...four Rosenbergs, three Franklins, two Turklebaums, and an abridged freedom of speech.

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60000. megan  
59999. dina kessler  
59998. Phillip Alpert  
59997. heather fruen  
59996. linda rubenstein Shame on google!
59994. Jill Swerdlow  
59993. Diane Henderson  
59992. Bernard Greenberg  
59991. sigal levi  
59990. david rosen  
59989. T Mandowsky  
59988. marc wagshal  
59987. Jay Dubrinsky  
59986. Paula Kritz  
59985. samantha lasry google should be more aware of what they allow their searches to yeild
59984. Rachel Groman  
59983. Aaron Schlusselberg  
59982. Nancy Harrison  
59981. Adina Zinn  
59980. michael Friedman  
59979. James Trapp  
59978. Beatrice Ring  
59977. Shai Meiri  
59976. Karen Dubrinsky  
59975. Renee Fineberg Google has lost this internet user.
59974. Jerome L. Rabinowitz  
59973. david margolin  
59972. Marjorie Gray  
59971. Marcia Kupferberg  
59970. Memel Elling  
59969. Paris Hilton it's not fair, I must say, and I am here to join you Jews in your fight!
59968. M. Eiley  
59967. Mark Margoles MD  
59966. Myrna Golden  
59965. Thao Trinh  
59964. jose cherem  
59963. Allison Kaufman  
59962. Fane Robinson  
59961. Henri Spiegel There is too much hatred in this world. For heaven's sake, don't allow Google to be co-opted into fostering more anti-semitism. Thank you.
59960. Joel Knoll  
59959. Albert M. Kritz  
59958. Bill Swartz Please do not foster anti-semitism of any kind.
59957. Clifford Balinskas  
59956. Jacqueline M Ziff  
59955. John Syrtash I am deeply offended and wish this site removed.
59954. Jodi Mendelsohn SHAME
59953. Non-idiot What kind of idiot blames Google for this? If you don't like it, then make a pro-Jew website thats more popular than this one. You idiots blame Google for something thats not their fault. You guys ought to be ashamed of youselves for supporting censorship.
59952. Nathan Mittelman  
59951. Aviva Black  
59950. Patricia Carter  
59949. Bernard Horn The 50,000 name requirement is a disgrace.
59948. Robert Onuska  
59947. Rica Sabah  
59946. ADAM D COHEN  
59945. Jessica Stiss  
59944. Eve W. Dolnick  
59942. Cindy Kline  
59941. norman pinn  
59940. Hana Roth Seavey I can't imagine using google after trying the JewWatch.com site. Who needs to watch Jews, and why? Whole idea is disgusting. There are many excellent search engines available. Why in the world does google list this site?
59939. Rene Canham  
59938. Bernice Bratter  
59937. Carole Vargas  
59936. Sarah  
59935. Patrick Blakely  
59934. dr. barbara bloom  
59932. steve Caine  
59931. Stacee Fisher  
59930. Abe Kaplan Censorship is for Nazi's. I, unlike most people on this petition, don't support Nazi-like censorship tactics.
59929. Riad Mana  
59928. merna wagshal  
59927. Irving Paul Ackerman, MD Why not just move it to your antisemitism site or make it last not first in your listings?
59926. Geri Michelsen  
59925. Sally Mennell  
59924. S. Shrut  
59923. Lee Brooks  
59922. Bill Swartz Please do not foster anti-semitism of any kind.
59921. Lawrence Halparin  
59920. jason reinsch  
59919. D. Hilton  
59918. Mark Golden Hate has no place on a legitimate site!
59917. andrew hate sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
59916. susan goldstein  
59915. Philip Epstein Promulgating lies to incite hatred is an act of terrorism and does not belong on any website listed on Google
59914. ephraim  
59913. Stuart Spiegel Come on Google -- think.
59912. Amanda  
59911. david Bergman Its obsene
59910. joyce  
59909. Jory Lang  
59908. judith wellek  
59907. Zetta Feder  
59906. K Korbin  
59905. Beverly Nadler It is unbelievable, that at a time when we trying to create peace in the world, "google" is inciting hatred. Isn't there enough of that? The website is filled with blatent lies!
59904. Joel Berger I feel offended as a jew
59902. Yair Marcos  
59901. danny noonan  
59900. Jennifer Leibler  
59899. Renee Shifrin  
59898. ron hebdon  
59897. Diana Stern One World
59896. adam frieder  
59895. Jonathan Marcos  
59894. scott garell offensive
59893. The Keeper of the Gate Webmaster: Pls. watch your domain! Some anti-semitic comments herein are inappropriate for this forum.
59892. teri  
59891. alan  
59890. Marcia Pevsner  
59889. Simon Frank  
59888. Michael Loren the site is a hate site against jews and martin luther king
59887. K. Sherman  
59886. Shaul Moyal  
59885. Ben Howard Get rid of these neo-Nazi people
59884. Garry Gardner  
59883. Courtney Pope  
line voided
59881. Mike Eilsman  
59880. rachel  
59879. Judy Romano  
59878. barry  
59877. Sandra R. Gerson  
59876. Jonathan Harmon  
59875. Avram  
59874. Michoel  
59873. Jessie Lim  
59872. David  
59871. Laurence Winer at best, bad taste, at worst...
59870. Heddie Romanoff  
59869. Elad Dvir Levy  
59868. anton selkowitz outrageous. shouldn't require any signatures
59867. merle debuskey the creation of the website Jewwatch.com was very costly. is there some way to discover who are the perpetrators of this indecent, slimy nefarious, cowardly site?
59866. Wendy Please remove this site
59865. Faygie Bienenfeld  
59864. Jeffrey Poelvoorde  
59863. David Alpert  
59862. Jill Finberg  
59861. ralph renard  
59860. adam abrutyn  
59859. Chris K  
59858. Julie Goren Please remove JewWatch from the Search Engine
59857. Ann Baldwin  
59855. Marjorie Scharfspitz  
59854. Linda Becker  
59852. Sad day for Freedom Why would you support censorship? Freedom has died with this petition.
59851. Harvey Fish  
59850. Asher David  
59849. Mercy  
59848. Betty Miller  
59847. Andrew Rasken It is disgusting
59846. stu levine  
59845. Ira Sharkansky  
59844. john veneroni Remove site
59843. Lila Lang  
59842. Sidney H. Don  
59841. Iris Mink Thank you for your vigilance and for orgainzing the petition drive.
59840. Barbara Koslov  
59839. steven langston  
59838. Toby Hildebrand  
59837. Not a Coward Only cowards would want something censored.
59836. R. M. Godfrey  
59835. Jill Wilson  
59834. Albert Melshenker  
59833. Douglas Sills  
59832. Eileen Weinstein  
59831. Geoff Woods please take this website off of Google
59830. David Brenner  
59829. Daryl I will never stand for any form or racism
59828. Jeff Green  
59827. reuven  
59826. A.R.Senn  
59825. Paul Zieper  
59824. Susan Hollis reprehensible
59823. Lori Rothman it is still a sick world we live in...
59822. Avril Fish  
59821. rachel remove that site that is antisemitism
59820. Melissa  
59819. eleonore chernoff  
59818. Barbara Wainer it is terrible that google has this site
59817. Margie Starnes  
59816. stephen vogel I am appalled that GOOGLE would let this happen. I will be sure to tell everyone to Boycott Google if you do not correct this
59815. Michele Heisler  
59814. Joyce Arovas  
59812. Elise Horwich Horrified by the information
59811. Richard Bennett  
59810. Deborah Kisluk  
59809. W. Dow Jones  
59808. S.J. leibovich  
59807. Gilda Konrad  
59806. Alyxx S. Feltser This is a sad thing to have to do.
59805. John H Reed No need to promote anti-jewish anything!
59804. Sara  
59803. David Feingold  
59802. Abe Cohen  
59801. rose k yates  
59800. Hooman Aprin Only cowards believe what's on JewWatch.
59799. Danny Heisler  
59798. Roberta Fink  
59797. Barbara Rosenberg  
59796. Colin Nourie  
59795. don kaller  
59794. Paul Voas  
59793. Elisheva Derovan  
59792. Cheryl A. Grant This grbage gives the internet a bad name and makes Google suspect unnecessarily
59791. Laurel Miller remove it now!
59790. Ari Mark  
59789. david lasky  
59788. Nira Wolfe  
59787. A. Snaza  
59786. Seth Lefkow  
59785. yelena yoffe  
59784. morton j yates  
59783. Rhoda Brooks please remove
59782. HYman Yomtov  
59781. Arthur Provenz We don't need Google to facilitite hate
59780. Becky  
59779. Stanley Schlosser  
59778. N.B.HEISLER  
59777. E.H. VERY SAD...
59776. Mimi Sheean  
59775. Russell Berg  
59774. Shelley Benjamin  
59773. Ron shahar  
59772. Ronald A. Goldman  
59771. Eva S. Odrezin  
59770. mark  
59769. David Sturgis  
59768. Michele A. Shahar Unbelievable that there is such a site and I hope that Google, a reliable search engine, will remove such offensive material or put it under "hate, anti-Jew" or something of that sort.
59767. Ellen Levy  
59766. Lisa Goldoftas Absolutely outrageous.
59765. David Lipp  
59764. Susan McKay  
59763. Jack Please rid us of one source of anti-semitism
59762. Tim Ky  
59760. Bird Wow, I've never seen such rampant support of censorship. What ever happened to free speech and an open marketplace of ideas? Google will never remove the site for that would be a terrible affront to free speech and freedom for people to express whatever they want.
59759. Dorothy Bresnick  
59758. BOB JOSEPH  
59757. Joan Hausmann  
59756. Herbert Michaels  
59755. Patricia M. Koosed  
59754. Gordon Lee Fantini  
59753. nat kaufmann terrible
59752. d. goldstein  
59751. bweber  
59750. Yonatan  
59749. Schlomo Rosenstein This is truly a travesty! Google, remove it immediately!
59748. Sylvia Korn it is outrageous that there is such a site on the internet!
59747. Sol Zuckerman  
59746. Donald Breyer  
59745. George Presman This is terrible
59744. Ruth Zatz Let's get it off the primary search link as well as all links
59743. Robert Tachna In our day in age, sites like "Jew Watch" must be guarded against. Stop the violence!
59742. paul garjian If you are disinclined to remove this blatantly bigoted site, then I propose the immediate establishment of the website "MohammedanWatch.com." "MohammedanWatch.com" will investigate and disclose the name, location and phone number of every mosque in the United States, identify its imam by name and birthplace, and chronicle each and every Muslim organization or group, domestic and international. (BTW, I'm not Jewish)!
59741. rachel shinder  
59740. hersh  
59739. Elizabeth de Vos  
59738. Alan L. Koosed  
59737. eric goodman  
59736. Monica Blum  
59735. Kevin Horodas  
59734. Marc Lehrich  
59733. Anne Mattay  
59732. Arlene Green Truly offensive!
59731. Robert Levy shame on Google
59730. Belle Millo  
59729. Jamie Alter  
59728. Joe Weiss  
59727. Lorraine Busch  
59726. Helen Craft  
59725. Elissa Heilicher this is terrible and should be removed
59724. Marc Serebro  
59723. zudick  
59722. Renee Cannella  
59721. William A. Cohen, Major General, USAFR, Ret  
59720. Paul Saltzman Removing this is the right thing to do regardless of your religious affiliation.
59719. Fern Gitter  
59718. Yaron Cohen  
59717. Ella Gorenstein  
59716. Paula Fialkoff I am a teacher and use you as my main engine in school. I will never again use you if you continue to list this offensive site.
59715. ron star  
59714. Adrianne Pfleiderer  
59713. Meirav Eibschutz  
59712. Adina Romain  
59711. Karen Baron Don't promote hatred!
59710. Alex Isakovan  
59709. marty kay How could you!!!!!
59708. asher hashash pls remove JewWatch.com, it is hateful
59707. Harriet Fortgang  
59706. Joanne Gotlib  
59705. joann small  
59704. anva ohn-bar  
59703. Robert Braun  
59702. E Rubinsky  
59701. Brian Kamm  
59700. Lisa  
59699. Phyllis Harris Better care should be taken
59698. Jeff Leib  
59697. George Dupper remove it!
59696. gittel silverberg  
59695. Steven Pittler REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
59694. Carolyn and Irving Shochet  
59693. Paul Landman Isn't there enough hate in the world?
59692. Karen Kaufman  
59691. Ronni Stevens  
59690. Samantha Goldman  
59689. Miriam Aberman  
59688. Benjamin Cohen  
59687. Ronith Rozenfeld  
59686. Lee Eisen  
59685. Sheldon Aberman  
59684. brendan foley  
59683. Robin Severin  
59682. Douglas G. Rich  
59681. roberta levin this is an outrage
59680. S. Buddy Harris Ride the high road.
59679. Jayne Pearl  
59678. susan Gross  
59677. mah [google user] google, remove this
59676. Daniel P. Klein  
59675. witta priester  
59674. Alice Arfin  
59673. MARCELLE WEINSTEIN where will the hatred lead to .... another holocaust or what?!
59672. uri turk AM YISRAEL CHAI
59671. vivi  
59670. Nan Motolinsky seeking an open world, not a fearful divisive one
59669. Kiesler  
59668. Chuck Iwanusa  
59667. Ronald L. Weinstein  
59666. Sheryl Jedlinski  
59665. Lisa Magnas GOOGLE was created by "Jews" - they should know better - they should NOT condone any kind of racism or anti-Semitism on their search engine
59664. Arthur Schachter Please remove immediately
59663. Jack D. Feuer remove this insidious site ASAP
59662. Naomi Geartner  
59661. Naomi Fromm  
59660. Ivan Kelner  
59659. Linda Weinstein this site is disgusting
59658. Isaac Roberts  
59657. David Shulman  
59656. Joan Ominsky Ê
59655. Jeff Ginsberg  
59654. susan lamdan  
59653. Cathy Mendel  
59652. Max Yas such info leads to racial hatred
59651. Michele Tarnow It is unbelievable that Google does not know about this site being the first hit.
59650. Rochelle Kantor  
59649. Jill Lasker  
59648. Sari  
59647. gabriella siegel  
59646. herb krantz this is disgusting. garbage like this starts prejudice between all people. One person's hatred of another should not influence others.
59645. Bruce S. Chase  
59644. Ann N. Mittelman Remove Jew-Watch and stop Anti-Semitism
59643. Phyllis Glassman  
59642. Sid Perlstein  
59641. David Bein  
59640. Judith Brodsky  
59639. Gene Dubensky  
59638. Carrie Aaron  
59637. Linda Kossof remove remove remove remove remove
59636. Matthew Memberg  
59635. Sam Langer  
59634. amy baker that's terrible
59633. Jody Werner  
59631. s. goldblatt  
59630. mervin silverberg every act of antisemitism,wether real or perceived, must be challenged
59629. Ruth Susman  
59628. leah  
59627. David W. Baellow  
59626. g growe  
59625. Samantha Platt  
59624. David T. Moore  
59623. Jill Dobkin  
59622. neville lamdan  
59621. Rina Vizer  
59620. joseph berger  
59619. Jewel Berzon  
59618. Anthony Sacks  
59617. tiffany shaer  
59616. Alissa Marshall  
59615. David Sonenshine  
59614. Alan Remove the site
59613. Roy Susman  
59612. Lori Zimmerman  
59611. Deborah Maduff  
59609. Fagel Mitgang  
59608. kc benudiz  
59607. Ivan Sacks  
59606. joan g. kaminow  
59605. Caryn Brody  
59604. Jay Adlersberg  
59603. Benjamin Paz  
59602. Randy Weinstein  
59601. Enid Barnes  
59600. Mark Gotfried  
59599. Barbara Friedman Just when you think things can't get worse!
59598. bgomn disgusting
59597. JK  
59595. p, wendie grossman some decency-dignity please
59594. Jeremy Bollinger  
59593. Mark Singer  
59592. Arlene  
59591. Shauna  
59590. mitzi kurtz  
59589. Alexander Farkash  
59588. Judy Birch  
59587. Marla Goodwin Shameful! Google administrators should know better than to fan the flames of hatred!
59586. Wendy Corbin  
59585. jaclyn lafer  
59584. Nancy Winter  
59583. Sam ...What a disgrace. One would have to search a damm site harder to find a hate site posted by jews rather than about them.
59582. Mort Levy  
59581. Stephen F. Moch It is time to put some humanity and decency into Google
59580. Dani Rotstein take it off!
59579. Shari Ilsen  
59578. Robert Lipson  
59577. Todd S. Davis  
59576. Milton E. Kramer  
59575. elaine singer  
59574. Jean Fleming  
59573. B.J. Yudelson  
59572. Marcia Reisman Get Rid of this abomination!
59571. Noam Birnbaum  
59569. Antonia Marrero Hate groups should be flagged.
59568. R Elliott  
59566. Karen  
59565. Abigail Dolin Please remove this hateful website!
59564. Neda Farzam  
59563. Sandra Gold  
59562. A J Zecher  
59561. Barry M. Ganz  
59560. Sue Elam  
59559. Kenneth Sobel  
59558. Ronda  
59557. Mayer Hoffer  
59556. J. Castillo  
59555. Jill Auerbach  
59554. leslie rubinoff this is disgusting
59553. Miles Berger  
59552. Katrin J. Kirchner I apprechiate a lot the democratic system of the internet; but democracy also demands to set limits and borderlines to a thinking, that lives only by defaming other life styles and cultures - led by a bad will, that cannot leave others alone in their own way of living and expressing themselves. I was always glad about the service GOOGLE provides; the more I would be glad when this service will keep its task just to provide the technical tools to manage finding something in the web, not led by the political interest of any side, and at least not giving guidelines to inhuman and onesided (des)information.
59551. claude adda  
59550. Sheldon Weinberg  
59549. Daniel M. Felshin How come Name is optional below but required above?
59548. Judith Ganz  
59547. Eric B. Schnurer  
59546. lillian billik  
59545. L S  
59544. Lynne Davis  
59543. Jackie Ugh, this sucks, take it off!
59542. Heidi Newman Thank you for your action!
59541. Wendy Ackerman What a shame that Google doesn't monitor its sites! There is no excuse for this kind of "behavior!" LOSE IT NOW!!!!
59540. D.Wilson  
59539. John S. Kelley Hate is never acceptable.
59538. sally julian  
59537. Andrea  
59536. Robert Gross how pathetic that things like this need addressing sad state of affairs in this modern world
59535. Daniel Perkins  
59534. Sharon Aspinall  
59533. Osnat Gonen  
59532. Robert P. Goodkin  
59531. Joan Lipson  
59530. Murray Korman  
59529. Michelle I think it is very wrong that there is something like this and it should be removed ASAP
59528. Jeff Weinstein  
59527. Joan Riese  
59526. Ilissa Vogel  
59525. Sarita Elman  
59524. Denise Punger Thank you to the author for creating this petition!
59523. Renee Kutner  
59522. Susie Perkins  
59521. barry landa  
59520. Harry Cederbaum It's terrible for such hatred to be a sanctioned site.
59519. Ronni Colville  
59518. David Harris  
59517. Michael Rappaport this really sucks!
59516. haim Feingold  
59515. Harvey Segal  
59514. Ingrid Prifer  
59513. Lori Axinn  
59512. Hana G.  
59511. Terri Gamble  
59510. beth  
59509. amalia lapkin  
59508. Yael Arnold  
59507. Harold I. Kovarsky Very sad
59506. Johnny Weintraub It could easily be called "HATEWATCH"
59505. Marilynn Rivkin  
59504. Miriam Kriegel  
59503. Tara Rao  
59502. Miriam Pappo  
59501. Marina Brook  
59500. Marla How can any search engine allow such atrocities.
59499. Karen S.  
59498. Marc G. Jacobson, M.D. Remove this antisemitic website from Google results or we will stop using your search engine.
59497. Julie  
59496. Renate  
59495. ALVIN A. GORDON  
59494. Erica Meyer  
59493. Johanna Flaum  
59492. Miriam S. Berger  
59491. Samuel Miller  
59490. Tammy Moloney  
59489. Shira  
59488. Lisette de Pillis  
59487. Philip Migdal  
59486. Yale Malkin  
59485. azriel cukier  
59484. STACY SMITH  
59483. etty nessim  
59482. marvin davis  
59481. adele shuldman  
59480. Cheryl Eisberg Moin  
59479. Adam J. Bernay  
59478. Shirley Resnick  
59477. annette miller  
59476. Mara  
59475. Fern Resnick Thank you for being sensitive and removing this offensive site.
59474. Daniel Rubin HATE is NOT a Family Value!
59473. Carol Mizrahi  
59472. Harriette Hassol  
59471. Mark Novick  
59470. Elaine Bram  
59469. bonnie cook  
59468. Elisheva Krakowski  
59467. Barry Rosenbloom  
59466. Cary Cohen  
59465. Mark G. hate no man,no race,no religion,and you will know love.
59464. Keith B. Levitt  
59463. marilyn  
59462. Lea Greenberg  
59461. Monica Schaffer Why do we need to fuel anti-semitism? It is already on the rise. We need to educate tolerance of all religions
59460. Andrew V Ettin As a teacher I urge the removal of this awful site.
59459. DANNY KATZ  
59458. hillel kipnis  
59457. Patricia Turner  
59456. Dean Grayson Washington, DC
59455. Matt Eisenhammer  
59453. Sara Braun  
59452. Joyce W. Joseph This stinks!
59451. Steven Hollander  
59449. Arlene  
59448. george and inez lengvari  
59447. S Strauss do you know what information you are providing?
59446. beatrice ravitch it is disgusting...please remove it..
59445. Kees Kolff  
59444. Dorothea Ellern  
59443. Sylvia Emerick In this day and age, we need to embrace everyone and stick together!
59442. gabriela kipnis  
59441. Diana M. Savit  
59440. Steve Stare  
59438. Negin Khalifian remove it !!
59437. Carol Malle  
59436. Oksana Leukhina š
59435. Denise Coleman  
59434. Joel Kline  
59433. Lauren  
59432. diana karlin  
59431. Diana Thorn remove JewWatch.com
59430. Joanne Matonak  
59429. Dianna Cohen Although I believe in free speech, it is embarrassing and unnessecary for google to enhance the prominence of this website.
59428. Geno Paesano  
59427. Mark E. Joseph This anti-Semitic webpage should be removed!
59426. michael feldman  
59425. AM Yellin  
59424. Judith and Richard Rhodes  
59423. Mark Lucoff  
59422. deborah friedman  
59421. Nathan  
59420. G Rosenberg  
59419. John Biren False, hateful and malicious
59418. DH Rubin  
59417. M. Century  
59416. Chaye  
59415. Patricia Turner  
59414. S. Schiffres It is irresponsible to allow this on your site
59413. michael radian don't forget the history, please
59412. Robert D. Jones  
59411. shoshana cukier  
59410. Cheryl Piha  
59409. Lily Howard  
59408. Richard Schneider Please remove immediatley
59407. snitekman  
59406. Seymour Lerman  
59405. Ann Sanders  
59404. Leslie Gray  
59403. lauren schiff  
59402. paul kanter  
59401. Catherine Herzog  
59400. Jill Davine  
59399. PAULA MANDEL add this to the 50,000......
59398. Alberto Arias  
59397. Lior Sayada  
59396. Peter Crane  
59395. Paul Glassman  
59394. stuart sloame  
59393. Melvin Fachler  
59392. rnitekman  
59391. Kenneth Balk  
59390. Ronald Appleby  
59389. Lucy Podheiser some people have nothing better to do with their time I guess
59388. Doug Moffet  
59387. Melinda Herzfeld This is a hateful site, please remove it
59386. Violla Orloff Please remove this anti-Semitic site
59385. David J Peckham  
59384. David Moss disgusting
59383. Gary Parnes  
59382. michael dimitri betanoff  
59381. Maita Simon I petition Google to remove JewWatch from the internet
59380. joseph adler  
59379. RONALD ROTH  
59378. Tracy Foreman  
59377. Dana Crane  
59376. Martin J Schwartz A Disgrace
59375. Sondra Rubin  
59374. Leigh Anne Vrabel  
59373. H. Edward Pirtle  
59372. Amy Mass  
59371. Jon Aghravi  
59370. Shayna Weinstein  
59369. Jessica Yanow  
59368. Jeremy Wasser Stop hiding behind the First Amendment and facilitating the proliferation of hatred. You are under no legal obligation to include this site in your search results output. I am removing Google.com as my personal homepage (which it has been for several years) until this issue is resolved.
59367. Avi Stein remove jewwatch from the google search engine
59366. Jacob A. Myers  
59365. Susan Werner  
59364. sharon simon important to stop antisemitism at every turn
59363. DAvid Levi Should petition to remove JEWWatch.com from website.
59362. Judy Honickman Fuller Please remove this repulsive listing
59361. Gail Levites I find it hard to believe that such a horrible and hateful site exists on such a popular search engine. I WILL BE SURE TO SWITCH.
59360. cristina tania fridman  
59359. J Dubow  
59358. B. Kieffer  
59357. Barbara Gross  
59355. Betsy Y. Mark  
59354. Loretta Goldmark  
59353. Joel P Black  
59352. SANDRA ROTH  
59351. Rachel Marcus  
59350. Aliza Sebag  
59349. Bill Coenen  
59348. David  
59347. Brian Kleinberg  
59346. Sheldon S Burnston  
59345. Ruth Magid  
59344. Sorel Kohn  
59343. Sue Korn  
59342. Alan Myerson  
59341. Linda This should not be!
59340. bot weinstein  
59339. Rebecca A. Gold  
59338. Joyce Levy  
59337. Rita Collen Please remove this website.
59336. Deborah Sloane freedom of speech should not be used to spread hatred
59335. Kira These fabrications are reprehensible
59334. Paul Fassler  
59333. David Bobrow  
59332. Elstein Michael  
59331. Sarah LaFreniere  
59330. Maria E. Hoffman  
59329. Stephanie Gantman  
59328. Samantha  
59327. Robert Sheres  
59326. Martin Cohen  
59324. Nancy Waldman  
59323. Cynthia Simonian  
59322. j hirschfield hate begets hate
59321. Leon  
59320. Jason Wiesler  
59319. Scott Simon  
59318. Sheila Livingston  
59317. Susan Aptaker Please remove this offensive site from your search engine
59316. Allison Brown  
59315. Janice Fleckman  
59314. dorothy kushner  
59313. Abe Katz  
59312. Eitan Schwartz you make it too easy for hate groups to abuse your system
59311. andrew gattinger  
59310. Anita Abramovich  
59309. Andrea Melendez  
59308. avi itzkowitz  
59307. Jo Ann B. Fneman MD  
59306. Jonathan Levitt  
59305. H. Karl Bouvier  
59304. Phyllis Lewbel I will refuse to use Google or any part there of until this dreadful antisemitic nonsense is removed!!!!!
59303. Michael Gumprecht STOP THE HATE!!! REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM!
59302. Jonathan Rabb  
59301. Janice Fleckman  
59300. Michael Gordon  
59298. manette Berlinger Google should not tolerate prejudice and vilification
59297. Sylvia Levinson  
59296. Harris Berman  
59295. alice tobias  
59294. Tzipora Goldstein  
59293. Harvey Fried  
59292. J. Saunders-Ritchie  
59291. ronen weil  
59290. Marilyn Heckmyer Please remove JewWatch from the Google Search Engine
59289. michael resman  
59288. William Altfield  
59287. patricia st vincent  
59286. Dmitri Litvinov  
59285. Ann B. Diamond  
59284. Albert Schlanger Good luck.
59283. june finer  
59282. S. Liebesman  
59281. Caroline Schwarzwalder  
59280. Rachel  
59279. William F Schrader Jr  
59278. Ilene Veltman  
59277. Stephanie Pollalck Disgusting, abhorrant,
59276. Maisie P. Rock Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
59275. mary ann ferrara stop the hate!
59274. Dianne Rauch  
59273. Eugene B. Settler  
59272. ronen  
59271. shimon shapira the sooner its removed the better.
59270. philippe  
59269. Jeffrey Langsam This website must be removed.
59268. Joe Harry There is another way. Everyone who maintains a website should link to www.removejewwatch.com to make it #1 search under Jew!!! This will get rid of jewwatch.com!!!
59267. lola davidovits shameful
59266. Stephanie Grosser  
59265. Cantor G. Joel Gordon  
59264. Barb  
59263. Barry Siskind  
59262. Ann Price It begs the question...does Google Management believe humanity is well served when a site such as JewWatch obtains such a prominent position using Google's search engine. Does Google Management have any Corporate ethical standards to uphold?
59261. Terri Baird  
59260. wayne veltman  
59259. ruth offen  
59258. David Mechlowicz  
59257. Erica  
59256. J. D. Eisner  
59255. Terry Karp  
59254. Katie  
59253. Israel Rosenblum  
59252. Arthur Reich  
59251. Mark Goodman  
59250. Steve Steckler  
59249. sanford dow  
59248. Ira Grosser  
59247. John McAndrew you have GOT to be kidding! Get this thing OFF of there, or label it as offensive material.
59246. glenn melnick  
59245. Dna karns  
59244. Pam Davidson  
59243. Jerry Porzemsky  
59242. Leah  
59241. H Lord  
59240. R Goldberg  
59239. Reed Miller get rid of JewWatch.com
59238. Pun Bandhu  
59237. Hershy Schwartz  
59236. Eric Lesin  
59235. Cathy Baker  
59234. Elliot Lederman  
59233. victor bergson  
59232. Paul Perchonock  
59231. Alan Nadel  
59230. Kaye  
59229. Russ Resnik  
59228. Nan Seiden  
59227. Barty Mendel  
59226. Nice Alterman  
59225. Mark D. Coplin  
59224. IRIS DIAMOND LINSON Removal the reference immediately
59223. eden noah  
59222. Cesar Levy this site passes itself off as an educational website but it isn't. Shame on Google for allowing it.
59221. Robert S. Thaller  
59220. Michael E. Katz  
59219. Brav Dov  
59218. Sheri Ross  
59217. Marvin L Goldsmith  
59216. PHYLLIS & SEYMOUR LAPPEN Never thought that we would see a repetition of the 1930's & l940's.
59215. Michele Ben  
59214. Hannah Rosenblum  
59213. Louise Cohen  
59212. Nadav Lelkes  
59211. Lawrence Pavane Why should you need a petition signed by 50,000 people to remove an offensive reference in your search engine? If you want to fan the flames of hate see what is happening in Iraq in the name of religion
59210. Arnold B. Tein  
59209. Ann Eisenberg  
59208. Ann Arvia  
59207. Michele  
59206. Randi Baron-Leonard Please Remove
59203. Agnes Pearo  
59202. margery hadar  
59201. Gil Harris  
59200. Marsha Feuer  
59199. Marlene A. tein what a frightening site this is...get rid of it!
59198. Sheila Mahon spreading hatred is NOT freedom of speech
59197. Fran Dvorkin  
59196. elliot singerman  
59195. Leah Gorovitz  
59194. Harold Rosenblum  
59193. sondra weil  
59192. Cindy Cohen sad, very sad
59191. Inessa Zaretsky  
59190. M. Y. Gross  
59189. dglazer  
59188. Robert Levy  
59187. Mark b Disgusting remove asap
59186. Israel Besser ÿ
59185. Fanchang H  
59184. Ariella Hanker  
59183. Samuel Slipp, M.D. inflames antisemitism
59182. Jamir Samsovici  
59181. Rissy Schwortz noticed you have an explanation on your site. good for you.
59180. Wendy Mandelkorn  
59179. Claire Kelson Obscene!
59178. bat  
59177. Daniel Weinberg  
59176. Larica Mayzels  
59175. Arthur Kaplansky  
59174. Jene Jones  
59173. Stephanie Ehrlich  
59172. Denise Magilnick  
59171. Brian Naftulin  
59170. Sandy Sternthal Google is our #1 search engine. Please remove this offensive site!!
59169. Robert Kaplan  
59168. R. D. Weitzner  
59167. Margaret K. Morris  
59166. Doreen Lerner  
59165. Liliana Malca  
59164. Erica Shmerler  
59163. Florene McFarland  
59162. Liane Parness  
59161. Fran Curtis  
59160. Jason Duggan This site is disgusting and should not be supported by a search engine.
59159. Jan Kahn  
59158. Ruth Steinberg Google should remove this web site. You are fueling anti- Semitism.
59157. arnold m karp  
59156. Zahava Alon  
59155. reuben woolf  
59154. Carol Field  
59153. Ernest self censorship is the best censoship..
59152. Max  
59151. Harvey Rauch  
59150. Niema Hirsch  
59149. Jan Leder  
59148. Sandy Heller Please do the right thing!!!
59147. Edith Hunio Stop promoting antisemitism!
59146. Michael  
59145. Rina Szwarc none
59144. Kate  
59143. Karen Take it OFF
59142. Peggy Spiegel It is all pure fiction
59141. Nahum Simon  
59140. Ilene Mattison-Shupnick please remove JewWatch.com from Google
59139. Ena Cord  
59138. Esriel Scheiner  
59137. reuven itelman  
59136. Ronald S. Levy  
59135. I M Kauffman Repulsive!
59134. j.gross  
59133. Ronny Yaron Censorship is justified to prevent spreading hatred further.
59132. Katherine Yanuklis-O'Brien  
59131. Bernice McCombie  
59130. Jim  
59129. harriett zeller please remove this web site
59128. Arlene Beckman Google could at least move the site to last until sufficient sigatures are recievedl
59127. Michael D. Rabin GOGOGO
59126. Dvora Shmulewitz  
59125. Katie  
59124. Sanghoon Lee  
59123. Burt L. Feldman  
59122. Trisha Rick  
59121. Shelley Sturman  
59120. Jack Kelson This is a disgrace!
59119. Fredric Burns Hope it works.
59118. burt peck  
59117. susie kaufman  
59116. Alan Schein remove the site
59115. Debbie Remove the JewWatch, its sad to see in 21 Century America
59114. Felisa Kitaigorodski  
59113. Ronit Cohen-Schlesinger  
59112. Judy Rosenak  
59111. Mildred Hyman  
59110. robin  
59109. Paul Joshua  
59108. M. Wolf  
59107. david littauer  
59106. Jacqueline Reichman sickened by this horrible hate literature
59105. Nicole Neiman  
59104. Eran schlesinger  
59103. ed rasko this is not freedom of press.. it is hate mongering. Shame on Google
59102. Bernice Lazere  
59101. James C. Bobrow, M.D.  
59099. Gerald Schwartz  
59098. Deborah Roberts  
59097. Sarah W Satzman  
59096. Paul Perlow  
59095. Beth Elmaleh Stapleton Google needs to be more responsible than this!
59094. a dorman  
59093. Judith Ford  
59092. yasmin  
59091. Irwin Flack  
59090. Carl Goldstein  
59089. toby zaitchik  
59088. Judi Poulson  
59087. Judith Stefchak Never again!
59086. robert glasner there is no room for hate speech in civilized society against any ethnic , religious, or gender.
59085. Annie  
59084. Caryl Reback Its disgusting that this still exists!!
59083. Jane Rosenthal  
59082. Jeffrey Creque  
59081. Dr. M, Reis  
59080. Charles Silow  
59079. Philip Schwartz  
59078. María Teresa de Hart  
59077. Nanci A. Bobrow, Ph.D.  
59076. Stephen Boroda  
59075. Jacqueline Kolmes  
59074. Jerrold Greenberg  
59073. Andrew Menkes a disgusting display of anti-semitism...incredible that google would list it
59072. Michael Busman  
59071. Philip heilbrunn  
59070. adam segal  
59069. Jay Brown disgusting and embarrassment to Google also
59068. Nevin Hofing  
59067. sandra Gruenberg  
59066. Courtney Aronin  
59065. Martin A. Welt, Ph.D.  
59064. Elana Sessler REMOVE!
59063. Ed Daniels I WILL NOW BOYCOT google
59062. Julian Miller Please remove this site
59061. EDWARD LAWRENCE I suggest that all persons who sign this petition do a Search and type in Google Corporate Information and then CLICK on Who's Behind Google. I shall contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES and request that he investigate the companies and individuals who FUND, MANAGE,,and serve on the Board of Directors to determine their complicity in promoting ANTI-SEMITISM.
59060. stephen levin  
59059. Eden  
59058. Phyllis Mandel  
59057. Jeff Rosen  
59055. Bonnie Greenberg hasn't the time come to stop oublishing hate...
59054. Shari Baker  
59053. Alan G. Kuhel, MD take off the site
59052. Jonathan Golbraikh  
59051. Dawn Barnes Come on Google, that's not nice nor professional
59050. Ruth Scharlach  
59049. miller  
59048. LORI MCALL  
59047. seinwel steinhart  
59046. ethey davis Jews have contributed more Nobelists to the world than any other people. How can you have an antisemitic site come up first!
59045. Maureen McManus  
59044. Jeff Abrams outrageous and offensive
59043. Debbie Giser  
59042. Barr M Potter  
59041. sue roffer  
59040. Tunie  
59039. GIllian Stein  
59038. Margaret Reis  
59037. Orna Yogev What a shame that a respectable engine such as Google will let itself be used by hateful people to forward hate and division
59036. Lucia Tsoref  
59035. david n. goodstein  
59034. David Mintz  
59033. Barbara Gayle  
59032. Mike Taylor  
59031. Anita Allen  
59030. Seymour Barenholtz  
59029. Robert Haber I'm very disappointed in Google that JewWatch should be the first link that appears when searching on the word 'Jew'. Please remove this link from your site.
59028. Arthur Farbenbloom  
59027. Melvin S. Hewitt Please remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
59026. Yossi Meshulam  
59025. Sarita Unger As a frequent user of Google, deeply concerned about web site-Jew Watch, which spreads hate and antisemetism.
59024. barbara barshop  
59023. walter franklin  
59022. Kevin Zobel  
59021. Sarah Jane Cion this is important to remove
59018. deena miller  
59017. Marcia Kraselsky the jews are Gods chosen people
59016. Jeff Siskin  
59015. randy ginden will stop using google as of RIGHT NOW!!!
59014. s. swirsky  
59013. Elianna  
59012. Bev Steinberg  
59011. Ian Folkard In this day and age does it really take 50,000 people to sign a petition to remove crap like JewWatch from a major site?
59010. yaffit greco  
59009. debbie terrible site
59008. nan kaplan  
59007. Carol Lazarus  
59006. mira ress Why does it take so many petitioners to remove Jew Watch!!!
59005. Robert B. Rushing and family Common decency demands the immediate removal of this site!
59004. Edward Brody  
59003. Alex  
59002. Laurie Leinwand  
59001. Sandy Wagner a disgusting site and total propaganda
59000. l kramer  
58999. Rhonda Marin-Gavalis  
58998. David Hollander This site incites violence
58997. Cory Gurevitz  
58996. rina  
58995. Robert Stromberg  
58994. Eric Emmenegger  
58993. Janice Gotfried  
58992. Liora  
58991. Barbara Durst  
58990. Leor Mohr  
58989. Jane Bennett This should be removed.
58988. J Esquibel I believe in freedom of speech, but this site should not be the FIRST site to come up under this search, it's pretty degrading for everyone, and not just the Jewish community.
58987. Ruthellen Toole Please remove this disgraceful web site from Google
58986. Rita Rubinstein  
58985. Richard Kessler  
58984. Yelena Bernadskaya š
58983. Joseph Oppenheimer  
58982. John Snow  
58981. nancy stoller  
58980. Nicholas Rice Whoever is in charge of this petition - I'm happy to sign it in a second. But please make a point of spelling "anti-Semitism" correctly. In just a few short lines you've misspelled it twice. Careless errors such as yours weaken the impact of this important document.
58979. Dean Niswonger Please remove JewWatch.com from Google
58978. Ben Cabessa  
58977. ayala roudstein please remove this site
58976. Robin Remer  
58975. Ben Sorkin  
58974. raskin  
58973. Tracy  
58972. Elliot  
58971. Sandra Golde Gollop  
58970. Richard Fradkin this is the garbage that gives the internet a bad name
58969. Roz Mestre  
58968. Patti Gould  
58967. marissa  
58966. marlene newman  
58965. peter godoff  
58964. rachel that is sick and i hope they fix it. thank you
58963. Michie Esquenazi  
58962. Mary Jo Block  
58961. asi cabessa  
58960. Peter Braun  
58959. ellen sherman  
58958. Paul Kardon  
58957. Harriett Wolf remove JEWWATCH NOW
58956. mark pass Thank you!
58955. gkagan  
58954. Helene B. Vulpis I absolutely do not approve this "website"
58953. ann kahn  
58952. Beth Sassoon  
58951. Anne E. Loring remove immediately
58950. Alan Golombick  
58949. bonnie getler  
58948. Lori McArthur This site is discusting and only invites hate crimes to occur
58947. scott cohen thank you
58946. Stanley Emerson  
58945. Stanley Cherny  
58944. Beth-ann Gan  
58943. Robby Brodsky Please remove this site from Google, it is highly offensive.
58942. Steve Snitzer  
58941. Todd Weiner  
58940. James R. Michaels  
58939. Stephanie Meis  
58938. Ed Kempner This is nothing more then a hate Jews site
58937. Kevin Simon  
58936. Stephen Glusker  
58935. denise churba  
58934. Jeff Eisner  
58933. Soni Tick  
58932. Dr. LeRoy A. Pennell hate sites like this violate the Canadian way.
58931. Gloria Siegel  
58930. Richard H. Lazor  
58929. ilana frenkel remove hatefull site
58928. Eleanor Ehrenkranz  
58927. Hymie Kavin  
58926. Irving Belsky and Sylvia Belsky  
58925. Saul Pytka Google should not be taken advantage of by a group of goons
58924. H.David Kirk Good work! God's work!
58923. Melissa Stein  
58922. Jyl B this is disgusting and outragious
58921. Marvin E. Goldberg  
58920. Robin Miller  
58919. Carol Toll Bress  
58918. vera monkarsh  
58917. Gordon Alan McFarlane Jew Watch.com only serves to perpetuate and promulgate disinformation and hatred for Jews. It should be removed from Google immediately
58916. Rebecca Kaplan  
58915. Sara Halperin  
58914. Neil Baum  
58913. Alan Wittenberg  
58912. Davida Feder  
58911. Daniel Klein Keep up the good work
58910. Susan Greisman  
58909. Cheryl Feit  
58908. Lona K. Haffa  
58907. jill plancher  
58906. Esther  
58905. anne b. adamson  
58904. Robert Fleischman  
58903. henry rubin  
58902. Galit remove this antisemic site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
58901. Robert Gold  
58900. Barbara Gordon  
58899. Barbra DeSatnik  
58898. Rachel  
58897. Joseph Frisch Please remove this auful web site
58896. Marilu  
58895. adi joshua  
58894. Jill Soltz Please remove
58893. Daphne M. Davidson  
58892. Larry Frishkopf  
58891. Susan Levy  
58890. Susan Goodman Jewwatch is a disgusting site!!
58889. elliot schubert  
58888. David Markenson  
58887. Elliot Jemal  
58886. Melinda Walwer  
58885. Sharon Snyder  
58884. Mel Levitt  
58883. Sophie winiarz  
58882. Rhoda Sherman  
58881. Peter Cole Thankfully, my info science degree is enabling me to use the Internet without Google. I, like hundreds of thousands of others, will continue to do so until this problem is solved. I also believe that, as a search engine, Google will realize the need to adopt a policy of delivering quality information instead of providing the largest amount of anti-semitic propaganda for mindless fools.
58880. Jill Hanken  
58879. Thomas J. Bondy  
58878. lucille augello  
58877. Larry Lewin  
58876. Reggi & Mel Bleemer  
58875. Stephanie Bennett thank you for acting on this.
58874. Nina Dioguardi SHAME ON YOU!!
58873. Merav  
58872. Jennifer Kramer  
58871. Eileen Levitt  
58870. Chuck Stark remove this disgusting site
58869. James Barnett  
58868. seymore butt shame on you !!! only in america !!
58867. Joshua Winiarz  
58866. Lisa Wolff Hyman Be bigger and better than that!
58865. Amanda Goldfine  
58863. David A. Gordon  
58862. Amy Weiss  
58861. harvey stein  
58860. Janice Medlin  
58859. David Chitayat  
58858. Irwin Schack disgusting collection of lies and half truths
58857. Barry Hasson  
58856. Stuart Michael  
58855. J Grossman  
58854. Benson Stone  
58853. eddieappel  
58852. Debra Klein  
58851. Carol Schreter  
58850. Steven Zigman  
58849. Hillel Sherman  
58848. dor barshalom  
58847. Lawrence Rudnick  
58846. Sheila A. Litwin-Michaelis very disturbed about this.
58845. Chana'le  
58844. naomi shestack  
58843. Phylis and Sandy Acker  
58842. Abbi R. Gold This is absolutely HATEFUL and wrong
58841. Bertram Mond  
58840. Jennifer Rabin  
58839. phyllis stein  
58838. Jonathan Hait  
58837. Simone Franco  
58836. Biana Michnik Get rid of this site ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
58835. Martin Braun  
58834. Staci  
58833. Marshall Marcovitz Please remove immediately.
58832. E F Benson clean up your business judgement
58831. riva f  
58830. david shenker The site is desgusting. It aims at the fools among the ignorant
58829. Stephen R Gormley remove this site
58828. Carey Tepperman  
58827. Marvin Kalfin  
58826. Dr. Aubie Diamond  
58825. m kippel  
58824. Rafael Urbano  
58823. alister plowman you are worse than those that try to kill the jews....because you are giving them poison to fuel their hatred
58822. Arthur S. Kapl;an, M. D.  
58821. Jonathan I am disgusted to see that site having priority.
58820. Eve Hoffman Sheldrake disgusting that this trash even exist
58819. Mordechai Wiesler  
58818. Harlan Ruben This is not what was intended for Freedom of Speech
58817. William Steinhardt  
58816. Joan Green  
58815. J Greenberg  
58814. Suzanne Albert  
58813. Dianne  
58812. Susan Hubal  
58811. Ilene Landsman  
58810. Howard Chez  
58809. Irwin Cohen At least remove JewWatch from #1 position
58808. Marc Dweck  
58807. Sherry Standish  
58806. brian sigman  
58805. cheryl Winiarz  
58804. Christin Kim  
58803. SALLY HEYN please remove anti-semitic site
58802. Robin Saperstein  
58801. liz engel  
58800. Ben Pincus This makes me sick
58799. Kevin Greene Is it 2004 or 1934? Hard to differentiate when companies say that anti-semetism should be allowed.
58798. Wendy Milston  
58797. E. Ruzinsky  
58796. Gerald A. Hubal  
58795. Denise Katzen  
58794. eric feldman  
58793. Evelyn Goldfarb  
58792. Beverly Lewyn  
58791. marc maxwell  
58790. andrew pienkny  
58789. Murray J. Davids Surprised, disgusted and revolted by this site!
58788. faiga batt I am abored that Google would allow this, it's disgraceful!
58787. Michael S. Shapiro M.D.  
58786. Barbara Hattery Have you no conscience
58785. Rachel R. Schulman  
58784. samuel r. gabai ÿ
58783. Pam Tatz Don't contribute to the world's growing antisemitism
58782. Adam Feldman Get rid of this trash and get a life
58781. Steven Jacobs  
58780. Jeff Grey  
58779. Dr George Lewkovitz It should not need to be this difficult to address a problem
58778. Shirley Friedman  
58777. Warren Liebmann  
58776. Joseph Colton  
58775. Ben Nanasi  
58774. howard newman why can't google figure out why others can rig its search engine to defeat its integrity?
58773. Randy B. Lichtman Stop supporting hatred. Would you support the KKK website as #1?
58772. elayne pucci  
58771. Ronald B. Sobel  
58770. Isabel Cohen  
58769. Pamela either remove jewwatch from the google lookup or i will remove google from all of my computers
58768. Isabel Schnadig It is time to end this
58767. Gail Collier  
58766. Miriam Gettinger disgusting and disapointed with google
58765. Steve Lanster  
58764. Orna Aharoni  
58763. Daniel Ciment  
58762. freeman a shore  
58761. lauren  
58760. Sheldon Hersh  
58759. Paul Wise  
58758. P. Alfano  
58757. Efrem Epstein  
58756. Samantha K.  
58755. Karen Spira  
58754. Ira Lifland  
58753. Linda Wolf  
58752. Melissa Warry-Smith  
58751. Samuel Kron  
58750. Jeff Millstone  
58749. Dr. Rick Turkel  
58748. Fred Schwartz  
58747. Barry how fast can you "DO THE RIGHT THING?"
58746. Rochelle Lanster  
58745. Karine Parienti  
58744. Al Cohen Shame on you!
58743. Ina Kantor  
58742. Irene Hersh  
58741. larry please remove this pornography
58740. jeffrey altman  
58739. Glenda Larson You disgust me
58738. Daniela  
58737. Michael Schuffler  
58736. Karen Gordon  
58735. K. Borden makes me want to avoid google altogether
58734. Michi Wexler  
58733. Dennis Polivnick  
58732. Louis A. Romo The nations are today just as in 1930's. We are facing a world wide holocaust in immediate future. please do not aid terrorists by allowing jewwatch on your search engine. We are living in the end times and people worldwide have become like generation of Noah..
58731. Stewart Matos Pathetic
58730. Elina G  
58729. Max Bader  
58728. DALE UTLEY  
58727. Jill Wainger  
58726. Tamara Goldie  
58725. Ruth Natanson I am shocked that Google would allow this!
58724. Joanne Sobel  
58723. evelyne beninson  
58722. Marge Wein This hate must stop
58721. Kenneth  
58720. M. delos Santos  
58719. Barbara Hechtman  
58718. Ben Schwartzman  
58717. Barbara S. Blumenfield  
58716. Lois Bartlette This is a total distortion of the 1st ammendment. If it stays up, I will PERMANENTLY boycott Google and encourage others to do the same.
58715. Ralph Smith  
58714. Sandra Goldberger please remove jewwatch.com from google
58713. Jay Cristol  
58712. max finkel shame on google
58711. Laura Eglash  
58710. glen paul mattingly shame on you. You are supporteing those that hate !!
58709. selene d. levine  
58708. Bruce Albert  
58707. Elly Cristol  
58706. Shaila Gottlieb it's disgusting!
58705. Ava Hollombe  
58704. Liran S Google shouldn't need 50,000 signatures to remove this disgusting site from their search engine!
58703. Barbara Jortner  
58702. avital lichter  
58701. Nathan Rothman  
58700. Elaine & Ed It sickens me that Google would require any signatures to remove a website taht promotes hatred
58699. Aaron Glassman This is absolutely disgusting. Imagine the response if it was the "N" word, we wouldn't need this petition.
58698. debbie w.  
58697. Penny Marlin  
58696. Scott Shell  
58695. fred r feldman  
58694. Alex Bajaj  
58693. Charles A Loesche  
58692. mark spiers please remove JewWatch from your search engine as quickly as possible. thank you
58691. Mike Yesner  
58690. Nathan Kutok  
58689. Beulah Trey  
58688. Jason Ezratty  
58687. Alice Passer  
58686. judy  
58685. marsha klerer  
58684. Milstein  
58683. Eric W.  
58682. alan  
58681. laura we really need to stop this... this is DISGUSTING
58680. maxine feldman cohen  
58679. cara lebowitz  
58677. Joan Kaminow disgraceful
58676. Tracey Mager  
58675. Lisa Aronin  
58674. Heather  
58673. Pauline Lonschein  
58672. Gail Jospa  
58671. marcelle  
58670. Jessica Pollack  
58669. Walter Larson I am an anglo saxon protestant and am completely shocked that your organization would allow this to happen and will only take action if 50000 people sign a petition. Shame on you!!!
