...then you'll hate Shitler's List 2: The Sequel.

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24000. Alvin Green  
23999. al abraham  
23998. Denise Norris  
23997. Abe Schwarz  
23996. Barbara Klein  
23995. Dave O'Brien Please remove the site from listing, or at very least insure that it is not the very first listing to appear.
23994. paula pernick  
23993. John Fish  
23992. Barry Chitwood  
23991. Nancy Berger  
23990. Mark Lipton  
23989. judi friedman  
23988. steve schein  
23987. Arielle F. In this day in age, when Judaism is taught and learned about, when Jews are in the media, being portrayed and portraying others, anti-semitism has got to go!
23986. Harriet Altman  
23985. Murray Wohlmuth  
23984. ashle fauvre  
23983. Alison  
23982. Darleen Green  
23981. Richard Peltz  
23980. Amy Rebenstock  
23979. jacob f. may,jr outrageous--remove offensive website
23978. zipora Shapiro I am shocked that you include this HATE website on your search engine
23977. Deena Carroll Please remove JewWatch.com from your site.
23976. stanley yudin Google is pissing me off!!
23975. Harriet Russ  
23974. Herb Goldenberg Totally unacceptable
23973. Jan Therkildsen  
23972. randy rothstein  
23971. Elysse Altman  
23970. Sigrin T. Newell  
23969. suz b harris  
23968. Steve Amoils  
23967. Dr. Marc Altman  
23966. sharon silverton  
23965. Adam  
23964. Andrea  
23962. Michael Radell, DDS please stop this hate site ASAP
23961. jordey j  
23960. nancy dover  
23959. judy  
23958. easton smith  
23957. Stacy Cooper  
23956. Doris K. Smith  
23955. Hank Kronick remove it now!
23954. Jeffrey Fine  
23953. M. Sahn  
23952. Anne Pullan  
23951. Judy Sabah  
23950. Andrew Pakula  
23949. Adam Rosen  
23948. Robert B Geller  
23947. Scott Beadenkopf  
23946. Henda Strasser  
23945. dora marquese  
23944. Nickie Garbeil  
23943. David Winer How disgraceful of Google to foster prejudice as well as require 50000 signatories
23942. BarbaraBartels  
23941. Rosalie Rellin  
23940. Neil berro  
23939. Sasha Michaels  
23938. Mike Rosenberg  
23937. Richard G Satz  
23936. JOAN  
23935. STUART L. MAY  
23934. Don Dungan  
23933. Roberta Gaberman  
23932. Sheryl Meitin  
23931. Vera Hirschman  
23930. stacey semel  
23929. Carol Kaplan-Lyss  
23928. Roy Bucholtz Website should not have been accepted
23927. Art Altman  
23926. Ferne Winograd  
23925. Jeremy Kotkin  
23924. peter sheerin stop hate and come together
23923. Marty Boikess  
23922. norman Peterson enough already
23921. Sandra Platzman  
23920. Sheldon Grimson This must be stopped!
23919. Nathan Kaplan  
23918. Carol S. Kestler  
23917. Francis Weil  
23916. Breana O'Gara  
23915. Ross D Seligman  
23914. Sheila Bressler  
23913. Rita Jacobs  
23912. Zach Woliner  
23911. Dorothy Bucksbaum Remove JewWatch imediately
23910. Ian Speigel  
23909. Lia  
23908. Beth Darman Stone  
23907. Sheryl Erenberg  
23906. H & M Duffy Unbeliveable!
23905. L Riess www.teoma.com is a great search engine.
23904. George Abrahams Disgraceful
23903. Judy Sherman  
23902. Erin Niznick  
23901. Stanley A. Bressler  
23900. amy josephson  
23899. David Rossett  
23898. vera markowitz  
23897. Vlad Van This entry has got to go
23896. Marshall Goldberg  
23895. Lois Kotin  
23894. Herbert L. Sirkin  
23893. Bruce C.  
23892. Dan Wilbers  
23891. Kristin  
23890. Karen Milstein Be a force for peace, not hatred.
23889. Naomi Goldman  
23888. Barbara Coe  
23887. Sheldon Pruss  
23886. Norma Kolko  
23885. Denise Castro  
23884. Carolyn M. Smaka Please remove this page! Thank you.
23883. harriet kaye-smith  
23882. Myrna Kaplan  
23881. Joan Edelstein  
23880. susan goldberg how awful
23879. S. Rabin This breeding of antisemitism must stop
23878. m. sharon  
23876. r.h.  
23875. David Ovadia  
23874. Rhonda West shame on them!
23873. Rebecca Cohen  
23872. Dorian E Raith  
23871. Lee Ann Canterbury Thanks for doing this!
23870. Marilyn Becker  
23869. Ena Griesbach  
23868. ann  
23867. Nadav Hendel  
23866. Josh  
23865. Rose Yesovitch While I don't condone censorship, that type of hatred should not be so easy to access.
23864. Mary Greenberg  
23863. Rebecca Kozodoy  
23862. Sara Rosenfield  
23861. Sharon Smith  
23860. emiaj lackab  
23859. melvin goldberg this stinks
23858. m. tuthill  
23857. R. Fleischmann  
23856. Kalil Hendel  
23855. P.Vermette  
23854. Rose Printz  
23853. Louis Brooks  
23852. herbert & evelynne saper  
23851. martin jacoby  
23850. David R, Sinigaglia This is DISGUSTING!!!!
23849. Estelle  
23848. B. Proctor This is totally unacceptable
23847. roy rosenthal  
23846. Lisa Kessler  
23845. harriet bass  
23844. Jan Berliner  
23843. S. Hirsch  
23842. sharon haight  
23841. Lee Nagler  
23840. Harold Margles  
23839. R. Fleischmann  
23838. Stewart Tabin  
23837. Shaul Hendel  
23836. Lillian Mauer  
23835. tom hollander  
23834. Robin M We should be promoting harmony not hate!
23833. Henry Botuck  
23832. David Adelman  
23831. Lisa Fulsom  
23830. janice rosen  
23829. Ruth Margles  
23828. Bernard Nachman  
23827. Dan Waxler  
23826. Rob S. If the first search result for easter was kill the bunny game, wouldn't we want it to be removed... same thing!
23825. Molly Rotman please eliminate this site
23824. Lindsey Robinson  
23823. KATIE We are brothers and sisters, all. Intolerance is meaningless. Love all, serve all, and the same shall be done unto you.
23822. Terry M. Greenstein  
23821. tamara selden  
23820. Walter Griesbach  
23819. John Freund  
23818. J.S.Fox Google and all major search enmgines are morally obliged to police for unacceptable web sites, no matter how hard this may be
23817. Debra Cantor Lo Od
23816. Jeff Ravel  
23815. judith and martin miller  
23814. marsha elowsky this is NOT education; this is blatant anti-semitism
23813. Ralph Friedberg  
23812. judi alter disgusting, disturbing..must be stopped
23811. Sara  
23810. Sam Reznik  
23808. Peter Bogyo  
23807. Sasha Sviridova  
23806. Kathryn Schuyler I think there should not be hate sites found through google.
23805. Marcia Adelson, M.D.  
23804. beverly stewart we need to rid the world of anti-semitism starting now
23803. Annde Levi  
23802. Rhonda Magid Vote Democrat in Nov.!
23801. Marcia London  
23800. Eleanor Novy Are you a bunch of skin heads?
23799. ben harris  
23798. Andrea Raijer  
23797. Manuel Edgar Kadish MD Please don't Imitate the EU !!!
23796. cara rosenbloom  
23795. Allen Rogers  
23794. Beth J. Seelig  
23793. David Plessett terrible hate
23792. david leffell this is a repugnant site
23791. David  
23790. paul lehrer  
23789. Rosanne Ziering you spelled anti-semitic wrong, please correct
23788. Maria Chang-Calderon Hate should not be promoted
23787. Doug Levi  
23786. Michelle Hall  
23785. marilyn  
23784. Michele Robinson  
23783. doris postal  
23782. Francine Cantor  
23781. Paula Amar  
23780. Allan Taylor  
23779. Marcia Burke Shear  
23778. Lindsay Gordon  
23777. arnold beililn  
23776. Loren Arenson  
23775. Anissa Gonenn  
23774. Ellen Steinberg What a shame organizations like this continue to exist
23773. Sigrid Kulkowittz  
23772. Marco Aguilar  
23771. hl ungar  
23770. Ann Anderson Please remove JewWatch.com
23769. Evan Weizenberg  
23768. Alan  
23767. Jonathan David Shear This is appalling
23766. Susan C.  
23764. n. jakubowicz  
23763. Jonathan B. Weiss  
23762. Anne Shackman  
23761. P  
23760. Beth Alper please GET RID OF IT!
23759. sharon  
23758. Gabi Mezger  
23757. Fraida Lakien  
23756. LM Wild  
23755. jerrie  
23754. Diana Levinson  
23753. Ronit Derovan  
23752. Janet Goliger  
23751. Joan Eshkenazi  
23750. Patricia Reagan  
23749. Judith Chasin  
23748. Allison Berg  
23747. Sarah Ingber  
23746. Jonathan Rubenstein  
23745. Leo Levinson  
23744. M. Weingarden disgraceful that these lies and distortions are online.
23743. Vicki Ginsberg  
23742. adria aronovitz  
23741. Stefanie  
23740. Robin Nachman  
23739. Solomon Jakubowicz  
23738. Eric Please remove JewWatch.com
23736. Ari Ben-Yishay  
23735. A Brownstein  
23734. harlene sperling  
23733. Joan Lapp  
23732. gad bensinger  
23731. elinor singer  
23730. Toby Arons  
23729. Ryan Raith  
23728. Meredith Yentis  
23727. Matthew Zimmerman Shame on you Google
23726. sharon barlev  
23725. Neal Krasnick  
23724. bernice freund  
23723. Judith Taragano  
23722. natalie tatz you should hide your face in shame for continuing this anti-semetic views and all that you are doing against world peace and understanding between peoples.
23721. Kathy  
23720. Nancy Deutsch  
23719. Nancy Shimon  
23718. Mitzi & Matt  
23717. Robert Plous  
23716. Nurit Ziv  
23715. marc  
23714. Juan Aguirre  
23713. Albert Lotto DMA  
23712. David Eiser  
23711. Howard Salus  
23710. Scott Goldstein  
23709. Stephen and Laurel Marshall  
23708. Murray Zeilinger  
23707. Steve Kaplan It's time to stop disseminating hate in any form.
23705. Marc G. The site "Jew Watch" is run by a white supremacist org called Storm Front! Why does it come up at the top of a Google search?
23704. B. Orenstein How about burying this site deep at the end of your list, where it belongs.
23703. Beverly Turchin  
23702. fhgfhg  
23701. Yuval Raveh It really should be removed.
23700. Daniel H. Berler  
23699. Howard Shimon  
23698. David Rosenberg  
23697. SLevinson  
23696. virginia Hardy Remove!
23695. Judy Cohen  
23694. Gary Fern Remove ASAP
23693. Marvin Rabinowitz. M.D.  
23692. Sue Kleinman  
23691. William Moore truth
23690. Paulette Schechter  
23689. Abraham Breziner  
23688. marcia  
23687. Amy Abramovich  
23686. Joe Bank Please remove immediately. There is no cedible reason to have to wait for 50,000 signatures!!!
23685. Adam Winkleman  
23684. ben chutz  
23683. Avi komorov  
23682. n.ross  
23681. Catherine Greenwood  
23680. Harriet Blatman  
23679. bill matthews  
23678. peter capucilli  
23677. elliot fine  
23676. Robert F Mayer  
23675. Marlene Klieger  
23674. A. D. Gorenstein hate websites should all be illegal
23673. D.Baum  
23672. Lucille Molinari  
23671. Ed Shems  
23670. sam berger  
23669. R Brodner  
23668. L.E.Kinsey  
23667. Michael Saul  
23666. Ruthie Cadesky  
23665. Alan Sinoff  
23664. stanley zupnick  
23663. Laird H Vermont  
23662. Lauren Green  
23660. ann k.berliner  
23659. Mark Kagan  
23658. Jackie Winograd  
23657. P Sparer  
23656. Jose Blatt  
23655. Jonathan Finer  
23654. Dave Cooperberg  
23653. Stan Pasternack  
23652. Edwina Cohen  
23651. Aletta Sinoff  
23650. Jeffrey Bassin  
23649. irvin h sherman  
23648. Ellen Heyman  
23647. Michael Kislyansky I am shocked that this site is still on line!
23646. Diane  
23645. Randi Simenhoff we want to continue using Google....please listen!
23644. Dr Richard L. Rubin, Burlington, Vt  
23643. linda & siggy Soudack  
23642. larry nussbaum  
23641. Harold Troum This is unbelievable.
23640. B.Hakimi  
23639. Anita Roye Shame on you!
23638. Joe H. Samet  
23637. Cara De Silva  
23636. David DeBoer  
23635. Richard Martinoff  
23634. Sara L. Cannon  
23633. Amy Rose  
23632. Clive Sinoff  
23631. Diane Rosenbaum  
23630. Carrie Gardner  
23629. Josh Kopelman  
23628. Landow  
23627. Bella Basen Please remove this site!
23626. Sandi Kerzner  
23625. Dan Wechsler  
23624. Bruce Komarow  
23623. Michelle K  
23622. moore  
23621. Seth A. Akabas  
23620. ronna nussbaum  
23619. Angela Himsel  
23618. Bruce Wolf  
23617. Liane Lunden  
23616. Eva Blaff  
23615. David Rose  
23614. Gerald Cohen  
23613. Polina Charfas It's USA We can't afford to let this happen!
23612. Elaine Beals  
23611. Fred Herman  
23610. Eileen H. Dunnell  
23609. suzanne kessler  
23608. Orit Shavit  
23607. Nancy J Curtis please disallow "JewWatch" on Google
23606. Judith Simons  
23605. Nina Waldbaum Ê
23604. amy alfred  
23603. ROBERT RADKAY disgraceful
23602. Terri Greenberg  
23601. Douglas Lakin  
23600. Simon Charfas Horrible thing to have on line!
23599. Stephanie Wechsler  
23598. Miles Mogulescu  
23597. Debra Kohn It should come up-but first????
23596. Peggy Snow  
23595. Ann Treidel  
23594. Eddy Hoffman  
23593. Nancy J Curtis please disallow "JewWatch" on Google
23592. Yael Schy  
23591. Sandra Glazer  
23590. James Kaye  
23589. Eric Lakien We must act - this cannot be allowed
23588. Steven Port  
23587. Rosa Grinberg Whrere is this going??? War was not enough?
23586. Carol V. Schwartz  
23585. Lya  
23584. oded samuel  
23583. Eugene Gorman  
23582. Abraham Kalina The page speaks for itself. It's a disgrace to humanity.
23581. Carolyn Berger  
23580. Marcie Greenfield Simons  
23579. j. abrams  
23578. Caitlin Blue google should connect us with valuable content not crap.
23577. margot schulman  
23576. michael wiener  
23575. zelma wasserman  
23574. Jeff Nemers  
23573. Lori from PA  
23572. Susan Dubin  
23571. mab  
23570. Mindy Zimmerman  
23569. Goldie Zaitlen  
23568. Gerrie Karasik  
23567. muriel rosenbaum  
23566. Holly Eby  
23565. Ilyse Robbins Mohr  
23564. stacy schwartzberg  
23563. Bernard Zimmer  
23562. Mary Lee Glaser Please remove JewWatch from the Google Search Engine
23561. Irene Nessac  
23560. Cynthia Korn disgusting and shameful
23559. Susan Frank  
23558. shaul leff  
23557. Jeffrey Barash  
23556. Marla Weinstein  
23555. Mark D. Strick  
23554. Harvey J Rosenfield  
23553. Dr Stephen Silverhardt MBA We jews have no place to call our santuary-not ev en Israel. But we will persevere until the world changes its aberrant views of us or we find that place in the sun we can call our own.
23552. Susan Goldsmith I'm very surprised that Google would allow this. It's taking Freedom of Speech to a hateful extreme.
23551. sanford wilk  
23550. Harvey Borsuk  
23549. david Koss  
23548. todd kingsley DISGUSTING!
23547. Carol Bucca  
23546. sam goldstein  
23545. Lena Basin Must be out of internet!
23544. Sam Berry  
23543. harris minstein hate mail is bad
23542. deborahryan  
23541. Alan Kauffman  
23540. Carla Springer I am deeply offended and will do everything I can to avoid supporting Google until JewWatch.com is removed from the Google Search Engine. We live in a troubled society as it is and such websites only add to the unrest that already exists.
23539. Marcey S. Strick  
23538. Marshall Zaitlen  
23537. Kate Wiley  
23536. bonnie remove jewwatch from google
23535. Madeline  
23534. L. Bowers Please do everything possible to be the best for everyone.
23533. Ted Semegran  
23532. S. Feretzis Jesus is a Jew is he included in the article?
23531. Mike Goldman  
23530. Rita Hoffman disgusting and intolerable
23529. suzi Malach  
23528. Jasmin Niku  
23527. Jill Bentley Saint  
23526. ARNOLD KANE  
23525. Alan Cohn  
23524. Barry Donenfeld  
23523. solange minstein please remove this and any sites which spread hate
23522. Dee Barr  
23521. Gayle Crossley  
23520. gary garfield  
23519. Steven Bentley  
23518. D Levy  
23517. Jaclyn  
23516. Ian Lloyd  
23515. Evelyn Albert  
23514. Jason Silverman  
23513. Craig Shapiro Can't believe you even need signatures to remove this....
23512. Lisa B. Cohen  
23511. JOYCE YAFFE  
23510. Scott Bentley  
23509. Elyse Zuckerman shameful
23508. Daniel Beer  
23507. anthony minstein please remove any and all anti-semitic web sites
23506. shaina michelle  
23505. RONNIE  
23504. Len Gratzer  
23502. Meredith Ray  
23501. Bruce Fowler  
23500. Gayle Schoenhaus  
23499. Karen Bentley  
23498. Ellen Valade  
23497. David Paperny Google is not a HATE-oriented service - fix it!
23496. Eliza Segall  
23495. ronald dushkin  
23494. Carole L. Whitehead  
23492. jenny hill hate mail should not be accessible from google's search engine!
23491. Mitch Bentley  
23490. sandra mayo  
23489. Marsha Kruger  
23488. cindy levin  
23487. Sarah BenHagai  
23486. Betsy Bertuzzi  
23485. Daena Silverman  
23484. Kathleen Rosenfeld  
23483. David Kushner  
23482. Janice Kirschenbaum  
23481. gig  
23480. Vycki Minstein Please remove jewwatch.com
23479. amit weinberg  
23478. Grace  
23477. Joan Bryan Lerner  
23476. Mallory Gershen Incredibly Offensive!
23475. moses grad  
23474. Amy Markon This needs to be addressed immediately. I hope you modify this search as it is not a reasonable association for a search under "Jew." Anti-Jewish or Jew -bashing/hating etc. would be an appropriate match.
23473. Margery Gould  
23472. ashley  
23471. Leon Stone  
23470. J Glaser  
23469. A. Roufa, MD  
23468. Vico Sharabani  
23467. Jeffrey L. Gardner  
23466. dianne gold  
23465. Naomi Shapiro  
23464. Marika Stone  
23463. Neal Crasnow  
23462. jeremy Schonwald Remove Jewwatch.com from your search engine
23461. Murray Low  
23460. Maxine Friedman  
23459. Josh Abrams  
23458. ELLEN DUBIN  
23457. FRED SIMON  
23456. Deb Armel  
23455. sheri Grad  
23454. Daniel Epstein  
23453. Sing Cher  
23452. JOYCE YAFFE  
23451. Dr.Robert Tauber Remove JewWatchFrom Google,Will not use until this is done
23450. Mark Kaplan  
23449. miriam linsey  
23448. Amy Chrisman Please remove this site immediately and thank you!
23447. Sheila This website should be banned from the Internet
23446. bert chessin  
23445. issy milner Will stop using google if it is not removed
23444. chris davis this is disguisting!
23443. bill silver  
23442. ron gold  
23441. Mark Friedman  
23440. Marlene Behrmann Please remove hate mail of all kinds from the internet
23439. Marc  
23438. Amy Cima Disgraceful and shameful that this sort of site is allowed.
23437. Kathryn Schuyler I think there should not be hate sites found through google.
23436. Stephanie DOWN WITH JEW WATCH!
23435. Carl Gerichter  
23434. Cleo Dennis  
23433. Steven Abrams  
23431. Alfred Winter  
23430. Florence L. Cohen  
23429. Janice Stein  
23428. Joan Cook  
23427. Doug Briggs  
23426. Frederic Rudt what price freedom?
23425. Jay Berke  
23424. J R London  
23423. Michael Rahimzadeh  
23422. Jean Lachman & Walter Lachman disgusting web site
23421. markmontag  
23420. Harrison Kornfield  
23419. Judith  
23418. paula newman  
23416. Carol A. Nove  
23415. J. R. Russak  
23414. Michael P. Stein  
23413. N.C. SHOTLAND  
23412. howard satinsky No excuse for nazis. Period ...
23411. Joan Rashti  
23410. stacy wiseblott  
23409. J Doley  
23408. Louis Meltzer hateful anti semitism must be removed
23407. Tamara Levine  
23406. Richard Kanter  
23405. maxine firestone  
23404. abi montag  
23403. Barbara Brodack  
23402. Claudia Oberweger  
23401. kerri barber please address this issue. thank you
23400. jeffrey cohen  
23399. Barbara Berman  
23398. Trish Vradenburg This site is reprehensible and anti-Semitic
23397. kerri barber please address this issue. thank you
23396. M Cooper  
23395. paul katz  
23394. Nancy Sperber  
23393. jeffrey cohen  
23392. Caryn Rich  
23391. Arthur Forman  
23390. Tom W. Mosser this is unacceptable
23389. Robert Cherofsky  
23388. Sande Marcus  
23387. Stephen Rosenbaum Google will regret if this outrage is not corrected
23386. Judith Hurley  
23385. Steven Green  
23384. Paul Christou  
23383. Ellen Federman  
23382. Joie Goodkin  
23381. F A Delinko-Peters  
23380. mark cuker  
23379. Ruth Barnes while this may be seen as a "free speech" issue, the level of hatred in the world is certainly high enough without google.com contributing to it. Thank you for listening.
23378. Candy Welner  
23377. michael krieger this site is abominable
23376. B J Dennis  
23375. Mark Friedman  
23374. Sid Kaplan  
23373. bobb  
23372. Arie  
23370. Kimberly Antal How very sad that there are people who have such venom in their hearts and souls!
23369. briana carman  
23368. Jill Price  
23367. pete fabs  
23366. Myrna Beer  
23365. stephanie weinstein  
23364. Reuben Margoliash It is downright obscene that Google allows such a site on its search engine.
23363. Judith Florian  
23362. Wendy Schildkret  
23361. Robin Kerr  
23360. Irving Green  
23359. doris montag  
23358. Daniel Cramer  
23357. allison carman  
23356. Carol Freeman Shame on Google!!!
23355. Joyce Groemmer  
23354. Steve Saltzman  
23353. bette katz  
23352. Mia Rosenberg  
23351. Sheldon B. Estrin  
23350. David Cymberg  
23349. Vadim Grinberg Not a good Idea to have this on line, we need peace!
23347. Ian Seagel  
23346. elissa rubin  
23345. tim carman  
23343. Richard A. Simons  
23342. james warner please remove this website from your search engine or i will stop using google
23341. Bunny Iskov We should all live and let live.
23340. Julia Neiman  
23339. Gary Soffer  
23338. irv G  
23337. Diane Stillman  
23336. Kenneth Romm  
23335. Barbara Stoddard  
23334. Harvey Pfau  
23333. or  
23332. Hal Silverman  
23331. bonnie Carman  
23330. Diane  
23329. Joan Dillon  
23328. pierre Rodman terrible site. please delete
23327. Dr. S.C. Delman  
23326. Carrie Coonin  
23325. Scott Berger what an outrage, what decade are we living in? remove this site!!!!!!!!!!
23324. Marsha Heller  
23323. Susan Tanzer  
23322. Jacqueline London  
23321. Beverly Zuckerman  
23320. Elaine Robin  
23319. Kelly Broder  
23318. joan heitner  
23317. Roman Grinberg Must be Removed!
23316. Stephanie Medlock  
23315. Constance Sohodski I am not Jewish, and I think this site is not only anti-Semitic, but racist.
23314. Ina Thompson  
23313. Al Dor  
23312. Murray H. Kideckel  
23311. Susan B. Kline  
23310. RotmanElian  
23309. Faye Totally disgusting...I am appalled!
23308. Marvin H. Weiner  
23307. marcelle massre remove this
23306. Nathan Ktiegler  
23305. shavie fagan  
23304. Henry W. Winkleman  
23303. Ann Gamsa I understand you can't censor any site that is offensive to someone; however, you can surely have a board or tribunal that assesses hate sites or other unlawful statements once they are pointed out to you.
23302. Tracy Barash  
23301. candy  
23300. sammi  
23299. Jill Cohen Please take care of this issur immediately
23298. Will G.  
23297. irene Rubin  
23296. Martin Stolzenberg  
23295. Igor Grinberg This is ridiculous!!!!
23294. Phil Daneman  
23293. Esther Rosner  
23292. Heidi Sokol-Weinstein  
23291. Daniel Asia This site is truly filthly. Please remove it pronto.
23290. Richard Nugent  
23289. Myrna Niles Please remove
23288. Stephen Freudenberg  
23287. Michael Wilson Please remove this listing which perpetuates disinformation and hate.
23286. William R. Hahn Is it that hard to remove a disgusting website?
23285. Sharon Lorsch It is very sad that you are helping to pass hate messages. I do believe in free speech but it works both ways. You have the right to refuse to pass on hate messages.
23284. Bruce Sherman remove thois antisemetic searth engine
23283. Brenda April  
23282. stuart berg  
23281. Bernard Faller  
23280. Sidney Fox  
23279. ellen lee  
23278. Rotman Maly  
23277. arilynlevine  
23276. Susan L How sad the world has learned nothing from history!
23275. Brian Mintzer  
23274. Ellen Ufberg  
23273. Robert Nemo Remove JewWatch.com at once
23272. fran kurtis  
23271. L. H. Title google should be ashamed. . .
23270. Steven Barouh  
23269. Don Halasz I would be ashamed to be affiliated with Google.
23268. Casey Schaeffer  
23267. f.b. wex shame on you. how dare you?
23266. LTC Kathy Platoni  
23265. me  
23264. DEBRA H.  
23263. samuel s veiner disgusting,untrue,and hatred inspired
23262. Thomas Adler  
23261. Robin Perlman Wayne we can't give up the war on antisemitism
23260. David Golding This is anti-semitic and should be removed immediately.
23259. Ira Quint  
23258. Linda Leon  
23257. Patricia Krieger  
23256. Len Lyons Google should remove all overt hate-listings from its database
23255. Jeremy Kagan What I prefer is that this offensive listing find its place somewhere hidden in the million other sites as even when words are horrid and bigotted I still find it hard to advocate censorship.
23254. Avi Richman  
23253. Freda Shevitz  
23252. Nicki Budin  
23251. edward zutler This site is antisemetic and should be removed.
23250. sally ravel  
23249. Jon Kaplan  
23248. Florence Katz just what we need in this country, more hate, darn it when are these animals going to quit coming out of the woodwork
23247. Barry Farber  
23246. Marc Simons I am shocked and appalled at what is legal and what isn't legal in this country, our government should be ashamed of themselves. Where is are the morals when it comes to things that matter?
23245. Doreen Abrams hate is not acceptable
23244. B.Kushner  
23243. Jill Kelner  
23242. Shula Meyerowitz  
23241. sara  
23240. Zvi Weiss  
23239. Valerie Pitt  
23238. Bernard N. Atlow  
23237. Olga š
23236. NFarr  
23235. Lisa Titen  
23234. Gary Silverman  
23233. Neil Kraitberg  
23232. Jerrold Isenberg  
23231. David  
23230. Alan Schindler  
23229. Jamil Sopher This website is really offensive!
23228. tracey Grant  
23227. Barry  
23226. Mark Goodfriend  
23225. jeff michlin  
23224. robert m. gordon Phd please remove antisemitic material
23223. david bronstein  
23222. Gary Silberstein  
23221. Elaine C. Atlow  
23220. Darryl Phillips  
23219. Kushner  
23218. Sofia Belostotski š
23217. Darlene Collison more sick stuff to feed sick minds...get rid of it !
23216. Anna May Eisenberg  
23215. Laurie Besmertnik  
23214. malcolm orland  
23213. Dr.E.TGreenfield  
23212. Dan Parsow  
23211. David Rogin  
23210. Dr able zalma  
23209. J Kramer  
23208. tom bacher digusting
23207. Greg Belostotski I would be embarrased to blame someone else for my failures. Jewish people live to build their lives not to destroy others.
23206. Deborah Calvert Lies and Garbage ! Remove ASAP
23205. Leon Schwarzbaum  
23204. Susan  
23203. Elizabeth Thatcher  
23202. david h. alexander  
23201. Rabbi Victor Gross  
23200. Patricia Weisberg Get rid of it
23199. Norma Uziel You should be ashamed
23198. Kate Tichauer  
23197. Arthur Getzel  
23196. thelma i do not support anti semmitism or any product that produces it.
23195. michael weiser  
23194. Mike  
23193. robert guss  
23192. Harriet Tenenhouse  
23191. Sally Goodstein  
23190. Janice Gordon  
23189. Joan B. Alexander  
23188. Mark Weiss Please remove this bigoted, hateful link to "Jew"
23187. chantal  
23186. Burt Kleinman We fought to eliminate this hatred in WW2.
23185. Susan K. Klein  
23184. Cynthia Selmon  
23183. Laurie Grad This is totally anti-semitic and MUST be removed from Google
23182. Miriam Fetterman  
23181. Ann Arenberg  
23180. esther kahn  
23179. pepper  
23178. jonathan marmur  
23177. KR  
23176. Cheryl M. Terry Absolutely terrible that this is required to rectify
23175. andrew steiman  
23174. Seth Baum  
23173. Sherry Lee  
23172. Yosaif August  
23171. Phyllis Weiser we are fighting an uphill battle with anti-semitism on the web
23170. Dorit  
23169. Richard W. Charm It's easy to go to Alltheweb.com or any other search engine
23168. Ann Arenberg  
23166. Nancy Sher  
23165. Aron Belostotski š
23164. Nancy Newman  
23163. Karen Levine  
23162. Arthur Rossoff  
23160. Harley Zukerman  
23159. zach friedlis  
23158. Mark Weber  
23157. Constance Rapp  
23156. Eva Vogel Ê
23155. Barbara Price  
23154. Al Benkert This is ridiculous that you have this popping up first, I understand and support the fact that it should be listed but how does it get to be first.
23153. Daniel Lewis  
23152. Maxine Goldstein Isn't there enough hate in this world to perpetuate more
23151. Janet Taylor  
23150. Lola Weber  
23149. Joe As real Jews, we have to cut off any antisemitic websites before we even know how bad & big they're going to be...
23148. Diane Davidner  
23147. Dave Schnitzer  
23146. rita pepper  
23145. Seth Baum  
23144. Steve Altarescu  
23143. Victor H. Frank, Jr.  
23142. Hillel Auerbach  
23141. Joyce Mandelblatt  
23140. Rick Feinstein  
23139. Kayla  
23138. diane polonsky i am outraged
23137. Maureen H. Fialkoff  
23136. Jane Moser  
23135. Barbara Moss there is enough hate without this
23134. Shelly Lipman  
23133. yael levin I am shocked and disappointed in Google for doing something so anti-semitic.
23132. susan fetner  
23131. David P. Leibowitz stop the hatred!!!
23130. Marla Parvey this site is horrifying!!
23129. Jeffrey Levine  
23128. Jane Lasky  
23127. James Starkweather really distasteful
23126. Barbara Goldberg  
23125. Judith Roberts  
23124. George Allen remove this crazy website
23123. Ann Kaplan  
23122. karen gersen  
23121. Stanley Nowak  
23120. Zena Taller  
23119. Debbie Rothschild get rid of it, now!
23118. ronnie rothchild  
23117. Ashley O'Shea  
23116. lewis h. seager  
23115. barbara steckler  
23114. Len Howard shame on you
23113. KG  
23112. Virginia Speaks  
23111. Phillip Barsky  
23110. alex hirsh  
23109. gregory freytis  
23108. Alan Klein  
23107. Nancy Bleeker  
23106. David Moser  
23105. Howard Goodstein  
23104. Ken Green  
23103. Stephanie Epstein I wish we could all just get along and be one big happy family.
23102. Sally Juarez Please do not let the wondrous tool that the internet is become an instrument of hate. While technology may be advancing, human evolution seems, at times, to take a step backwards. Please don't allow Google to facilitate that digression.
23101. Dr Michael Pilon In an ironic way such a site helps people realize how low some can go I am not Jewish so I am objective, Hate is hate somewhere someplace there is a supreme being who must be shedding tears at hate against his creations.
23100. Lisa Y. Karlin please remove this site immediately! thank you.
23099. Harriet Sandler  
23098. Carol  
23097. Meir Mazza keep up the good work
23096. Gail Rowinski  
23095. Chris Moser  
23094. gayle tauber  
23093. Joel Charles  
23092. Barbara Fletcher Disgusting....get rid of it...
23091. Kathie Greenberg  
23090. Joyce Wiza I love Google, but am having second thoughts. It can be amusing when your listings are manipulated to bring up the President as a weapon of mass destruction or such. But this is not funny with a site that espouses such inflammatory lies. It may be useful for this site to be available for research but would it be possible to somehow ensure that it is brought up by a search for antisemitism rather than a search for Jew?
23089. Renee Gold  
23088. Barbara please remove JewWatch.com from the google search engine
23087. Marcia German  
23086. Irving Kest  
23084. jo anne fusco  
23083. Leyah Farber  
23082. Barbara Asteak  
23081. Abigail Leffel Please remove JewWatch from your search engine
23080. Marcia Waxler very offensive
23079. Shira Kaplan  
23078. Anita perry  
23077. l malinoff  
23076. Barbara please remove JewWatch.com from the google search engine
23075. helene  
23074. Racheline Barda  
23073. Paul Werner  
23072. Justin Schwartz  
23071. Tamar Crystal  
23070. alex horn  
23069. patricia gantz remove jewwatch.com from Google search
23068. Arnold Goldfarb OUTRAGEOUS! FOR SHAME ON GOOGLE!!
23067. Rabbi Brian Beal  
23066. Janine Glanzman Disgusting!
23065. Cathy Raduns  
23064. Richard Wollack  
23063. Arthur Hyman Must be removed
23062. jill travis  
23061. Wallace Waldman  
23060. mark patnaude  
23059. Sheri Ginden  
23058. M.Winston Cannot believe this hatred;remove now
23057. debbie n  
23056. Burt Kleinman We fought to eliminate that hatred in WW2.
23055. Adam S.  
23054. Edgar Cahn Google should not be a vehicle for hate
23053. libby  
23052. Toby Dubner REMOVE JewWatch.com
23051. Laura Roth  
23050. shirley morrison  
23049. D Kamnitzer  
23048. jane slevin  
23047. Judith Zimmer  
23046. Deborah Burstyn dismayed that this petition is necessary
23045. Edward S. Buxbaum  
23044. Elliot Silverman  
23043. Ted Cohen We shouldn't need a petition for Google to use common sense
23042. Charles Goldberg  
23041. marc a scandale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23040. S. R. Parsowith  
23039. Robert L. Shpuntoff Google should be more responsive to such a situation
23038. Michael Broome Do What's Right and Remove This Site!!!
23037. Mimi Schlosberg  
23036. Irv Paull Dump it!
23035. Joe Barda  
23034. claire keyes  
23033. eunice galperin  
23032. mike parks  
23031. Harrison Woliner  
23030. marcia goldin  
23029. Harvey J. Barnett  
23028. R Messing  
23027. ~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~  
23026. Carol Lichtbraun  
23025. Marilyn Rubin  
23024. phyllis Kirschbaum  
23023. Joyce Haynes  
23022. Morton Kallman I'm surprised that Google is not more "aware"
23021. Debbie Eberlin  
23020. Anne Mitro  
23019. Deborah Simon  
23018. susan slater  
23017. Paul Gross  
23016. Robert Cheskes  
23015. Cynthia Bernstein  
23014. natasha cooper  
23013. aline zeringue  
23012. Jessica Gordon  
23011. nancy Cohen  
23010. James B. Green  
23009. Lorraine Ford  
23008. Jo Karney  
23007. Larry Harris  
23006. Rebecca Rothman  
23005. marvin sokolow Any appeal to hate is dangerous to all of us.
23004. Lorne Freedman What year is it? Where do I live?
23003. Norma Bernstein  
23002. Brett Karney  
23001. Jonathan Norris  
23000. Juanita  
22999. Ben Leightman  
22998. Julee Grodin  
22997. Deboarh Rudy  
22996. Adam Gitlin I am appalled a reputable business such as google.com would allow such blatant hatred against other people. I am disgusted and will no longer and encourage others not to use google for any internet searches.
22995. Jennifer Gilmore  
22994. Miriam and Jacques Thak God for people that take action
22993. debby dugan  
22992. may kelber  
22991. MANDEL RUTH  
22990. Donna Nina  
22989. Stephen Karr  
22988. gary n apter  
22987. Lynda Giles  
22986. Lloyd Silberman  
22985. Rhoda Faller This is disguisting!
22984. Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield  
22983. Peter Abashian  
22982. Jonathan Tick  
22981. stewart b. koppel  
22980. Steven Kraft  
22979. Kristin Robbins  
22978. judi gottesman this offensive website should be removed immediately
22977. Kimmel  
22976. Paul B. Rosenberg  
22975. meredith cheifetz this is unfair to portray the jewish religion by having that come up as the first search
22974. Judy Shapiro remove that odious site now please!
22973. Murray Wertheim  
22972. Mo Garfinkle  
22971. Sheldon Lowenthal Terrible to have a hate site as first on list
22970. Stanley Barbrow  
22969. Charles Frankel  
22968. Ron Friedenthal  
22967. Roger Taylor  
22966. Nancy Gilbert UnAmerican
22965. Fred Weinstock It's disgusting to see a HATE site come up when the word JEW is typed into the Google search engine, You should screan and filter out this type of site. Allowing them to continue spreading hate, bias and bigotry by disseminating their url is an awful perversion of information technology.
22964. Potter Smith  
22963. Cara Allen  
22962. Susan Kaufman  
22961. Faye Mayo  
22960. Karen Storch  
22959. Herbert W  
22958. dan stone  
22957. Betty  
22956. Jackie Morrison  
22955. Joel Lipson  
22954. Daniel Kaufman Please be responsible and make these changes.
22953. tina hoffman  
22952. Richard Kaufman  
22951. Jodi Weinbaum  
22950. Brenda Horwitz  
22949. David Gilbert Disgraceful
22948. Andrew Custage  
22947. stephen kahn  
22946. Julian Jacobs, MD  
22945. Heather Lechner  
22944. Abbey Horwitz  
22943. Cliff Lurie I am currently and have been a loyal Googler for several years. Please take care of this!
22942. jeff gross please remove anti-semetic site
22941. David Ravel  
22940. R-Jay Marcus  
22939. Janet Beth Weiner  
22938. Sandy Hoagland  
22937. Emily Perl Kingsley  
22936. Deb Cohen  
22935. Gene Jerome  
22934. Wayne Yaffee  
22933. Pamela  
22932. harvey cohen  
22931. peter grad  
22930. Jim Carlson A sad reflection on how far we have not come
22929. Hilary Haber there are other sites that would be far more appropriateto list, than this racist rant
22928. Steven DeKosky  
22927. Marla Drucker  
22926. dori brown google should not be a part of such blatent bigotry
22925. Jackie  
22924. Bob Jaffe I find it hard to believe you would allow this trash to appear on your site. I and my friends will be watching as to how you handle this.
22923. Miriam Noel  
22922. jack schwartz  
22921. Madeline Zivian remove JewWatch.com .The fact that this occurs is terrible
22920. Liza Lieberman  
22919. David Greenfield I'm sure Google can do better at educating interested searchers who type "Jew" into their search field.
22918. Louis Savadove  
22917. David Schreiber sending hate messages is not the Anerican way to do things. Our objective should be peace on earth, goodwill to all.
22916. J. Herskovits  
22915. Jamie  
22914. abby  
22913. Andrew Feinstein  
22912. Ron Carr  
22911. Joan and Peter Easton  
22910. robert kimmel  
22909. Leona Forbes For accurate and informative Middle Eastern News: http://www.mideastnewswire.com
22908. Justin Rosenberg  
22907. David Grayson  
22906. Barbara Greenspan  
22905. elyse feingold  
22904. Ari Shapiro Please remove this horrible site from your search engine
22903. None  
22902. Louis Silverman  
22901. Audrey Arlinsky & Benny Roitelman  
22900. arlynn bloom  
22899. Marilyn Sprung  
22898. Jeffrey Haar  
22897. Stuart Grossman  
22896. Allen L. Fetterman  
22895. Anonymous  
22894. Sheldon Greenspan  
22893. debra levin  
22892. Judith Elovitz NEVER AGAIN!! We will not sit quietly and watch the anti-semitism spread!
22891. mel cutler I find jew watch to be offensive and request it be removed
22890. Judy Winestone  
22889. Al Lipton remove JewWatch from GOOGLE
22888. M. Nayberg  
22887. mark barenbaum  
22886. Ari Shapiro Please remove this horrible site from your search engine
22885. Fran Waldman  
22884. Adva  
22883. Ronnie Malasky  
22882. Ted H. Mayer So Google supports Jew haters?Shame,shame!
22881. Jamie  
22880. J Goldberg  
22879. victor khedr  
22878. Henry Weber  
22877. Jarrett Kern  
22876. Guy Egri  
22875. Eve Roth  
22874. J L Eisenberg  
22873. Tobi Lubinsky  
22872. Bill Whipple please remove offensive website
22871. Vicki Solomon Ettenger  
22870. moshe vayner  
22869. Cheryl Brownstein  
22868. Tamara C. Strength Please remove this disgrace from your lists
22867. Jennifer  
22866. Jan Egri  
22865. Gerald T. Hipp  
22864. Gail and Larry Leiken This is so clearly obnoxious removal should be immediate
22863. Arnold M. Malasky  
22862. Lisa Knoll  
22861. Robert Schrage  
22860. Ida Zelcer  
22859. Carrie Block this site immediately Google, spreading hatred and lies is not the right way to go!
22858. John Mlcoch  
22856. Robin ZAtuchni Ê
22854. Pedro Mitro  
22852. Gary Zimmers  
22851. Rochelle Wolf There is no place for any type of bigotry.
22850. Charles E Stone  
22849. Lorna Davis  
22848. richard levin " For evil to spread it is nessary for good people to do notnothing."
22847. Robyn  
22846. Rachel Dieman  
22845. Charles Brady  
22844. Joseph Entine  
22843. Amy  
22842. Miriam Ellis Inn order for us to continue using your service please remove this stupid hatred
22841. Judy Cohen  
22840. Sylvia Iwler JewWatch is an outrage. Please remove immediately. You are committing a disservice to the Jewish community as a whole and all Jews throughout the world.
22839. Zach Dieman  
22838. Linda P. Brill  
22837. michael berger  
22836. Henry Ross  
22835. Marlene Goodfriend please remove this from under the category of Jew on your website. This should be under hate groups, extrememistss, etc
22834. judy reis please remove
22833. Charles Dieman  
22832. sandra fisher-ross  
22831. David Victor  
22830. michael jones  
22829. Tom Saks please
22828. Joe do the right thing, block this site and others like it
22827. Sarijane M. Freiman Please help remove the hate
22826. Karen Morin Google is presently my toolbar I will change it
22825. Casey Bankhurst  
22824. Linda P. Brill  
22823. Fred Piltz  
22822. David Ratner  
22821. Robin Dieman  
22820. Robert Adler  
22819. janine  
22818. Scott Aaronson This is a good thing to remove hate from the Internet
22817. Alan Saidman  
22816. Jane Thompson  
22815. Gerald Applebaum We treasure our freedoms. Free speech does not allow one to yell fire in a theatre if there is no fire. Those anti semetic anti human charachters should be ignored.
22814. Curt Liebman  
22813. Hope  
22812. Elinor Braitman What kind of anti-
22811. Steven Wolf  
22810. Barbara Berman Very, very disappointed in Google!! Will never use again.....
22809. Marc Katz  
22808. caroline G.  
22807. Alan Buff  
22806. carol slater  
22805. Janis Rehmar  
22804. Linda Karp  
22803. amy axelrod Want this site removed immediately!
22802. Robin Bauer  
22801. Morton Spivack  
22800. Patricia R. Attia Get rid of the bigotry
22798. Carla Hall  
22797. Rita Weinstein  
22796. Wendy Gitelman  
22795. Linda Pembleton  
22794. Marshall Fried  
22793. cathy abak  
22792. Helene Davis  
22791. Lois Alperstein  
22790. Ken Blum  
22789. Jeremiah Stitch Shame on you Google!
22788. John Smith  
22787. Julie  
22786. Liliane Bialy  
22785. Jerome Bentkowsky  
22784. Rabbi Maralee Gordon  
22783. Beverly Markus  
22782. Harriett Bay  
22781. Rebecca Dyer  
22780. bonnie sanders  
22779. Alex Birnbaum  
22778. Jeffrey Mannheimer  
22777. M Lipsky  
22776. M. Goldsmith  
22775. Rita Kaufman  
22774. Leon Rutman  
22773. Rabbi Eugene Levy  
22772. Roy Goldman  
22771. ned winkelman  
22770. Nancy Feigel  
22769. Elizabeth Kelly  
22768. Alison Walter  
22767. Elisha Blatt This website should not come up 1st. in list. Freedom of speach should allow it to be found but not promote it to 1st place.
22766. Borrah Weiner Please remove this most insulting site
22765. Andrew  
22764. Elliott Donn  
22763. Marvin Libman  
22762. Evelyn Druker the information portrayed is despicable
22761. Deborah Tannen REMOVE JEWWATCH PLEASE
22760. merav  
22759. michael zelcer  
22758. Denni Sturm  
22757. Shulamit Levitch  
22756. Judy Paige  
22755. Ehud Rybak  
22754. Robert S. Jaffe  
22753. E. Fogel This is outrageous! Aren't there hate laws in the U.S. against this?
22752. Linda Teichman  
22751. Naomi Leiseroff  
22750. F Cohen  
22749. Alan Brock  
22748. Ron Saks  
22747. Ety Rybak  
22746. Sharon Lightstone  
22745. Paul A. Friedman Stand up to Anti-Semitism!
22744. Gideon Markus  
22743. norma greenwood  
22742. debbie Podhurst  
22741. matt R.  
22740. Matthias Sanne It's not google's fault, please don't blame them, but i understand your complaint and agree 100% with your intention... blame the people that made the illegal website... again... don't blame google PLEASE, they can't control EVERY site there is...
22739. marcy gotterbarn  
22738. Autumn Cohen  
22737. Will Ettenger  
22736. sanford weinberg  
22735. Joan S To propagate racism, lies and hatred of any group, in this case Jewish people, on a website is a very hurtful thing to do! Don't give those disseminating this misinformation and hate any of your support, by removing their link from your search engine!
22734. judy archer  
22733. S Wilson  
22732. Fred Guttman  
22731. Diane Saks  
22730. Chaim Rybak  
22729. Jason Freeny  
22728. william farber  
22727. Arnold Kissel  
22726. Rosie if you do google images the first sites that come up are anti-semitic too...
22725. Marianne Snorfle  
22724. Susan Rosenstein  
22723. misty Lebowitz Please remove offensive material wherever possible
22722. Amanda Trivax  
22721. melvyn b schoen  
22720. Shula  
22719. Howard Schwartz  
22718. Phyllis Golden  
22717. Barbara Rosen  
22716. carole solomon  
22715. Martin Bakalar  
22714. LuAnne Steinker As a Christian, I abhor any form of bias, and bigotry.
22713. Roland Hate of anykind weakens our society.
22712. B. Brooks Remove Jewwatch from google
22711. Moshe Rybak  
22710. Corinne LaPayover  
22709. Katherine diMonda  
22708. Lawrence Hamermesh  
22707. Betsy Leondar-Wright  
22706. l.h.krutt  
22705. Yonah jewwatch is a horror- it does nothing but give hate and violence legitamacy. Google can do better!
22704. Andrea Kissel  
22703. Shaiya Baer  
22702. Cari Coughlin  
22701. Paulee Lipsman Do the right thing, please, and get rid of JewWatch
22700. shlomit cheyette  
22699. zeev  
22698. Shannon McCreery  
22697. Dorothy Goldberg  
22696. Jose M. Castel  
22695. Stephen Rosenstein  
22694. Steve Jackson  
22693. Rena Sharon  
22692. Selwyn Jacbson disgusting site
22691. Davida Skigen  
22690. Marge Lehrer  
22689. Paulee Lipsman Do the right thing, please, and get rid of JewWatch
22688. eileen Waltuch  
22687. Rose Feldman  
22686. Nancy Isaacs Outrageous!!!
22685. Lois  
22684. Gail B  
22683. Jay Eidelman  
22682. Oren Clark  
22681. Dennis Skigen  
22680. diana kirschenbaum  
22679. Victoria Rosenfield  
22678. Elza Rosen  
22677. Amy Wollins  
22676. helen  
22675. Jacqueline Wislesky First they come for Jews...then....
22674. Avvie Druker the biased comments on jew watch are dangerous
22673. Ronni Rosenblatt  
22672. Jerome L. Sackman  
22671. Susan Bakalar  
22670. tina aronowitz  
22669. Annette W Kroll  
22668. Jeffrey H Nullman DDS  
22667. Connie H.Bejar  
22666. shirley mauer  
22665. susan blickman hate breeds hate- remove it
22664. Lori Disgusting and degrading
22663. ben reeves  
22662. Mrs Sydney Bortner  
22661. Arnie Aberman  
22660. Edward and Linda Kaplan  
22659. Walter  
22658. G. Brown  
22657. maur  
22656. Dan Price  
22655. Elinor Skolnick  
22654. Reva Bergr  
22653. Jonathan Levinoff  
22652. AH Bullock  
22651. Monique Krawchuk  
22650. Allan Slomovic, MA, MD, FRCS(C) unacceptable!!!!!
22649. lyla miller  
22648. Paul Romain  
22647. Saul Skonick  
22646. milch  
22645. Emily Hakimi  
22644. P Kurland  
22643. Gayle Romain  
22642. Lainie McHugh  
22641. Alan Wainer  
22640. Liz B engis  
22638. Bruce Lerner  
22637. Mary Beth Swanson Please remove this site.
22636. rita & marvin wexler  
22635. Jeni Pickard  
22634. ruth shevelev  
22632. FR  
22631. Iahel Manon  
22630. Rosalyn Geller  
22629. rich burger take it off
22628. William J. Milner Shocked! Google is un-American
22627. Lynn S Dopkin  
22626. sandra kussin  
22625. B Danzing  
22624. Evelyn Kay  
22623. Michael Bassichis  
22622. Sarah  
22621. Liza Rosenzweig  
22620. ellen kern  
22619. Shelly Malinow  
22618. George Tomey Stop this nonsense
22617. Irving Kleiman It should not need a petition!
22616. Lillian Goltzman  
22615. scott  
22614. Judith Bullock  
22613. Martin J, Mattes  
22612. Edward Wittenberg  
22611. Eileen Krigstein  
22610. Jennifer  
22609. Jerome Rosenzweig Google, please be responsible
22608. deborah di bari  
22607. Paul Graubard  
22606. sarah chad disgust......won't be using google anymore
22605. David M. Habif  
22604. Sophia Stroik  
22603. Loren Dutka  
22602. gity delshad  
22601. lisa arnson  
22600. lynne shapiro  
22599. Lisa Berger  
22598. Hilla Kasner  
22597. Ann Landowne  
22596. marsha kelmans google needs to remove this site as soon immediately and adopt a policy of excluding sites that spread hatred
22595. David Borts Will use new search engine if not changed
22594. T. Halpern Thank you for listening.
22593. Helene Scherz  
22592. Stephen Brenner  
22591. Lana Tsenter  
22590. Howard M. Kaplan  
22589. Katie  
22588. Henry Harris enough is enough--never again
22587. Sandra Volterra  
22586. Jason Waxman  
22585. Dr, Wesley Rosenthal extremeism never helped the world
22584. arthur edelstein  
22583. Ruth Baskin  
22582. marsha schiffman  
22581. Everett Glantz  
22580. riki roussos  
22579. jeffrey schweig  
22578. Lauren Jesselson  
22577. Gertrude Moskowitz  
22576. Ian Skolnick  
22574. Alan Sidman  
22573. Eric Zaretsky  
22572. Tim Hayes  
22571. Mel Engelman  
22570. jon  
22569. Sheila Smolkin  
22568. Harvey Litofsky  
22567. Ron Baskin disappointing
22566. Neal Mooney  
22565. Sarah P Anti semitism is extremely dangerous and we will not support Google any more if it continues to display this link.
