But since it's from concentrate, it's really, really bitter.

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72000. Betsy Bergstein This site must be removed.
71999. Sherry L. Schwartz  
71998. Sylvia  
71997. Marcia Cohen remove from Google
71996. Rebecca Marsh  
71995. Iris Abrams  
71994. Robert Kaye  
71993. Rami Sadeghi  
71992. sharon  
71991. Stella Segal already sent
71990. Emily Feuer  
71989. Patrick C.  
71988. Dillie Grunauer  
71987. Kristen and Chris Soucie  
71986. Robert M. Zinman  
71985. Loretta Kaufman For shame! and so stupid,too!!!
71984. Kathleen Donohue  
71983. Nancy Diehl  
71982. C Grabell  
71981. Vlad Friedman  
71980. Linda Specht  
71979. gilad miri  
71978. Esther Burck  
71977. yvonne scheiner  
71976. Burton Ehrmann  
71975. Judy Libman  
71974. Michelle John  
71973. Frances Day  
71972. Thomas Kuba  
71971. Robert Mednick  
71970. howard berg  
71969. Mikhael Romain  
71968. Sarah McDonald  
71967. Ben Walden  
71966. ron  
71965. Judy Libman  
71964. joel fridjohn  
71963. Laura Barrish  
71962. danny shaw  
71961. Bonnie Graff Please remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine immediately.
71960. Lydia Vincenty  
71959. mauro fisberg  
71958. Eduardo Gerchman  
71957. Molly Karp  
71956. Melissa Sann  
71955. Lydia Vincenty  
71954. Michael Jaskolka  
71953. Marc Albert  
71952. Jeremy Reiss  
71951. Tracy Baum  
71950. denise matthys  
71949. Richard & Vivian Haas outrageous to perpetuate this type of hatred
71948. Lynda Daldos Please kindly remove this from you website. The Jews are God's chosen people.
71947. Scott Wolman Google must show some degree of responsibility for such high levels of prejudice.
71946. Cary Ernest  
71945. Orene Kearn  
71944. Jeremy Davis This is a hateful nad destructive site, and it should be removed immediately.
71943. Daniela Korman  
71942. Ellen Hart  
71941. Tina Gaisin Please remove this, it should not be a part of google.
71940. Hanley Bloom  
71939. Guy Langer outrageous and embarrassing!!
71938. Atara Engel  
71937. Pamela Dinerman  
71936. Hedy Cohen  
71935. G Plotkin  
71934. wglenn why give those who support anti-semitism and evil a format in which to express such toxic hatred?to
71933. Felipe Gonzalez  
71932. Melissa Sann  
71931. william m. klein  
71930. Michelle Litman  
71929. Aimee Goodman  
71928. DANIEL EDEL please remove inmediatelly
71927. tom eisner  
71926. Greg Jackson  
71925. Dorie M. Golden  
71924. iris keltz  
71923. Mark Ross  
71922. rachel porges  
71921. Robert Kingsley This is a good thing to remove
71920. Barry Wolff  
71919. Robert Marco  
71918. irwin macklow  
71917. Ernest J. Weinrib  
71916. Ellen Cole  
71915. Naomi Fine  
71914. Jennifer Rogers  
71913. Jack Winnett  
71912. A Grabell  
71911. Robert Levy  
71910. Jack Amiel The First Amendment guarantees this prick the right to say whatever he wants, no matter how evil or bigoted. But as a private company, you have the right not to publicize it and make it available to your users. Please avail yourself of that right as soon as possible.
71909. Chris Hamelin  
71908. Christopher Lui  
71907. Angela  
71906. Susan Glickman
71905. David M. Finkelstein please remove the site!
71904. Jocelyn Landau  
71903. Glenn Bochner  
71902. Elana Hoffman  
71901. sheila scherl  
71900. Christina Codispoti  
71899. Claude Wolf  
71898. Shoshana kirmayer  
71897. Rani Osnat  
71896. Grace and Kris van Thillo  
71895. leslie sank  
71894. Rita Hartman in this day this is outrageous and distasteful to the limit.
71893. Amy R. Mayer From a free speech perspective, I don't object to the existence of an antisemitic site, I do object to its being the first response to the word "Jew".
71892. John Jansky  
71891. Stuart Katz  
71890. Amee Sherer  
71889. Ben Eber, Ph.D There must be no room for anti-Semetic websites on Google
71888. Ely Sandler this is a horrible site please remove it asap
71887. Walter Colletts  
71886. L. Rosen  
71885. Jerome Sanderson This kind of propaganda doesn,t deserve comment
71884. Walter Alina  
71883. dean schuckman  
71882. samantha merkur  
71881. Miriam L. Schwartz  
71880. Sandra Green  
71879. Lori Branley  
71878. s. ritter  
71877. O.E. Schremer I can't belive Google sponsors hatred!
71876. Jodi Goch  
71875. Diana Glozman  
71874. Fred Marks  
71873. A. P. Simkin  
71872. jake  
71871. julia unger  
71870. Roberta Bell-Kligler  
71869. lederfeind Ilana  
71868. Geoff shaw  
71867. Shlomo Recht  
71866. Shari Michaels you should be ashamed and remove immed.
71865. Denise Goodson  
71864. gloria pelzig  
71863. Gary Bomzer  
71862. Hilary Cohen  
71861. Helaine E. DeCelle Thank you for doing this. It has been apparent to me for awhile.I don't trust Google for accurate and unbiased information.
71860. Ari Z. Moskowitz  
71859. roseann wexler  
71858. Matthew Bernstein  
71857. Harold Wicker  
71856. dani klein  
71855. Rhonda Jansky  
71854. Betty Grus  
71853. Sheila Rish  
71851. Diane Garber  
71850. Stephanie Miller  
71849. C. Rosen  
71848. Nadine Fox help defeat hate
71847. Natalie Sykes  
71846. Julia Bock Boylan  
71845. harriet merrick  
71844. Dennis Ottey This is a hate site and does not deserve a top ranking or even a ranking by Google
71843. norman colburt  
71841. James Perman  
71840. danielle chalom  
71839. ted levy  
71838. Scott Markman  
71837. Cheri Goldstein  
71836. Andy Doniger  
71835. Udi Dvorkin  
71834. Boris Dain  
71833. Danny Betesh Search engine is being used to promote hate. Time to make a stance against terror! Remove Anti-Semetic site.
71832. Laurie Frankhouser  
71831. leslie gordon  
71830. Liron S  
71829. D. Coffland  
71828. Sherry Sabin No group, religious, ethnic, or otherwise, should be subject to ridicule, scorn, or hatred. Please remove this vicious site.
71827. norton hyman  
71826. Sas Greenspan  
71825. monica saul  
71824. Jerry Pam  
71823. Kenneth S. Hoffman If this is a hoax please advise me.
71822. Lillian Weiss  
71821. Julie Bersin  
71820. Irene Shanefield  
71819. Shea Harlig  
71818. sam  
71817. Judy Korn Your attitude to the request is deplorable!!
71816. bernard biderman disgusting anti-semetic garbage
71814. Stephen Drymer  
71813. Eugene Brody  
71812. Felix Berenberg  
71811. Jacqueline Philips  
71810. Justin The fact that we have to do this is disgusting, you at google should be ashamed of yourselves.
71809. Jeffrey Gellin  
71808. Chelsea R. Mosery  
71807. Benjamin Jacobs i personally will no longer use google as a search engne any longer until this is removed
71806. Ilana Levy  
71805. Michelle de Leon  
71804. Daniel Kaplan  
71803. àáøäí  
71802. lara  
71801. Adi Galimidi  
71800. Jeremy Stern Montreal, Quebec
71799. Amy Mosery Esq.  
71798. BABA FIRA  
71797. Tzachi Kill Nazies & Lea Ganor
71796. Lauren Rosenfeld This is a disgusting website, please remove it.
71795. Jan Cook  
71794. Barbara Pitlilk  
71793. David Kaye  
71792. Susan Urquhart  
71791. Alexander Leshansky  
71790. DJ  
71789. Amanda Zimmerman  
71788. Whitney Mosery Google, you should be ashamed of yourself!!
71787. Tracy Karbel  
71786. Brad Fisher Please waste not time removing this site
71785. George Diamond  
71784. mike  
71783. CRAIG YALE  
71782. Marc Silver  
71781. meny  
71780. Sandra Korn  
71779. Janelle Konstam  
71778. Jonathan Mosery  
71777. Irving Wagner  
71776. Christa Kirste  
71775. Mark Fawer  
71774. Clariza Estoy de acuerdo con la remocion del sitio, estoy por el respeto y la tolerancia. En el mundo no debe discriminarse a nadie por su condicion social, raza, creencia religiosa, sexo u orientación sexual.
71773. Hayden Bernstein  
71772. tanya  
71770. Steven Usdan  
71769. Danyda Feldman  
71768. Kathy Mannheim  
71767. Karen Cooper  
71766. Judith Sudilovsky  
71765. ilan mosery Google needs to be more sensitive!!!
71764. Sandra Harssar  
71763. I. and S. Wolf  
71762. CarriePearl Schuberth Is there no end to this garbage?
71761. Mary Dearborn  
71760. Joe Cheslock  
71759. Lou Beth Nemzin  
71758. Brad Bolno This website is detestable and promotes hatred. Hatred of any kind should NOT be tolerated.
71757. Dani Berg  
71756. Sam  
71755. elizabeth  
71753. Abe Dachman, MD I don't see why 50,000 signatures should be needed. This is a "no brainer"
71752. MIRIAM ROTH  
71751. denyse kirsch ÿ
71750. Suri Fingerer  
71749. Stefanie Cohen  
71748. Marc Bernstein  
71747. Mindy Jacobs  
71746. Asya Vaisman  
71745. Ellen Yaffa  
71744. arthur cohen my grandmother, grandfather, aunt cousin, and my half brother were all murdered in Aushwitz.My Dad "survived" and was liberated from Buchenwald in May of 1945. He died last year. His name was Henoch Cohen and His video (from survivors of the Shoah is at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Thank you for doing this....arthur
71743. james Stern  
71742. amanda davis remove this!
71741. sherryroberts  
71740. Michael Gluckstadt  
71739. Robert Rossen  
71738. Zeev Regev  
71737. Claude E. Erbsen  
71736. Brenda Malka  
71735. Michael Kahn  
71734. Betty Abrams please help defeat anti semitism
71733. Shari Bernstein  
71732. Irwin KELLER  
71731. Lisbeth S. Fried Thank you for removing this site from your search engine.
71729. Joshua A. Frankfurt  
71728. Alvin Schlossberg  
71727. Van G. Leichter I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that this message is required. You should be ashamed to not have taken this action on your own!
71726. lou sokolovskiy  
71725. josh and mich  
71724. Elizabeth L. Kintigh  
71723. Leonard White  
71722. robin remove it please
71721. Alan Denman  
71720. Steven Weiss  
71719. Scott Rein  
71718. Marina Engel  
71717. Harris Masket  
71716. Gary Strauss  
71715. Shlomit Levy  
71714. Lindsay Collis  
71713. Bruce Albelda  
71712. John Wisniewski  
71711. Brian Curran  
71710. Katie  
71709. David Kroll  
71708. Clariza Estoy de acuerdo con la remocion del sitio, estoy por el respeto y la tolerancia. En el mundo no debe discriminarse a nadie por su condicion social, raza, creencia religiosa, sexo u orientación sexual.
71707. Sarah Dunsford  
71706. uri krajtman  
71705. dan  
71704. Jonathan Braun Disgusting!! Remove this website!!
71703. J Cohen  
71702. michele rosen  
71701. Eder Isaac Ramirez Chiunti  
71700. Amanda Jacobs with so much hate going on now between people, we don't need this.
71699. Neil Sollinger Its disgusting portrayal of Jewish people
71698. Norm Abramowitz truly pitiful and offensive
71697. Preston Neal  
71696. Robert C Kramer  
71695. Crinnan Gould  
71694. Ira Gelfman  
71693. stanley myatt  
71692. Sherwin Robin Remove this hate from the internet
71691. Amy Weiner  
71690. Paula Skier  
71689. Esther Blau  
71688. Ronald L. Small  
71687. B D Greenberg  
71686. Neil Fogel  
71685. Irv Greenman  
71684. fenwafj  
71683. Erica Najjar  
71682. Jeff Gamble  
71681. Mary Ellen Rudolph  
71680. Sheryl Grabow-Weiss  
71679. Val Oussov  
71678. Norman J. Goldberg  
71677. Zvi Musnikow  
71676. Amy Pasternack  
71675. Joel Goldman  
71674. stephanie  
71673. Donna Cohen  
71672. Mimi  
71671. Robert A. Glasser  
71670. Anna  
71669. Sanford Benjamin  
71668. Lynda Sanders  
71667. rfelix  
71666. Hope Van Dyne  
71665. ran  
71664. Michael Deep  
71663. Kate Leiva  
71662. Stephen Gold  
71661. Barry  
71660. Elisabeth Schonfeld  
71659. Sherry Loewenstein TAKE IT OFF!!!!
71658. Andi Arnovitz  
71657. Jerry Kaufman  
71656. Alan Brudner  
71655. sonia Gleit  
71654. Stacy Toporoff  
71653. harvey  
71652. Sanford Marks  
71651. Amy Silan Google shouldn't even need requests for this
71650. Ana Boclin  
71649. Barbara Robin Disgusting, shame on you!!!
71648. Brian Kater  
71647. Laurie  
71646. Harold Walt  
71645. Daniel Abraham  
71644. Jean Katz  
71643. Nathaniel  
71642. Wayland Boyd  
71641. Flora Josph Balu  
71640. Mel Waldgeir  
71639. Zoe Krasner  
71638. Tracey Moskowitz  
71637. Bruce Rubin  
71636. Joel Goldstein  
71635. Abby Pitkowsky  
71634. Tiril Oppedal Don't google have any control whatsoever?
71633. jana lindover  
71632. David Hochman  
71631. Rose Marie  
71630. S. Pearl Freeman  
71629. Karen Wald  
71628. Zillah Rubinstein  
71627. Ruth Jatkoff  
71626. maye white  
71625. Rob Stevens  
71624. david gordon  
71623. lisa k shea  
71622. Robert L. Kimmel There is no room for bigotry in a democracy
71621. Gayle Shpirt  
71620. charles Guggenheimer  
71619. Wendy O'Donnell  
71618. alyna herscovici  
71617. Ellen Rosenbluth  
71616. Laura Yablon  
71615. Adam Kaye Remove that disgusting piece of filth
71614. Gale Bailey Disgusting and hateful
71613. Glen Leibowitz  
71612. Leeron Dvir I understand that things like this exist, but it should not be the first thing brought to any persons attention when on the net, we are in America and we need to learn to live together without prejudice
71611. Yosef Singer  
71610. Dr. Juan Angel Sorto Fjardo  
71609. Betty Quiroga  
71608. H.G.Serritt  
71607. Deborah Grayson  
71606. goreth xethalis WHY?BE MORE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!
71605. Giselle Wolk  
71604. mark  
71603. Laura Gerson  
71602. Herb Greenblum  
71601. Elizabeth Mandelbaum  
71600. Margret B. Simpson change from being an April fool to being wise..
71599. Inez Roston Gelfand Disgusting & must be removed
71598. Lawrence Epstein  
71597. S. H. Lipetz  
71596. PJ Cannon  
71595. Devorah Bas Natan Google, please remove this hateful site.
71594. Steven Klein  
71593. David Lubin  
71592. Amy Aaland  
71591. Julie Rae Herskovitz  
71590. Tracy Coe  
71589. Karol I.  
71588. Lila A Rosenthal Bush is a war criminal,murdering our own service people.
71587. Joseph Herd  
71586. Ed Levin  
71585. corynne klein  
71584. Alan S. Forman  
71583. Barry Brownstone  
71582. Marvin Stenge  
71581. Kelly Winograd  
71580. Jenna Metson  
71578. Edward D Warburton There's enough hatred in this world without Google pointing people to more of it.
71577. Rejanne Glinoer Kupferman  
71576. Rebecca Stone  
71575. Barbara I.  
71574. Risa Worth  
71573. maria sabah  
71572. Nancy Bacall  
71571. Terry Goldman WHY, would you so prominently display such a hateful and hatable website?
71569. Cheri Butkowski  
71568. Jeffrey Kaye  
71567. Rebecca  
71566. Erica Kalender  
71565. Kerry White-Tucker  
71564. Andrea Ashton  
71563. Leeor Alpern  
71562. Marcia Suss  
71561. Dana Gergely  
71560. Lisa Schwartz  
71559. Claire Sheftel  
71558. David L. Brown  
71557. rickiee shamefull.......
71556. Lenard H. Zuckerman  
71555. jerry kline  
71554. Mik Collins Remove Jew watch .com
71553. Ilya Volovnik  
71552. Paul Ratner  
71551. Shachar  
71550. Maia Benkow Zur  
71549. Carole Ruggiero  
71548. Michael Freed  
71547. William B. Holt  
71546. meni bar its a hateful and dangarous people. would google people subject their familys to a site that is calling for, and will lead, to people being murderd ?
71545. Kenny Duftler  
71544. Sonya Strahl Not a good idea based on what is going on in the world today!
71542. Daniel Miller Please remove this site from your search engine
71541. D. Maduro  
71540. Efrat Wertheimer  
71539. Hilary S. Schultz  
71538. Al Spry  
71537. Marietje Schaake  
71536. David Scott One of the benefits of a free society is individual choice. Google should choose to remove this reprehensible site immediately. And choose to be more selective in the future. It's not censorship. It's choice. Choose to be responsible.
71535. Deborah Gambone  
71534. Len Bland  
71533. Stephen Gray Stop these biased sites
71530. Mary Hopper  
71529. Dr. Roger Passman  
71528. Roy Gaeman  
71527. Beth Frank  
71526. peter rudolfi please remove this site from google
71525. Alison Kosik  
71524. Jaine Mazer  
71523. Shai Davis  
71522. Roberta Rifkind  
71521. Cynthia Bell  
71520. Jessica E. Bickel  
71519. Bernie Gelber  
71518. Chava Wintner This is disgusting, I always use goggle. Maybe I should think Again!
71517. Risa Okin Disgusting
71516. Freda Hecker  
71515. Stas Finelt  
71514. Anne Kobrin  
71513. Jacquelyn Strickland  
71512. stefanie  
71511. Beth Mastick  
71510. maged sarah this site is absolutely disgusting!!! Shame on your!!!
71509. Judie Galvin  
71508. Eduaro Stern  
71507. Cheryl Edwards  
71506. Lynne Wener  
71505. Ted Lyman  
71504. Sherry E. Pinter  
71503. RD Mantz  
71502. Leah Schwinn  
71501. Noah Flom please remove
71500. eve brazil shame on you
71499. Mina Rush do the right thing
71498. Michelle Bird  
71497. Joyce B Kelly  
71496. Jacqueline Budai  
71495. Mark Jamieson  
71494. jacob jenkelowitz  
71493. Sarah Wedekind  
71492. D. A. C.  
71491. Dan Rosenblat  
71490. Dave Mailer revolting site
71489. James Castaldi  
71488. Laurie Kirsh why help publicize hatred?
71487. yael haskel  
71486. Rhoda Gelman  
71485. maurice brazil shame on you
71484. MARC MILLER  
71483. Lon Josephson  
71482. Uri Weinstok  
71481. Sarah Berger this is absolutely unconscionable to have this as the first sight to respond to a search.
71480. Madeline Helbraun  
71479. Harvey Lazarus I find the Jewwatch.com site offensive and antisemetic
71478. Brian Singer better due dilligence needed before accepting information
71477. Estelle Rosen  
71476. ML  
71475. Jody Sperling  
71474. Sharon Granowitz Google should be more responsible
71473. David Kobrin  
71472. Nancy G. Weiner  
71471. judy ehrenbrerg This is disgusting Google I am ashamed of you
71470. Jordana Jacobs  
71469. Sivan  
71468. Carla Keefe  
71467. Neil Walker  
71466. Phyllis Spinka do not help them attract more evil people
71465. rachelle cohen  
71464. Steven Strake  
71463. E Koldofsky  
71461. Lois This web site is disgusting!!!!!! Shame on google..
71460. Brent J.Rosenbaum  
71459. Angela Callender  
71458. Jennifer Buntman  
71457. S.H. Black This is a stain on Google's reputation
71456. Steve Reich Google News has a very anti Isael bias.
71455. Jordan Nahmias  
71454. Jerry Danzig Those who allow or promote hate speech are co-partners in hate crimes. If Google doesn't eliminate blatant hate sites - it should be removed as a search engine or at least boycotted.
71453. p berger  
71452. Lawrence Perlman repugnant !!!
71451. Matan  
71450. Isabel L. Kessler I admire Google but are dismayed by their lack of response to this issuet
71449. Michael Azose  
71448. Ann Gifford  
71447. B Bondar  
71446. Delia Salmons I understand how Google's searches work, but I think that this site should be considered as one of the "illegal" sites that they are able to remove. Please remove it - look around at all the people getting hurt in the world. Don't be a party to it when there's something you can do to change it.
71445. Joel Bernstein  
71444. Craig Pepper  
71443. Todd Gillman  
71442. Brian Lipman  
71441. janet weaver  
71440. Moshe Amar  
71439. s b m  
71437. Erin  
71436. Adam Moss You should need only a handful to sign the petition to get this off. I use googel all the time, but would consider going to a new search engine if this persists.
71435. g polo  
71434. yale joel  
71433. Mindy Sotsky  
71432. david t take it off
71431. Lynette Fried  
71430. marcia goldfinger  
71429. Anthony Sher Disgusting. Only uneducated people could possibly believe the stuff on the web site
71428. Ilana Axel  
71427. Emily Teitelbaum  
71426. Libby Brien  
71425. Billi Romain  
71424. Ernest Frankl "Never Forget" Our duty to remember the six million
71423. Josh Romirowsky  
71422. Rabbi Walls Remove Anti-Semitic sites from the w
71421. Fay Weinstein  
71420. Marco Fernandes  
71418. Robert A. Cunningham,MD  
71417. Herbert Adler  
71416. Frank Karkowsky  
71415. janna levenstein  
71414. Lauren Esakoff  
71413. Marianna  
71412. lew flashenberg  
71411. Steve Weingrod  
71410. shirley joel Hard to believe it takes 50,000 names to correct such an egregious position.
71409. Audrey Tobar  
71408. Jeffrey  
71407. Esther Levin  
71406. Dale Ragland Even the name of the site is offfensive
71405. nancy putterman  
71404. Joe Lowenstein  
71403. Betty Langsam  
71402. David Reiter  
71401. simone chambers  
71400. kara  
71399. Gabe Rosenberg  
71398. Yvonne Laugier-Werth  
71397. David  
71396. Lucille Adler  
71395. Linda Lipman  
71394. reena Friedman  
71393. s.h. graye  
71392. megan zybutz  
71391. Stuart Kessler  
71390. Sara Lundy  
71389. maxine marder This is sad and hard to believe. The Jewish people, in so many countries and so many times in history, have struggled for freedom for ourselves and for countless other minorities. What can possibly be the logic or benefit of this?
71388. miri ben yossef  
71387. Gail Dash  
71386. alejandro duga  
71384. andrea taylor  
71383. Lois Bachrach  
71382. Gary Actor This site is disgusting!
71381. diego  
71380. Joyce B Kelly  
71379. Howard Cohen This is what breeds hatred
71378. Alex Gurevich  
71377. alex All people around the world are equals, I hate this sites.
71376. Arthur S. Lindo  
71375. jeff mael  
71374. Beatrice Salem  
71373. Marilyn Hadfield very harmful and hurtful
71372. bernard g slavin  
71371. Rae Goldstein  
71370. Irv Kory  
71369. M.Athas  
71368. Kremer J.  
71367. Art Wien  
71366. Albert Bivas prevent propagation of harmful lies
71365. Rochelle Wexler Spandorfer This is clearly an anti-Semitic Site
71364. Saar  
71363. Jeffrey Stecher disgusting
71362. Gordon Ginsberg  
71361. S. Church I wonder if you have anything like this for Christians?????
71360. Jeffrey Kopstein  
71359. Miriam Brand  
71358. Howard Putter  
71357. Alisa Levine  
71356. Stella Glickman  
71355. Emily Andler  
71353. Stefan Ostrach  
71352. felípe mônaco sirótsky  
71351. claire sucher  
71350. Anita Rosenfeld please remove
71349. shari pitkoff  
71348. David Seiden  
71347. Galit Ezekiel  
71346. Jiska Mansfield  
71345. Janet Egiziano  
71344. tamar we shouldnt have to keep doing this
71343. Allan L. Karron Ditto
71342. stuart reiner We should not to ask, just remove it
71341. S Ross  
71340. Jodi Mendelson  
71339. Alan M. Bernstein  
71338. s lofman  
71337. neta  
71336. Carol Greenfield  
71335. jerome blane  
71334. Ariel Glassman  
71333. Ron Enos unbelieveable
71332. at  
71331. Isaac Farrell  
71330. ann schillinger  
71329. Joel Samet  
71328. Catherine Tobe please remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine - thanx kindly
71327. ohr chodosh  
71326. Tom Sherman It is a shame
71325. Sheldon Brown  
71324. Robert Greif  
71323. Norman Massre  
71322. Andrea Ardouin  
71321. Joseph Korn  
71320. adie kalansky  
71319. Dennis Cohen  
71318. B Stuart Thompson keep Google an Excellent system by denying its use by hatemongers
71317. Shea  
71316. jamie stone this is b/s that google even recognizes sites of this type
71315. Art Altman Google is apparently run by heartless idiots
71314. S Diamond  
71313. Mario Budwig  
71312. David Shields  
71311. Tamar Roth  
71310. dr. bethe schoenfeld  
71309. ga  
71308. Debra Barnet Thanks for doing this
71307. D HOLTZMAN  
71306. Jason Farkas  
71305. Sam Znaimer  
71304. harold juderfriend  
71303. Jeff Dashkin It is disgraceful that Google would require 50,000 signatures to remove this site. I think google should be sued, maybe that would make them think about the content. I have removed the google search bar from my computer. I will use another web search engine.
71302. a. gavin Please don't help hate.
71301. Nathalie Franks  
71300. Mark Gaberman  
71299. murry schillinger  
71298. B Rosen  
71297. Alex Sinclair Please erase this listing and assure my belief in integrity of Google
71296. michal rabinowitz  
71295. Mira Narvey  
71294. susan Katz  
71293. Heidi  
71292. Arleen Brilliant  
71291. Lise Dobrin  
71290. D.S.Franklin  
71289. Jeffrey Farkas  
71288. Heshy Lipszyc  
71287. J. Strow  
71286. Michael Kretman JEWWATCH is the second listing to come up. That is atrocious!! TAKE IT OFF NOW. You should not need 50,000 people saying this before to take it off. It is hateful and anti-semitic.
71285. Jean Metz  
71284. kim wanderley  
71283. Abraham Safirstein  
71282. Matthew Waterman  
71281. paul zukowsky  
71280. James N Segal  
71279. Charles Tuch  
71278. Joel Vinocur Anti-Semitism is one thing that must be stopped.
71277. Debra K. Carter  
71276. tali  
71275. Susan Farkas  
71274. Laura Paley  
71273. Dr. Harry M. Teitelbaum Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
71272. joan stanton  
71271. Dawn Rosen  
71270. Malcolm G. Swartz You must not allow smut on your website
71269. shalom levy  
71268. Rusty Dee  
71266. elaine cline  
71265. Galit  
71264. John Anthony Sloan Google's owners should be ashamed!!!
71263. Mindey Johnson  
71262. Bronia Palmer  
71261. Stacey Sell  
71260. doug fromberg  
71259. Nora  
71258. Cindy Okun If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!
71257. hila  
71256. Sergio Tiempo  
71255. ron  
71254. Judith Stein  
71253. Trudy FArber  
71252. Kyle Cetrulo  
71251. Lisa Fox  
71250. Sheila Rubin  
71249. russell  
71248. Louise Freilich  
71247. Phyllis Stoffman  
71246. Amram Bentolila Disgusted with everything that's going on now
71245. Dr. Eugene Fisher hate language has no place on the web
71244. Lara Makh š
71243. Susan Meyers  
71242. mary bolton  
71241. Hayley Korn  
71240. Galina Lapson Shame!
71239. Farhad Tehrani Amtisemitism is Amti human. STOP hate agains human race.
71238. Marti Reinfeld  
71237. Alan Wagman  
71236. Bertrand Rubin  
71235. Neil Fogel  
71234. Shelli Angel  
71233. Michael Berkenwald  
71232. Debbie Bernstein I would very much appreciate you removing this obscene and offensive website
71231. jay spivack  
71230. stanley  
71229. Emily Sillman Giles  
71228. Michele Seligmann  
71227. Bernard and Dora Jacobs  
71226. Robert Selevan  
71225. David M .Eckmann  
71224. randi  
71223. Jonathan D. Safren Your are helping to spread anti-Semitism in the world by keeping this site on Google.
71222. Pat Lee  
71221. Emily & Clyde Bailey  
71220. IRIS SACHS  
71219. Naomi Blakely  
71218. Kim Haviv  
71217. S. S. Diamond  
71216. justin  
71215. Daphna i will not use their website again
71214. Joseph Amiel  
71213. Ann M. Lander This is a horrible website, and to think that it comes up first on your search engine is going back to hate-filled times. Please remove it promptly.
71212. Shauna Elmaleh  
71211. Lilly Schwebel  
71210. Richard Goldman  
71209. Harold Moskowitz  
71208. abraham kolender no comments
71207. Elizabeth Katchen  
71206. Merrill Grumer  
71205. Jim Fuller  
71204. Dean Zelikovsky This is unhelpful and innapropriate when searching for "Jew"
71203. Norman  
71202. BOCK  
71201. P Klein  
71200. anna sakson  
71199. Anita Kesselman  
71198. Diane Langleben Please remove ALL sites offensive to particular groups
71197. kim  
71196. Deborah E. Lozano  
71195. John Mendelson  
71194. Judith Librot  
71193. Kay Mercuro Please do not allow the dissemination of so much untruth about the Jewish people. This only fuels more hate. This web site is anything but educational.
71192. Rochelle Davis Do it!
71191. dena frenkel  
71190. Emily Palmer that's sick
71189. Jennifer Nickle  
71188. Harry Liebergot I realize the net is free and open but there has to be a limit somwehere. We have freedom of speech, but not to yell fire in a crowded theater because it could hurt innocent people. So can this site!!
71187. margot Levin  
71186. Shane Amundson  
71185. Shepard Koster  
71184. Harriet Mandell  
71183. Adam Silbar  
71182. Antoinette Estrada  
71181. Eleanor Little Please remove a.s.a.p.
71180. Barbara Green  
71179. Yaron  
71178. carole orchover remove immediately
71177. Isac Barocas  
71176. Laurel Rothman  
71175. Isabelle Zonenberg  
71174. Zachary M. Adams The originator of this website should be investigated under "Hate Crimes Law". If google is unwilling to act respopnsibly, perhaps they too shoud be a corespondant in this action. I would rcommend that all who oppose such hateful activity boycott all google sponsors.
71173. Marek Stolar  
71172. Paula Allen This is particularly important, since students as young as elementary school routinely turn to search engines for help with school projects. They should not be directed to a hate site.
71171. david propis  
71170. jake koval please remove, thanks for the notice
71169. Kate  
71168. Diane Elmalem  
71167. Jeff Gothelf  
71166. Michael Levi  
71165. Peter George Apcar The site is ourageous and not worthy of an internet listing, take it down please. Yahoo and Google and other engines should be held liable for content and world information. You are in a great position of empowering people and our new IT based world globally. Please, please try to be ethical. Thank you, concerned from England, Great Britain.
71164. Sarah  
71163. Pat Kremer  
71162. AnnDee Rucker abominable
71161. Rebekah Nagler  
71160. Carolyn Libin  
71159. Kathryn Yates  
71158. Nancy Beilin  
71157. mike berger  
71156. Adam Naftalin-Kelman  
71155. sherri forman  
71154. Cynthia Millinger  
71153. Carol Bowling  
71152. Rachel Wyner  
71151. Lionel Kremer  
71150. Joel Weiner  
71149. sara kroll  
71148. John Woldin  
71147. Deborah Marks  
71146. Yehuda Shapir Terrible misinformation and racist site,
71145. Anthony Bellau  
71144. Martin Wallack  
71143. Debbie Katz  
71142. Lea Seghi  
71141. david flexer  
71140. Michele Hockley  
71139. jodi fleisig  
71138. Sandra Bancovsky Becker  
71137. Alison T. Bourey  
71136. Brigitta Davidson  
71135. Carol Weiner  
71134. debora guetta  
71133. Isser Z. Weisberg  
71132. Alissa Rosenberg-Torres Despicable that this has happened. Despicable that google has taken such an irresponsible stance on the issue.
71131. Anat Shinar  
71130. Yvette J. Miller PLEASE REMOVE AT ONCE!
71129. Shelley Shusterman  
71128. Phyllis J Lawrence  
71127. R. Finn  
71126. penina mellick  
71125. Stephany Brown  
71124. Micah Gabelman  
71123. Steven White  
71122. Lawrence D. Posner  
71121. Emily Yahr  
71120. Scott Skaletsky Remove it now!!
71119. Fred Chernow  
71118. Cristina Cooper Please remove jewwatch
71117. Daniel A. Cowan Shalom
71116. Marvin J. Brenner  
71115. Soto  
71114. cathy michaels  
71112. Janet Slosberg  
71111. Mark Vorhand Discussting
71110. Sandy Sheiber  
71109. Barbara Charlaff  
71108. Luisa Lehrer Thank you for organizing such an important effort. You might want to check the spelling in the petition...."anti-semitic" is spelled incorrectly at least twice. We ARE smarter than the haters, after all.
71107. Shira Ben - basat Ramat - gan, Israel
71106. Leslie Amoils  
71105. Lorne Zeiler  
71104. Marvin J. Brenner  
71103. SusanSnider  
71102. Bernard Klotz  
71101. Meredith Polsky š
71100. Susan Ram Disgusting
71099. eti vexler kraizel  
71098. Denise  
71097. Daniel Feigelson  
71096. Alexa M. Pratt  
71095. Miriam Silverberg  
71094. Susan Strauss  
71093. Laurie Gross Schaefer I strongly request that you remove any anit-semetic sights listing on google, especially, jewwatch.com
71092. Herman Loeb  
71091. IRENE ROBB  
71090. Therese Shechter  
71089. Nancy Gottlieb  
71088. Aryeh White Until it is removed, I am using Dogpile and am referring all friends and family there as well.
71087. Diane Bernard  
71086. Jennifer Martin  
71085. Lisi  
71084. Silene Young  
71083. Tamela Henderson  
71082. Norma Lora  
71081. ilia dolinger  
71080. Phyllis Hoffman This never should've been allowed to happen in the first place
71079. Ellen Miller Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine
71078. Marvin B. Gottlieb MD  
71077. Caren Appel  
71076. Neil Cooper  
71075. J.Werner  
71074. Jackie Prince  
71073. Philip Hellman Please remove this hate filled site from the Google search engine
71072. cara  
71071. jhanna  
71070. JEN  
71069. Kerin Adams please remove this hateful site
71068. Diana Aberly  
71067. Arlene Rosenberg  
71066. rdwax  
71065. Cheryl Neuman  
71064. Jennifer Handy  
71063. Henry Davis  
71062. Aaron Stiefel  
71061. maury buchalter  
71060. Fern Kurland  
71059. Ryo Hazuki  
71058. Claudia Dikinis  
71057. Elisabetta  
71056. David F. Tiesma, Sr. totally and completely opposed to anti-Semetic outreaches of any kind.Am courious however why you have a place below this for person's name when the line above better contain it! Or is there a difference of some type which I am evidently missing, between a required name and an optional one!
71055. einamrahamim  
71054. Jerry Blaz Just as a company is supposed to be responsible for the safety of its premises, so should google be responsible for the safety of its "premises." JewWatch is a nest of anti-Semitism that should be kept in a place that protects its Jewish clientele from these anti-Semitic machinations which can cause injury, defamation, and hatred
71053. hava chefech  
71052. miki  
71051. Mesh  
71050. Elise Lambert-Gorwyn  
71049. Shirley Neuman  
71048. Melissa Koziebrocki I saw this site and it is absolutely deplorable
71047. Susan Zimmerman Sick that this site has priority on your search engine!
71046. Gabe Ross Yahoo is my search engine from now on!!!
71045. Estelle Feinmark UGH
71044. Leon Rosenstock  
71043. Lenora E. Siff  
71042. Paul Milller I am appalled and devastated
71041. Eli Crawford www.jewwatch.com is anti-Jewish and racist with its link to a site defaming M.L.K. - this site is sick and serves no social purpose
71040. Pat Charnock  
71039. Frances Rich  
71038. Elizabeth Clark  
71037. Matthew Singer  
71036. Marni Katzman  
71035. H. Miller  
71034. Rafael Sirotsky Russowsky  
71033. amy bellin  
71032. L. Schneider  
71031. Elaine Baker  
71030. Shellie Tomkin  
71029. rachelle herzog  
71028. Ruth Soslavsky  
71027. ruth dombcik please do not share this email address with anyone
71026. Alberto Bertisch  
71025. Susan Horowitz It's horrible that this shows up as the first hit
71024. M Weiss  
71023. Ellen Kaplowitz  
71022. Sarah Mersky  
71021. Laura Muzich  
71020. tbortz  
71019. Len Brenner  
71018. Hartson Doak  
71017. Dror Elad  
71016. harin 'boycy' fernando  
71015. Ramin  
71014. Sean This is absurd and shouldn't be allowed
71013. Daniel Kushner  
71012. Judith Gluck This is horrifying! Please remove it!
71011. Alex Weiss  
71010. Michael Cooper  
71009. Carlos Marin Delgado  
71007. shanna shore  
71006. Judy Platt  
71005. adam garfinkel  
71004. shanna shore  
71003. Edward Mogul  
71002. rachelle herzog  
71001. Monica Zweig  
71000. Laura Soy judia y me siento ofendida por esta decision de google
70999. Harvey A. Weiss Hard to believe this kind of garbage is still being distributed
70998. Raphael Leban  
70997. Jerome Fishman  
70996. Amy Shakun Just the term "jewwatch" should give your standards people a warning. This is not a legitimate use of the Internet.
70995. Judy Platt  
70994. Alan Rubin  
70993. Diederick Nevenzeel  
70992. Beryl Korot  
70991. lisa gayes  
70989. Arthur Waldman  
70988. Gary Parkinson  
70987. Steve Sax  
70986. Heidi Block Barishman  
70985. Rhea Baum It is offensive
70984. Mark  
70983. Trudy Burstein Our American society needs to promote positive energy, not hate. Hate is the destruction of morals and ethics. You and we all have a responsibility to rid this world of hate. Please take that responsibility seriously.
70982. Steve Hanegan This site is awfull - Google should be ashamed for having any connection to it!
70981. Damian Taubaso  
70980. Eva Silverman  
70979. Robert Kingston  
70978. Shai Silverberg  
70977. Phyllis Perlman  
70976. Herb Gilbert  
70975. Joan kornblut  
70974. RickSpivack  
70973. Mary Beth Dollard  
70972. Susan Tawil  
70971. Sandy Pomeranz Isn't it sad that there is a need for a petition for this.
70970. Gabriel Rosenberg  
70969. Sarah Schwarm  
70968. Elise Lambert-Gorwyn  
70967. Erin Noch  
70966. George Platt  
70965. AC Molgaard  
70964. Simon Ridy  
70963. Rodney L. Gleicher  
70962. Rich Szikman  
70961. Vanessa  
70960. Jess Nadelman  
70959. Denise Kingston  
70958. Gill Strauss  
70957. efrat ziegel  
70956. Benjamin Shandalov  
70955. Susan Eiley  
70954. Andy Lowenthal  
70953. roy schwartz  
70952. Steve Pressler  
70951. Debra Eichenbaum  
70950. Brett Vapnek  
70949. Carol Karp  
70948. Ruth  
70947. Gary Strahinic  
70946. Madeline Google should not be allowing sites which publicise such rubbish and are clearly intended to inflame racial hatred.
70945. Jared Pshedesky  
70944. madlen zakar  
70943. Sara Tel Tsur  
70942. Israel Harel  
70941. Barbara Rosen I am surprised & disgusted that Google would partake is this wb site::::::
70940. Vicki Rosenstein  
70939. Erica Goldberg  
70938. Emma  
70937. Stephen Bayer  
70936. mel anchell  
70935. doris pfeffer SHAME ON GOOGLE
70934. Franklin Moises Perez Taraboulus  
70933. Brian Rabune There is no place for Anit Semetism
70932. Nina Devere  
70931. Rebecca Butel  
70930. Michael Goodfriend  
70929. Ben Emery  
70928. Alex Anderson  
70927. Brian Hoffman  
70926. Gerald Laurie  
70925. Wendy Rimon  
70924. Deborah Marks  
70923. Sarah-Rose Cameron  
70922. L. Friedman Shame on you. "Bigot" rusults are a dictionary definition.
70921. Ed Epstein  
70920. H.Miller this is outrageous and scary
70919. Helen Friedman  
70918. Miriam Zeff  
70917. Allison Marks  
70916. Tod Cohen  
70915. Esther Mordechai  
70914. Ator  
70913. Barry Goldberg  
70912. W. Levine  
70911. Jessica Werner  
70910. Lynne Kalef  
70909. m stein  
70908. J. Goodman  
70907. Ellen Salzman-Fiske  
70905. Linda Eichler  
70904. Elie Soriano  
70903. ruth salk  
70902. renee fullerton  
70901. zachary bain  
70900. Kenneth Marblestone  
70899. l. bernhardt  
70898. benjy myers  
70897. Randy Savicky  
70896. Janice K. Shapiro  
70895. Marcy Berman-Billig allowing a computer to randomly assign placement is outrageous!
70894. helene gorenstein  
70893. paul zysman  
70892. Diane Ziegler Obscene and racist site that should be removed from Google
70891. Rachelle Needle  
70890. mezi  
70889. Tamara Schwarz  
70888. elaine levin  
70887. Sheri Gaudet  
70886. Jay Javetz  
70885. Jason Wuliger  
70884. Lois Brodax  
70883. Sosunov Natalia  
70882. Jean & Al Stoloff  
70881. charles barrett outrageous...shame on Google!!!!!
70880. Michael Mayzel  
70879. tanya abrams  
70878. Lydia Benson  
70877. gary fine  
70876. L Freeman In a world where there is growing hate and distrust of one another, no medium should allow itself to become the tool of those who wish to advance their extreme hate views
70875. Deborah Solymar  
70874. diego  
70873. Andrew Weisz  
70872. claire rufo  
70871. Doreen Meinberg Remember the 6 million
70870. Maureen Rogers  
70869. Lauren Segal  
70868. Celeste Bishop  
70867. Aharon  
70866. David Ginsburg  
70865. Ilene Rosen  
70864. craig albert  
70863. anna bauman  
70862. Wendy Franklyn Solve your own problems, don't blame us!
70861. s. erlenbach  
70860. Gloria Dobin  
70859. Judith Kaufman to require 50,000 signatures for removal of something as offense as JewWatch seems suspect in itself
70858. Jackie Goldman  
70857. Gitty  
70856. jerome lurie  
70855. Ellen Therese Searles  
70854. Liz Mandel remove jewwatch.com
70853. Nicole Hakimi  
70852. Ronnie Koppelman  
70851. Andres  
70850. Barbara Bruno  
70849. Steven Meyer  
70848. Mark Levine  
70847. Sharon Bohm  
70846. Mario Tuchman  
70845. melvin kleinfeld this website is inflamatory and can only have a negative impact on our society.
70844. Grace McGrath  
70843. Vivianne  
70842. Ellen Wolfe Ê
70841. Michal Pagis  
70840. Barbara Alt Please remove this as soon as possible. Thank you. It is horrific and deeply offensive to Jews and non-Jews alike.
70839. Amy Sacks  
70838. Lori Holmes  
70837. David Bakalar  
70836. Ilana Voloshin  
70835. Deborah Feinstein I think that all hate sites should be boycotted from all search engines
70834. Ivy Dearman Remove this website as it is hateful and hurtful and obviously written by ignorant, uninformed individuals.
70833. Dan S. Morgenstern  
70832. j  
70831. M. Gant  
70830. david alter  
70829. nancy carp  
70828. Julie Singer  
70827. Beverly Jacobson  
70826. Tom DeKornfeld Remove this hateful site!
70825. F Burstyn  
70823. Marcelo Ariel Rosenhek  
70822. Edna Turnberg  
70821. Pearl Glassberg  
70820. Debbie Levine  
70819. Mary Jo Kearns  
70818. Ronny Fisher  
70817. Meni  
70816. Nir  
70815. Carol J. Glusman  
70814. Ilene Wachs  
70813. Albert Yohros  
70812. David Rosen  
70811. Sulbrick  
70810. Constance Hornig  
70809. Alison Brewin  
70808. Shirley Press  
70807. Margie Holzer  
70805. josh etsten  
70804. Suzanne Moss  
70803. Betty B. Commanday  
70802. Daniel Stoffman  
70801. ido roth  
70800. Jillian Tietjen  
70799. Haley Cohen  
70798. ronald ullman  
70797. Sara Hodes  
70796. Marcus Obrian This is a disgrace!!!! Machines aren't perfect, you should remove the offending listing manually.
70795. Naomi Jaivin  
70794. Donna Armstrong  
70793. michael Lewis  
70792. Jeffrey Kaplan  
70791. Mary Dodge  
70790. Neil Plakcy  
70789. Erik Gothelf  
70788. Rivka Bendelstein  
70787. Jason Wuliger  
70786. Joe Bates  
70785. Mark Mitock  
70784. Jeffrey Ovadya  
70783. Stephen Deitch  
70782. Amy Spielman In the name of humanity, you must remove the site.
70781. jacqueline maloney  
70780. Roberta L. Harro, Ed. D.  
70779. Ronnie  
70778. Jennifer Nicholson How sad that you require 50,000 signatures to do the right thing!
70777. Alon Grinberg Remove this Now
70776. heather maio  
70775. Alon Grinberg Remove this Now
70774. marian baratz  
70773. jonathan turkel  
70772. Ellen Wernick  
70771. Alon Grinberg Remove this Now
70770. Myra Schiff  
70769. Peggy Graham  
70768. yolanda  
70767. Sally Tyler  
70766. Aisling Ravens let us all remember people your man said it best...."He who is without sin shall cast the first stone." along with..."jugde thee lest thee be judged thyself." Brightest blessings
70765. Neil Lash  
70764. Kenneth Lerner  
70763. Susan Cumings as a professor whose students use google for research every day, I am truly troubled at this site's inclusion in your resources. While we do try to educate our students about how to evaluate the sites they visit, they do still tend to see a listing on Google (particularly a "first hit" as in this case) as some indication of legitimacy. Hate sites are out there, but surely they don't have to take first place in your listings. Please remove jewwatch from your search results. Thank you.
70762. S. Polsky  
70761. julian wohlfeld  
70760. I. I.  
70759. Karen Sternfeld please remove---with appreciation !!
70758. Sid Weiss  
70757. jacob  
70756. Sonia Kleyman I am appalled that a company with the integrity of Google should associate itself with such evil propaganda.
70755. Inna Shapiro  
70754. Nicole Saffer  
70753. Jill Friedfeld  
70752. Judy Weintraub Remove immediately
70750. ceil cohen  
70749. Janet & Sydney Evans  
70748. Terry Haywoode  
70747. rw  
70746. Eva Winninger  
70745. Jennifer Hirsch  
70744. Lisa Davis  
70743. Mona Crawford sickening..will we ever love thy neighbor?
70742. STanley P. Finkel  
70741. Sandy Unger  
70740. Lee  
70739. Sam Budman  
70738. Nurit  
70737. Maksim Rubis  
70736. judith sack This is disasterous-please have removed immediately
70735. Kaylan  
70734. Larry Navon  
70733. Just Another Jew GOOGLE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DIE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
70732. peggy rothschild  
70731. Laura Jaeger-Pollock  
70730. Diane Correia It's disgraceful that a petition needs to be signed to remove this website
70729. Toni Brown remove JewWatch from the Google search engine
70728. Carole Mehlman  
70727. Alan Shulak  
70726. Susan Lyons and Jerry Cutler outrageous that a group of people flouting democracy can deface, destroy the property of law abiding citizens. Please remove forthwith from Google.
70725. Lois A. Stern  
70724. L Williams  
70723. Just Another Jew GOOGLE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F#$%k JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
70722. Stephanie Gans  
70721. David and Sheila Fraser We fully support your action
70720. Allison M  
70719. Evie Groch  
70718. Yael  
70717. chris jerome  
70716. Tasha Danijelovich  
70715. Leora Botnick  
70714. Amy Plocker  
70713. Alex Katzman  
70712. Cordelia Marks  
70711. Steven Dale Solomon  
70709. Ruth Smilowitz  
70708. Just Another Jew GOOGLE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F#$%k JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
70706. ALISSA  
70705. Neville Smith  
70704. cllaudia  
70703. Martin Lindenfeld Not worth a comment
70702. Alan Sasson  
70701. Joanna Arron I use Google daily and would like to see this website removed
70700. clarence winer  
70699. David Feldman  
70698. sharon haniford  
70697. alan fuchs  
70696. Vicki Finesilver-Quinn Please take this horrible site off of Google.
70695. Just Another Jew GOOGLE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fock JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
70694. Tabitha L. VonKuhlmann - Hines  
70693. Harry Silverman Sucks
70692. henry n.  