58668. cindy weiser  
58667. marion mcguire  
58666. Fran Harac  
58665. Ana Sevilla  
58664. Adam Lerner  
58663. Harold Shneer remove JewWatch.com from Google
58662. Dahna Gordon please remove this abhorrent site that insults Jew and non-Jew alike
58661. sophie houllou  
58660. David Waring  
58659. Barbara Lippman  
58658. adele ballis  
58657. Janet Marz  
58656. Jack Berger  
58655. sherman vogel  
58654. David Rodgers  
58653. E. David First  
58652. Joan Feinberg  
58651. David Marks This is a no brainer
58650. Steven Uretsky  
58649. Itzhak Pearl  
58648. robyn solomons  
58647. marilynn greene  
58646. John Tighe  
58645. Ronald Neuman  
58644. D. Benezra I will not use Google until you remove this discusting sight!
58643. S. Spector  
58642. Ben Rapaport  
58641. Jacqueline Wolffe Other than the misspelling for the word "antisemitism", I concur with the author of this petition!
58640. Richard R Kolodkin,1SG USA Ret  
58639. Heather Dichter  
58638. ed leventhal  
58637. Evelyn Goldsmith  
58636. Vera Shaul  
58635. Rafael V. Rabinovich It is long-overdue to remove such hate sites from the net!
58634. Dylan Cody McDonnell Freedom of speech and expression did not originally mean Freedom of Persecution
58633. Steven Schwartz  
58632. avis osher  
58631. Robert Silberman  
58630. B.A. Ossip This is a disgrace to a site as helpful as Google!
58629. Peter B. Milburn, MD please don't assist the purveyors of hatred
58628. Judith Binder This is a disgrace!
58627. Debbie Starker  
58626. Adam Rosenblatt  
58625. dolly meieran  
58624. Mitchell Trockman  
58623. Helaine Morpurgo  
58622. alan stern  
58621. Anna Bellefontaine "JewWatch" is disgusting and I will not use "Google" because of this site
58620. Marian Newman  
58619. Adina Sutlin  
58618. Gerry DeLyle  
58617. Jeanine Allen Let there be peace on earth.
58616. shula kantor  
58615. Mariana Saslafsky  
58614. Ben :-p
58613. steven cohen  
58612. Nir  
58611. Andrea M. Gouze  
58610. Sandra Krauthamer  
58609. Celia Einhorn Please!
58608. Gerald H Katzman other sights like Aryan Nations should be removed
58607. Evelyn C. Shapiro  
58606. Les Freeman  
58605. William Halper Would one yell fire in a movie house when there is no fire
58604. Jeri Bernstein  
58603. Sig Harac  
58602. Joseph Ingram  
58601. robin schafler  
58600. Noah Bilenker  
58599. Janet Yamron  
58598. Stuart Werbin  
58597. Fern Zeigler  
58596. sue saffir  
58595. Judy Waldman Please remove jewwatch
58593. Jon Minkowitz  
58592. Andrew  
58591. Ron This is disgusting!
58590. Mr. Lewis Good fight
58589. jim obrien remove this disgusting site filled with lies and untruths
58588. Samantha H. McDowell  
58587. Donna Horwitz  
58586. sharon cohen  
58585. Rhoda Urman Don't promote hate sites!
58584. Michele Abrams  
58583. Lynn Vickers Jesus was a Jew.
58582. Evelyn Goldsmith  
58581. LEN CHEVLIN  
58580. Eitan How would you like it if it was your race being targeted?
58579. Larry feldt  
58578. Elaine Wilson Enough Is Enough!
58577. sara y mario dunayevich  
58576. emanuel rosen  
58574. Todd Richheimer  
58573. Yvonne Chambers  
58572. jeanette saffir  
58571. sara yogev  
58570. Frances Makower  
58569. Miriam Burnett  
58568. Gary Kay I am done with Google if this change is not made immediately.
58567. charles brumer dispicable
58566. Martin Nadel  
58565. Janice Cloth  
58564. Howard E. Book M.D.  
58563. Lauren  
58562. John C. Dobrinski  
58561. Annie Meisels I"m discusted. I think it's irresponsible. I just read a great article about the google guys and I wish they would think twice about something like this. Being a top search engine, they have a lot of influence on which web sites people visit. You would hope that an anti semetic web site would be HARD to find. Not the first site listed when the word 'Jew' is typed in. It makes me sad that they are not changing this on their own and we have to sign a petition . Please change this. It's a horrible thing to be responsible for.
58560. kathleen sitzer  
58559. M Levine  
58558. Danielle  
58557. rachel  
58556. J Lander  
58555. William N Yelland  
58554. Marlene Lever  
58553. c morris  
58552. Alan and Helene Ferris  
58551. Carole Coutts  
58550. Janice Malett  
58549. Alies Muskin  
58548. S. Spreckman  
58547. Miriam Burten  
58546. Molly C.  
58545. marv sosman  
58544. C. Coville  
58543. Judy Hirsch  
58541. Susan G. Lewis  
58540. Gerald Soff  
58539. Stuart J. Feldsott  
58538. tibor  
58537. David P. Guy  
58536. Michael Maller  
58534. R K Mayer  
58533. m diamond  
58532. Robert Pielet  
58531. Gary Banks  
58530. edith gruber  
58529. Alfred & Phyllis Zerner this is a disgrace
58528. K. S.Hoskins  
58527. frederick kohn  
58526. susan kadison If only computers could think!
58525. ROY BASKIN  
58524. R.Phillips WRONG!!!!
58523. Lizzie Zimmer (Aliza) I use google all the time to search for things that I know about. What about people who don't really know about Judaism? If they type "jew" in the search engine and find an anti-semitic site what does that show? That does not help them find out more about Judaism, it makes the matter much worse. Please stop the anti-semitism!
58522. Juliana  
58521. Eve  
58520. Ilene Woodman  
58519. lin  
58518. IRV HALPER  
58517. david schulhofer  
58516. Philip Abramovitch  
58515. Carl H. Jacobs, Ph.D.  
58514. john sragowicz  
58513. Jack klein  
58512. eileen bookman  
58511. Sheila Alexander  
58510. david johnson  
58509. Steven Karsch  
58508. Lawrence Weissman  
58507. Shalom Fisher I am outraged by google's listing of that web site first
58506. Michael Roberts Please be socially and morally responsible.
58505. Revital take this seriously...Please do not let history repeat itself!
58504. Eroica K. Antonovsky  
58503. v alper I cannot stress enough how much I want this website removed from your search engine.
58502. jerry denker  
58501. yaffit greco  
58500. Henry I Frohsin Disgusting
58499. Hillary Atkin  
58498. David Edman  
58497. sheila silverberg  
58496. Linda Samuel  
58495. Phyllis Marmer Remove this antisemitic, offensive website
58494. Pete Morris  
58493. David Hope  
58492. Karen Brousseau Please remove such sites
58491. steve reichman  
58490. Susan Darling  
58489. lauren marks  
58488. DRR when Jew is typed in, an anti-semetic site should not come up first
58486. Eric Wolff  
58485. Risa Sibley  
58484. Marcy Wasserman  
58483. Ami Simon  
58482. m. daniel  
58481. Mk Lane  
58480. Ronald Magnin  
58479. Corrine Sacks  
58478. Alan S. Weinberg  
58477. Micah Jacobs  
58476. john Goott  
58475. Lesley Litman  
58474. Gus Saslav  
58473. Nancy Gilats  
58471. Jeffrey R. Mazor  
58470. marcie pregulman  
58469. Marvin N Eisenberg, MD You should be monitoring and excluding this garbage
58468. Michael Propis remove this site
58467. Ellen M. Weinberg  
58466. lauren rosettenstein  
58465. Daniel E. Korn  
58464. Sofia Ravin  
58463. Gary Pushkin  
58462. Joan Franklin  
58461. Rachel Letofsky Anti-Semitism is a senseless prejudice that must be arrested before it gets out of hand, as the case has been so often in the tragic past.
58460. Brian Eisenberg This horrible website will promote continued terrorism against World Jewry.
58459. Jeff Zeifman a disgrace, what happened to some professionalism, does money mean everything to you?
58458. Gary Baron  
58457. Janice Wynne  
58456. David Schugar this is not necessary
58455. Sara y Mario Dunayevich  
58454. joan cohen  
58453. joe kern  
58452. Gene Stern  
58451. robert critcher  
58450. Karel Wolfson  
58449. Richard Chiert  
58448. Marlene Herbst  
58447. Ellen Fader  
58446. Sarah Colker  
58445. marilyn goldhar  
58444. Doron Lisky  
58443. Stanley Semel  
58441. William Near Disgusting site. I usually google very very regularly but will use alternative search engines, and I iknow more are coming, if this filth (www.jewwatch.com) remains your primary link, near the top.
58440. Carol Levine  
58439. Ram Willner Filth
58438. michele Harris  
58437. Julie Rubinfeld  
58436. DAVID BROWN  
58435. Robert Gordon  
58434. liz stern  
58433. mark gittler  
58432. Lorin Blumenthal The fewer people that have access to this hateful site the better
58431. Jeremy Lapinsky  
58430. Gary  
58429. Lisa and Ed Weisz  
58428. sigal farkash get this web site out of here
58427. Helen Shneer Remove JewWatch immediately
58426. Tammy Caress take this propaganda off your site!!!!!!
58425. jeff davis Google has been a wonderful piece of software. Don't let your rise be your decline. Do the right thing.
58424. Ron Rubenstein  
58423. Sheryl Gitterman  
58422. ninette polansky  
58421. Steven Isaacson  
58420. Brenda Aimis  
58419. Anne Brown  
58418. Aaron  
58417. wendy belzberg  
58416. Ellen Rothschild-Taube  
58415. Seth Gardenswartz  
58414. leslie miller  
58413. Lee Epstein  
58412. Lenny  
58411. Bert Davidson  
58410. Leslie Gavin disgusting website - remove it now!
58409. Tammy Caress  
58408. Eli Chaimowicz  
58407. Elaine Goldsmith  
58406. Ron Kopp While I'm not 100% convinced that even a site that spouts lies and racial hatred should be removed altogether, I'm signing this petition because I'm so disturbed by JewWatch's prominence on Google.
58405. Allon Riczker Write your MP, MPP, congressman/woman, senator and representative, and make your voice heard.
58404. Joel Lowinger  
58403. libby smith  
58402. Cheryl Dater-Katz  
58401. Jordan Green To have a site in this day in time of hate is disgraceful
58400. Carol Nogi  
58399. B.Zanders  
58398. Howard Taylor
58397. David Oppenheim  
58396. Jodi Propis please remove this
58395. Phyllis Hopman  
58394. KateRubenstein  
58393. Marsha Forman  
58392. Richard A. Weinman  
58391. debbie levy Please be responsible and remove this site as the first to come up.
58390. Brian Levitan Please do something !!!
58389. Harold Herbst We are against all discrimination and bias
58388. Anahi Bagu Remove it!!!
58387. thelma schreibman it's disgraceful
58386. Bob Blum  
58385. Stacey Downing  
58384. Barry Epstein MD Who is responsible?
58383. Robert A. Morris  
58382. Joshua Berger, MD, PhD  
58381. Ernestine R. Daniels  
58380. Julie i cant belive that google would do something like this....i use google all the time and as a JEw i am very offended. i refuse to use google again....and my frieds agree with me too and there not all jews so....
58379. Ira Kirshen  
58378. david zable  
58377. suzanne polirer  
58376. brian weiss  
58375. Michael Smookler and Rachel Boyar Please remove jewwatch from google
58374. Sol Rajfer  
58373. Lauren  
58372. Nina Tarley  
58371. Joseph Matheson  
58370. Janis M.  
58369. Kim Hoffman  
58368. H Freedman REMOVE THIS SITE!!!!
58367. Cynthia Portno  
58366. Ruth Skolnick  
58365. Dara  
58364. mr. amos sochaczevski i urge googles to show leadership in stopping hate wereever it exsist
58363. Cloe Madanes  
58362. s yurkowicz  
58361. Gary Pardo  
58360. Jerry Kaufman  
58359. Dave Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
58358. Robert Gumpertz  
58357. Amy Chiert  
58356. Aaron Sedman  
58355. L Gelman  
58354. Anne Bowron  
58353. Jessica  
58352. ROBERT HALPERN Disgraceful hate propaganda @ racist
58351. bernard shultz  
58350. D PLAUT  
58349. debbie levy Please be responsible and remove this site as the first to come up.
58348. David Sporkin This is not a question of free speech, if it were I would support your stance on the site, but it is not. It is a site to incite people to their worst. We saw in the last century where that leads. Remember it was only 10 years ago that a similar situation happened in Rwanda.
58347. Carrie Fader  
58346. shoshana shinnar  
58345. Wezie appalling that this still exists
58344. Paula Rosenberg  
58343. Wendy Muchman  
58342. Ken Legum  
58341. gael chiarella  
58340. S. Dixon This website is disgusting
58339. Jonathan Chilton Please remove the anti-semitic web site JewWatch from the Google search engine
58338. allan cassel  
58337. Albert Elfaks  
58336. Joanne Cox  
58335. Darin Lutwin  
58334. Kim Hirsh  
58333. Rita Beals  
58332. mark surkis  
58331. Mindy Jacobson  
58330. Randi Eisenberg Throughout recorded history Jews have contributed to the betterment of all mankind in every aspect of humankind.
58329. Julie  
58328. Andrea Roth  
58327. Bob Eldridge  
58326. annette zable  
58325. David Hardy  
58324. Daniel Surkin  
58323. Susan Blumenfeld remove jewwatch-obviously
58322. Harel Shapira  
58321. Dr. Daitch  
58320. Dr.and Mrs.Samuel Messing  
58319. Chris Babcock  
58318. The Reverend Kristine Swire Please support the separation of Church and Hate
58317. Alan Rosenberg The Jew Watch website is so completely, over the top, racist and so completely devoid of fact that it cheapens and marginalizes Google.
58316. David Fields  
58315. alexander berdichevsky š
58314. Jack Deitch  
58313. Alan Bealss  
58312. Marilyn Golden  
58311. George Newman  
58310. iris m  
58309. karen weinstein the site is disgusting
58308. ron rosenbaum  
58307. Karol Babcock  
58306. rosemary zibart  
58305. Susana Palonsky  
58304. Gee Lin It should be removed
58303. mellou  
58302. Melinda Cohen  
58301. Tal Lushe please remove any anti-semetic web pages!
58300. annette kirshner  
58299. Linda Weinstein I think there is too much hate in the world already. We do not have to encourage it, or make it easy for others to feed on hate!
58298. Julie Shaffer  
58297. Randy Please keep the site...Finally the truth is exposed.....ZIONISM IS RACISM....PALESTINE IS THE HALOCAUST OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE
58296. Mike Mannlein  
58295. Patzi Goldberg  
58294. Maxine Simon Not acceptable for a peaceful world
58293. iris mosher  
58292. howard bender get rid of it!!!!!!!
58291. Bernard Ladenheim  
58290. Joel Pleeter This is very disturbing
58289. joan aronson You should be ashamed of yourself
58288. Jeffrey Roso the hate has to end........one web site at a time
58287. Norman Wald  
58286. Barbara Silverstone  
58285. S Louie Farbenbloom  
58284. ronald lehrer Do something to at least make it much less prominent
58283. Lou Halikman  
58282. Johanna  
58281. Arthur Kaplowitz  
58280. Joel Joselevitz, M.D.  
58279. Cláudia Caldeira Soares  
58278. Margery Braunstein  
58277. jerry fishman  
58276. Arnold Levine Bigoted people would hasten to use the site and its information
58275. Gerald Mayhead  
58274. Marsha Nemon  
58273. Allen Kraut  
58272. Susan Jatkowski  
58271. Joyce and Michael Davison Terrifying websites. As Christians, we find JewWatch.com to be bigoted and hateful to Jews and all humanity.
58270. irving strauchler  
58269. Robin Markowitz  
58268. Meira Besikof  
58267. Eileen Alvo  
58266. Paulette Koffron  
58265. Lori Linskey  
58264. Deanna Mustachio  
58263. Max Engelstein  
58262. steven jacoby  
58261. janice j  
58260. Mark Ryman  
58259. Darren Krug  
58258. Robert Taglin  
58257. Aileen Wolfe-Goldhirsh As a jew and an educator, I am disgusted by this site.
58256. st remove
58255. Rachel Gold  
58254. Barbara Barnes  
58253. Kenneth Acker  
58252. Jennifer Stern  
58251. Doris Mann  
58250. Yerucham Kopelman This is outrageous
58249. Jordana  
58248. yakov brakha  
58247. Mary Libstug  
58246. Sylvia Mendlow horrified that such a message should appear!
58245. Janet Cherney  
58244. Elise Gelman  
58243. Dr. Judith Levinson Shame on Google for listing this hateful site.
58242. Joan Rich  
58241. martin Cukier  
58240. julio kierson  
58239. Devin Gati  
58238. Shokd N. Apald Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former - Albert Einstein, a good jew
58237. hali  
58236. barney mannlein  
58235. Elizabeth Miller  
58234. Norma Strassler Happy to use another search engine!
58233. Burt Kaploe  
58232. Joel Jaspan  
58231. Gittel Hunt  
58230. Lillian Berger  
58229. Ari Wein  
58228. diane karsch  
58227. Lisa Stone Man's inhumanity to man.....
58226. barry shainbaum  
58225. Ron Reggev  
58224. Val Bracey  
58223. Jeanette Block  
58222. Michael Stern  
58221. Renee' Dorfman An outrage to the Jewish community. Shame on you Google for allowing this
58220. Herb Hoffman REMOVE IT NOW
58219. S. Falcon  
58218. Judith Greengard It's a shame to have gone on this long.
58217. Fred Goodman  
58216. B Forer  
58215. Kip Walsh Please remove Jew Watch!!!
58214. Irma Evans  
58213. Dee  
58212. Howard Grodman  
58211. Robin Cohen Shame on your!
58210. Bob  
58209. Ken Ellis  
58208. Emily Gati  
58207. Samantha Hirsch  
58206. Eillene Leistner  
58205. Helene Kram Any site which defames a religion, ethnic group, nationality, sexual preference should be removed from the Internet--Freedom of Speech be damned.
58204. Bonnie Eisler You shouldn't need all these signatures to do the ethical and moral thing. Shame on all of you.
58203. Jon Sternchos  
58202. Sharon Halperin  
58201. Jay Liban  
58200. Stewart Heir It's time for Anti-Semitic material to be harder to find as its already way too prevalent in the time of Mel Gibson movies that bring back old forms of hatred against Jews.
58199. Sol Klinger  
58198. Stephen M. Robinson  
58197. Dr. Michael E. Margaretten  
58196. David Dobrin  
58195. Sheldon L. Rosenzweig Though I am loath to be a censor, there is no place for vicous lying in an open society.t
58194. Maureen Kaplan  
58193. Juliet Barnes You have enough signatures to act now!
58192. Steven Weinblatt  
58191. laurie  
58190. a collens  
58189. Jean S. Levinson  
58188. amaia  
58187. Gerald Wolin  
58186. Michael Shankman  
58185. alex vish  
58183. J.Braun you should be ashamed of yourself to promote this kind of hatered
58182. Ivan Gati I guess that money is thicker than BLOOD
58181. lee greenblatt  
58180. j  
58179. Rivka  
58178. Tyson Stop the hate against INNOCENT Jews this is an outrage!!!
58177. Tova Moonay you are spreading hate at the time when the world needs love.
58176. Jon Schultz It is pathetic that the people of this world can be so ignorant.
58175. Norman Schloss  
58174. Jill Janowski this is appaling
58173. Susan Staub  
58172. Cindy Segal  
58171. Michael Good  
58170. Jeff Jaskolka  
58169. Irene Chervinsky  
58168. Roz Dermer  
58167. Philip Brownstein  
58166. Michael Bar  
58165. Janel  
58164. James Bowman  
58163. Erin Goldsmith  
58162. robin dorman shameful!
58161. Larry Goldberg Censorship is bad, but the website is worse.
58160. Martin Browar  
58159. Judith Lawrence  
58158. Deanah Messenger  
58157. Jor Rymanowski  
58156. Stanley Corn  
58155. Jim Baldinger This is an outrage.
58154. Alison  
58153. lori goldstein I am appalled!
58152. David Sternberg  
58151. Phil Fink This is deplorable...Please remove it at once.
58150. H. Tytell  
58149. Igor Bendersky  
58148. Joan Sheps  
58147. dina friedman  
58146. Ross Bradbury  
58145. Eugene Borochin  
58144. joyce putterman  
58143. harriet atlas  
58142. Steven Munzer  
58141. Gerita K. Lutz  
58140. Michele Corn  
58139. Mildred Fishman  
58138. D Piwnica  
58137. irving welfeld ; harriet wiesenthal SHAMELESS LYING
58136. Dr Sev Ozdowski This site is a disgrace. Remove it.
58135. g. glantz  
58134. chumi  
58133. Todd Kaufman  
58132. Larry Kluge  
58131. Edel Berman  
58130. Victoria Lyalin  
58129. Estelle Linn  
58128. Dr. Judith Berson Disgusting. Get rid of it!
58127. Lynnette Martasin  
58126. andrew wolfe  
58125. Lee Epstein  
58124. Elissa Harris  
58123. D Baldwin can't believe this is out there - don't you have censors?
58122. Audrey Grove please change this!!!
58121. Linda R. Miller  
58120. David Yennior Google surprises me sometimes with it's poor research results.
58119. Joel Gorfinkel  
58118. Bruce Berlin  
58117. amy kohn  
58116. Zohar Lev  
58115. Michel  
58114. B. Pepper  
58113. J H Fenton Google has shamed itself
58112. Desiree Weisz Epstein  
58111. Steven Mandelkorn  
58110. Eric Ashby  
58109. h. a.  
58108. Ruth Isserlin  
58107. Mark Grove please change this!
58106. We're not going to take it Does it have to be #1 ??!!!?? Move it down to, say, number 10 for Christ's sakes.
58105. o drazen  
58104. Yuri Gerber  
58103. nancy frankenberg  
58102. Amy I will stop using google it is not removed
58101. Irv Sachs  
58099. Bruce Cochran  
58098. Ruth I wonder if Google would need 50000 petitions to remove any other racist website?
58097. Carol A Aronson  
58096. Heather Adler  
58095. Nicole Beckerman  
58094. Ian F.  
58093. Elias Z  
58092. David, Barbara  
58091. Pat Barry  
58090. Marvin Hecht  
58089. W. T. J. MCLEAN Google will never get my support with this kind of trash. It is disgusting and totally repugnant!
58088. marilyn price  
58086. Elizabeth Schiff  
58085. Scott Epton  
58084. eve weiss  
58083. Fred Rosenberg  
58082. shelley simson  
58081. jack feintuch  
58080. joseph bilstein  
58079. M. Pincus  
58078. Steven Fleisher  
58077. Joyce Rosenthal  
58076. helena friedman  
58075. Brie Karpf  
58074. david loeb  
58073. Julie and Jeff Adams  
58072. Edward P. Rotchford Not to act is to act.
58071. S. Levine  
58070. Debbie Cohn  
58069. saundra russo  
58068. Kenneth Hyman  
58067. Nina Butler  
58066. sari levin  
58065. michael warner remove Jew watch.com
58064. Linda Hyman  
58063. dahlia lainer  
58062. Robert Beder  
58061. Charles Gorenstein  
58060. Karen Peifer you have spelled "Semitic" incorrectly
58059. Walter Cohn  
58058. eli winograd  
58057. FF Lzrd  
58056. Heather Ringel This site is blatantly anti-semitic
58055. Ellen Kaufman  
58054. Dan Roberts sad for google to align itself with hate mongers
58053. Harvey Meltzer  
58052. Jayson Chabrow  
58051. Greg White  
58050. Joan Horn  
58049. Roberta Davidoff that trash shouldn't be on here at all
58048. Ms. Alter  
58047. Jack B. Klein  
58046. gwen janit  
58045. Mark Soffer What did the Jews ever do to you?
58044. Avi Goldstein  
58043. DAVID BERG  
58042. Barb Stewart  
58041. brian matthew  
58040. michael Wald  
58039. Ilse Stoll  
58038. Sam Bodor  
58037. calvin sager  
58036. charles schliff  
58035. rachel winogrAD  
58034. P aul Thorner remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine
58033. Kara Rabin  
58032. Marlene Bernstein  
58031. _98@yahoo.comCarlton Glatky  
58030. Bruce Goderez  
58029. marilyn  
58028. Marilyn Malkin  
58027. Shawn Harris  
58026. S. Hart  
58025. Peggy Saferstein I love google and can't belive this!
58023. Simon Lightstone  
58022. Jackie Rose  
58021. bernie russo  
58020. Kerry Lanigan  
58019. jessica winograd  
58018. Claire Bloom  
58017. Kathy Holloway please remove this site
58016. Dawn Mjoen  
58015. Betty The website definitely contains hateful, antisemitic and incorrect information. However, the more we click on it, the more we insure that it remains Google's #1 hit on the subject. Just like the Passion movie, too much negative publicity is still publicity. With media, negative as well as positive publicity is all equal insuring recognition. So, let's STOP clicking on jewwatch.com
58014. Steven  
58013. katie taylor  
58012. Barbara  
58011. Sheryl White  
58010. nancy hiller  
58009. aimee pelletier REMOVE
58008. JEFFGOLD  
58007. Paul Singer  
58006. RS Fenste Very offensive and irresponsible
58005. Sam Langbert I hope this is real
58004. brenda gruber  
58003. Monca Eisen  
58002. Tracy Fantini  
58001. Murray Charles Kaufman Hate-inducing sites as Jewwatch should be removed from Google. There is no place for this type of site on the net.
58000. helen vale  
57999. David Rosen  
57998. linda Braunstein this web site is a abomination
57997. david winograd  
57996. zach this is an outrage...
57995. Diane Raftery  
57994. L Cohen  
57993. Barbara B. Peress  
57992. Shasta Litwack  
57991. Noah Chilton  
57990. harry klapper  
57989. michael davis  
57988. Erwin Nachman Get rid of it
57987. Hank Laskin  
57986. Hindy Lieberman  
57985. nicole kaplan  
57984. Doron Eisen  
57983. steve spodek  
57982. Dee Bloom Love one another.
57981. Janet Schrager  
57980. Seth Chilton  
57979. Veronique Jonas  
57978. Heidi Berrin Shonkoff  
57977. Morton Zeman  
57976. Marina Leonov  
57975. R auslander  
57974. Phil Boehr  
57973. toby rogers Shame on you Google. What goes around.........
57972. Lois Rogatz  
57971. stuart berg Remove at once
57970. Baila Janock  
57969. Rebecca Stundel  
57968. Joan Weinstock  
57967. Rita Kaufman  
57966. Rosetta Singer  
57965. Rhonda Lindenbaum  
57964. Rita Conway  
57963. Nicci Theroux  
57962. Beverly Green  
57961. Lisa Borel Google, please remove all hate sites
57960. Stuart  
57959. seth stuart  
57958. Robin Chilton  
57957. Pat Kent  
57956. Charles Brandwein  
57955. Phil S Please remove this link.
57954. Bernard Lakritz  
57953. Judith B. Ehrenwerth  
57952. Murray O. Riggio  
57951. Sueann and Henry Singer  
57950. Anthony Green  
57949. pearl Zuckerman  
57948. naomi  
57947. sandy farber  
57946. Stanley Amernick  
57945. libby lane  
57944. Saralyn Oberdorfer Surely you could be sensitive to this issue on the Jewish concerns.
57943. selma  
57942. Daniel Silverman  
57941. rob altus  
57940. Jewish Defense League  
57939. Barbara C Hoffmann  
57938. Anna Dunkelman Yuch!
57937. Zvia Bitansky Ê
57936. Aviva Shepnick  
57935. James A Schoke Google should foster coexistence and tolerance and lead in the fight against hate and bigotry by refusing such ads.
57934. Meyer W. Bucovetsky  
57933. Marilyn Brooks  
57932. JP Kabala Please reclassify this site. While I do not believe in censorship, there must be a way within your database structure to separate positive and informative sites from those which promote hate and mistrust.
57931. lewis barbanel  
57930. Brian Roth  
57929. Uri Hermon very concerned about the contents of this website!
57928. sally farber  
57927. Ellen Welter  
57926. Felicia Nesser  
57925. Craig Steinberg  
57924. David Ellowitch  
57923. neni douek  
57922. Abbey Schwartzer  
57921. Jason Allan Fisher King Take it off the internet..
57920. Diane Feitelson  
57919. Davida Fromm  
57918. joshua kosowsky  
57917. Eva Weisbrod  
57916. Myra Moskowitz  
57915. Beth Spiegel  
57914. J. S. Mackoff  
57913. Barbara F. Goldman, Ph.D the site is morally repugnant!
57912. David Cashman  
57911. Cheryl Glick  
57910. Michael Steinberg prejudice sucks
57909. Charles S. Feinstein This is a hateful website that needs to be removed.
57908. Marlon Taylor  
57907. Hank Aberle  
57906. Daniel B. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D.  
57905. cynthia marks  
57904. lauri barbanel  
57903. Joan Reinhardt Reiss  
57902. Lisa Wax  
57901. Boni Gellis  
57900. clarice draper just a disgrace to have this on the search engine
57899. Kinstlinger  
57898. davisue@aol.com  
57897. jane canter  
57896. Richard Shatz Just added Google search engine; should I remove it?
57895. susan morse  
57894. Myra Rozenfeld and HOW do you call the "nation of Peace"??
57893. Isabella Fincheltub  
57892. howard Liss  
57891. martin hanan  
57890. Donald S. Bell  
57889. Gita Segal Rotenberg Until now I thought Google was the finest search engine...
57888. Bruce Genter  
57887. Tobi and Joel Greenblatt scary thought
57886. Roger and Amy Stegman  
57885. mmbrittan  
57884. Adriana Lopez  
57883. jo jayson  
57882. Eric Radman  
57881. Esther Schor  
57880. Michelle Schwartz  
57878. hannah rapaport  
57877. Jeff Weinman This site is dangerous
57875. Michael Klezmer  
57874. Richard Floersheim  
57873. Karina Chaberman  
57872. Barbara Berman Where does this come from? Who are these people?
57871. Stefanie Stein  
57870. Rita Kimmel  
57869. Claudette Keane  
57868. Ben-Ami Gradwohl  
57867. Fred Kieserman  
57866. Daniel Lutman  
57865. Gary Strang  
57864. Jessica Weiss  
57863. Steve Melnick  
57862. David Friedlander  
57861. Max Hagler  
57860. Jose Fincheltub  
57859. Ora Ramat  
57858. shari goldberg  
57857. Mr. & Mrs. Melvin P. Rosencranz  
57856. Ellen Sharon Gold  
57855. Lois Klezmer  
57854. Eileen Borsuk  
57853. burton stone thank you for bringing this to my attention
57852. Lance Maresky  
57851. Jacqueline Covey  
57850. Beth Vargo  
57849. Courtney Schmarge Completely outrageous and offensive
57848. Joe Schapiro  
57847. Lawrence Kobilinsky This is disgusting. Please remove site
57846. Lynne Monson  
57845. steven feig  
57844. zach I think that it is horrible how anti-semitisim is groing in the world
57843. Yoseph Oziel  
57842. irene pearlman  
57841. Harry and June Ettinger  
57840. Seth Klein  
57839. Delight Nasatir  
57837. sophie edelstein  
57836. Eleanor Helford  
57835. Marie-Helene Rake  
57834. Jane Tizel  
57833. Michael Coxhead  
57832. Geri Savage  
57831. Stephen Monson  
57830. Edward H. Ladon, Ph.D.  
57829. D Balsam  
57828. robert lander  
57827. Carly Gershone  
57826. steven olshan  
57825. sharon  
57824. M. Mandler  
57823. Ann Levenstein  
57822. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Franklin  
57821. Daniel Shorr It's ok to have the site, just not to have it the 1st hit
57820. Tony Manne  
57819. Victoria J. Koch  
57818. sandi weisfeld  
57817. Linda  
57816. Bill St. Jean  
57815. Deanna Jacobson Don't help people to hate.
57814. Amy Perten  
57813. Cindy Seligman  
57812. Mita Hoffer  
57811. Barbara Hochman the website breeds racism and antisemitism
57810. roger newell An exploitive, judgemental, and intolerant people and society is not free.
57809. nir lizor  
57808. Justin Block  
57807. Joan Hershkowitz  
57806. Vicki J. Heilweil  
57805. Philip D. Satim  
57804. Michael Bussio Please withdraw this!
57803. Nancy Siegal  
57802. M. Shapiro  
57801. ann Rachlin remove it
57800. linda langley  
57799. Debra Matalon  
57798. Rocklin Stop the hate
57797. Andy  
57796. shelly feig  
57795. Carole Singer It is about time that such filth be removed from the Internet. This is a good start.
57794. Marc despicable - please remove
57793. Barbara Levin  
57792. Eliezer T. Margolis  
57791. Pam St. Jean  
57790. Robert Wagner  
57788. Jeffrey Salzberg  
57787. sam shoolman  
57786. Carole Hoffman  
57785. William Cantor  
57784. Terry Milman  
57783. Dov Bernard Bienstock To Google: Do you really need a petition to do this? You shoule be doing this on your own.
57782. Susan Mayer  
57781. Spencer Chandler Please Remove JewWatch.com from Google - it is offensive and poisonous and slanderous, especially as the first hit!
57780. howard polski remove "jew watch"
57779. Tamara Zimmerman  
57778. Josh  
57777. Gabi Rosberger Remove this garbage immediately
57776. H. Sherman This web site makes me sick
57775. Michael Liebmann Poorly done, Google
57774. Leon Levy  
57773. S J Andelman Better if removed from the Web
57772. Steven Posalski  
57770. Debra Brodsky  
57769. Fern Mosoff  
57768. Susan  
57767. carol hoffman  
57766. Ruth Gundelfinger  
57765. Gary Chitiz Kol ha Kavod
57764. Judy Singer  
57763. Marjorie Karp Opperer Please remove this from your site. Thank you
57762. Jacques Stifelman  
57761. miriam benmergui  
57760. Abby Tucker  
57759. Helana Barry  
57758. David R. Riese  
57757. M Vozoff  
57756. Joni Shulman  
57755. beverly brodsky remove the growing cancer
57754. David Herstein Please remove website
57753. Edwin Dolin  
57752. Linda Beck  
57751. Myriam Berube  
57750. Aaron English  
57749. Moses Remove
57748. Lisa Burns  
57747. Robyn Friedman  
57746. Wendy Maitland  
57745. Manuel Morden  
57744. Lionel Leiter  
57743. Vicki Kahaner  
57742. Leslie Berger  
57741. Laura  
57740. debbi charendoff moses The time is NOW to rid GOOGLE of this abhorrent site!!!!
57739. Jared Keen  
57738. Josh Oshlack  
57737. shera busenhart  
57736. Jean Gilpin  
57735. Karen Cohn remove now
57734. Bryna Sweedler  
57733. beverly brodsky remove the growing cancer
57732. dana gorelick  
57731. Dave Grenley  
57730. Aaron Peromsik  
57729. Hester Coblens  
57728. Caroline Schechter  
57727. Marsha Friedberg  
57726. Breta LaVon  
57725. Jan Siegelman  
57724. debbi charendoff moses The time is NOW to rid GOOGLE of this abhorrent site!!!!
57723. Judith  
57722. Mark Levy  
57721. Jon W  
57720. GARY MASS  
57719. Barbara Virchick  
57718. B London  
57717. beth  
57716. Raúl Angel Raggio  
57715. shraga keisar  
57714. Mariel  
57713. Jennifer Kaufman  
57712. Nathan Betnun  
57711. Hannah Zitner  
57710. lori bock  
57709. Gabrielle  
57708. Lori Karbal  
57707. Evan Roth-Howe  
57706. stan friedman  
57705. Jeffrey Blinder How did this one slip through?!
57704. Dan Zimmerman  
57703. shay angel  
57702. Erica Moltz  
57701. Andrew Levine  
57700. Sam Sanders  
57699. Lewis Gass  
57698. stacie  
57697. Robert We need to care for the implications of free speech--hate speech is not "free speech"
57696. Ronald J. Axelrod  
57695. jody linsky  
57694. Albert Askenazi Please remove from Google search.
57693. David M Fenster  
57692. robyn gentile  
57691. Chloe Tashjian  
57690. Burt Shapiro  
57689. Lissa Young  
57688. Rebecca Ferry  
57687. Irina Farb the link to "jewwatch" spreads hate, act responsibly and remove it!
57686. Gerald P. Dubin  
57685. Richard Stanger  
57684. Marshall Kay  
57683. L Mann Obstructing the removal of hatred filled propaganda ( 50, 000 signatures!!) is tacitly providing support for its corrupt intention.
57682. Flavio Julio Orlean  
57681. Michelle Levine If you can't remove it, at least move it to the bottom
57680. Shelley Ginsburg  
57679. darren morenstein  
57678. Jennifer Zimmerman  
57677. Ken Kaplan  
57676. Andre Stein  
57675. Bella Star  
57674. Robert Tepper  
57673. Jeffrey Greenapple  
57672. Catherine Oxenberg Why fuel hatred?
57671. Michael Kirche Please remove this anti semetic site
57670. ANN WELKE  
57669. Robert A. Broder  
57668. Rochelle Berliner  
57667. Emily Blitz  
57666. Lynn Helfman Drucker  
57665. Beth  
57664. Arnold Bernstein  
57663. Stanley Zeliger  
57662. Joelle Caplan  
57661. Shana Friedman-Midroni  
57660. Paul Delaney  
57659. Janet Fliegelman  
57658. Fredric C. Schlesinger  
57657. JoAnn Eisenberg  
57656. Mark Morganelli  
57655. Alissa Mendelsohn  
57654. J Mann  
57653. Jeff Kosowsky Shame on Google! Hate sites should not receive top billing!
57652. david sadigursky  
57651. Ilene M. Pachman Why doesn't Google, at the very least, put OFFENSIVE &/or NOT ENDORSED by Google on top of the site(especially considering its prominence and inferred endorsement by Google)? To remove the site most responsible action, of course.
57650. robert linsky So much for Google.... there are other search engines!
57649. Mike Henegan  
57648. armand martin  
57647. Dr. Rohn Kessler  
57646. Jim Forman  
57645. anna k.schuartz  
57644. Bennett S. Pearlman  
57643. Nancy Weinstein  
57642. Tami Forman  
57641. Linda Abrams  
57640. Leonard Posnack In the name of decency, and liberty --good judgment (rather than "systems") must prevail.ent
57639. Deborah Muldawer  
57638. Bruce Peckerman  
57637. paula b. weisman  
57636. Elinor Richardson  
57635. Ruth Fisher Goodman I am so shocked thqt Google is responsible for this hate message!
57634. Alon Rosin Unacceptable
57633. Ellen Prior  
57632. madeline sharples  
57631. phyllis florman  
57630. Anne Mozersky  
57629. david goldsmith  
57628. paula weisman  
57627. Alex Friedman  
57626. Elliot Gluskin  
57625. Mary Lane  
57624. Dr. Norman Schlesinger  
57623. Beth Copelovitch  
57622. Janice  
57621. Sandhya Aiyar Good Luck
57620. Carole Brandwein  
57619. Del Fischer  
57618. Lori Kaplan  
57617. Elli Meyer How Horrible is this?
57616. Michelle Schreiber  
57615. Kathryn Byler Clark  
57614. Ellen Dayan  
57613. Leslie Bulbuk  
57612. laurence hertz  
57611. Ariana Bock  
57610. Guy R. Rosenschein, MD You will find 6 million signatures if you look through the ashes at Auschwitz!!
57609. jeff friedman disgraceful, and horribly anti semitic
57608. Brian O'Donnell  
57607. jerry verlin  
57606. Evelyn Harris Schwartz I'm surprised that a reputable co. like Google would lower itself to this level.
57605. Lee S. Fleishman  
57603. P. Balch At the very least, can't the order in which the results come up be changed when searching the word "Jew"?
57602. Eileen Tunick  
57601. myrna weitzner  
57600. Miriam B. Schlesinger  
57599. Lara Friedrich  
57598. Eric Seiden A shame it's alive
57597. Rochelle Gimbel  
57596. Rachel Horowitz This is not the way a search engine serves the public
57595. Joseph Moussa This is outrageous!
57594. Hilda Swirsky  
57593. carlos schuartz  
57592. Amy Cook this needs to be taken VERY seriously. you have my undivided support in rectifying this situation.
57591. Gilda Dadush  
57590. Martin Kofman  
57589. mikehorwitz  
57588. Bias Arrudao  
57587. Carol Roth please remove
57586. Sara Rina Cohen  
57585. David Stiller  
57584. lita cohen this website is horrible
57583. Eric D. Horodas  
57582. Karen Feistman  
57581. Marc Haverberg  
57580. Uri Sarid  
57579. Diann Soss Zenda Won't be using google & neither will my friends until this is recitified
57578. scott  
57577. Roy Raanani  
57576. Jarod Sacks  
57575. Hal Horowitz  
57574. Jason Levinson  
57573. Colleen Rogers  
57572. Lee Sheftell  
57571. Shara Kronmal M.D. Will monitor. If not removed, I remove Google.
57570. Debbie Stundel  
57569. elliot  
57568. Joan Temkin  
57567. J H Pincus  
57566. Michael Fratianni  
57565. Robert Sanjour  
57564. Alfred Stricker  
57563. ben weisel  
57562. Alfred L. Lapin M.D.  
57561. Nick Adams  
57560. Rebecca Coen  
57559. cheryl marcovitch  
57558. J Ransberry  
57557. Alfred A Ettlinger  
57556. George Kivowitz  
57555. sheva  
57554. Susan Friedman  
57553. Casper Van Dien Please be a responsible leader online
57552. leslie fratianni  
57551. Leonard W. Sherman don"t dishonor you web site with this kind of trash
57550. chip  
57549. beverly dixon  
57548. Josh Katz  
57547. Merle Felder  
57546. Kristin Faier  
57545. Ar Nusbaum  
57544. howard m magen  
57543. David Woodsfellow  
57542. Robert N. Kulefsky  
57541. Leonard Kasher  
57540. Carmen Garrison  
57539. cheryl brilliant  
57538. rebecca wyatt  
57537. Gerald Morton  
57536. Melissa Miller Why are you promoting hate?
57535. Robert Cohen  
57534. Jon  
57533. Susan Bobrow  
57532. Rochelle Katz  
57531. Mark Gordon  
57530. Shawn McCarthy  
57529. judith klausner This made me sick
57528. Laurence Cohen  
57527. Susan  
57526. gayle google was one of my favorite search drives, if they don't get rid of this disgusting antisemetic rhetoric I just won't bother with them anymore!
57525. Perelle Schwartz  
57524. Eric Saftler  
57523. Sara C  
57522. Steven Winningham  
57521. Phyllis G. Bossin  
57520. Jody s. Popik  
57519. Andre Berger  
57518. Jordan Kaplan  
57517. nancy zaretsky  
57516. Jacobo -
57515. Geri Cherney  
57514. Sarah Wiesner  
57513. Michael  
57512. Clark Felber  
57511. Mark Colin Anti-semitism is taught just as hate is taught. More than likely, most strident anti-semites have had very little personal contact with Jews. More tolerance-oriented web sites would be healthier.
57509. Oren Lieber  
57508. D. Frank  
57507. Debbie take this site off
57506. Robert Samstein  
57505. Adam Please remove this website
57504. Jared  
57503. Edward Crane, MD disgusting, outrageous, anti- AMERICAN
57502. Cecile Gordon  
57501. Robin Weinstein-Alpert  
57500. Lori Rosolowsky  
57499. Howard Maloff  
57498. David Feldman Please remove jewwatch.I will monitor you.
57497. lea lieberman  
57496. Caren Glaser  
57495. Margery Klausner  
57494. Eddy Joseph Its horrible. How can google let such a thing happen?
57493. Richard Radosh  
57492. Hersh Tencer  
57491. Flora Oynick  
57490. Daniela Liberman  
57489. Rhonda Solomon  
57488. Gerald Levine  
57487. Laura Greenberg  
57486. Jeremy Kotel  
57485. Gabriel Politis  
57484. Lynn Stevens despicable that such a site would be linked
57483. morris gourgi  
57482. shannon hawkey  
57481. Sherry Maloff  
57480. Sharon Klein  
57479. carol Lapham  
57478. Mark Rosolowsky  
57477. Thomas Newman  
57476. Bonnie Temple  
57475. D. Barker  
57474. Anna  
57473. Steven Bedil  
57472. Stacey Santner  
57471. renee  
57470. Barbara Frishkopf  
57469. Lavy Lea  
57468. jodi sisley  
57467. Barbara Simmonds This is a totally unacceptable website
57466. June Goldberg A very sad state of affairs.
57465. dorothy barak  
57464. Stephanie Kauffman  
57463. Shari Porter STOP THE ANTISEMITISM!!!!!!
57462. David Steinhart  
57461. Lee-Anne Gray  
57460. Michael Broder Friedman Genesis 12:3
57459. Suzanne Diamond  
57458. David Pollak You should look and act accordingly.please do!
57457. Belina Nagar  
57456. J Katz  
57455. simon ghertner Vicious!! Please remove this.
57454. Bun Franco  
57453. michael provenz  
57452. lynne rosenthal I am disgusted by your bias
57451. greg zwirn there is no need for that website
57450. Sandra  
57449. Harriet Berman  
57448. r. marks pleez keep items like this off the internet
57447. Karen Gens  
57446. felice  
57445. daniel javkin  
57444. Susan remove the negativity to that word
57443. Gary Goldner your unwillingness to cooperate on this matter is regrettable and detestable
57442. Phyllis J. Canniff This site is offensive and I am not Jewish
57441. Spencer Enslein  
57440. rochelle karp  
57439. Marvin Katz  
57438. Jacob Ben-Poorat  
57437. robert gasner  
57436. Felice Schlesinger  
57435. Jennifer Enslein  
57434. lee-ann strelzow  
57433. P. Marino  
57431. Grand disgusting
57430. herman rosen  
57429. Alan M Trubow  
57428. Jenn Rosner  
57427. Richard Berman Stop with the anti-semitism!
57426. Jason Sternchos  
57425. Janice Berebitsky  
57424. Mary Catherine Martin You need 50,000 people to point out that this is wrong?
57423. Ariella Rosen  
57422. hugo herzog  
57421. Laurence Aronson  
57420. s Samuels  
57419. Carl Zielonka  
57418. Melissa Axler  
57417. jackie regos  
57416. Dr Ron Shnier  
57415. Esther Kaplan  
57414. L. Scott Disgusting - remove it please
57413. Elena Solomon  
57412. myrna rosen  
57411. Dan Gitlitz  
57410. Robert B. White  
57409. Loretta Helman  
57408. Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz Until this problem is rectified, I intend to do all future searches via other search engines
57407. Gloria Mashat Remove immediately
57406. Allan Traub  
57405. Bernie Atlas  
57404. Jack Isaacs The quicker its off the better
57403. Brenda Rosenberg  
57402. zviya lushe  
57401. Sharon Kaczorowski This is evil
57400. Lisa Sand  
57399. Cori Ellison  
57398. eric mandel  
57397. Ellen Ben-Sefer This website is absolutely appalling and should be removed as soon as physically possible.
57396. Neha Navsaria  
57395. Sylvia Steinberg  
57394. Robert Schlesinger  
57393. no ho  
57392. Carole Brandon  
57391. mark nussbaum  
57390. Diane Fisher  
57389. Mark Pachman  
57388. joyce goldmann  
57387. brian berman md  
57386. Marion R.Irizarry  
57385. Elena Widder I implore you to remove this web site from the Google search engine.
57384. Tamila Wasser  
57382. Jay Goldstein  
57381. Rona Hokanson  
57380. Bedil  
57379. Gary S. Creditor This is most agrevious and must be removed!
57378. bluma siegal  
57377. Carolyn Kohn Ê
57376. Simone Joseph Unacceptable
57375. michelle  
57374. Glenn Stern  
57373. Susan Bernstein This requires immediate attention!
57372. Tony Gellert  
57371. Marilyn Turnbull  
57370. April Brooks  
57369. Lauren Orloff  
57368. Ben Feder  
57367. Robin Kestlinger I understand the "computer algorithm" system, but in this day and age, you MUST realize that it is too dangerous to allow such access to an inflammatory site such as this
57366. Kenneth Cohen  
57365. Haggai Barel  
57364. Hadassah Weinberger This is appalling!
57363. seth ackerman  
57362. Maya Edlis  
57361. Josh Rubin  
57360. Luiza Iugan  
57359. Lorne Brown  
57358. Jeff Fromberg Remove this disgusting website
57357. irwin b. malament  
57356. RoseAnn Gottlober  
57355. craig scheingold  
57354. Raymond Irizarry  
57353. Shoshana D Nurik  
57352. Andrew Gross This site is an outrage.
57351. Tommy Schechtman  
57350. Franklyn Glazier  
57349. wendy sharnoff  
57348. Ron Baker  
57347. Kenneth Shafarman  
57346. Elaine Morton I am very disappointed in the reaction from google
57345. ella kagan  
57344. Victoria Markovitz  
57343. stewart weinhoff  
57342. jeff gross  
57341. Eli Weitz  
57340. Jane Lommel I am appalled that a petition would be required. Where is the common decency of Google?
57339. Janet Segal  
57338. David Jacob  
57337. Frank  
57336. Scott Martin  
57335. Ellen  
57334. A. J. Collier Shame on Google
57333. aaron goldberg  
57332. Daniel Alterson  
57331. Heidi Lapides  
57330. Marc Mandel  
57329. Jennifer Jaffe  
57328. Jennifer Wallin  
57327. Christine Mullarkey  
57326. Elizabeth Aderman  
57325. Florence Cohen Remove JewWatch.com from Google
57324. Roberto Luis Guttmann  
57323. Yair Rubin  
57322. Armando Lee  
57321. Sam  
57320. Arleen  
57319. Sam and Violet Mekler  
57318. steve masler  
57317. Deena Laugen  
57316. Zelda  
57315. Jenn Carson  
57314. Ralph Peter Cromer  
57313. Gail & David Neustadt  
57312. Marian Pickman that web sight is a disgrace!
57311. Harold  
57310. Bill Ashley-Dobbin  
57309. shelly ratigan  
57308. Jonathan L. Scher absolutely sick and distorted minds created jewwatch.com
57307. Patricia Burns  
57306. Julie Sharp  
57305. Anita Chazen  
57304. Peter Segaloff  
57303. t meshberg thanks for doing this
57302. Fern Dadoun  
57301. Madeline Levine  
57300. Paula Sendroff  
57299. Andrew Salzan  
57298. naomi hannah  
57297. Lica Brill Horrible, 60 years after the WWll...
57296. Anna Greenberg I will stop using Google until it is removed altogether
57295. Hayley Turkel  
57294. Esther Greenbarg  
57293. Arlene Bekman  
57292. Mindy  
57291. yaakov  
57290. Bernard Bartner To list the number of virilent anti semitic hate sites is unconsciousable. If your policy is to list every site available, at least offer some countering of the site spread in between. However hate is hate and there is no reason to allow it.
