202664. Kimberly  
202663. Elizabeth McGrew  
202662. Lisa Markey  
202661. LEON HASON  
202660. Danielle Vilinsky  
202659. JANET HASON  
202658. Ron Judenberg  
202657. steve  
202656. HAYIM HASON  
202655. Roelants  
202654. Rita Skolnick  
202653. Lauren Lipkin  
202651. Jennifer If you have over 202,000 signatures why is the site still there - that is shameful
202650. Lev Neymotin  
202649. Weinber This is disgusting
202648. David Sabghir disgusting
202647. Adam  
202646. Akiva Schutz  
202645. Herman Brandau  
202643. Cary Reiss  
202642. Oscar Guindzberg  
202641. Leanna Loomer Put it under antisemitism.
202640. Orly Stettiner  
202639. Stanley Deutsch  
202638. Geoff This site is rude and google should not support people like this
202637. Barbara Albom  
202636. Bruce Udell This needs to be removed
202635. Diane Gish  
202634. Jacob Cohen  
202633. PACHTER  
202632. Jim Patmore  
202631. Toby Rosenthal  
202630. Lola Grossman remove immediately - pure hate
202629. Dayna Cooper  
202628. Mali Sharon All hate based groups should be excluded from Search Engines
202627. Gerald Wall  
202626. Lee Patmore  
202625. sylvia magua please remove this offending site
202624. Conrad Nest  
202623. Carol Fast  
202622. Joanne Bush  
202621. Rudy K. Meiselman. M. D.  
202620. stacey Unacceptable!
202619. Jenny Namvar  
202618. Libby Shapiro Please pay attn to what you're being a part of
202617. Judy Rosenberg  
202616. Tom Covar  
202615. Leo Hoenig  
202614. Annie Gancberg  
202613. frances finsilver  
202612. Patrick  
202611. Sani This site must be off line.
202610. Allan Swartz  
202609. edward london  
202608. amee faggen  
202607. Arnie Levitan  
202606. Ronald Sheff  
202605. Jeff Simia  
202604. Janet Sheff  
202603. carrie  
202602. Arthur Barry  
202601. Sandra Simia  
202600. Shelly  
202599. victor salmud  
202598. Mrs M Simon  
202597. megAN YRACHETA  
202595. cheryl Abramson  
202594. kenneth given take it off!
202593. Mrs Ludman  
202592. barbara given this must be taken off!
202590. Cordula Groß  
202589. Mary Carbonaro SHAME!
202588. Beverly Pirtle firstly, if he wants any sort of credibility he needs to get his teeth fixed
202587. Janet McBride  
202586. Emilia  
202585. Kotek G.  
202584. Sam Rubin  
202583. Brenda Storm  
202582. Arthur A. Goldberg  
202581. Nicole Lastreto please remove now-Shalom
202580. michael  
202579. Ruth Portugal Rubin  
202578. Susannah Zweighaft  
202577. Lane Insurance Information is free - creating hatred through manipulation and misrepresentation of the facts is dangerous and illegal
202576. ainat  
202575. Jessica Kase  
202574. Beatrice Salstein Most urgent
202573. miller  
202572. andy stevens  
202571. Zach W.  
202570. Stacey Victor  
202569. carlos coen  
202568. Neil Rockoff There must be a way in the future to keep ANYONE from using Google in such an irresponible way.
202567. Joseph Rodolfy  
202566. Esther Burshtein  
202565. Dr Martin Bennett anti-semitism is a hate crime perpetuated by ignorance or just plain 'its none of my business neglect'. All bigotry has to be confronted and eliminated for all our sakes. Remember it could your turn next.
202564. Reba Ludin  
202563. Ellen Kagan  
202562. Andrey Khoras  
202561. Rachelle Goldberger appalled
202560. Tali  
202559. abby jarin  
202558. samy schwartz  
202557. Sandy Pedram  
202556. Brina Herskovits In this day & age this is dispicable! You must remove the Jew Watch site!
202555. Dr. Jaqueline R. Cape  
202554. Alexander Ludin  
202553. G  
202552. Steven Burke Absolutely dispicable that this would be included and more dispicable for its placement
202551. Samantha Ludin while i fully support freedom of speech and expression, this website in many ways incites violence (whihc is illegal) and should, under no circumstances, be the first thing seen when the word "Jew" is typed into a search engine.
202550. claudette Stark  
202549. James Weiss  
202548. Carol Avins  
202547. Paul Shafar  
202546. Jessica Steier  
202545. Emma Blackwell  
202544. paul l salzberger do you ever read what you write???
202543. karen r levy  
202542. diane rabin you should do a little screening before you accept every listing.
202540. Rael  
202539. Helen Weisberg  
202538. Doreen  
202537. Freda Shevitz  
202536. Freda Shevitz  
202535. Dennis Michiels  
202534. gina orloff Please remove this antisemetic web site, thank you
202533. robert Weil never again
202532. michael chusid  
202531. michael samuels kindly remove!
202530. Ivan Lester  
202529. Sabrina  
202528. Anthony Asrilen  
202527. ird  
202526. Ivan Lester  
202524. WM. KLEIN  
202523. Gvion Liora  
202522. MAK please remove now
202521. dvora neor  
202520. Alfred Gutmann  
202519. iris remove from google
202518. Naomi Lassar  
202517. marsha boxer  
202516. Gordon Fleischaker, M D  
202515. Joan Edelman  
202514. eyal ramu  
202513. Jeri Lipov How can this happen in this day & age?
202512. Brenda Streitman  
202511. Eleanor Karp  
202509. Robert Strassberg  
202508. Barbara Frank This site is filled with lies and hate
202507. Julian Rich  
202506. Matt Zappulla  
202505. Adam Spicer  
202504. Guedes  
202503. Holly Berman  
202502. diane redmond please remove very discremetory
202501. Michael Lennard  
202500. James Beliak  
202499. Laura  
202498. james 2 much hatered going on as it is....
202497. John Gabrielson  
202496. Sharon Gabrielson  
202495. Ian Winters  
202494. Rita Ahnefeld  
202493. Cathy Kadets  
202492. simon bratt  
202491. Lynn Mac Gregor time to remove hatred from human living
202489. Elias Zagha  
202488. Danielle  
202487. Refael  
202486. Kelly Gold  
202485. Elie Vulfs  
202484. Harriet Sherman Please remove this racist site!
202483. joel goldstein  
202482. Alice How sad that this is still going on. Please, please remove this from your search engine. Yes, I believe in freedom of speech but this is just too much.
202481. Todd Bass please remove this offensive site
202480. David Guenzburger i find it absurd that such a petition even has to be initialized. what a shame that such a site as jewwatch exists....
202479. J. Shuster  
202478. J. Gold In this day and age we do not need more hatrered to be sprad
202477. Lynn Cohen  
202476. Steven Barid  
202475. Z Grant How can you?
202474. david fox  
202473. Jacob Tink  
202472. Glenn Benson  
202471. Elaine Haber  
202470. Jessica Feintisch  
202469. Michael Woolf  
202468. tone Oygarden  
202467. Lib Jones  
202466. teddie ????????????????why.
202465. Ed Gershowitz  
202464. Suzanne Klotz  
202463. Ariel  
202462. Ben Rafii  
202461. Mark Rutzick  
202460. Yona Sharon  
202459. Nate Levin  
202458. Lilly  
202457. Betty Milowsky  
202456. M LAFAY  
202455. irit aharon  
202454. Susan Burger  
202453. H. Kessler  
202452. Rebecca Sadek  
202451. Daniel Cord  
202450. Theresa I was truly offended at the comments
202449. David Mandel Google a long respected search engine, is now in my trash can. Never to be used again by anyone I know.
202448. Debra Malki  
202447. Sandra that is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
202446. MIRIAM ZADOK  
202445. uriel lopez very antisemitic
202444. Lorraine Glatt Please remove
202443. Myron Proujansky  
202442. Marc Handelsman  
202441. Joanne Levy  
202440. Rose Wiener Please remove this hateful site!
202439. Robyn Teszler  
202438. robin Lerner please remove " from google
202436. Sid Berger  
202435. Robert Astroff  
202434. R.M  
202433. Jill Cole  
202432. Reuben Mowszowski  
202431. David Bowen  
202430. William Brooks inflammatory "BS" on this site
202429. aaron schneider  
202428. Bob Halperin  
202427. Noreen Lyne  
202426. Boris Kellerman  
202425. Naida Saffer  
202424. Jill Beer  
202423. Beverly Taylor  
202422. Zori We have had enough
202421. melanie stone  
202420. joyce friedman  
202419. gloria Rozen  
202418. david morgan  
202417. Ellen Resneck Please remove this. It's all lies and fantasy.
202416. barry brookstein  
202415. Rebekah Helzel  
202414. Howie Brecher  
202413. Susan Hirsch  
202412. Dorothy Heberg  
202411. lynda and Marshall Kramer  
202410. elizabeth krakowski  
202409. Michael Klapkin  
202408. Marcie Wall  
202407. Susan Klapkin  
202406. Joel Drescher i will no longer use Google products and services if you maintain this hateful site as one of the top hits under the word "jew"
202405. Saundra Newman  
202404. Steven M. Basche  
202403. Jeffrey Prince  
202402. Robert L.Weisberg  
202401. Alan Silverman  
202400. James Klaber Shall we now add Google to the infamous list of "Jew Hating Anti-Semites?"
202399. Nelly Bernhoit  
202398. Eileen Berkson  
202397. Paulette Kitaeff  
202396. Tanya Kushner  
202395. Roger Bernhoit  
202394. ethan siev  
202393. Rafael this is anti-Semitic web site
202392. Derek Kushner  
202391. judy haber  
202390. Alan  
202389. Eli Ebrams  
202388. Susan Sloane please remove this anti-semetic site
202387. Miriam Eskenasy  
202386. David Basche  
202385. howard perlman  
202383. Robert Walter  
202382. Ronald A. Wyman  
202381. Barry Kadets  
202380. Gail Alex  
202379. Arie Dinur  
202378. david litvack  
202377. Naama Dinur  
202376. alan sanchez  
202375. William Hartman  
202374. Judith Rozner  
202373. Josef Zaslsvsky  
202371. alysia  
202370. Gwendolyn Moore Hate mongering is not freedom of speech.
202369. Irina Neymotin  
202368. Richard Myers  
202367. Audrey Korman  
202366. LEON ROSS  
202365. Dawn  
202364. Tania Camacho Becerra  
202363. Diane Ringel I expect better of you.
202362. Martin Eber  
202361. Jules Dorner Please remove this anti semetic web site from google
202360. Goldschmidt  
202359. LisaKramer Please remove this horrible site.
202358. Jill Schneider  
202357. Florence Sagett  
202356. Debby  
202355. Susan Komers remove this site!!!
202354. Gayle Levin  
202353. rosalind klein  
202352. NIR SHMOEL  
202350. Alan Katz  
202349. Allen Pearl  
202348. Alan Halperin  
202347. Elaine Tucker  
202346. Rose Joy Ulan disgusting - unhappily surprised at Google
202345. Harry Kramer Remove please.
202344. George F Loble Consider what Jews have contributed to all aspects of life in the UK.
202343. david pushner  
202342. Dennis Sunshine Remove this site from Google Search Engine
202341. Lisa Andryshak  
202340. Barbara Tracht  
202339. marie fernandez This is despicable. Never should have been allowed to be entered on a search engine.
202338. Suzanne cooper  
202337. Maureen Kaplan The site is inaccurate, distorts the facts, and is Anti-Semitic. The idea that it appears at the top of the search list for "Jew" is appalling. Please remove it.
202336. Eduardo Romay Any and all forms of fanatism must be erradicated from the earth
202335. Rita & Jacob Clark  
202334. Stephen Greenberg  
202333. Jennifer Berger the jewwatch website is dangerous
202332. carole stoll This website is insulting to all those of us who work hard to be successful.
202331. cooper  
202330. Kamelia Y.  
202329. Donald Rosen  
202328. BillTirado Please remove this trash from google, it is offensive and hateful.
202327. M. Caputo  
202326. Jenny Cavallaro Remove from Google COMPLETELY!!!
202325. Robert S. Fleischer  
202324. Maish Weinstein  
202323. Lauren Lewsey  
202322. Inge DALMA  
202321. Dana  
202320. daniella  
202319. lewis brandt  
202318. Linda Schneider this is horrible..remove it NOW
202317. theodore davis  
202316. amromin  
202315. paul magid  
202314. Mike Berlin  
202313. jacob friedman i am surprised that you let this happen
202312. Robert B. Chernin  
202311. Paul Zuckerman  
202310. Anthony Cobren  
202309. Hugues It is not a question of censorship here, it is a question of telling the truth and protecting weak souls from vicious hatred. Unfortunately, on the Web, such sites are common. And they exist in the frame of the liberty of speech dear to our free society. However, such hate-spreading sites shouldn’t be accessible so easily. They should not appear on the first pages of search engines and there should be a warning aside the link to the page.
202308. robin harris  
202307. johnny  
202306. Bernice Copcutt Outrageous
202305. Nessa Reich  
202304. Michael L. Block  
202303. Victor Braha  
202302. visotsky guillermo  
202301. ALLAN HORWITZ remove now
202300. P.Teixeira It.s is time to stop anti semitism
202299. Alexander Gold  
202298. Eric B Furman MD shame on you
202297. Martin Levinson I've watched many of the videos. Pure old-fashined anti-Jewish rhetoric solely aimed to fuel anti-Jewish sentiment.
202296. Friederike and Arthur A. Echental  
202295. J. Ryabinov Hate crime against Jews - Please remove this site
202294. stanley bramow  
202293. J. N. Philips  
202292. dena glazer  
202291. Ziva Please remove from G.S.E
202290. Arthur A. Echental, M.D.  
202289. meri  
202288. Sagi Reuven  
202287. Barry Warren  
202285. Martin  
202284. Leonard Soyka disgusting, have it removed
202283. dalia lamdani  
202282. Susan Schwinger  
202281. B.B. LATTERMAN  
202280. tomer berg  
202279. Caroline Kaye  
202278. Roi Malchi  
202277. Greer Goodman-Marks and Sam Marks  
202276. Mitchel Freedman  
202275. Lisa Monday Are you kidding me. I think the people who run goggle are some dort of racist, unamerican(re: Pres. Bush), leftist bigots!!
202274. Sandra Seligsohn  
202273. Marcelo Klubok  
202272. Samuel & Muriel Kirschner It is a crying shame to run such garbage in the 21st century
202271. Wald  
202270. rachel Google should not give platfom to such site.
202269. Barry Bank  
202268. Victor Grinbaum  
202267. Lawrence Hiller  
202266. Dawn Remove!!!!!!!!!!
202265. Lewkowicz Philippe  
202264. Gail Mintzer  
202263. Jody March  
202262. miriam staub  
202261. Gilda Solomon surprising that google would allow that in the first place
202260. Jeannette and Alfred Elsner  
202259. Saralee Rund  
202258. Louis Rieser  
202257. daryn remove this website
202256. Claire Awful website! How does that contribute to world peace I wonder...
202255. mitch jacobs  
202254. wanda deutsch  
202253. NatalieFulton  
202252. karen schwartz  
202251. Sid Rogoff Imperative that Google demonstrate a sense of public decency and morality
202250. weissenstein gérard  
202249. Jay Bassell  
202248. Barbara Dunn  
202247. miriam leber  
202246. david pepper  
202245. Sol Dunn  
202244. rick grossman  
202243. paul e. adler  
202242. steven loble  
202241. Sammy Engelman  
202240. jens woltermann  
202239. Susan Fried  
202238. irina  
202237. cindy  
202236. Don Millard  
202235. vanda renton this is a disgraceful web iste, please remove it immediately
202234. Melvin S. Feldman This is truly awful
202233. janice rotman  
202232. Karen Goldhill  
202231. j solarsh more lies spread more hate
202230. Phil Rudich  
202229. Giora Vinokurov  
202228. Mary Ellen Wallar-Panzano  
202227. Laura Law  
202226. ordan  
202225. STACY MARKIN  
202224. Molly Levy  
202223. Martin Strauss  
202222. Richard  
202221. Allison Gaines This site is an insult to every jew who reads it
202220. estelle reingold  
202219. Mrs Valerie Millin I find it totally offensive that Google should want to have anything to do with this virulently anti-semitic filth - a global companysuch as yours should be vigilant against this type of site and totally impartial. It demeans your standing in the global community and the World in general.
202218. michaela marcu  
202217. Suzanne Pressman  
202216. Sue Shabatai  
202215. stephen rowbottom i had no idea about this y do they need 50,000 names to do something which should of been done a long time ago
202214. Eviie Shaffer  
202213. Marcelo Borges dos Reis  
202212. John Sadlik  
202211. HOVAV  
202210. Martin Levinson  
202208. Elaine Shnieder How shameful in 2007 that this is necessary
202207. Cheryl Levy  
202206. Leon Grundy very offensive
202205. Danielle Reuben  
202204. Bernard Silverstein  
202203. Dr. Susanne Eiselt-Weltman  
202202. Rebecca Steinberg Please remove!
202201. Gerald Stern Please remove this antisemitic site full of untruths from your search engine
202200. carole reuben objectionable to all
202199. Darren Waksman Remove this site immediately
202198. Alita Mor  
202197. Beverly Hand Heiser  
202196. Debra Klezmer this is 2007
202195. Wendy Mandelkorn  
202194. bomyee h.  
202193. Todd Strassberg  
202192. Steve Please remove this abhorrent site immediately
202191. Dean Nicholson  
202190. Randi Corchin  
202189. jacqueline kone  
202188. Jonathan A blatantly anti-semitic and racist website
202187. Scott Nesson  
202186. Gordon M. Brown  
202185. Arnold Samuel Richmond  
202184. marvin rubinoff  
202183. Rosemary Rolfe shocking. My aunt was in the holocast, her baby was killed in front of her as he was crying
202182. Mark Frankewich  
202181. alona dvir  
202180. Craig Kovler  
202179. Ellen Stein  
202178. A. Glenn  
202177. Les Goldstone  
202176. Dale Shwartz  
202175. Maja Batsheva  
202174. Steven Gail Please remove this offensive site!
202173. Yoram Levy Speaks for itself this is the way you get violence
202172. linda messing  
202171. Mark Reichenberg You have more than 50 000 signatures - remove now!
202170. paul gunstock remove the : site from google
202169. melanie davidson  
202168. H. Schlackman  
202167. Beth Diamond The site needs to be removed
202166. Jade  
202165. Munnich  
202164. charles shaikovitz  
202163. Alan Rogalsky  
202162. Randi Brown  
202161. barbara schmitterer  
202160. Ashlie Biega  
202159. howard glazer  
202157. S.Rothman  
202156. Felicitas Payk It is of paramount importance to get rid of the stupidity and disease called anti-Semitism. Only if we all try to make the internet a source of education, clean from everything that is inhuman and discriminating, this goal can be achived.
202155. David Rosenheimer  
202154. alan someck  
202153. noa  
202152. David Rose Not only is the website anti semitic it is total twisiting of the truth
202151. claude weinber  
202150. Bronia Feldman Please remove this page
202149. Ehud Shilat  
202148. Poznantek  
202147. Bloch François  
202146. Kerstin Fischer  
202145. Rachel Menachem  
202144. marla veres  
202143. Jens Koehler  
202142. yona szlenski  
202141. Adele Freedman Free speech is one thing - this is quite another!
202140. Colin Gottlieb  
202139. Amit  
202138. susan gouz  
202137. eyal  
202136. t.j.rosenstein  
202135. cathy fisher remove now
202134. Szyffer Gaëlle  
202133. Mrs. Esther Zuckerman Remove from the Google Search Engine! Thank you.
202132. Mrs. Esther Zuckerman Remove from the Google Search Engine! Thank you.
202131. Claudia Goetz  
202130. Eli Unterslak Why spend time on hate?
202129. Philip Froom Plse remove
202128. M Morrison  
202127. W. Yehoshua Pannbacker  
202126. Gabor Weiner  
202125. eleonore lappin  
202124. Joan Mendelson  
202123. Mr Murray Ayrton  
202122. Pinho  
202121. Sophie Bass  
202120. Zebunisso Kahnert  
202119. Shimon Littman  
202118. Itzick Lev  
202117. roberta kalachman Ê
202116. yves  
202115. Debra Michaels this is a gross wrong that needs to be changed. this will only spread anti semitism if it is allowed to persist.
202114. Galit Zmora  
202113. candal  
202112. Jan Hofer a nasty, please remove it!
202111. Polly Kaufmann  
202110. Joey I agree that this website should not be allowed on the search engine. That is offensive to jewish people. I am not jewish but I am not against it. I think the website actually should be shut down altogether and that man's youtube profile should be shut down too!
202109. Nicky  
202108. Danny Kidron there is enough hate in the world
202107. david ben-or  
202106. Alan Melkman  
202105. Karin Cohn  
202104. Maurice Osen  
202103. Deta Young No words!!!! Please remove - we have suffered enough!
202102. Paul Newman  
202101. Dr.Sylvia Stein-Krumholz please remove this site from Google!
202100. Gertrude Enderle-Burcel  
202099. Robert Stein  
202098. F. Seiden  
202097. Sharon Philips  
202096. Rosalind Lawrie Watchdogs are needed to prevent rubbish like this being screened
202095. M Brody  
202094. Anat Habani  
202093. Risa Shapiro  
202092. el gato  
202091. Joshua Diamond  
202090. Morton Simon  
202089. Prof. Dr. Paul Höcker  
202088. Moshe and Minna Harris  
202087. Adam Michael  
202086. tamir yaron  
202085. David Benarroch  
202084. Lisabeth Shiner  
202083. Abe Greenwald  
202082. Ronny Perlman  
202081. Nancy Rothbard  
202079. hannes drössler  
202078. Julian and Hazel Verbov We have an obligation to root out causeless hatred
202077. Dalit Ron Horrifying site. Disgrace to the human race
202076. Jonathan Freeman  
202075. every citizen do no evil, right?
202074. yifat aloni  
202073. Daniel Meltzer  
202072. Ron Yishai As a second generation to Auschwitz survivers, murdered gradparents, uncles & aunts and other relatives, please remove this filthy site
202071. Lauren Bendon  
202070. Barbara Michel  
202069. Alfred Wächter  
202068. Dan  
202067. Stephen Sempill  
202066. Carol Riggs That is horrible
202065. Lori Anderson  
202064. Keren Kashi  
202063. deidre Spicer  
202062. Marissa  
202061. susan sherman Please
202060. megan please remove this site asap.
202059. David Shlick  
202058. Sondra Mayer  
202057. Todd Molkner Racism in any form is wrong!!!
202056. Avery Sallie Rezek  
202055. nehemia goldberg  
202054. niza regev  
202053. michael BIRNHAK remove asap
202052. Michael Dashuta  
202051. VAL  
202050. Julie Hockley  
202049. Julie Brandon  
202048. Sue Sheftel  
202047. suzy schultz  
202046. florence annis  
202045. vardi fridman  
202044. Beth Ann Segal  
202043. Philip H. Belkin  
202042. Elisha Ignatoff When I read the Forward I tremble when I see my community being assaulted on every side by nihilistic psychotic murderers, and obsessive certified librarians. But then I read JewWatch and feel much better. Obviously I rule the WORLD!!
202041. Linda Ingber  
202040. stacey aaron  
202039. Chaim Gamzo  
202038. Eugene Kazan  
202037. MOSES GORDON  
202036. Michelle Seaton This man incites hatred and the world doesn`t need it
202035. Eleanor Kazan  
202034. Sandra Clancey Stunned on reading some of the items
202033. Jay Enoch Such undeserved insults need to be stopped promptly.
202032. Leslie Adler  
202031. Joe Levitt  
202030. Eliakim Harris  
202029. Dennis Farber please remove the website. It is vile.
202028. s.nates  
202027. mmazie  
202026. Lyall Shapiro Antisemitism is an ongoing scourge which must be addressed. From its position of control over information, Google is in an ideal position to help. Please do so.
202025. Ruben Abrams  
202024. Mike Nott This sort of stuff is outragous
202023. HL.  
202022. Julia  
202021. Barbara Lee This is disgusting--remove it immediately
202020. D Eichhorn Please remove
202019. Robert A. Glasser obviously the decision makers on this particular subject are not jewish. Perhaps if they read of a tracking of blacks,, chinese or christians their perspective would be slightly altered to reveil that hatred and terror apply across the board.
202018. Joan Medlicott Why would you add to more anti semitism in this already troubled world?
202017. Robin Kozin-Angelo This moron is so offensive and dangerous.
202016. Harriet Siskin  
202015. Charles T. Keir My extended family will use other search engines meanwhile.
202014. Marilyn Dahl Important to remove this hateful site
202013. Richard Agran The whole world is watching !
202012. Joseph A. Platow  
202011. Ralph Hattenbach  
202010. Natalie  
202009. Cheryl Leber  
202008. sahar rouben  
202007. gidon  
202006. Faye Herrmann  
202005. Roni Haviv Anisemism is not freedom of speach
202004. Joe  
202003. jonathan markowitz remove asap...horrible site
202002. Keppy Guberman This guy has a lot of hate towards the jews and is willing to misrepresent the situation. He himself admits that his interest is $$$$. and it looks like he is willing to say anything. What a joke to say that the US is a colony of Isael. The opposite can be said !
202001. Essie Steinhardt  
202000. Ilene Bell This horrific site is reliant upon the usual mythology about Jews that is prevalent among the ignorant and the cowardly.
201999. Cindy LaCapra  
201998. R Belkin  
201997. MORT GUTMAN  
201996. Robbie Dolev Over 200,000 people with Yiddeshekop have signed this petition. There must be enough brain power amongst this group to solve the problem without involving Google. Lets go for it!
201995. sol wasserman  
201994. Diane Goldberg  
201993. Sherri Pfeil  
201992. Norman Goldman Don't be a party to the spread of hate and violence in this great country of love and mutual respect.
201991. Sonny Minde  
201990. Sheldon Weinstein  
201989. Holly  
201988. Myra Weinstein Utterly shameful
201987. Cindi Goldberg remove this site immediately
201986. COREY BOGUS  
201985. Joel Goldberg remove this site from the internet
201984. shana levine  
201983. Esther Michlin  
201982. D Weiss remove it
201981. Erica Schleifman  
201980. Carol Lipsky Hate filled, anti-semitic, biased website
201979. david davood  
201978. Super Jew ! I am Jew-ier than thou ! I love Jew-on-goy action !
201977. Ernie Weir  
201976. Naomi Ben-Dov  
201975. LINDA KOSSOF  
201974. maggy prost  
201973. jack prost  
201972. Craig Deutsch please remove this hate
201971. Wendy Cohen  
201970. Zelana  
201969. Ray Samuels  
201968. Tal  
201967. Wendy  
201966. Marguerite E Dahl  
201965. GAIL HABER Remove this immediately!!
201964. judith gidden This masquerades as a site on scholarly Jewish History, but all the postings are virulently anti Jewish.
201963. dafna Priel horrific
201962. Marilyn Geller Libel is not free speech.
201961. Craig Penn  
201960. bruce schleifman  
201959. G. Pultman  
201958. Deanna Sperka  
201957. Charlotte Tevet  
201956. Yisgav Shapira  
201955. Esther Kligman-Frey  
201954. Adam Diamond  
201953. Neville Cohn  
201952. Judith Levine  
201951. ct  
201950. Johnny V  
201949. mack stevens  
201948. Marcy May Beyond the 1st amendment-hateful material
201947. sandra fine  
201946. Roxanne please remove this terrible hate site
201945. Madeline This is outrageous and should be removed!
201944. Benita Kichler  
201943. Diane Winicour  
201942. f. koenig This site is beyond offensive and must be removed.
201941. Eugene Strauss Racist and vile slander
201940. MICHAEL FRIEDMAN Please remove the site as it is a hate mongering site of lies, untruths and distortions. Its singular aim is to increase a worldwide ignorance and hatred of the Jewish People, their contributions and their compassion.
201939. helen Burford terrorist inspired garbage
201938. DAN KAPLAN  
201937. Betsy Goldberg  
201936. Eileen Cohen  
201935. Carole & Jay Kirschenbaum Please remove
201934. Fredric A. Rossman My past experience with Google illustrates they are a weak organization unwilling to take a stand.
201933. marianne s. h.  
201932. Denise Kilemnic Please remove this antisemitic Website from the Google Search Engine!! It only spreads the sick hate we don't want in this World... Por favor quiten esta página web antisemita del buscador de Google!! Sólo esparce el odio enfermo que no queremos en este Mundo...
201931. Yehudis Oser moshiach now
201930. Stuart Gould perverse and disgusting
201929. Mark Chiert  
201928. mike zarsky  
201927. Mary Leeds  
201926. Justin Vilinsky  
201925. Paul Schumann  
201924. Paul Argiewicz horrific
201923. robert martin it's a disgrace to allow this
201922. Cheryl disgusting
201921. Sandra Stevens This site symbolizes the worst of the human race!
201920. Cheryl disgusting
201919. judy fields  
201918. Gwen Weston  
201917. jacqueline discusting, criminal
201916. Linda Sands  
201915. Michal Leifert  
201914. Wayne Chiert  
201913. Deborah Sterling  
201912. Marcia Markowitz  
201911. Betsy Weiss  
201910. Steve & Beverly Swartz  
201909. Brian Katz Shameful. DO NO HARM, remember?
201908. Irv Kramer  
201907. Linda M Schulman  
201906. Jerome Berman Remove immediately
201905. steve addison It is irresponsible and obnoxious to have this site
201904. Stacey Levine  
201903. Adrian Berger  
201902. michael dauerman  
201899. Sarah  
201898. faye elbaum  
201897. Jacqueline Brooks  
201896. Michael Wechter  
201895. Marion P. Mandeson  
201894. Lilia Rosenheimer Please remove this antisemitic site.
201893. walter goodman shades of the 3rd Riech
201892. priven, irina  
201891. Rose Vasquez  
201890. amy feldman  
201889. Mark Greenberg This filth should be offensive to all!
201888. Gordon woolf should be removed at once
201887. Elaine Lets stop the hatred in this world
201886. Barbara Geller  
201885. Steven Bressler  
201884. Alyssa Vilinsky This is awful and should be removed
201883. Vera Loeffler  
201882. Elzbieta Poznanska stop this horrible website NOW)))
201881. debbie columbus  
201880. Peter Loeb  
201879. nadav krasner  
201878. Gabrielle  
201877. ilana benson disgusting site
201876. ellen vilinsky let's act quickly
201875. Peter Titlebaum  
201874. S Sommer  
201873. helen Spiegelman Please remove; very offensive and disgusting
201872. Neil Goldstein  
201871. nancy neman  
201870. D. Katz I am shocked
201869. Debra Fank  
201868. J.Davis  
201867. jodi peterman sandler  
201866. Paul Aleskovsky  
201865. Ernst Pino shame on google for carrying this garbage
201864. Koorosh Rahimi disgusting! I will sign the petition, but removing one website won't have much impact. There should be a website to educate people on how the Jews have served the humanity in Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, with all 170 Noble Prize winners
201863. susan groner  
201862. Margaret Klein  
201861. Helana Remove this site immediately!!!
201860. Kyle Deutsch This repulses me
201859. marcy nieporent  
201858. Sam Mankoff  
201857. Joan kranz  
201856. Alyse Heilpern  
201855. steven klayman disgusting
201854. dan adelstein Once again this has no place in society
201853. Terri Frolich How can google have such a disgusting site on their search engine. The only responsible thing to do is to remove it.
201852. Annie Zeybekoglu  
201851. David Gershon Please practice Google philosophy: "You can make money without doing evil".
201850. Sarah Gamzu  
201849. Gwen Wooldridge Although every body has the right to their own opinions, such a biased message should not be the first thing you find when you google a nationality.
201848. Myra Fass  
201847. Martin H. Fass  
201846. Anne Gloria Osorio  
201845. Cathryn London This site is offensive in the extreme. All, even the most offiensive, have free speech rights, but the webmaster should not allow the domain name of this site as it is fraudulent and deceptive
201844. Douglas E. Lindner  
201843. T. Tasky  
201842. David  
201841. Zach  
201840. Rosie Truelove this is horrible you people need to get a real life
201839. debra green  
201838. Barbara Powell  
201836. ned roberman  
201835. Lisa Chapman  
201834. rom yona  
201833. Sharon Levine this country must stand up against hatred. google is one of our most powerful tools.
201832. Tim Fairfield  
201831. Matt Fagen  
201830. Marvin J. Schissel  
201829. Joel Hausman  
201828. Adina Sutlin Remove this anti semitic, hate filled, unscholarly, disgraceful, lie filled web site!!!
201827. Jack Henderson Get rid of this anti-semitic mediaeval garbage
201826. Francine Sunshine Remove this site please
201825. rosaine gold this web site dirties the name of google
201824. Bonnie Esterow This is disgusting and hateful that you would allow this site to be displayed
201823. Martin Feist  
201822. cheryl halpern  
201821. Sandra Frankel Offensive..please remove
201820. Aaron NO MORE ANTI-SEMITISM!!!!!!!
201819. Melissa Stern It is shocking that Goggle would let a racist web site like this be a part of their business
201818. Myrna Mark please remove the sight is very offensive
201817. Joyce Hartman Helveston  
201816. Frank Sinatrawitz Jewbie-doobie-doo
201815. Danielle Schulman  
201814. arnold jaffe  
201813. Sherri Lilienfeld Disgusting!
201812. Monroe Molner  
201811. sharon krell  
201810. Lisa Bolander  
201809. howard noveck hateful comments are just an opinion but when it attempts to make it appear as fact we are abetting an anti-semite
201808. pearl manor  
201807. Larry Rench  
201806. Jean Greene  
201805. Debra Rutizer This only teaches hate, not truths
201804. Arnold Greenfield  
201803. chani cohen remove hatred from google
201802. Simon B. Golden  
201801. David Scherr  
201800. Sheila Greenfield  
201799. debbi Rosenberg  
201798. Marion Loeb  
201797. rb We have enough problems in our lives being threatened by North Korea, Iran and Osama...lets not add bigotry to it.
201796. adam  
201795. Kathleen Roth put a stop to this site
201794. murray kleiman  
201793. Donna M. Stone  
201792. susan weisfeld  
201791. FRANCES S. GOLDBERG This Petition is Urgent!
201790. Frank Deutsch Do not need Hate on Google
201789. Sid Burger  
201788. Marge Abrams  
201787. Diane Dvorin  
201786. Carole Ingram  
201785. holly m  
201784. Chil ZUNSZTERN discriminar es volver a la edad negra de la vida
201783. Lisa Barry  
201782. Hanan  
201781. Wilfred Kaplan that is a hate site
201780. Diana M. Cron  
201779. Marjorie Moidel  
201778. Paul Dryman  
201777. Sarah Klein  
201776. david Richmand  
201775. Javier  
201774. Miriam  
201773. Murray Madnick  
201772. Sandra Zoltak  
201771. Earle Glicksman the more things change, the more they stay the same
201770. jeff gottlieb  
201769. Steve Feuerstein It's unbecoming of any reputable company to profer such degenerate content...unfortunately, Google carries endless hate and venomous sites from around the world that make "JewWatch" look like the ADL.
201768. mitch aulter  
201767. Rivka Please remove from google search engine!
201766. Barry Pearlman  
201765. David Samimi  
201764. Margie Samuels  
201763. Cheryl Kastner  
201762. Richard Loeb  
201761. LEONARDO  
201760. Danielle A. Gaherty  
201759. Renee Salzman  
201758. lionel reiman  
201757. Eli Segev  
201756. Marvin Walters  
201755. Rich Smith  
201754. erin leff  
201753. helen Tobenkin I would hate to be forced to stop using google if it continues to have things like this.
201752. Edith Schwartz  
201751. joe milich  
201750. nazy this is racism
201749. charlotte block  
201748. Linda Prizer  
201747. Jessica Google, clear your site of this crap.
201746. larry block  
201745. jay epstein  
201744. bella deroven I am so disappointed in a website that I trusted
201743. nancy isaacs outrageous!!!!!!!!
201742. Avis Pritzker  
201741. Susan M Gordon  
201740. Janet Shechtman  
201739. Sandy  
201738. Andrzej Kalmewcki  
201737. Deelee Bleckner how can you allow this filth?
201736. Susan Kettner  
201735. Joey Tauzin  
201734. linda strassberg  
201732. Tracy Silverman Google needs to be more responsible in allowing websites in the first place!
201730. Adele Karp How terrible to have such hatred
201729. joana  
201728. Stephen Buff  
201727. R Gottesman  
201726. rubin saposnik  
201725. Edward Sigall  
201724. Frances S. Magat  
201723. Charles Ruppert  
201722. joan feldman  
201721. jeannette amdur so sad, so sad in 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
201720. fred feldman  
201719. rabbi gary zweig  
201718. Barbara Tabachnick  
201717. Bobbie Desprat  
201716. Renee Schwartz  
201715. William P. Martin Jr  
201714. Shelby Tauber  
201713. Sueann Lehner  
201712. P.Bgdonoff Please remove bigotry and hate!
201711. belkin  
201710. Marilyn Goodman  
201709. Charles Rubin  
201708. Liraz  
201707. Rick Griminger  
201706. April Silberman  
201705. Daniel Kane  
201704. Marlene Knack  
201703. davidarieff  
201702. helenecumsky  
201701. Michael Gluckman  
201700. Bev Menzer Please remove immediately
201699. Jamie Lash  
201698. S Hakakian  
201697. Allen & Eunis Penn  
201696. Karen Burks  
201695. Joy Perla one sided, racist garbage in the guise of historical commentary by bigots.
201694. Batyah Weiss the site is racist and blatantly antisemitic; it can't even be masqueraded as "freedom of speech" because it presents untruths as facts. it is a loathsome thing and should be removed, if not from the internet, then from the google search engine.
201693. Bobbe schmeltZer  
201692. Arthur Shelko Please remove at once. It is extremely offensive to all Americans, and to people everywhere.
201691. jamie Pawlan  
201690. mel davidson  
201689. Rickie Wise totallly unacceptable content
201688. Terrie Miller  
201687. Rachel Greengard  
201686. Florence Marcus  
201685. Howard Zabell  
201684. mordechai  
201683. Seymour Berger  
201682. Karin Hirsch  
201681. Jerry Tarnopol  
201680. myles rothstein makr this go away
201679. Carol Hohauser  
201678. Barbara Bernstein  
201677. Robert Goodwin  
201676. joan ornstein  
201675. Marlene Lipson  
201673. Karin Shmueli  
201672. Ann hollander  
201671. mike felix  
201670. Joy  
201669. richard Dunhoff  
201668. Madeline Hauck  
201667. Cindy Patrick  
201666. j. Siegman it is outrageous to allow and keep Jewwatch as a website on Google
201665. RUTH HESS This is a disgrace. Remove it immediately!
201664. Joel Bressler I have never seen a collection of untrue, distorted statements since reading Mein Kampf. I looked for something of truth but found absolutely none. It makes one think twice about Freedom of Speech!
201663. Deb Hillgartner  
201662. fran goldstein  
201661. Alan Sklan Google needs to review the protocol as to how the sites are listed. I have notice similar probems with other searches that lead people to the oppasite of where they want to go.
201660. Gil Cohen  
201659. Donna Wechsler  
201658. Blanca Gaona Jew Watch should be removed immediately
201657. Rena Schleter  
201656. Naomi Sokol-O'Sullivan Disgusting!!!!
201655. Kim Preston This site is discusting and perpetuates antisemitism
201654. Kenneth Lipman  
201653. Sanford S. Shulman Do not spread the untrue
201652. Sandra Skernick  
201651. jeri casden  
201650. Helen Bernstein  
201649. Evelyn Bender  
201648. Krista Scinto  
201647. joey kay  
201646. stephen rosenberg  
201645. Alan J. Levy Disgraceful!
201644. Matthew  
201643. jane smith  
201642. Elaine Bankoff  
201641. Karen T can't believe you would give a person like this a platform to preech from
201640. Norman B Goldberg  
201639. michal milshtein  
201638. ellie schweitzer with freedom comes responsibility; without responsibility comes anarchy
201637. andrea this website sucks
201636. R. Katz  
201635. Joanne  
201634. Nancy Gillerman Disgusting
201633. Erna Hornstein  
201631. Stacey Tessis  
201630. Joseph Ryan Unbeliveable! in this so-called era of "Enlightment" more than half a century after the Holocaust!
201629. Sherwin Stauber  
201628. alan levin  
201627. Michelle Smithman  
201626. Susan Brender  
201625. Ronald Weiss  
201623. miri mizrahi  
201622. Barbara t. Stauber  
201621. Steven Reiman  
201620. Lelie LoCascio  
201619. Shelly Autor  
201618. DONNA  
201617. lucinda jones  
201616. Adam I. Harris, M.D. The site is a farce, attempting to hide truth and blame the honorable. Please remove from the search engine!