70691. Daniel Ein  
70690. sid diamond  
70689. Ileana jardines  
70688. emilie s. passow A legitimate search engine should not include clearly hate oriented sites. Please remove them from your listings
70687. Stanley Press  
70686. T.A. Pijl  
70685. Michael Krasnokutsky  
70684. Anna Greenwald  
70683. Ofer Kamil  
70682. shlomo moskovitch  
70681. Alon Shnitzer  
70680. Alan Marmor  
70679. Joy Rose Wassserman  
70678. Jeff Heisler  
70677. richard Poch  
70676. roi meiri  
70675. Ellen McGeady Remove this site: it is disgusting.
70674. Kimberli Math  
70673. Lawrence Greenfield  
70672. Rachel Burnage  
70671. Arnold Paul  
70670. Matt H  
70669. ran rakovsky  
70668. Dorie Schiff Please remove JewWatch.com from Google search engine.
70667. Saulo Da Rocha  
70665. Liroy Haddad Please Remove this site, it is rooted in ignorance and hate
70664. Marilyn Silberman please delete your jew watch.com
70663. leslie steven marks  
70662. Jodi  
70661. Mike Megeath  
70660. Claire Perets  
70659. Simon Ostrach This has no place on Google
70658. Heather Stilin  
70657. Joseph A. Smith  
70656. Nikki Vallot  
70655. Norman Gellman I hope Google will respond to this petition
70653. Stephen Rubin  
70652. John Bolton  
70651. Kenneth J. Kroopnick I will use teoma until it is removed
70650. sam singer  
70649. Joshua Lamel  
70648. betsy  
70647. Lynn Lewis  
70646. Lloyd Offsey  
70645. Sheryl Mofson  
70644. David Campbell  
70643. Gary Kolko  
70642. Lenore Jones Deutsch  
70641. Andrea Kirshon  
70640. Richard Sherman  
70639. Judith Frydman Google will loose many customers if they don't remove the site
70638. Janis Rounds  
70637. omer tesler :(
70636. Oren Eliezer websites encouraging hate shuold be discouraged
70635. RON RUTBERG  
70634. jackie pearl GeT rid of that website
70633. ellen m rader  
70631. Merton Rich  
70630. louis sammut  
70629. Nordin Lakha Sites that promote hate have no place in a civilised society. Boycott Google if they do not see the light
70628. jeff mintz  
70627. J. Barry Raskiin  
70626. bonnie singer  
70625. Steve Schneider  
70624. Ryan Graham This is a disgusting website, and should be torn down.
70623. Harvey Glazer  
70622. Deborah S. Glass  
70621. David Lipton Google is my search engine of choice, but I will change engines if this issue is not addressed.
70620. Rabie  
70619. Elliot Halpern  
70618. George Maurer  
70617. Moshe Bunin  
70616. danice turan  
70615. Lucy Tyrrasch  
70614. Noah Askin  
70613. Bernard Witkin  
70612. Jessica Ann Bernstein  
70611. Toby Urvater Please remove this
70610. Bela Schoenfeld  
70609. Carole Anne Slatkin Let's diminish, not increase, hate in the world.
70608. tracey Pope  
70607. Malcolm Stern  
70606. Francine Sumner This is DISGUSTING!
70605. Loretta Vitale Saks  
70604. JW Strohecker Come on. Get the anti semite stuff out of here. Sure, there's freedom of speech -- but this is ridiculous.
70603. susan perelman remove this site
70602. Francine Plavnick  
70601. Darren O'Tell  
70600. Deborah Newhook  
70599. Jody Bresgi  
70598. Igor Klyashchitskiy  
70597. Elizabeth V. This site should be removed from the internet because it simbolizes hatred against a certain group of people based on their religion. I know that in America, we have been fighting together as a nation to try and prevent hatred against ethnic groups and this is one of our opportunities. There should be acceptance of all people everywhere, and by removing this website, we have come one step closer to fulfilling our goal to stop hatred.
70596. L Philips This site is despicable.
70595. Alicia Harrison  
70594. Nancy Pirozzi  
70593. David Spivak  
70592. Pamela Kasoff Bloom This site needs to be removed from Google.com
70591. David Berger  
70590. Anna  
70589. bernie schopp  
70588. Brandon Chase  
70587. wendy galland this needs to be removed immediately. there is enough discrimination of all kinds in t he world to perpetuate a site like this.
70586. Ronald Tet  
70585. Cindy Tollin This site is offensive!!!
70584. Frank Samson  
70583. jim sullivan  
70582. L.C. Valadez  
70581. Oded  
70580. Gideon Wolff  
70579. Yoram Getzler Google should not be involved in helping hate to diseminate on the glove
70578. Thomas Pollock  
70577. James Cohen  
70576. Alexander  
70575. Bridget R.  
70574. Herbert Cohen  
70573. Steven Morris  
70572. Jack Hirsch REMOVE NOW
70571. Jeffrey M Cohen  
70570. Jacob M. Dyckman It is a disgrace that Google allows such a situation to exist.
70569. Deborah  
70568. Kacey Arnold  
70567. Bob Shabot  
70566. Jonathan Schwartz if google does not respond to this, i'll use another search engine!
70565. gary baurer this site filled with lies and distortions it is despicable
70564. Michelle Meyer let's not perpetuate ignorance and violence.
70563. Steven Hatfield Please remove this - it is inflamatory
70562. Alan Gelbstein  
70561. Joel H Kucer  
70560. Howard H. Levine  
70559. Tracy G.  
70558. esther alder  
70557. keane  
70556. braha biran  
70555. sarit rubin  
70554. David Findley despicable return for such a progressive company
70553. Randi Berkowitz  
70552. Michelle Dore  
70551. Anney Keil  
70550. Jason Pendley  
70549. Amy DeBellis  
70548. Sara Parker  
70547. Suzanne Cohen Regardless of who distributes hate mail on any people it should be with drawn.
70546. Eric M. Geller  
70545. Jason Dorn  
70544. Lilian Abrams  
70543. Karen Brody  
70542. Leslie Brown Get rid of hate sites - take some responsibility Google!
70541. Milt G.  
70540. Sharna Fetman This is unacceptable
70539. Ruth Schaub  
70538. Alicia DeCavalcanti  
70537. Tammi Hutting  
70536. Gilda  
70535. greg strick  
70534. Mary M. Lewis  
70533. Cheryl Steinberg  
70532. Libby  
70531. Pat Heinemann  
70530. Randi Hartman  
70529. Syma Mann  
70528. kayla lax  
70527. Yuval Domb  
70526. Marc G.  
70525. Sandy  
70524. Lewis M. Kirschner Disgusting
70523. Andrea Silvershein  
70522. Eugene Vosko Stop hate!
70521. elena brusilovsky  
70520. Harriette Unger Google cannot continue to be search of choice with these priorities
70519. Carol and Ken Mendelson It is absurd and dangerous that this is the first article to come up under the category "Jew". Move it to the bottom where it belongs.
70518. Rabbi Toba August please remove hate site immediately
70517. Doris & Meyer Samson  
70516. arlene richman you should be ashamed to let such a hateful site exist on your browser
70515. Stephen Schulman  
70514. Steven Spielberg  
70513. A Pohntrelli  
70512. Jack Olsen  
70511. Steven Epstein  
70510. Ashley  
70509. Larry Stoffman  
70508. Tal Finkelstein  
70507. Sara  
70506. Frayda Storch  
70505. Jacqueline Phillips how to make your nusiness grow...NOT!
70504. christine kenney  
70503. Richard Carson  
70502. Dana Bresin REmove at once
70501. Nancy Squillante  
70500. Maureen Rosendorff  
70499. Judy Grinberg  
70498. Jeremy Fink  
70497. Sue Grunwald  
70496. Michael Spellman  
70495. Mary E. Levine remove this at once
70494. david williams  
70493. sonia spivack  
70492. Kathy Goldberg  
70491. Shlomo Aizik This petition is absolutly good! Keep on the good work!
70490. Harvey Rubin  
70489. Ronen  
70488. diego  
70487. sean white  
70486. M. Ruthman  
70485. Robin Bram-Hersh  
70484. Linda Laing  
70483. Michael Okin please remove this disgusting site
70482. Richard E. Goodman  
70481. Allen Jaffe  
70480. RUTH SUDAI  
70479. Eric Rosendorff  
70478. Jerry Palter Get rid of those Terrorists
70477. Doug Wolfson  
70476. jack shanfeld  
70475. nicola julius  
70474. Craig Saffer  
70473. Raizel Brekhman It's bad enough that something like this exsists. Why do we need to make it more excessible to our children?!
70472. Ben Frydenberg  
70471. Eileen Gilmore  
70470. Tamara It is clear there is Evil and Good, we have to unite to fight Evil where ever it is!
70469. Erik Belinfante remove jewwatch.com Its gross
70468. Elliot Scherer Take some social responsibility
70467. M. Herbeert Nathan, MD Surprised that Google would promote anti-Semitism
70466. Sarah Tait  
70465. S Komin  
70464. David Zion Bigotry is untolerable in all of its forms. Anti-semitism is one of the oldest and cruelist inhumanities that has needlessly hurt innumerable people all over the world for generations.
70463. Phil Heitner  
70462. Rodrigo Luchinsky  
70461. rotem  
70460. robert friedman  
70459. Jerry Adler  
70458. Diane Warsoff This is not the way to encourage use of a great search engine.....
70457. Yaffa Sstark  
70456. mario  
70455. YAEL  
70454. Andrew Brooke  
70453. Diana springer  
70452. David Graham  
70451. Sophia Heller  
70450. Willaim Klein  
70449. Harry W. Rivkin That your search engine should return this website at the very top is an outrage. Let's hope it wasn't because the website actually paid Google to insure high placement in searches.
70448. S. Cohen  
70447. VALERIA  
70446. Darlene Rodamer  
70445. TH Everybody, destroy this anti-semitic site
70444. Neil Caplan  
70443. Shmaryahu Peer  
70442. Marcelo Lewin Please remove this despicable site
70441. LLSunshine Please get this site off.
70440. randi cohen  
70439. Dale D. March  
70438. Judith Seder  
70437. Michael Ballew I've corresponded about erroneous adwords before, and this site is contrary to all that Google says it agrees to.
70436. L Lilien  
70435. Colette Landmann  
70434. M GREEN  
70433. Louise Baird  
70432. Francine Goodman  
70431. j greene  
70430. debbie  
70429. Anne M. Suss  
70428. Mr. James A. Goldsmith I realize that there is freedom of speech , but there is also responsibility for that freedom. Either remove the hatred, or make it the last site on your list.
70427. Oswald S. Treisman  
70426. Aran Kwinta Can google really require this in order to make common sense decisions?
70425. Bob Rosen  
70424. Mark Rubin  
70423. Aran Kwinta Can google really require this in order to make common sense decisions?
70422. Seth Mandell  
70421. Stuart Kricun  
70420. David Harrison  
70419. yamit perez  
70418. BARRY GINSBERG remove this garbage now !
70417. Matt Steen  
70416. Rose Emery  
70415. Hester Mastro  
70414. Daniel Stop anti-semitism
70413. Ariel Koropitzer  
70412. Keith Jolliffe  
70411. Michael Shor  
70410. Janice Green Don't support hate groups!!!
70409. Shira Rosenblatt Please remove this link from your website. It is abhorant
70408. Eileen Nad Castaldi  
70407. Brad Kleinerman  
70406. Michelle Levy Please be fair and do not promote hatred of any humankind. Thank you.
70405. nicki ishai  
70404. Jordy Sopourn  
70403. Shlomit Gruber  
70402. Derek Kramer  
70401. Evelyn Wener  
70400. Gabriele McCormick  
70399. Julie D. Miller  
70398. jordan katz  
70397. Alysse Unger This site is disgusting. It should not even be allowed.
70396. Robert S Zetzer  
70395. Jonathan Sweedler  
70394. morris chehebar  
70393. phyllis stagg totally repugnant. shame on google!
70392. Jackie Baron  
70391. Ruvan Cohen  
70390. Dr. Victor Sereno  
70389. Paolo Bernardi  
70388. j. lindower  
70387. M D Lewin  
70386. gloria levitas  
70385. hopekirsch  
70384. maxine  
70383. J.Topas Remove JewWatch from Google
70382. Ian James  
70381. Rachel Cooper  
70380. MARCOS  
70379. Stan Foxx  
70378. sandy samberg  
70377. J.N. van Lunteren  
70376. gmar  
70375. Lori A. Tuskey  
70374. orly goldstein  
70373. Hank Goodman  
70372. Sari Wachtel  
70371. Vadim Portnoy  
70370. Gail Brown  
70369. Linda Pomeranz  
70368. Bill Zeldis  
70367. dana gribble  
70366. Samuel Bousak It doesn't look like google is willing ot remove the link. They are well aware of it. Read their 'explanation' here: http://www.google.com/explanation.html
70365. gardner wendy  
70364. Carlos M. Orellana  
70363. Judy Weingart  
70362. phyllis Friedman  
70361. P & R Grant a blatantly antisemitic website
70359. Samuels  
70358. barry sherman  
70357. chaim hagler  
70356. Jacob Hazan  
70355. Gregory Polonsky Sergey---You MUST remove.
70354. Tami Bogutz  
70353. Tracy Banner Please remove is insulting web site
70352. evan matthew daniel  
70351. Steve Dickman  
70350. Samuel A. Kaufer Absolutely frightening to see on a major search engine.
70348. Lucy  
70347. Tara Romalis  
70346. Jodi  
70345. Aaron Blumenfeld  
70344. Joseph Goodof  
70343. Valerie Porush  
70342. bonnie cuthbert  
70341. LES FAIMAN  
70340. Stuart Young  
70339. A Horowitz  
70338. Emma Kenley  
70337. Susan Berger  
70336. Walter W. Cohen  
70335. roz marx  
70334. karyn G  
70333. Yori Costa  
70332. Denise Kavin  
70331. Naomi Leitner  
70330. Eve Lowinger  
70329. kelsey liber  
70328. laurel cohen  
70327. Rob Blumenstein  
70326. Alan Shaw  
70325. Sofia  
70324. Meytal Bercu Jellen  
70323. Sam Monchek  
70322. MYRON L KLEIN  
70321. Emanuel Rabin  
70320. Lynn Bernstein  
70319. Jessica L. Link Please do not send spam
70318. Stuart Hirshfield  
70317. Karen Goldstein  
70316. Evelyn Gietter  
70315. Adie Goldberg  
70314. Robin Shanen  
70313. Meg Jacobs  
70312. raz  
70311. Barbara Schipper don't be a partner to hate, incitement and lies
70310. Rob Muchnick  
70309. Steve Adler you need to take action
70308. yigal jacobson  
70307. Helen Boruchowitz I find this repugnant
70306. Philipp Leitner  
70305. Pete Davidson  
70304. Jane Leder  
70303. Judith A. Sokal You should not even need a petition to do the right thing. Shame on you Google!
70302. rena ellis  
70301. Susan Sandler  
70300. raz raz
70299. Barbara Schipper don't be a partner to hate, incitement and lies
70298. Joan Rineberg  
70297. arnold sandlow  
70296. jean kushner  
70295. Michael Jacobsen  
70294. Simi Simi
70293. Lisa Zusman  
70292. geoffrey DISGUSTING.... GET IT OFF
70291. Sean Banchik  
70290. Ronnie Preiskel  
70289. Harriet K Rabin  
70288. Gail Forward  
70287. Jack Berger  
70286. reviv Lerech  
70285. Susan Maidenberg  
70284. Amber Harris  
70283. Barry Karp  
70282. Irene Klar  
70281. Evan I won't use google unless they take this off.
70280. Eileen Abbey Esworthy  
70279. Amy Winn-Dworkin  
70278. David Rose  
70277. Jonathan Sokoloff  
70276. David Robens  
70275. Luba Dimova  
70274. Jeff Tuckfelt  
70273. Hugh Chairnoff  
70272. Deborah Weinstein  
70271. noa perez  
70270. Ethel Berger  
70269. Marlene Bergman  
70268. Sheelagh D. Weeks  
70267. David Borenstein  
70266. irwin goldstein  
70265. Eric Yasinow no place for hate in this world!
70264. Concerned citizen It is shameful this petition is even necessary and that you don't know the right thing to do all by yourselves!
70263. Leorah Sky  
70262. Sarah Stragalas  
70261. Merri Mann  
70260. Henry Finke  
70259. Annette Hoffmann  
70258. Marc abrams  
70257. Fran Bishop  
70256. Norman Sommer  
70255. James Eddy Roberts  
70254. Eliran  
70253. Michele Bria  
70252. nancy  
70251. Rosie Sarah Reiss  
70250. Leonard Mintz Hate must not be allowed on the internet!
70249. Paula Brose  
70248. Angela Sokol I'm disappointed the Google is promoting anti-semitism.
70247. Rosanna Anisimov let's promote love not war
70246. Margaret Mankin  
70245. Ruth Galai  
70244. Marjorie Johnson  
70243. Stuart Feinstein  
70242. ben reiter  
70241. D Tessler  
70240. rebecca
70239. Michael Weinstein  
70238. jack in todays world where hate is so prevelant, you have a responsibility to eliminate prejudice things like this.
70237. Susan Ziegler Please remove this site
70235. Diana  
70234. Edward Karp  
70233. joe  
70232. E R Levy  
70231. Julie Kaplan  
70230. Dario Ungania  
70229. Donna Demeter  
70228. Ari Selman Removing this site from google will prevent the misseducation of many
70227. Barbara Schneyer Please remove this offensive site
70226. Gaye B. Smith  
70225. Gustavo Ioschpe  
70224. Shani Rotkovitz  
70223. Nicol Sommer  
70222. Elisha Selzer  
70221. Kenneth Aschendorf  
70220. Michael E. Lipschutz  
70219. Sylvia Margolin  
70218. Anya van Leeuwen  
70217. David Greene  
70216. Benson Goldenberg  
70215. Michele Shemie  
70214. Ty Urus  
70212. Lawrence L. Levin  
70211. Giny Hollander  
70210. Philip Grosser  
70209. Louisa Turnill  
70208. philip kaplan  
70207. joy orlowsky  
70206. steven caplan  
70205. Adam  
70204. E.Smookler  
70203. Rikki Barnett  
70202. eliz slvr  
70201. Treza Miller I think that this is a dispicable act for the most popular search engine that I know of. I use google often, but have not since this report came out. I would sooner pay for a search than use them again.
70200. Karen Wyckoff  
70199. Susan B. Kaufman This is a deplorable site.
70198. Andrew Simon  
70197. Andrea Hoberman  
70196. Beth Gereg  
70195. Judith Razieli  
70194. stephanie i think this is a disgrace, and i hope that this petition puts an end to this ridiculous website
70193. Connie Unger  
70192. Rachel Gross  
70191. Lynn Alessio  
70190. Elliot D.  
70189. Carlos berger Du Jude !!reborn
70188. Michelle Epstein  
70187. Richard Gertler Google need to review its policies regarding discrimination and privacy issues
70186. Vanessa  
70185. Ira Weinstein  
70184. richard goldman  
70183. Marc Kunchev Take it off!!!!
70182. Eleanor Epstein It's a disgrace that Google would have a site to encourage more hatred in this world
70181. Kimberly Rolufs  
70180. uri  
70179. schlosberg family a s/e we won't use again unless changed
70178. Nhat Meyer  
70177. Fred Gluckman  
70176. Sarah Karges  
70175. lisa  
70174. Victoria Caudill  
70173. Marci Jacobs  
70172. Paul M Weichsel  
70171. Jeff Toretsky You have the authority to reprioritize this to the bottom of the list
70170. Penni  
70169. Dale E.  
70168. Tina Phi  
70167. Lori Tompkins  
70166. Rachel S. Rothstein It seems barbaric for a well-known group such as Google to actively participate in anti-semitism by not removing this link. You are supporting hate, not free speech.
70165. Herman Kane this garbage doesn't belong on a normally reliable search engine
70164. Dorothy Lowenthal  
70163. howard isenberg  
70162. Naomi Sandberg  
70161. Joel  
70160. Miriam & Jack Swidler  
70159. alon  
70158. Brenda  
70157. Peter J. Schwartz  
70156. ken g  
70155. Gerald Freedman  
70154. jeffry steinberg  
70153. Fran This sight should be removed.
70152. jack a zeller Ethics supercede algorithms, always
70151. Maximilian Rack  
70150. Elin B. Young  
70149. Michael Appel  
70148. Rochelle M. Haber  
70147. Leonard Rickman Absolutely disgusted at Google's attitude
70146. inbal rahamim  
70145. Ken Schafer  
70144. oliver segal  
70143. merav victor do this now!
70142. William Ford  
70141. eve bernstein  
70140. jon  
70139. Robert M Lederer  
70138. john How can you allow such hate to go unchecked (and i say unchecked because if you had there is no sensible reason why you would allow it!) out onto the web like that.
70137. Sherry Lewis Ê
70136. bradley stanton  
70135. Debra Krim  
70134. Susan Pfeffer  
70133. Laurie Rowland  
70132. Bud Silver  
70131. bill hartman  
70130. Hamid Farchadi remove jewwatch.com from Google search engine
70129. David Israeli  
70128. Linda Taylor  
70127. moshe razieli Hate and bigotry cannot coexist with peace
70126. j. wildman  
70125. David Lobel  
70124. benny Thank you
70123. Bob Kosches  
70122. Donna Lee Copman  
70121. Mary Stein  
70120. sheila rotter such trash should not exist!
70119. Penni  
70118. Andrea M. Bakalar  
70117. Harriet Kaplan please remove this anti-semitic site
70116. Martin M. Smith  
70115. Jerrie Gavalchin  
70114. Blake Halberg  
70113. Rose Dickson  
70112. Albert Benoudiz  
70111. Martin Berman If you are going to list this site, make it the last one listed. That way, it does not get the benefit of being first. I disapprove of censorship, but this action is the most logical to me.
70110. Jeremy Roberts  
70109. Lisa Newman  
70108. Barry Eichenbaum  
70107. Moshe Kaplansky  
70106. Sheila Sharpe let's get rid of 'terrorism' of any people and in any form!
70105. shohreh Farchadi please remove jewwatch.com from Google Search Engine and never do it again
70104. Roger Ehrlich The JewWatch sit is not free speech. It is a form of terrorism.
70103. Louis Grossman Disgusting
70102. Mark Kachanov š
70101. Kevin Ellis  
70100. Dr. Clifford Botwin  
70099. PS Kramer  
70098. Modjgan Stanislavsky  
70097. Benjamin Albert  
70096. Eva Shore  
70095. Adam Schwartz Please remove this from being the first thing that comes up on our site.
70094. Marc Weintraub  
70093. yaron We can fight them by petition or fight them by the net
70092. Karen Krisberg Very anti-semetic-Should not be first listed.
70091. Adam L. Slutzky  
70090. Alissa Koerner  
70089. Kate McCamy no more hate please
70088. Adam Theodore Do the right thing!
70086. Savino Koen  
70085. Neil Rochelle  
70084. marvin chazan  
70083. Kalman Winnick  
70082. Fred & Gail Shatsky  
70081. david long  
70080. sidney freedman  
70079. Valerie Fisher  
70077. martin rawdin I respectively request that you remove "jewwatch" from your search engine for the obvious reason of its anti-semitic message.
70076. Herbert J. Cohen, M.D.  
70075. Geoffrey S. Hoffman  
70074. Benji Goldstein  
70073. Joel B. Sokolsky  
70072. cesar lipener  
70071. Linda Schreiber This is disgusting to separate people by religion....we will turn into Iraq if we don't watch it.
70070. Michael L. Horowitz Absolutely Unaccetable!!
70069. kevin  
70068. Frank Mix  
70067. Amy  
70066. Denise Dalsheim in todays world where hate is so prevelant, you have a responsibility to eliminate prejudice things like this.
70065. Anne-Marie McKaskle  
70064. Stewart Lewis ged rid of this!!!
70063. MEYER FEIG  
70062. Olga Cohen  
70059. Meera Lester  
70058. Dror Seliktar  
70057. Vicki G.  
70056. Sally Wald  
70055. mariulyn rappaport get rid of all anti semetic material
70054. Tyrral Prashker  
70053. daniella  
70052. Brann Mills  
70051. Arlene O'Tell  
70050. Nicole Stein  
70049. Ed Goldman  
70047. w. herzka reprihesible
70046. Michelle Chepenik  
70045. Shirley Grossman  
70044. Lisa Kass  
70043. H Klein  
70042. Inna Khavinson  
70041. Beth Bird Pocker Chair, Pound Ridge democratic Committee
70040. Mr E Roberts  
70039. JOHN MIKSA  
70038. Matthew Keigher  
70037. Tamara Shoore  
70036. russell gross  
70035. BruceHoward  
70034. Sheara Friend  
70033. Gail Walker  
70032. francine montauk  
70031. Avi-Brillant Justice will prevail, Israel will last for ever, No more never again
70030. Jayme Taylor  
70029. Eytan Mor  
70028. Lena Matis  
70027. Anna Kelman  
70026. Elvira Howard  
70025. Gary E Roebuck A petition shouldn't be needed to remove this disgusting website from the Google search engine
70024. Zachary Fruchtengarten  
70023. Naomi Barancik  
70022. Beth Pomerantz  
70021. Mary Ward Schecter  
70020. Boruch Klar  
70019. Nancy Jeuda  
70018. Marcy Serkin  
70017. Mark Niederman  
70016. Paul Weller  
70015. Harry Nelson  
70014. Carol Nemeroff  
70013. yasamin kakan  
70012. Ro & Lenny Berman  
70011. J. Bernstein  
70010. Jackie Ann Smith  
70009. Linda J. Singer  
70008. Brian Saul  
70007. M S Weinstock  
70006. Stephanie Shull  
70005. Yigal  
70004. Marc Warren  
70003. Alan Eisenberg  
70002. Laura Siegler  
70001. Ron Israel  
70000. G. FEDERBUSH  
69999. Tina Sitek  
69998. Erik Shapiro  
69997. Leah Malick  
69996. Sandra Lampach This is a disgrace! Shame, shame on Google.com!
69995. Roslyn Philipson  
69994. Drummond Hassan  
69993. Nitya Iyer  
69992. Justin Moscarello  
69991. larry dashow  
69990. Judi Lynn please remove this offensive material immediately!
69989. Amanda Pariser  
69988. Matthew S. Finberg  
69987. Michael  
69986. Keren O. Kalimian this is obscene
69985. Todd S. Yellin  
69984. Paul A. Silver  
69983. Deirdre Morris Please remove JewWatch from you site-hate is the worlds biggest threat
69982. Brigitte Gree  
69981. Gustavo  
69980. Elaine and Mel Cohen  
69979. Emanuel Wolin  
69978. Tim Mullins  
69977. Frank Abatemarco  
69976. charles goldgrub  
69975. Ben  
69974. Judith Tanur
69973. Nicolás González  
69972. Rose B. Aronson  
69970. Rachel  
69969. Julie Silverman  
69968. A Garner  
69967. julie blatchford  
69966. David Marsh Google, as well as other search engines, needs to find a way to automatically put bigoted websites, like JewWatch.com, at the bottom of any query. This way, freedom of speech is not impedeed and researchers can still find needed materials while offensive material is not given a "priority" (accidental or otherwise) by the search engine.
69965. brenda r. katz  
69964. Aaron Levitansky  
69963. Manny Rich this is blatent, youneed to watch this --far beyond freedom of speech
69962. Marc Margolius  
69961. Susan Giurleo  
69960. A. H. Banani  
69959. Corri Gottesman  
69958. David Miller  
69957. erica stern  
69956. Evan Silverman They are disgusting...should be removed.
69955. Elliot Check  
69953. Stephen J Traiman  
69952. Dorothy and robert greenwald that's a dreadful website
69951. Naida S. Wharton  
69950. martin mack please remove this offensive site
69949. Jessica Bulavsky  
69948. Leon Horlick  
69947. Anita Pick  
69946. claudia boudreau  
69945. Sally I think it is outrageous that Google will not remove this site from it's search engine.
69944. Claire Mangoubi  
69943. Barbara Kantor please remove this from goggle in the name of peacefull relations
69942. rivka rosenberg  
69941. Dean Fisher  
69940. Susan Hoffman  
69939. benjamin s. klapper  
69938. Gregory S. Kolton  
69937. Bernard Castleman just remove it
69936. William Wohlken  
69935. Benita Rosenberg  
69934. Scott D. Kirschbaum  
69933. arthur h. noehren  
69932. Jeff Lipschuetz Please remove this Anti-semetic website from your search
69931. Talia Gur-esh There is no room in this world for hatred
69930. Lynne Fox  
69929. Patricia King  
69927. julia faber  
69926. Philip Shore  
69925. Leslie Brisman  
69924. Jane Himmel  
69923. Lauren Kaplan  
69922. M. Zonich  
69921. Lyn Lubliner  
69920. Katie Niejadlik exercise some responsibility for the far-reaching influence and populatity your search engine has. You owe it to all of us. Get rid of this site.
69919. Yulia please remove
69918. Joel Berson Please remove this poisonous site quickly.
69917. Elaine Miller  
69916. A. H. Banani  
69915. Ilana Schwartz  
69914. L. Biber Disgraceful
69913. Avi Shahar Google: please don't help those who spread hate.
69912. Abigail M. Rehm  
69911. Arthur L. Poger  
69910. H. Levy  
69909. sylvia soicher  
69908. gerald perschetz  
69907. Oscar Tognocchi do you promote the nazism ??
69906. Thara Fuller  
69905. Avi Hefets  
69904. Ira Opper  
69903. Arlene Wechsler  
69902. elly lindenbaum  
69901. A Mark  
69900. Lois Dubin  
69899. zohar  
69898. Tony Kaplan  
69897. Marion Vincett I am appalled. This is not ethical business practice. I would hope that Google would put into place a policy which screens such heinous material from being presented in this flagrant manner.
69896. Allen Fishman  
69895. Serge How can you do this?
69894. Mr &Mrs Herb Kaplan  
69893. Benita Rosenberg  
69892. andrew lewis  
69891. Ferne Hassan By listing this site first you encourage more hits and enable hate speech to thrive on the internet
69890. Kimberly J. Thomas  
69889. Ella  
69888. Lani Remove site!!!
69887. P. Unroch  
69886. Michelle Levy Please be fair and do not promote hatred of any humankind. Thank you.
69885. Amye Ominsky  
69884. marcy lowenstein  
69883. Rosalie Baker  
69882. Daniel M this site is an embarasement to humanity
69881. Baruch  
69880. Jann Stefoff Please! remove JewWatch.com from the Google search engine immediately!
69879. gabriel seghi  
69878. Merrill Weinstock  
69877. Norman Fisher  
69876. Helenmarie Zachritz Take it off!
69875. A  
69874. Gena Kaplan  
69873. Rachel  
69872. C. Hession  
69871. Elda Schwartz As a Israeli citizion I am deaply offended!!!!!!!!!
69870. Steffi  
69869. moti  
69868. Joseph Bird  
69867. Schneider  
69866. guy shalev am israel chai
69865. Raffaele  
69864. Howard Brous  
69863. dahan michel  
69862. Renee Epner this is atrocious and needs to be reversed
69861. Jonathan Oluwek  
69860. Nancy Gevirtz  
69859. rachel rosen  
69858. Ruby Kreindler  
69857. Nastassia Sonich In order to create a better world, one must tolerate others. Encourage future and present generations to do so, if only so there is one less bad feeling destroying our world.
69856. gonen  
69855. ken epsman do the right thing
69854. David Boren Its terrible that Google would allow this to occur
69853. Ron Kopito  
69852. Ruth Wessel  
69851. Larry Paul  
69850. Elda Lavinbuk do it immediately
69849. Rachel Lazar  
69848. Andrea A. Rich  
69847. Barbara Kaufman I hope Google will do the right thing. There is enough hate in this world. It does not have to be aided and abetted.
69846. Robert Shadpour  
69845. A. Greenfield  
69844. Patsy Bakunin Google appears to be championing blatant anti-Semitism.
69843. betula  
69842. Edi Lubasch Respect for the different is escential for building the world
69841. Babette Levy  
69840. Jose Saragusti  
69839. Irwin E. Berry  
69838. Brad S. Goldman, MD  
69837. Bonnie Gatof  
69836. Ben Streltzer Get it off, this is disgusting
69835. The Rev. Barbara Peterson  
69834. Eliane schwartz  
69833. Sy Katz Stop formenting trouble.
69832. S Kanter  
69831. sylvie  
69830. Julian A Radley  
69829. Jeffrey Gevirtz  
69828. Emily  
69827. Abraham Rudy lets go islanders
69826. bonine levitt i don't think i need to say anything,
69825. Bert Robbins  
69824. susan vanderburgh come on,people now, love one another
69823. marylin wechselblatt  
69822. Joe Victor Behar  
69821. Phyllis Horlick  
69820. Andrew E. White  
69819. William Dolman  
69818. Guillermo Villalta God Bless to Israel
69817. Diana  
69816. Glyn Farrow  
69815. Gerald D. Blumenthal  
69814. Nancy Beverage  
69813. Judith  
69812. Nat G. Please remove JewWatch.com from Google
69811. Rafael Olivares This site must be removed right away. Period.
69810. Ezequiel  
69809. Yaniv Fieldust  
69808. SK  
69807. Dovid Kashnow  
69806. Emily G  
69805. Martin Bookspan JewWatch.com is a montrous outrage!
69804. Jana Rifkin Please remove this from your site - this is an outrage
69803. Carol Ryder  
69802. Lori Grafstein  
69801. Sunny Holtzman Isn't there enough hate in the world without fueling more
69800. Arnold J. Weiner  
69799. Alana Podolsky  
69798. Heather Holzworth  
69797. Corinne Zollmann  
69796. Douglas Candeub  
69795. Katia  
69794. Lea Zallen  
69793. Peter Altschuler  
69792. Jennifer Russell  
69791. james thompson  
69790. Bernard Levine  
69789. Aaron Horowitz  
69788. Greg Kaplun  
69787. K. Greenfield  
69786. Michael Caplan  
69785. Janice Cantos  
69784. Bruce Nelson  
69783. Ava siegel This is disgraceful
69782. rotem  
69781. Ella  
69780. Lisa Horowitz  
69779. Tanya Goldmakher  
69778. Susan Shapell  
69777. William Goldberg  
69776. Joyce Steinhardt  
69775. Ari Ubogiy  
69774. Sally Smith  
69773. Sam Levy  
69772. Lisa Johnston please remove this hate from the net
69771. Danelle Romain  
69770. Jessica Myles  
69769. Marco  
69768. Mary Anne Maier  
69767. Susan Folkman  
69766. Seymour Kirschenfeld Hatred should not be fostered.
69765. Michael Caplan  
69764. i  
69763. Nora Hanine  
69762. Jack Deitchman  
69761. simon zalkind  
69760. Diana Rilov  
69759. Christine Loucks  
69758. avi beigelman  
69757. Richard C. Friedman  
69755. K.Kendall Greater tolerance and understanding is what we all need--not hateful things like this website and not easy access to it.
69754. john cassady  
69753. Todd Cahan  
69752. Adell Ozrovitz  
69751. Roxanne Glick  
69750. angela fixler  
69749. Andy Shreeman  
69748. Andy Levy-Stevenson Minneapolis, Minnesota
69747. Michael Caplan  
69746. steven beberman prevent the internet from spreading hate not knowledge
69745. Amy Spielman  
69744. Sandy Saltzman  
69743. meredith  
69742. lenore halper  
69741. john taub  
69740. ezra  
69739. Janine Jacobson  
69738. shimon pagovich is this what the internet would look like during the nazi era?
69737. Mark Resnick  
69736. jocelyn levy let's use these internet tools for good, not spreading hate
69735. DARREN FIXLER i will never use google again
69734. Laurie Crasnick REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
69733. Jay Mintzer  
69732. Lisa Girer  
69731. Roger Ruttenberg Truly offensive and bordering on obscene
69730. Ronald W. Whitfield  
69729. Stuart Rosenthal  
69728. darlene muller  
69727. Joan Davidson  
69726. guy yake it of
69725. Michael Caplan  
69724. Arik  
69722. adam  
69721. Sam Brackstone This link should be placed much lower in the listing.
69720. Ed Glatt  
69719. Steven B. Libenson this behavior cannot be tolerated.
69718. Megan Bourne Nugent  
69717. Jonathan Myron  
69716. Hal Rubin  
69715. david zeitouni why u r doing this ??
69713. Ariella Loewenstein  
69712. les  
69711. Michelle Gold  
69710. Hy Zelkowitz  
69709. euamafrazia Google ..... collaborators are the worst kind!
69708. Barbara Davis  
69707. Burt Schiffer Digusting
69706. maxine casalbore I am appalled that this trash is on any web engine
69705. Elizabeth Siegler  
69704. Bonnie Kennedy  
69703. Dena J  
69702. Edward Shartar  
69701. Rogson Unfortunately we need to remove inflamatory racist sites. There are too many people willing to internalize and brooadcast their garbage: and then act on it!
69700. Rabbi David It should be removed at once and any other similar web site as well!
69699. eli naftali  
69698. Charles Bell  
69697. Michelle Gold  
69696. William Portnoy trash!- lose it!
69695. edward hilson please remove this terrible statement
69694. Judith McFadin  
69693. steven krakow  
69692. Jonas Stawski  
69691. Molla Reisbaum Did you know what you were doing when you accepted this web site?
69690. Angela Newitt  
69689. Arnold H. Kritz  
69688. Erel Margalit  
69687. Herbert Juli  
69685. jeffrey mortner Freedom of speach is not a licence to incite murder.
69684. James S. Freeman Remove or lower it's score
69683. Cynthia Lavenda  
69682. anya  
69681. diana mehoudar  
69680. Liora Stone  
69679. Scott, Lesa and Joshua Jablon Please remove this offensive site
69678. Judi Wallach  
69677. Tanya Pimental  
69676. Fiona V Walton  
69675. Galit  
69674. P Kruger  
69673. Stacey Ban  
69672. Mark David  
69671. Esteban Romero The public opinion must be heard
69670. Sonya Hirsch disgraceful
69669. Alicia Russman  
69667. Robert Schutzius  
69666. Mara Ingram  
69665. Phyl S.Kabins Stop all hatred everywhere!
69664. sl remove it, it's disgraceful
69663. Larry Rogul  
69662. Amy Seidner  
69661. Anna  
69660. Mark Benson  
69659. Victoria George  
69658. Daniel Shalit  
69657. Brandon Shulman, MD  
69656. Shana Ellis  
69655. Uriel Ghelman  
69654. jonathan  
69653. Ashli Eiseman  
69652. Steven Gold  
69651. T Kruger  
69650. Jessie Podell  
69649. RAVIT KRAUS  
69648. judith trachtman hateful site - please remove
69647. woodland al rascist sites should go!
69646. Andrew Russman  
69645. Alana Mitnick  
69644. m.lowe  
69643. William Meyers  
69642. Rema Nadel  
69641. Iris K. Libenson we can no longer turn our backs on such hatred.
69640. bernie zaretsky  
69639. Christine Pagels  
69638. rivian butikofer  
69637. Sari Levitt  
69636. Thomas A. Pelham This horrible link must be stopped. This is a terrible abuse; ultimately dangerous, hateful internet abuse.
69635. Jay Davis  
69634. Carol Goodman  
69633. Nick Niceman JewWatch.com must be removed from Google
69632. Bruce Katzman  
69631. Hudelle Newman We have enough hate in this world
69630. Roy Slavin  
69629. Ruth Eli  
69628. G. Kruger  
69627. maayan
69626. M. Freundlich  
69625. arlene teper  
69624. Lorna  
69623. Dave Remove the sites
69622. Jason MacDonald  
69621. mauricio brener  
69620. Jay Landauer  
69619. Katie Johnson  
69618. Stu kaufman  
69617. Irwin Spector  
69616. Victoria Barney  
69615. Jared Pinkus Google does not need to advance this type of hate speech.
69614. Alina Please, Remove JewWatch.com
69613. Elise Sokolow  
69612. Kori Meyers  
69611. Alan Sherry  
69610. Rachel Grossman  
69609. moe  
69608. Marvin Cohn  
69607. Saul Goodman  
69606. Janet Maier  
69605. garry remove jewWatch from google
69604. Colleen Perruzzi  
69603. Laurence Rubin  
69602. Ali Aria  
69601. Stuart Greenberg  
69600. John Sakowicz  
69599. Mark Aidan Palphramand  
69598. Freddy Maier  
69597. Carole Bernstein  
69596. Julie Norwell  
69595. Marda Kahn  
69594. Paul  
69593. Arlyne Druckman I do not believe in censorship but hate is worse.
69592. Mike Stalbow  
69591. David Sutton Get Rid of This!!!!
69590. Mark A Lieberfarb MD  
69589. Helen Strodl  
69588. Jorge De Santiago  
69587. Reid M. Baron  
69585. Herman Ozrovitz  
69584. Caryl Barrie Kaplan  
69583. David Perl  
69582. Fiona V Walton  
69581. David Bromley  
69580. sheila wechsler  
69579. Dianne Cullen  
69578. Jeffrey Kotzen  
69577. K L Perry Thank you for helping to eliminate bigotry and prejudice
69576. Susan Curtis  
69575. sam copeland  
69574. Arthur Reilly As a practicing Christian, I find this situation intolerable.
69573. Susan P Bayer Google is my search engine of choice as a Reference Librarian and find this glich in your algorithim a serious problem for this topic and others like it that engender hatred.
69572. Victoria Somers  
69571. Alan B. Katz This is not about free speech. It is about hatred and prejudice. Defamation has never been protected by the 1st Amendment.
69570. Vladimir Makhnovskiy  
69569. Leslie Seidman  
69568. Marvin Levine  
69567. nancy morosohk  
69566. Lawrence Appel  
69565. jennie pries  
69564. Helaine Donen  
69563. Alyse  
69562. Ilana Reichman  
69561. My Tam Truong  
69560. Liz Cohen  
69559. David Goldberg disgusting
69558. Zwika Pifko  
69557. Ariel Afar  
69556. Ruth Perl  
69555. Alyssa Weinberg  
69554. Rakel  
69553. mervyn r fleisher  
69552. Artie Bangott  
69551. Lee-Anne  
69550. Joel Cohn  
69549. Reverend Diana Phipps Thank you for your efforts to eliminate prejudice
69548. Janet Kay  
69547. A. Alan Friedberg  
69546. morris fuchs  
69545. Gregory Dean  
69544. stephen j weiss hard to believe, and disturbing, that you "require" 50000 sigs...
69543. Susan Adler Remove this website. It is despicble.
69542. Gary Gottesman  
69541. Judy Schwartz  
69540. Roz Sommer  
69539. Julie Fisher  
69538. Jeffrey Massien  
69537. Avery Goldfarb  
69536. marianne wallach Remove Jewwaach.com
69535. Paul Donen  
69534. Diane Gartell  
69533. Sherry Herman Please remove this site from your rankings.
69532. AMJene unacceptable that we need to send google this petition. EBay addresses this sort of issue IMMEDIATELY
69531. Laurie Stewart Site should be removed
69530. Alvin S. Cooperband  
69529. Elias Van Der Sluis  
69528. Robert Friedman PLEASE REMOVE
69527. Joan Paul Please remove this horrible site
69526. Tomes  
69525. Alejandro Mellado  
69524. Monique Moss  
69523. Stephen Bloom  
69522. Immanuel Afar  
69521. Frances Martin  
69520. Cheryl Goresko  
69519. Larry Kudeviz awful site and disgusting
69518. Arlene Smith  
69517. Paul Garlington  
69516. Michael Kantor  
69515. Diane Tobin  
69514. Dan Abrams  
69513. Arlene R. Faust-Medbery  
69512. Jerelee Basist get rid of this disgusting web site
69511. Catherine Raffaele  
69510. Barton J. Rapaport  
69509. Shahar  
69508. Shana Godfred  
69507. Oded Maler  
69506. Amir Ben  
69505. rebecca alpert  
69504. Amit Perl  
69503. Samantha Honig  
69502. Lee London  
69501. Louis Nyary Please remove all anti-semetic material and links
69500. Stephanie Katz please remove acess to that terrible site
69499. Jason Keiles  
69498. wendy  
69497. Alex Pomson  
69496. Harriet Rubin  
69495. Marcia Jacobs  
69494. Neil Simon  
69493. Frances Martin  
69492. M. B. Goldberg  
69491. joan frye yoken  
69490. Christine Pagliassotti  
69489. bella rachlewski  
69488. Giorgio Perucca Helping serching this page we increase the hate of raciscm
69487. Barbara Kramer  
69486. Rabbi Brad Hoffman  
69485. Jeff Jarkow  
69484. barry sarel  
69483. judith lowry  
69482. Kate Liebman  
69481. Carlos C. Huerta  
69480. Deborah Gorham  
69479. joan frye yoken  
69478. Moses Katz  
69477. Lisa King  
69476. Judith Olinick  
69475. Mr.Robin Harrison This shouldn't be necessary but it obviously IS !
69474. pamela scheinman  
69473. Carolyn Feldman  
69472. Mitch Nevo  
69471. Uri Palatnik  
69470. DANIELLE  
69469. Lidiya Vydrug  
69468. Jinny Schmahmann  
69467. David Perez  
69466. HOWARD FINKELSTEIN no need for anti semitism - please remove this site
69465. Glen Straub  
69464. A. Shapiro It is a shame that Google needs a petition to remove anti-semitic website from their search engine!
69463. Phyllis Udany  
69462. William Weimer This is offensive that this search brings up an anti-semetic site. Please fix this.
69461. Ronald S. Cohen  
69460. Stewart Fried  
69459. Irene Woods  
69458. Charles M. Golden  
69457. david maser  
69456. Sima Auerbach  
69455. Nicole Barkai  
69454. Rob Wolf  
69453. Sharon B. Shucard These kinds of hate messages iare outrageous
69452. Rita Binder  
69451. Cena Abergel There are over 68,000 signatures....get rid of this anti semetic hate link!
69450. Leonard P Zola  
69449. Barbara Thomas  
69448. alan m. goldberg  
69447. mike katz this is offensive
69446. Sonia Kovitz  
69445. Evelyn Kalenscher  
69444. Miriam Judith Briggs A very distressing web site!!!
69443. Cyron Fine Remove jewwatch.com from Google Search Engine
69442. Susanne Evans Boycott Google
69441. Heather Heiligman  
69440. Suzanne Stier get rid of this fast!
69439. Milton H. Polin He who does not fight bigotry contributes to bigotry and may legitimately be called a bigot.
69438. David Barol Google: Let's stop hatred, okay?
69437. Ann Block Pearl  
69436. Jonathan Cooperman  
69435. Teri Irthum  
69434. Andrea Golden  
69433. Ric Forrester  
69432. judith lowry  
69431. James M. Yasinow  
69430. Antonia Villi Miner Remove from Google - there's enough hate in the world without this
69429. Milton H. Polin He who does not fight bigotry contributes to bigotry and may legitimately be called a bigot.
69428. Yaniv  
69427. melissa  
69426. Sarah Gleit  
69425. Greg Kesten  
69424. Harvey Brownstone  
69423. Miriam Judith Briggs A very distressing web site!!!
69422. Leonard P Zola  
69421. Pat Lukens  
69420. Alan Eichenbaum Please remove JewWatch.com
69419. Philip Friedman  
69418. anita winestock  
69417. Mr.Robin Harrison This shouldn't be necessary but it obviously IS !
69416. Jo D'Agostino  
69415. Steven  
69414. richard nadler  
69413. Michal Nimrodi  
69412. alan edelson No prejudiceon net=no regulation of web
69411. Dean Traiger Isn't Google's impact on our society amazing?
69410. Jonathan Klein  
69409. steven werier  
69408. Megan Call  
69407. James M. Yasinow  
69406. Ben Nathan Ê
69405. kvinacour  
69404. Mark D. Meyers  
69403. Gerald Bostocky  
69402. kvinacour  
69401. Gary Thomas  
69400. Sian Niku  
69399. Boaz Miodovsky  
69398. Ian Binder  
69397. Diana Adkins Glassman  
69396. michael malet  
69395. Dina Sendzul  
69394. Sara Saloner A company like Google should be more mindful of the type of information it provides to the general public.
69393. richard nadler  
69392. hal belfer Boycott Google
69391. Sarah Gleit  
69390. Rabie  
69389. lenore halper  
69388. Aaron Goodman  
69387. Nancy C. Weinberger  
69386. Jacob Weissich  
69385. Marty L. Bernstein  
69384. Neil Brodie  
69383. Leslie Gottlieb You are part of theproblem of antisemitism and not part of the solution. You belong in the same category as Al Jazeer t.v. for the Arab world. Isn't there enough crap going on in the world without inciting anymore?
69382. Max Benoliel  
69381. Lisa Davis Larry  
69380. Pat Parmett if it was anti black or anti hispanic it would never be on google.
69379. arnon  
69378. Shelly Winnett  
69377. Rabie  
69376. Lauren Reiter  
69375. Ita Ries  
69374. Sarah Jaffe  
69373. Rabbi Alan Lew  
69372. Elizabeth van der Zandt  
69371. Rabbi Barry R. Baron  
69370. neeman yoram  
69369. Ryan  
69368. Dianne Green  
69367. Ron Matthews  
69366. Lucille Hochman  
69365. Robert E Bixler Google has allowed itself to be manipulated by its own system of listing. For the protection of us all from such hate sites, Google needs to rexamine its practices.
69364. Shira Golden  
69362. frances assa  
69361. Jon Dym Some sites are not fit to be seen
69360. Wayne Hammer  
69359. Shaun Selcer  
69358. Maian Roifman  
69357. Thomas Alessio  
69356. Sergio Kochen  
69355. Elazar Grunberger I thank Google in advance for consideration and compliance with our strong requests to remove this unacceptable, offensive wite called JewWatch.com form your Search Engine
69354. Diana Kushin  
69352. Sandye Wexler  
69351. Deborah Mitchell  
69350. Rosanna Horton  
69349. Annette Greenberg The above site is unacceptable. Please remove at once.
69348. Helen  
69347. Josh Brothers  
69346. Stephen Pfeiffer  
69345. Amy  
69344. Jonathan Lee  
69343. Lori Whitmore  
69342. Sandra Taub  
69341. Daniella Shalev  
69340. jack sharp betty sharp
69339. Barbara Pappius I will remove Google as my homepage if this situation is not taken care of ASAP. I will also get my students to use another search engine if there is no response from Google ASAP. There is no easily understandable reason to wait for 50 000 people to sign a petition before acting on this issue. We are all suposed to be working for a better hateless world. Peace.
69338. Ron Mandel  
69337. Marlene Magness  
69336. Susan Reneau  
69335. Carol Shani  
69334. henry k. evans, esq.  
69333. Linda Bentley This site is racist as well as anti-Semitic. It is linked with the Stormfront White Nationalist Community and should not come up after a search for "jew" on Google.
69332. Francine Bergman  
69331. Alaina Borden  
69329. Larry Schaps  
69328. gary cohen  
69327. Barb Indig  
69326. Lauren Kaplan  
69325. natali  
69324. Stanley I. Griffin Please remove this site from your search engine.
69323. Wayne Zell  
69322. Jonathan Blumenfeld These people are scum-now do the right thing and knock their site off your system.Better yet,if they are so proud of their work,publish their names,addresses,and telephone numbers.After all,don't most great artists sign their work?