57289. Steven T. Stoller  
57288. marsha benadi  
57287. Ed Grossman  
57286. marjory segal  
57285. Howard Weiss  
57284. Fern White  
57283. Steve Weisz  
57282. Andrea Mackson  
57281. Marvin Ishai  
57280. Lion Berzin  
57279. Barbara Dash  
57278. Joan F. Schneider please remove the hatred!
57277. Jason Yaker  
57276. Mitch  
57275. A. Lasher  
57274. Elana Richman  
57273. joanne collens I find it hard to know that people of our supposed advanced civilization still act this way!
57272. Nancy Korman  
57271. Heather M. McCrae Make it go away!
57270. Phil  
57269. j aron  
57268. corina  
57267. Ellen Rind  
57266. Alan Hirschman  
57265. Gail Rubenson  
57264. Rod & Ann Suliteanu  
57263. Shane Lipson  
57262. Bennett J. Wasserman  
57261. jacob castroll  
57260. Laura Sutta  
57259. Peter D. Lederer  
57258. Debbi Marcus  
57257. Joy Fisher  
57256. David L. Cornell, MD Any kind of defamation of any group is disgusting!
57255. Linda  
57254. Judith Goodman  
57253. Judge Edward Silverstein  
57252. Bernard Draper Please remove this...it is not acceptable in this day and age.
57251. Faith Goldstein If Google allows this to happen, this is Google.. Boo to Google
57250. Barbara Marko Please. The World has hatred enough without publishing instigators.
57249. Ross Barton  
57248. Faith Goldstein If Google allows this to happen, this is Google.. Boo to Google
57247. Alec Winograd Boo JewWatch
57246. Anthony Rom  
57245. rachel kapen there should be no room for hate in google
57244. Deena Lisak  
57243. lester weiss  
57242. Helen Utchenik Highly offensive that you would allow such a site!!!!!
57241. seth ackerman  
57240. Jeff Dorman  
57239. seth ackerman  
57238. Anita Geffon  
57237. Marvin Krasny Disgraceful
57236. Loriann Becker  
57235. Phyllis neugesser  
57234. LINDA LYNN please remove
57233. trisha margulies  
57232. Darcy Edelman  
57231. Terri Steinberg How dare you!!!
57230. Bradley Tempelhof  
57229. nanci bishof Incitement of hate crimes nor the yelling of 'fire' in a crowded theatre are legal, moral or entitled through the tenants of free speech. To host a site that openly proselytizes for ethnic hatred is tantamount to the act of incitement of hate crimes itself. Google by hosting this site is equal in their guilt to that of the JewWatch.com website’s creator.
57228. carol s goldstein  
57227. Linda Schrager  
57226. Lance Kalish  
57225. Leigh Goodmark  
57224. Susan Zeman  
57223. Rachel Fraenkel  
57222. Irene Hizme  
57221. Simon Feldman  
57220. nathaniel klein do the right thing
57219. jared drinkwater  
57218. Nancy S Walk  
57217. Eve Okumura  
57216. Ruth  
57215. Marcelle Rom  
57214. todd tatnall you have a choice, do the right thing and stop the hatred
57213. debra  
57212. Sebastian Steinfeld The existence of JewWatch near the top of your site is disgraceful
57211. bill  
57210. f. shelby there's enough garbage in the world without antisemitism
57209. Marshall K. Hechter Shame on Google.
57208. Kevin Fakheri  
57207. Julia Resnick  
57206. Tiffany  
57205. Andi  
57204. Lawrence Barnett  
57203. Carolyn Mattes  
57202. Harriet Schor  
57201. jack maartin stop lies and discimination
57200. eduardo guendelman  
57199. Ronnie Cohen What a horrendous use of such an effective search engine...
57198. madeleine blankenstein  
57197. Alyse N Blumberg  
57196. Maxwell Grant I am really surprised at what you have done.
57195. Joe Davis  
57194. Myra and Stewart Deutsch This is a disgraceful website!
57193. Simon Ezekiel  
57192. Marelle Rosenstock People in this world have sick feelings that should've fizzled out 50 years ago when the war ended!
57191. renee feduniue I hope this is effective in removing this web site
57190. Ira Belkin  
57189. Ellen B. Weinberger  
57188. Jacob Goodbaum  
57187. Johanna Gladieux  
57186. Karin krakover  
57185. Loren W. Pincus  
57184. hershey moss GET IT OFF!!!
57183. denise solomon  
57182. Stefanie  
57181. BJ Korman  
57180. Michael Rice  
57179. lisa cohn  
57178. Nathaniel Klein  
57177. Ceil Bal  
57176. Ashley  
57175. Dr. Dennis Geller, Humanist Minister  
57174. Rosemarie M  
57173. Ellie Beck  
57172. JACK CLARKE  
57171. jerry solomon  
57170. Nancy Androphy  
57169. A. Fried  
57168. Solna K Wasser
57167. Carla Taitz  
57166. Shoshana Avigail I suggest everyone write to those who advertise on Google, to let them know about the problem, and suggest they use their advertising dollars elsewhere.
57165. Don R. Lemoine  
57164. R Gartner astonishingly vicious
57163. Karen Taylor  
57162. Bluma Kaplan  
57161. Yona Maierovitz  
57160. John R. Henrie  
57159. rabbi morris kosman enough hate in the world. internet can help spread love. otherwise it is destructive. google does not want to be a part of hate.
57158. Barbara T  
57157. leslie solomon  
57156. I. Block  
57155. Estelle Krumholz  
57154. hy rosen please don't make it so easy for bigots to spread hatred. thank you.
57153. Lloyd Spivak Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine
57152. Corinne Kalles  
57151. Joel A Hillman Remove Jewwatch.com from Google
57150. Robert L Friedman Please remove Jewwatch.com from Google
57149. Stanley Kaplan  
57148. Marjorie F. Brown  
57147. tamas revai remove the garbage!!!!!!
57146. Michael Lubow  
57145. Jacqueline Shields  
57144. Barney Monte  
57143. D. Landa  
57142. Deena Perlstein Please remove sites that promote anti-Semitisim!!!
57141. Jessica Many  
57140. Harvey Erlich  
57139. Sam Owen  
57138. M J Katz DO NOT E-Mail me
57136. Sherri Cizin  
57135. Gary Horowitz  
57134. Jerry Marcus  
57133. Deborah Wagman Moslavi  
57132. aaron servianski pacanowsky  
57131. Jonathan Lipschitz Enough already
57130. S Berger  
57129. Charlie Niko Freedom of speech should not mean the condoning of hatred
57128. Michael Rozenek  
57127. Paula Zielonka  
57126. Timothy M. Bush  
57125. Harold Rattray  
57124. merle kravitz  
57123. Linda Bruh  
57122. arnold kaminer we have too much hate in world without fostering it though search engines
57121. Ellen Golden  
57120. gerald shapiro unless removed will not use google again
57119. Alan Scher  
57118. Patty Ruggia As a Christian who is lucky enough to be included, thanks to Christ, in the family of God's children, I find this site an hateful atrocity against my Jewish friends; God's chosen people.
57117. JOHN GRIMANIS hate speech that incites people to harm others is not free speech
57116. Tyler Astor  
57115. Vanessa Taub  
57114. Roxana Barad  
57113. Mark Lubin shame on you for allowing this travesty to continue
57112. William Ross  
57111. Ellen  
57110. Yvonne Gilinsky What a shame that Google can promote such a website
57109. Tom  
57108. Len Silvers this info is a farce, its laughable
57107. Ellen Weiner  
57105. Lara Zappaterra  
57104. Joseph Steiner Sorry that Google feels that this is a worthy endeavor and has the right to be on the top of their search engine list. Will force to go to other engines for reference.
57103. Paul Glickman  
57102. Irwin Leibowitz  
57101. Robin Kerr  
57100. D Krauser  
57099. Edward Lehman  
57098. neil mathieson  
57097. STEPHEN R SILVA this is outragious
57096. danielle  
57095. Sue Ann Levin  
57094. Amy Tjiong  
57093. Andrew Chalnick  
57092. Andrew Rotenberg  
57091. Michael Rosenfeld  
57090. Gail J. Cohen  
57089. Amy Holloway  
57088. Evelyn Breitman  
57087. Joan Karasick  
57086. Sara Faulkenberry  
57085. Alexis Goodstone  
57084. Talya  
57083. Yosef K  
57082. Beth Miller  
57081. Sharon  
57080. Sharon Abelman This site shold be removed from Google - It is Very anti-semitic.
57079. Judy Muldawer  
57078. Lisa Bernstein  
57077. A. Blatt  
57076. WENDY S. BAILYS  
57075. michael shon I object and am willing to say I object.
57074. Joy Zuckerman  
57073. Marcy  
57072. Alan Fishman  
57071. Adam Keller  
57070. Daniel Reynolds  
57069. Maurice Kaufman  
57068. Caryn One protest should be enough!!
57067. Danny Rossner Lets stamp out these bigots and racists
57066. Sharon  
57065. Susan Miller  
57064. Jake Hurwitz  
57063. Gertrude Rudover absolutely disgusting
57062. Nicole Kaplan  
57061. Elaine Safer  
57060. Betsy Epton  
57059. Arlene Comet  
57058. diallocksmith@yahoo.com  
57057. Patricia Pava This is shameful, and I am telling everyone I know.
57056. Ira Brickman  
57055. Vivian Mydlarz  
57054. Robert Koral  
57053. Josh Rutberg  
57052. Rhoda Nichaman  
57051. R Morin  
57050. Jill-Ellyn Straus I am an avid "Google" user. This will cease immediately if you do not remove this site/link.
57049. harold sprung scranton, Pa, U)S)A.
57048. Florence B. Sinow Why circulate such trash?
57047. Justin Segool  
57046. jacob mikens  
57045. Kathleen Reynolds  
57044. Susan Wynn  
57043. Sanford I. Rosenthal This trash has no business on Google
57042. Melissa Goz Tantillo  
57041. bruce topolosky  
57040. Kenneth Cohen Your site is sinister
57039. Miriam Cohen-Schlanger, BA, MSW Thanks for doing this.
57038. A. Hamaoui  
57037. Leslie N. Pomer Google Search Engine should not be fueled by hate propaganda.
57036. Greg Lynn  
57035. Mark Reynolds  
57034. Laura Fronhofer  
57033. Michael Breitman  
57032. Daniel Jungman  
57031. Michael Risman  
57030. Lydia Beitelman  
57029. Andrew Lewisohn  
57028. jacob mikens  
57027. Lori Mendez  
57026. Shelley Fleet The site is an abomination
57025. Mark Frankel  
57024. Karen Martin Appalling that such hatred still thrives!
57023. Daveeda Uditsky  
57022. Jessica Breitman  
57021. Nahum Kedem  
57020. michael ringold  
57019. Davida Mone disgusting
57018. Craig Zimmerman What a disgusting and horrifying discovery. I'll never use Google again.
57017. will rubenstein  
57016. Steven B. Taylor The absolutely the worst.
57015. Abby Price  
57014. Andrea R. anti-semitic people suck.
57013. Judith Tumin Although there is a fine line between censorship and responsible journalism, Google ought to reject hate sites whenever they are pointed out.
57012. Paul Slaton This should not be propagated
57011. A. Shap We cannot let this continue!
57010. benny rapoport  
57009. Tal Sapir  
57008. Sherry Breitman  
57007. Donald Zelman  
57006. Sylvia Falk  
57005. judith katz  
57004. Phyllis Cohen  
57003. Linda J. Epstein  
57002. Maurie Kern  
57001. Luba Alperovich  
57000. Dennie Burak  
56999. Sheryl Karnovsky  
56998. wanda  
56997. Irene Berger  
56996. Isabel Shuster  
56994. Avi Greenfield Please remove this highly offensive and dangerous site from the top of your rankings.
56993. Deena Katz  
56992. M. Kool  
56991. Andrew S. Golub  
56990. Sonya V. Thursby  
56989. Jason Harinstein  
56988. Matthew Carlin  
56987. Tosha This website is disgusting, it's hard to believe we are in 2004.
56986. Galia Keisar  
56985. Ariella L.  
56984. Laura Lee  
56983. Diane Bloomfield  
56982. Caroline Gartner  
56981. David Kruger  
56980. Ruth Rapoport  
56979. marci peller this is disgraceful
56978. Norma Yeager  
56977. Ronald Birke  
56976. Jessica  
56975. Scott W. Alford this site is hateful not only to Jewish people but to all minorities. remove this site
56974. Michael Gilbert remove
56973. Javier  
56972. Howard Frank  
56971. Mark Carlstrom  
56970. Jodie  
56969. wasserberger  
56968. Lucy Methuen  
56967. rdavis  
56966. D. Federman  
56965. Howard Rubin google should be ashamed of themselves
56964. Mark Huttner  
56963. H Hogan  
56962. Danya Joseph  
56961. Amy Tellio  
56960. Janet Frisch  
56959. David Rabinovitz  
56958. Marti Jenkins  
56957. D. Kupersmith What the devil are we fighting for all over the world? Haven't we all had enough of this bigotry?
56956. stuart michaels Nothing surprises me anymore. Tasteless and unnerving.
56955. dina mensch  
56954. A. Cohen  
56953. Eli  
56952. Liz Dawn I am discontinuing the use of GOOGLE until this is handled AND I am passing this on to everyone I know!!!
56951. Jeffrey P. Friedman  
56950. Ierachmiel Daskal It is 2004. Enough with this issue!
56949. Steven Breitman  
56948. Anne Katzman  
56947. Howard Sacharoff  
56946. matt H  
56945. Lynn Epstein  
56944. maya whitman  
56943. Calvin M. Wolff  
56942. carole lurie  
56941. Marilyn Birke  
56940. Yvonne R. Weinsberg  
56939. gladye klein  
56938. Corey Steinberg  
56937. Richard Rodstein You do not give first place to ignorant hate speech.
56936. K. Drechsler  
56935. jessica beitelman  
56934. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Webb please remove as it is very offensive
56933. Sheryl Feldman Let's get rid of the hate in the world
56932. Jim Rosewater  
56931. Fran Wolkowitz outraged and not interested in using a search engine that doesn't practice better discretion
56930. Micki Weidenfeld  
56929. Gail Wildman I am shocked that Google allows this site!
56928. Sharon Bolasny  
56927. sharon  
56926. melanie  
56925. Susan L. Barber  
56924. Stuart Malina  
56923. Amy Rosewater  
56922. Gary  
56921. M Bloshteyn  
56920. Ira Russo  
56919. *Stephanie M.*  
56918. Carol Winograd  
56917. Hope W. Sacharoff  
56916. kate ackerman  
56915. DG Must be removed immediately
56914. Leslie Shapiro Prioritizing this website is promoting hate mongering, which is utterly inexcusable regardless of any so-called Google "formulas."
56913. a l kay  
56912. ROBERT R. ROSEN  
56911. Batia Lieberman  
56910. Eswar Priyadarshan  
56909. David Kornbluh  
56908. Robyn Schwartz  
56907. Dan Kessler  
56906. Howard Harrow Pls refrain from any carrying any anti semetic websites it's both inflammatory and wrong
56905. Erika Meitner  
56903. Fanny Rybak Cannot believe Google did this
56902. Deborah Rapoport Davis  
56901. Janette Zelligman  
56900. vernon dorn  
56899. jane goldberg  
56898. Paula Reckess  
56897. Jill Eskenazi  
56896. Jordan S  
56895. David Callen  
56894. Patrick Day Be an ethical business
56893. mike  
56892. Peggy Bybelezer  
56891. Bernard Lieberman  
56890. Alison Beth  
56889. Aidan Kronick  
56888. Paula Waxman  
56887. arlene dorn  
56886. Rachel Grossman  
56885. David Sefton  
56884. Sergio Rubinstein  
56883. Lee Steinberg Thanks Google for getting rid of this!!
56882. Ellen Burstyn This is a HATEFUL, antisemitic website!
56881. Alan Levy  
56879. Marcy Griff  
56878. cheryl gutow  
56877. Harris Cohen  
56876. Annie Klein  
56875. Karen Malter Remove JewWatch.com immediately
56874. Milton Berko  
56873. Roy A. Thacker  
56872. Sandy Cohen  
56871. Casey Stein  
56870. Hillary  
56869. Alyse Polansky  
56868. Debra  
56867. SARAH WISE  
56866. Steve Verkman important to due this
56865. Mary Loebig Giles!!!  
56864. Annie  
56863. Randa Feldman  
56862. Nicole Berkowitz  
56861. cheryl gutoow  
56860. Karen M. Dreher  
56859. Renna Khuner-Haber  
56858. Bette Cotzin  
56857. Stacy Hilman remove this website it is a disgrace
56856. Rob Bloom  
56855. Lois Brenhouse it is not acceptable to have that in any search engine
56854. Harris Cohen MD great search engines can be led astray
56853. Sheva Farkas  
56852. Gary Shanas  
56851. Scott Brandenburg Remove this website
56850. Brian Heitner  
56849. Jessica Goldberg  
56848. marsha samuel  
56847. Julie August  
56846. Melanie Yearow  
56845. Nicole Kleid  
56844. Marc Cohn  
56843. Deborah Feldman-Kahn  
56842. Gayle Sorkin  
56841. Rhonda Mesnick  
56840. Bob Gorodetzer  
56839. Ellen Sackel  
56838. julie wechsler  
56837. Leslie Fishbein  
56836. Caren Plotkin  
56835. Laura C  
56834. helenl kleiman  
56833. Alan Feldman  
56832. Robert Eisman  
56831. Paul Guggenheim I urge you to remove this offensive link.
56830. Sandy This is horrendous! Do the right thing, Google!
56829. Kathy Stratte  
56828. Rennie Silverstein  
56827. Joan Gross  
56826. Faye Rodzynek  
56825. rebecca remove
56824. Carol King  
56823. c. brown  
56822. g travers  
56821. Jim Friedman  
56820. Lori Glass  
56819. Judith Telman We believe that the time has come to stop circulating hate material. There are enough problems in the world, poverty, hunger, illness, lack of proper education and health care without stirring up irrational hatred and intolerance. Remove the site!!
56818. Stephen Kahn  
56817. Phyllis Hyken  
56816. Doreen Peskin disappointed in Google
56815. Janet McCabe  
56814. janet popowich although i am not jewish what gives you the right to do this to any religion or person
56813. Deb Silberstein  
56812. Andria Eisman This site is awful!
56811. erin sesel  
56810. Barbara Zallea  
56809. Gili Gueter  
56808. Barbara Rubin  
56807. israel kleiman  
56806. Emily Gup  
56805. Gilles Caron  
56804. Sarah Solon Lycos and Yahoo do not list the offensive website as first on their search list. Jewfaq is the first on the list.
56803. joseph a singer  
56802. Norma Weisberg  
56801. Herbert L. Goldberg  
56800. Aharon Franco  
56799. phyllis cader  
56798. margo Goldberg  
56797. ellen b waldrup  
56796. Marcia Rosenthal  
56795. paul tuck  
56794. roz goldstein  
56793. debbie brady  
56792. Jeffrey Ingerman  
56791. Jessica Harder  
56790. anthony  
56789. Susan  
56788. joanne newfield  
56787. Jeffery  
56786. Steven Ben-Ezra  
56785. CL Avertick  
56784. Ruth Kravit  
56783. Joshua Levin  
56782. Rose Provinciano  
56781. Herman Weber This is incredible,unacceptable.
56780. Arda Barenholtz  
56779. Helen Rosenblatt  
56778. M. Ofek I use google all the time, what a shame that I can't use it any more. This is disgusting!!
56777. Karen Edwards  
56776. Jilliann Collins  
56775. Ann Zeidner  
56774. Carole  
56773. David Feldman the site speaks for itself
56772. Lynne Davis  
56771. william kohner thank you for doing this it is important
56770. Terri Elkins  
56769. Uli Mueller  
56768. Alan Zuck  
56767. Eugene Haberman To include JewWatch in a search on Jews in not right. To have it first is totally unconscionable!
56766. Mark Segel  
56765. marilyn lerner  
56764. Howard W. Fisher obnoxious, odius and hateful
56763. Debbie Appel  
56762. Dina Goldstein  
56761. Cohen  
56760. ivy tencer Anti-semitism and hate are the real enemy!!!!!
56759. Allan Goldstein hate site....please remove
56758. Jonah Weiner  
56757. Mike Rosen  
56756. Amy Ben-Ezra  
56755. Michael R. Dzubow  
56754. V, Weiss  
56753. Harold LeVine  
56752. Lea Sasson  
56751. David Greenberg  
56750. Alyssa Worth This is so horrible, it should not be at the top of the list
56749. Pamela Kosansky  
56748. Darryl Goldman The world doesn't need such despicable nonsense, and Google shouldn't be helping distribute it!!!
56747. JULIUS MALKIN we don,t need hate in our lives why not LOVE W
56746. sheila rudoltz  
56745. S.Michael Turner  
56744. Dr. Susan A. Orshan  
56743. anna shkolnik what a horrible horrible thing
56742. Sue F  
56741. Jane A. Howe  
56740. Sara Weber  
56739. MICHAEL  
56738. Rita Nash  
56737. Liz Cousins  
56736. Chana Simmonds  
56735. Robert Rabinowitz  
56734. Nancy Louis  
56733. Fred and Jocelynn Engle  
56732. Dahlia Cassel Shame on you!!!!
56731. Rosalyn Blumenthal  
56730. jodi goldstein  
56729. steve josephson  
56728. Susan Dee  
56727. Doris Fishman  
56726. Amnon Rimon  
56725. F. Malach  
56724. Sylvia Levin  
56722. Emily Rosten Please remove this offensive web site.
56721. rose  
56720. R.L. Feldman  
56719. Allan S. Pristoop  
56718. Thelma Ross How could such a website be number one in relevance, unless Google is being paid to put it there?
56717. Maggey White  
56716. Maria Goldberg  
56715. Ava Hegarty  
56714. Amy Strauss  
56713. Gerald Greem  
56712. Audrey Citak  
56711. Faith Bandklayder  
56710. Eugene Haberman To include jewWatch in a search on Jews in not right. to have it firsat is totally unconscionable.
56709. Debbie Schonfeld  
56708. yavin shaham  
56707. Susan Knapp  
56706. Jay Sweren  
56705. A.H. Fickler  
56704. Joe Leitman  
56703. Al Slade  
56702. Tova Ronis  
56701. Terry Cohn Please remove this offensive website
56700. Thomas Hegarty  
56699. Paula Gordon  
56698. Jerry Goldberg  
56697. Brian Kay  
56696. Clint Yeager  
56695. Marc J. Bernstein this website is disgusting and should not be provided by Google!!
56694. Frani Bankert  
56693. Denis Maurer  
56692. Jody Blatman  
56691. Les Bluestein Incredible you would allow this. REMOVE this distugusting injustice.
56690. jerry Goldberg  
56689. eric  
56688. R.M. Weissman  
56687. Goldie Jacoby This hate has to stop! Never again! Never again!
56686. Loren Brown  
56685. N Shems  
56684. bernard burstein  
56683. Bahareh Saghian  
56682. Harry Spiera MD  
56681. sydney tinkelman  
56680. Judith E. Chernak  
56679. John-Anthony Hegarty  
56678. ricky turetsky  
56677. James H. Rubin It is disgraceful. Please remove it.
56676. Linda Ehrlich-Jones  
56675. Michael Okshtein  
56674. Harold L. Katz This is an not an acceptable situation. American companies cannot support hate of any kind. This is not a 1st Amendment issue.
56673. Leslie Barnett  
56672. Gary Berman  
56671. Thomas J. DiBiase  
56670. Sue  
56669. Armando Feler  
56668. Deborah Kutenplon  
56667. Thomas J. DiBiase  
56666. Gary Berman  
56665. linda fisher I think your "jew" site is disgusting and until you remove it, I will no longer use your website. I will also make a point of telling everyone I know to do the same! What you are doing, is promoting more hatred and bigotry. Get a clue. Don't you think that the world is already overloaded with dislike of different cultures?
56664. Thomas J. DiBiase  
56663. Judith Gottesman Disgusting!
56662. adam goldstein you should do this without ANY petition
56661. Geri Fox  
56660. Susan Bernstein  
56659. Amy Ben-Ezra  
56658. Rotem Adar  
56657. D. Zimmett  
56656. Yitzhak Schwietzke Please remove JewWatch.com from Google Search engine!
56655. anita  
56654. Herbert Delott  
56653. Arden J Shatz  
56652. Aryeh Liwschitz  
56651. Cheryl Sukenik  
56650. RABBI do you yahoo yet?
56649. Jeff Shiffman  
56648. Bonnie Bransdorf  
56647. David Portney  
56646. Don Ginsburg  
56645. sheila burstein  
56644. Peter maron  
56643. Janet Kaner horrible site full of hate and lies
56642. Aryeh Liwschitz  
56641. Asher S. Levitsky  
56640. Susan Mandel  
56639. Don Ginsburg  
56638. sheila burstein  
56637. Alison Auerbach  
56636. Sheila Lederman shame on you!
56635. meryl cohen  
56634. Karen Blackfield horrible and distasteful!
56633. Shawna Friedman  
56632. Neil Elliot  
56631. larry Itzkowitz  
56630. erica sherman  
56629. Susan Frazier  
56628. Barbara Vaning Stop the hatred!
56627. Al Uretsky  
56626. Janie Lederkramer  
56625. Benita Gross  
56624. Tom  
56623. Shirlee Wishne  
56622. José Ramón Membreno Castellanos  
56621. Michael Eshel  
56620. Ronald S. Torch  
56619. Neil Elliot  
56618. L. Ginsberg  
56617. Gail Goldman  
56616. sherry house  
56615. Wilma Nieves  
56614. Jodi Mendlinger  
56613. Linda Pacun  
56612. kerry meyer Ê
56611. Leslie Hegarty  
56610. Leslie Hegarty  
56609. Ellen Hamilton  
56608. Ralph Herzig  
56607. Shawn Amos  
56606. Alan Mehdiani  
56605. Neil Elliot  
56604. Maya Pri-Tal  
56603. sherry house  
56602. Dana Bluestone  
56601. Jodi Mendlinger  
56600. Howard Diamond  
56599. Morris Sobel  
56598. sherry house  
56597. Jodi Mendlinger  
56596. awilde  
56595. Muriel Clawans  
56594. Aljean Harmetz  
56593. ilana chriqui  
56591. Elcya Weiss  
56590. charles w. smith this is really an illegitimate site
56589. Geoffrey Epstein  
56588. Alice and Hans Tischler  
56587. Tamra Ancona  
56586. P Gordon  
56585. Jonnie Share  
56584. Martin Sundel Please remove this offensive site.
56583. Leigh Ann Jacobson  
56582. David  
56581. Lindsay  
56580. Ethel Bernard remove hate sites of all kinds please
56579. Iris Acker  
56578. fred diamond  
56577. Nancy Gabor  
56576. Milton I. Cohen Violation of minority civil rights.
56575. richard sand  
56574. Mary Griffin  
56573. Dr. A G Jacobs  
56572. glenmorris Cohen  
56571. Susan  
56570. Bruce Levenbrook  
56569. Claudia Carr  
56568. max kreditor  
56567. greg wexler  
56566. Arie Stavchansky It would do a great service if you did this.
56565. beth tavlin  
56564. Carrie  
56563. Eric Rubinoff  
56562. Judy Begal  
56561. C Stern  
56560. Leslie tIMME  
56559. Irwin S. Parness Ban Jew Watch Site
56558. ilana Adam  
56557. alan oppenheim  
56556. Emile wanich  
56555. P.Leepson  
56554. ej google should be ashamed
56553. Robin  
56552. brad weiss  
56551. Katherine Boyd Nungesser  
56550. Lawrence Keller  
56549. Rick Hines From a non Jew: Put this website in the garbage where it belongs.
56548. Avis Stein  
56547. ann rubenstein this site is hateful and offensive.
56546. Shalom & Rama Weizmann ....
56545. I Brownstein  
56544. Thomas A Reiner  
56543. Michael Loshin  
56542. Jane Yendell  
56541. Karen Jackson  
56540. richard jacobson get rid of it!
56539. Allison Thompson Please remove this offensive site.
56538. alex ebert  
56537. Ellen Jane Bayliss  
56536. Abraham Zilkha  
56535. Reed Lipman  
56534. Jon Fein  
56533. Matthew  
56532. Melany Reiff  
56531. Elyse Goldenberg  
56530. ann_decarrasco  
56529. Rubin  
56527. M Stern  
56526. Errol Lipschitz  
56525. Karen M. Ledsky  
56524. Ira Goodstadt  
56523. Francisca Santana  
56522. Tania Flom  
56521. Ira Englander  
56520. MORTON PITT  
56519. Lynda Siegel  
56518. Stuart Kuntz  
56517. Susan Viuker Landau  
56516. D R Lasser  
56515. m  
56514. Tom Bloom  
56513. Marian  
56512. Vickie Porter  
56511. Miriamadi Manning  
56510. Eve Bazer  
56509. Donna Abraham  
56508. Robert J. Stone  
56507. Yelena Bandura  
56506. Joan Fletcher  
56505. Enid Yurman  
56503. S. Davidman  
56502. albert singer insulting to all decent peoples
56501. aaron wolf  
56500. Dan Strauss  
56499. Henry Mauer  
56498. Dan Duchin Total disgrace because you foment hate
56497. Carrie Trauth remove quiuckly
56496. Ruth G. Poley  
56495. ron this site is hurtful to me
56494. brad  
56492. Danielle  
56491. David Fleishman  
56490. jerry goldberg  
56489. Barbara Molinari  
56488. Linda Scherzer  
56487. Elizabeth Vinyard  
56486. Robert Levin disgraceful!
56485. Bruce Strauss  
56484. Gabrielle Seltzer  
56483. Walt Zorkers thanks!!!!
56481. Adele Beverley  
56480. shachar klait  
56479. Gary Charles Wilkens Get these fools offa here.
56478. Evan Fink  
56477. Dani Glaser  
56476. shirley ford  
56475. Alan L. Friedlander  
56474. Eric Lichtenstein  
56473. Clare Sloan  
56472. Evelyn Ssandig  
56471. Rev. Steven R. Davis Hate speech leads to hate crimes and will not be tolerated!
56470. Scott Ross  
56469. kenneth bloom  
56468. Louise Stern What a hateful site! It's sickening! please remove
56467. Daniel Century  
56466. Stephen Manning  
56465. Pamela J. Brodsky  
56464. Mickey & Allan Lazarus What a bunch of distorted garbage!
56463. Gabriela Grosser  
56462. Steve Rome  
56460. Meredith Haimes  
56459. Zev Dobuler Please remove this site or I will remove my google bar and put a yahoo bar
56458. renee lipson  
56457. L. James Sprague I'm curious how many jews work at google.
56456. Barbara Eisen  
56455. Ralene Strauss  
56454. J. Bell  
56453. ali nezam  
56452. evelyn silverman As the number 1 search engine, I think it is a CRIME that an antisemetic site whould appear first. Isn't there enough war, hatred and destruction in the world. How can you request 50,000 signatures to remove JewWatch.com from your search engine? Don't you have a conscense? There's enough bloodshed in this world already. Take the site off the top and place it at the bottom where it belongs.
56451. Michael  
56450. Murray Gomer  
56449. Eve Bazer  
56448. Diana Tatz We cannot let this continue.
56447. sandy wolf remove this hateful website at once!
56446. Monica Schwartz please, in the name of humankind, dont let this grow.
56445. jefflevenson  
56444. Beth Brenner This petition was sent to me, and I was shocked! I had to sign this petition. Tell everyone you know about this!
56443. Allison Botkin That's horrible. How could you possibly denounce a great leader like Ben Gurion?
56442. sofia rotter  
56441. Joseph Rockwell  
56440. Marla Doner please remove!
56439. Rosalyn Rottman  
56438. marcus wedner Make this right!
56437. Bernardo Rawnicki  
56436. Jill Liberman  
56435. Babak Ourian  
56434. robin this isnt far to have
56433. Renee Zavada  
56432. Arnold Gachman Please remove this search engine
56431. Leonard Hodes  
56430. lane  
56429. Allen R. Port Snyder  
56428. toby jenkins  
56427. Art Schwartz Sr.  
56426. Herbert Pfeffer  
56425. Mark Corchin, Esq. Ignoring that which under the disguise of free speech is hatred, is merely ignorance.
56424. Mary Babic Please remove this site from your search engine. Thank you.
56423. fine  
56422. Samiha Qureshi Please remove it. It is very offensive
56421. Barrie Mershon  
56420. Ronnye Deutchman  
56419. James S. Wiener  
56418. N. Bialy  
56417. Bob and Penny Morris  
56416. Brown L. Russell Is Google owned by Mel Gibson?
56415. stephen solomons  
56414. farah it's a disgrace
56413. Linda Salin  
56412. Josh  
56411. Nicola  
56410. M. E. Friedman  
56409. G. Roston Remove it, please. Ensure "Never Again"
56408. Gavriel Israeli  
56407. Richard Goldberg  
56406. Ronit Hoffman  
56405. Aldus Doctors Remove Jew Watch
56404. Ellis Promisloff  
56403. ida schwartz please remove
56402. David Gotskind  
56401. Kelly Also send your comments to comments@google.com -- make sure you are heard!
56400. Ellen Tennenbaum very offensive web site
56399. castle sybil  
56398. Irwin Yatter  
56397. Jordan Cohen very disheartening to see such a site posted
56396. Phil Zuckerman  
56395. Michael Aptman  
56394. S. Bloom Please remove
56393. Lea Oxman  
56392. Eve Weber  
56391. Shiran Bendor  
56390. Jennifer Goldfarb  
56389. jerome thier  
56388. Kala L. Paul Freedom of Speech vs slander? I think there is a difference and this site has stepped over the line.
56387. fern wernick  
56386. Emily Grossman Please take it off now!
56385. Josh Glantz  
56384. jenny  
56383. Linda Oxman Remove this internet atrocity at once!
56382. bill steiner  
56381. Robert Lee Kantor, MD disgraceful
56380. gerald posen  
56379. Paula Zerfoss  
56378. Haya Handel  
56377. Karen Asher I understand why this happened but I think it best to eliminate it. It sends the wrong message.
56376. james vinograd  
56375. Sarah Horne  
56374. Jack J. Berlin I can't believe it takes a petition to remove such a despicable reference. Let's get rid of it, please.
56373. Joel Doobrow we don't need this hate site
56372. Audrey V. Mills  
56371. Mike Horak The University of Maryland Jewish community pleads that the site be removed as it is offensive.
56370. kelly o'connor  
56369. Leo  
56368. Nancy Tice  
56367. Abigail Simon  
56366. Edith Miller  
56365. Miriam Green This is reprehensible and must be erased!
56364. Rachel Nykerk  
56363. Eran This is not nice! remove it!
56362. Joe Love What kind of &^%$# is this junk?
56361. Eytan Tigay  
56360. Berneard Elman Insulting and shameful; does commerce have no boundries?
56359. Fonda Loft  
56358. Jeremiah Healy  
56357. Anthony Taylor This petition should be signed by everyone
56356. Evin Willman  
56355. Jim Sobel  
56354. Regina I am glad it is going to be removed we dont need anymore hate around us!!!
56353. Wes Goldberg  
56352. Shimrit Manning  
56351. Doris S. Fishler  
56350. Rhoda Trietsch  
56349. Chad Prince  
56348. Hillarie Oxman  
56347. Dr. Sheldon Green  
56346. hanna  
56345. Marsha Yatter Please remove this offensive site
56344. Amy Koenig  
56343. cary alex  
56342. Neil Markowitz Good Work!
56341. Hila  
56340. Jonah K. Oxman There is no place for such a site on a search engine
56339. J. C. Kornbluth  
56338. Edwsin Goldbergh We thank you for your help in removing jewwatch from the "lucky" selection.
56337. Toni E. Abbott  
56336. Leon Kuperberg The Internet should not be used for the evil purpose of spreading antisemitism.
56335. Davida Shipkowitz  
56334. Al Kooper unneccesary garbage
56333. Richard Greene  
56332. Natalie Featherman  
56331. Adam Klein š
56330. Michael Romisher  
56329. j mang stop being a vechicle for hatred
56328. Judy Rubin  
56327. Millie Fiddleman  
56326. David Goldberg  
56325. Britt Deviney The fact that you require 50k signatures to remove this website is absurd. use your common sence
56324. Ivy Charnoff  
56323. Margie Hodes  
56322. EKramer  
56321. Kathy Minor Schneider  
56320. BJ Saul  
56319. harold oglander  
56318. Paige Goldner  
56317. natan bergstein  
56316. Irwin S. Gibbs  
56315. Shari Ungar there are more accurate and informative sites to be listed regarding Jews
56314. Linda Passman  
56313. Ronni Prince get rid of it
56312. rachman zili  
56311. Art Schwartz Sr.  
56310. Meredith  
56309. Michael Rosenblatt  
56308. jdw  
56307. lewis m. august  
56306. Enid K. Schatz  
56305. Shari cappe  
56304. Allan Weiss  
56303. Dan Allen  
56302. David Sack Google should just go ahead and remove and not require 50M signatures for something so offensive
56301. J Lazzar Please remove
56300. Devora Gronauer  
56299. M. William Grossman It is unbecoming of Google
56298. Sandi Goldberg  
56297. jay gould  
56296. David Rubinger  
56295. alexander smythe  
56294. sharibeth  
56293. Fineberg, B Please remove JewWatch.com - it breeds hatred
56292. Jamie Bresnick We must pitty the ignorant uneducated people who start a website like that one!
56291. Jeffrey Matisoff  
56290. Janice Margolis  
56289. Annette Kramer, PhD  
56288. Charlie Weiler  
56287. don  
56286. Norman Wolgin  
56285. M. Seltzer  
56284. Ronald Singer Terrible , Needs to be Removed
56283. Simon Tasgal  
56282. cindy workman hyden  
56281. ruth epstein  
56280. Susan Strawgate Code this is appalling as the first "hit"
56279. Michelle Boles  
56278. Larry Van Note  
56277. paulette weininger  
56276. f  
56275. Robert A. Horen Please remove your shameful reference to Jews!
56274. Bronna Bodenstein  
56273. Howard Hecht Don't let Google's usefulness be tarnished by those anti-Semites that have abused Search Engine Optimization
56272. Margo Libenson  
56271. matthew kall  
56270. Chaya Baker  
56269. David Sharp  
56268. Brett Weiss  
56267. Warrren This is horrible to have
56266. D Rodgers  
56265. Herb Schneider  
56264. Jeffrey Corber  
56263. Jules Just Please remove immediately
56262. Alan Chernotsky  
56261. Fern Zlotoff  
56260. weiszkopf stefan  
56259. Beth Goldberg  
56258. Idelle Davidson  
56257. Milka  
56256. Ron Green  
56255. don epstein  
56254. Colin Linton  
56253. Sheila Hordon A responsible organization should not do anything to encourage and abet anti-Semitism or any other form of bigotry.
56252. Nancy  
56251. al solomon  
56250. David Torchinsky  
56249. Dorothy R. Kindred  
56248. Rosalyn Kohen  
56247. t. rodgers take it off of google
56246. WARREN J. ADAIR, JD  
56245. Jordan Corber  
56244. samuel s kahan  
56243. Harold Black  
56242. G. Krashinsky  
56241. Mark  
56240. Lisa  
56239. Fern Manor  
56238. G.Kaul  
56237. Julius Herzog sickening
56236. Ella Saltzberg  
56235. J.Atkinson  
56234. Jay Cohen  
56233. Flo R.B.S. Just as you would remove anti-black/anti-hispanic/governmental overthrow info, you should remove any items like this that seeks to incite hatred.
56232. Josiah Draper  
56231. Fred Schatz  
56230. Suzan Horne this must be changed immediately
56229. Dorothy R. Kindred  
56228. A krumbein  
56227. Lori OKoon  
56226. Ariella Perkes  
56225. samuel jay levine  
56224. javier  
56223. D. Epstein  
56222. Leo Javkin  
56221. G. Manis  
56220. Barbara Rosenblum  
56219. Aryeh Weiss  
56218. Mauro Hochman Sao Paulo/ SP, Brazil
56217. Hester Esquenazi  
56216. Denise Russell  
56215. Tobey Levine  
56214. Linda Zack  
56213. Harry Geffen  
56212. Marilyn Hall  
56211. naomi paltiel lowi  
56210. Fern Kane  
56209. Jeffrey Zacks  
56208. ettie weinberg please remove this smut
56207. Danielle Kluger  
56206. Shirley C. Schultz  
56205. stanley farkas  
56204. Lynn Kargman  
56203. Norman Frajman Arent there enough problems in this world?
56202. Robert Gardner  
56201. Ross Grossman It's a shame that it requires so many signatures to put down such a beast!
56200. Spenser Tidus  
56199. Joyce Green  
56198. Ewa Rakowski  
56197. mark minsky  
56196. paul lichtenstein  
56195. David Silverstein  
56194. Lino DiMaria  
56193. Doron Nevo  
56192. Norman J F eitelberg disgusting in the 21 century
56191. Derek Gundrum  
56190. Timothy Myerson  
56189. Florence Solnick anti semetic
56188. Davida Buxton  
56187. Andrew Anthony  
56186. hallak  
56185. Art Ashton  
56184. Jeremy Gelman  
56183. Alberto Guelman  
56182. Philip H. Barnes Most inappropiate and helps spread antisemitism especially for those who already lean in that direction. There are enough problems in this world and adding fuel to the fire certainly doesn't help any
56181. Kevin Johnson  
56180. Ernest Albert The thought that Google Knowingly provides a platform for such viscious Antisemitism is mind boggling.And google chairman still has the Chutzpah to announce that even if 50,000 sign the petition it will not be removed. I wonder what he will do when 6,000,000 Jews boycott Google ?
56179. J. Manis  
56178. Larry Kane  
56177. Andrew Jackson Jewwatch.com is outrageous.
56176. Shari Zacks What type of world do we live in???
56175. Marcia Kuperberg This site incites racial hatred and should be removed immediately.
56174. Gary Ross  
56173. Yoram Leitner  
56172. Denise Marx  
56171. Alyce  
56170. jonathan griner  
56169. andrew disgusting!!!
56168. david toben this must be stopped
56167. Ken Gotthelf  
56166. Barry Golin YTerrible
56165. Jacovitz dispicable that we must do this
56164. Tommy Orpaz  
56163. R. Ralston  
56162. Norman J F eitelberg disgusting in the 21 century
56161. ronit m. stone  
56160. E Moscovitch  
56159. Barry Golin YTerrible
56158. E Moscovitch  
56157. Norman J F eitelberg disgusting in the 21 century
56156. Jeffrey Tidus  
56155. Jack Menes  
56154. ronit m. stone  
56153. Barry Golin YTerrible
56152. Linda Hendelberg  
56151. Tina  
56150. G Cohen  
56149. Doris Kalmans  
56148. Clifford D Johnson  
56147. avi hersh no feet gragging allowed on this one!
56146. LEE CASSELL  
56145. Joshua Dilts I think the site personally should be taken down, though not a Jew myself i find i take offence at a site such as that.
56144. Yehuda M. Traub, MD  
56143. tamara schneider  
56142. Susan Mass Please remove this atrocity
56141. E. Manis  
56140. Bernice & Joe Schoen Google has SHOCKED ME!!! What has happened to my favorite Google???
56139. Anita Naftaly  
56138. Cynthia Heller  
56137. Judy Glickman  
56136. Yona Corber  
56135. Jonathan Graham  
56134. Karen Eder  
56133. SYoung  
56132. Laurence Rosenbloom  
56131. Alan Hallerman Please remove this smut!
56130. Melvin Weinberg please remove this from Google
56129. RLB this breeds antisemitism!
56128. Joan Schweitz  
56127. J Linick  
56126. Morton Ehrlich  
56125. Rebecca  
56124. Sharon Epstein The site is reprehensible,obscene and although I uphold the freedom of speech and religion, I find the support of such hatred unconscionable
56123. David B. Kruger  
56122. Eve Please remove JewWatch.com. I find it totally offensive. Thank you.
56121. Ellen Mettler  
56120. Julie Sherman  
56119. Richard Ingwall  
56118. C.Cohen  
56117. Mario A. Maurizio  
56116. Robert Huebsch  
56115. ari safruti  
56114. Gregory Rabinovich Jealousy obviously goes a long way...
56113. J. Alexander  
56112. Lindsay  
56111. Jason Nutile Stop the hatred and the ignorance!
56110. henry foyer  
56109. hal scherzer  
56108. Douglas Rosenbloom  
56107. Amit Granot  
56106. Peter Lefcourt  
56105. Ehud Tavor Vienna
56104. AA  
56103. Christy Hart  
56102. Sarah Young  
56101. Jan Albertie  
56100. Richard Friedman please remove this .com address
56099. steve mehler please remove
56098. Emilie Woodward  
56097. Susan Goz  
56096. Judy Masur  
56095. Arlen Zacks  
56094. moishe reifer this is a disgrace
56093. Brenda Coven  
56092. mike  
56091. Adam Copeland  
56090. Howard Rosenberg  
56089. Diana Lewis  
56088. Emily Jackson  
56087. Judith Paul  
56086. Wendy Joffe  
56085. Nicole M.  
56084. Marian Putnam  
56083. Lauri Paul  
56082. Michael Goz  
56081. Michael Berlowitz  
56080. Amanda Jayne Schwarcz Absolutely disgusting
56079. Laura Rothman  
56078. Esther & Robert Mayer  
56077. Earle Benezet It shouldn't be there in the first place
56076. Suzanne Farkas  
56075. Sara Rothfeder  
56074. Muriel Merl  
56073. Lisa Israeli  
56072. paul lieberman having this on Google is outragous...if you don't remove it, we'll use Yahoo
56071. Al Margulis  
56070. Donald M Goldberg  
56069. Harrie A. Kessler  
56068. Evan Kralstein  
56067. Keren Roitman Please remove this site
56066. Elena Zaremski Outrageous!
56065. Aaron & Lorrayne Glazman  
56064. David Engel  
56063. Sharon Dix-Stark  
56062. sid ganis please remove JewWatch
56061. Kevin Koelbel  
56060. Pam Davidson Antisemitism has no place in America, neither does racism.
56059. Arnold S. Mintz either remove this vile site or we remove Google forever
56058. Elena  
56057. M. Russo  
56056. Janet Karson  
56055. robert rothfield, md  
56054. Lila Place  
56053. Jen Rice  
56052. Carl H Geisler  
56051. Joseph Kullback  
56050. Guy Roth  
56049. M. Witz  
56048. fgdgdfgfds  
56047. nancy and danny rosen  
56046. Adi Raviv It is outrageous in this day and age for Google to ignore this form of hatred and racism!
56045. Matthew Blank  
56044. Allison  
56043. Kevin Held  
56042. Judy Atlas  
56041. Penny burns  
56040. Luis Zaga It is offensive for us to see how other people as well as ourselves are discrimiated because of their appearance or beliefs, please help us erradicating this kind of conducts.
56039. Ivan Samuels  
56038. Carol Freed This site is ignorant, shameful & disgusting...My wish for the person who started this site is this...I hope that your only offspring marries a Jew!!
56037. B. Track  
56036. Ari Abramowitz Anti-semitism ain't just a river in Egypt
56035. Pamela Landau  
56034. Hy Pitt  
56033. Lawrence Eisenberg  
56032. Dvora  
56031. frank h fenton it should be removed with out 50000 signatures
56030. Dayna  
56029. Andrew C. Sigal, Esq.  
56028. Hy Pitt  
56027. Rhoda Goldstein  
56026. ilene milne  
56025. Barbara and Cy Leslie Please delete the disgusting web site at once!
56024. Corinne G  
56023. S. Abrams  
56022. Joni Ginsberg remove this website
56021. Gayle Benn  
56020. Laura Levy  
56019. Merilyn Berenbom  
56018. irwin gomberg  
56017. Sue Press  
56016. Victoria Wolfson  
56015. Joseph Preston please remove the jewwatch site
56014. Jenny Lee  
56013. Nanci Ross Don't support or profit from hatred-
56012. Barbara and Ken Simons  
56011. alan spiegel  
56010. D Cohen  
56009. Ralph Erman It is an outrage that you have not removed this from Google a long time ago. DO IT NOW!!!
56008. Mike Tidus  
56007. Emily Rosen  
56006. Jane Ringer  
56005. Teri Weisz  
56004. B. Huret  
56003. Willi D. Hill  
56002. G Fox  
56001. Inna Melkin  
56000. J.T. Raegaux  
55999. neil grammer This is reprehensible. While I'm all for freedom of speech, this is willful promotion of hatred.
55998. David Kalen  
55997. Emma Klein  
55996. rami Kill the Site........
55994. robert freudenheim  
55993. Murray P. Ginsberg  
55992. Olivia Portelli  
55991. Barry Diamond  
55990. ellen gomberg  
55989. Steven Green  
55988. Lois Barcal how incredibly insensitive and ignorant
55987. Brigitte Battat Such a website takes us back to the Dark Ages.
55986. marcelo roitman Fate=no hate
55985. Jerry Kritzman This site should be removed ASAP
55984. Arnold D. Burk  
55983. Perry Ury does not say much for Google's control
55982. Peter Alapin Shame on you
55981. Dennis L. Mitchell  
55980. David and Lea Gilmore  
55979. Julie Blank As someone who regularly uses Google.com, I will have to rethink my use if this website remains on its litings
55978. Fred Chenin  
55977. Omer Steinmetz  
55976. Jim Tolbert  
55975. Lindsey  
55974. Lily Latner  
55973. sol sachs good judgement is required when accepting such sights
55972. Nanette Knebel  
55971. Chris Kornman  
55970. Roger D. Matthews pathetic !
55969. shelley gilbert  
55968. Tedd Its offensive and blatantly anti-Jewish
55967. Cindi Verbelun We have ENOUGH problems without THIS!
55966. Debbie Liebert  
55965. Max Heller When people search the word "Jew" on google, they do not expect to see rude lies about the Jews and their history, they expect to learn about the beauty of the religion. REMOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS THE MOST HATEFUL THING I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE. JUST THE NAME MAKES ME SICK.
55964. Charles D Pearle help do something to decrease anti- Semitism
55963. Stephen Lesco  
55962. Gary Gutmann I would hope that all hate sites would not find a welcome place on the Internet
55961. steve halley  
55960. Peter I. Monheit, MD Stop the Hate
55959. Melinda Doner  
55958. Fae Beloff How could you let a program like that exist.
55957. F. Marcus I've never heard of anything so blatantly rediculous, that you need 50,000 signatures to remove something that is morrally unacceptable. Would you impose the same rules if the case were something else? Shame on you Google!
55956. Michael Schuman  
55955. Bill HolyPaladin Told me too
55954. Deborah R Drossman  
55953. Heidi BK Sloss  
55952. allon bloch  
55951. Orna & Doron Segal  
55950. Steven Kopstein  
55949. Robert Goldberg You should be ashamed to have allowed this.
55948. Howard Epstein  
55947. Stephanie Newman  
55946. Deena Migden Sicherman  
55945. Almog  
55944. Doris M. Mann  
55943. Elyse Fisher Please remove this site from your search engine
55942. syd stein i think that site is a disgrace to the ideals of america
55941. RAY AMIRA  
55940. Paul Ashley  
55939. Todd McKay The website should be removed because it clearly exist for only one reason which is to propogate hate toward a specific group of people. Anyone who would waste their time to creat such a website is obviously lacking in tolerance and seeks to further this intolerance with lies and misinformation.
55938. Elliott Rothman  
55937. René D.L. Maduro  
55936. Abigail Stein  
55935. Joyce Oliner  
55934. Leah Kurtz This is an absolute disgrace. How can you permit an anti-Semitic website to be displayed so prominently!
