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96000. Howard Fertig Google is my primary search engine - I'm affended by this!
95999. Michelle Friedman  
95998. Claudia C. Caine  
95997. Rubin  
95996. judy weiler  
95995. jerry zall  
95993. Amy Orciuolo This is appalling..I will Never use GOOGLE AGAIN!
95992. Ben Rubin  
95991. Irving Lebovics  
95990. Ruth Samuel  
95989. Deena Bloomstone  
95988. Ann Feldman You need 50,000 signatures to remove this trash? Why? It's as bad as child porn!
95987. sharon oren take it off!!!!
95986. Ellen Fabrikant  
95985. kate  
95984. Colette Newton  
95983. ivan ross  
95982. Lloyd Marks  
95981. Sirivan Sisouvong  
95980. Rachel Birch  
95979. Valerie Sonnino  
95978. Daphne Teifeld  
95977. giti jamach schemam
95976. R. Pincus  
95975. Yaron Tomer  
95974. Susan Thomson It is so outrageous that Google didn't remove JewWatch from the search engine on their own, and first require a petition to do it. Doesn't Google realize that they are contributing to hate mongering?
95973. Leonardo Wolochin  
95972. limor  
95971. Leeana carleton  
95970. martin posner  
95969. Kathy M. Rosenberg  
95968. karil robbins  
95966. Mitchell Savader An appalling lack of sensitivity and responsibility.
95965. David  
95964. C KAHN  
95963. Sharon Morgenbesser  
95962. Joseph Zabarsky  
95961. Darren Aronofsky  
95960. Roy Cobb  
95959. Lisa Fife  
95958. George G. Katz Google ought to be ashamed to need this.
95957. Sandra Brent  
95956. Serge Rimok This is disgusting! People who are still prejudice are still living in the past.
95955. Gillian S. Holmes  
95954. Krista Kieswetter  
95953. Jason Conlin  
95952. Davanna I am not jewish but I believe that smut such as this should not be allowed to continue
95951. Nancy Levin  
95950. Cecile Dobelbower  
95949. cathy certner  
95948. Marc J Bloom  
95947. Cynthia Rosenkranz  
95946. James Williams  
95945. Sandra Joffe  
95944. Jerome B.Sewell A disgusting site.
95943. Leanne Shulman  
95942. Barry A. Galman  
95941. richard rotberg  
95940. Herbert H. Bunis  
95939. Ryan Kalk  
95938. Henryka Nadel Hopefully there are enough names now to have google act.
95937. Melvin S. Finstein  
95936. stephen fenton  
95935. Debbie Shapiro  
95934. Mike and Leslie Lang  
95933. J AMBURGEY  
95932. Olivia Goldfine  
95931. david  
95930. Arlene and Richard Mann  
95929. Kelly Shepard  
95928. sean  
95927. Yoram  
95926. Erica  
95925. Alex Nicolau  
95924. Yoav  
95923. Andrew Antell  
95922. Ariel Gorfung  
95921. rachel hadar  
95920. sara f.  
95919. Lisa Olstein  
95918. will cooper peace, love, and unity my bredren.
95917. Herbert Stahl  
95916. Hyam Liebling  
95915. Ariel Free speech is one thing, hacking into sites to propagandize hatred violates our rights
95914. Jennifer Blumenberg Why can't Google just remove this out of a sense of common decency???
95913. miguel Kychenthal  
95912. Martin Lockman  
95911. Juan Ayala  
95910. Tom Wimber  
95909. Ken Citak  
95908. Stacey Gray No anti-semetic links.
95907. Pamela Gershowitz  
95906. Gerry Salomon  
95905. Yishai Hughes  
95904. Joe Goren  
95903. M.A. Franck Remove JewWatch from Google
95902. Mara Rosenblatt i understand this it is an automatic system and it is not googles fault that this is what the search yeilds however it is wrong to keep it that way and whether or not google sees its self as doing this but it is continuing the ciculation of anti semitism
95901. James R. Barclay  
95900. Eliana A Marcus  
95899. Laura J. Lewis  
95898. Jay Palevsky  
95897. Jeffrey D Marcus  
95896. Art Neumann  
95895. Beverly Mays Google needs to be more responsible!
95894. Marge Grossman  
95893. Daniel Ast  
95892. Felice Greenbaum  
95891. Lisa K. Barclay  
95890. Barry Kushner  
95889. nitin patel  
95888. Wendy Fine  
95887. Bill Dolnick  
95886. Rpse Margolis Please remove JewWatch from the search engine.
95885. Jason Fox  
95884. Carol Ghatan need to remove it now
95883. Raymond 21st Century!!! what a shame!!!
95882. Eugenio Toppelberg  
95881. amy bernstein  
95880. Ruth Schwartz  
95879. Janine Saperson I would be disappointed if google did not rise to this request
95878. Brian Coleman  
95877. Maya  
95876. Shimona Kleiner-Tal  
95875. mindy siegel  
95874. Leslie Terner  
95873. Adrian Sieradzki  
95872. M Rom This should never be allowed. It is digusting
95871. james eisberg google shouldn't had let it appear in the 1st place
95870. Aaron Bernstein,MD  
95869. jen weiss  
95868. Melissa  
95867. Gilda R. Phillips Disgraceful and Shameful
95866. Gail De Sciose  
95865. Jill Siegelbaum  
95864. Frank L. Stahl  
95863. Anna  
95862. Norbert Gottenberg  
95861. Molly Neikirk  
95860. Marcus Smith  
95859. David Weisberg  
95858. Amy Paul  
95857. Jill Tuazon  
95856. Arthur Garrett  
95855. Jobi Rosen Absolutely abhorrent!
95854. Christine Mutter  
95853. debbie berkowitz  
95852. Darren Blend Please remove this disgusting website
95851. Michael Doman  
95850. Dana S.  
95849. TED  
95848. Shlomo Barak  
95847. Arlyn Kuluva  
95846. KEREN  
95845. Lea Salant Please remove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
95844. Jody Schwarcz  
95843. Ellen Iannotti  
95842. Deborah Grausman  
95841. R. May  
95840. Mark Salkie  
95839. Melanie T. Full Hate, Empty "info," Exposed!In Short 'Jewwatch' is an obsessive attempt [by Neo Nazis (Yes, no matter how much Nazis hate all 'non whites,' they manage to "cooperate" in this 'unholy' alliance) & Islamo Radical Fascist combined] to put any dirt on anything Jew or Jewish, from the most silly "conspiracy" theories to any case throughout history throughout the entire world that may or may not involve a person with any relations to Jews. Nothing about a supposedly "organized Jews' culpability" can ever be made [as oppose to serious research:,, & other targeting militant organized crimes] (wonder Why Google doesn't promote them right up front as soon as "muslim", "Arab", is been typed) of, on anything of course, even if those isolated incidents involve a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Arab, Germans, etc., or what have you. The very fact that they have accumulated this garbage just on 'Jews', Reafirms fact of Jewish Innocent
95838. Ian Bonner  
95837. susan  
95836. Trond  
95835. Eileen Agnes  
95834. Carly Schwartz  
95833. efi this needs to be stopped
95832. eg  
95831. Irving Freilich  
95830. Naomi Shaw Zero tolerance against Semitism
95829. Hillary Epstein  
95828. Robert Dubin DC Put hate last!
95827. sean  
95826. Ken Simmons  
95825. oren google should not become a hate engine
95824. Leslie  
95823. art it is offensive
95822. Myra Frapart  
95821. fred marsh  
95820. Ruth Zimerman  
95819. Andrew E. Schantz  
95818. Mark Bernstein  
95817. Faye Milliken Please, remove this site from Google Search
95816. Denise Conn  
95815. Mary Long I am disgusted with Google's reaction to the request to remove the site from search results.
95814. Wes Goldberg  
95813. Ellen Lee  
95812. eli katz  
95811. Lynda Beckler  
95810. Debbie Deutsch  
95809. Goldrein, Neville C.  
95808. Sophia Menn š
95807. Celeste Dupox  
95806. Jack Rabin  
95805. Nina Friedman  
95804. Fouad Sossanpour  
95803. Isaac Benchimol  
95802. Aviva  
95801. sherrie fleeter  
95800. teresa fair stop the hate, get this site off of google!
95799. Alexander Lifliand  
95798. anthony shapiro remove this disgusting site
95797. marsha witt  
95796. Elaine Salkie  
95795. Jon Barron  
95794. nardimon dov  
95793. Karin  
95792. David Feldman  
95791. e a brenner please review this site and its intent and take all necessary actions against the owners
95790. J. Costello This is disgusting
95789. Eric S Peisner  
95788. Erica B. Jewell  
95787. Raisa Sigalova  
95786. Joseph Murray  
95785. Jared Freilich  
95784. s. diner  
95783. Janet Lieberman  
95782. Jakob Siesby We cannot afford to remain passive when confronted with such hatemongering
95781. Brian Tafler  
95780. Liron Bezalel  
95779. malcolm witt there is no reason for anti-semitism
95778. Reuven Eiland  
95777. Dawn Topper  
95776. s green  
95775. yaffa shtoyer  
95774. Cynthia Kahn  
95773. Andrea Walters  
95772. Deborah Bezalel  
95771. Will Fritz  
95770. Jennifer Steinberg  
95769. Gail Friedman Beck no site should be allowed to express hate toward any group of people in the USA
95768. Harry Fried  
95767. Chris Martin  
95766. Lisa Skierka  
95765. Claire Bessermann  
95764. gina bergman disgusting
95763. Phil Himelstein  
95762. Paula Badalament  
95761. Nancy Lewis  
95760. Deborah Pawlosky  
95759. Aviad  
95758. Levin Lea  
95757. Ruth Goldberg Don't aid the rise of anti-semitism
95756. Janet Joseph  
95755. Marvin Engelberg  
95754. rochelle marcus  
95753. Steve Goren  
95752. Mitchell Pumpian Please help eliminate anti-semitism
95751. Steven Barnes remove it immediately!
95750. Isaiah D. Cooper I wish the petition were more clearly stated.
95749. Stuart Detsky  
95748. Irene  
95747. George Mayka  
95746. Toby Ellen Sterling I can't believe that we STILL have this in this day and time
95745. eddy wiltzer disgusting message you portray
95744. allen brik  
95743. Cliff Molin  
95742. Diane Goldman  
95741. Melvyn Lebetkin  
95740. Baruch HaLevi I will be switching search engines until rectified
95739. Christiana Brinton remove it immediately!
95738. sandra marks  
95737. Stephen Kelley please help us to stop this hatred
95736. Marilyn Green  
95735. Cathie Carr  
95734. peter white  
95733. Marilyn Frankel Thanks for being willing to remove JewWatch
95732. Debbie Joseph  
95731. Carolyn Israel  
95730. Walter Levy  
95729. Janelle Butner  
95728. EdgarAlan Nutt Ê
95727. Nathan Sherman I support any legitimate cause that fosters better understanding and relations.
95726. Stuart Daicth  
95725. Joanne Naiman  
95724. David Gordon  
95723. mlangille  
95722. brian Marks  
95721. Denee J. Mattioli  
95720. Robert Halliday  
95719. Dana Laven with all the hate in this world why should ther be more to fule the fire! PLEASE lets not add any more fule!!!
95718. Barbara Cooke  
95717. Judy Gordon  
95716. Michael Tsifansky  
95715. Leonid Finkelshteyn  
95714. Divon Lan  
95713. Martha K. Ryan Please take immediate action!
95712. Dawna Koby  
95711. charles wasserman Anti-Americsn, Anti-Bush. Anti-Christian, etc.
95710. s lewis  
95709. Catherine  
95708. S Neuman Thanks.
95707. Stephanie Kushner  
95706. Beate Gordon  
95705. Bonnie Oak Boesky  
95704. phil rutstein shame on you!!!!
95703. David L. Konick  
95702. Jennifer Swindon I am speachless that we should have to spend time signing such a peition.
95701. Karen Sebbag  
95700. Joe this is digusting & shameful
95699. Joshua Bach  
95698. Marilyn Sheffman  
95697. Mike Ligator  
95696. Louis Schure  
95695. Omid Pouratian This is a disgrace!
95694. N Kalvin  
95693. Ayalah  
95692. Renato LainerSchwartz  
95691. pam robbin  
95690. Ariela Robinson  
95689. Dena Korer  
95688. Melissa Hood  
95687. Andy i'm not a jew, but it still looks harsh to mock other peoples beliefs
95686. Gene  
95685. Anita Efron  
95684. Boy Prevos  
95683. Josh Brinkers  
95682. Eido Jacobowitz  
95681. Bobbi Leung  
95680. M. Deutschman  
95679. Lisa Wilson  
95678. Anthony Lebovitch  
95677. penny kornblum remove
95676. Christina Gallardo  
95675. Shirley Resnick  
95674. Marcus Lehmberg  
95673. Stuart L. Markoff Truly outrageous and dangerous. It's the equivalent of hollaring fire in a crowded theater.
95672. Doris  
95671. Ewa Lewinger  
95670. dikla dotan  
95669. Ellen Rose  
95668. Steve Levy  
95667. dd  
95666. alice frost  
95665. Lloyd Bucher This is offensive!
95664. Paula Y. Arons  
95663. Mark LoPatin Obscene
95662. A. Klausner  
95661. Michele Sinoway  
95660. ilene brecher  
95659. Rosanne Stein  
95658. jake onrot  
95657. Janet Rudolph  
95656. julius zimand  
95655. Melissa Garland  
95654. Yevgeniy Tekhneryadov This is rediculous
95653. Robert S. Zelko  
95652. medina  
95651. Sandra Sarnoff  
95650. Ben McKune I know by putting my e-mail address on this petition I will probably get the heck spammed out of me but IT'S WORTH IT!!!
95649. MARK FELSEN  
95648. Lester Janoff  
95647. Ariela Margolis  
95646. gil ezz  
95645. shmuel kupferstein  
95644. Terri Hurley  
95643. Maya Buryakovsky  
95642. Dr Daniel Rouah This is racist
95641. daniel a sloane  
95640. Rebecca Lyter  
95639. Lawrence Linnetz  
95638. Randi Valerious  
95637. Nancy Casey It occurs that this should be listed under "W" after the word Jew just like it would be in the dictionary.
95636. Jane  
95635. Phyllis Novick  
95634. Joan Gravitz  
95633. Sharlene Forbes  
95632. ejcender  
95631. Steve Wollins  
95630. Jervis and Janet Wolfe Remove the from site!!!
95629. Gerald Kaufman  
95628. Matt Remove. Anti-semitism is not funny.
95627. SK Kohn  
95626. Melissa Stamps  
95625. naomil levy please don't encourage hate
95624. Michele Turk  
95623. Karla Alwes it's disgraceful that we have to "petition" to remove the offensive language--I don't think we would have to if the language were racist instead of anti-semitic.
95622. Ray Audrey  
95621. raymond kaufman Remove it.
95620. josef Zacharowicz Get it together Google stop any hatred
95619. Marguerite Dean  
95618. Daniela Di Veroli  
95617. Agi Shani remove it
95616. Magnus  
95615. Sarah Please help to remove this off the Internet!! This is a disgrace to Google and humanity.
95614. Dave Abels I will no longer use Google until I hear that JewWatch is removed from the Google search engine.
95613. barbara harris  
95612. Avner Avesar  
95611. Pearl Friedman  
95610. Karen Cree What will it take to stop the hatred?
95609. Lior Mordoch  
95608. Tom McCurry  
95607. Madeleine Maxwell  
95606. Richard Press  
95605. iojai boim  
95604. David Karasik Anti-Semitism belongs to the outskirts of the society, let it stay there, not at the site for enlighted folks
95603. Monica Pastorok  
95602. Rachel  
95601. William Scharf Stand up against Anti-Semitism! Never Again!
95600. Shula Luck remove it!
95599. rebecca buxbaum  
95598. sophia flucker  
95597. Gail Volk  
95596. carla wormser Google has always been my favorite--until now.
95595. mark besca  
95594. Cecilia Levacov Berlim I am jewish and this is an important issue to me.
95593. Zikel Uri  
95592. gerald horrendous
95591. Raquel Rechtman  
95590. Audrey Dolph  
95589. Orna Schneider  
95588. Carol  
95587. issie cramer  
95586. cohen Albert It is sad that this petition is even needed. Humans never seem to learn from the past!
95585. betsy handwerker  
95584. Robert Dolph  
95583. Rosalie Switzen  
95582. Teo Limosnero  
95581. Michael Snider For all that is decent Google should just remove this site without a petition. Google you are either the answer to the problem or you are the problem.
95580. jam  
95579. nicole kelly please close this site.
95578. Tracey Goldstein  
95577. Nicole' L. Jackson-Felton Have we forgotten that heaven is not "automatic?"
95576. Perry Switzen  
95575. jayne demsky  
95574. philip jampole  
95573. Deborah Reiff  
95572. Louise Katz  
95571. F. Rosenberg  
95570. Sydelle Wax Being Jewish, I very much resent JewWatch
95569. daniel lyons  
95568. rona wagner  
95567. Ron Berman  
95566. Alexis Wilkerson It is sickening that "Google" would allow such a thing! I will actively pray that you receive ALL of the support needed & ASAP!!....If GOD is for us, who can be against us?! His Blessings to all of you
95565. Nicola Denny  
95563. sanford seide  
95562. Irv Freilich  
95561. margie michalowitz  
95560. karen jampole  
95559. Robert W Dunn I am appalled by this site!
95558. w fleischmann Does not reflect a true identity of Jewws
95557. shari pinna  
95556. Harvey Adelberg  
95555. Jennifer McCabe  
95554. J. Walker  
95553. Marjorie Cohen  
95552. Jonathan Gold  
95551. Anita Hack  
95550. Bruce Oreck  
95549. S.L. Goldstein Anti-Semitism is reaching epic levels; let's take steps to keep it under control.
95548. Michael Kaplan Remove this trash
95547. Dalia Margalit-Faircloth  
95546. norman adler  
95545. Solomon Stein not worthy of your normally good search engine
95544. Sam Hack  
95543. Allan Schmeling  
95542. Steve Felsen  
95541. alida rubin  
95540. Ed Filhaber  
95539. Steve Levine  
95538. Claudia J. Holland Hate perpetuates itself.
95537. maureen kotler  
95536. Fred Gordon Google needs to be responsible to avoid promoting hate against any group
95535. Terri  
95534. Jacob Shapiro  
95533. Henry Blachorsky  
95532. Chris Mills I don't believe that any hate sites should be allowed in a search engine.
95531. Joe Lobko  
95530. Dale Filhaber  
95529. K This needs to go.
95528. R Levy  
95527. L. J. Ross  
95526. Taryn Chaifetz  
95525. Irene Barrett stop the hate!!!
95524. donny sheinwald  
95523. Carolyn Rose REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
95522. Marlene Tenen  
95521. Yael  
95520. steve kaplan  
95519. Daniel J Aronoff  
95518. Stanley H. Elman  
95517. Sara Kimbell  
95516. emmy dorfman  
95515. Guy  
95514. Harold Oslick  
95513. Satch Norton Remove the site!!!!
95512. Jean Timmermann  
95511. rich  
95510. sefton bergson this site must be removed
95509. Freidy Saffati I can't believe such hate, it's pure envy that's all!
95508. Honey Goldfein-Perry  
95507. Deborah Howard Please remove from the Google search engine
95506. gail manning  
95505. Martha Baziz  
95504. Stu Rosenstein  
95503. Reuven Topper  
95502. carmen hope you get it removed for everyone´s sake
95501. Gary Paaren  
95500. Joel Silver  
95499. Hila Kollnesher  
95498. Catherine Grimes  
95497. Frank M Milliken  
95496. Harry Frankel Please remove from your search engine!
95495. Lynn Friedman  
95494. Roslyn Romanoski I agree with freedom of speech but this is over the line
95492. Alan R. Feldstein  
95491. rosenthal  
95490. Justin A Silverman  
95489. Helen Giller  
95488. S. R. Zukin  
95487. richard gibbs  
95486. jonathan zenios  
95485. Harlan Dwoskin  
95484. Rachel Katz  
95483. Cathy Dudas  
95482. Betty Gordy  
95481. Deborah Gimelson Get rid of this horrible site !!!!
95480. Henry S. Landan  
95479. Warren A. Sapir Please do the right thing and help fight anti-Semitism.
95478. Capelovitch it is despeakable,dont use google
95477. Chany Engelman  
95476. Dr. Jerry Goldman  
95475. David Levine  
95474. Hobart A. Lerner  
95473. Deyna Selkin  
95472. Leezah Hertzmann  
95471. j levin  
95470. Ronda Kahn  
95469. Holly E. Humphreys  
95468. moshe scheiner  
95467. melvin belsky  
95466. sharon rosenfield Take it off
95465. Dr. Barnett Parker shame on you, google
95464. Edward Towbin  
95463. philip wolff This site is criminal
95462. Judy Hirschmann  
95461. Jo Malin  
95460. Candace Edelman  
95459. Noam  
95458. Dean Preddie  
95457. Sheila  
95456. Susan C. Rich  
95455. ido daniely this site not excistent but anyway:)
95454. Stephanie McIntyre  
95453. Suzy Zarett  
95452. Murray M. Rubin That site is filth
95451. Bonnie Stone  
95450. Hindee Rosner Google don't allow your service to carry such hate
95448. bev goldberg  
95447. b.davimes disgusting please remove
95446. Lior Berrebi  
95445. Werther Family I am ashamed to see that discrimination is just a normal part of daily life
95444. barbara sherwood  
95443. Janet Rosenbaum  
95442. Esther Glat  
95441. Julie Iodice  
95440. Jessica Manson  
95439. Alex Goldberg  
95438. Bethany Brodsky-Porges  
95437. Dave Rosenberg  
95436. Ruth Weiner  
95435. Jim  
95434. jeremy levine  
95433. Larry Koltun  
95432. Claire Gluck  
95431. isaac brilleman  
95430. Maria D Farnos  
95429. Jeremy Steiger  
95428. Deborah Henley Nothing surprises me anymore!
95427. Paula Yeager disgraceful
95426. meir stern please remove this garbage
95425. Michael C. Rudolph  
95424. cat  
95423. Lynn Viola  
95422. Analu Levacov shame on you, google! Having indexed this site has nothing to do with freedom of expression but with freedom to destroy and hate and to be unjust, unfair, un-human. REMOVE that treat, in the name of ethic, dignity, fairness, decency, love AND JUSTICE!!!!
95421. Anatoly Tsaliovich While there may be certain legal limitations to what Google can do, there are also legal requirements limiting the hate propaganda
95420. Andrew E. Gluck  
95419. jay lender  
95418. org site disgusting
95417. Bruce Zarett  
95416. Ian Rabinovitch I too am shocked that an orginization such as google would allow itself to be a pawn for hatred and bigotry
95415. Dr. Mildred A. Cohn Google's "explanation" is one very bad example of letting computers -- not intelligent human beings--make decisions!
95414. FRANCO Mardochée  
95413. André C. Wilner  
95412. Bob Saadai  
95411. Natasha  
95410. Louise Robertson  
95409. Hank Horowitz  
95408. sam lavian  
95407. Barbara Inyan  
95406. adeline lender  
95405. LARRY GLICK  
95404. a.d. mart  
95403. Annie Valdez  
95402. Jane Lowe  
95401. m. deutsch  
95400. Barbara Schill Get rid of that hateful site!
95399. Shaurain Farber  
95398. Rickey Slezak please do so as a matter of conscience
95397. Lisa Berger  
95396. Eliahu Blum  
95395. jeannine brilleman  
95394. Shmulik Juchtman  
95393. Jennifer W. Wolkowitz  
95392. Debra Schaffer  
95391. Steven A. Rosenstein Are any comments necessary?
95390. Yeva Lesokhin  
95389. Jennifer Tantleff  
95388. E.J.L. van der Pol  
95387. Nikki Voccio  
95386. J. Avery  
95385. charles reisman  
95384. chayie lowy  
95383. Sara Ganton  
95382. isaac brilleman  
95381. abe  
95380. harry weiser  
95379. jeff anti semitic to be first
95378. N.L. van der Pol  
95377. Kym Imber  
95376. Susan Leider  
95375. Kim Blazer  
95374. William Engelhart remove this listing from your engine!!
95373. George Glotzer  
95372. Moshe Ziporen  
95371. B.J. de Lange  
95370. Diane Davison  
95369. MALKY KATZ  
95368. Ira M. Kleinmuntz  
95367. Felice Sussman I think that Jewwatch is patently offensive please remove
95366. Linda Worthington  
95364. Andrea Wollock  
95363. Deborah Susman  
95362. Darlene Kelly  
95361. Fred Saide  
95360. J.J.J. de Lange  
95359. Judy Kress  
95358. Susan W. Tofias inappropriate
95356. Alan Burack  
95355. Brenda Cooperman  
95354. Marilia Levacov  
95353. Paige Milner  
95352. Moishe Perl  
95351. Aaron Mendlowitz  
95350. Stephen Lev  
95349. Smadar Friede  
95348. Jill Pogach Michaels please be more considerate with promoting hate websites!
95347. David Sclar  
95346. Dan Laxer  
95345. gschwarz  
95343. Chana Wynick Considering all the media coverage of how the Jews are the 'bad guys' in the world at the moment, this isn't helping to create peace. GET RID OF IT!!
95342. Marcy Kurland  
95341. Ron Richman  
95340. Michael Sclar  
95339. Anna Doherty  
95338. Ruth Perlstein  
95337. Stanley Spoont  
95336. Libby vAnker  
95335. Noah Bookbinder  
95334. Joan Wynne Shame on Google - make the change!!
95333. vicci kane  
95332. Jane Zukin  
95331. Z. Thee  
95330. Nikki Collier  
95329. Susanne Rothschild  
95328. Sarit I am shocked and deeply offended !!!!
95327. Sideny L. Bursten this is disgusting, vile, hateful material. it shoiuld not come up because somone searches for "jew"
95326. debbie guedalia this is an unacceptable site
95325. David Brook  
95324. Dennis Amoils  
95323. Laura Berry  
95321. niva  
95320. BENNY GANZ  
95319. H.Marksfield spreading hate is a sign of weakness. It lowers the high standards upon which America was founded.
95317. Yael Erlitz  
95316. Rhea Stadtmauer  
95315. Zipporah Livneh  
95314. Steven  
95313. morris  
95312. giami  
95311. Jeff Pollak This needs to be removed!
95310. Debbie Romanoski  
95309. James W. Carey  
95308. M. Gordon  
95306. Lianne Harris Offensive web site if it comes up when just putting in the word Jew. If someone wants antisemitic information the search word should be antisemite Jewish hate site.
95305. maddy le mel  
95304. harry finkelstein hatred will end this world
95302. Miriam Fishman  
95301. arleen goldman  
95300. Al Rees  
95299. Cintia Zatz  
95298. Stephen Donenfeld  
95297. Amy Burtner  
95296. Marti Sivi Get this trash off a website. It is hateful, and reflects poorly on Google
95295. Peter Benisti You should not tainte your pre-IPO momentum with this!
95293. Judy Susskind  
95292. Neil Cutler  
95291. Robert Glazer There is no place for hatred and bigotry in our World
95290. Harvey Maclin  
95289. Carl Hoffman  
95288. Wendell Fogland  
95287. Arie Lichtig  
95284. nicole portnoy  
95283. Carol Amster  
95282. Ruth Leon  
95281. alan bulafkin delete google!!!!!!!!!!!
95280. Dennis  
95279. Mortimer Spitalny  
95278. Mel Moore  
95277. Shmuel Idler  
95276. Deborah Caine If not removed I will not ever use Google again.
95275. michelle j newman the jews get blamed for all.gratitude should given
95274. Deborah J. Flanigam JewWatch should not be the first site one sees when you plug in the word Jew. Is it the first site you see when you plug in Anti-Semitism? It should go.
95273. Cristina Vidal  
95272. Barry Hakim Should not be first in the search results.
95271. Janet Corey search engines should not become hate engines
95270. Richard Wulf, M.D.  
95269. Philip Aronson  
95268. B Rich  
95267. Margo Howard  
95266. Josh Bauml  
95265. Sheryl Checkman  
95264. Martin R. Crowetz Sr.  
95263. Nina Questal  
95262. Bonnie Lappin  
95261. Lin Sunshine  
95260. Adam Blain  
95259. Barbara Barry  
95258. lynn delancey Please remove this highly offensive site from Google search.
95257. Dani Linnetz  
95256. Mary Lynn Rhodes  
95255. Matthew Pester  
95254. Stan Spergel  
95253. Mike Carpman  
95252. David Garcia Palestine Free!!!!!!! Stop to the terroristo Sionist Goverment!!!!!!!
95251. Julie Marx  
95250. Steven Sykes  
95249. Richard Brounstein  
95248. Joan Miller remove this and any other sites like it
95247. Samantha Shulman  
95246. Sara A. Cohen  
95245. bernard cohen  
95244. Julie Solomon  
95243. Hanin Guy  
95242. Melvin S Zaret Germany, concerned with its image is reaching out to Jews; it would be unlikely to permit this Google conduct.
95241. Brian Waldman  
95239. jeffrey cohen  
95238. Yaakov luban  
95237. debi wexler  
95236. Robby Devery Google is such a valuable tool for accessing the web. It is my hope that the company will be socially comitted to address the need for change. Thank you.
95235. Joshua Olatunde  
95233. Mark Breseman  
95232. Beverley M.Shandler  
95231. Lynne E. Cole  
95230. veronique rosenberg  
95229. Steven Goodman  
95228. Karen It should not be allowed to be on Google
95227. Clive Charles Hyman  
95226. David Pasternack  
95225. jd salivan  
95224. robert dienstag  
95223. Ilana Klarman  
95222. david sadowski  
95221. irwin w. davis  
95220. Ann Mann We are all made of the same stuff. Why HATE others because they think differently.
95219. Joe Cooper  
95218. Paula Bernstein  
95217. Sidney Lan thanks gog we got guns now
95216. Sue Liebman  
95215. Craig A Massoth  
95214. Jim Goldie  
95213. Jamie Goad  
95212. Adam Romanoski  
95211. T Supra  
95210. shirit katz  
95209. Avigdor Fuld  
95208. Joel R. Caplin  
95207. Stuart Schurr  
95206. anthony waidhofer  
95205. Ronald Gold  
95204. A;lan D. Lehrer  
95203. Mali Vishnevsky  
95202. Emily Bitton  
95201. Phyllis Sternthal  
95200. Janet Levine I am appalled that Google would allow such bad taste information on their Engine. I will change search Engines if this site is not removed.
95199. Shay Korentayer  
95198. nurit  
95197. Raphael Helman  
95196. Hannah  
95195. Lee Bluemel  
95194. agathe  
95193. Jodi Smith Out of respect for our Jewish friends and family I respectfully request that you remove the link to this site or at least lower its page rank so as not to be the first site to show up.
95192. Steven Schachter  
95191. JOY SUSAN  
95190. Andy  
95189. Michael Miller shouldn't signing this be enough of a comment
95188. carol link  
95187. Marilyne Rose We must stand together against anti-semitism
95186. Judy Kantor  
95185. Doris Lustine How can such a wonderful search engine allow this to remain on your site. It should be removed immediately once you have been educated, not after receipt of 50,000 names.
95184. Lisa Ring Get rid of it!
95183. Patricia Hetzler  
95182. Malcolm Gordon Disgraceful. If it isn't removed, Google should be shut down.
95181. Itamar korecky  
95180. daniel weisblot I will not use google again until i hear that they remove this site
95179. Brad Etlin  
95178. Paul Rockower  
95177. joe š
95176. Ellen Goldstein  
95175. Denise J.  
95174. Anna  
95173. Philip Schloss  
95172. George Schwarz Obnoxious site with lies
95171. karen engelberg  
95170. omer korecky  
95169. erin grossman  
95168. Joanne Shanzer  
95167. Whitney Taxman  
95166. Donald B. Brick  
95165. sarah  
95164. elizabeth cate  
95163. Rosie Teper Please remove this highly offensive web site.
95162. J. Citron  
95161. Meir Alexander  
95160. Marc Axel Please remove
95159. shachar  
95158. Alex Malinsky  
95156. Christine Kublanski  
95155. Eleanor Brooks  
95154. Raphael Prober  
95153. Ron Leibovitz  
95152. Joseph Pomeranz  
95151. Cheryl Barish  
95150. David Bistricer  
95149. Peter Gelman it's about time
95148. margery seid  
95147. anat  
95146. Earl J. Barish  
95145. Sherry Brill Please remove NOW!
95144. Beth L. Dzodin-Fuchs  
95143. A.W.Sheinberg  
95142. Michael Silvermintz  
95141. judith pestronk  
95140. Bruce Kaplan  
95139. Barry Brooks  
95138. Harry  
95137. Joan Pomeranz please remove this disgusting site
95136. phil fisher disgusting - will never use google again, unless action is taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
95135. Ginger Reding  
95134. Dan Goldstein  
95133. Bonnie Shopper  
95132. Gayle Cutler There is enough hate in the doesn't need a website too!
95131. Natacha Berkowitz  
95130. Fred Hiken never again
95129. Roselyn Bell Remove this anti-Semitic, racist site from your search engine/
95128. Caroll I. Garcia  
95127. S. Weiss how could a civilized world allow this kind of hatred to spread?
95126. IB Cooperman REMOVE this obscene website!!
95125. richard behrman  
95124. Derek J. Content  
95123. Nathan Fuchs  
95122. Michal Maoz  
95120. steve denmark  
95119. Martine  
95118. Kathryn Asher  
95117. Jonathan Arbelle  
95116. Richard B. Aronson  
95115. David J. Fink  
95114. Rena Frankel  
95113. Nora Wizenberg  
95112. Laura Breckman  
95111. Mark Lehrman  
95110. Charles Attias  
95109. C Ginsberg  
95108. RCW  
95107. Eligoulachvili Alain  
95106. P. Goldsmith  
95105. Lori Silverbush  
95104. karen kessler  
95103. Janet Faber  
95102. Phyllis Holson  
95101. L Shocker  
95100. Ruth Tysman  
95099. Vicki Rose  
95098. lisa slater  
95097. Risa Spindler  
95096. Ira Bernstein  
95095. Alan Sheinberg  
95094. Harold Gottlieb  
95093. stuart barasch  
95092. Tina Grohslicht Why are you trying to "CREATE" further hatred??
95091. Ben  
95090. Bruce Gimelson  
95088. eric purcell  
95087. Robert Dreifort  
95086. Helen Goldberg This is unacceptable and must be removed.
95085. Marilyn Kjellenberg Please get rid of this sort of thing.
95084. Sherry Bauer  
95083. D Dauterive Please remove Jew link
95082. Anna Lubelska  
95081. Abraham Fuchs  
95080. Ryal Cosgrove  
95079. Bruce E Englander  
95078. S Czitron  
95076. ilana  
95075. Lara  
95074. sherry dinner  
95073. M. Frank  
95072. rachel antar  
95071. gary steiner  
95070. paul rosenberg  
95069. Amanda Greenberg  
95068. Ronen  
95067. Lawrence A. Glinzman  
95066. Eileen Supporting this website you are an accomplice to anything that happens because of the hatred and message they are sending. In essence you agree that it is okay to be hateful and feed negative information to the public. Would you allow your family and children to read and absorb what they are preaching? I do not use google and will continue not to use google.
95065. Michael Green  
95064. S Kleinman Czitron  
95063. cynthia stanger  
95061. tamsyn  
95060. Barbara Juchtman  
95059. Jennifer  
95058. Lawrence S. London  
95057. marsha lautenberg clark this is an outright insult, no wonder people hate!!!!
95056. david spiel How can you carry this filth?
95055. Eric Rice that site is pure hate mongering and has no legitimate place
95054. susan schafer  
95053. Bobbie Steinbach  
95052. Joseph Gutstein This should be removed without 50000 signatures
95051. Arleen Jolley  
95050. H Lewis  
95049. laurie goetz  
95048. Helen London  
95047. Alan Kunski  
95046. Neal Shabashov Google's a stand-up company and should comply
95045. Brooke Fish  
95044. S.J. Schweber  
95043. Julie Stemple  
95042. Paul Wexler Google, do the right thing! Remove this offensive site from your search engines or at least make it accessible through a search on "Jew hating" instead.
95041. Tracy Engman Finkelshteyn  
95040. Yidish ben Abraham  
95039. David Puyanic  
95037. Andrew Lerner  
95036. Bob Woodly  
95035. Nonette Joachim  
95034. Fela Grunwald  
95033. max horn  
95032. Beth Paul  
95031. meryl waits  
95030. Wendy Elliott remove from Google
95029. Beatrice Finkel  
95028. Rhoda Gruen There is so much hate in the world. Google should not take part in spreading it.
95027. Roberta Orenstein  
95026. Sarit  
95025. River Gurtin  
95024. Michele Frost Google don't make me GAG on garbage
95023. Shelly Galvin  
95022. samuel kreiger elaine kreiger  
95021. Barbara Roston  
95020. Jimmy Davidson  
95019. Elaine Gendler I will not use google until JewWatch is reomoved.
95018. Erin Cohen please remove this site!
95017. Caroline Gilad  
95016. Sarah Jones  
95015. Gabriel Eisemberg  
95014. Davine T. Levy This must be vigorously fought, let me know what I can do. Unfortunately I cannot make a donation at this time.
95013. Susan Felix  
95012. marvin silk  
95011. Lindsey  
95010. Gerald Garshon SHAME
95009. Homer Mitchell  
95008. William Berk  
95007. Barbara Frank  
95006. Jennifer Polanco This is very disappointing!!!
95005. suri breban  
95004. Hadassah Meyerowitz  
95003. Lynn Spewak  
95002. Kami Cain  
95001. Ramon Feiven  
95000. Ellen Pons  
94999. Bruno Beer  
94998. Mollie Moskowitz It is unseemly for Google to have such a despicable website in answer to the word Jew, it is imperative that ;you remove it., thank you
94997. avi satim this is absurd
94996. Paul Steinberg With such hatred fueling wars worldwide, WAKE up to your role!! you cannot just do nothing,,,, and I support free speech.
94995. Shai Feinsod  
94994. David Shulman  
94993. Bruce Should be removed immediately
94992. Bill Shechtman Please remove immediately
94991. SusGrossman  
94990. Silvana  
94989. Roger M Rosenberg  
94988. Gerald L. Fishman  
94987. Bruce Selznick  
94986. Raph  
94985. Zvia Lerner  
94984. David Bentata ENOUGH!!!!
94983. Paul Steinberg With such hatred fueling wars worldwide, WAKE up to your role!! you cannot just do nothing,,,, and I support free speech.
94982. Amy  
94981. Cheryl Payne  
94980. Leda Perselay What a disgrace
94979. todd dailey  
94978. Lucille Goldsmith  
94977. Jon Flom  
94976. Pearl Dubrow  
94975. Renee Glick  
94974. Yitzchok Dubovick  
94973. Nancy Sherman  
94972. carla wirth disturbing, evil, hateful.
94971. miriam kutnicki  
94970. Ali  
94969. Steven Mazzola  
94968. Kenneth Saxe This should not require a petition. Does Muslim kick out "terrorist" or Christian "Jew-baiter"?
94967. tom gallagher  
94966. Leonard Mendel Are you people idiots
94965. Hennie Corrin  
94964. Reva Farenback-Brateman This website promotes hatred.
94963. kenny winston  
94962. Peter Susman This web site disgusts me.
94961. Jacob Weiss  
94960. John Arons  
94959. Dana Scher  
94958. Robert Baker it is absolutely disgusting and further highlights the ignorance around the world towards other religions
94957. Tiffany Burns  
94956. Harriet Barbara Weiss Remove JewWatch. immediately
94955. Elaine R. S. Cohen Thank you for your anticipated act of social responsibility to reduce hate speech on the Internet.
94954. Howard Epstein  
94953. Ellen Wilner  
94952. ronna gladstone  
94951. Walt Barney we should hate none of God's creations
94950. harry taylor  
94949. D.B. Epstein Please remove it. We don't need anti-semitism in this troubled world and that is a hate site. Thanks
94948. Mark Appel  
94947. miriam miller  
94946. Patrice Goldberg  
94944. pat draznin  
94943. Risa Mish  
94942. SHARON  
94941. randi Portney Take that down-that is anti semetic and disgusting
94940. Having a site like this is very inappropriate for any major US company. I'm surprised at your lack of good sense. It is also insulting to the many Jewish employees of Google! I have not ever considered using Yahoo when looking for reference. I am ready to change if you don't!
94939. Peter Nelson Being "objective" or "neutral" in response to prejudice supports it!
94938. Dina Werfel  
94936. Ashley Meyerowitz  
94935. Lisa Blume  
94934. julian glass  
94933. marshall a. bernstein  
94932. Rabbi Yair Robinson Congregation Shir Ami Bucks County, PA
94931. RANDI BROWN  
94930. Heather Winkelman  
94929. Jason Meshwork  
94928. Gabi  
94927. Peta Joffe  
94926. Moshe Sofer  
94925. Denise R. Blacker Odigie  
94924. Sam Roback Very offensive, please remove.
94923. michele winkler  
94922. Elizabeth Cook  
94921. Lois H. Halpert  
94920. Becky Cohen  
94919. adriana  
94918. NEIL M. NADLER  
94917. James Stillman I will now use Mamma to search
94916. Janice Forsythe Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
94915. Mary Thompson  
94914. Yasser Arafat Would you like to buy a numbered lamp shade, going cheap already!
94913. Jill Spiegel  
94912. Bernadette Roback Very offensive, breeds anti-semitism.
94911. Aaron L. Smith  
94910. Emma Widenstrom  
94909. Danny Johnson Lets not promote hate!
94908. Barry Yudolph  
94907. Hilda Roth the world is full of hate so don't feed the fire!
94906. Susan Schlaikjer  
94905. Ken Whittingham  
94904. peter w. hoffman  
94903. karyle goldstein  
94902. Elaine Koletar  
94901. Alison R Noyes  
94900. Kenneth Siet  
94899. Esther Beijk  
94898. Liz Metzger  
94897. E. Munley  
94896. Ben Jackson  
94895. Elizabeth Sufott  
94894. Anna  
94893. Gemma Crosby  
94892. Benjamin Pollock  
94891. Adina Bloom Somer  
94890. neil halpern  
94889. E Cramer  
94888. dan lederer  
94887. Mark Kingdon  
94886. Herman Himmler  
94885. Cecilia Jenkins  
94884. Sara  
94883. Cynthia Kane  
94882. jay  
94881. Jan Z It is disgusting that this hate-filled website masquerades as freedom of speech. I will use any other search engine besides google until it is removed.
94880. Chana W  
94879. Linda Pehrson This shouldn't be happening
94878. Sarah Hendel  
94877. gerald goldstein free speech is not hate speech,
94876. ellie hecht WHY WHY ???? are you so insensitive
94875. morris figelman  
94874. Barry Oventhal  
94873. gary l. lieber  
94872. David P  
94870. Lior Agur  
94869. natalia fresco  
94868. Adolph Eichman  
94867. Steven Katz  
94866. Simon B. Golden  
94865. V J Smith  
94864. meryl charles  
94863. Gregg Caren Stop this now!
94862. Lee Corpening  
94861. mel yudelevit  
94860. Donna Herzek multicultural education and appreciation are vital to the elimination of hatred and persecution
94859. Adriana basta de odio
94858. Elizabeth B. David  
94857. ella  
94856. Karen Lefkowitz  
94855. Emily Hyans  
94854. Irvig Bravman  
94853. orli  
94852. Roy L Bernstein  
94851. Marj Kuperman please remove this offensive website
94850. R.B. Cornis  
94849. Marci Lobel-Esrig  
94848. Bill Kahn  
94847. sid rauch get it off!
94846. Dov Mareyna  
94845. Tamara Mand  
94844. Maureen Beigel it's disgusting
94843. Irina Reznik remove
94842. sam angel  
94841. Adina Gluckman  
94840. Nancy Civin  
94839. sue kaskel  
94838. Pam Bar-Haim  
94837. Romeo J. Mannarino  
94836. Lori Goroway  
94835. Pam Monsky  
94834. Eric Klempner We are still scared little animals, afraid of another human being who is different.
94833. Reva Tidwell There really must be some censoring of sites like this!
94832. Heath Showman  
94831. Barak Eisenstein  
94830. Mary Lynch Kennedy  
94829. Susan Weissman  
94828. Joy Miller  
94827. Lori Plotkin Blum  
94826. eli levy  
94825. scott goodman we must prevail
94824. Chet Knable  
94823. David Spivack  
94822. lainie wieskopf  
94821. MHLaufer  
94820. Ike Rosenberg  
94819. beth nussbaum  
94818. denise schlazer  
94817. ELAINE GALE  
94816. JOE FISCH  
94815. Michael Kirshon  
94814. Seth Berkowitz  
94813. Liron Stern  
94812. Bill Izso, MBA, CMC please sign me up
94811. Allan J Wagenheim  
94810. Justin Garrett  
94809. Sonja Hood  
94808. elliot diamond please
94807. Melody Ball  
94806. Evan Laine  
94805. Jennifer Watts Thank you in advance to Google for keeping their word to remove this search when the required number of petitions is signed.
94804. Chani Brilliant  
94803. cia glover  
94802. Jeff Roth  
94801. ABDO ADES  
94800. Michael L. Steinberg What is our world coming to???
94799. Louise Winograd  
94798. Joanne Lopez  
94797. tzipora  
94796. Lee  
94795. Beverly L. Greenberg  
94794. Richard J. Green Please consider this request
94793. Nancy Britos  
94792. jamie rosenthal  
94790. w.aaron  
94789. Lucas DeGroat  
94788. Eve  
94787. Thodore Ain  
94786. Carol Elizabeth Sugden  
94785. Mark Horwitz  
94783. Robin Tauer  
94782. j travis  
94781. Jodi Gore  
94780. Howard Perl  
94779. David J. Margules  
94778. Marjorie Blum Please remove Jew This could potentially aid a volitile situation.
94777. James Drieves  
94776. Linda Tracey  
94775. levy  
94774. Robin Horn  
94773. K. Feiner  
94772. Gay Harrison REmove immediately
94771. todd kanter  
94770. judith opper  
94769. Nathan Braverman  
94768. Carol Asher  
94767. Edward A. Rich  
94766. Dara David  
94765. Ali  
94764. Judith Gravitz  
94763. Lauren Ashley  
94762. david levy  
94761. Julie  
94760. Dianne Tankle  
94759. Pam  
94758. D. Schiff  
94757. Laura Wolfson  
94756. Esther Negrin  
94755. Charles Sant  
94754. Martin Smith  
94753. Kenneth O. Zuckerman Google is an otherwise excellent site, and to have a link to a site that is so blatantly antisemitic should not be tolerated. Please remove this offensive site from your search engine.
94752. Robert D. Parmet  
94751. Libby Clark  
94750. Jonathan Snyder thanks
94749. Jill Hacker  
94748. mauro szwarcwald  
94747. harrym  
94746. neville  
94745. howard Goldstein this is not acceptable!
94744. Irving Roth Change the Name of the site reflect its actuial Hate
94743. Miriam Marshall This web site is very offensive
94742. Kevin McDevitt  
94741. PAT COHEN  
94740. lawrence berger In this day an age, i thought we were past this garbage
94739. Levy Rebecca  
94738. Dorothy Nichols Remove ethnic hate from seach engines
94737. Christine  
94736. carol parker  
94735. Roman Mazo  
94734. Renaye&Stanley Lehman  
94733. Rebecca Koenig  
94732. Arthur Canter  
94731. Larry Cohen  
94730. Diane Spivak  
94729. Paul Jeselsohn should be obvious
94728. Ilene Lieberman  
94727. Robert Gahtan  
94726. Sylvia Mandel as a Jewish person you have lost me as a subscriber.
94725. Myrna Hammerling  
94724. Thomas  
94723. Steven Jaffe  
94722. Carrie Nebens  
94721. Pamela Perets  
94720. Karen Rowland  
94719. Daniel Rosen So much for corporate responsibility
94718. Rosa M. Mendizabal  
94717. Judith Dalphond  
94716. Ricardo Schetman  
94715. David Haber  
94714. Sydnee Sernoe  
94713. Amy Schine  
94712. Debra Stoch Although I understand that Google does not intend to respond to this petition (ref., I believe we need to voice our concern!
94711. otto sand I hope the words jew will be removed
94710. Terri M. LeBlanc  
94709. Carl Redel Please remove
94708. Elaine Smith  
94707. Marcelo Silberman  
94706. Agnes Geller Please remove from Google search
94705. donald p. weber  
94704. Sara  
94703. Jonathan Samel  
94702. Burton Wolfman  
94701. Shiran  
94700. David Gorelik  
94699. maya  
94698. Charles Blandy Vermes  
94697. Eileen Kazdan We need to eradicate hate.
94696. Nathan Meltzer  
94695. Jessi Madison  
94694. Marion Silman  
94692. Stephen M. Siegel  
94691. Jeanney M. Kutner  
94690. Ruth Snyder  
94689. Barry Frank  
94688. Salvatore De Fazio III  
94687. Steve Krawitz Come on guys, this is not something Google needs. If I type in Christian or Hindu, I don't and should not get nailed with a hate group. Your system notwithstanding, it should not be so for Jew, either.
94686. John Antonellis  
94685. David Saltzman  
94684. Joyce and Allen Sperling  
94683. jonathan yorks  
94682. David A. Simansky  
94681. Claudia Feldman  
94679. Stu Vass  
94678. Cheryl David  
94677. Ecaterina Varga Please remove
94676. Phillip Barnett  
94675. Wendy Epstein  
94674. s belfer  
94673. Frances Steinmark  
94672. Zippora Friedler  
94671. Laren Garfield  
94670. Avi Halzel  
94669. Sandi Smith  
94668. Roman Talkowski  
94667. Michael Murphy  
94666. Al Kramer  
94665. Oren Kleinberger Don't send any ad mail to this e-mail address
94664. linda brickman Get this stuff off the internet
94663. Ira Barry  
94662. freida firkser remove
94661. Georgia Shelden Remove now!
94660. jamie baker  
94659. Gina Kallick Please remove from the Google Search Engine! Thank you.
94658. Debra Black  
94657. Gemma Collins  
94656. Eric B that's just sick
94655. avrom je ne pensais pas que l'on pouvait de nos jours ecrire des choses aussi degoutantes
94654. Briana Schwartz  
94653. Stan katz  
94652. B. Plumer  
94651. andrew fuller  
94650. Roberta Berwin  
94649. martin schwartz  
94648. Richard Bane  
94647. Melissa Perlstein  
94646. Rachel is completely unamerican
94645. Ellen Freed  
94644. Rachel Rosenfeld  
94643. Stan Levinson  
94642. April Eisen  
94641. Elaine Burke  
94640. Stephen Saxe  
94639. Jeffrey Z. Levine  
94638. Marilyn Hogle  
94637. Judith F. Elfman  
94636. jessica  
94635. Stanley Lotzkar  
94633. Fritzi Thorner  
94632. marcelo  
94631. Deborah Rudmann  
94630. ron brooks  
94629. Jack Wiaz  
94628. Rebecca Morse  
94627. Carl Cadoff  
94626. c. Davidoff  
94625. Constanca  
94624. Bonnie Goldstein Take care of this now!!!
94623. J Williams  
94622. Tina  
94621. Caroline Evans  
94620. Barbara Wexler  
94619. L. Newman  
94618. pamela turetsky  
94617. Cyndie Sachs  
94616. Joe Morgan What does it take to get you to remove this piece of nonsensical B*LLSH*T! Half the links do not even work. No one credits themselves to the website. It is a piece of cowardly antisemetic cr*p. Google what does that say about you??? Do it for yourselves if not for the us protestors. What f*cking sh*t!!!