69321. Marti Gordon Take this site off....it is offensive!
69320. Marilyn Napack  
69319. Ben Scozzaro  
69317. Gary Axler  
69316. Aharon Bar - David  
69315. S N Who would have allowed/approved this to begin with!!!
69314. Anthony Warrens  
69313. Bruce Crawford  
69312. A. Willstatter  
69311. Rabbi Jill L. Maderer  
69310. BRYAN BLOOM  
69309. Michelle Glekin  
69308. vicky cunningham  
69307. Ilene B. Jacobs I value access to Google, but would stop using your search engine if this anti-Semitic site is not removed
69306. Carol Feikin  
69305. nurock  
69304. Jayne Goldman  
69303. Giovanna D'Esposito shame
69302. David Thomas Cohen  
69301. Peter Klein I am aghast that Google has not removed this hate-filled site from its listing. With violent anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the world, I do not believe that Google would wish to associate itself with such repugnant activities. Am I correct to assume that JewWatch slipped under your radar? Unless you are planning s special category for criminally vicious organizations, please remove JewWatch from your search engine. Thank you.
69300. Rachel Berliner  
69299. SARA NANKIN  
69298. Michael M. Savoy  
69297. Daniel Nyiri Please get rid of that website now.
69296. Yoel Crane  
69295. Richard Rogoers  
69294. Michael Stumpf I won't use Google again until you remove Jewwatch
69293. Alex Sagan I understand technically this result, but it requires active corection by you.
69292. Debbie Sheanin  
69290. Morley Faber  
69289. nelson lenard  
69288. Bonnie Litch  
69287. David Citron  
69285. Natasha Kay  
69284. Norman Pollack Please Remove from Google Search Engine.
69283. Micah Trilling  
69282. Noam Arnon  
69281. David Hershlikovitz  
69279. Doreen Cort  
69278. Limor Raviv  
69277. Jocelyn Weissman  
69276. Lisa L. Rubin  
69275. Alison Greene  
69273. dena nelson  
69272. Elliott Barowitz  
69271. Lesley McKay  
69270. jodi kirschner  
69269. shep bennet an abomination
69267. Jeff Ritterman Google, Do the Right Thing, Remove Jew Watch.com
69266. Wendy Friedland Please review and remove this offensive site
69265. dena lenard  
69264. Heidi Craig  
69263. Barry Nova  
69262. Elena G. Please remove the inappropriate website from Google results
69261. Marsha Weintraub  
69260. Lawrence Elliott Hirsch  
69259. Sheila Tadavarthy  
69256. Adam Fader  
69254. M.Lewis Actor There is enough hatred in this world without
69253. irving kesser  
69252. Shimon Fogel it is outrageous that so clear an offense must still require such a bureaucratic process to rectify. shame on google.
69251. Deborah Samuels  
69250. debbie ali  
69249. Donald Weintraub Disgusting!
69248. Zahava B  
69247. robin leeder  
69246. Lauren Adler  
69245. Shahar  
69244. Adam Goldman  
69243. Karen Votava  
69242. Tamara Pearl  
69241. Victoria Lynn  
69240. Amy  
69239. yael neeman  
69238. Julie Altman Please adddress this issue now.
69237. Nancy Asnes  
69236. Maris Rosenberg  
69235. David Orzech  
69234. Laurie Hanks this is completly inflamitory and needs to be removed...i don't know anyone who would not be bothered by a horrible sight like this
69232. Steven Bakst Correct this breeding of hatred
69231. Kathy Seror  
69230. Susan Cohen  
69229. eileen schupak  
69228. michael malet  
69227. Kimmeth Jackson Peace
69226. Robert M. Gault  
69225. Michele  
69224. F. Penina Hoffnung  
69223. Robert berghash  
69222. Lee Marks Please Remove this site
69221. Sarah Singer  
69220. Karen Weissbecker Remer  
69219. Judith M Cohen  
69218. Holli Berry The first information that one should get when using the search word, 'Jew' , should be about the Jewish religion and not some anti-semitic garbage. Please remove the very offensive JewWatch site from Google. You will be doing the world a favor.
69217. Clifford Horowitz I am appalled that an organisation such as Google would knowingly allow this sort of bias. This in my view makes them a party to terrorist activities
69216. Jamie Ackerman  
69215. Natalie  
69214. Amy Hanegan  
69213. Jean rachel Silverman  
69212. Alyson Loria  
69211. gloria geraghty  
69210. Jacob Rabinovich  
69209. debbie a.  
69207. Francis X Meaney  
69206. Kinney Zalesne  
69205. Costin  
69204. carol feid  
69203. Herman j  
69202. Ian Bijou  
69201. Sherry Ayache remove jewwatch from google!!
69200. Dr. Lydia S. Rosner not worthy of a search engine. please remove.
69199. Bruce Sokler  
69198. Jane Kenney Please remove this site. We do not need more hate.
69197. Sandy Lipman  
69196. Bernardo Grossman  
69195. David S Cohen  
69194. Rosalyn Winer  
69193. jesse levine  
69192. Jody  
69191. Brad Pepper  
69190. Michael Ackerman  
69189. Dr. Eliot Lawrence Gardner JewWatch.com is a vicious hate-filled site. Your placing it as the first "hit" that comes up when searching under the term "Jew" is Un-American. If Google.com can't tell what is American and what is Un-American, I suggest that you move back to Russia, where hate speech and hate emails and hate websites are common. Frankly, maybe Google.com DOES belong in Russia. I did NOT serve three years in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War to protect hate speech and hate websites.
69188. Vadim If you won't remove the site, I will never enter to Google.
69187. corey mass Ê
69186. Leonard Polk  
69185. Perry Lundon  
69184. Joel Streicker  
69183. jason strauss  
69182. David Landa  
69181. David Katzir  
69180. Dr. Mordy Shizgal  
69179. sheila gendil  
69178. sherle davis  
69177. Frances Drayson  
69176. Elaine Thursie  
69175. stephen e. cohen  
69174. thomas fried  
69173. Pamela Tran  
69172. roberta fox  
69171. BBergman  
69170. Larry Hayden  
69169. Jamie Garnet Remove This Site At Once!!!!!!!!
69168. Stuart Cohen  
69167. Dr. Stephen Shimberg  
69166. Joe Storthz  
69165. Jodi Ackerman  
69164. Runi Goyal  
69163. Selma Master  
69162. Helen Pshedesky  
69161. michael byrne  
69160. JILL PARRIS must be removed
69159. ewelina this sucks!
69158. miriam korenberg  
69157. Barbara Ann Lewine Where is your moral integrity?!
69156. Larry Uhlik  
69155. rodolfo gonzalez  
69154. Howard Richmond
69153. Ashira Drury  
69152. Lorna Bain  
69151. David M. Zwick  
69150. Mark Schoenberg disgusting
69149. nate ron  
69148. Katie Kaminsky  
69147. samuel topal  
69146. jessica wittcoff  
69145. Lewis Geffen Despicable hateful trash site
69144. harry ross  
69143. Mitch Ignatoff  
69142. Karen Martin  
69141. J K Freedman  
69140. Edward Hilson  
69139. Kevin A. McCluskey  
69138. Elyse Maloni  
69137. Diana Steele  
69136. Debra Joseph  
69135. Daniel Clivner Surely there is a better first link
69134. Steven Greene  
69133. Lida Ahadian  
69132. Richard Zellon  
69131. Elisa Swern  
69130. brian kessel  
69129. Rebecca Kent  
69128. Susan Golden The aforementioned website is hateful and does not belong in an honorable search enging.
69127. Aviva Guttmann  
69126. Mariann Springer  
69125. ava shulman  
69124. Eric Ferkel I can't believe Google is even making this part of the process. Shouldnt they realize a racist website when they see and want to remove it themselves.
69123. Jeffrey Alpert  
69122. Gene Kaplan  
69121. Bennett Schwartz  
69120. Deborah Shindell  
69119. Carlos La Rosa  
69118. Meryl Kravietz  
69117. joyce solochek  
69116. Lev  
69115. Benjamin Spector  
69114. Esther Richmond Is this America or Nazi Germany?
69113. Hillary Oberstein  
69112. Shelley Frisch  
69111. Ken Purvis  
69110. mary anderson  
69109. joseph  
69108. offer stav outragess
69107. Becky Petit  
69106. barrry  
69105. Susan Lipsig  
69104. Margarida Lane Reik wish to remove this page from Google
69103. Robert Jack  
69102. Caren Lee  
69101. stuartharris  
69100. Bianca Gadi  
69099. marsha gordon shame on you !!!
69098. Bonnie Greenberg  
69097. Donna Goldstein  
69096. michelle koren  
69095. Karina Collie  
69094. John M. Cooper  
69093. Julia Hoffmann  
69092. lorraine lieberman  
69091. Boaz Dorfzaun  
69090. mary anderson  
69089. barry leitner  
69088. Eric Morrow  
69087. randi schulman  
69086. Paul Frechette Hate speech is not free speech.
69085. Marc Benyowitz  
69084. Sheryl Kay Schwartz This must be stopped immediately
69083. Jack R. Johnson JewWatch.com is offensive!!!
69082. Juliet Greenfield this is scary! Remove it before more people are killed in the US and Israel!
69081. SilviaS Google shouldn't be a partner to this shameful site
69080. jay reisbaum  
69079. Hadassa  
69078. simon sargon  
69077. guillermo  
69076. Eshon Allen  
69074. gloria gellerman  
69073. Robert S. Goodman This and all things like it are despicable and should be removed from Google's search engine.
69072. Douglas S. Lee  
69071. Eleanor Curry I am appalled that this is not only listed, but number 1 on your list
69070. Judy Windrix  
69069. Laura Kaye  
69068. Mike White  
69067. Beth L.  
69066. A Katz  
69065. Tim Dotterweich  
69064. Paul Solon  
69063. Elizabeth Cohen  
69062. Daniel Navon  
69061. Barbara Cores Disgraceful and Disgusting!!!!!!!!
69060. Jerry Leiderman  
69059. Rephael Remove atonce!!! this is Terrible!!!
69057. Lewis M. Elliott Please remove ASAP !!!!
69056. Yordana Pesah  
69055. alyse  
69054. Tammy Shpall  
69053. Rachel Wagner  
69052. joyce gurfein  
69051. M. Wolff  
69050. Sue Avisar Please remove any hate site about any group of people. Please remove any hat site that is intolerant of all people. We need to be tolerant of all .
69049. Lauren Klein  
69048. coetzer  
69047. Stephen Bluver  
69045. Jennifer Gronberg  
69044. diane katrz  
69043. Paula Griffin  
69042. S Greenfield  
69041. Inès Holzbaur  
69040. M.TAL  
69039. Hazel N Irving  
69038. simon sargon  
69037. V. Shinder  
69036. susan streit  
69035. Rae Benjamin outraged & angry
69034. Joan Solomon  
69033. Judy Caplan  
69032. Craig Laurier  
69031. Zion Ovadia It's begun with that
69030. Christy Rosen  
69029. Justin Cohen  
69028. S Ronen  
69027. Nancy Greenberg Remove this offensive site
69026. Katie Friedland  
69025. JEFF BECKER  
69024. Cheryl Pelavin I think this is important in the light of history
69023. barry smith  
69022. carole katz  
69021. Maury Veedell  
69020. orly cohen  
69019. Ellen Millender  
69018. Lori Baron Disgusting for Google to even host this site
69017. Vladimir Roudik  
69016. laurie  
69015. julie burnett  
69014. J Ronen  
69013. Gloria Loew  
69012. Frances P. Fall  
69011. Milla Nesmeyanova  
69010. S. Kobal The person or persons that set up the website are very very sick and do need help.
69009. Boris Goldstein It is sad that this kind of flop could happen. I understand that google site ranking is mostly automatic but they should've known better! Especially taking into account their own ethnic composition!
69008. Rebecca Katz  
69007. JEAN BOYACK  
69006. bernard solomon  
69005. Ruth Lilienfeld  
69004. T. Fenkell  
69003. Dan  
69002. brian broveman  
69001. Leonard J Wolff  
69000. Neil Temkin  
68999. Deborah Coriat  
68998. Joseph P. Sobel  
68997. Jack Goldstein  
68996. mitch baruchowitz  
68995. Theresa Boscia  
68994. W.L.Rose  
68993. Dean Solo  
68992. Adrienne Cohen Please remove web page
68991. greg silvershein  
68990. R Kramer  
68989. richard segal  
68988. Jocelyn Duplissie  
68987. jose luis barranco tello por la defensa del pueblo judio
68986. Sandra Becker  
68985. Bobby Younesi  
68984. Darryl Foster  
68983. Stan Schwimmer why be stubborn, it doesn't deseve first place in the search retrieval, leaving it there insults thousands of yoursubscibers
68982. Anne  
68981. Brett Solo  
68980. Harvey Tilker It is offensive
68979. Nina Wishengrad  
68978. Cherise Metz  
68977. Gary Stollar  
68976. Don Cahall  
68975. Eli Bina  
68974. Naomi Behar-Perez  
68973. nacho  
68972. steven  
68971. Yuri Rashin  
68970. Ron  
68969. Chiz Schultz  
68968. Jeremy Avery  
68967. Lunia Boracay  
68966. julie katz  
68965. judith  
68964. June R. Bierman  
68963. Elion Levitan  
68962. pollka 1234
68961. Karen K. Miller  
68960. Uri Nachshon  
68959. Carole Bland  
68958. T. van Es Molenaar It dos not belong in live, why then on internet?
68957. Eli Gazala  
68956. Fiona Solo  
68955. abby sattell  
68954. Tal Avseyev  
68953. Alberto Abecasis  
68952. Diane Sendzul Sapir  
68951. Katie Nelson Remove this website
68950. daniel hedaya  
68949. e. yogev it is an outrage that such hatred still exists and that Google.com is part of spreading lies and evil.
68948. Josef Rovner  
68947. Moses Nasar people are strange...
68946. Rob  
68945. Jeremy Burke  
68944. Emanuel Kanal  
68943. E. TORCANN YOU ARE BIAS & NOT TOO SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
68942. Joan Lansky  
68941. Miszka Dauerman  
68940. Susan R. Ziemer  
68939. Andrew Black  
68938. Maxine Gallander Wintre  
68936. Allison Schaffer  
68935. Joellen Brown  
68934. Mark Salzberg  
68933. Darnell H. Clevenger  
68932. Lori Kassoff Shame on you, Google!
68931. Myron A. Tupa  
68930. Michael J Gershtenson  
68929. Allen Ehrlich  
68928. Jacqui Grunfeld  
68927. Geraldine Sherman  
68926. Brenda Rodier  
68925. Brian Lefkowitz  
68924. yev SHAME!!!!
68923. Salomon Abadi  
68922. Jonah Davis  
68921. B Gustavo Scherman  
68920. Jetty R. van Gelder-Pinto  
68919. Joyce Broome  
68918. Sandra Lewis  
68917. Harriet Leitner  
68916. Sarah Allentuch  
68915. Robert Feinblum Am sorry that Google deins to be so ignorant & naive
68914. Gwen Meno  
68913. Ward Deutschman  
68912. David Alvarez  
68911. Harold N. Heller Please take this horrid site off the internet
68910. Jonathan Bell  
68909. Marc Schmerler  
68908. Teresa Coronado  
68907. Candice Sharar  
68906. Shelley Billik  
68905. Rachel Shapiro  
68904. Robert Rosenthal Incredible that a petition is required to do the right thing and change your search order as not to inflame anti-semitism..
68903. Melka Goleczynski  
68902. Sidney Rabinowitz  
68901. Ellery Lew  
68900. andrea f. needlman  
68899. Robin R Get rid of Jewwatch.com
68898. Phyllis Heller  
68897. Scott Smith  
68896. Sean A. Ryan  
68895. Jeanne Young  
68894. Elisa Frischling-Faden  
68893. J Rosen as an aol subscriber I protest this site
68892. Nice Site Equal rights to Net!
68891. Rozanne Burstein  
68890. Laurent Hodes  
68889. Norine Gerson What a shame on Google's name to permit this ot occur
68888. Stephen Faden  
68887. Hannah Dithrich  
68886. CK  
68885. Dmitriy Zamoshchin  
68884. William Terry  
68883. AHouva Steinhuas Please take action on this anti-semetism is something that needs to be attended to on an ongoing basis. DO you really want to support hate sites?
68882. JANN SEFF  
68881. David Levin  
68880. Ava Saperstein  
68879. T. Novick  
68878. michael goldberg  
68877. Burt Kirson Do the right thing!
68876. Randi Kaufman Long  
68875. Tamar Sternthal  
68874. Sandra Schwarz  
68873. gary reshefsky  
68872. Robert Glantz  
68871. Ian Verstegen  
68870. Liviu Vogel  
68869. Joel Edelson do the right thing, please!
68868. Hal Rosenthal  
68867. Dan Fraenkel, D.Sc.  
68866. Claire M. Bessinger  
68865. Kenneth Kolman  
68864. singing  
68863. uri  
68862. Eddie Symons  
68861. Aaron Ingram  
68860. Sheila Swartzman  
68859. Saul Posel  
68858. Rona Wells  
68857. Phyllis Garfinkel It's disgraceful that this is even necessary!
68856. Maureen Kreindel  
68855. Torin Togut  
68854. Alon  
68853. ALAN SANDLER It would appear to be an absurd assumption that any buisness (or other)entity would have as it "source" false and hate filled vitriolic references to any group/nation/people rather than have the learned truthful websites as the initial first reference points.They can be controversial sites,but let them be based on fact or real historical research rather than hate sites with no substance other than "hate"
68852. Laura Segel  
68851. Roslyn Fogel  
68850. M. Perlstein  
68849. Lisa Samick  
68848. Irving Pector  
68847. Sam Woolf  
68846. Emil Bodenstein  
68845. Roz Obolsky  
68844. Cecelia Jaffe Just what the world needs...more hate!!!
68843. Simone Sasson  
68842. doron  
68841. Herbert Magness  
68840. isak alfassi  
68839. Carla Buchalter  
68837. Crystal Davidov  
68836. Kelli  
68835. Brad Brown  
68834. j goodman  
68833. Arlene Dyne Please remove Jewwatch.com ASAP
68832. Diana Jacobs  
68831. Julie Kagan It's disgusting Google allowed this
68830. David Woolf  
68829. r. rubins love not hate
68828. Frances Ehrmann At least make it last on the list
68827. Julia Rosenfield  
68826. Lee Friedman  
68825. Avram Freedberg  
68824. SUZAN SATTELL remove smut now!
68823. Stephen Pepper  
68822. Kate  
68821. ernest grossblatt  
68820. martin fass  
68819. Harold Kalishman  
68818. Madelyn S. Smallberg Google should show responsibility and remove terrorists!
68817. Carol L. Haddad  
68816. Julie Goldstein  
68815. Gregory Mayzelshteyn  
68814. Tina Levin Abominable!
68813. Rabie Joseph  
68812. Karen Fishbein  
68811. karin  
68810. amelia melnick  
68809. L S Baker  
68808. Doris Schaffer Google shouldn't need a petition to do this!
68807. Marlene Magness  
68806. L. Zager  
68805. sands auerbach  
68804. Heidi Sommer  
68803. R. Greenberg  
68802. Joseph Rothenberg  
68801. Mimi Gross  
68800. neil burton  
68799. Martin Levison the site is illegal - it incites racial hatred
68798. Stephen Portnoi  
68797. barb wiseberg  
68796. Lisa Nudelman  
68795. David Atlas  
68794. Eugene Lerner  
68793. Marty Feldman  
68792. Ram Levy  
68791. Toni Robinson  
68790. Larisa Kamm  
68789. Richard Shnieder  
68788. Marlene Magness  
68787. myra fass  
68786. Bruce Grossman  
68785. Bruce J Zoldan Please remove this tasteless sight
68784. Ann Katcef The credibility of your search engine is in jepardy
68783. max wald  
68782. Elaine Schick  
68781. Anthony  
68780. Deb  
68779. H. Frank  
68778. Sharon Skoble Goldstein How revolting.
68777. Julie Langsam  
68776. Susan Bittker  
68775. Nurit Dagan  
68774. Lana Lewis  
68773. Robert Hellman  
68772. Adrienne Newberg This is a disgrace and it needs to stop now!
68771. Murray Singer Disappointed in Google and their lack of standards.
68770. Antony Egnal  
68769. smaga  
68768. Richard H. Bowen Please remove this offense at once.
68767. Warren Weiner  
68766. John Lefton  
68765. Mindy Levin  
68764. Cheryl Goldstein  
68763. David Newman This is a no brainer...Remove it.
68762. Sarah Levine-Gronningsater  
68761. Yaen Vered  
68760. jenny  
68758. Augustin  
68757. Marcia Grusin  
68756. elizabeth lauer  
68755. mona moorman  
68754. Amy Lewis  
68753. Ronald Goldberg  
68752. Brad Lehrman  
68751. Linda Korman Spiegel, MD  
68749. Eilon Golan  
68748. heidi strizzi  
68747. David Martin  
68746. Hara Dembowski  
68745. Jason Kimelman-Block  
68744. Karen Azran  
68743. mal margolin  
68742. stefan  
68741. Andy Ricover  
68740. Joanne Stewart  
68739. zalman bukiet its a disgrace
68738. Barbara Fitzhugh does seem anti-semitic
68737. Martin Nissenbaum  
68736. Pranom Eyal  
68735. miguel steinjamer  
68734. Susan Brody  
68733. Jan Sokol-Katz With the state of the world as it is, it is an atrosity that any child can type the term "Jew" and see such hatred existing in our own country. Please do not allow this to continue. I beg you.
68732. Kevin Jacobs  
68731. Robert Ross  
68730. Neil Clarke The internet is so open and free that anyone can voice any opinion. Whilst in principle this is good, certain websites can lead to incitement and hatred. This should be stopped!
68729. Charlene Tiller I find this site to be offensive and disgusting!
68728. Barbara Kovacs  
68727. Sybil Lazarus  
68726. Klair Grace  
68725. sue n  
68724. Sue Horst  
68723. Guy Razy  
68722. Barbara Podair  
68721. david kenner take it off, its racist
68719. stephanie Kleinman  
68718. kay whitehead  
68717. Youval Eyal  
68716. Rena Prozzer  
68715. Judy Hennessey  
68714. sharon strauzer I would hope that you take this very seriously as the climate in the world today festers with enough anti semitic rhetoric without making this sick website universally available thank you
68713. Iain Lanyon  
68712. Dan Rawsterne  
68711. Maggy Kaplan  
68709. Andrew Kaplan  
68708. Arline A. Rosenzweig  
68707. Krulik Wilder Remove the JewWatc.com
68706. Geoffrey Martin  
68705. cohen robert & caryn  
68704. Jules A. Cohen  
68703. Adrienne Opalka Please remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine
68702. George Greenwood This is sick!
68701. Bob Siskind show some class...get rid of this garbage
68700. rita chernyak  
68699. Einat Mazafi  
68698. Jon Tarshish this country doesn't need to encouragre hate filled web sites. Let's promote tolerence and understanding not hate.please remove jewwatch from google.
68697. Ethel Teitelbaum Why would Google accept a hate filled site?
68696. Steven Baron  
68695. Elliot Leibowitz  
68694. AL KATZ  
68693. Laurie G Am I suprised...??? Hardly.....Small minds
68692. Allison Berger  
68691. David Yonteff Dumb site with badly researched "facts". Anyone who believes that junk has something SERIOUSLY wrong with them.
68690. hedda morton  
68689. Lauren Gerr-Pavlovich I am shocked that google does not have enough sence to keep this hatred out of a public list. Shame on you!
68688. Yacob Yemane Remove the site which has a Middle Ages agenda, since it contributes nothing to genuine knowledge.
68687. Ira Gaberman  
68686. William Alper Please remove from web sight
68685. Stanley Zerlin  
68684. Steve Golden  
68683. Yoram Yeivin  
68682. Larry Glusman  
68681. Michelle Rappin  
68680. Lauren  
68678. Josh Haims  
68676. Lois Ross  
68675. Lori Sussman  
68674. Joellyn  
68673. Jeffrey Schoenberg Hatred and bigotry are the destruction of society
68672. Daniel Laufer  
68671. leon h. klingher  
68670. ely  
68669. walter g. steblez  
68668. Eric Wininger  
68667. Martha Jean Gensler  
68666. Anthony Ross How disgusting that google would let this hateful garbage reside on their servers
68665. Boyd Freedman  
68664. Esther Reiter It is horrible that Google would allow this anti semitic site to be the first site when logging on to Jew. I am not even sure that this type of site should be allowed at all. It is unclear that it falls into the allowable free speech category. Please do something about this obvious oversite on your part. Thank you.
68663. Steve Rothschild  
68662. Geraldine G. Newman  
68661. Barbara Weiser Google should be ashamed of putting a community which is targetted through having to write a petition. There are people behind google who should have some sensibilities about hate mail.
68660. Brenda Abuaf  
68659. Eran Nevet  
68658. Alice Flusser  
68657. Sheryl Taubin  
68656. Deborah Rubenstein  
68655. Daryl Briefer -Ericson  
68654. Beth Randall Branigan  
68653. eileen maguire  
68652. Eric Stein  
68651. Brian Forman  
68650. Mary Russell  
68648. Sally Olds  
68647. Robert Wildman  
68646. shani  
68645. Janice Gordon  
68644. Hecky Lazar  
68642. Michael Rubin  
68641. Karen Kondor  
68640. Idit Papular  
68639. Steven Sackey  
68638. Leah Hakimian  
68637. Bruce Bratman this is horrible
68636. Julie Wallace  
68635. gary altman  
68634. Asher Moser  
68632. Michael Hatchwell  
68631. jim  
68630. Zav Liebling  
68629. Marcia Cebula do not send any emails to me please
68628. E. Levy It shouldn't require so many signatures to remove a hate site.
68627. martin singer  
68626. David Malman  
68625. David Mandel, MLA, ASLA Anti-semitism is the advocacy of genocide, which is conspiracy to commit mass murder. Under U.S. and international law, anti-semitism is illegal.
68624. Michal Brosh  
68623. Susan Wisenfeld Please remove the website: Jew Watch
68622. Howard Joseph  
68621. Levy Van Leeuwen  
68620. Nancy Siegel  
68619. Karen Smith
68618. Wendy Bar-Yakov  
68617. mara  
68616. Francine Bloch  
68615. Nancy King  
68614. Cindy Nachman-Senders  
68613. Diane Servos-Newman  
68612. Robert Fink please remove this vile site
68611. Sandra Fox  
68610. Brown  
68609. Petr Krasny  
68608. J. Zweben This site is despidable.
68607. cathy schwartz  
68606. Myra Epstein WOrk for love and peace and understanding!
68605. Tony Gelfand  
68604. Beth Counihan  
68602. philip parnes thanks for letting us have a say
68601. G.L.K. Greengard Please keep Google the best in all respects!
68600. susan andrew  
68599. amie  
68598. Ira Kleinman  
68597. Andrew If someone googles jew antisemitism is obviously not what the're searching for!
68596. Mike Tsarfin  
68595. Jonathan Ginsberg  
68594. Jonah Sears It is important that the internet does not become a tool for mass hate!
68593. Mitchel A. Wald  
68592. Allan Weissman  
68591. Hope Roberson this site is highly offensive to me and should not be the first site listed on google. I use your search engine daily , but will consider another if this isn't fixed.
68590. Robert Schwartz  
68589. Sidney Ingber  
68588. richard zaiff Google should have the common sense to make such anti-social sites the lowest of the low ranks of search results. Make it harder not easier to find such garbage.
68587. Stephanie M. Gordon Despicable
68586. Daniel Lioz Remove it immediately please.
68585. Deet Lewis How ugly to have Google be a part of that part of history that should have been left behind SO long ago.
68584. E. Rex  
68583. Michelle  
68582. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schindelheim Children are taught in school to use Google as a research location for their projects. It's a shame that Google does not live up to its reputation for being a place to receive unbiased or hatred messages.
68581. dan  
68580. emma The site is disgusting and should be removed immediately!
68579. Craig Juleff  
68578. J.Leonard Romm  
68577. Leonard Rudner Just Do It !!!
68576. Walt Conkirlee  
68575. frank feldman  
68574. Elisa Abelleira Thank you
68573. rosalie futterman  
68572. S. Rabins  
68571. AICH  
68570. Michael Levy  
68569. Jeffrey E. Sager  
68567. Terri Brown  
68566. Jennie Goldress  
68565. Shannon Sanders  
68564. Rebecca Zeenberg horror
68563. Boris Zubry Hating the other people means hating yourself first of all.
68562. Ann Rachlin disgusting
68561. Hellen Hathaway Shut Down the site. Don´t allow illegal material
68560. Mark Rubert  
68559. Paul M. Corwin  
68558. Doreen Brown  
68557. Ronald H. Landau  
68556. Jerome & Marilyn Soble  
68555. richard chapin  
68554. Jeff Lippman  
68553. Stephen Kurzman  
68552. yoash  
68551. Jeffrey Kolnick  
68550. Esther S Joffe  
68549. Jaime Santiago  
68548. Jeffrey B. Mendell  
68547. JOHN J. GAVIN, JR.  
68546. Jean Silk  
68545. Gill  
68544. Dr. Yoram Etzion  
68543. Justin Briskin  
68542. Rachel This is disgusting
68541. Amy Armentano  
68540. Daniel "B'chol dor v'dor, omdim oleinu lechuloseynu, vaHaKadosh Boruch Hu, mutzeleinu miyodom!"
68539. Laura Reilly I am horrified that people cannot live in peaceful cooexistence, and feel they must be suspicious of anyone who is not exactly like them. What an awful world this would be with no diversity!
68538. Zvi Aaron Nix  
68537. Marjorie Kenin  
68536. Debbie Jacob  
68535. Ron Connelly  
68534. steven kaplan this is ridiculous. free speech at its worst.
68533. R Hallgarten  
68531. Gail L. Nussen  
68530. amy berkowitz  
68529. Netania Steiner Google's endorsement of this site proves that they are no different from all the anti-semitic hate-spreaders of the world.
68528. Deborah Siegel  
68527. barry schochet  
68526. Jon Morgenstern www.jewwatch.com is a hate site ! shut it down !
68525. joanne sultar  
68524. Susan Stein  
68523. Sara  
68522. Lanny Nye  
68521. Terri Yutar This site is not appropriate to have on a regular search engine. It promotes anti-semitism and is just too accessible! This site must be banned!
68520. Lisa Rosenfield  
68519. Alan Wollenstein  
68518. al lewis  
68517. Laura Maoz  
68516. Yosef Hadar  
68515. amy berger  
68514. herman  
68513. Joseph Lipner  
68512. Don Greenberg  
68511. Margaret McCray  
68510. robert corman Is this what google would want to be remembered for? Please remove this site!
68509. Jack Korman  
68508. Tehilah  
68507. Rabbi Arthur Rutberg  
68506. Danielle Silver  
68505. Kolya Braun-Greiner  
68504. Leo Honigwachs Remove Jew wach.com
68503. Juan Pablo Zalcman  
68502. Laraine Mandel  
68501. Paul Wiener  
68500. Judith Selakoff This is an utterly horrendous item to appear on the Google Search Engine and needs no be removed as rapidly as possible.
68499. katty rosenstock  
68498. Helen Shane  
68497. Justin Young  
68496. ami goodhart very hateful site
68495. Sheara Braun  
68494. Allan Luskin Remove this site NOW. This is an embarrassment to you.
68493. Charles Leisten  
68492. Barbara W Brandom  
68491. Robert Statfeld  
68490. bobbi bronstein  
68489. barbara krasman  
68488. Natalie Bourak  
68487. Wayne Horwitz  
68486. Evelyn Orenstein  
68485. johnn c mannix  
68484. Asher Tamir I am very disapointed by Google.com I am seriously considering to instruct all our 200+ employees to stop using it and urge their families to do the same. They can use Copernic instead.
68483. Harvey Rhodes I hope I don't have to explain how offensive and dangerous the website JewWatch.com is.
68482. Heather Grossman don't remove it, but change the pattern for it to come up under anti-jewish, antisemistic or hate -- truer to the nature of the site
68481. Sally Plone  
68480. J Colman  
68479. Naomi Horowitz  
68478. Mirjam Ushpiz  
68477. me no
68476. sheryl wiener  
68475. Rita Moore  
68474. Laurie Simon  
68473. S. Wollman I'd expect any web site that promotes the hatred of others based purely on race, religion or gender to be removed from all search engines.
68472. Amy Caulfield  
68471. Stephanie  
68470. Ellen Gross  
68469. mike miller  
68468. Amy Gershater  
68467. Jonathan Dyckman  
68466. L.Brnice Oringher  
68465. loldham I am appalled that something as public as Google should think they are not culpable in the anti-semetic terrorism and culpability in victimizing Israels' citizenry and country of more of the foul breath of the Arab Killers terrorism by allowing such a blatant and anti-semetic site as JewWatch to be left up to taunt the many victims of Islamic terrorism worldwide and that includes the victim Israel and her people now being terrorized by Googles' propaganda terrorist site JewWatch! Shame on You Google... you disgust me by allowing this...Political Left Terrorist Google? You Bet if this site of JewWatch remains!
68464. Jeff Rosner  
68463. Jeff Berger  
68462. Marla J. Silberstein  
68461. ag I cannot believe you will not honor this request. If that is the case, I will not use Google EVER again and I use Google VERY often.
68460. brigid block  
68459. D.Kovler How can you show this.
68458. Cate  
68457. dana malman  
68456. Nancy Baron-Baer  
68455. Mark  
68454. Sara Carmel  
68453. John Hagmann I find this an offensive listing
68452. Les Freeman  
68451. helen rakin please remove!!!
68450. Myrna Levy  
68449. Sharon McKane go get'm... u now have better than 67,000 names
68448. Pamela Dollak  
68447. David J Rubin  
68446. pearl moore TAKE IT OFF THE NET
68445. Lisa Pearl  
68444. Lavi Yatziv I see things like this as a duty for every jew.
68443. Gail  
68442. Rodney Mariner  
68441. david landes  
68440. Alyssa Oberman  
68439. Ric Goodman  
68438. Bonnie Seligson  
68437. Rebecca Van Den Berg  
68436. Bob Schwartz  
68435. alex rosenthal  
68434. samantha alex scott  
68433. Tamara Spiegel  
68432. mitch gardberg Google should be ashamed
68431. Phyllis Tolendini  
68430. Lionel Sonkin  
68429. Diane M Dotterweich  
68428. Ben Rothschild  
68427. sanford gutentag  
68426. M.-J. Taylor  
68425. John Janisse  
68424. Randi Ilyse Roth  
68423. Daniella Givon  
68422. Ben Westelman  
68421. Arkady Frakt  
68420. Adi Price  
68419. Aviva Androphy  
68418. Lori Cohen  
68417. Judy Davis  
68416. Dr Sandra Fisman I am saddened to find this on Google
68415. Susan Zaff Bierman  
68414. Lior  
68412. weisz  
68411. Tuvia Nir  
68410. Blazer Catzen  
68409. Julie S. Putterman  
68408. Judith White  
68407. Lillian Greenberg This is a shocking and terrible example of anti-semitism. It would be interesting to find out what twisted mines designed this website.
68406. sharon smith  
68405. C B de Groot  
68404. Averill Haines stop perpetuating hatred toward undeserving individuals!
68403. kathy k. kurland it's a real shame that this type of thing exists. You will always have misinformed people, like you'll always have to deal with the sick, the poor, etc. But, all it takes is a seed to spread a dangerous lie. God has the last say and His Word says the Jews are the apple of His eye.
68402. Alex Fowler  
68401. Shelbi Post  
68400. Gregg Katz  
68399. Gideon Millul  
68398. barbara silverman scott remember - " NEVER AGAIN"
68396. Beth Stackpole  
68395. elliot sutton  
68394. C.Friedland  
68393. Edward Johnson  
68392. EDNA SONKIN  
68391. howard goldford  
68390. Scott Wittenberg  
68389. Nora Perlmutter  
68388. Carol Eisner  
68387. nancy krauss  
68386. Robert Cohen  
68385. A. Kaplan  
68384. Stephanie Bradley  
68383. robert blumenthal  
68382. geri santini  
68381. Esther Greenfield  
68380. larry pfeffer  
68379. avi  
68378. Jerome J. Maiman  
68377. Nina Birnbaum  
68376. Devid Levy  
68375. Judith Hand  
68374. Kerric Tratt  
68373. Arkady Frakt  
68372. Bobi Dimond  
68371. Ilana Landsman  
68370. Amy Kohn  
68369. Joe Winkelman  
68368. Howard T Hermann  
68367. Jordan Katz  
68366. Natalie Gutin  
68365. Sharoni Gergely  
68364. Arie Perla  
68363. Maurie Shalmone  
68362. Richard Dash  
68361. charles rener  
68360. ricky bagolie  
68359. Paul Hack  
68358. Lainie Simon  
68357. Steve Frazer Please remove this site,a blessing will befall on you
68356. wayne  
68355. irving a katz  
68354. Rochelle Sherman  
68353. Nathan Malkin  
68352. Paulayne Epstein  
68351. Jill Karp  
68350. Ivan Metrofanovich  
68349. BETTY wEST  
68348. judith feiman  
68347. Lori Schor Ulanow  
68346. Joseph H Abeles  
68345. Richard Cohen Incitements to hatred should be removed
68344. Steve Guller  
68343. J. Davis  
68342. marc cahn  
68341. jason haber  
68340. Zvi Bar Sadeh  
68339. Helen Argiro  
68338. Lea Rathbun  
68337. Julia Goldberg  
68336. Leah that is a disgarce to us!
68335. Biff Bacoda  
68334. William Weiss Jr  
68333. Veronica Bisek  
68332. Lucy Coleman  
68331. Donna Fleming  
68330. Robert Elowitch  
68329. Rosalyn Friedman  
68328. Andrea Essling  
68327. Mischa MAISKY  
68326. David Craig McNaught  
68325. David Sacks  
68324. Isaac Zachary  
68323. Mark Scheinfeld Google should be above this beahvior.
68322. Azriel Genack Google needs to take some responsibility for sites that lead to hate
68321. Eileen Brajer  
68320. Marcia Palmisano  
68319. Jacob Richman  
68318. Hilton Plein  
68317. Gail Weinstein The world has enough hate without Google helping it along
68316. elad einav  
68315. Jeffrey Simon  
68314. Z. Chomsky  
68313. Moises Dodanin Villeda  
68312. Jo Sternberg  
68311. Matthew Goldstein  
68310. Sharon Wishnew remove
68309. Marjorie S. Soforenko  
68308. Donal B. Cook  
68307. Patrick Boyd  
68306. Andrew Cartine this is an outrage
68305. Alvin M. Steingold over the 1st Amendment edge
68304. Aaron Goldberg  
68303. A. Plutzer  
68302. Lisa Jervis  
68301. Rachel Bashevkin  
68300. Arlene Siegel cogen  
68299. M Moss We have to stop these sickening web sites
68298. nathalie lowenstein  
68297. Jacob Mittelman  
68296. Stacy A. I. Rabkin  
68295. DR. VOLKOV ILIA  
68294. Judith L. Cook  
68293. dan wald  
68292. K Usher  
68291. jessica shapiro  
68290. deborah schoenblum  
68289. Karen Haines  
68288. Zona Schreiber  
68287. Mary Ann Drach  
68286. Paul Cohen hate should not be at the top of any search results page
68285. Nancy Meyers  
68284. Pinchas Juravel  
68283. Debra Rapoport  
68282. Amy B. Kirschenbaum  
68281. Melody Breyer-Grell  
68280. vicki zachary  
68279. Sepehr Aziz Cohen i cant believe you guys
68278. Brauna Fortgang  
68277. Steven Glassman  
68276. Bill Horne  
68275. Dillon Gilhooley  
68274. Lori Grossman  
68273. Dean Solomon  
68272. C. Friedman  
68271. Pamela D. Rosen Hate speech is not free speech
68270. Michael Rich  
68269. Stephanie  
68268. Esther Schwartz It's a shame that something like this could happen in the year 2004!!!!!!!!
68267. ronald rubinstien  
68266. Lisa Sterman  
68265. Shayna  
68264. Deborah Alter I have always relied on Google and was disappointed to hear of this. Please remove this site.
68263. Rachel Hahn  
68262. d oldham The fact that something like Google does not care if anti-semetic filth is transforming the hatred and terrorism of Arab Terrorist killers towards a small country like Israel who has a right to defend its citizens from these foul terrorist killers and trying to portray the Victim Israel as a killer while Arab Palestinian terrorist killers are portrayed as victims, makes Googles' Villainy as culpable as the Arab Terrorist Suicide killers and bombers are!
68261. Carin Nardone  
68260. Al Merriam Remove this item immediately! More hate data is not necessary
68259. Walter Nathan  
68258. Gene Simon  
68257. Paul Horowitz the site is just a bag of lies and misinformation
68256. Navid A  
68255. Sharon Rubin  
68254. Martha Rosenblatt  
68253. Joel Gold  
68252. Dale Kane  
68251. Raphael Weiss  
68249. Henry and Francine Spenceley Your help in overcomming antisemitism and hate is requested.
68248. Carol J. Froehlich  
68247. dr elaine cooper  
68246. Julie D. Globus  
68245. Stewart Lesser  
68244. Mildred Tinkler  
68243. Edward Etsten It is never too soon to "clean" your own house of Hatred.
68242. Michael Morgenstern I have noticed this site many times and it is demeening and very anti-semitic.
68241. Arthur M. Dinitz  
68240. Lee Shore  
68238. Maureen White  
68237. arnold kitzowsky  
68236. Ora Schwartz with freedom comes responsibility
68235. Mark Feldman  
68234. Bruce Weber  
68233. Mitchell Cohen  
68232. Ziggy Attias  
68231. Lionel Bitoun  
68230. Lisa Watson  
68229. margo cohen  
68228. Sanam Mirzoeva stop anti-semitism
68226. Shneur Gershuni I am surprised that google would require a petition once they were notfied of this, they should have removed it as soon as they were notified.
68225. Janet McDonald  
68224. D Taichman  
68223. Selma Davidson  
68222. elie isenberg  
68221. James Zechman  
68220. pablo alberto sid  
68219. Lisa Dannhauser  
68218. Abraham V. Yudin  
68217. Lori Glatt  
68216. Betty Streim  
68215. Scott H. Neibarger  
68214. Cheryl Haiken Although I am offended by this website being in a search for the word "Jew," I also believe in the right to speech. If you don't plan to remove it completely, please have the respect (no matter what your views are) and take it away from the beginning finds!
68213. Michael David Blumenthal  
68212. Frank Fleischer  
68211. elie  
68210. Barry Rosenthal  
68209. Alexander Razinski  
68208. Leah Cohen  
68207. suzanne beko how could you? you should be ashamed.
68206. aaa  
68205. Eugene Severinovsky  
68204. David Seif  
68203. Jan Magid  
68202. aaa  
68201. Jenel Magid anti semetic
68200. Nahum Almog  
68199. Sivan Fox  
68198. Joe Turkel  
68197. jeremy gainsbury  
68196. James Field  
68195. Beryl Solomons  
68194. Linda Presser  
68193. Jacqueline Jenkins  
68192. Nancy Nix  
68191. Richard Abrams  
68190. Yariv Klein  
68188. a  
68187. j klein  
68186. Daniel Rosenfield  
68185. grace silver  
68184. Melissa Freedman  
68183. david Roberts  
68181. james l shapiro  
68180. diane L  
68179. Samantha  
68178. Yaron Schwartz  
68177. helen wolfe  
68176. JANE ROKEBY please remove this hateful material!
68175. Arlene March  
68174. David van Es remove JewWatch.com
68173. Gary Kerzner  
68172. Dana Newman  
68171. Judith W. Goldman  
68170. Joel Friedman I was appalled
68169. gerald bush  
68168. Sophia  
68167. Harriet Jacobster There is enough hatred and bigotry in this world. You should not promote it by including such harmful sites on your search engine. Those who hate will always find a way to do it....don't help them find a way.
68166. Sanford Akselrad This is disgraceful!
68165. Geri Goldenberg  
68164. Sidney Dockser  
68163. Julie Trevisan  
68162. Dick Farrel The mutants who produce this excrement ought to know My Lord Jesus , born of Jewish parents and Studied of Hebrew faith would surely look down on mutants such as these
68161. Mark Eisenstein  
68160. JOHN CREETH  
68159. FK Reinhofer  
68158. edward and fern wagman suggest contacting fcc,justice dept, and adl if this has not been done already
68157. Steven Beaver  
68156. Laura Yee It is dispicable that this kind of antisemitism continues during this day in age.
68155. eva cooperman  
68154. William Becker  
68153. Scott Einaugler Take that garbage off google
68152. Russell  
68151. Sandra Pochapin  
68150. David Goss  
68149. Joel D. Rosen, M.D. We need to get 6 million signatures!
68148. Cathy Adelman  
68147. John Albano  
68146. Herb and Judy Fogel  
68145. Gloria Britstone This website is extremly offensive please remove
68144. Jill Friedman  
68143. Chanoh O. K.
68142. Galit Kleiner-Fisman  
68141. Ilene Kaye Please remove this from your search engine. Thank you.
68140. Bradley Kuykendall  
68139. Alex  
68138. peter martin  
68137. c0nundruma ad
68136. Robert Blaustein  
68135. Alan Goldrich  
68134. Rose Eisenstein Let's get rid of hate
68133. samantha priestman  
68132. Cheryl Fried Please remove hateful site.
68131. Hayden Krasner  
68130. Ora Mashiach  
68129. Bert Blevis An incredible hate-inspired site propagating unbelievable propaganda and untruths.
68128. Rosemary Alvino  
68127. Berger  
68126. eric wahl  
68125. Chip Stern  
68124. Beth Sokolik  
68123. Eileen Eisen-Cohen Now!
68122. Laura Bates  
68121. sapir  
68120. Norbert Laderoute Totally unacceptable
68119. Bam Margera ~MAKE LOVE NOT WAR~
68118. Stan Ramati  
68117. Hana Inbar  
68116. Ashley Senior  
68115. Jordan Glogau  
68114. Zafra Lerman  
68113. Natalie Dyen Google needs to do something about this.
68112. Matt Brill  
68111. Lori Silverman  
68110. jack kaye  
68109. Amy  
68108. BZW  
68107. Shari Silkoff  
68106. I Davidson  
68105. robert wolfe  
68104. joyce rose thank you for drawing my attention to this
68103. Beth Satterfield  
68102. Grace Bleiweiss  
68101. Mona Balbert  
68100. Robert Bernstein  
68099. Beverly Artz  
68098. Hannah  
68097. Robyn Rabotnick  
68096. Eve Smith  
68095. Meital Zargari  
68094. Mel Schuster  
68093. Jennifer Kotzen Please remove this. Thanks.
68092. Ralph H. Nesson Please remove JewWaatch from Google. It is so offensive!
68091. David Cohen Take it down or won't use Google again!
68090. Laurie Rothenberg  
68089. michael rosman  
68088. David A. Pecot Jr.  
68087. Debbie S Kugelman  
68086. DENIS VOGEL Shameful
68085. William Perell  
68084. Nathalie Goodrich It is appauling that an organization such as Google should support such an outrage!
68083. Chelsea Covington  
68082. diane L  
68081. Brad Tobin  
68080. Nanci Lakin  
68079. Ran BenOved  
68078. khlgdsbl  
68077. David Freedstock  
68076. Bobbi Greenberg  
68075. Edith and Daniel Monson  
68074. Lord Bathory Let Lord Satan feast upon the miserable bones of rascists!
68073. Henry Whitehill It's a pitty in this day and age that hate still exist and the world sits quiet to hoodlums !
68072. Vadim Budman this is getting old
68071. Arnold Robbins  
68070. David Benjamin  
68069. Kenneth A. Organes  
68068. Baillie Vigon  
68067. Avinoam Gelb  
68066. Roger Lazoff  
68065. EL  
68064. Carl G  
68063. Joseph Gindsberg Unbelievable! Trash discredited long ago is presented as legitimate sources (Protocols od the Elders of Zion); Sacred and honored sources and personalities are listed as criminal!
68062. annettekolman  
68061. Dena Brodman  
68060. jmenda  
68059. Karen Olson-Knowles Why fuel the hate, wouldn't it be better to be part of the solution.
68058. geoffrey selby and yaffa selby  
68057. s. seruya remove this garbage immediately!
68056. Cheryl Eisner  
68055. Mindy Odle you need to remove
68054. Koby Cohn  
68053. leah  
68052. Leo Levie  
68051. debra attman this is disgusting!
68050. Ari Fallenbaum  
68049. Naomi Caplan  
68048. shay goldin  
68047. Peggy C. Organes  
68046. joni braunstein  
68045. Judith Hamm  
68044. Brigette Wolf get this god awful thing off
68043. Stuart A. Creque  
68042. hildy richelson please do not post offensive material to any ethnic or religious group
68041. kobi  
68040. L Hildebrand  
68039. Lynda Gilbert Those who don't study history are forced to repeat it
68038. Constance Lowenthal  
68037. Phyllis McConnell Must be removed!!! Very impressionable minds use Google as a resource for knowledge. It's being right there tells many that Google endorses this as
68036. R. T.  
68035. Gary I. Teblum  
68034. Douglas Lucas  
68033. Shelley Malton I am shocked and appauled. This shouldn't be allowed to continue
68032. penny wise  
68031. Rachel Halupowski  
68030. A.B. Dvorchik  
68029. Barbra Gould vile offensive and terrifying.....
68028. Josh Bismanovsky  
68027. Anthony Abrahams  
68026. mark Schlossman  
68025. Tiffany Hill  
68024. Gary L. Fisher  
68023. Daniel Grauer  
68022. Lauren  
68021. Janet  
68020. marv givertz this will only be the first of these scurrilous sites.goog le should take some care , without be coming the ce nsor of hate sites.
68019. Rosalie Ann LaGrutta Such sites should not even be up. Shame on Google!
68018. Mark Freeman Even placing the site further down the list would be appreciated
68017. Cindy Van Fleet  
68016. Carl Frymel  
68015. Nancy Strong  
68014. Noemi Gurian  
68013. Richard  
68012. Debra Mazloff  
68011. Jay Grossman There now are far more than the required 50,000 signatures. Remove this slanderous, hateful site from Google now.