201615. Natalie Diamond  
201614. Sylvia Oster  
201613. JAKE SAHL "Never again "
201612. Regina Hankin  
201611. Rina Krautwirth  
201610. debbie sharpe  
201609. Andre Kar  
201607. susan spieelberg  
201606. Jerome S Kaufman This is not freedom of speech but rather incitement to riot and kill Jews. Suppose it were written against your ethnic group.
201605. toby schulman  
201604. Margie Wiener  
201603. joshua blitstein stupid
201602. florence mintz  
201601. susan lazarus its a disgrace I will never use google again
201600. Barbara Goldberg  
201598. Sandy Gordon  
201597. t. k. cole  
201596. Sheryl Letwat  
201595. Jacqueline Fishman  
201594. Babette Markus  
201593. Sidney Price  
201592. Paul Phillip Sher  
201591. R. Page  
201590. marty rosenblatt  
201589. Michael R. Gow, CPS  
201588. roman goldvekht please, remove web site. Sergey, you should be ashamed
201587. Athena Shapiro  
201586. Dr. Marvin J. Silverman  
201585. Nathan Abrams disgusting
201584. aryeh leib schwartz disgusting...full of non truths
201583. greta leisorek  
201582. Phillip W. Akwa  
201581. Gert Drucker  
201580. Philip Hymowitz I think this is awful for this to occur in 2007
201579. Anita Genser  
201578. Nicole Miller please remove jewwatch immediately
201577. grant panter  
201576. D Meyler  
201575. Michael N. This is terrible to be allowed in
201574. Robin If this is not removed I will send a email that will passed on by others to NOT use google search engine.
201573. mitch cohen  
201572. Margaritta Kagan the site could have Jewish nobel prize winners and positive articles instead hate and antisemetic articles
201571. David Lederman  
201570. Soheil  
201569. Peter Larr this is an abuse of freedom of speech
201568. Ricky M. Schneider, MD  
201567. p norville  
201566. Larry David  
201565. Moishe ben Schmuel  
201564. Mary Ellen Smith`  
201563. raymond Chera  
201562. henry nidelman  
201561. Merle Please remove from Google
201560. Robert Halden  
201559. Gayle  
201558. Kathy Koltai  
201557. Harriet Please remove Jew search
201556. Ronald Feldman Freedom of speech is only trumphed by the truth and not hatred and lies. This site is filled with sick, evil prejudice that is aimed at innocent people all of the world.
201555. Jeffrey Alkazian  
201554. MEL JACOBY  
201553. Lindsey Iacovino Jew Watch is a disgrace!
201552. J. Alan Danton DO This website is an afront to all humanity jew or not and is reminisent of NAZI lies.
201551. sandy shohed this is a horrible
201550. Pepi Joskowitz  
201548. Burt Rudman  
201547. Tricia Dunn  
201546. bat parnass  
201545. LIndsay Holesh  
201544. ben simon  
201543. hagit hoffman  
201542. l. grundy  
201541. Dr. Herbert H. SPENCER  
201540. Jennifer Rubin This site should be taken off. It is disgraceful.
201539. a. grundy  
201538. Russ Kane  
201537. Dr. Andrea Jacobs Please find a way to unlink this from a search for the word Jew
201535. Carol Booth Please remove immediately. It is horrifying.
201534. Sidney Weintraub  
201533. Herbert I. Greenwald Ed.D.  
201532. Pamela Warshavsky  
201531. Alan Goodkin  
201530. Nancy Gardner  
201529. Dale Bauer  
201528. Darren Taichman  
201527. KurtPinshower  
201526. Mel Mink  
201525. Sheldon Pierce Really bigoted
201524. alan r im for free speach but not hate and lies
201523. Frank Winters Come on now.
201522. David Wagner  
201521. Carol Ratner  
201520. Grace Elkins please stop this now.
201518. Arnie G  
201517. Elizabeth A. Richmond  
201516. Mina Mann What other group does google allow to be vilified in this way? I want to throw up.
201515. joan miller get rid of the article
201514. paula bertin  
201513. Susan Webster is abominable.
201512. Mark A. Cohen  
201511. Melissa and Paul Dorfman no Anti-semitism
201510. Fran Shapiro Do not like the bias, anti semitic comments made against the Hebrew population.
201509. Marlene Cohen shockingly hateful!
201508. Fred Woolf  
201507. Sonia Farbiarz  
201506. MARVIN LUSKY I can't believe Google allows this type of content!
201505. sam goldstein  
201504. Sandra and Sheldon Spiegelman  
201503. Diana  
201502. Eitan Sadeh Blatantly antisemitic. Full of hate mongering
201501. Lawrence Paulson offensive, untrue, hate literture,
201500. Hanna  
201499. Stewart Brenner  
201498. Arthur Faygenholtz DC Please remove ASAP
201497. Michael Bendahan  
201496. Sanford I. Atkin Please remove JEWWatch.Com from Google
201495. Arlene Lazarus  
201493. ronee groff There is enough hate in the world and this is an ugly testament to the ugly minds of people who still exist on this planet.
201492. Avi C. Weiss, M.D. this site is deplorable
201491. guy  
201490. dianne rosenfeld  
201489. Gail Moore JewWatch is anti-semetic and should be outlawed
201488. faye marsh  
201487. E. H. Friedman  
201486. Jonna Ramey  
201485. Hugo  
201484. Katalin Herbka About time to do something about this
201483. Beth Ojena  
201482. Fern Warnat  
201481. Paul langerman  
201480. Katalin Herbka About time to do something about this
201479. Ann conley Please remove this!!!!
201478. Stephanie Cooper  
201477. Carol Price  
201476. MIKE SHAP temove te page!!!!!!!!!!!!
201475. Victor Tucker Remove please.......
201474. Glenn DiLorenzo  
201473. D Trutmann  
201472. Christopher R. Martell  
201471. Carl Katz  
201470. Lorie Trachtenberg  
201469. dorothy kushner  
201468. h popok  
201467. sara bigio let us in peace.
201466. Kathy Kirsch  
201465. Brenda Freinkel  
201464. Jill  
201463. Jeff Zigman  
201462. jordan mirrer  
201461. Joshua Mirrer  
201460. andy kahn  
201459. Owen Perlman  
201458. joel mirrer  
201457. Sidney Kaminsky I am for free speech, but come on. Get this character off.
201456. florence and Harvey rosen remove this antisemetic search
201455. Shmuel Horwitz  
201454. ginger mars  
201453. Betty Wachtel  
201452. T. Rosner  
201451. Anthony  
201450. D wieder  
201449. Michele Schoenfeld  
201448. Joseph Schindelheim This site should not be the first to show up and must be properly labeled for what it is, a racist hate-mongers website.
201447. Sarah Appel  
201446. Roger Gallant  
201445. Rochelle m. Adler  
201444. Joel Beller  
201443. Roger Gallant  
201442. Alona Rafael  
201441. Ryan Surratt Please remove this
201440. Peggy P. Becker Please remove JewWatch from Google.
201439. mark nathanson  
201438. Sharon Goldman  
201437. leonard klippen  
201436. doris klippen  
201435. sherry autor  
201434. Laura Goldman  
201432. Sasha Kirkman  
201431. Sheila Hromadka  
201430. S. Turbow  
201429. Helen Schwartz  
201428. Harold Schwartz  
201427. Bruce J. Stringer, M.D.  
201426. laurie s.  
201425. MARIANNA  
201424. Jorge A.  
201423. Benjamin Shollar  
201422. Michael Kaplan  
201421. Monica Separzadeh  
201420. J Starkman  
201419. Proessor David Z. Levine  
201418. Dr. Jacqueline Rose Hott  
201417. David Summer  
201416. Myrn a SCHUTZBANK We live in a crazy and violent world. Anything that spurs it on only hurts all of us in the long run. We don't need to be exposed first to negative info.
201415. alan urkowitz  
201414. Lynne Littman  
201413. Steven Alembik  
201412. Alexey Sorokin  
201411. Perla Muhlstein please remove all anitsamtic websites
201410. alan berger  
201409. Leslie Lisbona  
201408. Dan Miller  
201407. Elizabeth Kahn Kaplan Please remove this site.
201406. yasmin arbel  
201405. Karen Reinke  
201404. MARVIN ROFFMAN please remove
201403. Phyllis Samuels  
201402. Graham We must stand as one to eradicate this filth.
201401. Sebastian Poliak  
201400. Terry D Gibson This is an awful thing to have on the net
201399. L Mendonca Google employees should be ashamed of themselves - act now to remove this
201398. Richard Weil  
201397. Nathan H. Cohen  
201396. Annmarie J. Davis  
201395. Dan Haddad  
201394. pamela  
201393. Roslynne Ost This site is a disgrace and should be removed pronto.
201392. Lois Daniels  
201391. Ynessa McElfresh  
201390. Frances Spanton Meng  
201389. Lauren K beyond despicable
201388. Eugenia Elisman Remove JewWatch
201387. Ricci Hoffman  
201386. David  
201385. miriam f solo  
201384. H. Brown  
201383. Helen Woolf disgusting
201382. Lilyan Sievernich  
201381. Leonard Schonberg  
201380. rivka talmi  
201379. burt chortkoff  
201378. donna  
201377. marvin rubin just remove it
201376. brenda grubner ridiculous trash
201375. Ann Marks  
201374. ruben grubner self explanatory!!!!
201373. Brian Kerr This is offensive, not informative!
201372. JG Gordon  
201371. Lorrie Levy  
201370. Alissa Roston  
201369. leon birns  
201368. Paul Grossman  
201367. Julie Moed  
201366. Jen Reed-Lewis  
201365. Debbie Marks  
201364. Ron Enough is enough
201363. Jeremy Rice  
201362. Suzette Stringer  
201361. margarita golfman remove
201360. Alex Smith close this stupid, nazi run website from your serch engine
201359. gary berger  
201358. Mary Agnes Theresa McMillan Clark unbelivable; If this site is not removed from Google I will be certain to cease my use of your search engine...this is not free speech..this is incitement to breaking the law and to do violence to others based on their heritage. It is disgusting!
201357. bert schloss  
201356. Rob Disgusting
201355. Sonya Stenzler  
201354. Carrie Klians Such anti semitism to be ranked as first when searching for "jew" on google is horrendous. Google should not allow hate mongering
201353. Berenice D'Vorzon how horrible and false.
201352. Larry Lurin  
201351. joyce lewis  
201350. Michael Coorsh I am wholeheartedly in favour of this petition.
201349. Allen Baron Dangerous Morons should be removed.
201348. amit mehra  
201347. marty katz  
201346. Sarah i so agree
201345. Jerry Fox  
201344. Alina Miller  
201343. Ezequiel  
201342. robert Levine  
201341. William Tabak  
201340. Robert A. Sandler  
201339. eric kane  
201338. Aelene Tabak  
201337. David Mordish  
201336. Kim Boyd  
201335. sharon kashden this is terrable and no race shoulde suffer this
201334. Natalie Lewi  
201333. constance brickman  
201332. Daniel Krochmalik  
201331. Margaret Mooha Isn't there enough hate in the world?
201330. Susan Brownstein  
201329. Paula Kogan  
201328. karina  
201327. Nancy Kessler Google historically has been non-partisan, but the fact that Jewatch comes up first when one searches for "jew" is NOT non-partisan. Please remove it from your search engine. Thank you.
201326. Sarah Schaffer I have glanced thru this site, and the content is completely ludicrous, non-factual and spewing pure hatred and venom. I do hope you people at Google see it in yourselves to remove immediately
201325. Florence Sugarman  
201324. Audrey Ross I hope this site will be removed from Google
201323. Cathy Heller sites like these spread hate
201322. gavin dooley-pfeiffer `
201321. Jacques Redinger  
201320. Phil Leshin  
201319. sauer please remove this
201318. Maurice L. Traiman  
201317. Jane  
201316. Judith Tatar  
201315. Elisa Evans  
201314. Asher Miller  
201313. Patty Kaplan Remove it.
201312. samson freundlich  
201311. francis w dublin  
201310. Orly  
201309. irwin schultz  
201307. J Greenberg  
201306. frances dreyfus  
201305. Simon Skoll  
201304. mike take it off
201303. Tolsa Greenberg  
201302. Rob.and Joc.Koonin You should be ashamed
201301. Josh Seigle Remove Site Please
201300. Howard Kogan  
201299. debra rosenblum  
201298. Linda Shecter A sad commentary on life today
201297. Rebecca Mandel  
201296. Stephen Macht  
201295. lois harris  
201294. karen  
201293. Jolene Bowen  
201292. kretch  
201291. Roman  
201290. Helene L. Jaffe must prevent people from spreading hate
201289. Andrew Bernstein  
201288. Patricia S. Golden  
201287. Tobia Fogel  
201286. phyllis schaer  
201285. meir almog  
201284. Simon Pukacz  
201283. nechama feldman  
201282. Silvana  
201281. Samuel J. Levitt Your compliance is vital!
201280. sheila kestenbaum  
201279. Pamela Cohen This is a disgusting website. It should be recieve no publicity. These men are teaching pure lies.
201278. S. Rosker  
201276. Irv Weintraub  
201275. Peggy Okuneff This is so hurtful - please remove
201274. david dodson This reflects poorly on Google - get it off!
201273. Jelveh Ghazizadeh  
201272. James Battin  
201271. J. Lemoine  
201270. Mandie Krakow  
201269. Max Sutlin  
201268. Joseph bengamel  
201267. Pinkas Jarcaig it is unacceptable that such anti-semetic rhetoric is allowed to be voiced.
201266. Daniel S. Gabai  
201265. Ellen Hechler  
201264. Richard M Griminger Let's get into the 21st century
201263. Carole Einhorn We do not need more hatred in this world.
201262. Lawrence Weinberg  
201261. Blanca Madani  
201260. Jackie Ross  
201259. Adi Ko  
201258. D A Franklin Google has a responsibility not to support sites of this kind
201256. Alan Hayden  
201255. Jonathan White  
201254. irv ratner take this sight off google for good
201251. ingvor wurmbrand there are many uneducated and ignorant people in the world.
201250. Lynne White  
201249. Vivian Lobel  
201248. Sheri Pollack  
201247. Martin Norman  
201246. wendy asarch this is a very sick site with many falsehoods
201245. Jay Heller Shame on Google
201244. Marc Goldman  
201243. Brian Weinstock  
201242. Marguerite Lieberman  
201241. Seth  
201240. Marilyn Petrone  
201239. B KASSAL  
201238. Marilyn Sobchak  
201237. Nathan Berger Google should have removed this filth long ago
201236. Susan M. Miller  
201235. Rachel Lefkowitz Please remove disgusting site
201234. Dave Baronoff  
201233. marilyn levy  
201232. Karen Marino  
201231. J Davidson  
201230. Sonia Beker  
201229. Howard K  
201228. Micah  
201227. Neal Kaunfer this is an antisemitic website and must be removed
201226. Edwin Lester  
201225. Cecile Campeas Disgusting, untasteful, indigne for a site like Google NOT to have checked it out before adding it
201224. Vitaly Kozadayev  
201223. Sarina Levy It is half-truths and mostly biased information. I too am a refugee of the unprovoked attacks from the Arab States on the newly born State of Israel thinking they could destroy it. NOW because they have not succeeded they are demonising it. They shall not succeed. This TINY State surrounded by hate unprovoked attacks daily ketoucha bombing on its civilian population, has given the world more Nobel Prize winners, per capita, than any other Nation in the Middle East. They are leaders in the field of medical science, for the good of mankind and IT. They have absorbed more asylum seekers than larger nations. Refugees from Russia , Ethiopia . Vietnam, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Gaza, The West Bank, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, India etc the list is endless,Those refugees were given their dignity and not placed in tents and used as fodder. THE deserts and swamps HAVE BLOSSOMED. Lands returned for peace are now launching pads for random daily shelling of villages,schools and hospitals.
201222. Perri  
201221. Marion Gold  
201220. Rick Rosen  
201219. Frances Schwartzwald Grand Prairie, TX 75050
201218. Sondra Davis It's sickening
201217. stan levin  
201216. niza shaul  
201215. Len Lieberman  
201214. Lois Ogan  
201213. Avis E. Darlymple  
201212. Stuart Sherman The site is disgusting!
201211. Bradley A. Ugent  
201210. Joseph Rosenberg  
201209. Malka Evan  
201208. Julie Hamilton  
201207. gloria colodny  
201206. roy evans  
201205. Roberta Livingston Please remove this hate filled site from your list
201204. barbara cohen  
201203. arnold frank they always pick on us
201202. Deborah Pariser  
201201. Stuart Block  
201200. Rebecca Gurk  
201199. James M McCormack  
201198. Susan Bruner  
201197. Mitch Testa full of hate and ignorance
201195. Robert N. Stone  
201194. Harris Winokur  
201193. Sherri Stewart  
201192. morris  
201191. Judith G. Kaminsky This is unbefitting Google! No hate sites should be promoted by Google, but for this to be the first site that comes up makes it all the more insulting! Please remove this site and others like it.
201190. J Stieglitz  
201189. Jørgen Bisholt  
201188. Anne Leibowitz  
201187. Maureen & Julian Collis  
201186. Zionna Bisholt  
201185. dan huber a disgrace& fictional
201184. Ann Michael Rosenberg Google is too respected a site to allow such ugliness to be presented through them!
201183. Patricia Olshan  
201182. Mark Shmulevich  
201181. Simone  
201180. Karen Moss This is disgusting and should be removed
201179. joshua schwarz  
201178. Susan Rudner  
201176. Michael Haller  
201175. William Post This Website is guilty of False Propaganda and Antisemitic incitement.
201174. Frank N. Whitehead  
201171. nancy mac please remove from the search
201170. Pamela LeMelle  
201169. Ted Schwartz  
201168. Peter Hyman  
201167. Robert Gelman  
201166. Yulius Bernshtam  
201165. Neal Elyakin  
201164. Fran Kraft Hate should not be on your site.
201163. Marcia Hano  
201162. Mordechai Adler joining
201161. Robert M. Starr  
201160. Frank Stiefel  
201159. Johanna Besterman I appreciate that this is not's fault. I would still like to see the site censored in some way.
201158. stephen Weisberg PLEASE REMOVE JewWatch
201157. Nicole Halimi this is pure antisemitism, holacaust denying,
201156. Myrna Neimark Shenberg I've been aware of this site for over a year. How good it is that this action is being taken to obliterate it.
201155. Dorit Ketsef  
201154. jayne wynick  
201153. Carol Feldman  
201152. Kevin M. Hickey  
201151. Rena P Levy  
201150. irit barak  
201149. Andrea Cronson racism shouldn't be tolerated
201148. J. Norman Rossen  
201147. Rabbi Raphael kanter I hope this is not true.
201146. Harry Grunstein I can't believe that Google allows such filth to be promolgated on their site
201145. fabi waisbort  
201144. judith parrott Filled with garbage & being in Google gives it an air of authenticity.
201143. Jane Nowak  
201142. Bud Schulman Outrageous
201141. Al Rubin  
201140. Mark Goodman this website is full of hate and needs to be removed
201139. paxton quigley  
201138. Josef Manor  
201137. N. Colman  
201136. Sandra Cohen  
201135. Lisa Backlin Please remove immediately. Thank you.
201134. Andrea Liftman  
201133. melvin slayton  
201132. Mitchell And Debra Rucko Stop the hate in this world, we need for us to unite, not add more hate
201131. Judi Tyll  
201130. Susan Karsin  
201129. Jenn Korn  
201128. Mike Epstein  
201127. Randee Epstein  
201126. Luanne Russell  
201125. Susan R. Blieden  
201124. Amy Sokolow  
201123. Judy Salpeter  
201122. Judith Ronat M. D. Sorry, it is the third item, not the first. But it shouldn't be there at all!
201121. Lois Schaffer  
201120. Lois G. Rosenau  
201119. geno scher google should show better judgement. We use google to the tune of $60,000 per month. Not an astronomical amount, but sinificant enough for someone to take notice. Thank you in advance.
201118. Joan Freedman Unbelievable!
201117. Alan Schreiber This website is an abomination to man & God!
201116. GEORGE EGETT  
201115. Dov Joselowitz  
201114. robert m price  
201113. Dale  
201112. Benjamin Goldberg  
201111. joan baydush  
201110. Laurie Hurl  
201109. cheryl ginsberg  
201108. Paul Black  
201107. C Turner  
201106. Linda Hinkin  
201105. Betty Rosenheimer  
201104. Rina L. Very upsetting to find this on Google
201103. Phyllis Mack  
201102. Annette Schwartz  
201101. Bob Loblaw  
201100. Peter Reed Let's hae a bit of tolerance and understanding in the world
201099. Jerry Schwartz  
201098. mark  
201097. alan Weisberg  
201096. Lois Singer Stop the hatred; let's live together in peace.
201095. Howard I. Levy, M.D.  
201094. Michael Namestnikov  
201093. deena Goidel Google you shouldknow better!
201092. Shirley Mendelson Awful site!!
201091. felice weinstein a more appropriate name for this website is!
201090. JERRY KOSRO  
201089. Gail Asper  
201088. Joel  
201087. steve seidman please remove
201086. Craig Stern  
201085. D. Nemtean  
201084. Daniel L Landau  
201083. Erbst Renate  
201082. Anita  
201081. aaron roth  
201080. ron dworsky  
201079. Avrum Reiss  
201078. Rochelle  
201077. Ian Scott Site is disgusting
201076. Devorah Reiss  
201075. ben  
201074. raanan  
201073. Charles Klotzer editor/publisher emeritus, St. Louis Journalism Review
201072. michael neuman don't use the lame excuse of "freedom of speech"
201071. Lauren Cohen  
201070. Mr.Jeffrey Nathan disgusting & anti-semitic.
201069. Jack  
201068. Mary I. Shasho  
201067. Sharon  
201066. Sharon  
201065. Carey A Crabbs  
201064. dolores farber  
201063. susana lerman  
201062. eliana laureano  
201061. Phyllis Resnick Horrible website
201060. Nadine Seidman  
201059. jessica marks  
201058. Dora Szafir I desagree with all kind of discrimination
201057. Shahin  
201056. Jay D. Waxman  
201055. Susan Usiskin Highly offensive and upsetting that in this day and age such a plainly antisemitic site should be available through Google
201054. F. Lieberman  
201053. Carl Schneider  
201052. Charles Hamrell, M.D.  
201051. Barbara Hoyt shameful
201050. Andrew Usiskin This site is plainly antisemitic and should be removed immediately
201049. Evan Rosen  
201048. seymour kantrowitz  
201047. Gabriela  
201046. Sarah Chupack  
201045. IVAN BRAHAM  
201044. Geoffrey Fairfield  
201043. Roselynne Goodman  
201042. Helen Mizer  
201041. Laurent Lehmann  
201040. marcia sherman Has the jewish anit-defamation league seen this and have they waged a movement to remove same?-
201039. Dr Irwin Ruderman  
201038. Mildred Hocherman  
201037. Susan Krakow  
201036. Helene Wahle It is sickening that this website is available on google. If only people would put as much effort into promoting tolerance as opposed to hatred.
201035. Claire Balser  
201034. Ann Korchin  
201033. Michele Milden  
201032. Philip Snyder  
201031. Rimoczi, Peter  
201030. Angela Tverskoy  
201029. Alain Murad  
201028. Susan Perlmutter  
201027. Barry L Simons  
201026. Danielle Coorsh  
201025. David A. Matos Jr.  
201024. shari leviss  
201023. jess fischbein  
201022. Marion Dondero  
201021. Nathaniel Warshay  
201020. Davida Philips  
201019. orna  
201018. avi anderman  
201017. Martin Katzman This is quite terrifying. Please remove it, it is important to allow freedom of speech, but this is horrifically racist in its approach.
201016. Karen Kaye  
201015. Sharon Litwinoff  
201014. Jeanne Pocras  
201013. david F  
201012. H.and V. Wenig  
201011. Benjamin B  
201010. raquel nahon  
201009. eric sigman  
201008. Steven Frank  
201007. Mark Lorkis  
201006. Martin Kabat This is a form of historical pornography!
201005. Joanne Lorkis  
201004. J Winter  
201003. Ellie  
201002. Leonard B .Spiegel  
201001. Helen Melrose  
201000. Sherry Younesi  
200999. Gilda Paul  
200998. Carol Glickman  
200997. Jane L. Meyer  
200996. david hough This is the most ludicrous non-factual site ever.
200995. jeremy wilkerson  
200994. tdoppelt  
200993. Marvin Jacobson This sort of thing is a black mark on your website.
200992. Norman Polman  
200991. mouris ahdout  
200990. Gerald Westheimer At a minimum, the Google entry should indicate that this is an anti-semitic site
200989. Rabbi Allen Darnov  
200988. Rachel  
200987. Milton Radman  
200986. Bill Rubin  
200985. Nancy Rubin  
200984. Janet Witkin Ber This is hatred in it's purest form
200983. Francine Jacobson  
200982. Albert Rosenthal  
200981. Pauline Edwards  
200980. Karen Ransenberg  
200979. Moishe Finkelstein  
200978. Martin Evans This kind of web site does nothing to promote your name.
200977. Ron Benegbi  
200976. Stephanie Adler  
200975. Richard Brooks  
200974. Judith Hand  
200973. Roz Zak Please remove immediately Thank You
200972. J.Blumenthal  
200971. Danny Elbaum  
200970. Karina Levy  
200969. eric  
200968. Linda Collins  
200967. estelle walsh  
200966. Lynn Scheck disgraceful that Google has this on our site.
200965. corey  
200964. Leah Schloss  
200963. galit  
200962. Dr. Dan Anbar  
200961. june weiss  
200960. rivka melman  
200959. Jeff Deutsch  
200958. Celia Goldenberg  
200957. Michele Donovan  
200956. Joan Kraisky  
200955. Jane Merschen  
200954. Guy  
200953. Lesley this is blatant hatred and should not be tolerated
200952. Dr. Paul Kredow Please remove this hateful link to lies and trash
200951. E.R.Homburger is a disgrace also to google
200950. robin gersten  
200949. Debra Gurkin  
200947. Geoffrey Shalet will reflect well on Google if this site is removed
200946. Allison Razza  
200945. Carol Blacher  
200944. Helen Abraham  
200943. Jody  
200942. Ayelet Mael  
200941. alex  
200940. Judith Samson get rid of this horrendous site. it should never be allowed to start in the first place!
200939. Richard Rosenberg Absolutely disgusting and most provocative
200938. Theodore A. Feinberg Let's not repeat ther sins of the past. Get this garbage off of Google
200937. Elana Groeschler  
200936. Jane  
200935. Ron Press  
200934. Bernard Ashkenaze Site Jew is gross
200933. Renee Weingart remove site ASAP, Please
200932. mike this guy company is so off base about about world events.
200931. marian shifman  
200930. Julia Ramsey  
200929. Albert Young  
200928. Dr.H.C.Weinstein  
200927. Scott Kofkin  
200926. Sheri Kohos this makes me sick!
200925. M. Miller Unbelievable, yahoo should not make biogtry and hatred so easily accessible, please remove from your search engine!
200924. Debra Drelich this is terrible
200923. Nancy  
200921. Susan Wolpert Bushnell hate should not be promoted against any group
200920. Andrew Boyland  
200919. blackman  
200918. Herman I. Poritzky  
200917. stuart mesnik  
200916. Rabbi Allen Juda  
200915. G Rosenberg  
200914. Avraham  
200913. Susan Harrod  
200912. jackie  
200911. Robin Gustin Google is a professional organization and should not stoop to this level of supporting hate in America
200910. Leonid  
200909. David H. Clarke  
200908. Emanuel Heller It;;s not anti semite It is "Jew Hater"
200907. marsha weitzman  
200906. MJ Rogers  
200905. Ed and Betty  
200904. LEHMANN  
200903. Rafi Farber  
200902. Oralee  
200901. Grossmann  
200900. Luis Rodriguez  
200899. danny this day and age
200898. Isaac Stisson ÿ
200897. Dr. PITTERMANN Elisabeth awful, and this only little more than 60 years after shoa-horrible
200896. borrah weiner How could you perpertrate this garbage on your site?
200895. Steven Klein Google is complicit in furthering this hatred.
200894. marjorie boxbaum  
200893. Debbie  
200892. susan axelrod  
200891. Michael Siev  
200890. David Shahmoon  
200889. robert lourie disgusting perversion of history
200888. Sara  
200887. Sandy Young  
200886. Shawn Afshani  
200885. Marc Bluestein  
200884. Harvey Young  
200882. Ann Bluestein  
200881. William Burke Remove this site
200880. solomon schwartz we have enough hate in this world
200879. M.Nadler  
200878. Dana DeBlasi  
200877. claire ruder  
200876. Robert M. Eisendrath  
200875. Irving J Goldberg  
200874. weiss neta  
200873. atara schwartz i'm disappointed in a site like google for displaying hateful nonsense as a #1 search result
200872. Edwin  
200871. D Goldwin  
200870. aviva stauber  
200869. Kate Blaylock  
200868. Nancy Levin  
200867. Morton W. Appleton sick
200866. gidon shur  
200865. Ellen Geiger  
200864. chagit shur  
200863. Scott  
200862. gerald goldman  
200861. janiceradiss  
200859. Barbara Meller  
200858. Richard Bieksha  
200857. martinradiss  
200856. Erwin Meller  
200855. jolie klein  
200854. Ron Nusbaum  
200853. Leonard Buckner  
200852. simon benloulou  
200851. Evelyn Lutin What a Hateful web site. No wonder there is no peace in the World.
200850. Allison Reshef  
200849. james hamer  
200848. marilee k. gardner` why perpetuate hatred?
200847. Alex Sinayuk  
200846. ronny hamer  
200845. Shevy and Doron Levy  
200844. Martin Weiss  
200843. simon hamer  
200842. Mr. Donald Hunt remove this antisemetic site....
200841. cynthia feinstein appauling site
200840. Gloria Goodman  
200839. Deborah Botnick  
200838. Burton D. Figler  
200837. Debbie Berglas  
200836. Mark Birnbaum  
200835. Amir Blachman  
200834. Jason Lowe  
200833. santa herman why do you hate
200832. Marcus  
200831. Irina Davydova  
200830. Gerald M. Stein  
200829. Brenda Propis
200828. Peggy Vegosen  
200827. michael herman are you for real
200826. Marvin H. Kromash  
200825. Jamie Warshal  
200824. R. Klotzer Please remove!!!!
200823. susan miller you must remove this
200822. Donna Friedman  
200821. David Moser  
200820. Tina Lent  
200818. Colin Sive  
200817. S Weiner  
200815. Ruth Pleaner  
200814. Joan Gold Get rid of that Jewatch please
200813. Amie Barrish  
200812. jack brenner please remove very distasteful
200811. Heather Lucas  
200810. Ilana Sarles  
200809. gail markowitz  
200808. joy newman  
200807. Deborah Baum please remove this jewwatch from your site
200806. Margaret Henry  
200805. David Rink  
200804. Steven W. Schmidt-Lackner  
200803. guitty Bolour  
200802. Allan Friedman  
200801. Norman Miller  
200800. i Coh real hater is way ugly
200799. Brad Conroy Increasing stupidity.
200798. E Shifren  
200797. Larry Sobel reference page is awful
200796. Judy Birnkrant  
200795. laura Mausner Google should alphabetize this, and ,under Jew, put this publication with the W's
200794. Samuel Hadad  
200793. m shanker hateful - please remove
200792. Alex Vinokur  
200791. Annette Philip  
200790. aron  
200789. Eytan  
200788. Louis Zivic  
200787. tsvia rosenthal  
200786. DAN  
200785. Grynszpan quelle saloperie
200784. Beverley Fehrenbacher  
200782. Diane Hill  
200781. Elana F Margolis  
200780. steven lahav this is truly reprehensible!
200779. Arthur Lapite  
200778. janet adler  
200777. robert this is a sickening web site full of propaganda intended to wipe out a race. it is disgusting
200776. Tom Bauer  
200775. Shelley Guidinger  
200774. Debra Profesorske  
200773. Jeffrey Wielgus  
200772. Tony Mas  
200771. Janice Glaubinger Get rid of this site NOW!
200770. Joan Revere  
200769. Shaul Seidler-Feller  
200768. Liliya Kur  
200767. Norman & Miriam Abrahams  
200766. Melanie Dan  
200765. Lea Remove from google.
200764. mel kopilnick  
200763. Shauna  
200762. Rochelle Lowenthal  
200761. Nina  
200760. Samuil Kur  
200759. Julia Weber antisemitic site-has to be removed
200758. Marc Langsner  
200757. Michael Zylberberg  
200756. Adam Belfer This website is absolutely disgusting.
200754. Daniel Weiss  
200753. Michele Sachar  
200752. Yafa Boyer unacceptable
200751. Marsha Santelli  
200750. amy hirsch must do this. don;'t allow hate
200749. Ellen Hodes  
200748. Barbara Davidman What happened to NEVER AGAIN!
200747. Sheryl I am in favor of free speech, but this site promotes hate and false information
200746. ron scott  
200745. Irma Berger Please remove JewWatch from Google
200744. Gabby Yashar  
200743. jim shelburne  
200742. paul  
200741. Aliza Dworetsky  
200740. ted shuster this is disgusting and non factual
200739. Bruce Levi  
200738. Yaakov Sullivan  
200737. wdiamond why put on in the first place???????
200736. PENNY BOTEL this site spews hate and is a rotten example of free speach
200735. Barbara Marcus  
200734. Oranit It's dusgusting! It should not be alowed!
200733. Joseph Tavakoli please remove
200732. Evelyn Wolke I thought gmail would be beyond this BS. Hope it is.
200731. Lillian R. Markowitz  
200730. Pam Feinberg-Rivkin  
200729. DARREN  
200728. Joe Moer Gaan Kak
200727. Jay Neadle  
200726. shana Portigal  
200725. harriet balter what a shame
200724. Ron Gilchrist  
200723. michael eizelman  
200722. Steve Thompson  
200721. S. Jack Lieberman Stop Now
200720. Ari ben Yisrael DISGUSTING
200719. sw glassman  
200718. Danielle Dobin  
200717. ike gabay This just stinks
200716. Leon Wagner the sooner the better
200715. STANLEY LEVY  
200714. Irmgard Tuechler  
200713. mark savrin  
200712. Lisa Miller  
200711. susana lipina  
200710. Jeffrey Schulman Please remove this highly offensive site now
200709. Kathy  
200708. Francine Wiseman  
200707. Martin Dvorak  
200706. David  
200705. Bill Ritter  
200704. hildi smith  
200703. Jacqueline Anvar  
200702. Barbara Moser  
200701. Jessica Wechsler  
200700. Sheldon Geffon  
200699. Ashley Voight  
200698. Dolores Mandell  
200697. Jackie Besharat  
200696. danny hazan  
200695. V S  
200694. Amiad  
200693. E  
200692. Cary Ratner how dispicable
200691. ANITA GEFFON  
200690. Jacob Goldman  
200689. Karen Wadler  
200688. malka cohavi  
200687. Joel Weiss Please remove this page
200686. Kelly Cogan  
200685. James Phillips  
200684. Haleh kohan please remove hateful sites so our kids wont become this way
200683. Stewart Brody  
200682. Bert Pariser This should be removed
200681. Shari Brooks  
200680. sarah michlin  
200679. jay bellskee Never Again
200678. Leonard Fox  
200677. maggie kaufman  
200676. Clyde Isaacson  
200675. martin glynn  
200674. Neil Schloss Get rid of this site
200673. harley stegman  
200672. vladimir Litvinov  
200671. Kimo Morris  
200670. Audrey Broersma  
200669. Stacy Menzer  
200668. Jared Weinstock  
200667. abe  
200666. Brandon Weinstock  
200665. herman l finke very important to remove
200664. Eren Roussak get rid of him the sooner the better he is a sicko
200663. levi kozadayev  
200662. CHAVA KOHEN  
200661. steven Jacobson This his hate crimes not free speech
200660. Jo Anne Abraskin  
200659. David F. Skoll  
200658. alan abrams  
200657. Jeffrey  
200656. Tina Venturini This is a disgrace!
200655. Dena Starr  
200654. Morton R. Kanovsky  
200653. danny  
200652. Sharla Kanovsky  
200651. Betzalel Schutz  
200650. Diane Kempler  
200649. Guy  
200648. Mary C. Boys This site is a series of biases disguised as facts.
200647. Nikki Banks  
200646. Juliana Olinka There is enough hate in the world, this site should not be on Google.
200645. HennieZolty  
200644. Lynn Roberts please take care to see this sort of poison does not get on Google again
200643. Elaine Tenenbaum  
200642. Ana Arriaga What has been Google's own explanation for this?
200641. Janice J. Burke  
200640. bonnie lundy  
200639. Jehoshua Pomeranz  
200638. Jean Bernstein Why is it on your engine?
200637. Jessica Anvar  
200636. Payam A  
200635. Allen Lottman  
200634. Manny Rein  
200633. sharon  
200632. Loryn Arkow  
200631. marianne finke  
200630. michael zollner  
200629. marianne finke  
200628. Vladimir Manasson Those who witness and remain silent are collaborators
200627. Marla Ellis  
200626. Marian Leighton Levy Hate speech should not be tolerated.
200625. Evelyn A. Buff  
200624. Marina Mann  
200623. j. light  
200622. linda adler  
200621. Baruch Simcha Margolit  
200620. Alan Deutsch This site is an affrontery to jewdaism
200619. Jim Platt  
200618. jonah Light  
200617. Michael Rosenheimer  
200616. jonah Light  
200615. marcy burnstein  
200614. Lynndsy Liddle  
200613. Jaclyn  
200612. Stephanie Pinter  
200611. Ben Adler thanks
200610. Elaine Denbo  
200609. Rachel R Peine  
200608. Sandra Cuttler  
200607. Barry Drucker Moral correctness trumps political correctness every time, and is in the best interests of your website
200606. Christine LACK  
200605. Gale This is disgusting. We must remove these sights filled with lies
200604. Karen Selcov  
200603. Harriet Ehrlich  
200602. Michael Knigin Let's get it done!!!!!
200601. stanley frederick  
200600. Sharon Cooper  
200599. Michael Knigin Let's get it done!!!!!
200598. Phyllis Taxin  
200597. Harold Weine  
200596. Jeffrey Greenberg  
200595. Steven Loevner This is disgraceful!!
200594. Patricia Weine  
200593. Levi Walker this is SICK
200592. claude debeaumon disgraceful
200591. Michael Eisemann  
200590. Scott J Kaminsky  
200589. Bruce Levin  
200588. moni  
200587. Joseph Mallel CRAZY ,DISGRACE ,
200586. Moshe Fistel  
200585. Jill and Mark Narens  
200584. steve mandel  
200583. Rela Geffen  
200582. Sally Shotkin  
200581. Jack & Mel Foss  
200580. Nancy Aspaturian  
200579. Nicholas Levitin  
200578. Jim Kleinmann  
200577. nomi  
200576. Gary Rubin JewWatch is just unacceptable
200575. DAVID RAFAEL  
200574. Marilyn Spirt  
200573. Barry Pariser  
200572. Carol Ingall  
200571. Gary Khaz remove from google
200570. Alan Goldstone  
200569. Jonathan Malen  
200568. Jaime Gormley  
200567. JERRY COHEN  
200566. Michelle Segal  
200565. Alix Mayhew  
200564. Marc S. Cohen What a disgrace
200563. Morton Goldman  
200562. Joanne Medleau  
200561. robin So terrifying that this level of ignorance, lack of historical facts, and world understanding, begets a platform for dangerous and inflammatory thought. Please end this.
200560. Malcolm Taylor  
200559. Charles Teacher  
200558. maxine de felice  
200557. Eduardo Leiderman  
200556. Vicki Nieter  
200555. E K  
200554. annie  
200553. Sophie V  
200552. Rivka  
200551. Mark Anti-Semites Burn in Hell.
200550. yafit  
200549. Paula rackoff  
200548. Sheila Stopnitzky I can't believe this is still going on!
200547. Christopher Drashner  
200546. Donald Feldman  
200545. Rachel Heinstein Banish the hatred
200544. David Anson  
200543. Jessica Tornell  
200542. jon  
200541. glenwood p roane shame, shame, shame
200540. Gertrude S. Brenner This is a disgrace! It promotes more hate!
200539. Ben  
200538. eugene j weisberg  
200537. Warren Smith  
200535. Scott Russell  
200534. Tami Younesi completely disgusting
200533. norman bakall  
200532. Leinad Bad
200531. Erica Rothman Please remove this site from Google
200530. Mitch Silberman This is far too anti-Semitic
200529. keren weinstein  
200528. Art Reckler  
200527. yaacov.aloni  
200526. susan margoles Google shouldn't have to even have 50,000 requests, they should know better than to have trash like this on their site!