55933. Rita Calvo  
55932. yolanda wesely  
55931. Marleen Schussler  
55930. Florence R. Mitchell  
55929. Jayne Pliner  
55928. P. Braginsky  
55927. claude Lavenski  
55926. Harold Borgi  
55925. Judy Huret  
55924. Mark Burmester Google shame on you
55923. Steven Sininsky  
55922. Mike Langsam  
55921. Robert J. Arnold  
55920. Ellyn Klein  
55919. Frank Volpicella  
55918. C D Perry  
55917. Oliver Keston  
55916. Ronald E. Rosenthal  
55915. jacky patchick  
55914. Mark Shapiro  
55913. Michael Heller  
55912. Evan Tetelman  
55911. Jamie Rosenberg  
55910. Lori  
55909. Carol R Ducak How sad that 50,000 names are required.
55908. R.D.  
55907. Josh Frenkel  
55906. Amy B  
55905. Tal Hebdon  
55904. MARTIN GLASS I agree with the petition.
55903. laura Slater  
55902. Mark Kalef This Disgusts me !!!!!!!
55901. Alan Davis  
55900. robert burrows  
55899. Ian Warburg  
55898. Helaine Felice  
55897. Captain Michael D. Green Please renew my faith in Google
55896. luize valente  
55895. Geraldine Langsam  
55894. david i. roos, jr  
55893. Ronn Berrol  
55892. Lynn Fogel am disappointed in Google.
55891. Melvyn L. Lieberman  
55890. Warren Brown Fress speech is one thing. But "speech" that promotes hatred can be quite costly. At the very least, the JewWatch site should carry a clear anotation that its contents are anti-semitic.
55889. mimi gee  
55888. K Tallarico  
55887. Chanoch Nof  
55886. Eileen Prager  
55885. Eileen Brassington  
55884. sahba  
55883. Toby Green  
55882. Joseph Marzouk  
55881. Jennifer Karno  
55880. stanley fine  
55879. RScher  
55878. luiz f daniachi  
55877. lisa wiseberg its a sad day in our life when a computer company can help spread hate. a very sad day..........
55876. Joanna Lovinger  
55875. Kory Klein  
55874. Sharon Montag  
55872. Judy Weiss Please remove this site
55871. elaine eiger  
55870. Arthur Nassau  
55869. Captain Michael D. Green Please renew my faith in Google
55868. Heather Allen  
55867. Lisa Copeland  
55866. James Merva  
55865. Morgan Berman  
55864. David Beraka  
55863. shani  
55862. james golding  
55861. Andrea  
55860. Diane Trilling  
55859. W. Craig Fitchett how did JewWatch get to be the #1 search when you type in Jew?
55858. Maurice Indig Remove JewWatch.com
55857. Joy Shorr  
55856. ADAM L ISAAC  
55855. David Kay  
55854. p. cohen  
55853. Diane Z. Wolfson  
55852. Maggie Weber  
55851. Samuel Leizorek  
55850. adam bayroff  
55849. Alastair Livingston disgusted
55848. Yoni Zabari  
55847. Richard A Cohen  
55846. Aaron Bitman  
55845. scott shepherd  
55844. Gidon B Where is the Love?
55843. Wayne Hollo  
55842. Michael Back  
55841. Brian Gale  
55840. Carmel R. Miller  
55839. avita pelikan  
55838. Alex Himell  
55837. Heidi R. LaGalles  
55836. Sylvia Tananbaum  
55835. Roy Allen  
55834. Vicki  
55833. Michael Burg please remove the site
55832. Cheryl Feldsott  
55831. Jonathan Drapkin  
55830. Tracy Dallal  
55829. Dave Why are these people so full of hatred, unless they feel insecure
55828. Betsy Martin  
55827. Julie Stein Disgusting and Cowardly
55826. milton gitter  
55825. Irving W. Mishkin  
55824. Hermene L Indig Remove JewWatch.com
55823. Pamela Gray It is an outrage that Google is allowing this anti-Semitic site, and even worse that it is listed in first place.
55822. Lawrence Hamer  
55821. Matthew This is extremely reckless and dangerous at a time like this.
55820. eric very sad, im disgusted
55819. robin brookmyer  
55818. Jake Marantz  
55817. Paulette Newman  
55816. Mohsen Aaron Shams  
55815. E Cohn  
55814. Margo Stocker We do not need any additional anti-semetic websites. It is important that Google consider this situation.
55813. Michael Brick Sturner, PMP  
55812. Sandra Adler  
55811. Howard  
55810. David L. Shapiro  
55809. Ann Kornhauser  
55808. John Tuttle  
55807. Carol F. L. Dyer  
55806. Michael Franklyn already sent
55805. Mitchell Stern  
55804. Beverly Siegel  
55803. guyy  
55802. vicki rosen  
55801. adele gerstenhaber  
55800. susan seifman Please remove jewwatch.com
55799. S.bollegraaf  
55798. mary Divine  
55797. Robin Primeau What a HATEFUL thing for google to do!! It's unforgiveable. I am not Jewish, but Jesus was.
55796. Beena Kulkowitz  
55795. gilbert Shwom  
55794. David Jacobson  
55793. John Paltiel  
55792. Judith R. Ginsberg  
55791. Johnna Gottlieb  
55790. Gerry Troy  
55788. Marilyn Hotchner  
55787. Mary-Jayne Amiss  
55786. M Shapiro  
55785. michael friedmann do you accept any garbage, hate sites on your database?
55784. Benjamin Turk it is a shame that this site exists, and it's an embarrasment that it's condoned and promoted by google
55783. Mark H. Levin  
55782. Michael Rothstein  
55781. Carrie Solomon  
55780. elsie ableser  
55779. Jonathan Arfa  
55778. David Siegel  
55777. Robert D.Clements  
55776. Timothy G. Madison PLease remove this ASAP.
55775. Nona Libenson  
55774. Arnold Roseman  
55773. renan  
55772. Jessica Comay  
55771. Joel Kaminsky  
55770. Julie Stein Disgusting and Cowardly
55769. Michael Grossman  
55768. Elliot HYmes  
55767. Raymond Feig  
55766. Moshe Fishbein  
55765. Todd Wolfe the internet is not always what it should be, so it needs to be corrected!
55764. Shelley Gans  
55763. chris gallo  
55762. Susan Schwartz  
55761. Kris Clemons  
55760. Harold Rosenthal  
55759. cs_shah  
55758. Ashley Perl  
55757. Morgenstern Henri  
55756. Myron D. Ginsberg  
55755. Alan Goldenberg  
55754. Vicky Hoffman  
55753. Elyse Marsh  
55752. Daniel Benjamin  
55751. Carol Shapiro  
55750. Elan Dubrofsky  
55749. Florence Seligman  
55748. Marlene Marks  
55747. amy marcus  
55746. phil yarber  
55743. Travis Kusman  
55742. Robert Marcus never again
55741. Shahrad Rahban  
55740. justin snyder  
55739. Jennie Kunofsky  
55738. Rae Paltiel  
55737. ardath steves  
55736. Robert Marcus never again
55735. Helen Lepor  
55734. stephanie maslansky remove this from google!!
55733. stephen pfifer  
55732. steven kimmelman  
55731. Susan Lee  
55730. Rina Wolfe  
55729. Pearl Furman  
55728. Robert Marcus never again
55727. Ori  
55726. Liane Frank  
55725. fred kaplowitz  
55724. Seth Abramovitch  
55723. elsie ableser  
55722. Abraham Rosenzweig  
55721. Barbara Pliskin terrible, how could you in this day and age?
55720. Robert Marcus never again
55719. Stanley Hotchner  
55718. Allison Kantor Take this off your wedsite. This is hateful.
55717. Frances Rapoport  
55716. Joel Davidson Please remove this anti-semetic site,thanks
55715. Frances Rapoport  
55714. Matthew Perl  
55713. Robert Marcus never again
55712. Jasmine Wolfe How appalling!
55711. m b cohn  
55710. fred kaplowitz  
55709. Eileen Moss  
55708. swgraham  
55707. Paula Singer It's outrageous!!!!!!
55706. Susan Rosenberg  
55705. Gavriel Beyo  
55704. Alan R. Heller  
55703. David  
55702. Howard Malach  
55701. Frances Rapoport  
55700. James R. Sissel  
55699. Susan J Lieber  
55698. Anne Jacobson  
55697. Dr. Ed Shaffer  
55696. Daniel Weintraub  
55695. Marcia McReynolds  
55694. Matthew E. Goldenberg  
55693. Cheryl Crout  
55692. mike kaminsky I think I will stop using Google and try some other websites.
55691. Alix Friedberg  
55690. Barbara Rosenzweig  
55689. d morgan  
55688. Linda Boufford  
55687. Roberta Diamond It's imperative this be removed immediately.
55686. Laura Z.  
55685. Ronnie Silver  
55684. Carrie  
55683. Shirley Zier  
55682. Shari Perl  
55681. vbenjamin  
55680. Gerson Rapoport  
55679. Pam Cooks Down with anti-semitism
55678. Nathan It´s absurd! They must remove that site!
55677. Lori McHarg  
55676. Yossi Konijn  
55675. John  
55674. Robert Shuchman  
55673. Victoria H. Kirsch Freedom of speech does not include hate speech!
55672. Amy David  
55671. barbara cohen  
55670. Ronald Schwartz  
55669. Beverly  
55668. Daniel Wise  
55667. Benjamin Werber  
55666. Ellen Livingston  
55665. Ben-Rafael, Eliezer  
55664. elisabeth I cannot believe that there would be a website like this
55663. Laura Z.  
55662. Shirley Schreiber Unbelievable and detestable!!!
55661. Judd C. Kramer & Doris F. Kramer Enough of Hate
55660. Moses No need to remove JewWatch.com from Google, as the search engine is not responsible for the contents of the website.
55659. Shirley Zier  
55658. joel cohn  
55657. Melinda Suss  
55656. Bronek Drozdowicz  
55655. Susan R. Hunter  
55654. Pamela Wolfe  
55653. David Perl  
55652. Roseanne Amoils Exceptions to your random website listings by topic should be made when a website incites hatred. Google.com is a respected source for information. Specifically regarding jewwatch.com...by listing this website as one of the first sites under the subject "jew" implies that google.com endorses this site as an impartial provider on topics relating to jews. Maybe you have to work a little harder than relying on a computer program to make all your decisions on how to rank the order of a website. As a google user, I am surprised to learn that there is no further analysis of the content for each website. At the very least, google.com could make sure that the 1st 5 websites for any search offer reliable information on the given topic.
55651. Donna Kloppenburg  
55650. C. Feeney  
55648. andrew weissman break the cycle of hate
55647. Barbara Margolis  
55646. Tina Garfinkel  
55645. Simon Pinsky Remove it before getting 50,000 signatures! This is your only policy, but not ours! Your anti-Semitism is awful thing
55644. David Shazar  
55643. Emily Sitrin Please remove that listing!
55642. Alan Adirim  
55641. Jenna Renshaw please remove this hateful site!
55640. PL Schwartz  
55639. Mildred Fishman  
55638. C. Feeney  
55637. J. Thomas Okin  
55636. gail siletchnik [what's with the second NAME request??]
55635. Denise Rosenthal  
55634. Kay Deutscher  
55633. helio  
55632. Beth Egber  
55631. Shelley Tauber  
55630. Shirley Tabenkin I strongly am against anything which can target and incite hatred or ridicule any against any ethnic group of people.
55629. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lobe this is the most disgusting website I have seen in a long time and it does nothing but incite hatred toward a group of people that have done nothing wrong except worship the Almighty God differently than other religions.
55628. ally  
55627. Arline Silna Altman  
55626. Danielle Guttman  
55625. selma r. cooper  
55624. deborah cohen  
55623. Varda Temkin  
55622. Paulo Diamant  
55621. Jason Ortman  
55620. Heidi Rosen  
55619. S. Glenn  
55618. Heather Small  
55617. Nancy Bank  
55616. Jerome Sanes  
55615. susan kaufman  
55614. pamela  
55613. Michele Berson  
55612. Effi Peled  
55611. Sandra Simon  
55610. Danielle Israel  
55609. Marla Schwartz  
55608. Jill Jortner  
55607. Judith Rosen  
55606. Andrew Dixon  
55605. Amy U.  
55604. david  
55603. Rinat De Picciotto  
55602. Adam Goldsmith  
55601. Lynne Warda  
55600. Deborah A. Hager  
55599. Daniella  
55598. Beverly Gluckman  
55597. Christopher Robbins  
55596. Jacqui Gates  
55595. Sarah Tauer  
55594. Natalie Aloyets please remove this distasteful and shameful site
55593. Solana Green  
55592. Joshua Bernstein  
55591. Robert Labeskis Remove this or I will never google again.
55590. Alexis Davids  
55589. Harvey Levy  
55588. donna glaser  
55587. Ellen Brown  
55586. Lisa Boks  
55585. Sam Pearlstein  
55584. Howard S. Axelman  
55583. Joseph Marcowitz  
55582. lorine demichellie  
55581. Lea Checroni-Freid  
55580. Matt Sprung  
55579. Rodney LaBrecque  
55578. Susan T. Lindau  
55577. cindy coplen hateful !!!!!
55576. Joshua Hirschman  
55575. Gloria Gutman This is really ugly stuff
55574. Jill  
55573. Irwin Lipton  
55572. Dr. Jacob Dagan  
55571. Bruce Pinsky  
55570. David Polansky This site is blind hatred
55569. edward mccolgan  
55568. Reg Poole  
55567. LESLIE ROTH  
55566. Larry Deutscher  
55565. Carol Entman  
55564. Anne Landesco  
55563. howardmishkin  
55562. Mickey Rostoker  
55561. Murray Sachs  
55560. T. Naris  
55559. Ray Russell  
55558. Shayna Palevsky  
55557. Heather Please take this site off your well respected search engine
55556. Eden Feuer  
55555. Robert Ruah  
55554. cassie not impressed remove it
55552. Nancy B  
55551. Irving Vinger  
55550. Sandy T. Schwartz, Esq.  
55549. joyce fischer  
55548. Alfred Spreekmeester  
55547. Dr. Marvin M. Klein, Ed.D Virulent anti-semitism is a function of HATE. Whatever activities, e.g., literature, media, etc., that tend to create motivators for fulfillment of the message, can be noted as HATE CRIMES - these are defininitely ILLEGAL!
55546. Judith Elliot Remove Remove Remove
55545. Aleksandra š
55544. Elizabeth Bieler we should learn from history...don't contribute to hatred by housing it on your website
55543. Richard Orenstein  
55542. Sara Kruger  
55541. Mrs. Kohan  
55540. Itamar  
55539. Thedore Wein  
55538. selma weiss  
55537. Sandra Miller  
55536. Robin Kessler  
55535. S.E. Schwarz Remove
55534. andrew hilvitz Why would you allow sch harmful discourse?
55533. Benjamin Rappoport  
55532. gary adelstein
55531. Maria Cristina Anzola  
55530. Ruth Spreekmeester  
55529. howardmishkin  
55528. Tara Pinsky  
55527. Lauren Zeligson  
55526. Heidi Waldorf  
55525. cecile fine  
55524. Eileen Langholtz abolish antisemitism whenever and wherever possible.
55523. Bernie Wolfeiler  
55522. dahan  
55521. Lynn Bergner instead of #1, how about #101
55520. Francesca  
55519. Lori Lieberman  
55518. Beth Kuntz  
55517. Albert D. Cohen  
55516. Ronald S. Lowy Disgusting and offensive site
55515. Feltz  
55514. Linda Garrett  
55513. Kate Towle I would like Google to refuse to host anti-Semitic websites and any other sites that target and defame groups of people.
55512. brian dubin  
55511. Jack West Remove this terrible site!
55510. Jonathan Isaacs  
55509. Melvin Federbush  
55508. Vickie Kreis  
55507. Ellen Karlinsky  
55506. Harold Morgenthaler Definitely take it off!
55505. Mindy Greene  
55504. cadoorie nili  
55502. Deborah J Billmers  
55501. dan freyman  
55500. Guy A. Fortney  
55499. Evan Feldman  
55498. Evelyn Stahl  
55497. Marvin Bock  
55496. m silverman  
55495. becca zemel  
55494. Michele Rivkin  
55493. Ellen Szmonko  
55492. Yaron You must be kidding me!
55491. Leon Kravetz  
55490. Mickey  
55489. Jan Hollander  
55488. Nissah Mattenson  
55487. Mitzi Grossman  
55486. Cathy Wallenstein  
55485. Benjamin Moses  
55484. Henrietta Wolfeiler  
55483. Jan West This site is unacceptable!
55482. Shelley Krasnick  
55480. Owen Halpern  
55479. Nancy Ohl  
55478. presaba enough with the all that hate
55477. alexander serota shame
55476. frieda rapoport caplan Unbelievable on Google's part
55475. Mario Svirsky  
55474. Robert & Pam Jacobs Remove the prejudice - install respect
55473. Ira H. Goldman  
55472. Jennifer Bennett  
55471. Linda Denning this is so pathetic. I'm surprised at google for helping to spread such trash.
55470. Carolyn Chrzan  
55469. Robert Segal  
55468. Norman Hosansky I don't think that it is always a good idea to deny freedom of speech, but I'll make an exception in this case. Though I think that they are addressing the converted, one needs to rebut the misinformation if it is not removed.
55467. susan bloom  
55466. Mr. Joshua Frank  
55465. Ann E. Briss  
55464. Elsa Federbush  
55463. Ronald F Spindel  
55462. Craig Bereznoff DO  
55461. Harriet Shames  
55460. Sheri Hirschberg  
55459. Ofer  
55458. Linda Lee  
55457. Bernice Missulawin  
55456. Beverly Berman  
55455. Cynthia Wishkovsky  
55454. Rick franz  
55453. Mrs. Emily Frank  
55452. Pablo Komorowsky  
55451. Ina Light  
55450. Carol Imle  
55449. Catherine Steinberg  
55448. Anna Waller  
55447. Philip Rubin  
55446. Pearl Wolfson  
55445. G Silverman  
55444. Karen behar  
55443. Shira Goodman Please remove this hateful and inflammatory link from your search engine. Have you looked at it? I have. It's scary how sneakily they weave anti-Semitic information, and then have a link to Simon Weisenthal just to throw you off. These are dangerous people and Google is helping to promote their propoganda of hate.
55442. Michael Kaltman  
55441. sheila  
55440. Marsha Freedman  
55439. S. Simon  
55438. Karen Take it off now
55437. barbara soltz I hope you will remove this hateful site
55436. Stacy Wolf  
55435. demian machta  
55434. Debra A. Frank  
55433. David Ginsburg  
55432. Sam Naimi This is purely racist and does not belong on Google.
55431. Simon Angel  
55430. pol  
55429. Janith Lamchick  
55428. Risa Mallin  
55427. Sharon D. Kasser  
55426. marty  
55425. Emily Blank  
55424. Mr. Sandy Frank  
55423. Rena Gardenswartz  
55422. Jay Epstein  
55420. Mark Albert  
55419. Ben Schafer  
55418. george dole  
55417. Sally Kert This is disgusting and harmful!
55416. Barbara Leibowitz Thank you for acting on this disgrace
55414. Steven Grossman  
55413. Dale Ginsburg  
55412. Moussa  
55411. Joan Malamut  
55410. Aaron Stern  
55409. Anne Wedner  
55408. Deborah Britstone  
55407. Cynthia Delafield This is more than outrageous. Silly me, I thought that such unevolved mindless cruelty had gone out with the 20th Century.
55406. Rochelle Losman  
55405. Raymond Capelouto Get rid of it.
55404. Shirli  
55403. leonard weinberg  
55402. Michelle Tempkin  
55401. Clara Boggs This is appalling!
55400. Vivian Bercovici  
55399. Belle Jewler  
55398. janice  
55397. Robin  
55396. Schmuel Presterbach scurrilous
55395. Joel Bacher  
55394. Emily Love  
55393. Lisa Richman  
55392. holly skinner  
55391. Christine Please remove this, it doesn't belong on the toorbar
55390. Tanya Shakhnovsky  
55389. Stacy Elliot Remove Remove Remove
55388. Marvin Letven  
55387. susan panitch antisemitism is hatful. don't spread it
55386. Steven Groman  
55385. Stuart Antell  
55384. Pat McIntyre  
55383. Erik Gardberg  
55382. Carol Vollen  
55381. Jonathan Stein Please remove JewWatch.com.
55380. C. Arnold As the child of a Holocaust survivor I am very upset that such a fine resource as Google would be involved in an anti-semitic website. Do you think I would want my children to see this? It reminds me of Nazi Germany propaganda all over again. Have we learned nothing in the past 50 years? Are you more careful about the information you provide about other minority groups?
55379. Donna Epstein  
55378. Robert Perlmutter I thought "google" would have responded before the call came out for people to petition them to make the necessary changes
55377. Shirley Cirlin  
55376. Herbert Edelman  
55375. Anne Hubany  
55374. gil blutrich  
55373. Jeff Weiss  
55372. Morris Weinstock  
55371. Esther Letven  
55370. Dan Firestone  
55369. Gabriel Eisenberg  
55368. Harriet Wasser Disgusting
55367. Daniel Saverin  
55366. judith l. elson  
55365. Betty T. Reuben  
55364. Jeanne Lupton remove JewWatch.com please
55363. Beverly Vigdor  
55362. Donna Stoker  
55361. Moshe Naimi  
55360. carol steein  
55359. Peggy Sitrin HORRIFYING WEBSITE!
55358. Wendy D Western  
55357. Ruth Faller  
55356. Carrie Singh  
55355. Judith A. Manelis It is a digrace to keep this website
55354. Nan Gefen I can't believe Google would let this remain!
55353. marina rozenberg  
55352. Bonnie Milenthal To not remove this site is the same as being guilty of anti-semitism
55351. jeff susskind  
55350. jami lieberman you should educate
55349. E Fleischer  
55348. David Rapps  
55347. Neil Zalut  
55346. CAryn Silverman  
55345. Patricia F. Mayer  
55344. Sandra A Zawacki  
55343. Bernie Shuster Essential to remove this site a.s,a.p
55342. j  
55341. wendy lowe  
55340. Leo Nitzberg  
55339. Meredith d'Ambrosio  
55338. Pamela Jacobs  
55337. Denise  
55336. Gadi Zamir  
55335. Karen Baker  
55334. JERRY FLAX  
55333. jake miller  
55332. Mark  
55331. MGSalt  
55330. Brad Gordon  
55328. david spector  
55327. sylvia rothschild  
55326. j kahn get it out
55325. Rebecca Spielman PLEASE!
55324. BRosoff If all Jews boycott Google.com, Google.com's CEO will not even have the power to buy a ham & cheese sandwich let alone post antisemitic web pages.
55323. Reich Samuel Anti-Semitism is danger for all the world. see Ben Laden
55322. Zeev Gorin  
55321. Irene Kovich š
55320. Lynn Colby  
55319. Simone we are trying to preserve our pride
55318. Aaron  
55317. anita silverman  
55316. Trudy Katzer  
55315. Michael Rappaport  
55314. Lew G. Bennett  
55313. Megan Goldfarb  
55312. Lynn Pickus  
55311. T. Baus  
55310. Leo š
55309. jacky patchick  
55308. Maureen Squazzo  
55307. Terry Joseph This is disgraceful. Please remove it.
55306. Edna Kissmann You really ought to do this
55305. Michael Arkin  
55304. Jessie Cherofsky Considering the state of affairs in the world today and the growing anti-Semitism, it is important to do what we can to decrease this threat and spread of hatred and prejudice
55303. Jacqui Danino  
55302. Alan S. Marks This is disgusting.
55301. Amy Herzenstein  
55300. channing lipson  
55299. rosalie mandelbaum  
55298. Susan Herberholz  
55297. henry cowen that's the world we are living in now
55296. Bernard Deutscher  
55295. Barry Sandak  
55294. Irving Slott  
55292. Louis Reisman  
55291. Lisa Goldstein  
55290. Debbi Aharon our poor children
55289. Beth Presser  
55288. Steve Silverman  
55287. Margaret Needelman  
55286. linda  
55285. Lori Wright  
55284. TOMER TFT
55283. Charlie Richman  
55282. Alegre Gomel Bromfman  
55281. Lauren  
55280. stacie millman  
55279. Karissa Stone  
55277. ben silverstein  
55276. Daniel Levitan  
55275. Rebecca Berger  
55274. Linda S. Frank  
55273. Bonnie Boa  
55272. Keith Rodan Never Again!
55271. Susan Weiss  
55270. Phyllis Brostoff shame on you!
55269. Barbara Alpert  
55268. Donald Rosenberg  
55267. Hedda Kenton Hate has no place on Google
55266. Gail Posen Needs no comment - just remove
55265. James Geller please edit the JewWatch.com site
55264. Jerry Goodman  
55263. Donna Webber  
55262. Elizabeth L. Hirsch this hate site should not be first (or at all) on the list!
55261. Max Samis  
55260. Michelle Kabak  
55259. Newman  
55258. Cheryl Lees  
55257. philip s. cohen Unbelievable! Human error or intentional?
55256. Tara Schachter  
55255. Lauren Blatt please remove this disgraceful site
55254. Phyllis Seaman  
55252. Paul Michelow  
55251. drora goshen very despecable
55250. David E. Zeller  
55249. Gavin Murphy  
55248. Rodney Remove This disgusting Site
55247. C.J. Luton This site is shocking & disgusting.
55246. Starr Fenn  
55245. Judith Apter  
55244. Anna Fikhman  
55243. David Setnor  
55242. eduardocukierman  
55241. lee greenfeld  
55240. cal coldman  
55239. harriette gold  
55238. Karen Fridkis  
55237. Melvin Kohan Because of the virulent attack on Jews with such gross lies as denial of the Holocaust it seems that any group of conscience would refuse to disseminate such hateful material at face value without the need for a petition requiring thousands of signatures. Shame on you..
55236. Andrew Hoffman  
55235. Shirley Gould  
55234. Jared Kaplan  
55233. EVAN B. GLICK  
55232. Nicole  
55231. Adam Kramer  
55230. Rhonda Cohen i find this site offensive
55229. Barry W. Brian  
55228. R.E.Sorkin Please don't add to the chaos in this world today. Remove this from your valuable search engine. Be a positive influence in our society. Don't be a flash point for more hate in this world.
55227. Max  
55226. Lindsey  
55225. Lawrence Englander  
55224. Rachel Alkallay Shame on Google for accepting an anti-Semitic website as the first word for Jew!
55223. Cary Lavine  
55222. Murray Rosen  
55221. Madaleine Berley  
55220. Caryn Goldberg  
55219. Craig Frischling  
55218. Amy Herzenstein  
55217. Robyn Mase  
55216. DAN Outrageous !
55215. Pascale Roland  
55214. alan smith  
55212. Anne Paris  
55211. j. Lesser  
55210. Leonard J. Berman  
55209. C L Sharff  
55208. andrew george  
55207. Carole  
55206. Mark A. Binstock  
55205. Anita Thornton  
55204. Dylan Solivan  
55203. Carole Mishel  
55202. H.Polak Antisemitism is a shame like all racism!
55201. Michael This is horrible
55200. Lynne Baron shameful
55199. Susan Gilbert  
55197. Brad J. Bangel Although I strongly support the First Amendment of the United States, I am appauled at the slanderous nature of the JewWatch.com web site. If removing the sites is inconsistant with your policy, I'd request that it be moved to the bottom 10% of your search results... Thank you.
55196. Benjamin Linder  
55195. Andrew Hoffman  
55194. Professor Tessa Rajak  
55193. Elena Morgenlender  
55192. Joan & William Blacher  
55191. Leonard Rosner  
55190. Alyssa Finn  
55189. F.P.  
55188. Richard Hand  
55187. Harold J Markowitz  
55186. Lea Konick Please do your best to prevent hate based web sites from getting into your network at all.
55185. Janine Shmuelevitz  
55184. Catherine Keri This is offensive
55183. Selma Hoffman  
55182. Marilyn Goldstein  
55181. Kara Barnett  
55180. Stephanie Wada  
55179. Sanford Kornfeld  
55178. Deborah Jewett  
55177. Mary Blair This adds to the hatred and bigotry in our world. I hope that Google will not continue to be a part of this in any way.
55176. Lorna/Marty Goldstein One war to fight is enough-- the one in Irag is splitting apart our country. We certainly do not need more anti=semitism to further rend our country in so many parts that it can never again be whole
55175. Irit Fishbein  
55174. Faith Dolin  
55173. derek linetsky  
55172. carolyn feinberg  
55171. esther shilcrat  
55170. giancarlo  
55169. Barbara Fine  
55168. Deborah Kornfeld  
55167. robert levy  
55166. Vera  
55165. Prof. Edward I Brodkin  
55164. Stephanie Wada  
55163. Bret Needle  
55162. Danny Merguei  
55161. Dr. Gyora Benedek  
55160. Jacob Sokol  
55159. Lois Ann Rashbaum I heartily endorse this effort
55158. Vincent Vitale Lunatic garbage from morons
55157. Jacqueline Mills  
55156. DE MAIO, T.  
55155. Símon Szacher It will be better for GOOGLE to remove it A.S.A.P.
55154. Phil Zipin It is the only responsible thing to do.
55153. Sanford Jacobson  
55152. barbara barry  
55151. H.M.Katz  
55150. Cindy Van Kley a search should yield truth and legitimate answers, not perversions
55149. Sara Devaney This is horrible, please remove.
55148. Michelle Roit  
55147. arthur schimmel shame on you
55146. Jackie Fine  
55145. Gaby Glassman  
55144. Andrew Port  
55143. Marge Haffner this site is offesive and does not belong on a search engine such as google
55142. Margie Herer Lies like this should not be on the web, please remove.
55141. Youval Balistra  
55140. Gary North  
55139. Michael Seiler Google promote tolerance, not intolerance
55138. FS  
55137. michael baum  
55136. bernard yesner It should be removed
55135. Brenda Friedman Ingraham  
55134. Susie Shefner  
55133. Cherie Goren  
55132. Lauren Stein  
55131. susan p. gordon disgusting site --breeds hatred
55130. Marlene Glickman  
55129. Sharon Mock  
55128. Gene Desfor  
55127. Glen H. Loev, DDS  
55126. jonahan newberg  
55125. Stephen Levy  
55124. Marylee Bomboy  
55123. francine bloom  
55122. jack.grossman@zen.co.uk  
55121. Jacco  
55119. norman sacks  
55118. Heidi Rochefort  
55117. Diane When you perform a search for the word anti-semitic is the first search result Google?
55116. Brad Wollack I don't believe Google is intentionally anti-semetic, and it's just a case of alphabetical listing, nonetheless, it should be removed and nor should such a request require 50,000 signatures. That is offensive to me that we need to prove that people are outraged by this.
55115. stewart feigel  
55114. Jeffrey Adler  
55113. jack soll  
55111. Ed  
55110. Kate Sweeney  
55109. sschnitzer  
55107. Jonathan Merrill  
55106. Rona Wolfson  
55105. Harley P. Abrams, A.I.A.  
55104. Kelly F disgusting
55103. Barbara F. James It sickens me that this sort of thing is still going on. Don't these people have anyhing better to do with their time then to put untruths on the internet?
55102. Marc Sobel google should act now
55101. Lisa Golan  
55100. Lewis M. Feldstein  
55099. elinor friedman  
55098. Rae C Friedenn unacceptable
55097. David R. Small There is no excuse for this kind of destructive material to be given easy access by Google.
55096. susan gold  
55095. Norman Friedman disgusting
55093. Lee Collins This "non-Jew" concurs.
55092. Steven M Cohen, MD  
55091. David Baskin  
55090. Mindy Cummings  
55089. Janice Meyerson  
55088. Daniel A. š
55087. Phyllis Adler  
55086. Rebecca Borquez Please remove this from Google.com!!!
55085. brenda ellerin  
55084. Sara L  
55083. Anita Reich  
55082. Michael Katz  
55081. joyce sacks  
55080. Gary Margolis  
55079. Alayne Goldman  
55078. barbara ross  
55077. Doris Bloom  
55075. Dr. Marvin Rosen  
55074. yael kauf-stern  
55073. karen hyman  
55072. Ira E. Mendelsberg  
55071. sandra butler  
55070. Janet Barudin  
55069. M Gaeta  
55068. Monica Solomon  
55067. Lona Lapin  
55066. marc deutscher  
55065. Olga Frankstein  
55064. mark Hassin  
55063. R. Thompson  
55062. Dr. Arnold Reich  
55061. jill waiser please remove website 'jewwatch.com'
55059. Floree Thistle  
55058. Steven G. Schwarz  
55057. Phyllis R. Brody  
55056. Hana Inbar  
55055. Charles Hoy google should be sensitive to racist sites
55054. Redwood Kardon  
55053. Heather Gelb  
55052. Eleanor Levine  
55051. Arthur Elster  
55050. Jane Goldner  
55049. samantha  
55048. Robert Fisher  
55047. Katie Meyers  
55046. harold  
55045. Dan Byrnes  
55044. benjamin lapid  
55043. R. Grunberg  
55042. Michael Singer  
55041. Renee Unger  
55040. Dan Gabbay  
55039. Joanne Goldman  
55038. Leon Flax  
55037. Yehezkel Caine  
55036. olly wodin  
55035. Dale M. Tushman Your choice is destructive and does not support world peace. Why, if any of you have children, would you allow this? There is no future in hate.
55034. David Jacobs  
55033. Rabbi Jonathan Freirich  
55032. Jane  
55031. Carol Sole  
55030. Dr.George Schillinger  
55029. Barry Perlman Please remove this hate group's web site from your search results for "Jew." Thank you.
55028. craig  
55027. david herbet  
55026. Cathy Block  
55025. peggy alperin How awful hate is in any form. Please protect against it.
55024. Danny R. Euliss  
55023. peggy and earl fixman  
55022. Pamela Leichtling  
55021. geri millunchick  
55020. Jon Baime  
55019. Maureen Colt  
55018. richard guthman  
55017. Shauna Roth  
55016. kenneth lambert  
55015. H.M.Sinclair  
55014. Ronald Spalter  
55013. Donald Joseph  
55012. Edwin Spencer  
55011. Greg marx  
55010. Steven A. Branson antisemitism must stop
55009. G. Lemaire Please remove this offensive site from Google!
55008. Sanford A. Brody  
55007. esty tirosh so obvious that prejudies should not exist
55006. manor mina  
55005. Jeffrey Sandman  
55004. Judith Spector  
55003. Bertha Strauss  
55002. phil wang  
55001. sam Abracen can't believe google would be involved in this terrible website;
55000. Jonathan Levin Jewwatch serves no function to anyone in society
54999. Sari Salkin Gershman  
54998. Kim  
54997. Richard Kravitz  
54996. Susan Gaertner  
54995. Beth  
54994. jill weingarten there is no room for anti semitism or lack of tolerance of any group on the web or in the world
54993. Allison Hart  
54992. Cynthia R  
54991. Burton Fisch  
54990. Glenna Uline  
54989. Edward L. Langer  
54988. Herbert Cohen  
54987. gail shayer  
54986. Shemon Matlofsky  
54985. Dan Antonescu-Wolf  
54984. Kenneth E. Nitzberg This is replusive - Google should be ashamed
54983. phil green  
54982. Larry Geismar  
54981. Mark Fettes  
54980. Norene Gilletz I use Google as my main search engine. Please remove ASAP. Thank you.
54979. Shai Ofek  
54978. Evan Adkins  
54977. Denise L. Kritzman Why must hatred be promoted? Let us move to bring peace to the world!!!
54976. elayne berkowitz  
54975. Linda Kingston  
54974. Joan Stoner  
54973. Joyce Brodsky  
54972. Jodi  
54971. Gloria Pines  
54970. Lauren Freifeld  
54969. David Dinerman  
54968. Jennifer Rothenburg This is absurd that you would even need a petition for something that should already have been removed
54967. Nicole Sandler  
54966. guy  
54965. Paula Resnick Absolutely disgusting!
54964. Dr Simon Fellerman disgusting
54963. Norene Gilletz I use Google as my main search engine. Please remove ASAP. Thank you.
54962. Byron Chalem  
54961. Sheila Fisher  
54960. Isabelle Wasserman  
54958. Dianne Siegelbaum I hope this site is removed ASAP
54957. ana goldstein  
54956. bob perlman  
54955. David H. Finn free speech is NOT served here
54954. Amy Feldman  
54953. Joshua Stern  
54952. Connie Zimet I am nauseated beyond belief at this.
54951. Judith Radin  
54950. Tom Koffler Zero Tolerance This is where free speach stops and management of Google shows some courage and makes the right business decision and remove the web page that spouses such hate.
54949. Bernard Feierstein An insult to ALL people.
54948. B G  
54947. Sheldon Kates This is an absolutely disgusting site!!!!!!!
54946. Larry O.  
54945. Abbe Liebling  
54944. Karen Fitchett  
54943. Roberta Bienenfeld  
54942. Stuart Snyder  
54941. Bernard Zaslav Shameful - please be sure to address this. Thank you
54940. Jessica Adler  
54939. Joseph Rotter  
54938. Marni Hecht  
54937. Dennis Nathan  
54936. Kathy Axmith  
54935. jerome goldner  
54933. Jeffrey Maidenbaum  
54932. Andrea Pronman  
54931. B. Jon Sherman  
54930. Batya Hebdon Please remove this trash from google
54929. Nadolyn Karchmer I cannot believe you would not just do this.
54928. Lisa  
54927. Eric Green  
54926. Vitaly Khazansky  
54925. Daniel Ari Kapner  
54924. stewart Goldstein  
54923. Joel Nickerson  
54922. Mark Berson  
54921. Arnold Thaler  
54920. sabine dowek  
54919. Jane Waldman  
54918. Dorothy Strain  
54917. Josh Prywes disgusting website
54916. Steven Kaplan  
54915. Anne Wolfson  
54914. E Eshel  
54913. Ned Gill  
54912. Joseph H Hertzman distastefull and offensive
54911. Sharona Hoffman  
54910. Denise Blumenthal  
54909. Susan Rode  
54908. benji davis  
54907. Martin Morris  
54906. Shlomo Fleischmann shame to google to smear Jews
54905. Catherine Currey  
54904. hertz this site should be illegal!!!
54903. A. Sperling  
54902. Freddy R Help to delete it !!!
54901. Weiss  
54900. Beth Kerr  
54899. Ari Freuman  
54898. Mark Lebovitz leaving it will assist all those that would destroy any and everything to achieve their end
54897. Eugene Feldman  
54896. Marj & Keith Remland  
54895. Adele Feierstein This is like a nun signing on to a website and being greeted by porn. Shame on you for allowing this to happen.
54894. Judy Bell Derogatory to any fair-minded individual
54893. S. Friedman  
54892. Seymour N. Lotsoff  
54891. Leslie Sikora  
54890. gary tanner  
54889. david glassman  
54888. Robert Wright  
54887. Jodi Marcia  
54886. Diane Schaeffer  
54885. Gere Freedman  
54884. Sherwin Willens  
54883. hanan  
54882. Deborah Engisch-Platt It is outrageous that any group of people would be singled out like this...Please don't encourage or allow such material to go online now or in the future.
54881. Sofia Dmitriev  
54880. sami sami
54879. Sam Wohns I have lost respect for Google
54878. SUE EPSTEIN  
54876. Shanna Silva  
54875. Neal J. Atkin PLEASE remove this hate site
54874. Joseph S Perkell  
54873. Karen Tucker  
54872. Sharon Goldstoff  
54871. Clyde E. McKenzie  
54870. Lou Davis I believe in the 1st ammendment, but not in hatred
54869. Kelly Nitkin Profits before morality hey google?!!!!!
54868. Dr Gideon ron  
54867. Lisa Redhill  
54866. Jay Krisch  
54865. Bruce M. Goldstein  
54864. Howard Rollin  
54862. C. Wu  
54860. Dana Astrug this antisemitism is getting ridiculous. and frigtening
54859. Howard M. Fishman  
54858. Diane Barnes  
54857. Haskell Barkin  
54856. Edwin Kaftal  
54855. nancy levin  
54854. Marlene R. Bukstein  
54853. herb alexander  
54852. Rinah Messier  
54851. Rana Silver  
54850. Stephanie Elise Scheinman  
54849. Richard Tepper  
54848. Riki Mitzner  
54847. Susan Stratton  
54846. Ralph Elias  
54845. Jonathan Krisch  
54844. Jack A. Hanchrow Don't turn your site into a home for garbage!
54843. Barry Mathiason  
54842. s. caine  
54841. Aubrey Goldstein  
54840. Amy Hawke  
54839. Lillie Kline  
54838. Ben Scheiner Get rid of any anti-semitic search option.
54837. Nicole Cabot  
54836. Mark Lazarus  
54835. Yakov Muzkowitz  
54834. WM Melvin  
54833. yael sadan  
54832. Jon Nitkin Shame on you Google.Very irresponsible !!!!
54831. Alex Lee By allowing this, Google is perpetuating racism and bigotry.
54830. eric koster someone should come up with JihadWatch
54829. Alison  
54828. Doug Weisman Please remove this web site from your search engine.
54827. Marilyn Wind  
54826. elyse berkowitz  
54825. Robert Schmier  
54824. Mary Miller  
54823. S. Schmuckler  
54822. Barbara Eisenstadt  
54821. Bernyce Marloe  
54820. bernie rotman  
54819. stuart b gerber please remove it asap
54818. Suzanne Ponder my father is a holocaust survivor, I know what horrors hate can do
54817. Myra Aronow  
54816. Michael  
54815. bonnie gallanter  
54814. Andrew Rismann  
54813. Mrs G Singer  
54812. Stuart Baker  
54811. Neil Cryer Hatred is a scourge that attacks without question or delay. Given any time whatsoever, this scourge spreads amply. Perhaps Google's concerns about internal corporate guidelines and commercial law have obscured their better judicious and moral judgment to treat hatred as a timely and urgent matter, requiring immediate and determined intervention/action. Where is their better judgement and where do their morals lie?
54810. gary woghin  
54809. Stephen D. Grubman-Black This is appalling and disrespectful. It goes way beyond responsible freedom of expression. It is irresponsible and hateful, inaccurate and wrong.
54808. Brian R. Bootel  
54807. Dana  
54806. Adam  
54805. David Schwartz  
54804. Sue Moss should not be able to spread hatred and bigotry. Site serves no purpose .
54803. meg seldin it is a sad commentary on the internet when this needs to be done this way
54802. Samuel Klein  
54801. Fred Wacksman despicable, please remove!
54800. Diane Whitten-Vile In a time when anti-semitism is on the rise, we must protect ourselves from this kind of propaganda. I use Google as my primary search engine, but will stop if this is not removed.
54799. Albert Tzeel  
54798. Tobi D. Levin  
54797. Sandy baker  
54796. Barry Smirnoff Stop these thugs!
54795. Allen D. Block  
54794. Steve Lonn  
54793. Douglas Duwe  
54792. Dr. Berel L. Abrams  
54791. Kenneth Ostrove  
54790. B Kountz Please remove
54789. Daniel Holschauer  
54788. Sharon Miller this horrid site is causing ones to focus on hate, not loving thy neighbor
54787. Valerie Stoehr  
54786. herman kierszenson  
54785. andreae downs  
54784. robert Renberg Please remove
54783. florence winer  
54782. Laura Munzer  
54781. Joan R. Braude I am shocked that Google would allow such hateful garbage to be associated with its good name.
54780. Alison Reingold  
54779. bonnie kirshner  
54778. Darren Belnikoff  
54777. irene  
54776. Joseph L. Greene  
54775. etay stupid nazis think they are above people
54774. Michael Detsky  
54773. melissa  
54772. Ruth Silverman  
54771. seymour gavens  
54770. Diane Whitten-Vile In a time when anti-semitism is on the rise, we must protect ourselves from this kind of propaganda. I use Google as my primary search engine, but will stop if this is not removed.
54769. Arthur L Zigas  
54768. Regina Colton  
54767. A & A Rak  
54766. stacey  
54765. stacey howard i believe in freedom of speech but hateful sites like this one abuse such a right. and that this is the first site listed when one enters "jew," is perhaps the worst part of all this.
54764. Ellen S. Jacobs This is a disgusting website and should be IMMEDIATELY removed from the internet!!
54763. Elizabeth Friedlander  
54762. Cathy Hurwit I hope that you will immediately remove this site.
54761. Lana Krebs  
54760. Ruth Dunitz I do hope thata this will be removed from Google Search Engine as soon as possible.
54759. Therese M. Barrette  
54758. Andrew Maurice  
54757. Joan Klein This is not what a search engine should be providing.
54756. Betty Verk  
54755. David Roseman  
54754. Diane Lapp Please remove
54753. Alan Williams  
54752. shelly  
54751. Rev D. Warren kaufman shame on google!
54750. Gary Averbach  
54749. Lori Rosenthal  
54748. Charles Coleman This is incitement
54747. Alan Brodsky  
54746. Avril Orloff  
54745. James Carlson  
54744. Belinda Moon  
54743. Susan O'Brien Inz  
54742. scott albin  
54741. Patricia Boyle  
54740. Jessica Freehling-Kazzie  
54739. Sarah Berner What nerve
54738. Amy Dordek  
54737. Inna Belfer  
54736. Sarah Jaslow I'm not using Google again until it's gone
54735. sandee greenberg  
54734. Ingrid Draayer  
54733. Lila Baldasar  
54732. Illana M Woods  
54731. Ashley Karp  
54730. Rochelle Smolinski  
54729. Paul H. Waldoff  
54728. monika  
54727. Cecelia M. Solomon  
54726. Lynn K. Mytelka  
54725. Isadore Balan  
54724. j levy  
line voided
54722. jjohnson  
54721. Eliot Benson  
54718. D Winegarten  
54717. megal  
54716. Merle  
54715. G. Goodwin  
54714. Cheryl Bernstein  
54713. Sharon Glasser  
54712. Dubetskiy Gennadiy š
54711. David Kennebec "What is most disturbing is that ranking of websites is in order of the number of hits!" ...Probably all the "outraged" Jews visiting the site. Obviously, the anti-semetic fear of the Jewish Mastermind is unfounded.
54710. William Hyland remove hate
54709. Maya Nix  
54708. Jessica  
54707. amy  
54706. Susan Walker  
54705. Beverly Losman  
54704. Ellen Hare  
54703. Hallie Liebman  
54702. David S Fireside  
54701. B. Ross  
54700. John Sciascia  
54699. lisa licht REMOVE THIS IMMEDIATELY!!
54698. AJ Barrows  
54697. Stanley S Glazer  
54696. karen sherman  
54695. Bill Waechter  
54694. millie brown  
54693. Gerry Rich please remove this site ASAP
54692. Eileen L. Buznitsky  
54691. Charlotte Vale-Allen Ê
54690. William Kaplan  
54689. Avi Glina  
54688. Max Jacobson  
54687. Charles Renwick How in the name of humanity and common sense can you allow this situation to continue and so gravely damage the generally favorable image of Google?
54686. Lawrence Antler  
54685. Rashaun Ellis  
54684. Pamela Passmore  
54683. H. Shandling  
54682. Ronald Horowitz  
54681. Harriet Demetriou Love and respect all people, the Jews, also.
54680. Flávia Magalhães Nogueira Not possible to let them continue this!
54679. Carl M. Sherer  
54678. Evan Israel Brenner google better rectify this!
54677. Craig Mark  
54676. Randi Seltzer  
54675. R.YORE  
54674. orit  
54673. Steven Abram  
54672. Bruce Jacobson Please remove this
54671. Jonathan Cogan  
54670. Mort Mazor A disgraceful site. Not worthy of Google
54669. M. Cundal so stupid, terribly sad and scary-remove!!!!
54668. pam sonnenberg  
54667. seymour  
54666. Michael Berman  
54665. Carol Horowitz  
54664. Debra Schwartz  
54663. Christine Wineberg Thank you for processing this request quickly
54662. 56789  
54661. Marilyn Rodwin  
54660. Judi Schaim  
54659. Judi Schaim  
54658. Carol Iwata JewWatch is perverting the search technology to spread prejudice.
54657. Ronald S. Katz  
54656. Randi Seltzer  
54655. Bruce Jacobson Please remove this
54654. JILLE KNOPF  
54653. phillip darrow  
54652. Myles N. Weintraub  
54651. Rachel  
54650. Cynthia Bass I think in good conscience you shouldn't have to be petitioned to remove this site - you should do it because it's morally wrong
54649. Sheila Franklin all racist sites should not be sanctioned
54648. Patricia Buchbinder The route for your search about Jews is not consistent with the high quality of all other Google information., and sullies its reputation. Please remove it.
54647. Eve Kodiak That this site is on Google at all is an outrage, and that 50,00 signatures are needed to remove it is ridiculous. I normally use the Google search engine. I will not use it again unti the site is removed.
54646. carolyn kohlberg  
54645. Leslie Bernstein  
54644. Gloria  
54643. eli silber  
54642. Alex K. Worthy cause.
54641. M. Wolpert  
54640. esther buchsbaum  
54639. E. Nathaniel Gates  
54638. Grace Goldberg  
54637. Yvonne Goldstein  
54636. Ellen G. Habelow  
54635. Beverly Biderman  
54633. Jean and Harold Silverstein  
54632. Jason Gorelkin  
54631. Linda Harris  
54630. Steve Labovitz  
54629. Jane Rothschild  
54628. Marlene Epstin  
54627. david abtan  
54626. Mike Schmitz  
54625. Mina Kupfermann  
54624. Robert Goldstein  
54623. Jocelyn Lund  
54622. Nicole Newman  
54621. gayle ziv  
54620. David Moray Remove this anti-Semitic site
54619. Richard Salkowitz  
54618. Lawrence A. Neimark There's enough hatred in the world. We don't needGoogle as vehicle for spreading more.
54617. Shelly Gianino  
54616. Hannah Woolf  
54615. J. Nissenbaum I was very offended by the site in question
54614. Jonathan Woolfson remove this website please
54613. Marshall H. Krugman  
54612. Lisa Mark  
54611. bernard tannenbaum shame on google
54610. terri watson  
54609. Gail Segal  
54608. Eleanor Dubin  
54607. storch  
54606. helen rostoker  
54605. Joanna Prager  
54604. Ellen Buscemi  
54603. Bernice In this day and age, we need less hatred
54602. Carla  
54601. M. Weiner  
54600. Lani DISGUSTING!
54599. David LeVine  
54598. Virginia Papper you don't have to be Jewish to worry about this!
54597. Howard Klein I realiize google is not always responsible for all it's sites, but this is obviously a dangerous precedent, and needs to be eliminated. I will check for my name, and if it indeed has been hacked and deleted, I will again contact you to see why you haven't taken precautions to preserve your integrity.
54596. Sheilah Katz Keep the hate away.
54595. Judith & Stephen Kaplan  
54594. Charles Gianino  
54593. Delia Ehrlich  
54592. Dr. Stephen Sinykin This supports terrorism. It is not free speech to allow a site such as this to prosper. Please get rid of it.
54591. Stacey Fry  
54590. Donna disgraceful that Google would harbor such anti-semitic sites...shame!
54589. Jean Bernstein  
54588. Lawrence Kraimer T disgrace a race or rerligion is dispicable
54587. Rochelle Gianino  
54586. Freda A. Miklin Why not remove it just because it's the right thing to do????
54585. Dana Manross How can you possibly promote the JewWatch site when it is anti-semitic. You should be ashamed that, for the sake of the almighty dollar, you were willing to have someone's website come up on your search engine when all they are doing is promoting hatred and intolerence.
