...thanks to paedophiles like these.

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48000. arthur krevitz  
47999. Varda Goldman  
47998. Jacob M. Etner  
47997. lynne zolot  
47996. Melissa Fishner  
47995. natalie tucker  
47994. Bonnie Konoza  
47993. Gabriel  
47992. elena  
47991. Amy Pitarra  
47990. Linda Giancola  
47989. arline wertheim  
47988. danny zelisko really surprised that this would be on here. get it off.
47987. imi peri  
47986. Colin Clark  
47985. Paul Allen & Laurel Allen disgraceful
47984. Gail Fallender  
47983. Anthony  
47982. David Nelson  
47981. Tina Levine  
47979. Joshua Mintz  
47978. terry cohen  
47977. Karen Glina  
47976. jacob remove jewwatch.com now
47975. Joshua Herz Fix the problem
47974. Scott Badash  
47973. arieh goldberg sort it out !
47972. Michelle Librach This website if very offensive!
47971. ethan shapiro free speech isn't guaranteed if it incites violence.
47970. Donna Riback Actually, it is the 3rd site listed.
47969. Justin Israelson  
47968. Jacob Steinberg  
47967. Jerrold Axinn  
47966. L.Ninio  
47965. Dror Avisar  
47964. Diana Bloom, Ph.D.  
47963. Norine Rosenblum  
47962. Jack Jason Excise this website from your search engine
47961. audrey gold  
47960. Frank N. Whitehead  
47958. david pompis  
47957. Avrum Bluming  
47956. J Stelnik  
47955. chad sherman  
47954. Sue Elster I am repulsed that fellow human beings would behave in such a way as to promote hate.
47953. Olga Clement  
47952. Justin Gover  
47951. Ronald Daub Anti-semitism is a disease
47950. Allan Rothchild  
47949. elena  
47948. levy  
47947. John Smulian  
47946. Michael Beckman  
47945. Lynn Darin  
47944. Abraham Fisher I don't think it is necessary to remove, but it is absolutely critical that it not be at the top of the list. Having this here is like looking up "negro" and having the first result be the KKK
47943. Sheila Ito  
47942. Ali Westerkamm  
47941. Ina Labiner  
47940. Seymour and Bernice Paul Google owes it to its own reputation for fairness and objectivity to disassociate itself from the objectional website.
47939. leon greenblatt  
47938. Jack Wilner This is an awful site, Please Remove
47937. Yarin Cohen  
47936. Nina F Israel  
47935. Ravelle Brickman  
47934. Dror Please remove from the search Jewwatch
47933. Joanne Bonnay  
47932. J Marks  
47931. Eva Margolis  
47930. Alan Fersko  
47929. susan trachman  
47928. Gerald M. Jaffe Site is despicable
47927. Lee Robinson  
47926. K. Shiroki  
47925. dale newberg  
47923. Gilbert S. Holzer  
47922. Joyce Rubin  
47921. Audrey Castillo Guess I'll be using a different search engine now.
47920. I. Heertje  
47919. Tobias family  
47918. Eugene Bower  
47917. Jonathan Harwood  
47916. Sharon Hartman  
47915. Betsy Minkin  
47914. Loril Hirsch  
47913. karen phillips  
47912. Svetlana Ilieva  
47911. M.S.  
47910. Jeffrey L. Cummings  
47909. Stacy Herz  
47908. Cato Wendel  
47907. Becky  
47906. Karen venegas This is horrific and unconscionable in this day and age
47905. Guillermo Zimerman  
47904. Dina Gomez  
47903. A. Perez Take it down!
47902. Dari Z. I think this is disgusting! Please remove this. Thank you.
47901. Stephen Zuckerman  
47900. Laika Lie one's freedom of speech shouldn't hurt others
47899. Michelle Ferguson  
47898. robert allen bronfman  
47897. billie g  
47896. susan and ed albright  
47895. charles freedman truely sad
47894. Joyce Rosenberg website that are run by hate groups should not be allowed
47893. George M. Kelakos  
47892. Jeremy Aaron Horland Please deliberate this issue carefully, and please remove this link.
47891. S Kosyka  
47890. Mohammad "With sites like this, there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East"....Actually Sharon not murdering Arabs would do a lot more to help peace.
47889. pat jotkoff  
47888. Bob Greenberg  
47887. Staci Knopoff  
47886. Margaret Bower  
47885. William Margolis very bad propaganda--very anti semetic--untrue
47884. Craig Dietz  
47883. deborah freedman  
47882. Susan Wichman  
47881. Beth Allen  
47880. richard newberg  
47879. Elana Handler  
47878. Slonim Jacob  
47877. Margaret Woolley  
47876. suzan hvizdash  
47875. John Blomberg at least move it to the end of your search results!
47874. Erika  
47873. rene amiel  
47872. Menachem Hasfari  
47871. Amy Tenebaum  
47870. neville frankel  
47869. Andrew H. Plevin I endorse removing Jewwatch.com from Google
47868. Eli Horowitz  
47867. Selma Cyon  
47866. Ted Simkin  
47865. Mitchell F. Borger  
47864. Tomer Cagan  
47863. Beth Wiesner  
47862. Ken Rose shame on you
47861. J Lazarus  
47860. Gabriel Fink  
47859. Ran  
47858. Adam Cassius  
47857. Rachel Margolis  
47856. phyllis this is a disgrace and should be removed asap
47855. jenny freedman a truely sad reflection of the paranoia of todays biggots
47854. suzanne maguire  
47853. LB  
47852. Cathryn Withers I'm not sure that silencing the enemy is necessarily the way to fight it but I couldn't think of another way to show my support for the Jewish people in their struggle against the ugliness and perversion that these hate sites spread. Take heart in knowing that these evil people will burn in hell for all eternity.
47851. joe goldberg  
47850. david stone outrageous listing
47849. Tony Tovar  
47848. Bernice Miedzinski  
47847. muriel chemla  
47846. Tawnya J. Hoefakker  
47845. Monica Weissmann Are we seing it (1933-1939) all over AGAIN ?
47844. Gloria Goss Stop hatred here, please.
47843. Ben Glassman  
47842. Alden Levy  
47841. dani  
47840. IAN ROTER  
47839. Judy Albi Unbelievable - get it out of there
47838. George Rosen  
47837. jackie rubin  
47836. ELisha Lilienfeld  
47835. estelle incociati very important
47834. Lauren Radell  
47833. jodie  
47832. David Gabbie  
47831. Joseph Melamed Google should Post Names and adresses of "jew watch" authors
47830. Marianna  
47829. leslie greenberg  
47828. Teri Hoffman  
47827. Cheryl Rounds  
47826. Dr. Gary M. Lobel  
47825. Lisa Rubin Jews are the best
47824. Karen Klein  
47823. Tony  
47822. colin gold  
47821. Gabriel Fink  
47820. Alan V. Weinberg  
47819. C jawitz It is disgraceful that you would allow this to exist
47818. Natalie Auerbach If this is not removed I will never use Google.com
47817. Rebeca Haines i support this initiative 100%
47816. Avi Gottlieb There is no room for debate. This underbelly of society must be rooted out, exposed and dealt with. This is not a freedom of speech issue.
47815. Yuti Chernajovsky  
47814. susan hay shocking and disturbing
47813. Peter Allen  
47812. Jessica Yingling  
47811. Kristy Wesson  
47810. Susan C. Rosenbaum Ê
47809. David  
47808. suzie sugerman  
47807. Ariel  
47806. sherri dorfman  
47805. Douglas Waxer  
47804. Josh Russell  
47803. john joseph reisman  
47802. Darren  
47801. robert bornstein remove it now!
47800. hannah aarons  
47799. Adam perelman  
47798. Marion Pann  
47797. Gordon Smith  
47796. lynda Wilkes  
47795. AL GARELLEK  
47794. Roberto Dachner  
47793. Boaz Aizenshtark  
47792. Robert Desmarais Sullivan It is not free speech to foster hatred.
47791. Adam Silverman  
47790. Ruth Attar  
47789. Alice Yurke  
47788. Sidney R Alpert Please remove this horrible site
47787. karen lower this is unacceptable in today's world, get rid of it.
47786. Michael Becker monitor your engine!
47785. Madelyne Rosenfeld With sites like this, there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East.
47784. Iris Epstein  
47783. Barry Jacobs  
47782. Mary Mortellaro remove JewWatch.com from the WEB
47781. Elisa Lefkowitz Greenberg  
47780. lillian pike  
47779. Sarah Levine  
47778. Brad Pedell  
47777. Maheo  
47776. Benjamin E. Reese  
47775. Daniel Goldwater  
47774. Rosele Frishwasser  
47773. Etta Heller  
47772. Cyd Berry  
47771. W. Gilbert  
47770. marilyn fox you should be ashamed
47769. natalie lukas please stop more hatred
47768. Elin Hampton  
47767. Mary and Kelly Karcher  
47766. aaron cohen  
47765. GREG BERGER  
47764. Ted Kraminer  
47763. Stephanie Tyree  
47762. Michael L. Limond  
47761. Meryl Levin This is truly disgraceful for Google
47760. Toby Arbeiter  
47759. betty laskey the Jews have been the scape goat for society long enough!
47758. James Craner  
47757. john doe  
47756. Mel and Judi Goldberg  
47755. Lindsay Maxon  
47754. Tracy DiDomenico  
47753. Sara Lerman  
47752. Annette Filler  
47751. Robert L. Stone This "JewWatch" site is nefarious and anti-Semitic & doesn't belong on the search engine when searching "jew"; particularly not in a prominent #1 position.
47750. Yorke Eaton  
47749. Amir Mizrahi This is revolting!!!
47748. Claro  
47747. Lauren Glant remove this site as quickly as possible!
47746. Jonathan Gutman this is not needed nor helpful
47745. Sally Hauser  
47744. Bezalel Schendowich  
47743. daniel roman  
47742. Carl L. Heifetz  
47741. Sarah Goldstein  
47740. Jody Sigmund I understand the whole "1st Ammendment" thing but come on what if it was a section called "crappy search engines" and Google came up first? Put this crap at the bottom of the list...
47739. Lisa Danish  
47738. Ronnie Caplan  
47737. Joy Wasserman  
47736. Labie Doctor Please get rid of these neo nazi german and muslim anti semetic sites.
47735. Jonathan Lissoos  
47734. R Harris  
47733. Linor Eylon  
47732. magen  
47731. Evelyn and Arthur Sacks I hope you would take this into consideration. Thank you
47730. Mishna Wolff  
47729. yupe israeli
47728. Richard Ochotorena  
47727. Amir Shmulevich  
47726. Mayya Bakman  
47725. Kenneth Malkin  
47724. Howard Zemsky  
47723. E. Tanovitz  
47722. Stephanie Glazer  
47721. eve perelman  
47720. Judy Henry I find this offensive
47719. Bertha Permuth  
47718. Avi Gottlieb  
47717. Doron Kornblum  
47716. Jennifer Levy This is disgusting and if this is happenening with one religion it happens to ALL!!!!!!!
47715. lainie harman disgraceful
47714. janet fine  
47713. JOEY Stop the Insanity
47712. Mitch Garvis  
47711. Fay K. Meltzer, Barry S. Meltzer  
47710. Lesley A. Solte  
47709. Elaine Chetrit  
47708. Javier Froimzon  
47707. Ed Cohen  
47706. Miriam Y This is ABSOLUTELY disgusting! It's one of the worst forms of Anti-Semitism...whoever put this on should be sued!
47705. Marco Ascoli Marchetti it's a shame !!!
47704. Lori  
47703. Craig & Harriet DuBois  
47702. Jonathan Hordos  
47701. Joyce Raiman It is so hard to believe that you would have this on the search. I have used Google and now I will not use it till this is removed.
47700. Stephanie Rook-Glazer  
47699. Jennifer Moisi  
47698. david goldberg keep it going
47697. Nicole Feigen  
47696. Christian Bogenmayr  
47695. howard berg  
47694. Joshua Rivner  
47693. Joyce Weiner  
47692. Mike Lieberman  
47691. Jerry Borins REMOVE AT ONCE!!!!!
47690. Sheryl  
47689. d komitzky  
47688. Ben Alpren  
47687. d. hoffman  
47686. Martin Mallin Google is my home page. Please take notice of our petition and ensure a clean bill of health;)
47685. Eric Heller Please do this soon!
47684. Jaime Friesen  
47683. David Lederman  
47682. Joel this is horrible and disgusting that someone would even think to make such a site...
47681. Bonnie Marsh please remove JewWatch.com, very offensive to all Jews
47680. shiva delrahim REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
47679. Michael LeCover get this garbage off NOW!!!!!
47678. Barak Zable  
47677. Stephen Josloff more outrageous bull sh-t from the scum of the earth!!
47676. Doron Tamir  
47675. jeanette levinsohn seems that the term "Jew" could be described historically, ethnically, socially or other ways rather than pejorativly
47674. Lana Ryaboy  
47673. w. fintz our children should be safe from people who hate
47672. carrie  
47671. Beverley Cohen  
47670. Michael  
47669. josy perelman  
47668. David Garlikov  
47667. Eric Levine  
47666. Howard Yasgur  
47665. Mark Leachman  
47664. Joshua Wilson As an ardent supporter of free speech, I had to consider this for a long time. We can't take this site off the internet, but we can remove it from the top of the list.
47663. Joy Barron Rachlin  
47662. mandy feingers  
47661. Gail J. Feinstein  
47660. Randy S. Gussis  
47659. Benjamin Spear  
47658. Lori Jo Nemhauser  
47657. Arnold Gottlieb  
47656. Nicole Libin  
47655. Renny Trellis  
47654. Jay Glazer  
47653. Dan Matkowsky  
47652. Ted Kahan  
47651. Avi Shai  
47650. Melissa Cannata  
47649. Lila Berman  
47648. Joy Barron Rachlin  
47647. Anna Patterson  
47646. Neil none
47645. Hilary Malina  
47644. Dennis Galinsky  
47643. S. Kindermann  
47642. Sanda Kaufman  
47641. r. David When will we start to love each other?
47640. joseph zayit  
47639. Mark and Hope Plotnick We were appalled to learn of this and this type of poison should disturb all good people of faith
47638. Florence Barkan  
47637. Bess Walkes  
47636. Philip Pierce  
47635. Daniel A Shugarman How can this site possibly be the first thing a young child would see if he or she was curious about understanding what it means to be jewish. It is imperative that this site be removed from your web site
47634. Amir Bercovitz Thank you for this initiative.
47633. Michael Rappaport  
47632. MOTY HAREL  
47631. josy perelman  
47630. Lois Perlman I expect more of google than this
47629. Susan Taylor  
47628. Emily Golisch this is pretty sick
47627. Sergio Finger  
47626. Ellen S. Waldron  
47625. Gerald L. Goldberg  
47624. neil griffiths  
47623. Ruth Resnick when can we ever live in peace
47622. Jack Moskovitz  
47621. Jeffrey Ghitman  
47620. stephen bronfman  
47619. Phil Elkins Isn't there enough hatred in the world?
47618. Evan Lapidus  
47617. Barry Rosen  
47616. Barney N. Lola  
47615. Carl Kampel  
47614. Jay Glazer  
47613. Mark Berman  
47612. Debra Fox  
47611. Michael Lieberman no bigetary of any type should ever be on the internet
47610. wilma tunick  
47609. Mr. Kenneth Silverman  
47608. james a herzoff  
47607. Carole Marans  
47606. Rebekah Baum  
47605. Sheena Lee Hard to believe that Google would need 50,000 signatures to do the right thing. Where is their common sense?
47604. Ekim Alptekin  
47603. Daniel Teplitz  
47602. tsivia tauber  
47601. Terry Bell  
47600. Barbara Dowell  
47599. Linda Nadien  
47598. Zelick Altman  
47597. enid maple and ed maple  
47596. Thomas C. Schmidt  
47595. Rochelle Rickoff  
47594. Rhonni Malino  
47593. Paul Trup  
47592. Sarah They know not what they do
47591. Howard Lickerman  
47590. Heidi Leachman Please remove this from Google Search engine
47588. Robert B. Levin  
47587. thekirsh hate sites should be banned
47586. Patricia A. Hund  
47585. frank shaw  
47583. ZONA BELZER  
47582. Sharon Decker  
47581. leah greenblat  
47580. Bob D'Amour  
47579. Jasmine Rahbarpour I am for this action
47578. abe and dorothy walshon  
47577. Rochelle Rickoff  
47576. joy mulder  
47575. Hadar Solomon  
47574. patti aretz remove this disgusting site!!
47573. Trude Bennett  
47572. Sarah Edelman  
47571. Caren Bornstein  
47570. marco seidman the world needs love, not hate. let's work together, please.
47569. Anne Markham  
47568. ZONA BELZER  
47567. jacobo margolis  
47566. Samuel Bentolila  
47565. bernard schreier  
47563. joy mulder  
47561. Robert B. Levin  
47560. Kirsten Cole  
47559. A Roberts Anti-Semitism has no place in a democratic society.
47558. Scott Rubin  
47557. nitzan neeman  
47556. mike welbel  
47555. John Musconi  
47554. Evelyn and Arthur Sacks I hope you would take this into consideration. Thank you
47553. à.éåæí do not increase hate in the world to any human beings
47552. Stephanie Segal  
47551. Robin Chalif  
47550. Natalie Klein Please remove JewWatch.com
47549. Anne Markham  
47548. alan k  
47547. bernard schreier  
47546. Scott Rubin  
47545. leah greenblat  
47544. Lex Freedom (of speech) also has its limits - not by law, but for practical and harmonious living/survival purposes
47543. Gerald Bergtrom remove this
47542. Lee Schechter  
47541. Murray Bloom  
47540. D. Steinberg  
47539. Doron Glazer  
47538. jordan dale  
47537. alan k  
47536. Sue Anderson  
47535. David Levin google will be rewarded for its decency
47534. zvi  
47533. henry gross  
47531. Barb Zemel  
47530. Adam Cohen  
47529. Scott Rubin  
47528. Libby Gurgis  
47527. David Frizell Unfortunately, they have the right to exist - but they do NOT have the right to be first on the list.
47526. A Remove this dangerous site.
47525. Mel Kaplan Free speech isn't always pretty, but it is ALWAYS the right thing to do. Keep JewWatch.com and let it naturally fall from its ranking. Remember that the Lynch-mob mentality shown here, is the same mentality that caused Nazi Germany to do what it did. Mob hysteria and suppression of the rights of others, is no more noble when perpetrated by Jewish people.
47524. Murray Bloom  
47523. Michael Lieberman no bigetary of any type should ever be on the internet
47522. Meg Nagel  
47521. alan k  
47520. Nancy Brookes  
47519. Max Yas Contributing to racial hate is not acceptable
47518. Norris Barsky  
47517. Aileen Krassner  
47516. Dana Green  
47515. Dydia DeLyser I rely on Google a great deal and am deeply dismayed.
47514. Doron Glazer  
47513. Ramona E. Curtis  
47512. Kevin  
47511. Robert Rashkes  
47510. Alfred Heidinger  
47509. Debra Goldberg  
47508. steve levitt the only thing it encourages is hatred and segregation of the jewish people
47507. M. Moore  
47506. Sean  
47505. Gary Adler  
47504. Bob Abramson In this day and time people should not tolerate sites like that....it needs to be removed
47503. mitchell remove it
47502. Sharona Aguilar  
47501. Mihail Haiman This is unacceptable, please remove it ASAP
47500. Carrie Shanafelt  
47499. Jeremy Lutsky Please take this off google. This website is offensive and is not an organization that google wants to condone or affiliate with. Thank you.
47498. Kenneth Sweeney  
47497. keith please remove offensive site
47496. Dennis Pinn  
47495. Marsha Lipschutz  
47494. Chaim Rogner  
47493. John Hadity Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine.
47492. Ariella Cohen  
47491. David Garlikov  
47490. Richard Schuman I can't believe you would allow this
47489. Lil Leeder  
47488. Arnold Becker  
47487. KEAF  
47486. Stephanie Reed  
47485. Howard Shapiro  
47484. Josh Levy  
47483. Bob Feller  
47482. Sharon Greenbaum  
47481. winifred price  
47480. Mimi Silver  
47479. Diane Goldman  
47478. Amanda Calhoun  
47477. Edward Nachshin  
47476. Jack Share  
47475. Rosemary Fremeth let us take another step forward to remove hatred from our world
47474. Barbara Meyers  
47473. Jill Maland There is no need to spread more hate in this world.
47472. aaron malina  
47471. Marty Pines happy to sign
47470. Darren Glazer  
47469. Charles Winick  
47468. Andrew  
47467. Julie Harnik  
47466. Arnie Lipschutz  
47464. Monica Juda Ungar  
47462. Jonathan Gilvarg  
47460. Jerry Rosenberg  
47459. Robin Roschke  
47458. ELLA HEYDER  
47457. melody maziar  
47456. Cindy Ledermann  
47455. David Seltzer  
47454. Kevin Rosen  
47453. Nolan Frank  
47452. Yvonne  
47451. Jay Stillman  
47450. Michael Rosen  
47449. stan parnett  
47448. Sherryl Daly  
47447. Phyllis Nachshin This must be removed!!!
47446. Perry S. Silver  
47445. Steve Greenberg  
47444. Alan Bernstein  
47443. Lynn Schultz  
47442. gloria holt  
47441. Sammi Cohen JewWatch.com must go!
47440. Alan S. Hollander  
47439. Kirk Ballin  
47438. gregory  
47437. Korinn Malkin There is no room in our world for hatred. Period.
47436. Kathryn Fitzsimmons  
47435. Marilyn Alexander  
47434. Steven Seligman  
47433. Barbara Trager Please remove asap -
47432. Daniel Glazer  
47431. Randi Marshall please remove this or at least transfer it lower down on the list.
47430. Sherry Blackman  
47429. barry haber  
47428. Daniel Ghiyam  
47427. Neil Tabor  
47426. Ramona E. Curtis  
47425. lynne sundblad  
47424. Jerold Rosenberg  
47423. Martha Frank  
47422. Carol Landau  
47421. Harris Abro  
47420. Merle Schwartz  
47419. Lisa Engel  
47418. Nancy Ginsberg  
47417. koos zijlstra  
47416. Marc  
47415. dorian nineberg  
47414. Maydie Dankoff  
47413. irina koyfman  
47412. Debra A. Poskanzer  
47411. Milton Ingerman M.D. If a web site titled "Jewish values" were created it might precede Jew watch on google
47410. Irina Logovinsky  
47409. Roni Flieswasser  
47408. Shlomo Dellal  
47407. J Weinstein  
47406. Nancy Lash  
47405. Ralph Loeb  
47404. David Glazer  
47403. Ellen Hageman  
47402. j goldstein  
47401. stacy ritter  
47400. Ida Grinberg  
47399. Michael Gero You should be ashamed of yourselves
47398. Jessica Melendez  
47397. Sarice Bassin  
47396. Mona Posinoff Remove this from your site please!
47395. Hillel Bennett  
47394. Marijke Sterman-Vleeschdraager  
47393. Simon Newman  
47392. Donald A. Vogelsang  
47391. Felix Grinberg  
47390. H. B. Davidson  
47389. Eric Shepnick  
47388. Martin Abramowitz  
47387. Bita P. Hendizadeh  
47386. Drew Staffenberg Google --Do the right thing! Remove JewWatch.com
47385. Carole  
47384. Karyl Mandel Outrageous!
47383. jennie r. bush  
47382. vade bolton  
47381. Martin Geifman  
47380. Jonathan Hevenstone jhevenstone@hotmail.com
47379. Bob Luckey Get rid of this ASAP
47378. Sarah T. Scott  
47377. Norman Bickman  
47376. Eleanor Elbaum  
47375. ben goldberg  
47374. srubin  
47373. Batya Lederfein  
47372. Asaf Rosenheim  
47371. Robin This is disgraceful!
47370. Frank N. Goldman  
47369. Eric Shipman  
47368. Paula Siegel Please remove this site from Google
47367. Lori Shapiro  
47366. melvin bernhardt  
47365. Nancy Ackerman Disgraceful!
47364. William I. Berks  
47363. Patrick Wright  
47362. chemda sichening
47361. Rachel Ravitch  
47360. Barbara Holtzman  
47359. Priscilla Rush  
47358. Naomi Assaraf  
47357. Arnold E Freedman Shame on google to need 50,000 signatures to do the right thing!
47356. Merle Schwartz  
47355. Lynda Ames  
47354. Diane Leafer  
47353. pablo  
47352. Joan Shrensky  
47351. zohar this site are curse jewish
47350. Jenna Segal  
47349. roberta balonick  
47348. Darcel W. Please remove
47347. steve herman  
47346. Ken Schnitzer  
47345. Liam Viney  
47344. Stuart S. Barnett  
47343. Seth Pollino  
47342. Rori Morrow-Firebaugn Freedom of speech is one thing, but to make sure folks find it with ease is down right sick! Please remove.
47341. Michael J. Romanowski, Ph.D.  
47340. judi neuhof  
47339. marna meyer plrease remove this site asap
47338. tedschama  
47337. Joseph Marchant Free speech is okay - but this site is pure hatred, and must be stopped.
47336. ROSE V. BRUY  
47335. Lynsey Henry  
47334. Jeremy Stodel  
47333. Morton Gottlieb having a bigotted reply is disgusting.
47332. Morris Mann  
47331. Gregory S. Laemmle  
47330. harvey This must be closed down
47329. Daniel Britchkow  
47328. Stephen M. Smith  
47327. Gil Sacher Please make the change...this isn't good PR for Google...good luck on your IPO.
47326. Anna Grinberg  
47325. Carl Axelrod  
47324. Michael Rothschild  
47323. Laurie Hoshaw  
47322. Lew Rubin  
47321. Steve Rinker  
47320. Douglas Banin  
47319. Michelle P this site is for hate mongers and deplorable
47318. Daryl Kennedy  
47317. Paul Greenblatt  
47316. Mabel Guzman  
47315. Ellen Wayne  
47314. Alicia Edwards  
47313. I. J. Bigio  
47312. Ed Thornton  
47311. Barbara Abulafia please be decent and remove this trash
47310. Bettyrae Eisenstein remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
47309. Joshua Baker  
47308. Deborah Taffler  
47307. marc simon  
47306. taz  
47305. susan chodakiewitz as responsible internet search engine you must remove this vehicle of hate
47304. irene take it off!
47303. miriam sherman google..i counted on you for years.please remove this reference. there is enuf anti-jew stuff in the world now wit hout your adding to it.. thank you
47302. Cari Carlin  
47301. Gerald Tannenbaum  
47300. Marian Propp  
47299. David  
47298. Arnold M. Neckameyer  
47297. Michele Lowe Please do this for us.
47296. Colleen Humphreys C'mon, Google, you can do better than this!
47295. Howard Sibelman  
47294. e.rousso  
47293. Marc Magun  
47292. Jean Kelly  
47291. Eric Malka  
47290. Erica Pinsky With the recent increase in Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada and around the world, Google should be part of the solution, not exacerbating the problem.
47289. Steve Albrezzi Stop hate now!!!
47288. Myrna Blenner  
47287. ian smulowitz  
47286. Herb Block Keep the site. It does NOT promote hate. Free speech for all, Jew, Muslem, Christian, Hindu, and all others. No group should be allowed to censor the views of another.
47285. Elliott Cappell  
47284. Lenore Rodah  
47283. Bernard R. Shelton  
47281. Steven Ehrenstein  
47280. Izzy Tapoohi  
47279. Brian Greenspan  
47278. Lillie Allen  
47277. peter hess  
47276. Marni Kashetsky  
47275. Kevin Stone  
47274. Rima Shpolyansky  
47273. David L. Shaw  
47272. Jeffrey J. Sands  
47271. JMPintus Google has an excellent reputation; please do everything you can to ensure that hate websites do not have access to your system.
47270. Nan Beytin Am not personally Jewish, but I absolutely resent the spread of negativity toward any ethnic, racial or religous group.
47269. Sheryl Tarkoff  
47268. Jaïr Junge  
47267. Mark Heller  
47266. pauline curtiss  
47265. Ed Rivadavia  
47264. Charles E Jackson, MD  
47263. Richard S. Wilkes Please remove this site as it only further promotes hatred
47262. lani knight  
47261. debbie dubin please remove JewWatch from your search engine thank you in advance
47260. Rich Pinto  
47259. Jeannette Gubb  
47258. Brian Sauer  
47257. Jeffrey Iserson  
47256. Randall Ian Goldman Remove this Nazi Filth
47255. Miri B  
47254. Rina Elson please remove this hateful anti-semitic site from your top list at Google
47253. Elizabeth Kruse  
47252. Debi Sabban-Lozano  
47251. Carole Alexander  
47250. J.S. Feldman  
47249. andrew Langsam  
47248. Emma Berenblit  
47246. Sara Miller  
47245. Erica Wainbergas  
47244. Steven Belmont  
47243. Grace Bluestone  
47242. Miri Azuri  
47241. Paul Rose  
47240. Jane Winograd  
47239. marc silverman  
47238. Lynda Torneck  
47237. Herb Feinberg 2000 years, same old sh*t
47236. Beth Katz  
47235. Howard Halpern  
47234. Herb Feinberg 2000 years, same old sh*t
47233. I. Berezin  
47232. Joseph Bier  
47231. Randy Goldman There is no room for this type of trash on your search engine
47230. Jill  
47229. Charles Bishop This is terrible.
47228. m.winnink  
47227. Norman R. Schultz  
47226. ellen schwartz  
47225. Beth Katz  
47224. Karen R. Aisenberg Totally anti-semitic and outrageous this must be removed from the Google Search Engine
47223. James Bloom  
47222. Chaya Levin  
47221. ben yair  
47220. daniel  
47219. Menashe Kattan  
47218. Estelle Feuer  
47217. Dozz  
47216. orlee  
47215. Frannie I am thrilled that Mr. Weinstock took the initiative to fight this major instance of Anti-Semitism.
47214. Jamie Wechter  
47213. ralph  
47212. sara leizerovich ====
47211. Elissa Vining  
47210. Jessica Silverman  
47209. David Aronstein Please Remove
47208. Kimber Shining Star  
47207. Ben Ruder  
47206. fritz danko  
47204. jeanette primost  
47203. Jack Gordon  
47202. i loftus  
47201. aviv  
47200. dani  
47199. Marvin Rosen  
47198. Philip Seeherman  
47197. Mary B. Geary  
47196. Leslie Steinberg  
47195. Elizabeth Kenney It's abhorent that google would continue to list this website after a search of the word "Jew," and that it would require 50,000 names to petition google to remove it. Why 50,000? Does it take 50,000 people to prove that hate is not acceptable in any form or against any people? I refuse to use google now that I'm aware of this.
47194. Dr. Ronnie Davidson I abhor your willingness to allow this to happen. Until this is removed, I shall not use Google again and will continue reminding everyone with whom I am in contact to do the same. I have a vast network
47193. Adam Klersfeld  
47192. J. Malvern Benjamin  
47191. C. Scotti please remove Jewatch.com from google
47190. Sandra Kerrest  
47189. Barbara Mckenna  
47188. Albert G. Besser The title of this site is disgusting
47187. ariel polonsky  
47186. Jenn Walker  
47185. david get it off
47184. Joseph Larsen  
47183. Phyllis de picciotto  
47182. Stan Hertzman  
47181. evelyn malz  
47180. Jennifer Gilchrist  
47179. Edward Framer  
47178. Dan Kucer  
47177. linda shaw PLEASE remove
47176. SHARON KAUFMAN please remove this offensive site
47175. Norma King  
47174. Rita Dressler  
47173. Ellen Lerner  
47172. Christopher May please remove it immediately
47171. todd abrams  
47170. Hadley Lundback Get this off your site please. Anti-semitism is at an all time high. Please do not help promote it with type of garbage.
47169. Danielle stop anti-semitism!
47168. Brian Gelfand  
47167. Hanita Dagan  
47166. Brian Cige  
47165. Yoav Binyamini  
47163. Judith Gerstenblatt this anti-semetic site must be removed
47162. Dr. M. Stone  
47161. Alex Peck if you don't police yourself, you leave yourself open to government intervention - not a happy thought
47160. Joyce Clark  
47159. L Pollack  
47158. Harriet Markowitz  
47157. Mark Ganem  
47156. benjamin caron  
47155. Lesley Collis  
47154. Beth Wing  
47153. Frances Berg  
47152. Francine Belser  
47151. Suzanne L. Perrault  
47150. Norman Vincent Gomes  
47149. marc embree  
47148. Bruce Hartman  
47147. J D Nerden Sites like this have to be banned
47146. Elissa Cohen  
47145. Priscilla Gilbert This is hate mail
47144. Barbara Putnam  
47143. Fred J Endelman  
47142. nissan Remove The JewWatch
47141. Alynne Lustig  
47140. George D. Firebaugn Not Good.... This is VERY, VERY Scarry
47139. Doris Spiegler  
47138. Esteban  
47137. Eric Sapperstein This website is redicilous...please remove immediately
47136. Frank Brodsky while I am for free speech - this should not be the 1st site that comes up on google and if it is to remain at all it should be flagged as antisemetic
47135. David  
47134. Carla Rosen just do it now, why wait?
47133. kat spiwak  
47132. Michelle Silver  
47130. Tamara Schiff  
47129. Josh Berman  
47128. Seymour Berg  
47127. Harold Prottas  
47126. Joel Lazer  
47125. JanLowell  
47124. Haim Barak Please Remove It
47123. LES KROOP  
47122. Dean Mat  
47121. Ruth Mintz  
47120. Larry Speckler  
47119. lori anders  
47118. Sandra Block  
47117. Cheri Simon  
47116. hagit berger  
47115. Laura  
47114. Scott Ridiculous anti-semitism
47113. Simon Kaltgrad  
47112. Daryl Nanes  
47111. Babii Yar  
47110. David Belford  
47109. Nina Mandel  
47108. Baruch Zigner  
47107. Dina Sheyn  
47106. Elizabeth Schwartz  
47105. Lou Kleinman  
47104. Herb Block Keep the site. It does NOT promote hate. Free speech for all, Jew, Muslem, Christian, Hindu, and all others. No group should be allowed to censor the views of another.
47103. David Knapp  
47102. radu soreanu Please remove immediately
47101. irving feldman and rebecca feldman  
47100. Lisa Golomb  
47099. erez avishai  
47098. Aubrey Kepes  
47097. Debra Rabin  
47096. Lauren Riesebeck Unbelievable... How can people be so closed-minded in this day and age?
47095. Diane  
47094. Richard M. Baach  
47093. Morton Epstein Highly offensive. Damaging to google name
47092. bruce libin  
47091. shila hidad
47090. Mr Clive Blman  
47089. Inna Fox  
47088. Lori  
47087. Andrew Schwartz Please do the right thing.
47086. Thelma and Eugene Goldberg outrageous you would accept such a site
47085. Andrew Peters  
47084. yonit levine  
47083. Melissa Siegel please remove this hateful site
47082. Wendy  
47081. Laura Remove the site
47080. H. Stanley Sykes  
47079. Susan Small  
47078. Jessica Stone  
47076. sheldon schafer  
47075. Edward Koplin Bigotry of any kind is unacceptable.
47074. Esteban Brenman  
47073. Brian Spector  
47072. Stuart T. Bassel  
47071. amy krigsman  
47070. Joan Kleinman  
47069. Bert Krieger  
47068. jean kucer  
47067. Adrienne L Baach  
47066. Yudi Bennett Thank you for organizing this
47065. Tamir J. Bourla  
47064. anabela s. moskovitz disgusting hate fomenting site
47063. ann davis this a dreadful website and must be removed immediately
47062. D N Levy Fix it!
47061. mimi avishai  
47060. Zex Milyon  
47059. Ruth Sobol  
47058. Sharon Schwartz  
47057. Susan Saltzman please remove!!
47056. Edith Sporn Remove theJewWatch site ASAP
47055. Ramon Bautista  
47054. Renee G. Bassell This site is highly offensive and should be removed.
47053. Elaine Yudcovitch  
47052. steven kohl  
47051. robin budish  
47050. Steven W. Anderson  
47049. leo schreiber  
47048. daniel rotman  
47047. Evan  
47046. howard sanford  
47045. Edythe Kaden Please do not have this negative site appear as the first choice, or prefereably, remove it from your search engine.
47043. lior avishai  
47042. Beth Tirc  
47041. Barbara Ostrom  
47040. David Dodson  
47039. oved Zucker  
47038. S. Trinidad  
47037. Liz Adler  
47036. melissa robinson  
47035. Don D. Hartman Please Remove this offensive engine
47034. ruth gordon  
47033. Evan  
47032. Michael Sara remove this sickening example of ignorance.
47031. Mara  
47030. Ken Hall  
47029. Mitch Roberts  
47028. jonathan finkelstein  
47027. Kelly Ross  
47026. Marlene B. Sykes  
47025. Becky Bleicher please remove that site!
47024. Lisa Willet  
47023. Ralph Senensky  
47022. Shachar Avishai  
47021. H I Katz  
47020. Julianna Von B. Frohlichstein a disgrace!
47019. Joanie Stein  
47018. Randee Pri-Tal  
47017. jerri sherman  
47016. fredda j. friederwitzer  
47015. Jeffrey Kahn Please do not have this negative site appear as the first choice, or prefereably, remove it from your search engine.
47014. Gelsomine K. Anderson  
47013. Ann Duvall  
47012. Anna Frank Do it in my memory
47011. Nancy Peckenham  
47010. Shelli James Please remove this horrible, anti-semetic info.
47009. rafi lewin  
47008. gilo tan please remove link to anti semitic site
47007. Susan Greenberg  
47006. james n gole this is very wrong
47004. Etienne Denneboom  
47003. Robert Fogel please remove this ugly misue of your site
47002. brian friedman  
47001. Glenn Leibel  
47000. Nicole Twynham  
46999. Elissa Johnson-Green Never forget!
46998. Ron J. Cohen  
46997. diego  
46996. Stephen Bittner  
46995. Ron Penn  
46994. Barbara Rahder  
46993. Mary N. Patchen  
46992. jonathon ende  
46991. Susan Hirsch  
46990. harvey chayet  
46989. lior avishai  
46988. Henry Guess Please remove this ASAP
46987. Michael Zeldman  
46986. floremce rotman  
46985. Deborah Stevens  
46984. Shlomo Mark  
46983. david green  
46982. Nancy Kahn Please do not have this negative site appear as the first choice, or prefereably, remove it from your search engine.
46981. Sharon Burton  
46980. Rahel Halabe  
46979. J Davidson  
46978. Francois du Plessis  
46977. Dorit Cohen  
46976. channa  
46975. dima  
46974. Edward Gallop  
46973. Sandra Joel  
46972. Rina Kelley  
46971. Carrie Kitchen-Santiago  
46970. Korbanei Auschwitz  
46969. Jonah Cohen  
46968. Marilyn Jacobs  
46967. Michael Appel Get rid of this crap!
46966. JK Berg  
46965. E. Adina Gordon, Ph.D. the jewWatch website is a shameful distortion in every way and I beg that Google remove it from the search engine
46964. robert amelio  
46963. J. Gary Davidson  
46962. Daniel Abramov It is dispicable. Considering the owner of Google (Sergei Brin) is from the former USSR, he should know personally how DISGUSTING it is to read something like this.
46961. Kara Sugarman  
46960. Lilian Goodman The website is offensive and the information totally inaccurate
46959. bruce avishai  
46958. Rachel  
46957. Beth Banks  
46956. ada reznik  
46955. Francine Purcell  
46954. esther blumenfeld for shame!
46953. William Greenberg  
46952. Reba Lowry  
46951. Sheila Goldstein  
46950. Boris Kogut  
46949. David Helwani  
46948. Rivka Mark  
46947. roger luchnick  
46946. C Scher  
46944. todd and susan edwards  
46942. David Gluck, MD  
46941. wendy feldstein  
46940. Bess Mandelcorn  
46939. Sondra Levy we must continually fight to stop this
46938. Rosilyn A. Bolski  
46937. joan mintz  
46936. Nisha Ved  
46935. L. Marcus  
46934. Judie Mar  
46933. Mercer & Geraldine Hill  
46932. Bernie Sher  
46931. Carole Horwitz  
46930. Debra Ferry  
46929. Ian Schnoor  
46928. Pam Vexler Please remove this anti-semitic site
46927. linda strupp  
46926. david kantorovich  
46925. stan bloom  
46924. Beth  
46923. Lori Silver remove this
46922. David Klein  
46921. Terri Sheridan  
46919. Carolyn A. Sanzel  
46918. Marilyn & Herb Rubin  
46917. Geraldine Halpern  
46916. Jennifer Magids  
46915. jeanette frumes  
46914. Richard G. Levy  
46913. Darryl Mandel  
46912. Ryan  
46911. Margaret C  
46910. Bill Frank  
46909. Michael Mandell  
46908. Josh Brodkin  
46907. fred rosenblum  
46906. Nina Charing racist,hateful
46905. Tal Raveh JewWatch is a DISGRACE, and so is GOOGLE!
46904. Elaine Cahill  
46903. avigail aronoff  
46902. Bernie Sher  
46901. Sidnie Feit The site pointed to by Google is very virulent
46900. steven rosenstein remove jewwatch.com from the engine now
46899. Michael Pearlman  
46898. AES  
46897. Rissa Sanchez  
46896. Ron Flejszon  
46894. rick bornstein  
46893. Michal Fixon  
46892. Della Freedman  
46891. pete silbering  
46890. Harriett Shulmister  
46889. Mark Feldman  
46888. Judith Katz  
46887. Bob Halavi  
46886. Aaron Kotick  
46885. David Stoch  
46884. Cecile Kay  
46883. Israela Brill-Cass  
46882. Brian Citron This seems to be a very nasty piece of work that needs to be removed immediately
46881. Rob Malkin  
46880. Robert E Henkin  
46879. Dave  
46878. Melanie Waddell  
46877. Marlene Nusbaum This site is very offensive. Please remove from atop your list.
46875. Evan Brooker This is disgusting.
46874. Ronen Pollak  
46873. Joel Nadelman  
46872. Michael Epstein  
46871. Irving Sporn  
46870. Marlene Nusbaum This site is very offensive. Please remove from atop your list.
46869. Jack Shutzman  
46868. Adam Sulcas  
46867. Jasmine Eliav  
46866. Marian Kaplan  
46865. Dar Zeelon  
46864. Jeff Kolber Thanks for raising this issue
46863. Edward Friedman a sad commentary
46862. Jack Kolodny Proud to be on this petition
46861. dorothy friedlander google shouldn't have accepted this site
46860. Bernie Sher  
46859. Rachmiel Fixon  
46858. Hayela Klein  
46857. ANdrea Mandel  
46856. Peter DAVID  
46855. Leon Falk  
46854. susana hegstrom  
46853. Jennifer Fabri  
46852. Kari Mosca  
46851. Marjorie Oolie  
46850. Barbara S Remove the Site now!
46849. Tal Bar  
46848. Morris Brooks  
46847. Sandra Saltzman  
46846. Yair the Jewish people are ONLY 2% of the population, leave us alone
46845. Robyn I. Rose  
46844. Marla Jassen  
46843. David Lindzy  
46842. Arye Gil  
46841. Tony Deutsch  
46840. Jack Waserman MD  
46839. A Perez  
46838. Jodi Zangwill  
46837. Karen M. Bartnick  
46836. Ellie Ashford  
46835. Irina Muchnik remove the woed jew
46834. Betty Osherovski  
46833. margie eisenberg  
46832. Wendy Gray  
46831. caroline wong  
46830. Gertrude Kinsman  
46829. Howard Gutman  
46828. anne eskra  
46827. Joe Mosca  
46825. Adina Greenberg  
46824. Yuval Markus  
46823. Abby Richmond  
46822. shelley fagel No hate group should be the first on a search engine's web site. I would be just as angry and upset if this was an anti Muslim listing.
46821. Barry Friedman  
46820. Jerry Serlin  
46819. Judith Lambert  
46818. Lisa Arkus  
46817. Jasmine Pollak  
46816. Jay Ross  
46815. richard lazerson  
46814. Bryan Mosca  
46813. Neal Cohen  
46812. William Buie  
46811. Meredith Lang  
46810. Mike Block  
46809. Barry Levy The Websense filter on my computer at work prevents me from going to Jew Watch by categorizing it as "racist" and "hate speech": I'd suggest Google do the same. Hate speech is not covered by the 1st Ammendment.
46808. Eric Dilts  
46807. Brett Kabik  
46806. David Goldstein  
46805. Rachel Katz  
46804. Martin Wenkens please remove it, it is terrible.
46803. Bonnie kanner  
46802. Dan Rumack  
46801. Nina Cesarski  
46800. Amed Ariel Sharon causes more anti-semetism on any given day, than JewWatch could in a million years. If you are really interested in stopping anti-semetism, ask Israel to remove Sharon ASAP.
46799. harold tobin  
46798. Laura Sweig thank you
46797. david lovinger this is unbelievable! how can you allow people to manipulate your listings for hateful purposes.
46796. Randy Rock  
46795. jill rabin  
46794. Jack Morrison Hate never works!
46793. Margo Serlin  
46792. Gail Kardish  
46791. Eddie Arriola  
46790. Marsha Gittleman  
46789. gary rosen google should be ashamed
46788. Merav  
46787. Natalie Dilts  
46786. Diane Moyer  
46785. Oleg Ryaboy  
46784. Stephen M. Godstein  
46783. Mo If you are so interested in "Stopping the hate", why not stop your Genocide against Palestinians?
46782. Jill Pomerantz  
46781. dennis laurents  
46780. Rob Steinman Good cause!
46779. Sosi Roitman  
46778. Michelle Gelman  
46777. Wendy Leopold  
46776. Shana Kaplan Too disgusting to even comment
46775. Terence J. Lynch  
46774. Marlene Weiner  
46773. Bradley Deutsch  
46772. laura martin do not delay, remove the antisemitic connection
46771. Amanda Lepar  
46770. Biron Hana  
46769. Walter Krohngold get this disgusting and racist site off your search engine!!
46768. L.S.Hanson  
46767. bennett lieberman  
46766. Paul Burt  
46765. Leib Taennenbaum  
46764. Evann Garrison Freedom of speech does NOT include the so-called right to lie or defame human beings.
46763. barbara rosenblum google should be ashamed for even having this on their website!
46762. Desiree Gil  
46761. Tony Gervaise  
46760. Hal Shapiro  
46759. Z Orland  
46758. Larry Krevitz, DDS  
46757. Joyce Craig avid google user - remove jewWatch or won't use google in future please
46756. rony nice to know that somebody cares
46755. Liz Wellek  
46754. elena klements  
46753. Steve Ensor  
46752. Jennifer  
46751. Bruce Gershenson  
46750. markwiner  
46749. Joyce Lyon  
46748. Marc D. Scherr  
46747. Joyce Leopold  
46746. Sarah Bolson I don't think it should necessarily be removed from the search engine but I do believe having be the first link to appear doesn't send a fair and accurate message.
46745. Wendy Fine  
46744. Elaine Fein Unbelivable in this day & age !!!
46743. Alys Geiger  
46742. Martha C. Marriott  
46741. p. schwartz  
46740. michael s. garber  
46739. Richard Deutsch Get them off the net.
46738. Joel Delane  
46737. walter hollander  
46736. emily  
46735. Haydee Cornfeld Invest your time with better things
46734. Esther Winard  
46733. Holly Zax  
46732. Peter DAVID  
46731. Jennifer  
46730. Andrew Verner  
46729. Karen  
46728. L. Balin  
46727. Richard Flom please remove jewwatch
46726. Scott Shubitz  
46724. Henry Leopold  
46722. Terry Katz  
46721. Jean Spencer  
46720. Janine Tamman  
46719. Wayne Miller Thank you for this petition. I followed it to JewWatch.com Despite protestations from Jews who would like to operate in secrecy, this site is very interesting. I have yet to read anything that calls for hatred against jews. I must be reading a different JewWatch.com site. Why are you people so afraid of scrutiny?
46718. Mitchell Nye Please remove this sick site from your search engine, now!
46717. Jason Jensen  
46716. Ellen Gutmaker  
46715. susan sefansky  
46714. pat cohen  
46713. Howard Rosenfeld We do not need any more anti semitism in this country.
46712. george rotstein  
46711. Marvin S. Lazernik  
46710. David W. Lippy Please do the right thing and remove this site.
46709. Zev Kleinhaus  
46708. Gerald M. Kantor  
46707. Cassie Dullea  
46706. Noam Schechner  
46705. D Gundle  
46704. Janet Humphrey  
46703. Victoria  
46702. Susan Ungar  
46701. Laurie Hutchison The people that actually hold these anti-semitic beliefs represent the lowest form of humanity...
46700. Jon Cohen  
46699. Cheri Beiner  
46698. Nancy Fried Lew  
46697. pat cohen  
46696. Lauren  
46695. J. Peter Roberts  
46694. Adi  
46693. Burt Guralnik  
46692. Jack K Leiss  
46691. Joan Cowan  
46690. Bonnie Paul  
46689. Seymore Applebaum  
46688. Nathan Fox  
46687. Laurie Kleinman  
46686. Tamara Scott  
46685. Amy Storm-Carter  
46684. JIll Edgeworth DISGUSTING and MUST BE CHANGED
46683. selma nelson  
46682. Margaret John Remove JewWatch.com : I have never been to the site but ,Scripture Says they that bless the Jews Shall be blessed and they that curse them will be cursed, they are blessed by the creator of heaven and earth if you are against them you are against the creator, if you are against the creator you are against me. I would not go there now, remove it.
46681. Al Lefcourt do it now, please
46680. Darlene Powell  
46679. Eleanor Atkins Remove JewWatch.com from Google
46678. andrea pearl  
46676. Martin L. Leafer  
46675. ron  
46674. David Wolf  
46673. Peter DAVID  
46672. David Goryl Disgusting
46671. Bonnie Hulse Remove this site from Google. It's offensive
46670. Kate Slotwinski  
46669. lucas  
46668. I Rosenberg Remove this site immediately, please
46667. J. Peter Roberts Let's take care of ourselves...the rest of the world won't.
46666. martin kotch  
46665. Ellen W. Gerber  
46664. Shawn Dutt  
46663. Jeff Kaufman blatant antisemitic rot of the worst kind!
46662. Todd Scherr  
46661. Steve Finn  
46660. Hank Bordowitz  
46659. Anthony Gross  
46658. michelle hertzman  
46657. Jessica Sheets  
46656. Damian Duplechain Thanks for removing such negative, harmful bigotry and hatred from your product.
46655. Cynthia Settimo  
46654. Lee Strand  
46653. Beverly Machtinger  
46652. Dr J.E.Botton  
46651. Sue Albrecht  
46650. Daniel S. Robins  
46649. Adam Hootnick  
46648. Julia Klein  
46646. Brett Sawyer  
46645. Alex Rukundo Kindly remove it Google, you are better than that!
46644. Peter DAVID  
46643. scott Kupferman  
46642. Sarah Lovinger  
46641. Cynthia Heinze  
46640. philip landau  
46639. Matthew Bailis  
46638. Seth Michaels  
46637. Hydee Bassel  
46636. Karen Moody  
46635. Susan Lazernik  
46634. S. Assaraf-Beihse Please remove this website!
46633. julie lerner  
46632. Allen Kelson  
46631. J. Goldberg  
46630. Michael Feuer  
46629. Ron Kravitz  
46628. Susan Brownstone  
46627. Marla Gleit  
46626. Dr. Marvin Farbsten  
46625. John Craven  
46624. Chaya Naor  
46623. Edward S. Hershfield  
46622. roberta wermer this site shoud not be on your listing
46621. Estelle Silbert  
46620. Fred Hollinger  
46619. richard m. walker  
46618. paula weinberg  
46617. Josh Parker  
46616. marcia bard  
46615. Jason Koch  
46614. Evelyn G. Rabinowitz This is deplorable! Whoever was responsible should be fired. We live in the USA, not Nazi Germany.