200525. Kyle Get rid of JewWatch
200524. Sharon Markowitz Please remove this bigotted website.
200523. Ileen Portnoy disgraceful
200522. David Sabbah  
200521. David Darsa Clearly an inflamatory website !!
200520. Rabbi Tara Feldman  
200519. Punyadech Photangtham  
200518. Andrew Tobias Disgusting hateful site
200517. Susan Kolb
200516. norine greenhouse  
200515. Dawnelle Malick  
200514. CAROLINA  
200513. L. Adler  
200512. David Duncan Remove this site now....
200511. Sherry Holstein  
200510. G Kornfeld  
200509. Sharon Tansky  
200508. julie rabinovitz  
200507. Aaron Stauber  
200506. Victor Mellon  
200505. Arianna Jeret  
200504. mandy singer  
200503. Avik Kabessa  
200502. Isabel  
200501. Judith Adelson  
200500. graham shapiro  
200499. DFBrent  
200498. Robert N. Gale  
200497. mendywuensch  
200496. Jaime Wielgus  
200495. Susan Meyer This is awful and offensive
200494. nick gravenites  
200493. Mina Wielgus  
200492. Richard Green Racists
200491. Nikki Greenberg  
200490. Bernard Rosenberg  
200489. Jayme Alter  
200488. Becky Greenberg  
200487. eric schuss  
200486. herbert lieberman  
200485. susan meltzer  
200484. Howard Zimmerman It's things like this that make this country a second class society.
200483. David H Daneshvar  
200482. Ellen Isenstein  
200481. Michele Rodri Anti-Semitism,has to stop,it is cruel!!!!
200480. Arezou  
200479. Leslie Taichman  
200478. Moshe Pesach Geller  
200477. d. gres  
200476. nathan offen  
200475. Emily  
200474. bernard winokur  
200473. Marvin Schulman is disgusting antisemitism
200472. maxi marcus please remuve this websight,
200471. Suzanne Bunin  
200470. avril toshner disgusting
200469. lawrence green poisonous little man
200468. david  
200467. Babak  
200466. C Noyes please remove this site
200465. joseph Ferman this site is positively anti semetic
200464. Ann Sansone thank you for pursuing this travesty
200463. Belinda Marks  
200462. leo  
200461. Sheree  
200460. Brittany Kirby  
200458. Avril Toshner disgusting
200457. Caren Worel  
200456. Rita Krasik disgusting site!
200455. jeff kahn  
200454. selma brownstein  
200453. Karen Groeschler  
200452. Sarah Soleimani  
200451. Alex Levin  
200450. Barbara Kaden  
200449. Caryn Williams I realize Google states to remove the listing is a form of censorship, but I'd be willing to bet they censor other highly objectionable results (like child pornography, for example).
200448. Lisa Lipman  
200447. Helen Levine  
200446. Stephen A. Weseley  
200445. Mina Wielgus  
200444. Bella Rubin  
200443. naama papadakos  
200442. kar ash  
200441. Elisabeth R. Weseley  
200440. Earl Berger The articles cited are highly distorted and incomplete views of history
200438. scott kaghan  
200436. Brian Dooreck  
200435. Frederick Pollack  
200434. Dina Lane  
200433. Paul Katz please remove this site
200432. aarti  
200431. Bunny  
200430. Clayton Rhodes Hate mail
200429. frank levin is violently anti-semitic
200428. Stanton, Joan H.  
200427. Andrew Strauss  
200426. Ira Dinnes Clearly a propoganda hate site
200425. joan feldman  
200424. leona curhan  
200423. Harriet Katz  
200422. Heidi Evora-Santiago  
200421. Maria Kanter  
200420. Lorrie Pinck  
200419. phil neuman remove this trash
200418. Kendall Krumrei this is disgusting, i don't understand prejudice or intolerance
200417. anthony latter  
200416. Sonia Menenberg this is disgusting and speaks poorly of which clearly endorses hate crimes and destructive venues for mankind
200415. Flora Meller  
200414. Ken Hartenstein this situation is discusting
200413. Michelle Arsenault  
200412. Edwin Holstein, MD  
200411. Nadav Joshua  
200410. Roland Gladstone  
200409. Mandy Wheatley  
200408. Amanda Ellis  
200407. Joan Zimmerman  
200406. Marvin Sudman  
200405. Dave Licht  
200404. moy  
200403. Ronald Williams  
200402. mike rothman remove that site
200401. neal deutsch this is another example of anti-jewish in cybor space
200400. moy  
200399. Suzanne Chester  
200398. Steven Gabay  
200397. Elisheva Lahav  
200396. moy  
200395. ELIZABETH Fauer This is shamefull!
200394. Norman Weiss  
200393. Malkie Roth  
200392. Linda Vick  
200391. Isabel Aarons  
200390. Noreen Lewitton  
200389. sigal  
200388. Saul Eisenberg There is no need for a web site of this type.
200387. Joseph Sheets  
200386. Karen Allison  
200385. wendy widlus  
200384. s.a.specterman to read this web page as anything other than Anti- semitic racism is to bury ones head in the sand
200383. maureen chodosh  
200382. julian jacobson This is Sickening
200381. A. King  
200380. Ronald Plotsker  
200379. damian  
200378. Neil Pearlman This petition should be signed by every american
200377. Janet Plotsker  
200376. ziona shprecher I use google a lot and I hope that will be removed immediately
200375. Benson Goldenberg  
200374. Neil Pearlman This petition should be signed by every american
200373. Mier Frank  
200372. Benjy Berger  
200371. Judith Sleed does "Freedom of Speach" equal to spreading HATE?
200370. C. Fishfeld  
200369. Dr Richard Noss  
200368. Josef Golan Would you show Nazi sites as well maybe?
200367. Brenda Bark  
200366. Jane Panza  
200365. Jamie Stern  
200364. Leon Sarnak  
200363. lee markson  
200362. James Linn Please remove this ASAP. It offends my Judeo-Christian beliefs.
200361. Alan Reed  
200360. L. Grumach  
200359. Toby Feldman  
200358. Amanda  
200357. Bert Minushkin  
200356. zeev kaufman  
200355. robert friedman  
200354. Clara Levy  
200353. Harvey Jaskel  
200352. Seymour and Esther Seltzer  
200351. Burton Waxman  
200350. phoebe lavitt  
200349. nina seckel in this time of P.C. how can the P.C's do this?
200348. Irene Kamaroff Get rid of this! It's disgusting!
200347. June disgusting in this day and age
200346. SIMON GOULD  
200345. Veronica Slootsky š
200344. R. Skoll  
200343. Carol Daugherty This is a ridiculous set up! Change it please!
200342. Bruce Sloane  
200341. Philip Bowick  
200340. Dinah Levi  
200339. Saul Wolf  
200338. Diane R. Czerwinski  
200337. Wendy Moroze  
200336. david silverglade  
200335. Saul Wolf  
200334. Michele Martin this is horrible and should be removed
200333. andrea lunine  
200332. LAURA BASOLA Remove this site immediately.
200331. JONATHAN JAY STEINBERG I will never use google again until they change this!
200330. Lorette Scheiner  
200329. Barry Graus  
200328. ira bogart  
200327. David Ichelson  
200326. yossi  
200325. Andrew D. Washton Please remove this nefarious website.
200324. Janis Drake  
200323. Jeffrey S Stillman  
200322. Gerardo Rogoff  
200321. Dr. Marwin Meller  
200320. wajsbort  
200319. jason berman  
200318. Carla Sage  
200317. Flora Meller  
200316. Maddy Zubrin  
200315. Joe Elm  
200314. Ann Chwatsky this is disgusting
200313. Danny Briskin  
200312. Dr. Marwin Meller  
200311. Lois Leonard  
200310. patricia stanley  
200309. gwen small  
200308. Cindy Roth  
200307. Raymond Aisner  
200306. Stan  
200305. Kevin M OKeefe  
200304. Steve and Marcia Kane  
200303. Alyne M O'Keefe  
200302. cheryl gold  
200301. Andrea & Mitch Busch  
200300. Joe Smith  
200299. Laurie Zeitz  
200298. Esther Amarante  
200297. Jaime Fiszerowicz  
200296. Ernesto Kolodzinski disgraceful
200295. David Gerb  
200294. charlie unger  
200293. Stuart J Cohen  
200292. Barbara Heller This is tragic. Please G-d let us all unite as one people and thus stop the anti-semitism.
200291. peter livins š
200290. Benjamin Kropsky  
200289. Sandra Richmond  
200288. Rosi Schwarz shameful
200287. Howard Myers  
200286. Dmitry Lefelman must be removed
200285. Mike Shipman  
200284. Elaine Loewer  
200283. Susie Shipman  
200282. Peter Lewis  
200281. Eric Blumer  
200280. Steffi Bokser Jews make outstanding contributions
200279. Arthur Rodbell  
200278. Mark Felman  
200277. Robert Colbert  
200276. alberto esquenazi  
200275. A. B. Shapiro  
200274. carrie  
200273. James Stodder  
200272. Judie Ruzek How could you do this?
200271. Mina Nataupsky  
200270. Anne Manasse the site is pure bigotry
200269. Jane Mendlow  
200268. Jo Buxbaum  
200267. michelle heller  
200266. ANDREA GREEN  
200265. Joel Kaplan how can this disgusting anti semitic site be the first site??????
200264. Irene  
200263. Isaac Axel  
200262. david rush the only thing we learn from from history is that we don't learn. author: Walt Whitman
200261. ely lenik  
200260. Warren Thomas  
200259. richard s reiner you should be ashamed
200258. dvora mendelzys how long before Google gets the message to monitor hate sites?
200257. Dora Sawicki As a Holocaust survivor this is like killing my family all over agian.
200256. Chana Engelman  
200255. Ella F.  
200254. Simcha Stop the madness!!!
200253. Norman J Baratt  
200252. Chaim Israel  
200251. Esther S. Beck Stop this ancient hate
200250. S. Wasser  
200249. saul zipper all lies
200248. saritte rogers  
200247. Larry Siegel  
200246. fiana tulchinskaya  
200245. Pat Libman  
200244. Donald Sharpe  
200243. Jacob Singer  
200242. Jeffrey Sakol  
200241. Max Feibelman  
200240. David I. Marshall  
200239. Mark A Sperling MD It is outrageous racism that should never have made it to the pages of Google-your standards are too high to permit this anti semitism on your websites
200238. Moshe Gur  
200237. William S. Gross Please eliminate Jew Watch from Google
200236. Garrett budoff  
200235. Daniel budoff  
200234. Wendy Levitt  
200233. Fran Karm  
200232. Richard A. Kravitz why didn't your office review this stuff before allowing it to appear in the first place
200231. Mak shame!!!
200230. Linda Weiner  
200229. david strauzer  
200228. rachel porges  
200227. Jina Lindstedtt  
200226. Joel Chupack  
200225. Heimo Gruber  
200224. Steve Klein  
200223. Leon J Godfrey Google- your a disgrace
200222. HARRY  
200221. Maurice Purcell  
200220. Jake  
200219. Edith Kravitz this is despicable material
200218. Erica Groschler  
200217. Michelle Scott  
200216. Omar Ravenhurst  
200215. Gwinevere von Ludwig  
200214. Ron Hollander  
200213. Terrry Harris  
200212. mark kesler site is a blatant hate mongering site
200211. Osnath Rice So few Jews in the world, yet so much overwhelming attention and hatred focused on them, WHY ?
200210. Dr G. Kurz  
200209. Irwin Glick  
200208. Anita K Paris  
200207. slava kosurkin  
200206. Elaine Hannock  
200205. Katalin Kurz  
200204. lea  
200203. Sylvan Beer It is not a legitimate site because the only purpose is spreading of hatred.
200202. Vadim Laser Stop this shameful site
200201. Madelyn Taylor This site is despicable!
200200. Anne Birnhak This site is racist and anti-semitic. It must be closed.
200199. Gwen Goldie  
200198. Lynne  
200197. Tabitha in this day of age, doesn't this guy have other things to worry about?
200196. harold kleiman is google a closet anti-semitic company?
200195. Ilene Manna  
200194. itzhak sagy  
200193. Norman Gardner  
200192. Dorrit Raiter All anti-Semitic websites must be deleted
200191. Bruce A. Slivnick  
200189. Corey Powell  
200188. Irv Karm  
200187. m elpers  
200186. Robert Broder  
200185. Shevi Fried  
200184. Ellen Pressman  
200183. Elena Vinogradov  
200182. Matthew Jay Freedman  
200181. Risa Roberts  
200180. Rhona Streit  
200179. Jeffrey Rosnick Remove this website from Google. It is offensive and unthruthful
200178. William Ray  
200177. Sharon Ben-Meir this is an outrage!
200176. Sandra Brown  
200175. s botwinick  
200174. M.Bennett Disgusting & Bigoted
200173. pat janowski this is abhorrent
200172. alan brandt  
200171. Michael Minkoff  
200170. Dr. Shimon Gat  
200169. Annati  
200168. Ethel Brandt  
200167. Judith S. Jacobson  
200166. Alyse Hersh  
200165. Dena ROBBINS  
200164. vieri salvadori freedom of speech is a most important issue but my impression is that this website goes well beyond this and into a realm of hatred and mis-information which is not worthy of google
200162. Jeffrey Simons Please remove this disgraceful website
200161. menachem Dekelbaum  
200160. Sandra This is a disgrace to Google
200159. Anna Marie Vitanza  
200158. Emanuel Krifcher  
200157. Gerald Notick  
200156. david drucker  
200155. Jeffrey Kaplan  
200154. tania rose  
200153. Moti Levy  
200152. Howard R Schwartz  
200151. Colleen Golden  
200150. ray fleischer the sooner deleted the better
200149. Schwarz  
200148. Miriam Freund  
200147. harriet brown  
200146. gs don morris, Ph.D.  
200145. Schwarz  
200144. malya kunstler web site is horrific and unfounded
200143. stephanie  
200142. Laura Honda  
200141. mschmerler abomination
200140. Alan Goldsmith To have on google is disgusting and undermines all that google is supposed to stand for!
200139. Judy Hansen Hatred begets hatred, please remove Jewwatch from Google
200138. mike jacobs  
200137. Ruth Contreras remove immediately this anti-semitic site from Google
200136. Willliam Dreskin  
200135. Mary Mortenson Kaye The world is already choking and gasping in the fumes of lies and hate. Remove this source of poisonous pollution from Google.
200134. Wendy Dreskin  
200133. md remove now
200132. Allan Landau STOP THIS ATROCITY
200131. David Goldsteiin  
200130. Sherrie Zadok  
200129. A M Whithed Please respect ALL people. Remove this now.
200128. Ernest Sternberg  
200127. Tim Clemens petty hate sites should not be able to be found if safe search is on
200126. Tal Madmon  
200125. Roslyn Houtman  
200124. Tiffany Collins  
200123. S. Henderson  
200121. Bernard L. Fox  
200120. Denise Capps  
200119. Gary A. Miller  
200118. Cyril Braude Welcome to 1936 - its amazing how naive we are about history repeating itself.
200117. Barbara Feldman This is disgusting.
200116. Malky Cagan  
200115. c dicman  
200114. Gloria Litwin  
200113. dima ziv  
200112. m. graber  
200111. Wilda L. Strange  
200110. Judith L Galuardi  
200109. tamar oren  
200108. Janet Century DDS  
200107. arlene silvers  
200106. Tracy Sparks  
200105. David Kane unfit for human consumption
200104. mark milberg  
200103. Nathan Bell Despicable
200102. Linda Green  
200101. DEAN NEVID  
200100. Elizabeth Bromstein Disappointed that Google would allow this.
200099. Stuart Schwartz Very understandable that it is hard to control every word in a seach however, when it is noticed by the public and there is an appeal to get that search result removed for anti - semetic reasons, then that appeal must be heard and acted upon. Please remove "jew watch" as soon as possible.
200098. edward ruvins  
200097. carolyn robbins  
200096. jo pearlman  
200095. hadas laureano  
200094. Ezra Finkelstein  
200093. Sjoukje de Vries  
200092. Sylvia Reuben I hve just spent over 2 hours viewing the site and it's reminds me of the media when I was growing up 70 years ago. I thought things have changed, but this site is just as bad.
200091. gladys robbins  
200090. Anne de Vries  
200089. Robert Wexler Whate is the Jewwatch if not a hate organization
200088. Dorothy Hockenberg  
200087. Henny Frankenhuis  
200086. Scott Wynn This is a disgrace and needs to be removed immediately
200085. Hanoch Kristal  
200084. Jennifer Strimling  
200083. Sima Alper  
200082. Yvonne Simons  
200081. Rachelle Oortwijn  
200080. Simon Frankenhuis  
200079. roey lies & hate speech
200078. Dennis Ward Please remove
200077. Linda Horton Remove Jew Watch immediately - its disgusting
200076. Tony Leaderman It's illegal to spread racial intolerance, isn't it?
200075. Eleanor Fry  
200074. marilyn markin  
200073. Mireille W please remove or bury this website under the HATE website category
200072. Dvora Bernstein  
200071. S Hirsch The site disgusts me and is not a good reflection on Google!
200070. Aleksey Pinkhasov  
200069. David Hershberg  
200068. Evelyn Shular Dana  
200067. marilyn amsel  
200066. Sheryl Elengold  
200065. Jill Kramer  
200064. STEPHEN R. WOLF  
200063. S D Winegarten  
200062. Marc Kantrowitz  
200061. Michael D. Baer  
200060. jerome blum  
200059. heksch  
200058. Lindsay Kotler  
200057. Bill Dana Szathmary Jose Jimenez is Jewish
200056. Tara Madmon GET THIS OFF!!
200055. Ronald Stewart  
200054. Tara Gray  
200053. T wezberg  
200052. Eduardo Ojeda  
200051. mike pomish  
200050. Rosemary Fleiss Google needs to uphold some basic decency standards for its sites. Please don't let this be an example of how we use the internet.
200049. Stephanie Gross Please do something.
200048. marilyn shalks this site is an ensightment to hatred
200047. MOSHE FEIGER  
200046. Milton Sturm  
200045. Moshe Stasz  
200044. Rose B. Goldstein  
200043. erin peterson  
200042. MASE SILVER disgusting, and narrowed minded sick people
200041. Sharon Yale  
200040. Patricia Bizzell  
200039. Lee Saal  
200038. RoslynStavisky  
200037. stanley saal  
200036. Gad Weissfeld  
200035. Selwyn Gersowsky  
200034. Martin.Lawitz  
200033. jerome j delott  
200032. Arnold Friedman  
200031. Eric J Simon  
200030. david lee frankfurt  
200029. Arnold Hirsch until it is removed I will use another search engine
200028. Alan I. Shweky Really guys, the first entry?
200027. Leo Goldberg All of my non-Jewish friends are very disturbed by this site.
200026. RoslynStavisky  
200025. Rose B. Goldstein  
200024. Nanci Kaplan Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.
200023. Jacob Kooper  
200022. Joan Goldberg We must eradicate prejudice and misunderstanding among peoples. Therefore, JewWatch is unacceptable and heinous to all in 2007!
200021. Gal sade remove this site
200020. Murray Ellis  
200019. Teresa Sims  
200018. noga  
200017. Edward Freeman  
200016. Sara  
200015. Igor  
200014. myra shuldman  
200013. Randy Gollub  
200012. Gala Handler  
200011. Sheril Hirsch I'm removing Google from my favorites and only using Ask from now on.
200010. Zissy Brown Horrible sight
200009. Judy Kupchan  
200008. douglas warshaw PLEASE REMOVE THIS
200007. Louise Walls  
200006. Ed Harris  
200005. Gaula Lipkin  
200004. Stephen R. Sostmann  
200003. Jolinda Naas  
200002. David Enock  
200001. marcy chant  
200000. GERDA SLESS disgusting site, totally biased
199999. Lois Jacobson  
199998. AMY GORWITS  
199997. Susan Taichman-Robins  
199996. Susan Dutiger  
199995. billie sandler  
199994. Donna Auerbach Please block this site from gmail
199993. Esther If someone puts up a site like this there should be proven factual information!
199992. Raymond B  
199991. Debra Jones This site is a disgrace. It needs to be removed
199990. Galia B  
199989. Joanne Sacoff I will NEVER use google again if this site is not removed QUICKLY
199988. michael kottler  
199987. Richard Neumann  
199986. Becky de Manevich THIS IS OFFENSIVE!
199985. freda  
199984. Marci Margolis  
199983. Ed Wax  
199982. judith forman REMOVE THIS SITE
199981. Robert M. Lipshutz, Esquire  
199980. Rosie Synge  
199978. david wagner  
199977. mark freeman  
199976. daphna rikman  
199975. ellen guber  
199974. Philip Schmidt Please remove this now.
199973. sharon berk This is not freedom of speech. This is dangerous propoganda that incites hate! When will we do everything we can, esp. in our FREE country, to promote peace and respect.
199972. Rifca Cohen This is GARBAGE! Shame on Google!!
199971. Morgan Godorov  
199970. Adi Haller Extremely upsetting!!
199969. Stacey Kay This site should not be the first thing that pops up on Google
199968. Daniel Segal  
199967. Ellen Stern  
199966. Becky Cohen It´s discosting and criminal
199965. mark needlleman  
199964. Mira Goldstein  
199963. judith michael  
199962. ruth herscovitch absolutely shocking
199961. Barry Margolis  
199960. Alexandra Weiss  
199959. Lisa Callahan  
199958. Carole Chanler hate messages have no place on the internet
199957. Peter Farndon  
199956. Doris Kason  
199955. L SNYDER  
199954. Dan Kaplan  
199953. Heidi Rodeheaver  
199952. Mira Goldstein  
199951. diana santamaria  
199950. Steven Tannenbaum  
199949. adam grant  
199948. georges blau-turner  
199947. Debi Buzil  
199946. Leslie replace hate with love Holocaust with safe life
199945. Susan Pritchet this site is repulsive and promotes hatred.
199944. merwin kruger  
199943. Rachel Silverman please remove this from the google search engine
199942. Dennis Fingold  
199941. Sid Schwartz  
199940. Linda Holbert  
199939. ethel  
199938. xuan.liang  
199937. Carol  
199936. stephanie torkian  
199935. Etta Cohen  
199934. Sheila Ezratty  
199933. Eli Greenberg  
199932. Martin L. Katz  
199931. Martin L. Katz  
199930. Vitaliy Koval those people are scum
199929. Brian Zucker  
199928. stephanie dimuzio  
199927. Abraham  
199926. armando This is an unspeakable site
199925. Lorena Warat Remove it. Unacceptable!
199924. Sasha J Lamoureux freedom of speech is one thing; hate propaganda is unacceptable. Google should have higher standands than to allow this (especially as one of the first results to come up with a search of the word 'jew').
199923. Raohael  
199922. nancy blender  
199921. Haim Rodal  
199920. Nancy Kissock  
199919. Linda Freeman  
199918. jordan hecktman a disgrace for the slander and misrepresentation to be placed on your website
199917. s tauber ?
199916. Malka  
199915. Howie Bernstein Please remove this terrible site dedicated to hate
199914. Jeff Kaye  
199913. D Burke  
199912. Ruthanne Silverstein  
199911. Rachel  
199910. Martin Kace  
199909. Youval Ronen  
199908. Wayne Weinberger  
199907. Amy Daskal  
199906. barbara segal  
199905. karen auster  
199904. Louis Weston  
199903. Nataliya Gritsevskaya  
199902. Kenny Vanden Berghe  
199901. Mireille Neri  
199900. hedva &haim spiegel we are against antisemitism
199898. Igor Reiz  
199897. Sue Lovell  
199896. reuben holland There should be some way to remove aggressively hateful material in a dynamic way so that it automatically gets rejected when certain reasonable thresgholds are crossed
199895. A. Dwyer  
199894. B Kag  
199892. Ellen Goldenberg This site MUST go! You appear to be encouraging it. This would not be the impression I would want to give.
199891. NORMAN LEPOW  
199890. Ronald Steinberg  
199889. joel moss  
199888. steven buzil  
199886. Shana Groeschler  
199885. Evan Granovsky  
199884. emanuel krassenstein  
199883. Alyssa Marko  
199882. Sandra Brooks  
199881. Burton Brooks  
199880. Ronald S. Gerstley I understand how this could happen...I also understand how easy it is for your group to fix this. Step out of the box and be real. The world has enough problems without your group misrepresenting the truth.
199879. romy krassenstein  
199878. Leonid Isakov  
199877. Inna  
199876. Bob Steel  
199875. Dan Davidson  
199874. Paul Goldschmidt The reference to the offensive showed up as the third item on my screen after two items from wikipedia
199873. Eva Rapkin  
199872. David Reuben  
199871. hanna e bloomfield  
199870. Norman Shapiro  
199869. Oreet Segal get this garbage off the web!!!
199868. Robert Cobe This is a hateful site
199867. sherman shapiro  
199866. Allan Goshin Why aren't you doing this already?
199865. Aliza S  
199864. Annette Goldstein This site has no place in public discourse
199863. T. Newman Obsenity
199862. Yanina Rojkes  
199861. Michael P. Pacin  
199860. Brian Cocco  
199859. Alan N. Sussman  
199858. Perry Isenberg  
199857. kathy jenkins  
199856. Natalie Pecht All racism is despicable. In these troubled times we all need to learn respect and tolerance.
199855. brian kiel  
199854. Jeremy Munn  
199853. Edward and Lisa Jesin  
199852. Natalie Sherman  
199851. Inna Gurevich  
199850. ira s. novak  
199849. Joel Lieber  
199848. Laurel Chalifoux This is offensive
199847. Carol Lieber  
199846. Edgar J. Gintz Vulgar and degrading
199845. Walter T. Ollen  
199844. irving fischer  
199843. Lori Gerstley  
199842. ARNELLE HART Let all the Jewish people live in a world without any ani-semitism or hatred!
199841. Barry Kann  
199840. joan fischer  
199839. Esther Moses  
199838. Rachel Apter  
199837. Errol Grolman  
199836. marge brock  
199835. Dr. Lawrence Spiegelman  
199832. William King This website just goes to prove you don't have to be ignorant to be ignorant.
199830. Sandra Sand  
199829. Murray Leffler  
199828. Steven Silverman  
199827. Jessica amend  
199826. Joel Baron  
199825. rachel husney  
199824. Donald Fisher  
199823. ilana  
199822. gloria lederman  
199821. Harriet Vale  
199820. Hedy Lazar  
199819. Mark frankl  
199818. Daniel Vale  
199817. susan Polin  
199816. Arthur Shield It is an affront to society to have such a site apprear on the internet or elsewhere. Please remove immediately.
199815. Lynn Dils  
199814. Betty Pollack  
199813. Sue Spivak  
199812. carla glass  
199811. Caryn Barcus  
199810. LYNDA SOLOMON This is a virulant anti-semitic web-site, and I am disgusted WITH google for allowing it to use it's site.
199809. Rob Marcus  
199808. Mira Ludevig  
199807. Emil Goldstein  
199806. Jackie Soll  
199805. dalia carmel goldstein  
199804. AHARON  
199803. Allyson  
199802. dalia carmel goldstein this is an absolute abomination
199801. R Lane  
199800. Lisa Schneider  
199799. Dan Sullivan  
199798. Helen Howard  
199797. Abe Gulko PLEASE TAKE OFF
199796. stu  
199795. Madelaine Cooper  
199794. ronald meyers  
199793. Michael Blumenthal  
199792. Jordan Greenstein Get rid of the website
199791. Stuart Bohrer, M.D.  
199790. Simon Harris  
199789. renee ginsberg  
199788. Dianne Salam Please remove from your search engine. This site is a disgrace.
199787. Grace Bass  
199786. Letizia Piperno  
199785. Ruth Collins  
199784. zenabarnes  
199782. anat  
199781. Phyllis Gitlin  
199780. David Mafdali Hate filled
199779. Bernie Slome Google should not participate in anything so racist and anti-semitic
199778. Sally & Ike Kaufman We are outraged that this type of hatred is shown on a goggle network and is an insult to our American way of life. Shame on you.
199777. Shirley Cohen  
199776. Linda Kabot  
199775. Noam Porat No to hatred.
199774. ALLAN F HYATT  
199773. Elaine R. Klein Please take this response seriously and remove this heinous website from your search engine. Hate and propoganda should not be promoted.
199772. Joy Sussman take me off of this nasty web site.
199771. Stephen R. Fish, Jr.  
199770. Sari Schoen  
199769. elias garnik  
199767. Dana Benarroch  
199766. silvia r  
199765. Alan V Abrams  
199764. sandra bienenstock  
199763. sandra bienenstock  
199762. Adena Levi  
199761. David Rosen  
199760. Marla Ruttenberg  
199759. william silverman  
199758. Patty Annunziata  
199757. Robin Jacobs  
199756. shoshana faire  
199755. Cheryn Beatty  
199754. anne brounstein  
199753. Yona Goodman  
199752. Edward Shustin  
199751. barbara echeverria this web site is taking advantage of freedom of speech
199750. michael katen  
199749. I. Kofsky  
199748. Sy Stone  
199746. Remy Toledo sad to see this ignorance
199745. Nina Freudenheim hateful
199744. Liza Bush  
199743. Jeff Alter  
199742. miriam chinnick  
199741. William Feingold I am opposed to censorship. However I believe that making obscene statements designed to promote hate are wrong and should not be afforded any consideration or publicity.
199740. cimber  
199739. doris grubin remove this destructive material from your list
199738. Benjamin Jacobson Legally you have no responsibility but ethically? I think it's obvious...
199737. moshe rosenbaum  
199736. Jacques Israël  
199735. elizabeth brownridge  
199734. roslyn seligman  
199733. James Harris  
199732. Richard Abramson  
199731. galit chen  
199730. victoria Sugarman  
199729. Nancy Braverman This website is highly offensive.
199728. Sandra Bobrow  
199727. EileneGreene Kutin  
199726. Sydne Steinberg  
199725. melvin gross  
199724. henry freedman  
199723. yoni  
199722. Harvey D. Kohn As a stock holder I'm embarrassed
199720. zach Please remove jewwatch from google
199719. Blayne Goldman  
199718. amanda j  
199717. Abe Serot remove without delay
199716. Ricki Rice-Felsen  
199715. Maude Brossoie Please remove this immediately. It is an embassment at the least!
199714. amanda kentridge  
199713. Sarit  
199712. parmet itzhak remove
199711. Oren please remove 'jewwatch' from google's search engine
199710. rivka shpak lissak  
199709. Justine Herz  
199708. Alejandra Nahmias  
199707. Kendra Tobes This is extremely disturbing.
199706. Eliyahu Mitterhoff  
199705. Frank Michelson  
199704. ruthy hyatt  
199703. leonardo minujen  
199702. shelly  
199701. Robin Stamler  
199700. Peter A. Bernstein  
199699. Fred Melnick  
199698. Nicole Take it off now!
199697. maureen von minden  
199696. shmuel  
199695. D. S. Wisnia Disgraceful - not what the internet is about.
199694. Lee Liebmann  
199693. Anita S. Barenbein  
199692. Marina Jacobson  
199691. Eva Liebmann  
199690. Keith Grubman  
199689. Thalia That makes my blood run cold, that webpage is a disgrace
199688. Samuel Bobrow  
199687. Eliana Lomnitz Outrageous!!!!!!!!!
199686. Gary Smith  
199685. Arthur š
199684. Edward Isaac  
199683. Debra Minutillo  
199682. jonah arnold  
199681. rachel cohen  
199680. Dan Klein please remove it!
199679. Cheryl Hoffman this is an outrage
199678. Howard Shapiro  
199677. michael segen  
199676. Cindy  
199675. sergio zatz  
199674. harvey finelstein remove this disturbing site asap
199673. Naomi Sedek  
199672. michael Gould This site is disgusting.
199671. Neil Weinstein  
199670. dr. neil katz PLEASE remove this damaging site
199669. Erika Fairchild  
199668. Carl Tomanelli  
199667. Kathleen Fabry  
199666. raanan s. mallet  
199665. Martha Tomanelli  
199664. George Gabor  
199663. Traci Sloan  
199662. judy naiditch  
199661. Marilyn Fox shocking!!!!
199659. Ron Jedwab  
199658. Thomas G. Gutheil MD Appalling hate spech.
199657. B. Delman  
199656. jane finkelstein  
199655. paula sherman  
199654. david grunberg  
199653. Cheryl Jackson  
199652. B Nissan  
199651. Judy Rogers  
199650. Lisa  
199649. Lawrence Schear  
199648. Howard Heller  
199647. Cathy Jackerson  
199646. Robert DeVito  
199645. Debra Marlowe  
199644. Pat Lash  
199643. Phyllis H. Dvorkis Jews have suffered enough for over 5000 years. Enough is enough
199642. Rachel S  
199641. Myra K  
199640. JUDI ALTER This is very sad that someting like this can be in full view.
199639. Ellen  
199638. Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacaobson Shame on Google!
199637. Olivia Henderson  
199636. Igor Wilderman  
199635. Hal Bernstein  
199634. April Jacobson  
199633. Lorne Douglas Blumer Although I appreciate and certainly believe the statement on the Google website that the fact that the JewWatch website is what comes up when one does a search on "Jew" is by no means a reflection of anti-semistism on Google's part, I think a little more diligence is in order. After all, if a search for "blacks" brought up similarly racsist sites, would that go unaddressed?
199632. Chana Ron  
199631. Barbara Katz  
199630. joshua livnat  
199629. Marvin Garfinkel  
199628. Ferrel Rimer  
199627. Lois Goldstein  
199626. susan salmansohn  
199625. Anne Sultoon  
199624. Betsy Cohn  
199623. donna weinstock  
199622. pdskelker  
199621. Dina Griffin-Venable  
199620. Lea Garber  
199619. Jodi Pasternak  
199618. Tommy Kay  
199617. Louis Stoia  
199616. lesley Kay  
199615. Alex Campbell  
199614. Lori H. Shapero The site is offensive to any reasonable thinking man and can only serve to fuel hatred and falsehoods and should removed immediately
199613. Leslie Finke  
199611. Nellie Goodvach Let's remove hate from the world.
199610. Bari McKinney  
199609. Dorothy Wachsstock Disgusting..and anti-semitic
199608. Avi N  
199607. Joyce Abdalla  
199606. Gerda Albert This is disgraceful!
199605. Lisa Donatelli This is a despicable site and Google must remove it..
199604. Lois Garfinkel  
199603. Claudia Miller  
199602. Ellen disgusting
199601. pnina monrov  
199600. s. zerin  
199599. T. M. Hatzell  
199598. diego indecente
199597. June Halper Racist, anit-semetic
199596. y.miller  
199595. BH How sad is it that we live in a world where hatred is so prevalent. Sites like this should not exist for anyone.
199594. Ronnie Sidman  
199593. Stan Serota You can clean up China so clean this up!
199592. Ned R. Turner Having Jewwatch on YOUR site is irresponsible. I know that this is a free country, but to have false information and hate mongers is dreadful.
199591. rebecca r  
199590. Allan Adelson  
199589. Naomi Spector  
199588. V.Cadranel  
199587. Howard Gould  
199586. cathy  
199585. Hilary Smith  
199584. Beth Epstein  
199583. Michael Anderson  
199582. Neil Brian Zive  
199581. anna jedeikin very disturbing that it still happening today
199580. kenneth davidson  
199579. Catherine Zeitoun  
199578. Robert M. Flayhart  
199577. Yehuda F  
199576. Anat Karp  
199575. oded  
199574. Pam Stone extremely urgent - you should police your site for all anti - racist listings
199573. Fay Mesibov shame on you!
199572. sol leski  
199571. Theresa Wolff  
199570. Eveline Weyl Please remove
199569. ron getlan  
199568. Fiona Phillips  
199567. Patsy Prince  
199566. Jeff Glass  
199565. JANET E. RITTER  
199564. Miha Biterman  
199563. jill  
199562. Michelle Rojas  
199561. Dorothy Abrams  
199560. Shari  
199559. yoni bar  
199558. M Murad  
199557. Steven Faull  
199556. amanda schwartz disgusting!
199555. Noga Kaftori  
199554. Adi Kaftori  
199553. Avner  
199552. Michelle Stoops  
199551. gregory k  
199550. Gal Friedman  
199549. Ken Bernard  
199548. lorainebenson  
199547. Julie FEder  
199546. Emil  
199545. lauren chez  
199544. Helen Cressey There´s already enough hatred in the world - without promoting it in Google
199543. victor faux  
199542. Rosanne Milic  
199541. Tracy Rain  
199540. Dina Goren Ber  
199539. Diana  
199538. Rebecca Starkman  
199537. Stephen Jerome  
199536. Debra L. Short  
199534. Marcia R. Silverman  
199533. Enrique Daniel Tabak  
199532. HAROLD J. TOBES  
199531. josef derzavich  
199530. Ilene Hass  
199529. Debbie Pulik It is very sad that such hate and lies are available through this wonderful search engine. Please remove it
199528. Brandon Lebovitz  
199527. Shayna  
199526. vered amit  
199525. Diane Andruszko  
199524. rachel nudler  
199523. AS Lampert  
199522. maya nudler  
199521. Joanne Morris  
199520. jill cunningham  
199519. Helen Sherman  
199518. Jacquie Jerome It's a disgrace that such a site exists and I feel ashamed that Google would allow it! It should be removed immediately.
199517. Diane Munn  
199516. yifat levy  
199515. hadas nudler i am shocked at this show of hate. pls remove at once.
199514. Danielle Cravitz its disusting
199513. Jacob Munn  
199512. igal  
199511. Jeremy Kaplan  
199510. eddie  
199509. Oran  
199507. jack stern  
199506. Rosa Victòria Gras  
199505. Andrea Mullen Block  
199504. Taylor B. Kessler sick and sickening stuff
199503. Sally Minard Disgusting stuff. Please remove it now.
199502. Louis P Geoffrion  
199501. russell manning  
199500. Beloosesky Yichayaou  
199499. julie sadler  
199498. James Ashton  
199497. cindi pasceri Change it immediately, what were you thinking?
199496. Steven R. Cohen  
199495. Eidth Wiseman  
199494. Saul Medoff Remove me
199493. Rozenblum John Howard  
199492. ravit  
199491. linda stern  
199490. Karen Rosenberg  
199489. barbara glaser how can you continue this calumny???!!!!
199488. Di Phelan  
199487. avni abraham  
199486. Karin remove
199485. Judith Himber Please remove this collection of screed
199484. Leah  
199483. susan  
199482. Sandra Shapira  
199481. Sam Blumenstein  
199480. Miriam  
199479. Laurent Choppe  
199478. James Hazlett  
199477. David M Harris please remove this hateful site instantly.
199476. Carrie Lear  
199475. Francine Levinson  
199474. Nira Yakir  
199473. Dragomirescu Mihaela  
199472. Steven Funk  
199471. Stanley Klein  
199470. Stanley Klein  
199469. David Hanser  
199468. Sarah Goodman  
199467. Sandi Glasgow Disgusting
199466. Jessica  
199465. hormoz i dont like that f***** adware
199464. neil kagan a disgrace ! Fight anti semitism!
199463. Ido S any racist/hatred site should be down, this one is especially virulent
199462. Benjamin Tsalkovich  
199461. Sandra Conley  
199460. Janett Miller Godwin I am not Jewish but this is racist
199459. Ron T.  
199458. Orlia Brogno Offending and inappropriate
199457. yael  
199456. John Zachman This is a deplorable state of affairs!
199455. Beverly Kahn  
199454. Maxwell Morrison  
199453. A P K Wenster  
199452. Jacqui Brener  
199451. yael kedar  
199450. Brian David Webb is a disgusting slur on Britain, and on the survivors of the holocaust.
199449. nathan Bruh discrimatory should not be permitted hope we are sucessful
199448. marjorie udelf  
199447. R.Kaye It is time to stop hate - racism is the worst form.
199446. j Tow shameful and A sad reminder of the never ending hate for A particular non -homicidal bombing ,God loving people.
199445. lenore sche  
199444. sofia dovrat  
199443. Batia Osman  
199442. Esther Kaplan a scary bunch
199441. Leon Osman  
199440. surinder kaur  
199439. Rami Hofstetter  
199438. Lorraine Rosen  
199436. Sandra Cohen Discrimination of this type is unacceptable
199435. CHRISTINE LEAR God says He will curse those who curse Israel and bless those who bless Israel
199434. Lindi Rosen  
199433. Henry Stone  
199432. Susi Spiers  
199431. Ashley Why does religion cause problems- Let there be Peace for all?
199429. deckel zeev  
199428. Edna Kira Nielsen  
199427. Gideon Hadari  
199426. Hannah Adler  
199425. Erez Koren Pleas remove the site !!!
199424. Tony Shore  
199423. Dr. Isaak P. Abramov  
199422. Evenhaime  
199421. David Goldstone  
199420. Joanne Colthup I am not Jewish but am highly offended by Jewwatch
199419. Julian Mann  
199418. gedalia This site is a Shame and Danger for all Humanity! For this work and this site pay destroyers of this world. We should choose Life and Piece but not a freedom for envy and killers. We should stop them by any means and not wait of atom or biological Hokocast.