22564. Heather L. Danenberg  
22563. Helene Glantz  
22562. Sandra Arden This is disgusting material polluting anyone who sees it.
22561. A Hyatt  
22560. Deborah Levine  
22559. Robert Klaus  
22558. Neal Sher  
22557. Dominic F.Tusa There is no justification for this sort of garbage..
22556. Fritz G. Cohen Did I and millions of my generation serve our country during WWII to enable such material to circulate? Shame!!!
22555. Julian Lieberman  
22554. Jeri Alper  
22553. Gregg Linsky  
22552. Karen Nusssbaum  
22551. Jan  
22550. Edward M. Gurowitz  
22549. Audrey Lowe  
22548. Omer Zetlawi  
22547. Leann Sherman Please remove this vile site.
22546. Norman Moskowitz  
22545. Lenore Solomon  
22544. harriet selman  
22543. Andrea Mulder Stop the Hatred.
22542. Charles Zagoren  
22541. Amy Feinberg  
22540. Susan Adleman Please
22539. ross  
22538. Shooey P  
22536. Gail Bendit Categorize under "hate site", not "Jew"
22535. Norm Friedman  
22534. Benjamin Sklar  
22533. roberta rubinstein  
22532. Marilyn Shustak This is a disgrace, and should not be available!
22531. Harris Erstein  
22530. Sari Lipton Remove this site ASAP
22529. Jerry Leavitt  
22528. gary katz  
22527. Adam  
22526. S Phillips  
22525. Mark Lit  
22524. john gerbeth  
22523. Joshua P  
22522. Elissa Green  
22521. Carol Merry  
22520. Jack Cooperstone  
22519. Judith St. John Remove JewWatch.Com
22518. don adelson  
22517. kbronte  
22516. gail garfinkle  
22515. Susan Shnidman  
22514. howard shapiro  
22513. Sidney Sternberg and Edith Sternberg  
22512. eva roffe  
22511. Payal Patel  
22510. Chadd Berkun  
22509. Janice Bergheim  
22508. bree kessler  
22507. Arthur Unger  
22506. Luis F. Monzo  
22505. DK Baer  
22504. Judy Simon  
22503. Doug Kadison shameful
22502. Victoria Miller  
22501. Josh Naftalis  
22500. Ayala Davidovicz  
22499. ALAN MILLER  
22498. Ingrid Shaw  
22497. M. Rappaport  
22496. Sheldon F. Gottlieb, PhD There is no need for a search engine to promote hate of any kind, In this era of religiously (Islamic) induced hate whcih is threatening the peace and stability of the entire world there is no need to promote their current agenda of anti-Semitism,
22495. C. Rosreal  
22494. E. Pressman  
22493. Elisa Schwalm  
22492. Frank Gianakos  
22491. Mark Lee This site is a disgrace
22490. kenneth miller md  
22489. barabara tabak  
22488. Brian McCullom  
22487. Elizabeth Rue Sealey Remove this. It's disgraceful.
22486. howard robbins  
22485. Robert St. John Remove JewWatch.com
22484. Jonathan Gross  
22483. david  
22482. Rebecca Stiles  
22481. Lara Geller  
22480. brian miller  
22479. Amanda Naylor  
22478. Leba Cooperstone  
22477. Janice Bergheim Do it now!
22476. suzanne shneider  
22475. Reney  
22474. Fred Mitchem  
22473. Joseph Jew Watch is disgusting. Please ban it ASAP!
22472. Dean Wartell  
22471. Joanna Moran  
22470. Roger Gindi Stop the hatred!
22469. Iris Diamant  
22468. Diona Koernr Will be checking to see if this is rectified
22467. Lise Gelernter  
22466. Marion Goldenfeld  
22465. Jann Levin  
22464. Sheldon Hechtman  
22463. alexis berger  
22462. Edward A. Nelson  
22460. Sheldon Schein I hope this is just an error an not a deliberate sign of anti-semitism
22459. kris fuchs  
22458. Jill Sevelow Thank you for hearing us out- this is a hate-filled site.
22457. Marvin Mansky  
22456. Terrence Jay Cohen MD, FACC  
22455. lester golub  
22454. Michael Goldberg  
22453. Ellen Brewer  
22452. Marilyn Perelman  
22451. Marc Schlenoff  
22450. PAUL M KATZ  
22449. Lindsey Rosenthal  
22447. John Edelston  
22446. Ruth  
22445. Maxine Ofsowitz  
22444. gabriel beyda  
22443. Craig  
22442. Barry Rothschild  
22441. Jeff Cohen  
22440. Fran Schlenoff  
22439. Nomi Oren  
22438. marvin  
22437. elie a. kheder  
22436. Nina  
22435. Sunny Tillman  
22434. carol andrykowski  
22433. Stuart Sherman  
22432. Melissa Wenig  
22431. Marty Daneman Lets find out who they are and notify Mossad
22430. Francie Mendelsohn  
22429. Eugene Reiss I have swtiched to TEOMA which is excellent and does not have hate sites displayed
22428. Dennie Kamlet  
22427. melanie greenspan  
22426. hartley robins  
22425. Alex Hedison  
22424. steven rosenberg  
22423. Meda Turetsky  
22422. robert shahon outraged
22421. Wini B How about listing this one last (if you must) instead of first?
22420. suzy engelman  
22419. Margo Wess Remove JewWatch.com from the Goggle Search Engine!
22418. Mimi  
22417. Ahuva Ratner  
22416. Janis Breslin  
22415. Howard Roe  
22414. Wendy Packer  
22413. Arlene Rosenthal  
22412. Esther Sands  
22411. Larry Kahaner  
22410. Diane Sacks  
22409. sharon kaplan  
22408. Jerry Klein  
22407. Gail Wiener I wonder what comes up under the seach "black"
22406. Larry Rubin  
22405. J. Berger  
22404. Lisa Maas  
22403. Linda Kay Ridiculous and absurd!!
22402. Thomas Schey  
22401. Marcia Michaels Please remove this site.
22400. David Sands  
22399. Brenda Sacks  
22398. howie fastow  
22397. JoAnn Rock  
22396. Adam Rosenbloom Horrible!
22395. Victoria Sands  
22394. Holly Druckman  
22393. Faith Lifshen  
22392. pamela bachrach The first website I find when I type in "jew" is an anti-semitic website? Cure this problem now. It is totally unacceptable and, undoubtedly, they found a way aroound your criteria. Fix the problem now so that I can continue using Google.
22391. Dawn Cooper  
22390. Michael B. Demet, M.D.  
22389. Gerald Ehrlich  
22388. Catherine Henin  
22387. norma simon  
22386. Dr Anthony B. Sandler  
22385. nirit weiss  
22384. Gillian Flato  
22383. Meghan  
22382. Shari Mayer  
22381. Melissa Benaroya  
22380. T. Pekarsky  
22379. P Levy  
22378. Bernard Rotman  
22377. Timothy O'Connell  
22375. Elizabeth Kamlet  
22374. Morry Heller  
22373. Edward Pakdaman  
22372. Fraim Hechtman  
22371. Virginia Lorance  
22370. marciafisher  
22369. Roni S. Chernin  
22368. Cheryl Montelle  
22367. Lorri Holzberg  
22366. Peter Haarmann  
22365. Fran Rock  
22364. Ruth Kaplan Please change the search engine.
22363. Cyd Weldon  
22362. Jordan Mo  
22361. Christopher Levinson  
22360. molly fister  
22359. Steve Berger  
22358. Doreen Haarmann  
22357. Lo-Yi Chan  
22356. Karl Schenker  
22355. Irwin Katzman How can this happen again. It hurts!
22354. Myra La Joie How could you allow this disgusting anti-semitic site to exist?
22353. stuart b. cohen  
22352. Kathy Duval  
22351. Esther Gelbard This article is disgusting and you should be ashamed to host it.
22350. joyce gore  
22349. Liz Lakitsa  
22348. Sue Perlgut  
22347. James Behrman  
22346. Stephen Solomon  
22345. Marcia Lipsenthal  
22344. Kalman Estrin  
22343. jan boyars  
22342. Yehuda Ben-Shahar  
22341. Sarah Vanderbilt  
22340. Eynav Kalinsky  
22339. Kathy Galin Should be removed ASAP
22338. Jeff Tenenbaum  
22337. Sandy Hutto who needs you?
22336. Jerry Munic I am a regular user of google and am offended by this material
22335. Stephen Solomon  
22334. Naomi Fishman  
22333. Diana R. Roberts  
22332. Anne & Joe Abbott  
22331. parker sanchez-engelmann "What the world needs now is LOVE SWEET LOVE( it's the only thing there's just too little of.
22330. susie diwald  
22329. Lila Dino  
22328. stephi ruben  
22327. M. Taylor  
22326. Mel Solomon  
22325. Lindsay  
22324. Marlene Katzman How can this happen again. It hurts!
22323. Irene Nevil  
22322. dan romanelli  
22321. Ellen & Jay Feder IT IS DISCUSTING!!!
22320. Ruth H. Wolff  
22319. alison Kaiser  
22318. Charlotte Joseph  
22317. parker sanchez-engelmann "What the world needs now is LOVE SWEET LOVE( it's the only thing there's just too little of.
22316. cindy lubin end anti semitism
22315. Paul Goldstein  
22314. Steven Taylor  
22313. Pam Rogers There should not be any room for this on the web!
22312. lori kirman  
22311. Claudia Smith  
22310. Diane Sacks Google Should Not Allow Itself to be used as a facilitator to spead hatred
22309. laura siegel  
22308. Shirley Schwartz  
22307. Ruth Goldman  
22306. Stan Levy  
22305. Gary Ravet My entire company will cease using Google if this action is not taken
22304. keith Harrison  
22303. Jill Chozen  
22302. Eric Golden  
22301. Amy Wasserman  
22300. Marisa Weingarten  
22299. Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.  
22298. Ken Krasney  
22297. P. Manus  
22296. Alan Berliner  
22295. Robin Deutsch  
22294. Arleigh Grossman Remove JewWatch.com
22293. Gillian Rode  
22292. Lee Bell Disgraceful!
22291. Amy Heller  
22290. Leila Reich  
22289. ada sheinbaum remove this site immediately
22288. Judith and Jonas Gurvis  
22287. Charles P. Niren  
22286. sylvia schooler  
22285. Robert Mullen THANK YOU
22284. Leon Kropnick This is hateful and inflammatory. Pease remove.
22283. C. Breitman  
22282. Bruce A Pollak What if there was 'anti-googleism' ? Remove the site.
22281. Samantha Schoer  
22280. mary klee frank  
22279. David Rudd Get rid of this disgusting anti-semitic website!
22278. Sheldon Seevak  
22277. Leslie Gaffin  
22276. Ben Gidney  
22275. Simon Zaslavsky  
22274. B. Manus ask jeeves will become my source for researce.
22273. Helaine Kramsky  
22272. Jerrold Kamensky  
22271. Ilan Bergel  
22270. Rhoda Morris  
22269. Martin Reich  
22268. Brad Shofer  
22267. steven florman  
22266. Howard R Cohen Who pays for the site?
22265. Winifred Bell GEt Rid of it!
22263. I. Spiegelman The world doesn't need more hate in the world. Any person or group that encourages hate should not be supported with a platform of Googles magnatude.
22262. Emily  
22261. amidotan  
22260. janice berkowitz  
22259. Lynne Tag  
22258. hanna it is awaful to read this ,untrue.remove it,please.dont help promotehate.
22257. J Gellman  
22256. Barbara Friedman Please, please remove this awful anti-semetic site
22255. Daniel Siminovich  
22253. Jose Safdeye  
22252. Sue  
22251. Naomi Miller  
22250. Uriel Lewis  
22249. ronnie cohen  
22248. Cassandra Levin  
22247. Lloyd Goff  
22246. Renee & Leon Kropnick This is dispicable propaganda. Please remove it from Google.
22245. Doreen Hochberg  
22244. Dan Stern  
22243. Sam Lodge  
22242. Douglas DeSure I will cancel Google if they show anti-semitism
22241. dan poehner  
22240. harvey bograd MD  
22239. Morton Sigel  
22238. Shari Weiss  
22237. joshua allen stop the nonsense
22236. A. Zicherman  
22235. Gabriel Vorobiof Reject all anti-Semitism!
22234. Alyssa Ammerman  
22233. alice engelmann  
22232. Annabel Cooper  
22231. Ben Lunsky removal now is not soon enough!!
22230. Mr. Wolfe  
22229. Tanya Shaye  
22228. Michael  
22227. Sue Rudd Remove JewWatch.com!!!!!!
22226. Henry Elaine Dreyfuss  
22225. Helena Hopenwasser please remove JewWatch.com
22224. Stanley Katz Hate speech is not entitled to free speech
22223. Martin Bitzan  
22222. Jeremy  
22221. Debra Chutz  
22220. David Katzen Google doesn't need to foster intolerance. Enlightened humanism is the challenge, bigotry the foe.
22219. Josh Lewis  
22218. barry not what the world needs
22217. Sarah Cooper  
22216. Trevor REMOVE THIS!
22215. Catherine Schaberg  
22214. Elaine Frank  
22213. Al  
22212. Rob greenberg get rid of this crap and other associated hate sites
22211. Pearl Schlossman  
22210. Sheila Goldstein  
22209. Ron Grubb  
22208. Lenny Fukshansky  
22207. jane katzen  
22206. Robert H. Horowitz  
22205. hy Adessky  
22204. Susan Glick  
22203. Elisa Kurland  
22202. Fern Slutsky please remove Jew Watch
22201. j Kagan  
22200. Naomi  
22199. Daniel Gerson  
22198. Alvin H. Perelman  
22197. Edward and Florence Levy  
22196. James Churgin  
22195. Melissa Sunberg  
22194. J. Robert Paulson, Jr. This site must be removed--it has no relevant purpose.
22193. Myrna Adessky  
22192. alex holzman  
22191. david howard  
22190. R. May  
22189. Stanley Hubsher I am appalled if this situation does exist get rid of it.
22188. Sandi Greenberg  
22187. Loretta Rosen remove JewWatch from Google
22186. Brett Edelson  
22185. Mark Brooks  
22184. gerry ostroff  
22183. franklin kriegsman  
22182. Leah  
22181. Erwin G. Brandt  
22180. marianne bobick  
22179. alan samdperil  
22178. Ellen Glick Please remove this site or place it at ath the end of the search engine. Thank you.
22177. James Klein  
22176. marcia defren I checked it and, sadly, it's true.
22175. Peter Benjamin A disgusting site!
22174. julie gordon  
22173. Evelyn Rosen-Budd  
22172. Noah Levin  
22171. Barbara Konits  
22170. Ruthanne Begun  
22169. T. Peterson  
22168. richard skurow  
22167. Jeff Coen  
22166. Cynthia  
22165. Michael Carson Racist garbage must be removed
22164. david rothschild  
22163. Frank  
22162. joel chernetz eliminate this site now
22161. Fredachu  
22160. Minnie Brandt  
22159. Ed  
22158. Elizabeth  
22157. charles grossman  
22156. Abby People these days make me sick.
22155. Rhoda Golick  
22154. Judith Herman  
22153. Melvin Glick I feel that it is a moral obligation to remove these hateful sites from the search engine or at least place them far enough to the end of the site that they gain little attention
22152. Rebecca Coen I believe in freedom of speech but allowing a site of hatred to be on the web is truly unacceptable.
22151. s gutmann google is too good a company to permit this kind of contamination on its site. please remove this site and any like it immediately
22150. Jim Stone  
22149. Elka Haligman  
22148. Josh Perelman  
22147. Alan Fisher Please do not honor antisemites with your search engine!
22146. Alan Feinberg Jr  
22145. Marti Just keep watching us and see how strong we are!
22144. ken berwitz This diarrhea pile has no business being featured in google, or any other legitimate venue.
22143. Joyce Taback  
22142. Jonathan  
22141. Richard Herman  
22140. Laura Grossman  
22139. Adam Berger  
22138. Henry Katz  
22137. Mayer Shacter  
22136. Gary Goldberg  
22135. Karyn Schwade  
22134. gordon lawrence  
22133. Lolly Frank  
22132. julie gates  
22131. Karen Hirsh  
22130. Jeremy Ozen  
22129. Deborah Glassman  
22128. Joyce Solarz Please remove JewWatch from Google
22127. Brenda Orenstein  
22126. Osneath Tittel  
22125. Sandra Feit  
22123. Phyllis E. Dubrow  
22122. gary Kaftan  
22121. Anna m. Rostan  
22120. Michael Berlin  
22119. Timothy W. Turner remove this filth now!!
22118. Joseph Nussenbaum  
22117. Irving Russotto  
22116. ellen  
22115. Meleta Lankford This is a disgrace, as a Christian I am shocked and heartssick that you would allow this. You people obviously haven't heard of a little thing called the hollocaust!! Until this site is removed I will not use google and will encourage all of my friends and family to do the same.
22113. Helen Busch  
22112. George Olshin  
22111. herbert feldman  
22110. miri cohen  
22109. Lisa Awful
22108. R. Silvers  
22107. Roslyn Wingens  
22106. a.m.pearce It is terrible that this site is on the google search engine. Please remove it IMMEDIATELY
22105. Charles Weiden  
22103. Norman Mogil  
22102. Ed Simonian  
22101. Victor G Ettinger I believe in the first amendment, but this should be the last on the list not first.
22100. Barbara Rosenthal  
22099. M N Luchen  
22098. Jeremy Levi  
22097. Haley This is terrible. I knew there was anti-semitism in the world, but this crosses the border. I don't want people who are searching on Jews to know such lies.
22096. Jay Strool  
22095. Marjorie Harris  
22094. melanie fall weisbord  
22093. Candice Gidney  
22092. Paul Shinoff  
22091. deb wellborn this is so so awful! please change it!
22090. Janine DiVita  
22089. Renee Yager This is disgusting
22088. Susan Mogil I hope that this petition works!!
22087. Susan Goldstein Shame on google!!
22086. sheldon greenwald I find this offensive, please remove immediately
22085. Darren Green Should be removed immediately
22084. Norm Esser OBSCENE SMUT
22083. Lawrence LeVine  
22082. Barbara Cohen Please remove this horrible, offwensive site from your search engine. This is a virtual HATE CRIME!!!
22081. Robert Silverman  
22080. ernest goodman  
22079. Jeremy Cohen  
22078. Dovzelig  
22077. Carol Gardner Remove that horrific site NOW
22076. David Chesnick  
22075. Barend Zack  
22074. Judi Blumenfeld Hoadley  
22073. M. Einfeld  
22072. W.G.Paullin  
22071. jean  
22070. ellen Berlinsky  
22069. Stephen Derman  
22068. Charles L. Leder  
22067. William Etzine  
22066. nora z. graham PLEASE remove this hatesite!
22065. Rodney & Patricia Shaw  
22064. rgcohen  
22063. Phyllis Wiener  
22062. Jerry Estruth This is a disgusting site.
22061. naomi marrow too bad this petition is required by Google. They should be ashamed of themselves.
22060. M haine  
22059. Joan Reed  
22058. j gidney  
22057. Paul Shinoff  
22056. Dr. Steve Samuel  
22055. Frances Shefter  
22054. karen naftaly  
22053. sol bialeck  
22052. Miriam Diamond  
22051. Elissa Feit  
22050. Evelyn Hershman  
22049. Kitty Löwensberg  
22048. Fern Nemenyi  
22047. MiltonKrantz It is a poor reflecton on Gooogle.com
22046. Heidi Dreyfuss  
22045. pavel gelman  
22044. Wm.J.Klein  
22043. Robert Monk  
22042. Robert A. Liss  
22041. Ian Russ, Ph.D.  
22040. dr g r frankel  
22039. Julian Ha  
22038. Terry Z.  
22037. David Mansell  
22036. paul marrow outrageous!
22035. David Diamond  
22034. L Speigel  
22033. Marc Hilton Unfortunately, this is something thatrequires signatures to get righted
22032. helen schneider  
22031. Noah Goldstein  
22030. Sheldon Blickman  
22029. A. Dan  
22028. Ann November-Moss  
22027. Frances Rabinowitz  
22026. Norm Esser OBSCENE SMUT
22025. Sue Holman  
22024. sheila gogol  
22023. nate salter this kind of poison should not be allowed to permeat the internet
22022. Jill Mapstead  
22021. Lynne Harmelin  
22020. Bert Levi  
22019. James Roth  
22017. Seena A. Wolf Remove it so I can continue to use Google.
22016. Diane & Jeff Arnold  
22015. Richard Fischer  
22014. Sherry Schneider  
22013. charles t robbins it is horrible that we even have to ask for this, google should just do it...
22012. oded  
22011. LEATRICE KAPLAN Google should concentrate on providing information, not disseminating hate.
22010. Joel Rabinowitz  
22009. Romesh H  
22008. abraham givner  
22007. Jerome Caplan  
22006. Barry Landsman  
22005. Marilyn Barry this is outrageous
22004. Michael Paul please remove this site immediately
22003. Sam Borenstein  
22002. harvey gralnick  
22001. Howard R. Wolf It's offensive!
22000. Jude Krausz  
21999. june gutterman, ed.d.  
21998. Mona M. Gordon  
21997. Peggy Dorf  
21996. Matthew Mannlein  
21995. Charles Lamb  
21994. Yakov Bok  
21993. matt  
21992. stanley m. reimer  
21991. Renee Caplan  
21990. Abby Rozenberg  
21989. Gene Sheiman  
21988. Sheldon Fineman  
21987. Martin B Mannlein  
21986. Coralie R Goldsmith  
21985. emma  
21984. Susan Zachary  
21983. David Maicon Without having checked the offending website, I endorse your efforts. However, may I suggest you correct the obvious misspelled words and other grammatical mistakes in your Petition. Good Luck.
21982. Ronni DeLay  
21981. nan spicer eisen  
21980. Mary Kuller  
21979. Linda Eisemann  
21978. Ruth Ruttenberg  
21977. Jack Hayman Offensive
21976. Bob Shaffer  
21975. Michael Samuels Please remove ANY site that promotes hatred
21974. Valery Vekshtein Enough is enough
21973. Marc Rozenberg  
21972. Barbara Spivak  
21971. sharon  
21970. Bruce Abrams  
21969. Darryl Marshak  
21968. Phil Spiegel  
21967. lucille ferbel ..
21966. Lois Kuniansky inappropriate site under Jew
21965. meandonlyme  
21964. Janice bahary this is imperative
21963. Dafna Gold We will never know peace if we allow the voices of hatred to influence our children.
21962. Raymond Krasin  
21961. Bonnie Caul  
21960. Lynn Eichling  
21959. Sandra Oster  
21958. memyselfandI  
21957. Fred Buff  
21956. Eileen Klein  
21955. Robert J Gordon This hateful website is beyond the pale of decency.
21954. gary freeman  
21953. Michael Glazer  
21952. Sue Kantor Remove it from your database
21951. Randolph Splitter  
21950. Barbara S. Mannlein  
21949. d magid  
21948. Cat Jagger Pollon The internet must be purged of all sub human hate mongers
21947. Robert S. Heisler  
21946. art & martha segal google is better than that!
21945. Rena Please Remove this site.
21944. Stuart Shapiro  
21943. David Aronberg Do the right thing!
21942. dave haleva  
21941. Barbara Fisher  
21940. jack  
21939. memememe embarrassing that you would list that site at all
21938. Ilana  
21937. Jerry Goldman  
21936. Joel Kantor Shame on you
21935. DIANE GOETZ  
21934. jean zucker  
21933. Carol Hacker  
21932. sheldon gensler  
21931. lora friedkin  
21930. Ilana Blum  
21929. dora haleva  
21928. Stephen F. Waring  
21927. JIm Glantz horrible
21926. BONNY WEINGARTEN for human decency-please remove this site
21925. Nilson Szylit  
21924. lisa lichtenstein  
21923. Rick Rosemark  
21922. M. Daniel Kors  
21921. Jesse Kaufman Unacceptable.
21920. Elissa Shapiro  
21919. cohen  
21918. Judith A. Krakow  
21917. Nancy Hutter Any site that is clearly antiblack, semetic or anything should not be allowed
21916. G. S. Turow  
21915. elaine fielder  
21914. ethan bensinger  
21913. Murray Perelman  
21912. Dyana Levinson  
21911. Andrew Rosenblatt, M.D.  
21910. Dr. Judith Katz this is ridiculous- google has smartt people you can do better!
21909. Cindy  
21908. andria greenidge  
21907. Sydelle Elkind  
21906. Diane Newsom  
21905. Lee Sefton  
21904. jarett elion  
21903. Jonathan Litt please address this issue asap
21902. Meryl Gersh  
21901. Carol Silver  
21900. H. Brian Hershinow  
21899. Rafael Sherman  
21898. Helen Bekhor  
21897. Howard Blank  
21896. marcia bolotsky  
21895. Myra Darlow  
21894. Barry Deckter  
21893. Chani Discusting
21891. cohen  
21890. Mike Blatchley  
21889. Toby and Simeon Gillman  
21888. Vladi Levi  
21887. E. Alan Turow  
21886. William Snyder Thanks for caring.
21885. Myra Albin  
21884. Martin Colby Google, we're ashamed of you!!!
21883. Susan Hamburg Get them off Google!
21882. Kim Parkins  
21881. alan rabin  
21880. Maxine A. Cohen  
21879. Anita Mar  
21878. Arthur Fleischmann  
21877. JS Please remove
21876. Deborah Alexander  
21875. Max Albin  
21874. Steve Siegel  
21873. Lesley Kahn The prejudiced few trying to attract the ignorant masses.
21872. S.Elley  
21871. Rachel Shulkes  
21870. summer pailet  
21869. David B. Levine  
21868. Donna Cassels  
21867. Jerry Mundel  
21866. James Pheibush it is inappropriate when one searches for "jew" on google and antisemitic site comes up
21865. Brooke Pomerantz  
21864. Lindsay Dobrowitsky  
21863. Nechama Tamler  
21862. David Friedman It is my belief that for a company of your size and reputation to have this site associated with you is a disgrace and can only harm your reputation.
21861. A. Anzarut  
21860. SAUL CARTMAN this has become a rather raciest site. no room for it in today's wourld.
21859. A.Green  
21858. Seema Dorfman  
21857. Rev. Ellyn Kravette  
21856. Ronna Sadowsky  
21855. Barry J. Bernstein  
21854. Daniel Schnur  
21853. Binuman Aaron Please remove this site
21852. Miguel H. Frankenfeld Please remove the derogatory comments
21851. Eric Forman  
21850. Paula (Pnina) Rudner I am disgusted with those that perpetuate this kind of filth and hatred, and ashamed of those who allow it to prevail. Please remove this atrocious site from Google, and start a new trend - TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE!!!
21849. Beth Bruck  
21848. Masae Wiener  
21847. H ANGRY K  
21846. J. Kalmin  
21845. Diane Ennis  
21844. Rhonda Forman  
21843. William Pollak Incredible that Google would allow such a thing!!
21842. Debbie Okun Shaikin  
21841. Jay Gassman  
21840. Chris Welker  
21839. benjamin handen  
21838. SOLLY SILVER I find it disgusting and demand that it be removed!
21837. R Shuman  
21836. Edward Perper Anti-semitism, unfortunately, has become more sophisticated and tech-saavy. We must do everything possible to fight it.
21835. Scott Alter Remove this hateful link
21834. Steven and JudithWeingruber  
21833. Alistair Lewis Watching and listening to people like these is always a little nauseating. They're not quite human beings, but close enough to make one feel uncomfortable. It's like watching the apes at the zoo pick their asses.
21832. Howard Kaplan  
21831. w shotland  
21830. elliot schreider  
21829. Steven Nussbaum  
21828. Richard Gittelman  
21827. Jeremy Matlow  
21826. christy sachs I'm disgusted by this web site and I'm not Jewish. Why would you allow a hate spreading forum like that on Google?
21825. Donald B. Kaplan Appalled that Google would be a party to such a travesty. Freedom of speech is one thing but promulgating malicious blasphemy is quite another. This is critically wrong of Google.
21824. B Eisen  
21823. Richard H Price  
21822. Mike Lazarow  
21821. Robin Rose MD In these difficult times, it is ALL OF US, in every way we CAN, who are responsible for removing any hatred, incitement to violence, or ugliness in our paths. In this case, Google is able to eliminate something ugly and wrong. Thanks in advance for doing this noble act.
21820. Elliot Weinberg  
21819. mory  
21818. Mark Oken  
21817. Motti Taylor remove jewwatch
21816. Donna and Leonard Blumberg  
21815. Charles  
21814. Wiener Raphael  
21813. Martin Hoenig  
21812. Beverley Greenspoon  
21811. Marcia Wilson  
21810. Louis Sacks  
21809. Nancy McGrath  
21808. lyn gerber I though this was illegal???
21807. Marcyl Seidscher  
21806. Bob F  
21805. Jonathan Rosen As long as this is on google, I will no longer use google for ANY searches whatsoever.
21804. Daniel W. Katz  
21803. ava reinfeld this is terrible
21802. Nicole Friedland  
21801. Rebekah  
21800. lyall gorenstein  
21799. William and Laura Glasner  
21798. Lee Fishelson  
21797. Charles Blum  
21796. Matt Sorbo This has to go!
21795. Jack Kingsley  
21794. Beatrice Salstein It certainly is very distressing
21793. Janice Levy  
21792. jill lavitsky  
21791. Sonia B. Grossblatt  
21790. Gloria Tannenbaum  
21789. Barbara R. Roth  
21788. Ephraim Biblow  
21787. Cathy Adachi  
21786. Sharon Joseph This site is appalling!
21785. Ella Cohen This site needs to go it disgusting
21784. Brenda  
21783. Leo Fettman I am a Holocaust survivor!
21782. Fred Gordon  
21781. Gail Mann  
21780. aeil microsoft
21779. Michael Karno  
21778. Marla Schindler  
21777. Margot Herz  
21776. Jackie  
21775. arlene leibowitz shame on you!!!!!
21774. stacey semolina  
21773. Henry Cusnir  
21772. Shelly Wright  
21771. edwin & harriet karpf  
21770. Ron Kollman Very inflamatory
21769. Tadd Berger  
21768. Esther Lopiano  
21767. Frances Randall  
21766. Leonard M. Roth A responsible company would not have this problem
21765. kathy please remove
21764. Ronit Berger  
21763. Susan D. Shorr  
21762. Alvin Grossblatt  
21761. Jay Goldenberg  
21760. Corinne Edelbaum  
21759. Keith  
21758. Ida Leightman  
21757. Abigail Loeb  
21756. Alex Ingel  
21755. Bruce Berman do the right thing
21754. Howie Siegel It's disgusting, dump it.
21753. Uri Gordon the JewWatch site is hosted by the Stormfront neo-Nazi organisation
21752. masha ziva  
21751. Ivan Micklin  
21750. Ronnie Bush  
21749. lawrence fine  
21748. joe  
21747. marcia hoffman  
21746. Mike Schopin  
21745. Sandra Geer Appalling!
21744. martin hoffman  
21743. Connie Graves  
21742. Jonathan Kleinberg  
21741. Ran Isner  
21740. Talya Gates-Monasch  
21739. Jay Tepper  
21738. robert deleeuw  
21737. Janice Lefkowitz  
21736. Jerry Parmet  
21735. marcy hoffman  
21734. Katy Allen  
21733. Lise Brown please remove all antisemetic and racist material from the web
21732. Chris Talbot  
21731. Gail Blumenstein  
21730. Leonard G. Merson REMOVE AT ONCE
21729. Marianne Mckim  
21728. Marilyn Redder you should be ashamed of yourselves that my children and grandchildren will read this crap
21727. Jeffrey A. Stahl MD FACC exceptionaly offensive; hate mongering Google is the pits
21726. Irving feigelman  
21725. Esther Jacobson  
21724. cglassman get rid of it immediately
21723. Wendie Kroll  
21722. Jacob Fishman  
21721. Seymour Glantz I don't feel that the site should be remved but that it should not be the very 1st item one sees when typing the word Jew.
21720. Laura Gallop  
21719. arnold glantz  
21718. Ira Nathanson  
21717. k.c.sulkin  
21716. herbert sheinberg get rid of this kind of racisim
21715. Dovid Morris  
21714. gilad  
21713. Sharon Cutler  
21712. Debbie Byer  
21711. fay greenberg  
21710. dena zamore  
21709. Fortuna Menda  
21708. Francine Lavent Please remove this site - it's inflammatory and most of the information is incorrect. There is enough hatred in the world today - Google doesn't have to support more.
21707. Stu Goldberg  
21706. len scher fiercely anti-jewish hatred
21705. Lynne Tapper  
21704. A. L. Landis  
21703. jxs  
21702. Linda Habif  
21701. Steven Rubinsky  
21700. Daniel Nilnburg  
21699. bruce schatz  
21698. Jillian Taylor  
21697. Shelley Roth  
21696. Bob Becker Jewwatch.com is a hate group. Delist it.
21695. William Boyd Grove  
21694. i silverstein  
21693. Y. Silverman Remove JewWatch.com from Google Search Engine!
21692. Marnie  
21691. Adam Lerner  
21690. Viviana Resnick  
21689. leslie braslawsky  
21688. bernard latterman  
21687. Nathan Lockerman  
21686. Rosalind Gortz  
21685. Barbara Abrams  
21684. R. Howard ---"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
21683. ronald scharg this must be removed
21682. Brent Loewenstein Bravo!!!
21681. Rita Dunayew just do it!!!!
21680. Michael Jacoby  
21679. Judith Lessing  
21678. Dotty Ewing  
21677. RA Tangir outrageous & disgusting
21676. Dorothy Gordon  
21675. Byron Cohen  
21674. les krawitz  
21673. Barbara Pass  
21672. Michael Sherry  
21671. Miriyam Glazer  
21670. Esther Segall  
21669. burton levinson  
21668. Elana Belinkoff  
21667. Cody Lewis In Australia we abhor such material
21666. Jo Kenning  
21665. Clive S. Zent  
21664. Adar Belinkoff  
21663. Yolanda van Driel to be objective you should publish on the internet
21662. Jodi Lieberman  
21661. Lynn Passy  
21659. Ellen Stern  
21658. M S Karl The JewWatch site is disgusting
21657. Michael Cowen  
21656. Herbie Lopez it is digusting that you participate in this kind of hatred towards jewish people, you need to learn to be inclusive and learn that we are all God's children
21655. Danielle  
21653. Robert Gardner  
21652. Sandy Paul  
21651. Loren Shotland  
21650. Bret Kadison  
21649. joyce rowe  
21648. Ari Fife  
21647. Richard Eilbert  
21646. Rodney Kellen  
21645. Andrea  
21644. michael rubin  
21643. Leeor G  
21642. Marvin Weisberg There is enough anti-semitism in the world without Google providing an additional venue for anti-semitic "research."
21641. Bob Cohen  
21640. shalom cohen  
21639. A. Kenter jew-watch is a horrible site -which seeks to spread pure lies about the Jews - and should be removed from Google immediately
21638. G.Frank  
21637. Susan Toussaint  
21636. Samantha Smolensky  
21635. Simone & Family Ê
21634. Sara Van Dusen  
21633. Steve Jacobson  
21632. V N  
21631. Donna Linke  
21630. Kaylee Miller  
21629. Howard Frank Do you people realize that you and all other successful US businesses would be nowhere without the Jewish religion and all the positive both in terms of intelligence and money this group brings to the table. Your association with other major company's (aol, etc) should make you feel the same sense of embarrasment that all other anti semite's do in this forsaken country and planet. As usual another major company publicly embarrasses itself. You are officially removed from my home page and my favorite. there are plenty of company's that do what you do. I will pick another. Thanks for nothing. Your service has been great. Your views are ignorant and quite frankly suck.
21628. gloria gordon please remove and keep your intergrety
21627. Howard  
21626. Kirby B please remove this site
21625. Bernard Strassberg Do it!
21624. Sandra Grossman  
21623. Norm Esser OBSCENE SMUT
21622. Holly Almon  
21621. J. Rose help stop hate & remove this site
21620. Ellen Weingold  
21619. Rosana Azar  
21618. Terry Schonwald remove anti semetic connections of all kinds
21617. Andrew Felber  
21616. Yana  
21615. Yoram Padeh  
21614. Eva Yelloz history can repeat itself if erroneous information is disseminated!
21613. Ruth Meisel  
21612. Sharon Maister please remove this offensive site!
21611. Lisa Ben-Shoshan  
21610. Tifani K  
21609. Marvin Miller  
21608. Melissa  
21607. Andrea Bankier  
21606. DIANE SEGAL  
21605. richard s.lessler  
21604. Judah Roher  
21603. Ernest V. Loewenstein  
21602. marcia rheingold  
21601. Dawn Schneir  
21600. J. Warren Fromm This is Terrible....totally disgraceful!
21599. Barbara Title  
21598. Sylvia Memolo  
21597. irwin weiss too much hatred in this world already
21596. Gideon Rappaport  
21595. Carol Sirota  
21593. Joyce Zylberberg  
21592. wolfgang schaechter  
21591. Ken Sirmarco When will the world ever learn?
21590. Karen Loeb  
21589. jamie howes remove any hate results
21588. Sandra Horvitz  
21587. Elise Weisbach  
21586. edie groner  
21585. Hester Springer  
21584. Jesse Kaufman  
21583. RONALD J. SEGAL  
21582. Eric Freling  
21581. Sharon Kuritzky  
21580. Lisa Lipton  
21579. Laura  
21578. i silverstein  
21577. jay  
21576. Edward T. Adler  
21575. Joseph Weisenfeld disgraceful and Jew Watch should be removed
21574. Jonathan Broder  
21573. Tomer  
21572. Gloria Z. White The spreading of anti-semitism is far more vile than the spread of pornography -- it is in the same class as child porn!
21571. Alexander Davis  
21570. Judy Schwartz This must be removed
21569. Lisa McGettigan  
21568. susan tull  
21567. A.R. Fishman  
21566. Alex Oldfield  
21565. stephen weinberg  
21564. stanley raisan  
21563. H. Staviss  
21561. e silverman  
21560. M. Gottlieb awful
21559. Yaakov Meyer  
21558. P S Marcus  
21557. shoshana allen "jewwatch" is a disgusting display of racism and propoganda in its purist form
21556. Lisa McGettigan  
21555. Helene Felber  
21554. Joel Foreman  
21553. Gail Gelfand I strongly urge you to remove this site immediatly
21552. Les Saretzki  
21551. Robert Roth  
21550. Kate M. Wilson  
21549. Herb Benkel Disgraceful that you do not police things like this yourself !
21548. Holly Lance thank you
21547. Kenneth Brater  
21546. Sheldon Smolensky  
21545. Martin J Marcus  
21544. Phyllis and Murray Kessler  
21543. Grace Heller  
21542. Hope Dan  
21541. Ron Lenneberg  
21540. Ronald Goodstein  
21539. Seth Kolton  
21538. John Horvitz  
21537. Mark Freedman Some common sense should be used in what is appropriate for search results
21536. Diane Garner  
21535. Pamela Samuelson  
21534. Jonathan  
21533. Anthony Schwartz This must be removed
21532. hart sernick  
21531. Alan Cornell  
21530. richard sigler  
21529. Jacob Shisha  
21528. Austin S. Lin  
21527. Leona Harber Miller  
21526. elizabeth vogler  
21525. Sandi Davis  
21524. Judy Roher  
21523. charlene Kurland  
21522. Estelle Weisenfeld digraceful and anti semitic
21521. H. and A. S. Komar  
21520. Wende Take it off the site!!!
21519. Bruce Goldberg The site is hateful and disgusting Please remove it ASAP
21518. Thomas Gabor  
21517. gerald j. billow JewWatch is anti-semitic, racist and should be exposed for what it is.
21516. MarySue Garcia  
21515. Deborah Weiss  
21514. Marcia Ian  
21513. David Mangurten  
21512. dr alex habel outrageous, change search design to give a balanced presentation of what a jew is
21511. Stanley Davis  
21510. Diane Berliner  
21509. Andy Turrett  
21508. Gail Brater  
21507. Helene Stein  
21506. Carol Shapiro  
21505. charles zalk  
21504. Kathi Sweet  
21503. Michelle Love  
21502. Rosalie Franks Eliminate hate on the internet
21501. Ted Shore  
21500. Yael  
21499. rachel please take it off google
21498. Sharon Landler  
21497. Rob Kutner  
21496. Avi Levy  
21495. sylvia delange  
21494. Phillip Waters  
21493. DoctorAJ  
21492. Ben Adelman  
21491. shirley maccabee  
21490. bryna eill  
21489. Eleanor Damiano Don't we have enough hate in this world???
21488. Molly Morris  
21487. Sarah Mazor  
21486. Joshua Rachman why not get rid of it?
21485. lawrence gastwirt  
21484. Maurice Reich  
21483. Judy Ellen Stein  
21482. Bernice Parks  
21481. Howard Wollman  
21480. Emma Seddon  
21479. yvette  
21478. Robert C. Blair There's too much antisemitism. Don't make it so easy for the bigots.
21477. Joan Bass  
21476. Leah Chana Romberg  
21475. Jodi  
21474. Steve Isenberg  
21473. Uri please remove the offending site
21472. B. A. Nagel  
21471. FernWolke Bloom  
21470. David Lorsch  
21469. Alex Michaels  
21468. Joe Horenstein  
21467. Laurie Weisman  
21465. Earl Weiner  
21464. Melissa McNeely  
21463. martin strom this has nothing to being a jew
21462. linda gibson This should be removed.
21461. Marshall Stern  
21460. Carol I really can't beleive this is happening after the horrors of the holocaust. Has society not learned anything?
21459. Carol Dressler difficult to believe you would keep this listing even without our protests
21458. Ray White  
21457. Daron Horwitz  
21456. Richard Emanuel  
21455. Arlene Becker  
21454. Carol Kraus  
21453. Joyce Shapiro  
21452. David Goldstein Do the right thing! Help end irrational Jew hatred and help civilize the world.
21451. anonymous  
21450. Phyllis Cassell Remove this hate-filled site!
21449. Alan Singer Obnoxious
21448. Oran  
21447. Nancy & Larry Nathan  
21446. leslie liverman  
21445. paul friedmann  
21444. karen walsh  
21443. Jackie Emanuel  
21442. Myra S. Bycher Please Remove JewWatch from the search engine
21441. Harold Norken  
21440. Marilyn Sulzbacker  
21439. Marc Mittleman Please get this sight off your search engine!!!!
21438. Marcelo Wengierko  
21437. Aviva Lev-Ari  
21436. William Warren  
21435. Randee Palmer  
21434. David Chico  
21433. Meir & Esther Binshtok  
21432. Amira  
21431. Nova Davidson  
21430. Jean Damashek  
21429. Myer Shimelman  
21428. E. Mendeloff Please take this off Google
21427. Julianne  
21426. Jeffrey Morris  
21425. Philip A. Shapiro  
21424. Gretel Perelstein  
21423. ellen  
21422. Diana Izsak  
21421. joan webber griffo please remove this offensive site
21420. harvey rich  
21419. David Beyer  
21418. Ben Pakdaman  
21417. Rebeca Geldzweig  
21416. Lea Sopkin  
21415. Irit I was surprized to see this in google!
21414. Bruce Creditor  
21412. Robert J. McLaughlin  
21411. Steven Zamore This site is abhorrent. It is a site for Nazis and needs to be excluded from google.
21410. mitchell zelman spreading racism is BAD
21409. Gilbert M. Saltman  
21408. Jessica Winig  
21407. Rhoda Friedman This is disgraceful!
21406. Albert Karpel  
21405. Marc Levin  
21404. JILL YAFFE  
21403. Jon  
21402. marty hornstein the site is disgusting and scarey
21401. George Sopkin  
21400. Julia Cohen  
21399. Monty Ross  
21398. Ron G.  
21397. Ronne Rogin UNBELIEVABLE!!!! What an insult!!!
21396. Judy Adler  
21395. David Hirsch  
21394. etienne winig  
21393. Betsy Alkaly  
21392. William Paul This website does not deserve any access.
21391. William D. Feldman Thank you to your consideration of removing Jew Watch from your Search Engine
21390. Brinton Smith  
21389. Mary Beth Lynch  
21388. Morris Cotel  
21387. howard liss  
21386. Rafael Mareyna The watch is disgusting
21385. Terry Hornstein i will not use google
21384. Edith and Ervin Drake Anti-semitism has no place in a constitutional democracy that has fought a major war to defeat the proponents of it.
21383. Tricia Willens  
21382. Marc Gladstone  
21381. Alan Woliner How does google engine work that his is the first link?
21380. Jonathan Tovy  
21379. Mark A. Reich Stop this hate speech
21378. genie milgrom get rid of it !
21377. peter rethazy  
21376. j simpson  
21375. Peter Gold  
21374. John Dellar Please remove ASAP
21373. Sherry Spiezle  
21372. G.B. Rovin  
21371. Shlomo Bachrach  
21370. Alan M. Kurzman get this hatred off google
21369. Freda Woolley Just do it - remove JewWatch.com
21368. Anita Morse  
21367. jose severo simplesmente inadmissivel nos nossos dias
21366. Bruce MacLaren Please Remove this hateful site.
21365. steve friedman  
21364. T. A. Cohen  
21363. Charles  
21362. Mark B. Lapping  
21361. Brian D. Rozen  
21360. Marti Wachtel  
21359. harvey Stahl We have enough hate in this world
21358. L. Gerstenbluth I will stop using google
21357. Natalie Strigberger  
21356. Ronald Elkind  
21355. Myra Lavallee  
21354. Avrum  
21353. Julie E. Sevilla  
21352. Erica Rauzin  
21351. Elana Kirshenbaum  
21350. JoAnn Reiss  
21348. Barry Rose Please correct this injustice.
21347. Larry Laibson  
21346. Aileen Bormel Terrible site
21345. richard holcomb  
21344. Concoff  
21343. Janet Brown  
21342. Michael S. Schaffer  
21341. pomroy It is very dissapointing that Google appears to support a site run by Islamic terror groups (hundreds of years of this type of propaganda/Neo Nazis (decades of this type of propaganda.....very very disappointing - wake up guys this is the 21st century!!!!!!!!
21340. howard estrin  
21339. sippora lipton  
21338. Noam Bonneau  
21337. C. Solway  
21336. Betty Benner  
21335. eilene cummins please remove www.jewwatch.com NOW
21334. Ellen Rice Brotman  
21333. Aaron B Cohen  
21332. Asaf Shtull-Trauring  
21331. Sandra Smolensky  
21330. seymoure finn  
21329. Sealani Weiner  
21328. Lee Goldstein-Holcomb  
21327. Nina Izsak  
21326. Sharon Scrofne  
21325. Andrew Meyers  
21324. Lew Zwick  
21323. Arlene Simon  
21322. joyce klein  
21321. Daniel Wohlgelernter  
21320. Ben Cohen  
21319. Beatrice B. Kay  
21318. D. L. Kazen  
21317. Gill Jackson  
21316. Moti Dolgin  
21315. j hurvich Hate is the worst 4 letter word
21314. Chris Walkowicz ugly!
21313. S. H. Knopf  
21312. Ellen Cohen  
21311. Abe Saslow where is our morality?
21310. V Fleischer  
21309. bernard sandler remove or be sued
21307. Genevieve  
21306. E Blau  
21305. Don Silich this is a disturbing
21304. Lillian  
21303. Ellen Kachalsky  
21302. Rickhey Margolese  
21301. Ed Roque  
21300. Ron Katz  
21299. Toby Felton  
21298. Jacob Kirshner  
21297. Ellen Gordman  
21296. Paul Woods  
21295. Jez Roskin let the internet be a source of Jewish culture not anti-semitic hate
21294. Jodi Sukloff  
21293. David L Stone  
21292. judy schwalm  
21291. Maureen Wittels  
21290. rhonda  
21289. Bobbie Kramer This is outrageous!
21288. Penny Silich this website is discusting
21287. dan karsch, Md  
21286. James Dockery do not be a part of the anti-semitism problem. Be a part of the solution.
21285. Michel Cohen Please remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
21284. Gerald Josephs  
21283. S. Barry remove that filth
21282. J. Robert Seder  
21281. Deborah  
21280. Marsha Stein  
21279. Howard M. Yalen  
21278. Madeline J. Levine  
21277. Carin Feldman  
21276. Joan and Ben Stein Please remove JewWatch from your Search engine
21275. edith levine Antisemitism does not belong in our country especially @ this time in our history; anti semitic groups in this country are the same as terrorists in other countries.
21274. Willy Pfuetzner  
21273. Jeanne Khan Not now, not ever for such because I remember...
21272. Joel Shebowich  
21271. Roe Wolf  
21270. rebecca & Ira Philipson  
21269. George Heyworth  
21268. Phoebe  
21267. RW Ivler  
21266. Robert H. Jenkins I hope Google would prevent this kind of thing
21265. Addie Schneider This website is hateful and horrendous, and it is deplorable that Google allows it.
21264. ruthie gerson  
21263. Jerome Weistrop  
21262. David P. Rapaport, MD  
21261. Esther Tolkoff  
21260. Marti Shlenker  
21259. Betty Wolfe  
21258. Richard Lowe Do the right thing!
21257. Mansoor Alyeshmerni  
21256. Itai Himelboim  
21255. Heike Pfuetzner  
21254. enrique fefer  
21253. Bracha Gold  
21252. Susan Cohen  
21251. Peretz Z. Miller  
21250. Leila Basen This web site is offensive to all freedom loving people
21249. Reuven  
21248. Liron Sondak sick...just sick. if this site is not removed we're heading straight for a second holocaust.
21247. Chari Goodman  
21246. Chuck Barsh  
21245. Laura Goldstein  
21244. aesdg  
21243. Michael High this site is hateful
21242. Nancy Palter  
21241. Ann Perl  
21240. Francine Weistrop  
21239. Johno M. Abro  
21238. julie biederman i find this web site absolutely disgusting. i would hate for my, or anybody else's children to find this during a search.