46613. silber  
46612. Stuart Kaufman  
46611. Ronna Bonds  
46610. Carol Dutt  
46609. Bonnie Sirsi  
46608. Michael Shara  
46607. Elissa Ackerman  
46606. dale This is revolting and very offending
46605. Jenna Denisar  
46604. Ben Addlestone  
46603. Jeff Kaufman blatant antisemitic rot of the worst kind!
46602. Andrea Batsman  
46601. Rina Drori  
46599. Barbara G. Haber With all the problems in the world today, why would Google want to support a site that could lead to terrorism.
46598. Ronald C. Rosenberg  
46597. Margaret John Renove JewWatch.com : Scripture Says they that bless the Jews Shall be blessed and they that curse them will be cursed, they are blessed by the creator of heaven and earth if you are against them you are against the creator, if you are against the creator you are against me.
46596. Elizabeth Lichtenstein  
46595. Phil Jacobs i'll ask jeeves what he thinks about this
46594. Shirra Leavitt peace and love
46593. Kenneth J. Warren  
46592. Karen Levin  
46591. Bonnie Kaplan  
46590. David Weinkle  
46589. Dan Lior  
46588. Myra Ackerman  
46587. t. loewentheil  
46586. Gabriel Amit  
46585. Mark Liebenthal  
46584. Judy Litt  
46583. Michael Loewenstein  
46582. Larry Pellach  
46581. Valerie Coleman  
46580. S. Schechtman  
46579. Todd Taubman-Walker  
46578. Brad WIseman  
46577. Osnat Ben-Shahar  
46576. David Bronowitz  
46575. Denise Leving  
46574. Melissa  
46573. Katherine Manucci The world hurts enough; don't need this site
46572. Marty Leder This is a disgrace...
46571. S Gross When there is a weed in your garden, you either remove it or allow it to spread. What is your choice?
46570. Jonathan Dorfman  
46569. Milton Finegold I oppose any thing Anti Semitic
46568. Jen  
46567. Kim Walker  
46566. Leo Spiegel  
46565. Beth Levine  
46564. Judith Feldman  
46563. Markisa Likhtman This server - one of the most conservative and black in Internete
46562. Shari  
46561. Jonathan Feldman  
46560. Burton Silbert  
46559. Robert Abramoff  
46558. Elaine Givertz  
46557. Marvin Ackerman  
46556. S Freed  
46555. Jonathan Woocher  
46554. Israel Mirodin  
46553. Talia Horan-Block  
46552. Martin Raphael  
46551. Alan S. Horlick, DDS  
46550. Rhea Perlman  
46549. Len Shara  
46548. mildred lavin disgraceful!
46547. david Sherman  
46546. Marleen Winer  
46545. Alison Heller This is disgusting!
46544. Jane Rubin  
46543. Raya Mirodin  
46542. Shirley and Mel Shipman  
46541. v cappin  
46540. joan baymiller  
46539. Karina Kliss  
46538. laura Blumenthal  
46537. M Kalman Dear GOOGLE people :In Canada, hate crimes against a recognized group are ILLEGAL
46536. maxine dobro  
46535. Brad Perkins  
46534. Michael Shenk  
46533. Howard Sann  
46532. asher dispicable
46531. Roberta Zipper  
46530. Richard Fishkin It appears that the page does not load, but the link should not even appear.
46529. J.R. Krueger  
46528. Anni Awuku  
46527. Leta Leiman  
46526. Ben Dishman  
46525. S Freed  
46524. Ed Friedman  
46523. Barry  
46522. Ronald Sherman Pretty hateful site
46521. Bronnie Gewantmacher  
46520. J. D. Lynch  
46518. Meir Aloni Do it N-O-W!!
46517. terry tedeschi must be removed
46516. David Waldenberg  
46515. Donna Jacobs  
46514. Beatrice G. Davis  
46513. helen  
46512. Tal Kasimov  
46511. David Greenspun  
46510. Richard A. Check  
46509. Harv Kramer  
46508. R.Hill  
46507. Joy Richmond These articles are truly disgusting!
46506. Hinda Blas-Wilson To find out about Judaism one should not see the severely hated and idiotic sites
46505. joe kral deplorable - I'm going back to Yahoo
46504. margo garrison  
46503. Guy Himself  
46502. Roslyn Vladimer  
46501. Michael Saperia  
46500. Gal  
46499. Pamela Bokser  
46498. George burstein  
46497. Rachel Banai  
46496. Philip Spevack Find the source thru their hosts and have them charged with inciting hatred.
46495. laura Peitzer  
46494. Rose Jew Love
46493. Genia Boxer  
46492. Rafi Bronstein  
46491. Charles Cohen  
46490. Laurie Bolt  
46489. Shelley Ortved  
46488. Rona Edelman  
46487. Gloria Goldring  
46486. Rose Snyder  
46485. milton goldfarb please remove this trash from your site
46484. Ruth Levenson  
46483. Sam Friedman  
46482. Midge Banchik  
46481. Liz Basseri  
46480. Marlene Unger  
46479. Brian Paulsen remove this vile site from the web.
46478. Batia somer  
46477. Baer Ackerman  
46476. Jerold Krouse Please remove this site from Google's search engine.
46475. J. Freedman  
46474. Bob Sigel  
46473. Harvey Lantzman  
46472. Howard Berkun I am extremely hesitant to abridge free speech, and I have signed this petition in large part because of the way in which it appears in google as the first entry thereby starting any inquiry off with statements of hate against a people. Given the past, and the level of antisemitism that seems to be increasing, I ask that you either reprogram so that this site cannot come up early in any search or that you remove it.
46471. Leta Leiman  
46470. Sarah Sapoznikov  
46469. Steve Lisansky what can one say
46468. R. Ritchie  
46467. Cynthia Mayer Please remove that despicable web site!
46466. Natalie Goldhaber  
46465. John Kenyon  
46464. David Simon  
46463. sandy ende  
46462. Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine We Consider that the decision on removing the reference on search server is correct and progressive
46461. lynda scarlino  
46460. William Mc Quade  
46459. Peter Novick  
46458. Merrily Riesebeck shame on google - to require a petition to do this!
46457. Richard Gordon  
46456. sally s Please remove this site, as it promotes hate
46455. Bernice Einsidler  
46454. Rob Hood  
46453. Harry J Fischler I am a Christian honorably dicharged decorated veteran of WWII and I believe in peace and want to stamp out hatred in the world but I believe we should start here in the country I love
46452. m` myers  
46451. Susan Walton I implore you to remove this site from Google! I am a loyal Google user and will follow up to see the result of your decision to remove jewwatch.com completely.
46450. Karen Waxman  
46449. M Polay  
46448. Nancy Deskin why is it taking so long for Google to deal with this?
46447. Uri Barkai Free speech is one of the symbol of democracy but promoting hate - has never been one of its cornerstone!!
46446. Lloyd A Lippman  
46445. Israel Unger  
46444. Betsy J Cohen  
46443. Joe Bromson Please remove Jewwach.com from google engine!
46441. Nitzan S. please remove jewwatch.com from google search engine
46440. susan cohen  
46439. Lucas J. Meyer  
46438. Mordecai Sapoznikov  
46437. stanley somer  
46436. R.Goldhaber  
46435. Lance Dash  
46434. Alexander King I WILL NEVER USE GOOGLE AGAIN!!!
46433. Yvette Carraway  
46432. Beverly Frumkin  
46431. Hasmik Liss  
46430. Steven Boime  
46429. Nancy Polizzi  
46428. lauren  
46427. A. W  
46426. Sari Hochberger  
46425. B. Rhines  
46424. Deborah Kirshman  
46423. Deborah Block  
46422. Linda Da Re  
46421. Thomas Nack This is not why most people are searching for. A select few may be looking for this type of trash. If you don't remove it soon I will notify the Media
46420. Myriam Clifford  
46419. Lynda Reich Revolting site!
46418. Midge Banchik  
46417. sheldon sinai  
46416. Donald Suss  
46415. Holly Zanville  
46414. Jessica Josell  
46413. ted shapiro remove jew watch
46412. Mike Lane Why is it that Google requires 50,000 petitions or even one petition to do the right thing. This is not about freedom of speech. It is blatant prejudice.
46411. Sebastián Neimark  
46410. Andrew Zarem  
46409. Dan Waltuck  
46408. Ariel Blumenthal  
46407. Avidor Elyahu  
46406. Marsha Diamond  
46405. M. Abel  
46404. Jeri Bilus  
46403. Patti Dee  
46402. Gene Sperling  
46401. Ruth Krammer This is sick and with all that's going on in the world, how can Google allow this? Especially since Google was started and is run by a Jewish staff. What has happened to world?
46400. Roni Zajdman lets go back to Yahoo!!!!
46399. Nathan Watkins Rid America of the Jew Haters!!!
46398. luba chernov  
46397. ALAN SCHIFF Please remove this now. It is offensive
46396. Itzik Fixon  
46395. Sergio Altschuler  
46393. sydelle K Vermut  
46391. j rose  
46390. Alan Grossman  
46389. Lelia Jabin  
46388. Gal Zhovnirovsky  
46387. Lynn Butler-Kisber  
46386. Emilio Weinschelbaum  
46385. michael miller please remove this horrible reference
46384. Robert Kaplan  
46383. Kathryn Plaum Remove this NOW
46382. Jay Pilnick  
46381. jason katz  
46380. Chaim Fixon  
46379. Donna Turlinski  
46378. Natalie Baron  
46377. Phil Konnikov  
46376. Elio Cassandro  
46375. nancy shier  
46374. lilianne Mullins  
46373. Nicole Schneiweiss  
46372. Seymour Alexander  
46371. Jason Vieder  
46370. brad diamond  
46369. Frank Yadon Quite honestly I think these people need to find something better to do with there small and pathetic little lives.
46368. Jason Marcus  
46366. Lenny Goldstein I urge you to remove jewwatch.com, a blatantly antisemitic site, from your search engine, or at least to remove it from the top position.
46365. Leslie Nemitoff Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine.
46364. Morry remove it
46363. Nonie Plener  
46362. Rhoda Walsh  
46361. Sylvia Matthews This is all trash and should be removed
46360. pkarabus  
46359. Fay Bussgang I use Google exclusively and am offended.
46358. marvin i. honig  
46357. Marion Robboy  
46356. dana leichter  
46355. Jerrie Wacholder  
46354. stuart bodker  
46353. kevin gasser  
46352. Shimon Fixon  
46351. Arlene Harris  
46350. Rita Miller  
46349. Mark Pascal  
46348. Rebecca Hall  
46347. laurie fieldsteel  
46346. shawn gerchicoff DISGUSTING
46345. Noah Inbar  
46344. s allen  
46343. Marilyn Shaw LET'S GET IT DONE!!!
46342. marianne bluger thank you for giving me a voice in the fight agains hate literature with this site
46341. murray appel  
46340. Noa Schwartz I'm sick of the lies before my eyes
46338. Rina Gluckman  
46337. Colby Bekhor  
46336. dana  
46334. James M. Orman  
46333. julie landman  
46332. Julius Simon  
46331. Abe Kozma  
46330. Jon Guth  
46329. Phyllis  
46328. jewish girl let my people go!!!
46327. John Wingard  
46326. Paul Green  
46325. Michael P. Manheim  
46324. Brenda N. Paley Watkins Shut down JewWatch. com immediately .... there is no room in America for this Search Engine!
46323. Leanne  
46322. Lucy Hershon  
46321. Traci DeBroff  
46320. Stephen Krasnow disgraceful that you require a petition
46319. David Bleakley there should be no support for racist groups
46318. Susie Gerchicoff  
46317. bella Ross  
46316. Gamaliel Isaac  
46315. Jennifer Spencer  
46314. Stanley Michelman  
46313. Jill Weidman  
46312. Meir Fixon  
46311. Andrew Hegle  
46310. Adam Vardy  
46309. Marcus Fagel  
46308. Paul Roizin  
46307. gladys and alfred Lehman Remove Jewwatch.com from Google
46306. Adam Barza  
46305. Casey Nelson  
46304. Solange  
46303. Anna Burton MD  
46302. Mr. B. Rillera Disgusting
46301. Katrina Wyatt Anything we can do to remove hate from this world is a step in the right direction
46300. Howard Kivell  
46299. Dana  
46298. ronald reicin  
46297. Shmuel Altein  
46296. David Farber  
46295. Shelley Berlowitz  
46294. Verna Gillis  
46293. Phyllis Kaplan As the number one search engine, which I use as my home page, I feel strongly that such a website should not be number one on your index. Please remove ASAP. Thank you.
46292. Bryan Levman  
46291. Lauren Abraham  
46290. L. Schnor  
46289. Eyal Keidar  
46288. David Schiffman  
46287. George Schultz  
46286. Gerry Cohen  
46285. gary bernstein  
46284. Elizabeth Bottero  
46283. Jerry Karst  
46282. Glenn Rotner  
46281. Dora Cesarski  
46280. gail raucher remove the site
46279. Marlene Gold  
46278. Steven D. Levin This sight is very offensive to me.
46277. Jennifer Rubin  
46276. Michael Rubinoff  
46275. Tamara Tapoohi  
46274. Glenda Ganis  
46273. Shira Gilbert  
46272. Jay Rosky  
46271. E S Miller  
46270. Iwona Spytkowski  
46269. Leah Walton  
46268. Rick Sprague  
46267. pauline marks  
46266. Jeanie Kitchener  
46265. Jeffrey Lazar  
46264. Lois Eil  
46262. Josh Sharpe  
46261. gail reisman  
46260. Arlene Cohen  
46259. joy kolodny  
46257. Sharami Kerr  
46256. Amy Glessner  
46255. Lynn Lieberman  
46254. michelle coch  
46253. L. Lapatnick  
46252. Tami Kleinhaus  
46251. Michael Meyer  
46249. Arthur Gaines  
46248. Caren Lobo Google should remove this disgusting site.
46247. D. Gordon  
46246. frank kennedy  
46245. Les Makaron  
46244. Gedalyah Sapoznikov  
46243. Zacky Khon  
46242. Ilana  
46241. Neal Fuerst  
46240. Jack Hasler  
46239. jessica  
46238. david friedman  
46237. Shane Miedema  
46236. Richard Levin  
46235. Sharon Rosky  
46234. Gary Nagler  
46233. H. Bauer  
46232. david blum  
46231. toby gelfand a disgrace for google
46230. Kim Landau  
46228. Lillian Pinkus  
46227. Bruce Baratz Remove the site
46226. Grace Zimmerman  
46225. Arie Papernick  
46224. Brenda Zook Friesen  
46223. Danielle Cohen London (UK)
46222. Jane Stein  
46221. Philip Colburn  
46220. Linda Hammond  
46219. Aviva Ellis I think that this website is disgraceful, especially to be allowed to be put on the internet in the first place. I think it should be taken off the internet immediately and the creaters sued or convicted
46218. Yael Yariv  
46217. Sonia Cane  
46216. Barry Matz  
46215. Mira Edelstein  
46214. Jamie  
46213. Justin Bannerman-Lloyd  
46212. Carol Pocost I would hope that Google would be more upstanding. Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine.
46210. Hilla Ravid  
46209. Margaret Hoos don't spread hate
46207. Sally Morse  
46205. dundy  
46204. Kevin Shuster  
46203. Len  
46202. Amy  
46201. Susan B. Ziev  
46200. Mary Anne Sigal  
46199. diane tannenwald  
46198. gloria sherman  
46197. Julia Keshen  
46196. Harold Rosker  
46195. Marvin Miller  
46194. Naomi Daniel  
46193. Arlyne Goldman  
46192. Lisa da Silva  
46191. amit barson  
46190. Arva Rose  
46189. moti  
46188. G Stein  
46187. Robert L. Feldman  
46185. Marcia Waldman  
46184. Ron Sturtz none needed !
46183. barbara marcus  
46181. Jonathan Margolies  
46180. Janet Brownstein  
46179. Steven Hirschkowitz  
46178. Norman Sands  
46177. Rich Stein  
46176. Neal Abramson  
46175. tom nagel  
46174. Cathy Mifsud  
46173. Cheryl Beller I support Freedom of Speech, but having this anti-semititc sight come up first on the Google search engine (which I use all of the time) shows that humanity can be crushed by the Power of the almighty dollar. It's a travesty
46172. Robert L. Feldman  
46171. louis linfield  
46170. dorothy paris  
46169. Sharon Memmer This is an insult that it takes 50,000 signatures to remove!
46168. Samantha  
46167. David M. Gasway  
46166. Alexandre FLit  
46165. David Rose  
46164. Margaret John  
46163. Norman Amelkin  
46162. david levin  
46161. Kathryn Rifkin  
46160. Darryl  
46159. Marian S Barnett  
46158. B. Holtz  
46157. Yoram Tanay GOOGLE receives money to have a name appear at the top of the list. While they should not censor even the most balatant hate purveyors, they should be ashamed to take money for this. Without the payment they receive, this website will not appear first on the list.
46156. pat  
46155. terrirosenhouse  
46154. J Whitlau  
46153. Gideon keren  
46152. Joanne Harris  
46151. Luana Zinn  
46150. Ruth Rossman We all have a responsiblity to work to eliminate hate. This is an important must do for Google.
46149. Miri Bernstein  
46148. Mike Helmer  
46147. Lisa Swayze  
46146. Bernice and Bertrand Wagner  
46145. Brian Rothschild  
46144. Leo Tucker No Surprize
46143. Joel  
46142. Patti Stone  
46141. Gary Bauman  
46140. Julie Simon  
46139. Donald Leiss  
46138. Barbara Marcus  
46137. Dena Joyce It takes far less energy to perpetuate peace than it does to spread hatred.
46135. Alessandra Zorgniotti  
46134. Matthew Biespiel A great company like Google has no business supporting hate
46133. Pearl Rosker  
46132. william walter Hate must not be given corporate sponsorship
46131. Bernie Koltow  
46130. Rich Stein  
46129. Ali Perkins  
46128. Lauren F. Iselin  
46127. Eric Winnick  
46126. L. Phillips  
46125. John Ives  
46124. Wayne Miller Thank you for this petition. I followed it to JewWatch.com Despite protestations from Jews who would like to operate in secrecy, this site is very interesting. I have yet to read anything that calls for hatred against jews. I must be reading a different JewWatch.com site. Why are you people so afraid of scrutiny?
46123. M. Laufer  
46122. Doron Stern A Jew
46121. Candy Burstein  
46120. Devorah  
46119. Simon Dean  
46118. lois butler  
46117. Brenda Nye  
46116. Mats Gerschman  
46115. Pamela Harrison McCullough  
46114. Franklin Mason  
46113. julian Barth  
46112. Cheryl Willey  
46111. Charles Segerman  
46110. Melissa Handler  
46109. Melinda Prucha  
46108. Louise Angel  
46107. Julie Garfield please remove this horror
46106. Sidney Ferencz  
46105. Stephen Schultz  
46104. Roberta Boam  
46103. Meredith Caplan  
46102. Domenico Laudato  
46101. Sherri hoffman  
46100. mike a  
46099. Ayelet Bukai  
46098. Hani Eshed  
46097. sylvia margolies there are so many positive references, i recommend you put the negative ones way down the list. thank you.
46096. Jonathan Lewit  
46095. Tracy Kimmelman  
46094. Beverly K. Kahn  
46093. Phyllis Levine  
46092. Gail Karp  
46091. Nathaniel Ruhlman  
46090. Philip Seligman  
46089. howard golin very poor taste
46088. Leslie Javetz  
46087. Audrey Ratner  
46086. Steven Bloomberg anti-semitism is a sin against humanity. racism is a sin against humanity
46085. rachel lee  
46084. B Marchette  
46083. Paul Warszawski  
46082. karen  
46081. Ronit Farkas  
46080. sylvia margolies there are so many positive references, i recommend you put the negative ones way down the list. thank you.
46079. sorin  
46078. zili  
46077. Steven Sacks  
46076. Bernice Goldberg  
46075. Bennett A Spector  
46074. howard golin very poor taste
46073. Rosalind Kaufman  
46072. ilana hess it is a disgrace to live in a society condoning anti-semitic proliferation
46071. Aimee Frank  
46070. Larry Jacobson  
46069. Philip Horowitz Freedom of speech allows everyone the right to have a website such as this. But to encourage, entice or allow them to "buy" primary search rights is deplorable!
46068. Lisa Swayze  
46067. roselyn l. Friedman  
46066. Paul Jacobs  
46065. Jane Willig  
46064. Richard a Staula please remove it .
46063. Pearl Seiden  
46062. ifat  
46061. Karen Lindau  
46060. Tara Conroy  
46059. eunice udelf  
46058. Arnie Rosenthal  
46057. BAREL Monique it is fundamental to remove such heinous website so the web will continue to help many people and not to hurt them.
46056. Stephanie Blatsos Please remove gewwatch.com. Thank you.
46055. Ken  
46054. Ashley Benson  
46053. Emily Rayson  
46052. shara hymowitz  
46051. Jennifer R  
46050. Mannie Epstein A vile website,spewing hatred
46049. Brian D Baratz  
46048. LISA CICCIA  
46047. Yael  
46046. Mark Sichel  
46045. Arlene Sylvia Albin And Google is owned by a Jew???This is not freedom of speech, this is Hate
46044. laura dorfman It's sad to see how little things change, in a time of great change
46043. Lloyd Kramer Please remove web site
46042. Pamela Nortman having lived thru the Holocaust and anti-semitism I find this MOST objectionable. I deplore Google for including this hatred on its search engine!
46041. Harlan Goldberg  
46040. barbara d florentine  
46038. Morton Levine  
46037. Lisa Berger  
46036. Arleen Glickman  
46035. Howard I. Stein  
46034. Gal Dor  
46033. fred pelsinger  
46032. omer sagi  
46031. Joseph Kayne  
46030. Jessica  
46029. Howard Helmer  
46028. givi tetruashvili STOP SPREADING HATE! REMOVE THIS SITE!
46027. Steven M. Salberg  
46026. Paul Drescher  
46024. LEN DUBOFF  
46023. Stephanie Gottesman  
46022. Eitan Silberberg  
46021. Hilton Schwartz  
46020. Barbara Schoenhals  
46019. bob darrow  
46018. Abraham Morgentaler  
46017. Normajean I pray this will be successful!!!
46016. Allan Kirson It's a disgrace that Google requires 50,000 names - how about we send them 6 million names?
46015. Mylene Scholnick  
46014. Ronit Farkas  
46013. Ron Dello Russo Elliminate this Search engine, we must not harbour racists & terrorists.
46012. elena s pelsinger  
46011. Esther Sue Karatz This is terribly antisemitic
46010. Barbara Armour  
46009. harriet sagerman  
46008. Francine Pomerantz  
46007. r wallberg  
46006. David Broscow  
46005. allan ausbruch  
46004. jay comenitz  
46003. willy kurz  
46002. Chad Abhorrent, though sadly, typical anti-semitism
46001. Jack Broudy  
46000. Joe Elrom  
45999. sam stone  
45998. Dan Konoff  
45997. David Etkin  
45996. Isabel Friedmann  
45995. a.d. dorner inappropriate and nefarious
45994. Tina Bonesso I'm appalled that JewWatch was created in the first place! Shame on the people behind it.
45993. Jane Rothstein  
45992. C. Leonardo  
45991. harvey green  
45990. Patty Hodgins  
45989. Cindy Krupka  
45988. Benny Friedman  
45987. Jerome Glass  
45986. Maxine Unger  
45985. Bobrin  
45984. Barbara Harris  
45983. teresa veragen  
45982. frank siteman  
45981. hope hammer  
45980. irikon remove it all
45979. Moze Mossanen  
45978. David Rosenberg  
45977. S. Rowe  
45976. wendy solomon free speech does not encompass hate and hate crimes
45975. Alan Scholnick  
45974. Stan Randolph Who sponsors this site??Awful
45973. Carol Center  
45972. Susan shame on you in day of age
45971. michal poran  
45970. Jeremy Joseph please help us fight bigotry and ignorance
45969. Jodi Flayman  
45968. Elise Fishman  
45966. Marta Quiroba I signed yesterday but didn't get resolution on whether the signature was added to the list
45965. adam remove
45964. ronald sagerman  
45963. Meredith Feldman Please remove this site. It is dusgusting.
45962. carol novis  
45961. Michael J. Seeherman  
45960. seth cammeyer  
45959. R. Frank  
45958. Thomas Rice  
45957. Barry Klatzker  
45956. Faramarz Keyvanfar  
45955. Sarah Young This really is an awful web page.
45954. James Kaye  
45953. todd krueger  
45952. Samantha  
45951. mira weiner  
45950. Julia  
45949. Anne Oppenheimer  
45948. Ofer Orr  
45947. Laurie Benninger  
45946. florence hoffman  
45945. Martin Goldberg  
45944. Ruth Gutmaker  
45943. Glenn Zieve  
45942. Arnold H. Rutkin  
45941. Jeff S.  
45940. marta h tkacz  
45939. Lisa ROse McCready THIS IS HORRIBLE !
45938. Iris Rave  
45937. Marion Rosenstein  
45936. Steve Hager  
45935. Susan Cooper JewWatch is disgraceful, you should be ashamed of yourselves!
45934. Ilse Eden Awful
45933. Debbie Silverstein Should not have to even petition
45932. Bunny Osborn This hatred of religion & ethnic background must cease
45931. Susan Katz  
45930. Lynn Lieberman  
45929. Ines Szikszay I don't believe in wrong doing to others
45928. Matthew Berman  
45927. Brian Landman  
45926. Peter Stern  
45925. Louis D. Goldblatt  
45924. Ines Szikszay I don't believe in wrong doing to others
45923. meir  
45922. benjamin auslander REMOVE IT Please
45921. Darien Cohen  
45920. Hilary Sanzel  
45919. Sandi Snyder Outrageous & Disgusting (origin of this???)
45918. Michael Weinberg, Jr.  
45917. Nat Goldsmith  
45916. helene tendrich unbelievably shocking and offensive
45915. jay simon do it now!!!
45914. Dylan  
45913. Bernard Meiterman  
45912. Ines Szikszay I don't believe in wrong doing to others
45911. Harold L. Rothman  
45910. Phyllis and Gerald Cooper  
45909. L. Schneider  
45908. S. Adler There is a responsibility that should go along with your company's function and service.
45907. wendy michaelson  
45906. Jeff Rubinstein  
45905. Gabriel  
45904. Harris Diamand  
45903. Amy Hindi  
45902. Rick Levitt  
45901. Glenn R. Hallerman  
45900. KAUFMANN  
45899. Nancy Lainer  
45898. Seth Davis  
45897. Mark Fenster Please stop the hatred
45896. Traci Schlesinger hate speech is not covered by the first amendment
45895. jeff tamaroff  
45894. Rebecca Gebhardt As a Christian, I can say that the whole concept of "JewWatch" is just wrong!!!!
45893. Phil Samuell  
45892. Lily Mandel  
45890. Allison Rosenberg  
45889. Debra J. Brigher  
45888. beatrice puja  
45887. Mindy Kitei  
45886. Matthew Ramer  
45885. Tiffany Cale Please remove JewWatch - It's offensive
45884. tamara  
45883. Joel Murovitz  
45882. Chester Feldman  
45881. Jill Maxi Schreibman The world needs to see that anti-semitism is still alive, well and incubating, so maybe this horrifying site is providing a service. It should not be the first returned, though.
45880. Lisa Rakusin  
45879. Daniel J. Jacobson  
45878. Keith Woods  
45877. Lear Levin  
45876. Jane Leavy  
45875. Leonid š
45873. shahab karmely  
45872. brian hershon considering all that has happened to jewish people, this disgusts and outrages.
45871. Lauren  
45870. A. Nach Stop promoting hate
45869. Terri Cohen  
45868. Meril Salzburg  
45867. Merrill Katz  
45866. Goldie Gordon Be sure to add my name to petition
45865. Jeff Greenwald  
45864. jgoldman  
45863. Lori B singer  
45862. Philip Landau Remove Jew Watch now!
45861. M. Simon Let's not make hatred easily accessible!
45860. Annabell Samuell  
45859. Theresa Rowat  
45858. Melissa Reagh  
45857. Charles Bronfman Isn't there enough hate in the world?
45856. Rob Norris  
45855. Judy Mann  
45854. Desmond Schatz  
45853. Eddy Translateur  
45852. Barbara Leiter  
45851. Marilyn Glazier  
45850. R. Payne This is the second example where Google is ethically barren and must take action. Providing links to unethical online drug sales which have resulted in the death of at least one teen and which Google was warned to address and hasn't, and then this link to nests of antisemitic vipers.
45849. Judi Christman This is disgusting & absolutely offensive
45848. Louise Geddes  
45847. Susan  
45846. Wm. Weifenbach  
45845. J Marcus  
45844. Sandra Malek  
45843. Dr. Richard Roth  
45842. D. Sitzer This anti-semitic site must be stopped now!
45841. Colleen  
45840. Harri Maki  
45839. Raquel R. Levin  
45838. Joni Handley  
45837. Joanna Sirlin  
45836. Sarah Muslin  
45835. sharon  
45834. Lorrie Nadler  
45833. Mo If you are so interested in "Stopping the hate", why not stop your Genocide against Palestinians?
45832. edie woodward  
45831. warren kramer  
45830. Ellen Rovner  
45829. Mary Ellen Schwab  
45828. Mollie A. Pier  
45827. Samuel Rabinovich  
45826. Peter Lewin  
45825. Debra Hebron  
45824. Sara Radding  
45823. TOBY ROLNIK  
45822. David Fishman  
45821. Steven Ferrari  
45820. Walter Nugent  
45819. ellen rosen I am disappointed in google
45818. Barbara Keleman  
45817. Paulette Bush  
45816. Andrew Dimond Would Google remove if it was "Christianwatch" without requiring 50,000 signatures?
45815. Keri-Ann Brunson  
45814. Pamela Howland Shocking that this site exists! Shame on Google!
45813. Kathryn Newman  
45812. Robyn Fishelson  
45811. Evelyn Appelbaum  
45810. Eli Sitt  
45809. Etty Thompson  
45808. Adam Gishen Take this off.
45807. Elie Loeub  
45806. Harriet Shapiro  
45805. Neal Noble  
45804. Ted Schieber  
45803. GENE BASS  
45802. Ted Lederer  
45801. Carol Devi  
45800. Mack Family  
45799. nik rome  
45798. Chester Simmons  
45797. Michael Katz  
45796. Heather.S. the line between freedom of expression and hatred has been crossed once again
45795. Jess Herman  
45794. Allyson Levy  
45793. Lauren Fogel  
45792. Ira Anes  
45791. Sandra W. Margolis  
45790. michelle Prital never again!
45789. robin king  
45788. Liviu Brill, AIA, SCUP It is shameful to allow ppropagation of hate under the pretext of the freedom of the speech!
45787. Robb Sawyer  
45786. Idan  
45785. Susan Maroko-Beckman Take this off! It is offensive to mankind.
45784. Jay Carter  
45783. Eric Gerber  
45782. S. Pachter  
45781. Arthur A Kohn  
45780. Ethel Schultz  
45779. Rachel Williams  
45778. Jennifer Sartori  
45777. freda cohen please remove from your site saspo
45776. B. Nadler  
45775. Gerald Goldberg  
45774. liliane myers  
45773. Irwin R Pittler Please do the right thing-REMOVE
45772. Patricia Bolger  
45771. robert mendel  
45770. Samm Ahrens  
45769. Anthony Berk get it off
45768. Rachel Block  
45767. Gloria Gaines  
45766. Gloria Becker  
45765. Ishay Mustakis  
45764. steve feldman  
45763. Robin LoRe-Prue By not thwarting hatred you are encouraging it; shame on you Google
45762. David B. Golomb  
45761. Scott Kaminsky  
45760. Barbara Jackson  
45759. Izik  
45758. D Miller  
45757. M. Klein  
45756. george weiss what is despicable should not require a petition for its removal at once.
45755. Robyn Wilson  
45754. nancy truman  
45753. Marcia Frumerman  
45752. Moshe Devere Despicable to list hate sites
45751. Terry FLeishman Urgent!
45750. Clayton Bain take this site off of google
45749. Rebecca Groves  
45748. Katya  
45747. Glenn Allen  
45745. Dr. JoAnne Miller  
45744. Mieke Neumann  
45742. Mark Shmueli  
45741. Allison Tepper  
45740. L. Martin  
45739. Judy Cohen  
45738. Meredith Shearer what a disgusting collection of lies; interesting that none of his inflamatory statements are supported by citations
45737. Jack Fried  
45736. Herb Gluckman  
45735. Mo If you are so interested in "Stopping the hate", why not stop your Genocide against Palestinians?
45734. Leslie Novick Dear Google, You've got to be kidding! Get this junk off the first page!
45733. David Kozen Everyone has a right to their views, but fanning hatred so easily is not right.
45732. Alan Kahn  
45731. J. Bertram  
45730. Helane Staller  
45729. linda seiler  
45728. Ronald Grossman  
45727. Melanie Klass  
45726. jon david  
45725. sam rubin  
45724. Lisa M If people are allowed to participate in this travesty then they should be prepared to meet the consequences
45723. Tina Wingerter  
45722. I. Ruth Arnold  
45721. Jay Berkley  
45719. Leah  
45718. dayna singerman  
45717. Dan Lusthaus  
45716. Anne Penn  
45715. Lisa Pinhas  
45714. Lisa Aber-Cohen  
45713. Michael Stein  
45712. david manor disgusting
45711. Felicia Jongordon  
45710. Leonard Swartz  
45709. yael panet absolutely disgusting
45708. amy holtz  
45707. clifford hecht  
45706. carl rubin  
45705. Dr . yitzhak Wiesel  
45704. Sara-Jane Cohen Hopefully this went through - I tried many times last night and was bounced off the site each time. Perhaps you're getting so much interest that the site is on overload (this could be a good thing, I guess!)
45703. bert Paley hateful
45702. Jacqueline Goldberg Ê
45701. Ron Bernbaum In a technological and informational evolving world the seach engine becomes much more than just the neurtal infrastructure enabler- its structure / preferences result in focus / filter of information and thus by default Google shapes public opinion and thus has an editorial obligation. This is an ethical result of Googles success.
45700. Deborah Caig  
45699. NicoleCornicelli  
45698. Katia  
45697. Marshall L. Goldstein  
45696. Nancy Israel  
45695. Michael Barme  
45694. bruce sacks  
45693. rodney weiner  
45692. Jared Green A repulsive website concept
45691. Elysse Goldman  
45690. Jerrold Turner  
45689. Kenneth D. Greene  
45688. darren green  
45687. Ben Lokos this site is cleary biased and is shameful!
45686. ehanushchak  
45685. B. MacIver  
45684. Greg Hirsch  
45683. Gabriella Remove that horrible site
45682. Edward Ozols  
45681. Sonya M. Helmer  
45680. David Berger hate speech=destruction and death; you can rewrite history, but the id numbers on the arms of my family members are real.
45678. Barry Tavel  
45677. fj  
45676. Stephan Freid  
45675. William Guyster  
45674. Carrie Sherman  
45673. Dana Kochnower  
45672. Eric Fleisch  
45671. J. Himmelstein Do the right thing and stand up for decency.
45670. Cherie  
45669. marisa rubin  
45668. Fay Teitelman  
45667. Stephan Freid  
45666. Marilynn Grossman We must rid the internet of violence & anti-semitism
45665. Thomas R. Averna  
45664. Elizabeth Powell  
45663. Philip J Rosenblum, MD There is no place in the world for hatred like this.
45662. ùùùùùù ùùùùùùùùù
45661. Sybil smsommer@ix.netcom.com
45660. Joanne G. Schwartzberg, MD The Google response to this is outrageous, common decency would suggest they remove it immediately.
45659. Claire Biel  
45658. stacey farish take off this horrible site
45657. naomi knoll  
45656. Neil Lester  
45655. Greg Bregstone  
45654. Marc Yaffe Get rid of this filth
45653. Sheri  
45652. Lorin Salob  
45651. Heidi Cazes Please act responsibly. If you do not monitor yourselves for hate sites, who will?
45650. Brian Shaw  
45649. Jerry Infeld  
45648. Mark Berman  
45647. Godfrey Fischer  
45646. Judith Turner  
45645. David Weitz  
45644. J KAUFER  
45643. Ran Greenberg Remove this untijews ugly web from your search machine, i dont belive that a search web like google can put this web on the search machine
45642. Kari McLean This kind of racism is appalling. Make it stop.
45641. naveen jeereddi  
45640. jo couch  
45639. Orly none
45638. Dr. Eli Avrahami Just do it! Please
45637. joan salob  
45635. Ashes Atemi  
45634. nir  
45633. Ron Appleton  
45632. Estelle Cohen  
45631. Jill  
45630. Jeffrey Wade  
45629. binyamin  
45628. J. M. Elliott Stop the hatred, jealousy and Ignorance!
45627. norman schwab  
45626. Ilai Domenico Schechter  
45625. Gloria Stayman  
45624. cherie take JewWatch off Google
45623. Garry Foster this is reprehensible
45622. arielle brodkey  
45620. Celesta S. Jurkovich  
45619. Stephan Freid  
45618. Estelle Cohen  
45617. Andrew Caine  
45616. jason altman remove this site
45615. Jill  
45614. H.Solomon  
45613. Steven Henkin Not only JewWatch. com, but Google.com should check all of the sites they list for anti-Semitic, racist, and otherwise prejudiced material
45612. L. Schwartz  
45611. Stephan Freid  
45610. boaz gggg
45609. Susan Kippur  
45608. Charles Rosen  
45607. Doreen Swartz aren't there enough problems in the world?
45606. DeeDee Sussman  
45604. Abby Fiocco This should be taken off the search engine!
45603. Michael Eidelman  
45602. Carol J.Herscot Stop contrubuting to HATRED on line
45601. morris wiener  
45600. Jessica Shaw  
45599. William Goldstein  
45598. Amy Goldstein  
45597. Rabbi David Mivasair  
45596. John Deforest  
45595. Harvey Cohen  
45594. Randy Levine  
45593. Ron Bernbaum In a technological and informational evolving world the seach engine becomes much more than just the neurtal infrastructure enabler- its structure / preferences result in focus / filter of information and thus by default Google shapes public opinion and thus has an editorial obligation. This is an ethical result of Googles success.
45592. Estelle Rawnsley  
45591. Philip Grant  
45589. L Gilboa A disgrace
45588. Bobbi Tannenbaum  
45587. Karen Hecker  
45586. yves Berlowitz  
45585. sandra freeman  
45584. Yochi Schechter  
45583. Hillary R. Ostrow  
45582. Stanley Drucker  
45581. Bruce Winant This is an appaling site and it only fuels hate. Remove it now.
45580. j markus  
45579. Jackie Fleschman  
45578. Andy Corey Remove this offensive site please
45577. Elaine Heyman  
45576. Aaron Sacks  
45575. Ruth Cohen  
45574. kyle  
45573. arthur  
45572. Karen Reid  
45571. Kevin Cothren  
45569. Dawne Fasanella Please stop promoting anti-semitism
45568. Stacey Shara  
45567. noam guzman  
45566. William Stein  
45565. michal  
45564. S Cohen  
45563. Mónica  
45562. Bruce Fish  
45561. Diane Behrman disgusting site
45560. carol schreiber  
45559. Aaron  
45558. David Erwin  
45557. Laura Za  
45556. Claire and Frank Ryan and Family It's hard to believe that a respected business like Google would allow this heinous anti-semitic website called jewwatch. Our entire computer savvy family urges you to get rid of this site. It's not a first amendment matter...you've removed other sites. Thank you.
45555. ken yasny please help stop Hate!
45554. Ruth I found this extremely disturbing!
45553. Cherna Wyttenbach  
45552. Tracey That sight is a pile a pish!
45551. Galina Rogachevsky  
45550. amin kabani  
45549. Susanna Pell  
45548. Sandra Germain  
45547. Pam Cranston  
45546. Michael Krypel  
45545. Lesly Bertell Please remove this from your search engine.
45544. Laura Zajdman  
45543. Michael Koscuiszka  
45542. Lewis C. Cohen This is a must do! Stop the hate!
45541. Gloria E. Klombers Shame on you! We need to promote love-not hate in this world! Do the right thing and remove this offense!
45539. Jeanne Voisin  
45538. Michael Friedler  
45537. Debra Tenenbaum  
45536. Mark S. Epstein This is a real challenge to your legitimacy as a search engine - such scurrilous homepages must be filtered
45535. Stephanie Prager  
45534. David Chizen  
45533. Joy Gammage It disgusts me that there is such a site
45532. Katherine Hoenke It is the responsibility of Google's management not to allow sites that flame the hatred and intollerance! I hope this petition will be enough to do the RIGHT THING, remove the site and send a message to the hatemongers.
45531. S Cohen  
45530. Amanda  
45529. stephen grossman  
45528. Natalie Berland  
45527. Barry Weintraub  
45526. E Benjamin Please remove Jewwatch.com from the google search engine
45525. mardi b. swords sad
45524. Matthew Carroll What a disgrace
45523. R Burg  
45522. beth anderson  
45521. Debra Tenenbaum  
45520. Tirza Florentin  
45519. S Cohen  
45518. Ruth Monninger  
45517. Robert Gross  
45516. Rochelle  
45515. tal m go! Jews! go!
45514. Janet Kiesari Disgusting
45513. ken weisz message to GOOGLE-" I don't HAVE TO use your search engine; there are others that work very well.
45512. Sam Mazur  
45511. Robert Fenton  
45510. joyce Herman  
45509. Nicole Krygier  
45508. woody  
45507. s. ian drew recommend the use of other search engines in the event that Google fails to act on this matter.
45506. Caroline Wagner  
45505. Boris Dashevsky  
45504. Jerry Yudkowsky  
45503. E. Schechter  
45502. Jacob Heringman  
45501. harvey nagler  
45500. Donna Berman Please remove this website, Please.
45499. smann  
45498. arthur b. abraham jew watch is outrageous
45497. Guy They are NATZIM
45496. Louis Mittel  
45495. Igor Rogachevskii  
45494. Sheila Rose  
45493. Kathleen Levin  
45491. Dr. Arthur L. Guy I doubt that a petition is required for Google to change the search results. Money and sponsors drive their search methodology
45490. Irving Oleinick remove jewwatch web site from google
45489. Linda Hoeck  
45488. David Raij  
45487. Anne Lindsay  
45486. Mark Schulman  
45485. Deborah Goldberg  
45484. Robert Rowland  
45483. Leonard Zerlin remove this trash
45482. Judy Woolfe  
45481. seth klarman  
45480. Leo M. Abraham  
45479. Hans Wagner  
45478. Samantha Bernstein  
45477. Joel Siegel  
45476. ronald g. fishman  
45475. Dedy erel  
45474. harlan j noddle  
45473. Burt Guralnik  
45472. Yael Perez  
45471. bob burg  
45470. bobby markowitz  
45469. Jeremy Goldsmith  
45468. Boris Dashevsky  
45467. Marvin Fagel All hate groups should be removed.
45466. Jennifer Giles unbelievable
45465. David Szewczuk  
45464. ronni cohen  
45463. Jeff Sinsofsky I'd like to know who started the website "jewwatch".
45462. randi swindel  
45461. Nelson Marquina  
45460. Michael Andonov  
45459. hoffman this is not acceptable!
45457. Alan Weber  
45456. bernard friedman  
45455. Mario Guralnik  
45454. Howard Rattner  
45453. David Lenzner filth,please remove
45452. Donna Pope  
45451. Mel Ziegler  
45450. William Dugan  
45449. Barbara Sennett  
45448. Rabbi Ammos Chorny Ê
45447. esther templin This is disgusting, please remove at once
45446. gloria richfield  
45445. Brett S Marx  
45444. Arnold Shapiro  
45443. Lauren Botney  
45442. Molly Goldsmith PLEASE remove this - it's terrible and promotes hatred
45441. Howard Goldstein  
45440. Seymour Levine  
45439. Lauren Sifre  
45438. susan ansky  
45437. K. van Dorth  
45436. kenneth coolik  
45435. Beth Halpern  
45434. Mack Emanuel  
45433. mindy blackwell  
45432. Gal Shem-Tov Shocking!!!!
45431. kliegman disgusting
45430. Natasha Hamilton  
45429. Elise Bergamin  
45428. ariel  
45427. Yentel van Dorth  
45426. David Band  
45425. Christine Zaggi please remove from google
45424. Terry Whitten  
45423. Faye Shapiro  
45422. Wendy Polonsky remove JewWatch .com
45421. egabbai  
45420. Mauricio Groshaus  
45419. Diana Wolf Love Conquers All
45418. S, Stephan  
45417. Micha van Dorth  
45416. Dani Joseph  
45415. Jeff Kast  
45414. esther labi  
45413. Deborah Bloom  
45412. Kara Watson  
45411. dena  
45410. Elana Schipper  
45409. Doug Lippin  
45408. Evan Perlin  
45407. Myra E. It is so easy to be ignorant and hate. Why foster that?
45406. Sam Baker  
45405. Sally Comin  
45404. Annelies van Dorth  
45403. Susan P. Whipple Hope you realize how harmful this site is
45402. Fanny Ran It seems that a lot of people in the world ignore that Christians and Moslems have had Jewish origin.
45401. david bouzaglo  
45400. Cynthia Tocman  
45399. Steven Levitin remove JewWatch.com
45398. David Price It is absolutely outrageous that a petition is needed to get this site removed!
45397. PHP  
45396. Raquel Remove it
45395. eran barak  
45394. Margaret Street  
45393. Jennifer Sukup  
45392. Beth Packman  
45391. Roberta Harris  
45390. Harriet N. Kuhr  
45389. Gloria Gardner  
45388. Wilma Gold  
45387. Stephen C. Silverman This is an ATROCITY!!!
45386. Karla  
45385. Gary M. Abramson  
45384. jamie arvelo  
45383. Leanne  
45382. Adi Eisenberg  
45381. Judge Howard Gross  
45380. Kees van Dorth  
45379. Alan Franciscus  
45378. LaVerne Robinson  
45377. Graham P. Halky The nazi newspapers were closed down at the end of WWII during the clean up and democratizing of Nazi Germany. No more hate. No more lies. It is bad enough we have to deal with it in Palestine and Iraq. Not here please.
45376. Peter Grossman  
45375. Allan Novick  
45374. Suzanne Gunzburger  
45373. Diane Zidman  
45372. James Block  
45371. Talia Katz Not a surprise thet do this! Sign uo for a Google News Alert about Israel and all you get is anti-Semitic news.Gross!.
45370. Tony Smith  
45369. Robin Bender  
45368. Cyndi Neff I really hope this petition works because this is an OUTRAGE!!
45367. Linda Barnes  
45366. joseph yablonsky  
45365. Angela Kontorov  
45364. Janet L. Henner  
45363. vanessa rodman disgusting, racist, completely anti-semitic propaganda
45362. Claudia Bial  
45361. ricki gelfand  
45360. Dylan Stein  
45359. erin  
45358. dorlev  
45357. elise markowitz remove immediately
45356. Michael Wallace  
45355. murray hoffman  
45354. Steven Steinberg  
45353. Sandy Parker  
45352. Alexandra B. Roginsky I have stopped using google, and will not use it again until this "hit" isremoved from the search. I have also told everyone I know about this issue.
45351. Stacie Schechter  
45350. melissa schwartz  
45349. Bernie Amler  
45348. Donald L. Kuhr  
45347. zigi  
45346. Myrna & Leonard  
45345. robert horlick  
45344. Gary Stromberg  
45343. e klein This site is outrageous. By having it on your listing, you are participating in propagating this dangerous misinformation.
45342. aliza timmor  
45341. Lilia Sutanovich  
45340. diane provenz want to see this search response removed asap
45339. Harriet Katz  
45338. Harry Shizgal  
45337. Dayna Shaw  
45336. Bob Goodman  
45335. Barry in New York, USA  
45334. Jennifer/Sivan Ryland  
45333. Nancy Kohn Please get this off the internet as we have had so many antisemitic incidents, thank you!
45332. Bruce Ford This is racist and at best selective. I usually do not believe in the restriction of freedom of speech or thought but sometimes one must recognize a need for restraint. Who are these idiots? Look, I get their (selective) point and would be happy to discuss it with them but where is the section(s) detailing contributions to Art, Science, Intellectual Thought, etc. Get rid of this please.
45331. Lois Neufeld  
45330. Michael Diamant  
45329. Adam A  
45328. Ron Fridental  
45327. Stacy Hirschberg  
45326. t schleider  
45325. Amed Ariel Sharon causes more anti-semetism on any given day, than JewWatch could in a million years. If you are really interested in stopping anti-semetism, ask Israel to remove Sharon ASAP.
45324. Greg Johans  
45323. Carl-Henrik Knutsson  
45322. michael gelfand  
45321. scott markoff remove jewwatch
45320. Bruce A. North  
45319. rubens cohen do not incentive anti-semitism
45318. janet boller  
45317. Shirley Dule  
45316. Lisa Martin  
45315. Harry Gould  
45314. jennifer bresler  
45313. joni swedlove  
45312. Robin  
45311. Richard Rubin this matter does need to be resolved immediately
45310. michael sniatowsky  
45309. Walter Rosenthal  
45308. S. Miller  
45307. Barry Shapiro  
45306. Douglas R Krohn, MD  
45305. George Meltz  
45304. Norma Weissman  
45303. Sean Lurie  
45302. Steven Scheffer  
45301. Allen Dubinsky  
45300. Frank Barnes lose it, please
45299. bill kaplan  
45298. vered  
45297. Lior Levy This is the most disgusting site I have seen on your search engine by far, and if it is not removed I have no choice but to never use Google again, while letting others know of what Google supports.
45296. Monty C. Beber  
45295. G Grewal Please remove. Moreover, as a responsible corporate citizen, you need to have systems in place to ensure that the such incidences do not happen again.
45294. Edward I. Shapiro  
45293. debbie sharpe isn't there enough hate in this world?