94615. Deborah Cole  
94614. Bill Schamroth  
94613. Yael Gilmore  
94612. Janet Weisberger please remove immediately
94611. Ira Dunst  
94610. Jack Schneider  
94609. Donna Tanner  
94608. Albert D. Worsham  
94607. Mike Steig  
94606. Clifton F. Albright  
94605. Elena Yampolsky  
94604. Simon Lightman  
94603. Steven Schraga  
94602. Martin G Katz  
94601. Brian Reifer  
94600. Florence Hauer  
94599. dani margolis  
94598. Pnina Sachs  
94597. Brenda Brenner  
94596. Abe Chames  
94595. Daniel Sloan  
94594. David Frank Google is enabling hate groups to further their cause by allowing this type of listing. Aside from the harm to actual victims, this can't be good for Google's reputation. Please remove or I promise to discontinue using Google and encourage others to do the same.
94593. adrienne umansky  
94592. Dr. Stuart M. Kaback  
94590. Marissa Levy please remove this
94589. Monique Steig  
94588. Dan Adair  
94587. Lisa Gold  
94586. M Mclaren  
94585. Renee Geller This is an outrage and should be corrected immediately
94584. Irving M. Kusnitz  
94583. Gerard Jonas  
94582. carol fisher  
94581. D CAMBRIDGE  
94580. Boosman  
94579. victoria fass  
94578. Amber Palazola  
94577. arthur dellheim  
94576. howard rand  
94575. roger walters  
94574. YONI  
94573. marcus laufer  
94571. E. Epstein  
94570. shiri it is hard to believe that in our days people didnt learn the lesson, we all have the right to live and with respect. it is a shame to the world, and i think we should fix it!
94569. Gail Jaffe  
94568. bee nee  
94567. Jill Schachter  
94566. Laurence Pinkus  
94565. marypoppins  
94564. R D Goldsticker I find it offensive; please remove from search
94563. evelyn binder  
94562. Annette  
94561. Judith Gatz  
94560. Jesse Crosson  
94559. joyce  
94558. margie white  
94557. Mark Fishman  
94556. JOYCE J. NADLER  
94555. Noah Chasin  
94554. B. Drizner There is enough garbage on the internet, why not join in to clean it up so that are children do not have to see this kind of behavior, there is enough hate in the world why add to it.
94553. cyndi  
94552. Judith Hodor Remove it!
94551. Gail Ifshin  
94550. Vicki Bailey This is disgraceful!!! Remove this horrible site from your search engine. I am a Protestant and ashamed for you!!
94549. Mary K. Moyer  
94548. Carol Baum  
94547. R. Lichtenstein  
94546. John Black  
94545. myrna  
94544. Pamela Zelman  
94543. Neal Appel  
94541. Dr Barry J Blain  
94540. mitch starer  
94539. Leonard Fisher This is obscene and inappropriate for any search engine facility - especially google
94538. Michael Stone  
94537. Braford D Lehrer Do it now
94536. Chani Sacharen  
94535. roger kaplan  
94534. Barbara Aran  
94533. paul horvath  
94532. Harold Fisher  
94531. joe jewwatch should be removed
94530. Maurice Cohen  
94528. michael you shouldnt have ever allowed this too begin with ,,,maybe youd be a little bit more credible
94527. Ariel Fabius  
94526. Jonni  
94525. sarai harris  
94524. sarah  
94523. David Paz  
94522. Harris Hochberg  
94521. Diane Leder  
94520. Gayle Weisbaum  
94519. Elana Bedziner  
94518. Alan Meltzer  
94517. David Fox Please remove or put a disclaimer on the site
94515. staci gould this is shameful
94514. eddy betesh  
94513. Louis Mandelbaum  
94512. E. Richard Rosenblatt  
94511. Samuel Cohen  
94510. Sandie Biondi  
94509. cecile goldenberg  
94508. Alyson Toll  
94507. Franklin Neubauer  
94506. KEN GOSS  
94505. G. S. Cohen  
94504. wayne bobroff  
94503. Salmon Werner The media needs more ethics
94502. madeline wentworth PLEASE REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM
94501. Marilyn Cooper  
94500. Naomi Ruben  
94499. Lilian Baegen  
94498. Kevin Sterling  
94497. Sharon M. Shafrir  
94496. James Lawson C'mon Google do your part
94495. Harvie Norris I can't wait til Amazon search is up & running:How and why does this site rank #1 with you guys
94494. Nuphar Shary  
94493. Ralph Engel  
94492. Edward Jackowitz  
94491. Debbie Melnikoff  
94490. Kat Patterson  
94489. Adam Isaacs tell ur dad i say hi
94488. gabriela tamir  
94487. David Sheinbein  
94486. Jeffrey Heck  
94485. Brandon Gottlieb Google needs 50,000 names? Well, we're already over 90,000...
94484. Larry Hirsch  
94483. Erel Pardo  
94482. Paula Joseph  
94481. laura  
94480. wendy rubinstein  
94479. Zancraft  
94478. DAVID KOHN  
94477. juergen straub  
94476. L. Gould  
94475. Ronald Silverman  
94474. Julie L. Kaplan  
94473. RAND TAVEL this is hatred at its worst and needs to be changed.
94472. Allan Zionts A most disgusting and offensive website
94471. Linda Freed  
94470. Amnon Ben-Yehuda Ê
94469. Ellen Benjamin Help eliminate hate
94468. Kemp Honeycutt This is another case of Google allowing, if not encouraging manipulation of their search results. Who picked he arbitrary figure of 50,000 signatures? A responsible company does the responsible thing.
94467. Mariya Voychuk Everyone should do their part to stop antisemitism - it will benefit everyone in the long run. Google, please do your part.
94466. Michael Weinberg  
94465. Gerald Shapiro  
94464. Leah Gomberg  
94463. Shalom Brilliant  
94462. moshe  
94461. Anita Ubfal  
94460. marjory seltzer  
94459. Carlos  
94458. joyce howard  
94457. Marcie Schein  
94456. Mark Cooper  
94455. Ann Leibowitz  
94454. Sara Miller  
94453. Robt G Schwarz This is obscene and inappropriate for google
94452. Robert Gold This site revolted me
94451. ben saketkhou  
94450. Meika Zilberberg  
94449. David Nathan  
94448. yonagat  
94447. Gina Karp  
94446. elena breitmoser  
94445. Judy Goldstein  
94444. Mara Mills I can object to the antisemitites using the web without risking their desire to remove me. There is free speech. And if we censor, they will censor. I just think that it would be more appropriate to find real information when looking up JEW.
94443. Amy L. Levy  
94442. Laura Bachmann  
94441. Donna Postizzi  
94440. Ben Greenfield  
94439. Miriam Cohen  
94438. Barbara Share  
94437. EDNA SHAULOV Remove
94436. Kenneth B Simons  
94435. John Winter  
94434. Carl Levy  
94433. Sylvia Flowers  
94432. Michael Bresolin  
94431. sam spero  
94430. Inkeri Keller  
94429. julie samuels This is truly upsetting and I hope that will respect that this is hateful and will remove this antisemtic site from the position it is in.
94428. David M. Goldman  
94427. ALAN CORPER  
94426. Meredith Pasekoff This must be removed from your site!
94425. rachel franco bklyn ny usa
94424. Craig Richason  
94423. Marian Keilson  
94422. Leah Liquornik Anti-semitism must be eradicated in order to make this world safe
94421. Julee Greenman Remove this site!
94420. Eran Jhones  
94419. Karyn Weiss  
94418. Miri Osborne  
94417. amy munich  
94416. Breina Rosenbloom MOSHIACH NOW!!
94415. Freddy  
94414. milton gross  
94413. Andrea Riberi this is hateful and should be removed
94412. Anna Gravina  
94411. Richard Tatelman  
94410. Norman Lieff  
94409. Debra Katz  
94408. myra fishman  
94407. M. Lepawsky remove it
94406. Dorothée Bouchard  
94405. J S Dano get rid of that site from the search, or get rid of google
94404. Martin Brenner  
94403. Sandy  
94402. Tamara Haiman  
94401. jenna weiss  
94400. David Friedman  
94399. L.M. Anovitz  
94398. sue lewis Please remove the site JewWatch from google
94397. Lon Katz  
94396. Joshua Fineman remove jewwatch
94395. Rabbi Gila Ruskin  
94394. Robert Weinstein, MD  
94393. Robin L. Farkas I am sure that Google means no offense but it would be best to remove this site.
94392. James Fairman  
94391. A. Flicker  
94390. Lesley Aron-Bayof  
94389. Howard Lynne  
94388. L W Bella  
94387. leonard kantor  
94386. Ronald E Bonneau I find the title of this site offensive.
94385. Ed Rosenbloom  
94384. Josh Tobin  
94383. Patricia Lin  
94382. hanbury disgusting
94381. Richard Turchinetz  
94380. jerilynn eisinger  
94379. Stephanie Lewis Google should disassociate itself from such "hate" sites.
94378. alice zlatkoff  
94377. Gedaliah Friedenberg  
94376. Jola Cope  
94375. Elana Samad  
94374. John Wright  
94373. shalom gazale  
94372. Jason Braunstein  
94371. Levinsky  
94370. Mona Goldman  
94369. Cynthia Nevins  
94368. Gregory Cowan  
94367. Harold Beratan  
94366. Jerry Gomberg  
94365. Sofie en Géza  
94364. alaina more attention needs to be made
94363. Mark Lipman Please delete this offensive website
94362. Norman Toltzis  
94361. irene fisher  
94360. shani shimon  
94359. Ann Ackerman  
94358. jill borden  
94357. Mark S. Silberglitt  
94356. n. miller  
94355. Allison get rid of the site!
94354. Joseph S. Handler  
94353. Barbara Goldstein  
94352. Rachel Boucher  
94351. Alan Salzbank  
94350. Hanna Nemi  
94349. Meredith Marcus  
94348. daniel cohen  
94347. eunice ring  
94346. Eileen L. Fine  
94345. Morris and Juliet Rostowsky  
94344. Miriam Wilhelm  
94343. Marilyn  
94342. David Pontarini  
94341. Sydney Goldstein  
94340. Kaufman  
94339. Joseph E. Koletar Jr  
94338. Becca Felds  
94337. Bruce A. Leve  
94336. H3rzoG israel
94335. Erica Saubermann  
94334. LORI LIPP  
94333. Anna B Kaminer  
94332. J. Tully This is disturbing
94331. Mark B. Cohn Thankfully yours
94330. beth aron  
94329. Lily Katz  
94328. Andrea Maron  
94327. ilene moskowitz  
94326. Daniel Katz  
94325. perez antisemitism on the web
94324. Marjorie Fuerman Ê
94323. eileen marcus  
94322. robertafriedmani  
94321. Arana Villafán, Tomás I agree totally with the remove; we cannot allow that this false information influences the readers and expands itself.
94320. david benson  
94319. Linda Stark  
94318. Amanda Ruiz  
94316. Ron Caldwell What's next, Google? Anti-Gay sites? Anti-Black sites? Talk about promoting stupidity!!!
94315. Avi Guirlli  
94314. Deborah S. Chames  
94313. Barbara Presser  
94312. N. Kurshan  
94311. Myrna Weinstein  
94310. Leon Unterhalter  
94309. adi olivkovitch  
94308. Beth Land Hecht  
94307. Elaine Brooks  
94306. Jason McDonald  
94305. Fran Ryzoff  
94304. tami rockman  
94303. Esther Silver  
94302. Randi Waimon  
94301. Daniel Schwartz  
94300. Fabio  
94299. alan elsner  
94298. Avrami Tabacznik  
94297. Eyal Liss  
94296. Megan Nicely  
94295. Jeffrey D Gold  
94294. Alyssa Scheim  
94293. Galina Kofman  
94292. Eve Dwoskin please remove this site
94291. Yoni Smith I'm rather unimpressed by googles considerable lack of effort in realising the importance of removing such a link fr4om being the most likely site that people who actually want to know about judaism end up discovering, especially with the general anti-semitism expressed by our celebrity mel gibson in his recent film, Google, sort it out mate, you've always been good in general before.
94290. Karen Shore  
94289. Mindy Pearlman any form of hatred should not be available through any medium
94288. Elisabeth Kawasaki  
94287. Melvin H. Wolf I am one of your best users. Please comply.
94286. Rhonda Factor  
94285. Sherry Jones  
94284. Joyce Abell  
94283. tamara fine it is shameful that you need a petition in order to remove hate material from your search engine
94282. Jonathan Broder I am finished with Google. Goodbye.
94281. Herbert Strauss No comments needed!!!!
94280. Robert Gordon  
94279. Letty G. Lutzker,M.D.  
94278. Phillip Hoffman Makes you question what you are promoting to the younger generation of internet users, seeking answers on Judaism and getting this kind of false information feeded back to them. Do you even realise what an impact you have and the responsibility that leaves you with? I hope that you read each and every comment and consider what you are implicating!
94277. I YOUNG  
94275. ami shebiro  
94274. Amy Saland  
94273. C. Feeney  
94272. Suzanne Levy  
94271. Toby Shebiro  
94270. Angie Kudon  
94269. larry sachs  
94268. Nancy Loy  
94267. yonatan yossef  
94266. S. Stuart marks  
94265. Mark Rowen  
94264. Arthur Freed  
94263. Maxine Taymore  
94262. Florence Echtman  
94261. Carrie Singer  
94260. Ellen Schaffer  
94259. Martin  
94258. M Jacobson  
94257. ilysse ratner  
94256. Steve Fuchs  
94255. Debbie Posner  
94254. J D Zinkin  
94253. Dr. Alain E. Sportiche  
94252. Olga Burke  
94251. M Kessler  
94250. Mike Tedesco  
94249. Dann Moss  
94248. Mark Silverman  
94247. alison schiff
94246. Linda Verbit  
94245. Aviner Ben  
94244. Barbara Ifshin  
94243. zehava moshe  
94242. Barry M Friedman  
94241. randi yoskowitz  
94240. L Nyman  
94239. Gabriel Fogel  
94238. Marissa Odom  
94237. Antoinette Dickenson  
94236. Yair Kagan There is no place for spreding hate of any kind, thru any means.
94235. Robert Slotkin  
94234. Phyllis Mack  
94233. Jamie Greenbaum  
94232. Ronnie Sanderson  
94231. Myra Shoub Nelson  
94230. Susan Bruser  
94229. lauren go for it. silence is inexcusable
94228. Susan Weisberg  
94227. Rosemarie S. Roth  
94226. Carol Gordon  
94225. SS  
94224. Jamie Bernstein  
94223. marla appel  
94222. Orrin Schwab  
94221. Dylan Leigh  
94220. Alan Kessler  
94219. margo miller  
94218. C. Forcino  
94217. Andrew Barnett Google is an otherwise excellent site, and to have a link to a site that is so blatantly antisemitic should not be tolerated. Please remove this offensive site from your search engine.
94216. daniel  
94215. Alon Shemesh  
94214. Martin Vekselman  
94213. Deb Yarbrough  
94212. shaya Averbuch  
94211. Kate  
94210. Henry Forster  
94209. Ellen J. Carlino  
94208. Fred Spagat hate seems to fester and blossom in our world today.such a loss for the peaceful folks of our world
94207. Zoe  
94206. Senderov Oranit Stop anti-semitism now!
94205. Rosalind Dobson  
94204. Lisa Bellegarde  
94203. Oded Tal  
94202. Artem š
94201. Alanna Murphy We need peace not hatred
94200. Carlye Flom  
94199. Louise Dobson  
94198. binny freedman  
94197. Samara Fogel  
94196. Yoram Eckstein that calls for a boycott; there are other good search engines on the web
94195. lesley levy  
94194. Sergio Socolsky  
94193. William Golden  
94192. Andreina Faig it's wrong to spread anti-semitism and any other form of hatred through the net
94190. Judy Kaplan This is despicable
94189. Laura Caplan  
94188. Eve  
94187. Ed Effron  
94186. Rose Gostfrand  
94185. vicky  
94184. nadine kesten  
94183. Harvey Slavin  
94182. jamie  
94181. Ana Lilia Smith Agree with the petition to remove the JewWatch site.
94180. Meir Birok remove this f***ing site
94179. Dan Lender  
94178. Barry Hirsch  
94177. Mark Morgan  
94176. RichardFreedman  
94175. Laura Posner  
94174. steve  
94173. Donald P. Tropepe Many have tried to exterminate the Jews, NONE have succeded. Thank God.
94172. Annette David Totally biased and antisemetic website
94171. Rhonda Frenkel  
94170. julio szafran  
94169. Karina Brodski  
94168. Jacob Parry You have a responsibility - do not insult us with your acceptance of hate sites and stand stubbornly when it offends, outrages and conspires against so many people. This is a call for tighter internet security. It starts here... STOP!!!!!!!!
94167. norman eisler using an unbiased mathematical system doesn't excuse being blind to those people who would use your very system to subvert. The reality is that after everything is said and done we are not all computers and for your own business sake you should realize that humans create actions and decisions. Create an oversight board with teeth or your continuing denial that this is an issue will create a PR nightmare (I'm not just referring to this incident, but in general)
94166. Jacob Parry  
94165. Katherine  
94164. Mindy Goldberg Stop anti-semites!
94163. Shari Chen  
94162. ed burns  
94161. Deborah Cohen  
94160. David Roth  
94159. James Smith  
94158. wopke hoekstra what a shame
94157. Ellen Leibowitz  
94156. mary menis  
94155. Shona Wilson  
94154. Linda Steinberg  
94153. Hallie  
94152. josh  
94151. alain oberrotman  
94150. saul roseman  
94149. Dennis A Vidmar Do not aid or abet Antisemitism. Do the right thing.
94148. David Hillyar  
94147. sivan  
94146. Joel Berger  
94145. abigail Sandler  
94144. Mariette Simard  
94143. personality  
94142. Max Monas  
94141. Carlos  
94140. James S. Smith  
94139. Sarit Gafan  
94138. Dena Mermelstein  
94137. lawrence moskovic  
94136. Dor remove the web now!!!
94135. Gil Eichbaum Hard to understand why google demands a 50,000 signatures petition. This is a racist web site so why not to move it immediately, not because of the petition but because of the self concious of Google personnel
94134. banice bazar  
94133. Julie Blane remove from google search engine
94132. Stacy Goldman  
94131. Carla Jones  
94130. Florence MARCUS  
94129. Belinda Shulman  
94128. Marco Benatar  
94127. Steven Kahn  
94126. irv berliner  
94125. Don Zinn  
94124. Judy Magalnick  
94123. Harriet C. Shanas  
94122. Barbara Aharoni  
94121. Lisa Frances  
94120. Pia Rinnesalo  
94119. Malka Naggar  
94118. Ira Gansler  
94115. GUY BAYER  
94114. Shay M. Stop Anti Semitism!
94113. Josh Gorfine  
94112. Sheryl Heller  
94111. BARBARA DEE  
94110. Renee Siegel  
94109. effi i was upset from it
94108. Carolyn  
94107. Marian Gorecki  
94106. Judy Greenberg  
94105. Rhonda Seeber  
94104. Lin Margolin  
94103. micha edut  
94102. B. Raskin  
94101. Matt Rutta  
94100. Evelyn Sahr  
94099. Anita Millman  
94098. Mark G. Millman  
94097. Lori Moss  
94096. Natalie REMOVE IT! NOW!!!!!
94095. CR Goodman  
94094. Joanne Clemente no spam please
94093. Ruth Burg  
94092. Laura brams  
94091. Gretchen Paulig  
94090. linda friedlaender  
94089. Brian Hofmann its hateful
94088. Jon Unger  
94087. Mario Antonioletti  
94086. Rev. Kerry Mueller  
94085. Amanda  
94084. Chuck Schonhaut  
94083. Jacob Parry  
94082. Dr Sidney Rutenberg  
94081. alexandra certner  
94080. ALAN B SINGER  
94079. Leon Woloski  
94078. Gene Calvert google should not promote anti-semitism
94077. Yishai Weil  
94076. alan nelson  
94075. david rothschild  
94074. Peter Cherneff  
94073. Gabriel Szasz  
94072. p. bieley this site is revolting
94071. Sheldon Freidenreich  
94070. Ken Baltin  
94069. Boris Shiller  
94068. Jonathan Bamel  
94067. yasmine  
94066. M. van Haeften disgusting
94065. Sergio Kirszberg  
94064. Lisa Rubinstein Please remove this site. There is enough in this world that fosters anger, hate and violence. Please be a part of the solution and not the problem. Please consider if this site is in line with your values both personal and professional. From your heart see if you can stand to facilitate the distribution of such hate.
94063. Steve Schwartz  
94062. Daniel Weissler  
94061. j.marsh please remove this hateful website which produces tremendous negative feelings toward Jews. The fact that this website appears is tragically unfortunate and makes a comment on the carelessness of google search engine.
94060. Robert Bensick No more us...them. We are a global family...lets start acting as one.
94059. Joshua Barron  
94058. Matthew  
94057. Suzanne Spencer  
94056. Anat Bruck-Gorfung We are in the 21 century
94055. Jess Meyers  
94054. Shirley Klein  
94052. Joel Sebban Democracy for the democrats
94051. Beatrice Schemer The reason it is important to remove this site from Google is because it is a library of lies disguised as a scholarly research site. Please investigate the originator of this libelous information about the Jewish people which spreads untruthful propaganda as opposed to honest research.
94050. cecily hyams  
94049. stuart feinblatt  
94048. charles gaffner  
94047. Dr.Sandra M. Schiff  
94046. Curtis Sylvester  
94045. Tana McLane no group on earth should have its oppression endorsed by Google or any search engine; c'mon, we're trying to build a peaceful world and the continuation of hateful sentiment is counter-productive; please, Google, be mindful of this!
94044. NANCY HARRIS Bloody hell - this is beyond belief - regain credibility and remove this obscenity from your well regarded search engine. I hope that this will be corrected promptly as does everyone outraged by this propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!
94043. Avishai  
94042. tarryn balkind  
94041. Arlene Blustein  
94040. Marcia Malamut  
94039. Paula Cohen  
94038. Mitch Swergold Why help foment hate, when you can avoid it?
94037. Ashley Olstein  
94036. Margaret Prasek  
94035. Nol Putnam  
94034. E. Jacobi  
94033. Bella Portillo  
94032. liad  
94031. Todd Palker  
94030. Rona Steinberg  
94029. Chaya Friedman Sometimes action is required - if people would have reacted preemptively in Germany, history would have been different.
94028. jackey bertasso  
94027. Jenny Woo  
94026. Daniel Szabo  
94025. Paul Kirby Google must not associate itself with hate
94024. Aliza Zimmerman  
94022. ailene werner  
94021. arturo arkin  
94020. Melissa Lindell Offensive lies published to promote hatred!
94019. Maya  
94018. Keith Beilinson  
94016. William Arion  
94015. Susan Michels  
94014. h.moses please remove immediately
94013. Linda Olstein  
94012. Mark Jacobson  
94011. N stevens  
94010. C.A.  
94009. malcomn donovan  
94008. Mark Silberman  
94007. Sonya Goldwasser  
94006. Gina Morris  
94005. ELBAZ  
94004. Carol Zolondeki  
94002. Marc Terris  
94001. Marco  
94000. Kevin M. Keough  
93999. Sophie Lipnikki  
93998. Mike Fisher  
93997. Jared S  
93996. Jean Campbell This site is offensive.
93995. Gail Silberman  
93994. Jerald Aizen  
93993. Natasha Davis  
93992. adam lynton  
93991. Don Eustace  
93990. Judy Silverbergmanstien Go Google! Censorship starts here.
93989. Daniel Caplan Please remove this from the google site
93988. richard greenfield  
93987. Sharron M'Sika This website is dispicable and inappropriate in this day and age
93986. Nikita  
93985. Nancy Fisher Stein This is hate mail you present as first choice
93984. IRGolinsky  
93983. Bernard Cataldo  
93982. Kathy Tracanna  
93981. Debby Banner  
93980. or  
93979. Randy Wold  
93978. Helen Reichel Please
93977. mike winokur  
93976. gustavo berlim  
93975. Janice Orlowski  
93974. Mark Levy  
93973. Débora Tanis  
93972. audrey robinson  
93971. Nir Sabato  
93970. Dean Eisen  
93969. Joan please remove
93968. Jessy Harary  
93967. LTC Daniel Marvin USASF (ret) God loves the Jewish People & so do I!
93966. Vladimir Alekseyev  
93965. Barak Galil  
93964. Paulo Stein  
93963. chava  
93962. Rebecca Elana Lury  
93961. gary edelson  
93959. rodney  
93958. diane pincus  
93957. epstein  
93956. Richard H. Gleick  
93955. Geoffrey  
93954. Heather Henkel  
93953. Marlene Epworth Disgusting web site
93952. rachel  
93951. Dr. Ellen Koenig  
93950. s sandler  
93949. Karen Rukin  
93948. Marc Guthartz  
93947. Jordan M Cherkinsky DDS  
93946. Cyrus Daylac  
93945. shlomit  
93944. Jerry Smith  
93943. Ray Redniss  
93942. Harvey and Rita Margolin This is correctable by Google if they have the will
93941. Gerald E. Burg  
93940. Karen  
93939. madaleine katz  
93938. linda layman this is very offensive
93937. Susan Sloane  
93936. Raz  
93935. Jerry Natowitz  
93934. alon kassel this is unheard of, what a dissgrace!
93933. Rae Peres  
93932. Ling-Hwei LIEW  
93931. Kenneth Weiss  
93930. Peter Rice  
93929. Cheryl Karsten  
93928. Steven Rosenberg  
93927. Benjamin J. Matz  
93926. Elaine Skorka  
93925. Sean O'Reilly  
93924. Nitsan  
93923. zoe zak  
93922. Oliver C-W  
93921. Jery & Doris Kravitz  
93920. Sam Skurecki  
93919. Dave Carlin  
93918. richard witlin lets not help spread hate and prejudice
93917. Joel L. Nitzkin hate and discrimination should not be supported by google
93916. Joe Yohka google must have some standards of decency
93915. Ira Meltzer  
93914. Steven Glass despite google's claims that they are merely following their technical rules, common sense should prevail
93913. Serene Victor  
93912. ZivS c
93911. nancy cousins  
93910. Phyllis Shulman  
93909. Morton Schiff  
93908. howard hirsch outrageous. enough to get me to delete googles & use other search engines
93907. DALIA  
93906. Daniel Federman  
93904. Stephen I am very distubed by this.
93903. Tamir Grant  
93902. Rita Greenstein  
93900. Miles Levy  
93899. cliff sosin it is inappropiate to have this on google
93898. arnold rothman  
93897. marilyn silverstein  
93896. Harvey Goldstein  
93895. Jack Katzenell There are at least 2 spelling errors in the petition. Anti-Semitic is correct. Anti-Semetic is not.
93894. debbie osbiston  
93893. Danny-L Oh my god... They must take it off! I thought man-kind has allready leaened the effects of anti-semetic on the whole world.
93892. Debra Smith  
93891. chris Alder  
93890. Edward Becker  
93889. D. Samama  
93888. Evgeny  
93887. noam farago  
93886. samid family  
93885. Diana N. Rothenberg  
93884. Gil  
93883. Helene Greenstein This is a disgusting disregard of what is right
93882. Jefry Weiker  
93881. JW google should be embarassed and ashamed
93880. Aya  
93879. Molly  
93878. Joel Kumove Develop a policy against hate crime!
93877. Greg Sauser  
93876. K. DeGuzman  
93875. Marvin Walerstein  
93874. José Pérez La discriminación racial y/o religiosa es lo que mantiene a la humanidad en peligro de extinción
93873. Ilana  
93872. Doron Leitner  
93871. Ivan Ross  
93870. David Fegerbort No JewWatch
93869. nina ross  
93868. Larry Bruck  
93867. Adam  
93866. eric horlick  
93865. Marc Esko google, you should monitor whats on you search engin. This is unacceptable
93864. shuly listgaus  
93863. Tova Silverman  
93862. Linda Bruck  
93861. mike eldar  
93860. Lauren Hartstein  
93859. Nadine Lindner  
93858. Rubin Brecher  
93857. Ambassador Lorne Clark GOOGLE has a responsibility to NOT peddle hate literature!
93856. Sam Krysiak  
93855. Stacey K  
93854. Lisa Harding  
93853. Lynne Gotterbarn  
93852. Fred L Adair Jr  
93851. David Harding  
93850. Jeffrey Pelberg Please remove all antisemetic references from your website!
93849. Irene Collins  
93848. Arnold Sloman Ê
93847. Jessica Bonde  
93845. Anthony  
93844. David Rocco  
93843. Phyllis Port How can there be peace in the world with web sites like this??????
93842. Peter Dreier  
93841. carol klein  
93840. Eli Cramer  
93839. Jean Conway  
93838. efrat levy  
93837. Diane Boujikian  
93836. Ina Lavin  
93835. J.Rogers  
93834. Carol Gordon  
93833. Jon Meyer  
93832. Gordon Newman Spreading HATE is always ugly. There is more than enough trouble in the world - do something good for mankind.
93831. Kerry McLeod  
93830. deborah weinberger  
93829. Stacey Brauner  
93828. Meir Loewenberg  
93827. Catherine Charles  
93826. Carol Rae Bergad  
93825. G ALTHASEN  
93824. Simon Vilensky  
93823. Marsha Radnowitz  
93822. Julie Molnar horrifying!
93821. Stanley Goldberg Do the right thing Google, and remove this filth.
93820. William J Davis  
93819. Mauro Pinery  
93818. Noel Sanderson  
93816. Lee Isaacs  
93815. Ben Handler  
93814. amber  
93813. Aytan Ben-Pelech  
93811. Saul Stahl  
93810. Patricia Tietz  
93809. lisa Ellen  
93808. Etlender Natalia  
93807. Sharon Corton  
93806. lianne good for you!
93805. Michael Triebwasser  
93804. Leon Taub  
93803. Martin Ashton It is a disgrace that Google has allowed this to happen and requires 50,000 signatures to remove an anti semetic web site!!
93802. ingrid holland botti  
93801. Daniel W Crone 3rd remove !!
93800. BJ TOLTZIS  
93799. Tami & Kurt Simon  
93798. Phyllis Port How can there be peace in the world with web sites like this????????????????
93797. maryann maloney i wont use google until this site is removed
93796. J. Silber  
93795. Sarah Larvor  
93794. Arleen Taub  
93793. Jamie Charney Please remove this site - it is a struggle to stop hatred and this site only helps to spread it
93792. Patrick Harrington  
93791. Gail Oliver  
93790. Sam Klein  
93788. Nancy Salvin  
93787. Rami  
93786. Carolyn Snyder  
93785. Beth Boguslaw  
93784. carol Take this garbage OFF!
93783. Richard S. Hochman  
93782. Michele Spiel  
93781. Darren Stewart  
93780. Jack Chadowitz  
93779. Paul Rajchgod  
93778. Alison  
93777. Phyllis Port How can there be peace in the world with web sites like this?????????????
93776. zukerman shai  
93775. JoAnne  
93773. Jeanne Zucker  
93772. Polly Hyams Sherman  
93771. dominic  
93770. jay ingram  
93769. wendy jolles  
93768. MONA KURTZ  
93767. Sammy Kattan  
93766. Yehudah Ferrara  
93765. Suzanne Millar  
93764. Chen Proud of being an Israeli, even more proud of being Jewish!
93763. Dr. Al Herstig  
93762. Anna Weltsch  
93761. Jane Field  
93760. Elad Shlezinger  
93759. dorit  
93757. Suzanne Attar  
93756. Sally-Jo O'Brien  
93755. Seth Bluestein  
93754. gary conway  
93753. mel goldstein  
93752. David I. Bernstein  
93751. Norva Strader These are the very ideas that brew hatred.
93750. Dr. Selvin Sonken This offensive site must be removed immediately!!
93749. M Davis No website inciting hatred should be included in your selection
93748. rachel friedman  
93747. Charles Frugoni  
93746. Bob Swindell  
93745. Sharon Bambaji  
93744. jessica titlebaum  
93743. Donna Molohon It is a horrible thought that a hate site is the first thing that pops up when lookin up informations about Jews!
93742. Stanley H. Barkan Silence is assent.
93741. sheldon blumenfeld It's placement in Google is disgraceful. Your algorithisms need a touch of human judgment
93740. MD Karstaedt  
93739. Lisa Palazola  
93738. grace frankel  
93737. Ingrid Black.  
93736. gayle squires  
93735. R.Klein hope this site will be removed a.s.p.
93734. emma fass  
93733. Steffanie Hill  
93732. Or Lapi  
93731. Ruth & Arthur Stark  
93730. V.Simmonds  
93729. Jerry Cohen  
93728. Roy Kagan Have you no descency?
93727. Rachel Zinns  
93726. Zara Vitto WHY?
93725. Jason Marsden  
93724. David  
93723. Rodney Bishop There is no need for racism
93722. sara Please remove this. It is disgusting and offensive.Haven't we progressed as people, isn't it the year 2004?
93721. Gavin Brett Disgusting
93720. Ed Bergman Please remove from top entry - this is horrendous
93719. irwin levine  
93718. C. Hoffman  
93717. Sharon Frazin  
93716. gerald Taub Q.C.  
93715. Oded Shafran thats a shame for the jewish people!!!
93714. Leonard J Goldberg  
93713. Talia  
93712. Lewis Loria  
93711. Arnold Richmond  
93710. talia moore  
93709. Joyce Stein  
93708. Harmon C Stein, MD  
93707. Denise Powers  
93706. Louise Morganstein  
93705. Terry Remove This Site
93704. Richard Philipps  
93703. Lisa Schutzer  
93702. Naftali Armon  
93701. Ivo Buenos Aires, Argentina
93700. lianne rogoff  
93699. Rebecca Friedland  
93698. sophie gibson  
93697. Yvonne  
93696. Omer Barkai  
93695. garber Cowards
93694. j sanderson  
93692. galletto bravo et merci
93691. Michele Adler  
93690. avihu kadosh  
93689. L. Rosen  
93688. Ken Gordon 50,000 no problem
93687. Rhoda Fisher  
93686. Aaron Adest  
93685. Linda M. Noonan I am apalled to learn of this hate mongering. I will be using Yahoo until it is removed and I will let your advertisers know this.
93684. Eli Zakai Please remove enticement websites against jews.
93683. sheldons flatow offensive
93682. roy masuri  
93681. Ruth Eshelby  
93680. Vivienne Nessim  
93679. Robert Eshelby  
93678. Mary Dawson  
93677. james im glad someone decided to do something about it
93676. Peter Hans Pfeiffer Nevermore against the jews ! It's enough !
93675. Daniel Kay  
93674. Ellen Shmueloff  
93673. carrol slater  
93672. doris Kotovos look around - don't we have enough hate already
93671. Yaron Sternberg  
93670. Louise Steller  
93669. Shirley Hammel Please remove immediately. Thank you
93668. Norman Katz  
93667. Patti Kravitz  
93666. Mary Ananea  
93665. Abby Lewinsky  
93664. Gidon Junge  
93663. Carol G. Berlin  
93662. Daniel Markowitz PLEASE REMOVE THIS ANTISEMETIC PROPOGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
93661. simonforman this stuff is undermining good relations all over the orld
93660. Lisa Wein  
93659. DAN GORDON  
93658. Jamie Barsky  
93657. Anna Ornstein  
93656. ken weissenberg  
93655. Ralph Drayton  
93654. JONATHAN  
93653. Ian Nathanson  
93652. Richard S. Payne  
93651. barbara goldstein  
93650. Joan H. Boyce Please remove offensive web sight
93649. april levy  
93648. i. cathcart  
93647. simon lester remove this disgusting rubbish immediately
93646. Linda Pellish  
93645. Marvin Sonne  
93644. Robert F. Agranov please remove this awful site
93643. Avner this antisemitic site should be totaly removed from google search engine
93642. Yael  
93641. Aharon Maman  
93640. TARRYN anti-semitisim is due to ignorance...
93639. Patrice Corletta  
93638. G. L. KASH  
93637. Yael  
93636. claudine Mark Extremely offensive and promotes antisemitism, isnt there enough hatred in the world
93635. richard d shapiro,md this site isoffensive to everyone and there is no excuse not to remove its site
93634. marc very offensive site
93633. David Lewis A person with a warped sense of reality
93632. Ruti Singer  
93631. Aviv Shaal  
93630. nikki Anson  
93629. renee  
93628. Sharon Clifton  
93627. Laura R. Weissman  
93625. donald mann  
93624. James Nathan  
93623. Dennis de Priester accept my support straight from the Netherlands!
93621. Yair Gozani A proud Israeli Jew
93620. Itay  
93619. Jonny Mason  
93618. Ries Claudine  
93617. Tonya Abrams  
93616. Alan Lewis  
93615. M. Friedman  
93614. uzi perle untisemit
93613. wittenberg  
93612. Alex and Ruth Meisels  
93611. Rita Healy If the site cannot be removed due to free speech issues, then PLEASE at least set things so that it is one of the LAST sites that would come up. Thank you!
93610. asus gabai  
93609. Steigrad Felicie  
93608. Jonathan Putsman  
93607. Andreas Madsen  
93606. Elaine Geiger Remove!
93605. jillian wolstein  
93604. Tara C. Stephenson  
93603. Mark Samowitz  
93602. kela  
93601. robin batoff  
93600. kimberly solomon  
93599. Jorge Krasbuch  
93598. Jean Fleming  
93597. kate miller  
93596. Phyllis Sameloff  
93595. Sandra
93594. Yaron Lirase  
93593. J Saunders  
93592. Shai  
93591. scott sam  
93590. Netta  
93589. grapevine This reminds me of Nazi GermanyMust react
93588. Paul Rifkin and I thought "google" was a Jewish name
93587. Debbie Goodrich  
93586. Meryl  
93585. Janet  
93584. Penny Harris  
93583. Jessica Romero Please remove it, is offensive to our jew brothers
93582. Eitan Bell-Kligler  
93581. ofir nichtern  
93580. Marilyn Lawrence  
93579. Doreen Kruger  
93578. mic  
93577. craig freer  
93576. aviva finkelstein  
93575. Simon Mitchell  
93574. J Greifer  
93573. Deborah Weinberg  
93572. Susan Gurevitz  
93571. ilanah z  
93570. Fritzi Schiffer  
93569. jo Clifton  
93568. Richard Prigal  
93567. lyane Polonsky  
93566. Marta y Ariel Feldsztein  
93565. Clifford Rosenberg  
93564. David Kaye  
93563. yael z  
93562. d.shleider  
93561. BARRY BOAS  
93560. Neal Rott Google should be removed as well!
93559. Gloria Refson I feel most strongly that this site is offensive and should be removed without delay
93558. Gemma  
93557. frank scott  
93556. zohar elana  
93555. michal zeltner the old disease is not eradicated!
93554. Tovia  
93553. sandra  
93552. Susan Zucker  
93551. Karen Lockman  
93550. karl ferron what a sad time for all people when this kind of thing happens.
93549. Amir our power!!!
93548. Jonathan B Reichler  
93547. J Medalie  
93546. Yossie Tchelet  
93545. Eva  
93544. S. Millman  
93543. truus  
93542. zvika  
93541. Josephine Slatem  
93540. Leo Vilensky i thought google was a search engine not a place to disseminate racial info
93539. david butterworth  
93538. Orit Cohen i cant belive google didnt remove such a site, in this century..
93537. shimon sujaz  
93536. A A de Graaf Bonte  
93535. m  
93534. michaela stallman  
93533. dr Joop S de Graaf  
93532. Shirley Halpern Please remove the anti-semitic web site as the first response on Google
93531. Danielle Nathan  
93530. Tiana  
93529. mark ebner  
93528. Meir Navon  
93527. lorraine  
93526. joe wolfgang  
93525. Lauren  
93524. Jackie Taylor  
93523. Jon Lipscombe  
93522. daniel  
93521. Fran Kaplan  
93520. Peggy Häggqvist  
93519. Sara Paasche-Orlow  
93518. Dean  
93517. Amalie Feinstein  
93516. Maureen Fleisher  
93515. Gilad Shachar  
93514. jacob shamis  
93513. Nicola Dragonetti  
93512. Gary Grieves  
93511. arnold r bergman  
93510. Robert Leve This site is offensive
93509. moshe chaki please remove this site !
93508. Nick Grant  
93507. Sara Leeder  
93506. andrew hart  
93505. Alexandr  
93504. Daphne  
93503. J.Samad  
93502. julian lewis  
93501. Aaron Aaronson  
93500. Makowski  
93499. richard curson  
93498. Jenny Rhodes  
93497. Donna Ben-Shoshan  
93496. Julian Eisner Please remove this offensive website and restore the good name of Google
93495. Louis Taylor  
93494. akiva & Hinde Gordon  
93493. Emiliano Ingrassia  
93492. Naomi Talisman  
93491. Steve Bloom  
93490. Harrin Meltzer  
93489. daria goldstein  
93488. Cecily Maisel This is nauseating in the extreme!
93487. Werner Hartnagel I hope JewWatch is going away soon ...
93486. elliot  
93485. randy burns  
93484. Gavin Troostwijk  
93483. ricarda  
93482. Israel Miodownik  
93481. Slomo Reinhart Go to..
93480. Daniel Brand  
93479. Liora Shamas  
93478. hodara  
93477. Amanda Brody  
93476. Caroline Margo  
93475. Joanne Smith  
93474. David Rudick  
93473. Hon A E Abrahamson  
93472. Paul BH  
93471. Jeremy Colton please remove anti-semitic site asap
93470. Tracey Levy  
93469. Jeff Fisher  
93468. Yael Barak  
93467. keren  
93466. fanmix  
93465. kafka daniel  
93464. Lorraine Brimat  
93463. Tania enough is enough, in this day and age surely we are above such nonsense.
93462. Danella  
93461. gary ginsberg  
93460. Amselem  
93459. Yvonne Jacobsson  
93458. Murray Ayrton  
93457. A. Goldman  
93456. Daniel Gilbert  
93455. Jo Gilbert  
93454. TOm  
93453. Kid Logan  
93452. Grace Martin  
93451. Anna Dvorkin  
93450. Max Puyanic  
93449. Sophie Dorfman  
93448. Miriam Lipsidge We need to try and get rid of all anti-semitism around the world
93447. Lesley Sherman  
93445. MARAM  
93444. Libby Sklamberg  
93443. Sandra Goksel  
93442. dafna  
93441. jane boyle  
93440. D Baum antisemitic filth - whoever raised the site should be prosecuted
93439. maftoul  
93438. Z.H.Kalman  
93437. simon gordon  
93436. Josh McDonald  
93435. Norma Wineberg  
93432. vanessa lipman disgusting website which must be removed
93431. Barney Phillips  
93430. Stuart Wineberg  
93429. Danny Anderson Lets all live together in peace as life is short !
93428. Richard Levin  
93427. Federico Steinhaus  
93426. Gilad  
93425. Ra'anan Gil  
93424. bryan ruis  
93423. Shira Firmin  
93422. Mike Stein  
93421. Chaim Shalpid Get rid of this site
93420. Ricky take this blatantly anti-semitic site off the web, which should be used for good rather than evil.
93419. nimrod erez  
93418. sasha horne  
93417. Dan Saban  
93416. Jill Simon I was a huge google fan and had it as my home page - am curious as to what they do about this issue....
93415. Peter Lowenberg  
93414. Stuart Leigh  
93413. M. Devin Connolly  
93412. yaffa zilbershats  
93411. Neri Gavish  
93410. Michael Lowe What a disgrace!
93409. bianca  
93408. Bo Hyttner stay away from antisemitism
93407. Sarah  
93406. Yoav Tchelet  
93405. Menashe Sopher  
93404. van der Heyden  
93403. christina pao cohen  
93402. larry horwitz  
93401. Susan Jefferson  
93400. Allan L Wolman  
93399. Maxine Phillips  
93398. mc_smoke  
93397. Tali Ginsberg  
93396. Sarah Wilkinson  
93395. Lorna Sakalovsky  
93394. Adam Miller  
93393. Bruce Selan  
93392. Hal Skye  
93391. jack moses  
93390. Howard Harris  
93389. Stein Yoram anti semites are ass-holes
93388. janine moses  
93387. Yehuda Grodberg  
93386. Yaron  
93385. Lita Schwartz  
93384. gloria hendin  
93383. shelly edelstein  
93382. Seth Kessler There should be more responsibility taken by google in editing the type of result which occurs, specifically in the case where the result is in fact insulting to the basic sense of the search.
93381. karen Zisook  
93380. Katherine Basha  
93378. Binyamin Scholder Am Yisrael Chai
93377. maurice Hartley  
93376. Jose Calderon  
93375. Terry Abrahams Google, I am disappointed in you. JewWatch should be the first site under antisemitism.
93374. Sarah Litchfield  
93373. Susan Kranat  
93372. Joe Tigel  
93371. Shereen Gorelick  
93370. John Forbes  
93369. leighton pyke  
93368. Clive lipinski  
93367. Margaret M. Barnes  
93366. David J. Sherry Come on Google I've use you for 4 years and I will stop if this JewWatch is not removed. Non Jew who supports this sensible move against anti-Semitism
93365. andrea diamond  
93364. Yaron Sivan  
93362. H. Richter  
93361. Tanya Disgusting! Remove this filthy site!
93360. Mark Anti-semitism is only spreading hatered, lets prevent the possibility of another holocaust
93359. Danielle Winter  
93358. michal  
93357. Elliot Cohen I would like to see some sort of self censorship by search engines on the internet, to prevent any form of racial or religious discrimination
93356. 123  
93355. gila waimann  
93354. Mr. Shane  
93353. David Berkowitz Remove this site
93352. Naomi Rice  
93351. James Torok  
93350. Shaun Spruch none
93349. ies Tal van Kekem, Holland  
93348. bernard  
93347. Rachel Levy  
93346. drouot disgusting-why in this 21st century?
93345. Bonita Donelle Berkowitz  
93344. Genine M. Fidler  
93343. William J Treinen III  
93342. michael gordon  
93341. d joseph  
93340. Jeff Soraff  
93339. adrienne cline  
93338. Dominic Mondragon END THAT SITE
93337. margaret  
93336. Elizabeth D. Matson I understand that Google's position is that they are unable to edit search results based on what might be considered offensive. However, as this site is clearly intended to inspire suspicion and hatred of Jewish people around the world, the site can be considered to be encouraging hate crimes, which are certainly illegal, and thus would justify the absolute removal of this site from the Google search engine results.
93335. Ian Kafka The website is disgusting. get rid of it
93334. E. Jansen  
93333. Benny  
93332. M. Mueller  
93331. Bethany Sackville This problem needs to be rectified ASAP, especially for when ignorant people look up'jew' on the internet and assume that what they see in front of them is the truth and the only truth.
93330. Hazel Cohen  
93329. Klein  
93328. Brad Garlick  
93327. Doris Gordon  
93326. Joyce Brum  
93325. Ghislaine AFSHANI  
93324. A Berkovitz  
93323. Colin Michaels  
93322. Jonathan Levy  
93321. Michael Rothstein .Vivien Rothstein. Please remove from your site
93320. Nate SHeff  
93319. sandra meyerowitz google will nver be used by me if they continue to run this website it is a horrific hateful and harmful propaganda tool. SHAME ON GOOGLE.
93318. Arielle U  
93317. Steve Hiller There is still way too much hate being taught in our world.
93316. Ashley Kaye  
93315. marianne troostwijk  
93314. Talia Coutin This is repugnant, disgraceful, and disturbing. Please act with dignity and remove this horrid, hateful site from the list.
93313. zack gothelf  
93312. Desiree  
93311. marika spevack  
93310. Leslie Portnoy There are limits to freedom of speech.
93309. Lisa Berman  
93308. Merryl Landers-Ritchie  
93307. bakker  
93306. Lennie  
93305. s disgusting. i will tell everyone to avoid using your site if something is not done to correct the situation.
93304. Stephanie Bisceglia Google: your site is bad for humanity and the earth!! Please take this site off!
93303. schlomo schweizer  
93302. Julie Amster  
93301. Lisa Kish  
93300. gerard koenigheit  
93299. Susan I'm going back to Altavista
93298. Carol Dondick  
93297. Jasmine Turks  
93296. Noel Rubenstein  
93295. Malcolm Ross  
93294. Miriam Baron Google is my favorite search engine, and I was very disappointed to see that a hate site is the first on their list for the search "Jew"
93293. Shellem  
93292. Annie Keen  
93291. Moshe Hackner  
93290. mostrel  
93289. Alain Hasson  
93288. G.G. Balint-Kurti a truely biased site expounding race hatred
93287. Neuriel  
93286. J Jacobs  
93285. David Collins  
93284. Michael Kyritsis  
93283. jay haser  
93282. Rodger Bodle satanic movement
93281. Becca Weaver  
93280. Joshua White May G-D turn the hearts of those who are hateful, and if he cannot, may he turn their ankles so that we may know who they are by their limping
93279. Jonathan grove Bigotry is horrible
93278. Janie Fixler  
93277. L.Medalie  
93276. Marc Keeping a site as malicious as this as top ranking can only damage Googles credibility as a reputable search tool
93275. Rob Kramer  
93274. William Slatkin i am shocked that in this day and age that people feel that it is still necessary to treat Jewish people this way after all that we have been through. the people at Google should be ashamed of themselves
93273. Shirley  
93272. Howard Rosenthal Sort your lives out Google - this life is not just about making money.
93271. Jarren Gordon  
93270. Steven Rothstein This has no place on the internet or anywhere else
93269. sandra lepson  
93268. Lara  
93267. Mindi Cloth I am looking forward to hearing this has been done.
93266. Chezy Roth  
93265. James Liao  
93263. Eva karpas  
93262. Dennis Cotler Asolutely disgusting!
93261. Edwin Selbst  
93260. Elaine Jacobs Please remove JewWatch from your search engine. Thank you.
93259. Laela Leavy  
93258. Nadia Samakh  
93257. Joshua  
93256. Ami Levi  
93255. Hertsel  
93254. BarryMaltz  
93253. Bruce Drezner Shameful that Google would have this
93252. Jonathan When curious children seek for more knowledge on Jewish culture it is abhorent that they could search out online and immediatly find a website that advocates hatred and fear rather than tolerance and understanding.
93251. Computer User I know that this isn't what you were hoping for, but just incase you didn't already know - no longer exists.
93250. Timon Meyer  
93249. Sebastian Gorsetman  
93248. Klaus Dethloff  
93247. L Gavin  
93246. Glory Miranda  
93245. Jeffrey S. Fink I feel this site should be removed
93244. Marvin Koch Please remove this offensive site.
93243. Malcolm Tash  
93242. David Howard  
93241. Shirin Shahedi  
93240. simon grinberg  
93239. Sanford Luger We are one people
93238. Adam Bulkin  
93237. Deborah Myerson  
93236. Robert Spitzer  
93235. Rachel  
93234. larry lauenger  
93233. Adrienne & David Landau  
93232. Libby Werthan  
93231. Melissa Kay  
93230. flora morris  
93229. Eliot Finkel  
93228. ronen M The search for JEW on google should not yield 100 "good reaons" why jews shouldn't be allowed to exist!