21237. Oren ÿ
21236. fran please remove it it is very offensive
21235. Sally Barsh  
21234. Lewis Palter  
21233. Ellen Baskin  
21232. Adrienne Gruss this site sickens me and i'm not even jewish. please remove it from your search engine!
21231. Cheryl Rosenfeld  
21230. Ian Duncan  
21229. Joseph Lapides Remove the antisemitic JewWatch from Google.
21227. ariel  
21226. Diane Smith  
21225. shotland disgusting
21224. Andrei Dokukin  
21223. bernard goldblatt  
21222. Dimitri Azulay Google supports sites run by Islamic fundamendalist Terror groups....very disappointing!
21221. Elaine R. Marks  
21220. Wendy Lack please remove Jew watch
21219. Sheldon Kimmelman  
21218. Joel Klein I will change my homepage if this is not corrected.
21217. Alan Mostyn  
21216. jocelyn krifcher  
21215. Jason Walker  
21214. Susie Baumohl  
21213. Judi Robaina  
21212. Paul A. Steinman  
21211. susan kurz eleftherakis  
21210. Marvin M. Marks  
21209. Conrad A. WIcks  
21208. Irene Gottesman  
21207. Ayelet Sondak please let me feel like i'm free to be who i want instead of having to hide my jewdaism. please remove this site from your search engine permenantly. thanks
21206. Leonard Miller  
21205. abe rolnick  
21204. Avrohom Altein  
21203. Marc Livingston  
21202. Karyn S  
21201. Sharon Roseman  
21199. Yigal Goldshtrom  
21198. goldi goldberg  
21197. Bruce  
21196. Lewis Robinson This is unconscionable that we have to sign a petition to have this anti-semitic site removed.
21195. Dan  
21194. Bill Auerbach  
21193. Rachel Serour  
21192. Robert M. Grove  
21191. Mitch Speigel  
21190. Paul Rivlin  
21189. Hershcovitz Eva  
21188. Meryl Stoloff  
21187. eileen webb  
21186. philip locke we have enough hate in t
21185. sheila  
21184. Lawrence Levine Terrible
21183. henry goldberg  
21182. Andrew Soep  
21181. Saul Buchbinder  
21180. Honey Sampson  
21179. Harvey M. Kramer, M.D. Please! Do the right thing and remove this offensive site!
21178. alan bass  
21177. Marvin Katz  
21176. Bruce Shackman  
21175. Benjamin Bensimon  
21174. mel gibson what would jesus think of such ant-semitism?
21173. Gregor Alper  
21172. Richard Littman  
21171. Martin Rosen act responsibly
21170. rainbow water  
21169. Benjamin Stein  
21168. Julian Chagrin  
21167. Scott Bradley  
21166. Shep Kaufman  
21165. Kevin Greenspan  
21164. Ruth Eliesen Appalling!
21163. Irvin Schein  
21162. Ryan Wicks  
21161. Gary Kirshner  
21160. dave  
21159. Rosemary Rivlin  
21158. David Goldschild  
21157. Lauren Mayer I'm offended by Google's refusal to remove this site!
21156. Doron Gold  
21155. harvey Trachtenberg Another example of ignorance by non Jews
21154. daniel please remove this anti-semitic site from your search engine.
21153. Alan Osadchey  
21152. Arash  
21151. helene kahan discusting
21150. Rivka katvan  
21149. Sheila Kafka hate does not belong on any website ever
21148. Dr. Robert Knowles  
21147. Pesi Porat  
21146. h. kimiatek  
21145. Jerome Rogoff  
21144. janine cortell This a disgrace
21143. Arnie Post I can't believe a petition is needed for this and Google is so uncoopperative
21142. Bernard Eckstein Please remove Jewwatch
21141. Robert S. Walsky This is a dangerous web site. Remove it.
21140. Ellen Goldschild  
21139. A. Wenner  
21138. Samuel M. Rich  
21137. Norm Gulkis We don't need to spread hatred at electronic speeds.
21136. shelley wisner  
21135. shai recanati  
21134. Mike Temares  
21133. celina Iwanicki  
21132. Sharon Zalik  
21131. Janice Sklar  
21130. Beth Gordon  
21129. Estelle Cohen  
21128. Edo Paz  
21127. Danit Pilch  
21126. Eyal Gerecht  
21125. Geoff n Renee Bryer  
21124. Laura Marks  
21123. Martin Haas  
21122. David Reshler  
21121. Peninah Kabakoff  
21120. Lauren Rosenblatt  
21119. Margaret Zimmermann  
21118. lindsay baker  
21117. Eric Emont  
21116. Steve Kaye  
21115. Marlene Hunter Bigotry has no place on the Internet or any other place. The purpose of the Internet is not to foster hatred and bigotry but to present information in a non-partisan and objectve way.
21114. Betty Gondry  
21113. Evan Frank  
21112. Simcha Herzog I couldn't believe it and when I checked it out, I signed this petition.
21111. H Bryer  
21110. Vicki  
21109. Susan Kaplan  
21108. Jerome S. Tilzer  
21106. Kathy Wexler  
21105. Judi Oshinsky  
21104. yossi  
21103. sdfgfsd  
21102. Genevieve Miller  
21101. Nancy Gertner outrageous!
21100. Sue Katz  
21099. Herb Schwartz While freedom of speech is important, a site with the intention of promoting racial hatred or discriminatory positions should not be promoted.
21098. Albert Gondry  
21097. David Resnick  
21096. Richard Simon  
21095. sddagfasd  
21094. Peter Bridger  
21093. jodi levine  
21092. Dave Moull  
21091. william d. wilson it would be helpful if you would consider this request, we need all the help we can get. Thank you
21090. Susan Vogel Google can do better than this.
21089. Laurie Brant Urgent request
21088. Stuart Samuels  
21087. Allison  
21086. aaron  
21085. Debra Rubin  
21084. helen feuerstein  
21083. Anne Platsky  
21082. Dee Greenberg  
21081. Evelyn  
21080. T. Balaban This is a disgusting site.
21079. Peter Ambrose  
21078. Laurie Tischler  
21076. robertgreenstein  
21075. Charles  
21074. David  
21073. Donald Sheff  
21072. howard cohen  
21071. Dina del Amo  
21070. albert tapper  
21069. Bonnie Rubin  
21068. Mike Fisherman  
21067. LStaffin  
21066. Leanor Rappaport  
21065. Larry Levin  
21064. Elaine Geller  
21063. Bert Romberg  
21062. ziv rubin  
21061. Betsy Dorn  
21060. Amanda  
21059. shelley wisner  
21058. sherry zannoth I Will help however I can
21057. Neal Rubin  
21056. jody steifman this is disgusting. pls. remove immediately
21055. Dan Woldin  
21054. Veronica Shine  
21053. Lauren R. Weinstein  
21052. Raffaele David your company behaviour is a shame to humanity
21050. Jill Katz  
21049. Sabrina Ferris  
21048. sara rink  
21047. herbert williams  
21046. M H Rabin  
21045. Michael S. Foreman People need to SUPPORT this ......
21044. Andrew Potash  
21043. Amir Raz  
21042. margot silver  
21041. howard scalettar  
21040. R Fishman  
21039. s,ungar the article is very distasteful
21038. Natalie Nikolayevsky  
21037. Roslyn Himelson  
21036. Matt Berler  
21035. Harriet Hamburger Hatred is unacceptable. Google should be ashamed of itself.
21034. David Flusberg  
21033. ronald decook  
21032. Alyse  
21031. Marla Colarusso  
21030. gadi hadar  
21029. Marc Mittleman  
21028. Schoulal  
21027. David Yeger  
21026. Jerry Newman complain to: help@google.com
21025. Gary Yonker  
21024. Norman Solomon  
21023. Ruth Roth  
21022. Carlton Baker Free speech is one thing. Hate is another and it should not be tolerated.
21021. Eli Tamir  
21020. Brad Friedlander jewwatch.com should at least be labeled as a hate site
21019. Liatt Granott  
21018. Eric Leiseroff Hope you agree
21017. Jessica Berman  
21016. Ellen Landsberger  
21015. D Putnoi  
21014. William Schonbrun  
21013. david  
21012. Jacob Lieberman  
21011. Jerrold K Senser  
21010. Kyle Gee  
21009. Ken Wax  
21008. Ron Osher  
21007. Doris Rubenstein  
21006. Barney Daniels disgraceful that Google would permit this
21005. Elliot Fromstein  
21004. Naomi Ragins Senser  
21003. allen gilburne  
21002. Thomas M. Greaney I am a Roman Catholic and find this website to be 100% anti-semetic. It is full of lies and while Google is the number one search engine, inclusion of this no value web site serves no purpose, except to create hatred. Please remove.
21001. Michelle Buchsbaum please remove
21000. Erin Gee  
20999. Kelly Goldberg This is a very disturbing, inaccurate, hate-mongering, prejudicial website, designed to perpetrate very old but still active forms of anti-semitism. Please don't contribute to this.
20998. Cheryl Green  
20997. Vivian M Wilson  
20996. David Feinzeig  
20995. Shawn Weissman  
20994. Alan Schachtman  
20993. Burton Blackstone  
20992. marge ehrenfeld  
20991. Paul Gee  
20990. Yaron torbaty  
20989. Sam g. Greenblatt  
20988. Norm Goldman  
20987. Ken Gordon  
20986. Melani L. Skybell  
20985. G. Bloomfield  
20984. Renee I expect better from Google and hope this site is removed immediately.
20983. Jack M. Beermann  
20982. Louis Fridhandler  
20981. matt  
20980. Lynne Jeffrey  
20979. Michelle Gee  
20978. Rachel Iskov  
20977. Jessica Benenson  
20976. Carolyn Naftaly  
20975. E. Hirsch  
20973. Bernard Rappaport  
20972. liron  
20971. Debbie Zissman  
20970. William W. Malandra  
20969. Toby Dohrman I am just sickened
20968. Zvi Smith  
20967. J. Zimmer Stop this outrage!
20965. Barry R. Levine outrageous!
20964. leslie bank  
20963. Sarah Tamir  
20962. Jared  
20961. Howard Rothman  
20960. Laura Kraus  
20959. Charlotte  
20958. David Ash  
20957. Micah Smith  
20956. Tammy Berman Haven't we had enough anti-everything?
20955. Mike There's no place on the Internet for hate.
20954. jane Berk Please remove this site immediately
20953. Shoshanah Setzen  
20952. Yvonne Barash RN BSN  
20951. Ruth Najman  
20950. T.Becker please remove this site
20949. DG Lassner Remove it now!!!
20948. Nicholas R (Kopelovitz) Gates That site is very upseting and needs to be removed.
20947. Erika Mallin  
20946. Mary Kraus  
20945. david louis  
20944. Shirley L. Zimmerman  
20943. Elaine Ricklin Discrimination and hate of any race or religion per se is despicable.
20942. Mordecai J. Gold  
20941. Marcia Eskin  
20940. Fern Goodstein  
20939. Fran Tucker  
20938. ira berk Please remove this obsence site
20937. adela rose  
20936. Ruth Anna Putnam  
20935. stanley stein  
20934. Hanya S. Seidner  
20933. carol licht  
20932. Dora Hechtman I am disgusted to think that this woud be happening in this day & age! Haven't we learnt anything???
20931. Chet Linden  
20930. Jacob oslick  
20929. Stanley Segelbaum  
20928. Nigel Blumenthal This site is clearly hate; I expect that Google will hold by its standards and delete it
20927. a  
20926. Muriel Marash  
20925. Julius Goldstein  
20924. Alan McGhie  
20923. Josie It should removed ASAP
20922. Edward L. Goodstein  
20921. Elizabeth Marcadis  
20920. M. SWISLOW  
20919. judy stolovitsky  
20918. a  
20917. Linda Joy Weinstein  
20916. Joel Kirzner  
20915. eli  
20914. joseph mankowitz  
20913. Irving F Naftaly  
20912. Josh Stein  
20911. J. Alinsky  
20910. Robert Plummer  
20909. Allan Rudolph  
20908. Kristen Gillam  
20907. Ellen Saltzman  
20906. shlomo this is a not about free speech. It's about anti semitism
20905. Ilene Cohen How shameful. Please remove this site immediately
20904. Martin Weiss sad to see such hate.
20903. David  
20902. Harriet N .Kruman  
20901. Stephanie Brock  
20900. Bar-hen  
20899. Louis Hemmerdinger PLease remove JewWatch from the early listings
20898. Norman Decker  
20897. Mark Johnson  
20896. Gail Katz  
20895. Helen Hyatt  
20894. Denis Grigoras I am not Jewish, I am Christian. I am in law school and grew up in a communist country - both factors have taught me to value free speech. That being said, the web site jewwatch.com is both reprehensible and deplorable to the extent that it should be removed altogether from Google. Misinformation, especially the extent contained on jewwatch.com, does not constitute free speech. The website is anti-semetic, racist, and classist in the worst possible way. I am not Jewish and I find its contents attrocious and criminal. Please stop poisoning people's minds with misinformation. I strongly urge Google to remove jewwatch.com and to stop contributing to the poisoning of minds. Until this website is removed, I will use Yahoo.com for my searches.
20893. Gary Shapira  
20892. Arlene Kaye  
20891. A.M.Brill  
20890. Nina Miller this is appalling
20889. D. Epstein ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
20888. Gary Please remove the site
20887. Jim Tuchten  
20886. Errol Schnurman disgraceful!!!!!
20885. Larry goldberg Anti-Semitic
20884. Mitch Aidelman  
20883. Alex Lehman Removed google toolbar. Planning to stop using google completely within a couple of days.
20882. Bayla Kolton  
20881. Kenneth Stein  
20880. Beth Edwards  
20879. jane genende  
20878. Rob Hodges  
20877. Hilary Turner  
20876. Deborah Biele Unless this site is removed I will never use it again.
20875. Stephanie Tuchten  
20874. Allan Becker  
20873. roger m lyons remove hate sites NOW
20872. A. J. Salk  
20871. k.n.leibovic  
20870. Ken Jacobson  
20869. Doris K. Shapira  
20868. danoiel haim please remove jew watch from your web sight. have u no morale standards?
20867. Thomas Crawford  
20866. Hannah S. Decker  
20865. avner morr  
20864. Seymour Weinberg  
20863. Jonathan Frank I am disappointed that google would require a petition in order to remove this site. While I can understand the impetus to refrain from tampering with free speech, clear hate propoganda is a different story. Further, if, hypothetically speaking, an anti-google site was the first search result following a "google" search, i do believe the Corporation would indeed remove it immediately.
20862. Brian Foreman  
20861. Charlotte Cohen  
20860. Dan Zimmerman  
20859. Seymour Gladstone  
20858. Susan Stanley  
20857. Viviana Grosz  
20856. Nancy Stein Please remove at once!
20855. Lesley Mathews  
20854. Julian Fox  
20853. Deborah Lavinsky  
20852. Milton Zerin  
20851. Hyla Segall  
20850. George Pultz Jew Watch is an outrage. Google as a major player in World Society should not tolerate any form of Hate group.
20849. Scott Pincus  
20848. joe vorstermans  
20847. Sarah Freedman  
20846. Ellyn Markowitz  
20845. J. Feretzis Never expected this from Google.
20843. lynn Levine all bigatry and misinformation is dangerous and hateful and should not be tolerated . I'm sad that Google needed a petition to remove these hateful, hurtful lies. Shame!
20842. Beth Walman  
20841. Gloria Fish  
20840. Raymond Shapira  
20839. Jolanda  
20838. Donna Johnson  
20837. Phyllis Horowitz  
20836. Ellen Sherberg  
20835. Howard N. Karesh  
20834. Deena Bachman  
20833. Philip Hirschfield  
20832. Jeff M. Levis Shame on you!
20831. Bradford Cole  
20830. M Brick  
20829. David Knecht  
20828. Gloria Clamen  
20827. Mike & Kate Adler  
20826. Marlien Groeneveld  
20825. helen cherry  
20824. mara kochba google should not promote hate in any form!
20823. jeanne abrahams  
20822. Kathy Bartelmay  
20821. Nancy Landsman  
20820. jodi benjamin schneider  
20819. Rachel Hollander Please remove this speedily.
20818. George Pultz  
20816. Aryna Swope  
20815. Muriel Setters  
20814. Jack Sturmwind I think it is sad and disgusting that a petition to Google is required to remove this site. Google, you should be ashamed.
20813. Aaron Bousel  
20812. Brian Douglas  
20811. judy platt  
20810. sari stein  
20809. Leora Maccabee  
20808. Mildred Spalter  
20807. Desiree  
20806. Rosalind G. Greiner  
20805. Debby Gross  
20804. Esta Richter  
20803. lex albert  
20802. Harold Shapiro Please remove web site
20801. nat kessler  
20800. Hessa Becker  
20799. Jean Schneider  
20798. harold foonberg why are you doing this?
20797. Mrs. Lee Newman We can't have this hate mail on the internet!
20796. Furman This site adds to the hatered in the world
20795. Nancy Klibanoff  
20794. roy  
20793. Terry Weisbrot Definately out of control
20792. robert and Audrey Stern no excuse - you must delete
20791. Alan Finfer  
20790. Ed Feltcorn  
20789. Dima Chaika remove jewwatch from top rank search result
20788. Judy Turetsky  
20787. R. Gold Pollution that emits hazardous substances that inflicts harm on society and ignores its corporate social responsibility must be shut down. Jewwatch which incites hatred promoted through the communication vehicle Goggle, should jointly be charged in a class action suit. We must adapt a zero tolerance stance. What will be next? We know too well from past history, the rational mind, or I might say not so rational mind, can lead to horrific atrocities.
20786. lala greene  
20785. R fishman  
20784. Phyllis Greenfield  
20783. William J. Fienemann  
20782. Eldad Bialecki  
20781. Leonard Greiner  
20780. Adam Brett  
20779. Brian Newmark  
20778. D Coffman  
20777. Heather  
20776. Bob Miller  
20775. Jamie Molever  
20774. Haley Rice  
20773. Debbie whitehill  
20772. jose klahr  
20771. bababaknia  
20770. Silvia Lay  
20769. Beverley Hoffman Remove JewWatch.com
20768. Sam Moses  
20767. Mia C. Fienemann  
20766. Debbie Ullner  
20765. Emily Rosen  
20764. Jack E. Shattuck  
20763. Susan Farque  
20762. yehuda b weiss hellooooooooooooo!
20761. ababaknia  
20760. Sandy Canetti  
20759. sara  
20758. jeff Kaplan  
20757. Barry Sklar Remove this tripe
20756. Nathan Herszenhorn  
20755. Shoshana Lesser  
20754. Scott D Newman  
20753. Janie  
20752. David Perl If a search of the word "black" on Google led to a racist website, there would be an outrage.
20751. Miguel Schloss  
20750. kahn  
20749. Neil Bialkin  
20748. Elizabeth Pressman I find this quite shocking!
20747. Jeanie J. Johnson  
20746. Geri Stahl  
20745. Lailja Leila Ware Just Do It!
20744. Marilyn Bagel  
20743. J. Wershil  
20742. Tori Cantor Shame on Google for perpetuating hate
20741. Dena Rubin  
20740. Ronnie Sue Nadel  
20739. Seymour Remen  
20738. Adrienne Grossman Too bad your company couldn't have been decent and removed the anit semitic site just because it is the right thing to do.
20737. John Rosenheim  
20736. Ellie Cohen  
20735. Kate Driscoll  
20733. Pene Gerber  
20732. faith karm  
20731. Deborah Rogers  
20730. Michel Dahan This is a disgrace to humanity
20729. ina green  
20728. Stephen Epstein  
20727. darian adel  
20726. warren carel  
20725. federico retyk  
20724. Michele Lipson  
20723. Raphael Altman  
20722. Maya  
20720. Amikam Raz  
20719. elka  
20718. J Wege  
20717. edward saltzman pls. change this.
20716. Irving Siegel  
20715. michelle jews rule
20714. ken simmons  
20713. marcia friedman  
20712. Ruth Gold  
20711. SIEGFRIED GLATT I sended an direct E-mail to them
20710. Michael Volpert  
20709. Tina B Wein  
20708. James Marentette Please rtemove this website
20707. phyllis smith  
20706. Sue-Ellen Duboe This disgusting,hateful site should be removed
20705. Lauren Shaffer  
20704. joely  
20703. Todd F. Ganser  
20702. David A. Solomon  
20701. ofer horvitz good jobe!
20700. Rick Silverman  
20699. Benjamin Maissner  
20698. Saul I. Grife  
20697. Joyce Moebius  
20696. Corey Iken  
20695. Ryan  
20694. Mel  
20693. Carolina Raijer  
20692. Ann levin  
20691. Hope Maisner  
20690. aryeh sherman  
20689. Annabelle Moore I'm 14 and go to a Jewish Day School. This is very upsetting. Thank you.
20688. miriam Orenstein get it off!
20687. Cynthia A. Silverman  
20686. jo miller  
20685. Jane G. Weil  
20684. Ilana Cohen  
20683. alex katz  
20682. Norman Baellow  
20681. Drooly  
20680. Suzanne Linett no decent search engine should carry this site
20679. Mindy Hope Fisher This is disgraceful.
20678. Stan  
20677. R.H.Goldstein  
20676. Henrea Barman  
20675. David Blumberg  
20674. Moses Kranzler  
20673. Harriet Marks  
20672. LOrd  
20671. Leslie Bialkin  
20670. mimi stern-wolfe bigotry will flourish; outrageous! STOP LIES.
20669. loren schnider  
20668. estee cohen  
20667. Jean Sauerteig  
20666. Pamela W. Smith  
20665. Esther & David Gold Google is too wholesome to foster such a vile venture.
20664. Marsha Wengrow  
20663. Yitz Weiss  
20662. Carl Haning  
20661. David Carroll  
20660. Doris  
20659. Sandy Jordan  
20658. Jackie Brooks  
20657. myron polkes  
20656. Dr. Aaron & Mrs. Sharon Jesin The value and integrity of your Google search engine is being undermined by allowing the hate promoting website, JewWatch to be listed.
20655. Bob Stall  
20654. David A. Isquith  
20653. Jonathan Shier  
20652. tom gottlieb  
20651. Brooke Andrews While Google can't eliminate this hateful site from the internet, the least that could be done is to ensure it is far down on the list and not the first thing one finds when doing a search. There is more than enough anti-Semitism in the world without G
20650. Saul Merrick  
20649. Zack Hendlin  
20648. Deborah Tabert  
20647. Doris Bass This is either blatant hatred or stupidity
20646. adele hertz  
20645. Luigi Linquino  
20644. Yvonne Hatherill  
20643. J. Ishag  
20642. Marianne Greenfield  
20641. richard nadel  
20640. Judy Joshua  
20639. sheila polkes Why does it take 50,000 signatures to remove something so hateful
20638. dorothy grossman  
20637. Harvey and Frances Viner We think it is disgusting that Google has Anti-semetic or any item against a minority on there web site. This should be removed immediately and an apology written.
20636. Meriam Kraus Please remove this virulous site. Thanks!
20635. rene altervain  
20634. Jaime S. Dromi, Ph. D. Even without the petition how can GOOGLE mantain such a terrible advisory.
20633. barry stoltze  
20632. Ralph Marcus  
20631. Nicole Gleitman  
20630. Shady  
20629. Julie Krigel  
20628. Larry Greenfield  
20627. Julie Waterstone  
20626. Nicola Livingston  
20625. laurie ordin  
20624. Andrew  
20623. Sandra Leigh  
20622. Andrea Mendelson  
20621. margolies  
20620. Jason disgusting and angry site
20619. Phillip Ein-Dor  
20618. LynnHorn  
20617. Jorge Embon  
20616. Barbara Miller  
20615. Jane Feldman  
20614. Leslie Sauerbrei  
20613. Marjorie Wiener Isn't there enough hate in the world
20612. Lorie Katz Take this awful site off Google
20611. joe hiller  
20610. Irma H. Pressman  
20609. Barbara Lefcowitz  
20608. Vicki Forest Please remove this anti-Semitic garbage immediately.
20607. Louis Thompson  
20606. ann this must stop
20605. Juliana  
20604. Simona McCray  
20603. Julia Rosen  
20602. Walter Levine  
20601. Lisa Robinson  
20600. Gaston Remove www.jewwatch.com from Google!
20599. Andrew Altman Remove Jewwatch.com from the google search engine!
20598. P. Kaufman  
20597. Ross Maver  
20596. Darren Cargill  
20595. Jack Klein c/o RPS LLC Please remove this
20594. Betsy Oden  
20593. cindy paul  
20592. Michael Bodo  
20591. Joy Wolf nothing good has ever come from hatred
20590. Shelley Charnoff this site is hateful, and it's location is misleading.
20589. Rhonda Rubin  
20588. francine kades Is it necessary to have something like this as this point in time?
20587. Toby Ehrlich  
20586. Jennifer  
20585. Herb Goodman  
20584. ran  
20583. Todd D. Brodie  
20582. Linda Levine  
20581. David Saperstein  
20580. Donna Fawcett  
20579. Mark Shapiro  
20578. Peter & Faye Globerson please remove
20577. L. Straussner this is scary - please remove
20576. Janice Meer  
20575. Amy Lansky  
20574. Bonnie Lubeck  
20573. Gil Rosen  
20572. Paul Eder  
20571. Michael Cole  
20570. Eddy Sajet  
20569. Aviva Budd  
20568. haim  
20567. Geoffrey  
20566. eytan  
20565. Lauren Feiden  
20564. Gerardo Interiano  
20563. V.L. Pitluk  
20561. Sherry Cherlin  
20560. Stephanie  
20559. joseph hiller  
20558. Jack Kleibn I really feel this is a disgrace
20557. Mel Swerdloff  
20556. Joelle Klein  
20555. vladimir freidin  
20554. Benjamin Dobrin  
20553. larry  
20552. Stephen H. Olson  
20551. Howard Gluckman It is unbelievable that Google would allow this hate material.
20550. miriam cywan  
20549. Robert Markowitz  
20548. Evan Brezak  
20547. zuzana freidin  
20546. F.Harelick  
20545. Robert Casselson  
20544. D. Bettencourt  
20543. Barry V Levine Remove obscene hate items; anti-Semitism equals anti-Hatred
20541. Bari Gilbert  
20540. Siang Chiang Plse remove jewwatch.com - Hate speech is not tolerated!!
20539. Barry Roos  
20538. Robert Thompson  
20537. Amanda Decker-Fitts  
20536. Leslie  
20535. Gertrude Lerner`  
20534. Daniel Weiner  
20533. Fran Friedberg  
20532. Phyllis Greenstein  
20531. joseph benezra  
20530. alan Get rid of this filth!
20529. Paul Steinberg  
20528. Gail Gordon  
20527. Jamie Friedberg  
20526. Maureen Sweeney  
20525. Ted Larsen  
20524. Sandra Blair  
20523. M J Hecht  
20522. Jess Friedberg  
20521. Joel Weingarten This is pure anti-semitism. You must remove this hate group.
20520. zelma lavin Disgraceful! Inciteful!
20519. Jeff Springer  
20518. susan  
20517. Alan D. Wapner  
20516. Alyse Ritchie  
20515. Rabbi Hesh Epstein  
20514. Erin Pastuszenski  
20513. Lawrence Terfansky  
20512. Alan Kuhn  
20511. aaron michel  
20510. Irena Freidin  
20509. Claire Binder  
20508. Mark Wolfe  
20507. Elena Kaczorowski  
20506. Judith Smith remove this anti-semitic site
20505. Deb  
20504. Donna Rodnitzky  
20503. Karen Brodsky  
20502. Dan Hymowitz  
20501. eileen michel  
20500. Daniel Morgenstern  
20499. jay binder  
20498. Jack Druker  
20497. Sandi Zenner  
20496. carl schwartz  
20495. Lynn Einbinder disgusting!
20494. M Marks  
20493. Naomi Lazerow I will not use google again if it is not removed
20492. Judy Dolmatch  
20491. Schon Golgerth There is no place in the world for this crap. Get it off the net now.
20490. Alison Fine  
20489. Emma Gee  
20487. K. Morris  
20486. Linda Jaivin  
20485. Devorah Stein  
20484. Mark Shaffer remove this anti-semetic site from the internet
20483. J While websites like this, as disgustingly hateful as they may be, are allowed under the freedom of speech amendment, they should not be shoved in the face of anyone who types the word Jew or Jewish into a search engine.
20482. Jeanette Asher  
20481. Linda Fayne Levinson  
20480. Rob Zalan  
20479. Ivan Brodsky  
20478. Enrique Pfeffer  
20477. Leonard Fineberg  
20476. m mintz  
20475. Brett Mendell  
20474. Jonathan Pitts  
20473. C Blum  
20472. barry werner  
20471. Giuliana Dalsgaard  
20470. john barnett  
20469. Stan Bergman  
20468. Micki Jacobs  
20467. Devorah Kahn  
20466. nora schmolze  
20465. amy friedkin  
20464. Uriel Goldsmith  
20463. rinafogel it's time to finish the hat all over the world
20462. Kimberly Ann Small  
20461. Karin Negrea  
20460. K Broder  
20459. Harriette Spero If there are any attorneys out there, I think a class-action suit might be in order against Google if this site is not removed ASAP! Count me in if a suit is filed!
20458. Debra K.Heath  
20457. Marilyn Nelson  
20456. kfir bezalel  
20455. Navot Oz  
20454. Chaim Green  
20452. Julia  
20451. david cohen  
20450. Allan C. Zuckerman Get it off. Free speech not affected. It'll stay on the web.
20448. Robert Cohen  
20447. j mayhall please remove jewwatch from the "I'm feeling lucky" location
20446. Phil Cogan  
20445. Roselyn Kolodny  
20444. Arthur J.Solarsh  
20443. Leonard M Silverman  
20442. Leslie Schaeffer  
20441. deborah g. kohn remove this
20440. Ned Branston All businesses must behave resposinbly !!
20439. Sam Seriously
20438. ben shaked  
20437. Conor  
20436. Wendy Derovan please remove this ASAP!!!!
20435. Ofir Larsen  
20434. Wilma Deutsch  
20433. Mitchell B. Wolper  
20432. larry longley i grew up with a drunk antisemetic father who killed himself and feel that hate has ruined my world. wipe it out
20431. James Shillinglaw  
20430. Samuel Barkin  
20429. Mr Mendell  
20428. mendel s kaliff  
20427. Brian Shamash  
20426. Henry Geller  
20425. Moshe Shifine Ph.D. It's unbecoming for google to have this
20424. Ronnie Steinau  
20423. Marcia Liss  
20422. Marce Weissman  
20421. arno blum  
20420. Sandra and Lowell Herman  
20419. Carole Friedland  
20418. amy  
20417. Dennis Purcell  
20416. Holly Martin  
20415. Esther Hershenbaum  
20414. Adar Larsen  
20413. diana  
20412. Ellen Sue Schor  
20411. bari  
20410. L. Rotman  
20409. Susan Sager  
20408. Karen Smith  
20407. ted gold  
20406. Bernard M. Rubin It's incredible that you permit this site to enjoy such a featured listing.......get rid of it or bury it deep into the other sites.
20405. Nana Fromm  
20404. Deb Benedict  
20403. pam  
20402. Jeff Siegel  
20401. Stuart Kushner  
20400. Lee Galtman  
20399. Rabbi Colin Brodie I find it extraordinary that Google does not either remove this site entirely or put it lower down on its list. Until this chage is made I personally will not use Google and have advised my congregants , friends, family and anyone I know to avoid Google. Please rectify this situation.
20398. susan cowin  
20397. Debbie Branitz  
20396. George Liss this is offensive!
20395. Wayne Wides Please work on your algorithms Google. Further, despite what those hiding behind free speech may claim, this is not about banning JewWatch but relegating its prominence.
20394. Lisa Waldman  
20393. Lenore Kriteman  
20392. CeCeConnable we are all equal, when are you going to realize we are all born the same way and we all die, we all eat, drink, sleep etc.....so what makes me different from you?????
20391. Bunnie Mauldin  
20390. Bat-El Larsen  
20389. Sarita Gocial This is shameful!
20388. tomer  
20387. Kim Davis  
20386. Adam Chesnick REMOVE THIS SITE ASAP!
20385. Ellen Goldblatt  
20384. yoni  
20383. Amy Widenbaum  
20382. carol wagenheim  
20381. Harriet Feinglass  
20380. erez  
20379. Edward and Louise Aptaker Outrageous!!
20378. Denise Allen  
20377. eli ronen  
20376. julia Some things need censuring
20375. Eleanor Cooke The site is absolutely outrageous, contributing to an already sensitive and volatile situation. Please remove it at once!
20374. Shifra Hastings  
20373. C. Katz  
20372. Mei Wong  
20371. Joyce Bayer When young people "Google" a word, they should not be subjected to a hate site.
20370. Linda Rosen Google should not need a petition to make this change. It is so flagrantly inappropriate.
20369. stephanie watson  
20368. Lynn Kra-Oz  
20366. Susan Fell Lazar  
20365. Jonathan Michael Pelman (Yoni)  
20364. Herbert Brotz  
20363. Moshe Benitah  
20362. eleanor zeff To continue making this site available, google is endorsing its message.
20361. David Goldfarb  
20360. Leo Steinhardt  
20359. Chuck Schouwerwou, CMP Remove it now!
20358. joel rosenthal  
20357. Joanie Shubin  
20356. Char Wykoff  
20355. Marcy Eisenberg  
20354. David Nelson  
20353. Liat  
20352. Artur Hecht If this continues I will have to remove Google from my browser and advise all my friends to do so too.
20351. Tom Simon  
20350. Neil Adelman  
20349. Lila Silverman  
20347. Stephen Scholle there is something wrong with google if you must get 50k signatures to remove a bias site.
20346. Dan Gordon  
20345. Rhonda Jacoby  
20344. Yvonne Pencherek  
20343. Franci Sniderman Websites like this should not be allowed
20342. Linda Segal  
20341. Alan Locke  
20340. Saraleen Benouni  
20339. Laura Duràn  
20338. Naomi Cohen We don't need one more antisemitic site! please remove from your website!
20337. amos rind  
20336. Naomi Bleifeld  
20335. Josef Mordechai  
20334. Maxine E. Palti I am shocked. What was your intention?
20333. Jerry Sigal  
20332. Marlene Friedlander  
20331. Saul Nesselroth Google should not be involved in spreading hate.
20330. Phyllis Pullman  
20329. Laura Sigal Please remove this website!
20328. Ellen Flamm  
20327. Nathaniel collard  
20326. Zora Natanblut  
20325. Barbara J. Simon  
20324. Ellen Isenson  
20323. Robyn  
20322. Perry Lichtblau  
20321. asaf max  
20320. stan perlman  
20319. Beth Wise  
20317. Harry Hirschberg  
20316. M D. Proser I find it offensive that Google would require 50,0000 requests before it acts on such smut.
20315. matt kolodny  
20314. Michel Jeifa It is sick From an Holocaust Survivor who lost his family. Please stop this obscenity
20313. Evelyn Selon  
20312. Mel Frucht  
20311. helene lewis  
20310. Moshe Azar  
20309. Nirit Gradwohl  
20308. Eugene Fukshansky I am very disappointed with the fact that Google could create, support, and distribute this site.
20307. Charlene Hirschberg  
20306. Lea and Zig Bleviss  
20304. Michael Rosenberg  
20303. L. Dolnik  
20302. Rhoda and Neil Kay  
20301. Mark Frankel  
20300. dany  
20299. Miriam Burg  
20298. Leela Dobman  
20297. Allan Schwartz  
20296. Karen Glaser The word Jew shoud elicit information and web-sites about all the good that Jews have done - and continue to do - for this entire worldl.
20295. Eli Katz  
20294. Angela Brusatory  
20293. liat 12345
20292. Edward Lerner  
20291. Gina Leiserowitz What a disgraceful website, fueling anti-semitism and lies
20290. Robert Carver  
20289. Gloria Adler  
20288. Daniel Burg  
20287. Peter Rosenbaum you should be ashamed of yourselves!
20285. steve kunin  
20284. Gail Zuker  
20283. Alisha Rosenfeld  
20282. Rochelle Stenzler  
20281. Eric  
20280. Beth Stein  
20279. Dima Iogman  
20278. Sigmar Schoenhorn get the antisemetic bum off google!
20277. Julia Collard  
20276. yona presser  
20275. Melvin Tannen  
20274. Marijane Sprouse  
20272. Harvey Berger  
20271. Julie Wood  
20270. Gary Portnoy  
20269. Alan Jonas  
20268. Chelsea Briggs  
20267. howard Kane It's revolting that you carry such antisemitic tripe
20266. Elaine Bobrove  
20265. Judy Verbeeten  
20264. Esther Sulcov  
20263. jeff solomon  
20262. Mark Kheyfetz  
20261. Ellen Wendy Kaplan Anti-Semitism is being fueled by far right and far left groups, as well as Islamic Fundamentalism - it is a grave danger to all civilized people.
20260. karen presser  
20259. Sherry Marks  
20258. alansmith  
20257. Hallie Block There is enough hatred in today's world. Your website shouldn't incite more.
20256. Sheila Tanenbaum  
20254. Lena ter Meulen  
20253. Virginia Aubry  
20252. Jaye Niefeld  
20251. Arik Kaneh  
20250. Carol Dolan  
20249. Ron Huberman  
20248. Jane K. Viau  
20247. barbara rowan  
20246. Linda Aronson  
20245. MP Solomon  
20244. Rabbi Raachel Jurovics  
20243. Pam Goode  
20242. mike neginsky  
20241. Jennifer Jesselson  
20240. Ty Raterman Friends at google, please make a change or I will gladly find a different search engine to use.
20239. Claire Berger  
20238. gerard maisel  
20237. Adam Mayblum that's revolting
20236. dora neginskaya  
20235. Lois Schoenhorn remove JewWatch.com pronto
20234. dan  
20233. David Allison  
20231. Sumner N Katz  
20230. Howard Jacobson  
20229. Ann Greenspan Please remove
20228. Katherine Shapiro-Mackler  
20227. alice secrist  
20226. yevgeny neginsky  
20225. Lauren Please remove this horrible, hateful link
20224. Martin Kunoff  
20223. Marjorie Richman  
20222. Adrienne M .Schleifer  
20221. Hallie Block There's enough hatred in today's world. Let's eliminate a hate-inciting web site
20220. Irene Muller  
20219. Eric Rau remove jewwatch.com now
20218. M I Schwartz  
20217. Mina Bernhard  
20216. Carole Roller  
20215. M G Warshaw  
20214. Mel Cohen How can this be condoned?
20213. Renee Nelson Haven't Jews suffered enough? Please stop this ..
20212. lj mcleod  
20211. Ann Bald-Bloom  
20210. Pam Goode  
20209. Marc Alan Fink  
20208. Jacob Amir, M.D.  
20207. Itay  
20206. Bernard Edwards This is no help for human relations. Isn't Google within their rights to move the sight far down on their list for less people to see without needing 50,000 signatures to remove it??
20205. Elisabeth A. Thomas  
20204. marlene cowan  
20203. Z. Botnick  
20202. david mizrahi  
20201. bob& Joy Taub  
20199. Carmel Barak  
20197. David Aviv  
20196. Steven Berger  
20195. Bernard REMOVE JEWWATCH from your seach engine
20194. Debbie Bracey  
20193. Angela Kaset Hatred and ignorance spread like cancer. Please help stop this disease.
20192. Annette Kahn  
20191. craig copans  
20190. Esther Glahn  
20189. norma raphael  
20188. Alexa  
20187. Herzl Lary  
20186. valerie mizrahi  
20185. Ellen Weiss  
20184. joseph zeira we do not need antisemites
20183. Steven DeBruin  
20181. Shelley Schwartz please remove hate sites from your searches!
20180. Amanda Kent  
20179. Shmuel Livnat  
20178. james judd  
20177. Fariba Lary  
20176. millie kashuk  
20175. Jonathan Thiang I find that this is intolerable at times in which the Jewish community is allready having such a difficult time to educated people on Judaism. I am disapointed that this should be the case however am greatful that with 50, 000 signatures you will correct this error. Thanks Jonathan Thiang
20174. Susan Ecker It is shameful that this is even necessary!
20173. Matt Burrus I am appalled by the content of the JewWatch.com site
20172. ronni rothstein  
20171. Peter Bailey  
20170. Gabriela Marein-Efron  
20169. Darren L. Jacobs  
20168. M Kuland  
20167. Varda  
20166. michelle shamban please remove immediately
20165. diane kutner  
20164. albert j weissman  
20163. victor chernoff  
20162. Susan Caplan-Firestone  
20161. Ofer  
20160. eva gonsher  
20159. Vic Basile  
20158. Joanna Rebelgale  
20157. Susan Gerard  
20156. Faye Marcus  
20155. Evelyn Cohen  
20154. Yosef Deren Please remove immediately
20153. Deborah Edelman  
20152. Get_ya  
20151. Scott Chaiet  
20150. sherry keller  
20149. Linda Kirshblum  
20148. Amy  
20147. Sol H. Zeifman  
20146. nick  
20145. Linda S. Rich  
20144. Frances Unger  
20143. Linda Bockler terrible actions and should be stopped..
20142. Norman Charney There is no room in this society for this kind of hateful dialogue and lies.
20141. Terri Clayman  
20140. Janice Tichauer  
20139. scott weinstein  
20138. arlyn stein Please remove this hateful site. it is incendiary to those who only need a little encouragement to act out this hate.
20137. Diana Tabman  
20136. Dr Stuart Sanders  
20135. Joshua Schwartz They are entitled to post information, but this should not be the first site available to your users.
20134. ron klein  
20133. Elaine Goldstein  
20132. Eldad Mor  
20131. Michael Shaver  
20130. Julia Scehiebel  
20129. judy brown  
20128. Linda Reimer  
20127. Moshe  
20126. Eleanor Smith  
20125. Paul Rosen  
20124. Ellen Weinberg Remove this hateful website.
20123. Barbara E Gassman  
20122. Brent Argovitz  
20121. Yossi Dukes  
20120. Tara Weber  
20119. Sharon Agami  
20118. Tom Federlin  
20117. Lori Simon  
20116. Ruth Beresh  
20115. Rita Hicks  
20114. Elliott Kunin  
20113. Edith Bernstein  
20112. Barbara Goodman  
20111. Al Stein  
20110. Dana Lipson  
20109. Mitchel Smith  
20108. Muriel Tuteur I completely agrre with the contents of this position. The state of the world at this time needs more understanding not words and deeds that foster hatred and violence
20107. Stephen Lerner Please remove JewWatch.com from your search engine
20106. debra remove jewwatch please; it is disgraceful and hateful
20105. Diane Forman  
20104. Stan Levine  
20103. Beverly Schnurman  
20102. Marilyn Silberberg  
20101. Philip Goldberg  
20100. kirk fox  
20099. Ruth Dweck please remove any hate material about any group be it relgious, or cultural
20098. fay Greenberg awful site
20097. susan chadney  
20096. Bea & Arnie Young  
20095. Harvey Ostroff  
20094. nadine antin a (search) engine that needs a tune up
20093. Harold Berman  
20092. Linda August  
20091. Lili Little  
20090. Marc A. Seidner There should be no place to link this sort of poison on the internet today
20089. Jill W. Sandberg  
20088. R.E.M. Clark  
20087. phil sweenie  
20086. p.j.kaminsky  
20085. Staci Macklin  
20084. ruth young novice  
20083. Sharon Newman  
20082. alice dizenzo please remove this antisemetic site
20081. Judie Gershaw Freedom of speech is one thing we are afforded, but this is ridiculous. Please remove ASAP
20080. Dov Fahrer Please remove this site fast!
20079. sol steinberg  
20078. Doreen Goldberg  
20077. Al Gordon The hate does not come from Google. The primacy of JewWatch is a result of a non-dsicriminatory indexing algorithm. However, the effect of this trash is more important than Google's intentions and the visibility of JewWatch must be diminished. The scum at JewWatch need to know that they have a lot of enemies.
20076. alona  
20075. isabell mann please remove this web-site
20074. David Marx  
20073. dorothy l. rothenberg  
20072. Ira Turetsky  
20071. Yakov  
20070. Marissa Baldwin  
20069. David Rakowski  
20068. Louis H. Katz  
20067. Max Sindell  
20066. L. Yenofsky  
20065. carol levy  
20064. Joel Weinstein Google must do better than facilitate and enable misinformation to spread.
20063. Renee  
20062. Jason Adleman  
20061. Ginna Sloane  
20060. Sondra Martin  
20059. Kobi S. Ogannisyan  
20058. Alyssa Roher  
20057. Jason Auerbach  
20056. Phoebe Deckel  
20055. Miriam Markovits  
20054. Elizabeth Dunbar  
20053. Michael Stewart  
20052. Carol W. Lewis As fast as possible, please
20051. Adam Greenman racist propaganda has no place on the web
20050. Alan Shefter  
20049. jenny rosenberg  
20048. Gabriel Taraday  
20047. Donna  
20046. zvihat  
20045. Elaine Rothman  
20044. gerald kerzner  
20043. anne Cohen  
20042. Faye  
20041. Zachary Phagan  
20040. Yale Kanter abhorent
20039. David Parrott  
20038. Jeffrey Edelheit  
20037. jennifer wallin  
20036. Arthur Blankstein Yours is my favorite search engine and I am distressed that this situation can happen,
20035. Lowell Gray  
20034. Alyssa Roher  
20032. Harry Silverman  
20031. richard imbrey  
20030. Roger Gershaw  
20029. Stanley Haringman  
20028. Marti Zelikoff  
20027. Brenda Larkin  
20026. Debby Jacobs  
20024. Rosemary Selburn  
20023. J. Frieman  
20022. Mel Seder  
20021. Jonathan Kalles  
20020. Simon Knobovitch I am merely one of 50,000 +
20019. arielle  
20018. regina spirn Google, don't procrastinate in the removal
20017. James Frankel  
20016. Loni Bader  
20015. June resnick  
20014. YALE UDOFF every one of their categories could easily be shown to have benefited mankind with untold achievments by The Jews.
20013. Barbara Leimberg  
20012. Beth Edelheit  
20011. Tom Jacobs  
20010. nancy kalef  
20009. Jack Kincler  
20008. Irene Martin  
20007. H Cohen  
20006. melisa gerber  
20005. joseph black  
20004. Matthew Rosenberg  
20003. israel  
20002. Alyssa Shifrin  
20001. Ron and Anne Pirrera  
20000. Mindy  
19999. Amir  
19998. Leah  
19997. norma heinz  
19996. Sarina Ergas  
19995. Emily Goodstein  
19994. Jean Kelber My mother taught me if I don't have something nice to say don't say anything
19993. Karen Bodner  
19992. Caroline Sturtridge
19991. anat  
19990. William A Begal  
19989. Mark Bluestein  
19988. Heidi Schwartz  
19987. George Arje  
19986. shai  
19985. Steve  
19984. Ann Epstein  
19983. david director  
19982. Natalie Berkman  
19981. Chaim Meister Remove it.
19980. Eileen Curtis How shameful that Google is unable to scrutinize its search engine more carefully. This website is a disgrace and should be removed immediately
19979. Clara Hyman  
19978. Shirley Leitner  
19977. norm silver  
19976. willy tabacnik  
19975. shai  
19974. Dr C Reid  
19973. Oscar  
19972. N. Krasner  
19971. abraham amchin  
19970. Jeffrey Hyman  
19969. jay wortsman  
19968. Alan Zimmerman  
19967. e samery  
19966. Andrea Tzabari I use google a lot and hope our signatures make a difference.
19965. Adam M Charney  
19964. Helen & Edward Berkun This is very important for fairness & integrity on the internet!
19963. Orit  
19962. RAN GOLAN  
19961. Michael Kaplan  
19960. Paul Rosenblatt There is enough, we do not need more.!!
19959. Brenda Klar I am sadly disappointed in the proliferation of hate sponsored by Google, a site I have visited daily
19958. JoAnne Greenstone  
19957. shai  
19956. Vivian Kramer this site endorses HATE - get rid of it!
19955. Abby Hyman  
19954. Jill Benezra  
19953. Nancy Kornfield  
19952. Sheldon Schwartz  
19951. Andrew Banooni  
19950. Jodi Van Zaig  
19949. Marilyn Caplin  
19948. michal shaul  
19947. Joyce & Mel Dickstein  
19946. shai  
19945. Mary J. Levine  
19944. Lynn Mandon  
19943. Harvey Feldman  
19942. Ken Swaiman  
19941. J. Gottesman Shame on you GOOGLE !!!
19940. mira never again
19939. Jonathan Rosiner a
19938. David Mackler  
19937. S. Schenker How could you allow such hideous lies within your normally fine search engine? You need to re-examine history and learn what is true and what isn't, and closely remember Santayana.