45292. Ian Cohen  
45291. Jacob Bigeleisen This is absolutely offensive. Remove it or we will boycott Google
45290. jerry dubrof  
45289. Sandra G. Krakoff Pklease remember the Holocaust and remove this filth.
45288. Keith Hyman  
45287. R Fugate I am appalled that u support this
45286. Pasha Hamed  
45285. Chet Gaines  
45284. James C Katz  
45283. Jonathan Kane  
45282. victor a ferrari  
45281. rob morris  
45280. Bryan Fine  
45279. Verna Rankin  
45278. JUNE KAPP  
45277. Joel Sedley  
45276. Robert Dubin Get rid of this anti-Semitic trash.
45275. Adam Davis Please Remove at Once!
45274. janice schepps you ought to be ashamed of yourself for allowing this
45273. Gary Flam  
45272. Eileen Chaikin outrageous
45271. Marta Gigl  
45270. Terry Arnold  
45269. Rosemary Gess  
45268. Lori Black  
45267. Beth Gopman antisemtic and offensive view of my people
45266. Jo  
45265. Fred Adler although I'm against censorship, I think hate groups shouldn't own words.
45264. Marvin Friedman  
45263. Jew  
45262. Ellyn Pollard  
45261. Edward N Zissman  
45260. Sue Hoffman  
45259. Pascal Aguirre  
45258. Sher š
45257. Stanley Feldman  
45256. Robert Kirschenbaum  
45255. Elaine Bassin  
45254. Lisa Klug  
45253. Sonje Mayo  
45252. Alvn and Patricia Sher  
45251. Inbal K  
45250. janice seder please remove this web site.
45249. ellen kisner  
45247. cliff  
45246. John Barrington  
45245. yuval friedman proud jew
45244. Alison Greengard  
45243. marcie levine  
45242. Sheila Fishlowitz  
45241. Fiona Gilbert Just get rid of it enough racial hatred in this country as it is!!
45240. Marilyn Weinberg  
45239. Susan Hendrickson  
45238. Adriana Ramos This site not only offends Jews, but anyone with an average intelligence. Please do the right thing!
45237. Jo-Ann Myers  
45236. Virginia Bianchi  
45235. adele kleid When will this idiocy end?
45234. Mark Hughey get rid of this site, please. It's a tough enough world without the help of Google for these kooks.
45233. John Coccia There are too many hateful people in the world. Don't help them feed on each others predjudices.
45232. Lee This website is really a disgrace to humanity not only the Jewish people. Google should be ashamed of it's actions to participate in sharing this type of information with the world.
45231. Gary Sager  
45229. Helene Radzik  
45228. IRWIN SACK  
45226. Paul Rubin  
45225. Jonathan Mantel  
45224. arik  
45223. Neil Koven  
45222. Debra Band  
45221. Marilyn Weinberg  
45220. Kathleen Mills  
45219. Sandra Schulman Not very nice Google!
45218. Robert P. Kirzner  
45217. Joseph Epstein  
45216. Michael Koenig  
45215. Cheryl Simonoff  
45214. Paula Mann  
45213. Marilyn Sager  
45212. Marcus Manhaes  
45211. Harry Hilburg  
45210. Chana  
45209. Linette Liebling  
45208. Beverly Caplan  
45207. Yael  
45206. Kelly Goldberg  
45205. litmands  
45204. michael schwartz  
45203. marie  
45202. SAUL BEKIN  
45201. malcolm brenner the worry is that there are idiots that read and believe this garbage
45200. Robert Fishman  
45199. Kenneth Sax  
45198. Yehuda Yitzhak  
45197. jenn  
45196. Sidney Parker  
45195. Rose Gilmour  
45194. Nancy jacobson  
45193. karen orman  
45192. Tony Stewart  
45191. Sandra Lynn  
45190. Ken Ceresne this site is filled with disgusting nazi style hate
45189. Beverly R. Marder  
45188. edward handler  
45187. Glenn Weintraub Promoting this type of bigotry only allows Google to be used and will cause your organization to lose its luster...show us you can control your product or be prepared to lose customers
45186. Judd Serotta  
45185. lisa saper  
45184. Janet Sarter  
45183. daniel sivan  
45181. Rachel G. hate speech is not protected speech
45180. Ofer Hebron  
45179. yaron rudolf pick  
45178. johnny ender  
45177. Laurie Feldman  
45176. Sara Wolfson While this type of site does have a rite to exist (free speech and all that), the fact that you would highlight it is a little, um, disturbing.
45175. Amy Goodman  
45174. kahn  
45173. Richard Forman  
45172. scot blakeley  
45171. James elowitch  
45170. ronald michaels  
45169. Iain Catto  
45168. Mark Sandler  
45167. Daniel Rocke  
45166. sherry gold  
45165. Hillary Potashnick  
45164. Martin Robertson  
45163. Larry Kaplan  
45162. Naomi Pless The world is so troubled. Why support hate?
45161. Sandy Parker  
45160. Adam Chernichaw  
45159. Richard Cohen  
45158. j bir  
45157. D. Shapiro  
45156. Dawn Mallin remove Jewwatch.com
45155. burton ginsberg  
45154. regina zelonker  
45153. mitzi schachter  
45152. Neil K.  
45151. Lynn  
45150. melissa bernstein this is a very disturbing site and i urge you to remove it from your search engine. thank you.
45149. Philip J. Silva  
45148. Shawn Prescott Disgusting you would host such a site
45147. Joel Lipman  
45146. shani zorer Please Remove JewWatch!!!
45145. Linda Linden  
45144. jake lewin  
45143. Nelly Di8mitrova Remove JewWatch from the Google!!!!!!!!!!
45142. David Shinar  
45141. The Terminator these guys that run this site or anyone who goes to it are a bunch of douchebags and deserve nothing more then death itself
45140. Juanita Reyes  
45139. BeverLy Marmon Remove this hate site at once
45138. Mark Rosenthal unbelievable, no sense of decency
45137. Jocelyn Block  
45136. Marc Silver  
45135. Yasmine Mizrahi  
45134. Brenda Morgan  
45133. jessica  
45132. Michael Mantel  
45131. J. Richman  
45130. david s slackman  
45129. George S Morgan  
45128. mitch katten  
45127. M Cantor  
45126. Steven Kover  
45125. Anna Lavina  
45124. BGilbert  
45123. rose silberman remove this site
45122. Jordan Morgenstern  
45121. Beth Stein  
45120. Debbie Aghion  
45119. James Wilbat  
45118. Jonathan Daniels  
45117. jerald brodkey  
45116. Patrick Bensoussan  
45115. R. Must  
45114. Heidi N. Lovitz  
45113. Greg Freylikhman It is a misuse of a Free Speach...
45112. Lawrence Leder  
45111. Rebecca Feldman  
45110. Deborah Waldman Gatsos  
45109. Morton Goss  
45108. Audrey Fallowes Why do you need 50,000 signatures to remove something that you know is wrong?
45107. Barbara Lember  
45106. Barbara Sacks  
45105. Cara Chenfeld  
45104. Samson Strauss  
45103. eric turiansky  
45102. HENRY TAUB  
45101. Amed Ariel Sharon causes more anti-semetism on any given day, than JewWatch could in a million years. If you are really interested in stopping anti-semetism, ask Israel to remove Sharon ASAP.
45100. Paul Arwas  
45099. Guy Propper  
45098. Marilyn Hersh  
45097. Fred Raine  
45096. Cecilia Dobrin Disgusting!!!! Remove immediately!
45095. Louis Sandowsky Disgusting and irresponsible!
45094. michelle stern  
45093. David Musicant Don't tolerate intolerance
45092. Annette Taddeo  
45091. Bettina Korall  
45090. BERNARD SHAPIRO Please remove the anti Semetic site
45089. Joseph I. Davis  
45088. Robert Silberman Remove this website!
45087. Alan Frankel  
45086. Noam Yagil We will prevail against the forces of darkness no matter what !
45085. Alethea Berman  
45084. Daniel Feldman  
45083. S.Smith please remove the offending site
45082. Shannon Roth  
45081. Amit Aryal  
45080. Ronnie Bidder Please take care of this!
45079. Stuart Sender  
45078. Ruth  
45077. larry schachter  
45076. Alexis  
45075. ori  
45074. Allan Kover  
45073. Randy Sweeney  
45072. Bev Moss  
45071. S.R.Gandler Pls. remove ASAP!
45070. erith baum anti semitisim is on the rise and you are contributing to it.
45069. Loretta Tocci Please remove, this is offensive
45067. Steven Ast  
45066. Theodore Eisenman  
45065. Paul E Macks  
45064. Joyce Horowitz  
45063. Mitchell Glickman  
45062. marlene d sowby  
45061. Julie Rubenstein  
45060. Shane Kinnear Anti-Semitism like this must be discouraged. Please find a way to remove Jew Watch from your site search. Thank you.
45059. Brooke Boyd  
45058. Caroline Musicant Hatred stinks
45057. Amed Ariel Sharon causes more anti-semetism on any given day, than JewWatch could in a million years. If you are really interested in stopping anti-semetism, ask Israel to remove Sharon ASAP.
45056. Lorraine Rosner  
45055. Susan Ray  
45054. Alva London very disturbing
45053. Judith  
45052. Howard Schuff  
45051. Naomi Adler I cannot believe that they need 50,000 names before removing such an offensive site but here is mine!
45050. Joanne Weingarten  
45049. Sara Strand  
45048. C. Rose  
45047. Debby Martelet  
45046. elyse myller  
45044. Harold Messinger  
45043. janet hogan  
45042. Abe Tessler  
45041. nancy goldstein  
45040. A. HEGYI  
45039. Chana Berlowitz  
45038. Barbara Gottesman Would you keep a virulently anti-black or anti-Muslim site as first?
45037. Alec Lee  
45036. Susan Chapin Musicant Do not ignore hatred
45035. Jordana March Disgusting Site - please remove it
45034. Bob Ricci  
45033. Scott Gurfein Disgusting
45032. stefan dahlerbruch  
45031. Michael H. Rivner, M.D. Google.com needs to show responsibility
45030. Lilly Newman  
45029. Allan Mordkoff  
45028. Paul A. Abrahamson  
45027. Toni Valenstein Written to Google and they don't really care!!!
45026. Doreen Frumkin  
45025. Walter Daschko Hate must be fought everywhere!
45024. Marjorie Harris  
45023. Leigh Finner  
45022. gaby levi remove this offensive site
45021. Marjorie Kulp Please take action ASAP
45020. Emily Rosenbaum Please remove jewwatch.com from the google search engine
45019. Lane Mitnick  
45017. Glenn Lubeznik  
45016. Marina Kiblitsky  
45015. Debby Kover  
45014. nae uri to remove definetly
45013. Gerald and Myra Sorin We are regular users of Google and are very distressed that Jewwatch.com is included in your sources
45012. Brenda C. Price  
45011. Susanna  
45010. Mark I. Murovitz  
45009. Ann Hess  
45008. Gabriel David Blau  
45007. Jill Spriggs Hate is an acid that corrodes the vessel it is contained within.
45006. Dave Seddon  
45005. Ruth Love  
45004. Nancy Graham  
45003. David Blumenthal  
45002. Jane Bures  
45001. Judy  
45000. Laurie Goldstein  
44998. Robert Lubeck I hope to make a difference
44997. Stacey Chorn  
44996. Gayle Windham  
44995. Steven Musicant Oppose hatred and ignorance
44994. Karla Wishnick  
44993. lisa kritt  
44992. L.B. Iaconis this needs to be changed!
44991. Darlene  
44990. Allison Lane  
44989. Michael Ishayik  
44988. Barbara Certner  
44987. Mark C. Williams  
44986. Karen Messinger  
44985. Lori Silverstein  
44984. Kathy Miller  
44983. jane Bunnell no more hate!
44982. Elkan Ries Send this to the POPE-lets hear from him
44981. Koach Elul  
44980. einav  
44979. Lori McCracken  
44978. Madeleine Brecher  
44977. Mike Goldberg please remove jewwatch.com from the search system.
44976. Dani Frodis this is shameful
44975. Steven Epstein  
44974. Wendy Yanow  
44973. Lisa Kurdziel  
44972. Karen papsin  
44971. Margie Clebanoff  
44970. Richard Licht Thank you
44969. John L. Walkins Sick, hatefull SOBs!
44968. allan swartz  
44967. Ellen Sheiman horrible !!
44966. Hugo Seltzer  
44965. Donald Bernstein  
44964. g singer  
44963. Florence Kramer  
44962. Regan Wertzberger  
44961. John Rome  
44960. Leonid Naimark  
44959. Sol D. Lurie  
44958. Al Pontecore  
44957. Mark Mittleman  
44956. Mark Palmer What a terrrible thing for Google to do.
44955. Rachael Adler  
44954. Karen  
44953. Jon Gottlieb  
44952. Stephen Abenson  
44951. Myrna Rosoff  
44950. Barry Sklar Disgusting site... please remove!!
44949. ken horwitz  
44948. Michael Kirsch  
44947. Laura Abrahams  
44946. Tim Levene As a large paying customer of google, I would be appreciative if you could consider bringing down this racist site. It's not what google should be or intends to stand for.
44945. Steven B.  
44944. Sergey Tetelbaum  
44943. Richard Yaffe Google is scheduled to go public this year. Perhaps a few chosen words from its Underwriters will hasten the removal of this and other hateful websites.
44942. Audrey Feldman  
44941. caren agata  
44940. Lawrence Needle  
44939. Jacques Berlowitz  
44938. Kayla Jacobs  
44937. marvin rosenbloom  
44936. Jeffrey Seidman  
44935. Lenore Kramer  
44934. Veda Charrow  
44933. Philippe Darvish  
44932. Ofir Magen Google should think again if they want to stay in business
44931. esther lampert  
44930. Steve Lauterback 50,000 names - What's the matter with Google? That many people have to be offended to move your organization.
44929. harry dorman  
44928. Eva Lubeck I hope the petition will work
44927. Dr S Wulf  
44926. Mary Oliver  
44925. Jack Pepper  
44924. Rita Rosenthal I'll do anything I can to help stop this
44923. Sara Leemon  
44922. Karen J. Tannenbaum  
44921. Michael Kline Google: Your comments as reported in NY Times are shameful. Take a moral stand.
44920. Marta Rubin  
44919. Jorge Grunberg  
44918. Evan Green  
44917. Anna Slovick  
44916. desiree kaplan  
44915. Beth Pontecore remove jewwatch.com from google search
44914. Joanne Arsenault  
44913. ari barshi  
44912. Al Hoodwin  
44911. leslie lezell  
44910. Rachelle Richard  
44909. A Rose  
44908. Jennifer Krason  
44907. Sarah Broughton  
44906. Carole Magid-Green  
44905. Livia Vernon  
44904. Harold Engler  
44903. Hanan  
44902. Sarah Persellin  
44901. liran  
44900. Jane Wilson  
44899. Steven Listings like this should be illegal
44898. David Wallrock  
44897. Andy Primack  
44896. Karen Green  
44895. Stuart Sorkin  
44894. Gilbert Rubinstein Discosting
44893. Renee Switzer  
44892. Leah Makaron  
44891. Dan Leibowitz  
44890. Derek Cohen  
44889. Joyce Kressler  
44888. Judy Farron  
44887. arthur singer  
44886. leonti  
44885. Renee Zalcman Please remove
44884. Claudia Prieto  
44883. J.R. Everett  
44882. Adam Fish  
44881. Sarah Buttenwieser  
44880. Judy Naiberg  
44879. Ronald Plotkin  
44878. JoAnne Hunter  
44877. Ruth Wallrock  
44876. Barry Hershenfeld  
44874. gloria aronson-weinberg Please remove site from your search engine
44873. Emily Bradbury  
44872. Prof. Andrea Superti-Furga  
44871. Marcos Bernstein  
44870. David Steinberg  
44869. Robin Schwartz  
44868. Nitzan Yogev  
44867. Maria Chamberlain  
44866. yehuda haim  
44865. Marcos Ginzberg  
44864. e. wessels  
44863. melissa gildin  
44862. Eddie Monroe  
44861. Rebecca Vaiser  
44860. Leda Weiss  
44859. Jacob Lew  
44858. Saul Klarer  
44856. amy saag  
44855. Roger Pines  
44854. Jerry Brown  
44853. phyllis davis  
44852. l. grauer  
44851. Jonathan Matt  
44850. David Malametz  
44849. Elizabeth Levin  
44848. Don Persellin  
44847. Isaac Jack Levy There must be an end to it.
44846. david epstein  
44845. Howard Post Unbelievable google would support this!
44844. David W. Ackerman  
44843. Ken Zigelstein  
44842. linda Schwartz  
44841. Katy Wallrock  
44840. nurith  
44839. Beth Schwartz  
44838. richard lexton  
44837. David Buchalter  
44836. Michael Eisner  
44835. Beverley Wybrow  
44834. Martin Katz Please remove ASAP
44833. ken wallace  
44832. Jon Spinner  
44831. Dennis R. Barry TOTALLY REVOLTING
44830. Michele F Melendez  
44829. Sara Boyd This website is truly disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
44828. Andrew Karlyn  
44827. ella shak  
44826. Anita Fenichel  
44825. azita aghravi  
44824. Jonathan Marks  
44823. Steven Margolis Please remove this repulsive and racist site
44822. nira dover  
44821. Gwen Werner  
44820. Stephen Fisch  
44819. Edward A. Calcote  
44818. Rhian Haynes  
44817. Joyce Schenkein  
44816. Randy Brenner  
44815. Bradford Levine  
44814. Alex Cushner  
44813. Paul Tuhrim  
44812. Rena Porat  
44811. Jason Elster  
44810. Mel Cederbaum  
44809. Janis Herzig  
44808. Scott Janowitz  
44807. oded  
44806. Robert J. Shedlarz  
44805. Rodney Fetaya  
44804. Peter Van Derick  
44803. nadine kauffman  
44802. Erwin Lesser  
44801. Michael Lewis  
44800. William N. Topaz  
44799. Melissa Ackerman  
44798. Dianne Kaufman  
44797. Pam Faibish  
44796. Rita & Jim Way It is your responsibility to remove this site.
44795. valerie kronsburg  
44794. Emily Wallrock  
44793. valerie kronsburg  
44792. Vivien Young Please remove the above site.
44791. Jerome Nasoff  
44790. Arlene Mittenthal Please remove "JewWatch" from your internet site! It is anti-semitic and an affront to people world wide!
44789. Jonathan Spinner  
44788. W. Thomas Timmons  
44787. Erwin Lesser  
44786. Joey Brooks  
44785. Judy Benatar  
44784. zohar erel  
44783. Richard Schwab Remove it
44782. Sharyn Feller  
44781. Jordan S. Green Google, you have a profound influence over millions of people- please use it wisely. Set a good example.
44780. Debbie Slacter Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine.
44779. Tatum Zuckerman  
44778. Yoav Weksler  
44777. peter bamberger  
44776. zvi porath hatred should never be tolerated! you dont need 50.000 signatures to remove wrong and misleading information. All that should be required is ONE letter bringing this wrong thing to your attention.
44775. Yaron Ofer  
44774. Scott Janowitz  
44773. Jordan S. Green Google, you have a profound influence over millions of people- please use it wisely. Set a good example.
44772. Lynda Fotheringham  
44771. Daniel Gabay  
44770. Ephi Gur  
44769. Alex Pinski  
44768. Jordan Morgenstern  
44767. Karen Gordon  
44766. M. Wurman  
44765. Arlene Gelman  
44764. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44763. Alison Kirshner  
44762. Frank Bures  
44761. Avner Kalay  
44759. E Palter  
44758. Peter Miller  
44757. warren kaufman  
44756. Alison Kirshner  
44755. Jen Benatar  
44754. Avner Kalay  
44753. Philippe Darvish  
44752. Jonathan Spinner  
44751. dr. gadish shai  
44750. zvi porath hatred should never be tolerated! you dont need 50.000 signatures to remove wrong and misleading information. All that should be required is ONE letter bringing this wrong thing to your attention.
44749. Emily Smith  
44748. gary essman  
44747. Hillary  
44746. Emily Smith  
44745. Debbie Slacter Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine.
44744. Joanne Green  
44743. Ken Zigelstein  
44742. Shannon Roth  
44741. Saul Gleiser  
44740. W. Thomas Timmons  
44739. Kenn Miller  
44738. tracey Hechler  
44737. Jordan S. Green Google, you have a profound influence over millions of people- please use it wisely. Set a good example.
44736. Galia Snipeliski  
44735. Debbie Silverstein  
44734. Joel Lipman  
44732. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44731. Amed Please Keep jewWatch.com it is not a hate site, it is an alternative information site. Save the drama for your mama.
44730. May Oryan  
44729. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44728. Edward C. Koplin Bigotry in any form is unacceptable
44727. Mark Friedman  
44726. Robert Sonenthal  
44725. Karen Gordon  
44724. Tracy Lopez  
44723. Allan Mordkoff  
44722. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44721. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44720. linda Schwartz  
44719. Dona Kahn  
44718. tracey Hechler  
44717. Fred Lewis  
44716. Michael Cohen  
44715. carolyn umlauf absolutely get rid of this anti-semitic site!!
44714. rachel morrison  
44713. Howard Nelson  
44712. S. Junge-Susan  
44711. Chris Pollack  
44710. James and Sarilee Greenberg  
44709. Debi  
44708. Jeremy Arth  
44707. Shiran Sabari  
44706. Jill LeClair  
44705. Russell Glickman  
44704. David Gehrlein  
44703. Marc Recht  
44702. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44701. Diana Villamil  
44700. Paula Goldberg This is an offense to those of the Jewish faith
44699. William Bayer  
44698. Jill LeClair  
44697. Dana Arnstein This is unreal and unacceptable no to mention ignorant on Google's end to even go there
44696. Lorraine Rosner  
44695. alan waters  
44694. Ivan G. Cofre  
44693. Robert Sonenthal  
44692. Dena Gitterman  
44691. Jill LeClair  
44690. Robert C. Jubelirer  
44689. Richard Weinstein  
44688. Aleece Hiller  
44687. Ellen Berger Olson  
44686. carol g. bikofsky  
44685. Beverly Fremont  
44684. Scott Janowitz  
44683. Beverly Fremont  
44682. Nancy A. Bukar  
44681. Noemi Gurian  
44680. Hillary  
44679. carol g. bikofsky  
44678. Rebecca Fisch  
44677. Leon When Muslims or Black people are vilified like this, its rightly and justifbly condemned and stopped. However, when bigoted conspiracy and holocaust denials theories are paraded around, than thats called 'freedom of speech.' Political correctness has come along way in the 21st century.
44676. Lisa Farun Please remove this hateful website from the net
44675. kathi mestayer semitic is spelled wrong on the petition
44674. Debi  
44673. Lorianne Peckel  
44672. Eric Adelman Please remove this hateful site from the search engine
44671. Eric Adelman Please remove this hateful site from the search engine
44670. Karen Klein Schafran I encourage Google to be a responsible business and not promote hate. The world has enough people who hate without any help from a large corporation.
44669. Kelly Carona isn't there enough hate in the world?
44668. Joyce This kind of propaganda MUST be stopped!
44667. Donna Michaels Shame on Google a reputatble search engine, for allowing this hateful site at all, let alone first on the list! Deplorable and disgusting!!
44666. Doug Firestone  
44665. Michael Mehlman  
44664. Rebecca Rutstein  
44663. Lorraine Weissman  
44662. Norman Garfinkle  
44661. Joyce This kind of propaganda MUST be stopped!
44660. richard sorkin this is a travesty
44659. A.Silberstein  
44658. Linda Kaye-Moses Remove JewWatch.com from Google immediately
44657. blossom kirschbaum  
44656. Michael Mehlman  
44655. Phillip Ampel  
44654. Terry  
44653. richard sorkin this is a travesty
44652. Patricia Groh  
44651. David Solomon  
44650. Ken Regal  
44649. Kate Felix  
44648. Deborah A. Miller  
44647. richard sorkin this is a travesty
44646. Linda Kaye-Moses Remove JewWatch.com from Google immediately
44645. Phillip Ampel  
44644. Enid Draluck  
44643. Rhonda Safer  
44642. Samantha Rhulen  
44641. Gail Nickerson  
44640. Sandra Goldstein  
44639. Susan Ware  
44638. Bernie Feldstein  
44637. Igor Buchatskiy  
44636. Hagit David  
44635. Monique Vincenty I hope this is a wake up call for Google to supervise their site a little better
44634. Rebecca Weinberg  
44633. Graziella remove
44632. Jessica Provenz As a user of google about 20 times daily, I strongly urge you to remove this offensive and hurtful link. Why support those that preach hate?
44631. Cindy This is a horrific, offensive website spreading lies!
44630. Robert Glaser This is absolutely disgusting in the 21st century
44629. Gueulah Trumper  
44628. Judith S. Solomon  
44627. Sandra Jaffa This is not only in bad taste, it has left me feeling so negative about Google.
44626. Gordon Freed  
44625. Bennett Grau  
44624. Andrea L. Hirsch  
44623. Alexandra Olsen  
44622. Dr. Lori H. Zeller Please remove all connections to hatred
44621. David Pokras  
44620. Shari Rosner  
44619. sarah farmer  
44618. Penni Ever  
44617. Andria Posner  
44616. L Black  
44615. Joel Smith  
44614. Robert C. Jubelirer  
44613. Lauren Firestone  
44612. Joe Smith  
44611. E. Silberstein It's like using the "N" word for blacks
44610. lee stone  
44609. karen weinthal  
44608. Yaron Linett  
44607. judy trogadis  
44606. David Fisher  
44605. Louise M. Annis  
44604. Michael Bigley REMOVE THIS SITE
44603. Lynn Berger  
44602. Shawna Kalish  
44601. Dana Charatan  
44600. Maor  
44599. mike rattet  
44598. Ricardo Trumper  
44597. Paola Prado  
44596. Eve B. Pinkenson  
44595. Allen Tobe  
44594. Jessica Abrahams  
44593. David S. Greenberg  
44592. Greg Siegel  
44591. Leslie Gold  
44590. Larry Sattler  
44589. Kenneth Greenberg  
44588. paul weller It is discussting that GOOGLE would do such a thing.
44587. Ron Mortimer  
44586. Daniel Hay  
44585. Carl Feller  
44584. J P  
44583. Andrew Pannell  
44582. JillBernstein  
44581. Henry Rossman  
44580. david farb  
44579. Melissa Wulf  
44578. todd m krause  
44577. Vincent Terraferma  
44576. Anita Silver  
44575. Sandy Ryan  
44574. Joan O'Brien  
44573. Jonathan Kalman  
44572. Harold Klesmer  
44571. Jan Mueller  
44570. Ed Mackisoc  
44569. Denise Mervish  
44568. Arthur Rubin  
44567. LEONARD A. OKEN  
44566. Neal Farber  
44565. Jan Felshin  
44564. Leonid Goldshteyn  
44563. Dr.Adam Fajwiszewski  
44562. Penny Lachs  
44561. keidar jeremy  
44560. Karen Charrach  
44559. Helen Nix  
44558. Robert C. Jubelirer  
44557. Diana Henry  
44556. M.A. Shalet  
44555. Dr.Adam Fajwiszewski  
44554. Rebecca Weinberg  
44553. Amy Dunlavey  
44552. Andy Gelbert  
44550. Evelyn Altenberg  
44549. ruth conway a responsible step for Jews and non-Jews alike
44548. Heidi Lorman  
44547. Carrie Raukar  
44546. Tammy Ezer  
44545. Norman Grill  
44544. Irv Herman  
44543. nosson hoen this is a discusting act of anti semitism
44542. r lee souder  
44541. Adrienne Gottlieb Are you only about the money? Where is your self-respect? Where are your morals and ethics?
44540. Dror Weinstein  
44539. SHEILA OKEN  
44538. joel edery  
44537. brett cardonick  
44536. Sima Lesser  
44535. Charles Horowitz  
44534. Nadav Liron  
44533. Andy Lee I think Jew Watch has a right to be on Google, but I think it shows poor taste that Google has them listed first.
44532. cyril  
44531. Howard N. Gorney  
44530. Margery Schiffman  
44529. Dana Zeff  
44528. Michael Please remove this!
44527. holly walker  
44526. Regina Caulfield JewWatch is run by Stormfront, a known white supremacist hate group that used to be on the FBI's watchlist, but now that Ashcroft is Attorney General, who knows, he is probably a member
44525. mandy abelson  
44524. Dr. David Goldstein  
44523. Bill Gevov  
44522. Robert P. Marks While I can appreciate how this has happened, I don't understand WHY it is continuing to happen!
44521. Grant Stockdale this is atrocious! remove it!
44520. Norman Grill  
44519. M.B. Levine  
44518. Heather Lovitz  
44517. Belinda Peres  
44516. Marilyn Hartman  
44515. Cynthia Wroclawski  
44514. Patricia Passer  
44513. carole jacoby  
44512. Joshua W. Leichter  
44511. Uri Heller do something to stop hatred
44510. Tanya Svoboda Please remove
44509. deborah dolin  
44508. Sara Markel  
44507. Lorre Diamond Isn't there enough hate already, why Google?
44506. Jonathan A. Schultz  
44505. Yonatan CrafteR ..
44504. Melinda Gray  
44503. Julie Katz  
44502. Donald Singer  
44501. mark adessky  
44500. Sheri Duxler  
44499. Leslie Geller this site is an abomination
44498. Michael Cuddehe  
44497. richard mellon It's a tough time to be jewish. Don't assist those who wish to make it even tougher.
44496. Andrew Lazar  
44495. Joan Kagan  
44494. Mike Rifkin  
44493. Tabitha Shore  
44492. Liz Walters  
44491. Carole Wasson please fix this, GOOGLE
44490. Frieda Ankin Google is a great resource. Remove this hateful website to keep all of your loyal customers.
44489. Michele Abut  
44488. David Rosenberg  
44487. Danielle  
44486. Mike Cohen  
44485. Helen Wilder  
44483. Amy Arnold  
44482. John D. Eason  
44481. erika neuberg  
44480. Samuel Levey  
44479. Sandra Wasserman  
44478. William Feckete  
44477. Marga Biller please remove this site from google
44476. joan dacher  
44475. john romano disgusting
44473. nancy turner  
44472. Goldwaser Rafael  
44471. Ronald Klayton  
44470. ronald feldman  
44469. Robert Levin  
44468. Jennifer Hickman  
44467. Alice Gabai Remove
44466. Faith Folk It troubles me that there is a need to have to be supporting such a petition.
44465. Josh Lake  
44464. Jessa Goldberg This is an inappropriate website and should be removed by Google.
44463. Deborah Baratz  
44462. Rufus Greenbaum  
44461. Barbara Please remove jewWatch.com
44460. Andrea Ziltzer  
44459. Regina Elo  
44458. tara  
44457. Moshe Hillson  
44456. Brandon Craig Remove this site...or remove Google!
44455. Rachel Shalev  
44454. Samuel Masyr DDS  
44452. dkramer  
44451. Jessie Golden  
44450. Amy Herr  
44449. Debbie Wallace  
44448. Adi Kuper Don't let racists use your engine to spoil the internet
44447. Julia Goldman  
44446. Bob Rahilly  
44445. Michael Bressler Hate should not be spread by this site
44444. Lauren Nest  
44443. Regina Elo  
44442. Joy Sperling  
44441. Rachelle algorithms should be sensible too
44440. Rosalie Kaufman  
44439. doron pardess  
44438. Nicole Ozer  
44437. Gail Flicker  
44436. Judy Summers-Gates  
44435. judee sheehan thanks you
44434. Joshua Cox  
44433. marla gerber  
44432. Francine Hillenbrand This site is offensive and should not be available on Google
44431. Jiayi Catson  
44430. Sharon Slimowitz  
44429. Adam Narwa  
44428. Foster Morrison  
44427. Aaron Gorovitz  
44426. Asaf  
44425. Michelle Wilson DISGUSTING!
44424. Barbara Reinish  
44423. Jennifer Stark  
44422. Alisa  
44421. Bee Dee Slyn Remove this trash
44420. ophir palter  
44419. Kyra Karsch  
44418. N. Roomberg offensive site
44417. Marci Levin  
44416. kenneth r goldberg  
44415. Marc Reiskind  
44414. Martin W. and Ruthe J. Abel  
44413. Barry Johnson  
44412. Ronald and Vivien Rotenberg  
44411. steve smith  
44410. Eric Davis  
44409. Lauren Polunsky  
44408. Kevin gast Google has been an excellent source as a search engine but I'm dissapointed in their failure to take action.
44407. Escary  
44406. emma elhaddad  
44405. Melissa Drexler  
44404. Ron K  
44403. AMY BOHRER  
44402. Mary Lou Carlson  
44401. Bonnie Rosen  
44400. Michael Rand  
44399. Marianne Brown  
44398. L Friedel  
44397. Blanche DeStefano  
44396. Kerrin Feldman  
44395. hOWARD iSACOFF  
44394. Fern Weinper Please remove offensive site
44393. Tavia Trusch Mellado Please remove
44392. Alice Silver  
44391. Esther Feldberg Shameful for Google to attached to
44390. susan bunte  
44388. Francie Leader  
44387. Donna Sarner  
44386. simon hill  
44385. david epstein  
44384. Aaron Rand  
44383. Arden Karson  
44382. jack w zuckerman shame on you , goooooogle
44381. femsohn marc  
44380. David Cohen disgusting
44379. R GREENBERG  
44378. Alf Dueck  
44377. Mary Melia  
44376. Allegra Baider  
44375. Valeria Arch  
44374. Roel Abraham  
44373. Pierce Russell  
44372. Steve Altmann  
44371. Stefani Weiss  
44370. oliver  
44369. Yaniv Oliver  
44368. Ophir Barone Get this garbage off the web!
44367. Itamar Gourvitch  
44366. Judith Abromowitz  
44365. Elisa  
44364. Regina V.  
44363. diane cohen  
44362. Elliot Gant  
44361. Pavel Rabiner  
44360. Adrian Bourne  
44359. Marc Roth Anti-semitism must be stopped.
44358. Harvey Adelman This site is vile.
44357. Jack Karson  
44356. Mikki Miller  
44355. Joan Epro  
44354. shirley ducatman  
44353. Sylvia Fitzpatrick Disgusting that something like this should even exist. Don't we have better things to worry about in this day in age.
44351. Vivian Brash  
44350. Albert Wahnon You don't have to be Jewish to detest this garbage
44349. Emma Davis  
44348. M. Stewart  
44347. Melanie P. Goldman  
44346. Amy Kahaner  
44345. Debbie Miller  
44344. Mindy Peyser  
44343. dany  
44342. Amy DeLucca Uncalled for, Undesirable, Disturbing website...and WHY?
44341. Katherine  
44340. LINDA SOSNA  
44339. Pearl Harrington  
44338. Caryl Sherak  
44337. Randi Mayer  
44336. Keith Jacoby  
44335. H. Stewart  
44334. Ken Sherman  
44333. Lisa Singer  
44332. Lori Glass  
44331. Sebastian Tsocanos  
44330. pamela teitelbaum  
44329. Ron Dressler  
44328. Hope Campbell  
44327. WENDY LOVETT Why does google support such a horrible web site?
44326. Simon Wail  
44325. Greg Knepper  
44324. David Mermelstein  
44323. Laurie  
44322. ken sachar  
44321. Yuval Brash  
44320. Joshua Schwartz  
44319. Glenn Siesser Horrible site
44318. Melissa Rosenberg  
44317. Jack Steven Kravitz  
44316. Alfred M. Silberfeld  
44315. David Hirsch Hate Speech is Illegal. Any time canards are repeated it is hate speech.
44314. marilyn rubin  
44313. Sam Elkin  
44312. Lawrence Crystal  
44311. Victor Elinoff  
44310. Lisa  
44309. sonja gilliland  
44308. Lauren Grossman Gorman  
44307. D. Stewart  
44306. Susan L. Dritz  
44305. Farrel Miller  
44304. TC Shame for google ...
44303. Wendy Steckler  
44302. tim riche remove this site fast
44301. Aviva Klein  
44300. Barbara Brett  
44299. Sylvia Galambos  
44298. Philip and Sandra Heimlich  
44297. Lynn Kay  
44296. Marc Singer  
44295. Adrienne  
44294. Dina Moyal You should be more responsible as to which sites you put up
44293. Florence Hoffritz  
44292. C. Stewart  
44291. Tanya S. Wagner  
44290. Marla Behler  
44289. Roz Goldberg A disgusting melange of lies and venom
44288. Sam Barzakay  
44287. Jordan Zale  
44286. Raquel Karp  
44285. Robert Werman, MD  
44284. Henry Haskel  
44283. Brian Keliher  
44282. Tobi Gold  
44281. Karen Bannick  
44280. Ivor Benjamin I am appalled that Goofle.com can countenance overt racism.
44279. Marcia Rose Yawitz  
44278. Harriet Rofheart  
44277. Hally Bayer  
44276. Marcy Kuehnle  
44275. Elizabeth  
44274. Denne Goldstein Please remove jew watch, it is insulting
44273. Tracy Kisner  
44272. Dr. Leland S. Shapiro  
44271. Martin J. Siegel  
44269. Jack Herbst  
44268. alanna chasin  
44267. leslie leon  
44266. Leslie Finkel  
44265. Gershon Sherak  
44264. Richard Gray  
44263. phyllis spisto  
44262. Jody Hanson  
44261. Kirsten Salomon  
44260. Rachael Rubens  
44259. Douglas Glickman Please remove this hateful site !!
44258. Michael J. Adelman There is a difference between 'free speech' and infantile ranting.
44257. Charles Levine  
44256. Liliana Leitman Antisemitism, the longest hatred... Will it ever be defeated?
44255. Erin it must go
44254. Chad Sassro  
44253. shari craig  
44252. Marilyn Bloom  
44251. David Muchnick as a Jewish leader in this community, I am a bit disturbed that a website of such anti-semetic proportions could end up on someones home or work computer.
44250. Matthew Rosen  
44249. LINDA LOVETT As a Gentile woman, I am appaled to find such a deplorable thing supported by my favorite search engine!!
44248. Miguel Demelli Please remove the site from the results...it's not right.
44247. Michelle Hamburger Honestly, this is not the way to move forward in the world.
44246. John B. Stephens please act promptly
44245. Lionel  
44244. R.Mowszowski  
44243. BRUCE KAHN  
44242. marvin katz  
44241. Linda R. Robison  
44240. Mallika Albert  
44239. Iris  
44238. Menachim M. Singer, Ph.D. I believe Google has an obligation to the public at large; what is next:: Nazi cross?
44237. Dean Appleby  
44236. Sandra B. Landers  
44235. Linda Stimson Racism is dumb fear
44234. adam teje this is ridiculous
44233. kiril  
44232. Emily Blumenthal  
44231. Michele Rosenberg  
44230. Fried  
44229. Marv Meyers Sad commentary on "rights"
44228. dee kramer This petition should be unnecessary. LYou have the option of accepting or rejecting a link and this should have been a no brainer!
44227. casey cipin  
44226. Lisa Temkin  
44225. Judith D. Holz  
44224. Bruce Belisle please remove this site
44223. Daniel Miller that site is a disgrace
44222. Eric S Gurvis  
44221. Andi Sider  
44220. Nolan Zimmerman  
44219. lou goldberg  
44218. Steven This is unreal! Remove it at once!
44217. LOIS Brennan The most virulent anti-semitism -must be stopped
44216. vesna miovic  
44215. Roselyn Radcliffe Remove
44214. Ellen Gray  
44213. Chaim Edelstein  
44212. Anne B. Friedman  
44211. Terry Segal  
44210. Fay Mesibov Disgusting in this day and time-always
44209. John McReynolds  
44208. HB Schultz  
44207. richard groothuis  
44206. Carol Patton  
44205. Stein your lack of honesty & correctitude reflects your real disgusting mentality!
44204. Jack Dichter  
44203. Alvin Kramer for Google.com to insist on 50,000 signatures on a petition is in itself a show of anti-semitism. Any normal fair minded person working at Google.com would realize that this site should never have been allowed to be shown in the first place.
44202. David S. Goodman  
44201. Greg Leidner  
44200. Avi Grunin  
44199. Nick Bergman  
44198. Gale Adland  
44197. Freda Kenney  
44196. Felix Danon this must stop
44195. lisapitcher  
44194. Helene Kenigsberg  
44193. Lindsay Sutten  
44192. Ellen Scholl  
44191. Judith Etzion  
44190. David G. Berkowitz  
44189. Deanna S. š
44188. Brandon Cooper  
44187. Steven A. Primack  
44186. Antony Summers  
44185. Anonymous  
44184. Marsha Greer  
44183. Dr. Marvin J. Schissel Please correct this outrageous situation
44182. Laurie Edelman  
44180. Alex Ziff  
44179. Guy cohen Remove this site!
44178. toby hanbury  
44177. dor moshkovitz  
44176. Cookie Svingos  
44175. mimi miller  
44174. Amanda Simons  
44173. michelle  
44172. Philip K. Hamilton  
44171. carole moss  
44170. Lara  
44169. dorothy schwebel  
44168. Stanley Rose  
44167. J. Polevoy  
44166. Lise Blaurock  
44165. George Beckwith  
44164. Nancy Lessem How could you!
44163. Jessica Pomerantz  
44162. Andrew Gross  
44161. Jay Shuman  
44160. Carla Boyd  
44159. Ran Stern  
44158. minsky remove from google
44157. stephanie orleans  
44156. peter beglaubter  
44155. marion roland conley  
44154. Rise B Schuster My company bans JewWatch.com from view. That should give you an idea of the nature of the site.
44153. Elana Den  
44152. Myra Danon Hope you acknowledge and react
44151. Lois Kotzen  
44150. Marc Levy  
44149. Mark Fallon  
44148. Mike Davidson  
44147. ivar riff  
44146. Darren Rose  
44145. F.Robert DeFrancisco  
44144. Aaron Benzaquen  
44143. dayana simons  
44142. Frederik W. Aase  
44141. Anna Gurvich  
44140. Lauren  
44139. Stuart Sugar Please remove this site ASAP
44138. Manya S. Fine remove this!
44137. BERTHA SHVEMAR The perpetrators of such rot should face the penalties of the law!!
44136. caryl raport  
44135. Roberta Waters  
44134. davina rudie remove hatred and racism
44133. Marshall Sorkin  
44132. Naomi Kalev  
44131. Rena Sheskin Google: Please be part of the solution, not part of the problem!!
44130. Rena Stashis  
44129. Rhonda Ferris  
44128. Lori Barrish  
44127. ANAT LEWIN  
44126. Abe Sternberg  
44125. Naomi Mohr  
44124. Brian Silbert  
44123. rona distenfeld  
44122. Mindy Fisher  
44121. Joyce Douglass  
44120. David Polakoff Please remove
44119. Jacob Lerner  
44118. Rozanne Miller  
44117. Joyce Pitnick  
44116. richard woolman  
44115. Steven R. Schoen  
44114. Vic Vogel  
44113. Margie Markus  
44112. Jeannine Kienzle Please remove from Google Search
44111. Hope Galens appalled!
44110. lee Goldenberg  
44109. Samantha Nestor  
44108. sandra riff beyond disgusting
44107. lawrence a traub  
44106. Liran Gabai Please remove this natzi site quickly
44105. Jamie  
44104. holly botner remove antisemitic and hate inspiring web sites please.
44103. Rebecca K. Komisar Remove JewWatch.com from beginning of Google search engine
44102. Jack Richard, M.D. This is disgraceful !
44101. Claudia Rozenberg  
44100. wendy zinn  
44099. larry wolfe  
44098. Goodwill Hunting "Jesus was a Jew remember that! " ...And the Jews killed him, remember that
44097. Charles Grubsztajn  
44096. Vered Mei -Tal  
44095. Robyn Zeller  
44094. mindy wachtenheim  
44093. Doron Herman  
44092. Renee Zeiger  
44091. shai  
44090. Herbert E. cohen  
44089. Monte Glicken  
44088. Darrryl Baskin  
44087. Henry Stone  
44086. Lorne Stepak  
44085. Bill Fung  
44084. Carrie Lerner  
44083. Lynne Schatz Time to fix this!
44082. Marc Abel  
44081. Ethan Tobman  
44080. michael jacobs  
44079. Martin Pollman  
44078. Greg Marshall  
44077. S. Louis Kelter  
44076. Jennifer  
44075. jerry frohlich  
44074. Natalie Shavit  
44073. frani sopoci  
44072. Allen Feiglin  
44071. Bonnie Conefrey  
44070. Eli Barak Please remove this vile hate document asap!
44069. Nancy Beja  
44068. sheila holtzberg please remove.
44067. Alan Spier  
44066. Jennifer Block  
44065. joan rose  
44064. meghan schardt  
44063. gail brown  
44062. michael schneider  
44061. Myrna Middleton  
44060. Lynn Preis  
44059. Saul Rosenblatt  
44058. Aaron Cohen Google should not be a party to the dissemination of anti-Semitic information
44057. Colin Simon  
44056. Lisa Klebba  
44055. Jane Koenig  
44054. Caroline Blumenthal  
44053. Dale Poslosky Google should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such hatred sites as this.
44052. kate robinson  
44051. Enrique  
44050. Kimberly A. Glowish  
44049. maurine  
44048. Marshal Greenblatt  
44047. Jeffrey Sanzel  
44046. f.heertje  
44045. Dor Bar  
44044. Andrew Hoodwin  
44043. R. Feldman  
44042. Emiliya Sherman  
44041. Richard Kessler  
44040. N. Paula freivogel Please remove immediatly
44039. Lynn Pollman  
44038. LESLIE SHVEMAR This sort of thing must be protested and eradicated from our way of life if civilization is to move forward!!
44037. Darlene Penrose Work Towards Peace
44036. Albert H. Belsky This is outrageous. No responsible search engine should harbor such hateful material.
44035. Patty Novorr Traub  
44034. Nancy Beja  
44033. Randi Tabor  
44032. Daniel Marks It is discusting that google would support this kind of search results.
44031. orit  
44030. Anat  
44029. Richard D. Weiss  
44028. Ellen Kaufman  
44027. joe gazdak  
44026. L. Wieseneck  
44025. Jeremy Curtis  
44024. Brian  
44023. Lisa Futerman  
44022. Beth Elkayam  
44021. Gary Brown  
44020. L. Carter This site is disgusting. I urge you to remove it.
44019. lisa barzel this is critical
44018. Alice Burton We all must be constantly vigilant that no forms of racism take hold in our society. For those of an Evangelical bent, racism and it's forms of anti-semitism, anti-black and more are all the devils work.
44017. Jeffrey E. Salon  
44016. Lawrence Lewis  
44015. Sandra Smith  
44014. Patricia L. Baskin  
44013. Richard Freivogel disgusting
44012. Melanie Waldman Lloyd  
44011. K. Hedrich  
44010. Gordon Abrams  
44009. Sheldon Paley  
44008. RBrous Isn't there enough hatred in this world
44007. Michele de Leon  
44006. Sylvia Willcocks  
44005. Sigrid Levi-Baum  
44004. Marla Rolfe  
44003. Michel Wurman  
44002. David I. Berland Please remove jewwatch from position as #1 site for search of "Jew"
44001. Deborah Magidson  
44000. JC Goodwill It is an outrage to have a web site that is based on the Jewish people being targeting again by bigots. The Jews have done nothing it is the ignorant that do these types of things...Jesus was a Jew remember that!
43999. Jessica Clark  
43998. Vivian Brawer  
43997. geti margolese Pls. remove this immediatley. It is unwise to breed any form of hate.
43996. Arieh Solomon  
43995. David Wigder Really should just remove the site as it is in bad taste
43994. Yvonnne Walstok  
43993. Don Scott  
43992. Dr. Michael Pucci  
43991. Harold Smith  
43990. Andrew Whitman  
43989. ester  
43988. Dan Rothmann  
43987. William Warner  
43986. Barbara Laskin  
43985. Liron Shahin  
43984. Jennifer Brody  
43983. JoAnn Polley  
43981. vivian pronin  
43980. David Lesberg Actually removing it could be construed as censorship, but certainly burying this offensive trash on the third page would be appropriate. It should NOT be listed first.
43979. D. Render  
43978. david feldman  
43977. Lane B. Neubauer  
43976. olga š
43975. Barbara Laufer  
43974. Michael J. Labbee  
43973. Barbara and Ron Lewis  
43972. Susan Plotnick  
43971. lynda spinner  
43970. Richard Mintz  
43969. David I. Schor, DDS  
43968. Jerome Muller  
43967. Jesmond Blumenfeld  
43966. Brian Kowall Remove anti-semetic web sites
43965. Steven Perlman  
43964. tomer  
43963. Robert Reznik Remember 6 million!
43962. Judith S  
43961. carol raizin  
43960. David A. Landy  
43959. Peter Levavi  
43958. Yosef Mizrahi  
43957. Dan Gincel  
43956. Eli Shapiro  
43955. Jonathan Meyer At least put it into the back - on the 2th page or so.
43954. GARY BROCKMAN THIS IS A JOKE. YOUR COMPANY WHOULD BE Ashamed of it self for this to happed.
43953. Pam Gruber Do not need more hate sites
43952. Ben Kaplan I support free speech, even filthy and degrading scum like Howard Stearn and Jerry Springer and JewWatch. Free speech by nature doesn't allow special interests to pick and choose what is acceptable.
43951. Robert Keymer move it further back
43950. jennifer heyman  
43949. Anne Bullen  
43948. sara frohlich  
43947. kathie disney  
43946. Monica  
43945. Ted Krai  
43944. Monica Arnstein  
43943. Cara Baer  
43942. Lauren Bernard  
43941. sandra patterson  
43940. jsiegfried  
43939. rolph rosenberg  
43938. Stephanie Bravos  
43937. leonard raizin  
43936. Randy Mellon  
43935. Marilee Kenney Hunt  
43934. Lorin B. Nathan  
43933. Abbe Busch  
43932. Terri Chebot  
43931. Lihi  
43930. Glenn Berkley  
43929. Josh Klynn  
43927. Lonnie C. smith Please remove antisemetic websitesetc
43926. allen usdan  
43925. Elaine Handelman this is appalling!
43924. Michael  
43923. Geoffrey Harling  
43922. Greg Schwartz  
43921. Roberta Trachtman  
43920. S Shah I find this website offensive to our sentiments
43919. Charles Whaley  
43918. Deborah Kim  
43917. Olga Tsypkina  
43916. Zia Wigder  
43915. Nancy Summers  
43914. jaap walvisch  
43913. Marci Koral  
43912. David A. Landy  
43911. ruthbaron  
43910. David Cowan This JewWatch site shouldn't be put in front of a child or adult researching "jew".
43909. Ellanor Cullens  
43908. Adam Miller  
43907. Susan Abraham  
43906. Elcan Diesendruck  
43905. Howard Covenko  
43904. dana korin  
43903. Stacy Chernosky  
43902. Saralyn Greenblatt  
43901. Darren Kamnitzer  
43900. mark primak not in best interest of peace
43899. allan nathan  
43898. Jennifer Rosengarten  
43897. steve buss  
43896. Joel Starkman please remov this offensive web site.
43895. Barry Lyman  
43894. roberta weiss  
43893. moshe Givon  
43892. David Brame  
43891. Yury Mirkin  
43890. Margaret Gerunda  
43889. Dror Ozeri  
43888. Susan Rubin  
43887. Donna Lieberman  
43886. sam kulla  
43885. Matthew Baer  
43884. Alexander Vainshtein  
43883. michele block  
43882. patti frazin  
43881. brodsky  
43880. Murray Snyder  
43879. Patricia Arend  
43878. Martin A. Yolles If Google allows this flagrantly anti-Semitic website to continue, we will totally boycott Google
43877. l oldham Google Is out of line ...Remove JewWatch and stop playing the terrorist game! It gives legitimacy to terrorism!