199417. Levi  
199416. karen neumann  
199415. Bonnie E  
199414. grazia ferrazzini  
199413. Remy Luria  
199412. Esther  
199410. Mark Herman  
199409. Gerald Coorsh  
199408. Hilary Jacobson  
199407. Jacob Kaplan  
199406. robin permut This site belongs in the trash
199405. Abraham Kopenhagen  
199404. Renee FENBY  
199403. Asher Peretz  
199402. Chaim  
199401. Annette Cooper  
199400. Mote Lewis  
199399. Mark LaRoque  
199398. marc  
199397. j. gerszonovicz  
199396. Annette Grauman  
199395. Audrey Fabre  
199394. Raphael Rosenbaum  
199393. Sonja Holoch  
199392. dana sela  
199391. Helene Marlin  
199390. Nadia Reid Get rid of this bull*$#!
199389. Hadassa Goldberg  
199388. Grace  
199387. gil google should do better than this
199386. Ado lFo Yes, remove this website from google search engine
199385. Jonathan Gollow This site is unacceptable and racist
199384. Nir  
199383. Doron Gershoni  
199382. Leonard Bell  
199381. Paul Dirty scum bags
199380. simha  
199379. Jakob Perera  
199378. Moshe Goldberg  
199377. Torger Chanan Dahl  
199376. Chavi Feingold  
199375. B. and K. Müller How on earth can Google accept this site???
199374. david joel  
199373. asher  
199372. seth swirsky  
199371. Yas  
199370. Marilyn Meshekow Weisdorf this is a disgraceful site
199369. Avivit  
199368. L Holzman  
199367. Neville Farmer  
199366. Sherry Ellen  
199365. betty_levin  
199364. yitzhak leshem ugly and full of anti-semitism
199363. guy bachinsky A Jew
199362. Yehuda Yates  
199361. desiree kohan Racist Red Neck
199360. Anouk  
199359. Dragomirescu Andrei Mihai  
199358. gali  
199357. Shellee Higgs  
199356. Chana Pines That's a really mean thing to do. I AM A JEW AND JEWISH PEOPLE ARE NICE, SO DON'T BE ANTI- SYMITIC.
199355. melisa norman  
199354. larry kobren  
199353. Shlomo Pines  
199352. David Bentov  
199351. Amanda Harris  
199350. brian addlestone  
199349. Lior  
199348. jo Stewart  
199347. Alon Saban  
199346. seri deyo please remove this hate site from your search engine
199345. Abramov, Dimitri Nein dem Antisemitismus!
199344. estelle martin is'nt there enough hatred in the world
199343. Leo Kaplan  
199342. Tamar Cohen  
199341. Nathalie  
199340. Nir Berman  
199339. Carmella Grynberg  
199338. rami tamir  
199337. ken millard  
199336. Liron Barak  
199335. SEEV SCHWABE  
199334. Judy Marks  
199333. Elizabeth Steinfield  
199332. zvi zmora  
199331. Ralph Chayen  
199330. D Navias  
199329. Daniel providing ammunition to a social behaviour that is rife in the world already, especially an unacceptable defamatory one, should not be permitted by a company such as Google, who know that they have so much influence in the world. Hatred in the world may sell newspapers but in the long run will lead to the downfall of humankind. This type of website should be censored. People have other freedom to discuss their views.
199328. Rosalyn Gelcer  
199327. Hedva R. ÿ
199326. Endelstein  
199325. Martin Lipshatz  
199324. Jesse Grodman  
199323. Miriam Haber  
199321. Victor Cohen  
199320. david mirchin It came up among the top 3, right after wikipedia.
199319. Esther J. Bloch I will be changing from Google to Yahoo
199318. odelia  
199317. Peter Dick  
199316. MARA  
199315. Betty Leon  
199314. Fiona Wicksted iniquitous
199313. MYRA BECKER  
199312. MASSEY  
199311. Ian Pressman  
199310. gonen  
199309. keren ettinger  
199308. Michael S. Bennett  
199307. Itai Elijah  
199306. Rebecca Burrows  
199305. GRINSTEIN honteux,scandaleux
199304. Robert Spriddell  
199303. Melinda  
199302. Stanley Pannaman  
199301. Michal Raz  
199300. erwin weiss  
199299. Paula Kay I am a holocaust survivor
199298. Kamionka  
199297. Lika  
199296. Gal B.  
199295. Natalie Mall  
199294. Shoshana Abramson  
199293. Andrew Kwiat  
199292. Tsahy  
199291. Tammy Gross  
199290. gill teicher  
199289. scott lenga  
199288. samuel Burrows  
199287. LYNN YEFFET  
199286. paul moss get rid of this filth !!!
199285. Brooke Rosenthal  
199284. larisa epelman  
199283. elaine wax This is Horrific!
199282. Heather rosenthal  
199281. Valerya Gurevich sick propaganda
199280. Jeffrey Rosenthal  
199279. marius steigmann  
199278. nuriel  
199277. Risa Rosenthal  
199276. idan  
199275. frances cohen disgusting site
199274. lynn edelman this type of site should not be allowed any place on Google
199273. roberto modiano cancell it please!
199272. weisman shimon  
199270. patrick p  
199269. V Paganini  
199268. Tabbert Fiiller  
199267. Deborah Chottiner  
199266. David Tardo This is a very offensive site please remove this from you search engine. I am a Christian and find this site to be antisemetic and offensive.
199265. S. Rudy  
199264. shimon glick  
199263. Eugene Beye  
199262. Yehuda Efrat  
199261. Avi Brom Remove from the Google Search Engine
199260. gary zuckerbrod  
199259. laurel hirschmann this is sick. google should be ashamed to allow this.
199258. RIVKA SHPAK LISSAK when antisemitism stops?hatred of jews- illnes
199257. Olga Lopez  
199256. eugene m. dal  
199255. David Pezhmannia  
199254. Dr. Alan L. Smith, C.H.,R.H.  
199253. Ted D Shore  
199252. Stas Gray  
199251. Zafrir Ehshtein  
199250. keren yaffe  
199249. eric prestin  
199248. ruth  
199247. Mert Rosenberg  
199246. Sarah Schwarcz A frightening and harrowing moment is to visit this site. Holocaust II via Google? No way! Can't be! Please remove.
199245. Antony Lerman  
199244. Saul Borowitz Get this site off now!
199243. Lois Perez  
199242. Charles Laszlo This Website is offensive and hateful to the extreme. It is also carefully constructed to ensure that it comes up on top of a Google search. It is Google's responsibility to stop spreading this falsehood.
199241. Nicholas Stavroulakis There are many 'Googleisms' that are stupid and reproachable - but that people should be able to abuse the net with anti-semitic material is something even more reproachable...but I suppose it is all part of the general intrusion of pornography into the web as well.
199240. Loreen Ebroon  
199239. Leah Momsen, Cairns, Australia.  
199238. stephen buck take this horrifying sight off
199237. T.Haskell  
199236. noga  
199235. Kevin Werbel  
199234. monica weinberg  
199233. Dr. Ya'akov ben Miller ben Stein get rid of this Anti-semitic site!!!
199232. Carolyn Wilkov  
199231. Faith Young this must be stopped
199230. m amin pleaser remove this very offensive site
199229. Fran  
199228. Aviv and Janet Naamani This is blatanly antiSemitic -- would you have an antigay, antiChinese or antiblack site on there?
199227. Steve Edery  
199226. rose luckin  
199225. STEVEN MORRIS Disgusting!
199224. itay  
199223. Al Lampell  
199222. sherly  
199221. Ivor Brodie  
199220. elandis  
199219. fanny Are we still in the dark ages ? Do we still promote hatred and lies about Jews in the 21st century times? about some mature editting google get rid of this totally unworthy ,unintelligent,narrow, oppressive , dribble!! It can only work to drive Googe integrity down with their editorial garbage about theJewish history and people as a whole race! We are in America aren't we?
199218. bonni gould  
199217. Murray Sheckter  
199216. georgie pls remove anti sematism
199215. Igor  
199214. herzl hefter  
199213. Alina  
199212. Cindi Rose Jews, including Jesus, have suffered enough, they are the most generous people on earth, and it is a religion that Christianity and Islam grew from.
199211. Kent Ugoretz By listing this site, Google is currently promoting anti-semitism.
199210. June Ewing  
199209. Fredric H. Rubel I'm surprised at Google.
199208. James Cihak  
199207. chad johnson please remove this hate mongering site!
199206. Roy Ettenger  
199205. Steve Stein  
199204. carmit  
199203. Natalie Kessler Take Jew Watch off as the first thing that comes up when you want to know something about Jews and put on lists of varying sites to go to that are not hateful and anti-Semetic
199202. benny zviran  
199201. LULU  
199200. Osnat Salomon  
199199. GALE GOLDMAN  
199198. BAHRAM  
199197. BENI  
199196. leah baumgarten take this horrifying sight off
199195. FARIBA  
199194. Carolyn Cooper  
199193. DAVID  
199192. Daniel Stern  
199191. Edie J. Adler Please do not help spread anti-semitism
199190. iris ezra  
199189. rut Kalikas
199188. earl kisluk  
199187. Avraham Milgram  
199186. Andy Plotkin This pack of lies must be removed.
199185. Michael Rothman  
199184. cari coulam  
199183. STL This site must be removed ASAP!
199182. Julie My family and myself will be using Yahoo from now on.
199181. Alexis please remove it!
199180. Jason Troshinsky  
199179. Alice Aboody Isn't there enough hatred in the world?Please remove the vicious "" from your search engine.
199178. Richard Dorenstreich  
199177. Emma Grant-Rosenhead  
199176. Carol Rubel  
199175. Paula Stern This is despicable! Please remove the site!
199174. Tossanchi Nieniel  
199173. Rachel Glick  
199172. Flora Dolnikov  
199171. Zachary Rattner  
199169. Sharon Waisman  
199168. Carol This is very frightening, How can anyone be so filled with hate as this man is.
199167. Sue Rye  
199166. Aaron Goldstein Please remove this site
199165. Mark Nichols please remove! anti-Semitism is abhoirrent
199164. Carol Kaufman This is very frightening, How can anyone be so filled with hate as this man is.
199163. carol cohen  
199162. Jamie Saunt  
199161. Peter Hacker  
199160. Diane Goldman  
199159. ericayorke  
199158. Susan Bleckner  
199157. Gillian Helquist  
199156. Marcia M. Medof  
199155. gina vasiloudis  
199154. brian yorke  
199153. Ori Dinur  
199152. M.Tadmor  
199151. claudia yorke  
199150. chani herskowitz  
199149. E.W.SHEKTER disgusting
199148. Cynthia L. Furst Please remove JewWatch from Google
199147. mae gassman  
199146. Irving Block  
199145. Dorothy Beaman  
199144. gail PLEASE REMOVE IT NOW!
199143. e sandler  
199140. Steven Kaplan  
199139. Sandy S.  
199138. J Shane there is no room for hatred
199137. sam  
199136. Jerry Diamond shameful for this to be occuring on the net
199135. Sivia Loria  
199134. Lisa Freiberger  
199133. James Grant-Rosenhead  
199132. carly cohen  
199131. Debbie Pouratian  
199130. Jared This is the most misinforming ludicrious site that i have seen in a long time. Remove it from google as you would remove a stain from a shirt.
199129. michael serling  
199128. Brian  
199127. Sam hate should not be promoted via Google
199126. katheryn  
199125. Ross Cantor  
199124. Isaac Alder  
199123. David kertesz  
199122. isaac  
199121. Doug Cotler  
199120. J. R. Belmont Exercising good judgment and preventing the propagation of ignorance is NOT censorship.
199119. Shlomo  
199118. dolph reider if this is not removed, will use yahoo instead of google
199117. Jenny Cole  
199116. Andrea Zimmerman I am shocked and appalled that you would permit such a site to be among the first sites that come up to inform people about Judaism!
199115. John of AllFaith "Don't be Evil" is Google's slogan. I support free speech and information sharing however hate speech and lies such as jewwatch is posting should not be advertised by Google. It is evil.
199114. Patti Kahn  
199113. David Schiller  
199112. Louis J. Belmont  
199111. regina  
199110. Bonita Werbell It needs to be removed
199109. Elliot Rudnitzky  
199108. Kate Webster  
199107. Sandra Rudnitzky  
199106. marina chester  
199105. Kenny  
199104. Ann Silver Discriminatory
199103. dan fein  
199102. Esther Schoem  
199101. Sammy Love Puleeeeeese. Let's use some common sense. Just because the anti semitic webmaster knows to get himself to the top of your list by sitting in front of his computer all day and linking himself up with a million other sites, doesn't mean he belongs there. Please get that to a back page or have it removed. Let him go elsewhere.
199100. Velvel Labe Sickening antisemitism at its worst.
199099. H. Hirschfeld Having something like this as part of the google search results is in very poor taste, please remove it.
199098. Boris Dirty flow of hatred and million times discredited lies.
199097. dana shiran  
199096. eran mahrer Offensive content misleading and irresponsible
199095. ben  
199094. Bruce  
199093. Alex Nofech Nazi propaganda is illegal in Canada
199092. RUTH KLOTZMAN He's misinformed, is angry & only spreads hate
199091. Michael  
199090. Nancy Novick  
199089. Elit Rimberg  
199088. Y Let's stuck together!
199087. Becky  
199086. arie goldwirth  
199085. Phyllis Kopf  
199084. Abraham Broudy  
199083. karine ezran this is ridiculous
199082. rena southern  
199081. Reba Rothman  
199080. Nataliya Demchenko  
199079. Howard Milgram  
199077. Deborah
199076. Amy Bernstein  
199075. Jill This is very offensive and I would think it violates your webmaster guidelines?
199074. Jeffrey M. Waldman  
199073. B Newfield  
199072. Marcia Leifer despicable inflammatory site
199071. Arnold Robbins MD How can such awful destructive venom against a people be on your Google Search Engine. Out of decency, you must remove this type of poison!!!
199070. mitchell gluck  
199069. issac Remove the shame
199068. M.J.Lerman  
199067. Kim Wilson Brandt Please remove this heinous disturbing site!
199066. Bonnie Frankel  
199065. Joseph Perlow This is an outright lie, unfit for Google
199064. Aaron Walter  
199063. nadine frankel  
199062. irving schreiber  
199061. Alberto Cotton  
199060. YEHIEL BANAY remove
199059. Elaine Roth  
199058. Neal Goren  
199057. Emanuel R Arbel,MD,FACC  
199056. Vered Klinghofer  
199055. l Bitansky remove this racist garbage thank you
199054. Howard Roth  
199053. Siavash Human  
199052. Judi and Felix Fusco Do we never learn?
199051. Lola Kempner  
199050. Carol Besner  
199049. Dennis Greenberger  
199048. suzette trigger  
199047. Saul Szapiro  
199046. Garry Shomair  
199045. Dede Harris  
199044. Erica Kaplan  
199043. Talia Shafir  
199042. Janet L. Please remove this hateful info...come on, this is 2007 for G-D's sake!
199041. ellen feinstein  
199040. Serena Crystal  
199039. barbara brand  
199038. Robyn J. Epstein  
199037. Lori Shapio  
199036. Dennis Lewenthal Please remove this odious site at once.
199035. Berniece and Dan Reed  
199034. S. Reich  
199033. Jacob Landau  
199032. Jo Lilore  
199031. mendelson š
199030. Sonia and Gene Greenberg  
199029. frada bookman Help us.....Never Again
199028. Melissa Katz  
199027. Karen Ferrier  
199026. Amy Shafron thank you for removing
199025. Gary Katz  
199024. PHIL LEWIS  
199023. Ernest Frankl Repulsive as this sit is, it does exist, but should not be acknowledged by Google or any search engine looking for truth not hate mongering lies
199022. Robby Brodsky Please remove this hate-filled site from Google!
199021. Ann Boone please remove this site from your search engine
199020. Peter Giarrusso  
199019. Ella Rakitin  
199018. bob kahn  
199017. Richard Daniel Blatant lies and exaggerations
199016. Mary M Koss Be responsible, get rid of this reference!
199015. martiin jacobs Vile, viciouus, and false
199014. b. brock  
199013. Lynn Levy  
199012. estelle elinson please remove this
199011. GRACIELA BONN can't believe that there are still people who denied holocaust
199010. eden railsback  
199009. Alex Segal  
199008. beau railsback remove this please
199007. Lois Shelko  
199006. Joel Shelko  
199005. Anat  
199004. AMY FRIEDMAN  
199003. Steve Sloan  
199002. steve railsback please get rid of this
199001. Charles Frank Sick.....
199000. BERNARD KATZ  
198999. Lisa Cioci  
198998. daniel  
198997. Everett Gendler  
198996. mellanie agam  
198995. Ria Lehman This is a horror, indeed!
198994. Jodi bonassi I am Jewish and I find the information to be offensive and anti-semetic.
198993. Marcy Railsback this is disgusting; please remove it
198992. Jodi bonassi I am Jewish and I find the information to be offensive and anti-semetic.
198991. Jan Lapedus  
198990. Mildred L. Marx  
198989. Oleg Kheyfets  
198988. Jannet S  
198987. Anna Mendelsohn  
198986. Leon Varty  
198985. Jerome S Levy  
198984. L Goldberg  
198983. Diane Goren  
198982. adam t this is outrageous! GOOGLE HAS THE POWER TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE - USE IT!!!
198981. Fern Levine  
198980. Zoe Maisel please remove vicious untruths
198979. wendy goldstein  
198978. Sam Zalutsky  
198977. Felix Berdichevsky  
198976. TOBY WILLNER spreading lies is reprehensible-for shame!
198975. Julie Jensen  
198974. Roslyn Yomtovian  
198973. Andrea Downey  
198972. richard delman remove it not in the spirit og google do no harm
198971. Ailene Nusbacher  
198970. Robin Kugelmass  
198969. Laurie Goldstein  
198968. NIKKI FELDMAN How horrible for survivors of the holocaust and all jewish people.
198967. Debbie Gerber  
198966. Marsha Lewis eradicate hate email!!!!
198965. Dennis Kortheuer  
198964. D. Ganz  
198963. Susan Goldberg  
198962. Robert Greensfelder  
198961. Marvin Sokol  
198960. Jill Steinberg  
198959. Audrey Bernhardt disgusting!
198958. Yuri Raymon š
198957. Michael D. Adelman  
198956. Mark Laxer  
198955. mark oberlander  
198954. Beverly  
198953. yitz twersky  
198952. David Reiner  
198951. charles Himmelfarb  
198950. John T. Elllison Another hater
198949. John Guildford  
198948. Ben Reininger  
198947. Charles Horowitz  
198946. mark friedman  
198945. mahnaz pishanidar  
198944. Joshua  
198943. gene martin  
198942. Marsha Klerer  
198941. ellen samet  
198940. debbie spiro  
198939. Nancy Havernick  
198938. Leslie Jay  
198937. Rochelle  
198936. Lisa Wilensky disgusting!
198935. Perry Cohn  
198934. Robert Wolff  
198933. anatoly khalemsky isn't Sergey Brin jewish, I can't believe he would allow something like this in his place of business
198932. gloria schlosberg  
198931. Sarah Lavine-Kass  
198930. A  
198929. Sheryl Storch This is really offensive and unnecessary
198928. Wes Appell  
198927. judith schuckit This is a disgusting site
198926. howard sherwood ick!
198925. Tanya  
198924. emerson glazer google should be ashamed
198923. cassia brown I find this fact appalling
198922. Ellen Spiegelman Please remove this site....there is enough evil in this world without google helping to promote hatred
198921. Elaine Kamowitz You should remove this site which is full of lies and fosters hatred.
198920. gerald zucker it is sad to read such hate
198919. J Rosenberg This is disgusting - will stop using Google if site is not removed
198918. Dorothy Nevid Remove this disgusting site, It is vile
198917. Jonas Goldberg  
198916. David & Ellen Muslin  
198915. Oksana Kraskina as soon as possible
198914. Alma Krull  
198913. Michael Harwood This is a hate-filled, malicious site, full of lies and distortions, and is a blatant attempt to spread hatred and anti-semitism.
198912. sharyn denhoffer  
198911. Boris Kubato  
198910. Mahyar Eidgah I this this site should be removed ASAP
198909. brenda sporn  
198908. GRACE KORETZ  
198907. Marc Trius  
198906. Irwin Burstein Please remove this trash
198905. robert levine  
198904. Simon Flikier  
198903. Sheldon K.Scopinsky  
198902. marcia cohen  
198901. Gloria S. Dobin Someone doesn't understand hatred.
198900. Greg Kraskin š
198899. Shirley and Max Gan Please remove this hateful site
198898. Laura Piller  
198897. Steven Gershman  
198896. Linda Kauvar  
198895. Klara Lantos this racist site has to be removed, thanks
198894. Ellen Newman  
198893. val  
198892. Jeffrey Fogel  
198891. Eileen Bauz This is outright HATRED
198890. Clara Haratz  
198889. Debbie Moster Please remove the site from the Google Search Engine
198888. Deborah K. Evans  
198887. James Marell  
198886. Robert Amsterdam This site pins "Zionist" label on anything he does not agree with. A loathsome practice!
198885. Murray Eskenazi Sickening Lies
198884. Adda Steinberg  
198883. Richard Kochman How nauseating to live your life seeking hate material
198882. Howard Weinger  
198881. Cara Herrmann  
198880. Lanny Udell  
198879. hila shani  
198878. yvonne leigh sherwood please end this ignorant attempt at educating people on history
198877. Gerald Hamill  
198876. Cheryl Abramowitz  
198875. Eunice Hamill  
198873. Bill Ayscue  
198872. Beth Barol  
198871. Susan Siegeltuch  
198870. Marc Abramowitz  
198869. King Burstein  
198868. Eileen Kaufman  
198867. James J. Ginsberg  
198866. steve wolf lets slow down the ignorance.
198865. sue lasure  
198864. Anat Mahrer  
198863. Bernice  
198862. Janice Marks  
198861. perry lipkin  
198860. Stephen Wertheimer  
198859. Marguery Lyvers  
198858. Alan Potter  
198857. Joyce Newman  
198856. michelle  
198855. J. Feldman  
198854. Richard Abrams  
198853. Barbra Romanoff  
198852. Robert Fenton, M.D.  
198851. debbie goodman  
198850. Richard Abrams  
198849. Ronny Vayda  
198848. Stanley Ziegler  
198847. mushkie silberberg  
198846. judy frank  
198845. Neal Jacobs  
198844. jon  
198843. julie  
198842. Frida Eva  
198841. jeff  
198840. Melissa & Michael Mondschain  
198839. Elise Davies  
198838. Pekka and Anne Hassinen And I- YHWE will bless those who bless you (Israel), And the one who curses you(Israel) I-YHWE will curse .And in you (Israel) all the families of the earth will be blessed.
198837. June Wolfberg  
198836. Dave LaVine  
198835. Miriam Lisser  
198834. merna wagshal  
198833. dana clark  
198832. Lillian Lavine  
198831. M Muller  
198830. Alan Waxler  
198829. jean clark this is unjust and cruel
198828. carole fleck monitoring is obviously needed by your company
198827. arlene Ginsberg  
198825. Sadie Phillips  
198824. Thom English  
198823. tamar nadler  
198822. Patricia F. Sowers  
198821. Tamar Jimenez  
198820. Robert Graves Get rid of this Jew Hating Site!! NOW!!!!
198819. Judy Yandoli please remove
198818. Leon Rosen  
198817. Melissa  
198816. Barbara G. Hochman Please help stop the cycle of hatred by removing as a "hit" by the Google Search engine
198815. Michael Tinsley  
198814. levia  
198813. Eric Nili  
198812. Tapio Hassinen  
198811. Michael Fett  
198810. Reva Dietz promotes hate
198809. Margot van Eck  
198808. Andrea Greenberg  
198807. Ben
198806. Norman Silvers  
198805. Joye Weisel-Barth The site is disgusting.
198804. Toby Kleinberg  
198803. Horacio Sendacz  
198802. Harvey M. Rosenwass Google is the best and most efficient search engine... and shouldn't have a part in dissemination of anti-Semetic literature
198801. Arnold Chassen  
198800. Robert Kleinberg  
198799. Carol Merhar  
198798. Rolf Kaufman This is a disgusting set of lies and hatred
198797. Rae Margolis  
198796. Marci Lewis  
198795. Mike  
198794. Linda Stevens  
198793. glen novack  
198792. bonnie  
198791. Hilary Brossman  
198790. Joseph Fridland  
198789. Mara  
198788. Gail  
198787. Brian Nohr  
198786. Tracy Schwartz  
198785. Rhoda Wolfe why would any ligitimate service perpetuate hate
198784. Caren Moore  
198783. Gary Opas  
198782. Raffi Mark  
198781. Raffi Mark  
198780. Solomon Balas BSc., FCA Sick Site.Jews killing in Darfur? Jews killing in Iraq?..How about Nobel prizes earned by Jews in service of Humanity. Serge, remove this beastly site.,
198779. Michelle Rubin  
198778. Jack Kuper  
198777. Sam Zarow I believe in Google's sound judgement, and I know that they would remove this site from their directory and thank you in advance for your fighting anti-semitism and bigotry.
198776. Armand Bouzas REMOVE
198775. halina Siwek  
198774. JT Amantea  
198773. Cindy  
198772. Jarrett Zuckerman  
198771. Larisa Pearlman, M.D.  
198770. jenn goldman  
198769. shoshana garber  
198768. greta waterman always do the right thing
198767. Valerie Hale  
198766. barbara Gittleman  
198765. Sandra hirsch this is horrific..lies lies lies.remove at once
198764. Lloyd Chrein  
198763. Steve Doppelt  
198762. R Horowitz This should NOT be allowed to happen, no site like this should exist.
198761. Rick Weber Hideous
198760. Amy Chrein  
198759. Adam Berger  
198758. Ivy Ishlove  
198757. Carol Bulbrook As a frequent user of Google, I would like to see more socially responsible practices than to have a first hit be so offensive.
198756. Joseph Fridland  
198755. Barbara Maupin  
198754. Gloria Herzog  
198753. wendy Sands It tarnishes google's name.
198752. Art Pathetic site
198750. J. Straub  
198749. Sandy Rosen  
198748. nini bring peace to the world, stop jewwatch,start looking @all 4 corners of the world. peace please.
198747. efrat  
198746. uri elkayam  
198745. Susan Lehmann  
198744. Ruth Hansen  
198743. shangul  
198742. Joan Kneisz  
198741. Anita B. Hicks  
198740. Ethan Shapiro  
198739. M Gorwits  
198738. Amy Shapiro sick stuff
198737. Ellen What a terrible site
198736. Ron Singer  
198735. Sandy Goldberg  
198734. Brad Carroll  
198733. Heather Sered  
198732. pamela kimble how can you allow such hate speech on your search engine? In this day and age of " gee, everything is ok, ", all done in the name of "art", someone , somewhere must stand up for morality. I will, how about you?
198731. Jewish Family in Michiana  
198730. Lisa Abrams  
198729. sarah  
198728. Moses Znaimer Its disturbing that it should take 50000 signatures to get Google to do what any responsible management should do out of a natural sense of decency
198727. Judith R. Bodner How can these lies be printed without checking for the truth? Will it never end?
198726. Steve Romeo Offensive
198725. Judith R. Bodner How can these lies be printed without checking for the truth? Will it never end?
198724. Mavis Manus This is appalling
198723. Anita Zelcer  
198722. robert fragman  
198721. Melvyn Morris get this hate monger off the web!
198720. Terrye Kuper This site is discussing!
198719. Lori Scott  
198718. Janet Kahn  
198717. Gerry Budin  
198716. William P. Kaufman  
198715. Saul Wolf  
198714. Mizrahi A  
198713. lois laman  
198712. George Kafka, DDS  
198711. Samuel Holcman  
198710. STEVE FLATT Google must take action
198709. Leah Freier  
198708. Bob Kaplan  
198707. Lillian Sultan Disgusting
198706. Sami Seeb  
198705. Barbara Kafka  
198704. marvin stein  
198703. ronit Cam  
198702. TBreeze Repulsive
198701. andrea hancock  
198700. Laurence A. Somers  
198699. P. Goldstein  
198698. Seva  
198697. Stacey Allison  
198696. Gerald Sherwin  
198695. Ruth Wiener  
198694. Anna Lasley  
198693. Moshe Shneer  
198692. Michael Gisser It is not opinion, it is racist
198691. jenny goldman  
198690. John Kater The site reflects badly on Google for showing it
198689. James Ginzler  
198688. Ofer Oz A proud Jew
198687. carol denbo please remove as soon as possible
198686. rebeca behar  
198685. Bernarda Strauss  
198684. sandy schwartz  
198683. Gaik Khong  
198682. Joel Rotkow  
198681. JOSEPH LITE  
198680. larry klaben  
198679. Billie R. Fuller  
198678. Kalmen S. Glantz  
198677. Arlene Rand Found this site if be very racist and offensive
198676. David Sugar  
198675. Bari & Michael Dozer  
198674. Geoffrey Fine  
198673. Ann Katcef This is a disgrace. This jerk is a hater and a liar. Take him down.
198672. Mindy Schwartzman  
198671. Judith Israel  
198670. Joel Hencken This is not an attempt to infringe on free speech, but to stop the inadvertant promotion of hate speech.
198669. The Honorable Harris N. Hollin Unbelievable. Unacceptable.
198668. David Dymbort  
198667. Dorothy Krantz shame on you Google
198666. Karyn Irvin  
198665. Ross Barasch  
198664. Nya Aron  
198663. Ken Feldman  
198662. harry schneider  
198661. Robin Henderson  
198660. dickschwarz disgusting
198659. Sandra Littmann  
198658. herb feinberg  
198657. Michael S. Barron  
198656. myra fauer  
198655. ezra bodansky  
198654. calvin avertick  
198653. B. Pomeraniec  
198652. jessica cohen  
198651. Nira Stempel  
198649. Ann Zaiman Hard to believe that this site exists in today's world.
198648. anne getlan  
198647. Saul Levine, MD  
198646. j jasen  
198645. Gary D  
198644. marcy`  
198643. Les & Ellen Spiegel  
198642. eugene goldfarb it's now #2, but big deal. The N word does not show up
198641. Lynne Ross  
198640. Linday I'm extremely disappointed that Google did not already realize this huge error and delete this website from their list. Please remove JewWatch, an anti-semetic website, from your search engine. Thank you.
198639. Farnaz  
198638. Michelle Lerner  
198637. Daniel Gensler thank you for doing this
198636. Howard Storm  
198635. Sandra Yasskin  
198634. Leslie If you have to leave them on a search put it under anti -semitic sites
198633. Jackie Karp  
198632. Noah Needleman  
198631. marvin drezner  
198630. gene scoggins  
198629. Talya Gaborieau  
198628. Steven Stein disgusting!
198627. Joyce Dunoff In this world of unrest, it is horrific that you have such information on your search engine!
198626. foba Wipe him out!
198625. June August  
198624. g kaftan  
198623. Deena Lesser  
198622. Tina  
198621. louis brown horrific ! lies,lies.....
198620. Sandra This is disturbing, should have never been allowed.
198618. david bregman  
198617. Jane  
198616. Susan Salerni this site is dispicable
198615. Jonathan Kaufman Please remove this disgraceful, highly anti-semitic site from any access through Google.
198614. Jason Robbins  
198613. William Hunter google should not support this kind of libel
198612. mandb weinberg  
198611. randee sorbo  
198610. Jessica Joseph there is enough hate in the world already - don't make it easier for anybody!
198609. Janet and Ed Weiner  
198608. marianne Hunter despicable
198607. sanford zevon  
198606. Barbara Abel disgusting shouldn't be allowed in this country
198604. Byron Reich  
198603. Nancy Falcon  
198602. I Silbert  
198601. Andrew Kane Please remove this site as soon as possible.
198600. Zelda Edery  
198599. Larisa Hendrikse  
198598. Miriam Katz  
198597. richard burger  
198596. David Gloan  
198595. Alla Gelman I am a jewish woman and i demand that this site should be taken off the internet!
198594. Audrey  
198593. Leonid Bulbin š
198592. Susan Fineman  
198591. Michael Filler  
198590. Sherry Kugal  
198589. marc margolies  
198588. Elsa Federbush  
198587. Harold Zauss  
198586. Alisa Eisenberg  
198585. Leah Weinberger Jew is very alarming and upsetting
198584. samuel hirsch  
198583. Karl Weiman  
198582. Thomas Reinkopf  
198581. joan miller  
198580. joy CHANGE IT NOW
198579. Fran Faibisch  
198578. Harold Heydt  
198577. William D. Rudolph  
198576. ellen lunz  
198575. Philip Yasskin  
198574. Elinor Uttal  
198573. jami becker this is antisemetic
198572. Mark Rosen This web site should be removed.
198571. Roberta Sky  
198570. Larry Weinstein Horrible comments with no validity, Shame on
198569. Paula Iskow  
198568. Sheldon Mehrman  
198567. Gerrard Friedlander  
198566. HANK DECKER disgusting with no basis in fact. please remove
198565. Joel Douglas  
198564. Frances Hyman  
198563. william p karpa dds this does not belong on your search engine
198562. Ruth Levinton  
198561. susan steinberg  
198560. Mark Stolovitsky  
198559. sara steinmetz  
198558. Gail Stolovitsky  
198557. Bernard S. Cohen  
198556. Ashley  
198555. Alexa  
198554. debbie  
198553. Michel A. David  
198552. ellen roth  
198551. David Levin  
198550. Emmy Gannon Repugnant deceitful Website- Should be removed
198549. Robert Lipman  
198548. Debra Davis this is a disturbing display of inaccuracies
198547. Shirley Landau Hatred should not be spread on line
198546. Libbie Rockman Get rid of this site
198545. yosef hadar  
198544. Murray L Apfel  
198543. CECILIA RYAN  
198542. Lisa Garsko  
198541. Kim  
198540. Barbara Silver  
198539. Mark Rosen  
198538. Louis L. Kleiman Remove JewWatch immediately
198537. Cathy Levine please remove "jewwatch" from your search engine
198536. Randall H.  
198535. Mary Hoffmann This is totally unacceptable, incomprehensible, and uncool. It has to go.
198534. Lisa  
198533. Sara Zielanowski  
198532. caroline grandis  
198531. marc lippitt please remove
198530. Miriam  
198529. Radu C.  
198528. Stacie Kahn  
198526. Joel Benjamin remove it immediatly
198525. majka elczewska  
198524. Miriam Hochman  
198523. Anita  
198522. Felicia Deutch NONE
198521. Lila Roberts  
198520. Louis L. Kleiman Remove immediately the following:
198519. Howard Yale Lederman Any such site should carry an anti-Semitic label and should not appear from searches for Jew or Jewish.
198518. Howard Yale Lederman Any such site should carry an anti-Semitic label and should not appear from searches for Jew or Jewish.
198517. morris  
198516. steve schwartz  
198515. Karen Please do the right thing and remove this link!
198514. Bobbi Kaplan  
198513. Noam Shabani  
198512. Michelle  
198511. Evan  
198510. ron Kaplan  
198509. Michael C.  
198508. Mark Schutz MD  
198507. Helen  
198506. Laura Chapnick  
198505. igor romanov  
198504. dolly dribben Another disgusting form of anti semitism.
198503. Talia Donenberg  
198502. louis gross  
198501. Yaakov Wasser Please!!!!!!!!!!!
198500. Aaron Mall  
198499. Charles Stark  
198498. Terri Reeves  
198497. henri frankfurter  
198496. C. Lipton  
198495. Norman Lewis I have never seen such garbage tainted with so much misinformation and hate
198493. Shyann Cape Terrible!
198492. Mara Cohen  
198491. Reuven Bloom  
198490. Joel Notick  
198489. celeste barone  
198488. Sr. Vivian Ramos, OSB  
198486. Jon Erlbaum  
198485. spl06 its retched that anti semitism is so rampant, still.
198484. Sy Rifkin  
198483. M. Robbins  
198482. Noah Coslov  
198481. Brigitte Fitzsimmons  
198479. Nancy E. Hazeltine  
198478. barbara wolfsdorf  
198477. Allen Herskovitz  
198476. Chaim Jalas Please remove asap
198475. Rhoda Dorfzaun  
198474. Elana Lekach  
198473. Dan Rowen  
198472. Alex Shapiro  
198471. Marion Cohen  
198470. susan steinberg  
198469. Melanie Tomeillo  
198468. Jessica Cohn  
198467. Miriam Shigon  
198466. suzanne orfescu  
198465. Janice Swack Free speech DOES NOT go this far!!
198464. Jeffery Chamberlin  
198463. Michele L. Klein  
198462. Jan Moore  
198461. GregoryChudacoff  
198460. Bob Barcus  
198459. michelle factor  
198458. barbara panken  
198457. colleen flaherty In today's world, there is no room for hatred or a lack of tolerance for ANYONE!
198456. DENA BAER  
198455. Bruce Alan Reingold please remove this hate-filled information
198454. flora i can't believe it!!
198453. Arie Benson  
198452. debora  
198451. Deborah Basner  
198450. VOC47  
198449. R. Smith  
198448. Stephen B Auerbach  
198447. Samson Wach  
198446. Mark Schlosser, D.D.S.  
198445. elizabeth kipner  
198444. gary maisel remove this offence
198443. martin Scheinberg  
198441. leslie harris  
198440. Martin Greggge  
198439. jane weiss  
198438. Dr.Jaime Feldman How disheartening to have such trash seen on Google Search Engine.
198437. Jeffrey Rawitch  
198436. Marvin Rafal  
198435. Alex Cher  
198434. Edith Hershkovitz  
198433. Florence Brounstein  
198432. c preston this site must be deleted because it if offensive
198431. Marvin Harrow  
198430. Florencia  
198429. Joyce Appel  
198428. Sarah  
198427. Marshall Appel  
198426. Judi Shaffer  
198425. INGRID OAKES  
198424. HORACIO  
198423. Rachel Grunberg  
198422. Jeff Staiman  
198421. Steven Romanoff  
198420. Raymond Pierce  
198419. Carl Antonovsky  
198418. Curt Gratzer  
198417. Albert Fox  
198416. I. Henrich  
198415. Esther & William Litvin  
198414. Jessica That's JUST horrible!!!
198413. Michael Simanian Enough. Stop passing the buck, do something about it.
198412. anita  
198411. jasmine  
198410. Nina Packman  
198409. Rebecca Stark  
198408. Gail Cahn  
198407. Cassandra Koenig  
198406. Louise Fard  
198405. Michelle Lubczanski  
198404. I Coh So Biosed, raising hatret
198403. Sarah  
198402. scott  
198401. Vivian Hurwitz  
198400. Eli Shachal  
198399. L. Brod--- please remove this site
198398. d.soler  
198397. Barbara Kornblatt  
198396. vivian  
198395. lenny bierstein  
198394. Michelle  
198393. Bob Adler  
198392. Cheri Kainen  
198391. Chavie Fiszer  
198390. Donald And Susan Allen It spouts hate and revisionist history.
198389. Deborah Daum the page is disgusting. People looking for information will get the wrong kind if they find this site.
198388. MARSHA DAVIS  
198387. Ava Brand  
198386. Steve horak take this hatred off
198385. Joel  
198384. Laura B.  
198383. Michael L. Backer How much hate and misinformation can any one person be allowed to spread? Freedom of Speech yes but shouldn't there be a modicum of truth behind what is said.
198382. Ally  
198381. Tyra Chemers JewWatch is horrid and should be removed from Google immediately!!
198380. Eddie Schwartz  
198379. Beth Newman  
198378. Wendy Rood This is a scary website
198377. Linda Kay  
198376. Larry Cohen  
198375. Ebby Benelyahu  
198374. Michael Regal  
198373. Jed Irwin  
198372. Diane Murray Please remove this site
198371. pamela meadows ugly site, surly there are many better sites to lead your search engine results! shame on you
198370. Davida Griffin I am appalled that this blatant horrible group is allowed to exist, I'm glad I don't own stock in google
198369. Harold Simon  
198368. Linda Herman  
198367. jessica Gelson  
198366. Marcia Fellner it needs to be removed immediately
198365. Wendy Kahan-Winters  
198363. Toby Deligdish  
198362. Michel Berenstein  
198361. Stanley Seigal  
198360. Edwin Dembicer  
198359. C. Ryan  
198358. Leah Singleton  
198357. Howard Yehuda Berger Correct this travesty NOW!
198356. Howard Miller  
198355. e.davis  
198354. Hal Schoenberg This site needs to be removed
198353. Gus Reza I think this is a disgrace to your company and should be removed
198352. Ariane Lang  
198351. Ivy Batos  
198350. Gershon Schaffel  
198349. Nadine Amsterdam  
198348. joe gelbwaks  
198347. Cheryl Lehmann  
198346. David M. Nigel What a hateful, tragic site!
198345. Dikla  
198344. marciabirnbaum  
198343. Eugene Kheyfets This is appaling
198342. Joe Lom  
198341. s. s. brauer  
198340. jay stash  
198339. Sue W. Such hatred should not have a forum on google. I would hope that Google would follow a policy that would prevent the spewing of such hate, no matter what religion or nationality.
198338. Debbie  
198337. helen swartz disgraceful
198336. Bruce R. Bekritsky  
198335. ben Epstein unbelivable in our time
198334. Jerry Herman I think that this is a horrible thing when the most popular search engine allows any racist type of list to be on the top of its listings.