93227. jason dombrower  
93226. deborah kaufman  
93225. Moshe Werthan  
93224. Yehuda Silbermann  
93223. Susan Bojarski  
93222. Isaac Akoka  
93221. Colin Levitan  
93220. Jeffrey Pinsky  
93218. Hannah Laiken  
93217. Larry Hagler  
93216. Allen Horne Remove this site immediately!!!!!
93215. Carolyn Woolf it is an absolute disgrace that Google allows such a site on its search engine
93214. Miss M Millman I am disgusted by this anti-semetic site
93213. Paul Wilkins  
93212. Hilary Mandleberg  
93211. anna  
93210. Y Blecher  
93209. Arthur Kessler shame on Google
93208. arnold troostwijk  
93207. Elan Cohen  
93206. Antoinette Joy Glasner  
93205. Bella Akoka  
93204. Jacob Nelik  
93203. Michael Baskin  
93202. Saul Fruchthendler  
93201. michael  
93200. micah Rubin  
93199. M. Amsellem  
93198. Elizabeth Talbot It's the ethical thing to do.
93197. Robert Andrew Helton  
93196. lorna bloom not acceptable
93195. Michael Laurier  
93194. Vivian Avraham I hate this
93193. Ursula B. Seligmann Please remove the "" from your wonderful Google Search Engine
93192. David Fineberg  
93191. josh bloom not acceptable
93190. Stephen Bernstein  
93189. Rona Siegal  
93188. Ruti as a leading search engine which also exists in hebrew ti would be wise for google to take more respsonsabilty towards their clients and NEVER allow racism to be a part of their buisness
93187. Robert C. Frost  
93186. Jinx Kruger  
93185. Ron Harel  
93184. Shulamith Horowitz  
93183. Ruth Gottfried  
93182. Alexander Shindler  
93181. Lisa Deutsch  
93180. Danielle Mangoubi  
93179. Jay Arulampalam  
93178. Alexis Aruch  
93177. Renana Rokach ÿ
93176. Jodik disgusting!
93175. Lisette Sontag  
93174. A Mackler  
93173. Kitty Weinberger  
93172. Rachael Binning  
93170. Ralph Starita  
93169. Becky Fish  
93168. gavin rubinstein  
93167. Dorene Starita  
93166. cheri Warner  
93165. Daniel Melul  
93164. Roussalka  
93163. Dr. robin Zakariaei I am extremly disappointed in a company of such status as google having such incident taking place, I trust that this matter will be taken cared of in the most timely manner.. By removing it in total from your search engine.
93162. carol hoffman  
93161. Jan Sapir  
93160. Emma Petrook why was it started in the first place!
93159. Marci Beitch  
93158. Brett Slotar  
93157. h bar-orian stop it now.
93156. Kevin Davis  
93155. Nina Blair  
93154. Jack Werner  
93153. Marci  
93152. davidai elyakim  
93151. Daniel Paran  
93150. ruth donig white  
93149. simone  
93148. Asher Leshem  
93147. Eva Gant  
93146. David DeBus, Rel. M., Ph.D. I am a practicing Christian with a seminary degree. I am a psychologist. Stop this poison.
93145. cecil rimer  
93144. Earl Altshuler get rid of this sick-o
93143. leon shulton  
93142. Joshua Pomeranetz Please remove this site. Hopefully before YOM HASHOAH
93141. Colin Gottlieb  
93140. Richard Mikesell get it together
93139. henry sontag  
93138. andy ezekiel  
93137. Musia Feldman Criminals of Islam against humanity controls Google. It is subject to be checked by the competent authority. Meanwhile, let’s sabotage this inferior good of the Internet and start a huge law process against Google. They do not act according to their own ethics meaning that they have no ethics.
93136. Michael Zybutz  
93135. Rivka Hames Have we not had enough!!!!!!
93134. Peter Schultz  
93133. Jillian Golda Paiker-Ribeiro None needed
93132. Yael Haran There has to be a limit
93131. Carol E. Fox  
93130. mary i think this is disgusting that a respected search engine like google wqill generate sites like this
93129. Azgad Dor  
93128. Dana Cohen  
93127. phil bak  
93126. kenneth cohen  
93125. SAMUEL KOR  
93124. Maureen Sharon Shameful and shocking!
93123. Lippe Georges  
93122. bruce baker  
93121. Lezly Ziering Let's wipe out antisemitism before it wipes us out
93120. Renee Pomeranetz  
93119. Justin Ryan  
93118. Dov Joselowitz  
93117. David Wheeler  
93116. Julia Fineberg  
93115. Arjan  
93114. sara its a shame not to remove the site above mentioned
93113. Bertram Schader  
93112. Carlos Wolodarsky  
93111. Gordon Schwartz  
93110. Guillermo Silva  
93109. Adam Yanofsky  
93108. Henrik Salamon  
93107. Rony Shaham  
93106. Philip Gordon  
93105. Casey Baird  
93104. sylvia sutton  
93103. Yair Cohen  
93102. Aviva Grosbard  
93101. Joy Rothberger why are 50,000 signatures needed?
93100. Clifford  
93099. John Gould Rubin  
93098. Strime ,Colin  
93097. T. Axelrod Please exercise wise judgment regarding hate sites of all kinds!
93096. Jeff Stern  
93095. Sharon Kohn  
93094. Norton Byer  
93093. brian  
93092. Harriet Goldberg  
93091. Coke Hallowell  
93090. Eyal  
93089. sharon camu  
93088. Tish Kahn  
93087. Patric Choffrut This is appaling
93086. varda adar  
93085. bob d.  
93084. Yael Neter  
93083. gail tunick pleae put this site under anti-semitism. This is where it should be. Thank you.
93082. marc weber  
93081. Sivan B. Please remove the website as it is extremely offensive!
93080. Doron Hirshberg  
93079. Leila Mokhtarzadeh  
93078. wendy Sternberg  
93077. eve amit  
93076. Ethel Rosner discraceful, remove immediately
93075. Ed Zwieback  
93074. Reuven Greenberg  
93073. Brad Greenspan  
93072. Etoile Soiffer  
93071. Uri Mingelgrin Shame on Google. Remember that there are other search engines.
93070. Ken Hassman Please help stop the spread of anti-semitism
93069. Sharon Bjornson Please remove as soon as possible. This is hate mail.
93068. Stuart Courtney  
93067. Jennifer  
93066. Jaime Bitton  
93065. Elran Tsabag  
93064. Rev. Brian J. Kiely  
93063. anat juran  
93062. Matthew D. Erulkar Ê
93061. ernesto bernal  
93060. Yossi Geller  
93059. Marc Braunstein  
93058. Lester Smith  
93057. Yuriy Rubin please remove
93056. Courtney Toretto  
93055. Jonathan Leibtag  
93054. James Skye  
93053. nicolas jude  
93052. Debbie Perla  
93051. Boris Vaynman  
93050. Richard Katz Google shouldn't be used for encouraging and promoting hate. Is that what you want done with your tools? You need to be responsible for your site.
93049. Marjorie Biller  
93048. Leah Smaller  
93047. Michael  
93046. Julie Bamberger  
93045. Robert Friedman Thank you to the makers of this petition
93044. dalia arzani  
93043. Kim  
93042. Robert Feith  
93041. Sondra George  
93040. Justin Loring  
93039. Wolmer J  
93038. Jacob Boyd ÿ
93037. greg ross get rid of that
93036. Elizabeth A. Kebschull Thank you, Google, for your sensitivity on this issue.
93035. Mark Davis Love your site; but this does a disservice to your site.
93034. david abrams  
93033. scott einhorn  
93032. Ami Dayan  
93031. Fanta  
93030. Mary L. McMacken  
93029. Harriet Silverman  
93028. Jeffrey Ross  
93027. judith bensusan  
93026. sandra caplin  
93025. Harriet  
93024. Kenneth Schorr Absolutely horrible site!
93023. Kay Gallin  
93022. Lauren Weisler  
93020. Alex Krell  
93019. david kohan  
93018. Dara  
93017. Fanny Rosenblatt  
93016. elsfr  
93015. p. perkins please remove antisemitic material
93014. Doug Zelden Dump the hate site!
93013. mike wasserman  
93012. Robert Sapoff  
93011. Faraj Khoury It is a poor site too.
93010. Terri  
93009. lenore steinhardt  
93008. Joshua Adam Ballew  
93007. Ida Diamond  
93006. avi shafir  
93005. Zamir Bar-David  
93004. larrygold  
93003. alla davydov  
93002. Louis Schmuckler  
93001. Helene Bortz  
93000. Adi Zaidman  
92999. Brian Furtado  
92998. shai danziger  
92997. Stacey Kessler  
92996. B. Richard Fow  
92995. cindy gold  
92994. joan sangiovanni  
92993. Shelley  
92992. Hillel Edelman  
92991. Ezra and Gita Henkin  
92990. stephen gross  
92989. S. Maxwell Pleasee remove this abomination.
92988. Morry Altabef  
92987. Diana L. Snead  
92986. marian Weinberg  
92985. Jeff Pudlo  
92984. yuval  
92983. Aaron Cohen  
92982. Donnel Briley  
92981. Erie Shockey  
92980. Jamie Briggs Please remove jewWatch
92979. ellie jackson  
92978. Joseph Kudish  
92977. Leonard Steiner  
92976. Dan Levitz  
92975. Michael K. Please remove this link immediately
92974. daniella golan  
92973. Gabi Klein  
92972. Heidi Isaacs  
92971. M and P Nashen listen to the public
92970. Eddie this should be taken off immediately
92969. FITOUSSI  
92968. Enid & Bert Powell  
92967. Paul Weiss I would like to see the public outcry if you had an anti-Arab or anti-Moslem site appear as #1 when the words "Arab" or "Moslem" were typed in! You'd be forced to remove the site from the search engine...but for JEWS - it is OK to have this filth continue to pollute the Internet. Take a moral stand and remove!
92966. David A. Carle  
92965. Lea Unfathonable behavior!
92964. amit golan  
92963. Daniel Frank  
92962. Peter Good  
92961. devora  
92960. Victoria Mack  
92959. Robert Mermelstein  
92958. ken lidsky remove
92957. Deborah Weiss I find it absurd that you will remove offensive pornography (i.e. child porn) from your search engine, but not offensive hate speech like anti-semitism. What is the difference?
92956. Robert Carl Cohen  
92955. Kathleen Raasch  
92954. david s rosenberg  
92953. Linda Weiss  
92952. Kathryn Doi  
92951. Milton Raasch  
92950. ann b rosenberg  
92949. Shaanon Gelman  
92947. Dorothy Fleisher  
92946. sally goldstien  
92945. Alfred Gilgore pleease remove
92944. Eleanor Ourhaan  
92943. eva landy anti-semitic material should be removed
92942. Rob Scott end stupid bigotry
92941. noa tzur  
92940. Leslie Offer  
92939. Laura Cohen-Hogan  
92938. Jim Browne This site is highly offensive to me.
92937. viv hesselson  
92936. S.R.DiPietro  
92935. veronica Fuera jewwatch de google!!!
92934. stu hesselson  
92933. Cherie Levy  
92932. Ben Hersh That's disgusting... No anti-semitism online
92931. Daniel Taub  
92930. colin schapiro  
92929. Stacey  
92928. Kathleen Garibaldi It's disgusting that a site like this can get advertisement from a major search engine. Kids can be exposed to this!
92927. E. Lamkay get rid of
92926. Rosemarie Tevelow I find it outrageous that you would not do this on your own.
92925. Moshe Wealcatch  
92924. herzberger remove now!
92923. salomon schnadower just remove it
92922. eli teperberg  
92921. ed & eleanor intrator  
92920. Avi Zellman When you are the best, you must take responsibility for the sometimes inescapable mistakes. Please REMOVE this site--it is HATE, not news, HATE.
92919. molly coleman  
92918. Joshua Paled Dont mess with the Jew's, Well screw up your credit
92917. Victoria Chernyak  
92916. Susan Fox Horn  
92915. Simcha Gluck Stop the anti-semitic lies!
92914. Al Zelmon  
92913. uri madar  
92912. Tayor Need 50,000 signatures, Google? How about counting 6, 000,000 (thats six million!) whose sons and daughters would've been using your search engine today have they not been killed by hate. Shame on you.
92911. Nelli Mangoubi  
92910. Yaeli Rom a disgrace!
92909. Jeffery Selco  
92908. David Siegel this is disgusting
92907. Arthur Harris  
92906. Ludmilla Coven, Ed.D. Wage war against hate mail.
92905. Ilana Steinberg  
92904. Dr. Pinchas Stern  
92903. Dr. Kaye google ...whoah, could you really be this backward? could you not think to take this b.s. off your search engine using your own set of ethics?!
92902. Maya  
92901. N. Michael Rucka Outragious!!!!! I will go back to Jeeves .com if this is not removed from your site.
92900. Rachel Gluck  
92899. AVI BEN ZVI  
92898. Judith Herzog Rand  
92897. Michael Alter the risk of inciting hatred takes precedence over "free speech" please shut down this blatant site
92896. Holly Neimark  
92895. Noel McKeon Disgraceful!
92894. Jean Blumin  
92893. Amanda D Wooten remove the site so people can really be educated about Judaism instead of hate
92892. Bruno Escojido  
92891. Kalman Shor  
92890. Stewart Bloom  
92889. starla manewal  
92888. Harry Nudel  
92887. Shoshi Shamsian  
92886. Leonard Klahr  
92885. Allen Glick  
92884. jerald young  
92883. david Paremos el antisemitismo ya!!!!!!
92882. michael shlimovich  
92881. JERRY BASS  
92880. Robert Blum Yahoo, have scruples before considering the money you can earn .
92879. Robert S. Wyer, Jr.  
92878. susanne hopkins  
92877. Bernice L  
92876. Cindy Levinson  
92875. E. Keith Froehlich Abhorrant
92874. M. Soble We have enough hate please remove this site
92873. Aida and Nachum Schutz  
92871. moira berman  
92870. Mark  
92869. Adam S. Miner, M.D.  
92868. Lyzette M.  
92867. M. R. Zwirn  
92866. Jim Dery  
92865. David take it out !!!
92864. Eric Kvarnes  
92863. I BINDER  
92861. Mary Krantzler Disappointed in Google for hosting such a site!
92860. James Dery  
92859. Sagi dark96
92858. Grace Fox  
92857. Dr. Bernard M. Kovacs O.D.  
92856. Robert Freedkin  
92855. Jacqueline Brown I find this intolerable.
92854. Howard Bloom  
92853. Roni Merbler  
92852. stella i don't want to see this crap while searching for information on jews or judaism
92851. David Hillel  
92850. margot parnass  
92849. Mary Krantzler Disappointed in Google for hosting such a site!
92848. Edward Hass I can happily use another engine
92847. Fred -A. Nakos  
92846. Eric Doppelt Absolutely disgusting...I would have thought google would not accept this
92845. Eric Doppelt Absolutely disgusting...I would have thought google would not accept this
92844. Joon O. Yeider  
92843. Lorraine Prescott This is too important not to sign. Please sign and make yourself count!!!
92842. Dana Stein  
92841. Heather Shore Amazing that we have to remove this...
92840. Iosiv Long Live to Israel!!!
92839. gail bjorndal  
92838. Avraham Bloch  
92837. Gary Miller  
92836. Leah  
92835. B Hart  
92834. Lisa Greenberg  
92833. jacob Monaker unexceptable
92832. Kristine G Google : do the right thing ..the honorable thing and remove this link
92831. James Decourcey  
92830. Beth Weiner  
92828. Diane Mehlman  
92827. Marilyn Jankelowitz  
92826. Jackie Ferrell  
92825. Carter Barn  
92824. Joel Miller blatantly anti-semitic; hateful
92823. ilan benamara  
92822. Jason Yelowitz  
92821. Chris Fredericksen  
92820. craig katz Just Say No to Anti-Semitism
92819. Vivian Blinder  
92818. Sylvia Staniforth  
92817. gina ravelle  
92816. Dalia remove!
92815. Chaz Austin  
92814. Mike Nissenson  
92813. Natalia Urbas de Rosenfeld  
92812. Michael Prince  
92811. simon starr  
92810. Aimee  
92809. harriett Wieder  
92808. barbara kaplan  
92807. Pauline Pomerance google should not make itself a party to this Hateful org.
92806. Rileah Be a concerned citizen and love your neighbor. This should not be allowed to continue, please remove this site!
92805. Shirley Pflaum  
92804. Susan Zarchy Fight anti-semitism and racism in all forms!
92803. Nicole Kline Being a messenger of hate messages is no different than actively promoting hatered.
92802. L. Danziger  
92801. Gerald Fried "A sense of Decency seems like a good phrase, now.
92800. Margaret Pollack  
92799. Teri Naftalin GET RID OF IT!!!
92798. Yvonne Guttmann  
92797. Stefan Merken  
92796. Faye Fulton  
92795. Laura Horn  
92794. Joshua Skrzypek I normally am entirely against censorship; however, I believe that a document that spreads libel has no right to be protected under the claim of supposed educational value.
92793. reta freeman  
92792. nir remove it!!
92791. Kenneth Rosenthal Thi s is the most offensive web site and needs to be removed.
92790. A Gurman  
92789. rachel rosenberg  
92788. kelly b. hoots stop hate, be superior, promote tolerance.
92787. Karen Postbrief  
92786. nancy lewitt  
92785. Avi Harel  
92784. Devora Garelik Thank you for finally taking care of this.
92783. Judy Levitt Stop this outrage!
92782. bec same  
92781. Enrique  
92780. jeffrey eis  
92779. chuck moore You removed one for Chester- do it for US!!!!
92778. Kevin Fiske  
92777. CJ Sabatini It's inappropriate to have this site listed on google
92776. Cynthia Mintzer  
92775. Rebecca  
92774. david m albert intolerence breeds death and destruction
92773. M. Selby  
92772. chanie nap  
92771. Kaye Dail It is appauling that you need a petition to have this removed!
92769. S.A. Weiss while we appreciate your posting of an explanation, we ask that this site be removed.
92768. Chana Grunvald  
92767. Elizabeth Lackey  
92766. Gary  
92764. Jerome E. Pohl  
92763. D. Saperstein  
92762. Ariel Weindling  
92761. A.H.Honikman Engendering hatred is a crime against humanity
92760. david goldenberg  
92759. Marim D. Charry  
92758. Karen Miller enough is enough
92757. Wesley S . Goldberg  
92756. G. Rose  
92755. murray sheckter  
92754. haim  
92753. Linda Levitan It's only justice!
92752. Dennis Browne  
92751. Catherine Campaigne  
92750. Robert Beilin  
92749. Sari Bilick  
92748. N. Margolin  
92747. Loran Augresane  
92746. michael fishler  
92745. Holly Fagel  
92744. Sheryl Hodges  
92743. anis shashou  
92742. Jeff Firkser  
92741. Rebecca Vigil  
92740. Samuel Lapidus I would think the the people behind Google would hold them selves to higher standerds.
92739. Gloria Tuman  
92738. albert suerdlove  
92737. Tess Bear  
92736. david wagner  
92735. Hans Berliner Only in America
92734. sarah  
92733. Sandra Gross  
92732. jay berger there is no place for hatred and the abuse of "truth".
92731. Samantha Smith Hate is for losers. Predjudice is too.
92730. Rose Ann Essig  
92729. Jeff Levine  
92728. Steve Danz please!
92727. barry mlot  
92726. Peter Nussbaum MD  
92725. Regina H Leon  
92724. Mary Bacon  
92723. Ronald Plotkin  
92722. Daniel Ajzner  
92721. janice hellmann very disappointing.
92720. Barney Saltzberg  
92719. Barbara Heller  
92718. Sharon L. Glassner  
92717. Lanie Sacks This is a sad statement about technology. Please do the right and conscienable thing and remove Thank you.
92715. Jennifer Claybo  
92714. Livschitz I frequently use google and am very disapointed to find this sort of thing here
92713. Ashley Schriefer You are part of the reason why there is still hate in this world.
92712. eliot hudes there is no place on the internet that should allow hate to be disseminated
92711. Michael Metrick  
92710. Yuval Navot  
92709. Jack A Serber Bigotry does not deserve priority
92708. Ian Hurwitz  
92707. Dan Norman  
92705. Barry Katz  
92704. Jeanne Cadoret Please let decency and respect prevail.
92703. Ariel Feinberg  
92702. Michael Howard  
92701. janet pichette  
92700. Denise Bilderback  
92699. barry berkeley  
92698. mike finish  
92697. susan need I say anything?
92696. Leah Shulman  
92695. George B. Elia Just as yelling fire in a crowded movie theater (when false) is unlawful so is this inflamatory site.
92694. Allan Bernstein  
92693. Benjamin Abelow, M.D.  
92692. Daniel disgraceful
92691. Elmer L. Hyman  
92690. Sheila Sazonov Sites like these should be banned, they incite racial hatred.
92689. Laura Zahner  
92688. Joanna Bernstein  
92687. Ingrid  
92686. Kathy Weis name is offensive
92685. W. Kraft  
92684. Danielle Griffith  
92683. Eric Isenberg  
92682. jacobo  
92681. Jonathan Klug  
92680. hope kalish  
92679. david harris  
92678. Katz  
92677. Jeanie Bernstein  
92676. Maurice Simone  
92675. David Cohen  
92674. Ronald Burke MD  
92673. Chris Parker Please remove
92672. Judy & Allan Bluestone  
92671. Dov Muchnik  
92670. Danielle  
92669. Sam Rosenthal  
92668. dude  
92667. Ron Peisach You are at the top of your field. You need to consider your social responsibilities as well.
92666. Roslyn Gallet  
92665. David and Barbara Koonce  
92664. Carmit Soreanu  
92663. Eric Gever For the cause...
92662. Diego Dodel  
92661. T.C. Sica  
92660. Louis de Groot hatemongers have no place in a search engine
92659. Renee Lewin  
92658. Eliane  
92657. RITA ALBERT  
92656. Patricia Rice This is a travesty to have this kind of garbage on the No. 1 search engine
92655. avivi savinoam  
92654. Dana Friedman I'm amazed that sites like this proliferate
92653. mark  
92652. Adam Vinokoor  
92651. Dora Levin  
92650. Anne Dee Conway  
92649. Norman D. Kaplan  
92648. Zion Zohar  
92646. Jason Lipstein Please remove that hideous web site.
92645. Richie Otterstedt  
92644. T Holmberg  
92643. Rhoda L. Marlin  
92642. Dale JewWatch May have been removed? (It doesn't open for me, perhaps because of the traffic) yet the link "Cached" directs you to the page immediately. Please demand this also be removed!
92641. Sidney M. Cohn I have sent this to my e mail addresses
92640. Carrie  
92638. David Goldstein  
92637. Evan Smith  
92636. marla  
92635. susana  
92634. Francie Nobleman Disgusting website!
92633. Barbara Michelman  
92632. morton kahn REMOVE IT NOW
92631. Henry Klotz  
92630. Daniella Smith  
92629. Linda Orseck  
92628. Edye Bulmash  
92627. Sabrina Elena  
92626. Dr. Chaya-Nesya Glogauer  
92625. Ian Setless  
92624. Maggie Merker  
92623. Michal  
92622. Jan Fisher  
92621. linda gamble  
92620. Alexandra Glick It's Holocaust Remembrance Week. I'd say that over 92,000 signatures is a fitting tribute.
92618. Heather Stork  
92617. Allan Levy  
92616. Olga Campillo Shalom Enough! DO NOT continue supporting ANTI-semitism!!
92615. Daniel Klein  
92614. Roy Rothstein  
92613. Mrs. H. Snitman  
92612. Martin S. Lawson  
92611. penny balducci  
92610. noah johnson-greenough  
92609. Philip Seibel  
92608. David Hoffman  
92607. Stanley  
92606. irwin rosenstein  
92605. Arnold Kaplan  
92604. Val  
92603. Geraldine M. Hurwitz How was this misssed by all the Jewish Agencies?
92602. Bruce Feingold  
92601. jay levin  
92600. susan levine Please remove
92599. Michael Gordon  
92598. Herbert Kratchman REMOVE IMMEDIATELY!
92597. Stephanie Pregent  
92596. Laurence Perrin MD  
92595. Rena Horwitz Sites that instigate hatred against ANY group should not be allowed. Please remove ASAP.
92594. Janette Silverman  
92592. Phyllis & Sidney Reisman It would be a shame, not to remove the site.
92591. Alison Mestetsky  
92590. Catherine Ewart  
92589. Mark Devanney remove this and or all anti-unity websites from your search engine please
92588. Kate  
92587. Marian Spadone please remove this and preserve dignity and freedom for all humans
92586. Jack Kozlen  
92585. mark dubin  
92584. juliet vesely  
92583. rona zerlin  
92582. Judith Green  
92581. Steven Millman  
92580. marc mayer  
92579. Sheri Spector  
92578. Karen  
92577. helen himmel  
92576. abby  
92575. Natalie Wagner  
92574. Bradley MacDonald  
92573. MSSINGAL319 I am outraged and disappointed that GOOGLE would condone such a distasteful and non-factual website.
92572. Debi Dan Wolfe  
92571. gerald perman  
92570. Jon Martin  
92569. Irving B. Okun  
92568. Rachel Heisler I am confident thet a company with the international stature that Google commands will take action to prevent the fomenting antisemitism which has permeated your serch engine
92567. susan olshansky  
92566. ely freedman  
92565. Chris Ney  
92564. Gordon Johnson  
92563. Dylan Kelly  
92562. Ginger Williamson  
92561. Gerald Wolfe disgusting
92560. Dan Saltsman remove this false and hateful garbage
92559. Rena Horwitz  
92558. Judith Miller  
92557. Ronit Tehrani  
92556. Maylene Waung this is totally unacceptable
92555. Gregory Ellenoff  
92554. Jill Ovadia  
92553. David Silverman Take that antisemitic site off already so we jews can worry about more pressing matters like mutilating children!
92552. Barbara Zimmerman There's no excuse for hate.
92551. Olga I  
92550. Floyd Russak, MD  
92549. Eric  
92548. sheila budnick  
92547. Judith Goldberg please remove from Google
92546. Lyn Otter  
92545. Lynn Grindstaff  
92544. Sylvan B. Caditz  
92543. Harvey Cohen  
92542. Rebecca Plavnick  
92541. susan Spiro  
92540. Janne Fecht I'm not Jewish, but I find the site reprehensible. It needs to be removed.
92539. Vicky Ast  
92538. Jean White  
92537. Jenny Gorog  
92536. Catherine G.  
92535. Charles Stevenson  
92534. Arnie Rotter Free speach does not include hateful speech that can lead to violence-remove the site from the top of your search lists.
92533. Dr. Mary Allen Sochet  
92532. Arie Bitton  
92531. Martin Blitzer  
92530. Andrew Nemiroff Remove the website
92529. Dar Refaeli  
92528. Sue Feder  
92527. Alan R. Gordon  
92526. sandra durbach  
92525. madeline klaus what a horrible way to spread this garbage. i will be pleased to tell friends about google's lack of responsibility
92524. Stacey Mintz Google should be ashamed of itself not excercising tighter controls over its search engine
92523. Sema Hadij Most of you people on this petition are CLUELESS. Google can't modify it's results the way some of you have been suggesting they should do. Where would they draw the line anyway? This "protest" is all about a very LOUD minority trying to silence anything negative said against them. If the site is weak and innacurate, then it will fail in its mission. Funny thing is you are bringing 100 times the normal number of visitors to jewwatch by this petition according to Google's numbers.
92522. Alyssa Waks  
92521. Lawrence Siebert  
92520. Arlene H Lowenstein  
92519. Yehuda Goldenberg  
92518. Rafael Rosenkranz  
92517. ann  
92516. Jonah Chasin  
92515. Miri McCartney  
92514. Brian Kashin  
92513. moises gertner  
92512. Gay Miller  
92511. Robin Itzler Remove from Googles Search
92510. Lisa d.  
92509. Peter Schwartz  
92508. Neil H. Harris  
92507. Deborah Hart  
92506. Irving Skorka  
92505. Arlene Kupietzky  
92504. John Nalor  
92503. Karen Lichtenstein  
92502. Deborah  
92501. Ari Goldschmidt take that antisemitic site off already so we jews can worry about more pressing matters like being cheap and controling the world!
92500. Susan Ann Kane  
92499. Lucy Feingold  
92498. marc yunis  
92497. Kristin A. Farry  
92496. Fred Sultan  
92495. S E KAYNE  
92494. Edith Amster  
92493. Laura Shulman  
92492. Roy Eappen  
92491. Tracy Artson  
92490. Mary A. Turpin The world does not need a website of hate!
92489. javier yearson  
92488. Teri Goldsmith  
92487. Martha L Marks  
92486. Joan Moses Please Remove ASAP
92485. Larry Feldman  
92484. Daniel Mullins  
92483. Ann Schottenfeld  
92482. Daniel Goodman  
92481. Paul Osborne  
92480. Judy Colbert Please remove this link
92479. edwin eisendrath  
92478. Adam Milgrom  
92477. Linda Rosenblatt  
92476. G. Braffman jewwatch is dripping with anti-jewish hate-filled slander
92475. Ron Greenfield You need to monitor hate sites
92474. Debbie Schwartz  
92473. Michael "Mikey" Dovberg This site is just wrong - everywhere - WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !
92472. Gilbert H. Skopp  
92471. sunny tavel  
92470. Edith Amster Anti-semitic information is offensive and dangerous. Please consider removing any offensive sites and not allowing them in the future. Thank You.
92469. Rowie Wolf  
92468. Lucy Katz I took the time to read some of the documents. I don't just sign or send out without checking things out. This is apauling. Nothing like more revisionist history!
92467. ronni morrison  
92466. Peggy Hanan  
92465. cindy goldfarb  
92464. Judith Gorsky  
92463. Daniel Lemor  
92462. e w It is a great disgrace that has not removed the site already
92461. Lauren Sablowsky  
92460. Paula Harap  
92459. Greg Sterling This is a horrible site
92458. Lynne Tamara Tavera very disturbing
92457. Barbara Fleck  
92456. marc Its dispicable and distorts free speech
92455. Edythe Kurz  
92454. Barbara Wolfgang  
92453. Ilene S. Hoffman  
92452. Henry Zimmmerman  
92450. L. Hartman  
92449. Neal Aronson  
92448. Hy Mansfield OY VAY!
92447. Sherrill Kaye  
92446. rita weinberg  
92445. Michelle Foreman  
92444. Roberta Solomon  
92443. amikam berman  
92442. Michael Hallak-Stamler I'm appalled
92441. L Woon  
92440. eileen letvin  
92438. Tea O. Zylberman  
92437. DR. MICHAEL H. MALOWITZ Absolute garbage, untrue and disgusting
92436. Wendy Samuel  
92435. Richard Belson  
92434. Paul Tenenbein  
92433. Aly Friedman  
92432. Frances Friedman Please take immediate action to remove this
92431. s. davis  
92430. Jennifer Lish  
92429. Ida Harvey This is AWFUL.
92428. Patti Clark  
92427. Michael Endy  
92426. Michael Crane  
92425. STEPHEN L. MEYERS This site is NOT what the 1st Amendment is supposed to protect!
92424. Jenna Schwartz  
92423. Deanna Weisman  
92422. michael winston  
92421. Lisa Y. Garibay  
92420. Ornit Sagy  
92419. William Lassner  
92418. Carolyn Stewart  
92417. eva weingort  
92416. Perry Williams  
92415. schok There are now enough - REMOVE IT.
92414. barbara mayl  
92413. Ravit Michener For such an increadible compony - this is unexcusible
92412. Carol Adelson Please remove this site. It is insulting and offensive
92411. Jacob Youdkes  
92410. brbox  
92409. James Boomer  
92408. monique slap  
92407. Michael Greenbaum  
92406. justin sheppard  
92405. Bennett Schlenger  
92404. Bobai Howard  
92403. Nancy Pepper  
92402. Howard Blakeslee  
92401. Jean Bloomfield  
92400. Harry Kashdan  
92399. Martha S. Sauter  
92398. Helen C. Paul Please don't help to foment hatred, racism, and misinformation
92397. Alison Freund  
92396. Dara Marias  
92395. Dianne Feureisen Horrible!
92394. Shuye Chen  
92393. Merrie K. Forstein  
92392. Evan Greenbaum  
92391. philip forman  
92390. Howard Fink  
92389. Bruce Lowitt  
92388. Avi  
92387. J D Goodman Your excuses for keeping the site online are very weak to say the least. There is no place for such hatred in the modern world, please remove this site immediately!
92386. Esther Korin  
92385. Kim Miller-Hershon  
92384. Ruth Eyal Have we crossed the line between freedom of speech & persecution of others.
92383. S. Hirschfeld  
92382. Michael  
92381. Linda  
92380. Jeff Allen  
92379. m. a. chuich this does not qualify as freedom of speech!!
92378. Keith Parsky  
92376. Judith Cole  
92375. Paul Merluzzi  
92374. Irene Sochin  
92373. Hannah Richards  
92372. john Perlstein The site is full of lies and falsehoods designed to engender hate.
92371. Wolf  
92370. Aaron Hoffer  
92369. Jay Ross Remove this site now!
92368. Rod Margo Please do the right thing
92367. Jeff Macknofsky  
92366. Ron Lieberman  
92365. iman  
92364. janine schwarz  
92363. Linda  
92362. Virginia Maas  
92361. Adam Poster  
92360. Brenda Dressler  
92359. Dvorah Chazanow How can this be at this time in history?
92358. Jennifer Horesh I'm anti-censorship and pro-Freedom of Speech, but I think this is a site that should be ranked with pornography and bomb-making sites--keep it out of the mainstream and protect our children from this sort of propaganda!
92357. raanan haham  
92356. hanna benzwie  
92355. Linda  
92354. larry jeshiva  
92353. Olga Semenova  
92352. Caro Mark  
92351. David S. Levine Remove this disgusting site!
92350. Ryan Gard  
92349. L. Adler It is the responsibility of every conscious human being to not just refrain from participating in any hate-based behaviour, but to call attention to it and to take proactive steps to end it- whether it be anti-semitism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc.- it is all hateful and ignorant.
92348. James Stabler  
92347. Jayme Gorin what a disgrace
92346. Roy Wittert  
92345. Yan Gindin Please remove racist and anti-Semetic site from your search engine
92344. De'e Geller  
92343. Carole Sherman  
92342. Cheryl Walter  
92341. Philip Schreiber  
92340. Jonathan Seth Markowitz Such a website as JewWatch is obscene.
92339. Kerrin Oshry  
92338. Carol Steen  
92337. Linda Calderone  
92336. Carter Jones  
92335. irving weiss  
92334. Naomi Thompson  
92333. Dave Finke Never Forget What Happened Before
92332. amy schiffman  
92331. Arlene Roogow  
92330. Roman Ivanov  
92329. Julie Burg  
92328. Yale Wolk  
92327. Michael Smilansky  
92326. Lynne Margolin  
92325. David Harris  
92324. Linda Wolters  
92323. Alison Goldy  
92322. Jan & Dick Alexander  
92321. Jennifer Weiss  
92320. Stephen Holt  
92319. Bonnie  
92318. Ross Neisuler Google must stay away from bigotry
92317. jason seidman  
92316. Adrienne Cranfill remove it! Do it now!
92315. Bradley Shaps  
92314. Bernard Sacks  
92313. Shanna Edinger  
92312. Marcia Paller  
92311. Melissa Goldstein  
92310. barb mallins  
92309. Stacy Wiatrak  
92308. Deborah Render  
92307. Barbara Cohen  
92306. Carole Judelson Disgusting please remove
92305. Beth Kouba  
92304. Martha Stevens  
92303. Fred Friedlander  
92302. L Harris  
92301. Daniel Litovsky  
92300. Barry Vulgar and antisemitic. Should be censored!
92299. E. Livshin 50.000 signatures was the minimum... the more signatures, the stroner the voice of the protest...
92298. Barbara Mehlman  
92297. Craig Marlowe  
92296. Ed Koenig This is not freedom of speech. This is yelling fire in a crowded theater.
92295. j  
92294. Amalia Brujis  
92293. John Johnson  
92292. Carole Martin  
92291. Debra Marlowe  
92290. Craig Denton  
92289. Howard Fosman  
92288. Tamir Bloom  
92287. Francine Ephraim  
92286. Jeremy Smith  
92285. rhoda l seider  
92284. Gordon Fehr  
92283. Charlotte M. Zinser  
92282. D. Samson  
92281. Myra Segal  
92280. Raphael Kairy  
92279. Eileen Sklon  
92278. Leanne Zmood information should always be correctly researched and presented.
92277. Ken Saunders Remove it or I will stop using google!
92276. mark diamond be just
92275. Lenora Elkin any site that promotes race hatre is reprehensible
92274. Joseph W. Jimenez  
92273. J. Teitelbaum  
92271. Linda Parnes  
92270. Barbara Braun  
92269. Michal Zadok I am very angry about this and can not believe that this is happenning
92268. Sophia Tulchinsky  
92267. Sharon Zisholtz  
92266. Linda & Clifford Goldsmith  
92265. Deanna Gross  
92264. Marilyn Samuel  
92263. Debra Hill How would you like a similar site: Catholic Watch or Bahaii Watch or Episcopal Watch . . .got the idea?
92262. chani greenwald  
92260. Leslie Edell  
92259. Jacob Isaac Allon I think that it is wrong and that it should be removed A.S.A.P.
92258. Dan Feferman  
92257. Brooke Barrash  
92256. Martha Ruth Zadok This is absolutely unacceptable. I can not believe that google is involve in this.
92255. David  
92254. Shirlee Kurland  
92253. Merryl  
92252. anita v kaplan I find it appalling that this garbage is allowed.
92251. ERIC ALPER  
92250. Perla  
92249. Rachel Abel horrendous
92248. Gilit Weinberg  
92247. janice roble  
92246. eitan caspi  
92245. Reeni Goldin  
92244. Mark Childs  
92243. Arin Klug  
92242. Jeffrey Silkin  
92241. Priva Stilman  
92240. Michael Moorin  
92239. Harriet Gross  
92238. Muriel Voynow  
92237. Nancy Mills  
92236. Jeanne Weisblatt remove
92235. HAnnah  
92234. Naama  
92233. Al Senter  
92232. Molly Birckhead  
92231. Cindy Shmueli This is not freedom of speech but flat-out hate literature. Google should be ashamed to have its name associated with this horrible site!!
92230. Larry Rosenfield please do the right thing
92229. s.schwartzman  
92228. Deanna Newman  
92227. Kelly google is the best search engine, there is no need to have a political bias, especially when it is negative. Please be more sensitive to what you are portraying online. We all need to be responsible and having google take the correct actions is necessary and worthwhile.
92226. nancy mills  
92225. Yael Batia Moldovan SAD!!
92224. Anna  
92223. Ariella  
92222. racheal  
92221. lance gordon  
92220. Wendi Singer  
92219. Jason Gien  
92218. Harold Newman  
92217. Beverly W. pls remove JewWatch from Google Search Engine
92216. kim richwol  
92215. Judy Grundfast  
92214. Steven Bloom  
92213. Amy Messler Stop hatred, remove this site
92212. Shirley Gien  
92211. ELLIS BELL  
92210. Jack M. Ginsburg  
92209. Sandy Blum  
92208. Adam Tizel  
92207. Eva Chudolinska  
92206. noemi gelb  
92205. Jack Stein Google has a duty to remove this site
92204. Megan Miller  
92203. r yechieli  
92202. Alex Felton I am not a Jew, but a Christian, the Jews are my brothers, God loves and will protect His choosen people the Jews
92200. A. Friedman  
92199. Dillon Williams  
92198. Ami Chanin *Sigh*
92197. Dinah Kramer  
92196. Herbert Reich  
92195. Ronnie Oxfeld  
92194. Marilyn Jacobs We must not allow these transparent lies to be spread under the guise of educating the public.
92193. Ed Walovitch  
92192. Daniel Raminfard A major disappointment in today's world.
92191. Glenn Farber  
92190. Steven Friedman  
92189. melissa  
92187. Rachel Engelmann Google should rethink its algorithim
92186. Alexis  
92185. Sheila Laitman  
92184. roberta loss  
92183. David Edwin  
92182. Emily Rubenstein  
92181. david auerbach  
92180. A Pollack  
92179. Ronnie Eisen  
92178. Mindy Kass Unbelievable!!!
92177. Hope Sanchez  
92176. Mark Reed  
92175. Jessica F. Steinman  
92174. Harvey Koplo bad move google!
92173. sherri miller  
92172. Cecilia Sommer  
92171. Karen Hurwitz  
92170. Scott Selig  
92169. Max Zweig I am all for free speech but not for unrequited hate
92168. Daniel  
92167. Barbara Wachs  
92166. Ed k  
92165. Z.Weiss  
92164. Nadia Levenson  
92163. Gabe Bodner  
92162. David  
92161. Scott Jacobs  
92160. Amy Schlissberg  
92159. Dara Abraham  
92158. Ken Windrum
92157. sarg goldstein  
92156. David Bass Google, it shouldn't take a major protest for you to remove this antisemetic site...c'mon! What are you doing? If it is not removed by the end of the month, I will find a new search engine!
92155. Colleen  
92154. Tonconogy,Alberto  
92153. H.Ringer  
92152. barry gaiptman  
92151. L J Gold  
92150. judith kidonakis  
92149. Susan Hersh  
92148. Leigh Jacobs  
92147. Eliyohu Marcus I can't believe Google is so dumb.
92146. David Boyar  
92145. Justin Han This website is a disgrace.
92144. Jason Epstein  
92143. Nancy Ginsberg  
92142. Ruthie Goldstein  
92141. CARSON PAY  
92140. Louise Epstein Nasty. Google should not be a party to this kind of hate.
92139. Karen Goliger  
92138. Elliot Nassim  
92137. Jordan Glass It is our duty as Jews to make sure that all sites such as this are removed from the internet for good.
92136. Gloria Fox  
92135. Marilyn Maierovitz  
92134. Jordana Grussgott  
92133. Jonathan Kantor  
92132. David Blau  
92131. A. Bar-emun  
92130. Sima Studin can't beleive what I read! So openly hateful, it is a shame it is happening in North America.
92129. adrian l diluzio  
92128. Jerome Abramson  
92127. allan saltsman  
92126. Andie Gordman  
92125. Vicki L. Gross It seems very inappropriate that your search engine would offer
92124. M L Gold  
92123. roberta reider  
92122. Tina Arky  
92121. robert antelman  
92120. Renee and Stuart Copperman Whatever they pay for this "privilege", the money is tainted by the hatred it represents and engenders. There are other web search engines we can use if does not remove this offensive site.
92119. Rena Miller  
92118. Stanley D Sherr This website is a travesty to all people that believe in peace in the world. It attacks the moral fibre of the Juda-Christain heritage of the post World War II Unless ths website is cancelled, I will never use Google again.
92117. Michael Ginsberg  
92115. necham dina marcus this is an outrage.
92114. allan saltsman  
92113. Dalit Muzzarelli  
92112. Julius Stupp This petition should not be necessary !
92111. Robert Weisz Please remove
92110. J Daniels  
92109. Michael J Oliver  
92108. Howard Leska  
92107. Susan Guli shame on such a search engine
92106. JH  
92105. Hannah Rubin-Schlansky  
92104. Annette Zipken Disgrace
92103. P. Segal  
92102. Madeline Gesser  
92101. susan maclaren  
92100. Alyssa Ackerman  
92099. Arbra This site should NOT be the first result for the search on the word "Jew"
92098. Ari K  
92097. nancy steir  
92096. Tobie Widis  
92095. Morrey Solway  
92094. Roy Saretsky  
92093. K Baxter  
92091. Aline Greif  
92090. Lenore Solway  
92089. Harriet Goldsmith We must all join together to stop this threat.
92088. Kenneth E. Rich This is troubling
92087. Alissa Thuotte  
92086. Marvin Widis  
92085. Eric Barbanel  
92084. Jules E. Beuck  
92083. Rochelle Arjmand  
92082. Renee Telsey  
92081. Lauren Silver  
92080. Pam Adams  
92078. Susan Toochin  
92077. Mitchell Cahn  
92076. Patrick M. Gerrity  
92075. Ruth Eckdish To Google team: Your comments and explanaions are appreciated:
92074. Arthur Bohm  
92073. Deborah E Wentz Even if goggle chooses to leave this site available citing "freedom of speech" issues, there is no reason it should be anywhere except at the back of the list
92072. Joyce Weber  
92071. Steven E. Shulman  
92070. hilbert maloff this site is most objectional and if it is not removed it is obvious that the administrators at google support anti-semitisim
92069. Phyllis Weisbaum  
92068. Ellen Zierer  
92066. Jonathan Marsh you should link it to 'anti-semitic' rather than 'jew'
92065. frani w barr  
92064. craig breslauer  
92063. Yael  
92062. Lillian Rosenblatt  
92061. daVID mINTZ  
92060. Michael Baron, D.O. There is enough hatred in this world already. We don't need Google to help the anti-Semitic individuals.
92059. Jason  
92058. arthur cohen  
92057. Jeffrey Grantz Considering the current climate in the world of intolerance any website promoting hatred is not acceptable.
92056. Neal L. Spevack  
92055. Brian Henry  
92054. Herb Gorden  
92053. Jackie Banks  
92052. R Goldstein  
92051. James Green  
92050. Nancy Lewandowski  
92049. Jaques Gheiner  
92048. Daniel Frankel  
92047. Frederick Rein  
92046. Lauren Mandelker  
92045. ann citron remove these hatemongers today...
92044. Sean Ickowicz  
92043. Lo Hoffner  
92042. Alma Brooks  
92041. Joseph Goldstein  
92040. Doris R. Marx  
92039. Minda Bernstein Promote unity and helping each other, positive efforts
92038. Burton Hoffner  
92037. Sam  
92036. Brad Sainsbury  
92035. Nathaniel Ghavitian  
92034. Rebecca That website is awful
92033. elaine harris  
92032. Chana Marcus  
92031. Zvi Aranoff  
92030. ellen  
92029. Judith Rose  
92028. Bremda H REMOVE IT!
92027. Catherine Hockstad  
92026. Joan Carlson What in God's name are you thinking!
92025. sam horowitz  
92024. susan sabarra  
92023. Ilana  
92022. Lois Sabbah  
92021. monte raskin  
92020. Rachel Adlerstein  
92019. Krista Phillips  
92018. M. Langer  
92017. Zvi Aranoff  
92016. Anne Koenig  
92015. norma zippin  
92014. Lori Shaw  
92013. jonathan warman  
92012. Brent Rosenberg  
92011. Hilda Bergher  
92010. Nicole  
92009. Robert Bergen please remove this hideous site
92008. Paul Gellers  
92007. Erica Bial  
92006. Annette Springer  
92005. VALESKA  
92004. paul a Jacobs you should be ashamed of having it on google
92003. Karena T. Valkyrie Please don't let antisemitism be the first "hit" on the search. Change the priority.
92002. Kevin M. Gershenson  
92001. Albert I Berkowitz  
92000. sheri zweig  
91999. Alan Steinbach  
91998. Sam You have got to be kidding...its anti-semitic jerks like that who have been making Jews look bad
91997. Roberta Seitzman  
91996. Ilene D. Samuel  
91995. Stephane Dayan  
91994. Susan Brown  
91993. David Berman  
91992. David Aaronson  
91991. S. Sax  
91990. ron rubin it is disgusting
91989. Lisa Statman  
91988. George Hejtmanek  
91987. Alaina Andino  
91986. Joe Lewit  
91985. Robert Newman  
91984. J.R. Goldman  
91983. Joel Zuker  
91982. David Goldstein  
91981. Karin Alon  
91980. Lauren  
91979. Jan Hetterly  
91978. Valerie F. Levitan, Ph.D.  
91977. Lara Garner  
91976. Ethel Schwebel  
91975. Hilary Birmingham  
91974. Harvey Fertig The fact that this site is in a list provided by you is terrible enough in the first place. That it occupies the coveted first place mention is unspeakable and disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
91973. Cheryl  
91972. Daniel Grodofsky  
91971. Lori Soroko  
91970. Sam Ridiculous Website!!!!
91969. Tirce Kruter Kotlhar  
91968. Angie sacks  
91967. Deborah Borman  
91966. Peter Gelberger there is no room on the internet for this kind of thing
91965. Hugh Bloomfield go
91964. Shaun Miller Free speech actually comes with a price tag of eternal vigilance against hate speech.
91963. gg  
91962. William A. Dreier  
91961. Raquel Does it really require a petition i.e., a little reminder at the pocketbook level for you to take the action that any halfway self-respecting human being would do in a heart-beat!? How can you face your craven, pathetic reflections in the mirror?
91960. Steve Kirshbaum  
91959. Rachel Goldenberg  
91958. Karen Weiss  
91957. Sylvia Berger  
91956. ninette hader  
91955. D.D. Glass  
91954. Mitchell Pinover  
91953. david kramer  
91952. Michael & Judy Litvak There must be a reason as to how and why certain sites pop up earlier than others. It concerns me that this occurs under the auspices of Google. Even if this petition is not successful, it would be my fervent hope that Google can see fit to ensure that this reprehensible site pops up way down the list where few, if any, people care to see or search for it.
91951. Linda Cantor  
91950. mitchell launer  
91949. Michele Noe  
91948. kroonenberg Bob do it please
91947. telepman  
91946. Norman Chait  
91945. Jillian Momon  
91944. Jay Stuart google should take a stand for fair play and against hatred. Hiding behind business considerations is what many good people did in the 1930s. Look where it got the world then.
91943. Brian Shevel  
91942. Bernice Goldman Google, if you want my husband's business take care of your business and remove from your search engine!!!!!
91941. Yonatan Gordis  
91940. Irma Yavno  
91939. Alex Palmer  
91938. Aaron Grunhut  
91937. Robert Fymat How could you let this on your search engine.It is disgusting
91936. Dr. Jill Berman Google's response that JewWatch comes up because of the algorithm that is used, is unacceptable.
91935. Stuart H. Berg  
91934. Daniel Lee  
91933. Karen Brunelle  
91932. Eve Tenenbaum outrageous
91931. Susi Glatt  
91930. joel sherman Remove this site from search engine
91929. Harlen Arbeiter  
91928. Ilya Dorfman  
91927. Jonathan Risch  
91926. becky benaroya  
91925. Saul Shiffman Shameful
91924. devon brickey  
91923. Barbara Simonds  
91922. Gene Herman  
91921. Marisa Genee  
91920. Susan Glatt  
91919. Steven Shore  
91918. Joseph Pleet  
91917. Avigayil Balch  
91916. Kathie Wainstock  
91915. Harvey Leavitt Don't contribute to hate!
91914. Carol Broussi  
91913. Adan Mizrahi  
91912. Cary Buchman  
91911. Cat McCue There are currently 91,879 signatures already on this petition. Hello? Is anyone at Google paying attention? In the name of peace, love and brotherood, please remove this offensive site from your search engine. Cool.