43875. Richard H. Spiegel  
43874. Barbara Giardina  
43873. Andy Fields  
43872. Dale Rizzo  
43871. joshua cohen soon!
43870. Jeff Nianick  
43869. Estel Pe  
43868. Randall Hershoff  
43867. Alix Raine  
43866. Dr. Frannie Kronenberg How deplorable!
43865. c.wener Ad credibility to Google- Remove this garbage from your site. Thank you.
43864. Zeev Edinger  
43863. Hagar Millman Google! You may not be able to stop evil, but there is no reason to help it along.
43862. Yulia Yudelevich  
43861. Arthur Gerunda  
43860. Lois Brenner  
43859. s deutsch since when is hate a good way to determine a search. google is supposed to use links to determine the best sites. i will not use google again until this is removed from the TOP spot! and I will check every day.
43858. ros weiss  
43857. Alan Cohen  
43856. Sandie Benitah  
43855. moshe  
43854. L.R. Cote  
43852. Alan Stein  
43851. sarah collier  
43850. Ben Kaplan I support free speech, even filthy and degrading scum like Howard Stearn and Jerry Springer and JewWatch. Free speech by nature doesn't allow special interests to pick and choose what is acceptable.
43849. Alec Messeroff  
43848. Sonny Bettan  
43847. orit H.B.Y. only love can heal!!!!!!!!!!!!
43846. Alan Stein  
43845. Justin Wernick It's about time we stopped this.
43844. Soraya Conway  
43842. Nancy Aknin  
43841. josef goldbaum  
43840. Ed Barr  
43839. Joy Siegel a disgrace
43838. jim meadow  
43837. Mark Kimmel google should remove this without having anyone sign a petition .boycott google until they remove the site
43836. Randi Reinhold  
43835. Mark Michelow  
43834. Elisa Agri  
43833. cindy hankin  
43832. Jeffrey Eastman Responsible Websiting is more3 than the bottom line!!
43831. I.J. Shapiro  
43830. Laurie Lee please remove this horrible website
43829. Randy Goodman  
43828. Jamie Trachtenberg  
43827. Robin Silver  
43826. Sarah Horwitz  
43825. elad  
43824. Tara Fass Remove JewWatch Now...Thank You
43823. D.Gershon  
43822. Tracy Thomas  
43820. Alison Shapiro  
43819. Gil Brodsky  
43818. Jon Schwartz Never Forget!
43817. J. Hoffman  
43816. Brendan Borrell  
43815. Stacey Wasserman  
43814. lori goldin  
43813. Alan G. Wolff  
43812. Denise Rose Pls remove the anti-semitic "jewwatch.com"
43811. Chris White  
43810. Sheila Unger  
43809. Jan Roseman  
43808. Jennifer Goldstein  
43807. Erica Karp  
43805. MARCELO  
43804. S. Woodard Not a site that should be listed period!
43803. Debi Feder  
43802. David Franklin  
43801. Israel Perel  
43800. Randi Dubin  
43799. Rebecca Kimelman  
43798. Cathy White Google should take a zero-tolerance policy on listing hate-sites on their search engine.
43797. Carley Weitzman  
43796. Jana Schwebel  
43795. idan  
43794. Jeremy L. Castle Extremely innappropriate and disturbing to have a link to something of such a racist nature appearing on a mainstream search engine.
43793. Louise Danish  
43792. Robert Bell  
43791. Yossi  
43790. julie gray it is shameful to any person who truly believes in a god
43789. aaron ufberg the site is disgusting
43788. David Glickman  
43787. Rosalind Neff  
43786. Leslie Borrell  
43785. Jay Gross  
43784. Mary T. Pattiz  
43783. Mary  
43782. Lara Said  
43781. Mathis Becker  
43779. Ivar Garberg  
43778. Maria Patlakh Remove it.
43777. Alan Harlam  
43776. Jonah Kagan  
43775. Suzanne Trimel It is repulsive for google to list a hate site!
43774. B Lussier  
43773. Mindy Thomas  
43772. Judy Brown  
43771. Hilah Millman Jews have probably received more hatred and returned it with more good than any other people in human history.
43770. Jeremy Fink  
43769. Charles Silber  
43768. Ellen Linker please remove this horrific website
43767. Whitney Zimet for shame!!!!!!!!!
43766. Robert Pannell  
43765. TODD BREEN  
43764. Ross N. Cohen  
43763. carol buchman jew watch is a pure evil hate site that needs to be removed
43762. George Anticoni  
43761. Judy Brown  
43760. howard gross  
43759. Judith Zijlstra-Grossman  
43758. Eric Moskoff  
43757. Ross Goshen  
43756. Marc Merriweather  
43755. Allison Borrell  
43754. max schiff  
43753. David Becker  
43752. warren.neidich  
43751. Bayley Silleck  
43750. Abi Warren  
43749. steven  
43748. Elizabeth Stern  
43747. Sarita Perel  
43746. Brian Sherman  
43744. Karen Petersen  
43743. Sonja Thompson  
43742. Paula Kopelle Google can and should remove this site from its search engine and has a responsibility to humanity to do so!
43741. Martin Kluner  
43740. Susan Goldberg  
43739. Mark Silverman  
43738. Anita Lieberman  
43737. Heidi Alyse Kaplan  
43736. John Farber  
43735. Fran Peters  
43734. Judith R. Streisand  
43733. Ryan Berkofsky  
43732. marnie katz  
43731. Gerald L. Wilson You are yellow! Come and do it to my face!
43730. Richard Stromwasser  
43729. Leo Borrell  
43728. Jim Regan Google, Please remove it right away.
43727. Donna Silber  
43726. karen margolis  
43725. Amnon Wallenstein  
43724. Jeffrey Katz  
43723. mimi blair  
43722. Carl Scheinman I hope this will work!!!
43721. Irene Goldman  
43720. carla strulovitch  
43719. eli newman  
43718. Florence Stoneberg I am not Jewish, and I find this offensive
43717. Jennifer Langford  
43716. Cinzia  
43715. Kay Branagan  
43714. rhoda katz i've written an e mail and got an inappropriate response to my request to remove
43713. Sue Tart I was appalled. This site should be removed immediately!
43712. Adam Berkowitz  
43711. Ian Michelow  
43710. Francine Varon  
43709. Eileen Shapiro Thank you
43708. D. Cohn  
43707. Joanne Tepedino  
43706. ann  
43705. Suzanne Aspir  
43704. I.C. Sinclair  
43703. Judy Borrell  
43702. William Bryan  
43701. Patsy Reichstein  
43700. aviha  
43699. Robert Turnham  
43698. Michelle  
43697. Alan Jacoby  
43696. David Green  
43695. k balaban so glad this is being done!!
43694. Laura Tamber  
43693. barbara&harvey harnick  
43692. Tami G  
43691. Andrew Lieberman  
43690. Jeff Epstein Utterly absurd that Google would require 50000 signatures to address this situation, when all it should take is one voice pointing out the situation so that it would be removed immediately and without question or reservation. Google has got to recognize its role in the internet age and act in accordance with it. There are limitations on speech even in the most free of arenas when there is the plausiblity of harm resulting from it, and by knowingly placing such diatribe front and center Google is at minimum aligning themselves with this extremist view.
43689. Sieg Kool Jewwatch.com must be removed!
43688. Joan Finkel  
43687. Carolyn Miller  
43686. Oded Greenberg  
43685. Lawrence Reichstein  
43684. shar ritter  
43683. Beth Saidel please remove this hateful site
43682. Charles Feldman  
43681. Joan Gannij  
43680. Rebecca Fisher  
43679. David S. Gochman  
43678. Marilyn Wittenstein  
43677. T. Harney  
43676. Dean Stutz  
43675. Karen Malpede  
43674. David Stein  
43673. Sid  
43672. Barbara Karp Please remove this despicable website.
43671. Stacy Reichstein  
43670. Judith Haughton disgraceful
43669. Constance D. Jacob  
43668. Uriel Dan Nudelman  
43667. barbara rosenthal  
43666. Howard Finkel  
43665. gary conway keep up the good work
43664. Matthew LaVail  
43663. Roger Carp  
43662. Michael Etkins  
43661. Vincent Higuera  
43660. arthur pomper  
43659. gary margolis this site must be removed
43658. noah  
43657. Margie Skeer I think you are sending a terrible message by making this the first listing! Please remove it immediately. I love Google, but I will feel less enthused about using it if you do not remove JewWatch from the search!
43656. toni spitzer  
43655. Harrison Leaf  
43654. David  
43653. Karen Turner I find it offensive. I do not want to see an anti-muslim, anti-catholic, or anti-semitic site
43652. Gwyneth MacArthur  
43651. abbe greenberg  
43650. margie mintz  
43649. Terry Saxe  
43648. Larry Geller I believe in our 1st Amendment ; however, we can all agree that its intent was not to create an atmosphere of persecution, hurt and fear
43647. Leslie Blaine  
43646. Edwin J. Jacob  
43645. gisela kassoy  
43644. stanley pierce  
43643. Tali Bahar  
43642. Christopher Chafe  
43641. David Ovson  
43640. Edward  
43639. Jeff Schreck  
43638. Ira Bloom  
43637. dsfg  
43636. suzi shame on you!
43635. Y.Bulbin  
43634. Shai Millman Try to present good deeds Jews have done to an antiSemite, and the response will be: "My mind's made up; don't confuse me with facts.".
43633. Naomi Rosenthal  
43632. Deborah Crystal Smith  
43631. Iris Jacobson  
43630. Ron and Rita Davidoff  
43629. Sue Berland  
43628. Patrice Robins  
43627. martha krichmar  
43626. Robert Lesko  
43625. m jacobowitz  
43624. Citina Carter  
43623. natasha rabin  
43622. Sandy & Zachary Rapp  
43621. Edward Friedman  
43620. osher  
43619. Michael Heckler  
43618. Esther Regent  
43617. Ian M. Rogow Hate is contageous and transends the ages
43616. howard goldman  
43615. Karen Shoshan  
43614. William McKinley I find JewWatch.com to be offensive and request its removal.
43613. Aaron Wizel  
43612. Katherine Davis This is a "Hate" issue, not FOI.
43611. Wendy MacArthur  
43610. robert a. rosen please remove it
43609. Jane Albaum  
43608. myer jeruzalski  
43607. rachel  
43606. gyl rosenblum  
43605. Robert Grauer  
43604. ben blufarb google should be more aware of who gets on their site
43603. Kate Sequeira Another attempt to spew hatred against Jewish people with a feeble attempt to hide behind the law.
43602. leon friedman  
43601. Dan Mindel  
43600. bill schulman  
43599. Philip Dangel please remove this
43598. Daniel H. Lisser  
43597. Robert Littas  
43596. Dan Star  
43595. Omri  
43594. Steven Masur Enough is enough
43593. Philip M. Gold-Garvey  
43592. Ted Fireman  
43591. Milenne deLeon This is outrageous. Please eliminate JewWatch
43590. Elaine Silver  
43589. Brent Stivers  
43588. Allyson  
43587. Mal Feldman  
43586. Claire H. Golan  
43585. Brook Gesser  
43584. L Dreyer  
43583. Joost R. Dessaur  
43582. Lauren Ordower  
43581. Hilary Curtis  
43580. avi  
43579. M Mayer  
43578. hermann zschiegner  
43577. Jason Page  
43576. Magan  
43575. Dina Adiri  
43574. phyllis friedman  
43573. Martin Albaum  
43572. Myles Lopatin google should be more responsible than this
43571. Bernard Sklar  
43570. Karen J. Thelen  
43569. Alan Marcovitz  
43568. Harry W. Elbirn Jr. You guys shouldn't need a petition to tell you this garbage should be removed!
43567. Sara Miller  
43566. Elaine Weiner this is extremely offensive - ethical discernment does not promote hatred in any form. I won't use Google again until the site is removed
43565. Benjamin M. Meyer  
43564. Bernice Glatt  
43563. Joanne Verez  
43562. Robbie Zeltzer  
43561. beverly maher  
43560. Bryan Lookatch  
43559. Renea Shulman  
43558. Benjamin Kahn  
43557. ruth brown  
43556. Marc B. Kramer, Ph.D. Clean it up!
43555. Pam Young  
43554. Wendie Gray  
43553. Kathleen Casey Gigl It is intolerable to have an antisemitic site as the first result when searching Google under the headings "Jew" or "Jewish"
43552. Jonathan R. Citron  
43551. Tammy Goldhammer  
43550. Lisa Siegel  
43549. Noreen Pokras  
43548. Shawn McCarthy  
43547. Hettie Lofchy  
43546. Margaret Swiatlo Google should do the right thing by people!
43545. Ethel Dotts  
43544. gil shalem  
43543. Mary Weilage  
43542. Rob Trachman  
43541. Herbert Greff Can not beleive you would help anti semites in this manner!!
43540. benzi  
43539. Sandy Glassman This is deplorable.
43538. Yvan Bolduc  
43537. Elise Hirschorn  
43536. Judy Chamlin  
43535. E. Nadel  
43534. Joy Clark  
43533. Emil Nissimov Dear Google buddies, you could be of immense service to the civilized mankind in its fight againts TOTALITARIANISM (racism, communism, leftist and islamic fundamentalisms, etc.) by compiling exhaustive lists of sites supporting and advertising the latter scum, so that one could take appropriate measures against them!
43532. Charles Schulman  
43531. Sheila Kramer In this, the best of all countries, any hate site is unacceptable. Please remove it and do not cater to the viciousness of the demented. Thank you.
43530. James Hale  
43529. leonard  
43528. Marianne Maxwell Please remove all anti-semetic sites.
43527. gerald hirsch  
43526. Noreen Roth  
43525. Helen Deligny Lucciola There is too much hate in this world. Let's halt the infection.
43524. Marcus  
43523. C. Dean Barnes  
43522. Jeffrey Glasberg.Esq  
43521. Sam Arnold  
43520. Jeff Kastner My company spends tens of thousands a year on Google key word buys but I will personally see to it that we stop unless this disgraceful site is removed from their search engine.
43519. Paul Wertman  
43518. Karine  
43517. Amy Linde  
43516. Ellen Shankle  
43515. David P. Rittenberg  
43514. Ellen Schlaefer you have to be taught to hate
43513. Jeffrey B. Furlong No more.
43512. Merav Cohen please remove it, this is an offence for humanity
43511. Christopher Grabenstein Please go watch Schindler's List again
43510. Debi Goldberg  
43509. Ruth Sherman  
43508. Judith Wexler  
43507. Jon Curtis  
43506. Julia Steiner  
43505. Beth Gershman  
43504. Jennifer Remer  
43503. J Nykerk What a disgrace
43502. Rafi Sommer  
43501. Richard Zell  
43500. Brigid Griffin With the exception of those living in the dark ages the world knows of the brilliance and greatness of the Jewish people. Hate is the heart of ignorance and stupidity!
43499. Mimi Huberman  
43498. ran  
43497. Kimberly Cummings  
43496. C Weissman  
43495. Rhoda Arnold  
43494. al  
43493. Dr. YAIR Devash  
43492. michael abraham  
43491. leo barmaymon  
43490. Carole Blake  
43489. elior  
43488. Mark Lubin  
43487. Bonnie Gold  
43486. Jennifer Weil  
43485. arie lengel  
43484. Harriet Friedes  
43483. Barry M. Levine  
43482. Dr Ellen Heckler  
43481. Lori Ann Comeau  
43480. David Axelrod  
43479. Paul Leftoff  
43478. Iris Prager  
43477. e.nelson  
43476. balwater  
43475. Laura Chizzali This is sickening
43474. Myriam de Leeuw-Smit remove this site asap
43473. Leah Cohn  
43472. David Gerstein  
43471. Saul Solomon  
43470. Leah Yarrow  
43469. John H. Perten  
43468. Rinat  
43467. Joyce Getty There is WAY too much hate already. Get rid of it on the internet.
43466. Luis Derechin  
43465. r. siegal  
43464. Albert Shapiro We don't need any religion slamed in the USA
43463. Joseph Singer  
43462. Joel Lessem this site inspires hatred and distrust
43461. Sydney Freifelder Who authored the site and who is hosting the site? These questions and answers would be interesting to post!
43460. Tim Strelitz this type of hate fostering web site has no benifit
43459. Allison  
43458. Shoshana Farb  
43457. Lola Cohen  
43456. David P. Singer  
43455. Jennifer Halpern please remove this site immediately, as per the terms of your own contract
43454. B michael  
43453. Edward Weisblatt Remove Jewwatch
43452. Merv York  
43451. David Lazarus  
43450. Bradley S. Hartman  
43449. Mark Ruberto  
43448. Raphael Barak  
43447. Eldad Glass Anti-Semitism will not bring upon world peace!
43446. Sara Leader  
43445. jonathan gold I can't believe that this is allowed to exist in todays world
43444. Roger Entin  
43443. Fern when will the hatred stop and when will people stop helping the shallow people that hate!
43442. paul levey  
43441. Jules Horowitz Google hereby heavily harms istelf
43440. Elliot Hershoff People who preach hate should not be allowed to exist.
43439. Joan Bayliss  
43438. Minna Immerman  
43437. theila  
43436. Eugene Joshua Chrusciel  
43435. Lauren Keller  
43434. Stephen Scholem Google is run by people, not by computers. If they want to change a fraudulently manipulated result they can do so and should.
43433. Sheila Abrams  
43432. Jeremy Lewis  
43431. David Polak  
43430. Stephen Roth  
43429. Ken DeVos  
43428. Lois Labendz  
43427. Bruce H. Greene  
43426. Nancy Lavelle  
43425. Kriger horrible
43424. Joanne Stern  
43423. Don Lederman  
43422. Benjamin Rawitz  
43421. Landmann  
43420. Alexa Klein  
43419. Scott and Gayle Hoffer  
43418. Jeffrey Berman  
43417. Michele  
43416. Miki Baytel  
43415. florence Macdougall be sure you review your net information
43414. Ben Robinson  
43413. k.kallman i cannot believe that at this day and age we are still subjected to such anti semitism and that google .com would allow for such hatred and anti semitism to be displayed and delivered to millioins of people. Hatred doesnt get us anywhere safe in this world.
43412. Elliot  
43411. Albert Ratner  
43410. Karen Merbaum  
43409. Raymond Levy  
43408. David S. Cohen It is obscene
43407. Lillian gottlieb  
43406. Judi Case This anti-semitism on the site is reprehensible. I am a school teacher who frequently recommends this site to students. I will not feel comfortable continuing to do so with such outright discrimination available on your site.
43404. HR Epstein  
43403. Peter Sternfels  
43402. Nancy Weber Disgraceful sight
43401. Vaughan Wortman  
43400. Julie Fainer  
43399. Sheldon Schwartz  
43398. n. mantelli  
43397. J.W. Friedman By allowing this website space on your site, you do not promote the 1st amendment...you foment anti-semitism. Can you live with the possible consequences of that?
43396. Elaine J. Abramson  
43395. D MYERS  
43394. Robin J. Lerner  
43393. Anne Godlewska  
43391. Elizabeth Behrman  
43390. Gail Greenberg  
43389. Amos Segal  
43388. Janice Batiste  
43387. Devra Weingart  
43386. Lauren Sigel  
43385. steven peskind  
43384. Moshe Baytel  
43383. Edmond Mukamal  
43382. Barry Sack  
43381. Lilli Pschill  
43380. Cheryl Sofer  
43379. miki  
43378. Steve Hamburger  
43377. Thedore Orson  
43376. dana  
43375. Barbara Senges  
43374. Tamra Tuller  
43373. Alan Klevan  
43372. yair guggenheimer  
43371. p. rogoff REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
43370. Alan Bramson  
43369. Abby Coren  
43368. Emma Kress  
43367. Steven Weinberg  
43366. Victor Azubel  
43365. Mark Kasoff  
43364. myrna bier  
43363. Amy Crosetto  
43362. Melanie Snyder  
43361. Steven Frank  
43359. Nina Yousefzadeh  
43358. dana  
43357. Eugene Wolfson  
43356. Shlomo Ya'ari We don't forget almost 65 years...so it was the start in Germany..at 1934
43355. R. Wagner My heart sank as I read that website.
43354. B. Stratton  
43353. Joanne LeVine  
43352. rae grossman  
43351. Jay Umansky remove the link
43350. Bernie Sigal REMOVE THIS NOW!!
43349. Robert Hulley This is a racist and dangerous site
43348. Michael D. Sher  
43347. Sara Saber  
43346. Ruth N. Levine  
43345. Robert Kaye I urge Google to do what's right or I'll stop using it.
43344. H. Yagoda As a user of Google I am appalled. Please correct this unjustice.
43343. John T. Farrar  
43342. Al Carrino  
43341. Shirley Rubin Another hurdle for Jews to overcome
43340. randy siegel  
43339. Paul Duber  
43338. Lidia Azubel  
43337. J. Durante  
43336. Wayne Samuels  
43335. dani  
43334. Eric Furfine  
43333. Jan Kaplan  
43332. Adam Daniel  
43331. Puddy Morabito  
43330. Melinda Friedman  
43329. Marcia Hargreaves  
43328. Lydia Merriweather  
43327. Dicron M. Mahakian  
43326. Penni Townsend From fear grows hatred
43325. Kathy Goldman  
43324. Jim Shipley While free speech is a blessing - and these people have a right to an opinion, they should not be given the credibility of a top listing. Rather, be buried on the fifteenth "o".
43323. Kay Fleisher  
43322. Jennifer Fischer  
43321. Laurie Cohen  
43320. Nancy Schachter  
43318. Sara Lester  
43317. Carlene Tockman  
43316. Paul Panza  
43315. alison  
43314. Janis Rubin  
43313. Sheila Ferguson unacceptable
43312. Dave Brown  
43311. Nir Barzilai Ê
43310. Amy This is a disgrace - I will use Yahoo until its removed
43309. Christoph Lange  
43308. Faye Oskin  
43307. Megan Topolosky  
43305. Steven Grosman  
43304. alvera kramer  
43303. Kim Davis  
43302. eric gatz  
43301. Amy Jackson  
43300. victor shidlofsky  
43299. barbara m  
43298. James R. Woldenberg  
43297. Joe Remove immediately!!!!!!
43296. Barbara Shenker  
43295. Dan Solomon  
43294. Helen Feinstein remove immediately
43293. sigmund levy  
43292. Nancy  
43291. Svetlana Pacheva Dear Google guys, I like you very much, but please make your search engine a bit more sophisticated to filter out racist-communist-leftist-islamic-fanatic & other similar web-garbage
43290. Ruth Meltzer  
43289. mark wienner  
43288. Kenneth A. Sprang As a non-Jew I am appalled that anti-semitism is still this rampant in the US in the 21st century. How can supposedly intelligent folks continue this anti-Semitic lunacy!!!!
43287. Johnette Zimmerman shame on you
43286. Chiara  
43285. James Pistrang  
43284. Megan Roth  
43283. Robert Berger  
43282. louise bittker  
43281. Laur a Flacks-Narrol  
43280. Dori Konig Disgusting, insulting and betraying
43278. Jack Lamel  
43277. Larry Springer  
43276. adam  
43275. jeff glantz please remove the site
43274. Martin Rothberg While there is freedom of speech in the USA, there is no excuse for spreading hate.
43273. Annilee Seitchick  
43272. Sandra Green If you had used better judgement in the first place, this petition would not have been necessary
43271. Sheryl Feldinger  
43270. Gabe Landes  
43269. Bobby Wild  
43268. Ilene Cohen  
43267. m. wasserman  
43266. PEIMER  
43265. C. R. Greener Hatred should not be promoted on line!
43264. candice Flig  
43263. Marilyn and Seymour Ginsburg The web site Jew Watch as a primary web site for Jewish research should be removed. Google should be held responsible for this.
43262. Dr. David R. Gastfriend  
43261. Karen McBeth TERRIBLE!!!!!
43260. Judi Bar-Am  
43259. richard  
43258. Itzhak Biran  
43257. Robert Szychowski Please remove the jewatch.com link
43256. David Dobbs Free speech should not incite hatred and violence.
43255. Lena  
43254. Courtney Cardozo  
43253. Hal Schenk Legitmate business should not aid and abet hate mongers.
43252. Alexander Linker  
43251. Roberta  
43250. Sam  
43249. Sophie Martin  
43248. Rochelle Zucker  
43247. jonathan waldman  
43246. Margie Scherzer  
43245. James Pistrang  
43244. Arlene Eckell  
43243. blas  
43242. Lorraine Mellon  
43241. Janis Fugel  
43240. Lois Koff  
43238. Jane Scovell  
43237. Brett Morris  
43236. Liz Grenier Please remove this site immediately
43235. Julie Holland  
43234. Stu Freedman  
43233. Yolanda Thomas  
43232. Charles A. Kroloff` This is a serious matter not only for Jews, but for all people concerned with fairness and justice.
43231. Ziev Millman AntiSemitism is the disgusting act of placing all of ones evil on the heads of all the Jews.
43230. Julie Lindy  
43229. Jonathan Segal  
43228. Nathan Osborne  
43227. Ruth Wald  
43226. laura vogel This site is inciting racial hatred. It should be removed
43225. nn  
43224. haim barzilay  
43223. Betty Davis Anti-semetic virus must be eradicated to stop this malicious procedure that destroys the world- so remove ;jewwatch; form your website
43222. Randi Sobelman  
43221. S. Goldstein  
43220. Jeff Ziner  
43219. lucie assenheim amazed and disgusted
43218. Jay Stenberg  
43217. steven fireman  
43216. mady kaiser  
43215. Adam Moss  
43214. Betty Davis Anti-semetic virus must be eradicated to stop this malicious procedure that destroys the world- so remove ;jewwatch; form your website
43213. dafna  
43212. avi asdasd
43211. Terri Wartski  
43210. Varda Wolf  
43209. D Fisch  
43208. Jonathan Pakula  
43207. Arthur Lerner  
43206. Jonathan Brookman  
43205. melanie  
43204. Hat Goldman  
43203. Loretta Kaufman a world of peace and humanity is needed.
43202. Tati Garcia  
43201. Brian Greben  
43200. jeffrey pinkow  
43199. jlwyner  
43198. Sophia Dempsey  
43197. Marshall Tuck  
43196. Bruce H. Luntz  
43195. Harriet Druker  
43194. Tim Hay  
43193. Ana  
43192. K Siobhan Staley  
43191. marsha orlando this web site is a disgrace
43190. peter martin  
43189. Alice J Rogers  
43188. Melissa Durst  
43187. F. Lassen  
43186. Suzan Mitchell  
43185. howard nodell  
43184. David Slater  
43183. Nancy Smith  
43182. Alexa  
43181. Margery Berk  
43180. Joel M. Fields  
43179. danny  
43178. Dan  
43177. T. M. Weiner  
43176. Jeanne Sprague  
43175. A Silverman  
43174. Ellen bank  
43173. marc weiss Remove this site from Google
43172. Dor  
43171. al saltz  
43170. Robin Nancy Boyle  
43169. Linda J. Fields  
43168. L.S. Alt  
43166. Marc Warren  
43165. Efraim  
43164. miriam giving ability to have such a petition is a disgrace
43163. Aaron Brown  
43162. Jules J. Lieberman  
43161. Ryan Harding This is both shocking and disgusting. Google and this site should be ashamed of themselves.
43160. Lou Faber  
43159. Sandra please remove antisemetic site
43157. Miriam Please do not support those sites...
43156. stuart cohen it's a disgrace
43155. Mitch Haller Google needs to take responsibility for its site.
43154. Geoffrey Katz  
43153. matt deCaro  
43152. Mike Wolf  
43151. Nan Gilbert  
43150. E.D. Silverman  
43149. jane katcher  
43148. Richard Krangle  
43147. Rachel Havrelock  
43146. Johnrperlman  
43145. Chad Wolbrink I believe in free speech, but having a website like this be the first search find is very inappropriate
43144. Evelyn Kopeika  
43143. Jeff Lewin  
43142. David Abramowitz Hate has no place in mass media, or anywhere!
43141. Shelly Cohen  
43140. Murray Finkelstein  
43139. Steven Bogdanoff  
43138. Barry Weber  
43137. nancy todd as a catholic christian i find it hard to believe that any real christian would find this tripe worth reading.
43136. rachel legum  
43135. Sandi Grayson  
43134. Lori Gershon  
43133. Liuba please remove
43132. Joe Wasch  
43131. Sheldon Potter,  
43130. David Arnstein  
43129. J. Greenwald  
43128. Peter Aladjem  
43127. Mert Millman  
43126. Pam Cofre hateful, sad
43125. sigal gur-lavie  
43124. Doug Bolon  
43123. marilyn g. haft  
43122. trs@walla.co.il nir
43121. Wendy Kamilar  
43120. Jane Mason  
43119. joann m. smith you should never be in this position
43118. Don Ivener  
43117. Jamie Arnold  
43116. Diane Orson  
43115. Jessica Jundef  
43114. Helen Baumgarten  
43113. Heather Belfer Speak now for all those who lost their lives, for their families, because people didn't speak out...
43112. leanne potter  
43111. monica micceri  
43110. Elizabeth Golub  
43109. Daniel W. Sklar  
43108. Sara Stein  
43107. Amira Littman  
43106. K.E. Schneider Please remove JewWatch from Google!!
43105. S.A. YAPHE  
43104. johnny foam  
43103. avi levi
43102. Brian Fierston  
43101. Amir  
43100. Nicole Levine  
43099. steven chaimberg  
43098. Salomón Lang  
43097. Leon Remove!!
43096. Roberta Stone Please remove anti-semitism from Google
43095. Samuel Toll  
43094. Patricia Raskin  
43093. Jennifer Dowling  
43092. barry grobman  
43091. Joshua S Am Yisrael Chai
43090. Eileen Friedman  
43089. Andy Fleisch  
43088. Michael Lonergan  
43087. Eleanor Schiller  
43086. Marc Partial  
43085. Phyllis A. Mulligan Unbelievable
43084. modest  
43083. M. Wolfson  
43082. Mark Levy  
43081. david felson  
43080. Sandra R. Millstein Please remove this site immediately!!!!!!!!!
43079. Ellen Stettner  
43078. gabe shleifer  
43077. Alan Abrams Petition shouldn't be necessary - Google sholuld have done this on its own.
43076. Mrs. Barbara Jacobs  
43075. Rachel Posner  
43074. Mitch Andrews Please remove immediately
43073. howard grinsberg I would hope in the future that such sites are screened in advance
43072. Bernard Shapiro  
43071. haim barzilay  
43070. Patricia Raskin  
43069. lou  
43068. Sarah Kerner  
43067. cindy smith  
43066. Helene Shaevitz let's stop anti-semetism in America
43065. Ari Posner  
43064. Rose Anne Suffrin  
43063. Jeremy Seaver  
43061. Irving Singer  
43060. jack m. jason  
43059. Ernest Gershon  
43058. Alan Levine If google doesn't eliminate this, I will stop using it
43057. Leila Reich  
43056. Allon bross do the right thing
43055. Marcus Jacobs  
43054. Owen B White  
43053. Dr. Everett M. Jacobs  
43052. Marcy Morton  
43051. Ronnie J. Kweller  
43050. Jerry Goldsmith  
43049. Darryl Rotman Kuperstock  
43048. Andie Stein  
43047. David Triestram  
43046. Susan Margolis Winter  
43045. levi abraham  
43044. Alex Katz  
43043. Brian Chevlin get rid of this antisemitic stuff
43042. Harriet Joseph  
43041. Melanie Chapman  
43040. Phyllis E. Miller all prejudices are bad for America
43039. Sanford Rice Disgusting
43038. Oren Kahn  
43037. Allison Zivin  
43036. Aharon Eviatar disgraceful Google! Some decency is required even when speech is free
43035. Matt Shields  
43034. Randolph Paisley No hate literature should be propagted or tolerated
43033. Adam Schwartz  
43032. Barak Shenhav  
43031. Walter Mendelson  
43030. Roy M. Wallack  
43029. jack fainberg  
43028. kardon please remove
43027. Evelyn Drescher  
43026. zalman ratzemore  
43025. Nina Zalessky  
43023. Richard Klein  
43022. sidroth  
43021. Barbara Milone  
43020. richard gurfein  
43019. Stephanie Michaels  
43018. Harris Grant  
43017. Richard Chasen  
43016. Jonathan Cohen Both racist and paedophile groups should be barred from the internet
43015. haim barzilay  
43014. Sandra Soule I understand that JewWatch is coming up first because of keyword density, but it is humans that program the computers at Google, and humans that are profiting from the excellent service that it provides. Let's add a little humanity here!
43013. gladys berger  
43012. Alex Rosovsky Never Again!
43011. Michele Buring  
43010. stan sussman  
43009. Bernie Gersh  
43008. Rosalie Miller Please remove this web site.
43007. Amy Lurier  
43006. Phil  
43005. Angel I am disgusted in Google.
43004. a a
43003. Erica Kirsh  
43002. Joe  
43001. aliya kedem  
42999. Cory Amron  
42998. Murray Abramovitch  
42997. Noga Villalon  
42996. Joan McBrien  
42995. Deborah Wood  
42994. Erin Moeller  
42993. Steven Wold  
42992. howard Please remove jew from google
42991. Phyllis Kolman  
42990. Keith Siegel  
42989. Iliana Flint  
42988. Robin Sloma NEVER AGAIN
42987. Courtney  
42986. Lynn Rosenthal  
42985. nathan zack  
42984. Maria Steingoltz  
42983. Ayala Reshef Let's not teach our children how to hate... Let's teach them the concept of UNITY IN DIVERSITY.
42982. Steven Maron  
42981. Sajad Shah such sites are completely unacceptable - please remove asap.
42980. Jonathan Grossman To cloak hate as education is to mock those who listen
42979. Jason  
42978. peter lewinsohn  
42977. Irwin Edelstein  
42976. bill doncaster  
42975. eliran ben eliezeramir323  
42974. Jocelyn Brown and Richard Hall  
42973. claire  
42972. Stan Krawitz  
42971. John Eline remove sight
42970. ronit harel  
42969. Monica Meyer  
42968. paul brenner  
42967. Paul Maurice  
42966. David Woodsworth  
42965. jerry zeiger  
42964. Yana  
42963. Robert Brandes  
42962. Scott Levinson  
42961. Gila Green  
42960. tali leitner as a young adult....it is sad to hear that my number one search engine is anti-semetic...i encourage jews and non-jews to sign the petition of the removal of jew watch
42959. Marcia Rosenblatt  
42958. Ilana Kavadlo  
42957. Robert J. McConnell  
42956. alexandra kushel  
42955. D Grunberg  
42954. Trudi Herman horrible...thought Google was above such slanderous behavior!
42953. Edward Shaffer  
42952. maurine dejesus  
42951. ofir eyal  
42950. dana gordon  
42949. Maurice Rochman  
42948. israel taplitski  
42947. bernice b. burkett remove immediately
42946. Melanie Miller  
42945. Geta Vogel reprehensible
42944. Jill Moskowitz  
42943. stephanie herman get rid of this
42942. Warren Kardon  
42941. Robert Kaim  
42940. Jamie Goldstein  
42939. Judy Joel  
42938. Lauren S. Langevin  
42937. robin davidson  
42936. Joel Marcus  
42935. Susan Gray  
42934. Adam Carroll  
42933. bar IL
42932. sgolick  
42931. shelley kushel  
42930. Stephen DiOrio  
42929. Anne Attias  
42928. sherrie kerker  
42927. Jerry Sivin  
42926. Tzemach Bloomberg If this is not removed, let's remove Google.
42925. David Gruber remove JewWatch.com
42924. charles  
42923. Ed Carlin Please live uo to your obligations as parents and do not support hate.
42922. Sandra Resnick  
42921. Avishay Beidnia  
42920. Harry Katz I think it is abhorrent that you require 50,000 signatures to remove that site... why not just remove it based upon its disgusting content... sure freedom is speech is important, but not when it comes to such an entry being the first hit on a search for Jewa
42919. Glen A. Hatcher  
42918. Beth Gursky this is sad the world has these feelings
42917. Barbara Lebow  
42916. Fika Konfino  
42915. dan rothschild free speech and all - but not at the top of the list please...
42914. charlotte eckler  
42913. judy berliner  
42912. Debra Wolfe  
42911. Michael Silverman an
42910. Bruce Supowitz  
42909. Hannelore Noe  
42908. Larry Shiffrin  
42907. debra morgan  
42906. Dana Braun  
42905. Jodi Sandler  
42904. Gary Adler  
42902. adrianna weismann  
42901. Anne Shaffer  
42900. Barbara Diamond  
42899. Lisa Klein  
42898. Mark Sabljak  
42897. judith barzilay  
42895. stuart kushel  
42894. Chanita Millman There is enough hatered in this world. There is no need to add to it.
42893. dan katz  
42892. arlene schwartz Google, of all things should be free of bigotry.
42891. Richard Marks To promote lies and hatred unacceptable and has no place on the web
42890. liliana levinton  
42889. Adam Levin  
42888. Merrill Shabtai  
42887. Jill Wasserman  
42886. Lucy Olshansky  
42885. bill cecere  
42884. doug hirsch  
42883. Stephen G. Gordon remove jewwatch.com immediately
42882. Tatyana Kaganova  
42881. David Gorelik  
42880. Sharon Altman  
42879. arnold kaminer the world has enough hate
42878. walter Reichman  
42877. Shari Pedowitz  
42876. andrew sternlieb  
42875. Sylvan and Millie Failer  
42874. Glenn G. Malloff  
42873. Illeana Benhamou  
42872. Myles Handschu (Printmaker)  
42871. Daniel Friedman  
42870. Sandra Kulick  
42869. Jeffrey Berman  
42868. Sue Freedman  
42867. Matt Evans  
42866. myrna lewis google is a highly reputable search engine. Why would google allow antisemitic hate seeds be planted??
42865. Rosalie and Irwin Gross  
42864. Paul Kulback Please remove this URL from your search engine
42863. Merryl Cohen  
42862. Gregory Molnar  
42861. Judith Gertler  
42860. Aaron Marks  
42859. Robin Corwin  
42858. diana tabak  
42857. Howard Hausman  
42855. g levinton  
42854. Laura Nesbitt  
42853. Barry Gilbert  
42852. Lisa Rubin  
42851. L. Melvin  
42850. leyla chandler  
42849. lonny kalfus  
42848. b. stone  
42847. Jose Sevilla  
42845. Jill A. Griffin This type of propaganda promotes intolerance and perpetuates ignorance.
42844. Amy Berniker -
42843. Noa  
42842. Kathleen Gage  
42841. eileen kahn  
42840. Natalie Fingeroot  
42839. Phil Anzarut Montreal, Quebec, Canada
42838. Ya'arit Glezer  
42837. Dr. N. Shaffer  
42836. Carol Shapiro  
42835. Larisa Livits  
42834. Ruth Silva I am truly saddened by Google's continued use of JewWatch - in the interest of world peace, this site must be remove asap
42833. Denise R. Toliver I am greatly offended by this site, as many of my friends are jewish. I am an African -American and believe that this type of site promotes hatred not just of Jewish people but of any race. Please remove this site immediately.
42832. Barry S.Bloom  
42831. Michael Fox  
42830. Eric Hirshler  
42829. Melissa A. Sabroff  
42828. Edwin Peissis  
42827. Beth Radetsky  
42826. tami levin  
42825. Neil Stein Remove this trash immediately.
42824. Edward W. Silva  
42823. Lori L. Underberger  
42822. D. Rush I think we should consider a boycott of Google
42821. Carol J. Manheim  
42820. Noa  
42819. Irina Please remove this website
42818. Edmond Goldstein  
42817. ronen dagan  
42816. Erin Rubin  
42815. David H Halevy  
42814. Terry Grant  
42813. Martin Friederwitzer  
42812. Joe Field  
42811. Grace Morgenstein  
42810. Mark Bell please consider the ramifications of the site.
42809. Cheryl Schaeffer  
42808. Jonathan Lewis  
42807. carol a schwartz  
42806. nira  
42805. Steven Levine  
42804. Gadi Moran  
42803. esther-ann asch  
42802. Anna Maria Knobel XXXXXXXXX
42801. Leon Blum Please remove hate group sites
42800. Marcy Sackett  
42799. Robin Eger This is an outrage
42798. Davina Fisher  
42797. Karin Baltimore  
42796. Robert Feinstein  
42795. Richard N. Steiner  
42794. roz clayman  
42793. Irene Gilbert  
42792. Andrew Samwick  
42791. Jolyn Widgerow  
42790. Martin Brody  
42789. Dana Roytenberg  
42788. Lori Rothbart Let's get this removed!!!!!!
42787. Peter Sever UNBELIEVABLE that petition is even required.
42786. Judith Horwitz  
42785. Susan McAvoy  
42784. Peggy G Umansky remove this horrible link
42783. Yishai Yuval  
42782. Melvyn David Millman There is no need to teach antiSemites how to hate Jews. They already learned it in the cradle.
42781. Rachel Cohn  
42780. Marsha Langsam How can this be allowed even in a time of free speech?
42779. Lauren  
42778. Rachel Cohn  
42777. alfredo yaffe  
42776. Tom Sella  
42775. Liza Holder  
42774. Mac Fingeroot Please do as requested
42773. Willard Spiegelman  
42772. Nina Shapiro Unbelievable hat this hate-site is prominent. No doubt there is group hate everywhere but it is immoral of Google to assign it a primary position. I urge you to take action.
42771. Amy White Berger  
42770. eda eskin  
42769. David Oden  
42768. Allan Baer  
42767. J. Rubin  
42766. Betty S. Weisberger  
42765. Marina  
42764. Naomi Gewirtz  
42763. robert  
42762. Mark Levine and Shirley Levine  
42761. Elaine Brown  
42760. Jill Brooks To honor freedom for all Jews always
42759. janice blumberg  
42758. Neil Sattler  
42757. Michael McCord  
42756. Sani Vered  
42755. John B. Peatman  
42754. Bob Altman  
42753. dean  
42752. Eugene Lopatukhin  
42751. steve selig  
42750. ian gordon  
42749. Richard Staller  
42748. Caren R  
42747. Edward J. Weisberger  
42746. Al Simons you should be ashamed of your site for letting this be the 1st meaning for Jew. change it please.
42745. marlene greenberg Thank you for removing this site ASAP.
42744. Francine Rubin  
42743. Ellen Robinson The non-action of Google is disgusting
42742. Richard Selik  
42741. Alan J. Segal  
42740. Sharon Gershfeld  
42739. Vicki Shteir-Dunn  
42738. Uri M  
42737. Natalie Shaffer  
42736. joseph  
42735. Abbe  
42734. Harry Shamir Plese remove hate-sites!!!
42733. Cesar Merchan Hamann  
42732. Gilberto FLevi Shame on Google to allow such an antisemite web.
42731. Mark handelman  
42730. Debbi Fendell  
42729. Max Mintzer  
42728. Harry Snyder  
42727. Mark S. Friedman  
42726. adam napell  
42725. Rosemarie E. Harmsworth Please listen to this plea - even people who do not necessarily agree with certain beliefs ought to allow others to live and believe - it's a matter of choice. We ought all get along with one another - just remember one day YOU might be at the receiving end of this type of discrimination so, pay heed!
42724. Judith Pelunsky  
42723. sid tabak  
42722. Janice Slupski  
42721. B Bass  
42720. ala szerman we are together
42719. Josh n/a
42718. M Margolis This needs to be removed as soon as possible!
42717. Daniel Goldsztein  
42716. Dianne Saxe  
42715. Sharon Ginsburg what a disgrace
42714. Sam Epstein Disgusting and really Fascist
42713. Samuel Knobel XXXXXX
42712. Janet Ginsburg  
42711. Melody  
42710. jocelyn orkin  
42709. karen M  
42708. Richard Gall  
42707. Asa Gitter  
42706. Linann  
42705. Samuel Goldman  
42704. Michelle Shubin  
42703. Hank Geller hateful
42702. beatriced schwartz  
42701. Sandra  
42700. Mel Peller  
42699. Robin Straus  
42698. Alan  
42697. gabriel klein  
42696. Sybil Maimin  
42695. nina caplin  
42694. S Katz  
42693. Chris Vaca  
42692. Robert Grant  
42691. Nancie Lundy  
42690. Luda Zisman  
42689. debbie  
42688. Daniel This site is disgusting and full of lies. Remove this NOW!
42687. Monique Bisgould  
42686. joel silver  
42685. Jerry Levy remove JewWatch now!
42684. Rysse Cooper  
42683. Steven Kirsner inapprpriate to promote this website
42682. H Wasserman  
42681. gail rose  
42680. Moises Feldman  
42679. Harold Baron  
42678. Sam  
42677. Adina Paritzky  
42676. Gail Tescher  
42675. David Bree  
42674. William B. Walzer  
42673. megan  
42672. jerry sigal  
42671. Sheila Weinstein  
42670. Rysse Cooper  
42669. Ann Schotsky  
42668. lorraine Gang  
42667. Ron Miller  
42666. Megan  
42665. Elizabeth  
42664. Jessica Ignorance is not the way to show oneself.
42663. Robert Grant  
42662. helen destefano  
42661. Carol Geller Inflammatory web site.
42660. Joshua Anzaroot  
42659. Barbara Hammel  
42658. Robert Cole  
42657. Paul Friedman  
42656. Stan Davis  
42655. Nir Samuel  
42654. Stephen Prenner  
42653. Joan Ezersky  
42652. Jo Addy  
42651. Alana Rothlein Please remove this hate-filled website
42650. Sheldon Levenbrook  
42649. Adrian Goldberg I trust Google will do the RIGHT thing
42648. Mr. engel  
42647. Jennifer Lerner  
42646. david rose think site is disgusting and should be banned
42645. Stacey R. Ezersky  
42644. James Fisher appalled at such a site!
42643. Donald Berger  
42642. les anderson  
42641. Rebecca Minkoff  
42640. ori alon just take it off
42637. Linda Pasternak Horrifying!!
42636. Beate Ruth Adler  
42635. JAnice Bramen  
42634. Kenneth White outrageous
42633. Joyce Prenner  
42632. Amy Levin  
42631. Matt Ascher  
42630. Roberta Katz  
42629. Martin Shapiro  
42628. GoGo  
42627. Joel Storchan  
42626. Elaine Toper  
42625. Ilana Green  
42624. Bonnie Lustigman  
42623. Alexis Murphy  
42622. Don Miller How did you allow this site to receive the #1 position in your listing of Jew. An outrageous over-allowance of free speech. I'm only one voice but if this is not removed you can be sure Google will removed from my, and every other, PC I can influence.
42621. Lori Rothstein  
42620. Joanne Reiter  
42619. Nisim Sarusi  
42618. Sue Drayer  
42617. Robert Ontell  
42615. Nate Witemberg  
42614. A. Zorel Paritzky  
42613. Pearl Sand  
42612. Barbara Hammel All hate sites should be removed regardless of who is the target
42611. Janice Brillson  
42610. leonard M. Goldberg Jew watch is full of lies distortions and is inciting hate and this kind of information is the same as the lies and distortions of nazi germany. Google shoul be ashamed to promote this product. many websites delete liers, from their sites why don't you.t
42609. Judy F. Shernicoff  
42608. Diane Goldberg  
42607. Troll  
42606. bruce grundy, dc  
42605. Gabor Vermes I survived both the Shoah and Communism. This website is filled with atrocious lies.
42604. Sherwin Rice Pleas remove the JewWatch.com web site
42603. Carolyn Kolers  
42602. Blanche Waldstreicher  
42601. carl rubens  
42600. m kaplan  
42599. Trent  
42598. Werner Stein  
42597. Evelyn Feldman Shame Shame...in this time of terrorism and anti semitism.
42596. Karen Berezovsky  
42595. Sammi I find it petty that in a time that we need to be united more than ever, there are still such igorant people out there and those who support them.
42594. Ronni Ulrich  
42593. Jesse Meltzer  
42592. Margot Kinberg  
42591. J.Hirsch  
42590. Catherine Ruskin  
42589. Lee Nelson  
42588. W. Biderman  
42587. Paul Liberman  
42586. YoYo  
42585. Rev. MarciaGrace Tropin Wholesale hatred of any religious group is antithetical.
42584. Judy Simmons  
42583. karen ginsburg  
42582. michael schwartz  
42581. Melvyn Zahn  
42580. Beth  
42579. Frank P. Boschwitz  
42578. Joel Permison A total miss use of the internet
42577. Karen Edelstein  
42576. Susan Blau  
42575. alfred bien  
42574. Bethany I do think it should remain in the google directory BUT it certainly shouldn't be the first result.
42572. Ashleigh Hartman  
42571. Andrea E. Wenet I use google mega times per day, since its beginning. Please (and thank you) for removing!
42570. Dale Minami  
42569. peter holstein  
42568. Ann Bardacke Please do not allow google (which is wonderful) to be used by people who are anti-Semitic.
42567. Anthony Kahn  
42566. Roberta Feig  
42565. Helga Stein PLEASE REMOVE THIS!!
42564. Amy Margulies  
42563. Judith Dommu Guthman When you know that you are providing false and inciteful information over theinternet you should stop it immediately.
42562. Ceyda Turan  
42561. Kim  
42559. B. Hymowitz  
42558. Robert Greenberg  
42557. Is. Carbone Hate can be contagious: Ditch the site ,pleAse
42556. arthur brantz  
42555. Murray Selman  
42554. Shannon Tyler  
42553. Esther Shacket  
42552. tammy neustein  
42551. joel siegel  
42550. Richard Voldstad Please remove!!`
42549. Lewis Goldsticker  
42548. H LEVINE  
42547. D. Kase  
42546. Morton Hoffman I'm saddened by Google's use of JewWatch
42545. Sheryl C. Berger REmove it NOW!!!
42544. aaron  
42543. Craig Erlich  
42542. Brenda Andrews  
42541. ira and beth fenton  
42540. j. otis disguisting!
42539. louise  
42538. I. Marshall Levy  
42537. HeleneLowinger  
42536. Linda Brzezinski  
42535. Edith Clark  
42534. shlomo e. it is unfortunate that when most people hear the word"jew" they immediately think of racism and anti-semitism...