54584. C. Ronald Kahn  
54583. Sarah Hoefer  
54582. paul shleffar  
54581. Dr. Gordon Bloom  
54580. Norman Segel  
54579. Ben This is the 21st century - sites like this should be banned.
54578. Igor Zomb  
54577. Guy Nickelson I am truly offended by this obvious lack of regrad for people's feelings in this day and age.
54576. Dave Milner  
54575. Marc Dantzker  
54574. Sheila Schwartz Keep it up.
54573. Barbara Moss  
54572. john harris  
54571. Larry Geselowitz  
54570. Suzanne Pierot  
54569. Natalie S. Oberdorfer There is enough misery in the world without promoting anit-semitism on our computers
54568. Denise Wiener  
54567. Dan Lipson  
54566. mary wright There is no place for hate in USA
54565. Ken Akers  
54564. Mr. Shapiro  
54563. Michele Gruber  
54562. Ellen Robinson  
54561. Alicia  
54560. Herbert Gopstein Please remove
54559. Christine Roberts  
54558. Glenn Yesner I am very disappointed that Google would allow this anti-semitic site.
54557. Nick Jackson  
54556. Alex Mogle  
54555. Rodney Remove This Site
54554. max salzberg  
54553. Naomi Kleinberg  
54552. beth cooper  
54551. Solly  
54550. Joyce Golinsky The fact that this site is so blatantly accessible is frightening, leaving much doubt as to the intention of its placement. As a jewish person, it fills me with anxiety . I hope those responsible, will take action to remove this biased and anti-semetic website from the Google search engine.
54549. Jonathan Falik  
54548. Jamie Edelman  
54547. Joel van Praag  
54546. Bronya Filyurina  
54545. B. Adelman Other offensive sites have been removed from Google. This very disgusting one must be removed.
54544. Abigail Bunce  
54543. Lawrence D. Horowitz  
54542. Carole Young  
54541. nicola kravitz  
54540. Nora Gutcho  
54539. Lawrence S. Zatkin  
54538. charles howard  
54537. James Schottenstein  
54536. Lawanda Harper  
54535. Ron Wiener  
54534. P. Sherman  
54533. Lev Filyurin  
54532. Marilyn Cohen  
54531. courtney verk  
54530. David Green  
54529. Kate Farley  
54528. J. W. Thompson This is a terrorist organization. The FBI should take them out.
54527. Dr. Matania Ginosar  
54526. Lisa Alper  
54525. Rita Fine Don't promote hatred, even unintentionally!
54523. Ruth E Miller  
54522. Mark  
54521. eli  
54520. noah gigliotti  
54519. Lilian Feldman  
54518. Taubie As someone who enjoys using Google and has it as my home page, I am disgusted that you can allow such a Site. I certainly hope that it will be removed very soon or else GOOGLE will be removed as my home page and as a Search Engine for me!
54517. Lawrence Yore  
54516. Margarita Vishnever  
54514. ori asias outrages!!!!!!
54513. Yan Kalika  
54512. David Golbert  
54511. B. Leslie Scharfman  
54510. Zoe Benditt  
54509. Arthur Keren  
54508. Bonnie Ziegler  
54507. Debora Bigio  
54506. Simon Benedictus  
54505. Aaron Kassoff  
54504. Jennifer Sokolove  
54503. Tara Halper disgusting. remove this now
54502. Lynn Keller  
54501. Larisa Koifman  
54500. J. Sadler Hayes, II  
54499. Stacy Yore  
54498. jeanne resnick plase remove jew watch from google
54497. debra verk  
54496. Sheldon Spring  
54495. Gary Cooper  
54494. Pearl Schottenfeld  
54493. Matthew Feldman  
54492. Zelman Koifman  
54491. Felice Shane  
54490. Bette Balk  
54489. joel heymann  
54488. mindy shear  
54487. Jack Chitayat  
54486. Avrom Robinow  
54485. Robyn Sprauer  
54484. Rosalind Gordon  
54483. Myrna Frankle  
54482. P. G. Kapp  
54481. Bruce Giglio  
54480. Caelen Yves I've read some words of this site... this is a real shame... this site must be removed not only from google but from the web !
54479. Karen Feinberg  
54478. Martin Mueller  
54477. David M. Gruber  
54476. Amir Rothschild  
54475. Steven Joseph  
54474. David Koifman  
54473. Larry Meyers  
54472. Howard sick and perverted anti semites are jealous of our accomplishments and success which is why they do this.
54471. Pete Billow This is offensive
54470. Sanford Silverman  
54469. Emilie Cooper  
54468. Chris Lundy  
54467. Charles Lobron  
54466. BARY COHEN  
54465. Emilie  
54464. Alex Koifman  
54463. Jed Buchwald  
54462. Shari Goldberger  
54461. michael noshay  
54459. Karen Blomberg hope this gets removed asap
54458. Marc Eskinazi  
54457. Brent Kincaid Keep it up. Bigotry is not a virtue.
54456. d. uslan  
54455. Toby  
54454. Robin Rogers  
54453. jaap laufer md good initiative
54452. lucy sassoon  
54451. Noel Siegel Isn't there enough hatred to go around without you adding to the mix!!!!!!
54450. M Chateau  
54449. kahina  
54448. L. Bennett This is shameful!
54447. Lisa Laing  
54446. Marianne Handler I support removal of this page in google.
54445. Jeff Diamond  
54443. Mr. G. B. Poch  
54441. Gary Frohnhoefer  
54440. Samy  
54439. D. Rosenthal  
54438. Marcy Davis  
54437. A. Dror  
54436. c champagane  
54435. Leslee Some things need to be controlled
54434. Lydia Bornick  
54433. Joseff Weiss  
54432. Judy Herzl  
54431. Valerie  
54430. Norma Rosenbloom, Esq.  
54429. barbara Nathan  
54428. Bruno Oler  
54427. Barbara Vinnik  
54426. Jennifer Truman  
54425. Carlton Cohen Hudson  
54424. Carly Heyman  
54423. Pam Shipley  
54422. J. Adam Rothstein  
54421. Dee Kline  
54420. Leslee Some things need to be controlled
54419. Barbara C. Coffey please remove JewWatch.com
54418. jan  
54416. David Moray Remove this anti-Semitic site
54415. Felice Shane  
54414. Christine Bolghand  
54413. Jennifer Truman  
54412. Barbara Vinnik  
54411. Ron Ritch  
54410. Virginia C. Fisher  
54409. David Wilson I fully support freedom of speech, but a line has been crossed.
54408. Paul Pecorin  
54407. Amy Riederman  
54406. Jeffrey Isaacs  
54405. JEAN-MARC ORLANDO I will stop using google if such an aberration goes on
54404. heather singer  
54403. Art Cohen  
54402. Jeff Silvers  
54401. karen cohen  
54400. Ivan Diamond  
54399. John D. Yozzo  
54398. Anita Liberman-Lampear we have enough bad reasons in the world to hate each other, why are you adding to them?
54397. Jeri Dube  
54396. Zileta Lolly Bennett Cannot express the outrage I feel at this information
54395. Alisha Teichner  
54394. susan  
54393. Chuck Epstein Google should police itself from hateful sites
54392. Elissa Levy  
54391. david bartel  
54390. James Keith  
54389. Lesley Fetterman How could you in good conscience support this disgusting site. Please remove immediately.
54388. Jeff Leightman  
54387. arlene gordon  
54386. ellen levy  
54385. DENNIS PAUL  
54384. Stephen Franklin  
54383. Daniel N. Uditsky  
54382. Ros  
54381. phyllis schwarcz  
54380. s.s. guttman  
54379. Cary Jones  
54378. Toby Deemer  
54377. Richard M. Leder  
54376. Judy Stein  
54375. David Eshcar  
54374. Bernice Maslan  
54373. Steve Blum remove jewwatch from your search engine
54372. Irving Weiler  
54371. Stuart Marcus  
54370. lauri miller  
54369. Ron Depic Such a SHAME for who else but :GOOGLE
54368. Robin Levine REMOVE
54367. Richard Poplak Get rid of it now
54366. Renee Kirsh  
54365. Reeta Roo  
54364. Bob McPherson Please remove any hate-based sites from the net
54363. Susan J. Herman This issue is important! I want to continue googling.
54362. B Hunt  
54361. Ernie W  
54360. Howard Lawrence  
54359. Laura Piller  
54358. Lynne  
54357. george m wohlreich, md Shame on Google
54356. Mark Deutsch  
54355. Ryan Lip REMOVE THIS SITE
54354. Julie Sinykin  
54353. Sarah  
54352. Melissa Sohn Please remove this site.
54351. annetta frenkel  
54350. dreyfus gisele disgusting
54349. Felicia Anzel  
54348. LIAT  
54347. Harry Weiss  
54346. Debbie Please take off this site which does not foster acceptance or understanding in an every changing world.
54345. Mike L. Cohn All corperations have the right to deny business...Google, do the right thing!
54344. Martin Prenske  
54343. David L. Citronberg  
54342. Ben Block  
54341. joel wechsler  
54340. Mark Budman  
54339. Carolyn Abitbol  
54338. Anita Friedman  
54337. Lynda DeLott Why does Google need 50,000 names to tell them this is wrong?
54336. LeRoy Griffin Support Israel's struggle against fanatic terror
54335. Pam Gersh Outrageous that google is allowing this to happen!!!!!
54334. Miriam Cohen  
54333. Judah Lando Providing information is one thing, providing a forum for hatred is another. Google's universal success means that you have a higher standard to uphold than just another search engine.
54332. LMH  
54331. gita brenner please maintain your reputation and leadership
54330. Jon Elitzky  
54328. Anne Perlmutter  
54327. Martha Barton Please remove "Jewwatch". It will do no one any good.
54326. Anita Platt  
54325. Stanley Mark Robinson  
54324. Kimberly Kramer  
54323. guillaume benski no comment
54322. David Gray  
54320. Sam Hershkowitz Remove this site. I am surprised that Google allow this on their sige
54319. Jessie  
54318. mary goldberg go get em!
54317. Ruth Levin  
54316. Vicky Weiner  
54315. ilya portnoy  
54314. R. Zwitser  
54313. Alise Boxer  
54312. Susan Sternbach  
54311. Ruth E. Glantz  
54310. Miriam Tasini MD All hate groups groups must be eliminated. REMOVE
54309. Gayl Tricola  
54308. Allan  
54307. Richard H. Semel  
54306. Ed Stewart  
54305. Carol Culberg  
54304. william marienberg please remove this offensive site from your search engine. thank you
54303. Amy Cohen  
54302. Nancy Metzger keep up the good work
54301. Beverly Ferguson Never Again!
54300. Marc Hustvedt Deplorable.
54299. Mike z cohn Anti semetism is a form of terrorism..stamp it out!!!
54298. Yvonne Carter  
54297. Robin Greenfield  
54296. Ernest Klein This hate speech is intended to incite hatred and violence, and has no place on Google
54295. marcel braitstein  
54294. Dan Spiegel  
54293. alana silver  
54292. Mark G. Sklarz  
54291. Alice Gruber  
54290. jeff levin  
54289. Arnold Kandel Disgusting
54288. FRAN READ  
54287. Smadar Agmon  
54286. Wendy Kaufman  
54285. Susan Phillips  
54284. Daniel Cohen  
54283. Richard Gedzelman  
54282. Brandon  
54281. Lori Thornberry shame, shame, shame. Hate begets hate
54280. Rose  
54279. Michael J Goldman a total outrage !!!!
54278. Tara Chapman  
54277. Howard Glickstein  
54276. sayra wells meyerhoff  
54275. Israel Lederman  
54274. Stacey Gelberg Remove JewWatch.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
54273. marilyn ross  
54272. myer karnofsky  
54271. Arlene Greenberg  
54270. Marjorie Kort  
54269. Rechavia Berman Journalist; Tel Aviv, Israel
54268. randy perazzini  
54267. Sidney F. Quint terrible hate message
54266. joan fowler  
54265. Elana Joffe  
54264. Charles R. Grode  
54263. Sharon Z. Weiss  
54262. B Tobin  
54261. myer karnofsky  
54260. Beverly and Richard Roland  
54259. Jessica Lindsey I find this outrageous!
54258. Gordon Pringle  
54257. Richard Gedzelman  
54256. Eisenmann Tali  
54255. Francesca Fein  
54254. Aaron Rothke  
54253. Helene Bass What's next?
54252. Pamela Goldman we cannot tolerate hate any longer!
54251. Jon Sheiman Don't act like Europeans and ignore it!!!
54250. amrom krinsky  
54249. Joseph Leudan Disgusting
54248. JB Rotstein  
54247. Robert Sass  
54246. Marsha C. Hughes-Flegenheimer  
54245. A. Arkin I request that this be changed
54244. David Leitman  
54243. Marilyn K. Harton  
54242. Stephanie Hull  
54241. Meredith Abrams  
54240. Kenneth Browde  
54239. dorothy sevran  
54238. dale  
54237. Leo Cook  
54236. Eve Becker Please remove the link to this site that spreads hate
54235. Susan Wikoff  
54234. conrad cape Please remove JewWatch.com
54233. jacob gordon  
54232. Paul Besterman  
54231. haia  
54230. ellen switkes  
54229. rITA D.Ekhaus  
54228. Ron Cowen Hard to believe in this day and age that Google would allow such an atrocity
54227. edward cohen  
54226. Gordon Bernstein  
54225. Roy Post  
54224. Jody Shutzberg  
54223. Richard Brozman  
54222. Jennifer Taggart  
54221. Jerold Cowan  
54220. angela birdman  
54219. B. Scott  
54218. Judi Wolf This shouldn't even be necessary -Google should be removing it!
54217. Deena B. Brodie  
54216. Mickey Gayler  
54215. Greg  
54214. Carol Elmalem  
54213. richard young  
54212. Jill Fleishman  
54211. sarah kleinrock  
54210. Peter Roman Disgusting - please remove
54209. joram fried  
54208. Arthur Gill  
54207. Dan ORSTAV Remove JewWatch!
54206. Rashida Jones  
54205. Shamir Rivka  
54204. Tobias Silverstein  
54203. Ely Dahan  
54202. Aviva Nijburg  
54201. Bryna Plofker  
54200. Evan Gantz  
54199. Marilyn Shapiro  
54198. ann levinson  
54197. Marlin Jared Angell  
54196. Noah Gilbert I would appreciate the site being removed
54195. LISA CILLI  
54194. ira spiro  
54193. fred budin  
54192. Joel & Gila Kantor  
54191. sandra haskin you should be ashamed of your bureaucratic response
54190. Jason  
54189. Evelyn S Wilk  
54188. Dr. Vivian Schoner  
54187. Ashley Estrin  
54186. marcia karbank  
54185. leon bernstein If no change in ranking sysytem, I will need to change search engines
54184. Marla  
54183. B Shieff delete this website immediately
54182. Dan K  
54181. G. Scott  
54180. Paul Dembina  
54179. Gary Brevoort Please remove JewWatch.com
54178. Ellen Kramer  
54177. Eli Biran  
54176. Jennifer Jones  
54175. maurice singer  
54174. Susan Cohen DeStefano  
54173. alan baker  
54172. moran  
54171. Dan Katzeff  
54170. Brent This is a disgusting site
54169. Todd Nesbitt  
54168. Shamir Rivka  
54167. Dennis Calamusa Please remove this site
54166. cathy jacoby  
54165. Zvi Meiksin  
54164. Sheryl Pressberg  
54163. Peter Rabinek remove jewwatch.com on to your search engine
54162. Peter Rabinek remove jewwatch.com on to your search engine
54160. Susan Gantz  
54159. Linda Levine  
54157. Tib Gold  
54156. Ellen Wiedemann  
54155. Dottie Everly  
54154. Robyn Koondel  
54153. Leonard Goodman  
54152. The Rev. Thomas J. Sanders  
54151. lenny kislin  
54150. Gregory Lee  
54149. Gladys Weiss  
54148. Peter Rabinek remove jewwatch.com on to your search engine
54147. Marilyn S. Dizik can't believe this web site needs a petiton to be removed!
54146. Jesse Kedy  
54145. Gail Estrin  
54144. Sue Hurwitz  
54143. Tib Gold  
54142. F. Swidler  
54141. jay roebuck  
54140. Beverly A. Berneman  
54139. Carol Oiring  
54138. david ruderman  
54137. Karen Rosenberg  
54136. Shirley Sarna  
54135. Fred D.Brenner  
54134. Robin Connell My children use Google!!!!!
54133. Marissa Kluger  
54132. Sandra Roche  
54131. Tobias Silverstein  
54130. matt  
54129. Iosif Pilmenstein š
54127. Patricia A. Rosenfeld freedom of speech used to restrict freedom
54126. daniel saper  
54125. Linda Rust  
54124. Corinne Lever  
54123. Mordechai Pinchas IT is disgraceful that Google should allow this to happen and that a petition is even needed. they should remove it as a matter of course.
54122. sidy mehler shocking
54121. Jack Brown  
54120. Madelyn M Himes  
54119. Sam Rank  
54118. dorothy stoller  
54117. Alex Linderman  
54116. Shauna Levy  
54115. Karen Trachtenberg please remove!
54114. Jessica Fischer how horrible
54113. miriam wolpe  
54112. Haber  
54111. Israel Simkins  
54110. alan hott remove this trash from google
54109. Robert Sholiton  
54108. Chiara Gius  
54107. alan hott remove this trash from google
54106. alan hott remove this trash from google
54105. Ellen Wiedemann  
54104. Miriam Gersten  
54103. Robert Weinstein this anti-semetic site is an outrage
54102. Rebecca Powers  
54101. J Mass  
54100. L. Swidler  
54099. Amy Rubinsohn  
54098. Madelyn M Himes  
54097. Sharon and Stephen Shucard  
54096. Craig Bruenell  
54095. Kenneth Browde  
54094. Elisa Robin Malinovitz  
54093. Jayne Rosenthal  
54092. Molli Taft  
54091. Jack Schafer Please remove this offfensive web-site
54089. dr. seth koch  
54087. David  
54086. Scott Berg  
54085. Ilya Figelman  
54084. M Feldstein  
54083. Martin Lenow  
54082. Robert E. Burns  
54081. Eileen Morris  
54080. Sam Hurwitz  
54079. Dave McShaffrey  
54078. Marion P  
54077. Bernie Estrin  
54076. Billy O  
54075. Jerry Dix No more Anti-semitism, enough is enough
54074. marci please remove this site
54072. Martin Lenow  
54071. David Kennebec "What is most disturbing is that ranking of websites is in order of the number of hits!" ...Probably all the "outraged" Jews visiting the site. Obviously, the anti-semetic fear of the Jewish Mastermind is unfounded.
54070. alan hott remove this trash from google
54069. David Judd  
54068. george e zeitlin  
54067. Kenneth Abrams please remove this offensive site from google
54066. Sue Ellen Weissman Google.com should not condone anti-Semitism nor any such Web site. Therefore, Google.com should remove JewWatch.com, an anti-Semitic Web site, from its listings. Thank you.
54065. Izzy Klait  
54064. Rakefet Abramov  
54063. Tamar Gertner  
54062. Milena Grenfell-Baines  
54061. Lisa Smolich  
54060. Bruce Alpern  
54059. Jane Migdol  
54058. Arick Levine  
54057. Anthony L. Finley  
54056. David Strauss  
54055. Boris Axelrod  
54054. Sandra Warner while freedom of speech is appreciated, there should not be any of these type of groups available on line
54053. alan hott remove this trash from google
54052. Lee Robbins  
54051. sharon hope  
54050. Michael Grussman  
54049. Edith please remove this site
54048. emily minns This is a vile site. I'm all for free speech, but this is dangerous and disturbing.
54047. nancy rapopport  
54046. Dana Bagliebter  
54045. D'vorah Horn-Greenberg In the spirit of tolerance, and in line with your reputation to provide the best, most relevant sites first, please remove JewWatch.com as the first listing.
54044. Sharon Sugar  
54042. Sharon Sugar  
54041. robert brown  
54040. David Strauss  
54039. Ira Dischler  
54038. Sharon Sugar  
54037. Alan T. Citron  
54036. Allison Kalsched  
54035. Steven Hecht  
54034. Ken Teacher  
54033. Reuven Morgenstern  
54032. Gregory P. Jacobs  
54031. Janet S.S. Nussbaum  
54030. Byron Rance  
54029. Samuel M. Cohen, MD I will stop using Google and start Yahoo
54028. Kenneth B Eisler We cannot tolerate such hate!
54027. Barbara Weiss  
54026. Deborah Sosebee  
54025. Richard Platoff  
54024. Clifford Fleiser  
54023. Madeline Bienstock  
54022. Caryl Leightman  
54021. Harris Hanson  
54020. ellen tucker  
54019. Hannah Baum  
54018. C.S. ANDREWS hateful
54017. paula pines  
54016. Geri Zeller  
54015. Brenda Reinertson  
54014. Lisa Slater  
54013. A Slasky  
54012. Marjorie Cion  
54011. Alan L. Reuben  
54010. Martha Bryce  
54009. Czegeldi - Kohn Istvan  
54008. Ephraim  
54007. Amy Z. Kornfeld  
54006. Faraneh Vargha-Khadem  
54005. Sasha Peltz  
54004. allen l. amber this is pure hate, and can only incite hate crimes
54003. Dan Johnson  
54002. Shira Ronis  
54001. dgv  
54000. Christine Gabisob  
53999. belle frieman  
53998. Lois Massel  
53997. Bruce Rubinger  
53996. Philip Klein Please remove JewWatch.com
53995. Lillian Beracasa  
53994. Doris Litman  
53993. Diane Hirschberg This website is disgusting
53992. Judith and Marvin Swirsky Who chose "JewWatch" as the 1st pop-up in the first place???
53991. Andrew Kushner This site perpetuates the type of negative sterotypes and lies that should not be permitted validation through this or any other media
53990. Mark Lassman  
53989. RosaLynn and Louis Pollens  
53988. Nadya Bitelman  
53987. Robert Flax  
53986. sam sochet  
53985. Arlene Freedman  
53984. Rose Selzer  
53983. Diana Goldberg  
53982. Ruth Levkoe  
53981. Sidney J. Weiss  
53980. Louis Lampel  
53979. Connell Saltzman  
53978. Berta  
53977. Harriett Zawatsky  
53976. Marilyn B.Goodman  
53975. Keri Rowlands  
53974. Joseph Pasternak  
53973. Investment Matrix Realty outrageous
53972. S. Kane  
53971. vanessa cohen  
53970. Marc Kramer please remove this hateful site
53969. doron  
53968. scott  
53967. James K. Feldman, D.D.S.  
53966. Myer Green  
53965. noam donagi  
53964. Rami Tamir  
53963. rachelle yablin  
53962. hannah robinson shame on you
53961. Mel Glass  
53960. arnold chiet  
53959. Phyllis Wolf I'm upset that in my neighborhood, Google is in Mt. View, would allow this garbage.
53958. Sam Burnand  
53957. craig starkman  
53956. tatiana frid  
53955. adrienne thomas i am in total agreement for the removal of jewwatch
53954. Peter Skarzynski  
53953. Phyllis Zissman  
53952. David Rotstein  
53951. Eleanor Platt  
53950. Donna Zuckerman it's a step- it all counts
53949. les solomon  
53948. Cory Gordon  
53947. Richard Bass  
53946. Genna Cohen I find myself supporting this type of censorship when the message is purpously hurting groups of individuals potentially looking for support and solidarity with others in their religion.
53945. Betty and Max Steinmetz  
53944. lauren turner  
53943. Barbara Gerber  
53942. Phyllis Freedman  
53941. Mycheal Greco Internet search engines should take responsible for monitoring hate sites closely and forbid them to be listed.
53940. Donald W sullivan Plese remove Jewwatch.com from google
53939. Ivan Zawatsky  
53938. Dan  
53937. Monty Shelson  
53936. Michael Elias  
53935. N J Rigg Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to avoid RESPONSIBILITY - this hate-filled web site does not belong on Google.com or on the Internet period.
53934. Neal  
53933. Samuel Krikler  
53932. David Vipler Hate Sites should be eliminated or moved to Last Place
53931. Diana Appelbaum  
53930. Dory Dubrofsky  
53929. Lindsey Levin  
53928. F.J. Kaczorowski  
53927. Miriam Rand  
53926. Marilyn K. Sauer There is enough hate in the world. There is no need to add more hate on top of the hate that already exists.
53925. Darryl Aarons  
53924. Deborah Idol  
53923. Melanie Eisenberg  
53922. libba grace  
53921. morry levin  
53920. Sherry Loller I am not Jewish but, like a Jew, I too am a human being and as such, I find the fact that you have a site like "Jew Watch" on Google so horrible as to be almost unbelievable. But sure enough it's there. How revolting. I beg you to remove it.
53919. Leo Gerber  
53918. Mathew Berg Please Remove
53917. Sandi Gurowski Please remove this site as soon as possible.
53916. rena joy morris Rabbi Kahan would be pleased to see a turn out
53915. Dallas Reinhart remove anti-semitism!
53914. Sue Treshansky  
53913. Myrna LaBaer  
53912. mathew magana  
53911. Adam Eisendrath  
53910. Dan ORSTAV Remove JewWatch!
53909. David Singer What is this world coming too? So much incorrect information!
53908. Asher Rivner  
53907. Jesse A. Weissman Google.com should not condone any anti-Semitism nor any such Web site. Therefore, Google.com should remove JewWatch.com, an anti-Semitic Web site, from its listings. Thank you.
53906. murray starkman  
53905. Joanna L. Olin  
53904. Elliot Baker  
53903. Aaron Bernstein  
53902. Steven A. Sobel  
53901. Mark Federman  
53899. Lisa Korotkin  
53898. Celia Elias Remove antisemitic sites
53897. Paul Uri  
53896. betty ann fishman  
53895. lore baer please do what you can to remove JewWatch .com from your search engine. thank you
53894. Jerry & Jacqui Kaufman  
53893. Jon Newman  
53892. Semyon and Mira Revich  
53891. Gerald Myers This site is so obviouslyAnti-Semetic, and MUST be removed form Google Search Engine, and banned from appearing on ANY other search engine.
53890. Elliott Dickler  
53889. RENE DAITER  
53888. Ruth H. Bloch Signatures are up over 54000 and JewWatch.com still exists WHY? What power does Google have to keep it there???
53887. bess soffer  
53886. natalina giugni  
53885. Aaron Greenbaum I think this is really a frivolous petition for a non-issue.
53884. Shaulaf  
53883. Shulamit Zirin great idea
53882. Bruce Medjuck  
53881. natali zekaria  
53880. Betty Stein  
53879. Eleonora Gomma de Azevedo  
53878. W.D.Leopold  
53877. linda fayne  
53876. Jon  
53875. Nia E. Salazar Remove any anti-semitic sites
53874. miralyn Kligerman anti semetic--Horrible
53873. marilyn blum  
53871. ben sylvester  
53870. Linda H. Payne This is a great thing you are doing!
53869. B. Cimbalo Disgusting Site!
53868. Kevin B Alexander  
53867. jessica  
53866. tony  
53865. carolyn lee kravatsky  
53864. Robert Peritz  
53863. Herbert Ross MD What is most disturbing is that ranking of websites is in order of the number of hits!
53862. Micah L. Sifry  
53861. Debra Templeton  
53860. Jay Lucas  
53858. Jeffrey M. Sklarz  
53857. Sandra L. Elledge  
53856. Melanie Asofsky  
53855. Debbie Zuberi  
53854. Alexandra Khazzam  
53853. Lauren Juggler  
53852. Shiel Gayler  
53851. Ben Kaplan Whay are Jews so afraid of the truth?
53850. Carol Churgin  
53849. Magdalen Hartman  
53848. Norma Shakun  
53847. Ruth L. Narro Remove antisemitic sites
53846. Anita O. Gilman  
53845. Hillary Christie  
53844. Julius Poizner  
53843. M.L.E.  
53842. David Bittner  
53841. ken remove jewwatch
53840. Jarrod Spector this is so sick i cannot believe it--this website's existence should absolutely not be condoned by ANYONE, Jewish or not, as it is spreading lies and propoganda and, sadly, people believe what they read on the internet as though it were gospel.
53839. Garry Greene I hope you realize that this IS important.
53838. marilyn Blum Unless this is removed I shall remove myself from ever going to your search engine again.
53837. Larry Rosenberg  
53836. Eliot This is disappointing. Please remove.
53835. Michael Wilk  
53834. Diana S. Herman  
53833. Nina J.  
53832. Joaquin Esteva  
53831. Michael S. Goldstein  
53830. Lira Winston  
53829. H Moyot  
53828. John Ashman  
53827. Tikkun Olam Records  
53826. Diann Cimring  
53825. Ivy Widensky  
53824. Anita Goodman  
53823. Carol  
53822. Ken Gray  
53821. Nancy Peden  
53820. Tracy Thurnell  
53819. ari  
53818. Mike Holtz This is a disspicable website
53817. H. Lipton How about prosecution for inciting hatred?
53816. Celiamarie Narro Remove all Anti-semitic anything
53815. Edith Schwimmer shame on google
53813. maddy le mel  
53812. Wendy S. Deuring Thank you for taking this initiative.
53811. SHIMON GAL  
53810. jeri casden  
53809. Scott and Nancy McLucas You shouldn't be presenting sites such as this.
53808. michael auerbach  
53807. Dan Thompson  
53806. phil hoffbrand  
53805. Bridget Paley Ignorance truly needs to be fought with education. Hate has never served humanity.
53804. Jeanna Francis  
53803. Shelly Sokol  
53802. Helene Engel Please remove Jewwatch.com
53801. Daniella Levy  
53800. Daniel Herrera  
53799. Amy Snow Please remove site immediately
53798. Margalit Ben-Ami  
53797. P. Herz  
53796. Larry Briskin It is intolerable that an anti-Jewish website be first on the pecking order. It should be last.
53795. David Sackstein  
53794. Judi Shnider  
53793. Susan Polgar  
53792. Jesse Rodgers  
53791. Elayne McKenna  
53790. ross breen  
53789. Pam  
53788. Ira Sandler  
53787. IRNEST S. OSER  
53785. helene chada  
53784. sarah  
53782. Boris Ginis  
53781. Alison Stein  
53780. Susan Wynne Kerker-Small This is highly offensive. Google should be promoting interfaith tolerance and understanding--not hate!
53779. Karen Rosen If this were about any other minority group it would have been stopped a long time ago!
53778. olga  
53777. Gloria Schiff  
53775. Rick Most  
53774. Maureen Richler  
53773. bob huret  
53772. Ellen Borenstein Beechhold  
53771. Mathew Harawitz  
53770. Jaime Squeri  
53769. Dan Furst Time to rewrite some code, Google.
53768. Flora Brenner  
53767. Carmel F. Dancziger  
53766. Mia Luehrmann  
53765. David Feldman The material is inaccurate and offensive beyond reason.
53764. Robin Tucker  
53763. Barry Curtiss-Lusher  
53762. Alison  
53761. A. Zimmermann  
53760. Yaron Ofek  
53759. Emily  
53758. scott barber  
53756. Simcha Feuer  
53755. ben schwartz  
53754. Lindy McCord  
53753. Bennett Woll  
53752. Dan Sobel  
53751. Sue Herynk  
53750. adam maisels  
53748. Michele Ruth  
53747. Alisand Swanson  
53746. RENE DAITER  
53745. Larry  
53744. Peter Forman  
53743. C. Hulsewe  
53742. Emilie Wynne  
53741. Sandra Suplicki  
53740. Maxine Schwartz  
53739. nancy michaels  
53738. Luba  
53737. rITA COHEN  
53736. Chris Dreyfus  
53735. Ellen Roth  
53734. Louis O. Brenner If not removed, I'll not use Google and will boycot it. I thought that search engine was only a business venture, and not a propoganda machine.
53733. Robyn Loup  
53732. Dee Keenan  
53731. Stuart Baker  
53730. Alan Kostinsky  
53729. Linda Salvay  
53728. Barbara abhorrent, disgusting
53727. Joy Gould This should have been done by Google and not required a new petition to remove this offensive treatment
53726. L. Grumach  
53725. rachael black pruyne What next? Will Google rank 'necrophelia' first in a search for 'mortuary'?!
53724. Robert Parks  
53723. Oren  
53722. yakov yoffe just do it
53721. stan edelstein  
53719. Nava Horovitz  
53718. john becker phd  
53717. Pablo Shockovitch  
53716. Robert E. Gardinier Jr.  
53715. Alan Nathan  
53714. yevgeny rapoport  
53713. Alex Malayev  
53712. R. Skoll  
53711. Elizabeth Dickerman  
53710. S. Kenneth Schonberg  
53709. Jeanette Kauf-Stern  
53708. Lauren Weiss  
53707. Jeff Smith  
53706. M. Wolff  
53705. Charles D. Fleischman  
53704. David Caplan  
53703. Zachary Tanksley  
53702. jackie rosenheim  
53701. stephanie chapnick  
53700. Lynda M. Thomas-LeGay  
53699. Mollie Leiwant  
53698. Judith Bernstein  
53697. Elyse Goldberg  
53696. Janet Truman  
53695. Olivier Nadal I will fight anyone who are against jews.Anyone on this earth has the right to exist and live freely without any threat or contraint from anyone.
53694. Yamile Haibi The internet and its search engines should be bring the world and cultures together, not fostering racism and pushing us further a part as this anti-semetic site does.
53693. Ramon Yohros  
53692. Robert Marks  
53691. Lori Daitch  
53690. darin martel  
53689. Harry Gottlieb  
53688. Betsy Marzahn-Ramos  
53687. michelle roseman  
53686. Stan Newman  
53685. barkan meir  
53684. herman h. rose Move quickly on this one before the publicity starts affecting the stock price
53683. Gayle Schneider Please remove this Site from the Google Search Engine
53682. daniel simon  
53681. julie  
53680. Lorna Poplak  
53679. paul rudder get rid of this disgusting and mindless site
53678. Robert David Stern  
53677. Rachel Berger This is an outrage! Google must remove this site full of propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies! How horrible that it is the first site to which visitors searching for information on "Jews" are directed.
53676. Mathew Weisman  
53675. Ellen Adler  
53674. Maya Cohen-Malayev  
53673. charles siegman  
53672. Jason Griffith I realize the existance of JewWatch is not Google's fault, but it is their moral responsibility to remove the link from their site
53671. george rosenbaum Surely not an intended consequence but needs to be fixed.
53670. Aviva Rosenbloom  
53669. Joan Boersig  
53668. Janna Spark  
53667. Mari Shabani-Storm  
53666. Julie Holtz  
53665. Stewart Appelbaum  
53664. Aaron Yablok  
53663. Jaki Suter  
53662. Bonnie L. Froehlich  
53661. Jane Kaplan  
53660. Lori Day  
53659. Jessica Josephson  
53658. Phyllis Kluger  
53657. Shirley Greer & Lloyd DeYear  
53656. Phyllis G. Ross  
53655. Arnold Silverman  
53654. s. eisendrath shameworthy
53653. Susan Klein Google should remove this at once
53652. Michael Kliss  
53651. ron rein  
53650. Larry Arnowitz  
53649. Jack Neihausen  
53648. Marlene Somberg  
53647. Reva Caleskly  
53646. maayan  
53645. Brent Herd  
53644. Rachel Brochstein  
53643. Maureen St. Cyr  
53642. Elise Orenstein racism is not compatible with democracy- stop the bullies now
53641. Larry Zalkin  
53640. Micah Swersky  
53639. Jon Stein  
53638. Michael Hartman  
53637. Eli Cohen  
53636. Karen Levine  
53635. Robert Levin  
53634. Iko Meshoulam  
53633. David A Adler  
53632. Ellen Goffin  
53631. Denise Watson I think that site is high offensive
53630. aaron no one kill anti-semites and terrorists.
53629. Anat there are ) 50K signatures already, and the site is still up and alive
53628. j Perlmutter  
53627. Laurence Anthony  
53626. M.Lissoos  
53625. Beatriz Malavenda  
53624. Ellen Marlette This site is repulsive.
53623. Pearl Babins  
53622. Sharon J. Herman  
53621. Israel L. Kunin  
53620. Martin Schwalbaum Good Work
53619. Karen L. Pierce  
53618. Michael Shemper  
53617. Anne Sherwood  
53616. Barry Zvibleman  
53615. Alan Dannenbaum  
53614. Terri Krauthamer  
53613. Jerrold M. Paine  
53612. ruth greenblatt  
53611. Aimee Gabor What a shame!!!
53610. Carolyn Perelmuter  
53609. Alexandra Paulson please remove this offensive link at once
53608. Randi Gilinson  
53607. Charlotte Grossman  
53606. Rahel Margalit  
53605. Sharon-Ann Gray  
53604. Pamela Goldsteen  
53603. Rena Goodman  
53602. diana hess As an avid google user--I am horrified by this, and will not be using google, nor will my children, until it is removed
53601. Dana  
53600. Jodi Fox  
53599. Sondra Henry  
53598. alicia weiss disgusting
53597. FMW disturbing and heart-wrenching to see such a site in this day and age...
53596. Brenda Searle  
53595. Tracy Cohn  
53594. Patti Jacobson please remove this website and help to diminish the hatred so rampant in our world today
53593. Annette Gotteiner  
53592. Gordon Daniels  
53591. Jennifer Sobol  
53590. F. Zimmer Get rid of this trash
53589. Bert Moss  
53587. Rene Brent  
53586. Amy Levin  
53585. Michelle G.  
53584. albert no way that google allow this!
53583. Natalie Firestone  
53582. mel savitz  
53581. Sondra Henry  
53580. Adam Hoffman  
53579. Steven Katz  
53578. diego get real, google!
53577. Karen Lanphear  
53576. monique vizel remove racial antijewish site-should be careful bbefore alloweing such sites to use google
53575. eva zembera I would like this site to be removed fast.
53574. Beth Lodinger  
53573. Allen J. Alderman  
53572. a.mazie  
53571. suzanne davis  
53570. Margie Berg  
53569. Jon E. Zimmermann  
53567. Rosie Neufeld  
53565. Beth Mulligan  
53564. elaine kagan  
53563. Lisa Higgins  
53562. Bina Zimmerman a disgrace
53561. Ruth H. Bloch How about a CatholicWatch.com (Why Not) Might as well I find JewWatch.Com a deffinite insult to all us Jews especially someone like me a Holocaust Survivor. Yes I know JewWatch claims it never happened. Is that why today I only have 2 cousins left in this entire world because the Holocuast Never happened. Outragious...!
53560. Susan This is disgusting. You should have removed this without any petition. Until this is done, I will encourage my (global) advertising agency to advise their clients to end all their advertising on your cite until this link is gone.
53559. Dana Semmel  
53558. Paula Flanzraich definitely get it off
53557. Dan Kraus  
53556. Yelena Kompaneyets  
53555. Donald A. Seligman  
53554. Jonathan Freedman This is a deeply unpleasant website and unconnected with freedom of speech which i fully uphold
53553. Janet Farahmand  
53552. Noah Billick  
53551. Diana Pietrocarli  
53549. Shlomo Godick  
53548. jeff anderson  
53547. William Newman  
53546. sharon  
53545. Linda Grodner Please remove this site as it encourages hate towards various groups of people.
53544. Dr. Heidi Bergman  
53543. ben fogel  
53542. scott andrew  
53541. Sally Silver  
53540. NAUM GELIN  
53537. Rod Willmot  
53536. Douglas Mills  
53535. Simon Brandon-Bravo  
53534. Susan This is disgusting. You should have removed this without any petition. Until this is done, I will encourage my (global) advertising agency to advise their clients to end all their advertising from your cite until this link is gone.
53533. arna raz  
53532. silvio dobry  
53531. earl s. dorfman distastefull
53530. Allison  
53529. Adam Holt No more Google for me
53528. Natasha  
53527. amy goldberg  
53526. David  
53525. Katerina Lusher  
53524. Kimberly Flick  
53523. Salar Farahmand  
53522. Jack Katz  
53521. Joshua Ellis  
53520. Doris Sussman  
53519. Robert Burg  
53518. Wendy Lee  
53517. michael jersky take it offffffffffff
53516. Adrienne G.  
53515. Haley  
53514. Tal Levy Dispicable
53513. Cindy Joy Marselis  
53512. Perry Olshein  
53511. Anika Rothenberg Anti semitism is not something we want to keep as a number one choice on a search engine, unless of course the powers that be at Google are anti semites themselves!
53510. Greg Bass  
53509. esther teller  
53508. Elyse G.  
53507. Stan Struesand Sorry, I won't use Google until the web site JewWatch.com is permanently removed
53506. Susan Bernstein  
53505. Barbara Gregory with a company getting ready to go public this will kill you.
53504. Susan Miles  
53503. Joel Yager  
53502. Richard Fisher I find this listing very offensive and urge you to remove it.
53501. Jonah Bettio I will be switching to Mamma.com until this site is removed from searches under "Jew" on google. Is google telling us that if a word search on "Holocaust" turned up a denial website they would not do anything? If a search on "women" turned up a site that instructed men to beat their wives, they would not do anything? In short, is google pretending that it exists in a cultural vacuum? That it has absolutely no obligations to address the concerns of the customers it serves in terms of the content recieved from its services? Does it not understand that children use google to learn about the world, and if the results they get from their searches promote hatred, that essentially, this "sacred google algorithim that cannot be touched" is promoting hatred in our society?
53500. stacy mcanulty  
53499. jeff brown  
53498. Burton A. Zipser Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this problem.
53497. Rebecca G.  
53496. Mary Waller  
53495. M. Oppenheim  
53494. Marcie Blackman  
53493. mary clare reilley  
53492. Jan Owen  
53491. Sondra Bolton  
53490. Beth Spector  
53489. Rebecca Rabinow  
53488. Marilyn Rosenberg  
53487. Maxine Toff  
53486. hannah shaines  
53485. Rebecca Zucker  
53484. Helen Archer  
53483. Edward Polansky i believe in freedom of speech. it becomes something else when it is inflammatory,, whether to jew, arab, people of color, and it crosses the line to advocate active hatred. i would feel encouraged to see that removed.
53482. marcia markoff  
53481. Elysa Goldman  
53480. Wendy Kramer Shannon  
53479. stacey maines  
53478. James S. Pringle  
53477. Julie Alisa Novick I was shocked to find this website and to consider how young people innocently doing their homework or looking for dates will be filled with ignorant and misleading hate-filled "speech". If AOL can do something about spam, maybe you can do something about not enabling vicious anti-semitism. Thanks
53476. Rose  
53475. Debra Dumais  
53474. Joseph Gamliel  
53473. Michelle Wright  
53472. Victor Hoffbrand  
53471. aaron wolkoff  
53470. Emil Greenberg  
53469. avi shapira  
53468. Nancy Pitek  
53467. David Cooper  
53466. Judith Wills  
53465. Barry Gruber  
53464. Stewart Katz  
53463. Susan Roston  
53462. Paulette Beatty  
53461. Barbara Giamattei remove jewwatch.com from internet
53460. Cheryl Minicucci  
53459. Jodie Sigmond  
53458. Samantha Wexler  
53457. L  
53456. James goggle get it off
53455. Brian  
53454. The Loebels Dismayed by the google definition of Jew. We may have to use another search if this is not corrected. Google has become a great disappointment. Please respond. .
53453. phyllis Stop this hatred
53452. Varda Farber  
53451. Jill disgusting...we should ban google
53450. tara  
53449. Stanley Weiman Google is promoting hatred - this must stop!
53448. Arlene Israel  
53447. Andrew Gilbert remove this anti-semitism
53446. Christine Toohey  
53445. Sjlomo Krant  
53444. Antoinette Wilson PLEASE remove this website ASAP
53443. Jennifer Henderson  
53442. Susan This is disgusting. You should have removed this without any petition. Until it is removed, I will encourage my (global) advertising agency to advise their clients to remove all their advertising from your cite until this link is removed.
53441. hara  
53440. Shelly Manor  
53439. fran karpantell  
53438. Susan L. Jensen  
53437. Fred L. Adair Get rid of it!!!!
53436. ryan  
53435. Esta Pomotov  
53434. Alon i hope who ever created jewwarch will hang in hag
53433. M.B. Taylor  
53432. Arnold Tubis  
53431. Kelli  
53430. Dr. Mickey Shachar ASAP
53429. joseph c. friedman  
53428. Eyal Arian  
53427. Rachelle Rhodes  
53426. Bradley Glodny  
53425. Barbara Abramson  
53424. Reeve Schur  
53423. Barry Cantor Please remove JewWatch from your listing
53422. B. Cutler  
53421. Ricardo Segal  
53420. Chavah Avraham  
53419. Leon Kosofsky  
53418. Belinda Sullivan Google, shame on you.
53417. fay wertheimer foul
53416. Ellen G. Koitz  
53415. Luciano Cruz  
53414. George Jacobs  
53413. R. Rappaport  
53412. Carol Mitchel  
53411. RUTH G. GOLD  
53410. ken foster  
53409. Noah Frank  
53408. Suzanne Shuchat One signature should be enough to remove this sight. It is a disgrace to civilization
53407. Linda L Hartman  
53406. Ivan Scharer  
53405. Roseann Bowerman  
53404. Judy S. Andersen  
53403. Russell Waldman  
53402. B. Gilbert  
53401. Sami Flicki  
53400. philip klein  
53399. Charlotte Tubis  
53398. Gershom Martin  
53397. Madeline Katz  
53396. Susan Simon  
53395. Allison Greenberg  
53394. Judy Mullinix  
53393. robert cohen  
53392. jack  
53391. Nanne Puritz  
53390. zzg  
53389. Janet Thayer  
53388. J. Nissim Disgusting anti-jewish lies
53387. Gertrude Myers  
53386. Liora Pelunsky  
53385. Geri Friedman  
53384. Jay Beber  
53383. Jacob  
53382. Rebecca Steuer  
53381. G.v/d Sluis  
53380. Wendy Wallace Stop this madness
53379. Mildred Cruz  
53378. A. de Jesus  
53377. jeffrey mishell  
53376. Michael Ershowsky  
53375. Lindsey Berkun  
53374. Jill Hoffbrand  
53373. Esther Lopatin  
53372. David Gaffan  
53371. Ari Wise Remove this vile and disgusting site!
53370. Judy Kirschenbaum  
53369. Elizabeth Terhune  
53368. Chelsea You suck
53367. Irna Shamos Never Again!!!!!!!!!!
53366. mark mendel remove jewwatch now!
53365. Ellen Saidman  
53364. ashley glassman  
53363. Karen Prager This site should not turn up first in a Google search
53362. Gerald Myers  
53361. sarah wintman  
53360. Lynn Dennis  
53359. Sari Schoen  
53358. Lawrence B. Steinberg  
53357. JOE SELCER  
53356. Rachel Stern  
53355. robert kramer  
53354. Bruce Martin Pls take this off !
53353. Gayle Hoover Thorne I'm a world citizen. No hate online!!!
53352. Amy Levin This is disappointing. Please remove.
53351. Steven Linford surely this doesn't REALLY need 50000 signatures?
53350. Josh Epstein  
53349. Sandi Chasson  
53348. David Pelovitz  
53346. Erling V. Andersen I find the sentiments expressed to be extremly offensive and of no help to interfaith cooperation.
53345. Marlene Gaffan  
53344. Murray Kesselman  
53343. Richard Herd I think it is ridiculous to promote antisemitism in these times of personal stresss for all people!
53342. Jeffrey Goldstein  
53341. Michele Phillips  
53340. Ann Cohen  
53339. Dima just remove it
53338. Philip Wrubel  
53337. theodore bahr  
53336. Judith Ellen Buchanan It's important to do all we can to combat antisemitism.
53335. Anna Barnard  
53334. carol Allmendinger  
53333. Ellen Roseman  
53332. Harriet Fernandez  
53331. Lungu Ivan  
53330. Lilian  
53329. Michele Torch  
53328. Claude Duvernoy  
53327. Yitzblochi  
53326. Gloria Meer  
53325. Jake Cohen  
53324. stephen h serota outrageous
53323. Michael Sidell  
53322. Aaron Vickar  
53321. Kathryn Robinson  
53320. Glenn Durfee  
53319. lisa sheinbaum  
53318. Karen Zimmer  
53317. Johanna Lievense  
53316. Eric Goodman Despicable
53315. Michael Mellen  
53314. Ellis Katsof  
53313. harry rutgers  
53312. Jane Popkin  
53310. Mitzi Spivak  
53309. Nancy  
53308. ron  
53307. Dorothea Braginsky  
53306. Michael Edelstein  
53305. judy enteen  
53304. michelle adamkin  
53303. Adam Rudolph  
53302. Shane Boroditsky  
53301. damon rein  
53300. Jane Cohen  
53299. Sonnie Dockser  
53298. John Rethorst  
53297. Marla S. Walter  
53296. David Paulsen  
53295. B KAPLAN  
53294. Linda Kouy-Ghadosh this website is an outrage. i am personally very offended by its ridiculous and hateful comments
53293. Betty F. Rawitch How can the world have PEACE with this type of information that is inflammitory
53292. Aviva Bodek  
53290. Sue Anderson  
53289. Netraam Stroh  
53288. Shelley  
53287. m. meltzer it is disgrfaceful that Google would allow this website
53286. Aaron Vickar  
53285. Lorraine Abraham  
53284. David Rubin  
53283. Paul H. Smith Get rid of this disgraceful site now!
53282. Herb Sherman this is very offensive ! Please remove ASAP !!
53281. Tim Drukker  
53280. jess wittenberg  
53278. Stephen F. Newman  
53277. Steven R. Hirsch  
53276. Camille Tropp  
53275. Patricia Gamliel, attorney at law Remove this racist site and others!
53274. Leon Rosenberg  
53273. Riana Goren  
53272. Bob German  
53271. Pamela Newman Please don't allow this to go on on your reputable search engine.
53270. jennifer schaper  
53269. Betty F. Rawitch How can the world have PEACE with this type of information that is inflammitory
53268. David Triunfo  
53267. Joan Ehrlich It's atrocious, please remove that listing from its # 1 position!
53266. Jewels Marcus Offensive! I'll boycott until removed.
53265. Nicole Nortman  
53264. Jonathan Goren  
53263. Shawn Friedman  
53262. Florence Jacobson A shocking discovery about Google's indexing choices
53261. Shael Glesby  
53260. Irimia Solomon It's a shame, that Google tolerates and incourage this
53259. David Margau  
53258. Claudia Resnikoff  
53257. Brian and Robyn Levin  
53256. R. Morgenstern  
53255. janet Ludwig get rid of that!!
53254. Roger Shulze No more antisemitism
53253. MERAV SADE  
53252. anne licht  
53251. Jacob Goren  
53250. Arlene Berlin Please remove this disgusting site.
53249. Betsey Krause  
53248. alan berger  
53247. mick dahlberg  
53246. Jennifer Acker  
53245. Karen  
53244. E. Rudnick  
53243. susan ellis  
53242. Ines Lips  
53241. Avi Salmon  
53240. Carole Steckler  
53239. Summer Douglass  
53238. meital  
53237. Carolyn Sparling  
53236. Bonnie Goren  
53235. Bea Grossman  
53234. Judy Herreid it's sickening
53233. Bernard Auerbach  
53232. Elana Dahlberg  
53231. Paula Kravitz  
53230. Marcella Rosen Where is your sense of responsibility? Would you allow an anti-African american site to come up first if someone googled "African-American or an anti-American site, if someone googled American? You can't allow this either.