198333. Shmuel Having reviewed the site, I am in agreement with this petition.
198332. paul brevda  
198331. jenni  
198330. elana  
198329. dicky hendarsah yeah remove it
198328. Marc Kingsley I was so distressed and actually traumatised by seeing such an overt display of antisemitism, and deep hatred. This is the kind of website that fuells the ongoing psychological and physical abuse, violence and humiliation that Jewish people have had to endure in the hands of antisemitic individuals, groups and organisations. Please ban this site Google!!
198327. Drew DelRosario How could Google allow something like this?
198326. Helissa  
198325. ijkamilar this is disgusting, does a similar site pop for puerto ricans and blacks?
198323. Marcie Randall  
198322. Dore Tigerman should be ashamed
198321. Helen Dornbusch  
198320. Hannah Grinberg  
198319. gio  
198318. Joe Danziger  
198317. Richard Coren  
198316. Darren Pearce The site is heavily biased towards articles that cast Jews in a very negative and hateful light. Even more damning is the fact that the site purports to be a useful source for scholarly research.
198315. varsha patel disgrace ful
198314. Molly M.  
198313. sari jablon  
198312. David Levy  
198311. Bennett Hirsch  
198310. Nilda Remove hatred now
198309. john staehli  
198308. Amy Roth  
198307. charlotte quint  
198306. Lauren O  
198305. athene harmel  
198304. Stu Berger  
198303. Marcia Sikowitz  
198302. Clive Segil  
198301. Ilene  
198300. Robert Nussbaum kindly remove
198299. Rita Ester Zytnicki Saquen la página del buscador ya mismo
198298. Jonna Cohen  
198297. Rebecca Segal  
198296. Art Wien  
198295. Margaret A Sugar  
198294. Andrew Faver its despicable
198293. Joseph Golubov  
198292. ygal berdugo  
198291. Nina Schiller Why promote hate?
198290. Sheldon Elefant  
198289. Leslie Berger Thank you for helping to combat antisemitism
198288. Maggie Davidson  
198287. Lisa Lazard  
198286. Nina Margolin  
198285. jonathan feldman  
198284. Nina Malmed  
198283. Paul Epstein  
198282. Richard S. Kaufman  
198281. henry dahut This is hate language -
198280. steve johnson  
198279. H. Glover that site needs to be removed from google period!!
198278. Alan Trup  
198277. Mindy Olimpi-Zucca  
198276. John Take them out
198275. Ari  
198274. Wendie Seguljic  
198273. Eileen Eisenberg  
198272. Gloria Cohen  
198271. alan solarz  
198270. Julie Solarz  
198269. Tim Gaspar vile racist site
198267. Lee Cohen  
198266. renee singer disgusting site-should never be allowed on line
198265. Howard Shapiro What an outrage! Disgusting and vile.
198264. jeanne alpert  
198263. Steve Lieblich Google has a responsibility to remove the site, otherwise it is complicit in vilification, which history has shown, can lead to genocide.
198262. daniella  
198261. sandra berenstein  
198260. Jo Ann Mandinach  
198259. Silas Lieberman  
198258. Gerry Raker  
198257. Amy Murray  
198256. Dorothy Rosenblum  
198255. Myrtle  
198254. ruti awful site full of lies and discrimination
198253. Melvyn Posner  
198252. cynthia rawitch  
198251. Dr. James R. Zarian  
198250. Harold Gabel It behooves Google to fine tune it's engine when enlightened by it's users.
198249. Irving Burstein  
198248. Anthony Sacks M.D.  
198247. Pamela K. Wells  
198246. Arnold P. Deutsch M.D.  
198245. Karen Regal  
198244. george E Solti  
198243. lois frieder this site is despicable please remove it
198242. R.M.Golub Remove it!
198241. Matt  
198240. moishe gubin  
198239. Mr. & Mrs. Theise will use another search engine until rectified. Outrageous
198238. Rachel Lynne Chalchinsky  
198237. CHULAK, OMAR  
198236. Norman Licht  
198235. Dorothy M. Dawson  
198234. Dan Sclagman  
198233. al liv  
198232. gary rosen  
198231. Marc Bodner  
198230. Lael Shapiro  
198229. Reid Alan  
198228. I. N. Weinstock  
198227. nanette bonom  
198226. j davis  
198225. Leslie Blagman  
198224. Abraham Birenbaum Horrible sight full of lies and distortions
198223. Leatrice Wiener  
198222. MKrull disgusting
198221. r stroud  
198220. Randi Blitman  
198219. Patty Woo  
198218. Oren Shachal  
198217. Nellie Wasser  
198216. Marian Baer please remove
198215. JULES SHAIVITZ we need to stand together to fight this growing disease
198214. Kia Do you really need 50,000 petetioners to know this is wrong
198213. Burton Hoffner  
198212. Elena Krybus  
198211. kate mankoff  
198210. sylvia lerner  
198209. Marilyn Swiss  
198208. Lois Powazek  
198207. Larry Zucker Referral to this website will incite anti-semitism and Google should not be part of such a movemnet.
198206. Ron Blumstein  
198205. Robin Berkowitz  
198204. Bob Rawitch  
198203. Mona Klein Klapper Google exercise some discretion
198202. Judith French Please remove this site from Google - I have no wish for my children to read this mendacious filth.
198201. lois marks  
198200. herman schmidt  
198199. Laraine O'Toole  
198198. mordehai  
198197. howard day  
198196. Magaly  
198195. Marco How mant signatures do you need to act???
198194. herman schmidt  
198193. Ilana Demko  
198192. Beth Eisenberg I believe that since one has to pay to list on google, it is within the right of Google to refuse vendors. Therefore, choosing to list the site or not list the site will be a statement. I do hope that google respects the history of what anti-semitism yields and wishes not to be a part of this.
198191. p.j silverstone what an absolute disgrace for google to allow this site to function
198190. G. H. Roston the sooner the better
198189. Stephen Spund  
198188. SHARON fierstadt  
198187. avi ribenbach  
198186. Ezri Sokol  
198185. sydelle bunin  
198184. R. Stotter  
198183. Bruce Miller  
198182. Sharon Rosen  
198181. Stan Vitt  
198180. david braunstein This does not befit Google's excellent reputation
198179. Michelle T.  
198178. Lisa Sogo  
198177. Keith Weinbaum  
198176. Goldie  
198175. Samuel Canetti I appreciate Google's letter concerning this, but still feel Jewwatch should be as offensive
198174. victoria billit  
198173. anthony bunin  
198172. C. WEINBERGER  
198171. Matthew Budoff  
198170. Robert Goldenberg This site is like yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater. You must remove it!!
198169. Sarah McLaughlin enough with name calling
198168. claudia  
198167. Sheldon H Herman  
198166. Daniel A. Saunders  
198165. Norman Cohen  
198164. Jerry Konefsky The man tries to come across as knowledgeable. He is totally biased. He is a real anti semite.
198163. jerome feig  
198162. Esther Freling  
198161. Sondra Watz  
198159. M. Fine  
198158. steven kafka  
198157. Stefan Vilan  
198156. s kane terrible sight.remove it, please
198155. Eileen Hirschfeld  
198154. Melissa  
198153. Jodi Kaplan  
198152. Navid Zadeh  
198151. Barbara Becker  
198150. john n. hafner disgusting site, and I'm not Jewish
198149. Dan Hirschfeld  
198148. Randy Herman  
198147. Robin Kaplan  
198144. Jeremy  
198143. Fran Herman  
198142. Taube  
198141. Ruth Lis In this day and age this is unbelievable!
198140. Marvin Paley and Ilene Paley  
198139. Richard Petersen please remove the hate
198138. David Miller Be responsible, Google!
198137. ellie nesan  
198136. gary baim  
198135. Carol Hale  
198134. Richard Sager Please remove link from Google
198133. Aaron Malkin  
198131. Erin Doyle  
198130. Cathi Sherman  
198129. Paul Gersh  
198128. Carol Wishnia  
198127. F. J. Roberts This is outrageous that such a site exists. You should have dumped it long ago.
198126. Jeff Burnce  
198125. Michael Streets  
198124. M Newman This website is a slur on humanity & should be removed forthwith
198123. Nina Demko This should be taken care of immediately.
198122. sandra hecht  
198121. Marjorie Reiffen  
198120. J G Newman  
198119. Barbara Ann Woodman  
198118. Melissa Brown  
198117. Marcy Feld  
198116. Richard S'Chevalier If not promptly removed, I will stop using Goggle entirely
198115. anne matlow abhorrent hate website. get rid of it NOW!
198114. moshe assis  
198113. Arie Galles Please get rid of this hateful garbage
198112. Sue Shachal Please remove Website
198111. Jack Bernstein  
198109. annabelle nye  
198108. BlancheGordon  
198107. Rabbi Mordechai Glick  
198106. Cindy Levitas  
198105. roxanne  
198103. labe kagan  
198102. carra  
198101. Dr. Laura Markham Thank you for removing this offensive website.
198100. SM Schulman  
198099. Paul Lawrence  
198098. joseph rotmensz  
198097. Brooke Lazowick  
198096. D. Schechter Disgusting
198095. Jay L. Dolgin  
198094. Ruth Polishuk  
198093. Stan Cappe  
198092. Melody  
198091. Esther  
198090. jose srur  
198089. Georgia Midura  
198088. Gerson Goldhaber  
198087. cecile axelrod  
198086. David Bale  
198085. martin axelrod  
198084. Brigitte how could people have the nerve to commit such a heinous act!?
198083. Andrew Kaplan  
198082. Nikki Simon  
198081. Becca remove jewwatch from your website
198080. John Buckley Must we sponsor hate?
198079. Paul Morganstein  
198078. ellene fleishman This is shocking! Google should have more integrity than this!
198077. larry haberman slander&obscene
198076. Kathryn Huber OSB  
198075. Brian Zola  
198074. Susan Greenstein  
198073. Mona E. Weinstein Please remove this site ASAP!
198072. Alan Sockloff imagine such stuff in this day and age
198071. Joan Berman  
198070. Adam Haberfield  
198069. Richard Segal  
198068. sol and marilyn seidman we would no slander about any religion or nationality
198067. michael schiller  
198066. Jane Taubenfeld Cohen  
198065. Louis Bernstein Hate and bigotry are not freedom of speech
198064. Susan Fauer  
198063. Eileen Jalnos  
198062. Stephen Hercz  
198061. Shirley  
198060. Irving Schechter  
198059. Marilyn Levy  
198058. Terri R Burman  
198057. Michael Weitzman  
198056. Nav  
198055. Susan Limor  
198054. ALAN RAFFEL  
198053. Rachel Timoner  
198052. Kelly Young This website is disgusting and has no right to be on your website.
198051. Martin D Merman  
198050. Steve Sherry  
198049. Michele Butorac  
198048. David R  
198047. Francine Zuckerman  
198046. horwitz  
198045. marilyn espinosa let's stop the hatred. it only brings wars and hate! we need peace in this world of ours.
198044. Ray Davis how could google allow this ?!
198043. Betty Rawitch Please remove JewWatch from the internet
198042. steve brown do the world a favor
198041. Nancy Slavin Remove this website. It is offensive.
198040. Michelle Bearman-Wolnek  
198039. Alan Goldstine  
198038. Bill Kilgore Please pull this disgusting site
198037. Barry Werber The site is a travesty!
198036. mike nathan Outrageous blatant antisemitism given a platform.A disgrace.
198035. Diane Pekow  
198034. P Greenberg thanks
198033. Jacob Slotnick very offensive
198032. Dan Lazarus This site provides absolutely nothing to society and doesn't even belong on the internet let alone google.
198031. Isabel Baumgarten  
198030. Paula Sol Ventura  
198029. Philip Evans This is a terrible thing to be associated with. Please remove this site from your Search Engine.
198028. Barbara Harvis  
198027. roberta ruttenberg  
198026. Steven Walvisch  
198025. Jeffrey Koodin  
198024. ralph benmergui  
198023. Barbara Sumner Burstyn this site fuels and justifies hatred
198022. Edward I. Koffman  
198021. charlotte bayer  
198020. Elayne Brodsky  
198019. JOSEPH T. WILLS  
198018. yar  
198017. Esther M. Luckett  
198016. Jeffrey Kitt  
198015. Sandy Goldberg No such petition should be necessary -- antisemitism should not be tolerated in any form
198013. lisa nackan  
198012. James Yount Cut hatred off at it's head, Google.
198011. Eric Herman  
198010. Arnold Wasserman  
198009. Bob Cohen  
198008. Thomas Montgomery Thornburg I defended the US of A for 22years, language as this is against everything I stand for as an American.
198007. M. Starr  
198006. Daniel Szabo this site is offense, prejudiced
198005. Leibel Baumgarten  
198004. Norman Goldberg  
198003. Stephen Miller  
198002. simon jochnowitz  
198001. Kim Hodge  
198000. Susan  
197999. Dr Alan J Grant  
197998. gayle block  
197997. Alyssa Greenberg  
197996. David Kane This is an obvious anti-semitic website...please remove from your search engine
197995. Frances Barron  
197994. Hanna Aufschauer  
197993. mario metzger  
197992. Ron Rauch  
197991. john doe sdv
197990. Lori Kirr  
197989. Milton Paris  
197988. Marlene Miller  
197987. Barbara Marder  
197986. Gayle C Grossman  
197985. Bev Golder  
197984. beth Rae  
197983. Nina Collins How could Google let this site on its Page?! It is very sad that you permit such antisemitism to be disseminated.
197982. john H. Fuerth  
197981. Amie Rappoport  
197980. Ramin Kohanarieh I expected more from a reputable company such as Google.
197979. Stefani deGuzman  
197977. Sasha McClendon  
197976. Jessica Gronski understand that the algorithm is important but since anyways you make exceptions you should make one for this instance as well.
197975. Rick Ross  
197974. Shelley Johnson I am appalled that this site is included under the category "education" when it is so blatantly one-sided.
197973. alpert  
197972. linda nudell  
197971. avi dekel please remove this site from google
197970. Sari Horowitz  
197969. Sabrina Sterrett  
197967. GOLDSTEIN  
197966. Feliks Shpitalnik  
197965. Ann Levin  
197964. Zhanna Shpitalnik  
197963. Gail Krause  
197962. Josh Dell  
197961. rosalie rokman  
197960. L. Massel  
197959. Barry Katz  
197958. Judith Goldhaber  
197957. barbara selsky  
197956. Paul  
197955. Linda Gross  
197954. Laine Kaplowitz  
197953. Miriam Simon  
197952. Eugene Fischer  
197951. zoey shame.
197950. marsha loeb take this crap off
197949. kalman a barson  
197948. libby spiro  
197947. Abe Ginsberg you should not permit any scurrilous statements
197946. RULF YOCHI pls remove as soon as posible
197945. Rachel Simon this hateful and UNTRUE site is only there to insight hate and mock the Jewish Culture.... listed in the Jewish Hate groups are multiple HELPFUL AND NEEDED Jewish, NONPROFIT charities that's sole purpose it to aid Isreal. The jewish people are GOOD and KIND and LOVING to all and VERY FAMILY ORIENTED... my Grandparents escaped religous persecusion to make a better life here a 100 years ago- this garbage- brings us back 200 years. Please stop this TERRORIST, RACIST, HATE MONGER, whatever he is called - remove this site, PLEASE!
197944. Nancy Diamond  
197943. Adriana It's anti semetic and shouldn't be on Google
197942. Linda J Baker  
197941. Alla Pinsky  
197940. Burton H.Wax  
197939. Larry Zimmerman  
197938. Tamara Sindelman Your prominence as a search engine rests on your answer to this petition as far as I'm concerned.
197937. yocheved garfinkel  
197936. Michael J Swerdlow  
197935. Richard Levine  
197934. K. Scherr  
197933. Jane H. Vrabel  
197932. Michael Sondheimer  
197931. DavePhilips  
197930. dr. leonard cohen totally outrageous
197929. Stacy  
197928. frances hirsch  
197927. hope honeyman  
197926. Susan Davis  
197925. sarah this is disgusting and disappointing. if it is not removed, i will switch search engines.
197924. Karen Eaton  
197923. Susan Ostrow This is shameful!
197922. Doug Grant  
197921. Blima Rhodes  
197920. Alexis Marie While I believe in free speech, it should not be ranked number 1
197919. J Hoff  
197918. Edi Elron  
197917. david foltyn  
197916. richard a. norris  
197915. ev simon  
197914. Morton S Greenberg Google is the first thing I see on my computer and is my primary search engine. This will change in one week unless this site is removed.
197913. Sheila Frankel  
197912. Susan Cramer  
197911. Holly Small  
197910. Bob Larson  
197909. Honnie Busch  
197908. Richard Rosin  
197907. bebe  
197906. Carl A. Christianson  
197905. Arlene Simon  
197904. Hans Katz  
197903. barry roberts  
197902. Melissa Shamooilian  
197901. Elaine G. Weisburg Dear Google, Please immediately correct what I am sure is a mistake on your part.
197900. Miriam Fichman  
197899. eyal erlich  
197898. Orit Feldman  
197897. Debra Ann Smith  
197896. josh baron just remove that ugly sight
197895. Al G) Brown The worst piece of incorrect information
197894. Rick Bauer  
197893. Dina Bronstein  
197892. Roger Robinson,OBE  
197891. Dror Ben-Amy  
197890. Anna Fried Schande! I am a holocaust survivor
197889. Thomas Burstyn csc, FRSA racsim is not freedom of speech
197887. Judy Fruitbine  
197886. Allison Gilbert how many more signatures does Google need?
197885. Linda Perle  
197884. ada  
197883. Kasia Moreno  
197882. Klaus Benamy-Hackel  
197881. Alison Williams  
197880. Ashlee is appauling!!!!!!!!!
197879. susanne kaufmann  
197878. Roland Hasson  
197877. Kimberly G. Butler  
197876. jill schoeneman-parker  
197875. Stephen Sundell  
197874. lester Lockspeiser  
197873. vicki casselson  
197872. joseph lechtenstein  
197871. Karen Durliat  
197870. Alvin Lipton  
197869. Julio Reyes Remove JewWatch from the engine
197868. sharon shore  
197867. denise metzger  
197866. A. Kahn  
197865. fried laszlo this website is a disgrace on noble google
197864. Gwen  
197863. Abe  
197862. Arnold Isenberg  
197861. Debi Kisluk hateful!!
197860. loris  
197859. Yves M Rotblit I'm aware of the "Freedom of Speech" ammendment, however, even the government has passed laws to counter the abuse on color, creed, religion, etc, in a multitude of situations. Google, due to its celebrity, should take the same position in keeping prejudices in the background if not totally of your search engine.
197858. Carole Mall Please stop fomenting anti semitism!
197857. Elissa Weizman REmove from Google
197856. Robert Naworal  
197855. Menachem Hartman  
197854. Dede L  
197853. sam  
197852. Meryl Stone  
197851. bunny shestack  
197850. Gail Naworal  
197849. larry loeb disgusting website
197848. Michael Doniger  
197847. myron rubibn  
197846. Jim Frank Get Rid of this, there is way too much stupidy
197845. janice wilson  
197844. Renee Goldstein  
197843. Diane Shrago get this off Google!
197842. Paul Zeidler  
197841. susan mogil  
197840. Randy Klippenstein  
197839. sheldon s. cohen  
197838. eva Davis  
197837. Estelle Rozinski school children, some discerning others not will access this in the name of research and true texts!
197836. Dr. Joel M. Bernstein  
197835. Rick Hirsch  
197834. Morton Singerman Please get rid of this garbage!
197833. Alexander Barbarov  
197832. Richard J. Breit A vicious site that needs to be removed
197831. Howard please remove this disgusting site from your search...thank you
197830. M. Bizer  
197829. anita cohn Ê
197828. Gill Brociner  
197827. seth jackier google needs to be responsible for their racist search results
197826. Arnold Abramowitz  
197825. Peter K. Breit Please do what you ought to do!
197824. Frank  
197823. Stephen Clark  
197822. beth anderson how dare they
197821. paul levy  
197820. moshe Strauss  
197819. Brad Bennett  
197818. MiriamTeicher remove...
197817. Beverly Davis  
197816. Bonne Betz Loeb  
197815. Ruth A. Pollack  
197814. Anthony Zamudio  
197813. hanna altman  
197812. Barbara Robins  
197811. Irving Sautman  
197810. David Pollack  
197809. Sara Breslow This site is anti-Semitic and hateful. If you allow it, you are supporting prejudice, and I will not support you.
197808. Betty Weiser  
197807. Merle Goldman I urge that this site be removed
197806. patricia  
197805. Mark  
197804. lauren weiser this needs to be corrected immediatley!!! i am disgusted!!
197803. amiram karney  
197802. Nancy  
197801. Lee Faver either remove or perhaps identiify site characteristics in some way
197800. Barbara Breit Don't allow HATE Sites on your search engine
197799. Bluestone, Myrna please remove this hateful site at once
197798. Richard Rabinowitz Jewwatch gives an inaccurate idea of Jews and Jewish people and thus mention of it should be toned down. Bury it under several pages!
197797. Faye Brenner Peake obscene
197796. vickie marson  
197795. JACOBO nates  
197794. Marilyn Kennedy  
197793. David Pike  
197792. Kenneth Israel wouldn't you remove a site called
197791. j kroot  
197790. Jenna  
197789. John L. Wallace Please remove this vicious site
197788. Larry Jacob  
197787. Mike Gardner  
197786. Ellen Klager  
197785. Jacquelynne Pilo Site Highly Offensive - Please Remove
197784. Ellen Prizant  
197783. Ariella Amir  
197782. sandra  
197781. yelena zhadanov  
197780. Dorothy Serotta There should be libel and slander laws to cover this kind of thing. If it willnot be removed voluntarily I feel any group being offended ths virulently should have the right to sue for damages.
197779. David RIchards  
197778. H Appelbaum  
197777. Lisa Beth Robinson  
197776. Katherine Haber Have hated this site for years,get rid of it.
197775. elinor ferens  
197774. Inna Stotland  
197773. Joseph Amir  
197772. sisi h  
197771. Phyllis Lohse  
197770. Bent Rosenberg  
197769. Susan Archer  
197768. Barry Remove Jewwatch
197767. Dominique Winchester  
197766. Eva Cashdan  
197765. Dan Amir  
197764. Joan Swirsky  
197763. Michelle Amir  
197762. Ellis Rosenberg  
197761. Hayley herman  
197760. Jill  
197759. Phyllis Tromer  
197758. billy dratel disgraceful
197757. JANE KLEIN sites like this should all be removed!
197756. Erwin Greben Shame on Google for allowing this website
197754. Kenneth Sommerman  
197753. Linda Hermelin  
197752. Brenda Hoffmann Poczik  
197751. Jean L. Bennett Our world would be a sorry place without 5000 years of Jewish contributions to religion, medicine, science and culture. Where are we going now with worldwide Islamic terrorism?
197750. Gerald R. Fecht Ph.D. I am not Jewish, but I deeply resent this website.
197749. Janis Berman This is awful! Please remove immediately
197748. rhoda green  
197747. raquel djemal  
197746. esti cohen  
197745. Jake Firsel  
197744. raul abramzon  
197743. Nancy Kane  
197742. Paula Lakind  
197741. Henry Klausman  
197740. Evgenia Vasilevsky  
197739. Alan Horwitz Unbelievable bad taste on Google's part
197738. ron  
197737. iris shokoff Disgusting, doesn't belong on a search engine
197736. Dena Zahn  
197735. Roman Vasilevsky  
197734. Marlene Rosenfeld  
197733. Laura Siegel  
197732. Stephanie  
197731. Lauren Stark  
197730. Ben Kushner  
197729. Diana Vasilevsky  
197728. Gabrielle Goldberg I am a huge google user and this site makes me cringe
197727. Herbert Mazer  
197726. Andrea Pflaumer You can do something about this - DO IT NOW!!!
197725. guy  
197724. Steven Solomons  
197723. Deena Dell  
197722. Milton Loeb  
197721. Leff  
197720. Jackson Blaylock  
197719. Dedy Perez-Magun  
197718. Sofya Vasilevsky  
197717. Leonid Shilingov Please remove, it is an insult to my identity.
197716. Shelley Zuckerman  
197715. Bruce Rothenberg  
197714. Zalmen Blau Remember the Holocaust
197713. Michelle Grosman REMOVE FROM GOOGLE!
197712. alan j. hirsch I will remove Google as my search engine if this site remains. I will also encourage friends and associates to do the same.
197711. Kristopher Koller  
197709. Stanley S. Grossel It is appalling and obscene for Google to give an obvious neo-Nazi a forum for him to spew his hate messages and Nazi-like propaganda which would make Joef Goebbels green with envy if he were still alive.
197708. lea wolinetz  
197707. Alex Vasilevsky This is disgusting and lying website, particularly in my eyes, because I am the emigrant from the USSR and was experiencing all that antisemitism on my own skin! Fortunately, American People did not have this experience. But they must know the truth! And, Yes, I am a Jew!!!
197706. Jacob Paz  
197705. William Blaylock  
197704. Janina Goldhar  
197703. ruth wisse  
197702. Sarah Jackson  
197701. Judith Lee Cohen  
197700. barry reichenberg  
197699. Linda Tracey  
197698. Milka Yurgel Levacov Perpetuating hatred toward any ethnic group should be banned!
197697. William Dell  
197696. jane emanuel  
197695. boris Yaroslavski  
197694. Gary Forman  
197693. David Lubin  
197692. Maricuca Levacov  
197691. Joy  
197690. Marilia Levacov  
197689. marni ugar  
197688. Jill Lieberman Perpetuating hatred toward any ethnic group should be banned!
197687. tikva  
197686. Rosario  
197685. Judy Novenstein  
197684. Sister Francis Marie Pifer  
197683. JACOB S Extremly offensive and goes well beyond freedom of speech
197682. carol hymowitz  
197681. mike feltsman  
197680. Joyce Davidson  
197679. Ashley Bender  
197678. Julie Saypoff Idiots!
197677. Evelyn L.  
197676. Derynne Davis Taylor  
197675. jay raxenberg  
197674. herb bromberg  
197673. Melinda Cape  
197672. Ellen Greenberg  
197671. marla Zegman  
197670. mandy phillips disgusting from a site which should know better
197669. Lori Tuckman  
197668. ronald m schwartz  
197667. alon hakakian  
197666. Sue R  
197665. Edward London The web site is evil and is entitled to no first amendment protection from a responsible company such as Google. Kindly remove it
197664. michael  
197663. Liliane Segell  
197662. mandel foner  
197661. Sidney H. Lyons  
197660. Cynthia G. McSeveney  
197659. mandel foner  
197658. jsrudich  
197657. Isaias Zelkowicz  
197656. Rebecca Silver  
197655. Jane Vaynerov  
197654. Tami Ho  
197653. Raquel Aizencang  
197652. Arthur S. Block  
197651. MaryLou Smith  
197650. sara klompus  
197649. Susan Sharfstein  
197647. Craig Sonnenfeld  
197646. C. Berg  
197645. Renate Hoffman  
197644. Allan Shoychet  
197643. Julia  
197642. Leora Skolkin-Smith  
197641. Fuks  
197640. Roman Khlebolyub What some people don't know: the creators of Google are Jewish guys
197639. Charles Levine  
197638. M Anshel  
197637. Joe B  
197636. Victor Moss  
197635. Murray Callahan  
197634. maxine lyons  
197633. Michael Kohl  
197632. Harriet Farina  
197631. Anne Hopp  
197630. beverly mills  
197629. James F. Bogardus, Jr.  
197628. chip linville  
197627. Steve Tint  
197626. Lynn Rossi The world is in a sorry enough state. We dont need to teach our children anti semiticism , disrespect and hate .Along with Freedom of speech and of the press comes a certain amount of power . With that Power comes responsibility . Preaching hate and disrespect is not being responsible . This site should not exist.
197625. Laurence E LePaule  
197624. Olga Streltsina  
197623. Julia Weiss  
197622. James Lindemann disgrace and take it off
197621. Steven Matell remove Jewwatch from Google search
197620. Sharon Zucker  
197619. Boris Weiss  
197618. bahareh remove this please
197617. Nat Ehrlich So what else is new?
197616. Elliot Zucker  
197615. Sharon Babat I'm surprised that Google would even put this site on their search engine in the first place!
197614. Nancy Conviser Yes, it should be available for those with hateful views, but to have it be so high up is insulting.
197613. Boris Ervits  
197612. Erica Schmelzer  
197610. Bruce Gordon  
197609. Cheryl Jacobs  
197608. laura grosz  
197607. Howard MARCUS  
197606. katrina  
197605. Bernice Reisman  
197604. Jacquelyn Bakshiy  
197603. Lewis Winokur  
197602. Susan Israelson  
197601. Darryl Sigman  
197600. I. Kundel  
197599. Elina  
197598. Abraham Cohen  
197597. Laura Stewart  
197596. Dipak R.  
197595. rosalie tuly Google, as the most popular search engine, has a responsibility to it's users. Having this website as one of the first hits is misleading
197594. gail fiber  
197593. Gloria Yockelson It's ashame to see should hate on a web site.
197592. daniel premore get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
197591. Steven Trompeter  
197590. Richard Rosman offensive--please remove
197589. Gary K  
197588. Marcelo Silberleib  
197587. Leigh  
197586. rebecca sternberg  
197585. Pauline Schwager This website is deceptive and dangerous and should be removed from Google's search engine.
197584. Danielle Roffman  
197583. Neal Diamond Why do you permit this hate on your site?
197582. Karen J. Ganey  
197581. Carol Saffran  
197580. yana treystman take this site off its an embarassment
197579. Carol Novoseller  
197578. rosalie finkelstain I am a true believer of free speach. Even when it is filled with lies. But not as one of the first hits on a search engine.
197577. aline frisch  
197576. Joseph Kiss Disgusting !!
197575. Mikhail Ratner  
197574. Barbara and James Manzi  
197573. Jeffry B Sanford Surely there is some limit to freedom of expression!
197572. Richard Brown  
197571. C Kipp  
197570. seymour auerbach this site is discusting and I will stop using google
197569. Alice S. Huang  
197568. amir uziel  
197567. Suzanne Klein Every Jew and every Jewish organization should be made aware of this discrimination.
197566. Marvin Gottlieb  
197565. Cynthia A Braley distastful site
197564. Jody Price  
197563. Gloria Carbone Mitchell  
197562. Paul Schreiber abhorant
197561. Judye Dubelman  
197560. John Berke  
197559. larry haith thank u for performing this kind act
197558. Nurit Robin this is awful
197557. Rodney Kutcher  
197556. barry gutterman  
197555. Patricia Lindt Guss Please remove JewWatch
197554. Alan Tenenhouse  
197553. ohad  
197552. H.D. Whitman  
197551. Susan Hamlyn  
197550. ADI  
197549. Lily Lomberg  
197548. Stephanie Miller  
197547. Neda  
197546. Barbara Bergen Blatantly untrue and anti-Semitic
197545. joan gomberg  
197544. alison cheren  
197543. Marc Miller  
197542. Jeanne Isenstein  
197541. Jeremy Becker  
197540. Barbara F. Gordon I hope you do the right thing.
197539. Mark Elkin  
197538. Madeline Sunshine  
197537. Emily Greenberger  
197536. ariela  
197535. Lee Collins  
197534. Karyl & Grant Golden Please eliminate this abomination.
197533. dan thanks for taking care of this
197532. Ronald & Linda Clark  
197531. ZIVA  
197530. Kent Stitzer Remove this site!
197529. Leslie  
197528. patricia kenner this is outrageous
197527. Ilona Klaver  
197526. Jerome H Bloom  
197525. Ben Fireman  
197524. L.Bromberg  
197523. Victor Gorodischer  
197522. Samantha Lipkin  
197521. Ronald H. Bookman  
197520. Felicia  
197519. A Ganji discusting
197518. Diane Alvin  
197517. Faye Gordon Samuels  
197516. bob rothman  
197515. Stuart Hershman  
197514. bill kreisberg  
197513. Gladys Weiss Terrible if this is what others think about Jews.
197512. Adrienne Loewenthal  
197511. Jennifer Laver  
197510. Naomi Davis  
197509. martin rebhun  
197508. Susan Healy-Harman  
197506. Myrna Tils  
197505. James B Willis, Jr  
197504. efreim  
197503. Jaclyn  
197502. Professor Abraham Mansbach  
197501. Gary Dalin A website to purpetrate bigotry is no better than child pornography
197500. Eva Raxenberg  
197499. Michael Blickman  
197498. charlotte chernis  
197497. Barbara G. Losman  
197496. Vicki Barsh  
197495. Linda Stern We shouldn't have to petition to get rid of this site. Google should delete it on its own. Freedom of speech allows them to create such a site. But it does not require a company to broadcast it to the world.
197494. Mark and Lorraine Stillman  
197493. victor hollander remove Jewwatch immediately
197492. Karin Mahoney  
197491. Heidi Damsky  
197490. Amichai  
197489. Selda Hollander  
197488. Sara Nelson  
197487. bernice eisenstein  
197486. Pearl Feldmesser  
197485. Karl Baruch insulting to have such bigotry still existing
197484. Josh there is something wrong with the people who made this website
197483. Marshall Sindelman should immediately be removed from Google.Those seeking antisemitic rhetoric, untruths regarding the Jewish community should not be enabled by Google to access these abhorant faleshoods.
197482. Carolyn Griffin  
197481. Nayereh Khankhanian Google should not post any Jew hate, or any hate site!
197480. mary lensgraf  
197479. Karen  
197478. Cheryl Pearl Sucher  
197477. Jeremy Morrison  
197476. m/m eugene zelkowicz please remove this offensive item
197475. Rush, Michael  
197474. Bhairavi Guss Please remove this offensive site.
197473. Adam  
197472. Arnon Zlotnik  
197471. Lynn Litow Flayhart  
197470. Julie Ratner This is a website is a travesty and I would think that Google would not want to promote the hatred, and lies that this website is providing to anyone who visits. Just as an individual cannot shout "fire" in a crowded room, and this type of speech is not contitutionally protected, I think the scurrilous articles and insiteful language of this website should be outside of protected speech.
197469. Marcos Weinstein Remove this site please, it's content is shameful and intolerable
197468. Dr Jay Shaw  
197467. Max  
197466. Reva Sober  
197465. john vainrub 50,000 signatures in ransom for our name?
197464. Elizabeth Levinson  
197463. Todd Gurvis  
197462. Joel  
197461. Donna Kagan  
197460. Roberta Levin  
197459. Leonard Chafetz  
197458. Laurie  
197457. carol ochs  
197456. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swick  
197455. Charles Adelman  
197454. Suzanne Hodes  
197453. Tobias Rawet Holocaust Survivor
197452. Marie Skoven  
197451. Michael Ochs  
197450. Steven Shoflick Please remove this site from the search engine. It is extremely inflamatory
197449. Errol Noik  
197447. Caryn Espo  
197446. Brian Gutman  
197445. Charles M. Honeyman  
197444. Beth Schindler  
197443. David B. Rosenhaus  
197442. Lois Gruber  
197441. Rita Funk  
197440. stanley sheiner  
197439. Marlene Chudacoff Horrible web site, please remove
197438. Susan Shoychet  
197437. C. Lea Salem  
197436. Louise Baum  
197435. esther l. manewith  
197434. Marc Wittlin disgusting
197433. Kaitlyn  
197432. Charles L. Bonds  
197431. hershel remove this site for good
197430. Joyce Piontak  
197428. Diana Steigler  
197427. Shirley Koffman This site with it's anti-semitic info does nothing but spread anti-semitism. It must be removed.
197426. Scott Goodman  
197425. John Flax  
197424. Sara Epstein horrible
197423. Evan Siegel  
197422. Jason Goldstein  
197421. Stacey Grossman  
197420. shar  
197419. Sharon Rosenblum  
197418. Bruce Goldstein  
197417. aaron gottheil  
197416. Lewis Damrauer  
197415. Doreen Seidler-Feller  
197414. Anatoliy Plotkin  
197413. lynne silver  
197412. F P Goodman  
197411. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swick Will not use google until this site is removed
197410. Lynne Jordan very offensive
197409. Yvonne Hershman  
197408. dori  
197407. Janette Simms  
197406. Yuval Dekel  
197404. Ann Bell  
197403. Maxine Shea  
197402. Dr. Lewis Morrison get rid of this hate site
197401. Charles Greene  
197400. Geraldyne R. Weiser  
197399. alexandr fridman  
197398. Richard Jordan very offensive
197397. Ann Lampert  
197396. Michael Halstater We may have free speech but what we have at this site is totally unacceptable bigotry.
197395. Robert Lefkowitz Please remove it ASAP
197394. martin bader  
197393. jay fried hateful
197392. Marshall Woodman  
197391. Susan Singer  
197390. Ernesto Antisemitism must die
197389. Miriam Ben-Ari  
197388. Ruth Magid  
197387. Rena Rose  
197386. Karol Blumenthal  
197385. Mrs V K Gleave  
197384. mike boner  
197383. Judy Avidror get rid of this smelly rubish
197382. ira lilien  
197381. Ofelia Levy  
197380. M.Berk-Levine  
197379. m r sher  
197378. David Jacobs  
197377. ALAN CHAMO please remove this site!
197376. Elisabeth Ochs, RN, San Francisco, California Please don't give a wide audience to hate groups!
197375. andrea tzadik  
197374. Joel Bernstein THis type of racism is inexcusable, and Google's support of it is reprehensible!
197373. Julia Nickerson  
197372. Eileen Brannon  
197371. Wilbert & Shirley Berg This is definetly Hate Speech!
197370. RivkahCohen Nada admite o preconceito, nada!
197369. S. feldman Discusting
197368. Betty Weiss  
197367. C W Levi Remove this nonsense immediately !
197366. monica glasman thank you for deleting this horrible web-site
197365. Lisa C. Rabinovich  
197364. Jerome H. Brander This is the type of hateful, disgusting fabrications that result in attempted genocide.
197363. Carol Nemeroff  
197362. Deborah Ring  
197361. M. Amstell outright garbage; google has a responsibility for true information!
197360. Deb Filler THis is hate mongering and must be removed immediately. The number on my father's arm cannot ever be erased, especially but the insulting insinuations this site provokes.
197359. Magdalena Majkowska  
197358. Phyllis S. Bochner  
197357. M. Latkin  
197356. Michele  
197355. Anne Belford  
197354. Hilary Marks  
197353. Martin B. Bochner  
197352. Howard Sobel Please remove it
197351. marcie jo thurlow racist anddisgraceful
197349. Esther Weiss  
197348. esther stein  
197347. Michael Silver Google should be ashamed that they even need a patition signed to remove this from their search engine
197346. Leween Kay  
197345. Harry Wolf  
197344. Judy Slater  
197343. Laraine Newman Nobody likes it when Jews defend themselves. What we do as a people in self defense is nothing compared to what crimes are perpetrated against us as a people. Yet, when we defend ourselves, we are the criminals.
197342. Judih Tiano  
197341. Dena Franks  
197340. Arthur Chikofsky  
197339. Norma Weingarten disgusting
197338. joel frank  
197337. Melvin S. Fishman Remove
197336. Boris Gorbis I request the removal of the site because it contains lies masqerading as facts. I respect the rights of people to disagree with me but cannot accept that they have right to engage in hate speech.
197335. Lisa Heil Thank You.
197334. Corinne Becker  
197333. andrew Romay  
197332. Seymour Rankowitz  
197331. heather lynn  
197330. brilling gideon against
197329. Alan Rosen Please prevent anti-Semitism
197328. Bill Grey  
197327. Robin Berkovitz fix this please
197326. Shelley Rothman-Benhaim Please remove from Google
197325. Allida Stauber Isn't this world filled with enough vitriole as it is?
197324. Sheryl Rubinoff  
197323. H. I. Ziskind  
197322. David  
197321. Barbara Bergman  
197320. Sandra Neuwirth What a horrible site!!!
197319. marion jacobs It is extremely noxious
197318. Evelyn Dean  
197317. Ruth Noestheden  
197316. Harriet Lurie  
197315. Ruth Jacobson  
197314. Jennifer Pfeifer  
197313. Michael Feldman this is disturbing
197312. Leon Lurie  
197311. José Kravetz This is a snake comment. Only poison. !!! remove it. !!!!
197310. joana pirogovsky  
197309. sdAS  
197308. gregory goodson  
197307. Stacey Goldstein  
197306. amy alpert  
197305. Glop I'm sure Google won't stant and watch aintisemitism.
197304. Les Freud  
197303. Esther Engelman  
197302. Sharon Grossman  
197301. diane malin  
197300. Aviva Espiedra  
197299. Pauline Chmielnicki  
197298. Barbara Lerer  
197297. Robert Zeisler This hateful group of fiction should not be aired
197296. toby gleitman  
197295. Henry Chmielnicki  
197294. toby gleitman  
197293. suzanne dreishpoon  
197292. mindy Tierman  
197291. Elaine Lopes de Santa Rosa  
197290. sheldon Larry  
197289. shelley paris  
197288. Pam Stacey It's time to exercise some standards as to what receives prominent viewing and is offensive and inflammatory. Please take action on this.