42533. Pavel very important
42532. Benjamin D. Russo  
42531. Hal Rappaport Shame on you for even needing signatures!
42530. Ethel Chevlin  
42529. Eileen Kupersmith  
42528. Alex Krimberg  
42527. Daniel Elison get em outta here
42525. peter disturbing
42524. Issie Rabinovitch jewwatch.com is a vile site.
42523. albert  
42522. Jay C. Kellerman  
42521. Irving Fields  
42520. Arlene Selman  
42519. Ira Ehrenpreis  
42518. Shirley P. Brodach  
42517. crespil  
42516. r erickson do not send any emails to me
42515. Bobbie  
42514. Sherri Zedd  
42513. shifra  
42512. Samara  
42511. Sheila Firestone  
42510. Eleanor V. Kempin  
42509. Prof. Jack Block  
42508. E Loder  
42507. Beth Cole-Morgan  
42506. bridget  
42505. Judy Raphael  
42504. Dahlia Paul  
42503. Seena Calder  
42502. Marjorie Scheer  
42501. Stan Trachter  
42500. Richard L. Feldman  
42499. d baron  
42498. Jini Vogel  
42497. Kerry Hoffman  
42496. Marjorie Benson disgusting-should be outlawed
42495. Jacob Goshen Google should remove this site without a petition requesting this.
42494. Lynda Maram  
42493. Ben E  
42492. Esther Beckman  
42491. Nathan Kantor Grt rid of it. No place in America.
42490. david warsh  
42489. Eileen Auerbach  
42488. Sheila Firestone  
42487. Margot Halperin  
42486. Anita Glasser it is hateful
42485. Marlene Goldsticker  
42484. Marilyn Gross  
42483. Michael Rose  
42482. Jennifer Burstein  
42481. ellen richmond  
42480. Evelyn Edinburg  
42479. adolph lombart unamerican
42478. Renee Klass Terrible
42477. Susan Closic  
42476. Deanna Douglas  
42475. Emily Camras  
42474. Dennis Schechtman Ê
42473. Patricia Himelhoch  
42472. Joe Halloran I just visited this site - hate-full - it should not be the top listing.
42471. Robb Stone Oy
42470. Myer Bick  
42469. Liza  
42468. Merle  
42467. Tammy Cohen  
42466. Lucian kaminsky An outrage in this day and age.
42465. Muriel Levine Hateful!
42464. Aviva Sandler  
42463. Howard Diamond  
42462. Ellen Stafman Brazer  
42461. Irving Beckman  
42460. Daniel Douglas  
42459. Jack Chevlin  
42458. Jeanni Tavlin  
42457. Eli Bluestone  
42456. Jeannie Kret  
42455. marsha borin thank you google
42454. Brian Siegel  
42453. Bari Dworken  
42452. Ken Shaw  
42451. Susanna E. Lachs  
42450. William Goldberg  
42449. adam altman  
42448. Michael Furstenberg  
42447. larry greenbaum  
42446. Debby Vigoda  
42445. Dave  
42444. Andrea Freiman  
42443. Eve Kaufman  
42442. Linda Lamm clean this up!!!!!!!!!!
42441. Norma Tennenbaum  
42440. Sidney Feldman  
42439. Carol Slavin Please remove this site, it is anti semetic!
42438. Marvin S. Schneider  
42437. Leonor Coyle  
42436. Bobbie Keating  
42435. Melinda Liebenau disgusting site
42434. Stephanie Greenberg  
42433. John Thornhill  
42432. Bruce J. Powell  
42431. Roberto Cavalieros (Correct the petition so that it reads Antisemitic, not Antisemetic)
42429. Jason H. Gerbsman Please do your best to eradicate hate from the web!
42428. Niisim  
42427. Judy Geller It is imperative that you remove this from the Google search engine.
42426. William Markenson  
42425. Mark Khaz  
42424. Glenn Rice discrimination at its worst
42423. Alan Ezersky  
42422. Laura  
42421. Maria Celina Hahn  
42420. Jane Hardy  
42419. sharon bracka  
42418. Avrum Tennenbaum  
42416. Phil Weinberg  
42415. Daniel Roda  
42414. steven rosenblatt  
42413. Itai Dewar  
42412. Ronald Schulman  
42411. Elaine Cherney  
42410. Mark Blankstein  
42409. Charles Shelton  
42408. Judith Benjamin It is reprehensible that Google should sanction this site.
42407. marjorie lewis  
42406. Evelynn Smith-Herman  
42405. Arthur Israel  
42404. BE Keller  
42403. sheila marcy  
42402. Roz Greenberg  
42401. Calum the spread of such disinformation is irresponsible
42400. Kendra Gerstein  
42399. Lisa Wasserman  
42398. zinovy shter š
42397. Eugene Weinstein  
42396. keiko mizuguchi  
42395. David Diesendruck  
42394. Lauren Segal  
42393. Bertram Polow  
42392. Edith Jonas  
42391. William L. Booth  
42390. Elizabeth Mogin  
42389. Bernard Hochberg BIG lie worthy of Joseph Goebbels
42388. Michael Korie  
42387. marcia spar  
42386. C J Poran  
42385. elaine sarko Remove jewWatch
42384. Seymour Schneider  
42383. Carolyn Burke  
42382. jonathan hersch  
42381. Al Mark  
42380. Marko Guzijan  
42379. Debra Kniss Please remove this offensive site and all which only promote HATE
42378. renee schechtman Ê
42377. Katie Hisert  
42376. Terry Michaels  
42375. Nina Salkin  
42374. avery rosenfeld never again
42373. Gary Freedman  
42372. Garry Goldberg  
42371. RichardJ Emmerich How is this allowed?
42370. Burt Bromfield  
42369. Maggy Anstey  
42368. Roberta Strogoff  
42367. Michele Yuval This horrible. It has to be removed !!!
42366. Ginger Held  
42365. Amy Slavitt shocking
42364. Doug Lamm shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
42363. Joey Coyle I wish Microsoft was ready with their search engine, I would never use google again just for being so mathmatically cold about the situation
42362. George Leposky  
42361. Yahya al-Fardi  
42360. rachel ciaves  
42359. Alison Grubman  
42358. Donna Feinberg Please remove this from google
42357. Nicole Klug  
42356. Lawrence Flisser  
42355. Roger Davis Please remove this site!
42354. Alex Rattner  
42353. Rachel Jacobs  
42352. Penny Levine "Google" Don't you people get it ?
42351. jerold mervis please remove this filth
42350. arthur kolodkin  
42349. Calum the spread of such disinformation is irresponsible
42348. Stacey Becker  
42347. Joanne Simon  
42346. Elisha Fisch  
42345. Emily  
42344. sheila marcy  
42343. harvey m spar  
42341. Brenda W  
42340. John Ross  
42339. Paul Fryd  
42338. Lynn Reeves  
42337. Rachel Wolock  
42336. Andrea Frankel  
42335. M. Lichaa  
42334. David Krasner  
42333. Miriam Ban I am shocked.
42332. Susanne Middagh  
42331. Tali  
42330. Max J Friedman  
42329. Madeline Fenster  
42328. Ruth Liebman  
42327. Richard Pohl  
42326. Ronni Shapiro  
42325. tirza wahrman GOOGLE should know better than to list this despicable site
42324. Lilly Lerner  
42323. arthur goldenberg  
42322. Ricardo Chernitsky We must end with antisemitism in the world
42321. S. Block  
42320. Stan Teplitz  
42319. Dave Milner  
42318. Sandra Feldman  
42317. Steve Sarowitz  
42316. Julie Vogelman  
42315. Jerome C. Yochelson We must be vigilant. Every technology can be put to unfortunate uses.
42314. Dale Herman  
42313. Michael Grafman  
42312. Elisa Bressler  
42311. Barbara Green Orell  
42310. Enid  
42309. Debra Fried  
42308. Jack Nihom  
42307. Perry G. Google's comments on CNET about inability to alter the ranking are BS -- just delist this despicable site.
42306. ira levine  
42305. Jordana Goldlist  
42304. David Javitch  
42303. Nancy E. Porter  
42302. John Salasin  
42301. Cindy Hassel  
42300. Henry Bernstein  
42299. Leonard Liebes  
42298. Les Kaplan Thanks for doing this!
42297. Joyce Brill  
42296. Francine Klein  
42295. Dale Goldberg  
42294. Susan Zale  
42293. Lawrence M. Neiman  
42292. Delores Rosen How can this sort of outrageous incendiary writing be allowed on a credible site. Sad,and very disappointing if it is allowed to continue to be shown.PLEASE get rid of it.It demeans you.
42291. jan simons hate is not a family value
42290. Stanley C. Fenster  
42289. Michael Kroll, MD  
42288. Sue W. Goldstein  
42287. Gail Kansky  
42286. James Gordon Remove it!
42285. André Felipe Tal  
42284. Glen S. Singer The "jewwatch" site is revolting!
42283. Sefi Zukerman  
42282. Mary E. Caito, CSW in this day and age of terrorism, you are a contributor if you do not remove JewWatch.com
42281. abou sloiman  
42280. Ross  
42279. Cantor Kim Harris  
42278. Dana Friedman  
42277. Franklin D Niver  
42276. marcos remove
42275. BK  
42274. Elaine Bauer What a sin to have a search engine like Google have a disgusting bigoted site like that available to try to create additionsl Anti Semitism
42273. P Finberg  
42272. Melvin Feldman  
42271. Abe Porter  
42269. A. Blume  
42268. Robert Kozinets  
42267. nessa adelson working toward more peaceful times
42266. Jonah Fruchter its demoralizing hatespeech
42265. Mel Kushner  
42264. Elyse Larkin  
42263. D.J. Goldberg  
42262. Miriam Sager Stop hate and lies.
42261. Sam Pack  
42260. Marvin Fier  
42259. Joe Pockowitz  
42258. Chad  
42257. David H. Schneider Unbelievable that Google is not savvy enough to realize that if all the Jews stop using their search engine - the financial impact would be significant!
42256. david ticker  
42255. robin I use google all the time, please remove this site
42254. Bernardo Saucedo  
42253. William M. Bittner Jewwatch.com is an appalling pack of lies -- Google management should be humiliated by this outrage. Hmmmm. 'Think I'll get an attorney and see what RICO and/or wire fraud laws apply. Hang onto your checkbook, boys and girls!
42252. Bruce Kluk disgracefull
42251. Stephen M Grushkin  
42250. Sandra L Kroll  
42249. alisa  
42248. Jill  
42247. Barbara Thorman  
42246. E. I. Glener  
42245. Lenny Simon  
42244. bernard greenwald jewWatch is as vile an antisemitic site as i have seen. goebbles would be proud.for sham for maintaining it.
42242. Robyn Satnick  
42241. Nancy Levine Outrageous
42240. Bonnie Perman  
42239. Carolyn Please remove.
42238. Suzanne Nock  
42237. Nicole  
42236. diane spira  
42235. Norman Belmonte  
42234. Mel Zukerman  
42233. C.B.Berman  
42232. Yael Tomer  
42231. Alan Kray  
42230. Laura Schulman  
42229. Cindy Schaffer  
42228. J. Kivort  
42227. Roslyn Patchi  
42226. Michael Kroyter  
42225. Karen Lipworth  
42224. Helen Spector  
42223. Martin A. Pickus  
42222. Jodie Gleason remove jewwatch!
42221. richard markus  
42220. Steffie Hoff  
42219. Leslie  
42218. Lester Rosenthal  
42217. Raphael S. Ezekiel  
42216. Clay Jarke  
42215. E.Dorsky  
42214. Alan Foss Freedom of speech is one thing... but let them find a different spot to spill their hatred!
42213. Julie Schaeffer  
42212. Merrily Curtis  
42211. Richard Kelsey  
42210. Alex Gross  
42209. Aaron Malkin  
42208. Sarah Goldman  
42207. Jody Dietch  
42206. Kelly Gordon  
42205. Bernard Gitlitz Google used to be my only search engine. If you dont see what you are doing as Jew hating bigotry they I will delete you and encourage others to delete you.
42204. Barbara K. Fisher INTEGRITY RULES
42203. lily flacks what it done to one of us, is done,in the end, to us all!
42202. Dennis Kalish  
42201. Jennifer Shore  
42200. Ned Eisenberg  
42199. Jody Wenig  
42198. alfred postol just discust
42197. J. Goldwater This is a disgrace and google should be ashamed.
42196. jeffrey heimer  
42195. Elisabeth Reading  
42194. dm sanft  
42193. Aaron Vermut Shame on you
42192. Bill Wattson  
42191. Alan Foss Freedom of speech is one thing... but let them find a different spot to spill their hatred!
42190. Scott Levy REMOVE THIS SITE
42189. Martin Shellist  
42188. Lauren Kisilevsky  
42187. sandra morris Can not believe what I justr saw!!!!
42186. Abram Pinchevsky  
42185. Kevin Hartnig  
42184. Jill Boissonnault  
42183. Deidre Ertle  
42182. morton wright Please remove the hateful jewwatch.com site
42181. Dr. Gary Dyck  
42180. Mark Winer  
42179. shirley germain  
42178. Claire K. Grossman  
42177. Paul M. Brown  
42176. richard donner you are too good at what you do and have agreat future to have condoned this
42175. Assaf Gal-Or I thought it was a joke. Somebody out there is messed up.
42174. Lox from the block  
42173. Dana Wiseman  
42172. Joseph Smith This is ridiculous. If something is not done to foster tolerance instead of hate, I'll never use Google again...
42171. Leona Garza  
42170. m. spiegel  
42169. morris  
42168. Lisa Schwarz There is enough hate in the world today. Lets work together to live in peace.
42167. john jaffe you (Google) guys should be ashamed
42166. Jeffrey S. Greenbaum  
42165. Scott Warren This is absolutely disguting in the 21st Century
42164. sandra morris Can not believe what I justr saw!!!!
42163. Arthur H. Freedman  
42162. Barbara Kite  
42161. Cynthia J. Metz Thank you for your efforts
42160. Maia Brumberg-Kraus  
42159. Amy Wiseman  
42158. Efrat Gal-Or  
42157. dan barzel  
42156. Leon Kline Erase the lies
42155. Becca Linden  
42154. omri shmuelevich  
42153. Carole Heller  
42152. Sara Cotton  
42151. Stacy Greene  
42150. Barry Herschman  
42149. Hilton Sack  
42148. Floyd Mills Let us help promote tolerance for all
42147. Michelle Brown  
42146. janet adelsberg  
42145. sal  
42144. Miriam Plesset  
42143. B.Applebaum  
42142. Allison Dupont Such a shame!
42141. Harrell Pailet  
42140. Esther Burnett  
42139. Miriam Kavis  
42138. Elyssa  
42137. Cassandra Robinson  
42136. Harold Pierce The main thing I don't understand is why this petition is necessary...Why couldn't you have rectified the problem upon being notified about it?
42135. Estelle Friedman  
42134. Linda Agranov I am appalled at Googles lack of responsibility to3ward bigotry and hatred in the world.
42133. lori milken  
42132. Edith Orleans  
42131. Norman Hain  
42130. L Kaplan  
42129. Mark Belinky  
42128. Kelly  
42127. Lucy Davis Hate begets hate and should not be promoted
42126. Isaac Zagorin  
42125. Victor Sheftel  
42124. Amir This is disgusting. Shame on google.
42123. Estelle Friedman  
42122. Drew Dupont Makes you wonder how they got listed so high in the first place!
42121. debbierudolph@hotmail.com  
42120. George  
42119. Robert Kendig  
42118. j.hackel  
42117. Abbey Rosen  
42116. Marc Kaye  
42115. Judi Webber TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
42114. Travis Bochenek  
42113. sara jew watch is sick and twisted
42112. Peg Erlanger  
42111. Jim Gordon  
42110. Rayna  
42109. Kristin Graziano  
42108. Cindy Perchaluk  
42107. annette sternfeld  
42106. Shay  
42105. Judy Frank This is an outrage---especially with today's anti-semitism so rampant.
42104. Jill S. Goodman  
42103. jerry goldberg  
42102. Jerome Schine  
42101. Eleanor Hirsch  
42100. Marilyn Pailet  
42099. Marc Miller  
42098. Debbie Friedman  
42097. Robin Sapiro  
42096. Ruth Mitchell  
42095. Gloria R Deckro  
42094. charlotte tessis  
42093. Susan Plumb  
42092. leonard sobel  
42091. Andre Biet  
42090. Leigh  
42089. Carol Finley  
42088. Lisa Fish  
42087. Diana Faust Please remove jewwatch.com... put it under anti-semite!
42086. marvin friedberg  
42085. rob sadler  
42084. J  
42083. Anton Verblun  
42082. paula emelock bad site, too controversial, one side
42081. Daphne Smolka Don't acquiesce
42080. philippe suchet for a search engine that takes pride in offering the best answers to any search, i am surprised that you did not already correct this mistake. do you really need 50,000 signatures to do so?
42079. Heather M  
42078. Nick Orton  
42077. ariela wilk  
42076. Stephanie Klaber This is a high priority
42075. robert kamen  
42074. Janet Horwitz  
42073. sb feinstein  
42072. Julian M. Leidman I hope that we reach 50000 quickly
42071. Heather  
42070. Joe Walze  
42069. william sternfeld  
42068. c.b.g  
42067. Jared Sanders  
42066. J. Myers As a Jewish descendent I am offended
42065. glenda scheer  
42064. abby kramsky  
42063. scott litman  
42062. Ben  
42061. Morris Beschloss  
42060. Robert J. Maya  
42059. elaine weiner please remove the psychological toxins
42058. Beth Grossman Please stop
42057. Robin Rashti  
42056. Arthur R Richter We must reject all of this sort of bigotry.
42055. Herbert Chubin  
42054. Laney Greenfield  
42053. Renee Wallace  
42052. Baruch Ben-Izhak  
42051. william freedman  
42050. Bobbie Bowden  
42049. Toby-Ann Bier  
42048. Sara Dimston  
42047. H. MICHAEL DWAN  
42046. Alan Avery-Peck  
42045. John Bundschuh  
42044. Murray P Friedman  
42043. Rhonda Duer  
42042. rodger cahn  
42041. Sherry Skolnik  
42040. madelyn yale  
42039. Deborah Telsey  
42038. David Agler  
42037. Emmy Cohn  
42036. Darren  
42035. Edward H. Rosen hate and prejudice have no place on the internet.
42034. rhonda jacobson  
42033. Elaine McKee  
42032. David Setton  
42031. Mindy Sperling Please stop the hate! help stop the spread of antisemitism
42030. Scott Margolis  
42029. Lynn Cohen  
42028. Beth Grafman  
42026. JE Knie This is dispicable!
42025. oren kredo  
42024. Joan Kandel  
42022. Nancy L.Reicher  
42021. ilman  
42020. Adam Handwerger  
42019. Ruth Beschloss  
42018. Howard Koor  
42017. Ed Schifman l
42016. Bethany Werber  
42015. Alan Rees  
42014. Isaac Safdeye  
42013. Maureen Hodgson  
42012. ann k. silver  
42011. Janice Schwartz  
42010. Michael D. Blick,MD  
42009. Rob Eichhorn  
42008. Dena Brown  
42007. J. M. Schwartz Please, please remove this hateful site. The Internet can be a tool of evil and a tool of good. Make Google part of the good.
42005. cary press tasteless
42004. Linda Glushon  
42003. Fern Lindenbaum  
42002. D. Kaulkin  
42001. Marcia Feit  
42000. Lorella Green Antisemitism is the first step on a slippery slope which hurts all of us in the world.
41999. Neil Sanders  
41998. esther korn remove
41997. morrie bishaf  
41996. Gideon Tomaschoff  
41995. Marcos Melendez  
41994. steven schofield google should be ashamed! I will stick with yahoo!
41993. Joan Solomon Griffin This can not be tolerated!
41992. Jo Laird  
41991. Larry Schwartz  
41990. Micki Sokatch Fuller Pu-leese! Would you have the first listing under Caucasian-White Supremacist? You must correct this!
41989. Dave Markovitz It shouldn't take a petition to force the removal of this site
41988. Anne-Laure  
41987. Rosalie Kramer disgusting!
41986. Ellen Mosner  
41985. hillary rosen this sight is disgusting and should be removed!
41984. Mark Jacobson  
41982. Miki  
41981. Gad  
41980. Akiva Panelas  
41979. Jill S Baron Students doing research on a sunject typiclly open the first page found on a search engine. This is certainly not educational or fair!
41978. Barbara Lipkin I can't believe that you allow this site to be #1
41977. Loretta Fletcher Why would such a site be #1 in the search- disgusting
41976. elaine nisonoff  
41975. Danielle Katz  
41974. Bruce Harrison  
41973. Terry G. Marcus surprise that google is involved in this garbage
41972. scott swartz  
41971. Deborah Ferman  
41970. Agnes G. Herman Get rid of it now!
41969. Cynthia Lowinger  
41968. Ilan  
41967. geri melnick please remove
41966. Jeanne Wright This is OUTRAGEOUS! I WILL NOT USE GOOGLE again, unless this is removed immediately.
41965. Leah Sitkin  
41964. Norman White It amazes me that a petition with 50,000 signatures is required to eliminate a link to this kind of garbage. Stopping this sort of hatred in its tracks should be common sense for an organization of Googles size and reach.
41963. Max Flaxman  
41962. craig  
41961. josh knox duh!
41960. eleanor goldman something so inaccurate that it harms, should be erased.
41959. Fern Reisner  
41958. Gail Ehlin  
41957. Steve Yaffe JewWatch should be listed under "antisemitism" or "jewbashing"
41956. B Blankstein  
41955. brenda isakow  
41954. Ellen Talles  
41953. Alison Wachstein  
41952. Marilyn Ingber  
41951. Nancy Kerstein  
41950. Megan  
41949. Barbara Blankstein  
41948. john m heller  
41947. Joan Denenberg  
41946. Harvey Shaps  
41945. Estelle Markowitz  
41943. zameret kleiman  
41942. Andrew  
41941. Amy Werman  
41940. Jeff Levy  
41939. hannah  
41938. Taryn  
41937. joel zonszein  
41936. allen samson  
41935. Judy Grodsky  
41934. Leslie Kornstein deplorable
41933. Michelle Boodai  
41932. Thelma Shaps  
41931. zameret kleiman  
41930. Sarah Williamson  
41929. Lori Bernard  
41928. Eric Gilson  
41927. Brenda Lichtenstein  
41926. Lawrence Lazar  
41925. Paula Yardeni  
41924. Donna D.  
41923. Matt Rossner  
41922. Jay Lyon DO IT QUICK
41921. Mel Berenson My community of 10,000 will be informed of Googles Anti Semitism
41920. julie robinson  
41919. Lisa Mickle  
41918. Carol Ann Goldstein  
41917. Robert Singer  
41916. sandy steinberg  
41915. Artmis  
41914. Valerie Oppenheim  
41913. Stuart Falk  
41912. Marci Rosenthal  
41911. Maris Elman  
41910. nicole elitch  
41909. John Hoogland Disgusting!!
41908. Colleen Wolfson  
41907. sas saddick  
41906. Ted Farkas  
41905. neal orringer  
41904. Jaime Tucker It is utterly and completely irresponsible on your part as a leader in our technological idustry to allow this hateful anti-semitic website to be the first hit (let alone any hit at all) on your search engine. Be a responsible business and send the right message to your community, one that shows you care. Our world can't afford anymore violence and hatered, please don't participate.
41903. Brian Jayne  
41902. Emily Goodman  
41901. Alexander Roberts If it's the algorithm, then change it. This site does not even come up in a Yahoo search on "Jew"
41900. Michael Berman  
41899. Joyce Gordon I use google as my toolbar and pop-up and find this information appalling
41898. Joe Benshemesh  
41897. Steven Kahn  
41896. Rosa Anne Segal  
41895. art  
41894. Andrea and Richard Salsberg  
41893. L. Breverman  
41892. Mark Bazer  
41891. Margaret Mathews  
41890. Joan Slosberg Dispicable and tasteless and should be dropped immediately
41888. Phyllis Thompson  
41887. alan winer  
41886. Lois Hollander  
41885. Michael Rhodes  
41884. Carrie Lasker  
41883. Agnes Farkas  
41882. Louis & Sylviz Piltz Remove this wedsite please. It is a shame!
41881. Lesley  
41880. Michael Weinstein  
41879. Donna Dinberg  
41878. irene Hoogland this is sick.Have we learned nothing from WW2??
41877. Robert A. Weiss  
41876. Sandy Friedman  
41875. M Oiknine  
41874. C. S. Crotty  
41873. Alex Klein  
41872. Jerald Segal  
41871. Kathrine  
41870. Grifyn Remer-Jayne Revolting
41869. Alan O  
41868. Dariel Cobb  
41867. henry feuerstein  
41866. Leonard Lerner  
41865. Genevra Piedmonte  
41864. Barbara Peller  
41863. Carol Pellegrino I find it disgusting that you have not removed this from your site already!
41862. Eva Heisler This promotes more antisemitism and should not be allowed
41861. Audrey Merin  
41860. Scott Miller This is offensive
41859. Bonnie Kravitz  
41858. Edward E. Elson Google ought to be ashamed of its policy.
41857. lois winer  
41856. DR RUTH FORER  
41855. daniel erlanger  
41854. Merris Z. Yarbro  
41853. sam swinger Remove jewwatch NOW
41852. David  
41851. Adam Wolf  
41850. Connie Pilossoph  
41849. cherie dubyak  
41848. lorna sarrel  
41847. Sue Ellen Miller  
41846. Alan I. Cohen  
41845. pearl cooper  
41844. Joseph Cohen  
41843. elise meyer  
41842. Alysa Rotstein  
41841. Winston Schwartz  
41840. Donald Galishoff  
41839. Yardena Arar  
41838. ANNE HANNA  
41837. stacey satovsky  
41836. Karen Muisus  
41835. Mina  
41834. Amanda Segal  
41833. Claire Cohen  
41832. Lauren Billington  
41831. ira schumer please remove asap
41830. margo hunt please comply with this request
41829. Dena Buchalter This is a dispicable, propagandic website; please remove it from your search engine.
41828. Ruth Baer  
41827. Harold and Ann Rosenbaum  
41826. Marietta Witt  
41825. Miriam B. Klein  
41824. sa  
41823. Andrew Fawer  
41822. Moriel Zachariah Rothman Challah back
41820. Michelle Tenny  
41819. Ellen Roback  
41818. Eva Bauer  
41817. Ari Katz I love your website, but you must filter the websites such as these.
41815. Kenneth J. Robinson  
41814. Beth Kaminstein  
41813. Betsy Hess  
41812. Sari Remer This is revolting
41811. Elmer Sapadin  
41810. Barbra Walters Your reputation is threatened.
41809. Lynda Meshkov  
41808. Laurie Rosenberg  
41807. Mikayla Kaliser  
41806. George Dickstein Offensive, to say the least...!
41805. Baila Miller  
41804. shay stern  
41803. j pretcher  
41802. Barbara and Richard Braun  
41801. Mark Hurwich  
41800. david stein please remove this anti-sametic website off of your engine. We have done nothing to this world, and you at Google should realize that. Unless of course, you hate Jewish people yourselves.
41799. marc hurst  
41798. Irwin Been  
41797. Victoria Kaliser  
41796. Omri Beer  
41795. Reich  
41794. Noreen Nisker  
41793. Jay Kessler  
41792. j. cohen  
41791. Heather Munro I'm not Jewish, but I still think this is abhorrent!
41790. Arie Aloni  
41789. Esther Aronson  
41788. Merrill Kaliser  
41787. Joshua Sacks  
41786. only1 the site is against jewish
41785. bkemp  
41784. Howard Roback  
41783. Robert C. Freeman  
41782. George Cooper  
41781. Earl W. Rosenberg  
41780. Iris Hollander  
41779. Joshua Gotbaum  
41778. Leah  
41777. Elissa Freedman I will remove google Searchg Engine from my banner if this site is not remeoved.
41776. E. Chardell just appalling
41775. Arthur A. Ezra  
41774. Cecile Sacks  
41773. Art Levine  
41772. Sara Goldband  
41771. David Miller Just another example of the far-right trash movement in this country. When will "they" learn that their hatred only serves to unite Jews and make us stronger?
41770. Betsy & Joseph Nissenbaum Would like to see this removed ASAP
41769. Harvey Reichstein  
41768. Joyce Bohnen It is imperative that this site be removed from the Google Search Engine!
41767. claire clements remove it
41766. Mariam Kaplan  
41765. Barbara Trager  
41764. Danya Levy  
41763. Doniel Drazin  
41762. Martin I. Bresler  
41761. jack spirt  
41760. Norma D. Kraut  
41759. paula lintz do the right thing against hatred.
41758. Laurence Shiff  
41757. Kim Kaliser  
41756. Deborah Brett  
41755. Angela Davis  
41754. Harold Share Please remove this obscene site.
41753. Michael Boorstein  
41752. Elana Dermer  
41751. Martin Cooper  
41750. jon levin  
41749. Fabio Tal  
41748. Max Bodenheimer  
41747. Maxine Pink  
41746. S Zaccar  
41745. Sophia Els  
41744. Edward Goldstein  
41743. Joey Pollock  
41742. Diane Siegel  
41741. Mark  
41740. Shelley Linsey  
41739. June Kruger  
41738. Renee Brown  
41737. Bob Ackerman  
41736. Uri Frodis  
41735. Sam Kaufmann  
41734. S H Roth  
41733. Gary Ziegler  
41732. rosario g robbins  
41731. Leonard Fagen  
41730. Lori  
41729. susan ogintz  
41728. Andy Cutler  
41727. samuel reines  
41726. joshua levin  
41725. Marcos  
41724. Saundra Leibowitz Shame on Google for not being more sensitive to this issue.
41723. Roy L. Koss  
41721. Victoria Schafer  
41720. Alexis Lezin  
41719. judy distell shame on google to allow a hate site
41718. Steve Krause "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke
41717. Ruth Been  
41716. Ravenna Michalsen Please remove this hate-provoking site
41715. Susan Hargis  
41714. david  
41713. Alison Pink This is disgusting!!!
41712. Wayne Sacks  
41711. Brian Bialik  
41710. alexandra  
41709. Myrna Wolf  
41708. Sondra & Gordon Grosh The site should provide real information about Jews not anti-semitic propoganda!
41707. Jerome Goodman  
41706. Jeffrey Get rid of the HATE spreading site
41705. Jennifer F. L.  
41704. s cohen remove now
41703. joy cantor  
41702. Ron Citrenbaum Outrageous!
41701. Doris Jones  
41700. Ken Elbaum  
41699. Andrew Cohen-Cutler  
41698. Elaine Alpert There is way too much hate in this world. Please remove this awful website from Google at once!
41697. Beverly Taylor  
41696. marisa swartz  
41695. Jerome J Linsey  
41694. Daniel Silverman  
41693. Darlene Terody  
41692. Belle Rita Novak under guise of legitimacy, this type of slime exists.
41691. alyce g. brown  
41690. Gil Blumenthal  
41689. Ethel Guest  
41688. Karen Luse  
41687. Hannah  
41686. Ron Klug  
41685. E. Selzer  
41684. Paul Tootleman  
41683. Sarah Boehm  
41682. Debra Yanover Have we not learned anything from WWII and all the recent terrorist attacks?
41681. Jonathan Starr  
41680. Theo  
41679. Richard & Monica Sussman  
41678. Bruce Bixler  
41677. Suzanne Schalow  
41676. Dianne Daks  
41675. Carol Hershkowitz  
41674. bernard levine  
41673. Annette Zvirman  
41672. Martin I. Bresler  
41670. Steve Fisher  
41669. Elizabeth T. Soloway  
41668. ruth rosenberg surprised Google is involved in this garbage
41667. Mort Reichek  
41666. stanley baron please do your part to eradicate anti-semitism
41665. Anthony Unger  
41664. Robert Rosofsky  
41663. Jeff Krampf  
41662. Florence Greene There is enough hate in this world without promoting more on Google. Please remove this hateful site. thank you
41661. Dr. Donald N. Rosenberg  
41660. Irwin M. Braverman MD hate speech is not free speech
41658. Samuel Israel  
41657. A nita Rudin This is a very dangerous site!!
41656. Doris Heyman I amazed it wasn't removed at the first complaint!!!!
41655. Faye Ruopp please remove
41654. Pavel  
41653. Valery Sverdlov  
41652. tracey k  
41651. Itzik  
41650. Don Paris  
41649. Fran Goldberg  
41647. Marlyn M Gillis  
41646. Igor Zhovnirovsky  
41645. Judith E. Walens-Webber  
41644. Renee Brodsky  
41643. C. Katz  
41642. Jan Alexander  
41641. Lawrence Berke  
41640. nadine djoury  
41639. Karen Fenwick  
41638. J.Fishman  
41637. Valerie Aranov  
41636. Rene Foreman  
41635. Dr. lili hodis  
41634. Sharon Beth Meyer  
41633. steffi sackman  
41632. shelley maize  
41631. dan bockman  
41630. Lindsay Phillips  
41629. Michael Plotnik  
41628. Leah Steuer  
41627. Jeff Fishbach  
41626. Sean Sell  
41625. gilbert block please remove "jew watch" from google search
41624. Daniel Borlack  
41623. Aimee Sachs I am a proud Jew, and that website is morose and dispicable.
41622. Bailey Daniels  
41621. Bernard Cohen Disgraceful on Goggles part to allow this
41620. Hillary Schaps  
41619. alice leidner Remove Jewwatch.com from search engine.!
41618. Stephen Hamelburg  
41617. susan baron Please do not allow anti-semitism to flourish.
41616. Esther Deitcher  
41615. carol goldfarb Please remove this antisemitic website.
41614. Brett Grauman  
41613. Paul Schmidt  
41612. Joan Sirota  
41611. Carolyn Conlin  
41610. James Harter  
41609. Florence Spector  
41608. Rand Shapiro  
41607. Judith Silverman  
41606. Jackie Ginsburg  
41605. Carol S. Cohn That anti-Semitic sites have found their way to the internet is bad enough. That such a site is the first thing found in a Google search for "Jew" is appalling! Google....please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine!
41604. Muriel Mandel  
41603. Julian L Kaufman Absolutely outrageous! I demand this be removed immediately
41602. Richard Goldhammer  
41601. stuart greenberg  
41600. Amir Learner  
41599. Eric Borofsk  
41598. Aline Eber  
41597. Carol Angert-Gorin  
41596. William P. Lubin  
41595. Assi Ungar  
41594. Alice Baker  
41593. Lili Robinson Please remove as requested ASAP
41592. mahmud al mustafa  
41591. Anne  
41590. R. Finke  
41589. Margie Rashti  
41588. Judi Neidenberg  
41587. m cohen  
41586. michael Leon Deitcher  
41585. Joni Antweil  
41584. Harold B. Wingard  
41583. Davina Brown  
41582. Kim Smith  
41581. Mario Pena  
41580. regan kasman  
41579. mitchel ulrich look up jew or jewish in the dictionary
41578. Dinah Berland Thank you for removing this hateful site from your valuable search engine.
41577. Tal  
41576. Kenneth Gordon  
41575. ANK  
41574. Lillian S. White Get it off there!!!
41573. ALBERT H. SIMS  
41572. David Melinkoff  
41571. Ed Shafer Why should such a disgusting hate filled website require 50,000 signatures before Google removes it?
41570. Kate Silverstein  
41569. Martin Hertz  
41568. Adam Glass  
41567. Kim Smith  
41566. allan r. goldenberg  
41565. J.R. POLLACK  
41564. mffayne  
41563. Gloria Brettner  
41562. Ryan Clark  
41561. M.S.Horowitz  
41560. Michael Gower  
41559. Joan Bucholtz  
41558. Dara  
41557. Shelly Kaplan  
41556. Joan Wallack  
41555. Sandy Weintraub  
41554. Helen Kraus this must be removed. it spreads hatred
41553. Greta Feuer I am suprised and horrified at what Google allows
41552. Sandra Citrenbaum The site is despicable and unfair.
41551. James Pardee This is abominable.
41550. Ryan Clark  
41549. Jon Kosak  
41548. michael Deitcher  
41547. Risa Bressler  
41546. ruth a. schultz  
41545. Dr. Richard Wilson  
41544. jeffrey weinstein DONE IN VERY BAD TASTE
41543. howard malkin  
41542. Susan Furman  
41541. GS Kleinman  
41540. Joyce Hill  
41539. libi rind  
41538. Steven Levine Lest We Forget
41537. Michelle Donde Respect the dignity of all Jews
41536. Kelly G  
41535. Sandra Rosenberg Please remove JewWatch from the Google search engine
41534. Marilynn M Block  
41533. Michael Oreck  
41532. sivia van gundy it's a shame that google couldn't remove it without requiring signatures as the site is hatespeech!
41531. D. Hendel Having JewWatch.com as the first listing AND as a listing at all, feels like Nazi Germany. Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!
41530. ellie  
41529. Phyllis B. Levine  
41528. Paula Jean Galburt  
41527. mlbraude  
41526. michael fayne  
41525. Joanne Sagliani  
41524. keryn frankel  
41523. Robert P. Meyer  
41522. Harold Brief Get rid of this site!
41521. Gary J. Becker Unbelievable that Google would sanction this site
41520. Walter Kropf  
41519. Marvyn B. Garber  
41518. Elyse  
41517. Sue Oreck  
41516. Jennifer  
41515. Barbara Bing The site now comes up as "this page cannot be displayed." Good! Keep it that way.
41514. rhona rosenblatt  
41513. michael fayne  
41512. diane Alfille PLEASE, HAVE A HEART!
41511. LZ  
41510. Carol Sholiton  
41509. Erica Heller  
41508. Gina Miller  
41507. Paul Sterbcow It is dispicable that we ahve to do this.
41506. MarcyBorofsky  
41505. Lori green  
41504. William Stull  
41503. angela litman  
41502. Al Kronman  
41501. Jeffrey Miller Please be more sensitive on this issue at this difficult time for the Jewish Community.
41500. Ross Kaminsky it speaks for itself...nazi propaganda
41499. Michael Lub  
41498. Debbie Posmontier  
41497. Aaron Kershenbaum  
41496. Elliot Chasin  
41495. neil okum  
41494. Michelle  
41493. David Yanowitz  
41492. Robert Freeman  
41491. Laurel Rosenberg  
41490. Tibor Selmeci  
41489. Robyn Faye, MD  
41488. Roberta E. Ingrassia I know that this is unintentional, but it needs to be taken care of. Thanks.
41487. brian peck  
41486. Martin Seldon I am a heavy Google user and am outraged at this unAmerican travesty
41485. Gerald Zevin  
41484. Theda and Herbert Fine  
41482. Arthur Lee Herman, PhD  
41481. Rose Genkin  
41480. Joan Johnson  
41479. Gilbert Borinstein leave jewish alone
41478. friedman  
41477. Jeff Orlik  
41476. Miriam Paluba  
41475. Howard Cracower  
41474. Gary Laroff  
41473. Jeff Driben  
41472. Richard L Klein, MD  
41471. Kandi McKenzie  
41470. Marcie Hope Falb  
41469. Tamara Gorfine Please remove any hateful email links
41468. brandon lusher  
41467. David Molowitz  
41466. sonia kurtz I'm horrified
41465. SUSAN FAYNE  
41464. Warren Mitlak  
41463. ILANA PLATT this should not be the first thing people find when searching
41462. yakov shmarya ben yisroel moshe shame on google you should be circumsized without anesthesia
41461. Patricia M LaForce  
41460. Michael Jones unbelievable...
41459. TM  
41458. Martha Minow  
41457. M. Fehler  
41456. rheta rosen google should not be part of this hateful message
41455. Lynn Surry  
41454. David Freedman  
41453. Adam Jaeger  
41452. Anna Schenker  
41451. Vicki Gottlieb  
41450. richard meyer  
41449. Jessica Matosko  
41448. David Rentzer  
41447. Michael Schein  
41446. Danielle M. Kostyszyn  
41445. Magda Selmeci  
41444. Vicki Friedman  
41443. Zach  
41441. Beth Hart Shouldn't Google provide information not misinformation about any subject. This is not an appropriate site to include on Gooogle.
41440. Debbie Hyams  
41439. Nathan and Susan Fishbach  
41438. H.L.Barber  
41437. Jack Sterling This site is not only anti-Semitic it is totally un-American
41436. Steven Hersch Google plans to go public soon; we will then have other ways of expressing our displeasure with the company!
41435. Nathan and Susan Fishbach  
41434. Shanock  
41433. Stanley wine  
41432. Reisha Zang  
41431. Caroline Levine no comment
41430. Richard Ginsburg  
41429. Louis A. Fine  
41428. Heidy Fetterman Remove JewWatch.com IMMEDIATELY!!!!
41427. Cindy Rosen  
41426. Michael Abott Please remove this disgusting site.
41425. Mark Dorfman  
41424. Erin Kessler  
41423. Avner Levona  
41422. Barbara Sontag  
41421. Josh Cohen  
41420. Sonya Goodman remove
41419. Richard Koenigsberg  
41418. M Alderman Boyer Who's the moron at Google that approved this?
41417. Steven Lee Remove this site
41416. ken kenneth  
41415. Beth Abott This is horrendous. Please remove this site.
41414. Ann Laski  
41413. Ruth Goldwasser  
41412. Ruth Friedman  
41411. Arnold Waxman I will not use Google until you remove JewWatch.com
41410. Susan Wallen  
41409. audrey barker  
41408. Gayle Johansen This site is offensive to Jews and non-Jews. Please remove at once. Thank you.
41407. Barry Weinstein In this day and age to hhave a website such as this to pop up first when doing a search is a disgrace. Please remove immediately.
41406. Nancy Dorian This site is appalling. It is an afront to all those who value the freedom to worship in their own way. It incites to violence.
41405. ilan  
41404. Gabrielle M. Meyer Being a Jew who escaped the Nazis, I find this despicable and an afront to all my fellow Jews and Holocaust survivors.
41403. Benjamin Bilski Just like Google improved its quality of listing sexual education sites, rather than pornography for the word 'sex', it should list sites on judaism by jews, rather than anti-semitic sites for the word 'jew'.
41402. eileen balch  
41401. Carol Goldstein  
41400. kenneth Lodin  
41399. Harvey Korfin  
41398. Sierra Guggolz  
41397. Sharlene Hoffman  
41396. debby lax  
41395. kenneth Lodin  
41394. sam galberman Horrible
41393. Walt Kropf  
41392. tilton weinstein  
41391. Stuart Podell  
41390. Aaron Dresner  
41389. EJ Alpert  
41388. stephen kalstein  
41387. Amy Hendrick The site needs to be shut down.
41386. Shawn Mogel please remove such a hatefull site in these all ready troubled times.
41385. danielle appel  
41384. debbie cohen Ê
41383. james levine  
41382. Ellen **GOOD WORK!!*(**
41381. John Remove this NOW
41380. Harvey Bucholtz  
41379. Sandi Yagoda  
41378. marcia  
41377. Irwin Schwartz remove JewWatch.com now
41376. marcia  
41375. Elianna Lev  
41374. Ellen J. Stettner Google should have no hate groups available on its website
41373. Carole Rocklin  
41372. anat cossen  
41371. V. S. Schwartz This site should be removed.
41370. Beth Jaffe  
41369. Milton Goodstein  
41368. R Liberman  
41367. Joseph Roginsky  
41366. Terry Ogilvie I am a Christian & I'm appalled by that site. Remove it!
41365. t.c. levitas  
41364. Harry Michael  
41363. Robert Singer  
41362. Barbara A. Levine  
41361. Ellen Gale I will stop using google unless you remove this site from Google.
41360. josh  
41359. Robert Singer  
41358. Playful freespirit  
41357. Robert Singer  
41356. D.A.Adelman  
41355. Prosper Banon Google is my favorite search engine but I will drop it if need be. Please do something about this!
41354. Earl Spivack Hate has no place on the internet
41353. Ornstein, Anna  
41352. Cele S. Keeper  
41351. Harold Schwartz  
41350. michele heller  
41349. Jason  
41348. Jeremy Alliger  
41347. Ruth Post  
41346. Michael Wasserman  
41345. William Burgess Leavenworth This site is contemptible nonsense. Has it been checked for Al quaeda connections?
41344. Diane Abrahams how disgraceful
41343. Joy  
41342. Harvey Barish  
41341. William K. Schmied  
41340. Jacqueline Shore Smith  
41339. Dustin Cahan  
41338. ian tishler  
41337. Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke You are such an advanced company in so many socially important internal/infrastructure ways. You should be more concerned with the kind of world you'd like to create outside of your google bubble. Hate kills.
41336. sara moriber  
41335. William K. Schmied  
41334. miriam levitas  
41333. Christine Norrbom  
41332. Walter Tobias It really hurt. Will it ever end?
41331. daniel grumbacher remove your anti-semite comments on jews
41330. Gabriella S. Klein  
41329. Jordan Farber  
41328. Lenny Schnurmacher  
41327. Ilan D. Avin  
41326. Cindy Zieve Any form of rascism is intolerable under the guise of free speech. Please remove this for my children's, and other children's, sake.
41325. Jacqueline Shore-Smith  
41324. Joan Tochner Remove objectionable "JewWatch.com"
41323. Renee P. Klein  
41322. Ed Levin  
41321. Helen Sherbet  
41320. Martin Wolf  
41319. Donna Prystowsky  
41318. Howard Kaplan Surely not an appropriate or accurate search.
41317. Avonel Manges  
41316. Rosalind G. Kaplan  
41315. Julie  
41314. Larry Pick Shame on you "Google"
41313. Richard Dinar There is enough hate in the world, end this site.
41312. steve kerstein  
41311. elaine gittlen  
41310. Barton J. Gershen, M.D.  
41309. Julian Niernberg Please have this removed
41308. Shirley Arkin  
41307. Alberta Shuvall  
41306. Julian Niernberg Please have this removed
41305. R. Binder remove
41304. Josh Landis  
41303. elda pincus  
41302. tami  
41301. Jennifer Goldhammer  
41300. bertrand chenier  
41299. Alex Daschko  
41298. Larry Kravitz  
41297. Patricia Meyer  
41296. Claude Perline  
41295. Jeffrey M. Cohen  
41294. Harvey Rosenhouse  
41293. Bill Littman  
41292. Darlene Howe  
41291. Dahni Houseman  
41290. Lori Alexander  
41289. Rosie Taylor  
41288. Alanna please remove this immediately
41287. len warshaw, architect  
41286. Stephen F. Klein  
41285. david mann  
41284. Barbara Garner Please remove
41283. Frank Cummins Disapprove of such material. While I treasure the right to free speech, think it is irresponsible to give such nasty stuff prime placement on Google.
41282. lisa pack this is disgraceful
41281. lis voce-schapiro  
41280. Don Piarulli  
41279. Elliott Levitch  
41278. Bill Tepperman  
41277. Yosef Moishe ben Shlomo This should be signed by everyone of conscience
41276. Benjamin Leiwant  
41275. R. Binder remove
41274. David Hamaoui Well I guess your search engine isn't as good as we all thought it was. It has a flaw. Your have the choice of action, we have the choice of search engine. If you do not agree with the petition, then we'll use a different search engine. Shame On You Google. I'll make sure this search engine will not be used in our childrens schools.
41273. Charles Noel This is a horrific thing for google to allow
41272. Goldie Silverman  
41271. gail handley  
41270. jeff levy  
41269. Isaac Shapiro the sight is disgusting and totally ofensiveat a variety of levels the most of which is the format of education
41268. cara cohn  
41267. Cary Goldstein This Is B.S.!
41266. jerry marcus  
41265. R.L.Polay  
41264. Edward & Ruth Osias  
41263. Alain Bigio Disgusting site. Should be removed entirely.
41262. J. Jerry Kantor  
41261. Andrea Jill Higgins  
41260. Alice Schubach  
41259. Andria Miller  
41258. Alyson Magid  
41257. Debbie Miller  
41256. Jeffrey Nachman  
41255. Debbie Miller  
41254. Roberta Hammer & Harry Hammer very offensive
41253. Ric Cooper  
41252. Alexander Hartman  
41251. Norman & Ruth Fellman hateful site!
41250. Barbara Galaway-Patrick I understand that within a search engine, the first url listed is the #1 search site on a topic within that search engine. But when a site breeds hate, everyone who utilizes the services of that search engine that led you to the site should take a stand. Here's mine: Eliminate JewWatch or I cease to use Google!
41249. David Turiel Amazed that Google would carry this garbage.
41248. Barry Oshry  
41247. Lilian Kravitz please don't spread hate based on religion
41246. Donna Garber Spewing hatred and false statements is a sin in any religion. Please delete this blasphemy!
41245. Marisa Sidman  
41244. Samuel B Ginsburg  
41243. roz  
41242. laurie novetsky  
41241. Stephanie Tenenbaum  
41240. H. L. M.  
41239. Ed Ballis  
41238. carroll hodge  
41237. Judith Bernstein  
41236. joan schaeffer  
41235. Allison Kaplinsky This site must be removed
41234. Stan Grubman  
41233. Michael Freundlich  
41232. Ivan Posniak  
41231. Carol Bernstein  
41230. jane pearce  
41229. Ben Levine  
41228. D. DeSelms  
41227. Manuel Berman  
41226. mark lazar  
41225. Sally Reicher  
41224. Carol Hertz  
41223. E. Klein  
41222. C Harper  
41221. Irene Strum  
41220. Thomas Keltner  
41219. Jacqueline Albin  
41218. Daisy Alalouf Newell  
41217. Milt Kleinman  
41216. Jeff Agin Please help stop anti-semitism...Thanks
41215. Lorraine Silverman take responsibility for offensive sites
41214. Steven Garfinkel  
41213. Jill Zaid  
41212. Mark Federman what poor taste and judgement!
41211. Irving Goldberg  
41210. Marlene Quade Google - please remove this horrible site
41209. joanne kushner Jewwatch.com is vile.
41208. Renay Weisberg please rethink this search result
41207. Harrison Krat  
41206. Ali Shweky Hurry
41205. irwin lee  
41204. Marna Shulberg It's sad that this is even an issue in the year 2004!
41203. Jennifer Blaine Please respect all people!! No hate!!
41202. Dr. Gary Grossman use yahoo or another search engine and tell google why!
41201. Charles Hecht-Leavitt  
41200. rebecca hayhurst  
41199. M. Klein  
41198. Bruce Bockman  
41197. Miriam Berger  
41196. lori zimmerman  
41195. Gil Ross  
41194. Joshua Cagle No comment.
41193. p  
41192. Stephen Wiener  
41191. wendy  
41190. Sally Reicher  
41189. Roberta Birnel  
41188. Al Lipson I will stop using Google, effective immediately, until I see this link gone
41187. Jan Goldenberg  
41186. Ken Brehne  
41184. philippe blumenthal  
41183. Gavin Mills  
41182. Carrie Gallagher  
41181. Libby Schenkman  
41180. H. Levine This is a hatemongering, offensive, anti-Semitic site and should be removed.
41179. Martin Brait  
41178. Howard Hoffman I am a faithful Google user and send traffic to Google through DomainSponsor
41177. faith tepper  
41176. linda kornberg  
41175. Arthur Rudin none
41174. chris battis  
41173. Victoria B. Kaufman  
41172. Anika Habermas-Scher With a rich cultural history and vibrant contemporary life, Jew's should not be identified first with hate!