53229. sarah gurt  
53228. sam lerner  
53227. Penny Swanson  
53226. allan wallace  
53225. Donna Gibson  
53224. Carol Carter  
53223. JAC  
53222. Suchi Sanagavarapu  
53221. Lynn Gold  
53220. Ellen Rosten Please right this wrong
53219. Aaron Stan  
53218. Richard Replin  
53217. Gail Dahlberg  
53216. Stephanie That is thoroughly disgusting and I don't even want to use google anymore. I will use a different search engine.
53215. Linda Kaplan this antisemitic site filled with lies must be removed from google at best and at worst it should be removed from the top 100 and placed far at the bottom of the search list.
53214. Arnold E Katz MD  
53213. Bernard Sharf  
53212. Shelly Ellend  
53211. Ernest G. Wilson  
53210. sharon yakata Please remove the anti-semitic site
53209. Adam Zuckerman  
53208. Eugene Barlaz  
53207. cookie sslimowitz i'm surprised to find anti-semitism on your web
53206. charles m. kramer  
53205. Lisette Woskobojnik  
53204. Noah Chinitz  
53203. Oren Drori  
53202. miriam semuha  
53200. L. Feuer Shame on you, supporting hate!.
53199. Bernie  
53198. Joel Bernstein  
53197. Norman Roth If google doesnot remove this from their search engine I will stop using Google.
53196. Emily Wilansky  
53195. Nina Verin  
53194. Burt Sherwood please remove this offensive site asap
53193. Jacques van Gelder  
53192. D. Epstein  
53191. A. Marsh Agobert  
53190. effie katz  
53189. Barbara Cohen  
53188. Kenneth A Shulman There is no excuse for this!
53187. L .bravman free speech is great unless it is hateful
53186. Donna Zuckerman  
53185. Nina Moliver  
53184. Don Weinbren  
53183. Jerilyn Getson PLEASE - Help the world heal, not disintegrate!
53182. Edward Denker Please remove this site
53181. Geoffrey Soffer i'll use yahoo instead
53180. J. Urbach  
53179. marcia palace  
53178. Larisa š
53177. Debra Shore  
53176. Shari Gordon  
53175. Joshua Gettinger  
53174. simon  
53173. Dr. Elad Peled & Dr. Zimra Peled  
53172. sandra block  
53171. Harvey Bloomfield  
53170. Lindsay Rachelefsky  
53169. David Willens  
53168. Melissa  
53167. Elise Varon despicable! how could you allow this?
53166. Merrill Melnick  
53165. sue rudman  
53164. David Marcus  
53163. Aaron Fields  
53162. Danielle  
53161. hannah lipschutz  
53160. sandzer louis  
53159. Adam Schneiderman  
53158. Judith M. Krupnick I am appalled by this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
53157. Sharon Hughes  
53156. Paul Shane  
53155. Angela Marsh Hatred is an evil thing--perhaps the root of all evil
53154. Neal Colman  
53153. josh lipschutz  
53152. Pamela Newman Please don't allow this to go on on your reputable search engine.
53151. Donnie Rappin  
53150. dan Itamar  
53149. Barbara Donen  
53148. Nicky Essex This is very upsetting, get this off the internet, Please!
53147. C. T. Rivkin  
53146. Brandi Argentar If a person is searching the word "jew" many words come to mind that should be displayed on the search: jew, jewish, judaism, israel, reform, etc. If a person were to search under the phrase, "opinions of jews" then antisemite should appear. Please update your algorithm. Thank You
53145. Deborah Shnay ...and when they came for me, there was nobody left to protest
53144. vered zimmerman  
53143. Mark Epstein remove site
53142. lisa lipschutz  
53141. Eileen Pollack Erickson  
53140. Leah Hayden  
53139. Sara Arenella stop antisemitism!
53138. Michael Sivitz  
53137. Virginia Kallianes  
53136. Joanne Sininsky  
53135. Dalia Zuckerman  
53134. Shahar Dan  
53133. Denise Peters  
53132. Jonathan D. Strum I am truly offended that this would be the first item to come up under the search "jew".
53131. Carole Gottlieb  
53130. Sandra Cohen  
53129. Lia, Tel-Aviv, Israel  
53128. sarah gurt outrageous...what times are we leaving in????????
53127. Marty  
53126. leonard zamkoff  
53125. Keith A. Zerman  
53124. Jeffery Roth  
53123. rebecca firestone  
53122. Yaniv Assa we are all brothers!
53121. Phyllis Schieber  
53120. sylvain emden must remove this site
53119. michael lipp offensive and inappropriate
53118. Hanna Jankowska  
53117. James Smith  
53116. Derek Scissors  
53115. belle hoffman  
53114. Michele Hoos This really is atrocious and should be removed from google, certainly the most popular search engine.
53113. Marcia Zacks  
53112. Fred Fingerhut  
53111. Dena and David Wolfson  
53110. laura  
53109. John Freidheim  
53108. Frank Jacobson  
53107. Jane Greenstein Please don't help to perpetrate lies and hatred.
53106. Katy Baldwin  
53105. Renee Kleiman  
53104. David Rosenfeld Remove the listing
53103. Stuart Tanenbaum  
53102. E. Pascal  
53101. Dr Shari Cohn-Simmen Please remove this anti-semitic website.
53100. Michael Lore  
53099. David Toledano Please have this site removed as it is extremely anti-semitic
53098. Donald Boardman  
53097. Janice Levine  
53096. A.D. Solon  
53095. Daniel  
53094. Mrs. Judith Harte Lost faith that Google listed sites according to relevancy. This looks like someone paid for placement.
53093. Michael Switzer  
53092. A. J. Frank  
53091. Jocelyn Kleiman  
53090. malcolm cohen  
53089. Gerald B. Lackey  
53088. alex frame  
53087. Dani Rozen  
53086. Rhea Schwartz  
53085. Brian Feldman Not what web search is intended for
53084. Israel Hanukoglu  
53083. Martin Ossip  
53082. millicent Waldo This is despicable!
53081. joan mirrer  
53080. Sara Lee dangerous
53079. Hope Hillner I concur w/ a previous signer. Why should a petition be needed?
53078. Isaac  
53077. Beverly Resnick  
53076. Dr. Robert L. Jarvis  
53075. Mark Shetley  
53074. Stephen F. Newman  
53073. Gerri Carmen  
53072. Maxine Geller  
53071. Martin Keltz Please remove this hate from the internet...
53070. ira ruderman  
53069. warren  
53068. Joan Rosenberg .
53067. Samuel Baum  
53066. Lynda Goldstein  
53065. Mimi Bauer  
53064. Maxine  
53063. Sophia Tulchinsky  
53062. Hannah Tanenbaum  
53061. Bob Band  
53060. Sachs With such an website your haert must be of iron. Remove it, fast.
53059. Zwi Nigal  
53058. Susan Treff  
53057. Daisy Braverman  
53056. Mark Zettler  
53054. Michael Baytoff Boycott google remove as a search engine from your computer!
53053. Robert Resnick  
53052. Daniel Pollack  
53051. Keith Duknic Please, do not add to hate. Doing nothing is a crime, also.
53050. rebecca ruderman  
53049. Eli W. Zucker MD  
53048. Maxine Zuieback  
53047. Dena Schwimmer Shame on you!
53046. Larry Rivkin  
53045. Ted  
53044. Andrea  
53043. Rachel Russo  
53042. Brian Barsotti  
53041. Jonathan  
53040. Aaron Haimovitz Remove this at once!
53039. Ann Fried take it off!
53038. Heather Folmar  
53037. Gal Feldman please help
53036. Maria Yatskova  
53035. Inez Linthorst-van Iterson  
53034. Robert J Gluckman MD  
53033. coreen  
53032. Mark Bergman  
53031. Stephanie Levy  
53030. Susanna Natti  
53029. Melissa Rashbaum  
53028. Larry Rossen  
53027. Hayley Hofbauer  
53026. billy leibovitch  
53025. Al Silverstein  
53024. Brett Studner Google should me more understanding
53023. Jill Hoffman  
53022. norman aronowitz  
53021. Virginia Heiman  
53020. Lynn Rice  
53019. Gaye Feuer  
53018. Ari  
53017. k Blum  
53016. einat sadot  
53015. Linda Garnitz  
53014. Angela Michael An Arab concerned about "never again" for all
53013. Andrea Burwick This is very sad to see. Why add to an already prejudice world.
53012. Sharon Hughes  
53011. robert halio hateful content
53010. Herbert M. Cohen  
53009. Janie Hildebrand You need to be seen to be a neutral party
53008. Annette Kirshner  
53007. Terra Schmookler Please remove this website
53006. Shirley and Irving Gold shame on google...jewish owned company
53005. Melanie Hodgdon Linking this site to jews is like linking a site on astrology to the science of atronomy; aside from being hateful it's bad referencing!
53004. Alan S. Acker  
53003. Stephanie Barsotti  
53002. Patricia Moskof  
53001. Rebecca Moses  
53000. James Senitt  
52999. Mark  
52998. ry  
52997. Barb Falzone  
52996. Laurie Meltzer Bandremer That a petition is necessary to have this rectified should prove to Jews everywhere that we are not safe anywhere in the world, especially without Israel.
52995. Richard Frankel Maybe set up an "anti" category
52994. Dalia Zuckerman  
52993. Rachel Roenthal  
52992. stephanie halio you should take responsibility for your content
52991. Steve Silverman  
52990. Barry Polsky  
52989. marsha dashefsky  
52988. Robert M. Scott It reflects very badly on your site to have such a an organization as Jew Watch on your search engine. A site of your prestige should not advocate any kind of racial or religious hatred.
52987. Daniel Horowitz  
52986. Meital  
52985. Herbert madar  
52984. Audrey Schmerzler  
52983. Lawrence Ryz  
52982. m.a.stein  
52981. Phillip Adiv  
52980. William Fields  
52979. Karen Maoz  
52978. Cara Sochin I think sites that discriminate against any race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation should not be "featured" on any search engine. This site coming up first in a searh for "Jew" is like free advertising for its negativity towards Judaism. And if Google supports this, I will not support Google.
52977. Stacey Mackinlay  
52976. Bernard Abrams  
52975. alyson sena  
52974. Malcolm Collins  
52973. Alan Zuckerman  
52972. Jodie Kornfeld  
52971. Linda Masson  
52970. Adina Gross  
52969. Marcella Rosen Would you allow it if it were an anti-Black site that you got when you googled African-American?It's a perversion!
52968. Rebecca O'Doherty  
52967. Jean-Jacques Znaty  
52966. Alex Muhlmeister This hurts google's credibility and is just plain wrong
52965. Richard Levy  
52964. Allen J. Applebaum  
52963. mel stricker stop anti-semitic causes-encourage anti-arab causes
52962. Merle Schrager  
52961. Pamela Rosenblum  
52960. Stephen Furst  
52959. Jason Rosenbaum  
52958. Rochelle Fernandez  
52957. fernando potrik hateful
52956. S Hass  
52955. Flora P. Feldman  
52954. Andy killen An appalling website
52953. D. L. Smith  
52952. Paul Hill  
52951. Jordan  
52950. eva holguin Disgusting!
52949. Wendy Zito  
52948. Egonne Roth All hate sites are unacceptable but those spreading disinformation more so
52947. David S. Locke  
52946. David Tatgenhorst  
52945. Dylan Goss Google, you are going to lose business from this one - remove this site
52944. Erin Graham After hearing the wonderful story about you on NPR, I am extremely disappointed in GOOGLE.
52943. Andrea Harris This is abhorrent
52942. Dimitri Tulchinsky  
52941. Jerod Edington this is obvious
52940. Melvin Raffle  
52939. Sindel Newman  
52938. maris berg obscene and innacurate info
52937. Sheila Abrams The ability to manipulate the result of a Google search is a serious flaw in the system. There should be some built-in safeguards.
52936. monica karbal  
52935. bryan opert  
52934. matan  
52933. Ronnie and Barry Tessler  
52932. Patty Auciello  
52931. Joshua Gelfman  
52930. lisa mayer  
52929. Marjorie Oster  
52928. Jaye  
52927. simone finkle  
52926. Betsy Smirnoff Hoos  
52925. Jason Lewis  
52924. Glenn Fischer This is outrageous and disgusting.
52923. Elvine Topac  
52922. Susan Gerhard  
52921. kliker yaniv  
52920. Courtney Davis  
52919. irene lipkin  
52918. zohar  
52917. Norman L. Weiss  
52916. Denise Friedman Please, we must live and speak messages of tolerance not hate!
52915. Ozzie Moss The nazis arent all dead
52914. Leonard Friedman lmf1701@yahoo.com
52913. Alan Goluboff  
52912. Morris Levis  
52911. E. Lauren Waldoff  
52910. Tony Benveniste  
52909. Karen Ferguson I think any sites that encourage hate should be discouraged.
52908. Bernard Schneider  
52907. Josh Sobol  
52906. Neil Donnenfeld I am a big fan of Google until this. You should be ashamed. Please fix this at once.
52905. Saren Weinstein  
52904. Dimitrin Tulchinsky  
52903. Froma Zeitlin  
52902. Colin Silver  
52901. Ilene Kaufman disgusting
52900. J. Aretz  
52899. Daphne Taras Note this type of prose from the website: "The Jews at the top, the ones who are conspirators against all of mankind today and always have"
52898. Donna Goldman  
52897. Linda Zweig Spread information, not hate
52896. Gary R. Collens I use Google often, but if this remains I won't again!
52895. Rachael Banta  
52894. ted tannenbaum  
52893. Uzi Notev  
52892. Kathy P.  
52891. Ellen M. Cypers hateful, awful site
52890. Lynn  
52889. Eric Friedman Please see that this sight is relegated to "Hate Sites" or more appropriate searches
52888. Lois Berkson  
52887. Jeffrey N. Silverstein  
52886. Alisa Frohman  
52885. lee ann campbell  
52884. Dave Brosgol  
52883. Selma Gininger  
52882. Anita Harris This site is a repugnant abuse of free speech.
52881. Moises Roizental Remove it as soon as possible
52880. Jared Shupnick  
52879. Christopher Collins  
52878. Rev. Terri Cooper, MFT Shame on you 6 million times over
52877. Jennifer Nock  
52876. Michael Hirschman  
52875. Sarah E. Salley  
52874. Rebecca  
52873. Lynda  
52872. Valerie Tauby  
52871. Anne M  
52870. Ross Mair  
52869. Jennifer Flink  
52868. Debbie Lechter  
52867. Diane Simon  
52866. ann kucera  
52865. Victor P  
52864. Marilyn Keller Please remove this horror.
52863. m dreyfus the current site is racist and dismally primitive, a throwback to the Germans and their terrorist rubbish of the 30s and 40s.
52862. thailoan ngo  
52861. Bram Frank  
52860. Jessica Wohl  
52859. Susan Freundlich  
52858. Monicka Clio Sakki  
52857. Brad Lewis Please do this right away.
52856. F Cohen  
52855. Mandy  
52854. s florence  
52853. tessa laws  
52852. Melanie Berzon  
52851. Edward Lewis  
52849. mel ogrin outrageous!!!!!!
52848. Dave Southall  
52847. Adriana Klopmyer Stop wordwide antisemitism!
52846. Spencer W. Salley  
52845. Catherine Silver  
52844. Dr. Lois Baron  
52843. Beth Becker Google, take a position and fight anti-semitism.
52842. rachel davenport  
52841. Lisa Kudish As an avid google user, I appreciate your sensitivity to this matter, and your conciousness to not include hateful propaganda among your search options.
52840. marlene posner please remove, not great for peace in this world
52839. peggy trachtenberg  
52838. dan perlman don`t promote hating
52837. Lois Freedman  
52836. Rachelle Stern  
52835. anita bardin  
52834. Alex Schonberg  
52833. Sharon L. Berko  
52832. Chana Cox  
52831. Daniel Aaron  
52830. R. Opperman Please don't be a party to bigotry,
52829. Felicia Goodman  
52828. Quentin Salley  
52827. Teal Lewis  
52826. Marion C.Walt Keepup the good work
52825. Amnon Finkelstein  
52824. Murray Strelitz  
52823. Samira Mehdian  
52822. Brad Berkowitz It better be taken off.
52821. Marmar M.  
52819. Hadas  
52818. David Raynor  
52817. Joan Nemirov Please remove hateful website
52816. Amy Bonoff  
52814. Marissa Delnick  
52813. alex  
52812. Bruce Honig  
52811. Sheila Ornstein  
52810. Joseph Hillner your directory should not abet hate groups
52809. barry reiter  
52808. Ty Ann Salley  
52807. Brooke  
52806. Victor Thomas  
52805. Hollyce Yoken  
52804. Bertram C. Edelstein  
52803. Susan Freed  
52802. M Mahler  
52801. Deborah Feldman  
52800. Madelene Grazaitis  
52799. boaz  
52798. H. Steven Rothstein  
52797. Sheldan Collins Promoting suspicion and hatred leads to war.
52796. clarissa g. weiss  
52795. Chandra T. Boston Let's prevent history from repeating itself!
52794. Sara Kozlowski  
52793. sara horney  
52792. morton berkower  
52791. Rabbi Ruben Suiza  
52790. Laura Roston  
52789. Jay Gorsky  
52787. Carol Schwartz  
52785. Ben Axelrod  
52784. Yossi Shavit  
52783. Sylvia Beller remove immediately
52782. Pamela & Charles Hanbury  
52781. Shelley Hanson  
52780. Sarah Sanghavi  
52779. dana  
52778. Miles Pollack  
52777. Floyd Cohen Remove immediately
52776. Jeff Mazer It is impossible to GOOGLE when entering such a blantantly anti-semitic site. I shall utilize a alternative search engine.
52775. Margrit Schechtman  
52774. Esther Kohn-Bentley I'm shocked that this site is still up there!
52773. Dave Lieberman  
52772. Josh Pepin  
52771. analya sater  
52770. Marcia Burick  
52769. Laura Monaco  
52768. Norman Bodlander  
52767. Debbie Suiza  
52766. Sandra Isaif  
52765. Jaime Topper  
52764. Debra Yaruss Show some humanity!
52763. Jerome Schechtman  
52762. Barry Richman Worst kind of bigotry -- unaceptable at any level
52761. Joseph Ganz  
52760. Neal Kalechofsky  
52759. Gale Saler Remove JewWatch from Google
52758. eve  
52757. Elissa Strom  
52756. Ross Wassermann  
52755. Joel Newman Remove site
52754. Bethany Studner Pathetic that Google would let this happen
52753. David Tamman Why do we even need a petition for this in the first place? Google......sort yourselves out!
52752. Dr. Frank Guttman disgusting
52751. Hildabeth Klein  
52750. Diana G. Wright  
52749. Amy Cake This is an outrage! We need to strive for peace not hatred. REMOVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY!
52748. anna flom  
52747. donald ivener  
52746. Irving Beller remove immediately
52745. Lou Belfer If you don't remove this web site you would hurt & insult a large segment of the population.
52744. E. Scott Curry  
52743. Harry Shannon  
52742. Harold Gruman  
52741. Neil Becker I shall cease utilizing the Google Engine.
52740. Bett Studner Pathetic that Google would let this happen
52739. Barbara  
52738. L. Wolfe  
52737. Laverne Gopstein  
52736. Barbara Fierstein  
52735. Robert M. Paul Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine. There is no place for such hate-filled sites on the internet.
52734. steven young my comments would be banned.
52733. Amy Wessan  
52732. Joseph Kouri  
52731. Evelyn Green Disgusting that Google would allow this.
52730. Mindy Newman I hope you do the right thing and remove the site.
52729. Jon Given  
52728. Victoria Seplarsky  
52727. Steve Marks  
52726. Harriet Busman  
52725. Geula Hebron  
52724. Hershel Ginsburg  
52723. Ruth Pfeffer  
52722. David Honaker Google is a GREAT search engine. I depend on it daily. Please remove this disgusting, and inaccurate (I'm a "Gentile" who reviewed it before signing this petition) website. Thank you. - David
52721. Len Zwas  
52720. Hazel Zemel shocked that you would not remove it automatically
52719. Peter Wilson  
52718. Maurice Schiff  
52717. les kott As a clinician and health educator I add my name to the list, to remove jewwatch site. Such a site that inspires hatred and prejudice can be an example of what can happen when forces of hatred polarize themselves against anyone. We must respond immediately to remove this site
52716. Patricia Parsick  
52715. Burt Kroner  
52714. Gerilynn Henshell  
52713. shawn dreben  
52712. Abraham Leibson  
52711. David E. Rabin  
52710. Francoise Teitelbaum Totally inappropriate, must be removed
52709. steve liss  
52708. Stacey Sellin  
52707. Barry Forester  
52706. Steven Devor  
52705. Heline Kottler  
52704. Robert Jones  
52703. Ilana Sanderson  
52702. Geri Anderson  
52701. Kestenbaum New nazis are born every day. Iwas there
52700. Gideon F. Glogau  
52699. Yoav Hebron  
52698. marilyn sunshine  
52697. Jay Barry Harris  
52696. Paul Zuckerman  
52695. E. Liebowitz  
52694. Hiasaura Rubenstein  
52693. barrie g galvin this horrible site must be removed!!!!!
52692. cherie disgusting
52691. Shoshana Squires  
52690. ariel lijtenstein  
52689. Elizabeth  
52688. Nora Rubinoff  
52687. Kimberly Burris  
52686. Fadi Mansour  
52685. Reva Freiman  
52684. Ellen Jones  
52683. Jack M. Greenberg  
52682. Andrew Holinsky  
52681. Sandy Solon  
52680. Jeremy Rabb  
52679. Isaac Revah  
52678. Dr and Mrs. Milton Lisansky  
52677. Alan Butterworth If you can reduce the pornographic results of searches, you can do the same for racist, antisemitic, and other hate sites! If you refuse to change this, I will begin to boycott Google and suggest everyone else do the same. It will be easy to get people to join a boycott like this!
52676. JRose I am shocked that a site I use daily would not rectify this problem immediatley!
52675. Ela  
52674. David Knapp  
52673. Nicole L. Pollino  
52672. Suzan Ben-Poorat  
52671. martha  
52670. Adriana Roitstein  
52669. Ilene Klein  
52668. Howard Buckwold  
52667. Melissa Borger  
52666. a krock  
52665. Thomas Ries  
52664. David Sherman  
52663. jeff simmons  
52662. Gary  
52661. Rachel Miron  
52660. Becky  
52659. Arieh Siegal  
52658. Leonard H. Katz  
52657. Sertl, Christian  
52656. Helen Frenkley We must get this obscenity off Google
52655. Alan Luckman  
52654. Vladimir Manasson  
52653. Kamila Pomiecinska  
52652. Shalom Kopelman  
52651. Rich Hirschinger  
52650. Marie D. Fey  
52649. Raphaela Neihausen Please take this site off! I am a frequent google user and this is highly offensive.
52648. jamie  
52647. Harold Marcuse  
52646. Linda Strauss  
52645. Hermine Rushakoff  
52644. Ishbel Galloway  
52643. Jeff Firestone  
52642. Rickey L. Rudey  
52641. Barry Volpert  
52640. Sebastian Rein  
52639. Mathew  
52638. Robert Kwartler Love is the Answer
52637. Linda Miller  
52636. Gustavo Lumer  
52635. Stanley M. Kaplin  
52634. elaine weinberger  
52633. Leonie Weiss  
52632. Elliot Burak  
52631. michelle muscat  
52630. Diana Wahl While I understand that Google is not passing judgment on the contents of its database, it is outrageous that the first item is a hate-filled, ugly diatribe.
52629. Jackie Gross  
52628. Lianne Leboff  
52627. sam hops  
52626. Victor Suben  
52625. Raymond Silverstein  
52624. samantha palacios  
52623. Renana  
52622. Dr. Fred Weisser  
52621. Irene Kessler  
52620. Rhonny Russman we need to do everything that we can to promote acceptance in this world
52619. Martin A. Katzman  
52618. Emma Sarkisian  
52617. ronald taft  
52616. Greg Goldstein  
52615. Joyce Oliner  
52614. Lori Gosselin  
52613. Wendy Sjolin  
52612. Barry Sharp  
52611. SUSAN MOSS  
52610. Peter Elliott I join in the movement to remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
52609. Janet Reed  
52608. Harmon Brody its abysmal that one has to petition to remove this dastardly thing
52607. Joyce Camhi  
52606. Sophie L  
52604. Adam Greenberg  
52603. Harmon Brody its abysmal that one has to petition to remove this dastardly thing
52602. David Bates  
52601. Tom Rivkin  
52600. peter lewis  
52599. Gordon Squires  
52598. Phyllis m. Kahn  
52597. David Bates  
52596. AL COHEN  
52595. deborah drazen  
52594. Aimee Lazarus  
52593. Emanuel Glantz i hope you remove this site promptly
52592. deborah drazen  
52591. Eric Newman  
52590. Terri Hammock-Babendir  
52589. gloria remove it
52588. norman small must remove
52587. allan j. hoffman  
52586. Dana Ginsberg  
52585. Beth Tepper  
52584. sandy carol This site is unbelievable and incredibly stupid. I must be naive, but it is shocking nevertheless!!
52583. Dave Golden  
52582. Cathy Levy I thought the Levy brothers who own Google were Jewish..hmmm
52581. Madeleine Sann  
52580. linda newman please remove this right away - it's awful!
52579. Rachel Fox  
52578. Charles S. Nathan  
52577. Suzan Wolkoff the site is totally disgusting and needs to be removed
52576. Stephanie Teach  
52575. david i. grunfeld  
52574. Phyllis Schwartz  
52573. S. Howard Kaplan There is no free speech for hatred and lies! (Bertold Brecht)
52572. Sandra Bernstein  
52571. Nancy Flam  
52570. Elaine Murphy  
52569. fay botnick  
52568. Gabriel Gold-Vukson
52567. Shemp Howard  
52566. Nancy Berg  
52565. Nancy Marin  
52564. Candace Kwinter  
52563. v s blyth will Google be boycotted?
52562. Kelly Sullivan It is horribly inappropriate for JewWatch.com to be the first website to come up on a Google search when the word "Jew" is input. Please change this immediately.
52561. gerald perry finnerman #@&^!*#%
52560. E.Lang  
52559. Philip Wanderman  
52557. Dean Ostilly  
52556. Colin Lotzof  
52555. Arfon Jones  
52554. caroline  
52553. Pamela D Herskovitz  
52552. rita ortner  
52551. helen ruben  
52550. Rochelle Turner google is contributing to the growing antisemitism in the US
52549. Stephane DANA  
52548. E.Lang  
52547. david  
52546. marge ufberg  
52545. renee krone  
52544. Michael Albert  
52543. helaine  
52542. Steve Strauss  
52541. Amy Wise  
52540. Derek Penslar  
52539. Paul Goldin I e-mailed Google as well as the Justice Dept. in Canada to investigate legal status of this site for possible criminal charges.
52538. Myra Blustein  
52537. David Lewis  
52536. Frances Romero  
52535. Eleanor Meyer  
52534. eve berliner  
52533. Sandy Kresch  
52532. Elana, Gary and family Disgusted - remove JewWatch immediately from Google
52531. Jose Glusman  
52530. steven levy remove hatred from your company...
52529. Stacy Kaplan  
52528. Dawn Lotzof  
52527. Ilan BenSimhon  
52526. alice heckman Iam Christian and believe such sites are offensive.
52525. Rich Traub Offensive Site and Offensive Listing by Google
52524. debra langleben  
52523. L. Hope  
52522. Jane Poncia Google - please remove this site immediately.
52521. Aviva Rosensweig  
52520. Bob Gibson  
52519. liora duchossoy  
52518. Milton Waldoff  
52517. G Schneiderman Facts are one thing, distortions and racist sites cannot be encouraged. I hope Google has high enough principles to remove the site.
52516. avner ullmsn  
52515. Elizabeth Epstein  
52514. Barry Miller  
52513. Carol Warshaw  
52512. Dale J. Fritz  
52511. Ronda Haralson  
52510. Elizabeth Natenshon  
52509. Josh Reid I find it offensive that Google is this insensitive. M
52508. Adam Weiner  
52507. Marvin S. Cahn  
52506. Fabian Ismaj thank you for removing JewWatch from the result page
52505. rochelle reisman  
52504. rocco dangelo  
52502. Josh Thomason  
52501. Igor Bolotovsky  
52500. Jeremy Feffer  
52499. diane franakenstein OMIT JEW WATCH from serach engine
52498. Ellen Harmon  
52497. David Gendelman  
52496. Beth Rothman  
52495. Kenneth Halpern You should know better!
52494. Anne Modarressi  
52493. Elizabeth Landsberg  
52492. Michael Lipton  
52491. Paul Furer  
52490. Eric Berlin Please remove this insult asap!
52489. norman small MUST remove
52488. Adrienne Sacks this is a disgusting web site
52487. Jerry Raker  
52486. Rachel Fischbein  
52485. ER  
52484. Helen Saraceni Shame on Google for allowing Hate to have the #1 spot
52483. Anna S.  
52482. Dode Levenson  
52481. Alan Gutmann Google please take a stand against anti-semitism
52480. Adam Abramson  
52479. Erica  
52478. Lisa Rabinowitz  
52477. ruth musgrave  
52476. Ruth Levine  
52475. LLoyd Stone  
52474. Jon Freedman  
52473. Marilyn Cohen This is offensive to me as a Jew
52472. John Schwarz I'm very surprised; I hope Google has the decency to nip this in the bud.
52471. Merle Levine Sites like this will bring about the same restrictions and fines for Search Engine companies that Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction is now causing for broadcasters, especially a company that intends to go public.
52469. Howard Fuller Google should be boycotted if they don't make this change
52468. Bruce J. Sherman  
52467. Nancy Zucker  
52466. Diana Schweitzer  
52465. Mirta B.  
52464. Molly Pine  
52463. Isabelle  
52462. Daniel Schultz  
52461. Lee Rudofsky Dissapointing!!!!
52460. philip  
52459. colettehamaoui  
52458. Shirley Lieber Kronemer  
52457. Cheryl Herr  
52456. m. appelboom  
52455. Jeff Schiro  
52454. Jeanne Medoff  
52453. Laura Rosen Please remove it!
52452. Jeri Appel  
52451. Micah Gurard-Levin  
52450. Julie Friedman  
52449. Jerry Barber  
52447. Sarah Herman  
52446. samantha  
52445. Tom Milne  
52444. j.d.marmon  
52443. pj moore what are you thinking having this inflammatory rubbish as the first entry on your search results?
52441. Zoltan Bakos  
52440. rachel  
52439. Stanley May  
52438. Sharon Harris  
52437. marilen pinkwasser  
52436. Bob Rawitch  
52435. Frits van Breederoode  
52434. Cedric Sarkin  
52433. Aaron Klemanski  
52432. Harry OB  
52431. Jennifer Leeds  
52430. Jane Shannon horrified!
52429. H L KING  
52428. Howard Bertan  
52427. Elaine Kaufman  
52426. Greg Ostrovsky  
52425. Shari Rosner REMOVE THIS SITE!!
52424. Naomi Danias  
52423. alvin l. schein  
52422. stacey davis  
52421. heidi  
52420. Alexander Flipse  
52419. Marvin  
52418. Joaquin Diaz We should be moving towards understanding not producing more hate.
52417. Brielle Jones  
52416. Michelle Orel Goldman  
52415. CGelbart  
52414. robert mintz  
52413. pj moore what are you thinking having this inflammatory rubbish as the first entry on your search results?
52412. Michael Kane Are we now in the 21st century or did I miss something?
52411. Francine Blum  
52410. Ishay Shavit  
52409. Dana Weiss  
52408. Andrea Kampine  
52407. Ruth Lozner this site spreads lies and hatred... adds oil to brewing fires
52406. Susan Hatfield  
52405. Marc Farron  
52404. Jesse appauled
52402. Deborah Rifkin  
52401. Alisa  
52400. Kezia Allen  
52399. Jessica Miller  
52398. Hillary Weiser  
52397. Julian Kien  
52396. Charlotte Goldflam  
52395. Prof.Dr Eduardo A.Karol remove nazi site
52394. Joyce Brotman  
52393. Robin  
52392. George Kleiman  
52391. marcia hoodwin  
52390. Anasuya Weil  
52389. Steven R. DeLott  
52388. Barbara Rosenberg  
52387. Gail Nedelman  
52386. Robert Leopold  
52385. David RAbinowitz  
52384. Amit Shnek  
52383. Richard Linn  
52382. Doug Parker remove it and don't allow anything like this for any minority group
52381. j  
52380. D. Weiss  
52379. elaine l You may lose a very large population carrying this trash
52378. Sharon Raider  
52377. Martin Newman  
52376. Itzhak Rozen  
52375. Pat Rowley  
52374. Meir Rekhavi  
52373. LEE ENGEL Google should pay attention to its websites.
52372. henry goldberg  
52371. Lea Epstein  
52370. pam freedman  
52369. Roger M. Williams Revolting trash!
52368. Lois Wiesler  
52367. Jonathan Braun Ridiculous that this would be on your site! Please remove it immediately!!!
52366. Suzanne Gordon  
52365. Sheldon Serota  
52364. Monica Brenner  
52363. Yvonne Peck  
52362. Julia Zecca  
52361. Richard G. Simon  
52360. marty simon remove that site!!!!!!!!
52359. Sandra Moskowitz  
52358. PK  
52357. Elaine Myers  
52356. Drew Erhardt  
52355. brenda Price  
52354. Jon Zimring  
52353. Tracy M. Gardner  
52352. Cristian Cheran Enough hate has gone against Jews, please stop it
52351. Jane Paley  
52350. Barbara Caress  
52348. Inna E Goldberg This is despicable misrepresentation of research
52347. orly genger  
52346. Zach Levine  
52345. Karyn Koven  
52344. sid zelnicker  
52343. Bridget Murphy  
52342. Jeff  
52341. merrill j. polansky  
52340. Christine L. Hutchinson There should be no hesitancy in removing the offending site. Please do so.
52339. lindsay amos i intend to stop using google !!!!!!!
52338. Tara Singer  
52337. Opher Har-El  
52336. Samantha  
52335. Rhonda Binstock  
52334. grokker_23  
52333. Ted Horowitz, CFP  
52332. Renee Simons  
52331. Norma Dubbrin  
52330. marcia g welenson  
52329. Bijan Khalifian  
52328. m paul  
52327. M.Livingstone  
52326. Abraham Banke Unconscionale site in this day and age
52325. Darren Goldberg  
52323. Karen Denker  
52322. Marcy K.  
52321. ephy torenberg  
52320. M. Abrams Hatred must be halted!
52319. Marvin W. Woodworth  
52318. Mike Sandman  
52317. Perkins, T  
52316. Michael Adwar  
52315. Edward L. Waterman  
52314. marilyn stern  
52313. Aviva Reim  
52312. fred galland  
52311. michelle david  
52310. Richard Botney  
52309. IRWIN GOULD this type of site should be abolished
52308. Helen C Kluger  
52307. lauren zeichner  
52306. Carolyn Sherman  
52305. Lisa Schneider  
52304. Svetlana Roberman  
52303. Bruce Dalis  
52302. Isak reichel  
52301. Amy Ruttkamp  
52300. Jill Krueger  
52299. peter jacobs  
52298. Michael Fruitman  
52297. Jackie  
52296. Jeremy Finkleman Get rid of this hate immediately!
52295. Shirley Rose  
52294. Matthew Ellis This should be taken of the web right now
52293. David Sher  
52292. Don Passman  
52291. Karen Einsidler I am horrified.
52290. Nathan Berneman Please remove this site which promotes hate
52289. Loren Zeisler  
52288. mel romane  
52287. Dubi Benyamini Horrible!
52286. Sam marks  
52285. Marie Erlbaum  
52284. Tim Bentley As a non-Jew I find jewwatch.com highly offensive. It should not be listed high on the Google list.
52283. rob goldman  
52282. Bryan Schwartz  
52281. Kathryn B. Eil  
52280. Lori S Dotterer  
52279. John Hough  
52278. Michael Klein  
52277. Carolyn Marks freedom of speech has its limits( See Justice Brandeis)this is one example of a limit needed
52276. Glenn Steinberg  
52275. Shari Lidsky  
52274. karen richman remove jewwatch.com from Google
52273. Bernie Joseph  
52272. Eli Margolin  
52271. Melanie Tiahrt  
52270. Rosylin Feldman  
52269. Mindy White  
52268. jerry partovich find this website inappropriate, misleading & hateful
52267. allen dubbrin  
52266. Rosylin Feldman  
52265. Rosylin Feldman  
52264. Dr. Baryohay Davidoff  
52263. irwin davis  
52262. Richard Bell  
52261. Stacey Konowitz  
52260. Henry H. Sussman  
52259. Sue Gartzman  
52258. Paul Hernandez  
52257. Jody Spiegel  
52256. Rebecca L. Gunn  
52255. Deb Kagei  
52254. Denise Norber  
52253. Alysia Brazin  
52252. J. Adler Remove
52251. Emilie Ajani  
52250. Marlene Sykes  
52249. Susanne Katchko  
52248. Iris Haas it is disgusting to help in publicizing such a site!
52246. Marion F. Adler put this site in the "anti-semitic" category
52245. Jack Bramel  
52244. Jennifer Roberts  
52243. Michael Greene  
52242. barbara mccormick  
52241. Lisa Beth Goldstein  
52240. Janet Russell  
52239. nat linhardt  
52238. Jackie  
52237. Jonathan Winter  
52236. Harry  
52235. Moishe  
52234. Susan Seigerman  
52233. Robert Elman  
52231. carolyn altalef google should be ashamed of having sites like this
52230. Vitaly Lubart  
52229. Jonathan Solursh  
52228. Ronald Freeman This sort of thing should not be here.
52227. Richard H. Borman  
52226. Patti Short  
52225. amy kornblau  
52224. Terryn Barill  
52223. Beth Sherman  
52222. M. David Epstein  
52221. Laura Lee Garfinkel This is really offensive to me.
52220. Amnon Gavish  
52219. Beth Poslosky  
52218. Milton Roth  
52217. Joseph Levy  
52216. benito higer  
52215. Isobel Griner unbelievable
52214. Marlene Sykes  
52213. Harris Shore  
52212. Gregory Michael please remove jewwatch from the top of google's search engine. it misaccurately reflects the result of someone seeking information on one of the world's major religions.
52211. Marian  
52210. Susan Hawkins Sager  
52209. Natalie Dornfest  
52208. Clare Flanagan  
52207. Mercedes Saewitz  
52206. Sara Stern  
52205. Sanford Danziger The Holacaust not again!!!
52204. hagai ben zeev  
52203. A Johnson terrible, awful, get it off the number 1 spot, or just get rid of it
52202. Mark  
52201. Erika Krafft-Jentzsch  
52200. catherine lelah  
52199. Elliott L. Katz  
52198. Donald Jacobson  
52197. Bertram E. Busch  
52196. frank  
52195. Joseph Levy  
52194. Lizbeth Stein  
52193. Jayme Jensn  
52192. ofi gal  
52191. Lucy Williams  
52190. Denise Rooks  
52189. M.Curth  
52188. Stanley Dornfest  
52187. Muriel Rosenfield  
52186. Andrea Moriah  
52184. Robin Berk  
52183. Yaakov Dorian Please remove this site from your search enging
52182. gary belnick south africa
52181. Belinda Marcuse  
52180. Carl  
52179. Nancy Gart  
52178. Douglas Hunter Is one really needed!!!
52177. gale prokapchak  
52176. STEPHANIE  
52175. Meryl Mann  
52174. Michael Sherman this site has taken advantage of google's algorithm. please remove this site.
52173. s. cherry  
52172. Dana Simpson  
52171. Susan Levy At this time of increasing world wide antisemitism it is vital that such antisemtic internet sites be removed
52170. S. Hirsch  
52169. Martin Hislop  
52168. Sofia Zukerman the world is blind
52167. robert kalechofsky  
52166. Isidore Helfand  
52165. Judith G. Lichtig  
52164. M.John Kennedy  
52163. Terri Coppersmith  
52162. Allen M. Reidel  
52161. David Small  
52160. Leo M Colman  
52159. dirk  
52158. Ilan Shwartz  
52157. Jennifer Malnick  
52156. milt wolson  
52155. J.M. DeMatteis  
52154. Jodi Shore  
52153. Leslie MacKay times up
52152. Herb Pomarantz  
52151. Phyllis  
52150. alan gartner  
52149. F.P.Teitelbaum Spreading hate,in any form, does not help any situation
52148. Rosalie Skolnik  
52147. Allen Gurevich  
52146. gideon raz  
52145. ss bernstein  
52144. Richard Hart Schwartz please remove this offensive site
52143. Ary  
52142. Helene Kutnick  
52141. Goyim Gentilia Free speech, it's not just for JEWS anymore! Deal with it.
52140. Brenda Gelfond  
52139. Laura Konigsberg Please remove immediately, over 50k signatures
52138. Mark Bernstein  
52137. george muskal  
52136. Shmuel Johnson  
52135. Madeline Long hate begets hate
52134. Jocelyn Friedman  
52133. Sarah Weinberg  
52132. Vivian Lazerson  
52131. Josh Rawitch  
52130. Graciela B. Conner  
52129. Shawna  
52128. dave moskovitz  
52127. michael feld  
52126. Gerald Wasserman  
52125. Gail Orzechowski  
52124. Elis Imboden  
52123. Gail Lockwood Anti-semitism does not deserve free speech
52122. PH I am very disappointed with Google
52121. Toby Helfand  
52120. Linda Yama  
52119. David Miller  
52118. Amy Cheshire  
52117. H. WOLFE  
52116. rochocz they should not be any hate sites in google
52115. al  
52114. Karen Miller  
52113. Benjami Leibowiotz  
52112. Mike  
52111. Bert Siegel  
52110. Paula Feldman That is disgraceful
52109. Jennifer Manley  
52108. elias misri  
52107. haim shalev  
52106. Francine Shisler  
52105. Sharon Kohn  
52104. Bob Milrad Not worthy of your search engine!
52103. Blanche Postelnek  
52102. Diane Kerr this is not acceptable. remove immediately
52101. Simon Bernstein  
52099. Milton Greenstein  
52098. Lynette Liquori  
52097. Anthony Libretti  
52096. J Palay  
52094. Deborah E. Kantrowitz  
52093. anne levin  
52092. Jennifer I. Lenway  
52091. Hadassa Gilbert I am reluctant to interfere with anybody's right to express an opinion, but this site incites violent behavior and is thus beyond the protections of the First Ammendment
52090. Brent Blaustein  
52089. Naomi Zahavi  
52088. carol slote bernstein  
52087. Mimi Guernica  
52086. Lissa Marquez  
52085. Lawrence Riesenbach  
52084. Keren Carmel What a sickening misuse of our valuable right to freedom of speech
52083. Linda Chapman  
52082. JWB š
52081. Janet A. Rivkin I am a born baptized Chrisitian!
52080. H. Browning  
52079. Ruth Cole  
52078. David Mandel  
52077. Alan I Miller, MD  
52075. Barbara Anne Smith Discrimination has to be crushed.
52074. Adam Beder remove hate
52073. Brad Lauter  
52072. LS Alpern  
52071. Roy M. Rosenbluth  
52070. Kristin Delaney  
52069. Stan Beyderman  
52068. Tom Supa  
52067. Karen Walls  
52066. michal  
52065. gert saken  
52064. Rachel Amburgey  
52063. l.lennard in very bad taste
52062. Freema Hillman  
52061. Miriam Westheimer  
52060. Sarajane Winkelman Definitely remove it!
52059. cindy kates  
52058. mike gurtler  
52057. Julie Strauss  
52056. mitchell silver  
52055. Noa Farber  
52054. Donald True Van Deusen The listing at least ought not to first and lacking clarification as to its antisemitic tone.Google is a great search device incidentally and should not be so difficult to reach by e-mail.
52053. Leo M Colman  
52052. susan sloan google's "jew" references are a disgrace
52051. Rick Felperin  
52050. Ethan Lotnick This site should be removed immeadiately
52049. Whitford  
52048. Jessica  
52047. evelyn D'angelo  
52046. Lawrence Kamm  
52045. Howard Kolner  
52044. N. K.  
52043. Dr. Constance Buck  
52042. Darlene Garcia  
52041. Nance Lodge  
52040. Doron Isaacs remove it
52039. avraham reiss google does anything for money ....
52038. Ruth Feist  
52037. Alison I hope that the Google representatives can adhere to the removal of this site through their search engine. Thank you.
52036. Ron Lerner  
52035. M. van Breederoode-Pollack  
52034. Madge Breslof  
52033. Kevin Corrigan  
52032. patricia phillips please remove this ofensive site
52031. Charles Rosenberg  
52030. Ronnie Hammer REMOVE JewWatch.com
52029. dvorit ronen norman  
52028. Amit BAchar  
52027. Mildred Wolfson  
52026. Harry Garson You're either with us or against us! It's your choice
52025. Heather Ronovech  
52024. murray krane  
52023. willard r. newman  
52022. Michael Bash Get it off!
52021. Joan Hecht REMOVE JewWAtch.com
52020. David Speyer  
52019. Heather Janules  
52018. Daphne Brill  
52017. rhonda wehner please remove JewWatch from Google
52016. Alexander E. Emanuel Shame!
52015. Jack Hunt  
52014. kosta  
52013. Emily  
52012. Herman S. Palarz  
52011. Trudy Gefen  
52010. Jody Vaccaro Disgusting! I can't believe that Google promotes and enables others to use this anti semetic site.
52009. Lewis Abulafia Ê
52008. Lisa Carlson  
52007. Rachel Minkin  
52006. paul sheitel  
52005. David Harris  
52004. Colin Roberts  
52003. Stuart O. Schweitzer  
52002. John Schwartz  
52001. Damon Get rid of the sight
52000. Benz Kotzen  
51999. Attila Weinberger  
51998. Kirsten horrifying - please correct this dreadful point
51997. Pam Davis URGENT!!!
51996. Laura Plotkin Let's keep hate from being the first thing people encounter when they look up my religion via the search engine
51995. sarah and norman grill  
51994. Cindy  
51993. Marci L. Goodman  
51992. Mark Richer  
51991. Leslie Kaas Pollock  
51990. sharon  
51989. Paula Abulafia Ê
51988. ryan simons  
51987. Pamela Kray  
51986. Suzanne Parkus  
51985. Maeleine I urge Google to get rid of this site and show a more balanced view
51984. Lisa And Lester Lotnick I think that that just shows how ignorant people really are if they believe that stuff
51983. Deborah Spence  
51982. Betsy August for shame, you guys should know better
51981. Henry KUTTNER  
51980. Paul Heisler  
51979. Danielle far more people are hurt by this website than could ever benefit from it
51978. Sergio Oberlander  
51977. Johnny Moeller  
51976. Eugene Podkaminer  
51975. Gloria Bayne Please remove site.
51974. sloane rhulen  
51973. Janice  
51972. lee liberman  
51971. haggai carmon  
51970. Brian Glusman  
51969. lelie Jammer dat het niet automatisch verwijderd wordt
51968. nancy adess  
51967. Janice Sindler  
51966. susan ferbank  
51965. Colleen Wood  
51964. Rosalind Zitner  
51963. Michael Katz  
51962. Julio Hirsch  
51961. Elizabeth Ness We all have a duty to sign this!
51960. Ron Gould  
51959. Kathy Fistouris  
51958. bert schmaltz  
51957. Kevin Taylor  
51956. ALFRED LEWALD this should not be necessary! WHY GOGGLE IS THIS FIRST??
51955. Ann Goldenberg  
51954. Alvin E. Preiser  
51953. steve  
51952. Diana Krikunez  
51951. Michelle Solomon Continuing to provide this link is an outrage!!
51950. Paula  
51949. sigal friedmann  
51948. jamies stevens  
51947. jennifer  
51946. Marcie Davies  
51945. Daniel Kolber  
51944. j jacobs  
51943. Charles Greenberg  
51942. lucas  
51941. Norton Garfinkle  
51940. hilla levy  
51939. Erin Shnier  
51938. itzik  
51937. Randi  
51936. ronald fruitman  
51935. Marilyn Doof  
51934. Carol Farmer  
51933. Ebru Bulbul-Gulses  
51932. Gayle S. Preiser  
51931. Linda Triffon  
51930. Carolyn Seiff  
51929. erin mcnaughton  
51928. Lee Haspel  
51927. Lucas Bragg This is a shame google pemits this
51926. Rosemary Larson  
51925. Nadia Igudesman š
51924. Georgiann Cooper  
51923. norman shapiro this type of bigotry should be stopped!
51922. Phlip Furgang  
51921. David Polsky  
51920. Janis Kotler  
51919. Carol Koenig It would be in everyone's best interest
51918. eileen becker  
51917. Randy Levinson  
51916. Ruth Bodoff  
51915. Leslie Karren  
51914. Hilma Unterberger I usually love Google!
51913. Danny M. Sheena  
51912. Erin Krasman  
51911. Lloyd Pollack  
51910. kevin stolper  
51909. Jerome Gillman If jewwatch is not dropped, I shall drop Google and advise everyone I know to check jewwatch and decide.
51908. Michael J. Miranda  
51906. Michelle Haley REMOVE THIS SITE
51905. Elona Meyronne  
51904. Brian Frank  
51903. Debby Hirshman  
51902. Noam Knoller  
51901. arnoldo gelman  
51900. Eugene Weixel  
51899. Lisa Greengard Google, I am very disappointed...
51898. Lisa Tane  
51897. louise sheehy  
51896. scott heiman  
51895. Leah Levin  
51894. ann blumenthal  
51893. Evelyn Meyers  
51892. Cheryl Cohen  
51891. Merle Fischlowitz  
51890. Claudio Hepner  
51889. Lonny bramzon  
51888. Adam Rosenthal Remove Link!
51887. Joy Auslander  
51886. Sheryl Robert  
51885. Ludwik Stawowy  
51884. Eitan Sasson  
51883. shirley greenberg  
51882. Rhoda Brand  
51881. Sandra Friedman  
51880. Samantha Nerden  
51879. Joan Newman Freedom is paramount but shouldn't truth be, too?
51878. Liz Armstrong  
51877. Richard Levy anti-semitism will not be tolerated.
51876. Elaine Gould  
51875. joan porat This website is purposely intended to incite hatred against Jews. By listing it, Google gives it the appearance of legitimacy. Remove this dangerous weapon.
51874. Lana Zaretsky  
51873. Ellen Gray  
51872. Steven Rubinstein  
51871. Hope Lichtsinn  
51870. Lori Schprechman  
51869. Todd Gordon  
51868. Joyce Goldman  
51867. Nate Wells  
51866. Jeffrey Gallen get rid of this horrible site
51865. Norman Meyers  
51864. Justin Uditsky  
51863. Aili Lazaar  
51862. Yelena Gurevich  
51861. irena jacobson  
51860. Candy K  
51859. Stephen Burns  
51858. Susie Tap  
51857. roni lewis  
51856. Mona Yahia  
51855. eric.adelman@valueoptions.com Please remove this hateful site from the search engine
51854. Eugene Kane  
51853. Tom Carhart  
51852. vera and frits pront-sajkevic  
51851. Assaf Holtzman  
51850. Jennifer MacGregor  
51849. Jackie Perchik  
51848. Aram Elovic  
51847. cheryl bramzon  
51846. Anda Auram must be removed!!!
51845. Linda Newman  
51844. Paula S.Oreck  
51843. Felicia Engel  
51842. sheila bush  
51841. Michele Woodruff end hatred.
51840. jew  
51839. Donna Chapin  
51838. Alice and Horace Chandler  
51837. Pamela Pullman This is not the first time anti-Israel or Jewish sites are recognized by your engine in legitmate searches. Your process needs to be revised.