19936. Margaret Katcher  
19935. Gail Port  
19934. m cohen  
19933. Avi  
19932. Aliza Schiff  
19931. Nathan Weil  
19930. Sandra Fox  
19929. Harold Kendall  
19928. thomas hall  
19927. sivan  
19926. Mark Aronson  
19925. Diana Stone  
19924. Lilah  
19923. Charles J Hyman MD  
19922. Gemma Bernard
19921. arlene epstein remove anti semitic website from google
19920. S. Share  
19919. karen dover  
19918. michelle  
19917. Elizabeth King  
19916. Ray Antoky We'll make a better one.
19915. David Ellenhorn  
19914. Robert M. Goldman  
19913. Marsha Bokman  
19912. Cathy Fischer Please remove this asap! Hate should not be promoted.
19911. rochelle maisel this smacks of the 1930's in europe - take note
19910. Alan Boffard  
19909. J. Levine how outrageous
19908. Sammy Sliwin Google should screen sites prior to posting
19907. Haim Asa  
19906. Myrna Rose  
19905. Joshua Elberg  
19904. Gene & Nanci Lottner  
19902. limor ben dov  
19901. daniel kripper no comment
19900. leona kape never again
19899. Robert M. Afflitto REMOVE IMMEDIATELY
19898. xxxxxxx qqq
19897. Robert Asch  
19896. Linda Sugin  
19895. Nissim Mamane  
19894. Carolyn R. Swift  
19893. micha avitan  
19892. Susan Segal  
19891. Terry  
19890. Lynn S. Lancaster  
19888. cal etlin  
19887. Marni Turell  
19886. Rachael Thaler  
19885. diane futerman you should be ashamed
19884. Donald N. Freedman  
19883. charlotte horrible
19882. seymour fishman  
19880. aardewerk  
19879. Maurice Eskinazi  
19878. Deb  
19877. Steven Feinberg  
19876. Richard Jacobs  
19875. William W. Lancaster, III  
19874. Steven Stich  
19873. elena  
19872. aviva  
19871. Cindy Flaschner  
19870. ellen pesner never again
19869. Eric Hart  
19868. Nancy Davidson  
19867. nilza  
19866. niv  
19865. Marc Grad Please remove JewWatch from Google.com
19864. Rachel Hart  
19863. Alan Weidberg  
19862. erwin allen  
19861. Emma Soghomonian  
19860. andrew shapiro  
19859. J Somen  
19858. Dan Wolfson please
19857. Clara Lee Discrimination is Sin
19856. Laurence Hart a disgusting site
19855. Jon Thaler  
19854. Stan Goodenough  
19853. Evan Goldenberg  
19852. Gene & Honey Stollman "JewWatch" should be investigated by the House Un-American Activities Commttee. IT IS TRUELY UN-AMERICAN
19851. Peter Sobel  
19850. Jaclyn Levy  
19849. Miriam Kapelushnik  
19848. Michael Rosenberg  
19847. evelyn s. diamond  
19846. June Reiner  
19845. Mishla Schwartz  
19844. Stuart Grad Please remove JewWatch.com from Google search Engin
19843. Victor Blumenfeld  
19842. C. Burton  
19841. Elisa Spungen Bildner  
19840. devorah boxer  
19839. Ruth Buchweitz  
19838. andrea berke  
19837. ethan diamond  
19836. l schweitzer  
19835. Roberta Sol  
19834. Arnold Kotick  
19833. Hilary Bessermann  
19832. K. Sanders  
19831. Monica Mann  
19830. Yvette Berman  
19829. Adam Ruderman  
19828. Jocelyn Warner  
19827. michelle  
19826. Jacques Berman  
19825. Netanel Gez  
19824. Barbara Grauer  
19823. sandy b  
19822. Lee Collegeman  
19821. joshua diamond  
19820. k uberti  
19819. Shlomi  
19818. Mindi  
19817. Michael Berman  
19816. Judith Rubin  
19815. Matt Schatz  
19814. Rachael O'Toole  
19813. Jeff and Janis Goldman  
19812. igor shkolnik shut the jewwatch down
19811. DINA  
19810. Bruce Kauffman  
19809. Andrew Flug  
19808. Amy Gottesman This is shocking.....please remove!!
19807. Deborah J. Cafaro " Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me."
19806. Jude  
19805. Ellen Rosaler Please be responsible
19804. Stan Greenspan  
19803. M Weinberg  
19802. Nancy Brother  
19801. Paul Kraus  
19800. Prof. Lic. Susana Danilo  
19799. Talya Shachar Albocher Jewish and PROUD of it
19798. Jason Katz  
19797. elaine golland  
19796. Lucy Milich It is google's responsibility to remove this in the same manner that MSN had to remove chat forums
19795. Gisela Star  
19794. Gloria Caplan  
19792. Lone Blecher  
19791. yisroel estrin  
19790. Rachel Fried  
19789. Beth Weiss  
19788. James E. Rubnitz  
19787. Caren J. Afflitto  
19786. Ted Brother  
19785. Steve Green  
19784. Marlene Schwartz  
19783. ALAN SMITH Where are those from the past that chose to be anti-Semetic?
19782. Asi  
19781. Lorene Lamb  
19780. Daniel Chervin  
19779. 123 123
19778. Staci  
19777. Prof. Dr. Ariel Kaplan  
19776. D.R. Libeskind  
19775. Paul Okorofsky  
19774. Michael A Friedman  
19773. Sandee Braddy  
19772. Jacqueline Naylor-Adelberg  
19771. Muriel Goldhammer  
19770. Henry Israel Abolish xenophobia or it will kill everybody
19769. Adam Stern  
19768. Mark Suransky  
19767. ed manning  
19766. Lawrence Caplan I think that it is disgusting for a search engine so large, not to react immediately to this.
19765. Barry Averbuch  
19764. S Gold  
19763. Stan  
19762. Andrew Morris  
19761. DrSBulgar  
19760. Jose A. Cardo, MD  
19759. tessa bouskila sernoff  
19758. arie friedman It is an outrage that in this day and age a reputable company are allowing incitement and anti-semitism to be broadcast over there site.Unless of course you agree with these statements!!!
19757. Stan Greenspan  
19756. Peter Joseph  
19755. Ernst J. Numann  
19754. Frayda Gonshor  
19753. Mila T  
19752. Kenneth Markison I've seen the sight and it is a disgrace.
19751. Myrna Rubens  
19750. Steven Jay Porus  
19749. Jerry H rose How could you let this posting happen?
19748. David Brooker  
19747. Lucy Michaels  
19746. Ben Schwartz  
19745. Henry Nathanson This is offensive and below Google.com
19744. marnie feinberg  
19743. aviva  
19742. Marc Futernick  
19741. elkana israel rlz
19740. Igor Wilderman  
19739. Linda Reef  
19738. John K. Holland  
19737. Avi  
19736. Gillian  
19735. Elise Wright I will not use Google anymore until the site is removed.
19734. jennifer soodek  
19733. Marshall Lindner How could you sponsor?
19732. Nanci disgusting
19731. Richard Levine  
19730. Pavel REMOVE!! REMOVE!!!
19729. Susan Grad Please remove JewWatch from Google
19728. John Schrecker  
19727. Carol J. Rowen  
19726. Terri Bord  
19725. rinat  
19724. Neil Cohen  
19723. Oren Shenkar  
19722. Faylinda Lindner This is unbelievable for Google
19721. Albert Cohen  
19720. Paul Budin  
19719. C.D.  
19718. Rachel Chochrane  
19717. Martin and Florence Brody  
19716. Karen Pollens/Bern Dempsey  
19715. Sheila Guston The site is inflamatory and outrageous!
19714. david wicentowski  
19713. Naomi Shenkar  
19712. Brian Bord  
19711. Susan L. Hurowitz  
19710. Abe Gold Keep free speech alive. Don't forget that everytime Christians are offended, we tell them that THEY must accept offensive things as a price for the ideal of free speech. Remember Andres Serrano's Piss Christ? Not only did Christians have to accept it, as freedom of expression, they had to help pay for the insulting filth, through the National Endowment for the Arts.
19709. Roslyn K. Stempel  
19708. Bradley Schleyer  
19707. Karl H Straus  
19706. diane pollack  
19705. Matt  
19704. Susan Ellen Cohen  
19703. Alex Rose  
19702. Eitan Gal  
19700. ronald erkes  
19699. Eva E. Berg  
19698. David Goldis  
19697. Deborah Stutman-Brickey  
19696. charles gelfond  
19695. Jade Bar-Shalom  
19694. jack warren  
19693. james r. adler  
19692. dan schreiber  
19691. mitchell eichen  
19690. Stacy Carson  
19689. Donald Brandt  
19688. Kenneth E. Berg Google should do all it can to eliminate the blatently antisemitic site
19687. Marni Cohen If it's not taken off, I'll stop using Google
19686. Ben Borowsky  
19685. Dubois  
19684. Sandi Arnold  
19683. J Rozansky  
19681. Sheldon Kadish  
19680. Hanna Burak Hate of Jews should definetely not be promoted
19679. lauren hirsh  
19677. Rosemary Kaplan  
19676. Carol Nielsen  
19675. Beverley  
19674. Michael Bendel  
19673. Carol Harris-Shapiro  
19672. michael obrand never again
19671. Leanne Milech  
19670. Shá W, Buikema Though I strongly believe in First Amendment rights, I believe that we have a greater responsibility to preserve, protect and defend the dignity and safety of all people; to keep them free from acts of hatefulness and bigotry.
19669. Fredene Skowronek  
19668. Penina Finger Please do the same with "martinlutherking.org" (linked at the bottom of "jewwatch.com")! It is at least as violently offensive.
19667. sam  
19666. Meira Sage  
19665. Alissa  
19664. sharon goldstein  
19663. geoffrey friedlander  
19662. margalit erez  
19661. Benny Mushkin  
19660. Daniel J Kelley  
19659. Sheri Rosenberg  
19658. Glen Grossmen How is search result order chosen?
19657. Dawn Munoz  
19656. zahava shields  
19655. sam obrand never again
19654. Raanan Bavli  
19653. Brian Klazmer  
19652. Thomas Zebrowitz Please remove the site
19651. carol versandi please remove
19650. Judy Mills  
19649. Robin Neumann  
19648. CArl Dworman Shame on you Google
19647. moti elazar  
19646. Ira Sapir  
19645. Mark Neumann  
19644. Shana-Lee  
19643. Jan and Jim Lavine Please remove this site
19642. Alex Green Obnoxious and Disgusting Site
19641. Helene Garel-Frantzen  
19640. richard obrand never again
19639. Mindy Strelitz  
19638. David Kessler It's pretty appalling that Google doesn't just verify that this site comes up and does something on their own.
19637. Alan B. Davis  
19636. Morris Gartner Obviously grossly antisemetic lies
19635. Dalia  
19634. David Berger  
19633. David Dean  
19632. Merav Levi-Solomon  
19631. Laurie Malman  
19630. Moshe N. Friedrich, D.T. I is unheard of, even in this Mel Gibson's World of lies!
19629. Monica Richardson This site must be removed forthwith; it foments racial hatred
19628. a.katz  
19627. susan perry  
19626. Zorina Walitsky  
19625. A. M. Balinkie  
19624. S. I. Sokl Disgusting in this era when we are at war-Jihab and christians are considered "infidels".
19623. Gary R Perlstein  
19622. diane james  
19621. Basovsky Nachum and Valentine  
19620. franklin kiermyer  
19619. HERSCHEL OBRAND never again
19618. helen malkin  
19617. de wolf  
19616. Avi Magen  
19615. Annette and Roger Keen  
19614. Leslie Zucker  
19613. Yehuda Morag  
19612. sid besmertnik  
19611. Yael Ben-Ari Please remove this site. It is offensive and dangerous.
19610. Ellen Bremen  
19609. Dr. Yair Riback  
19608. Natan Mugrabi  
19607. alan harvith  
19606. batsheva  
19605. Janice Benjamin  
19604. henry stern  
19603. Marsha Gershtein  
19602. liz  
19601. le nowitz Please remove JewWatch.com from Google
19600. Tal  
19599. R. Fenichel Google should get rid of this shame
19598. Jonathan Benitah  
19597. Ruth Goldstein  
19596. joan reed  
19595. Mary Kraus  
19594. drertyo  
19593. p. thiée no to anti-semitism
19592. Charles Brooks  
19591. Michael Wildstein  
19590. roberta ellen please remove web site. it is quite offensive
19589. Sam Goldstein  
19588. arthur rose  
19587. david zlatin  
19586. Ruth Fredine  
19584. Stephen Russell  
19583. Sophia Rentzing  
19582. brcha  
19581. Deborah Rothenberg  
19580. sara miller  
19579. Plinio Perez  
19578. Shirley Kamish this is hateful! I'm so amazed that Google would have anything to do with such a blatant hatefilled group!
19577. leonard marlin it stinks
19576. moses  
19575. Hillel Benavi  
19574. Dana Blum  
19573. Andrew Cohen  
19572. erangolsbarg  
19571. Julie M Geddings why do people continue to remain so ignorant of life and what it's all about is beyond my imagination, especially now in this the 21st century!!!!
19570. Shari Silverstein  
19569. Neville Wolf  
19568. Mary C.  
19567. Ruth Salton  
19566. Louise Freed  
19565. Irit Benavi  
19564. Viviane A. Levy I trust that Google will do the right thing .
19563. Ed  
19562. Barry J Greengart it is important to give all users of your popular service a fair impartial picture, and not one that is tainted by the scourge of anti-semitism
19561. Joyce Fama not only is this site anitsemitic but it contains lies and distortions
19560. Linda Soskin  
19559. Jose Franco  
19558. alan jolcover  
19557. Michael Steir  
19556. Daniel Nadis you must accept responsibility for hate
19555. Lazar Rozenblat  
19554. jack halpern  
19553. Robbie Franco  
19552. Dorothy Segaloff  
19551. or dinari  
19550. Brian Gore Ethical behaviors do not exclude Internet Search Engines and Google has the responsibility for removing hate promotion.
19549. T. Rosen Totally un-American
19547. Pamela Wilder  
19546. ruscha robbins  
19545. Aaron Waxman  
19544. George Salton  
19543. Wendy Abramson  
19542. G. Steinberg Google can not be allowed to wash its hands of the responsibility of presenting this site
19541. Jason Vogel please remove JewWatch.com
19540. Craig Shere  
19539. Jaime Ganc Remove JewWatch.com from goggle search
19538. Judy Bard  
19537. Erika Cohen The Jew Watch site is absolutely disgusting . I urge youto remove it from your engine
19536. Flora Cassen  
19535. Viviane A. Levy I trust that Google will do the right thing .
19534. Judy and Jim Blumenthal  
19533. Herbert Leventhal  
19532. shideh kohanim  
19531. PHILIP WEINSTEIN Erroneous and prejudical
19530. Susan Rosenblum  
19529. andrew h remove this site - it's awful!
19528. Donna Cobe While I do believe in open information, at some point we as a people, must take some responsibility for the information we put out into the universe. I hope you do not post instructions on how to build weapons of mass destruction. Ultimately, we should make choices, because not making a choice to edit ourselves IS indeed a choice.
19527. landavies  
19526. Josh Woods  
19525. Joel Diamond  
19524. Barbara Scharf  
19523. Avi Reich  
19522. Lauren Weitzen  
19521. ruth ganzfried  
19520. Leonard Albert  
19519. Jonathan Cohen This is not what our grandfathers fought for. We reserve the right to end racism in all forms.
19518. N. Birnbaum  
19517. Susan McAlary  
19516. Norbert Weinberg  
19515. kate & Max Friedman  
19514. Paula Weiser  
19513. Toby Stupp  
19512. Barbara Cramer common sense should prevail here
19511. Millye Cohen Unbelieveable!
19510. Tillie Schwartz Important to remove this AT ONCE
19509. Rafi Nave  
19508. Donald Sayles  
19507. Jerome Sandmel  
19506. Yarden Amir  
19505. Rabbi David H. Chanofsky  
19503. Ruth & Lenny Skolnick Please remove immediately thank you
19502. Andrea Brown  
19501. Robert J Levin  
19500. Howard Feldman  
19499. richard take it off
19498. s. friedland  
19497. Linda Sandmel  
19496. Neil S. Cohen  
19495. Samantha Cohen This is how the Nazis look at all people they are a scar on humainty.
19494. Stephen Karass  
19493. Estelle Sayles  
19492. Clement G. Browne This material is clearly beyond the free speech pale!
19490. Ori Pagovich  
19489. Alan Vilensky  
19488. george massik this is an UnAmerican sire and is full of lies. It aims to foment only.
19487. sebastian msechu  
19486. saul siegel  
19485. Elise Liss  
19484. Marian Robbins  
19483. Edward Grad Remove this site from Google
19482. H. Goldsmith  
19481. zeev shapira plz remove this site :(
19480. annd rosenberg  
19479. sheryl kay please stop yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. that web site is dangerous, spreading hate just like a fire. please remove it from your site. thank you!
19478. craig goldstein so dissapointed that this occurred on aa website I use and depend on for so much I'll have to look elsewhere if this isn't corrected!
19477. Irving Cohen Makes a good search engine look very bad
19476. Robert Hirsch  
19475. blaire kitrosser  
19474. Amy  
19473. pInchas Fuchs  
19472. Larry Temins  
19471. Barbara Ungar  
19470. T.Williams  
19469. Michelle F  
19468. matt edelstein  
19467. Bree Daniels  
19466. Philip Cohen  
19465. Joseph Katz  
19464. Help stamp out ''anti-Semitism" Let's make telling the truth ILLEGAL!!!
19463. Ellen Whomever created such a link has a great deal of nerve and no sense if humanity.
19462. Jared  
19461. Ray Rund  
19460. Molle Grad This should be removed from Google
19459. Sam Roberts  
19458. Evelyn Levy  
19457. Rebecca Bloomfield  
19456. Lee Frankel This is disgusting. Please eemove
19455. Arlene Matlick  
19454. ella laderman  
19453. Leah Lederman  
19452. john r lieberman The listing of this sight would be immediately removed if it was for any other enthic group or religious affilation
19451. Betty white Remove Jew watch.com
19450. dr. wendy Rapaport  
19449. Sylvia Bereskin Whatever we can do to reduce hatred must be done
19448. Jason Kaplan  
19447. Carrie Kulawitz  
19446. Marge Moon It is interesting that "Jew Watch" should be among the first searches that come up. While this suggests very clever designers, its positioning lends itself to commission of hate crimes at worst and tacit approval by this search engine. I'm sure a public company did not intend to imply that it endorses the message; but since positioning is IMPORTANT in any search, that approval suggests complicity . How DID this positioning occur? Since it is an Anti Semetic organization it should be near the end of any search. I realize that Google searches are supposedly random but usually the most relevant searches come up at the beginning. What happened in this case?
19445. Bever.y Reich  
19444. Connie Anderson I did the search myself. Apalling, esp by the coolest search engine on the planet!
19443. Ma'ayan Or  
19442. Janet Sansone  
19441. Robert Roth  
19440. rachel schreiber  
19439. Morgan Spector The site is an obscenity
19438. Leonard Cohen  
19437. james s baumann  
19436. anna pulgiano  
19435. JACOBO  
19434. Mark Wachter  
19433. Marlene Charson  
19432. susan silverstein  
19431. Pnina Rubensohn  
19430. Bernard I. Friedlander, Ph.D.  
19429. Naor  
19428. Sharman This must be changed!!!
19427. nancy ruskin  
19426. Carol Winig  
19425. David H. Auerbach  
19424. sharon knoppow  
19423. margie razar  
19422. Dan Weissman  
19421. Barbara Sherman  
19420. Sydney B Miller  
19419. patti Weissler  
19418. irwin garmise  
19417. Ernie Gutstein  
19416. lisa matsil  
19415. Dresden  
19414. Robin Saks  
19413. Dennis Morse I believe in free speech, but it should be truthful. This site is based on false information and is hateful.
19411. buddy alper  
19410. Penelope Patch  
19409. T Bregman  
19408. Melvyn K. Goldstein The Bible says that those who take a stand against the Jews will be condemned!!
19407. Joseph Rosenfeld  
19406. Florence Schwartz  
19405. saul m  
19404. Sanford Sherman  
19403. Marc Goldberg  
19402. Mara Cowan  
19401. Steven Yankelson  
19400. Sheldon Simon  
19399. Douglas Seigel unbelievable that you coudn't see this was offensive
19398. Marnix Izeboud  
19397. Irv Levy This Should be corrected with out the need to obtain signatures. Google should take action now.
19396. Joan Gross  
19395. Stuart A. Mehler  
19394. Marvin Steinberg  
19393. Tina Small  
19392. Emily Tall  
19391. Sarah Levitt  
19390. Zulma Jordán-Rosenfeld  
19389. Nisan Blaxberg  
19388. Zev Shandalov  
19387. Sarah and Charles Eiferman The Bible (Genesis) says, "All who bless us will be blessed, all who curse us will be cursed. " Get rid of anti- semitic web sites and you will be blessed
19386. Eda Millard  
19385. Lorraine Weisz  
19384. roman fliski please remove
19383. s. kirsh we need to promote more cooperative harmony amongst all people, not hatred!!!!
19382. Rebecca Schain  
19381. jordanshnier  
19380. Steve Miller  
19379. PAT STEIN  
19378. Dr.Donna Goldstein  
19377. David Schipper  
19376. adam  
19375. S Spagnardi  
19374. dawn Learsy  
19373. beth beller please remove this from your engine!
19372. Jeffrey  
19371. Shimon gilad  
19370. Walter Millard  
19369. Hershel Belkin  
19368. Jonathan Taylor  
19367. Itamar  
19366. Shay Karpeles  
19365. Don This is outrageous! Does Mel Gibson own a part of Google?
19364. Reni Steinberg  
19363. Sivan Porat  
19362. Mordecai Gerstein, M.D.  
19361. Andrew Rackear  
19360. Leslie W  
19359. Amit Serper JewwatcëIa stupid, get it down already
19358. Jade Weider  
19357. Stanley N. Katz  
19356. Ellen Toplin  
19355. Jerome Feinstein  
19354. nancy cherwitz please remove the website!
19353. M. Dormits  
19352. Annie Katz This is discusting!
19351. s won  
19350. LG SMALLEY  
19349. Marvin H. Morse fre4espeech need nit tolerate hatred
19348. judith ginsburg  
19347. Sally Emerson  
19346. Leah Cohen  
19345. frieda gross  
19344. N. Eimer Hate does not belong on the internet
19343. Rhonda Koren Such sites should be at the bottom of a search list, not the top.
19342. Miriam Cohen  
19341. Robert D. Gill  
19340. Adi Berkovic  
19339. Laura Greene  
19338. Pat Bloomgarden  
19337. Leor Mugrabi  
19336. Joan Goldsand  
19335. karen starrett for google to allow the Jew hating website to be dominant on their engine is un-American and fosters ill-will
19334. M&M Burton Langman  
19333. mel platman Hateful sight -remember 1936 Germany
19332. Phillipa Heyman  
19331. Mike Gold  
19330. Conrad Cohen  
19329. kody this is incredibly disrespectful
19328. eugene gross remove at once from Google.
19327. Betty H. Morse  
19326. Joanne Schloss  
19325. Ruth Radin  
19324. friedrich  
19323. t.j. callahan  
19322. Andy how rude
19321. Arleen Natelson  
19319. STEVEN EMDEN Please remove this poison from Google
19318. Bar Shalom  
19317. ofer  
19316. Sarah Tamir  
19315. Eileen Nadridge  
19314. Marvin H. Morse free speech leaves no room for hatred
19313. Jennifer Feldman  
19312. Sharon L. Myerson  
19311. Mark Wasserman  
19310. Marcia Pepper  
19309. Edwin Susskind  
19308. Nicole Friedman  
19307. Allen J Levinson  
19306. Betty Koenig It is an affront to all humans, that such a site is allowed.
19305. akatz  
19304. caren singer  
19303. Dan Donoghue  
19302. Karen Segal  
19301. david wilkof  
19300. Simon Goldseker  
19299. Jodie Klein  
19298. david  
19297. Ron Paz  
19296. Carrie Feinstein  
19295. Don katz hateful
19294. alan berkun  
19293. Samuel Wirable How can you suffer to have this travesty maintained, even after being warned of it?!!!
19292. Lebeer Jo  
19291. eliot glick please remove website jewwatch
19290. Andrea Kelly remove from web
19289. Nancy Gitkin  
19288. Peter Garfield Please remove or loose my use of Google!
19287. Anda Tal  
19286. Christie Mae Haines  
19285. Jill Naftolin unacceptable
19284. David Eig Get that group off or Google will suffer a drop off from me and my family.
19283. Mark T Kendall  
19282. chen  
19281. William Nattel It upset me very much to find out that Google did not remove the site Jewwatch from the prominent first page of the search
19280. Charles Stern  
19279. dan  
19278. David I think hatefull sites like jewwatch.com are bigoted and should not be listed on Google at all
19277. erez  
19276. George De Mille  
19275. Gail  
19274. Stuart Melnick  
19273. MIchael Wilensky  
19272. Paula Krone  
19271. Cecile Grodner There is too much hate in the world today!
19270. Jan Gerber  
19269. Wilfred  
19268. Marianne Wolff  
19267. Ira Youdovn  
19266. yuval we are humens too!!
19265. Ron Nefsky  
19264. Carole I think the jewwatch.com should not be the first site lisited let alone be on the web at all
19263. harley sherman  
19262. Matthew N Harris  
19261. Michael Willard  
19260. milton steinhoff  
19259. G. Arnstein  
19258. Marc Gerber outrageous
19257. Matt Nechin  
19256. E. Amitai Halevi  
19255. Linda Francisco It is in everyones interest to remove hate of all kinds.
19254. A.M. Swartz  
19253. Tamar Engel  
19252. Sel;ma Morris  
19251. Garrett Simpson  
19250. Deborah Mason none
19249. Benjamin Bender hatered has to be abolished
19248. wendy handler  
19247. Jack Albalah / Caldwell College  
19246. Max Raskin  
19245. Paul  
19244. Gary S. Abrams  
19243. Karyn Waxman  
19242. Jennifer solomon  
19241. Stacy Revzan  
19240. David Simpson Google is the search engine used by my kids for research.
19239. reuven gerson  
19238. Michael Sudkov  
19237. Lucy Bloom  
19236. Patricia Belford-Cohen  
19235. mark mehler  
19234. Wulf  
19233. Charles Sachs There is enough hate in the world to not have it expanded by having such an outragious site within the google search engine.People can have opinions but there is too much out there for not only Jews but all groups to have this site add to the situation. Please remove this from your search engine or reduce it to the bottom of the heap.
19232. Marsha Kay  
19231. Dan Maymin remove immediately
19230. joyce polansky  
19229. Steven Feldman  
19228. Martin Paltnoi  
19227. Evan Cohen  
19226. Rhona Steinberg  
19225. brad urdan please remove this and all hate sites, regarding who they hate!
19224. A. Serfaty  
19223. Kevin Grossman Please remove this hate.
19222. Jeanne Birnkrant  
19221. linda bergman  
19220. Ellen Katz Brosamle you are not obligated to feed hate.
19219. Thomas Krausz  
19218. Robert Honeyman  
19217. m levin  
19216. Shelly Horwitz  
19215. Sidney Plotkin  
19214. Roy Im sick and tired from nzies! Isnt that enugh they killed 6 million? the basterds!
19213. Bonnnie Aibel  
19212. judy dennis  
19211. steve pollens I tried to go to the site at work, & it is denied access by a "hate and racism filter"
19210. Herman Duizend  
19209. Earl Rostoker  
19208. Allison Make Outrageous!!
19207. Rik Sherman Get it off
19206. Barbara Perelman Remove this site - it is highly offensive.
19205. Wendy  
19204. Stepanov Andrei Hate ethnic conflicts, hate racism! Åñëè ÷åëîâåê çàõî÷åò óçíàòü, êòî òàêèå åâðåè è ïåðâûì äåëîì íàòêí¸òñÿ íà ýòîò ñàéò, òî îí ðåøèò ÷òî âñå åâðåè ïàäîíêè. Ïàäîíêè, áåçóñëîâíî, åñòü, íî èõ êîíöåíòðàöèÿ íå áîëüøå ÷åì, ó äðóãèõ íàðîäîâ. Òàê ÷òî âàëèòü íàäî ýòîò ñàéò! Íàôèã!
19203. Niv  
19202. Juliette Hirschstein  
19201. Donna Godfrey When my school aged kids search for information on Jews, I would like them to get something better than "JewWatch".
19200. Zev Binder  
19199. Ruben Shohet enough abuse -
19198. Alexander Jesurum  
19197. Joseph P. Dellosso Sites such as this serve no purpose in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed. People who foster such hate are ignorant.
19196. Betty Lapide  
19195. esther lehrer  
19194. Tony Ritter remove hate speech www.jewwatch.com
19193. manfred Hirschstein  
19192. ronen  
19191. Michelle Esterkin  
19190. Robin Damsky  
19189. Nega Jew Watch Site will remove after removing your Ass StepyHeppppy , Google will still my best search engine
19187. Liz Mayer  
19186. lynn gibson  
19185. Ken Hacker ..
19184. Alvin and Lee Kirmayer  
19183. S L Lang  
19182. Dora Hirschstein  
19181. Aline Stant  
19180. Pia Gherman  
19179. J BER  
19178. LB  
19177. rosalind smith  
19176. Anthony Please remove this horrific site that only serves to incite racial hatred!!!!
19175. angela lipper this hateful site must be removed !
19174. Ira and Ellen Salomon  
19173. Elissa Sharp With everything going on in the world today, Google should not list ANY site that encourages further hate and misunderstanding between races, cultures and religions.
19172. karen ludwig dangerous
19171. Phyllis Berlas  
19170. Howard Driman  
19169. esther sherrett  
19168. Olga Rebello  
19167. M.Tof  
19166. Jacqueline Michot Ceballos Horrible!
19165. HJ Heir  
19164. Dani Mizrachi How many times must we learn the same lessons?
19163. Fred Halimi  
19162. Michael Blumenthal  
19161. Shira Hantman  
19160. oded  
19159. BERTHA SHVEMAR Let us ask our non-Jewish friends to help in this effort!!
19158. Herman Skalka  
19157. Alan Litwak  
19156. Carla Freed  
19155. Jessica Lehman REMOVE IT PLEASE
19154. Sandra Crile  
19153. Rhoda Glass  
19152. Henry Harris  
19151. Roni Yessenow  
19150. Hymie Danglestien Free speech is bad for us Jews.
19149. Kevin Barry  
19148. Fern Aron  
19147. Lisa  
19146. deborah glass  
19145. Thomas Glenn  
19144. Steven Shapiro Please remove it...it's offensive
19143. Murray Tillman  
19142. Tamar Vogel  
19141. yaron  
19140. Elly Zabb Please, please, please don't continue to add to the problem.
19139. Rayna and Lester Katz  
19138. hagit  
19137. LESLIE SHVEMAR Let us ask our non-Jewish friends to help in this effort!!
19136. Mary Kovshoff  
19135. Jacob Feldman Why is this anti-semitic garbage the first one to come up when we hit the word "jew" on your search engine?
19134. Jeff Wilks  
19133. Mandy Polivnick  
19132. Haim Please remove
19131. Marcos Raijer  
19130. shani  
19129. Howard Gerson Remove Sites advocating hatred
19128. Charles D. Katz  
19127. Richard Jaffee Really disgusting!
19126. Ority  
19125. Zal if google doesn't remove "jewwatch", there will be many more sites : MuslimWatch, IslamWatch, ImamWatch, NaziIslamWatch, AyatulasWatch, HeavenReportsForIslamicStudents
19124. Richard Harlow I would be equally opposed to an anti islamic site
19123. MU Oh .. Relly! , Then what about the follwing site ? http://www.ety.com/HRP/jewishstudies/McLellanLetter.htm
19122. Anita Kramer  
19121. bella  
19120. Barry Kovshoff  
19119. Chaim Sampson  
19118. Andrea Spivak Remove Jewwatch.com from google
19117. Karen Gilbert  
19116. jack and jan lesser  
19115. Peter Harris  
19114. Mike Sherwood  
19113. Sara  
19112. Philsy Arenstein  
19111. Don Kemp  
19110. Andrew Wilson  
19109. Shari Greene  
19108. Leslie Thank you
19107. Richard Polt Louder Than Words
19106. John  
19105. Robby J Greenberg  
19104. D.Chetner  
19103. Shari Greene  
19102. Rachel Heimovics  
19101. Jane Shook  
19100. Shari Greene  
19099. lynn moss  
19098. Rachel Heimovics  
19097. Rebecca Tenenbein  
19096. S Mazer Hatred and slander breed violence
19095. Judy Lockshaw This is inexcusable! There is enough hatred in the world.
19094. Brandon Weinberg  
19093. Edie Hauptman  
19092. Shari Greene  
19091. Tom  
19090. Hebbie Kikelstein Oy Vey! The goyim must not have free speech! Bad for us Jews, itz.
19089. Tami Weiser  
19088. Ilse Sharlet Everyone must fight antisemetism
19087. Steven A. Elias  
19086. Robert Nechin  
19085. Michael Ronen  
19084. Marsha Fensin  
19083. Barbara Berke  
19082. Shellie Jenkins  
19081. Eyal  
19080. Lorraine Goldstein Remove it!!!!
19079. Perri Lee Roberts  
19078. Eileen Farr Disgraceful, unsettling and extremely STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19076. Vera Sheiba  
19075. Dr. Vera Michaels Remove JewWatch.com from Google
19074. simcha shemesh-hayam I use google search-engine, and I'm ashamed that this website is on your "menu". Please remove it immediately. Thanks.
19073. Vera Sheiba  
19072. Merav deGuzman  
19071. David Lieberman  
19070. Joanne Wolfe The fact that you need signatures to remove bias sites from your search engine is horrendous. I think I'll use another search engine as my option.
19069. B Dean let´s work for tolerance and peace in this world
19068. Betty Bloomfield  
19067. zeban do it
19066. Janice Winton  
19064. ilya  
19063. Lev Sheiba  
19062. B. W. Reisman Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
19061. mary ellen leconte  
19060. ELBAZ yael  
19059. michelle merrill  
19058. Dan Grossman  
19057. Rachelle Avital  
19056. Miriam Rosen Removing the site shouldn't require signatures: just common sense and a good ethical set of guidelines for Google.
19055. Celia Juris  
19054. Steven Goldstein`  
19053. Sharli Levitan  
19052. laurie  
19051. Rita Katcher-Susse  
19050. Helen Ciangiulli  
19049. Hélène Zonana Please remove the Jewatch site.
19048. Janice Brock  
19047. ohad pimg
19046. Teri Trefz totally inappropriate
19045. Michael Kadmiel  
19044. s rosenthal  
19043. david maletzky  
19042. Michael Haber  
19041. Allen Drucker  
19040. Jonathan M. Byers  
19039. Carol Bruml  
19038. Sam Feller  
19037. Martha Schinagle  
19036. arline sundelowitz  
19035. Arie Z  
19034. Denise M, Thomas  
19033. Bob Bass  
19032. Hazel If you (Google) allow this heinous site to remain as your first pop-up, it is as if you are endorsing hatred and fueling war and dissention among the American people and humanity worldwide. Take a stand, Google, and behave appropriately. You have the power to set an example of compassion or to promote hatred. Is it as easy a choice for you as it is for me?
19031. Michael Wolff  
19030. richard narson  
19029. Gilbert Zamonsky  
19028. William E. Byers  
19027. Barbara Anbar  
19026. roger matlofsky  
19025. Betsy Schreiber hate speech is not free speech
19024. Marian Wolgin  
19023. H Licht  
19022. marvin bearak  
19021. Tal Steinberger  
19020. marvin talansky  
19019. E Daams  
19018. Sonda Reifenberg  
19017. M Silverstein  
19016. Patrick L.  
19015. marcia levy this is a disgrace to humankind
19014. Leonard Suchotliff  
19013. Claire Daffner  
19012. Simon Baitler  
19011. jerry knoppow  
19010. robyn rice  
19009. Sunny Fishkind  
19008. Richard Kaufman  
19007. mirit miyara  
19006. Julia A. Byers  
19005. rhoda medow  
19004. Mino Negrin  
19003. Judith A. Grossman  
19002. uzi  
19001. david berman google must take this off
19000. mendi cohen  
18999. Ron Ball  
18998. Walter C. Frye, Jr.  
18997. Rosalie Amison Please remove from number one spot
18996. Dean Earlix  
18995. jacob s rubenstein  
18994. b.resnick  
18993. shlomi Use a little judgment
18992. David  
18991. Laura Gerst  
18990. Perry Shanny  
18989. Arthur Sugarman clean it up
18988. doron levy  
18987. Carole Sherman  
18986. Sara Sloan discusting site filled with lies
18985. Roseann Kraus  
18983. Gary Levine  
18982. Lester Harrison Shame on GOOGLES
18981. Diana Crispi  
18980. Lauretta Nagatomo  
18979. M Cohen  
18978. Debbie I This is an outrage. I looked at this site. It is really horriblle and filled with lies and hate mongering material.
18977. israel guterman  
18976. Steven Silver You must stop spreading hate
18975. Joseph Walzer  
18973. derrick kruger  
18972. Eiv Why angry! ... Anti-semetic is Not Crime
18971. M Stephan Wittenberg  
18970. M. Samuel Baum Please remove "jewwatch.com"
18969. Geoff Smith  
18968. Eiv Why angry! ... Anti-semetic is Not Crime
18967. stranders none
18966. Edith Tashma  
18965. Arie  
18964. Janice M. Newell This is outrageous and should not be tolerated
18963. Idarose Luntz Terrible
18962. Anita Landy  
18961. john don't you have any humanity?
18960. Joseph Young  
18959. Paul F Schneider  
18958. Joseph Jaffe  
18957. Yoshie Kobayashi My father was the Japanese Ambassador to Israel. I am apalled at you Google.
18956. ALAN PESNER  
18955. Sharon Goldberg  
18954. pearl Cooper horrendous, whoever wrote it should be punished severely
18953. denis  
18952. Carlos Zukowski Shame on you Google. Aare you sure that you are legitimate children?
18951. Nancy Duber  
18950. Glenn Kaye  
18949. schlomit levy  
18948. Karen Weiss  
18947. Corey Dockswell  
18946. Beverly Ficon  
18945. Amy Schlussel  
18944. zuri dar  
18943. A. Joseph Traum  
18942. ariel  
18941. Alexander Landa  
18940. Stanley Finsilver  
18939. Sheila Levin Goodhea  
18938. Michal  
18937. Morris Kay Glad to see something is being done to correct this biased entry.
18936. Susan Backer  
18935. Carol Warner  
18934. Harvey Zucker  
18933. deborah susan stein I am outraged that this site is even ON google! at the minimum, put it at the very end of the results please.
18932. Rhoda P. Traum  
18931. Jack A. Cohen  
18930. Bill Landesman  
18929. david levy  
18928. MAURICE SINCLAIR So much for goodwill to ALL men - Shame on you!
18927. Jeremy Thaler  
18926. sherman g. chodrow  
18924. Eileen Shrem  
18923. Sylvia Straus  
18922. alice alexiou  
18921. Tal Lewinger Please correct this.
18920. R.huisman  
18919. carl charapp  
18918. MERRY BIRD  
18917. èà éîò
18916. shany  
18915. laurie olefson pls remove jew watch
18914. Alvin Motzkin Pure anti-semitism
18913. Itzik  
18912. Bruce Silberblatt  
18911. odette  
18910. T.huisman  
18909. Kaj Gellberg  
18908. Takara J I think you are stupid, because Google will not change their Ranking system Only for your ideology
18907. Larry Kletter  
18906. seymour slatkin  
18905. R. Spiro Please remove this from Google immediately
18904. kobi lalala
18903. Barbara Bertaccini Please remove JEWWATCH! It is blatantly anti-semetic!
18902. Hy & Judy Goldstein Why should it be necessary to do this? You should do it on your own.
18901. Barbara Blumenthal  
18900. S.huisman  
18899. yoav belinsky  
18898. Beth Kelton  
18897. Allison Epstein  
18896. miriam de lieme  
18895. Yosef Hasson DISGRACEFUL
18894. Ruth A Shalom  
18893. Rodney Elkin  
18892. y.huisman  
18891. Rhoda Waxman  
18890. Dawn  
18889. sheri  
18888. J Horvitch  
18887. Janet E. Baron Please remove JewWatch from the Google Search since it is offensive to Jew and non-Jew alike and offers only negative and anti-Semitic influence which are false, demeaning, and counter productive to peaceful and cooperative means toward understanding and tolerance.
18886. Murry Greene See below-If these hate issues are not removed, I will do all I can to biycott GOOGLE
18885. Allison Charney  
18884. Larry Hirsch enough of supporting this hatred
18883. Jill Gottlieb  
18882. Halamish Gabriel please remuve antisemite sites
18881. N Cohen  
18880. irving kabiller  
18879. Berl Bessin  
18878. Jenna Jandorf  
18877. R. Seeden I find the website"JewWatch" abhorrant
18875. Gary Oppenheimer  
18874. joy levee please remove Jew Watch
18873. elaine kabiller  
18872. s. walters  
18871. Miya Dorfan  
18870. David Goldstein Please remove this immediately.
18869. Mavra Stark  
18868. Lisa Haynor  
18867. AMY GITLITZ  
18866. Marla That is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!
18865. Tanya Krill Please remove this site
18864. KAPLAN  
18863. Dafna Barkan  
18862. Kevin Cranman  
18860. Allan & Robyn  
18859. Evan Lister please remove this site from search
18858. Susan Baron  
18857. miriam chaikin  
18855. mordy lercher  
18854. Carolyn Fish, DC  
18853. ann-beth ostroff please remove, I am surprised that Google would not "police" itself against things like this for any religion.
18852. Lawrence August  
18851. Carol Winer  
18850. Rita R. Chaiken  
18849. Melvin L. Becker  
18848. Cynthia Laird unbelievable
18847. shira  
18845. Dany Actually, I don't like Jewish much because they killed a lot of civilians peoples and thy trying to show them selves as victims
18844. Sidney Nathan  
18843. Meredith Moss  
18842. Judge Ralph Yachnin  
18841. Barbara Rucket  
18840. Samuel S. Perelson  
18839. Mike Perelman Jewwatch belongs under the search term "Hate"
18838. michael gavlin i hate anti semit
18837. Ilan Dallal  
18836. Josh Koppel  
18835. Jane Bress  
18834. Harriet Feniger  
18833. tom erez  
18832. R Mitrani  
18831. shai  
18830. Jeanne Feldman  
18829. philip turk We must prevent religious hatred, espcially against the Jews. Have we not sufferred enough?
18827. keren choen  
18826. Jayedee Perhaps other Googled sites should also be removed.
18825. Carl Lazerow  
18824. David Koppel  
18823. Harris Levy  
18822. Ephraim Reinhard  
18821. jery  
18820. Capt. Sanford N. Levey, USN (Ret) This is what I fought for?
18819. judy  
18818. yair  
18817. david zimmerman  
18816. Noa  
18815. sigal samnon take it off!!
18814. leonard halpern  
18813. michaeldol  
18812. sidney itzkowitz  
18811. oscar goodman  
18810. Devorah Kroll  
18809. Dima Dubin  
18808. Robert Kodner lets remove this website
18807. Len April  
18806. Kim McConnell My children and I rely on google for all kinds of information, please make sure any kind of hate propaganda is blocked. Thank you
18805. çéòñ úöä
18804. Martin Adelman, M.D. Shame on you!
18803. af rothstein  
18802. saritte lucas  
18801. Lois Schiff please remove as fast as possible!!!!
18800. Ethan I. Shiller I am closing my Google Account Until the Jew Watch site is removed.
18799. Ron Zweig  
18798. Helen A. Berger  
18797. deborah grogins metviner  
18796. sharon michaelson  
18795. bella itzkowitz  
18794. Dan Marcus  
18793. Donna Garvett Disgusting that this should occur. Totally irresponsible!
18792. Carol Fox Prescott  
18791. myrna weinstein please remove this site
18790. Rubens Brakarz  
18789. Mary Kodner hate websites have no place
18788. Joel P. Helfand  
18787. David Marks  
18786. Dr. Peter Warschawski It is of utmost urgency to remove such a vile site that spreads evil in the world.
18785. raisha weintraub  
18784. uriel  
18783. SUSAN I COHEN  
18782. jeff mesquita  
18781. Roy W. G  
18780. Robert Levine  
18779. Barbara Schreibman Large institutions available to , and used by, the public at large should maintain a certain level of ethical / moral behavior.
18778. PETER R COHEN  
18777. Lynn vanMerkestyn It is a shame that Google would allow such a website to be maintained on their Search Engine.
18776. Maarten Horst No Antisimitism or Racism on the WWW
18775. Joe Havas  
18774. Harold Sweet You don't have to be a Jew to sign
18773. claudia young horrible
18772. brian  
18771. beverly schwartz remove this site
18770. beverly schwartz remove this site
18769. âìéä  
18768. Albert  
18767. Cheryl Gaudette  
18766. yuval davidowitz  
18765. Stanley H. Goldmann  
18764. Stephen Gaudette  
18763. Mark Litvack  
18762. marjorie  
18761. E.Yermus  
18760. Steven Nathan  
18759. gabi25  
18758. Sharon Roth  
18757. Elizabeth Massie  
18756. H.R. Steins  
18755. Karen Nathan  
18754. Avril Rose  
18753. p.chess š
18752. Gregg Beeber  
18751. Judy Spiegel  
18750. Olga Bergman  
18749. Ronald Stearn  
18748. Gene Forrest  
18747. David Matsil  
18746. Ira Cohen  
18745. Michael Fish  
18744. Elizabeth Deutsch  
18743. s jaspan  
18742. Ganit Roitman Shame on you Google! Hate speach is not freedom of speach!
18741. Sarah Guralnik  
18740. Beth Kroner  
18739. Thelma Kaplan I will not use Google until this is removed!!!
18737. Gloria C. Merrill & Eugene C. Merrill . . . a short reminder - Christ, the Son of God,was a Jew. It is important - that we respect all root religions. Religions are our individual ways to reaching God. There are too many individuals that today are attempting to remove God from our existance. Examples, schools, dollar bills, buildings etc. "In God We Trust" has become blastfamy. Let us hold hands - with all God fearing peoples - and create a brotherhood where, no matter where our structured religious base emanates from we will pray to God, and in my case as a Catholic, through His Son. In these troubled times, God is uppermost in all of our minds and daily lives. Let us not allow anyone to take that "freedom" from us. Thank you. Thank you Stan for sharing. Gloria /Gico
18736. Naora  
18735. omom  
18734. C.Alexander  
18733. sterling f. delano  
18732. Fea sho Oh my goodness, at last I find the truth In that site Thankxxx
18731. Devorah Gabai  
18730. Judy Stern  
18729. Mickey Osterreicher  
18728. Andrea Volckmar  
18727. Alexia Lyons  
18726. IRA SINGER  
18725. tom v  
18724. Karen Drebert  
18723. Anna Berman  
18722. yaniv  
18721. norman steinberg  
18720. Shmuel Gabai  
18719. dudu  
18718. Marlaine Darfler  
18717. Sharon Marcus Having such a site as #1 on the list is unbecoming to a search engine of Google's caliber.
18716. Jackie  
18715. Yifftach ginger  
18714. Cheryl Gabai  
18713. Benita Neumann  
18711. sarah biran  
18710. daya  
18709. nan rubin  
18708. Hadassah Gabai  
18707. silver switch khg
18706. Roni Cohen Non-Jews as well as Jews should be appalled ! Thank you for making me aware of Google's stand on this subject.
18705. Sally Dixon  
18704. Lynn Behar  
18703. Sondra Kupersmith It would be a very good idea for providers to monitor their web sites to prevent this kind of dirt from being on the web.
18702. Dan Elias  
18701. Lara I do not agree with U
18700. GreenLand  
18699. Theodore Barash stock issue down the drain, poor judgement
18698. Richard Weitzen remove Jew Watch
18697. Jacob Paz  
18696. michal  
18695. Shay  
18694. Judith Perlman  
18693. Margaret M Cohen I believe in freedom of speech but not in spreading hate for anyone
18692. Marikay Schwartz  
18691. Dustie Seston  
18690. Mark E Goldberg  
18689. howard naster  
18688. Shoshana London Sappir remove jew watch
18687. dvash yossi google is my home page, and I am deeply insulted by this
18686. David Silverman  
18685. emma levine  
18684. Wendy Lubin  
18683. Julie Richmond  
18682. Alex Markman Any media dedicated to dissimination of racial/national hatred must be prohibited
18681. Reuben promote anti-racisim
18680. Stuart M.Lefkowitz  
18679. jeannette de roeper  
18678. Larry H. Bernstein, M.D.  
18677. Douglas Joseph  
18676. David C Lehmann  
18675. Andy That's just wrong... really wrong...
18674. Mark Ebinger  
18673. Stephen M. Seltzer This is a disgrace.
18672. Emanuel Litwack  
18671. Herbert Lapidus  
18670. Arlene Braunstein  
18669. frank lieuwen  
18668. eliran no this!
18667. Larry L. Rockafellow A letter was sent to Board of Directors also.
18666. jim frank  
18665. J. Toosler  
18664. ellert  
18663. Vicki Rosenthal  
18662. ferne levine  
18661. Jacob Altman  
18660. Schrijver M.  
18659. omer  
18658. T. Irwin  
18657. nancy Wuerzburger  
18656. Michael Lempel  
18655. Robert Friedman  
18654. Charles Rotenberg  
18653. Paul Surovich  
18652. Hal Katz  
18651. D. L. HOGAN  
18650. Jeff Berliner  
18649. Dvorah Finer  
18648. Hillel Besdin  
18647. A. Ringer  
18646. David Klinger  
18645. Phil Frischer  
18644. leslie sher  
18643. Armageddon The Jewish always trying to Make us blinds, Same what happened in UN ..Whay!
18642. Geri s  
18641. Helene Frischer  
18640. arnold friedmann  
18639. Linda Klinger  
18638. Ariel Broitman  
18637. Leonard Polivnick  
18636. LIONEL  
18635. Alon_W  
18634. Alex Klein  
18633. robert solomon  
18632. Sandor P. Schuman I don't understand how this site could have achieved such prominence on Google.
18631. david goldblum  
18630. Phillip McLaughlin please remove this item from the search criteria
18629. bob adler  
18628. Deanne Kaplan  
18627. Julia Freedman  
18626. Motti Ravid  
18625. Marc Reichman It's a shame people can't be more tolerant of each other
18624. Boaz Amir  
18623. Serna Hahn  
18622. Jacob Pankowski  
18621. Avi Shmul  
18620. Elisabeth Benitah  
18619. Sue Ruffal  
18618. Lynne M. Romm  
18617. home  
18616. kopelman leon & chava no
18615. c jane adler  
18614. Marcia Hugall  
18613. einav ram  
18612. A. Kaplan  
18611. Ellen Gershowitz  
18610. dr Hersko Norbert  
18609. Dr. George Pollak The Jewwatch is deeply offensive..I urge you to remove it from your search engine
18607. Adele  
18606. Patricia Aguanno  
18605. TgK  
18604. NORM LAZAR  
18603. Lesli Ligorner  
18602. A  
18601. Stephen Belton  
18600. Rachel Shamash please remove this site! Thank you
18599. matan  
18597. laura cohen whoever is in charge at 'Google': by having this sight available, you PERSONALY, are breading intolerance at a time when the world is in dire need of friendships, you are creating hatred and danger for us all !!!!!
18596. Bruce Amsel  
18595. Jan Stephens This site comes up first on other search engines, too.
18594. Andrea Caplan  
18593. Mark Dines Disgraceful site
18592. Bruce Cort  
18591. carole sadler disgraceful
18590. Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Applebaum  
18589. Efrat Oded  
18588. Drew Daley  
18587. sagi  
18586. Fern Gale Estrow  
18585. Eran Gewurtz  
18584. michal  
18583. Kaitlin Yes, remove Jewwatch.com
18582. Kevin Epstein  
18581. Hawk  
18580. Avshlom Lapidot  
18579. Gloria Krapes
18578. Martin B Goodman  
18577. Cecile Green  
18576. norma presencer  
18575. Martha Sklar We need to do our best to avoid the fanning of the flames of Anti-Semitism in the world
18574. john symon  
18573. g weiss  
18572. Zwi and Adela Zur  
18571. DOTAN  
18570. Steve  
18569. David Gordon  
18568. Spivak Daniel  
18567. roy  
18566. Thomas Magnani  
18565. francine rosenberg  
18564. Virginia Schwinge  
18563. Andrew Hertzmark  
18562. Linda Goodman  
18561. Civianne Bloch  
18560. Tela Schulman-Hektor eliminating hatred in the world is the first step toward living in peace
18559. L. Gregson  
18557. Lemberger Henri  
18556. Scott Shiffman  
18555. Eric Bloch  
18554. diana bell please remove hate site
18553. marc  
18552. AKA CaGeN Google should be held responsable and quite rightly so.
18551. Sophia Levi  
18550. Elisa S. Dreyfuss  
18549. L.Abeshouse  
18548. Kane Darkflame I'm not Jewish, but that doesn't stop me from being appalled...there's enough hate in this world.
18547. nimi  
18546. paula saunders  
18545. gds  
18544. shay fbs
18543. David A. Marks  
18542. Stephen Samitt  
18541. niv  
18540. Aubrey Ginsberg  
18539. nachum Rubin  
18538. gisele weiss  
18537. Rocelle  
18536. maayan -
18535. Tarom Tamir STOP THIS SITE NOW! Im Jewish and i dont like it!
18534. Jean Wagner  
18533. Michael Bergman  
18532. Yefim  
18531. Marlin Wall  
18530. Hagar Rubin Neter  
18529. Amy Blair  
18528. Floyd A. Fried  
18527. Bonnie Levine  
18526. M Feingold  
18525. jeffrey schlesinger  
18524. Rachel  
18523. Brian Rosengarten  
18522. rebecca  
18521. Arnold H. Kaplan  
18520. aba  
18519. Gloria Krapes perpetuates hate
18518. Tamar Gold  
18517. Jonny Rosenblatt  
18516. Esther Jesurum  
18515. Ran Heskia  
18514. asaf no jew watch
18513. Bernie Katz  
18512. Latino fighter Silent monkey, The world today not afraid from this propaganda If there is anti-semetic in this world you'r sponsor countery is the animey of the humanity
18511. Ron Chorlton  
18510. Richard Weissman  
18509. Rochelle Kopp  
18508. sarah perlis you should not be feeding hatred.