91910. Diane B. Gareen, M.D.  
91908. Fred Rosenberg  
91907. Lance Rothenberg  
91906. rebecca tabacznik  
91905. Alyssa  
91904. Aryeh  
91903. Buffy Lee  
91902. Sonya Rozansky  
91901. Erin Shanbrom  
91900. RANDI SMITH  
91899. chelsea koff  
91898. Jeff Stibel  
91897. liz leonard  
91896. Adam Greenbaum The inclusion of jewwatch is shocking. Please remove it.
91895. Jane Lieurance  
91894. Daniel  
91893. Eden Rose  
91892. jan janow  
91891. karina albornoz Must exist free, free of expression, but the free must be controvert when it finish whit the free the others persons. In this moment, is foment it a turn at hate that years back, finished whit the life of millions of persons. You forgive me for my english, but I wanted write my opinion. We have that continue battling contrarily the discrimination. Thanks for read.
91890. Sarah  
91889. Ann Ingram I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your explanation of the placement of that article FIRST does not ring true. I have always been impressed with your search engine, but this episode leads me to question your whole operation! I think I'll NOT turn to you first any more.
91888. Scott Scher  
91887. miriam yunis  
91886. Craig Viechec  
91885. Leslie Jacobson Remove this terrible website
91884. Karen Tarnoff  
91883. David Easter  
91882. Joel Gordon  
91881. Keith Newman absoulutely disgraceful! Please remove ASAP!
91880. B. Sandmel  
91879. D. Foster I have viewed the web site, and am appalled. That a web site of this nature exists, is abhorrent. Whom do we target next, the african american, how about white females, or lets go one further and target the one group who are the origional americans, the indian community. That google allows this site to exist truely sickens me. I would be ashamed if my children or grandchildren had access to this site and were able to realize the anti-semitic views that are expressed.
91878. Hedva Wagman  
91877. Stew Kaplan  
91876. Ilana  
91875. Miriam G. Friedman  
91874. don levinson  
91873. Eric Sussman  
91872. D. Karp Wake Up Google, its not a speech issue
91871. Harriet Docteroff  
91870. Esther Karro anti-semitism is not justified
91869. Yvette Lam please remove!
91868. Allan Borowski  
91867. Elit Kirschenbaum  
91866. David DaSenda  
91865. Judith Nagler the site is offensive and vile.
91864. Lauren Meisel  
91863. John Jeffrey Tarn  
91862. Sam Bockius  
91861. Charles Blecker  
91860. E Ertel Remove this!
91859. Harvey J. Weintraub  
91858. Shira Cohen  
91857. Adrienne Glusman  
91856. Jeffrey Samet  
91855. Frances Lipsky  
91854. Michael J. Weinberger  
91853. Jessica Cohen  
91852. karyn kalen This is an offensive site.
91851. Sanford Smith  
91850. Shoshi Borowski  
91849. Roxanne Bockius  
91848. David Weinberg  
91847. dee hartzog  
91846. June Shrifter  
91845. Hilary Haack  
91844. Lisa Boehley  
91843. Jeremy Davis-Turak  
91842. Afroim Posherstnik  
91841. Matti Borowski  
91840. Tasso  
91839. Peter  
91838. edye gershman  
91837. nicole  
91836. Nan M. Heim I am appalled. Please rectify this.
91835. Daniel E Artenberg D.D.S/ Money is the root of all evil
91834. Helen Borowski  
91833. Cameron Levkoff  
91832. æ'÷ ÷ðå  
91831. Nadja Raver  
91830. Jack B. FLexer  
91829. L. Levine Disgraceful
91828. Risa Shapiro  
91827. David Engelman  
91826. George Trief  
91825. alice and larry lubkin  
91824. Reuben S. Ingber  
91823. Elizabeth A. Ceja that is soo messed !! take it off now u ass!!
91822. Marina Aranovich  
91821. Mr. & Mrs Stephen M. Thompson  
91820. Jerry Hecktman  
91819. Danielle ... I love Gidion and Eedan!  
91818. Dodie Harris What other "hate" will you support with a sponsored website with your Google good name? This is not something you should be proud of providing for the world to see.
91817. David Fox Was shocked to see this site. Please remove it from Google!
91816. J. J. Lobell  
91815. Rebecca Alter  
91814. Zv Lndes  
91813. Douglas Martin I understand Google's position but believe that intolerance of any kind, whether legal or illegal, should not be prioritized by an objective ranking system
91812. Henry  
91811. Gregory Hyman  
91810. mina lewis  
91809. Bernard A. Schiff  
91808. Viktor The world situation urges for reasoning
91807. Abe Schlachtman  
91806. Jacqueline Bayreuther  
91805. gary mitchell stupid stuff
91804. Jeannette Barry  
91803. Josh Cohn  
91802. jack ginda  
91801. RUBEN CHAIT  
91800. Robin Baker  
91799. joseph yeftadounaee get anti semitic sites off your engine
91798. Elaine Kohen  
91797. Alex Chuzhoy  
91796. Claire Parry remove this website
91795. Herbert S. Friedman  
91794. Phyllis Miller  
91793. Gail Karr  
91792. gidon Sadan  
91791. Philip Spies We live in a very dangerous world ,please act responsibly.
91790. Rob Blackwell  
91789. Melissa  
91788. L Morris  
91787. RonaldLampert  
91786. Leslie Levy  
91785. Marie Reynolds Isn't it about time to forget the hate (and I mean ALL hate)?
91784. Janet Miller  
91783. Mark Abramovitz  
91782. Ellen Sagalov  
91781. Allen Kreiger  
91780. Yvonne Fein  
91779. edbaRY  
91778. Rissa J. Coplan  
91777. B. Levine  
91776. paul moscoe  
91775. Laurie Woods Morality should override profit. This is a disgrace. Remove JewWatch!
91774. Tobie Silver Trash Site
91773. Yoram Cohen  
91772. paul kowall  
91771. J. Burnell Webman  
91770. Linda Midler  
91769. Ellen Holderman  
91768. Gideon I love Eedan Ishak
91767. Amanda Lanceter  
91766. tslila goldstein  
91765. Sam Lawrence  
91764. BerniceKessler  
91763. Tobie Silver Obnoxious website
91762. Cara Rosenberg  
91761. Zachary Pomerantz  
91760. Charlotte Nudell  
91759. Andrew Judelman The hate must stop
91758. Wendy DeLucia  
91757. Sanford Count  
91756. Abby Dan  
91755. Anna Landau  
91754. Jeff Walker  
91753. Eedan Ishak  
91752. John J. Moura, Esq. do it
91750. Marja Partanen  
91749. Linda Pickett  
91748. Barbara Dan  
91747. Mo Hoffman  
91745. Ali Lydynia  
91744. Vardit Danziger  
91743. karen florence  
91742. Cheryl Schmidt  
91741. Joe Manzo Work quickly to expedite this removal
91740. Jim Bracchitta  
91739. Judy Lundy We cannot allow this sort of hate to be spread about anyone.
91738. bruce zukerberg  
91737. Daniela Nittenberg  
91736. Benjamin Katz Please take down this site
91735. Carl M. Gussin  
91734. Ilana Romberg  
91733. judith  
91732. jac  
91731. Evelyn Berezin  
91730. Bernard Wolfson  
91729. Adena Richards  
91728. Steven Gaber I was surprised and dismayed that Google is supporting this kind of material, which spreads even more hatred abroad in the world.
91727. Carmine Izzo  
91726. Daniel Greenberg This is awful and unamerican. You can do something about it.
91725. Joan Izzo  
91724. uri pollak  
91723. Lucille Jacobs  
91722. Seth Katzman  
91721. Sam Fuchs Mayers  
91720. Sophia Marguerite Barbati  
91719. Adine Hamlin  
91718. Daniel D. Sosin Disgusting to list any hate groups
91717. gary hindin  
91716. Victoria Lee Barbati  
91715. guido  
91714. randi shafton  
91713. Ernest A. Collabolletta  
91712. Richard H. Sager  
91711. Wendy Katzman  
91710. josh white  
91709. Vincent Douglas Barbati  
91708. John Leonard  
91707. Marc B. Leichtling  
91706. Amy F.J. Ston  
91705. Shirley Gruen  
91704. Herbert Cook  
91703. Ann Crane it is outragesouly irresponsible if google does not rectify this problem
91702. Douglas Barbati  
91701. kathryn kaplan  
91700. matt  
91699. vida berkowitz  
91698. Nadia Almosny  
91697. claire newman  
91696. Tarlan  
91695. Josephe Barbati  
91694. Marlene K. Gussin  
91693. Bill Hughes Absolutely pathetic
91692. Evelyn Gelman  
91691. Robert Petti  
91690. Rishona Teres  
91689. Arvinder  
91688. josh kaplan  
91687. Laura Scheim  
91686. Marc A. Nemiroff  
91685. randi  
91684. Debora Kane  
91683. Wendy Wilson  
91682. Angela Pulido  
91681. Yury Opendik  
91680. Susan Gordon  
91679. michael kaplan  
91678. Lilly Pelzman  
91677. Evelyn Berkal  
91676. Dennis E. Whitehead  
91675. Howard F. Rudo  
91674. Jo Kershaw  
91673. Ester Lebovich  
91672. S pleave remove site
91671. Marvin Brown  
91670. richard lehrfeld  
91669. Bob Baron This site is a hate crime and needs to be removed
91668. Ellie Kaplan  
91667. Bill Light Ê
91666. Cliff Theisen  
91665. Jean Dreifort  
91664. Hermine Harrison This is appaling, I do hope you change it.
91663. steve shevick  
91662. Harry Lazarovici  
91661. Arthur Hill Disgsting, please remove
91660. alice winer  
91659. abby cahn  
91658. Heather Miller  
91657. Marvin Sosna  
91656. Sydney Langway  
91655. D  
91654. Wendy Klein  
91653. Gail Roth Support the removal completely - racist propaganda.
91652. Stacy Gittleman  
91651. Susan Landsman  
91650. Josh Mcnight  
91649. Leon Cornell  
91648. Ron Litvak I am unmoved by the explanation that the word "Jew" is commonly used in derogation of Jews. That's ridiculous. Let's try some usages: "I am a Jew." "Son, you should be proud you are a Jew." "As a Jew, I believe in social justice." "A Jew should not patronize anti-semitic promoters, such as Google."
91647. V. Mason  
91646. Sabina Firestone  
91645. Margaret T. Clark  
91644. karine rosenberg  
91643. David Schneider Stop hate and those that would spread it
91642. joyce Kaplan  
91641. Heidi Bass  
91640. naomi & neal auman  
91639. Andrew Myers  
91638. Elizabeth Hirst I can't believe this was ever allowed!
91637. Henry B. Karplus  
91636. sam arbiser sorry that google,which i am using often had todo it
91635. Milton Auustin shame on U
91634. sandy goldman  
91633. Nancy M. Levine  
91632. David Golden  
91631. Joan Sokoll Please heed this petition
91630. Steven Stulmaker  
91629. Carolyn Kupietzky  
91628. Roberta Kornfeld Gordon  
91627. Lydia Rozental  
91626. David Gonzalez  
91625. andy hoffer  
91624. Larry C Zinox Disgraceful
91623. Sidney Diamond  
91622. Craig Edmonds  
91621. Evan GET IT OFF!!
91620. E. Budzynski  
91619. Paula Freedman  
91618. Valla Bad stuff.
91617. Saul Silver  
91616. sam simon  
91615. Ben Katz  
91614. Elora Kalish  
91613. Lisa Rockower  
91612. abby lipsitz  
91611. Laurie Scher  
91610. Diane Dankner  
91609. jane leavitt  
91608. Faye Goldstein  
91607. Victor Small remove JewWatch; it violates Canada's hate laws and acceptance standards
91606. Arnold Feldman This should be a no-brainer for google
91605. hn reiter  
91604. robert bernstein  
91603. martin wisniewski  
91602. M. Logan Outrageous search programming; and unfortunate reluctance to correct your hopefully unintended error.
91601. Simon Weil  
91600. david knopf  
91599. Tali Kirsch  
91598. Mindy Brown  
91597. Debbie Erdfarb  
91596. robert havas  
91595. Barbara Saunders-Adams Whether or not it is inadvertent, Google is feeding into the rising anti-Semitism around the world.
91594. Robert Kery I believe all hate sites should be removed
91593. gerry shuirman  
91592. lu  
91591. Andrea A. Williams  
91590. Wendy Mann  
91589. Julie Marcus  
91588. Jerry Gross I'm appalled
91587. Jennifer Cohen  
91586. Mary Dalnekoff just do it, please
91585. Jeff Geller  
91584. Esther Gillette  
91583. Greg  
91582. miriam blumstock  
91581. alanna steiner  
91580. Chris Muller  
91579. WILLIAM JAY ROBBINS, MD the exploitation of jews worldwide is a continuing travesty of the jewish people as a whole that is continually perpetrated by those who are intolerant to god him/herself
91578. Susan M. Laird  
91577. Harriet Warner  
91576. Babs Ceder It is imperative that the negative hateful entry on Google be removed when the workd "Jew" is inputted!
91575. John Brunello  
91574. Sarah Support the Jewish culture! Get rid of ""!
91573. Chava Nichols  
91572. James Hale  
91571. A.  
91570. Charles Fox  
91569. R & S Feldman Get rid of it! It's garbage. I thought Google was better than that!
91568. E. Gerson Please remove JewWAtch from Google
91567. Elias Savada  
91566. David Dushkin Remove it
91565. Javier I think in a free internet, but I cannot admit antijewish websites. My sincere support to all Jewish families. PLEASE REMOVE -JEWWATCH- NOW!!!! Hugs from Spain.
91564. samantha  
91563. steven gasner  
91562. Justin P. Walsh I understand the need to remain objective, but the overt use of the word jew in the website could be construed as manipulation. Please remove this website.
91561. E Kupferman  
91560. Joseph (Yosi) & Eva Horowitz Shame on Google
91559. Sheldon Gardner let's get rid of this filth
91558. Howard Moliff  
91557. Jacalyn Ely  
91556. Jeff Summit  
91555. sara bajkowski  
91554. Natalie Vinocur  
91553. Michael Dragutsky  
91552. Richard Lipman  
91551. James B. Klein Please remove JewWatch and all similar hate sites from the GoogleSearch Engine
91550. Chana Goodman  
91549. Emanuel Winocur comments are not enough.
91548. scott fuiman  
91547. Lawrence Kalman  
91546. Alex Gaidamak  
91545. Karen Lipman Outragous! I am happy to talk about it
91544. Suzanna Pollak this propaganda only serves to fuel hatred!
91543. Alex This web site is an odious and offensive forum for hatred and bigotry.It is an insult to the concept of freedom of expression.
91542. Sheldon Goldstein  
91541. Rhoda Shralow  
91540. Andrew E. Hegedus Googles has a problem; it is increasing the availability and reducing the cost for the distribution of hate misinformation. The problem is not the availability of misinformation on the net. Garbage in garbage out. So what. The problem is that it's systematic raising of value hate mongering by making it so easy to find. Change the algorithms!
91539. mark rubin  
91538. Gitta Kurtz  
91537. Marvin Loev, M.D.  
91536. N.Roth  
91535. Sharon Levine  
91534. Sharon Tsabag  
91533. Rafi Peer  
91532. Bernard Rubin  
91531. Larisa Katz  
91530. M. Sturm  
91529. M. Levin  
91528. albert bromberg  
91527. M Sansone  
91526. Marcie Dlin  
91525. William Silverman It is imperative that Google show social consciousness and remove this site from their search engine!
91524. Elise Krug  
91523. Martin Shames  
91522. Barbara Levine  
91521. S. Hochstein  
91520. Alyssa Ganezer  
91519. Joshua Lipman  
91518. Mitchell J. Warshawsky  
91517. Janos Balogh  
91516. monica altman  
91515. Isidor Wolfe  
91514. Howard Schwartz this site is extremely inappropriate
91513. Amos Dodi  
91512. Arlene Morin  
91511. Bentley Klein Dickheads
91510. Sanford Abramowitz  
91509. Joan Biederman Remove it!
91508. Adina Bankier-Karp Remove JewWatch from Google search engine
91507. matan bar shalom  
91506. Stephen Rabinowitz, M.D.  
91505. BJ Turner  
91504. Lyone S Fein  
91503. pat brown appalling
91502. Joel This site is scurilous, inaccurate and totally offensive and must be removed
91501. Erin Isman  
91500. Leslie Moskowitz  
91499. alan schubach  
91498. Jan Groshan  
91497. Elyse Davis  
91496. Rhonda Google should remove JewWatch completely, surely they don't want to support hate!
91495. Linda Perlin  
91494. Marvin Cohen please remove
91493. lee  
91492. Lezlie Tyson  
91491. Leslie Segal  
91490. Lynn Kressel  
91489. Marylou Yadegar  
91488. J. Salomon  
91487. Sol Wigutow  
91486. John M. Clark  
91485. Nechama Shapiro The people who made must have been extremely bored, in addition to being sick individuals.
91484. audrey j hoffman  
91483. Daniel Goldberg  
91482. Paul Follansbee  
91480. Owen Smith  
91479. Mollie Katz PLEASE get all the people you can to sign!
91478. Jay R. Newlin  
91477. Karen Ginsburg  
91476. Mitchel J. Bomrind  
91475. Simon Samson Of course the're watching us, how else would they learn to make money! (just kidding)
91474. Elsie & Jacob Trombka Google is demeaned by supporting JewWatch
91473. J Kery  
91472. Howard Kelman Remove this site from Google. This is an insult and racist as hell. Think about it. Would you do this for other ethnic groups? Remove or I'll never use Google again. There are alternatives
91471. Leonard Lubart  
91470. Jason Kohn  
91469. James Hannan I will not use Google until this site is removed
91468. belinda genee  
91467. Gabi Dakoff  
91466. Jerry Helfand  
91465. Grace Quinn I'm appalled
91464. Mildred Gifford  
91463. Seth Abbey  
91461. Michael Amdurer  
91460. Loren Gelber  
91459. S.M.Marangi  
91458. Ed Hussman  
91457. Cristina Cortes  
91456. Adina Lambert Pennsylvania
91455. Nancy Dubin  
91454. Shmuel Reuven  
91453. Karen Wilkenfeld  
91452. Greg Fleischbein  
91451. Laura W. Roberts  
91450. adrienne Ris This has no place on Google
91449. Emily Phillips  
91448. Rickie & Marty Saslove I think it's disgusting that a top notch search engine such as Google should allow hate sites to be posted on their lists of URLs
91447. s.m. schoolnik  
91446. J. Abelow  
91445. Sergio Zylbersztejn  
91444. Nicki Rudaizky  
91443. william sydeman  
91441. lorraine kupferschmidt  
91440. Bruce Birnbaum  
91439. Guilhermina Zimerman  
91438. Eddie Fischman  
91437. Leonard B. Rosenberg Even the most hateful views have a right to be expressed in an open society, they need not be accorded first place in Google.
91436. emile boon  
91435. audrey chalfin do not allow this to continue!
91434. J. E. Hanrahan  
91433. Ellie  
91432. M. Radkowsky  
91431. Lee C. Samson  
91430. susan rubin  
91429. Alisa Levey  
91428. Kim That is disgusting.
91427. tal ovadia  
91426. joycegampel  
91425. Kay Nathanson  
91423. David Zimerman  
91422. Maureen Wertheim  
91421. Rebecca Fishman  
91420. Stuart P. Skolnick  
91419. Steven Rheingold How about Googlewatch?
91418. S. B. Geist  
91417. Dina Lieberman  
91416. Greg Morganroth  
91415. Anne Samson  
91414. tali wagner  
91413. gail stoll  
91412. David Tabibian  
91411. Guite Zimerman  
91410. Joyce Heine Will not use Google Search Engine
91409. david bernstein  
91408. Susan M. Vock  
91407. Leah Warshaw  
91405. asher cytron remove it there is no value to it
91404. Bernard Schmerz What moron thought that definition up ?
91403. Ruthie Shleifer  
91402. ezra delete all bad propaganda
91401. Faith Heisler  
91400. kerry zang  
91399. Norman Rosenfeld  
91398. Rosie and Jerry Detwiler  
91397. Noah Kaatz  
91396. bernard price  
91395. eric finz  
91394. Matthew Topper  
91393. donald sussman  
91392. Donald Yellen  
91391. Sharon Benveneste  
91390. Rachelle Laytner  
91389. Joan P. Weil  
91388. kk  
91387. David Bernshaw Please remove this site. I find it racist, anti-semitic and will cease to use Google search until it is so removed
91386. Kenneth R. Weil  
91385. Dalia Allon  
91384. shira  
91383. Lou Weissbecker  
91382. Michael Ratner  
91381. Trevor Katz  
91380. Sylvia Davis  
91379. Deborah Marinsky  
91378. mje  
91377. phyllis Nalick  
91376. Lynne Dignan  
91375. jklff  
91374. Edward  
91373. R O Minton  
91372. Ellen Brown  
91371. Jo Ann Cristea This is Offense
91370. Shay Ganj  
91369. melanie waynik  
91368. Anna Dayan  
91367. Danielle Sharley  
91366. Katherine Belinky  
91365. Kenneth D Marcus  
91364. Joseph B.Green DDS I am personally offended
91363. warren s. geisler stop antisemitism
91362. marilyn prevor  
91361. harry segal  
91360. allan grosman  
91359. scott Let us promote the Soviet union into new light. let the exodus of tired soviet citizen rise to our power...we are the new union defined
91358. Eva Callahan  
91357. Doria Kalt  
91356. Gene Y. Berkovich Never Again!
91355. patrick o'neill  
91354. Rachel Lewkowicz  
91353. Michelle Levy  
91352. Joshua Fogelman  
91351. Axel Straschnoy  
91350. Richard Clark  
91349. Sheyda Isabelle Harounian  
91348. Don Rosenbloom  
91347. Nancy Newberg  
91346. גשדשד ad
91345. Betty Zamost Please remove as soon as possible
91344. JoAnne Shapiro  
91343. Jamie Alhalel  
91342. Cathy Caplan  
91341. M. Rokhsar  
91340. Randy Silverman  
91339. Janyce Katz  
91337. Nicole Johns  
91336. steven fox  
91335. Mark Rosen I can't believe Google would be so gravely irresponsible
91334. Donna Garfield  
91333. adam behr  
91332. Cherrill Farnsworth Lewy  
91331. FTrain  
91330. Janine Weil stop this hatred and the spreading of it!
91329. Lynne Hill  
91328. Dover Frankel  
91327. Elaine Alexandria Costeas I cant even believe this is on google search
91326. Aaron Weiner  
91325. avram nathanson  
91324. David Schwartzfisher  
91323. Elliott Horowitz  
91322. Julie Lowe  
91321. G.Schulman  
91320. shahriar italian  
91319. Barbara Rabinowitz  
91318. Fay Silverman I really can't believe Google would so do
91317. Dina Spivak  
91316. K. Kraft  
91315. S Y L  
91314. Jennifer por la paz en el mundo, coexistencia de todas las culturas
91313. David Brownstead I will abstain from using Google, as will my family, until this racist garbage is removed.
91312. Pat Sullivan  
91311. J Johns  
91310. Eve Guth  
91309. Barbara Schwartz  
91308. Lauren  
91307. sharon  
91306. debra segal  
91305. francine rothstein  
91304. Jacqueline Marenstein This is very offensive.
91303. Charlotte Marcus  
91302. Hazel Becker  
91301. Faye Kovner  
91300. Susan Flom PLEASE REMOVE
91299. Lynne Somerville  
91298. Elyse Bleaman  
91297. Bruce Dennis  
91296. Steven Leipsner  
91295. Jennifer Williams  
91294. bernard firkser  
91293. Hadas Ginda  
91292. Adrienne HUtt  
91291. janice rotman-goldstein  
91290. Norman Buder  
91289. Ron Ofeck  
91288. Janet Neustein If Google wants to maintain its worldwide usership, it had better remove this outrageous material.l
91287. aaron teitelbaum this is reprehensible and you should put controls in place to stop this
91286. J. L. Landau  
91285. Larrry Baumann  
91284. Spencer Hochman  
91283. Naomi Teppich  
91282. Penney  
91281. stacey  
91280. Betty J. Greenspan  
91279. Dr. and Mrs. Harry S. Marcus  
91278. roge vaede take it out
91277. benek babic  
91276. Jean Benson  
91275. Judith Woloff  
91274. Tina Loboda  
91273. Ben Canan  
91272. Mel Klein  
91271. TSherman  
91270. Aldo Fernando  
91269. Shelley Sorkin  
91268. Emanuel Goren Showing bigoted material demeans Google
91267. Mindy this is extremely offensive for you to have this at the top of the list ....use ur power as a search engine for the world to promote understanding and put these hate sites at the bottom of your lists or filter them off all together
91266. Reva Love  
91265. Ilya Rozin  
91264. Laurie Kranz  
91263. Marni Hirschfield  
91262. Drew Antzis  
91261. Katharine Hermann  
91260. Arlene Sherman  
91259. Elliot Shulman  
91258. cynthia droeger  
91257. Roger Kintish I am deeply offended by Google's lack of decency to remove this offensive site from their search engine without a petition. I hope that with this petition they will have no choice but to finally do the correct and moral thing and to remove this website. Thank you.
91255. h. faigan  
91254. lorri liss  
91253. Bruce Kane Isn't this type of information and link illegal in some countries that have anti-semitic laws?
91252. Erwin Berkowitz  
91251. angela caragliano i will use yahoo search from now on
91250. william jaffe  
91249. B E Steinberg  
91248. Bill&Jean Peters This kind of practice is an abomination toGod.
91247. Ronald Glick  
91246. Hillel Gruenberg  
91245. Carol Cohen  
91244. Carol Noble  
91242. kurt singer veteran ww2, child survivor
91240. Leonard Neu Please correct problem
91239. Ivy Getz  
91238. Paul Kutscha get rid of that site!
91237. Anne Melkman  
91236. Miriam Lawrence  
91234. Justin Bernosky  
91233. Julian H. Preisler Montgomery Village, Maryland
91232. Julie Hackman  
91231. Irv Cuttler  
91230. n koppel  
91229. Norman Epstein  
91228. Steve Gallet  
91227. A. Lopatin  
91226. David Kornreich  
91225. Sue A Unger  
91224. Eric  
91223. Sandra Shaicovitch  
91222. Jack M. Reisner  
91221. Evelyn Blitz  
91220. Debbie Lawson  
91219. Penny Nardone  
91218. susannah Julien  
91217. David Friedmann  
91216. J  
91215. Nicolas Kolios Please remove this sight, anti-semitism around the world is strong and does't need this great search engines help.
91214. Leon Gordis  
91213. Samantha Given-Dennis  
91212. Lynn Alloy  
91211. Flory Sack remove all anti semitic sites
91210. Wayne D Lepkin  
91209. Edwin Seegull I think a campaign should be launched to boycot GOOGLE
91208. susan buckler  
91207. gary schlanger  
91206. sandra schwartz  
91205. Irene Schreck Have Jew watch removed
91204. Jack Spear  
91203. Lane Gerst  
91202. andrea  
91201. Ronaldo Schreck please remove Jew watch !!
91200. karen shapiro  
91199. L Schlissberg  
91198. Edmond Murad It is a shame you allow stuff like this
91197. Lyn Offensive Racism
91195. Linda E. Lowenstein  
91194. Beth Britz  
91193. Gary Shapira  
91192. Donald Goldberg  
91191. Geoff Feingold  
91190. stephanie levine Please remove this offensive and crazy web site from your listings!
91189. Marcos Israel  
91188. Roz Klaiman  
91187. Betty Ross Please remove, immediately.
91186. Nelson G. Goodman  
91185. Timour Maslennikov Remove from the Google Search Engine NOW!
91184. Megan Hyland  
91183. Elliot Gabbay  
91182. David Lenny  
91181. Jessica Hekmat  
91180. Greg Weiss Please remove this offensive site
91179. carol hoffman  
91178. andrew trivers  
91177. Hugh and Kim Bloomfield  
91176. Stephen Cohen  
91175. Stephen D. Finstein  
91174. Robin Sargent  
91173. Moshe Hiller  
91172. helene jaffa  
91171. Stanley Fishkind  
91170. Susan S  
91169. Barry L. Kline  
91168. Beth Paysnick  
91167. adam  
91166. David Wikler  
91165. Renée and Joel Reiser This is an insult to people of all beliefs. It MUST be deleted
91163. Johanna Karasik  
91162. ruth ware  
91161. Matthew Grossman  
91160. Dr Earl Broker  
91159. joe juren  
91158. Melinda Past  
91157. Norma Gray REMOVE THIS LINK!!!!
91156. Liliana  
91155. Lauren Lillien  
91154. David Sapire  
91153. Rose Heindel  
91152. Marian Brawer  
91151. diego  
91150. eileen frey  
91149. Mark G. please remove
91148. R. Calderon This site spreads hate and should offend EVERYONE of EVERY religion, race, ethnicity. Please remove it immediately.
91147. R M Wallach Google should remove from it's place of prominence in it's search engine. Freedom of speech (which I fully support for all people) will be not compromised by relagating inflammatory words of hatred to the position they rightfully deserve.....dead LAST.
91146. Abigail Jaffe  
91145. Ira Lillien  
91144. J.B.  
91143. sandy stulberger  
91142. Maxine and Norton Davis  
91141. jonathan spiel  
91140. morris braun  
91139. Elizabeth Jacobs  
91138. Edward Lokshin Pretty pathetic resource
91137. M. Scarpone Disgusting!! Get Rid of THIS!!!!
91136. Rabbi Raphael J. kanter Its important to make this change
91135. Lisa Kleckner  
91134. Richard Lavine  
91133. Marilyn Bentley  
91132. Reva Clayton I hope this helps
91131. Jana Hopfinger  
91130. Deborah Sloyer  
91129. JoAnn Lillien This garbage MUST be removed.
91128. Amanda Slade  
91127. lynne Woolfson  
91126. Melinda Knick  
91125. Devorah Kaplan  
91124. Sanford Duckman  
91123. Mark Slade  
91122. Halle Montag  
91121. erica Adler  
91120. fern Blackman  
91119. Flora Wolf  
91118. Steven Herzbrun  
91117. Sandy Tropepe  
91116. Rita Barnett  
91115. gloria schulman  
91114. Hyam Myers  
91113. Mannie Smith  
91112. LGold  
91111. Dr. Bonnie Zucker Leventhal Google must acknowledge it's power as the most widely used search engine, and act responsibly. This site must be removed immediately!
91110. Robert Adler  
91109. Helene Schingh  
91108. Caren Silverlieb Don't let this affect your business and good reputation.
91107. Shelley Ben Nathan  
91106. sy hader  
91105. Serge Ben Nathan  
91104. Roselyn Rosenthal  
91103. David Nathan A most resentful web site
91102. ken solomon  
91101. Tyler Morgan  
91100. norman weinberg please remove
91099. MILI LANG  
91098. Brian Lyons  
91097. Alan Jody Nishman  
91096. Matthew B.  
91095. Quentin A Fisher  
91094. ben kohen  
91093. Richard Herman  
91092. Paul Wilkow  
91091. ilena tovia  
91090. Bonnie Adler  
91089. sharon coopersmith  
91088. j.levine  
91087. Alfie Leal  
91086. Richard Kessner  
91085. rafe offer this is a most hateful website. how can it be the first thing that comes up on a respected website? this is outrageous. it makes me think that Google is a less professional organisation than i imagined
91084. Kerstin Carr  
91083. andy  
91082. Aviv Nisgav  
91081. Leonard Hammer  
91080. alvaro  
91079. Debbie Eisen  
91078. Shirlee Doft  
91077. G Roffe  
91076. Elizabeth A. Mink  
91075. john edelglass  
91074. waldemar kogan  
91073. frank schlesinger  
91072. nan miller  
91071. Tammi Rode  
91070. Sheila Roffe  
91069. Dana  
91068. Shane Anderson  
91067. Daniel T Phillips  
91066. Andrea Stryer  
91065. Kelly Wright  
91064. bob michel  
91063. Martin E. Morris  
91062. J. L. Sachs Knowing that many students google for their research and having such an introduction to hate in any form be in the top ten, let alone the very first hit is neither necessary or understandable.
91061. Sarah I.  
91060. Nancy Engelsberg  
91059. Bonnie Leventhal Please remove this site!!
91058. Gail L. Packer, CPA in a world full of hate - stop promoting more hate
91057. rich hyman  
91056. rise roth  
91055. Lehman A. Keith This is disgusting and should be removed.
91054. Jeany  
91053. Ron Coutin No Hate Zones should appear on the web
91052. Elliott Sacks Abhorent that google would have this anti semitic site
91051. Sharon Jacobson  
91050. Brett Steinberg  
91049. Audrey Joseph  
91048. Paul Malc  
91047. gail fisher first right amendment could not cover inciting dangerous emotions and feelings
91046. ken chase  
91045. David Levy  
91044. Marla Glenwick  
91043. Laura S. Smart  
91042. lenore greene  
91041. alexandra  
91040. Mastaneh Nassi  
91039. Shari Brandt The Jewwatch link is offensive. Please remove it.
91038. Gary Kofman  
91037. Susan Abrams we must respond to stop the hate
91036. Staci Treacy  
91035. Denise Kweller  
91034. Jill Kaufman  
91033. Sara Paur  
91032. Laura April Please remove this site from Google
91031. Jake Lat  
91030. Bilha Fruchter  
91029. Lisa Segal Sydney, Australia
91028. susan seidman shameful
91027. Marina Rozenbaum  
91026. darrel  
91025. L.M. Baum  
91024. Elissa Klapper  
91023. patricia o. daniels  
91022. Jonathan Weiss Google should list all hate sites under their own hate-filled categories. If this were a site filled with hatred for other minorities, it would be off in a second. Google is pretending to be objective, but is just being stubborn and stupid. Lets make an anti Google website and see if they list it on their search engine!
91021. Frank Oberklaid  
91020. Miriam  
91019. Bob Weinwurzel  
91018. Howard Brafman  
91017. Israel Maya Google needs to take a better look at this JewWatch.
91016. Jan Mishel  
91015. Leah Stein  
91014. Jane This is a hate site. I do not care what your algorithm is, you should remove it. I not only support this petition but hope that each and every signatory will ask their respective government to prosecute the web site owners under whatever legislation might be relevant.
91013. rebecca altman  
91012. Andra Lichtenstein Glover  
91011. Samuel Kline  
91010. Judith Carman In spite of the fact that free speech is a right of all of us, it is also the right of a commercial entity to refuse things that work against the common good.
91009. Amy Benerofe  
91008. Alex Rozenbaum  
91007. Burton A. Schaffer  
91006. Jose Blum  
91005. Frank Oberklaid  
91004. helen wilson  
91003. vera shemel disgusting that this should be on the web
91002. Carla This is disgusting.
91001. Michal Temkin Martinez  
91000. Robert Reznik  
90999. eleanor adiel  
90998. Julie Epstein  
90997. Emily Gray  
90996. Andrea Simon  
90995. Sue Riehle Please remove this immediately!!!
90994. d seife  
90993. Beth Hoffman  
90992. Barbara Nutt Ê
90991. Howard Golden  
90990. Jonathan Schreiber  
90989. Ron  
90988. Merrill Reich Hate should not be propagated!
90987. Alana L  
90986. Betsy Schwartz this is unspeakable
90985. Robert Jacobs  
90984. Elliott Rich  
90983. Tamar Frieden  
90982. Ros K No more googling for this gal - there are other search engines just like there are other non Mel movies
90981. Bryan Rosenberg  
90980. Saul D. Bass  
90979. Noemi Stern  
90978. evelynne saper put a stop to all this common , dumb , hatred
90977. HJ Lazarus  
90976. Miranda Klein  
90975. Mark Bookatz  
90974. James C. Myska  
90973. Julie Panus  
90972. Herbert Smilowitz Those with the capacity to develop and run Google should realize the injustice of the current situation
90971. Alan G Google cannot allow anti semitic behvior, and being taken advantage of by hateful people.
90970. linda Kravitz  
90969. Lauren Bub  
90968. Michelle Engelmann Google should remove JewWatch immediately!
90967. karen baldner  
90966. Harold Evensky  
90965. Mario  
90964. Hallie Weiss  
90963. JHSilversmith  
90962. sybil meisel  
90961. David Ungar  
90960. Jonathan Bub  
90959. Rayna Weinrich  
90958. gael hammer  
90957. Martha Mellinger  
90956. Arlene Bermann  
90955. Jeffrey S Schreiber This site is offensive!
90954. Claire Fontana  
90953. Betsy Borden  
90952. cynthia melman  
90951. Julie Foat  
90950. Dottie Deems This website is reprehensible!
90949. Carol A Folkerth  
90948. Kevin Stein  
90947. Ted and Esther Feldman  
90946. Debra Gershman  
90945. Howard Cohen  
90944. Steven B Schwartz  
90943. Mike Scialpi  
90942. Steven Wein  
90941. edward s chu let's begin LOVE here
90940. Joan Rosenthal  
90939. Rebeca Radzinsky  
90938. Stephen R. Green  
90937. Wendy Payne  
90936. Jennifer L. Morris-Roberts  
90935. Richard Fischman  
90934. Jennifer Zalewski  
90933. Doris Dubielzig  
90932. ashley  
90931. Geoff Kliger  
90930. Lisette Nayor disgusting
90929. mark waverly  
90928. Nela Wagman  
90927. Maria Hate sites should be shut down
90926. Bonnie Grifka  
90925. Anthony Taylor  
90924. Amy Shapiro  
90923. Curtis Pettyjohn  
90922. Vicky Gladowsky this should not be necessary - remove it at once
90921. Mary Donaldson-Evans  
90920. Carol Cohn  
90919. Dana Greenberg  
90918. sharon Great way to find out who is a Jew!
90917. Roger-James Bower  
90916. Nanci Lemanowicz lots of sick people out there
90915. abi fried  
90914. Rose E. Gran  
90913. Esther Levy  
90912. Ian Jaffe  
90911. Howard W. Dragutsky  
90910. Lucy Cooper  
90909. Larry Gartenstein  
90908. Galadriel Jaffe  
90907. ferne sherkin-langer  
90906. Edwin Schwartz  
90905. Heidi Haas  
90904. Michelle Koch  
90902. Martin Borg  
90901. R Klein  
90900. mark lazar  
90899. Suzanne  
90898. Neil Neimark  
90897. Shlomo BS"D
90896. Steven Paletz  
90895. roger perilstein  
90894. Leslie Gold  
90892. Farrell Goldman Happy to help
90891. James C Champlin IV  
90890. Bob Vaccarino  
90889. howard loiterstein  
90888. W Brouze  
90887. Nicholas McClure  
90886. Naor Boxer  
90885. Kirah in California Shame on google for encouraging antisemitism!
90884. Micah Forstein  
90883. jeff shanes  
90882. Shimon Abouzaglo  
90881. ALAN LEIGH  
90880. Jean Weaver Please, there is enough hate in the world already. It isn't necessary on your site too.
90879. Raymond Gork  
90878. Stefani Arnold  
90877. yale zoland  
90876. Carl Lustig  
90875. Lenore Eisenkraft  
90874. Yair Koenig  
90873. H Penn The neutrality that google pretends is aiding & abetting evil for commercial gain.
90872. Glenn Paskow  
90871. Cheryl Klausner  
90870. Catherine Willilams And which group will be next? We all believe in the same God. Let's pray for peace, love and tolerance.
90869. Bill N. Hals where is the sense in your listing
90868. Joel Blau  
90867. Wes Cohen  
90866. joseph novick  
90865. Shirley Glick This anti semetic website adds to the hate in the world. PLEASE omit it.
90864. alisa mandel  
90863. Debi Weiss  
90862. Aubrey W.  
90861. Amber  
90860. Ebner Roberto  
90859. M.Rubin  
90858. Lillian Wegard disgusting
90857. Dave Ehrenkranz  
90856. Joyce Rose  
90855. Gary Alexander  
90854. Nanushka the hatred continues
90853. sheldon solomon  
90852. ds  
90851. laura  
90850. Sandra I Rabinowitz  
90849. clive sirkin  
90848. ruth rodriquez  
90847. Lillian Winnegrad  
90846. Steve Fishman  
90845. N. Indig  
90844. Santos Hawk's Blood degrading. I smell an Arab in the mailbox
90843. Dr. Jay plotzker  
90842. Randi M. Glossman  
90841. Rebecca Bernbaum  
90840. Betty Brutman  
90839. Marc  
90838. Mel Schutzman It's TERRIBLE
90837. Catherine Willilams  
90836. Stephen Rockower, MD This is anappropriate
90835. C. West atrocious!
90834. Avinoam B Chernick  
90833. Alana Weinberg  
90832. Rivkah Denburg  
90831. Juliette  
90830. marshall ragir  
90829. Al Lavine  
90828. Vernon Red Eagle it's absurd..highly offending
90827. Les Wabnik  
90826. Marlaine Lavine  
90825. Susan Heyman  
90824. Marjorie Loeb  
90823. Adrienne Cohen  
90822. Beryl A Chernick  
90821. Jeffrey Libman Please remove this lookup as soon as possible.
90820. P. Osterman  
90819. Eva Friedman  
90818. weisman  
90817. Jessica Sacher  
90816. Lee  
90815. Guy  
90814. Max Rojas  
90813. ilene ZAGON  
90812. shenoah dixon  
90811. Yoseph Levy  
90810. Barbara Singer JewWatch is disgusting!
90809. Barbara Schwartz No place in today's world for this nonsense! Get real!
90808. sandy spatz  
90806. shirley shemouel š
90805. Sahar Simino  
90804. Zygi Boxer  
90803. Marian  
90802. Kimberly Kendall-Drucker PLEASE REMOVE THIS IMMEDIATELY
90801. Alyse  
90800. Sam Friedman  
90799. Sandy L. Gold  
90798. Sultana Ehrlich This site is offensive
90797. nick berard  
90796. Michael Silverman  
90795. Jonathan Gordon  
90794. Robert Cohen Remove Immediately
90793. Rachel Carlton Abrams  
90792. louis sitbon this needs to be removed immediately
90791. Joan Sutyak  
90790. Esther Surden  
90789. norma levitt  
90788. Rose Krasnow Google is great but can be easily manipulated. Please remove JewWatch.
90787. A Sofair  
90786. Deborah Sandler  
90785. Jason Knaster  
90784. Diane Brinegar  
90783. Bob Darrell, Ph.D. My previous respect for Google is reduced substantially. I am astonished at the low ethical level apparently characteristic of your business sense! Simple good sense suggests that a business in the public arean--especially one offering information services should not belittle any ethnic, religous, political, social, or other kind of group. l certainly will share this message about Google with my college students and my church members. The Reverend Dr. Bob Darrell, Professor of English and United Methodist Church ordained minister.
90782. Todd Babbitz  
90781. D Sofair  
90780. Victoria Fitzgibbon get it off
90779. Robert DiMarco hate is wrong
90778. Susan Barnett  
90777. Debi Baker  
90776. Cheryl Riehle  
90775. Steven M. Seidman  
90774. Michael A Silverberg  
90773. Ralph H. Raymer  
90772. Meryl Biszick  
90771. Alvin Weiss  
90770. marilyn zolondek  
90769. Joy Katzin  
90768. Mona Panitz A hateful website, should be filed under anti-jew
90767. Michal Artal Freedom of speech does not mean deliberate misinformation and incitement.
90766. karen tucker  
90765. Susan Blum  
90764. ZEV  
90763. saul spiel purge hatemongers from the www
90762. Margaret Altschul  
90761. Howard Buckwald  
90760. Harriet Siegel  
90759. Karen Levine  
90758. Carole Vasile  
90757. Rodney Horin  
90756. gavriel lipkind  
90755. Nathalie Zrihen  
90754. Doran David  
90753. Myra Bernstein  
90752. Phyllis Krasnoff  
90751. Stephen M. Siegel  
90750. Dorothy Wagar  
90749. Shanna Augenstein  
90748. T.K. Welty I have been a "Google" fan for years...singing your praises to anyone who would listen since your inception. So frankly, I find your excuses for keeping this odioius website at the top of your list, lazy and offensive. If the first website on the list when you searched for "children" or "African American" featured child molesting or racist dogma, it would be gone faster than you could say, "Do you Yahoo?" This isn't just about political correctness. It's about hate speech and public repsonsibility. You can do better.
90747. theodore kohn  
90746. Howard  
90745. Jeff Sullivan  
90744. Gladys Bernstein Very upsetting and hateful
90743. Gertrude Blatt Very strong feelings against Google Search Engine
90742. A. Bergman Needing signatures to remove an anti-semitic website is bogus
90741. mary lou telego  
90740. Craig  
90739. Illana Hyman don't sent me more e-mail
90738. L Goldenhersh  
90737. Simon Saul Too bad that this would not even make a difference!
90736. Sam Tucker  
90735. Curtis Blank  
90734. K. Wechsler  
90733. Judith Fogel This is outrageous and unacceptable
90732. Herman Rabinowitz  
90731. Sylvia Greenstein Let's do away with bigots and anti-semitism
90730. Kathleen Schwalm  
90729. Beatriz Netter  
90728. Merle C. Born  
90727. Sylvia Stearns  
90726. Nancy Fliss  
90725. Susan Hearst disgusting site which offends greatly
90724. sarah retzer  
90723. arnold schlesinger  
90722. Arnie Erdos  
90721. Kacey Farber  
90720. merv shenson An absolutely disgusting website is JewWatch
90719. Leanne  
90718. J Ruder  
90717. Ben-Tsouk Aharon  
90716. eva kohn  
90715. Cathy Rosenthal  
90714. innabakker list of great jewish contributions to the world on this website
90713. steve gan take "Jewwatch" off your search engine! I find it repulsive and anti-semetic to come to a hate group!
90712. David Zaks  
90711. Chaim Kaufmann  
90710. Lia R. Hogan  
90709. adam ramati remove it IMMEDIATELY or i will start my own campain that google will not like
90708. Jordan Allen  
90707. Michael Karbon  
90706. Mary  
90705. david chezes  
90704. samantha rakusin  
90703. Louis Joblove  
90702. Jacques Rajchgod What a disgust! May Hashem punish the ennemies
90701. Norma Fried  
90700. Sarai Please don't let this be the first website that comes up on google when "jew" is searched
90699. Dr. Eileen Flicker  
90698. Gerald Stern  
90697. jules hock  
90696. Jane Gutman First amendment is great - hate is never productive!
90695. Joseph E Ergas  
90694. Asher grossman  
90693. Shira Hill  
90692. A. Brenner  
90691. Zelda Schule  
90690. ellen klausner  
90689. Ann Brown Stern  
90688. Harry Bernstein  
90687. Sid Kaminsky  
90686. Judith Stark  
90685. Jerald Fisch  
90684. Marlene Levine  
90683. Chani Bukiet  
90682. Barbara Goodfriend  
90681. David Bercow  
90680. Adele Marcus  
90679. Chris Racism is bad
90678. Reuven Nathanson  
90677. Mimi  
90676. Eric Lipkin  
90675. Seymour Barcun  
90674. solly elmann  
90673. Al Lando  
90672. A. Flato  
90671. Judy Limor  
90670. Janet Becker  
90669. jerry zelnicker  
90668. Norman Meranus  
90667. janice leonard  
90666. Helene Fishman  
90665. Enid Young  
90664. Bernard Dov Wisser It's time you did the right thing.
90663. Andrew Schwartz  
90662. Roberta Galler  
90661. Chava  
90660. sanford m. lord  
90659. Lynda D With 90,000 signatures why is the site still there??
90658. James Meadow  
90657. earl hurtful
90656. Greer McSpadden Please remove Jew Watch from the Google Search engine. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
90655. Erinlee Kelly-Gray  
90654. Malaquias Montoya  
90653. Richard Neff  
90652. Jacob Aaron Chodash  
90651. neil kleeger  
90650. Arnold Hurwitz Very disturbing
90649. judy magder unbelievably offensive
90648. Elizabeth Nichols Please please do the responsible thing - people's lives could e at stake. THANKS!!!
90647. ida zelnicker  
90646. Stephanie Barg  
90645. John Wanner  
90644. Suzie Steres Jewwatch should be the #1 site under antisemitism, not jew
90643. Tamara S. Fiche I am boycotting google until jew watch is removed
90642. Rosellen & Erwin Owens  
90641. Vanessa Judelman This kind of anti-semitism is disgusting and must be taken seriously
90640. Lezlie Salkowitz-Montoya  
90639. Jerry Carp  
90638. Phyllis Douglas  
90637. Ken Hope  
90636. karen strait  
90635. Edith Stor  
90634. Jody  
90633. Haftel  
90632. Natalie Smith  
90631. Robert Klopper  
90630. Margaret  
90629. Murray Kaminsky  
90628. Brenda Fewster Let's promote life & life affirming knowledge and values--not hate-mongering. IMAGINE!
90627. Phyllis Levine  
90626. Andrew  
90625. Jeff Rothstein  
90624. Robyn  
90623. Jesus Eduardo  
90622. Debbie Ostrow  
90621. Scott Bernstein  
90620. LORI  
90619. adi margalit  
90618. Trevor Deal  
90617. holly miller  
90616. Laurie Salmore  
90615. hugh breyer remove this site
90614. Jon Furer  
90613. Arnold Belker Please remove JewWatch from Google
90612. Roger Dryer  
90611. Aaron Ben Pearl  
90610. donna dobryn  
90609. Brandon Perkins  
90608. Penny  
90607. Ronald J. Mintz  
90606. jerome kasten please remove and no longer allow anti-semetic sites to be posted on google
90605. Bernice Zarchin  
90604. Matt Schuster  
90603. Eileen Kaufman  
90602. Amy K.  
90601. B wolfe  
90600. Joseph Remove immediately
90599. Deirdre Beloma  
90598. Amy Sklar  
90597. PhyllisE Kaz Please remve Jew as it onlyingnites anti-semitism
90596. Laini Poling  
90595. Dan K.  
90594. Nancy Shane There should be no place for hate messages on Google
90593. Daniel Fredman  
90592. Herb Grindel  
90591. m weinberg  
90590. Berit Kinter  
90589. Jenn  
90588. Edward Gargan Goldin  
90587. Allison  
90586. Larry Melnick  
90585. Mark Leibowitz  
90584. Jan Abramczyk  
90583. Sharen Levine  
90582. dan swartz  
90581. Brian Tiep I am surprised it takes a petition to do the right thing
90580. Erez Zadok  
90579. Helen & Wolf 'Walter  
90578. Elise Hearst  
90577. Nicholas Citrin  
90576. Joan Lawrence  
90575. Lesser Raven  
90574. Nina Braunstein  
90573. Jess Marks  
90572. Jill  
90571. Shari Kotch  
90570. Debra Hammen  
90569. shelly  
90568. Bernard Dayre  
90566. Gloria Augenstein  
90565. Renna Bassal  
90564. Sandra Brenner  
90563. Beth Pullman It's a disgrace that you have an anti-Semitic site on a search for Jew. You have a moral imperative to get rid of it.