51836. Steven Sklansky  
51835. Norman Lepor  
51834. samuel bramzon  
51833. John Goldman  
51832. Gabi Tolerance defines a human
51831. eric  
51830. Alan Platoff  
51829. Robin Schwartzman  
51828. Ernst Salamon  
51827. Sheila Vail  
51826. jay rodgers  
51825. Matthew Fleischer  
51824. suzanne brown  
51823. Richard Segal  
51822. Perry H. Friesler  
51821. Ruth Kwartin  
51820. Arthur Wagner  
51819. Melanie Patterson help to stop spreading hate
51818. Bonnie Beer  
51817. Shelley Miller as a regular Google user, I was disappointed to find this out and would be very pleased if the site was removed
51815. Melvin Silon  
51814. Johnny Berger  
51813. N. Levine Remove website & links for JewWatch.com
51812. Floyd Segel  
51811. Naomi Farley Please remove this site from your search engine.The information may be for educational purposes, however the name of the site is incredibly offensive.
51810. luba poliak  
51809. Maggie Sontag  
51808. michael zimmerman  
51807. Nersi Boussina  
51806. R. Rose  
51805. sara barkon  
51804. Deborah Clark  
51803. Beverly Berlin A terrible name for this website!
51802. jeremy hollis  
51801. hilton geartner  
51800. Mindy Bobkin  
51799. Natalie  
51798. Leslie  
51797. Leslie Haber  
51796. Yefet  
51795. Jeff Garlikov  
51794. Ellen Goldman  
51793. Mona Yahia  
51792. Elaine Albin  
51791. zehava appel  
51790. shira brezis  
51789. Ted Demme  
51788. Sara Walfish Offensive
51787. Pavel  
51786. Lauren Hall How unfortunate that Google Management hasn't taken a moral & intelligent step on their own, too easy to hide behind statistical rhetoric
51785. Reuben Wides  
51784. Sarah Spigel  
51783. Peter A. Hegedus  
51782. Elana Barry  
51781. SAMAK  
51780. Jeffrey Katz  
51779. Audrey Cronin  
51778. Liz Sak  
51777. Ellyn Yishai  
51776. Sean Cassidy  
51775. judy solomon  
51774. Marcia Grayson  
51773. A. Springer  
51772. Gerald Fialkov  
51771. A. Ashley Hoff  
51770. Lillian Miselewicz  
51769. Sheila D. Acevedo Remove JewWatch.com
51768. L.. Hillary Elting remove!
51767. Alan Rado All antisemitism must be stopped
51766. Stacy Spodick  
51765. Colette GURT  
51764. Gerald Shanker  
51763. Shirley Podolnick  
51761. Heather Shapiro  
51760. Jodie Faber please remove!!!!
51759. michael  
51758. Zach Landes  
51757. les denis it is not helpful to have hate websites against any race or religion.it stirs up trouble.
51756. Renee Sandler  
51755. Laura Adler I cannot believe it's taking this much for you to change the link. Shame on you.
51754. Bill Bird  
51753. jennifer Coon-Wallman  
51752. Marlene Jaffe  
51751. simy pearson  
51750. Dina Naiman Ê
51749. Raj Raghavan  
51748. Maurissa Morgan Disgusting virulent hateful bigoted website
51747. Dustin Bouma  
51746. Jill Johnson  
51745. Herb Cohen do the right thing...amen
51744. NAN FARCUS  
51743. john liebman  
51742. Shklyar Ben Zion  
51741. michele Goren  
51740. audrey gold to fuel anti-semitism with such a website is acrimonious and unpatriotic, a major step backwards to a world attempting to tred the difficult path to peace.
51739. Robin Benavides  
51738. Jodi Bouma  
51737. Jared Schwartz  
51736. Rachel Kovel  
51735. Farzad Yadidian  
51734. Jackie Weisman  
51733. R. Bregman  
51732. Daniel Friedman  
51731. Kristen Perlman  
51730. Raphael  
51729. Natalie Orenstein  
51728. Ronit Shoham  
51727. Ross Bieling  
51726. Stanley & Barbara Sherman Never Again
51725. robert s. mirman  
51724. Jeffi Farquharson  
51723. Arthur D. Kaufman remove the anti-semite "jew" from google
51722. harriet radman  
51720. Pamela Burdman  
51719. Glenn Martin  
51718. maya benyehuda  
51717. Adina Brownstein  
51716. Arthur Abramowitz Disgusting and pushes freedom of speech to its limits
51715. Dr. MJ Shane  
51714. Jodi Gordon  
51713. Gary M. Bagliebter  
51712. Marcia L. Wakoff It should not require signatures to remove such a hateful site.
51711. Sally Levitt  
51710. caryn englander  
51709. Pamina Gorbach  
51708. Leslie Flamenbaum  
51707. stephanie lehrer  
51706. Allyne Price  
51705. Joyce Silverman disgraceful!!
51704. Marissa Langleben  
51703. Lynn Stein  
51702. Shirley W. Palley  
51701. lisa gordon  
51700. Linda Kalinowski  
51699. Andrea Rudolph  
51698. Elizabeth Linde  
51697. Jo di Orozco  
51696. Deborah Kallick get rid of this hatred
51695. Brett Willner  
51694. Peggy Weller Please remove JewWatch.com from you search engine.
51693. Norman Nevins Remove this link
51692. richard lang  
51691. stuart marowitz  
51690. harold  
51689. A. Toff  
51688. l s price  
51687. Charlotte Walters This is outrageous and undermines our democracy. Hate speech hurts free speech.
51685. Roberta Spalter please remove promptly
51684. rita golomb outragous
51683. Laurel Martin  
51682. Dale Rice Rosenstock  
51681. anna beverley  
51680. R A Breland  
51679. Michael Nasch Very antisemitic
51678. Honey  
51677. tina  
51676. James Sampliner  
51675. Leyna Bernstein  
51674. erin  
51673. JUDITH WENZ  
51672. Regina  
51671. Jessey Bernstein  
51670. Bernard Unger  
51669. terri thank you for listening
51668. Joanna Fetter  
51667. Dennis Flamenbaum  
51666. Peggy Weller Please remove JewWatch.com from you search engine.
51665. marty lewis you should be ashamed
51664. Connie Gasperino  
51663. Goyim Gentilia Free speech, it's not just for JEWS anymore! Deal with it.
51661. Howard Fried this is pure hate literature, nothing academic or scholarly about it!
51660. Susan Shapiro I believe in freedom of speech but this site should not be anywhere near first when typing in Jew for a google search
51659. charlie bensinger  
51658. Sonny Yuen  
51657. barbara friedman this is horrible and needs to be stopped.
51656. Irwin H. Zaetz Please remove this distasteful site from your search engine.
51653. Jeff Mallek  
51652. Gil  
51651. Alex Zilberberg  
51650. Charles Stein  
51649. Matt Kanter  
51648. Susan Goldstein  
51647. Estie Hudes  
51646. Alexandra Szucs  
51645. Rochelle Kitchen  
51644. Janice Cane  
51643. barbara friedman this is horrible and needs to be stopped.
51642. Daniel Pulvers  
51641. Norman Katz Colonel, MC. USAR (ret.)  
51640. Raylene Godel  
51639. Sandy Handler  
51638. Cindy Beer  
51637. Steve Naiman Ê
51636. Sam Fleiser  
51635. Daniel Weinsberg  
51634. Shirley Markman this is disgusting
51633. Barbara Abrams  
51632. ROBERT WENZ  
51631. marion abramowitz This website promotes darkness to civilization
51630. john best please remove !!!
51629. Ira Rosen  
51628. Edgar Romano  
51627. Debra Weinsberg  
51626. Adam Ilicki. MD, PhD  
51625. Emily Salner  
51624. Allan Cantor  
51623. Jerilyn Turoff I urge Google to remove this hateful site from its search engine
51622. arnold glenn  
51621. P.Smal  
51620. mili appell stop this hatred, stop NOW!!!! enough...
51619. yotam  
51618. Abraham Zeira  
51617. Jeanie Singer  
51616. Caryn Epstein  
51615. Diane Adler As a Jew I find this site very disturbing and ask that it be removed
51614. Howard Saks nasty site
51613. Jeffrey Katz What the HELL is this site doing on google?! So much for my using this search engine any more. Off to dogpile!
51612. Diane Green  
51611. Doris Kagan  
51610. Anita Lerman Do the right thing immediately
51609. Sandra L. Bloom  
51608. Andy Kabbe  
51607. Josh Schachter I cannot believe that this was a site on google
51606. Trudy Chapman Please remove this hateful site!
51605. susan linden  
51604. J. Michael Mollohan Does Jew Watch pay for prime placement? If so, taking their money and listing them is reprehensible. If not and it's the luck of the draw, so be it.
51603. Linda Branch  
51601. Lee Netzer  
51600. Sally Nemenyi  
51599. norman fishkin  
51598. Michele Sabattini  
51597. Barbara Zukin  
51596. kalms  
51595. stuart marcus how did this ever happen?
51594. Aaron Kaufman don't be stupid, remove the link. it's hateful. they even have a link on their site to how MLK Jr. was a sex-crazed, alcholic who claimed to "f--- for G-d" ... I mean, do you want to be known as the search engine to use if you want to become a Nazi???
51593. D. Petrasek  
51592. Dan Newman This is offensive!
51591. L Friedman  
51590. Larry Angert  
51588. Larry Bond  
51587. Les Birken  
51585. Jerome K. Grossman  
51584. Jennie  
51583. Ruth Katz how embarrassing this site exists in 2004. Shame on Google for allowing it!
51582. amy levinson this is unacceptable
51581. Daniel Reider  
51580. Steven Menkes You should be ashamed of yourselves allowing such a site to exist. Hopefully, you will remove this site and in addition, you should issue an apology for your lack of conscience.
51579. Edward Shuman  
51578. Scott Goverman  
51577. Joan Rozen  
51576. Silvia Duquelsky  
51575. Marsha Hallet  
51574. RUTH SENDER  
51573. bonny finberg I believe in freedom of speech, but this site should be put on the 200th page of any search engine, not the first thing you see for the word "jew."
51572. Sam Schneider The website and it's links are highly offensive, anti-Jew, anti-black, anti-decent human being; please remove it
51571. Israelovitch, sarah remove from this from your site
51570. bennett cale  
51569. Seth Winberg  
51568. Ariel Sundel  
51567. Leslie  
51566. Kimberly Krno  
51565. Leah A. Spivey  
51564. laura wasserman  
51563. Alfred Goldstein  
51562. morris werbin  
51561. Peter S. Kaplan The website is a sickening display of Jewish hatred
51560. Natalie Lapidot-Croitoru  
51559. geri pell  
51558. robert cohen  
51557. Dyan Glazer  
51556. Goyim Free speech, it's not just for JEWS anymore! Deal with it.
51554. Sheldon Roth  
51553. Gerald Hundert  
51552. Joe  
51551. Ellen S. Abramowitz  
51550. Alyse Kobin Remove this please immediately
51549. inbal fogel  
51548. Kanoo Patel Forgive AND Forget
51547. Charlene Sloane please remove jewwatch.com for the seach engine
51546. Kathleen F Starkey  
51545. Richard Wood  
51544. Carrie  
51543. Lynn Ferstein  
51542. Mauricio Duquelsky  
51540. Silvio Nachim  
51539. omri lapid  
51538. Richard Weston Please do the right thing and remove this hateful listing
51536. Herman Miller, M.D.  
51535. Amy  
51534. Jessica Braun  
51533. benay rubenstein  
51532. Bob Rosenstock  
51531. Sidney Dickstein I do not understand enough about the algorithms by which Google positions its search responses, but I strongly suspect that it is subject to manipulation, and, in this case, has been manipulated by anti-semitic organizations and individuals.
51530. Mark J. Yaffe  
51529. julia rosenberg  
51528. Ichai Laurent  
51527. Deborah J. Ross MORE POWER TO YOU!
51526. Harry glazer  
51525. Harriet Sake disgraceful site
51524. roi safra  
51523. Odette Levy  
51522. Rob Bond  
51521. Scott Schiff  
51520. linda shaw PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT and remove this.
51519. J H Lowy Too bad, now you are just another hemoroid.
51518. Thomas A Levin Please remove this site from Google
51517. Claudio Fernando Cassius  
51516. Lila Singer  
51515. Eveline Schaffer  
51514. marvin eisenstadt  
51513. Robert Schey  
51512. Chaya Colodner  
51511. Anne Maurer  
51510. Glenn Zimmerman  
51509. A. Sklar  
51508. Sara Bromley  
51507. Al Holbert  
51506. levie  
51505. Todd Kimmelman  
51504. robin price  
51503. Tamar Avishai  
51502. Jerome R Sereboff  
51501. Martin Kitaeff  
51500. adam kitaiv  
51499. D. benny Younesi remove Jewwatch.com
51498. paul steven stone  
51497. Annie Leiser  
51496. Sheri Rapaport  
51495. Martie Adelman  
51494. stan garelick  
51493. roger valligny hard to beleive in this day and age. a goy
51492. Naomi Levi  
51491. Andrew Papazian  
51490. Andres Pinter  
51489. Judie Weiss  
51488. bernard baer  
51487. Ronald Roston  
51486. Arthur Solomon  
51485. Y. Lagendijk  
51484. Clayman Suzanne  
51483. Hadar  
51482. Cynthia Smilovici  
51481. Sidney Rosenblatt  
51480. Jacob Fenton  
51479. C Chang  
51478. sara wollenstein  
51477. Marc Schneider  
51476. Martin Salama  
51475. Jan Jackman  
51474. debbie klotz  
51473. patricia greenberg  
51472. SALVYN WALD  
51471. Werner Wolf  
51470. susan carson  
51469. Archie Goodman Hate sites not wanted
51468. Hazel Vaughn  
51467. Joan H Sereboff Thank you for doing this.
51466. Dawn B.  
51465. nir melnikov  
51464. David Peress  
51462. Eran Salmon  
51461. j. cohen  
51460. Oren Tasini  
51459. Robert Klein  
51458. HERB  
51457. Sharon Burris-Brown  
51456. reene katz  
51455. Sam Banayan, Esq.  
51454. Sheila McCoy I would have preferred simply making this come up later, not asking removal.
51453. T Goldstone  
51452. Ali  
51451. deborah pensak baer  
51450. Roberta Gottlieb  
51449. Edie Cohen-Lazowick  
51448. Michael Harris  
51447. Aaron Kaufman At the very least, you need to change the hit percentage on that site so that it is not the #1 returned
51446. Karen Rine  
51445. L. B. Starr-Tabah  
51444. Zvi Amid  
51443. Cindy McComb Eliminate!
51441. Charon Chaifetz  
51440. William Lippy  
51439. Shannon Weidman  
51438. Taryn Zimmerman  
51437. Michael Vilarello  
51436. abby please remove
51435. Judith Alexander  
51434. Jill Gollinger  
51433. Suzanne Newberg  
51432. Michelle Rudolph  
51431. lindy miller  
51430. Rotem Wald  
51429. Jane Fried  
51428. dafna amir  
51427. E. Shulman  
51426. Sarah Singer-Nourie  
51425. Paula Diamond  
51424. Debra Leigh-Stephenson  
51423. Bridget Merrill  
51422. Stanley Averbach absolutely disgusting!
51421. Tina Neumann  
51420. randi satnick  
51419. Cheryl Shechtman  
51418. T Bar Yadin  
51417. Pablo Brenner  
51416. Janet Vinograd  
51415. I. Hoffman  
51414. Shari Hamilton-Piercy  
51413. Ann PittelSchwartz Remove
51411. Anteneh Belay it is devisible. unnecessary. Please remove it.
51410. Michelle Bastien  
51409. Judy Hante I am a frequent user of Google and would appreciate your consideration in this unusual matter. Thank you.
51408. Joyce Rothchild  
51407. Allison Adler  
51406. Katherine Moss  
51405. Ellen Weiss  
51404. Alex Bart  
51403. moshe bina  
51402. Jonathon Storm I will boycott Google permanently if this is not permanently changed; additionally, I will tell friends about this with the goal of getting them to boycott Google.
51401. mark scharf  
51400. Marilyn Pincus  
51399. Lonnie J. Guralnick  
51398. Leonard S. Reich we find this to be very offensive and request immmediate removal
51395. Stanley Averbach absolutely disgusting!
51394. Josh Jacobs  
51393. Elizabeth Erickson  
51392. Anne Andrew  
51391. George Rosinger We hope you remove this hateful website from your seach engine.
51390. Neeraj Bali  
51389. Alan Morgenstern  
51388. Debra Siegel  
51387. Aaron Pincus  
51386. Ron Pitt  
51385. Jack Grover  
51384. benji sucher  
51383. Herschel L. Langenthal  
51382. Herman Jaffe  
51381. j celestine I will not use google until jewwatch is removed
51380. Russ Fallowes  
51379. DBerger Enough Hate!
51378. Ruth C.  
51377. Milton Mollick Get this hate filth of the net
51376. H.Hornung  
51375. Peter Junge It is a disgrace that you seem unable to ascertain what is good and what is wrong
51374. Adam Rubinstein  
51372. Valerie Shepherd  
51371. I Abramowitz  
51370. Stephen Klein  
51369. Paull E. Rubin Be responsible, remove this site now
51368. Farrell Fand This should not be allowed.
51367. Katherine Haynes Sanstad I am a loyal user of Google and want this site removed so I don't have to switch search engines.
51366. Melissa Wardle  
51365. Jacqueline Ruderman  
51364. Dorothy Sherman Google should be condemmed for this
51363. lindahoyes  
51362. Rose Weber  
51361. Kevin Berson  
51360. Betty Williamson  
51359. Amy Wilson  
51358. Lisa Gottstein  
51357. Jessica  
51356. Karen Abrams  
51355. Kaila Cramer  
51354. Sam Riegel I will not use google until this is fixed.
51353. Steve Meyers  
51352. Janis google must monitor hate sites like this with out being petitioned to do so. thanks
51351. Jonathan Horovitz  
51350. Arthur Plitt For shame
51349. Robin Kahn  
51348. Melanie Kenefsky  
51347. judy pinchuk I am uncomfortable using google with jewatch so prominantly placed.
51346. Joyce Rosinger Please remove this hateful website from your seach engine.
51345. Paul H. Green  
51344. Rosalind Lippel  
51343. Karen Pasquale  
51342. Rozanna  
51341. francine gelman Horrible! Stop it Now
51340. Brenda Greenfeld  
51339. Jeremy Klaven Why is this even a question? This is a hate site, that can lead to hate crimes???
51338. Noah Fuhrman any form of hate is unnacceptable, disgusting, and should be stopped
51337. doris savoy isnt their enough hate in the world
51336. T Yocum  
51335. Lisa Hanser  
51334. T Bar yadin  
51333. M. Pinsky  
51332. Gershen Rosenblum  
51331. M.A. Shalet  
51330. Abby Rosner The site is shameful
51329. jay brodsky this site is as disappointing as it is disgusting. It deals a blow to the heart and stomach of all free thinking, rational humans. How sad. How dangerous.
51328. lindahoyes  
51327. Steve Miller  
51326. marj  
51325. Rebecca A. Askew  
51324. Lilian Kravzov  
51323. Christina Silvers  
51322. Robert W. Hochstadt  
51321. Sara Sands  
51320. Lisa  
51319. Larry Lowe REMOVE IT NOW!
51318. Susan Montauk  
51317. Victoria Reiter  
51316. Robin LoGuidice  
51315. Becky Schumacher  
51314. doug schleicher  
51313. Iliescu  
51312. David Thrope  
51311. Jay Gamerman  
51310. Sharon Lazerson  
51309. Howard Lichtman  
51308. Jon  
51307. gary zipper Google :DO THE RIGHT THING
51306. jack  
51305. Carolyn Rosenthal  
51304. Edmund Nevin  
51303. John Pryor  
51302. Elaine Zion  
51301. Bruce Meizlish  
51300. Dolores Patricia Steinberg Is there not enough hatred in this world and enough lies without encouraging more.
51299. Ron Wolf  
51298. Jill Eisenberg  
51297. David Westheim  
51296. MILLICENT LEVINE get JewWatch.com off the internet
51295. L.Gordon  
51294. Talya Baharal  
51293. Edy Baron  
51292. Linda Weinmann  
51291. Lisa Goldman I cannot condone any form of bigotry or hate.
51290. Rebecca Gamble  
51289. Robert Howard  
51288. Eric Schwartz  
51287. Della L. Marcus Coming from a Jewish family fo which many died in the Holocaust and as a Baha'i which condones religious intolerance, I sincerely hope that Google will heed this plea!
51286. Shirley Laniado  
51285. Aaron Micu  
51284. norman dinowitz  
51283. robin  
51282. michael ryan As a Christian, I am disgusted by this
51281. pam miller  
51280. Leah Koenig thank you for your consideration
51279. Maureen Gillespie  
51278. jim feldman  
51277. Michal Humer  
51276. R Fried  
51275. Steven Fleischer  
51274. Jacob Dallek  
51273. David Rich  
51272. Nadia Leffel  
51271. Michael Katchman  
51270. Karen  
51269. William S. Hauser  
51268. Rachel Levin  
51267. Sonora Chase Unacceptable web site
51266. Ray Kaplan  
51265. Glenda Cravens  
51264. Michele Schipper  
51263. Marvin Rosenberg  
51262. Larry Davis  
51261. Marion Koebner  
51260. Barbara Beckerman  
51259. Leonard Gusel  
51258. Veronica Balassa  
51257. Cynthia Bagel  
51256. Marvin Goodman  
51255. Denise Voluck  
51254. Abigail  
51253. Jessica Gilbert  
51252. Samela Kaplan So saddening
51251. Loan  
51250. Lloyd A. Burak  
51249. Nicole Mager  
51248. lauren wolf  
51247. sharon norman  
51246. charlotte dinowitz shame on you google
51245. Natalee S. Fogel  
51244. Susan Galler  
51243. Brett Jacobs  
51242. Nancy Fett  
51241. Lenore Hahn  
51240. Michael Gurian It is morally right to remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
51239. Arnold Menzer  
51238. Bruce L. Baker  
51237. D. Arvelo thank you for helping to stop hatred for no reason
51236. Lisa Pierce  
51235. howard marget  
51234. Jane Dystel  
51233. David Gilden  
51232. Sum  
51231. flossie j p sciarillo  
51230. Linda and Stanley Gratt  
51229. Barbara Kahn  
51228. Lauren  
51227. Adrian Vandenberg  
51226. geri sloan how hateful their message is
51225. Art Fishman  
51224. Susan Friedeberg  
51223. f e cappell  
51222. Jill  
51221. Claire Schour  
51220. Albert Greenberg  
51219. Steviann Yanowitz  
51218. William A. Ditkowsky M.D.  
51217. W. Tabatch  
51215. Caryl Shapiro  
51214. Tina Kassman  
51213. Gale K. Bergen  
51212. Nina Liebman  
51211. Katie Isselhardt  
51210. Andrea Engel  
51209. Gail Reid-Gurian Please remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine!
51208. susan  
51207. Selene please remove this website
51206. George Lovitt, I question your published explanation of the decision to continue using this website.
51205. Lauren Oberman Please remove the site
51204. Gary Cohen  
51203. Gail Uhl  
51202. Patti Linsky  
51201. Howard E. Knispel  
51200. Lauren Frances take it off!!
51199. aida cutler  
51198. marcia wallace  
51197. Nicola  
51196. Brian Goldberg  
51195. Elliot Bezrack  
51194. Jack Cooper  
51193. Maria Zeller  
51192. Cynthia Lerner  
51191. Earl Schwebel In this day and age of polical corectness, a major search engine should not be supporting hatred, despite freedom of speech, it is not unlike someone yelling "FIRE" in a crowded movie theatre, when no such incident has occurred.
51190. Aliza Yarrow  
51189. Marsha Gandler  
51188. Linda Kabot  
51187. Vivienne Corn  
51186. R. Klein  
51185. Larry Kassman  
51184. deborah cohen  
51183. Rebeca Esquenazi  
51182. Dr Robert H Koffler  
51181. joe silverman  
51180. Nanette  
51179. Elliott Goldstein  
51178. SHEYLA  
51177. Ian Basis  
51176. Robert Lieberman There is no way this should be the first site, last site or any site on google
51175. Pamela Weinreich  
51174. Bryan Rakusin  
51173. Ralph J. Bergen get JewWatch off of google search engine nothing like that belongs on google
51172. Gary Rose  
51170. Jose Esquenazi Disgraceful
51169. s.rosen  
51168. Cara Hateful and ill-research websites should not be listed as the first option on a generic search. Although I believe in upholding first amendment rights, I do not believe in prioritizing hateful information, making it readily available over objective websites.
51167. Rachel Gershenzon  
51166. Devin Arbiter  
51165. Ken Weiss Offensive site. Racist. Repulsive, We don't need any more racism in our lives. Enough already. Please remove this ugliness.
51164. Eli Weine Remove JewWatch.com immediately
51163. eileen wishnow i find this site anti-semetic and it should be removed immediately
51162. Jeannie Rogalsky  
51161. Steven Schneider  
51160. George Just  
51159. Stan Wohlmuth you should be ashamed
51158. Len Shapiro  
51157. Emanuel  
51156. Susan Verner  
51155. Benny Hanigal  
51154. Lillian Rowland  
51153. Lorraine Simkowitz  
51152. Pamela Klosky disgusting site
51151. Janice Lieberman There is no way this should be the first site, last site or any site on google
51150. Joel Markovitz  
51149. Lisa Reilly  
51148. Edward B. Brown  
51147. Henry Citron outrageous in this day and age
51146. Joan Gold The site is offensive and extremely anti-semetic
51145. Norman Puffett Can you people tolerate this????? I can't!!!
51144. Toby Marx  
51143. mathias dill  
51142. johanna kaye  
51141. Marianne Finke  
51140. donald frank obnoxious site-can only foment bigotry
51139. Edward Eisenberg  
51138. Erica L. Rosentraub  
51137. Albert Rowland  
51136. Ohad Falik  
51135. Brian Royer This lowers my opinion, very much, of Google.
51134. Cindy Schneider  
51133. Glenn Deckman REMOVE IT NOW
51132. Maria cabello frree speech ? you're kidding !!!!!!!!
51131. Sam & Sue Tarica  
51130. Juliya L  
51129. Francine Klagsbrun  
51128. Isaac Esquenazi  
51127. Rev. David Weissbard  
51126. Rima  
51125. vicktoria  
51124. neil goldenberg  
51123. marla simon this is disgusting. please remove
51122. Susan Busse  
51121. herman finke  
51120. Gidon Levitas  
51119. clive segil  
51118. eric kassoff  
51117. h. cohen  
51116. Guggenberger  
51115. Neri Kafkafi Do no evil !
51114. Allison Weiner  
51113. Robert M. Schwartz  
51112. Amy Schwartzberg  
51111. david  
51110. Jo-Ann Price This makes me loose faith in Google!
51109. Ira Spector Goggle should removed this site immediately!
51108. Sharni Poplak  
51107. Rona Haller  
51106. Alan Stein  
51105. Frank Covalt  
51104. Nancy Lydon  
51103. Ricki remove the jewwatch
51102. Julie Weinberg  
51101. Michael Purnell
51100. Herb Lazar It's disgusting
51099. Saundra Grace  
51098. Rick Friedman  
51097. Renee Humphrey  
51096. mike broidy  
51095. Leona Feldman Must combat the spread of anti-semitism which is fueled by this material.
51094. Renee Humphrey  
51093. Amy Arnold  
51092. Benjamin Lusskin  
51091. g goffen disgusting!
51090. Kermit J. Halperin  
51089. Richard Spitz  
51088. eric richman  
51087. Herb Erlbach  
51086. J S Goldstein  
51085. Stanley Jacobson  
51084. Amy Brech  
51083. Ronald Furman  
51082. Adam Lenkowsky  
51081. Helen Horwich  
51080. Renee Gerger  
51079. Linda Aronstein  
51077. aharon please remove JewWatch.com
51076. JonArno Lawson  
51075. Adrienne Ross  
51074. elena klein  
51073. Charles Silverman  
51072. Debbie S.  
51071. Robert Leffel  
51070. James Kelly  
51069. Ed Klajman I was stunned and sickened to learn of this situation.
51068. Erin  
51067. Marion Silver It should be a crime to allow people to print such trash. It is inflammatory and insulting!!!
51066. Lee Conn  
51065. Harold Horwich  
51064. Ken Liebenau  
51063. David Villalobos  
51062. Sima Schuster I have used and admired Google for years. It is most dismaying that such a wonderful search engine would be a part, however innocent, in spreading such hate.
51061. Lorri Frankel  
51059. david gaistman  
51058. steve  
51057. Anthony Carrini  
51056. Ivan Kassoff  
51055. miguel shame
51054. K. Menshick  
51053. marc  
51052. Dania  
51051. Barry Sanders  
51050. Rajasekaram remove this site
51049. Peter Yoel Bugel Google should watch against Anti-semitic sites
51048. ralph abraham  
51047. Brad Halfin  
51046. Alyson  
51045. E Daniels Most inappropriate on any search, let alone first. We are at war with the Arab extremists that have hijacked islam.
51044. Judi Weinberg Google should be ashamed!
51043. b Lepine  
51042. Eli Alper  
51041. Sarah Chapman  
51040. Ari Huber Please remove this repugnant site immediately.
51039. Michael Orlow  
51038. Nanette Spector Please removed this hatefilled site from google!
51037. Lola M. Gertz  
51036. Averil Paskow  
51035. Gertrude Comninos It astounds me that Google would allow such hate-filled, fabricated, potentially violence-inciting material on its server. Why are you a party to these deliberate distortions?
51034. Martin Goldshine  
51033. Carol Robin I use Google for business and personal but will stop if this is not removed.
51032. Malcolm Ross  
51031. J. Freedman  
51030. Isaac Steinberg  
51029. Barbara M. Knopf  
51028. Elaine Gunn Surely allowing sites such as these is unacceptable.
51027. barnea  
51026. Ellia Kassoff  
51025. Kathy Lichtman  
51024. Arlette Berlin  
51022. D. Myers No 'reputable' organisation should be party to such a site.
51021. Cara Mittleman  
51020. Carol Parker  
51019. anita chapman  
51018. Aleksander Mizne  
51017. James Krisvoy I'm offended by that site, please do what you can to remove it.
51016. Eran Shallev  
51015. Evelyn Lessem Imperative racial and any hate sites are banned from internet -
51014. Rachel S I hope this helps.
51013. Isaac Zingerevitz  
51012. Carl Dietz  
51011. j bettel  
51010. jeffrey lipsett Be a responsible community leader
51009. David Frankel  
51008. Maura Carlin  
51007. BJ Wright  
51006. Prof. Zohar Shavit  
51005. Leon Rand  
51004. Sheryl Soble  
51003. J Snider  
51002. Paul London Hate literature such as this is especially dangerous when a supposedly respectable company (google) provides it as a source, without a disclaimer.
51001. Elaine K. Hauptman I am happy that this has been brought to the attention of the people at Google. I have a great deal of respect for them and hope that they will rectify this situation.
51000. Alexander Ilyutovich  
50999. sharon gobuty jewwatch is a horrible website it should not be the first one to pop up on google, there are many many much better sites having to do with the word "jew" how about using the simple www.jew.com ?? Or a page that had a definition. such as the site that pops up 2nd on google: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jew
50998. Joe Scholl  
50997. Timothy Wittig  
50996. Stephen J. Wiesner  
50995. Kara Macsuga  
50994. Robert Dinkin  
50993. Allan Brenner  
50992. Diana Heller  
50991. David Fried HATE SPEECH is NOT Protected
50990. Sue Mendelson  
50989. Barbara Slader Please do the responsible thing, and refuse to list this site that encourages hatred.
50988. Deborah Wolfe  
50987. kelli cox I teach at a large Jewish day school...how do I explain this to 3rd graders?
50986. Carol Harap  
50984. drongo  
50983. Oscar Antel  
50982. Debra Haber  
50981. Jeff Parker  
50980. norman l. abzug  
50979. Allan Ross  
50978. JIM HILTON  
50977. william g lowry had hoped this had been lost as an issue decadws ago.
50976. Grace Glatstein  
50975. Ashley remove this offensive site
50974. Joyce Richards I would prefer it not to be first on the list. Is money given to Google to get this placement??
50973. Judith S.Schachter  
50972. Diana Taft  
50971. Izya Yusufov  
50970. Lori Bohm  
50969. Neal Kaufman  
50968. Myron Rosenthal  
50967. Laura  
50966. Meryl Wieder I find it appauling that Google allows such trash to be shown on its sites. Please remove this from your search engine immediately
50965. Karen Brown  
50964. Bonnie van den Berg  
50963. George Flint  
50962. Rachel Bailey  
50961. Joyce Wacks  
50960. Abby Shevitz  
50959. francine gelman Horrible! Stop it Now
50958. Alex Sachs Absolutely disgraceful
50957. Susan Winter  
50956. Florence and Bernard Schwartz  
50955. Beth Lilach  
50954. David Pinto  
50953. Candi Olit  
50952. Shira Butler  
50951. Michael J. Steinbring  
50950. April Rosequist  
50949. Gerald Dinerman  
50948. L. J. Silverstein How can you carry such trash?
50947. Jolie Weininger  
50946. Susan Donowitz  
50945. Bernard Ockrant I request the removal of such hate material
50944. Steven Getzoff  
50943. Willa Litvack  
50942. Susan Kessler I fully support this petition
50941. Linda Cannon Ratliff I am amazed that a hate-site like this could be acceptable on this search engine!
50940. Orit Zeichick  
50939. Rabbi Brian I. Michelson  
50938. Jamie Poslosky  
50937. Rebecca Gordon  
50936. Steven Bloom  
50935. Rochelle Levy  
50934. A:fredo Noel Iusem  
50933. Chip Stern I have long enjoyed using and admired the Google Search Engine. I find the fact that this site is the very first to load, most disturbing, and I find Google's lack of interest in addressing this issue bewildering.
50932. Rita Kardom This is clearly Hate Speech!
50931. Sarah  
50930. erica brown  
50929. Malcolm Lester  
50928. Rochelle Levy  
50927. Rachel Rosenfeld  
50926. Daniel Mermel  
50925. lisa root  
50924. Arlene D. Ginsberg  
50923. drongo  
50922. jeremy kaplan  
50921. Sharon N. Miller Greenberg  
50920. Patricia Horing  
50919. Mary E. Hyland It seems some "humans" are incapable of learning from history.
50918. Jules Scheinzeit  
50917. Hal Rochkind  
50916. Muriel Laskin  
50915. Arnold Felsenfeld  
50914. Andrea Randall  
50913. Ronald Agronin  
50912. Jason Rifkin  
50911. Lisa S. Shmidman  
50910. Lauren Gold  
50908. Kelley Johns I am a devout Christian and cannot believe this antisemetic site comes up first. It should be last if at all!!!!
50907. Elaine Bleiweiss  
50906. Jacob Organek  
50905. Fabio Zveibil  
50904. eugene kestel  
50903. Rachel Schwarz  
50902. Marilise Eads  
50901. Pat Libling  
50900. Suzanne Jacobowitz  
50899. jack largent This is offensive. you should remove.
50898. Susan Fineman  
50897. hersch senders  
50896. Karen Oberman  
50895. Jack Harrower I strongly support free speach, as well as the truth. So if JewWatch is to remain on the Google Search Engine; classify it for what it truly is an anti-Semitic hate site.
50894. Tzvi Nitzan  
50893. Reva Batterman remove jewwatch!
50892. Howard Popliger  
50891. Steven Dale let our people go on in peace, please take responsibility for yuor actions, anti-semitisiam is not free speech its appaulling!!!
50890. Gary Rosenberg  
50889. Patsy T Spector  
50888. Heather MacDonnell  
50887. Lenore Mass  
50886. Eldad S  
50885. Jacob Mechaly  
50884. Richard Niederhoffer  
50883. Marc Niding  
50881. sharon  
50880. Paul Harris  
50879. Bob Schoenburg  
50878. Melvyn Davis  
50877. e. m. seibel  
50876. wayne goodman  
50875. Melvyn Davis  
50874. Zeev Zilberman  
50873. Bruce Stockler This Is Not Free Speech
50871. Deborah Bass  
50870. Linda Chaletzky Please remove JewWatch from your engine!
50869. Lawford B. & Marcia L. Rector Google, Do The Right Thing!
50868. Erik Wegman BOOOO
50867. Carol & Irwin Kirsh 'never again' starts here
50866. Susan G. Smith  
50865. r hansman  
50864. Brett W.  
50863. Susan Teller  
50862. Richard Bisk The intent and tone of this page is reprehensible and should not be condoned by any intelligent person. However our democracy is built on the principle of free speech so removing it is almost as loathsome as keeping it. In this case however, the website does not seem to be active nor do many of the links lead to available content. If not removed because it is valueless, it should be relegated very low on the relevancy ranking list as it is not maintained and is apparently designated as archival. For Google to keep such a site active is very poor business and business judgement. I only hope that Google is not accepting any money to keep this cached.
50861. Ryan Lapidus  
50860. Izak Kapilevich  
50859. Jennifer Monck  
50858. louise droker  
50857. barbara emdur  
50856. Cynthia & Herbert Himmelfarb Ê
50855. Robert Silverman  
50854. Vanessa Solomon  
50853. ada  
50852. Abe Halpeerin  
50851. Daniel Sampson i would spread the word never use google again
50850. Cynthia Soffrin It is unbelievable how twisted minds can alter reality and turn truth into fiction, light into darkness and beauty into obsenity.
50849. ellen klappholz  
50848. Adam Kanter  
50847. Carey Jennings  
50846. Audrey Rubinstein  
50845. meira  
50842. Susan Weinblatt  
50841. Ann Neumann  
50840. Harold Yeglin  
50839. ron stern  
50838. andrew cohen  
50837. Sandi Winton This site is not about freedom of speech - it is about promoting and inciting Racial Hatred, which is illegal in most states. Why would you even want this information to be associated with your site?
50836. david simons  
50835. Annell Bond  
50834. Joanne  
50833. Nanette davis  
50832. marcia kepecs  
50831. Naomi White  
50830. Jennifer Riff please remove this!
50829. RUTH STANDEVEN This is blasphemy. Get rid of jewwatch. com immediately!!
50827. Bernard Goldberg  
50826. Andrew Laine Jew watch.com is completely untrue and I am amshamed to be using google because of that site
50825. Deborah Rubin This is acceptable? I don't think so, please remove this site.
50824. Leslie Weinberg  
50823. Ron Sobol  
50822. Martha Alpert Disgusting - outrageous hate site
50821. Betsy Cump  
50820. Julian Kanter  
50819. EB Lewin MD  
50818. Judy Geller-Marlowe  
50817. Michael Silverstein Please remove the web site
50816. Andrea Silver  
50815. L Barnett  
50814. jenifer munford  
50813. David Starr am yisrael chai
50812. Ralph Lipper  
50811. Sandra Levy  
50810. Ari Adler Shouldn't need a petition to remove a hate-site!
50809. Nina Lazar  
50808. Wendie Pecharsky  
50807. Diana Terrill  
50806. Joel Weiner  
50805. SusiSpiers  
50804. Robert Levine  
50803. Nanette davis  
50802. Vincent J. Love This is blantant anti-semitism and hatefulness. Google should be ashamed at being a part of it.
50801. Margaret J. Meyer  
50800. Cindy Kruglak  
50799. Ari  
50798. Rachel Herman  
50797. Debra Bereck  
50796. Eileen Sirota I am sure that this inadvertent boost to a hate speech site is not one that Google would really wish to facilitate. Please allow this odious site to more fairly compete "in the marketplace of ideas" by not coming up first in a search for information about Jews.
50795. neta friedman  
50794. Petit dufrenoy  
50793. Isaac Sarfati  
50792. Zoey Fiksel  
50791. Nina M. Lubin  
50790. Harold Yeglin  
50789. marilyn liebmann necessary
50788. Hemali Shah  
50787. joel goodman  
50786. Mark M. Tracy  
50785. Joni Beemsterboer  
50784. anna  
50783. Marc Steinberg  
50782. Donna Ganz  
50781. Donald Streets Please remove this hateful website from your options. This is a new age we are living in, one which necessarily must be free of any form of hatred, bigotry, prejudice. These sicknesses are destructive to all, and prevents us from moving forward with the process of social and spiritual evolution on this planet.
50780. Arthur Brociner All the non muslims who hate jews (not only the neonazis) want to make friends with the arabs in particular, and with all the muslims in general, in order to make huge profits on their behalf. We're talking here about 1.2 bilion muslims. But make no mistake: the "Jihad" (meaning the holly islamic war) is not directed against the jews only, but against all the unfaithful (all the non muslims) and it won't spare these hate mongers, as long as they're not muslims themselves.
50779. Ina Hill  
50778. Howard Drourr  
50777. Martin Rasumoff  
50776. Michael Kleinman  
50775. John Gale  
50774. Jay A Kaplan  
50773. Saul Goldfarb  
50772. Bruce SEidmon this is dispicable
50771. Alice R. Weiner  
50770. Michelle Wolf-Bloom  
50769. sabrina ferguson Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
50768. Deborah Croarkin-Svedlow Google should be ashamed
50767. Joan  
50766. frieda kraft  
50765. ruvane bernstein  
50764. Susan Comninos I am aghast that Google would provide a link to the antisemitic Web site Jewwatch.com.
50762. Ralph Dickinson  
50761. Dr. Aaron Lieberman  
50760. Leah Kabaker  
50759. Nicole Stagg  
50758. Samantha Paerse  
50757. Sheri Sachs  
50756. Stephen Tepper  
50755. Louise Freedman This disgraceful site needs to be removed forthwith.
50754. Rosalind Arzt  
50753. Joel Wittstein  
50752. Robert Naiman  
50751. mitchell levitin  
50750. B B WOLFE this needs doing without signatures
50749. ricki sernick  
50748. Ashlee Wisma  
50747. Daniel Weiss  
50746. judy gerstenhaber  
50745. Joan Blattner  
50744. limor garcia  
50743. Charlotte Shapiro  
50742. carol appel  
50741. S & C Weinstein why perpetuate hatred? why not, instead, talk about unity & bonding for a peaceful existance? Isn't there enough hate & misunderstand now?
50740. Terry Taylor  
50739. matt silverman take this anti semetic junk off
50738. Rita Robbins  
50737. Elena Weinstein  
50736. Lisa DiOrio  
50735. Alex Grobman I am against having blatantly antisemitic propaganda accessed through Google
50734. Terri Shumpert  
50733. Lara Moretti  
50732. Lori Simms This is a disgusting web site
50731. stephen strimpell google is disgracing itself through circulating vicious anti-semitic propaganda
50730. barbara rabinowitz  
50729. Leah Goldstein  
50728. Heath N.Weisberg  
50726. jeannie levine despicable .... should be removed immediately
50725. Melanie Amodeo Bad judgement, Google!!
50724. gale  
50723. David Shankman  
50721. raymond alpert  
50720. Ze'ev A. GLOGAU  
50719. selina salomon offensive hate promoting site. please remove it
50718. David Cummins  
50717. Barbara Naiman  
50716. Lola  
50715. Nikki I hope this signature will be enough
50714. carol rose  
50713. Lauren Deutsch  
50712. Betsey Medow  
50711. Michael Parkin  
50710. Richard Gaines  
50709. Miriam M An israeli soldier
50707. Elizabeth Silverman Please work on this problem soon. It sends a horrible message to all searchers.
50706. Nili Birke  
50705. maxine richman  
50704. Annette Lipton  
50703. pearl tabak  
50702. barbara kaufman  
50701. Terri Cohen  
50700. yoad  
50699. Marc yules if you were Jewish would you need a petition
50698. Jill Wilson We are all responsible for our actions, if this is your companys way to do business, you will lose mine and many others. I know you all will do the only right thing to be done. By the way, porno with underaged girls also lays on your shoulders. If your busniess supports and promotes it, you will one day be very liable.
50697. kenneth westley  
50696. Janet Clifford Shame on Google - Jew hatred is unforgivable
50695. Nissim T 1st year student
50694. donald chance REMOVE
50693. Michael A. Meyer  
50692. Jerry Gordon  
50691. Jen  
50690. Sarah Davis  
50689. Jeremy Greenberg Thank you.
50687. Nir  
50686. Hamutal Karny  
50685. Dan  
50684. Cathy Shikler  
50683. Susan Sirgany  
50682. Allen Lastman  
50681. Susan Sirgany  
50680. Rosalind Karbane  
50679. Mark Birnbaum Please don't add to the hate!
50678. Stephanie  
50677. nathan krypel  
50676. Lisa Davis  
50675. Jonathan Herzenstein  
50674. L. Glass  
50673. Hilary Edwards  
50672. Brendan Schulman  
50671. Herb Beiles  
50670. C Taitelbaum  
50669. Alyssa Kiman  
50668. Gus Hoelscher Please remove and "Give Peace a Chance"
50667. ruth rosenberg no antisemetic sites should be on google!
50666. PAtricia R. LOW sooner=better!
50665. Michael Maniates  
50664. J Rose  
50663. Gail Hopke  
50662. Jon bane  
50661. Charles J. Wesoky  
50660. Arthur Greenfield  
50659. Gilbert B. Freedman  
50658. Pablo Resnik  
50657. Susan Unger  
50656. Maureen Marullo Terrible
50655. nancy sherman  
50654. David M. Karbane  
50653. Julie  
50652. Melanie Myra  
50651. Brian Waldman  
50650. richard steele  
50649. Simeon Newman Google should be ashamed of yourself
50648. Sydell Drossman  
50647. Ashley  
50646. amy biehl  
50645. David Lehman  
50644. mszeffie this site is disgusting and need to be removed immediately - somebody should do their homework before allowing a site like this which is pure trash!!!!!!!!
50643. Mitchell Weinberg  
50642. David L. Nichols hate is not free speech
50641. Cindy Mindell-Wong  
50640. Aaron Kaplan  
50639. David Snyder  
50638. Cynthia J. Becker this sight is full of only lies
50637. Tasneem Mohamed 0„2
50636. Kether Shemie  
50635. Martin A. Fishman  
50634. Andrew Tennenbaum shame on you google, requiring 50,000 signatures to remove this site of hatred. if it contained the "N" word, you would have stricken it all together without a second thought. SHAME ON YOU, GOOGLE!
50633. Philip Ehrensaft It is outrageous that Google is making the public go through gymnastics to eliminate the prominence they allocate to a site clearly in violation of U.S. rulings on disseminating hate literature.
50632. Marcia J. Wesoky  
50631. Michael Rosen  
50630. Robert M. Cohen, MD I wonder if Google would allow this type of site if it was Anti-Christian! We are either going to respect each other or there will be NO respect in this world for anyone or anything!
50629. Roberta Rodriguez what a shame for this to happen
50628. devorah shubowitz  
50627. Jodi Leibowitz  
50626. Sam P Jewwatch.net is a horrific site
50625. Leni Reiss  
50624. Daniel A disgusting, vicious and hate-mongering site
50623. Michelle Quigg  
50622. Rachel Stone  
50621. Jonathan Tasini  
50620. Sandra Feller  
50619. Kath DeMarchi I checked myself to see if this were one of those 'urban myths.' Could not believe what I saw. Shameful.
50618. Karol Foss incredible that google will not remove this without pressure
50617. julie d  
50616. C Mitchell  
50615. clare powitz  
50614. Eric Steinberg  
50613. Danny Neubarth shameful
50612. adrienne Schorr  
50611. arnold pompan  
50610. Michael Adler  
50609. Marsha Cohen  
50608. Nancy Parkes  
50607. Noelle Royer  
50606. Ellen Guylas  
50605. susan l tananbaum this site is hateful - and not informative
50604. Herbert Diamond JewWatch is blatantly anti-semitic
50603. Samuel Block  
50602. Jonathan Leef  
50601. David Johnson  
50600. Geoff Belchetz As a respected company Google should not overtly promote hate sites
50599. Jon B  
50598. joe beberman  
50597. Marge Lippman  
50596. Bernice Reisman  
50595. Lesli R. Richard  
50594. Steven Ludmer  
50593. Gudrun M. Lang  
50592. Jeff Goldstein  
50591. Norman Silverstein  
50590. Joan Shapiro  
50589. Adam Kessler  
50588. Ted  
50587. Karen Berger  
50586. S. Lotz  
50585. Michelle de la Garza  
50584. Tracy Leibowitz  
50583. hspencer  
50582. Patricia Herskovic An Internet designed to unify the world cannot be allowed to tear it apart with hatred
50581. Ruth Leaf There is too much ratial tention to allow
50580. Ronald S. Berkley  
50579. Robin Zeiger  
50578. Julia Zwick  
50577. Shari Albert  
50576. Susan Unger  
50575. Patricia Willner This is a Hate Site and has no place on Google
50574. philip barach  
50573. Michael Sirkin  
50572. Jay Glassman  
50571. Roberto Rozenblatt  
50570. Haley We must remember that these are people to (nottrying to defend them but) they do have freedom of speech, so maybe we shouldn't take off their website rather move it father along in the millions of searches for "Jews" so undereducated people will have a chance to see the beauty of Judasm and whoever chooses not to go that route on Judaism can see this site.
50569. S. Lotz  
50568. Jane Scop  
50567. Amy Cohen  
50566. Merry Overholser  
50565. Suzanne D. Jaffe  
50564. S. Morris  
50563. Alice Herb  
50562. Mark Gammon  
50561. Ronald Schwarcz It's disgusting and insulting that this site should be listed at all, but being listed first makes it much worse.
50560. Richard H. Israel, Ph. D., P.A.  
50559. ruth lieberman  
50558. Cecile Racine  
50557. Gary Sheres this is very distasteful
50556. Joyce Wacks  
50555. Calvin Torneck Surprised Google did not remove it voluntarily!
50554. Rachel Greenfield  
50553. steve abramson  
50552. gerald singer  
50551. C. Dein Remove JewWatch.com
50550. C. Stone  
50549. peter weinberg  
50548. Karen-Ann Kutner  
50547. Lisa Steinbring  
50546. Guy Katz  
50545. Jennifer Fleischer  
50544. nancy Kardon  
50543. Nancy W. Huston  
50542. Ellen Miller  
50541. George Kofman  
50540. Walter Poznanski This ugly anti-semitic site should be removed a long time ago!!!
50539. patricia gaglia  
50538. Kerri Schwartz  
50537. James Gosnell  
50536. ralph frohsin, jr.  
50535. Amy Hirschberg  
50534. jodi schapiro  
50532. Jason Hellmann  
50531. gayl gammon  
50530. daniel schwartz Hate propaganda is not free speach. It is ignorance.
50529. gary ross  
50528. suleyman bardavid  
50527. Joan S. Toder  
50526. r pais  
50525. Leslie Welles Please remove this website from your Search Engine - Freedom of speech and availability of information do not equate with total irresponsibility and to not monitor the sites on your engine or to condone this one is utterly irresponsible.
50524. Carey Tompkins  
50523. D. Eiley  
50522. Sheldon B. Miller  
50521. Eric Zoberman  
50520. M. Axler  
50519. Tim Siegel  
50518. S Eiley  
50517. Rhoda Barnett  
50516. Loretta Pain IMMEDIATELY!!
50515. Susanne Pearlson  
50514. eva douek  
50513. Roger McCracken  
50512. Douglas Freeman I strongly support free speach. This site appears to be over the line. The link to MLK was clearly racist as well.