197287. don mendel  
197286. Gerald Garshon, P.Eng. This should be removed immediately
197285. Burton Epstein  
197284. sharon greenberg  
197283. Scott Denson  
197282. DorothyAnn Barron  
197281. lee j beck please removed this discuting web site!!!
197280. Milton Wilkow inflammatory garbage, REMOVE
197279. Henrique Rosario Correia de Lacerda Ramalho i´m not a Jew,but i dont admit xenofobism
197278. Marsha Spector  
197277. Jonathan Ross  
197276. Harvey Traison  
197275. kourosh tehrani  
197274. Fred A. Berk  
197273. Bernard Dayre  
197272. Alina  
197271. Mark Kline  
197270. Reba M. Freedman Please remove this site
197269. Stephanie Whittaker  
197268. I Freilich  
197267. Gad Abadi  
197266. Angelo Segall Your cooperation is much appreciated
197265. Scott Davis  
197264. Daniel  
197263. Tara Willingham  
197262. R Reichman  
197261. Katy Gardner shame on google for printing such garbage, I will use a different search engine till this comes off the site.
197260. chaya friedman  
197259. max zaritsky
197258. Joyce Sigman There is enough antisemitism in this world without egging on more!
197257. Lindsay Reday a hate site that should be eliminated
197256. Ilan Klein  
197255. Kim Z. Gold  
197253. tal klinger  
197252. roy naturman Shame on Google - should take it off without one signature
197251. ellen dubin how could you put something so vile first
197250. Lisa  
197249. david heisler free speech goes only so far
197248. Eli Rimon  
197247. Mia Miller  
197246. Carlos I am not jew, but that website is horrible.
197245. rivka slomka  
197244. Getzel Segal  
197243. Jeff Sirkin please remove, offensive
197242. meir landau  
197241. Shlomie Hoowitz  
197240. Ben H. remove from Google
197239. DIANE K. STERN  
197238. Leslie I. Lipkin  
197237. Robin Goldberg  
197236. peggy goodman  
197235. Dan Bellows  
197234. Edward Levine  
197233. Evelyn Silver How disgusting can you get?
197232. Toly Novik š
197231. Margo Marshak  
197230. Nicholas i personally think that having a website like this show up when we type a name that represents us is vile and wrong
197229. Evelyn Silver How disgusting can you get?
197228. Lutz Dohnert  
197227. Cullen Rabel  
197226. Angela Rabel  
197225. Susan Nourieli  
197224. ALFRED H. SILVERSTEIN disgusting, must be removed
197223. Joan Robbins  
197222. Glenda Simon  
197221. Madeleine and Irving Solomon  
197220. J Kester  
197218. William Ayotte  
197217. Elizabeth Wolff  
197216. aviva layton  
197215. Jerry Petasnick  
197214. Pro-Jews  
197213. Lisa Danish  
197212. ERIC  
197211. Leslie Sklarew  
197210. lisaconn  
197209. Cecil Baber He is entitled to his views but not primacy
197208. Mona Levine  
197207. Caitlin Lumia This is a disgrace!
197206. Bernard Rosen  
197205. yehoram uziel  
197204. Becca  
197203. rhoda uziel  
197202. Tania Kravath  
197200. amy neukrug  
197199. Linda Church  
197198. Kenneth Korach This site is an outrage!
197197. Yuval  
197196. Yitzchak  
197195. Paul Hooberman  
197194. Isaac Mizrahi  
197193. Fred Epstein  
197192. Justin Goldstein this is horrible and embarassing to all who support
197191. NATHAN BROWN  
197190. Mollie Rothman Any Hate mail that is circulated via the internet should be tracked down and the perpetraters should be severely punished and heavily fined!!!
197188. Silvio Sztrajtman  
197187. Oleg Patsiselsky  
197186. E Speilman  
197185. Gary Lipkin  
197184. helena nath  
197183. Aaron Wolff  
197182. Tamara LaBaer  
197181. Jack Levy  
197180. Todd Kirschen  
197179. larry green lies ruin our world
197178. micheal Klein  
197177. Lauralee Alben  
197176. Ronald L. Marsh  
197175. Lynne Perman Schneider Please remove this anti semitic website immediately!
197174. h.bregman  
197173. David Kunian Smash Anti-Semitism!
197172. Elizabeth Glick This site is disgusting and truly unamerican
197171. Eddie Kantar  
197170. Alison Colman  
197169. Rachel R.  
197168. Ted Bloomberg  
197167. Patricia N. Fonts  
197166. Martin Grossman  
197165. Lonny Lehman  
197164. Rick Shatz  
197163. Mechal Fischman  
197162. herbert gersh,m.d.  
197161. Shira Strauss  
197160. Gilda Tesser  
197159. Sandy Guarise  
197158. Ricardo  
197157. Mitzi Trachtenberg  
197156. Patricia C. Meaney How awful
197155. jay Rosenbloom  
197154. Reuben Cristol  
197153. Abby Cooperman  
197152. anita Ostrow  
197151. M N SPRINGUT  
197150. Rachel Eichorn  
197149. Gerald Swaye  
197148. tony angelo  
197147. Almon Ing Should not be one of the top 10 search results.
197146. Dolores R. Cohen  
197145. Allan Klein  
197144. howard h rosenfeld  
197143. M.Herrmann  
197142. Lynne Gold Please let us work toward tolerance for all
197141. Maxwell H. Cohen  
197140. James Parnell  
197139. Shirley Ann Please remove this website of hatred
197138. victor hollander there is no place for these comments
197137. Rodney A. Grunes  
197136. Henry H. Straus  
197135. Brenda Korach  
197134. Henry H. Straus  
197133. Richard Tomkin The site speaks for itself. I would have expected more from Google.
197132. Evan Ifcher DEPLORABLE
197131. Cehlia Newman Please Remove this hateful site!
197130. richard nodel  
197129. Warren Colman  
197128. Roberta Garber Its not fair, and its not RIGHT !!!
197127. Shawn Kravetz  
197126. Barbara Broner  
197125. Kenneth Hoffman  
197124. Dena Davis  
197123. Betty Luther  
197122. Judith Nesburn  
197121. Robert Friedel  
197120. Herb Toplan Stop the antisemitism
197119. Elaine McPhee  
197118. Samuel M. Sylvetsky  
197117. joan terry  
197116. sharleene sherwin  
197115. lynda chiu  
197114. selma ungar  
197113. Mandy Ash Please remove
197112. frank nazarian  
197111. giller  
197110. karen hurvitz Take this hateful site off your site
197109. clement cohen  
197108. ellen goldberg  
197107. Martin Epstein I thought this was the 21st Century, not the dark ages
197106. Andre A. Alvelo  
197105. Patricia Caro  
197104. Robin F. Genchel  
197103. Randi Green  
197102. David Nadel Are you blind?
197101. Joelle Jacobson  
197100. Karen Koplon  
197099. Stephanie Billikopf  
197098. joshua najjar  
197097. Janet Miller  
197096. Richard Lerner  
197095. Marilyn Banner  
197094. ann harris it's a disgraceful site and should be removed
197093. Y. Levinson  
197092. Harold Hoch  
197091. Roberta Zunick Anti semetic
197090. Darci Gross  
197089. Bruce Licht please remove this site
197088. Esther  
197087. george kasah  
197086. Louise Leverant  
197085. Andrew Webb  
197084. Frank Zunick Very anti semetic site
197083. K. Mazur  
197082. KimSooSun  
197081. Basya Israel  
197080. stephen t. kunian allowing this web site is inexcusable. it is supporting hate crimes which google ought not to do.
197079. orly khoobian  
197078. Danielle Kreinik This is atrocious. It breaks my heart that people hate each other for no reason other than faith.
197077. Yelena Fidelskaya  
197076. KIM SCHUETT  
197075. phyllis rosenthal  
197074. Michael Aron Remove at once - this site fosters hatred for Jews
197073. aaron denson  
197072. Julie Robbins Please respect the rights of everybody
197071. Marshall M. Levin  
197070. Esther Gabay  
197069. Elisha Najjar  
197068. Wallace Louder  
197067. Jane Hoch  
197066. cynthia mann  
197065. Rubin Goldberg Google should not alow an Anti-Semitic website
197064. Henryk Francuz  
197063. Yacobi  
197062. j .strong it must be removed ,against the law
197061. Roberta Leibowitz This site is disgusting
197060. stacy malul  
197059. shelly aframian  
197058. Judith  
197057. Malcolm Cartier Enhancing love is harder than hatred. There is enough hatred in the world without promoting more.
197056. Jill this from a jewish owned company?
197055. Danielle Almagor  
197054. Judith Stander Remove from google
197053. Terri Reicher  
197052. Caryn Komensky Disgusting
197051. Inga Finks remove from google search engine
197050. Nancy Golden  
197049. Cindy Doire  
197048. Isidoro Gorodischer this is outrageous
197047. Joseph Gorodischer  
197046. Yuval Weiss  
197045. Jamie Reich  
197044. Michael Liffmann  
197043. Anita G Danowitz  
197042. Stephen Schneider  
197041. lillian scharlin  
197040. Margie Gertzman  
197039. Marianne Bundren  
197037. Barry Yelowitz trash this site
197036. Deborah Moskowitz  
197035. Tana Schultz  
197034. Myra Ryan the world needs less hate, not more
197033. Alan Berger remove at once!
197032. Dotty Hillman  
197031. Connie Schuett  
197030. Alexander Klebanov  
197029. Inbal Avnon If it won't be removed I will stop using google and it's e mail
197028. aline frisch  
197027. Michael Weinstein  
197026. Gwen Orland take it off please
197025. David Cooper  
197024. baruch weisman repugnant offering
197023. Dr. Yair Glick a shameful disgrace (under the pretext of "free speech")
197022. Shuki Didi  
197021. ken schick please remove asap
197020. Megan Herman  
197019. Lynne Barol disgusting
197018. Molly Golubcow Remove Immediately, please!
197017. Randy Streng Please Remove this Hateful site.
197016. Anne Morganstein  
197015. susan nerheim  
197014. Bonnie Doan  
197013. will black disgusting coincidence-please delete
197012. Carrie Farina  
197011. Betty Abrams  
197010. Rob Rubinsky  
197009. Lisa Kaplan  
197008. Sarah Freeman  
197007. carol n. hankin  
197006. e.cohen  
197005. Cheryl Butler  
197004. David Spialter  
197003. chusakaandme  
197002. Débora Franco Lerrer  
197000. Yair Birnbaum  
196999. Marla Solomon remove this website
196998. Lesley Kantor  
196997. Robin Swerdlow  
196996. Monica Pawker please take this down
196995. betsy grant  
196994. Sheila van Wyk  
196993. robin brown  
196992. Dotty Hillman  
196991. Pro Sherman While I believe completely in free speech, the fact that the Google site can be manipulated by those who know how to "work the system" in order to promote what I beleive is a nefarious message must be addressed by google. This is but one example of such abbuses.
196990. Kimberly Novak  
196988. Barry Epstein  
196987. Robert Levy  
196986. Scott Andrew Taylor As someone who has chosen to become Jewish, I am horrified to read the vile lies that "JewWatch" spews; I am even more horrified to read that Google allows "JewWatch" to be connected to the Google search engine. Do the right thing! Remove "JewWatch" and all their affiliate links from the Google search engine
196985. Jeanne Simon  
196984. allan enkin hatred.anti-semiticism,should not be promoted by google search machine
196983. E. G. Mallin This site is disgusting and insults all reasonable people. Must be removed!
196982. Harris Wildstein Get it off!!!
196981. omid m remove it now no more hate
196980. Janice Pierce  
196979. Roni Fertig  
196978. IKE KLEIN  
196977. Laurie A J Williams As a believer in free speech I have a quandry here, This is ugly stuff here, but don't we have the right of free expression? The better road would be to fight the "scholarly" research data.
196976. Elie  
196975. Michele and Ron Shahar This site is disgusting and doesn't deserve Google or any one's attention. Please mark as ignored!
196974. Estra Grant  
196973. Sharon Morgenstern  
196972. Sheila Jackman  
196971. Carol Fox  
196970. theo price horrible unthruths
196969. Janet Lynn Simmons Please REMOVE "JewWatch" from the Google Search Engine permanently. It is offensive, and hurtful to the Jewish community, who already suffer from enough unchecked Anti-Semitism on a daily basis.
196968. Shevy Feinstein  
196967. Julia Barol  
196966. Neilson Goldman I do not support anti-semitic orgs
196965. Carmel Chiswick  
196964. Danny Wajcman  
196963. corinne engelhart "Jew-bashing" has always been a favorite past time for many people. The problem is that it goes from being a simple "joke"/a moment of a "cheap, harmless thrill", to becoming a real feeling and sentiment that permeates the surface, sets in with VERY deep roots and spreads like wild fire. So now, this fabricated joke, packed with lies and innuendoes, gets turned into “a given”/ “a fact of life". Please help by pulling the plug to this out-of control fuel line/forest fire. Thank you! Corinne Engelhart
196962. Carol Locke please remove this offensive site
196961. Bruce Bloom  
196960. Rachel Gdanski  
196959. Ina Bruskin  
196958. Jill Spilman  
196957. Madeline Amsterdam Google should know better than this; it is the electronic verison of allowing someone to yell :Fire" in a movie theater!
196956. Andrea Shapiro  
196955. Lucie Tetrault  
196954. Dee Waldman This is an absolute disgrace
196953. Olivia Burten  
196952. Merilyn :Weisblott disgusting site
196951. Natasha Pavlov  
196950. Richard N.Shields  
196949. Audrey Friedel  
196948. Eitan Kandel  
196947. Rose Silver  
196945. Mark Amsterdam  
196944. moshe do not allow these sites
196943. Andrei Petra  
196942. sergio edward rzezak  
196941. Abe Shamash  
196940. Elliot Greenberg  
196939. Trebor Muart Shame on Google, You can do Better
196938. ben lustig  
196937. joan fertig  
196936. Louis Cohen  
196935. Jeff Tabachnick unbelievable!!! but no surprise!!!
196934. Dr D Zuck I think it is disgraceful that you require so much convincing to remove such a racist and objectionable site
196933. F. Kaplan  
196932. Judy Rose  
196931. joan schaeffer  
196930. B.Berkowitz  
196929. john schultz  
196928. shelly Rubenfire  
196927. Amy Levin  
196926. Molly McIntyre  
196925. Shira  
196924. Lev Lansky I am working for justice
196923. yonatan silverman  
196922. David Deutsch  
196921. Jacobson despicable hatred!!!!! G-d does justice!
196920. Robert Brown  
196919. Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz  
196918. Marsha Miller  
196917. Joel S. Adelman Google must not allow itself to be used in this way. This site MUST be removed, and immediately.
196916. Eileen Brown  
196915. Mary Carpenter  
196914. Margo S.  
196913. lena waingort  
196912. CHARMAINE KOSSEW pse remove
196911. Yair Weinstock  
196910. Jacobson remove immed please
196909. Steve Sherman  
196908. tanya  
196907. mindy schok The site amounts to hate literature
196906. Bruce Barmak  
196905. Sarah Klein  
196904. Sandy  
196903. Lauren Mauer  
196902. Sonya M. Helmer We don't need any more individuals to add to the list of antisemites..
196901. janie hayes disgraceful! spreading unecessary hate
196900. Elaine Grossman  
196899. jeanne goldberg  
196898. Chaya Shachar Thia is disgusting. How can Google endorse such a thing? And why is it taking so much to get it removed??
196897. Myrna Koldin  
196896. beth epstein I am shocked that Google would allow such racist mateiral to be displayed and so prominently! I may be switching my favorite search engine if nothing is done.
196894. Phyllis Libbin  
196893. Bob Cunitz  
196892. Mariltn Green  
196891. Ryan Bredow  
196890. Barry Cohen  
196888. Chelle Cordero  
196887. Scott Borre  
196886. svetlana kasman  
196885. Andrew Suss  
196884. Steven  
196883. Stacey  
196882. cipi francke  
196881. lisa Kaplan  
196880. mamroud mazliah  
196879. Jordan Wine  
196878. Molly Geller  
196877. Pat Langnau  
196876. Patricia Kay  
196875. D. Schreiber  
196874. Norman Katz Please remove this site from Google search
196873. daphne  
196872. Limi Bukspan scary!
196871. SANDRA STEIN  
196870. Lois Captain  
196869. Donna Hicks  
196868. Jodi Fenton  
196867. terri schermer  
196866. Greg Sembler  
196865. tzafrir  
196864. Beverley Ballett please be moral and remove this hateful site. I am so shocked that you have allowed it up to the present. I hope you will remove the site immediately.
196863. Jeremy Abelson  
196862. Joel W. Meskin Please remove this website from your search engine as it solely intented to incite hatred and intolerance.
196861. Janet Hudson  
196860. Heather Schneiderman  
196859. R. de Jong  
196857. Leora Slansky  
196855. Blair Chipkin  
196854. wayne nathanson please do not contribute to hatred and remove this site
196853. Alejandro Pablo Halpern  
196852. stuart wolff please move this, very offensive that google supports this.
196851. H L Myman  
196850. Jimena  
196849. Leona  
196848. allyson trail  
196847. joanne sheps  
196846. Martin Cohen  
196845. H. Elaine Jealousy is a horrible thing...
196844. margaret goodman this is a disgusting site and the people who sponser it should be censured.
196843. Herbert Korn  
196842. Jason S  
196841. Lietzie Belford  
196840. Mark Fenton  
196839. Trevor Stewart-Sweet  
196838. Daniel Panush  
196837. Wes Wagner Put the wikipedia entry as #1
196836. T Stein  
196835. madlen shalit psle remove that site 7 thanks
196834. Lezlie Brezin  
196833. harvey luterman  
196832. D Rolan shameful
196831. Lisa Swerdlow  
196830. Kenneth G Brandt  
196829. ornamoller  
196828. Jessica Barcessat  
196827. Moshe Barr  
196826. JD Broder  
196825. harry scharf  
196823. stan weinstein  
196822. jack potashnik hatred not wanted
196821. Iain Benjamin  
196820. Bill Torodor  
196819. C. S. Hillyer, Ph.D. The internet should not be used to foster hate.
196818. Nancy Levenglick  
196817. lbarry  
196816. Josh Opperer  
196815. Ann Hildebrandt This website is outrageous, deplorable!
196814. Jo-anne Wolman  
196813. Lori Ames  
196811. Kevin Garshon  
196810. Gregory  
196809. Matt Kessler  
196808. David Mellor I have a ton of Jewish friends and support them completely in the removal of this site from your search engine
196807. Pam Sable the internet is a too often, set-in-stone, trusted single method of research for naiive people. Something has to be done to stop hate groups and prevent their contagious disease from spreading.
196806. Leonard Birnbum  
196805. Carole Steinbok  
196804. michelle  
196803. Irwin Paul It is openly and blatantly anti-semitic with no basis in fact.
196802. wendy rosman  
196801. Susan Rice  
196800. jackie pollack  
196799. cecilia goldberger  
196798. sandie moskowitz This is HATE in the strongest sense!----the site must be removed!
196797. Noni st. amand This is a very dangerous site
196796. Evie Karlin  
196795. anneke prins  
196794. Sara G. Stone How could you do this in the first place????
196793. jacob  
196792. Nancy s. Miller  
196791. Aggie Stern Terrible
196790. William Wood  
196789. Diane Wladis  
196788. Dan Schlolssman Wise up, Jesus died Jewish
196787. Sara Mark Remove this immediately; it is racist and totally inaccurate!
196786. Harry Zettel take it off-hate sucks
196785. Nancy Ortenberg  
196784. Andrea  
196783. JESUS KRISTE ill start usin YAHOO :-)
196782. Alan Epstein  
196781. david rush  
196780. Stephen Kozer  
196779. Jeffrey H Feldman  
196778. Al Grossman Obviously an no brainer!
196777. Adrian Hallett  
196776. Gideon Mann  
196775. sheila lever there is enough antisemitism without this
196774. Erica Gilbert  
196773. Franklin J Harberg Jr.  
196772. Paul Grunkorn  
196771. Caroline Ehrenfeld  
196770. Marcie Ziskind This is an outrage! You are explicitly allowing hate all over your website. This kind of hatred is what creates the infectious anger that pervades too much of the world. Stop this NOW!!!
196769. Brenda L.  
196768. Trudie Katz Walker  
196767. diane feinberg  
196766. Marilyn Simon  
196765. Mara  
196764. Laura Ginsberg  
196763. joseph steinberg remove this anti semetic link
196762. Stanley Cheren  
196761. Richard p. Miller  
196760. David Plotinsky  
196759. ruth scheuer  
196757. Brett August A "free" internet does not require dissemination of hate speach.
196756. Jaimie  
196755. steven edelstein  
196754. Drew  
196753. elad varon  
196752. grace garofolo Google is too good a Company & search engine to allow this to continue
196751. Herb Beiles  
196750. Joseph Aviv  
196749. Lee Mentley  
196748. Michael Lear  
196747. Susan Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!
196746. Bunty Lear  
196745. eva aloni very dissapointed
196744. Bobbi Dymond  
196743. eva aloni very dissapointed
196742. M.D. Rosenthal C. B. E. This is an abhorrent site which propagates the worst stereotypical racist myths about the Jewish people including The protocols of Zion, categorically proven to be an anti-Semitic forgery. I am in favour of free speech, people should be able to make up their own minds...but this is a dangerous rant which, in any other context, and concerning any other race of people would be banned.
196741. Michael A. Zucker  
196740. Michael Laurence Access to the perpetuation of religious bigotry has no place in our United States
196739. Patricia McDonald  
196738. iris antell  
196737. Judith Gold  
196736. Rebecca Bravin  
196735. Marta F. Kauffman  
196734. Minnie Ross  
196733. Nicki Goldstein This is truly vile stuff and very un-American. Guy is right out of KKK casting.
196732. Lauren Zamler  
196731. Jennifer Newman  
196730. Joyce Hirsch this is horrible
196729. David Yudt  
196728. Judith H. Connelly  
196727. C. Friedenberg  
196726. noland sad
196725. EK In this day and age...disgusting
196724. Gerry Tissenaum  
196723. Mark Klein  
196722. mario lerer  
196721. Barbara Heller PLEASE REMOVE NOW!
196720. Bonnie Walker  
196719. Robert Elias  
196718. Sharon Smith  
196717. Robert Breakstone  
196716. Yonatan  
196715. Lisa Douek  
196714. Sara Lee Goldberg  
196713. Abitbol Maya  
196712. Debbie Garshon please remove - you are repuatable - this site is NOT
196711. Nancy Epstein  
196710. djanof  
196709. Carolyn Schwartz Why is there a resurgence of Jewish hatred when the Jewish population consists of only 14.8 million worldwide and Israel is only a dot on the map? There are billions of other people in the world and far worse atrocities occurring such as in Darfur. Once and for all, the negative focus should be taken off of the Jewish people and be directed elsewhere. Perhaps the focus should be on the positive contributions that the Jews have given to the world and have continually been the scapegoats for everything! Is there a website called Muslimwatch or Christianwatch?
196708. GJ Nashen  
196707. harry f  
196706. s. weiner  
196705. ken matthew  
196704. Gary Hughes remove this dangerous site
196703. ELLIOT D SPIRO  
196702. Leanne Shapiro  
196701. Garry W. Weiner  
196700. Sheila A. Weiner  
196699. Steven Latner  
196698. lenore krolick  
196697. Erica KIng  
196696. nehama brener  
196695. scott marcus  
196694. harvey raimi  
196693. Michael Golieb  
196692. dottie remove it immediately
196691. jay  
196690. Herbert Weber  
196689. Harry M. Eisenberg  
196688. Dr. Laura J. Singer  
196687. Yehuda Riemer Get this of this slanderous site!
196686. jay rosenblatt  
196685. Geraldine Shohet This site should be reclassified as anti-jew
196684. carl munson  
196683. Harriet Gershman We must not support hate of any kind
196681. P  
196680. gail setton  
196679. Ezra  
196678. phyllis landin  
196677. Juliet Fleischmann This should come up under "anti-semitism"
196676. Toby Weitzman This hate web site needs to be removed immediatley. Google should be ashamed to promote such hate .
196675. Joe Perel  
196673. Deena Sher  
196672. Jerilyn Cohen  
196671. Eric Nauenberg  
196670. Rhonda Nissenbaum  
196669. stanley tannenbaum  
196668. Judy Shapiro  
196667. jeffrey Weiss I love Jews, and not just becouse i am one!
196666. joel abelson  
196665. james dallet  
196664. Jean P. Kyman  
196663. Linda Kisluk  
196662. Alex Edelman Remove this garbage from Google
196661. Alex Kyman This is disgusting and outrageous!
196660. I Schok Remove this hatred
196659. Jeff Mason  
196658. Bruce Kisluk  
196657. r. daiter  
196656. richard Mendelson  
196655. Barbara H. Weinstein  
196654. James Daly  
196653. Steven L. Marchick  
196652. Carla Dent  
196650. Eli Genah  
196649. Menachem Kane  
196648. Ann  
196647. Natalie disgusting site
196646. jb kushnick remove ''
196645. hagar  
196644. Lisa Gagnon  
196643. rhoda j berger  
196642. edwin ezrine  
196641. Rena Meltzer  
196640. Paula Lipski  
196639. Lior  
196638. S. Davidson  
196637. Robert Hecht, C.A.  
196636. Oded Levi  
196635. Nancy G. Sambul  
196634. Yigal Bar-Av Thank you for organizing this effort.
196633. Alex Polishchuk  
196632. sarah  
196631. Astrid take it out
196630. wendy Fishkind This site only breeds hate. "You've got to be taught to hate and fear..."
196628. A Piltch  
196627. Sally Pliskow  
196626. sharon rose  
196625. Paula Bursztyn  
196624. Sarah Chrystal remove from google search engine
196623. Sheila Aaron  
196622. lawrence klemow  
196621. susan rand  
196620. Elaine Belasco  
196619. Edwin Rowe We are watching you. Remember "Do no evil"?
196618. Richard Caplan more hate! please remove!
196617. karl karol  
196616. Karen Levy  
196615. Daniel R. Weiss  
196614. Bruce S Gordon  
196613. Amit Shamir please remove hate material
196612. Atty Gordon  
196611. Randi Marcus  
196610. grazia  
196609. Thomas H. Tropp  
196608. thomas e scarr  
196607. Robert Earl Please remove this anti-Semitic website.
196606. WEndy Openheimer  
196605. Kay Brown Please Remove the from the google search engine.
196604. eyal madar  
196603. robert cohen  
196602. F. Grünfeld  
196601. Andy Broh  
196600. Charlene Genton Mattingly The stuff of nightmares! Remove it, please.
196599. Beth Shapiro  
196598. Steph  
196597. Naomi  
196596. Jerry A Pollack  
196595. Jodi Starkman-Mendelsohn  
196594. Barry E. Greenstein This is beneath your reputation.
196593. Antal Wormser remove it please
196592. Stefanie Mirman  
196591. Leroy Goren  
196590. Richard Kraner Disgusting actions by Google
196589. Sheyda Saponar  
196588. susan bennett  
196587. Avner Charir  
196586. David  
196585. Kerrie Liebowitz  
196584. Eva Wormser remove it please
196583. Andrew Laver  
196582. Sheila Davidow  
196581. Savtamiami  
196579. Janet Ames Scharf  
196578. Robert Cohen it is a real shame that our world has so many people that are empty on facts and full with hatred
196577. Adele Marcus  
196576. Dianne L Dassa  
196575. David Salkovitz  
196574. Rachel K  
196573. Marcia Schwemer  
196572. Abraham Jaffe  
196569. marc aronstam  
196568. scott merkelson  
196567. Mary  
196566. Donald Sklar Google needs to re-examine it's policies and ban such sites.
196565. Jeff Levis Shame on Google!
196564. Annette Cavanagh  
196563. Mercedes Dembo  
196562. Pam Morgan  
196561. Ruby Jackson  
196560. Ruby Jackson  
196559. jose suarez  
196558. seymour  
196557. Phyllis Saums  
196556. Roberto Lanes  
196555. Jane Barile  
196554. Frieda Friedman an absolutely despicable website
196553. marvin a. jamron so many disturbing
196552. Sy Dill  
196550. Sherman Wolfson  
196549. martin richler  
196548. marcia b. jamron truly disgusting & full of twisted "facts"
196547. claire fagin totally dreadful
196546. Strazynski Josef  
196545. zach rose  
196544. Adrienne Rosen  
196543. lana fishkin  
196542. Alisha  
196541. helen korach  
196540. Huibert Sabelis Wybenga People will never learn to live life right ,as long as they keep on looking for a scape goat for their lac of oflove of man kind and lfe it self ,a lack of understanding what God is all about.
196539. Dena Blumenthal  
196538. James Spahovic please remove
196537. ALBERT  
196536. Ellen Reisman  
196535. John Abrahams  
196534. Michael Waterman What a hateful display of anti-semitism
196533. irwin moore  
196532. stephanie Mark  
196531. Helene Kleban  
196530. Nathan Rubin This man is sick ans should be fired
196529. Elisa Elkayam  
196528. Cindy Hershon  
196527. Miriam Rosenbaum This is a truly disgusting site, filled with lies and ignorance
196526. Ruth Zive  
196525. Marilyn Fassberg  
196524. Irwin Karpay  
196523. Baron M. Jasper  
196522. Elliot A. Heller, MD  
196521. Roberta Grossman  
196520. Stanley Woloff  
196519. Jan Powell  
196518. Roye Ginsberg I thought Google had more credibility than that.
196517. Sheila Weller Kelly  
196516. STEVE MILLER  
196514. m. goldstien  
196513. Jean Rothman  
196512. Azriel Genachowski Just can't believe that such hate literature is permitted
196511. Kenneth B. Cohen  
196510. Mark J. Eisenberg  
196509. Gila Bargil  
196508. Boris fyerman  
196507. sydney schnurr  
196506. marilyn cohen  
196505. Simon  
196504. Deborah Plenn  
196503. SZWEC Beatrice - France Google must forbid this garbage
196502. liz laws  
196501. Inez Kelso  
196500. Nancy Mazarin  
196499. Shaun Weinstock  
196498. Ilene Lombardo Remove JewWatch
196497. Yehuda Katzman Disgrace
196496. renee zernitsky  
196495. koniarski stop to broadcast this site
196494. Louisa Benitah  
196493. Sasha Pick  
196492. Brenda Golombek  
196491. G Podhurst remove Jew Watch from Google
196490. gili m.  
196489. S. Amarnick  
196488. lawrence geller please remove
196487. stephen apkon  
196486. Holly Russo  
196485. Alex Imas  
196484. Fred Dickert  
196483. Molly Goldberg  
196482. Bruce Stein outrageous hate content on google
196481. roslyn Lennon  
196480. richard lewis  
196479. Barbara Towbin  
196478. J Jacobs I think this is important
196477. emma cohen  
196476. Lois Brown hate filled website - remove it immediately
196475. Adam Resnick  
196474. Leah Mogil  
196473. Michael MacLean  
196472. Erica  
196471. jessica kerr Shocking!! Anti-Semitic
196470. samantha a levine  
196469. Harry Borenstei  
196468. stewart a levine md  
196467. Claudia Kugelmass  
196466. Louis Schaftel  
196465. susan tina hosat  
196464. Faith R.Jacobs  
196463. KAREN KAHN  
196462. Melvin J. Lerner  
196461. Norman Roland  
196460. avie cohen  
196459. Maureen Brenner  
196458. harvey dolinsky  
196456. Jordan  
196455. rebecca heisler  
196454. Martin S. Ashendorff  
196453. lara newman  
196452. martha samuel  
196451. Daniela Ran PhD  
196450. Renata  
196449. chaya kessler  
196448. Paul Dancz Remove JewWatch
196447. Stuart Saperstein  
196446. Simon Gurevitz This is a disgusting site. How can this be allowed. This is not free speech this is filthy lies.
196445. Simi Epstein The man is to be pitied
196444. robert olden  
196443. Leila Cooper  
196442. Rita  
196441. Robert Brady  
196440. Barry Conway  
196439. Marta Frydman  
196438. Susan Walters This is totally unacceptable. Please remove.
196437. jay please remove
196436. hadassa monnickendam  
196435. hava shalev  
196434. carol klein this is totally unacceptable and disgraceful
196433. Ruby Ezekiel This is totally unacceptable to all Jews
196432. steve rosenstein  
196431. jodi hatzell  
196430. Danielle Horowitz  
196429. judit  
196428. Hazel Horowitz  
196427. Michaele-Sue Goldblatt  
196426. Perry Horowitz  
196425. Marjorie Konigsberg  
196424. Niamh Paul  
196423. Jordan Rabinovitz  
196422. isan enig  
196421. Walter Lachs Remove this disgusting item
196420. Marty Jackson  
196419. jean c. martin  
196418. Hayley Collins  
196417. Marion  
196416. harriet hyman you shouldn't wait for 50,000 signatures. Thank you
196415. Morris Daddona  
196414. DB Kuntz  
196413. Mark Bertrand in this day and age ???? Please remove NOW
196412. Mark Remove this hate filled site
196411. Jay Helfgott If google doe'nt do it, we boycott google
196410. terra englebardt  
196409. Marc Sakwa  
196408. Jane Carlson  
196407. Tauber S. Kornblut  
196406. Murray Goodman  
196405. shir  
196404. gregsavitt offensivéinnaccurate
196403. susan daddona  
196402. charlotte greenberg  
196401. Erin  
196400. Paula Berelejis  
196399. A J Andrew  
196398. Sheli Rosalyn  
196397. Muriel Grunstein Not in keeping with google's mission
196396. Al. A. Mendlovitz  
196395. yaffa nir  
196394. Karen Sherman Please remove this NOW -- this is horrific!
196393. Lynn Levine  
196392. Abby Himmelein Please remove from google
196391. Suzanne Yantin  
196390. Dov Aizenberg  
196389. yagp  
196388. Judy Lightstone you try to screen out vulgar and obscene sites - well this one is both!
196386. Glen Held  
196385. Marianne Rosenberg it's terrible!
196384. Joelle Hadida Label  
196383. Gerald Yasskin  
196382. Zvi Holzer  
196381. Adam Lester  
196380. michelle sherman  
196379. rachel epstein  
196378. gili poran-fischer  
196377. sharon take off
196376. Charles D. Wright  
196375. Judith Perez  
196374. Lynne Shapiro  
196373. Suzy Jafine  
196371. Shifra Wurms  
196370. Ivan Silva, Jr. gotta go
196369. Amy Steerman  
196368. rachel shaham  
196367. Sherrill Silver  
196366. judith baroth  
196365. Phyllis Freedman disgusting attitudes toward Jews
196364. Eric Tecosky  
196363. mary jo wolfe  
196362. Elias Milgram MD  
196361. Michael Gendelman  
196360. Barbara Hill This should not be on google, remove it immediately
196359. Diane Jacobson  
196358. Ronald D. Rudich  
196357. Kay Lester  
196356. Yonatan There is no justification for such crude racism. It incites hatred into browsers.
196355. ken newman its revolting that in this time the hatred for anyone is rampant
196353. yaffa nir  
196352. Silvio  
196351. Bev Eintracht  
196350. mark shainker  
196349. suzanne vallejos  
196348. Emily  
196347. Anthony Greenfield  
196346. Elizabeth  
196345. shaham ifrach  
196344. shaham ifrach  
196343. MARTIN BLUM  
196342. Diana  
196341. yaffa nir  
196340. Owen Lyon It bothers me that Google would require a petition to remove this type of link
196339. David  
196338. Warren Agate Disguntingly biased website
196337. Helen Hoffman  
196336. kari diesen  
196335. yaffa nir  
196334. Ronit  
196333. Nancy Pontius  
196332. Anna Engel  
196331. yaffa nir  
196330. susan klein  
196329. Bluma acocella  
196328. Mike Correct the word Antisemitism on the petition!
196327. Gary Silberstein  
196326. Alixandria key Perth Western Australia  
196325. Vaughan Rachel  
196324. Vaughan Rachel  
196323. E Hil Margolin  
196322. Rodney Feinerman  
196321. Jeff Pilch  
196320. David Blitz  
196319. Avigdor Mandelberg  
196318. Marion Rosenman  
196317. Dr. Karen Green this is pure anti-semitic rhetoric!
196316. Dennis Davis blatantly anti semitic with anecdotal info
196315. Joel Wilensky  
196314. Laura Weitzman As an AOL user, I strongly object to this web site.
196313. Paula Heinz  
196312. Adir Ron this site is a disgrace for mankind
196311. Moses Naama remove it!!!
196310. Chris Bache  
196309. maya  
196308. Gail B. Loeb  
196307. Leo Phillips This is a very nasty, antisemitic site
196306. Jujdith A. Barrh  
196305. adrian kerszenblat we need no coments
196304. Thiya S  
196303. Brian Cox  
196302. Jonathan Suzman  
196301. Steven Seltzer  
196300. Robert Bishop  
196299. david price  
196298. David Steinberg  
196297. Barry Steinman  
196296. Andrei Fried Google should do this quickly the quicker the better
196295. jane bevans It is socially irresponsible to maintain an antisemetic web site. There is no viable reason to encourage hate and distortion of any group. Please remove the web site from your search engine.
196294. Rafi Rajuan  
196293. erez now
196292. george onuska "jewwatch only promotes hate, it doesn't solve problems
196291. Dorin  
196290. Joanne Miller  
196289. brc  
196288. Carrie Supple  
196287. alan s. schwartz  
196286. ORA GOLAN  
196285. RON GILBOA  
196284. Fortunee Lynette Lewis  
196283. M Gelfand  
196282. Marjorie Levine  
196281. Diana S. Rosenstein
196280. len reizfeld  
196279. Moshe Lichtenstein  
196278. alex  
196277. Robert Casselson  
196276. yaffa nir  
196274. Marsha R. Cummings I cannot believe Google would subscribe to such nonsense, much less allow it to be part of your Search engine
196273. koby  
196272. Danielle Harris  
196271. Lesley Collins It is disgusting
196270. eli  
196269. alberto canetti get rid of this disgusting filth (I mean '''jewwatch'' of course)
196268. Lisa Balcombe I believe it is unacceptable for google to feature such a website in its listings
196267. Irene Albert  
196266. deborah Bell  
196265. Richard Levine This obscenity is an affront to all right-thinking people. Get rid of it!
196264. guy g  
196263. Satu Aaltonen  
196262. Philip Barnett  
196261. hilary rephun  
196260. Ruth Rauch  
196259. Walter Heim You should not permit such websites !
196258. yaffa nir  
196257. Alan S. Birenbaum  
196256. Nathan Sobel  
196255. sharon  
196254. Angela Harell Disgusting that this sort of thing can be shown to the ignorant public
196253. John Smith  
196252. yehuda agnon  
196251. Leslie Lipert  
196250. RAndy Chipman  
196249. yaffa nir  
196248. LAWRENCE B. MOSS get the site benefit and certainly anti-semitic!
196247. Daphne W  
196246. Gidi  
196245. latnic  
196244. yaffa nir  
196243. yoram nir  
196242. Adam Salomon  
196241. Kim Lewis The disgracefull link/site in question, is an ugly and irresponsable abuse of the right of freedom of expression
196240. Karen Brent  
196239. jona neter  
196238. mirjam ruth neter  
196237. Warren Furth  
196236. Ayala  
196234. Barbara Stern  
196233. ilan sharfy  
196232. Dan Winblad Take it off!!!!
196231. Bego Gerber  
196230. Denise Tobias  
196229. Benjamin Rosenberg  
196228. Miriam Shoshana bas Devora Yached This is a socially and morally repugnant outrage
196227. Dr. Yaakov Fogelman one must not aid and abet evil- cf.Iran
196226. meital tsur  
196225. meital tsur  
196224. udi eylat  
196223. fred  
196222. hanan anderman  
196221. nazila kohanarieh this site is prejudice and disgusting
196220. Mladen Petrov  
196219. Louis Gordon  
196218. Dr. Boaz Gilboa  
196217. Yoram Lanir  
196216. Leslie Thorne  
196215. Jef Harris  
196214. Emma Hallencreutz  
196213. Ian Mickler  
196212. ukrambler  
196211. Dan Savion  
196210. isaac  
196209. Lea Bar-Ad  
196208. bernard stonefield  
196207. Anthony Steinberg  
196206. Karin Badt  
196205. David Birnbaum  
196204. Irving Stilman  
196203. Stephen Baker  
196202. Stephen Kenis  
196201. Etgar Bachar  
196200. eri m steimatzky  
196199. Dr. Bradley Strauss  
196198. Laurie G  
196197. Eve Chapman  
196196. itay nagler  
196195. Jill Rosenstein  
196194. lauren cundle  
196193. Haim Azhari  
196192. Tali Goren  
196191. Mona Levin  
196190. Yaakov Kayman  
196189. Reva Solomon This is hateful - please remove it from Google search engine
196188. ruth sager this is trickery
196187. Susan Rapp  
196186. N Lipstein  
196185. hadasa  
196184. Alfred Sperber  
196182. HS Berkowitz  
196181. Barbara Bernstein  
196180. haya  
196179. Elinor Dumont  
196178. Dr. Ronald B. Gilbert  
196177. kevin kahan  
196176. Sinaida Kniter š
196175. M Pearce  
196174. Ilona Gerbakher š
196173. Harry Brodmann  
196172. Sheyla Gerbakher š
196171. MICHAEL DISMUKE I'm very disapointed in you.
196170. Alan S. Fox  
196169. Jack Heller You should check more carefully..We don't need more hate in this world.
196168. Martin Kent š
196167. Barbara Borden  
196166. sarit penker  
196165. Marianna Gerbakher š
196164. Warren Woodland Wasn't the Holocaust warning enough for this degenerating world?
196163. Guy Eilam  
196162. andras koves  
196161. Sandy Hildebrandt  
196160. tsur  
196159. peter spiegel  
196158. Sue Lowell Please remove this blatantly prejudiced site.
196157. dail adelman  
196156. Or Khafi  
196155. Rachel Kesselman  
196154. Bill Bass  
196153. Irena Churgiel Just remember 6,000,000 perished in the Holocaust because of Anti-semitism
196152. Oren  
196151. richard kahn  
196150. Naomi Katz  
196149. Hannah  
196148. Michele J. Laye  
196147. magen  
196146. gerald franklin  
196145. Benjamin D. Dunakey  
196144. Ellen I. Sacks  
196143. adrienne bruno  
196142. Chaim Palman  
196141. Kim L. Chapman atrocious
196140. Jodi Lasker  
196139. ilana brouxson  
196138. Johay Amith  
196137. justin take the site down, its very offensive
196136. benaya  
196135. Herbert Eiteneier  
196134. Mark S Gutentag  
196133. Tikvah N. E. Menter  
196132. David A. Menter  
196131. Amit Iritz  
196130. E Jacobowitz  
196129. a. van esch  
196128. Alex Slusky  
196127. Joanne Moen Distasteful to allow such sites
196126. Don Rebhun Tollerance and understanding and not violence and hatred.
196125. Danna Aharon  
196124. Elias Tapiero  
196123. Mira Weig  
196122. izzy dugan  
196121. Robert Weiss  
196120. Jackie Saltman a search should not pull up anti semitism as first choice certainly has right to exist but you should bury it further in the search
196119. hila tamir  
196118. Orit Bonver  
196117. Harriet Belkin  
196116. Rosalyn Cheser  
196115. jack allick  
196114. Annaelle  
196113. hadas bar giora  
196112. Nirit Rosenstein  
196111. david bronstein  
196110. Vic Harris  
196109. elinor feldmann  
196108. Naama  
196107. Jason  
196106. martha bowne remove as quickly as possible
196105. cindy golding hatred should never be an option.... website is replusive
196104. Lauren Magnes  
196103. DNONNA  
196102. Chanie Perelmuter  
196101. hen  
196100. phyllis mendel  
196099. shabtay alon  
196098. ye'ela gushpantz  
196097. Rachel Brown  
196096. Mara Ryan  
196095. Polina Palei š
196094. Edwin Please take this site off compeletly
196093. Natan  
196092. Stacy and Harry Stark  
196091. Sara Bassilian  
196090. Molly Gilbert  
196089. judith pilkington This is very urgent.