90562. William Cross  
90561. John Phillips  
90560. a retkinski  
90559. Dan Shinefield Remove
90558. Leonid Zipilevich No first place for nazis site
90557. hanne gault scary
90556. Marissa Jacobson  
90555. Ann Lewis  
90554. Roberto N. Goldsztein  
90553. Bonnie Levine  
90552. George Bush jr  
90551. anne straus  
90550. Jonathan Zinberg  
90549. Ethel Sosna The JewWatch site is offensive and contemptible. Remove it.
90548. Andrea Pinsky  
90547. sandra berman  
90546. Irmgard Gesund Disgusted with Google
90545. Edwin H. Kaplan Why should a petition be necessary for removal?
90544. Dot Gerson Get rid of this site. It is offensive!!
90543. rachel  
90542. Diane Siegel  
90541. Jennifer M Langham  
90540. Dan Fried  
90539. Meital  
90538. Wendy Patzschke Please remove this sad web site---it only helps permote anti-semitism
90537. R Livshin Google is usually such a good search engine
90536. Edward Simon  
90535. Jessica Rains  
90534. Jamie  
90533. Alene Peaceman  
90532. dana robinson  
90531. Steve Coven  
90530. Cathie Perolman  
90529. Robert Belloch  
90528. Nat Please remove immediatly and DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN
90527. Dov Bensimon  
90526. M Taxy  
90525. Carolyn Russell  
90524. Ron Zinger  
90523. Mary Friedman  
90521. Joan Fisch  
90520. Lina Cohen  
90519. Ellen Sehgal  
90518. j kangisser  
90517. Richard S. C. Rokeby please remove this website!
90516. norman marinoff  
90515. terry heuff  
90514. sandy schenk  
90513. h citrin  
90512. Joe Altschuler  
90511. Belinda Benet  
90510. Bertha Gramcko Hopes this will do it.
90508. Catherine Searight Please remove
90507. Shirley Haberman  
90506. Dean Rabinowitz  
90505. lois shapero  
90504. Susan Newman  
90503. Vera Biro  
90502. Cody Edwards  
90501. Gila Vinokur  
90500. Philip Brudner  
90499. Monique Mendelovitz  
90498. Robin Lamel Google should not need 50,000 signatures to remove Jewwatch. It should have beed done already!!!
90497. Lois May Muller Google will not be used until this is removed and AOL will be notified as well.
90496. Dr. Cyril Levene  
90495. Patricia Tamman  
90494. jodi  
90493. Gilbert Kaplan  
90492. KS  
90491. Betsy Wolf Please move this site to a less conspicuous position. Thanks!
90490. ally soudyn  
90489. Gavin Swartz  
90488. Lolly Green Google should be ashamed!
90487. bianca Lowenstein  
90486. Stephanie Mihalczo  
90485. AaronZelman  
90484. Phyllis Harris  
90483. Bracha Selinger  
90482. Sarah Epstein please remove this offensive site from Google!
90481. Audrey Kaiser  
90480. Ingeborg S. Nordén Not Jewish or Christian myself, just against hate sites!
90479. Bryan STOP THE HATE!!!
90478. Maureen Must be removed, not removing is supporting
90477. Nathan Shiovitz  
90476. H. Rapaport please remove this site from google
90475. Leonard Korman  
90474. Maria C. Emanuel  
90473. Ilan  
90472. Edda Ashe  
90471. Saul Kinter  
90470. Rhoda Seifert Please remove from Google
90469. Cheryl Levin  
90468. Debra Shaw  
90467. miri peer  
90466. Raphael Bivas  
90465. Miguel I. Gancz  
90464. Jeff Kupietzky  
90463. Jonathan Laski  
90462. dan peer  
90461. jay handwerger It is outrageous for Google to allow an anti-semetic web site as the 1st site for Jew.
90460. Bradley Eisenberg get it OFF!
90459. L Chaise  
90458. Dana Patton  
90457. Lauren i think that this is a great cause 2 try 2 remove this site from google and i would know since i am Jewish!!
90456. Heidi  
90455. Jackie  
90453. Allen Ligorner anti-semitism is for the stone age
90452. Montaudié  
90451. Jason Miller  
90450. Liella Abramowitz  
90449. Matthew Lederman I am all for freedom of speech, except when it breeds hate and violence!
90448. Susan Gilbert For a company that is going public, the last thing you need is bad press!
90447. Pablo  
90446. Kathleen Passman  
90445. Michael Wolff Please Remove
90444. Levi Gadye  
90443. Judith Chapar  
90442. Diane Jeffrey  
90441. carol dominguez  
90440. Lynne Cojac  
90439. Peggy Connally  
90438. Joseph Essas  
90437. Gur Shomron  
90436. frank j mayo  
90435. Harold Folz  
90434. Shosh Cutter  
90433. David Epstein  
90432. Lynne Gillis  
90431. Peggy Sichenze  
90430. Larry Neily Now that you know about this evil site, remove it.
90429. Jane Lawton  
90428. Ruth F London  
90427. Marty Seidman  
90426. David J. Bleiberg "Jew Watch" has nothing to do with being a Jew. Get rid of it!
90425. Beth Fleisch  
90424. Lorraine Goldring  
90423. Patrick Dwyer There is enough hatred in the world right now, and this is an easy way to curb some of it.
90422. David Matt  
90421. Tamara Gorodetzky  
90420. G. Sugarman This is a horrible disgrace and should not be allowed!
90419. James R. Campbell Google has higher standards than this degradation!
90418. Sara Kowal  
90417. al lionel schwartz this is an affront to all JEWISH PEOPLE
90416. nathan adler  
90415. Lorraine Steinberg  
90414. Pat Goldstein  
90413. Ronald Ginn  
90412. Sarah Rose Lamport  
90411. Richard R Davis  
90410. Gordon I. Silverman  
90409. Robert L. Bratter No excuses or explanations about "algorithms", just do the right thing and get rid of this garbage!!
90408. pld  
90407. Laura Rosenberg  
90406. Leonard L. Klleinman  
90405. kim reed remove
90404. Bruce Levine I think everyone has a right to freedom of speech except when it comes to genicide of a race or nationality!!
90403. Jon Tewksbury  
90402. Barbara Bernstein  
90401. Rochelle Rubenstein  
90400. ran sade it is about time
90399. Rollie Abkowitz Things like this do not benefit our society .
90398. Kristin Fontes  
90397. Orly Klugman  
90396. Leon Zanger  
90395. krista bauer  
90394. Jane Jelenko  
90393. Simon liez  
90392. May Kesler  
90391. H. Schoenberg  
90390. Jeff Marks inappropriate for this to be toop site on google
90389. susan greenberg  
90388. Sandra K  
90387. Lance Gunberg  
90386. Barbara Goodman  
90385. robyn feldman  
90384. Ina  
90383. Leonard A. Breslow  
90382. Marcos Rovinski  
90381. david schulman  
90380. Sidney Z Lawrence MD Atrocious site
90379. Andrea Thompson  
90378. Cheryl Braver  
90377. Alan Bronowitz  
90376. D.Behrstock  
90375. NAAMA  
90374. Barry Tuchfeld Just not acceptable
90373. Michelle Nagel  
90372. Pauline Axile  
90371. Simon Century It encites racial hatred. Racism is the downfall of society and must be stopped. As things currently stand google is facilitating that racial hatred.
90369. Simon Liez  
90368. rose rojas  
90367. rose rojas  
90366. Saryl Samuelson  
90365. sheila wulf  
90364. Matthew Aronoff If we all work together, we can fight this
90363. D.L. PARKER  
90362. Howard A Feldman  
90361. D.L. PARKER  
90360. mindy  
90359. G. Chesler  
90358. Mal Kaufman Just STOP NOW
90357. alvin hoffman  
90356. Mal Kaufman Just STOP NOW
90355. Michael Gottschalk  
90354. Mal Kaufman Just STOP NOW
90353. S. Cummings This sort of site should be illegal, and not tolerated by anyone, or any business. It is a disgrace to modern society, and to the memories of so many people that fought, and lost their lives in the past. It disgusts me.
90352. Julian Barterer  
90351. bette zollshan  
90350. Mo Bardovi  
90349. George Benson  
90348. Debra Koenig I am appalled by Google - remove immediately!
90347. Carol Abolafia Offensive
90346. Brandy Carson this is a no brainer
90345. Vera Finkelstein  
90344. michael schwarzberg  
90343. Adam Klein  
90342. Monte Hartman This issue needs urgent correction!
90341. Marilyn Zimmerman  
90340. Ruth Derringer  
90339. Ruth Derringer  
90338. Muriel Mermelstein  
90337. E.Skulstad  
90336. K Cskor  
90335. Catherine Bruce  
90334. Catherine Bruce  
90333. Catherine Bruce  
90332. Catherine Bruce  
90331. K. Chapman  
90330. Rachel MacLennan  
90329. Deitra  
90328. Jennifer Wells  
90327. Allan Palansky  
90326. Allan Palansky  
90325. Judith Bercuvitz  
90324. Jennifer Emanuelli  
90323. Cygal  
90322. gary h mendelson  
90321. Adelle Lennox  
90320. Marianna Zadov  
90319. Danny Grundel  
90318. Barry Fineman  
90317. Jane Willsea  
90316. roseanne mason  
90315. Annette Felser  
90314. Randi Fineman  
90312. Susan Rubin  
90311. Michel L. Barriger, MD Egregious!
90310. Joel L. Deretchin  
90307. Lee Feldman  
90306. Werner Zacharias Please remove that disgusting site
90305. Janet Schwab  
90304. sophia pelts  
90303. SYMA JACOBS  
90302. Lawrence J Saidman  
90301. tony mason get it but gone
90300. Barb Lyon  
90299. R. Asher  
90298. R. Asher  
90297. Marcia Shorr what a disgrace!
90296. Marcia Shorr what a disgrace!
90295. Daniel Glasner  
90294. trudy justin  
90293. Carole Bobis Imperative that such a hateful site be removed. The world has enough hatred. Do not pour fuel on the already raging fire!
90292. Diana Ruth Davidson remove
90291. Marian Weissman  
90290. David Beizer  
90289. Anna Lat  
90288. MURNA GITLIN as an Irish Protestant-Jewish mother, I find this site to be an afront to anyone of any religion and I would like to see it removed immediately.
90287. Shoshana Amster  
90286. A. P. Friedman  
90285. Merlene Olivia Doko As a Christian, I am appalled that such a website exists. We need to spread understanding, not hatred, of one another.
90284. sylvia kolkin malamud  
90283. Joan Levin Sacks  
90282. Jane Fairbanks  
90281. Linda Korte  
90280. Kasi Nadler  
90279. Sharon Rothe  
90278. Janine Szokoly  
90277. halli glina l hope it gets removed!
90276. neil david lipman  
90275. Jack Pugatsky  
90274. Edward Bauman remove jewwatch from google
90273. Richard H. Please remove this website
90272. Frederick Boehler  
90271. Leah Cohen  
90270. Alexandra Gertner  
90269. Debra Ford Please remove JewWatch!!!
90268. Brittany Atlas  
90267. Cathy  
90266. Sabrina Ziff A disgrace to modern times!!!
90265. Suzy Nauman  
90264. Michael Shapiro power brings responsibility
90263. Charlene Rochman  
90262. Ray Amirian  
90261. mike cooper  
90260. Darryl Weinbren  
90259. Bashie  
90258. Gerry Dombrower  
90257. Barbara Magid  
90256. Brenda S. Withers Disgraceful!
90255. Saul Cohen  
90254. Ronit this is disgusting and fraught with blatant lies
90253. Anita Friedman  
90252. elaine pasetsky  
90251. Brenda S. Withers  
90250. Gail Stolovitsky  
90249. Ruth Gosset  
90248. Jennifer Trettner  
90247. shlomo elspas  
90246. Lester Baker  
90245. Linda Bleiweiss  
90244. Jill C. Sible  
90243. giovanni  
90242. Andrea Finkelstein  
90241. Susan Alpert  
90240. Chris Kimbrough  
90239. Harvey Schultz  
90238. Rick Lee as a Christian and an American , my heart cries that our Children will live in a world that harbors such hate-filled and anti-life messages as Jewwatch gives. Google don't be their instrument of hate. Remove it!
90237. Elaine Wiznitzer  
90236. Cheryl Bledin  
90235. maurice jacobs  
90234. maurice jacobs  
90233. matt kogon  
90232. jacquie Tolkin  
90231. Alana Wishnew  
90230. Rayelle Belleau Please remove from the search engine
90229. Lloyd Ziff A disgrace to modern times!!!
90228. Claire Plewinski maliciously anti-semitic site - get rid of it!!!
90227. Fred Rubin  
90226. Natasha Hindman  
90225. Lorne Nathan  
90224. Nekoda Singer  
90223. martha blinder  
90222. shirley singerman  
90221. Sebastián De Lara Gomís  
90220. Daniel Rosen  
90219. Roberta Rittner  
90218. Paul  
90217. Joel J. Reznick Google doesn't need something like this
90216. larry Tomarin sick please remove NOW!!!!!
90215. Gali-Dana Singer  
90214. Richard Ahrens Remove it or goodbye Google
90213. Chaim Plewinski anti-semitic - please remove from Google!
90212. Eric Assenmacher  
90211. mojgan rahbar  
90210. Vona Herz This site is unacceptable. Please remove at once.
90209. marjie weber  
90208. Arnold Cohn Remove this garbage
90207. lisa meyer chorne  
90206. sielecki carlos  
90205. sielecki carlos  
90204. Nekoda Singer  
90202. Gali-Dana Singer  
90201. Linda Perry  
90200. Felice Seltzer  
90199. Suzanne Borenstein  
90197. Steven Olsher  
90196. carol kats  
90195. lisa meyer chorne  
90194. Sharon R. Bowman  
90193. Myrna Schneiderman  
90192. andy may  
90191. Edward J Sa;ltzman  
90190. Marcel Schonfeld MD  
90189. Michael Evans  
90188. Arnold and Jude Victor Petition should not have been necessary. Google should have voluntarily done this on their own.
90187. Dr Mal Braverman not worthy of Google who is sooo discriminating of their ads
90186. Richard Rockman Please straighten this out. It's too bad that this happened.
90185. Matthew Senator  
90184. Dahlia Evans  
90183. edina frankel i see there are over 85thousand already u should remove this without any signatures
90182. Paula Horowitz  
90181. Edward Berkun  
90180. rjgrin  
90179. david katz  
90178. Adeena & Volvi Bergman  
90177. Larry Chambers It is appalling that Google would support a hate site. Stopping it would send a strong and meaningful message.
90176. daniele silverman  
90175. Kate Rosenberg  
90174. danny gross1!!!
90173. A. Siegel do not publish my address
90172. Dawn Kreisberg  
90171. Elizabeth Jacobson  
90170. M Baron  
90169. David and Christel Ford  
90168. Michael Simon  
90167. Nancy Werk  
90166. Sandra Vilosky I am against any kind of hate and predjudice
90165. Shaul Taub  
90164. Saul Turteltaub  
90163. Saul Turteltaub  
90162. Lola Feitelberg  
90161. Victor Dickstein  
90159. parivash glazer  
90158. Julie Schatz-Siemers  
90157. David Toth  
90156. Janie Tatsios Remove this offensive site please. My son-in-law is a Jew and numerous Jewish people are my friends and they are all good people. Enough already. Thanks for doing the right thing by removing this site.
90155. Lola Feitelberg  
90154. karen calechman  
90153. Sandra Kushner  
90152. Sandra Kushner  
90151. Stefanie  
90150. Barnett D. Elman, Ph.D.  
90149. Nick Ambroso  
90148. dena wild  
90147. Steven Berger  
90146. Aaron Hellman  
90145. Oren Ledder  
90144. Maor Portnoy  
90143. David Cohen  
90142. Dana Levin  
90141. Harry Dreier  
90140. meredith goldberg  
90138. marty pollack  
90137. ruth sherwood  
90136. Tovah  
90134. Jesse Kiehl  
90133. Zach Cooper Forever Israel!
90132. moran nisimi  
90131. Leemore Dafny  
90130. Yvette  
90129. Jeffrey Alman  
90128. david rogg  
90127. Jeffrey Alman  
90126. Jennifer Messamore  
90125. Maricarmen Valdivieso  
90124. Barbi G Politically Incorrect!!!
90123. dee zeifman  
90122. David Gershov  
90121. Gila Jardine  
90120. Ezra Abraham Its a disgrace to allow that to be shown
90119. Ilan Rimer  
90118. Cynthia Cook Please remove immediately. Hatred destroys society.
90117. Teresa Weiner  
90116. Gregory Cohn  
90115. Eric Kirsch  
90114. Irene Burinescu  
90113. Glenn Ferber  
90112. earl klein  
90111. David S. Mann  
90110. Allyson Sherman  
90109. Gaspar A. Cruz III  
90108. Michael Steinberg  
90107. Earle Gerstein  
90106. Philippe Lavie  
90105. Jane Zones  
90104. Claudia Marschall  
90103. dina tanzer remove jewwatch from its #1 position on your website listings thank u
90102. Shaleen  
90101. Sandy Bishins  
90100. A Roetenberg  
90099. Edwin Grusd  
90098. Charles J Hyman MD  
90097. sara davolt  
90096. Ellen Silverman  
90095. Joshua Grusd  
90094. Joshua Grusd  
90093. S Kaplan Can't believe you would have this on your site.remove it or I will never use google again.
90092. Jana Hoyt  
90091. Amy Stern  
90090. rolando epstein  
90089. galina vromen  
90088. Eric S Bisnow  
90087. rayna wachtel  
90086. Judith G. Kaminsky should be permanently removed from the Google Search Engine. It is dangerous hate mongering at its worst!
90085. Ira Beckman  
90084. Zev Olivkovitch Remove
90083. Nathan Notkin very repugnant!
90082. Lenore Preminger  
90081. Miguel  
90080. Ira Rubinstein  
90079. Miguel  
90078. Leonard Sagalov  
90077. Harriet Davidson  
90076. wantoch  
90075. Madeleine Solomon The site is an outrage and unconcionable!
90074. Maya Janovich  
90073. Amy  
90072. Lilly Frost  
90071. Danielle Goldsmith  
90070. Arlene Nash  
90069. Jenny Goldberg  
90068. ruth cohnen please remove this dreadful page
90067. Ron Weinwurzel  
90066. Aubrey W.  
90065. Regina Salzberg  
90064. Morris Sabbeth I am opposed to religious intolerance.
90063. David Lertzman I am in favour of freedom of expression; however this site appears to be hate-inspired and hatred inciting.
90062. david bornstein will ban google if no result
90061. Cathy Cole  
90060. Ellen L. Shulman  
90059. Ilan Rimer  
90058. Steven Rudy  
90057. Daniel Riber Get rid of it!
90056. Gerald Pyser  
90055. Gail Dowty  
90054. Leanne Smith Whats up Google?
90053. judy Smith  
90052. judy Smith  
90051. Annie H. Gardiner  
90050. Koby Tanzer PLease do the right thing and remove this hateful site
90049. Alaina Kronenberg  
90048. S. Hochstein  
90047. Ben Loewenberg  
90046. Maricarmen Valdivieso  
90045. Jennifer  
90044. Mark Strauss  
90043. Ilan Rimer  
90042. Mark Strauss  
90041. Julie Felsen  
90040. sue kasten  
90039. S. Hochstein  
90038. S. Hochstein  
90037. maggie elkon  
90036. Michael Levin The sooner the better
90035. Ellen Berardi  
90034. Scott C. Kuperman To those at Google: If someone wanted to host a web site listing negativity towards your own mothers, would you take their money to list them at the top of your search engines' search results???
90033. mito very disapointed in google
90032. Joshua Sapire  
90031. Bernard Etzine  
90030. Eli Shepes  
90029. Roberta Laufer  
90028. Michael Levin The sooner the better
90027. Sharon Wilkes  
90025. Richard Manners  
90024. Tanya Fishburn If this is not fixed I will NEVER use google again.
90023. Bernard Etzine  
90022. Robyn Supraner Shame on you!
90021. dana  
90020. Bernard Etzine  
90019. robert wilkof  
90018. leonard freedman  
90017. Shmuel Laufer  
90016. Ellen Diamond  
90015. David S. Wieder is a hateful website and google should not participate in its accessibility.
90014. David  
90013. Bernard Etzine  
90012. Bernard Etzine  
90011. Ellen Diamond  
90010. Richard Manners  
90009. Ellen Diamond  
90008. Roberta Laufer  
90007. Ronald M. Jacobs  
90005. Roberta Laufer  
90004. martin bolnick  
90003. Ronald S Hetherington  
90002. Jaimie Simon  
90001. Cindy Katz An inappropriate link to HATE!!
90000. suri rabinovici  
89999. Harry Steinmetz  
89998. Adam Weinstock it is ridiculous
89997. Roy L. Coffman, Jr. We don't need web sites like this!!!! Dump them!!!
89996. Ron Ingram  
89995. Jay Vogel  
89994. Sean Shepard  
89993. ruth bromberg very disturbing
89992. Suzie Price  
89991. june  
89990. Melissa Feldman  
89989. grace wilkof  
89988. dennis kuchar  
89987. suri rabinovici  
89986. Lailah Promote world peace: Stop the hate!
89985. Akiva Markus áäöìçä ìëåìðå
89984. Harriet Chenitz  
89983. Noa Avisar  
89982. Yelena Zonis  
89980. Myrna Frank  
89979. Laurence Buter  
89978. Ellen Diamond  
89977. allan and sherry charles discusting
89976. Keren Glinert  
89975. lynn valentine  
89974. Debbie Graziano  
89973. alan falk these guys are beyond "free speech".
89972. Jessica  
89971. jason smith  
89970. dennis kuchar  
89969. Reva Feldman  
89968. suri rabinovici  
89967. Jila  
89966. Jim Kessler  
89965. Norman Bangel  
89964. Sheri  
89963. Emma Sediles  
89962. Erin Kaplan  
89961. Jack Falkon  
89960. Deborah R. Peikes  
89959. Barrie Rimer  
89958. lori morrison  
89957. Selma Vaz disgusting
89956. Tony Kaye  
89955. Akiva Apelbaum  
89954. Steven Dweck You have got to be kidding me!
89953. Michael Kubalik  
89952. Martin Adickman  
89951. R. Wald  
89950. Askienazy Serge  
89949. Nancy G. Behrend  
89948. Raquelle Brody  
89947. mia tepper  
89946. Akiva Markus áäöìçä ìëåìðå
89945. Paul Pugliese WAKE UP GOOGLE
89944. joseph loewenberg  
89943. Esther Offenbacher`  
89942. Steve Carter everyone is responsible for fighting hate, even those who don't care. Besides, can you hoestly say you would allow a domain named "" to be listed as the number 2 return for people searching the term "Google" if it was filled with anti-Google propaganda from Yahoo?
89941. Pearl S. Rosenthal  
89940. Ellen Diamond  
89939. Nathan Annenberg  
89938. Raquelle Brody  
89937. Scott P. Aarons, MD  
89936. Herbert Kreitman  
89935. robert weinberg  
89934. dennis kuchar  
89933. natalie kutik I resent any and all anti-semitic comments
89932. Hillel Zukor disgusting
89931. richard horodner  
89930. berton steir  
89929. Alex Eyal  
89928. Sheri Jessell  
89927. maggie elkon  
89926. Jonathan Nathusius  
89925. Steve Williams  
89924. alex olson  
89923. Abby S. Connor Any site that promulgates hate and racism should be removed AND certainly should be given last place in the "hit" roster
89922. Rachel Cohen  
89921. Alan Moskowitz  
89920. Anna Lipphardt  
89919. Leonard Klinger get this off your site Please TODA
89918. diane weinstein  
89917. Deborah W. Paris  
89916. Elaine Levin that is a disgusting sight.....please remove it
89915. serena shapiro  
89914. imelda pearce we don't need to feed the hate machine and have resigned as the world's scapegoat.
89913. Marcelo  
89912. NATHAN  
89911. judith glaser  
89910. David Model Please remove
89909. harvey glass  
89908. Lisa Rioles Collins  
89907. Beverly Horn They should be removed immediately.
89906. Brian Banks  
89905. Anita Goldenberg Please Remove
89904. Adrienne Schlossberg  
89903. Arlene Koopmann  
89902. Thong Thai  
89900. Fedra  
89899. JANET SEVEL  
89898. joseph chernilas M.D.  
89897. vibeke lichten  
89896. Melanie Slabotsky  
89895. Vivian Bernstein  
89894. Leonard Boxer  
89893. Pam Hirschhorn  
89892. Rebecca  
89891. ilyse mimoun  
89889. Brody Schopf  
89888. Bob Boxer  
89887. Emanuel N. Paige There is enough hate in the world already. You must put a stop to this
89886. Brigitta  
89885. Vernon E Rice II  
89884. Linda Hirsh  
89883. herman gelman and give us any BS answer like 'we can not manually change this' because you can and you did it in the past
89882. Barbara Goodman  
89881. sharon shapiro  
89880. Fran Baum  
89879. Akiva Schutz  
89878. Irina Barash  
89877. Allan Ablow truly shocking!!
89876. Phyllis Ruffer  
89875. Aubie Berger  
89874. david b sykes  
89873. isidor zamera  
89872. Levy Liora  
89871. dudu  
89870. lissa goldberg  
89869. Sheri Weiss  
89868. Lily Brown  
89867. carmi margolis  
89866. Steven Feirman Get with it Google.
89865. Marcie Jastrow  
89864. Richard Adjmi  
89863. Harold Rosenthal  
89862. John Hadjisky Read about the emerging neo-Nazi/Arab alliance:
89861. Philip Segal  
89860. A. B. Ehrlich  
89859. Isaac Shamah USA
89858. Sarah Yonas  
89857. Mark Apseloff  
89856. Paula Yarkoni  
89855. Barry Berkett  
89854. David Sacks  
89853. Linda Barringer  
89852. robert rubin  
89851. Alyse Kosarin  
89850. Joyce B. Block  
89849. rob rubin  
89848. Laura Drake  
89847. Beth Delson  
89846. avi rubin  
89845. Cheryl Sugerman  
89844. milton walzer  
89843. Marni Blitz  
89842. kyle drewnowsky  
89841. stephanie rubin  
89840. Jeremy  
89839. Thomas A. Martin  
89838. Mary Patricia Cody  
89837. Neil Farans/Eastern Environmental  
89836. Guillermo S. Edelberg  
89835. NATHAN  
89834. Yossi Tamman  
89833. Raymond S. Maizel  
89832. joel appelbaum  
89831. Rafael Etessami  
89830. Daniel Joseph  
89828. Robin Myers-Li  
89827. eli rubin  
89826. Ariel H  
89825. Joseph Abramson  
89824. stef  
89823. anabelle sielecki  
89822. Marlene Bookbinder Glad you are taking care of this offence.
89821. Beth Zoller  
89820. Batya Malick  
89819. Malina Saval  
89818. Dianne C. Karpman  
89817. Sylvia Wagner  
89816. Bob Biegel remove Jewwatch
89814. ellen schnell remove this disgusting site
89813. Donald L. Block  
89812. Jay Kimmel  
89811. Elizabeth Perez  
89810. Aaron Muscott  
89809. morris missry  
89808. david brandt  
89807. Gregg Millman  
89806. Sandra Lewis  
89805. elaine salomon  
89804. lily's jewel  
89803. Dr. Morris Davidowitz This action should have been taken as soon as this unacceptable search result became known!!
89802. Rachel Karu  
89801. Penny R.  
89800. Otto Ladanyi It is a shame
89799. K. Pacheco  
89798. Shelka Cook  
89797. rochelle gilden remove this e sight
89796. Beth Carasso  
89795. Bari Lamond  
89794. Lisa Miller  
89793. Amos Talmor  
89792. Jan Schulman this is the most reprehensible thing i have ever seen. nothing like this, whether it is anti jew or anti any other race or religion should ever be allowed. it is absolutely hideous
89791. George F, Keane Hate messages should not be made so readily available.
89790. Geoff Finucane  
89789. Karri  
89788. Monica Anchin Horrible!!!!
89787. Ricca B. Heffer Hope we csn eliminate this type of hate
89786. Roni  
89785. jeff michalski please
89784. k davis thank you for doing this.
89783. O.A. Cohen Thank you for listening
89782. Susan Millman  
89781. Henry Fromm & Karen Fromm SHAME ON YOU
89780. Harold M. Bernstein  
89779. Rachael Barolsky  
89778. Freedman, David If Google can't remove the site, at least add a disclaimer with it noting it is based on myths and lies.
89777. ronald h. isenberg Google should not give assistance in promoting patent anti-semetic materials
89776. Tamara Gelbart Jaffe  
89775. laurie schoof  
89774. Zeev Wurman  
89773. peter jackson  
89772. Alan Nadle  
89771. Ann Galetta  
89770. Ricardo del Ggilio  
89769. Lisa Dickinson  
89768. Esther Barna I insist removing the site
89767. li davies  
89766. Beth Rosenthal  
89765. Mr. and Mrs. D. Galler  
89764. Rachel H Davis I am saddened and discusted by this.
89763. wolf ternerr shame on you!
89762. Barbara Kampf This is an awful site, please remove it quickly.
89761. p torf  
89760. Arlene B. Morris  
89759. Sarah Beth Cohen JewWatch is ridiculous - TOTAL CRAP
89758. Judith Reiter  
89757. d samakow  
89756. Renee Zylberberg  
89754. Jerry Weiner  
89753. Libby Rosenauer  
89752. Dorothy Mackey Lurie'  
89751. Harry L. Sotzsky why is it necessary to tell Google what should be obvious?
89750. Terry Ellis  
89749. Michelle K. Gordon  
89748. Stanley Weisenfeld  
89747. Geoff Skolnick  
89746. rebecca keen  
89745. Carolyne Morrison  
89744. James Levine  
89743. Alan Kesten  
89742. A-Kap  
89741. leon  
89740. Rachel Davis  
89739. Dr. Charles Starks  
89738. Sarah Woolf  
89737. Bennett Storfer I was shocked and horrified that google would allow this to happen.
89736. viviana  
89735. yonatan keschner we know its a free world, but why teach hate
89733. Tracey Roome  
89732. Vilen Golov  
89731. Josh Weinberg Anti-Shemim!!!
89730. Haleigh Cohen  
89729. Lakmaker disgusting, please remove
89728. Dana H. I agree with Danny P. !!! I use google often, and will now be sure to make use of the *many* other search engines!!!! disgusting!
89727. Jay Gross  
89726. Arthur Antin  
89725. Gail Fitzgerald  
89724. jedwood  
89723. David Lerner  
89722. Gershon  
89721. Jay Please remove it. Thank you
89720. philip labendz  
89719. louis saul  
89718. Phalen Hurewitz  
89717. David Palace  
89716. victor  
89715. Arthur W. Galston  
89714. Anita Saphier It is terrible that Google would put hate literature on its websit
89713. Danny P. I don't understand why this had to be petitioned. Isn't it obvious that this should have been removed in the first place, immediately? If not, then perhaps we should petition to have google removed from the internet.
89712. meital84  
89711. Elizabeth Kerekes What is written on this website ( sickens me and demonstrates that are many people in the world who hunger for our blood.
89710. Lisa Klein  
89709. Elaine Pasler  
89708. merle caplan  
89707. Ruth D. Bernstein Google is my primary search site. I am shocked you would allow this kind of anti semitic material .
89706. David P.  
89705. jann carlson  
89704. Harvey Spiegel  
89703. Mark Kagan  
89702. Laurie Margolies Please add: please remove or diminish the appearance of this site.
89701. melvin namon  
89700. Dale Hamakawa  
89699. Anna Berezina š
89698. Beverly and Milton Rosenblum  
89697. Celia Woodard I find this terribly offensive as the first choice for your engine.
89696. jenny gordon  
89695. david rombro  
89694. Robert A. Hoffenberg  
89693. Antoine Butelli remove this trash!
89692. Rachel Aronin  
89691. Fred Ashendorf  
89690. Kenneth Koppelman  
89689. Erez Cohen  
89688. Laura  
89687. Sarada George Please don't aid the already flourishing antisemitic internet communtiy!
89686. Rivka Slabotsky  
89685. trish  
89684. Todd Stern  
89683. Alan and Marlene Rubin  
89682. Steve Marsden  
89681. Ann S Moskowitz  
89680. Ian Hoffman  
89679. Rachel Rephan  
89678. Bernard Feldman google should not permit such hate filled messages
89677. Barbara M Gross  
89676. caryn mills  
89675. Felicia Bahadosingh  
89674. Henry Satt Stop Ethinic/Religous Hatred of All Types!
89673. Iris Tishkoff  
89672. Steven Sonnenstein  
89671. Jina Lindstedt  
89670. Sheldon Schiffman This is the most ignorant and insulting reference that I hav eread in a very long time. Google should be ashamed.
89669. Jeff Cohen  
89668. Alice J. Jonas  
89667. Samuel Weiss It is in very bad taste to have such as thing and I'm surprised at Google
89666. Ruth Friedman  
89665. Arieh No comments
89664. clara garzon I am not in agreement with this pagina www.removejewwatch. com and with its proposito to reunite but of 50000 companies. She is not objective and it limits the right of being informed into the things that this pagina tries to hide tendenciosamente. The values of a culture are moderate by the evolution of their tiunfos
89663. MF Klabal  
89662. Arthur G. Werschulz  
89661. Julia Sims  
89660. yocheved  
89659. Cathy Jurist  
89658. Avraham Halbreich  
89657. sol frankel  
89656. rayfernandez  
89655. Jason and Rachel Halper  
89654. Oz Paul  
89653. Binyamin Blau  
89652. Stewart Falk  
89651. nitzan melamed  
89650. Bruce Sabot  
89649. Joseph Yadgard  
89648. Ken Hoffman  
89647. Nanci Rosenfeld Disgusting!!!
89646. Elinor Oertell Why you should need signatures to remove something offensive is beyond me. After 2,000 years it is time to stop hatred.After all the good your site does to ruin the reputation would be a pity.
89645. Aimee Barnett  
89644. Edith Spring This is not the way to get cusstomers.
89643. Ken Abelson  
89642. elaine rogo  
89641. ruben Rivlin  
89640. Daniela Gleizer  
89639. A.E.Lbanes  
89638. Dennis R. Greene  
89637. tamar kuznick  
89636. Susan Singer deep down, you know what's right...
89635. Ruth Stahler  
89634. Sanford Levy  
89633. jackie  
89632. Marilyn B. Shavelson  
89631. Sean P Brady DC  
89630. Paul Jacobs  
89629. Harold Guberman  
89628. Sid As a Christian, I don't think a site such as should be anywhere near the top 999,999,999,999 search results!
89627. Brooke  
89626. beverly roth disgusting
89625. sheila gerber  
89624. Dorothy Marks  
89623. Ari Enkin  
89622. Marley Sims The fact that a petition is needed to remove this sight, is just as much an insult as the sight itself.
89621. Nora B. Luchs  
89620. K. Peters  
89619. Linda Adler  
89618. larry gerber  
89617. Ruth Silver  
89616. Sidney-Paula Blatt  
89615. Dede Ozbirn  
89614. Barbara Remove this site immediately please
89613. Andria Way  
89612. David Bain  
89611. C.G. Lehrman  
89610. Ken West I have been using Google for years "But" now I may change my search engine to " Ask Geeves" ..
89609. Arthur K.Newman-Olivia Newman  
89608. Dianne Keller  
89607. Stephen Shaw  
89606. Robert Cable  
89605. sol feig do not be silent
89604. Karen Rosin this is unconscionable that this site remains online
89603. Donna Comarow Would you get a similarly nasty result if you typed in "Catholic" or "Protestant"?
89602. H.E. Levine  
89601. Ally Lattman  
89600. Dario Ungania  
89599. Dima Dubnikov  
89598. Renee Skolnick This MUST be removed!
89597. mitchell schechtman remove jewwatch from google.....
89596. connie allon i think that it is sick if that site is allowed to stay
89595. Debbie Stein Disgusting
89594. paula schlossberg  
89593. Robert Potier  
89592. Denise Abadi  
89591. Hayley Schipper  
89590. shahin veiseh  
89589. Henry Matus  
89588. Karen Ungania  
89587. Esther Fortunato  
89586. diego mancera I am not in agreement with this pagina and with
89585. Maytal Sela sucks
89584. Omry Man united action must be taken !
89583. Richard Blumenberg  
89582. Ehood Geva  
89581. KarenWwillison Can't we all just get along?
89580. Ross Brady  
89579. Elaine Silver  
89578. Henry Mininberg  
89577. vida  
89576. Farida Djemal  
89575. Alan Schrager  
89574. ben feder  
89573. Allan Kover  
89572. Dubi Bernstein Google should be sued !!
89571. Marianne Cannellin This is a sad situation and the guy who owns it wont move it keep trying thanks
89570. H kaiser  
89569. Sara J. Davidson  
89568. Mrs Hollander Requiring 50,000 signatures to remove site is unacceptable. Shame on you.
89567. Gabor Kerekes  
89566. Daniel Wesley  
89565. Bradley Rauch  
89564. Paul Graboff  
89563. Mitzi S. Matus  
89562. merv hurst remove jewwatch from google
89561. Emma Shapiro  
89560. Debby Kover  
89559. Lisah Bernstein Either take it off or I will not use Google again !!
89558. Rafi Apple Please Remove
89557. Sharon Freund  
89556. David Freedberg  
89555. David Weiss  
89554. Jack Lewkowicz  
89553. Joseph Hines  
89552. Wendy Feldman  
89551. Grosman  
89550. Susan Roberts  
89549. David Davidson  
89548. Helene Graboff  
89547. David Bernstein Take it Off !!
89546. Ali Kaplow  
89545. Phyllis Polevoy  
89544. s. wild  
89543. walter shalev š
89542. Hector Timerman  
89541. isaac chera  
89540. Roxanne J. Epstein Esquire  
89539. D. Aviv  
89538. Gavriel Raanan  
89537. esther S-I-C-K
89536. Vicki Webber  
89535. Willaim W. Miller disgusting
89534. Sharon Harris  
89533. Andi  
89532. Mark Grossman  
89531. (Dr.)Brian Goodman  
89530. (Dr.)Brian Goodman  
89529. Hal Shapot  
89528. Barbara Lewis  
89527. Sarah :( I hate that I should even need to sign a petition to have this removed
89526. judah zelinger  
89525. Leo Levin Dangerous hatred driven site - google is giving a hand to it by providing the stage
89524. andi blizzard  
89523. Michael Fine Defend freedom but end hatred!
89522. Stan Harris  
89521. gary m. nemhauser, m.d.  
89520. Tali Even-Kesef  
89519. Esther  
89518. Toby Bien  
89517. Donald M. Cohen  
89516. janet thalberg the sooner this is removed...the better...
89515. Marc S. Freed  
89514. Shimon Liberow  
89513. Teri Owen  
89512. Beeta Benjy  
89510. Drorit Farkas Yahoo search soes not have antisemitic sites.
89509. Abby Please do something about this, it's just awful!
89508. ma minsky  
89507. Harvey Gilden  
89506. Ethel Heftler There is enough hate in the world why add to it.
89505. Marvin Sodicoff  
89504. Jules Erwin  
89503. Jean Elsner  
89502. Simon Adams  
89501. Brian Loftus Google needs to be more responsible than they indicate they are planning to be.
89500. Cecil Barber remove
89499. Hannah Schusheim I hope that google will speedily remove this disgrace
89498. PENINA I think this is disgusting, for anyone to view. please just take this off because loads of people would appreciate this.
89497. Nancy Benyamin  
89496. Steven Orenstein Please delete site
89495. Elysa  
89494. alexandra stuart  
89493. Heather  
89492. Thomas M. Ruby, Ph. D.  
89491. Danya Shafton  
89490. Marvin and Ilene Paley I am suprised at Google, so glad there are other search engines available.
89489. Carolyn Simon  
89488. dorothy dworkin  
89487. Simon Moguilevsky  
89486. gloria karp  
89485. Abraham Augusto Viñals Báez  
89484. anat gueta  
89483. Michael Adelman this is an easy decision, Google - please fix this now!
89482. Bonnie M. Shapot  
89481. Laurie Please remove that awful site. Do not promote this!
89480. Paula Reynolds I am a Christian and abhor anything that would degrade any race, religion or nationality. Jesus lived his life as a Jew...there was no greater Jew to walk this earth.
89479. Norb Eglash Disgusting!
89478. Chavi H  
89477. Ronald Saland  
89476. Genny Finkel  
89475. June Weiss outrageous
89474. Rob Kelman  
89473. Richard Silver Sites like this should be blocked by your search engine.
89472. Harriet Erwin  
89471. John Mitchell  
89470. Jared Finegold  
89469. Adam Frank I am not opposed to free exchange of ideas and recognize that the internet is used by many who do not share my views. Nevertheless,Google is a very often used search engine and it is an embarrassment that the first result on the search of the word "Jew" is this site.
89468. Elsa Kaplan  
89467. martin silverstein  
89466. Ronite Margulies  
89465. Daniel Boxer  
89464. Isabelle Khellafi  
89463. Caity Lehman  
89462. Bev Weston Remove immediately! This is offensive & disgusting!
89461. carla singer  
89460. Stuart Tochner  
89459. Joel King  
89458. alex  
89457. Joel Libowsky Please remove
89456. Allison Kantor This is a hateful web site
89455. kathy ruggiero  
89454. ina rimpau  
89453. Heather Schwartz  
89452. Mikhail Simkhovich this site increase my level of adrenaline too much
89451. helene scheine  
89450. Linda Taylor  
89449. Mel Mendelsohn  
89448. Rachael please remove this site from your search engine
89447. Diane Binder  
89446. P. H  
89445. jjbenzaken No way of keeping it
89444. Gloria Behar Words of hate .
89443. Marvin Dinetz  
89442. Sanford M. Timen  
89441. Thomas Parry  
89440. Barry Rosenstein  
89439. Mary Kornreich  
89438. Blanche C. Bersch  
89437. benjamin warwick  
89436. akiva m. aronson  
89435. stephanie  
89434. Joseph  
89433. Lawrence Myers  
89432. John Sheinkop  
89431. Brandon Thomas  
89430. esther  
89429. Lynn Druk  
89428. Robin Reed  
89427. Jacqueline Thorley  
89426. Cindy Lilly It is racist and detrimental to your site
89425. Aaron Fisher  
89424. MBomar  
89423. Louis Nagel  
89422. T Grafstein  
89421. R. M. Selig  
89420. ani Korenfeld  
89419. Karel Guefen  
89418. Rubem remove now
89417. Philip M. Geiger  
89416. Bella Aspler  
89415. Gerald Starks Stop the stupidity
89414. Sue Ezrine  
89412. Andrew Wilch  
89411. Victoria Schreiber  
89410. Barry Ezrine  
89409. Rebeka Amn  
89408. gerton van aalderink  
89407. Judith Please help. This world is explosive enough
89406. Helen Heller  
89405. Simon Kahn  
89404. helene smilowitz  
89403. Jennifer Kriskey  
89402. Dawn Herman  
89401. DBV  
89400. Susan Kroll-Wilch  
89399. Debra Rosenberg  
89398. Susan Jacobs  
89397. Christine Bernier  
89396. Burton R. Chasnov  
89395. philippa this is so sick it's unbelievable. why are google promoting the nazi propoganda that caused the death of 6,000,000 innocent jews and 4,000,000 innocent poles, gypsies and other assorted human beings?
89394. Viki  
89393. sam tayar please oblige appeal to irradicate anti-semitism
89392. Keren  
89391. Jane Thorne  
89390. Jared Goldwasser  
89389. Carol Abern  
89388. ED NADELMAN  
89387. Issac Namvar I am sure if looked into the Google's management's past we would find an skeleton or two they may not want anyone to know about. Why don't we do just that and put it up fornt in another search engine to all to know. How about that Google ??
89386. Anna Korenberg  
89385. Debra I'm sure you'll want to rectify this quickly
89384. Myra Friedman this is unbelievably sickening.
89383. Lois Nissman  
89382. Vlad Stremousov  
89381. Ted Fabian  
89380. Brian Stevens  
89379. Carl Williams  
89378. Dorit Ron  
89377. adam  
89376. Ruth Ketko  
89375. marta  
89374. STAN IFCHER  
89373. Sallyann Amdur Sack, Ph..D.  
89372. Stephen Katz disgusting
89371. Lane Hoffman  
89370. Warren W. Rosenthal Please stop this hatred.
89369. Dennis Arets  
89368. Amy Bellowe  
89367. genia trakhtenberg  
89366. Miguel Garber  
89365. Daniel Weiss  
89364. Sheldon Gendzier  
89363. Clive Franks This is a disgusting anti-semitic site that is dangerous and should be removed at once
89362. Sheryl Kaplan remove now!
89361. Michael Kanevsky  
89360. paul smilowitz  
89359. Zev Smith  
89358. Melissa Blum  
89357. Melvin S. Heller  
89356. joyce adler  
89355. Darin Hauser  
89354. Joanne Karras I'm astonished that Google allowed this to happen.
89353. Barbara Handler  
89351. William Sax  
89350. Joel Seligmann I believe in free speech, but you (inadvertently?) direct unwarranted and needless attention to a scurrilous entity on the Internet. Bots are blind; Google should KNOW better..
89349. jessica taback  
89348. Lucy Rosenthal  
89347. Ronit Shoham  
89346. Maxine Starks Isn't there enough hatred?
89345. Dan Jatnieks  
89344. Avi Amit  
89343. Diego  
89342. Philip Cascade  
89341. Paul M. Lyren I like Jews - some of them anyway-not Striesand
89340. Susan Cable  
89339. Alex Brusilovsky Just stop blame jews and Israel! Start help them!
89338. harriet kalinsky  
89337. Robin Rosenberg  
89336. Leslie Pearl  
89335. Shimon Kakon  
89334. D Stone  
89333. Aron Brill  
89332. Jordan Holtz Anything for a buck, right?
89331. Diana Weilmann  
89330. Allan Hirshberg  
89329. margaret childress  
89328. michael markhoff  
89327. Janet Kravetz  
89326. Zajtman  
89325. Marvin S. Schwab  
89324. Andrea  
89323. bob sherman  
89322. Judith Mabel  
89321. Jonathan Ben-Moshe  
89320. Nancy Greulich  
89319. LlevElbert It's a shame that the world is blatantly anti-jewish
89318. Boris  
89317. Brian Benjamin  
89316. LJ  
89315. irving ungar Thiis must be removeed fro m google
89314. Josh gold  
89313. Marissa Sherman  
89312. Barbara  
89311. Karen  
89310. Jill Winter  
89309. Bruce Spikell  
89308. Rande Blatt  
89307. Ann Elias  
89306. jenn goodman  
89305. Alf Levy  
89304. Paul  
89303. marjory dobbin  
89302. bluma  
89301. shirley isenberg  
89300. David Sheftel Google's willingness to publish such vitriolic trash says something very suspect about Google.
89299. David Katzenberg  
89298. Cha Fa  
89297. Wendy Gaswirth  
89296. James L. Falk  
89295. Susan Greenhut  
89294. Chana  
89293. Christine Grinslade  
89292. Sandra Schein  
89291. Lilyan Schwartz  
89290. Howard Berke  
89288. rhonda kellner  
89287. Claudio  
89286. jay  
89285. David Cash  
89284. Jeffrey Struzer  
89283. Stephen Klayman  
89282. Rach Gold  
89281. Martin J. Rosenbaum  
89280. LlevElbert It's a shame that the world is blatantly anti-jewish
89279. Susan Mosely  
89278. Naomi Osorio  
89277. Andrea Rosenfeld Isch  
89276. Amanda Tarkow  
89275. Rafael Abuisak  
89274. Alberto GARCIA  
89273. Mikhail please stop fashizm!
89272. Leo Weilmann  
89271. Sandra Mosel  
89270. Hagai  
89269. ariel berman  
89268. Marsha Aks  
89267. Ken Davis  
89266. Jackee you have the freedom to do what you choose. I choose not to use goggle search engine
89265. Dale Dror  
89264. Tracey  
89263. Gerald Saidel Ê
89262. Stacy Hartnett  
89261. Noah Babcock  
89260. YEHUDA FI  
89259. Annette Krochmalik  
89258. j myers  
89257. Levy Wiseman Remove and similar sites
89256. Gina  
89255. alan buckner  
89254. Lorne Lieberman  
89253. Susan Nisson  
89252. Noel Pugach  
89251. Abbie Leska  
89250. W. James Orovitz  
89249. Frances Miller  
89248. Jordan Loftus  
89247. Barry Mann  
89245. Rachel Lee  
89244. Ellen Sadove Renck  
89243. stuart miller  
89242. Eliot Greenwald  
89241. Eric Saragosti  
89240. Barbara  
89239. Nathan Liebster  
89238. sarah  
89237. Helen Schwartz  
89236. Elana Poplaw This should be removed immediately
89235. Dale Fischman  
89234. M. Pincus  
89233. Ayn Grinstein Donenfeld  
89231. Dana  
89230. emilymarks please remove this garbage at once it only spreads more hate
89229. sultan danielle please remove immediatly this horror.
89228. Peri  
89226. Jennifer Mintz  
89225. Lynn Harris  
89224. Lori Rubinger  
89223. Anat Nir  
89222. judy love Pls. remove this as soon as possible
89221. Karen D'Amato  
89220. Susan and David Lederman can't Google bury the site deeper?I believe in 1st amendment rights but being the first site is a cruel encounter
89219. June Nirschl  
89218. Kimmet Remove that hate
89217. Dan Weiss  
89216. Scott Farber  
89215. kate bienen this is appalling
89214. Robin Guldbrand Israel Rules!
89213. chuck pease  
89212. Corey  
89211. Dr. Jamie Weiner  
89210. Berryl Speert  
89209. William Botton  
89208. Sylvia Benchimol It is incredibly disturbing
89207. ken perlman  
89206. ILENE S SYKES  
89205. Lyra Hekmatpanah  
89204. Andrew Lassner  
89203. rachelle herzog  
89202. Tamir Korenbrot  
89201. Avivit Bar  
89200. robert gore Not relevant search results
89199. Cindy Martinello  
89198. Edmundo Tonconogy nasty
89197. Roberta Casado  
89195. Zack Greene  
89194. Al Weiss  
89193. H Harris please delete this website
89192. AB  
89191. Robert Goldberg  
89190. Mary  
89189. T. Brill  
89188. Adena Frazer  
89187. Harry GOLISH  
89186. Mary Cicco-Kuper  
89185. Sheri Diamond  
89184. Brenda Graham  
89183. Carmela Mignacca  
89182. Louis Goodwich Please remove THANK YOU VERY MUCH
89181. Monjanel Pascale  
89180. Freda Ginsberg  
89179. Julia Schiff  
89178. Sharron Wolder Remove Immediately
89177. ElizabethPerez  
89176. Sarah S.  
89175. robert glassman  
89174. Michael Snowbell  
89173. Niklos Schreier Remove JewWatch
89172. David Komet remove this trash!
89171. Sol Ader  
89170. lisa whitridge  
89169. martin shapiro  
89168. Edward B. Ornoff  
89167. Sylvia Benchimol  
89166. Yaacov Taube  
89165. Riki  
89164. william jacobs  
89163. J. Jacobson You should monitor your sites more efficiently and stop showing sites that propagate hate! There is so much misinformation and hate being spewed. Remove from your Search Engine!