18507. Lauren Wolf  
18506. orlevit  
18505. susan kramer  
18504. Mooki you cant eliminate us!! we are here to stay! FOREVER!!
18503. Abby Hahn  
18502. yaki fried  
18501. ifat ifat
18500. Ella Simchoni  
18499. michael topolski remove "jewwatch" now!!!!!!! it is horrible
18498. Barbara L Krinsky  
18497. ellen segal  
18495. al benoliel  
18494. nir 15
18493. Rai  
18492. Bernard Dorfman  
18491. Larry Hershenson Remove this immediately.
18490. Helen Gold disgraceful
18489. Sam Pesin don't cause more hatred in world
18488. JAY M JACOBSON`  
18487. Larry A. Wasserman  
18486. Ofer Azar  
18485. Frederick Kramer  
18484. Liliane Servier  
18483. Sarah  
18482. Boaz Badihi The first entry? I'm shocked
18481. Libby Post What happens when a child doing a school paper of Judaism does a google search and this site comes up? Not the kind of message a young mind should receive.
18480. Naomi Schlessel Repulsive, antiAmerican
18479. craig zaron  
18478. Roz  
18477. Jack Holiday  
18476. mike rosenthal these attacks are always anonymous - bunch of cowards!!
18475. Caroline Crane  
18474. Cynthia Posen  
18473. louise paktor unbelievable google did accep this site
18472. Susan Blumenthal  
18471. Arkady Zilberberg  
18470. jennifer gillman  
18469. Bernie Katz  
18468. lew rubin  
18467. hg  
18466. Darren Sigesmund  
18465. Shalom Kantor  
18464. jeffrey gillman  
18463. shani  
18462. Menahem Tadmor  
18461. moshe amit  
18460. Shari Sadek  
18459. Jon Wine  
18458. Beverly Schneider  
18457. Michael Shafran  
18456. yoav  
18455. Noa Lapidot  
18454. Cheryl Karesh How could you!
18453. ilana lustig md  
18452. Renee Levene  
18451. shani  
18450. Gail It would be nice if people didn't help to spread hatred
18449. Anthony Rother Any and all "hate" websites, against any group should be eliminated from the public domain.
18448. Doron Salamon  
18447. shimi  
18446. meital  
18445. eugene gillman md  
18444. alon  
18443. Arlene Resnick  
18442. C. Queen  
18441. Kathy Baker  
18440. Stanley H. Opas You should do this without a petition
18439. Todd Federman  
18438. A Kaufmann  
18437. Shoshana Guedalia  
18436. Phyllis and Bill Leith Every person with any concience should do ev erything they can to erradicate anti-semitisim - we cannot let this happen again!!
18435. Stephen Baker  
18434. Allan Weissmann  
18433. Spivak Maya  
18432. Harvey Snyder  
18431. Denya LeVine  
18430. Ram Pardes  
18429. Aaron Michaelis  
18428. George Rosenzweig  
18427. Jane Soloway  
18426. Allan Brown  
18425. Carol Singer  
18424. lynn foggle  
18423. julie august  
18422. E. Blackstien  
18421. Ofir  
18420. Stephen Freedhoff  
18419. LeeAnn Blaufuss  
18418. Daphna Shemesh  
18417. Robert Ennis  
18416. Hannah Rosenzweig  
18415. Robert Diamond  
18414. Niv  
18413. william foggle  
18412. Bonnie Schinagle  
18411. daniel wait i'll get u, u big fat nazi.
18410. Cojocaru Eli &Miriam  
18409. Nathan Kashuk disgusting
18408. Elyse Endy I never thought Google promoted anti-semitism!
18407. jill strauzer  
18406. C Richmond  
18405. Phyllis H. Opochinsky  
18404. dor  
18403. Susan Schubert  
18402. Wendy Ross  
18401. Barbara Fleischer  
18400. Yariv Nornberg  
18399. Jay Hubelbank  
18398. E Wilner  
18397. Richard Schoenfeld Google should ashamed!
18396. Jean Kent  
18395. dan hashan  
18394. Eve Winkler google should not be sponsoring anti-Semitic garbage
18393. Janet Potash  
18392. Stuart Maletsky Are you people crazy get rid of it......
18391. david ross  
18390. Olivia Ross  
18389. avi dobzinski  
18387. Daniel delete this website
18386. Ben Rubin Very offensive
18385. raz dar
18384. Lisa Zimmer  
18383. eyal shalev  
18382. Linda Levy  
18381. Cheri Wasserstrom  
18380. Mirra  
18379. Brynna Bloomfield  
18378. claire bauman a hateful site!
18377. Jonathan  
18376. sivan  
18375. michael furh  
18374. Doris Achtsam Disgusting. Should be taken off immediately.
18372. Dani Simply Disgrace...
18371. Raymond H Kelton Ugly Site
18370. jeff  
18369. David Gerber Do the right thing
18368. Marianna Krukas  
18367. suzanne grais  
18366. NormanLacoff STOP NOW
18365. Nancie Clark  
18364. Si Greenfeld  
18363. uj  
18362. guy  
18361. Nancy Arnold  
18360. Eran Israel
18359. OR áìä áìä
18358. David Friedfeld this is too wierd to see as the first match for "jew" in a google serach. please do something about this.
18357. Rachel Rosen This is deeply disturbing that a private company feels compelled to offer haters a venue to disseminate hate.
18355. jenny golddman  
18354. I. Gottlieb  
18353. Tom  
18352. Pamela Estey remove site
18351. Dale Alan Zurbrick  
18350. David Asper  
18349. Michelle Leder  
18348. becky mulder  
18347. Marvin Zuckerman  
18346. Rori Picker  
18345. Barbara Smith  
18344. wanda goldbaum this is repugnant
18343. Martin Lindenberg  
18342. Rhoda Zelkind  
18341. Sally Schwartz  
18340. Mannu  
18339. Lawrence Levitt Worthwhile effort.Hope it succeeds
18338. Susan Hadash  
18337. Shari Finsilver I pray you can get this horrifying site removed. Thank you for your efforts.
18336. lindsay Prospect  
18335. Sandra Levin  
18334. Francine Kleiss Please don't promote hatred. There’s enough of it out there already without your help.
18333. Raweh Susanne Ruth It is about time!
18332. 4 141421
18331. Uriel  
18330. S. Pozensky  
18329. Judy Braun  
18328. gloria ginzach  
18327. Tsahi Peleg  
18326. Rachelle Gruber  
18325. pamela Bloom Very dangerous, horrible site
18324. Ivan Klein  
18323. Ian M. Rogow There are still survivors to tell the tale of the Holocaust and how it all started
18322. Dror Hurwitz  
18321. Stu Serkin  
18320. dan wagner  
18319. yasmi  
18318. Akin Akinniyi Remove web site
18317. Renee Pinshaw  
18316. shay  
18315. Rhonda Please review now!
18314. Fred Guckes  
18313. Elizabeth Bloch I believe in freedom of speech. I hate what hate crimes teach those who don't understand or know better. Rather than removing JewWatch, though it disgusts me, I'd rather see google somehow lower it on the search list havng it pop up under "hate jews" only.
18312. arnold j.ingerman please eliminate-very disturbing
18311. Omri Rosenkrantz This hatered must be stopped now. The world can't burry it's head in the sand as it did in the past, and a quick aggressive action must be taken!
18310. Guy  
18309. Robert Blasenstein  
18308. Wally West  
18307. Elaine Gitalis antisemitic material, remove from internet
18306. David Soroko  
18305. matanel melamed  
18304. gnt  
18303. Ellis Gruber  
18302. Inbal  
18301. MARTIN & LINKY FURMAN shame on the google orginization
18300. yoonatan israel
18299. i barnett  
18298. shani  
18297. Mira Poljakovic  
18296. Shirley Horwitz  
18294. Becky Abrams  
18293. Lital Fisher Remove the website!!
18292. Bari Gorelick  
18291. Nancy Goldstein  
18290. eran  
18289. dan golan  
18288. zeev  
18287. Pam Olson  
18286. Arthur W. Friedman  
18285. marc cohen  
18284. Nir Idisis  
18283. nbgfhntrjyu  
18282. Barbara Lefsky  
18281. Adam Dagan  
18280. Sam Yates  
18279. claude habert get it out!
18278. nytdnfd  
18277. Shauna Hirshfield  
18276. gnfnjhg  
18275. Robert H. This is an outrage.
18274. Yaacov Guterman  
18273. Larry F Boris  
18272. Shelley Lichtenstein  
18271. Aviva Gordon  
18270. Bruce Feldman  
18269. Joanne Hirshfield  
18268. Barbara Ficalora  
18267. Stuart Hirshfield  
18266. tina hoffman  
18265. Daniel  
18264. Helen Schiffman Please remove this hateful material from your search engine .
18263. Amit Remove Natzi Sites !!!
18262. Sam Nimchonok  
18261. Ivy Abrams  
18260. Richard L. Orringer There are too many hateful things going on. We must know who the haters are.
18259. renea shapiro there is enough hate in this world
18258. SHAY 12784
18257. leonard schechter remove from search
18256. joel keslow  
18255. Tali Nates  
18254. Moshe Moshashvily  
18253. Victoria Lemell  
18252. tom remove tis antijew site
18251. Susan Schwam  
18250. Margrit Stenge Written to Google previously, no reply
18249. Judith Nesher A personal opinion expressed freely has no hidden agenda, whereas an expression of hate usually has; it is frequently used to denigrate and intimidate. In other words, expressing hate gives the speaker a feeling of power. Such power is worthless and in itself degrading. What a shame the haters don't see it .
18248. joseph korff  
18247. Tom Kiss How could you do this? JewWatch is full of lies
18246. Hila Oved  
18245. malca weinstock a blot on your reputation for printing such untruths.shame on your organization.
18244. Tommy Ziv  
18243. Lester Silberman  
18242. Al Brickman  
18241. olga  
18240. Gail Silberman  
18239. Rhoda Richards  
18238. harvey stoller  
18237. Marcie Fenster  
18236. fdasdf  
18235. hilit prizant  
18234. Martha Silver  
18233. Catherine Lawrence Please take the jewwatch.com site off.
18232. M A. Pappas wicked and evil lies on Jewwatch site!
18231. Sherry Lieberman  
18230. Marjorie Wolfson hate mongering doesn't belong on a search engine
18229. ilene ehrlich  
18228. Joel (Australia) Disgraceful. A schande!
18227. emi shamir  
18226. Julie Weil  
18225. Stanley Epstein  
18224. mary  
18223. Joan Allen  
18222. kerry sachs  
18221. Clive Samuels  
18220. Lois Perelman  
18219. Manuel Golding Enogh racism and anti-semitism in world without Google's encouragment
18218. Dan Levine Google should be a good American and remove this hate literature immediately
18217. Oren Yaniv  
18216. KITTY  
18215. Sue  
18214. Chondra Williams  
18213. Louis Wolfson JewWatch is hate mongering and inappropriate for display
18212. yossi  
18211. Susan Dondey  
18210. Seth Marmor  
18209. moshe  
18208. David Fogel  
18207. L. Wollin  
18206. Jamie Singer  
18205. R. van Es  
18204. Gabriela Herscovici  
18203. Jerald Feldman  
18202. Charlotte Chase  
18201. Melanie Jawett  
18200. Louise & Theodore Klein  
18199. feigy  
18198. David Miller This is an outrage
18197. rami  
18196. shoham  
18195. rami  
18194. Robert Glimcher  
18193. John Davis Am Chai Yisroel Chai!
18192. Vera Biró  
18191. Victor  
18190. sdsa  
18189. Isaac Michaeli Please remove this piece of trash.
18188. michael sagi  
18187. Gai Ishhadash  
18186. orel  
18185. Barbara K.  
18184. Shai Ben-Zvi  
18183. Joel Block  
18182. Yaron Farzan Love is the answer.
18181. orna levi stay clean
18180. Alex Fich  
18179. ilan yemini  
18178. Uri Milchan  
18176. Marcelo Roitman Hate is disgusting
18175. DAVID NAFTALY anti-semitic and should be removed
18174. Erik Alberts Romans 11:26 & 27
18173. Jacqueline Kingsley Google must remove this discusting filth
18172. Abba Tor  
18171. Agat Rottman  
18170. Boris Rosin  
18169. Elizabeth Reaser  
18168. seamus lyte  
18167. meni  
18166. Eliran Ayzik shut this website down NOW
18165. pamela remove jew watch, it is disgraceful!
18164. Uri Speelman Back to 1933?
18163. Mark Klein  
18162. MEIR MEYER  
18161. Dr Eli Davidyan  
18160. eliran  
18159. itay  
18158. fgjty  
18157. David Kingsley  
18156. Joseph Hochberg  
18155. shoshana Pilevsky  
18154. Susan C. Kimmel  
18153. Saul Greenberg  
18152. Henni Golden  
18151. David Reiner  
18150. Hasa  
18149. Laura Kuniansky  
18148. renate rosenblatt  
18147. Kenneth M. Olson This is the most offensive thing I have ever seen
18146. Ari Alexenberg  
18145. Ira L. Jacobson  
18144. carol stern please remove this anti-semetic site
18143. Mr John Donne  
18142. Josh Filer  
18141. David Robins  
18140. Michael Komorn  
18139. Israel Stashefsky Shame on Google!
18138. Hal Rigler A disgusting site - one that endorses terrorism
18137. ogenml  
18136. Rabbi Sean Gorman  
18135. tal bandel  
18134. ROEY  
18133. Mrs Sylvia Donne  
18132. Samuel Jose Lederman  
18131. yossi cohen  
18130. ROEY  
18129. Jon Feld This shouldn't even require a petition, just a request. While Google can't monitor every page, this is unacceptable.
18128. secret  
18127. Ashley Silver No guarantee that its only the algorithm
18126. jehonatan  
18125. D Letow  
18124. dhb  
18123. Allen Katz Delete this disgusting site
18122. Hillary Hoffman  
18121. ROEY  
18120. Terese Bernstein  
18119. Mitchell Fink  
18118. Alex Hassan  
18117. alex  
18116. Joann Bush  
18115. sarah ashkinaze NASTY
18114. Sunny Goldberg  
18113. Talia Sosnovitch  
18112. Marilyn Cline  
18111. Elaine Weisberg Take off hate sites.
18110. M. Lopez As if this ain't bad enough, a click on "similar pages" after jewwatch links you to other, biased anti-semitic sites. Time to set up a parental advisory against google: I don't want my children contaminated by this crap.
18109. edward cohen  
18108. harvey fruchter remove material that creats hate of this nature
18107. Richard Paley  
18106. LR van der Wieken  
18105. aviv azran  
18104. Walter H Harrison STOP being anti-semetic
18103. Stuart Bernstein  
18102. ms b. jacobs  
18101. Irene Werbart  
18100. David Smith  
18099. Ronnie Marlow  
18098. Ofer Gal  
18097. Eric Rhodes  
18096. Walter Rappaport  
18095. Melvin Grill  
18094. Leslie Swerling  
18093. m schafer  
18092. reh  
18091. Brenda Katten Goodle should be ashamed of itself!
18090. Fred London  
18089. Misty Chrysler  
18088. l seidner  
18087. Sema Goldstein  
18086. Anne B Krause  
18085. Peretz Lavie  
18084. George Chajes please help rid the world of religious hatred
18083. Peter Chrysler  
18082. Rosalie Saltzman  
18081. Henry J. Goldstein  
18080. Jacob Hassan  
18079. Carol Ketover  
18078. vivan maletzky  
18077. Larry & Linda Weiner Raleigh, NC
18076. Ron Eldor  
18075. Sophie Hirt  
18074. Richard Ketover  
18073. Jonathan Stein  
18072. Stephen Kahn Much of the material on this site is illegal in many European countries
18071. MITCH BLAS  
18070. Shira  
18069. Sarah Brickenstein  
18068. David Rubin Please remove this site from your search engine
18067. oshri  
18066. Alan Hayman remove this site...NOW
18065. Shoshana Fine Remove the web site
18064. zohar  
18063. shachar  
18062. Gail Karo  
18060. itay dfdsa
18059. Vivian London  
18058. Karen Deutch  
18057. bill forberg  
18056. Phyllis Levy Google needs to have a higher standard for postings on it's website. This needs to be removed immediately.
18055. Lorraine henson  
18054. Noel Glastein  
18053. calin shapira  
18052. Madelane Gunn  
18051. isaac goldberg  
18050. Jacob B. Polak  
18049. Edward Plaskow  
18048. flory  
18047. genadi adsadad
18046. claire gareleck anti American
18045. d. partrich  
18044. Doreen Green  
18043. asf  
18042. Jeff Bonar  
18041. Barby Prothro  
18040. Jubla  
18039. Jack Nevo With all due respect for freedom of speech, it is unacceptable that Google, of all things, should accept a hate-mongering site, especially for so presitigous a position.
18038. amit udai  
18037. Amy Kubas  
18036. luna yarchi  
18034. tom  
18033. ay  
18032. Sandy Kramer  
18031. ASDASDW22 21E
18030. Caryl Berzofsky  
18028. Melissa Kerbel  
18027. h cooper  
18026. alan blumberg  
18025. South Woodford Bnei Akiva ÿ
18024. marsha ingber  
18023. frits van coevorden  
18022. bruce adelberg  
18021. Frances Lester We want love and peace not hate and war
18020. ùí  
18019. Mark Levin  
18018. Michael Youdelman  
18017. Robert Feldman  
18016. Eli Ben David remove remove remove
18015. Esther Rainsbury ÿ
18014. ben-zion ronen  
18013. norma finkelstein  
18012. Rachel Rainsbury ÿ
18011. Rivka Harel Ankava  
18010. Pamela Rainsbury ÿ
18009. Stanford Joseph  
18008. Lisa Ann Britt I am appalled that Google would allow such a site to exist in their search engine.
18007. Paul  
18006. ELena Lourie "Cannot" but ALSO "WILL NOT" ? Google "protests too much".One is reminded of the attitude of the western powers in the 30's to fascism.
18005. amir  
18004. yoni  
18002. vivian stop antisemitism
18001. David Heering  
18000. Julian Rainsbury ÿ
17999. Pearl Kanpol  
17998. Ben Wiseman  
17997. Amir Karo  
17995. Ezra Goldschlager  
17994. snir s
17993. Michael Fleck-Platho Vienna,Austria
17992. Sandra Herber We must not tolerate this. Ever.
17991. lior grva  
17990. hagai well done!
17989. tiger why
17988. Elliot Rosenberg  
17987. נדב הירש F*CK dem naziez
17986. Robert Weiss Remove JewWatch.com from google
17985. eliran  
17984. Janet and Gerald Fridman  
17983. alon  
17982. maureen wessler please remove
17981. Michael Rainsbury ÿ
17980. efi  
17979. r.l. I feel morally obligated to tell everyone I know to unsubscribe to google
17978. Chaim Milsten  
17977. Ira B. Tumpowsky this is disgraceful
17976. ed kushner there is to much anti semitision
17975. shahram D remove them plz
17974. Maria Klok please don't go with the violence flow
17973. rachel  
17972. richard wessler please remove
17971. Rosti  
17970. Alan Rice  
17969. john i think that anti-semetisem is a wrong thing to have in this world
17968. Sherwin Greenberg  
17967. tiger03  
17966. Rebecca disgraceful!
17965. Sean D remove it please
17964. Raphael Wazana  
17963. Robert Farago freedom of speech doesn't protect incitement to hatred.
17962. dfdfdf fdf
17961. F. de la Haye Google Clean Up Your Act
17960. jkl  
17959. kjl  
17957. quest  
17956. Danny Bluestone All jews need to sign this
17955. shelly  
17954. Gerald Levine  
17953. Uri Milchan  
17952. Sally Freed  
17951. joel brandes  
17950. mina  
17949. Malcolm Labell  
17948. Cecile Segal It's important to the peace and security of the world
17947. linda cohen-calger  
17946. Sayir  
17945. àåøé  
17944. NOrman SPencer  
17943. Neal Kraus  
17942. Tilly Koster what more can I add than how sad this is...
17941. Tuvia Blumenthal  
17940. Orrin Getz This web page contains many lies about Jews.
17939. tamir  
17938. haim  
17936. yuval  
17935. david  
17934. Marcy Krauss shame on Google
17933. guy  
17932. dinah cohen  
17931. J. Lederman  
17930. yael  
17929. sam  
17928. edels  
17927. Alex  
17926. dana  
17925. shiri  
17924. irit aish  
17923. ronny  
17922. shelly  
17921. alon  
17920. laura stein  
17918. ruth  
17917. maor  
17916. Allan Rothstein  
17915. Avital Meron  
17914. àåøé  
17912. Edward Goldman  
17911. Barry Greenstone  
17910. Robert Cohen  
17909. Yaniv Alon  
17908. Maurice Hoffman It should be removed now.
17907. lirom  
17906. Diane Hadelman  
17905. Sonia Pressman Fuentes  
17904. M. Hertzberger Unacceptable
17902. amnon good luck
17901. carin l  
17900. Esther Addison  
17899. elana  
17898. aharon Google u r damn naziz
17897. nadav  
17896. joana berg  
17895. RALPH LISS  
17894. pelor  
17893. irit aish  
17892. irit aish  
17891. irit aish  
17890. harris  
17889. alice handelman  
17888. Bill Mutz  
17887. leo  
17886. Anne Flaxman  
17885. Simon Remove this website from google!!!
17884. margie black  
17883. Monique  
17882. leor  
17881. Leila Robey  
17880. Evelyn Meyers There is enough hate in the world. Take action! Stop it Now!
17879. George Cohen  
17878. Stacey Howard ---
17877. Ayelet  
17876. Pearl Struminger  
17875. greg  
17874. robert Olinsky  
17873. shoshana snir  
17872. Marc W. Lustick Bigotry and hatred in any form is offensive.
17871. YuRa  
17870. Rebecca Farshi  
17869. Alon Frydberg i hate nazzis
17868. yedidia snir  
17867. eyal  
17866. Sondra Dworetz  
17865. SydneyGlatman This should not benecessary if google had any pulic resposibility
17863. Myrna Robinson I thought this site was an urban legend. I was stunned to think that it even exists. The Site it conncts to, about Martin Luther King is even worse. Shame on you.
17862. Yael  
17861. FRED RUDY  
17860. yohay  
17859. Michael Cash  
17858. Lou Averbach Stop anti Semitism
17857. Joshua Moesch no more searches at google unitl its off!
17856. A Perales I have an intense dislike to all sites that promote racism and xenophobic attitudes. A search engine such as Google should not be an open door to such sites since they do not benefit humanity in any way and could have the reverse effect.
17854. Dr David Cohen  
17853. Ilana Levy  
17852. Miryam Koifman  
17851. rachel levine  
17850. Arie Moyal  
17849. Dr. James Tweeddale The site is totally antisemitic
17848. Dan Gallin  
17847. Jane Leaver  
17846. Leah It is, indeed, highly disturbing that such a bluntly anti-semitic website should be the top search on an engine as popular as google, or anywhere else for that matter, particularly in light of the rising anti-semitism we see today. It should be a matter of concern to anyone who rejects racism in all its ugly forms.
17845. Eugene H. Primoff Any religion that fosters hate isn't worth the paper it's written on.
17844. Josh Grady-Share  
17843. shila  
17842. C B it is shame the world still has such hate even now after so many years. if these people were to spemd more time watching themselves as opposed to others maybe they would achieve more than just recognition for their useless website, considering all the credible info found within can be found via other sources without the negative anti semetic spin they place on it and the rest is just social propoganda aimed at creating hate in others due to jealousy, envy and distrust......shame on the creators of the site
17841. greg  
17840. karen silverman  
17839. Ralph Troper  
17838. Hilary Shmeeda Ph.D.  
17837. gad  
17836. M.LEVITAN  
17835. Gwen Harlow  
17834. Cy Kaicener  
17833. maayan  
17832. Scott A. While I am all for free speech, this is truly disgusting and insightful of violent activities.
17831. Isaac Newman Not befitting Google's standing & quality
17830. M Rose  
17829. Yuval  
17828. moshe kupfer  
17827. Abraham A. Schechter, Adv. appalling, disgraceful!
17826. Kirsten Gradel  
17825. cindy hershon  
17824. Barbara Kutner  
17823. H. Gutenplan  
17822. Judith Fried  
17821. P. REINIGER  
17820. Roberta Schine please let me know how else i can help
17819. òîåññ  
17818. Jocelyne Tobe Remove Jew Watch !!
17817. katz  
17816. Yigal Ginath,M.D.  
17815. Aryeh  
17814. mthemans  
17813. Leslie Tobe Remove Jew Watch !!
17812. Lorna Kay  
17811. Paul Tollman Google is my main search engine I use. I will stop using it and forbid any of my family from using it and actively partake in a campaign to embargo the use of google if the link to this site is not withdrawn
17810. Amnon Shaham Please remove JewWatch from the head of the "Jew" search
17809. lynda harris  
17808. Raymond Montanjees  
17807. Carly Phillips  
17806. Rachel Rouse  
17805. romane I agree
17804. Chaim Forgacs  
17803. Gabrielle Golker  
17802. Yoni Vromen JEWS 4-EVER
17801. Shulamith Bar Shany  
17800. shelley portnoy we must all take responsibility to stop the hatred
17799. mervyn harris  
17798. òøï  
17797. Jethro Cohen Thanks everyone for signing. At the same time, I feel it would be good measure to email them at (admin@jewwatch.com) with your heartfelt feelings of contempt. Even though i doubt they will get read, i'm sure 10000 daily emails will create havoc with their mail server :)
17796. Omri Friedland  
17795. paul cramer  
17794. maurice  
17793. david m goldstein  
17792. Matan Geva  
17791. Marvin Bograd  
17790. Roger B Marks  
17789. don schwartz this site should be removed at once
17788. Jonathan Lifschitz  
17787. Andrew Gellert Please remove this vile site from Google, it is really repugnant
17786. Jodi Lifschitz  
17785. Alex The reason to push that site away is obvious, isn't it?
17784. Andrew Herxheimer  
17783. nim  
17782. Tal Dagan  
17781. moran  
17780. Tuvik Beker  
17779. Charles Schieber  
17777. Linda Kroll  
17776. Jerome Guss  
17774. Dave Benjamin I already wrote to GOOGLE to complain, this is disgusting !
17773. Shir Dahari  
17772. Itzhak M. Itzhaky Remove immediately
17771. David Ross  
17770. Harvey Share  
17769. Jonathan Scott Katz  
17768. Frank Eidelman  
17767. ? Ô.h¥=☼:
17766. yoMan kill the site
17765. J KAPLAN Disgusting
17764. b.m.s.van praag  
17763. Lillian & Seymour Futran if this is not removed I will notify all my friends to avoid google
17762. yaniv tassa  
17761. ¿ €~Rá▐
17760. alexander  
17759. Barak Dror  
17758. ôàâ çøà
17757. gali  
17756. Nab none
17755. Cheryl C  
17754. Gemma  
17753. fgerg hrthtr
17752. Yitzhak J. Moed  
17751. m  
17750. Aviv Shapira Stop Anti-Semitisem
17749. Revital  
17748. Gabriel Hertzberg There is enough hate in the world why add it on your site as well. Please remove it immediately
17747. Robert Post  
17746. Nir Shtrimberg  
17745. Steve Arnautoff  
17744. felicelevy@sympatico.ca  
17743. Freddy Kahana  
17742. Joseph  
17741. stan rabin disgusting!
17740. Malcolm Cline Disgusting Website
17739. Josef Offer  
17738. arthur siegel  
17737. derek  
17736. David Aronowitz  
17734. omri  
17733. Maty  
17731. Ben Cohen  
17730. Irene  
17729. Jerold Mills  
17728. Sue Cohen  
17727. Ashley Benjamin  
17726. dorfman pnina  
17725. peter g adely sr please remove!
17724. max  
17723. Aubrey & Rhoda Gien get rid of this scum
17722. hadar its not only because i am jewish, all website that their purpuse is against other pepole (muslims, fags...) should be deleted
17721. Peter Frey  
17720. yossi balali  
17718. Rahle Hurwitz  
17717. Carol Taylor  
17716. David Nadir Items like these are a shame to their creator and to those who host them
17715. Lilian Jacobs  
17714. dr. bella fox  
17713. koster  
17712. FreChaJoAd  
17711. Janine Gold  
17710. kookf  
17709. Mervyn Hurwitz  
17708. Miri  
17707. Arye Shapiro  
17706. irving levine  
17705. M A  
17704. chelly overdijkink-abram  
17703. derek livingston  
17702. koster  
17701. Sally Shiers I am disappointed in Google
17700. blok  
17699. Felice Levy  
17698. henry bleier  
17697. Leslie Jacobs Please remove the Jew Watch reference it is very offensive
17696. Rachel Hognell Vermon
17695. Graham Moss  
17694. alex  
17693. Michael Ardon  
17692. Dudu Azulay Israel is Holy place!!!!!
17691. karolinski  
17690. M. Aarons  
17689. Ninja_Kid Israel is Holy place!!!!!
17688. Tal Gazitt I'm disappointed at Google for putting Jew Watch on their search engine
17687. BASIL FAKTOR good for you guys & the work you do
17686. Eric Mark  
17685. Michael Kahn This site is disgutsting, by including it in your engine, you are giving tacit approval to it's hateful content.
17684. Stanley Joseph Horowitz  
17683. John we have fealings, you know
17682. Aharon Hoek  
17681. Lisa N  
17680. netanel hadad  
17679. miguel gorenberg  
17678. dima  
17677. avi  
17676. jerry belz  
17675. adiel  
17674. Moshe Finkel  
17673. DR STAN RABIN remove immediately or......
17672. H. Overdijkink  
17671. s carson  
17670. itay turgeman akrav
17669. Michelle Rosenberg Absolutely disgraceful.
17668. R. Drake  
17667. Brian Humphreys  
17666. dror  
17665. arie zelcer  
17664. Gale  
17663. Saul Issroff  
17662. Michael Stocker  
17661. ohsri israel
17660. verna rosenfield  
17659. chen  
17658. Chaim Palman Please remove this disgusting site from your search engine!!
17657. Marcovici Ernest  
17656. warren twersky  
17655. M. Neiman  
17654. Harold Sgan-Cohen  
17653. gai  
17652. Ann Sinclair These Nazi scum are so illiterate they even claim the Six-Day war took place on Yom Kippur LMAO
17650. K. Kramer  
17649. Jeffrey Friedland  
17648. Erez Ovadia none
17647. Amiela Globerson  
17646. israel lvi  
17645. baruch  
17644. Dalia Cohen  
17643. Harriet Pessel Please urge friends to sign.Thank you.
17642. Jeffrey Bloom  
17641. debra wolfe  
17640. sharon  
17639. Shaul Gerstenhaber JewWatch.com is a vitriolic collection of anti-semites, holocust deniers, anti-socialists, and racists. What hope is there for peace on earth?
17638. shai r  
17637. Paul Janes  
17636. Dr. Lawrence Schechtman This bigotry is no different then the Nazi party of the second world war.
17635. david  
17634. Meir Barak  
17633. Dror  
17632. sylvia  
17631. Eitan Shapiro SHAMEFULL!!!
17630. Graham Dagul  
17629. nati  
17628. Helene Szron  
17627. Maxim Sokol  
17626. Aaron Czesler  
17625. natimania  
17624. margaret fluhr i can't believe that they could allow the link
17623. Josephine Moed  
17622. ofir  
17621. pazit  
17620. Pauline Dorfman  
17618. Susan L. Aaron  
17617. corrine schlessel This should be signed by people of all faiths and color. It has links to the White supremacist groups with lies about Martin Luther King as well.
17616. John Kinory Disgraceful!
17615. H Kaffel  
17614. Nina Mizrahi  
17613. Stefan Bialoguski  
17612. susan burns  
17611. Ian Schapkaitz  
17610. Donna  
17609. Mieke van Praag  
17608. Anthony Glass  
17607. RAFAEL  
17606. Jacky Green  
17605. ice  
17604. YARON  
17603. keidar itzhak  
17602. Oded Furst  
17601. angela fritz  
17600. ido  
17599. susie knoller  
17598. ron ginat  
17597. Steve Charnovitz  
17596. Jean Alcen  
17595. channeldoc  
17593. R.S. Dym  
17592. Britney Spears  
17591. Ashley What an embarrassment to see such a rcist website like jewwatch on google
17590. Janet Brown this is a hateful site and goes beyond freedom of speech
17589. Herbert H. Blumberg  
17588. Leonard Greenstein  
17587. Jonathan Sur  
17586. Leanne Sur  
17585. Mark Sur  
17584. Anne Sur  
17583. liliya  
17582. Selina Gellert a frightening issue
17581. David Sur REMOVE NOW!!!
17580. horn all sites like this should be removed
17579. Michael Hoffman  
17578. Chloe Evans  
17577. Paul Traub Free speach, yes - Free Hate, No!
17576. gil  
17575. israel  
17574. h.j. van loon  
17573. vitti rosenzweig kones  
17572. Susan Enbom  
17571. a. de liema  
17570. Eran Rotem  
17569. amit  
17568. mathew  
17567. sean Moghadam remove this hateful site
17566. Eli  
17565. alan l fox  
17564. rachel disgusting
17563. naor_yasher  
17561. Michael Greengard  
17560. nigel allon  
17559. Valery  
17558. nati what is it comments?
17557. Robert Gutmann  
17556. denise winton  
17555. Ivor Lunzer  
17554. Estelle Gilston  
17553. Katie Stone  
17552. bat-chen  
17551. Stanley Field remove this now ! ! !
17550. Rika Meyerowitz  
17549. Max Abrahamson  
17548. Jonathan Stewart Has your success gone to your head Mr. Google ?
17547. carmel kill those dudes!
17546. Adam Lobatto This situation shows how desperate the situation has got for Jewish people worldwide. We must combat it!
17545. Asaf  
17544. Benjamin Shlevich  
17543. Rick Bernstein  
17542. Jacob  
17541. Marco Schwartz  
17540. Benji  
17539. morris romick needs to be removed from google!
17538. Benja Hochberg  
17537. J. Cohen In this dangerous age, when anti-semitism and racism is, once again, threatening to tear the human race apart, such a web site is intolerable.
17536. Abby L Kusnitz  
17535. Robert Cicco jr  
17534. gal  
17533. Samuel Johnstone Your site is a disgrace. Shame on you for allowing such outrageous statements on the internet. It's unbelievable that in this day and age Jews should still be vilified simply because they are Jews . They are proud to be so and not afraid of the Nazi comments on your website. Please remove this site and irradicate your racist policies.
17532. Yoni Uzan  
17531. ariel anisfeld uber jew !
17530. cowa  
17529. Budd Margolis  
17528. Benyamin Maoz  
17527. Alex Bird  
17526. Idan  
17525. l courts  
17524. Marianne Friedman  
17523. margaret simonoff  
17522. Ellen Ozery  
17521. marc  
17520. Gary Hill  
17519. Nati Gill Fogel  
17518. Conrad Taylor  
17517. Naomi  
17516. Sally Eriera Why does this need 50,000 signatures? Are Google that anti-Semitic? Bet if it was an anti-Christian site or anti-Islam site, the problem wouldn't even be an issue. Try Teoma Search Engine, better than Google anyway.
17515. Andrey Matveyev YES!
17514. Michael Lerman  
17513. Roslyn Reich JewWatch.com is a disgrace
17512. Valerie Syverson  
17511. kalman r. sheine not nice for google
17510. carol gordon  
17509. Walter Felman site promotes racial hatred
17508. Jesse Liptrap  
17507. Cynthia Russell The Google site contains remarks likely to promote antisemitism. Does Google support antisemitism? It would appear so.
17506. nati  
17505. celia male A very important petition; but please amend the spelling in your introduction of "semetic" to "semitic".
17504. Eugene  
17503. David Ishag This site is disgusting
17502. Sam This is just wrong!
17501. Michael Robinson The jewwatch.com site is a disgrace. It appears that Google promote antisemtism
17500. Marcus Fielding remove this disgusting site - PLEASE
17499. Jed Holtzman  
17498. Henry Engelsman  
17497. Chris Henny Should be removed but I also found an innofensive singaporean jewelryshop selling watches called jewatch.com so please ensure you get the right one.
17496. Ran Heimann  
17495. Ari Klinger  
17494. AL Levino  
17493. dorith  
17492. Eliezer Fogel  
17491. Sam Forman  
17490. Elliot Skiddell  
17489. paula edelstein  
17488. Efraim Barak  
17487. Julie Kaye  
17486. Nahum Leafsheets  
17485. Julie Skiddell  
17484. bill helbing  
17483. Peter Kaye  
17482. Terry Shlomo  
17481. Harvey J. Wikoff As Isreal and the Jews are the light of the world I believe that any site that is against them should be discontinued
17480. Amusia, Miron; Prof  
17479. elon  
17478. fran feldman it is unacceptable that schoolchildren or any persons seeking information through google on Jews should be directed in the first instance to this site.
17477. or zipori  
17476. moshe  
17475. pierre vallet  
17474. Jessica Stroik  
17473. noam  
17472. Steve Gold Do what it takes to stop anti-Semitism
17471. Amusia  
17470. Julian Lurie must be removed
17469. micael a kashden  
17468. Rachel Brown  
17467. Cindy L Wikoff Any country that is against the Jewish people is also against G-D
17466. Alison Carr  
17465. Esther Wilyamowsky  
17464. gfij  
17463. Sara-Lee Been  
17462. Pollac  
17461. Dr. Shlomo P Zusman  
17460. aaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbb vvvvvvv aaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbb vvvvvvv aaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbb vvvvvvvdzsd  
17459. Ron Klinger  
17458. derek  
17457. aaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbb vvvvvvv  
17456. lily viva la jew!!!!!!!!!!!
17455. dsadfasfasfafa  
17454. Hillel Gluch  
17453. wendy  
17452. fsdfdhftjhgjkgh  
17451. Yoni  
17450. Leonie Lewis  
17449. Rabbi Ruben Bar Ephraim  
17448. lital  
17447. Ron  
17446. fhghgf  
17445. aa  
17444. Jaye Moscariello Take this heinous thing off of the web, please
17443. Ken  
17442. a  
17441. Meira Perry-Lehmann the middle ages are back...
17440. Howard Lewis  
17439. Dan Myers  
17438. V.R.Rosenberg  
17437. oz viva la jew!!!!!!!!!!!
17436. Jonathan Kessler  
17435. lisa mechanick  
17434. EsterSchneider  
17432. David H.Gershuni  
17431. belle rubin  
17430. Yehuda Shahal  
17429. Jacob Gildenblat Hipocracy. I'm ashamed I ever used you.
17428. flip de liema  
17427. Vicki  
17426. Mark Feffer  
17425. john  
17424. Jacques Rosenthal  
17423. Francis Wilden  
17422. Meir Rotfleisch  
17421. beverly cannold  
17420. guy dickman  
17419. Helen Fisher  
17418. Meital sarel Now it's google ???
17417. David Zoberg Lets have less hate, more truth and love.
17416. Philippa Awerbuch  
17415. Allen Berezovsky  
17414. Maccabi r the best  
17413. Brian Herskowitz  
17412. Dan chait Not nice
17411. Myra Becker  
17410. Sarel mosh  
17409. Roxane Lipton  
17408. gbroyn  
17407. Nava Ruda  
17406. roey  
17404. GUY  
17402. avishay !!!
17401. Z. Matmor  
17400. Irit Mentesh  
17399. peter arnold  
17398. Uri Minzer  
17397. Dr. Robert Berg  
17396. mor_zohar  
17395. Mr L Price  
17394. Lee Greenberg  
17393. Jeff Berner  
17392. Daniel Koren  
17391. David Forman  
17390. Ofer  
17389. Elaine Gross Can't believe it in this day and age.Its SCARY
17388. Yitzhak Frank  
17387. George Perlman  
17386. Haim Cohen  
17385. Marcia Frank  
17384. Carol Malejan  
17383. Sari Gluckin  
17382. Martin Lowenstein  
17381. pollack israel  
17380. Judy Buchman  
17379. Bohdana Marvalova  
17378. Lynn Choplin  
17377. jane bialilew  
17376. lynn golumbic  
17375. tzillah schwartz  
17374. har-chen  
17373. Donald Weinberg  
17372. Tom Karni  
17371. Omer Yarkowich  
17370. Ibby Mekhmandarov  
17369. Bernard Wallis  
17368. Jeffrey Kushner I am terrified by the misuse of the internet. This has to be discouraged.
17367. Mira Gelbstein  
17366. idan shunem  
17365. Guy Leventhal this is what makes the hatred in our world
17364. Ethan Pew  
17363. Warwick N. Ofsowitz Why in 2004 do you allow this on your site??
17362. Beth Arnstein stop hate speech
17361. Basil Porter  
17360. Leland Orchid  
17359. Ohad Im a PROUD JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17358. yaniv  
17357. yanir london  
17356. Asher Cailingold Disgusting and Dangerous
17355. Ilan Skolnik write them a letter at comments@google.com
17354. Nizan  
17353. Pini Shv  
17352. linda mischel  
17351. Saar  
17350. Sebastian Benedikz  
17349. anna bromberg  
17348. Barbara Teller Outrageous!
17347. Ami Charitan  
17346. marie hirsh  
17345. ðéñéí  
17344. Gerda Frey  
17343. Eyal Yatskan  
17342. Robert Frey  
17341. David Elazar antisemitism is a disease and must be eradicated
17340. A. David Breyer  
17339. eilam snir move "jewwatch.com" Imidiatly!!!!
17338. ertwer  
17337. sy emalfarb  
17336. y denebeim remove hateful sites
17335. Marilyn Messik  
17334. Fran Harris shocked to find such a site on google
17333. gloria emalfarb  
17332. guy  
17331. Beverly Kurtin It's disgusting that Google doesn't remove this without requiring 50K signatures.
17330. Aaron  
17329. GR Schwartz  
17328. Orly Marmur  
17327. L. Ruth Breyer  
17326. A. Kupferman Please remove the site
17325. yarin  
17324. Bernard Sarphati I had high regard for Google but lost it when I saw jewwatch
17323. david erlich  
17322. Yuval  
17321. Cune A site that infuses such hatred and misunderstanding is not worth serving by any provider! That includes Google!!!
17320. farol  
17319. A. Mark Clarfield thanks
17318. Stephen Simpson  
17317. Elaine Mintz  
17316. Terri Harary  
17315. Igal Kleiner Never thought that google will contribute to antisemitism... It's a shame to see I was wrong!
17314. Oscar  
17313. Lauren Moskowitz  
17312. Edyth H. Geiger  
17311. Melissa Sanders  
17310. Donald Kyle  
17309. F. Shilcrat This is unacceptable
17308. w.berbit google cannot lend itself to such an outrage
17307. k. daneshgar google should be ashamed!
17306. janika  
17305. jona  
17304. theodore  
17303. ds dfs
17302. ùSA  
17301. moshe dddddddd
17300. Melanie Baum  
17299. Ploper-NiR  
17298. Mark  
17297. yaron  
17296. Kat Hobday  
17295. clare  
17294. Leonardo Israeli  
17293. Tami  
17292. marian magid  
17291. itzikc20 ùìåí
17290. Dov Kenan  
17289. lori jacobson  
17288. Phyllis Domstein Hopefully, Google will rectify this situation and maintain its integrity
17287. nisim  
17286. רק'/ק  
17285. David Schwartz shame, shame, Google
17284. Terry B. Gruber  
17283. Martin R. Hanan  
17282. Michael Newman  
17281. Sam Jones  
17280. Stuart Hytman  
17279. brian bellows  
17278. Abe  
17277. Philip Libman  
17276. Inda J. Cneac In my book, Google has lost its credibility & professionalism
17275. Adina Parkes  
17274. ellen pressman  
17273. roi  
17272. Arik Aharoni  
17271. barbara horowitz what were you thinking.
17270. Elizabeth Olswang  
17269. Steve  
17268. amnon benkel  
17267. Peter Olswang  
17266. Dina Popper  
17264. Robert Wheaten Jr. United we stand, Divided we fall
17263. Marc Pomerantz  
17262. Jody Zonnenschein please preserve your integrity by removing this site from your search engine
17261. Tamara  
17260. Danny Porath  
17259. N. Katz  
17258. Kevin  
17257. Terry Cohen If this site isn't removed I will stop using Google
17256. Robert D Hofmann  
17255. Joshua Sobol  
17254. ilana  
17253. Mike jews rule
17251. David Ben-Gershon  
17250. Michael Horenstein  
17249. Itzik Popper  
17248. Josephine Bacon Does Google need this kind of bad publicity?
17247. Mr. & Mrs S. Goldhill  
17246. Dr. Gerald Tanny  
17245. Dan Shechtman Stop spreading hatred
17244. S M Adirondack  
17243. A Basserabie  
17242. Dvaid Coleman  
17241. Alisa Shniderman  
17240. Marsha Miller  
17239. bernard sandow despicable
17238. Jeremy Reiskin  
17237. Peggy Mendelson  
17236. eshkolot mania @ david  
17235. Yossi Milstein  
17234. L.Katz  
17233. Leland Miller  
17232. Josef Hagin  
17231. bobby  
17230. Sherwin Pomerantz  
17229. Amy J. Shapiro  
17228. Susan Eshel  
17227. Shira This site fuels hatred and must be removed!
17226. Zalmanson Samuel ôàøèçì,ïîñòàâùèêè íàðêîòèêîâ. Antisimitizm, Muslim extremism, communism and fascism, suppliers of drugs - it is necessary to destroy in any ways-it dream of all respectable intellegentnyh people. But while authorities almost all countries represent also relizujut it angrily, changes will not be. It is necessary to begin struggle from above
17225. Harold M. Segal  
17224. Steven  
17223. jeffrey feldman you should be ashamed
17222. Laura Maizels we trust google will do the right thing
17221. Benjamin CS Hate speech shouldn't require 50,000 signatures.
17220. stuart flatt Nauseating and beneath Google!
17219. msher  
17218. B. Nagari  
17217. Rose Silber  
17216. asaf shooker close it now!!!
17215. Haim Yeska Go to...
17214. Ram Armon Google should not give a hand to the spread of antisemitism.
17213. Sue Tormala  
17212. Joel Danziger this site is very bad and must be taken off
17210. henry c morris  
17209. Yael  
17208. avi ben dor  
17207. Benée Rubin stop hatred now
17205. Joseph Rosenblatt  
17204. bernie gardner  
17203. Stuart Kaplan  
17202. Hagit Hoffman  
17201. Louise Poulin  
17200. David Beit-Erez  
17199. Zalmanson Samuel ôàøèçì,ïîñòàâùèêè íàðêîòèêîâ. Antisimitizm, Muslim extremism, communism and fascism, suppliers of drugs - it is necessary to destroy in any ways-it dream of all respectable intellegentnyh people. But while authorities almost all countries represent also relizujut it angrily, changes will not be. It is necessary to begin struggle from above
17198. shauna  
17196. Erez Lazarovitch  
17195. S. shtang  
17194. Erel Avineri  
17193. Terry Parker This is so racist, anti semitic, to ask for 50,000 names to remove this, you should be ashamed
17192. Sandi  
17191. Shimon Shahar  
17190. yoav  
17189. Raphi Salem  
17188. zeev matoki  
17187. Martine Shahar  
17186. ll ll
17185. Marilyn Kriegel  
17184. Amy It shouldn't have to take 50,000 signatures. It's just wrong!
17183. Sandra Zeitzew  
17182. sharon tritt  
17181. jules selvin  
17180. J.L.Morrison I will refrain from using Google until your offensive sight is removed
17179. Imre  
17178. Gideon Tirosh  
17177. Susan Selcer  
17175. CECI TALSKY  
17174. Avner Gilath  
17173. Barry Dolowich Please remove at once
17172. Issie Rabinovitch  
17171. Tyson Rininger  
17170. Moshe N. Barouk  
17169. Kathleen Johnstone  
17168. alice  
17167. dana  
17166. Alan Naftalis  
17165. Gina Gershfeld  
17164. Lynn E. Miller  
17163. Rena Cohen Google appears to endorse anti-semitism with this site
17162. Boris Zatulovsky Shame on Google
17161. ANITA KLEIN  
17160. Bonnie Bassin  
17159. Asaf  
17158. Giora Lachmann Remove this anti-semetic site !!
17157. Michael Canton  
17156. Noa  
17155. Mark Casson  
17154. Malcolm Mandel  
17153. Karen Raphaeli  
17152. Gerald Stollman  
17151. George S. Eltman  
17150. Nathan DROR  
17149. Weiss  
17148. ANITA KLEIN  
17147. Renee Douglen  
17146. or  
17145. ilan  
17144. Gaye A. Keep  
17143. I.Fine  
17142. daniela cohn  
17141. Tara Yoffe Google cannot pretend to be neutral!
17140. Harold Lovett  
17139. Ian Solomon  
17138. Alexander Pudlin  
17137. Phyllis Bayer I'm saddened that there is such a site on Google.
17136. TORDJMAN Isy the requested remove is legitimate
17135. Charles Kuttner  
17134. Mike Hackner  
17133. Miranda Adani  
17132. Don Remish  
17131. Linda Hackner  
17130. a d
17129. Ullrich Fischer It is now the 4th result of the search... but the comments apply
17128. Einat Birk  
17127. Melanie Feder  
17126. Andrew Lea Thanks for your help...
17125. Baruch Frank  
17124. Brigitte Manning  
17123. ZED  
17122. Art Twain Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to foment hate among any ethnic or religious group is quite another. Something intelligent needs to be done about the problem of JewWatch being the first site available when "Googling" for the word "Jew." It's just plain wrong.
17120. Judith Kupferman  
17119. michael gersten  
17118. ben-el massiha  
17117. yael  
17116. Evan Fittinghoff Please remove this sight from your service as it is both racist and offensive
17115. Gee Swim shame on google
17114. Ted Williams Los Angeles, CA USA
17113. A. Starkman This is so easy for you to do, and still be doing the right thing.
17112. Timothy E. Gray  
17111. James Doney Please help all garner true information instead of lies and bigotry but ending the proliferation of the site's hate speech.