68010. Amnon Pollak  
68009. Tom Peterman  
68008. Brian Sheppard  
68007. Michael Fisher  
68006. Amy Meeker  
68005. Nancy S.  
68004. Stephanie Garry  
68003. Joel Dorfman  
68002. Nancy Kramer  
68001. Gabriela Valero Existe la libertad de expresión, sin embargo, cuándo la expresión es incitar al odio y a la intolerancia, existen reglas y códigos de conducta que todos debemos seguir y vivir, recuerda: Tu libertad termina donde empieza el derecho de los demás. Yo no soy judia, sin embargo ellos tienen derecho a exigir se respete su cultura.
68000. Justin Halprin  
67999. Aimee Hecht  
67998. Lisa Schlossman  
67997. Jenny Romalis hideous
67996. dora straus  
67995. Mike Dyman Classify this site under "antisemitic" or "hate" site, if you must.
67994. Jacques Geyer  
67993. Dr. Ronald Modras  
67992. Anthony Brown  
67991. Debra Stone  
67990. S.Ellis  
67989. Claudia Saffar  
67988. Lisa Huber  
67987. melissa afromowitz  
67986. Amanda Ziskin please remove JewWatch
67985. Jonathan April  
67984. M. Bloom  
67983. sheldon & ruth friedberg  
67982. Paul T.Klein  
67981. LisaBello  
67980. Helen R. Harendza  
67979. Michael Klatman  
67978. susan m gordon  
67977. Murray Staub  
67976. Pat Lieberman  
67975. Jonathan A. Green  
67974. Karol Rose This is outragous!
67973. Howard LaMell  
67972. Diana Charles I am a Catholic and protest the degrading of the Jewish Religion - These people should be ashamed of themselves!!
67971. Leon Aram  
67970. Cathy Wilson  
67969. David Wallach  
67968. Leon  
67967. Angel Schindel  
67966. LEE G JAVETZ  
67965. Ian  
67964. jeff roberts  
67963. Dennis S. Gordan  
67962. Bruce Pacht  
67961. Judy Cooper this is disgusting
67960. Rachelle Berger  
67959. harry kloda  
67958. Lois Lyons Remove this from Google, please
67957. Martyn Slyper  
67956. Len Abelman  
67955. Carol Lobron  
67954. David  
67953. Tracy Askotzky  
67952. Sam Pearlman  
67951. David A Baruch  
67950. Phyllis Santiglia Disgraceful- This should be removed IMMEDIATELY!!!!
67949. Mark Lindzy  
67948. Philip Fischer  
67947. Donna Camitta  
67946. Jay hershkowitz  
67945. Harold Hillman Google: Get Responsible!
67944. Jon Polish  
67943. Joseph Dryer Anti-semetic
67942. Brian Klein As the #1 search engine Google has a responsibility not to promote hate by having the first listed site be antiSemitic. Wouldn't it be better if the first site were an encarta article explaining about the Jewish religion.
67941. Jonathan Stern  
67940. Christine Gromadzyn REMOVE JEW WATCH.COM from GOOGLE Search Engine
67939. eli garber  
67938. Leni Binder  
67937. Raymond Eelsing  
67936. Alan Zuckerman  
67935. Natalie Marquis  
67934. sue  
67933. Judith K. Lohr  
67932. Debby Elshaug  
67931. Missy  
67930. Luba  
67929. Jack Cohen  
67928. Ayala Sharon  
67927. Joe Schlessinger  
67926. Alex Foster  
67925. Elan Blutinger  
67924. Marc Cane  
67923. J. Ruby  
67922. joel tollman  
67921. Janet Horwitz  
67920. Sherry Norwitch  
67919. Nicolas Daleggio  
67918. Mitchell Cohen  
67917. D. Vinocur  
67916. Keren Gorni  
67915. jonathan i flaum  
67914. tal rosen  
67913. Timothy Mack  
67912. S Sampson  
67911. Robert Rubin  
67910. Janina Wilen in line with google's moral outlook, a hate site should not be at the top of a search results page
67909. jay elliot  
67908. David shame on you!!
67907. cathy katz This is the most disqusting,hateful thing I've seen
67906. Joseph Bunson  
67905. Joe Kohen  
67904. Boris Walder It's a shame to put such a web on the internet search engine
67903. Sharon Niv  
67902. Sarah R  
67901. Joel Frandzel  
67900. Lindsay Sacks  
67899. Robert Swartz  
67898. meir erani  
67897. Dan Pries google is NOT obligated to maintain jewwatch as the #1 ranked site
67896. bob Weinstein remove this offensive site.
67895. Barry Solman  
67894. Maria Oh  
67893. Steve M . Solomon  
67892. Joshua Grey  
67891. jack greene  
67890. debi tollman appalled and disgusted by this site
67889. Moshe  
67888. Bella Ceruza  
67887. Barry Dvorchik  
67886. Stephen H. Saltzman  
67885. D. Suponitskiy I was very satisfied having seen how many jews are among famous people though... Anyway jewwatch.com must be shut down.
67884. Christine Faucher  
67883. J. B. Dvorchik  
67882. Abe Greenberg  
67881. Sara J Premisler  
67880. Daphne Genyk  
67879. Jan Silverman  
67878. Freda Gottesman-Brender  
67877. Dawn Tamarkin  
67876. Harold S. Spitzer  
67875. Joshua Grey  
67874. Laura Wachtler  
67873. Freda Gottesman-Brender  
67872. Dov Jaron  
67871. Joseph Abramowitz  
67870. M. Schlechter  
67869. Bella Ceruza  
67868. Sara J Premisler  
67867. Sara J Premisler  
67866. Stephen H. Saltzman  
67865. Jessica Punshon  
67864. Laura Wachtler  
67863. Janet L. Miller  
67862. Amy Silberman  
67861. Lindsay Sacks  
67860. Kathleen A. Kingston  
67859. Yoni Fine Good luck
67858. blair agnew I would like to have my name down for all such sites that generalize and vilify any group of people
67857. gary glassman  
67856. Susan L. Wartur Let your marvelous search engine search as well for understanding and peace.
67855. Alan J. Kaplan Thank you for making the right decison on this!
67854. Renay Gregg  
67853. Jennifer  
67852. michael iron  
67851. keren leizerovich  
67850. Uri Schechter  
67849. allan greenberg  
67848. lior  
67847. Daniel Benjamin  
67846. Dan Freedman  
67845. Ruth Cohen  
67844. Jacobo Braun  
67843. itzik  
67842. Robert Glantz  
67841. Barbara Severino  
67840. Andrea  
67839. Marina Bendit  
67838. Ezra Zeheb  
67837. Carla Vogel  
67836. Miri First  
67835. Jaykee Romi-Babany  
67834. David Pasteelnick  
67833. James Caffey www.jewwatch.com should be removed
67832. David Bloom  
67831. Barbara Scott crimes against humanity
67830. Daphne Philipson  
67829. Shelley  
67828. Uta Feinstein  
67827. Steve Hudson  
67826. Warren Kreckler  
67825. Ezra Zeheb  
67824. Laura Singer
67823. harry brown disgusting
67822. brooke lefkow remove the site
67821. jackie  
67820. Douglas Jacob  
67819. Philip Fischer  
67818. john t. szymkowicz Remove Jew Watch.com immediately!
67817. John Fischer  
67816. Rabbi Gershon Seif  
67815. M. Schlechter  
67814. Matt Lerner  
67813. Carole Saber  
67812. Natalie Dyen  
67811. Ari  
67810. Gayle Weil  
67809. Susan Reisler  
67808. Deborah Eisenberg  
67807. M Maislin  
67806. J Weiss  
67805. Meital Zargari  
67804. John Fischer  
67803. Jody Harper Please remove at once!
67802. Harold Rachesky Freedom to publish doesn't forbid discretion and freedom of choice not to do so.
67801. Carole Saber  
67800. Tim Lowe  
67799. Martha Horman  
67798. Seth Goldman  
67797. Bill Frank  
67796. Avner Guez  
67795. Lisa Shannon  
67794. Keith Bruno  
67793. Ariel Braunstein  
67792. Ian Singer Not like they need an excuse to say 'conspiracy'!
67791. Judi Kramer  
67790. vivien marks  
67789. Emily Horwitz  
67788. Loren Levy I hope google doesn't support sites like this one.
67787. Susan Oher  
67786. bobbie black  
67785. craig cooper  
67784. Julio Zimerman  
67783. beth adler  
67782. Elise Lerner This is appalling!!!
67781. Shelley Lowell  
67780. Ivan Cohen Your requirement of 50 000 signatures is more immoral than the decision to allow this filth to be displayed in the first place.
67779. peggy sheinfeld I will stop using Google if this is not removed
67778. Maria Rosen  
67777. Aliza  
67776. David Fine  
67775. Carol A. Martel  
67774. Rachael Weiss  
67773. Ronnie K  
67772. Alison Bermant Can't you see how dreadfully wrong your system is if this hate-filled site is the first thing listed under "Jew"?
67771. Abraham Birenbaum Terrible site
67770. Julie Boychuk  
67769. Joyce Bargev  
67768. Martin Pollock  
67767. Stacey Cohen  
67766. Mitchell Stewart  
67765. Hanna Weiss  
67764. Joel Lechter  
67763. FD Rothenberg  
67762. Jo Anne Deglin I have great concern. Please remove this. Thanks
67761. Yonatan Zvi  
67760. Anna Simanin  
67759. Ronald J Block shame on you Google
67758. Joshua  
67757. Kenneth P. Apfelbaum  
67756. Michael  
67755. steve wolis  
67754. nelson braff  
67753. Marianne Perez  
67752. Phyllis F. Resnick  
67751. Susan Yorke  
67750. Avi Versanov  
67749. Lance Howard #66976 IS NOT me it is a NAZI coward who is to much of a coward to use his own name. Filthy liar. Why are you such a coward? If you are so proud of yourself use you own name.
67748. Manuel  
67747. Rod Joseph  
67746. Jeffrey Katz  
67745. R. Rose  
67744. michael š
67743. michael kronenberg  
67742. Jennifer Wrightsell-Hughes  
67741. Barry Sufrin  
67740. Alexandra Smith  
67739. Patricia Robinson I think this is disgusting and you should have some controls!!!
67738. Michael Lowenstein  
67737. MARCIE PAIS  
67736. Sheila Szymonowicz  
67735. debbie tussie  
67734. Havkin Noam  
67733. Jill Nagler  
67732. Morris Varon  
67731. diany klein  
67730. mosh zuhmir  
67729. Kevin Shore  
67728. Jennie Raperport  
67727. Maynard Raije  
67726. Moishe Rosen  
67725. Karen Levy  
67724. Gianna Thacker that's horrible!
67723. mayer waxman  
67722. Lawrence Ott  
67721. Havkin Michal  
67720. Nancy Schapiro  
67719. Robert Rubenfeld  
67718. Cheryl  
67717. W. Rife  
67716. louis pais  
67715. Anita Kreitman  
67714. Bruce Kaplan  
67713. chaim  
67712. Aaron Greenberg  
67711. Todd Rice  
67710. Shari Bergquist  
67709. Joan Brosnton descretion si the better part of valor
67708. Jeff Einbinder Please remove this web listing
67707. Donna Katz  
67706. Sarah Thomas  
67705. Murray Grossman Google should remove all similar sites even without this request
67704. Guy Fikhte don't be objective..be humane
67703. Laurie Rosen  
67702. Anonymous  
67701. Casey Stern  
67700. rafal pruchniak  
67699. Judy Z. Lane  
67698. Gabor Herman  
67697. Ike Zisckind horrible
67696. Frank Imas  
67695. Janice Reger  
67694. Beatrice Engel  
67693. matthew trehub  
67692. Denise  
67691. jack beekman  
67688. Cynthia Jill Levenson  
67687. Ann Schimmel Right on the button
67686. herbert kaplan  
67685. Jack W Mendelson  
67684. Charles S. Nusbaum  
67683. judah zelmanovitz  
67682. Carol Fein  
67681. Alberto  
67680. Karen L. Schwartz  
67679. Fran Katcef This is shocking. Please remove asap!
67677. Lynn Frankel it disgusts me to see this website on google...especially first. if you must keep it, make it last
67676. liat tamam  
67675. aLAN zELUNKA  
67674. David Feldman  
67673. Inbal Cohen  
67672. Rabbi David J.B. Krishef  
67671. Abby Irwin  
67670. Irakly  
67669. Estelle Tsantes  
67668. Claire Shindler  
67667. Lynn Kirshin  
67666. karen schlosser  
67665. Denise McDermott  
67664. bram  
67663. Jacob Silber  
67662. Suzette A. Gray please remove this immediately
67661. Arthur  
67660. Ryan Rubin  
67659. R. Vineberg  
67658. Bernard Gerstenblatt  
67657. Rosa Mendelson  
67656. Maureen Fisher Rivkin  
67655. nancy meckler  
67654. Sheree Gravenhorst I would expect to find this site when I entered the word, "anti-semite" and certainly cannot believe it's #1 as an "information source" about Jews. It's appalling.
67653. Jack Arbuss Remove this garbage site
67652. Nir  
67651. Eileen Gale  
67649. Cecelia Ann Hauptman  
67648. michael barker  
67647. james kohner  
67646. boaz  
67645. Benjamin Ovadya So ludicrous, it does not even deserve a response. Clearly pure and simple hatred - just shut it down!
67644. L Bergner  
67643. nick herman  
67642. Simon Summers  
67641. Kimberly Mattson  
67640. ben  
67639. Nancy Gibbs  
67638. Gerard Zarka  
67637. maurice hollman I find it offensive and outrageous.
67636. Yvette Broder isn't there enough hate that we don't have to broadcast it too?
67635. tania kimche  
67634. Jordan E. Beasley  
67633. Berdelle @ Ernest Campbell  
67632. Richard Ittleman  
67631. Esther Please remove Jew hate from Google
67630. Seena metinspain@aol.com
67629. Rachel Franklin  
67628. Randy Greenberg  
67626. Sharon Saunders Do the right thing and cut them off now
67625. Aari Ludvigsen  
67624. Beth Waterfield  
67623. Jacob Cohen Please remove JewWatch.com fromGoogle
67622. Lenore Janis remove Jewwatch
67621. muriel Novak Please remove!!!
67620. Daniel daniel@fem-ltd.com
67619. Charles E. Hirsh Our Company will no longer use Google until this is removed!!!!!
67618. J. MUHLGAY  
67617. Susan Dvorchik It is shameful that Google has this and has not yet removed it.
67616. Amos Tikolsker  
67615. Gabe Gould  
67614. scott lobel  
67613. Berdelle @ Ernest Campbell  
67612. Jim Workman  
67611. Barbara Scott  
67610. Devon  
67609. greg rothman  
67608. Jacqui Levere  
67607. Jack Kasden  
67606. Gabrielle Weiss  
67605. adam schwartzstein  
67604. Donna Olender  
67603. ashley diener  
67602. Shirley Hartman  
67601. Allan Taitz  
67600. Boris Talesnik  
67599. elliott a greenberg  
67598. Steve Zupcic The perpetrators of the Holocaust were "only following orders." Google is "only being unbiased."
67597. moris E. Valle  
67596. doran young  
67595. Robert Frazin  
67594. BRENDA  
67593. Michelle Glasman  
67592. Dr. Bob Zellner š
67591. Gil  
67590. STANLEY MASSEY I am amazed that the Sergey Brin and Larry Page are associated with this disgusting website
67589. Deana Dimpfel 0 tolerance towards any acts of racism!
67588. Fern Silver  
67587. Alexandra Dubois  
67586. SYLVIA Aarons  
67585. Marianna Pluchik  
67584. sharon moliken  
67583. linda  
67582. marc berner  
67581. Jerrold Greenspan  
67580. Roy Schwarz  
67579. Yohai Rabkin Take it off!!!
67578. Charles Gorman  
67577. Mikki Soliday  
67576. Herman Remove immediatly!
67575. Larry Hartman  
67574. daniel i  
67573. Wendy Kendall Hess  
67572. Dan Kenigsberg  
67571. Carrie Jacoves  
67570. Doron Gechtman  
67569. N Moskoff  
67568. Giselle Salmun  
67567. Marvin Michael  
67566. Ethel Tashman HURRY
67565. laurie sporn  
67564. david meckler  
67563. Jason Posel  
67562. Diana T  
67561. Debbie Zimmerman  
67560. Candice Bennett  
67559. moshe dardikman  
67558. Judi Turkel  
67557. Cheryl DeYoung  
67556. Sylvia Heyer  
67555. Laya F. Seghi  
67554. Linda Forbush  
67553. Esther Balch How sad that it never ends
67552. C Maurice  
67551. sophie  
67550. nick elton some of the huge number of people who dissagree with the actions of the israeli government have mistakenly formed anti-semetic sentiments as opposed to the anti-israel ones which they have a right to have. The last thing the jewish community needs is this furthering the mistake.
67549. John L. Cohn  
67548. Benjamin S. Ohrenstein  
67547. Ariel Weiner  
67546. scott woods  
67545. James King  
67543. Marcy H.Lippman  
67542. Peter Fiekowsky  
67541. Lance Howard By now you all must know that I'm a ranting anti-Semite who has signed at least 4 times and written at least four comments. I'm schizophrenic. The motivation for my original comment (signature #65818) wasn't benign, not by a long shot. Please remove all the signatures I've submitted and will submit.
67540. liat walshtain  
67539. Eric Stone  
67538. SHB  
67537. Robert Rollins  
67536. ralph hart  
67535. shirlee wyman harris  
67534. Pete Saig  
67533. Richard Paul  
67532. sheldon neuberger  
67531. Daniel Knobil  
67530. Victor Fisher Freedom of speech does not include: Yelling FIRE!!! in a movie theater when there is not a fire because people will get hurt and maybe even killed. In my opinion Hate crimes are of the same such category.
67529. Brooke Eisenstat  
67528. Trina Miller  
67527. Irene Abrahams  
67526. M Simmons  
67525. J. Kaniewski  
67524. Janis Odensky  
67523. michelle traeger  
67522. Elana Michelson  
67521. Bernard Wassertzug This is a shameful collection of poisonous lies!
67520. D. Beerman Please remove asap!
67519. Sandra Epstein  
67518. moises gorin  
67517. Jamie  
67516. Diane Bukatman  
67515. Joseph Kalmowitz  
67514. Joseph Rackman  
67513. Michael Schwartz  
67512. Michelle K. Gross USA West Coast
67511. caryn schwartz  
67510. Richard Saad  
67509. Betty Preston remove such prejudicial things from your search engine. Thank you.
67508. marc berner  
67507. Phyllis Gotlieb  
67506. Art B.  
67505. Marilyn Muchmaker  
67504. emily remove!!!!
67503. Amy Zimmerman  
67502. merle cohen  
67501. Gien Kamphorst  
67500. Leslie Lerman  
67499. asiii  
67498. Allen Russ Remove this offensive search
67497. Teme M Levbarg  
67496. M. Herman  
67495. Shoshana Plavin  
67494. ERIC MILLER  
67493. J. Kaniewski  
67492. Eric Kronthal I'm all for "freedom of expression", but jewwatch.com promotes hatred through blatant lies. I hope you'll consider removing it soon.
67491. Fern Kaplan  
67490. Ya'acov Costi  
67489. Barbara Braffman Shameful!! Is there no limit, no sense of responsibility as to what is out there on the internet? This is so obviously anti-semitic and so biased.
67488. MAW This is outrageous!
67487. Ofer Hamer  
67486. Marilyn Muchmaker  
67485. Altaras  
67484. Gillian Smith  
67483. Esta Miran please remove
67482. Iain Fergusson  
67481. Stephanie Weintraub  
67480. Rise' This is an outrage and must be stopped
67479. Steiger  
67478. Gail Buchbinder  
67477. Marilyn Flanzbaum I strongly urge the adoption of this petition
67476. Melissa Klayman  
67475. C. Joblove  
67474. Donna Yesner You should be ashamed.
67473. Sue Rosner  
67472. Canuche  
67471. Jennifer Raymond  
67470. Dena Tady Honig this is disgraceful
67469. morene englander  
67468. Alford Bleeker  
67467. shari  
67466. Diane Polevoy  
67465. Jay Saltzman  
67464. jim davidowitz  
67463. david Hiller Please REMOVE this site from Google IMMEDIATLY... Please do not spread HATE... OUR WORLD NEEDS LOVE NOT HATE....
67462. Jason Caplan  
67461. David  
67460. Avner Cobrin  
67459. Astrid Cybulskis  
67458. Victoria Hochman Please remove this from google, if they want to be on the Internet that's one thing, but for you to promote them is another
67457. sharon strauss  
67456. Pamela Juhos  
67455. robert reyto outrageous, must be removed
67454. Gablinger  
67453. Howard Spielberg  
67452. Walter Rubin  
67451. Teme M Levbarg  
67450. Roberta Barroll  
67449. Rema Gerts  
67448. cindy shively  
67447. Moy Volcovich  
67446. Sara  
67445. Georgia Reed  
67444. Mark Friend  
67443. Julie  
67442. Ron Rosenblatt Why would you allow this sort of thing in the first place?
67441. Esther Schwartz  
67440. E. Stein Please help reduce senseless hatred by removing this inflammatory website
67439. David Steinberg  
67438. marsha bernstein  
67437. Christina Whitehead Very disturbing
67436. R Keren  
67435. carol newman Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine. It is offensive. Thank you.
67434. Randy Settenbrino shouldn't we expect more from a respected company like Google?
67433. Lawrence Levy  
67432. Ralph Litwin  
67431. Rachel Silman  
67430. Muji Greene  
67429. trisanne berger  
67428. Karen Freedman  
67427. Steve Ruskin  
67426. Kusiel Perlman  
67425. Daniel Gelb Disgusting, please remove this site
67424. Janis James-Rubin  
67423. Debra K. Leibowitz Help stop Anti-Semitism!!
67422. David Greenberg  
67421. Joshua  
67420. Helene Grynberg  
67419. Anna Strange de Mena I long for the day the people of the world grow up and love one another.
67418. Lynn Straus  
67417. Jani Goldberg I am so offended by this being on your search engine!
67416. heather young  
67415. Howard Berglas  
67414. Wayne Duvall  
67413. stephan morrow This is another example of the New anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head.
67412. Susan please respond to our requests...we can all make a difference
67411. Robert Moskowitz  
67410. norman thier  
67409. SKlausner Thank you for starting this!
67407. Sara Newmark  
67406. Lori Blair  
67405. Liv Stinson Please remove jewwatch.com from google.
67403. dena man  
67402. Shaina Settenbrino outrageous; there are so many really Jewish sites and this one gets top billing???
67401. Merle J. Huerta  
67400. Denis Namdar  
67399. Shannon Chacona  
67398. Wayne Englander  
67397. alec rieger this is disgusting
67396. moshe suedi  
67395. Louise Read This is disgusting. Get rid of it.
67394. Gabriel Pereira  
67393. Ellen Stern In these troubled times, your anti-semitic web sight is counterproductive and hateful.
67392. Abby Chavez Get this garbage off of your site!!!!!
67391. shari berman  
67390. Jordan Slutsky  
67389. John McKenzie  
67388. Rich Bernstein  
67387. Nathan Tatarsky  
67386. Sherry Steger  
67385. Lev Jacobson  
67384. Ariel Caplan  
67383. steve  
67382. Ivan Fowler  
67381. Moshe Turk  
67380. Jane Lipson  
67379. D Feder  
67378. Calvin Gotlieb An ugly site. Clearly Hate Literature, a crime in Canada
67377. harold fantel  
67376. comunità ebraica di trieste  
67375. Moshe Rosenwasser I consider it a travesty that an anti-Semitic site be displayed so prominently
67374. yacov rosenblum  
67373. Emily Cohen  
67372. Jennifer Finger  
67371. andrew davis  
67370. Moul  
67369. Bernard Riback  
67368. Miriam Hipsh  
67367. Sharen  
67366. Lee Terpening  
67365. fany schwartz  
67364. Leesa Berahovich  
67363. Carol R. Bazarsky  
67362. Sol B. Stiss  
67361. Carol Essenburg  
67360. Doug Monas  
67359. andre bruck  
67358. Nee Ross  
67357. Jon A. Levine, Esq.  
67356. Jane Turner  
67355. Norman I. Goldstein Lets get this hate mail off the internet
67354. BethAnn Ashby  
67353. norman massry  
67352. mimi shore  
67351. William J. Cannon Please remove this site. From a devoted Christian!
67350. Barbara Dickins We are deeply endebted to the Jewish people who have again and again made significant quality of life contributions to the world family.
67349. Robert Lapkin  
67348. Ben Cohn  
67347. Sheri Wagner  
67346. Ingrid VanDelman Christou  
67345. manny better  
67344. Daniel S. Koch  
67343. Allison Steigman  
67342. Susan Caine  
67341. Sandi Silverman  
67340. Edna Lazar  
67339. JORGE  
67338. Jeff Starkman  
67337. Alison Haber  
67336. Gary Savage  
67335. Jon Pentel  
67334. David Gellman  
67333. Philip Weinstein  
67332. Melinda Grossman  
67331. Garry anti-semetic
67330. Shelley A. Grubman  
67329. Jacob Schreiber It's rediculous that you need a petition to remove hate content. I will switch back to Yahoo! -- and suggest that the 5,000 Jewishstudents I reprsent do the same -- if I don't get an explanation
67328. barb  
67327. Charles S. Mintz  
67326. S. Weissman  
67325. Jack Walczak  
67324. L Fischbein  
67323. Arthur Einhorn  
67322. Ellen Hirsch  
67321. Joseph Andrews  
67320. Margaret Harrington  
67319. Naomi Singer Would a Christian bashing site be allowed on Google?
67318. Jeff Walczak  
67317. gabriela isman  
67316. Heather Abels  
67315. stewart levitt  
67314. Darryl Silver  
67313. manny better  
67312. david medalyer  
67311. Jana Gelman  
67310. Alan Miller  
67309. Elana L. Yeger  
67308. Fred M. Ross I am amazed that Google would be a participant in this blatantly anti-semitic search
67307. Betsy Walczak  
67306. Steven Pustay  
67305. Raya Gertsburg  
67304. Joel  
67303. shanny  
67302. Snir Malkieli Remove this Value At Once!!
67301. Karen Munday  
67300. Wynn Senning  
67299. mindy kline  
67298. Betsy E. Berman  
67297. fritzi roth  
67296. Michael Spero  
67295. debra handel  
67294. Gillian S  
67293. Ari Pizer  
67292. linda katz do something soon guys!
67291. chana soltan  
67290. Sarah King  
67289. Joyce Bloch  
67288. Leonard Kenowitz, Ph.D.  
67287. j grosman  
67286. Leonard Rubin  
67285. Erwin Zipkis  
67284. Diane Gellman  
67283. Vyacheslav Gordin  
67282. naftali plotnik  
67281. Melvin Stein  
67280. cathy small There is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech. This crosses the line.
67279. Adam Jarvis  
67278. Elaine Golt Gongora  
67277. Wendy Jones Google: Do the right thing - dump this hate site
67276. Jan Prokop This website is not only frightening, it puts forth untruths. Google certainly doesn't need to be party to enabling people to spread incendiary information.
67275. Julie T. Levin how your excellent search engine can support such racist drivel is unthinkable
67274. Randy  
67273. Nancy Kunzman  
67272. Daniela Rotin  
67271. Drew  
67270. linda Fiterman  
67269. Dr. Hunter Cohen  
67268. Peleg  
67267. Andy Weil  
67266. Mary Halperin  
67265. Jane Gaertner  
67264. Michael  
67263. Stefanie kahn  
67262. Meir Koren Should not be done with any petition.
67261. Jacob Hiller, Ph.D.  
67260. Paulette Lipton  
67259. Noa Rosenberg  
67258. Ilona Korik  
67257. Amy Landsman  
67256. martin senator  
67255. Ginger Gomprecht This is so full of hate. Please do not allow your system to have website findings for such terrible groups.
67254. Andrea Shainberg It is sad that in 2004 we are still battling anti-semitism, but
67253. Amram Eshel  
67252. Bruce Z. Walker  
67251. Pamela Fistel  
67250. dorothy lentnek this is propoganda tantamount to nazi-era germany
67249. Haig Avsharian  
67246. Carol Riggio  
67245. Philip Schutt  
67244. Keith Bookbinder  
67243. Chris in this day and age this is revolting remove the site
67242. Josie Arbel  
67241. Joy Fogg  
67240. gideon meir  
67239. Rod Cohn It is in God's hands now.
67238. Andrew Glick  
67237. deb simon in these times, we need to reach out to each other, not against each.
67236. GILI  
67235. e graham  
67234. Itay Hadas  
67233. david benoliel  
67232. Judy Patkin This Website is terrible and should be dropped immediately. We don't need antisemitism to incite more violence against innocent people.
67231. Jim Rosenberg  
67230. Lara Gartner At the very least, make it more difficult to get to. It should not be the first thing someone sees who is researching Jewish people!
67229. Susan Tapper Please remove from google, it is VERY offensive
67228. Barbara Rieger  
67227. isaac  
67226. Udi Lavin  
67225. Strusberg  
67224. Elizabeth kahn  
67223. Robert Abzug  
67222. Eitan this is disgusting and can't go on
67221. Helen This site makes me sick remove it
67220. Marsha Byrnes  
67219. Matt Cutler I am concerned that if Google produces JewWatch when I type in Jew. How can I trust any of the other searches I put in? If I put in Biology will I get fake science sites? You need to think about revamping your search engine otherwise people will go to other engines to produce accurate searches.
67218. Michael Blumberg The Jew Watch site is disgusting. Google is sick and twisted company for posting such hateful and malicious info.
67217. Alan M. Levine  
67216. Liora B. Hill Remove this site...Please...for the sake of what is good
67215. Phyllis Schiller  
67214. ruth darvill  
67213. Eric Zigelman  
67212. Ashley  
67211. ruth brooks  
67210. Marc Musnick Remove this immediately
67209. Sarah Hyman  
67208. Dara DeVito  
67207. Kyle Gillies  
67206. noa erez-rein  
67205. Blair A. Miller How disgusting that this is still happening
67204. SIM  
67203. Barbara Schwarz  
67202. Merrill Hayden  
67201. Craig Rubinstein  
67200. Gary L. Gerstenfeld  
67199. axelrod  
67198. Dave Elitch  
67197. Boris Livschitz  
67196. Alan M. Levine  
67195. David Rosenberg  
67194. J. WARREN  
67193. Rick Boxer  
67192. Stephanie Remove this hate site please
67191. Joseph Adler  
67190. John M. Hoenig  
67189. Martin Weinbaum  
67188. michael holzer Google should have more sensitivity and common sense
67187. Carole Forman I couldn't believe this web site, horrible!
67186. Moshe Bessin  
67185. Elizabeth Fox  
67184. Richard Haller  
67183. Jodi Peterson  
67181. Jeffrey Klein  
67180. Charlotte  
67179. susan tavelman remove web site please
67178. Tiina Soomet  
67177. Mindy Wekselblatt  
67176. Audrey Rothschild  
67175. liz chapman  
67174. Candy Schwartz  
67173. David Daly  
67172. Alex  
67171. steve heifetz  
67170. Thelma Landis PLEASE!!!!
67169. Jill Goldstein  
67168. Herb Robbins  
67167. Rose Cohen disgusting!!!
67166. iris eplan  
67165. Danielle Vacarr  
67164. Ilona Leytman š
67163. Richard Kane  
67162. Rev. Glenn Empey  
67161. Geneva  
67160. Celese A. Greenberg  
67159. jordan goodman  
67158. Ted Gerstl  
67157. Laurel Jurecki There is already too much hate in this world. Help stop it.
67156. Eytan Lombroso  
67155. Joan Caplan  
67154. Robert Berger Google must do a better job screening the sites it posts. This is disgusting
67153. Michael Herman they can be online, but not at the front of the list. How much did they pay?
67152. Warren Keschner  
67151. Lori Rockoff  
67150. Katie Levine  
67149. Alan Weinkrantz this is an abuse of the Web
67148. judytarnow I'm surprised a top search engine like Google would include this site!
67147. Herbert Lobel  
67146. Ian Wright  
67145. Patricia Paczkowski  
67144. Robert Buzinkai Please remove this. This is disgusting.
67143. Sergei Nifontoff  
67142. Timnah Steinman  
67141. Herb Robbins  
67140. Jackie Daly  
67138. Diane Jorgensen  
67137. Sarah Tauman  
67136. Susan A. Drucker  
67135. Matthew Matasar Not only does the website promote hatred, but it's bad business for Google to maintain its status, regardless of formulaic objectivity.
67134. Lewis F. Coplan  
67133. Richard Grossman Please stop this poison
67132. Erica Pincus  
67131. Robert Goldschleger  
67130. Denise Kardonski  
67129. Arieh Markel  
67128. A. Maxwell Perlsweig  
67127. m.s.davis  
67126. Brian Seheult  
67125. Alex Gertsburg  
67124. R.Hamu  
67123. Marcia Friedman  
67122. Irwin Durbach It's time the silent majority stood up!!!
67121. ariel shulman  
67120. wendy woods  
67119. Rebecca Brown  
67118. joannie tansky  
67117. M.Shagrin  
67116. Philip Bergman  
67115. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Warmoth Shame on Google! Isn't there enough anti-Semetism in the world without this search engine adding fuel for the fire?
67114. Yehoshuah ben Avraham v' Sarai  
67113. yaakov bender  
67112. Philip Berroll  
67111. Fredric Kasner  
67110. Warren Sack  
67109. Mila Borukhova  
67108. Renee Siegel  
67107. lynn brown I object to an antisemitic site being the first site that google thinks appropriate for people to see about Jewish affairs
67106. Jackie Millen Let's not do this anti-semetic thing, again!!! Take the high road, Google, and refuse to be a part of this old nonsense.
67105. carolyn gaynor  
67104. Brian Gralnick  
67103. Fredda Gilbert it's a disgrace!
67102. Frank Burg  
67101. Milana Baranov Do you really want to promote hate and violance against the group of people guilty of being the "choosen people?"
67100. Ian Subel  
67099. andrea frankel  
67098. Robert Rhodes Every little bit to make hate more difficult is a positive thing.
67097. Natalya  
67096. Robin Serinsky  
67095. Ruth Mae Finch  
67094. Jeff Astor  
67093. Simon Deen  
67092. Ed Lasher  
67091. shiri Shame on you!
67090. Lloyd Lachow  
67089. Robin Thatcher  
67088. Linda Plotkin  
67087. Leo Jacobson  
67086. Jeffrey A. Donner  
67085. ISAAC  
67084. Elias Solomovitch  
67083. allen goldberg  
67082. david jemal  
67081. Donna Abrams  
67080. john remove
67079. mel smoke there are other search engines I can use
67078. Sabrina F. Please remove this anti-semitic website from your search engine.
67077. harold gussack m.d.  
67076. Joel Berman  
67075. ForrestMurray  
67074. Amy  
67073. Yocheved zuntz  
67072. Howie Wolpoff  
67071. Thomas Braun  
67070. carlos sultan pls take this site out
67069. Hilde L. Robbins  
67068. joe remove
67067. Varda Amdur  
67066. Laurie Goldsmith-Heitner  
67065. Ruth Aitman  
67064. Debbie Simon  
67063. Myrna Rosenstein  
67062. Marc A. Freedman  
67061. A JOFFE  
67060. Natan Mandelbaum  
67059. ed bernard  
67058. Sarah J. Miller  
67057. Wayne Krieger  
67056. Leonard Applebaum  
67055. Gil Navon  
67054. Paula Hollins  
67053. Meryl Kallish  
67052. Evan Marowitz  
67049. Lance Howard Hey coward who forged my name on #66113 If you want to flap your hateful NAZI mouth at me, at least use your name, not mine. I won't get sucked into your game NAZI
67048. Ray  
67047. Stephanie Allen  
67046. Constance Kaplan  
67045. Judy Thomas GET RID OF IT!!
67044. mark segal  
67043. Lucy  
67042. Michael N. Bernberg I was astounded to learn that an organization of your stature would contribute to such a perniscious undertaking as this website. I have always considered your website as a prime source for research. I must now reconsider whether you are worthy of that consideration.
67041. Matthew  
67040. P Varon  
67039. John Leigh  
67038. gloria Weinstock  
67037. Lee Kriger  
67036. k. p. allen outrageous please remove
67035. Barry Benigson  
67034. k kleinhaus  
67033. Linda Kane  
67032. Leslie Gorden  
67031. Cohen-Scaly  
67030. Lance Howard Hey coward who forged my name on #66113 If you want to flap your hateful NAZI mouth at me, at least use your name, not mine. I won't get sucked into your game NAZI
67029. Garrett G Why would you want to support any kind of hate group.
67028. David Baum  
67027. Lindy Leviton  
67026. Proud to be Jewish  
67025. Bettie M. Magee  
67024. A. Maxwell Perlsweig  
67023. Ana Mandelbaum  
67022. LIsa Rudd  
67021. Janice Rennels  
67020. tzipporah berman  
67019. Edward Clark  
67018. Elan Gordon  
67017. AL COHEN  
67016. Debra  
67015. James Goldfarb  
67014. Mitch Weiss  
67013. Stacey Labell  
67012. Richard Kluk  
67011. Alyssa Dyksterhouse  
67009. L Jason Hoberman  
67008. Simon Skov Boisen  
67007. Roger Kramer  
67006. Fran Ollweiler Remove Jew Watch from Google.
67005. Linda Finkel  
67004. Bonnie Weller For God's sake and harmony on earth, get rid of this before it existed. Kids aren't born with bias. They're infected by others.
67003. Howard Mazor  
67002. Joel Arber  
67001. allan frost  
67000. Margee Forgosh I think companies, such as Google, that have a great power to influence the masses should use that power for good and not evil. I consider the perpetuation of hate towards any people evil and anti-human. Google should be an example to people of the good in the world, and it will trickle down.
66998. yehoshua beman  
66997. janet eisen This type of hate must be stopped now!
66996. mona stephens  
66995. Scott Braverman  
66994. Brad Repinsky you've got to be kidding me? Could this be more disrespectful?
66993. Judy Pell A disgusting anti semitic website should not be a part of the Google search engine It's a smear on Google's reputation !!!
66992. baruch beyer  
66991. Lauren Levine  
66990. galina ubogiy  
66989. Sharon Rosen  
66988. Kristen Jumps  
66987. Benjamin Taub  
66986. jan longone  
66985. amy zoloto  
66984. Hillary Strilko  
66983. Lisa Cohen  
66982. AniKirschner It's time not to judge people by their beliefs
66981. Lanee Goldstein  
66980. Irwin Goldress  
66979. Robin Silver  
66978. musiciancdl I pray that one day all hate will end and such petitions will not be needed.
66977. Denise Cooper  
66976. joe penchansky  
66975. Alan Rosen  
66974. Sarah Whitlau  
66973. amira klip  
66972. marsha liss  
66971. rosette keller  
66970. Tracy Amar  
66969. Cyndy Chanenson  
66968. Janice Rennels  
66967. chananya berman  
66966. eileen sterman it's sick
66965. john hickey  
66964. David S. Remove the JewWatch.com from Internet airwaves
66963. beth  
66962. Jeffrey Cohen  
66961. Fred Fabricant  
66960. Evelyn Maurer  
66959. Barry Minkin  
66958. James Lefebvre  
66957. Catherine E. Coulson  
66956. Irv Gomprecht It is hardto believe you allow this to be a part of your system. It is so full of hate.
66955. Rubin  
66954. Rick Elice  
66953. Samantha Siegel  
66952. Heidi Harders We have enough hate in the world.
66951. Barry Nelson  
66950. colin dyne  
66949. S. Lempel  
66948. amir  
66947. Eleri Dixon  
66946. Lois Hankin  
66945. Sharon Roth  
66944. aylana berman  
66943. Scharfstein Adela  
66942. Sharon Abramowitz  
66941. judy beck  
66940. eric moed  
66939. Ronald E. Groves  
66938. joel rosenthal  
66937. rachel flam  
66936. tiberio Schwartz  
66935. Bonny Fishman This is a disgrace.
66934. Joshua Langenthal  
66933. Wendy This should be removed regardless of the number of signatures!
66932. elysse hazan  
66931. Meira Cohen  
66930. Todd Keen  
66929. B J Gabreil  
66928. Dan Schumm  
66927. Jules Manas  
66926. donna  
66925. Heather Kauderer  
66924. Debra Cohen  
66923. Ian S Rubinstein  
66922. Dayle Feingold  
66921. colin dyne  
66920. Robert Lieb  
66919. Jeff Mack  
66918. Bryan Magwood  
66917. kay  
66916. Jennifer Hydeman  
66915. M Feldman  
66914. Mancy Cambry Well, in case you didn't get it yet, I'm a foolish closet anti-Semite who's missing the whole point in my previous comment as #66085 and do not realize that my opinion doesn't move anyone here anyway. Don't pay my earlier comment mind and feel free to drop that signature from this petititon.
66913. Heather McClure  
66912. Ruth Blumkin  
66910. michael fallas i am outraged
66909. Kirsten Coco  
66908. LINDA JAMES  
66907. Martin Slepkov  
66906. Jeff Dodick  
66905. moche hamaoui  
66904. Elizabeth Baker  
66903. Larry Fihma  
66902. Stephen Shiller  
66901. ariel weintraub  
66900. Tim Caerbert one love one world
66899. charles mirotznik take it off
66898. silvia  
66897. Eva and Walter Mannaberg  
66896. Karen Weinrib  
66895. Irving B. Bied  
66894. Maureen Friedman  
66893. jrry meltzer  
66892. moshe amoils  
66891. paula samuel  
66890. Hart Passman  
66889. Donna Price  
66888. tracy levin  
66887. Jim Smelcer  
66886. Sara The internet does not exist to spread hate in the world
66885. Jacob Lloyd Kimbro  
66884. Deborah Schloss  
66883. Rivky Sonnenfeld  
66882. Beth Horwitz  
66881. Darren Isaacs  
66880. Claudia Dickman  
66879. lior  
66878. Pam Thompson  
66877. ria berger  
66876. D.A.F Shame on Google, maybe time to use another service provider.....
66875. Matthew Cohen  
66874. Gerald Adler  
66873. Daniel Berger This is disgraceful. You still haven't answered my letter asking whether this is a deliberate prank by Google programmers.
66872. Murray Singer Be more careful
66871. edith shapiro shame on you!
66870. Bill Lerner May we all learn to live together in peace
66869. Philip Villi Google should be more sensitive to racism.
66868. Valerie Plotkin I use google at least 10 times a day at home and work,and have always been really happy with the results. Now I'm am extremely disapointed. It's sad that it is so difficult to remove this site. Why would you so strongly support something like it.
66866. Lysa Clavenna  
66865. Jocelyn B.Green  
66864. H. Klein  
66863. B Goldstein  
66862. Rhonda Singer  
66861. ronald Ebert PhD Google should not jeopardize its valuable name by endorsing immoral and unethical web sites
66860. Tamara  
66859. david berger  
66858. Tony Moss why do you need 50 000 signatures - haven't your directors got the balls to use their own discretion
66857. Hofman  
66856. Ralph Cenname  
66855. Michael Stremt  
66854. Joseph Zendlovitz  
66853. Susan Amosi  
66852. Richard E. Schwartz  
66851. Marik Giovanni take off the site please
66850. Leonard Steinberg  
66849. Craig J. Albert  
66848. Ana Givati  
66847. Alfred Mariotti  
66846. sharon berman  
66845. Martin Chisvin  
66844. Alexis Stein  
66843. Elana Kay  
66842. Arnold Flashner Totally inapropriate
66841. Jonathan Goldblatt  
66840. Randolph Bush Site is insulting
66839. daniel leubitz  
66838. Robert Feldman  
66837. Roy Barush  
66836. Fran Schwartz Remove this disgusting site from Google!
66835. Jasmine Bloch  
66834. Roei Soudai  
66833. josh reichman  
66832. TAMARA de SAXE  
66831. Robin A. Cassetta  
66830. Amy Beacom  
66829. Martin this site is a shame for humanity...
66828. Galina Metrik  
66827. igal  
66826. John Jay  
66825. Elaine Siegel Please help erase anti-semitism.
66824. marsha s. abramson  
66823. Lynn Aptman  
66822. Jennifer Barr  
66821. Eleo  
66820. Marvin Komorsky Stop encouraging hatred
66819. Marsha Capland  
66818. Robert M. Stephens  
66817. Doris Fishman JewWatch should be removed as it incites more anti-semitism and you should not connect yourself to such sites.
66816. Scott Matasar  
66815. leslie berman  
66814. B.Barnes remove this from here
66813. Vladimir Goikhman  
66812. Jenny Lottenberg  
66811. Gerry Blumenthal  
66810. jacob cohen  
66809. Cheryl Zwiren  
66808. Marge Goldin  
66807. Cynthia Frey  
66806. Iris Ben-Efraim  
66805. Sarahjane Nacht  
66804. liat please remove this website!
66803. Gary Taylor  
66801. cheryl rosen  
66800. Scott Blumenthal I can't believe that I even have to do this...
66799. alvin shames OBSCENE - from a regular user
66798. HARRY BRAUN  
66797. ANN GOODMAN  
66796. David Braverman  
66795. Phil Chudnofsky  
66794. Beverly Lewis In this day and age, it is outrageous to find that this STILL exists, and am shocked to learn this so please help in presenting this to the world-wide public.......we've had too many centuries of bigotry and Jew Haters to last two lifetimes!!
66793. Frederick Haag  
66792. Enoch Gordis Google has a social responsibility not to offer hate sites on its search engine---aimed at any ethnic or religious group.
66791. Ike Itzhaky Please remove the site immediately.
66790. aaron gertz  
66789. Michael Gilchrist  
66788. IRA WALFISH  
66787. Andy Gavrin  
66786. Sibyl and David Milstein we're switching from goole to yahoo
66785. Michelle Hyman This site shouldbe removed immediately
66784. Andrew Schifrin  
66783. Matt Landau  
66782. shula elbaz-cohen  
66781. alan silver  
66780. Scott Ruhl I aint a jew, and find this appalling
66779. Johanna Rosen  
66778. Daisy Seigel Please remove the anti-semetic "Jew Watch" site
66777. Daniel Tushinski  
66776. Ariane Cohen  
66775. D. Levine  
66774. Howard Wiseman  
66773. John Web Please remove jewwatch.com from google search engine
66772. Ilan  
66771. Janis Dickman  
66770. Eileen O'Keeffe  
66769. sol nadaf  
66768. Eric Menyuk  
66767. Debbie Steuer This needs to be removed,there is enough hate in this world.
66766. Eli Malinsky Please please remove the page!
66765. Susan van Gelder  
66764. barry  
66763. Edye Kamenir  
66762. Stephen Louis Krasner I found this site offensice and dishonest
66761. Mark Twersky  
66760. Marlene Maderer  
66759. Lawrence Cohn  
66758. Nava Shmorak  
66757. Helen Benaroya  
66756. yael kleinburd shocking
66755. Mark Bell  
66754. rotem  
66753. Jamie Burns  
66752. Caroline Carson Mintzer Let's find out what planet these people were raised on . . . Please be a party to facing up to this kind of prejudice and removing their access to power!
66751. Richard Bloom  
66750. l baker disgusting
66749. Brian Schierman  
66748. Terri Swartz Russell  
66747. Jonathan Cohen this is unacceptable
66746. Michael Pincus  
66745. Doris Lipman  
66744. Faye Dorman  
66743. Julia  
66742. Daisy Seigel Please remove the anti-semetic "Jew Watch" site
66741. Ryan Shanoff  
66740. Michelle Goldsmith  
66739. John Helfgott  
66738. Vladimir this crap has to go
66737. Rafael Benaroya  
66736. Sandy Prusher  
66735. Lauren Azoulai  
66734. David Better this site is gross@
66733. amichay  
66732. David  
66731. Angie Allen  
66730. sharon levy  
66729. Bernard H. Mehlman  
66728. daniel Goldstein  
66727. Robert Gold Please remove at once
66726. Sheila Seid  
66725. Adam Archibald  
66724. Rochelle Domanski  
66723. Mark Befeler  
66722. doreen greenspan  
66721. KAREN A. HESS Please remove JewWatch.com!!!
66720. bettina bard  
66719. Brian E. Smith Google should remove this offensive link ASAP -- they have over 50,000 signatures!
66718. Jan Gitlin  
66717. Jeff I am suspending my company's involvement with Google while this site retains its prominence.
66716. Bonnie Singer  
66715. Jennifer Bell  
66714. Alli Goodhart  
66713. DK  
66712. David Neuman  
66711. LNoonan  
66710. Don Brotman non-factual propoganda unworthy of Google
66709. Inna Gitelman  
66708. Liz Lightstone No place for hatred and racism on Google
66707. Martin Yoselovsky  
66706. Stan Cappe Toronto, Ontario, Canada
66705. Mitchell Okun  
66703. George Lamm  
66702. Lori Walder  
66701. david  
66700. Erika Perahia Zemour  
66699. Marilyn M Carmi When will we have peace and good will among men when we continue to hate and pick on each other because our beliefs, although good and worthy, are different?
66698. Lynne Gewant  
66697. Adrienne Reilly  
66696. Mindy Ross  
66695. m. gordon HATEFUL
66694. Paul Salsberg  
66693. Ilona Minchuk If google doesn't remove his site , I'll remove Google from my tool bars.
66692. Susan Loeb  
66691. vera margulis  
66690. Ryan Joseph  
66689. mark altschul  
66688. Leah  
66686. barbara perlmutter  
66685. Joe Arnstein  
66684. Paul Berman  
66683. Ariel Cohen  
66682. Alan Oppenheim I personally will stop using Google if this is not removed.
66681. Jackie Paulson  
66680. Eric  
66679. Norma Davies  
66678. Jerome Eisenbruck remove -anti-semetic
66677. phyllis gold  
66676. Victoria Cash  
66675. amy zimmerman  
66674. Brian Schwartz Please take www.jewwatch.com off of your website.
66673. Michael Kasdin this is an outrage
66672. David Shore  
66671. James R. Cannata  
66670. Gil Mayor Stop promoting hate, even inadvertantly
66669. Diane L I find it hard to believe that Google rated the number one search engine, could promote such nonsense by placing it at the top of a search list.