89161. Jonathan Kahn That is sick
89160. Jerome Silbert  
89159. Perry Grosser  
89158. Gary and Carol Levy  
89157. Jessica Keyes  
89156. lisa whitridge  
89155. Priscilla Ulene Disgraceful!
89154. burton weinstein this is not the definition of tolerance
89153. marvin Friedman  
89152. Gloria Bluestone  
89151. Marjorie Landolfi You remove this site from google
89150. Anya Harelik  
89149. Erica Noy It's sad that these sick beliefs still exist. We can't allow it to continue. Remove it!
89148. charles stan  
89147. Miriam disgusting and false statements
89146. Hannelore S. Porjes  
89145. Natasha Press  
89144. Arthur Ulene I will stop using Google forever if this site is not removed. In fact, I have already stopped and will not return until I can confirm that this will be done. Shame on you Google.
89143. Alex Fazio  
89142. MatthewPoplaw  
89141. Ronald L. Levine, M.D.  
89139. abe saland  
89138. Aliza Erber I am apalled by Google's response & will stop using them as my search engine.
89137. James Glick  
89136. Gaby Maletsky its DISGUSTING
89135. Colette Buford  
89134. Tom Doehrman  
89133. J Hanoch  
89132. Jan Erik Grunveld  
89131. Idit Herzel  
89130. Keri Eckstein  
89129. Marcus Buford  
89128. Shoula Gabbay  
89127. Jason Avrams  
89126. D. Kemper  
89125. David Mazer Remove immediately!
89124. Pasternak Alex & Madeleine  
89123. howard rosen  
89122. Deborah Altman  
89121. Angela  
89120. Andrew Benjamin  
89119. Michael J. Heyman civility requires the removal of this garbage
89118. Elayne Peters  
89117. Hyla Spagat  
89116. Larry E. Blossom  
89115. Logan Levkoff  
89114. isaac douek  
89113. carole lebov  
89112. Bryna Hersh  
89111. Shanie Spiegel  
89110. james cohen  
89109. eric levine  
89108. Michael D. Schwartz I am completely outraged and appalled
89107. Alissyn Gettenberg  
89106. Heather  
89105. Eve Lubin Any active promotion of racial predjudice is against the very spirit of America.
89104. Alexandre Harvier Please...remove !!!
89103. Harriet Adelberg  
89102. Rachel Michael  
89101. Richard Burian  
89100. sharon unger  
89098. linda israel  
89097. hanna harel  
89096. aviv razon  
89095. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fremont get rid of it!
89094. Annette Finkelstein  
89093. Julie Fisher  
89092. Carol L. Rifkin  
89091. Natalia Shraibman  
89090. Naaman Halevy  
89089. claire stern  
89088. norma berg  
89087. Carol Davis  
89086. charlotte  
89085. Sheila Baler  
89084. Rhonda Gurman This site is absolutely revolting and should be removed immediately.
89083. seymour frankel  
89082. Richard Rubin  
89081. Lisa Needleman  
89080. Joseph Alpert  
89079. Audrey Maman  
89078. Jonathan Weinkle You have the freedom to do as you choose - but you have chosen poorly, and your poor choice has harmful consequences. Please try again.
89077. karen take this site off
89076. Linda Schuller  
89075. bruce kalen  
89074. Omer  
89073. D. Mayman  
89072. meizner  
89071. Seth Abels Yahoo has a more positive search result...
89070. Eva Raby  
89069. andy beck  
89068. Gali Lodish  
89067. JOEL VAINER  
89066. Richard Hess  
89065. Molly Schroeder  
89064. sam reich  
89063. Yael Shuman  
89062. David Simmons  
89061. Scott Marticke  
89060. colleen kensinger  
89059. harvey wallace  
89058. stephen paull  
89057. Jerry S. Mutnick  
89056. Eugene Samuels  
89055. Dr. Lowell Krawitz  
89054. Prof. Moshe Aron Epstein  
89053. viole  
89052. C. Kellman  
89051. Kathy Assayag  
89050. jim wilkoff  
89049. Arthur Palgon  
89048. Gary Riveles  
89047. Konstantin Teplitskiy  
89046. Tom Mason I'm glad I was notified on this
89045. VIGODA  
89044. Ada Green  
89043. Brandy Jones Take hate off the net!
89042. Shirley Loewenthal  
89041. Kev Minter A trashy site with lies from the start. Google - Ithought you were better than that!!!!!
89040. Sharon Feldman  
89039. Debra Engel  
89038. marc miller  
89037. Louise C. Taichert  
89036. Beth Alexander  
89035. Karyn Saragossi  
89034. Stuart T Edelstein  
89033. Paul Gottlieb  
89032. S. Tepper  
89031. Noel Levan  
89030. Cohen Dominique  
89029. Halee Hochman  
89028. Gertrude C. Burke your decision to site this antisemitic garbage as information is reprehensible and irresponsible.We will no longer use your search engine.
89027. Gabrielle Weiss  
89026. Helen Fass The first site on Google for the word Jew should reflect the importance of this word for the history of the world. For the site to be a piece of lying hatred does a disservice to all Google users. Thank you for your wonderful search engine and I hope you can remediate this bug in your system.
89025. M. Tyson  
89024. allen esses  
89023. Stephanie Please take a stand against propaganda and hatred and remove this site from your listing. I support free speech but not when it's used to promote hatred against an entire group of people. Also, why haven't the people compiling the JewWatch site identified themselves on the site? Why don't they stop being so cowardly and let everyone know who they really are? The management at Google really needs to evaluate what type of reputation it wants for its popular search engine.
89022. kathrynmason  
89021. Jonathan Schnapp Please do what you can to stop hate groups from advertising on the internet
89020. Meyer Cohen  
89018. Adam Tepper  
89017. Megan Remove it!
89016. Lindsay gomberg they will burn for all eternity
89015. Erika Rees  
89014. Jim  
89013. Mindy Levy  
89012. Gilad  
89011. Paul Lavietes please remove promptly
89009. LEYT  
89008. B.Freedman  
89007. chaya hantala i hope this works!
89006. Zeev Maresse  
89005. Jen Brandwein  
89004. lawrence Bauman  
89003. phyllis barolsky  
89002. Lili Foggle  
89001. eva carmoni  
89000. anna  
88999. Danny Lerner  
88998. Patricia Gupton  
88997. cynthia barmor  
88995. Paul Jacobson  
88994. gail goldman  
88993. Marvin Sezak  
88992. Sharon Kahn A pathetic site for a dispicable purpose
88991. Jackie I am sickened by that such a site exists!
88990. Barb Bumpus  
88989. Howard Margol  
88988. Jonathan Kaplan  
88987. jack srebnik  
88986. Loretta Jacobson  
88985. Ryan  
88984. Kenneth Krasnoff  
88983. cheryl rosenthal  
88982. Nina Martin  
88981. Jane M. Sennett  
88980. Ian Zaider  
88979. Myra Dasher  
88978. Nir  
88977. Candice Gottlieb Hatred breeds violence...please be responsible for ending this "freedom" of expression.
88976. judi rosenthal  
88975. murt davis  
88974. Lynn Riddick  
88973. walter segaloff  
88972. alex beit-halachmi  
88971. segalit  
88970. Enid D. Horowitz  
88969. Lauren Tabatznik  
88968. Marco Groen it is a shame after WO II
88967. todd johnson  
88966. Berezansky Yehuda  
88965. mark myman  
88964. Robert J. Smith  
88963. Philip Tremblay The world has not evolved in the last 2000 years!
88962. Susan Faber-Brook  
88961. Carol Cole  
88960. amir sasson  
88959. Leonard Barber  
88958. Erin Levin  
88957. KERN  
88956. Glenda Bernstein  
88955. Tal  
88954. Michael Silberstein  
88953. john altman  
88952. DONNA CHASE  
88951. Bram Freedman  
88950. Oded Ouaknine  
88949. Albert Lerner  
88948. Clare Tailor  
88947. Ruth Marks  
88946. Carl Stitzer  
88945. abbey mendelson  
88944. michael galer  
88943. Ruth Fiorello  
88942. STEVE SOKOL stop the hatred
88941. Marvin Bennett This is disgusting
88940. steven de jong remove
88939. Fint Garvey  
88938. alyce goldstein  
88937. P L Byrne  
88936. Bob  
88935. Bernie Gurstein  
88934. Tina Witte This sickens me. I use Google daily and I am now ashamed of it.
88933. Barry Endicott  
88932. Lillian Silberstein  
88931. Ann Galloway  
88930. Geri Cotter  
88929. Rolla Heinen This is horrendous and jew-baiting at it's most specific
88928. fran averett  
88927. marcia korow add additional name
88926. David Freed  
88925. rose gong monier i find this offensive
88924. barbara willcox  
88923. ryan  
88922. Jake  
88921. Isaac Penso It is wrong for you to list this site.
88920. Margaret Landers  
88919. Bonnie Polakoff  
88918. Jerry M Bernstein I'm VERY ofended!!
88917. Roger Holberg  
88916. edward wilson MD remove antisemitic site
88915. janet abrams people are sick, and I for one am sick and tired of the anti-sematic messages circulating over the airwaves, in the news, and in the media at large.
88914. Philip E. Kapaln  
88913. N Ross  
88912. J. de Vries  
88911. Teri Chamlin  
88910. Lawrence F. Abrams  
88909. george auman  
88908. Judith S. Joseph  
88907. Talia Glimer  
88906. tali levi  
88905. Andrea G. Stern  
88904. stephanie plaskow please check the content of your sites
88903. gala  
88902. Tata Pyatigorsky-Ruffle  
88901. klavdiya  
88900. Ari No site containing such false information should be allowed.
88899. Larry Bauer  
88898. norman  
88897. Y . GRAFSTEIN good work !
88896. Mark Mohundro  
88895. Roberta Privalle  
88894. Joe Chesnas  
88893. Laura Solomons  
88892. Gina Liston  
88891. Gustavo Ru nazis......we´r loose
88890. Jody Adler  
88889. barbara luray  
88888. j epstein  
88887. Yaron Shoham  
88886. A Morrison  
88885. Barbie Stoltzman This website is disgusting!!!
88884. sara aviva levinson argh!
88883. Elliot  
88882. eldad kaufman  
88881. ted sheps  
88880. R. Doherty  
88879. Lisa Agran  
88878. jameson marks  
88877. Robyn Morgenstern  
88876. Mark H. Herskovitz  
88875. George Hauer Google has sunk to a new low in allowing such trash to be available. It is not just viewed by adults, but available to children. This nothing but pornography under another guise. We are encouraging and received support from friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish to boycott Google. As far as I'm concerned, the Google operation can be disposed of. One flush should do it.
88874. Ariel  
88873. Penny Glassman  
88872. Brittany I dont think Google needs 5,000 signatures to take off a very rude and racist site. they should take it off NOW!
88871. Rikki Eisner  
88870. Lori Banikin please remove
88869. Mimi Freeman  
88868. Michael House  
88867. Alex Lurey  
88866. Raphael Wolf  
88865. Alice Benlolo  
88864. D. Mahlab  
88863. stacy perlstein  
88862. yaron gal  
88861. Karen Ribot  
88860. Nola M. Luce  
88859. David Rosenberg  
88858. Judith Wells  
88857. Joel Sumner It is important that law abiding companies ensure human tolerance by failing to promote websites like jewwatch.
88856. Dr John Maxwell  
88855. Ilana  
88854. B J Ruby  
88853. martin foigelman  
88852. Lindsey Rubin this is disgusting and it should be removed
88851. ursula maschkowski  
88850. tyna ellenbogen Disgraceful! Remove before it causes violence.
88849. Melanie Komlos  
88848. Hayley Blitz  
88847. Mordechai Zaslow I didn't see any mention of Jewish Nobel Winners
88846. Edward Kass I find your arguments for refusing to remove JewWatch unconvincing. 1. Google has a history of removing offensive sites. In February, you removed a site "Chester's guide to molesting young girls" when officials from Chester complained. 2. When you provide more of an audience to a site that promotes hatred and violence, you do bear some responsibility for those consequences.
88845. Janine Tamman  
88844. tammy zinamon  
88843. Mark Levin  
88842. Franziska Lüdicke  
88841. Meredith Friedman  
88840. janet fischer please remove the above site as it promotes hate & intolerance
88839. Moti Ravid  
88837. Michael D. Geschwind Please remove from your search engine list
88836. A. Nixon  
88835. Robert Handelsman  
88834. Charles McDermott  
88833. Janet Coren REMOVE from Google!
88832. alon mantin  
88831. Bunni Roberts  
88830. nejume grodziensky love&compassion to those making mistakes like that but being firm in asking them to make them dissapear and make an apology to the world to read!!!!
88829. Eileen Behrents please remove JewWatch - we don't need more hatred
88828. Julia Chasman PLEASE!!
88827. Howard S Freiberg Why would Google even put it there to begin with. I will probably stop using that as a search engine as a result.
88826. Mr E Roberts  
88825. Elise  
88824. Philip C. Horn Google Stock holders should sell. It is embarrassing to own stock in a co. promoting hate!!!
88823. Charles L. Goldberg  
88822. Rosemarie Weinstein  
88821. Arthur Gurevitch  
88820. dina shaw  
88819. alyssa tiras I will not use google until this is corrected.
88818. Danielle Steinhart  
88817. Jerry Jacobson  
88816. Shani Wilkins  
88815. dareen surrey  
88814. Allen Cogbill  
88813. Rita Rishe  
88812. Maxine Seller  
88811. Emily  
88810. Caryn S. Roth  
88809. David Chait  
88808. Sue Mayle Very Offensive
88807. Moshe  
88806. gerhard maschkowski  
88805. Tamar Laks  
88804. N. Nusbaum  
88803. -_- Rofl, google r such idiots, all of these people voted just so jew watch is the second result -__________-, I want Jew Watch the last result if it will actualy be there... -_-
88802. Yerach Ricardo Grinfeld  
88801. Liat Naor  
88800. alan braverman  
88799. zipi zipi12345
88798. Pat Theal please remove immediately
88797. Robert Smith  
88796. justin  
88795. Pamela Feldman  
88794. Herbert N. Feldman  
88793. Irene Berkman We have enough hatred in the world. Why not just remove it immediately instead of waiting to be pressured?
88792. D. Friefeld  
88791. jack orlove  
88790. Franny Kent  
88789. D. Gingold Garbage in, garbage out.
88788. Alan Berger  
88787. barry Miller  
88786. R. L. Taylor  
88785. Neil Gordon  
88784. Stanley H. Friedman How the hell did this kind of hate get onto google in the first place!
88783. Vicki Frieman  
88782. Michael Froman Please be careful when screening content for anti-Jewish sites that only serve to inflame hate and intolerance-- this is not Google's purpose. Thank you
88781. Babyjune  
88780. Sean Jeff  
88779. H. Weintraub  
88778. Joan Kahn  
88777. Cathy Lawrence  
88776. Mel Jacobson  
88775. Max Saperstone  
88773. vivi salomon  
88772. Aaron Edelman  
88771. maurine starr  
88770. Ryan Hassid  
88769. Dr. Markus A. Braunschweig  
88768. Marjorie Berg  
88767. Enrique Feterman liberty never means any kind of freedom
88766. Clint Rubin Absolutely sickened by the lies
88765. Moshe Achmon  
88764. scott harrison  
88763. mor pari  
88762. Hery Chulef antisemitism is a terrible thing!!!
88761. brian kramer  
88760. Linda Steiner  
88759. Daniela Hekmat  
88758. Tzvi  
88757. Dr. Susan Roth  
88756. D. Connelly  
88755. ...............  
88754. Jenny Lando while I understand how your search engine works, perhaps you could manipulate the rest of the websites so they appear ahead of the rest - or put a warning label on the search result that indicates the controversy of the website.
88753. Michael S. Meyer  
88752. hannnah berg  
88751. B. Kenig  
88750. Joan Mendelson disgusting,disappointing
88749. Greta Silverman I would like to see this site removed as soon as possible
88748. Jairo Barth Nowadays there is no space for prejudices
88747. Noelle Gaberman  
88746. Elizabeth Jeter Remove from your search engine.
88745. Ilana Zylberman  
88744. Sheila Davis  
88743. Charlotte Cantor  
88741. C. D. Friedman  
88740. Marcia Kavares this is a disgusting sight and an abomination!
88739. L. Kendell Cameron, Jr.  
88738. Gloria A. Meyer  
88737. Brian Gaberman  
88736. yoram bouskila  
88735. Ryan Epstein  
88734. A. Nicholas  
88733. arthur this is sick
88732. Howard Katz  
88731. Martin Taft  
88730. David Cohn this crosses the line into irresponsible use of the internet
88728. Merrick Harper  
88727. Julie Greene, Program Director of Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath Cong. in Seattle, WA I am outraged! Isn't there enough hatred in the world?! Put a stop to this please!
88726. Resa Falk  
88725. thelma laporta  
88724. Jaime  
88723. Rachel Klein  
88722. Chris Baker stop being idiots and remove the damn site. why would you promote hate google?
88721. melissa wolfson this web site is frightening...please take it off to stop the violence against PEOPLE, not just certain groups.
88720. Anna Blattberg  
88719. P. Malnak  
88718. Judy Roy  
88717. Daniel Fishman  
88716. Erica Seager  
88715. David Soiffer  
88714. albart  
88712. Michael C. Reingold  
88711. P. Kelley  
88710. Joe  
88709. Kia Hamadani  
88708. Sharon Drucker  
88707. Laurie Chock  
88706. Scott Lebwohl  
88705. Yakira Danhi  
88704. steven poppick  
88703. George Terrett  
88702. A.Malnak  
88701. r jacobson remove
88700. tamar harel  
88699. Linda E Morse it is disgusting
88698. David K  
88697. marc cohen Time to fight back!!!!!
88696. Mary  
88695. arash khorsandi  
88694. Darlene Schild  
88693. gene grillo  
88692. alpert simcha  
88691. T. Malnak  
88690. Marci Seamples  
88689. O.G  
88688. Scott Blitzer  
88687. Jan Ericson  
88686. David  
88685. David Marks  
88683. Marsha Hick I am appauled to see this on Google.
88682. N. Malnak  
88681. Nancy Sulzberg  
88680. Karen Ferencz  
88679. Joy Lertzman I cannot believe that the people who run google would underwrite antisemitism!!!
88678. Karen D. Friedman  
88677. Shlomo osher Ê
88676. Karen Tischer  
88675. Terri Ann Pollock  
88674. W. Malnak  
88673. Elizabeth Ostin  
88672. Erin Silberstein I am appalled at this! I have several hundred contacts, several of whom are jewish. I can wholeheartedly gurantee that not one of us will EVER use Google as a search engine again, if this site is not removed immediately!
88671. Lois Gerber Google should not support hate sites
88670. sorrell roth  
88669. amanda mckenzie  
88668. Amir Chasen Anti-semitism must b fought
88667. Melanie  
88666. María del Pilar Rojo Arias  
88665. Rachel Goldstein Please change this! Otherwise you are enforcing hate and violence.
88664. A.Abramowitz I'm shocked this is allowed
88663. Sharyn Leibowitz  
88662. Scott Weber  
88661. SReid We can never forget
88659. Boekhout please remove jewwatch
88658. Joshua Goldstein  
88657. Marko Hohlbein  
88656. David Zatz  
88655. Stephanie Greene-Hunley  
88654. Steven Birenbaum  
88653. Nancy Diehl I can't believe it takes something like this to do what is right.
88652. Blake Vaknin positive creates positive, educate to stop the hate
88651. Dave Liebkind Remove NOW
88650. Lawrence Hott  
88649. Ben M  
88648. Frank Romanoski  
88647. Robert Israel Very offensive
88646. C. Milton Remove this garbage from your engine site
88645. jamie fishman  
88644. Myles Kranzler  
88643. Julie Newman  
88642. Suzanne Corey  
88641. fixbooks  
88639. Charles Caplan  
88638. Alison Kinchuck appauling - remove at once!
88637. dennis taback  
88636. Amit Litsur  
88635. Rhonda Mestel  
88634. Arlene Kushner  
88633. Rhoda Leiman This is outrageous!
88632. david graham how disrespectful of google to allow such an action. thank you for your willingness to confront them for a positive change!
88631. Rhonda Grief It's unfortunate that there are those in the world who expend countless hours of energy to produce a website such as Jewwatch instead of focussing on the resolution of existing problems. Cowardice, ignorance and evil minds are at work behind these websites, and it's too bad that the authors of this and other hate sites cannot be prosecuted.
88630. Rebecca  
88629. pat taback  
88628. Kathleen L. Harvey  
88627. Sanford Berman  
88626. Sue Share  
88625. Melissa Weber  
88624. misha this anti-semitic site is ridiculous -- google, it's got to go
88623. Roberta Heist  
88622. Joseph zZweig  
88621. Ray & Nell McLaughlin This is offensive to all people
88620. Betsy Levy  
88619. sandra s cohen  
88618. Shaun Benater  
88616. Jamie Greiver  
88614. Evelyn Rosen  
88613. Leonard Schneider  
88612. Paul McKellar  
88611. Xiomara Merlos  
88610. norma w. zack, M.D.  
88609. R. J. Halperin  
88608. m samuels  
88607. E. Cagan  
88606. Mark Collins  
88605. Ben Hall No website should show any intolerance of any religion whatsoever!!
88604. Judy B. Bechhofer  
88602. abby labovitz  
88601. eric please remove this ASAP
88600. Phyllis Sieff  
88599. Jon Anker  
88598. Nicky Cregor  
88597. Robert Stor  
88596. Carole Burg Remove!
88595. G Treister Teach tolerance
88594. Martin Borsky This site is unworthy of display
88593. Victor Leslie  
88592. Niva  
88591. phyllis angrisane  
88590. sherry amin  
88589. Benjamin Owen  
88588. Jill Garazi disgusting!
88587. Lee Harrow SHAME ON YOU
88586. Jacob Matloff  
88585. Emily  
88584. Howard Blackstien  
88582. Gerry Tool  
88581. Steven Shapiro I'm looking for a cute jewish girl btw. 24-35 to marry!! email me at I'm in L.A, CA.
88580. Gayle Vogel  
88579. Barbara Gale Never Ever Again
88578. Vita Shapiro  
88577. ken gibson  
88576. S. Mutchnik Aren't there any restrictions on the net?
88575. Richard Mandel  
88574. Michele Colburn  
88573. ishai Naveh  
88572. Loren Chorn  
88571. shelly goldstein  
88570. O. Sholin  
88569. Samuel Goodbaum  
88568. Phyllis Harrow SHAME ON YOU
88567. Tammie Nichols I find this disgusting that in this time of flourishing anti-terroristic behavior this is allowed to go on. Terrorism doesn't just mean you have killed people. Opression is terrorism too. I find it hard to believe that Google would support something as immoral and unethical as this. I wonder if there are any Jewish employees of Google that would like to have this removed. Stand up and speak out. I am not Jewish but I believe that the right to choose your own religion is reserved under the Bill of Rights. The Jews have suffered enough. Let these people have peace.
88566. Judith Gould  
88565. Samuel Godbaum  
88564. rivka kaplan  
88563. Daniel B  
88562. Andrea Joseph It should not take a petition to remove a hate site!
88561. Monica Plotnik  
88560. Anne McNabb  
88559. MARK K.  
88558. Jesse Keane  
88557. mary pope  
88556. Dinah Stroe  
88555. Jay Zimmerman  
88554. Shira Baz  
88553. Robin Schriefer  
88552. Debra Young I'm appalled that a respected search engine would purposely continue facilitating the spread of anti-semitism
88551. Carla Tanchum  
88550. Darren Stoler This website is more than harmless lies - it incites hatred and violence against Jews. It must be ex-Googled!
88549. Monica Reising I would hope that Google would screen it's search engine for other similarly "hate-inspiring sites". Just what we need to be watchful for in this era of war and unrest.
88548. Jake R.  
88547. r seidenberg  
88546. Leigh  
88545. kayvan abselet  
88544. Gideon Kramer San Francisco, CA
88543. Beth Handwerger  
88542. Harv Salter  
88541. Seth Wax  
88540. SEAN ABIAN  
88539. martin bader  
88538. Jeffrey P. Miller  
88537. Gen Nici  
88536. Bob  
88535. Susan Monas  
88534. Violet Sassooni  
88533. Michelle Raizer  
88532. michael fried  
88531. ElizaSherr  
88530. Tehillah Harris  
88529. Chaye Zuckerman Shapot  
88528. Reba Meisels  
88527. victor mellon Racism is as (if not more) objectionable than pornography so remove this link please
88526. Barbara Fassler  
88525. Josh Danziger  
88524. Gay Linda Baskin remove from the Google SearchEngine
88523. Beth Finkel  
88522. Alan Lurie  
88521. Michaala Speijers  
88520. David Hager  
88519. Dana Ben-Yehuda this should never have been put on your engine; maybe try and get humans to oversee....
88518. Al Simons  
88517. Denise Gruska  
88516. Aaron Saginaw This site is disgusting and ignorant.
88515. Stephen Brody  
88514. Jill Simbari unbelievable
88513. Gad Bental  
88512. shari rosenberg  
88511. Hanna Shapira  
88510. Jayson Lutzky  
88509. Sophia Lewis I want to thank you for this opprutunity a boy at my middle school drew a nazi symbol having no clue how affending it is and he says he does not hate jews he just think the symbol looks cool i am affraid of this he is a nice guy i just hink he is confused so anything i can do to get ride of anti symestisim I AM ALL FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
88508. Teri Reifer  
88507. Kelly Shevitz  
88506. s kaplan  
88505. Saeed Sassooni  
88504. Alexandra Sperling  
88503. Hillel Greif For a neo nazi site to come up first on the key word search for Jew is absolutely outrageous
88502. Raizy  
88501. Ari Manoach  
88500. Kopi Saltman  
88499. Yosi Tal  
88498. Dorothy Theeboom  
88497. Yael Rubin  
88496. GERRY O'MARA  
88495. Beatrice Heilbrunn Remove this offensive site.
88494. Wendy Froelich Remove that inflammatory site
88493. Jaclyn Mishal  
88492. Mary Zaitzman Es increíble que exista una página Web tan antisemita y apoyando tantas mentiras y argumentos falsos, ademas en una página Webb tan extendida en el mundo
88491. Ethel Krim  
88490. Bernard Goldschmidt  
88489. Cynthia Fien Rabkin  
88488. Joe Zimmerman  
88487. Hillel Greif It is a bit outrageous for a neo nazi site to come up when you type in the word Jew .
88486. Michael Kamler  
88485. Brian Carr  
88484. Ann Tucker  
88483. Ann Dunn Dobelstein  
88482. Larry D. Eckert I'm impressed at the amount of signatures so far. Hoping for many, many more.
88481. Gilbert Trachtman  
88480. Seth Bisen-Hersh  
88479. Joan Eckert  
88478. cookie pearlman  
88477. Bill B  
88476. Nataliya š
88475. Judy E. Gussin  
88474. David Friedman  
88473. Lindsay Bendorf  
88472. Shelley Wyant  
88471. diana  
88470. Dr Robin Meyerov  
88469. Avigyle  
88468. Pamela Rosen  
88467. Norman Gabelman,Ph.D.  
88466. Michele Perlman  
88465. Joseph Ades  
88464. Debra Lowey Please remove this site now
88463. Nina Mog. š
88462. Myrna Zach Outrages website. Absolutely remove from Google immediately.
88461. Dr. David Silver, MD, MPH  
88460. Esther Direnfeld  
88459. Zave H. Gussin  
88458. Sabrina Thalblum  
88457. Karen Miller  
88456. Marion Kamer  
88455. Hillel Greif Since the internet is a forum for free speech they should not be removed. It is a bit tasteless however for them to come up as the first site.
88454. Ran please remove this site, its not fair!
88453. Andrew Aarons  
88452. chloe  
88451. Beth Sonne immediate step that Google could and should take is to suppress their caching of sites containing some critical number of hate related keywords / phrases.
88450. carole weintraub this site gives google a bad name.please remove
88449. Sara and Raul Reznik  
88448. brian deichman  
88447. jerry  
88445. Shimon Monos  
88444. Ashley Shaw  
88443. Joyce L. Morehouse  
88442. Adi Gildor  
88441. peter stroyev Google , isn't it a shame to allow nazi site in your search engine
88440. Sabrina  
88439. Ruth Starer  
88438. Yonatan Direktor  
88437. Jeffrey D. Cohen  
88436. Yvonne Chester  
88435. Monroe Meyerson  
88433. Heather Kraft  
88432. William S. Gilmer  
88431. steve schwartz  
88430. Maya Levy  
88429. Stephen Berish  
88428. Robert Leichter  
88427. Susan Fox  
88426. David J. Eger, PhD  
88425. Joyce M. Saltman Someone MUST stop this entry!
88424. Julie Gasbarro  
88423. Todd Reinstein  
88422. Susan Shulman  
88421. yoav freund  
88420. Michal Hoffman  
88419. Thomas Smith  
88418. eva ben-yehuda  
88417. Ayala  
88416. Ethan Hova  
88415. Liliane Lederberger  
88414. Edwin Shapiro  
88413. Moji Pourmoradi  
88412. Edward Kogan  
88411. Caryn Young  
88410. S. Spielman  
88409. Kathleen MadduxPearlman  
88408. Kristen WiIlkinson  
88407. MARC P ZBAR  
88406. Rachel Steinberg  
88405. Eddie Roush III  
88404. Manon B. Nery  
88403. Rev. Jeffrey J. Hunt  
88402. Linda Yusim Please do not allow this website to continue. We must learn from history.
88400. Ronald Brown  
88399. S. Katz  
88398. newton m schiller  
88397. Larry Gondelman  
88396. ken starr remove jewWatch from the google search engine
88395. Martha Goode  
88394. Jasmin Kovarsy  
88393. SUSAN GOLDSAMT I realize that Google is mechanical, but when this site is viewed by humans, you would see how scurrilous it is. Please remove it.
88392. Alice Braun  
88390. Elinor G  
88389. Barry L Goldenberg  
88388. Tovah Kinderlehrer  
88387. Lyndi Cooper-Schroeder  
88386. wolf weintraub  
88385. Steven  
88384. robert crowder  
88383. ISAAC  
88382. j.d.frank  
88381. Mark Kalisky  
88380. Michelle Fucchansky  
88379. sarah fridman  
88378. Stanley Raphael  
88377. tami gottesman  
88376. Howard Bloom  
88375. Ashley Lerner Remove this filth
88374. Bernard Weinraub  
88373. Justine Anderson  
88372. T Young  
88371. kalisto Close that site, they are stupid people without a life!
88370. Paul Knothe  
88369. Alex Goldenberg  
88368. Sandy Greif unfortunate that petition has to be initiated before an anti-semetic site can be removed. Sad commentary of our times.
88367. mike delmonte  
88366. John Edwards III  
88364. Amy A Polonsky Anti-semitism has nothing to do with Judaism. Sad that you should require so much effort to change something that is so obviously wrong.
88363. Barbara Ann Crumm remove it!
88362. Traci Nichols The title of the site alone is stupid
88361. Jospehine Bloom  
88360. Susan Greenblatt is OFFENSIVE to everyone!
88359. lori steinberg  
88358. Mary S. Moskovitz  
88357. Chris Lewis  
88356. Nicolette V. Muse This is a very agressive form of racism.
88355. Iris Sasson  
88354. Sunny Abarbanell remove from your search engine
88353. barbara willinger  
88352. Niv Kagan  
88351. Naomi Stearns  
88350. Justin Goddard Sites like this make me wish I could remove myself from society...
88349. Jonathan Martin  
88348. Sacha M. Coupet  
88347. Ruth Stuts  
88346. Deborah Gonzalez  
88345. Wanda Ned  
88344. Allan Saposnick  
88343. Albert Rothfarb please remove the site Jew watch;asit is full of hate
88342. Henri Ohayon no racists site should be helped to be find
88341. Gal Blau  
88340. Arnold Levine  
88339. Robert J. Lewison  
88338. Ruby Schneider This is a disgrase
88337. Elizabeth Wright  
88336. Dina this is an outrageous use of the internet. Racism should not be protected by the first amendment.
88335. Liz Martin  
88334. Joshua Weinreich  
88333. Dan Lusky  
88332. Ileen Malitz  
88331. Aysegul Acar-Dreyer  
88330. Laura H. Buchbinder  
88329. Shani Michelle Reizner  
88328. William Gladstone  
88327. sandra stonberg  
88326. Carrie McMahon Take this off NOW
88324. Felicia Graber  
88323. Martin Heller  
88322. Traci  
88321. mike blumenberg this is destroying the pace in the world
88320. Betsy Brafman  
88319. norma augman  
88318. karen saxton  
88317. Merrick Wolman  
88316. Michael Kail  
88315. Bernard Gerod Some things never go away- WE MUST REMAIN VIGILIANT
88314. Theodore J. Zeff  
88313. Steven Allon, MD  
88312. Ben Blumenberg  
88311. Daniel Reik  
88310. milton kaplan  
88309. Jordana  
88308. Marcos Brossard Iolovitch remove that please
88307. joseph kaufman  
88306. tamar Weinreich  
88305. cvcv  
88304. R F Barnard  
88303. Alan  
88302. Vouli Mamfredis  
88301. nancy horowitz  
88300. gary moskowitz  
88299. Corinne Brett  
88298. wendy abraham  
88297. Lloyd Newman Please rid of this incredibly offensive site.
88296. jerry braun  
88295. Edna Kerzner If NOT removed, I will stop using Google.
88294. Dr. Ben-Zion Shek, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto  
88293. barbara elster Google should be shamed by their actions
88292. ARLENE W. HYSEN Remove list!
88291. Heidi Lesemann  
88290. Tamara Friedler  
88289. Roxanne Coady  
88288. ilanatepman  
88287. Marlene Zaslow Values should not be relinquished. The internet is a powerful propaganda source and should be monitored.
88286. Richard Jaffe  
88285. chen harkov  
88284. Jon C. Olesen  
88283. Brianne D. Gros  
88282. Benjamin Algaze  
88281. Barbara Schwamb There's too much hate acted upon in the world right now, let's now promote any further reasons for such.
88280. Bernard Liquorman Spread the word !!!
88279. shay avnon  
88278. Steven Wachman How stupid are you really? You freaking morons.
88277. F.C. Janovitz  
88276. Nina Ham  
88275. Barbara Lerman If NOT removed, I will stop using Google.
88274. Janna M. Riley Shame on you Google!
88273. george oude elferink  
88272. Danielle Ann Hinrichsen  
88271. Bud Bromley  
88270. Avi Ruderman  
88269. Ralph & Roddy Katz  
88268. Brian Grant  
88267. Eileen Schoenfeld  
88266. George Bookman  
88265. jacques mandowsky remove antisemtic items from
88264. Barbara Snyder  
88263. Deb Fine  
88262. A. Silverlieb  
88261. Garth Kahn  
88259. Gerry Goldberg  
88258. Orit Barshi  
88257. Sharlot Sunshine  
88256. Jean Gordon  
88255. Joanna McRitchie Anti-semitism is appalling and cannot be condoned.
88254. Peter Hartshorn  
88253. sara davies you should be ashamed of yourselves for this
88252. Al Lerman If NOT removed, I will stop using Google.
88251. RONALD A. BLAKE  
88250. larry hechler  
88249. Stephanie Bassan  
88248. moshe cohn keeping shabbos is most important way to show Jewih identity
88247. howard dubner  
88246. Eitan anti anti semis rule
88244. Jacob Raskin  
88243. Marsha Rosenbloom  
88242. Alex Serrano  
88241. Ellen Weisman  
88240. Michal C.  
88239. Ayelet Blit  
88238. Steven P. Rome, D.D.S.  
88237. Shoshana Levin  
88236. Dan Sperling  
88235. Thor Crain  
88234. moshe cohn  
88233. William Moore Freedom of Speech is one thing but speech that encourages hate and violence is unacceptable
88232. Lee Winnick  
88231. Danielle Bisutti For the LOVE of all things humane and decent please l take this off of your site. It's up to us to create a world that works together.
88230. debi lee  
88229. Joanna Kontoudakis  
88228. Harold Lande  
88227. Sam Winer  
88226. Ellen Lanet please expidite this request
88225. Charles Kohnfelder Instead of under "jew" list it under "haters of Jews"
88224. Dale Weber  
88222. Alon Do not use Google!
88221. Shawna Goodman  
88220. Gail Kallen in this day and age something like this is an absolute disgrace!!!
88219. lauri koen  
88218. carol buchman  
88217. valerie horwitz please remove this site, hate sites do no one any good
88216. Royce Marcus  
88215. Beth Klareich  
88214. Braun  
88212. Beth Friedman  
88211. A Vituli  
88210. Mark Freedman  
88209. Esther and Irwin Wechter  
88208. Leah Greenspan  
88207. Zvi Caspi  
88206. Marshall Wilensky promotes hate
88205. Kristine Lapierre  
88204. Todd Sone  
88203. Lihie Talmor  
88202. Larry Kagel Please help eliminate these Nazi type sites or at least lower their visibility
88201. I  
88200. Jeremy Lawrence  
88199. Abe Gottesman I will stop using google until this change is made. I can not believe that anyone would want to promote racism
88198. Ray Friedman  
88197. Joseph Marmor  
88196. Vivienne Conn  
88195. M. Hagemeijer  
88194. Elick Feinberg  
88193. Michael Loewy  
88192. carol seltzer  
88191. Myriam Chebat abhorrent site!!!
88190. Nancy Ackerman Completely unnecessary to have this biased info on
88189. Judith Blake Wake up Google, don't be a dupe for racists.
88188. Ruchy Shemtov get it off. Disgusting
88187. Paul Ginzburg  
88186. Launa Arenson  
88185. judith harris Stop Hate Now
88184. Lynda Laban  
88183. Charlotte Kimerling  
88182. Sam Smolkin  
88181. Hojaij  
88180. ts  
88179. jason  
88178. Annael Fleischer  
88177. Felicia Thundercloud  
88176. M Vituli  
88175. Burt Hochstein  
88174. Rachel Gitlin Herman  
88173. Amanda  
88172. James Belson Never again
88171. andrea kurzman  
88170. Maddy Malek  
88169. Ellen Boermeester  
88168. Marvin Tenenbaum  
88167. Jeanette Chapnick  
88166. rebecca plucer  
88165. Carol Caplan  
88164. Michelle Kaatz  
88162. Bryan Piterman I'm Appalled!
88161. elinor perkins  
88160. Lana  
88159. bernie fisher  
88158. Michael Rosenzweig  
88157. Regina Coleman  
88156. harvey blake disgusting
88155. Boris Zemlyak  
88154. Ardath Berliant  
88153. Gideon S Yavin remove the URL From the WWW entirely. It is illeagal hate speach.
88152. Robin the website no longer exists, get them off the search engine
88151. Joel Much  
88150. Brian Shear  
88149. Pearl Magnes  
88148. Briana Tourjeman  
88147. Marcia Levin  
88146. Robert Pensack  
88144. S. Kahn  
88143. miriam lyell boisa  
88142. BProctor Please remove "Jew Watch"'s anti-semetic site
88141. Marvin Greenwald  
88140. kathryn marin  
88139. Robi Friedman  
88138. Pat Bialak  
88137. cynthia okin  
88136. Debra Silver  
88135. Debra Laks  
88133. lahave yhoram  
88132. Nadia Tzipora  
88131. Phil Green  
88130. Dottie Silver  
88129. Mrs. Val Factor shame that you need a petition to clean up something so ugly!!
88128. Dionne Shaffer  
88127. Anthea Levene  
88126. Sara Halpern Robb  
88125. Kathleen Trock  
88124. Moises Goldberg  
88123. Leah I can't believe this is actually here and available to kids who might be doing research for a school paper
88122. Dina Levitansky Goldstein  
88121. Marc Gordon This is an antisemetic site and should be taken offline immediately.
88120. Rev. Andrew T. Lucas Google should exercise some discretion - from those to whom much has been given, much is expected...
88119. neil allen  
88118. Michelle Dobrin  
88117. Edward Marks A hateful website
88116. Dana  
88115. lea shalev  
88114. Chani Feldman  
88113. shuki  
88112. Malki Brown  
88111. Randal Marks  
88110. Noah Stern  
88109. H. Donaldson Dyer I'm not Jewish, but the world would be a better place, much better, without this website.
88108. David Ordin  
88107. Karl Spoerri I have a morbid desire to speak with and understand a person who spends their time putting this type of ignorant trash up on the web.
88106. Esmond Rosen Please remove this inflamatory, offensive and racist site
88105. Ira Levy  
88104. Joe Rosen  
88103. Larry Hill  
88102. P.E. Middleton stop antisemitism
88101. Judy Machtinger Don't be antisemitic
88100. Amy Manheim  
88099. Alex Gilgur  
88098. Sheryl Saidel  
88097. Mila please do
88096. Lynn Weinfeld  
88095. isaac  
88094. Jay J Car  
88093. tgruen  
88092. Barry Krakow  
88091. hillary rosenfeld you ought to be ashamed that you need 50,000 signatures to remove hatred from our view
88090. allan hirsh  
88089. Lee Battat I'm disgusted with Google!!!
88088. Liora Tal  
88087. J Rossoff  
88086. H S Morris  
88085. bella  
88084. a joffe  
88083. Cynthia Shulman  
88082. Bobbi Perkel  
88081. Murray Schwartz  
88080. Suzanne Levy  
88079. a.notowicz  
88078. edmond peykar  
88077. Jasmin Steely  
88076. Daniela Bochernitsan  
88075. Michelle Salem  
88074. Howard Levinson  
88073. Dr. David B. Hoffman The "requirement" of 50,000 complaints strongly suggests that those who make decisions at Google are anti-Semitic- the link is anti-Semitic on its face, and that is enough to suggest removing it. An alternative would be to link to a page that is labled "Anti-Semitic Links"
88072. dorita federman  
88071. Moshe Rabin  
88070. Norm Kaish  
88069. Elizabeth and Ed Marks A horrible website!!
88068. Lindsay  
88067. Harvey Walters  
88066. arnold edelman  
88065. jeremy rosenthel  
88064. Jeff G. Please don't let them win.
88063. Mary Poznyak  
88062. Jarla Ulman  
88061. Sue Bergen  
88060. Phytllis Darling  
88059. Avril G. Love As the foremost internet search site, Google should be more socially responsible for its content.
88058. Sophie Peltzer-Rollo  
88057. Ernestine Holiman This type of thing has to be stopped, thank you for your work
88056. Sean O C'mon Google, surely your smart thinking in developing a great search engine can eliminate/reduce the non-intelligent words of those who spread hate and misinformation! Or is that something you're not concerned with?!?
88055. Helene Feingold  
88054. Scott Baker I am really happy to see that there are people that actually do stuff about all of the anti-semitism.
88053. bruce young stop the violence
88052. D Katz  
88051. Jessica Muhtar  
88050. Di Roberts  
88049. Helen Arditi  
88048. Tracy Yedlin  
88047. b carroll This is a particularly frightening web site because it appears to be innocently presenting accurate information -- it is not. Please don't be fooled into believing this site is anything but an attempt to insite anti-jewish feelings.
88046. Janice Gordon It is an absolutely disgusting site and totally anti semetic. I should immediately come off line and the people responsible prosecuted
88045. David  
88044. Cynthia Noah  
88043. Avi-Gil Chaitovsky  
88042. thomas bronsky  
88041. Bernard Silverstein  
88040. Friedman  
88039. Arthur Stampleman  
88038. Alan Fingerman  
88037. Miriam Wiesel  
88036. ijay betesh  
88035. Lisa Reisboard  
88034. Leo Holisher please remove now
88033. Rita Flicop This is very bad. 4/14/04 NYTimes has an article on this.
88032. julian baietto please remove asap
88031. Vickie Klinger  
88030. Barton Waxman It's disguisting
88029. Rebecca Bach  
88028. louise rabman  
88027. Eli Tabori Unworthy of Google to continue this lamentable and insensitive practice.
88026. J KAYE  
88025. Nina Kratz  
88024. Howard Vine  
88023. Melanie Gottlieb  
88022. Bonnie Gould  
88021. Tali Maslan  
88020. Sandra Mai  
88019. Alexander Liss  
88018. joel rubenstein  
88017. Tali Maslan  
88016. Sanford G. Jacobson  
88014. Sanford G. Jacobson  
88013. Jack Orensky While free speach is to be defended this is an outrageous utilization of the Internet and should not be the first item found on your search engine when entering jew. I'm sure you could bury it in your myriad of searches available if not all together removing it.
88012. Frankie Stein Please remove Jewwatch!!!
88011. caron gruber  
88010. Julie Pollitz  
88009. Sharon Ziskind Remove this offensive site immediately
88008. nevo  
88007. Feather Fields  
88006. arie czertok  
88005. Jessica Himmelman  
88004. Michael Adler Truly Vulgar
88003. trisha ziff  
88002. Meryl Rehaut  
88000. renee sojcher it may technically be legal but it's wrong, please remove jewwatch from your site
87999. Brian Utian  
87998. Fred Sanders This is a necessary effort.
87997. Nir Baroz  
87996. Marc Rosenberg  
87995. Sharon McFadzean  
87994. Jessica Cohen  
87993. javier bubis  
87992. Gershon Tenenbaum unacceptable to have a site like this on Google
87991. Laurie Levine  
87990. constance e. cowen  
87989. alberta schneider  
87988. Stanley Goldman Agree wholeheartedly. My first attempt to sign was negated by some technical problem. Hope it has been corrected.
87987. Ami Ronen Completely and pure anti Semitism
87986. Aviva Abrams  
87985. Andrew Nikop  
87984. Judith Landau  
87983. Lily Groman-Kraft How about if everyone signing were to boycott Google?
87982. Lynne Okin  
87981. Sandra Levy  
87980. osnath Pachter Zafrir  
87979. Amy Wechsler I note this is now the second site on your listing, but this is still unacceptable
87978. bob schneider  
87977. Billie Jo Wanink  
87976. Steven J. Glueck  
87975. Perri L. Shaw remove this please
87974. Deborah  
87973. Eric Stephen Joseph Google needs to monitor far better the websites it allows searches for. Present efforts are rubbish. What about criminal liability for Google allows
87972. B. Forrest Remove!!!
87971. Cyril  
87970. Carole Scheinholtz Hopefully, signing this petition will not be limited to Jews.
87969. Leslie  
87968. Lindsey Small  
87967. Shira Aviel  
87966. Paula Koffsky please help to stop the hatred
87965. Maureen MacDonald  
87964. oron  
87963. Barbara S. Kramer  
87962. Sandra  
87961. Letizia Piperno Google, the most famous search engine, should not give voice to any racist web site!
87959. Tamar Ron  
87958. Amy Boyle  
87957. Kimm Hollander wipe out Anti Semetic hate sites.
87956. Frank & Renee Scalese A disgrace. I Renee am also a Jewish Christian and my husband is an Italian Christian
87955. A.M. Cicirello  
87954. alexina scott-savage  
87953. Jonathan Warren  
87952. Mel Kusin  
87951. emma carling  
87950. A. Rechnitzer  
87949. Erica  
87948. Valerie Gropper  
87947. shay bezek  
87946. Marilyn Warren  
87945. Heidi Lackowitz  
87944. chris kanios  
87943. Adrienne Feldman  
87942. Gerald Scheinman  
87941. oleg  
87940. Paul Curci I am discusted at your webb site, Google and I think the exsecutives should be fired and you should give and applogy to the public, or go to Hell!
87939. Karl B. Zucker  
87938. Lukacs Peter PhD I demand removing the site
87937. Sharon Miller  
87936. Shimonah  
87935. Norman W. Spindel  
87934. Sandy Paul  
87933. brandon salk  
87932. Mogendorff H.A.  
87931. murray fromson  
87930. Amit Cohen Remove
87929. Amy Elozwell  
87928. Bobbi Perkel  
87927. Miriam  
87926. Leonard Saltman  
87925. Brian Weitzman You must remove this hate site (JewWatch) now
87924. Yehuda Freue This day and age.....come on!!
87923. Sara Resnick  
87922. Barry Gerber  
87921. Sam Schawbel  
87920. carole strum  
87919. Knoll Julia MD I demand removing the site
87918. S Kaplan  
87917. Donna Pestcoe  
87916. Alexander Werner  
87915. Charles & Leticia Tepper They are definitely anti-God. I am also a Hebrew-Chritian
87914. Walter Stutzman  
87913. Sara Coven  
87912. Bob Cohen  
87911. Aron Wohl  
87910. Judi Iglesias  
87909. Sonia Smoliar  
87908. Omer  
87907. Stephen  
87906. Hagit Kidron  
87905. mark & p.j. evans  
87904. Howard Nathanson  
87903. Susan Chaiken  
87902. Cindy  
87901. Dan Masserman It is absurd that google would allow this at all and that this petition would have to be started at all.
87900. Frank Schulwolf  
87899. Debbie Chustckie This is unprofessional and bordering on antisemitism
87898. Vivian Flamm  
87897. Libby Serota  
87896. Noga we have a moral obligation not to encourage racist hatred. Most will know it's stupid. Some will be too stupid to know it and google will be the search engine to have led them to false conclusions, hatred, anger and all that may come and has come with it.
87895. alberta swirsky  
87894. Lev  
87893. david e.goldman  
87892. Sherry Glick  
87891. Betty S. Cohen  
87890. Katy O  
87889. Libby Serota  
87888. Larry S. Katz, PhD  
87887. miki bilinkoff  
87886. kkk  
87885. Bryant Lucas  
87884. Michael Markoff  
87883. AVI KLEIN  
87882. Joan M. Weiner  
87881. olaf cornielje  
87880. Elizabeth D. Malissa  
87879. L. Wheatley This site is outrageous and must be removed.
87878. ãé ìàðèéùîéåú  
87877. hayat  
87876. thomas bronsky  
87875. R. Pinck JewWatch is a disgrace - please remove!
87874. Josh Edelman remove the racist site
87873. RJ Yakin  
87872. Brenda McBride  
87871. Bruce Alpert  
87870. LK Levine please remove this atrocity ASAP
87869. Etan Diamond  
87868. Andres Guariguata Please use your ethics and remove this
87867. Roberta Steiner remove hate mongering site.
87866. Sara Ahuvia  
87865. Arlene Schwartz  
87864. sara csillag  
87863. paul Brook Google should be more responsible to its customers!!!
87862. Barry Pearlman It's not always easy..but do the right thing..Don't help promote hatred by using "it's just business" as an excuse ...
87861. hayat  
87860. Barry Leibowitz please reomve JeWatch from Google
87859. Marjorie Donnett There is so much of this popping up in the world - it is so frightening!
87858. daniel rustin Un sitio de porqueria. Es una verguenza que Google no lo remueva de su lista o lo coloque en la categoría de sitios de la violencia y el odio
87857. Lawrence Lefcort I think that is shameful on their part
87856. les shapiro  
87855. sandi gansel Please remove this hateful site, it damages your google reputation as well as demeaning an entire group of people.
87854. Ouri Liberti  
87853. rose young  
87852. Larry Matus  
87851. Michael Weinberger It is high time we take a stand against such hatred, and against the indifference that allows such hatred to be disseminated. Am Yisrael Chai!!
87850. Gail Kossowsky  
87849. Joseph M. Liss  
87848. cyril davies I felt deep disappointment with Google when this unacceptable listing was brought to my attention
87847. Sarah Gadye  
87846. Donald Green  
87845. zev  
87844. Maureen Feinstein  
87843. Meredith Kamm Brust  
87842. Eran  
87841. bb hellman there will be a time when hatred is non-existant. i hope it comes soon.