41171. Randall Preiser You should be ashamed of yourselves
41170. Bernard Freedman Remove Jew Watch from Google
41169. ann  
41167. Abraham H. Miller  
41166. s. davidoff  
41165. Dave Rubin  
41164. Barry Edelman  
41163. Gale Brehne  
41162. irene kash we will continue to fight all anti-semitism no matter where it spews from.
41161. Josh Klein  
41160. steve glassberg  
41159. Michael Peck  
41158. Claudia Albert  
41157. joan miller  
41156. Ami Radunskaya Please remove this website immediately
41155. Martha Levine  
41154. Jordan Lehman  
41153. peggy Shapiro  
41152. peggy Shapiro  
41150. Mark Litman Subject: Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
41149. MARVIN BIERS If JewWatch is not removed in a reasonable time period I will have no choice but to take all my inqueries to YAHOO
41148. David Gurian  
41147. sondra sicherman  
41145. Harold Davis  
41143. Francis Moezinia  
41142. marshall fagin outrageous you would allow this!!
41141. Ilene Solomon, Ph.D.  
41140. Judi French Hideous anti-Semitism
41139. Diane Levinson  
41138. T. Gaud K. shame on you google ! it's outrageous that you allow such a filthy hate site. requiring 50.000 signature to remove it !
41137. leonard glass hate speech is not free speech
41136. Helen J. Steiner  
41135. alan cooper that site is an affront to ALL decent people
41134. jeffrey crohn  
41133. Charles Aber  
41132. philip miehl Ê
41131. Susan Hodes This is a terrible anti-semitic act.
41130. Adiva Sotzsky  
41129. Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein  
41128. Carla Kruk  
41127. Martha Rowley I hope this works
41126. Brock Lehman  
41125. Niv Eldor  
41124. Linda Romano keep our children safe
41123. Richard H. Haskin This site is disgusting! I helped liberate a Konzentrazion lager in WWII and was horrified at the ends this attitude will lead to!!
41122. Carla Kruk  
41121. Ron Shanbrom  
41120. Anne Carter This is outrageous. How can you allow something like this to be on your site. This is breeding hatred. Please take it off.
41119. Roseanne  
41117. debbie zaron  
41116. judi  
41115. Michael Levine  
41114. Sheldon Stein  
41113. Rosalye L. Yashek  
41112. Stuart Friedell  
41111. C.A. Pinkert  
41110. Ellen Garfield  
41109. Florence Aber  
41108. Paul M. Hallerman Remove JewWatch.com
41107. thomas pullen  
41106. gordon berger  
41105. Howard Lubkin  
41104. Steve Adler never again
41103. Norman J Linton disgraceful racist garbage.
41101. Alan J. Levy  
41100. elizabeth helbraun  
41099. JOAN GROSSMAN This is a shock; it must be rectified or I will consider using other website. This has been passed along to my many contacts. I would appreciate a reply; hopefully a positive one.
41098. Marilyn Gower This is an outrage. If it is not removed from Google's search engine, I will never use google search, toolbars or other products again.
41097. Allen Friedman  
41096. DANA ABRAMS  
41095. Patty Raymond  
41094. Meryl M  
41093. Nancy Dougherty  
41092. Adam Weisman  
41091. martin Sulkes  
41090. Sherry Wolfson disturbing
41089. Gideon Guy  
41088. Mark Aguhar  
41087. Steve Berger  
41086. Braham Korman  
41085. Sheryl Stern  
41084. hersch jew watch is awful
41083. Dr. Carina Ramirez I am appalled that this type of garbage is associated with Google!
41082. Brittany Barsky This is terrible
41081. ernesto svarter  
41080. Ray Callahan  
41079. Sharon I.  
41078. Michele Finstad MNA, CPCC  
41077. HR. Hartman  
41076. Scott D. Pollock  
41075. Ellen Weinberg  
41074. Margery Simkin  
41073. randy wechtert  
41072. Kim Murn  
41071. Scott D. Pollock  
41070. Barry Tonkin  
41069. Sara Lieberman can't believe you permit such hate items
41068. r d raskind  
41067. james levy  
41066. Laurel Rose  
41065. james levy  
41064. Adrienne F. Green  
41063. Herb Goodfried  
41062. Kathy Vertesi  
41060. Myra J. Anderson  
41059. Michael Greenspan  
41058. Steven Pearl  
41057. Merl Bloom  
41056. Roda Greenberg  
41055. Dorothy McCarter JewWatch is disgusting. It is irresponsible to include it on your list, and more egregious to have it as the first item
41054. Leslie Coller  
41053. Valerie Brooks Please remove promptly!
41052. Paul Friedman  
41051. Michael Gatz  
41050. Phyllis Barer  
41049. Abram Shanedling  
41048. DAN PLISKOW  
41047. Renee Raymar  
41046. Daniel Disgusting
41045. Janice Pargh  
41044. Adam Berger  
41043. E. Richman  
41042. Andrew J. Melnick  
41041. Jess F. Saunders  
41040. Isu Fang  
41039. David Michel  
41038. Yael Eytan  
41037. Bernie Latham  
41036. lisa pack  
41035. ruth braun  
41034. ira abrams  
41032. Dr. Neil Skolnick  
41031. Sylvia Heyman  
41030. Lyn Harley  
41029. mriam t. brous  
41028. Joy D. Saunders  
41027. Justin Alexander, Ph.D.  
41026. Valerie Goldstein  
41025. Judy Nyman  
41024. Edward Stern It is shameful that the first site to come up for a Google search on "Jew" is a viciously anti-Semitic site. They are free to hate, but they have no right to be first on Google. Surely, the twohundreth site should be good enough.
41023. Justin Alexander, Ph.D.  
41022. Susan Dorn please remove
41021. jason shade i hope this helps
41020. Richard Katezansky  
41019. Harold Kahn  
41018. John J. Saunders  
41017. John Perasco Protect free speech and our right to speak out against hate.
41016. Elissa Fladell  
41015. Elissa Fladell  
41014. Edward Danon  
41013. Rebekah Farokhi  
41012. Janet Stein  
41011. Aleksandr Gorfunkel  
41010. Jackie Haskowitz  
41009. george hyman  
41008. kathleen ingram  
41007. Regina Nigro Anti-Semitism and racism is wrong...and so is your hate speech!
41006. Helen Ginden  
41005. Candis  
41004. Itamar Assis  
41003. david finzi  
41002. rebecca  
41001. David S  
41000. James Krause n/a
40999. Jen Thornton Hateful sites masquerading as education such as this one should not be in your search engine.
40998. Mort Rosen  
40997. Drew Lipson  
40996. sandra hyman remove at once
40995. Janet Brovender-Fleischer  
40994. Michael J. Agri Jr. I'm an American, a Catholic, and apalled at Google
40993. Marta Zelaya  
40992. Laurie Leventhal  
40991. Rita H. Edlin  
40990. Steven Bookman  
40989. sanford goldberg  
40988. Anthony  
40987. vicki fox  
40986. Ruth Goldberg This page should be taken to court for liable for the totally untrue facts it has in print.
40985. Nicole Sommerfeld  
40984. Sheldon Lebowitz Google should not accept sponsored links from any "anti" group especially one as noxious as this one.
40983. Nicole Sommerfeld  
40982. Naama Liss  
40981. nancy tafeen  
40980. john freedman  
40979. Jacqueline Ludwig-Bragg  
40978. Alva Dworkin  
40977. Sachs  
40976. Terry D. Wittert Please remove ASAP
40975. Willow Glen Travel Agency  
40973. Charles Beck A disturbing site
40972. Kristin Hovis Please remove JewWatch from Google
40971. Susan Cooper  
40970. Phyllis Ehrlich I have never seen anything in the United States that is as scary and distasteful as that web site
40969. Etan Gal-Or Disgusting!
40968. Herr Tal  
40967. Elaine C. Logan Please remove this site from google.
40966. Bernard & Zelda Elinoffbern Spreading Lies Is Abuse of Free Speech
40965. ilyse feder  
40963. Brita M. Levy  
40962. nancy whitehead Very discouraging to see this
40961. Wagner Hartmut We are appalled by google's search engine
40960. Joel Alpert google guys: be responsible
40959. Reah Force  
40958. michelle this is disgusting! have you no morals or values?
40957. Zora Pergl-Cary Please Remove JewWatch.Com
40956. Al Robar Remove this garbage from the internet
40955. Daniel Greenwald  
40954. Morris Barer  
40953. Jimmy Froimzon  
40952. Susie Meltzer  
40951. robert pincus  
40950. Arlene Oscher  
40949. jobina Sadis does some one check the informations in Google can we still beleive on the informations we get visiting Google??????
40948. Bodi Luse  
40947. Rachel Begelman  
40946. Harriet Shohet  
40945. Mbaer  
40944. Abraham H. Epstein The site "JewWatch is deeply offensive to me
40943. William Blank  
40942. Pam Western  
40941. Regina Anti-Semetism and racism is wrong...and so is your hate speech!
40940. letty L Marcus  
40939. alex kriegsman  
40938. benjamin levy  
40937. Raymond Cohen  
40936. Mark Felthousen What will happen if 50,000 people object to a pro-jewish web site?
40935. Melissa  
40934. Arlene Gannet  
40933. Phyllis D. Wagner Ê
40932. Courtney Lawler  
40931. Jeffrey Tannenbaum I use google at least 20 times a day.If this is not done I will start using other earch engines
40930. Jeffrey Tannenbaum I use google at least 20 times a day.If this is not done I will start using other earch engines
40929. Jeffrey Tannenbaum I use google at least 20 times a day.If this is not done I will start using other earch engines
40928. jeffrey m. paul  
40927. Michael F. Mascolo  
40926. Samuel G Marcus  
40925. Morton Colby  
40924. Arlene Bercovici  
40923. Susan Kaufmann As the mother of a child who does research on the web, I feel very strongly about this issue.
40922. varda livney  
40921. Marion Feld absolutely pathetic
40919. Marion Feld absolutely pathetic
40918. Maya  
40917. Maddy Soloway  
40916. John Quinn  
40915. Marc Spivack  
40914. Lisa Rose  
40913. Jeff KOwal  
40912. Liba Malkin  
40911. Stephen Cera  
40910. Ben Hochman  
40909. ross zeltzer  
40908. Marla Waltman  
40907. holly e.  
40906. faith siwiec i can't believe that google would require 50,000 signatures to remove such a site. i tell everyone that you are the best search engine. i guess i'll go back to using yahoo.
40905. Jerry Sander Free speech is different from hate-advocacy.
40904. Jerry Friedman  
40903. E. Horowitz  
40902. Raymond W. Hoglund  
40901. esther shepes some discretion should be used when allowing sites to operate. At least put them in the right category where they belong, not in the general listing. PLEASE!
40900. Diane Gray  
40899. steve honig  
40898. N. Garelick  
40897. Ken Goodman  
40896. gayle ehrlich  
40895. Leon Minc  
40894. gabrielle  
40893. Marilyn Lessem  
40892. Jennings Lang  
40891. F. J. Cosentino  
40890. Dan Ezratty  
40889. Horace Chaitin  
40888. Horace Chaitin  
40887. Deborah Frank This must be stopped now!
40886. PAUL CUTLER  
40885. PAUL CUTLER  
40884. allen bernholtz  
40883. Richard Asch  
40882. B ROSE  
40881. Penny  
40880. Lauryn  
40879. Keith Furman  
40878. Netanya Stutz  
40877. Donnie Friedman  
40876. Samantha Rosenberg  
40875. Ed Bunnell  
40874. martin rosen  
40873. gary landau  
40872. Ellen Vaut  
40871. stever  
40870. Lisa Falasco  
40869. Joseph Shwereb  
40868. ahmad USA
40867. alan the site is despicable
40866. Ena Burstin Australia.
40865. Maureen Barry  
40864. Robin  
40863. Sherye Weinbach Distasteful
40862. Christopher Heberding  
40861. Claire Lipton Zimmers  
40859. Lauren Peritzman  
40858. Deborah Herman I'm disgusted that Google would allow this sort of website to exist..
40857. sally chetrit  
40856. Vicki Stein  
40855. Adrian Levine  
40854. Jennifer Alper  
40853. Harvey ÿ
40852. Sandy M. Wohl I have used and supported Google for years. I find it disgustng that Google lists this web site
40851. Tania Merette  
40850. Ben Haim  
40849. Diane Hallstrom You need a petition? A moral ethic should be enough.
40848. carole saifer in 2004-how can this be written?
40847. lucia ullmann  
40846. Gary A. Zeff  
40845. Rev. Atindra Gibbs Thanx
40844. Laura C. Hecht  
40843. Camilla Rogers  
40842. Olga Remove jew watch!
40841. Soly  
40840. robert maxman  
40839. Mitch Schneider Stop Hate Now
40838. Barry L. Markman  
40837. Rabbi Mark A. Golub Let's get anti-Semitic garbage like jewwatch off google and in its stead promote interfaith and ethnic understanding and suppot!!
40836. D. Fries  
40835. Yael Schwartz  
40834. Ray Zohar  
40833. Susan Gorton  
40832. Marlene Hertz Get rid of this anti-semitic website Jewwatch.com
40831. Mitch Lopata  
40830. Howard Litwak Remove it now
40829. Michael J. Baron  
40828. isaac turiel  
40827. Ellen Fox  
40826. Lori  
40825. al maunus  
40824. Phyllis Baird  
40823. Myron Weinbach  
40822. Gillian Belcher  
40821. Jennifer Schiff  
40820. Judith G. Savage  
40819. Leeanne Hurwitz  
40818. Alan Swerling  
40817. eva rosen hatred is destructive,leads to tragedies.Please do not support it!!!
40816. david b. friedman  
40815. Mindy Webber Please remove this from google
40814. Jeffrey A. Gritz This is a disgraceful display of anti-semitism. I realize that there is a bit of leeway to one's point of view on the WWW. However this disgusting sight should NOT be the first site seen when looking up the word, "JEW" on Google. Frankly, I believe that this sight should be wiped off the WWW. It's a hate sight, completely innapropriate to be found in such a search.
40812. Cynthia Cohen  
40811. Ruth Casuto  
40810. Judith Arluk Get rid of the poisonous misinformation
40809. Randi Blitman  
40808. Betty Brass Get rid of this most appalling site
40807. marcia goldberg remove jew watch
40806. Daniel & Davida Livson  
40805. S. M. Leisawitz  
40804. kat  
40803. Elisabeth Teller  
40802. June B. Rittenburg Thanks for calling our attention to this matter.
40801. Gabrielle Scheer  
40800. julian bergman  
40799. C. S. Rosenberg  
40798. Rod Cohen  
40797. brett forman  
40796. James Scott What is that all about!!!
40795. lucy levy  
40794. Dr. Octave Brates m.d.  
40793. Judith Wasserman  
40792. Shula Zohar  
40791. Steven M. Lember  
40790. Louisa Sanchez  
40789. Gregory Gershuni  
40788. r tooft Despicable
40787. jerome putnam  
40786. r tooft Despicable
40785. r tooft Despicable
40784. Leslie Dasher  
40783. Arlene Fettmann  
40782. Steven Margolese  
40781. W. Paul  
40780. Marjorie Gilberg  
40779. ngaylis  
40778. Shari Wyne absurd!
40777. Rebecca Share  
40776. ngaylis  
40775. jane putnam  
40774. Lori Short  
40773. Paul Krugman I will no longer use Google until they verify, directly to me, that this site has been removed!
40772. Elena Iuga  
40771. Bo Loomer Remove JewWatch
40770. Sheila Rich  
40769. Dawn Harvey  
40768. James H. Levi  
40767. Joel Meskin  
40766. denise  
40765. etty REMOVE IT
40764. M. Dudley Greer  
40763. eleanor sparer  
40762. Oscar Salinas  
40761. ariel boo google, jew pride!
40760. Bo Loomer Remove JewWatch
40759. Sam Mink  
40758. BAK  
40757. george weill  
40756. Maurice Fox  
40755. Kathy K. Stop the hate!
40754. Jules Rothenberg  
40753. Arthur Faber  
40752. Vivianne Abramovici  
40751. K. Albert  
40750. Ellen Gordon  
40749. Judith Silverstein  
40748. mindy chanoff  
40747. Dalia Zatlin  
40746. Janice Fox  
40745. Brenda Werbelow  
40744. Carole Barak This is very sad
40743. edward engelberg  
40742. paul reter shame on you
40741. Anne Vautour  
40740. Josh  
40739. m.caligor  
40738. noreen  
40737. Caitlin Meskin  
40736. Jennifer A. Freeman  
40735. Maurice Denbo Please remove
40734. Barry Schwartz  
40733. Betsy SIlverman  
40732. marsha maurer  
40730. jennifer please remove this site
40729. andrew feshbach do the right thing
40728. Diane S. Kesler  
40727. Samantha Feldman hopefully this will end positively...good luck
40726. Joseph M. Rosenthal  
40725. rebecca toledano  
40724. Barbara L. George  
40723. J.D. Tuschman  
40722. Liliane Aberman  
40721. amy gottenberg  
40720. B. Gillotti  
40719. L Payne Who every had this bright idea should be fired
40718. Murray Grafstein  
40717. Jessica Meskin  
40716. Adrian Pattison  
40715. Karen L. Wolf Google = Condoning hatred!
40714. saul schneider  
40713. Leigh Schapkaitz  
40712. Mark M. Goldberg  
40711. laura osko  
40710. Jennifer McGuire  
40709. Martin Small  
40708. Robert J. Hanz 6/1/04 - This is the date GOOGLE gets deleted as my search engine if JewWatch remains at the top of this hit parade!!
40707. Beverly Surprised about google
40706. dahlia tessler  
40705. Steve Bederman  
40704. allan fine  
40703. Lynne Stein  
40702. AVIVA SNOW  
40701. Catherine L. Kite  
40700. Rebecca Lilian  
40699. harvey fried  
40698. Alayne Meskin  
40697. Mimi Sorkin  
40696. Bob Feist I think this site should be removed
40695. Dana Green  
40694. Anna Hawthorne  
40693. Marlene Zeichick  
40692. Francine Lamster  
40691. joan freedman  
40690. Barbara Minoff  
40689. w. sherman  
40688. Elaine Socol  
40687. S Bowman This is not acceptable!!!!
40686. Susan Posner
40685. Zachary Silver  
40684. Bunny Rubin  
40683. Helena Kindi  
40682. jerry rosenthal after "The Passion" we do not need this!
40681. Jessica Gold  
40680. Esther Levy Google should set a precedent for other search engines to stop perpetuating hate
40679. Aaron Fishman  
40678. June Feltman  
40677. Andrew Feldman  
40676. Darren Lewis  
40675. Diane Metzger  
40674. Sylvan Stenge  
40673. Charles E. Gerber do so poste haste
40672. Martin Epstein  
40671. Cathy Seldin  
40670. Axel Cobelo  
40669. Bea  
40668. Susan Weiss Firestone  
40667. Martin Youngleson  
40666. Phyllis Budne  
40665. Joel C. Dobin  
40664. Ileana Madan  
40663. Kay Kershman  
40662. Deborah V. Edidin, MD This sort of material over the email has terrifying potential to reach and incite antisemitism among the troubled and the young.
40661. Stuart Markon  
40660. jonathan  
40659. Palma Mahl please remove jewwatch.com
40658. Claudia Reidhead  
40657. Bea  
40656. Saul Galgut  
40655. margaret robinson  
40654. Yale Mosk  
40653. Leon F. Unterman  
40652. Linda Spivack Time to move on. Give up the antisemitism already. Serves NO PURPOSE!
40651. M Rose  
40650. Bea  
40649. Ryan Schwartz  
40648. Sawyer Cohen  
40647. Marvin Egorin  
40646. Ami Sands Brodoff I am appalled that you include this antisemitic site on your search engine. Haven't we learned anything from past history?
40645. Faith Vidolin  
40644. Jim Birken  
40643. Lila Goldsman  
40642. Jacques Berkowitz  
40641. orenstein  
40640. Jason Madfes  
40639. Hilda Guerrero  
40638. Melvi n Lipsett Google is a disappointment for this
40637. herb schulsinger Freedom of speech is all well and good; however, advocating racial bigotry and inciting violence against any people for no reason other than their race or religion is beyond the pale. Please remove JewWatch.com from Google's "I feel Lucky" search.
40636. Nathan Egorin  
40635. Jason H remove it!
40634. Stan Aronson  
40633. daniel tannenbaum  
40632. Josh Cohen  
40631. douglas sternberg  
40630. Bea  
40629. Daryl  
40628. Chris Chapman  
40627. Carole Haber  
40626. Dinah Stein  
40625. michelle Bernstein  
40624. Seth Egorin  
40623. J K Lupa This site is offensive
40622. Marc Newman  
40621. M. Price  
40620. Ellen Pfann  
40619. Michelle Stewart  
40618. Brendan Cohen  
40617. Terry Ostrowiak Unacceptable
40616. Ivana Tenenbaum  
40615. Lois Blonder  
40614. Matt Greenberg  
40613. sharon schanzer there is no need to have this as the first entry or any entry for that matter
40612. Esther Massey  
40611. Dan Shellist You have only to "Enter" the site to see the White Supremecist garbage and Nazi-style rhetoric.
40610. barbara horwitz  
40609. Cheryl Gillette  
40608. Ben Abraham  
40607. Harold Tencer  
40606. Alan H. Lovins  
40605. josh  
40604. Heather Needleman  
40603. Rose Miller I am in favor of freedom of speech, but putting hate websites first on the list of google searched is inappropriate and wrong. Always: understanding before critisism. After you understand, then you are entitled to your opinion. Until educated, no one should not be subject to propaganda or negativity toward minorities. Just think about how this is contributing to society.
40602. Betsy Ann Berman  
40601. Debra Berger these people sound tricky
40600. karen halperin  
40599. Amy P. Morris  
40597. Lewis Levinson  
40596. barbara horwitz  
40595. mojdeh Remove the site from the Google Search Engine
40594. Jamie Ogilvie  
40593. Roberta Hill  
40592. Patripcia Gwin Jewwatch is sickening
40591. Neal Albert  
40590. Robert Effren  
40589. Mark Haskell This Is Disgusting .. and should never have made it past your usually tough standards for posting web sites!
40588. miriam Douglas  
40587. jeanette cohen This is an offensive site and Google should remove it
40586. Rebecca Adamek  
40585. joyce kamen  
40584. mike herma This site is offensive
40583. Jen Slusser  
40582. Alix Pollack  
40581. JUDY WEBER  
40580. MARC S. KORVER  
40579. Beverly Samuels  
40578. Jeraldine Cohen  
40577. Peter M. Jacobs  
40576. Sara V. Spodick  
40575. Janice Friedman DISCUSTING
40574. Brad Levinson  
40573. Erika Tencer  
40572. RJ BUrke Please Remove Immediately
40571. Raymond D. Snyder  
40570. Scott Bernstein  
40569. David Kahn  
40568. Michael Needleman  
40567. Dan Sonnenschein  
40566. Sabra G. Klein  
40565. r. baram  
40564. Robin Bass There is no place for such a hate filled web site in a decent world
40563. David Frischman  
40561. david wintre  
40560. Michael P. Marinoff  
40559. Rhoda M Schein  
40558. jodi  
40557. Larry King  
40556. ted rubin  
40555. Mauricio Nanes  
40554. RNGaster Google should be ashamed!!!
40553. phyllis newman  
40552. Megan Willesen  
40551. lLes freedman  
40550. Susan Levitin lets spread humanism, not hate
40549. myrna lord  
40548. Beth Bernstein  
40547. Ronni Ihm remove Jewatch now!
40546. Richard Norden  
40545. Sherry Price  
40544. G. Petersen  
40543. Amy Lipton  
40542. Eric Corwin google, help stop racism in the world!
40541. C. Glickman  
40540. craig cohen  
40539. Candace Potter  
40538. H.Kentridge  
40537. Yan Gurevich  
40536. Howard Lebowitz  
40535. Stephen Caine  
40534. Sue Rosen  
40533. Elaine Schumacher  
40532. Carole Zipkowitz  
40531. Linda Friedlander Google has always been our home page; however, if this site is not removed, it will no longer be so!
40530. david itzkowic  
40529. Jane Kantrow  
40528. Randi Bennett  
40527. Howard Goldberg  
40526. Evan Klein  
40525. kymberlee frischman  
40524. Bhavani Jaroff remove immediately
40523. Rosemary Dipietra  
40522. hillary kleiner  
40521. Morton Levy  
40520. sue ellen schneider  
40519. shaun Traub disgusting
40518. Paul Sinclair I believe in free speech but not in diseminating hatered and racial and religious bias
40517. Kari King  
40516. Oze Henig  
40515. Richard J. Nelson All views need to be heard, but there no reason to give JewWatch such prominance
40514. Judy Freeman please remove this awful site
40513. Bryan Krupin  
40512. Sheila Toffell There has to be some responsibility! Does Google want to beseen as giving this kind of web site free publicity?
40511. joel shavell  
40510. robyn kirshenblatt  
40509. Benjamin Horlick  
40508. C. Sherman  
40507. Noemi Gal-Or  
40506. Lauren Aster  
40505. Kristina Ananyan  
40504. Mr M Stimler  
40502. Katharine Fields  
40501. SF Spector What is your policy for removal of hateful and offensive information being prominently highlighted by your search engine? Jewwatch.com shows up as #1 for the basic search of jew?
40500. Jeanne Salit  
40499. Justin this is just wrong
40498. jenn take it off!!! take it off!!!!!
40497. Billie Lichtenstein  
40496. Paul Freed remove this anti semetic site
40495. Sandra Sandler  
40493. Harold  
40492. Yvonne Stern  
40491. JC Costa You have my full support.
40490. Dina S Willner  
40489. John Suart  
40488. John Weitzner Remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
40487. Robert E. Sherman, D.P.M.  
40486. E.A. Carbone  
40485. Gary Levin  
40484. Judy Fern How could you!
40483. jeff weiss remove it now!
40482. Brad Bell  
40481. David Levy  
40480. Beverly Rothenberg  
40479. Kathy Zuckerman  
40478. George Sladen  
40477. M Canada  
40476. helen shavell  
40475. Lynda  
40474. howard weinberg  
40473. Linda Brafman  
40472. sandra altner please remove
40470. Barbara Halper  
40469. martin romo  
40468. Salomon  
40467. Theresa Suart  
40466. Andrew Traub  
40465. Aida Toporek  
40464. L. Solov Unconscionable for Google to permit false statements,clearly anti-Semitic in nature, to be viewed on its site. This only fuels the fires of anti-Semitism!
40463. June Neal Please take this horrible site off Google
40462. Dianne Gordon  
40461. Emily If the site is not removed from Google, I think Google should at least change it so that it is not the first site that appears when the word "jew" is typed in, although removal altogether would be preferable.
40460. Craig Adkins  
40459. Terri totally disgusting, I use google ALL the time... NO MORE!!
40458. Arthur Strimling  
40457. Flavien  
40456. Paula T. Plaut  
40455. Ev Winick  
40454. joan schaller  
40453. Melissa K. Chaikof  
40452. Melissa Lynne The only way to achieve peace in this world, is to promote it, follow it, and create peace within yourself. This starts with your thoughts, your attitude, your actions, and your words. To create a positive environment, you have to be a positive environment.
40451. Jessica  
40450. Michele Haber  
40449. Morris Campi  
40448. Lynda  
40447. Adam Belok remove the site
40446. Denise Pettill  
40445. robert s. gold  
40444. Hilda Korner  
40443. Marsha Wahrman  
40442. Rebecca  
40441. Sergey  
40440. leesa miao  
40439. Jack Berke  
40438. Anita Zafrani  
40437. rony cohen  
40436. melanie  
40435. Betty Fineman  
40434. Jack Gordon  
40433. V Cohen  
40432. Judy Gisser  
40431. catherine donoway It is cruel that a petition is necessay
40430. Carin Bohne  
40429. Evelyn Herman Remove Jew watch
40428. Christine Clark  
40427. Jordan Metzger  
40426. Rhoda Grill  
40425. JJ Maislin mf's
40424. JACQUES AND LAURA telio  
40423. Susan Gordon Absolutely disgusting display of AntiSemitism
40422. anya  
40421. Beth Aaronson  
40420. Mara Purcell  
40419. Deborah Pollack  
40418. El-ad Blech  
40417. audrey gold Please remove immediately!
40416. Benjamin Stephenson Being a public service, Goolge has a responsibility to discourage any form of "hate" media.
40415. ###  
40414. Rebecca Hiscock  
40413. Rose Fesler  
40412. Carole Schwimmer I am repulsed by this Google site and ask that you rethink listing it - there is enough hate in this world already and being the child of holocaust victims I find it frightening to think that an anti-semitic web site is significantly featured on GOOGLE!
40411. Sandra Turkus  
40410. alicia zicchino  
40409. Irwin Ludmer  
40408. eli  
40407. Alan Galganov  
40406. marshall rathmell  
40405. Shauna  
40404. Anthony E. Meyer Remove this offensive listing!
40403. Stephen Kessler  
40402. Ellie Harovitz  
40401. Amy Draizen  
40400. david taylor it is an offensive web site
40399. J. E. Stein  
40398. Peter Doctorow  
40397. Jacques Kornberg  
40396. Margaret Thuring  
40395. Denise Pettill  
40394. Ruthann Shapiro  
40393. Lisa Rudikoff  
40392. Gunther Erlich  
40391. Roy Bloom  
40390. doug and wanda robb disgusting, get this garbage off
40389. Rebecca Hepner  
40388. Allan Szacher google should care a bit more about the content they aloud goin in
40387. guy rabinowitz disgusting
40386. Peter Solomon  
40385. Amanda Schwartz  
40384. Phil Hester  
40383. Landucci, Robert  
40382. Leslie Halpern  
40381. hannah good  
40380. L. Jules Arkin  
40379. Tama meixner  
40378. guy olian  
40377. N. Avrith  
40376. leslie tuttle  
40375. Ilana Schamberg  
40374. Jacob Sigal  
40373. Michael Hepner  
40372. Larni Australia
40371. Nadine Lindzen  
40370. Shalom Shtainhart  
40369. Arthur Bergen  
40368. Michael Brandt  
40367. harold hinchey none
40366. Rachelle Block  
40365. Sanford Adelman Please remove jewwatch.com from your search engine.
40364. Shirley Siegal  
40363. Fred Petrini  
40362. Tali Biron  
40361. Paul H. Lussier  
40360. Alfred FIchman  
40359. Roger F Davies  
40358. Ina Bellaff  
40357. Madeline S. Breslaw  
40356. Lee Schamberg  
40355. George Edelstein  
40354. V.Hunter  
40353. Linda Zilber  
40352. Fred Schneiweiss  
40351. Isaac Livny  
40350. Ann P K Marks  
40349. Valerie Lerman  
40348. Sarahbeth Grossman  
40347. Valy Shtainhart  
40346. Karen Popowsky  
40345. Doris Royce  
40344. cecile wise  
40343. Wendy Jones Disgusting that google would require a petition to do this.
40342. Bud Feuchtwanger frequent Google user
40341. Jaime Adkins  
40340. Thea Singer  
40339. Henry Fingerhut  
40338. baylee Gordon  
40337. Adam Katz Get this garbage off the 'net!
40336. Tammy Fried  
40335. Mike Nahoum  
40334. Leonard Abraham  
40333. Richard D'Elia  
40332. daniel moss  
40331. Linda Halperin  
40330. Michelle Schamberg  
40329. Steven Lazar  
40328. Meron Langsner  
40327. Deborah Britton  
40326. Maria Fernanda Güemes remove that ridiculous and false site
40325. Paul Cantor This is to repeat...do not use Google until site is removed
40324. Richard Seserman  
40323. Jack Scheckowitz If Howard Stern can be fined for "obsenities", why should this filth be permitted?
40322. judy livny  
40321. stephen bernstein  
40319. Kai Alexander  
40318. Leigh and Mathew Nathan  
40317. Daniela Laski  
40316. Elsa Cerralbo  
40315. Peter Lewin  
40314. Pamela Gardner  
40313. sydney wise  
40312. US Sen. Paul Strauss  
40311. ilana zalkin  
40310. Clifford Lazar  
40309. susan garyn  
40308. Jean Celender Stop Anti-Semitism. Promote tolerance of all people regardless of their race, gender, religion and creed.
40307. Judith  
40306. Paul  
40305. Sally Winer  
40304. Leonard Wane  
40303. Maurice Bursztynski  
40302. Inon  
40301. Colin Berger  
40300. Mandee Hallgarten  
40299. gil keizman i support 100%the removal of jewwatch.com from the google search engine
40298. S. Citrin  
40297. Maynard Fine Oue current world has no room for idiots!
40296. Shim Silverstein  
40295. Hilary  
40294. Jules Rossman  
40293. Debra Zucker  
40292. Ilene Ordower  
40291. Samantha Prince  
40290. Michael Lazarus  
40289. Evan Rosen  
40288. Elliot Hargreaves  
40287. Lee Parvin  
40286. Robyn Schamberg  
40285. Mary Oppenheimer  
40284. scott wiener  
40283. Rodney Rose  
40282. david crispel Anti-Semitism is rampart in the world, without having sites like JewWatch.com coming up first in the most popular Search Engine, when typing "Jew" Please do your part in fighting this hate propaganda and remove this site
40281. Gabby Green I sign this proudly-Never again
40279. Gary Weiss  
40278. Jenna Baum  
40277. Miriam Lurye  
40276. Debra Shapiro please remove JewWatch.com from Google; it is dangerous in its potential to provoke hate crimes!
40275. marion pheterson I am a holacaust survivor. Please not again.
40274. Philip Shafran  
40273. Florence Rosen  
40272. Marianne Cleighton  
40271. J.D.Maskin none
40270. Michael Marmon  
40269. Sara Wane  
40268. Morris Lazarus  
40267. bob levy  
40266. Lisa Get rid of it now!
40265. Jean Nerenberg how irresponsible can you be?
40264. doris white  
40263. janice goldberg white  
40262. milton moskowitz  
40261. Miriam Frankel is a disgrace to mankind
40260. Sally Sheinberg  
40259. KLipshy  
40258. Rhoda Lazarus  
40257. robert israch  
40256. David Revivo  
40255. Ira Edelblum The Corporate heads of Google should have removed this site without the need for 50000 signatures.
40254. Yvonne LaLanne  
40253. Andrea Bullock  
40252. Susan Clayman  
40251. Alex Greenhouse  
40250. Karen Oshry  
40249. mark oberlender  
40248. Nancy Vogel  
40247. Frank Covalt  
40246. Renee Richmond  
40245. shannon get rid of this CRAP!!
40244. James Lazarus Disgusted
40243. Leora Bloom  
40242. Benny di Zitti  
40241. Cynthia Stratten  
40239. marion belgrad  
40238. Bridget Steele I understand that we have the First Amendment but having trash like Jewwatch. com should not be so easy to find on the internet!
40237. Jim Rubenstein  
40236. Sarah  
40235. marilyn brody  
40234. Laura Drossman  
40233. Irving Miller Such hate messages should not exist!
40232. t. siegel  
40231. Isaac T.  
40230. Ellen Dalen  
40229. SHERREE COLVIN please remove this, immediately.
40228. Lisa N. Scher  
40227. Jim Kornmehl  
40226. David Spector  
40224. evan blau remove the site
40223. Aaron Arbib  
40222. ellyn lippman  
40221. Marc Yergin Hate has no place in Google
40220. Jerry Spencer  
40219. R. Wolf  
40218. Rhoda Lipton  
40217. Marjorie Levy  
40216. Millie Finkel  
40215. Liz  
40214. Amy Spalding  
40213. Thelma Miller It's a crime I have to even take this action.
40212. Jill Steinberg  
40211. Bruce Levine Please take immediate action to remove Jew Watch from your search results.
40210. Joan Kisver  
40209. Fred Marcus  
40208. silene balassiano  
40207. Robin Goldstein  
40206. Cheryl Weiss Get it off now!
40205. Corinne Mansfield this should be changed immediately
40204. Keren Markuze  
40203. Naghmeh Kerendian  
40202. Trudy Marks  
40201. koby  
40200. Susan Friedman  
40198. susan gray  
40197. Josif Berger  
40196. glynis smith  
40195. Barry Aquilino  
40194. Jack Gottlob  
40193. terri glimcher  
40192. Janice Spencer  
40191. Jan Cooper  
40190. isaac cmon google your relevant search system should be coming up with a more appropriate result than that
40189. Lisa Bernstein  
40188. Morton Gold  
40187. Judy Herskovitz  
40186. Sara Stern  
40185. Scott Odel please remove Website
40184. Linda Schwartz  
40183. g-UNIT  
40182. Joe Hoenig  
40181. Susanne Clark  
40180. Joanie Cohen-Mitchell  
40179. Marli  
40178. Gideon This web site is not acceptable to Anti-Semites or to any other groups that support Racial Hatered
40177. Barry L Katzman You should be ashamed of yourselves.
40176. zelda schreiber  
40175. Carol Ellstein  
40174. Sarah Zeltzer  
40173. Jennifer Russell Shouldn't this be a blocked-type site?
40172. patty  
40171. Mary Schwartz  
40170. susan  
40169. Clara Hochner  
40168. S. Goodman  
40167. Joaquin Gomez SHAME!
40166. Debbie Stein  
40165. morey ross unbelievable
40164. Barbara  
40163. Ami Tang  
40162. corey spero  
40161. Renee T. Masor  
40160. marcy pressman  
40159. sharon  
40158. Rickie Haas Please "do the right thing". It shouldn't take 50,000 signatures to remove this blatant anti semitism fromGoogle
40157. Naomi Nelson This is disgusting
40156. Felice Klein  
40155. todd stock change this... its wrong and hateful
40154. John Amato  
40153. nicole lesavoy  
40152. pinny  
40151. Jay Gross VERY OFFENSIVE
40150. Daniel Sosnay  
40149. Alan  
40148. Michael Shneider  
40147. Sara Fanucchi  
40146. Hannah Greenburg  
40145. Robert Plimack why is this the first site. I don't object to someone finding it through Google, but why should this be the #1
40144. Dr. Manfred Endzweig  
40143. gilboa  
40142. Nadine & Harvey Miller  
40141. Judith Powell  
40140. The Sulcovs  
40139. Joy Thomas  
40138. Lee Stern  
40137. Janet G. Reagan Loyal Google-user very upset by this!
40136. lois rendelman  
40135. Phyllis Amato  
40134. Edna Madriss  
40133. Hanna Reinkopf  
40132. Germaine Jakob  
40131. Natalie Wolman awful! obsene!
40130. Marsha Jaffe God made all in his image, who started this hate?
40129. Lorraine Rutgard Please- please remove JewWatch.com
40128. Robert Hamilton This should have ended with WWII
40127. Steven Lindner  
40126. Ilana Klein  
40125. g. Wolfsont It is atrocious that you need any signatures to delete this. Upon receiving one comment and then verifying it should have been more than sufficient.
40124. Jamie  
40123. Michael Wolfert  
40122. Gayla Mayman  
40121. carrie anne oneil  
40120. miriam  
40119. Ben Remove that KKK garbage
40118. Charlene Cahen  
40117. Stanley Greenstein Long Overdue-If Google mgt was alert this would not have happened
40116. Yitzhak Zilberman  
40115. Daniel Newbrun  
40114. Reesa Webb  
40113. Howard Glener  
40112. Elad David  
40111. Carol Densmore  
40110. David Pakula  
40109. Judith and Martin Mahler blatantly false statements
40108. oleg shteynbuk Why it is first with rank 5 when next result has rank 6
40107. American cuties we are hot rock chicks from tennesse - usa. and we love jews
40106. Marta Donayre Hate is hate is hate. Whether towards gays, Jews, Muslims, etc. We need to be vigilant and not allow the voices of hate a room in our midst.
40105. Steven Warnick  
40104. Miriam Vitale  
40103. Dr. Hymen Kanoff One must be sensitive to others at all times
40102. helene kimmel  
40101. Miriam Ê
40100. Marilyn J. Carney Appalling!
40099. S Zalowitz  
40098. Ellen Maurer  
40097. Nomi Feldman  
40096. Martin E. Levy Amazing that Google is so insensitive or is it anti-semitic?
40095. Harry Kaplowitz  
40094. Alexis Scott  
40093. Sid and Eve Bergstein  
40092. jack housman  
40091. Evelyjn Gold  
40090. Daniel Catz  
40089. Eve Lazow  
40088. Alejandro Gomez-Quinones  
40087. Miriam Yaffe  
40086. Julia This is ridiculous. I do not feel safe knowing that such an anti-semetic site is the top site on Google
40085. Dr. michael Steinberg  
40084. David Colton Thanks for removing this hateful site.
40083. Leon M Abrams Hate spreaders against any group should not be given easy access through sarch engines.
40082. Sandra Baum  
40081. Paul Cantor  
40080. The SUN newspaper - london Dissolve anti-semitism
40079. Linda Wimmer  
40078. Marc Reston  
40077. Betty Gay This website is pure hate, not worthy of your databases.
40076. lou oliver sick. shame on you
40075. Charlotte W. Lewin  
40074. bess cohen  
40073. Murray Gottheil  
40072. Patrick Silberstein  
40071. alec natt  
40070. A. Wolf  
40069. Karla May I am deeply offended
40067. roger cohen  
40066. Michael D. Feinstein  
40065. Line Levesque I wish Jewish people would have same respect and courtesy as anyone else. Human race is the only race there is - with different cultures!!!
40064. Sheree Davidson  
40063. yonatan eizenberg do it!!!
40062. Andrea Kleid  
40061. Martin Perlberger  
40060. Chris Standring  
40059. howard siegel  
40058. Harry Lerer  
40057. Cory Miller  
40056. will weber please remove this anti-semetic site from your search engine
40055. Marsha Rose Your site should not encourage antisemitisim in any form
40054. Rusty Reed  
40052. Annie Goose Stop Anti-Semitism
40051. Keith Mattioli  
40050. Deece MacAllister It should not be so easy to allow Google to participate in promoting hatred and offensive materials
40049. John C. Nason  
40048. Donald Eiss  
40047. Lynda Elkins  
40046. Marvin N. Engler  
40045. ThomasSamaras  
40044. charlene press  
40043. Reuben Kast  
40042. Eric  
40041. Betty Millman  
40040. arthur gale  
40039. Jack S. Goldner  
40038. Douglas Rennert Please rectify this problem immediately.
40036. Lynda Silberstein  
40035. Maris Gordon sites promoting hate should not be allowed
40034. Betsy Stillman  
40033. E. DAVIS  
40032. A. Steele offensive and unbalanced
40031. gan rus Do not use google!
40030. Marietta Goldner Shame on you.
40028. Miriam Ê
40027. bonnie hamilton  
40026. Mary & Gerald Howard shame on you!
40025. Carole Caprio  
40024. Inez Kelso  
40023. Neil Bowman Please remove offensive websites
40022. Judith Noll  
40021. ivan blitz  
40020. A Cooperman  
40019. George Bush Ive sucked a jewish cock b4, and i love it. count me and all other americans in this "ONE" vote that i make!
40018. Natalie Bernstein  
40016. Laurence Frankel  
40015. Marianne Reed  
40014. Cindy Ravitz  
40013. Debi Zylbermann  
40012. Robert & Paula Blake  
40011. M Shein please remove!!!
40010. Mr. Gil Davis Any antisemetic or Racilist movements on the Web should be removed- This is vewry dangerous as History has already taught us. Please remove.
40009. Diane Barham Ê
40008. Gerry Blume  
40007. Jennifer Woodhull  
40006. Nancy Kestenbaum  
40005. Deborah Kagan Please remove
40004. Mitchell Gilbert  
40003. Ronald Pepper Please remove, this site is awful
40002. jw preminger  
40001. Helen Hauck  
40000. rebecca miller  
39999. K. Kutter  
39998. Howard Glener  
39997. Peter Adler  
39996. Bobby Partial  
39995. Christine Nachman  
39994. Joyce Appelbaum This is highly offensive and inaccurate.
39993. kent there are still plenty of insane people out there!
39992. NORMAN MAGER how about a Non-Jew watch.com
39991. Shambie Hammett It's all about the money, isn't it?
39990. Joel Ravitch  
39989. Karen Shaw  
39988. david beckham i have many jewish friends. a very peaceful religion. my grandfather was jewish
39987. june Levine  
39986. Miriam Tabachnik  
39985. Jim Gulledge  
39983. Ann Sullivan Please remove
39982. robert lieblich  
39981. Michael Liss  
39980. Timothy Schiff, Ph.D. JewWatch turns freedom of speech into freedom to slander.
39979. Abigail Grafton  
39978. Sylvia Reva  
39977. Yuri B. Chernyak Although it coulld be the most visited relevant site, it is clearly not worth to be promoted
39976. paula leder this website is disgusting!
39975. Allison Cohen  
39974. Michel Adler  
39972. jodie marsh capitalism is the way to go
39971. Rosette Gerbosi it just feeds more anti semitism, enough already!!
39970. Stella Marquez  
39969. Rose Krauss  
39968. Mindy Garelick  
39967. J Carter  
39966. June Chaitin  
39965. magi green in the name of peace please
39964. Harry Aizenberg  
39963. Jennifer Freeman  
39961. Betty Wank  
39960. Ronda Gomez-Quinones  
39959. curt fried  
39958. Michael Collins  
39956. Daniel Price  
39955. Sara Viener  
39954. Barb Erdelyi  
39953. mary lifland  
39952. Adam D Silver  
39951. Stephanie  
39950. david crosby  
39949. Eitan Hoffer  
39948. jews rule capitalism is the way to go
39947. Michaele Battles  
39946. robert tutnauer  
39945. kathy janovic  
39944. Z. Eckerling  
39943. Gerald Smith  
39942. Zachary M. Wagner  
39941. Jane Stewart  
39940. Jeremy Lechan  
39939. Matthew Bennett Leib  
39938. Elaine S Thickman  
39937. harvey marcus  
39936. Seth J. Turok  
39935. Dennis Polisner  
39934. Diane Fischler  
39933. Jason Donald Prevost  
39932. Ruth B. Segal  
39931. Rick Florence anything promoting hate of anyone should be banned
39930. jeanette massaro Absolutely deplorable!
39929. larry udoff  
39928. Orly  
39927. Suzanne Oberman This site needs to be removed immediately. Anti-semitism is ever-present and with this propoganda floating around, it will never end.
39926. Lois D Peterson  
39925. Laurie Marcus This site should be removed. There is enough hatred in the world without adding to it.
39924. Toby Milian  
39923. David Schorer  
39922. Rebecca Block  
39921. Barbara Ostroff  
39920. aavid Sharon  
39919. Amy  
39918. Iris Chernok  
39917. Melanie Hoad  
39916. Susan Blank  
39915. David Abraham  
39914. Lynn Ware  
39913. Jacqui Gal  
39912. Corki Shneider  
39911. Craig Warnick  
39909. Howard R. Selekman  
39908. David Sharon  
39907. Douglas Kantor  
39906. Claire Agustin  
39905. Valerie Viente Jewwatch is a disgusting site
39904. Alex Nisenbaum  
39903. Bezalel Bornstein  
39902. R. Gitlitz  
39901. arthur gale  
39899. Lauren Shorten  
39897. trev west  
39896. Stuart Schipper  
39895. Wayne E Peterson  
39894. jeffrey liszak  
39893. Ken Ruttenberg  
39892. trev west  
39891. Michael Samuels AZA 4 Life
39890. Charles R Jones  
39889. jeffrey liszak  
39888. Judy Yambra  
39887. Michelle  
39886. Peter Tarlow It should not be there
39885. Marisa Costa  
39884. mary bernholtz  
39883. Richard Schoenfeld  
39882. Tammy Star  
39881. Judy Greenberg I do not think this should be on the website
39880. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
39879. Norma Juleff No mail, please. Thank you
39878. Florence Bache Please remove this hateful website!
39877. Jason Fox  
39876. Randie Groden  
39875. Patti A Schuster  
39874. Linda Ruda  
39873. Eldad Bad people!!
39872. Arnold G Randolph  
39871. Roman  
39870. Adam Schlesinger  
39869. sheldon claman  
39868. Sonja Wanner  
39867. Eran A Shochat  
39866. Laura Hertz  
39865. Jessica Birch  
39864. Irv & Donna Zelig This is not the first time I have written to google about this anti-semitic site,which is a disgrace.The blame lies with google for having this slanderous web site.
39863. Arnold Lieberman  
39862. jeffrey brauer  
39861. Chuck Arny  
39860. Azra Husain  
39859. Leah Schweitzer  
39858. Maurice Benson  
39857. Herman Post  
39856. J. Paul Levine Please remove as soon as possible.
39855. martin levin  
39854. Peggy Nathan  
39853. Millicent Fineburg  
39852. susan specht  
39851. errol korn  
39850. Rachel  
39849. Karin Steinway  
39848. Helane Shuman  
39847. Sheila Ashkin This is a disgusting website and not free speech !
39846. oded Shame on those who decrements others!
39845. alberta finnegan  
39844. Yiftah Porat  
39842. bernard m. benzer  
39841. Rosanne Lapan how unfortunate--please correct this error.
39840. David Honigstock Please remove this piece of garbage
39839. Lehrer Moshe  
39838. roger Panitch  
39837. Lady A With yahoo being the parent company of google - I'd like to see this site removed from yahoo as well!
39836. Richard H. Palmer  
39835. rebecca s carlson  
39834. Judy Billage  
39833. Jodi Kurtis  
39832. frances moore  
39831. Pearl L. Dacks  
39830. Jim Gleich Irresponsible and alarming. Who's minding the store?
39829. Michael Har-Noy  
39828. Louise Escoe  
39827. Suzy  
39826. Arianne  
39825. Jasmin Streimer  
39824. Tami Kaplan  
39823. Reva Love  
39822. Eugene  
39821. Kim Fishman  
39820. Lauretta S Warshauer  
39819. bonnie brenner  
39818. Jory Levitt  
39817. Shira Nafshi  
39816. Josh Balser  
39815. rachel kurtz  
39814. Joel Jevotovsky  
39813. B. Eckerling  
39812. D. Symonds  
39811. Daniel Platt  
39810. Brian Black  
39809. Norman Kohn  
39808. Stacy Month  
39807. nechama dubovsky  
39806. Alexander Van Dyne  
39805. joel brandt  
39804. Ellen Barohn thanks for alerting us to this! It is disgusting!
39803. Clinton Frank  
39802. Ronnie L Please remove the link, JewWatch.com
39801. Danna Gillette-Pascal  
39800. Kim Moses  
39799. Tom O'Donnell  
39798. Marcia Jackson  
39797. Cindy Goodfellow  
39796. Alan Danis absolutely hateful site. does not belong on earth, much less the internet, much much less on Google.
39795. Janie  
39794. Susan Phillips  
39793. Neil Spiegel  
39792. Gil Weidenfeld  
39791. jonathan radler  
39790. Susan Loconsole  
39789. URI LAM  
39788. Stephanie there is enough hatred in the world it should be curtailed when ever possible.
39787. Happy  
39786. Andrew Rosenberg  
39785. Howard Yerusalim  
39784. Bruce Silverman  
39783. carolyn thomas I love google, this makes me so sad.