66668. Lisa Greenwald  
66667. Lance Howard Hello again. I'm an ignorant closet anti-Semite. Earlier I wrote a provocative comment (appearing as #65818). Ignore it and feel free to remove that signature from this petition. Sincerely,
66666. C Fainblatt  
66665. Mark  
66664. Charles S Diamond  
66662. Helene Lerner  
66661. Robert Kaiser  
66660. Bernard I. Turnoy I think it's both outrageous that this has been allowed to happen on Google and that Google didn't simply rectify the outrage immediately upon being made aware of it. I shall commence Yahoo searches forthwith.
66659. Ellie Rubin shocking that you have no comprehensive editing of sites
66658. shimon shimon  
66657. Ben Glaizer  
66656. sol s sandler  
66655. rachel breakstone  
66654. Vladimir Krastoshevsky Shame on Google
66653. Richard Felton  
66652. Mike Steiner The whole world needs to unite to eradicate Anit-semitism !
66651. yuval kaminkovsky  
66650. Laurie Biberfeld If this site is not removed I have no choice and will terminate my long standing account and will advise my friends and co-workers to do the same
66649. Cynthia Koenig  
66648. Milton Datnoff  
66647. Felice Resko  
66646. Gerald Blumenthal  
66645. Estie  
66644. Henri Ertel remove jewwatch.com
66643. Sue Loewenstein  
66642. Sandy Kaminsky  
66641. Nira Fishelson  
66640. Israel do not spread hate! eliminate hate site.
66639. Mancy Cambry Has any person decrying Google right now noticed that the creators of the site are apparently Jewish and therefore not likely anti-semitic? Brin is a Russian Jew, born in Moscow. Check out the two-week old Newsweek cover and see for yourself (and spare me any platitudes about how you can't tell a Jew by their appearance).
66638. Scott Sapot  
66637. Brad Marg  
66636. Dennis Goldberg  
66635. lori epstein  
66634. Bruce L. Boruszak  
66633. cathy  
66632. Eric Weaver  
66631. Samuel J. Greenblatt  
66630. Carolyn Johnson  
66629. karen  
66628. Herb Gold  
66627. naomi siegel  
66626. Marian and Malcolm Phillips  
66625. marion ronen  
66624. Laszlo Sall  
66623. Jamie  
66622. Linda Gage  
66621. J M RICHARDS  
66620. Sheldon Falkauff  
66619. Norma P remove this filth on the web
66618. ALEX Por mi amigo google
66617. Herb Friedberg  
66616. raquel  
66615. Sandra Goldberg  
66614. David Gordon  
66613. JohnKoenig Please remove site ASAP
66612. Paul J Gale  
66610. Adina Duchanov  
66609. Diana Cohen  
66608. Carl Kinbar  
66607. Tibor  
66606. Norman Fitlin  
66605. s solomon good luck
66604. A. Nicolas Terreni  
66602. Aaron Brandwein  
66601. lea geller  
66600. H.M.Gandler  
66599. David Salem  
66598. Frank Benson  
66597. Leah Ronen  
66595. S.Becker Get rid of this insidious site
66594. Alex Whitmarsh  
66593. Daniel Kosowsky  
66592. irene shagalovich  
66591. Michelle Steiner If you are not outraged...you are not paying attention! All the Jewish community will do is fight back. In droves. We have never, and will never, allow our worldwide community to be crushed. We have, and will always, remain strong, This strength will be passed on to my children when they are born, as it has been through my family and other jewish families' generations. We know that anti-semitic hate arises from a fear that we have never given cause for...so keep dishing out hate, we will always recognize the sadness and desperation that it stems from. We pity (and then abhor) pathetically and tragically racist narrow minds. Delve a little deeper into JewWatch; there are ethnic and racial slanderings toward other communities. If you are African-American and work for Google, it''s in your best interest to realize that you are being victimized as well. NONE of us can give up, ever.
66590. Jansen Amazing news. Skip it a.s.a.p.
66589. cheryl diehl Please remove this awful site from your search engine.
66588. michal geller  
66587. Elaine Ufberg very offensive
66586. The Reverend Canon Wm. C. Thomas  
66585. Dorothy K. Warren Remove jewwatch.com from Google search engine.
66584. Edgar Minchuk  
66583. patricia price  
66582. catherine  
66581. Anita Shwarzman  
66580. Caren Hyman This is ridiculous...i cant believe it
66579. George Klein  
66578. David Krellenstein shame on you
66577. David Federman  
66576. Konstantin Khudyakov  
66575. sue-ann kaufman its time we ALL learned to live together and not call each other names for any reason. my blood is as good as the next persons. hilter taught me that when blood was needed for the nazi soldiers.
66574. Jennie Whitmarsh  
66573. Matthew Cahan  
66572. Caroline  
66571. Nathan Rozenfeld  
66570. Lois Tannenbaum  
66569. Rebecca Jay Good luck in getting this abhorent site removed from Google!
66568. burton shacter  
66567. Eric Schwartz š
66566. Morris A. Fisher, M.D. disgraceful
66565. Leonard Buchoff  
66564. joan kershner Shame, shame.
66563. Barry Bernstein  
66562. Yamiz Bouti  
66561. Rick Windrix  
66560. Rachael Colton  
66559. Tyler Roth  
66558. Jan Wright  
66557. k solomon  
66556. Sally Klingenstein Martell  
66555. david white  
66554. Lori Krim  
66553. j deutschman  
66552. harry Reis  
66551. David N. Wilson, Ph.D. Such misinformation and disinformation has no place in a purportedly civilized, tolerant society
66550. Michele  
66549. Allan Rosenzweig Please remove the anti-semitic links!
66548. Barie Whitmarsh  
66547. matthew baum  
66546. Carol Z. Brown  
66545. Rebecca A. Reich  
66544. David Taylor  
66543. emilie faudem  
66542. Mary Howard  
66541. Isabelle Rozwadowska-Browne  
66540. Ann Lagravenese  
66539. Patti Lucas  
66538. Alena Fisse-Karr  
66537. Boris Fridman  
66536. Amir Gidron  
66535. s.rubin  
66534. Jason  
66533. Will Daws  
66532. morris not good for all!!!
66531. dean  
66530. Diane Lobel  
66529. eugine shut it down
66528. Lynn Graham  
66527. Mark Friedman  
66526. Sandra Reynolds  
66525. Sharona Stanhill  
66524. barbara elkins  
66523. Barbara Zirkin  
66522. Chris  
66521. Rachael Colton  
66520. tammy karp please remove immediately
66519. Mitchell Drucker  
66518. Alex Katz  
66517. Adina Schulman  
66516. Robert Klein  
66515. a perschetz disgusting--beyond free speech
66514. Gerald Volkin  
66513. Diane Lobel  
66512. steve Li  
66511. Kristina Meyer By promoting hate we only bring about hate. Let's try promoting acceptance instead!
66510. Marilyn Talmadge  
66509. Lisa Nimz  
66508. sue-ann kaufman its time we ALL learned to live together and not cal ach other names for any reason. my blood is as good as the next persons. hilter taught me that when blood was needed for the nazi soldiers.
66507. Nava Feineizen  
66506. Elise Udelson  
66505. Howard Gewirtz  
66504. Alice Schwartz  
66503. ann cohn  
66502. Marek Stopka  
66501. Marek Stopka  
66500. Benjamin Kogan  
66499. Elissa Schein  
66498. Mark S Kornbluth  
66497. scott schlissel  
66496. Roman Shraga  
66495. Carole Rothschild  
66494. Al How sad that this is the case.
66493. Rachel Freedman  
66492. Terri Ulaner  
66491. Anne Grucz  
66490. Jay Schlesinger  
66489. Patricia Goldstick  
66488. D. Knafo People actually believe everything they read!!
66487. Linda Scheier A Shame and inexcusable
66485. Professor (of Political Science) David E. Powell  
66484. Marsha Kaplan  
66483. Judith Wolfe  
66482. I. Pollack  
66481. Michael Rosen  
66480. sharon  
66479. Anne Levinson sad commentary from such anorgnization
66478. Domsky This is horrible!!!!
66477. Robert Cohen  
66476. Marcey Miller  
66475. Kelly Heizer  
66474. gaby didnt any1 learn something since 1940?
66473. Rabbi Ira Korinow  
66472. Joel Felder  
66471. susan gershman  
66470. Golda Akhiezer  
66469. Fran Brown  
66468. Marion Freedman  
66467. Lia Fohrman  
66466. dan re  
66465. Dennis Hammar  
66464. Ben Harris  
66463. Batia To watch is good, to LIE is bad, to do nothing about it is disgrace, and this is exactely what google is doing. Shame on you!!!
66462. Tracy  
66461. Arthur I. Segal  
66460. warren kaplan  
66459. Rachel Boles  
66458. Marissa Malett You shouldn't have to have one signature to remove it!
66457. Willard Strug  
66456. Laurie Goldberg  
66455. Matt Cole  
66454. Albert Simon  
66453. Ben Birney  
66452. Sheryl G Gorden  
66451. Judith Weiler  
66450. Richard S. Cohen  
66449. NormanKubrin  
66448. Harvey Newman  
66447. Edwin Goldstein  
66446. michelle samuels PLEASE REMOVE THIS LINK!!!
66445. Howard Miller Please stop all hate and violence, especially the murder of innocent Palestinian people
66444. mark slavin  
66443. Marlene Feldman  
66442. Tara Poitras  
66441. Andrew Sager  
66440. Anna Calce  
66439. Dr.Bernard Yablin proper spelling is antisemitic not antisemetic
66438. A. Levy Companies like Google have a responsibity to act on world issues, therefore JewWatch must be removed as it can only add to the ever increased problems the Jewish communities have to endure evryday.
66437. Maureen Spencer  
66436. Brian Levin  
66435. Atara Goldgrab  
66434. Marilyn Blunck Disgusting
66433. Dr. Robert Katz What are you doing Sergei ? Is this what your success means ? Then. it's totally empty. No moral backbone to stand up for what's right ?
66432. TAMARA FITZPATRICK in this day and age I can't believe there is this kind of crap still going on!!!
66431. Lisa Doran Please remove. It hurts everyone
66430. Joseph G. Adler  
66429. Suzanne Shaul  
66428. Lauren Katz  
66427. Corey Farbstein  
66426. Donald Green  
66425. Edward Deutsch  
66424. T Farbenbloom  
66423. Andrew Colman awful
66422. Debbie L.  
66421. Isaac Younger  
66420. Fred Weber  
66419. Dr. Robert Katz What are you doing Sergei ? Is this what your success means ? Then. it's totally empty. No moral backbone to stand up for what's right ?
66418. sheldon willer  
66417. Henrique Gurvitz  
66414. Viviane Lampach You must remove this site from Google. It is an affront to any person regardless of their religion. It is sites like this that make the world a more fearful and unsafe place. It promotes terrorism and hate.
66413. naomi finkelstein  
66412. miriam forman  
66411. paul rosen  
66410. Nan J. Morrison  
66409. Elyse Pomerantz  
66408. Jane Fight the rising tide of antisemitism
66407. Phylis Boksen  
66406. Stuart Koslov  
66405. Lana Sudit  
66404. Marilyn Tucker  
66403. Bennett E. Kaplan  
66402. Ehud Gelb Shame on Google!!
66401. Joan Keys All "hate" websites should be removed
66400. Judy S. Baruch ugh
66399. judy banks  
66398. Barbara Peters  
66397. Arlene J. Louis  
66396. carol schoen  
66395. candice  
66394. Antoinette Selsley To have an anti-semitic web site as the first listing under Jew is disgusting!
66393. Abraham Gelber  
66392. Caryn  
66391. Bert Oude Engberink secretary Liberal Jewish Congregation Twente, Netherlands
66390. Brenda Mathewson  
66389. Ellen Singer  
66388. Bruce Medoff  
66387. Jeff Hertzberg  
66386. barbara c. nazimov  
66385. Jennifer Chudnow  
66384. jill  
66383. warren Ikeman any forum that aids or abets the spreading of hatred is of no help to acheiving peace in this world.
66382. Susan Kirshner  
66381. S Shorr  
66380. Augusta Szego Do we need the web to encourage antisemitism? We have enough of that universally. Scapegoating will do nothing but create further terrorism.
66379. Ali Shapiro  
66378. emily nadler klein  
66377. Karen Herscovitch  
66376. Lawrence S. Levy  
66375. Steven Tenzer  
66374. Alejandro Lifschutz combatamos las paginas de contenidos negativos
66373. Naomi Shufro  
66372. Rise Edney Remove
66371. ron spivack  
66370. Jeffrey Boss  
66369. Paul Clark Ê
66368. florence perahia you don't have to be a Jew to hate this
66367. Dmitry š
66366. betty nichols lets try for love not hate
66365. Andrew Mensch  
66364. Kevin Jochelson Well done for organising this thing, i hope soon this site of hate will be removed from all search engines. I believe it is still wrong that Google does not realise that the idea of 50 thousand! Signatures is absoloutely unessacary cant they see that it is a horrible site promoting a hatred and any hatred no matter who against, for what reason is wrong and should definately not be the first site popping up when typing Jew. I hope the petition will be shortly completed. Well done.
66363. Stuart Spunt  
66362. Frederick Bacon  
66361. Liron Bezalel This is disgraceful!
66360. ofer margalit  
66359. Bohne Silber  
66358. Judith Goldberg  
66357. Lance Howard Please don't censor JewWatch.com to do so, merely proves anti-semetic conspiracy theorists right.
66356. Lexi please remove this horrible thing
66355. Milton B. Ozar, M.D.  
66354. edward millunchick  
66353. Denise Taylor  
66352. Gary Diamond  
66351. Renee Sadai  
66350. Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann  
66349. Judi Bevan Please remove this offence from Google
66348. Bev Ashkin This site is disgusting - get rid of it!!!
66347. Jeff Lagowitz  
66346. Elliott Michaelson  
66345. jane jaffrey it's time to stop hating. G-D created ALL of us. HE has given us a beautiful world to live in. HE has given us many wonderful people and varied religions to keep us from being bored with ourselves. hate does not bring us to G-D'S intention for peace on earth! we all need to do our part.....including google!
66344. Bruce Chelnick  
66343. William Terry, MD  
66342. Susan Siegel this is an abomination !!!
66341. Darryl Yoblick Remove this anti-semitic garbage site
66340. Robbyn Leventhal  
66339. Alaine Waldshan  
66338. Jeffrey Halpern  
66337. Robert L. Novak  
66336. Brad Bass  
66335. Scott Jakes Remove site
66334. Marc Levinson  
66333. Judith Goldberg  
66332. Roni  
66331. David Zimet  
66330. Jennifer Windler  
66329. Wendy Via  
66328. Steven Gordon  
66327. William R. Kennedy  
66326. A Jacobs  
66325. Johanna Montiel-Matlow Ignorance is the enemy of humanity not the Jews.
66324. SANDY COHEN  
66323. Linda Schlegel  
66322. Mark Anderson  
66321. June Levinson  
66320. Emily  
66319. Elizabeth Tragash please remove anitsemitic material and websites from your search engine
66318. MIKE  
66317. Jodi Miller I am appauled that a petition has to be signed to get this removed!
66316. Nikki Bluestein This site is disgusting
66315. Moshe Gadish Remove it!
66314. Rothenberg Abraham  
66313. Gail Tannenbaum  
66311. Julie Wiener  
66310. henry fox  
66309. Yosef Gev  
66308. Mildred Furman  
66307. Irena  
66306. B Lehrer  
66305. yonina grossberg  
66304. Elana Millrod  
66303. Michelle Steiner thanks for allowing us to fight hate crime
66302. Ray Groundland I find it disgusting that an organisation such as GOOGLE can endorse such an antisemitic site
66301. Jacquelyn Wright  
66300. Harvey Hoffman  
66299. raya  
66298. David Frank  
66296. Meyer L. Rosenthal There is no place for hate!
66295. Jay Kay Please remove this astrocity
66294. Jennifer Gauthier  
66293. Barbara Gotis  
66292. Diane  
66291. Anjali Bhimani  
66290. Sandy Aberman  
66289. Ron Benoliel  
66288. Gregg Smolev  
66287. Myron Shapiro  
66286. Jonathan Shapiro C'mon Google...Do the right thing!
66285. Marina Gross  
66284. Lorne Richler  
66283. Matthew Segal  
66282. julie klitzner very important that this site is removed immediatly
66281. Linda Salzman the JewWatch.com site is certainly not informational. It's purpose is to incite hatred. It should be removed.
66280. Benjamin Kogan  
66279. Sharon Cabral  
66278. Peggy Freedman  
66277. Cara Moellman  
66276. Devorah Canter  
66275. amalia  
66274. leah raab  
66273. Jason Perlman  
66272. Mark Mandel  
66271. David Bamel  
66270. Rick Martin Duiker Yeah, stupidity CAN be banned
66269. Bryan Fine Remove immediately this site is an absolute disgrace !
66268. CS Shapiro  
66267. Joanne Lessner  
66266. Harry Israel Gastman  
66265. Yaniv Madar  
66264. C. Vollweiler  
66263. Melanie Morris  
66262. Richard Pereles help stop anti-semitism--the canary in the coal mine of civilization
66261. Roberta Binderman This offensive site must be removed at once!
66260. alan strauss  
66259. Devorah Canter  
66258. wk lautman  
66257. Rachael Weisz  
66256. Barbara Muller  
66255. Jennifer Kar  
66254. bruce dickman google should not promote hate sites of any kind
66253. Linda Trachsler  
66252. ben finkel of all the links starting with the word "Jew", why in the hell does this hateful garbage come up first on google ??
66251. Diana Drobiner  
66250. sharonhochberrg disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
66249. Iris Hami  
66248. toby steinberg  
66247. Ester Golbert  
66246. Rita Katz  
66245. joan kurtz disgusting web site
66244. Helene Frankle  
66243. Joanne Greenstein  
66242. adin levine  
66241. Marilin Engelman With anti-semitism on the rise around the world, we don't need this kind of info on the web.
66240. michael newman  
66239. Vanessa Naja  
66238. Meg Looney  
66237. Jordana Bargman  
66236. Joan Sherman  
66235. alan e newman  
66234. Paul E. Himelhoch your comments for not removing is a cop out. You have a responsibility to do so
66233. Steven Adler Most important
66232. Alfred Baker unconscionable
66231. Jonathan Elkind  
66230. Sherrie Poplack  
66229. Baruch Bazian  
66228. Mark Cohen  
66227. Ganit Futerman  
66226. lois elfanbaum  
66225. +marilyn herman  
66224. Gabriele K. Libbey  
66223. Dennis Zickerman  
66222. Marcia Friedman  
66221. Alma La Marr If it doesn't stop here, where will it.
66220. Rena H  
66219. Stuart Pearlman It will not be possible to remove all anti-Jewish sites from a Google or other search-engine search. What's needed is to make positive Jewish sites come up first and more frequently than those of bigots and haters.
66218. Moise Chocron discussing
66217. Carole Paulsen  
66216. mariann puya It is horrific that in this day and age such hate still exists. ALL no matter what race, religion, ethnic group should be treated with dignity and respect!
66215. Laura Fitton  
66214. Marilyn B. Lebovitz Google should not be helping to promote violence and hate.
66213. Linda Galbraith  
66212. evelyne reiss We need you to help
66211. Susan Brody disgraceful
66210. Josephine Kogan  
66209. Chezky Fuchs  
66208. bob ostrow  
66207. David Hitrys  
66206. ari  
66204. David Goldstein  
66203. Lori Jablons  
66202. nathan ionascu I personally agree with what this petition says, and Google should NOT PROMOTE HATE!
66201. Edward  
66200. Heidi Pekofsky  
66199. Sarah Chodrow  
66198. Brenda Gewurz  
66197. paul schwartz remove this site
66196. Amie Schlosberg  
66195. Martin Ailion A most vile site!!!
66194. Evan Ackerman  
66193. Albert Blank An abominable perversion of Google services.
66192. daniel  
66191. Dena Godfrey  
66190. Florence Klim remove ASAP
66189. Adam  
66188. Robin A. Schair  
66187. rochelle gordon  
66186. Aaron Levine  
66185. sheila bloom  
66184. Howard Rockman  
66183. Tara modlin  
66182. Tony & Linda Berman Have already sent a sep e-mail
66181. Mim Omer  
66180. Elaine Durbach Norstein In the same way that "bedtime stories" can yield porn instead of children's stories, this is a correctible flaw in Google's structure. We don't have the right to forbid sites like this, but they can be classified into their own obscene domain neighborhood.
66179. Garrie Kirschbaum We shall overcome
66178. hal arnold  
66177. Seymour Friedman  
66176. Naomi Rubenstein  
66175. Drena Bathemess  
66174. Lois Ogan  
66173. Ilene B. Stahl  
66172. Dan Gainsford  
66171. Mike Lazarus  
66170. Barbara Lewis You can do this is you want to.
66169. Daniella  
66168. Ivan  
66167. Sarah Flack  
66166. Novy Scheinfeld DDS For my children, please remove
66165. Jessi  
66164. shifra pollak  
66163. Mark  
66162. Lisa  
66161. Daphne Goldberg  
66160. Ellen Feldman  
66159. Mike Harris  
66158. Stan Cooper  
66157. Elaine Berman remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
66156. Morris Abolafia  
66155. Daniel Issenberg  
66154. lisa strug  
66153. Andie M  
66152. Carly  
66151. Benita Boxerman  
66150. Akiva Roseman  
66149. edward moss disgusting
66148. jack schuster  
66147. Bob Haas I'd feel the same regardless of which religion or creed or race was being targeted
66146. Elliot Altman It is immeasureably importnat to remove this filth from your search engine
66145. Richard A. Herman  
66144. Daniel Breitberg  
66143. Alison  
66142. matthew field  
66141. Kathleen  
66140. Howard Margulies  
66139. Gail Gordon Skall  
66138. Howard Steiner  
66137. Sue Berns For the sake of racial understanding, please KEEP JewWatch.com
66136. Barbara Abbey We must stop these hatred NOW!
66135. Rachel Newton  
66134. Glenn Wright  
66132. Ellen Auerbach  
66131. David Gordon  
66130. Linda Conroy  
66129. Hortensia Marcos-Bodker  
66128. ngan nguyen  
66127. Sandra Nussenfeld  
66126. Dr. Lorraine Day freedom of speech does not include hate
66125. Lisa Helmick  
66124. J. Hart  
66123. Matthew Klein Free Speach or Natzi propoganda?
66122. Esther Goldstein  
66121. Wendy Lang  
66120. Louise A. Small  
66119. Jake House  
66118. Joan Burmeister  
66117. Larry Rabinowitz  
66116. Jeff Hopkins  
66115. Eleanor M. Cohen  
66114. Mordie Weintraub  
66113. stephen paul viteo  
66112. Philip Black  
66111. Amos Douvdevani  
66110. vivian and joe benveniste  
66109. Gilda Rothenberg  
66108. David Szekely  
66107. Elyse Schwartz  
66106. Karen Seidmon  
66105. Kelly Godlewski  
66104. Maggie Fieldman  
66103. susan igel  
66102. Robert Block  
66101. Erik G  
66100. Lisa Sommerhauser  
66099. Neil Mordowitz  
66098. arline seidman  
66097. Carolyn Schweitzer, DDS Shame on you!
66096. Fran Bernstein  
66095. Arthur Gottlieb  
66094. Debbie Wasserman  
66093. Rephael  
66092. Alicia Shope  
66091. Daryl Kruger  
66090. Miriam Khen  
66089. Brad Young  
66088. babs davis what is this engine trying to do
66087. stan jasne  
66086. Yoav Cohen  
66085. Charlotte Meisels It is just this kind of turning a BLIND EYE that allows these type of organizations to exist and create havoc in what could and should be, a peaceful world, where every person, irregardless of race, religion, color, or beliefs, can live and co-exist together, contributing to the enhancement, of our existance, in the troubled world of today. Please do your duty as decent citizens to discredit and disallow such hateful sites from poisoning the minds of the young and impressionable. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing.
66084. aaron nejad  
66083. Judith Kohn  
66082. Suzanne Treis Please remove the site.
66081. jaime lelental  
66080. David Chenkin  
66079. Andrew P. Teitel  
66078. Miriam Khen  
66077. Merri Lynn Day  
66076. rhonda Brazina  
66075. gady google, if it would be a antigoogle site i swear it wold not be on and since margay brin is jewish it is kind of an anti google site so please ......... remove it
66073. stuart langsam please remove site ASAP
66072. Jo Ann Allen This is unacceptable from Google
66071. Merle Goldman this is disgusting
66070. florence pulaski  
66069. laura shapiro  
66068. Annette Haberman  
66067. ruth safrin  
66066. Yigal Eisinger  
66065. Rob Spiegel  
66064. Ben Bosell  
66063. Marie Clary Please remove JewWatch from Google
66062. Bruce B. Feinberg  
66061. tammie huberman  
66060. Gordon Selig As quickly as possible
66059. Bruce Lesser  
66058. Nina Reuven  
66057. Miri Pomerantz  
66056. Alan Jeffrey (Jeff) Misler  
66055. Mollie Shabot  
66054. Jessica Lereah I can't believe a site like this would exist in today's world.
66053. joelle rashti  
66052. David Scher Disgusting, I use google everyday I have heard alot of anti semitism stemming from google. If this continues, I will not use google and will suggest to others not to use this site
66051. Arthur Weinstein  
66050. Lisa M. Holz  
66049. Jacob Goldstein  
66048. Robert Fishman  
66047. Kenneth Cohen  
66046. Jacqueline Rothman  
66045. Deborah K Cohen  
66044. Ziv Levin  
66043. Marvin Schwartz This is a shame. It stinks
66042. Andrew Steuerman  
66041. Samantha Adams  
66040. Michael Gibber  
66039. Clara Gontovnik  
66038. Antony Lee  
66037. Ian Harr  
66036. Peter M. Hahn  
66035. Neil kaufman  
66034. E A Teran  
66033. Lynn Kaplan  
66032. Florence Weiss  
66031. Dan Hirsch  
66029. Vladimir Lipyanskiy š
66028. Ronna Brown  
66027. Israel binnun  
66026. Susan Kiberd  
66025. Elliott Silverman  
66024. Moshe Plotkin  
66023. Andrew Rothenberg  
66022. Kelly Adelman  
66021. dave baker  
66020. Arthur Rennels  
66019. Adrienne Zariski  
66018. Susan Braunstein  
66017. Brian Tenner  
66016. Ariel Silberman  
66015. Terry Damsky  
66014. Andrew Einhorn shame on google. This is harmfull to our world.
66013. Becky Berger  
66012. Jon Bradshaw This is a disgrace....please remove it ASAP!
66011. Hila Shina  
66010. Evan Rothschild  
66009. Ovidio Oxios  
66008. natalie sundheimer  
66007. Rachelle Rehner  
66006. gloria kindman Please remove immediately
66005. Donna Buxton  
66004. Rebeca Clavenna  
66003. David  
66002. any gordon friedmann  
66001. Liza Berger  
66000. Jessica Hellmann  
65999. Isaac Kardon  
65998. raphael y friedman  
65997. Melanie Franklin  
65996. Claudia Bookspan We cannot forget!
65995. Michelle Labgold  
65994. Donald N. Jaffe The sooner it is removed, the better
65993. Shana Stukalsky  
65992. Morris Strauss  
65991. Jorge  
65990. Bryan Sanders  
65989. Marshall B Plotka, MD, MPP, FAAEM Separate Email sent
65988. michael szikman  
65987. Patrice Drury I don't unerstand why this is so
65986. Gary Specterman  
65985. jeff roberts  
65984. Ron Malis  
65983. Albert Shame on you, Grin!
65982. David Baron  
65981. Jeffrey Dickman  
65980. stephen rudnick  
65979. Shane  
65978. robin benjamin  
65977. Janet Adler  
65976. Cagen Luz  
65975. Alex Lynn I am apalled that such a thing can happen and have every faith that it will be put right
65974. Elizabeth Green  
65973. Howard Rabb  
65970. Barbara Boren  
65969. Art S. Kagel  
65968. Sherie Rosenberg  
65967. Yaffa Fredrick  
65966. A. Martin  
65965. SHY JACOBY  
65964. Andrew E. Feldman  
65963. Debra Getz  
65962. Ariel Klein  
65961. karen rudnick  
65960. Florence Weiss  
65959. Arthur Gold I am a huge google fan -- but I do not believe that your rules are immutable. Take control of this type of situation. Combat evil!
65958. Lori A.  
65957. Nancy Porteus  
65956. Ruth Fisch  
65955. anna Kornreich  
65954. Shalom Aharonov  
65953. barry himmel  
65952. stry rwe
65951. leonard packtor  
65950. Sherron Lazarus Remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
65949. David Curiel  
65948. Pam Wener  
65947. Jay Goldberg  
65946. Wendy Osher  
65945. Deborah Brosowsky  
65944. Janice  
65943. Josh Leiderman propoganda and ignorance breed intolerance
65942. Ellissa Liebowitz  
65941. J. Raskin  
65940. Cindy Terhune  
65939. Karen Umminger Please remove because we don't need more hate in the world!
65938. Jay M. Goldberg  
65937. Mara Macon  
65936. marshall greenberg  
65935. Bracha For the love of God, please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search. Bless you.
65934. R Ordman  
65933. Deborah Feldman  
65932. Kerry Fried  
65931. Bob Nuchow  
65930. Jacqueline M. Cohen  
65929. Irina Z  
65928. Debbie Aharonov  
65927. Debbie Lipoff  
65926. Carol and Bill Selsberg  
65925. Sara Buss  
65924. Anna Patashnik  
65923. Jim Coleman  
65922. Linda Hirsch It is despicable.
65921. Jessica Gillman  
65920. byrna chusyd  
65919. Jack Novack This is a very offensive web site! It simply promotes hate.
65918. Karen Siegal I will not use Google, which will be difficult., until this is properly corrected
65917. Laurie Robson  
65916. Benattar Eve  
65915. Marla Hebscher  
65914. Lance Feldman  
65913. Helen Laman  
65912. Andrea Zucker  
65911. Lydia Frankel  
65910. Y Curiel  
65909. David Goodbaum  
65908. Charles Weinstein  
65907. H D Kaufman  
65906. Gwen Lurie I have also contacted Google to ask why the first category displayed for the search is under "Opposing Views".
65905. efraim goldstein shame on google
65904. Jane Rosenbaum Google! There is plenty search engines available for the American jews to use!
65903. bernard klein  
65902. alison roth  
65901. Lawrence Barth  
65900. larry Hertz  
65899. Shay  
65898. Marla  
65897. J. Frankel Do the right thing !
65896. Diana Nahum  
65895. Dan Weinbach  
65894. Joseph Wiesner  
65893. Lisa Collins  
65892. Marc Lieberman  
65891. David Silver  
65890. R. Yonteff  
65889. Natasha Cibischino  
65888. Sabina Frank  
65887. Bernice Zaleznick  
65886. joyce fishelberg  
65885. David Horwich what are you doing
65884. RH Belmaker  
65883. Miriam Cartine  
65882. yishai  
65881. Orit  
65880. Gary Karlin  
65879. Arlene R. Gurecki  
65878. Gary Marks  
65877. Miriam Schneirov  
65876. KDP  
65875. Zvi Fisheslon  
65874. lori disenhouse  
65873. Howard Cohen  
65872. Maralyn Fraser  
65871. Dr. Paul Nesbitt ugly to find this
65870. Dorron Katzin  
65869. Albert Segal I defend the right of free speech even if I disagree with what is being said. However, hate-speech is something else and Google should take all steps to have it removed.
65868. barbara pertchik  
65867. Arlene Heffler  
65866. Marc Foxx  
65865. Annabel Barnes  
65864. michal doudi  
65863. Eric Adelson It is alarming that Google has taken the position that it bears no responsibility in this matter.
65862. Lara Goldberg  
65861. Lisa Viale  
65860. Jane Zamost Google should be ashamed!
65859. randee clayman  
65858. Howard Wolsky  
65857. Kathy Lyman According to Canadian law, Incitement to hate is a crime.
65856. zippy brown  
65855. Richard Stein  
65854. Beryl Tritel  
65853. Margot Weiss  
65852. Maida Johnson  
65851. Janet La Roche  
65850. Dr. Robert Jacobson  
65849. Teresa Hagar  
65848. Tony Romano Keep JewWatch. It is a fair and objective view of Jews and Zionism. Why are you acting like censoring NAZI's? What are you trying to hide? NOTHING that I read on JewWatch calls for any violence toward Jews, or anyone else. Save the jewish drama for your Jewish mama.
65847. Bella Sevitt stop the hate towards other people
65846. Laura Cohen  
65845. Susan Abramowitz  
65844. R Kanzen Surely Google has no intention of promoting racism or anti-semitism.
65843. Mitchell Francis  
65842. Phil Weintraub  
65841. laurie kay  
65840. Joan Lang  
65839. Brian Rybak  
65838. De Lieme Daniel  
65837. Sebbag  
65836. Robert J. Elowitch  
65835. Saul Sutton  
65834. rochelle tepper  
65833. jodie barnett  
65832. herman waldman  
65831. Caroline Essiminy  
65830. Ken  
65829. michael zimman  
65828. Don Riemenschneider one of the most blatantly anti-semitic sites hiding under claimed constitutional protection
65827. allison  
65826. Terri Dembs Google should have changed this upon the first notification. I will now use a different search engine.
65825. dorita arnold  
65824. Robert A. Feldman  
65823. Dee Josephs  
65822. Alison Dutton  
65821. Abraham Strulovic  
65820. Hila  
65819. meryl cohen  
65818. E. Bronfman Stop this now, or this will become a bigger issue then you can handle
65817. marla bergmann  
65816. Stacey Rocker  
65815. l aurie meagher  
65814. Alex  
65813. J. Davis  
65812. Roberta Kolchins  
65811. Ruth Meyer  
65810. Gary Eckstein  
65809. naomi mayer  
65808. Paula Bojsen Rank it properly or take it off. No manipulation.
65807. Robin Madison pls remove this website. it has no place on your search engine.
65806. Aileen Snider  
65805. rachel cohen  
65804. I. Scherr  
65803. Barbara Simon Unconsionable
65802. Kathleen Schroeder  
65801. Janet Maman  
65800. Robert Feldman  
65799. Barbara Stein  
65798. Sara Costi  
65797. David Sapadin  
65796. robert harris You are responsible for the content you allow on your search engine.
65795. T. Rodin  
65794. hal tanenbaum do not give these animals a platform . . . unless it has a trapdoor and a noose
65793. iris rempe  
65792. Diane N. Rosenfeld Please,Goggle,remove this inflamatory site
65791. Suzanne Rutland  
65790. Jeanette Chesebrough This is a pathetic google search response
65789. Tara Fogel  
65788. Adena Glasner  
65787. Eva Pendleton  
65786. Joshua Tukel  
65785. Susan Rochelle google is the best search engine in the world. You owe it to the public to screen out 'hate' sites.
65784. Rimmer  
65783. Daniel Black  
65782. Greg Cohen  
65781. Larisa Mat š
65780. Robert Stains  
65779. Zilah Gradwohl  
65778. Karna Lundberg  
65777. M.Kery  
65776. ed wolf  
65775. Joanne and Ira Shapiro  
65774. Larry Hall  
65773. Eugene Grudnikov  
65772. ilene reiff  
65771. Ed Levin  
65769. gary schildhorn  
65768. Melina Kelson-Podolsky  
65767. Anat Costi  
65766. gary schildhorn  
65765. A Alexander  
65764. mar cello  
65763. Joel Stein  
65762. Tony Romano Keep JewWatch. It is a fair and objective view of Jews and Zionism. Why are you acting like censoring NAZI's? What are you trying to hide? NOTHING that I read on JewWatch calls for any violence toward Jews, or anyone else. Save the jewish drama for your Jewish mama.
65761. Dov Gilad Cohen Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to hate
65760. LOWELL EIDE  
65759. Gabrielle Klein  
65757. Tovah Litnovetsky I am beside myself that we even have to sign a petition to take this off the internet. It seems to be common sense and common human decency to do so.
65756. Deborah Zuckerman  
65755. michael hirsch  
65754. James Ryan We need to stop providing opportunites that foster hatred and discrimination
65753. Alfred M. fox  
65752. Michael Bernstein  
65751. Mona S. Guerrero  
65750. A Alexander  
65749. Michael Friedman  
65748. Annette Elowitch  
65747. Leonard M Moskoff Get rid of this now!
65746. Perry Melzack i am disgusted...shame on Google!
65745. Lloyd Dowell This is absolutely disgusting and the papers will hear about how terrible this is and that Google support this site
65744. b. miller  
65743. stuart marcus  
65742. Elisa Horrifying! Disgusting! Have you no souls?
65741. marylouschuster  
65740. Dorit Minyan  
65739. gilda  
65738. Jean remove it jewwatch
65737. Katherine Kiefer Stark  
65736. Jerome R. Sax  
65735. Morris Lener  
65734. m brown  
65733. Michelle L  
65732. Steven N. Weinberg  
65731. Victor Pinter  
65730. robert moses  
65729. Ross Jacobs  
65728. Loretta B. Glazer Going public? Remember Corporate Responsibility!
65727. Roz Goldman  
65726. Joan bronk please remove
65725. Jonathan Warner  
65724. Salomon Baum  
65723. Natasha Shekhtman š
65722. fileyssant  
65721. Sharon Bogetz  
65720. Helaine Pomerance  
65719. Schachar Orenstein Use the internet to spread love not hate!
65718. Mitchell Weinberg  
65717. Tony Spokojny Thank you for posting a response to our concern
65716. Sally Mendel There should be a way to list this site as anti-Jewiish when doing a search.
65715. Sharon Stein  
65714. Anne Davis  
65713. shlomi shame on them
65712. Molly Faithe  
65711. Jamie Fox  
65710. Jonathan Adda sickening
65709. Brian Hennessy No anti-Semitism should ever be tolerated!
65708. Philip Goodman  
65707. Lucy Remove
65706. arlene google needs to rethink how sites appear
65705. Luciano Berenstein  
65704. Edward Creiner  
65703. Jean-Michel Placent  
65702. Joan Borowsky This is a terrible, misleading website.
65701. Mae R. Tupa There is enough anitsemitism in the world without Google making it easier to fuel.
65700. Ze'ev Silverman  
65699. Rachel Kesselman  
65698. Nathan Shlamkovitch  
65697. Karen Wartzman  
65696. vira it is deplorable
65695. Aaron Adler  
65694. phil harris  
65693. robert slosberg  
65692. randy morgenstern  
65691. Stulberg, Alicia, Ariela, Nicolas, Nestor  
65690. Aime  
65689. Neva Fernandez  
65688. Barbara Brottman  
65687. gary wiren I am not Jewish but I do not suffer hate mongers.
65686. yaara  
65685. Sloane Silver  
65684. Sea Kaplan Amazing, only one request to put a website up on google, but 50,000 requestes to remove it regardless of what it is.
65683. carolyn miller  
65682. Elina Zilberberg  
65681. Susan Litt This is disgraceful and should be removed from the search engine immediately.
65680. Guitele Fishbein  
65678. Reuben Ebrahimoff  
65677. lisa deutsch  
65676. james sylvan  
65675. S Shiff  
65674. Alan Grotenstein  
65673. Allen, Rosanne, Barami & Nathaniel Waspe  
65672. Larisa  
65671. Avi this should be removed
65670. Mirra Typermass  
65669. Prof. Wolfgang Laufer  
65668. Pat Langnau  
65667. Frances and Eugene Weinberg This is a disgrace to the Google network!
65666. Jerry Malett  
65665. Kenneth Wurman remove it today
65664. Penny Schuler  
65663. Mira Markan  
65662. Scott A. Wallace  
65661. Marcia Lupovitz  
65660. John Danenbarger  
65659. Levi Goldberg  
65658. Eveline Witjas  
65657. Crystal Witterick  
65655. Jack Denneboom  
65654. Alison Sanders  
65653. Penny Aronson  
65652. Claire S. Stern  
65651. Mara J. Vogel  
65650. Lucas Atkins  
65649. T. Andrzejewski  
65648. TraceyAltman  
65647. Paula H Lewis  
65646. rina deych please remove this obscene site from your search engine.
65644. Irene Hudson The world can do without this............
65643. Alex Kozlowsky  
65641. Cynthia Gensheimer  
65640. Jill Press  
65639. Sarah Goldfein  
65638. Marnie Klein  
65637. Karin R. Bellotti  
65636. Itamar Caspi  
65635. Dana Mahlab  
65634. Maurice Schweitzer Rankings condone legitimacy.
65633. Jonathan D. Wilner Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
65632. Amy Schuman  
65630. Carin Crow  
65629. michal  
65628. Arlene Rosenberg  
65627. Erica Fields  
65626. Netty Schwartz furious and sad
65625. Lisa Charnes  
65624. Itzik  
65623. richard aaron please take action
65622. Daniel J. Gower  
65621. Barry Nevins  
65619. Phyllis Propp Please remove JewWatch from the Google Search Engine.
65618. Josey Frieberg  
65617. carla silver sad in this day and age that antisemitism has ponce again risen its ugly head
65616. David Carr  
65615. Morey Wolfson  
65614. daan www.dantikap.tk
65613. B Riesenberg  
65612. hoffman gali  
65611. Susan Shapiro  
65610. Stephen Fink, DDS  
65609. Chet Ross  
65608. Marea Nathanson  
65607. Anne Selinger  
65606. Michael Verkhovsky  
65605. Amy Gorelick  
65604. Debra Kirschner  
65603. Elizabeth Silver please fix this
65602. Phyllis Pilcowitz  
65601. Noam Bunder  
65600. Eric H Montreal, Quebec
65599. Todd Edlin  
65598. barbara hartstein  
65597. J. Plafker  
65596. KENYA PALEY  
65595. fran mauer  
65594. kfir ben-ezra  
65593. David Douglass  
65592. Don Yahalom  
65591. Lee Schwartz  
65590. Nicole Matusow  
65589. Rayna Halzel  
65588. Phyllis Sturm  
65587. Marjorie E. Siegel  
65586. David Manuel  
65585. Jeanette Laster absolutely horrendous
65584. jonathan colton  
65583. Deborah Schwartz  
65582. shelly shapiro  
65581. Sydney Phillips  
65580. Mendel Kaplan  
65579. toni heller don't promote hate and lies
65578. Marlene Raisman  
65577. Stephen B. Lerner  
65576. Sharika Thiranagama  
65575. steven novick  
65574. Susan Kleiman  
65573. Victor Perlman  
65572. Robert Bernstein  
65571. joel leiberman it starts with this
65570. Jan Campbell You must have some subjective oversight of what displays on your search engine. Would you defend a site that explained how to kidnap and sexually assault children? How to be a suicide bomber? Society has a right to expect your intervention on website that run counter to a civilized society. Remove Jewwatch now!
65569. Jackie  
65568. fred nagel  
65567. Sigal Gavish  
65566. Yarona Eyal  
65565. arlene robins  
65564. Judy Smith  
65563. Sara Sandler  
65562. Mollie Alper  
65561. Laura Rubinfeld  
65560. Stanley Kessler  
65559. Elise Shapiro  
65558. Jennifer Davis  
65557. jay  
65556. Golda Gean  
65555. Karen Alford Is making money that important to you that you don't care about the content?
65554. Judith Hozore  
65553. Jessica Kushner  
65552. barbara goldstein you shouldn't need a petition to get rid of this
65551. Myrna Samuelson  
65550. howard dembs  
65549. Heather Bullis  
65548. M W Diamond  
65547. Karen Gerard It seems that there are many more sites that would be more pertinent to someone seeking information about the Jewish culture and religion then a site focusing on anti-semitisim.
65546. nyanna susan tobin I hope that whomever is responsible for this slander can feel the love that a parent gives to a missinformed child, and can learn the hard wone life lesson, that we are all one and we share one blessed planet. Shalom
65545. Don Ryan  
65544. Mindy Milch  
65543. celia graham  
65542. Phyllis Gordon  
65541. Neill Rudansky  
65540. Genece Beadle  
65539. Claire M. Poole  
65538. Charron Wishnick  
65537. Doreen Baird-Byalick  
65536. Chana Touretski  
65535. I. Wirguin  
65534. Helene Rosen  
65533. Alan Myers please remove this site post-haste
65532. Alex  
65531. Alfredo Tolchinsky  
65529. Miles Rubin  
65528. Steven Widdes  
65527. Lindsey Anthone  
65526. Marcia Cohen  
65525. Lillian Cornfield  
65524. Sabrina Seal  
65523. Sharon Teem Unless stopped, hatred will continue to grow until we are all destroyed.
65522. Shelly Gordon Isn't trhere enough hatred in the world that Google has to endorse it?
65521. avishai raviv  
65520. d ganz  
65519. T Hirsch  
65518. asaf  
65517. Andrea Seidler  
65516. Marc Mayer I will not go to Google, nor will I allow my kids to go on your site until you remove this site from your engine
65515. ellen davis  
65514. wouter gomperts  
65513. Jan van Cleeff  
65512. Silvia Marcus  
65511. A. Hamersfeld  
65510. perri blachowitz please remove it from your site.
65509. Assaf  
65508. Donella Cohen  
65507. Jill Abrams  
65506. Yakov  
65505. Michael E. McCune  
65504. jonah mayles  
65503. Yoni  
65502. Tony Romano Keep JewWatch. It is a fair and objective view of Jews and Zionism. Why are you acting like censoring NAZI's? What are you trying to hide? NOTHING that I read on JewWatch calls for any violence toward Jews, or anyone else. Save the jewish drama for your Jewish mama.
65501. Susan Orloff this is horrible, Google should screen what they put on their webistes!!
65500. Alona  
65499. Martine Veilleux  
65498. daniela vincenzetti  
65497. steve Leviton  
65496. Maxie Carr  
65495. Sheryl Sacharoff  
65494. Deena Bernstein  
65493. Eytan Coll  
65492. Caryn Amster  
65491. steven stoehr  
65490. Jerry Doniger  
65489. Marc Merlis  
65488. Aaron L Gold  
65487. Yishai Mescheloff  
65486. Richard E. Eaton  
65485. Michelle Garshon  
65484. Sherri Palef  
65483. Jessica Savitt shame on you for propagating intolerance and hatred
65482. zalmen blau  
65481. Amy Gerber  
65480. Jennifer Ross  
65479. Gaby Barmat  
65478. Lee Golden  
65477. brett chodorow  
65476. Rich Klein  
65475. Andrea M Moskoff Please remove NOW
65474. diane rush just what the world needs now -- hatred
65473. Lisa Bernard  
65472. Sandra Kochmann  
65471. Rachel Harris  
65470. Helene Schultz  
65469. Elisabeth Damas  
65468. Netta Levy  
65467. Elly Krimsky  
65466. Ilana  
65465. Mark Axelrod  
65464. Gordon Hager  
65463. carole sherman  
65462. Roi Caspy  
65461. richard fixler  
65460. Judith Meler  
65459. Eyal Kaczur  
65458. Daniel Feldman  
65457. Gary  
65456. Shani Sherwin  
65455. Barry Zuckerman  
65454. Hymand Weiner remove it immediately
65453. Cliff  
65452. Lisa Steinfeld  
65451. Mike Meyers  
65450. Kathleen Marangos  
65449. al moliken  
65448. perry arber remove this anti-seitic rubbish from your search engine
65447. Phil Mayer  
65446. Jeffrey L. Abrams  
65445. Lori Korn  
65444. stanley sabin  
65443. Mark Press, Ph.D.  
65442. Larry Katz  
65441. bina presser  
65440. Selma Richman  
65439. Lindsay Epstein  
65438. Annie Finz  
65437. Leslie Lyons  
65436. hanna shapiro  
65435. Karen Weisberg  
65434. David Weinstein  
65433. Judy Doron  
65432. Jordanna Ufberg REMOVE!
65431. Sharon Budman  
65430. Melissa Knight  
65429. Aaron Bleiwas  
65428. Steven J. Holmes  
65427. roger koolick this site is offensive and should be removed
65426. barbara greenvald  
65425. Harry Barkan  
65424. Bruria Miron  
65423. Alla Levit  
65422. Robert Hoenig  
65421. shu-wei James  
65420. mitch nusbaum  
65419. larry gillman  
65418. Ellen Uzialko  
65417. kobi kill them!!
65416. Sam Title  
65415. Laurie Spoon Potter  
65414. Diane Dickinson  
65413. Paul HATE is against the law
65412. Cohen  
65411. Rosie Tucker This is a disgusting site
65410. Tony Romano Keep JewWatch. It is a fair and objective view of Jews and Zionism. Why are you acting like censoring NAZI's? What are you trying to hide? NOTHING that I read on JewWatch calls for any violence toward Jews, or anyone else. Save the jewish drama for your Jewish mama.
65409. David M. Becker  
65408. Manja Ressler  
65407. terri argentar  
65406. Sam Glazer  
65405. steve palmer  
65404. Adrienne Buskard  
65403. Don Margolin  
65402. Debbie Rabinowitz  
65401. Donna Smith Please remove JewWatch.com from Google. Thank you.
65400. Wayne Weaver get rid of this anti-semitic site
65399. Meryl Eisman  
65398. anna ettin  
65397. Harry Kallmann Have no intention of ever using GOOGLE again
65396. David J. Chait, M.D. there is No excuse for Google to refuse removal of this link
65395. gary green  
65394. Mildred Estrin Why such hatred for those who have contributed so much to the world?
65393. Anita J. Tuber  
65392. gary stromberg  
65391. Robin Eisenberg  
65390. Schweke Danielle  
65389. David Stein  
65388. a. dattner  
65387. Dale Schreiber  
65386. Jennifer Rosenberg if Google restricts offensive content such as child pornography, then it should restrict hate sites as well
65385. robyn anshell  
65384. janet wein  
65383. Moshe Sherry  
65382. Ingrid  
65381. Sasson Shemesh  
65380. Jacob Klein  
65379. susan mitchell  
65378. Fran Markowitz  
65377. gabay rivka  
65376. mark d. snyder  
65375. Judith N. Mendelson  
65374. Razy Stolberg  
65373. Michaele C. Goodman  
65372. Joshua Dubrow I believe in freedom of speech, but I don't believe that this site has anything to do with that. It's one thing to express your feelings about something, and another to archive tons of propaganda articles about a race of people in a hateful way. This site is unnesseccary and should be removed.
65371. jay zeises  
65370. Michael Kranzley  
65369. Judith Greengus  
65368. irina ashkenazi  
65367. Sarah Evans  
65366. Lindsay Resnick  
65365. kellie  
65364. Allon Katz The petition speaks for itself. Especially in today's environment, hate content should not be given credibility by being listed on Google.