87840. Larry Green  
87839. bernard weiss please remove
87838. Barbara M. Olsen  
87837. Joyce Munic  
87836. Neil Rosenthal  
87835. Rosalind Lowe remove anti-semitic site immediately !
87834. Anat Ofeck  
87833. Susan Grodnick  
87832. Tonya Bordy  
87831. Shmuel Ahuvia  
87830. adam weil  
87829. Shuli Traub Barmash  
87828. Daniel Chebat  
87827. Ezequiel Silberstein  
87826. john nathan  
87825. c nisbet  
87824. L Davis remove this link
87823. Sandra Freed  
87822. Charlotte Katzen  
87821. Ed Jacobson  
87820. Tim Knipe  
87819. Pamela  
87818. Molly Staub If the site cannot be removed, at least do not give it the prominent position of number one.
87817. Leila Shaw  
87816. deanna berkson  
87815. David Abramson  
87814. sam i strongly hope that the site is removed. this could be a major step in combating anti-semitism
87813. Ian Noy  
87812. Steven Cohen  
87811. ariella  
87810. Y.Gur  
87809. Darren Bruck  
87808. a. langer gross
87807. mira winograd  
87805. A. Brown  
87804. laura  
87803. Sara Meirson  
87802. Suzanne Storch We all have a responsibility to those who lost their lives as a result of anti-semitism to make sure sites like these are removed.
87801. Houman  
87800. meilman  
87799. Yafit Tamir Messer  
87798. Laura Nye  
87797. Rachel Frank  
87796. cathy seiler  
87795. Aaron Uram We cant let this kind of garbage stay out there
87794. Tamar  
87793. Shelly McKinney Jew Watch is disgusting and offensive.
87792. Michael Siman  
87791. Michael Botton  
87790. Richard Glassman blame the "anthing goes" politians in this country!
87789. linda
87788. Sister Mary Brian Bole, SSND  
87787. Shelley B. Spitz  
87786. Marc Schulman  
87785. Liat Kaufman  
87784. ADAM COHEN  
87783. Fred Lee Falk  
87782. Allen Edelman  
87781. Joe Ailion  
87780. s gordon  
87779. s  
87778. Burton Sivin  
87777. Ricardo Rojkind una vez mas un sitio del odio y de la confusion intencionada. Da asco
87776. Paul Vaderlind  
87775. David Standig Shame on you Google! YOu should take this off without needing a petition
87774. Simão Korn  
87773. Dave Very disturbing - shame on you Google.
87772. Timothy L, Zeff  
87771. Meghan Sterling  
87770. Carrie  
87769. zohar fink  
87768. Marty Nislick please remove asap
87767. Stacy Vieder
87766. Phillip Arensberg  
87765. Roni Handler this is disgusting!
87764. Phyllis Wallis  
87763. Ronen Youtzis  
87762. Gillian Cooper disgusting, how do you agree to be a party to this?
87761. Mark M.Rubenstein, M.D.  
87760. berniece Rosoff  
87759. Ian Greenspon  
87758. Stephen Posner  
87757. Joe Kramer  
87756. Raquel Holzman  
87755. Leon  
87754. Henry Komsky  
87753. Ellen Greenberg  
87752. suzanne m levy  
87751. Elese Resneck  
87750. Wendy Gehring  
87749. Jim Parker  
87748. Lisa Horowitz  
87747. Lili Karsh Thank you for listening
87746. Lynn Greenberg We need not encourage hatred in this world. Please remove from the Google Search Engine. Thank you.
87744. Michael Schonbraun  
87743. B. Gillman  
87742. R.Silvester  
87741. Marta Lerner  
87740. Hillary Mitchell  
87739. lauren Schechtman Shame on you
87738. Moira Silver I have always used Google, but if this is not removed immediately I will no longer use the site and will let everyone I know about this. It's disgusting.
87737. Lisa Hall  
87736. Itzhak Lipman  
87735. Whitney Gould This is a horribly disturbing trend. Please rectify this immediately to stop the spread of hatred and intolerance. Thank you.
87734. Lois Jacobson  
87733. A. Tittle  
87732. George Kuney  
87731. Dale  
87730. Eleanor Bakalar  
87729. Amy Kadori if not removed I will stop using google
87728. Dália Shpaisman  
87727. Janet Raines  
87726. Jeffrey G. Schwartz  
87725. suzanne m.levy  
87724. Barry Neil Lowe This is not an accident and Iresent Google for doing this.
87723. Jill Parker  
87722. Debi Haber  
87721. Joseph Bartel  
87720. Claire Starr Please have Google remove from their search engine.
87719. Helen Memar  
87718. Anthony Brittan You cannot hide your intentions behind an algorithm forever
87717. Lisa  
87716. Shelley Rymland  
87715. M Scoll  
87714. Ursula White do not need to foster hate on the internet
87713. Josef B. Brown  
87712. Yien Corathers  
87711. Julz this need to stop, those moorons dont know whats really goin on here
87710. Phil Stellar  
87709. Ron Lilo  
87708. Theresa Reynolds  
87707. goya  
87706. sam lenga  
87705. Christina Flowers and that should go for other such offensive sites as well! That is a part of the responsibily that google should assume as part of being a leading search engine
87704. david koff this should NOT be the #1 listing on google for "jew"
87703. Allison Smith  
87702. luiz oliveira  
87701. wilbur klein  
87700. Rabbi Shmuel Goldin  
87699. Lara Stone  
87698. sefi yariv  
87697. meredith balthrop  
87696. Roberta Cochrane No prejudice for Any group!!!!
87695. kristi frazier  
87694. Dr. and Mrs. Paul M.Leiman  
87693. Joel Rembaum  
87692. Judith Hall  
87691. Michael  
87690. josh leester  
87689. aviv no more anti-semits in the area
87688. lynn schonbraun  
87687. Bassya Pinson, Psy.D.  
87686. Judy Miller  
87685. Susan Joseph  
87684. Jody Lerner  
87683. John J. Weigel  
87682. J. Levine  
87681. Andres Bejar  
87680. Howard Weil  
87679. David Ditkoff, M.D.  
87678. Diane Haiken  
87677. Leonard and Rita Sperry  
87676. Jennifer Ure Unacceptable!!!
87675. anthony eidelman  
87674. michal oshman  
87673. Larry Hill Please Remove
87672. Anita Steinfeld you have a moral obligation to remove this site
87671. Matt F This site is BS. There is no reason why this should be the first site to pop up on Google. I am all for freedom of speech, but putting this slander at the top of the list is just discriminatory.
87670. Harvey Braaf  
87669. Norman Geras  
87668. Lawrence Schwed  
87667. yael gamss  
87666. Dorothy Yagerman very offensive, please remove
87665. Morton Besen  
87664. Judith Katzman  
87663. Rabbi Allen I. Freehling  
87662. Marilyn Brauner  
87661. Jeffrey Berger  
87660. Leslie B. Picker  
87659. Judith Stein  
87658. Joyce Roth  
87657. James R. Rosenfield  
87656. John A. Laird  
87655. Benjamin Abel Upshur  
87654. Ariel Ewenson 60 years on and not much has been learned
87653. Tessa Bishop  
87652. Chris Ciaudelli  
87651. J Diamond  
87650. Zauner about time!
87649. AVI  
87648. Barbara Hill Please Remove
87647. Lisa Wolland  
87646. florence bulmash  
87645. Naomi Gil Abramovitz  
87644. Rabbi Art Donsky Please remove the link to horrible website
87643. Stan Seigal  
87642. Allan Franklin This web site does America harm
87641. Sigal This site promotes hate and is the antithesis of what democratic values stand for. Please remove this and keep Google a trustworthy site.
87640. Roberta Jaffe  
87639. Art Zoloth  
87638. Arlene Harel  
87637. ellen tohn  
87636. David Scott  
87635. amy davidovich  
87634. Peter F.v.B. de Jong  
87633. Norma Bakke  
87632. Barry Olanoff  
87631. Barbara E. Adams Please stop hatred
87630. itsik  
87629. Marina Frid  
87628. Don Lukenbill  
87627. peter  
87626. Bonnie Schiller  
87625. mark goldberg There is no FAST ENOUGH!
87624. roberta issler  
87623. Jesai Jayhmes  
87622. cindy gray dusgusting
87621. Candice Gulden  
87620. Vicky Coon Don't you think there is enough hate in this world without you supporting it?
87619. Alan D. Katz There is a difference between freedom of speech and the promotion of terroristic activities based on bigotry. Isn't that why we are in Afganistan & Iraq?
87618. OHTAHL  
87617. Arthur H. Warner  
87616. Jodi  
87615. Greg Becker  
87614. risa tanania  
87613. Shellie Zimmerman  
87612. Deborah Helitzer Jews have been subjected to hatred and discrimination for thousands of years. The United States should preserve our freedom and right to live without prejudice. The fact that a major search engine is advocating racism and ethnic cleansing is a disgrace. I personally will stop using Google until this issue is resolved and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same.
87611. Bea Kaye  
87610. L Lewis  
87609. Denise Jaffe  
87608. Daniel Ailion disgusting
87607. Irene Brand  
87606. Ian Cleminson disgusting
87605. Dr. Hoch  
87604. Matthew S. Cummings As a long time Google user, I would hope you folks would be a bit more careful when ranking this way. Having this anti-semitic site come up first is shameful.
87603. gary rubin  
87602. arielle hart  
87601. Tyrone Pike This is a disgusting misuse of googles searching abilities. Why would a google allow this? I am a Catholic, yet am outraged that such a nationally renowed company would allow this!!
87600. Ellen & Marty Schneiweis Please remove this offensive site.
87599. Lior Zadicareo  
87598. goldie oved  
87597. Barbara Winick  
87596. Alla  
87595. Bonnie Brown  
87594. Meir Brunelle  
87593. Mitch Weintraub  
87592. Pamela  
87591. elliot greenberg  
87590. Susan Kaplan  
87589. Sharon Galvin  
87588. Melanie  
87587. Alan M. Teitleman I think this is a disgrace and Google needs to learn some responsibility!
87586. monica dojman  
87585. Darryl & Patricia Blitzer  
87584. a berns  
87583. Bonnie F Morris  
87582. Mayra Aires da Silva  
87581. flor  
87580. Alexander M. S. Ostfeld Google: "Any excuse will serve a tyrant."
87579. Hetty Elzas Any racism should be forbidden in "sophisticated" search engines like Google!!
87578. Roxy Scher  
87577. Tina Spiess  
87576. Paula Lee  
87575. Robert Schaeffer  
87574. Barrie  
87573. Nancy Fisher  
87572. Dale Moritz  
87571. Elliot Weis  
87570. estelle goldszer  
87569. Aron Zylberman  
87568. boyd weinstein please remove this site!!!
87567. Levas Kovarskis It's very sad to see such a site
87566. Diane Nelson  
87565. Jamie Berger  
87564. Annette Daiagi I hope Google would reconsider......
87563. moshe remove it
87562. A Sander disgusting state of affairs
87561. Rhoda Nevins  
87560. F. Cinnie Morgan  
87559. S. Arrow  
87558. E. Goltz No one benefits from intolerance and anger.
87557. JP Sutton How sad to learn that Google is owned and run by racists and bigots
87556. Manfred Teitelbaum  
87555. alexis geller  
87554. Adam Blitz  
87553. Penny Hair  
87552. Julia Gardner  
87551. sarah a  
87550. Chuck McSorley  
87549. BENYAMIN  
87548. Susan cascade  
87547. Yeda Carnos  
87546. Abe Zeiger  
87545. Dave Stein  
87544. david  
87543. Harriet Matz  
87542. Tina Lobel  
87541. sean Goldstein  
87540. Josh Gelbart  
87539. toby ligorner  
87538. Carole W. Kaufmann  
87537. Lisa Lewis We should honor and protect the Jewish peopl
87536. nancy kornbluh  
87535. norman h pessin  
87534. Michael DeCourcey  
87533. dina glosman  
87532. L.A.D.  
87531. M. Jacobi  
87530. yaeli elam  
87529. Doris Blechman  
87528. Jonathan A. Slesinger  
87527. LEVI J ATTIAS Message to antisemites. "You will fail where generations of antisemites have failed. The Jewish success story is beyond your understanding, your reach or your power to permanently harm. The Protector of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. Allow me to tell you a little secret: Jews are more resilient, determined and resorceful today than we have been over many centuries and I can assure you that you will not succeed where your vile predecessors have failed!"
87526. Gail Marcus  
87525. Katya Meyer  
87524. Jim Ryan  
87523. Dana Godelewicz  
87522. jeffrey gordon  
87521. Dror Ambar  
87520. Dr. Eugene Korn  
87519. Melissa Norman  
87518. Arlene Levine  
87517. Sandra Kanter Do not make your company a part of hate!
87516. Abraham Kaner  
87515. Greg Trubowitsch  
87514. Iair Kolberg  
87513. Marlene  
87512. Sy Scheinberg I urgently support the removal of JewWatch from the Google Search Engine
87511. Peter Greenstein  
87510. Stephen Friedman  
87509. gene frankel  
87508. Jonathan Setton There is no need for this crap!
87507. Mr. & Mrs. Perry Kravit  
87506. Carol Turner  
87505. Barbara This site is a disgrace to your company!
87504. Danielle Rothenberg I'm disgusted by this site
87503. Tara Levin Please remove sight
87502. Vicki Libman  
87501. Leslie Beltrami  
87500. Jim Meckley  
87499. Ruth Shostle Brody This is an outrage in this day & time!!!!
87498. ian  
87497. Ian Harries Remove it!
87496. michael greenberg  
87495. Richard Kendall  
87493. Robin Katz Shame on you.
87492. Lawrence Lerman  
87491. Henry Goldberg  
87490. David Krikler  
87489. David Capell Please remove all hate websites
87488. morris elbaz  
87487. howard chwatsky  
87486. Walter Silverman  
87485. Connie DeWolfe  
87484. Sally Reidman  
87483. jane dagmi  
87482. Tamar  
87481. beth sperber  
87480. loren  
87479. Maurice Mizrahi  
87478. Jeffrey Glaser š
87477. s james  
87476. Martin J. Jonas  
87475. susan cohen-dickler  
87474. Sandra Climan  
87473. Peter Krimsky  
87472. Linley  
87471. Gavin Friedman  
87470. Julio Fernandez  
87469. Desiree Mitchell  
87468. Nora Rousso Do it now!
87467. Susana Goihman  
87466. J T. Paz Please remove from Google Search Engine. Thank You.
87465. arthur landesman  
87464. Julia Laibson  
87463. Amy B. DeLoach  
87462. DJ Bendavid  
87461. JB  
87460. Ruth Schultz  
87459. kampel bernard  
87458. Deanna Evans Isn't there enough hate in the world already?
87456. Yael Berkowitz  
87455. Elliot Morrison  
87454. Pnina Graff  
87453. Nathaniel Mencow You should be ashamed to use the word "JewWatch
87452. Jeff Hessekiel  
87451. heidi surasky  
87450. Sandi Keiser  
87449. Robin Harris  
87448. Susan Lukenbill If you can't remove this or other hateful sites from the engine, atleast please lower their priority.
87447. Florence Shulman  
87446. Raisa Katz  
87445. Sue Frueauff  
87444. janie maurer  
87443. Jill Franklin  
87442. Dorothy Goldman  
87441. Daniel Haiken  
87440. jeffreys  
87439. Alexander Zhuravsky š
87438. kathleen snyder  
87437. Rafael Montero The progresist people must be against racism
87436. Lillian Palanker  
87435. Heidi O'Neil  
87434. jay maisel  
87433. Rose-Ellen Rubinoff  
87432. Linda Hartman  
87431. Bedane Bines remove from Google Search Engine
87430. Beth Giladi please take care of this!
87429. julie  
87428. Lori goodman  
87427. tom d  
87426. susanna wizman š
87425. Carly Baleix  
87424. Yaara Barber  
87423. zeev gurman  
87422. Joe  
87421. Danny Zehavi  
87420. Norman E. Stander It's outrageous that you identify such a blatently bigoted address in your search data base
87419. marta grinberg  
87418. Eleanor So Sad!!!
87417. marla chalnick thanks!
87416. lewis thaler  
87415. Marni Slavick  
87414. Marita Shaoul  
87413. maytal ben-hamo  
87412. david levine  
87411. Seymour and Naomi Staiman  
87410. Darryl Berk  
87409. Lisa Canarick  
87408. Enid Golden  
87407. Alex  
87406. mark maisel  
87404. bev FOx  
87403. Gabriel Lampert  
87402. Matt Friedman  
87401. Jo-Anne Duchen  
87400. Ann Bornstein  
87399. Judah Sutton Take this off!
87398. Barbara Kaplan  
87397. carlton evans  
87396. Seymour and Naomi Staiman  
87395. felice borer this is very disturbing that such a widely used search engine would not use clear and intelligent discretion to monitor what comes at the top ten list of "appropriate" websites for a general word such as "Jew".
87394. joyce colton shocked
87393. Marsha Zylberlicht  
87392. Emily Ogolsky Freedom of speech should not go so far as to hurt other people, if people feel the need to put down others, they should do it to people who want to hear about it and not advertise for millions of people to see.
87391. Liora Sahih im disappointed on behalf of google
87390. Natalya Goncharov  
87389. marc katzenberg  
87388. Laurie Glass please
87387. Charles S. Nicoll, Ph.D.  
87386. jo green  
87385. Geri Bernard  
87384. Gene P please remove from your engine
87383. Mike Koenigsberg There is no place for Hate Web sites or Mail, REMOVE THIS ROT!
87382. Russ Klenet  
87381. Richard Rheiner It is a vicious and hate-filled incitement against Jews. This is not what the Internet search engines should be cataloguing.
87380. Daniel Gunther  
87379. Barbara Nobel  
87378. Yvonne Swiergula  
87377. uri e. shame on you!!!
87376. Marc schneider  
87375. Mina Alterman asqueroso-mentiroso-vergonzoso-tendencioso-
87374. Marilyn Hellman  
87373. avraham pinson mr. brin, as a fellow terp, do the right thing
87372. Denise Hans it is a disgrace that a site like that is allowed
87371. Ezra  
87370. lauriecapitelli  
87369. Jason Gwasdoff  
87368. Arynne A. Simon this site is akin to Google condoning anti-Semitism...even promoting it.
87367. Lee Ann Benadiva  
87366. Miriam Cyrulnik  
87364. barbara harley md  
87363. Irwin Cooper  
87362. Lauren Massa-Lochridge  
87361. Edward & Elise Shill  
87359. Pam Kanter  
87358. Robert Spiegelman Hatefull site
87357. James Shiells  
87356. Averil Shulman  
87355. jon florian  
87354. Allen Arnold  
87353. Moshe Regev  
87352. rhonda shaw I use google a lot but will stop until this is removed
87351. Robin Schiff  
87350. adir  
87349. sheilla leinburd  
87348. Denise Feldman  
87347. Jessica Schweitzer  
87346. richard ponemon  
87345. Katy Messer  
87344. benjamin cziller remove immediately
87343. B. F. Prince  
87342. Azi Lifsics  
87341. Jacob it's a shame that the top search engine in the US should be promoting such an ugly website
87340. Edward Parker  
87339. Lois Cohen please remove
87338. Israel Goldberg  
87337. Brian Miller  
87336. Mike Singer  
87335. Alice & Arthur Siegal Bigotry and discrimination should not be promoted by search engines.
87334. dr g frisch  
87333. Y. Kaufman I can't believe it was there in the first place
87332. Eileen Hand  
87331. Colin Birney terrible, simply terrible.
87330. Nehama Greniman  
87329. Tiffany Kovarsy google is a search engine used by so many, we do not want people to have a an antisemestic perception of jews based on their search
87328. D. Weis  
87327. judie panneton  
87326. Lewis H. Markowitz  
87325. Elissa Provance  
87323. Gabriella Schwartz  
87322. Rachel Ricklis  
87321. ilan bugatti  
87320. Lynne Lieberman  
87319. claire and donald fox  
87318. Jennifer S Pazmino  
87317. Zylberman  
87316. Jane Merkin  
87315. Arline R. Tepper  
87314. Debra Davies  
87313. Richard Handley  
87312. John Stein  
87311. HARVEY DEE  
87310. Dr. Rob Gordon  
87309. Stuart Chait all sites should be monitored periodically
87308. Jordana Chalnick  
87307. Faina Livitz  
87306. norm hynter get rid of it
87305. kenneth Farber  
87304. ellen bodenheimer  
87303. David Rajfer  
87302. Allan  
87300. swanna saltiel  
87299. Dana Schlanger  
87297. patti weisman  
87296. Shane Leahey  
87295. Jessica Friedman please remove this offensive and hateful sight from the google directory
87294. sue caplan  
87293. Bonnie Nickol never again!
87292. mimi matasar  
87291. Do  
87290. Marvin Kaplan This is completely inappropriate.
87289. Siegfried Ruschin  
87288. Anita Garcia this is disgraceful and should be reomved
87287. Mary Wahbi outraged
87286. Noemi Masson  
87285. Sandra Handley I know hundreds of thousands of Jews who will NOT use your site until you do this. They use Yahoo!!!!
87284. Leila van Gelder  
87283. salomon sissa  
87282. LORI LIBOW  
87281. Bruce Teitelbaum  
87280. Carol Felenstein  
87279. E Murray  
87278. saul rosenberg  
87277. Candace C. Hall  
87276. Steve Horn  
87275. beth diamond  
87274. jack hoffman  
87273. Gloria L. Pierce  
87272. Hyim Bessin  
87271. Adriana Sturm  
87270. Angela F. Winter Though I am a believer in the first amendment, as a widow of a Holocust survivor we cannot allow these discusting "websites" to continue.
87269. Arlene Berger  
87268. Irwin W. Pearlman  
87267. Susan Dounn  
87266. Danielle E. Slawsby  
87265. Peter Abrams  
87264. Henry Hollander  
87263. pauline benson  
87262. Bonni Stanley  
87261. Saul a marsh  
87260. Mindy L This is horrible! I use Google all day long for searches but I will be forced to use anothr search engine if this site remains on your website. pleae remove it!
87259. Matthew DeVoe  
87258. Allison Speiser  
87257. Alan Abrams  
87256. Don Gillispie  
87255. Charles N. Barker  
87254. Michael Allen  
87253. tammy cohen the world is blessed because of the existence of jews.
87252. Barry Goldstein  
87251. larry Frankel  
87250. Rebecca Janson this is a disgrce for they should be more aware of what affect they have on people and should remove this from their search engine without a petition - its just common sense.
87249. Rita Rzepka  
87248. John D. Erickson  
87247. George Goldberg  
87246. Elizabeth Douglas  
87245. Allan D. Klenetsky  
87244. Omer Abekasis the site concetrates on things the Jews have done, but only on the stuff that went wrong
87243. E J Goren  
87242. Dennis Dayan  
87241. Jules Lodish
87240. Lynn Wurtzel  
87239. Sandra J. Block  
87238. Nicole Landi  
87237. marie heron  
87236. marcio d  
87235. sandy olesen hope this works
87234. Arty Stern  
87233. debra  
87232. Silvan Linn This is outrageous! I give my full support.
87231. Shaynee Rainbolt  
87230. Stephanie Olson Please remove at once. I am offended by its presence.
87229. Michael Gennis Disgusting
87228. David Goldberg  
87226. John Carter  
87225. Marni Abrams  
87224. Felix Roux  
87223. Leeanna Carter  
87222. Meg Stern  
87221. Glenn Weiser  
87220. Joan Simon  
87219. David Narrow  
87218. Lynn Wurtzel  
87217. rosemary steinberg  
87216. Cheryl  
87215. Sussi Hochman  
87214. Dr CE Ehrlich It is well-known that the placement of sites higher-up on Google is not random. Google should not allow itself to be manipulated in this way.
87213. Jason Levine  
87212. Andrew Holt  
87211. mimi matasar  
87210. Maureen Garth Unbelievable!
87209. Chani Weinreb  
87208. David Masson  
87207. Nancy Dickenson  
87206. Bertram Alport  
87205. Jennifer Pineles  
87204. Sheri Nelson  
87203. Heather Salant  
87201. Eli Yaz  
87200. allison karnbad  
87199. Denise  
87198. Antony  
87197. Mike Noyes  
87196. Lynn Grosner  
87195. andrea soloway  
87194. Ina Romanow  
87193. Diego Urfeig  
87192. Phyllis Eyerkuss Scripture tells us regarding the Jewish people, I bless thee that bless thee and curse thee that curse thee.
87191. JM Talbot  
87190. Natalie Marshall  
87189. Peter Gabel  
87188. J Cahn  
87187. Stephen Jack  
87186. Gerard Lob  
87185. Lois Starer  
87184. Shelley Noyes  
87183. Jon Reich  
87182. Dvora Burstyn  
87181. scott  
87180. sylvia lurie if you must include hate sites, just provide a link to them - labelled "hate site" under the objects of their hatred. At least that gives the user fair warning. Thanks.
87179. Joyce horowitz  
87178. d roskin  
87177. howard deuitch  
87176. jess saland  
87175. albert I adatto  
87174. Fabien Sorin  
87173. Allyssa Gresser  
87172. Barbara Rubenstein  
87171. Dorothy Starr  
87170. Marshall M. Becker  
87169. Gilda Haroonian  
87168. Elizabeth McBurney  
87167. lee oleinick  
87166. Sharon T. Katz  
87165. Nancy Buck  
87164. Carole Eisner dusgusting
87163. Tara Douglas  
87162. Anne Mahl  
87161. Dave  
87160. robert l. schoenberg please remove this site immediately!
87159. Sari Monaco  
87158. perry leff  
87157. Linda Alexander  
87156. jamie  
87155. Jay Burman  
87154. robin permut utterly horrendous
87153. ella eliezer  
87152. Simon Kaye  
87150. Alan I will not use Google again until this changes
87149. Barry Moline  
87148. Diane Tuer Please remove jewwatch IMMEDIATELY. It is an insult to my family and friends.
87147. J. Lewis  
87146. Marta Why dont you write something possitive?
87145. Nicole Adelman  
87144. Marshall Mahl  
87143. Philip Krain Hatred leads to terrorism and death...Is that not obvious? I am an MBA student at Portland State University. Coincidently, we have been analyzing a case study of IBM's business history with the Nazi's during the Holocaust. These discussions are centered on what corporations' responsibilities are to shareholders, stakeholders and society at large. If you are not familiar with IBM’s history, IBM provided computer consensus equipment and services in order to more efficiently organize Jews in concentration camps, which of course led to killing Jews. As Google, you (the company and people within) provide information; information is power. Providing malicious and anti-Semitic information online gives power and approval (Google, the company and people within, have chosen not to disapprove of this site) to those who would continue to kill Jews. Is this not the same thing? If you (the company and people within) could make a positive impact on the world, how would you do it?
87142. howard horn  
87141. Guy Shechter  
87140. sophie robinson  
87139. ch  
87138. Eva Himmel  
87137. Tovah Fishman-Larsh  
87136. howard horn  
87135. J Sugar  
87134. Glen Friedman  
87133. Elisa Navarro I am from Argentina
87132. Ned Sloane Ê
87131. Alyssa Schuster  
87130. H.Reens  
87129. Milton L. Chain  
87128. Guy Shechter  
87127. R. J. Lazerson  
87125. Sami Rosenblatt, MD  
87124. Josh Lehner This is sickening
87123. Rose  
87122. Y Swimmer  
87121. Bruce H. Holberg  
87120. Charles Altman  
87119. Sondra Eiseman  
87118. Serge Mezhburd  
87117. Bryna Landes  
87116. Rachael Smith  
87115. David Pelta  
87114. heidi myers remove jewwatch
87113. Karen Dolin  
87112. Ken Hicks I Love Google but Despise Anti-Semitisim.... should have removed it immediately without this petition going around...
87111. Ada Greenwald Jacobowitz  
87110. Matt Breaux Pro-Bush down with anti-semitic Democrats
87109. DONALD Z. SOKOL  
87108. Nadine M. Zimmer This is despicable and should not have been allowed.
87107. Rebecca Rebboh  
87106. Judith Tugendreich  
87105. Joseph Cohen  
87104. Herman Levin All compound words begining with "jew" in a web site title should ne suspect.
87103. Samuel Farber  
87102. Claudio Helman  
87101. Rozie Matthews  
87100. David Turner  
87098. Jason Schwalbe When it comes to the public, i do believe in free speech, but google is a private company, and in its right to reduce the prominence of hate and deciet.
87097. orli  
87096. Stacy  
87095. Lawrence Pigula  
87094. linda blain  
87093. Erwin Flaxman  
87092. Perry Culiner Stop looking for scapegoats. No person is better than another. It is for G-d to decide how to judge His creation, NOT those who are created !
87091. Idan Miller  
87090. Huntington W. Sharp  
87089. KMarcus  
87088. Joan Makepeace  
87087. melissa a  
87086. Rena Pigula Unamerican and hateful
87085. Philip M. Geiger Please remove from the google search engine.
87084. Rachel Unwelcome 'tool' for some to spread anti-semitism, please remove it
87083. Doreen White The level of intolerance that is displayed by this site should be abolished from the world.
87082. Edye Tenner  
87081. S Brigham  
87080. Roger Cassin  
87079. talya  
87078. Penny Kadmon, M.D. Please remove this site ASAP
87077. bonnie rosenberg  
87076. Elliot Kravitz You cannot hide behind "neutrality" Google. Those who do nothing to combat racism are complicit.
87075. JOY LIPMAN  
87074. David Halperin  
87073. Gary Gordon  
87072. Sally Schiff stop the teaching of hate!!
87071. Alex Fingaret  
87070. Sherwood Grossman  
87069. horowitz, Wendy  
87068. Susanne Young Thank you for doing this!
87067. Laura Ullman  
87066. shafir  
87065. Jonathan A. Cordish  
87064. Iris Seidmann  
87063. Nancy B Rossman  
87062. Helen Weizenbluth This is a disgusting sight that has a specific hate agenda and should be removed.
87061. Richard Fagan  
87060. B. Murray  
87059. Jacob Mazour  
87058. Richard S Shulman Unless you want to include that Jesus , all of his friends and apostles were Hebrew" (Jewish) and also the first few "Popes" It would seem that any negative remarks and network should be removed.
87057. Brad  
87056. Lisa Samuel  
87055. Ryan Sacks  
87054. Stacey Lee-Jenkins  
87053. Glenn L. Weinberg  
87052. Charlotte Domsky Please heed this petition or I will discontinue using google
87051. James Corwin There was a link at that to - that should be removed too.
87050. Cynthia L. Eckert  
87049. Joe and Sandi May It isdeplorable that Google, or any other search engine, would allow such a site to be displayed and, once objected to, continue to be displayed.
87048. Susy Motola  
87047. Paul Wein  
87046. Hana Zima  
87045. Héctor Kremer  
87044. shelley this is crap...u need to remove this from google
87043. Joe Rosenbluth  
87042. Nadav Saltsman  
87041. Carol Archer  
87040. Harris Drucker  
87039. Charles F. Jacobs  
87038. David Liss  
87037. EDJAY BRENCOMP how horrible to have your site promote hate
87036. maya  
87035. Sidney Isenberg  
87034. dan barber  
87033. Yu  
87032. Harold Rosoff  
87031. faye mandelbaum  
87030. Mark Tischler  
87029. Fay Kaplan  
87028. Baron Elzbieta  
87027. arlene setnar  
87026. Anna Edstrom  
87025. Ari Kosmal  
87024. joy schwartz  
87023. John Wertz Take it off! It is unacceptable.
87022. robert velazquez  
87021. Reed S. Cordish  
87020. mark  
87019. Sharon Golan  
87018. Howard Parmet Please remove immediately
87017. Jane Guttenberg  
87016. Blake L. Cordish  
87015. Steve Greenspan  
87014. john shulman  
87013. beverly katz  
87012. john  
87011. Jeff Weiser  
87010. Rachel Perschetz  
87008. Johanna Hoffmann  
87007. Max Kozower  
87006. Joseph Weinberg  
87005. Paul Schain  
87004. David Eskenazi  
87003. Lauren  
87002. TAdwar I'm offended - please remove this at once.
87001. Phyllis Gerhard Google should be responsive to its users' requests, even though the sites are picked by uncritical algorithms.
87000. Rochelle D. Baron  
86999. nan zaitlen  
86998. tobi palmer  
86997. rinat gur  
86996. Yolanda Miceli The world Is painful enough without such uncalled for hate, Please Remove
86995. Emily Shack  
86994. Uri Alony  
86993. Charles Citron You must fix this!
86992. Patricia Martin  
86991. Leah Tobin  
86990. Beverly Frye  
86989. barry majors  
86988. elior  
86987. Andrea Weinberger  
86986. Marc Granger  
86985. Jan Timmons  
86984. David S. Cordish  
86983. Tony  
86982. Tara L. Benson  
86981. R. Weinberger  
86980. Nathan Mark Please, get rid of garbage
86979. alessandro gertre  
86978. garnett smith this must be addressed at once and removed!
86977. Jayne Gershkowitz  
86976. Joan Stanley  
86975. Joshua Zager  
86974. sheldon glow  
86973. Keri Dandrea  
86972. Elissa Broad  
86971. Jenny Bykova  
86970. Joshua Scott-Dicker take the crap off of your search engine
86969. Stephen levarnat havn't we all got enough trouble
86968. Allyson Diane Hamm  
86967. Wendy Radow  
86966. ben adamo  
86965. Pamela  
86964. Penny Klein  
86963. Gary Levy This is very upsetting but not surprising
86962. Lou  
86961. stephen javna
86960. Stuart Gelbard  
86959. s lazarus please remove from google
86958. Blair Mastbaum  
86957. Alan Bershtein is disgusting and hateful
86956. Laurie POlis  
86955. Steve Israel  
86954. George Stuts  
86953. Cathy Fox  
86952. harvey pacht  
86950. Eloise Gluckman  
86949. Marc Bertrand  
86948. Debra Magerman  
86947. Sheldon Pike, MD  
86946. Dan Berns This is disgusting. Google should be ashamed of itself for not removing this
86945. Norman Gershenz  
86944. Eric Lindemann  
86943. Finkelsztein  
86942. Lillian McNulty  
86941. Sara Gold  
86940. nancy pred  
86939. NF Karkowsky, Esquire  
86938. Robbin Hartman  
86937. Karl Yatovitz  
86936. SamAdwar  
86935. Jose L. Riveron  
86934. A. S.  
86933. Gloria Nowicki  
86932. ramleaf essential to remove tout suite
86931. diana miller  
86930. garnett smith this must be addressed at once
86929. Lisandro Langenauer  
86928. Ruth Schor  
86927. Jack Geva  
86926. Frances K. Wisch  
86925. H.Taback You either support anti-semitism or you do not. You dont need a petition to make that decision.
86924. PhyllisWeitzman It'sa disgrace
86923. Frank Segal  
86922. Shira Small  
86920. Trudy Adwar  
86919. Anna Grosz Remove the website
86918. Nancy Hyman  
86917. Jon Geffen  
86916. chagai  
86915. Carl Sanger REMOVE THIS NOW!
86914. R GOORE  
86913. Lisa  
86912. Arlene Matt  
86911. gunnar jacobson  
86910. Danny LaRusso  
86909. Adam Gertzbein  
86908. candy  
86907. Melissa McElheney  
86906. Roxy Roth  
86905. Terri Ellen Rid the world of all hate! Start with removing this site!
86904. Kelli Millwood  
86903. Kurrae  
86902. alan cornfield  
86901. Daffi Kudish-Weichert  
86900. Veronique Zoltan  
86899. Stephen  
86898. RF Kraus  
86897. Jane Cohan  
86896. L Lowy Please consider (at the very least) moving this site lower on the search list. Do not promote hate and hate speech. Thank you!
86895. Susan Herman This is truly offensive
86894. Ttrevor Diner  
86893. eli teicher  
86892. Gianca  
86891. John Y. Santo I find this very offensive and want Google to remove it, except as a "hate site"
86890. Jimmy  
86889. Lillie Brandt  
86888. Martin Basch  
86887. Howard B. Rosenblatt, Ph.D. Are there truly no limits to what you would countenance?
86886. lisa warden  
86885. Peyman Golshani  
86884. Dr. H. J. Shapiro  
86883. Frances A. Hess  
86882. Seany  
86881. Ed Plasky  
86880. George Ben Eli I believe that it is extremely anti jew... to clear please
86879. Ian  
86878. Penny Tyson  
86877. Mahsa Shakiban Golshani  
86876. Jean Thaler  
86875. tamilahav  
86874. Sophie  
86873. Karen  
86872. Chasyn Rance  
86871. jay bbuuchsbaumm  
86870. Sandra Katz  
86869. michael becker  
86868. Leonard Weinberg  
86867. Herman Eisenberg  
86866. darryl b cohen  
86865. pnina westreich  
86864. Jonathan M. Rogoff  
86863. Joel Mann  
86862. Allegra  
86861. pnina geva  
86860. mordecai gross  
86859. J. Hawksley Ogle  
86858. Eleanor Seewald  
86857. Michelle Abedon  
86856. Sandra Fisher ÿ
86855. seth milstein  
86854. Sheila Rhyne  
86853. Bryan P. Silverstein  
86852. norbert flatow  
86851. Roni Piterman  
86850. Judith Ancell  
86849. Matthew Getzler  
86848. Barry Brandeis  
86847. Maurice Greenblatt  
86846. paul garrity jr  
86845. Evelyn  
86844. Kayla  
86843. louise rome it is a disdrace
86842. Avi green No time to be silent
86841. Rachel Furer  
86840. Adrienne Lustig  
86839. yehudit gross  
86838. I.J. Shain Jew Watch is an offensive anti semitic entgry on Google and should ne removed.
86837. hanina levin  
86836. Leah Chaya Kahl please don't fuel the hatred in the world by allowing this to continue
86835. Hallie Gilbert I am thinking of closing my account
86834. Susi Berman isn't there enough hatred already.....unless you are radical Muslims
86833. Faith Szydlo  
86832. alex gross  
86831. Hazel Levine  
86830. Melissa Donovan antisemetic
86829. sruli  
86828. jeff cohn  
86827. Larry Braun This is despicable. It must be roved immediately!!!
86826. Dania Gold Namdar  
86824. Norman Ross do it now.
86823. James G. Schwade MD  
86822. Kathleen A. Salmieri  
86821. Judy Spivak  
86820. Marcy Block Glattstein  
86819. Barbara Medina  
86818. Michael Maltz š
86817. Karen Smith  
86815. Antoinette Golbus  
86814. Sheila  
86813. Atara Glustein  
86812. Helene Lacoff  
86811. Harold Abrams  
86810. Rivka Maltz š
86809. David Madar  
86808. Harriet Weinreich  
86807. M. Saland  
86806. Lois G. Rosenau  
86805. Batya  
86804. marsha kessler  
86803. Roni & Elliott Berenson We're against censorship, but hate inducing and incorrect websites should not be this easy to get into
86802. Richard Shopiro  
86801. Sunny Kalina Isn't there enough HATE going on in this world? Please remove JEWWATCH from Google
86800. Eileen Hackett  
86799. Stephen Margolin  
86798. Fred Stewart  
86797. A.Rosenberg  
86796. Rica Hodesh  
86795. LORI BRUMAN  
86794. Julian Abramowitz  
86793. eva steen  
86792. Elaine G. Moser You may not realize how awful your site is --I am sure you did not originally intend it to be so anti-Semitic. I have recently read much about you two guys ad I cannot believe you would deliberately do such a dastardly thing--please clean up this mess!!!
86791. Fern Jaffe  
86789. Gary Frank Oakland, California, USA
86788. Laura Rosenberg  
86787. Steve Misrack  
86786. Steven White  
86785. Albert Algaze  
86784. Sharon Evans  
86783. David Teplow  
86782. Lauren Winston  
86781. Mark Davis REMOVE THIS SITE
86780. Getulio Izidoro Katz  
86779. Richard  
86778. Ann Mueller  
86777. Ben Cohen  
86776. Mel Goodman these things should be monitored
86775. Barbara Algaze  
86774. Rivka Meyer this is a shame
86773. adena  
86772. Andrea Doerner  
86771. Caryl Myers  
86770. Charles Brent Spread tolerance & respect
86769. jacqueline brown  
86767. marci pantiliat  
86766. Keren Wolf  
86765. Iris Meyers  
86764. Stuart Brooks  
86763. robert tick  
86762. Aliza Cotton  
86761. Deborah Vaupen  
86760. Kris Cosner  
86759. David Williams  
86758. judy m. scott  
86757. Michael Freeman  
86756. Arthur Fleishman  
86755. heidi Gildersleeve  
86754. William Gurvitch  
86753. matthew  
86752. Jessie Mahoney  
86751. Jessica Friedlander  
86750. Terry Wilensky  
86749. Sandi Greenwald  
86748. Neil Sigler  
86747. Susan Karr stop the UGLY promotion of HATE
86746. Stacey Podolnick  
86745. Trudy Lythberg  
86744. Aaron Lerner This is disgusting.
86743. Saryl Radwin This is unbelievable and unacceptable. I'm very surprised at and disappointed in Google!
86742. Jeffrey Liss  
86741. Marsha Frydenberg  
86740. Pamela Golden  
86739. Sim Goldblum  
86738. Joanne Williams  
86737. Sarah Please remove this disgusting site
86736. steven malek  
86735. Pauline Daniel  
86734. Molly Cherniak  
86733. Ellen Rosen Get rid of it !
86732. Esther Kligman-Frey  
86731. marijane mitock  
86730. Lori Levy  
86728. Yocheved Golani Repulsive and unbecoming in a society that claims to be civilized.
86727. Ian Goodman  
86726. Lewis S Graham  
86725. Neil T. Rimsky  
86724. Babette Maltone This is Horrible!
86723. Peter Pezaro  
86722. Gill Teicher remove this objectionable site
86721. Jason Roth  
86720. Melissa Maker  
86719. Charles B. Adler  
86718. yigal elkayam  
86717. Sandra E. Block stop anti-semitism
86716. Andrew Herf Please remove
86715. Marilyn Rueschemeyer  
86714. carla jo dakin Google: this is outrageous. get this off the internet today! Thanks!
86713. Beverly Melinger  
86712. Esther Capouano Flinn Please remove this site!!!! have you even looked at it????
86711. Sandra R. Parton  
86710. Susan Lower  
86709. Terri  
86708. Sharon I am shocked that STILL in 2004 certain people STILL have prejudice ideas about others that are not like themselves. WE ARE ALL THE SAME ON THE INSIDE, JUST DIFFERENT COLORS ON THE OUTSIDE. Everyone has the potential to be good humans, we just have to spread it around.
86707. L. Lipscomb I will not deal with anything that is anti-semetic. I will no longer go onto the google website until this and any other antisemetic site is removed from their web-site.
86706. J. Weinreb  
86705. Felix Aizik  
86704. Sandy Bornstein  
86703. Arthur N. Smith  
86702. Nicholas Levy  
86701. Miri  
86700. Moshe  
86699. Margaret A. Rooney  
86698. Kim  
86696. Abe Reiss  
86695. Teddy Goldenberg  
86694. Frank Nisenboum  
86693. Bruce Masserman  
86691. Roger C. Hartman  
86690. Terri Arnold This is disgusting, inflammatory and should be illegal. Please remove this website from your search engine.
86689. Richard  
86688. Dan Rosenberg  
86687. Vivien Korn  
86686. Erika Spieldoch  
86685. gregg s pressman  
86684. Deborah Lazar Don't spread hatred
86683. Alexis Baron  
86682. Madelaine Zadik  
86681. Robin Cohen  
86680. Ellen Krupnick  
86679. sarel ôùåè áæéåï
86678. Wendy Masserman what a disgrace. thank you for working to get rid of it.
86677. S. Ailion please remove this disgusting & hateful site
86676. Terri Krivosha  
86675. Ruth Mardell  
86674. Shelley Shaffer  
86673. Josh Bultz As a Jewish American and a big user/proponent of your site - I find it very disturbing that you would allow this site, OF ALL SITES, to be the FIRST search item when looking up "jew." I don't have to tell you how powerful a position that is - to be the first link on "Google."
86672. Sara  
86671. Marshall E. Schwartz Time to recast your ranking algorithm
86670. Barbara Marcus  
86669. Sandra Marcus  
86668. Jamie Levy  
86667. rafael epstein  
86666. roey  
86665. Eliezer Kamm  
86664. Ronnie Osder please help us fight anti-semitisim
86663. Matthew C. Fragner  
86662. Peter J. Nadler Stop the spread of Hate now! There is a difference between frre speech and speech which is intended to spread hate!
86661. Mark B. Beller  
86660. Stephen Fine  
86659. david s bassin  
86658. Audrez Castonguay  
86657. Nick S  
86656. Anat Anav Please remove this racist and hateful site!
86655. Ian  
86654. J Halpern It is shameful - remove it
86653. Janet B. Jacobson  
86652. Dave Dalva  
86651. steven goldin  
86650. Brian Feiger  
86649. Beth Marshall  
86648. yehuda  
86647. laura swedlow  
86646. Judy Richman  
86645. marty dotan  
86644. Adam Feinberg  
86643. Elisha Gans  
86642. Steven Joffe  
86641. Ury Fred Schneider  
86640. robyn lipschutz  
86639. Arlene Traylor  
86638. Lee Schwartz remove it. It's hideous.
86637. linda rosenberg Shame on Google
86636. Gourary Liat  
86635. Maxine Davidon  
86634. jean fagan yellin  
86633. ilana rothbein please remove this hate site
86632. Dana Wasserman  
86631. Ron R.  
86630. Joel Kershner  
86629. Rochelle Testa  
86628. Sarah Lustig  
86626. Robert Help stop the hate
86625. Lily & Louis Bernstein  
86624. David Boyt  
86623. Joy Friedman Please help to end hatred of all peoples by beginning with the removal of this link from your seach engine. Thank you.
86622. Moshe Mizrahi  
86621. howard rothbein please help to stop this internet anti-semitism
86620. Andrew M Denenberg  
86619. Ronnie Bernhard  
86618. marlijoy  
86617. Susan Gail this is disgusting and must be removed
86616. SARIT SHILO  
86615. Chrys Baltes  
86614. Robin Lipton  
86613. Scott Himmelstein This site is a disgrace
86612. peter thomas grunbaum weiss please do it as quick as possible !
86611. Eileen Cohen These comments constitute "hate Speech"
86610. Terry Smith  
86609. alfredsnowman  
86608. Julia Pyatetsky  
86607. Larry Kinbar Please remove Jew Watch
86606. Heidi Fuchs  
86605. sylvia rothbein people shouldn't use Google to spread hate
86604. Shoshana Natt  
86603. Violet Bailin  
86602. Mark Wilcox I am all for free speech, and I am a HUGE fan of Google, but this is too much. Jewwatch has no business topping Google's search returns.
86601. Rachel Fried  
86600. Herman Bram  
86599. Brian Kaplowitz  
86598. ruby  
86597. Etti Gabay This should not require 50k signatures, not even one.
86596. Viviane Levin  
86595. Gerald H. Barkan  
86594. Jen Feldman This is hateful and unacceptable.
86593. Shel Lieb  
86592. david stoeckel  
86591. H.Marish  
86590. Renee Herzberg It's abhorront!
86589. Michael Rindler  
86588. Sandra Hecht  
86587. Leonard Bloom  
86586. nelson tunon  
86585. devera Richter  
86584. Paul Klanderud  
86582. ron  
86581. Ron Greenberg disgraceful
86580. Shlomo Benarroch  
86579. miriam tirschwell  
86578. Hillel  
86577. Glenn Brown  
86576. avner kanfi  
86575. Eina Fishman  
86573. Mark H. Schwartz  
86572. Debra Wechter Friedman By allowing this site on your search engine you are promoting some of the vilest hate that exists......there is already tooo much hate in our small world.
86571. Romualdas Incirauskas  
86570. Hope Eastman  
86569. meyer krauss  
86568. Michele Bennett  
86567. Chedva Deutsch  
86566. David Spitz Disgusting
86565. Sabrina It's just horrible and inappropriate.
86564. Marcia Cooley remorve this obscene site
86563. howard niad  
86562. Margery Bean  
86561. Fernando  
86560. Aviva Sinervo  
86559. Jacqueline Mallett  
86558. Carol Goldstein  
86557. Steve Steinberg  
86556. Jason Flatowicz  
86555. Florence Rigby  
86554. Shirley Lamb Remove... it is disgusting
86553. Marvin Schotland  
86552. Max Bobrov  
86551. Nat Cohen  
86550. heather  
86549. Judith Wolfe  
86548. Josephine Ross  
86547. Stephanie Leitner  
86546. Tina Nuspl  
86545. Erica A. Eugster  
86544. brian schreiber  
86543. Andrea Vogel  
86542. Sam Lubin I think this is very disgusting and should be REMOVED !!
86541. Bob It looks like this is a done deal, as you need 50,000 signatures and you have well surpassed this quota. Bravo!
86539. Maxine Libros a disgraceful situation. please change it.
86537. Liza Kramer  
86536. Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt  
86535. vered  
86533. Judith and Bob Goren  
86532. Sam Nimchonok  
86531. Brian Amos MArtin  
86530. Jessica Savitt  
86529. Ken Jarmel  
86528. Jennifer Jambor Please let me know what I can do to help.
86527. lo silverman  
86526. Heidi Nisker  
86525. Douglas A. Chaikin, Esq. Sergey, This shouldn't be on your website.
86524. Milton Weiner  
86523. Madeline Mason  
86522. Ellen Vanacore Thank you for taking care of this.
86521. Ben  
86520. tannis boxer  
86519. Ilene Asher jerks
86518. Laurie Cohen  
86517. Dmitry Please remove this site or in the interest of free speech, put it at the very end of your list or I will never use google again.
86516. Karen G. Fairbank  
86515. Edward Burger  
86514. Ana White Google's mission should be positive and one of brotherhood. Bring resources to people that will make the world a better place.
86513. Dean Zellman  
86512. barry young  
86511. Eleanor Weiner  
86510. Ittay Sharon  
86509. Courtney Kieschnick  
86508. Ruth Kane  
86507. Ari Friedman  
86506. Elliott Schiffmann strongly recommend removal of hate material from website
86505. rslomnicki this is disgusting
86504. madeline hesano  
86503. Edward Di Maio  
86502. bernice goldberg  
86501. Alan Alter  
86500. Jonathan Weiss The fact that this sight is listed in your search engine is an outrage!
86499. Monty Isserow  
86498. Cathy Crystal  
86497. jeff lichtman  
86496. udi yaric  
86495. barry mehlman  
86494. Noah Lull  
86493. Howard Brodie  
86492. Ellen Tencer  
86491. Lila Hollman  
86490. Anne Broyles  
86489. Joshua Rednik  
86488. Daniel Levinson  
86487. Marco Burelle Please. this has to stop
86486. Rivi Kurtz  
86485. Sondra Neuschotz  
86484. Robin Powel  
86483. lauren mahan  
86482. William R. Schuchholz  
86481. e  
86480. Johanus Haidner  
86479. Lana  
86478. Boaz Berkowitz  
86477. Marcia let's get this done!
86476. joshua muss  
86475. Mark Berger  
86474. Arthur Rosenbloom  
86473. Penny King  
86472. trena goodwin  
86471. Jamie as a jew I think its wrong to have sites like this available to the public. If children get a hold of the site it can teach them hate that wouldnt be good for anyone
86470. Gail Hershowitz Bad bad bad
86469. Laurie Kirschner  
86468. Jennifer Amias  
86467. Jeffrey Gorelick  
86466. Scott L. Tomar  
86465. Louise Ann Cohn  
86464. chanan  
86463. sheila connick  
86462. Jackie  
86461. andrew sirotto  
86460. Jessica Clements  
86459. Roberta Moss  
86458. Alison Gutterman  
86457. Kevin Waterson Remove this site
86456. Paul Steinberg this is terrible
86455. Chrys Baltes  
86454. Aaron Newman  
86453. Peter Daniels  
86452. Jason Abel While freedom of speech is vital, need not support hate even unintentionally.
86451. Mr. & Mrs Philip A Okun This is an inapproporiate use of the internet!
86450. Herb Heiman & Elaine Heiman Having "jewwatch" in the top ten is not a constitutional right. Maybe it should be listed in the bottom ten.