50511. Helena Grinberg  
50510. María Gabriela Pauer  
50509. Arie Jarczyn  
50508. Kate  
50507. sydney dankman  
50506. Jonathan Kramer  
50505. Sheldon Taylor  
50504. tracy B. Lefkowitz  
50503. Nancy Hill  
50502. Jennifer Meyer I am absolutely offended by this and ask that it be removed IMMEDIATELY!
50501. Michael Libling It's time to take a firm stand against hate.
50500. shelley gottlieb  
50499. Susan Weiss I already sent in my comments to the google site directly.
50498. Natasha Fatal  
50496. Alex  
50495. Jeane Wong this must be removed, how horrible to be so devisive
50494. judith  
50493. Clarice Epstein  
50492. Susan Zitron-Woods this 'definition' of Jew needs to be erased
50491. Lynn Osher  
50490. Myrldean Groesbeck I think we need to do all we can to eliminate anything that sounds bad toward other people and races.
50489. Jay Levin  
50488. Dawn Abbuhl  
50487. Bernice Kessler  
50486. Don Shulman  
50485. Lauren Block this is disgusting
50484. Shereen Lavi  
50483. Susan Reider  
50482. Ariel Margolis  
50481. j. levitt  
50480. HARRY ADLER  
50479. Ruth Robinson  
50478. zeev  
50477. Jacob  
50476. Krissy Goodman  
50475. Rebecca I can't even open the page, but we need to get rid of it.
50474. Erna G. Kammelaar  
50473. Rita Wolfson  
50472. Jackie Gruia-Gray  
50471. L Markowitz  
50470. Nancy Liber  
50469. Catherine H. Gerry This website is really offensive to humanity
50468. allen etish  
50467. Eric  
50466. Karen Grayson  
50465. R. A. Koonin I'm disgusted that google requires a petition to remove a site that promotes hatred. maybe we should petition to have google removed!!
50464. David M Maklan  
50463. Jonathan Franklin  
50462. Jeffrey P. Kranzdorf  
50461. dave grosby  
50460. Fleischer  
50459. Lisa Plasker  
50458. Arlene Appelrouth  
50457. Richard W. Cohen  
50456. J.B.Dorosin remove JewWatch from Google search
50455. Sylvan Beer  
50454. P Froomberg  
50453. Wendy Stein  
50452. Sidney Conn  
50451. Alan Lazowick  
50450. ofra leon  
50449. Hayley Napper  
50448. Deborah Rotter  
50447. Jim Rosenberg  
50446. Frances Gorsuch  
50445. kathryn schroeder oh please, lets get evolved here
50444. roxanne oneil when small minded people control the world, the world becomes small minded
50443. Jan Vincent  
50442. Stuart Liber  
50441. Svetlana  
50440. Mike Magler Remove it Now
50439. Robin Leibowitz That this is the first information people can learn about Jews is offensive and damaging.
50438. Eric Plasker  
50437. shaya petroff  
50436. Mark Davidowitz  
50435. Richard Wehrli  
50434. robert b campbell  
50433. Gary Deckman  
50432. John  
50431. Ella Freyman  
50430. Arnold D. Spevack  
50429. Jamie Estill  
50428. Andrea Williams  
50427. Barney Rush  
50426. Phillip Lachman  
50425. Janet Rosen  
50424. Doris Codkind  
50423. michael allweis  
50422. David Hochman  
50421. Lynn Anderson As with pornography, Google has a responsibility to prevent websites like this from being accessed through their service. Thanks for your attention to this.
50420. Esther Wehrli  
50419. ellen sills-levy  
50418. Ira Kaye Remove this immediately..
50416. nanci ochman  
50415. Rebecca Klein Hate speech must stop. If the law won't stop it, then we must stop it ourselves.
50414. Toby  
50413. Helena Sandler Ê
50412. Howard L. Zoller  
50411. Donna Edwards  
50409. Joe Jacobs remove this site.
50408. M Meyers  
50407. Brett  
50406. Anat  
50405. DIANE DAVID  
50404. Amy Roth  
50403. mark siegel  
50402. Rhoda Feldman This entry is patently antisemetic. I believe that including it is irresponsible and potentially harmful.
50401. Jack Cooper  
50400. Leib Rigler  
50399. nanci levine  
50398. barry goren  
50397. Roland Gorrie  
50396. alex baskin  
50395. Ben Rocca  
50394. Jon Budoff  
50393. fred schuver  
50392. Ellen Klinenberg  
50391. Cynthia A. Wehrli I realize that what makes us "American" is the ability to "say what we think/believe", but to keep our constitutional freedom, it is imperative that we have the grace to accept, AND LOVE, those different from ourselves even when our beliefs are not the same. It means I can have conversation and share my Christian beliefs/ideas with my Jewish friends/relatives and they with me, knowing that we may never BELIEVE the same things...and that's ok! Our LOVE for one another as people should be deepened in this; HATRED toward ANY person/group is wrong.
50390. Vila Balter  
50389. Robert J. Voorheis  
50388. steve weiler  
50387. Terry Charnet Google must hold themselves higher!
50386. Robert D. Smith  
50385. norman zysblat  
50384. Sid Verner Can't understand why Google requires a petition to remove an anit-Semitic reference.
50383. H. Cowan  
50382. Susan Josepher  
50381. R. Kaufman  
50380. H. Cowan  
50379. Dr. Dina Mintz  
50378. Susan Lea Rubin In a world we all seek peace and harmony what kind of website would even think of publishing such hatred.
50377. Edward Nires search doesn't mean hk
50376. E.polebaum  
50375. Eileen Boussina We expect better from Google. Please change this. Thanks.
50374. Josh Levy  
50373. Giora Triffon  
50372. Bonita Murphy free speech does not =hate speech
50371. Lou Levine  
50370. RAMON m. RAKOFF  
50369. Deborah Raboy  
50368. Haley Gotfrid  
50367. Cissy Hirsch Gedinsky  
50366. Greg Daniels  
50365. Shany Chinsky  
50364. Allyson Varga  
50363. rubens krausz Remove please
50362. susan waddell  
50361. Miss Kitty  
50360. Arlene Kraft  
50359. c berall  
50358. Sheldon Parker  
50357. Susan Rothke  
50356. Barbara D. Schwimmer  
50355. Emma Senitt  
50354. Margie Rubins  
50353. cindy parkhurst  
50352. richard miller  
50351. Elana and Henry Gitter Shame on you for not policing yourself against anti anybody sites.
50350. Suzanne Warshavsky  
50349. Richard Heinrich  
50348. Kaija DeWitt  
50347. Roberta B. Abrams  
50346. koumetz  
50345. Gregory Zaslavsky  
50344. Frieda Gelfand  
50343. Leonard Rudner  
50342. Alan Kriss  
50341. Susan Pogash  
50340. Loretta Levinson  
50339. Lynne Williams  
50338. Irv Schechter  
50337. Barry Buchman  
50336. Mark Miller  
50335. Jeff Zellan I'm reluctant to remove in its entirety any website solely based on the views expressed therein, even as abhorrent as those views may be. As a Jew, in particular, I am concerned about any censorship based solely upon one's beliefs. On the other hand, these folks certainly are not entitled to priority listing, and certainly should not be the first hit of the first page. If there are any less restricitive means to acheive the goal of not prioritizing their website, short of complete removal, I would support exploring these alternatives.
50334. mihal eliav  
50333. Edith Blass  
50332. Brian Zager  
50331. Hope Hornstein  
50330. David Zilberman none
50329. Michelle Gilats  
50328. evelina  
50327. Marian Daum  
50326. Michelle P.  
50325. Alice Levine I will not use google again until the site is removed.
50324. Abrar Brenda  
50323. david schwartz  
50322. arlene kurland Remove this immediately!
50321. jim burstein  
50320. Stacey Stern  
50319. Otty Schaffer This must be changed!
50318. Nancy A, Schwartz hope this works
50317. Stacey Waterman  
50316. Hilda Ayam  
50315. Paulette Cohen  
50314. Iris Saltiel  
50313. sandra harris  
50312. sandraberm  
50311. Maie Grynick  
50310. rhonda mlodinoff  
50309. liz entman  
50308. Joel Rosenberg  
50307. Sari Zager  
50306. Lisa C. Hardin that we have to send google a petition is outrageous, reminds me of my local safeway manager who refused to stock channukah candles in the jewish food section unless i gave him a signed petition of customers in a neighbourhood with hundreds of jews - doing it should be a no-brainer. google has a responsibility to take hate off the web
50305. Chaya Jameson its just not right and too dangerous
50304. Carol Nadelson  
50303. Andrew Levine  
50302. Gordon Berger  
50301. Lauren  
50300. Ben-Zion Dorfman  
50299. Lindsay McGinn  
50298. sima reznick  
50297. david j.moher remove jewwatch or i will remove google from my computer
50296. Alan Beshany Remove that piece of crap
50295. Roslyn Fuerman I cannot believe a petition is necessary for you to take action!
50294. mark berman  
50293. Murray Pearson  
50292. Bruce Iglauer  
50291. Leonard B. Spiegel  
50290. Harry Cohen  
50289. Berndt Scharlach  
50288. Lee Levitan Please move JewWatch to a lower position on the results when "jew" is entered as the Google search term
50287. Mike Epstein  
50286. Samuel Fishman THE JEW; We were always here in the past! We are here now! We'll always be here in the future!!
50285. r segall  
50284. Terry Nemko Please remove Jewwatch
50283. Chris Burton Please put "jewwatch.com" at the end of the 1,770,000 web sites you have listed for "Jew."
50282. Wendy Lyons  
50281. andrew Lavery  
50280. Karen R Blum Appalling that it takes 50,000+ signatures to remove hate from this service. This would be true for any hate group, not just because this has to do with Jews.
50279. Lee N. Sforza  
50278. Jane Kaplan  
50277. BRUCE MATES  
50276. helaine mandelzys  
50275. Jaime Ben  
50274. Casey Wallerstein  
50273. Leonard De Roche Currently off the air: hopefully for Good
50272. Wayne Case  
50271. Judy Zager JewWatch should be removed from the Google Search Engine
50270. Stephanie Zaffos  
50269. Jennifer Morris  
50268. claire j hyman  
50267. R A Lowe  
50266. Heidi Cohen  
50265. Judi Palay  
50264. Richard Orkand  
50263. SHARYN REUS  
50262. hayley  
50261. john szwed  
50260. Andrea Korotkin  
50259. Rori  
50258. Kyle McGinnes  
50257. Margaret R Tayer  
50256. Maru Ayam  
50255. Avonel Manges Urgent to remove
50254. Lorna Gladstone  
50253. Rob Feld  
50252. Gene Smith  
50251. Itay  
50250. Jim Stern  
50249. Curtis Collins  
50248. Stephen Kadis  
50247. Mark Klajman  
50246. Neil Harrison  
50245. Marsha Udow how offensive - it would not be allowed for another ethnic group
50244. Susan Landsberg  
50243. Anita Sloane Lapidus There is enough hate in the world without this vile web site.
50242. Amos Sagi  
50241. Rosalyn Gibson  
50240. Jim Clarke  
50239. Josh Pottel This is disgusting!
50238. tamar segal  
50237. robert e stein  
50236. Beth Andries  
50235. L. Barton  
50234. Dixie L. Holtz  
50233. Alan Leavitt  
50232. Carolyn Haight  
50231. Howard Frankel Google should not be used for antisemitism
50230. Ron Siegel  
50229. Andre  
50228. Willa Capraro  
50227. janice greenwald  
50226. me  
50225. Emily Epstein  
50224. Laura Bennett  
50223. Jacob Cohen  
50222. Neal Goldenberg  
50221. hbenshlomo  
50220. Jocelyn Fry Remove immediately
50219. Donald and Alice Gross  
50218. Beverly Aaron absolutely contemptable!
50217. Neil Meirovich Please remove JewWatch.com at once!
50216. george king  
50215. George Karamallis  
50214. avital  
50212. Anthony Kerstein  
50211. Leah Krieger Please remove this sight!
50210. Richard Feist I will remove google if google doesn't remove this hateful material
50209. David Adler  
50208. Joanne Selman  
50207. Leor Rosenberg  
50206. Ruth Cousin  
50205. Barbara Gregoratos It is anti-semitic and promotes hate
50204. Idit Manosevitch  
50203. ELAINE  
50202. Francine Epstein  
50201. eran feldman  
50200. Bryna S. Klevan We cannot allow history to repeat itself. . . please make smart choices and remove hate-filled content from this site
50199. J Boxman  
50198. Zach  
50197. george and evelyn blitz  
50196. Stephen Schwartz  
50195. stephen gerace  
50194. andy j.  
50193. Joyce Robinson please remove to show you are not anti-semetic
50192. Joel Tendler Appalling
50191. martin zide  
50190. martin zide  
50189. Barbara DISGUSTING!
50188. efrat  
50187. Robin Gilman  
50186. Bernard Friedman  
50185. Celia Overby  
50184. Howard Springer Keep freedom of speech alive. Keep the site JewWatch.com alive. It does not incite violence at all, it merely povides an alternate viewpoint. If you don't like it, don't view it.
50183. marsha eradicate racism!
50182. Ron Wasserlauf Deeply disturbed that Google would permit such a site.
50181. Billy Steinberg  
50180. Ilana Pasternak  
50179. aidalis  
50178. Michael Bernstein  
50177. Amy Schein  
50176. Jonathan Aronson should not be listed
50175. mark dildine  
50174. margalit  
50173. Jack Lippman Henceforth using other search engines. Hope others do same to decrease Google's numbers and revenue
50172. Michele Ports  
50171. Danielle Pollack  
50170. Yehudit Hannah Cohn  
50169. Karen L. Schwartz, Ph.D.  
50168. Nicole  
50167. Katy Epstein  
50166. Laura Flannery  
50165. Lucas Kosner  
50164. Shirley Ruskin  
50163. Eugene Kavadlo Shameful!
50162. Jennifer Burke  
50161. Dmitri G.  
50160. Martin Freedman  
50159. timothy smith please remove jew watch
50158. S. Weiner  
50157. Leon Feinerman  
50156. CHERYL  
50154. Kathleen Chase  
50153. Leslie D. Callahan  
50152. Carolyn Chriss Disgraceful
50151. april  
50150. yamit  
50149. Michelle Eisenbruck  
50148. Gary Pokrassa  
50147. Randy Rochwerg  
50146. George Fellows  
50145. gayle friendly  
50144. Eileen  
50143. Yoav Heiman  
50142. David Epstein  
50140. Jeff Rifkin Please remove this and all anti-semitic links from your site
50139. marav  
50138. Leon Teicher  
50137. evelyn kive  
50136. Bijan Zayer, Ph.D. Inapproprite Search Engine to promote disunity
50135. Rona Michelson  
50134. Francine Feinerman  
50133. Parysa Parvizian  
50132. Mrs H Zack  
50131. sandy ferber  
50130. Estellle Kadis  
50129. Thomas Wheaton  
50128. David Steinmetz  
50127. annette axelrad  
50126. Josh  
50125. Stephen R. Quinn It is unbelievable that Google would allow this web site to exist from inception. It is a disgrace to Google and their employees and an insult to anyone who comes in contact with it
50124. Scott Wachholder  
50123. Linda Khalastchi Shame on Google for having such a racist site. By so doing Google is perpetuating and inciting hate and violence. Alarming times ......yet again....
50122. Nicki McErlean  
50121. ùé  
50120. ellen summers What a disgrace. Who's in charge of the store here?
50119. noma pinto  
50118. Mel Klawsky  
50117. Ralph Gillis  
50115. L Weinerman  
50114. William J. Bragg  
50113. Craig Mautner  
50112. Avi Goldstein  
50111. hadar  
50110. Elizabeth Michelson  
50109. macy blackman I don't want to have to find these people
50108. N Morrison You deseve to sued for millions
50107. Ruth Greenfield  
50106. irvin bernstein  
50105. Jessica Chait  
50104. kibby kev  
50103. Julianne Newsome  
50102. Tanya Sokolsky  
50101. Kirsten Marshall  
50100. Josh  
50099. nelson katz  
50098. Saul Sherman  
50097. Kathy Littlejohn Remove it now!
50096. robert l gartenberg  
50095. Mikey Ludwig  
50094. gal  
50093. ED WEINER  
50091. Julie Kroun  
50090. Rima Dunton  
50089. Nancy Sober  
50088. Jack It seems to be very characteristic that the first item on searching "jew" should be an antisemitic site. Unfortunately there are probably more antisemitic sites on the net that pro-semitic.
50087. I.T. Powers  
50086. Lois M Goldberg  
50085. steven bier  
50084. Albert L. Kadis  
50083. Rony Ben Avram  
50082. Gail Katz As a 100% Christian, in spite of my name, I am appalled at JewWatch. com
50081. gene okman whether it be anti jew,anti muslem,anti christian it is morally wrong
50080. nili  
50079. Herman Henin  
50078. Lawrence Goldberg  
50077. Joel Borden All hate sites should be removed from the search engine as soon as they become known.
50076. Newton D. Scherl, M.D.  
50075. Eric Teperman Are you kidding? Whom and what, exactly, are you watching?
50074. Noah Lampert  
50073. Chris Hansen-Nelson I use Google. I like Google. I don't like JewWatch.
50072. scott kevelson  
50071. Michael Ludwig  
50070. Eddie Wahba  
50069. Ira Dwoskin  
50068. hagit  
50067. Avinoam Ron  
50066. Claude Diamond please remove this site
50065. Boris Mordukhovich  
50064. Michael Wiener This must be enacted upon immediately.
50063. kimber leigh nussbaum please remove this immediately!!!!
50062. melindawade  
50061. justin wilczynski  
50060. Cindy Pamela Gadye  
50059. amanda I love Israel!!!
50058. Susan Wayne  
50057. E Friedenberg  
50056. Michael Ludwig  
50055. Jack Goldberg  
50054. Rosalind Fox  
50053. jeff adessky  
50052. David Rosenheim  
50051. Roy Hermer  
50050. Norma Steele  
50049. Sara Gabai  
50048. Denise Linde  
50047. melindawade  
50046. Joy  
50045. Gail Gross It doesn't matter what religion you are, anything anti-semetic should not be on the internet. There is enough hate in this world.
50044. Annette and Issie Werk please remove that site!
50042. Lucy  
50041. Paul N. Frenkel Having survived Auschwitz I can't see why Stern's radio show was cancelled by the management for obscenity content and Google's management needs 50,000 signatures to do so for the "JEW" antisemitic site. Have you no brains, ethics and guts? Delete that site within 3 days or Google is in the trash for me where it belongs.
50040. Joe Cacciatore  
50039. Craig Handler  
50038. Carrol Young disgusting filth
50037. Sharon Wayne  
50036. RJ  
50035. Meredith Meskin  
50034. Mc Mayer  
50033. Donald Fox  
50032. brandon seils  
50031. Jason James MD  
50030. Barry Coffman  
50028. Greg Fishman  
50027. Bluma V Granik  
50026. Gary Helman  
50025. Dan Dinowitz Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
50024. Linda Landman  
50023. Alice Ludmer  
50022. Stephanie  
50021. Lisa Cacciatore  
50020. Morton Steele  
50019. J. Nisker  
50018. sherman weisinger, col,us army, rtd Off w/ its head
50017. martin surkis  
50016. Jacquelyn Zameck  
50015. Jeff Hollander get rid of this disgusting site please
50014. Vincent P. Mahler  
50013. Suzanne  
50012. Ronald Spolane  
50011. Melanie Holzband please help rid the world of hatred and remove this awful website
50010. Marc Wolpow  
50009. Tom Sudow  
50008. Lawrence B. Schiamberg  
50007. Jason Lewis I'm not jewish, but this type of site should not be permitted to exist.
50006. Chen  
50005. Diana Gunia  
50004. Rosalie Bomba  
50003. Andy Leddy  
50002. Iris Tohar  
50000. Dean Scheck  
49999. Roberta Feiler Shame, Shame, Shame
49998. Allan Moscovitch  
49997. Alan Alpern  
49996. Barbara Carr  
49995. Ruth Gottlieb  
49994. Marv Cohen  
49993. sari brown this is totally disgusting.
49992. michael cohen  
49991. Warren I googled "jew" and Jewwatch came up at number 4. The fact that it is still there is disgusting and typical of the way Jewish people are treated. This site must be removed from Google immediately, and furthermore, the creators of this racist site must be punished. If the world stands by and watches, yet again, we have seen what terrible atrocities have been perpetrated.
49990. ravit  
49989. L. Romano  
49988. Robert Freed  
49987. Jill  
49986. Lynne Thrope  
49985. Brian Sanford I think that it is disgusting that you encorage this type of cotent.
49984. shelly haber  
49983. Joanne Yianilos  
49982. Lois N. Cohen  
49981. Adam Nadelson  
49979. Meryle Minton  
49978. joanna abrams I demand that any antisemitic be rmoved from this website immediately
49976. Neil I. Jacobs  
49974. Karen Feldman  
49973. Jason Blinkoff Remove this site NOW!!
49972. Edwin Rothschild This website is an outrage.
49971. leah miller please help with this antisemitism
49970. E.Cigale  
49969. Michael Berlin Please remove ASAP. Google is the search engine of choice for me and many others and I would not want to stop using it.
49968. Arthur Salters  
49967. Gauri Shrotriya  
49966. Raine Rude  
49965. Claudia Chance  
49964. edward mayers  
49963. Barton Pachino  
49962. Kenneth Ginsburg  
49961. Brian Lerch  
49960. Gabor L. Szekeres  
49959. darren dematoff  
49958. Morit  
49957. Daniel  
49956. lourdes  
49955. C Horton Please remove this offensive material
49954. Meir Rotenberg Google does have a responsibility as a member of the global community
49953. Morit  
49952. Sigmund Cohen  
49951. Dr. Kenneth Freundlich  
49950. Aron Nakar  
49949. Lori Unger take the first step by removing this....
49948. james dubey  
49947. Lucy Bruckner  
49946. Debra Zatz  
49945. Phyllis J. Fleisch  
49944. Natalie Azoulay  
49943. m tabatchnick  
49942. susanne currivan  
49941. Donna Barasch  
49940. Ed Pocrass  
49938. Gloria Einbender  
49937. Stuart B. Millstein  
49936. David Daniels  
49935. dav camras remove site please
49934. Aryeh Rosin  
49933. allen goldstein  
49932. Nati Ingbar  
49931. Phyllis Resnick  
49930. Elizabeth Ann Bruch  
49929. Steve Cohen  
49928. Michele Vogel  
49927. Andrew Joseph  
49926. Phillis Willer-Haimovitz please remove
49925. Mary Moss I think that you need a person to check up on these sites.
49924. Carla Serlin King Please remove this immediately
49923. Sandy Wasserman  
49922. Connie Chuang  
49921. Barbara Juhel  
49920. Michael Mun  
49919. Jonathan Charnas  
49918. Rev. Tiare L. Mathison-Bowie  
49917. David G. Kern  
49916. Fred Davis  
49915. Corinne Shane  
49914. Eileen Hofstetter  
49913. Kyle Plimack  
49912. Albert Young Anti-sematism @ its worst
49911. Meryl Abramowitz Remove Jewwatch
49910. Bernard Krieger  
49909. Elizabeth DeVico  
49908. Wendy Beckerman  
49907. Saul Infeld  
49906. ilene  
49905. Larry McConkey  
49904. tal  
49903. Maxwell Kahn  
49902. Sue Johnson I am not Jewish, I am Catholic, and deeply offended by what is on this website. It is beyond free speech. It is obscene.
49901. Kathleen Mun Google thinks this is acceptable to Americans?!?
49900. myrna kirkpatrick  
49899. Nancy W. Huston I find it hard to believe you would lead your search with a listing full of such Hate!
49898. daniel gildesgame Please
49897. Danielle  
49896. Victoria Ginsburg  
49895. Howard Markus  
49894. d levine  
49893. Rachel Gold please remove this site
49892. A. Anderson  
49891. Kenneth Mandelbaum This is outrageous and should not be part of any search engine.
49890. Bonnie Cooperstein  
49889. David Goldstein They should visit my site www.goywatch.com
49888. David Lieber  
49887. Charles Jaffee  
49886. Alissa Manocherian  
49885. Lisa Kurtzberg  
49884. Kerry Jacox  
49883. Ehud Fonio  
49882. Cindy Richter  
49881. erez  
49880. Lori  
49879. Josh Coen  
49878. Frances Masterman  
49877. Howard Katz  
49876. Chana  
49875. Gilad Lorian  
49874. Carrie  
49873. Laura B. Schwartz  
49872. Sheila H  
49871. Irene Fedun  
49870. neil shulman  
49869. Ronnie Grabon  
49868. Vince K. Crunk  
49867. Gretchen Batton  
49866. avi  
49865. Laurene M. Ruth anti semitic things are not good - should not happen at all
49864. alicia conway  
49863. Yehuda N. Falk It is unbelievable that Google would list a hate site like this.
49862. ilan rodzynek  
49861. Michael  
49860. Yonina Tova  
49859. Joyce Weaver Some things never change, no matter how hard the lessons learned. Hatred has a way of surviving just like cockroaches do.
49858. H J Eiley  
49857. Allison Goldberg  
49856. Isaac  
49855. Gui Cabral  
49854. wanda bincer  
49853. Sid Shniad  
49852. Sasha Zakin  
49851. Steven Yampolsky  
49850. David Grinstein my thought is that there is a flaw in the Google search process for this site to show up first
49849. S. Gates The existance of this site and hundreds of others like this one deeply offends me and my view of a civilized society. Incitement of hatred against religious adherents, visible minorities and the sexual orientation of individuals does nothing to protect the notion of free speech on which our democratic values are based. Please remove this site forthwith.
49848. Ceil Greenberg  
49847. Susan Nurin  
49846. Nancy Brown  
49845. Tom Kramer Please remove this site. It is disgraceful that it even exists.
49844. Priscilla Golding  
49843. bruce lefkoe  
49842. David M Reed  
49841. eran kessel  
49840. Dr. Norman Rothenberg a revolting,truth distorting,inflammatory site!
49839. theresa flaherty  
49838. Bill Vanyo  
49837. Steve Levene  
49836. Heidi Conti  
49834. Arthur Feinglass  
49833. Ruth Spindler  
49831. Todd Shotz  
49830. Nancy K Phillips Perhaps prefacing this with hate site might satisfy users.
49829. a. lubow I love goggle and use it frequently. don't ruin your reputation.
49828. M. Hess  
49827. David Epstein this is a disgrace
49826. Jack Freedman  
49825. Howard Markus any type of defamitory matreial should not be on a wab sight such as google
49824. Cheryl Smith  
49823. robert tacher  
49822. Jillian Schutkin  
49821. ari fur  
49820. Marden David Paru  
49819. allison jennewein  
49818. Risa Resnick  
49817. Elana Polan  
49816. amit kessel  
49815. Anne C. Reade  
49814. Rochelle Pakier  
49812. Eliane I. Probasco  
49811. jacob burland  
49810. Anne Rance  
49809. Gary Cohen  
49808. Elissa C. Arch  
49807. Rita i am abhorred that google.com would allow such a blatant anti semitic attack to continue.
49806. Elena Goldblatt  
49805. emma amiad  
49804. Penelope B. Harris unconscionable!!
49803. jon bloom  
49802. linda kaminsky  
49801. noelle delaney  
49800. Laurie  
49799. Moe Mizrachi  
49797. Nancy Theeman  
49796. Naomi C. Hample  
49795. hayley simpson  
49794. Faye Melton  
49793. Rick Reynolds This site has the right to exist, but Google has the right and moral obligation to prevent it from being available through their search engine.
49792. Randi Leader  
49791. michelle  
49790. joseph jacobs "he who blesses Israel will be blessed,he who curses..."
49789. Alec Walen  
49788. Joanne Schack  
49787. Michael R. Cohen  
49786. Samantha Wagner  
49785. Maurice Corb stop antisemetism to prevent WW3
49784. Grace Gluskin not in America
49783. Naomi C. Hample  
49782. Was  
49781. andrew fechter  
49780. Terry  
49779. shari la sala there is enough hatred in this world in the name of religion and what has this tought us and what have we learned from history
49778. DUDY  
49777. Eileen Levy You would think this would have been done without the need for 50,000 signatures!
49776. Neal Steinman  
49775. Miriam Gordon  
49774. she-ra  
49773. Xay ChongTua Hate is learned. We need to teach the world to love and respect each other. This petition proves people are not going to let hate and fear run our future.
49772. Evelyn Sheskin  
49771. Holly Ross  
49770. debbie  
49769. Michele Greengard  
49768. Claudia Chernitsky  
49767. Roger S. Tausig  
49766. Jenny Goodman  
49765. A. Sobo  
49764. Joseph Braun Jewwatch.com is against everything the U. S was made for and an insult to the dead and injured of ww2
49763. Alberto Rozental incredible !!
49762. Ellyn Stein It's time to end the hate and cycle of violence
49761. Gerald W. Spivack  
49760. M Stan  
49759. Amy Cohen  
49758. moviestallion Down with Palestine and Iraq!
49757. Dan Shotz  
49756. Refael Horev  
49755. Sharon  
49754. Bill Turpin  
49753. Rachel Gall  
49752. Rhoda Chodosh Please do not promote anti-semitism
49751. Carin Lomax  
49750. adeena  
49749. Edward Goldfluss The site is disgusting
49748. amir  
49747. Linda West Myers Fight anti-Semitism!
49746. Dr. Morton H. Levy I hope to see you remove this unwarented provocation to hate.
49745. Janice Heft  
49744. Sam Lauter  
49743. larry finegold this site is offensive in the extreme
49742. Sherrie Eisenman  
49741. Mauro Gold  
49740. Darcia Blanchard  
49739. Harold Goldstein  
49738. Doreen Benjamin  
49737. Tomer Ahituv  
49736. Alfred Sils  
49735. William Magidson  
49734. Sarah Harris  
49733. ELKA  
49732. Victoria Grigorian  
49731. haviv yadid  
49730. Richard Bamberger  
49729. Marsha Moore We are all One.
49728. guy  
49726. Ellen Philips We are all human beings...none better or worse than another. Negativity and fear breed more of the same. Let us instead rejoice in our commonality: We are ALL human beings!
49725. Mary Ann McDonough remove asap
49724. Rick Margolis This sits calls the b'nai brith and the ACLU Jewish hate groups!
49723. Richard Weinmann It's a disgrace and false from top to bottom! open to law suit!
49722. A B  
49721. Beverly Staples  
49720. Paul L. Warner  
49719. Rhona Goldberg Until this is removed, will not use your search engine.
49718. Alina Kapilevich  
49717. Eleyana Matayeva  
49716. Sheila Stern  
49715. Harlan B. Gould  
49714. B WILSON  
49713. Barry Martin  
49712. Abigail Levi  
49711. Edward Skobel  
49710. D Pine  
49709. Liran Gordon  
49708. Carol Friedman  
49707. Marcel Buchsbaum  
49706. Norm Barnett  
49705. Susan Goodman  
49704. C. Berzon  
49703. Elenor Conn remove this site now
49702. Judith Millul  
49701. Howard Weisberg  
49700. Stanley Arouty  
49699. Barry Mosesman  
49698. Boaz Sdeor  
49697. Cantor Don Croll  
49696. S. Douglas Frasier, MD  
49695. Laura Granick  
49694. Edna Judd  
49693. Roberto C. Henriquez Wilson  
49692. Bob Weinstein Please remove this; thanks very much
49691. Ely Eshel  
49690. Pamela Yohlin  
49689. joyce rosenberg  
49688. Donna W. Google- don't be a party to the spreading of hatred
49687. Sharon L. Fineberg  
49686. Judy Arouty  
49685. melanie  
49684. Susan Tancer please remove this site!
49683. stan raynor  
49682. Aaron B. Werner  
49681. Valery Kvint  
49680. David A Weinstein More hate is not needed there is plenty around already
49679. Arielle Yaffy  
49678. stephanie ripps  
49677. Sara obscene
49676. Ron Alberts It is a tragedy that this situation exists. Look at Yahoo and other search engines and you will not see these neo-Nazi hate sites.
49675. Reena Blinkoff this website is offensive and vile and should be shut down immdiately
49674. Marlene Nourok antisemitism
49673. David Bernstein  
49672. Daniel Shevitz  
49671. Deborah Sternberg  
49670. fernando f. de cordova  
49669. April Jacobson  
49668. jeff rosen  
49667. Hermosa Agami plain and simple IT'S WRONG
49666. Elmer Judd  
49665. sylvia baruch  
49663. Martha Bixler  
49662. Illy Dominitz  
49661. andrew bloom  
49660. Eliza Iosilevich Please take this off as soon as possible, this is offensive and anti-semetic is all possible forms
49659. Stanley Sheckman  
49658. jeff block  
49657. Shari McDaniel This site spreads hatred. It's not okay.
49656. Eli Glazer Google must not be an open sewer for hate!
49655. Mandie Ciotucha  
49654. Lesley Harling  
49653. elena massarotti  
49652. Tanya Kutchinsky  
49651. J.A. Rochford  
49650. david remove this immediately
49649. L. New I was shocked to see this information first on your site! There is enough trouble in this world, this behavior by google is very unprofessional and should be corrected immediately!
49648. ISAAC IRONI  
49647. Mark Abelkop  
49646. Louis H. Mackey  
49645. Roger S Fineberg  
49644. Michele Glazer  
49643. David Fabel  
49642. Beth Benson  
49641. brett kushner you have got to be kidding, supporting such and anti-semetic site, i will discontue my use of google if this site isn't removed
49640. Lewis  
49639. Mary  
49638. Sharon Greis  
49637. Kathy Bruch  
49636. Eileen Lange I thought you knew better
49635. alissa  
49634. Nathan Milikowsky  
49633. Jaques Belik The sooner this is removed the better
49632. Effi Ephrath  
49631. Nancy Babendir  
49630. deborah goddard  
49629. harvey hyman  
49628. Melissa Kern  
49627. Tim Walker In an era of unfortunate rising anti-semitism, Google should exercise it authority to be mindful of permitting such expressions of anti-Semitic hatred to so easily be accessed and take a leadership role in demonstrating respect of religious freedoms and persecution on such a level.
49626. antony solomon  
49625. Howard Tward This cannot be tolerated.
49624. nick remove it now
49623. edna briscoe  
49622. lj simon please help to eliminate anti-semitism. thankyou.
49621. Michele Mackey  
49620. John W Anderson  
49619. Ellen Rhoda  
49618. Donn  
49617. Sieradzki Sacha  
49616. Richard Seldin  
49615. Edward Mass JewWatch.com is an UGLY sitwe
49614. Nellie Nunes very stupid of them
49613. Kim  
49612. Ted Kessler JewWatch.com must be removed
49611. Keith Jakob  
49610. Leah  
49609. Doron Aloni  
49608. Debra Kaufman  
49607. ilana klein  
49606. Debbie GOldberg  
49605. Sherman Farber  
49604. nissim lay  
49603. Tamara Schane  
49602. Judy Jacobson  
49601. Deanna Abrahams  
49600. Noel Brooks  
49599. Lorraine Huzar  
49598. Jennifer  
49597. Paula Poons  
49596. Steve Rosen  
49595. sandy  
49594. Diane Barbarash please do not support anti-semitism
49593. hanan hanan
49592. Jorge Schmidt  
49591. Jacob Kantor Though hatemongers are afforded freedom of expression in this country, they must not be allowed to hijack the Web so easily for the propagation of their deviant ideologies.
49590. David Herman  
49589. Joel Raab  
49588. Susan Gurevitz  
49587. Timothy E. Cutsinger  
49586. Michael McCartney  
49585. Adam  
49584. Jon Stevens  
49583. Stacy Emanuel  
49582. penny postel  
49581. harry weber Israel, your effort is great. You just need a little help with the English. Why didn't you call me?
49580. L  
49579. James D. Burnham  
49578. Julia Rabkin  
49577. Leslie Stormwind Offensive Link
49576. Isak Nachman  
49575. Charles B. Wayne  
49574. Bob Vila  
49573. Cory Gurevitz  
49572. mildred Fisher Never AGAIN!
49571. ryan  
49570. cathy chase  
49569. David Rotenberg  
49568. Sheldon Weisgrau  
49566. Adina Aloni  
49565. Sari Pearlman  
49564. ellen graebe  
49563. Brian Lasater Please dpo the right thing and remove it
49562. Lisa Cataldo please delete this site!
49561. Rachel Rosen  
49560. daniel weiser why does my family have to worry about such things?
49559. Stephanie Barnett  
49558. Madeline Kushner  
49557. marc chanti remove this site
49556. Ellen McFarland Johnson  
49555. Ellen Holroyd  
49554. Van Messer  
49553. Judith Arram  
49552. lewis kapner  
49551. Sheryl Perkins  
49550. Edward L. Cohen, MD I went to the website, just to see what the fuss was about. It is OUTRAGEOUS!!!
49549. Renee Tward Absolutely outrageous! I have been a fan of "Google" for a long time and can't quite understand how they would need 50,000 signatures to do something that is totally unconscionable. I won't be using Google until this error is corrected.
49548. Jan Levy  
49547. Ellen Rosen Despicable that Google would implicitly endorse this website by including it in its search
49546. Joni Ansfield Frightening!
49545. Elisabeth Sonersen  
49544. Jamie This is disgusting
49542. Earl Romoff  
49541. Oren Malka  
49539. H. B. Schaye  
49538. Elisabet Nachman  
49537. stuart goldberg  
49536. Mark B. Pathetic. I only hope this wasn't paid-for search engine optimization that you allowed.
49535. Sheila O'Donnell  
49534. Nancy Barnett  
49533. Diana Belman  
49532. Bernard Zonzinski  
49531. Sam Oolie  
49530. EMMY GORDON  
49529. Sharyn Lawler  
49528. Jessica Weiss  
49527. Gail Gottlieb  
49526. Marny Heit  
49525. Robin Roude  
49524. Cory Horowitz  
49523. edward feldman  
49522. Shelley Falbaum  
49521. Emily Boshnack  
49520. Genifer  
49519. Leff  
49518. Harriet Lipson  
49517. J. Watro  
49516. Albert Kurland  
49515. Melissa Greenhawt  
49514. Marilyn Gelinas  
49513. Jon Krueger  
49512. pamela  
49511. Sue Barenholtz This is terribly scarey
49510. Daniel Grosh  
49509. Elina Segal  
49508. J D Wertheim  
49507. Sheryl Miller  
49506. Adrian Jano  
49505. LOIS RUBIN  
49504. Marilyn Green-Rebnord extraordinarily offensive
49503. EP Feldstein Please listen...
49501. Sheri Lee  
49500. Sheila Kogan  
49499. Abby Lambley  
49498. Laura Steinbach  
49497. Phyllis Pinchuk  
49496. Martha Sabransky  
49495. Michelle Jacobs  
49494. Joanna Brown I am removing Google as my home page and will not use it again until the requested change is made.
49493. Gary Resnikoff  
49492. sara get it off the internet
49491. Val  
49490. Craig Rifkin End Anti-Semitism and remove this site from the search results
49489. cgreenstein you are helping spread hate. we all know that if you wanted to remove this site you could.
49488. Heather Algie  
49487. Audrey Banks  
49486. Stan Slotter Anti-Semitism is a virulent form of hate. Help eliminate it.
49485. JOY GORDON  
49484. harriet scott  
49483. Melannie Axler  
49481. David Beutel  
49480. Susan Ohringer Shame on you
49479. Leonard Bock  
49478. Claude Respect, discussion and peace for all races - keep in mind that also includes Palestinians.
49477. Don Elder  
49476. Wiliam F. Schreiber It is more than 60 years since slander of this nature has not been tolerated in civilized countries.
49475. Irwin Balaban  
49474. amos  
49473. Craig Sapin remove
49472. malina kanner  
49471. Neil Kerber get rid of this disgusting filth
49470. Pete Marcus  
49469. Ray Kimmel  
49468. Donna Beeman  
49467. Sass Peress  
49466. Joe Gechtman  
49465. Michael Hamburg  
49464. Rebecca Harris  
49463. k. feldbaum  
49462. Sandy Cohen  
49461. Janet Silverstein  
49460. Frances Sternberg  
49459. Andrew Rubin  
49458. Kristina  
49457. lawrence loewenthal  
49456. Fred Berman  
49455. Aaron Schoenkerman  
49454. Alissa Levy  
49453. Tyler Peikes Freedom of expression must have limitations when the results promote hatred of a specific group or ethnicity.
49452. marty kogon  
49451. karen steinbaum  
49450. bonnie feingold  
49449. Nancy Joseph  
49448. Lois Toback  
49447. mj laffer  
49446. Tina Kaplan  
49445. Susan Sternberg Google should NOT allow hate websites to use its service
49444. Benjamin Chang  
49443. Richard Robinowitz  
49442. Daniel Levy  
49441. joanna kadish hate sites should be removed
49440. H.Goldman  
49439. Mariana  
49438. Blu Forman  
49437. roy  
49436. Tamar Shapira  
49434. D.Katz  
49433. David Gruber It should not be necessary to petition for this.
49432. Karen M. Circharo  
49431. Oisiki Ghitis  
49430. Barney Sherman  
49429. Rachel Fink  
49428. amy goldman  
49427. Linda McCabe  
49426. rona J. Shays  
49425. David Friedman  
49424. Lori Rubin  
49423. T Shatner The Internet should not be used to promote intolerance and hatred. If the site is not removed, then we will assume that Google condones and accepts these views by association.
49422. Brahm Martz  
49421. Josh Jubelirer  
49420. Scott A. Sabul Social Responsibility is Everyone's Business
49419. Michael S. Bernstein  
49418. stacey sefton  
49417. Bette Rose Immel What are you thinking Google or aren't you?
49416. Marlene Zagdanski  
49415. Jeff Brandstetter Please remove this insidious site ASAP
49414. DE GUNZBURG  
49413. D.Katz  
49412. Yehuda N. Falk It is an outrage that a site like this is listed by Google.
49411. Barry Bernstein  
49410. Gary Katz  
49409. Eric Weiss not buying google stock when public!
49408. Ebon Alabastur  
49407. joanna kadish hate sites should be removed
49406. James J. Goeller  
49405. Mitchell Burman  
49404. Lynn S. Evans  
49403. Mary Doria Russell  
49402. Edward Khaymenis If Google can take online gambling web content of the search results, they can certainly avoid racist sites as well
49401. herbert a. arnold  
49400. Amy Halsey  
49399. rita kresha be responsible!
49398. Dori Ginsburg  
49397. Steven Greenwald I am flabbergasted that Google would put up with this!
49396. Sylvia Silver  
49395. Marcia E. Alper  
49394. Sarah Finkelstein  
49393. Irina  
49392. Todd Bradfield  
49391. aaron stern  
49390. Jack Schrier  
49389. Helene Rosman Remove the JewWatch from your website
49388. Jackie Glazer  
49387. Erin Hart  
49386. I Temple  
49385. Janis Oolie Feldman  
49384. Helena Milchteim  
49383. Gayle Myers  
49382. susan e stein  
49381. Tracy Klayton  
49380. Liz Ostow the web site is disgusting
49379. Mechele Leon  
49378. Eric Goldie Remove Jewish hatred from your search engine
49377. karin sattler  
49376. jay monitz  
49375. nathan d. singer  
49374. Carrie Fisher  
49373. Alik  
49372. t walters  
49371. Stanley Minkin  
49370. Jon Diamond  
49369. Rabbi Yafah L. bat Joseph shame on you for not being more diligent!
49368. Brad Stuart  
49367. Jack Schrier  
49366. Janis Sugar  
49365. catou defriend the spreading of hate should not be tolerated in any shape or form
49364. Judy & David Klein  
49363. Edith E. Ritter  
49362. Jill Weinthal  
49361. Donald Spector  
49360. Joel Selman  
49359. M.E. HANOCK  
49357. Patricia Hartman This is disgusting "literature"
49356. Audrey Ostroff Title sounds anti-semitic
49355. Jane Kimmel  
49354. Joseph Lopes  
49353. Joy Marcus Simon  
49352. I.P. Spier  
49351. Simon Mendel  
49350. Stephen Levy  
49349. kirsten shirken  
49348. Evelyn Shaw YES to the first amendment; NO to supporting (giving top billing to) hate sites.
49347. Ted Kessler  
49346. michael lovitch  
49345. robin frosh  
49344. Sherry & Michael Loewenstein  
49343. Leonard Cohen In this day and age it would saeem to me that the govenors of Google would want to erase Atisemitism
49342. Robin feinberg  
49341. Lucy Harrison Please make the change - anti-semitism is on the rise, and this is just another subliminal message supporting that. Thank you.
49340. ilana klein  
49339. Martin Friedman  
49338. Gill Jay  
49337. Steven Egar  
49336. Helen Mast  
49335. Arnold Zuckman  
49334. susan fiscarelli  
49333. ralph cohen  
49332. Kenneth M. Kallett  
49331. Larry S.  
49330. Dagan Bayliss  
49329. Julie Brodsky  
49328. Helen Blumenthal  
49327. nicole levinsohn  
49326. Frances Spodek  
49325. Matthew S Whitcomb I love Google, but please show some respect
49324. Jon Calvo  
49323. Neil A. Corday  
49322. Roberto Amerikaner  
49321. George Moorehead Remove it
49320. Susan Schachter  
49319. Rose H  
49318. Margaretha Schader  
49317. Israel Kravzov There is a great responsability behind the powerful search tool of Google, please do not encourage any more hate in to the world.
49316. Joanna Elliott This is OUTRAGEOUS, you must remove this site!
49315. Evan Slavitt  
49314. Seth Lotstein  
49312. Tomer Yashaev  
49311. Ed Wasserman  
49310. Marilyn Green  
49309. Lauren Blair  
49308. Dr Eitan Abraham  
49307. adam frank  
49306. E C Levine  
49305. Sivan One more thing to learn about Canada, and a Canadian site...Welcome to Canada people!!!
49304. joe sasson  
49303. Janelle Totin  
49302. G. Levin Do the right thing!
49301. Rakefet Avramovitz  
49300. ken adams  
49299. Steven E. Rothke, Ph.D.  
49298. elliot dennis  
49297. Amy Shavelson Though the site is actually somewhat laughable in its outrageousness, I'd rather never look at it again.
49296. laura crangle  
49295. brian blayer  
49294. Carrie Pontecore  
49293. Elaine Baskin  
49292. Megan I refuse to use Google until this site is removed, I personally dont understand why you need one to remove a site such as this, you should remove it anyway!!!!!
49291. Molenberg  
49290. gail gurman  
49289. Ram Ekshtein  
49288. Rhonda  
49287. Gail Klein  
49286. Lisa Shumaker  
49285. Eugene Roth  
49284. Edwin Raff  
49283. robert merchasin  
49282. Adam Streltzer The jewwatch.com website contains lies.
49280. Lloyd Skole just another reason I no longer use google
49279. Bernard Siegel  
49278. Jessica  
49277. Jessica St.John  
49276. Dan Levin  
49275. Elliott Zenick  
49274. Alan Gorfin  
49273. Liotte Greenbaum  
49272. Allan Pratt  
49271. F M Fink  
49270. Bernard Maged Offensive and Unamerican
49269. Anne Lane  
49268. bobbi greenberg take it off
49267. sheila seligman  
49266. LeAnne Broas free speech is one thing, but hate speech which insights violence is not acceptable-morally or legally.
49265. Szajka Osyp  
49264. danielle milich  
49263. Dan Wolfman Terrible site - obliterate it !
49262. Jason Clodfelter  
49261. Charles Caradonna  
49260. Harold Augenstein  
49259. R. Adler  
49258. Shoshana  
49257. Hannah Banks  
49256. Scharf H.  
49255. Karyn Shaevel  
49254. sled  
49253. Sari Singer Please remove this listing from the site or at lease from the first spot to the end of the list
49252. Thomas L. Riis  
49251. Steve Fischer  
49250. E Berger With a search engine of Google's stature and a phrase as universal as "Jew," the first search results should be neutral or positive, not racist and inciteful.
49249. Hannah Lamport It is imperative that hatrd will not be tolarated or promoted. The world has seen what hatred leads to, coutless times
49248. Arlene Simoni  
49247. Howard Mandel  
49246. David Selinger  
49245. Earl Geldon  
49244. marcia zisselman  
49243. Gary Cheses Google should be ashamed !
49242. sylvia allen  
49241. J.B. Reibstein Hard to believe that Google would do this is the first place. What were you thinking?
49240. judi milich  
49239. martin zukerman How could this be allowed to occur . I understand the search is by the keyword , but it is so misleading . Google should be able to screen such attempts to abuse its system .
49237. Alma K. Vactor  
49236. Barbara Taglienti  
49235. Beth Krone  
49234. Alan Menachemson  
49233. Ed Linde  
49232. Ellie Abrams  
49231. Arnold Conn  
49230. Gary A. Rado  
49229. Melissa Hershcopf  
49228. Amy Bourne  
49227. S D  
49226. Jason Zimmerman  
49225. Rhonda Robinson  
49224. George Jacobson  
49223. Kari Mann  
49222. Stephen O'Rourke  
49221. R. Roseman  
49220. marvin milich  
49218. Jennifer Frank  
49217. pat miller  
49216. Sieradzki H.  
49215. Mark  
49214. paul cohen  
49213. Ella Beliak  
49212. jonathan j. kaufman  
49211. jon rapport  
49210. lisa halotek  
49209. Dr.Alex Mizrukhin  
49208. Marc Fried  
49207. Soula Tsafaras  
49206. steven okin  
49205. Carole Berger Why would you foster rampant antisemitism?
49204. Sally I agree, this website needs to be removed ASAP
49203. Eric Inspektor  
49202. L. Botner  
49201. Todd Kessler  
49200. Nancy Kline  
49199. john hadden  
49198. Adele Schneider  
49197. Marcia Hochberg I have been choosing to use search engines other than Google until this site is removed.
49196. Laura Garfinkel Please remove this site
49195. Judy R Golub I cannot believe that Google would allow this, please change it.
49194. Ruth J. Geldon  
49193. Irene Haber  
49192. Corey Szwarcok  
49191. harry bernstein remove it
49190. Cindy  
49189. Naomi  
49188. Herman Asarnow  
49187. Carole Cohen  
49186. Paul Zador  
49185. B L Alper  
49184. Elise Rotsztain  
49183. Bette Russell  
49182. Alan Mendelson  
49181. cathy shore-sirotin  
49180. robert olin  
49179. Rahmat & Simi Aziz  
49178. Shirley Zauer  
49177. alisa gelfand  
49176. Andrea H. Demby Does Google have any Jewish employees?
49175. judy litvack  
49174. shiri shinar  
49173. R Friedmann  
49172. Jack Halpern  
49171. Lloyd Skole just another reason I no longer use google
49170. Sally Scheiner  
49169. J. Gold  
49168. Harriet S. Clark  
49167. Joe McKesson  
49166. M. Bennett  
49165. Helen Ness I don't understand why you need ANY signatures in order to remove a site which is encouraging hate and persecution against any group of people! Go to the media--embarass Google. This is totally unacceptable that they should require a petition. By doing so they are promoting anti-semitism themselves.
49164. Vladimir Bermant This is a disgrace and Google needs to rectify the situation immediately.
49163. Howard Chess  
49162. gail gordon  
49161. Jamie Liebman  
49160. Michael Lobell  
49159. Alex  
49158. Debra-Ann Wasser Anti-Semitism must be stopped!
49157. Marc Levine  
49156. Peter Kronengold I will not use Google until this has been removed
49155. Gail Kronick  
49154. Jack Gansky  
49153. Ilana Shawn  
49152. Allison Rossett  
49151. Hilary Segal See below
49150. Peter Hajdu