65363. elaine Google you should be ashamed of yourselves!! remove it at once.
65362. Michele Cohen  
65361. etty  
65360. Lisa Braithwaite-Rodriguez  
65359. E. Tamari Disgusting and disturbing. Please remove it immediately.
65358. Tzvi Hershel Torem A great shanda(shame) in our time !
65357. michael aronoff  
65356. Alan Sweifach  
65355. C.  
65354. Shirley Manuel  
65353. Tom Roach  
65352. Cathy Singer  
65351. Myles Resnick  
65350. Sharon Pennock  
65349. Ellen R Goldfarb Antisemitic material , or any racist material, should not be condoned by your search engine-I was quite surprised to see this material and very disappointed in what I thought was an excellent and very cool search engine
65348. Carl Solomont  
65347. Charles Newman Remove Jewwatch.com!
65346. gertieforman  
65345. Carolyn Dorfman Please remove or reorder. We need healthier relationships between people not more hatred.
65344. JeTawn Shannon  
65343. Andrea Eisen  
65342. Karen Romaner  
65341. greg herskowitz remove it.
65340. Tracy Oats  
65339. wendy I am so upset to see the search results please deal with it!!
65338. Ira Fox  
65337. ilene schafer  
65336. Randy Mitnick  
65335. Oliver Mond  
65334. marnin steinberg All people of good concious should stand together against this type of prejudice.
65333. Ira A. Mermelstein  
65332. Amy Farkas  
65331. Laurie  
65330. patricia steinback In a time when we so dearly need to be tolerant and understanding of people's differences, this is an outrage and completely unacceptable. If you spray painted this on the side of a building, you'd be criminally charged with a hate crime. Google, wise up and get this off the internet.
65329. gayle brodzki  
65328. bernard newman  
65327. Jacob Ouriel  
65326. sasha weitman  
65325. joe millis  
65324. Janet Mosseri  
65323. Rachelle Mazin  
65322. Sam Davico Do you have a Muslim watch on Google' if not remove the Jew watch
65321. Sofia Menahem  
65320. a greenson  
65319. Murray Slimowitz  
65318. carol steinman get rid of this
65317. Chuck Resnick Mamma.com looking better and better
65316. Michael Kalin  
65314. Max Willig Remove this site!!!!!
65313. Laura it is unfortunate that you allowed this to occur
65312. Charles Kass  
65311. Paula Ouriel  
65310. Stacey Lucas  
65309. Stacey Lane  
65308. Larry Freedenberg  
65307. Amanda Nicole  
65306. Pat Sloan  
65305. Hilary Keren  
65304. barbara zats  
65303. Betty Schaffel  
65302. Emily Ciccolo  
65301. Sagi Haviv  
65300. Elie Meimoun  
65299. Richard Katz  
65298. Rita Crespi revolting.........remove immediately
65297. Arnold B. Sherman  
65296. Alan Spivack  
65295. Sandra Garrett  
65294. Craig Rosenberg This is very upsetting and offensive. Please change this!!
65293. David Kwiat anti-Semitisim shows a lack of education and understanding
65292. Brenda Bronstein There is enough hate in the world.
65291. Denis Weintraub  
65290. Uri Gutfreund please remove as soon as possible. this is a disgusting web site
65289. Jean Kraemer  
65288. Kimberly Leibowitz  
65287. Barbara Schwartz  
65286. michael sobel  
65285. Leslie Schwartz  
65284. suzanne greene  
65283. Harriet Feinberg  
65282. Meredith Jacobs  
65281. Robert Balis  
65280. Philip Schiller  
65279. JON BERNS  
65278. Tom Heagle This is outrageous. I'm having a hard time understanding why Google needs a petition signed by 50,000 to have this site removed as the primary site for a search under "JEW".
65277. Ronald Roth  
65276. Shimrit  
65275. Karen  
65274. Arthur & June Stern  
65273. Grunfeld hope it works!
65272. liran  
65271. sue stoney freidman  
65270. Michael Domue  
65269. fran newman  
65268. Sheila Dishell Incredibly bad judgement - was this written by Mel Gibson?
65267. Viviane Mor  
65266. Peter Weisz  
65265. Ellie Tannenbaum  
65264. David Gorin  
65263. David Bernstein It is disgusting that, in this day and age, there are still cretins who possess this baseless and irrational hatred. This type of prejudice and small mindedness undermines not only the Constitution and core beliefs that made the U.S. great, but also is contrary to the tenets of almost every major religion in the world. That type of hypocrisy is truly offensive.
65262. Marni Levinson  
65261. Sharon Beaumont  
65260. Ron Solomon  
65259. yuval  
65258. Larry Garner  
65257. Cam Mathewson  
65256. Miriam Gillman  
65255. Lori Burns  
65254. miki  
65253. Zvi Z. There's no shortage of irony in the fact that many a contributor on sf.indymedia.org -- an ultra-leftist lunatic fringe site whose editors (especially the dominant rabid anti-Zionist & crypto anti-Semitic editor known as "nessie") enable and help promote anti-Semitism -- froth at the mouth against Google and often claim it's both a Zionist propaganda vehicle and a Jewish tool for maintaining world dominance... I bet they would have a slight change of mind knowing that Google has inadvertently served their cause...
65252. Ken Devoe  
65251. Andrew Gold While I don't believe you should censor sites as a matter of principle, that this should be the first site to come up does strike me as something one can change.
65250. Anne Evans  
65249. Prof. Brian Berkowitz  
65248. mimi manzur  
65247. Bruce A. Birnberg  
65246. Marcy Botwick-Blumers  
65245. MZakai  
65244. ronen kroitor0  
65242. Ronald A. Steinberg As an American, I am offended.
65241. Heather Greenberg  
65240. Sharon Horwitz  
65239. Lawrence Edelstein Despicable; Even as a Southern Baptist I am offended. You are well advised to remove the site NOW.
65238. Eric Rendel  
65237. I. Abrams  
65236. Glenn Cavadel  
65235. Darren Goldstein  
65234. Irina Elkin  
65233. Lawrence chandler  
65232. Allan Geetter  
65231. Rita Goone  
65230. Ruth Bodden  
65229. Hillary Miller  
65228. Alfred Tischler  
65227. Rae Ellis Theise  
65226. Jay Berger  
65225. Roy Kroker  
65224. David G.  
65223. Dana Beyer  
65222. Norma Dreyfus  
65221. Janis Levy  
65220. Laura Green This site has to be stopped!!
65219. Howard Kauderer  
65218. Elizabeth Greenwald  
65217. Linda Gurvitch  
65216. Cintia Fridman  
65215. agi neiger  
65214. Solomon Weiss A complete distortion of facts. It's disgusting
65213. Myrna Fox  
65212. Michel Weiss  
65211. Amir Motzney  
65210. Stuart S. Greenfeig  
65209. Ester Adriana Gottschalk  
65208. Allan Mittelmark  
65207. Caryn S. Stein  
65206. sheila pack  
65205. Ellen Morton  
65204. A. Jeffrey Goldstein  
65203. Jen Rosenfeld  
65202. yoni barnhard  
65201. debra tortoriello  
65200. Janet There is too much hate in this world already, we dont need to encourage more hatred!
65199. Harris M Sarney  
65198. Allan J. Schultz There should be some limits to what Google allows.
65197. Tanya Lyons  
65196. Lauren Berman Please remove this web site from your search engine.
65195. Ophira Segal  
65194. Elliot Greenstone  
65193. Mayer M Hutma  
65192. Gretel Aumann  
65191. Janet Einhorn google's algorithm for determining the top site match is a self-fulfilling problem. They should DO THE RIGHT THING and make sure this hate site goes to the bottom of the list!!!
65190. Judith Tischler  
65189. oren  
65188. Dayse L. de Oliveira  
65187. Susan Clickstein  
65186. sorie k hecht  
65185. Suzanne Eizenberg  
65184. Mary Riordan  
65183. arthur unger  
65182. Steven Lurie  
65181. Linda A. Goldstein  
65180. Justin Spiro  
65179. keren  
65178. gail greenblatt  
65177. Karla disgusting. Absolutely horrific!
65176. MIndy Fricke  
65175. Barton Pasternak Despicable lies
65174. Karen Citron  
65173. kelly cohen  
65172. Maxine A. Gere We have enough hate in this world. Keep your search engine position free from manipulative zealots
65171. Jacob Levy  
65170. Judy Lobel  
65169. Barbara Greenberg This is absurd and an insult to humanity!
65168. Asya Ostrovsky  
65167. Gary Segev  
65166. Ruth  
65165. Richard & Linda Miske As Christians We find this option very revolting
65164. gail  
65163. David Shabat  
65162. Mark Rosman remove immediately
65161. William B. Rose-Heim Why would we want make biggotry more accessible?
65160. Kristopher Wood  
65159. Sara Drapeau  
65158. Scott J. Segel  
65157. Robert M. Bonin  
65156. Anat  
65155. susie mendelsohn remove the anti-semitic, hateful site immediately
65154. tomer tomer
65153. Julia "jew watch" is anti-semitic, strike it !
65152. Gladys Laden  
65151. Sandi & Robert Horwitz Get rid of this disgusting trash!!
65150. Susan Siporin  
65149. D Conway  
65148. Luba Remove the site
65147. Nancy Stewart  
65146. val  
65145. Rachel Baum  
65144. Patrice Murphy  
65143. marsha cohen  
65142. Melvin Y. Gershman/Sandra K. Gershman  
65141. Fred Pomerantz Please remove the site
65140. Joseph Masters  
65139. Janet  
65138. Debra C. Hallow How sad that a society so enlightened, can be so blind
65137. Pauline Weisz  
65136. Roy Krengal  
65135. Dorothy Weinstein  
65134. Craig Singer  
65133. anne garami , m.d. remove this horrible site from search engine
65132. Steven D. Reedy Remove any anti-semitic comments from google
65131. Judy Phillips  
65129. richard levenson  
65128. dana  
65127. Denise Weir  
65126. Alan Slonim  
65125. Lowell Strauss  
65124. Michael Rotholz very disappointed in Google
65123. Frances Harnick One would hope a petition would not be necessary, that google would not allow hate messages on their web site. It makes me wonder if google is sympathetic to this hateful message.
65122. Susan Ebert  
65121. arthur sheffield  
65120. Anne Holton  
65119. Justin klein  
65118. sherwin dean  
65117. tova arbib  
65116. David Slepian  
65115. Ed Veisman  
65114. Audrey B. Kalkstein  
65113. Lottie Godfrey You should be ashamed to be part of something so disgusting.
65112. anna etzioni  
65111. michael rosenbaum apauled
65110. Carla R.Josephus Jitta  
65109. Hadar Markus  
65108. Rachel S. Singer  
65107. Elaine Masters  
65106. Bob Edelstein  
65105. Larisa Leytman remove jewwatch.com
65104. Jacquelyn M. Blake hate is what we are fighting this war against, please do not foment HATE
65103. Lawrence J. Ansel  
65102. Beth Lemberger  
65101. Marty Baran  
65100. Ruth Fierman hateful
65099. M. Buck  
65098. Len Lipton  
65097. mary lou monaghan  
65096. Eileen Goldberg  
65095. Leo Manelis  
65094. Steven L. Pomerantz  
65093. wendy miller  
65092. celia roth totally disgusting
65091. David Lowidt  
65090. Sam Kupfer  
65089. robert scheiner  
65088. Adam  
65087. ed jacobson good luck
65086. Marina Piller  
65085. Eric Kimmel change this at once
65084. sara sochaczevski  
65083. Melissa Bilsky  
65082. Lil Nobel  
65081. Jeff Schwaber  
65080. merry bauer  
65079. Sarita Dankner  
65078. Rob Landauer  
65077. sue pollock  
65076. Alison Berman  
65075. Steve Salzberg  
65074. Dan Aldrich  
65073. E. Y. Rodin  
65072. Sheila Riegel  
65071. Selma and Bernard Dubrow Can't believe so many signers are necessary to convince Google to remove this!!!!!
65070. NEAL EHRLICH please remove this from google
65068. S Lewis  
65067. Yuval Popper  
65066. Paulette Fineman  
65065. Judth G. John Hate does not bring about peace or understanding.
65064. jason m weitzner  
65063. Sumner Feinstein  
65062. Rebecca Maddage  
65061. Liz Crawford The fact that a petition is needed to remove a website so offensive and potentially dangerous is atrocious!
65060. Andrey V. Krasnov  
65059. Harriet Silverstein sounds like a mel gibson site
65058. Linda Rudy  
65057. Paula Kline  
65056. Elias  
65055. Debra Haverson  
65054. denise gross  
65053. Phyllis Pralgo  
65052. Sergio  
65051. Ruth Weintraub  
65050. Daniel Gold  
65049. Philip Kieserman  
65048. arthur e schmidt  
65047. Marie Kaplowitz I thought that the brains behind the google engine were smarter than this
65046. debbie durben  
65045. Tammy Meents  
65044. Burt Salkin Shamefull
65043. Gideon Ioffe  
65042. Rosalind Berman-Myerson  
65041. John Kurti  
65040. Rocki Glass should not be an automatic pop-up
65039. Sherry Glassman  
65038. David I. Leo  
65037. June Edlund A site such as this is disgusting
65036. Nancy L. Banov  
65035. Suomen Karmel yhdistys Please remove
65034. gabriel remove it
65033. Thelma Stevenson Ablan Remove JewWatch.com
65032. Bruce Jaschik-Herman  
65031. leon winitsky  
65030. Jan Brennan  
65029. Sheldon Stein  
65028. Sidney Sandberg  
65027. SG Snieder  
65026. John Neiman  
65025. Deb Lehman  
65024. Michael Stern  
65023. fred and Bev avery  
65022. S. A. Heiber  
65021. Gerald Sone  
65020. Kim Merlino  
65019. Debbie Lofaso  
65018. Jon Fader  
65017. Jennifer Lewis Please remove this hateful, hurtful site.
65016. howard Kalkstein  
65015. Alan Rosenstein  
65014. Ari Soffer  
65013. cheryl newman Google is despicable
65012. Gary Weisman  
65011. Brent Delman I will be using other search engines until this is corrected and will tell others to do the same
65010. Paul Garry  
65009. Larry Belling  
65008. bruce s nathan  
65007. jesse kirsch  
65006. Neville Stanger  
65005. Joanna Snyder  
65004. Andrea Abramowitz  
65003. Asher Borradaile  
65002. Marc Offman  
65001. Paula Goldstein  
65000. Lynn Wagner  
64999. Stephen Dienhart This link should be removed
64998. Amber DeFord  
64997. Susan Deakin Hatred is akin to bullying. It needs to stop NOW!
64996. Morry Glicksman  
64995. Karen Forgosh  
64994. Annette Zipper  
64993. Andrew Marks  
64992. Allen Israel  
64991. Carla Curtsinger  
64990. Cherie Segal  
64989. Arlene Steinberg Freedom of speech is one thing, promoting this obscenity quite another. Sometimes ethical people have to use the wisdom to self-censure pure garbage and oscenity.
64988. kathryn gruber  
64987. Tal Sabbah  
64986. Amy Leitner I am a huge Google user. I demand that this be removed soon or I will switch search engines easily! Thanks!
64985. Sid Milech  
64984. jamie talbot  
64983. Julia Bock  
64982. janet b. gregan  
64981. Dr Ian L Natoff How can Google be so ignorant of its clients manipulations?
64980. Ralph Levin  
64979. Ellie Gettinger  
64978. Linda Goodman  
64977. Ilan Matok Their excuse about "freedom of objectivity" is an insult to one'smind
64976. Frances Bronzite  
64975. Milton Rotenberg  
64974. Nechama  
64973. Carolyn  
64972. avi  
64971. Adam Sherry Remove this sight !
64970. Vikki Lyons  
64969. Frister Vera  
64968. Katie brauss  
64967. Harold Friedman  
64966. William S. Friedman  
64965. Dave everyone has the right to free speech. The site should not be removed entirely, but it should definitely not be the first return searching on "jew"
64964. David Singer  
64963. Shoshana Berger  
64962. Jennifer Mirmelstein  
64961. Karel Kroos  
64960. Dina Greitzer  
64959. Laura Stellato  
64958. Randall Wallach  
64957. patricia garland  
64956. Helaine Feldman  
64955. marcia cohen  
64954. Claudia  
64953. Karin Czyrwony Kohan  
64952. Zeev Pollack š
64951. Ron Freiman  
64950. Ted Schlissel  
64949. Luchy Finkelstein  
64948. Liora Shani  
64946. Stacy Pies  
64945. Scott Hulnick  
64944. Kelin J. Strasser While I believe in free speech, I don't believe in free hate!
64943. Joan E. Esser-Stuart Please remove ASAP!
64942. Aviv  
64941. Suzan Resnick  
64940. Randi Brown  
64939. Willem Gerber  
64938. Crochet  
64937. Lee LeVine  
64936. Mike Jarvis I find it disturbing that Google would allow this in the first place
64935. Harold Friedman  
64934. gary marcus  
64933. Richard Scheiner  
64932. S David Moche  
64931. Sr. Patricia Russell  
64930. m. segal this is not nazi germany, this is american. there is enough hate in this world. get rid of it
64929. Marcy Levinson  
64928. Zohar Natan  
64927. Howard Dickman we do not need this on the internet or Google
64926. Meryl Post  
64925. Jodi Magness  
64924. Julia Shmueli  
64923. andrew schwarz  
64922. allen w. cohen  
64921. Sharon Rothblatt  
64920. Phyllis Greenhalgh  
64919. BMlawer  
64918. Ari Schonbrun  
64917. Elizabeth Simms  
64916. Howard Ravis  
64915. carol nadel  
64914. mandy Sicking  
64913. Ephraim Maltz Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
64912. S Alexander  
64911. Stephanie  
64910. L. Loewenstern  
64909. Frederic S. Berman  
64908. Larry K. Prager  
64907. Amos Shani  
64906. Richard Weiss this is disgusting - please remove - I have google as my main search engine, if this is not removed it will not remain there very long.
64905. Gary Firestone Freedom of speech should be protected. I respect the right of everyone to say what they believe, but I do not believe that promoting hateful messages from people who would curtail that freedom is necessary nor in the spirit of 'one world' which the internet provides. Let them have their website, but let us limit our promotion of it.
64904. Lisa B. Newman  
64903. Cindy Paska  
64902. Beatriz Kats  
64901. Wolf Ze'ev Hirst Google does such excellent work--pity it should inadvertently promote antisemitism
64900. Lisa Harbin  
64899. Rachel Needle  
64898. e marks not humane
64897. Andy Feher  
64896. Andrew Muir JewWatch encourages racial hatred and should be banned
64895. Susan S Stone  
64894. Natalie Lyme  
64893. Danielle Cash I'm not Jewish, but any form of hatred should not be tolerated
64892. Jeff Stanger  
64891. Amy Velazquez Cohen  
64890. david zakaiem  
64889. Ron  
64888. Gretta Enable To Roll The Ball Again!? (Holocaust)
64887. Carolyn  
64886. Christopher Fego  
64885. Loretta Goorevich SHAME!
64884. Avi Rosen  
64883. natalie marcus A disgrace
64882. Eve Stanger  
64881. Dr. P. Philipson thankyou for removing this biased, judgemental and inflamatory site
64880. Susan Waskow Do not add my name to any email lists.
64879. Wahlhaus  
64878. nir none
64877. linda grossman  
64876. joyce ferrara  
64875. peter jonas  
64874. Sheryl Puette  
64873. Yonete Gottfried  
64872. Caryn Dubrow  
64871. Simone Jaffee  
64870. Ronen  
64869. Fe E. Zamora  
64868. Ramie Tritt  
64867. Revital  
64866. Josh D'Agostino  
64865. Beryl Loeb Hoffman  
64864. Dennis Wright  
64863. lewis levine  
64862. D  
64861. Professor Michael Baum  
64860. Lawrence Kotler  
64859. Edward I. Hoffman  
64858. Jack Silverman  
64857. Richard Pack  
64856. Lilian Rotter  
64855. Adam Myers  
64854. Eyal  
64853. rick wetzler  
64852. Marla Selman  
64851. Shawn Fried  
64849. pat gage  
64848. Lynn Travis  
64847. Alex Satinsky  
64846. Carol Greenwald  
64845. Lester Schwartz Why was this included in the first place!
64844. Scott Saulson Objectivity is not the issue. Responsibility is. Remove this site!
64843. Ilya Lerner  
64842. Scott Vogel  
64841. Noralyn McGovern  
64840. Gil Lavy  
64839. lisa j. sirota-weiner  
64838. Joseph Krakoff  
64837. Heidi Sitcov  
64836. s.gerver  
64835. Leonard Kanterman  
64834. Cathy Schuss  
64833. edward teeger seems very inappropriate that your search engine would offer
64832. Randi Block remove this site
64831. Felicia Kimmel  
64830. M D Blum  
64829. Lance Nurick  
64828. Liz Donnenfeld Remove Jew watch from Google
64827. Willard Cohen  
64826. Inna  
64825. Thomas F. Ruth, Jr. while I support first amendmnet rights, this is a commercial manipulation of information, and sets a chilling precedent
64824. Cindy  
64823. Koby Cohen  
64822. Brenda Herzberg  
64821. J. Feinberg  
64820. Nanette  
64819. Steven Schuss  
64818. Morrie Rutman  
64817. Christopher Sullivan  
64816. Mollie Kurs  
64815. J. Michael  
64814. Maurice L. Natelson  
64813. arnold newton  
64812. lara sivak  
64811. elaine lances  
64810. Jacob Feinstein  
64809. James Schneider  
64808. Lawrence Sanders  
64807. Donald W. Hirsh  
64806. Michelle Filleul  
64805. David Oppenheimer  
64804. r. kenny  
64803. GUY BECK  
64802. zafir  
64801. Natalie Agraz  
64800. sally shane  
64799. Elaine Silver  
64798. Scott Paly  
64797. Carol Swinger  
64796. adi pundak-mintz  
64795. Katlin Schroeder  
64794. Marsha Bernstein  
64793. stanford levy please remove for a better world for everyone
64792. Alan Weissbaum  
64791. Meni Conen  
64790. leonard weiss there are enough problems in the world without encouraging anti-semetic organization by putting the in your search engine thank you
64789. Susan Friedmann  
64788. Joyce G  
64787. Michael Collins In the UK it is illegal
64786. Michael Hyatt  
64785. Mark E. Hayes Just as a matter of decency, remove this!
64784. Jerome Druss This type of site only weakens the fabric of america, and evrything it stands for.
64783. Slippman  
64782. oscar Grunhaus  
64781. dena dromi  
64780. Cathryn Marcotte  
64779. H L Blum  
64778. sharon delevitt  
64777. Jeffrey R. Rollins such a cite should not be so readily accessible
64776. Kathy Skelton  
64775. Dan Bernstein  
64774. Joyce Davis Thank you for removing this anti-Semitic site.
64773. Heidi Pillet  
64772. Louis Zivic  
64771. josh bortnick  
64770. Joseph Gromadzyn  
64769. Beverly Wiersma  
64768. Irv Adler responsible Google a must
64767. Marilyn Solomon  
64766. sue gibson  
64765. david yavil  
64764. Judy Williams  
64763. Ehud Hai  
64762. S. Micah Salb  
64761. Ava Stoughton  
64760. Rabbi Charles P. Rabinowitz As the largest search engine, Google needs to remember that along with business practices, there are ethical and psychosocial responsibilities as well. This petition should be unnecessary. Shame on you!
64759. David M. Stein I'm sure if the first entry fror the word Arab were Arab Terrorist, Google would remove it.
64758. Gladys Pfau  
64757. Brigitte  
64756. S I Cantor supporting remval of vile site
64755. David Teiler  
64754. Richard A Goldberg  
64753. klapwald shmulik  
64752. Adel Far  
64751. Arline Glassel  
64750. Marjorie G. Baker  
64749. MEIR SOMEKH  
64748. claude  
64747. Howard A. Werman, MD I think that Google has a responsibility to constrain the proliferation of hate speech.
64746. Mark M Antebi Action is warranted immediately
64745. David Perlmutter  
64744. Steven Klein  
64743. ron kapon  
64742. Rob Waiser  
64741. Carol Herman  
64740. Jan Klein  
64739. Erin Remove it
64738. David Fisher  
64736. Tia Kane  
64735. Tom Walker Say no to hate
64734. Thomas Hare  
64733. L Olshanski  
64732. Nancy Miller never again the holocaust
64731. Fred Heisman  
64730. Carol Hurkin  
64728. susan berkowitz  
64727. Wendy Cooper  
64726. Sol J. Cohen  
64725. N Wwerlinch  
64724. Nicole  
64723. Roman Klein  
64722. Kristen Davies  
64721. stephen parkoff this anti-semitic web-site should be removed
64720. J Hoffman  
64719. Scott Hecht  
64718. Marvin Factor  
64716. Deborah Rosenkranz  
64715. Mitch Berger  
64714. Wesley Boas  
64713. Howard Piltz  
64712. Malcolm Warshaw  
64711. Bruce L. Royce  
64710. stanley j. troy  
64709. Oehninger Esther what a shame for Google to accept such a page.
64708. IGAL COHEN stop the hate
64707. William Itovitch  
64706. jonathan m. kusnitz  
64705. roberto  
64704. Gaillard Rouah david  
64703. Sherry Lilenfeld  
64702. martin d cohen  
64701. Renee Goodman I just want it to go away......
64700. Ralph Schneider  
64699. Nathan Marcus please remove!
64698. Ruth Cohen  
64697. Ken Grodner  
64696. Nathan Bell  
64695. Karen Solomon  
64694. Christina R. Kilgore This is a disgrace to our country, that such hatered can be on our American internet.
64693. Ellen Crocker  
64692. Edward Piltz  
64690. Michal  
64689. elaine waldstreicher  
64688. Jason Housenbold  
64687. Caroline  
64686. Tanis Ferman  
64685. Nancy M  
64684. Ken Birenbaum  
64683. Jennifer Hoke  
64682. S Tesher  
64681. Larry  
64680. Hershey Fitleberg  
64679. cheryl andes  
64678. Michael Hall  
64677. Henry Joseph Jewwatch does not help community relations and besmirches the Google name
64676. Mark  
64675. bracha shoer  
64674. adam  
64673. Matt Weissman  
64672. Michael Vinokur  
64671. Rachel W. Jacobsohn  
64670. Elaine Piltz  
64669. A. Steinberger  
64668. Ariel Galinsky  
64667. Susan Stein Chiesa  
64666. Pearl Bassan  
64665. Goldstein  
64664. adena mark  
64663. marc this is bigoted anti-semetic filth and must be removed
64662. Lauren Hirsch  
64661. Ed Seeman Shame on Google!
64660. Ellen Glazer none
64659. Susan K. Solomon  
64658. Dov Roner  
64657. Marc Solomon Google- accept some social responsibility
64656. Blanche Werner  
64655. Alexander Kaplun It's a shame for Google to have this page!
64654. gattegno  
64653. Marni Newman I am ashamed that such an inventive and productive search engine like Google would have this disgusting website so easily accessed to the public
64652. Andi Leubitz Teaneck, New Jsery
64651. bryan Goldberg  
64650. Nan Theodore  
64649. dan meyer  
64648. Edward Black  
64647. mara gibney  
64646. Brandee McCrackine  
64645. Carole Elmaliah  
64644. Mike Hersh please block JewWatch from your search engine
64643. Howard Cherpakov  
64642. Edmond Vinarub  
64641. Judie Lavender  
64640. Robin Kaufman  
64639. hagai nop
64638. doba goodman  
64637. Richard E. Geib  
64636. eileen Kadanoff  
64634. Gene Kaufman  
64633. Lea Lavy  
64632. marjorie krems  
64631. Norman Sherman  
64630. Bryna Zaiden  
64629. Arthur Rabson  
64628. Yakov Dan  
64627. Frank Barkan  
64626. Or Kazaz  
64624. Rhonda Flagg  
64623. Brian Hirsch  
64622. mano  
64621. Tom  
64620. Leora Rosen  
64619. diane moss Do the right thing!Search your heart for the answer.
64618. Fran Katz  
64617. Jill Kauffman  
64616. Leonard Selman  
64615. tirtza  
64614. paul abrams  
64613. stuart howard  
64612. Stuart Donner  
64611. Jessica Farkas  
64610. Carol Abramson  
64609. Sacha Botbol  
64608. Tzvi Liker  
64607. Dovid Mark  
64606. Karletta  
64605. Elisa J. Harwin  
64604. Carly Silver  
64603. Andrea Avrutis  
64602. jeff adams  
64601. S. Neimark  
64600. Nili  
64599. Samuel Silverman  
64598. Cathy Silverberg  
64597. AG  
64596. Ben Posener  
64595. Ken Schwab  
64594. ed wormser  
64593. Danny Gelley  
64592. Janice Tracht  
64591. robin pearl  
64590. Yuri Zislin  
64589. maurice roth google is completely responsible to ensure that the sites that it hosts are not offensive and do not incite racial hatred
64588. lee shaps  
64587. Mel Stein  
64586. Ralph Nunn  
64585. Judy Lewis  
64584. Thomas Flacke  
64583. yariv  
64582. ken dubin remove it please
64581. Janice R. Hymanson  
64580. Eyal  
64579. Dr. Julio Szmuilowicz  
64578. ig  
64577. Carole  
64576. Rhonda Wasserman  
64575. Michael Delane  
64574. Tony Fineberg  
64573. Mark Weitz Promoting hate against an identifiable groups is against the law. Google has an obligation to ensure it's site does not promote hatred towards Jews or any other ethno-cultural or religious group
64572. lee shaps  
64571. Lynda Mandel  
64570. michele weiss  
64569. A Soudry  
64568. Judith  
64567. Lori Diamond  
64566. frank ander  
64565. Dan Gasser  
64564. Jonathan Lourie  
64563. Robert L. Bachrach  
64562. Jonathan  
64561. Jon Gouldman Remove this and similar disgusting sites
64560. joseph greenwald  
64559. Rabbi Howard Handler  
64558. Marilyn Hartog Disgusting get rid of it
64557. Elliott Gross  
64556. isaac Ish Shalom  
64555. Miriam Davidson  
64554. BOB GREEN  
64553. Mimi Louiso I think the fact that google needs 50,000 signatures is dispicable. As a Christian, I am mortified at that policy.
64552. D. Silvester I like chocolate...
64551. Igor Matushansky Should not be the first result
64550. Ted I cannot believe Google!
64549. David Free speech in this day should not promote hatred and barbarism. This site does just that. Present historic facts, not hateful feelings.
64548. Sheldon Caras  
64547. Hannah Caplan  
64546. Sheila Milner  
64545. Sherry Kirschenbaum  
64544. Donald S.Winograd  
64543. bob  
64542. Roberto Gaspar Montevideo, Uruguay
64541. M. Reich  
64540. Jen Groom  
64539. L Diamant  
64538. Rafael Ben-Brith Delete this infamous page uimmediately!
64537. Dr Bob Israel  
64536. Daniel Davidson  
64535. Marc  
64534. Daniel Roseman Jewwatch propagates hate.
64533. Melissa Sonner not acceptable for a business to promote hatred
64532. Emily McGlynn Jewish is coolish
64531. jennifer carp  
64530. Nancy A White Any bigotry is not acceptable
64529. Rebecca Fried  
64528. Marvin Midlarsky  
64527. ira lamster  
64526. Elinor Samson IMMEDIATELY!
64525. Stephen Schecter  
64524. marvin  
64523. Alyse Ballin  
64522. Stephen Guttman  
64521. Judy Petillo  
64520. Elizabeth Sher  
64519. Mario Klappholz  
64518. Howard Kaplin  
64517. Toni Gadd  
64516. Steven Rabinowitz  
64515. Renay Freedman  
64514. Michael Radford Stamp it out now!!!!!!
64513. Ben Azulay  
64512. Lynn Rutstein  
64511. Stanley Grossman  
64510. Jeff Miller  
64509. Bj Gottlieb remove ya
64508. Richard Heisler  
64507. Sheryl Goldfein  
64506. Yonatan  
64505. F. Stein  
64504. Emily  
64503. Jeff Denger  
64502. Natalie Shapiro  
64501. donna goodhart  
64500. Linda McFarland As a Christian, I am appalled by this site.
64499. Gila Lustig  
64498. Jessica Sales  
64497. Sylvia Berman-Peck  
64496. Susie Melnick  
64495. daniel klugman  
64494. Tony Booth I cant imagine that someone in the corporate structure of Google would work for such an organization allowing this anti-semetic sounding site.
64493. Gregory Pearlman  
64492. E. Tito Please remove this hideous site!
64491. Diana Socolovsky  
64490. melissa  
64489. a dworkin  
64488. Daniel Darahem  
64487. Harriet Heisler  
64486. Z Harris  
64485. Aaron Resnick  
64484. Brittany Avey  
64483. Arik  
64482. Jennifer Shur  
64481. Rachel Siegal  
64480. zehorit  
64479. Jacob Resnick  
64478. marsha goldstein shameful!
64477. Ilya Gildenblat  
64476. yochai  
64475. Oleg  
64474. nassimah reynolds palis no to hatespeechof all kinds!
64473. J Roberts  
64472. Renske  
64471. Mary Resnick  
64470. ruth  
64469. Betty Slaughter  
64468. Sandy Jess  
64467. suzanne eichhorn  
64466. Martin  
64465. AKasmen  
64464. Dana Silberman Makmal  
64463. Henry Resnick  
64462. arje cohen  
64461. South West Essex & Settlement Reform Synagogue  
64460. fred goldberg  
64459. Rafael Haddad Please remove this site
64458. Jeffrey Olshin  
64457. Dan Jaffe  
64456. Arlene Klinger  
64455. Diane Heiman  
64454. Doug  
64453. Sophies Choice  
64452. Naomi Freuden  
64451. E  
64450. Charles J. Gaglio  
64449. Sam Rotberg  
64448. Michelle Rothstein  
64447. Ellen  
64446. Noa Shacham  
64445. Nir B  
64444. hadas  
64443. mireille  
64442. Susan Kusnitz  
64441. Mirel Tanz  
64440. Tamar Levy  
64439. Marc Fuss  
64438. Claire H. Miller  
64437. Laura Shepard  
64436. david goldman  
64435. Alan Silk  
64434. Mira Melzer  
64433. mordejai Churba Please remove this site immediatly
64432. Shimi  
64431. Hank Sheffer  
64430. E PHILLIPS  
64429. ned lager  
64428. Allen Fleishman Free speech is one thing, but as a first 'hit' on Google, this is abhorant.
64427. Susan To have a hate site such as this demonstrates the dark side of the internet. To endorse it by allowing it to remain as Googles number one search result is appalling!
64426. Judith Littardi  
64425. Brian Antman  
64424. Gila Abecassis  
64422. Sandra Neufeld Ostrach  
64421. E. Winson  
64420. Nancy Sanders  
64419. Harriet & Leon Resnicow  
64418. Edward Brookmyer  
64417. Mal Serure  
64416. Esther Weitzman  
64415. Vincent R DiGregorio  
64414. Susan K. Unacceptable HATE site
64413. Muriel Kravette  
64412. Sascha Gurwitz Has history taught us nothing?
64411. Rosenstein  
64410. lionel asseraf  
64409. andrea kirsh  
64408. Jay Vandroff  
64407. Martin Elazar  
64406. Eve Ilsen shame on you
64405. sam frosh  
64404. rachel weiss  
64403. Lior Abramovitch  
64402. Gerry Magnaldi  
64401. Robert Rothenberg  
64400. Clary Rooda  
64399. Jonathan Aikhenbaum  
64398. Diana  
64397. graciela gimenez  
64396. Lil Oliver  
64395. Ariel Amster Remove it
64394. elad avraham  
64393. Andrew B. Sechtin Please remove this hate site from your search engine
64392. David Langsam  
64391. Susan Goldberg  
64390. Leland Malkus  
64389. Margaret Gofman-Klein  
64388. Lawrence Rosenberg  
64387. Ruth Melamed  
64386. Marlene Ostrow Google Management: Please do the right thing now. This current status quo will not be good for future business.
64385. Nancy Northup Tired of hate in all its forms
64384. Claudio Pupkin  
64383. Philip Rapport  
64382. Marlene Ostrow Google Management: Please do the right thing now. This current status quo will not be good for future business.
64381. Kayleen DeWerd  
64380. Milton Goldstein This contains hateful and false information
64379. doron it is imortant to learn more about the big 3 religions. they all offer great things, but many people misuse them
64378. Gabi Shamir  
64377. mordejai Churba  
64376. Rita Edwards  
64375. Amy Gage  
64374. lana cohen please remove this site
64373. ED BERSON  
64372. Margaret Gofman-Klein  
64371. lisa septoff  
64370. Maya Schwartz  
64369. Joe Ben Yitzchak  
64368. Megan Bladen-Blinkoff  
64367. Russell Marson  
64366. Mary Jo pane Please I use you 100 times a week and this sickens me
64365. meital  
64364. Neil Kochen  
64363. debbie culver  
64362. Lisa Rudolph  
64361. Roberta Beavers  
64360. Dr. Cheryl Greenberg  
64359. Morton Zeidman  
64358. Robert Castano  
64357. Pat Maroon  
64356. shirley stier  
64355. randy rosenberg  
64354. Bernard Margolis MD.  
64353. inbar cohen  
64352. Justin Cloutier  
64350. Darren Newmark  
64349. Kelley Callaway  
64348. David F. Jaffe  
64347. Jerri H. Garbacik I'm appalled that they would even have such a site. Shame on Google!!
64346. fran sosslau  
64345. Abby Kra  
64344. dlevine  
64343. Michael L. Riesenbach  
64342. Frederick Terna  
64341. Hilary BenYitzchak  
64340. Lori Stock please remove immediately
64339. david magier  
64338. Julia Manasson  
64337. Tal Arad  
64336. Pamela Iny c/o Alan Iny  
64335. L Fisher  
64334. Bob Bucci  
64333. naomi k  
64332. Sidney Fox  
64331. Jeff Gold  
64330. Joanne Stewart The petition says it all !
64329. Herman Karol  
64328. simon rapps  
64327. Davita Silfen Glasberg  
64326. Lucy Plitman Why 50,000 signatures? Isn't common sense enough for Google to recognize anti-semitism for what it is?
64325. Syma Shayo  
64324. Cohen Alon  
64323. Lawrence M. Raines, Jr. Please remove this AT ONCE!
64322. Kleinknecht  
64321. doris hartman  
64320. Lois Binenkorb  
64319. Steve Albert Please remove this site - it is truly so offensive.
64318. Bruno Zerbib  
64317. Jeffrey Riesenbach  
64316. Romina Delete this page
64315. Bonni Snyder  
64314. Joanna Krashniker Just not acceptable
64313. Monica Firment  
64312. P, Bloom  
64311. jeffrey seligman  
64310. Andrew Price  
64309. Fern Allen Dispicable
64308. Alexander Steyne  
64307. Nurit  
64306. Anita Naider  
64305. Jacqueline Moore  
64304. Kellie Stoelting  
64303. MATTHEW GEE  
64302. Hillary Messer  
64301. Agnes Zicherman This kind of site is NOT freedom of speech and as can not be allowed to exists.
64300. enid briton i am sorry that this petition is needed that google doen't police itself suffciently
64299. Sam Franzel do the right thing! this site is not free speech.
64298. Evan Stein  
64297. Susan Schappert  
64296. Jamie Dann  
64295. Liz Jacobson-Carroll  
64294. Michael Stulberger  
64293. menachem peres
64292. ditte petitti  
64291. Valeria Freidlin  
64289. Hagai Rapaport  
64288. Jason Ackerman  
64287. Ron  
64286. Andrew Geller  
64285. Ellen Allard  
64284. Steve Oppenheimer With authority comes responsibility!
64283. Michael Ganz  
64282. malka ehrenfeld  
64281. Yoram Mizrahi  
64280. Diane Brody anti-semitism is disgusting
64279. Beryl Gross  
64278. Evelyn and David Ben-Ami  
64277. Darlene Palmisiano  
64276. Laura Teeter  
64274. Jeff Stein do the right thing and get that website off!
64273. Lou Kaminow  
64272. Robert C. Kleinberg  
64271. mario rottenberg  
64269. Jennifer Rosner  
64268. blanche Freund  
64267. hillel davis  
64266. jenny  
64265. Carol Halpert  
64264. Dan Jackson  
64263. Robert I despise prejudice in any shape or form
64262. Susan Baker  
64261. chana Kridtal  
64260. Barry Sprung  
64259. shari farenga  
64258. russ paparo  
64257. Phyllis Rifkin  
64256. Stern  
64255. Helene Freed  
64254. yaffa glass  
64253. erwin weiss  
64252. moran  
64251. allen wilen take this off the list
64250. C.Collins  
64249. MINA  
64248. Arlene D. Schiff Please remove site
64247. Theresa  
64246. Paul Sokoloff  
64245. Marcia Lindner  
64244. Goldie Gilad  
64243. joe  
64242. Carol Halpert  
64241. william farrell  
64240. Donald Benson  
64239. Debbie  
64238. Ilya Rabinovich  
64237. hannah gluckman  
64236. Claudia Prengler de Starosta Please remove antisemitic propaganda from the web.Thanks
64235. Diane Ritter  
64234. Edna Sayir-Franco no site that increases people hate against each other should be encouraged.
64233. Judy Shujman Please remove this site from your search engine now.
64232. Richard Leeds  
64231. Sandy Bergelson One of the most horrific sites imaginable
64230. Alan Cotzin do it today
64229. Sarah Weisman  
64228. Lori Schwab  
64227. Drew B  
64226. Ivan Cohen  
64224. Renee Dorne  
64223. Maura Geils unacceptable
64222. James Segal  
64221. niv leshniak  
64220. Andrew Jacob  
64219. Barbara Shulman  
64218. robert korn please remove this from the google selection on jews. it should be available only on a "hate" search.
64217. FRED OCKRIM  
64216. Joi Denhoff  
64215. Nicole Ozin  
64214. sam gluckman  
64213. Jill Sapperstein  
64212. Neil Colman  
64211. elaine rudner REMOVE PLEASE
64210. Nancy Rosenthal  
64209. Iris Marchon you should not require 50,000 signatures to remove something this offensive. do the right thing.
64208. Michael C. Shapiro  
64207. LILY SWAEBE  
64206. Sydney Schwartz  
64205. Yetti Sinnreich  
64204. Leonard and June Goodman I have seen this site and fully agree with you
64203. Charlotte Friedman  
64202. Michael Sirchis Google's legal position should be reconciled with a moral one
64201. arie bass  
64200. Jay Weitzner  
64199. Nancy Lanard  
64198. dr Geri Siegel please place it last
64197. Edwin A. Gall This is a shameful entry in Google
64196. Arlene Stone  
64195. isi leibler  
64194. nancy schwartz sternoff  
64193. dean  
64192. Steven Kurlander  
64191. Tabitha  
64190. Balint Dora  
64189. Nadine Miller, RN Thank you for taking care of this!!!!
64188. Rebecca Goldman  
64187. Arthur Hamersfeld  
64186. gabbai manuela  
64185. Cheski Baum  
64184. Lerner Nora  
64183. alan moses  
64182. Dafna Talmor  
64181. linda sandler This should be removed at once.
64180. Aric Kabillio  
64179. Sherri Zaffrin  
64178. Anne R. Mark A purely divisive and anti-semetic website
64177. sheila selig please remove
64176. Wallace Starr  
64175. Steve Levy This is disgusting
64174. Tom  
64173. Beth Dafner  
64172. Hillegonda Groen  
64171. Eve Rowell, MD  
64170. Gerald Smoliar  
64169. Brad Seidman  
64168. Alice Handfinger Danis  
64167. joe figaro We hope Google reacts to this petition. We are fond of Google and it's efficient service
64166. howard j. lazerowich  
64165. vicky  
64164. Orbaum Remove that anti-semitic site, or I will change search engine.
64163. harry a. cohen must be removed.
64162. Daniel Peer  
64161. Gio  
64160. Wayne  
64159. Rick Lenchus Everyone has a right to their opinions except when it hurts another human being, causes wars, murder, and hate due to ignorance, prejudice and fear.
64158. Rebecca Riddle  
64157. rebecca berger  
64156. leonard silverman  
64155. steven glauser  
64154. ilann girard  
64153. Leslie B. Kramer  
64152. Keith C. Danis  
64151. Ruth  
64150. suzanne horn  
64149. Sara Halevi  
64148. lois beiser  
64147. Harold Gross This failure to remove th web site in question is not merely offensive. While it may not be illegal, it is the equivalent of cross-burning. What does it take for common sense to enter your consciousness and to remove it? A suggestion: Active anti-Semites, or serious researchers could find this kind of site if you just categorized it or separated it so that words like 'Anti-Semitism;' or 'anti-Semite' was the key to getting to it.
64146. Mark Levenstein  
64145. Roger J. Siegel  
64144. Elias Cohen I will stop using gogle until the listing is changed
64143. Dena F. Stein  
64142. Richard Grazi  
64141. Harold Nass  
64140. Gertrude Liss  
64139. Lorraine Survis  
64138. Bonnie Jaffe  
64137. Neil Melman  
64136. Gail Lauro Please remove
64135. Eve Cameron Thank you
64134. Bonnie Marks  
64133. greg kosarin  
64132. Daniel V Fowler  
64131. MAMOU MARC  
64130. Adi Heller If you want peace, fight for justice
64129. Sharon Ezer  
64128. Brian Shull  
64127. Jenna Myers  
64126. Asaf Yeffet  
64125. James Rosenthal  
64124. Avi Zweig  
64123. rob silverman  
64122. Daniel Levin  
64121. alan cohen  
64120. Joel Jaffe  
64119. Paula Franke  
64118. Aaron Rubin  
64117. Robert Hoffman  
64116. Salco de Wolff  
64115. paul price  
64114. Susan L Rosen FOR SHAME!!!!!!!
64113. Adena Falk  
64112. David Blanken  
64111. Marian Marmer In America? This is disgraceful!
64110. Michael Cousins  
64109. Julie Singer please do the right thing and remove this website
64108. M.A.Martin  
64107. omer shusheim  
64106. Judith Hurwitz This is offensive to my people and increases the potential for violence
64105. moshe  
64104. Naomi Novak  
64103. Stuart & Barbara Schaftel  
64102. Bruce Buechler it is digusting and Google should immediately remove it
64101. s worth Equality means just that for ALL. No bigots allowed
64100. Marilyn Shapiro  
64099. Mark Mammon  
64098. Marsy Mittlemann  
64097. Tamara Reavis  
64096. Brian Goldberg  
64095. Ana Lara Konstantinovsky  
64094. ellen finkelstein  
64093. Susan Mammon  
64092. Debra Olshever  
64091. betty  
64090. israel weinstock  
64089. ira krulik  
64088. Scott E. Mazin Access to information that is hateful or discriminates against anyone is protected by the first ammendment and entitled to freedom of speech- -but moral responsibilty and common sense should determine how prominently information that is cancerous to our social fabric is displayed
64087. Joseph Mammon  
64086. Warren Levitan Why promote hate! Get rid of it!
64085. Clifton Flack anti-sematism is the core evil of 21st century
64084. salomon shlomo  
64083. M  
64082. Yoni Unbelievable stuff ....
64081. Ahia Sternberg  
64080. Sally Soames  
64079. Jeffrey Lipkowitz  
64078. Ivy Hurkin  
64077. robert sable  
64076. marci braunstein  
64075. Nadina Konstantinovsky  
64074. Jennifer Mammon  
64073. Catherine Key  
64072. Claudia Kadis Please stop generating more hate in this world
64071. Sydell Sloan  
64070. Ronna Ortzman  
64069. Jill Cettina  
64068. Alan Safani  
64067. Ellen Arlinsky  
64066. Harold E. Lee  
64065. joey bodner please remove asap
64064. Jacques Meyrav  
64063. Eva Gerson  
64062. Talia Goz  
64061. Elyse  
64060. dr.s.z. beiser  
64059. Wendy Levinson  
64058. Adrian Maserow remove this Jewwatch website /its obscene
64057. Linda Papier  
64056. Y.Kivetz  
64055. laila  
64054. Natalio Konstantinovsky  
64053. Helen Barden  
64052. Debbie Goz  
64051. Lisa Kirshner  
64050. Martin Goetz Please remove this awful site
64049. Aaron Barnett  
64048. Betty  
64047. ben pines It's absolutely appalling
64046. joy tuman Why is this the number one listing when someone looks up Jew?
64045. Michael Pinter  
64044. martin sokol  
64043. Henry Jakubowicz  
64042. Warren Goz  
64041. Steven Hirschfield  
64040. Caryl Shaw  
64039. Phyllis Schutzman  
64038. Bobby Bass  
64037. Peter Covell  
64036. Sam Schoolsky Disgusting and grossly anti-Semitic. How many more have to die?
64035. marilyn chandross  
64034. D Schuss  
64033. Silvia Konstantinovsky  
64032. Anthony Mammon absolutely disgusting, I think we should all cancel our yahoo accounts if it's not removed. imagine if it was aimed at another ethnic or racial group how disgusted everyone would be
64031. Debbie Siegel  
64030. Dale Saget-Udo  
64029. Joseph White Remove it at once!
64028. Debby Lurie  
64027. danny Kornhauser  
64026. Thomas Ortzman  
64025. Linda Price  
64023. barbara goldman  
64022. gill Please remove.
64021. jenny  
64020. michael ginsbourg  
64019. Terry Pratt  
64018. frederick knoll  
64017. lydia gladstone  
64016. Ilan Lahav  
64015. Manny Diez Do you have to ask?
64014. Jonathan Borwein  
64013. sharon ohalloran  
64012. jules trachten  
64011. IRENE BONI  
64010. Juanita V. Miller  
64009. Saul Gross  
64008. Paula Yudelevit  
64007. lesli legum  
64006. Mindy Kaufman  
64004. Kenneth Aaronson Totally disgusting
64003. Freddy S. Hager  
64001. Barry Abrams  
64000. David McConnell  
63999. linda goodman  
63998. Beverly Fusfield  
63997. Bonnie Crowe  
63996. Ellen Not in this day in age!!
63995. robert barasch  
63994. Patricia McCarthy Disgusting! I won't use Google until removed!
63993. Max Brooker  
63992. Peggy DeCarlis That Google wouldn't remove this without a petition is ridiculous.
63991. Simon Albert  
63990. Alon Zohar  
63989. sam  
63988. Youri Vlag  
63987. celine eliahou  
63986. Jack L. Yohay The "Jewish hate groups" classification alone is amply offensive.
63985. naama Dror  
63984. Sergei Volkovinski  
63983. jon Please fix this - google we expect more from you!