86449. Lana  
86448. Eden Torem  
86447. Mitchell Drucker  
86446. alana shultz  
86445. Martin Dobes  
86444. David Walters  
86443. Faye Davis I feel the jew watch site is completely out of order
86442. Steve Rozensky  
86441. Evelyn Isenberg  
86440. Steven M, Keisman Unconscionable that after knowing of the problem nothing has been done to rectify. I guarantee it will be done before your IPO!
86439. Jerry A. Gleason  
86438. Sheila Gelb Remove Now
86437. Tomer Kabesa  
86436. Selma & Sidney Leibowitz  
86435. melanie Segal  
86434. Margarito Otero Remove please a
86433. H. Wolpoff  
86432. Joshua Nash  
86431. Jan Cobb  
86430. Donna Wirt  
86429. Cecile Sandler don't push us too far or we'll push back!
86428. Norm Goodkin According to, the New York Times said, "Until February 2003, a user searching for a guide to the English city of Chester would have been presented with "Chester's guide to molesting young girls" as the second entry. After officials from Chester complained, Google removed the site." - Do the right thing and remove this site too.
86427. Aloha Saxon  
86426. Michelle Levin  
86425. Alan & Estelle Davis  
86424. Jill Heffron Please remove
86423. Bernard Kayman  
86422. Gale MacWilliams  
86421. jinel  
86420. George F. Tornay  
86419. Mimi Feigenson  
86418. jinel  
86417. Mark T  
86416. Elaine Sanel
86415. Barry Labendz  
86414. nadav  
86413. Alberto Lapicki  
86412. Sara Fillmore  
86411. Daniel Habib  
86410. j gold  
86409. steve disgusted
86408. jessica  
86407. Joe Freedman  
86406. Rikki Thompson  
86405. Marsha Kelly  
86404. Ronnie Schwartz  
86403. paul spector  
86402. Jennifer W. Lapine Important to remove derogatory prejudiced site to any ethnic group.
86401. helen rose  
86400. Daniel Levin  
86399. Susan Frank  
86398. Aliza Plas  
86397. Edith Ognall  
86396. Alvin Langer  
86395. Lynn Stander  
86394. ellada  
86393. David Fleisher  
86392. Barry Surely these efforts can better be used towards a peaceful world
86391. EWSELMANN  
86390. Luis Pajares Remove this stupid site
86389. calvin kramer and lenore kramer shame on you for accepting such a piece of trash in the first place! you deserve what you get.
86388. Peter Wekstein  
86387. Rochelle Levin  
86386. Rev. Charles Edgbaston  
86385. Jack Millman  
86384. Lynne Stewart  
86383. Karen Rabhan  
86382. josh michelson remove offending site at once
86381. Nitzan Salomon  
86380. Daniel Rabin  
86379. debora ioschpe  
86378. anna zinger  
86377. Scott A Koenig  
86376. Sheila C. Fiske  
86375. Wm. Leventhal  
86374. Craig Kelly  
86373. Zachary Berkowitz  
86372. Eric Solat  
86371. michael  
86370. izzy grafstein  
86369. Masha Labovitz Please take off this horrible, biased website!
86368. ross wolfson  
86367. Luba Rothblatt  
86366. Abby Berkowitz  
86365. J Levy  
86364. Bruce I Skolnick  
86363. kevin canant  
86362. Malcolm Shaffer  
86361. Claire & Erik Ambjor  
86360. linda barlow please confront this type of racism head on.
86359. mjsdvm  
86358. Dr MAY  
86357. Quinn Sauder Antisemitism is one of the worst forms of biotry. Please remove this hateful site from your search engine.
86356. Gayle Ellis  
86355. Christine Huvos  
86354. ed goldberg disgusting site
86353. Lance Bocarsly  
86352. Ian J Fiske EVOLVE! (stop the hate)
86351. Karen Forman  
86350. Max Berkowitz  
86349. Adam Baldinger  
86348. Rivkah its disgusting!
86347. Mosher  
86345. Paul Millett  
86344. Mark Bromberg  
86343. Jonathan Shein Dispicable web site
86342. Morton Bloom  
86341. Margargaret P. Misterly  
86340. Robert Karasov  
86339. Stacy Berkowitz  
86338. Beverly Deutsch  
86337. stan harris  
86336. Greg Fite  
86335. Faith Wender  
86334. Zohar Raviv Google is devoted to a quality that is far from being reflected in this hateful websaite
86333. Joel Shain  
86331. Beverly Stichman This crude designation to be removed
86330. Ronen Brown  
86329. Aaron Meyers  
86328. Alvin Gottlieb  
86327. Eileen  
86326. Estelle W. Kayman Jews are pro brotherhood, diversity!
86325. carina ben-zvi  
86324. Darlene C. Albert, D.C. this is a disgrace to google
86322. Jerry Marcuse Please remove this sight from your search engine and keep the high status that you build yourself.
86321. H M Brenner  
86319. David Rosenfeld  
86318. Steven Englander  
86317. Laura Livingstain please remove this offensive link
86316. Mirit Hemy  
86315. Jonathan Bach  
86314. Neil Tuch  
86313. Adam Riff  
86312. Helen Bagnall  
86311. Rachel  
86310. Stefanie Weil  
86309. David Bernstein  
86308. Rob Miners  
86307. Sara Intrater  
86306. Ian Carl Polin  
86305. Stephanie Arsht  
86304. Mr. ohana remove It incites hatred for fellow human beings.
86303. James Lustig,MD  
86302. esther gandal remove offending site please
86301. Adina Rosenthal  
86300. Rochelle Harris  
86299. Fran Ackerman  
86298. sandy  
86297. Marina Vilensky  
86296. Jeremiah Green  
86295. C. Zoller  
86294. Eric Gertz  
86293. Jeff Feifer Good luck with this worthwhile endeavor!
86292. Dr JOhn Borowski disappointing that antisemites have such high exposure on the net
86291. shelly kerker  
86290. Ziona Hochbaum  
86289. Rhonda Stoffel-Rudolfi  
86288. Carole Dorshkind  
86287. Nancy Margolis  
86286. David Moses  
86285. Joyce Utz  
86284. kathy adler  
86283. Stella van Laer  
86282. Marc Kerrest What is Google waiting for?
86281. Andrew Erlich  
86280. Deborah  
86279. harris verner  
86278. Elana Harris  
86277. Jodie Mablin  
86276. Laura Hellen  
86275. Camellia Ayres-Osterink  
86274. samantha garofalo will we never get past this ignorance?
86273. Ron The world should instead watch all the haters and the creators of websites such as these.
86272. Moshe Wieder  
86271. Loren Kahn  
86270. Ziona Hochbaum  
86269. Lawrence A THis site is horrible
86268. Richard Mechaly Makes Google look stupid!
86267. H Lowy  
86266. Simone Tarica Savdie  
86265. Rona Hart  
86264. moshe ALLON -
86263. Richard Katzman It is shameful!
86262. Francine Friedman  
86261. Stephen Lubofsky  
86260. Alex  
86259. cheri  
86258. Wendie Karel  
86257. Edith Kornberg  
86256. Janice Weinman  
86255. Bruce Olitzky  
86254. Gregory Albert this site is wrong and it should have been never been allowed to be put on a server!!!
86253. JUDY  
86252. Joe Gull  
86251. LORI CALMAN  
86249. lihi  
86248. Peter Nobes  
86247. Robert Kadoori  
86246. Larry Martin Shame on Google for featuring such hate
86245. David A frightening and dangerous site
86244. Dov Carmel  
86243. David Kronick  
86242. Goldstein Gush  
86241. Amit Kashanian  
86240. Stephen M. Goldner  
86239. Shoshana Fish  
86238. Lillian Fisher  
86237. Mark Friedman  
86236. Joseph  
86235. stephanie wanderman  
86234. Ari Fried  
86233. Robert Alan Wake  
86232. Helen Anderson  
86231. Janine Sheff  
86230. Mary Wondra  
86229. Yossi Remove Jew watch now!!!!
86227. joann All peoples should love and trust.
86226. S. Fine Remove this site
86225. Benjamin die anitsemitic pigs
86224. EMILY COHEN  
86223. mike powell  
86222. matt drillman totally biased and prejudiced, unacceptable
86221. martin salkow anti-semitism is pathetic!
86220. Ruben Yusupov I personally think all hate sites should be shut down under the new Hate Crime Laws (no this is not freedom of speech when it's hate speech and incitement) You still can get arrested by deceptively screaming Fire in a crowded movie theatre.
86219. Keren Vardi 100%
86218. melissa hessekiel this should be removed immediately.
86217. David baron  
86216. Pati Zaccaria  
86215. Mark Korson  
86214. Roger  
86213. Andy Day  
86212. Diane Hirsch  
86211. Janine Gordon  
86210. J. Abrams i love jews...and gentiles
86209. Sandi Lipman  
86208. Erik Lane  
86207. Adam Titcher  
86206. Mark Berg  
86205. irwin sater change name to other religions and see the reaction ,bigotted , nasty not american
86204. Donna Levinson I urge you to eliminate racism in any form.
86203. Elizabeth Lepley  
86202. Sidney C. Rabin M.D. Google sending out lies ?
86201. Gayle Pressman  
86200. Stephanie Felchlin  
86199. Michael Rosen  
86198. carolyn  
86197. Barry Weingarten  
86196. stanley sanders  
86195. Shainy Haim  
86194. Ercole Gaudioso  
86193. Sergio Seliger  
86192. howard rubin  
86191. Peter Tesone  
86190. Sarah Trilling  
86189. David Gottlieb Take that site off- A DISGRACE!!!!
86188. Christina Drum  
86187. J. Stern Your hateful, ill informed site needs to be removed
86186. shain kalmanowitz  
86185. Heather S. R. antisemitsm is way too much in our era today....unfortunatly some people cannot accept our beliefs, or even respect us as human beings which is completely absurd...we are all the same under g-ds eyes.
86184. Dan Blasbalg items dispersing hate have no place at the internet, nor should they be searched
86183. Annette Weingarten  
86182. Lynn F. Beliak  
86181. GayRifkin This site is a travesty
86180. C. Collins Instead removing Jew Watch, remove Sharon from Israel and Bush out of the White House and send them to Timbuktu
86179. Nelson Schneider  
86178. David  
86177. Addie Bendory I was appalled to see an antisemitic website come up as the first response to a search of "Jew" on Google. Even more disturbing was Google's response in which they proclaim they cannot do anything about this because of their "automated" search algorithm. That is a complete fabrication and Google must take action if it does not want to face a boycott.
86176. Mimi Rosenblatt  
86175. yael lubofsky  
86174. Ruby Newman  
86173. Chaim As a prestigious search engine you should know better!
86172. Beth Mersky  
86171. Erin Barlow  
86170. Mike Wolf  
86169. Mona Slomsky  
86168. M. David Atkin, MD  
86167. renee belcher Please remove this immediately
86166. morton chavenson get rid of this site immediately!
86165. Alan Meinstein  
86164. Kevin Kaplan  
86163. Melissa Chapman Although it is now the 2nd link, I still belive this should be one of the LAST.
86162. Laine' Moskowitz  
86161. Mark McKenzie  
86160. Mimi Rosenblatt  
86159. Eugene Sacks  
86158. Sabby Jonathan  
86157. David this is a disgrace
86156. Steve Weiner This site should not be #1 that comes up
86155. Matthew Blackman  
86154. Michael hain  
86153. Brandon Edwards  
86152. Jane Raitt  
86151. Robin Berloff-Levy  
86150. Maxwell Orchant Jews Rule! (every1 to my house for skinny dipping)
86149. Miriam Friedman  
86148. Sonny Steinman  
86146. Joshua Mintzer  
86145. yoni  
86144. Madeleine Fern  
86143. C Sutton  
86142. Gloria D. Epstein There is enough Anti Semitism in this world. Google MUST NOT help foster it.
86141. joseph friedman  
86140. kenneth tarlowe  
86139. Sandra Schur  
86138. jessica bridge  
86137. Avraham Cohen This is a racist hate inciting site.
86136. yeheskel shamash-halevy they're jealous
86135. Dave Minden  
86134. Ariela Benit  
86133. cristine g card  
86132. Bill Bargeman  
86131. Rabbi Gary Ellison Please at least lower the ranking of this inflammatory site!
86130. Moti Lowenstein  
86129. Dave Hines Love your search engine... can't support random hatred. Until the site's gone I won't use your site.
86128. Halli  
86127. Yana  
86126. Leno Sislin  
86125. Mike T  
86124. Barbara Grossman Get it off - it's horrible
86123. Steven Vinacour This site must be removed and others stopped from doing this again
86122. Ruth Fox  
86121. Andrea Lucas  
86120. Bill Wallace  
86119. Hyman Schipper  
86118. debby  
86117. gary novick  
86116. Rose Ellen Morrell  
86115. Eli Zifrony  
86114. Dave & Lorraine Kaplan Remove from Google search engine
86113. Maurice Goldstein  
86112. simon assouline  
86111. rony there are more than 6 million reasons why anyone should resist such sites!
86110. B Walzer  
86109. Melvin F. Cohen  
86108. Natalie Chason  
86107. Janie Gumpert  
86106. Jeffery Segal  
86105. Dori Adelman  
86104. Charlie Paradise  
86103. michael warman  
86102. larisa abayev  
86101. Steve Riskin please remove
86100. David F. Bergad  
86099. Josef Singer Google can certainly influence the placement of search results, and can refuse to place a site at the top of a list of search results. The jewwatch site certainly manipulated the Google algorithm to find itself as the FIRST match! Maintaining this entry is not intellectual honesty - it is rewarding jewwatch for deviousness
86098. Paige  
86097. Lenette Jørgensen  
86096. Pearl Kushner This website is horrifying
86095. Andew Rader hate speech is not free speech
86094. Laura Sardilli  
86093. Marlene Bigman  
86092. Mark Abraham  
86091. Romy Sklar  
86090. Trevor Harris  
86089. Kim Allen  
86088. Jeffrey Goldman This is terrible.
86087. Walter L Lachman  
86086. Jessica Hildebrandt  
86085. Gordon Louis Aronoff  
86084. elaine mcbride  
86083. Seymour Simons  
86082. aknv tso  
86081. Roberta Kahn  
86080. Linda Cole  
86079. ellen berman  
86078. rachel no end to the anti-semitism plague
86077. morris wolfson  
86076. J Shaw  
86075. george reinhart disgusting
86074. Leo Gottesman Remoove or Be Remooved as default S.E.
86073. Joshua Stein  
86072. Matti Moore  
86071. marvin karmen  
86070. John Herzberg  
86069. Bridget J McHenry Ali  
86068. Lauren Zimet  
86067. H KOVED  
86066. Eric G Steinhardt  
86065. Norma Lottenberg Semer  
86064. Bonnie Donitz-King  
86063. VM  
86062. Joel Kahn  
86061. Sandra Schur  
86060. N. Zohar  
86059. S KOVED  
86058. Gloria Lassman this is dispicable-remove immediately
86057. Ori Franco  
86056. Harriet Pearl  
86055. Max Tucker  
86054. Lauren Rodolitz  
86053. Robert Busman  
86052. Jessica Pijoan  
86051. ira hurvitz  
86050. Brian Pollack  
86049. TangareneB  
86048. MIchael Statman  
86047. David Hoch  
86046. Kate Wharton  
86045. R Erlich  
86044. Alan Oberman  
86043. Mikael Katz-Lavigne  
86042. Melissa Roeder  
86041. Talia Bergman  
86040. Prof.Gershon Holcberg  
86039. Sharyn Rothstein Please remove JewWatch
86038. Ron Noy please remove it
86037. Gabe Farkas  
86036. Lillian Wilkow  
86035. Judith A Shechter get this disgusting site off Google
86034. Jennifer Weaver please remove this trash as soon as possible
86033. Betsy Ritter  
86032. Ellen Kaye We all have responsibility when allowing (implied or direct) others to represent ourselves. This is a sad commentary on Google's passivity and acceptance.
86031. Debra Hirshberg  
86030. Amy Tessler  
86029. John Gallo how low can one get
86028. Kathy Ballinger  
86027. anita pearlman  
86026. Sue Ellen Koeach  
86025. Dorothy w.. Sagel  
86024. stefan zucker  
86023. OSI  
86022. nancy wolf  
86021. Roger Margulies  
86020. phyllis vego  
86019. B. kohn  
86018. Keren Bensoussan  
86017. mike rivers  
86016. Roseli Birenbaum  
86015. Dale Schatz  
86014. bobby ginsberg  
86013. Gary Kaplan  
86012. jerry polaniecki  
86011. David F. Sagel  
86010. Hannah Donati  
86009. Jennifer Litowitz  
86008. jennifer temkin  
86007. Michael Shubitz  
86006. Carol Leyba  
86005. Steve Patrick  
86004. Simon Levine  
86003. Lisa Buhai  
86002. Stanley Rosen  
86001. Henry Ring  
86000. J Vickery Remove this association link
85999. Yvette Rosas  
85998. Valerie Mendelsohn  
85997. Linda Cohen  
85996. Rhoda Steiner  
85995. Marcelle Jennings  
85994. David Bilfeld  
85993. Joan Schwartz  
85992. donna grossman remove hate from internet
85991. jane sender  
85990. Phyllis Cohen  
85989. Lynne Bowsky  
85988. kathy peykar  
85987. Lauren Lebowitz a website like that is disgusting
85986. R. Klein  
85985. Martin & Joy Carol Schenk  
85984. B. Winograd  
85983. s berkey  
85982. Asher Karoll  
85981. Robert Holberg  
85980. Yael Rosenberg  
85979. Joan Steinberg  
85978. Michael Helmus remove content as requested
85977. Therese Ritter  
85976. Alan Leibovitch  
85975. Kathy Rives  
85974. Courtney Rangen  
85973. Frances G. Williams  
85972. William Schreiber  
85971. KDVE  
85970. Dan Fax Are you aware all the other search engines display Jew Watch in their listings also? Altavista - 10th overall and 5th after the sponsored links; Lycos - 6th overall and 3rd after the sponsored links; Excite - 2nd; Yahoo - 23rd; - 7th overall and 4th after the sponsored links; just to name a few. So Google is just the being of your battle. Peace & God be with you
85969. Laura  
85968. Keith Mathison It is unconscionable that such a site would make it to the top of Google's search engine. What are your standards???
85967. carl margolioes  
85966. James Reilly  
85965. Steve Ruzansky  
85964. Betsy Chase  
85963. Ellen Abrams  
85962. Alvin S. Trenk  
85961. Sue Haith  
85960. Matt Wright  
85959. gary kotler  
85958. Michael Heymann  
85957. donald kaye  
85956. Rochelle Nelson  
85955. Judith Schwartz  
85954. silvia  
85953. Renee Kropnick How dispicable!! How can you allow this to circulate?
85952. Lisa B. Kossiver  
85951. Natalie Vo  
85950. Garrett Solomon  
85949. Manuel L. Bardash  
85948. Keith Swift  
85947. Joan Nachmani  
85946. Ken Kelley if you can drop links to the city of Chester, you can drop links to "Jew Watch"
85945. Gary Kabakoff  
85944. Gene Greenberg  
85943. wajsbrot  
85942. ricky  
85941. Florence and Eli Nadelman Remove jewwatch from google
85940. Fiona Brodie  
85939. Peggy Lieberman Know you will agree to remove site
85938. Lawrence Franklin REMOVE JEWWATCH
85937. raymond d. shaffer  
85936. Aaron Dones It's now #2, but these types of sites should not be listed or promoted at all.
85935. monica kwilovski  
85933. Andrea Wertheimer  
85932. Tina Isn't there enough hatred in the world without having this site??!!
85931. Alysa B. Tannenbaum  
85930. jamie cohen  
85929. jennifer chowdhury  
85928. Barry Feinblatt  
85927. Norman E Friedman  
85926. Caleb Loder Molesting Girls: bad. Hating Jews: none of our business. Google. Priceless.
85925. Rick James Until February 2003, a user searching for a guide to the English city of Chester would have been presented with "Chester's guide to molesting young girls" as the second entry. After officials from Chester complained, Google removed the site. Why won't they remove this one?
85924. Charles Altman  
85923. Michel Hoffberg  
85922. Randee Lieppe  
85921. Fred DeCanio remove it immediately
85920. Barbara Jarol  
85919. Donald Wolfson  
85918. rachel oz  
85917. elana  
85916. ricky novick  
85915. Joyce Zweig  
85914. Lindsey Feinstein remove this hate site
85913. Susan Immergut  
85912. Richard Krantz  
85911. dawn segal  
85910. Penny Block  
85909. Miriam Rubin  
85908. julie jacobs  
85907. Wendy Grean REMOVE ASAP
85906. Jeffrey Sandman  
85905. katz  
85904. Shana Steinberg  
85903. heather hagen  
85902. Stanley H. Richards  
85901. Adina Kling  
85900. Darlein & Norman Stein  
85899. Susan Kaplowitz  
85898. Carol Greenfield  
85897. Gusti Frankel  
85896. Barry Stein  
85895. Rahamim Zohar It is like terrorism it starts with honest opinions, and it lead to be where we are today. It should be remove and as well any similar for other nation and religions.
85894. manuel kaplan please remove this site
85893. Mark Instone  
85892. sandra lowenthal  
85891. Michael Heitner  
85890. Michael Dean Shame on you.
85889. Martin Jeffrey Goldstein  
85888. Benson David Evans  
85887. Li Mitch disgusting. REMOVE IT NOW
85886. ruchama woolf well done
85885. Philipp von Piechowski (Germany)
85884. Stew Barcham  
85883. Elaine Shapiro  
85882. Brandon H. Woods  
85881. CCS  
85880. Jeffery Feinstein  
85879. Edmundo Gonzalez  
85878. Jacob livingston  
85877. Stephen Roth  
85876. Kobi m Technical excuse is a bad reason to have this stuff available
85875. michael riback  
85874. Lynne Charkham  
85873. a. samuels WHY ?
85872. oren gold  
85871. Ronni Gallup  
85870. Karen Richardson  
85869. I Fire  
85868. carmil  
85867. Mr. Lion Only if slanderous to jews does Google keep it in.
85866. Richard Wisotsky  
85865. Moshe  
85864. Cecily Medvedovsky It is terrible!
85863. Emma Wallace  
85862. Margaret Rolfe This site is vile. I certainly wouldn't want my children to pull it up when searching for a history paper.
85861. Shirley Fortier  
85860. Jonathan Glickman  
85859. Slava  
85858. Ella Schwartz  
85857. Denise Herman  
85856. Len Lichtstein  
85855. Rhona Kershnar  
85854. Michael Janks  
85853. David Fishman  
85852. isac natan google should not allow this in the first place.
85851. Micole Cohen Richter Please remove this disgusting site!
85850. janis goldberg  
85849. Natasha Karpasov  
85848. Sheila Weisberg Why would comments be required for this garbage?
85847. S. Barnett  
85846. Inger Brinck  
85845. Lesley Buck  
85844. Mark Shedletsky  
85843. Lenny Flug  
85842. ellie  
85841. Shmuel Silber  
85840. G. Bloom  
85839. Elayne  
85837. Marlene Tambourine  
85836. Sabina Christensen Remove!!!
85835. William Magee  
85834. TaylnStorm  
85833. Sanford M. Lebman Please remove
85832. ira schlussel  
85831. Rich Mentzel incredible something like this exists....
85830. david yorke  
85829. paul skolnik all hate rubbish should be removed
85828. H. Guttman  
85826. Jerome Albenberg Remove this and all other clearly anti-Semitic material from your Search Engine
85825. People you should remove that page because there is alot of antismitism in the world and we don't need more.
85824. Jared Brandt Look out, cuz were a comin!
85823. blue  
85822. David Goldman give us a break and put thedse idiots in a dumpster
85821. yair M  
85820. Jonathan Greene  
85819. Inga Thomson Hilton  
85818. Carol  
85817. betty clarick  
85816. Libby Eskin  
85815. David Rosenbaum  
85814. wertheim  
85813. Risa Van Hatten  
85812. yehoyahin  
85811. Grace you should remove that page because there is alot of antismitism in the world and we don't need more.
85810. Lois Lebman Please remove
85809. Marty This site should not ne supported by Google
85808. Ed Rabinovich  
85807. Julian Aroesty  
85806. Debra and Ralph Therrio  
85805. Kenneth Kahn Remove the site
85804. Sandi Kaplan  
85803. david dener  
85801. George Truesdell  
85800. Penny Rovner  
85799. susan giangreco  
85798. David Maxwell I'm shocked that this problem exists!
85797. steven weissman  
85796. friedacohen  
85795. Arne B. Sandberg  
85794. Dan Zoloth Dorfman  
85793. Shirley Rosenberg No excuses, Google! Remove at once!
85792. lou sacks want removal
85791. Mitchell Weiss  
85790. Mark A. Butterworth  
85789. Cecile This is incredible. Shame on you, Google. Have a conscience and remove this website now!
85788. Beverly Karon  
85787. Kate Ashley  
85786. Micah Levy Thanks for getting rid of this obscenity.
85785. Michele Bernier  
85784. susan schmidt remove immediately!
85783. Ellen Levine  
85782. Amber Savitt please remove this offensive site from Google
85781. Neil Leibowitz  
85780. dennis saide disgusting
85779. Stephen Schwartz I see that the site is now 4th on the list. While that is an improvement it is still inadequate
85778. Ruth Broch  
85777. Jody Ruth Steinhardt š
85776. Barbie Shore  
85775. Rob Seidenglanz not cool man
85774. Sidney Leever  
85773. Marcelo Stermer disgusting!
85772. michael basch remove this site
85771. edgar aub This should never have been accepted by Google in the first place. Disgraceful!
85770. Michael Goldberg  
85769. Laurie Skriloff  
85768. Sanford Karoll  
85767. Norman Vinacour Disgusting site
85766. Howard Gunty  
85765. Norton Shapiro You guys should know better than this. This may belong on the Internet but not as the first page that comes up. Racism and prejudice have no place in the USA.
85764. Aviva Truesdell  
85763. isabel acht de spur  
85762. Narissa Culiner  
85761. JOY GRAMA  
85760. Michael Schoen  
85759. sue e schiller  
85758. David Wasserstrom  
85757. Billie HERSHENBERG  
85756. Gail  
85755. Jonathan Pressler  
85754. Suzanne Griffel  
85753. Lori Wolfman  
85752. Linda Arva Shame on Google.
85751. Ervin Sebag  
85750. Andrea Schur  
85749. Linda Winter  
85748. Hadis  
85747. C. Steinberg  
85746. elaine nagata  
85745. Jack Franco  
85744. Norman Hall I strongly request removal of
85743. Constance Lindemann  
85742. Don Handelman  
85741. s weiner Please remove this website ASAP!
85740. eyal  
85739. B.Williams ...enough alreadry !
85738. Dikla Carmel im appalled
85737. Alan Miklofsky  
85736. evelyn aub This should not be carried on any search engine!
85735. Stanley Rubinstein  
85734. adam hes  
85733. Harriet Permut  
85732. ilene green  
85731. Howard Soloman  
85730. Amy Bell  
85729. S. Fyman  
85728. Beth Sulman  
85727. Ellen  
85726. Catherine Gross  
85725. P. Pascucci  
85724. Kim Gentin  
85723. Susan Ain  
85722. Seth Rosenblum  
85721. Ken Roth  
85720. sandra wortzel  
85719. Mrs. P. Biton please, keep google clean!!!
85718. Daniel J. Chester  
85717. maggie kaye  
85716. Catherine Pieters  
85715. David Marc please cease indirect promotion of hatred
85714. Adrienne Chadwin This is deplorable.
85713. julie  
85712. Donald J. Barnett  
85711. Ilya Musicante Get rid of the site
85710. D Anolik  
85709. Richard Zabell  
85708. suzan eveleigh  
85707. Rachel Edelson  
85706. Herbert Berler  
85705. Stacy  
85704. Ariel  
85703. esther  
85702. Hal Monheim You have got to be kidding me!! This is America and the year is 2004!!
85701. Sharon Zandman-Zeman  
85700. Elizabeth Stewart Racism is appalling and should have no place in Google
85699. Nicki Stein It should be incumbent on all search engines to have hateful sites removed from their list. Inciting hatred is not freedom of speech. What ever happened to the principle of screaming Fire in a crowded theatre as a violation of free speech? Where is public responsibility in preventing hatred from taking root? If you don't prevent hate then you are guilty of it!!
85698. martin miller  
85697. Dan Litt  
85696. Ori Porat  
85695. Douglas Zipes  
85694. Kenneth Bernstein Remove JewWatch now!
85693. Michele Willner  
85692. a Wilton Remove this rubbish
85691. Adi  
85690. gary barber  
85689. HARRY M. MOSS  
85688. Andrew Binstock  
85687. F. Levin Please remove this site from Google. Thank you.
85686. E. Berkowitz Disgusting, unless removed I will not click @ google
85685. florence and richard knopf  
85684. Mark Lewis  
85683. David Thomas  
85682. Heather Rowen  
85681. michael slomak  
85680. Marla Schuster  
85679. Jeff Marchi This is an unacceptable use of search engine technology to increase the visibility of a hate group.
85678. James H. Chalat  
85677. Dr. Vincenza Rose Marash  
85676. Stephanie Hopmayer  
85675. ricardo henriquez  
85674. Jenny Dean  
85673. sonya proctor  
85672. Leora Berkowitz  
85670. Jay Cherniak  
85669. denise slomak  
85668. Jill Sachs  
85667. Fran Snyder  
85666. alejandro  
85665. cecil cherns  
85664. r hecker  
85663. Jacob Bellinsky This site encourages hate and antisemitism
85662. Irena Zavarsky š
85661. Lavie Tobey  
85660. ritchie singer I salute you Mr Weinstock!
85659. Cheryl Knowles I understand the problems this must create for Google in terms of "censorship", etc. However, it may be time for all of us to step forward and do whatever is possible to stop the facilitation of hate toward any group.
85658. Sharon Ferrari  
85657. Justin DiPierro  
85656. Ran Kapri  
85655. CAROLINA  
85654. Mor Ben-Ephraim  
85653. Fiona Chiffony  
85652. Calder Spence  
85651. Anne Eastham  
85650. Arlene Rubinstein  
85649. Rachel Megibow  
85648. Miles Kahn  
85647. Susan R. Rosen  
85646. Beth Goldsmith  
85645. Audrey Adams  
85644. Andrew Willner  
85643. Richard Irving  
85642. Richard Kline There is no room for any type of hate literature anywhere.
85641. adilev  
85640. Elenna Stauffer  
85639. dorothy google needs to show some responsibility
85638. Elkie Willner  
85637. Robin Wolf  
85636. ron benton  
85635. Peter Barbour  
85634. Ben Cohen I'm horrified
85633. Steve Willner  
85631. Ryan Fields  
85630. Lin Zelcer  
85629. toby  
85628. Michelle Coombs  
85627. Louise B. Andrew MD JD  
85626. Cynthia D Schwimmer Please remove this site as it promotes hate!
85625. Gerald S. Schur  
85624. Liora J. Cobin  
85623. Jeffrey Krupp  
85622. Rabbi Loren A Sykes  
85621. Naomi Strauss  
85620. Kate Cross  
85619. M Klompas  
85618. David K. Barnes stupid and appalling
85617. Bev Finkelstein  
85616. minna barrett  
85615. Jonathan Shoham  
85614. renee winkler  
85613. Morris Grossman I thought we were through with this mishigos
85612. Talia Day  
85611. Robin Schreier  
85610. Linny NO more hatred. Google you should know better!Remove this site now!
85609. Jenifer Newman  
85608. A. Strom  
85607. Margaret Corchnoy  
85606. Laraine Carroll please remove this as soon as possible
85605. Karyn Haupt disgusting
85604. Janet Cohen  
85603. Abigail Leibowitz  
85602. Steven W. Miller Please remove this horrible site
85601. Julie Bernath  
85600. Cheryl Williamsen  
85599. Thomas Benoit  
85598. Bonnie Levin  
85597. Marc Singer  
85596. Dan Bellows  
85595. S Mermel  
85594. Patrick Poty  
85593. Abby Wikler  
85592. Melanie Greenberg  
85591. jjjz  
85589. Rosanne Strucinski  
85588. jerry klein  
85587. Talia Wieder  
85586. heidi get rid of it
85585. Perry Dubinsky  
85584. B. Ross  
85583. Abba Cohen how disgraceful!
85582. Warren Mitchell  
85581. Wendy Weisberg  
85579. JRG  
85578. M Tobias  
85577. Erick Weingart  
85576. Lori Brenner  
85575. David Gottlieb  
85574. Leah Karp  
85573. Scott-Robert Shenkman  
85572. Shira Lazar  
85571. Tomas Gold  
85570. Ryan Bolton Absolutely ridiculous that this still exists in 2004.
85569. Amy Z. Kornfeld I think this site is disgusting and should be removed immediately!! I love Google as a search engine. I even have it as my home page. But I can easily switch to another search engine if this deplorable site is not removed ASAP!!!!
85568. Ira J Rimson  
85567. Alec Anders  
85566. Sadie  
85565. Julie Teperow  
85564. adam bretholz  
85563. Gila Miriam Chait  
85562. Amanda Lucas  
85561. steven kass  
85560. Suzi Flynn Shame on you Google!
85559. Helen Simon  
85558. Connie Winokur  
85557. Joel Rovner  
85556. Rivka Morgan-Sherman  
85555. Walter J. Addison  
85554. horacio  
85553. Faye Klein  
85552. Shirly  
85551. Mary B. Hausler  
85550. carol linker  
85549. hertzl moezinia  
85548. Robert D. Jolton  
85547. Robin Platt  
85546. Alison Cohen  
85545. bhaddad  
85544. manya remove offensive site quickly for the sake of all
85543. Mike Topor  
85542. Kelly Andrews It is disgusting to see Google support hate groups of any kind.
85541. Gerald M Wolff  
85540. Helene Weisz  
85539. Kristen Boydston  
85538. Leslie Monchar  
85537. Leslie Spector  
85536. Lloyd J. Eisenberg  
85535. P. Marks  
85534. Michael Schack  
85533. Ralph Falack  
85532. Debbie Shosteck  
85531. Eliza Gouverneur  
85530. Nancy Young  
85529. Miriam Rotman  
85528. Lindsey  
85527. Martin Glick Absolutely appalled
85526. Anita Hajioff  
85525. chantal ittah  
85524. Harold G. Katzman no one should encourage that type of site, leaste of all a company like GOOGLE
85523. GARY KLAR  
85522. Phyllis Clark  
85521. Diane Katz There are way too many ways to hate people already. Please do your part to encourage peace.
85520. Harold G. Katzman no one should encourage that type of site, leaste of all a company like GOOGLE
85519. Dr. Betty R. Pardo A violation of the Public trust on you r part
85518. Ruth de l'Ecluse  
85517. terri koff  
85516. Robert Brown disgusting
85515. Joel Feinstein Perhaps links to sites deemed sufficiently offensive should be in a "restricted" section, available only to registered researchers/ law enforcement agencies.
85514. Melvin Raff  
85513. TZIPPY KAUFMAN I saw some of the material and it is not accurate and verry anti-semitic.
85512. Renee Goff This is a disgusting misuse of an otherwise great search engine.
85511. Roberta Borer  
85510. Alan Sanders  
85509. van den Hoeven please remove JewWatch, thank you
85508. Deney End Hate on the WEB!!
85507. Adrienne Carr-Gathmann  
85506. harry mesh  
85505. Efim Irgo š
85504. Mark Ernest  
85503. Miriam Marcus  
85502. Michael Zell  
85501. Mary Ann Huckabay  
85500. Larry Gore  
85499. Harold Sutton  
85498. Joseph Morton There's no need for this tripe in civilized society.
85497. Dotti & Sam Bensussen There should never be any bias on WWW regardless of race, color or creed.
85496. Felicia Steingard this site should not be listed at all
85495. Rosanne Hahn  
85494. Dr. Michael J. Eula  
85493. John Ashford  
85492. isabelle jous  
85491. s. m. rousso hate is not the answer
85490. Bonnie Proctor  
85489. leslie kozupsky  
85488. Irving Statsinger  
85487. Aaron Rosenblatt  
85486. Philip Shapiro  
85485. mary raymond disgraceful-if not removed will notify alumni at 2 of the major universities in nyc to which i belong
85484. Diane Hess  
85483. Lois Corson  
85482. Shelly McManus  
85481. Ben Steinfeld  
85480. TOMAS KATZ  
85479. Zvi Horovitz  
85478. Sidney M. Grobman  
85477. Andrew  
85476. Ronen E Google is Run by aGerman Organization, Didn't you all know that ? You can't expect any better can you ?
85475. Stephan Uslan  
85474. Larry Rochman  
85473. richard maenza  
85472. Selma Flieder  
85471. Bette Edelstein  
85470. ABE FRANCO  
85469. Gorfinkel  
85468. Kenneth A. Isaacs  
85466. Hannah Bonelli  
85465. Mel Cape  
85464. Shimshon Ben - Yehoshua  
85463. Jimmy Katz  
85462. Larry Snyder  
85461. Debra Samuels  
85460. cecelia maenza  
85459. Mira Class  
85458. Leigh-Anne  
85457. Zeev  
85456. Richard Gerstman  
85455. Brenda D. Beberman This site is extremely anti-semetic and distasteful
85454. Paul Reisman  
85453. Janet Tallman, Ph.D.  
85452. Stephanie Bourassa  
85451. A  
85450. Irving Chandler  
85449. Neil Bander  
85448. Sharon Heit disgraceful site - breeds hatred
85447. Ed Allon  
85446. Franklin D. Nash, M.D. Set up:
85445. adela kahn  
85444. Melanie Michaelson  
85443. Rosalyn Ross Please remove this extremely offensive site
85442. Jack Sigman  
85441. Richard Gerstman  
85440. Michael Taylor This is an important issue.
85439. Jenny Steinberg  
85438. David Eyzenberg  
85437. H. Barmack Highly offensive. Please romove anti-semitic description
85436. Arthur Rosenberg  
85435. Ellen Pollack  
85434. Yoel Sberlo  
85433. h kirzner  
85432. David Wien This website promotes hatred.
85431. alan cohen  
85430. Nina Cannon I believe in freedom of speech, but if not removed, Google is promoting hatred and ignorance, not the message I hope they would want to convey.
85429. Arielle how pitiful - thought google didnt preach hate
85428. Guy Simani  
85427. Neil Caplan  
85426. Kelly Colson  
85425. Marc Wilkow  
85424. P. Grubman  
85423. Leslie Weisse  
85422. Elaine S. Friedman I read about this in the Chicago SUN TIMES and couldn't belive what I was reading. This is absolutely disgusting. Is Google a secret member of a nazi party?
85421. Perry Arenson  
85420. Nate Eisman  
85419. Karen Zucker  
85418. Paul H. berz REMOVE THIS ..NOW ..FROM GOOGLE
85417. David Sepel  
85416. Elana Behar  
85415. eric schulman  
85414. Shelby Kruger this should be removed or I will no longer use google
85412. Mary Ann Liquori  
85411. J Daniel  
85410. harlan shapers  
85409. Jason Cooper  
85408. Esther Silas  
85407. Mark Barchas Make it among the later listings.
85406. rod eiseman  
85405. Susan Kates remove
85404. Dee-Dee Sberlo GO DR. GOLD!
85403. Dina Spector  
85402. G. GALVAD You should be more selective of who uses your site. It's not only about money and advertisers.
85401. Caroline Morris how could you not remove this??
85400. steve tusak  
85399. Vera Hartog  
85398. Edna Lowi Ê
85397. Herb Mann Please remove
85396. Kay Barchas Make it among the later listings.
85395. Sarah Blaut  
85394. Jon Vogel  
85393. Jack Levine Good work.
85392. Susan Hayden completely offensive
85391. David Grupper  
85390. Kathy Griffith will not use google till site gone!!!!!!!!
85389. Robyn Kestenbaum  
85388. anne snyder REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
85387. Sheldon Rabinowitz  
85386. Richard C. Walters  
85385. Henry Novellas hatered is not the answer
85384. jules horowitz  
85383. david levine  
85382. Keith A. Kilby  
85381. robert g frieman i'll be watchingthis and will not use google until changed
85380. brett this is a disgrace
85379. Lisa Fried  
85378. Yaacov Shulman  
85377. Jessica  
85376. Sanford V. Lichterman  
85375. Jean Kangisser A racist disgusting article.
85374. Eldar Camron  
85373. Sara Hillis  
85372. William Rosenthal  
85371. Ronen Banemper  
85370. Debra McDonald  
85369. N R  
85368. Deanna Buhr  
85367. Barbara Lesser  
85366. richard soclof  
85365. Helen Freemonde Remove this from the internet
85364. miriam b chaloff  
85363. Oksana B  
85362. Peggy Erick  
85361. Keren Tsur  
85360. David Rich  
85359. Brian Litvin  
85357. URI  
85356. Judith kandel  
85355. Barbara Dorfman  
85354. michelle cutler  
85353. Richard Pantel  
85352. rachel miller-garcia please remove this right away, google has a , great reputation,keep it!!
85351. Caryn Rich  
85350. Lauren Berkun  
85349. L. Mitkoff  
85348. terri okerlund  
85347. Patricia L. Thorpe  
85346. ann g eisman this is the worst antisemetic diatribe I have ever seen. It looks factual but it is so unexplained, irresponsible and unvalidated buzz words that are rabble raising, this site is totally unacceptable!
85345. b.baliban goodbye freedoms
85343. Cas Marino thank you!
85342. Arnold Klein  
85341. Ellen Lewis  
85340. Tamara Tenenbaum  
85339. Henry N. Lehmann  
85338. Daniel Gohari  
85337. Baker Urdan  
85336. Jeanette Goldman  
85335. Barbara Marantz  
85334. Larry Holz  
85333. Marie Mayer  
85332. Robin  
85331. Gail Josselson This site is a disgrace and I hope it is removed from your search engine
85330. Autumn Dowdy  
85329. Gayle Weckstein  
85328. Hila Ziv  
85327. N. Charron  
85326. David Andrew Light  
85325. Barbara Archer  
85324. Mel Ehrenreich  
85323. Catherine Wallace  
85322. carolyn young  
85321. tom okerlund  
85320. elisabeth v. Tatum to become aware of this is horrifying !!!
85319. David Cobin  
85318. Idit Liberty  
85317. Neil Funkhouser  
85316. Robin Hamilton Not appropriate, be ashamed!!
85315. Joanne Greenspan  
85314. Darin Brock  
85313. Stuart Zellner  
85312. Stanley Bauman  
85311. Robin Deutsch  
85310. Mary Lou Belli  
85309. Lauren Fechter Lang  
85308. Matthew Polansky  
85307. s.brown vote democratic
85306. Warren Meyer Its ridiculous we even have to sign a petition
85305. Judith Becker Rubin  
85304. elaine nadell  
85303. nina blumenfeld  
85302. Jane Mason  
85301. Estrella de Marciano  
85300. Ira Bushman  
85299. Neil Ross  
85298. Ken Heidelman  
85297. Alan Treves  
85296. Ron Golan  
85295. Holly Podell  
85294. Lisa Vernon  
85293. Tracy R. Ourhaan  
85292. Linda Slone  
85291. Ellis Gee  
85290. Scott Nash  
85289. Rahman McGinnis  
85288. Judith Blumberg  
85287. Yoni Haroush  
85286. Nancy Rankin  
85285. Gary Levine  
85284. Ninette Polansky  
85283. miriam tobey  
85281. Debra Liberman  
85280. Hannette Allen  
85279. nancy tuber  
85278. Jill Pelavin  
85277. Erica Christ  
85276. Martyn Reuben  
85275. Roman Borodyansky  
85274. Patricia Corsiglia  
85273. Martin M Alter  
85272. Estrella de Marciano  
85271. linda joseph  
85270. Edgar Rapoport this is horrific
85269. Harvey Z. Yazijian  
85267. David Polansky  
85265. Linda Hata  
85264. Lynda Edelstein  
85263. Renana Ashuah  
85262. ritaoliel  
85261. nitza shamiss this is such anti jewish propoganda and it makes me sick that we live in the 21st century and we let the same propoganda go on that happened in the world during the begining of the 20th century that resulted in the murder of my entire family of over 300 people and only 1 survivor my grandma who survived on eating garbage for 6 years.
85260. David Herman  
85259. Joan Bailey  
85258. haidee Malkin this is disgusting - have we not learned about tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and religions
85257. Joseph Polansky extremely offensive
85256. raleigh rigler egad - how could you!
85255. Carole Mirlis  
85254. Robert Daniel  
85253. Sarah Salpeter  
85252. lisa smith  
85251. adam jonas  
85250. Miriam Klepper  
85249. Michael Sage  
85248. Darren Levin  
85247. Ruth Marks-Swift  
85246. Carol Block  
85245. Adam Kustin  
85243. Moshe Budmor I sincerely hope this helps and you'll remove
85242. Allan B Joseph  
85241. Mike Hart  
85240. joel silverman  
85239. micki dahne this is wrong
85238. Leon Hamilton  
85237. Carolyn Baskin  
85236. Alvin Goldsmith  
85235. harris cohen  
85234. David Cobin  
85233. Marc Gozlan I beleive that as a public service delivery as big as yours, you have an obligation to reject hate messages (sites) of ALL kinds. Anti-semetism in as ancient as humanity. It proves the highiest common denominator of ignorance.
85232. S.Daniels  
85231. A Montlake Thank you
85230. Jack Silas  
85229. ruth friedman  
85228. Susan Cook  
85227. Amir Kook  
85225. Sara Magida  
85224. Roberta Michaels  
85223. Jay Isco  
85222. Kathleen Heverin  
85221. orly  
85220. Robin Gold  
85219. Eric Spivack  
85218. Jan Smith  
85217. Opher Reviv  
85216. Z. Shamah  
85215. tom magariel  
85214. Susan Swadener You should not contribute to hate and anti-semitism.
85213. Christie Rigg Thanks in advance for removing from front-line status this hateful link.
85212. Melissa Raskin  
85211. Terry Owen  
85210. Anna  
85209. Tracy Epstein any site that promotes HATE no matter who it is against should not be allowed
85208. Maria J. TenEyck  
85207. Lior Yagil  
85206. LANCE STERN  
85205. Rose K Feder This is a disgrace
85204. Steven Rosenstein  
85203. Mikhail Chernyak  
85202. Michele Weiden  
85201. Jessica Gilmour  
85200. Brigitte Landesmann  
85199. Leanne Coen Brown  
85198. Martin Goldblum  
85197. allan kramer  
85196. Jill E. Herbert  
85195. thelma schwartz  
85194. Daniel Kamins  
85193. Ronit Arnsdorf Atlan  
85192. Adam Kestenbaum  
85191. Claire Wendland  
85190. Rochelle Kohen  
85189. Nicole Perelmuter  
85188. Burton stopnik This is a terrible blemish on an otherwise respected search engine.
85187. Miriam B. Goulding  
85186. Luise Burger  
85185. Ros Lichtenstein  
85183. Theresa Rosenberg  
85182. Amy J. Wolk  
85181. William Serfaty  
85180. Joanne Wiesner-Steiner  
85179. Audrey Wagner  
85178. Philip Melese  
85177. Sharon Geller Metal  
85176. Raymond Offman  
85175. Bob Ritter  
85174. Shannon O'Connor  
85173. jonathan flecker  
85171. Ohad Rodeh Spreading hate is -so- easy.
85170. Aaron Solomon  
85169. p davis  
85168. michael stark  
85167. Vivi Wiitala I find such a thing discusting, I am shocked at Google
85166. Marcy Thomas  
85165. Keith C. Burdt  
85164. Tina Monaco  
85163. itzik  
85162. Bruce Spitz  
85161. Nancy Needlman google gets money from the company to be first you know
85160. Hannah Linder  
85159. Lane Blondheim Demote/remove this site, please
85158. cynthia weiss disgusting site
85157. David Gabbai  
85156. karen Louis  
85155. Roza Futernik  
85154. Carol Ostroff  
85153. Arthur R. Nestrovski  
85152. Karen Reisman please remove 'Jew Watch' or place very low on your list
85151. Lester Wolff  
85150. Kenneth Altshuler, M.D.  
85149. Miriam V. Gold  
85148. diane meader Disgusting site. This is only the beginning if Bush doesn't stay in power. Even Sharon acknowledges that Bush is the only President in the past 20 years who has truly been FOR Israel and the Jews!!! All Jews should follow Sharon's lead and help get Bush reelected!
85147. Oliver Assiran  
85146. Robyn Herron  
85145. sheryl gold  
85144. Michael Diamond  
85143. Bruce Gladstone  
85142. Leah Pallin-Hill  
85141. Robert I would expect better from Google!
85140. M. Forte  
85138. Helen F. Krause, MD This only perpetuates a growing problem. It must be dealt with immediatly.
85137. Lawrence A. Wheat Hate is never an option
85136. Gilma Franklin Ramirez  
85135. gili  
85134. Hazel S. Stix I recognize your problem but perhaps some screening system could be set up to evaluate websites accused by many as being racist.
85133. Paul Krok  
85132. Allan Brett  
85131. Nancy Klein  
85130. Diane McKeague remove from the searchengine
85129. Shelley rudick  
85127. s lazar  
85126. Alberto Sapoznik Disgusting
85125. jaime lynn  
85124. Michael Sive  
85123. Chaya B. Neugroschl antisemitism is not to be condoned
85122. Raphael Ben Shoshan Who's behind?
85121. TAMayes  
85120. Helene Jaffe  
85119. neal spielberg  
85118. Stephanie how disrespectful
85117. shoshi  
85116. David Santeliz  
85115. Thomas  
85114. Chuck Brooks  
85113. Mia Catriela  
85112. Janis Wolkenbreit While all points of view have the right to be heard, this totally biased site should not be presented first in your list of results. Being first would make Google users think it was the "best" place to go.
85111. marika sacks I am tired of being afraid
85110. Sholom Cagan  
85109. beth grossman  
85108. Avram Bogopulsky  
85107. Deborah Miller-Phillips  
85106. Marisela Chaves  
85105. Miriam A. Friedman Please remove
85104. Erika Robinson This is disgusting - you should be ashamed of yourselves.
85103. Rich Katz  
85102. ali berlin  
85101. Rina GanMor