196088. Nicole Chiari Revisionist history, distorted facts and hate - Please remove
196087. liron  
196086. joseph stepsky  
196085. Hope Alper  
196084. yael spak  
196083. Gregorio Billikopf  
196082. eleanor gentile  
196081. Danielle Tanner blind hatred in its purest form
196080. peter gentile  
196079. Na'ama  
196078. Anna Yasinskaya  
196077. amir tenne in their response, google indicate that they will remove any cntent if they are requiered to do so by law. in jewwatch there is a holocaust denial movie!!! to the best of my knowlege that's against the law/
196076. BASIL J BRADY Any form of pedudice should be discouraged
196075. Lear R need to be more careful what kind of sites appear
196074. abe Its bad and not right
196073. zeev rab  
196072. Louise Kaplan  
196071. Sigal Cohen  
196070. Suzanne Roth I'm shocked. I've never seen such hatred.
196069. Lois Robin This site is blatantly anti-semitic and is not historical research
196068. Jame Richard Battersby As a Presbyterian Minister, aged 82, I object to my Jewish friends being downgraded in anyway. I have studies Hebrew in my student days, and while have a diferent perpective, I have nothing but admiration for Jewish People. Don't you remember the holcaust. That should be a warning for all people of all time, what hate for others can do.
196067. Adi  
196066. Nancy L. Zakim  
196065. nathan newman please stop incitement and hate content
196064. Naomi Remove this! Unecessary to have anti-semitisim or racism as an ongoing search result in todays world!
196063. Inbal horrible
196062. Amir Tenne  
196061. Janet Abelson We urge Google to correct this hideous mistake now.
196060. galit  
196059. Offra Giles  
196058. Anney Soronow please remove the site ASAP
196057. Cantor Debra Winston  
196056. jan reicher  
196055. SCOTT A BURCHARD Shame on you, do the right thing.
196054. Stanley Ringo  
196053. Susanna Friedman I am a librarian and would not have this in any book or form in any library; it is hate in its worst form.
196052. Bob Jacobs The JewWatch site is pure hate.
196051. lili palmer a nasty site spreads unnecessary hatred
196050. Ellen Ticktin  
196049. Irina Bess  
196048. Dan Levin  
196047. Miry Rabinovitch I am appalled shocked and horrified!!!
196046. Dorit Try love -it's healthier, stop this hatred
196045. Michael Skloff  
196044. Brian Hatton  
196043. George Hoke Please remove Jew Watch
196042. beryl hatton i
196041. D dasper the sooner the better
196040. Rachel Meisel  
196039. barak raanan  
196038. einat blinder  
196037. Rachel  
196036. M. Ross Adams  
196035. brookes "never again" have we not learned
196034. yael bachar  
196033. lior zoldan  
196032. Randi Simenhoff  
196031. Yuka Persico  
196030. Rachel Sacks  
196029. Kara Corwin Please remove this site from your engine. It is horrid and horrifying. There is enough hatred in the world. Please don't promote one more lunatic. He is entitled under the 1st Amendment to share his thoughts and have his website, but that doesn't mean that Google, the #1 search engine, has to highlight it.
196028. Carol M. Wade  
196027. Pavel  
196026. Marilee France Any web site that promotes hatred and death to a group ought to have a more difficult time accessing the public than to be so easily googled
196025. Ariel Revel  
196024. bernard Cooper please remove this racist site
196023. Robben Barquist  
196022. Craig Rogers  
196021. Jay Shapir  
196020. Inna Gofman do not provide any assistance to those who hate
196018. Seth Cutler  
196017. Ina Cantor Remove jewwatch from Google
196016. Esther Dennis  
196015. Alan Resnick Change it
196014. Shlomo Hemi outrageous please remove
196013. Loretta Lerner  
196012. michael latin  
196011. Ruth Rose  
196010. arlyn latin  
196009. Ruth Rose  
196008. Kira Cooper  
196007. Desiree Lapin  
196006. Jeff Chayette  
196005. Monica Rosenthal  
196004. maya  
196003. hanna finkelstein hope you get enough people to sign so that it changes .
196002. Elizabeth Weller  
196001. inbal tzfati  
196000. Libby S. Harwitz  
195999. Mel Comisarow  
195998. moishe gryfe amazing that in this day that intelligent people could believe this crap
195997. Orna Turner Please remove any antisemitic/hate sites from your search engines
195996. erez take it off please
195995. Daniela Meltzer  
195994. sofi  
195993. rebecca levant remove immediately please
195992. Anna Horwitz  
195991. Eran  
195990. owen nash  
195989. Andrea Jaffe  
195988. Eileen  
195987. Art Bramson  
195986. Dmitry Byallo  
195985. Donna DiStefano  
195984. Daniela Gliksberg It is time you do something right and remove this site.
195983. E. R. Samulon  
195982. Carol  
195981. Linda Golden Google is inciting hatred and violence by listing and thus supporting this hateful site. Remove it now!
195980. Maxim  
195979. Ofra Braner  
195978. david cheren  
195977. setareh bokhoor  
195976. Deb Kadish  
195975. Patti Ambrose Very important
195974. Maxane  
195973. Koby Guttrman Google must put a stop to this
195972. shoshana asher  
195971. val shulman remove
195970. Saul Fust  
195969. Leslie Feinberg  
195968. William S. Denson  
195967. Paul Block  
195966. Barry Weintrob This site is sick
195964. elke eisenberg I think that the people in google should notice not to allow racists
195963. Jacqueline Martinoff  
195962. Wendy Averill While I believe that viewpoints need to be aired, the fact that this appears right after the Wikipedia definition lends credence to its authenticity. It is irresponsible to continue to propagate such hatred.
195961. Linda Krawatsky  
195960. Alexander Vilenchik  
195959. Bahareh Zarrini  
195958. mona  
195957. tamara kline  
195955. Joy Okman  
195954. marlene guttenberg  
195953. Sandra Lentz  
195952. Jeff  
195951. Judy Dayan  
195950. Mike Schifman  
195949. rosalie budnoff This is outrageous.
195948. Jane Gamble  
195947. Tamar Toister  
195946. Shaul Porrat  
195945. David G. Miller  
195944. Dianne Wolfe  
195943. Tzvi Altein It is horrible that in this day & age a respectable company like google lets their clicks lead to such a site. I hope this will be taken care of as soon as possible
195942. ori  
195941. Gene Osher  
195940. Jackie Haas  
195939. Valerie Gardner  
195938. saul eisen  
195937. Philip Haas  
195936. abraham Silvers  
195935. Cheryl Gliksman disgusting
195934. Dorothy Gary this is a disgrace...please remove JewWatch from Google.
195933. Josh Silverstein remove this asap
195932. Sue Matzkin If this is not changed I will cease to use Google and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Please respond.
195931. shari nadelman  
195930. Faina Shister š
195929. jeri lynn cohen  
195928. Brian Farber  
195927. William Weiss  
195925. eve gestetner  
195924. Norman Smagley  
195923. marcie  
195922. Susan D. Newman  
195921. Shel Weisbach  
195920. Marla Rosenthal  
195919. Adele Yellin  
195918. Rachel Berman  
195917. aaron askanase  
195916. Inbal Ranan  
195915. Don Grefe  
195914. R Greenberg  
195913. Cecilia Quigley  
195912. Mary Beth Burkholder  
195911. Linda Buck  
195910. dianne drosnes plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose
195909. Steve Shapiro In spite of your "objective" reasons to leave this it perpetuates filth and discrimination and gives stengnth and validity to those who have none!
195908. Enid Kent Sperber  
195907. Ellen Kelso  
195906. Sarah Schwartz  
195905. Phyllis Horning  
195904. Solomon Mendelson  
195903. gilma franklin ramirez  
195902. Karen Ovetz  
195901. Sarah  
195900. Alan Weiss  
195899. Edith Mendelson  
195897. Laura Fine  
195896. Patricia & Jim Werner  
195895. Rachelle Barad In this day and age, such a racist site should never appear on the internet. I vote for its removal.
195894. Donna Scott  
195893. R. Schiller  
195892. Richard M. Rubin Please indicate the date until which the petition is valid
195891. andrea  
195890. kerry getz  
195889. Michael Lederman This abomination needs to be corrected
195888. Reynaldo I am truly shocked how a company like google who is rated in the top 100 by fortune magazine could allow this site to appear on your search engine. This type of material really lowers the companys credability, and shows the internet community how Google is supporting it, until it is removed!
195887. Grossman  
195886. Felix  
195885. Valerie Perri Shameful!
195884. Mary Garcia  
195883. Mally Netter  
195882. Dan S I am cutting back on my google advertising $1000/month until this site is removed
195881. Amy Fink PLEASE REMOVE!
195880. Douglas Lowen Please remove this offensive website.
195879. dayle rosenfield š
195878. janet Nahoray  
195877. Naomi  
195876. judith j brown  
195875. Sharon Ullman  
195874. Sharon Ford  
195873. Chaya  
195872. F. Roszak  
195871. Ron Sperber  
195870. J D Dolin  
195869. rene sperling  
195868. Marjorie R Young This site needs to be removed immediately.
195867. Leo Vasilevsky  
195866. Dianne Berger  
195865. Kathleen Deasy  
195864. Craig Gonyea Why are you allowing these anti-semitic sites to remain?
195863. Josephine Josefsberg Please let us all be one with God
195862. Ronald Koretz While there is a right to free speech, every right comes with a responsibility. The people who have created this website appear to be motivated solely by hatred and, in posting what they have posted, they have offended other people. Google is not obliged to list every website that exists. Google users also have rights, including the right to request that Google not list offensive material. I would like to exercise my right by adding my name to the call to remove this website from Google listing.
195861. george guidall google is complicit if they don't remove it
195860. J Guren  
195859. Michael Comins  
195858. Dr. Gavriel Mozes  
195857. david mahler you should be ashamed for allowing this revisionist history on your site
195856. Stan Mayabb Anti_Semitanism is unacceptable, just as is any racial slur or other slur
195855. Victor Silverman  
195854. julian haber  
195853. Maurice Douek  
195852. R. Rice  
195851. Ruslan Khais  
195850. Leonard Turken Enough Hatred !
195849. Claire Sharp I understand and stand behind the doctrine of freedom of speech. However purposely breeding hate which will eventually lead to violence, is another matter. I read much of the material on the "Jew watch" site, including the author's statement of purpose and I believe sole purpose is to breed, inflame, and foster hatred of jews. This is dangerous, vicious, and against all our country stands for. In the name of decency, justice and non-violence I ask that you please remove this site from Google's search engine.
195848. Claire Sharp I understand and stand behind the doctrine of freedom of speech. However purposely breeding hate which will eventually lead to violence, is another matter. I read much of the material on the "Jew watch" site, including the author's statement of purpose and I believe sole purpose is to breed, inflame, and foster hatred of jews. This is dangerous, vicious, and against all our country stands for. In the name of decency, justice and non-violence I ask that you please remove this site from Google's search engine.
195847. Shelley White  
195846. carol koenig please remove this site
195845. Jon Amsden negative words lead to negative acts and must be founght with the same vigor
195844. s goldberg  
195843. Danielle Wohl Please stop this ridiculous behavior.
195842. Alvin Faierman  
195841. victor mellul  
195840. Len Goldberg  
195839. Rebecca Burton  
195838. phil  
195837. Ken Markison Google favors hatred?
195836. Patricia C de Souza  
195835. BERNIE SHALINSKY Please remove site completely
195834. Suzie distasteful
195833. Cheryl Tawil  
195832. Ania Levy How many more centuries do we have to endure?
195831. Joel Hildebrandt No racism on google!
195830. Eric Trattner This is insulting, demeaning and can only be classified as "hate speech".
195829. Jody Porter  
195828. Lauren Leifer  
195827. Erika Sacks-White  
195826. Joan Silvers  
195825. karyncontino this needs to be removed from the search engine
195824. Mark Barabell  
195823. Joeseph Ben Yitzchak  
195822. Jerome L. Rabinowitz  
195821. Michael Mahn Please remove from Google
195820. Stephen Goldware  
195819. Sandra Birnbaum  
195818. Daniel Smith  
195817. Carolyn Goldsmith  
195816. D. Cohen Google should be ashamed
195815. Jennifer Lazarow  
195814. Edie Simons please remove
195813. Steven Starr  
195812. H.M. Dymbort Shame on you for allowing this site!!!!!
195811. Yaron Librach  
195810. Hilarie Lieb  
195809. Rachael Golden  
195808. Louise Weitzmann  
195807. Sandi Bloom  
195806. rosalyn rosin I am very disappointed in Google not checking more carefully.
195805. Mitchell Dormont  
195804. Laura Bottaro  
195803. susan costa remove this site
195802. Ronald Friedman  
195801. Irving Feiles  
195800. Susan Gerber  
195799. Daniel Hensen  
195798. Alan Bernstein  
195797. Janet Eisenman  
195796. victor nikravesh  
195795. Sharon Zigman  
195794. Michael Zigman  
195793. martin miller  
195792. ann  
195791. harry zimmerman  
195790. Stacy Remove this site
195789. Laurie Urman  
195788. Max & Phyllis Rabinowitz  
195787. Norbert Ketai  
195786. Tamar and Kurt Simon  
195785. ruben harris I am sure Google does not want to be an instrument to aid in this kind hatred and propaganda
195784. paul saltzman You must remove from your search engine. to not do so is a travesty of your responsibility.
195783. Colin Sutker Please remove jewwatch from google.
195782. Thomas Knapp I find this site is quite objectionable.
195780. Helene Brodziak Please stand up for decency. Remove this site that promotes hatred.
195779. laurel feigenbaum  
195778. Robert Farajollah  
195777. Andres Doxer Please remove this from your engine
195776. Roslyn Frank Google should be ashamed
195775. Rachel Giladi Really a foul website!
195774. riva sister  
195773. ARTHUR SIMON This is not freedom of speech, this is hate propoganda
195772. Nelly Vinokurov  
195771. Eugene H. Baron  
195770. Dina C. Murphy  
195769. Judith William Please rermove the l;ink to that horribly offensive site,
195768. Warren Ittelson  
195767. Anita Duxler  
195766. M. Daniels  
195765. Cara Saal  
195764. Simy  
195763. charlotte greenberg  
195762. stephan siegel  
195761. Mandy  
195760. Barry Wertheimer ugh
195759. nancy skir  
195758. sanamadhami  
195757. Franceen Davine  
195756. Stephen Sittenfield  
195755. Larry Miller  
195754. Herman Fischer please remove completely
195753. Paul Tandler  
195752. Olivia this is not right and it needs to be stop I'm only a kid and I know that, that is wrong and if anyone has any sence at all they will do the same and say that this is wrong
195751. Michael Doyle Myself and my Catholic friends find this site simply evil.
195750. RDubelman remove it; kick them out
195749. Mark Judah  
195748. Peter Ignat  
195747. Deborah Gross  
195746. Burt Warren  
195745. tom  
195744. Yevheniy Burshteyn Very bad
195743. joel and deena wisotsky outrageous!
195742. rita spitzer  
195741. Tommy offensive to my intelligence,remove,
195740. Arthur Yenawine  
195739. Harry Schultz This site is very hard to believe.
195738. Brad Amper  
195737. Edward Levin  
195736. Lisa Tapick  
195735. Phyllis Gordon  
195734. Debbie Stein  
195733. David Alan Google you are a terrorist if you dont remove this!
195732. paul none
195731. morgan stein Google you are a terrorist if you dont remove this!
195730. helene laby  
195729. David Feldman  
195728. Judith R. Horwitz  
195727. ellen gomberg  
195726. Geri ONeill  
195725. Clifford Frederich  
195724. John Marshak  
195723. Max Roth  
195722. Esther Wakerman  
195721. Diane Hessan  
195720. Howard Brown pure hatred
195719. Sandy Golden  
195718. DON ADELSON  
195717. elizabeth ganopolsky  
195716. d. jj. please remove this website from your search engine.
195715. Charles Marshall  
195714. Beth Wolff Please remove this hateful site.
195713. Lauren Howard this is very scary! please remove this for the good of our country.
195712. Farajollah Remove all hateful sites./
195711. brooke  
195710. Susan Bourne  
195709. Marc Opas  
195708. warren sweberg  
195707. Janis Fensch  
195706. Vicki Bloss  
195705. Ramin A petition should not be required to remove such hateful sites.
195704. Shelley Brown  
195703. Barbara Klein  
195702. ben panet kindly response to our request.
195701. Max Schoenholtz This is incredible in this new millenium. Disgraceful. Shame on Google!
195700. Harrianne Wodlinger  
195699. anita allen  
195698. Michelle Windmueller Remove this hate immediately. The world has enough trouble without inciting hate on the internet.
195697. Jonah Lavitt  
195696. Ariel Rabinovitch  
195695. Martin Ben-Ari  
195694. Barbara Hoffman JewWatch is upsetting, disgusting, and untruthful!!!!!
195693. Brian Green  
195692. Sarah Fligel  
195691. Wayne M. Fulton, Ph.D. we must all stand together against hatred!
195690. Robert Fox  
195689. Teresa Novick  
195688. Felix Wolnowitz  
195687. jason zimmerman  
195686. Zev Pilc  
195685. bryan sterental is absurd to promote this site
195684. Michael Blumenfeld  
195683. Michael Kommor  
195682. ralph sobel  
195681. Jon and Nanci Patchen  
195680. Devora  
195679. Dr. and Mrs Ronald Neuger  
195678. Elizabeth Rosenthal  
195677. Lauren Howard this is very scary! please remove this for the good of our country.
195676. Martin Sage  
195675. Kenneth M. Leff  
195674. Reynaldo A. Cavazos let's get rid of this slimeball!!!
195673. Ruth Google has no shame, no sense of responsibility. This site is heinous and inflamatory
195672. david abe  
195671. norman gras  
195670. ralph sobel  
195669. Mary Weigandt Please remove
195667. Marvin Berman, M.D.  
195666. Susan Nathan  
195665. Leslie Chesloff  
195664. Ruth Garfield  
195663. Ellie Kagan Please do not make this our first impression!
195662. Barbara Handler  
195661. Alan Neal Siskin  
195660. Mioara Erdos  
195659. Elliot Schubiner There is enough trouble in the world, without you adding anti-semitism to it.
195658. toni schultz  
195657. Rita Greenberg  
195656. George Erdos  
195655. Florence Silvers Google should be above such bigotry!
195654. Laura This is disgusting. Please remove it.
195653. Robert Comolli  
195652. Ellen Laman just disgusting
195651. K. Waserman  
195650. Alexis Finger  
195649. MIKE BRODY  
195648. Henry Bernard  
195647. Sydney Hochman  
195646. avraam yatskar  
195645. Paul Stern The category is unacceptable
195644. Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig  
195643. c schoellnast  
195642. Kevin Anderson  
195641. Mikhail Rozenberg š
195640. mindy per  
195639. Tommy Peters This kind of stuff is not what America is about.
195638. Deborah Anderson  
195637. Ina Sable Please remove this site. Very dangerous...
195636. Andrew Mayoras  
195635. E Mez  
195634. jacque caplan  
195633. David this is a ridiculous site with false accusations
195632. marilyn orenstein  
195631. brooks  
195630. Ed Caplan  
195629. norman kret anti-semetic
195628. Lenore Peskin  
195627. Myra Alport disgusting, an embarrassment to society
195626. wendy glenn Sick anti-sematic hateful, evil less than human
195625. Mirriam Rosen  
195624. Susan Greenberg  
195623. Nancy Swidler  
195622. stephen chernin  
195621. lucille katz  
195620. Cheryl Handler  
195619. Walter Paul  
195618. chaim weber i hope the ppl tht made this site burn in hell
195617. GIL MICHAELS  
195616. Alice Bergeron truly obscene.
195615. Sigrid Kanniainen disgraceful, immoral and shameful
195614. Rosanne Arnet  
195613. greta greene  
195612. Martha Kovsky I don't like it!!
195611. David Sutlin  
195610. Jeremy Levy  
195609. myrna disgusting
195608. Lauren Miller  
195607. Sarit Pogrow  
195606. Philip Lipton  
195605. launa stan  
195604. Michael Zabar  
195603. Jack Mendelsohn It is unfortunate to provide a forum for racism and misinformation on Google or anywhere else on the Internet. Please deny them access if you can.
195602. Bita  
195601. Brenda Neel  
195600. alain pattua  
195599. Lori Safferman please remove this dangerous site
195598. Jas Gomez the world needs Good Energy! This website is HORRIBLE
195597. Gayle Kavitch  
195596. Steve Nisberg  
195595. Rochelle Blacker  
195593. Mathias Stoko  
195592. debbie harald  
195591. Stephen Glatzl Remove
195590. karina tropp  
195589. Jeff Gottlieb  
195588. S  
195587. Marion Itskowitz Cohen  
195586. Lynn Diego horrible web site
195585. Barbara Solomon It sounds very anti-semetic
195584. Polina remove please
195583. Jerome Schachter  
195582. Harriet A. Kahn  
195581. Jonathan Frisch  
195580. Ana Honigfeld  
195579. B. Weinberg  
195578. brad ernest  
195577. R Schneps  
195576. George Fishman  
195575. Barbara Tanz  
195574. Vivian Horowitz  
195573. Sarah Bolt Please remove from Google Search Engine
195572. B. Minkoff remove hatred from the web
195571. David Myers this has to stop.
195570. Luanne Weinberg  
195569. William Schuetze  
195568. G. Highto remove jew watch!
195567. C. Croci  
195566. mir disgusting, i'll stop using google!!!
195565. Steven Kanter  
195564. Marcia Diamond  
195563. Mirilyn Sharp  
195562. henri simhon  
195561. Buzz Miller  
195560. Ben Levinson  
195559. Andrea Otto  
195557. Sidney Klein  
195556. Darlene Kleiner  
195555. Bart Heier  
195554. Paula Kanter This site is terrible and should be eliminated
195553. stan paikin  
195552. Joyce Klein  
195551. katharyn Aroneau  
195550. Nancy Bloch this is a hateful, vicious website & should not be promoted by your organization
195549. Aliza K. Guren  
195548. Leann Culbertson  
195547. Betty Gross  
195546. Julie Stuart  
195545. Laura Pollak GET RID OF THIS PROPOGANDA!
195544. Alan Schulman jewwatch needs to be removed it is offensive
195543. Art Schultz This site needs to be removed
195542. m parsons Please do the right thing and remove this.
195541. Eugene Fridman While I understand that the Anti-Semitic site gets top position due to existing automatic processing it needs to be removed from Google nevertheless
195540. Robin Kay  
195539. Ben Lavitt This site is a hate-filled site and should be removed
195538. RON LEVINE  
195537. lennard r thal  
195536. carole whitman  
195535. Ylana Miller  
195534. Penny Hancock  
195533. Hope Please do the responsible thing and remove this site from your respectable search engine. Thank you.
195532. VS Krupp  
195531. jennifer Geoghegan  
195530. allan  
195529. Paula Mozes  
195528. Sarah R Fisher  
195527. Adam Fink This is very important, please fix ASAP
195526. David please remove this hate site
195525. Reene Katz  
195524. Red Goldstein  
195523. Irwin Gibbs Remove it. Disgusting lies.
195522. Evan Snyder  
195521. Marla Chasse  
195520. Dennis Berman  
195519. Dana Shultz  
195518. David Feldman  
195517. Stephen Kaufer  
195516. Leslie Sara  
195515. sheila kohn  
195514. Ruth Merrill  
195513. Karen  
195512. George Krischer  
195511. kenneth hagler  
195510. g lenet obsuird in 2007 people are stupid
195509. Gregory Kaplun  
195508. Stanley Shapiro  
195507. david Bertch  
195506. Barbara A. Bertch  
195505. Elishah Aryeh  
195504. george saks  
195503. Vivian Levy I think this is absolutely awful...the site must be removed!
195502. Sandra Sandman  
195501. ken and linda versman  
195500. Mitch Lederman Permanently remove this ant-semitic website from your search engine.
195499. Allison Brown  
195498. Sal Photo  
195497. Lawrence Sandman  
195496. Rachel Friedman  
195495. James Kress  
195494. ferne levine Google shouldn't allow itself to be part of this hatemongering.
195493. Sheila Dressner  
195492. Charles Nakash  
195491. Lesley Macherelli if not removed in 15 days, I will delete google entirely
195490. Lynn Kornblum  
195489. Rochelle Levin  
195488. nadav h  
195487. Robert Freiberg  
195486. Sheila Bush remove this search engine
195485. al beth terrible
195484. sara wertman  
195483. Corrine and Theodore Schlessel,M.D. I think the site is a disgrace! I hope it is removed very soon...
195482. Erica Grand  
195481. Carla Eakman  
195480. Joanna Auerbach  
195479. BabetteOrenstein  
195478. Jose Weisinger  
195477. Susie Greenberg LIES, HATRED and FILTH
195476. Joyann Kroser  
195475. susan her zog  
195474. Daniela Klein  
195473. Joanne Kittinger  
195472. faith goldstein ick... this is hatemongering...
195470. Vivienne Sklar  
195469. gloria Fleck  
195468. Sarah  
195467. Karen Segev  
195466. Albert Hagler  
195465. Fawn Chapel  
195464. roni benjamini  
195463. Sandra Baumal Shame on you!
195462. Robyn Braunstein  
195461. Debora R Kane  
195460. Sheri Lecker  
195459. P. Katz  
195458. T. Ted Aron This site is a blot on google for carrying it on its site. Every antisemitic lie is located on this site called
195457. Simon Babil  
195456. Uri Zahora  
195455. Alicia Gubitsch  
195454. Judith Berl  
195453. Greg Wolf  
195452. joe weitman this website is a hate breeding site
195451. richard mallin  
195450. Esther Amper  
195449. Lori Seligson  
195448. stella krieger  
195447. B. Bloch  
195446. Larry Ortlieb  
195445. thelma willis  
195444. Gabe  
195443. Bill remove this terrible site....
195442. Seth Lindenbaum  
195441. Daniel G O'Connor Jr  
195440. bru.ce berger lies disguised as facts. please remove this, it only fosters hate
195439. Michelle Diamond Please remove this site.
195438. Norman Amper This site is discusting. It should not be on your wed site
195437. sarah barash  
195436. Diane N Katz  
195435. G. Bloch  
195434. Ann Laane  
195433. Debi Okner  
195432. Dan Miller  
195431. Amy Ryberg  
195430. Lauren Goldstein  
195429. Miriam Mindes  
195428. Rudi  
195427. Eric Adler Do the right thing
195426. Kenneth Klein  
195425. david tugentman  
195424. Spencer I am outrageously upset that google would put something like this on their search engine!!! If this site is not taken off I will no longer use google!!!
195423. Georgia Linderman this site is a disgrace!
195422. william parisi This site is anti-semitic and wrong!
195421. Julie Lundberg  
195420. Mark Kleinman  
195419. S. Gratz  
195418. Sandi Roth  
195417. susan kushnick  
195416. Peggy Langert  
195415. Allen Holeman Outrageous
195414. Loretta Greenberg never again!
195413. Stacey Thaw  
195412. Paula Diane Silver you can't possibly be serious about keeping this website among your residences
195411. Alyssa Goldman  
195410. Barbara Friedman  
195409. David Marshall Billikopf The man who writes JewWatch is a Nazi Activist.
195408. H.Dworetzky  
195407. M. Goldstein  
195406. daniela Bigatti  
195405. Marcella LaZebnik  
195404. Blossom L. Backal I am boycotting the Google Search Engine starting now until the offensive site is removed
195403. Philip Gold  
195402. R. Strazynski  
195401. Shelley Carr In this day and age-disgusting!
195400. gay diller  
195399. Peter Carlen  
195398. M. Strazynski  
195397. Joseph and Elaine Klein The mere reference to the Protocols and the quoting of the anti-Semitic Henry Ford should be enough to show that this is a site for hate-mongering.
195396. Dina Adler  
195395. Micki Mez  
195394. abinder  
195393. Jack Mintzer Disgusting but enlightening to know that these people are still out there. Take it down NOW!
195392. Allan Herman  
195391. Stephanie Shipper Compassion is the most important virtue; Please remove all sites that do not display this virtue
195390. damon scharlatt grow up, people!!
195389. Sarah Carlen  
195388. Moishe Gold  
195387. Jonathan Shapiro  
195386. Rob Einhorn Please remove this anti-semitic site from your search engine. This isn't about free speech, it's a personal request to end incitement.
195385. Joan Mankin  
195384. Jesse Gelband  
195383. Michael Rosove  
195382. Naomi Lee  
195381. Stephanie Herman  
195380. Lauren Glenn  
195379. Lillian Penchansky  
195378. Gloria Gelband  
195376. h. leopold blatant anti americanism , anti free world. only a deranged mind would spout nonsensical idioticy on subject he clearly does not understnad. I am sure hi is anti arro american, anti hispanic and anti any minority group. He is nothing but a small piece of turd.
195375. Ivan Lippitz  
195374. Bonnie Levin  
195373. Alex Lauterbach  
195372. Victor Orly  
195371. Risa Thornton  
195370. G. Schiffman  
195369. Warren Miller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xvpxxxylopp
195368. Eva  
195367. jay hoffman  
195366. jay hoffman  
195365. Kelly s I can not believe Google allows this kind the website.....STOP THIS MADNESS
195364. Alan Paster  
195363. William S. Rubinstein  
195362. clarissa nestrovski  
195361. James R. Lane  
195360. shawni strzelecki disgusting!
195359. L.J. Cohn I hold google in high regard-this is below your standards
195358. jeff schoenbaum  
195357. Eddie Karp  
195356. nina  
195355. s. weiss  
195354. linda cohen This website needs to be remove an destroy immidately!!
195353. javier stop antisemitism
195352. Jack Eisenberg  
195351. Brad Biben This site is dedicated a sick and perverted promotion of hate. Please remove this site from your engine. Many thanks.
195350. steven weiss  
195349. Michelle Rosenzweig  
195348. Ronnie Zusman There is too much hate in the world. For the sake of everyone, please put an end to this horrific site.
195347. Diana Newsome It is dispictable to revel in one's ingnorance because ignorance breeds fear (false evidence appearing real). Hate of any kind tears down society, so to the hate mongers in sheeps clothing we will huff and puff and blow your house down.
195346. mandle nozick disappointed and offended
195345. Michael Stark  
195344. Roman Fedorov š
195343. Francine J Sinkoff  
195342. Pam Kaizer  
195341. kooresh shoghi  
195340. Eli Shemtoub Pls remove this toothmissig hillbilly asap!!
195339. rachel eliezer Please remove, such a disgrace website!!
195338. Leslie Cooper It's disgraceful that we even have to do this
195337. Lauren Mirkin A disgrace, google I implore you to remove from your search engine
195336. Judi Sofer  
195335. david robbins  
195334. Alfred Lieberman  
195333. fred helper deplorable
195332. jfrish this site is offensive and should be removed from the search engine.
195331. sue  
195330. Lauren Sachs  
195329. Andrea Rosner please remove this site immediately
195328. Lainie Cooke  
195327. Monique This is so sick!
195326. Albert Alfasso  
195325. Miriam Levi  
195324. David Salper Come on. It's called quality review. You can make the executive decision.
195323. Ken Schaefer  
195322. ariana  
195321. judith Roman Please remove this hateful site at once
195320. Carol Toner  
195319. Lori Grey  
195318. Linda Engleman  
195317. Gail Schaefer  
195316. Edward I. Dobin  
195315. David Halpern  
195314. Scott Zubrow  
195313. Phyllis Wolk  
195312. Mireille Disgraceful.
195311. Elizabeth Powell  
195310. howard rosenthal  
195309. DAVIDA SHIPKOWITZ This is just too sad.
195307. D. Stillo  
195306. miguel cohen  
195305. mary lou muir  
195304. claude vidal  
195303. Nachum Loss petition
195302. charles mandell  
195301. Dale and Monica McMillen Fort Worth, Texas
195300. Christine Miller go positive
195299. jackie matlow  
195298. Gary Frank  
195297. ted matlow  
195296. Ian Powell  
195295. Carole Wolfner Why do certain people hate others? Is it to compensate for a massive lack of self-esteem?!!!!
195294. Lynne Cohen  
195293. Darryl Robbins  
195292. Betty Dickoff  
195291. Joanna Bottaro  
195290. P. Seiler  
195289. Pearl S. Selinsky vile; unbelievable in this day & age
195288. jack hoppe  
195287. Sandra Grades  
195286. Cindy Goldstein  
195285. Doris I. Meltzer This site is an abomination!
195284. Eleanor Durfee This is disgusting! We live in a country that should be terrified to see this site exist--let's make it happen.
195283. Steven B. Fink  
195282. alicia  
195281. K. Alimi  
195280. Pamela Rothenberg  
195279. Joyce Koch  
195278. Marilyn A. Mack Highly offensive/get rid of it.
195277. Rochelle Weismer This is a Disgrace!
195276. Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner  
195275. Ellen T Brown  
195274. Harris Poll  
195273. B.J. Webb  
195272. Ori Kulbak  
195271. Jackie Damron It is terrible that such a disinformation site exists
195270. bob cohen  
195269. Rory Sullivan  
195268. Monica Lemelman Remove jewWatch from Google
195267. Danielle Kulbak  
195266. Mark Jaffe  
195265. Paul Weiss  
195264. Joan  
195263. Susan Lazar  
195262. Paul Weiss  
195261. Naftali Garber  
195260. Adam Salamon appalling!
195259. Samuel J. Broh This website is inflamatory and insidious.
195258. Russell Ger It is not our aim to quash freedom of speech, but to eliminate hate inducing falsehoods from the public domain.
195257. Suzanne Myers  
195256. javier  
195254. Shelley Kunin  
195253. Zachary Chattler  
195252. Dora Neuman the site is a powerful tool to teach anti-semitism
195251. AJacobson  
195250. Steven R Koltai  
195249. alison  
195248. Marci Kulbak  
195247. Gary Adelson  
195246. Joi  
195245. Armand R. Kirschenbaum  
195244. Randy Cohen this is offensive
195243. Anita Presser  
195242. Manuela Neuman the site is bias and presents anti-educational media tabloids
195241. Jason Shlansky  
195240. Amir Mansbacher  
195239. Arnold Feldman  
195238. Liz Goldman disgraceful
195237. Ellen and Roy Schoenberg  
195236. Kenneth Shanik  
195235. frieda rapoport caplan I can't you would carry such hateful materials in such a prominent position.
195234. Shlomo Kulbak how sad;
195233. John Kelley  
195232. Shirley Teitelbaum  
195231. nancy Lockspeiser  
195230. Ann Hancock  
195229. Frances Rose  
195228. Bernard "Nacho" Pearlman  
195227. Sanae Panton  
195225. Joan Barnes  
195224. daniel rose  
195223. Sandra katz  
195222. Tanya Holtzman  
195221. S. Kugelmass  
195220. Dick Lazar  
195219. Deb S  
195218. Saiid Afari  
195217. Robert Bierman  
195216. Eugene J. Feinberg  
195215. Marcia Almey  
195214. Jan Book-Meyers As a Jew, this site is more than offensive, and full of falsehoods, it is no different than what was said during Nazi Germany.
195213. Hedi Sperling Say "No" to anti-semitism, anti-jewish sentiments and hatred!
195212. Afsaneh Moshfegh  
195211. Amy Rogers how vile of you! don't you check for conte nt ? You are wittingly or unwittingly part of anti Semitism, and this is NOT a free speech issue. SHAME ON YOU.
195210. Francine terrible
195209. Laura Jaffe Horrible site, should be banned. Full of antisemitism and hate and lies
195208. Marilyn Goldstein  
195207. Howard Solof  
195206. Shirley Trachtenberg i believe in free speech but saying the holocaost never happened is untolorable
195205. Ruth Vishniavsky  
195204. Tracy Redig  
195203. Zoe Corwin  
195202. Lorraine Nathanson  
195201. Malka Kutnick  
195200. charlotte zeitlin  
195199. Arlene Isserles  
195198. MozelleBir  
195197. ellen rader  
195196. Lawrence Rubin  
195195. Carol Ader What a discusting, non factual anti semitic site.
195194. Sara Hill  
195193. Shira  
195192. amy glazer  
195191. Gary Schwartz  
195190. Joseph N. Payne Terrible in this day when we need compassion
195189. elizabeth rosman  
195188. Valerie Sobel One of the founders of Google is Jewish...he should want this removed ASAP!
195187. Ed Greenberg Anti-semitism is growing, We must stop Jew Watch from being exposed on the internet.
195186. michelle becker  
195185. P Gagliardi  
195184. Joshua Brandon  
195183. helen epstein  
195182. Frank Stearns  
195181. Rebecca Shimshak  
195180. George Collins  
195179. norman stein  
195178. AHARON  
195177. Elaine Klau  
195176. J. Gaies  
195175. Carole Greenberg It is imperative that Jew Watch be removed from the internet for the survival of Israel and all Jewish people around the world.
195174. Larry Nathanson  
195173. Charles Schwarz  
195172. C Lynn prejudices and hared are fostered by this site
195171. Deb Benzuly  
195170. Jami Gan I believe in free speech-but I also believe that that we have a responsibility to promote truth and silence lies. This site is filled with hate and lies. You are irresponsible, Google, to give these hate-filled souls a voice.
195169. Matthew Wood This site needs to be removed!!!
195168. Michelle Abeshaus  
195167. Jacob J. Barie, MD why facilitate hate by placing jew watch at the top of the google jew search listings,,,,,,,,why not bury as item 666 or more?
195166. Marcus Archie  
195165. merle pollack  
195164. Sara Lemma  
195163. Allen Abtramson  
195162. Judith R. Weissman  
195161. dahlia peyser  
195160. Julie Edgar REMOVE!
195159. Stuart Rubinfeld  
195158. Eleanor Young  
195157. William Kupferberg terrible. removeit now.
195156. Amir  
195155. Daniel M  
195154. Larry Goldstein  
195153. Stanley Opas Shame on Google!
195152. Lisa Hunter  
195151. edward temkin  
195150. Patricia V. Martin As a WASP Christian, I find JewWatch appalling and without redeeming qualities. Please remove this trash from the website! Thank you.