17110. Stan GOLDMAN  
17109. Yuval Ofir  
17108. Joseph Cohen  
17107. Ofer Weintraub  
17106. Moshe Rachmuth  
17105. C. Starkman You should do this in order to retain your corporate integrity
17104. harriet Goldman  
17103. Mel Powell  
17102. V Powells Disgusting that you have to go through this with Google
17101. Sara Meilijson  
17100. Tamara Rosenthal  
17099. Roslyn Nelson  
17098. mel barenholtz  
17097. Cynthia Lee  
17096. GloriaBMarchick  
17095. Steve Gilbard Totally unacceptable
17094. Steven Goodstein Please remove this anti-semetic site.
17093. asher tarmon  
17092. Shahak  
17091. Wesley Smith  
17090. shimshon  
17089. Craig Karlan  
17088. Daniel Horowitz  
17087. joseph dabby  
17086. Dr. Louise Kessel Lets eradicate antisemitism
17085. George Lamm  
17084. Linda Eisenberg  
17083. Ann Alterman  
17082. Shannon thanks for doing this!
17081. Ted Klastorin  
17080. igor 50000 votesto do the right thing? nice google!!
17079. alex van oss  
17078. Ari Taub  
17077. Jamie L. Mafdali  
17076. Rozanne Dorman  
17075. Marvin Burrows shame on Google for allowing this.
17074. Barbara Rubin  
17073. Gail Bierman  
17072. Libby Scop  
17071. charles and mavis pasternack religate jewwatch top the bottom of the barrel where it belongs
17070. luke mckenzie damn straight, this is a bit unfair i believe
17069. yael penkower  
17068. Robert Bonem Jews Rock
17067. Michael Kostukov Such site should never be allowed on the Net, even less to be one of first few results on Google
17066. Annevelyn Alterman  
17065. Julie  
17064. Ira Rubin  
17063. erez labin  
17062. Linda Terriere  
17061. Paul Croft  
17060. Eva Morad  
17059. Izzy Pludwinski  
17058. igor chingarev  
17057. Alan Reed  
17056. marcia urdang  
17055. noa franco remove jewwatch.com from google search
17054. dmitry braverman  
17053. evelyn p unbelievable. i used google exclusively but won't again until this is removed.
17052. Adam Ganzman  
17051. David Sheena  
17050. serg litwinski  
17049. Levi Frolich  
17048. Harvey Altshull  
17047. LAVY  
17046. Allan Hopper  
17045. Leah Buckwold stop anti-semitism!
17044. Cherie James  
17043. Ann Marie Romeo-Frost  
17042. Rick Parnell  
17041. Colleen O'Malley  
17040. al shin  
17039. Meir  
17038. Rachelle Wyse  
17037. Jerry Mandelstam  
17036. Nathalie Azoubel  
17035. beth blecherman  
17034. Sara Friedman  
17033. Rtia Weiler  
17032. Robert Waring Shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. This petition should NOT have been necessary
17031. D. Wagner  
17030. sharon rubinstein  
17029. gatir  
17028. Geri Gronich  
17027. Maurice Roth  
17026. Tony Hollis I thought Google had better taste and ideals!
17025. R. B. Collier  
17024. Janis Lieberman  
17023. D. Presser  
17022. robert hershkovitz if you do not remove, at least describe as: anti semitic site, etc, etc
17021. gordon t darwin shame on you Googol; there ARE some limits on free speech.
17020. Judy Labensohn  
17019. Aimee Becker  
17018. Ayelet  
17017. Guy Bloch  
17016. Zack Pitt-Smith  
17015. jschlager  
17014. Eitan Nothing to do with freedom of speach
17013. Sheldon Libfeld  
17012. Scott Brown  
17011. joel berman  
17010. beno goldner  
17009. George Adamowicz  
17008. Leanne Rabin  
17007. Jeremy  
17006. alicehahn a pity these things still happen
17005. Jerry Kurland Harboring misinformation is not in Google's best interest.
17004. harold lowenheim  
17003. Leo Gort remove all raciest sites
17002. Fred Plotkin  
17001. pamela Shamir thank G.d you are dealing with it
17000. Mark Weinblatt  
16999. Paul Giller  
16998. Michael Fishman The Web ( Google ) should be a means of rapprochment not further hatred, there is enough of that product in the world aready, known by its common marketing name, the true WMDs
16997. Jordana Talkar  
16996. Carole Gotlieb  
16995. Rollana Katz  
16994. Iris  
16993. Joseph Scptt  
16992. Jackie Scott  
16991. eve bronner  
16990. Lydia Jiji About time someone does something
16989. Liat Broome It is disgusting that JewWatch is the first sight that comes up when typing in "Jew."
16988. Roberta Spike I might stop using Google!
16987. linda shane  
16986. Henry Arnold  
16985. Michael Belson  
16984. leonard shane  
16983. Mara Stokke  
16982. Yigal Funt  
16981. LES COOPER  
16980. Stuart Leichter  
16979. Avi Rubel  
16978. Martha Kahane  
16977. Jessica Opert  
16976. Moshe Maishlish In this day & age, referencing a site like this is a colossal embarassment to humanity!
16975. Jennifer Vincent  
16974. Beatrice Howard  
16973. Jon Feder New technology requires handling that may not be accetable in another format
16972. Igor Leikin  
16971. Martin D. Stern  
16970. LEE COOPER PLEASE REMOVE JEWWATCH.COM fron the google search engine.
16969. Joe Piket This is a disgrace
16968. Irv N. Goldberg  
16967. Andrea Goldklang  
16966. Haim Rozen  
16965. elie Benz keep jew hatred off google and the internet!!
16964. dYLaN If you do not remove this site i will no longer support google and neither will anyone i know! you are a bunch of fools! isnt there enough hate in our world? whatever.. screw you guys. this is such a shame!
16963. francee olch I wish we could do the same for other sites.
16962. Galit Rozen  
16961. Dan Weisz  
16960. Sima Altman  
16959. oleg vinin  
16958. Merle Zarmi  
16957. Avi Levy  
16956. A Concerned Jew Google says they don't filter stuff like this (or anything for that matter). It's time that they did. Maybe we could "filter" Google out existance. Anyone know how a similar search produces on Lycos, yahoo or other search engines? .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... email me.
16955. Isaac Meilijson Hod Hasharon, Israel
16954. Leslie Shull  
16953. Martin L.  
16952. Bernard Zoloth  
16951. Mr.& Mrs.L . Stuhl it is a must to remove thi trash
16950. Lorraine Edelstein  
16949. maggie amir  
16948. Sue Tsao  
16947. Robert Levine MD The purpose of search engines is to improve life on earth, not to worsen it. Anti-semitic sites have no place on Google.
16946. Tuvia Sturm  
16945. Borocz Jesszika How can you guys not remove this or change it? it is a disgrace to all of the internet! you are dispicable for even making a petition!
16944. Julee C. Snitzer  
16943. Carol Rosen can't believe that Google has this on their site!
16942. Sandra Greenberg  
16941. yoram harshefi  
16940. barbara kalin bond  
16939. Paula Goldfader  
16938. Bevan Friedman  
16937. Tuvia mckane  
16936. Ted Robinson  
16935. Diane Yaker  
16934. adi  
16933. sid segal  
16932. Ron Zucker  
16931. Shelby Tauber  
16930. Chelsea Nissenbaum  
16929. Seymour Bell  
16928. Russell Jacobs I viewed the website and as much as I support freedom of the press it is not appropriate for this to be the first site that appears when looking for matters Jewish.
16927. Cyril Ben Yacov  
16926. Daniel Simanovsky Remove this site please, we want to know that Google isn't anti-semitic
16925. seth feldman  
16924. Nadine Ritter Please do the right thing and remove JewWatch.com Thanks!
16923. Robert Gelber  
16922. jack sopher  
16921. Susan Remba  
16920. robert drobner  
16919. Nancy Davis  
16918. Ivrielle Simons The fact that these websites exist make me physically ill.
16917. ben pil  
16916. bette  
16915. David Goldberg  
16914. Ron Remba  
16913. sandra drobner  
16912. Max Freedman  
16911. Emelie Loewenheim  
16910. Tim Cohen Please remove from google
16909. Yuval  
16908. harvey ring shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
16907. Bruce Feldstein  
16906. harold loewenheim  
16905. Sallee Elboim There is not reason why this site should come up first, unless Google has deliberately made it so - it is not alphabetical, so one can only conclude that it is done to incite hatred.
16904. Bea Lieberman Please remove this immediately!
16903. Michael Wiseman  
16902. Terry  
16901. Dianne Grehan It is incumbent on all of us to stop eating each other up by racism of any sort. As a citizen of society, Google must not carry this hateful site.
16900. cathy markowitz There is enough anti-semitism in the world now. Please remove JewWatch from the Google Search Engine immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16899. steve rosenberg  
16898. Susan Sapir  
16897. Holly Montgomery  
16896. Shirley Kaufman  
16895. Holly Montgometry  
16894. omer mar-chaim  
16893. Stuart Braverman  
16892. Mark Snyder  
16891. Nancy Popp  
16890. Barry Alpart  
16889. vladimir  
16888. Sandi Bodzin  
16887. minny koppel  
16886. david woolf  
16885. Dr. Amalia Bergman  
16884. Victoria Rand  
16883. Ken Maltz  
16882. Harold Shatzkin Bah Humbug!
16881. Kerry Klotzman  
16880. Ricki Rubin please remove this hate sight
16879. david ligare  
16878. Samuel Guberek I hope a good hacker may use his time more productivly and be able to get into that site and stop people from see the obsenity that is within.
16877. Helen Brawer  
16876. Pauline REMOVE NOW PLEASE!
16875. morton lewis This is disgusting and offensive, the site should be removed immediately
16874. Genny Cohen  
16873. Fay Shatzkin This is an obsene website. How can you promote hate? Get rid of it.
16872. Saul Szneiberg  
16871. jack  
16870. Mordecai Miller  
16869. MAIRE GRUENEBERG Evil persists when good men do nothing
16868. Moshe Abramowitz  
16867. S. M. Lipack  
16866. yossi batzir  
16865. David A. Belew  
16864. Terri Goldman  
16863. Mitchell Lauer If this is how Google screens, then I will never use it again
16862. Aaron Shecter  
16861. Cheryl Abramowitz  
16860. Joel Gellman  
16858. Lynda Hansen Unite! Eliminate using Google if Google doesn't eliminate JW
16857. Stephen Keogh disgusting, get it off of there now!!!
16856. Steven Feder disgraceful!!
16855. Bernard Arfin  
16854. jo  
16853. milton movitz  
16852. Uri Pianka  
16851. Naomi Schanfield  
16850. Adele & Julian Sagor  
16849. Leor Reef  
16848. Golan Shame on Google
16847. Daniel Reef  
16846. Anne Reef  
16845. B.L. Koliger  
16844. J. Orbach  
16843. Naomi Sheinbaum  
16842. Ellis Reef  
16841. Lois Weiss  
16840. Oscar Embon  
16839. Jethro Cohen Down with google, hackers and anti-semites!
16838. Victor Blum Google should not support hate
16837. Lois Volin  
16836. Wendy S. Krowne Google, please use your "voice" to make responsible changes
16835. Giora Shimoni  
16834. Patrick Jones take it off, it is shameful
16833. Judy Balunda  
16832. Susan Feinberg  
16831. Debbie Berliner This site incites hatred of Jews
16830. Harriet Ost Scary stuff, especially during these times in w hich which there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism. Very bad that this ugly site -- just look at its very name!-- should be the first on the list where the search word is "Jew".
16829. Michael Jivotovsky This is collection of a narrow minded person who degenerated after badly performed abortion.
16828. Jenny Webster  
16827. Tammi Benjamin  
16826. Arthur Lewitas  
16825. Alan Sakowitz  
16824. Harry Spivack  
16823. Barbara Wolfson  
16822. Oleg  
16821. jhubujhjhj  
16820. Leslie Pinkelman  
16819. michael thaler  
16818. chava blodek-kopelman site that spreads hatred
16817. Or Born  
16816. Ted This site rivals anything Goebbels would have written. Has anyone checked the facts? This is freedom of speech gone berserk !
16815. Dr David Cohen We can all live without hatred.
16814. Ron Freidberg  
16813. Ben Fried  
16811. Nadine Levin  
16810. Claude Fischer  
16809. david s wolansky  
16808. Martine Traub  
16807. Herman Gold Thanks for your effort.
16806. Carol Selig  
16805. gili segal  
16804. Salomon please remove jewwatch.com
16803. RYAN  
16802. Damien Filiatrault  
16801. Deborah Blankenberg I am appalled by the venomous lies on the JewWatch site. A hate site such as this should not be included in your search results.
16800. raoul kopelman anti=semitic site!
16799. susan pallie  
16798. Rita Botwin  
16797. Rob Kaplan  
16796. Herb Wittenberg  
16795. Judith Sherman  
16794. Avi.bs  
16793. Holly Roderman  
16792. Dennis B. Kremer  
16791. A Hayman  
16790. Ruth Farber  
16789. Rev. Richard W. George  
16788. Howard Eisenberg  
16787. nimrod  
16786. Jose Martinez  
16785. susan Please remove this site.
16784. T Issenman  
16783. Amit Stekel  
16782. Helen Schuster  
16781. Pamela  
16780. Judy Quint  
16779. sarah  
16778. William B Cohen  
16777. dorit  
16776. david pulda  
16775. Corey White  
16774. stanley silver  
16773. M. Hicks  
16772. Anita Hope  
16771. Rachel Amigo  
16770. jaime arbitman  
16769. yaacov amit REMOVE AS SOON AS POSIBLE
16768. Marina Eick  
16767. Henry Yellowitz  
16766. al Ê
16765. Jackie Stern  
16764. Stephen Shapiro  
16763. manni where anti semitism begins lots of trouble follows.
16762. Sondra Tilsen  
16761. Ellen Svitek  
16760. Haim Pekelis  
16759. marion zola  
16758. Alex Garter Sorry guys, please ignore my previous messages, the advertisements come from the free hosting www.petitiononline.com. My apologies to the creator of the site. LET US DESTROY GOOGLE!!! REMOVE ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA FROM GOOGLE!!!
16757. Ricki  
16756. Karen Birnbaum  
16755. sarah strongin  
16754. Raymond W Steiner  
16753. T.S. Robinson Google, we'll be "watching" you!!
16752. test  
16751. yifat ignorance is the mother of evelvery sad
16750. Maggie Morris  
16748. Richard Michael  
16747. Lyle Himmel  
16746. Matt Hensing  
16745. Amy Moszkowicz  
16744. David Rigler I strongly support this petition
16743. paul bennett Come on...fix this.
16742. Rozanna Pleshet  
16741. Vicky It is quite unbelievable that a site of this nature would be exposed to those who neither understand what they are reading nor have anything else to focus on in their lives except the hatred promoted by others, fueled by jealous unthurths. It shows the absolute ignorance of people today. This world has enough hatred in it, do we really have to spend precious time and internet space promoting this kind of childish ignorance. It amounts to nothing more than rascism and ignorance on behalf of the creators of this site and of those who allow it to be accessed by the public
16740. Marcia Fellner  
16739. Connie Hirsh  
16738. Roselyn Silkes  
16737. Kenneth I. Harris This is disgusting!
16736. Helene  
16735. Melanie Cheskes  
16734. Felix Zemel  
16733. Arthur Berelowitz  
16732. Hyman Silkes This site should be bannned and if in the US they should be proscecuted for hate crimes
16731. or tapiaro or
16730. Alvin Weisner  
16729. H.F. Petersen Ugly.
16728. Janna I am shocked that this site is there in the first place! Take it OFF!
16727. mr lawrence benjamin.  
16726. Betty Hollinger  
16725. Jerry Yablonka  
16724. Nadine Bell  
16723. Marissa Frydman  
16722. Robyn N  
16721. Yoni  
16720. Christine Poandl  
16719. STANTON PLATT remove it
16718. Julian Prejudice and hate lead to no good
16717. dan abrams JewWatch is a disgrace to Google.
16716. Ann Swidler It is just incredible that this grotesque, rabidly anti-Semitic site is the first thing to pop up on Google under "Jew." And of course as we check, dumbfounded to discover that it exists, we only add to its number of "hits." The only way to get it out of fitst place is just to remove it. You should certainly do so.
16715. Suellyn Benzvi  
16714. Jordana Carroll Remove and once and have integrity with your site
16713. melanie  
16712. andrea  
16711. S. Salzer Doesn't anyone at Google check their recommendations?
16710. Stephen Eschwege  
16709. H. Raz  
16708. Leah  
16707. Ariel Goldenstein  
16705. shmuel ellis  
16704. Yagil Hertzberg  
16703. Linda Ruzics please remove JewWatch.com
16702. Donna Huchel  
16701. Alex Birj Thanks to RemoveJewWatch.com, JewWatch.com got the publicity it wouldn't get on Google for 50000 years.
16700. Robert Resnick Remove your anti-semetic site from Google Seach Engine
16699. Patricia Allen Zinz Google has always seemed one of the front-runners in net service. This is badly done!! Here's hoping you will remove this trash!!
16698. Jacob Courtade  
16697. Mark Goldenberg  
16696. Marvin & Rochelle Goldman  
16695. Dave Alpern  
16694. A Harris  
16693. Dr. Ilan Tessler  
16692. allan duniz  
16691. plutomeyer  
16690. etrn  
16689. Carol Resnick Shame on google for allowing a blatant anti-semetic site on their search engine
16688. Mark Safron  
16686. Ken Frankel GOOGLE, you've got to be kidding!
16685. Karen Davidson  
16684. Philip Wesler  
16683. Linda Singer  
16682. Autumn Cardas  
16681. Pat Baker  
16680. Catherine Glen-Puschett  
16679. Roseanne Schnoll  
16678. naomi ariel Who put this in, under this title????
16677. Robin Rosen  
16676. Happy Walters  
16675. Richard Dennick  
16674. Salomon Benzimra  
16673. Gregg Radell  
16672. HOWARD KAYE  
16671. Lindsay Walters  
16670. John Woody I'm shocked that it takes 50,000 signatures to remove this garbage.
16669. philip a. korn  
16668. Warren Levy  
16667. Elma Stark  
16666. Bernard Aronson  
16665. Bernard Cohen  
16664. Harold Goodman  
16663. Justine Rosen  
16661. Danny Oren  
16660. Rabbi Cheryl Peretz  
16659. Stephen Hellman You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Act in a decent, ethical fashion and don't hide behind an "algorithm" excuse.
16658. Judith Pransky  
16657. Judy Spivack  
16656. Debbie Tibor  
16655. Marc Wolfgram  
16654. Olga Worm  
16653. Janet Roseman  
16652. claudia pordes  
16651. Marvin D. Bukowitz  
16650. Possible brethren of Jews and Jesus Wouldn't THINK of making a list of non=Jewish criminals. Please see the site for antiSemitism and Holocaust articles.
16649. Sari Kabiller Battista I am only 43 years old, and Jewish, married to a non Jew and am disgusted to see that sites like this still exists. It saddens me to be raising my children in a society that still supports things like this.
16648. Bruce Tear down that site mr. google.
16647. seth  
16646. Mary Prophet  
16645. susie feldman remove it!!
16644. Erin Donovan  
16643. debbie remove jewwatch.com
16642. Geoffrey Anderson  
16641. efi elian israel
16640. Sheldon Berman  
16639. Guy Naor  
16638. Sandy Barton JewWatch.com is offensive. Please remove
16637. Tracy Soren I checked this out and I'm hurt, terrified, and shocked.
16636. Stephen Albert  
16635. andrew h. krasnow  
16634. richard kamins  
16633. Burton Blender  
16632. Krystal Arruda  
16631. Paige Schaffer  
16630. Irving Geduldig can google be held accountable & prosecuted for this anti semitic site?
16629. Linda Wartow  
16628. Nomi K š
16627. Guy Naor  
16626. Paul Shatsoff Thanks for giving the opportunity to remove this dispicable site.
16625. David Collins  
16624. Donna Hoy Please remove from google search engine
16623. Dr. Wilma Greenfield This is shocking - remove the site immediately!
16622. Daniel Brodsky  
16621. joseph bettman why does it take even one signature to comply?
16620. Alan Nathan Cahn Shame
16619. DR A CLOSNER  
16618. George Fodor  
16617. Leo Cytrynbaum A horrific web site
16616. Tamar  
16615. jason garon  
16614. Michal Naor  
16613. Naomi š
16612. Jeffrey Rubin Please remove this offensive site reference.
16611. Liesel Sabloff The spreading of hate literature should be prohibited
16610. r. wax  
16609. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - the site contains google advertisements of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, since he sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com. Please repeat here this information so people will be aware. Be reasonable (like Jews should be) and don't fall victiim of cheap tricks, the guy is only looking for publicity and money apparently it was the motive when he left yeshiva for business.
16608. Stan Juster Why just your search engine?
16607. David Weiss  
16606. Janna Kimel  
16605. Eric Ruder  
16604. S.A.  
16603. james barner  
16602. Nikki C.  
16601. Jeni Hirschorn  
16600. JACK LEVIN  
16599. audrey eisner  
16598. Tamra Zebovitz  
16597. Linda  
16596. shmulik hieneybaum jewdiasm demandes tht wee alll luv 1-n-other. this is outrageaous. i willl not usse gooogle agaian. ever. i proomise. (bli neder. baruch hasham. im yirtze hasham. b'ezras hashamayium. b'yirat, hashamiayim.) than
16595. Sandy Samuel  
16594. Ali Feinberg  
16593. Lennard Levin  
16592. cynthia leon  
16591. Barry Heitin  
16590. David Sacks  
16589. Terry Wallin this is an outrage!
16588. dfgfdgfdg gfhfh
16587. C.S. Gilbert  
16586. Lynne Bartenstein  
16585. Dvora Weil This site being first on the list is extremly unethical and unproffesional
16584. Davey Rosen  
16583. helen goldberg  
16582. Rachel Bat-Or  
16581. Amy Nielson  
16580. Charlene Reiff get that filth off there NOW...shame on you GOOGLE!
16579. R.Cohen  
16578. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - the site contains google advertisements of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, since he sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com. Please repeat here this information so people will be aware. Be reasonable (like Jews should be) and don't fall victiim of cheap tricks, they guy is only looking for publicity and money apparently it was the motive when he left yeshiva for business.
16577. Aliza Grossman  
16576. S Hadassin  
16575. Maxine Cohen  
16574. mark spiritus  
16573. Shlomo Efrati  
16572. Shelley Leibson  
16571. Rabbi Jacob Benzaquen  
16570. barbara zoloth  
16569. Sam Elias  
16568. Terrance Gertner  
16567. Susan Kittle  
16566. Trisha Schlossberg get it off!
16565. Elaine Hoffman  
16564. irene lee  
16563. Celine Cousteau  
16561. Howard Chusid  
16560. Mina Gobler I've done a lot of Holocaust work and I know the power of hateful speech. Google should not be a party to spreading this filth.
16559. Eric Cooper  
16558. Ruth Lynn  
16557. Joy Bendett  
16556. Carmit Efrati  
16555. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - the site contains google advertisements of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, since he sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com. Please repeat here this information so people will be aware. Be reasonable (like Jews should be) and don't fall victiim of cheap tricks.
16554. Samuel Oberman  
16553. Eitan How can you not remove this site?
16552. k.g.goldberger stand up and be countedfor doing the right thing! hate is not "in"
16551. flessing must speak up
16550. Simon Bella  
16549. Ian Simpson  
16548. Libby Lovett  
16547. Amit schlezinger Remove jewWatch.com!!!
16546. Shai Efrati  
16545. lawrence barris  
16544. Sharon C. Weidberg  
16543. Robert H. Pezzell  
16542. Lisa O'Brien  
16541. Melinda  
16540. Susan Honeyman  
16539. Emily Lifschitz  
16538. David  
16537. carol silverstein  
16536. Melissa  
16535. Karen Schnaittacher  
16534. mello  
16533. Duane Browning  
16532. andi horowitz  
16531. arthur saltzman  
16530. Michoel Ronn  
16529. Nicole Klein-Richter  
16528. Jacob Gilon  
16527. thelma smith  
16526. Aaron Alexander  
16525. Sheila Datz  
16524. Marvin Stringer  
16523. rachel jacobs  
16522. Carl Hochman unacceptable search results
16521. Ed Simon  
16520. Jerome Greenberg  
16519. Sarah L M Christiansen, PhD FSA  
16518. david smith  
16517. Darrell Goodin  
16516. Ben Martin I teach at Santa Monica College and, until now, have been using Google. I am removing it from my desktop and will ask my students to do the same until you rectify the problem. I also suggest you issue an immediate public apology.
16515. joyce bush  
16514. Irina Petrini  
16513. Miles B. Rubin Hate leads to world terrorism and must be removed from all media and education.
16512. Marilyn Anthony  
16511. Richard Kreiss  
16510. Yosef  
16509. Robert Walzer  
16508. Josh  
16507. hannah  
16506. Spipp and just what was so great about Jesus? He was just a jew, too.
16505. Ira Weiss biased offensive site
16504. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - the site contains google advertisements of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, since he sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com.
16503. Taffy Gould  
16502. lorraine sadler How can you dirty your image with this propaganda and why is it necessary to obtain signatures to remove JewWatch.com. Removal is a no brainer unless you wish to perpetrate the antisemitism that is one again poisoning our world. gandaand why the further nonsense that people must sign the petition before you remove it.
16501. Shakeeb Ahmed I'm disgraced on behalf of the Jewish people, we need to work together for a better future not tear people away, what are we teaching our children. Please remove this link. I beg of you.
16500. Marney Tokar  
16499. Andrea Stringer  
16498. Denise Siegal  
16497. Galina Gelfond Remove immediately
16496. Steven Edelkind  
16495. Lynda Rapp This website is unacceptable
16494. Phyllis Geller  
16493. barb and henry schnurbach  
16492. barbara padgug  
16491. Horacio Waisgluss  
16490. Sheldon Spiegelman  
16489. Jeremy Aber  
16488. Zev Zions  
16487. Jo Ann Makous  
16486. Lori L. Chaykin  
16485. Steven Block  
16484. LAWRENCE G. KATZ This site feeds hate.
16483. Carol Bradley  
16482. Harriet Peyser  
16481. Shlomo Laniado  
16480. Marvin Peyser  
16479. Jerry Sklar Maybe our advertising program should exclude Google.
16478. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - the site contains google advertisements of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, since he sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com.
16477. Sean Byrnes  
16476. Dennis Krawchuk  
16475. joseph friedman  
16474. Susanne DeWitt remove hate
16473. Carlos Rozenbaum  
16472. Marshall J. Bernstein  
16471. David R  
16470. Jan Faurer  
16469. Janis Ban  
16468. Beth Singer  
16467. Shop Direct (Group) Specialist Sourcing Agents Is there a legal position we can take against the webmaster, in the same way they prosecute other webmasters for a range of charges?
16466. Elaine Springer  
16465. Scott Goldfarb  
16464. gerry davis  
16463. Brandon  
16462. Steve Schwimmer  
16461. alan hercberg It does Google no credit that we have to go through this procedure to have the offensive site removed, They should have the minimum moral backbone to do so themselves without any prompting. They should be ashamed of themselves.
16460. Alan Springer  
16459. Dr. Sam Meline  
16458. Alexandra Klabin  
16457. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - there are google advertisements on the top of the kind one usually finds in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The issue is clearly technical and non-essential. The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, it sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic. In fact his site is the best propaganda of JewWatch.com.
16456. Steven Gottesman This is horrible!
16455. Benyamin Neys š
16454. Deborah R. Lurie  
16453. Sarah Mohler  
16452. James Sherman  
16451. David Ackerman  
16450. J.R. Stone  
16449. Michael Klein-Katz  
16448. Ken Adolf one doesn't have to be Jewish to despise racism.....WAKE UP !!!!!
16447. Eric Steinberg How stupid can you be????
16446. On Behalf of the Directors What's ridiculous is, if you would of changed the target (judaism) and replaced it with Islam or Christanity then this site would have to closed weeks ago, why the hell should we put up with this?
16445. Esther Shoshani  
16444. Marilyn N. Lewis  
16443. Elaine Heller  
16442. Joel Simon  
16441. Zena Grevler  
16440. Brian krampel  
16439. barry silver  
16438. Sally Klein-Katz remove this outrage
16437. Jonah Calinawan  
16436. L Dick  
16435. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a HOAX - there are google advertisements on the top of the kind one usually find in spam emails. Look at the top of http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition.html and http://www.petitiononline.com/rjw23/petition-sign.html The issue is clearly technical and non-essential. The guy who created RemoveJewWatch cannot be called a Jew, it sold his jewishness for spam ads, hypocritically making money from the same search engine he is calling antisemitic.
16434. Daniel Halpern  
16433. S. Shoshani  
16432. Cindy Leish  
16431. Dale Needham  
16430. Robert Schoen  
16429. Rebecca  
16428. Lisa  
16427. Alex  
16426. babs jacobs  
16425. Lisa Rowen  
16424. Angela Schatz  
16423. Andrea Joseph  
16422. Rob Gludt  
16421. E. Shoshani  
16420. Joel Roos get it done now!
16419. Harriet A. Rubinstein  
16418. Matthew William Conn  
16417. martin feldman remove jew watch
16416. L. Shoshani  
16415. Daniel Kagan  
16414. Neal Riesner  
16413. Jerry Bucknoff I support first amendment rights, so these bigots have the right to create a web page if they want, but google also has the right to prevent certain sites from appearing in a seach.
16412. reuven brog  
16411. N. Shoshani  
16410. Alan Rosenthal  
16409. Baruch Yogev Shame on you
16408. Rev. Jane Bidwell Gaunt Remove this immediately!
16407. lutz marburg  
16406. Gloria Sheftel  
16405. Geoff Marshall  
16404. frances fitzgerald  
16403. ira corman  
16402. Ira Malek  
16401. Brian Bloom  
16400. Rob Frankenthal This is pathetic, who in the right mind has the time to go into great depth about the biggest load of nonsense ever written, may the webmaster should put a bit more energy into displaying something that's a bit more possitive and truthful in his website
16399. Jacqueline Bocian  
16398. Camille Sanzone Shame on you for hosting this horror! How dare you contribute to such hatred!
16397. Harvey Brenman  
16396. adrienne astor  
16395. william  
16394. lilia brog  
16393. Jan  
16392. Yitzchak Ben Avraham  
16391. Danny lies, propaganda, hatemongering. must be removed
16390. marlene  
16389. Louise Simons Kindly remove this heinous, offensive website from Google
16388. nora g. it is horrible!!!!
16387. Bruce Engel  
16386. Lindsay Shessel  
16385. harold fox  
16384. Mel Linzer  
16383. Dr. Michael V. Kline  
16382. Mel Sheftel no need for more hatred in this world.
16381. Mel Sheftel no need for more hatred in this world.
16380. Lindsay S  
16379. Jennifer Newman  
16378. Thomas P. Rheinstein  
16377. barbara wiseman  
16376. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a hoax - there are google advertisements on the top of the kind one usually find in spam emails. The issue is clearly technical and non-essential. Don't buy this cheap trick
16375. benjamin givon  
16374. Leonard Stein  
16373. edward halperin It is a disgrace that such provocative, hateful mail is allowed. It is only to be malignant and be malicious. Rage as this is a bottomless pit worthy of the devil.
16372. Lee Leavitt  
16371. phil sanderson  
16370. Lisa Reiss  
16369. Charles Schmulian Will we never learn from history
16368. Chaiim Yankel  
16367. Dr. Martin Cotler will there ever be an end to antisemitism? Let it begin with the hatemongers on the web.
16366. Morris Hoff Remove at once!!
16365. Don Goldstein  
16364. Daniel Margulies  
16363. Ellen Dansky  
16362. Susan Bosse  
16361. Alex Garter RemoveJewWatch.com site is a hoax - there are google advertisements on the top of the kind one usually find in spam emails. The issue is clearly technical and non-essential. Don't buy this cheap trick.
16360. Jacob Herskovits remove immediately!!!
16359. Sergio  
16358. thea finkelstein i'm appalled that this is the first site found searching the word "Jew" on google and will switch search engines if this is not rectified.
16357. emichael remove jewwatch
16356. Shia Korchin I think all sites like this should be removed
16355. diana kezis  
16354. Louis Kleinman  
16353. SABBAG Jacques  
16352. L Lerner Shame on you
16351. ofra inbar  
16350. Anthony  
16349. Sandi Kroll  
16348. warren r. tessler  
16347. Debby Peterson  
16346. Lorraine Neer  
16345. Lydia  
16344. Phyllis Morrow  
16343. Hartley Chetner  
16342. G Gonzalez  
16341. Gal k sos
16340. Joanne Cohen  
16339. Lou Rappaport  
16338. Sara Hoff Shameful!!!
16337. krp  
16336. Rita Greene  
16335. Bertram L. Brown  
16334. Evelyn Abes  
16332. Henry W. Propp  
16331. Barbara Coden  
16330. ruth nelson  
16329. Pinny remove
16328. Jerry Kivitz  
16327. Olivia Ostrin  
16326. John D Rosenthal This site has no place on a web site like google
16325. Carole Kirschenbaum  
16324. Wayne Carson  
16323. Jean Gifford  
16322. Henry Wyatt, Ph.D. Hate websites have no place, especially during these times. If this and similar sites are available on your search engine, I shall delete Google from my computer and never use it again.
16321. Gary Schmidt Mel Gibson's father is evil, stupid, and ignorant but a great, loving, father...Not!
16320. galit shemesh  
16319. gloria wolvos  
16318. Neil Brady  
16317. Sanford Katz, MD I will not use Google until JewWatch.com is removed
16316. Paul Merzer  
16315. Henry Wyatt, Ph.D. Hate websites have no place, especially during these times. If this and similar sites are available on your search engine, I shall delete Google from my computer and never use it again.
16314. A Strongin  
16313. Amos Dor California
16312. sherry thisis an outrage
16311. meital shemesh  
16310. Leslie Mildiner  
16309. Lois Schlar This is very disturbing and disappointing to have such a site when typing in "jew" on google. Perhaps I'll use google less
16308. sanford cohen  
16307. Gavin Krawchuk Remove obvious propoganda and racisim. Google should have a moral responsibilty.
16306. Jodi Barkley  
16305. wendy hameroff this just generates more hatred
16304. S Cohen  
16303. Dan Soha  
16302. Edward Kasman  
16301. Alyssa Mezebish  
16300. Susan Skovronek  
16299. Bapfunya Jean Claude most support
16297. Janet Ward  
16296. Jordan Colburn  
16295. Marc Soloway  
16294. Gillian Witus  
16293. Bruce Silverblatt This is pathetic
16292. Dafna Dor California
16291. Andrea Replansky  
16290. Cheryl Burack  
16289. Maty Soha  
16288. k hoffman  
16287. Daniel Baskind  
16286. Julian Omerberg  
16285. Myrna park  
16284. W. Morgan Davis  
16283. Deb Skolnick  
16282. natalie spivak  
16281. paula friedlander  
16280. Alek Kwiatkowski It is very inappropriate that your search engine would offer Jewwatch.com, an anti-Semitic site, as the first and seemingly most appropriate site to whoever is looking for information on Jews.
16279. wolfe sharp Disgusting that Google should be used in this way to spread hatred
16278. Bev G. Stop the hate.
16277. Sonja Nadritch  
16276. Jeffrey Kingsley  
16275. Abraham Price  
16274. leah g. levy  
16273. L:arry W. and Mary Standifer  
16272. peter Zoberg  
16271. Edward M. Romanoff  
16270. Tamara  
16268. Joni Conner I am outraged at this site, it's popularity, and the Google search engines promotion of it! REMOVE THIS PEICE OF UGLINESS AND HEAL OUR WORLD!
16267. Reuben Slone  
16266. Sam Rothberg  
16265. Daniel Shapiro  
16263. Chuck  
16262. Daniel Gruner  
16261. lee abrahami  
16260. Jerry Feiger remove NOW
16259. BEN  
16258. Joe G. Don't proliferate hate.
16257. Leonard Jablon This is racist and obscene, and should not be allowed! Even with Free Speech, there are limits!
16256. Prof.Benjamin C Cohney  
16255. sherry thisis an outrage
16254. marilyn veidlinger  
16253. Rosalind Holland  
16252. Harvey F. Schiffer  
16251. James Jimmies  
16250. James Jimmies  
16249. Carolyn Slone  
16248. Lili Lustig Very disturbing and anti-semetic, please correct
16247. Michael J. Lubliner  
16246. james lysaght  
16245. Bert Boyson  
16244. Darrin Brenner-Rolat  
16243. Tracy Maleeff Remove this hateful site
16242. Levy do not ignore!!!
16241. joan siskind  
16240. ruth hun please remove immediately
16239. Ann Fox  
16237. V.H.Chrom, M.D.  
16236. Barbara Watnick  
16235. Amy Bassan  
16234. Ruth S. Schiffer Please add my name to the petition
16233. Harvey Finkelstein  
16232. Saul Schonfeld  
16231. Haylinne Mojica Remove It
16230. Sherrie Goodman  
16228. Steve R. Davis This hatered of Jewish people is a very bad thing for the world.
16227. Madge Woods Please remove this site as the first hit under the title search Jew. It is offensive
16226. Ed Liptrap  
16225. Jeffrey Fielo  
16224. Steven Feiger come on GOOGLE...get it right
16223. George Radell Please try to remove this site!
16222. Jonathan Cherney I will boycott and recommend boycotting Google
16221. Dr. Lionel M. Jensen This website is an outrage, especially in that it is one of the first sites listed following a Google-driven search for "Jew." It is imperative that you remove this website from your search engine.
16220. Steve Bluestone I'm glad there is a mechanism to change this
16219. frances malament  
16218. frances malament  
16217. Michael Levin  
16216. Lorraine Ross  
16215. esther  
16214. Mike Aron Please assist in removing this anti semitic site from your engine.
16213. Lawrence S. Keavey  
16212. Lawrence S. Keavey  
16211. Janelle  
16210. Michelle Glick  
16209. Rodrigues Nahimana  
16208. Michael Stone  
16206. Ran Assaf  
16205. Mark Teytel  
16204. sally gorsky  
16203. Stanley Spero Disgusting Site...Remove immediately!
16202. Leonard J Burney  
16201. Barbara Winthrop I use Google news as my home page and I may change!
16200. joe filler  
16199. mitch kastner  
16198. sue saso remove jewwatch.com from search engine
16197. Larry Norton  
16196. Michelle Mazalian  
16195. michelle kleinert  
16194. Henry Abraham  
16193. margaret  
16192. ERNEST R. BIRNBAUM Jew Watch.com is not free speech...it is like yelling fire in a crowded theater !
16191. D.P.Z.  
16190. howard bernstein  
16189. Arthur Geller  
16188. D. Veder This site is anti-Christian as well as anti-Jewish
16187. Jack Rosen  
16186. Rabbi Yosef Marrus  
16185. freddy  
16184. Michael Fried  
16183. Daniel Weiner  
16182. jonathan biggs  
16181. B. Stewart Abominable; Intolerable
16180. Arlyne Unger  
16179. Barbara Musikar  
16177. M. Gilbert  
16176. michael kotzer  
16175. Ardyth Shapiro please erase the negative thank you
16174. Louise Budgar  
16173. Linda Gordon  
16172. Merle Weiner  
16171. helen  
16170. Harriet Essner  
16169. Rosalind M. Gordon I always use google - how can you keep such blatant anti-semetism going!
16168. Sherrie  
16167. bobbi shube I will stop using Google as a search engine until this site is removed.
16166. Eileen Winkler disgusting
16165. Jane Karp  
16164. Adam Sugerman  
16163. harvey goldstein  
16162. Helen Dresner  
16161. Judy Berger This site is unacceptable.
16160. Barry Budgar disgusting
16159. Julie Datnow  
16158. L. Wolf  
16157. daniel vogel  
16156. Janet Kaplan  
16155. susan this is a disgusing site and must be removed.
16154. avrun rivel  
16153. aaron weil  
16152. Jennifer Barenholtz  
16151. Randy Rothchild  
16150. Suzanne Boschan  
16149. Diane It is hard to believe that you would require so many signatures to do the right thing. What is the matter with you. Take that site off the number one spot.
16148. steven blasbalg  
16147. Paul Kettner A truly despicable site. Please remove it.
16146. Jaime Epstein  
16145. B. Silverman appalling
16144. Vivienne Kalman Remove the disgusting and offensive description of Jews.
16143. David Baker This is discusting and it is even more horrible that it has taken this long for something to be done
16142. Sandra Klausner  
16141. Leah Lewis  
16140. David Propp  
16138. Joel Segall  
16137. Danny Goldenstein  
16136. Barry Fisher  
16135. Jack Epstein  
16134. Jan Segall  
16133. A. Coopersmith  
16132. alex b  
16131. Lyhn Green Put this at the bottom of the list where it belongs...how ugly !!
16130. M Elowitz Don't let the hate mongers win!!!
16129. Michael Connelly for God sake, Google, get this right. You've already given yourself a completly needless pr mess. 50 K signatures to delete an antisemitic site. Duhhhh!
16128. miriam  
16127. Sharon Peerless The world doesn't need more hatred.
16126. Ophir Trigalo  
16125. Jeannie Robertson  
16124. David Evans  
16123. EdwinBowers Amazing that you would permit this
16122. Ophir Trigalo  
16121. Jonathan Segall  
16120. Jennifer K  
16118. Jorey Beamesderfer  
16117. Lisa Bilsky You should remove the site from the list, and if you do have the site listed, then under antisemitism, and clearly marked as such.
16116. Leon Levin  
16115. Sidney Sewitch  
16114. Golda van Messel  
16113. James Forrester  
16111. Jonathan Epstein  
16110. Nicole  
16109. Joel Rublin  
16108. Jonathan Segall  
16107. Mark Johnson  
16106. mel friedman jew watch is disgusting
16105. Yana Gektin  
16104. sd cooperb  
16103. Joan O. Brandeis  
16102. Yehudit Kaiserman  
16101. joel segall  
16100. Brendan Bensky  
16099. Sheldon Goldsmith  
16098. lauren  
16097. barbara glaser how could you allow a hate site onyour search engine?
16096. Ruth Leznoff  
16095. Jerry Kirshenbaum  
16094. Lorraine Ball  
16093. Robert Freedman  
16092. A  
16091. Victoria Rashbaum  
16090. ariel  
16089. Zelda Goldsmith  
16088. Marilyn Rothstein  
16087. Zelda Goldsmith  
16086. Zelda Goldsmith  
16085. Zelda Goldsmith  
16084. Richard Udoff  
16083. Ethel Kaiserman  
16082. yair rmove that site now!!!
16081. Edith Gelfand  
16080. Edith Gelfand  
16079. Edith Gelfand  
16078. Edith Gelfand  
16077. Jan Segall  
16076. Jan Segall  
16075. dor live long jew people!
16074. Leslie Leventhal Anit-semitism is hate in its most basic form
16073. Lauren Neuman  
16072. M. Rosenstein -
16071. Evelyn Hooker  
16070. abraham shevach if we be silent it will happend again
16069. Jan Friedman please honor this petition as soon as possible
16068. Andrew Barany  
16067. Stuart Roy Segall  
16066. roz feinstein  
16065. amiel luzon please remove this site.
16064. carole darling I just can't believe you let them put out this hate stuff . it keeps hate of other going. would you let the KKK have a site also
16063. Stuart Roy Segall  
16062. Martin Goetz  
16061. Don Stein  
16060. carole darling I just can't believe you let them put out this hate stuff . it keeps hate of other going. would you let the KKK have a site also
16059. Maxine Martens  
16058. Ruth Goetz  
16057. roz feinstein  
16056. roz feinstein  
16055. Dorothy Zaharoff this is disgraceful. I thought much more or your site than to allow this to happen. Just because this is a free country, do we want to see someone going to the bathroom on our website.
16054. carole darling I just can't believe you let them put out this hate stuff . it keeps hate of other going. would you let the KKK have a site also
16051. h  
16050. asaf  
16049. Sharyn Katsof  
16048. Dan Gold  
16047. Donald A. Tracy  
16046. Marvin & Michelle Hershenson Please remove this bigoted reference. Thank you.
16044. Jack Toby  
16043. Jordana Geist  
16042. David Newfeld  
16040. h comita  
16039. Marcelle Harrison  
16038. h comita  
16036. Sylvia Le Vine  
16035. Roni  
16034. Irwin Zagoren  
16033. Lois C. Ungar  
16032. barb rothman  
16031. S. Liebesman  
16030. Eric Lawee  
16029. Nicole  
16028. JERRY  
16027. a hochman  
16026. Dorothy Tonchin  
16025. Barbara La Chant Shame on you, Google. I'm switching to another search engine
16024. PHYLLIS  
16023. Barbara Heyman  
16022. Keegan Eisenstadt  
16021. barak dasdas
16020. Natalie Ruskin  
16019. Susan Ressel  
16018. steven kofsky  
16017. Ronald Rothchild Lots of people have contacted Google about this and have been stonewalled. They claim it is a result of an objective search with an automated system. But it is THEIR choice of system so they are responsible for its results.
16016. eva comita  
16015. Irv Salit Google should not make the victims go through this exercise to get rid of anti-Semitic hate that they are helping to promote.
16014. Paul Escoe  
16013. Lilian Sredni  
16012. Norma Passy you should know better
16011. Arielle Weisman  
16010. Lilian Holt  
16009. steve katz Remove it
16008. bernard w. albert  
16007. Adam Cohen Remove this trash
16006. Samantha Johnson  
16005. Loren Meyer  
16003. Jerry Salem  
16002. eileen hethy torraca  
16001. E. Tanenberg It is inconscionable and inflammatory to allow such a website. It and any others like it should be removed ASAP.
16000. Judith Behar It's shameful for Google to feature a hate site such as this one - and especially in such a prominent position on its list.
15999. Martin H. Clair  
15998. Don Sherdan Where does all the hate come from?
15997. Erin Piateski  
15996. Frank Gopen You should remove such a hatefilled site
15995. Beth Gumerove  
15994. Gail Rapoport  
15993. Ellen Silverman Absolutely appalling!
15992. Sylvia E. Crasnick Google: remove this site immediately.
15991. Don Sherdain Where does all the hate come from?
15990. Joyce Ostroff  
15989. Steven Epstein also remove the cache of the site
15988. Bruce G Barcome  
15987. harry pellman Strongly agree!!!
15986. Barry R. Strutt  
15985. june banet  
15984. Frances Goodman Keep up the good work
15983. evie frost  
15982. Harold L. Borten  
15980. elaine k. winik for google to publish this anti-semitic drivel
15979. L Person please remove
15978. Harriet Hartman  
15977. Ellen Fliesler  
15976. Cyril Brenman this web site is purely anti-semitic and must be removed from Google!
15975. harold lebovic  
15974. Cohen  
15973. Fran Schwartz  
15971. A Grossman  
15970. Lorne asoff please remove
15969. Fran Schwartz  
15968. Ahmad Hashimi There is no room for this type of hatred on google.
15967. Dina Margalit  
15966. gina rimson  
15965. Judy Bernstein  
15964. Arthur Green  
15963. Amy Denholtz  
15962. Jeff Kaplan remove jew watch
15961. Abba Schwartz  
15960. Todd Kushner  
15959. Carol Miller  
15958. nisa  
15957. Talya Manoim  
15956. Josh Zweig  
15955. Judie Schwartz Despicable
15954. A. Calver Google should show good corperate manners.
15953. Myron Weissman  
15952. Philip Z. Blumenthal  
15951. ati  
15950. Julie the site is a blatant lie and hateful, promoting muslims to peresecute Jews
15949. David Werber  
15948. Diana Federman  
15947. Jacob Husnik  
15946. Josh Grim  
15945. Jane Litwack  
15944. Karen B. Berk Please take care of this immediately.
15943. barbara siegel  
15942. Isabel L. Ganz  
15941. lynn liss  
15940. Leslie Becker  
15939. Rebecca Perlmutter  
15938. Mike Husnik  
15937. r tudin  
15936. Bernard Gerber  
15935. R. Amit non-proliferation of hate media via internet!
15934. Arthur Gordon please remove jewwatch.com from this search engine
15933. Yehudeth Amiel  
15932. marilyn yablon  
15931. Alan J. Levine  
15930. Max Reitblatt  
15929. barbara lehman  
15928. Leonard Abrams appalling,disgusting,and inappropriate
15927. selma jacobs  
15925. Larry H. Smoller shame on Google!!!
15924. Joan Vogel  
15923. Les Backman  
15922. mal schneider  
15921. LEONA BRAUSER i will circulate this...
15920. alvin schuster  
15919. Mark Collins  
15918. Larry H. Smoller shame on Google!!!
15917. Nancy Schatken  
15916. Rob Glaustein  
15915. Barbara Alexander  
15914. C Elias  
15913. sally schneider  
15912. David Feldman  
15911. Marla Collins  
15910. Michael Mann  
15909. Barbara Alexander  
15908. Rick Levine  
15907. David B. Fall, DMD  
15906. arlene Marder  
15905. I Rahmani  
15904. Barbara Krueger  
15903. Nigel Freedman  
15902. E. Berkovitch  
15901. jacob š
15900. Debra K.Heath  
15899. Laurie Walters Get this site disconnected from Google
15898. Keith Watkins  
15897. lisa torry  
15896. Alter Peerless  
15895. M and D Mauro Ridiculous! Google is carrying first amendment rights to far. It is like yelling "Fire!" in a theatre.
15894. Chuck Langman  
15893. Fred Stoll Keeping this hate-promoting website in your search engine is a terrible smear on your reputation - I implore you to remove it
15892. N. Strauss  
15891. doris childs the site is reprehensible
15890. Ellen S. Orleans  
15889. Robert Jesurum  
15888. MYRON COHEN  
15886. Jack Frydman  
15885. Sue Fromson  
15884. jean pfaelzer  
15883. Risa Altman what floors me is the section under Jewish leader....Usenet list of alleged millionaires. this lists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett at the top with accusations that they are "marranos", or Hidden Jews. this whole site is unbelievable.
15882. Richard Kahane  
15881. Nathaniel J. Orleans  
15880. Daniel Kraus unthinkable, deplorable - Remove this hate from the internet!
15879. Diane Mintz remove Jewwatch . com
15878. Eva Scherzer  
15877. chelsea husnik  
15876. Sue Preis  
15875. chelsea husnik  
15874. Shai Macagon  
15873. R. Ferber  
15872. Ruth Krameisen Please remove this from Google ASAP
15871. J. M Buck Racism should not be on the Internet
15870. Lotus  
15869. Gila Landman  
15868. Karen Jefferson  
15867. M Burke  
15866. Klara Kazakevich  
15865. Karen Jefferson  
15864. Ilene Frankle  
15863. Lewis Cassell  
15862. Marti Diman  
15861. Ed Sorken  
15860. Esther Weiner Google is a valuable tool for harvesting information. Please do not let it be corrupted by hatred and bigoted misinformation. Any hate site does NOT belong on the internet. Be responsible and remove the site.
15859. Beth Holland  
15858. Erin Marcus  
15857. Al Ward  
15856. Edward Bloom  
15855. Abe Please do not censor Google. A search engine should show ALL sites related to the keyword(s), even the politically incorect sites. As is so often told to Christians when they are offended, "if you don't like it don't view it" Remember the artistic masterpiece "P!ss Christ"? Or the Virgin Mary decorated in elephant dung. Christians were forced to accept this artistic expresion as the price of free speech.