63982. Maor Katzor  
63981. Tal  
63980. Rosanne Waldman Disgusting site. Remove it now.
63979. Michele Mammon  
63978. H Gross  
63977. Ira Levinsky They are spreading lies - shouldn't that be reason for removal?
63976. Michelle Weinstock  
63975. Gwen Mitchell  
63973. M. Diane Dwight  
63972. G.S. Goodman  
63971. Leonard M. Cohen  
63970. Asaf Zohar  
63969. Sean E Burrows  
63968. Laurie Leahy ugly website-please remove from search
63967. james alexander  
63966. Ira Tabas  
63965. PINSKAYA  
63964. Lester S. Cohen  
63963. Marla Bergman  
63962. Ellen Simon  
63961. George Silverman  
63960. Richard I. Goldman Even free speech has its limits
63959. Phyllis Dorfman  
63958. al fox  
63957. moshe naor  
63956. Francine Pector  
63955. Marilyn Hyman  
63954. charles Singer  
63953. Carol Wiseman  
63952. Leslie J Burrows how can this happen?
63951. Cindy Adams  
63950. Michael I. Propis  
63949. sid weiss  
63948. Brian Brendell  
63947. cheryl cohen  
63946. Harris Rein Remove the term"Jew" immediately.
63945. Danny Solovyov  
63944. mitchell & becky riggs  
63943. Nathan Ben-Brith Shame on "Google" for its request of a 50.000 signature strong petition, in order to remove this anti-semitic page from its search engine
63942. Sterk  
63941. Paul Levy  
63940. Nimrod Rozenfeld  
63939. George Schwartz  
63937. heather leibowitz  
63936. elizabeth hollands  
63935. dvori yaacov  
63934. Bonnie Shyer  
63933. jennifer leibowitz  
63932. JacquelineGartland Another site that should be removed is the misnamed "Sweet Liberty" site
63931. Nathan Ben-Brith Shame on "Google" for its request of a 50.000 signature strong petition, in order to remove this anti-semitic page from its search engine
63930. Lynn Bogash  
63929. Sharyn Greenhill  
63928. Nathan Ben-Brith Shame on "Google" for its request of a 50.000 signature strong petition, in order to remove this anti-semitic page from its search engine
63927. Jane Abel  
63926. bonnie leibowitz  
63925. Gil Braunstein  
63924. Edith Herman  
63923. Karla Euell  
63922. joyce myles  
63921. Jerry Rossan  
63920. Russ Oasis Just as you would not allow terrorists to spread hate on your website, you should not allow this. It is the same thing.
63919. Vlad Aron Buklan  
63918. gilor  
63917. Brad FLeisher  
63916. JacquelineGartland  
63915. Leon Silverton  
63914. robert leibowitz  
63913. ronald a feinman  
63912. Alfred A  
63911. Michael Glatt  
63910. Benjamin Lorch  
63909. Edwin Cohen check out your anti black, women, Italians, Irish and other sites
63908. Rachel Akins  
63907. David Mizrachi F-Google and its anti-Semitic website
63906. Itzik Zinger  
63905. Dor  
63904. Marilyn Sherman  
63903. yossi shahar  
63902. Jennifer Austin hatred breeds hatred
63901. Marilyn Sherman  
63900. Karen Ehrlich  
63899. Mike Valencia Surely this site is illegal as it provokes racial hatred
63898. Michelle Sobel  
63897. Yvonne R Sewall  
63896. liat sagi  
63895. Ruth Alperson  
63894. rebecca saltzer  
63893. Chen  
63892. alyse stone  
63891. Mimi Rhys  
63890. Ellen Klyce  
63889. Edwin Cohen check out your anti black, women, Italians, Irish and other sites
63888. Pat Gilsan  
63887. Michael Ast  
63886. Ellen Bernblum  
63885. Willy Sussmann  
63884. agnes taub I AM UTTERLY APPALLED!!!
63883. ISMI  
63882. Hava Donyo  
63881. jack rabinowicz  
63880. Denise Long  
63879. Rimona Yellin Friedberg  
63878. Bart-Jan van Hasselt Jewwatch is the epitomy of the growing anti-semitic sentiments in the world. Like the growing attetude the site needs to be stopped
63877. isreal4ever  
63876. Marilyn Smith  
63875. Esther  
63874. Ruth Meyerowitz  
63873. Ohad  
63872. Gail  
63870. Carol Corenthal  
63869. Jason Kaplan  
63868. Reid Morden  
63866. avi  
63865. Hagai  
63864. Ruben Long Live Free Speech!
63863. Charles Rogal This site is deceptive and presents blatantly flase information as fact. They fraudulently reference 'sources' for their propaganda that do not exist. This site promotes hatred against Jews, and should be removed fom Google.
63862. Felicia Dreyfuss  
63861. solon liberman  
63860. Bob  
63859. Ricardo Szuster  
63858. Yaron Orgil  
63857. Motty Leibovich  
63856. Ziggy Malter  
63855. L Hyman  
63854. dorit oren  
63853. Danny Shavitsky  
63852. Francisco J. C. Mendes  
63851. Steve Greenberg  
63850. Judith B. Mizrahi This is a pathetic problem!
63849. L. Seider  
63848. rusty woolf  
63847. Beth Neal  
63846. Bruce Kaplan  
63845. Robert Lessin  
63844. Maya  
63843. Isaac Nachum  
63842. john hug  
63841. Gladden Family  
63840. Merle Garbe It is a disgrace!
63839. Dalia Kahane  
63838. dubi german  
63837. ravit  
63836. Ezra May  
63835. Varda Gutermann  
63834. Tina L. Tricarichi  
63833. Tsilla  
63832. ben friedland  
63831. shay  
63830. Brian Simon This is not free speech. It is hate incitement.
63829. Dave  
63828. R. B. Maltese delete this pseudo-scholarship
63827. D Golden  
63826. Irvin Jacobson  
63825. Ken Rosen antisemitic and in bad taste
63824. Bernard Taylor  
63823. jay charara  
63822. Carol Cohen  
63820. Edward Kohn  
63819. Yelena  
63818. saffar ther are so many humanitarian or environmental causes which should bring people together, so whywaste time on spreading hatred ?
63817. edith moshe  
63816. Miryam Flint unbelievable!
63815. Steve Lazerowich  
63814. Ernesto Brauer Please take action!
63813. Aliza Pinczewski  
63811. Jeanne Van Lankveld  
63810. Ron Matzkin  
63809. Yakov Botsev  
63808. Jan Rosmarin  
63807. ALAN LEROY  
63806. Marla R Gantman  
63805. Doris Ann Price  
63804. R. Lander Is it ever going to S T O P ??????!!!!!
63803. Elliott Kagan  
63802. Cindy Draves  
63801. David  
63800. HAIM LAHAV  
63799. Phyllis Geren  
63798. daniella zandsberg  
63797. MARVIN KARP  
63796. Shelley Buntman  
63795. Judy Aster  
63794. Tom & Lalee Gandolfo Lets lighten-up on one another....OK?
63793. G. Ansell Brauner I am appalled that you host search links on Google to an overtly antisemitic website. I had hoped that expressions of the nature promoted by this website would be rejected by all decent, thinking people, reputable web-hostings and search engines in this age of tolerance. I respectfully request that you delete it from your search facilities.
63792. ayelet hakak  
63791. Stephen Schwartz  
63790. Edward Ganbaum  
63789. Doris  
63788. darren remove rightaway
63787. Jerry Altshuler  
63786. selma august  
63785. Gaby I  
63784. Tracy  
63782. John Klemme Google should not be associated with anti-Semitic sentiment.
63781. Barry Stein  
63780. Mavet Laaravim  
63779. nick louis i am astonished by the response of Google - we will be removing it as our search engine immediately and i urge others to do the same.....i'm sure that financial pressure will yield faster results than a petition
63778. Gillian Lazarus  
63777. arliene stempler Do your part and create harmony instead of HATE - eliminate tgis horrific site.
63776. Ron it is a shame
63775. marcie link  
63774. Joel Barel  
63773. Brad Rabins  
63772. marie gusler REMOVE ASAP!!!!! its not a nice thing to see on the google site
63771. Toby Blender I do not want to be on any of your E mail lists.
63770. Andrew Please Remove the Hateful material
63769. L K BRUCE  
63768. Sharona Amar  
63767. Bobby Scribner freedom and hate do not go together
63766. nathalie harel  
63765. Isabel  
63764. Barbara Hurwitz This is something that should have been refrained from being allowed to be online AT ALL)
63763. Yitzchak Eidus  
63762. hadar  
63761. Naama Bamberger  
63760. V.Liskovets  
63759. Pamela M  
63758. George Tyler Its very distressing to read about yet another form of antsemitism
63757. Hon Robert P Kaplan  
63756. devy miller  
63755. Jacqueline Rochman  
63754. marsha modell It's time to stop hating!
63753. Michael Sklaar  
63752. Tamara Derieux While I normally don't believe in censorship, perhaps this is an exception because "enough is enough".
63751. Elad Almadoi  
63750. norman Olbourne  
63749. Richard Bennof  
63748. Jonathan Simmons  
63747. M Margolin  
63746. Susan Kheel  
63745. Barbara Ingber  
63744. Laura Sikowitz  
63743. William I. Kohn  
63742. efrat aharoni  
63741. Nurit  
63740. Andrea Budin  
63739. eitan horovitz  
63738. Ella Glazer  
63737. Y Avital  
63736. Elinoar  
63734. Judith Goldberger antisemitic hate site in guise of "eductaion"
63733. harriet stern  
63732. Charlotte Rest  
63731. Asaf Damary  
63730. Norman Libenson  
63729. Sheila Rosenfeld  
63728. Karen Bain  
63727. Leora Wenger  
63726. HZJoachims MD shame
63725. Speer  
63724. dekel  
63722. Tzahi  
63721. Michael Zalev  
63720. michele severin  
63719. Jane R. Rosen-Grandon  
63718. Charlotte Rosenthal  
63717. Rachel Cornette  
63716. mckinn  
63715. L K BRUCE  
63714. Steve Trupkin  
63713. Rat sickening website!
63712. Gil B  
63711. joel glickman  
63710. Beverly Franklin  
63709. Sara Sussman  
63708. Michael Ross  
63707. Peter Gruszka  
63706. esther perl  
63705. alex  
63704. Sheila Wimisner  
63703. zohar  
63702. Fran Berkowitz  
63701. Claire Copley Eisenberg  
63700. Louis Cooper  
63699. Udo Patschkowski  
63698. Ishai  
63697. shelly schultz  
63696. Janet Bass Despicable - remove it now!
63695. Sharon Scull  
63694. Janet Bass Despicable - remove it now!
63693. Jeanne Benjamin  
63692. Mery Esayag  
63691. Amy L Brodsky  
63690. Jamie Do the right thing..and remove immediatly!!
63689. Aaron Michaelis  
63688. keith spitalnick  
63687. S. K. Gross  
63686. Pamela Weinstein  
63685. Susan Siegel Awareness and action must take place now!
63684. Debra Feinstein  
63683. Marc Felgoise this is horrible
63682. Debra Ellenoff  
63681. Robert Lehman Unbelievable that this is occurring in 2004!!!!!
63680. Alex Zausner  
63679. keren  
63678. Michelle  
63677. Margaret Fox-Kump  
63676. Elana Cooper  
63675. sabrina kippur  
63674. Rachel Rappaport  
63673. trude goldstein is there a catholicwatch.com also?
63672. Cecil Gower  
63671. John Ashmele  
63670. Benjamin Kohn We must all unite on these causes!
63669. ari silverman  
63668. N. & A. Tzur  
63667. David Friedman  
63666. Rosemarie Harris Urgent action required to ensure access to site is removed asap
63665. yair remove!!!!
63664. keren  
63663. Randolph C. Oppenheimer, Esq.  
63662. Stephen Kaufman  
63661. bernard gecker  
63660. Avi Le y  
63659. David Golinkin  
63658. Elaine  
63657. Eduard Demyanenko  
63656. pablo elenter  
63655. Nancy Stein  
63654. Barak Kol  
63653. avihai sign
63652. Kfir Najjar  
63651. Harris Abrams  
63650. hila zelinger  
63649. baruch toledano  
63648. Hans Spier  
63647. dov shacham  
63646. Ari Marcus The site is not mild. If another ethnic group were attacked as virunlently, you would not stand for it.
63645. brark tepper  
63644. jack futterman  
63642. Rebecca Isaacs  
63641. Michael Kane  
63640. Tamir Najjar  
63639. smbrozgold  
63638. elaineshapiro  
63637. joan posner  
63636. E. Brown Please remove this damaging site especially from its priority listing
63635. Sheila Payne  
63634. Aleta Kane  
63633. uriel  
63632. Audrey Macsuga  
63631. jon wolfe  
63630. Claudia Diane Ruben  
63629. Charles Caller  
63628. Julian J Levy  
63627. ester matos  
63626. Elizabeth Lerner  
63625. Alan Matson Come on Google....you're smart enough not to get used like this
63624. kk Remove it pz
63623. Scott W. Dichter  
63622. Linda Tyler very disappointed that such a respected site can be so antisemitic
63621. israel  
63620. Silvia Antonucci  
63619. Curt May  
63618. howard garelick  
63617. Jay Camhi  
63616. Sarah  
63615. Sheila Payne  
63614. mor  
63613. Carrol Mills Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
63612. Rebecca Murray  
63611. Angelina Lee this is horrible!
63610. eddy google you are obviously a bunch of dedicated antisemites. we know who you are and where you are
63609. Sean Belnick  
63608. alison kasher  
63607. Jon Boulakia  
63606. omer  
63605. Frances McManemin  
63604. Allan Bourne Responsible organisations should not distribute ANY hate itemss
63603. Marjorie Levinson  
63602. Esmond Druker  
63601. Tali Wainer  
63600. June Lewis  
63599. iDAN remove this site
63598. Kathleen Hewitt  
63597. Robert P Lisak  
63596. Naomi  
63595. Alanne Whitaker I’m appalled that such a progressive site would promote HATE; this would be a good and valid reason for NOT using Google.
63594. shiri  
63593. Geoffrey Kasher  
63592. Lynne Guenzl  
63591. Richard Norton please remove site asap
63590. Guy S. Stop the hate
63589. faye akerman get it OFF
63588. Susan W. Nissim  
63587. don simon  
63586. Ellen Gottlich  
63585. karen horn this websight is a disgrace
63584. D Anzel  
63583. donald goldrich  
63582. Dorit Finkel (Ms)  
63581. David n/a
63580. Lawrie Nerva  
63579. Nadene REMOVE IT NOW!!!
63578. Vicki Belobaba  
63577. Andrew Do the right thing!! Get rid of the links
63576. Carol Frank  
63575. merryl bushansky  
63574. hadar  
63573. nadiva  
63572. karen zeitlin  
63571. Carol Tuchman  
63570. Karen Fleischer  
63569. michael marx  
63568. Joan  
63566. Judith Hochstadt  
63565. Ashley Mitchell  
63564. Ervin Birnbaum  
63563. Marty Levin  
63562. Carol M. God loves us all...sites like JewWatch.com increases the low level of narrow minded thinkers...shame on you, Google!
63561. dan weiner  
63560. Jill S. Makaron  
63559. Renee Penn Remove immediately!!!!!!
63558. Rachel London Katz  
63557. devra davis `
63556. morris j elstien  
63555. vladimir  
63554. melissa hochberg  
63553. Richard Nager  
63552. R. Zygelman delete the site now !!!!!
63551. Keith Paulen  
63550. Ilana Fogelman I have only used google as my search engine, but I will now stop using it
63549. Doriana  
63548. loretta dietch  
63547. harry shapiro  
63546. Charles Murdoch  
63545. shalom cohen to remove
63544. Helen Hadassa Birnbaum  
63543. Vicki Sanford Please remove
63542. Amber Walls  
63541. Chuck Sheriff You need 50,000 signatures...thats not right.
63540. L.KLEIN  
63539. Avi Katz  
63538. eitan  
63537. Biegel Nehemia  
63536. Harriet C. Eisenmann - de Leeuw take the disgusting website down from your Google Search Engine!
63535. harold klein  
63534. Stan Magic  
63533. alisa klaristenfeld  
63532. Joanne Finnigen Please Remove
63531. Rachel Lieberman Anti-Semitism already claimed 6 million victims during the past century - do you really believe you have the moral right to facilitate it even more
63530. Chuni  
63529. nina alter  
63528. Rona Freeman  
63527. JERRY BAND  
63526. Leah Ehrenhaus  
63525. Ita Lewenkron Bullard holocaust survivor
63524. Julia Levy  
63523. Morey Lipton  
63521. Elliot  
63520. Lynn russin  
63519. Janet Pahima  
63518. J.Schein  
63517. M Cohen  
63516. nir  
63515. Allan Rosenbaum  
63514. clara klein  
63513. Leonard M. Dworsky  
63512. paul weissberg  
63511. L. Cukierman take some responsibility and remove it
63510. Anthony Sefton  
63509. beth a. markowitz remove this site from search
63508. manuel florenciano jara  
63507. myron weil pavlon-blum  
63506. Ilana Fogelman  
63505. Ricardo  
63504. colin and shona gecelter It does not dignify a comment
63503. Lesley Rosenbaum  
63502. Harris Siegel  
63501. Ellis Cohen  
63500. Nancy Hansen  
63499. J Lobeer  
63498. Jonathan S. Peiser  
63497. David Sacks  
63496. èêîëàé Åìåëüÿíîâ  
63495. David Russin  
63494. Gloria Baranowski  
63493. Levia S  
63492. Meryl Simon-Longo please remove this nonsense
63491. David Saltzman  
63490. AJ This is wrong!
63489. Leslie Haber  
63488. Michelle Krever  
63487. Raisa Dubensky Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine.
63486. Ellen DiBiase  
63485. C. Scott McKnight I am all for freedom of speech, but in your face slander and libel as well as something of no theoretical, historical or global value should NOT be a primary site for google for students doing Holocaust research papers!!!
63484. romeo bruni  
63483. Ido  
63482. David Hochman  
63481. Brian Korel  
63480. David Shabot  
63479. Rodger Parsons End Anti-Semitism
63478. Joseph El Mann  
63477. Michael Sakolsky Dogpile (a non anti-semitic search engine does not display this site)
63476. Nancy Oko hate is a crime
63475. Helen Davis  
63474. G Colover Please remove this racist and dangerous site from your search engine
63473. Kent Peterson  
63472. Anne-Elisabeth Georgina Moutet  
63471. abigail  
63470. Gilda Kopitz  
63469. Avigdor  
63468. Elisabeth C. Zausmer  
63467. Marla E. Levitt-Gasser What a sad state of events to have such a hateful website allowed. This only fuels the fires for more anger and hatred towards people whose religious beliefs may be different, but who are just like everyone else and should not be discriminated against as other races or people who have differnet beliefs shouldn't be discriminated against. We should promote acceptance and tolerance of the differences, not the reverse.
63466. Eyal Soffer  
63465. Ava  
63464. Jeffrey Beck offensive site
63463. Iris Wolf  
63462. mark millar Its outrageous to host such a vile site and encite hatred!
63461. noam  
63460. Menachem Hofnung  
63459. lea maimoni  
63458. robert F Thrope discusting
63457. Susannah Spector  
63456. beverly apel  
63455. susan goodman  
63454. Jonathan Levin  
63453. Leah Bergman  
63452. Bila Nuiman  
63451. Malcolm Miller  
63450. gerry gal shame on u
63449. Dena Forster  
63448. Noam  
63447. David H. Eisenmann discusting a shame on Google
63446. Graham Davies  
63445. S Beizer  
63444. ruth  
63443. jan silverman  
63442. Mindy Wexler-Marks  
63441. Ann S. Katz Please remove Jewwatch from your website
63440. Adam Grossman  
63439. nir i take stand against hate!!
63438. Brett Hickson  
63437. Mark Levy  
63436. Gery  
63435. Marguerite Rumke please remove antisemitic texts asap
63434. omrin the club  
63433. Azima Buell  
63432. Gloria Maimon  
63431. Nata and Avery Spigelman  
63430. ronit  
63429. Richard Morse  
63428. Jane Provow  
63427. Steven M. Alper  
63426. hasi  
63425. Stephen K. Liebmann  
63424. Blake Ruiz  
63423. Tanya Basok  
63422. Sandra Segal  
63421. Doona Brody  
63420. Rosie Cresner  
63419. peter radin google is weak by not rejecting hate website
63418. Yossi zak  
63417. Jeff Rubin  
63416. Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe God Loves all of us.
63415. moti moti
63414. Randi Gurian  
63413. Joni Layton He that loveth not knowth not God, for God is love.
63412. Ralph Davis  
63411. Shiri  
63410. Marsha Lewitas We have enough hatred in this world - we are striving to eradicate it - not endorse it!
63409. Robert K. Moskovitz  
63408. Sena Baron  
63407. dr Evert SCHOORL  
63406. ittay eyal  
63405. Daniel Chernoble  
63404. abdullah alqurouni  
63403. Gitta-Lee Kahn  
63402. S. Blum  
63401. Dov  
63400. nadine erdle remove jew watch from google
63399. avichai  
63398. omer  
63397. Carla Finger  
63396. Kitai  
63395. Ralph Shalson  
63394. Claudio R.  
63393. merav  
63392. Barbara A. Whiting  
63391. Jonathan Kantor What an absolute disgrace!
63390. Christine Foster  
63389. H Wise  
63388. noam  
63387. Mickey London  
63386. Stanley Rapkin disgusting
63385. omri baaa
63384. C Kurland  
63383. peter koth  
63382. Perry Hilvitz  
63381. Nitza and Robin Spiro  
63380. Barbara Kaufmann  
63379. Yaniv Egozi  
63378. joseph haroun  
63377. Julie Klein  
63376. Cindy Shapiro  
63375. Teri Klotz  
63374. Ryan J. Sack  
63373. Karen Chetrit  
63372. Bram van der Kade  
63371. Todd Abrams  
63370. morton smith  
63369. neal zegans too much hatred in this world
63368. Beverley Leeks  
63367. Dan  
63366. Danny  
63365. simona testa  
63364. Roy Siny  
63363. Yermi HERUT  
63362. Saar Shafrir  
63361. Michal Baldachin  
63360. sara  
63359. Ronni Savran  
63358. shay beibe  
63357. Zachary M. Davies Keep hate off the internet!
63356. Ron and Judith Belzer  
63355. Nathan Berman  
63354. robin abramowicz  
63353. Peter G. Engelman  
63352. Ronald Hamaoui  
63351. Nikki Fenton  
63350. Gery  
63349. semion  
63348. Lisa  
63347. Tarryn Aarons  
63346. P. Goldfarb  
63345. Linda K. Friedman This has got to stop
63344. Dana  
63343. Elayne Kotler  
63342. Roksana Blumin I absolutely agree that this site is to be removed!!
63341. B Berkowitz  
63340. anette voigt fergusson  
63339. LauraSue Steinman  
63338. Linda B. Steckler Griffith Stop the hatred. Let us be tolerant of each other we are all one people.
63337. Isaac Nahon  
63336. Matt Lukey  
63335. Alan E. Wagner  
63334. Sheri Kanter  
63333. Ivye Pazornik  
63332. Steven Leeds Hurry-this site is disgusting
63331. Benjia Morgenstern please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine.. I am surprised you need signatures for this!!!!
63330. Stephanie Wagner  
63329. Sam Mishkoff  
63328. Murry Kaplan  
63327. Rachel Bier  
63326. Alan Senitt  
63325. William Kaplan  
63324. Sue Morgan  
63323. Ori Remove that site from existence !!!
63322. Hadasa Zour  
63321. Susan Lehrer I am outraged and will certainly stop using Google until I hear that they have removed this site from #1 position to the bottom of the list!
63320. Ron Gerard  
63319. Cynthia Lomon  
63318. Gabriel Weissman  
63317. Jackielou Come on people now, smile on your brother......everybody get together and try to love one another right now...
63316. Naomi Slavinski  
63314. Colin  
63313. Eleanor Stenberg  
63312. Bonnie Baluch I'm amazed. this must be removed
63311. shaby ANTISEMY BEWARE!!!
63310. Sherry Skott  
63309. ellen Wolf  
63308. Elliot Schiller  
63307. Seri Levi  
63306. ori  
63305. tina fabiano  
63304. A. Coplin  
63303. yaron sabbag there are some things that nothing can jusify
63302. Judy Margis  
63301. alex zusmabnovich This is a site that isn't fit even for pre history era
63300. Lazer Fuerst  
63299. Deborah Jackman  
63298. Abraham Stenberg Google should show civic responsibility by not encouraging acts of hate and descrimination.
63297. Michael Udo  
63296. J Levy  
63295. anamaria@hotmail.com  
63293. Yitzchak Schary  
63292. Linda Thwaites  
63291. Judy Moadeb  
63290. Susanna  
63289. David New  
63288. Erez Bu. Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
63287. Nancy Axelrod This website is hateful, and not what one would hope to find when researching Judaism or the Jewish people.
63286. Cary Douglass  
63285. David Korn  
63284. Inna Weiner  
63283. Brian Berman  
63282. David Shalom It is an unacceptable racist inflammatory website that harms Googles good name .
63281. Ruth L. Grey  
63280. Nat Cagilaba  
63279. David Layne Holland  
63278. sonya daniels  
63277. laura caracciolo  
63276. harriet conn  
63275. Stan Kassan  
63274. Paul Bacher Please remove this web site asap, sends the wrong message for global peace
63273. jeff kramer  
63272. Mary Kate Holland  
63271. bunny adelman  
63270. barbara ehrlich ÿ
63269. Deb Burg  
63268. grunberg  
63267. Giovanni Ratti  
63266. HanaRanel  
63265. Jacob Lipman  
63264. John Margis  
63263. Irene Liron Very nasty. Should be removed completely, or if you can't do that, put it in 50th place.
63262. Sharon Goldstein  
63261. Giorgio Sirugo I subscribe the petition
63260. R Seal  
63259. Lesley  
63258. Les Newman  
63257. Gabriel Eschenazi  
63256. Julie Haroun It is very disturbing that google would allow this anti-sematic site
63255. Carlos Sanchez  
63254. Amylynne Girling  
63253. Yuval  
63252. oz 45
63251. Ruth Shein  
63250. Ayse Rosin  
63249. Eytan Gold  
63248. J. Guzy  
63247. Lawrence  
63246. Fred Nordhorn Please reorganize your search engine.
63245. Kenneth Obletz  
63244. Mr & Mrs Richard Bazilewich Remove that JewWatch from Goodle
63243. Margaret Boegehold Hate is never good. You have a moral responsibility to monitor your site.
63242. Doron Izraeli  
63241. Alan Blumberg  
63240. Elaine Hartholz  
63239. Hayley Sherman  
63238. steven  
63237. Prof. Hillel Weiss  
63236. Ori HaLevy  
63235. Jane Nyce  
63234. Jody Korman  
63233. Arlene Lungen a disgraceful page. And a disgrace for you, Google to carry it.
63232. Ron Shore  
63231. Roberta Tankanow disgusting!
63230. Tomer  
63229. Amy Guttman  
63228. Deanna Bruce  
63227. Sari Workman it is unacceptable to have this especially as the first entry. I use google all of the time and if this isn't removed, I will no longer use it and I will publicize it to everyone I know, especially in the jewish community. It is utterly offensive!
63226. Suzanne Lynn  
63225. martin chapman  
63224. Ahuva & Bergi Bar-Gur  
63223. Ronni S. Kotler  
63222. Laura Gevanter  
63221. Michael  
63220. sandienfield@yahoo.com I like to use google to search for many things, but I will stop unless this is removed.
63219. suzanne severe  
63218. Aviv  
63217. Deborah Fingerman  
63216. Robert Spector  
63215. Linda Nerden Appalled that a website that is so obviously anti-semetic would be allowed!
63214. Ryan Handler Google should know better!!!
63213. Norman Peters  
63212. Jonathan Bar-Gur The Quicker the Better
63211. Hillel Millgram  
63210. Mara Rosen  
63209. niki eliyahu  
63208. Bensimon Jacques  
63207. Adam Feldstain  
63206. A Ring Google cannot hide behind objectivity
63205. Dr.Myron Diamondstein I am ashamed to see that "Google" sees fit to even mention this hate organization !!
63204. Alex Zwarenstein  
63203. David  
63202. Lucie shame on you Google!
63201. Mason Reese Hate is invidious
63200. Michael Padwee I fully endorse the removal of all race-hate propaganda,
63199. Judi Krivitsky Frightening that this has been allowed to even make the internet
63198. David Ingram  
63197. Charles Murov  
63196. Tsvika Greener  
63195. Philippe Salomon  
63194. Or  
63193. amy shapiro  
63192. Lisl and Hank Bogart  
63191. Leslie Almond please react responsibly and remove this site
63190. Leeanne Shilo  
63189. K  
63188. robert neis  
63187. Naomi Disgusting! This and all similar websites should be blocked.
63186. Sonia Darrin Bad Website Choice
63185. Roger Gorman  
63184. Norman Wagge  
63183. tal  
63182. Shirona Kaufman  
63181. Louis Fried  
63180. sylvain gerson what a wonderful world
63179. Lynn R. Meyer  
63178. Anne Lomadate  
63177. Sheri Golden  
63176. karen š
63175. rita  
63174. RJ Kozin  
63173. josh  
63172. Pete Peters  
63171. David Isaacs  
63170. Anouska Mond Anti-semitism is wrong and pathetic and this site needs to be removed as everyone should be equal in this world no matter what religion or race a person is
63169. Linda Parker could at least be put down the list. think I will use some other search until then...
63168. Roslyn Schultz  
63167. Jerry Freund  
63166. Leah Hakim  
63165. L S Lazarus  
63164. Heidi Greenberg  
63163. Matthew The worst kind of hate in modern society!!
63162. david savage  
63161. niv  
63160. Simone Kaplan  
63159. Richard Strauss Immediate attention required to remove this site.
63158. Linda Wertling  
63157. Benjamin Schultz shameful
63156. Robert Bray  
63155. Sandra Kahn Please refrain from spreading anti-seminism
63154. Adam Schogger  
63153. Linda Magid Aren't you ashamed to keep this on your website? It's a disgrace!!!!
63151. Joseph E. Mirman  
63150. Christine Naberhaus  
63149. J. David Heller Please remove
63148. shoshana arnold  
63147. Mort Gellman  
63146. michael bronner how could google allow this?
63145. Gideon Koch  
63144. Clive Bearman  
63143. Leigh Silverman  
63142. LORI please get rid of the site
63141. Fernando Salvarezza  
63140. Rita Dana Outragrous!
63139. Laurie Kaufman  
63138. Lynn Kelin  
63137. aynat  
63136. Marjorie Gellman  
63135. Gilberto Bergstein  
63134. Orin Hasson  
63133. Dan Raviv  
63132. Michael Tuch  
63131. Link L  
63130. omri dsfmksd
63129. maor tant qu'il y'aura des intolérants ....
63128. Dave  
63126. forgiven jew rulZZZZZ
63125. Sue Davis  
63124. maria  
63123. Jill Levin  
63122. T Lubner  
63121. Lev Friedman thanks for removing this hate-filled site
63120. Jay L. Comer  
63119. Tobías Weissman  
63118. marco todeschini  
63117. Robert Anthone  
63116. Debbie Kaplan  
63115. Lee Kay this search does NO one any good !
63114. Maria Josefina Figueroa  
63113. h. j. hasson anything that promotes hate should be wiped from your search engine.
63112. Brad Harmon Outrageous we should need to go through this process! You should be ashamed.
63111. Victoria Nissan  
63110. BOB ALLEN  
63109. Jackie Bitensky  
63108. Dr J Bresnick Site incites racial hatred therefore illegal
63107. Janet W. Blake  
63106. Susan Moss  
63105. Alexandra Levin Kramer You must remove this site. I will never use Google again if you don't and neither will all of my family, friends and co-workers (numbering at least 3000 people).
63104. Jodi Berger  
63103. Dan Bleiberg  
63102. Sarita Cina  
63101. LD  
63100. Patricia Grossman This is a disgrace. For you to make access to a virulent anti-Semetic website destroys your integrity and the quality of your enterprise. Shame on you.
63099. Linda Falter Please do not give these hate sites a chance to envenom the world
63098. Alex  
63097. JOHN RAWSON  
63096. ANDRA W BARR  
63095. Rochelle La Frinere  
63094. Saul Cohen  
63093. Scott Hyman  
63092. Shirley Fidler  
63091. Avner Mediouni  
63090. H A Lenihan  
63089. Dawn Schwaber  
63088. nick kaplan  
63087. Diana Yellin  
63086. Barbara Sherwin  
63085. kevin lang  
63084. Ernest Abramovitch did not know that google supported Nazi organizations-now i know and will tell others.
63083. yonatan borisov Isreal
63082. Jennie Rose Barlow  
63081. hilary spatz levine Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter
63080. diane lewitus  
63079. Moe Brooks  
63078. Michele Djeric Disgraceful site, remove at once or i will boycott Google
63077. David Kahn  
63076. max levine  
63075. Linda Shaw  
63074. Richard Google.co.uk is antisematic, with jewwatch being listed, showing the internet community that being jewish is a negative and horrid thing is very bad. You even get a banner on google when doing the search for the word jew, "jew for sale" to the right of the page for ebay. Funny if you type in any other faith into google, nothing but positive stuff appears. If child pron is banned on the net so should this
63073. D. Kramer Newman  
63072. Eric Sandelowsky  
63071. Freyda Minna Abrams  
63070. Sandra Gagliardi please remove the JewWatch link... it is scary and dangerous
63069. gershom kutliroff  
63068. roberta union  
63067. Joan Brown  
63066. Sid Heisler  
63065. Jack M. Schwartz  
63064. Helaine Finkelstein  
63063. Erika  
63062. steven pollack  
63061. annette amir  
63060. Freda Angus  
63059. Stephen Rajbenbach  
63058. Shelley  
63057. Gary Glazer It's disgraceful that Google would display this hate filled site!@!!!
63056. kiril  
63055. maurice menache  
63054. Joesi Prokopetz create islamic terrorist.watch
63053. Matthew Lawson  
63052. Barry Deutchman  
63051. joe k  
63050. äéìä  
63049. pauline caller unacceptable and designed to create civil inrest
63048. Ejoels  
63047. Peter and Judith SLY Please remove this hate provoking material. Shame on you for having it there!
63046. nesya  
63045. Jordan Kendall Google...Do the right thing! Help stop the spreading of ANTI-SEMITISM!
63044. seffie  
63043. Misha  
63042. Yair Hacohen  
63041. Daniel Rawson  
63040. Arlene Reiss  
63039. Barbara Sielaff  
63038. Grant Kaiser Google can and should drop it
63037. J Krestin  
63036. P. Zuriel absolutely antisemetic
63035. nicholas rose  
63034. Amir Haber  
63033. yogev cohen  
63032. Martin and Patti Schiller This is disgusting. If not corrected I will never use Google again
63031. Rose Marie Azmi  
63030. Nurit Vered  
63029. annette  
63028. Elio Riboli  
63027. David Abulafia  
63026. Connie Adam In order to eradicate racism we must all band together.
63025. éåâá ëäï  
63024. Irene Pearlman  
63023. L Hart Please remove this offensive site
63022. Mel Groper  
63021. Norah Hutchinson  
63020. Howard Siegel  
63019. Michelle D. Charron  
63018. Shoshana Price Prove your worth, remove this website now.
63017. Jerry Solomon Pervasive hate site
63016. Sandra Stracher  
63015. Peretz  
63014. Yaron Sela  
63013. Michelle Singer Good that you are standing up to anti-semitism
63012. hy seiffer  
63011. Ellen Greenwood  
63010. jake levi  
63009. ornaorbach  
63008. Andrea Adam I feel it is Google's duty to remove and ban the existence of all such websites on the basis of blatant racism.
63007. Alina  
63006. Michaela Gerson  
63005. Cynthia Kalish  
63004. Sandra Jacobs  
63003. I.FEINGOLD  
63002. Jacob David  
63001. Donald Meyers  
63000. saul bahn for shame
62999. june sobol  
62998. Cee_Gee Jew Watch Anti-Semitic Site Should be Removed From Google
62997. Amir Eyal  
62996. Jon  
62995. Joav Rockman  
62994. perry richman  
62993. Yoyi Herrero Fernández  
62992. Hagay Abramovitz  
62991. Dany Rafaelli  
62990. heather kurzbauer  
62989. thomas  
62988. Cherie Ben Shalom  
62987. sonia maduro  
62986. ben bonouvrier  
62985. Brad Kallen  
62984. Diane Schwartz  
62983. Bailey Tordjman  
62982. Nicole Yoshua  
62981. Stephen Matthews Thank you
62980. Martin Kunofsky  
62979. Lowell Schneider  
62978. Jennifer Stone  
62977. Ilanit  
62976. Corinne Alter  
62975. James Warwick  
62974. L BLOOM  
62973. Esther  
62972. Hilary Bright  
62971. Charles Werb  
62970. Atad Sapir  
62969. leah rhein  
62968. Mrs. Temeh M.Shore  
62967. Caroline Silver  
62966. Carol Ann Zinn  
62965. Cecelia Feinberg  
62964. Martin Penzer  
62963. Batia Moljo  
62962. Martin Kilov  
62961. Stephen B. Zorn  
62960. James Foucar  
62959. Mary-Anne Zubrycky  
62958. H.LUB  
62957. Lisa Mark  
62956. harvey bordowitz  
62955. joel klaits  
62954. Solomon  
62953. Ariel Lejtman  
62952. tamar inbar  
62951. danny sherman  
62950. Larry Ziegler  
62949. Barbara Prose  
62948. Robert Safier  
62947. Miriam Solo  
62946. Ivan Handler  
62945. Ron Kermisch  
62944. pauline michaelson  
62943. zlica dalia  
62942. yamo  
62941. Carroll Metzger  
62940. Florence Ferber  
62939. theJEWclocker  
62938. Susan P. Weinstein  
62937. Aurelia Baehr  
62936. Yehuda Kossowsky  
62934. Susan Page Please remove this site ASAP
62933. Fran McKenzie  
62932. S. Zimmet  
62931. Arno Baehr  
62930. Howard A. Cohen  
62929. norman ferber  
62928. gil  
62927. Winston Pickett  
62926. John Zachritz  
62925. Elizabeth Weber  
62924. Corrina Kitchen  
62923. Ian Ginsburg  
62922. P. Celler patmi@yahoo.com
62921. karen lefcoe  
62920. Zohar fix this problem NOW!
62919. Mark Abrahams  
62918. nicky dobos  
62917. John C. Eastman II Deplorable that Google would put this hateful site first.
62916. Degani Yuval  
62915. Susan  
62914. David Najjar This is incredibly inappropriate for a search engine of google's caliber, I am appalled that this is the first thing that comes up in a search for Jew
62913. Patricia Wydler  
62912. Valery Shechtman Shame on Google
62911. Monica K.  
62910. Avi-Ron EL-AL
62909. Paula Jones  
62908. hezi lapid  
62907. Moshe Hadas  
62906. Donna Goldberg Please remove this. It is a disgrace!
62905. Russell Starr remove remove remove remove
62904. Leon Glinsman  
62903. brian frost  
62902. nanette  
62901. Jane Turner  
62900. Dvorah Eder  
62899. Henri Ringer  
62898. Hugh Taylor  
62897. Ariel Catane  
62896. Bary Rosy enough is enough
62895. Andrew Kirshen  
62894. Charles S. Nemser I don't think the world really needs this sight!
62893. John Holt  
62892. Donna Dungan  
62891. Marc Hoffmann  
62890. Silvia Rottenberg  
62889. mark bollt  
62888. Nogah Ben-David  
62887. henry charles  
62886. Helen  
62885. Felix Rudiak Please remove jewwatch.com from google
62884. D J Woolf  
62883. David Jimenez  
62882. Leon  
62881. dreyfus nathalie  
62880. Jane Lichterman  
62879. martinbell  
62878. andrew feldman  
62877. Edward Ben-Nathan  
62876. Judith Even  
62875. Hillel Steinberger  
62874. oshrat  
62873. Adi  
62872. Israel Bonan  
62871. Jackie Goldman  
62870. Miri Ben-Nissan  
62869. Susan Ziering This is unbelieveable in today's atmosphere
62868. Devorah Gable this site is a disgrace
62867. mirel goldenberg  
62866. sheryl goldstein  
62865. Shlomo Am-Shalem  
62864. Lee Bibring  
62863. Risa Waters  
62862. Cindy Sipkin  
62861. Gurewitz  
62860. gloria pliner  
62859. Richard Cope  
62858. elians1  
62857. Maxine Zavodnick You should be ashamed! Remove this site now!
62856. Amstelveen Hospital, dep. Jewish Affairs We hope, that Google will take the wisest decision and remove the site
62855. Alan Tunkel  
62854. ilan seidenwar  
62853. Rachel Fagans  
62852. Ilissa Boisvert  
62851. Nancy Carliner  
62850. Peter reich  
62849. Howie Sniderman  
62848. LeonardLubin  
62847. Caroline Asher  
62846. Lila Zorn You really should be more careful
62845. igor shin š
62844. liraz  
62843. joyce sycoff  
62842. Alan Fefferman  
62841. Yael Eran-Zoran please do it fast
62840. Shay  
62839. Rene Remove immediately please
62838. Sharon De-Noor  
62837. m wechsler  
62836. David Young  
62835. Ashley Golby  
62834. Scott Wallenstein  
62833. F G Lewis  
62832. Barak Babcock  
62831. Bonnie Levine  
62830. Judith Hochstadt  
62829. Ignacio arellano  
62828. Nathaniel  
62827. b. kaplan  
62826. Shaul Ivtsan  
62825. Debra Segal  
62824. Peter Lambert quite disgraceful
62823. vidal amarilio  
62822. Charles Perkel vile hate speech is like yelling "sic 'em" to a mad dog. it is not protected speach.
62821. YG  
62820. Seth G Abrahams Google.com should remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine without delay !
62819. Uri Bleiberg  
62818. Philip Curzon  
62817. Sonya Rachel Dean  
62816. Lisa Hoffman  
62815. Tali  
62814. Jo Weber  
62813. Lauren B. Lets Remove JewWatch!
62812. Yaakov Engel  
62811. Elijah  
62810. shlomi cohen remove it now!
62809. boruch  
62808. Andrey  
62807. Judith Lungen  
62806. Arik Grinstein  
62805. Dunn Rabinowitz  
62804. Meirav Ilani  
62803. Ruth Goldstein  
62802. M.D. Ashton  
62801. davidfine  
62800. Heather Valencia Inciting racial hatred is surely illegal, so if Google removed a paedophilia site on the grounds of legality, they have an obligation to remove this one too.
62799. Nancy Block  
62798. HGest  
62797. S H Cohen  
62796. Janice Jampole  
62795. Philip Crown Google should start showing some responsibility and stop supporting criminal elements
62794. jon jonsky  
62793. Aaron Goldman unnessary site. It inflames the idiots among us.
62792. murray lovat  
62791. nesim guvenis  
62790. Joel C. Lobel  
62789. Edward Shelter  
62788. yoad levy  
62787. Adele Brown  
62786. Eduardo Geberovich  
62785. David H Sherr  
62784. val cohen nasty
62783. Ettore Lomaglio Silvestri Support Israel
62782. D. Rijpma  
62781. Frances S. Weinberg  
62780. Ben Levy  
line voided
62778. Ruth Rosenblatt  
62777. Michael Librizzi  
62776. Melanie Circle  
62775. Lisa King  
62774. G.Rechnitzer  
62773. Tilo Steinbrinck discriminational remarks not necessary
62772. Richard Goldstein what were you thinking by even demanding a petition ??
62771. Stuart Drexler disgraceful
62770. cohen  
62769. Lisa King please help !
62768. avi  
62767. cohen  
line voided
62765. Shlomit Naor  
62764. Diego Ibarra  
62763. p. goldberg  
62762. stuart zusman  
62761. Annette  
62760. L. J. Wolfe  
62759. Hilton Greenbaum Disgraceful
62758. d golan  
62757. LYNN YEFFET  
62756. javier Entiendo que sean objetivos, pero con los asesinos o se esta con ellas o no se esta con ellos. Saludos
62755. Mary Schick  
62754. David Baxter  
62753. steven groobman  
62752. M. Rice  
62751. shmulik koren please remove the site
62750. Akiva Sutta-Gomez  
62749. David Rosenthal  
62748. Sharon  
62747. Muriel Rapport  
62746. Craig Sherman  
62745. Widra  
62744. Bernard Levy  
62743. Einat  
62742. judith barnett  
62741. Erwin Gaston Are there christianwatch, negrowatchor muslimwatch
62740. Josee A. Dale  
62739. Josh Cohen (Dr)  
62738. David Davidson  
62737. Rhona Berzack  
62736. assaela bielski how sad!!
62735. Ronda Karp  
62734. shay  
62733. Dov  
62732. Eve Rembrand  
62731. jennifer harris  
62730. Boris  
62729. Elaine Baker  
62728. j wouters  
62727. y. yochelman  
62726. Alan Gould This site is totally unacceptable
62725. Eric N  
62723. Arik Alexander. The removal is not mandatory , However placing the site as #1 ia absoulutly intolerable ! Placing the site as # higher then 100 would be apporpriate.
62722. lauren ziegler  
62721. pazit ben dor  
62720. lauren blankstein  
62719. Simon  
62718. gali feder  
62717. John Metcalfe  
62716. Paul Miller  
62715. MAF  
62714. Judith Markus non
62713. eyal zigler  
62712. David Lewis  
62711. Virgil Hancher  
62710. Steve Avram  
62709. Ros  
62708. sarit blonder  
62707. rachel hunter racist and offensive
62706. Leah Howard  
62705. Michael Finkelstein  
62704. shay zayontz  
62703. Phillip Whitfield  
62702. Judy Armitt  
62701. Dan  
62700. paul ekon  
62699. yaron hermeche  
62697. Michael Segall  
62696. Lindsay Goldstein  
62695. Meroz Ido  
62694. paula gessiness  
62693. Ruth Sharp  
62692. Paul Harrison  
62691. Daniel Golshtein  
62690. Zohar Petel  
62689. Daniel  
62688. David Samson  
62687. Sylvia Navon JewWatch is the pathetic product of damaged minds, obsessed with "the" Jews and dominated by thoughts about "the" Jews. Talk about control issues. Amazing but also dangerous and disgusting. Google can't control the prominence of such a perverted website? Isaac Asimov, a brilliant Jew, envisioned the possibility that computer technology would become more powerful than man. Google is obviously as impotent a factor in the world as the authors of jewwatch.
62686. Andrew Burkett  
62685. maurer yvonne  
62684. Michael Shalit  
62683. Rob Berg This is pure anti-semitism and racial incitment. As long as it stays on your search engine, tars your reputation.
62682. C.P.T. GmbH  
62681. Chani Kracoff Please remove the website
62680. Tusia Werner  
62679. Stephen Phillips  
62678. Alfred Noble  
62677. Rebecca Sher  
62676. Julian Synett  
62675. Chris Albert / Jeannette Albert  
62674. robert ingram  
62673. markus spandorfer this is disgusting when we are working to improve relations with all
62672. Hila  
62671. aye  
62670. Sharon Gertler  
62669. Michael Radomir this is unfortunate I imagine it was not intentional
62668. maggy ridge  
62667. Barbara Glyn  
62666. peter bellman  
62665. John Werner Such comments would be illegal in a newspaper in this country. Google should not be party to this
62663. Dario Calimani  
62661. Missy Qin End the hate now. We need equality.
62660. hofit  
62659. isabelle kreindler alas, am not sure it'll help!
62658. Shani Berrin  
62657. sued  
62656. Kevin Barnett  
62655. Pippa Veliades  
62654. Judi Toby  
62653. Joel Shoot  
62652. daniel hebrony-rosy  
62651. Rachel  
62650. osnat handelsman  
62649. Mark Lippa  
62648. Steven Baum PhD  
62647. Avis Hatch Lemire  
62646. L. Barnett  
62645. Brian Fidler  
62644. anne masel  
62643. howard sherman time to get rid of such garbage
62642. VadimM  
62641. Wendy Fidler  
62640. Stefano  
62639. George  
62638. Glenn zeitz vmd  
62637. marie greene  
62636. Daniel Higger Disgusting
62635. Jeff Naparstek Isn't there too much hate in the world already?
62634. carolee smith  
62633. p marks  
62632. Susan Rosen  
62631. Hilla  
62630. marik  
62629. deb nelson hatred of any type must be denied
62628. eli netanel  
62627. b goldman  
62626. Naomi Rosenstein  
62625. Professor Yossi Shain  
62624. Miriam  
62623. reva ehrlich  
62622. Joanne Patchick  
62621. Anthony Felber  
62620. Bracha Dadonne  
62619. George Balot  
62618. Renee Aronson  
62617. Michelle Wudowsky This is sick!!!!!!!!,Google, I thought you had better sense than this
62616. dafna dafna
62615. avi  
62614. ron jews
62613. Alex Arnold  
62612. Harry  
62611. Robert Nyman A collection of lies which would be illegal to publish in England and is disgraceful . It seems totally untrue and appears to be nazi type propaganda
62610. ofer  
62609. giora zarechansky  
62608. Saul Gold Disgusting
62607. JAK  
62606. glenn sepel  
62605. shira B  
62604. JBrody  
62603. Lisa  
62602. raizel ford  
62601. Ofer Bendet Remove
62600. Jesse Gerstl  
62599. nadav  
62598. sima  
62597. hillary miller  
62596. Ziv  
62595. natalie kirby  
62594. David I. Kasse There is no room on the web for this anti-Jewish "crap" or any other bigotry!
62593. Anne Garber  
62592. avishai  
62591. Lee-Tal  
62590. Prof. Reuven Feuerstein  
62589. Dawn A. Walker  
62588. vivienne flower  
62587. Aaron Mindel Shame on Google. That Site is Dispicable.
62586. bruce rogers  
62585. Richard Ellis  
62584. Susan Dobkin  
62583. Tzvi Philipp  
62582. michelle burke  
62581. Cartier Jean-Michel  
62580. Tommy Schwartz  
62578. Michael Casale This site is nothing more than an anti-semitic hate site and the publishers have used Google's methodology to reach the top of the search list. This is a weakness in the system which I am sure the Google owners would wish to modify before they launch their company on the US financial share market... If they don't, then I suspect that share price will be much diminished.