195149. Judy Bouer Remove jewwatch immediately
195148. Carren Kaston  
195147. Jessica Jacobowitz TAKE THIS SIGHT DOWN
195146. Harvey Yago  
195145. Rita Rothfleisch  
195144. Arlene Love Such virulent hatred and lies on your site is unbelieveable
195143. miles  
195142. H. Weiner  
195141. Stanley B Jaffe  
195140. Nicole  
195139. Steve Lampart  
195138. Judy Perry  
195137. gary landau  
195136. Marla Hewitt  
195135. jacky sebag  
195134. joan kupferberg This site is heinous...
195133. Alexis Fishman  
195132. steven Roffer  
195131. Alan Nierob  
195130. Jason Blagman  
195129. kathy trattner  
195128. Leigh B Tobias PhD  
195127. Susan Meyer  
195126. Dmitriy š
195125. R. Mandell  
195124. Alan Korsen The site is disgusting
195123. Sari this is the most disgusting display of free speech I have ever seen - to hide anti-semitism under the guise of intellectualism is disturbing on so many levels
195122. Lisa Corey  
195121. LInda Weiss  
195120. Michelle golland  
195119. Steven B. Haffner  
195118. cathy weiss  
195117. Carol Coldren  
195116. Puchi Stern  
195115. Erin Kurinsky  
195114. Jeffrey A Less No hate sites should be permitted.
195113. Michael Rose  
195112. Stephanie  
195111. David Wm Brown  
195110. Dr Paul Bartrop  
195109. Dan Iro  
195108. Audrey Fichtenbaum  
195106. Lynn Feit  
195105. L Belzer  
195104. Seth Lotstein  
195103. Julia  
195102. Lawrence Block  
195101. Roberta Schwartz-Israelsky I've sent this to all of my friends
195100. Mark R, What hatred and lies! If there were no Jews, groups like JewWatch would have to find another minority to hate.
195099. Roberta Berrent  
195098. patricia schwartz  
195097. zvika i hate anti semitic sites
195096. Eliahu Levenson  
195095. Jaime Rapaport  
195094. Terri  
195093. Marilyn A. Shapiro  
195092. Michael Cohan  
195091. g. abramsohn  
195090. Susan Kaye get rid of this site
195089. Dean  
195088. marvin silverman  
195087. neil axelrod please remove this now
195086. Joan Whitman  
195085. sara r. jakobson  
195084. Alex Ziskind  
195083. Jeffrey Goldstein  
195082. Eileen Weinberg  
195081. Jori Greenstein  
195080. jack frost  
195079. Marcela Sulak thank you
195078. B. wahl  
195077. Steve H Please listen
195076. Stuart Bittelman a disgraceful, hateful and lying website
195075. Stanton Cole  
195074. Robin Langdon  
195073. debbie thomas  
195072. jenna  
195071. Phillip Lipken  
195070. Rachel  
195069. Harry Lederman  
195068. Bernie Reicher  
195067. N. Sheridan  
195066. al cutter  
195065. Richard Goldman Who does it take 50,000 signatures?
195064. Donna Zimmerman  
195063. judy gann this is a deplorable web site.
195061. mike fineberg  
195059. beverly kanzer  
195058. Claire Fabian  
195057. Rabbi John L. Rosove Remove JewWatch from Google please
195056. Simon Chulsky  
195055. Mara Chulsky  
195054. Silvia Talmadge  
195053. Robin Leiman  
195052. Igor  
195051. yousef ghodsizadeh  
195050. ron braun  
195049. Enid Seiden  
195048. Jane Wagner  
195047. Joan Talmadge  
195046. Barbara Brodsky  
195045. Robert Garland  
195044. Michael Yarmuth the website is a disgrace and utterly disgusting
195043. Felicia Zeff  
195042. Terry and Maer Spevak shameful.....
195041. Judy Obstbaum  
195040. Carolyn Saligman  
195039. Ross Dymond  
195038. s faller despicable
195037. Fred Rubin Only idiots like Frank Weltner, librarian?. should clean toilets, because that is what he is full of.
195036. Raphael Bassan  
195035. A Seifman  
195034. sheryl berkenfield  
195033. Richard Waas  
195032. Jeremiah Abrams This site is truly offensive and hateful.
195031. Milton I Steller Not appropiate
195030. GIl Mosko You must remove this RACIST site!!!
195029. charles blach This is racist and antesemitic
195028. joel smilchensky  
195027. Karyn Michaels this source of hatred must be removed - information within is also NOT accurate
195026. marywaite faulconer please remove site
195025. Jerry Marshall Please be responsible enough to remove any web site that promotes any antisemetic message or any message that expresses or promotes hateful and prejudicial messages.
195024. Victor Schlatter  
195023. pearl greenfield  
195022. robin hirsch  
195021. Ross Wiczer Rid your respected service of this hater and ultimate promoter of violence
195020. ron  
195019. Werner Markus  
195018. Jan Kantor  
195017. Rhoda Bernstein Information channel should have facts not someones opinion.
195016. Judy Lan Remove this immediately
195015. gail this is outrageous
195014. Kathleen O'Reilly  
195013. Joan Spector This is horrible. Get rid of it.
195012. Susan Kopperman very offensive
195011. k ill  
195010. Sanford S. Silverman  
195009. Ilya Fridlib  
195008. Corey Cantor I think that a site with such a hateful message should be at least pushed back 1 page
195007. Roger L. Gross  
195006. Karen F. Tabachnick This website is beyond acceptable. It is degrading. The information promotes racial hatred towards the Jews.
195005. Matthew Goldberg  
195004. Janet Dougherty  
195003. Shelly  
195002. Julie Seton  
195001. Kristy Lynn  
195000. lee humphries  
194999. Ava L. Ashendorff How could you. Disgusting. I hope you remove
194998. Julie Takatsch  
194997. Suzie Mears  
194996. marilyn Friedman disgusting
194995. Judith C. Starkman free speech is not hate speech
194994. Marta Chavez  
194993. Dan Ochman  
194992. Mike G. It Must Be Removed
194991. Helene Cantor  
194990. Sheldon Harris  
194989. Erika Neumann  
194988. stanley vainik i am very disappointed in a company such as yourself to display such garbage . i understand freedom of speech etc but this garbage is unnecessary
194987. charlett frumin  
194986. Terry Estrin Please consider this my enthusiastic endorsement of this petition.
194985. Herman David  
194984. marshall s. frumin,m.d.  
194983. Zury  
194982. Dr. Jeff Magun For a group like Google to have such a blantantly anti-Semetic resource is shameful.
194981. Gail Bloch  
194980. Carolyn Zimmer Levin  
194979. terri mason  
194978. phil the usual pathetic lies from a sick mind
194977. David Meltzer  
194976. Gustavo Ariel Bursztyn The site is disgusting and breeds racial hatred. I urge to remove it from it´s search engine.
194975. Robert Zusman  
194974. Phyllis Gould Let us hope that, united, this works!
194973. joe lily it is bigetry
194972. Anne Hallowell  
194971. Bernard Gold  
194970. Michelle Feldman  
194969. Gayla Pius  
194968. Dr. Stuart Marks There is no place for a site like this!!
194967. ann and sid friedman  
194966. Deborah Aubespin I have seen this website and both as a Jew and as a human being am very offended by this trash.
194965. carol dranoff I m mortified. Everyone I know uses Googlebut as a person who lost femily in the Holecaust I feel I cannot use a search engine which allows this kind of racism.
194964. Michael C. Miller  
194963. Marcia Marks So easy to hate, so hard to build peace!
194962. Lane shmerling  
194961. Michelle disgusting!
194960. Leonard Lipken  
194959. Sheri McGinnis  
194958. Allan G Charles MD How could you allow such a horrible thing to sully the web
194957. URI BARNEA This web site is so debased and inaccurate that it is not worthy of being included in the Google search engine, and in any case it should not have such a high profile as one of the first entries to be seen.
194956. Antoinette Rechter  
194955. Marc Moss DO NO EVIL
194954. Claudia Vail Horrific, Take it off
194953. Ilya Livston he should be prosecuted as Nazi criminal
194952. irving goldsmith  
194951. Maya R.  
194950. Linda MacDonald  
194949. Ilya Livston he should be prosecuted as Nazi criminal
194948. Iris Levine  
194947. Shirley Gurevitz This is a disgusting site. How can this be allowed. This is not free speech this is filthy lies.
194946. Aaryn Gottesfeld  
194945. Frederick Wassermann  
194944. Janet Barkley This is very sad that I must EVEN point this out
194943. AG Take it off
194942. Earl N. Helfand This site is not for legitimate discussion of Palestinian rights; sadly it exists to distort ands conceal the reasons foe actions taken by Israel. It fosters hatred and violence towards the citizens of Israel and towards those of the Jewish faith. For these reasons I urge the removal of from the Google Search Engine.
194941. hyman goldblatt  
194940. David Roglin  
194939. sondra price  
194938. michelle osterman  
194937. James Harrisonville No Love No Mercy Always Get it?
194936. John W. Loeb  
194935. Bruce Kravitz  
194934. Anne Menken  
194933. Jan Rotner  
194932. Mr Arts this site goes WAY BEYOND "FREE SPEECH"
194931. Susan Schwartz  
194930. Benjamin Joloy  
194929. SYLVIA KLINE most offensive.please remove immediately
194928. Richard E Horowitz M.D.  
194927. Michael Winberg  
194926. Lillie  
194925. Judy  
194924. Allyne Winberg  
194923. John Landsbaum  
194922. Guy Ben  
194921. Freyda Disgusting
194920. Gary Kurnov  
194919. Shosh such a waste of space!!!
194918. asi l  
194917. Lynn Kahan Happy to have the opportunity to make a difference.
194916. Izy Hemi remove that site it is realy terriable that Google alows such heatred in the name of free speach. Because of politicly correct we will kill our selves. Why put on things that are lise.
194915. Rita Segerman  
194914. Havey S. very surprised at google
194913. jane wyler  
194912. Arthur E. Cohen, MD "To bigotry no sanction"
194911. Phyllis Hopman  
194910. Lenore Baigelman  
194909. Carole Silvernail  
194908. arlene averbuch  
194907. Morissa Granove  
194906. Miriam this has no place on google
194905. Merryl  
194904. Paivi Unbelievable lies in
194903. elaine lisberg  
194902. Gary Segev  
194901. David A Shafritz  
194900. Giora Segev  
194899. Idit Ben David  
194897. Yvette Segev  
194896. sheila greenbaum  
194895. S. Hecht  
194894. shelly greenstein  
194893. Jessica  
194892. Lynn Goldsmith  
194891. ruth allis  
194890. david plaksin  
194889. senderovitch monie  
194888. Ingrid Collins  
194887. Rhonda  
194886. Phil Zipin This is beyond offensive.
194885. Jackie  
194884. Larisa Orlov  
194883. Lillian Kurland  
194882. Steven Casper  
194881. Suzanne Post hateful propoganda used only to stir up readers in a negative manner and for negative actions.
194880. Lillian Kurland  
194879. Patty Mattson  
194878. Nitzan Graham  
194877. Marv Weisberg  
194876. Jonathan Graham  
194875. Debra Harris-Karpf  
194874. Vicki Waterman  
194873. Minoo Banayan  
194872. Oleg Gritsevskiy  
194871. sunny olson  
194870. Alberto A Y  
194869. Marvin J. Wiss  
194868. Arnie Podber  
194867. Kyle Swann  
194866. Sheri  
194865. Jay Wortsman disgusting
194864. Deborah Campbell Ê
194863. Hank Narrow  
194862. Julie Margolin  
194861. Lida Turri It's Wrong
194860. Jim Cohen  
194859. Judy  
194858. Jerome Schiffman  
194857. Ben Governali Whoever made that site should die
194856. doug busch  
194855. Stephanie  
194854. Anne T. Stokes please remove "JewWatch" from google search engine
194853. sammy this is disgusting that google would promote an antisemetic website as such
194852. Elaine Levitan  
194851. Ariella Bock  
194850. Jeff Schiff This site is a disgrase and Google should remove it imediately or you are just as anti-semetic as the people who posted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
194848. Allison Weisman Remove JewWatch,!
194847. Jo Holzman It will probably run up against the free speech ruling and be perfectly legal, even though its a nauseating site.
194846. r eich  
194845. Melissa Kane Hyde  
194844. Mindy Fradkin Do you want to honor hatred and bigotry?
194843. Harriette Robbins  
194842. Howard Ware  
194841. Samuel L  
194839. Matthew Chaikin This is a hate site. Let Homeland Security investigate him as a religous terrorist.
194838. Shea Harlig  
194837. H J Steinacher disgusting site
194836. Milton Shermet  
194835. Jonathan D Houg  
194834. Dean Vegosen Google has an obligation to act responsibly and remove this site
194833. Ron Breakstone  
194832. Nathalie Brown  
194831. Alan Moses  
194830. Rebecca this hatred doesn't deserve freedom of speech or space on Yahoo
194829. stu granick  
194828. Matthew  
194827. Michael Melvoin Lie down with dogs. Get up with fleas.
194826. marilyn koss  
194825. Edward Epstein  
194824. joanna bekhor get this removed!!
194823. Behrooz Meimand To support PEACE for all over the world
194822. Eleanor Epstein  
194821. Toni Kahn  
194820. phil landau get them of the map
194819. Maggie Samuels  
194818. Battalin  
194817. karol Foss  
194816. Beth Fagin  
194815. Janice Pollack  
194814. Kurt Kamm  
194813. Doreen Daley  
194812. Alan Henry Russ Kairé Remove JewWatch from Google
194811. line voided
194810. Ariella Bock  
194809. Jacob Abadi  
194808. paula what a disgrace, google i will never use your search engine again!
194807. Bruce Relkin Why can groups like this keep doing the same thing on your site?
194806. Dorothy Zaretsky  
194805. Michael Zeff  
194804. Sinikka Kahara I am shocked and disappointed that Google would go this low!!!
194803. Dan Balai Hatefull speach doesn't belong at the top of any reputable Search Engine. Please put some humanity in the Google machine.
194802. Joe Diamond  
194801. Stan Kantor  
194800. Wendy  
194799. ada barach horrific, your people are cruel & heartless
194798. Pamela Morton  
194797. sigi  
194796. Albert Zaretsky  
194795. J ames Kaplan can't allow such hatred to flourish on the internet
194794. Alayna Grand  
194792. Marley  
194791. tsashi ganon  
194790. Aviva Steinman  
194789. john gitto not good
194788. Gail J Sklar  
194787. Donna Androsky This is an abomination
194786. Abigail Nash Please eliminate this racist site from your search engine. It does nothing but spread hatred in the world.
194785. joe ganon  
194784. Ronald Golansky this is unreal
194783. Amy Bakke  
194782. Ariane Portal  
194781. Sharon Tannen  
194780. Craig  
194779. Kathleen Cohen  
194778. rachel what has zionism got to do with this retired, bored man?
194777. nassir shokrian  
194776. marie turim  
194775. krief  
194774. James Levinson  
194773. Lynn Orman  
194772. l sherman  
194771. Elfriede G. Schlesinger please remove this antisemitic site
194770. Elishia  
194769. sarah shokrian  
194768. Elfriede G. Schlesinger please remove this antisemitic site
194767. Joel Grand Disgusting website
194766. mavis wasserberger this is an urgent matter
194765. larry fleischer  
194764. maria helena hersens  
194763. JOEY  
194762. galit shokrian this is wrong!
194761. Carol Kaplan  
194760. Frank Zane  
194759. Victoria Wolff  
194758. Mark Pinkus  
194757. Brett  
194756. Alegre Gomel Bromfman  
194755. Ben  
194754. Randi Cunningham  
194753. Roz Singer  
194752. Nancy Shevitz If you can, please contribute to kindness. thanks.
194751. sarah schulmann  
194750. nan swartz  
194749. Rochelle Kovens  
194748. Danny Comellas  
194747. William Herman this is a disgrace
194746. Pat Goldring  
194745. B Shepherd  
194744. Dora Klein  
194743. Mildred Sablotsky  
194742. David  
194741. Josh Levy  
194740. Karen Brown  
194739. Peter Kopel  
194738. Alma Richardson  
194737. Ruthann Wolff Appalling disregard for both truth and humanity
194736. marla snyder  
194735. Terry Martin  
194734. Sharon Sarraf  
194733. Gerald N. Padawer As GOOG shareholder, I'm VERY upset that GOOG would allow such garbage.
194732. Karen Remove the site!
194731. Simon Sarraf  
194730. Terry Kopel This is a horrible hate filled website that will do more harm than good. Do you really want to be associated with this much hatred and violence?
194729. mary kirson  
194728. Eleanor Beler shades of the 3rd reich
194727. Alan A. Tamaroff  
194726. Martin Rafanan Please remove this website. It is offensive and should be removed.
194725. Yaakov Bar-Nahman  
194724. ira wolf  
194723. Edith Gould  
194722. Patricia Hill It sickens me that discrimination and prejudice still exists regarding Jews or any other ethnic group.
194721. Jesse Krinsky  
194720. Debra Broutman  
194719. Penny Hays  
194718. florence sosniak  
194717. Arjang Zendehdel  
194716. Barney Kash  
194715. Debra Gantz students looking for information should not find such hatred as a first hit.
194714. Beth Herzog  
194713. Lori McConnell disgusting material, very offensive
194712. avi  
194711. Haakon Ramsland Hol please remove the antisemitic site.
194710. Joshua M. Blank Get rid of this site please
194709. Jessica Hornick  
194708. Bijan Nahai  
194707. R. E. Rubenstein  
194706. Erica Gardner  
194704. Leanna Rochelle It is a Degenerate & Disgusting comment to make
194703. Stuart Neiman  
194702. roger brick  
194701. Laurie Rogoway  
194700. David Bolour We live in a very sad world where people have nothing better to do. I am disgusted
194699. mitzi rothman  
194698. Aggie Kuperman  
194697. Judy Chaikin  
194696. Jack  
194694. Sofiya Starchevsky š
194693. Geoffrey Kornberg  
194692. Richard McDonald  
194691. sheila weinstein  
194690. Amelie Hipolito  
194689. A Mesbur  
194688. Laurie McDonald Definitely Remove that offensive site
194687. Sharon Bennett imappropreate and meanspirited!!!
194686. florence sosniak  
194684. Rose Datlof  
194683. Mary M. Chadbourne  
194682. ethi enough is enough
194681. Jill Preminger  
194680. name lastname  
194679. hal greenfader The site is obscene
194678. Bijan Eshaghian Please remove this anti semetic from your search engine.
194677. merle gross  
194676. Sigalit  
194675. Jodie Cooper remove as it is un acceptable
194674. harvey Weiner  
194673. jel  
194672. Maya Buryakovsky-Pomroy This should be removed... It is barbaric and disgraceful...
194671. Fanchon Lessing  
194670. Tom Obrig  
194669. Britta Silver  
194668. Linda Cohen  
194667. jacob sosniak  
194666. Irene G. Ostroff  
194665. Harry Bach This website is incredibly disgusting and false
194664. David Katz  
194663. joel  
194662. Dayna Penchansky  
194661. Barbara Druckman  
194660. Jon Thompson  
194659. Samuel Lear  
194658. Theodore Jackson  
194657. michael stange  
194656. Marvin Morganstein  
194655. Lucy S. Levy  
194654. Jackie  
194653. PJ SARRAF  
194652. Deborah M Ross  
194651. Stephen Druckman  
194650. J. David Levy  
194649. Esther  
194648. Alfred Kleifiel;d  
194647. Natalie Nakash Zuckerman  
194646. Sonja Sollinger  
194645. Mel Farber This site should only become available when a user is searching for anti-Semitic sites, not when searching for Jews.
194644. JonathanEitani  
194643. brendon gold the is no room in the world for bigots, it doesnt make the world better.
194642. Shirley KLeifield  
194641. RACHEL M. BROWN this is an awful web site and will encourage me to omit google whenever possible.
194640. Helen Hershner  
194639. Alan Sollinger  
194638. Loraine Stilllman  
194637. edward milikow,m.d. this is an offensive web site
194636. Joseph A. Conforti  
194635. Sara  
194633. Deb Bloomberg  
194632. Daniel Belozerco  
194631. Michelle Winarsky  
194630. Michele Lecker-Gryfe  
194629. Anna Friendt get a grip and find love for humanity in general
194628. Brad Seldin  
194627. KP  
194626. Shoshanah  
194625. Debra Firestone-Sweeney  
194624. geoffrey woods  
194623. David Sacks  
194622. Dr. Jonathan Pincus  
194621. Adrian Sable we have anouth agro as it is and i will not you's google till it's dropt
194620. Friendt,Anna get a grip and find love for humanity in general
194619. Ed Deutch  
194618. mickey  
194617. marsha woods we shouldn't need 50,000, or 5,000 petitions to remove trash like this from google!
194616. Ari Weisberg  
194615. Joan Pincus  
194614. Herbert Zimmerman  
194613. Sam Milkman Please remove this offensive website from Google
194612. M & J Kirshner  
194611. Arthur Kaplan  
194610. Robert Jacobs  
194609. MITRANI Claude  
194608. beverly mansfield  
194607. Paul Rosenblatt  
194606. Shirley Luber  
194605. melvyn goldstein  
194604. Laurie Shapiro  
194603. Salomone Castro  
194602. Lois Heisler  
194601. Wladimir Struminski  
194600. Michelle Gordon  
194599. Yaron Shwartz  
194598. Claudia Nakash Isn't it time to live and let live?
194597. Eileen Wolf  
194596. Stan Best  
194595. Lauran Epstein  
194594. Michaela Milo  
194593. Dimitry  
194592. Ronald Penn  
194591. Helen Astmann  
194590. Sam this is outrageous !! please remove, we love google!!
194589. Abraham Rothberg Ê
194588. Navot Milo  
194587. Paula Krauss  
194586. Maureen  
194585. Joan Rollins Tropp  
194584. ronen  
194583. Ann Louise Stevenson  
194582. Robin Legator  
194581. Naomi Newman  
194580. barton nisonson  
194579. Gretchen T. Dumas  
194578. Howard Greenberg  
194577. Ricardo Berdichevsky it is discusting
194576. Robert F. Steinhart  
194575. patricia dorfman  
194574. Marc Zuckerman This website is full of lies and should not be promoted by Google
194573. patricia dorfman  
194572. M. Levy  
194571. Alyne Freed  
194570. Howard M. Kasow  
194569. Corinne Brown shocking site--get rid of it!
194568. elias shokrian I believe the subject site is spreading hate and causing more terorism around the world including USA
194567. mike resnick please remove this
194566. Catherine Fischer  
194565. Bert Rothman  
194564. Charla Whiteley  
194563. J. Watman  
194562. Leanne Meyerowitz  
194561. jos louwes  
194560. Sharon Dick Rothman  
194559. Leslie Cohen You should be ashamed Google!!!
194558. Deborah Irwin  
194557. will pluijm  
194556. Ellen Widawsky  
194555. Norman Lamm Garbage has no place in Google
194554. Daniela  
194553. eliana simhon radovan  
194552. ilana moncarz  
194551. Graham Mott  
194550. Judi Ratner  
194549. Brian M. Shaw  
194548. Billy McPherson  
194547. Barbara Klau  
194546. Adrienne Silverstein  
194545. E.G. Weisbord NUTS should be eaten not read
194543. Lee Russell  
194542. Carol Braun Trapnell  
194541. Vicky Abadi  
194540. joseph Silverstein  
194539. Ruth & Norman Krameisen  
194538. Arlette Levy  
194537. Andrew W. Siegal, Ph.D.  
194536. Nancy Goldstein  
194535. George Berger  
194534. Norman  
194533. Mariya  
194532. Kaci  
194531. Abraham Entin  
194530. Hilary Ben Yitzchak  
194529. elana moalem  
194528. myrnaseidman  
194527. Allison Polland I was extremely offended by the content of
194526. Peter Bluford  
194525. Amy Pollack  
194524. Sandy Carol this is a perversion. remove it!!!
194523. Sarah Bernard This truly a scary and hateful site.
194522. bernard s. pollock  
194521. Marvin Horowitz  
194520. Joel Adler  
194519. Lisa Free speech does not equal having an entry on the Google search engine. Please remove this just for common decency and to respect people. Thank you! :)
194518. Sheryl Lendo  
194517. sharon zisholtz  
194516. Freda Meyer  
194515. Rona  
194514. Joy Keller stop spreading this hate by removing this site
194513. Emma Bonacich  
194512. Bonnie Weiner  
194511. Robert Sigal Please remove from your search engine. It promotes racial hatred
194510. Milton Mutchnick This site is truly obscene.
194509. dov epstein  
194508. Richard Kanter  
194507. Lynn Straus  
194506. Rossa Garber  
194505. Meir Zimand  
194504. Richard Bernard  
194503. David Grisman  
194502. Jordan Rosenfeld  
194501. barry greenfield  
194499. Duane Searles  
194498. Neal  
194497. Donna L. Moog  
194496. E. Avery  
194495. Geoffrey Weisgard  
194494. Jonathan M. Freier  
194493. allison newman  
194492. Lois P. Rubin  
194491. Robert Marshak  
194490. tal shay  
194489. Tamara Flax  
194488. Jenny Goldstein  
194487. Maurice Salinsky  
194486. Stephani  
194485. sue raz  
194484. Jerry Pekow Get rid of this site,or I shall never use you again
194483. DAVID GIL take this off!!!
194482. Rochelle Levin  
194481. rachel breakstone  
194480. cherie starkman  
194479. Michael Zubrow  
194478. Jared J. Scharf Hateful messages have no place on Google search engine
194477. Leslie Brosse  
194476. Lori Blumenthal  
194475. Sarah Gold  
194474. Emma Lobel it says it all
194473. Melvin L. Tobias Free speech allows Weltner to say anything he likes but you don't have to help him.
194472. Louis Savrin  
194471. Marsha Silberstein  
194470. Shirley bishoff  
194469. barbara gale  
194468. jocelyn berman I thought google policed itself, from all sorts of predators, including religious ones; its one thing to be able to find info re this site, but having it first, they have obviously used your systems against you and I find it disgusting that you would support this.
194467. neta  
194466. Al wolf  
194465. Linda Williamson This site is an embarrasment
194464. Emily Cahan For shame! This site is nothing but an invitation to hate and lies.
194463. Howard P. Erlichman  
194462. R FAISTMAN  
194461. Elle Roark  
194459. mel zimmers  
194458. Andrea Zisman  
194457. Ben Jasso  
194456. Irving Kleiman  
194455. Patricia Aquino it's imperative that we ALL support kindness and eradicate hatred
194454. Gail Schiowitz  
194453. Jerry Savrin such deliberate hatred is xenophobic
194451. Dan Price This is unexceptable. Willstop using google till removed
194450. Elliot Nesterman I support this petition, despite the mispellings. Besides, such a misleading use of the word "scholarly" ought not to be countenanced.
194449. Shai Feldman  
194448. JOEL VAINER  
194447. Andrew Simon  
194446. Brandon Gordon  
194445. Richard Schiff  
194444. shay  
194443. Ray Roditi  
194442. Ilan Morgenstern  
194441. Jhon  
194440. Sarah Hornick  
194439. Victor Landsberg  
194438. Anna Pinsky  
194437. Eileen Paolicelli  
194436. edwin a bronsky I am amazed that an organization such as yours would encourage the outrages within the pages of this web site.
194435. joy sirott hurwitz  
194434. Michael  
194433. David Pasikov  
194432. jennifer rappoport  
194431. Gilda Joan Hecht  
194430. Simon Erani frank weltner should be killed
194429. Serena Levine  
194428. Margaliet Themans-Loss Please remove
194427. Hyman Rabinovitch  
194426. martin umansky  
194425. karen ward it is a horrible site
194424. David Forman  
194423. moses nathan more respect, please
194422. Vivian Bockian This is disgusting.
194421. rebecca glinsky  
194420. Sergey Cherkasskiy  
194419. Betty Lapin  
194418. sharon sokolowski  
194417. Marianne Schey  
194416. amitay sar  
194415. Risa  
194414. Arkadiy Niyazov  
194413. Orit Ben-Artzi  
194412. Lyle Beck  
194411. Bruce Fish  
194410. M.J. Weiss  
194409. Jill Super  
194408. Sharron Louie Remoove!!!
194407. Mona Mandell  
194406. Laurie Oppenheimer  
194405. gabrielle burton I love Google but if you don't remove this, I won't use Google anymore
194404. Haim Kernberg  
194403. A. Maxwell Perlsweig  
194402. Joel Mandell we don't need any more hate
194401. Aviva Soesman  
194400. Keith  
194399. d  
194398. Dr. Nathan Zasler  
194397. Celeste Hyre  
194396. Lillia Cherkasskiy  
194395. Joanna Cohen  
194394. SueEllen Duboe This offensive anti -semitic site must be removed
194393. Alexander levitzki Google, please think before you agree to such poison
194392. Paul E. Cantor  
194391. Margaret Crothall  
194389. D Yarmus Please don't promote any hate sites
194388. daphni  
194387. Dawn Bobo  
194386. noel eliscu  
194385. Dr. Hargitai Hircz Pal  
194384. Steiner Erika  
194383. P Rimmer  
194382. Karin Meyer  
194381. Steiner Dezso  
194380. herb rosenstein  
194379. Isaac Hasbani  
194378. Hargitai Marianna  
194377. Shirley Gruenhut  
194376. Amanda Wall I am disappointed that google would allow such a racist site. Please remove
194375. Dee Livingston  
194374. M. Petcosky  
194373. Jack Brody This site has no value but to foster anit-semitism
194372. Laurie Wolder  
194371. Barry J. Scolnick  
194370. Jerome F. Raskas  
194369. wtunick  
194368. Dr. Hargitai Hircz Pal  
194367. Amy Pasternak  
194366. henry wineman II  
194365. Mara Isser this is very disturbing and if this site stays on google search engine, i will no longer use google
194364. caryl starobin  
194363. Stan Green  
194362. diana mikhailov Thank you for removing this site
194361. Marjorie Simon  
194360. gertrude wineman  
194359. Natasha Stern  
194358. Eric Silverman  
194357. Beth Hoffman  
194356. solomon chehebar  
194355. Gerry O'Leary  
194354. Rachel Levy  
194353. Bonnie Weinberg  
194352. Diane Abrams  
194351. Avi Almogue  
194350. Barbara Lieb  
194349. Alvin Goldberg  
194348. Lisa M. Zasler  
194347. Betty Seaton  
194346. Suzan  
194345. Deborah Dallet  
194344. berl  
194343. Allan Bollinger  
194342. joel israel  
194341. eve haddow please remove this offensive material
194340. hanna shappir  
194339. Graciela Borenstein  
194338. mindysimon  
194337. Linda Weiss  
194336. Chelsea Zimmerman  
194335. Eve Cohn  
194334. Harriet Polejes Outrageous to leave under your heading.
194333. Judith Baker  
194332. stewart sacklow  
194331. Beatrice Blumenfeld  
194330. Solomon awfull. It is time to sell Google stocks
194329. bramford glass NAZI'S SHOULD ALL BE DEAD
194328. s j cresswell  
194327. Steven A. Newman  
194326. Stuart Eber The Internet is for free speech, not false hate speech.
194325. honey rosenfeld  
194324. Mary Cleveland  
194323. lANA fIELDS  
194322. Jerry Rosenberg  
194321. Deborah Schulze  
194320. shaul  
194319. stephen mackler As a shareholder of Google stock, as an American and as a person of the Jewish faith I find this site to be inflamatory and reprehensable
194318. Karen Weidner I am appalled. Remove this immediately.
194317. villard I am not jew, but the daughter of a Ravensbrück internee
194316. andy fink  
194315. Stef Becker  
194314. Earle Malkin  
194313. Fiona Vernea  
194311. Izabella Vinokurov  
194310. susan n schwartz  
194309. Susan Bennett  
194308. Alan T. Cohen  
194307. Kenneth Kams  
194306. s cohen completely outrageous -- is this ok with google? seems like time to sell the stock
194305. andrea madden please remove site
194304. Alex Zhitomirsky  
194303. Susan Levering  
194302. Sol  
194301. Debbie Osheroff  
194300. Stephanie Frankfurt  
194299. joan goodman  
194298. deb ely  
194297. Daphne Atlas  
194296. BRANDY P. AWFUL!!!! I'm not jewish and I still think its AWFUL!!! The folks at GOOGLE should be ashamed of theirselves!!!!!
194295. H.M. Lederman This web site spews venomous hatred.
194294. Sogol  
194293. Joan Lieberman  
194292. harlie ezgur  
194291. David YAY JEW !
194290. howard parker  
194289. Marsha Heit  
194288. Brittany Koffer  
194287. Henry S. Bickart  
194286. Shelly Hornick  
194285. David Rosen  
194284. Barry D Grossman Please remove this vile website from any Google Search result.. Anti-semitism as blatant as this should be recognized and eliminated.
194283. c perets Doesn't Google monitor its own sights for this kind hate mongering.
194282. claudie  
194281. Roberta Swarz  
194280. Eva Stricks  
194279. Aron Goldman  
194277. gregory dweck  
194276. Jenny Sachs  
194275. Carolyn Fewster Please take this disgusting site off of Google. I am Christian and this makes me very upset.
194274. Andrew Sacks distance yourself from this lunatic
194273. Regina L.F. Averbach Please remove JewWatch
194272. Yoav Cohen  
194271. Marvin Pollow  
194270. Vivian Gold  
194269. Ernie Belkin  
194268. al ross  
194267. Richard Rubin  
194266. Hilton Efune  
194265. Elliott Benjamin  
194264. Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl  
194263. Iris Pollow disgraceful and disgusting
194262. Joseph S Mamelak the point made by this petition should be kept in mind as date is posted for use. This human sickness needs a constant quarantine
194261. Elinor Reid  
194260. GISELA  
194259. Ina Heiman  
194258. Rui  
194257. David Kopstein  
194256. howard warren  
194255. Fred and Phyllis Zusman Some of the most asine drivel I have ever seen.
194254. Ben Smilchensky  
194253. ruth  
194252. Garold Vickers  
194251. Mark Greenberg  
194250. david schechter vile hate site
194249. Smirnov, Michail  
194248. Ilya Cherkasskiy  
194247. Johnny & Andrea Goodman Horrified by this anti-Semetic webbsite
194246. Yelena Rodin  
194245. TOBY FOUKS I have checked it out -- it's a hate site
194244. Alex Shevelenko  
194243. joseph g tuchman  
194242. Christopher M Shulman  
194241. Debbie Frankfurt  
194240. Ada Redko  
194239. Joel N. Smilchensky  
194238. herbert constine in very bad taste for google or anyother site
194237. Al  
194236. John Berish While I do not believe in censorship it is outragous that this site is not buried in the millions of sites accessed by the search. This is a hate site.
194235. Roman Rashkovetsky  
194234. Susan Fischer  
194233. Richard Fiedotin  
194232. Minnie Smilchensky Disgusting!
194231. Leslie R. Walters  
194230. Natan Rakita  
194229. George Gershman Take it OFF your search engine!!!
194228. jonas schattner freedom of speech is one thing, preaching hate is another
194227. Chris  
194226. Paul Pellerito  
194225. marvin lutzker  
194224. Ilia Malyarov  
194223. Michael Looper  
194222. anita dunne  
194221. Annette Pellerito  
194220. lisa stemmer  
194219. Irina Khislavskaya  
194218. Ronald M. Katzman  
194216. Rabbi Kenneth Sokolowski  
194215. Michael SOLD  
194214. Frieda Tabak  
194213. Epshtein, Sima  
194212. Barbara Eisen  
194211. Rena Sharff  
194210. edna gross  
194209. itzhak gross  
194208. Vardina Sold I pray for a world where people willbe tolerant to each other. After all we are all human beings!
194207. Vinnitskaya, Frida  
194206. ruth gordon  
194205. Libby Hewes  
194204. saba sabato  
194203. bijan  
194202. Ernest Scheller,Jr.  
194201. Leonard Brown I find this site offensive
194200. Greydinger, Aru  
194199. Kenneth Frohlich  
194198. Linda Alperen  
194197. Sheila Leiss  
194196. Ilana Segal  
194195. Roberta Scheller  
194194. Gregory Epstein  
194193. Edie Roodman  
194192. Jack Roberts  
194191. Randall Clare  
194190. Mimi Jaffe  
194189. Paul Kofman  
194188. peter binnings I understand that there is freedom of speech, but I don't believe that this should be the #1 site, please remove it or at least place it way down the list if I were to type jew into the seach engine. Thanks
194187. Gastón Kuper  
194186. Sharon Turnoy  
194185. Susan Gurevitz  
194184. Sheryl Magaziner  
194183. sheril metz disgusting in this day and age
194182. Janet Grynberg  
194181. Tova Sasson  
194180. Linda Joy Goldner  
194179. Nora Gilbert  
194178. David  
194177. Ralph Gutmann  
194176. Altman Sofia  
194175. Sara Elmann  
194174. david  
194173. Robin Yager This has no business being on Google
194172. M Dweck  
194171. Abraham Snyder Internet is an open space, but Google should be doing something to reduce the hate that runs rampant on the web!
194170. Dukhovny, Leonid  
194169. Marc Mandel  
194168. Len Blackman  
194167. Carol B. Goodman  
194166. Connie Halachoulis  
194165. Ruth Gutmann  
194164. Noga, Israel  
194163. Rybak, Rita  
194162. Shannon Gustafson  
194161. Emil M. Merusi  
194160. shamloo ghaitani  
194159. Leonid Banychick  
194158. Jeannette F. Roth  
194157. Anchipolovsky, Sam  
194156. Maury Gilman  
194155. Joshua Mann  
194154. Knirel , Alex  
194153. David Waizer  
194152. Ellen Smith  
194151. Joel Block  
194150. Emilie Passow  
194149. Dee Frankel  
194148. David Manes  
194147. Lewis Harris  
194146. Robert Lipson  
194145. Harold Abrahamson This shouldn't require a petition to get it removed!!!
194144. Alan Burnce  
194143. Martin Pereira get rid of this hatred
194142. Toby Tobias  
194141. Ira Tolmich  
194140. Paymon Bana  
194139. s. Katz  
194138. H Fox  
194137. Ike Gemal Google will be noodles if it does not conduct it's business in a humane way, right?
194136. tunik raou.l  
194135. Stanley Wolfe  
194134. jennifer  
194133. Nancy Brother  
194132. Howard Pascoe No need for this type of racism anywhere
194131. Ike Gemal Google will be noodles if it does not conduct it's business in a humane way, right?
194130. raul tunik  
194129. Marilyn Meyers Put this garbage where it belongs - in the trash. Remove. Remove. Remove.
194128. Arnold Kirschner  
194127. Michael Hesser Not Nice
194126. charles k ribakoff  
194125. ellen  
194124. sheryl  
194123. Mindy Widman  
194122. Richard Herman  
194121. Mel Mintz  
194120. Leonard Newman  
194119. Lisa Kalish  
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194110. Prof. Dr. Enrique I. Kuper  
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194105. Mark Goldstein  
194103. selma remove
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194099. Joel Lugavere  
194098. Lenore and Sherman Kerner This website is obscene. Wasn't the Holocaust enough?
194097. Rodrig Rachel  
194096. Rebecca this makes me really reconsider my gmail account...I will certainly recommend others to look elsewhere for their online services
194095. Suzan Benaroya  
194094. Dr. BLOUGH  
194093. Beverly Goldman Please remove Jew Watch ASAP. This is a disgrace for a search engine as good as Google.
194092. Jerry Goldstein  
194091. Dalia Morad Please remove this site!
194090. Kathy Harvey  
194089. Lucy Pearl Please take this site off
194088. Avrom F. Jaben  
194087. Prof. Leland Carmichael Dump that website - poor content; poor discretion.
194086. Jeffrey Jay  
194085. Ely Oosterhuis remove this website from the Search Engine ASAP
194084. Hal Didner  
194083. Mark Forrest remove ""
194082. Caryle katz This website promotes bigotry -- it must be removed
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194080. S.Korsch pursuasive to incent riots
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194077. Robert Friedberg  
194076. packer  
194075. Michaela Rosen  
194074. Rita Rybak  
194073. Ruth Wise  
194072. Jaime Miller In this day and age, anyone that espouses this kind of hatred should be dealt with head on! I never did learn the lesson of how to turn my cheek! Jews must not return to being the perfect victims for the rest of the world!
194071. aaron perez  
194070. Prof. T. Balberyszski  
194069. Shari Tessler please remove ASAP -- just terrible
194068. albert edery  
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194065. Galina Polyakova that's disgusting!
194064. JaniceMessitte No Brainer, "Get it off "! STUPID
194063. Rob Gordon  
194062. sandy g. 2nd Generation Child Survivor of the Holocaust - this should not be tolerated -