39782. laurie suskind  
39781. Bonnie Blair  
39780. Jan Holter As an American living abroad, I find this kind of behavior directly in defiance of all the things my flag stands for. Shame on you
39779. Adam Ross remove Jewwatch.com from google!
39778. E M Sherrock take it off & others like it
39777. sidney williams  
39776. Frank Ajzensztat  
39775. Roberta Zelkha  
39774. michael bernstein  
39773. gloria muroff  
39772. Betzalel-Folk Shame on you for letting it be on your web.
39771. Stephanie Farley  
39770. Peta Penson There's more than enough hatred already in the world.
39769. Darren Conway  
39768. ELLEN L. WOLF  
39767. Jean Lesaavoy Disgusting...I won't use Google again
39766. Earl Pollack  
39765. Howard Heller  
39764. albert klein and judy klein  
39763. David Kudish My company does business with google's advertisers. I do not think that Google should be passively endorsing such errant behavior.
39762. Bertha Berchenko  
39761. Donna Krupkin Whitney, M.D.  
39760. Lainie Edinburg  
39759. James P.  
39758. Bill Dana  
39757. Martin Tiersky  
39756. Martin Slove  
39755. Carolyn Rabiner  
39754. Michael Riese The page is appalling! I'm not so naive as to think removing it from a search engine will make it go away, but let's at least make it require greater effort from those who really want such inflammatory junk!
39753. Fredlyn Noble  
39752. Alan Janover  
39751. Harris L katleman  
39750. Ruth Padan  
39749. Leo Dreyfuss  
39748. Alvin Levy  
39747. Howard Sadinsky this website is disgusting
39746. Bill Myers  
39745. marie hertzman  
39743. danny nissim  
39742. Brian Steingo  
39741. Carrie Kirkman  
39740. calvin cohen  
39738. Steven Berchenko  
39737. Eileen Saltarelli  
39736. SHBrenner  
39735. Rone Prinz  
39734. Linda Slove  
39733. Samantha Kuperberg  
39732. Ronnie Block  
39731. marci blitz thanks for bringing attention to this important matter!
39730. Denise Dube  
39729. Howard Salasin  
39728. Erin Ostrow  
39727. H. Kweller this is a blatantly anti-semitic page that should NOT be allowed on your list at all, let alone #1!! These lies and canards have been around for many years and need to be stopped once and for all. shame on you for catering to ignorance such as JEWWATCH.com
39726. Marvin Polonsky  
39725. sander papo  
39724. Bonnie Newman  
39723. Michael Simms  
39722. Phyllis Wolff  
39721. Nancy S. Mann  
39720. Nicole Raymond  
39719. Judith Katz "Google prides itself on rating sites that are important to a subject. I am astounded that the blatantly anti-semitic site, "Jew Watch" is the very first to be listed when one searches the subject "Jew." I typed in Catholic, Protestant and Muslim and the first sites listed were quite respectful of those religions. I can only imagine if a young, impressionable primary or secondary school student was searching the net for an assignment on Jews and this is the first site found for info. What would their impression of Jews be and how hard would it be to extinguish this impression? The people who developed this web site have a constitutional right to say what they want, but google should not provide them front-row billing. Please change this by placing this site further down the line of search."
39718. Nancy Cohen  
39717. Doris Dreyfuss  
39716. Iris & Mort Lasky  
39715. Margret Kanner  
39714. Kathy Keenan  
39713. Mike Hoftman  
39712. Olga Hill We Shall Overcome-Never Again
39711. Herbert M. Schneiderman  
39710. Patti Lesser  
39709. susan  
39708. Leslie LeBlanc  
39707. sari seifer  
39706. Eileen Howard  
39705. marie herrtzman  
39704. Melissa Mann  
39702. Evi Blaikie  
39701. Ira Edelblum  
39700. Gale Grossman  
39699. stephanie  
39698. joey horvitz  
39697. Amanda Lipitz  
39696. Judith B. Wolfson  
39695. joey donzis  
39694. Gail Alpert  
39693. Ari A. Pieniek JewWatch is a hate Webside. Please block the Web side
39692. Eric Mosinger Go Jews!
39691. Janis Kast  
39690. Maureen & Len Mendoza  
39689. tali Noskov  
39688. Dana Keren  
39687. George E. Carroll, Sr.  
39685. edward klein  
39684. J.Murray  
39683. Jorge Pereira  
39682. linda chance  
39681. Mel Meyers, CLU, ChFC, AEP Google is indirectly participating in a hate campaign. Unless they remove this obscene site, I will not use Google and advise others of my decision.
39680. herbert carlins remove at once
39679. Stacy Mapstone Very disturbed to see it takes 50,000 signatures to correct a mistake that should have been done with one notice.
39678. Zeev Vax  
39677. Fern Tannenbaum  
39676. Joni Blum  
39675. Philippe Furstenberg Please remove.
39674. Richard Stein outragious
39673. Teri Day Please remove this site.
39672. Pamela Klerer  
39671. M. Entin Disappointed with Google
39670. shimon veig  
39669. Deena Wachtel  
39668. leonard lebovitch  
39667. Irina Aguirre  
39666. Phyllis Schwartz Please remove JewWatch.com from Google
39665. todd roberts  
39664. Joseph Hoffer The most vile and outrageous statements I have ever read.
39663. Evan Pazol This needs to be Fixed Immediatly!!!!
39662. marie hertzman  
39661. Yoav Hammerman  
39660. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
39659. Alvin Sandler  
39658. Ryan A Wagman  
39657. Joseph Gottfried  
39656. Harvey Weiss It's a shame this site is the first to appear on your search engine
39655. Larry Goldstein  
39654. Elana Kleiner Lowell  
39653. Barry Gross  
39652. Douglas Greif this site is obscene and inflammatory to world peace
39651. Aliyana Ruekberg  
39650. Florence Jacobson  
39649. SonyaOppenheimer  
39648. Laurence Gottlieb  
39647. Susan Harrison  
39646. barbara goldman  
39645. P. Gallo  
39644. T. Levy  
39643. Barbara Sable  
39642. Steven Smith  
39641. Daniel Goldberg  
39640. Lewis Christie Remove that URL
39639. Carol Panzer  
39638. Ira Hecht  
39637. Kevin Frisch  
39635. Florence Campbell  
39634. Orly  
39633. Leonard L Mednick  
39632. henry silberman  
39631. Doreena Wong This is a ridiculous requirement - if you cannot discern legitimate websites from illegitimates one, you need to change your criteria!
39630. The Kline Family  
39629. Marvin Harrow Are you yied in with CNN?
39628. Donald Chudnow  
39627. Hank RUbin  
39626. Larry Weiss Don'y Jews have enough problems without Google helping anti semetics?
39625. jessica falvo  
39624. Joan Baker Remove that very objectional JewWatch.com from your web site now.
39623. Leslie Kahn  
39622. george king  
39621. ethel schwartz  
39620. Annette Stone Google needs to get rid of this site immediately-how disgusting!
39619. Richard Goldwin  
39618. Roger Kirk Let's Remove It, Now!
39617. Sharon Philippsohn  
39616. Susan H. Gross  
39615. jun jasen  
39614. leonard rose when will it end
39613. Stanley Margolis  
39612. marsha snyter  
39611. rina kabiljo  
39610. Bonnie Rothstein  
39609. Monroe Schwimmer You are disgusting in this day and age for allowing this garbage on your web site.
39608. Darcy R Wexelbaum Remove Immediately!
39606. Jack Hardoff  
39605. Jamie Brown  
39604. Patricia E. Ogden  
39603. nina stone lets put it way down on the list or better yet delete it.
39602. Elizabeth Hemmerdinger  
39601. Lee Weissman  
39600. Vernon Rosenberg  
39599. edward klein  
39598. Larry H. Inger I hope this horrific link is removed ASAP.
39597. Susan Broockman Please help remove hatred from the world
39596. Rosemary Costello  
39595. Helen L. Fleming Can't believe Google allows this travesty! I'm switching and taking Google out my 'favorites'
39594. Glenda Regenbaum  
39593. Dr. Harry J. Shleifer  
39592. Ludovica Villar-Hauser  
39591. L . Plum  
39590. hope copeland isn't there enough trouble without THIS?
39589. Debra Weiner  
39588. Josh Rowe  
39587. Max Patchen  
39586. Dennis Gerber  
39585. Brad Wolchansky  
39584. Abigail Lipson  
39583. Gilbert Braunig  
39582. Jennifer Zelinger please remove
39581. Lyman Burgess Remove this hate site from your search engine at once
39580. Jon Parritz  
39579. Allan Brown PLEASE REMOVE
39578. Jack Rothstein  
39577. Harv Melnikoff They are degrading and utterly disgusting, they should be totally ashamed of themselves to say the least
39576. Mark Stuhl  
39575. Susan Giese Stop Antisemitism!!!!!!!!
39574. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
39573. Alberto Haber  
39572. Hedy Helfand Google should correct this error. They are inadvertently supporting the work of a hate group.
39571. e. davids  
39570. sandy zack  
39569. Hope Warren-Pogany  
39568. Lewis Fogel Please remove this offensive site ASAP.
39567. Herbert B. Wood Jr. Google is my primary search engine. I would appreciate the removal of JewWatch. There is enough hate in the world.Google does not need to promote it.
39566. diane wilson  
39565. Joan Kurzweil  
39564. ilana  
39563. Jack Weissman  
39562. Donna Carr  
39561. Laurie Klempner  
39560. Lenore Salazar How could this be allowed?
39559. Allan Brown PLEASE REMOVE
39558. Micki Sackler  
39557. JMC Please remove or reorder JewWatch.com, which is offensive to jews and non-jews alike..
39556. Roni Debono  
39555. Eugene Mirchin  
39553. C Shapiro  
39551. Mary Lee McCune Please help stamp out anti-semiticism. It is appalling!
39550. Bryce markus  
39549. Leonard Kurzweil  
39548. Marc Ginsburg  
39547. brian schwartz  
39546. Brenda Burgess This disgusting antisemitic entry must be removed
39545. Heather Andrews  
39544. henry J. Sbrocco  
39543. gladys albert DISAPPOINTED IN GOOGLE
39542. Joan Goldberg  
39540. Judith B. Wolfson  
39539. SM Sanderson  
39538. allan grundy  
39537. Sheila Mogul  
39536. Cary Schmelzer  
39535. Andie Uiberall  
39534. Jordan Grosman  
39533. Dan Fintel, MD  
39532. David Simonson  
39531. Doria Goorevich This is a good thing!
39530. Dale Lipson shameful and sad
39529. Raquel Morhaim  
39528. Kim Thomson  
39527. Alan Ziv Remove the crap NOW
39526. Laszlo Pogany  
39525. eve slakter  
39524. R.L  
39523. Lauren Sosin  
39522. Helen Rawicki  
39521. Judy Moldovan  
39520. marilyn reichert  
39519. Harvey Grosman  
39518. Ruth Waks this is disgusting
39517. Debra Stoermer  
39516. milena gordon  
39515. rose weber  
39514. Christen Rowe  
39513. Nina Hardoff  
39512. Lorene Huey-Lipton  
39511. Harold Haber  
39510. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
39509. Sandi Cantor can't believe you need 50,000 signatures to remove the link - how may do you need to remove a kiddie porn link - hate speech is against the law
39508. Claudia Patchen  
39507. Rebecca  
39506. Bonnie Rubenstein  
39505. Michael Daniels  
39504. Andrzej Migdalski  
39503. bunny mestel I will not do business with you if you do not remove this list.
39502. Sorel Leinburd  
39501. Marissa  
39500. steven shere  
39499. Helen M. Hauck  
39498. jill jackson get rid of this trash now, I don't think OJ Simpson was Jewish!!!!!
39497. janet kooperman  
39496. Norma Brecher  
39495. Michael Gibbs  
39494. vicki zonis  
39493. Jeanette Grosman  
39492. Daniel Bialecki It is crucial that these horrible examples of antisemitism are removed
39491. Gale Pevzner  
39490. Greg Sullivan  
39489. Nicole Levy  
39488. Susan Giese Stop Antisemitism!!!!!!!!
39487. shai  
39486. Irma Gottlieb  
39485. Arthur Stern  
39484. Cynthia Berrol This deeply offensive and shameful site should be removed from the Google Search engine!
39483. Garry Kahalnik  
39482. Christine Hill Sydney, Australia
39481. Michael Sales Amazingly offensive! This shouldn't require a petition from the Jewish People to cause Google to act. Speaks to your own amorality.
39480. Dan Fintel, MD  
39479. Sara Levinson  
39478. mickey galper  
39477. Carole J. Natelson  
39476. Bryce Markus  
39475. Edward L. Lenny  
39474. Alyonka  
39473. Sheri remove JewWatch.com from Google search engine!
39472. Ruth Rossman I find the work jewwatch offensive
39471. rgold  
39470. Helen Katz  
39469. Cynthia Thomas  
39468. Carl Friedlander  
39467. Peter H. Leonard  
39466. Floralee Zelaznik  
39465. Jim Wade  
39464. Alison Hyman  
39463. Gavin Cohen  
39462. Sylvia and Isadore Wenocur  
39461. William F. Hauck  
39460. Richard Hurwitz This is a disgrace to civilized society
39459. Dr. Alan Jay Sosnay  
39458. Francesca Dibrito remove
39457. Shilo  
39456. Anthony Gilbert  
39455. barbara levine there is enough hate in the world without google adding to it!
39454. bernard frankel  
39453. Aurlie Crytzer  
39452. Wesley Bixby Kill Jew watch
39451. martin Krupoff  
39450. stephanie oster  
39449. jean rowe lieber please
39448. Deanna Sklovsky  
39447. Arthur Sherman  
39446. Alyonka  
39445. jane gaver  
39444. Giselle Gibbs  
39443. Linda Kahalnik  
39442. Belinda Gilbert  
39441. dona wise  
39440. Debra Hanick  
39439. Phil Lieberman This is terrible
39438. adam lewkowicz  
39437. Leah google, you should be ashamed of yourselves
39436. Larry Pratt  
39435. Eric Asher  
39434. Judith E. Yaniv  
39433. Barbara Goldfarb  
39432. Saul Henechowicz  
39431. Patsy Beltran  
39430. Raisie  
39429. josh arnold this is BAD
39428. Debra Hanick  
39427. Lanny This needs to be removed
39426. alison Hyman  
39425. Judith E. Yaniv  
39424. Leann Culbertson  
39423. jack  
39422. Glenn Muller  
39421. M. Rubinstein  
39420. Debra Orenstein  
39419. Nadine Mensch  
39418. R  
39417. Richard Prasquier  
39416. Adrienne Whitehurst An extremely concerned non-Jew!
39415. Judith Millner Google doesn't have to wait for 50,000 signatures to accrue before taking note of the problem
39414. steven gomer  
39413. Deborah Putnam  
39412. ron and carole korn  
39411. Leon Bronstein  
39410. Ran Meretz please remove
39409. Margery l. Pologe  
39408. Miriam Pratt I'm saddened and horrified by this news.
39407. Brad Rosenberg  
39406. sergio band  
39405. R. Rubinstein  
39404. Anne Connal  
39403. Stephen Barsky Do it
39402. Edwin E. Epstein  
39401. Philip Dworetzky  
39400. Jonathan Blau  
39399. Max  
39398. Harvey and Sandi Hofbauer  
39397. susan ard remove such a hateful site
39396. Harriette Rosenthall disgusting! What happened to Peace?
39395. Stan Brooks  
39394. Jay D. Lukowski  
39393. Judela I will not use google again until this is removed
39392. Robin Black  
39391. Stephen V. Levee  
39390. steven shapiro get rid of jewwatch.com
39389. mike goodman I will not use google until removed
39388. Terry Reynolds  
39387. Harriet Soares  
39386. Susan Norman  
39384. Sophie R. Hoffman  
39383. Rochelle Davis  
39382. L. Rubinstein  
39381. Wendy L Tanz Please remove this website and all others that teach and promote obvious blind, bigoted HATE.
39380. Michelle Kreitman  
39379. John Ryan It's a shame one has to sign this stupid petition to inform you people as to how Google works. Google doesn't care how many people sign this petition, they happen to believe in a fundamental right of free speech. Google doesn't choose where or how these sites are ranked, and JewWatch has paid exactly zero dollars to be where they are right now. This is based upon how this site is linked and ranked in the internet at large. Google doesn't control this, and Google won't care if you have 10 signature or 10 million. Get your head out of the sand and complain to the people that run JewWatch, or start your own website that promotes tolerance and understanding. Classic FUD by people who don't know any better.
39378. Isa M. Chinea  
39377. sylvia mendel  
39376. steven Kline  
39375. Susan Epstein Sosnay  
39374. Jerry Pavlon-Blum  
39373. Stan Garnett  
39372. Audrey Marcus No more googling for me if you don't remove JewWatch.com!
39371. Leah Rosenberg  
39370. Victoria A Clark  
39369. helene lowy  
39368. howard pottruck  
39366. Edward Gradinger  
39365. Len Numerow no racist sites should be supported by Google
39364. W.B. Zmuda  
39363. marvin margulies  
39362. Sheila Schaffer  
39361. anita semjen  
39360. andrew kriegel  
39359. Vijay Thakkar  
39358. sally price  
39357. Randi Green  
39356. Conrad Pologe  
39355. Scott Speert  
39354. Paul Goldman  
39353. Jerry Liebermann  
39352. Mike Stern  
39351. Joel H. Lanphear  
39350. Marni Raitt  
39349. Janice Friedman  
39348. Paula Why does this even exist?!
39347. Marilyn Weiss Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
39346. Irvin sterman  
39345. Michael Schoenwald  
39344. David Brodsky  
39343. claire markman  
39342. Andrew Balkin I do believe in the need for freedom of the press, but I'm signing this for the protection of my people.
39341. Todd  
39340. sally flaskerud  
39339. Annette Freund  
39338. amy scorca TOO BAD IT HAS TO COME TO THIS
39337. e dines  
39336. lance donenberg  
39335. robert w levitsky  
39334. brian spinner  
39333. Miriam Seglin  
39332. Morris Danhi  
39331. anita semjen  
39330. ellen what happened to moral decency in discriminating choices to publish on any search engines
39329. J. Kriss White long-time Google user
39328. Fela Bohannon  
39327. J. Kriss White long-time Google user
39326. Irvin sterman  
39325. Sylvia Kaler  
39324. Randi Baskin  
39323. Laura Simms  
39322. Francine Oberst  
39321. Kerry Grushoff When you look up Negro do you get KKK?
39320. Helene Abrams  
39319. cv  
39318. Polly Levine For shame!
39317. S Friedlander Why is this petition even necessary? Horrible people run such a sight!
39316. l c the website is vile
39315. Joshua Kolchins  
39314. Ben Graney  
39313. Elaine Lamm  
39312. Joel Singer  
39311. Cynthia Straus Please Remove the jewwatch.com ASAP
39310. Grace & Howard Freedman  
39309. Sharon Chesler  
39308. Steven Feldstein  
39307. Joanne Connelly  
39306. Susan Rothenberg  
39305. Mary Gonzalez  
39304. s monasch  
39303. Beth Beck  
39302. melissa bonvissuto discusting could not even read all
39301. Jennie Houseman  
39300. Marilyn Kalis  
39299. Marilyn Reif  
39298. Ashley  
39297. Ari Wiseman  
39296. Elena Levy  
39295. Janice Steinhauser I will no longer use Google until this hateful site has been removecd.
39294. Jonathan Weiss  
39293. Jordan Foord enough hatred already
39292. Brian Lee  
39291. Joseph B. Hoffman  
39290. Gary Direnfeld  
39289. Dustin Kroft  
39288. Robin  
39287. Eriko Wada  
39286. Sandy Volpe  
39285. Luba Berlyant  
39284. Marilyn Miller This site is a total disgrace
39283. Freemont Reif  
39282. Joel Singer  
39281. Delia Raskov Please remove this trash from google.
39280. david portman  
39279. S. Fogel  
39278. Dr. Arthur D. Stamler  
39277. Peter Shaftel  
39276. K.C. Morris  
39275. Steve Meyers  
39274. Maxine Rosenblum  
39273. Laurie Berman  
39272. Harris Resnick  
39271. Peter Levitt  
39270. Alyssa J. Volpe  
39269. v. freeman  
39268. Cynthia Liebman  
39267. alyce read watson  
39266. Arianna Lechan  
39265. Anna Berge this site should be removed; in any case, it is highly offensive to find it as the first listed site after a google search for "Jew"!
39264. Lillian Friedenthal  
39263. sydney and jane shore  
39261. Alan Feinberg  
39260. Michael Berlyant  
39259. Alan I. Levin  
39258. D. Ornstein  
39257. Amie Carvel  
39256. stephen vogel  
39255. David Tawfik  
39254. Adriane Fox Kreisberg asap
39253. Vladimir and Galina Zilberstein  
39252. J. Hecht  
39251. sheila pianin  
39250. Jim Hechtman  
39249. franklyn gottbetter  
39247. Bill Davies  
39246. Lolly Singer  
39245. Joseph Sklar  
39244. Fran Landy  
39243. Leah Kitz  
39242. gail michaelis-ow  
39241. Myra Goldman Sites that promote racism have no place on the Web where innocent children can see them.
39240. Ellen Gutman Chenaux š
39239. Jacob Brafman If not removed, I will stop using Google as my search engine of choice.
39238. Pamela Zitron  
39237. Maralin Liverant  
39236. Robin Franz  
39234. Linda Shore  
39233. Toni Kallison  
39232. Dr.Ivan Samson  
39231. joan needle  
39230. Rivka Kesary  
39229. Adam Hirsh  
39228. Rachel Jennings  
39227. Joel  
39226. Jules B. Bloch all racism is bad
39225. Doreen Oshlag  
39224. frieda torkin  
39222. Maurice A. Green If you do not remove this then I for one will boycott Google.
39221. susie wizig  
39220. Nancy netzer  
39219. Emily Berg  
39218. Daniel Rubin  
39217. Marc This is a disgrace that we have to go through this process. I will no longer be using google if this is not removed by the end of the week.
39216. BKMarx  
39215. Jerry Goldman  
39214. pearl skolnik  
39213. fred wolfson remove this!
39211. R Day, Ph. D.  
39210. Blanche Arker  
39209. Kenneth Berniker  
39208. karen friedman  
39207. Janis  
39206. Rudolf Oppenheim  
39205. allan tissenbaum  
39204. Susan Metz  
39203. Marsha Rubin A lot more than 50,000 Jews died in the concentration camps. I'm signing this to honor their lives and in hopes that "JewWatch.com" will be removed from Google. This is an insult to Jews who died because of this kind of hatred and to those of us who will not forget!
39202. Tom Cherry  
39200. Evelyn Giron  
39199. Susan Horowitz  
39198. Barnet Slosberg  
39197. Debi Schwartz-Dowd  
39196. Bruce m. Abrams remove the hate and prejudice from google
39194. William Wise  
39193. Debbie Cass  
39192. Wanda Hall  
39191. Madelyn Miller  
39190. Barbara Silverstein  
39189. Leonard J. Bache This website is anti- semetic and should be removed immediately
39188. mike harris  
39187. Marc Pevar this is a hateful site and should be less visible.
39186. Allan Nahum surprised that Google would allow such a negative index
39185. karen rosenberg  
39184. Kevin Ducoff  
39183. Anita De Old  
39182. Moe Goldy  
39181. Marc Meyers This must be removed,immediately
39180. jay comenitz  
39179. Michael Kesary  
39178. Thais Teixeira  
39177. Phil Freshman  
39176. Kenneth Nechin  
39175. Kevin Wechter  
39174. Paul Elkins  
39173. Deborah Monchek  
39172. Robin Seidman  
39171. Marvin L. Kerdeman This is an absolute disgrace for your site t o be a party to this! You have a duty to monitor these things similar to the F.C.C. rulings on radio!
39170. Nir Raz Remove JewWatch!!
39169. michelle salzman  
39168. karla  
39167. George Engel  
39166. E.R.Levick I am surprised that you need 50,000 people to petition for this ugly website to be removed. It should not be listed in the first place, & 1 petition should be more than enough.
39165. elizabeth storm  
39164. Sybil Garry please advise this will happen so I can continue to use this serach engine
39163. judith sennett  
39162. Ruth E. Rom glad to help remove this hateful garbage!
39161. Lenny Slovin  
39160. natalia giacomini  
39159. Marcus Schwab  
39158. Linda I think that this is horrendous in this day and age !
39157. R. Oberman this disgusts me that I have to do this, how sad
39156. Bertram Given This website horribly inappropriate for Google
39155. robert goldberg  
39154. diane forrest  
39153. Beverly B. Fellman  
39152. Steven Miller  
39151. jaclyn solomon  
39150. Jennifer Mittelman  
39149. Annette Rock  
39148. Marcia Freedman Do the right thing, Google! Too much hate in the world as it is. Why foment more.
39147. irma g zald  
39146. Doreen Furton I find objectional anything that promots HATE!
39145. lynda wolfe please remove asap
39144. Lauren Frank  
39143. Yael  
39142. Dana Rubenstein  
39141. Harvey Sachs, MD Why is it taking so long for you to fix this?
39140. CARL KUEHN  
39139. Maxine Brenner  
39138. Eliot Garfield  
39137. Robert Shapiro  
39136. Steven Landers  
39134. Jennifer Bolkin  
39133. Elizabeth Lessans  
39132. Gina Lewis  
39131. howard weisberg  
39130. karen  
39129. Bonnie Seidel  
39128. Charlotte Schultz  
39127. Marcia Bogolub  
39126. tammykeller there is enough antisemitism in the world, try to help in peace not agitation
39125. audrey solomon  
39124. Ron Salter  
39123. Linda S.Paley  
39121. Brosh Israel
39120. Judy Temchine  
39119. Daniel Skiest  
39118. Debra Honigberg  
39117. david asher  
39116. Ian Kaplan  
39115. Martin Lewis  
39114. ronen  
39113. Daniel Harris Hate sites shouldn't be on Google, or at least be at the very bottom
39112. Marcia Saul  
39111. arnold liss  
39110. Jane Lipson Remove it immediately!
39109. Kim Ettlinger  
39108. Dana Brownfield  
39107. Charles J Millman  
39106. Gina Yoli  
39105. Ritan Hurtado  
39104. lawrence Gottlieb  
39103. gary naidel  
39102. Linda Street  
39101. Blake Bendett  
39100. B. Trotz  
39099. Sheree Stiegler  
39098. Sam Goldenberg  
39097. Jacob Tanz  
39096. susan lemkin  
39095. Barbara Wright  
39094. Susan Pringle  
39093. Bettie G. Roth Insensitive in a time when Peace is a goal for all manking.
39092. Frederic S. Lane  
39091. Michael F. Davis  
39090. Rebecca Coleman  
39089. Susan Glickman please screen for other anti-semitic sites
39088. Jane Piekarsky  
39087. shawn barry  
39086. bonnie abrahamson  
39085. Linda Diamond unbelievable that you'd need a petition to remove this. Where is your sense of right and wrong?
39084. Suzy Ovson To think that Google is my main search engine!
39083. alli hope  
39082. derek feit  
39081. daniel aires  
39080. ondene  
39079. Lenore Sokol  
39078. Lanny Lampl  
39077. Roger Hobbs You have the Freedom to Say what you will. We refuse to listen.
39076. seema jaffee  
39075. Mary Eastwood  
39074. Jerome H Landers  
39073. Warren Silverman  
39072. Keren Katz  
39071. Eugene Greenfield  
39070. Phyllis Wilder  
39069. Maurice Fink  
39068. Rachele  
39067. uri rueveni  
39066. Natalie Bronstein when searching pages from Canada it's much better
39065. Noel  
39064. David you are really disgusting
39063. Phylllis Ruderman  
39062. Sheree Stiegler  
39061. Sarit Schube  
39060. Eleanor Geller  
39059. Kevin  
39058. Lonna Kahn  
39057. Henry Schwarz  
39056. Jon Dishell  
39054. Brandon Gellis  
39053. Jeanne Baker  
39052. M Andrew Kauss  
39051. beverly baumgard  
39050. Marvin a meerschaert In spite of free speach
39049. Joan Brooks  
39048. Jessica  
39047. Steve Baitz  
39046. Erin Kaufman  
39045. Barb and Norm Kalman  
39044. David Gelber  
39043. Rhoda dubin  
39042. mira banay  
39041. Robin Petchenik  
39040. Michael Sonnenberg  
39039. Jessica  
39038. Jane Howard Blitz  
39037. Zvi Boger  
39036. Ted Sloan When is enough enough
39035. Kimberley Leitner  
39033. Marika Barnett  
39032. Bettie G. Roth Insensitive-cruel-and a disappointment when peace is a goal for all mankind!.
39031. H. G. Weingarten I'm for stamping it out
39030. Al Kapstrom Please shut this down
39029. Judy Landers  
39028. Neil Glenn Jacobson  
39027. R. Dunaief hate mail should not be given an audience on the internet
39026. Jill B. Arenstein  
39025. Lorraine Post  
39024. Michael Bengis This should have been removed long ago. What's wrong with you google people?
39023. Elizabeth Maisels  
39022. Leah Ullman  
39021. Mindy Dryer  
39020. Aaron Weinberg  
39019. Richard A. Marlin  
39018. tali  
39017. Edward Padnis  
39016. Michael Rosenfeld  
39015. Jon Goodwill  
39014. Eric Buxbaum  
39013. m.levin  
39012. Alvin L. Chester I wouldn't have believed this of you
39011. brad levy  
39010. Sheila Hirsch  
39009. David C. Allon  
39008. Deborah Schwartz  
39006. Barry Friedlander  
39005. Lila Gracey  
39004. John R. Bischoff  
39003. Brad  
39002. Jerry Dubin  
39001. Shauna Isaac  
39000. Gail Stender  
38999. Barry Zoller  
38998. Frank McGowan  
38997. Eileen Koskosian  
38996. Bonnie Miller  
38995. Ilene  
38994. Beverly Birke  
38993. Andrew M Moyer  
38992. Fred Miller  
38991. Michael Sleeman Disgraceful
38990. Dr. P. Ohm  
38989. Joan Weisman A web site shouldn't be used to promote hate.
38988. Linda Wooddell  
38987. judy feder  
38986. Larry Kay  
38985. Herbert Fischer  
38984. Patti Chabeau  
38983. Elizabeth K. Schneider The current practice is unconscionable
38982. Martin Wertheim  
38981. david silberstein  
38980. Virginia Higgins  
38979. Beth  
38978. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
38977. Kimberley A. Lueck  
38976. Gretchen Hall  
38975. Joan Antell  
38974. Marc Edwards  
38973. paul posner  
38972. debra smalley  
38971. Bernard Cohen If you don't remove the site I will never use Google
38970. Judith Krongelb  
38969. Ruth Priins  
38968. Cori  
38967. Danielle  
38966. Stuart Golden  
38965. louis feder  
38964. Ariel Sharon PM of Israel
38963. Carrie Fisher I can't get into this site but I'm shocked to hear that something like this exists
38962. Lisa Litman  
38961. Howard E. Newmans disgusting
38960. Leon what a bunch of crap
38959. Joanne Krisel  
38958. Deb Witt  
38957. Mae Simon  
38956. maxine kaufman  
38955. Carol Wishcamper  
38954. Gloria Frankel  
38953. Eytan Bernet  
38952. Valli Israels  
38951. Bart Coleman  
38950. Jane E Rosenbaum Please remove this
38949. elissa fishman SHAME ON YOU!!!!
38948. Adam Smooke  
38947. Shirley R. Rose  
38946. Jon Sorenson  
38945. Elinor & Howard Bernstein Please act on this immediately
38944. William Block Thank you for providing the "removal" option
38943. Irvin Privler  
38942. Wendy Webber  
38941. Yaara Barnoon  
38940. Jeff S Free and release anger is not pretty on google
38939. lynn gotler I am extremely offended by this
38938. Sol Roter You should not hide behind your computer algorithim when it comes to the distribution of racist hate. If you link to hate then you are a publisher of hate - plain and simple.
38937. Steven Marcus  
38936. Sol Matlick  
38935. Arlene Lassin  
38934. J.M. Shotwell  
38933. Scott Karoly  
38932. James Krisel  
38931. Marlene Glass  
38930. Talia Perry  
38929. Jane K. Schwarz  
38928. Samantha Hutt  
38927. Rhoda Friedman  
38926. norma Gindes  
38925. Larry A. Cohen, Ph.D.  
38924. anne heyman  
38923. Mary Jane Klein  
38922. Jean E. Schenk Shame on your for adding it in the first place.
38921. Amy Schwab  
38920. Sharon L. Graves  
38919. lala lala
38918. Debra Welan  
38917. steve ginsburg I can't believe Google doesn't protect itself from this garbage. I am removing Google as my search engine until this if fixed.
38916. Michael H. Rothman Please remove JewWatch.com, Thank you
38915. Susan Privler  
38914. Kevin Beers  
38913. liat schwarzberg  
38912. A. M. Thomas  
38911. morris malz please remove this hateful site from google
38910. Robin Belkin Take care of this nonsense asap & quit screwing around!
38909. Norma S Kay  
38908. David Hoptman  
38907. Josh Overland  
38906. Barbara Kerr  
38905. Michael Sabatino  
38903. Kenneth Loew  
38902. J. C. Danzansky  
38901. Nadine Azran  
38900. Linda Flaxman  
38899. Barbara Konowitz  
38898. Roz Matlick  
38897. jan rottenebg  
38896. Charlene Shores please help stop bigotry
38895. TSN  
38894. henry icyk  
38893. Phyllis Spiegel  
38892. Jeremy Cohen  
38891. Stuart A Chazin  
38890. Joni Pevos  
38889. L Carl Grossman  
38888. Martin M. Beskind  
38887. s. wexelman  
38886. Polly Cacurak  
38885. James L. Schwab  
38884. Liz Meyers  
38883. ROGER ATTIA  
38882. Bernie Bornstein  
38881. Patricia Kritt  
38880. Erika Fox  
38879. Marni Grossman  
38878. Jerome I. Klein  
38877. Lois Etcovitch  
38876. Joseph Goldman  
38875. sue kessler  
38874. Stephan G. Lynn, MD  
38873. Kenneth J. Reizes  
38872. andrew crystal  
38871. Barbara & Wally Wolff  
38870. mikescher google should be a little more sensitive as to what they post
38869. Joel Wachbrit  
38868. fran rosenthal  
38867. Eric Savage  
38866. Joan S. Esterson  
38865. Sharyn Stein  
38864. Leon Goldstein  
38863. Lela Kornberg Please get it off ASAP
38862. Wendy Kaplan  
38861. Laya Jacobsen  
38860. Donald F. Ledford  
38859. Risa Margolus  
38858. Elazar Reshef Sites like these must be destroyed
38857. Vicki Smith  
38856. Charles Mostov  
38855. Abram Saksznajder  
38854. Greg Bedel  
38853. selma santiago  
38852. Esther M. Cohen  
38851. helen I know Google will do the right thing
38850. neil grossman this is an example of why there is so much hatered in the world; unless this is removed from the google search engine immediately I will stop using google and urge all of my friends to do thew same
38849. Jeff & Hesha Abrams  
38848. Nir  
38847. r. helrich  
38846. Daniel Taraschke  
38845. Tal shame on the publisher !
38844. Jon Breslaw  
38843. Gabe Goldberg There isn't a commensurate site for other religious searches. Why only allow a negative Jewish site to be at the top of the search list?
38841. Fred Weisman  
38840. K. E.  
38839. Joseph B. Esterson  
38838. Roberta Klibaner Please remove immediately
38837. Daniel Jansenson Ê
38836. Susan Wellek  
38835. Shoshana  
38834. Roberta Horwitz  
38833. Paul Geisler  
38832. Judith Dresher  
38831. sara nuss-galles  
38830. Barry Barancik  
38829. Diane Goldin  
38828. Ben Calem  
38827. J Sheer thank you
38826. Brian Wilk  
38825. Hyman K. Schonfeld  
38824. yonatan  
38823. Mark H. Baskin  
38822. Ilan Penson  
38821. Nancy A. Spencer  
38820. Salomon Ohayon remove site
38819. Kimberly Mulvaney Outrageous that this is what is found when people do a search for what it means to be a member of a religious group/ethnicity. Seeing this made me feel like I was in Germany in the 30's. Awful!
38818. Edward Goldberg  
38817. Vivian Wagschal what's new.....? Has anything changed since '40-'45? L'Histoire se repète! It's bad...
38816. Linda Epstein Remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine
38815. adam brandeis  
38814. Ellen Greenwald  
38813. gloria Stall  
38812. Eric Kates  
38811. Robert Aulicino  
38810. Scott Kaufman  
38809. VICTOR KASNER disgraceful
38808. Judith King Hope 50.000+ sign in
38807. Bernard J. Steinberg  
38806. David Frenkiel Please remove this site. It is in poor taste & not in the interests of what it purports to represent.
38805. Zoe Karp  
38804. Stephanie Beckman remove this prejudice site
38803. Nathan Alexander Please remove ASAP
38802. Nita Goldman I sent Google a complaint email and they ignored it.
38801. m taylor  
38800. Sherri Lindenberg  
38799. Marcia Carter  
38798. Beth Rubin  
38797. Robert Weber  
38796. Philip G. Berman Use of the internet for any hate/discriminatory purpose can threaten the entire system.
38795. Mark  
38794. shelly gerson remove link ASAP
38793. Michelle Wiznitzer Please respond swiflty
38792. Barbara Relles  
38791. nancy conroy  
38790. Gary Bennett  
38788. f.nathanson  
38787. Judy Kasman  
38786. Samuel Witkin  
38785. Leah deRoulet  
38784. Henry Siegel The site should definitely be removed
38783. David Levy  
38782. Captain Lou Fine Pleasure to sign petition
38781. Rhoda Karol It is offending
38779. Carol Dickman  
38778. J. McLoughlin  
38777. Al levitt  
38776. sidney triefler  
38775. Sharon Fitch  
38774. A Freeman  
38773. Alan Morinis Please remove this site.
38772. Barbara Burry  
38771. Wayne E. Tobin  
38770. Eileen totally unacceptable !
38769. nancy spector  
38768. Joan Rosenburg  
38767. Jean Berolzheimer  
38766. Monica Hoffman  
38765. Amy Hyams  
38764. Herbert Goldberg  
38763. melanie  
38762. Carole & Ron Michail When will all this garbage end?????
38761. Harold Hauser  
38760. dale lowenstein PLEASE REMOVE ASAP!!
38759. Inbar Gazit  
38758. milena baker  
38757. estelle futterman  
38756. Barak Raviv Hate propaganda does not belong on Google
38755. Cyrille E.Dreyfuss  
38753. Anne Fogarty It's time for all people to make a stand against any kind of hatred against others. We are all of the same human family!
38752. Krys Holden Do the right thing, Google!
38751. Aliza Becker  
38750. Lisa Gossels  
38749. Raphe Beck  
38748. Randi Blum  
38747. Leonard Weinstein  
38746. Michelle Baldi  
38745. Ellen Kushner Even if this is not the way Google is set up to operate, I feel it is worth expressing my strong opinion that the situation is dangerous and wrong.
38744. Deborah Price What a disgrace!
38743. Helen Abeles  
38742. Sandy Kole  
38741. Edward Shinewald  
38740. Jack Cartman Why would you let it on in the first place?
38739. rhona arenstein  
38738. Bill Landes  
38737. Lorraine Cooper  
38736. Erez Harel  
38735. Daniel Reed  
38734. jeanne ellgar please, to all Americans this should be an abomination.
38733. Lindsey Becvar Remove this site from Google, please!
38732. Howard Daniel  
38731. Rachel  
38730. J. Steven Kahan, D.D.S. get rid of this highly antisemitic site.
38729. Leah Rothman please remove jewwatch.com
38728. Susan Migdol  
38727. Julia Lipski  
38726. P Katz  
38725. murray catran -weitz it promotes hate
38724. Dennis Barrett  
38723. Dori Peterman  
38722. Diane Hahn Please monitor how your listings affect people. The rise in anti-Semitism, worldwide, does not need another platform.
38721. Michael Schensul  
38720. Miron Teshler  
38719. Lynn Abramowitz  
38718. david cohen  
38717. friedman REMOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
38716. MAM Remove this right away!
38715. Arthur Gottesman  
38714. Michelle Montgomery  
38713. Sarit  
38712. Marc Weinstein Help promote HATE like this or Protect "freedom on the internet" ... the choice should be obvious... will it take an Anti-Muslim site like this to be created(which isn't going to happen) for you to act ?? Get rid of this GARBAGE now- just like you would certain types of porn that are COMPLETELT UNACCEPTABLE by any standards...
38711. Barbara Joseph  
38710. Jackie Freeman  
38709. Elizabeth M. Devine Freedom of speech comes with a responsibility. Most people understand this is a delicate balance. Categorize this site(JewWatch) as a form of hate speech.
38708. Jeff Sidel  
38707. Paul Cluer  
38706. R. Kramer  
38705. Jamie Lipschultz  
38704. adrienne  
38703. Paul Rosenfeld  
38702. mitchell feigenbaum  
38701. Linda Wagschal disgusting
38700. Marylyn G. Dorsky  
38699. Jennifer Higginson  
38698. Judith Bebe Borg Google, it is obscene that you have JewWatch.com on your search engine . Have you no decency?
38697. Sari  
38696. Dawn & Bill Ott  
38695. Ron Rocha  
38694. David M. Leff  
38693. Leslie Shedlin  
38692. David Rosenfeld  
38691. Andy Halberg  
38690. ralph saber  
38689. Buzzy Bluestone  
38688. S. Shneider  
38687. Irving Hoffman  
38686. Judith Gottesman  
38684. Anne Lieberman  
38683. victor biggs  
38682. Margaret Browning Very Frightening!!
38681. Lisa Maiman  
38680. Y. C. Tansey  
38679. Devon Tilbrook  
38678. Naomi Levine  
38677. Brenda Danet  
38676. Marc M. Landman  
38675. Joe Getz  
38674. Iris Littwitz  
38673. Susan Silverman  
38672. Arthur Jenchel  
38671. D.Blake  
38670. rita farberov  
38669. Sean Talisman  
38668. David Burt  
38667. Beth Goldberg It's frightening that this kind of hate exists and appalling that Google is taking part in spreading it.
38666. Gail J. Bowman Please google do not disgrace the good thing you have going for you
38665. Marion Chaplowitz  
38664. Justin REMOVE
38663. Jane Gerben  
38662. Bruce Kaufman  
38661. Lisa Taylor  
38660. Gert & Hal Azarva For shame!
38659. J. Michelle Mattis  
38658. Peter Jay remove it
38657. kay freeman  
38656. Deanna Kawitzky  
38655. Cyril Nevezie Strongly support the petition.
38654. Richard Levy  
38653. Phil Gel  
38652. Paul Brotzman  
38651. Shirley Roth wow
38650. Jan Goldsmith  
38649. Leon Waxman  
38648. G.  
38647. John Porter  
38646. Ralph Myers  
38645. Brian Hill  
38644. Judith Pierotti  
38643. martha marton  
38642. audrey and don herman its appalling.......
38641. Glenn  
38640. Debbie Castro  
38639. Linda Dols  
38638. Phyllis Landman  
38637. Nancy Hilliard  
38636. Jeff Rauchbach  
38635. Beth Goldberg It's frightening that this kind of hate exists and appalling that Google is taking part in spreading it.
38634. M Freedman  
38632. gene brody  
38631. Joyce M Malerman  
38630. Amy Schnitzer  
38629. jules  
38628. Tom Lampl  
38627. yoram meromy  
38626. Janet Malloy This is a disgusting web site. I am shocked to see on a google search.
38625. Dolores Joseph  
38624. Phyllis Ann Waxman  
38623. George Poler  
38622. Helen Doughty  
38621. Adam Schnitzer  
38620. Carol A. Sherman  
38619. Ira Abrams  
38618. Ben Wajsman and we thought we were living in an educated world.
38617. Bonnie Prager  
38616. Jill Balis  
38615. David Knepp  
38614. Harold Motenko  
38613. Fred R. Wagschal shame on those who created and edited jewwatch
38611. Matthew McClure  
38609. stacie b  
38608. judith k. brodsky  
38607. leslie cox  
38606. Aaron Jacobs  
38605. robyn dempsey  
38604. Laurel Schnitzer  
38603. Phyllis Sultan  
38602. Dan Brosamle Stop Hate
38601. D Epstein  
38600. Dana Baruch  
38599. s. priest  
38598. Albert U. Prager  
38597. Aubrey Miller  
38596. Arnold J Malerman, DDS There is no excuse for "hate"
38595. Jodi  
38594. Fred Kronen  
38593. Robert Liebo I agree with the petition
38592. Ana  
38591. Elizabeth David  
38590. Einat  
38589. Anthony Pick  
38588. Walter Lipkin  
38587. Joan Halpern Each of us needs to do whatever we can to diminish hate in this world. I am asking you to do what you can to diminish the hatred that this site intentionally attempts to increase and to spread. Thank you for whatever help you can provide.
38586. Car Shif  
38584. Scott P. Protentis  
38583. michael curtis  
38582. michal Bruck  
38581. Sarah  
38580. Barry Rice  
38579. Joan and Jeff Climie  
38578. irene feldman  
38577. alan zucker there is no place in America for antisemitism
38576. Abigail lewin  
38575. Michael Stein  
38574. Lawrence Pasternak  
38573. Judy Gerstein  
38572. Jane Alpert  
38571. Mark Loyevsky The site spreads malicious lies and generates unjustifiable hatred. Please shut it down.
38570. Carol Bembry  
38569. judith Stern  
38568. Susan Bean  
38567. Jack Schnitzer  
38566. Andrew K.  
38565. jane b baker  
38564. Thelma A. Hall Google should remove this site without a petition requesting this: just as a matter of decency.
38563. herb pion  
38562. Harvey Coleman  
38561. Fred Horne  
38560. Nat Roman  
38559. Jodi Luce  
38558. Jerry Cohen This is not a necessary site,there is enough hate already
38557. Je ffrey Howard I believe in free speech but this site has the signs of naziism to it...
38556. Peter Gorin  
38555. kenneth wiesen  
38554. Viviane Paolini  
38553. Jack Topal  
38552. Tatum Langford Korin  
38551. Joyce Levine  
38550. Sy Bricker  
38549. Leslie Pearl  
38548. Joyce Liebo Please remove
38547. Mindy K. Jaffe  
38546. Barbara Bias  
38545. nadelstein  
38544. melanie klein  
38543. linda schiller  
38542. arlene rubin not very pleased with goolgle
38541. Susie Panitz  
38540. Ian R. Kwartler  
38539. Andrea Mann  
38538. Kathryn Remer  
38537. James E. Cohen  
38536. Gavin Sekler  
38535. Ann Green get rid of hate - only love prevails
38534. Viki Freeman  
38533. Mark Loyevsky The site spreads malicious lies and generates unjustifiable hatred. Please shut it down.
38532. Ivy Zelanka  
38531. Jessica Sommer  
38530. Sam Greenspan  
38529. Bruce Lowy  
38528. E. Rosen  
38527. Jonathan Reiner  
38526. Terry Bachenheimer  
38525. Devin  
38524. Paula M. Silverman  
38523. Debbie Sekler  
38522. Martin A. Feldman How shameful - please remove IMMEDIATELY
38521. Marisa Geer  
38520. Dan Zanger REMOVE!
38519. Mark Loyevsky The site spreads malicious lies and generates unjustifiable hatred. Please shut it down.
38518. Julie Gales  
38517. Jennifer Anker  
38516. Shelley Berman  
38515. Jordan Slatt  
38514. J Elbaz  
38513. Caroly L. Solomon Horrible! Remove this from Google Search Engine immediately....
38512. rachel ralph  
38511. vera k. selig we say never again to another genocide
38510. Sue Frishberg  
38509. steve robins  
38508. J. Berger  
38507. joanne solomon  
38506. Joan Guzy  
38505. Kathy Parker  
38504. Teddy Swigert  
38503. adam  
38502. Eliot Finkel  
38501. Aaron Barlev  
38500. Sy Bricker  
38499. T. Davis Google has not been my favorite search engine. And I'm sure not going to use it ever - unless I hear that jewwatch.com is removed from its listings. Google will be hanging itself if they don't act soon!
38498. hilda fine Shame on you, google!!
38497. Joe Kislowicz  
38496. Morton Friedman  
38495. Catherine Moore  
38494. Dianne Budish  
38493. Nancy Strahinic  
38492. Alfred & Naomi E. Shaiken  
38491. Scott C. Applestein  
38490. Leona Bander make the changes---do the right thing
38489. Wendy Light hateful sites as this fuel the worst in people.
38488. Allison Speigel that's sick
38487. Adele Wolyn  
38486. Robin  
38485. Susan Blecker  
38484. Judith and Charles Tarpey  
38483. David Finkelstein  
38482. Shana Wolstein  
38481. ellen kozlove  
38480. Barbara Geenberg Unfortunately, some things never change
38479. Kathleen Rosen  
38478. Rick Nehrenberg  
38477. B. Wolpow  
38476. thomas f. mendez get rid of it
38475. George Hanff  
38474. Raquel Kastner  
38473. Diane Epstein  
38472. Michael Alterman  
38471. Davd Kronatta  
38470. Kelly Green  
38469. Lewis Krosner  
38468. Heidi Ivener  
38467. peter eisenberg  
38466. Marvin Wax That site is a disgrace. Please remove
38465. Alison Finger  
38464. Anne King  
38462. y. zohar stop advertizing old and new antisemitic lies
38461. Tracee Larson  
38460. janet gott  
38459. Myrna Franzblau  
38457. Harold Weinberg  
38456. seth jackier A shame that it takes a petition to get this done.
38455. iris gilbert please remove this!!