62577. kami friman  
62576. Yehuda Gubbay  
62575. dorit kupice  
62574. Reuben Lisa  
62573. Reuben Joyce  
62572. Gil Korner U must remove it
62571. joseph  
62570. richard Cohen  
62569. Reuben Simon  
62568. Batya  
62567. Dr Ann Bolton Even as a non-Jew in Ireland,I find this site distasteful
62566. Sedat Sertoglu  
62565. Matt While freedom of speech is our right we must be careful not to abuse it, otherwise we may face the harsh reality of maintaining this taken-for -granted right that so many of us would rather die than be without.
62564. van Gelderen  
62563. ncman devas back of me a-20 man atlist!!!(with thay famely)
62562. Yaron Salomon  
62561. Aharon  
62560. Miluimnik All ani-Semitic sites must be deleted from the Net!
62559. B Froomberg  
62558. Simon Jacobs  
62557. Deborah Dobrin  
62556. John Hall  
62555. martin Proud Jew
62554. Phyllis Kaufman  
62553. rachel  
62552. Zara Gold  
62551. Eyal Susser  
62550. Yvonne Berg  
62549. John L. Segall  
62548. sally isaacs  
62547. Janet T. Foreman  
62546. Judy Holtzer Knopf I sent email to Google with my own comment on April 14. Google's "explanation" was fatuous, and their support for a site publishing probably illegal hate literature should worry them.
62545. n kluk  
62544. Avi Ring  
62543. gabrielle palmer  
62541. Bret Caller  
62540. Stephen Swaden  
62539. Hazel Russman  
62538. Daniel Schuldenfrei  
62537. Perach Mouly  
62536. Rose Graybill  
62535. gabrielle palmer  
62534. ziv unbelievable
62533. Judith Tobin  
62532. GRAM  
62531. Kinneret Fre  
62530. Tim Levy  
62529. Jane Lewis  
62528. BJ SONSTEIN "When one man is enslaved, no man is really free." ABRAHAM LINCOLN
62527. Sharon Fowler  
62526. Denise Phillips  
62525. michael fein its disgusting
62524. charles simon remove jew watch and all anti semitic, and for that matter racist material from google.
62523. Eliza Kalo  
62522. Abi Chodosh  
62521. Michael Dobrin  
62520. martin freedman disgusting
62519. david spackman  
62518. Natalio Salmun  
62517. Amnon Bar-Lev  
62516. irwin stein  
62515. talia ben dayan  
62514. Shani kay  
62513. paula  
62512. Lindsey Jacobs This site is just incitement to racial hatred and should not b tolerated
62511. hezy angel  
62510. Jose Baas PLEASE DO REMOVE!!!
62509. efi  
62508. Michiel Sonius  
62507. Stuart Raperport It gives total offence
62506. Ben-Attar Michael  
62505. Ryna Kedar  
62504. R. Bacigalupo  
62503. Yosef Lavian  
62502. anat winter  
62501. Marci Glassman  
62500. shapiro  
62499. Eliachashar Issac  
62498. Aubrey Cohen  
62497. Prof. Ann Berkowitz Bar-Neder Remove Jew-watch ! Jewish and Proud
62496. Shariar Hassid Please remove A.S.A.P.
62495. noga  
62494. Carmi Bloch Racism and antisemiticism fights must overcome any pluralism and completeness considerations
62493. I.L.Strauss  
62492. Sara Yonatan I tend to think this is a rather hopeless struggle!
62491. JBA  
62490. Klein  
62489. Sonia I find it very anti-semitic.
62488. Jacqueline Harris  
62487. A.B. I think that it should be taken off the search all together
62486. M Robey  
62485. leah goldford I think Google should demonstrate moral responsibility and remove this site even though they now have an explanatory link regarding the issue.
62484. Annabelle Goldberg it is totally inappropiate
62483. ilene lieberman  
62482. Peter S Abrahams  
62481. Michael Rosen This site is a terrible site and should be removed instantly
62480. Leonid Shtilman  
62479. Sol Fried  
62478. Joseph Shapiro  
62477. Mark Arenson  
62476. Rachel Hyman  
62475. Ronnie Wulfsohn  
62474. Merle Davis  
62473. Brad Davis  
62472. Peter Hyman  
62471. RAEL  
62470. Einat Ben-Horin  
62469. Yigal Hoffner  
62468. Crystal Reinhard  
62467. michael simons  
62466. David Rothman  
62465. anna turchin  
62464. Simon Maurice  
62463. Rony  
62462. Stephen Shapiro  
62461. clare king  
62460. Lippe Marc  
62459. Kenneth Raichman  
62458. IVAN CHER  
62457. Gerard Silverman  
62456. marilyn metz  
62455. I Holland  
62454. Benny Shapiro  
62453. Michael Temple  
62452. daniel krummel google has removed other links, why not this hate?
62451. Andrea Perman  
62450. Sarah Lemann  
62449. Alan Hurwitz  
62448. Morton Narrowe  
62447. R Taylor please remove this site
62446. Tal G  
62444. eli  
62443. JOHN DUNKELGRUN Slander & filth have no place on Google!
62442. Nicky "NEVER AGAIN"
62441. Gil Yifrach  
62440. batsheva neuer  
62439. Melissa Milgram  
62438. Mordechai M. Livni  
62437. Neil Simces  
62436. ayelet Aronson  
62435. Adi  
62434. Joan Shapiro  
62433. Jeanette Shay  
62432. yoav yaari  
62431. Raffaello Levi  
62430. Amos Ben Yaacov  
62429. eyal  
62428. H. Goldberg  
62427. Samuel Levy  
62426. lauren Fine  
62424. Yonatan Barak  
62423. Joel Barnett  
62422. noam  
62421. Aaron Roll stop the Anti-Semitism
62420. Paul Gross  
62419. Idan Pakciarz  
62418. Ely Krellenstein This weeb site could only be in top position by groupss bombing the web site.
62417. Moshe Oron  
62416. S Baker obscene website promoting hatred
62415. oren  
62414. Amanda  
62413. Avi Ben Assyayg  
62412. Geoff, Israel  
62411. David Kiachko  
62410. Y. Chercasski  
62409. Gideon  
62408. Schemoul, Lidia  
62407. lee bofkin  
62406. Mike Nathanson  
62405. James Hall  
62404. Rebecca Passow  
62403. Rivka Zaibel  
62402. Marvin Spellman  
62401. Rabbi Yosef Miller  
62400. gillian raab  
62399. C. Horvath  
62398. Aida Miller  
62397. Martin Schultz Please remove this anti-semitic content as soon as possible
62396. Niro  
62395. Leslie Bluestein  
62394. Nir Elaad I will not use google till the site will be removed
62393. Yosil Rosenzweig  
62392. Galit Sharoni  
62391. Avi Solomon Google should be more anti-racist and responsible.
62390. Marvin Dennen  
62389. Howard Barnett  
62388. Alan Green  
62387. Judith Dennen  
62386. David  
62385. David Bluestein  
62384. Ben Dorman Do you allow childporn sites? well why racism? You are a disgrace for allowing people to put sites like this on your companys site
62383. Lynton Stock please remove anti semetic material from your site
62382. Ami Appel  
62381. Susan Rand-Lakritz  
62380. Joan Carl  
62379. Zena Barnett  
62378. Fay Reisfelt  
62377. Louise Harris  
62376. Charles Sacks Hate sites are NOT acceptable
62375. alon  
62374. Edna Katzenelson  
62373. Tony Mason  
62372. beverly rosenberg this filfth must be removed
62371. alon omer  
62370. David Don't be foolish
62369. stephen melnik  
62368. Cynthia Hardin  
62367. Candice Fragis  
62365. Fortuna Cohen  
62364. cris carole  
62363. Sidney Moran  
62362. spira  
62361. Marion Bruce Peace and love for all.
62360. mali  
62359. chris wood  
62358. Hila Granot  
62357. Talie Kellman  
62356. yigall  
62355. Josie Fitusi  
62354. noga yogev  
62353. Carl M Blecher  
62352. Yadin Esther  
62351. zohar shahar  
62350. John Paterson  
62349. S Clifton  
62348. big yossi  
62347. Yohanan Brada Do not be the mouthpiece for racial hatred!
62346. Eitan stop them now
62345. elisheva  
62344. amar  
62343. veronique  
62342. Joe Simon remove this offensive material
62341. John  
62340. Daniel Wayne  
62339. ori  
62338. Dinny Charkham  
62337. Meir Razvag  
62336. Iris Harris There are enough Anti-Semites in our world. Google shouldn't be helping their cause!!!
62335. Antony Sormann Stop racist web sites !!!!!!!!!
62334. Ron Gross  
62333. s. stolar  
62332. Eli W.  
62331. David Rose  
62330. Joanne Greenberg Be a "MENCH" and correct this terrible mistake!!!!
62329. Mike Simon  
62328. Helen and Harry Gubits fighting hatred is everyone's job.
62327. Gaby Judah  
62326. Professor Gerard Sormann Hate sites should be vetted by a responsible company like google
62325. Katie Krantz  
62324. Dana Scheiner The first website that should come up on google for the word "Jew" should have a positive/explanatory nature
62323. Berit Thomsen  
62322. ELKAIM Sidney  
62321. Ellen Abrams  
62320. Hanna Foxman  
62319. Barry Szabo  
62318. mark berman  
62316. Carol Young  
62315. Franco Occhini  
62314. Ida Shapira  
62313. noi ÿ
62312. Lina Ben-Dor  
62311. Lucy Krasner  
62310. Gaynor Leah Bond  
62309. griffin Remove this offensive material now
62308. Patti Schachter  
62307. ari krauss  
62306. Ofer Dubinsky  
62305. Yacov Duzly  
62304. irit hod  
62303. Celeste  
62302. Russell Pullan  
62301. barny nemko  
62300. Kenneth L. Berry Our creator God, loves all peoples equally. be loved
62299. Julie Shakeshaft  
62298. Alkhadef paul  
62297. cris carole  
62296. Anthony Norton  
62295. Dr. Chana Winer  
62294. Hazel Kaye  
62293. andrea levi  
62292. Geoffrey Caplan  
62291. Greg Bartheld repulsive
62290. Eliyahu Belinsky  
62289. David Sobel Are you guys nuts? Lose this freakin' site!
62288. Richard Zermansky  
62287. M. M. Steinberg  
62286. steve this is outrageous, it is obvious jewwatch.com should not be number one
62285. shaike zeid we need to fight back
62283. Nissim Berrebi  
62282. matthew remove it now
62281. Jenifer Broombeg this distateful site is unacceptable to everyone I know, including non-jews.
62280. Phil J  
62279. Jacky Talpalar  
62278. Ivan Kassel  
62277. Marcelo Friedman  
62276. Leslie Berrebi  
62275. ELENA  
62274. Dr. Dania Shapira It took me a few days to be able to download this page.
62273. Mark Levinsohn  
62272. Naomi  
62271. Adi  
62270. Branko Danon  
62269. Joyce Hassan  
62268. Maxim Golubitsky  
62267. Barry Walters  
62266. Stan Kates P;ease remove JewWatch.com
62265. Sue Gold  
62264. J Hoffman  
62263. Ruth  
62262. Colin S Dean  
62261. asner haya  
62260. Chauveinc  
62259. Nicole  
62258. Richard  
62257. Ronit Ankori  
62256. Paul Bindelglas  
62255. yossi bigelman  
62254. bernard  
62253. David Remove JewWatch from Goggle top list search
62252. gabriel nussbaum  
62251. Amnon  
62250. Jack Moses  
62249. Dannie Hottinger  
62248. esther cohen  
62247. Tammy Weiler  
62246. Carlos Poveda  
62245. Danielle Collins  
62244. Danny gorji  
62243. Julian Weider The site is grossly offensive.
62242. Barbara Renard Please remove JewWatch.com it is offensive and designed to incite racial problems
62241. Elana ROsenberg  
62240. Anthony  
62239. Gayle Bedil  
62238. A. Klein  
62237. Klara Firestone Dear Google: Shame on you. I read the patronizing response you gave to my friend in response to their request that you remove this hateful site. Do you think we are all stupid? Algorithm . . . shmalgorithm . . . YOU have the power to change what site comes up first. You used to be my favorite search engine, but I may have to rethink that if this is what you do.
62236. Eric Rebibo  
62235. yossi Mos  
62234. B.Jacobs  
62233. Mitchell Slep If Google removed links relating to Kazaa Lite, they can and should remove this site.
62232. anat  
62231. Ilya  
62229. Gabriela Reicher  
62228. H W Schroeder  
62227. Michele Samuels-Koch  
62226. Morris Goldfarb  
62225. Michael Rothner  
62224. craig zeitman  
62223. Brian Kolodny Please remove this link
62222. Lewis Cohen  
62221. Nelly  
62220. carol david  
62219. oren shved  
62218. victor haleva  
62217. Vivian Marguleas  
62216. ziba Golshan  
62215. Yehuda Weill I am proud to be a Jew
62214. Alan and Jackie Greenglass  
62213. Robert Duprey Jewish and Offended
62212. davidovitz menahem  
62211. robert seifman Im disappointed at google
62210. Joseph Kurtz  
62209. Ashley K Google should not be supporting HATE websites and organisations.
62208. Holly Lee  
62207. Claire Rosen  
62206. G . FIALKOV  
62205. sigalit  
62203. Judy Ophir  
62202. Andrea Hyatt Who runs Google? and why are they insisting on 50,000 signatures instead of simply removing this disgusting site?
62201. John Bilston  
62200. david gidoni  
62199. Michal Margolin  
62198. Zipora Cedar  
62197. sue latner  
62196. Monica Levy  
62195. Josh Martin What a world...!
62194. DJ Sandler  
62193. Ilana Konstantinou Antisemitism is growing again, as in most periods of uncetainty in the past. But the present world village of communication multiplies it's affect beyond our imagination. Stopping this site is almost is more a symbolic act for us who attempt it then an effective way to fight the everlasting Jewish hate.
62192. Florence Katz  
62191. Nurit Agiv Jews should be respected, at least as all the others
62190. saada its disgusting!
62189. Zak Martin What a world...
62188. Philip Thomas Wardle B.Sc., B.Ed. As a "gentile" I find any form of anti semitism to be not only ignorant and obscene, but the ruin of all our souls.
62187. Gary Martin Why watch the Jews when the Americans are declaring war on the world?
62186. Clive Handler only one signature should be sufficient for Google to erase a racial website or they may be responsible for inviting and inciting racial hatred
62185. Krolzig, Ariel  
62184. Dina Fischer  
62183. Gary Wine I use Google extensively, HOWEVER, unless Google rectifies this situation within one week of receiving this petition, I will go elsewhere for my internet information!! Shame on you that it takes a petition to act-when a simple apology and immediate action to remove and rectify the situation would have been all that is necessary.
62182. Tessa Auman  
62181. Oren Feld This is very offending and disturbing
62180. Rick Daniel  
62179. NJW  
62178. shlomo  
62177. Robert Ferber I cannot imagine using Google if this situations doesn't change. It's not what the 1st Amendment protects.
62176. Pete  
62175. Gil hayoun  
62174. yuval nathan  
62173. Alan Weiden  
62172. m rutner  
62171. Gershon Kandler  
62170. Shelley  
62169. David E Koch  
62168. P. Dickstein Hate speech has no right to be on the World Wide Web!
62167. stan cohen  
62166. tami  
62164. Todd Wolfe  
62163. Mike Bryer  
62162. Alex Feg  
62161. Moshe Lorber  
62160. Linda Spitz  
62159. Adam Diamant  
62158. ab cohen i will never use google as my search engine again.
62157. ran prizat  
62156. Andrea Hyatt Please explain why Google is requiring 50,000 signitures instead of simply removing the disgusting site?? Who runs Google anyway?
62155. Andrea Hyatt Please explain why Google is requiring 50,000 signitures instead of simply removing the disgusting site?? Who runs Google anyway?
62154. Jack Miller  
62153. Andrea Hyatt Please explain why Google is requiring 50,000 signitures instead of simply removing the disgusting site?? Who runs Google anyway?
62152. Gayle Bedil  
62151. Gayle Bedil  
62150. may  
62149. leslie turnberg  
62148. Kelly Baehr  
62147. Leon Loberman  
62146. RAMI DYCIAN M.D.  
62145. Anna Kleid disgusting
62144. drew drewbester  
62143. Bradley Mervis  
62142. Vivien Lehrer  
62141. Benjamin Steward  
62140. david  
62139. dave green  
62138. Leonard Rothstein  
62137. evan orloff I find it to be absolutely vile and disgusting that google would have a site on its search engine that not only promotes hatred and anti-semitism, but glorifies it as well. I hope that google, being the upright and outstanding company that it is purported to be, will remove this offensive canker from its engines.
62136. philip hewson  
62135. J Jaffa  
62134. Cheryl Frank If I am to use your site again I would like to see you be more objective!
62133. Dr Helen Nitschke JewWatch must be removed !
62132. Douglas Berger  
62131. avi bye bye
62130. Pedro David  
62129. Janene Reich I am disgusted and shocked by the website
62128. hadass maron  
62127. Hazel Gould  
62126. Ahituv Gershinsky  
62124. Dinah Rajak  
62123. Almog Benjamin  
62122. Shira R  
62121. yoav  
62120. andrew davis  
62119. Richard Gold  
62118. Rebecca Jefferson  
62117. CJ Kurrant  
62116. michael rainsbury  
62115. Eric Furman Religious freedom is a basic human right, and this site demonises those of the Jewish faith.
62114. Ashley Smokler  
62113. Gaby Perl  
62112. rachel rainsbury  
62111. Amir Levin  
62110. Debbie Kay  
62109. Clive Butchins Scandalous lies have no place on Google
62108. esther rainsbury  
62107. norman cohen  
62106. Carla  
62105. Miki.V Remove JewWatch From Google!!!
62104. pamela rainsbury  
62103. Joanna Auerbach  
62102. liz avital  
62101. Matt Gologor This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
62100. Richard Bluestone  
62099. simon defriend  
62098. julian rainsbury Please remove all "race hate-creating" websites
62097. ilya elbert  
62096. orit  
62095. Phyllis Z Levy Get Rid of this trash!!!
62094. edward levin  
62093. moshe  
62092. Eldad  
62091. tzippi jakubowicz mmm, could Mel Gibson own Google?...
62090. nellie  
62089. Assaf Levine  
62088. simone gerlis  
62087. Deena  
62086. George Rohr  
62085. eli cohen  
62084. Hila Coopman  
62083. Helen Moses  
62082. Joe Schonwald  
62081. Suzanne Judith  
62080. Ken Henderson  
62079. Hyman Novak  
62078. RLChacona š
62077. J. Kahan cowardly antisemitism must be eradicated
62076. Denise Tobias  
62075. Jonathan Hyman  
62074. m.i.j. andriessen  
62073. M. Zohar  
62072. Anita Weisman stop hate
62071. Sharona Rosenberg  
62070. Dan Silvert  
62069. Slava Chemodanov I still like google
62068. Barbara Cohen  
62067. Elliott Scheinberg It is unfortunate that there are some in this wonderful country thrive from an unfortunate devotion of their time and effort towards hate in spite of the terrorism engulfing the world. We are all Americans living under the same beautiful flag. Why not cooperate and work together. We will aspire to higher goals and live better lives in peace and tranquilty by helping each other.
62066. Benz  
62065. Nir Goldbaum Let us get one thing straight - The Jewish nation reigns supreme over any other religion, race or creed. Perhaps it is this reason that gentile across the world wants us to "die". Jewish people for centuries have had to endure slavery, persecution, holocaust, wars, battle, muders....the list goes on. But one thing is for certain, the Jewsih people always rise above those who chose to vent their jealousy and inferiorty. Although Jewish people make up 0.2% of the worlds population, we are strong, we are resilient, we are unbreakable, we are ONE with our G-d and we will never be defeated.
62064. yoram yuria  
62063. DAZAN  
62062. Yonatan Ben-Ari  
62061. Frannie Goldstein  
62060. Yoni Trumper  
62059. ehud  
62058. Maurice Goodman  
62057. Mina Semyon 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind' Gandhi
62056. Derek Gross  
62055. Neil  
62054. Mladen Andrijasevic  
62053. Marnie Sirota I cant believe this is still happening! Lets stop hatred toJews NOW!!!
62052. Elinor Benhakun  
62051. Lynn Chorn  
62050. Rottenberg S Belgium
62049. Lawrence Goodman Why spoil Google's good reputation throughout the world by encouraging lies and deceit
62047. Avner Livni  
62046. maytal  
62045. Peter Davison  
62044. Yohai dissgusting
62043. Waldo Dario  
62042. Carianne Lawrence  
62041. gina  
62040. yaniv tzor  
62039. Daniel Seidman  
62038. Shipi Shtrang  
62037. Barbara Davison  
62036. c. hagenaar  
62035. Kara Wurtzel  
62034. A. Lubotsky  
62033. David Yogev  
62032. Mary Herman  
62031. Yaakov Zier  
62029. Tami Trotter  
62028. Paul Sarfaty JewWatch.com is a nasty example of latent antisemitism, masquerading as an information site. I am appalled that it is considered worthy of inclusion on the Google search engine.
62027. sheila saunders  
62026. Jason Harding Let us put Larry page, founder of Google in the shoes of Jewish people. Let us present a scenario to Larry Page that every time you type Google into a search engine "Google", the search result brought up a website that informed the world that Larry Page is a rapist and murderer. Larry Page extorted millions of dollars from hungry people all over the world. Larry Page is the reason that children in Ethiopia are malnutritioned. I wonder in that case Mr Page, would you leave the link to that website on top of Google's listing? I THINK NOT!!!
62025. Dana L.  
62024. rachel  
62023. stuart diamond this is the problem in the world today
62022. Ian Hazan This sort of thing is not sensible to allow
62021. Jeremy Veeder  
62020. jeremy freedman  
62019. Shvartz Mella  
62018. Asi S  
62017. aaron sweitzer  
62016. roy vizer  
62015. salina  
62014. R Grosse  
62013. K Graham  
62011. alon  
62010. Amit Charchas  
62009. Pieter van der Horst  
62008. Leora Singer  
62007. Eti Farhi  
62006. l.green this is an outrage.
62005. Sally Halon  
62004. yoni levston  
62003. sue  
62002. sue  
62001. Ralph Dubinsky  
62000. lior  
61999. Les Silpert  
61998. Joanne Tuck lets minimise antisemitism
61997. Beverly Ross  
61996. Michael Kesztenbaum  
61995. colin goldstein  
61994. Judith Hawort I will not use Google until this is taken care of
61993. Barry Katz The site is an obvious incitement to violence.
61992. marsha  
61991. Selwyn Dorfman  
61990. Mike G.  
61989. Louis C. Robin leaving this on will stop me from using google
61988. Lea Kershberg  
61987. David Fishel  
61986. oren  
61985. Les Winick anti-anyone should not be tolerated at any level
61984. Darren Silverne  
61983. Ruth Nessim Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
61982. A.  
61981. harry freedman the site is an absolute disgrace and reflects poorly on the Google name
61979. Jo Feldman  
61978. Ariel Bolotsky  
61977. Dr. Meir Fischer  
61976. Michael Gishvoliner  
61975. LOB Rosine  
61974. Dr. I. Michael Aronson It is abysmal that one has to petition to remove this dastardly thing!
61973. Antony  
61972. Gil L  
61971. doron naor  
61970. Neta  
61969. charles levine  
61968. Diana Rindekvist  
61967. Mary Miranda Remove this website immediately from Google. All it is doing is inciting hate. The world needs to take a stance to end this hatred and promote peace.
61966. cliff drazen I'm surprised that google allows this
61965. david gaventa  
61964. Yossi Oren  
61963. Ken & Queenie Ratcliff We are not happy to have any anti semitic websites oin any search engines. Thank You.
61962. Aryeh Rachlin  
61961. Shaul Feldman  
61960. Saar Dagani  
61959. Michael Sapir It's very interesting how this site became the first in the list for the search
61958. Andrew Weinberg  
61957. justin menchen  
61956. Eugene  
61955. Florian Reichling If you don't take the site out of the search result list, at least bumb it down on that list!!
61954. eliana  
61953. Uri Nachum  
61952. dikla  
61951. Geoffrey Shisler  
61950. Dana Shahar  
61949. Amir Gil I believe it's a shame to google that we have to sign such a petition! They should develop some kind of ethic code to prevent evil people to use their technology!
61948. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61947. Pearl Coplan  
61946. Rachel Pomerantz  
61945. nikki reef It should not be the first option seen on a search engine
61944. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61943. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61942. Larry Killian  
61941. Zvi REMOVE
61940. kevin bermeister  
61939. Limon  
61938. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61937. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61936. Nir  
61935. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61934. Guy Friedman  
61933. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61932. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61931. Yacov Shiran  
61930. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech? CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all infor
61929. Sharron Wood  
61928. lewis  
61927. Jordan Yudien  
61926. marina bekker š
61925. journo  
61924. Paul Bernard  
61923. JMiranda CORRECTION: Google returned the most relevant result, are you going to censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information regardless of content, this buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by a lot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61922. Shiri  
61921. Dagmar Jacobs  
61920. Monica  
61919. Linda and Zeev Friedburg  
61918. Brian Levy  
61917. Tamar  
61916. lillian gruber  
61915. R Green  
61914. Gail Goldstein  
61913. Paul  
61912. Charles Nebenzahl  
61911. Diana Rindekvist  
61910. A Podell  
61909. S. Arnold  
61908. boris von bulow  
61907. Ros Schwartz  
61906. Elliott Anderson  
61905. Aharon Pellach Please remove those antisimitics off the web.
61904. Linda Epstein Please remove Jew Watch immediately
61903. michal Y  
61902. Vitaliy  
61901. Sue Bentley please remove this site
61900. Julia Segall  
61899. aharon  
61898. Avraham Perahia  
61897. JMiranda It was a typo... I DID NOT SPELL INCORRECTLY!!! Get your facts straight, f#$@^r!
61896. eliezer nussbaum  
61895. Bitten Hesse  
61894. JONATHAN  
61893. Ben Froghelson  
61892. Laszlo Koranyi  
61891. Sandy Please get rid of this link
61890. Nachum Sorkin I applaud free speech and feel that even JewWatch should be able to publish its trash. I don't feel respected research tools should aid and abet such speech. As a Jew, I am deeply offended by this site; as an educator I fear all-too-many children researching the topic 'Jew' will be exposed to this site. Would similar sites about Muslims or Christians or Aftican-Americans be given top billing? Please exercise some judgement here.
61889. Sharon  
61888. sara nussbaum  
61887. Rebekah Nathan  
61886. mark reuben  
61885. Aliza Remer  
61884. Daniel Gottlieb  
61883. Denis  
61882. W Hertzberg  
61881. Luttinger Remove that reference
61880. ofir  
61879. Elad Kehat  
61878. naiman jean  
61877. David Queenann  
61876. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just m
61875. tal please remove this page frome youre site
61874. Jonathan Miranda Google is a program you dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
61873. Dana  
61872. ayelet  
61871. Michal Eldar  
61870. Mayer Deutsch  
61869. Ari Friedland Please remove JewWatch from Google.com AND disallow Jonathan Miranda from signing (and spelling incorrectly) this petition IMMEDIATELY.
61868. Debbie  
61867. yael  
61866. Yoni Palmer  
61865. helen kon  
61864. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61863. Phil Birnbaum email address private
61862. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61861. Cynthia Tivers  
61860. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61859. Naftali Mayan  
61858. Joshua Solomon Leaving "JewWatch" is a matter of free speech, but removing "Kazaa Lite" sites is just fine and dandy? Google, thy name is hypocrisy
61857. doron  
61856. Mike Burstyn  
61855. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61854. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61853. Andrew Steiner  
61852. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61851. anat fisher  
61850. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61849. Kobe Bryant Please remove JewWatch
61848. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61847. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61846. Stewart Vogel reprehensible
61845. Dudi Katz  
61844. Ploni Almoni  
61843. Shelley Gordner REMOVE IT NOW!!!
61842. dassi  
61841. Carly Golodets  
61840. Friedman  
61839. rockice  
61838. Ari Friedland I demand that you remove JewWatch.com immediately
61837. C Pelman please remove the website from Google
61836. Jim Great Elk Waters this a proper use of censorship
61835. Blayne  
61834. Elinor Ziv For google, the number 1 search engine, not to remove this immediately upon having it called to its attention is despicable. REMOVE IT NOW and show you can be responsible. Thank you
61833. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61832. Ringart Yigal  
61831. yoel ziv  
61830. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61829. Angela Ze'evi  
61828. Daniel Warner  
61827. Roni A. Einav  
61826. Eitan Sela Soltz  
61825. Tal Shem Tov  
61824. maurice veeder  
61823. M. van Dijk - Engelander  
61822. hela sohoni  
61821. Natalie Radcliffe  
61820. t. grynberg  
61819. maureen hoch  
61818. nick kabcenell  
61817. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61816. barry varkel im disgusted
61815. Mark Barda  
61814. sarah  
61813. Brandi Dickman  
61812. Andrew Arwas  
61811. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61810. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61809. Ellen Hurwitz  
61808. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61807. Eve & Lewis Lustig  
61806. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61805. David Marchant  
61804. L.M. LANDAU You should be ashamed of this !!!
61803. michal regev  
61802. oded  
61801. Bryan K this anti-semetic site should be removed.
61800. catz tania  
61799. Laurie Matzkin  
61798. maxim  
61797. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61796. Avril Shulman  
61795. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61794. harriet hasson  
61793. Joy Steiner  
61792. Richard Schwartz  
61791. Michelle  
61790. D.J. van Dijk  
61789. Andrea Urso  
61788. Jonathan Miranda Google returned the most relevant result, are you ganna censor the web? Google just provides free access to all information reagrdless of content, This buzz you are creating is just making the hits of JewWatch go up... and by alot! Does not everyone have the right to free speech?
61786. Marshall Potter I saw your explanation and I understand your comments. However, I am also aware that you are able to change the order of results if you see fit. I hope that you will be able to do this in the near future.
61785. michal regev  
61784. Laura Peters  
61783. Marisa Briguglio why not a petition against the killing of palestinians too?
61782. Michael Russak  
61781. Rosalind Arzt  
61780. Patricia Schwartz  
61779. Lori Taub  
61778. Marilyn Hornstein  
61777. shara cohen  
61776. CLARA LIJTIN no mas fundamentalismos
61775. Irit Golan  
61774. DeAnne Kemp Ignorance can be educated, hatred is contageous
61773. dave  
61772. Erez  
61771. Shay Cohen  
61770. Lynn Feldman  
61769. Eli  
61768. Rachel Abrams  
61767. Raphael Arzt  
61766. Oded Miller  
61765. judith de lange  
61764. Scott Stevens not appropriate
61763. eleanor levine  
61762. tal  
61761. David Lubotsky All people are responsible to fight hatred, you shouldn't need thousands of e-mails, I have had three people send me e-mails talking of this, The world should never ignore what happened in the past Jewish people and the world have every right to be on guard against hatred propiganda
61759. Carl R Pidgeon  
61758. T. Eytan  
61757. Sarah Veeder  
61756. Mark Please remove JewWatch, its totally unacceptable for a company such as your to allow it to be at the top of the search chain.
61754. Penina Rosenzweig  
61753. dror shimshowitz  
61752. stefan hjacobson disgusting that you refuse to remove it . Not good for you you will pay a heafty price
61751. Eric Gelman  
61750. Nadine This site is disgusting
61749. Udo H. Jackenkroll  
61748. Steve disgusting
61747. Leonor K. de Bass  
61746. Molly Coye Please remove JewWatch!!
61745. Beverley A  
61744. barbie evian  
61743. Kay & Joe Sher  
61742. Suzanne Rutland  
61741. Kalo M. Rauch does google have a CristianWatch or a MuslimWach too?
61740. asher  
61739. nachum golan  
61738. Alon  
61737. Tamar Kaduri  
61736. yanai rubaja  
61735. Pedro Bermann  
61734. caroline tobias please remove
61733. Joseph N  
61732. Jon Acker disgrace
61731. Laster Assaf  
61730. Xeraluji This Frank Weltner of St. Louis MO, the anti-Semitic, white-supremacist perpetrator and owner of jewwatch.com needs to be ejected from the Internet immediately and banned indicted on a slander and libel charge. Let's get this guy!
61729. cari  
61728. Barbara bermann  
61727. Stephanie  
61726. Donald L. Kaplan This is unacceptable! Remove it promptly. Thank you.
61725. Grace B. Ellowitz  
61724. Roger Epsztajn  
61723. M.Krant  
61722. Tom  
61721. aaron sabah  
61720. Glen Schwaber  
61719. Jan Wagner It has been about three weeks since the complaint & Google still directs people to this hateful website. Shame on them!
61718. Keith this is sick
61717. anat gafni  
61716. Shirley Askary Like a drop in the OCEAN! AM ISRAEL HAI
61715. Ari Greenfield  
61714. Cliff Salomon  
61713. yehudit sheitpotzetzu kol haantishemim !!!
61712. augusto lopez  
61711. Gary Aminoff  
61710. Hilla Regev  
61709. myra diamond  
61707. Paula Goldberg  
61706. Philippe  
61705. Myrna Poticha  
61704. marallyn ben moshe  
61703. A Hytman  
61702. Harry Kozlovsky  
61701. L. Kagan  
61700. Richard Margolis  
61699. Daniel Kreindler  
61698. aaron  
61697. yair smith  
61696. Ezra Rubin  
61695. yoram levy scum shall be removed forever
61694. Harry Magder It is abominable to tolerate such trash.
61693. Micha'el Ben Avraham Not only should Jews be affronted - but the first link goes to 'white supremist' site telling the 'truth' about Martin Luther King - this goes beyond antisemitism......
61692. Mak Tab Please remove this site
61691. Henry Patishman  
61689. Troy Gunasekera this is wrong !
61688. Alexander Silver  
61687. Inna Tysoe  
61686. errikos  
61685. Jo Frankel  
61684. Emma Viner  
61683. Anna  
61682. dudu  
61681. Anji good for you and the initiative
61680. Jodilyn Owen remove it now
61679. Ken Jacoby  
61678. Earl Kluft  
61677. Caroline Sumeray  
61676. netta Kavenshtock  
61675. yaron  
61674. Clayre Schneiweis  
61673. Eilon Rinat  
61672. Ohad Oded  
61671. S.Kopman Am surprizedat Google
61670. Joseph ZITTOUN  
61669. Lee Fishler Very Un-American, to say the least. How can there be peace when there are people in this world that think this way.?
61668. Gil Hornung  
61667. morris liebschutz I am outraged
61666. Phyllis Shallman  
61665. Ilan  
61664. David Bannick  
61663. Louise naftalin  
61662. Michael Trachtman  
61661. dan dan  
61660. tsahi r  
61659. Eran Brenner  
61658. abd  
61657. Michael Taylor  
61656. Darryl Simon  
61655. victor chesky  
61654. Gary Stone  
61653. tom  
61652. sharie kaye nice going...way to promote the barbarism of the dark ages,google me this...why not use the incredible power of the internet to move ahead with peace, and let go of the incredibly stupid mantra of hate, it goes nowhere but ugly by just simply uniting the bitter and hateful and giving them a minority to blame, rather than looking for a legitimate way to improve their own lives. hasn't history already proven that hate improves nothing, that hate also destroys the hater? wake up, grow up, try something different... this whole genocide things been played out...it's a stale, tired idea. evolve, move foward... don't let the venomous insect mentality rule your humanity. get some common sense.
61651. Simcha Shapiro  
61650. Leora K hatred must be stopped
61649. P. M. Solomon please do not be a part of a hate system, be part of love and peace.
61648. james farrel  
61647. Sana
61646. tal rubinstein  
61645. Gary Johnson the world needs more love and less hate
61644. Melanie Osrin  
61643. Danielle S-I  
61642. laura  
61641. Sari Hasen  
61640. eli szabo  
61639. Nitzan Kaduri The removal of an anti-Semitic site from Google (or at all) should not depend on how many people request it to be. It should be removed because it's wrong and illegal!
61638. Rebeca Besquin  
61637. Vera Brenner so disgusting and so unnecessary, hate creates hate
61636. philip tobin i fully endorse removal of all race-hate propaganda
61635. Allan Last  
61634. Lillian Siegel  
61633. ruth weissich  
61632. JoAnne David-Hayoun  
61631. Michael H. Small  
61630. Susanne Pinzur  
61629. Moshe Nissim  
61628. Michael Malk  
61627. Lenny Labensohn  
61626. Michael Dorf Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
61625. Bradley Friedman
61624. Caroline Igra  
61623. Michael Elkoni  
61622. Howard E. Gilbert Terrible, terrible, terrible. Needs to be exposed for public condemnation and censure. I would urge people to write to the editorial section of their respective newspaper and expose Google.com for their insensitive treatment of Jewish feelings and their continued support to the hate mongers of the world. Shame, shame, shame.
61621. Esti Surkin  
61620. Shmuel Lloyd Wolkenfeld  
61619. Lisa  
61618. bruce gole  
61617. david behar garbech!!!!!
61616. Orly Ordan  
61615. Benjamin Broitman it is sick that you would require a petition to take this trash off your website
61614. Leah Lev  
61613. gary diomandes  
61612. Sharla Shane  
61611. Sima Crifasi š
61610. paul Baraz  
61609. Ayelet Levy  
61608. Zvi Gat  
61607. Simon Weinstein  
61606. David Kraus  
61605. Magali  
61604. Sprintzer Hecht Stop this endemic disease now !!!
61603. Stephen Creed  
61602. Dani Tal  
61601. Hana Greenbaum  
61600. itsik  
61599. Dexter Moscow  
61598. Trish Minghuang  
61597. Josh Fleischmann  
61596. Ilan Perez  
61595. Mark Piller  
61594. sigal goldstein  
61593. sharron rosenberg  
61592. Ashleigh Heydt  
61591. S. Newman  
61590. Barbara Rabin  
61589. Barbara Gindi  
61588. Cherrill Anson  
61587. Julie Azoulai  
61586. Baghdiguian  
61585. lech hapes  
61584. carol olicker oy vey is mir!!!
61583. Rachel  
61582. Clare Gordon  
61581. Michal Meyer  
61580. derek THIS IS DISGUSTING!
61579. Stephen Weiman  
61578. Terri Novak  
61577. Tamar  
61576. keith abouaf racism sucks!
61575. Lynn Grotsky  
61574. Stanley Goldklang Some how it seems obvious that based on the content, Google should have a lower limit than 50,000 to get this kind of hate data removed. It doesn't take any great intelligence to see it for what it tries to do.
61573. Haim Cohen Mintz The result is ridiculous
61572. dudi  
61571. shelley kissil  
61570. Moshe **
61569. Lawrence Smoller  
61568. Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Kaplan  
61567. Royee Vlodaver This is horrible!
61566. roni  
61565. Jami Dauber I was considering buying stock when you go public. I will not if you don't rectify this.
61564. Richard Prager  
61563. obeil Please remove this site and help make the world a better place for all of us
61562. Anita  
61561. Inessa Ducach MD  
61560. Hanna Goldring  
61559. Andrew L. Chavez Take it OFF!!!
61558. Shani Ben David get rid of this disgusting site
61557. Howard Altman  
61556. Cori  
61555. Carla Dias Outrageous, infame and inferiorly virulent Web Site.
61554. Ilana Bineli This is very distressing to know that such things will have the help of such a respectable web site
61553. David L. Harris I suggest the additional removal of any other known anti-Semitic sites.
61552. Brynna McNulty  
61551. Noga Vardi when I tried it today "jewatch" was not available,
61550. John Anderson I'm a Christian Gentile but this is repulsive
61549. ERYN WEST  
61548. Dee Gee  
61547. Stephanie Gunkel  
61546. Yonatan Sherizen  
61545. Susan Taragin In an enlightened world (???) Google should automatically have removed such garbage.
61544. ed james I support the principled actions and efforts of hard working honest people.
61543. Vladimir Putin REMOVE !!!
61542. RON BRYER what kind of god motivates hatred like this?
61541. Adi Horn  
61540. Ran Shinar  
61539. lisa moas  
61538. Keith Entis  
61537. ilan freund  
61536. Ami Dotan As a heavy google user, I ask to remove the anti-semitic site immidiatly
61535. Myra Mandel  
61534. Arye  
61533. Rinah Zajdman Fraudulent and Inferior Web Site composed by Islamic Terrorists
61532. marisa pollak  
61531. Rachel Dekanoff  
61530. Yuval  
61529. Adi Milstein  
61528. Alastair Bloom  
61527. Noelle Rips "objectivity of our rankings" and "their principles" perhaps sounds righteous but are really Machiavellian defenses for keeping up this despicable link. There are plenty of illegeimate, illegal, immoral things on the web that google should avoid in the name of simple decency. This is certainly one of them! No one's keeping the score on how much garbage google can dig up.
61526. AVRIL SIMON REMOVE JewWatch.com NOW!
61525. VSS Cheung  
61524. Daniel-Saul Zeff  
61523. Boris Rabinovici  
61522. marisa  
61521. George Bergman  
61520. jon klein  
61519. joyce kosowsky How very disappointing to find that JewWatch.com is the first sight listed when I enter the word "Jew" using my favorite search engine!
61518. Barry Kotler  
61517. Dalit Kenigsbuch  
61516. Anna  
61515. giora lewin  
61514. B.R. Goldberg  
61513. XY Wang  
61512. Rik Your self-esteem on jewwatch.com must be so low that you have to trample others to make yourselves feel better..
61511. Rachel Schorr Stop hate propaganda
61510. allouch  
61509. B. Soker  
61508. Nigel de Kare-silver  
61507. Oren Ilan  
61506. gideon koren  
61505. Michelle Harris  
61504. Shirley Gur  
61503. robert h. waldman  
61502. liat  
61501. Paula Chertok  
61500. Ronnie Miller  
61499. nir  
61498. Nathan Combelas  
61497. sharon  
61496. Yossi Bukchin  
61495. ohad  
61494. N. Handel; Y. Handel This is a travesty.
61493. PROUD JEW!! Yet another sign that we are deeply entrenched in golus..daven hard and hope for a speedy geulah!
61492. gary kaplan  
61491. Stephen D Shafran  
61490. udi you should be ashamed !!!
61489. Ariel Moriah Blumenthal  
61488. gamliel ronen  
61487. Maxine  
61486. Steven Rubin  
61485. anat  
61484. ofer lazmi bad site
61483. gertrude moldave i cannot understand why you would need 50,000 signatures but if that what it takes we will oblige -- I think that further adds to the suggestion that you are being totally unfair in your request -- did it take 50,000 signatures to add JEWWATC H.com to Google
61482. Ellie Morris  
61481. Rebecca  
61480. steve wasserman This website is only for hate and incorrect information. Please
61479. Wendy  
61478. Sylvia Dreese  
61477. Dorit Ashame on Google to have such a hate-website
61476. M. LaZebnik  
61475. Daniel Levy remove jew watch
61474. Jonathan Hershman  
61473. lea cohen  
61472. IAN KRASNER  
61471. Shlomo Schwartz  
61470. Gerri Haynes  
61469. Marilyn  
61468. Daniel Csasznik  
61467. Gerald Chapman  
61466. Isidore Truman  
61465. alegria basta ya!
61464. e cass  
61463. Polly Vinograd  
61462. shawn goodman  
61461. Nir  
61460. Dustin Zupancic  
61459. Jilian  
61458. alon kaplan,advocate  
61457. deena hyman  
61456. robert rothstein  
61455. Hauschner Regev  
61454. carole lerman  
61453. avi ron  
61452. Nurrit Dan  
61451. Rebeca Smoller  
61450. Edward  
61449. David Sporn websites that promote hate we dont need
61448. Elizabeth Danziger Please do your part to create an atmosphere of tolerance and diversity.
61447. alona  
61446. Hanoch Rappaport  
61445. doreen wainer remove
61444. dror  
61443. Jeff Paulsen  
61442. Cara Frank  
61441. Lisa Gotlieb After living in Japan for eight years and still having to explain to Japanese people on what is a Jew, leaving the top search to be a loaded site about Jewish conspiracies, breeds an unneeded ignorance in today's world. We are talking about one of the top five search engings in the world which is accessed by millions of people who hardly know what is a Jew, let alone be able to distinguish between hate propoganda and actual facts. Providing the first access to information of a "Jew" as it is now, is breeding ignorant netizens and and ignorant world. It is not up to government to police web sites, nor should it be- it should be up to responsible citizens to realise what is right and make those changes. If the first search accessed for "google.com" was an article about suspected selling of privacy information consiparcaies, surely google would insist, without 50,000 signatures, that the search should be taken down?
61440. Ian Horowitz  
61439. linda Please remove this terrible and false website
61438. debbie yakobian  
61436. Dan Avnon  
61435. Kalanit Kleinen Racist and Criminal sub human way of "legitimizing" the extremination of Jews. Site commanded by anti Jews and criminals of Islam, which by the way are enemies of the entire humanity(the infidels)
61434. Aliza  
61433. moran  
61432. Robert Bloch  
61431. Jonathan Schilling  
61430. avi  
61429. Meir Mizrahi  
61428. Kathryn Pearson  
61427. Yael Attias  
61426. Avi  
61425. Brenda Sporn  
61424. Rachel Chava Shlossman  
61423. julie  
61422. peter andrews  
61421. Phyllis D. Turoff  
61420. Dov Yarden Remove them
61419. Joyce Tachner  
61418. Alexandra Etush  
61417. Ida Hurwitz  
61416. Zvi Inbal  
61415. Ellen Sebag  
61414. Phyllis Gurstell  
61413. colin wagman  
61412. Sam Fisher  
61411. Eran Hachmon  
61410. Antony Jankelowitz Why not try to set up a wedsite showing jewish contributions to mankind Nobel prize winners etc, and get it rated No 1 on google for the word 'Jew'
61409. Sara L. Google claims that there is no rating system, rather it is the site that has the most links that gets top priority. Why not make one with all the Jewish links on it?? That'll def. kick jewwatch down a notch..CHAZAK V'AMETZ!
61408. Benjamin Flom  
61407. Linda  
61406. Gerry N  
61405. Shmuel Gitlin  
61404. Moshe  
61403. Benjamin Shaffer  
61402. Scott Rosen  
61401. Tova Yolles  
61400. Vikas Luthra  
61399. dany yadin  
61398. Ryan Goldberg  
61397. sara aharon  
61396. sheila hauser  
61395. Kirk Solomon  
61394. Daniel Korostyshevsky  
61393. menucha chwat  
61392. Dana Wakiji  
61391. Judith N. Cohen  
61390. Barry Danser  
61389. Rivkah Groner otherwise Google does a good job!
61388. Kara Alice Dinowitz  
61387. J Lapidus  
61386. Sarah Rahamim  
61385. Greg Rehner  
61384. toto  
61383. T Bloom  
61382. Nomi Isaacs  
61381. Tuvia Marmarelli this site is shame for google and the whole human race
61380. michal shechter  
61379. Gabriel Turner As a social duty, not a commercial one, please remove the site.
61378. Susan Rose  
61377. Carol Weinstein  
61376. Gadi Meir  
61375. Nerush Arik  
61374. Allagui  
61373. George Alexander  
61372. David Trudman  
61371. Etai Gilboa  
61370. Jerome Swersky  
61369. David Sampson I find this site to not be in the interest of a healthy society and fault Google for not taking responsbility by removing it from its search listings.
61368. hadar  
61367. Cindy Poll  
61366. Susan Isaacs  
61365. Dr. Gulie Ne'eman Arad  
61364. Jason Robert Brown  
61363. Jon goldstein  
61362. Jody Barrie  
61361. Myles Blank this crosses the hate line-remove it!
61360. Gary J Wilson  
61359. Darren Lurie  
61358. Pinkas Lanner hate propaganda should never be available on the internet
61357. Nava (ikvsa d'mishicha??) Google was once my sole search engine, yahoo.com and ask.com will suffice for now
61356. David L. Burg  
61355. Burton L. Epstein This should be removed immediately
61354. nurit gal reches  
61353. Ruben Rosental  
61352. juliane  
61351. paul rubenstein It's offensive and incites hatred
61350. Shira  
61349. Brad Markoff  
61348. Ruth S. Fagen Please remove this site immediately. It is offensive and does not belong on the internet, let alone as the number one site that comes up on Google underJew
61347. addi  
61346. Rae Yund  
61345. Jonathan Borchard Please remove this NOW!!!
61344. Janet Hadda  
61343. Mark Levin  
61342. Joan Zuckerman The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth. - Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964)
61341. BJ Blaurock how sad...
61340. Dr. Pitzie Lando  
61339. Heidi Haddad  
61338. Yona Milo  
61337. Judi Sinclair  
61336. Sandra Lee Shapira I am outraged by this virulantly fraudulent, enciteful anti-semitic site, and at google.com for allowing it #1 placement ensuring high visibility & the distorted message and hate to be so readily spread
61335. Keren Horowitz  
61334. Pinkas Lanner hate propaganda should never be available on the internet
61333. Nancy Humphries  
61332. Joel L.  
61331. joe lachter  
61330. Sandra S. Epstein This is hateful and atrocious and should be removed immediately.
61329. C. E. Horowitz Is there no pre-screening or rating system to prevent this from happening?
61328. simha  
61327. Robert Wolfert, Ph.D.  
61326. Yael Shulgin  
61325. John Brook  
61324. eric glass  
61323. Barry Pearl Please remove this hate!!!!!!!
61322. Marnie Cutler Disgraceful site
61321. Joan Weisman  
61320. Naama Vilensky  
61319. Jacob Doctoroff  
61318. M. Aarons  
61317. Jack Sniderman  
61316. Neil Reines Don't let technology be an excuse for promoting hatred
61315. Michael Hooker  
61314. Steve Arnold  
61313. Neil Handelsman  
61312. Harry Mainzer  
61311. Nancy E. Roth  
61310. Finkelstein Sylvie  
61309. Sandee Holleb Surely Google has more sense than to keep an anti-Semitic website as its first response to a search for "Jew". Get real!
61308. Jonas Rubinoff  
61307. Toby Atlas  
61306. dafna