15854. Edward Segal  
15853. Anita Grey  
15852. Ronald Becker  
15851. Rod Wasserman  
15850. Ina Tuschman  
15849. Helene Ringler  
15848. nora isaacs  
15847. Erin Talk about fighting words?!? "kill the Jewish lawyers"??
15846. Harold Bron I find it outrageous that a site such as so-called Jew-Watch is your first entry brought up in a search for Jew. Your vaunted search technology must produce a better result.
15845. jerry Gordon  
15844. Lena Kershenbaum  
15843. Rosalyn Schnitzler It is a disgrace that you can allow this to happen in today;s society
15842. MARTIN LIGORNER That site should not be on google
15841. Karyn Fine  
15840. Eugene M. Fischer Google is a wonderful site, don't let it be polluted by racist garbage, Thanks
15839. Tanya Robbins  
15838. Judith Lederman  
15837. H.C.Gold & Marion Gold  
15836. s. lippman  
15835. Bette Berns  
15834. N P Shevloff  
15833. Gail Tullman  
15832. joan markson this should never have been allowed
15831. Alana Fodeman not an appropriate first hit for a search engine
15830. mark leibowitz offensive
15829. Rebecca Weinberg  
15828. Gaby Barde  
15827. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Pryzant  
15826. Diane F. Marcus  
15825. HARRY F STARK  
15824. Rivky Greenberg  
15823. John Peiser  
15822. Michael GEE  
15821. miriam odentz  
15820. Sydell Rochman Pascale Stop Hate Messages
15819. lynn mandel please remove this site
15818. Jerry Schulman remove it now
15817. Gerald Gross  
15816. lillian meyers  
15815. Gabriella Salpeter This is way beyond sickening. It's a shame that google doesn't even skim through these websites! It's a good this someone found this website and complained.
15814. Alan J. Goldman Especially, it should not appear as the FIRST search-result, which gives the impression that its contents are among the "standard" or "accepted" information on the search-topic, and that this is a source that should surely be consulted early and relied upon when seeking information on the topic.
15813. jerry jacobs I agree to urge google to remove this
15812. David Rine  
15811. Jill Goldsmith Please remove jew watch from google
15810. letty kaplan  
15809. Roger Schwartz This site is an abomination and an insult to every Jew
15808. Ilyse Casey  
15807. M. Ellis  
15806. S.Z.  
15805. thomas jackson  
15804. m kaplan REMOVE ASAP
15803. alex.weinberg  
15802. David Brog  
15801. Joseph J Eanet  
15800. Irene Neumann  
15799. susan goldenberg This is disgusting , hatred has no place on Canadian computers.
15798. William Gael  
15797. Jay Wishnow  
15796. Dan Wechsler  
15795. scott schlesinger  
15794. Dmitry Levin I am signing the petition, but would removal of this junk site reduce the number of anti Semites? The Jew-hating barbarians would settle for nothing less than total annihilation of us as the people. We are in the war for survival. And the language of war is not petitions and diplomacy. It is missiles with nukes.
15793. Gila Weinstein  
15792. Sherry Roth  
15791. o  
15790. Josephine Stayman  
15789. Lisa Shapiro  
15788. Joan Zuckerman  
15787. Harold Dash  
15786. mildred lavin Disgraceful! Remove at once.
15785. Robert Goldberg  
15784. Ira G. Brotman I wonder if you would require 50,000 signatures if Muslims were offended
15783. Shana Langer  
15782. Dee Cooler This website is not necesary
15781. Kingfisher  
15780. jonathan  
15779. victor berger  
15778. Judith Gulko  
15777. bob & Ilse Lokting we really don't need this. offensive
15775. Esther Charabati  
15774. Charles Donen  
15773. andrea b  
15772. orah medzon  
15771. Suzanne Goldstein  
15770. Phyllis Dinerman  
15769. Sonia Goldberg please remove this website
15768. Molly  
15767. L.Dittelman Remove it
15766. Barbara Sue  
15765. Katherine Brotman It is shameful that google requires signatures to remove so hateful a website especially as its first offering on the definition of a Jew
15764. Pearl Gersen  
15763. Poinicana Theatre  
15762. Gil Gross  
15761. devera harris  
15760. Bernard Katz This site should be closed immediately.
15759. Barbara Stern  
15758. richard katz  
15757. Harlene Shapiro  
15756. Paula Gantz  
15755. irene Schlesinger  
15754. Jeremy Weyl  
15753. Catherine M Rhymer  
15752. Seymour Brotman This is a disgrace and supports the cliams of growing anti semitism within our country
15751. arlynerosenberg  
15750. Lynn Ross Davidson  
15749. Eran Grafov Israeli
15748. linda wendt ths type of hate site should never have been allowed to begin with
15747. E ROSEN  
15746. anna stauber  
15745. Seth Salpeter  
15744. debbie lapping  
15743. arlene hershey  
15742. sharon weinstein  
15741. h spindel  
15740. LYNN WAYSSE  
15739. Randall Blecher  
15738. Marlene Perlmutter  
15737. Naomi  
15736. don charleston  
15735. Stuart STEINHART  
15734. david fisher yuk
15733. mel  
15732. George  
15731. larry wayne  
15730. ,maxine rubin remove JewWatch.com from Google
15729. C.Bramberg  
15728. Mark Goldschmidt shame on you..
15727. Chris Wilcox  
15726. Daniel Margolis Take this blasphemy down.
15725. Phyllis Hoag  
15724. jerome phillips  
15723. Jeanette Josephs  
15722. Ashley Anderson  
15721. Naomi Feller  
15720. Judith  
15719. Alan Ost  
15718. alan parker  
15717. Steven B. Fried Shame on you Google
15716. Jerry Gort Please remove all anti semitic sites
15715. Linda Davis Why does this hateful website appear as the first on the list of choices when searching for "Jew?" Freedom of speech may not allow you to remove it altogether, but you can certainly put it at the bottom of the list!
15714. David Silk this site is offensive
15713. Gabriel I don't like racism
15712. Ruth Broder remove Jew Watch
15711. Robin  
15710. Sam Levin  
15709. benjamin rose  
15708. Gerry Cerbu  
15707. David Kreindler  
15706. Charles A  
15705. Miguel  
15704. Lyle Silversmith  
15703. richard reiser  
15702. Carol B. Benderson  
15701. ted ginsburg  
15700. H. Brooks  
15699. Harold Surprised this is allowed!
15698. Sylvia and Myer Jarcho  
15697. Ruth & Jules Yanover anti-semitism is an ugly historical memory that should have long been erased
15696. Sarah Deneroff  
15695. Vitaly Kmelnitsky  
15694. Sheila Linder This website is objectionable.
15693. Scott Cohen Disgusting
15692. Jonathan Dubin  
15691. Charles  
15690. laurie spitz  
15688. lori gordon Outrageous to carry such poison!
15687. Ralph Cutler  
15686. Erin  
15685. Lyndall Bass Do not abuse Google by permit of racist promotions!
15684. Uriel Vogel  
15683. S. Herz  
15682. David Langleben  
15681. Florence Gantz  
15680. Billy Bie  
15679. David Jadwin This disgusts me. I understand that anti-semitism is wery prevalent in this world, it would be stupid of me not to think so, but I taken aback that Google.com's service is allowing anti-semitism to spread on its website.
15678. Eda Lang  
15677. samuel weinstein  
15676. gkfischer  
15675. ed schmith  
15674. Alain D. Fresco  
15673. John Guterman  
15672. janet deneroff  
15671. BARRY COHEN  
15670. ilene gold  
15669. larry hab  
15668. David Epstein, D.D.S., M.S.D.  
15667. eleanor s lee this is evil and please remove it ---now.
15666. diane phillips  
15665. Ken Leondar  
15664. a gentin  
15663. s Shiffman  
15662. Froma Benerofe  
15661. s Shiffman  
15660. Jerome Shilstat  
15659. Sheldon Meingarten  
15658. Gary Ikeman  
15657. Linda Brownstein Please remove this from your S.E.!
15656. Joseph Maltz  
15655. Donald H. Kane  
15654. Denise Greenberg  
15653. S Malc  
15652. Miriam Sidran  
15651. Ilene Donner  
15650. Debby Portney  
15649. Miriam Sidran  
15648. Marcos Santiago Please remove JewWatch.com from Google!
15647. Mary Abdill  
15646. Michael Daniels  
15645. Howard Schwartz I know that there are freedom of speach issues to consider, but I hope that Google will draw the line if sites that promote hatred or violence are involved.
15644. Barbara Greenwald  
15643. Dorit Ben-Ami  
15642. Mark Newman  
15641. Joel Glaser  
15640. Mona  
15639. Joe Floersheimer  
15638. Gabe Sedloff  
15637. Nicole Gilbert  
15636. Barbara F. LeVan It's antisemitc - that should be enough to remove it.
15635. Betty Misler  
15634. Joel M. Berns D.M.D.  
15633. John Niles Hate-sites like this should not be displayed on Google.
15632. Fern Katz USA
15631. john milston remove a.s.a.p. hate address
15630. julie Poll  
15629. Julie Hersch  
15628. louis Belsky  
15627. N. Shnier  
15626. dr. j. preiss this must be stopped at once
15625. Julie Hersch  
15624. Lorne M. Hanick  
15623. meyer slatkin  
15622. Ziva Adler  
15621. Nicole Schofer  
15620. Seymour and Rosalee Berlin  
15618. ro'i raz  
15617. Stephen Josephs  
15616. Imri Shimoni I'm a proud jew.
15615. S.H.Wasserman  
15614. Gary Wise This shouldn't require a petition
15613. Andrea Amend  
15612. Danielle  
15611. s gold  
15610. Jesse Etelson  
15609. Nancy Saulson remove at once!
15608. Rochelle Herman  
15607. liran izikiel  
15606. Siona Alyeshmerni  
15605. Fred Elston If anti Black web sites were poping up, you bet that Google would remove those. This is outrageous and must be removed.
15603. aaron kar  
15601. IGOR STILER  
15600. Eli Weinstein  
15599. NancyYaffe  
15598. NancyYaffe  
15597. Goldee Hecht-Meyer  
15596. Barbara Stone This is extremely offensive
15595. DAVID mana please remove the hate
15594. Mark L. Feldman  
15593. J Would you please tell me why an anti-Semitic site like jewwatch.com comes up first when your site is searched? It is quite insulting and inflammatory. That the third entry on this search is a Christian missionary group, cjf.org, is also distasteful and disrespectful. Does your organization have any policies about hate sites or any policies concerning respect for various religions? If not, it should.
15592. Earl Feiwell  
15591. NancyYaffe  
15590. Frances Weinstock I am shocked that such a reputable and wonderful utility as Google would allow a HATE SITE to not only be listed but to have such a high priority as to be the first selection when one types in the word "JEW". Free Speach or not, the web site is pure hate and bigotry. Shame On You, Google!!
15589. Beth C. Shapiro Do the right thing!
15588. Mary Anne Selber I am shocked at the web site! Terrible, terrible.
15587. Paulus Be reasonable !!
15586. Dana K. Schwartz  
15585. Beverley Aron I am disappointed that Google requires a petition to remove what is so obviously a hate promoting site.
15583. Dr. Menachem B. Kasdan  
15582. shelley kotkis  
15581. Suzanne Olson This is a disgrace to humanity!
15580. Rhoda Slater inflammatory & shameful "information" why do you consider this necessary?
15579. Aaron Steinberg This is an outrage
15578. M J Friedman  
15577. Rhonda Rachlin remove jewwatch
15576. monette malewski  
15575. Paul Goldstein  
15574. R, Silverberg  
15573. Muka  
15572. j. epstein  
15571. randi  
15570. j. lachman  
15569. Beverly Hickok  
15568. ingrid trojca  
15567. A. P. Ziegler  
15566. Howard Leavy  
15565. kathy grand  
15564. Ilya Sutskever  
15563. Nat Weigner Get rid of it fast!!!
15562. JM Engel  
15561. krsg  
15560. EILEEN BRODSKY remove at once!
15559. Rebekah Munyan  
15558. Deborah Somers  
15557. Wiitig  
15556. marty belz  
15555. sy listman  
15554. Doreen S. Brand  
15553. Miriam Kirsch  
15552. RmSs  
15551. Ken Feinberg Please remove jewwatch.com immediately
15550. elaine  
15549. Esther Robin  
15548. Laurie Ben-Amo  
15547. anne Brody  
15546. BJSopher promote tolerance - not hate
15545. Beverly McNally  
15544. Annette Hirsh  
15543. Paul Kandell  
15542. janice fink  
15541. pmarkman  
15540. patti blackman  
15539. Gail Hicks We honour the same God. Surely He doesn't want religious strife. What will it profit you?
15538. Max Livingston  
15537. H.Fox Disgusting
15536. Ron Dresher  
15535. beth gabay  
15534. jack hayya shame!
15533. John Augenblick  
15532. lola  
15531. Helene Harpman  
15530. byron Eakin  
15529. Bruce Ellis The jews are GODS chosen people
15528. Susan Sweedler Please don't foster anti-semitism
15526. Anne P. Carter Put this at the end if anywhere!
15525. Linda Albert  
15524. gerrie bamira  
15523. harvey  
15522. Stuart L Kaplan  
15521. Randall P. Ferrara Please remove this objectionable hate site!
15520. Paul Gershon  
15519. Judith W. Kaplan  
15518. Dov Markus  
15517. Roger Phillips  
15516. mike kohanim  
15515. Steven Spiritus Do the right thing
15514. Lisa Lonschein  
15513. Jane Miller  
15512. Michele Markus  
15511. Cyril H. Gruber  
15510. Gary Moscowitz  
15508. Berta Waisbrot  
15507. David Ades Very disturbing that google would require a petition of 50,000 before removining this hate filled site from its search engine
15506. Albert Miller  
15505. Adrienne Gruber  
15504. Dina what kind of a search engine are you?!
15503. mark g  
15502. Elissa Berkowitz  
15501. cindy buim  
15500. Lawrence Siegel  
15499. Seymour Sussman  
15498. Richard Beeson  
15497. David Uhrman  
15496. Marcia H remove this website
15495. Larry Berlin  
15494. Nathan E  
15493. Roz Greene  
15492. Craig Weinstein  
15491. Dahlia remove it!
15490. Jose Sokol  
15489. Darryl Shrock  
15488. Mike Sobul  
15487. Sandra L Schwemer Stop anti-sematism
15486. Harriet Sussman Disgraceful!!!
15485. Asi Adler ISRAEL RULEZ
15484. Steven J. Gail  
15483. SOPHIA  
15482. Lynn Klausner  
15481. aaron birenbaum  
15480. Michael Landau  
15479. Ralph Schofer It is unbecoming of Google to put this rubbish on their system
15478. Julia  
15477. barbra banner  
15476. Marice Begleiter Please remove the site Immediately.
15475. Or Choen none
15474. Elaine Rosen Please remove this cancer.
15473. ronen cohen this site sickens me and has to be taken off google
15472. morris wechsler  
15471. Rose Lynn Schlussel  
15470. vicki waldman support this petition
15469. jack faraone  
15468. milton hausner  
15467. Roy Steinfeld Get it off Google
15466. Abraham Blattstein  
15465. judith plavner  
15464. Aviva Remove ASAP!
15463. ann wechsler  
15462. Karen Raab  
15461. Lili  
15460. The Sheldon Family  
15459. Lili  
15458. dan Alexander  
15457. ralph lazarus  
15456. Neil Widerschein If the hate site was ChristianWatch.com, would it still be on Google? I don't think so.
15455. Jan Keith sick & hateful--not "free" speech
15454. e ploppert  
15453. nancy feinglass  
15452. Deborah Blattstein  
15451. Roger L. Browdy  
15450. Morris and Edith Fine  
15449. Myra Feiger  
15447. keith lebenzon  
15446. Shelley Parness  
15445. Todd Cooperman  
15444. Phil Fine  
15443. Daniel Z  
15442. Mark I. Wolfson  
15441. Kate  
15440. Lise Sklar  
15439. Susan f Goldberg  
15438. Lisa Luby-Epstein  
15437. David Mirkin  
15436. caroline l. bloomfield  
15435. Jennifer Newman  
15434. stephanie  
15433. caroline l. bloomfield  
15432. Nan Newton this is unbelievable
15431. dominique linchet  
15430. charles Shnier  
15429. Jerry Meyer  
15428. Jennifer Newman  
15427. Milford B Reiman Google should be boycotted, if not remedied
15426. Megan  
15425. William Goldman  
15424. robert bussell  
15423. Anne Frager  
15422. marshall deltoff  
15421. Michael J. Alter Please remove!
15420. Donna Kasoff  
15419. Barbara Pilatsky  
15418. Sharon Ungar  
15417. Abe Friedman your seacrch forJew is a disgrace
15416. dorit elimitate it!!!
15415. Chuck Weintraub  
15414. Mark Schreiber A truly well-designed search engine should be able to identify and screen out hate sites.
15413. Lenore P Lefer  
15412. frfgr rgt  
15411. Carmen Michael  
15410. Shelley Goodman  
15409. Ron Barasch  
15407. Lawrence Bressler none
15406. Ronen Levin  
15405. LeeBerman  
15404. Sanford P. Sherman  
15403. robert rosenberg  
15402. george nolan  
15401. Harry  
15400. Susan Fishman  
15399. Marvin Weinstock This is a hateful site. It should not be allowed to spew totally incorrect, biased and anti-semitic views on the Internet. Forget about Free Speach, this is pure hatered and nothing else.
15398. Fred Calm  
15397. Carolyn Hacker  
15396. Christian  
15395. Barbara Nagpal  
15394. Allen Olender  
15393. Susan Berla  
15392. Lynn Rappaport  
15391. Tzufit  
15390. Ken Harris  
15389. Tzufit  
15388. dov etzion remove that nazi propoganda from google
15387. Jo  
15386. Sheila Cranman  
15385. Piotr Alapin Shame
15384. Piotr Alapin Shame
15383. Piotr Alapin Shame
15382. ben @ mila volfson  
15381. Piotr Alapin Shame
15380. Dan Morgan Remove it! don't add to the problem!
15379. Marilen Zinner  
15378. Trudy Patron  
15377. Eli  
15376. Samantha Rose  
15375. jeanne maxbauer  
15374. Leonard Alford  
15373. Hedda Abbott  
15372. G.Mark  
15371. Valerie G.  
15370. Michael Strongin  
15369. erwin lehr  
15368. Betty Willdorff  
15367. Jordan It is a disgrace that there is a need for this petition.
15366. lonny narson  
15365. david benaim  
15364. carolyn lamb  
15363. Cheryl Zeldin  
15362. Gideon Fiegel Remove this ani semitic slur
15361. reut  
15360. bob gutner pure filth
15359. Tamar Krauss  
15358. nadine pertnoy  
15357. Robert E. Tornberg  
15356. Eugene J. Holt to bad the Scotts didn't use Jew instead of black.
15355. julie  
15354. Shirley Abrams  
15353. David Okun  
15352. Roy Tanenbaum  
15351. Lorraine Naftilan  
15350. sharon Keck  
15349. Rebecca Zweibon  
15348. Anne Barnett This must stop!
15347. Dolores Ramos  
15346. Barbara Berliner  
15345. Rachel Braverman Stop this Antisemitism!!!!!!!!!!!!
15344. Jodie Shahar  
15343. erwin Lehr  
15342. Daniel Fisch  
15341. billie lee brown  
15340. Samuel A. Oppenheim Monitor what's on your site!
15339. Chen Navon  
15338. Gary Branfman  
15337. m.dankoff smarten up google!!!!!
15336. Gideon  
15335. Eve M. Lurie  
15334. Barbara Smith  
15333. marvin harris  
15332. barbie weinstein  
15331. Michael Rolnick Shame on Google
15330. Alfred Budnick  
15329. Samuel Schreiber  
15328. Arthur L pure racism and hatred
15327. Melinda Croft  
15326. Frank Anzaldo  
15325. Rachel Smith  
15324. j lamm  
15323. ronald weinstein  
15322. Josh Goldman  
15321. Ellis Robinson sick ,crazy people
15320. sheila auspitz  
15319. cara  
15318. matan  
15317. lorraine sherwindt  
15316. Susan Meltzer  
15315. irving kabiller Please remove
15314. Donald Jacobson Against The "10 Commandments"/GOD
15313. amy kofman  
15312. Alice Alianza  
15311. meryl torin  
15310. Sharon Aronson  
15309. Larry Minarsky Please do not support racist sites of any denomination or religion.
15308. Cathy Fein  
15307. L hartman  
15306. gabriel cohen  
15305. irwin stovroff  
15304. Howard Bahr  
15303. William Magidson Disgusting to read!
15302. paul torin  
15301. Michael  
15300. ùìåîé  
15298. D.Eckert  
15297. Julian Semilian  
15296. Elona Dyner  
15295. Jonathan Roth  
15294. Gonzalo Mayan  
15293. Carol Becker  
15291. eliot meadow  
15290. Deborah Abecassis  
15289. Gillian Lynn Katz  
15288. Judith A Horwitch remove these sites
15287. l newman absolutely shocking-change it !
15286. Steve Goldberg  
15285. Mr. Akiva Schreier GOOGLE should check and cancel ALL references to sites related to Jewish subjects which may promote anti-semitism.
15284. S.R.Roth Remove JewWatch.com from the Google Search Engine
15283. Rod Lowe  
15282. Beverly Parnes Google's reply is to use a filter on their site
15281. Sidney Goldstein  
15279. Marilyn Stambler  
15278. Marcia Lucus  
15277. Gail V. Maker  
15276. Murray Zedeck  
15275. Robert S. Solotaire  
15274. Ellen Terry This is a no-brainer, Yahoo.
15273. Dennis Lakier  
15272. Paul Silberman  
15271. joyce lantz  
15270. Steven Lehr it is disgusting that we have to even go through this process!
15269. Yitzhak & Elana White  
15268. f gf
15267. Dr Nathan Katz  
15266. Elizabeth St. John  
15265. Dave Goldfarb  
15264. Adam  
15263. Johanna S.  
15262. danita aziza  
15261. Helene Singer  
15260. william godin  
15259. Daniella Berman  
15258. Tom Marer  
15257. Adam J. Levitt  
15256. Beth Friedman A petition should not be required, especially not 50,000 signatures. But if thats what it takes.....
15255. Avi Shtutman  
15254. Robert Phillips  
15253. terez lousky  
15252. Esther Levine  
15251. amir katz mmmmmmmmr
15250. shilla toorgeman  
15249. Lester Ialmin  
15248. Shira Lowe  
15247. Miriam Fux google should be an unbiased site. i am shocked and appalled to see this is not true and that it is in fact very biased against the jews. Take this site off !!!!!!!!!!!!! Be fair to the people who do want peace and not to the blood-thirsty arabs that want only to destroy peace and destroy Israel and America. It is quite ironic that you find non inciting sites about the Arabs when you look in this search engine but not about the jews, the one democracy in the mid-east. DOWN WITH THE ARABS!!!!!!!!! MAY ISRAEL CONTINUE TO GROW AND FLOURISH! REMOVE THIS SITE NOW!
15246. Vivienne Ivry horrible idea get rid of it
15245. Paul Rusnak  
15244. Rebecca Kilshaw  
15243. alvin neiberg remove jewwatch or submit only to mel gibsons father
15242. Maxine Sherwindt anti-semitism like any discrimination is wrong
15241. Matthew Ratz I'm sure Google will do everything in its power to right this wrong.
15240. aviran toorgeman  
15239. George Gruber  
15238. Ronald Blanc  
15237. Michael Giuliano  
15236. Katherine Todd  
15235. Ruth Hurvitz  
15234. Roger Fox  
15233. Mark Pells  
15232. Phyllis Smolinsky The world is so troubled that we must do all we can to eradicate hate.
15231. Carrie Fisher I cannot believe this exists, perpetrating hate in this day and age
15230. Paul Rosenthal  
15229. David Goldberg  
15228. Eva Burger  
15227. Lew Levenson  
15226. Lawrence J. Block I am surprised you posted this in the first instance.
15225. H. Gerald Schiff Barbaric in the 21st Century
15224. dana lousky  
15223. Claire Weinberg Please help stop anti-semitism!
15222. Alex Kaminsky Its got to go
15221. L. Goldberg  
15220. David Woolf  
15219. Roberta Wall  
15218. MARVIN & PEARL SIMON I can not belive Google should need 50,000 signatures to take off a slur on the JEWISH PEOPLE ( or any group ) it should not hae been put on their Search Engine originaly and should be taken off immediately
15217. Ken Cohen  
15216. BERNICE POLAN Remove this website immediately
15215. Stuart J. Nerenberg  
15214. Lois kertman  
15213. Susan Wainberg  
15212. Roni Denholtz  
15211. dafna toorgeman  
15210. Lynn Kalmin  
15209. Edith Arbuck  
15208. R. Gross  
15207. rachel  
15206. sean  
15205. Mr. L.H. Evensky  
15204. L Goldstein  
15203. Kenny  
15202. marvin sampson not necessary it is quie evident.
15201. Walter Greenberg  
15200. harry j binder  
15199. SL Feller NO bigotry or hate liturature should be allowed!
15198. Julianna Brown  
15197. Michael Denenberg  
15196. Beverly Metelitz Why is JewWatch there in the first place?
15195. Eve Horwitz  
15194. Foster E. Kawaler  
15193. mark stern  
15192. Matt Goldfine  
15191. D Kasner  
15190. Marvin Kaleky Google must remove "Jewwatch.com." Many thanks to our non-Jewish friends for their support in this and all efforts.
15189. Irwin J. Hammer  
15188. Marshall N Dana as the technology grows so does hate
15187. Stephen Zatuchni Ê
15186. howard klein  
15185. Lorraine Baskin Just what Jews don't need--more Anti-semitism
15183. cynthia and bob Gross  
15182. Leona M. Ciptak This is offensive to me, a non-Jew
15181. Ernest B. Gilman  
15180. Joseph Dabby Making this disgusting site number 2 after Wikipedia does not absolve you from acting responsibly
15179. PARI ETAAT  
15178. Ted Kahn I believe strongly in this request, as I would for removing other sites from Google's search engine that encourage and promote anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry.
15177. toby usenheimer  
15176. Esther Rina Levy Does the web need to continue its ads for anti-semitism? Get rid of such a site by Google and replace it by "Pious Jews and Jewish input to the world"
15175. Shirley Lustig don't support antisemitism
15174. marc wittlin D.D.S.  
15173. lb  
15172. Rosanne Karp Please be more aware of what you allow on your website. Something of this nature demeans your credibility.
15171. Linda Greenhill It's a disgrace.
15170. Steven Weinberg Please remove JewWatch as soon as possible
15169. Stacey L Oller  
15168. Robert Zober SHAMEFULL
15167. habib etaat  
15166. natalie altshuld  
15165. Jerry Brown  
15164. gloria bitkower do not fan the flames of antisemitism
15163. Chris Van Rheen  
15162. Al Miller revoting
15161. Cynthia FUX I love using google for many things, BUT if this transgression is not fixed I and my friends WILL look elsewhere. When looking for things on Judiasm, one should NOT immidiatly find things derogitory!!!!!!!! Google seems to understand that when looking for something on Arab's, but not on Jews... I wonder why that is. Especially since the arab's have by far hurt and damaged the world us peaceful Jews would like to live in!
15160. dan etan  
15159. nitza Nachmias  
15158. Dean Hirschfield  
15156. daniel etaat please remove asap
15155. David Buxbaum please remove this discusting web site
15154. Alex Lai  
15153. Diane Arbuckle What is wrong with Google you've really lost it.
15152. Jerrome Gutman  
15151. joshua tepper  
15150. Shmulik Cohen  
15149. Marshall Rulnick  
15148. Rev. Taylor Stevens  
15147. David Kramer  
15146. Volvi  
15145. lorisa schouela  
15144. barak  
15143. David Rose  
15142. Lynn Rambach Horrible
15141. suzannerolnick  
15140. eyal  
15139. Hannah Roth  
15138. Jean L. Iaderosa  
15137. Harold Skurnik  
15136. Stuart Weinstein  
15135. Ted Sears  
15134. Joy Horwich despicable
15133. MARILYN SCHIFF Google WAS my favorite search engine, but that may change due to this item! Please REMOVE it ASAP!
15132. erez m,m,j
15131. phyllis cohen I appreciate your doing this. To promote good relations among all peoples... you should do whatever you can to PREVENT hate sites from being found..
15130. rose zarchin  
15129. Susan Schall hatred is ignorance and is a sickness ..help wipe out hatred
15128. Susan Dietz  
15127. leon lewis  
15126. Nate There's enough anti-semitism in this world as it is. Jews have been persecuted throughout the ages by dozens of cultures, from babylonians, to christians, to muslims, to assyrians, and it needs to stop now.
15125. Sam Solewicz  
15124. Rowena Lupi  
15123. shirley lubofsky hate and bias in any form is despicable
15122. Lewis Rappaport This site does not belong on GOOGLE. It is anti-Semitic, inaccurate, hateful and vile.
15121. Jeffrey Tigay Are the owners of Google.com so devoid of their own moral compass that they need to hear from 50,000 people before they refuse to host hate speech?
15120. Barry Blecher This is a hate site that Google should be ashamed of
15119. joan meister  
15118. JOYCE BERG THEY MUST BE STOPPED! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15117. Liana Freeman  
15116. Renee Premack  
15115. lee berg SHAME, SHAME,SHAME!!!
15114. tal  
15113. Celia Cohen  
15112. Ruth Votava  
15111. Leonard Albert Ê
15110. Stephanie Charcoal  
15109. Barbara DeWind  
15108. tony vallone please remove jew watch
15107. gary frey  
15106. George Fono  
15105. barrie s reisler  
15104. Judith R. Cherney  
15103. jessy stein  
15102. Nina Sabban  
15101. michelle  
15100. a.a. halio  
15099. Mark Levine No other ethnic group, religion, or people has a "hate site" come up first on google.
15098. S. Steven Siporin Please remove anti-semitism form Google
15097. sol sunshine REMOVE IT ASAP
15096. Lionel Allard  
15095. Nina Kossman remove JewWatch
15094. dan  
15093. Aviva Meyer  
15092. Lynda Gibson  
15091. Barbara Laury  
15090. Burton E. Becker  
15089. A Abrams stop giving hate a voice
15088. Pearl Grubert Please be a "mentsh" and remove the web site
15087. Steve Shneider  
15086. Elliot Gootman  
15085. Jane Rosen  
15084. Ruth and Reuben Wein Incitement to racism is a crime, remove "JEWWATCH" immediately
15083. avital  
15082. Andy Newcomb remove JewWatch.com
15081. SUE WITT  
15080. Freyda Siegel  
15079. ralph glickman  
15078. k. mandel  
15077. Seymour Friedman A horrible use of Google.
15076. alan altman  
15075. Andrew Seewald  
15074. Moises Benzaquen  
15073. Barbara Mann There should be 0 tolerance for anti-semetism
15072. donald honig  
15071. Rhoda Juskow  
15070. Peter Stone  
15069. Sondra Wener  
15068. Marilyn Gootman  
15067. david ruran  
15066. Vadim Dreyzin  
15065. Marcel Cohen  
15064. ruth shere  
15063. l. goldberg  
15062. Andrew Hirsh  
15060. elizabeth canfield  
15059. elaine semel  
15058. marvin speer  
15057. Harry J Jerison How was it hacked, and have you traced it?
15056. Cathy Schneider  
15055. Muppe Glick  
15054. K Goldman  
15053. Shira Nahari This has got to go!
15052. Geoff Wahl it's one thing to have free speech; it's is quite another when what is written is factually incorrect and clearly designed to elicit anti-semitism.
15051. Esther Herwitz  
15050. ben goldstein  
15049. adam  
15048. Elliot Godel  
15047. Diana Perla  
15046. Mark Scott Get rid of this site
15045. Edward Schneiderman  
15044. harvey katzeff  
15043. S Ellish  
15042. Michael Bank  
15041. Mrs. Art Weiss  
15040. Dr. Arthur Tashnek  
15039. Yvette Goldstein  
15038. Samuel B. Lewis  
15037. paul & marion silberman  
15036. Henry Gancman Never Again
15035. Arlene Altomare  
15034. Ellen Grobstein Remove JewWatch.com a.s.a..p
15033. Patsy Schneider Please help stem the rise of anti-semitism.
15032. alisa lebensohn  
15031. Dina Bank  
15030. Marcia Berger please remove from google
15029. Elad éùøàì úðöç
15028. Bernard Goldstein  
15027. Bente Nathan Thomsen  
15026. jerry kraft  
15025. L C Roth  
15024. A. Friedberg  
15023. Liane Balaban Remove this site.
15022. Arieh Lazar  
15021. Stewart Cooper  
15020. Herbert R. Liebeck  
15019. Rebecca Klein Why are you requiring 50,000 signatures? Can't you just be a business with a conscience?
15018. Mitchell Broder  
15017. Michael Jaeger  
15016. Les Breine Please stop anti-Semitism
15015. Merril Buchhalter  
15014. Jacob Melamed It is shameful that search engines allow hate & racism web sites to flourish. What happened to businesses moral , ethics & social responsibility?
15013. Ann Laaff  
15012. Betti Becker  
15011. Nancy Lux Terrible thing and no reason for it except hate and a sick soul from those who have this site. Shame on Google.
15010. Lila Soler  
15009. Bernard Wallach dispicable; as a stockholder i want it out
15008. Jennifer Lapidus  
15006. joseph ginsburg hatred has to be stopped whereever it appears and whomever is affects
15005. Jerome S. Kinsler  
15004. Laynie Miller  
15003. Kate  
15002. rody50 Make me think twice how reliable Google is....
15001. Cathy Mogull remove it NOW
15000. Shay Please remove the site
14999. Andrew R. Joppa  
14998. Marci Freedman  
14997. Phyllis Kinsler  
14996. marcia rockowitz  
14995. Alex Dell shame !
14994. Rose Reid  
14993. Mildred Grossman Spreading hate is objectionable
14992. Richard Herlands  
14991. martin fine  
14990. murray rockowitz  
14989. Seth  
14988. Adele Hammerman  
14987. zohar plz help us anti nazi and anti jwes
14986. Judy Gibson Revolting. Google - you KNOW better!
14985. Elizabeth Freeman important
14984. Sheryl Schwaber  
14983. Laura Pokorny  
14982. Donald Allen  
14981. Daniel B. Rubin Web sires that spew hate have no business being in business
14980. Chanah Shetrit AntiSemitism is a plague spread by and especially infectious to the ingnorant.
14979. Jeff Weinstock  
14978. Jean Kauffman I am appalled at the information disseminated by this site. Please do not aide these purveyors of hatred.
14977. Chuck  
14976. Selma Baker  
14975. Alice Lavigne Why 50,000 signatures to remove AntiSemitism?
14974. Ruth Kapiloff  
14973. Jeff Lefkowitz  
14972. R E Troop  
14970. Tom Glazer Proud Jew
14969. l.b. how dare you not remove this
14968. Simon Kaye lets be sensible and make the internet racism free
14967. Faith Sercus to perpetuate anti-semitism is unconscionable
14966. Ilene Lefkowitz  
14965. Bettye Baer  
14964. irving teitelbaum  
14963. Alan Kapiloff  
14962. Jonathan Hersch  
14961. Debra Provost  
14960. marvin h. draluck  
14959. Roger Hess  
14958. Alice U. Abramson  
14957. Irving Tajfel shameful
14956. Harry Baer  
14955. Selwyn Dembo  
14954. mary ellen ciptak  
14953. Leah Levine For Shame
14952. MIREK WILMER very important idea
14951. Ruth Batshaw All or nothing - Have similar hate pages about Catholocism, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics etc.
14950. Stanley Dickson  
14949. Carrie Jacoves  
14948. Anat Youdkes  
14947. Jill Stone Please remove all anti-semetic materials from all sites. Thank you.
14946. Steven Brody  
14945. Ali Strocker  
14944. Sven-Erik Rose  
14943. steven fremeth  
14942. Morton leder  
14941. Tmirah Haselkorn  
14939. sanford wilk  
14938. H. Lipman  
14937. Howard Sackett  
14936. Lynda Greenberg  
14935. diane  
14934. J. S. Blum Please remove this web site immediately.
14933. Michelle Winick  
14932. Alain T. The site is a disgrace!
14931. Gwen Epstein  
14930. Marge Sadinsky another misuse of the internet
14929. Madelyn Bucksbaum Your action on this matter will allow me to continue to use Google as my primary search engine.
14928. Abraham Marcus  
14927. Carly Soiref this is awful
14926. Saul Wagenberg  
14925. MIke Epstein  
14924. Marvin Tile  
14923. j keller enough is enough. isn't there enough hate in the world w/o sponsoring more. i'm sure your cancelling this web site won't break you, but breaks my heart. i can certainly find another search engine, as will others.
14922. Dr.Rodney Gouttman  
14921. Sharyn Kashuck  
14920. Rose Goldberg  
14919. Jack Fleshner  
14918. richard zuckerman  
14917. Gary Drasin  
14916. sandra solomon good idea!
14915. rochel Libby thank-you for acting swiftly to remove this racist site . We expect a higher standard from Google.
14914. marvin heidenrich  
14913. Rhona Bader  
14912. Deta Charles  
14911. marisa bennett  
14910. Nolan Houghtling  
14909. aaron lukoff remove this site - antisemitism is an ugly beast
14908. Rozelle Gilman  
14907. Lowell Lebenzon  
14906. c.gruss  
14905. Merle R. Feldman  
14904. Barry Kimelman The most disgusting thing I have ever seen on the web
14903. Amit Green  
14902. Joan Lieb  
14901. morris weinstein  
14900. Matthew London  
14899. Bob Salter remove jewwatch
14898. Anita Lehman  
14897. nancy smith please remove hateful sites
14896. J. Staunton I am not jewish and I think this is a horrible start on trying to search for information on Jewish history. Please fix and take this ill worded title off.
14895. Ann S. Phillips  
14894. Lisa  
14893. william goldstein you should be ashamed of yourselves
14892. Judy Kushner Mann  
14891. àø  
14890. tomer  
14889. Peter H. Ronai The site as well as the name encourages Jew-hatred
14888. Barney Wolfson Lets stop using Google
14887. Amos Benjamin  
14886. Max Greenberg  
14885. D. Shenberg  
14884. Eric H. Ross google should be spreading truth not hate
14883. itay why do we need to sign so that kind of site won't be the first result of jew search?
14882. bernice & arnie Ochakoff  
14881. Leslie Fishman  
14880. Stephen Bobroy DDS I will never patronize anything associated with your website.
14879. Liela Hamori How Google is viewed - and used - will be determined by whether this anti-semitic web site is removed.
14878. S R Ordover  
14877. Keith Davies this web site is a disgrace to the name of the human race
14876. Paul Jellinger  
14875. Sharon Klaff Please remove this asap
14874. gary bleetstein  
14873. Scott Bolon  
14872. Shlomo Ben-Avi  
14871. Ellen Flanzig  
14870. David Feinner  
14869. Randi S  
14868. elissa cazassus  
14867. Leah Murawsky  
14866. Rozalia Stepanova š
14865. Rosie Tock  
14864. MDA  
14863. Julius Please remove this dangerous site
14862. a grossinger good job ...1 less problem
14861. cezar mizrahi  
14860. Kristen Ruby Remove Jewwatch immediately. Don't promote hate.
14859. E.H. Fixler  
14858. Jack C. Williams It is a sad state of affairs that Google management requires a 50,000-signature petition to remove such a hate-site. What's wrong with you folks?!!
14857. andrea frank this is unjust
14856. ellengriswald  
14855. margot winchester  
14854. Adam Roffman  
14853. Mitchell Weisberg  
14852. Amos Hirsch  
14851. Morris and Bette Spector  
14850. Jonah Jacob  
14849. Betty Jo Hirschfield  
14848. Jack Serkin  
14847. vitaly  
14846. Paul Hyman  
14845. Larry Barnowsky  
14844. Judy Brodie  
14843. Miriam Seagle please remove this antisemetic site from your search files
14842. S Martel  
14841. Marlene Serkin  
14840. Rosanne Kleinerman  
14839. Susan  
14838. dora jaeger  
14837. Sally H  
14836. Laura  
14835. Zoe Bloomberg  
14834. Elaine Santucci change to excepional Jews information on these people would be good
14833. Larry Rape  
14832. Laurence Clarfeld  
14831. S. Bethel  
14830. d grossinger  
14829. Harriet Warlow-Shill  
14828. Marc Eisenman  
14827. harold niefeld  
14826. Fred Hearn  
14825. Samuel Tabasky  
14824. Nathan Agam  
14823. Freda Silvera  
14822. Leon Pakin  
14821. Jim Cornfeld  
14820. PBRobbins  
14819. Ruth Grant Being No. 1 in search engines also brings responsibility. Helping to promote bigotry and hate is not the way to do it.
14818. randy feld  
14817. Zipporah Pakin  
14816. Harold Rubin  
14815. Jonathan Rind  
14814. Gordon Senator  
14813. Morris Avrashi  
14812. Cantor Deborah Katchko please remove this awful site
14811. s grossinger  
14810. Evgeni Kantor This site MUST go down.
14809. Guy Vitkovsky  
14808. Jacob Cherner  
14807. Martha Zaretsky  
14806. Irving Rader  
14805. Sheila Miltchin Free Speech shouldn't include hate.
14804. Brenda Franks  
14803. Margery Hewitt  
14802. Margery Hewitt  
14801. Yuval Malinsky  
14800. Rob Frankel  
14799. Vladimir Google, you should be ashamed, I hope you go bankrupt.
14798. Andrea Solomon  
14797. Sarah Kredentser  
14795. Joyce Iscovici  
14794. jack  
14792. F Baigel Act Now please
14791. barbara cohen  
14790. Deborah Topping  
14789. Karen Grossman  
14788. Tom  
14787. Jacob Cherner  
14786. Phil Goldberg  
14785. Henry Olshin I cnat berlieve google is so foolish
14784. jerrold gorsky disgrace
14783. Maya Katzir  
14782. Bill Indich  
14781. Stanley Oring Don't reinforce the bigots
14780. Sylvia Kirschner  
14779. A.Kister  
14777. Maxine Monopoli Absolutely Disgusting
14776. Morris Katz Let's fight hate
14775. Leonard Sabo shame on you
14774. Sue Hector  
14773. Eyal Baram  
14772. Beverly Cox  
14771. S Seiler I'm done w/Google
14770. Tom i am from israel and i think this site should be removed from google.com ASAP!!!
14769. Tracey Cherner  
14768. Myrna Goldman  
14767. ofir  
14766. joyce jaffee  
14765. Bunny Ezer stop the spread of hatred!
14764. Pat O'Sullivan Google should not facilitate the evil of anti-semitism
14763. netanel  
14762. steve blumer Please omit this anti-Semitic site
14761. zina Sherman lets do all we can to be fair and not foster false and bad sterotypes
14760. Beryl Kravitz  
14759. Gianna Vallefuoco  
14758. Eric Kirshenblatt  
14757. E Melman  
14756. Simon Patchick  
14755. Kenneth A. Stone  
14753. Jill Cohen The JewWatch.com website is offensive to all freedom-loving people
14752. Arlene K. Baker Please stop this !
14751. Joan Garbo  
14750. Leslie Lerman  
14749. MILTON LIPSMAN my wife joins me
14748. T Frank  
14747. Edith Shoom  
14745. Maurice Nirens remove immediateley
14744. r.e.l  
14743. Bonnie Ittleman  
14742. Olga  
14741. Gene Z.  
14740. Natalie Zarchin  
14739. Bev Kagan  
14738. Jerry Lippett  
14737. Fred Reifenberg  
14736. ROBERT PAITCHEL Absolutely Appalling,This Should Be Removed Without the Necessity of a Petition ! Let Alone a Petition of 50,000.
14735. Lucille Behrens discusting...remove all antisemetic literature
14734. Lana Pikus Please removed www.jewwatch.com from Google
14733. jody edlin  
14732. Glenda Leznoff  
14731. jane barnett grignetti  
14730. Dolan Halbrook  
14729. ariel uzan  
14728. Ronald B. Weber, MD Unconscionable to have this site online at all let alone as the first listing
14727. Gaby  
14726. Maor  
14725. ron scherer  
14724. Arthur Nitikman  
14723. June Brumer  
14722. Debra Smith Saidoff  
14721. Ronald Brandt  
14720. rosalind Bluestone  
14719. Linda Mathesius thank you for sharing this petition, I am glad to sign this.
14718. Bradley W. Whitehead  
14717. marcie this site is revolting and should be removed
14716. daryl kertesz  
14715. Alan Turover  
14714. Susan Dresher this will spread like a wildfire to jews and nonjews.
14713. Charles Kamerman  
14712. Judy Feinstein  
14711. Alon Shafir this is pure racism. I can't belive such a site can even be on the list. what's next? when you search "america" you will find arab terrorists site???
14710. ted mendelson  
14709. gabriel  
14708. John Mc Gough Anti semetism is equal to Anti Zionism, same thing.
14707. Omer  
14706. MALCOLM MYERS I thought your company had better ethics than what I saw
14705. joe rosso  
14704. jack robinson  
14703. Judy Fono  
14702. bill schwartz  
14701. Naomi Davidson  
14700. abigail this is despicable
14699. kobe  
14698. Rosalie Dalfen  
14697. Arianne K. Reyer  
14696. lauren satinsky  
14695. Andrew Barbas  
14694. Lee Kolsky  
14693. Danny Gellert  
14692. Peter Worrall  
14691. Gavin Kanowitz  
14690. roni dvash  
14689. Stephen Montsaroff  
14688. M. Golann remove jew watch NOW!
14687. Margaret Montsaroff  
14686. Judy Gorham  
14685. Felton Marans  
14684. Shirley Behar Shame on hackers & terrorists
14683. tomer k.  
14682. M. Davidov  
14681. Teri  
14680. Paul K Katz  
14679. Burton Ring Remove now!
14678. Anita Rosenbaum Kline  
14677. Frans Hentzen  
14676. Judith Singer  
14675. Pete Leinonen My wife is Jewish and she is the greatest person I know. It doesn't matter that I am Greek Orthadox
14674. steve price  
14673. Lowell Eagle  
14672. Harriet Steinberg  
14671. Marcel Behar Down with terrorism long live liberty
14670. H. Fred Levine  
14669. LJOSEPH  
14668. Reva Rubin We don't need the internet to help perpetuate hate
14667. Richard Steinberg  
14665. Elkan D Levy Hatred of this sort achieves nothing - the internet should spread knowledge and tolerance
14664. Tia Goldenberg  
14663. Julie Leinonen  
14662. Ann Bush  
14661. Sharon Schwartz  
14660. Daisy N Menjivar  
14659. Barbara Passo  
14658. Amit Romano  
14657. Saunders M. Sennet  
14656. marvin s. zuckerman  
14655. Idan Say no to anti-semitism!
14654. laura goldberg  
14653. phyllis diamond  
14652. joan senator  
14650. barak go israel!!!
14649. Arthur Weisberg  
14648. mel harris  
14647. Don Cohen You are doing a disservice to humankind---WHY?
14646. David Sirkin  
14645. Jonathan Brody  
14644. Judi Roseberg  
14643. Boaz Weisz  
14642. David halevy suc
14641. Olga Geynisman  
14640. Allen  
14639. Michael Geynisman It's a shame
14638. M.D. Zucker  
14637. roslyne fels degrading & humiliating
14636. Judie Amsel  
14635. isaac bazbaz  
14634. Barbara Martin  
14633. Peter Ligeti Pls. remove JewWatch immediately
14632. shelley  
14631. Judith Robespierre  
14630. Phil Herman  
14629. Allan Unger  
14628. Abbye Sheltzer  
14627. Father George Murphy  
14626. Nadeen Cohen  
14625. Joseph Froimzon  
14624. Marjorie Blickman Am shocked that you even print such a vitriolic website..I've lost a lot of faith in Google
14623. Sara Pollock  
14622. Alabert Feldman  
14621. Daniel Levitan  
14620. Lynne Greer  
14619. Naomi Remove at once!!
14618. rosalyn kaplan  
14617. Helle Baldersbaek  
14616. Aviva Baker  
14615. asaf  
14614. jenny  
14613. judie lewis  
14611. Emily Bayard  
14610. Alex Lieberman  
14609. Leon Razzon  
14608. Hillel Katzir  
14607. Katie Heil outrage
14606. sergio salomon  
14605. silvia bazbaz  
14604. Anita Lefkort  
14603. Irwin Werbin  
14602. Leonard Fink  
14601. Paul Schulman  
14600. martin fels DISGRACEFUL
14599. Sheryl Hanover  
14598. Paul Saffer  
14597. Cheryl Anton Everyone uses Google! Do the responsible thing! Remove that site that spreads hatred. Thank you.
14596. john don't you have any humanity?
14595. Mary Douthit Please remedy this immediately
14594. Wallace F. Davidow  
14592. Myron Greenfield take this off!!
14591. Kenneth von Hopf The comments on Jewwatch are slanderous and twisted out of context.
14590. shmulik  
14589. Charles Yochim  
14588. Jennifer B. Griffith Even though the site appears to no longer exist, it should be removed from the search. Thank you!
14587. randi ginsburg  
14586. Daniel Dworsky  
14585. gilad  
14584. richard Farago  
14583. Barbara Coffey  
14582. Yoav remove NOW!!!
14581. svc_eon'' yea, alright
14580. Kareen Poulsen  
14579. ron hezi  
14578. dorothy ccloogman Please remove the JEWWATCH.COM
14577. Tomer Aviv  
14576. J.MORTON  
14575. Jenna Bernstein  
14574. linda gordon  
14573. Isabelle Herman  
14572. Galila Agam It's disgracing that an anti-Semitic website is the first found by Google search when typing "Jew"
14571. Leonard Fintzy  
14570. Marco  
14569. Michael Zlotorynski How can you be so insensitive?
14568. Jill Green  
14567. Talia Gatoff  
14566. matilde kinzurik  
14565. Al Levenson If Google were to FAIL to remove JewWatch, I would have to urge my huge list of friends to patronize a more socially responsible search engine. Thanks
14564. William Spitz  
14563. Lacey  
14561. E. Madar Anti-Semitic website and it's no 3 on google?
14560. dd  
14559. sally  
14558. Ian Hall Please remove this terrible website
14557. d  
14556. Monica Hornstein  
14555. d  
14554. Neville Gatoff  
14553. bob Novick While free speech is required; yelling fire in a crowded theater is not; at least not HIGHLIGHTED
14552. Earl Lipson  
14551. Theodore J. Fishman  
14550. Shery Hanove  
14549. Forrest Mozer  
14548. Laurie W  
14547. J Reiser  
14546. Stanley R. Kneppar very un American
14545. Krista Poulsen We do not need more hate to be ignited.
14544. Alan Holzberg despicable that this should exist
14543. Robert Weiss  
14542. ido ben yehoshua kill the antishemis
14541. martin klein  
14540. ronni ashcroft just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
14539. Peter Schumacher  
14538. itsik  
14537. v dannenberg  
14536. Rachel Glickman  
14535. Ann Nitzburg  
14534. PE Merriam  
14533. Jon Gasser  
14532. sharon silver A pity to promote hate and bias
14531. David Hiller  
14530. David malah There should be a law against publicizing hate material. Google should be no exception.
14529. bea a disgrace o shame on google!