38454. Daniel Lidawer Hate speech has no place with a search engine
38453. E Smith  
38452. V Shneider  
38451. Ron Gerber  
38450. Tamara Gould  
38449. nancykramer remove from google
38448. janice bashman  
38447. Dara Vila  
38446. Ruth J. Baron  
38445. Margarito Guzman  
38444. Cara  
38443. Eduardo Sheinberg  
38442. Eugene  
38441. Ted Shuster I am surprised and diaappointed That Google has done this
38440. judy Blatt  
38439. Rita Costello  
38438. David Katz  
38437. Todd Mayster  
38436. Janice Sands-Weinstein I will no longer use google as long as this dispicable website remains in your search!
38435. Edward Garazi  
38434. Allen Rosenberg  
38433. Alexander Thier  
38430. Allen M. There's no place for racism!
38429. M. Moore  
38428. joan bert  
38427. Roy Hartman  
38426. Shirley Guzman Remove the website NOW!
38425. Peter I. Lelkes  
38424. robert wilson  
38423. Mosseri Leon  
38422. Andrea Kirshbaum  
38421. cathy kraut  
38420. Adam Gross  
38419. Claudia Zysk  
38418. Samuel G. Councilman Aren't Mel Gibson and his father enough? Do we need more hatred of jews spread by Google?
38417. Yuri Velsher  
38416. K. Hirsch  
38415. Samuel Glaser Your willingness to omit a blatantly racist website is commendable.
38414. Sue Walsmith A shame that google would allow hate sites
38413. Ezra Smyser  
38412. Flo Miller  
38411. Joyce Sharpe I detest this.
38410. patti goldstein  
38409. Janis Sherman Popp Shame on who ever let this one happen, Surely this is not the philosophy of Google in general.
38408. Dr Kenneth Shenderey  
38407. Carol Olmert Burckin I am appalled. This site must be removed.
38406. Sheila Jacobs  
38405. Larry Gottlieb  
38404. jill walsey this is very disturbing
38403. Andrea Kirshbaum  
38402. Jim Slagle Freedom of speech? Democracy out of control?
38401. Ed Arkans  
38400. jerome marks  
38399. jon velick  
38398. Julie Crandall Please remove Jew Watch from your list
38397. Efraim Cohen I will not use Google until the anti-Semitic site is removed
38396. sara gilbert  
38395. Jaclyn Lindig  
38394. Michael Gore  
38393. Carol Parsow  
38392. Robyn Sussman  
38391. meredith  
38390. Ron Berkovits this is shameful.....you guys should know better
38389. marla powers  
38388. cindy kurlansky  
38387. Steven Kastner  
38386. J.King,M.Ed., C. Psych. Assoc. We must not tolerate hatred in any form. Peace, J.
38385. Shane Evans  
38384. Rita Lindenbaum  
38383. Niki Goldberg  
38382. Ian Lagowitz  
38381. Shawn Gold  
38380. Alec Mostov  
38379. Julia Creighton  
38378. Lisa Behar I think the site should be removed
38377. Susan Wechsler  
38376. Aly Heimer  
38375. Janice Pomerantz  
38374. Mindy Tiberi  
38373. Ken Green Folks it's 2004 not 1939. I support free speach, yet feel this site is harmfull
38372. Madelyn Carmel  
38371. Arielle Schlesinger  
38370. gail cohen  
38369. Tom Kirshbaum  
38368. Max Rodriguez very offensive !
38367. heidi candell  
38366. robert curhan  
38365. Ira R. Friedlander  
38364. Suellen Glasser  
38363. Norma Kelleher š
38362. Barbara Geenberg Unfortunately, some things never change
38361. Liliya Yanovsky  
38360. Justin Evans  
38359. amy arlein  
38358. Paula Bentel  
38357. Sharon Fixman Bricker  
38356. Paul Schlesinger  
38355. Mary Weinberg  
38354. Linda Sue Masia  
38353. Lisa Miller  
38352. Michael  
38351. Sam Nudelman  
38350. Stanley Lindenbaum  
38349. Daniel Cadiff  
38348. susan dechter  
38347. robert powers  
38346. Monica  
38345. reva simon Offensive!!!
38344. Jason  
38343. Arnie Solomon  
38342. Alan Sklar  
38341. Martin Fishbein  
38340. Caroline Burman  
38339. Sandy Cohn Thau  
38338. Lonna Temkin  
38337. morand  
38336. Julie Cornfield  
38335. Deborah Korn Please remove this offensive site
38334. Richard M Hileman  
38333. Sandra Evans  
38332. Seymour R. Goldgehn  
38331. Jeff Jaffe  
38330. Leslie C. Bander 1st ammend. rites stops when it hurts other people
38329. Harold Hoffman  
38328. Phil Rosenblum  
38327. Enid Orvitz  
38326. Shana Tilbrook  
38325. Dina L. Doolen  
38324. Dana Rothschild  
38323. Mindy Teolis  
38322. Lawrence Gordon  
38321. Allen Noyes  
38320. Deborah Gilchrist  
38319. Wayne Grunes  
38318. Rachel Scudder  
38317. jami schultz  
38316. Lynn Bragin It is obscene that this can be found on Google.
38315. David Haas  
38314. C. Essakow  
38313. Lauren Singer  
38312. David Martens  
38311. Amye Rosenberg  
38310. Davies Samuel  
38309. Norm Levinsohn  
38308. Amy Feldman  
38307. Naomi Hillinger  
38306. LORI Fingeroth  
38305. david ginsberg  
38304. Jossi Kedar either "google"will apologize for the publication of the "Jew Watch"defamation or we will boycott the whole "Google" ïnternet programme.
38303. Deborah L. Fishbein  
38302. Sheila Bailin Deplorable in this day and age. Enough is enough.
38301. Deborah B. Austin  
38300. marlene kazir  
38299. Julie Band  
38298. Helene Grunes  
38297. Amy Joan Meltzer  
38296. R. S Remove the hate speech
38295. Bradley h. Green  
38294. Ronald Lechan Sites that promote hatred should be eliminated
38293. Lillian Schocker  
38292. Arnold Zwickel  
38291. Deborah Parente  
38290. charles weiss I saw the website and it is scurrilous
38289. Mark Doctor  
38288. Linda Turco  
38287. Sheryl Schrager  
38286. Celia Nachlas This type of hatred is integral to the rising crime rate. Please make an immediate change. Thank you.
38285. Merrill Milham  
38284. Alex Kaufman  
38283. Richard Sand  
38282. Earl Temkin  
38281. Ben Yudkin  
38280. Walter Hillinger  
38279. Breanna Gomberg  
38278. Judy Tandeitnick  
38277. Julie A. Frosh  
38276. Rosemary Paetow  
38275. Lynelle Kerstine  
38274. Aaron Rabinovich  
38273. Ellen Bebek  
38272. Lucio Spizzirri shouldn't be removed, but DEFENTLY not on the first page for a search.
38271. stuart s. sacks please remove jewwatch.com
38270. Miriam Noyes Free speech should be free. Lies should not be.
38269. Judy Tal  
38268. Steve Tucker  
38267. MIKE SCHARF  
38266. Marcia Rhodes SHAME ON YOU
38265. philip amoils  
38264. Robert Talbot  
38263. Jonathan Zacks  
38262. K. Allen  
38261. Robert E. Center  
38260. adele karp  
38259. Arlene Tannenbaum  
38258. Claire B. Rubin  
38257. Uri Rubinstein In favor of decency & common sense, against racism.
38256. Shelley Sobel  
38255. Joyce  
38254. F N Roth  
38253. richard leavitt  
38252. Marcia Cohen  
38251. Ferry Rehak  
38250. Charles Wiseman  
38248. G. Bernard Dash Remove this hate listing
38247. Cameron Rabie  
38246. R. Felt DDS  
38245. Jim Rosenberger  
38244. John Bock a petition should not be required to remove obvious hate material.
38243. Laurence Allen get rid of it!
38242. Leo Bekoff  
38241. Terry LeMoncheck  
38240. Walter Teutsch to google -remove it now
38239. Minnie  
38238. ron herman  
38237. Alla @ Valery Abramovich  
38236. Thomas Sokol Please stop this antisemitic behavior. Thanks
38235. Sheana Klasfeld Take it off the internet!
38234. Charles Levine This site is offensive!
38233. S Ronson  
38232. batia rogel  
38230. Leonard Vier  
38229. michelle bamdas  
38228. Lissa Wax Remove JEWWATCH
38227. Jeff Masure  
38226. Ann L. Davidoff  
38225. Albert Cohen  
38224. David Isaacs  
38223. Joanna Pierson It is terrible that this is the very first site listed.
38222. Sharon Sakowicz  
38221. Ron Sheldon  
38220. Errol Golub  
38219. S  
38218. Marc H. Pomerantz, D. M. D.  
38217. monroe schaffer  
38216. Ruth Kleinman  
38215. Mark Weithorn  
38214. Phyllis Greenberg Remove from Google at once---disgraceful!!
38213. Gulda Saperstein  
38212. Silvia There are always sick people around
38211. M Ronson  
38210. reed waldman  
38209. Adela Pisarevsky GOOGLE HEAR ME OUT: Jews didn't destroy the World Trade Center along with thousands of innocents; Jews didn't attack Africa and drag back African people to enslave them; Jews didn't massacre most Native Americans and rob all their territories and relegate them to a small corner of the Continent...I can go on...what does that offensive site want from us??? Please do the right thing and DISCONTINUE that site without our having to use a petition. They MUST get a life and leave other people alone!!!! Thank you!
38208. Joan Breslow  
38207. Julia Sax must remove immediately!
38206. Jane Thomases  
38205. julie zamil  
38204. Michele Levenstein This is a disgrace. Please remove immediately
38203. Carole Latter  
38202. Brian Fader  
38201. Jeff Bercow  
38199. Amy B. Kelly I am against this type of blind hatred!!!
38198. moti pls remove jewwatch.com from list
38197. Susan Littlefield  
38196. les steier  
38195. Betty Gordon  
38194. Linda D'Agrosa please remove this terrible website immediately
38192. m goldin  
38191. Sonnie Gilman Shame on Google supporting anti-semitism. Get rid of Google & anti-semitic site.
38190. Pauline Regev  
38189. Helana Natt  
38188. sandy winick  
38187. frances dahlberg  
38186. helen m bates  
38185. Foujan Farahmand This site should be removed from your search engine.
38184. Charles Mamane Please remove JewWatch from the Google search engine
38183. lois golub  
38182. Frank Mutnick  
38180. h ceitlin  
38179. Maxine Bloom I trust Google! Please do something to preserve this trust.
38178. Mark Zitter  
38177. Molly Freeman  
38176. judy zabell  
38175. S. Pine Google should be sensitive & continue to prosper
38174. David Borovsky  
38173. Emily Friedman  
38172. eli alperowicz  
38171. Karen R. Weingarden  
38170. janet king  
38169. Michael Goldstein  
38168. Jeri Jo Halprin  
38167. Jeff Beber  
38166. Larry Lerner  
38165. Gideon Tur  
38164. C.L. Chomsky  
38163. David Lipton  
38162. Sheila Tronn  
38161. sarah eim  
38160. JDavis remove all hate sites!
38159. L. Chauvin  
38158. Gayle Smith  
38157. Ralph S. Horwitz  
38156. Howard Bornstein  
38155. Mark A. Spiegel  
38154. Sheila Fox  
38153. Claire Feldman  
38152. Arnold Korne  
38151. Percy Zanger  
38150. Debbie Lesnick  
38149. susan moore  
38148. edith pollack  
38147. megan imerman  
38146. Linda Baer  
38145. Simha Qingdao, China
38144. gabrielle zeisman  
38143. ArleneSchwartz  
38142. A. Bassin  
38141. Jon Fenkel  
38140. A Hoffman  
38139. Charles Silver despicable---shame on Google!
38138. Herb Chasman OUT BRIEF CANDLE!
38137. as  
38136. H.M.Rosenfeld  
38135. Barry R. Warner  
38134. Deborah Beckerman  
38133. Tamu Mitchell  
38132. Helene Homonoff We've had enough
38131. Catherine Budai the internet should not be used for such blatant antisemitic material
38130. Amir Shapira  
38129. Alice  
38128. assaf berkovich  
38127. Steven  
38126. ted wagner  
38125. Kurt Friedlaender  
38124. Marci Gordon  
38123. Lesley Max  
38122. Jack Drobnis Do the right thing and remove Jewwatch.com
38121. A. Marill  
38120. Justin  
38119. barbara ellin  
38118. Raphael Bejarano  
38117. diane sweet Why would you describe Jews in this way/
38116. Hayden Remove the site from google
38115. mindy  
38114. Gerald Goott  
38113. astrid palmer  
38112. Ari Levinson  
38111. Murray Liberman Stupid, Stupid - I am disgusted with Google!!!!!!
38110. joel s pollack  
38109. pat colello  
38108. Shmon Goldberg  
38107. Steven B. Nelson  
38106. Ira Gold  
38105. Alan Rousso remove this nonsense immediately!
38104. Evelyn Handler  
38103. Ari Levinson  
38102. Irvin Barnett  
38101. Roslyn Greenberg Google should DEFINITEly delete "Jew Watch"
38100. charles woodd  
38099. Jack Schwartz  
38098. Dr. Elan Salee  
38097. Stanley  
38096. Stephen S. Boyle  
38095. Sandra K. Paul  
38094. Judy Hurwitz  
38093. Tom Koves It is a shame you publish it
38092. Elyssa Kellerman  
38091. or kalev  
38090. sharon` .
38089. Nicole Wagner  
38088. Ralph S. Horwitz  
38087. Sidney Goodman  
38086. Steve Nelson  
38085. Carolyn Abrams this is a repulsive site, and needs to be stopped,
38084. Bruce Anderson Why is this necessary? You should know better!
38083. CMS  
38082. Shawn Gavin  
38081. Suzanne Parker  
38080. Allison Hersh  
38079. Susan Riess I would like this search result changed!
38078. Ilana Whats next?
38077. steven n solomon If Google does not respond, then go after their advertisers, and let them know that advertising with Google will COST them business, not gain them business.
38076. m. jeffery  
38075. Kenneth Broder  
38074. Bruce Kenworthy get rid of it!
38073. Andrew Gordon  
38072. Michael Fischer  
38071. Tracy Silverman  
38070. T.Lann wishing you success in your important effort
38069. Lisa Wyant  
38068. William Levine  
38067. Virginia Tice  
38066. Arthur Merlin  
38065. Seth Tucker  
38064. Joel Karp  
38063. Donna Klein Please remove from search engine
38062. Lew Rasminsky  
38061. Bernard Fisher  
38060. Karen Wolfe  
38059. Carolyn REMOVE THIS SITE
38058. Evelyn E. Makowsky  
38057. Jeannie Secord Please remove this immediately...
38056. Amy  
38055. Jerri Pumroy  
38054. eve posner  
38053. Tony Simons  
38052. Ivan Gottlieb  
38051. Andrea Statman  
38050. Cherie Kimmons  
38049. Jennifer Tucker  
38048. murray steinberg unacceptable
38047. Gavin Solotar  
38046. Diane Lande  
38045. Stephen A. Samson x
38044. Fred Freeman  
38043. Sarah Lubin  
38042. Robin Litrenta  
38041. Debby Rosenberger  
38040. dina rosenbaum  
38039. Meiron Lees  
38038. Jordan Margolis  
38037. murray gruber  
38036. ric michel  
38035. Amy Levin  
38034. phil gerber  
38033. ANN E MILLER  
38032. warren satusky  
38031. eugene kaufman  
38029. Olga Streltsina  
38028. richard pearlstone  
38027. Allen Barkus  
38026. Gail Salinger  
38025. ken cowan  
38024. Corinne Barinaga I am not Jewish...but sad to hear about that site
38023. Samuel Tucker  
38022. Karen Shahar  
38021. jessica l  
38020. Barbara Gatti  
38019. Ann Soble  
38018. Moshe Cysner Hard to believe that such ignorance still exists!
38017. L Peikes Remove jewwatch.com immediately.
38016. Marta Reynaud JewWatch is offensive to all rational people.
38015. Ariel Please do alot of young kids search for the word jew in school and some might get the wrong ideas about jews.
38014. Lara Merker  
38012. Sandy Naiman  
38010. Tatyana G. š
38009. Shari Lasser  
38008. Michael Slater Google should not allow a sight such as this to be given such prominence.
38007. Jordan Kessler  
38006. Lynn Burns  
38005. David Radwine  
38004. Kathi Eastham  
38003. Sam Gonn  
38002. ronald delovitch  
38001. Guy  
37998. Allan Wiener  
37997. Steven Krauser  
37996. Alan Toben Please don't contribute to hate and disharmony.
37995. Laura Siegel  
37994. Robert Green  
37993. iris lackow remove it is terrible
37992. Mary Jane Henderson  
37991. Joyce Heberding  
37990. Kerry very upsetting
37989. Barbara Colton  
37988. Ron Selinger  
37987. Marc Maiman  
37986. B. Castiel  
37985. Ernie Sherman It's a disgrace!!!
37984. arlene hyman  
37982. Erin Frohwerk  
37981. ken tapman  
37980. astrid palmer  
37979. robert a. hanson A truly disgusting site!
37978. Amy Condrin  
37977. laura hoffman this website must be a mistake. please remove it asap; thank you; a very concerned user of google
37976. Debra Tucker  
37975. A Sobel  
37974. Robert Wiseman remove this crap
37973. victoria schifffrin  
37972. everett ellin  
37971. Ann Golden  
37970. Gary Goodman  
37969. Jaci  
37968. Katherine Nagel  
37967. Robert Garnet  
37966. Linda and Allan Birdy  
37965. Lara  
37964. James B. Heck  
37963. Steven Ballaban  
37962. Kenneth Hunter  
37961. Matt Garelik  
37960. shari fagen  
37959. Robert Garnet  
37958. KAREN SHOSS  
37957. eva c. coopersmith  
37956. David Hamilton  
37955. farrol goldblatt  
37954. Alan Robbins  
37953. cheryl hankin  
37952. Jonathan Lyons  
37951. Phyllis Mallin discusting
37950. sheldon feldman  
37949. Robert Garnet  
37948. Phyllis Mallin discusting
37947. Melvin Mayerson, DDS, MSD  
37946. Irwin Taranto  
37945. t  
37943. Jessica Mattioli  
37942. Peggy Meyer  
37941. S Rosenberg  
37940. Dr. Susan Shapiro THANK YOU FOR doing this!!!!
37939. Sandra M. Pellegrino  
37938. lorraine sheinberg  
37936. Michael Wenocur  
37935. Ilan Halal  
37934. Marjorie Tadier  
37933. Aimee Lerner  
37932. Sima Wolf  
37931. Shana Weber  
37930. Ilan Halal  
37929. Yael Lorber  
37928. Brandi Jacobi  
37927. robert fuld  
37926. Randy Solomon  
37925. Leo Mercer  
37924. Andrea Hungerford  
37923. Stanley Peskin  
37922. Marjorie Tadier  
37921. Offer David  
37920. Michelle Baker  
37919. Shabtai Barash  
37918. ray  
37917. marilyn lawrence I lost my confidence in Google since learning of this
37916. saar  
37915. Abby Cohen  
37914. Albert Buznik  
37913. Anni  
37912. Avril  
37911. Karen Robin please remove JewWatch.com
37910. gerald katz  
37909. Theodore Wolfberg  
37908. karen Horowitz  
37907. estelle shifren very distressed and disappointed. Had so much respect for Google before.
37906. Jackie Mandell  
37905. Gari-Ellen Brick  
37904. Barbara Swan  
37903. SITRUK  
37902. Allison Drucker  
37901. Jeff Levitt  
37900. Ava C. Sentchuk  
37899. Raquel Blech  
37898. JEFF GREENE Please Remove ASAP
37897. Bernd Linder  
37896. Shulamit Selesnick  
37895. Paul Silver, Ph.D. completely disgusting and a crime against humanity
37894. haley corenswet  
37893. Kathy R. Marvin  
37892. christine varsha  
37891. Kevin Leibel  
37890. Rachel Wenocur  
37889. Brenda Caplan This is appalling!!
37888. Stephen Raitt despicably anti-semitic and disgracefull
37887. Michael Silver  
37886. Jennifer Kluge  
37885. Harvey Fox  
37884. Carol Berlin  
37883. Jim Avrams  
37882. Joshua Efron  
37881. Richard Rubin  
37880. William J. Feinberg  
37879. Adrian Malcos no
37878. Dina Liss  
37877. sarit  
37876. Bernard Snitman  
37875. Herbert Epstein  
37874. JacK Masser  
37873. Monte Cohon Ê
37872. Fredda Sheib  
37871. Felix Benzimra Please remove
37870. abraham hochzeit dreadful
37869. alan blocher  
37868. Burton Silbert  
37867. YOAV PELED  
37866. Pearl Lipner  
37865. Beth Kaufmann  
37864. gale barron  
37863. Beth Lipset  
37862. Melanie Stern  
37861. Judith A. Douville  
37860. Joan E Reisfeld  
37858. Charles Guez REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
37857. Scott Lewins  
37856. Abby Gurian  
37855. Adrienne Wankiewicz I support. I read it on the web and it's disgusting. We should all sign. Feel free to go to my message board http://dominatingbull.proboards30.com/. Feel free to sign my petition Unite and Power. http://www.petiononline.com/Power1/petition.html. Thanks. AW.
37854. Donald Weinstein  
37853. Laura Kwartler, Esq.  
37852. Jacques Hammel  
37851. gerald silver  
37850. avi ginsberg  
37849. Jenny Helbraun Abramson  
37848. Laura  
37847. Jay M. Gochin  
37846. Judy Kaminstein  
37845. sandra chapnik  
37844. Edgar Hess  
37843. Diana Garelik Remove this site!!
37842. Justin Tauber  
37841. Vicki Riven Get the starts to join in
37840. George Ziegler Please remove this hate monger from your site.
37839. steven klein  
37838. Elizabeth Krohn  
37837. Jerome Messeroff Hatred breeds Terrorists -we sure are suffering from hat
37836. Arthur levitt remove now!!!
37835. Eitan Friedman  
37834. gary rugoff please remove this nasty listing
37833. Carol Caracappa  
37832. lucy corenswet  
37831. Darrwl Pink  
37830. Vitaliy Goldenbertg  
37828. roni elovitch  
37827. Nancy Berland  
37826. Barry Riven  
37825. adam jacobowitz  
37824. Ari Grunzeweig  
37823. Barry S. Kaplan  
37822. Andrew Erdman  
37821. B. Koenigsberg  
37820. Melissa Goodman  
37819. albert amato Yahoo
37818. jane margolies  
37817. earle borenstein  
37816. Gene Tenenbaum  
37815. Phyllis Sandell  
37814. Yehuda unbelieveable
37813. Penny Deshur  
37812. Nan Banks  
37810. Brian LaPan  
37809. Danielle Masor  
37808. roni elovitch  
37807. david sefton This is not my idea of Canada or U.S.A Please let us live in PEACE
37806. stuart klein  
37805. Oren Petel  
37804. hadass tessler outrageous
37803. jerry chapnik  
37802. Edlynne M. Sillman It's been very difficult to get this signature sent. I'm interested in how concerned Google really is about this disgusting site.
37800. Brandel D. Falk  
37799. Jonathan Stein  
37798. victor yusim  
37797. Harry R. Howard  
37796. s. factor  
37795. Jak Giveon  
37794. Jill Aaron  
37793. Jodi Shamir  
37792. jules schlesinger  
37791. David Nurok  
37790. Jonathan Pollack  
37789. Rachel this is so disgusting
37788. sid geller please remove
37787. horovitz jacqueline  
37786. carl blum you are helping marginalize the jewish people
37785. Raquel Goldberg  
37784. Susan Ne'eman  
37783. david l levune  
37782. R. van Delft-Einhorn  
37781. Michelle Guthman This is disgusting!!
37780. Ofra Panzer  
37779. Eric Prestin  
37778. V. Dobkin  
37777. Melissa Stein  
37776. Murray Lehrer  
37775. Dominick Leone  
37774. Martin Landis  
37773. Malka Rochel  
37772. leila Kuenzle  
37771. David Gillman  
37770. judith davidson please remove "anti-semite" from the "Jew" site
37769. Pearl and Bill Brill  
37768. Deborah Troister  
37767. Carolyn Bass  
37765. inbal nuri  
37764. Marna Snitman  
37763. Arthur Koff Remove JewWatch.com it is offensive
37762. Hemda Gold  
37761. Eli Zeichner, GM  
37760. robert corenswet  
37759. Sheila N. Cutler The JewWatch.com site is modern-day Nazism. It is disgusting and MUST be removed immediately.
37758. Robert L. Pazen Please remove "JewWatch.com"
37757. Darin Conway  
37756. Dale W. Pepin Sites like this, regardless of the side of the coin, will never bring about peace. Eliminate them all.
37755. Dan Franklin  
37754. Jewell McCollough  
37753. Daniel Englender  
37752. Stephen Rettig Please remove JewWatch Immediately
37751. Carol Parris  
37750. Harriet Krieger  
37749. Eli It is outrageous that this is the first site listed when the word "Jew" is typed into Google. You do not want to perpetuate anti-semitism or any other type of hatred. Please remove this site from your index.
37748. nurock  
37747. J Russo Remove this site now.
37746. Diane Tausner  
37745. Alisha Gray I think that it is disappointing that in this day of hate crimes, that a petition would be required to remove such a negative item from the Net.
37744. Jonathan Starr  
37743. Pam Brock  
37742. danny silvers  
37741. Sandra Geller False information should not be disseminated
37740. Ilan Bar The Israeli public should immediately BOYCOTT the hebrew version of Google if they had any selfrespect
37739. Kathryn Mora  
37738. Avis Osher  
37737. Anat Raz  
37736. Lilianne Schneider  
37735. dhogar  
37734. Courtney Wolk  
37733. Harriet Krieger  
37732. Brandel D. Falk  
37731. Gustavp Balassiano  
37730. Jane S. Marks  
37729. Natalie Barenboim  
37728. Ilya Gorodetsky  
37726. dayle shapiro  
37724. Gordon Chapman  
37723. lisa feder  
37722. Bert Garcia Please Remove JewWatch.com
37721. Alan Markovitch  
37720. Leonard Ross  
37719. Mike Davis  
37718. steven gartner  
37717. Miriam Greif  
37716. Shabtai Barash  
37715. Jeri Tobier  
37714. Florence Rosen  
37713. Moises Witemberg  
37712. Clair Zamoiski Segal Please remove this site as soon as possible. It is an outrage.
37711. Barbara Kayser  
37710. Tom Gillman NOW!
37709. Adam Marks  
37708. Karyn Bouhana  
37707. Clara  
37706. Susana Blinder  
37705. Gillian Kushner  
37704. Jeri Tobier  
37703. a. dattner thank you for your diligence.
37702. L. Graff don't need more hate sites
37701. Rita Wishnefsky  
37700. Meryl Braudo  
37699. shani tzur  
37698. Arthur M Bobrove Outrageous site on Google
37697. Joe Greenberg  
37696. Michael Baker  
37695. Ryan Jones  
37694. Joshua Pickering  
37693. Konstantin Polonsky  
37692. APRIL MOLIN  
37691. Matthew Klein  
37690. Rita Wishnefsky  
37689. Clifford Zeifman  
37688. Michelle Cohen  
37687. Jeanne Himy  
37685. Rita Wishnefsky  
37684. remy bender  
37683. KEN HIRSCH  
37682. Terry Fineberg  
37680. Robert Rosen  
37679. Liliana Szutan tal  
37678. Elliott Warsh  
37677. Mindy Baer  
37676. Lee Guthman  
37675. Bambe Levine  
37674. Bonnie Marks  
37673. Sheryl Sherman  
37672. Robert Richter  
37671. Marcia Kerchner  
37670. karen berg  
37669. Susan Hughes  
37668. Gabi  
37667. Jonathan Weinberg  
37666. joel daniels  
37665. Tracy Agnich  
37664. Richard R. Cohen How stupid in this day and age to allow something that promotes further decay of our total society. Shame on you.
37663. Malcolm Bowman  
37662. Beth L. Coates outraged and disappointed in google
37661. R. Rubinstein  
37660. royhendin remove! please!
37659. m. grossman  
37658. Marilyn K. Press  
37657. Richard Burn  
37656. Minnie Berman  
37655. Stephen Sass  
37654. Carol Shapiro  
37653. Lisa Gabor Remove this trash!
37651. David Lubar  
37650. Kendall Wigoda  
37649. Michelle Juliet Feldman please remove JewWatch from your search engine
37648. Lisa Suttner Don't support racist communication
37647. Harold Jaffe  
37646. Clarice Shtrax  
37645. Jeremy Stybel  
37644. Reuven Rabinovici  
37643. Mary Edwards  
37642. Diane Bender  
37641. Marc  
37640. phyllis berk  
37639. Susan Hughes  
37638. M. No need for this
37637. sharon weiss  
37636. Jane Plitt frightening
37635. wendy foxmyn move it down the list...I am not advocating removing it entirely
37634. Richard Goldman  
37633. S W Rosenfeld  
37632. Bar Hr  
37631. Pat Carty There's more than enough hate in the world without Google, however unintentionally, contributing to it.
37630. Barbara Goldberg this is disgusting AND alarming to see!!
37629. Ric Bachrach  
37627. Bert Massing  
37626. Ruth Fisher  
37625. Marc  
37624. Tibey Falk  
37623. William Tisherman  
37622. Ben  
37621. George WIlson, Jr.  
37620. solomon tilles  
37619. Steve Carvel I will "Never Again" be using Google as a search engine until you remove jew watch from the web site.
37618. Alan L. Wagner, M.D., F.A.C.S.  
37617. murray november  
37616. Rolanda Sucher  
37615. laura berke I'm saddened by this site
37614. Sara L. Golden  
37613. Sunny Schnitzer This is a stain on the face of America
37612. sabina  
37611. graham Phillips  
37610. Deborah Zimmer Please do the responsible thing. Hate has no place on the internet. Thank you.
37609. Paula Bowman  
37608. Galina  
37607. Dahlia Pilossoff  
37605. Jonathan Berelowitz  
37604. Kris Hancock  
37603. Linda Woellert take this off ASAP
37602. Ryan Aronoff  
37601. Sabrina Bica  
37600. Steve Buttery  
37599. Michael Cohen  
37598. Michael Stern  
37597. TL Marcus  
37596. Gail Nickowitz  
37595. Batya Cohen  
37594. Robin Barnett  
37593. Brad Goldstein  
37591. Sandra Parrinello  
37590. Irma Barishpolsky  
37589. Judith Kaplan  
37588. Sherri Robins  
37587. Jene Nickford  
37586. Karin Marshall  
37585. Dr. William Steinberg Why should Google require a petition? Isn't it enough that the site is clearly anti-Semitic?
37584. Stephen Finberg  
37583. Janis Hoover  
37581. Tracy  
37580. zilverberg  
37579. Ruth Lappen  
37578. Mia Thomas  
37577. Susan Edelstein  
37576. Rob Kofsky  
37575. Michael Lange I strongly believe that blatant hate sites should not be allowed on Google. The first amendment protects us against the Government, but it doesn't necessarily apply to private organizations like Google.
37574. Andrew Davis Remove Now
37573. Jerome M. Lutin  
37572. Dorleen Klein  
37571. sybil adelman sage needs immediate attention
37570. Morris Birenbaum  
37569. Cindy Adler  
37568. Richard F. Powell stop the hate
37567. David Brusin  
37566. David Berman  
37565. James Keeling  
37564. Seth Bloom  
37563. Cindy Adler  
37562. Vernon Dorn lets make it a good world for all people
37561. Ron F  
37560. lorraine loeb  
37559. Clara Lew  
37558. Irma Barishpolsky  
37557. Jack Finzi  
37556. Royal M. Duncan  
37555. joan feldman  
37553. Harry Baron  
37552. Jack Finzi  
37551. Barbara Lember  
37550. Art Jacobs  
37549. Marilyn Lipson I do not understand why this would ever be allowed to appear on Google. Quite shocking.
37548. Carol K. Stoler  
37547. susan halpern  
37546. susan halpern  
37545. Jeff Caplan  
37544. Rachael Gordon  
37543. Jeffrey Wacksman How can you support this
37542. Isaac you should remove it without pettitions, it's something that matters not only the jewish community but all the people that they are against antisemitism of all kind
37541. paul e. robinson  
37540. kathie veloric  
37539. lorraine loeb  
37538. Mara Cole  
37536. Gilbert Nickelson  
37535. Harold Hammer As a Jew, I have the right and obligation to decide what is permissable on the internet. This site JewWatch.com is not acceptable to me, so take it off now.
37534. M Singer  
37533. Diane Lifshen  
37532. Benjamin Katz  
37531. Justin Brown Please remove the site or place it in another order when searched
37530. Jack Weiss  
37529. Ashley Bram-Johnson  
37528. BERNARD DOMANSKI Horrible ... this must be removed
37527. Ann M. Abrams  
37526. Lisa Hartman jewwatch.org is a despicable website. Please remove it at once.
37525. sarah piehl google is the most respected search site -- keep it that way. thanks
37524. Nancy Jacobs  
37523. Jason  
37522. Russ Abrahams  
37521. Hal Schmerer  
37520. TL  
37519. Adam Posman Please remove the listing
37518. Jan  
37517. Adam Kroll  
37516. S Cohen  
37515. Ian Abrams Remove JewWatch.com for Google
37514. Myron Nack  
37513. Dorit Amir  
37512. Yocheved Mintz We'd expect Google to be more responsible!
37511. Miriam Burstein  
37510. bernice  
37509. Phil  
37508. michael rosenfeld  
37507. Willow  
37506. A. Fenton  
37505. leonard caminer  
37504. Walter Kass  
37503. Gwen Cooper  
37502. florence Lansman  
37501. Ivy Pressendo  
37499. Nicki Reisenthel  
37498. Sheila Giller  
37497. Dina Finzi  
37496. Alex  
37495. Boris Barishpolsky  
37494. Rinat Gremberg  
37493. â ââââ
37492. Kenneth Gatta Take it off now!
37491. Ben Spitz  
37490. Honee A. Hess Please remove this anti-semitic link.
37489. cssteinert@hotmail.com disgusting
37488. Dorette Amir  
37486. Cindy  
37485. Mel Schwartz  
37484. BorisTsekinovsky  
37483. Paula Shulak State of Delaware
37482. harriet goldburg  
37481. harry reingold  
37480. donald bartolacci  
37479. vlad 31
37478. Bill Frank I am suprised that Google would allow this to happen but more suprised that a petition is needed, bad choice Google
37477. Jerry & Polly Harteis  
37476. Andrew Sessler  
37475. rachel drori  
37474. Laura  
37473. jeff aronoff  
37472. Jillian Gould  
37471. francis mirkin disappointed in Google
37470. Al Chame  
37469. James Haring  
37468. Alvin L. Edelstein  
37467. ãã ã
37466. d m breslow  
37465. Boris Kharkhurin Remove this site from search
37464. Anne Mendel  
37463. zoe balfour  
37462. Fran Shuster  
37461. Frederick M. Corper This is a disgrace to our nation and our flag
37460. martin Darlow sick people all over the place
37459. Charles Konar  
37458. Rebeca Sod  
37457. AJ Chamoy I am so embarrased that my brother in law works for Google.
37456. Christopher Tyner Remove Jew Watch
37455. L. Nathan  
37454. Tony Mazeika  
37453. Michael Jacobs  
37452. Kayla Reich This site is disgusting. It represents the Jewish people only in a negative way, this is not right.
37451. Carol Cohan  
37450. Dan Yochelson Please remove
37449. Linda Fogarty  
37448. beth meyer  
37447. steven schipper  
37446. Margaret McHenry  
37445. Terry Greenberger never again
37444. Sara  
37443. Frank Gerstein  
37442. Nancy Margulies  
37441. David D. Keen  
37440. gale g shulman  
37439. Gabriel Soll this is an outrage
37438. RUBIN BAUM  
37437. dean  
37436. Jay Fliss Remove this horrific website now
37435. azweiss  
37434. C Matte  
37433. Mikki Edelstein  
37432. Michele Weiss  
37431. Henry Schwarz  
37430. Eitan Pinsky  
37429. Edwin M. Richardson  
37428. sagy  
37427. Andrew  
37426. Dania Sacks March  
37425. Staci Gelb  
37424. Andy Saag  
37423. Yoni Levitan That Site disgusts me, and google should IMMEDIATELY remove it
37422. Jen please remove the hate
37420. Steven Lane  
37419. yifat  
37418. Seymour Friedman  
37417. Kathleen Tyner please remove jewwatch site from list.
37416. Jessica lewis  
37415. Joshua Greenberg  
37413. Joshua Hara  
37412. gayle stanford  
37411. Diana Bartelli Carlin Please remove this immediately. As the stepmother of three Jewish children--I am Christian--I find it more than offensive.
37410. Alan Levitt  
37409. Bruce Meyer  
37408. Melinda Nakaya  
37407. dennis d carty  
37406. jacob elbaz please remove the site
37405. Diane Bachrach  
37404. Professor Aaron Polliack M.D Disgusting site !
37403. Anne Wangh  
37402. myron joshua  
37401. Leonard Geifman  
37400. Joe Fischbach  
37399. Elliott S. Glazer  
37398. Howard M. Epstein  
37397. Lisa Howard  
37396. Cara Maiman  
37395. Boris NO comment !
37394. John Mecholsky  
37393. george edelbaum Unfortuneately hate groups exist and it is part of the excellence of American free speech rights that this is permissible. However, it is disgusting that a search engine as widely used as Google should permit the first reference to any group of people be that of a hate group. Whether Jew, or Black, or Moslem, or anything else, it is the responsibility of organizations such as Google to put the hate far down in any search. I am deeply disturbed that it take a petition to make Google put hate at the end of the list.
37392. Roz Katz  
37391. Harry Baron  
37390. George Ratner  
37389. Joan Greathouse  
37388. David Lyle Caldwell  
37387. Daniel Shouval Shame
37386. Scott Alan  
37385. Joan Roman  
37384. Jill Loiben  
37383. Jill  
37382. Zecharia Kallai JewWatch is pathologically criminal
37381. Allison Kraus  
37380. Joshua Wexelbaum  
37379. Meredith Mendel  
37378. Adam Carvel  
37377. Jennifer Blitz  
37376. geoffrey ittleman  
37375. Marshall H. Kozinn the site is a disgrace to all decent americans
37374. michael goldmann gilead  
37373. Michael Sarid  
37372. Annette Townley  
37371. Maxine Szmulewitz  
37370. L. J. Seff  
37369. Colin Gafen  
37368. rebecca stevens  
37367. Anne Mavrides Jewwatch spews nothing but hatred!
37366. Rachel Miller  
37365. Donna Lynn Caldwell  
37364. Eve Earley  
37363. Jonah Creed  
37362. B Foster  
37361. Brian Ludmer Please remove this disgusting hate-filled site.
37360. jodi gold  
37359. Leslei Okladek  
37358. Noah Buchman This should eb done without a petition
37357. Bajowitz  
37356. David Levi-Hevroni  
37355. michael mesirov  
37354. m. kleinman  
37353. Carol Wasserman  
37352. DANIEL ARAD  
37351. roy  
37350. Theresa A FUlginiti  
37349. Harrison Kline-Aguado, Ph.D.  
37348. Lawrence H Levine free speech does not mean hate should be given prime position
37347. peter schwartz It should not be the first result or the I feel Lucky key!!
37346. N. Altman  
37345. Sarah Cohn  
37344. JacLynn Morris  
37343. Kenneth roman  
37342. Andrew Hammer  
37341. Dara Scully disgusting
37340. Diane Marinoff  
37339. Wilma Dalton  
37338. deborah a chomiw Google should be ashamed to have not removed this long ago from its site. Ebay and Amazon don;t allow hate or other offensive items why should google
37337. Matthew I.  
37336. Stuart Lederman  
37335. amy wittenberg  
37334. Ronald P. Berman  
37333. spencer halper we should not need a petition to keep sites like jewwatch off google
37332. Melanie Lieberman  
37331. Andrew S. Levy  
37330. Judith Cohen  
37329. Sondra Birch  
37328. Taly Russell  
37327. Bruce Jay Toland  
37326. su lesser  
37325. Jessica  
37324. Joseph Klement  
37323. Guy Buonocore  
37322. John Daniels  
37321. Ivan Gluckman  
37320. Kathleen Otwell  
37319. Murray Gilden  
37318. Yechiam Yemini  
37317. Marty Green  
37316. shirley hanick  
37315. L Myers  
37314. alfred quinones  
37313. Saul Brandman  
37312. Todd M. Litman  
37311. vanessa menkes  
37310. Frank Carl Grumet  
37309. Harvey Krauser  
37308. Ralph Singer  
37307. G. Saifer  
37306. Michael Daniels  
37305. Sabrina Freeman  
37304. cynthia smith  
37303. Dorothy Schlissel  
37302. James J Carroll  
37301. David Weinstein  
37300. Daniel Freeride  
37299. Dr Zvi Solow  
37298. Naomi Naierman  
37297. Edward Gams DISGRACEFUL!
37296. Cyril Wolfe We find the web site disgusting &object to it.
37295. Jim Grimwade  
37294. Rmross805 Please remove this awful site
37293. Les Szenes  
37292. adele Please remove ASAP!!
37291. dori cook  
37290. Shelley Maltwood  
37289. Gene Rubel  
37288. Larry Wachsman  
37287. stuart Hamilton Don't support bigotry
37286. jeffrey wilder  
37285. Harry Hes  
37284. Zecharia Kallai JewWatch is pathologically criminal
37283. Davut Habip  
37282. olivia cohen-cutler I am an avid google user. Do the right thing!
37281. Abe Gold Free speech cannot be limited to what we agree with.
37280. Elena Bushkanets  
37279. Lauren Rosenthal  
37278. adi winner  
37277. Andrew Feinstein  
37276. Sharon Herrera  
37275. marlene frantz  
37274. Jessica  
37273. Robert M. Hinden  
37272. Jeanne Griffin Smith I have changed my browser because of this issue.
37271. Mark Rosenblatt  
37270. toby grace  
37269. Phyllis Rubin disgusting
37268. joAnne Wiley  
37267. Earl Lande Absolutely disgusting
37266. Judy Levy  
37265. Bonnie Sumner  
37264. Elaine C. Johnson  
37263. Sheldon Rosenthal  
37262. Kim M. Ross  
37261. Zelda  
37260. Harvey Malter  
37259. Helen Bronstein  
37258. Herbert Golinkin This site is offensive and should be eliminated immediately. I don't think Google would require 50,000 to remove a site that was anti-black, but would remove it immediately.
37257. Gail Rudnitsky  
37256. Sara J. Newman  
37255. Seth  
37254. S.C. Brooks  
37253. Roger please remove this obscene website until you do I for one will no longer use your search engine
37252. Jan Barkan Deplorable
37251. miri  
37250. gene soher  
37249. Linda Ketner wish to put "JewWatch" down the list
37248. margaret Lichtenstein  
37247. wakefield remove jewwatch from the google search engine
37246. Rmross805 Please remove this awful site
37245. Danielle Fink  
37244. lior  
37243. Marla  
37242. Mervin  
37241. Dan Aron Disgusting!!!!!!
37240. David Locker  
37239. Richard Eichner get it off
37238. joe isaacson  
37237. Peter J. Curley  
37236. Samantha Klein  
37235. Agrossman  
37233. Richard Peterson All people are created equal; ignorance breeds rascism.
37232. Phyllis S. Nedelman  
37231. Lauren  
37230. Stephen Freeman  
37229. Jason Block  
37228. Gail Hammer  
37227. Jan Zausmer  
37226. Mark A. Hebda  
37225. Richard Halen  
37224. Rita Bellock google should be responsible for this hate site!!!
37223. Emma Hardy  
37222. rahel smith help us fight rising anti-jewish sentiment
37221. Jeff Zaretsky  
37220. Dr. Barbara Kmetz The fact that this is what our children will see on a Google search for "Jew" is not acceptable to me. Hate sites should not be encouraged.
37219. Robert D. Kaplow  
37218. Micki Weiner  
37217. Joanna Fribush Please remove this hateful site!
37216. Ilan Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine!
37215. Sandy Franzen  
37214. Samuel Taylor  
37213. Harry H. Fldman  
37212. Janice Smith  
37211. David Penna  
37210. Kieran Taylor  
37209. Dana Bolz  
37208. Glen Schwartzberg  
37207. Jon Schmerin  
37206. aliza katz  
37205. Carlo De Francesco  
37204. Marc Paige  
37203. Robert & Ilene Berish  
37202. Susan Reed  
37201. Charley Miller  
37200. Robin Lamm-Rosales  
37199. Taryn  
37198. David Perlin  
37197. Paul Evans  
37196. Seth Meisler  
37195. Greg Katzman  
37194. Daniel Schaeffer The site need not be removed from the search engine, but it should not be the first entry returned.
37193. Evan M. Weinberg  
37192. Susan Marano Remove it now!!!!
37191. Celine Kaufman  
37190. Edith Keren  
37189. marc berger  
37188. lois kay  
37187. doris klueger  
37186. Alisa Feldman  
37185. Robert E Solomon  
37184. Lori Schwartzberg  
37183. Miriam Fisch  
37182. Sherman Bloom  
37181. Martin Katz  
37180. Daniel Loundy An interesting site, if you like hate groups...
37179. Sam Sobelman  
37178. gordon dionne  
37177. Lisa Steinberg  
37176. John Henderson  
37175. Cheri Rosenthal  
37174. beth yareschevsky  
37173. Emily Vilensky  
37172. S Haims  
37171. Liora Krinsky  
37170. Leonard Nyman  
37169. Michael S. Kappy, M.D.  
37168. mary purbhoo  
37167. Raoul Bouskela  
37166. Rita Slavin  
37165. Susan Bedil  
37164. Brenda  
37163. Mary  
37162. Cathy Greenwald  
37161. David Haber I don't necessarily want banning but maybe you can move the listing from the top
37160. Edith Golub  
37159. Jeffrey Haar  
37158. daniel bachman  
37157. Barbara Sugarman Disappointing and shocking
37156. Alan Cohn  
37154. Cheryl Stevens  
37153. alice slater  
37152. theodore d. moskowitz more of the same old vile Turner Diaries,Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Blood Libel poison...needs exposure to the light and strong medecine.
37151. Lucia Harding What sad people in this world we live in...
37150. Leslie Cooper SHAME ON YOU!
37149. Merrill Haimsohn  
37148. Audrey R. Green  
37147. Jan Tullis  
37146. Amy Scog  
37145. Deborah S Bernardi  
37143. rimona pikoos  
37142. Marc Levin Please remove this offensive site
37141. Robin Sklar-Oettle  
37140. Josh Burgess  
37139. Frank J. Pascale This is ugly
37138. Barry Butler  
37137. Yael Nesher this is a despicable situation
37136. Ellen T. Rinde  
37135. Eleanor Daniels  
37134. Nomi L. Castle  
37133. Rickie Haith  
37132. Ronnie  
37131. lois Davis nasty
37130. Joel Weisberg  
37129. Iris Stein BE AWARE that ANYTHING a thinking person can do to help eliminate & positively educate our population about the ERRORS & DANGERS rampant in anti-semitism SHOULD BE DONE! You are proud of your wide-spread influence, now MAKE IT COUNT!
37128. Andrea Fleischman  
37127. Rod Ibieta  
37126. Melanie Gottlieb  
37125. Nancy I wonder if this number of signatures is required by the hate mongers as well.
37124. ynes sibilia  
37123. Allan Press  
37122. James Haimsohn  
37121. Michael Barzilay  
37120. Andy Tarnoff  
37119. robert kay  
37118. Stanley J. Byczek, Jr. I am for freedom of the press, but some people take it too far.
37117. Amy Ross  
37116. Erika Schwartz  
37115. Cecile Rechtman Disgusting that Google should allow this kind of AntiSemitic writing on their otherwise excellent Website.
37114. R. Green  
37113. Josh Rapp please remove this site from your listing - or at least make it not appear as the first hit.
37112. Joan Segal  
37111. Gil Cornblum  
37110. sandi ferber what a disgusting site this is..get rid of it!!
37109. Stewart CW Weiner  
37108. eileen conn  
37107. rimona pikoos  
37106. arlene taranto  
37105. JAY S GLICK  
37104. Jonette Hubred-Golden  
37103. Gina Adams Please remove from Google
37102. Martin van Gelder REMOVE THIS SITE!
37101. robert kay  
37100. rita levine  
37099. Genie  
37098. Erika Schwartz  
37097. William Rosko I am gtreatly diosappointed that you, Google, require a petition to remove sites like this.
37096. Shelly Hendler  
37095. Lorne Steinhart Please remove this immediately!
37094. Robin Loeb  
37093. Shale Baskin I will not use google until I get confirmation of change. Teoma etc are perfectly good sites. Don't need to support bigotry.
37091. countryart  
37090. Mark Traub  
37089. Brian Scott Mingus I believe the jewwatch.com website has unfairly manipulated the search purpose of google, and as a result is making honest, well-intentioned people suffer.
37088. Edward Gilbert  
37087. Sandra Gross  
37086. Irina Feldman  
37085. Tina Covington  
37084. genevieve levrant  
37083. S. Manheim  
37082. arnold bierman  
37081. Sizie  
37080. pauline shapiro  
37079. Debra Feldman  
37078. Pierre Fenster  
37077. Daniel Brod  
37076. Shelly Hendler  
37075. Phyllis Green  
37074. rene arnolis  
37073. Matt Borus  
37072. Wilie Linsk take it off
37071. S. Manheim  
37070. Donald L. Gable  
37069. Elaine Levy  
37068. pauline shapiro  
37067. Steven Wolfson, M.D. It is inappropriate for Google to support this site.
37066. Christina Law  
37065. Margot Andersen  
37064. Jesse Hara  
37063. bobbi wilson  
37062. ian w. smith  
37061. Deborah Adler  
37060. Robert Haimsohn  
37059. Arthur Plitt For shame allowing Hate
37058. mary lazarus  
37057. Norah Jackson  
37056. Alexander Baldwin  
37055. Michael Bernstein  
37054. Phil Goldband  
37053. S. Manheim  
37052. Dana Herdoon  
37051. Jacques L Zakin  
37050. Vladimir Slavutsky Outrageous!!!! Remove NOW!!!!
37049. Alison W Peck  
37048. Robert L Fink  
37047. A.Berman Remove jewwatch,.com
37046. Sizie  
37045. Ronald West  
37044. david This site clearly distributes hate messages towards Jews and should not be on any search engine.
37043. Eva Frank  
37042. Eva Frank  
37041. Linda Marshall  
37040. Phyllis Naken I can't believe that google would condone this
37039. Marvin Milner  
37038. merv jacobs  
37037. David Stockheim  
37036. Gregory Harding  
37035. Toby Wells Remove Hate
37034. Gina Adams Please remove from Google
37033. Jared Pinkus All hate sites should be removed. Google should not advance this type of speech.
37032. Ken Berman who needs Google anyway
37031. Rick Lyons  
37030. Decy Akers  
37029. Phil Richardson  
37028. Ronald West  
37027. Jack W Bergman  
37026. Lothar Mayer Hate is unconcionable
37025. Steve Diamond  
37024. Ira Englebardt  
37023. Sam Martin This site is outrageous!!!
37022. Assaf Matia  
37020. Max Yokell