14528. Helga Poulsen Shame, shame!!!
14527. jackie kolbe  
14526. kobie  
14525. Rhonda Schwartz  
14524. yair dembinsky  
14523. Julie Margulies  
14522. Susan Bryson  
14521. don engle  
14520. Zorana Pribic  
14519. Brenda Berger Isn't it a shame we have to file a petition to remove an anti-Semitic website! Why did Google allow it in the first place?
14518. Mike Katz Unacceptable
14517. Marianna Frankel Encino, CA, USA
14516. L.Loving  
14515. david merson  
14514. Lisa Pressman  
14513. Adriane Kaplan  
14512. Stephen Michaels  
14511. Arthur WEISS tAKE IT OFF NOW
14510. Deborah McCool  
14509. Sandy Perelman  
14508. Martin Crozier The BNP is strong enough on the ground without giving them extra ammunition with which to conduct their vile campaigns of racial hatred. Remove this site immediately.
14507. Lionel Specter We do not need any more hate or anit-semitism and don't need this site.
14506. Naomi Waters  
14505. Marianna Frankel Encino, CA, USA
14504. Faye Scheinker  
14503. James Cornfeld  
14502. Gary H. Silverstein  
14501. Robert Finkelstein  
14500. Margo Marbut  
14499. Rebekah  
14498. Rob Clarfeld  
14496. Selma F. Harris I am shocked and dismayed to find a major internet company so insenitive to HATE addresses that it takes 50,000 petitions to PERHAPS have them removed. Where is there sense of responsibility? On their bottom line, of course!
14495. Susan Gwertzman  
14494. Marsha Livson I hope this is done quickly
14493. David Poulsen  
14492. dolev  
14491. vicki lubell  
14490. Joseph Perl Please stop enabling anti-Semitism
14489. Joanne
14488. Cari Head Nobody's born a biggot.
14487. bill  
14486. lennie isaacs  
14485. barbara freidberg  
14484. Jeffrey Weiss  
14483. jon Peters  
14482. stacey hamilton  
14481. Marci Rodriguez take it off!!!
14480. Steve Golub free speech does not include the right to incite against others thru prejudice and lies.
14479. David Lome  
14478. rosalyn glantz  
14477. david golush  
14476. howard peltz  
14475. Josh Furman If not removed, I'll find another search engine.
14474. Beth Head  
14473. Rob Lowenstein  
14472. arnold weber  
14471. Sam Lieberman  
14470. Stan Soria  
14469. Debra Basilis  
14468. Madeline Lander I am horrified that Google would do this!
14467. Lauren Rosen Not only does the website contain outright anti-semitism but also is trying to repeal Martin Luther King Jr. Day, denouncing Dr. King as well as all Jews
14466. Jerome C. Stein  
14465. Jean Feinstein Never Again
14464. Judy Yudof  
14463. Robert Kutz  
14462. jerry martin take it off.
14461. jodi miller  
14460. Krista Poulsen  
14459. Susan Lander It is shameful that Google is fighting the removal of a hate site.
14458. Grigory Shpirt  
14457. Freya Stein  
14456. Rachel Duggan  
14455. jonathan  
14454. shimi ddd
14453. MEIRAV  
14452. Francesca Marie It's anti-semetic to do a search for "Jew" in Google & get an anti-semetic site!!! This MUST stop immediately!!!!
14451. Maria Kutz Please remove this site
14450. bruce lein  
14449. nir amit why do they hate us???
14448. alicia jacubovich  
14447. Helen H  
14446. Marc Levin  
14445. elinor farber  
14444. Helga Poulsen  
14443. vered  
14442. James S Ginsburg  
14441. Brett  
14440. eryka gaved  
14439. D.gorfil  
14438. Ken Rosenfield  
14437. H Weinstein  
14436. Howard Gladstone  
14435. Karyn Westervelt  
14434. Michelle Young Cuenant I am Irish Catholic...grow UP!
14433. Barbara Levine What a Shame that we have to tell you to remove .
14432. tal mor please remove this site from your site, its can only harm you not help you
14431. Maury Goldberg  
14430. Ann Silverman  
14429. VICTORIA BELL Google should be ashamed
14428. Michael Rosengarten` Remove this trash from Google
14427. gilad  
14426. l sherry  
14425. fred mackler  
14424. yossi  
14423. Robert Markowitz A hate site!!!!
14422. A. Costanzo I will boycott Google AND ALL ITS SPONSORS til this anti-semitic disgrace is dealt with!
14421. Michael Neumann remove it please
14420. Marilyn Weinshank  
14419. marvin cohen  
14418. J Weinstein  
14417. E. Stoller  
14416. Ronald Silverman  
14415. f l mackler  
14414. Arline Goldberg  
14413. Kenneth Corber  
14412. susan schwartzberg  
14411. Mikki Reiken Stop supporting hatred and evil.
14410. Patricia Herschman  
14409. uri palti the last thing we need is a site like that
14408. Elio Cabib google is a serious service, so, please, remove this antisemitic site immediately from your list and contribute to fight defamation
14407. morton n pardes  
14406. Howie Reyr  
14405. Gary Hirsh, DDS, MS  
14404. jos  
14403. David Stein  
14402. Yaron Yehudai  
14401. Eric Berman  
14400. marnie mandel yuck
14399. Kevin  
14398. Anne Roth Let's stop anti semitism
14397. Alan Dickstein  
14396. Karen MacDonald  
14395. Andrew Oliner  
14394. Bernard S. Berman  
14393. sam nisenboim  
14392. Murray & Bruche Sherman  
14391. M Owen  
14390. joel isackson  
14388. Allan Shifman  
14387. MARY ZWIRN  
14386. Yoav Nahum  
14385. melanie  
14384. Jeffrey  
14383. rick kahn  
14382. Shelley Rotman This site as a primary hit demeans Google's respectibility
14381. yoav gfg
14380. Fred Levine  
14379. Tania Black  
14378. Miriam More  
14377. Lindy Savage  
14376. rony rosenbaum yuck!
14375. Alex Plotkin  
14374. eleanor sobel  
14373. jefffrey Samuels  
14372. Joan Glickman  
14371. Deborah Levenstein  
14370. James Glass  
14369. ariella goodman  
14368. Helen B. Turin  
14367. Howard Davis  
14366. Liz Redler  
14365. Charles Delroy awful.... this is completely uncalled for
14364. SY RATNER  
14363. H Dickstein  
14362. Elaine Cory  
14361. Lowell Wylliams  
14360. Sally Abrams  
14359. Fred Feuerman  
14358. SL Savarick  
14357. robert  
14356. manuel  
14355. Helena  
14354. Bill S  
14353. Bruce Malin  
14352. david sieff  
14351. michele kalter  
14350. Steven  
14349. Toby Shulman Make the world a better place & remove this site from your search engine.
14348. Daniel  
14347. Louis Rublin  
14346. Harry Wolf  
14345. Emily  
14344. Greg Krasnow  
14343. Rachelle Davis  
14342. Marvin Lew  
14341. Stuart G. Gelfman  
14340. arlene hidalgo  
14339. jane get it off
14338. Beryl Grabina  
14337. joan teitelbaum shame on google
14336. Walter Seaton  
14335. Sarah  
14334. dan gordon  
14333. Elaine B. Owen  
14332. Froma Bessel  
14331. Lauren  
14330. Ahuva Ho I am surprised that you need 50,000 voices to remove an anti-Semitic site, instead of one voice.
14329. Bessie Selevan Remove it immediately
14328. Lesley Wendell  
14327. nadav  
14326. norman hochhauser  
14325. Jeremy Shere Let's spread education instead of ignorance.
14324. Alan Friedman  
14323. n solden  
14322. Yona Sarel  
14321. neal mayerson  
14320. Erik G Ash  
14319. ralph solomon  
14318. ariel  
14317. Heleen Isen  
14316. Debbi Farkas  
14315. Dan Gildoni Go Get Them!!!
14314. dack ÿ
14313. sara deitch  
14312. S. A. Shniderman  
14311. Noah Zepelin  
14310. Brian Lux Would you allow an anti -Muslim website on Google?
14309. Hymie Negin  
14308. Ivan Huber  
14307. Fredda Gordon  
14306. Darlene Arden  
14305. Anne Plotkin  
14304. Melissa Lader Barnhardt  
14303. Travis  
14302. lvoit  
14301. Stan Schwartz  
14300. laura wilson  
14299. susan weiss  
14298. S. Rose  
14297. Nathan Kahane This sight is disgusting and offensive
14296. Linda Kapoan UGly
14295. Judith Brodman  
14294. Amy Green  
14293. Bennett Lax full of lies and distortions
14292. def df
14291. Brittany Oates Duggan  
14290. Ev Becker Somebody firebombed a Jewish elementary school in my city. Antisemitism is legitimized when hate is readily available on a publicly accessed domain.
14289. David Homer  
14288. Ellen Lazarow please remove this site
14287. William Friedlieb  
14286. Judy Bobrow  
14285. s sad
14284. Lyman Ross Antisemitic material should be removed
14283. Dave Hartley  
14282. Derrick Silver Aabsolutely has my full support
14281. yakir i agree
14280. Louis Greenzweig Remove this offensive website
14279. Joyce Schorr this site is very alarming and will cause violence
14278. D Cohen Discusting
14277. cheryl epstein  
14276. Michael Green  
14275. Larry Sanders Do you want this trash on your web site?
14274. deborah leigh this site is disgusting
14273. Just me  
14272. Neil J. Gittelman Google should be more discerning as to what it allows on its website.
14271. Elinor Kaplan  
14270. Philip Shiffman  
14269. Cheryl Lidsky  
14268. Leah Blankenship  
14267. gary gagerman garbage liike this should not be tolerated
14266. Jared  
14265. Seymour B. Walzer  
14264. MARIA STAL  
14263. howard steinmetz  
14262. ido riechenberg  
14261. Randa Blanding please!!
14260. alan davis  
14259. Robert Eric Rinzler  
14258. Merle Titus  
14257. Ray & Ruth Steiner Let's try to eliminate all bias in the world.
14256. laurel swartz remove site
14255. Roe  
14254. Marc Eastman  
14253. etta  
14252. Leila Bell  
14251. robin leon  
14250. Barry L Jacobs  
14249. Lexifer G.  
14248. Mark Greenberg  
14247. j miller  
14246. Jennifer Rotstein  
14245. matt Leon  
14244. E. COHEN please remove this rubbish.
14243. Ilanit Habot  
14242. Ruth Lando  
14241. Sherman Yellen In a time of growing anti-Semitism it is necessary for you to show sensitivity to the concerns of Jews who deserve better than an ugly screed when they type in their religion in Google.
14240. Bernard Zuckerman remove this site NOW!!!!!!!
14239. Nigel Austen This anti-semitism would not be allowed in the form of a TV show or newspaper.It should be removed from the Net.
14238. irving zagorin  
14237. R A HELLER  
14236. Linda Prizer  
14235. Barbara Hadden  
14234. Carol Glassman  
14233. Salomon Turgman  
14232. Morris Glassman  
14231. Barbara Kallman Disgusting! I am surprised it is still listed
14230. Cindy Hardt  
14229. Joseph Frank  
14228. stava  
14227. amber lanvin  
14226. Karen Epstein  
14225. Beverly S. Brown  
14224. l fish It's a sample Amerian decision. Remove it.
14223. Linda Pearlstein  
14222. Kati Kristol  
14221. Shai Peace
14220. Heather Gosnell  
14219. jacob zoske  
14218. Barbara Rubin  
14217. Jason Epstein  
14216. Steve Golub  
14215. Stephanie Ross Suskin  
14214. Elaine Gold  
14213. P. Brickman  
14212. Jared LeBoff  
14211. Steven Weisberg  
14210. Moshe Epstein  
14209. Michael Feinstein  
14208. Roger Merel  
14207. Bruce Goltzman  
14206. Annette Goldsmith  
14205. lisa rothkrug  
14204. Helene Dollinger I'm stunned that google would have anything so vile.
14203. Linda Krauss  
14202. karen Fernandez  
14201. Penny Klein  
14200. Chantal Azran  
14199. Julie Tutelman  
14198. sorel  
14197. Michele Bogard  
14196. robin friedman  
14195. cyril fox  
14194. Elana  
14193. marc  
14192. louis friedman  
14191. Boris Kogan  
14190. Dan Waldman  
14189. Michael Morein  
14188. Justin Papermaster  
14187. Ira Bernstein pure racist vitriol
14186. s farrow  
14185. Rick Jacobsohn  
14184. Walter Weiss  
14183. Richard Chardkoff  
14182. Andy Epstein  
14181. Sophia Wielgosz - Alapin Shame
14180. Julie Kniznik Whoever did this is a sick person
14179. Toni and Michael Rosen  
14178. Debbie Griesinger  
14177. Connie Lior  
14176. Scott  
14175. Lemonis  
14174. Beth Coviensky  
14173. Sam Brenner  
14172. Rima Robinson  
14171. Steve Cohen  
14170. Claudia Gurfinkel  
14169. Mindy Glatstein  
14168. Cheryl Vogel [lease stop this immediately.very offensive
14167. Nathalie Jacobsohn  
14166. Eli Volovelsky  
14165. Sophie Altman  
14164. ed spilka  
14163. Linda Lewis  
14162. G. Levine  
14161. Avril Gatoff Please remove this site NOW
14160. Natalya Ratner In an age of anti-semitism uprise every bit adds to the fire.
14159. Brian Resnik  
14158. ori  
14157. Emma Altman  
14156. Irlene C. Waldman  
14155. Roz Okun  
14154. Jeff  
14153. masha mugilevski  
14152. Helene Schechter If this continues, I will stop using GOOGLE
14151. Rochelle Feldberg  
14150. Shirley Meyer Let's put a stop to these hatemongers
14149. Evelyn Velson Google should have enough sense to realise how destructive these ill-founded lies are; they must be stopped.
14148. dani berger  
14147. Russ Alben  
14146. Bernard Spector Whoever wrote this page is sick.
14145. Geoffrey Blum  
14144. jonathan usher  
14143. Roslyn Husney  
14142. Hillel  
14141. e.hirshon  
14140. M. Cohen Bigots don't belong here!
14139. taylor  
14138. Deborah Rubnitz  
14137. m. ratner for shame, google.
14136. sharon  
14135. harold w. paley  
14134. Michael Beerman  
14133. Andrea Khazzam disgusting....
14132. jeff warren  
14131. Arnav0n  
14130. Steve Altstedter  
14129. Gerald Smith Remove
14128. Noreen and Boris Tarpell  
14127. Nick Litten  
14126. EM McDonald  
14125. Liraz  
14124. Michael S. Yochim  
14123. Edward I Brody  
14122. Brian Weiss  
14121. Naomi Maurer very upsetting
14120. Carl E. Fastow  
14119. Gene Salem  
14118. Eric Mitchell  
14117. Judi Pawliger
14116. Amelia Ettinger  
14115. jeremy bloom  
14114. Sam Miller  
14113. talia tytiun  
14112. Syd Cohen  
14111. Leo Schloss  
14110. Vivian  
14109. Lois SAlem  
14108. Dan Kikinis  
14107. Daniel Rosen  
14106. Robert E. Landsman  
14105. Rebecca Laurie  
14104. Lauren Wodnicki Remove this link NOW
14103. David Fleiss  
14102. Jessica M Prejudice should not be tolerated in any form.
14101. scott temple  
14100. doris Sherman  
14099. victor I am a Jew
14098. Judith Kroner I hope this works! This is appalling!
14097. Richard Stoner This site is a disgrace to intelligent humans who are against bigotry and racism
14096. yaron barak  
14095. William L. Luntz  
14094. Lionel Levinson  
14093. Weisz-Rind Yael I will stop using Google if it is not removed
14092. dan pollack  
14090. Gloria Goldberg  
14089. Joseph Merel  
14088. Jessica Levine  
14087. Fred Bennett  
14086. Linda Leavitt  
14085. Jill Miller  
14084. Myron Rogers It is important to remove this from your search engine
14083. Carolyn Rosenstein  
14082. tamir  
14081. Narquis Barak  
14080. Susan Conwisar Outrageous to see this site displayed
14079. mitchell moshenberg This site must be removed and all people of their ilk must be silenced
14078. Arnold Goodman Does not seem to contain any truth
14077. Sorin remove that ...
14076. allyson mills Ê
14075. norma lippman  
14074. selma zirin Please remove JewWatch .com from the
14073. Tal Damn it's sucks... We are unwelcomed at any place even the Internet!!! A huge shame on Google in my opinion.
14072. Susan Levine  
14071. Sally Weitzen Remove JewWatch
14070. Uri  
14069. Perry Britton  
14068. Paul Pincus  
14067. A. Binder  
14066. Arthur Greenblatt  
14065. Barry Flicker  
14064. Walter Meyer In this day and age, promoting hatred is very divisive
14063. Howard Slepkov  
14062. milana  
14061. Lloyd Roslin  
14060. Linda Labi  
14059. etty bienstock  
14058. Barbara Levie  
14057. David P. Steinmann Algorithims are nice but they shouldn't permit wrong over right.
14056. John Roberts  
14055. lynda coates  
14054. Donald Zale  
14053. Donald Zale  
14052. Debby Mowery  
14051. Rona Rosenbaum  
14049. Fred Burger  
14048. Larry M. Anderson  
14047. Larry Zager Remove the hatred from Google
14046. carolyn beller  
14045. Charlotte Lawrence  
14044. Mel Wasserman  
14043. Ariane Mil to remove asap
14042. Emmanuel Merali  
14041. Oren Ashouri  
14040. Renee GUpp please remove JEWWATCH
14039. Joyce Gronich  
14038. Leona M Levin  
14037. Adrian Lauterstein  
14036. arie  
14035. Neamtu  
14034. Betsy Scherl  
14033. Jose Aguirre  
14032. Harriet Glick  
14031. Martin Gash  
14030. Betty Jones Do this quickly
14029. Patricia Tharp It is your responsibility NOT to promtoe hatred
14028. Marlene  
14027. Rich Waldor  
14026. Susan Portnoi  
14025. Terry Katz  
14024. Hiromi Lusthaus  
14023. Sandra Salat  
14022. Elaine Eisner  
14021. anton  
14020. swan baron  
14019. Rebeca  
14018. Brad Singer  
14017. Eyal Matzkel  
14016. Susan J. Mopsick  
14015. Michelle G Schroeder This is a disgusting abuse of the google search engine. Please use your conscience and remove this horrible link!
14014. Robert L. Chernikoff That Google would carry this is hard to believe
14013. melissa singer  
14012. Mintz  
14011. yossi schwartz  
14010. jeanne epstein  
14009. Ciprian  
14008. karen krauss  
14007. menachem harari please remove this hate site....
14006. shira  
14005. shimi  
14004. Maureen O'Callaghan  
14003. Gini Hyman It was most distressing to find that Google would tolerate a hate-site on its search engine.
14002. marlene burns  
14001. Ronald Fried  
14000. Harriet Crecelius please remove
13999. Avi  
13998. Alan Alford As a Google advertiser I'm very distressed that such a situation has occurred. Hope you can help to correct it.
13997. Bob Cahn Of course remove, it is an insult to the very being of America
13996. Edmund Russell Rodman  
13995. michael saghian  
13994. Elaine Schwartzman  
13993. Linda Sharken  
13992. Karen Hall Stop this hatred now.
13991. alan  
13990. Peter Alapin Shame on you
13989. perrin marc  
13988. b. margolis  
13987. seymour  
13986. Allen M. Worob  
13985. Audrey Lampert  
13984. Sjef Otten  
13983. sanford z pollak All negative sites belong out of the public domain, especially those that provoke hate
13982. Steven Schwartz  
13981. marcia marks  
13980. s goldberg remove
13979. Marliss Levin  
13978. Elaine Langsner  
13977. vera l.  
13976. Sue Milstein Google..shame on you for keeping anti-Semitism alive and well
13975. Nadezhda BAnchik Remove any hate speech and ideas from the search.
13974. Karen S. Moss  
13973. Robert Spoont  
13972. Morton L. LaPayover  
13971. Sally Leder  
13970. charles and rosalie booke  
13969. Karen Buzaglo  
13968. Renee Schwartz  
13967. Margo Marbut  
13965. Ira This site that promotes hate must be removed
13964. Adar  
13963. nadav  
13962. jeff duman  
13961. Hennie Sherman Hope this is successful!!
13960. Gary Houston  
13959. Gilda If not removed, I will no longer use Google.
13958. Daniel Sennet  
13957. Ann Kirson Swersky  
13956. -Mrs. A. Csbana  
13955. Dorothy Zucker Please help to unite our country. People came for religious freedom and we have lived a long time respecting one another. Please allow this American way to continue.
13954. Stanley J. Garfein  
13953. ALEX  
13952. Asher Shla'in  
13951. Laura Bromberg  
13950. M. Zwicker  
13949. ran  
13948. paul hymowitz  
13947. Rose Berman  
13946. Brett Davis  
13945. walter lebensohn  
13944. stacey Datnow  
13943. susan spiegel Please resolve this a.s.a.p. or I will switch to another search engine. I am appalled that this has not been corrected already.
13942. John Faust  
13941. joel m darsky  
13940. natalie Plotkin Enough. We have been through this before
13939. Neil Tishkoff  
13938. Gloria Rosenzweig please remove your site-it is shameful that something like this can actually exist
13937. Ruth  
13936. Dov Wartski  
13935. Gilead Tadmor  
13934. Terry Keith Even hatred moves with the times, using the latest technology to spread its poison
13933. Arnold Drake  
13932. roberta wolllin  
13931. Rebecca Tishkoff  
13930. Howard Rubin As a fellow Stanford ('55) person, I hope that you will consider this request. Frankly, I am disturbed that we would be required to make it.
13929. EZ_Pro  
13928. Louis Shubitz Disgusting and Inflammatory
13927. sandi greenspan shameful...this just promotes anti semitism throughout the world. remove a/s/a/p!!!
13926. Ella Mazor  
13925. Bruce Sanders Nie Weiter!
13924. talya wartski  
13923. alfred weiss  
13922. Carol Silverman  
13921. Jeff Denaburg Remove sites that do nothing but promote hatred
13920. Donald  
13919. Lauren.T  
13918. J. Gotkin  
13917. susan dunn  
13916. Jason Chronopoulos  
13915. Lois Treiser I am disgusted by this blatant anti-semitism
13914. Arthur Silverman  
13913. Joe Markovitch Stop Hate Mongers
13912. M. R. Gorsky  
13911. M-L Alberti  
13910. Richard Pilatsky  
13909. Jack Greene  
13908. Marci Lewis  
13907. ann  
13906. Iris Decker  
13905. Anita Landesman  
13904. Paul  
13903. Bill Silverberg  
13902. Helen Abrams Please don't help spread anti-semitism
13901. Efi Shahar  
13900. barbara panken  
13899. Myer Zaslansky  
13898. Joseph Seltzer Make public the names of people who contribute to this site
13897. Schwartz Liviu  
13896. Tova Katz  
13895. jan teich  
13894. Tova Katz  
13893. lawrence p weinberg  
13892. Baldwin Davidson  
13891. Ellen Goldstein Please remove
13890. Graciela Kabazo  
13889. jana e  
13888. Fred Roberts Typical of what is beeing permited these days
13887. Nadav Katz  
13886. Adrienne E. Katz This is a disgusting use of Google; please respond responsibly
13885. Dr. Juergen Richter Fight antisemitism worldwide!
13884. Erwin S.Cohen I will quit using google until this horrible site is removed
13883. erez  
13882. Baruch Kimmerling This is unacceptable
13881. roe z  
13880. Alan  
13879. Judi Rosenthal  
13878. roman  
13877. TED ROWE Please remove this website
13876. Shirle Gray  
13875. Natalie C  
13874. Shawn Perry-Turner  
13873. Irma Sylvia V. I am very disappointed with Google.com
13872. Deborah Lewin This is repugnant and Google should be ashamed. You need a petition to do the right thing? What's it all coming to?
13871. Ruth Steinberg  
13870. Suzan Baker how could you put a "HATE' site on your search engine.
13869. c. hoffbrand  
13868. Rachel Paul  
13867. D Lister  
13866. Arlette Kramer  
13865. Alfredo Avdala  
13864. utah  
13863. Anita Weis This is inflammatory and disgusting.
13862. dan miller  
13861. carl schreiber  
13860. Alexander V. Please advise on progress. Thanks.
13859. Terry Brown  
13858. martin kasen  
13857. Dan Silver  
13856. Paul Steinberg  
13855. Tom Robertson  
13854. Deborah Yadegari  
13853. Dr. Edward H Saeks  
13852. edith wittingham  
13851. Joseph Shulman Anti-semitism doesn't need publicity.
13850. Dr CYRIL FINE  
13849. Oscar Wasserman Don't fan the fire of anti-semetism
13848. Joy Kane I am surprised that a wonderful search engine like Google would allow a such a horrendous website to be on its system. Shame on you if you do.
13847. Freya Morrison I will boycott Google until it is removed.
13846. jane h. warach  
13845. Joel Schneider  
13844. Regina Rosenstein The FIRST thing on Google? How dare you?
13843. ohad Shmil no
13842. Geo Andrew Kennedy  
13841. Mark  
13840. Rebecca  
13839. Bill Doyle Please remove
13838. rachel cohen  
13837. Sara  
13836. evgi ort
13835. howard barrett  
13834. Neil L. Millman  
13833. Eva Kreisler  
13832. Fred LeVine We have enough people hating us already.
13831. noam b  
13830. Michael Wolin  
13829. Anne Tepper  
13828. Orel Weinstock A proud Israeli
13827. alyce Meier we should try to spread love instead of hate, thanks
13826. LeslieBeth Linder  
13825. asi  
13824. Justin  
13823. Linda Dix-Yasgur  
13822. Zach Nearman  
13821. Farin Bloom  
13820. makara  
13819. sebastian fuentes this is sick!!!!!!!!!
13818. Ilysa Cooperman  
13817. Renee Goldsmith  
13816. John Rossi  
13815. Jerri Katz  
13814. Ruth Chaet I was appalled at Google
13813. Bernice Stern  
13812. lauren seymour  
13811. Donald Salper  
13810. John Messik  
13809. stephen mason  
13808. Harold Yasgur  
13807. Blanche Moskowitz Shameful to spread hate!
13806. Terry Schacht I will not use google ever again unless this site is removed! I will pass this message on to all that I meet in both personal and business
13805. alyce alter remove it please!!!
13804. joel shuster  
13803. Brenda Greenman  
13802. Lawrence G. Cowan  
13801. Alex  
13800. Ilan  
13799. Sarah Rosenthal  
13798. Ann Elhart  
13797. Lisa  
13796. Louise Messik  
13795. Robert Roman  
13794. Brooke Thibault  
13793. Marlene Silverman  
13792. Mary Fazendin  
13791. max none
13790. naomi ben sultan  
13789. Steven Albert  
13788. M Sheinberg Too much hatred in this world. Why not spend your time doing something good???
13787. diane braff  
13786. Jack Rubenstein  
13785. Jay Stein  
13784. Diane Newbery Pleaes remove Jewwatch.com from your search engine. I find it extremely offensive.
13783. Ronald Tuchman  
13782. Herm Greenberg  
13781. Marcia  
13780. Steve Stuart  
13779. Laurie Daley to shame!
13778. dorothy friedman  
13777. Reesa Adler  
13776. Florence Seldin  
13775. aviv paxton  
13774. William Langer  
13773. David Bodman  
13772. Charles Lash  
13771. Harvey H. Kimelman  
13770. Helen Rosenthal google is great but this is not acceptable
13769. matan  
13768. Adam Spiro  
13767. saul balagura passive crime is as bad as active crime
13766. Joanne Chalom  
13765. Abenjohar  
13764. Tsachi Yemin  
13763. Swaran Mudhar  
13762. Katie  
13761. Ann Grafstein  
13760. Louise Tuchman  
13759. Havazelet Ron  
13758. Brandon deSilva  
13757. LINDA kacser  
13756. oogabooga  
13755. Stephanie Baer-Spoden  
13754. judy  
13753. may pleskow  
13752. Idit and Max Ginsberg  
13751. Michael Soffer  
13750. claude kacser  
13749. George Liss remove jewwatch from your google search. It is terribly ant-semetic
13748. Jose Luis Fuentes stop discrimination of all types now!!!!!!!!!!!!
13747. p. wiegan  
13746. L. Fox  
13745. Thea Kraus Please remove
13744. Seymour Merrin  
13743. Heather Sacher  
13742. marvin pleskow  
13741. Beverly Hecker  
13740. renassia denys  
13739. Ellen Sturm  
13738. Stephanie Farley  
13737. RHEA  
13736. Christopher Smith bit racist
13735. Marilyn Schaffer  
13734. toby merrenblum  
13733. t.kraus  
13732. Leo & Renate Kaplan  
13731. Mr.andMrs.Martin Marlowe  
13730. tal  
13729. Rabbi Mark H. Sobel  
13728. Jerre Levy  
13727. Rachel Itzcovich I hope you reach the required number of signatures
13726. Mor Shilony i hope i am helping
13725. Martin Bier please correct this disgrace!
13724. Reena Gordon  
13723. Karen Guma  
13722. louis Horvath  
13721. Daniel E Barre this should never have been allowed
13720. Marvin/Gail Abramson Remove this site!
13719. Pennie Frankl  
13718. Sandra B Kerner Why give people one more excuse to hate and mistrust Jews?
13717. david goldkrand  
13716. Eric Rehfeld  
13715. Steven Sbar  
13714. Arthur Weiss  
13713. ave  
13712. Miriam Weintraub The JewWatch website is anti-semitic and hate-filled, as well as incredibly inaccurate. Google should remove JewWatch and certainly make sure it is not the first site that comes up when the word Jew is put into your search engine.
13711. Denise Misrac  
13710. Leon Donsky  
13709. Maurice Tawil  
13708. Mr & Mrs A.L. Simons  
13707. Sharon Cimbol  
13706. M. Peters  
13705. Sandra and Paul Friedman  
13704. Shlomo Solomon disgusting
13703. Lawrence L Rosenbloom  
13702. Edward Applebaum  
13701. Zina  
13700. Alani Price  
13699. Naomi Spivak  
13698. meitul israel
13697. Michael  
13696. charly shahin  
13695. Michelle Spivak  
13694. JH  
13693. Brian Schwartz  
13692. James Gips  
13691. Rhoda Thank you to the person who started this petition
13690. Dana Spivak  
13689. richard tabachnik  
13688. Alice Solomon awaful
13687. Marilyn Karat  
13686. Rachel Lipsky  
13685. Scott Sandler  
13684. robert blausten  
13683. aa asdd
13682. Emily Kaufman Thank you!
13681. Morris Soronow This is disgusting site.
13680. Jill Please remove this site ASAP!
13679. beny kaza death to the anti-semies
13678. Peter Rosedale I had thought that Google was an enlightened search engine. Whatb happened???
13677. Joram H. Spivak  
13676. R Phillips I understand freedom of speech, but at least place this site to rank in the bottom of the list.
13675. Anton Mikhel live and let live
13674. michael levgur, MD  
13673. Aaron Horwitz  
13672. irving arouty  
13671. ron  
13670. uri  
13669. Aura Spivak  
13668. Deanna Ostrower  
13667. Anney Keil This site most definitely must be removed.
13666. John Mann  
13665. ngreenfeld hate sites should not be encouraged
13664. jojo  
13663. Mickey Abrams  
13662. Skip Nelson Hey Google - Are a few extra advertising bucks really worth this? (By the way, it's not against the law to be a "responsible" publicist)
13661. Naomi Jacobs  
13660. Darren Singer  
13659. Naomi Kingston  
13658. eynav  
13657. Lance Singer  
13656. Channa Wine Take this disgusting, racist thing off
13655. Alexander Outrageous.....the nurve of people.....you can count this signature as the first Israelian....But not the last I hope.....
13654. Stan Singer  
13653. William Lerman  
13652. R Cohen This site is ignorant and disgusting.
13651. Elaine Cohen  
13650. Katina  
13649. Cheryl and Joel Dorf  
13648. Howard Rosen  
13647. Avril Singer  
13646. Martin Cohen  
13645. jackie cytrynbaum  
13644. Gladys M. Kimelman  
13643. David Feinstein  
13642. Katina  
13641. yAIR  
13640. Yaffa  
13639. Steph  
13637. Ira Gold I'm all for free speech. Anything is fair when in comes to Muslims or Christians. There are limits, cut the anti-semitism
13636. Tara Roy  
13635. regev  
13634. WILLIAM STIEFLER Please remover "JewWatch.com" from your search engine.
13633. ran usraek
13632. portia katz  
13631. Al Rubin  
13630. Bob Martin  
13629. Myron W. Kronisch  
13628. shay hershkovich  
13627. Therese Cihlar  
13626. Robin Goldman  
13625. shay  
13624. Max Wieselthier  
13622. Herut Guy  
13621. Naomi Barnir  
13620. Myra Macnofsky When is this disgraceful type of behavior going to end?
13619. Martin E. Jacobs  
13618. Adrienne Fishman  
13617. Alisa F. Levin Disgraceful.
13616. Karen Goldman  
13615. Justine  
13614. yo yo
13613. michael stop it!!
13612. Jerome Kimmelman  
13611. steven alper  
13610. jack Remove this site
13609. Judith Kahn  
13608. Elisa Lipman  
13607. s smith-fischer  
13606. Sterling Haidt  
13605. linda singer  
13604. Joy Silverman  
13603. Gerald Martin Rehert  
13602. fran isaacs I hope this will help
13601. Eugene  
13600. Ellen L. Jacobs  
13599. Alf Weinberg I Think it is most disgusting
13598. leon nemets i`m very disturbed by ths fact....
13597. philippo patrick  
13596. Zaher Saad  
13595. Alex  
13594. abigail weinberg  
13592. Monica Yizhar Jews allways had to fight against Antisemitism, disguised or in your face. One more to add is Google, what a shame since I used it, but I will try to find my information somewhere else. Nobody is irreplaceble.
13591. Edith J. Ghiron  
13590. Marsha Solton please remove this hate
13589. nadav maoz
13588. E. Grossman  
13587. Ivan Saiff  
13586. tomer  
13585. Marc Hirsch  
13584. I kirschenbaum Google will lose serious business if immediate removal not done
13583. Mark H. Hess  
13581. Gershon Fishbein  
13580. Mayra Bar El  
13579. Haya  
13578. Sharon D.  
13577. Carol Roth Please remove this offensive site as soon as possible!
13576. Barbara Simon what garbage!
13575. Marlene Skop  
13574. Evan Wasch  
13573. Robert N. Friedman  
13572. Angie  
13571. sagiv dvash get it off NOW
13570. David Kozak  
13569. x stop the natzisem
13568. Steffi Bokser  
13567. Eric Bar El  
13566. Rena Sobul  
13565. Alfred Rauff  
13564. ellen gallin procida how dare you leave this on
13563. Tom Screw this site! It should Be removed! Gj petition Author & Every sighners!
13562. susan ortner  
13561. john i don't even have the words to express my anger!!
13560. Liz Weisberg  
13559. Irit Barak I'm quite shocked that google being one of my favorite web sites would allow such repellent publications!!!!!
13558. Stewart Rosenthal  
13557. Ira Emsig I'm all for free speech, but having this hateful site as the top entry is unacceptable.
13556. Mar;eme Skop  
13555. Amy Pitt  
13554. Patsy Feinberg  
13553. Wendy Hankin  
13552. Alex Kozlov I was shocked to hear about this outrage!
13551. Marvin Barenblat Unbelievably awful!!!!
13550. Andrew Goodman  
13549. marvin stein boynton beach fl, 33436
13548. Barbara Rosenthal  
13547. Edwin Simon  
13546. Wilma Dorris delete ALL anti-semetism from google
13545. Gary Lapid  
13544. susan ortner  
13543. Beverly Apel  
13542. Josh Yahalom Very anti-semetic.
13541. Mimi Pais  
13540. Amy Dorfman  
13539. Enid Kushner  
13538. Debra Albagli  
13537. dina  
13536. Bernice Bloom  
13535. Robin Schoen  
13534. Laureen Fleischmann  
13533. barak attiya  
13532. myles spicer  
13531. Dani  
13530. Lottye Brodsky  
13529. Mike Freeman  
13528. Alisa  
13527. Iris Redko  
13526. Sandra Alpern  
13525. Karen Dubrow remove JewWatch from your engine
13524. JOy Monger  
13523. Alan M. Weissman  
13522. SHEILA PONCHER I understand free speech, but I believe it irresponsible to list such an inflammatory piece at the very top of a list.
13521. Myriam Bayerthal virulent
13520. Joyce  
13519. Sandra Lyons  
13518. GAL  
13517. John K. Roth  
13516. Harvey Wright  
13515. yuval  
13514. àìëñ  
13513. bev shore  
13512. Barbara & Martin Mongan Why add to the world's hate by making anti-Semetic websites easily available. Jewish people have done so many noteworthy things for humanity, why start a website with a hatesite?
13511. daniel Just remove it without 50,000 signatures, you got the idea
13510. a bialek  
13509. Hugh Harris  
13508. rachael weinberg  
13507. Harold Gadon  
13506. Ron  
13505. Gary B. Grey  
13504. Sylvia Eisenberg  
13503. miles fischel I think this is a no brainer, what are you thinking about at Google?
13502. Jallweis  
13501. yanir schwartz  
13500. Elizabeth Wajnberg  
13499. Jeremy Lyons  
13498. Didi Gilbert  
13497. Jay Hofecker  
13496. michal rogel  
13495. dorian hatchuel  
13494. ilene freidel  
13493. or weinberger  
13492. John Semel  
13491. Jeffrey Shapiro  
13490. danny  
13489. Cliff Goldmacher  
13488. Mark Shkolnikov  
13487. Susan B. Klastorin I trust Google to provide true and accurate information -- this is false and hateful -- please remove at once!
13486. David Lyons  
13485. Fred Rueff  
13484. Warren Singer  
13483. Simy Gruner  
13482. Gail Yazersky  
13481. r saidman  
13480. NANCY SHALL  
13479. Barbara Popkin to have such a site is disgraceful and offensive to all peoples not just jewish people
13478. Yosef Hadar  
13477. John Hartog  
13476. stanley ostrowsky  
13475. Sagit  
13474. kathy bakich  
13473. Madelyn Zelman  
13472. øåòé éàéø  
13471. Steve Steinberg  
13470. jay keller obscene
13469. Anna Shkolnikov  
13468. Millie Chethik  
13467. Tamara Morganstein  
13466. yossi_zohar  
13465. Sarah Bloomfield  
13464. brenda halperin  
13463. Diane Colello  
13462. Gwen Zaffe  
13461. David Shutoff  
13460. John Corre  
13459. Claire & Nat Rappaport  
13458. Marsha, Neil & Brett Gewirtzman We are heavy users and enthusiasts of Google. We hope you will take this request seriously.
13457. Robert Freiberg  
13456. J Lerner  
13455. shay  
13454. Irwin B. Weinstein  
13453. roman  
13452. Patti  
13451. mitchell halperin  
13450. yifat monnickendam  
13449. Saadia Bahat  
13448. barkan  
13447. ãéðä îä?
13446. Alison Joseph  
13445. Subby  
13444. Frieda Liebgott For shame
13443. Patricia Kartiganer  
13442. Michael Gurin  
13441. Irwin Robins  
13440. lia  
13439. avi  
13438. Suzanne Platoff I can't imagine that Google, which I use all the time, is deliberately fomenting anti-Semitism. It is morally repellent and obviously makes no business sense. Please remove the JewWatch entry ASAP. emitism.
13437. Stanley Gittelman  
13436. David Hills  
13435. Nadia Shkolnikov  
13434. Josh Mintz take that crap off of there
13433. Max Sternthal  
13432. Joan Sittenfield  
13431. Art Rosen Disgusting
13430. J. Cruise  
13429. s.arnoni  
13428. èåôæ l
13427. etti sands disgusting
13425. Marlene S. Carne  
13424. Arlaine Berman  
13423. fds  
13422. tali shaddow  
13421. ken halpern  
13420. Adi  
13419. Adam Chapnick  
13418. merle w aronson  
13417. adi  
13416. joanne sobel  
13415. chen attias  
13414. Anita Rosnick  
13413. Thelma Schneider  
13412. stewart perry Don't let yourself be used like a hooker by hateful people
13411. danielle  
13410. Ruth Heitin  
13409. G.J. Green How can there ever be world peace with sites like this?
13408. sagi bad site!!!!!
13407. Victor C. Silverstein Unbelievable that this would be allowed on Google.
13406. Larry Hausner  
13405. Bruce Dadbin Remove Jewwatch.com
13404. Jessica Boddy  
13403. Kevan Fehler  
13402. oren  
13400. margi weinhaus  
13399. Barry Berlin Thanks
13398. Amy Lewkovich  
13397. Ruth Rose  
13396. Nancy and George Sedloff  
13395. Tova  
13394. Ron Bowler  
13393. y  
13392. Cindy Chazan  
13391. Jon Zifkin  
13390. Elaine Rembrandt I am surprised and offended by the lack of sensitivity in placing an obvious anti-semetic website first in your list of the many choices for someone searching the word "Jew." I hope this is an unintentional error and, although the 1st amendment protects its right to be seen, it does not have to be the first thing someone sees. It is outrageous, offensive and needs to be changed immediately.
13389. Jeffrey Marks I can not believe what I am seeing.
13388. Nataly  
13387. debra s. weinberg  
13386. Morley M. Globerman  
13385. maoz  
13384. gilad gich151@walla.co.il
13383. orly  
13382. Jonathan Arkush  
13381. Ssuan Webner  
13380. marla hyman  
13379. Ian D Spenser  
13378. Joan Freedman  
13377. Orly Rosental  
13376. Ellen Weiss Get this off the internet asap
13375. Eunyce Press  
13374. Helene G. Baim  
13373. Roy Kaplan  
13372. Tova Greenberg  
13371. Marlene Kaplan  
13370. Rita Tenenbaum  
13369. Sue Berliner  
13368. ina  
13367. Joel Jaspan Please remove JewWatch.com and any other similar sites
13366. Patricia A. Boland  
13365. M L Sherman  
13364. Anne and Donald Sawyer Outrageous for Google to carry such a site
13363. Sherman H. Grossman Do it!!!
13362. Steve Schwartzberg  
13361. elon  
13360. Laura Kaplan  
13359. Richard Randall  
13358. Diana Silberman  
13357. Melissa W.  
13356. Janne Taubman Please remove JewWatch from your search engine.
13355. sahar attia  
13354. harryschaffner be resposible the times are serious
13353. monty levinrad  
13352. tamara avdaloff  
13351. Cindy Weiss  
13350. edward v tavill it is hard to beleave google tolerates this.
13349. Gemma Kaplan  
13348. Kreindel Silberman  
13347. Claire Solomons  
13346. Edith Druyan  
13345. Phyllis Rosen  
13344. shshaf yes
13343. Christina Freedmn  
13342. david  
13341. Martin Levinson  
13340. elijahoe hutterer  
13339. Joan Wolberg Discusting! Such haters! Ignorant people.
13338. Susana Silberman  
13337. kababloet drag
13336. Naomi Mitchell  
13335. Harris Freedman  
13333. David Gleiser  
13332. Emerson BIxby  
13331. saul hymowitz  
13330. or  
13329. Jack Shniderman  
13328. Rheba Rosenbluth  
13327. asdfds qqqqq
13326. Lee Birdoff  
13325. Morris J. Amitay  
13324. quala  
13323. fdsfsdfsdf fsdfdsfrfwerwe
13322. Cheri Lasher-Sandhu  
13321. dssf fsdfsd
13320. roi  
13319. Alex Weintrob  
13318. Thea Koster  
13317. Helen Spindler  
13316. Terry Davis  
13315. Rebecca R No anti semitic sites should be aloud its a discrace
13314. Betty Bennett  
13313. Claire Altman  
13312. n  
13311. Claire Altman  
13310. Gail Jordan Please remove this site
13309. Robin L. Bomzer remove this immediately!
13308. Daniel Bahr  
13307. Barry B. Kaufman  
13306. Hillel Tobias This is a disgrace to google
13305. danny  
13304. Juli Altman  
13303. rivka embon  
13302. Alex  
13301. yoni  
13300. Elad Hoffer  
13299. Richard Friedman  
13298. Ruth Stam  
13297. Craig R Suchin  
13296. Julius Altman  
13295. imri huh?
13294. Marie Kurtzman  
13293. Jonathan Wishnev  
13292. Josh Weinstein DOWN WITH ANTISEMITISM!
13291. sabrina bercovitch  
13290. omri  
13289. Austin R. Baer  
13288. Robert V. Ensten  
13287. Jonathan Shiller  
13286. harold parritz  
13285. rafi zilberman  
13284. Sherrill Berk  
13283. Jane Hecht  
13282. Milton Pierce remove websit
13281. Mel Lipetz the Jewwatch web site is designed by hate-mongers and should not be supported by anyone who cares anything for peace and brotherly love.
13280. Sanford Wishnev  
13279. elaine bleiberg `pathetic display of irresponsibility and promotion of misunderstanding
13278. Cheryl Berman  
13277. Andrea G. Suchin  
13276. Achsah Kaufman  
13275. Peter Ostrow  
13274. tamir moscovici  
13273. Warren Braunig  
13272. Marsha Feldstein  
13271. Isaac Amarel  
13270. Judy Yazersky with so many good site on judism available...this is ranked number one!? I thought Google was better than that.
13269. matan  
13268. Toby Kriss  
13267. Martha Ann Wishnev Google is my search engine. This is very distressing to me
13266. Lauren Flato  
13265. Rob Sturma  
13264. Ariel Guttman  
13263. Robert A. Miller this comes up for searching "Jew" on the Google Feature "I'm Feeling Lucky" too.
13262. alis  
13261. Roslyn Simon  
13260. dafna  
13259. Dan Mahler  
13258. Charlotte Ainbinder  
13257. Lynda Liebman  
13256. Glen Rose Please Remove At Once, this is SICK
13255. Lester Summerfield  
13254. Alan K Nudelman  
13253. Andrew Hyman  
13252. Suzanne Gilden  
13251. Marilyn Feinstein  
13250. RH  
13249. stacey safran sick
13248. Bill Kasten  
13247. Harold Green "I do not want to see anything anti-semetic on the web" ....Everyone is free to click or not click on any URL. Let's keep it that way.
13246. amit  
13245. Douglas Schreiber  
13244. Sandra Herman  
13243. Erez  
13242. Dana Gips  
13241. Bonnie E. Baron  
13240. dan blacman  
13239. Paul Isaacs  
13237. Annette Remer This is a horrendous site and I hope it get removed. We all have to do everything we can to stop anti-semitism
13236. Louis Shenfeld  
13235. Mervyn A Feinstein  
13234. Francine Lazarus  
13233. Lester J. Bilsky  
13232. norm shapiro Take Google and stick it with the ACLU
13231. Lynda Wise  
13230. asafn88  
13229. Arline Guefen  
13228. Gena Gulchin  
13227. Sondra Schoenfeld Appalling, irresponsible and totally offensive
13226. Ellen Shatter  
13225. Edwin Lee  
13224. Alex Brounstein  
13223. vadim G none at the moment
13222. Helane Knecht  
13221. Jerome Spector  
13220. Shaked Keidar racisem is what that will destroy our world!
13219. howard frankel shameful conduct by an american icon
13218. Lauren Varod  
13217. Daniella Sadeh  
13216. Lindsey  
13215. lior  
13214. Juliet Israel
13213. Sandra Spector I'm surprised @ google. Are you getting $ for having it on top
13212. Sheldon Volk This site should be removed...other hate sites should be removed
13211. Dan R Cavalier Let's be fair, open and unbiased.
13210. eli Barlia  
13209. Phyllis Fleschler  
13208. Harriet Schor I do not want to see anything anti-semetic on the web
13207. ortal  
13206. Lior  
13205. Ann Fener Must be removed ! Anti semitism should not be reinforced
13204. Bennett Evan Cooper Evil hatemongers should not be allowed to manipulate algorithms of search engines to spread their filth. Please remove this site from your search result, or at least drop it into the cyber-oblivion it deserves.
13203. Tony Kessler  
13202. Michael Altschuler  
13201. E. Gobler  
13200. Peter le Nobel This site should be closed
13199. Jacov hahiashvili  
13198. cohn  
13197. Marilyn Burgay  
13196. June Volk Hate group sites should be removed...this is one
13195. Kent S. McClurg  
13194. linda druker  
13193. radislab  
13192. Cora Altschuler  
13191. Ruth Rose This is an insult to the human race!
13190. Helene Broad Remove from Google Jew Watch.com
13189. Steven Kalus  
13188. Gary  
13187. sam m  
13186. Dan Yalovsky please remove !!!
13185. Irene Mallach  
13184. Phyllis G. Sank Please remove this hideous site!
13183. adi  
13182. Natacha Robinson I find the website extremely offensive!
13181. Kathe Izen-Mondlak  
13180. Robert Katz  
13179. Ina and Leonard Averbuch  
13178. David Taylor  
13177. Barbara Benson remove jewwatch fromthe google search engine.
13176. Jodi Friedman  
13175. Steve Imber  
13174. Max & Maureen Wartski thank you for making this possible
13173. Elizabeth Valentine  
13172. Dana Weinstein  
13171. Morty Eisen  
13170. Florence Wasserman  
13169. Gertrude Cohen  
13168. Gila Meriwether Please remove this hateful website
13167. Jeff Kerstein  
13166. Andrew Shapiro  
13165. Marshall Lesser  
13164. Jacqueline Csuss  
13163. Noomi Stahl  
13162. alvin stamler one of a few chances that censorship will be a positive. What if someone had successfully silenced Mein Kampf?
13161. jane markwood  
13160. Brian Stearns  
13159. Donald H. Glickman  
13158. Jodi Sleeper-Triplett Please take action immediately - thank you.
13157. Helene Mally  
13156. Tina Leifer Rettig  
13155. Marilyn Petroff please remove site!
13154. Melvyn Goldstein  
13153. Dimka  
13152. Stephen Kamzan Google - Let's Get This Removed
13151. Dave Hankin  
13150. myrna norwitz  
13149. Reisa Roberts  
13148. roni  
13147. zehava blackman  
13146. Dianne M. Bigelow please remove jewwatch.com from google search engine
13145. Pat Silverman  
13144. Daniel Spier  
13143. rosa esquenazi  
13142. Shirley Katzin  
13141. renee halbrook  
13140. K  
13139. Nathan Mowszowski  
13138. Michael Mally This is truly a disgrace for Google in that most schools, including Jewish day schools regard Google's search engine as one of the premier search engines for school related projects.
13137. Jo-Ann Jacobson will stop using Google if they persist
13136. Debbie Michels  
13135. Wendy Devore  
13134. M.Shlomowitz Hatred breeds discontent and harms the hater
13133. Bruce Goldenberg  
13132. Amiram Tauber  
13131. Bonita M  
13130. dane chin  
13129. Harold Batt surprised at Google allowing hate to be fostered
13128. amots shilony it must be changed.
13127. allen reichman  
13126. oron  
13125. Pam Litman  
13124. marion bowytz  
13123. robert please remove
13122. Alee Ringler  
13121. Karla Edelson-Solomon It is horrible to think that in this day in age that there could be such a site that teaches such hatred. We should be teaching tolerance and love for all mankind.
13120. Howard Kenvin Google should know better!
13119. alex  
13118. Ilene Mackler  
13117. Carol Kantor while freedom allows this attitude it does not help u